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the Pailg Poot.
Tsirirs:—Dailf; Five Dollars per year,.stric , tly in rul
r IMMO. Weekly, Single subscriptions Two Dol
_lags per year; in Clubs of fire, One Dollar.
pepartnre and Arrival of Passenger
Pittsburgl., Fbrt Tilnais and Chicago Railroad.
(Flom corner of Liberty and Grant streets, Pittsburgh.)
Leares. Arrives,
Mail and . Express Train.. ....... ... 1:50 A. M. 3:50 P. M.
Express Train— - _ 1:45 P. hf. 2:10 A. 11.
(From Federal - Street Station. Allegheny, for New
. . . Brighton and Way Stations.)
Leaves. Arrives
9:10 A. M. 1E615 A. M.
4:40P. If. 2:10 P. Sr.
Pennotrania Rai !mad.
(Prom corner of Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arrii es.
Express Train- 4:40 P. M. 1:40 P. .11.
Line 5:50 A. M. 1:15 A.ll.
Fast 2:50 A. M.
Johnstown Accommodation-.... 3:05 P. M. 11:00 .0. M.
First Turtle Creek " A. M. 6:50 A. M
Second " " 4:05 P. M. 1:10 P. .M.
Third ." " ' " 6:20 P. M. 6:10 P. .M.
Flttstsirgh and CJrratilsville Roamed.
(From Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arrives.
.... 1:00 A. hi. 616 P. 31
.... 4410 P. AL 6:45 A. M
Firit Train...
Second Train
Mail 'I .....
Express : Tram.-
Protection against_Fire.
On Monday - evening a i adjourned meeting
of fireman, composed of three members from
each company; assembled at Vigilant Hall, for
taking measures to better protect our city
against fire.- A committee appointed at a re
cent meeting presented a rough draft of an act
of Assemtily, providing for the creation of an
indePendent fire district, the election of one tire
director from each company, the negotiation
by councils of a loan of $20,000, on "tire fund
bitmds," running from one to twenty years,
the levying of a tax of one mill on the dollar
on` all iinproved property in the city limits,
and the creation of a sinking fund. It is pro
posed to disburse the $20,000 in purchasing tire
plugs, hose and apparatus, and in organizing a
fire departnient on an eiTicient footing. The
proposed tax wOuid produce a revenue - of $lO,-
000, to bo applied, after the payment'of the
bonds falling - doe each year; andlhe interest
on the remainder, to the expenses of the de
partment and the creation of a sinking fund.
The draft was not completed, and the meet
ing adjourned to convene on Friday night,
when the committee will report. The project
seems -to be a plausible one, and would, if
properly carried out, add very materially to
the security of property in our city. We trust
our citizens -may, when the matter is properly
beforwthem, give all due encouragement to the
&PREII E COETRT.—Before Chief Justice Low -
rie and Judges Thompson, Strong and Head.
, . NOVENIBER, 29th, 1859.
The following deciions were made :
Thonipion vs. Thompson. D. C. Affirm,a
per curium.
Commonwealth vs. Campbell ; Fayette. Af
firmed, and time extended for payment to 17th
of January, 186t.i.
Commissioners of Allegheny county vs.
Shaw and Murdoch. Affirmed. Opinion by
Thompson, J. This is the case in which the
Cteinty Commissioners appointed a physician
to:itie Coroner, and having done so, refused to
pay- the defendants in error -for services ren
dered by them in performing a postmortem ex•
amination at the instance of the Coroner, on
the gronrid that they had engaged another to
perform all such duties. Messrs. Murdoch and
ShaW.'obtained judgment in the Common Pleas,
and the case was taken to the Supreme Court
by the Commissioners, only, as appears above,
to-have tho legality of the claim confirmed.
Road in Ross township. Q. S. Report set
aside and order and petition granted. Opinion
by;Strong, J.
Road in Baldwin and St. Clair township. '
Affirmed. Opinion by Strong,- J.
Wolf vs; Clyde. D. C. Affirmed. Opinion
by Strong, J.
Pittsburgh and Connellsville Railroad vs.
Graham. D. C. Argued by Sewell and Shaler
for plaintiffs in error. Court declined hearing
Loomis and Kuhn contra.
Schenley et. ux, vs. the Commonwealth, use
of Allegheny City. There are four cases here
which will be decided by the one under argu
ment. The sluestion to be determined is the
legality of the act known as the Allegheny
paving law. _ Williams for plaintiff
in error.
PENNSYVANIX AVENUE is rapidly growing
in importance as one of our great city thorough
fares, and being rapidly built up. Four new
buildings, '(stores, with dwellings above,) are
in "course of erection on the south side, near
Stevenson street,one is just completed near Van
Bram street, and others still further out, while
the new Methodist chapel is a fine building,
adding much to the general appearance of the
street. If the pavements were better, and the
stagnant ponds on either side filled up,the value
of property would be much increased. The
attention of the City Fathers has frequently
been called to both, and it is time something
was done. Perhaps these grievances will be
remedied when Pennsylvania Avenue shall be
opened out to Fifth street, a desirable consurn •
mation which, it is hoped, may be reached " in
the course of human events."
BLUFF STREET, in the Eighth ward, on the
brow of the hill along the bank of the Monon
gahela river, begins to look like a street in
reality. Very heavy grading has been and is
bein4 done, and it is now' opened out nearly
as far as the new street which is being opened
up from Pennsylvania Avenue. In some places
twenty feet of the bill have been cut away.
Within a year some three or four now build
ings have been erected, and the spot is appa
rently a delightful one for residences, with
abundance of pure air. Gas mains are also
being laid. The workmen commenced at the
city lime,opposite the residence of Oliver Black
burn, Esq., and are progressing citywards.—
Persons intending to put up city residences
should turn their attention to this locality, as
in our mind it is, or soon will be, a most de
sirable one.
RELIEF RIWINF. HOUSE.—This building, on
Pennsylvania Avenue, Eighth ward, is sadly
in need of repair. It was struck by lightning
some time since, and the damage to the roof
has never been repaired, leaving the upper
room, for meetings, in a bad, in fact untena
ble,:r•oondition. The engine room is also in
need of repair. The members of the company
claim that they have no proper place to take
care of their hose, although if they are not
more fortunate than the remainder of the Fire
Department, this is a minor objection, as but
little of our city hose is worth caring for. The
appropriate committee of Councils have under
consideration a resolution awarding $3OO for
repairs to the building. This sum would
place it, in 'good condition, and it is to be
hoped the committee will consider the neces
sities of the case, and give this deserving com
pany the relief they desire.
learn, by the Cincinnati• Daily Commercial,
that-Mr. J. D. Potts, late Superintendent of
the Western Division of the Pennsylvania
Central Road, has resigned that office, in order
that he may devote his entire time to the Pitts
burgh, Steubenville and Columbus line, of
which he is the Vice President. Mr. Andrew
Camaigae has been,appointed to fill the place
of tir. Potts:on - the Pennsylvania,,Cential.
