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wanted of a man named Thomas McNally,
- .Tho left his borne in Mi . 'Mlle borough, Cam
ras night last, without
Alfy inforfnation of his intended' de
parture.' llicZlarly is aboUt twenik-six Years
of age, about five feet' eightinches tall, fair
hairdd ais4 . fair complexioned, 3014 :a. Pal
!nark on his brow. lie had on, when he.left„,
it light colored coat, dark pants, and was *if
.headed when last seen, about eleven, o'clock
that night. Any information of his where
, T. • .:"
~ .a biskts.will be gladly received by his wife, who
t. 4 `' 4 ' • distracted at his absence.
+:. _'.~
ej j e pait o 1,06 t.
imust---Daily, Five Dollars per year, strictly in ad
ranee. Weekly, Single - subscriptions Two Del- •
lam per year; in Clubs of lite r One Dollar.
Deport-4-e ithd Arrtial of Passeugoz
Pitatotrgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railraid.
(groin corner of Liberty and Grant streets, Pittsburgh.)
Leares. Arrives.
Mail and •Express Train L5O A.M. 3:50 P. 51.
Express 1:45 P.M. 2:10 A. M.
(Prom Federal Street Station. Allegheny, for New
and Way Stations.)
Leaves. Arrives.
9:40 A.. 51. 8:10 A. it.
• 4:40 P. M. 2:10 P. M.
/ - 'ennTtrania Railroad.
(Froth corner of Liberty and Grant streets.)
Ev.prees Train 4:40 P. M. 1:40 P. 14.
Mnd •
5:50 A. M. 1:15 A. M.
2.50 A. - M. 1:45 A. M.
Inlinstewn:Aecumiziodation..... 8:05 P. M: MOO A. )51.,
Pirei Turtle Creek " A. M. 6:50 A. M
Syrond "" 4:05 P. M. 1:10 P. M.
Third_ " - 0:20 P. M. 6:10 P. 51.
Pitt eltrah and Cannel/stills Railroad.
(E - rom Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arrives.
... 7:00 A. M. 615 P.M
.„ 3:05,p. M. 8:45 A. hi
first Train...
Si. , cund Train
Mail 'train
.I. .
Democratic Delegate ltieeting-s.
The primary meetings for the selection o
delegates to thellenocratic convention, which
meets on Tu&i.lay next, for the noniimition 'of
candidates for Mayor, Controller and Treasu
rer, :toek place yesterday. The contest was
nn the,4l.aygralty, the candidates for which of
4so attere - aetive in their exertions. Therer.oit in the several wards was as follows:
First Ward:-41e delegates elected- were
G. P. Vierheller, James Kennedy, Philip
McLaughlin, John Bryar,. John •D. Quinn,
who received . 182 votes each. These gentle
men are instructed for John S. Kennedy. The
delegates run -for MeDwaine received Ip, and
those for Mr. Philipt 8 votes. • •
Second Ward.—ln this ward Charles Bar
nett, John M. Irwin, James Gray, J. B. Sweit
tzer and Thomas Rulings, A 9 votes each,
were elected. They are instructed for A. P.
Anshutz. Kennedy's delegates had 62 votes.
Third Ward—The foltowing delegates, in
struetit Al'llwaine, were elected Thom-as
A. Ponder, Edward P. Karns, James Dimond,
E. A. Aprentz, T. B. Hamilton. They receiv
ed 318 votes each, K.,lin_st. 218 cast for a Phil
lips ticket. ''-
Ratra Trard---Geerge H. Keyser, A. Hob.
WBride, 4. m. - Richards and
Bown, wcrii elected. withoptinstructions,
by ari average vote of 119, over a Kennedy
ticket, which-reeeiced an average of 107.
Kith IVard—Josepti Bell, John Lundy,
Robert Giles, Daniel O'Connor and C. Wen
ger, received P,3et votes each, were elected, and
instructed frig The Phillips dele
gates hid 197. and the Cluley ticket 53 cots.
Sixth Ward.—James Blackmore, Samuel
Harper, Peter McCoy, William Farley and
S. werd elected by a vote of 13.5
votes, against 104 for Cluley delegates
&Tenth . Ward. —Tborna:s Barbin, James Lit
tle, John Hays, - Putrick Pender and Benjamin
j.:7.ano were unanimously chosen, without in
- Eighth Ward.--William griffin; William
Areiander,' GeOrge Robert Leonard
and Vsederiek Weasd, instrtieted.for
were elected by 79 votes, over Kennedy's dele
gatea, who received o 9 each.
zcth Gard-Thos. B. Rowley, - Wm. C.
lifkreland, adnjyel hays, 4. D. Atoreland and
Leopold Bennett received :32 votes each, and
were alerted. They will go for Phillips, hav
ing been elected over a ticket for Milwaine,
who had 25 votes each.
It will be seen by the above that Mr. M•I I
wain° has three wards, the Third, Fifth and
Sixth: „Phillips two, the Eighth and Ninth;
Anthufz one, the Second; Kennedy one, the
First; while the Fourth and Seventh are unin
structed. It is thought that the vote of Mr. An
schutz will be cast for Phillips on the second
ballot: TIM Fourth and SeVellth ward dele
gates will therefore hold the balance of power,
and as - the vote of *sirs. Itl'llwaine and
Phillipps is pretty evenly balanced, speculation
upon the probable nominee would be idle now.
The Convention meets on Tuesday, when a
apirited contest expected.
In, the Second Ward there was some dissat
isfaction. : kis alleged that the ballot box was
'carried from the place of voting at quarter past
six o'clock to a house' in the vicinity, where
the votes were counted out and the result
made known before seven o'clock, the hour
appointed for the closing of the polls. This
will scarcely create' any dissension, however,
as it is probable the result would have been
unchanged had the polls been kept open.
Thh Repnblicans of the Third Ward met Tee
terday, and nominated the following. tickect
for COuncilineh and• Ward officers;
Alderman—dames R. Hartloy.
S'eteet Council—Alexander
Flo ~ryoii puncit-_-Geo: W . Leonartl, Leo.
L. .4 . o4ik, f f. '§tibenipli, 4. — trarvey 'Rob-
f *li.oo/ Direfiqrsr-njoseph W. Lewis and Dr.
.J. Gallagher, for "3 years ; Satuuel Mason,
I. year.
.Judeg of Election —lst precinct, James Suth
erland; 2d precinct, Julius F. Stark.
Inspector of Electien—lst precinct, Robert
Allinghatri; 2d precinct, William Forsyth.
Assessor-4oseptillastings. • •
Constable—Samuel Leuhm.
