Centre Hall reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1868-1871, May 26, 1871, Image 4

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The chil>t lcsns on its parent's breast.
Loaves there its cams, ami la at real;
The Writ aits singing by its neat.
And tells aloud
Tta trust in God, and so is bleat
'Neath every clond.
It hath no store it sows no seed,
let sings slant and doth not heed ;
By flowing streams or grassy mead.
It sings to shame
Men who forget, in Pear of need,
A Fathc rs name.
The heart thst trusts, forever sings ;
And feels as light as it had wings;
A well of peace within it springs.
Come good or ill,
IVhate'ar 10-dav. to-morrow 1 wings,
it U Hia will.
Farm, Garden nntl Household.
Nrrn JOHNNY CAKE.— One pint of sweet
milk ; taro eggs ; a pinch of anil ; a tea
spoonful of cream tartar; half a tea
spoon of soda ; two-thirds of a pint of
Indian meal, ami a largo tablespoon of
wheat flour Bake forty minutes, and
serve with butter. .
SrNFLOvnraa. Plant sunflowers, if
there is any p'aeo about your house
where water is thrown out and likely to
become malarious. This plant has the
power ot absorbing malaria and purify
ing the atmosphere. The advice ia meant
for country folk.
Arri.s FLOAT.—One pint of steweil
and wvll-mashiHl apples, whites of three
egg*, ami four large spoonfuls of sugar,
beaten until stiff; theu add the apple,
and Wat all together till stiff enough to
stand alone. Fill a deep dish with rieh
cream, or boiled soft custard, and pile
Ihe float on top. This is excellent with
other fruit* in place of apples.
reepondeut says : " Having a horse that
would kick everything to piece* iu the
stable, that he could reach, and hav tug
found a remedy for ik after trying many
things, such as fettering, whipping, hang
ing chains Whind for him to kick against,
4c., I send it to you. It is simply fasten
ing a short trace-chain, about two feet
long, by a strap to each hiud foot, and
let him do his own whipping if he can
not stand still without it, and he will
not need to have boards nailed to his
stall every day."
wash the hark npon the bodies of fruit
and ornamental trees. AVc are at a kwa
to know for what purpose some persons
thus coat the bark of fruit and shade
trees about their premises with lime, un
less it is to make them look niee. It
certainly does them Wore harm than
good, as it serves to olwtrtiet the re
spiratory organs, and in a measure pre
vents n thrifty growth. Should the
bark become diseased anil rough, or
covered with moss, scrape it thoroughly
with a hoe or scraper of some suitable
description ; after which wash thorough
ly with a strong solution of soap and
water. If this is done properly every
season, it will prove a great benefit, by
destroying the insects which prey upon
the bark, and otherwise promoting a
healthy condition thereof, and increas
ing the vigor and vitality of the tree.
Farm Jottrmii.
THE MILK CCRE. —Some years ago
physicians had a habit of recommending
every consumptive jwtient to take cod
liver oiL The incredible nastimwa of
the done must have constituted its pecu
liar merit; for. as a matter of fact, any
result accomplished by cod-H ver oil would
have been attained by the patient, had
cream instead of oil been prescribed.
Suddenly this idea seems to have dawned
upon the medical faculty. As a conse
quence we now have the " milk cure"
announced as a specific for consumption.
Patients who formerly pnt their trust in
cod-livers are now told that the cow is
their oniv hope. They are made to
drink vast quantities of pure milk instead
of frequent doses of the unspeakably vile
cod-liver oil The effect is all that can
be desired. The patient who tries the
milk-cure finds himself rapidly growing
fat. and it is also said that he becomes
gentle, child-like and bland in his de
meanor. The advantages of the milk
en re will doubtless make it extremely
popular among those who have tried in
vain to swallow cod-liver oiL
Ttbdet RAisnso.— Mr. H. Reade
presents the following paper on turkey
raising : "For the last ten years, a mul
titude of farmers east of the Hudson,
and not a few wast, have made more
money from their tnrkeys than from any
other one kind of stock. Ten well
managed turkey hens will give a larger
net profit than U>r cows, if, in addition
to good management, the fanner has
good luck. The first six weeks in the
life of the young are the m<*st perilous.
After that time, they are comparatively
safe. Some men out of a btt'ch of a
hundred never lose one—ami this is the
way they manage tbem. Cet the mother
of the new-born choose her own time to
leave the nest Taking off is always had
policy. A a soon as the nest is left* make
a yard, twelve feet square, ly setting
boards edgewise. Remove the turkey
and her brood into this little pen, where
in they should be kept for at least six
days. After which they may be let ont
in the middle of the day, and permitted
the range of an acre ; but tbey must al
ways be gathered at least an hoar before
sand< >wn into the jiens, to remain until
the dew is off the next morning, and all
the day, if there is the least appearance
of a storm. First time the mother leaves
the nest, wash the naked parts of her
body thoroughly with tobacco juice, to
kill the inevitable hoe ; and at the same
time dust thoroughly the yonng with
some vermin-destroying powder. No
one thing kills as many yonng turkeys as
these parasites. As a preventive, sulphur
and snuff, mixed in eqoal quantities, and
dusted on the nest after the turkey has
been sitting two weeks, is recommended:
but nothing should prevent the washing
of the mother, or the dusting of the
yonng, the day the mother leaves the
nest, and two days after the young have
left the shelL Young torkevs require
bat little food, but they need to be fed
as often as once an hour for the first
■week. Coarse-ground Indian meal, mixed
with sour milk curds, and fine chopped
hard-boiled eggs, is the best feed for the
first month. After that, the eggs may
be left out, the meal ground a little
coarser, and the curds, if yon have them,
used in larger measure than at the first
As soon as they can swallow whole grain,
give them that, and then all trouble in
this direction is at an end. Until they
are two months old, they must be driven
to some shelter every night, and never
be allowed to remain in the fields'through
a long or heavy rain. Even when one
quarter grown, they will die from ex
haustion, trying to follow the vigorous
and unreasoning mother, if wet with but
a heavy dew. Three rules, then, must
be observed if those who attempt to
raise turkeys would secure success : First
—Be sure to free both old and yonng
from lice immediately upon the old ones
leaving the nest. Second—Feed fre
quently at the beginning with strength
ening food. Third—Never let the young
turkeys get wet, either with dew or rain,
until their feathers afford their bodies if
not complete at least partial protection."
THE USE OF OPIUM. —It is a startling
fact that there are thousands of persons
in New Ycrk who are addicted to the
habitual use of opium in some form.
Every druggist almost has customers
whom he recognizes as opium-eaters.
In many cases the habit was formed by
taking the drug to relieve actual pain ;
in other cases it has been deliberately
formed. When the use of opium be
comes a habit, if it is not taken at regu
lar intervals, the most dreadful spasms
are experienced, the functions of nature
are suspended, and the brain fearfully
affected. It is a matter of extreme diffi
culty to break off the habit when once
formed; and persisting in it causes one
to lose his self-respect, his ambition, his
health, his friends—everything. All the
noblest qualities are lost by a slavish use
of this ding. The first step toward such
a state is to be shunned.
THE CENSUS. —Some of the revised
figures of the census are as follows:
New York, 4,374,703 ; Pennsylvania, 3,-
529,601; Ohio, 2,665,011; Illinois, 2,-
538,408; Massachusetts, 1,457,351; all
New-England. 3,487,469. Nevada has
but 42,491. Two Territories, Utah and
New-Mexico, have more, and the latter
outstrips Oregon also, which has hut
90.963. Nebraska has 128,150.
Sew* Summitry.
THE State tax of Boston this year ia
Fiours and skirmishes occur daily iu
the vicinity of Pari*.
THE vintage of California is estimated
at 10.UW.000 gallons.
IXT KEN At, revenue nvviptu thus far for
the fiscal year f124.t100.UW.
A PsoWETANT church has been dedi
cated in the City of Mexico.
THE market price of awl in New York
ranges from fit to $lO per ton.
A KVMHEK of eases of n>k|llg fever
have occurred in Philadelphia,
BASK ball fever has broken ont this
season more vigoroualy than ever.
THE Commune of Paris has abolished
all |H>litieal and professional oaths.
A URRHAX woman was gored to death
by au ox in the suburbs of St. Louis
THE insurgents captured the city of
Lima, the capital of lYrti, on the 28th.
The maiu portion of the town of Fol
•ou, CoL. was lately destroyed by fire.
Cor XTKKTKIT twenty dollar bills, well
executed, have uimle their appearance.
Font parties chsrgvd with murder are
now awaiting trial in Queen* Co., New
NEWARK. N. J., has voted to expend
$2,500 in the celebration of the Fourth
of July.
THE hospital at St. Andrews, in San
Francisco, was burned and two lives
were lost.
A MAX and two women were badly
injunsl by the explosion of a gas stove in
New York.
QI-KKX Victoria hxs had nine chfldren
and twenty grandchildren of whom only
cue is dead.
tlwrxo to the condition of the crops
the California grain market lisa consider
ably weakened.
MARTIN WORMS, one of the three men
ordered to be baugod in New Orleans is
a raving maniac.
Sixes the Ist of October last, 12,763
hogshead* of tobacco have been inspect
ed iu Richmond, Va.
A riKS-it Ludlow, Yt..destroyed Hun
raoud Block and several Adjoining build
ings. Loss, 830,000
ADVICES from Valparaiso to the 17th
of April state that the vomito was mak
ing frightful ravages then-.
A HOT 13 years of sge, fell from the
fourth story of a new building iu Cincin
nati, aud was instantly killed.
