The Pittsburgh post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1859-1864, December 02, 1859, Image 1

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',' : p:.,.. . •:^ -..,.:;". •';.. • . •t,
.7 :- ':. ";•,'-,•• w i." ; ; I,P
4-•,-,,,,"=• ,'; ~..z.,•„-..!...'.0,,,:•,,,•••••., , • .. `:,.
~,-.•` • -'•• •'-:.' '•'' r ~' ..-•,` '". .
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;,-a4•• ••,, Z . 4 , .;: =,:-, ~.1.4
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='!'-';".",7,..,-,:;-,-..--.--;.•.,, .'; ...- - .<'!:!-4 :,- ":".:. '- -, : - '".
L.-L,'..,, 4 . - :._•,...;::-.,,.,4.4 ;4 - ::..,„.„ , .1- ,-: .;... -.- ..:,.4.11.i.
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the Pail!) lioot.
'naval—Daily; Five Dollars per year, sitnetly in ad
sauces. 'Weekly. Single sniosertptiona 'Two Dol
. lan per year; in Clubs of the, One Dollar.
Departure and Arrival of Passenger
. Trains. .
'./NtleDurgh,Rot Wayne and Chicago Railroad.
(Prom corner of Liberty and Grant streets, Pittsburgh.)
Letives. Arrives.
Mail' and ' , lx:press Train 1:50 A. M. 3:W. M.
Express Train... 1:45 P.M. 210 A. M.
(From' Federal Street Station; Allegheny, for New
-- _—__ .—. ....
First Train.—
Second Trani
. ,
. _
Pennsylvania' Railroad.
(Prom corner of Liberty and Grant streets.) '
- • • - Ler.ves. Arrives.
Empress Train ............ 4:40 P. M. 1:40 P. M.
Mail " .- 5:50 A. M. 1:15 A. M.
Past Line -' 2:50 A. M. 1:45 - A. M.
Johnstown Aceommodatiori-.... 3:05 P. M. 11:00 A. M.
First Tprtle Creek". .......:11,t) A. 1.. 0:50 A. M.
Bscond " " " ...... 4:05 P. M. 1:10 P.M.
Third , " ". " ...... 6:W P. M. 0:10 P. M.
Pittshurgh and Wand/stalk Railroad. •
(From Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arnves.
7:00 A. M. 6:15 P. ill
4,30 P. M 8:15 A. 51
.. : . . . .
_Express Train...
We understand tgat the agent of this
lar and talented troupe is in this city, making
arrangements for a series of performances.
Every true lover of good music will be delight
ed to hear them once more. Since their last
visit they have been traveling through the
Western States and Canada; every where they
have met with great success, and are universal
ly admitted to be the strongeSt and bhst appoint
ed English ,Troupe now on this continent. -
Mir. Cooper carm to this country unannounc
ed, and has disdained to employ the puffing
system so commonly adopted. As a violinist
he is unsurpassed - In the quality of his tone and
rapidity of execution, while, as an artiste
no living man has enjoyed a tithe of the-expe
rience' he has had, while solo-violinist to the
Queen; leader of all the renowned societies of
London, at Drury Lane Theatre, and soloist
with Jenny Lind.
The Prima Donna of the Troupe, Miss
Annie Milner, who is young and fresh, has an
established reputation in England. Her edu
cation was commenced under Lady. Lennox,
celebrateras one of the first of opera singers,
and. completed by long training under the di
rection of Mr. Cooper.
, Besides these two great stars, this troupecon
tains an array of talent seldom embodied in
one company. Mr. - A.ynsley_ Cook, a very
fine baritone, was educated in ,Germany ; he
always gives great satisfaction to his audience,
and is afirst‘elass actor, both in tragedy and
comedy ;..tomn of hischaractes4.l,4: so by g •
tained, th a frequently been styled
secon. Segnin. Mr. Eudolphscn is an equally
goodastiat; and all his acting is in perfect taste,
he Is most useful either on the stage or in the or
chestra. -
Mr. Bowler, the solo tenor, has less reputa
tion than the others, but if he is a second
clasaahlger, he is a first class actor, young and
enterpitsing, and will, withoutdoubt, work his
way up . to :fame. Min Payne, the second so
prano, tea very correct singer, and some of her
characters, as the Gipsy Queen, are exceedingly
fine delineations. Since the troupe were here
last, some changes for the better have been
made in the chorus, and an orchenra has been
added; which will give guiditional attraction to
their peformances.
We understand it is the intention of the
- Troupe - Ea` given grand performance in the -
Roman. Catholic Cathedral some time during
the New Year's holidays, for the benefit of the
Mercy , Hospital. They will be assisted by a
large number of our first amateurs, both Cath
olic and Protestant. The performance will
Consist of choice selections from "Stabat Ma
ter" "The Creation' and "The Messiah." ft
will be one of the richest treats ever offered in
this place, and will doubtless render the Troupe
still more popular.
. • , i
~_., 3 .r
Baowsc Famtv . .—To-day will probably be
rendered,- as o,mtwattomie or' " 13rown 'Fri
day," as this is the day on which, as all the
world knows, he is to suffer the penalty of his
rashness. A meeting of colored citizens, held
last evening, indicates that he has sympathizers
here, as they resolved to close their places of
business during the day, passed resolutions ap
proving of his course and placing him in the
mit of hcMori, agreed to take up a collection for
his family, in the African M. E. Church this
evening, where a prayer, meeting will beheld,
and set apart the 2d of December, for all future
time, as a day of humiliation and prayer—thus
effectually canonizing the erratic Brown. An
"Anti-Slavery Prayer Meeting" is also an
nouneed' fort en o'clock to-day, at the Wesleyan
Church on Wylie street,at which the " friends
of freedom,"-are invited to be present and pray
for the Martyr. A collection will also be taken
up for the benefit of his family in this church.
We have heard of no other public demonstra
tions of sympathy.
~ ~ C
~~ a t.
Brighton and Wity Stations.)
Leaves.. Arrives
9:40 A. M. . 8:15 A. M
4,10 P. M. 140 P. M
The Cooper Opera Troupe
know that the books sold by Mr. Clark, at
the Gift Book Store, No. 62 Market street, are
better than those sold by other booksellers, but
we do know that he is selling them very rap
idly, being obliged to make constant additions
to his stock. Gifts, "rich and rare," continue
to be dispensed with a - liberal band, and this
aceceints for the large business done there, the
prospect of a valuable present being a great in
ducement to purchaie - there. Mr. G. W. Ber
ger purchased a book of Mr. Clark yesterday,
and received with it - an elegant set of silver
spoons, worth four times the investment, and
so it goes. Every' day some one gets some
thins nice, and as all stand equal chances, we
advise each of onr readers to try their luck in
this "wheel of fortune." .