TE.b.RIBLE OCC URANCE.—Two men were
kilfEd, - on.Saturtibraftorooon fait, on , the l'enn.
itylvania Railroad, between Cresson and Gal:
litzen. They were waltzing on the track at
the time ascending and descending tritihs'were
about Meeting, and **ere run over - I.)y the de
zcending train. A' gentletrian .ivhb witnessed
tie tbcutrelici., and lyllo'Ati.dtedin gathering
ip the frigtileri4 of the mutilated forms, says
OA:Eight Nits trirrible beyond. descriptiop.
their bodies being torn into fragments. Legs
and arms were scattered in every direction.
Tito head of one of the unfortunate men was
1.6 , nr.d some thirty or forty feet from the body;
and the persons of both were torn I nto so many
pieces that it was impossible to place the differ
ent parts to their appropriate bodies. The
names of'tire unfortunate men, were'Edward
Reilly and Bernard Blake. A third party,
named Charles Higgins, narrowly escaped a
like fate.
FAmp..RIA Corisrr - r.—The dedication of the
Cjeftii an . Catholic hnrch in Cambria city pass
ed of with due solemnity, on Sunday last, but
owing to the inclemency of the weather and
the fact not being generally, known, the num
ber in attendance was not as large as expected.
—James Smith, convicted of arson in the
burning of a house in Conemaugh borough;
early lust spring, was sentenced, on Saturday.
last, to three years and ten months imprison
ment in . the Western Fenitentiary.--ldr.
Xobri Caniribell;.of Pliillidelphia, was throNVia
&cn a Horse and scrlousfy injured, near - Wil.
More, Yecetitly. Hew s CondUcted to the res
idence of his father in Blairsville.
Ex - emen3H.—We' learn that
h 'pperator at , befiz•
rAed by:the explosion of
' 4.ast Pliday night. He
440 res at,..4eyvis er
e. - .
• .
___ ..
I i , .._
, _
. ,
_ At
inumei.....m... '
The Orphans' Falr.
The annual fair, for the benefit of the Ro
man Catholic 'Orphans' Asylum, opened last
evening at City Hall, and was visted by many
citizens. It is a pleasant. place to spend an
evening and to purchase Christmas gifts, and
that our readers may understand localities and
names we will give a brief sketch of the ar
rangement of the
• The first table to the right on entering the
hall is that. of Mrs. Dorra, of St. Peter's
church, where are displayed a variety of neat
and handsome articles, &fine what-not, pair of
inlaid tables, , secretary and book case, &c.
The next is that of Miss Mary Stafford and
Miss Kearns, of 'St. Paul's. The most attrac
tive articles here aro a set of silver ware, a
guitar and two saddles, manufactured by Mr.
Thomas Oliver, Wood street.
The third is presided over by:Misses Tracy,
McClowry, Ward and Shehan, of St. Bridget's,
who exhibit a fine book case, and some hand
some jewelry and vases.
At the tale of Mrs. Dignam, of St. Paul's,
we observed a handsome mahogany bureau, set
of silver ware, &c.
the upper end of the hall is the refresh
ment table, of which Miss Lang and Mrs. Cas
sidy have charge, where cakes, pies, candies
and other dainties are profusely spread.
Near by is the lunch table, at which Mrs.
Evans will servo up alt manner of hot viands
and most excellent coffee.
ing down the hall, on the Market street
litr Gip e ' we first reach Mrs. Murphy, of St. Pat
riclit's, who has a fine display of fancy articles
Next we find Mrs. M'Laughlin and Mrs.
CasSidy, at whose table there is an elegant rec.
Mary and book-ease, made by Wnt. Hunter,
1:35 Smithfield street. It is n beautiful piece
of furniture, and he who draws it will be ir -
deed fortunate.
The last on this side is graced- lit' 3lig:eg
Shawhan and Grant, of SL John's, itirming
barn. They have a handsome rocking chair
and toilet besides other article u f use and or
The space to the lint of the entrance is occu
pied by a table of toys,. which will be sold ev
ery night by some of the male managers who
are blessed with good lungs.
The display is very creditable, and embraces
_a great variety of neat presents, and we adytse
all to call and spend an evening here, as we
can guarantee them plenty ot amusement.
aside from the consciousness of contributing to
so good a canto.
THE ART Exltturrtort.—Morton's flail k
crowded nightly with visitors to the splendid
gallery of pictures now on exhibition there,
and all, who:go oirress their unquadifirsi admi,
ration of the collectiiM. It is the general im
pression that as a whole the collection is equal
to any on exhibition in the United States, and
surpaasing, many. Among the first pictures to
the gallery are some by Dailey, which attract
universal attention. The catalogues are now
ready and for sale at the door. We hors, to
see as full an attendance while the hall contin
ues open.
A Coto D Mss named Alfred Hall, but
recently from the Penitentiary, was before
Mayor Wearer for disorderly conduct, having
entered a boarding house on Third street.
Wednesday night, and attempted to raise a
disturbance. Martha Belt, a Servant in the
house, remonstrated with him, when he drew
out a fork, which he had concealed in hia
sleeve, and threatened injury to any one who
approached him. Officers were sent for, who
arrested him after a hard struggle. The May
or imposed a fine of $245, which Hall was un
able to pay, and in default of which ha was
committed thirty der,.
A NOT!! 564.41.71:1;TRAT 10 N 4rep Kb
In the Pistrict Court on -Thursday morning,
John IL Plimpton. as attorney for r dWin B .
Hood, who had obtained a judgment for some.
thing ;pore than against the Pittsburgh
and Cleveland jjailroad, the execution a { a,u
which had been returned unsatisfied, applied
for a writ of sequestration and the appointment
of a sequestrator for the road. Judge Williams
granted a rule to Elbow cause - why the writ
should not issue and a requestrator be appoint
ed, which was made returnable on next flat
iteN.twAY AND Urssir.--On Thursday af
ternoon, a horse attached to a sleigh, standing
on the corner of 'Firth and Wood streel49Lsrt
ed and ran low }You;]' 9trcct, drawing the
sleigh idle° him. On reaching Diamond al
ley ho took the payment, wheeled around and,
slipping, fell in the street breaking ono shaft
of the sleigh. His harness was out loose and
he regained his feet, little Inirt by his freak.
No one wa'i in the sleigh, and consequently no
one was injured.
OrsTEas.—Colonel Cyrus Reed, of the Si..
Charles, will have an abundant supply of fresh
Baltimore oysters for the holidays, enough to
supply all who wish to make these delicious
bivalves a pint of their Christmas dinner; and
who does not? Mr. Reed has been in the bu
siness so long that he is universally known,
and be has succeeded in establishing a reputa
tion for furnishing No. 1 oysters. The public
knoW where to go for the best, and Mr. Reed
consequently does a thriving business.
