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or pail! ) Post.
ims Five Dollars per year, strictly in ad
vance. Weekly, Single subwinlations Two Dol
lars per year; in Clubs of five, One Dollar.
Departure and Arrival of Passenger
I'dtsbu - rgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad.
(From corner of Liberty and Grant streets, Pittsburgh.)
Leave Pittsburgh. Crestline. Ft. Wayne
Expre.s Train 12:15 A.M. 6:56 A. M. M
Train . 6:50 A. M.
Express Train 12:50 P. M. 8:45 P. M. 220 A. 51
Arrive at Chicago:
6...47 P. AL Express,
Returning, a rive at Pittsburgh.
Mail, 6:25 P.M. I Exprwes 3:30 P. M. Express, 2:31) A. M
(From Federal Street Station, Allegheny.)
New Brighton Accommodation.. 0 : 30 A. IS. s:l„kip. m
.. 6:05 A. Di. 12:10 P.M
Pennsytinnia Railroad.
(From corner of li,itterty and Grant streets)
Leaves. Arrives.
8:50 P. M. 11145 P. M.
1550 A. M. 11:50 P. 111,
4:20 P. M. 12:20 A. M.
I Express Train.
Fast Line
. The Johnstown Way Passenger
i Train 6:00 A. M. 1,10 P. M.
Johnstown Aecorrunorlarion...... •2,50 P. M. 11:00 A. M.
Fret Turtle Creek .' 10:40 A. M. 6:50 A. M
; 8?-on.1 " .' . ...... 4:30 P. M. 12:30 A. M.
Thad ~ . -- " -.... 6:20 P. M. thls P. N
Piltsborgh and aouiellerille Railroad.
(From Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Amves.
Mail Train.. 7:00 A. M. &IL P. M
F:x;+re.s 'train 4:3u P. M. kt:4s A. M
aCATLIZIIti and Fstt.sburoh Railroad.
(From Corner of Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves. Arrives.
Express Train 12.15 A. M. 2.40 A. Ft.
Marl 6.25 A. M. 4.00 P. M.
Fsst Line.. 1.05 P. M. 8.30 P. 31.
Wellsville Ace uninodstion 6.00 P. 31. 11.00 A. M.
Pitiohurgh. Cniunibus and Cittemnati Railroad.
(From Liberty and Grant streets.)
Leaves Pitts. Columbus. Art. in Ciii.
Fast Line 12.15 A. 31. 8.00 A. M. 11.30 A. Al
Express Train.. 1.05 P. 31. 130 A. 31. 7.30 A. NI
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
F R I D A Y_
Our County Fair—Third Day
As: early as nine o'clock on Thursday morn
ing the trains running to the fair grounds
were swarming with passengers, on both the
Pennsylvania Railroad and the Citizens' Pas
senger Railway. Indeed, the day's business
must have been a windfall to both, as the num
ber of passengers on the cars of the latter was
almost incredible, reaching sixty and seventy
each trip, densely packing the cars, and leav
ing crowds on the corner unable to obtain it
sitting or standing place.
Arrived at the fair grounds, the crowd was
equally dense, every building being crowded
to excess, while outside. thousands of visitors
were walking about.
Floral Hall attracted many visitors, and the
fountain was so blockaded during the afternoon
that it was nearly impossible to effect a passage.
Domestic, Mechanics', Vegetable and Artists'
Hall had their share of visitors, while the ring
for the exhibitions of stock, was lined with
spectators all day. It is estimated that from
twenty to thirty thousand persons visited the
grounds during the day.
We continue to direct the public attention
objects which are worthy of special attention.
In the agricultural department there is a
binding and raking machine, the invention of
Mr. A. B. Smith, of Clinton, Pa., in which
our agriculturists would do well to take an in
terest. Mr. Smith is a worthy mechanic, and
deserving of all encouragement.
In the display of Mr. John South, who has
so fine a selection of carriages, buggies and
rockaways, we observed a buggy of superior
construction, (as all the work turned out of
Mr. South's shop is), built for a gentleman in
Madison, Ky. The vehicle is very light and
handsome. The boot is of leather, and the
trimmings of the first quality, all the leather
work being stitched by hand. The tires are
of steel, an the axle is supplied with a neat
contrivance, called the self-registering hand,
by which, from merely looking at a small dial,
the traveler may see how many miles he has
traveled, from one to a hundred. Mr. South's
work has a good reputation, and we feel cer
fain he will deserve it.
We noticed yesterday that this institution,
one of the fixtures of our city, but yet of thy•
progressive school. occupied a large space in
Artists' Hall, in which were exhibited a num
ber of splendid specimens of plain and orna•
mental penmanship, round hand, commercial.
and epistolary styles, card writing in perfec
tion, and last, but not least, several beautiful
pen pictures, bearing the appearance of fine
steel mezzotints. Ono in particular, executed
by Mr. Alexander Cowley. was universally
admired by the numerous visitors who were in
attendance, and who seemed to take delight in
lingering in Artists' Hall, and examining the
beautiful specimens there exhibited, among
which these we have alluded to are entitled to
a high place.
Our neighbor, Mr. P. Duff, of the original
Commercial College, in the Iron Bank Block,
has also a very tine collection of specimens of
pen work, which do credit to himself and the
pupils of his institution. Mr. Duncan's pic
ture of "St. George and the Dragon" attracts
every visitor, who examine it with wonder and
surprise, evidently skeptical as to the fact of its
being a pen picture ; but such is the fact ; it
was executed within the walls of the College.
" The Angel Binding Satan " though not so
large, isa finer picture, Lind more meritorious.
There are also specimens by lady pupils, of
great variety, and one pretty pen sketch was
made by a boy of seventeen. The cards and
specimens of plain penmanship are equally
good, though less wonderful, and no visitor
should leave Artists' Hall without examining
the collection.
The space in Domestic Hall devoted to the
exhibition of sewing machines is the favorite
resort of the ladies, and they seem to have a
disposition to favor the Braman Sewing Ma
chine, exhibited by our friend Northrop, of
the firm of La.sscell & Northrop, No. 60 Mar
ket street, as his locality was constantly crowd
ed. As we have said, these machines have, by
their Simplicity, perfection, beauty of model,
rapidity 'and neatness of execution, 'strength
an'd durability, rapidly won their way to public
favor, and. the agents, since their introduction,
have sold large numbers. As an illustration
of the ease with which this machine spay be
worked, and how easily it may be mastered,
we may state that one of them was run yester
day several hours, by a child who had never
before seen it. Mr. Northrop takes great
pleasure in exhibiting the "Braman " to vis
itors, and we would call special attention to it,
as it is so cheap as to come within the means of
all. We heard several express the opinion
that the " Braman should take the first pre
We alluded yesterday to the fine display
made by W. S. Haven, corner of Second and
Market, and Wood and Third streets, consist
ing of books, stationery, &c. We neglected
to call attention to a very fine case of miscel
laneous works,
a electod from works left to be
bound to order, principally periodicals, 'which
thi 'perfection' to whialybook binding
has been brought. They are all substantially
and neatly finished. 7 .it copy of the Bible, with
Fletchers' Commontaries, bound in full Tur
key, is also a line specimen of binding. The
Pentennial Oration, Poverty, a sermon apt a
ipscourie by Rev. E. C. vines, show the char
acter of the typographical work, as:well as the
binding done at this well known establishment.
