Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, September 19, 1842, Image 1

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L. S.
-- D -- } E. muntscrrr, DENTIST, is smith. I
PUBLISHED BY fielit, between &mut gad Taint Sm.,
H . a t I°
. 'I" rrrasaaay.
~.., i i 10 tie inmw in:Bankruptcy proceedlngs, priourd on
—FIVE TOLL" , g S ' year. Passaic n -apaper.andin oe. forms approved by the Con rt,fol clie
lieinve ewe , Tw 0 l'ENTl—for f.,I!E , at the a
°Oct. Pild by tier' Boys
rirn ry and Manufacturer ~he, .he ()tritest( the Mercury and Democrat. sap 10
714. )I.IIBBARD, Ladies'. fashionable boot and
. Abe bianni;,cierer. No. 101, Third soma, between
WEEKLY, a( Inc some office. on a double/Wood and Smithfield insects, Pittsburgh
eel. zi TWO DOLLARS a sear, in ad'
(gle COpte-3. SIX CENTS sep 10
pi 'L . rat s of ..ids - ertisiug.
0.50 : One month, te °
0 0
0.75 1 Two wont!.
1.00 I Three monitts, _OO
10 1 Four monrhs, .0113
3.00 1 Six mon , to, 0
:Ica. 4.00 I One year. 5,00
I Tire SpLar el
15.113.00 1 Six months, 523.00
2.5.0) 1 One year. 35,00
,q Bdr , rt iF.etnent.4 In prOrOrliol l .
Of (0131 . I:nes i'll DuLL•E., 2 year.
a Sc art
dreAth n Se E GARDEN SEDS.—A Ni
EU-eply ot Lan's Gardeeds, ys
hand, and (or 5.1 - le at iris agency, the Druf, store of
0 , 1" Orrice Third he*.ween Marie , and Wood \
yep 10 1
.. M. f iddle. Poshar',er S 4 Liberty street, head of Wood.
.—_ ---
Horns. Water.4lb door frost VoOd st. Teter- 1 u- R. DAr ID WARD hat his office and residence
,iner , --Major John WllV.ce. , oHeits . on Fourth Street, neerl) south of the Coon House,
rreascr.v. Wood he*.seen Firt and Second
'I second d weir ‘ ntr from Ross street. He will faithfully attend
men A.. Eartram, - Treasurer.' , , all rli 115 pert ainint l e , her , profession. Night calls should be
• TF.L.EZRY. Ttord street, eV door to t he ,
Imade at the door above the basement. sep 10
yter arl Chorrh—S. E. J o irr , on,Tvea . are r . ,---- ,
''trice, Fourth. ;etween ?aritet aed Wood
nder Hay. Ma‘ o: .
's Ex( FLANGE. Fourth, nor Market 5 :.
a. hrtween Market aro' Wood F 'r'eer. on
F.r. MER De
(coml.-0y Fwd.) Fourth, hem , en
. Fifth street . heir
11011:1. - ;
14 , r‘r. Rater ?red- near the Br',dge..
• corner Orrelll And Sq
re;., fOrner Of Third a! d Wood
rc !Ina EL.C.krner 01 Third and
• turner of Penn-tree/ and Canal.
•GLE. LO•erl y rtree , . near I, ,, ecenth
• mx.an• oppewt,
T WOO 11%. ti Tr ORN EY
e! o'. , 17,77;71. 05,71, 7,1 e
I 1177U,e. ..eaLY , :r.E. 13 Jc•tal D. 1
H. ELLIoT i).- I' 7 " "'mcr , d
arrrer, prr.n and ber: S',••
P 10
001)S. l're,ton 'ackcy. n h ltsale and
I En! •sh. Fr , at d Dome:Fin -
No 1. Ler .1' ,rn
-•— -
IiDLESS A _31'(11 RE, I,tornfy• , and
0,,,,,11„, in the lharnorld. I,,ck
4•9lirt i'•• - u•zi•
I VAL.— SI 4,••••:•, . office nort h
:• stl I•T n NV ,
nr!t. ze,lll,
...11.1)1-,‘ ITT. \c,:. •
cd Art~c i~—, .1
jJ 'VIL . IO4-
rcw• r -, ..d
Ma 1114 ( I •ed
R t ROBlNsirt. kt , Orne s a‘ La%
It, Uia mond bet wrC
a I, 5 , -p 10
URROIt,S,NN I,,orrr. al I.aw render,
1 co , .
tw.vt. U. LiCry
F EA 01.(.0:,TWr
I W,
Lt. 1 - t)UNG Ar CO., ~,,, w., r ,
n,. 1'0 , 1 ,, r .1 - 1 4 ,Pd ,l A- ENct,,L,e, Ai t.
10 rgi fc lia-C 1,,,,...iur, ‘• 0; f i nd ii 10
yo 0- 3 Ca - . ,-In;' , ,ol:y -.41:.. - Iltd t r.. 21
! . e{ , 10
N r•ved 761.1cb0 3 ce _MN
(a red and c,r.p by h' do
No 9. Filth st
11. rue. 1%
BM; N.— \ :=11:11'y of Laf,theth's FrA.Fh Ru
111,a, 4,d o.nf, d tit v - ,,rseties olTurffir
{1 . 1,1V,1i 3 ,ra't at r.eDr. Er Flu( LS al !EP
Sei-d S - orP or F L. SNI)V't [)EN,
1%.4 rt, t, licad of Wood
B LursEy ..s Rom and Shoe Nliit.tatacto•
y. Fourth , next dour to th C. Clatrc
t•ro.ifla. Kid and Sat Stiot-= mode in
in..“111 , r. a ric n the itrwest Fter,rL 2..tlerns
O1,10RI:S. ‘I! . LTICAUIXS. to !ole teen
pure Oa,Prs. so le di,p.o,ed of by
1;3.4 L,irerie or reel tread o 1
I +TS. ot er-
T. 1, hod toe , I Ut!
More F. L. SNrtlYliES.
