The Pittsburgh post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1859-1864, November 02, 1859, Image 1

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' ;;%i
. 5 -
~G4~~ '~
t ." - `~
tt It.'
ly. 11614, P 061. ,
r 4.6.11E8 V:- )IA1111; 4
Travia:_4l4 i d
vane. Weekly, Single su aeriptiona Two DO''l
-11; Opilpit .54,11 . )p, One Dollar.
9,e%11 AFit.UtS.
Departure and Arrival or Passenger
- Train s.
Pittsburgh, Fbrt Wayne and Chicago Railroad.
(Eromioxnersl Libe_rtrand Grantdreets,-.Piltabiligh-)
4,Uve.FUtsbargh. : Crestlitte. Et. Wayne
gryirese Trarri.t.'..:.:.17:15 A.M. • 8:56 A. M. 101 P
Mail Train.---. ....
6:50 A. M.
Express Train.-....-.12:50 ' 8:45 P.M. E3O A.
Arrive at Chicago:
Express, 8.47 P. 51.1 Expre55,......8,17 A. M
_r.26 P •Beturaing, a rive at Pittsburg: '
M all, e: M. I Expreas; 630 P. M.'l Expreas; =1 A. M.
(From Federal Street Station, Allegheny.)
New Brighton Accommodation..,. 9:30 A. M. 5:20 P. M
" " ' 6.55 A. X. 12:10 P. M
PennsAdienia Railroad.
(From corner. of Liberty- and,Grant. stresta)„ .- , ;
Leaves. " A?riveS:
Express - Train. 605 P. M. 1E45 P. M 2
Mail 2:50 A. M. 1140 P. M:
Fast '4al P. M.. 12:20 A. M.
The Johnstoin Way Passenger
Train 6:00 A. M. 1:10 P. M.
Johnstown. Accommodation_.:...2.-.50.P. M. 11110'A: 51:
, First Turtle.Cresk - A. M. 6.150 Al Id.
Bacond " " " 4:30 P. M. 1230 A. M.:
Third " " " (l.) P. M. 6:15 P. MI
• - ibituarate Railroad.
(tram 'Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arrives.
.Mail gain..• 7:130 Ai M. 015 P; M
Express Train 4:30 P. M. 8:45 A. 51
Qtereiond raid Pittsburgh Baikoad.
. (Prom coiner orLitierty and Grant-streets.)
Leaves. Arrives.
Express Train.. 12.15 A. 51. 2.40 A. M.
Mail Train... 6.25 A. M. 4.00 P. M.
Fast 2.05;P. AL 820 P. M.,
Wellsville AeitommOdahois........4.oo P. M., 11.00 A. Id.
'Pastan - A Mambos and Grasoimkrfi Raßnrdi „
(From iberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves Ma's 0012mtals. Al?. in Cin.
Fast Line 12.15 A. M. . 8.00 A. M. 1130 A. M
Express Train.. 165 P. M. 1.30 A. M. 7.30 A. M
Ride on a Locomotive.
The traveler comfortably seated in the rail
wayigitrAeldom bestows a thought upon•any
thing connected with a railway train, beyond.
• .1
what is conducive to his own personal comfort
for the time being. .We sormititries; when we
can obtain • that - favor, take 3r a
short trip upon
the,engitie in the.course of our travels, and the
excitement and novelty of the occasion adds
very Much to the interest of traveling, reliev
ing the.tedium of a trip most agreeably. - in
no other way can a disinterested observer ob
tain-so much information of the condition of a
road and its machinery, as be can by riding
upon the engine of a loaded train. The state
of repair of track and machinery, the economy
of the management of the road in the use and
distribution of oil and of machinery, the dis
tribution or labor at wood and water stations,
&c. These can be obtained by an obseiver who
has any interest in matters pertaining to the
management of a road, but to the ordinary
traveler, the excitement in looking upon the
track, upon the ever varying changes going on
around him, in the scenery and in the moving
life, keep the interestconstantly on the stretch.
The engineer, in the discharge of his duties,
has-not a moment, from the time he moJnts
. the engine until his trjp is completed, that his
mind" can - be relaxid from the most intense ap
plication to his arduous task. Ile must carry
In his mind the rate of speed at which he is
travelling, not to fall short or over-run the
time allotted from station to station. He must
accurately- observe the state of the water, the
pressure:of steam, the general condition of his
engine and of the track. In addition to this,
which, .of itself, is enough to over-burden an
ordinstry mind, he must be keenly alive to any
accidental circumstances upon which the safety
of property, of the lives of passengers or em
ployees upon a train, or of , property or lives
upon the track, depend. His eye or ear must
attend to- the slightest unusual sound in the
machinery, or any indications of anything
unusual upon the track. ,We have more than
once seen .the abilities, the courage, the pres
ence of mind and promptness of action of an
engineer =pui to the test in a manner which
would redound to his credit, were the facts
made public; but we seldom itear_of
ties or l on erigineer, or , the responsibility, of his_
pOsition, excepting in cities of-oeeident,
often whether arising from his fault or other
his life is sacrificed, and, always his
tionsare justly closely scrutinizedatid•eritiz-
- IWe tried a short trip. the:, other day,,
qon the locomotive Loui4ville, which
one of the best upon ,the. Pittsburgh, Fort
Wayne dr• Chicago "Railroad, one
the best of her class anywhere. We _have
r,idden upon a train to which this - engine,
was attached and some lost time had to be made
up ; it always seemed to be able to respond to
any demand- made, and when - they attempted
to make up lost tima it was sure to be done.,
This engine is something,like its prototypii•
in flesh and blood, " Flora 'Temple;" alWayri
his a turn of speed in reserve when the OCC9',
son demands. The engineer, Serger,:was at .
the throttle-valve on this-iicestsion, an old
and faithful employee. pf ‘'.the .-company.
It was not long since, when the train was be
hind time at Enon, (44 mires west of this city,),
=thn engineer was infornied that • it was
very important that the connection at , Pitts
burgh should be made. "I'll do it," was the
laconic reply; and it was done, 44 iniles in'
65 niiindes, including' stoppages, and the
checking. of ,speed for _two ..bridges. At i was
safelY.actOmplishisd; reflecting. vreditlifOn-the
management, of the road, as well es, upon the
engineer and-officers in charge i)f the train.
We have_not time at invent:to note:our oX
perience in engine riding. We close this skeicli
with the remark that the employees upon this
road generally are remarkable for...their energy,
sauvity and efficiency. We but reflect the
popular opinion in adding our suffrage to the
popular approval, and - the 'management which
has retained such able assistants throughout the
financial trials which the Pittsburgh, Fort
Wayne and Chicago road. has passed, main
taining its track and other 'appointments, at
the-sante _ time in a. very efficient-condition for
busines4,.. :entitled to More than °Minify'.