NAVIGA.TIOZi CLOSEK water is now
entirety otti of this division . of the Pennsylva
nia canal, the cold snaps of the last two weeks
having quietly vetoed the resolutions of the
canal offlcerA, and decided that the canal shall
not be 'kept Oen until 'the lirst of the year.
There are bnt few boats tied up at this point,
and these mostly belong bore.
FOUND EXPOsED.- 1 A woman named Brid
get Cavanagh was picked up ..on Prospeet
street yesterday morning, dead drunk and FO
cold that sbo 'could scarcely speak. Had Abe
remained longer she would in all probability
have been frozen to death. She was taken ben
fore Alderman Rogers, who committed her
thirty days (or vagrancy. She was -conveyed
to jail ih a wager,.
THE FOUNDLING loft On the steps of Air.
Bakewell,:ot 'lVedn*fty eyebing:and taken
charge of by Mr. Ef . rown, of Osmond alley,
bas been well eared for, and Is now in a fair
way of reroyeey:' #t tyiap ljbc 4141''Leconiv
usefiii . ipember of society ; who knows
but this waif on the tido of -humanity may
some day be President , —if it a boy.
Ws neglected to notice, some two weeks
since, that Alderman Lewis bad rendered his
decision in the case of i ‘trmstrong & Elliott,
prosecuted for violating the law prohibiting
the sale of goods by sample in this city, owned
by persons outside of the State. Judgment
was entered for the defendants.
TElg.Wtirron Itl4il says Oat,the.tsunbary tic
WVo tare now ran' the (Topot ifoUnd in
arred, aFrii,ing'allout, P. xi. Jeering at loi
Tho switches, tnin table, engine house
and 'depot buildirm aro not yet tiniftiod,, and
or course the train is somewhat irregular, and
things aro yet in Borne confusion.
THE PITTBBMIGHER "is the titlO of hol
iday advertising sheet, published for, an .asisocia.
tion of business men °tibia It presents
a handsome typographical appearance. and will
have a circulation of 12,000 copie3.
IN the Philadelphia Stock Market on Tues
day, Pittsburgh Railroad Sizes are quoted at
44, and Allegheny County do. at 45 bid and 47
Tuz Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
Issue excursion tickets from all stations on the
road, good from December 24th to .January
2 doiteallort:cirTaiiittum; have been
appointed Dieseauti!e4PPT4l4er, hy the County
Corproissippers, for the et/tiling year. The ap
pointment is 4 goo 4 .1:1110.
A SHERIFF'S inquisition Was held at the
Court .House jesterday, at which a large
amount of prtrperty was ,condemned to the
Tux! Gyranaftic'.A.sgpciatiop ;laildi itrl
annual election on * Saturday afternoon la
THE books to be sold to , toorrowiiivepipro.
Davie',auction Fiootoi„.illi, be 'Olen , far eiamination
thb morotng: 'Citalegmea are now ready for duizitm-
DISORDERUES —Catherine O'Hare, Ellen
Coffee, Ellegi Gray and Elizabeth Baker were
committed for disorderly conduct yesterday,
by Alderman Rogers, on oath of Emily Hart
YESTERDAY was the coldest day of the sea•
son, and it was anticipated that should it con
tinue forty-eight hours both rivers would be
SAL] s os STOCKS.—Tho following stooks
were sold by Mossrs. Austin Loomis & tax
20 shares Meehanien' Rank 56 37
5 " Exeliangs 13cink . 61-00
29 " ,Wasitern IngUrrincie CO—... ......... 49 60
" Iron City Blink— 5.7
" Allegheny Bank 07 00
15 " Allegheny Bridge Co 30 (X/
10 bonds County of Lawrence, is.oiod to tho
Pittsburgh a, Erie R. R. Co 15 00
Mrs. D. P. Bowans.—This lady appeared
last evening at the old Pittsburgh Thence, in tho ar
duous part ofJauo Shore, in which Ilho received much
well-earned applause. SIL, is unquestionably a gene
ral actress of rare merit, and performs admirably what
ever she undertaken. To-night she takes her first Nene
tit, when she will appear as Madeline. in the thrilling
'drama of the "Foundling of Pori," and a Mr,. Oakley
in the "Jealous Wife." Two sash pieces are seldom
presented in One night, and as Mrs. flowers is well do
se/firm of a liboral patronage, we hope to see a fall house
(intik occasion.
HOLIDAY Hen.—The houso of C. IT. Paul
son la ono of kinnding and reputation In oureity, nund
wear any hat but l'unagon's nivaa once to l's out of the
fughion. and ho Ivan . now a naive trade. Ile Ina, now on
hand a full line of hats...hap:4, and larlieni* and ehildron'in
fuer< whiell wull be sold 'rit a rnna rofit. artnele4 in
then lin, will bonmeh vogno formholiday gifts. we ennui
oro•OrnIlly recommend Mr. Pauivon ton public, with
an 'nom men that they can 10.• nothing by pnrenarang
or him, that Ili, MOO! 1. , A No 1, and exactly to no re
prnoLent, it. tiro .1 v eru 41•rnent.
Motu: Picizscs.- -Davis & to to
terminett outdo ,•ry I , lle In the gilt hock 4u minx
They /my° reviii -, l,,itit• flue {gni., 1u11,.t 0
ut their
oho., lit,lattir, should 44 , 0111, 1. 01
so the tine etlimmet t..0111:1 00,1 %.,1E .
1 ) 11 . -TILICT icy - If H; riei•hrieb
not Not colleludrel,
lcwq Ir.
,11f.ri from tho 14 . 1,11(1 thtf n.l,ifn II
I 'A Wu/3 hi.
ANITI FAIR —A Eprightly little Christ
nll• pap., 1. , r - , ait , b o n
I )Yi.TER_w FOR CHRI,TMAS —E&ry hod
c ea
to barn n era of try,tter, for Chn.,trwo, day A
Ow iNd D 1111101. at the er.rl/0 r ..f [Abort) .101 Han.
•triit, Mr. Henry llalinr ha" Masi kr, RIP
,t 1 Hia ray. 110 4r1.1
On hand tonal - vcerflent fresh fist, 1 to— .1. , try.t3
ii prewiint their men t, with n enn at tin, or .inr•
or than , . WI, tr.; 1.1.11 purett, for (Thad y wi:
find Mr. Hattcr prepared in •Int them. to einni
ty and pneo of Tho•w• who stir)] to try
porrianiong. own wall; to In, eGnnt, of hi•
well iirthirert eiitatiliohtnnut talisilied for tlinun
eel err. 1 10 11,ornhor the• i• , n 1,4 , 4-
taurant. ,orner 0f1. 11, ...rty and Mott ttrert.
