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pi? LJCAL MEWS.—Oar friend* will oblige
H 9* by sea ling in uur item* of local inter
'"►t- including J*ln*. marriage*. Ac.. *
■ *uch *re e*f*rly rend by your friend* in
888 th e west. mm iv of whom got the Reporter.
JH W e would esteem itn favor if our kind p*-
iron* would oocMtontuy mail* copy of
gH the Reporter to relative* and aoquatntan-
SBI ee. who formerly lived in Centre countv
*n I removed to other pmt*. which would
KHB i% hicn many to become subscriber*.
bB —_——o
gWr it\. VNKS Blank Sammon*. Vendu
Executions, mid Judgment and
||BK\ nipti >n Note combined. Justices ar-
Jfcc,, for **le at thi* Otfice.
B The circulation of the RKPURTKH, OH
this sil" of the county, it now grentef
111 than that of any two paper* in the
B county, hence businew tnen who wish
IB to reach the Pennsvallty trade, wih
B advance their own itiimwto, by advrll
$| tisinj in the RKPOKTKK. Our auhsertr
■ ti on n s t i* ope* to the inspection of al/
B who wish to advertise."
!§. c.,.u>*s PwvvTAiN Paw.— Something
B new and nival. lie sure and readi the ad
ami vert isemeat la war patter, hooded
Best Invention or the Age.' We believe
■ the Golden Fountain Pet) i unsurpassed.
!■ 'J* C.HVI pen i* a necessity to overy man,
woman *• J child. Agents, here i n
B chance to make money in introducing a
go.nl and saleable arwoto. j* ll *• V-
■ O lhe book, of the "American Sunday
ft School Vnion," and "American tract K*
■ cie: v." and *o!d <r*neHy t their catalogue
■ prices, the untruthful amertiona, of yrif
|§ constituted
■ a'o.j.iiiiff QKO, LIV u>U>lv.i,
M a} ir\4/Jiu Bfokerbotßow,
Ip Rui-tiiug Timber Lands.
ij| Tho following article vraa crowded
|tl out last week:
II The fire* ia the Penusvalley moon
m tains aboai a week ago. were ex lin
ill guished by the h.avy shower of rain
|f l on Tuesday afteruoou, of last week.
|ra| This week, however, we notice that
H th.ve tires have been kindled again,
||| and at ght the sky is illuminate!
';fj north, south, east and west, by the
|i bunting mountain*. hat saltslat
[I tion it can be for the persous who
gjj cause these fires, and thus destroy
jjs|l thousauds of acres of valuable timber-
Sg|| lands wc cannot conceive, and it is a
HI work in which persons are engaged in
IB -every stituner.
||| There is a very stringent law of the
|V state for lhe prosecution of parties
B who practice this specie* of vandalism,
'I which we append : •
• Whereas. It ia important to the
I people of the state that timber land j
fl ould lie protected from fire, which.j
19 * vng to malicious conduct and care-j
B lessneas of individuals, is causing vast |
W havoc to the young growing timber. 1
■ especially upoo our mountains; therc-
E. Jlire. * • .
\- HECTICS 1. Re it emaetai, etc. That
|||;| ?P shall be the duly of the oouimis
fjf j sioners of the several counties of this
H -commonwealth to appoint persons uu-!
H der oath, whose duty in shall be to fer
rtt out and bring to punishment all per-!
B sons who either wilfully or otherwise i
m shall cause the burning of timber
" | ■ lands, and to take measure* to have i
I such fires extinguished where it can be
| ;H done, the expenses thereof to be paid
f! ■ out of the county treasury, the unseat-
I tax to be first applied to such ex--
i jg| Dcnses."
• SEC. 2. That lhe provisions of the j
§|| act of lhb of April, 1669, cutitled "au j
art xo preveut the firing uf mountains
iB and other wiid lands in the county of
le and the same is hereby ex-
to all the counties uf this com-
IB The following is the act alindad to
mf,: That any person or persons who
[M shall intentionally set fire to said
lands >hall forfeit and pay a sum not
H exewding five hundred dollars nor 1
pay less than fifty dollars, or shall be
|!pi cuiifired ia the county prisiou for a
:p| term not exceeding one year nor less
!|a than thirty days, or both, at the dis
-1 wretion of court, on conviction at any
B of the courts of this commonwealth.
S one-half of said fine to be pa>d to the
person or persons who made the infor
nat'on the other half to be paid
in lhe county treasury.
M Owner* of lands and those firing in
B the vicinity where tliese fires are start
cd should exercise their vigilance to,
Kn bring the i*Senders to justice. A few |
jptr examples would effectually break up
■ th'e malicious practice aud iuure to
the benefit of tbe owners and people.
MB a TNEFT.- OB Friday night, 14th, shout
■ A' bu*helt o: potatoes which Mr. Usnry
■ Emerick hsii buried in s field on the moun-
B Jain farm above this place were stolen
B West Su)uehnnnn Classis of tbe Re-
ST firmed Church will meet in Centre Hall,
|||g Outre co., on the 17th of May.
B Jennie M Bride, of Bellefoute, v*. 1.1.
gj V uener— has been decided at Franklin,
®I Venango county, infkvorof Miss M'Bri.le,
nB the jury awarding her s*.Boo.
||pif There'* a nice streak of luck for • fair la
til acquaintance of ours—yes it i* a"douhle
iif I treak and better then a Venangn of| strike
ii® —lucky in not having the cruel fellow to |
B marry her, and lucky in getting an award !
|I -of $v8(lo.
B Mr. Win. Wolf has now unpacked hi*
SX .enormous stock ef spring goods, which he
B prides himself, is the largest and best a
sortment ever before brought to this sec-
B -tion, and we doukt whether any in tbe
a.-ounty can excel it. lfls line of goods is
B full and complete, and the best afforded
sffi by the eastirn market.
The engineers have uow got through
P'l -with surveying and locating, in this coun
■ <v, for the* L. <\ * S. R. K. Their last
w*?irk was lunning a line from near P. Ru-
B ble's in Potter twp., to intersect with tbe
S Waford survey oil Hirst's farm in Harris
township, on last Saturday, when tbe
B corps disbandsd. Two routes have been
g, : f through Potter township, namely,
the Cld Fort route, and the Centre Hall
;|g '■ route, between which there is a little or no
difference. As soon as the estimates are
S|i completed, Mr. Leuffer informs us, tbe
Ijt l *lll he psrt under contract. The
B little unpleasantness about the End of
B Mountain is not yet adjusted, though we
gf look for it soon to be.
B NEW CHLRCH.— We notice with pleas.
H urc that Rev. Bennington pastor of the
Ev. Association, of this place, is now
work to raise the means for the erection of
Hi H new church for his congregation in
our town. As the congregation are with*
■B out u house of worship here of their own
B mid have thus fur been dependent upon an
K uninviting and inconvenient school house,
El M -e hope Mr. B. will succeed in his
B good work, for his congregation is certain-
B ly much in want of a church. We ask for
H him liberal eomtribution from all.
HB AVe call the attentiou of people every
where in wart of a line carriage, buggy or
Rl spring wagon, to the fact that Mr. Levi
B M array, oi this place is prepared to furnish
the same, done up in the best and most dn-
B iable manner. See his advertisement.
SI # L..die's dress goods, latest stylet, just
aeiicd at Win Wolfs. Ladies come and
B L for yourselves.
, Me art. Oronmiller and
j now unpacked their spring good*, and their
j shelve# are fr*aning with the latest styles
: of dref* g*md*, which are being offered at
! the most reasonable rate*. Anything wan
ted for men. women or children, is to be
I, found at their store. Thoy ask but
that you give them a call and examine
1 their good* and prices.
* ♦ O
tion. Ira C. Mitchell, having returned
} from the west intend* locating al
. Belleftmte, and resume the practice of law.
Mr M. left thi* county some nine year*
' ago. We welcome him back.
' Where do Vi*u buy your IWks?
At Kankin M.wtel Store.
H'hv do you deal there?