It is but a few years since the operation
known as - . "bisection , : Of tlaiperiteiferim" for
the removal of ovarian tumors, was first per.
forine& in Ills country by Dr. John At Lee;
of Lancaster:, .Thisdistloguishedstirgeon and:
his brether, Dr. Washington L. At; Lee, of
Philadelphia; have. inreciassfully 'performed this
very i diTcult and delicate operiltioryand.with
the exception of the few cases under their
charge; it has seldom been performed: The
Chronicl' cuf last evening publishes a comma-,
nication - from Dr. Reiter, from which we ex- ,
traetihe . follewing ,
•The patient was a lady about thirty-five
years of age, from a town not far, distant, and
Dr. John Dickson operated assisted by his
brother, Dr. Thomas ix, and ;Pr- Hamilton.:
'Thetumor contained about flyßquarts of water,
but was solitary in its htige developments--four
or five smaller 0119 at.its base *Pere, not Iner
than hickcil nuts. ' The ineislod inaille - abaoa
men did not exceed four or five inches. The
tumor was then" tapped Urith.trocar and canulk ,
and as the dela run out, gin sac was gradually
drawn.through the wound, not allowing a drop
to eicipeltrto the abdominal cavity v i T'he neck
of the - tumor Viss:fitstined in-tbielewer edge of
the incision by - a harelip needie;lbus 'prevent;
ing the possibility - of any foreign - matter corm
ing in contact with the perietneurn. The' pa
tient 'has not had an unfavorable symptom since
the operation, and so much time - has now
elapsed that - her entire recovery inky be. Safely
predicted." .
The operation being considered so exceed
ingly. dangerous, we are happy to learn that
the patient has recovered and returned VS her
friends.' -
- • i.oi-.....•
- , , • ,- ; , jCsa Rtritzarortn CASES.—The cases in l
'',.,•, w hich Thomas G. Rutherford, late Superinten
!, ant of the House of Refuge, stands indicted
t . j "for
_assaalt.and battery with intent to commit
~ ?, rape, and adultery; will come up for trial oti:
( 7 . : -Monday or Tuesday of neat week. TherY.wili
i i ••'; - probably occupy the entire week, as the evi--
...-.';_ I deuce will be very•volumineua. -, .A. strong
• - ~.-=', f. , . fort- - will he made: ha'....)ElisproWate ' neriogig
f- f l : charges .. :. : ltir.lit.. and he hu empley ,
~. „
' 'soble .. . • to defend him.
SUPREME Copnr,i=7, Before Chieflnstice Low,
rie and Judges Woodwlr4, ; strong, Thompson
andikead • "': '-
, - • j IZjAvamns.n Ist, 1859.
Stokeley vs. Robinson ; Westmoreland coun 7
ty. Argued "sey-Sbaler to;
.plaintiff in err:or,
and by Cowani"etintia.' .,
Wharton NE• Cita:dn . ; Wdatitiortgandbdunty:
Argued by_ Co.wan.for , p,l!tintiff in error, and b) Foster,ccontit.
Foster, i crontiff. "
elven - et Watsblibl fllidiana county:
Argued by Foster for plaintiff in error, and by
White, contra.. 7 .
Tiley vs. .111.13oli'ufglii . ; — Ctinibria., county..
Sboop's Appeal; Armetropg couyty. Sub
mitted. ' '
4r. l l ol d.e.Val Catninonwealth; Arm
strong county.
,Judgment of non. pros. •
'-- Jack N'S.' ack Wt,t o rel an d county. Ar-i
gupd,by Cowan for Waintiffin.error,. and by
Foster, contra.
Overseers of Bell township vs. Overieers of
Canoe.W4nelljp;l6diarlaTeettniy:: .Aigne'd by
P. `W. Jenks, and R.P. Flenniken for i plitin-f
tiff in eirOr'olnd bi:Stewart,contra.
Campbells its lroOd L'WesitniAillinaleounty.
Argued`bylk;dd"Ter plaintiff in error.
Adjourned till nine...o'clock Wednesday
. . -
rDiagict ;11.idges Han - span.
v P S
Ala AVM i0t7 : 14 • C -
NOVEMBER Ist, 1859.
The business of . to-day. was the hearing of
the argument list. The only matter of public;
interest..atas the argument of, a case in., equity,
in willebt:Siut: S: - Craft asked that the Board of
Directors of the Pittsburgh and Steubenville.
Railroad co.carip,
; aisling 6f ihlesarC - Barton;"Jones . 'and Frani2k,
be restrained from collecting certain claims of
the Company, .which -been assigned to
Craft to secure him from loss, as security for!
the Company. G. P:•Ramilton, Esq., who ap
peared for 31r. Craft, argued that the action of •
the Board in appointingthbcoMmlttee to make
lhese - eollections, was illegal and void by a pre
vious contract. Mr. Barton replied at some,
length„in,beluilflif ' , Board. and' himself, -
and when he had concluded, the Court made
the following order: - '
"And now to, wit, November,l,lBs9,..thebepd
f. said, 'cOMPliiiiiant,l.With:'Sureti. approvedthe Court, being filed,, injunction awarded as
follows, viz That said company be reqaired
and 'conjoined, until The further order of this
Court from acting under the, resolution asserted
tObsit - -Pasted by said company on the IRV of
August ; A. D. 1859, as recorded in said bill,
and that the committee appointed under said
resolution, viz: John - Barton, Edward P. Jones
and. James Trunick, be enjoined from acting
under said resolution, or assuming any of the
duties mentioned therein,' or of collecting,
compromising or controlling in any manner
whatsoever any of the claims of said company,
which by their own showing have
. been
signed sai4 James .S. Craft : and. that the
said - Jahn Barton be prohibited from appearing
as attorney within this county, or elsewhere,
to any of the suits brought in the name of the
company on, any of said subscriptions, or en
tering satisfaction in any judgment on such
This is the , case in which the equity bill was
lost. A new one was filed. It will be remem
bered that proceedings were instituted to as
certain what disposition had been made of the
missing document. The matter was placed on
the argument list and will come up in regular
Judges l'irelure, Adams and Parke.
NOVI:MUER Ist, 1 tis 9.
The arguments of counsel in the case of Val
entine Deary and James Davis, on trial for ar
son, and the charge of the Court, occupied the
entire Morning. Thomas Howard, Esq., for
the prosecution, and John D. Mahon, Esq., for
the defense, both made able arguments to the
jury.. The. jury retired at noon, and at half
.past three o'clock in the afternoon brought in
a verdict of guilty.
Commonwealth' vs. George IV.„ alias "Shar
per". Smith,indicted for the larceny of a set of
'silver. mounted harness from James Floyd,
livery stable keeper in Allegheny, which was
worth about $2O. The evidence showed that
Smith had sold the harness to a person at
Sharpsburgh,, for less than half its.value. The
juiTtotind tr,verdleti ot4uilty, with .tk"recom
teenclatiem to 'Mercy.' "Iterrianded.
