The Pittsburgh post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1859-1864, October 19, 1859, Image 1

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(11)e Pail 4 Voot.
T ans:a Daily, Five Dollars per year. strictly in ad
vance. Weekly, Single subscriptions Two Dol
lars per year; in Clubs of Ecre, One Dollar.
aeparture and Arrival of Passenger
Fatsburgh, Fort IVainie and Chicayo Sai
(Frcm corner of Liberty and Grant streets, Pitteburgrid)
Leave Pittsburgh. Crrealine. Ft. Wayne
Laprees Train .........121, 6,afi A. M. Lin P. Ili
Ma., Train— . 6710 A. M.
Erpielis Train.. l2isn P. M. tnIT P. M. 2:30 A. M
Arrive at Chicago
..... 0.„47 P I Express,.
Returning, a rive at Pittsburgh
8:2.5 P.M. I Express, 3:30 P. M. I Express, 2:53 A. M
iFiom Federal Street Station, Allegheny.)
"haw Brighton Aceommodalion.. 9:30 A. Dr. 5:20P. M
.. 11:05 A. 31. 12:10 P. NI
Year...ldronin Railroad.
(From eorrier of Liberty and Grant streets.)
. 9 !.,e oo a v ve .
12 Ariv 4 r 5.p e . s.
Empress M.
Mail 2:50 A. M. 11:511 P. M.
Bast Line P. M. 1 . 2:20 A. M
The Johnstown Way Passenger
Johnstown Aeconunodahou_
First Turtle Creek.
6:00 A. M. 1:10 P. M.
250 P. M. 11:00 A. M.
11:20 A. M. 6:50 A. M
4:30 P. M. 12:30 A. M.
. Oral P. 11. 6:15 P. M
FWes!“ogh and C'brind!sri/te Rai/rand.
(Promo Liberty an .1 Grant streets.)
Leaver. Arnvws.
iron. 7:00 A. M. 6:15 P.. 111
xp, , s Train 4:30 P. M. 0:45 A. 11
Occefor.d 0 , 1.1 Pit tsburith &sib - grid.
i.Frorn corner of Liberty and Grant street.)
Train. 12.15 A. Al. 2.40 A.
I , SLI't Train ••• • 6.25 A. :11. 4.00 P. •Af.
Line.. 1.05 P. M. 830 P. M.
. .
1197i11e Accommodation ... 5.00 P. M. 11.00 A. M.
P:rt.t . urph, Od,ndio•, and Cincumalit Radrood.
(iV)111 Lit.rii..rty and Grant arrears.)
Leaves Pitt, Columbus. Arr. in Cin.
Fast Line 12.15 A. M. 2.00 A. Ai. 11.30 A. M.
Frpr.:l.s 1.05 P. :11 130 A. ?A. 7 14) A. M
Court of Quarter sessions.
Before Judges Af.'Clure, and Parke.
TrE , DAT, Uctober 18th, 1.800
Commonwealth vs. John Nichols. who plead
guilty to selling liquor without license at the
negro celebration at Breed's grove on the Ist
of August last The Court imposed a fine of
SlO and costs.
Commonwealth Y 1 Thomas Jones, indicted
for assault and battery with intent to kill, on
oath of John Hoffman. Jones was a stramzer.
and while, as is supposed, be was suffering from
an attack of mania potu, he dew at the prosecu
tor, and tried to cut him with a knife, in his
garden near McKeesport, Hoffman having
ordered him out while destroying his vegeta
bles. Under the instructions of the Court, the
jury found a verdict of agtrayated assault and
battery. _ .
Commonwealth Da71.1 Robinson, Eliza
Robinson and Maria Parsons. charged with as
sault and battery,on oath of Elizabeth Manning.
The parties live in South Pittsburgh, and had
a difficulty arising out of the frequent visits of
James Parsons, :son 01 on.• of the defendants,
to the house of the proseeutrix, during_ which
the latter swore that the man Robinson 1-sicked
ner, while his wife and Mrs Parsons pulled
her hair and scratched her face, and otherwise
abused her. For the defence it was urged that
the prosecutrix had endeavored to cajole him
into a marriage, which so excited the indigna
tion of the mother that she visited the house
to seek her son, and believing that Mrs. Man
ning was endeavoring to lead him irom the
path of duty, scratched her face. Mrs. Par
sons plead guilty, and was tined six and one
fourth cents and costs; the others were tried,
and the jury found a verdict of not guilty de
fendants to pay the costs.
Commonwealth vs. John and Robert Ma
guire, indicted for assault and battery on oath
of Eberhart H. Dierker. The prosecution or
iginated in a difficulty about toll on the Pitts
burgh and Greensburgh Plankroad, in which
the prosecutor alleged that both defendants,
father and son, struck him. It was shown,
however, that the son only struck him. The
jury found a verdict of not guilty as to John,
and guilty as to Robert Maimire, and defend
ants to pay the costs
Commonwealth vs. John Brady indictment,
assault and battery with intent to kill, on oath
of Mrs. Jane Chambers, wife of Joseph Cham
bers, of Allegheny. The evidence showed that
on the night of the 2i'dh of July last, prosecu
trix was passing along East Common. Alle
gheny, in the vicinity of Ohio street, with her
husband and sister-in-law, when they were ac
costed by defendant, a young man, who used
grossly insulting language. Mr. Chambers re
monstrated with him, and they canie to blows,
when Brady picked up a boulder trom the
street and threw it, striking Mrs. Chambers
on the bead, injuring her very severely, re
quiring the services of a physician, and endan
gering her life Several a anises testified that
defendant threw the stone, being intoxicated
The evidence for the defence was unimportant.
Judge M.'Clure, in charging the jury. said the
case was an important one ; that a respectable
female had been knocked down on the public
street, in a crowded street, at an early hour of
the night. It was necessary that the law
should protect citizens, and females especially;
if it did not, the law would not hold the hus
band responsible if he administered summary
vengeance. The jury found a verdict of guilty,
and the prisoner wan remanded for sentence.
Commonwealth vs. John Hively indicted
for nuisance, in loosely burying a horse which
be had killed, near the public highway, in Pitt
township, in last July, after allowing the car
aims to die in the hot :inn for at least twenty
four hours. The evidence for the prosecution
was to the effect that the odor emitted from the
body, before and after burial, was noxious,
disagreeable, and a serious annoyance to the
neighbors in the vicinity. For the defense,
several witnesses testified that they were not
annoyed by the effluvia. The Court will
charge the jury in this case this. morning.
►'he Lost; of the Marengo%
We announced in °Ur telerr e f, column f
Monday, the sinking of the steamer Marengo
below St. Louis. From the Republican of
Monday, we clip the following, giving the par
ticulars of the disaster
"The officers of the steamer Minnehahs,
which arrived from :New Orleans Saturday
morning, informs us that the steamer Maren
go, Captain McOaLLum, bound from Pitts
burgh for this port, with a large assorted car
f,-e, struck a snag sod sunk at Rozier's Land
ing, seventy miles below this city. The acci
dent occurred at 4 o'clock, ?. g., on Friday.