He is cheap "John"
Where is the Store *
Opposit Bu*h House
i Bellefonte l*a
I ,
Does he attend to order* *
, With promptness.
Doee be keep well Stocked ?
lilt Stock is complete.
Go to this Model Store
| and save money. , aprJtt ly.
-1 VisKuveriiiiiiMit in the South.
\ _____
!'i< RcsmH of hjK&siet Taxation—
Pfantrr* (fbligrd to Sett Tkrtr Jxinds
( to /My the Taxri —Ruin Staring
Them in the Fare.
' j A South Carolina lady, residing iu
f th* Suiuter district, writes as follows:
| **l cannot forebear alluding to th*
evils which th* present tux *> stent of
our State entails upon landholder*,
j Thousands are either on the brink of
I ruin or are barely able to provide th* *
fiuuijie* with the necessities of life.
My soo'a place of 28,000 acres, mest
. of which is a swamp utterly incapable
of cultivation, is now assessod at $0
per acre, aud the tax this year atnouu
-1 ted tos*2B7.- I* old times it was only
• SB. M v, which brings Mr. 11. in
t S2B 50 per annum, is taxed nearly $3,
00. Auother plantation, formerly tax-
I ed $3 50, now has to pay $l9O, and
another pays over S3OO in lieu of slf>-
' 1 50. We would gladlv sell these lands
Ito the State at the valuation put upon
i j them, but are coolly told that the State
j will not give over 50 eeuta per acre
for them, as 'that is all they are worth.'
! From the small sunt remaining from
tbe sale of our house in- , about
$1,200, I have been "obliged to draw
SSOO to pay taxes. Mv husbaud has
been trying hard to collect small sums
owing him, to lessen if possible the
burden of taxation, hut with small suc
cess. All our neighbors and freisds
appear to be in the same predicament.
All are leaving their other debts un
I paid to pay the outrageous taxes im
posed upon them by the State.
"itatHh Carolina is in a deplorable
eoudition. Plaatations unoccupied
| by their owners are takan possession of
tbv the negroes, and the house* oocu
| pled by them. The lauer pay no rent,
and will not leave when they are bid
Jen, and as tbey have no money, it is
! useless to attempt legal proceedings
against (bam Futhermore, thev will
i not work if they ogu help it. Hun
dreds of planters my tligy will *ot
j agsiu pay the unjust taxes that arc uow
l extorted from them. Tbey even threa- j
, ten armed resistance unless some
i change for the better takes place.
The negroes would have given us no
1 trt üble if they had uot been subjected
1 to (he evil influence of the incendiary
carpet-baggers, who are fattening at
the people'* expense, This is no
overdrawn picture of our condition,
and think the people of tbe Jiorth
ought to know how much we suffer.
It costs more than the net prooeeiL of
' a crop at present prices to run a plan
tation. aud land has constantly to h*
sold at a sacrifice to meet the taxes.
When the land is all gone, we shall
be cast penniless uppn |he world.''
| On 13th ult.. In WstlOOU twp., Stephen
sun eunty. 111., "f rheumatism and sflTec
j tion of tk* heart. Mr. Georse rttetuai. aged
I G2 year*. 9 month-, and 23 da.v*. The de
ceased was a faithful member of the Lulhe
! ran church for a nuroberof vears. He was
' formerly of Potter twp., Centre county.
; Pa- H left a wife and si* children and
i many friend* to mourn hi* death. But their
j mournioc is in vain, for he went borne to
1 glory. His last word* were—"l am going
! home, friend*, weep not for me, meet me
in beaten, where sorrows come tto more.
Bear this in mind friends."
J. K. S.
Ch< |Jje 11th of April, 1871. atthe residence
. of thebrids's parents, by Kev. Robert lla-
I mill, D. I>, Mr. HeWitponjSevhler, of Beile
-1 font-, t-' Miss Alice J. UUlilypd, of Oak
Hall, this county.
Corrected by Reed As Thompson.
Red wheat 1,33 Rye 80 ...Corn 55
Old oats 48 New out* 50 Barley GO
Clovers- d 5.00 Timotbyseed 4,00 4
Salt 2 fio per tack
Bacon Ofe- Ham 22 Butter 25... Egg*
20 Plaster 9,50
Corrected by Keller k Mutter.
A'hlte Wheat $1,40, Red 135 Rye
75 ..Corn H. Oat* .40 Barley 0.
TO-.-.-Clorerseeil 5,00 ..Potstoes 0.90
Lard per pound 124 Porkjper pound OP.
Batter 80 Egg* 'JO. Plarierper fton
sls Tallow 10 .Bacon 124 Ham 15
Good Mews for the Ladies.
BonnctN, Trimmings, SiWnery, at
In Centre Hall.
Mra. M E Sh<>op. baJut returned from
j Philadelphia, with the LAT KMT FASH
j IONS, and a complete stock of •
Rev Bonnett*, Seu> llat*, Elegant
Trimming*, <t*e,
which Will be told or made up, a* usual at
reasonable price*.
The new style* are very pretty. Ladies
call and tee tnetn early. First come, fir*t
ten ed. apr2B.4t
Valuable Fram at
Will be offered at public tale,
On Saturday, May 27th 1871.
the valunble farm belonging to the estate
of Samuel Weaver, of Gregg twp , deed,
203 Acr.e of Laud
more or less, of which about 180 acres are
' clear and the balance consisting of excel
lent white oak, chestnut nd pine timber
! land. Thereon are erected
, two good two-story dwel- I I {la
. ling Houses, two bank *Z3 •,§ .iff
barns, and all ,iece "* r >'
outbuildings, with good running water on
the premises, nnd four Orchards of tbe
choicest of all kind* of fruit Thi* farm
will be offered as a whole, er can be bought
| in tracts, as may suit purchasers, as fob
1 One tract of 180 acres,
f One tract of 125 acres, whereon is one of
i the houses and barn* aforesaid.
One tract of 35 acres also containing a
house and bar k barn.
1 There is an orchard upon each tract
i This farm adjoin* lands of Henry Duck.
Mich. Tibbeni and Jno Rossman, and if
not sold on above day can be purchased at
1 private sale, at any time thereafter.
Sale to co umence at I o'clock.
gprfM. Executors.
is just where you want to go and buy your
Outfits—Mr. Kankin sells bis goods far be
l low any one else—and gives entire satisfac-
L tion. See bis collection of Envelope*.
Store Opposite Bush House, Bellefonte Fa.
k 1 l'crson* of whom mnitnu tvlurii> for la-t .
r year have been demanded by the A**p.or*
• lof Internal Revenue might a* well look at (
t the llth section of the act of July 13, I*7U
• Tbey will there find that ll U their <l"ty j
onlv tomakea returnofthe "gro*amount
of their "income, gain*, and profit* " for the 1
1 year 1870, the whole Inquisitorial proceed
e ing of the 118 th section of the law a* it
formerly stood, and n it la embodied in the
blank* still forn.diod, having been abolisli
-1 cd A slmnle statement that one"* income,
over and above all deductions aud cxemp ■
tion* allowei bv law, i* so much, ought to ]
• be sufficient Btiil, a* thease-or may de
t . lare a return false of fraadiiletit, and tiu>
evuupel a more particular statement, tin \
have practically tbe |<wer of enforcing
their rMiuirenieiit of tlie details called for
In their blank* It i*. too, only fitting in
the nature of thing* that an unconstitutional
law should he esc uled in au arbitrary and
illegal manner.
.4 Britleproom S!ot Ihutt While Re*
ftiviny the i\ngmtulatu>n* ot lli* !
hVieit.t*~~Thr .tfair ShrvuJe.l in
[From the Kansas t'Uy Uuiietin ]
Dark and bloody was the deed! A feet
iug of horror thrilled through the hearts of 1
the many witnessca whe tni by and saw
a young and happy bridegroom shot down, 1
and without any apparent cause, by the j
hand of tlte sneaking assassin. A merry |
and joyous company had assembled last j
evening in the parlor of the St Nicholas
Hotel to Jo honor to the union of tw o lav* <
ing hearts the marriage of Mr. J. C Kos- j
I ter, late of Bowling Green, K>\, to Mt*>
, Roe Bird, of this rity. Father Dounelly
had Just perform* d the marriage ceremony.