Commonwealth vs. Margaret Clarke, alias
McLaughlin; ..indicted for,- the:lirceny of a
shawl' - worth dye dollars, from Mrs. O'Rourke,
the property . of Mary Gerry. It appeared
from -the evidence that 'Minaret had lodged
at O'llourke'i house on Boyd's hill, and
'that after she' had left the `shawl was missed.
It was afterwards found in Patrick McLaugh
lin's whisky.boat, `at Six Mlle Ferry, defen
dant having resided with him.- The evidence
of the larceny. was not very strong, and the
jury.found a:verdict of not guilty. . .
' Mrs. Mary White pleaded guilty to selling
liquor without license at the house of Mrs.
Scanlon, in theHixtb , ward, and WEL9, sentenced
to'pay 'a fine of $lO titict
W. & D. Hants.—This well known dry
goods Jinn -have removed from the corner a
Fourtlf and Market,' where they were tempo
rarily located, to their elegant new store at the
corner of Market and Fifth streets. Their new
establitliment is most splendidly- fitted up, and
they hiveTa stock of new and seasonable goods,
which must please
,their numerous customers,.
both as to . quality. atd,price. They will be
most happy to see all their old friends and any
quantity of new ones at their new store, where
everything is In the most presentable order.
Morrison &At'llwaine, two skillful andtalent
ed young artists, have opened a new. Ambro
typs; Daguereotype and Photographic gallery
at Ico. 64 Fourth street: 'They are thorough
adepts in their beautiful art' and are prepared
to take pictures in all the various styles and at
reasonable 'prices. We recommend them to
the public as well deservingof theirpationage.
C.atiaLloaa.- 7 - - We call attention• to the ad
vertisement' of Mr. Jos. White's Carriage Re
pository at , Lawrenceyllle. - He has, a large
and splendid ,assoftinent; of vehicles of all
kinds and descriptions, which he sells very
- • .„
Colimp and Henry Sarton;aeritencea on Sat
urday,. were yesterday taken to the Penitenti
ary. It will he .remembered that they. were
convicted of grand larceny: in robhing:the atore
of James Halsted; at Palrview,'in this county.
thisunqualified recommendation 'of Dr. Wil-
son's Pills, wo are fully justified liy ' the numerous cern
flcstes of PROMINENT MEN throughout the country
who have tried them and proved their certainty as a
cure: For sick and nervous headache, they are invalu-
Bee Manual of Ilerdth„. Prepared end sold by B.
pARNEMOR.i co,' :Wholesale Druggists, No. 60
WOOsi eqe4t7 ' . ' o 6 :
Sol4Tat retail by Druggists, everywhere.
.11.81. TING .13T 5TZ41.34.—A8 a testimonial of
the worirroao ire Manner; perfect action of their self
regulating maclunes, safety, economy in fuel, and the
little attention neessliftmto imp each roam malbrtable,
we glee thle *certificate to Messrs. Davis and Phillips,
successors to Phillips for their plan of heating
by Ideate thOliecond.Ward-Publie Schools in the city. oZ
P , Vsburgh, and which;:bne 'met onr. tcprorsdi and we
would recommend them to the public to grre entire
satisfaction of heating bsodeam. -
R. Miller, Jr.; John-Marshall, 'Jr..; M. Tindle , George
Wilson, John Vrilson, L. Wilcox, Directors. .
. .
Steam Seating, Gas Fltring, and Bran rounders,
Ddelik l cainrs in every and.Plenps
No. 07 Wood sul ck' :3 P of ust Gas
street, .ttnbUrgh• •
ykA •
the want of which has been so long felt by our citizens;
is now 'open, tinder the :superintendence of Messrs
Jackman & Johnson, in the - Lafayette Building. -En
trance, ati Wood street. - 111s:designed for the perpetual
exhibition. of the products of Brechanks, Mnufactu
rers, Inventors, ancl".4.ithians ; and as a place of resort
for those seeking information relative to those branches'
: of industry, either:-by examination of samples or ,
scientific publications. Those having articles to bring.
:before tba public wili find it greatly totheir advantage to
liir.Tbe:publie.ate.respeitfally Invited to isit 'the'
.institute: . ,
• Comm ik - lintsrszki)
_t Id n-. S.IICI
011111Magitil Pa:3014 lila 454111. ten: 2 "Ordersl their
ahop on FOOllll (treat near Market, Burke'a Building,
wEllileptuoptty stkoded.
TILE AllefiliiLlaieg - 11X‘iliiieot - rE —The im
personation of Parthenia, in the beautiful
drama of "Ingoznar the Barbarian," by "bon
nie Jean" last evening was refreshing in these
days of stage, buffoonery, and will long linger
in th& minds of all who! Walla lor tunate enough
to be present. The play has always been a
popular one here, and Miss Davenport was the
original and fatiorite representative of Parthe
nia, and though many imitate, none excel or
oven equal her. All who saw the,performance
last evening admit thi.4.
To-night she appears in another of her fa
vorite characters, that of Adrienne Lecouvrer,
in "Adrienne the Actress," in which she is
equally, happy. There is a freshness, depth ,
'and truth - about this'personation which' com
mands the admiration of all. We bespeak for
Adrienne, then, a full house to night. The
"Swiss Cottage" will close the performance.
THE FfensseEs..--The Irish boy and Yan
kee gal, Mr. and Mrs. "Billy " Florence, are
drawing remunerative audiences under the
successful management of Mr. Howe, of the
Pittsburgh Theatre. Last evening they played,
as they deserved, to a large and appreciative
audience. We predict fully as good a house
to-night, as attractive, consisting of
the " Nell HuiStir,' or Frederick the 6reati. -
in which Mr. Florence plays Edward
and a " Lesson for. Husbands," who 'will be
taught by:Mrs. Florence as Fanny Tottle. Let
all who loVe rare fun gci.
mates of the Warren county prison, two wo
men and two, men, escaped one night last
week. The women up stairs burnt the clasp
out; that fastened the,door through a single
iiinelbOardaivie! down stairs , and .unlock.ed
the cells in which the men were confined, by
means of false keys, when the party departed
in peace, taking a wagon that I , \ - 3 waiting in
the vicinity, with them. ,
THE Youri'g, liens' Christian Association
propose holding regular weekly prayer meet
ings in the jail, commencing next Sunday
evening at early candle light. It is to be
hoped these exercises may have a salutary ef
fect On the- morals of the criminals and vag
rants incarcerated there. Sermons have for a
long time been delivered inside the prison
walls, every Sunday,_with good results.