MAXT mam of insanity through fever,
are reported in Paris. The victims arc
generally women and childreu.
AT the charter election in Morristown,
N. J., the entire Republican ticket was
elected by thirty-nine majority.
THE emigration from Ireland this sea
son is large, every steamer Wing filled
and thousands awaiting passage.
JOHX (JILL was instantly killed, by the
foiling of shore-timbers iu the Yellow
Jacket Mine at Virgiuia City, Nevada
C AURAL and Caperon are reorgauixing
their shattered bunds for another attack
on the f >rces of Baex in San Domingo.
THE coming season promises to W an
excitiug oue on the turf. Trotting and
running races are anuounceil at all the
Ax attempt was made to shoot Mr. E.
H. Gregory, city editor of the Albany
Express, as* he was sitting in the office of
that iper.
IT is dated that order* from the West
and Santh for boots and shoes will keep
the trade in Massachusetts busy for a
mouth to fill them.
IT is anticipated that a definite treaty
of peace will he signet! at Frankfort as
soon as the mode of payment of tlie in
demnity is settled.
Au the eligible berths in out going
steamers have been taken up for weeks
ahead by tourists who propose to pass
their summer in Europe.
THE cities of Cambridge, Salem and
New Bedford, Mass., voted to prohibit
the sale of beer, and Lynn, Lawrence
and Worcester to allow it
THE Massachusetts House 'of Repre
sentatives has passed a bill forbidding
the employment of minors or females
more than ten hours a day.
NAPOLEON 111. has been offered a loan
of $150,000 by a lady. Th- London
Court Journal sars he can easilv borrow
from 81,000,000 to 81,500,000.
THERE is a woman who has becu
voluntary prisoner in the New York
Tombs for over thirty years. She chose
this plan to lead a temperate life.
WESTON, the pedestrian, has just com
pleted the feat of walking 2UO miles (two
of them backward) in 40 hours. 50 min
utes, and 45 seconds, at St. Louis.
Fom children of J. N. Owen of Wolfe
Creek, Outagamie County, Wis , were
jx>isoned last week by eating wild para
. nips, and three of them have died.
THE medical convention at San Fran
cisco, had a stormy time on admitting
female M. D.'s and finally, indefinitely
postjximd the matter aud adjourned.
A CALIFORNIA Chinaman has applied
to the U. S. Court with a view to testing
the right of the State courts to deny
Chinamen the privilege of testifying.
Br an accident on the Bella Vista
Railroad, canned by a collision with a
train conveying 2,000 kegs of gunpowder,
one man was killed and many wounded.
ACCORDING to reports which have
reached tlie Indian Bureau from all
points in the Indian Territory, there an
no indications of a rising among the red
A PARIS paper says that the fortune of
the ex-Emperor Napoleon, at the smallest
estimate, cannot be less than 20,000,000
francs enough to meet all ordinary
THE steamer Carrie, from Augusta for
Savannah, Oa., with 800 bales of cot bin,
was burned twenty-thri-e miles below
; Augusta. Three jKMsengers lost their
i lives.
THE Democratic State Convention of
Kentucky was held at Frankfort. On
! tne Rixth ballot, P. H. Leslie was nomi
, nated for Governor, receiving 638 votes,
I to 432 for J. Proctor Knott
REPORTS from Buenos Ayres stab
that the average of the death-rate from
vomito is 250 daily. Five thousand
persons died in fire weeks. Sixty thou
sauds had fled from the city.
THE Coroner's jury in the case of Isaac
M. Ruth, at Lawrence, Kansas, returned
a verdict that Ruth died from the effects
of poison, supposed to have been ad
ministered by Dr. Mcdlicott.
WILLIAM R. WARXOCX, a detective,
was shot dead at Piache, Nevada, by a
party holding an intrenched position at
a mine the title to which is in dispute.
He was merely walking in the vicinity
of the mine at the time.
THE wealthiest citizen of Louisville,
has recently obtained a divorce from his
wife, who has been for flfb-en years an
inmate of an insane asylum in Massachu
setts—reported to be tlie first divorce for
such cause ever granted in Kentucky.
RECENT official statistics show that
434,074 persons, or 73 per cent, of the
agricultural tenants in Ireland hold less
than 30 acres of loud apiece ; 296,988
persons, or 50 per cent, hold less tlian
15 acres ; 125,289 persons, or 21 per
cent, bold less than five acres apiece.
THE Earl of Carnarvon, in London,
said that the last few months had shown
us that English security lay not in alli
ances with the nations of a continent
honey-coinbed with secret intrigue so
much as in the free confederation of the
English race in every part of the world.
THB NEW TREATY. —The London Timeft
is.convinced that the basis and essential
provisions of the treaty of Washington
will certainly be adopted by the American
Senate, and therefore believes that the
treaty is virtually concluded. As for the
treaty itself, it is the result of mutual
concession, and the Times finds in it
Hothing inconsistent with the national
honor or that England is not ready to
sacrifice to restore amity between the
branches of the Anglo-Saxon family.
Hall's Journal of Health says a sixpenny
sandwich, eaten leisurely iu the cars, is
better for you than a dollar-dinner, bolted
at* "station." '
An Indian Fight,
liMt Sunday morning nav* a letter
from South Paw, Wyoming Territory,
the citisens of Wind River Valley, iu HUH
Territory, wero startled by the cry of
" Indian* !'' Aat rutin war party of hos
tile savages, aup|>o*rd to be Sioux, had
come into the valley, ami, under cover
of n dPDM fog, iiail attacked the settle
monk An 01.l Snake Indian belonging
to Washakie's frn-mlly tnlx H on hi*
way to tho Agency, ami the hostile
aavngos |x>nno i down ttfam him, took
away Ilia ponton, and carried off one of
his wives Til a tqtuw kicked and strug
gled ao vigorously tliat she tin oil \ got
away, and her Ini-iuuid coming to lo>r a*
swtaucc wit It a revolver, kept hack her
captors until she cseap. d into tin* brush
and hid. the Indiana thru rodo up to
Ik* house of J allies Roger* and drove off
Ilia rattle, earning away with them all
tho old Knakr Indian's roW* and hnffalo
moat, and tho two pomaathey had cap
tured. Mad of Uio settlers worn inclined
to keep close to thoir houses, not t>oiug
aldo in tho fog to aacortain how many
Indians tlioro were iu the hostile jiarty.
As MHIB, however, tut it U> known that
tho savage* wore falling hack to tho hill*,
four frioudlv Snake* ami three w liite men
mouutod thoir homoa and went in pur
snik When the Muff* wore reached,
above tlio fog, the savages were IHHUI,
about 25 in number, drit uig off tho stick
k> the northward. I'he Snake* and
white mon fMlowcd rapidly, ami com
pelled tho marauders to abuuiou the
cattle. The savages, however, aoon
afterward showed light, and a council of
war having Itecii held by tho Hiiukes and
white men, it was decided thut aevoii
men. however brave, should not attack
2ft wurrhirsa* brave us themselves und
far bt tier armed ami mounted. The
t'hiof of the Snakes, W'.udtakie, was ou
hia way with tho triW to the Agouov,
und could not thou W< many miles dis
tant. The four Indian* ami one white
man wont iu search of Washakie's camp,
ami the others returned to Little Wind
Hirer settlement. The rest of the story
I shall let my informant relate in hi*
own wav.
"It was near nightfall, aud a heavy
snow-storm had wt in, when, fortuuate
hr, just as wo wore aliout to encamp, we
heard tlie trump of u multitude of horse*,
and saw the friends we wen* Marching
for toiling alowjy along through the
storm. To hnil them, fiud Waidiakic,
and acquaint him with tlie oeenrren .v of
the morning, was the work of a few
minutes. The Chief, without saying a
word, ordered the alarm to he sounded
and the war-drum to Ix-at. The warrior*
wondering what the matter could bit,
came rushing on their swift puuica from
all directions, and swarmed iu a dcuse
mass around their venerable and beloved
Chief. He ordered tit of the beat
mounted men to fall out and prepare for
war. This preparation consisted simply
in pauitiug their faces, and in 15 minute*
they were mounted ami ready for their
Chief's further commands. Asking how
far it was to the trail, aud turning over
the care of the village to a sultoroinate
Chief, Wuahukic put himself at the head
of his warriors and galloped away to the
West. As it was most important that
the trail should IK- struck before dark the
ride was fast aud furious. It wasalreadv
growing dark when a shout announced
the fiuding of the trail, aud each warrior
ludted to rest his pony and examine the
sigus. • Forty track ;25 soldiers,' said
Washakie, in bis sententious way, after
a cart ful scrutinizing of the "tracks.
Presently he added, 1 four or five hoars'
old, pLuu, plenty, good ; we catch 'am.'
I'o this remark all the warriors solemnlv
answered 'L'mph.' The snow, whieii
had ceased fulling for a time, commenced
again, and the trail gradually liegan t
disappear; still the Indians pursued long
after no sign was visible to the eye of a
white man. About midnight, however,
a halt announced flint the trail was lost,
aud it took considerable examination in
the grass to And it again. At leugth we
were once more on it ;aud now Wasluikie
Ivgau to anxiously scan the elomls.
•Bud. l>ad !* he muttered. The night
grew blacker and colder, and another
halt told us we were again off the scent.
Dismounting, a part of the warriors
started on foot to follow the trail, the
main body keeping close in the rear ami
leading tne ponies. All night long we
toiled on, the guides at times following
the trail through a heavy storm on their
hands aud knees. It was near daylight
when again the night became pitchy
dark and the trail was completely ]>,(.