131 LOleri :‘lPet. two d Wood.
r.!.uro ,cl, seed, nor
e at the Drug ar d ; f .,.d 0 ,- 01
IR-4 Li',Drty L.-ad of Wood
Or sevil ; rec. - ic ed by
No. I£l4. Llber; y brad of 114; od st
ri TOOLS, cons,s; tog of Hoeg. Fang
plarlitc2 Trowel, Eddirir Tools_ ud~inp
101,1: nice Pruoin! etc.. jnct re
for F. L. S.NOWLEN.
1 1 14 ;Noll F .treel, he'd of N ,00d
free of expense,to any of their places of departure- Pec
s Ha ms..-Just received a swan en p- SMs traveli ns in carriages, or private conveyance. can
pr+ery cnOtre cured Venison Hama. on retail at ail times find good Stabling at the ahove namel Hotel.
its for current money. I This house is situated so very lase to the nem Court
I: 4 AAC H tERIS. Agent. ; House, that those hzvin: business at bona. will findll a
and c ont. Im err h an t pleasant stoppint place. From the nest filmes longea-
per.en a lindiord, and from his fail determination to
tutu ,
over -, , o rc ur t li Graae and keep a quiet and well conducted tome, be fondly trusts
" t nCkY Blue Grass, alwaYr on hand and for lei"l make the sojourn of his guests ipleateant and agree
F. L. SNOWDEN, i able and believing in hir• old MOM. which Wm generally
No. 134 Liberty street, bead of Wood. 1 been favorable as an attentive landlord, and make
-he most respectfully asks a share of public
EccliAs AN, Alt orltel rs Lax:, office s° able bitts
n : r .
th. li , aultnid, 10 Attornerdtow " • na-e
-' rrßoarders taken by the day, week, month or year.
Fn arth rAreet. between Market and Wood rep 10
= II
RATES' BL 0 0,Ki_a, f„, nrmentha:n in
..c. ,
NEW KOTEI.,__Tne embseriber respsetfa in-
set under tbe late tart, for care at this Office_ torsi his old friends and thepahlit that be has
0eca......_ by _atr
opener! a T nee Hotel, in fifth Street, near the Ex
- son be .'ont‘ • , tome , of l change Dank , and in the house lately vh.el 111
thew Patrick, and has hoisted antroaii ga,rThe Iron
eand dish street. Apply to
BENJ. DA EL.ING TON, Market, near 41b st. City Hotel," whereie will be very bans to =ammo
, date all who may please to all oc him. His table
LES. Landretb's French sugar Beet •ed, just ' shah be provided with the be fare, and every posseile
received and for sale at the Dreg and
heedammo madatiOn 10 town and country candanien and
F. L. SNOWDEN, travelers.
124 Liberty street, head of Wood. A few boarders who wish to lodge in their "armor of-
I L 02 0
flea. an hetakea. and gentlemen who live dint of town
... : •A: 1.,' ltl`. be ma have Urea. &men daily.
rtsership heretofore existing between Wll., ' i He has huge and good statt in knd tie blot Bay 1411 d., _
GHY "AM BEN/ AMIN HOPEWELL is thisday Oats, and a good Batter . and neementidate travet
by mutual oanscnt. WiEhun High, is antboresed ens and gentlemen who have haw=
site/ware of the firm in eel/ling up tbe babes" 1 Hoarders lakes by the day, week or TNT- ClarElla
are- WILLIAM BIGET. seta ssedenne than at any respectable Hold; la tine .
N. B t r a C - ea;oved his Otte to ale corn A er T of roan:
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
streets, Pittsburgh. Pep 10
FOR'RENT.—Thedsvelling and lot containips 4
acres, in Allegheny, near, the Beaver llOad,laltely
occnpiedby Dd r. Sacnael Church. Apply at the Menhirslis
and Manufacturers' Bank, ,to W. H. DENNV.
seP 10
mAKER, 95, Market street, Pitts
burgh, between Plitt! and Liberty greets,
-- -
Up F.MOV AL —Matthew Jones, Barter and Hair Dress
1L Pr, has removed to Fourth street. opposite the May
ors ”tfice. where he will be happy tetwait upon permanent
or transient customers. He solicitsa share of public vat
rep 10
A. Ward, Dentist. bas removed
o m ri7u Ilocigh'e 8 . three doors below Irwin street.
one square above the Exchange flotet, Hours of businevs.
from 9 A. 15 P..N., after which hour be will at_
lend to no one except in tats of actual necessity. B e
would further inform thoee who may think proper
employ hien.t hat he expects immediate payment, wilbtain
lire necessit yon his part of sending in bills. sep 10
011 N MTARL AND, Uph.olsterer and Cearivet
-41-Ler, Third et. betucera ll'ood rr jka-ket 'treas.
resyciful Lis friends and the public t-hat be is
nrepated to eierute all orders for Sofas. Sideboards, Ba
reauf., f-n:.ito. T,,bies, RetOeads. Stands. flair and SPririr.
Maths'_',, Curtain=. Carpets, all :sorts of Upboisterin:
worß, whirl) be will warrant equal .o any made in the
•ity, and on reasonable terms. Fep 10
, ire
11 ft n era Street, Pitt-char/h.—R. A. Bansman.
Aad ioneer and Commiesion Merchant, is now prepared
to reeve and sell all kinds of Goods and Merchandize,
at his larc.e and a - tom -tons. tooms, No_ 110. North East
Corner of Wood and F•lth Streets. Filtsbureb.
Re_u'arsale<of Dry Goods, Furniture. Groceries and
of her arl ides, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Goods, and Fancy articles, on
Tiiesda. Wed nesday. a nd Thursday eveninzs.