THE Book's selling every night this week
at Davis' Auction Rooms, Fifth street, are the
best editions of the most desirable literatUre,
and all warranted fresh and perfect. The
most reading, and of the best quality, can be
there got for the least money of any place in
our city. You need only drop in of an even
ing, to see it demonstrati:d.
H.B.MWA 17 ROBBERY. —About two aelo6r
Sunday morning last,. a 'Welshman employed
as a puddjer in the Clinton Mill, was waylaid
at the South end of the !donongabela bridge,
in South Pittsburgh, and robbed of twenty.
five dollars. Tho robber made good his e . cape,
and is not likely to identified.
LTL: RA L. - The annual ploughing
match of the Allegheny County Agricultural
Society comes off on Thursday. The field sc•
lected icon the ROPS farm, a short distance
above Sharpsbui f gh, and easily accessible by the
Allegheny - Valley Railroad.
THE Young Meng Christian Association
held their anniversary meeting last night.
The occasion was an interesting one; sevcfal
able speakers were present. and it was shown
that thit institution was in .16 li)urishinu.: condi
tion, and had accomplished much good.
I NCORRIGI EL x.--Alderman Lewis yesterday
sent to the House of Refuge a boy about sey•
enteen years of age, whose parents reside in
the city, they having found him incorrigible.
Esq., of Cambria county, was yesterday, on
motion or R. L. Johnston, Esq , admitted to
practice as an attorney in the Supreme Court.
WILLIAM, alias "Snibbs" Arnold, was ar
rested yesterday for drawing a pistol on stone
one, and fined $5 and costs for disorderly con
duct,- by Mayor Wearer.
Miss Dix, the philanthropist, is to he in the
city on Friday. She will remain during her
stay h t the Western Pennsylvania FlnTital, as
a guest.
Tnt winter approaches, and everybody will
need warm and comforutble clothing. This
they can obtain cheap, well and fashionably
made, and of the bolt and most substantial ma
terial, at the establishment of W. H. McGee
S Co., corner of Federal street and the Dia
mond, Allegheny City. Their stock of fall
and winter goods is large and well selected:
They employ the best of workmen and always their customers. 1 bey give especial at
tention to boys' clothing. Call and look at
their goods.
Pitt Street, Pittsburgh.
(or the season; I am now prepared to furrusli my
customers with a
In addition to my regular brands, I am manufactur
ing a very FINE FLAVOFFED BITTER ALE. put up in
small packages expressly fur family use. ,
• This Ale is not only a'delightful beverage, but is highly
recommended by the medic 41 faculty, for Invalids, where
mild, nourishing tonic is required. I have also my
Constantly on hand, consisting of KEN:SETT BITTER
rookages sent toady part of the city. .angllitin
Increase in popularity with all who test its superiority as
a Tonic, or - remedy for Dyspepsia and the affections
arismeroin a disordered stomach. It is prepared with
great care, and its component parts are entirely vegeta
ble; Ulm free from the objections so often urged against
preparations of hind. The BITTERS may be used
with confidence and beneficial effects by all suffering
from complaints of the stomach. As a lkilatcAx. Missy It
has no equal, while its pleasing flavor and healthful ef
fects pave Amide ita general favorite. It is free from all
properties calculated to impair the system, and its op
erations are at once mild, soothing and efficient. All
who have used the Bitters ATTEST ITS VIRTUES and
commend it to use.
For sale by Druggists and dealers generally.
Manufacturers and Proprletors,
061.31 No.cS Water, and 69 Front streets
Manufacturers, and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
No. 424 Penn Street, above the Canal,:
Rave on hand a large satiortment of Fancy and Plain
Furniture, in Walnut and Mahogany of their own MAlM
facture, and warranted equal in quality and style to any
manufactured in, the city, and will sell at reasonable
prloos. fe2ktt
Of every description, for sale at
octli) N 0.51 Fifth Atrect
Plain, Plezinished smd Japanned Tin and
,Trays, kc., the largest stock ever offered in this city, at
T 3. CRAIG% 124 Wood
Five doom from Fifth
can be accommodated with rooms and boarding,
in a tirst.claaa boarding house: pleasantly located on
Liberty street, two minutes wsdh. from the baslness por
tion of the clq. For further information apply to W.
at.theothce of the Morning Post.
NE )1171iD ::•‘, Terms ' chase a choice Building Lot, 25 byloo feet.
easy. BON,*
*cal' 61 Markot stre.
Ossowattamie Brown Convicted of
~Murder in the First Degree and
CHARLESTOWN. November I.—The argu
ment of counsel in the case of John Brown
being concluded, Mr. Chilton asked the Court
to instruct the jury that if they believed the
prisoner .was not a resident of Virgin* they
cannot convict. him on the count of - .treason.
The Court declined, saying that the 'Constitu
tion did not give rights and immunities alone,
but also responsibilities, . • ... -
Mr. Chilton asked another instruction; to the
eiDct that the jury must be satisfied as to the
place where the offence was committed—wheth
er within the boundaries of Jefferson county.
The Court granted it.
A recess for half an hour was taken, when
the jury came in with..their verdict. An in
tense excitement prevailed at the Court-room.
Brown sat up in his bedwhile the verdict was
rendered. The jury found him Guilty of
Treason, in advising and conspiring with olives
and others to rebel, and.of Murder in the first
degree." Brown then lay down quietly. He
said nothing, and there was no demonstration
of any kind. '
Mr. Chilton moved an arrest of judgment,
both on account of the errors in the indictment
and in the verdict. The objection. ixv regard
to the indictment has been already stated ; the
prisoner had been tried; for an offense not ap
pearing on the record of the grand. jury. The
verdict was not on each count separately; but
a general 'verdict on' the whole indictment.
The prisoner has also been found guilty on
both counts for the murder of the same persons.
It was manifest that ho could not be guilty of
both. By agreement, the points will be argued
to-morrow morning. Brown was remanded to
Mr. Harding announced that he was ready
to Proceed with the trial of Cappee, who was
brought in; the ceremony of passing between
a file of armed men being dispensed with. Cap
pee took a seat between Griswold and Hoyt,
who appeared as his counsel. He seemed calm
and composed. The remainder of the day was
spent in
,endeavoring to obtain a jury., Tho
panel was not complete when, at 5 o'clock, the
court adjourned.
NEW YORK, November I.—The Herald's
Washington correspondent says: "I have it on
the most reliable authority that the death pen
alty will not be immediately inflicted; ho may
he sentenced to die on the gallows within two
or three days, because the ordinary delay of
thirty days between sentence and execution does
not apply - in the ewe of one convicted of In
citing slaves to insurrection; but Gov. Wise
admires Brown's indomitable pluck, and for
that, and because he wishes to show the world
how magnanimous Virginia can be, ho will
probably respite the execution for at least the
thirty days. I should not be surprised from
what I learn, if an order will be made direct
ing Brown to be sent to Richmond, nor if he
should be kept in the Penitentiary there until
such time as the Governor shall fix for the ex
A Iltassaehintetts lady,Whoso name I under•
stand to be Childs, has written to Gov. Wise,
requesting permission to wait upon and nurse
the unfortunate old man. The permission has
been granted.