..kisoTroza OIL WELL.—The Kittanning
Democrat announces the discovery of an oil
Well near that place, in Armstrong county,
thus: "Hamilton McClintock has discovered
oil at a depth of forty feet, on hi's farm two
miles abtive the mouth of Oil Creek. He will
have a pump in operation In a few days. E.
Vans has clears& 'oat au old•salt well, sunk
agb, — at Horsecreek Furnace - , on
the Allegheny, and, ifter boring's, short dis
tance: ha.s. as is thought, found abundance of
eease. fle has gone tbPittiburgh for the fix
tures. The Company in this place are pre
pmsing finely with their operations. They
have every prospect of achieving success - in
their enterprise." •
ItitnOwir Firm A.;Weaosr.--On Wednesday
afternoon, while A. B Stevenson, Daniel
Wikeley and Jacob Young, late keeper of Bed
ford Hall, Birmingham, were riding along the
Brownsville road,,on a wagon load of lumber,
the horses became frightened, and all three
Were thrpwn off, Young fell under the wheels,
which• passed over' him, - breaking the left leg
below the knee, and the right near the ankle.
He was taken home, where Drs. Walters and
Millar - dressed his wounds t which are very se
rious, and will incapacitate hid': froth attend
ing to his business for. some, time. :ilia core
pardons escaped with a few bruises.
Homicrok.--A young man named 'EdWard
S. Campbell was killed, at Lehigh Gap, -on
Monday morning last, by a lock tender on the
-Lehigh. canal,- narned.,Jacob Whostley. It
seems that Campbell, in running his bpatr,up
the lock, ran into it, and damaged the lock.
For this be was fined according to law, and he
paid the fine. After doing so, he and the
lock tender became engaged in a quarrel, when
the latter knocked him down with a club and
killed him. .Atthelast account Whostley. had
not been arrested.
MYSTERIOIIS.—In Bellevernon. a week or
two since, the body of a man named 'John
Call was found dead in bed, wrapped up'in:
the blankets. There were .wounds found' on
his head, which were presumed by physicians'
as sufficient to cause his death. -Bow he hurt'
:himself, and thee was shit:JAG dress himself stk .
.itt_that manner,. hi a puzzle to the. Cornmet,
rumored that an important railroad and mail
arrangement is. now in course of negotiation
between the President of the Now York Cen
tral and the Pennsylvania Central. railway,
by which, if successful, the schedule of run
ning time of the trains between thi3 East'and
the West, adopted a short time since will be
materially changed. The purport of the com
bination is understood to. be -that. the heavy
mails from New York and Boston, and inti
mate connecting points, shall be brought to
the West - via- the New York Central" and its
direct connections to Columbus, where they
will be met .by the mails from Washington,
Philadelphia, &-c., via the Pennsylvania Cen
tral and its connection, reaching Chicago about
.five o'clock in the inorning, and-being' sent
forward to St. Louis and .the West some two
or three hours later, by the Ohio and Missis
sippi. .
Batixlptatcroas.—The atickholders of the
Bank of Beaver county made choice, last week,
of the followirig Boarciof Directors: , Silas Mer
rick, R. E: Hoops, John Reeves; Wm. Canon,
Jr., Dr. Sargent, Benj. Wilde, New Brighton;
John Edgar, James Edgar. Fallston; James
Wilson, North , Sewickly; Mattison Darragh,
Sharon; Thos. McCreery, Beaver; John Stiles,
Rochester; Wm. Harbaugh, Sewicklyvillo.—
The Board.-met .on Monday last and unaul
m Godly . re-elcicted Silas - Merrick, ?resident ;
Edward Hoops, Cashier, and C. M. Merrick
Teller and Book-keeper.'
Dssrsunt.z.—,Qome rascal, not having the
fear of the Eclipse - Barge Club before his eyes,
or if he had, not caring much for their indig
nation, on Wednesday night cut. the cable
which secures their floating boat house (con
taining the crack boats . "Albatros" and "Dar
ling,") to the shore of the. Allegheny, above
the St. Clair street bridge, and allowed it to
float down - stream. It was found yesterday
morning near Brunck's ;Island, and towed
back to the city during the day., The object of
floating off the boat house is not known, as its
contents were not molested.
VANDALISNI.—On Saturday, or-Sunday last
some person or persons entered the old Union
grave yard, at Johnstown, and wantonly*ke
down and demolished the pedestals, six in nuni
her, upon which rested the large marble slab
that marks the resting place of the deceased
members: of the Linton family, a highly respec
table connection of that. vicinity. Such mean
ness deserves the most Vevere-punishment, and
it would be more than justice
"to place a whip in every honest hand.
To lash the rascals naked through the world."
learn from the Messenger that Hon. J. C.
Flennikea, of Waynesburg, met with a se
vere accident a few days ago. While out rid
ing, his carriage thvame detached from his
horses, and the:animali became frightened and
ran, and he and his' wife arid child were forci•
bly thrown out. Mr. Flemajken was consider
ably cut and stunned, but was nut confined to
his Millie for any great length of time. Mrs.
"hl wer,z
BOY Ktuttin.-3 son of Robert Campbell,
of Albany, Fayette county, on Thanksgiving
day, was engaged in plating along a steep
bank which rises above the "Monongahela river,
when a drayman passed along the road above
with a large barrel of water on his dray. which,
by some means, overturned and threw the bar
rel off, which rolled down - the bank, striking
the child and forcing his head against a log,
literally crushing it, and killing hint almost
- - -
Coszvrcrs.—Joseph Fox, for larceny, 'An
drew Dexter, eighteen months, for _stabbing
Jain T. Hart at 'West Brownsville, Charles
Deming, ten years and a half, for selling a
forged note, id! from Washington county,
were lodged in the Penitentiary a few days
Cass 31cGarxiott, a notorimis -vagrant, was
found drunk on the street yesterday, and com
mitted to jail by Alderman Parkinson. Her
transit to prison was-disgusting, as she tell
in the mud several times and it was found ne•
cessag to carry her nearly all the way, re
quiring the services of two otficena.
BerrEr..—M: A. Mitchell, who -was scabbed
- .
in an affray in Penn township on Monday eve
ning, is now in a fair way of recovery: Mc-
Clintock, his assailant, is in jail, having been
formally committed by 11-'squire Snively, to
an-wer a charge of assault and battery with in
tent to
STRANGE. FATALITY.—DanieI Becker was
run over by a train on the Reading railroad,
on Friday last, and so horribly mangled that
he died next day. An aged lady, 3ira• Eliza.
both Bitter, saw the accident, and was so hors
rited as tOcause . an attack of 'apoplexy, from
which she died in a few hours,
SENTENCEI).—John Sutcliffe and Robert
Warren, the Stelibenvilie eounterfeiters; - were
sentenced in Cleifeland the other day, the for.
mer fon,ten, years imprisonment in the Ohio
Penitenthiry, and the other to eight. , •
THE first story of the new front of Mr. Ly
on's new building, on - Fifth . street, is up, and
the second-is now in progress. It will be one
of the handsomest.and most substsntial build
ings in the city when completed.