The bride was in the parlor attended by a
bevy of beautie-and merry voung maiden*.
, The proud bridegroom had but just parsed
• out to the saloon to receive the pledges and
congratulation* of his friends, when there
entered an uninvited guest, a Mr. Thomas
Smith, of Independence, win) at once accos
ted Foster. Very few word* p*-od be
tweeu them. A bystander overheard the
' follow ing conversation, the meaning when -
of is still hr >uded in mystery. Fostet
was standing at the corner of the bar when
Smith said, "Yon do not mean it. " *1 do."
'•Then prepare yourself." At the same
time he produced a navy involve* end
fired into Foster. Turning around, with
out a wor.l of explanation, the assassin
j walked out of the saloon, putting up his
j pistol as he walkvj coolly across the street
I pas: the court-house. Turning between the
Market House and the court-house li
im>untit! his horse aud tied into the dark
' nes* uf the night, unmolested, uiipur*uod
The bridegroom staggeted backward as he
| received the shot, and fell ufmn a window
bench. Medical attendance was soon upon
i the scene, aud the wounded matt carried
|up stair*. Hi* crjc* were continuous. His:
only exclamations boiag; "Tom Smith,
why did you murder ma T" "Oh, why bava
you shot me down upon this my wedding 4 "
"I was your best friend and loved you!
Oh, Tom, why have you murdered lac*"
A hasty examination of the wound by Dr-. j
i Milligan, Taylor, and other
names wa ware unable to learn showed
that the bullet had pa*-ed through the right
i baud and had entered the abdomen near
. the groin, and bad glanced obliquely down- j
wards, lodging about three iuches from
wharu it had entered' The opinion of the
surgeons was that the wound was dang*.
rou, but not nece-sarlly fatal. The scene I
. in the parlor was beyond description. The '
: fair and elegantly attired bride, stricken
i down in her grief and horror, wastarroun-1
jd -d by her bridesmaids and relatives.
Here and there were fair girls lyiug pro*
i trntc and Insensible from fright. Soot aud
' whispers ware the only sounds to be heard
I All was sadness aud (inat" where joy and
1 glee had reigned supreme not twenty rnin-j
ute> before Tom Smith is now under i
incictment for robbing Stone A Thorn- 1
1 ton's Bank in 18J7, on information !urni*b- '
ed by Jim Crow Child*. Smith has been a
reftTgce from justice, in Canada, for about
two years, having but recently returned to
| his bom* at Independence. His capture is
1 considered doubtfol. We have been una
' 1 ble ti> learn the rau*c that Ird to this deed
l of blood, The whole affair remain* en
■ shrouded in a veil of mystery.
- -
Funeral Arrpsted A Child Array
ed for the Grave Revives.
(From the Milwaukee Sentinel.]
| Ninth Warders are at present comider
| ably iphircsted in a remarkable ease olsus-
IpeuJed animation W family of Mr.
Bien. onTeutonia atiwct. it appears that
last w oak una of ihu children, after a short
,! Illness, died, to all
j ' On the day of the funeral, which wa* u<
I take place on the third day after death, the
) Lutheran clergyman railed to read the bu
■l rial service, and easually placing hi* hand
I j upon (ha folded hands of the little sleeper
I wa* surprised to find • warmth unusual in
thedead. No convinced t Uo that tlx
i child was lying in a trance, that he advised
{the postponement of the ftineral, and.'
'} atrange to say, his suspicion proved correct
! in th reaaimation of the child, which is J
J yet alive, with a fair chance of recovery.
I The cwae is a very remarkable one. to say
the least, i.nd the incredulous have hut to
j visit lb* family <>r the clergyman, to satie
ty themselves of the particulars we have
i stated.
II • ♦ .
jllfiff Mr. Horace (Jretly "Fop.[o
Awy** Ills Money.
Mr. aud Mrs. Warren, of Quincy,
Illinois, lutelv eelebratdl their golden
! wedding, and aiuung the gifts watt n
i letter from Horace Greely, containing
| this addition to his autobiography :
NEW A'OIIK. March 8.
i MY OLD FRIEND : I have a letter.
I from an acquaintance of yours, who
says he helped celebrate your golden j
wedding. (I apprehend that tbe gold
i j was somehow dropped out of the pro
'i gramme, i [ cgu hardly realize that
i you were married fifly years ago ; but
j I remember that it L forty-five years
! (lacking a few month./) since I went to ;
| l'oultney to learn printing, and I look
i at my snowy locks and consider that
i we have a great many yeari behind
ua, and probably few of thia life before
us. So I thought I wotiltl write you
|a line for old acquaintance rake. * 4
! J lam poor, but it is my old full, be- |
j cause I indorse other fnlka' antes
One was brought to tire to day for
i $5,000, which I must find away to
. pay within a few days. I have fooled 1
i away at least $150,000 tn ing to help
| others, and it has done no good. Now
II gueiw my foot is down that I will
[ uot indoree another note. So you see |
j the stables all get locked after the i
I horses stolen. Let me hope that you
aud Mrs. Warren are well.
* fc— ■ s♦ >. . -
Fleet rical Phenoitieiioii.
The telegraph operator at Santa He, i
New Mexico, writes to the Santa Fc
Post, the following:
"A most singular electt iculphenoute.
non took place on the telegraph hue
running into the city yesterday, (Feb.
22.) On returning from dinner, I no
ticed an unnsual strenght of electrici
ty on the line. This continued to In
crease in a wonderful manner. Tbe
main battery—that is, the battery
' which generates the electricity for the
entire wire—was entirely disconnected
from the line ; the operating key was
then thrown open, which is exactly tbe
same as breaking the wire and leaving
the two ends about the eighth of an
inch apart. The line had become so
heavily charged with electricity that
tbe current passed between the two
points, omitting a most beautiful and
! brilliant light, at limes nearly as large
as a candle blaze, but much more in- 1
tense, accompanied by a hissing sound
- similar to eicaping gas, and a strong (
sulphurous smell. 1 placed pieces of
papra betweefi the two omnia, but this !
i did not stun the ttouderf.il tlow of
electricity winch passed ihryuwh the
paper, burning little round hm# as
i the pnjtcr was moved. This singular
; phonetucnon lusted marly tto hmtfr,.
j when it gradually died entity. The
tame circumstance took phuf in Ltt*
Vegas and Fort I'IIIOQ. lire SAME
thing has been known to occur on
Western wire- before, but is very tut
. common, and generally, if not it|wityß,
I during a night wind, t -hould judge
the current tta* equal to a thousand
cup* uf battery. \Ve tint, to work the
wire, about thirty five,"
Perhaps no more startling phetioni
enon has born noticed lv •eietifi-t* dtt
ting the latter half of the put. ut cell
tun than the one tut necounl of which
has just come from the philo phcis now
dwelling on tbe summit ut Mount
i WMshiugtoii. During the | i-t few
days, a* cv< rvbodv must have noticed,
the weather of ctm pa ratively low-lying
lauds luts b. <n mild u<l pleasant, but ,
on the top of Mount \\ ashingtoii it j
has been extreinolv severe, lite mercu
i rv sometimes standing so low its (wen*.
!tv degresa below zero, and the w ttdi
blowing at the rate of one hundred and t
fifly miles an hour. On the morning
lof the 3d of March l'rofe. Mir Hitch-!