Rooks. kr! . every Saturday evening.
Liberal ad vanc. made on Gonsientuents when wanted
John D. Dart:, Esq.,
•• Razaley k Smith,
•• Hampton. Smith, k
•• F Lorenz k c 0..,
•• J. NV. Burbridge ¢ Co..
s. k Co.
James M'Gargill,
C. I hmsen.
- Joon M Fadden Esq.
hosoo Kennedy.
•• J Moorhead k co.
•• Jas P Stuart. E,q.
•• Robert 'way,
Card. Jas. May.
McVay. Hanna, k Co'
Wilt tam Symms.
•• S. G. Henry,
Bagaley k Co
JOHN B. GTHRIE, Auctioneer and Commis
U errhant.-Vo. 196, cerrer of Wood 4. Fifti ate.
PlriEt,rgh: Flavin!! teen appointed one of !he Auction
!ue Coy of Pit,F.i.urr.h. tendere,hts ...rvleftk to jo.-
cancrif.tr ; 111,1 . 5 and dealers, w ho may be distpoe:et d
triat of ibis market He it. prepared to make
e .t ro s of all rateable callamOdi!irs.
and tnt- to =antic correspondents by quick sales, and
...ocenc 'and iacuratt;e returns.
That r canons otteremts which may be confided to
him, ,ha It I.e adrqua etc protected, he l.rinrs to the aid
of it, own experience in business and acquaintance wit It
inerctiandize renera , lt, the servir. of Mr. S. xatrxx
FA ENEFTOCK; beret:llore advantaxeonxly known, as an
importer and ditau-r in Hardware and Cutlery, with
w nom a permanent rntraxement is made.
p • )
Qe , I (1
Me srs . M. Tiernan, Prl. of M. 4- Al. 1
Dartineton 4- Pestd,
Robert Galway,
• • James M. Cooper,
‘‘ James May,
•• R. M. Riddle, Pittsburgh
• Wm Robinson, Jr. Pres't
of Exchanee Rank.
Haninton,'Smith, 4- co.,
• John D. Davis,
•• Samuel Church,
J. K. Moorhead,
• Jas. W. Brown 4- co.
• Kuhn H. Brown. 4- Co.
•• Smith 4- ti aley.
•• Yardty ¢ IS Philadera
John Iralrell, I rep 10
, 4 M ERIC Ali HOTEL — Corner of Still' kfield and
'lThird Streets. Cetr of Pittsburgh, Pa.
.1.. !ILES S Cues, (formerly of the Reed House, Erie,)
The interior of • this Notkv is entirely new, together
is h the Furniture The house is large and comma
ih,us; he.l rooms and parlours are plea sa ntly situated,
twiteg iteht and airy. fronting on two streets, which is a
drAirable object to those that put up at a Hotel. This
• House is situated in the midst of the tinniness part of the
co y. within two .quires: of the regular Steamboat Land
'. int.and in the same Block of the Stage Office of ithe
frrent I ine-of Ga g m% Pasmmmers putting up at the
atiore named Hotel, and wishing to take passage in ei
i her of the a bovelinte, by making their intentions known.
hart their seal' secured without any tomble or in
to them. Likewise those who *reigning by
I-anal or Steamboat can be conveyed with their baggage
_ -
' "-S -
_ . .Ve , ; • - 2 -, .
, t _
A. I
- . TM, ,, 1
I 8 4
Patabsrek 2
mai Barger Asebt
- • - wart..
sg~rtarr z, :water.
HAS commenced her reviler trip!, and will moi dai
ly (Sundays erm i ned-) Lellra leaser it
clock A. N., leaves Pittsburgh at 3 o'clock P: dm
awls at Beaver with the
Pennsylvania and Ohis Lime
of Freight Red Packet Canal boats between deafer, and
Cleveland Ohio, and Greenviiie. restarylvanta. Leaves
Beaver daily at 6 o'clock P. N. This l
ie!so with
two daily lines on the Pentsylvank to Philadel.
phia, and with the New York and Ohio line on the Brie
canal. and New York and Ohio line and Ohio canal. al.
so with stmim freight and passage boats, brivi and
sehOoners,ou the Lakes. The proprietors of this well
known line will be prepared on the opening of naviga
tion to transport merchandise to any of the interume
ate ports on the Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Ciao ca
nals; to any port on Lake Erie, and the Upper Lakes; to
and from New York City and Philadelphia.
McClure ir Dickey. Beaver. Pa.,
Cobb Wormer 4 Co., Cleveland, 0-,
Ects 4- Taylor. Warren, 0.,
W. B. BOIES, Master.
RENS daily (Sunda ,. s excepted.) between PITTS,
BURGH 4. BEAVER , leasins Beaver at 8 A. M.
and Pitistiorish at 2P. M. provid.d sitk Ererses's Safe
ty Guard to prevent Eapiesion of Boilers.
Tins so:eodi4 and fast rennin! Steam Boat b an
a nst
mien compile: ed expressly for this trade, smut in
°n ape ion with
CLARKE it Co's Pittsigritk and Cleveload Line of
Cleves:l.G. Oki..
Or down the °biota/tat to Iliss=ilon, fre. and Erie Ex
tension Line to Greenville.
The Canal Boats of this Line are towed to and - from
Pittsburgh direct, and the husinets conducted on the
mo=t prompt and economical system. Having • conoec
lion with the Pennsylvania Canal Lines to Philarlei
phia and Baltimore, and Steamboats runn i ng down the
Ohio river; also, through our Agents at Cleveland, with
V. M. Reed's Steamboats and set- eral Lake V e and
the Troy and Michigan and Buffalo Lake boat lines on
the Erie canal, we are prepared for the transpot ration
of Freight to and from all points on the canal, the lakes
and the Rive r, or the Eastern cities, at prices as !ow as
any other line.