,yesterday lodged
against T. C. Jones, late manager of the "Boo
thenian," by Mayor Weaver, for participation
in the assault on the local of the Chronicle, on
Tuesday evening.
morning, between two, and three o'clock,• a
small shanty, and one of a three small frame
buildings adjoining Phipps' Row, in Munches.
ter, were destroyed by ; fire. The loss, was
A VEIN of canal coal has, it is said, been
discovered by a couple of Pittsburgbers on the
farm of Rev. Mr. Cummins, near Brookville.
WORKMEN are engaged in cleaning and re
pairirig. the exterior or the Custom Houle
TaE citizens or McKeesport are about or
ganizing a fire company. •
PECTORAL SYRII7.-Dr. Keyser's . Pectoral
Syrup cures coughs.
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures colds.
Dr.. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures influenza.
Dr. Keyser's Pe'etotar Syrup cares Bronchitis.
For laryngitis take Dr. Keyser's Pectoral
For incipient consumption take Dr. Keys-
er's Pectoral Syrup..
For cold in the bes.d take Dr. KeYser's Pec
toral Syrup.
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures sore
throat.. ._ - • - ,
Dr. Keyser's - Pectoral Syrup cures quinzy.
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral - Syrup cures old
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup. cures all kinds
of disease of the lungs and breast.
Prepared and sold by Geo. H. Keyser, No.
140 Wood street,_sign of the, (ioldeu Mortar.
Price GO cents and S 1 per bottle. *.
A Goon SMUG ALLOHOITZ.—Better than a year since the
first specimen of Ladd, Webster d ets's Sewing Machine
VMS exhibited evil:to State-Fairin this city. when it was
universally admired, by. all who saw it in operation.—
Since that time Messrs. A. M . ... Marshall d Co., of Atli:.
gherty city, have been appointed agentsforthis locality,
and the numbers sold by them are a sufficient evidence
of the charucternf the machine. _ltia simple in con
ed:notion, inakesa tight lock-stitch, will sew , any kind
of material, from tissue paper to shingles.. •Itimakea a
long or abort stitch as occasion requires, inns easily and
noislessly, and is not liable to break the thread or get
out of order.' All. who. have tried the machine, ex
press their entire satisfaction, and we advise.those who
have not to call at the store of 'Messrs. Marshall 'k Co.
Allegheny,and see it in operation.
Brustr °Flits! Tdoluirr:—This - popular actressiihn
has been rapidly gaining ground in the public tabula
tioll since her advent among us, will take a benefit at
the Pittsburgh Theatre to-night• The bill consists of
the drama of " Assassins of Burry," in which Miss
fanny personates Pauline. and the pretty little comedy
of "Perfection." Miss Morita - as Kate O'Brien, she
should have a full house, as to-night will be the last op
portlP.itY forseetng her.: •
_ = •
t Tat 8203211) LFCrlntr. Of Mr: Cifle, on the -.l3ronle Aug
fly, notwithstanding the run, ,attracted a moderate au
dience last - eseablig; and WlB attentively listened to.
Giles is. a tine, loot tied - batiaiep .hiLsolteets
well. jf . e iremior be brewed withimat.ber.
Tax exhibition oilhe Cameron Literary Institute, at
Masonic Hall, last evening, was well attended, cenalder•
mx the weather, and the exercises were well conducted
and interesting• •
HEATING BY STEAM. —As a testimonial of
the workmanlike manner, perfect action of their self
regulating machines, safety, economy . in fuel, and the
little attention necessary to keep each room comfortable,
We give this certificate to Messrs. Davis and Phillips,
saccessors to Phillips & Co., for their plan of heating
by steam the Second Ward Public Schools in the city of
Pittsburgh, and which has met our approval, and we
would recommend them to the public to zit. e entire
satisfaction of heating by steam.
R Miller, Jr., John Marshall, Jr... M. Tiodle, George
Wilson, John Wilson, L. Wilcox, Directors.
. _
, . . DAVIS A •Palt, .'
Steam geatiag, Gas Pliting, Piumbingtmd Brass Foundes,
Dealers in ever?' dacriphon_ of Gas Fixtures a4d Pumps
-' No. 67 Wood and 148 nrat street, Pittsburgh.
!dellklyla* . . - . • , ~
IlEcusnics' braTrrirrs.—This Institution,
the waisq, of which has been so long felt by our citizens
is now open under the :superintendence of Messrs
Jackman h Johnson, in. the. Lafayette Building. En
trance, 65 Wood street. Itis designed for the perpetual
exhibition of the products of Mechanics, Manufactu
rers,. Inventors , anti Artisans ; and as a place of resort
for those seeking information relative to those branches
of industry, either by examination of samples or
celeriac publications. Those having articles to bring
before the publiewill find it greatly to their advantage to
leave samples.
al-The'public are respectfully invited to visit the
Conlman & IinNTZER, House, Sign and
Ornamental Painters and Grainers. Orders left at their
shop on Fourth stree.tnear ' Market, Burke's Building,
wfilbe promptly 'Wooded. - sem
stage of Water.
River—Five feet two inches water it the channel
ALLIAMMT C7r,December, Ist, 1959.
The market was weh supplied with beef cattle, with a
decline from last week's figures or 3/4 to le, per lb. The
offerings of Hogs were very large. About half were
obipped East, and the remainder sold 'at Ltirprices
;But few iheep in market, the season being about over.
John Allender, Propridor.
117). Offered by
114... A. Campbell
17...5. W. Leetly
16—C. Axe
90...C00k I Ivory ...
20._Rulmes A Pfeiffer
16-1). Jame&
40...5. W. Gina,
21—Samuel Purmon.
19... W. Wharton
19—Wm. Noll-.
H. Davis.--
21... A. Campbell.
19....1a.5. Crawford._
17... R. Patterson..
16... J. .111.cOnhau
17-1). B. Taylor A Co.—
' 11... J. N. Rogers
16.-L.Dugala - .......
P. CIL;Ice.-
19_..1. Love
Whittiesby .....
19.. Samuel' &Ilea
&O...Myere & tiro
& Traurmau
CL....cireeumralt & eman
19... C. Shoemaker
Humphrey, by Halle
Gs...Tnaranent Dealers
034 off,. reJ
(Kt. sold.
IX loft over and sent East
21 head offered-37 head sold, fl S 2 head. apd
I.o . .tanee sent East.
- - - -
:AZ) heed offered-3,10 maid, oat figures rentoirot; thug.
SIC!: SAM; SI.Z; $1,60 ; 14,46; ft c 3 ; 4,70; 14,74; ilre3;
$3, 0( ); end PAO It 100 Ites. The retrials:oak'', 19:11
head, were whipped Et.