The officers of the I.i,innehalia saw the Maren
go strike, and soon ascertained that she was in
trouble. The Minnehaha, being about a mile
behind, soon came up, and was hailed by the
Marengo for assistance
The sinking boat was run out on a bar on
the Illinois shore, and was a considerable time
in fluffing a resting place on the bottom, which
proves that the break in her 'hull cannot be
very large. She struek forward of the boilers
on the starboard side, and eventually settled
down in nine feet water astern, and seven feet
at her bow.
She lies perfe-tiy straight, and, it is thought,
can be raised without difficulty. The 31:inne
haha took off her passengers—about forty in
number, cabin and dccii—and twenty head of
isorsee to five Wagons—all of which were
o,llded here in safety. A large amount of
iuoving plunder was also sayed and brought up
by the Minnehaha.
Capt. 3rCALL'int entered protest at St. Ma
ry's, and came up to the city to procure lum
ber, &c., for the purpose of constructing bulk
heads. He is of bpinisn that the boat can be
raised by her own pumps.
The other officers and craw of the Marengo
remained, and are engaged in saving the
freight. The Marengo was four years old,
just off the ways, where she had, been thor
oughly repaired, was owned py Captain Mc-
CALLUM and others of Pittsburgh, was worth
about $16,000, and insured for $lO,OOO in
Pittsburgh offices The freight list was not in
The insurance here is SC,OOO in the Eure4
and $4,000 in the Aionongahela. She left
here on the 6th, with ,ome l' A 've hundred tons
of freight, which was insured here, though to
what extent we are unable to state
VddiDSNEOFT't NEW Boos.—Leaves from
an Actor's Note Book and Reminiscence and
Chit-chat of the Green-room and the S ta ge in
Eng - laud and America, by Geo. Vaiiden - hoff,
just 'received- at Davis & Co.'s, Odd Fellows
Building. -
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Before Judges Lowrio, Strong. Read and
Tu ESDA Y, October 18th, 1859
Aiken vs. Millers Exchange. Crawford;
argued by Church for plaintiff in error, by
Finney contra, and closed by Church in re--
Shawberger vs. Shawberger's administrator.
Crawford county. Argued by Farrelly, and by
Finney contra.
Warders. Millcreek township, Erie; argued
by Marshall for plaintiff in error, and by
Walker contra.
Commonwealth vs. Reed, el al., Crawford
argued by Farrelly for plaintiff in error, and
by. Finney contra.
Court of Common Pleas.
Before Judges Maynard and Adams
Matthew arid John Patterson vs. John Her
ron; action to recover for building a barn, un
der a contract; verdict fur plaintiffs, $238,87.
Commonwealth ex. rel. Ann Curran vs. Ed
ward Curran; action to try whether the defen
dant is a habitual drunkard and incapable of
managing his estate. On trial.
—We had the pleasure of examining, yester
day, a new Sewing Machine, recently intro
duced in this city, which may be seen at No.
51 Fifth street, at the scale ware rooms of
Messrs. Fairbanks & Ewing. It is the Will
cox & Gibbs Sewing Machine, which has met
with great favor in the East. and to which was
awarded the first premium at the late State
Fair held in Philadelphia. The invention is
a recent one, having been patented in July,
1857, and combines six patents, owned by Elias
Howe. Jr., in the Wheeler & Wilson Manu
facturing Co., I M. Singer & Co., and the
Grover & Baker Sewing Machine Co It is a
single thread machine, with the loop or chain
stitch, which is so arranged by an ingenious
revolving looper that the needle must always
pass through it, thus forming a seam that can
not be pulled apart by any strain, however
violent, even if the goods be cut and the stitches
separated. The tension is difforent from any
other the thread being drawn from the spool.
standing upright and on an axis, leaving the
thread loose, until it passes into the perpendic
ular needle bar, when it is drawn tightly
through the fabric, while at the time the clack
thread is required there is little or no tension.
The machine will make tour thousand stitches
per minute, with no possibility of missing a
I single one, is self feeding, will do any kind of
work rapidly and well, and is sold at the low
price of 530 An examination will convince
any one of its many advantages, and we advise
l all to call and see one in operation. The Corn
mittee on Sewing Machines at the exhibition
of the Franklin Institute. 183:3, placed this
machine first in order of merit in the list of
single thread machines
MR-V 41:DEINHOFFs Ii EADINCI.S -it is eel
don] that a candidate for public favor, before
our almost hypercritical Pittsburgh audiences,
becomes so prominently popular as Mr. Geo.
Vandenhotf seems to ha-:e su.:ceeded in ren
dering himself But his taler,t.s are of such a
character as to entitle him to the high reputa
tion he has gained, and they are properly ap
preciated here. On Monday night. on the ac
ca.vion of his readings from Dickens, hundreds
of persons left the hall, unable to find seats,
and last evening, when be gave an Evening
with the Poets," comprising readings from the
most popular writers in verse, the room was
filled in every part The entertainment was
really an excellent one and the audience re
tired well pleased. This evening he gives an
entertainment at Lawrenceville, in aid of
J.din 3 Church, gratuitously, when he will
road Scripture and serious poetry As this i!
ti"! first reading of the kind with which he has
favored us, there will doubtless be a large at
tendanc•e. The reading commences at half
past seven o'clock, in Robinson's flail, Law
renceville. Tickets can be had at Millers amt
Da\ idson Book Stores, Wood Street
NIIED STATE:t DISTali t Guam At Ow
Ow opening of this Court yeiiterday, Judgr
M Candles.i presidinsr, the juror, were calld,
and the grand jury sworn in, with Hon lie,
W. Miller, of Wailhington county, a., fore
United Stag: Dislri.•t Attorney Robert::,
stated that be had expected to be able to
with the case of Silas J Co, er, convicted of
mail robbery at the last term, and to whom a
new trial was granted, but that some irnp.or.
taut Commonwealth not having ar
rived, he would ask the indulger.i-e of the
i'ourt until to-day. when he would be prepared
to take up the cape.
The grand jury k.ond no true kill,
at eleven o'clock, in any other Ca'e, the Court
adjourned until ten o'clock thia morning, when
the Cover oreie will, if the witnesses arrive, be
taken up. It will probably ia,upy two or
three day.
The nightpolice arrested, at Folk's Hall, in
the Fifth Ward, a beer house, kept by Win
Weinhardt, en Monday night, or rather at
two o'clock Tuesday morning, Lewis Held and
Mark Wesner, who, it is alleged, entered the
house and, with others, who escaped, made un
indiscriminate assault on persons in the house.
breaking windows, throwing tumblers, flour
ishing pistols and slung-shots, and exciting a
disturbance whick endangered the peace of the
neighborhood Weinhardt also charges that
they' beat him in the head and face with a han
dy-billy. The parties were held to bail for
riot; rnd to answer Weinhardt on a charge of
assault and battery with intent to kill
- The ad vO
- of temW•^"" "
.....a in this vicinity have been active exertions during the past sum
mer, and they are now determined to progress
in the work. Rev. Peter Sinclair, the great
Scotch reformer, has arrived here and will ad
dress the people of Sharpsburgh this evening.