Apply to G. N. Harlots, N 0.55 Water st, or at Steam
boat Mlichi;an's Landing. Pittst.orgh.
Clarks 4- co. Beaver.
Hubbard 4- Weatherers, Warren. •
Wheeler k co. Akron:
Thomas Richmond 4- co. Cleveland.
J. R. Wick 4- Co.. Greenville;
W. C. Malen, Sharon,
R. W. Cunainehacn. New Castle,
John K irk. Younrsiown,
John Campbell Newton Falls;
Campbell 4- Miller, Campliellstown;
Babcock ¢ Mcßride, Ravenna;
C. er D. Rhodes, Franklin;
11. A. Miner 4- Co.. env - att.:ma Falls;
Wellsman .4 Whitehead, Massillon;
Gordon Williams. 4. Co.. Detroit;
F.' lone, Davis 4- C., Buffalo;
Cowing, Richmond. Williams k Co—New York.
srp 10
EW LIGHTS:— Tke Haste LeagaeLimps! Frailly he.
pertaat to tie Fablic_—The Subt-vritters, Agents for
Carr's Palest Lamps for burning Hoe's Lard or other fatty
substances. have just received a quantity of tbe Lamps. to
which they would respectively call the attention of the
Public. They are peculiarly alapted to the present hard
limes, as it heroines alt parts of the community to econo
mi.e in all things; and in offering their Lamps to the pub
ic. mhe sutrrihers feel fully satisfied. and are ready to
isfy tne mot incredulous that in using their Lamps
mere is a real saving oral least 50 per cent. over any oth
er Lamp now in use, and a certainly of having a light
equal. ir not Superior. to that obtained from the best Sperm.
Ott. and, unlike the (..mphine, there is no danger of ea
plosion; and the construction is so simple, test it inquires
;jute or no experience to keep them always in order.
We would moat particularly call the attention of people
livirif in the country to examine these Lamps, as we feel
min-tied that there is scarce a Emily that does not annu
ally waste lard and srease enough to keep/Item constant
ly with the hen tight, if applied to these Lamps, whereby
the whole expense of oil and candles would be
cared. We would invite all to come and easmine for
that t bey may he satisfied that there is. nor
can be, no decer.tn,n, tut it is our elect that every one
sboulJ be (wit - convinceid of their utility and superiority
all of her In inns now in use. as well as in regard to
!he superior tight they give. as to the great saving; as we
do positively a:sell that forty cents worth of lard will
burn s lone and stye equally an good. if not better tight,
.han one ration of the beat Sperm Oil, which will cost
$l-50. farther, there is no smoke or disagreeable smell
ristn; from the burning of lard, which cannot he mod of
oil.ol that abominable and dangerous stuff called eau/-
Maine Oil, or Spirit Gas.
Most oil lams now in use can be altered as to burn
lard, which alteration the subscribers will make at a rea
sonable price. They will also purchase second-hand
lamps, or exchange he lard Lamps for them.
BROWN it RAYMOND. Third Street,
nearly opposite Post Office. PRtsburgh.
} Pittsburgh
Ph ila.
- 10POOK1KNDING. — NrCandtensit
A-1V Johnnon. Bookbinders and Paper
rulers, S. W. corner of Wood and
Fourth streets, are now prepared to ex
• I=z lv , eeute alt kinds of Bookbinding and Pa.
P":" per Ruling with neatness and despatch_
Blank books ruled and bound to
any given pattern at the shortest notice.
N . B. Mt work done at the above is warranted. (wp 10
WIC RIDDLE, Swrgroa Deatist,has returned to
his old stand, No. 107, Smithfield Street,.
where he can be coneulted any boar during the day,
on his protes - sion. eep 10
REMOVAL.—George Armor. !Merchant Tailor,
respectfully auromncft- to his (marls aad pa
trons, that he has removed his establishment from his
old stand, in Third street, to the corner of Front and
Smithfield. in the basement story of the Monougaheta
House; where be intends keeping on hand a general as.
oorlmeol of Fashionable Goods, suitable for Gen
tfernen's wear.
He hopes, by close application, to merit a share of the
business so liberally extended to him at his old stand.
N. B Having made arrangements in New York and
Philadelphia, with the most Fashionable Tailors, for
the reception of Paris and Lando?! Fashions. customers
may rely on having their orders executed according to
the latest style. GEWICE ARMOR.
siefit 10
LIBRARY of Religions, Hietotica , ,Pothical.and Mis
cellaneous Works, will be open every day, Salibath ex
cepted. "row 7 o'clock, A. Id, until 9, P. M., In the Ex
change BaUding,corner of Std are:eland Exekange
alley, where pommel attendance will he given by
eep 10 . J. GRIMM
WASHINGTON HALL—Tin subscriber has
opened the late resideace of James Adams. Eng.,
deceased, for the reception of visitors and hoarders;
the house is very pleasantly situated on the bank of the
Ohio, 3 mites from the city— prnaehlwe all the delight,
fel accompaniments of a country residence, without
being too far distant ihr perilous doing haziness lathe
city. Visitors mitt be furnished with every delicacy of
, the smog.
Ae Chaeibus misregiderly every hoer from the Atte
bevy end of the Bridge.
N. B_—..No Aleoborie beverages kept.
*ad Suldlelll
■trammt llanalactory.—Tbe Sobscriber mamba
torn and keeps constantly oa band. inatrlpdoo
of Cutlery, flargicalaod Deo!allostramentr.Tallon‘Sair
Dressers. sad Baum/ Pawn nears, fladillore lauds. V
IVI goods manafactured dOs host satirists. ant' all
o iets attended to wt & tie greatest. eissystcli, at the iris
est Calk pilaw.