Reports! ErprcuLy fur U Daily .11urnIng Pun
Parrstinam, liececnber 1, 1813
Flour—tittles from hr.t hands of Iva extra at
i!..;.:11 From store. supra 1,600 httls at $5,004.5.12. for
mlya,rfme, $5,3u:4,5,:5.) for extra. and 1t1,75 for extra fotntly;
alley $B.OO.
Grala.t...Rra—stales 3a) bush at depot at toe. Coax—
.= bush depot, at 58es. 1,400 14 at 7.6, bera—Z,44 bush
front first hands. at Atte.: 440 Lush tufertor Barb y, at
0r:2.001 bush Coro to arrive by cabal, free ot t-harge.
• at 55e. . .
1..11 tons 141 wharf at $l7 tot .
Dried Pirialt....Salea t.l.t bush Apples at $ - .l,fat
bush.. • -
Sugar...Sules 11t Wlf , . N. O. at b1',49e.; ILO W., 14
lAnd at sl..e Vl
Mol .._Sale*lo 1,61 a. old N. 0, at C. 4.:; i WII.
laud at 45e. ?Rid.
Coffee—Salo, 3i 'aka Rio at 11t0.14A.
Cheese...l.3/.14 , RL0, L,ozos W. R. at 10,14 boxe-s do
Apples...Blocl btg.. at t 2,10: 1,1.1 s at s'2oo
Ityrup...Sules Z.l - 1.1.15, is 19ta, a 1 G.:A - To
Asher—salet :casks l'ats at tr. -
1/lab...9ales 1,900 tbs. Cod at 41.1 c.
Bacon—Saks 2,W0 Shaulders at b}¢•.
Brooms... Bales 4.1t.z at r 2,0943,6 0 .. ru dozeu at
Feed..'.3alos 400 sacks Middling. , from first hands,
at 111,R); 10 tons bliorts, at 1.2,00 t 100 ID. ; 1 ton Barley
Chum M. $1,41? 100 14.
•Eitga...Roles 3 bbls.T.,ickiii at lEc. doz.
liPotatoes...Sides 21 tibls Jersey Sweets at I/37; fioo
bush Reds at 3714 e per bush, delivered.
Butter...Salaa 000 lbs. Roll at lee. N IA
Bespa.-94144 42 bush. (now) from firlt tumadi, it SI;
12 bush do at $1,25? Lush, from store.
Cltler....blales 8 bbla. sweet at $0,60 e WA.
Priol‘whest Flqx4r...Salo. of 'AI ' , sells, at $2,25
1,000 live, 2,t0 to 250 IDs. each, at 43ie
Lard... Sales 19 bile - No. 1 city, id 11c4 13 ferlittpt do
at 12c +Ob.
011—Sales 10 bbla. Lard No. 1 at 90c. Vi gal.
Lime—Sales 7 bbls. Louisyilin a 31,25 bbl.
ton Erased at 3 31 0. V Th.
Whisky—Bales to lids of tiO bile nectitie3 at 27(3
=Se. 1 4 S&L .
New York Market.
New You. December L—Cotton firm, with an ini
proved feeling; 2,500 bales sold at 11Q11ye for uplands.
Flour declined 5(.4.10c; sales 13,5 , 30 bbla at - $5,1545, for
State, 26,0005,10 for Ohio, and $5,65(i25,50 for Southern.
Wheat heavy and declined iozq sales 32,000 bush;
Milwaukee ChM 111,=@1,25. '/Jots firm; sales 15,000
bush at 91®92c forold yellow. Pork firm, at 216,12 1 4
for Meas. and $11,31 for prime. Cotlee firm at 11VA11.2.
Molasses unict, hut firm at 52. e. Oats lower at 44446 a.
Dressed hogs dull at 01,10,7 c. Pig Iron quiet at j'Af,o42
sss.Other articles dull and unchanged. Freights on
Cotton to Liverpool 7.321€51.;4.
` Philadelphia Marktt.
Dommber I.—=P lour is firtn; sales of 70 0
bbls superfine at 5fi,351 : 37%, the tatter being au un
provement, 45,75 ® 5,87 for extra, and $ 8 007 5 for ex
tra faxlillY and fancy. heat is in fair demand; sales
3,000 bush at $1,86 for red,' and $ 1 , 44 for white. ItYs
sells on arrival at 03cfor Patina, and 90e 'for Delaware.
Corn is scarce; prime dry new yellow is in demand at
au advance of 102. T., sales of 2,000 bush'nt 76g,80c. Oats
are steady at 4.3®45c.' Itliisky' is dug; sales at 20027 c.
Cincinnati Market.
Cutamin, December I.—There is no change In the
pnces of Flour but the market is inactive. Wheat is
very firm at $1,1141,18 for red and 11,20 for prime red,
though there is not much competition to-day in the
market. Corn and other Grains are unchanged.
Whisky has advanced to 224 and is steady. Mess
Pork Is less firm and there is a slight decline. Bacon
is firm and unchanged in price. Hogs are not quotably
lower, but the large receipts and bad weather make a
tame market. 'Kzehange to drawing pretty freely at %
per cent.,
U. T. KENNEDY 35.1390.,
Z. L. E . IS NE R,
No. 114 Cor. Wood and HIM Streets,
COATS use to sell at
for. S 6,25
FrOelt area Cloth, fine, use to at.. 14,00 . for 10,00
Ant Quality Cloth, 38,00 fur 12,00
Black Cloth PAWN " 5,00 • for 3.25
(eupertlue)" ." 5,00 for 4,00
04841814 re salts made Warder,. " _ 2500 for 18,00
Also, satin, Plllsh , Mk sod- Muth Vesta irt -
- • . oEBne.' FEFItNIBELLNO 000 .
At vtry 10W Oces, The 'Uwe tattle Cash rice, and by.
refetrWg toWallertykl4lo( B 4, aliore prices will to,
staidtroitkarod id•
B ,rEznCalt.A.P.l7-1.
Arrival of the Steamer Europa
SACKVILLE, N. 8., December I.—The for
eign despatches per Europa, received hero by
horse express, includes advices to the 20th ult.,
by telegraph to Queenstown, at which port the
Europa touched on her voyage.
The ship Cora Linn, from -New York, for
the - Clyde, stranded near Rothhin, on the 15th
ult.., but got off the following day and reached
the Clyde.
LA.TEiT VIA Quag.varowx.:—Slianghai, Oc
tober Gth.—The Chinese Government has re
pudiated the treaty with the United States, by
refusing to open the ports of Swontople and
Taiman, as stipulated in the treaty.
Pants, 10.—No formal invitation has Yet
been sent by France to Englil, but Count
Bersigny has been instructed 1 7 arrange the
preliminary' conditions with Lord John Rus
Austria and England have both protested
against the establishment of the Regency in
The French Prefects are invited to instruct
the journals to be more circumspect in their
language towards England.