To-morrow evening he will exhibit his great
panorama of the Blessings of Temperance
and Evils of Intemperance," at the same
On Friday evening he will address our citi
zens in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
Re•, A Bryan, Sixth Street. On Snturdav
evening be speaks in Lawrenceville
James M'Cabe was arrested yesterday, by offi
cer Hamilton, charged with horse stealing—
Mr. Weir, of Washington county, recently
lost a horse, which he traced to the possession
of M'Catie, who 'drove him to Hickory, and
there disposed of him for a second, which he
traded off on arriving here on Monday Mc-
Cabe was arrested at Watson's tavern, on Dia
mond alley, near Ferry street, with the last
horse in his possession He will be held to
await the action of the Washington county
DISORZZILLT HOU.F..--Mrs. Willoughby,
who, it will be remembered, was once before
"cleaned out" of her house in the classic vicin
ity of Strawberry and Cherry alleys, was again
before the Mayor yesterday, charged with
"keeping and maintaining a disorderly house,
where evil disposed persons, male as well as
female, do congregate," in the same ilk. Sne
was held to bail for her appearance to answer.
ADMITTED TO Bein.—Robert Lindsay, a
young man committed to jail on Monday,
charged with highway robbery, in taking a
pocket book containing 58,60, from Joseph
Cochran, on the street, was brought before the
Quarter Sessions bench yesterday, and admit
ted to bail in the sum of 51,000 for his appear
ance to answer the charge
AoßacvvrvgAr..—The Affirny County
Agricultural Society announc -that its an
nual ploughing match will be held this year on
the Ross farm, a mile or so above Sharpsburg.
It will come off on the third of next month, the
plows starting at ten o'clock See advertise
ment elsewhere.
71 Tax. sale of Books and Stationery will be
continued for a few more evenings by Mr.
Pratt, at the Commercial Sales rooms, No. 54
Fifth street. This opportunity of procuring
desirable books, Ice., should not be neglected,
as it wears but once a year.
BALLOE s Pterroatni., in speaking of Chiek H IF, LATEST N EWS
ering & Son's Piano Wareroorns, says
“The pictures we have given not only :how BY TELEGI•RAPH
the extent of their business, but indicate the
growth of musical taste in this country It is
curious to compare one of Chickering It Sons THE INSURRECTION AT HARPER'S FERRY
Pianos, with the instrument dignified by that
name, dating back only half a century. The
piano, the successor of the harpsichord, was
first known as a musical instrument in 17 , 10,
consequently the invention is but a century THE ARSENAL RE-TAKEN
old. The late Jonas Chickering devoted hi- . _
whole life to the perfecting the piano. His
first piano was made in 18211, since which date
more than 20,000 pianos have been made liv
himself and his sons. The Messrs. Chickering The great 'object ~1 attention ..-iterdny was
now employ 300 men, and turn ont 40 pianos a 110. terrible riot at Harper s Ferry. 'The tele
week, or 2080 a year, so greatly has their Im grim , which we published in Yesterday a pa
siness increased: yet, with all the resources and -
j.ei. irought the neeount down to a late hour
industry of their vast establishment, they find
it impossible to keep pave with the demand, on Monday night It seem-. front the tele
such is the reputation of their instruments j graphic aei.ount•=, that the iniurrection MIS
Their unsurpassed pianos carry their fame to col.. ....Led some two womb.. sin,• at a lair in
e. cry quarter of the globe iihio Lc one John Brow u, who had already
otitallied great notoriety a, a Kansas Rti than
At the opening of the Court of Quarter He was known h ),.uweittawi(: Brown, the
,dons on Tuesday morning, Thomas (1 Ruttier - h Mitt, 'Finer ' He got 1/I, the inour
ford, late Superintendent of the House of Re
rection With the aid of ti6,l/1. fifteen or twenty
fuge, was brought in under a process issued
kindred lord, with most of whom hi- had
on the previous evening, ton which tie was ar
rested and committed to jail about ten o'clock been ..,..neected in ban as 5Th.- attempt was
Monday night.) for the purpose of giving ad- desLrlied Insurrection among the
ditionsd bail for his appearance to am , wer the
slaves, to arm thou with the munitions of the
numerous chargeis. against Liu, the Court
ai renal, and then to take the chance 4 of escape
ordered the rrcuritv to be imrer3ed
$4,0011. Joshua Henna ka i . because hi, 5 , trom the f,lll - ,112 of their taamer: and the 19.W,1
entity in the sum required ('. - Mts. , ' Tho plot = o pal , to has e teen car red on secretly,
sides made some rernarl...7., these of Mr. Hamp- and with determination and only the prompt
ton baring a tendency to reflect on the cbarai
ter of persons engaged in the prosecution M r a.ti.di ••1 it.- authoritie-ii has -uppre , ..3ed it
Collier states that lie had made application for We ar, the Adam' Express
increased security from a sen-c of his duty as it.,. 111 -=
District Attorney ar.d not because he thought Ira .Monda. att. rt...)on, bait the telegraph
Mr. Rutherford - desired to evade the law The -
despatch pr, yi iod re eived had anticipated
eases will probably come up for trial as ;con
the jail calender is disposed of the DeV , =
The lotto , : 1(1 ri , ;:eived since c.ur
THE Cricket Match between Ll,' • Gram ? ra all the partic,ilars yet received.
Club of Washington. and the ..‘_ilyrnpir. -
The atlair has been a most bloody - one, and
of this city, will take place to-day on West
Common:, Allegheny citv Tin_ game m=ost •. -, f the ..rn:inert-r. )f it seem t, have met
doubt be closely contested. as on a recent visit their fut ,, - 10.7 , 7ved—although a terri
of the Olympic Club to Washington. they t „,, „
were beaten in a single innings by the Grange.
who, however, played twenty-twn wen e i :•;ain?t
2 Ferry ha barn taken I, ,, ..ssiun of by
eleven The wickets_ will be d'i'van at ten
, iropanii , from Charleston, and :513epardstown.
o'clock this morning. arid ther: , much m
\-s :it, I. rederiel . )1‘..1 Ihe rioters are on
teri,7t. manife. led. a large cumber ~1 Teeth
trenched in the armory, and hold Mr. Wash•
to r= will probably be or hand t ,
ingtcoi unit Mr "fentield prizoners. The
L. take few side be
tioni-ta, commanded by (-apt- Brown,
At the
FAihaa E:
f Eari•a. notoriety. numbered originally sev-
F4 ,, bardi , Ewing. 1,1 Fifth
' ideen :cite men end live negroes, several of
be seen specimens of Fail - mini platform and whom were shot Two men, of the Martins
counter of th , i quality it ~.hich it
bore company y.i-
portion id the :insurgents
so widely are th o shot dead whilst charging
useless fir 1.19
ir mints ta.wa a word in ''" the ,trriiiiry
h., - -Jr her un ler a leader named Cook, who,
knowledr;ed the ay--enev, a tar g " p""% " 1 '" u pi sadto be
and order, i. rll be supplied by the trot f r n'.' y ln e . "ward , P".n'Yh.r , ia Alien Evans
el tug here it a dries,
ries(ripti , ai manufacture I at th •
I '11..1 thriiugh the breast
Rest he as:', trial the pot up by
Brown, .vho repr,:hteil that. a 1 . ,: llilgr,el would
following list of stocks and real estati., were:old
la , t evening at the Commercial !-,ale rise by thousands. and Marviand ant irrinia
~ouicl tea made free tate: ,
No Fifth street, i f,. Davi. A , ,ctionoe.r
t:rd ter of T . re-der:el,, has j o: t Gad an
Mare, Excharazi. 1, trYlew with Brown in the armor:. Ile
, har, M M Hank.
