Daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1842-1843, September 16, 1842, Image 1

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.li'E NOTICE- Tiat air
Sahuy Guanil have
of the lapeanita
-ed by lirtsavonrati
ID he provided will l i te
rot es secured %wha
of - toata impelled aim
Pittsburgh-44bl e leept ,
im P rov edaPPitawn
e for an etiolation Mtl
to time
, CABO°.
- ALL.&I4T;':'-,,,:tc
grrers'infltt - ti
. ()RIO,
y are rel - Peetruill r.
f•-.4-e of a boat.lo wattle
oniJ not be 10 %Mit
a Safety Guard heat,
p reference to one bot
117 st they will bear*
-the unqualified
•re r.—geniletnen wheat .
‘.llileri., and wboare
eel-lift:a:tuff •
ers all of which eat k
r stmt, where It woatil
to es bihit toy invent*"
bse io call.
r-iy.—The extreme !env
a , le use, and the fret 7 _
i oven , ialils for •thetrilt •
them in a state of health is
'rind= of exUtetter, 'wad,
discovery of the abov e
a pure Onetime enin •
,d is pos=ed of thi vets: -
is tier from the leeilk
tes and' preiervistbe -
j ' , die whilcrielL.:2llllll. l
Kit= virtilterdl:
, the Cm a•!_eol3ligirkeit llll
u rye eradi-ateit ,, flir .
I P•! Tess is i wiluere vrwid ti itisi
prac,i.ioner indohltagerio
I.ven ..1z misted itit
yeiciarmi of this city, wil
,a,enditsg it as an extgßellg'
3 Market street. Fittabaqsl
te:gigs,autt at Coati's Saila
recaa valfactatr'es, ifeul
P it-butfh
ARM FUR eAi.E.-1
c, t lice. in Wilkins toe
i=inir:e one hnndied and
o t,ich k c red. and
I. •-e are upon it tlitea
•.t - an 3 KO(' orchani.Of
ninf.. of (nal. The soil is
u-,13,,d fano in the
•,n a iintirq ioatto istaalirl-
LLI All WALL/it-E.,
A LL, Mei* awi Foal
= rg —P=aean Brasbes:
oo hand. Leokirm G
der. Repairing done
ion paid to ree.dingasd
steam Boats or !looses Irril
Fp ttfclai Ca Alt fOt
kalaiers. and miter. orbs
ad made of the best • -
• • - ;.,,ior to any ofrerni fat
to Dontarit FlotheWk redr,
Etreet,pitehurgb. win
i' 10 - C' A CLE SHOE
?fry= 04 Sto4 of
ect tmAy
c nit y te has
manufactare , al
cc:ll)o3E4ly on bawl a
of ladies, frliqFeS, anti eh"
Melt will le .
es He will alto snake ..
• ,R—Ned a* white alb
PTE. and haf.kicia, /air -
-; fa r.aiters, 4'c• .
, horn ict notice, and i•
ease can and elaortise lar
It confident that beer"
..ce they may wain.
_atl ke place —,lcro..ft„ Vial,
toteli;ence Oirtee.-114-
t:BY haring tathei l3o:
t i DIGIT 4. tiorgwits. e . i .
• -a Starke Wert. ice' .
• ...roost - deceit sad
tient rapport Abel
connection with deri.
ILcm that every eleflag ll M .
t,on of the satote
ir attention to bit
e isteedstellistg
r offerie, 'ban eirrighlWr i
co, of the hie &h a%
e oda to ethane ttheidelfr
feed 0:W idest so -
either In
c.t.icithat Vier/ aun""^ — .
.sow. ihts4o ,6 "'. 4 !
• Iles, xe.:l7
abortair .
L. NO 6.
--rivE DOLLARS a yea r, -payable in
to wow TWO CENTS—for site at file
Ott. and by News Says.
roomy and Manskfaclilrer
WEEKL.T. at the same °thee, On a 6obie
at TWO the
F.'S a year, in ad .
nee copies. Six CENTS.:
cross of Advertising.
0,50 I One month, E.OO
, .
0.75 Two monis, 6.00
100 Three wombs, 7.00
1.50 Fonr months, R.OO
3.00 six month!. 10,00
4.00 One year, /6,00
raro Squares.
el s,Cs?. I, Fir months, $2.3.00
23.00 ! One year. 35,00
v ., adv,rti=etuents in prorortion.
of four flues Su DOLLAR?. 3 ye3P.
o‘i Orrot Third bes ween Market and Wood
. M. Biddle. Pcoamanter.
Houst, Water, 4th door from Wend st. Petel
ings.-Major John W !IOC:. COiIeCIOT.
ASCRI • Wood tel een Fire and Second
its A. Bartram, Treasurer.
-VEC/•SCILT. 'Fiord street. neat door to the
teran C.lsurrh—S. R. Johnston, Trea s urer.
Fourth, oetween Market and Wood
nder Hay, Mato ,
a Excri.acE. Fourth. near Market N.
a between Markel and Wood streets, on
..ourth street?.
/an 11.0ttl,ACT12.1.R.S• F•Ft IN/ ES? Dx.
'formerly Sactng Fund.; Fourth. between
arket sheets.
. Fifth stree't near Wood.
mt.♦ norm. Water ~.reet. near the Bridge
Hors L. corner or Penn and Sr. Clair.
s' Hovel_ corner of Third and Wood.
lio'ret.corner ot Third and Smithfield.
rorner al Pr no street and Canal.
• ♦GLE, Liltert y !tree'. near Sevent h.
Ni.,‘Fias 1107 T., 'o•ip c i oppo>ite Wayne
Hnrse. Fenn St onno3de C.4na'
NSELLOR AT LAW.—tofsce rr•mr,
errs officei on Gaul st.. neatly o7gro-zile
flons.e, 1. , 1t rooms to Jolla D. Mallon.
floor. 5 , 1 , 10
. ELLIOTT, M. D.—"ffice rm.re-d
lair strrc, tercel, Pros cad Ltherriu S , s - .
5 P 10
)(li)S.—rrrsion 4- Mackey, wh.irs tie and
I drat-r+ in ELZ IFil. Fretirti, atd IJoutnstir
. rolFA,urzi, Fep 10
DLESS & 3reLt - RE, mtorfoys and
La'. ()dice at the Diameid. kick
0011 Hnua. P •5 , 13 iglu, SET 10
TAY-- R. Morrt rte. Attlermaet office Borth
of. Fifth et.. teiwren Wood and Smithfield
Fre 10
DEVITT, IVholer...'e Grocer Re f. in
r, And Pea Produre and PitlO,u , 2ll
Ankles, 224 Litrr.ty Strta,
Err , 10
:ANS & DILWORTH.- —WIT , lesalr
ers Pro:i”rr a Oct Nlerclinnts, and
Pend - .a rp Mautic..r . "rt d 2"9.