It is stated. that C. Buoncompagnic would
tender his resignation of the Regency to the
Sardinian Government.
The British war steamers havo, succeeded in
bringing off 150 christians from the small ports
of Morocco. A general massacre of the fugi
tives was feared. A Spanish army of 40,000
-men was expected to land in Morocco early in
December. .
The exchange of ratifications at Zurich has
been fixed for the :'.lst of November. The full
powers are extended to the Plenipotentiary,
and would then be withdrawn.
Letters of invitation from the French gov
ernment to the Powers which ,signed the
treaties of Vienna, to send Plenipotentiaries
to the Congress, had been despatched. The
seat of the Congress would probably be at
Paris, the governments of Russia and Ana
-1 tria having signified a preference for that
A Paris telegram to the London Post says
that the Powers invited to send representatives
to the Congress are those that signed the final
act of Vienna, and the three principal powers
of Italy. The Congress will then be composed
of France, Russia, Great Britain, Prussia,
Austria, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Sardinia,
Rome and Naples. It isreported that Cardi
nal Autenelli will represent the Pope in the
GREAT IlnrrAtN.—The London Times upon
the San Juan difficulties, enlarge upon the
general conviction that war between America
and England is impossible. It, however, says,
there are some convictions which work out
their own truth in practice. But there are
others which tend to their own practical repu
tation. We sincerely hope that the different
readings of the axiom, that war with England
and America is impossible, may not be an illus.-
••••••4 ; • - olii.‘ri I • •q•
2 42% 4 01b
2.1 Q 33411115
.. 19 my •
.... 17 2apa W 11t.
2 Qa3c lb
19 "
.... 11 2 aa3!...,
.... 15 2 (.43!4
io lti43
.... 9
2 1 ,44.3
9 $l3 Im4r head
.... 13 3 Ih.
18 1 , 441,2 , ,i
pointing out Om importance JunJura l-mgland, andUm impossibility ofjlie surrend
er of it, unless some very different title be
19 21,
75 24(43
19 3
brought forward, from any yet seen, col.-
eludes by expreasing much -satisfaction that
the rights to the Island will be early discussed
in Washington and London, while the affairs
on the spot will remain in stutu ? no.
The London ',Hero l4l understands that Mr.
Lever ha.s again offered to (-barter the Great
Eastern for twelve months, but the proposal
et 134:tip
was refused, 'without hesitation, by tho direr-
The official investigation, intosthe lass of the
Royal Charter. is progressing in Liverpool. but
without developing anything new. 'tree divers
at the wreck had brought up several boxes of
nre about to be tal.en by the Gov
ernthent for the protection of idelfnist harbor.
The societies of arty have inaugurated a
tuoveunint for a great international exhibition
in London in They proposo to raiso
guarantee fund of it quarter of a million pounds
t is statat that the British clover nutent are
under the conviction that it is not isoliey to
relv auk' one national war laboratory and
arsenal, mai have determined to establish in-
land arsenals on a large scale. and to commit
its working to civilians. It is not intended,
however, to supercede Wool with.
The Times has again a disquieting article on
the relations of England and , Finnee. Itcotu
plains that in France every instrument that
Can work on public opinion is being employed
to raisea violent spirit of animosity against
England and the nation at large, and that the
army are taught to look on a war with Eng
land as not remote. The -Tion's cannot dis
cover any serious question at issue between the
two governments, and affirms that it is in the
power of the Emperor alone to put an end to
this stabs of things, which is daily becoming
more serious, and if ho does not do so, there is
reasonable ground for drawing a glcauny
terence from his, silence.
ritANCE.—Marquis Moster, Ambassador to
Berlin, is transferred to Vienna, vice Baron
Borguency, who retires from public life.
Vatom Dauvereig.7ne goes to Berlin. General
Montauban l 3 named General-in-Chief of the
French expedition to China. His nomination
is unpopular in the army.
The warlike article in the London 7';nirs
of the lath had produced a great sensation.
The Paris journals generally say that the
-views set forth are exaggerations, and that
the unfriendly feeling, if any exists, is en
tirely owing to the violence of the British
The harbor of Tecamp, near Havre, is to be
transferred into a military fort and arsenals.
'rho Anti de In Religion had published a let
ter purporting to be an answer of the King of
Sardinia to Napoleon's recent letter. It is,
however, pronounced a fabrication, and that
journal will be prosecuted.
A despatch from Gen. Martin Prey announces
additional success over the Moors.
LATZST—M A.D RI November 18.--The cor•
respondence Autographs contradicts the rumor
that Slain had received a diplomatic note from
England relatiVe to_the Morocco expedition.
NArt.iii.—Orders have been given to the
Neapolitan embassies to deliver a passport to
all Neapolttau exiles who may demand to re
Russrs..—A frost has prevailed in the gulf
between St. Petersburg and Cronstadt, and
communication is stopped.
The financial pressure continued, but the
latest symptoms were rather more favorable.
A despatch from Varna reports that for
seven days awful gales had occurred, during
which seventeen vessels were wrecked. No
further particulars are given. ,
Tustxxv.-411 the ministers had acquiesced
in the reforms proposed by the new Grand
Vizier, Fudd. Pacha and Rizza Pacha, who
remain definitively in office. It was reported
that Vely Pasha was to be Ambassador to
Tho official Gazette declares that the Porte
has by no means placed a definite veto upon
the carrying out of the Suet canal project,.
INDIA.—The Bombay mails of October 26th
arrived at Aden on the fith of November, and
were expected - to reach London' on November
21st. _
From Washington City
'WASHINGTON err's:, December I.—The Ten
nessee's mail which arrived here to-day,
brought o letter from an entirely reliable
source, saying that the Cabinet of the Liberal
Government are united on their views, and
there is every reason to believe they will agree
to the pending treaty with the United States:
So hopeful is the writer, that he adds, it will
be received in this country very soon' after the
meeting of Congress. There is no truth in the
report that Juarez intends asking for immedi
ate American armed intervention. A rumor
was, however, prevalent at Vera Cruz just be
fore Torrence left, that the Mirainon Govern
ment was about to make overtures to our own,
butits truth was strongly doubted.
The receipts of the Treasury, for the week
ending Monday, were nearly $802,000.
Amoznt subject to draft, $5,360,000. In
crease over sum on hand last week, $273,000.
Various combinations are s9ught to be found
relative to the- organizatiOn of, the House.
Therefore anything which might now be said
upon the subject. would. be suerespeculation nr
Cincinnati Election.-Arrest of Coun-.