Cumitszs'rowN, Nov; I.—The rourt met at
ten o'clock.- Cappee was brought in. Pre
vious to proceeding . wish. his trial, Mx-Gris
wold stated the points on which an arrest
of judgment asked for In Brown's case,
and in addition to the reasons mentioned yes
terday, said it had not been proved beyond a
doubt that he was oven a citizen of the United
States. He argued that treason could not be
committed against a State, but only against
the general government, citing the authority
of Judge Story; al_•o that the jury had tot
found the prisoner guilty of the crimes as
charged in the indictment; had not responded
to the offenses charged, but found him guilty
of offenses not charged, they found him guilty
of murder in the first degree, when the in
dictment does not charge him with offenses
constituting that crime.
Mr. Hunter replied, quoting the Virginia
Code, to the effect that technicalities should
not arrest the administration ofjustico. As to
jurisdiction over treason, it is sufficient to say
that Virginia had passed a law assuming that
jurisdiction, and defining what constitutes that
crime. The Court reserved its decision.
Brown was present during the argument.
The jury was sworn in Cappee's case. The
testimony is the same as already published, but
more brief. The examination for the prosecu
tion wa, not concluded at adjournment.
Cook waives examination before the magis
trate's Court.
Pamphlet on Popular Sovereignty.
WASIIINT*TON CITY, Nov. I.—A pamphlet.,
by Kennedy Johnson, is about to be published,
entitled, •‘ Remarks on Popular Sovereignty as
Maintained and Denied respectively by Judge
Douglas and Attorney General Black." He
establishes the following propositions: First,.
That Congreis has no, power to prohibit slavery
in t o unorganized Territories. Second, That
i k
Co ress has no power to prohibit slavery' in
the Territories after they have been organized
under Territorial governments. Third, That
Congress has no power to establish slavery in a
Territory; that slavery is the creature of posi
tive law, which may exist by statute or custom.
Fourth, That Congress can neither prohibit nor
establish' slaiery in a Territory; it cannotlegis
late to protect or regulate it. Fifth, Territorial
governments can ..admit, protect or exclude
slavery at any time'during its existence. In
conclusion, he submits that the 'doctrine of
Popular Sovereignty maintained from first to
hitt by Judge Douglas, and now so assailed by
the Attorney General, has bore 'the clearest
and most explicit sanction of Congress, the
Cincinnati Convention, and President Pierce,
and above all of President Buchanan, and it is
with equal conviction of its truth that he as
serts that, without the belief in the sincerity of
such sanction, and especially the last, Presi
dent Buchanan would now bo enjoying the
quiet and leisure of Wheatland, gratified only
by remembering the services rendered his
country at home aild abroad in other public,
but perhaps in his estimation, subordinate and
less desirable station, than tho one in which he
now, as his friends assert, serves as conspicu
ously and honorably before the world as well
1 as the nation.
Advices from Nov Orleans
'NEAT ORLEANS, OctOber 31,--It is reported
that another Vigilance Committee , is forming
in this city, to superintend the-election to take
place on the 7th of November. A deputation
of Plug 'Liglies, from Baltimore, is said to have
Seventy-five deaths from fever occurred in
the Charity Hospital.
The steamship Grenada has arrived with
Havana dates to the 26th inst.
Two' cargoes of slaves, numbering twelve
hundred, are reported to; have been landed
near Havana during the week.
Terrible Railroad Accident
CHICAGO, NOV. I—A. terrible accident oc
curr-id on the Chicago and Northwestern Rail
road this afternoon.- The train, consisting of
thirteen cars,. filled with excursionists, from
Fondulac,' for 'ran ()Bathe track at
Johnson's Creek, eight miles south of .Water
town, Wis. Eight persons are reported killed
and a number badly injured. The names of
the killed, as fares known, are Mr. J. Thomas;
11. S. Marshall, Mr. Boardman, George F.
Emerson, badly injured :—A. D. Bonestead,
Indian agent, S. L. Gellet, Judge Flint, Mrs.
Bedford,, Van Buren and Smead, all of Fon
In addition to those previously reported killed,
are Jerome Mason, telegraph operator, S. L.
Gellett, J. Snow, of Fon Du Lao. Jno. Lind
C. Potersilia, L. Sherwood,of Oshkosh, T. Li
ner, of Watertown. Among the injured are
E. H. Sykes—both legs off, Mrs. I.Arwis—leg
broken, Miss James Kinney —leg . brok en, Mrs. Orhkosh—both legs broken, Yen Buren
Smead, editor of the .Fon
. Du , Lac Press,,,---
skull fractured=not exPectdoll te. recover- The
accident was caused by the train running into
an OM
Washington City Items.
WASFIINGTON CITY, November I.—Official
information from Mexico to the 22d, says that
the Juarez government is waiting the return of
Minister McLane to renew the.treaty,negotia
tions, to this gentlemen commenced them at
Vera Cruz. - It is considered that it would be
disrespectful to him to transfer the proceedings
to Washington. - .
Gen. Robles has asked an interview with
COI. EsPPio. - in command of the Liberal forees,
several' leagues from Cordova, wishing to make
some friendly arrangement with , him. The
latter had twenty-three, hundred men and
twelve batteries, to advance on Tehuacon.
There is - every probability that the city will be
taken, in which event he will ikon have a
united force of four . to ; march
on Orizaba and 'Cordova. The satisfactory
manner in which the people have received the
intelligence of Vidatin, from the command of
the army in Northern Mexico, is regarded as
an evidence of their moral strength, his actions
not being con'sider'ed in accordance with con
stitutional liberty,
. •
Miramon's troops in the city of 3rexico,were
'acting purely on the defensive, fearful to leave
it even if they had the means to carry on ag
gressive operations elsewhere. The intercept
ed correspondence of Marques shOWs, that af
ter the battle of Lean, Gen. Woll wrote to
Miramon for rembaforeements. Marques was
accordingly directed to send him 1600 men,
'Bra two batteries when the litter replied,,stat
ing his utter inability to'do so, and" threaten
ing to resign his command if Miramon insisted
in his order.
Capt. Meigs, of the Corps of. Engineers, has
been relieved from ¢he'supertntendance of the
Capitol and Poet Offico extensions, and Capt.
Trauplin, of the Corps of
,Typographical En
gineers, aisigned to the charge of those works.
