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the Paiiti
sums Five Dollars per year, strictly in ad
VXIICC.. Weekly, Single sub ,. criphons Two Dol
lars per year; in Clubs of the, One Dollar.
%Departure and Arrived of Passenger
- Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rai/road.
.......(Frorn corner of Liberty and Grant streets, Pittsburgh.)
Leaves. Arches.
Mail and express Train............1:50 A. M. 3:50 P. M.
Express Train. 1:45 P. if. 2:10 A: M.
(From Federal Street Station. Allegheny, for New
Brighton and Way Stations.)
First Train...
Second Train
Pennsyitnnia Railroad.
(From corner of Liberty and Grant - streets.)
Leaves." ; Arrives.
spross Train. 4:40 P.M- 1:40 P. M.
5:50 A. 51. 1:15 A. M.
Fitst Line 2:50 A. M. 1:45 A. M.
Johnstown Accommodation.-- 3:05 P. M. 11:00 A. M.
First Turtle Creek " ._..11:20 A. M. 6:50 A. M
13800nd ." "" 4.55 P. M. 1:10 P. M.
.Third " " 6:20 P. 51. 6:10 P. M.
PUtsbergh and Conneilscille Railroad.
(From 'Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arrives.
7:00 A. M. 6:15 P. M
3. , 05 P. DI. 8:45 A. M
Mail Train
Express Tr*,
The Republican Delegate Elections--Two
Candidates have Four Wards Each—The
Bloody Third 2 , holds the Balance of
The 'Republican primary meetings, for the
purpose of selecting delegates to a convention,
to be held on Wednesday next, for the selec
tion of candidates for Mayor, Controller and
Treasurer, were held on Saturday.
_ Three candidates had been named for Mayor,
Messrs.' B: C. Sawyer, Jr., George Wilson
and Win. T. Murdoch. It became evident,
however, that the latter had no chance, and
the struggle concentrated on the two candi
dates drat named.
- The contest was a close one, and the friends
of the respective candidates worked faithfully
for them. The result leaves the matter, un
fortunately, in as much uncertainty as before.
By the following list it will be seen that in the '
First; Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Wards.dele
gates favoring the nomination of Mr. Sawyer
were elected, and in the Second, Fourth, Fifth
and Sixth the friends of Mr. Wilson triumphed.
In the Third Ward it seemed to be "every
man for himielf," as two elections were hold,
one at the curter of Sixth and Smithfield, and
one at the comer of Wylie and Tunnel.
The:names of the delegates, with their in
structions for Mayor, are as follows:
FIRST WARD—Joseph Brown, George Wil
son, John Sarber, W. F. Richardson, James
T. Kinkaid, Jr.- -instructed for Sawyer.
1 SECOND WARD—John L. Boyd, Thomas
F. Wilson, John Marshall, John Wilson,
. _Hamlet Lowe—instructed for Wilson.
- - THIRD WARD—Robert Allingham, Joseph
Hastings, Henry Haley, 0. H. Rippey, Dr. T.
J. Gallaher—instructed for Wilson.
And—Geo. W. Leonard, Andrew Simms.
: Alex. Mitchell, J. H. Robinson, John Beck,
Jr.—instructed for Sawyer.
FOURTH WARD—Sall:el Lindsay, Jr., Rowan
....3leClure, Nelson Hersh, Joshua Ithodes, John
Fullerton—instructed for Wilson.
FIFTH WARD—Chauncey Carroll, George
Caughey, Joseph Kaye ' James Taylor, Thomas
Harris—instructed for Wilson.
- SETra WARD john Phillips, William B.
Hays, Theodore Robbins, A. B. Berger, Wm.
• . Culp—instructed for Wilson.
SEVENTH WARD—Geo. Gumbert, William
- Mays, John Hoffer, Lewis Roll, Robt. Thomp
son—instructed for Sawyer.
• - Euswra WARD—C. H. Bcurmaun, E. D.
.Ditheridge, William - Hutchinson, S. R. Pat
. tenon, F. Freiderich—instructed fn• Sawyer.
NINTH WARD—Joseph Reed, Daniel Ag
new, J. Routh, W. Williams, James Lewis—
instructed for Sawyer.
The delegates, we learn, were, generally, left
- to use their own discretion as to the candidates
for Treasurer and Controller.
_ -It is difficult to predict how this contest will
. terminate. Both sets of delegates from the
:Mini Ward will, of course, demand seats in
the convention, and both may get them. in
- the latter- case each candidate would have
twenty-five V'otes--or in case both are excluded
-twenty. This will not be decided until Wed
nesday, unless the candidates should agree
upon A coraprOinise and one set withdraw. In
the there will, 'we - doubt not, be sorise
tieavy log-rolling, to induco some one delegate
to depart from his instructions. But when the
convention comes off. we shall see what WO
shall sea. We Democrats look on much as the
woman did whose husband fought with the
. -bear—not caring much which whips.
Astorran,=-The application of J. B. M'Don
ough for his final discharge under the insol
vent laws, was argued in the Court of Corn
; mon Pleas on Saturday, by John M. Kirkpat
rick and Thomas M. Marshall, Esq., for peti
tioner, and Tiles. ilaanilt6n on the other
bide. This case has occupied the attention of
the Court several times. It will be remember
' ed that M'Donough was,conyieted of affilia.
'Eton with Miss Lizzie Murphy, and sentenced
to pay the usual expenses, instead of which he
chose to serve a term of three months in jail.
A preliminary order was made for the dis-
Charge of his bail -bond under the insolvent
' laws, but the oppasing counsel contending that
the application was made one term too soon,
the case was ordered to be put on the argument
list. An ineffectual effort to do this WWI made
by Counsel, and on Saturday the matter came
1;:p for argument on the question of releasing
the asiciirity: It rush ably contested by the
gentlemen named, and at the hour of adjourn
ment the Court took the papers and promised
an early. decision.
was committed to jail on Saturday, to answer
a charge of assault and battery with intent to
lad an officer, James Man, of the Mayor's po-
Pirrter was arrested on Friday for disc.' ,
derly conduct, and locked up in one of the
watch-house cells, where he drew a pistol and
threatened-to - shoot, officer Munn, who arrested
him. Officers:Clark and Munn attempted to
• tiake the weapon from him, considering it den
, gereugfor him to be:allowed to keep it, and in
the melee the. pistol was fired at the latter,
this ball narrowly missing hii head and lodging
in die ceiling. The weapon might have gone
,acoiaentally, but it was the opinion of
- Munn that Porter tried to shOot him. The
pistol was taken from him, and in the morning,
"the Mayor, after hearing the circumstances,
ccxtinitted him for trial on the above charge.