CiamiNNATr, December I.—The Democratic
election yesterday, for Delegates to the' Dis•
trict Convention, resulted almost unanimously
for tlie friends of Douglas. The Postmaster
and Surveyor of Port were beaten in- their own
On Thursday last officer lteney arrested a
Men on the Ohio and Mississippi train, having
in his possession counterfeit ten dollar bills on
the Canal
• Bank of New-Orleans. The officer
obtained papers showing that a party of eleven
men had left Cairo for New Orleans with a
hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars of
counterfeit money to put in circulation in the
South. A party of men, belonging to the sans
gang, were arrested in St. Lotus, but were dis
charged. •
On the ''2sth a Third street bank received
twenty : two hundred dollars on a Philadelphia
bank, in exchange for gold. The notes were
forwarded to Philadelphia. A despatch re
ceived yesterday states that they were counter
feits. Two thousand dollars of the same notes
were found in another Third street bank yes
Caucus Meeting.
PHILADELPHIA, Dec.; I.—The members 1
of Congress in Pennsylvania, opposed to the
preSent Administration, held a caucus last
evening, at the Strawberry Hotel, for the pur
pose of adopting measures to secure an early,
organization of the House of Representatives.
Sixteen members were present, all of whom
were front the various districts in the State
outside of the city. Mitch surprise was ex
yire;sed at the absence of the city delegation.
Some of the members from the interior desired
the delegation to unite and select candidates
for the Speakership, Printer and Clerk, lint's.
majority were opposed to such aetiw, and
when the delegation met; a resolution, after
considerable discussion, was adopted to invite
all the Members of the Rouen opposed to the
Administration to meet them in Washington,
on Friday evening, for the purpose of uniting
upon the candidates for the various Mikes to
be voted for on Monday.
Southern Confederacy
COLUMBIA, December I.—ln the House of
Delegates, on Wednesday, the following Tl4O
- was Offered : Reaolred, That the State of
South Carolina is ready to enter, together with
the other slave leading States, or such as de
sire present Action, into the formation of a
Southern confederacy. Resolved, hat the
Governor be requested to forward this resolu
tion to the executives of-the; southern Slates.
Another resolution was offered, asking. Official
information of the condition of the Stale arse
nals, arms and ammunition, and tho number
of men enrolled, style of arms, &c.
Arrival of the Overland Mail
ST. Louts, December 1.--The overland mail
of the Ilth taus.ed War::aw, ..11i.hlouri, 218
miles we.i.t of St. Louis . , thii evening, but there
being no key to the ex pre.zs or mail bags at
that point, a summary of California news for
NI Press could not be obtained.
lent of Indian af
sig two
Dr. Forney,
lain in Utah, arrived with tio..`
survivors of the Mountain Meadow nias".
who served notices fur an investigation of that
Further intelligence in referenc,e W disecic
crici in South Ecast Missouri, confirm the pre,
vious report=.
Bill Ignored
S'A.N..ticsr.tii, December I.—The grand jury
y , skterday ignored the bill against ./Lajuitii and
Aquira, charged with being engaged in the
slaver Wanderer atlair. It Is understood that
the District Attorney will enter - a nol. pros.
upon the, other indictments against the same
.ZZ'i` Use of the mo=t pleaAng, at the 3anle
wife effective ronialies for D 3 iipepsis a and rill othertlie
eases arcing floll> 3 morbid condition of the stotnanli
and liver. is Dr. liosteiter's Dote:, It not only removes
the dieefise Dom the sy.detn, but ity giving tone to the
organ 4 of digestion. aids them in their functions. All
who bare tried it acknowledge its excellence and cape
litatty, nod no therefore commend it to the sufferer
Dr. licistettees Bitters no a tool,. is tie. Well known to'
cad praise. It I, therefore scarcely necessary tit this
tdile to d. ,‘". ltion direct attention tia thia proparabon•
hieL i.e,rtAluty In any before the public
e3h.ltieti to• we tare that ILA lihkcpread icputation must
prone sufficient .s.ati.fy all of its excellence a. a relief
sod fur all di,ra , on of the 'dam:toll.
For sale by Druggists and dealers generally. .
Manufacturers and bropriettirs,
no2sl yo t Water, slid to Front etruote:
Mautifiacturerr, and tVholeNak and ILstsil Dealers in
No. OS& Pettit Street, above the Canal,
Have on hand a large 21tiOrtnient of Fanoy and Plain
Furniture, in Walnut and Mahogany of their own riultrit
faratire. and oarranted equal io quality and biyle to nny
titanufactureil to thu oily, and Atli i•eil at rtl4l.oo.libie
Executor's Notice.
WM.:R.I.:AS, let teni te.stamentary upon
the ii,tale of II EN MEP PA 1i031.,ER. hoc of the
borough of South Pittsburgh. dei'ed , eil. have been grlut
e•d to the undershfned, all person, indebted to said ea
tat.. firs rgmested to MA*• immediate pigment. and
those Juicing claim, ,gainst sniii decedent will present
Mein duly neithenueated for settlement.
South Pittsburgh.
LATED HOUSE, pleasantly located within a few
yard of the Veria. Railroad. is now open fur there ,
eeption Of slimmer visitors. A flue tenpin alloy lin.
roeently boon orui•ted on the premises, and kin ftshin
alturded nearby. ALL &aim atop here. Chtuxosmuderate.
ylastrmwram OUtS. W. F 18111.11.1. Proorietor.
Clarion County, es.
In the matter of the Put taboo the /hot .E.dote ct . Murk
Wean:ins, lute of Monroe township, deceased.
rri HE Commonwealth of PeriliSyirtillia to
J Margaret tVilllams, who tuternutrrie4l with cowati,
Elton Williams, Robert A. William, Tate A. Williams,
Charles A. Williams, Hannah Willisrns, Jane Willhuns:
widow efJohn Mary Williams, who
intermarried with James M. Fr‘..einan. Margaret
Wll+on Alex. 'cVilliani+, Harr i et Williams, the lad.
three of whom are ininers,tktrali Williams, intermarried
with Robert Al'Cormick and died. tearing issue Esther
At m. Sandi, Milton and James M'Cormlck, the lest three
auinora. Elizabetli.llary and George, children of William
William+, deceased.
On motion of Sutton A. Iteid, attorney. for petitioners,
you are hereby commanded to appear before our Orphans
Court, to be held at Clarion, for the county Of Clanon, on
the first Monday of December next, to accept or refuse
the property of said deceased at the raluatiom or show
canoe why tt should not be sold.
Witness the Hon. J. S. M'Calinotit, Pi esident of our
said Court at Clarion, this 15th day of September, A. D.
nell:3l:fr Clerk O. C.
ex clean mixed Cotton Bags. Wrapping Pil
pfir at '23, 37% and 50 cenli. Nfahoning Crucible Clay,
of a superior quality. Fire Bricks, maqufaetured from
the same quality of clay; for anlo -
N 0.151 Wobd at, Pittabrirah.
2 volumes.
&fold's Las! 9f Railways.
Angell on the Law of Highways.
Angell on Carriers.
'Angell on Limitations.
Angell on Watercourses.
Angell on F'sre and Life Insurance.
Curtis on Patents.
Price - on Limitations and Liens.