-HA R 4 ROBINSON. ;Itorney al Una'
re on the nOrth,Ocie of Ihe Diamond .belw
_ _
U niott rett , .. Ilp
RBORAW, Aliortkey at Law: lender,
otL:cWOall rrViC✓9 to 111/ p7 t li r.Crake eO,.
rd Markel ablre D. Lfoy.i ¢ Co',
_ls, Pa. O,' 10
1' & M.ntif. , turer: of Copper
gi hon Front , r 4 , Fo,s
-:=1...:u.,n; and cL oin. tYork
prom pfly
I,Cti I , t:ANcl , Vot"NG
B. YOUNG & CO.. Fort. tone War.
Corfu, of Hand dr Litnatige
purch,,E . Ferllllllf, sill lied It
:lye ti.• a call. l.eing Cull Ih3l.
a , • !t) qua . r . y and wire. p 10
N II AM.S.—Ju?I rere•vet 1R) choice Mal
ani , . sect: r tired aad for -Fn'e rbr p by .br
it, by IS 1 Ar HARRIS,
0.9. Filth st.
y - P11 . 5 Fl,=l R.
' , es of Tar
B k
iC , Ved rldSL', ET.117 PRICES at the
•d S , or. P. L. SNOWIIEN,
No. 1 , :4 I,P , erty s. ref t. had of Wood.
CLOSEY,S Coat and S;.oe Itl3 , ;;F;rto
:No. 6.; Fourth St . ot-xt do, to 51.1!..1
Prooeila. id aodSnlin Shoe's made ;n
; ann •r) arta by 1:4- newest From
LT: 11.1:S. in lot., tofuil
ru ! -r.Na,er,, 10 e clts , pre , ed of by
C 0.123.4 1.11.er• y fr, reel. h ea d ,11
ROOT: 4 . Flo‘cF,
ri Finn pr rydc of ev.
ion, can ) 11.14 at 1 , ••
re of E. L. sNowitr.N.
or w.-,ro]
Illiewas Anr ual 1 1 .17.mato:h (ietoh : - 'eed. for
-1 the Drug aed r=eed
IR4 Liherty street. head of Wood.
seed; just received by
1+;43. 184, Liberay twad of Wood
TOOLS, ror_sisting of H0f1... Fancy Spad,.. !
law in: Tros-eta. Eekiing Tools, Bo.)
In Knives, Pruning Shears. ere., jrm- rt-
134 LibPrty street, head of Wood.
Canal or Steamboat can be conveyed with their baggage
free of espense,to any of their places of departure. Per-
Venison Ha received ashcan sup icons traveling in carriage. or private conveyance, can
eery cbcire cured venison Hauti.ou retail at 311 times find good Stabling at the above named Rotel.
- for current money. This house M situated so very ClOfi. to the new Court
IsAAc Douse, that those having liminess at court, wiitiiind It 1
and Com. Merchant Pleaslipt stopping place. Fro.• the sulx=criher's long ex
perisnee as I bodiord, sad from his full detesibination to
" Dutch C et. Orchard Grams and keep a mile' attutieill conducted louse. he fondly trusts
• ky Blue Gram, always on band and for he veil mate the stillstra of Itht Vega Pleasant and agree
F. L. SNOWDEN, able and befievlng in hisoldmotto. which has generally
14 tl-184 Liberty street, bead of Wood - . j been favorable as an attentive landlord, and make rea-
Bitch A Attorneys al LAX • 0 tril f 1":"
bie bills—he
mrPectranY::: mshaoarteh°ol:ll::
• from the Dummied, to -At 0.-est.-410w." Pa air tr°n ßoa a %ters takes by the day.
• Pcturl° r ' r ett , belvset t a alarliet a nd Wtxtd'
sep 10
*.RATE3 7 BLA for I ""edin,Vl in At- Nforne ll s h tirr is old EL Trien The the su an biNvi d the ber eddie. that it he t
.t ender the tale taw, for sale al I.tilyttlfise--) op “ e „„ r see ftedeme fifth alert, sear the Ea
f nge ftnie:111011.• the bows tatidy occupied by Nat.
raw Patri c k. mod big hoisted-4am Iron Sigb."Tbe Imo
Cny Hotel," where he wiU be very- happy to seccianno
- doe aft ash° May please - to call on hiss. His table .
Landrettes French egar fleet Seed.baa sham be provided with the hest Care, dad'every pltasede
eceired and (Or sale at the Drug and Seed ncomenaatationto tome and country attimitters and
F. L. SNOWDEN; travelers. , -
18t Liberty street, head of Wood. Akw boarders who wish io lodge in their More or of
don. nhe mien: and gentlemen who Oat of trot
their elinnera,delly.
taerahlp heretofore exindug bourses WIL: 1 Ile his largSisd goo stabies.'ssd Hie new HIT Ira_
Vy and BENI AU lld lICIPEWELt lathirgly :Oats:ant a - gond licelta4, and will ainananaadate tome&
liter! consent. Willua Dips Is astbisellied as asssiesstirsibileaSs -
tire of the finis in settling lip tireierdiandast - liitlrdrna takes it the /NT,' speelli.si'4llllr. Char jai
WILLIAM 1114111I; r :
PSf man
kii e areslerdetbsi it ail Stiperogwo4.er
VAlClrigr oar
-- - -
E.—Lot s on tbeNorth Ea-% cor iber
and nth street. Apply to
ENJ. DARLINGTON, Marko, near 4th tz.