JAW.* is cameral awe. - irernurbed t• eV* Mid.
No. 60 Water sireet, Pittsbargit.
Wit. C. HENS.
= 4 ilia
IlirS j.
c,;st iC MIOBLELE .
resimag PlLL ai
6 1Lr
i t oot A si ll neei t A- .
gri r
PlealCs 'ara, addicted with Dyspepga In Its most
aggrOpled ents....:TTbe symptoms were violent bead- ,
. , debility, fever, costiverness„ tumgh, heart- ,
iss_7 l !' 4 : _ : lathe chest and stillmemb Always after soda s .
le. sensation of shalom at tbenosnimb,
fa -- nausea. with frequent venality. dizziness
. , -tight and realemsn. Them had continued up
wa , It twehremeatb, when. on consulting Dr. Wm.
: '--
ifteCitatham street; and sal pitting to his ever
• . • - al sad agreeable made of imminent, the patient
tirast! - .• • ,- sty restored to health in the short space of
oneo4r i th, sad yatea I far the tricalcolable benefit &dn. ,
ed. ly eine forward and volunteered the abovestate
Wit ad e, Wadies:aft amid Retail by
R. W. SELLER.S, Agent,
N 0.20, Wood street. below Eiecond.l
A • GMJMlT.—William Moody, of the city of!,
Is.: - _,.rauktro.sserchant, baring, on thel„%h of Saw
ry " emoted to the sutecribers an assignment of all kb
. real, persosal,and mixed. in Trust for the bereft of
with certain preferences therein specified;aod
n t . ~ aim. for the benefit of certain of his creditors who
s the 15th day of April nest, at 12 o'-
fr. . n, execute untold., and for his use, a re
' fa *fall claims against him.
dl ts hereby give*, that said deed of assignment
an'tame mentioned in It, are le ft at the *thee MIL
in the Diamond, where the same may be
, ,
executed by all parsons interested.
, -
JEREMIAH DUNLAvy. I Amitrnees.
- .
Vag SALE.-40 M - Kentucky Sevin, SO wooden i
-R: :bswiwansortesi sizes. 1
200 &wen 8-10, 10 12, 10-14 window sash.
30 alingloof Writing, letter, and wrapping paper.
100 pieces paper hangings. border.
500 boxes wafers. 20 kegs while lead. •
30 hoses and lbs. of Cotton Ball.
30 boxes 2il and 3d quality of Raisins.
20 dos chip hats and coin brooms.
60 packages family medicines assorted.
All of which wilt be sold on accommodating terms
for cask, produce, and Illinois. Ohio. Pennsylvania, and
almost all nncnrrent bank notes taken in payment on the
best pono - ble terms- ISAAC HARRIS.
Agent and Commission Merchant,
Slda 9, Fifth street
TJ. FOX ALDF.N filtorrey end Caossener at
• Lex. Cars kis profrgOonal F ervic es to the nit
Men! of Pittshtirsb and hones for a share of pohlie pat
ronaze. Hewitt exernt aft kinds nf writing with neat
PIN. and dispatch. Canes in hankroptes attended to on
reasonable terms.—Offtee in Smithfield street, at the
house of Mr. Thomas O'Neil. to whom he refers.
Pep 10 T. J. FOX ALDEN.
DAVID CLARK. .4 't. Boot Maker,—
Hag removed to No, 34 Market street. between
Second and Third streets, where he won•d be happy
to see his old customers. and ail others who feel dispos.
ed to patronize him. He nets nothing but first rate
stock, and employs the best. of workmen; and as be gives
hts constant personal attention to tmsines.„ he trostslimi
he wilt deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
nen 10
A Hunker respectfully informs his friends and The
public that they can always find the best quality of ice
Creams. tosether with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits.. in their mason. at his establishment—No. 11.
Fifth street, between Wood and Market.
8.--Partiiw supplied on the shortest notice, 'with
cakes. or anything iehis line. Also families furnished
with Bread. ' .• see 10
DR. GOODVS Cc/Or:Lied Female Pills. These
Pills are strongly recommended to the notice of
the ladies as a !are and efficient remedy in removing
those complaints peculiar :o then. sex, from want of ex
ercisw, or general debility of the system. They obviate
ccativenmsm and counteract all Hysterical and Nervous
affections. These Pills have trained the sanction and
approbation of the move eminent Physicians in the Uni
led States, and many Mothers. For sate Wholesale and
Retail. hr.- R. E izELLERS. Agent.
!2p- !Kos O. Wood Street, below Second.
- ,
Hlll6 BY —.Pro. 121. Career of !food gad Fryer
Streets. Pitts/me:it, has on hand a complete 2.1-
sortmentof Clneetts - ovare suited to the city or country
trade. Also. a choke selection of pure while and gold
band DINING AND TEA WA RE. in large or small sets,
or separate pieces to suit purchasers.
A cask of 46. 60. or 84 piece sets. superbly painted
and gilt English China Teaware, at very low prices.
Toy Teaware. plain, and rich painted and gilt, from
1.00 to ,t 4.00 per set
Childrea's Mugs of every description .
White China Shaving Mugs.
Cranite Dining a. d Tea Services. in white and with
splendid American scenery printed in taste and Mach.
A large variety of Steamboat Dining and Breakfast
imported to match. complete,
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass, In all their varieties.
Window Glass, of every size.
Patent Euckets, Tubs and Keeler!.
Slone Pipe Heada4c. 4.c. kr.