Mr. J. B. Anderson; late General Superin
tendent of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and
Chicago Railroad, has also been tendered. the
pet of Superintendent of the. Louisville and
Nashville Railroad, but has not yet accepted,
as iar as we have learned.
HELD co As Weaier yester
day held John A.,Strain to bail on the charge of
assault to kill, preferred by Charles L. Dabney,
after a hearing, for trial at court.
Mrs. Cramer did not desire to prosecute him
for the attempted violence of her person, but
the Mayor was not disposed to allow her 'td
withdraw, and adjourned the further hearing
of the matter until this morning at ten o'clock.
Strain will also have a hearing before Alder-
Man -Lewis this afternoon on,a charge of strik
ing William Rooney with a brick, on Fifth
street, unless ,he; the Mayor
on the more serious oWeigti.
In these melancholy days of universal phi
lanthropby, when pikes and patent:rifles are
thrust into the hands of Sembos, with the pa
triotic advice to "do or die," it may be well to
republish the "Knife-Grinder" of Canning,
which in few words hits off the morbid affec
tation of psuedo-philanthropby, better than a
sermon seriously droned :
Friend of Humanity :
"Needy . Knife-Grinder! Whither are you going t
r i ah l : l s os tAe t to c a l cig t : , .ur yo w u h r ep ia l p i v g o u f t
a or i tLe i t e — in
So have your brebehes!
"Weary Kuife-orinderl little think the proud °llea,
\Vi) in their coaches roll along the turnpike-.
Road, what hard work 'tie crying all day, Knives and
Sch.sors to grind 0":
'Tell me Knife Grinder, howyou came togrind knive
Did some rich man tyrannically use you: •
Wns it- the Squire ? or Parson of the parish ?
Or the Attorney ?
"Wits it the Squire for killing of Ins game t nr
Covetous Pargun. for his tithes distrainingl
Or roguish Lawyer, made you logo your little'
All in a law
`Wave you not read the Ri,sida of Man, by Torn'Paine
Drops of compassion tremble on my eye•liik.
Ready to fall, as noon as you have told yonr
Pitiful story •'
"Story! God Wes you! I here none to tell, Si
Only last tight a drinking at the Chequer,.
This poor. old hat and breechos, a 9 you nee. w..
'Pons iii a .cute,
Constables came up for to take me into
Custody: they took me hofore the justioe:
J netice iliduuxon put we in the pariah
Stoekt. fox a vagra •
:dtould l.olLtd to drink your honor's liealt
A pot of beer, if you will give me aixpenee:
But for my part, I never lore to meddle
Prtend of Humanity:
" I give thee sixpence! I will nee Ghee d—d drat—
Wretch whom no , en-, of wrongs efifi runse to ce
Sordid, unfeeling. reprobate, degraded.
noritlete, outcast ' "
Kin!: the Knife Gria/Vr, overturn., his a hen', and, erit
trvooport of republican enthu,aint and universal phila
th ropy.
most remarkable instance of the success which
attends fair dealing in business matters, as in
everything else, is furnished us in the extraor
dinary popularity which Clark's Gift Book
Store has achieved in so short a time, and the
extent to which it has acquired the'eonfidence
of a discerning and appreciative public.
Every day the establishment is crowded, and
though the sales .are enormous, and the pat
rons of the house embrace all classes of peo
ple—people easily to be pleased and difficult to
Please--,:tingy people and liberal people---peo
ple with abundance of means, and people not
quite so well to do in the world--we have yet
to hear the first to complain of the establish
ment, or to deny what is pretty well under
stood abroad now, that its terms are
beyond all precedent, and such as should com
mand for it the most liberal; support. We ask
our readers to give Mr. Clark -a call and jedge
for themselves. Every book in the establish
ment is marked at the lowest figure, while
each purchaser receives a gift worth frnm lifty
cents to fifty dollars. Watches,' silk dresses
and other valuable articles are given away
every week, and will continue to be given
away until further notice. If you would in
vest your money to advantage, then, call at
Clark's at once. lie charges nothing Air an
examination of his stock, and is always happy
to see his - friends. Drop in and see him soon
and often, and while you will get the worth of
your money in whatever you purchase, you
may also be the recipient of a silk dress for
your wife, a shawl or a watch for yourself, or
some other valuable article. Clerk is, in
short, the man for the times—the Napoleon of
booksellers—and as such he richly merits the
support extended him. Remember the num
ber, 63 Market street, and pay him a visit
! Most of our readers know that an establish
ment for the entertainment of the populace, on
Grant street, called the "Boothenian, ' has been
much in vogue. We tire unable to inform our
readers es to the character of the entertain
ments, but have heard it hinted that they were
of the "model artiste" order, interspersed with
Shaspearoan recitations and playa. Yester
day, Mayor Weaver notified the teenager and
proprietress, T. C. Jones and Id'is. Lizzie
Dewitt, more familiarly known as Lizzie
Wart, that, having failed to pay their city
license they must not again perform. They
called upon hint and asked indulgence, but he
was inexorable, whereupon they promised to
close the establishment, which was accordingly
done, doubtless much to the chagrin of its
VIOLENT AssAul.T.--William Buniface, u
the Fifth ward, ye.,terday got into a difficulty
with another man, at the llowe of Michael
Dowd, on Water street, when Dowd, tei Bold
face alleges in his.adidarit before the .51avor,
struck him on the head with a poker, inflict
ing an ugly wound. Boldface WU-s . taken to
Dr. Findie's office, on Smithfield street, Where
he bled profusely. Dowd was hOld to bail 'for
hearing on a charge of aaaault and battery with
intent to kill. .
Itus ov.r.u.—A lad named John Devine,
son of a shoemaker residing on Pennsylvahia
Avenue, while playing •shinny" on Grant
street, near the corner. of Fifth, yesterday
morning, was knocked down by a horse at
tached to a furniture wagon, and falling un
der the wheels, was run over. He was not
seriously injured, escaping with a few bruises
on the face, limbs, and back. He was taken
into Abel's drug store, where his wounds wore
dressed, after which he was able to walk home.
IIs;SAKE PRISONER.—By order of the
County Commissioners, William Mansfield, a
prisoner confined in the county jail, was yes
terday sent to the insane department of..the
Western Pennsylvania Hospital, having been
suffering from insanity for some days, pro
duced, it is thought, by an over indulgence in
liquor, resulting in 7nudila p&tu.