- -
- nit. E.ingibirrt DittMitio
j4ti, ifrettlitest Basal sourniri
top 10 • lIHM el
iptimtbt - 14M1110145, - raitztix4
..ILPR obe lased- s Baokropaey iproceelhoopt..priatod *-
good paper,and io the forms approved by tbeCoartfor vaja
at the Office of the Mercury and Deaseerat.' top 10
WM. 111113 BARD, Ladies' . fasbionabte boot ang
slum Maourootiorer. No. I'M Third rivet, between
Wood and Srultb6eiti street". Pittsburgh • rep 10
N. has removed his office to the comer of Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, between Smithfield and Grant
street*, rittsborgh. rep 10
FOR RVlrrw—Thedirelling and lot containing 4
acres. in Allegheny, near_ the Beaver Read, lately
occupieelbv Mr. Sawne!church. Apply at the Merchants
and Manufacturers' Bahk, to W. H. DENNY - .
vep ID Cashier,
, ark
.. Jur -MAKER, No. 95, Market street, Paws
-„e%W.. hutch. between Mt and Liberty streets,
supply of Landrear's Garden Seeds, always on
hand, and for sale at his agency, the DMy store
F. L. s soWDEN,
vep SO 114 . Liberty street, head of Wood.
Dit. DAV it, WARD has his ofsee and m--idence
on Fouri h Street. nearly south of the Court H ome.
second dwelling from Ra=s street. He will faithfully a' tend
ail rail_ pertainin; to his profiun. Night calls should be
made at the door ahove the basement. sep
rji I.:MOV AL —Matthew Jones, Barter and ITatr Dreks-
S. Cr. It removed to Fourth street, opposite the May
ors office, where he will be happy tolWait nPOrt permanent
or transient enstomers. 1k solicitsa share of public pat
sep 10
REMOV A L.—w 1., A. Ward, Dentfsa .Ims removed
to hict7n•tr.uelf , IL three doors.helow Irwin street.
one square abore the Exchange Hotel. Boors of business
from 91. NI, until 5 r. a , after which hour he will at. ,
tend to no one except in ear..s of actual nersity. H e
would farther inform those who may think proper to
employ him. t hat he experts immediate payment , with
the neceity on his part of sending to bilk .-op 10
1011 N 31,FARI..41N1EN Cpholnlcrer cad Cabinet
Mini et. barna , * Weed 4- .dhrrket streets.
respectfulfriends and the public that he is
prepares ereente all hrders fnr Sots=, Sideboards.
reaus, lrs. Tahtea. Crdsleads. Stands. ilalr and Spring
Slartrasses. Curtains, Carpets, all , orts of Upholsterinz
which a arrant equal .o any made in the
city, at.d on rca,-enable terms. sell 10
110 Word Street, Pit rabarak.—it. A. Bansman,
Auctioneer and Coltsmicion Merchant. is -flow prepared
To receive and sell 411 kinds of Goo4s and Merchandtte,
at his larze and eapateittas tootos„ No. 110, North ,East
Corner of Wood and F,tlh Streets, Fitt, , i , or!,..h.
Rrfll:ar sales of Dry Goods, Furniture. Grocerie. and
other articles, on Mondays and Thursday of each week.
Hardware. Cutlery. Dry GnOds o.nd Fancy artier, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thu;t4fay etenin:s.
honk=, ¢c , every Saturday evt:niog.
Liberal advances made on Consignments When wanted
111e=r , .. Jnhn D. Dams. Esq-,
P.a ,, aley 4- Smith,
11 a mpion.:Emith, 4 co.. I
F Lorenz 4- Co., 1
•• J. W. Bnebridte 4- co..
s. 4- Co.
Capt. James 114'Garzill, FittAiurgh.
C. I t u n n.
Joon 11 Fadden EN.
• I... Gran E.rnnedy.
•. J. R. 111oeThead 4- co.
•• 3:4•3- P. Stuart. EN.
C taray, 1
Cant. Jai. %lay.
McVay. Hanna, 4- Co.
%VIE aln S yre. Wheeling
•• S. C. Deno . , Louisville
Sax EL.:alry 4- Co.
p 10
lOM B. GUTIIIt I E. knetioneer and Commis
it 7 sion lerctlant. i , carver of Wood 4 - Ftftli sta.
Pitts traErgil Haven! been appoirded one of Lire Auction
eer.= f.h the Coy of Piti.'nurth. tendert his s.ercreeslo job.
'sere, in nufaclurers and dealers. who liVay he di=pad
in make trial of Vats market- lie prepared to make
•dva,res nn cdrisisnm.-nls of all saleable commodities.
and trnsts In za ri rurrrarvlnderds quick sales. and
=ps-esir 'and favorable rooms.
T 1 ,31 1 H.. V2Ii , U , I(llPrip-Is whirl) mac le ronfidind t
him. =hall tw ad••qua etc tro/cried Urings to the OP
lii- own ciper:nnen in titisiness and aronaintanen with
inerrhandtze fetter:ov. the serviree. of Mr. Sixt - EL
rartNEst oc - ' h.- rrinfore adsanta:eousty knostn. as an
!Mk - Trier :ind in Hardware and Cutlery, with
whom a pel11:3;le1 1 t tliraleineot made.
3.1.4r5. M. Tiernan, Preet. or 31. 4- 31.
Itarlinvon4•reeme.l‘, 1
•• P. ohf,t Cstaaay, I
Jam N. Cooper,
•• June. Nat•.
M Pittsburgh
m R oh' nson. Jr. Pres% I
of Elrhane Bank.
El am mon, Smith, 4 Co.,
John D. Dacca,
Samuel ('horrh.
•' J. K. Moorhead.
W. Brown 4 co.
• John H. Rtnsso. k Co
•• Smith 4 II . 1 31er.
Vardry.k 1.1 r r-erS,
John S:
John ISai>!t,
111 ERIC N ElOTr.L.—Cottker oiSsui - hficid and
2. Ttord Streets, City of Pittshlitgh, Pa.
.I.A.Ntrs S CLARK, (formerly of the need FIC6Te. Erie,)
The interior of thiz Foose is entirely new. together
with the-Furniture The House is large and comma.
dions; bet rooms and parlours are ileasantly situated.
belbe lisbtand airy. fronting on two streets. which is a
desirableobjett to those that put-up at a Hotel. ThiS
'Booze is situated in the midst of the businCSs part of the
ctl Y. within two !spares of the regular Steamboat Land
ing.and in the rime Mork of the StageOdSee of jibe dif
1, rent Line of Stases. Passensern patting up at the
aiwve named Hotel, and wishitn to take passage in
t oft he abort lint - s, by making their intentions known.
can haw' lbrir seats secured without any trouble or in
.convenience to thtim. Likewise those WDO are going by
~.. k:
~.... ~•..
; - ,--'7' , 4„4.;
- _. -
- .7 , : -..•-.... 1',',1.41.'g,;14i:.-:4:,.:-.'.:-.--,-.7'.'
t rte` ~~~'.