All of which are respectfully offered to the put,
lie on the most favprable terms, Jan 26, 1842-11,
AVM. AD AIR, Boot aled Sloe Maker, Libo-ty
opposite tke heed of Smithfield at., Petishattli
The nits:tribe( having batten out the stock of the late
Thomas Rafferty. deceased, has commenrmi business
in the old stand of Mr. R., and is prepared to exectite
all descriptions of work in his line, in the best manner
and °tribe shortest notice. He keeps cor stantly on band
a large assortment ofshoe findings of all descriptions and
of tbe bmt qualfity. He solicits the pat rousse of the nub.
lie and of the craft. WM. ADAIR.
sep 10
end Jac', for Carriages at Easters Price.
The subscribers manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand Coach,C and Eliptic Springs (warranted,) Juniata
Iron Arles, Silver and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated Bub Bands, Stump Joints, Patent Leather,
Silver and Brass Lamps, Three fold Steps, Malleable
Iron, Door Dandles and Binges. d - c. „A - T.
St. Ctair st.. bear 11 e Allegheny Bridge,
LARD OlL.—Tha Starscraier would mo s t respectfully
inform the public in genera lust he has an article of
a Lrd Oil of a superior gaalily,mannfactored at the Cincin
nati Oil Manufactory,by R.W.Lee ¢ Co...which is warran
ted to be equal to the best Sperm. Oil, both for Light and
Machinery. 'This Oil is entirely free from any glutinous
matter, smoke. or unpleasant odor, and it is as clear and
as while as spring water. Not a particle of crust is left
on the wick. The light is purr and brit:laza, :
and will last as long. if not longer, than that from an
equal quantity of Sperm. Oil. The subeeziber informs
the public that he has taken a place nearly apposite the
Post Office, where be will light up several different lamps
every evening. and he would resume:folly iaviie the in
habitants of Pittsburgh. Allnheny,and their vicinity, to
call and judge for themselves. He feels confident they
will be convinced that the shave statement is perfectly
correct. Out of two hundred individuals who have tried
the Oil, there has trot been a single fault found with -it-
The Lard Oil costs one third less than Sperm. He would
respectfully solicit the early attention of Dealers and44a
chinists to the above.
The following Churches are now earn the Lard Oft;
Second Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh,
New Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Plitsbaigh
First Presbyterian Church, AlWhetty City,
Associate Reformed Church, do.
An the barrels arefitlioded R. W. LEE 4. Co., Cincin
nati, Ohio.
We, the anthislitiwiL Captains of the Strew Line of
Packets. on the Peursylvenia Canal, have tried and are
using award/de of LardOlt isdrodared bete by Matthew
C. gfeY. and staaufactared by R. W. Lee 4 CO., at the
Ciocinnatti OR Path*
We feel eolith's:laths asserting that the above is equal
to the best Sperm Oil; that it is entirely free from smote
K say other statinostsinatter whatever: the light is per
fectly pare, clear add brilliant, sod will Met as long; if
timer dial itatfrass as equal quantity of Sperm. Oil,
We have ao hmiltation to reconuortiaill lit° oar (deals
sad laiilises manage - OW
MINIM TIUIIF. , racket Jaw Album
6: . W.IIII6IIIIIPAND, Capitals, Paskatilita cock,
A.A3ZAW. *a de Jobs 110intleau,
solig-Tooolnow, at. to nolissib.
CA - N.ON, SHOT AN SHELLS.—Bessac or Out'
wows Arm ileasorptarwr, 3t Sqrtersbee. 11142.
Sealed ProposalL will he revered at this Bursa until 3 ,
o'clock. P. 3111.., of the 15th Dutcher nest. foe ihtmlibing
and delivering, in the proportion% and at theptaces bete. I
in designated, the Ddlowlag number sad description As
Casson. Shot and Shells,lbr the Naval Service of the
United States, viz: Thirty-eight inch his' lois gnus, of
about 63 cwt. each. Seventy thirty-two pounder guns of
41 cwt- and upwards, the precise weed of each to be de.
terwined hereafter. Five ;hundred eight inch shelf
Three hundred eight inch solid shot and Seven thousand
1 thirty-two ponntirr shot. Deffaeralts as foams:
r 10 eight's. Paisba a gnus 1 Deliverable at
200 eight*: shells I Sackett . ' 11'1.-
1 100 eight is. solid shot }Dor, X- Y.. on
IA) thirty two poutider Du& lor Won the
2.500 thirty.two pounder shot
j 15th Way neat
le eight in. Paishan guns 1 Deliverable as
150eigilt in. shells I Buffalo IL Y.,
100 eb.hrt in. solid shot }on or before
25 Chitty two pounder guns I the 15th Hay
Zsoothirty-two pounder shot J next.
10 eight in. Paixhan guns Deliverable at
150 eight in. shells Erie Penna.
100 eight in. solid shot on Or before
20 thirty-two pounder guns I the 15th blay
2,000 inlay two pounder shot next.
The proposals most state distinctly the rate per ton (of
twenty-two hundred and forty pound;), for the guns, and
the rate per pound for the shot and shells, deliverable as
above, auto he sulject to,and undergo such proof and in
spection. as this Burearrasay deem proper to authorize;
and none will be paid for that shall not pass each in
spection as may be entirety satisfactory.
Bonds, with two approved sureties, will be required in
one third the esi 'mated amount of the contract, and lea
Per rectum of the amount of all bins will be retained as
collateral security for the faithful performance thereof,
which will he paid only on the satisfactory completion of
the contract; and ninety per cesium of all deliveries will
be paid on billaproperly authenticated, according to the
provisions of the contract, within thiny days after their
presa.elfi silos to the Naivy Agent.
Theoffers must state at what agency the contractcr
may desire payment to be made.
Drawings of the guns will ee furnished from this Ba
rran, and they must he Oast and finished to conform to
them in every respect.