Envelopes, cards, writing paper, pens and
pencils made to order for Mr. Haven in Europe,
Inkstands, portfolios, &c., &c., completed the
collection, which is worthy of notice in many.
respects. The card press was kept in opera
tion all day printing cards for visitors.
In the same building we find Mr. Davis, of
the firm of Davis & Co., Fifth street, who bas
a line case of Bibles, prayer books and sta
tionery. There are a number of beautifully
bound family Bibles, from the press of Messrs.
Harding .fr, Butler. Baxter and Oxford,
printed QII line, heavy paper, and well illustra-
• •
ted. The prayer books are in every style of
binding, some very handsome and costly.
Messrs. Davis & Co. have made this branch of
the stationery business a speciality, and can
furnish books of this class of flue quality, and
at low figures. We also observed specimens
of the new glass gilt letters, so much in vogue
for windows, which are sold at their establish
As we have stated elsewhere, Prof. Gardner
was on the ground during the day, and created
quite a sensation.
The elks in the ring created much amuse
ment, and attracted many spectators.
No incidents of note occurred during the
day, except the injury to a little girl, who put
her linger in a grain fan, wounding it severely,
and a few . fights.
To-day the premiums will be announced from
the speaker's stand, commencing in the morn
ing. As this is a matter of interest to many,
there will doubtless be .' a large- attendance.
There will 'Ease' `eiluedrian-exaecliei In !the
ring in the afternoon.
CAMBRIA. ITENIS.—An ac . cident resulting in
the injury of several passengers on one of the
hacks running between Wilmore and Ebens
burg, occurred near the Half-Way-House, on
Wednesday last. It appears that the.driver
of the hack, urged on by the passengers, at
tempted to pass another hack a short distance
in front, and while endeavoring to do so upset
the vehicle, the result of which was the brak
ing of an arm of Mr. James Duffy, of Johns
town, dislocating Mrs. Susan Harris' wrist and
inflicting a severe cut upon one of her hands,
besides injuring several other of the .passen-
Kers. Mr. Duffy is a man in very humble cir
cumstances, having a wife and six children de
pendent upon his labors for support. —On
Wednesday last a lad named Patrick Lysett,
of Millville borough, aged about twelve years,
was killed by having his head crushed between
two cars, at one of the Cambria Iron Com
peny's coal drifts. Tho boy was engaged as a
'driver, and was attempting to couple two tars
while in motion at the time the accident oc
eurred. His death was Instantaneous.— A
miner named Bernard Meaghan was instantly
killed, on Monday last, in one of the Cambria
1 ron Company's coal mines, by the falling upon
him of a large mass of slate, which crushed him
in a most terrible manner. Another man who
was workin g in the same apartment, left the
mine but a few minutes before, and in all proba
bility thereby escaped a similar fate. Meaghan
leaves a wife and one child. A man named
Michael Shearen was struck by thecow-catcher
of the locomotive attached to the Johnstown
Accommodation train, at the Blairsville Inter
section on Monday list, and thrown to the
track, the driving wheel passing cicerone of his
feet and the fingers of one hehd.—The
Pennsylvania Railroad Company have con
structed a new and substantial bridge over the
canal at Johnstwon.
FIRST l'ltinf 11'M --As was anticipated, the
Iron City College received the 11rA premium
at the County Fair fur best business and orna
mental penmanship. This decision, wo be
lieve, gives general satisfaction; the superior
merit of the production from this school were
too obvious to render it doubtful 'which was
entitled to the highest praise. It is, however,
well worthy of remark, that in every other
department, as well as in its penmanship, this
school has no equal, as is fully attested by the
large and rapidly increasing number of stu
dents attending there. By securing the best
talent the country affords, regardless of ex
pense, Mr. Jenkins has shown a degree of
sagacity which characterizes him as a shrewd
and successful business man ; and by furnish
ing none but the highest grade of teachers, be
has enlisted the sympathies as well as secured
the approbation of the public, in the success of
the institution over which he presides.
EAT ILE. —Another cap
ital bill is offered at the old Theatre to-night.
The tragedy of Lucretia Borgia will be pro
duced with the whole strength of the company,
and also the Young Scamp and Hotel Ghosts.
There is tragedy comedy, farce, negro bust=
acs, and dancing—certainly a variety to please
alLtastes. The manager, determined to please
all classes, gives a new variety to his enter
tainments each night. He is preparing to
produce next week some negro minstrelenter
tainments on a scale much larger than has
been seen in this city for years He will have
over twenty "colored artistes, - male and fe
male, in his pieces, and will produce them
with all the "plantation effects." hook out
for fun.
—For some time past the trains on the Penn-
Ivania Railroad have been carrying a greatly
increased number of passengers, rendering
the addition of another car nmessary. The
Altoona Tr;bu says The certainty of
making connections, the safety and the excel
lent accommodations the Pennsylvania Central
guarantees to travelers, is gradually drawing
the travelers from its rivals, none of whom
can ever hope to successfully compete with it
in any ol these particulars. The traveler,
who is not intere.ted in the success of any of
the rival lines, who once passes over the Penn
sylvania Central, will be sure to praise and pa
tronize it ever afterwards.
DROWNED.--On last Thursdaymorning, Mr.
Samuel Jackson, of Kiceville, Crawford coun
ty, was found dead in the creek, at Little
Cooley. He was found lying partly over a
log, with his face in the water. Ho had been
at the fair in Rieeyille on the day.previous,
where he drank freely. He arose about day
light next morning, went out, and was not
again seen until found as above described, It
is supposed that he either went to cross the
creek near the bridge and fell off the log, or
else laid down to drink, fell forward into the
water and was unable to get out, and thus died.
An inquest was held over his body, and a ver
dict of "•acdidental death" returned.
THE APOLLO THEATHE.—To-night is set
apart for the benefit of Mr. Barry Sullivan,
and on this occasion he will appear as Shylock,
and Don Caesar De Bazan. Mr. Sullivan is
a capital actor and has won a well deserved
popularity in this country by artistic repre
sentation of Shaksperian characters. He pre
sents to-night for his benefit an attractive bill,
and one -which ought to insure him a good'
house. During his repeated visits to this city,
he has secured the admiration of the lovers of
good acting, and they will not neglect to turn
out to his benefit to-night.