I cock and Sergeant Smith let) their
bods; the barometer was at ten inches,
the mercury at twenty-three below, and
the wind blowing with terrible foree.l
Without waking the r. -t of the party
to tell them how cold it was, the two
scientists went about two tuties dowm
titc mountains, one holding in anemo 1
meter and the other n *> \iant. Sue- t
denly Sergeant Smith .who lull the.
uncisoroetor) noticed a singular veer- v
ing of the wind, while, at the same
time, Professor Hitchcock discovered a
disarrangement of hi* iustruroent. The 1
two turned and stood back to back,A
one holding the anemometer a* high n
possible, and the other bending foi
ward. Tbe wind s ion returned t> it
normal condition, but when the two <
schutists altcmpterl to face each other,
it was impossible for them to do -
thev were frozen together by their
pantaloons, near the lower extremity
of their spinal columns, fhey eottl-1 1 '
not stir; neither had taken the precnti-j,
tion to bring salt with tbetu, uor wa* <
there any stove nearer than tin ir house d
on the cliff. For hours they waited ,
there ; tin- Sergeant wouibu'l go ba
and neither would the Profiler. AtsJ
about 2 o'clock p. tu .t • rest of the ;
party came down in scarelt of them.
Twe learned gentlemen seized the two '
victims of science, atui with great ex- "
ertiou pulled them apart. Singular a*'
it may seem, yet the strange circum
stances in which they had bceu placed,J
and, perhaps, the new physical condi-,.
tiotts resulting front their violent sepa
| tatiou had prmluceil in each rud> an '|
< xteusiou of the est-■eyg.* as to make ,
-both appatr as the progvtiitore ol
i man—in other words. Darwin * poi
--! tion was reversed, and under the new
: aspects of nature, nnd in the strange
• truggle for life, incipient tails were
plainly found on b-.th. It is v.. II 1
i enough settled in phy.*:c tliat sudden '
, breakage produce- electricity, aud]
when the tvm of the pautaluous of lite i
- two were examiltd it was found that
i the electricity had pr<ducetl heat, the ,
licat motion, the motion had tlevolop
jed life, anj the pautalootD were seen (
to he true cutis. Kvi Ivtilly science i*
, to do more for tbi-s phi! -*<• phcrs than ,
t they arc to do for -.acncc.
Oneoflho I(ing- .f Suturn Ltfil.
Saturn whose dium<. tv. r i 7 ',oooaiih s
has lost one of its ting- according to a
distinguished astrououicr who haa for
some years been watching the planet.j
Me says the inner one of the- three rings
an obWurc, partly transparent tna*s
j of w hat apjienrol to be vapor, lia.* liccu
seen to approach tho body of the
- plauet, ami to widen its distance from
the other rings, which seemed to be
fluid iu character, or perhaps tuade up
of small bodies, moving together like
streams of meteors, which supply the
periodic shower*. But during i- vcnil
months |>:ist this inner ring has fallen
more rapidly and finally the attraction
| of Saturn entirely overcame the vn
< trifugal force and it 11 .scd uimn the bo
j dy of the plant, forming a Mt, which
Wits gradually diffused < vi r its -enrfnee
so that there i* now no trace whatevei
of the ring It ft. Is this to l>e the fate
also of the other ring, or will they ul
timately gather into satellites a.* has
more commonly been supposed.
- ♦
G? to )s A Ac Itovrr t-< buy n good Sulk-]
! ey or Spring *:>gou
Take your old tueUtl t> 1-.VA< WOUI-TIIV
nllovrs ni'ire- for it than any body else, lj
I els in trade nl his shop*.
Go to ISAAC /low r t<< c- t jrcur I'rmier-1
ty iii-uri-I. or your //ur-* and < ->w*'
Rgninst accident by the Railroad.
! Go to I*uo lIuUHT to buy Htove* a Tin
ware of every Description, .1 apniHiod,
' l'ainUtl A Pressed of *ll kind-.
Golo ISAAC UWI *T t-> bug-dried Cuer*
ties with A" without !, din-d Apple- A
] Wortle fit Elder Ib rri-. PU-tcring llair
I always en hand, Sawed Shingle* Not l.'Jfi
I 3, Plows & Shears of utmost every kind,
j Casting* of all kind* made to order.
C#-Any person sending us eight *ub
| tcribers with the ca-h, JIG, will receive!
j tho Reporter I year free; a it*! for four
; names and ?H, the Reporter G uiontli* free.
The few Firm.
Hwlacher &- Oronmiller.
New Spring Goods
Lome one ami all!
! Just arrived and will always be kept]
on hand a toll line of
Dry Goal*. Notien*, Groceries, Hard;
! ware. Queen-w are, Wc-dnnd willow ware
] Iron. Salt, Fish and in foot, a magnificent l
: asaorttitunl of everything kept "n a
First Glass Store.'
now ready, and tor *nle at warveloo* low
' rate*.
Mulin* llioy will sell y -ll the very be-t
lirand- at price* that will loloiii-ii you'
New spring *
l/resa Goods
I A most beautiful vuriuly, eon- <tingof *ll j
I tho noveltte* >f the season, at lower rutotj
] than orditmrily charged at "tlier placet.
White Goods
Embroi eries
Tin- flnei-t stock in tow n, b.h a> oquantity
quality, and prices.
J-J DO'P 3X58T3
The best make-, lntrt -lyles and lowest
rates, (llats nnd Cap- In great variety
Linen*,Towatllng*, cbeeka, Donin g, lotii
Cnssiiner*, t'loakings.
Npring and summer shawls, in fact, we keep
everything, aud will -ell at a very .mall
advance on first cost-
All wc tick that volt will
before purchasing cl-cw hi re, RA WO do no
consider it any trouble to show good*..
sliver plated ami Yankee Harness double
and single, bridles nnd baiter* npr7j
rifflVKS' STOV
O Mr. Andrew R'-estnnn, would re-pect
' folly inform tt e citizen* of "Centre I full. :
\ tltat h# now has on hand all sizi-s of Coal
stoves— Gas Burners which he offers us
' low as elsewhere. Give him a cail and go
{ *nd tee his fouk before purchasing else
where. • novlß,tl
Washington, April 21 Alton ral 0r.1.-
from the w r department discontinue# the
Carlisle barracks, I'ennaylvenla, a* n tub
depot for the mounted recruiting service*
th*j>t<rmnu*nt imrtj- recruiting pro natty
[and fund* will h- transferred tu St. Lou's
arsenal, Mitiotui
An enormous stock of boot* and hoe# at
Wolf"*, for old and young.
Prune*, the lineal, best and largest tier
man prune*, Ju*t received at Woll"*,
(' 1; NTft K 11 A I. t.
oaoh Man .1 fao tory.
Levi Murray,
at hi* establishment al Centre Hall, IV.
kecpsou hand, and (ir tale, at the mo*t
reta inable rate*, a lurga *tock af
& Spring Wagons,
iilld \ <hide# of e\ery description made to 1
order, and Warrant*.), to be made of the J
beat seasoned material, and by tlia moat 1 1
akll led hod competent work met. Pcr*on J
wanting anything In hi* line are requested i
to call and examine hiswork, they will find:,
it not to be excelled for durability and;'
wear. aprikly i
j a
j a
' c
IJ a
New Shoemaker Shop. *
at Ceutre llall, Pa. f
The eitixena of thi. pirn# and vicinity are
respectful I v informed that the undersigned e
has opened a Sli..eniaker thop, in the *ee- f
ond tory of Jacob Dtnge • aaddier shop,
wbofe he I* now prepared to *<-rve all w ho
may call Upon biui (or new Boot*, Shoea
Ac . for men. woman and children, a* *l#o ,
in all k*nd ..fmending, lit* work i war- j
ranted, and hi- price* mote reasonable than -
ordinarily. He kindly ak for a share of]
the public patronage
7apri* SAM I'EL FLOKY. 1
Boalsburg Academy
HonUourj, Centre county, P*. 1
Tint Surinr fertn often week* eomroen- '
CM \pr.l 2-tut. The Normal. Classical and
A-'*td<'!iiie Itepartiucul are continued. The '
eot of Tuition i from to $7 per term.
Hoarding can be obtained at reaaonable ■
rut is Send for circular. Addrea*
G. W LEISHEK. Principal I
aprT.St BoaLbarg. Pa 1
The Spring *eiun of thi* Ctas-iral ami (
N.-ruialltiOtution willcomuwr.ceoti Mon
day April -JUU letTl. U> conluiua ninr |
week* . t
Special attention given to those desiring
to teach Tuition from J4,au to ",*• per
•mi##. , ,
Boarding and fttrnUb.-d *>otn# can He
1.,ul near the school at reasonable rale*
lWfer. n. A. K TKI'XAL. A M.