..Citeriens Intur_.l..-, a-1. , -d to be aliovi . ed eo mardi out vitt, his men.
Pittsburgh GA' Cc ami averred his int , riticin of defending hunselt,nr Hose ea.l .1 o, 1, ft t. :hehut H. 15 men are very strongly posted
Tnwriaenil .A.,1 II
Ir. the engine arid cannon cannot be
af:aing them, for tear. , : injuring the pris
-.ler.: (le-, still boil. '',ll.oett pefloT:3 are
n..e,.i. t.a . ,0 hoer, I.llrai I ountain
ire, a ratiroad agent, :MA dead from. the
it roor , Three near are 1., ir , r, drs,i under
1,,1r.c to-an.-tool t;s- lho 'Thititl.,l- 1-
tt lit thoir
aptair, ciioi: r , tr 0,3,1.1 in et the
hiurrenu , Alt! t.. Di pr.:U.l 11l the
11.,,,l to, , Lott - auh^ Ar-thill. 111, s Ihrqt•
Viii: WE , TFR
ern. Oro. of the :• - tar F.i2ter • aprearesi
night tc , F. au• - lk,'•nee. in the prriti'ati krac.ia
of the Frenoti : -- pr , hich wilt t '
nii chiaracti.r., ir, '•• 'atail in Pen , ell.l Fen, LI
ily jar , and • kaideri Thsi , znis 1- t
xndcd t • th. , we think wit: itrek:s a
full boo-,
1F , 11,1 ri,E, IKE At th:3tqhli-hth•:l,l,
~Vert,,lll,lll, tho
tuluitsiton bat, linen Noli.`ed I , y th• MR [lager••
'the htitt for to-night tt.. drftinri
lit •. H f0tir.,1 , ..1 .1. the k trent
Le il' OAT'S' of t sn,l th, utter
it •• How t.i (let .t Nl' Mr Al
•••• M.irttnior nts the 'tar Itt tottt,
ltAll.aoA 1. t ENTIo• I'l, • tuu,L.ll
(;.•m,ral Co. % arriomitt-•
Inter Time SMeduli.•. upon the :..eral
itailroudi leadtrig lriini tlie We. 4
Ili, to inert nt Cleveland rAtordn,
important change.. were likely made
At I lit Stfttc. I' of I /mho, Ilk:
! - 3,t.t.rnbor. the t
obi. , and Pittiburrr i li, eontiriited for emmium,
for tart ilusinelir and I ornamental V. rilinv
11, Iron City airnin
echpiiniz nll iiri their Ilk n ,'r h
A LSII rT ‘.n
Gny i..rd l'hurch .I , llli Flurf4ll d.l
Mart . v, ,, f 'rawl,ra ,• \l'm Bari.,
, $t 1 'l;tri"rl. wrrr t trnt u 1 to 1 .,t, in the
!= , ,,i.rern. 4 %,Itrt
DI- I hi. I Ctil ai - In lilt. , COOll, thd
Kirk ;. the Monongahela Ilridize Company
reported yesterday - ireupied the entire
It will probably be concluded to-des
SHE MI.S'i , )EN Movl No I, Harriet
Beecher Stowe, can 1 - • had at 11, •
Odd ilolloviF. RI Id;nt
fl E winter npproncli,, and
need warm and comfortable clothing Thy:
they ran obtain cheap, aril and fivalutniablv
madr, and c 4" t4 c , bao •
teriad. nl mostantinl ma.
• e-tabliAment of W H. MeG, ,
, corner of Federal street and the
171011 d, .\ ii , Thetly City Their stock of fall
and winter good, k large and well selected
They 0111 ploy the beet of workmen and alway:,
please their customer, I hey give especial at
tention to hors clothimr Call and look at
their good,-_,.
Pitt Street, 141AI:burgh.
tor the sea,,o. I arii II prepareri t, furnish my
critomerr, with a
in xxmiou IC my re p ,-Lux um - Ith, 1 aro manutartur
.ca a very FINE FLAVORED BITTER ALE put twos
small packages expressly for family use.
This Me is cot only a delightful beverage, out is highly
recommended b 7 the medics] faculty, for Invalids, where
a mild, nourishing tome ,3 required I have also my
Constantly on tlaDa, conslsting of KENNETT BITTER
Packages sent to any part of the city angt Lem
gier SICK H.EA.DACHE--DT:iPEPBIA. --se,r
-eral members of the Methodist Episcopal and Motile
dict Protestant Conferences hare strongly recommen
ded Dr Wil,cn's Plll3. The Erie Conference also re
cords on us toitrnal an official act et favorable expres
sion totrards these Pills, and their :evertor. When 3C
great a body of conscientious ministers of the Gospel,
thus frankly express themseives in favor of this great
medicine, It needs no further encomiums. See Guido to
Health. B. L. FAHNESTOCE. d CO„ Wholesale Drug.
gist,GO Wooci street. Pittsburgh, are the proprietors
Sold at retail by druggists everywhere
HEATING BT STEAM--As a testimontai of
the workmanlike manner, perfect action of their self
regulating =dunes, Jakty, economy in fuel, and the
little attention necessary to keep each room comfortable,
wo give this certificate to Me.oirs. Davis and Phillips,
successors to Phillips Et Co., for their plan of heating
by steam the Seoond Ward Public Schools In the city M .
Pittsburgh, and which has met cur approval, and wo
would recommend them to the public to give entire
satisfaction of heating by steam
}1 Miller, Jr, John Marshall, Jr M. Tindle, rooms
Wilson, John W ilson, L Wilcox, Directors
Steam Eftlrig, Gas Rtting, /Numbing and Br..r.s
DCakrB in every doscriptton of Gas Firture4 and
No. 67 Wood and 148 First street, Pittaturet,
COULTER & MERTZ/IR, House, and
Ornamental Painters and Grainere. Orders left at their
shop on Fourth street near Market, Burke's Building,
will be promptly attended. *Bin
A PPLES.-40 barrels Russet and Pippin
.41411,, . Apples, just reoeisal and forsal
oar.. aortae MaketandFirst tesseig.
illurdeva In the Streetm
kJ .