This Porter is the same who made the:attack
on officer Hamilton at Iron City Park, last
• • wor.
pft!zE FIRE Horac.—The silver fire
Min to be presented to the Assistance fire Com
pany of Philadelphia, by the Pennsylvania
State Agricultural Society as a premium for the
best first-class fire engine exhibited at the last
State fair, has been convicted. It was manu
factured by Messrs Wilson & Sons, Philadel
phia,- at a cost of $11.15. It is exquisitely
wrought, handsomely adorned, and altogether
one of the most ornate affairs of the kind that
we have ever seen.- Near the-base is a minia
ture stag,- and in various parts- are stag heads,
put there in consequence of the company being
familiarly known as "the Stag." A heart; one
Of the emblems of the company, stands out
upon'thO side of the horn; and bears the fol
lowing inscription : " Firstoremium, awarded
by the Pennsylvania State Agridultural Society
the Assistance' _Fire Company,. :kr. the, best
tlrit-clais- band-engine, exercised:2at the fair,
held at Poweltkn, September 29, 1859."
.A slccoND balloting for a Democratic candi.
date for Alderman in the Third ward will be
pad: today between the hours' of three and
seven o'clock. We understand that:the rest
of the candidates have withdrawn, leaving a
''clear, field and a free tight" to Messrs. Mc-
Bride and Dean. The contest will be a close
one, we have no doubt. The voting will be
done at Duffy's, on grant street.
XS& KEESEY, wife of the absconding
Washington clergyman, has, with her five
children, returned to her father's house, in
Mifflin county, where they will find a home.
Nothing has been heard from her husband or
his companion.
. .
Lawson's Nervous Curative and Nerve Tonic
--for Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Spinal Dis—
eases, Nervous Headache, Lame Back,
Pleurisy. Tic Douloureux, Toothache,
Chilblains, Chafed Feet, Burns and
I, Leonard Chase, of .Milford, N'ow Hamp
shire, certify that for near two years and one
half previous to the last of August, 1858, I had
been afflicted with neuralgia, which had con
stantly grown more severe, and finally affected
the whole right side. I had consulted some of
the most eminent physicians in New England,
but received from them no permanent relief.
I suffered excruciating pain, and for several
months had not enjoyed a quiet night's sleep.
My 'right arm was nearly paralyzed, and for
many months I could not raise my hand to
my head, or put on or take off my coat or vest
without help. • I could not attend to my busi•
ness, and had well nigh relinquished all hope
of relief. On the first application of the Ner
vous Curative, furnished me by Peter Lawson,
Esq., I experienced immediate relief from
pain, and slept soundly all night. Since that
time I hav3 constantly improved in health
and strength, am now able to attend to my
business, and enjoy quiet sleep. The neuralgic
pains have left me entirely, and my health is
better than it has been for many years.
Leaves. Arrives
9t.10 A. AL 8:15
4:40 P. M. 210 P.M
Milford, N. H., February 19, 1869.
I, Loammi B. Ward. of Milford, New Hamp
shire, certify that my wife, Rachel C. 'Ward,
has been afflicted with neuralgia for more than
fifteen years. At first her teeth and head only
were affected, but in a short time it attacked
her neck and spine, and for more than ten
years has affected her entire body so that she
has been, utterly unable to do any work for a
considerable portion of the time. Up to about
two months ago scarcely a day has passed, for
ten years, when she was not obliged to lie in
bed during a, large part of the time. I con
sulted many physicians, but she never obtained
any relief till about two months ago, when she
commenced applying the Nervous Curative,
furnished by Peter Lawson, Esq. On the sec
ond application, the neuralgic pains entirely
left her, and she has continued to improve
steadily. Her appearance bas changed much
for the better. She is now able to keep about
her work during the entire day, and the pain
has ceased to afflict her.
Milford, N. 11., January 24th, 1859.
This certifies that about eight weeks ago, I
was taken sick with a violent attack of neu
ralgia, from which I suffered the most. excru
tiating pain I ever endured, in my head, face
and neck. For three days and two nights,
during the time of my sickness, I found nei
ther rest nor sleep. I tried several remedies for
neuralgia, but only suffered the more. On the
third night, I was induced by a friend to send
for the Hon. Peter Lawson, having acciden
tally learned that ho had discovered a remedy
for neuralgia. Mr. Lawson sent me a bottle
of hie Nervous Curative. It was applied early
in the evening, according to directions, and in
less than half an hour I was in a profound
sleep, which continued about eight hours.
When I awoke I was much refreshed, and the
pain was nearly gone. La two more applica
tions I was entirely- free from pain, and have
continued so. I have applied it several times,
and it has strengthened my nerves. My health
has much improved, my appetite is good, and
I am now able to attend to my daily busine,s.
I would also state that I have also tried it on
my son George, for neuralgia and nervous
headache, with equal success, and do cheerful
ly recommend it to those catering with neu
ralgia, or any nervous disease., May 6, 1859.
PETER LAW:SON, Esq.—Feeling that it is the
duty of those who have been cured of a pain
ful disease by any new remedy to do all they
can to make the remedy known, I write you
this letter of acknowledgment to me as you
may see fit. I have been many times, with
other members of my family, a sufferer from
neuralgia, and have despaired .of any relief,
when it was my good fortune to, got a bottle of
your Nervous Curative. I found in it instant
relief, after a few applications. Since using it
I have experienced a - freedom from pain, and
an undisturbed sleep. Tcheerflilly'recommend
your Nervous Curative to all Sufferers from
neuralgic attacks in any part of the systoth.
LOWELL, Mass., June 4, 1859.
Ma. LAWSON:—Having been cured by the
use of your Nervous Curative of. a severe at
tack of neuralgia, it becomes my duty to give
my testimony of its efficiency for the benefit
of those similarly afflicted. I had been suffer
ing for four or five months with this painful
disease, and had tried nearly all other reme
dies to urpose, when, with but little ex
pectatio T - applied your Curative.
The benelltted me much, and
having used nearly two bottles of it, lam
restored to my usual health. I hope that all
afflicted with neuralgia will give your Cura
tive a faithfuletrial.
LOWELL,. Mass., 182 Merrimack St,l
January 25, 1859.