' Good,'said the chief in a cheerful voice,
•we rest now ; 'urn not far off, aud we
get 'am in the morning.' 80 w< all lay
down, holiling our ponies by the lariat
rojx-s, and had an hour's good slwp.
"It was hardly light wlien we were
arc mud by the guides, aud, cold, stiff,
and sore, we rusunicd our jouruev. The
trail was n<w pi si 11. and we followed it
rapidly. Shortly before sunrise the
guides rode hurriedly lmek on the main
column, and it was soou known tlmt the
Hostile Indians were discovered, thai
they were still in camp, and, apparently,
totally unconscious of otirapprouch. The
joy which lighted up the countenances
of Wasluikie and his followers cannot W
described ; but they said not a word nor
even made a sign. Washakie went to
the top of a knoll and recoil nattered the
uostile cam)). The ponies were quietly
grazing at some distance from the war
riors, who were huddled around a fin*
worming themselves. Hastily dividing
his force into two parties, Washakie sent
one to sweep down upon the jKiuiea and
stampede them, while with the other he
chargid the warriors. A jutting bluff
covered the approach to the camp, find
both movements were entirely success
ful. With a terrific yell the Snakes
burst from eover upon the enemy, who
at first turned to run for their ponies,
but. seeing that they were cut'off by one
of Washakie's bauds, they made (or the
bluffs near lv. While crossing the little
plain five of them were killtd. Once
under eover of the ravines and rocks, they
made a good fight nud drove hark the
Snakes, who dismounted and renewed
the battle on foot.
For over two hours tlie conb-st raged,
when Washakie, seeing he could not dis
lodge the enemy, drew off his warriors.
1 He had killed eight of the hostile Indians
iand secured all the stock of tlie liaud.
Not wishing to lose his wnrriors, he de
i termined to let the matter end where it
! was. One thing was necessary, however
I—a scalp to dance over on their return
home. As all the dead Indians had
! fallen near the rocks, tieliind which their
■ brethren lay concealed, the scalping of
| one of them was by no means an easy
- matter. A wnmor volunteered to crawl
up and get a scalp; and the Snakes, to
cove.r his action, advanced once more as
if to hattle. Tlie enemy, however, was
on the lookout; and when tlie warrior
had nearly reached the dead body of bis
adversary, a well-directed shot from the
! hill killed him. Washakie, seeing the
I fab* of his warrior, rushed forward amid
a shower of bullets, and, tetally regard
: less of the danger "he was in himself, out
the scalp from the head of the Indian
j aud, unharmed, returned with it in
triumph b> his warriors. It is marvelous
tlmt tne brave old man was not killed.
Washakie at once set out on his return
to the village at the agency, and entered
his camp auiid the plaudits of the whole
tribe ; the greab-st of soldiers in the esti
mation of his jieople."
The following day a party of Snake
warriors went out b> the battle-field and
brought in six more scalp*. The de
feated Indians had hastily decamped,
leaving their dead on the ground. This
was most uusual, but as they were dis
mounted tliev of course could not esrry
them off, ami probably thought they bad
no time to spare to bury them. Wash
akie lost in this affair one man killed, and
had three woundad, of whom one will
die. The Indians he fought with, who *
were at first supposed to lm Sioux, turn
ed out to lie Northern Cheyennes. They
numbered 27 men, and lost eight killed
aud all their sbick. The defeated In
dian* retreated in the direction of Big
Beaver where there is at present a
column of cavalry scouting from Csmp
Stambaug. It is believed that those
who escaped from the Snakes will fall
into the hands of the cavalrymen. Of
courae, being off their reservation with
out authority and on the war-path, these
Cheyennes, if found by the United
States troops, will lie treated as hostile.
Col. Bartlett, who commands in Wind
River, is of the opinion that this battle
will lead to a general war lietween the
Snakes and the Cheyennes and their
Sioiu ulliea. It in i1 highly prob
able we shall soon have sonic more lu
-liou fighting ill Northern Wyoming,
out! the Indian Agent, Dr. Jit*. Irwin,
fit']* no uniwijr Unit he i* urging (Hn.
Auger, wlmc miinaitd* Uu> Department
of Uu Platte. l<• wml n ooinpony of
cavalry to protect tlto Agency on Little
Wind Hi tor.
IVrlb of the lining.
lu a lecture oti tlu< perils of the young
in Hrooklvu, He v. 1 k-witt Tuliiiage said :
One chub* of teiiiptaliou conn from the
dishoiiest or loose employers. What
hope i there for a boy who learns iu the
store that a be is excusable; that im-ii
ought to Is- Inmost—when it |wys; that
it is wrong to cheat unless you can do
it well. The hoy soon Icarus to cheat
so sharply that he is finally promoted to
W head clerk. Due morning the em
ployer comes to the store and ttiels thut
the safe has teeu broken open. Has the
head clerk lieen here f No; ami lie never
will be there again, lie lias acted on no
new- principle it was taught in Uie
There is a cheat of young men in New
York ami Brooklyn who are called
" drummer*." They have a legitimate
business -there is a lawful way to trans
act it, aud an unlawful way. There are
members of this clans who take merchants
from the West, ami the country round
UIHMII, through all the dregs of the city,
showing them " sights," introducing
them into the ea-uuo* and hells of vice.
There is a private drawer iu the store
where money is kept to pay the expense
of these private excursions. Tlie pro
prietor is,|H-rllupA, II professedly religious
man, and may tie in a pruvvr-im ctiug
while his clerk is st work. Vvltat will be
the result of tins dissipation to the clerk?
Home day be will come into filestore
ragged umt drunk, and then lie will Ik*
called " n disgrace to thoestablishment,"
and he will lie kieketl out. Yoiiug men
of this Association stand round these
clerks ! F.ucotiruge thorn Ui lie houest,
and if honesty loads them to wunt, put
your hands into your pockets au l h<-lp
ihem. .Many a young man commences
his dissipation lu a fashionable club
house ami ends in ihuuuatioii at the Five
A Frlxhtfal Turnatid.
A tornado swept over Baton Rouge
and vicinity, causing groat destruction
of property. Trees wens uprooted, and
brick* and plank* wre whirled in the
air. The north aud south walls of the
IVuitcntiarv, the naif of the shoe factory,
and the cells in the south wing of the
building were blown awav. The whole
second story and naif of the store-house
of the Uuited State* Araeual, with 300
feet of the laboratory, (a frame build
ing.) anil the naf of one of Ulo powdiT
magtixine* were rent in fragment*. The
naif was torn from the Catholic Chureli,
and the cemetery fence was demolish
ed. A large uiiuiber of frame houses
wen- unroofed, and sustaiued other
damage*. The *ugar-huue and a num
ber of cabins ou the plantation of
Joseph Bermud wen* blown down, aud
one negro wo* killed and several were
wounded. The sugar-house, gin-houae,
and cabins on the plantation of Jauie*
Mid'ollen wen* all destroyed, .Old in.mv
colored jiersons wen* severely uijup-<{.
The sugar-house aud all the cabin* on
the plautatiou of W. 8. l'ike were
blown down, aud two colored men were
killed and a uumbcr were wounded.
Many Unit* an I Huts, laden with coal,
were sunk. The loss w ill reach £4<*>,<*Jo.
During the *torm some of the convict*
eecaptNi from tlie prison, but they were
speedily n*captured.
German Parlinni nt Plioee Ht*mare-k
gave the |Nirtieular-< of hi* recent visit
to Frankfort, t confer with M. Favrc
and M. Pouyer-Qnertier. He said (hut
if the object sought had not been at
tained, the Germans would luive reoceu
picd Pans,aiul demanded the withdrawal
of the Versailles forces lelnnd lb** Loire.
The treaty which was concluded ba*t. n
the payment of the war indemnity to
Germany. Half a milliard of frwnca
are |o 1H paid by France thirty days af
ter ilie entry of the Versailles army into
l*aris, and a milliard more before the
end of Di-o-mlier of the present year.
Bm only will the Germans ev.ictiate
the I'urit forts. A* to the abrogation of
the commercial treaty. Prince "Hi -anarch
stated that the witiidrawal of France
from the maintenance of tliat instru
meut was merely for the purpose and iu
the hope of increasing the customs du
ties, with which to liquidat her indebt
edness. The rutifiiwtion* of the treaty
are to lx exchanged at once.
SAD ACXUDEXT. A terrible accident
occurred on the Eric llailruad at Gria
wohl Station, a few mile* thia ride of At
tic-a. A houvv freight trniu. 7"itli en
gine, cur, ami CIKH>NO atbtchixl, while
going down n grade, tinnmplral. leaving
the car and cnboo-ve IM hind. The train
was recoupled, the signal taken in, and
atarted on the ascending gnule, when
the eoupling broke a second time. While
Wing reeonph-d, mid ln-fore the *ij.-n.il
Could be re:*<'t, the extra fn'ight train
came thundtring down the grade, and
ran into the emigrant train, crushing
everything before it. Out of thirty paie
M-nger* in the ear, five children were
killed, and nltout twenty adult* more or
le*H injured. The Coroner took jmaacs-
Hion of tlie killed, aud the wounded
w< re ta' en to the hospital of the Si*ti-ra
of Charity, and it is said that everything
possible for their aid and comfort was
ordered to l>e furnished by the Snjwr
iutendi-nt of the Erie Itailwsv.