. n _
In•• t/ 10.'k
t thtt t'at, t IRh„ ha'
trr, vt . ti h••r , •, thlnk.
t. th- alit pt`r
• ta:rtatti that titt• tt1 . 11" . 1t19.1 tarts t• tt,•lst,tl
I :tot trio, I halt SOW , an,l
an.l fnrul four lull ott, utio•h
th, th.• t . ciptnin
tt ittaat and at Otto
ton, taught tt•hotti It t tltt otht,yr 61t,
t, t,. L. we., tto
Kan . ,.• It ,porttxl. hut
r•a ...I.llt utr , t, that Ow rt.,to•r* hay , ,arr,rl
t tiOVerTATIOnt
;art.], No attofilltal.; I . o)llg , the
t, ..f 6'1111.1 , t tilAt3ll itriott n. aims
ter, -1, :ortnirit ..1 to-- in,Niertttion
lisertnVll;llV •r: . l .1;1'6,4. .1 21
I h.• tote, - ,Lt tatairtly ;
L t the rhllrond 1.;1111,44 , Iii;;I: iron: ;
I•tit“, t'hi.ttith Evan LtorseN. •
the rttelr.ohet e,topar t v,
an 1 ,„ ! ,,t u ,•t"r4 flowatiin and kiialott !
ss!•r, N, , thintwe whs dome t•• the
railroad bait; , ` be th, ri , ter.; =up
that 11 - 1•• r1 , 4, - ; 16 11 tr;t•;1 under 111131 - -
;;, tune en the
tinlla% •
•[ Pt
, • ,„ tl,- t• ILe
Tecial rei—rt r. ceired Iront the e,iitor of the
Italtitroro Preparationl are now f r the tittari. cn the A l rthyrr The
aro pa , a, , l ti II round th.+ e.rounds tr d
f th.• h.n ev.-r , thinv heel, % two.
rimer: ha, r. .1,11111 k: Lvliow4^—
I ,i ..rut...r.• Armistead Ball,
met draught,matt at the A rwory , Benjamin
\li;h, Ma ter ot Arm ry John P Danger.
Paymaster Clark Lewit, Washington, a
tanner and prominent eiti?.en, and John Al
. tteit. a farmer, and his .on,, , et, ye a r,, old
The three t were caned on their farms, oey
erni mile , from the Ferry George Turner, a
graduate of West, Feint, and one of the most
distinemulted eit mem, war shot yesterday whilst
he was :outing into town Bodied during the
01011 11. bee a brother living in Baltimore,
married into the Patterson family. Three of
the rioters are lying dead in the streets . there
arc also three In the river. and several are said
to be IN mg within the armory enclosure
The following is the list of killed among the
cithentru mid soldier--Fountain Beckham,
Haywood, a negro porter at the railroad station,
Joseph Bentley. of Harper's Ferry. Evan
Dorsey and George Richardson of Martinsburg.
Another rioter, a negro named Lewis Leary,
who has just died, confessed to the particulars
of the plot, which, he says, was concocted by
Brown at a fair hold in Ohio two months ago.
The rioters have just sent out a flag of truce,
saying that if they are not protected by the
soldiers here at present, they will hang all they
HARPER'S FERRY, October ltitti.-6 o'cleck.
--The armory has just been stormed and taken
after a determined resistance. Col. Shutt ap
proached with a flag of truce and demanded
the surrender of the armory; after expostula
ting for some time, the rioters refused. The
marines then advanced and made a charge, en
deavoring to break open the door with sledge
hammers, but it resisted all their efforts. A
large ladder was then used as a battering ram,
and the door gave way. The rioters fired
briskly, and shot three of the marines who ex
changed shots through the partly broken door.
The marines then forced their way through
the break, and in a few minutes resistance was
at an end. The rioters were brought out
amidst the most intense excitement, many of
the armed militia present trying to get an op
portunity to shoot them. Capt. Brown and
his son were both shot; the latter is dead and
the former dying. He lies in the armory en
closure. He talks freely, and says that be is
the old Opawattoraie Brown, whose feats in
Kansas have had such notice He says his
whole object was to free the slaves, and in jus
tifying his actions, says that he bad possession
of the town and could have murdered all the
people, and he had been murdered in return.—
J. G. Anderson was also shot down in the as
sault; he was from Connecticut. The dead
body of a man shot yesterday, was found with
in the armory. Brown declares that there
were none engaged in the plot but these who
accompanied him. The prisoners are retained
in the armory enclosure.
BALTIMORT, Oct. 18.—Noon.—There is in
tense excitement here, and nothing is talked
of but the insurrection. Gen. Stuart, through
Gov- Wise, lass communicated an order- to
Gem.) \V ‘Vatkiri, of this oity, to prepare, was destre,vert NY the on the 10th Loss, '592,-
equip r alui mount, immediately, a body of men Out) Another largo fire occurred at Diamond
for ,orrice in the mountains near - Harperh , Springs ins,lvird.T to loss of $400106
Ferry, where Wilily of the insurgents have Upwards of .....1 Pitt River Indian., were kin
taken r , luge This troops will leers this utter- ed by a party of citizen.- of Pitt River Taller
noon. Governor Wise passe,l tla. - Relay - .....
Ilou-o - Oil. morning en root. for the seat of Engine Exploded.
war. Three artillery voinpailie, from Foct. I NISI ANA.PoLIs, October 18.—The engine
:Monroe arrived this morning, and :ele quiet- M a diene i with the accommodation train, east,
tered at Fort McHenry, until further order- on tit , Bellefoitaine Railroad yesterday even
lital'Ea's PkRUT, :Coon —Soon after .torus ing, hli'lW tip near Kilgore station, killing in.
ing the armory, four dead bodi., of tho iii-ci s i.tillitiV .tarsus Wood, the engineer, and a man
gents, who ware .hot yesterday, tier.- hound 1,.. ' . .. :, fireman.
within the enclosure. (:elitism Brown and lii- -------- -----
.on are derigerouvly wounded Only two of OHICKER.ING & SONS'
the insurreetionisis ore uriss,astided, ti: Ed-
WM foppish and Whit,. from lowa :yet , - =:4411-
,__ 1; ',
Shield:, ("seers, colored, also from lowa The e 1 • ' NEW SCALE yji - ' O W- A
party ,r;ginaliy com...sted m l t,yenty two per e
sons, of whom hiteeis are killed, two mortally
wounded, two unhurt, and three rick aped PIANO iiVirrEs.
Snot, titter the assault -Is this armory, -tins'
tiring - 1,01. place Iron; the hills nn the Mart:
land iiiiir, -upp,,.i.,,i i . h... a partin g salute THE s‘lt.....tit,ei lui_. fiiiiiii• 011 hand, a inu.A.
„ and 7
tr.,fil C.,,,i: and his - party, who Lift ,m Monday
~,,,,,,,.:?]:,11 , ..1 1, „. . ° , 1 L - „ ,' ' ,[f c ln ' e r ‘ d"'ca e . .C ' e n 4 l r t V e . r o a r , o 6 C e l eg a n t
moraine ;rite lire was returned wills a general 5,..,r.iti..,. I s om the celebrated Factor of Chlchering
Vol ley, hot both parties were too di , tant for t.. eons. Ilse instruments are all provided with their
damage A company of volunteers Lava g,,stie I ,.` i i:: 4 ",Tr_7,7fii,' e r n ,, c ,` S ' " H '''' Z 'd"'''' -A ' n° "' Th "" -1) " . •
. - an,l ore Ca thSll
i in pursuit of the fugitives There ate probahlt,
; a tlaiu-stud armed men rongreirated M r.. Be
-1 inlorcerzients have hr-et. pouring; in all tight
trod, al: piarters ..I the sierr,iiindifiC, countr - r b, u Li e !. a m i., 0 1, lar,c e r ~..,,,t , ..i.n;.4 1. 1 is
c r, ta i n ed , ~a .
isaLTmorE, October I: --An eve„,,,. se. l uEnti}ie toce is
.:,.,,cp rrnUiiu-sYjePeyf f tA e% pi
who has returned from HarmerHerne' . Fen ~ de r; .octant trio performer is enabled toprracl
i scribe , the r .„ ehe , ther ., ~,,,, f. 0,10, —The lira ~• , , ,Taie4 , f tone ,torsi piaeliiielnio to fir:Ls:Mao. with the
attack wa -, . made by a detachment of the C bade... i ereato.lit ei,ee
town Guard - ,; who croi.erl the Potomac river
, ~., .., m , ,, :...!....