TFPIEE travelers, on last Wednesday, enter
ed the dwelling house of Mr. O'Keefe, a short
distance from *Ebensburg, and stole several ar
ticles of clothing. Mr.. O'Keefe was absent at
the time. On returning home and discovering
the theft, ho, "on reasonable grounds of suspi
cion," procured a warrant for the arrest of the
travelers, and an officer immediately started in
pursuit of them. He succeeded in arresting
them sewage' miles west of the town, when the
articles were found in their possession. After
a hearing before the Justice, they Were com
mitted to jail.
A Lynam) SLUMP Tatitg.—A person named
Henderson Smith was committed toail by
Justice Isaac N. Cleaver, of West Fikorun
township, Washington county, on Tuesday of
last week, to answer a charge of feloniously
taking a flock of thirty-seven sheeP belonging
to Mr. John S. Croasdale. The alleged lar
ceny was perpetrated on the 26t11 of August
.A GENTLEMAN purchased two lots in Penn
stadt on the 15th of August, for one hundred
and twelve dollars. lie can now get two hurt
drea dollars for them. If .this does not ! lndi
pate prosperity, then wpat does? Ito 't fail to
attedd at the •sale of kits to come old" at m r .
Davis' auction rooms tomorrow, Saturcifat
evening. perinstadt is going ahead.
FOOT PIWSEIED.-4 lad about twelve years
old, named Myers, residing in Manchester,
stepped off one of the Passenger Railway cars
while it was going, yesterday, and stepping
forward on the track, one of the wheels passed
over his right foot, cutting the great too nearly
off. The accident could only be attributed to
his own carelessness.
LOCS'.UP.—The Council of Monongahela
City, at a meeting held on Monday night of
last week, passed an ordinance mititorizing the
building of a lock-up in that town.
` , ;' 4
Meeting of the Managers of the House of
Thursday, September 14, 1859.
At a special meeting of the Board of Man
agers of the House of Refuge, hold this deg at
two o'clock v. At, convened by the President
at the request of the Executive Committee, to
hear their report and the testimony relative to
the charges made against the Superintendent,
the following members being present : Messrs.
Darsie, Dilworth, Fetterman, Hanna, Herron,
Holmes, Logan, Moorhead, M'Candless, Pen,
nook, Philips, Sampson, Schoonmaker, Slagle,
Walker, Weyman, Wilkins and Anderson,
President. The following preamble and resO
lutions were unanimously adopted, viz :
WrlgnEss, The Superintendent of this In
stitution has demanded from this Board an in
vestigation of certain charges preferred against
him by some of the inmates ; and,
WHKREAS, During the progress of that in
vestigation the Superintendent has been ar
rested by the civil authorities of Pittsburgh
and held to answer said charges and similar
ones ; and,
WITEREAS, .In view of an approaching
trial, any judgment of this Board might have
a prejudicial effect; therefore,
Resolved, That we consider it improper ut
this time to proceed with the investigation de
manded by the Superintendent.
Resolved, That pending the judicial investi
gation of.the charges referred to, that Mr.
Rutherford be suspended from his duties and
position as Superintendent.
Resolved, That the : Secretary furnish a copy
of the above to Mr.' Rutherford, and to the
press for publication. By order of the Board.
Jou:: T. IMO AN, Secretary.
Tux Monongahela Valley Agricultural Socie
ty will hold its next annual fair at Mononga
hela City, on Thursday and Friklay,the 6th and
7th days of October. The managers have been
making extensive preparations, and it is be
lieved ,that the exhibition will be equal, if not
superior to any heretoforelield.
A titan) article at a fair price is usually
cheaper than one common or inferior. though
bought for a mere trifle, and buyers of &Akin -
able clothing in either men ur boys wear, will
find the goods made by J. L. Carnaghan S:
Federal street, cheaper than many others, be
cause made well and neatly cut. •
Sons or MALTA --This order turned out on
parade last evening. on horseback, to the num
ber of about one hundred nod tiny, wearing
their customary fantastic apparel; and attract
ing the attention of even• one as they trav
ersed the streets. Their unique appearance
created much amusement for the lookers-on.
FATAL ASsAuLT.—Mr. Samuel Snow,. of
Riniersburg, received a blow from a club, in
the hands of Joseph Bart!Audi, on last Satur
day, from the effects of which he bus since
died. The latter is in prison awaiting trial for,
assault and battery with intent so kill. Via r-s .
ion Democrat.
CRICKET M ATCH . —On Monday next the
Olympic Cricket Club will visit kittanning,
to play a match with the new club recently'
organized there. The match will be played
on tho fair grounds on Tuesday.
OtTc. renders should not neglect the opportu
nity now offered them at Davis it Co.'s, Odd
Fellows Building, to purchase books at low
prices. Mr. Davis nells this evening at halt
past seven o'clock.
Me. Howe, the manager of the Pittsburgh
Theatre, is making preparations for a series of
side-splitting negro entertainments next week.
A GERMAN, whose name we could not learn,
bled to death on Saturday last in Carrollton,
Cambria county.
A CRICKET CLUB has been organized at Eb
ensburg. and the first game was played on last
Tut Coo).En OPERA. TROUPE ar© perform
ng W good houses in Cleveland.
MEN'S AND BOYS' Ctorinsio of every a
riety of F tylo and material, manufactured ex
pressly for us. and decidedly the best stock
ever offered in this market. Oentleinen and
parents will find it to their interest to call at
our establishment, corner of Federal:street and
the Diamond. Allegheny city, before purchas
ing elsewhere. A strict adherence to our sys
tem ,f large sales and small profits has given
the name of W. H. M'Deo & Co.. an enviable
pre-eminence which nu hitherto
HEARTBURN.—Thispainful sensation arises
from the Plornuell and di.ea.ved eonditauti nt the diges
tive organs, which may he cured by the use of W
SuNSPILI..B; a remedy crtueh teeniy year,' expeneuee
has proved to be unequalled ass general ratharte• med.
They are prepared and sold by It L. FA ENESTOCI R Co,
Wholesale Druggists, and Proprietora of H L FahneN.
toek's Vermamze, Nu. 00 Wood street.
Sold at retell I,y druggists P v orywher e.
COULTER & MENTZER, Lionse, Sign and
Ornamental Painters and Grainera Orders MR at their
shop on Fourth street near Market, Burke's Budding,
will be promptly attended. Min
H2►TINO BY Sr&Ali.—Asa testimonial of
the workmanlike manner, perfect action of their self
regulating machines, safety, economy in fuel, and the
little attention necessary to keep each room comfortable,
we give [llia certificate to Messrs. Davis and Phillips,
successors to Phillips & Co., for their plan Of heating
by steam the Second Ward Public fiehools in the city ol
Pittsburgh, and which has met our approval, and we
would recommend them to the public to give entire
satisfaetion of heating by strain.