No hot blast mewl is to be used, and the shot =Rim be
cast in sand monads. nen 12
JOHNS TON k' STOCKTON. Booksellm• Pilaffs and
P.per Manufacturers. No. 37, Market ft aep 10-ly
LEONARD S. JOHNS, Alderman, St.Ctair arreet,se•
mod door from Liberty. sep 10—ly
Da. S. B. HOLM Eta, Office in Second street, next door
to hinivany 4- Coss Glass Warehouse sell 10-la
ShFINDLAY. Attorneys at Law, Fourth at..
near the Mayor's Office. Plttsbumb. sep 10-17
THOS. StAMILTOIi, Attorney at Law, Fifth, between
Wood and Smithfield sta., Pittsburgh. sep 10-19
RUG H TONEIt, A tton)ey at Law, North Eart corner
of Smittteld and Fourth streets. step 10-1 y
TBONPSOIi BLAF♦ J,1061 Irma/2mi.
yiANNA 4. oTTJR.NBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
114. Wood Ed., where may 1* bad a general supply
of writing. wrapping, printing. wall paper, blank books,
school books, if c, 4 c sep 1.0-1,
TOW NAEND k CO- Tflm Workers sad
R. liftmeactsrers, N 0.23 Market street, between 2d
and ad strews. ELT U)-iy
VXCHANGE ROTEL, Corner of Penn and SL Clair
1.11 st reels, by leeKlßefli 4 8311711.
sep 111-1 y
fi 1G META L.-77 tons sort Pi! Metal for rale by
J. G. dr A. GORD ,
Nrr. 12 Water street
31000 LBS. BACON HAMS. 16,000 lbs. Bacon
Shoulders, for sa'..e by
.1. G. ¢ A. GORDON,
No. 12 Water street,
AS. PATTERSON, Jr., Birmingham, near Pittsburgh,
Manufacturer of Locks. Hinges and Bolts; To
bacco. Palter. Mill and Timber Screws; El oilmen Se rews for
Bolling Mills, ke. sep 10--fy
JOIIN WCLONK_EY, Tailor and Clothier, Liben•
street, between Sixth and Virgin alley, South side,
se p 10
M. C. EDGY, A,gent.
Pittsbereb, Jane 21st, 1841-
OHN ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water si
new the Mononraneti Rouse. Pittalurgb sep9o-1y
I %V BURRCIDGE 4. CO., Wholesale Grocers and
COMlDi.itni Merchants— Second street, between
Wood and Smithfield sts,Pirtsbur:h. seplo---ly
JG •. GORDON. Commission and • forwarding
• Merchants, Water L. Pittpbarrjh. pep 10—ly
A MS.-4 casks hams. a good article, received per S.
B Corsair, and for dale by J. G. 4. A. GORDON',
eep 10 No. It Water street.
SUGAR A- Mot. ASS ES.-40 ht*ls New Orleans Su
„ear; SO obis New Orleans Uolseues; for sale by
Sep 10 J. G. f A. GORDON:
S1:1G A R.-7 Rh& prime N. 0. &mar, received per S.
B. Maine. pad for sale by J. G. A. GORDDS
sep 10 No. 12, Water street
" la BACON CASKS—in order, ork hand and for sale by
au sep 10 J. G. 4 , A. GORDON, No. 12, Water at
SUGAB. AND MOLASSES.—IS Muds and 41 tubb N. 0.
Sugar, ,32 bbln N. 0. Mot:twos, received per Steamboat
lu'porter, and for sate by J. G. 4- A. GORDON,
sep 10 No. 12., Water greet.
5 BBLS. LARD OIL. forsale by
coraer of 6th and Wood stt
1631 PbAyPERSGenn"I3.A.t°F7AII4,I Et*ck
OCKk ro CO r nie
corner of 6th and Wood stn.
200 LBS Preparcd
e Chal .
A. k iA te n r ga sr
le by
OCg 4.
corner of edh and Wood sts.
rro LET.--A well finished and eowfonable (wool°
ry house,* ice_ ei her with bark ha :Wines., amble, ear
riag4house, ke: ocenewion given hriniediateiy.
This ir operiy is situated below the Pennentkary. near
die reuldeoce of Mr. Win. Batgaley, and is a very degmble
residence. For terms inquire of 1. K. Moorhead, or the
suhs!riber. G. W. BARNES Union Faculty.
nen 111.—Sw
SDD AR AND &lOLA SSIM.--450 ands. N. 0. &lac,
25 Ws- do. do., 100 do. Plantation Motatses, for
sale by J. G. 4- A. GORDON.
sep 13 No. 12 Water street.
11‘i0TICE TO 'CREDITONS.—Take Notice that. I
h a ve a pplied to the Jtniges of the Court of Coo.
moo Pleas of Fe/tango county, for the benefit of the laws
made for .be relief of Insolvent Debtors; and that they
have appointed the fourth Monday of November fcr the
hearin_ of me and my errditors, at the Court House, in
the B...rongh of Franklin—when and where yam may at
tend, if you think proper. and show awe. if any you
! have. why I shoold not be disetarted.
p .SELLERS, D.,olßee sad threats% is Fourth,
. near Ferry street. rep 13—ly
from the shop of ibe subscribe', in Tight
street, some time tad weer. a pair of Mean, for
hair-cutting. They are nearly,or quite a foot loeg. and
very stim• it is **pinned - the thiefsold thew somewhere
in - tbe city: I will roy the percitaver any reasonabie price
if be wilt bring them to me. ILIONEEL
rep 13-3 L
Sainniay,l7 l b lasitot. at 3 teelot re t
M. I will sell, by order of tbe Annigatte„ tta the p
the foltoming described pieverfr.oc A lad of Ground
22 feet front by about 100 feet deep., with , a sentential
frame Malin on it, wed now es a matching ahap„ atm
miming a good Stews Raulse awl Gewriars, Two Mader
Saws and Drams, situate is Allegheny City, bellsabil the
Canal and the Oomeonalb, and adittiabag the liethadint
Charsh—Ammen, notapikai an a Maintig giant liwiairy;
by TA. Ifiller it Co. Tansathali.
nAI H lum, z,img S'OIIACCO. WO** al
W.= Vntr *waft ler I. 4. it.A. GORDON.