H unT S Mista. —The Pulpit and Rostrum.
by Rer. Vamtv Feur .
and MAgazm,.
_mut 4 - 1,-,1‘,..1 I , y Hum t Mtw.r.
I , IIM , •ir , o•L w [wry .•coryttlim: I.m• may
to , found for thi hoialay,
Lh, f.• 11 I.y
I. now unrier ;11,
kni.tri A /. , IL.,•n. u, Ow pi. I Er,
.Ize, I It I• dc.iene•l Cr the Fu z
ClXlnkti n • th, pr , 111•15 , r.f
.411:61[1%; 1114 a,. 4,, 14 .,, t1
relattie to t
of ' , tame'', either by C-XVIIIGAnOn of • , 1Iniolo••• C 7
,W,C111.18t• Thorp t...irleig *ruck,: t:nna
t.-fore tt.c fuahli,od) nu 4 it ,reatir to their a.tiai , tii,re
/kr are respect full! inyttel to Tait tin
11.1 LATINO PT STEALL n Ln 11 (tLL,uiRI of
the workilytnlike rrumner, I•••rt , ..^t netmn the, .4(.
rt aulaing ntnetnne:...nrety. I. •Illy m 11,4 and 11• 0
nttonhen 11. , ••••2,:ry 1., kr...p.:1,h
W.. give lin• r, rufi,,, ,Lnd
to of
Lh , 'it not Scti , —) It/ Itce cif, c I
htL•turgh. Nnci Wtlct h 11l. c t our cii.;•icluTwl, 'md we
Pc`ccciWlWW•rl.l :Vic • 111 cf
11.11.rwilirn < J r h. suing I.: ..Z.W113
Miller, Jr, John liv./Lall. Jr. 5 , 1
Wil.on, John 14alr•on, I. Wit,cll, LIU r-,1,.r •
son, (Mx Pohng, elm!
N., I.: 11 u..yj a/A.I 14% F4r.t Arre4,l•-cf.tAlro..
Pitt St Pittsburgh
f,r the I Am nit rept:l , ll- ft:rr.l,l, mr
sriTitcufl APalc(.l: iiF ritr-sil Al,l
In It4l.lltion lu my regular I , lind., f ant rninniirwr•tur•
nu.; a v..ry FINE FI.AV9ILEI) wat tip .n
I.'ll p - I,4nlzt, tprr,..lll',ll. rAmily nx•
A1;:=14 not cniy od,noarto LoYtvH K tr, but I.l.igtily
eronirnendetthy tiro medie•iruculiy. for invalid', more
~ , i nrishing t.tuit• U ttoptirtttt I Ise.. f 1.., my
Conidsually;un hand, conec.tinc . of KENNETT It ITTEt
AND ett \ ItAt;NE: poRTER Aso hut itd 'T to nor tart of the city. eaAlhern
I)it. IlosTEr - run's BITTERN have re
the wartneid eeonturn• from the pre.. and pco
plo of th.. 1 7 131.111. 11 rah:Oily tonic for the curo or
Ityrriete•illt, t'latizionee,..Mar4l - patton. and siinoral n er
rutin deliihty, It cannot licapproacheii. Every day, tllnl
cases of it. great ettert are clitotiicle.l through nor pub
lie journal,. There Is notinhg the enjoyment
which the alltictett ez [MI - IeI:WV when toting Uria valuable
apecitle. IL. mild tottc, ii, hure and yigormit netlon
upon a doorderod .turnacli, and the cirm,ing Of (tip
entire human body, 'Mould recommend it to all olaArtes
of our community. All 1114 will I,a pree,stry to roe'
since tilt' rktlltioat of tot 11°4114 •lirct., is to ' , met - tare
tirade and be
Mold by druggists and dealers generally, everywhere.
bistnuistrturuts and Prolinothrn,
dell) Nn. Waist% •nit ha Frnnt
4 I[ll IV L S
FUR 9'13 F: lnry, .111 , 1 $. 1 1 , 1
sonmFui of
Ear flings, Breastpins, -
Shirt Studs, Finger Rings,
Seals, Mustard SPOOIIb,
Kepi, Medallions,
Hair Chains, Pencils,
Silver Spoons and Forks,
Music Boxes,
pc, Etc., Etc,.
All of winch wfu bo hola LOW FOR CAR:. alol7
Jim a. max& P. PUPS
SkIA LEAllik;
Agents Penxisyrvaniasoll„road,
118 05,nmercirVA nirt o 34, tr im
u_Prompt , te cl, nuo Ftription alleciitignad
.ditisitg m02.11:0m.1s
N .61 Filth'sin3eL
It S . Fil
lip. Q 6 Wood Strelpt.
Ae DANNF4,EIT, is prepared to CleClears ; tteps,4r, 444 win'keorder, any descrlp
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GLYCEEINE CREAM—For the et/rowel
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hands in CI eases. The genuine can. a l I) ..4
..• .. „ i. .-, . •.• I ' gOIIBEIIII, FLE,Miri ' . 1,, •:, •
• , 40i - ''., • , • , , . coE Jilikiillznkplatikanii
VI UTTER.--3 bbls. frieb*Xolle,, for sate
jj ais • . , : , , -. . ili/L H. 8 / 1 1/111 koix
Movement of the South Carolina Legisla
ture for a Dissolution of the Un
Conviction of Gibson, the Defaulting Ohio
Mr. Farnsworth, of Illinois, was entitled to
the floor, which ho gave way to, to enable Mr.
Carter, of lowa, to move that the Homo pro
ceed to vote for speaker.
Mr. Carter said that it appeared to him that
this was the last day before the holidays that
they could etfest an organization. He should
like to hear his friend Farnsworth, were it not
thst that gentleman should devote the whole
of the day in the effort to organize. The
whole country is looking for an organization
this very day He was told in u private con
versation, this morning, that four million dol
lars are due thli'contractore, and most of them
are now here, imploring the members to make
an appropriation for their pay.
;to et ppreliminary to VOtittg, there was a call
of the Hence. As it was ascertained that ahritit
eighteen members were absent, it was thought
best not to proCeeed at present to a vote.