Grv Ceo Ut cttAXAM, Principal i
Prea'U mars.Bl
All persons having any un*„ttl*d atore
L.count* with the undersigned are hereby
notified l" < *ll l bt roa'drnce, at Cautro
Hall, of, or before the 'Jd.Uy of April, 1*71..
ill order to bate the same settled Ail
i. r.-ii# interested will plea-.- take notice.
upr.7 J. B. SOLT,
IfV P. M Foil SALK. 1 lie "suUcnber
i offers f private sab- the fartl, oft which
lie now resides, situates) in Ferguson town
ship, County ofCentre, one mile and a half
west ol Pine (irove. The farm contains
-tie hundred and twenty acre* f the beat'
quality ~f limestone, oiio hundred aero* of
wlnch i* iiinarui. under goud fence, and in
a high atate ol cultivatiun. The batanca or
twi-aty acres i*< ov.-redjwilh a Hue growth of,
limber, the building' are good and conve
nient, with a stream of running water at
the door. An orchard in ftill bearing of
the very bel varieties of fruit, and a grape
vinyard ol the moat popular and atar.dard I
varieties. i
This splendid (arm wifl be aold cheap,
mid tnrmi made easy. For particular*call
Mi>on or addreM
mtr3|,t( Hlno Grove Mill*.
4 SS I USEE'S NOTICE.-Notice is
j\, hereby given that a partial account of
1 M Hall, aaaigneaof Jacob P. Shopc. ha*
been filed in the Court of Common Pleas
■of Centre county, to April term A. D. 1871,
nnd unit - objection* are fileil on or before
ilie first ilav of *aid term, it will be confirm
ed bv the court J NO. MOHAN.
marlT.fit fVotA.
VIEW*. XI.NT MS, < iiKowoa, r**r,
K at 11. T. ANTHONY A CO..
SUI Broadway, New York,
Invite the attention of the Trade to their
. extensive assortment of the above good*.
. of their own publication, manufacture and
At,*o rttnTo LAXTKHN #Ulk# ATTN
i|K.\rnOS< <il*Ka, KKW PlIW* Q VOKKMtT*.
K A H. T. AN rHONY A CO., 51
Broadway, New York, Onpoait Met
ropolitan Hotel,
- \V AOK A It HO .
iSucceaaor to N. llilibiah)
Whole aalo and retail dealers in
Stoves it Tinware,
Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, Pa.
Botd only n jiartial lint of Cook Stove
i Ornamental,
Itoyal Cook, *
l'rince Koyal,
Sen Shell,
t Artisan,
And American
Parlor and Olßce Stoves :
.Morning Glory, Tropic, Brilliant, and
Kew Egg.
And Parlor Cook* lor Wood or Coal, and
Wood Stove* of every description.
' Attention I* called to hi* stock of Roonng
1 Plate, u new- sine, which hi- lias just receiv
i d. aise 40AJ0, It make* better loh lhani he
"Id *ixe, andean he furnished cheaper thai
any other cstablUhment in town.
jr-iff-Spouting and Jobbing promptly *l
: tended to. Charge* reaaonable and atia
{tadtlon guurantcod. oct'2'tib
A new nnd complete Hardware Store hit
hern opened by tbo undersigned in Brock
i-rhofTs new building -- where they an- pre
pared to soli all kind* of Duildlngand Hpusi
Kurniwiiiug Hardware, Iron, Kte<-I, Nails.
Buggy w heel* in sett*, Champion Clothe-
Wringer, Mill Saw*. Circular and Ham
I Saws, TcnnonSawa, Webb Saw*, IciCreau
Freezers, BHIII Tuba, Clothes Rack*, a fill
assortment of <l!as and Mirror Plate of al,
;-ixes, Picture Frame*, Wheelbarrow*
I Lamp*, Coal Oil Lamp*, Belting, Mpoke*
| Felloes, ami Hub*, Plow*, Cultivator* Corr
Plows. Plow Points, .Shear Mold Hoard
and Cultivator Teeth, Table Outlory, Shov
<ls, Spade and Fork*, Loek, lliuge*
1 Screws, Hash Spring*, Hone-Shoe#, Nail*
1 Norway Rod*. <)ll#. Lard, Lubricating
I Cowl, Linseed, Tanner* Anvil*, Vi<-e, Bd
| low#, Screw Plato*, Blacksmith* Tool*
Factory ll- lls, House Bell* Dinner Bell*
Uomg Bells, Tea Bella, Oriudatuiiea, Carpeu i
! ter Tools, Fruit Jar* and Can*. Paints, Oil*
Varnishes received and for sal# at
i junes'6B,ly. J, &J. HARRIS
,1 A BAI'M, axvxot.n a kkw uAtiat *
/l . rwonr, fiiattnr at , Relleflmte
, vv INKS an I) L IQ U 0 lir
The subscriber *p#i-tfu!ly Calls thal
tantion of the public to hi* establishm nt,
where ho la im-pared to furnish all kind*oi
Foreign and Duiimatb Lnpior*' wholesale
at the lowest cash price*, which arc w arran
:d to bo the bust •(ualuies according to
thuir roapet live (rice*. Ills slock cou*i*u
Of Kvo, Moiioiigabela, lriib and ollu-r
Whiskies, all kind* ol Brandies. Holland
Gin, Port, Maderia, Cherry, Blackberry
and other Wines--lha best ariietes at a*
reusonable rales a* can be had in the ally,
Champagne, Cherry, Blackberry, Dinger
and Carraway llramiies, IWir- Jamaica and
New England Kuiu, Cordial of all kind*.
Ha would particularly invite Farmers, IJe
lel keepers and other* to call and ctuuiinej
hi* large supply, to judge for themaehreil
ami be certain of procuring what they buy, I
which can seldom be done when purchtst-j
og in the city.
Ijo~ Physician* are respectfully rcju< sled
u give his l|i)Uur a trial, apIO
V ' JOHN Hi'AKoi kh, Proprietor I
rilage* arrive and depart dally, for all!
pointa, north, sooth, eaal and west.
This favorite Hotel ha' been refitted and]
furnished by Its new proprietor, and iannw!
iu every respect one of the most pleasant 1
iimiiry Hotel* in central Pennsylvania.
The travelling community and drover* will
always And tne best accommodation*. Per
sons treiu the city wishing to spend a few
weeks during the summer iu the country,
will fiud Centre Hall one ot the moat dvau
tiful location* and the Centre Hall Hotel
all they could desire for comfort and rob
venlence. aplOtW.tf. j
AT II IS manufacturing establishment at
Yeagartown, on the Lewistown'
and Bellefonte Turnpike, has now on hand ■
a fine stock of Carriage*, Buggies, hulkiei
and Spring Wagons, which lie now offen
for sale a* superior in ouaJity and slyle* tc s
anv manufactured In the country. They
are undo uAhe very bestteasoned stock by
drst class practical workmen, and finished
in a style that challenges comparison with
any wbrkoutof or in the Eastern cities
anil can be sold al lower prices than thoac
manufactured in large town* and cities,
amidst high rents and ruinous prices of liv
ing. Being uiastor of hi* own Situation,
anxiou* to excel in hi* artistieal prufwior 1
and free from any annoyances iu hi* bu*i- j 1
nes, he has time and ability to devote hi j
entire attention to hi* profession and hit j
customer*, rendering satisfaction alike t.
all patron*, operatives, hi* country, sue i
Call and examine hi* stock and learn hi 1
prices, and you cannot fail to be satisfied. ! 1
of all kind* done neatly, promptly, tno '
Yeagertown, June 11 IHO —ly. jl
fowling pieces at !'
\\r J B ETTILK'B i!
Bishop street, Bellefonte. in the Stone buil .
diug iurmerly occupied by the Key- ~
atone Bakery i
Take* pleasure in ijifiirniing the public that,
he keep# constantly on hand a supply o.
choice Foreign and Dolncatte Liquor*.