PETER Lawsort, Esq.—Mr Dear Sir : I can
not let this opportunity pass without express
ing my gratitude to you for tbe wonderful re
lief I experienced from the use of your Nervous
Curative for my neuralgia, a complaint which
nothing previously tried had relieved. I have
been troubled with neuralgia more or less-for
the last twelve years. When I madethe first ap
plication, five months ago, I must confess I bad
no faith in any remedy. I was suffering with
extreme pain all• over my bogy, myarms being
quite benumbed,and my legs paralyzed so that I
could. not use them. I could not rest or sleep
at all, nor had I been able to sleep for months.
I made the first application in the evening, by
applying your Nervous Curative very freely to
the head and spine, and all parts affected, as
directed. / happy t, inform you that my
first night of sound sleep folloy;od. I slept
eight hours or more. I had triedirvery reme
dy I could hear of and consulted the most em
inent physicians in New England and New
York, but never - found any relief. Three days
before applying your Nervous Curative, I was
given up incurable. At times, for six months
previous to adopting your Nervous Curative,
I was very much troubled with neuralgia on
the brain, so that I was quite insensible at times
and my mind• wandered often. I have had
slight nains at times since my first application,
..hatio my o; ce, and atten. to my
usual, I sleep well, and have a_good appetite.
lam gratefully yours, C. E. LEWIS.
LOWELL, Mass.,June Ist, 1859.
HON. PETER L.A.Nrsor.—Par Sir; It. is with
great pleasure that I inform you that I have
used your Nervous Curative with the most
satisfactory success. I have been tidubled for
some years with a severe pain in my head, so
that at times I was almost incapable of attend
ing to my business. lily using your Curative,
I found almost immediate relief. My wlfe had
been subject to neuralgia in her head and teeth,
so as to deprive her of sleep several nights.
On applying the Curative two or three times,
'she was entirely cured, and has not been
troubled with it.. She has also used it with
like success for the rhetimatism. I world ad
vise all who are allliated, with any of thodis
eases for which the Nervous Curative is recom
mended, to try it immediately, and thereby
avoid much .suffering.
Very respectfully yours,
• BOSTON, May 6th; 185 D.
PETER Liwsoy—Dear Sir : I take very
great pleasure in adding my testimony ip fa
vor of your "Curative;" and shall take equal
pleasure in recommending and dispensing it
among my afflicted friends. Having bean se
verely troubled with neuralgia for three or four
years, I feel competent to judge of ita beneficial
effects; being entirely relieved of all pain by it.
And I am happy to add that I have the moat
perfect 'confidence in its_power to remove net-.
You, affections. -' ' '
LOWELL, Mass., Fob. S. 1859
Yours, most respectfully,
Respectfully yours,
PETER lawso:s—Dear Sir : It is with a sen
sation of pleasure to ourselves and gratitude to
you, that I take my pen to inform you of the
recovery ofmy wife by the use of your "Nervous
Curative." For two and a half years past my
wife has been unable to attend to the family
and household duties, on account of the most
intense suffering from the most agonizing of
all pains arising from neuralgia on the sciatic
nerve. The consequent loss of sleepand debility
rendered her recovery almost hopeless, and no
remedy,proved efficacious, although many of
them had been prescribed by the most eminent
physician in the State. On the recommenda
tion of J. Short, conductor of the Boston and
Lowell Railroad, a bottle your Nervous Cura
tive was forwarded to her by Mr. Leavitt, our
worthy station agent, a few months since, and
applied during one of the severest attacks of
the disease; to our astonishment it afforded al
most immediate relief, and has restored her
from suffering, so that she now enjoys sweet
and refreshing sleep. We have used two bot
tles of it, and still continue to use it, as we find
it strengthens her nerves every day. She now
enjoys better health than she has for years.
We earnestly and most sincerely recommend
your valuable remedy for all afflicted with
nervous diseases, satisfied they will find it such
a blessing as never to be without it, or recom
mending it to their friends We are sincerely
and gratefully yours, L. STRATTON,
NASHUA, N. H., March IL 1839.
PErsa LA WKON, Esq.—Dear Sir: It is with
great pleasure that I inform you that I have
used your Nervous Curative for the cure of
chilblains, and with entire success. I have
been sorely afflicted with them for many years,
and never found any permanent relief till I ap
plied your Nervous Curative, according to di
rections. I also had n very severe attack of
pleurisy, and applied your Nervous Curative,
and it gave me immediate relief. I consider it
one-of the' best remedies I ever used ; and re
commend it most cheerfully to the afflicted.
YoUrs truly, J. B. EATON.
It‘sd-master, Boston and Lowell,
and Nashua and Lowell Railroads.
Nisnue, N. H., March 7, 18: - 4+.
PETER LAtTdON, Esq.—Dear Sir : I have
been very much afflicted with the neuralgia for
the last fifteen years, during which time T have
suffered greatly with it, and have tried many
remedies without receiving any beneert, until I
tried your Nervous Curative for it with entire
success. I received immediate relief after its
application. I most cordially recommend it
to those suffering with this, heretofore, incur
able disease.
I am, 'very respectfully, yours,
PETER Lewsos, Eivq.-I),iar Sir: In reply to
your inquiry whether I can certify to the quali
ties you claim for your Nervous Curative, I
have to say, that in a case of great nervous ex
citement in my family, causeAl by an ulcerated
tooth and consequent absence of sleep, I saw
your Nervous Curative applied with the most
satisfactory effect. The excitement was at once
allayed, and the sufferer soon became composed
in steep. lam yours truly,
Lowell, _Mass., March 9, 1839.
• April ISth, 1859.
ME. PETER LAWSON—Dear Sir: I deem it
an act of gratitude to you and a duty toward
those who are suffering from rwrvoili head
ache or ant• Other nervous ..li4ease to make the
following statement: For the last ten yesrs
my wife has suffered severely from nervous
headache, and has tried many remedies with
out relief, In February last she was advised
by n friend, and at her suggestion I procured
bottle of your Nervous Curative. On the first
application, the pain almost in,t,:trannerlusly
ceased, much to our amazement. She has not
been troubled with nervous headache since,
and by the daily use of your Nervous Curative,
morning, and evening, her nerves have
come quite strong. We have recommended it
to many of our friends, who have used it with
the same happy result. My wife joins me in
recommending it to all who are suffering from
nervous diseases, as we are fully satisfied of ILA
safe properties, its healing influence, and sf its
beneficial effects being immediate
Most respectfully yours,
LoWELL, Mass, March 17, 185:.