K. Miller, Jr., John Marshall, Jr, M. Tindlo, (leorge
Wilson, John Wilson, 1.. Wilcox, Directors.
.9.tani floating, Gas Flttin9, Plumbing and Bran Founders,
Dealers to awry datortittuto of Clow iltrturss and Pumps
Nu. 67 Wood wad 14. Pfret street, Pittsburgh.
ECUANICS' INSTITUTE.—This Institution.,
the want of which has been so long felt by our citizens
Is now open, under the superintendence of Messrs
Jackman S Johnson, in the Lafayette Building. En
trance, 66 Wood street. It is designed for the perpetual
exhibition of the products of Afechanies Afanufactu.
rent, Inventors, and Artisans; and as a pl ace of resort
for those seeking information relative to (hose branches
of industry, either by examination of samples or
scientific publications. Those having articles to tiring
before the public will find it greatly to their advantage to
leave samples.
Tho public are respectfully invited to ?left the
that the root of your suffering is in the stomach. From
a weak stomach proceeds Dyspepsia, Ague, Languor,
Na-sea and IA legion of other tormepPrig diseases. Indi
gestion produces thin blood, and therefore destroys the
strringth and vigor of the entire system To restore the
tope of the stomach, and enable It to .throw off and Ma
t Was forever all these troublesome and dangerous corm
plaints, nothing is necessary but a persevering use of
TEES. A trial of their power cannot fail to prove that
there is no failure in their sedative effects. Wu cheer
fully recommend them to the public, knowing, as we
do, their many excellent qualitits.
For sale by Druggists and dealers generally.
HOWL 1 - 1 k,R A SMITH,
Manufacturers and Proprietors,
sel2 N 0.68 Water, and AS Front streets
Manufactturs, an 4 Nyholesiile and Retail peitlers In
rußgrunt AND CHAIRS,
No. 1511 Penn Street, shove the penal,
Have on hand a large assortment of Fancy and Plain
Furniture, in Walndtadd Mahogany Of their own manu
facture, andliarituited bqUid
add . style to any
inanufactured the city, and will sell at reasOnable
pprmrsiiii ! vANg
IPXHIBITION.—The Ninth Annual F,x
dilation of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural So
t e A y, w4l E iv ri kaa A t y P . o • N it o Ito n, Philadelphia, ari.t ill A V.r i t ,
27th, 26th, 29th and 90th data of September next. On
the let of September, the Secretary will remove to the
Rooms of the Philadelphia Society far the promotion of
Agriculture, No. 62 1 1Chestuut street, Philadelphia, where
books of entry for the Exhibition will be opened.
Letters addressed to the Secretary at Harrisburg, John
M'Gowen, Philadelphia, or Charles K. Engle, Buetteton,
will meet with attention till let sentaintiot
A. 0. Hawn, Seer:tau. •
air Goode for exhibition earned On all 4Railroads
in land from, free of charge.
BY "r3E11.43E1C3-12..A.P13.
New Yatit Items.
NEW YORI. September 15.—The Herald's
Syracuse correspondent says that Wood and
his men completed their ticket, and returned
home this evening. IThe Benicia Boy, and
other Short boys, accompany him. Wood is
very bitter in his denunciations of Dickinson,
Schell and others, and says that ho will slaugh
ter them in the /VMS. Ho made a strong
Douglas speech to-night at the Voorhee's
and is now bound to develop the
Little Giant's interest in the State. Dickin
son says he has understood the measures of
Wood are to draw him into his snare, and has
therefore avoided him.
The New York Times' Washington corres
pondent sends to-day, some very interesting,
as well as new and authentic figures on the cur
rent and prospective finances of the Federal
Government. It appears that the Secretary of
the Treasury, on a vision of his estimates of
revenue, for the fiscal year of 1860, ending
June 30th next, claims that his customs will
yield, at least, $62,400,000, instead of $58,000,-
000 as he before estimated, and that with the
other resources, he will be able to reimburse or
purchase the public debt, to the extent of $7,-
751 1 000, without reducing his working balance
below $0,000,000 at the end of the year. He
has already determined that no Treasury bills,
falling due after the 30th of June last will be
reissued, or in any way'renewed. The amount
then subject to renewal was less $5,000,000.
Since then the sub-trequrer in New York, and
other parties for the government have disposed
of about $2,000,000. His revised budget for
1800 is thus presented : To provide for all wants
of the year, $63,321,000. With cash balance,
June 30th, 185944,339,000; Treasury bills, $4,-
953,000 ; Loan of Jantiary 24th, 138,000 ; to
gether with $10,672,000 Customs of the year,
$62,400,000, Land and 'miscellaneous, $4,000,-
000. Total $77,072,000, leaving a surplus,
June 1860, of $13,661,000.
As yesterday's four o'clock afternoon train
from Jersey City to Middletown, on the Erie
Railroad, was turning the curve between Hil
er's and Patterson, two men were discovered
walking on the track. They did not heed the
ringing of the bell, but their indifference
cated that they supposed themselves to be on
the right track. *Before the train could be
stopped, they were run over. One of them,
William Smith, an umbrella vender, was in
staneotely crushed to death; the other, James
Jenkins, of Patterson, survived only a about
an hour. While no blame is attached to any
one, it would seem that trains should not run
around curves so rapidly as to prevent their
being stopped before reaching any object that
might happen to be upon the track.
Partieillara of the Drowning of the
Imitator of Sam Pateh
1101•11 ESTER, September 15.—The
furnishes the following particulars of the
drowning of Patrick S. ()'Canner, who was to
have made a leap of ninety feet, at Niagara, on
the 16th instant. He left this city on Satur
day evening for the Falls, to make arrange
ments for his leap. There was little umuthing
known of the RUM there, and some thought that
he would not make his appearance. He went
there, however, and announced his purpose to
jump from a scaffold, to be erected by the river
side, at White's pleasure grounds, near where
Blondin's rope was suspended. Yesterday
morning he went down to the water for the
purpose of ascertaining the depth and to deter
mine when• he would erect his scaffold. He
was accompanied by men who had skiffs there
to assist him. ()'Conner swam nut into the
river, and dove once or twice ; he then went
down in a small whirlpool; and rose, but could
not escape from the current which drew him
down, and he sank to rise no more. The
men in the boats could not reach him, and
nothing could be done. His body, no doubt,
immediately drifted into the great whirlpool,
and may sonic time be found near the mouth of
the river or mi Lake Ontario. This is all that
relates to his adventure at the Falls. He left
his clothes and a few effects to be delivered to
his friends when they appear.