, ,
. 73 ;'1...5 : . - :• - •
- :, ..1.1t - , " : .',.±
3.fi_ 42
Pittrkw4le litbdier Pada&
_ -
llher regular trite, }slid will ran god-
ty4rlratili ekeeoted.) Leavel Beaver at .0 W
claekA at 3 o'elstek P; M. con
nects at tea' set with ige
Perrasilasare . is arid OUP; Lae
of Preighi and Paeket Banal boats between Beaver, and
Cleveland Ohio, avid Cliehirine, Pennsylvania. Leaves
Paver daily at 6 o'clock Y. M. This line connects with
two daily lines orl the Pennsylvania canal to Philadel.
phia, and with the New York and Ohio line on the Erie
canal. and New York and Ohio line iis Ohio =DAV
so with: steam freight and pas - sage boats, brigs and
seboonets, on thel.akmm. - The proprteinrsof
Ibis well
known line will be prepared on the opening of naiript
lion to transport wercbandize to any of the fiiterniedi
ale ports on The rinnsyltranta and Ohio, and Ohio ca
nalt; to any port on Lake Erie, and the Upper Lakeson
and froth New York City and Philadelphia :
McClure it Dickey.Be2ver,
Cobb Wormer it eft.: cievefand, 0.,
tees 4- Tayior.oval:te., 0.,
/AMES A. V6AZY. Agent,
N 0.60 Water street. Pitratiurgh.
fr. B. NOES. Master.
RIINSAaIIy (Sunda. s excepted.) 'between NTT&
BURGH 4- BEAVER. leasing Bearer at 8 A. M.
and Pitthoreh at 21. M. provided twirl Esaar's Sofa'
ty Gourd to preveet Eiplosiole of Boilers.
Tnisfplendidand fast Funnies Elea's] Boat has just
oven maple: ed expressly for this trade, and runs in
connection with
CLARSR if es'a Pittsidral tad, stead Live of
PBEIGHT AND PASS.tt ag Ts, daily to
cwoeisie. 4404i2
Or down the Ohio canal to Milmikm, te. and Erie Ex
teneilon Line to
The Canal Boats of ibis Livia towed to and from
PittsiWirgh direct, and the conducted ten the
Merfprompi and economical system.. Baying a connec
tion with the Fensthlbania Canal Lines to Phi!adel
phia and Baltimore.. and Steamboats running eowti the
Ohio river; alert, throtugh our Agents at Cleveland, with
C. M. Reed's Steamboats and see eral. Lake Vessels, a nd
the T ray and Michigan and Buffalo Lake boat lines on
the Brie canal, we arc prepared for the irawpcntal ion
of Fr. iebt to and from all points on the canal, the lakes
and the Rh , : r, Of IIM Faclerneiiiea,at price !QW as
any other
Apply to G. AC Bartow, No. 55 Wader st , or at Steam,
boat MielliVlWE Landing. Fluster:O.
Clerk:4 Co. Beaver.
Rabb 4- Wearier:bee, Warren.
*heeler 4- Co. Akron:
Thomas Airlisairad ¢ Cr. Cleveland.
J. R . Wick * to., Greenville;
W. C.-11404, Sharon,
6. W. Catiativieimm. New Castle,
Jahn Kirk, VolingiaoW - n,
Jahn Campbell Newton Falls;
Campbell it Miller, Campbellsiown;
Babcock * Mcßride, Ravenna;
C.,df D. Rhodes. Franklin; s i r:
B. A. Miller 1r,C0.. Cnyahoga Fails;
Weilsroan 4- Whitebead,Marsditlia;
Ganioroitishamo.. 4. co., Deroii;
• Kkane,Davis* CO.. Buffalo;
ACOMing., Richmond, Williams 4- to.. New Vork.
sip 10
MEW LIGHTS,7.— Tie Hesze.,LiiVietastes! ..firsgriai to.
111 portant to tie Faßfir--Tikethalie;triheri, Agents for ,
Care's Pigesit Limps for Isarningilioes Lard of other fatty
utbstancim have just received aiiptanttiv Oftbe Lamps, to ,
which they would mvprictively - gall the attention of the
public- They aregseentkarliratiapted tan present hard I
limes. as it hccomies all partly/it he commtroity to econo
mic in all things; aed in orerirqtheir Lamps to the pub- .
ic, the solstr.ritiers feel fully satisfieth,,,aad age ready to
satisfyrtne mewl. incredulous that is ;using their Lamp'
there is a real saying °fat least 50 per tent_ over any oth
er Lamp nose in use, and a certainty'of having a light
equal,ifnof superior, to that obtained from the best Sperm
Oil, and, unlike the Camphine, there is no dang.er of ex
',lesion; and the construction it to simple, till( it requires
, iitle or no experience to keep them always in order.
We would most particularly call the attention of people
living in the country to examine these Lamps, as we feel
Iti-Ztot there is scarce a fltrnitv that does not annu
ally lard and grea.. - se enctuzli to keep them constant
ly withtim tt.l light, if applied to these Lamps, whvt-by
the whole expensln 'of oil and candl e s would be
-ved. We would invite all to come and examine for
themselves that t hey way he satisfied that there is: nor
ran he. no deception, as it is our o` Jeri that every one
fully convinced oftbeir utility and superiority
" , sec all otheriartv now in use, as well as in regard to
the superiorlight they give, as to the great acing; as we
posuively 1 hat fort y rents worth of lard will',
lintaashartg and give equally a' good. if not better light.
liaitttinegalton or the b e st Sperm Oil. which will cost
31.5(ii them is no smoke or disagreeable smell
arisitVrom the ,horning of lard, which cannot he said of
Oil.or that abottinable and dangerrius stuff called Cam
phtne Oil. or Spirit Gas.
lial.ldost nil lams now in use enn be rtiternd as to burn
lard, which alteration the sot,,.ribers will make at a rea
sonable price. They will also purchase second-hand
lamps, or exchange the lard lamp' for them.
BROWN 4. RAYMOND. Third Street,
nearly opposite Post Office, Pittsburgh.
Jobate. Bookbinders and Paper
Rulers, S. W. corner of Wood and
Fettrll4 sireew.nre now prepared to ex
ecute ail Finis of Bookhindine and Pa.
per Reline with neatness and despatch.
fC4-Blank books toted and bound to
any etVen pattern at the shortest notice.