PETZII. LAWSON, ESQ.—Dear Sir: It gives
rue great pleasure, at this time, to assure you
of the benefit which I have derived from the
use of your Nervous Curative cure for neural
gia and kindred diseases. For several weeks I
suffered very much from neuralgia, both in Ms'
arms and legs. I was unable to walk, my left
arm bad become nearly paralyzed, and for
many nights I had been deprived of refreshing
sleep. Having made use of various applica
tions without obtaining Mier, I was advised to
try your Nervous Curative, and 1 can now
heartily testify to its worth. On the first appli
cation I experienced relief from pain, so as to
sleep quietly for several hours, and in four
days from the time of my commencing to use
the Nervous Curative, I was able to walk
about the house, and use my arms quite natu
rally. Since then my nerves have continued
to grow stronger. I can now walk easily and
without pain, and can use my arms almost as
well as ever. Hoping that many an afflicted
one, by faithfully using your Nervous Cura
tive, may experience similar effects, and as
suring you . of my continued health,
I remain, most respectfully yours,
BRIGHTON, May 16, 185i1.
PETER LA WHO N, Esq.—My Dear Friend :
On the night of the ldth of October last, I was
attacked with rheumatism, 1 extending along
the spine and between the shoulders. It was
so severe that it was with difficulty I could
sleep upon my bed. Three :days after this I
was attacked with the gout, and seventeen
days after with neuralgia in coy side, which
confined me to the house for more than three
months. When I met you on the 11th day of
April in the Horticultural . Rooms, Roston, it
was with clittictilty and much pain that I could
walk. You told me of your Nervous Curative,
and were kind enough to send rne'e bottle of it
on the 11th day of April. At this time I had
very little faith in any externjil applications,
having tried many linimentsand mixtures
without the least good effect. I made use of
your curative that night, and to my surprise it
gave me groat relief from that time to the
present day. I have used it each night and
found great relief. I would not lie without it.
My business, as you well know, is that of a
nurseryman, and at this season of the year I
constantl ,on my feet, and exposed to the
quiet a few a ;41 . 4 ....11,1n n0 doubt, when I can keep
remedy, I she I be en i ~
a *
ake faithful use of your
feet its (Ray td recommend ilisi c iTr a -J ea . a. i l l
My friends and acquaintances. I have aWerar,l . ,:
done so in several cases, and have invariably
been rewarded by the grateful thanks of the
sufferers. There is no mistake about it; you
have certainly discovered a relief for rheurna•
tism and neuralgia, and it will afford mo plea
sure to explain more fully the relief I have ob
tained to any ono who will call at my house.
Most truly and gratefully yours,
Nurseries and Gardens, Brighton, Mass.
P . ET.ER Lsweox, Esq.—Dear Sir: I would
here state that Mrs. NanCY G. Adams, (my
wife,) has suffered intensely from neuralgia in
different parts of- her body, for the last four
years.. She,was affected to the extent that she
could. not ran or sleep day or right, until abOut
two months ago, when she applied your Ner
vous Ciirative;sna by usibg it a few times, the
neuralgia left her, and she has not been trou
bled with it since, and now enjoys perfect
health. And about the same time I got up one
morning with a severe pain in my shoulder.
It was so lame that I could with difficulty raise
my hand to my bead. I rubbed on the Cura
tive, and in balf an hour the pain was all gone,
and has not troubled me since. The Nervous
Curative, we• cheerfully recommend to all
troubled with like diseases, and we are happy
that you have been so fortunate as to discover
a sure remedy for that heretofore incurable dis
ease. riettralgia. Yours truly, _ .
• • • - - CYRUS P: ADAMS.
Lewes; April 11th, 1859.
MILFORD, N. N„ March 4, 1859.
I, Jane B. Thompson, of Milford, N. H.,
certify that I had chilblains very severely
about five weeks ago; that on one application
A. 1.1
of Mr. Lawson's News Curative they were
cured and have remain so . .
MILFORD, N. 114 March 19th, 1859.
I, James Pearion, of Milford, N. H., certify
that I have generally suffered in the winter
time from chilblains. I had them badly this
winter, and applied Mr. Lawson's Nervous
Curative, which removed the disease entirely,
in a very few applications.
MlLFortn, N. H. March 16, 1869.
I, Edwin S. Trow, of Milford, N. H, certify
that my mother, widow Sarah Trow—who has
for many years been afflicted with neuralgia—
being attacked by severe neuralgic pains while
on a visit to me last September, was induced to
try some of Mr. Lawson's Nervous Curative.
The first application produced immediate relief
from pain, and while she remained with me,
(some more than three weeks after,) she did not
suffer from neuralgia.
_ _
MILFORD, N. IL, February 28, 1859.
1, Abel A. Lovejoy, of Milford, N.ll, cer
tify that my wifo, Mary Jane Lovejoy, has
been subject to frequent and severe attacks of
neuralgia for the last fifteen years. About
two months ago, she had 'a very severe attack,
and was advised by a neighbor to try M. 7. Law
son's Nervous Curative.
,The first application
gave her relief from pain. She has not used
the Curative since, but only some four or five
times when she had neuralgic pains, and it has
never failed to give almost instantaneous relief.
NASHUA.. N. 11., March 18th, 18:5!1.
Ma. LAwsos—Dear Sir: I have to express
my gratitude to you for a bottle of your Nerv
ous Curative. My wife has been suffering for the
la-t three years front a bad shoulder, which has
been very painful—so much so, that she could
not sleep nights, nor attend to her household du
ties during the day, but since using the Nerv
ous Curative she has been perfectly free from
pain, and is now able to attend to her family as
usual. We have used it in our house for
tes and chilblains, with perfect success
in releaving us from pain.
Yours, truly, ALMON WOOD.
WILTON, N 11 March :Ist. ItA3:l
This is to certify that my wife has been
afflicted with neuralgia for several years and
never got any satisfactory relief, until three
weeks ago, when I bought a bottle of Mr.
Lawson's Nervous Curative. After one ap
plication the pain ceased, and 61 . y has had only
a slight return of the pain, so slight that she
did not think it worth while to apply the med
icine. I can cheerfully recommend this truly
wonderful medicine, to all who are similarly
afflicted. I bought it of Ferdinand S. Hutch
inson, at East Wilton, who is agent for it , sale.
.11mrcian, N. IL, April 5, 1859.