HORSE STOLEN.-At an early hour on Mon
day morning, a tine grey horse was taken out
of the stable of Messrs _Mercer & Robinson, in
the roar of their store un Federal street, Alle
gheny. No trued' of tliti 'animal has been
found, and thu losers offer a reward of $25 for
his recovery.
pie & Jones, bankers of this city, have received
a telegraph despatch from Philadelphia, , ad.'
rising them of the issue of a dangerous coun
terfeit of $6O and $lOO notes on the Philadel
phia Bank. Look out for them. '
LARGE quantities of lumber'and bunts, from
up the Allegheny, have arrived here within
the past ten days, the greater portion of which
found a ready market. Some rafts proceeded
down the river when the river was higher.
SCALDED.—Henry Zoller, a butcher, while
engaged in butchering hogs at his premises, on
Butcher's Bun, on Monday forenoon, accident
ally fell into a kettle of boiling water and was
dangerously scalded. -
Tae jury trials in the United States Circuit
Court are over. -Yesterday morning the Court
adjourned until Thursday, when one or two
cases are to bo argued, and the equity list
comes up before Judge McCandless.
To CONSTYNIPTP7EB.—Persons of a consump
tive tendency have need to be very careful an
the outset of a cough, and betake themselves
in time,:to a proper remedy. A cough al
ways evidence of irritation in the throat l find
lungs, resulting from some obstructron'Of the
skin. In order to prevent these attacks,wcar
flannel next the skin, guard the foot froMdanip
and wet, and above all, take Dr. Keyser's PI3O
toral Cough Syrup upon the first approach of
a.cougif or sore throat, and check the disease
thereby in its infancy. There is nothing , like
attacking disease on its first approach. Hy due
attention to.this advice you. will save much
sulTerthg, and.sometimes prolong life. Even
when consumption has become seated, this
medielneovill mitigate the suffering, and has
cared some very bad eases: Sold by,,Dr: Gee.
H. Keyser, 1.40 W4siod Street; and by all'Drk
gists who keep it fer 54 . 10: Thby know
tt IttkaloakiktritalatiAlWf:..C.
WHEELING ITEMS.—Saturday, at noon, the
State Fencibles, Captain Loring, and the Rifle:
men, Capt. Flankey—numbering in all about
seventy men—let the Wheeling depot for the
disturbed district at Charlestown, Virginia.
Sunday morning, twenty-two volunteers—etn
bracing several distinguished citizens—left for
the same destination.--Some thieves entered
the Wheeling Female Seminary, on Saturday
night, visited the rooms of the young ladies,
carried off their trunks into the parlor, broke
them open, and took away large amounts of
money,, clothing, &c. Chlo
roform is supposed to have been used.
STOCK SALES.—Tho following Stocks were
sold on Tuesday evening, November 28th,
at the Commercial Sales Rooms, No. 54 Fifth
street, by J., G. Davis, auctioneer
30 shares Bank of Pittsburgh..... :
50shares Mechanics' Bank
50 shares Allegheny Bank
15 shares Citizens' Insurance C 0...
10 shares Western Insurance C 0...
On shares Allegheny Insurance Co.
HOE . . R. C. GRIER, of the United States
Circuit Court, having ilaished his duties 'here
for the term, left the city yesterday afternoon
for the East
To-Moanow's Posr will contain some Frond
disclosures of , the ceremonies and mysteries of
the wonderful order of the Sons of Malta.
Mx FAtit.a lifonts - r.—This charming actress, who has
met with deserved success since her retreat amongst
us, draws near the close of her engagement, as she will
appear but three limes after this erening. The bill for
to-night is good, including the line comedy of “ London
Assurance," with ittorant ns Lady they Spanker,
and the two net mete-drama of the "Evil Eve, or Demo
tri, the Avenger." That Miss Merest will render her
part well, none who hare seen her can doubt; and ns the
play is a popular one we expect to a large and appre
ciative audience in attendance.
tirc-rem of Mr. Gilcr , M Lafayette !fall. last en
ing was well attended, and the leirned gentleman
treated his subject, - Iris Social Character and Humor,"
with marked ability, and to the manifest delight of the
audirinee. The second lecture will be delivered to
morrow evening. The subject is a nen chosen and
prolific one: "The Tendenev, in Popular Oratory, to
. /taggeration and False timid . ," and will, we are sure.
draw out fully a+ large and intelligent au assemblage
on last evening.
, .
Tien. is the hitoppersdtay our citizens will have
of seeing the famous Mirror of Italy, sie it leaves to.
morrow for Steubenville. It is to be exhibited twice to
day—at thew o'clock. this afternoon and half past Revel)
this evening. 1110 certainly the finest panorama over
shown in Pittsburgh, and those who hal to Bea it, do
theniselves injustice. The Mirror 'goes from here to
Steubenville, and from there directly to Clueitilhati. and
we heartily recommend it to the good pc °pia of these
Tat prospeetna of The New York Lob r, the ese:
family paper, will bo found in another eolunin. It
scarcely neceegary to nay that The Ledger is by far th
moat popular family paper in the eountry, having 01
eulauou of over tour hundred thou•umd come,. It
always charaoteriLed by a high moral tone, and, as wt
be seen by reference to 1:4 adverth , eitient. eitiplov
more eminent contributors than any other paper in th
Cibta AND 'torn VECcolli.— WO refer our readerm
ndrertt•ement of A. Itallou, in a.nothor column H
the largest vmeglr mauttlarturer in the We.t, and
pl., a large trade. Ho Inv, tilted up cAer milk An
prepared to furnieti street eider, fr 4,11 from the pr
or ,fined fc..r keeping.
Tel I'LZir.ll, and other tm.bine hehrt,ging.
the eshtle Itrt ll. hu late H. H. Ryan, t
mil he td.
continued - a
tho .tdmintoratorre .ale Chi+ morning. at 10 o'clock, it
the Di liuthltug IVareroom, Firth tdreet.
Tat Cameron Literary Iniditatp, of Allegheny, give
an entertainment in 111i/sonic Hall, to-marrow evening.
riE.ATINCi BY S7Ealt.—As a testimonial of
the workmanlike, manner, perfect :tenon of their self
regulating machines, eafety, economy in ford. and the
little attention neenvary to keep each room eta nfortatil
we pry this certifimto to Meters. Davis and
successors to Phillip:, it Co., (or their plan of heating
by steam the Second Ward Public. dohnols In the city of
Putaburgh, and which hay mit our approval, and we
would moommend them to the public to give entire
yati , faction of heating by steam.
IL Miller. Jr.. John ?Afar - shall, Jr. NI 'fimib•, tieonjli
John Wilson, L. Wilcox, Inreeton,
---' DAVIS d
Sfe.rm Ort. /1.16 i-.) and 8ra,.1 Fvunlcra,
Dealt, 1 , ) every denripti,,,/ (Ms Pia !urea ax:! Ptrry.s
r). ci Wood and larst street. I'll t , t , ltith.
the u - sut of which hos been CO long felt by our citizens
is now open. under the stipenntemh•nee of lifesxrs
Jackman .t Johnson, in the Lafayette Buil.hug Ete
trance, GS Wood street. It is designed for the perpetual
exhibition of the linxincts of Nfechiunes, lifanufaritu
rers, Inventors, and Artisans: and a. 0 place of resort
for thosc seeking infonnati ou relative to those liranche.
of industry, either by examination of rumple, or
scientific publication& Those having articlos to tiling
before the publiewlll find it greatly to their advantage la
leave samples.