Mr. Anderson, of Kentucky, wanted first
an organization and then gentlemen might
discus; the slavery question to their heart's con
tent; he was opposed to its agitation. He fa
'''red the enforcement of all laws, and there
wiintssi thir'question to rest. He :would not
have risen now had not his colicaguir. Bur
nett, yesterday asked him why he did not take
a particular ramose : : He hail not voted fur
D* , filocrntse nominee since he came into the
Iliiuse, and would not, eNcent an issue Is made
tuitween the Itepublicans and Democrats. He
hoped such on issue Would never arise. Heald
not desire a united South nor a unites! North
fla be:er ige d to a party thAtessere in opposition
to the ailministratinn, rin`d \they were not for:,
unitrst :Surtri or a united Noith. If we go for
a united South what will be the result' We
weruld he overwhelmed by the North. which
the nest census would show bare the prepon
derance. If you make it a question of dollars
`and cents, where would be Southern interests'
Mr Elaskiri remarked that he cast his vote
fi r Gilmer. who was consistent in his oppoei•
tier, to the Locornption policy of the Adminis
tration. As an anti- Lecompton !democrat, it
Mr Gilmer 'Ott:sin presented as the rividoiate
~1 the ~n , e rrlttiso ielrtion of the Ueuh , , he
would rote for hint 1 A ;plans(' )
Mr Burnett said, if there were no other
ri's'en why he should vot e fo r t„ime r , th a t
gentleman was i , ustainisl by som e of th e most
prominent lenders of the Bepublivan party.
Mr. Harris, of Maryland, remarked that
Mr. Burnett could exereisehis own Judgement.
Ile waa willing to lease it to the isisiple, outside
of this House, to pronounce upon the reasotur
for VollTer for Winer assigned by Messrs Gar
nett and fit/melt It being now an ascertained
fact that with the Democratic vote Mr. SitletWer
cats be eloctral, he put that gentleman in nom
ination [Applause.]
M r M 'lkon said that without any. agency
of his own his name - Thai! been urn! in the
CetreVaell. He did not thin{; that under thr cir
cumstances he could be regarded, in any proper
.tense, as a candidate. It was net, therefore,
either his ditty or privilege to withdraw lets
name, er even offer any suggestion to tiny gen
tletutin who had given a rote so very flattering
to himself. While hoezpresisial his warm and
grateful aoknowinlgements for the honor, he
trusted that he Might be` etllOWOl to infirm the
hope that in future votes for spe a k er hi s
friends would he influenced alone by a sense of
public duty, uninfluenced in any degree by any
supposed obligation remitting from his nomi
The House proceeded to vote-18th ballot.
Whole number 223 ; necessary to a rheice, 112:
Sherman, 95; Millson, 79: Gilmer, 30; Davis,
of Indiana, 4; Adrian. 3; scattering, C.
Mr. Winslow offered a resolution that on and
after to day nu vote shall be taken for Speaker
until the second Mends). in January. He said
it was evident that the Uouse could tio nothing
just now to ( l ee:tan orinizatiou. They were
approaching ihe holidays, which even the
slaves in the South enjoyed. Ile thought it
better to adjourn over intrder that gontßmien
might go home and catch some of the patriot
ic feelings of their constituents.
Mr. Washburne, of Me and others of the
Republican side, objected to the reception of
the resolution.
Mr. Grow contended that only two motions
wore in order, either to proceed to vote or ad
journ. The discussion of the slavery question
had been thrust on the House by those who
(Ty out agitation." The Republicans had
sat hero with closed lips, while the grocsest
perversion of their doctrines had been made by
men who claim to be fair-minded: Notv, while
we owe tire milliohA 'of those:. who ha% e
performitd serCich under mitten contracts, and
have waited six months for their pay, it wai pro.
po,:ed for gentlemen to go home and leave the
government bankrupt. fie asked whether the
faith should be. pr o .
served, above till to contractors, who bare
rendered important services. They had been
sitting here listening to speeches, in substance
what appeared in the New York Herald, for
the last six weeks. • That paper furnished the
brains, while the discussion 0n13., hicks the
spice and terseness of its style. AlPread these
editorials with interest. Gentlemen 'have been
advertising Helper's book, which tlihy sa
destructive to the peace and tranquility of t
Union, and giving it wide circulation, which
the Republican committee had failed to do. If
the book is incendiary, as charged,. and dis
turbed tne peace .of.tha country sb much, those
who had 'keoh'' dis'caiing the slavery question
are resporileible for it. The Republicans had
not spread broadca4 , t h his book.
Mr. fhtvid.hin,' thioeteral others, reminded
hi.j.s 7 ..6lrod\lhat he ad endorsed the circula
-4_ Helper's compendium.
r. ow replied chat Republicans - asked to
be%ju s dged according to their platform and
records, and not by the perversions of the
newspapers. When any man charged him
with being an accomplice with murder, treason
and other crimes, he had no otherauswerflian
to trout it with , the conteMpt it deserved. He
was' to proclaim his political senti
ments at all times. This Union was not as strong
as he supposed, if a pamphlet of ono hundred and
twelve pages can disturb its traquility. He
and his 'friends asked that the business for
which they' came here should be transacted.
.110 had beard it intimated that when the first
of January comes, Utica - , goverttnie'hiis hordii
credit to comply . with its Contract,
cteitracthrs milliohe or della they will
abandon the : mail service. The ' .üblicans
take no'part in discussions'which dil,• • •
izatioh. • 'hey would ponset-t to no adjourn-
Ment for sports, and - holidays, while these leer
otriCious claimants ate unprovided for.'.
Mr. Smith, of Va., and others, sought the
floor, but the dispute was terminated by an
adjournment. .• - -
!2 Fir-r7l
Sziwrs. —Mr: Mallory, of Florida, intro
dOced a bill itrianding . tho act to promote th e
progress . or the `useful arta.
Lase,_,Mr. Or Otmgon, olu s.. bill
making en appthpruttlo , Vor. r z ylielit of
the olkeuseakiricttr orpreion
841a.lytif APR ;
...44%,,haR 1
4''Cilfto - riliii,Al44o4i .
Nei& 6111, Flotice
world call it 441.1,4 eaily :„.;
River at St. Louis.
WAsiiititiToN. December 22---lioUtiE
Mr. Saulsbury, of Delaware, introduced a
bill making an appro'priatiOn for the erection
of piers in the Delaware bay.
Mi. Harlan, of lowa, introduced a bill to re
iniburse the State of lowa for monies expended
in the suppression of Indian hostilities.
Mr. Clay, of Alabama, introduced a. bill
for the repeal of all laws granting fishing
Mr. Davis, of Mississippi, gave notice of his
intention to introduce a bill for the territorial
organization of Arazonia.
Mr. Slidell offered a resolution that when
the Senate adjourn to-morrow, it will be until
Tuesday next; on Tuesday to adjourn till Fri
day, and from Friday to adjourn till the fol
lowing Tuesday, the 3d of January. After
some conversation tho resolution was adopted,
and the Senate adjourned.
SANDY Hook. December 22.--The steamship
Asia, which passed the point about 8 o'clock
this morning, was boarded by the newsboat of
the Now York Associated Press.