Ho has recently served as Secretary% of
Lighthouse Scitud;. and is considered an able
officer. , •
It is ascertained from a reliable source that
such arrangements are in progress as to admit
of little if any douht of the early reopening of
the Tehuantepec route.
Minister M'Lean will leave in the steamer
Brooklyn. on the oth inst.,- direct for Vera
Cruz. Although it is believ . ed that Senor Ler
do will be invited to return with him, the ar
rangement has not yet been made.
The State Department has received from
Consul Black, an authentic account of the cir
cumstances' attending the murder of Ormond
Chase by orders of tho Church party. •
Six different bids were received to-day at
the POst Office Department, for carrying the
mail between Portland and New Orleans. The
Postmaster. General cull:tires. firmly to his de.
termination to make one contract, holding the
party who receive it responsible for the per
formance of the entire service.
A Large quantity of ammunition has been
sent from Washington to Harper's Ferry, to
replace that distributed among the soldiery.
Arrival of thd Steamer'Arago
NEW YORK, November I.—The steamer
Arago arrived..this evening from Havre and
Southampton. Her political news has been
entirely anticipated, but she brings London
dates to the 19th ult. Among the passengers
are Mrs. Mason and 'family, Hon. Mr. F. Keitt
and lady, Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte and
Professor Childs, of Cambridge.
The A rage passed the steamer Vanderbilt on
the 19th, off the Needles, bound in.
LATED 11003 E, pleasantly located within a few
yard of the Peoria. Railroad, is now open for there-.
cepUon of summer miters. A fine ten-pin alley has
recently been erected on the premises, fishing
attorded near by . Iroise stop here. C moderate.
ift34m:wfem CHAS. W. FISEIER, oprietor..
- - -
..DEN , ....1"3 GROVE," recently fitted up lie
3 now open for the accommc.cation of Ptc-.Nica, Pleas
ure Parties, de.
Oir A Band of Music alwaya in attendance. A good
covered platform for dancing.
Jelfmaw-tf lIOEVELER k HILLER.
PURE LlQUORS.—Families can buy a
bottle of Rhine, Port, Madeira, Teneriffe, Sherry or.
Malaga Wine. 'Mao, Cognac Brandy of different brands,
very old Monongahela Whisky, Chtunpaigne in quart,
pint and and half pint bottles; reduction made by dozen
or half dozen. Ml the above for sale by the quart or
N. B.—Those wishing adulterated liquors need not
tel Third street.
Executor's Notice.
WHEREAS, letters testamentary upon
If the estate of HENRIETTA DOBLER, late of the
borough of South Pittsburgh, deceaeetlyhenrebeengrant
ed to the undersigned, all persons indebted to said es
tate are requested to make immediate payment, and
those having claims against said decedent will present
them, duly authenticated for settlement.
South Pittsburgh.
TS .ILEREBY GIVEN that Letters of Ad
ministration hare been granted to the undersigned
upon the estate of TREOBOLD.UMBSTAETTER2E34,
deceased: AU persons haring blaims or demands against
the estate of said deceased, are requested to make known
the same to the undersigned, at the cake of Ham:*
Hart A Co., city of Pittsburgh. .
WM. X. HART, Administrator.
Pittaburgh, Oct. 11,1859. oeutstdweatse
NA 'T .A. '2" 17.33 1.. I _
OFFIC,F, at the Pittsburgh Post, Fifth
street, near Wood. 1313
PRICE ONE DOLLAR.—Life of George
Stephenson, the celebrated Railway Engineer, ny
Samuel Smiles—in one volume.
octl2 ' RAY & CO, 5.5 Wood street
HICKORY NIITS.-100 busliels received
11 and for sale by
HEESE-150 boxes received by
j IME.-150 bbls. fresh, for sale by
A • • • • °were. pure,
4000 pomade, for sale by '
0ec1.4 No. CO, corner fourth and. Wood atreeta.
WE r POTATOES.-15 bbls. for sale by
octr.. HENRY. H. COLLtNB.
FOR PARLORS-Gold Embroidered Paper
and Borders, new style, for sale by
CILOTii .BRUSHES.—A good assortment.
ki of Cloth Brushes and - tor sal W e hy,
ap23, Corner of Bmithtleld and Fourth Street&
STRAW 'BONNETS Mid Bonnet Frames,
cheap at 'Wholesale, at
se.V. JOS.I3OBNEB, 77 Market at
Son et Material--a large stock at kw prices, at
ee26 JOSEPH HORDE'S, 77 Market street°
N A i d li. r tls(4kegs, assorted sizes, irk. store
lig betty street.
French Embroideries, at
oct3 N 0.17 Fifth street.-
4,ILATIZ.-300 Penno'a. Slate_s, superior
k,3 quality, for sale by the nue or single dozen.
CONCENTRATED LYE.-300 cases for
mile lio. eO. corner Fourth and Wood streets.
MINERA.I WATERS- r --Received this
day, three hampers•fresh Seltzer Water Artesian
Sulphrir Water, and for sale by JOSEPH. ABEL,
augAnl Comer - Fifth and Ornt streets.'
assortment in city at 77 MARKET STREET.
oetZdtt .- JOSEPH ROW E.
ki sale by B. L. FAIINSEITOCIC A CO,
octle • comer Fourth and Wood sta.
I IJR BARR' —7 II new routic
Floor Barret, in atore ' e4 for sale by
, . . - A., FETZER;
corner Afar aticiret streets.
w HITE nail —3tl . barr ew
White Fisb , Jnnc
oct4 HENRY H. I
MINT, for Sale.try EXCEgam a EPT.T.Y,
. met Alleatieny. GUY.
" • A "4., or autumn 8 es.
now arriving, for sale by
san MASSgALL a co., w o o d
rat sale by I. L. FAHAESTOCIf. g
octl4 No.Bo, comer Wood and "Fourth strealir
dries-86 bbla racteived this day.
oatigt IL CO
C0M1%4 _
• Stage 'of Watt:
River—Two tiet foarinebeb Wider • to
Report 44 Expr eisly the EOM lit Morning Rut
PrtnerNia, No tuber 1, 180
Flottr...TheriaS abetter iiamtu7; - Mtn allindeney to
.increa-sinB thinne# 3 .. 5a4 5.0 .c-DP9 fro4k attire
$4,13,00 for super,fitts, £6,19@ifi,25 for. extra, and 30,-
3(40,37 for extra firky 0,340,30:
'ebe bush fichn' first nand.; at
43m 330 buih from store 'isti4Bo44e. - Coza--930 busti
Bacon..sles 10,000, IDs . Shouldersand Sides it Sc
an 4 § ' , ‘
IlLay..lBales 10 loads from sealeaat 81E419 ton:
Eggs-. Sales 5 bbls. picked at 141g)14*.? . dor..
Apples -.Bales 80 bbls. at $2,00g2,50 for good-;',.