PFTER LAWSON, am truly and sin
cerely hap py to inform you that we daughter,
Florence jann Thompion, nine years old, has
quite recovered her health. She has been
severely afflicted. with pains in the book, be
tween her shoulders, in the head and leg!,
nearly all the past winter. 1 was persuaded
py a friend to tryvour Nervous Curative to alle
viate. her pains. - procured a bottle and a e...d it
very freely, according to your printed direc
tions, and 1 am most happy 1,) state it did erad
icate an, pain entirely by a few applications.
She is now able to attend school as usual, and
is free from all pain, and I do roost cheerfully
and earnestly recommend its use to all families
where there are children suffering from pain
I am nimt respectfully yours.
MR. M. I'. AlliON, Agent, Concord, New
Ilamp9hire—Yity tather has used the bottle of
Lawaon's Curative whip h you sent him, and 1
am happy to add it he. done him a great deal
of good.
Will you have the goodric3s to send him
two bottlee more, by ex pre,is, at your carliett
convenience. The:expresa agent will lay you
for it.
Yours truly,
EAST BOSTON. A117,0F1. '22, 1K59.
'PETER LAWSON, K . N.-DCll,i fir: The bot
tle of your Nervous Curative which you so
kindly sent me, has fairly put me on my feet
again, for which I beg to return you my best
I had been for some days suttering greatly
from rheumatism in my left leg, particularly
the knee, so much so that I could not move
without assistance, and when changin,,,— my
position had to hare the leg lifted or sot down.
1 had also been unable to get any sleep for
6eceral nights„ when on TUPAIIy last you gave
me the bottle of your Nervous Curative; and
although the limb was so sure that I could not
bear any pressure. still, after the first applica
tion, I slept nundly, and the next morning
could bear to have it (thy 1i,1,7) well rubbed.
I have continued to improve since, and, I
am happy to say, am now able to resume my
I am determittki never to be without a bot
tle of your Nervous Cdrative"with me: and I
ball take care to keep my tamily in England
supplied with it also, that they may enjoy its
benetita as well as myself.
With every feeling of gratitude for your in
estimable discovery,
Believe me faithfully yours,
Second Officer Steamship ''Arabia."
Tomi:.--Sonie months since the proprietor of
this preparation discovered the wonderful
properties of the Ingredients of which it is
combined, in suitable proportions. The al
most instantaneous zeliet it afforded in nervous
affections induced him to place it in the hands
of his friends and neighbors, of this city, who
were . thus afflicted, whether it . assumed, the
type of - nduralgia or othdr mid inciter forms of
I the same nervous affection. The results were
surprising, and through their representations,
Mr. Lawson has been induced to offer the Cu
rative to the public. That it possesses an effi
ciency greatly superior to any other prepara
tion for the same purpose, with which we are
acquainted, we can testify from actual observa
tion. We have witnessed the effect it has
produced in effecting permanent cures of this
terrible disease. We know instances where
individuals, for years afflicted, have been per
manently restored to health by its use. This
information is "equally shared by the commu
nity around us. The parties Nyho have been
thus befiffillted, are well known as among the
most respectable of our citizens. They will be
in moat cases the readers of this article, and will
testify to the correctness of our statements.
' -33. 1 . , Lawson, the proprietor, has for many
years Dow.,
our among us, and is known
as one of our most "promk,..-.....,. t b us in e s s men.
His references to the value of his Nu, - .-nue Cu
rativo are also persons well known to us cit
izens of standing and integrity, in who u
statements implicit confidence may be placed,
and their testimony may be, talt,,m as conclu
sive evidence cf the estimation in which Mr.
Lawson's rereedris held at home. Here, it
hits already attained that position that needs
no recommendation. Having stood the test of
trial here, wo can with safety, and do, recom
mend with entire confidence its use elsewhere,
by all who may be in any manner afflicted
with any ffirm of nervous disease, as the most
efficacious yemedy, of which we hay°. .any
knoWledge.—Lowelt belly Journal and Cour
ier, June .17, 1859.
Sold by Goorge Royser, Druggist, No
140 Wooci etreet, Pittsburgh, Pa.
TAKEN BACK.—Wise, the supposed horse
thief, from Huntingdon, Perry county, was
taken back on Saturday by the Sheriff of that
county. Ho will be held for trial, and we are
informed there are several charges against him,
on which ho will most probably be sent to the
4 .6D,DITTED TO THZ BAR.—On Saturday, on
motion of Thomas M. Marshill, Esq.; JiklAn J.
Case was admitted to practice in the Courts of
Oyer and Terminer, Quarter. Sessions, Coramor i
Please and Orphans' Court of.thilcooty:'
ASSAULTS —On Saturday Alderman Rogers
committed Francis Fitzsimmons to jail for
trial on a charge of assault and battery, pre
ferred by Richard Carr.
mines Mullen and James M'Clatchey were
also held in $3OO each, to answer a charge of
assault and battery on Peter Kuntzler, alleged
to have been perpetrated on Pennsylvania
avenue on Saturday. The information was
made before Alderman Lewis.
THE Pennsylvania canal has donera fine
iness the present s on. The receipts at the
Junction, alone, a . ve Harrisburg, amount to
513,000, find may each $lOO,OOO before navi
gation closes. The "West Branch and Susque.
henna canal company are making arrange
ments for improving their canal. Itisdesign
ed to make it as deep and wide as the Penn
sylvania canal, so that the largest boats can
—Alderman Lewis, on Friday, committed to
jail Mary Somerville alias Mcßride, on two
charges, preferred by Lowry West, ono for
selling liquor on Sunday and one for selling
without license. Defendant keeps a tavern
near the City Poor Farm, and West alleges
that sho persisted in selling, though frequently
EDWIN S. now
IS IT TRUE ?—A rumor was in circulation
on Saturday, of which we heard no confirma
tion, that one of the crow of a coal boat, in
chargo of Maxwell Cornelius, pilot, which left
during the early part of the week, had been
killed on the downward trip, by tha parting of
a cable. Wo did not bear the name, but
Yearned he resided in Allegheny.
Wm" the exception of a single matter. no
ticed elsewhere, the business in our County
Courts on Saturday was unimportant, consist
ing of a few motion's in the Common Pleas
and Orphans' Courts.