From Washington
Asittsmrols, September 15.—The recent
convention between Great Britain and (Junta
male, defining the boundaries of Balize, does
nut threaten a disturbance of our peaceful re
relations with England, nor embarrass 1.4. he
settlement of our Central American ditficol
Lieud rant GPllftral Scott arrived here this
corning, and In the course of the day railed
upon the President and other !beer s of the
Government. lie came on business (Vl
ative to the Sao Juan Island dispute. The
present indication are that he will be ordered
thither, the condition of Hilaire in that quar
ter being considered such as to require the
services of a man of his well-known character
for prudence in all his official movements, to
present a possible collision between the United
States ami the British forces, pending the set
tlement of the question by the two govern
ments, as in the northeastern boundary.
The leave of absence granted to Con:1111,1(10re
Stewart, to enable him to visit Europe, having
expired, he has been, it is said, officially in
formed thatit would be gratifying to the Navy
Department if he would resume active com
mand of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This
mark of high respect is in accordance with the
act of Congress, which bestowed on him the
title of flag officer, in recognition of his dis
tinguished services and merit. He never dis
obeyed an cutler. It is thought he will not
decline the invitation now extended to him.
Secretary Floyd has been advised by his
physician to take the route to Old Point tliain
fort, on his way to Washingtntt, and he will
leave the sprina in a day or two fur that pur.
pose. jlis health Is somewhat improved.
The Fair—Fourth Day
CHICAGO, September 15.—The weather is
rather cloudy, but not unpleasant. The rush
to-day Is greater than over. Over the differ
ent roads, to-day, two hundred and thirty
cars arrived, bringing not loss than fifteen
thousand visitors. Thu trains which arrive
this evening probably bring as tnany . more.
The receipts up to last oyening are eighteen
thousand dollars. The military drill, four
stand of colors, and the exhibition of the
steam plows, are the . 'principal attractions this
afternoon. The Press is well represented,
members being present froi:l all rats of the
Northwest. l'l,o banks closed this afternoon,
for the purpose of giving the employees an
opportunity of visiting the Pair.
The General Grand Encampment of Knights
Templar of the United States to-clay elected
the following ufficers fop pip ppeuin g three
years: B. French, Washington, Grand
Ntaster ; David Goodwin, Ky., Deputy ;
Winslow Lewis, Boston, Generalissimo ; J.
V. B. Blaney, Chicago, Captain ; Gen. Chas.
Marsh, California, Senior Warden ; A. D.
Pierson, Minnesota, Junior; Edward Ray
mond, Boston, Treasurer; L. G. Pisk, Lou
isiana, Recorder.
Riot Between Firemen and Gamblers
MANCHESTER, N. H., September. 16.—At
the firemen's muster tield here to-day a soriods
riot occurred 'hildweeti the 'flre'men and gam
blers: BeVeral buildings were partially demol
ished, and other property destroyed. The
gamblers used their pistols, but were finally
driven off. Two hoiises on the Street occupied
by them were gutted. The mob next attacked
the American House and Museum Building,
breaking the windows.
The riot had its origin in a number of the
fireman being iesulied by the gamblers. The
gamblers in the houses were first attacked by
the mob who were in the act of attacking other
houses not occupied by the gamblers when a
speech from a fireman, in which he represented
that they were guiltless of an offense, caused
them to desist.
There are seventy-five lire companies here to
take part in the contest for prizes, and they are
attended by thirty bands of music.
Injured by Frost., September 15.-:—The frost of
last night has oone its work thoroughly in this
potatoes and all the vines are cut to
the ground. The degree of cold was so great
as to forma hard frost on the ground. Snow
and bail Also fell daring yesterday. -
_.r_...__-- ;~
Massachusetts Democratic State Con-
WORCESTER, Miss., September 16.—A cau
cus of the delegates to the State Democratic
Convention, to meet to-day, was held last
night. Thu C invention app - giro 1 to be strongly
in favor of Douglas, and will probably elect
Douglas delegates to CliarloSton.
The State Democratic Convention is in ses
sion, and the attendance is unusually large.
Much feeling is exhibited between the Doug
lasites and their opponents. The former want
the Convention to make an expression favora
ble to Mr. Douglas. Francis Parker, a Doug
lasite, is the temporary Chairman. Resolu
tions pledging the Convention to Douglas and
the popular sovereignty doctrine, were laid
upon the table as being out of order.
George 13 Loring, the Douglas candidate
Was elected permanent President, receiving
900 votes out of 1300.
New York State Democratic Conven-
SY RACUSE, September 15.—The State Dem
ocratic Convention met again this morning,
and nominated the same ticket us that nomi
nated by the ex-Mayor \Vood party, with the
exception of the Clerk of the Court of Ap
peals. The resolutions reported for the consid
erations of the Convention strongly affirm the
rights of American citizens, native and adopted,
all over the world, and the duty of the Govern
ment to protect them, and declary that Con
gress has not power to legislate slavery into
the territories, or to enact a slave code for the
territories, or to prohibit the South from a just
share in the benefits of a territory ; they also
endorse moderately the course of the National
Murder---Stabbing Affair.
IV El EELII•ai, September 15.—James Stewart,
of the firm of Ward & Stewart, of this city,
was found dead in the market house, near his
own store, about seven o'clock this evening,
having been stabbed in the heart. There is
no clue to the murderer.
In a tight among some rowdies on the fair
grounds, tbis afternoon. Major Baldwin stab
bed William Donovan so severely in the throat
that his life is despaired of. Baldwin is in cus
Ex-Senator Cooper on the Postage
PIitLA.I7I:4I.IIIA, September ls.—Ex-Sena
tor Cooper Ins written an interesting letter,
in response to an application from a commit
tee of Philadelphians fur his opinions relative
to the movement at the last session of Con
gress, fur an increase of the existing rates of
postage. Ha s ires at length the argument
against increasing the present rates of postage.