Butter -.Bales 7 bbls. Roll at 16e. it lb.
Cherie 43 bozei . W. IL at 8%'4119J
Sugar... Sides 12 bhda. N:O. at 8%€03 1 , , ,i'e.
Moluaes...Balee 26 bbls...,N, O. at 421244 c. 90 ,
Coffee... Sales 32 sacks, Rio at 12y a @l3c..
Silt.... Sales 210 bb1e..1 , 70. I . at i 1,15 g bbl.
Wlitiky 135 bbls. ReChtled-at gal
4 bbls: extra Old Rye at 11,50- ...i •
We'w York Me&ictit.
Nzw You November 1;--Cotton.weakert - sales 1,600
bales; .Middling.Uplando 1134 o; ._'Flotirfirtr. t sales /8,600
bbls Ohio $5,3f05,90. . Wheat Arun sales 33,030 bush.;
white $1,41461,60t Ifillwaakee club sl.l3; , Chidego spring
$/.0 . 44451,10. Corn hesziales 15,000 bushi.yellow $1
V . ;01; mixed nominal at 95c: ideas Berk advanced
26 c; iteleasips,l 2 .3s6/ 6 ,? 5 ;._ Qr mew; mick,840,50010,6214
for prime. •Lard. heavy .: Ungar firm; ktuscovadoUli@
h patock on hand 117,000 boxes.. ; Bacon 'quiettlfams
dressed hogs at, 7(4i!Nc.. Butter firm;
io U4lBc. Iron quiet at $2426. rebate° more at..
tire, Bentackys34a6X; stock MOO and
600 hbds. Virginia Tallow firm. Coffee of. all Idnds
quiet; stock in port 85,000 bogs. maias B 6. B unchanged;'
N. 0. 40q, stock, in port 8,600 hhds and bbls. Wool un
changed; sales 80,000 lbs. fieeice and 10,000 lbs. palled.
Cfmelnliazi bitrllet,
Crsconcua.Rovenier 1.....E10ur; the demand is exceed
ingly limited; sales 40Q bbls $4,0:04 2 75 tor superfine;
35 bbls have been received ivttbin the "bist.tWenty-fotir
hours. Wheat dull and declined 204 sales 000- loush,
choice white, delivered, sl,lt; - 600 bush.
.prime red at
$1,17. Rye firm, with good • den:quid, ,pnces steady. at
&)@B2c. Corn in gond , leinand and steady at 40g43c.
Oats' firnoi,. witk good dernandf.aales :MO 13ush at 46c.
Barley dull but nochanged; sales 400,bush 'prime fall at.
Mc.: 'Whiaitittßand Wleriver; ;stiles of 800 v tibia at
incla • g wagcm. Provision% about -. 1500'-bids
Mess Pork were'sold at - 31%75 - d which the dethand
continues .good; .holders -.are: generally : asking $l4.
Bacon remains nominal.' Lard is held at lOy i n. without
sales. Groceries inactive and prices unanged; no
sales worthy of note. Hogsl7oo head sold a 1.15,6.-740
net; the latter - ranter a lot to be - delivered next' Satur
day. .
Philadelphia :Market.
PEMMUMIZA. • Nov.ember 1---Flour is firm; sales . of
g o ood Superfine at IN'S7§. , 81 1 . 4 for 571 Perfioei .. W 0 1 75
foro extra, $5,87q,6,25 for extra family, and 7. or
fancy. Wheat is in demand; sales of 3000 bush red, at
$1.3?, and white, in store, at 1114801,40. :on
arrival at 66400. Corn is in fair requesh 2000 bush yel
low sold at 960 afloat and 95g96c m :dere. Oats rare
quieh 1,500 bush prime sold at 42e. Whisky is in limited
demand; sides at 2730331z0.
U. T. KENNEDY & SAO., ' 1
No. 114 Cor. Wood and Fifth Streets,
COATS tiso to sell at:... 410,00 for $'6,25
Frac= Drees Cloth, flee, UM tosellat- - 14,00 for 10,00
First Quality Cloth, " " 10,00 for 12,00
Black Cloth Pants; " ‘‘ 6,00 for 3,2
(eupertitte)" 6,00 for. 4,00.
Cassimere suits made to order, •• .1400 for
Also, Satin, P1u.512, Silk and cloth Vests,'
At 'very low priees; ThenboCe is the Caste Price,..and by
referring to, this advertisement, the 111X,Te prices .will be
strictly adhered to. . octllAndice
riTHE :subscriber bp non' on hand; a most ;
± splendid itoelr of Patios, - consist:toe of6 l /cand
Octaves, in Plain and. Carved tftses.of the most elegant
Description; frora.the4celehrated Factory. of adekering
a Sons. The instruments ere all provided with their
latest improven3anta, ultalwarcei-Aervis; Dertut-Daw.
vrits, Frtr-Hasogas, and pirst of their. - .
ENIuUtOM:r NEW t3C-,
By which a much larger sound-board is obtained, con,
sequently the tone is rendered very powerfUL7btretain'
Ing Its sweet and muaical quality'. By the perfection of
the Action, the performer is 'enabled to produce all
grades of tone from *mistime to fortissimo; with the
Cm:mum k Same Pima are thus spoken ofby the
best artistes and critics in our country:,
THALBEFLGiskro—.Theiirre bveond iomparisou th
best I have ever sew in the United States, and will cot
Ms. avorably with arty I have ever known." .
GUSTAVE SATTER' say)- o Thel opinion which
pnsssed three years ago, (bean more than coat:mad
to me, by the continued use of 'them, TIF That for oal
mks and Pyre gualvsf :witl l , l 4 0 aty or. ardaillitiOns
they 'are unequall ed.
(From the National Izttelllgencer, Washington.]
They can safely bear comparisonwith instrnme:nts
from any.patt of tha - warld, 'in paint of • tone, strength
and el city , of touch.",
' (From - the New °Heinle Picayune.]
For ext . :Claes of Material, elegance of finish, and
faithfulness of workmanship, and above all for volume
and variety, mellow sweetness, brilliancy and perma
nence of tone, they are unequalled . - t
• - [From th eFannly Journal.] -
"The peculiar musical qualitiesbelongingtotheChlck
axing mstruments, are a full, musical, rich and pow
' erful - tone, free from any wooden; noisy; loudness of
sound, ea disagreeable to the , sensitive . car-
They have alio an easy ; eft:Lead "pleasant touch, and
will imp in tune ,better, that any Pianos known: -
The public are - invited to call and examine . tnese
splendid Instruments; Which are sold at - • -
Factory Prices and Warranted.
octal AO. 886. LIBMITY. STREST.
after entdeuting it to the severest tests 'known to the•
trade arefay persuaded that there is noFamily Wash
ing Sospit the - United States,' fbr so little money - , hiving
at once so many good qualities, (and ,go few' discounts.)