XoT TORE FOOIXP WITH.— -An exchange
snys : "The worst joke thnt was ever
|*r|>etrated ou scientific moll took place
recently nt Louisiana, Mo. A man was
airk with rheumatism. or something, snd
a follow wont around to the doctor# end
professors ami things, unci told thorn thnt
it wiw the queerest rase on record. He
said the man had no feeling. Von
could stick pins in his body all over, and
he paid no attention to them nt nil. He
was perfectly ntunh. Ho the doctors got
together and called on the sick man to
experiment AH nrrivud with pins and
needled nnd bodkins. The mnn was
asleep nnd they pit arouiff! him, ami
eneh one stuck his pin in the patient.
The sick innn Tolled over nnd looked at
the crowd, and thought they had come
to dissert him. so he took a chair in one
hand and a bed-nost in the other, and
drove the crowd thence. They are Around
with their hciuls tie.l up, lookiug for the
man who said that siejc man bad no
CORPORAL Fncmmrrvr.—A few week*
ago the Hoard of Aldermen of Washing
ton imwt'il a bill atxiliiuiig cor]>ornl
punishment in the jmblic schools, and
many exertions have Imen nindo to have
the (Vinimon Council concur. That IHHIJ
ha-* jsmtponed the consideration of the
bill five weeks, which has the effect to
prevent its becoming a law, sinec the new
Government is inaugurated before that
time. The teachers of the district will,
therefore, for the present continue to
stand toward the pupils in htco parmlit,
and use the rod when they think it need
Orleans lUpuhlirrm. in an article on the
crevasse in the Mississippi which has
caused so much damage to property,
says the disaster was caused by the levee
being cut through to liaul wood and not
properly repaired. It odds that the en
tire cost of repairing the levee where it
was cut through would not have exceed
ed flv ilalUir* /
man has been sentenced to seven years'
penal servitude for carrying of! 150 yards
of telegraph wire and three insulntnrs.
The Postmaster-General prosecuted, and
great stress was laid on the calamities
which might result from such a crime,
the telegraph being the medium of life
and death communications.
There is a sylvan enriosity in Georgia.
Two pine trees five feet apart at the
base, come together thirteen feet above,
then separate, join again twenty feet
above, forming a single top.
A young student of Heidelberg recent
ly committed suicide, because one of the
societies of that old university town re
fused to admit him as a member.
A lU-unlt hirst* Women.
A woinun named Ague* Nortnun, oeem*
to have hud extensive but iH-oulior .
perieuoc iu mioai jiart* of Loudon. )t
appeared reeonUy it a itimnit'i iiti|Ut st
that about * year ng<> tbo child of * lady
visiting in tin- houxv win re Agnes
employed wo* found dead in bed, under
inyitterioiiH circumstance*. In her next
tilner, Amu * one duy brought it child
home inacuniblw, *v inn that it had fallen
from her arms, 'fho iufniit rtsurmd,
a fid within three week* ahe bxik it out
iiKuin uud brought it biu'k dead. lu her
third KituuUon, a boy of aeveit awoke
with a eh.'king M timitiuu, and utterward
told Ilia father that Agile* hail placed
her liuud over hi* mouth ami given hitu
money to any nothing ulauit it. At
'another house where site wu employed,
a child woa found iusciisihlu in lied, and
on recovering *lmw< d great terror at the
tight of the gul. Atailotlier, "lie liM'ked
a child up in a wardrobe, took it out ami
put it to )>ed, where it wax found dead
shortly afterward, birds and domestic
antmala died suddenly and atrnugely na
j children in hrntww where ahe lived.
FIIIUIIY ahe wan employed by Uie fiuuilv
of a Air. llecr, who three duva after*aril,
returning with hia wife from u dinner
party, heard violent ac run ma in the utir
serv, nnd rushed up ataira to find one
child I ying on the tliHir uud another
la-tween the bed and the wall, dead,
with two eompretiad inarka on it* lip*,
l'lio verdict of the coroner's jury WHS
" Death from snff'ocatiou, aeculentelly
caused,'' with vrbielt, as we lead iu tlle
l.omlou pajs-rn, "the father said he was
dissatisfied ' The iti.se is to be further
investiguti-d A mania for munler is u
reooguixeil, though happily not u coin- j
mou form of mental disc ie. The eoju
of a female Ulllse in onu of tin* ooutinen
t.d hospitals, who COllfosoed tliut she had
la-eu in tin* habit of killiug her patients,
with no other motive than an insane
eagerness to see them die, is fresh in our
recollect ion. We are not prepared to
say that women more frequently give
way to such horrible impulses than men;
but we recall at this moment several
iu-tancos given by the laaiks, iu each of
which it was a woman who f*lt the insane
desire, and generally a child that she '
wanted to kill.
Fxpeuditures of the boieminent.
The following is a statement of the
receipts and ex|a*mlitun s of the U. H.
Government for the fiscal quarter ending 1
March 31, 1871 :
j Hrl iwrifto law aiOuw FM.JT7.Z3I.T3
tllloriMi rtlruuc JF.JII"HI
iislM eut4tr IsuiU i 'i. itrj.*>i
MlMsllsuo-a* aeurcr* 6.IMSU3.JS
T.iUl iwclgu |*U.3z3.|01.3T
t IMUu,. IU If-rorjf In 31, IsT 1 130.311.T1t5T
I l'u>* IsUle UelUI TrrSnUtrr 111!.
I "lusrirf J.KTS
Cirsntl leul f XIO.tM.TO* ID
■*t orunmu
Iteoguata. It MJI ITCM
: rail ,i. l nonlluiuw. li (W.ol 3J
War |V|o3tlurul
Ihn. tuxwM!
luctiou, 1 o-l.rwu u
tauM*.., T.TJT MM 43
i lui.fvl ua pabik- <lrU...; KOLUAIt
)> Sri uMtiasrj vxgvnauarts T*.iU Tal.la
iluUetupUua ol l.w led Tawarjr
o, *.t*ITMI6
CurxhSK of booJ. _ ll.uuo uwiuu
ToUl OH n| udltuir. flu* sIA.MT.M
Itslssre U> treasury 3jartl I. IMI .. I.V .* 1.*3 *.
Tutel tZM,iMX*XM
runintiirrrtut I>UI.
im.-uui oauundiuv IMe. 11. 1570..|1.t3.in.aM 03
Ihik. duriDi ijiuiiFr al.w*
ToWi ...|),MC*TaM3
Kntuied tuu| qorttr :i.VT3,T*i l i
.\IU'<UUI ouutsudai* April I. I*ll ll.Wj Tdl TTJ.IO
THK CATTI.*: TKAOE. —There were re
.-eived in New Y'ork during the month of
Ajril. 33.H51 Iteevrw, .371 uulch cows,
. 17,815 veal calves, K'.lttt sheep and
hint Ist, and OT.'if'i swine, agmmst last
; year's receipts of "Ah, 871 beeves, 4.M milch
eow.n, 15,112 veal calves, 71,761 sheep
utd 1.-nnl. and 17.K32 swine.
fib Ltd •>* A
1 Poor to UmkIIUIU raUAr. f IS. II es IX
Wcnliuut U* lair Mm. IT'.MIC, IT*.*ll,
IM4 .lera U.I M o|rll U-.MiJ 11-.all
rnnic lu nia iSnn Il'.wll 1 , IJ.stll,
;iTre Ilvkll 1155.13
lb- mayooiy o(*i. *rr i u*,> i* <
vsttp gfc <>l3>, <*lt^
The j. i iwl rsuir l.r< .u*bl. .10 ftlS 1° *ll
I r XMM 10 ~IS IT WLJ,
i i(.,a*b ri h T i '
j lilf*. L dr, M T>, t T|* (
The average price ill the c im*jml
mg week of 1*76 was 15j evil Is ; in that
of 1869, 14] oeut* ; ami in that of 1868
15] cents.
TIUKP or IT. — (ten. Rooael lias sent a
commuuiestion to the Commune tender
ing las resignation a l.'umuuiuder-in-
Chief of the insurgent force*. He way* :
" 1 ciutuot endure to hold the n*q*-uM
bility where every lowly deli In* raTcs, where
IIOIMHIV eiU-ys ordcis, where notluug is
1 organised, and where the gum depend
for service upon a few vobiiiteer*." In
continualion. the Genera) complain* tluit
re-enforciment* have not lieeu grmnUvi
him, when urgently needed ; and that
in )>oirit of fm-t the Commune was iuea-
I-utile of the discharge of the dutiea per
taining to it He, therefore, retires from
its service. The document concludes as
follows ; •* Two course* were open to
our force*, vix.. to break through the
obstacles which environ Paris, or to
retire. The former has IK* n found to
be impossible, ami therefore we Hav
re tired. I have the honor to asK of you
a cell in the Mnzas priaoti."
BEVESI-E MATTERS. -A camparative
statement of the receipts from several
sources of revenue, taxable under n-rtaiu
law*, for the first nine months of the
fiaeui year ending June 110, 1870, aud for
tee name period of 1871, shows, for the
former jieriod, aggregate receipts Sliil,-
58.85,710. and for the latter |>erii*l, 8108,-
51*),094, an aggregate of decressc of
918,430,616, or eleven per edit. The
decrease in the receipt* from all sources,
exi*-|t spirit*, is eliH-Hy due to the m-t of
July 14, 1870, which released a large
mimW-r of articles from taxation. The
atabmient shows a falling off of 94.4^9,•
140 in the tax on spirit*; ?5.5t.'V28!> in
incomes ; B'Ji>n,:t6o in *jM*-inl tax-s, and
95. 392,9*25 in nr(ich*s and occttjsitioM
formerly taxed but now exempU'd. Then
is an inereuse in receipt* from tobacco
of £1,704.459 ; from fermeuUsl liquors,
£805,408, and from |M-naltic.*, 912,400.
of cotton at all the jxrt* of tlie. United
Slates during the |W*t week were 51,432
hides, ngi)in*t 56,685 boles the previous
week, mnkiiig the total re-ecipt* since
the Ist of Sepb-niWr, 1870, 3,623,373
bales, agnin*t 2,637,252 lales, for the
eorres|N>tiiling time last year. The total
export* of the week were 71,087 bales,
against 36,275 lust year. The total ex
ports for the expiiv-d portion of the cot
ton year were 2.687,962 belt*, against
1,790,606 in ]H6S)-70. The stocks atoll
the ports are 426,944 bales, against 358,-
068 last year.