TIIE BENCH.—Judge Mellon presided
with Judge M'Cluro in the Court of Quarter
Sessions and Common Pleas on Saturday for
tho.first time.
thbrrucr I 'num—fiefornl;40 , 4 Hampton and
In the 'velment else lech, 1059.
of Mxell rk...Slr,ount e.
the Jury fo , und a verdict for the a pl w an:l6ff with rents
darnugov and six (tents costs, the plan:aid - not to take
po,tession of the Property ortul the payment of f 291:,.
due one of defendant,
A. FAIINEEI , Co A C 023 Penn Wmze Loan.—The city
of 'hushingh has always been noted for the excellence
and parity of its manufacture of white lead. For many
years it has been one of our leading tnanufacturing
products. one of the eldest establishment, in the city,
that of Messrs. 11. A. Fahnestock A Co. has always been
celebrated for the pure and unexcelled quality of its
white lead. For nearly sixteen years they hare been
engaged in the business. and during that period can
make their beast that they hare never placed their
name en u keg of white lead that eentained any other
articles than MI and lead. Their manufacture has been
analysed by competent chemists in dithircut cities o r
the country, and they hare invariably given their verdict
that it is pure carbonate of lead and linseed oil. Their
lead is not only strictly pure, but is remarkable for its
fineness and whiteness. The best judge, of the articles
hare pronounced It. A. Fahneatock's white teal without
a supormr in this or any other market_ WO refer to our
advertising columns for some notices of this article.
,lilts. \Val hrs.—This lady played the ' , art of Marina,
in the e 1 iticheas of Main," on Saturday evening, to a
good house, sustaining in her admirable acting. the high
reputation she has gained, end to which she is well en.
Mind. The piece ivnt, well played throughout, and the
audience were troll pleased. To-night this,rea/ly emi
nent redress will repent her greal. character of Meg Mor
rie,. in the play of Oily Mannering. per rendenng of
flits 4 . ..11414•1t'r un Friday night Vrf. each a It) Convint! ,
all thst she is ail that has been claimed for her as an ac
tress. The drama et the WrOck Ashore wilt c.inclnife
the entertainment, and to all who wish to spend - an
evening in real-en j oyment, we nay
Uovrrll.ox.---We 11:tvt• ree,lve v i from the pub'
(' Brain, a ,opy of hi+ nr.w deA,rintive•—
buok of the l'lttyburgh. Fort Wayne and Clot-ago Rail
d:oinprt-Jog a domenption of the towns, 4Latione•
country. and hnportanc w0rk , ..,0 the lino of tho road'
•ketvh,e. of l'lttsnurgh and Chi - eaq". Vol Wo.tona eon
net•tiono road, and . tle r rrd..utaton n Q Liable. to
traveler.. to whom it .1111.- a u,ofnl C0111p..1141 . 011T1 of
tnfortnation, omen mg flit a•. - 1 4 -d.tatlsti,.. my a cheap,
f , rnra,-t and xnraotirn (unit.
rnax:r or
TIML.-1 lie new time talk of the Or, eland
Pitt.bergh Railroad goes into operation
The morning express for Cleveland, will leare at 2.001.
and the afternoon expree. Sro sant.. place at 1:55 P.
M. Two daily train. for Coltimblei, Cincinnati and St.
Louie. at the hours above mimed. The morning ex.
prem. for Wheeling loofas at 1100 A. M.: the mail train
nt 6. , ) A M., end the afternoon exprea. at 1:55 P. M.
Noern Herren
Hu - ay.—This standard quarterly fey
Noveints , r. Leonard :Scott 1 co.'s re-publication, 1< at
lambi. It l!OtIta111% a dozen readable and interesting iv
bole., on lit e Kul,eet. Among (twin are two trotthy of
specisl attention. one on Canning and hi. Times, and
one on Libraries. Tho book Is for sale at Hunt * Muter's.
If rca'a Claw—That much talked of hook, or at least
a compendium of it, it for cal,' Ly John W. Tice.•':, at
Dave. k Rook Store.
31ECHANIC8' Institution,
the want of which has been so Inn:: felt by our citizens
is now open. under the superintendence of Messrs
Jackman A Johnson, to the Lafayette 13uilding. En
trance, ES Wood street. It is designed for the perpt-tiutl
exhihition of the products of Mechanics, Idanufactus
rots, Inventor•, and Artisans; and as a place of resort
for those seeking information relative to those branches
of industry, either by examination of samples or
scientific publications. Those haring articles to bring
before the public will find it greatly to their advantage to
leave samples.
Q' The public are respectfully invited to visit the
mail lute.
H.EATINO fly STE.AM.—As a tostimonial of
the workmanlike manner, perfect action r their self
regulating machines, malty, er,monly in fuel, and the
Mile attention necessary to keep esch room comfortable,
toe give this certificate to Me,rs. Pavia and Phillips,
surcesaors to Phillip, A co., for their plan of heating
atc.arn the Second - Ward Public Schoola in the city of
Pittaburgh, 'and which has met our approval, and we
would recommend them to the public to give entire
aatiefactiou of heating by steam.
R. Miller, Jr, John Marahall, Jr, M. Ticfle, George
Wilson, John Wilson, L. Wilcox, Directors.
Steam Healing, Gas Fttting, Piumbuig stui Braes Founders,
Deniers in eresysiescrtption of Gets Futures awl Pumps
No. 67 Wood and 145 First street, OttsLurgli.
Pitt gtrs?t, Pittsburgh.
A—an for tho scs,on, I urn now prepared to ftirninn my
custotnern with a
In addition to my regular brands, I am manufactur
mg a very FINE FLAVORED BITTER ALE. put up in
small packages expressly for family use.
This Ale is not only a delightful beverage, but is highly
recommended b the inedie .Ifaculty, for invalids, where
a mild, nourishing tonic is required. I have also my
Constantly on hand, consisting of. KENNETT BITTER
Packages moot to any pact of tho city. augll;fai
"13‘L. EISNER,
No. 114 Cor. 'od and Firth Streets,
COATS use to soil at • 0 10,00 for $ 0.25
Frock. Dress Cloth, fine, uso to Bell at.- i 'OO for 10,00
First Quality Cloth, " ' ff 18,00 rf.r 12,00
Week Cloth Pants, " 5,00 for 4, .' Z
uperfine) " 6.00 for
Cassimere suits made to order. " . 25,00 for 1 4 '8,0 00 0 -•
• Also, Satin, Plush;Sille and Cloth Vests, • 1:41i ..,,
At very low prices.. The above is the Cash Price, andby here, has
refomng to this advertisement, the above prices will be 010 claims of Irrm.
Strictly adhered to .:
' . °e l l Ltielfon
dency. A number of th,
Convention have' withdrawn,
Convention' is'iire;gl4t= and uhatithefi.
meat of
DYE STUFFS, HURNIDIGILUIDS, ands select ansort-
PEraFtriSZCZ,R,I3E3S- j
Map, a general asaorttnant of
11..41ifitiarlir, 31. D.
amponadad. • I a/ • '
afoz . • rEzn4i:t.,A.p.l-1.