AU Harrrlt, Krgt and (kilt warranted 1
to mntatn tke quantity r<■*,<• sen/of,
The attention of practiciag physician* is
• ailed to hi* stock of
suitable for medical purposes. U<>ttK-*, 1
jug*, and di>tn|iohn* <-<>ntantlv on band 1
H- has" the ONLY TUBE * NEtTAK <
WHLSK Y in town.
Ail liquor# are warranted to give aatia- ]
faction. Liquor* will be aold by ib quart,
barn!, or tierce. He li a large lot ox
Of the finest grade* on hand.
Confident that ks rut please customer*
be r.-#pctfully solicit* a snare of public pa?l
tronage m \ lltl
f HWIN A WILSON are constantly r
ouiving new goods in their line.
II A R I) W A 11 E
oleverydescriptionatredu.ct prions- now
I being opened every day iplfffK
Wall Paper, cheap;
from 15 to 20 cent# per bo! ta
HU FFALO SCA LKS, of the Wsl uiakc.
from 4 lb* up to l'Jo,(>Ut>l b#.
apKTGfi. lKWtAWtl.so>'.
'pUHKKY l'ltl INS, raiscn., neache*
1 apple*, orange*, lemon*, all kind ;
of foreign fruits, liams, boe-m sc., at
nit Y BOA HUB, l'lank and Keantliug
for sale by Ini>a Wiumi>.
j aplu tin. ]
/make at law 1* a Wtt*o>.
>Vottlt'it Ptiiups.
The underaigued would reapcs-tfully call;
the attention oflhv idhxen* oft. entr<- county,
and Pennavalley in particular, to tha fact,
that ha la manufacturing
'f})2 323T PUiilP,
made al home or elsewhere. He Use# none
but the b<*t material, RK WAKKKKT# TRKM
to give aalisfartioa, a* being the moat last
ing and durable, ai-rgßioß TO THK OLD
i wooden pump, being arranged to let the
water off and prevent t reeling in winter, j
Pine, poplar or cucumber pump# alway*
on hand. Hi* matirial for pump* i* alt 1
*we<l from large timber, and are thu# !
Secured agaiiit Checking or Crack ing.
All order* by matt promptly filled.
PIPING, made of the beat material, of
five inch scantling, joined together w-lh
coupling block*, thoroughly banded, and
wat ranted to stand any pres-ure required
for ordinary use. Prices of pining rnnge
from 12 to 18 cent# per foot Send order* to
#.-pt :.ly J TELLER.
Milehurg, Pa
li uri a I Case s
Protccliug and Preserving the Dead.
j The undersigned take* pleasure In an
nouncing tlint he ha*secured tltc#oleagcn
cv in thi# county for
ME TA L LIC A .V/> (71. .4 SS
Kuriiil Ctuea and fnakets.
which are so widely known a# to require no
specialoommondaflon. The MF.TALLIC*
BURIAL CASE, with St# preacnt im
proved style and finish, it# entire harmony
with the feeling* of the bereaved, its per
fected adjustment# and appointmeats ia
wbatover relat#-* to the preservation and
protection of the body after death, eon firm
i it* utility and entire adaptnesa to the pur
fpoes for which it I# designed.
GOFMNSof all de*crlr<tlona furnished
iat the ahorti-at notice; and all order* filled
. | promptly night or day. Tin- Dead laid out
'l with care, and tuneral# and escort* super
intended in person. HENRY" HARRIS
Ijnovlt Bellefonte, Pa.
M I LLER S HOTEL. Woodward. Pa
Stage* arrive and depart daily.
This favorite hotel i* now in every respect
■ I one of the moat pleaannt country hotel* In
i central Pennsylvania. The traveling com
-1 ruunity will alway# find the he*t accommo
dation. Drover# can al all time* be accom
modated with stable* and pasture tor any
I number of cattle or hore*
A large Hiid elegant assortment of Horse
> A.Blankets, Buck-skin Glore* and Bufta
-1 lo Robes, at very at low price#
I rpHKhigheat market prices paid for a
kind# of country produce,
SPINDLE SKEINS for wagon#, all #1
xo#, at the aign of the Anvil.
HORSE COLLARS, if you don't wha
your horae * ihoulder# galled anil
I madeoore, get good harta oollara at
A Tremendous Stock of Goods
<| at Buruaidt' & Thumas.
I ffTO YS of all kind#, at
* Philadelphia Shut-,
In RmckerholT a block, Itisliop Btret,
L Bellefonte, w here
aa Well as the b< I assurtcd stock nfdMNt
j |n BellMantu.
i -
Is the place to t-uyyour Silk#, Mubairi
; M/.aiubique, R.j.s, Alp<, Detain.
I Luus, Brilllunts Mu-lUit, Calico**, Tick
itigs, Flitiiel*. Opera Flanels, Lndii-s Coat
, ing, Gents' Cloths, lat die. Kacqttes. Whit*
Pekay, Linen Table Cloths, Count, rpam #
, | Crib Counterpane*, White and Col ere.
I Tar Ron, Napkin#, Inserting, Edging#
j While La.l- Cnrtlrts, Zephyr A F?p hvr Pab
Urns, Tidy Cotton, shawl*, Work flasket-
INwtioiia of every kind. White Good* o(
every description. Perfumery, Rlbbw,#-
\ civet, lafleta and Bonnet, Cords an<
YciL, Buiton#, Trimming,, Ladlu
and Mi-... Nkirta,
Thread Hosiery, Fan#, Bead*, Sawing
and in fact every thing that canjie thought
j of, d'Ored or used ia the
,'Ley have black and blueciotb*,, black and
I fancy easaimaraa, sattineu*, tweed., m.-l
--trnß, silk, NMtiu BIH) roNHUGii ia
short, every thing imaginable Iu the fine ot
; gentlemen, wear.
Hhvdyitia.it- Clutliiig of Kvery I >i
itcriptiou, for Men and Ilora.
Hoots and Shorn, in endless rurtV/y
Hats and Caps, CAll PETS, Oilcloth,
Ilutjs, Brown Muslins, Bleached Mus
lins, 1 trillings. Sheetings, Tablecloths.
IACJ cheaper than elsewhere.
I Their stuck of QUEENS WAKE A UKO
. < ERIKS cannot be exoetied ia quality or
Call in at the Philadelphia Store and con
] vince yonraelves that KELLER A ML'S-
I SKIt have any thing you want, and do bu- '
{sine** on the principle of "Qui. k Sale# and
[Small Profit*. apfiO.SU
Great Attraction and Great Bargain*!
i fpilK undersigned, determind to m.-et the
L popular demand for Lower Price#, re-'
|ape.-iruUy . alia the attention of the public
to hi* stock <>f
now offered at lha old alattd. Designed es
pecial I* for the people and ike lim- a, the lar
gest and moat varied and complete assort-j
uienl of
Smldlea, Ilame##,(ollarn. Bridles,
of every deacriptlon and quality; Whips,
and iu (act . ven-thing complete to a fir*t
< la* establishment, he now offer* at price#
which will suit thetimea.
A better Variety, a better quality or finer'
style of Saddlery has never before been of
fered to the pub! ic. Call and examine o#ir
lock and be satisfied before purchasings
e Mew hare.
DdtnttiiSl t-> pl.-a-e my patron* and'
thankful f#r the libera) share of natmnage '
heretofore ctjo> <-d. 1 respectfully solicit a
' continaanc- of the same.
J ACOB DINGKS. Centre Hall.
li. _ „ ;
Panic Prices.
Having ptir. Hi-ed tltd extensive store ot
owe)!. fliUiLr, 1A C-„ and addcitollietn
at panic pricoa large aae.ittmcnt of
Tlicy are enabled to *!! at
I A iarge variety of
Drtas Good#
Great Bargains in
Muslim and Calicoes.
Ready Ma-le Clothing
Warranted to Suit.
' Our Cloth* and Gaaaimcra,
Cant be excelled.