Man Found Dead
PH ILA DEL PH lA, September 15.—A stranger
was found dead at White Bear Hotel to-day,
aged about sixty years. From papers found
on his person, he is supposed to be Pier, of
Vegetable Substitute for Calomel
and Blue-PIII.
by restoring the bowels to their original daffy au I rate
nil action, give strength to the stomaeh.pterity the blood
re-estattlish the healthy condition of the digestive or
oafs, and thus cure dyspepsia, colds, coughs, rheuma
ttsms, dropdes, amt sickness generully,whether chronic
or recent_ The celebrated Abernethy says After
having cured the derangement of the bowels, dl..=
and all Mae: Lars generally disappear clads men
even its a short time." '1 he e xpenence of a century has
established the worth of these Pills beyond oiapute, arta
purgative anti bilious medicine; and their hse by up
wards of Cauti vOtteetentittlet physicians, and by over a
million of famine', shown that they era supplying one of
the wants of Mummify. and are in advance of me‘ncai
science above pills, although purely vegetable, are
now known nod used as a substitute for calomel (Hy
.1 rusws, (hteridurn Hite.) producing all it, alterative
and other milicattons, with none of its disorganizing ef
fects upon the solids—often 'rippling for life—or its dis.
tressing action upon the teeth and gums. The prepared
etincentratton from the sane- print-vies—the L,ife Addis
!ion Vlll.-1, a -1/hstlttlte fthdreliprirvargyrs)
ts,sses s in g the peculiar _emelt ou sloe organs,
of that Feuer:Moll (rota mercury, but none of its salt
vattng Or other in/Pirates who have used
them, tta a blue- pi ll substitute or otherwtseoltrard Lit them
the highest pnuse. They come nearer tout concentrated
Essence of Life than any - thing yet made, in the way of
medicine, by man. A single pill given daily, when all
hope has fled. has often reatortal health. In fact, they
supply an otgaiiie principle to the blood.always wanting
in extreme (two,. of sickness. l /1,1 people hate the we
cretionsly youth restored by the Life Addition
Pills. Their value as lit,' preservers et beyond estimate.
Brundreth's Vegehdde I. uirerealPillsremove from the
bowels and blood of a sick tiers,on the cause of death
Tits lave Aberrlter Piiso SereLT Tat Orta.tatte aIteLaNITY or
rag Btonn'averturr—tlin minute globules°, vegetable es
veneer. of which they.are but the concrotion, have their
v- , ^ 4 o, mifrr/Ktt t in Ifie vital globules of the blood. And
from whence does the blood derive Its life, its globules?
.ierily from the sumo source Irani Wheat. Dr.Hrandreth
derives the life principle of the Life Addition Plll,l--froto
the Vegetable hingtlont!
These pills, as also the Universal, are warranted pure
ly vegetable. Retailed respoetivelv at in and :41 cents.
PLysienins and the public supplied by the grosa, or
g~in lat/t. at Ni. :194 Canal street, Ilrandreth's Principal
°Moe; by Thomas Itettpatli, No. '27 Diamond street
Pittsburgh, Pa-. and by all respectable dealers in midi
omen. io.:l2.lmnsw
Read the hillowtug (e t+ to relnhon to (70-igrui, j ,v.
&,e/nor Hair Dye, and then cay a it ha, au equal iu the
It neither laurtni the skin nur hair.
It eolors every hair alike.
Its blacks and browns are nature's duplicates.
It is applied to a few minutes.
leaves a gloss upon the hair.
It is more permanent than other 1 yes.
It contains no corrosive ingredient,
And lastly, its inventor challenges a train between this
Dye and any other iu e{kttenue, whether of native or
foreign orlon ticiAW everywhere, and applied Vail Hair
i'TS - llitsisysnorte, No. 0 Astor Howe. Xess Fork.
GEO. H. KEYSER, Agent.
au Pittsburgh, Pa.
AND NORTH (4' THAT PLACE—You will not
forgti dial the daily line of Pitekets between New t'astle
and New Brighton still connect With the accommodation
train, on the r. m, cut with the 600, C. v, at Nen
Brighton. By going by tins rein, yon will save time and
motley, which is a gnat objeot at the present time, ae
tnon°3 , lo scarce, and the frost MIA done great damage
UN.ItCULAIL—The subscribers are transacting
a General Foreign and I)omesiie Shipping and
Commission Business, in this eity, and have leased the
new and fire-proof Warehouse, No. ti West 'tratt street,
where they are prepared to receive and sell Foreign
and lk,mestic I ;,)0.1,1 of all hinds, and offer the usual
facilities on all consignments to their address.
In the department of Shipping, a long experience
warrants Lis 11n assuring our friends that 111 business re.
laanK lb VeSsels and Cargoes will he promptly attend
ed to.
Wu confidently offer cur services in all the various
department, of a Conunereial
couty, NF,VIIEW Si Co.
Baltimore, Fidirtiary,l6L9.—nirlti
. .
DENNY'S 6ROVE," recently fitted, up ng
IRON Cl= P'.49.1 , t3it,
Im now open for the accommoontion of Pic...Nice, Plea.,
itre Parties, de_
4 , ir A Band of Music alwayn in attendance. A goat
covered platform fur dancing.
Ja3ifmaw•tf HOEVELER ft MILLER.
LATED HOUSE, pleasantly located within a few
yard of the Penn'a. Railroad, is now open for - the re.
ception of summer visitors. A line ton-pin alley has
recently been erected on the premises, turd Prue flaking
afforded near by. AU trains stop here. Charges moderate.
jyl3 , lmiwfam CRAB. W. FISHER, Proprietor.
-12 LINO HOUSE, No. 135 Penn street, one of the most
desirable locations in the city for a private residenoe.
The house is commodious, comparatively new, and fitted
up with all modern Improvements and conveniences.
The lot is about 23 feet ; front, by HA feet deep to a
12 feet alley, and h'a.s on it a large brick stable. For
terms or (Arther information, apply t.
se...?2wiftnavvic2,oo No. 1= Fourth street.
ED. TIMMONEY would respectfully
, announce to his friends ..snd fernieriettrOnN that
having leased the above earned bnloon, No. 130 THIRD
sTRMT, gear the Hirerd House,where he will be happy
to see them, end wait upon them to the beat of his abil
ity. Ho has on hand a stook of the choicest Wines and
Liquors of ere? description. airLUNCH every day at
ni, A- H., and 0, P. M. sel3:3tduthsa
PISST)LUTION. The Co -rkunardetUrmtic-'fturmL
heretofore existing between HEN,T I y — P
. .o d lJ 4t G y ll e ari of d a P e A niy Tß m lC cul li AICTJLLOI,T;ii ,
'nigh A CO., was dissolved on
the 2/dd,ult, Pent:K. M'Cullough will use ti;L S , ca n *, of
'lto ' 4 ,...,43 tuns in settling the books, de., he having pur
charted the entire interest of Henry drCullough.
CO-PA RTNERSH IP. The subscribers
have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of carry
ing on the Wholesale Grocery Business, at the corner
of Penn and.lrwin etreet.s, under the firm and style of
Jplll4 .114.13 A-N.
Kok; I Lv, I Di
Viet Preaidents.
JAMES PARK, Jd, let JOSEPH DiLvitorrim,
- geeretary.
Stage of Water.
Ricer—one fuot three inches water' in the channel
Ausamarr, ern, September 1.5,18t!9.
The market is about as well supplied as last week,
with no change in the price of either Cattle or Sheep.
John. Allender, Proprietor.