Sergeant's Mechanics' Lien Law.
Step - hens on Pleadings. '
Chitty on Pleadings, - 2 volumes.
Bennett A Boards Criminal Cases..
Wharton's American Criminal Law.
OCt24 KAY k al,
J ------
EDY, for sale at_
'corner Diamond and Market atreaL
WOOLEN G00D5.—.4.11 wo,rDelaittes, all woo
Plaids, all wool Flannels, all wool Blankets and all woo
Shawls, Su ample varloty._ • •
C. RANSON LOVE, 74 Market at...
received and for ante
i ffkCkiDad S KELLY,
Aliegherly Car..
A n k NLY $BOO for a large three-story - thick
IL, Dwelling Honse, with lot of gront433 feet front on
Artilurs street, 1:1.y 81 feet deep. For sae b 4 r
n 029 S. CUTHBERT d SON.lsl.S.R.rket st.
tr HOME and dot; or, Redoubt alley; near
Fourth street. Terms.= haud t, behalf st
Fu:ge by - CUMB taN 3 I . Market at
Manufacturer rjd Wholes - ale healer in
BROOMS Alice •
•No., 21 , Diainond,.. Pittsburgh.
and carefully selected stock of everything in this
line, either inannactured bythiniself or purchased 'di
rect from manufacture t — itiMirCASH, Fs prepared to
supply customers andahtkotratry,.trads with goods in
hie line,
The folloWing comprise the liadiniiterna his4t , 3ck
of Wooden and Willow Ware : •-•
CHURNS—Pine Stall, S sizes; Oak Staff. l sizes'.
Staff; 3 sizes; Oval Crank, Cedar; Oak or Pine 9 . 611W* -
Cedar Barrel,4 sizes; Sparie's patent, 3103 . x*l=oEo.
etar, 3 sizes—a large stock.
BUCKET'S—Common red,.blue and green, fancy and
varnished, half, quarter and toy pails, cedar brass and
iron bound, 2 and 3 hoopyiggins, oedari.brass andiron
bound, 2 hoop; Horse Buckets. heavy irorthele;Kitchen-
Buckets, iron balr Oak Well Buckets, well Ironed;
Hour Buckets , nested. - '' " ' -
TUl3S—Painted. 2 and 3 hoot z while pine and cedar,
hand made, all sizes; nested - or by the dozen:. •- •
KEELERS—fainted and varnished, 3 sizes, dozen, or,
nest; cedar Keeler*, brass or iron bound. ' '
MEASURE...—AII sizes; from bushel to quarter - peck;.
pine or cedar, sealed or unsealed. -
CLOTHES PlNS—Plalri and head; n five gross Ude%
Smith's Patent, in gross boxes,„anci Brass Spring,, in
gss boxe s . v a iH A
S—Waterloo raised centre, Mariettarinc.
Double Wood, and all other kinds.
BROOMS. WHISKS, BRUSHES, Ac., in great variety. '-
MEAL TUBS--ilingham Butter-and-Butter and Meal
Tubs, 20t3 in nest, or tangly ~ -.
DOOR AN 13 BUGGY MATS—Ailletinle, bocosidid Grass;
Grass Table Mats.
WHITE NEST BOXESSpice and Sugar Boxes;rlve
nest, plain and wankohed, - • •5: ,
OAK STANDS—Assorted sizes, for apple-butter, kraut,
pickles, meat or milk. - " • 4 , '
UMBRELLA STANDS—For Storer or Dwellings.
CLOTHES ORSES-LAssorted sites and styles =Wein
WOODEN WARE—Comprising RollingPine,.Pdtatit
Mashers, Butter Prints and Liuiles,LemouSqueezets;'
Spoons and Beaters,. Muddlers, ,Soap Cups, Sharing
Boxes, Spigots, Bung Starts, Axe, Pick and Hatchet
Handles, Steak Mauls, Ac... • _ •
RAT AND MOUSE TRAPkof all varieties.
TAIL CANS. MOP IiAND,.; iron ands-wood heads, ,
Clothes Pounders. '
MARKET BASKETS, in great variety of size and etyle,
by the nest or dozen, orour own ntatinteetnre, ADIS*
tern prices. •
CLOTHES BASKETB—Round and oval, four in neat
HAMPERS,Square Bat and trunk. lids..
NURSERY CHAIRS, of every style.
TRAVELING BASKETS—Assorted sizes and styles.
Berlin, Japanned. • -!
French, assorted.. •
LALI F.-1" CAP c '
c •
RETICULES—Imported toidAm4irictm. .-
SCHOOL, BASKETS. iu great variety. .
SPLIT HAMPERS, for Potatoes, Peaches, Ae.
ait-City and country_ dealers are Invited to call ander ,
amine onr stock and pnces beforepurchasMg elsewhere,
- -
21 Diamond Pittsulargh:
sHA -- ;- 4 5):ViWLS, SHAWLS,
tk7j- The LAINIMT AND CHEAPEST stock of the
above Goods can be found at
No. 92 Market St.,
CA4IGHT, LIGHT.—I have made arrange
mentB to keep constantly outland a fullan_pply of
AND ALWIIOI., which will bewarranted &mil to any
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my facilities for procuring beat tnatenals at lowest
ratei.., are sach. ae enable nio to offer wlnntages unsure
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cheer,' SI MOLIOIINSTON; Druggist,
nol9 coiner Ennitlitleld and Fourth streets. -1
J 1.4 1 ,111 HORNE, bk.. 71' Market street, ismer the
41tvt, and will be sending, borne desirable and cheep
Goode even day this week. , null ..
IVr A. WEAVER will open .a handsome
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SUI -L' rEs. - -
400 barreliPriine N. 41.11olasse4, Oak Ccapere;
30 do St. James, S. 11-.4hr,
7.1 do Lovering's tIrM quality Syrup; '
500 hag.4lood to choice Rio Coffee:
75 Pocket's choice Java dCr,
12.5 Half Chests Young Ityson, Imperial, Gan row
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le L t el ev st. ° ;‘, ; vingtou atm owlet Tobacco;
7) do Bi- Curb. Sods;
5 barrels Alum ;
10 do Dairy Salt in Sacks;
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do Mat Capsiat
• ta.i boxes No.l Soap ;
100 do Chemical ,tila a Soap ;
25 do, German do.
30 do Variegated or•Tollea Soapt
50 dohon - Cin-Wsstdso9rds;
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"al do Tubs, assorted sizes;
lt,Y) do Brooms;-.' • •
LU boxes . \l. B. Raisins;
'Ai do No.l Norfolk Chocolate
40 do Madison Starch;
50 bales. No and 213atting;
30 barrels Bleached Elephant and Whale:o4
10 do Strait's Tanners . . do,
•10 do Rosin- - - do
In More and for sale by
Life of. Washington, vtirious editions; vole .