Astonishes .-very one in n*#>rtment and low
Byi up. Sugar, T-a Coffee. Cannel t-uit*,
J.-Ilie*, D"niesttc and Foreign Fruits,
Cheese and |tlrw* ot ail kinds,
and every other aiticie bo
longing to tbo Grocery
Thry Wholesale at Philadelphia JiaUs.
Farmers, Mechanic* and Laborer*
look to your inu-r.wl. One dqUar aaved i*
j a dollar in pocket. Then call and a.m al
i what astonishingly low price*
Are selling their Dry C o.J# and Gweriea.
(SfSo trouble to ahow (ioadvah
If they are not a* repre-enied. we will
'■ pay jrou for your trouble. Don I forget the
* place.
ap2*tf Allegheny St, Bellefonte Pa.
Manufacturing Co.
Machine Works.
f Having enla|ged our New factifitt i*i> :
1 MACHIME tjuoi-s and Auaict'LTlaxi
I WORKS Blocked with all acw and lutes
I improved Machinery" at Centre Hall, an
' nouncrlo the publicthatthey arc now read,
'j u< receive order# for anything in their lin
:of business.
, Shafting;*,
' Pallies,
s'' YYe alo manufacture tje celebrated
, which now stauds unrivalled.
Thi* Reaper ha# ad vatiUgea over all othe
, Reapers now manufactured, tine advati
- tag.- we claim for It, I# the li-vcr power, l>,
which we rain one bnudre.l per cent ore
1 other machine#. Another ad vantage i th
I hoisting and lowering apparatus, wherel
t tbo driver ha# under his complete coi tr*
.! of the machiivc, in couiiug to a spot of J-nlg
: od grain, the <n-iv.-r can change the cut
! he machine in nn iit-lant, without stoppin
; tlia varying the stub!.- from I to 1
i' j inches at the outside if the Kinchin.-, K. WC
;a* on the inside. It t* t instructed of. fin
II class material; and built by first cltu* un
ii chf nlc#. We warrant it second to none.
AU Wthda of Horsepow er# and TUrcsltin
- Machine#, Hay and Grain Rake#. lat-#tin
* i proved. All (chide of Repairing done. Di
v I (brant kinds of
S The Celebrated Heckendom Economic
plow which lias given entire satisfactio
We employ the best Pnttcrnmaker#, on
pattern# arc till new and ofthe moat imurov
od plan*. Plana, Specifications and J) aw
■ ings furnished for all work done by u*.
i iwr We hope by strict attention to bus
ne*a to raceivo a share of public patron*,
of ovry description made nnd fitted up f
All order# by mail promptly attended t
Extract Catawba
u Component I'arU—t-'hud fjrtraet /Mb
1 barb and fluid J-.rtrurt Catawba
Crape Juice.
, For fiver cutu|ltiiiU, jaundice, bilious
| aftfeetiona, iek oi twirroo* headache,
CiomUvmmmi, Itf. Finely vegetable,
com taming w< mereunr.njinergle or
deleterious drug*.
! Fi
Th"- Pill* are the ii.ot delightfully |
pl-anf purgative, kuperwding ator oil,
l aU, magKretn. .-tr Therein nothing
{ut< re acceptable to (be t.oter|j They
■ give tube, rwtft m-ukcr ounces nurgriniug
r ttmiw. "ibey are computed of the fiamt
tigt •diciti*. After a few day*' u< of them
•uch n invigoration of the entire *•, (tern
uki-i place a* u> appear miraculous to the ;
i weak und enervated, whether srbnug from i
• imprudence or ditear, If. T. Ucltubnid*
i Compound Fluid Hitrtrt Catawl ■ Grape !
i FilU are oi rugareoated, from the fa<-t thai j
. *ugar< atnd Fill* do not dtoeolre, but pas*
through the stomach without dissolving.!
! consequently do<-t produce the dr.ijad l- j
'feet. The Catawba Grape Pill*, being,
| pleaant in teste and odor, <ln not rtecaaai
.totclboir being nogarrueted. Price fifty
Icasta par bow.
BtuHLr I'uxctt rtATiii < oMruta n
Fiuiii Kxtract hen*aparilJn
Will radkally exterminate iron the *v*t*tn<
. .Scrofula. By ph ilia, Fever Sure*, (/leers, i
Sore K> ea. Sore Leg*, Sore Mouth, Borei
,' Head, Uronrhitir hkia Diaeaaea, Hall
Khrum Cankers, Itunniaga from the Ear
white *w oiling*, tuuiora, cam-erou* afters
lion*. node*, Ilieket*, glandular aweihnga, 1
l! night aweata. raah, tetter, bo mora of all,
kind , chromerlieumartrro djaj.eiw.ia. and'
all diaeaaua iliat hara beea established inj
, the *y tcui for years,
. * Being pr joaped expressly for the above
compliment , it* bl<wi.|iuniying proper- 1
. lie* nr.- groater than any other pt< p ration t
<>l'tariaperit)s. It giv<- the rompiexjou a.
' clear healthy color and restores the patient
to a aie of health and purity. For pari-,
i tying the biood, removing ail ehronie ma- !
■lituUoitai (Ji.>aM- arising ftoto the an KM
pure *ut of the bkwwi, end the only relta- j
Lie and effectual known remedy for the
cure of pain* and swelling of the bone*.'
, ulceration* of the throat and leg*, blotches. j
pimple* on the face. erysipelas and all I
Karate eruption ► of the skin. and beautify-,
in* complex ion.
Fluid Extract Bucbti,
ha* rur<-d every cmeofdiabotea in which
it ha* hee-n given, imutton of the neck of
the bladder nr.d in flan, nation of the kid
neys, u lev tat ion of the kidneys and bind
-1 der, retention of urine, di-<-a*<-* of the pros
late gland, i-lotia in the bladder, calculus
gravel. brick-dust dedmut, nd inucou* or
milky discharge*, and for infeebied aiad
delicate constitution* of both texts*, attend
> ud with lb# following symptom* indipoi
tint t Ptrrtita, lot* of power, I. a* efruetn
i:ht of breathing, weak aervar
I trembling. horror of disc are, wakefulness,
i dm tit** of virion. (tain in the back, hot
hanrU, fluahing or the body. dryness of the
%kii, eruption ou the fair, pa'lid counto
naucc, uivirul la*itud or the wwrul*r
ryatcgn, etc.
l T ed by fwtMlf from the agea of eigh
tci i. :. twenty-five, and frutu tbirty-nve
U* fifty-fivo or in the decline or changv of
{life; ateer eonflnitMdU or labor paint ;bcd
w etung in children.
Uelmbold kextractburhu i Itiartdicand
biood-puvifving, and cure* all diwaae*
aroing fri habit* of di>ipation. and ex
ccmmw and imprudence* in life, impurine*
. of the blm-d. etc.. *upvr*eding copaiba in
affection* for w hich it ia wed, and typhi!!-
th- affection*—ift ihwe diacwcf u*ed in con
mction with IK lutbold a ro*e wash.
{ In tuatty affectlont peculiar to lauiea, the
extract buchu ia unequalled by any other
remedy -a* in rbluluaii or retention, in*
- regularity, painfull***** or lappraokw of
ru.tomnry vacua ton,*, utrerwtod or achir
p ru* xateoftbc uterus i< ucorrforaor white*,
ty, and for all * ouiplaini- incident to
in. ea. whether ariting from indiacrelion
or babtU of diipation. It b preacrlbed
extentively by the uiokteminent phrician
and mldwlre* for enfeebled and delicate
<-entituliefi. oi both **>xe and ail age*
.attended with any of the aboredi*a*e* or
. in all their *tag< *. at little expense, little or
no change in diet, no inconvenience, awl
nn r*po*ttr<\ It ou**c* a frequent deaire,
' and give* strength to Vr Bate, thereby re
movmg Obstruction*. Preventing •no Cu
ring stricture* of the urethra, allying peitt
ami inflatuatioo, *o frequent in thiaclaa* ol
dinavc*. and expelling all jKiiaonou* mat
Thousand* who have been the victim* o!