~a it ,. ..3 : .., : i...„ : :::t 1T , - , D 1 . 1. 0 ac ,,, ,,z, e co t u n t u t ; spoken of ry the
above Harper'. Ferry end reached the building-.
w here the insurzents were posted by the canal 1 nALBERO .ays.-- - "The- are beyond comparison tit
sin the Maryland side A smart firing occur- vas: i Lava eve: seenin the'enitedfita n tes, and will corn
pais fac,Jrably with any I have ever known!'
red, and the rioters , were driven from toe. bril
(A - STAVE BATTER say—” The opinion which I ex-
One man Wac killed here and another arrested.
The latter ran cut and tried to ezcape by ,wire- tiremss,edb,th,rgesl;o7rale.m,uti,ase
e t n n :n m o re .i t . itan confirmed
That formi
mine the river, hod a dozer. ,-, hots seer, tired ue.e and pave catutt, of teas, with nicety of articulation,
after birth and he partially fell, but ro-e ..gain i the:_` , '.."' , la. ll ea"
~.6 o c m , the b i\ l a e lmnai In e t a tligeric c e n r,Zgh i f , gto , i
and lire , : his gun awe:. drew his pistols. both u m • ents
of which snapped drew his bowie knife and from acy part of the isodd. In point of tone, strength
cut all hi- heavy accoutriments off and plunged and elsttlelty t f touch: -
into the r.• er One of the soldiers seas about From the NC . .. Orleans Picayune.l
t..n feet LAind. The man turned'around end "For excellence of material, elegance of finish, and
, ~f er .v a.l. ,,n :. e y s of workmanship, above all for volume
, threw up hit 'hands and cried, " Dors t shoot. - brilliancy and permae
l Tit' soldier fired and the man fell into the n-c , :e it iLne, they are unequalled."
I water with his face blown away. His coat skirt - (From the Family Journal.]
musical,beongn Atc?itleghick:
was cut from his perion, and in his po:•kets was •:
lemnd a Captain's Commission to Cap; F H. ei-ruf :cue, free from any wooden, noisy, loudner of
sound, ol", m , agreeable .o the sensitive musical ear.
Leeman, from the Provisional Government of !
the i: fitted States. The Commission was I Th e y
Ire l ' 4 ' , In ' t•frinie e tt ' s Y r . Li e n a a k n n At d lPl c u ssan os ktnc=h- and
dated (),.t.nhor I WI, 1859. and was signed by . 'the public eta invited to call and examine tnese
r leo iid inqraments. which are sold at
• .\ - V\ Brown, C ommander- i n -chief of the ' s
at my of the Provisional Government of the
United _sacs. ' A party ,:if five niche if
gents. armed with Minnie rifles. anti post in
the rine armory. were expelled by the Charles
wren Guur is " They all ran for the river, and . au.;..:,,15,
Tine. who 7. al unable to swim, Wl33 drowned.
: -.1.11..r four ;:watn out to the rocks in the TERRA COTTA OR
• 11 , ...:- •ho , .I.:ertindoat, and tired ti- , em the I
1 • • "' - . ' r STONE WATER PIPES,
.;1.:,.i 3 km. 1 troops a.embleu drop both banks .
This dr.". ap.m them the muskets of between FROM TITO TO SIX INCH CALIBRE.
Jon and titiii tli,:a and not lest than it:a: , sh.ts
Prices from Twelve to Thirty C ts. per Foot,
...ere :seas! at thorn from Harper's Ferry, about
'..,... raid- au , tant tine was shot dead ; the ,
...: md. a mgru, attempted to jump over the , ROCHESTER PEARL STARCH
dam hit fell. shot. and was not seen afterward. l a
Ti-- third was badly , eour,ded, end the re- F- - ..: role Wholesale at Manufacturers Prices by
mainder --ere taken, unharmed The white ILENR.Y H. COLLINS,
Im:urgent wounded and captured, died in a ao,
morn-nu in the arms ,-,f our informant He ' FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MERCHANT,
a as- shot through the breast. arm. and stomach ' elii - lil .I"..liatilliZ 1A17.33 tic
He declared that there were only nineteen
whites em;azed in this insurrection.
Fur nearly en hoar a running and random ; it.;L , PRODUCE GENERALLY
uritic v.. , kept up by the troops against the ' 1,1 I No .. .!.r., WOOD ST., PITTSBURGH,
es , rat cs", r-i .14 down, Whill , Lion
inif leo at ii',llll3 , S 1 Durim; the
irs and ,-nildren ran .hrial.iiii.-
tIL .1
YN CT's' 11,:t1 tut ,IL,r , ti.• loirr.e3 chat Ast -- ats Pennsylvania Railroad,
tror •: - .1•Ii••r were Moir pr rt,ct triov
of EAMBOAT AcrE.`..:73, AND
• ;1d,.• :vet did 1.;' , ••1 prepa
• run , rorre-hinentF, rnd 'Mending the e,ounded tuNwARDING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS,
~Ur Inlnrran„l, w tie a ori the hil! when the V of I.7,ernc-rao2. St, and 34 Lade,
eiri,• sh.N - R.l ibh tc-rrlbb• pelr••na! artent,on given to Collectingand
I , !ltt 1 . • 9, , ,1 u, epairti heneath hi' • tll,:ht Frehrtita 5e244113ds
'epee- • -.ld to , 'cell i•or±hihr and itr HIAWATHA
;;T.1.0 th, .0t it, and ride
„h• by ..r f the NUT AND BOLT FACTORY,
i • VII i,lcrit rdLidne,,,nd oht at air sizee• on hand, and MSIII.
the •t reel- nhire t tier 1,11 Cho tr,- rinded •ture id - dtir for Bridge=, Machinery, Agrictri
:• .fired I, r alb IS,' •.1111‘i . ~,n-,at ...114.10.-11/C11:5 fUrtlllhed at Short nonce.
••.•rbrYbehd, .1,1 a t,aeoh,_i %% arebou•e. No. 114 Water street.
Le,cl i❑ the I hin• N*.- N. nuttier ••I the motors a ,, 1 4,1 IiNAP. SCULLY 4 Cu.