N. B. All work done at the allove 1./ warranted. (zep 10
4:01 1 11 1 11
WM.MDDLE, Sittrecnt it!, has returned to
Ms old wand, No. 107, Smithfield Street,
where be cap he consulted auc hour during the day,
on his rerofession. PPP 10
REMOVAL.—Geoue Armor, Merchant Tailor,
rpeclfolly announce:, to his frtends and pa
trons, that he has mooted his estahfisbment from his
old stand, in Third Mreereto the corner of Front and
Smithfield. in the basement Mow . of the Monongahela
House; where be intends keening on bind a general as
sortment of Fashionable G 0041%., suitable for Gen
tlemen's Weal.
Be hopes, by elom application, to merit a share of the
business so liberallytertentied to bini at his old stand.
S. B Having made arrangements in Kew York and
Philadelphia, with the most Fashionable Tailors, lbr
the reception of Paris and London Fashions, customers
may rely on hoeing their orders etecuted aetordiog to
the latest style. GB(,BGE
-LIBRARY of Religious,HistoriimVolltical.and Mis
cellaneous Worts, will be open every da.7. EnAalb ex
cepted. "tom 7 o'clock, A. M., Mail 9. P. M, is the Ex
change Baikling,corner of St Flair street and Exchatme
alley. where punctual attendance sill be given by
ter,./0 J.,-CEMMTL.
XI.24IIIDIGTON stableriler has
opened the late residence of James Adams. Ent,
• fo[, the reception of visitors and boardeM
the house hi4l4.pleasantly situated on the tank of
01C tlt the city - -pcnirming all the deligli;
fel of a country residence. without
being _ forAnerwoos doing Maine:in lathe
thy. varaciir*iii be turnip/ wed with every delicacy of
tbl seation.
An Ohnnibua l runs regoliirly elieryibour from the Brie
wherry esitof the Bridge.. - ,
N' B ICo Aiciiiiedic beverages keit.
400- ;wilt. C. HEIM.
lopornownorwif aUTLERY, slid ftrilfreal FB-
A rY'---
11 r ,. The Sahreriber OM ,
' a'StgaliriOr' lmo, every de1121140114
tan* 't " ' 4ralail:Deltal illStligniellWranonliltait
t i e :, Klima Shot" ea&Pere kali. fv
. Ir k a ' — ' a - o f d ie bele attar 1.. 1W un
"'All goals , ,lkiltarlar,l ' - ' ft Oa kW"'
1 20 sti
ardent atrevoel aria Ole S 4 , A.
sationo!spitevilb!taird, , ,
see. v
..i . 'i•-: 1, 1-106,2'..q*Ca- --- i
•.. k t,a;. - .0.?-itlk
.f._ i r e„
..r..,k.--4w, .-4.1.5.„ , -,- . -,
; -
7.:,t*?,, •
R< 16,1842 Z
tog of t street.
i irt c e . aleit
Irfleptalltii bead
toot • •bloesrl
stonnselk eatilig.
- ;41 • • • • filieiossaitt.
toffs RIC frequent trovettinffis,dkeeloess
- The had. essdlosed
sward of k b, on ionfohlog Dy.Wns.
Evans. 7 'Aid* and salimitting In Ids ever
cortmafni4aditile. nude of treatment,. the ps.tient
was courtyrilitored to health in the Then _rate of
one utoteljt,andietnieral far the tnealentaliehenedt der*.
ed.-hi:idly Woe rationed and etetnnteeted the abovestaie
For sale, Wholesale and Retail - by
It. F. eftLt.F.ltS, Agen!
No. 11), Wood street. below Vecond.
AEG* A Moody. of the city of
Pittahorel, I,therchant, having, on the 15th of Janne
ry last,execanedto the subsea:tem-no assignment of all his
estate. real, personal,and mixed, in Trost for the benefit of
hiscreditors.with certain preferences therein speelfied•mtni
o tut* esti, for the benefit of certain of his creditors who
shail.on or before the 15th day of April next, at 12 o'-
ielock median, execute onto hitit, and for his use, a re
tease in fall oral, claims against him,
fircedce.Mhereby even, that said deed of assignment
and the release mentioned in it, are left at the Amor H.
Toner, Dm., in the Diamond, lettere the same Indy be
seen and executed by all r persona intereated:
Etta iwitß.
F OIL Riktign--4121 Senn:mks , Ampex, 80 woode n bowls assorted sizes. -
200 &Min 830, 19 12, 10:14eittilnes mists,
30 Reatnsof Writing, letter and wilipplom paper
-100 piece paper hangings, border,ite- , ,,
300 bount, 20 kers Whine lett'
30 bases and lbs.. of Cotton
0 boxes 2d and 3d quality of Raisins.
20 doz.chip hats and Born brooms.
60 packages family medicines assorted.
All of which wilt be sold on accommodating. terms
for cash, produce, and II II nois, Ohio,Pennsylvanki, and
almost all encorrent bank notes taken , is payment en the
best po3sible term's. ISAAC.BARR I9,
Agent and Commissitin Merchant,
No 9, Fifth street
TJ. FOX ALHEN Atisestey rotr2 Cora selLor at
• Line. ( - Airs hisprofe ff .siortal services to the tit
tier's of Plittburgh and hopes for a share of public pat
ronage. He wilt escents all kinds of writing with neat
ness and dispatch. Cases in bankruptcy attended to on
reasonable terms.-offire in Smithfield street, at the
house or Mr. Thowas O'Neil ; to whoirue r e fers.
sep 10 FOX ALDEN.
DAVID CLARK . . Ag't. etisitigTebte Boot Mater.—
Has removed to No; 34 Market sweet. between
Second anti Irtittl streets, where be woad be happy
to see his otd customers. and all others who feet.dispos_
erl to patronize him. de` uses nothing, but fire rate
steek.-andhmploys the best of workmen; and as he gives
Ins constant personal-attention to busitm- - s. he truststbat
he will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
A Bunker rentect fully informs hi ssfriends and the
pul.fic that they can always find the beat quality of lee
Creams. los:ether with al: kinds of confectionary and
fruits_ in their season, at his .taldWlinterA—No. 11.
Fifth sister, between Wood and Market.