The bullion in the Bank of England has
decreased £82,000.
Additional adhesions to the Peace Congress
were being received from European Govern
At Paris speculations were rife relative to the
Plenipotentiaries and their probable proceed
The English Reformers were holding con
ferences in preparation for the approaching
election campaign.
The directors of the Great Eastern Steam
ship Company had postponed the explanation
of their embarrassments to the shareholders for
a month. The delay caused much dissatisfac
tion among the shareholders, who were anxious
to learn the true state of affairs.
The total amount of gold recovered from the
wreck of the Royal Chanel., reaches slBo,laxn
Victor Hugo publisheli nn eloquent appeal in
behalf of John Brown and the Harper's Ferry
attair. He says his (Brown's) execution will
be a crime of the greatest magnitude.
The Bank of France has gained six million
francs, in cash, during the month.
The pacific policy of Franco towards Eng
land was progressing.
The French budget for the next year will
amount to $14,000,000. The Paris Bourse
was buoyant.
The (111T , rence, between Pruz , Aia and Hesse
will soon be E. ettl , tl by the int , reeFsion of the
German Diet.
It was roportod that the Emperor of China
ziven notice to the ItuA.ians to quit their
Fettl , mients on the Amour river, and that the
Itusoan Embassy at Pekin was confined to its
A tniniste e.:31 crisis in Turkey it reported.
Fund lacks had tendered his maigination, but
it was not aeceptcd.
The Envoy the. Prince D.tniol, of Mon
ter.vizro, had been iisi , ninated at Conidanti
Spain had imued orders for an additional
levy of fitly thousand men, in compliance with
the demand of General 4 YDnnoell.
Turf CoNonrsa.—Le says that the ex
iled 'sovereigns and present - Thiels of govern
ment of Central Italy will plead their cause
hef,ro the Congress by note or memorial.
FRANC4.—At the grand municipal banquet
in Paris. the Prefect of the Seine spoke in a
cry eulogistic manner of the new pacific era
on which he said that France bad entered.
It is stated that the French government is
shout to expend upwards of qee hundr4thou
t•rnd pounds in fortifying the ports of Alp.-
ITA Y.—Tho Tuscan Mutaileur okapi that the
Congress will find Italy re. o lv e d to maintain
her rights. The Central Italians are better
armed then they were at the end of the war,
and will-per.ev e re in defending a strong Ital
ian - Kin : plow, and a national union which will
etra- the old divLsions.
The provisional government of Florence had
411ipttt4ttot orders to all the diplomatic agents
AToi puhlir functionaries appoint"l by the
Drand Duke at prewnt, to return to Tus
cany within a fortnight, under penalty of los
aing their pecuniary allotments nn pellSiOnn.
The Park Uuiter.a undertakes to prove that
the reforms which are tailed for in the papal
States by the liberal party, cannot, by any
possibility, be ace,,rdesi by the Sovereign
Pontif f .
SPALS,—ii.ports were current at Madrid
that the dysentery, and even cholera, had bro
ken out among the Spanish troops in Mo
It is thought that the Spanish generals
would not assume offensive operations till all
their forces were concentrated.
Official returns of the losses on the Ilith No
vember, a subsequent day, shows nine officers
killed and forty-five wounded, and seventy
nine s o ldiers killed and seven hundred and
seventeen wounded.
It is rumored that the Rothschiids have con.
tracted to purchase the Moscow and St. Peters
burg railroad.
Advieva from Marseille.- announce liao fail
ure of Messrs. Zulfgr . on , foro, sukar dealers,
with habilitiq b , l'iniqnt,ing to nearly half a
million 'sterling.
The Times' city article says that the funds
opened with great steadiness, at full prices, the
advance of yesterday, but closed with a great
tendency to flatness.
Letters from Madrid assert that the Spanish
people, so fur from showing enthusiasm for the
war with Morocco, were exhibitin4signs of
discontent '•
AUSTRIA.—The pretensions of the Hunga
rians are represented to be on the increase.
An impression prevailed among leading men
that the restoration of the constitution would
nut Auilico, unless its maintenance was g:, - ,acan,
teed by the Powers.
The ultra Montane journals of the Tyrol as
sert that qv 'nfteilipts of the government of
Austria to'place all the Christian professors on
an equality, would eadse general indignation
among the Boman f.. ! athuliCs of the Tyrol-
Trim ay.—'File Turkish g, vernment had
seized a large quantity of gunpowder on board
an FAglish ',mesel bound tollrial,
-?The American ship Messenger Bird from
New Zealand, put into the Fejects, an the nuts,
ter reported, for water and sailed again on the
7th orduly on in secret cruise. Her lower hold
was full cii coffee, most of which she sold to
another vessel. This circumstance led to a
suspicion that she bud been run away with
WASIIINOT N, December 22.—Tho Charles.
ton Col del Columbiadespatch, of the
, aye that bethteof the Legislature
had adopted I,LNetolabon that soutt carolina
pt.' to her ~ ro citircriuirprOti_i'ct them and
the ~ .orepOrty er,trkviemy, and that for
the r eo rirtaryreparation in any
em ergency the stkm of $lO 000 be appropriat-
Thu Senate had also tiabpted a resolution
which reads, "stiel deferring to her Southern
sisters, South Carolina respectfully announces
to them that in her judgment the safety and
honor of the slaveholding States imperatively
demand a speedy separation from they free-soil
States of the confederacy, and earnestly invites
and urges her sister Slates of •the South to ori
ginato the moyenieut'of gobthern separation,
to whine' Ale pledges herself promptly- to
ittcratorm, Va., December 22.—The seced.
ing,medical students from Phila hia arrived
here to-day, and were received by Faculty
and students of the medical college, e Gov
ernor's guard, and an it throng of citi
zone. Thp marched to the Geier
nurl'mansion, were thee, stetionts were ad
'liebssed'hy Governor Wise; and afterwards by
Professov;Gibson, at the college. A. dinner
WAS then partaken of at-the Columbia hotel.
Tho students were received with great enthu- :
siasm by our citizens, and as the proceasiort
passed through the streets, tho shouts of the
men were deafening, which the ladies mani
fested by the mixing of their handkerchiefs,
Sr. LOUI S , December 22 .—The.fiver has
risen sit inches. The ice is very heavy and
increasing. The river. is doubtless • - , ged be
low. The steamer Izetta is hard at
Gezlsland, and the.larand:
Hai razt are LTI a dapgescars.W .
at ' 7.