OP BEAUTY-1n colors, firmness, =flies and tea
("AMER—In freedom from roshi, ; turpeHidfne,
clay r flah_opa,istaliachalbiritiona:
OY' r —, For 141 ' 9 ° 2 4 Oothes of or
tion,omve or flu: cottimAirten, women . or BUC; dloot
printed. or:11Na: for muusms.ttri mom; ,pitch, pact,
oil,. printers' La, shoemakers' ms, etc.,, from clothes,
Give it a fair trialSor yonteerves, anti , be convinced.,
Remember, - the name Lf on tech tier: •Ask for a copy ,
of .the clirectioni. • ..-C.; J. a. Warn&
- 4S Wood ors* Pitts.. • •
SIMON JOHNSTON: (gucciessat to L.
Wacor,) corner 'Smithfield and Fourthca, kdepa
constantly on hand, a catal!_d_l l 2: -16/ st°ck
- PURE DRINA AND assaquAlo, perramrary,
r oils,
spies', baring Fluid, Ata t ioloct, "Dirptnlinti Patent
medici nes , p un , Lk , rs ,,ss i ssrs, se, all of which he
ceders a s e rs t. c b su , go Od' A, .sx - iosrest, prices- Ptesnip
socarstely compounded at ill idani - - • odic
rriViro ?4fl' c FOE:
Ai. ate at fa miles from the
ci ty tat the ;Intim road.—
59=u of malaria In goodcultliadoo and about 40 in
good tbabw, .Dinng HMO; Barns, esatdea, ke,fine
'meadow mtd abundance of water, large orchard, ie.—
Par mica and terms appb . al 11l Market tareara
met S. CUTE.ST BOX RealEslate Agta.
SALE!—Eisho . ; Ward Building Lots, situate - on
B off and Gist - , Prioesi remit 6to $l,OOO each.
Only /Bram* , . Terms : o! paymeut—atPhahrt
to hand: • bat" *•' '1 and'llyeara Also, 2 lots, each 24
by..lait la a on Crzwford street, betweaut Wylie
and ^ , 000 each: For sal* at the Real Es
tate- .S: EOTHBERT't BON, • •
Gloves. aszu eta. an
actgreat. varier, at
Pho phs;R
'coloted %pa Phh
Kec oTOGratiai^v-
• • ,
Colorod,th Cat, l'arstolle, or Plain, In the rat.:
d at East. ' - 1:4.*1
2 43, 1111 - -068.,
LSBY, Cer.llll4 and arenteerseta.—Th bee-
leg fitted up rooms it AITT/OHE'S B. IlUeit
prepared to take Likenesses tbet Okfilear
Oidl and:examine the coftection. ' A
„.• • .b lf-ftt
Carter of Fifth ancierede Mete;
. .
"WM. 30111 1T 13TOPir;'
ITOULD GIVE *GIICE that be benpllit
'awed the interest 'of We lets putter 0:11.
B.TF9,in the 800FLISG .131AUVBSEt, Aced tit sole
manufacture cad deeler in the followteg three'stieehtet
Ist. Gum Elastle,Cement, Felt and Ctn.
,vas R oofi n g..•.. • .. •
Improved, Felt, Cement and cm*
Roofing. .
„ .
• • '3ll. Patent English Asphaltic* eft WNW."
All warranted FIRE AND WATER PROOF. ltool.Nr: •
'Material for sale, wit printed inennetiOns foi•tteinir Rif
field stieet. ,
-n • ` I" . WILTiLkM JOBBSON:.'
• .
• N. lit—,Thla Gux Oementistenetglnalled as nftntlor
Metal knol', laatinktwiea' as ion g,:at least;111=114
9311TH, :PARR
NINTR' WARD ri)elitniiir
• , , PirISSMUGH, PA.
14areti, No: lieFirsi'inel 120 i24l'd ittriejiL
„ .
. lifitaufatainrers of all'Mies anddlnicliptiansof Sciall:la.
Retorts and Stills, Gas and Water. Pi_pei
C° l3l =9
g , Ita,kcin 33oxes,Steellifoiddi, Pulliam- ant
& -.-, Traci Jobbing and Ifaciiine Castings of ci , e . tiy.dosiitili
tiorkinadeAckordr.l7 .., ' -',..- ' .-• , . - ..' - .- -',. ~'..
Rasing a complete machine shop fitiliCited. io th e
Flaunty; all necessary fitting will tie .. - , iiiiiisid4
;,SM_gJT.IB@ ,WO.BiB
PARK, &'11304-z
it i ritAormr.rais skriintutk
.111. Braziers' and Bolt Copmr,Preesed,Cippp, ar
toms, Itaiaad Still Bottoms, Spatter Bolder ae,aleistrai
porters , end dealers- in' , 34eM1sITin instT aibma leet
&c. Constantly on hand, 7/=en's
Tools: Warehouse, MAO Pnat, and
Pittsburgh,PaW, Special Grdera of Copper outtia
S. Birizt, Late of Lis icaster....l4im
(CEO • a BRYAN `.
, FOP. THE OF. - -
, . . . .
~ PIG ,1 ON BLOODIES • .. 4111 M,
'No. N 2 Woo' Pittiburgt6.
Siiorb t Cd.,Prlabent4 • •
ton, Copeland &Co., Pit:tabu:en Thai : 3,.• •
Lancaster, Hon- Simon Cameron,_•
it• • • ••
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CHARLES w..coxE, secretary- . --
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O= T. T.,?(SATC
importerit of
Nod "b 2 Wood Street, R
Four„Deore slave St Charles Rotel;
623:0m P. 1,7 Till Elie 17..
Re d FliunelS, •
White, Plannels,
Walsh Flannels,
Gre 1 &I:motif' -
* Blue Canton Flanneki,
Brown Canton Fliainele r
Slate Colored Canton Plannel
Unbleached Canton
Bleached Canton Ma '
AO' ' 1:$1F0 drt:MUT.
81 ,Wpon STREET.
isq FINE Pik/S/4M aALPI6I - 100001MIIM
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Gemta' two-sole D. W. Fl i nch Cal[ - Boole
GeAts' Freicli ealf'colgoiw'.6lol%,
Gentk,Ce and Floe Broom% Fioit i V i t mem ).
French' Calfyi'ster Primt Boots:
L ois' Thick-Boots and Brogans ; maw
S LIPEW L so4 Childrene:-
kirdatedies'''Gents', - Boye', , Memo" WO
Youths And Misses. all a ittilett
Slip me a call, at y.he Cbatß.CA Stgib . 4:4
_Bl/4/3,414;: --- '
do 98.bhaltet streak 2d cleurit.:,*,
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Corns, Rap and WlrSt
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