TRADE BTATISTII-S. —The report of Mr.
Young, chief of the Bureau of Statistics,
shows that for the eight month* eliding
Feb. 28, 1871. our exports cx"cded the
import* by £7,26(5,103, while for the cor
responding |H-riod last year the imports
exceeded the cxjwirts by $2,578,345.
During the twelve months ending Feb.
28, 1871, the tonnage entered was 9,409,-
024 and cleared 9,-'507,404 -, of the former
5,782.024 were foreign ; of the latter
5,706,316. The figures lire u little in
excess of those for 1870. corros|>onding
WALKINO TO Cm nrH.—There seeins
to be some trouble with the lutekmen in
Montreal, as one of the pajiera there
says that numerous wedding parties have
walked to and from the French Church
during the past two days, determined
not to [NwtjKine the ceremony for wnnt
of a carriage. The paper iidds that the
brides and bridegrooms do not seem ta
object to it, and their friends seem rath
er to like it, and that it in also a great
saving of money.
A FIRE was discovered in li house in
the upper end of the town of Fagundus,
Ponn., and in less than two hours the
whole town wns destroyed. The losses
are not known, but there WAS little or no
insurance on the property. Alxmt 50
Imildings were burned. There were no
lives lost.
DANIEL AUSTIN was TA tally injured by
August Belmont's imported bull His
co-laborers had to maim the animal with
Eitchforks in their efforts to save Austin's
UM I'arU Xrw*,
Dispatches from Versailles announce
the capture of Fort d'lssy, ami slate that
the fort is now in |MM<MMishiii of the
(loveruinrnt tr-M-ps. The surrender of
FortVanvrea iaalso momentarily expaot
ed, s terrible conflagration being now in
progieaa within it* walla. Col Wttxel
was killed st the storming of Fort d'lssy.
President Thiers has issued a circular,
in which he exults over I lie nipt ore of
Fort d'lssy. He says : '• We found much
ammunition and artillery in the fort.
Fort Vsuvrea is defenseless, and the cap
ture of d'lssy suffice* for the auccca of
our plana. On Monday night Gen.
Ilotiai crowed the Heiue, and is uow in
trenched Ik HI yards from the Kueieiite,
where lie will lie able to lailter down the
bridge at Neuilly. The reign of the in
famous faction is drawing to a close,"
A dispatch from l'aris says that the
VersoilliaU' for-es made a strong attack
on Fort Moutrouge. The results of the
attack are vet uukuown. The sUii-i-ui
meut of Fort d'lssy is said to have lieen
caused by u panic among the garrison.
The Versailles lroo|is failed in tbeir
attempt to construct u bridge of Ismts to
the llois ile lloulogne. The Versailles
fufei s IUIIIII three attempts on Motiilay
b> capture Mouhn-Kagui t, in each of
which they were repulsed. Tlu-ir losoe*
Is-fore d'lssy and Vauvres have la-en
heavy. There wis a review of troops iu
the Place tie la Concorde previous to
their departure for the front. A general
attack was expected.
The investment of Paris from Geitue
villiers to F'ort d'lssy is complete, and a
general assault is imminent.
Chitaart lias In-come so unlienltliy from
the presence of iniluiricd IMNIICK of the
victims of many engagements, that the
Versailles trisifm have been obliged to
evacuate the place. The Government
relieve from service aliout Paris, and
send to the dcjiurtiucnta, all soldiers hav
ing relative* in the capital. The battery
at Moutretout recommenced firing upon
the insurgent positiuus at Point du Jour
and ilaeahw. The t'omiuiuust gun
boat on the Heiue has beeu disabled.
Thr Timrx' sjs elul dispatch from Pari*
says the I\d- rahsts. recaptun-d the l-ar
ricade in the Hue Peyronnet The eom
luamhait of the National* was idiot during
the tight by a Cure.
Thr r*x,!y AVvi *|>eeial dispatch from
Yi-ntaille* rc|M-rte a great concent ration
of troop* at Neuilly, nd say* ail attack
is auticiiiated. A cucuUr from M. Ptaanl
order* that a strict wutch lie kept upon
the tnoveluriits of th- Bomqun tists. Ibe
Prince tie La Tour d'Auvwrguc ia reported
as dead. The elections ill Lyons |anaed
off tpiit-lly. Thr Tr!r*ir<lJ>h's special dis
|sitch from Yei sailleii nay* it is officiallv
reported Unit JTiuee Vou lhsmarrk will
come to Coinpiegue ti hold an interview
with M. Thiers. The Prussians a! Ht.
Delii* have arit-sh d aliout 150 fugitive
Nattonol Guarxls. It is i*MU\ely denied
that the dispute between the Central
Comniittee *ud the Commune ha* beeu
healed. A powder tuagajuitr near the
Maillot Gate wa* blown up by shells from
the YerafiJlt-* lotteries, ami several p*r-
MIUS were killed.
A Communist deenn* fixe* the price of
bread *t 50 cent* |s r kilogramme.
It is rejx-rted ut Brussels that Prince
Mu rut i* now in F'ram*c.
A disiwteli from Frankfort announoe*
that a definite treaty of peace between
F'rauce and Geruiauy h Uvn a-'gned.
A duqiatcti from F'rankfort to the Pro
rturiai Carrrtp uulcxitn of Berlin says
th<* negotiations completed will nwult iu
effecting a re I and durable peace, and
will uot m- rely remove temporary difli
cultiea. It i* also believed the Pari*
fortification* now 0.-cupicd by the
Pinssion tnsijis will l* delivered to th-*
Versailles (it-ycmim lit ev*n la-fore the
{laytueut of the first installment of the
war indemnity.
The Subcommittee of Organisation
-if the Commune, iu a proclamation, or
der* the m*t relentless measures t<>-
wanl the besieger*. No soldier will be
allow-.I t. -l- puit in the slighttwt degree
from hi* duty, and all the troop* are for
bidden to cease tiring u|am the Veraaille*
troops who may attempt to surrender,
while fugitives aud straggler* are to be
sal-retl wlicu c.iught. or if tbey ore in
numerous laolieo, ore to be tir-vl into
m-*rcil- solv w itli canuou and niitrailleuaea.
A P.iri* -lisjwtcb say* that F'-irt Vaa
vre* was captured by the Versailles
trtaipa, aud wo* held fur a short time,
w hell it wo* recaptured by the Commun
ist force*. There ho* la-en deajien-te
fighting th-rr. The fort is in a very
dilapidated condition, and it will soon
la-come imfx-rative upon Uie force* of
tin- Cotum-iuc to evacuate it. The Gov
ernment tr-Mijw make daring attack* on
Ncuilh* and Anian*. The ttrrril sava
G--u. Cbarette -s-miiunnl- the troop* in
Uie Boi* de Boulogne
The Governnu-ut tnaip* carried the
iKurica-h* in the village of Bourg-la
lleiuc, killing and wounding 160 of the
insurgent* and capturing 4-' i The can
u<made continues with terrible effect
Gen. H-WMCI was arriwted by the Com
mane, and placed in custody of M.
Girardiu. Iu the evening luith dioup
{•cared, and it wo* reported Uiat they
had gone to Versailles ; but the General
remaiu* out.-nle of Pari*, ready to give
ao-intance t-i Un* Communuds if needed.
Iu tlie A-si uibly. a meniW-r askr*l for
an explanation of the recent interview
with the delegates from Bordeaux. M.
Thiers answered in a petulant manner,
and demanded a vote of confidciior.
After a great excitement in the Chamber,
vote was taken ami M. Theirs was sus
tained by 495 to 10.
The prinei|Kil attack of the Versailles
troops is expected at Autetid and Point
du Jour. Both side* are nuuring their
tttxui*. and a gnat battle is antiejiwiteii
M. Deloarluxe has IKM-U appointed deh
gab' Minister of "Wiu- to the Commune.
Tlie National Guard of the Arroudi*e
nn-ut Vaugirard and the Pantheon have
refused to uuin-h against the Versailles
triKipH. The fall of the c*lumn of Ven
douie is, it is said, now definitively fixed
for Friilav.
The palace -of the Luxembourg has
been offered to the City of l'ari* for the
holding of it* Municipal Councils. In
eouse<pipne of the proclamation just iiw
sued by M. Thiers, the Commune ha*
decreed" the seisare of hi* furniture ami
the demolidou of his rtaidence in Paris
The United States storeahip, Relief,
from New York and Philadelphia, laden
with provisions for the suflerera in France
from the lute war, has arrived off the
St illy Islands.