44 The public are respectfully invited to visit the
COULTER it MIE•:TZEIt, House, Sign and
Omamental Paintern and timittera. Uhler< left et their
shop on Fourth street near Market, Burko' budding,
4101 be promptly attended. .1111 m
ftlEir ONE of the most pletving. at the tame
time effective remedic.a fur Dyeiap,ia. and all other dm
eage t a ari,ing from a morbid eoodition of the atomach
and liver, IN Dr. Hostett•r's Dittere. It not only remover
the dives. , . from the syntmm but by giving lnuo m
organ. of . digustton, Kirk them in ttu•ir function,. AU
who have tried it acknowledge - ifs excellence and amigo
runty, abd ire therelore tlommemi it to the potterer
Dr. Ilostetter'a Billere as a toni.., 1.1 too well Loewe to
need pray e. It Is therefore scarcely nticii,:au at du
time to do more than direct attention toad. N14141'4[101
Which i. eertrurdy uneimalle I by any I,efore the publii
samitied as We are that Its wide-spread reputation nub
prove sufficient tomtit:l'y all of Its erentlenee kV a ret.•
and remedy for all diseases of the steniarth.
Fos' sale by Druggists and denlrm generally.
Manufacturers and Propnotor4,
N 0.68 Water, and 69 Front str~rt•
Manufaelurera, and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
No. 424 Penn Street, above like Canal,:
on hand a large eeeortment of Fancy and Plain
Furniture, in Walnut and Mahogany of their own manu
facture, and warranted equal in quality and style to any
manufactured in the city, and will mull - at remonahle
oco Imo prime Rio Coffer;
25 pockets Java
60 birds. N. O. Sugar ;
35 " Cuba
60 bbls. Crushed and Powdered Sugar:
60 " Ryrup;
160 kegs English and American Soda':
175 boxes various brands Tooacco ;
1610 half chests Y. R. Tea ;
100 " Black Tea
" Gunpowder and Imperial Tea;
Aud a general stock of Groceries, - just received and for
riale by W5l. H SINI/TH CO,
octl4 Second street.
sale, a Brick Dwelling idillfite, of haven rooms, with
pod porch, cellar, bath room, good well and pump, ste
el°, coal-house, etc. The rooms aro all well painted aud
papered, a good kitchen range, fruit and shade trees,
grape vines, &c., and a great variety of choice flowers,
small fruits, etc. ; paling fence. The lot is 150 feet on
Covington street, by 100 feet ou Washington street to
Cherry alley. Price 11,000. Tonne easy. For sale by
sold S. CIPPRBERT & SON, 01 Market at.
10 bbls. Eastwick's standard crushed Sugar ;
10 do do coarse pulverized do:
10 do do tine do do
30 do Penna. A coffee (Twilled do
10 do do B do do du
5 do do C yellow do
In store, and landing, and for sale by
pUREKA, EUREKA.—The Eureka Wa
x:4 ven Skirt, with patent Beetle. The
n queen of Diamonds,'"
With "Blondin Bustle." The abOTO are the two beet
Skirts in market. All other kind of Skirts, from three
to thirty Spring, at lowest prices, either wholesale or re-
No. 17 nth n
Messrs. CARTRIGHT k YOUNG, No. SO Wood
street,would remind heat licted that theyare the ONLY
has devoted years to the study of the naanufacture of
those instruments, and is prepared to warrant satisfac
tion. • Prices at least one-third lower than thug' store
tariffs. REPAIRING ATTENDED TO, with prOwk.
30 boxes prune Cream:Cheese:
2 barrels Butter;
10 firkins "
9 bbls. Clover Seed;
190 " Superfine, Extra and Family Flour,
For sale by feeMi WM H SMITH & CO
100 bnuTela fine Crane Sugar
25 " D. R. Powdered sugar;
" D. R. Crushed Sugar, for - sale by
31 ) wilf k HL, opposite St. Charles Helel.-
Double Brick.-Dwelling ROW*, with 'tore- rcmia.
on corner of Beaver makilackson lareetkv Allegheny,
prices!" - Tames; flAinleaA,Lbabace ace and two
years....t B.I9II'I7BERT & SON,
817 L a s t strosu
».. ... .1. n~ ~:... .~.. ....~
Four Days' Later From Europe
Arrival of the Steamer Bohemian.
PORTLAND, ME., November 20......Th es t earn .
ship Bohemian, from Liverpool on the 16th
last, arrivedsat this_ port to-night with four
days later advices. The steamship Europa and
Hammonix arrived out on the 13th, and the
Anglo Saxon on the 15th inst.
Prince Carignan has declin , 1:1 the Regency of
Central Italy, and it had been accepted by
Chevalier Buonicompagnie.
No announcement has been yet made regar
ding the approaching Congress of Powers.
A leader in the London Times says: "We
still require to know, in plain, frank and un
diplomatic language, what it is which the Em
peror requires us to enact as a member of the
great council of Europe. An English Alinis
ter must have something much more consistent
upon the subject of the Duchies than the state
ment in Count Malewske's circular, before he
would be justified in committing his country
to any-part in the Congress for the settlement
of the Italian difficulties. -
A splendid new three decker, named the
Victoria, was launched at Portsmouth on the
12th inst., in the presence of the Queen and the I
Royal Family.
The Earl be Fray is dead.
The Times in no article says there is no
doubt that the feeling of fostility against Eng
land is more bitter in France than since 1815,
and charges the Frence government with di
rectly encouraging it.
The enrollment of 80.000 mists as a naval
reserve force, will commence in England on
the first of January.
A serious mutiny took place on board the
ship of the line, the Princess Royal, lying at
Portsmouth. Over a hundred of the men were
placed in irons.
FRANCS.-Lr Pays says that an extraordi
nary credit of thirty millions of francs is to be
devoted by the government to the ex
Dangerous Counterfeits
- •
PHILADELPin A, November 2l l .—This-morn
log counterfeit note., of the denomination o
;$51.) And $lOO, of a very dangerous character
on the Philadelphia Bank, made their appear
The counterfeit hundreds are printed in blue,
and dated January Ist, 1839. Of the genuine
notes of this date and character, but few are in
circulation. There are no counterfeit hundreds
dated May Ist, 1839, so that the notes of this
date in circulation appear to be good. The
counterfeit fifties are printed, some in black,
and others in blue, and dated February Ist,
19.7.9. There never was any genuine fifty
dollar issue of that date. There are 8140 fifties
printed in black, and dated Mar The
detectives. have. the matter in hand, and are
busy searching .rut the parties who have got ect
the counterfeit. rt is conjectured that these
admirably executed counterfeits have been put
into circulation suddenly in the„WPStertl States, '
and that they hare been sent on here• in ex
change, in large quantities, just no suddenly.