N. B.—PanressapOted on the shortest notice, with
cakes. Or anything In his line. Also families furnished
with Bread. lop 10
eefebrated iensule Pitts, These
J 5 - Pills are si rongly recommended to ;the police of
the lading ast i l safe and efficient remedy 4t semesteg
those cosiptacaltar to thew sex, from - want of el
ercisr., or genernhtehility of the system. They obviate
rivtiveness. , and counteract all Hysterical and Nervout
ac t msions: Theae Pills have gained the sanction and
appothation of the most eminent Physicians in thellitni
ted Slates, and many Mothers. flew sale Wholktmtle and
R. E SELLERS, Agent.
No. 20. Woad - StreeT, r .. Second
nelatl. by
sep 10
HlllGlin---ole.- 12i . Cornet' afilrietiirell . Fromt
• Sli4etsi:Pittsin.37, it, has on hand a complete as.
sortmentof ileilfietterrare nailed to the city or country
made. Also.. a choke selection of pure white and gold
hand DINING ANDTEAWARE.ittIarge or small sets.
or separate pieces to snit purchasers..
A cask of 46. 60. or 84 piece sets, superbly painted
and eft English China Teaware. at very low prices.
Toy Teaware. plain, and rich painted and gilt, from
1.00 to $5.00 per set
Children's Mats of every description.
White China Shaving Moms.
Granite Di ttlint at d Tea Services, in white and with
splendid Asaditigatippenery printed in bin. and Hack.
A lame Vailit*OPSicaintioat Dining and Breakfast Stu..
imported to match. complete.
Fire Proof stone baking plates and dishes, from the
Derbyshire Potteries.
Flint and Green Glass. In all their varitt les.
Window Glass,of eccry size.
Patent Rackets, To's and Kreirrs.
CI , one Pipe Heads. 4-c. 4 . . e. A-c.
All of which are respectfully offered to the pUt.
lic on the most favorable terms. Jan 26. 1f.42-1 v
W op . ;tit e A f i k Et eLa B d e : f r aZllditslioeledArsat le
P r if ; F i t t
ie7:LI St
scrhicrtherhacine boneht ont the stock of the laie
Thomas RalTerty, deceased, has commenced business
in the old s:and of Mr. R.. and is prepaired to execute
all descriptions of work in his line, in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. Be keeps corstani ty on hand
kis rs .. s assortment ofshoe findiors of all descriptions and
ciTifie bet:* quality. Be solicits the patronsee of the nub
lic and of the craft- Wit. ADAIR.
avid de fer ft, Carriages et .kttstern Prices.
The subscriheil manufacture and keeps constantly on
hand CO2Cil.O and Eliptie Springs (warranted.) Juniata
Iron Axles, Si:rer and Brass plated Dash Frames, Brass
and plated flub Bands. - Stump Joints. Patent Leather.
Silver aed Brass Lamps, Three fold Ftero, Malleable
Iron, Door Handles and Hinges, 4 - c ,d-e.
Pee 10 SA- Clair st i „ near r! e Allegheny Bridge,
11 - _A CD 01L--T ha Su would Incts7„ ne . a p ec if u lly
inform the public in genera tr i bt n a ,, an article of
aLrd Oil of a soperior quatit y,mar;iianra re d at the ci nr i n .
nail Oil Manufactory,by RSV .Lee Co-,which is warran
ted to be equal to the held Sperm. Oil. both for Light and
Ilachinzry. This Oil is entirely free front any glutinous
matter, smoke. or unpleasant odor, and it is as clear and
as while as spring water. Sot a particle of crust is left
on the. wick. The light is pure and brit:last,
and will last as lone, if not longer, than that from 20
equal quantity of Sperm. Oil. The suc,iber informs
the public that be has taken a place nearly opposite the
Post Office, where be will light up several different lamps
every evening. and he would respectfully invite the in
habitants of Pittsburgh, Ailmbeny, and their vlanity, to
call and judge for themselves. He feels confident thee
will be convineed that the above statement is perfectly
correct. Qui o: trio hundred individeatsiartio have tried
the Oii.there has not been a single fault found with
The kard Oil cries cue third less Than Sperm. He would
respeeffully solicit the entry attention of Dealers and Ma
chinists to the above.
, -
The folksithrg Churches are new sung the Lard Oil:
Second Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh.
Sew Camberbauf Presbyterian Chureh. - Pittsbeigh,
rhidA...rsisthyterian Church, Allegheny City.
Mistratelleforeited Church, do.
Affllleharrehl ate brawled E. W. LEE 4.
oati,. Ohio.
U. C. MEN; Agent.
Captahas cf the 13/piers .Lieeof
I rujild sia Cana!, have tried and are
Oil a inirodared here hIP Mattbe
I"n ci C. nd Edey ag a lk n. ., tt sid i
° leers;
pitt .lir a tj f o a ty e rd tared . by B. W t . th e tte e,o l , ..7 6s -, at
earffa Ore l
t o o r lir t a be n e y feel berr other ritpe alieru gie rm twous b i l ia o7 sai trat ter it mg is w e ba nt7 .
.. f .tir ree_ s rrom
vi r tpernot ke .
y omdevanci brFilhatOgit___l lll 4riL as _ •
tosser ibis tkit from IlLa 4 1 0 lfy
We beee so beleitatkiii is telaemello*WWl:
and totbos -wlly►s eo Crle.ds
- •"S
P,4Ztr ;
• ark- - ':- • .
' • • • •ip 7. '14, r;,,,
.r .
n . ,1411t
V!!- :
.: . `:,s,t• :: . :A :, , ' : -....
riven:l...h. June 2151.1842.
1 , .
4,ti. - ..e 4•1 z•---, ',,,:.,,,
. ._.., , .
-,. 0 .
. . ----
CANNON, *mar AND OBELLS.—.Reese er.Dithi
..: Whim Ali /trwarkemessir, 3i. Bspeessis Hitt
Nrahol l'repotatkiirtil he reeete,ed at this Ran= OAS 3
o'clock, P. 11.44 the' 15th Oetbirer heitu_tor Ditilbhist
mid deliviriwg.heMpsuoptiwiows, mai at the , gams here
la Asilillatell , the Ogickorlogitataher and degcsigalre far
4, orpr
Caisaise4 *Met tiled fildAsjtit the Natdt -1110
VaDenisites, elle ThlAyAbt hub iskiiiilk:
about 63 cwt. each.. Serest, thilety-tvre
41 ewe and upwards, the recite iire!ght bt Mei to he at
winkled hereafter. Flee thoadred eithi hid' dr*.ms
Three hundred eight inch solid shot and Seem thousand
thirty-two rounder. soot: Delinered/e As Whys:
10 eight in. Patxhan gays 1 Deltierahle d:•
4130 eight is. shells 1 Sarlett's Dar-
100 eight in. solid shot }bor, PZ, Y., rlit
20 thirty two pounder gum lOr before the
2,500 thirty-two pounder shot J 15th May nest
10 eight in. - Potshots rims t 1 Deliverable at
150eigikt in. shells -1 Duthie N. Y.,
109 eliti s t in. solid shot :on or before
25 thirty two ponnder rang 1 the 15th May
2..RXlthirty-iiro poundrr shot ) next.