No. Offered by
18.- R. Miller.- ..........
18... H. Montgomery •
la-. A. Montgomery
53...Eat0n & Stone
Turner •
21...11. M'Clam_
Z)...A. Id'Clain
14.- Wm. MCirdoch- ..... ..
22...3. W. Rogers.
25... J. Cram -
7... B. Taylor._ . .......... ........
1... Dent k Hudson..
40... Yeatman & Humphrey-.
17.-J. Sefort.
soot Pries.
18,• ; tos3olihead.
111 h.
... )
... 83 1138 yl head.
214 .1 4
24 2./
21 $17,60 head.
.... 14 Vi head.
22: 14100 lbs.
22 2 ®2% Vt A.
... 20 1 1 1.03
32 3 "
.32 2f "
. 41 2 5
. 33 2
30 2
... 18
.... 20. $20,00 head.
22 2% VI !b.
.._..20 2 02.%
V. $1 IiUZ , it bead.
32 2 03 VI 12.
.... 23 2 'a ,
... 15 2 GO "
li 2 "
32...D0dds A Kendrick
32... Robert !Hocken,
41... C. Shoemaker & C 0.,.....
=...thulewood & Co
30._ Wm. Wearnte
22... Smith & Jones
23...11. Dugan
A. Veits
72... Krouse & Good
22... D. D. 0100tt...-
35...C1ark A
17... Robert Graham
72... J. A. Moore... - 22 2 03
15...Ja5. Shoop 15 2 23 40 .
51...Ja5. Morgan • 51 •
84—Marks d Traurrnan—...... 84 2
18—George Emrick ....... . ....... ~
18 • 1 2 3 21.
113... Meyers k Bro .. ..... 2 g. 3
'....Campbell & Robinson 28 2 3 03 "
22 $17,60. $1 head.
14... Samuel ......... 14 26 1$ lb.
21... J. B. HafT
59...J0hn M. Crabb Sent at.
4.3...1101mes & Pileffer
=...Warren & Henderson Left over.
1304 offered
1102 sold.
142 loft over and sent East. .
NO. Offered. Offered by. Sold. • Prier.
55...8. Taylor ... .. ... -... .. -....-. 55 51,50 'lt head.
M...l'mdrnan & . umihrey = 1,50 '
96... Wm. Marion ....-- 90 2,50 VI cwt.
300... Samuel Warren 300 2,30Q2,15
140--.1. A. Moore 140 1 5n§3,0 0 lit led.
. - 105... W. C. Breckenridge 135 2,62 laced
-65... " " lambs 65 1.50 • VI h'd.
90.- Dantel SeattergoocL 90 3,04 . .IFI cwt.'
137... J. Caughernour ' Sent East_
ar2...llolmes A Pfeiffer.- ..... ..- - " '
343 offered
q 44 sold.
359 sent. east
Na. Offered Offered by Sidd . , Price.
95... Wm. 95 $5,00 Ft 100 1)9
3 7...D.Eicettergood - 37 6,27.
450...J.Linch Sent East_
1 0.25 offere d
132 sold.
13 head shipped east by D. L. Lukens.
Liqvrtal Brpressly for the Daily 24forsikg
Prrustutteri, September 15, 11359.
Flour... There is a little more activity than yester
day. Sales 800 bbls. superfine from first hands at $3,75,
and 400 bbla extra do. at '495. From store, sales of
1000 bblv. at $4.85@5,00 for superfine, $5,2:06,25 tor ex
tra do., and $5,40€55,45 for extra family.
Grain._Wee•y--Sales 225 bush. white, from depot
at 81S); 50 hush. do., from store, at $1,40; 170 bush.
Mediterranean. from store, at $1.25, and 2SM bush. do
do. at $1,20. ltrx—titles from store of SO bush. at 135 e.
Cons-112 bush, from store, at S5(S)9Oe. Oats-200 buah,
from first hands, at 32c.; 212 bush do. from store, at
Hay—Sales 10 [gab from scales at 8.13Q1811 ton.
Bacon... Sales 5000 tbs. shoulders at 7X®Sc.; ZOO
IDs. sides at £6..,.!,410c.; MOO Ms. hams at 103alle.; 2000
eats astsl at 11! 11%c.; 8 tierces sugar cured do. at
Dried Beef.-Sales 13 tierces canvased at 133 c. it ID.
Sugar... Sales 17 hilds. N. 0.. at 7nagc..; bbls.
do. at 9!..,2.91,4c.
Molasses... Sales 39 N. O. at 404341.4 . *gall
Coffee... Sales tt: sacka Rio at /234(412%e.
Rlce...Rale9 2 tieree9 at 5e.; 7 bbl 9. at 5'4c.14 Ib.
Salt—Sales 100 bbls. No:1 extra at 11:.9.1; 23 tibia do.
at 91.23
Ltme...Sales 15 151.4 - Louisville at $1,115
Apples-. Sales 11 bbl,.. at 12,40.
Eggs... Sales 11 tails. packed at 0.09 e.
Potatoes... Sales 50 bush. Nesltanneek.e at We.; 11
bles. sweet at $3,75; 14 lob Le. Jersey west at $l,OO.
Cheese... Sales 4 boxes W. R. at SWV.,c.
Flsh...Sales 12 bbls. large No. S Itaokerel at $ll,OO
S half WAIL do. at $5,75.
Beat's...Sales Z.l bush. small : white at $1,40 'f bush.
011...340+ bldg. Lard No. lat 90c. gt gal.; 250 gal a
Refined Coal at $lOO.
Whisky...Sales f 6 bbla Ractfied at 28, ?,4(42.
lu bbls. Old Rye at $l,llO q 1 gaL
Philadelphia Market.
Putt.Annvuu. September 15.—01 d stock Flour is ne
glected: sales to the Irada at $1,50(45,12 tor old stock
and fresh ground surerfine, and $1,750)0,50 for Old ez
was and fancy, according to quality.: :WO bras recently.
ground Rye Flonr sold at 13,64 % . Pennsylvania Corn
Meal held at 13.50. Wheat dull, and prices le lower:
Woo hush sold at 11,:.11 for red, and ta,z3aa,32 for fair
and prinio white. Rye is wanted at 75e for new South
ern. and 80e for old Pennsylvania. Corn in good de
mand; 8000 bush yellow sold at 60c in store, and Ste
afloat. Oats in limited demand; WOO bush new Dela
ware sold at' 3 ; , (Gl 3, !. The demand for Whisky is hul
led at 27 ®271.,ie. •
NeW York Market.