They have been scattered all around the busi
ness portion of the city, and have deceived the
very best judges of paper money in the com
munity. Tho notes are entire counterfeits,
probably the best ever executed, anal every bank
in the city is believed to have been victimized
to a greater or less amount.
One largefriYatc 'yanking establiAment on
Thir.l street, thi<i morning' reecivesl three
thousand &HAN of the apuriti- note: from
New York, and they had no suqdcem of there
being bogus until they were offered at the
Pailadelpbia bank for deposit. The best
judges can scarcely discriminate between the
good and the bad: A very large amount of
them have been foisted on the busine,v3 com
munity of Philiidelphia, and it is pi , bable that
they 13 - aye been pushed MT freely in the North•
ern and : - ;outhern chive, ,is well as in the
From Charlestown
CITA RI.ESTO N, VA., :Cf./Vella/4T :19.—Cruv..
ernor Wise has issued a proclamation announc
ing that the State has taken illlF34otl of the
'Winchester and Potomac Railroad, and that
the three first days of December it will be used
entirely fur military purpo,es. He also warn,
the people of the State to roinain at home on
patrol duty on the dry of the execution to pro
tect their own property.
Women and children will not be permitted
to approach the scene of the execution, and
strangers ere caution,d that there will be dan
ger to them, on approaching Charlestown, or
near it, on that day That if it is deemed ne
cessary, nuirtial law will he proclaimed and
enforced. Gen. Talliaferro has also issued a
prnelamationdoday, announcing that all stran
gers, who cannot give a satisfactory account of
themselves, will be promptly arrested. That
all strangers approaching Charlestown by
railroad, or otherwise, under pretext of wit
nessing the rxecu. ion of John it own, will be
met by the military mind turned back, or ar
He also emphatically warns the people of the
county to stay at home and protect their
property, assuring them that information from
reliable sources indicates that by so doing they
will best consult their own interests. :Several
reporters of the Northern press having, arrived
at Harper's Ferry yesterday, were compelled
by the military to return to Baltimore. It is
said that Brown stated to a gentleman yester
day that lie bad now no hope of a rescue, on
account of the extent of the military prepara
tions, and that his boys would never have per
mitted his execution, if there was any prospect
of an attempt preying succesaful, The military
now in Charlestown numbers over fiftetin hun
dred. Several companies more will ho here
to-morrow, swelling the number to about two
From Washington City.
Virginia military companies passed through
Washington this evening on the way to
Charlestown. They are expected in the even
ing train. Every mail brings adviecs of the
formation of additional companies in that
State, and the Governor is constantly receiv
ing applications for arms.
The reported death of Kit Carson is cm ntra
dicted. •
Judge Watts, direct from New Mexico, says
that he flaw Kit Carson, in good health, imme
diately preceding his departure, and emphati
cally contralicts the report of the latter's
. .
The Navy department has received despatch
es from Commander Porter giving full panic"-
'ulars of his recent dealings with Gov. Pesqui
ores, at Guaymas. They aro in accordance
with the facts as recently published. It is not
known, however, how far Captain Porter's
conduct will be justified by the Administra
tior, as it does not seem t, be clear as yet,
that he had a right to demand the acting Con
sul, Mr. Alden, should be recognized in that
capacity. -
The Execution of Brown.
- - •
PHILADELPHIA, November 29.—The Now
York Herald's Harper's Ferry despatch, in re
ferring to the execution of Brown, says that
the most stringent regulations have been adopt
ed in regard to the presence of civilians at the
execution. All applications for 'asses for civil
ians to attend within the military, lines are
refused by the Governor, on the ground thatit
would conflict with the military programme.
He said,that a civilian_ could. not, under any
circumstances, be admittAi withimthe military
lines, the outer ono of which would bo nearly
a mile from the scaffold. Not e word of.,what
John Brown may utter; if he should say any
thing, will 'therefore be audible to the men
forming the lino next to the gallows. Governor
Wise stated the cause of this exclusion of all
persons other than the military to be, that in
the event of an attempted rescue an order to
fire on the prisoner would be given, and. that
those within - the lines, especially those suf
ficiently near the gallows to hgir what-Brow
may say; would- inevitably share his fetch
New. Jersey: •
l'ampron, N. J., Novpmber.29.— • '
hiwinAthe oNciel *eta: fi)r... 4 .lpie*.`, - . •
recent .election: - Olden; Clppotri' , •
Wright; 5.1,7/4: ..-Olden'apw% ;
03 25
St, 50
. 55 50
55 50
50 25
30 00
Arrival of the Steamer Adrian.
POICTIU4D, Me., November 29. The
steamship Adrian arrived this tUreii.lon from
St. Johns, bringing mails of the wrecked
steamer Indian. Also, the Purser, chief
Steward and fourteen steerage passengers.
The passengers are: . A. G. Howland, F.
Dalster, Nettie Dalster, Ernestine Rosalie,
rianiacl and Mathew Dalster, Mrs. Eickman,
Joseph Marie, Anterm Borgensen, all for
Now York. Richard Brown, G. 'Crornea, and
Wrn. Cross for Toronto, and Mr. 'Pearson for
Montreal. Julio Eickman, aged :46. and Eva
Eickman, infant, were drowned., i . sTlie cargo
was mostly for Canada.
Immense Gold Discoveries.
Sr. Lows, November 29.—The Evening
Bulletin announces on the authority of the ed
itor of the Arcadia Pro.spect, the organ of the
Missouri Mining Company, intelligence of the
discovery, in South-eastern Missouri, a vein of
-hornblende rock, which it is believed will yield
ten thousand dollars In gold to every ton. As.-
says are now being made. The next issue of
the Arvade Prospect will contain full particu
Southern Pacific Railway.
Lout,o. - 11. LE, November '29.—The remaining
three-fifths of a quarter million dcillars has
been raised here for the construction of a
Southern Pacific hallway. This secures Mr.
Thoniscm's acceptance of the Presidency, and
the immediate extension of the road.
Missouri Legislature.
Sr. Louts, November 29.—An adjourned
eession of the Missouri- Legislature net at Jef
fereon City yesterday.
Death of Washington Irving.
NEw YuRK, November 20.—The venerabl.
Washington Irving died last night at Irving
Stage of Water.
Firer—Pit e feet two ineheif water in the channel
rirrssuitcH 31A11 KETS
Repvrtcl F- - prem/y fur the iksiZy Artn-ning
Prnsatamt, November 29, 19.59.