TO eight in. Pat:lran - pea 1 Delleemble at
ft° eight in. shells _ 1 Erie Perna.
100 eight la-solid shot con or before
20 thirty-tteo pounder gam the 1511 May
2,000 thilly two potader shot nett.
The propents-must state distiectiy the rate per tea (of
• enly-two hundred antitiprsy giou ode), tor the glans and
the rate per pound for de ekes and shells, tlelfreraitle as
abdre,nl Ito he subject to, and undergo... Aids pm-Owed in
-speetion,as this kareau m deem proper to author*,
and none will htaid for that shail no peer such in -
spection as easy entirely satisfactory-
- Donst*wfth two approved sureties, will be reeninld
one third tirerevimated amount of the eontract, oad ten
per celestes °fine amoeittaf all hills will it,retained as
collateral security fortis faithful perforWiitiet thereof.
Which will be paid only on the satisfactory camplet ion of
the contrail; apd ninety per centem of all deliveries *ill
be paidonbillsproperty authenticated, attpaline to the
provhions of the contraet, within thirty days after their
re.entation to the Navy Agent-
The offers mast Fklate at what agency lbs . enntraetrr
may d es ire payment to be made.
Drawings of the guns will be furnished from this Bu
reau, and they most be cast and finished to confirm to
them in every imreet,
No hot Vast metal is to be used, and the shot muss be
east in sand moulds.. rep 12
TOHNSTOST df STOCKTON, Book:milers, rantensand
Paper Ma nu fat' urem No. 37. Markel Ft. eep 10-1 Y
Jow; ANDERSON, Smithfield Foundry, Water a
near the Monongahela DOWN, Fittaturgh. seplo-ly
LEONAgIi S. JOHNS. Alderman, St. Clair street, se
cond dotiktrom Liberty.. sep
DR.S. R. ROLM ES, Office in Second street, next door
to lodstlvany 4- Co's Glass Warehonse Sep 10-ly
SHUSK g FINDLAt. Attorneys at taw, Fourth st.,
near the Mayor's Office, Plusburp. sep
THOS. HAMILTON, Attorney at Law, Fifth, between
Wood a tidSinithfield sts.,Pitishorgh. rep 10-1 y
Li UGH TONER. Attorney at Law, North East corner
11. of Smithfield and Fourth street!. sep 10-17
I_IANN'A 4- TURNBULL'S Paper Warehouse. No.
104 Wootbst., where may be had a general supply
of writin• wrapping, printing, wall paper, blank books,
school books, rte., te. scp 10-17
C. TOW NSEND 4- Ed., *ire- Workers awl
L. Araassfaciarers, No. Market are, between2d
and 3d streets- 10-1 y
LXCH ANC P. HOTEL, Corner of Penn and St. Clair
streets, by IIIeMBHIS 4. SMITH.
rep 10-1 y
IG META L.-77 tons soft Pir.lllotal for vale by
J. G. 4. A. 4ORD 3N,
seri 13 No. 73 Water street
LB& BACON BADS. 16.000 lbs.liactrn
31000 Stioatders, for see by
J. G. 4- A. GORDON,
sett 13 O. 12 Water street,
JAS. PATTERSON, J r., Birmingham, near Piltsbnrgb,
—Pa_, blannfacturer of ',Atka, tlinges and Bolts; To
hacco. Fuller, Mill and Timber screws; Houser Screws for
Rolling Mills, kc. cep 10—ly
JOHN MICLOSKEY. Ta i!or and Clct bier, [Aber..
street, between Sixth and Virgin alley, South side.
sep 10
yW. BCRBCIDGE it CO., Wholesale Grocers and
Commission Me, elt3nts- Second street, het rreen
Wood and Smithfield sts..,Fittshargh. sep 10- ly
G. 4- A. GORDON. Commission and Forwarding.
• M errbant s, Water it—Pittsburgh. sep 10—IY
A MS.-4 casks hams, a
. good artiele, received per S
B Corsair, and or sale by J. G. II- A. GORDO:S.
Sep 10 No. 12. Water street
SUGAR ¢ SIOLASSES.--40 hhds New Orleans - So
gar; so bbls New 'Orleans Molaw- -- , for sale by
sep J. G. - A. GORDON:
QUGAR.-7 Lhda prime N. 0.„ Sdrar, received per S.
B. Maine, and for sate by 3.G. A:GoR DON.
rep 10 No. 12, Water street
50 BACON CASKS.in order, on irand and for rate by
sep 310 J. G. k A. GORDON, No. 12, water rt
O n VG AR AN D moLksses—u bbds and 4 te:ls N. 0-
0,0 Susar, 32 iitas N. 0. golarnv...., received per Sleambral
importer, and for sale by J. G. ¢ A. GORDON,
Fen lo N 0.12. Water street
EELS. LARD OIL. for sale by
E. A. FAHNESTOcR A : co . ,
sep 10 core An" of 602 : o rul Wood-Jag
1631 PAPERS Ge!rarintcorn Lamp Black for gale
cornerof 6ttisod Wood 9if.
9eso Lii.9 Prepared Chalk, for sale by
mr l l/ B. A. FAIINES root 4- CO.
Fep 10 corner of fdisSnd Wood sts
.1.,,E7-„, 0 4,..A hell finWhad and cocnfottabk. tango
ry house, lotellier with lack buildiorcs, stable, car
riazze; house, tr.: possession given immediately.
This p-opcsty isAtcated below the Penitentiary. near
the residence of Mr. Win. Basaley. and if very desir4fite
residence. For terms inquire of J. K. Pd , WolthmA, Or the
subscriber. W. BA6i£.6" Union Factory.
sep 10-4 w _ _
SSG AIM 1110LA§SES.—SO bads. Saw,
25 bbls. do_ do., 106 do. rtardatiare Untasert, 115 r
sale by S. G. 4. A. GORDON,
rep 13 No. 12. Water street.