Now Yeas, September 15.-:-Cotton has advanced
stiles 1600 bates at 11%0 for middling uplands. Flour
heavy; sales 10,000 Libli at $1,.Z@4.00 for State, $3,00@830
for tihio, and 14.900110.10 for Southern. Wheat has de
clined; sales 33,000 bush, at a decline of 3c ; white $1,20
01.25: red $1,14(41,13: Corn firm; sales 42,000 bush at
83e. Frovisious steady. Lard steady at 104 }'' 11/e. Sugar steady, hut active. Coffee firm at 11®12e. Whisky
dull al .28c. Freights firmer.
Cincinnati Market.
CMCIRNATI. September 15.—Flour inactive at 114,50 for
superfine; sales reported at $&,30@4,35, but are hot an
index of the market. Wheat in fair request, -especially
for roil, which is very firm at 11110. Corn and other
grain are unchanged. Provisions are steady; the trans.
actions are light, but holders are firm; quotations are
unchanged. Whisky active at 23%c.
New York S
Ntw YORK> September 15.
Chicago & Rock Island G9V,
IllinoisCentralbonds.. 88
tack Market.
clocks dull—
Galena & Chicago 76
Panama Railroad llsk,:;
Pacific Nail S. R.
Tonnosaee 6'3...-... 89
Nov York Central__ . 80;4
Virginia 6's.- 94V
fdissouxi Cr's
647 a
• -
anTayclinv) s rERKS, : CASH ON DELIVERY
With the North American British Provinces, and Sarni
wich Islands. Also, New gesico and Central America
together with Cubs, and other West India Islands. Put.
lished try
try Orders left at the " MANSION ROUSE," Liberty
street, will re attended to by J. R. DRAPER, A gent, wha
will remain for one week. selbSW3,oo
THROAT AND CHEST, and other Chronic Ail
ments cornpli anted with or causing PULMONARY COM
OFFICE-191 Penn street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CONSULTATION FREE A list of questions sent to
Womb who wish to consult us by letter, inetirssini
fflagutrrean (Oa!Jerks.
Ainbrotype and Photograph
No. 70 Filth Street,
Photographs, colored or plain, taken at short no•
tine, at Eastern prices, and warranted equal to them.
colored in Oil. mrB
Colored in Oil, Pastelle, or ylaln, in the most artistic
style, and it Eastern prices.
. .
Jones' Building, Fourth street.
LERY, Fifth and Grants reds.—The subscriber hay
ing fitted up rooms in, INFTIGHE'S BUILDING, is nos
pre_pared to take Likenesses that CANNOT FAIL To
Call and examine the collection.
• A. LANE,
Comer of Fifth and Grant streets
Steam Engines, Shatting:and:Pollies
Mortice Machines,
Gear Wheels,
Rangers, etc., ete
Order" promptly attended to
gay .
81111L . TING B',
Braziers' and Bolt Copper, Pressed Copper Bot
toms, Raised Still Bottoms, Speller Solder, AC, also im
porters and dealers in Metals. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron.
Wire, ac. Constantly on hand, Tinmen's Machines and
Tools. Warehouse, No. 149 First, and 12) Second streets.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Special orders of Copper cutto any de
ired pattern. - my292ydaw
Beneral Machinists and Boiler Makers,
Steam Engines, ranging from three to one hun
dred and .fifty horse power, and suited for Grist Mills,
Saw Mlle; Blast Fitrnaces, Factories, etc., etc.
Give particular attention to the construction of En
gines and Machinery' for grist mills, and for uprights,
matey, and circular saw mills
Have always on hand, finished and ready for shipment
at short notice, Engines and Boilers of every description.
Also, furnish Boilers and Sheet Iron separately, and
Wrought Iron Shafting ,Hangers and Bullies in every
variety, and continue the manuActure of Woolen Ma
chinery and Machine Cards. -
Our prices are low, our machinery manufactured of
the best quality of ma terials, and warranted in all cas,,
to give satisfaction.
Orders from all parts of the coun try solicited, and
promptly tilled. mr72Umd►w
Warehouse, No. 149 First and la) Second streets.
Manufacturers of all nizes and descriptions of Coal Oil,
Retorts and Stills, Gas and Water Pipe, Sad Irons, Dog
trans. Wagon Boxes,Steel Moulds, Pulhes:, Hangers and
Alsplings. o
Sobbing arid Machine Castings of every descrip
tion made to order.
Haring a complete machine shop attached to the
Foundry, all necessary fitting will be carefully attend
ed to. myaSilydaw
WOULD GIVE NOTICE that he has pur
chased the interest of his late partner, G. S.
BATES, in the ROOFING BUSINESS, and is the sole
manufacture and dealer in the following three distinct
kinds of Roofing:—
Ist. Gum Elastic, Cement, Felt and Can
vas Roofing.
2d.. IMproved Felt, Cement and Gravel
3d. patent English Asphaltic Felt Roof
AB warranted FIRE AND WATER PROOF. Rooting
Material for sale, witiorinted instructions for using. Ot•
flee at BATES & JORNSONS' OLD STAND, 76 Smith
field street.
N. B.—This Gum Cement ix unequalled as a Paint for
Metal Roofs,lasting twice as long, at least, as paint, anti
cheaper. selo:dayr
(Successor to Iltirtwell &Shephartl,)
Druggist, Corner Wood and Sixth sts
A:complete stOcl, ot DRUGS, 'MEDICINES, PAINTS,
OILS and DYES; constantly ou hand.
Will tind it to their advantage to give U 9 a calL . Manu
facturer of the celebrted
No. 52 St. Clair street,
No. 27 1-2 Eifthlß., opposite the Exchange Bank.
• and elegantly arranged rooms, located as above
is prepared to furnish all the Luxuries of the Season in
hia line. Delicious
Ice Cream, Fruits, Fresh Pies, Cakes of
all kinds,
And every description of Confectionery; all of the best
material will be served to order, day and evening.
fir Orders for parties promptly filled. Call and jug
for yourself. (my 6) M. AVGDILEY•
NOTICE.—The undersigned have this
dap associated themselves together in the whole•
sale and retail Book, News and Periodical business, et
Davis et Co.'s, Odd Fellows Building, No, to Fif th street '
under the style of Smyth & Pittock, and respect illy so.
oit a share of public patronage.
W. Cl. Bunn
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
At Davis m Co.'s, Odd Fellows' Building,
sirPartiOntar attention given to pitlcing wholesale
orders. eel
Enclosures, Posts, &c.,
le.. The public are .respleetfolly invited to examine
our stock. Prices low, and work warranted..
i.7/ 2 7i 8 NO. 386 LIBERTY STREET.
' TIM . M ' W7: I I77 ' .:M
Jos . Dilworth, D. W. C. Bidwell,
(Successors to Porter, Rolfe Lt Secetto
Cor. of Water at. and Cherry alley,
OFFICE at the Pittsburgh Rut, Fi ft h
moat, near Wood. jyla
W. Prrrocin