Flatar—There is no change in the market, and no
auk, to-.lay from first bands. &ilea from store of 750
tibia at $5,00 for superfine, $5,39.71.5,40 for extra $5,704
14,50 for o•xtra family, and 5a,00,71;11,2:, for fancy brand,.
400 boar, mixed at $1.27.
Cora.—;,o* Minh at hDet 4+9,5 do at from first bandt
0.11 . 5--220 lAIOI from first band, at .15c•,
, . .
Etnekvelteri Ficerar...SAleß or ii.)..3C1;4. fronr,torl
$2.00 El Ito 1. 4 Ink) ',wk. , . at wharf at $.1.90.
Rye Flour.. Sale 9 lo 1 , 1.4 q. at $4..h0.
Mess Pork .Stv!e4 12 Mk+ at $.1t.,50.
111ety....5,114, 14 load. from =tale, at $17c019 is .
011 ."zalo, L 1,14 Lard No. lat 59;;;9.0 ? gsl.
Lined. 10 la °;/' N. I at 1 2e: 411:, do at 11!
tame_. .Sales 10 Lila. Louisv illy at ll= bbl.
Cheese ' , ales ad bores W. 11. at sf4a!i'e.? Ib.
Eggs s Lb, 3 hbl, harked a 17Q:3,1:i,. dur.
Itacort-diale 1.000 tbs. Shrallders at Se.
0111 en s bids. at 70e. 1+ Imsb.
Potatoes... Sales 100 to=h Reds at
Sugar... 10 I,llds. N. U. at 5!,,," 11 lb.
olassea..Soles J 0 Ltd,. N. U., old and new, at 44:d.
44.. "0 gal.
C0ftee...5.1144 FAck3 Rio ht. U5..??41..1e. - ifb.
iu $2.Z64)2.:17, and
q l / 2 .1:1.) -
Whloky.. 5.11,, In 1,,t, of ho LH- 11 , h14rit'd ut :".76j
V_ gni
loorelpi Nlarketm
Per Ste.sluer tAdavnian.)
Lfvnn; u.
Corro3 liftaksr, Nm ember The
Broker', Cdeidar reports the ottwo MI) at 11:,000
Lode, including 1,0C.+0 Lodes to speculstara and for ex
port. 'ri market hal. lien dull, the pneos are weak
and there has been but little inquiry. .
}snUlt.Trrns 51 seic.ct.—Rard.zo ztpeneo ropozi.
,114,4 improvement in the pre es fu r Breadstuff, which
hid a tendency to check h(29:ne , ,,. Flout is firm; en
average bahltierig has been done at full rates.
Leap,. ilonry Maio, Nov,lnta 15 .—Con:+ols are
quoted at 91 .7 , ?,,.;; , d4k..14 for Rent:Ana. Amerman seeurities,
'Mids Central Ntlare, 111,e cfrehned 3n, anti :are Tinted
at •1LK,202 tar emit discount-
New York Market.
Nor Yozz, Noventher :9.—Cotton heavy; bales tf
baltt, at 11cd,11 1 ..,n for middling nplaada. Flour
dull: Raton 10,500 Southern Vi.f..5c.a5,130. Wheat
held 142, higher; tale, :41,000 at $1.40 for red, $1.30
for fur white, and for
ke,-, club. Corti dull: fine, 12,000 hm.h. at 94Q,C9f.c for
old• for new 3 73, for new
white. Pori: fizioyant at slrtyle,lety for moo , , and $llO
(or prime. IVM.Ify 2 OL. Sugar N. U.
Stuseovado Collee Fteadv: 2,500
lugii al 12.• for Rio. firm at 14 - 4.42 e.
actare, L0t . .en , 1rp13,;7g,60e; Lard Oil e7ia9'd. Tallow
dull, at ;10%c. Wool quiet but steady. Freight. On
Cotton to Liverpool 7....L.4 1 4d. rill Flour to do, 2. , u4
2, ltd.
Philadelphia 'Market.
h ersDELrlall. November :N.—Flour is firm, and some'
hoers are Indifferent about realirdur, wtlea, tiLls
sold at 15,72. - , tor Hapertlna. f5,62t.q..t.:1".5 for extra, and
$1,471ii1,Z for extra Lundy. Rye Flour la wanted at
.f-1,24.i. and Corn Meat I. dull at $3,75. Wheat ;a hold 10
1c higher, but the unllers itureha,e eauttorsly; sales of
uoo Lush prune red at ;tl,s_, but is mar held higher.
Rye sells ou arrival at toe far Southern, and 03e for
Penns. Corn is in better demand, 6,000 bush old yellow
sold at 92,, and 1,11.10 bush prime new at The. Oats are
in good demand; iWO hush sold at 44 1 ,14, for Penns and
for Delaware. Whisky is to good demand ut
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, NuVOILIbIT 29 . — Thore is A LI( demand for
Flour at $5,10 for supertine. Wheat is more freely of.
tared but is fully firm at $1,16 for prime red and $l,=Q
*1.25 for white. Corn is tine, but iinehanged in price.
1)010 are steady at 450. Barley in totter demand at
700. Bye io more inquired for at 75e. Whisky has de.
elined to :111.5e. Provivious are more aetive and he'd
higher. Mess Pork gltl, with sales at $15,75. and Bacon
at 7 1 .4;ali9lfie for Shoulder,. and Side,. Bogs arme
slowly and prices are still inclined to advance; sales at
•11 176 to:100 Ms weight. Exchange tine at
Baltimore Market
NOTCIIII,I, 73.—Flour dull; salt, of :Ax,
1,1t14 Howard atreet Lrand at $5.3755. Wheat opened
dull; sales 12,1.00 bush. the market closing firmer but
unchanged. Corn steady at 70a1,76e for new white and
sellow Mess Pork $15.75; prima $10,50. Bacon sides
loc. Whisky quiet at '63t,c. Exchange ou New York
R. T. KENNEDY W. S. Fil3NEtl 7 . ---
No; - 114 Cor. Wood and Fifth Streets,
COATS use to cell at ..$lO,OO for $ 8,25
Froei Dress Cloth, fine, use to cell at.- 14,00 for 10,00
First Quality Cloth, ' " " 18,00 for /2,00
Mack Cloth Pants, " 2,00 for 9,25
" (superfine)" " 8,00 for 4,00
Cascimere sults made to order, " 25,00 for 18,00
Also, Satin, Plush, Silk and Cloth Vesta,
At very low prices. The above is the Cash Price, and by
referring to this advertisement, the above prices will be
strictly adhered to. octlLijalme
2 volumes.
edtleld'a Law of Railways.
Angell on the Law of Highways.
Angell on Carriers.
Angell on Limitations.
Angell on Watercourses.
Angell on Fire and Lila Insurance.
Curtis on Patents.
Price on Limitations and Liens.
Sergeant's Mechanics' Lien Law.
Stephens on Pleadings.
Chitty on Pleadings, 3 volumes,
Bennett & Hoards' Criminal Cases.