11.1.1 ”. tirt Teylur .1 AT
•t••r-oh ""b"
11. • .•••tor•inN sva- the Gras
it., ,rvint , o.- l tod
man, with n 5,,.. Inc lr tat, head
the Maryland e• - •liinteor are plir
Alb Is'. panty to et% 0f tort:
te.i. left 1.131.3 ult,rreed, for Liar
per I Fort,' to purrine the rioter , It it ro.por
1.01 that lll thorn bare and are
eted it. the rnountatr, A negro named
, rug the fu.. - itivo
last , 1.-0 K 1 tiarrithur , • ••Fir - _ alr , , WO:"
ht.l•ll4' the ttluri•tht
~11 i,•4. C •: U
;n•a r...thi t
be foi! igu.unt • , t y lone( ••• Ft. 2
If, Captain Itrt,w n . pocket It
pit, a .0 tine net, parer. .tike, Heisted,
ami 1 , written In 1.t.. ti. lyt a person
0f edloatlor, ;! ithout date the freight al
ft .1 of that sort
ri'l 0,, the railroad
itr,•wn --Dear t3ir I ha , e been disappointed ,
et not seeing you here ere this to take charge
100117 freight They have been here now for
two we..t. , and to I he: e [tad to superintend
the t i r,vhitrit, -, for them, it has imposed. on 7- '
1,e2i , ..1c1, and is
s o= „0 of • 0-
•-•,'• •
int; Thee cannot he kept here much longer
.:iihout risk to themselves• and if nay of them
coam :all go tack to Missouri I
nclude to go back to the State. it will he a
bad termination to your enterprise
1 All these inoven,ems seem to hare been
made without exciting the slightest alarm in
the town, nor did the detention of Captain ,
Phelps . train at the upper end of the town at•
tract attention. It was not until the town was
thoroughly waked up and found the bridge
guarded by armed men, and a guard stationed
at all the even uef.., that the people found they
avers prisoners A panic appears immediately
to have ensued, and the number of the insur
rectionists at once increased from 60, which
was probably the greatest, including the slaves,
who were forced to join, to from 600 to 600.
In the meantime a number of workmen, know.
ing nothing of what had occurred, entered the
, armory end were successively taken prisoners,
until at one time they had not less than sixty
men confined iu the armory.
Among those thus entrapped were Armsted
Ball, Chief Draughtsman of the Armory, Benj.
Mills, Mastery of the Armory, and J. L. P.
Dangerfleld, P'aymaster's clerk. These three
gentlemen were imprisoned in the engine house,
which afterwards became the chief fortress of
the insurgents, and were not released until af
ter the final assault. The workmen were im
prisoned in a large building further down the
yard, and were rescued by a brilliant Zouave
dash made by the Railroad Company's men,
who came down from Martinsburg. This was
the condition of affairs at daylight, about which
time Captain. Cook, with two white men, ac
companied SO slaves, and taking with them Col.
Washington's large wagon, went over the
bridge and struck up the mountain on the road
towards Pennsylvania.
HARPER'S FERRY, October ,18.-1.30, e.
—The Secretary of War has telegraphed to
Col. Lee, that air. Could, the District Attor
ney for this district, will proceed forthwith to
Harper's Ferry, to take charge of the legal
proceedings against the prisoners and bring
them to trial. The train is now getting ready
to convey horses and men from here, to pur
sue the rioters into any State or locality,where
they may have fled. Thls is by order of the
President at the request of Gov. Wise.
Loom, Oct 18.—The overland mail of
the 6th arrived hot ntght.
Judge Terry has been placed under $lO,OOO
The correspondent of the San Francisco Bul
letin says that a projeci is on foot among the
Republicans to exclude Scott and Binch, Con
gressmen elect from the House of Representa
tives, on the ground that the California Legis
lature neglected to district the Stale as requir
ed by Crngress, or to eomply with the Consti
tution, which says that representatives shall
be elected every two years.
Igearly.the whole town of Monte Christ*,
Arrival of the Overland Mail
Factory Prices and Warranted
5.1.41-/P .SOBS P GL IM
Corner Ron and First Streets,
TH "t.
FIVE from e .
I 1. I
kERISti s SON,
I. ,rnch ne as the attenn:4l purenasm......, and the
put., gecera:i7
Enclosures, Posts, &0., &0.,
;Suocessor to Hartwellittliheptiardj
Druggist, Corner Wood and Sixth 'its
complata stock of DRUGS, 'MEDICINES. PAINTS,
OILS and DYES, constantly on band.
Will find It to their &Fruitage to glee us a call. Mann
[Acucar of the eel ebrted
eF4X.ECUTED in the first style of the art,
at moderate charges and with despatch, by t4 e
_pik .
ssikned, at his place of business, LAFAYETTE
BUILEiI46,(up stasis,) 66 Wood street, Plnsburgh,
Pa. Please call and sea specimens.
Agent for Schonberg a Co.'s ActograPPhY,fbr Cheques,
Naps ao kn. oct10:11 w.
N.R. a MR& BEBE.
43irrooth extract d. Hot, Cold Gad Shower Baths.
siatly P. BESE. No. 1:7 Grunt street.
NS A. WEAVER will open_ a handsome
• assortment of FALL AND WINTER
Tcza_ncer with s large assortment of CHILDRENW
CLOTHING and Patterns or au descriptions, at
No. Al Firm sTBEET,
Socond Story, above Elliott'a Shirt Store, on FRIDAY.
Sentemhor e. , 1 h. Re 27
frareltng Shawls and Rugs, Bak, Wool and Blaine. Lt
d.:ll'2lllra and Drawers, OWN. and GertatilKlN of ovary
dellOriptioll, at
0ct10241-. No. an Wood street.
TLE F _ a °lra
Fanny and ?lain Tien msd Scarfs , Packet Handkerchiefs,
Suspenders, Eiocks, Gloves, ,to-; Stik, Cotton, Merino
;CO N 0.17 FIRla street.
to T o es Clic o rot c i lla o rts Chazargae Wite
10 caskets Peas Heldeeick's gts do do
10 do do do pts do do
to do Bondi° pttaatid Pronet qta do do
do do do do pts do do
cases St. Julien Riadoe Claret do
10 do Ladies' Catamba
14 do do Ginger do .
In store, and for sale by
Z., A
51 boxes for sate by
=MIL couatia.
?WERE N - 1 . 54' EXC. , ti 3if;E,
I oidAii DICREY.
lAME:a PARE, Ja.,
Pr, Cr
rt„,,,,,te.. •
JAMES PARE. JF , Vitt F 1 t,id: 'L.
Rarer , sti Icet tour Weatti :Lt lanLLJ
effif@BUßGll MAR titil:*_ Osies to-day no noes orated to SOO bbla
hoin re at aid figure,. ',ff. - $.4.7`; for ,lipertinei $ 4 , 90 g ,
for extra. and Of, 5,35.5" v for extra family.
Grain.. \Velar—Sales of 350 hush. red from store at
$1,12; 400 bush. do. train depot at 41,0!.. 01I.3—SW bust,
from depot at 45318 c; 2.5.1 bush do- from store at 4S 49r
Coax—soo bush nea at depot at 08c. V bush. of :0 Ma
Ray...Salee 8 loads from Fr.ale. at $18219'. ton.
8ac0n...54es trr.ov. - 3 Ma. in lot, at E?,..;;;c. for sh:ll:lidera,
10"!4c. for sides and 10} , j(310-1ic. for liamz , .