NEW Foss, December 22.—The Herald
publishes a report of a speech of Senator Crit
tenden, at the conference of oppositionists held
at Washington Tuesday night. He referred
to the failure of the House to organize. The
protracted delay presents a spectacle that is
painful to the country. He did not pretend
to aay - where the reproach lies. The position
of the so called Americah members has been
embarrassing. They have earnestly , sought
the lino of duty. 'lt seemed to - him that,
knowing nothing of the purposes of the lead
. parties of the House, they did wisely to
nominate their own man, and adhere to that
nomination. It is a question whether, they
shall continue to do so till the end of the con=
test. He felt that the ground that is good to
stand on, will do to fall on.
Ho continued : But looking away from this
contest, and abroad over the country, we find
much *to distress every true patriot. In the
present state of the mind, I confess that never
before, in my life, did I. feel such anxiety for
the fate of our government. I have never be
lieved it possible that I could bring my mind'
to the deliberate purpose of' pulling down this
great fabric. I do not 'think that any of us
have reached that point, and though we should
think so, I am constrained to think that when
we come to the attempt, we should turn in
horror from the work. For think of it; what
is thh deed proposed ? It is one too great, too
vast for anymind to comprehend. Ihardly dare
think of it. If we could overturn the Allegheny
mountains, it would shock ail this land as by
an earthquake, but to overturn this government
it would be mountains upon mountains falling.
It would send a shock throughout the civilized
world. No calamity that over fell upon the
earth, would spread such horror among men,
as the falling to ruins of this Republic among
them. (Deep sensation.) I cannot believe
that we are on the verge of such a mighty ca
lamity.- I trust, aye, and I believe, that God,
in his Providence, will watch over and 'pre
serve my country. There is an earnest cam.
plaint of aggression, of threats of insurrection;
on the herders of some of our States, and John-
Brown's deeds at - Harpers Ferry, have
shown that this is 'no unreal grievance:
and whence does it come? We find cer
tain deluded people in - the Northern States
that indulge in meanings over, slavery, and
they intersperse their lamentations with
psalms and prayers, and appeal to their con
sciences; which are burt--they say by our sins.
What folly ! Do not these people know, that
the Lord does not hold them accountable for
our sins! These deluded people, at the North,
are snaking much mischief. But let us remem
ber, that there will be mischief makers found
in every country., Let us hope that this will
find a remedy. Let us hope that this popular
delusion, will be temporary—will pass away,
and a sound and fraternal, spirit return. Let
us try to have it restored. Let us try to
our Northern brethren love us again. To this
epd let us be patient and forbearing. Let us
indulge in nn criminations, in no harsh lan
guage. I cannot believe that the great heart of
the people North or South, has upon it the
guilty stain of treachery, to this Union. I can
not believe that the people of the North have
no regard for us, and no love for this govern
ment for which our fathers feu -
. ht and their
fathers fought; and I hail the great
meetings which have been b old tbero, as sig
nals of that returning love for us. Let us re
ceive them as such, and with a grateful sprit.
Let us encourage them, and we will yet find
that the earnest and faithful spirit of our North
ern brothers will bes our surest proteetion;
cur defenceagainst all aggression. Ido not say
that if' we should be disappointed in this, the
time may not come when the bonds of the
Union must, of necessity, be broken.• But I
doubt even that: I, cannot see that any evils
that befell us will be less out of the Union
than in it; I don't know indeed that they
would be worse. The power that oppresses in
the Union, could oppress just as much out of
it. The burthens that must be borne in the
Union, would be heavy out of it, and even
if the worse come to the very worst,
I believe 1 would rather do a little fighting
in the Union than out of it. (Laughter and
applause.) If we should go out of the Union,
we certainly should not attempt to take the
stars and stripes with us. We would have to
leave them behind, and I am 'sure I could
never ft:et. like a soldier under any other flag
than that. '(Applause.) If we must fight,
therefore let us stay in the Union, and charge
upon those that oppress us, that.they are try.
ing to set aside the Union byzoing out of it.
(Applause.) To destroy this Union is the
very last thing we should ever think of, for if
we once break down the governinent, who
shall rebuild it again? Let us observe Justice,
and thus shall we preserve our Union, and . my
sentiment is, let us take care of the Union and
the Union will take care erns
In conclusion, the speaker wea greeted with
ong continued aaci apple Ase.
NEw OALEAXS, 'member 22.—The New
Orieins Medical College faculty. reply to the
application of the Southern medical students
at Now York, that they will beadmitted here
on nominal terms. The students here have
resolved to invite Southern students at the
North to free lectures here, although paid fo
And all kinds of
To be found at
DODD'S, 119 Ww4 ktreet.
One door . South of Fifth,
Corner Ross and First Streets,
Co NSTA •,s; a t i cks, o2 , c HA .E L'i D. • A
v LAIL is G u E .
DYE 'tilt 7 4 BURNING FLUID% ands gelled ansort:
ment of
Also, a general assortment of PATENT MEDICINES.
compounded. den
choice lot of
&an t Imo
maka, a fine stocic of PIANOS, Eastern
ers, *Wen we can sell from i ' 2oo to $ 300. 4" The later .
uistruments are great bargainsolnd we in tethe stte fr .
dors of purchasers thereto. 71
H. IC LE8E8,..& 8R0.,.
den .Bc4rt Ageota • for Steinways Pianos,
N 0.63 Filth street.
‹ ,i,;11
1110.135,Th1rt . i Street,
no 7 Pittsb • •
_ .
lUit t ,4l 7 lP & C_ P. • ' ;
FOR pairraiirr • • • • • •
‘17' . .111'
tumour lhardWiairbeat Wood Cook
fckr tent LeundlitySigre,
ier4 *Lao on Wad,
thearar Heating enni ai qa, - rtitn ancl , Psm
wiu K t. awd 4ozes. Hollow•W
ALLZOB:6I7 Orr, .Thleamber -22 d, ISM
The market has been well - supplied this week, but the
prices for beef cattle were low and the sales were light
We sum up the market thnic
Atiparti%o head offered and 600 head solffet 244 e
I)--the remainder, 400 headorent east: '
SOO head offered-21b head sold at j 2 00@2 76 IA ICO
(merlins 6,404 head-14000 head sold at $4 54, $ 4 75 ,
$4 8005 oo vs 100 T 3, the larger propimlon at 14 TS.
The remainder, 4,404 head, were atuppedF,ast-
Jitt c al .Bsprartsig for ar,-.121:14 Morning
Prenrerzan„Deceraber 21, 059.,
Floor Dall. , Sales from etoro of IRO bbla, 00,20
i 88,85 for Emperfine, $5,50@5,80 for extti„`and $5,90Q8,25
for extra Lanny. • '
Graln...Bales 240 bush Oats, hem store, at 48c, and
100 bush Shelled Corn at 70c. , • -
Bay...9ales 12 loads from city scales at $18(420 >il bin'.