11PplraWit *it
A IMO 1111017.
Many years ago, it was cooed acernary
to besiege the'fort called-lhidgwattige,welent
few miles , from Caton* down itie slaw
which the natives held i 6 spite of our a
mono:arms, probably suppo rted itt their
hostile obstinacy by the Dutch and Freak
governments. who, as all the world kaiak
have several settlements in the East lease.
These settlements we could wrestkom them
in an instant. but, for some unamtantable
reason or other, we have allowed them
remain in their hands, to the no small hin
drance of justice and equy; feed
qiltenly happens that characters"deserving
punishment for their offences have merely
to cross the river, and in tea minutes ass
beyond the pale of British law, having
found refuge in Chinsurah. or some other
foreign town. The existence of these UV
tie colonies have a still worse effect in case
of disaffection amongst the Indians, was.
much as they are ever ready to pour for*
foreign emissaries, who urgently foment**
fend, and mislead the poor natives, by hold
ing out hopes of assistance fate their res
pective countries.
Such had been the case with Budge
-1 Budge, the aforesaid fort, before which a
couple of frigates, and some armed boats
were lying at the time of my sketch. The
native garrison, which amounted to about
six hundred men. had vainly been 11111111DM
ed to surrender. They vowed they weehl
rather die than do so. For three days long
shots had been fired at Awn; but, - as libe
fortress was built of mud, no sower !de,
the smallest breach made than it was ham
tly closed op, and rebuilt stronger than ov
er. One of the commanders advised_ the
adoption of a storming party; his brother ,
officer, however, differed from him. urging
that the place was too well garrisoned to he
easily carried by assault. The opinions of
the two leaders were forwarded to Calmat. -
ta, and the reply was expected to be re
turned on the morrow.
James Bunting (so we will call the cddtst) ,
heard of all these palavers. as he styled
them, and looked very knowing,. fie ea
derstood there was a chance offighting, se
he felt perfectly delighted. To his berth
he descended, and as usual. - whim he _
particularly happy, managed to get parti
tarty drunk, and turned in evidently *it
worse for liquor. Now. it so happened
that in abort an hour after he bad settled
himself in his hammock, he suddenly 1.
woke. A burning fever, an agonizing thirst
parched his month, so he arose and went a
his locker; but, alas! he had drank every
drop of the liquid he possessed, and where
to find more he knew not. On board the
the vessel he had no hopes; shore was his
only chance; so, unseen by any OW hit
made his way into the water by lowering
himself from the chains, or from a port hole,
or some such place, and struck out forte
beach, where he landed safely, in spite of
alligators, sentinels, and all other kinder
When he had shaken the water from his
hair, and hitched op his trousers, he began
LO look around for a toddy shop, where he
could purchase some of that liquor, or some
arrack, to take the chill off the water he had
swallowed; but, alas!. no building of the
kind met his view,—not a atingle habitation
could he see. The fort frowned gloomily
over him in sullen grandeur; no other place
where spirits were likely to be fated mold
he discover, though he peered anxiously
round on every side. To lose time, to be
laughed Ft by his comrades on his return
for the wild-goose chaos he had undertaken.
was by no means palatable to Bunting. To
be balked is a maxim unknown to a British
sailor; so. rather than lose his grog, he de
termined to lose his life, or, at all events,
risk it. Without farther ado, he began sca
ling the walls of the fort. That he easily,
managed, and in a few moments found him.
self at the top of the glacie. Elated at his
success, he began shouting as loud as ho
could bawl, to the horror of the pulses*
who instantly fancying themselves assailed,
started up, and were about to run to the
spot where they supposed the attack*/
party had made good a lodgment, when
Jim, who had scampered round the defen
ces, again began to shout from the oppoeite
side, and suddenly lowering himself into,
the town, commenced cheering as lodes -
he could, intermingling his weales
with cries for liquor.
Assailed, as they supposed, en heidt - - -- : - . 1 1
sides, the enemy actually
as th:t-forlrems
surprised in the middle 0f4 . ! - - 1611410 3 ‘ * ll '
pecting nothing leas than to Vkiiii* MEE
ces in the dark, what coultthity 4)I D*
bravest might well hesitateensign to get
their forces together, conlimed,and 'seated
ed, they naturally believed that they bed
been betrayed. They had but one cone* -
left to pursue: T'aey opened the gates
and fled as fast and as far as their feet
would carry thenr, leaving the town in the
quiet and peaceable possesslosof Anne/
Bunting, who, after shoutiog vaiWly for
some time, fell down, andwlept, fora cou
ple of hours, when he sinike, perfectly
sober, though shout a much puside. at
finding himself alone. and in the enentfo
fi as the poor man was -in the Arabian
gins, when be &and kimalfchanged to
J i m ag
rubbed his eyes. .lie _pinched
legs, and walking up .to a tank.nctualli
drank three mouthfuls of water heftiest he,
could bole that he WWI *make. He then
strutted up to the rampart% andenneletis o
himself he was in his proper neeeek
there ley die thiefrigtheih sedthere
the mita jock. for.#thbe h„:7
risitsd his ' `ShilstliV
trisit ger
*tali up biligulit i t
_ .
4~ ~ 4 _ ,
, , „
. _
. , - '.:.. - z : ,-;. - : ! :i , .''-T•';,;-,
, - - .:: ,- /J'4l:-:?4., -, •i.t:* ..2 '
'. - ;;,-,:4.'jl.i 4 : _:::.1 - '
-_, ~~"~=