NOTICE TO CR EMTORS.—Take Notice that
hafe arptied to the Jodgce of the Court of %to
mon Ptcz:v of Vetrsn,ro county, for the benefit of the EiVts
made foriNe relief of rrnvolvent fiehlors; and that they
Aare amininied the fourth Monday of Noreinter for the
hearing ague eel, soy erf ditomai the Court IlossA, , la
the It,iio-agb of Franklie—when and *sere pzil may at
tend; if yoei thiarpropet o tad lateur anise, if any you
have. Why i should not !be dtillirmed.
two 13-3 t I W1L1.1.01.111' trEtEN-A.
- Ey D. sELLess, D., office and dwelling, in Founii„
11 TIM( Ferry Agee.- tarp 13-.41
f i aTOLEN, flew the shop of Ibe vottrertbet, in Third
street, sometime' test week. a Pair, air Shears* ( or
flair cult ire. They are newly, or quite a iota lon, and
very slim. It is carpeted the chiefs/Idd thew salhe*beiT
irrt be city: I will pay the per einwier Way ritaratPitie price
if he wiii brio:thew tome. N. JOSS&
; -
FSIGNEWriALKOP stili. plr
ATE. AT Atte_
TION--On stterday,l7i 4osiant.4 3 o'clock.
will sett, by order wftbe Aerterwe, the Prettokesi,
the foittnrhw den ribeW properly. ,is- Ar tot of Greatest
32 feet fagot by shoot 100 feekdeep, with W - -sotertardild
fraweboxirrogwailt. sled semi Hi ifraCilike AWL Itoo
tatediq agead flew Ni ate' avid Chstriekt*Two Moder
saws asd L'lsTlEs ad eis Stiegh4Sy Citl.lllolo ll *
,dodiop k..z....
Ciailifik.4l 2 l lo l o lollll,o4oVlS *.M1 1 414, -
144.1‘',11Wkat4144.1 _moat
+WWI- -. Lilf.ra4soidial
,' , i• - :•:.;!7..: - :-:: , -,• :.
PRICE TWO:tl2#ltk4.
le: 'mat eftamic
akey 614viarde is miry phita;
Through this beautiful' worid
And dear ail the itailp 68 an old'hiestoo Ytsi
is the einikrof the h#11114.1044111010161
Thei tell us eliwilislettekt by IrdelisiNtd
Theyfill as •Of lanes and tree 4
But the children of showers and geld itti
Hate loyeher Wei than them— ,
The twigtd, bright engin. _ -
they. tell is of a 'Wawa when meri iii
When earth wee trod;
And leaiellend ibirent spot
Bunt forth to the call of
When spirits. Men. their gyaii it e4l
Wandered by bill indtb- , - -
And the Lord looked delta filka ilk I
And Wowed what he had roada--:
The bright; Itrigil finantriil
That blessing remainetb as theutiglit, -
Th6llo often the istearrkswetm _
Though frequent tempests am soikplut 00 -
Thu gayest of turtles fair Sowers.
When Sin• aid Death; with their lido" Gam:
Made a honSe in the bearts emir -
The bksedg o a f rod en each tender tat-
PresersedAti their beauty thes—
. The bright% bright-Bower&
The lily is Itlri* as yitettit slept
On the waters of Edenwalak%
And sweet is the - Cid - Ma is wilditlit
_ Ia Edertftcan brake to "wake.
They were left as the proof of the 'antacid
Of Adam and Eves fiat Want
['hey are here ass type of the .
The just-in a world to
The brighti-fiiithtitinain:
My song is of a nieelean*
hose name was Peter Gray;
The state where Peter Giaj , *as bums
Was reansylvativa.
This Oster Gray did fall ie lo'
All with a nice yausg
The nameafher l'ss.paskatik
Was Liintiatini Mail!
When they mere aoitigg k aadie ;eat
Etetafathsr he mtiid "NN!"
4 And brutetty ditsetiber of. 4
Eeyond the Ohi-o.
WI eo Peter foiled his loirs,wsks klir4
He kn-ly nc- what 10 vsy;
He'd halls mind to jrigop
Toe Susquzliani... a. • '
pr _*-1S!
A trading he went to the west'. _
For fore and other akists,,
And there he was in crimson &oI&
By bloody Inji-ins. •
When L:zauasi heard the newt
She strairthiway took to bed;
And never did get out of it
Until she ift4.4:d.
Ye fathers all a warning take;
Each one as has a girl, .,
And think upon poor Peter GaiYi.
And Lire - anal Quart. -- '
Oh Liai what a and you bad
."To point a moral and adorn a tale,"
&and by and let as all cry.
Items of foreigo.Nrirs:
Tae young queen of pin
double tooth d.,? . wit;. She bore,. it With ism
ness; the dentist's name is givett;butWe'rhs
not learn what became of the tr i tpft i Thar
Spaniards contintre passionaleiji,fond of
bull-fights;,arrd some amino*, *cued of
picadors, have bad great Spor t attsekinxt
with short Tastes a lot of "virgin heiferre"
This is a fact, though the mete statement of
if may call a nest of hornet:l about ens earl:
Victoria's residence a ClatcatOnt is le:fi
led the palace of Esher. it wasikefei
she wept at the news of the Death of t titer
Duke of Orleans . A brill that . 4:tH disc
ease at Chorley, was consumed-by We pee
of that neighborhood, after fba, olOrlifieft
parts had been cot off and .iVire* to the
watchmen's dogs; The queen (Laver ites:
been much improved by ette r gt.' st
IThe Zoological Gardens, the large elerrhfirde
Rajah draws—=a 6ar, in which visitors ride,:
An attortive perusal . of mutters therenalq
relating% convinces a that :the IV* al thii
queen was not endaegered.hy the pmt of
do. humpback Rean4. The teispetiente
ple in Liverpool 14 - ve engaged` in steal&
boat excursions antr-greal Stritisrtietosit
co inter attraction to the diriaipaticnioi r- the
races: a Sccrtchman has alga Wee WSW
Cam pbellto whiskey. at i great -Orier;
the gampies we gne, be - tithes thehavere
tapped the casks themselves, they coliti,ne
ly draw Blaring water.—Bo ston Post.,
Ai InflanlinatArr -*Pleat.
the following ti an ettnact from ottlror
the appeals that .were : circulator by Law'
Chartists, during tlie,recent tif
manufacturing districts ' of &glut&
''Englishmen!. The Pfiod of your ire&
ere reddens the streets of PresMa aid-Mack
burn, and the murderers thing for Mere:
Be firm. be courageous, be men. Pewee;
law, and order haveprtlpikd enti•stlie--
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