Marshall's Life of Washington, 2 volumes. •
Sparks' ~' • " .-. l - ' • •
Sparks . :Life +if Franklin. - - '
, Autobiography of Franldin, edited by Rev. H. Weld.
Lossing's Lives of Eminent Americans. IV"
liapp's Life of PeronStenben. • . -
Parson's Life of garon.Burr. - • - • - .•
Reigart's Life of Robert Fulton. . -
Flander's Lives of the Chief Jostices. • '
Colton's Life and Times of Henrl Clay. • -
Mallory's Life and Speeches of-Henry Clay. .
Wirt's Life of Patrick Remy..
tr.eadly's Life of Lafayette.
Bew&d's ofJonn SQ..adions. - • '•
Grahm's Wolof Daniel Morgan. . :
Lossing's Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of
Independence. •
Mansfield'i Life of GineraltiOtt. ' •
The Life and Letters 01,22 : • hiatory., • .•
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UN IRIES:- , • • • -
_ . . .
pockets:Jaya do.; . ; • - -
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1 P- KARSLI , 4• . 7 ,Annourgo
o we t1"145-112112-T.ZPFA.asirgErAit'4'
!NITAMER -'41,7-_-7,'.
r 4
F 0 R
IN V E s
• - *Tr. ,-;irr
THE MQST 9Q.Z1gg.40114
111241 T BIA - PlirAt.:
; .• • ;
'Ptll l 7ot
cb.:*tt . l4 - 'ooo*M*,
THE IRON CITY glltNtilit
.DATBNT-ED... C. .cx)gkatT,„,i.
iliVeutoko 3l Ilttaburght•Pa4.l l WW#4
iutroducld to:th9 9:14 , pommel:Os
..ttaf4i-1 1 0
followingadvantagesdtu4;4fyi -
cheapness and el6elteace'cficirk ItdirupabatSElT to r
;Abet Miettne-si cottstpts4-7 1;
- -
PL OT; 3W,ii providedwikki
the edging tiieShinglo is j....rfonixiidliitliisiiiirttbic-ti
cuts 'sind which is a SANTINCCOFIFROX .
Face Are, 3y Oen:Leans . of ,. two treadles, the Moak „ 1
placed on the Machine is adjusted in any Pvdaitioirihe
operidor may de.aiie,bY -••
TVimty Per Vont,litd:Viiiiberi'
•'` • Mikir•i:ZlT
Veneering Loin Gla i .
eyo ... cut
Backi;Bsirrel lieads;Cigilißeies;et&
The Iron
.Can be forniattedeong4o49,fpr 11330,pi-#4-,S4u l *±;%• ; :,
Auer in 0)13 city, Mr.. &S. FOULER,
436. ViDilwortfabl o
'tier otSeletaliskitd Grantirtroets:, •
thcH`iS' Olt`'SAtf
;.•?. t.f . . r7.".1 -,.;
The infentbrina pitentee de p ose of Co:ylut4,lltittii::'
.1113,1 TertitorgibghtiiiisrlEtb*eranditie oftbslittittilist,'-
on vary nandmilantefins- 1a5044 dfnartlal.otbikrOW
cannot find a better opportannti_than pre/rent.
Si- Call and azamme the- Mache,) oodLdew 4
CriTtlYS* Otr
.... ~...r.,~_.....-. _.._.
No. 12 *,-WOOCSt*Ot;: , ,
• • ptitsistritioit "OA.;
TEMlVEsztd,W,l4 . eliNtectgAl.4l:4 l ooqt
stock of • '-'
. .
of the Lii434t and must Vssikic*hi
They are now prepsweskto!offer; qidennen
Over (*we, the butigkeßdPlOsTeomPlete ,
Pr4ne • • I
Ererbrought to this sir".. We invite our rtisucts arta,
Merchants'geheito4a - ean
purnikle DP<IRDEBA
1I *rood *refits. -
- ,
,;W8 1 6:4 1 . 1. 0#4 1 01C0N.i1 - _ , ' Vor
WoUTAD GI I VE NOtleillikt-heili
chased the interest of. hie thßks ati terlialW
manutect:rei t169,14:111 thelcallowairtbrii•Alielget
v,ll 1.4 z
40. qunk AIttSACIS.CIW-U,V4444404
vas 800flug
Felt, - - • - -
*. ---",••••• •
-3&:-PittP.St Ell4 s lloVitifitiltl4 410411 V • s
Yig.• " :Err
All wamintild FIBS ARR*4•MeltitgOit,Poloona
Material - for sale; wirpriAted ~ . •ottlotts ft ir OF '
flee at RATER k JO:VaONROIA:t sum 41
!led street.
N. B.—Thilfdirtiil Mml4,paint for
Metal Ro9ph htitisMs4,;is4.,,NßAflVets*FAMlX"
ramcm sunilatinqcottpilialiatU
lu • Braden? and,Bott Co Pressed Copp apt--
tona, Raised eta' 3ottonis,l4o..lterßolcter,lite., also ink.
porters and dealers 151111-Flati chu hnef Trade
Vire, dc: - Coludantly"on hisiit,Tin's as sea
Tools.Narehonan.No4oFasOuld ZWeecandstteets , -
Pltta h, Pa. BrKtelalorler?of oopper 0.0 11 0 an do-
PARK 'A X 74:,
wit,utt . r 'r
Waraholpie, No. Mk First and 120 Secotulida
Uatostaluadati4 o / 0 -Ind Water 0 4:4 1 !d. ff = r5 1 4
In c agoa Bova: 1 / 2 E04M oulda;
obiskiii and Nadine .6istings of evl4 - &scrip:
Win atidtploordet.:'
Haying a ownplata,manhine dam, wedthe Foundry, el neeesaaryltaing4llll*-areZgetad-
IN'al;r4l.o94M'f:l,-. l a
-- _..:______-
• G OPACEl:insUricair • .iti , zy a
j pgL ir
hum Agent for`lhUabin and Nichally, I
Aakis Iti.kralbrig thehlittoWof my Mono sad
tbopub to tinidicnh and ln.AP*ll.4.Nrki..COn ,
Moaned of thel - And ••,..- Isere ,
w ore eopsodo.t9. e high shatichng of the. oth.
e n a &grantee that arloases Anil be
prompgrad ?MI Paird• .- rQs statetnentof Aaseb,
names. of Diractots, etc., see general advertiseirmit in
this paper... ..,: ~ -.TELOMASIEL:UPDIBE..,
umari e
giving i zimisbactsy of `the'tfinaPlVest
ern =at Trust bt favor .of if r., Up.
dik,,,, re ljwl V , o od ommehd
_lica _ GvA pablic and all
.who trira.„ - .. :An AWL ansi
u usguled ne.S.9 of - the Company will be settled by
.ltr.lipdfia. ' Isbell ObErtintlitlO occupy :is .part , of .The
office now occupied by me, for the, trumitipatieht r.rt
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