Wharton's American Criminal Law.
oct24 KAY & 00,
rood street
clean mixed Cotton Raga. Wrapping Pa
. r . ' and 50 cents. hlabotung Crucible Clay,
of a superiorauality. Firc Bricks. manufactured from
the satne,qualit-Y 0 ! clay; for sale
soN, .
• No. 151 Wood at., Pittsburgh:
Igir FLEMING'S Drug_fitthe,
earner Diamond and Market stmt.
.-5U casks for sale by
No-613 cor. Wood and Fourth sta.
A§ • 01.48--111 bottles
gale low by
Max and Wholesale Dealer Ln
No. 21 Diamond, Pittsburgh.
and carefully selected atock of everything in this
line, either manufactured by himself or purchased di
rem from manufacturers, FOR CABH, Is prepared to
supply customers and the country trade with goods in
his line;
The following comprise the leading items in his stock
of Wooden and Willow Ware •
CHURNS—pine Staff, 8 sizes; Oak Staff, 4 sizes; Cedar
Staff, 3 sizes; Oval Crank, Cedar, Oak or Pine, 3 sizes;
Cedar Barrel.•lsizes; Spane's Patent, 3 Thermom
eter, 3 sizes-.'a large stock.
BUCKETS—Common red, blue and green, fancy and
varnished, half, quarter and toy pair cedar brass and
iron bound, 2 anof3hoop,Piggins, cedar, brass andiron
bound, :hoop Horse Buckets. heavy iron bale:Kitchen
Buckets. iron bale; Oak Well Buckets, well Ironed;
Flour Buckets, nested.
TUBS—Painted, 2 and 3 hoop white pine and cedar,
hand made, alt sizes. nested or by the dozen.
KEELERS—Painted and varnished, 3 sizes, dozen or
nest; cedar Keelers, brass or iron bound,
MEASURES—AII sizes, from tiashel to quarter peck;
pine or cedar. sealed or unsealed.
CLOTHES PlNS—Plain and head, in five gross boxes;
Smiths Patent, in gross boxes, and Brass Spring, in
gross hexes.
i44I EHBOARDS—WaterIoo raised centre, Marietta Zinc,
Double Wood, and all other kinds. • . -
BROOMS. WHISKS BRUSHES, ie., in great variety.
MEAL TUBS , -Hinilutm Butter and Butter and Meal
Tubs, 2 or 3 in nest, or singly.
DOOR AND BUGGY MAT'S—Allicante, Cocoa and Grass:
Grass Table Mats.
WHITE NEST BOXES ,ice and Sugar Boxes, See in
nest, plain and varnished.
OAK STANDS --Assorted sizes, for apple-butter, kraut,
pickles, meat or milk.
UMBRELLA STANDS—For Stores or Dwellings.
CLOTHES HORSES—Assorted sizes and styles made to
WOODEN WARE—C.oinprising Rolling Pins, Potato
Mashers, Butter Prints and Ladles, Lemon Squeezers,
Spoons mid Beaters, Muddlers, Soap Cups, Shaving
Ixes, Spigots, Bung Starts, Axe, Pick and Hatchet
Handles, Steak Mauls, ft
, of a/1 varieties-
TAR CANS, MOP HANDLES, iron and wood heads,
Clothes Pounders.
MARKET BASKETS, in great variety of size and style,
by the nest or dozen, of our own manufacture, at .Eas
tern prices.
CLOTHES BASKETS—Round and oval, four in nest.
HAMPERS—Square flat and trunk Iids.NURSERY CHAIRS, of every style.
COACHES AND CRADLES, of eveu style.
TRAVELING BASKETS—Assorted sues and styles.
Berlin, Japanned.
French, assorted.
RETICULES—Imported and American.
SCI, BASKETS, igeat. variy.
Potatoes, Pe et aches, &c.
ORCHARD BASKETS: —Willow and Split.
4n -City and country: dealers are to and ex
amin e our stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere,
act..S:l y Irlvaswll 21 Diamond Pittanurult.
Executor's Notice.
WHEREAS', letters testamentary upon
the estate of HENRIETTA DOBLER,Iate of the
borough of South Pittsburgh, deceased, have been p;rant
ed to the undersigned, alt persons indebted to said es.
tote aro laspuisted to mae immediate payment, and
Rio, having claim. imains k t said decedent will present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
seattiw South Pittsburgh.
LATED HOUSE; pleasantly located within a few
yard the Penn',. Railroad, fa now open for the re
ception of wormer sisitorm. A fine ten•pin alley hs.:e
recently been erected on the premises, and Mae Sabin
afforded nearby. .41,12raini glop lwrs. Chargesmoderate.
vl3 innwfsm CHAS. W. FISHES. proprietor:
'or 31cmpliis. Napoleon, Pine Bluff, Little
Rock and Fort Smith.
Steamer Dial 33. Mn e, Captain 3. A.
WILLIAMS, will leave for the above ports on or before
the find of tic,!ember. For freight or passage, apply on
board, where she now lies, at the foot of Pitt street, Alle.
gheny river.
n 022
RATE MEANS is called to a Ere: for sale of
forty of the most eligible
in the Second Ward, Allegheny City. The prices are
suited to the hard tunes, and time will be given to suit
all purchasers. For particulars 'Num, of
AL.A.NDER HASf3,l3urveor,
Corner East Common and Water street,
no 3 Allegheny my
WM. H.
N 0 '1" Sr Pt7ELXO .
OFFICE at the Pittsburgh Past, Fifth
pascal., near Wood. 11/3
FRESH ARRlVAL. — Received.thia day,
':•2 pair , Ladies' High Heeled Kid Boots; 50 pairs
Ladled High Heeled French Morocco, Pittsburgh make.
Bonn., envied; 36 pail - a Ladies' Fine Calf Heeled Booth
together with a biro stock of Gents', Misses', Boys',
Youth,' and Children's Shoes and Gums, which will be
.old at greatly reduced prices.
Call at the Cheap lbsh Store of
93 Market street.,2d door from - Fah.
ABL miles west of Blairsville-111 aeres--75 in eultiva
bon, remainder in choice timber--all good rolling land,
suitable for either grain or grass, all underfence, and in
the hest of order. The house is 36 feet by 18, with hall
io centre. An orchard of three acres, with great variety
of well =elected fruit; barn, stable and other out-houses.