WA-SHINCiTON CITY, December 10.—The
Senate was not in session to-day.
HOUSE.—Mr. Hickman, of Pennsylvania,
moved an amendment to the' journal, as no
mention had been made therein of his resolu
tion for the adoption of the plurality rule.-
The Clerk said that the resolution was merely
mado for information.
Mr. Hickman insisted that he had the right
to offer the resolution, which took precedence
of all other questions. He asked for a decision
of the question.
Mr. Grow, of Pennsylvania, wed Mr. Wash
borne, of Maine,: contended that Mr. Hick
man had the right to introduce the resolu
Mr. Houston, of Alabama, took the opposite
side of the argument.
Mr. Stanton, of Ohio, said that even -if he
should yield the floor, to which ho was entitled,
the resolution could not be entertained now, as
other questions were pending.
Mr. 'Hickman replied that the remark did
not apply to him. - He should vote for a Re
publican in preference to any gentleman who
sustains this administration. (Applause on the
Republican side, intermingled with hisses from
the other side.)
Mr. Reagan said that nobody doubted that
the gentleman would vote for the Republicans
and against a Democrat. Ho repeated that the
object of this unlawful' attempt to act upon
that resolution, was to shield gentlemen from
the responsibility of doing indirectly what they
would not do directly.
Mr. Reagan, of Texas, took occasion to say
that the pluraTV resolution was designed to
enable men to vonx-Indirectly for a Black Re
publican, when they - 1 , 7 4 0 t Id \ not come up like
men, and vote directly for sucks nominee.
Mr. Hickman—l have never nqnceded any,.
where what my ultimate action would be. I
prefer the election of a sound Democrat; by
that I mean a Democrat opposed to this Ad
ministration—an an ti-Lecompton Democrat—
I have endeavored for a week to elect such a
man, but I am beginning to fear that I shall be
unable to consummate that work. I believe that
either a friend of the Administration nr a Re
publican is ultimately to be elected Speaker.—
' am frank to say, in that event, I have decided
on the choice of the latter. I have offered
this resolution for the purpose of .reaching an
organization. If the Administration party
succeed, I trust 1 shall submit in becoming
spirit, lam perfectly willing that every man
in the country should know my views. Let
the motion to amend the journal bo put to the
House to decide.
Wm. Smith, of Virginia, said that the mo
tion was unnecessary in his view of the sub
ject. If the gentleman means to vote for the
Republican nominee, he and those thinking
with him can do so, and thus ends the ques
tion. Nu man who has witnessed that gentle
man's course for the last two years could doubt
that he would at last land in the Republican
ranks. Ho says he wants a sound Democrat
elected, and yet will vote with the Republi
cans. Who does he fool by such a doctrine as
that" The members of the Democratic party
are here to perform a high and holy duty to
their country. I want him to be understood
as a Bieck Republican, who only takes the
name of Democrat for the purpose of hood
winkinti and misleading. Let me ask him,
would he vote for Mr. Bocrick to-day if he
would rise and say that he was opposed to the
Mr. Rickman frankly and unequivocably
replied that he would not, because Mr. Bo
cock sustained the Administration in every
thing it has done, and he, Mr. Hickman, was
nut a believer in eleventh hour repentance.
(Laughter.) Be would continue to regard
himself as a Democrat, notwithstanding the
remarks of the gentleman from Virginia. It
is a question that will be decided by the whole
country whether James Buchanan, or those
who hold to the sentiments of the Cincinnati
platform in its integrity, embody the Demo
cratic sentiment.
A lengthy discussion ensued between Messrs.
Horace F. Clark of N. Y., and William
Smith, of Va., on political principles.
In answer to an inquiry put by Mr. Clark,
whether Mr. Smith would deem it as good
ground far a dissolution of the Union, if he
should find the people of the North combined
hs a sectionalparty against the South, Mr.
Smith replied that whenever the combination
of a majority is formed for the purpose of war
ring on the constitutional rights of
_any section
of the Union, lam out. LApplause.]
Mr. Clark.--So a.m.!, Sir; but you have not
answered my question.
Mr. Smith said ho would not undertake to
say if any particular man should be elected
President ho would initmediattdy favor a disso
lution of the Union. "Sulacient for the day is
tho evil thereof."
Mr. Clu7ry,. of Alabama, made a lengthy
speech on abolitionism, in which ho referred
to the law in some of the States, giving negroes
the right of suffrage to the operation of the
underground railroad, and to the frequent re
sistance of the fugitive slave law, and argued'
that the South had got reason to be under ap
prehension. He flaked if yen had the power
of the government to abolish slavery, and ren
der slave property insecure, would you do it?
Mr. Kilgore, of Indiana, Ropublican,-Islo,
not in the Southern States.
Mr. Curry—Why, in the free States,no leggy
islation would bo necessary on the subject, but
you would gradually narrow and limit our
ground until all would have to flee from the
country of our occupancy and residence. He
referred to the 'Union Meetings of the North,
Which he like ned,to the song of the circe, lulling
the South into security. If they were in ear
nest let them give the South 'something prac
tice', by repealing their personal liheity bills,
/..4cas corpus and mandamus acts, executing
the fugitive slave law by opening their prisons
for the safe keeping of runaway slaves, revis
ing their contributions for, the circulation of
incendiary pamphlets, and turn out of COngress
the men who insult and stigmatize the South.
If. said he, the Demi.crata and our American
friends should not be able to interfere for the
security of the South and the protection of the
Constitution, I :Ehall, counsel the people of
my State to offer most effectual resistance, and
shall urge, them to fling themselves back on
their renewed rights, and upon the inalienable
sovereignty of 'the State to which I owe my
first And last allegiance. (Applause from the
Democratic benches and galleries.)
Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois—l would do an in
sult to my feelings and sense of propriety, if I
did not take the earliest opportunity to make
an apology to this House for the much to be
regretted Occurrence which took place'in the
hall yesterday; it was an offense to its dignity;
a breach of its harmony and decorum, and for
it I tender to this body my regrets and apology.
Mr. Logan-,,After what has been said by
my worthy colleague, I conceive it to be my
duty to.say to this House that if, in the excite
ment of yesterday, I violated any of the rules.
of this House, or its decorum, I regret it very
much,' and hope it will not tend' t) mar any of
my relations with the meruhers Of this House.