A M CRDKB IN A CHCBCH.— An outrage
was |crpetrated at Choooville, Arkansas,
a quiet village, m-ar the border of the
Indian Territory. As Mr. Decamp, of
the Missionary Baptist Church, was
aUiut opening religions servii-e, a ruffian
named Handlyr entered with a revolver
in his hand, and, approaching the min
ister, asked him his name. On Iveing
told, Handly tired four shot* at him,
three striking Decamp in the head, kill
ing him instantly. Tin- ruffian then _lev
ehd his revolver nt the congregation,
and drove them out with threats of death
and curses, then mounted his horse and
Hid It in said that Hnndly sonic years
since interrupted the service at which
Decamp officiated, and wan indicted for
so doing. Handly then went to Texas,
which wns marie too hot for him, and he
returned to Arkansas. The greatest ex
citement prevails over the affair.
CHATTED HANDS, face, rough skin, pirn
plea, ringworm, niilt-rheuni, and oilier
outancoua affi-etious, cured, and the skin
niaile soft and smooth, bv using the
JI-Nirmi TAB BOAT, mode oy CABWBLL,
HAZARD A Co., New York. It is more
convenient and earily applied than other
remedies, avoiding the trouble of the
greasy eomjioundn now in use.
clesiastical Court for the trial of the Rev.
Charles E. Cheney, was held ut Chicago.
The defendant is "now under sentence of
su.qw-nsion from his miniatcnal fiuictions
because of the omission of the word
" regenerate" from the baptismal service
and the present Court is assembled at
the call ol the Bishop to try Mr. Cheney
for alleged contumacy ana disregard of
the sentence found by the former Court
and promulgated by the Bishop.
Corn and flour are staple articles ; but
not more so than JOHNSON'S ANODYNE
LINTSJENT, where known. It is good for
children or adults, for any internal sore
new of the chest or bowels, and the best
Pain Killer prepared, under whatever
The J ilnt High < ommlsaien.
The following is rhomed to \m an
authoritative official statement of the
result of the labors of the Joint High
Commission which has been dissolved :
TMK AI.AHAWA iiauua.
For the adjustment of the claim* of
iujury alleged by Uie United Htete* on
account of the escape of CotlfwMrato
cruisi-rt from Hritisii jsirte, ami the
deputations committed by those vessels
during the late Iteliellion in this counter
s tribunal of arbitration is constituted,
to consist of live arbitrator* —one ap
pointed by the United Htates, one by
(treat Krituin, and th other three each
by a -lesiguatad sovereign Htete of
Kuro|M> or Amerie*. Hiieh a trilmnal, so
oompoaed, of so much elevation and
character, is without example perhaps in
diplomatic history. It is a signal step
iu the line of international arbitration
and the consequent iulerest cf universal
|M-oee. lly its organiaation and charac
ter it is competent to satisfy the susoeo
tibiliticsof Isitb nations, and to do ample
justice to Uie pretensions of the United
• But to pn-cliide all eipiivocations iu
this resis-et, the trcsty establishes -q*-<-t*J
rules of neutral duty and obligation in
addition to the generally received public
law, which rules, although not admitted
by the British Uommiosionera to lour
lieeu iu force at the tuuJ, ore -yet, it is
agreed, to retro-art, and to govern the
decision* of the tribunal of arbitration.
This tribunal may either award damages
iu detail or in gross, st its discretion, or
it may refer this duty to a Board of As
sessor* sitting iu the United Htates, who
shall report from time to time, with pay
ment to tie mode accordingly, and in tlic
generous sjnrit of a power conscious of
its eajiaeity to speak as well as to set in
dependently and rightfully at all times.
The British Government frankly exores
ses its regret for the occurrence of the
incidents complained of by the United
It in agreed thai, iu addition t the
lilwrty ult> adv arund to thin bv the
Tmtj of ]H(K, the fiaheruieu of the
United KUtni ulill have the liberty to
Lake new flah on the e roast and shore*,
and in the Imji, harbor*, and fiwki of
the l'mvinw* of Ouebec, Now Scotia,
and Sew Brunswick, and the o|ony of
Prince Edward's Inland, and of tlu
utlauda adjacent without being re
stricted to any distance from the shore
with permission to land u|*n such roan to,
•hurt-a aud islands, and ahto upon the
MagJah-u laland*, for the ptir)toae of
drviug their net* aud curing their ft-h,
subject, of roarae, in thia reaper! to the
local right*'of the private property ; and
the Name liberty ic granted to British
-übjeet* on the eautern sea-coasts and
ahorea of tlie United ,State* north of the
39tb )>andlcl of latitude ; thia lilwrty not
to include, on either aide, Nhell-fiah or
the salmon and aliad fisheries, or other
liaheriea in rivcra and the mouth of
rivers. It ia further agreed that dab oil
and dali of all kinda, except dah of the
iulaud lakea and their rivers, and exevirt
d*h preaerred in oil, the produce of the
fishere* of the United States or of the
Dominion of Canada or of Prince
Edward'a Island shall be admitted into
each country respectively, free of duty,
Of the ]M>uding subject* of controversy '
letweeu the two Governments, there
remains to be considered the question of (
the North-Western Boundary Line. It
it to be remembered that the* line of the
Treaty of 1H46 runs by the middle of the i
channel which separatee the continent
from Vancouver's Island ; but several
such t Itauuela exist Great Britain con
tends that the channel of that treaty is
the Hoaario Straits, the United States
that it ia the Canal de Hero, the two
channels I wing *i-paratrd by the Island
of San Juan. This question having once
lwcu reported on by a mixed CVimmia
rion, that for the survey of the line, the
U nsted States are not content to refer it
to another such Commission. Nor has it
1 been deemed convenient, even though <
| uch tribunal be appointed bv a friendly j
sovereign Power instead of thia. It lias j
been agreed by the present treaty to sob-;
mit the question directly to a neutral i
Power, and the Emjierorof Germany ha* 1
lx**n selected for that purpose. The
Government of the United State* has in
its hand* much documentary evidence in
; MIMMH of its pretensions not heretofore
made use of, and on that, as well as on
other grounds, ia confident of the la tter
reason on its aide to assure to the United
Statea the {xutaeaainn of the Island of
Ban Juan.
The river St. Lawrence, and the rivers
Vncan, Porcupine, and Stilline, are de
clan*! forever free and open to the citi
lens or subjects of both countries, bv
providing for the equal use of the Wcl
land and St Lawrenee and other canals
in the Dominion on the one hand and of
Lake Michigan and the St Clair flat*
and canal on the other, by providing for
tlie free transit of merchandise to and
fro an well in the Britiah possessions as
in the United Statea. and altoliahing the
provisional export duty on American
lumber on the river St John.
Upon the asncinbling of the special
session of the Senate to consider the
tn-aty. Gen. Porter, arrived with the
portentoua document in his poasemkin,
and njon its receipt Senator Cameron at
once moved an Executive Heaauon. Tlie
treaty was at once read, and then a mo
tion wa* made to remove the injunction
of secrecy from the text of the document
HO that it might be given to the public
at onec. It is understood that the Preai
ilent Miiggcsted that atich action be taken
HO that the public might know at once
tlie ciiaracter of the document. Sena
tors represent that the impression pro
duced by the treaty was verv favorable.
The general cxjieetation ia that the
Hcssiou will last two weeks.
The Markets.
m* max.
Brar C*TTU— Fair to prinv fU 00 allU
lliu i Cow*. a08 *A.oo
Hw— Lrea an #
D***-d .OS a .Its
Hurxr * at a <rr t,
; Oottto—HUWlta* IS* .111,
- ruH-a— Extra Wratiwa ioo a 4St
sil< Extra 4.M a 4.11
Oeoraw Kilo TUO a *MI
Waiur—Aaibrr VMmu 1.54 a 1.49
•• Stat# ... |IT . | u
Wbltr lirti.wc Extra 183 I.HT
; Bra-WrMrrn |.6 a 1 30
Htau* 1 10 a 1.18
Bum KUM- HO a .85
(Via*—Mlii*l W*t*rn.. TS a .T*
! Bun—Ckrrrr OS a .04,
TUnellir a MO
o*l*— Waalrrn M a .TO
Nan—Mraa 17 89 alt.M
I.tao .11 a .13
Waoarx SI ta S3
Bt-iram-Mal- S3 a .31
Ohio W. R. 3D a .30
" ranrjr SI a .14
Woatrra ordinary 13 a .U
lVnj Irani# So* S4 a .84
• CNKMB-tUala IWrtory .11 a .111,
- Skimmed .07 a .10
Ohio 10 a .11
Ecu*—Stale It a .14
FU-B—9oprfttM> 16.00 a 4.75
Estra a7l a TOO
(Vox a .04
OAT* 48 a .73
CUU M 33.M a33.00
I ASI. U a .131,
Berrra-Common 31 a .38
Cbolre Lola SI a .13
Casta* IS a .17
Eiioa—Wealere. .11 a .14
Eaatern 18 a .18
ox*a fnn-Ckmr to, .13
Tlni olkr 8 .Mi a 400
KM Top 431 a 4.M
HAT—Cholra 3*oo #30.00
Common 30.00 #32.00
Bssvsa—Chotev 37.00 a T.7S
Prime 600 a 6.40
Fair (trade* ISO a 1.74
BTOCSCATTI*— Common...' 1.00 a 7.11
Inferior 3.80 a 1.00
Hooa—Lira 0.30 a 6.85
NaKKr —Lira—Good to Choice 1.00 a 4.00
Fun-a— While Winter Extra 4.10 a 7.31
fq.rum Extra. 1.71 a 4.71
huoXarhstL t.TS a 1.73
Oaaia—Corn— No. 3 SO a -M
Barley—No 3. new 90 a .91
Oat*—No. 3 16 a .18
Rye—No. 3 83 a .90
Wheat—Sprln*. No. 1 1.23 a 1.34
No. 3, 1.18 a 1.30
USD 10 a .11
Poas—Meaa 17.00 #17.40
Bc*R CATTIJC 5.78 a 7.50
HNKEF 350 a 6.81)
Hooa—Ura 650 a 8.00
Pboeß 5.90 a 7.35
WBKAT 130 a 1.31
Com* 80 a .65
o*7* 58 a .60
Rvt 90 a 1.00
Basest 75 a .83
LABK 11 a .tlx
WHIAT State J. 60 a 1.75
Extra 7*68 a 1.6S
RTS—Btale 1 15 a 1.18
OOBM— Mixed 78 a .80
BABLST—State 90 a 105
OAT*— State 80 a .70
FLOCB— Penn. Extra.. "1 a 7.00
WHEAT— Weetern Red I-M a 1.60
White 1-86 1-85
0oB!—Yellow "1 a .78
Mped 78 a .76
JOXa •
Timothy • #3B !