Potatoes... Sales 1$ bid,. Jeer-;; Sooct no V- 76 ; 66
bush. Red from store at ne.
Eggs.._'eales 4 Lo:,. cd at la 311;4..c. V do;.
Caridles...Salus a'S boxes zr•.oulti at ICc.
Soap... Sales 40 boxes Roain at tr. V M.
Rags. .Sales 1 ton mixed at V ft..
S'lsti...9.ales 4 bbla. White at $lO.
01.1...5a1es 12 bbl , Lard No. lat casa gai
Cheese...Saleo boles at 3,:" . .?4,e.
1Z 'olds Lotliaviile at 81,2.5
Salt.... Sales e 3 bal., .:o. 1 extra at 51,15 bcl
Sugar... Sales 13 hhds. N. 0. at 3'31Y,F..
Molasses—Sales N. O. at .11.52. c.
93rrup...bales 13 bble. Geidea at 57c. yi gai.
Collbe...Sales 25 sacks Rio at 124®13c.
Mesa Pork—Sales IS hbls. at $11.50.
Whisky—Sales 37 bbts Roeufied at 2S29}¢e.
Prw.kam.rax.t, °etcher IE.-Flcer is•iniot. but firm :
with sales at $.5,000,5.:15 for superfine; 43751.41:410 for
extra.andsS,G2 l s44,7s for ezira family and fllXlcy. Virbeat
is rather scarce, but the demand is limited; sales 1,600
bush at $1,2421,25 for red, and n,5 , 63,L35 for white. A
Inc of Pennsyleanis Rye sold at Nc.. Corn Is morel scare
pith sale, of 6,500 bash yellow at 4-2 93c. afloat- Oats
are aCtl: , el 4000 bu-h Southern sold at 44c afloat. Whis
ky :arm at 2E2-.2.
Nr. Yon:, October 3.B.—Cotuan daft: sates 600 hales.
Flour declined; sales ID 600 hbla Ohio $5,35Q3.60. - Wheat
heavy; salts 1.800 bn,h, at $1,41 for very chotoe Western
white. (..,'Drn dub sate. C:xx) bush; waxed nonalnil at $l.
Whisky active at 24 '42.ek:c. Sugar 13 qUi4l4 MCLICA•I3dO
ra/.7c. Coffee firm and edvanoed W i q sales 5000 Wo.,
at auction at 10, 7 , 1 012 Tic, averaging - 11(¢ Rides ad
vanced ;. , ‘ "c, with moderate busineee. Tdbsooo steady;
Kentucky .Iy i Q,' t l c. Wool firm; sales 71,,CNX) Dm Moos
at 404023.60, and 50,00 Its of palled at Vieglik. Freights
on Cotton to Liverpool 3-led; on grain to Lnirpooi
Cncxit. October 11.—Floor is had more traW.. at
4.66 4,75 for superfine. Wheat more active for
grades, a: 31,05 for red, and 21,10 , 1,15 for whim Oorn
Jul! at 435450 for new, and EC: for old. Eye is firth at
Sc4Soc. Oats in Erna demand at 4,5 c. Whisky steady
'2,1,c. Provisions are very quiet; sales of mass pork` at
$14,=Ai14,37;,(e, nottung is acnng bulk =uses or bacon,
mough holders are firm Exchange *LW at
New York S
isrr, Ycai.,. Oct. 13.—bt.
Clthugo Rock Island 64%
New Fork Central.— 604
Virginia Einea.-
Galena & Chicago 7.1,
ru7 lydsw 1
No. 114 for. Wood and Fifth Streets,
COATS use to sell at $l Op) for $ 646
Frocir Dress Moth, fine, use to soli 14,00 for 110,00
First Quality Cloth, " " 18,00 for 124; 1 0
tilael: Cloth Pants, • 5,00' for 3,Z6
rtae) - 600 for Mg
Casslmere stilts made to order, Z,OO for 111„00
Also, Satin, Plush, Silk and Qom Vests,
AL Vary low pricee. The above iathe Cash Price, andby
referring to thte advertisement, the above prices will be
strictly adhered to. octlLtaxto
Ambrotype and Photograph
Air Two Silver Medals and Two Diplomas, awarded for
Photographs, Ambrotypos, and Ufa Size Plot:tree.
colored in Oil on Canvas. oct
Colored IA 00, Natalie, or Plain, In thermost,:amsde
style, and at Eastecl*.rteee. • _
.98 Jowl? Bondi. Fourth • •
A RY, Ctlr. Nth and Grant strests.—The subscriber ha
ing fitted up rooms In 3PTIGLIES BULLDOG. new
GlpasmarVE EFACTIOed to take N Likenesses that CalittOT YAM
Call sactexamine the oolleOtion.
jy2kly Coma of Fifth and Grant street&
Warehouse, No. 119 Flat and 120 &scowl Meta.
Uanufacturen of all nisei saddeactiptions of Coal
Retorts an te d
&Ws, Gaa and Water Pips. S&d Irma;
c hr fi lNagoo Boaaa,Steel Mouldy, lleageztrau Xl 2
— lleo n ftbing and 'Machine Casttop ot •••f7
ton made to order.
Raving a complete machine shop attached to tits
Foundry, all necessary String win be carefully Mold.
ed to. Innalyclaw,
IlrrMM(497llM4*.l):ll4si A 4
PARK, 51 5 CIIRDY dir: CO4 .
Braden` and Bolt Copper, Preased Copper Bot
toms, Raised Still Bottoms, fspelter Bolder, ad, also WI,
mrters and dealers - in Metala, Tin Pllt" &est Iron,"
Wire, dr- Constantly on hand. n's ma , thinea and
T e a, warthotues, No. 149 First, and 123 Beecmd streets,
piste=gti, Pa. Special orders of Copper eta to azde.
'red oadaim
WOULD GIVE NOTICE that he has wr
-chased the interest of his latepartner k a.
BATES, in the ROOFING BUSINESS, and is the solo
manufacture and desks in the following throe dlctlnot
kinds of Roofing—
Yet. GU= Elastic, Cement. Folt and Can.
vas Roofing.
241. Improved Felt, Cement and Gravel
Roofing. -
3d. Patent English Asphaltic Felt Roof=
warrsatoct FIRE, AND WATER 110 OF. Boehm
Material for sale, wit p_rinted instructions „Itc ttaleg. Of
doe at, BATES k 30aiiRONS' OLD Tral.n,
field street. -
B —This Gum Oeumat is nnevalled u &Paint for
Mud Roes, lasting twice its long, at least, Jul lulu and
FORIiE li TlfUlt2i.-1••
Stage of Water
Lj t
Philadelphia Itiarket
New York Market
Cincinnati Market.
Lock /ticket.
T.diehlgan Central ka
Erie ....
Claw. Comm. & Qn... 92
Panama Railroad-.....
PsclEa Man S. B. Co:— 7134
La Croesa land grant.. 14.
pinvorere,:futi:64lo 04/
papentan (§aaerigs.
R. CD GI- M R S '
nitre 1112311V4
tto. 70 Fifth Street,
Pl-10TOCIR..a.M ) AIS,
wrupai JOHNSON
Icarrels for sale k (:
ram ran. zsi