Abundance of water; good neighborhood, and conveni
ent to mills, schools and churches. -
0u?..1 Real Estate Agta., II Market street
11.IGIIT, LIGIIT.-4 have made arrange
ments to keep constantly on hand a full supply of
AND ALCOHOL, which will bewarrantedequal to any
iu Ida market, and which will be underaoldby none,as
my tacilities for procuring best materials at lowest
rates, are finch, as enable me to offer advantagee =Bur.
pas,ed in this lino of business. Quantities to quit par.
chasers. SIMON JORtISTON, Druggist,
nots corner Smithfield and Fourth streets,
JtkiEPII HoRNE, No. 77 Ithaket street, is now in the
East, and will be sending home desirable and cheap
Goods every day this week. - non
MA. WEAVER will open a handsome
• assortment of FALL AND WINTER
Together with a large assortment of CHILDRENS'
CLOTHING and Pattorns of all descriptions, at
Second Story, above Elliott's Shirt Store, on FRIDAY,
senteinher SOth.
as 27
- -
suhjectug it to the severest tests known to the
trade, are fully persuaded that there is no Family Wash.;
log Soap in the United States, for so little money, having
at once so many good qualities, (and so few discounts.)
OF BEAUTY= In colors, firmness, surface and tax.
hire ouerall TY y. .
OF - PURIIn freedom from resin, turpentine,
clay, fish oils, stale and adulterations. - •
OF QUALITY— or was clothes, of every desenp•
tion, coarse or tine; cotton, linen, woolen or silk; dyed,
printed or white: for samosa tar, grease, pitch, paint,
oil, printers' ink, - shoemakers' wax, eta, from clothes,
furniture, and from the hands.,
Give it a fair trial for yourselves, and be convinced.
Remember, the name is on each bar. Ask for a copy
of the directions. B. C. & J. H. SAWYER, •
lei 47 Wood street, Pittsburgh
400 barrels Prime N. 0; Molasses, Oak Coopers;
• 30 do St. James, S. H. do;'
20 do Coverings fold quality Syrup;
600 bags good to choice Rio Coffee;
75 Pocket's choice Java do;
125 Half Chests Young Hyson, Imperial, Gun - Pow
der, Oolong and Pombhog Teas;
100 bows assorted brands s's, Ws & 10's lump
10 kegs qrington six twist Tobacco; .
75 do Si. Carb. . .
5 barrels Alum;
10 do Dairy Salt in Saeka .
01 bags Gram Pepper;.
16 do - Allspice; - - ' '
5 do Mat Camila;
20 boxes No.l Soap ' •
100 do ,Chemical 011ie Soap; " I
26 do German
30 do Variegated or Toilet Soapt •
50 dozen Cin Washboards;
60 do Buckets; " • •
30 do Tubs, assorted Si:XS;
100 do Broonis;
50 bows H. R. Raisins; '
Li) do No. 1 Norfolk Chocolate;
do Madison Starch;
50 bales No. 1 and 2 Batting;
30 barrels Bleached Elephanyiind W7tatl:l'ol4
10 do Strait's Tanners/ - do; .
20 do Cod do do
10 do Rosin do-.
20 do N. C. Tar.
In store and for sale by • -
100 bags Rio Coe ,
poakots JILT-
Osscelineetts. '
F Ora
EX TAlor'r.,
Inventor, of Pistabtugh,,Pa., Juno i /th, liE% is Z 1 ,154"
introduced to the public, and colrinlandi lay the
following advantages :—lts ahnplieity;
cheapness- and excellence of, 7crlt. supaiidritY fo
other Machines, conaista,--
-. •
Fins?, That it is piovided with an apparatus by Which
.the edging of the Shingle is pericrniedbithewaw wbigh
cuts it, and which 'is aSAVIENG
.• - •
Snowy, By the means of two Weedlekthe block when,
placed on the Mitebizea is adjusted .in any Pitt the
operator may desire, by which Walvis a SANINgrof ,
Twenty Per Cent. of Timber.'
P rt.
, .
The Machine w il l also cut Veneering, Inoking Glais
Backs, Barrel Beads; Cigar Boiea, ete„
The Iron City Machine
Can be furnished complete for $l5O, bythe pristatfac.
Curer in this city, Mr. B.S. FOWLER, and can be Ken
to operstion at the planing UM of Mr: T. Dilviorth t ear-
ner of Seventh and. Grant streatii. .
The inventorand patentee will dispoii of CciMtt4fitate
and Territory Rights for the ease and u2sicifthie-,-
, . ,
on very moderate terms. Permute desirous of investing, ,
cannot find a bettor opportunity then thepreoebt.
A' Call and eraratne the Machine. actliblimar ' •
No. 133 Wood Stmt.
. -
TENSlVEtindktrollealected FALL and ViriNTEli
stock of
BOOTS AND -3110.E5!
Of the Latest and moat Fashionable Styles, adapted to
the season.
. _
They are now premuset to offem at adveusoa
over Clon, the liergeet arid most complete eisortmeiti
Prune _ . .
Ever brought to this city. We invite our &lands ant .
Nernhants generally, to call and 41261211.1111 our pods..:
Sir Purlieu/sr attention be given to selecting and
se l63 rndawlBta2dp
H. CHILDS & 0 0.. -
• No. Ur Wood stmt.
chased the interest of hie late per rZi.9;
BATES, in the IiCK/FING 81181 - NIEBS, aid is the Soli
manutectare and dealer in the following threw distinct
kinds of Roofing:—
lat. Gum Elastic, Catac4,l.riqi and Clio'.
vas 'Roofing. ' " -- - 7
2d. Improved Felt, Cement and Growel
Rooßog. „
34. Patent tngllali Aaphalite' ittini.
All warranted FIRE WATER.24IO%•iU
Material for sale, wit prinfed instructions for
lice at RATES & Joßui soNa•-oLD•OUND;46 •
Held street. -
- -
s.—Thia Gum Dement la Unequalled male Atteilltai
Metal Roots, lasting twice a , leng, et:lmast,"=4
Brasiers' sad Bolt Contor, /lewd Cktypet
torus, Raised Still Bottonak , Scuar Boldar;kn,
Porters and dealers in , Pbaji=lion,l
Wire, ise. constantly on tutad, 'nylon' and"
Tools. Warehouse, No. I* Fmk sautlintioodudistrrsots, •
Pittsburgh, Pa... Special artist's of FdpisszcaSto say do;
trod natters iittivdsw
W. nom ' DAN2II L. PAIL • - lir •
, , .
. Errrsatiasezp.#_
Werenow, No. 'lig First said LlG!Naotaki
_Manufacturers of all area and deeuripuons ef.
Retorts sad Eltalls;Glita and Water Pt_ pe,l3sd
Bores,Bteel ktorads ?
w = " Plibingandlfaridee Castings or evaredi... , '"
lion made to order. .
Having a completa t iawAnne Shop 'Naas:
to.dry, ail susianagy fthing yrto be Catellg
11101 - AVII BEEN APES'':
.erect western meats— ' •,'
Philadelphia, their Agent,
take pleasure in cellinp . • •
.the public to this it
tinnance atter Ilb
toren extended •
cent and Diree
Pranames tal
of D e
e _
'— •
L it t : •
; t.
;•-• C Alt•t;lC 4, 4 0.7