Butter.-Sales 6 bats. Roll atlic VI •
SUr&T-.Bales 8 lib& N. 0. at Sc. VI RI; bbla. do at
. .
Dolasiuss...Sales 27 bbla at las II
Syirup.-Sales 8 bbl., Pkiiiadelphisid
Apples. .Sales 70 bbls. V.,37(a2;8e. = • -
Cheese... Sales 40 bores W. R: 10C. it lb. .
Pcrtatoes„.Sales 100 bush Reds, from store, at F -5c
It bush. -
Lime...Rales'lo $1,25 bbi.
Elalt...Sales 80 btds. extra, at 8 1 , 1 0 lil HA-
Oil-.Stdes 12. bt;la. Lard I . io. 1 at 00e. .
Rags.„Bales 1 ton mixed at o,lc. Ih.
Dried Apples... Sales 00 tash. at $1,78. -
Feathers... Sales 100 ms. prime at - 450e- Ili ID., from
Wlxtalry-Sales 80 bbls"Rectitled at 27c, it gal
Philadelphia 'Market.
Purunscrias: Denen4ber 22 , —Flour.eozitinnes quie4
sales at $5,37 .344115,50 for common and - good superfine;
165.7505,87,4 fore tar, 10048,50 for extra family; and *or
6234 eg7 for fancy lots.. RyerFklur is steady at $4,37%.
Corn Meal steady at 13,76. , Wheat: trnet4rad; sales of
3000 bash; red at 3.1,3W,23„ white . 1,50. Bye
steady at 9 ' 93c for spring and 80e for 'aware. Corn
steady; &aka 6000 bush yamrs373676e andlloo92%the
former for damp yellow and the I 'or for prime white.
Whisky steady st 26 1 ,660M0.- •"I • •
New' Tort Maritit: "
. . . .
.. . _
• firs Yoralleeember=Cotton heavy; ILSOOtwies soid,
including SIM bales intemsftn,atune.hangedimotatians;
"plant middlings. lie. Flour closed Mdet at 50)10e ad.
ranee; sales 13,500 bbls at ss,oogitaa for IMatwornd WO
45,80 for Ohio. Wheat quiet; sales unin2R. Corn
'declined; Wee 18,000 - bneh new white and MU&
ClOs.. Pork firm at la t 6 4 ,ll r4 for mess, is 11,
.. l / ry for .
porno. Lard heavy at 1 IMAe. - MaeOnattrady;t7=-.'
berland W.m abort xi at B%e. ent..norsta : .steady:
hams 934010 m shoulders 53ie. VThPk a s leali; id 27e.
Sugar firm; N.O • Sl/ 4 m , Cdtia and Port - . 4671,
Molasses firm.. Freights on Cotton to Ltverpoo 9.8 4
. -
Cincinnigtl Market.
Comma ; Decanter• 22 —filtuar Onclainget4 rather
more doing; superfine $ extra $5,40C4501. Wheat
improve 4; inides firth mune Irtniasl,44Bl.l:e. red 14 18
01,5 n. Corn firm at Sec. Oats dull at WA:453c.- 'Rye
active. Barley dull. Mess Pork adnureed to MK on
the spot, etc:131450, March delig. finger stead at
8Y.47,9c. Molasses steady at int 7c. Coffee steady.
Whit's} , higher:sales:9oo birds at Exchange buoy-
ant; % premium was offered for eight chocks on the
East, on 'Change today, by the bankers.
R. T. KEEMMT.& . ,III4O.,
--- Z. L.. ELSNER.,
NO. 114 Cor. Wood and llfth Streets;
- COATS use to sell ak-- ' for $ 8,25
Frock Dress Cloth,lne, tomb Rei 14, 0 e for 10,00
Fuld. Quality Cloth, " • 18,00 for MO
Bieck 1101 , oth Paula; " 5,00 for . 3.5
(superfine)" 0,00 for 4,00
Cassimare sults made Warder, . 25,00 for 1840
Also, Satin, Flush, Silk and Cloth Yesta it
At very low price .,. The above is thegash - 041, andba r
referrula to this advertisement, the &Wimps Wee
strictly adhered la
Ay Jaz
Rent, Odd% gas and eced,)sloMnuk u nrn.:
bassesalon csa b a
bad oiss7 MEE
Lithographic Betabliehinent in the City,
NOS. 17' AM 12 FIFTH MEM .
Single, Double, and Split Zephir,
13 Margret atrial
Dissolution of PartnersiiiP•
-T RE ~PAILTNERSHIP heretofore 7 exist
ing under the firm of HAWORTH & BROWNLEE,'
The business
mutual consent on the Ord instant.—_
The business of the late firm will be settled by either of;
the partner& therefore all pii,rS.i.ris having claims against.
the. late Drs wilt present the woe as, the dpve, and
Atone indebted will please call andilltetile their adsoonte .
without Anther nonce, as those remaining xffoki *ler
the lst of January, will be placed. in the Mtn of an At:.
comer for collection. - • DAVID HAWORTH,
undersigned, having mtired from the.
ot .1101.WORTRI I BROWNLEE, embraces the pies;
nal Opportunity of returning his sineere thankt to the
Isiblicjor Me liberal patronage heretofore bestowed
upon the late firm, and confidentlyrecommend the new
firm to their continued psi:renege. „
won, BittrtvNiatp.-
have this day entered, into , end will
continue' he business of the late It the old stead;
under the style of. Iib&WOSTEL & BROTEER. They
will also assume the liabilities Of the late-then del7
. .
Sl,.= will buAsi Fair Of LADIES' MOROCCO REELED
$ 1 , 25 •wal buy one psi? MEN'S OOAD;4,
$ 1 , 2 5 BoYEr NUMB - '
$,25 " YOUTHS' KID ROMP ••_
$1,26 inll boyars ye# CCO3INTRI. STOCKING& .
manate; AO 0 , 90f4--ek4topCbeep 9eshAtero of
Jos 134 - BOgrajwia,
43 z 96 Mairket. teCeid tior frimirdp., •
(woceigagos' rG is wit 7- -
O'er. lizattlhineLA
'Mumps consitaiktit tutati,
to the Drys than of v •
1816 Platen/AT Meath •
% -
ecriptioan.; . • ',i
- yremu. swim i•
Wateiti.nee 4 Nt 1i F (• 4'.'
hisacifactarars of zr
kietortataidlVUL*43* -
Coaxlro t Yi
i lifigity bit OtaMiff
tion-Maiktooonla •
_EIRID; a map' " • • • •
roman, .art
&Hai 1- •