Mr. John 'Cochiane---After this restoration
of the entenfy coi - dial; I move that the House do
now . adjourn. Carried by a vote of one hun
dred and twelve to 'one hundred and eight.
The House adjourned at a quarter past three
o'clock P. M. • • •
Dentoeratio Steto Convention.
Airitsnotviiiv, Ga., December 10.—The
atic State Convention, - now in session
- - ted a resolution recommending
4 . Cobb for the Pratt
.hmombers of
- -I •..
SMELTING ly o itacic• --
PARK, llllCUitliar
, CO, • • ••
AirararACTUREl3.5 OF su,}antsTG,
.4.1 j Biamers' and Bolt Copier, Presed Copper Bot
toms, Itarsid Et3ll - Theletornillapelrer &Meer, La, also im
porters and - dealers- in' Metals. Tm Sheet Iron,
Wirer *c Conatankly, on /mud, Thuustes •es sad
Tools. Wareh h ouse, NO: l4 9"Pirst, and 124 Seconitekeeta t
Pittsburg, Ps.,
eft orders Colaiu;ont
fired pattern
&portal Ba-presety for the DiuZy . 3fornifig /tit
Pmfmcsoa, December 79, 1859.
Flotur...No transactions frEtn first hands. :"From
store, 670 bbls. sold at 15,15® ~20 for superfine; $5.40C.
$ 5 , 5 0 for extra, and $5,75®59,00 fur extra fiunily.
Grain...Warer—,Sales 125 bush white, from store, at
.1,1,12. Oars-75 bush, from first hands, at Itio: - Sribush .
do, from store, at 60e. ' • - •
liar—Sales 9 loads from scales at $l9 V ton.
Unekwheat Flour... Sales 40 sacks, from store,
at $ 2 ,09 VlOO IDs. -
= Sugar.... Sales fo hhds N. 0. at 8,7,!,e.. ID.; 15 bbia. - do
at tiq 10 bbls. IsliadatB)4. - • • • -
Ilia/asses...Sales 35 bbls. (new) N. 0.,ht,50e It gal.;
Syrup-Sales W bbls., 131timore. at 48c..0 gal.; 6 bbls
Philadelphia, at 53C: : • '
Coffee...ages /25 sacks 12) . 0. V lb. 1 .
Rice.-Sales 15 bbls., at - 5 34e^
Butter-Sides 5 bbls. 11,111 at 17c "f
Eggs-Sales 2 bblst. packed at . 17e. V doz.
011 boxes W. R.. at /OM .
Bewaza-Sales 50 bush.- BM6II white,6l4/P-
Apples-Sales 55 bbls. at
,82,f.'.5.g2,37 bl.l.
See d..... Sales 18 bush. Flax at 81,12 V bush.
nags -Sales 2R, tonsinitell at 3.31 e. •
HOWI.-Sales 30 head; dressed, at 5y,,c.
011-Sales 20 bbls, Lard No. 1 at
Soap... Sales 20 boxes Rosin at 55.
Candilea...sales 22 boxes Mould,, at 13e.
Broonts-Salei 30 doz. at $1,75(t82,75.
Itosbx...Sales 130 bbls. N0..1 at $3,37.
Whisky-Sales 35 bbls Raab [e( . l at tlc. .
New Yerk Market.
New Your., December 10.—Cotton 'firm; _sales 1,000
bales. Flour heavy; sales' 11,000 bbts; Ohio at 01,70@,6,00;
State and Southern unchanged. 'Wheat quiet; 600 hush.
sold; Milwaukie Club $1.20. Corn firm; sales 8,500 bush.
old white at oem new yellow Sri and SSc. Fork steady at
$16,37@10,50 for Mess, and $16,60 , for prime. Sugar firm;
sales 4,000 bozos at 7c. Coffee - steady. Mol .risses on
changed, at 50§51e. .Bacon steady; -sales-000 hsa..Curn
berland Middles of 814 c, and long - robbed: - deliverable
within three months, at Oct. Dressed Hogs firm at 7V . ,(3i
73gc. Linseed Oil is ingood demand at 65(4,50C. Hides
heavy; Buenos Ayres .M3Agi•ac. : Tallow quiet at 10Y.H
10%e. Freights on_Gram to Liverpool
Cincinnati Market.
Cismsxer, December 10.--Elogs, at the Close of the
market, presented a drooping tendency; sales 5000 head
at $6,1506.50. Mont quiet and less buoyanU sales 900
bb s. at $5,25 for superfine, and $5,40 for extra s i ucrflne.
Whisky active at 22e. Sugar active. and N: 0. re. high
er; pales at BX@,,S%c. MoLasses sold at 42e., sva
ing demand. Coffee unchanged: Cbrn advanced; sales
at ale. Wheat; white $145@1,* prime red $14.9®1p).
Weather clear and warmer.
F 0 R
Inventor, of Pittsburgh, Pa, June it1i,18,19, is now
introduced to the public, and commends itself for- the
following advantages:—lts simplicity, durability, utility
cheapness and excellence of work... Its superiority in
• .
other Machines. consis
Frasr, That it is provided with an apparatus by wi ich
the edging of the Shingle in performed by the saw which
cuts it, and which is a9AVIIhG OF .FROM
SZOOND, By the means of two treadles, the block when
placed on the Machine is adjusted in any position- tho
operator may desire, by which there Ma SAVING of
Twenty Per Cent. of Timber.
The lifiehine will also erd Veneering, Looking Giros
Backe, Barrel Heads, cignr Bnsee On. - .
The iron City , Machine
Can bo furnished complete f0r . 51.50,.by the manufq,
turer in thii city; Mr. S. S. FOWLEZ and can be seen
in operation at the, Planing Mill of M_
r. W. DilunOir; cor
ner of Seventh and Grant streets
. •-•
Tho inventerand patentee will disppseef County, State
and Territory Rights for the sale agd meet' the I\fachtne,
on very moderate ter-..Perao dea* . ir . cda'oftilieating,
bannotlinda better apoottonity tbotctherfregest
sir Call and azunine the „Machine. oer&daw
ll • cI.i.J.LPS.--&,:'€...0.,
, .
No. 133. Woad :Steetii,"
TENBIVE and Well selected -EAL/t and WINTER,
etoek of . _
BOOTS'; hanl),.,.zKEp.
Of le 14test,sii . 4 In' og aEthi ona
TheY PrOFtered to offer.-e
over Corr, theaergeet
X"r 4 M 4 . • -
No. 480,TP