PETBOLEUB— Crude 1* Refined ,33H
Ir A L'rt HKtnwnia roriT*.n, like tin*
nought tor by l)t> Hato, nhouitl burnt from
(lie furth of < \crjr man'* door, tiiutimnd*
would turn their Whfi no the healing
Hpriug* within nrnu reneh, to rnn nfLr
pretoixliMl rwmMtim. The ohnerrant,
1 everywhere, "crept lit. WAMEHb'* V WH
OA* HITTER* m* the grmtent medirirud
, hhwntng of tiKMlern time*, but on the
i oilier bund multitude* dose themeolre*
i' with poiaotui, while the wrllrapring of
• heelth hi *,<*•—tible to all. It imriftee
the animal fluid*, regulate* every func
tion of the lately, t-alma the MPT**, in
vigtarahw the vital organ*, and la an
uufailiag ]ieciftc for inaigeetion.
The all-gone feeling which people •one
, time* *jM-nk of, i* canned bv want ofpop
ular action of the liver and heart Tlie*e
may be aanuted,and the bowel* regulated,
j ■ doee*. •
111 1 11 L
Th# hitrf l mtnifli tia* tun >ti $ nit tacwfuUy
uiq—. nrt w—a time mbmm brme *Mto—ma*
4m>r aw yeai—rd ea iwe dwa— * * a— *■
gatelng u4 Maou drag* la nta a rate—a* tham.
I ••* literally menu* tham wm the bead' ad thorn who
. adaUai-sra* the— They ware I—* apse It a— ae*
' wa until it. ads—t pew— *a thareegbly drewaha*
' j ml at It
" TV* wrat* wtear awe Urea U we* m thet draeus era,
•hn (em, aefMlw ae* m>i—liel aaUaaUaa eaaa
' whet Art*taw* War* waaM tor* mU*4 tha "aiu Mt'
| ad the toeeHy. to"—•• ad */iapelaee* li—teampialet.
! TW. yeast m—rea wa*i tor ladi—allna aa* hrtleoe
a HalaMe ihtaua faaw, a pre—rati— egi"*
km U a merit al mmtoeiaa a palataMe Has— en* MM*
> I aaa, i in al aa* eattbiln— 11 gi Ulu. aa aara ear—
. hanlotoi* aalla* Hi aa/ mad—m
i ha* baa* d—raced. M laat. dial —* pauper ara a—
. liU the totted Titan* whe (aaa* pruru-atto* aa raftrafc
' tag that, atmlaodd*a. they —team the earth
tare* aa aa bed—a Wb— aa mealed la yeew
lieil bt qaaaifal Mfl't.na draaw. ha la apt to ataa
. ' f aatiriiid; ae* lha drtaliuted hr—* aeaaa a* tha dam,
, j pralat tha teatta* cp the t—today —.tarn "*
U—tr-ttec'e Rittrae eueeto tha ret/air—teoto a* tha ra
urael aaa*Hai yhitiiaryhy wtuah at /nae yea—On. It
) j Urn lraperl.nl pwpsrtea* a* a pre*—U re. a toate. ae*
, laa at—rate**. It terteO— tha Ml aialae *taaaaa, la-
Ifaraiaa ae* ae-rtlolt—e tha url aaaaaaah aa* torer,
' aa* *te— a a—to raiutecy chaogr >" <ha aatw-e arWiaai.
M bMI In % MMVM4
' la thW laaatry ehara tha i.taahhaa
,j r I a*ill tha haaiaa aaaaaualiaa nualart/ •aaaafMhla
[ I ta aaehilmian ataewehem lataaami. UM huaan
Im 0 pfHiledhM MSAIMft tr fliMNbtw ■
Tlii'l.fnetl Lend Pipe.
' nil* ABTti Lt a/nxai nei laaahha lew •
r gsaafrgpai*Jfe
,, CSS ■eXCSkCaeLen
jw rwic eater tae^i|y
■1 k>A rrfl Vila uaa at Wn4 |i|a w Miiew
ak "• I U' br M taaar • al
l AlatM >ah paiafal eae|riaraa>
*Wh >K/*ae altitMi aulaij
I to the aeaaa. Oar *• e head
► etth r. aa htoMt Via aa* ae hm*h ■"'<
ie u lla I),uaae af aiaaatartorr aa to br la fan
' ; ato rv* Water Oaea thraaet Ibe a|> aa qara aa H
! : E-TitH-5P" r
' "I as <a
eill. IB • ttoaitar) *** a* rea. ha al MUMa tea* la
aer otiaaea. W|UJIW> rAUm . M. 8.. Mae Tarh.
. t* T W Ma*ioaa; JaetoaK Weo*. W D
eU bmi "rtxit ....
TW Wfflk Sb I 1 iftwi rft ft.
l> t aartra t- tw T'eefc.
mitXE IStUXt a** la* JibST Hf
Agents Wanted Everywhere.
™~ -rs'KAEa'Sr.'tefK
now TO MAKIIirBtKAM.-favW
ceat. f el* qir-Tal: tMnrli <, Htoklß* • e
n t'rxxl j
At MI .t \ Hiiip Dr JORS if. HOCLL 4 OOt,
<> Hrt wta. m—. .
p IWI.I *. >r. VaA. ee I- MWia iw—ga.
Agents! Read This !
t ef ••• poe Week aa* ea* ar ahne a
94 A LINE,
far aa ADVEnTIREWEJtT ia
Far ÜBte. aal—alto, ae* taathar lartkahn, A**nae
XEW TOH hEwertrr* rxiov.
ia rem *.*.*
Ihkaca. ia
hoTHW rerrw*
hcwhrArn r**.
I uAjrrrACTfiuaa or
! Printed Wrapping Paper,
l With lha rarrhaarrS AdwrttaaOMet —atly Prtota*
< every Bheee. ewkte* tt thr moat AOaet aa a-aU
lha (haaprat adaemeeot m—■ yet —a*. Alan,
J.Mim <*
1 Hemp, Jute, Cotton ud Flax Twmen,
AU riekf
All tha MaaAaM HraMr at —ryley—l moaa. Om
Ma—Maaralhr baat —* wrH— laeaat IB Ihr laai—A.
■ Sand fur Saaipha aa* PmelaM.
U r un eT.. Srear*. I *.
I .tree Bimt
• orakd cirr OOWOSBT aim BtuWM
I roe ran a*rii <w
, rtr Qi.II!*■! Ill— mm* r < Chm.Hr, *r- rar*. *mi
Ta ha hal* ia Wwh—, P Q-. aa*ar aa* he i—*
: {SB:-aYSES^S
UM In Warhiaot * Ch.. IdJ . eilh thiwOeatll—a ae*
, RaeMO. ht— aa Oh— * tlhia ChaaL (M*h Warr
kVikt nrar < a auto, (rem Hah.. ran n
tal W fILM. I *aa Baai*aa<y aaarQoriieiUiea.
•aaar localma. * too I • aaar Om—e
t<m. to air k*i>. n ' 1 A" Rawdaeor aaarOa
i —haihiaa eu—n ite ■ WJ>aeah. fnOt OWM —P"%
twr mli mm it •t,ot [}. K eaaOA. kww K. C.
' fiteto Honda lie Shane >.(*.! U*
Malta.. MaSuea* Oth— WaMoaal Baat. Bah*. P*
HHaiar Morthrra twiOalß.*. MO ae Ena BJfc
fn Share* Ball.. A Ohio B. R_. W Rharr- Phil* Wp
■al—aoa * Ba'to R R. WtWTtraJrraadlyai* baaaU
arm. t C., Ho* Jml A. Si*W/. Pittobare. fa_ Eto*
ssc; sss-ssrsr?*!. SfSra.v%
'"oatha l ilTwr' lha (Wart, thr aoeip>|—a taWeah
laetaaeUi aa aim nor thr aamar o tU Ml—aaa wha
will hr teoorat a* a OaauaMtaa at OUlme*WlWrttatj—.
Ch^;L b rajj
aborr Rralßtoato twO>* ha ooaoM. ia thr hM— ad
Ihr Tra-teo. T-K-T in* t'irrehe* O— taha* ad
I P. t Ja:nj .N. UaaarU Aaanc Stationer an* Priahw.
*M- OrSarJha luSTaill taootra prompt aM—Uoe.
Time Taate the Merita of aU Thlara.
Ha boon l~ted ia arary rariatr a 1 'h—ta. —* hr h
rnoal orory Eatioa known to Amnai . It H tha almoa*
comtant ootniMiaim and tmaUmnhlr'frmad at tha taia-
Monary ud tha trnndra. a— aad Mad ami no ont
-honkl tram! on oor lakaa or rtrar* without it. |
PAIN KILLER aa the First,
and i* the Only Permanent
Pain llelietrer.
Slnor'ba PAIR KII.LER ena Otto in—ntaaad. u*
mot with moh omnnaoril alo, man/ l.inimont, Ro
lint*. Paaaeeaa. aa* othar Rrmolir. ha to —on oArtd
10 tha put-lic. bnt not oaa ol ihrm haa—or attai—d Abe
trvljr rnrlablo Mudlx od tha PAIN KILLER.
It h baeauaa DAVIS' PAIN KILLEH ia what it
ciaimi to bo. a Raharar of Pain.
Ita Mot-It a ere I'lean-peeee*.
It /an era .uSaHna (tarn Internal Pain. Teant/ to
Thirty Itona in a Uttla Wator will altcoat inatantly
can /on. Thrtw ia nothina to aqnal IA In a toe mo
ment* It eni—
Colio. Cmeme. Spa*m, Heart-bora. Diarrhea. Myg
rater/, Klai, Win* In the Bowel*. Sear Stem
aoh. B/apopala. Nlrh Hradarhr.
In eaettoiu of the coon try when
Fever and Ague
Preenita, there ia no remedy hold In aroaaer rat ram.
Pataooa traaelint nhonld keep It hr them. A fee drape.
in enter, will prevent nrknrM or bowel trouble* from
\vmi'f<"n cenntrio* the collate PAIN KILLER
are arret III* found to
Oura Cholera, when all other Remedies Fail.
Whan oaa* Externally, a* a Liniment, nothina aive*
K'sar mm In Mnrna, (hit*. Brniaee, Rpraina, SUM*
Inaaoir. and Scald*. It rem—oa the flra. and the
wound heal* like ordinary aorea. Thoea nufferina with
: Rhennaatiam. Onut. or Neuralcia. if not a poaitive cnra.
they find the Pain Killer five# them relief eh— no oth
er tamed/will.
; It eivca la*taut Kallaf tee Arh las Troth.
From IfidO to thia day, 1871, fovar Thirty Yaarai, Pert/
Dneit' Pain Killer haa had no Rival.
Every Hcoae-Keeper should keep it at hand, to apply
it on the flrat attack of any Pain. It will five aatiafac
tor/ relief, and asve hour* of tuffarinc.
Do nottrillp with yourtolvm by teetinc untried ram
ediva. Be enra yon call for aad art the genuine PAIN
KILLER, aa many worth—a nostrums are attempted to
be aoUoB the great reputation of thla valuable medicine.
aW- Direction* tocompany each bottle.
Trio* MS eta., SO eta., en* HI prr Mettle-
For Sale By All Medicine] Dealers, i
. I i.r
1 MILlJttR* **r Ihmdte-ed • ,hr *
W.edrrfal CM**"
• They ara —d a *He Heeay Brtefci
Meek Whtehe-y. * m * **i*, ..
Lie a era -*u,tot. wdre-i
1 uato.—l—l "Teotos "Apaeatawn.
Celif-woi*. frrtr free, *]l *'"*^l"
' Inula Thry ar. w di*KAT lll.dOI *'*
• riuJia mv.
I a parte* ttmomM "> " f _. ]
1 r
Tl TTLg w diraeatoea - fe- •"•f
--, l*w .r- ■ -a. -a—l- Ti
qeevMM we" . lk - lu .i unfnu* warl
, patoeeor ot— w1
■ TirnT- p*pwi"~' i VTi afea. }****— * "■*" *
the torn af Ufa.Uw 1- ' tin-owe*-
I r.r I------'-';
Ua— ee* dieed, P/aP>IHW er ae a
' niee*. wLw-b a> *" wo ********
of the BUeeilta Ort". *
1 aoka. Pnlnto dk* W—.MaakOaart- Tlgte—l*
• t?—d. Mtxaiew**. Itoer Brae—— ad tha *—***.
I a> Taate to tte ad-elto *--*Wtotto^l^-•
' the Hvart. Jeiammmmi •* the U*a-. P* a !—#•
giaeia ad tha Ridea/*.aed ahne*"* ate*y—i* !
, lose*, are the adU*a—adJßVte-ee* thgtoefl*
i l>eat aa* •—*—. eirt— rweacr thai ad H"l|l'eli**
• *, .. cteto.M*g th. u-i W all —to* mwi
• aaruag a*e l*eae* trtparto lha ehalaa/edna.
L ro* *Kl)(BiallW.™ , * Mh *]j*
Kb'rum. tote— p— t P—— PeWai—i"BaMa.Om*
' rtrf-r"t*
iT *r" ,i, ,t ehetwwmm*er —>■■
- Utarafh 4-a • art rarvtod —t adth- eatoarn m a —-r<
, liar. Iw 'J- *> —**. O— —gfej* aach
- aawr* wiiioeesiaea tfiamaat UK—ute—af thrtr •—
> live *KU.
' <Uaam tha Titiete* Hhe* eh-eaer* P—*a* Be im •
" pmrlttoa h-a*et ttenearh the a* ha PMapte. B:'
• ua* or Iter*. dam It *%um v—fcel
J' aed ataggrto ta the ratalL*—*e M elto" " fea*al
r aad yemr toedtogr wtII to" pre vfeto. Bara Ite M—*
1 —v. aad the to-elth rf tte -item edl fattoe.
' Pie. Tape, ae* ether toeraaa. to-king ta 'be
1 tteaa Hitter*.
t. WALKER. Pra—eav aR. *<oo*i • *>
. Deeggtot* an* Oaa Agreto. tea Freer—e. Otate—to
l aa* Hand U Ommmw MraaL he I era
jars"LU_T AU. IRltldilFTfi ASP DEALER*.
S2BB in 16 DAYS
WhitoevV Keai* Foot Harnew Sp.
jew Smr#
oifsrrs* te&JZsez.**-
ft -c -i ft- rno* •
Iffy bml Mrartaw PMPuiIWI m, Cfcte
rarWXctterv IHatoßtare, TnLk-iu*. Aaneaettr
1 a*t
Try tt-m. en* tem— ■ ft**L ~
1 Lands ii Sflilfifssl iissoifi
The Atloßtlr and ParMf R- - €m
• Haw tor tote l,*ee,eee eaeea ad ha— gaahto- "
l—n. -r-SIMr
gas**- -rp- | - J—WW
| raj
n OOOD pom
• Pto*.
1 SeeWIM 4Kto*f Jj**to<l*"V J* ** ■"
y,T Tf fttM
i j nSH^ZST'
' j to—•tod'l^—iam. . . . j /.Tl
1 .toed (hate. ,
j Lam Shi. fUI; W* I '<; Sm*fl, Sf.
: tgtsas^^"-"^- 32
aTw w—to,rw je -eetee to patcrt
I ' —Mwiwra tor —a af err AHaaeara and Ve*a
wSZTteTt-* what tha jnwgh -f ah— Ite
i ' "ite n*mliite (M la tor rate by all —*abte
I tte M* *£--*** .-
'iLnj, II , te' date from ÜB* to tee p—ret, aa*
. tetot tel. tefl /oer
w.te nßjrajUtedy eooten
0— Wrmf** m A'ltoil"* •to t—l *"•*.
■fiimfaciorvd at Udtpatt, 1. T.,
JOHN HOMOF, tore'y.
CRABLBi A. DANA. Editor.
?hf gollat^ttfelviSutt.
A Nvwepeper eC the PreeeM T—.
lateaded tor r*ta hew ee Bert
Including Former*. Mrahaa—s Meeehaeto, Pratoauown
lira. Worker*. Thinkan. and nB Manner of Htma
folks and the Wire*. Son*, aad Denghlrraod all weeh.
Or —a thu One that a Copy, tat ttera be a *ae < lub
at every Port OBter
Of the ear— aa— and general character aa THE WEEK
LY, but with a creator variety af m—ejtonre— rradinr,
and f—ahiag tha new* to ito —hamibara with grantor
hwahnoni. becau— it oaa— twtow a week watead of once
in politic*. Allihe new* towu crerywhMT. Two crntia
copy; to mailTHO oanta a month, or •* ayear.
Pimoopiee one year teparatoly addri—ed,
Fwwr MeUeeo
Tea ooei—. one year, aeparatoly adrtr—ead wad en rate*
copy to the getter np of club'.
EWht Dollar*
Twenty enplee. em year, aeparatoly rtitrm*d iaad u
extra copy to the getter up of dab).
Fifteen Metiers.
Fifty onpiee, one year, to one addre— (aad tha Kami-
Weekly one year to getter up of dob).
Thirty-three Metier*
Fifty oqniea. one year, eeparaial/ addreraod v*nd thr
Swai- Weekly om /ear to getter up of club'.
Thirty-Here Bella re
Om hundred oopien, om year, t> one addro— (aad
Daily tor wiar to thr getter op of ctuhh
Fifty Dollar*
Omhnndrad oopira -—year, —potntoly addr—d ml
the Daily for oar year to the getter ap ef deb
Maty Bailor*
Five eoptoa, om year, separately addressed.
Eight Dollar*.
r— copter, one year, cenaratoly addraaaod (aad an eatrx
copy to getter up of etab),
Hilmi Delia
in Peat OM— order*, check-, or draftt on New Tot*
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1- W WfiLAIfD Pnhliehar Son office, New York
NY. N U. May H NeH