Incompetent jwreon* and who have paid
heavy foe* to be cured ia a -hontime. itv
JUM lbey have been deceived, end tRaJ
lbs "F'tium,, ha*. by the use of "powerful,
u stringent*." been dried up In the system ■
to break out in a more aggravated form, and
licrliap* after n,*rrmge
CH I' for all alle. ti.mfand diseases of the!
urinary orpins, whither existing in male
r leum!*'. from whatever cause originating,
d i<ad no matter oGioxr long standing, Price.,
■ one doltan and Mf* cents per bottle.
£ ' L
cannot V tUMIMf a* a lace wash. and
will be ftnind tbo only specific remedy in
' ererv specie* of cutaneous affection. Itj
•jv ed ly eradicates pimple*, spot*, soerbu-,
i tie dryness, induration* of the cutaneous,
membrane. etc., dispels redoeat nd incipi-]
entintbouation. hives, rash, moth patches.
• j ' I wttaa, and all'
* i wiiirti 'livig aywiiUßionitart j
s used ; -tore* the skin to a state of puritv
uid sotiuee*. and insure* continued heal j
" lUv anion to the Useuo of its vowel*, on!
which depend* the a,gr enable clearness andi
viracity "f complexion to much soughtand;
admired Rut however valuable as a r>>uie-
Idv far astatine defect* of the skin. H. T.J
liiin bold'* Rose Wash has long sustained
its principle claim to umbounded patron
a 4 ge, bv posse --ing nualitiea which render
it a toiled appendage of the mutt tuperlaj
live and voegi niel character, o inbining
in an elegant formula those pnuniu'ent
! rfquMje, -afety and effteaey— tnelnvaria-
JJ bloMccnaipcnimeata of It* use—a* a pre
''' M ll alignand rofrtoSei *d"the complexion
It tr iti rrr Ihtt I ffhwi fbr diseases of a
■ -vph.illt'c nature, and :u an injection for
** (fheaiS of tin i urinary organ , arising from
habit* of di-sipxdion. used in connection
a itli the Extracts Buchu, Sarsajiarilla, and
ha tiranc I*lll*, in such diseases as
"ii r t ccinmeo.it a, csmk* be surpassed.
ia- j
Full and expHcft dircctipn* accoanpaay
ng! the medicine*.
in Evidence of the meat responsible and re
i'-! liable ch a meter furnished on application,
with hundreds of thousands of living wit
neses. and upward of dtI.UUU unsolicited
certificates and recommendatory letter*,
manv f which are from the highest sour
ices, including eminent Physicians, Clergy
, nn-n. StaU'smcn, etc. The proprietor ha
* never tesorted to their publication in the
eel new papers; he dona net do thia from the
> [fact that bis articles rank at Standard Pje
nt pa rat ton*, and do not need to be propped
v-1 up by certificate*.
n :
Delivered to any addrett. Secure from
fn j observation.
Established upvard# f twenty yours.
I Hold by Druggist* everywhere. Aad re
ilvUdn fo* information, In < onfidenee to,
111 EN UY T HELM BOLD, Druggist and! (
! Chemi-t,
Only Depots: H. T. IJELMBOLD'B 1
Drug and Chemical Warehouse. No. iSM
r* Bread Way, New York, or to H T. HELM
* BOLD'K .Medical Depot, 104South Tenth
Sir- st. Philadelphia, Pa.
to lit warn of eotinterfaiu. Ask ftu
Heury T. Helm hold's! Take DO other,
14 Hundred* of TbooafiAdi fJ'
I? Iff
J rinrT ARB *or ami ill
• *ll FANCY DRINK, ill
• Itadaef Per Han*. klofcey, rr—f ftplelga
r and Bafaee l-tewrAaelemd,ignl aafiewtM
rant U> piaaaetm ua*. r>UM-Tm*.*-*),ati
ax" * eaauwwra." ** . uua U*4 Ok* Ofim e la
I IrenlhaVaUV* kwWaed tlorbe f CaWwal*. trve
! tram all Alcohefte tMlweleate. Thar w* th*
II fliriNU FKIXCIPLBapaeC laantM *•
1 langaeatat * f Uw *rk*a. earrytag t€ alt jamna
maucr aadntktoftaathe btaaOiqahi W*| •■•Ullai.
[ Xo penon caa Ult (be** nmn M(irOlaa e ''***•
ÜBUU WtfttM gteeafueae lareeahl•aa^•rfev•^!* , '*
' Uu heaae are ant deatreyad by wta—l >■* ee
gfber wim*. aadth* i cat ergaas wealed teyaedlfce
•i - cww. *-
timm end Uaai. Btai|d. ee I a die***■
Blllewa, laaltma mm 4 twieeodaiew* Fevei*
Ptuawi t the Bimd, U*r, Mfdaafa. a*d
' j Madder, tmaa limn tare beer mm aeaa***-
"'fx) hack Pteeeara am corned by fltlaitd
i Stood, etMabl*f*a*e*lty |udiaahy dw—im it
•ffii Mewitk OifßH.
idt. 5, f'liß 1% tIM Miiirm I<l fit. Cwihgrlwi igfktfaumtfir f fir*
4 Clmmc* IMaMtiMMkiHi, flMMftf ymrffilliwiiii •# tftui HKib.*' •
Had tokin la Om MaeUt, MMae* AWaaW. |-als~t..c .
. d Um liwi, ißdwaaaUeßef SeUags. rs* .
rrgleet 14 a* Kldacy.aafiabadeal au ,
<;rum*, mi tt* <Ae*tag*af Divt**
I Twytavtpatew dbadWeaabaadwheiii'i
i j ytdtt**raad bewel*.wtdafe wad rn*ar *. *-
II fiififj fcfe T t lTTltrflMty tidft IftftiNNl ®t cR m jhifiil . *.--4
- ucmmagiK* taiixad. nwMntor*!
f POBnsiS OlaKknCfihUvtwe*.. **.;. .
• IUWUC. cumu*. r(t. lu {-!.•. I 1_U.:1.1 ... .
t*uelc*.fnag-Wam, (tsM-Uc*l tcr* I ft*, . •
da*, twh, tew*. Mmiintoiaiiil mart*-, t *
I *ad Pocaaa*attaairfua.et whatc*er aaau • > ■*■■■*•.
j Tar* ittcraOr deg ap aad Mwct on*i •***•,.,* -a
, j *Ua(* Ustoe by th* w ef Urn Uuo U* t. u
nch meo* wtn oaevtae* the wm In udohna %* %~.m
caratte* efihet.
Ciraaa* th* VMIaM Bad wiearr*r yea Cud Ba
:■. parttna haiail— thranph th* una I.* tva*e*a*. Ijwj
.l aad UaggWh to the vwo*-, akee** U Wa* It * d*W
, eadyarnfhnMnca win toil jmevhaa. gaeeekahtoa.
ghf* aad the haaM et th* ryetn* etttMlew.
* \ riß. Tars aad etWrWOSXii. tartdnatafo
■ywaaof *oaoay theeaoaOt.ar*4dh**4eny daw*
. *4 aad removed- Tm Ml 4mmsrnmm. e*ed
Umu CtlWfclAff 4M"WMMN9 4NMtfk fMrttil. pfMftWMl li fitMH-ff
gangv-&*gtoe.O *rwaa. feiaeh aad beeeWb.
J. TTxIXKSt, rngMw. tt R MdMHIAZS tO)
*• r **S* and Oca. treat*, fas Ffaaatae*. Cat
ullikidliCtaaim tteMt. Raw Talk
-15 tr-OU> RT tlx PRCOCUTS ARB W>M>-
Gfrover 6c Baker'"
" ""
The following are selected from thoue
' *nd of teettnioiiial* of aimilar character aa
'"exprewing the reaeoa* for the preference
I I for the Umovc& & BxxKß Xacfata** oeet
Tall other*.
ewe --j hye the Grocer A B-ter Ma- .
chine, in the firrt place, becawe, H I hat?
I any other. 1 thtnild still want a Grocer it
,' Baker; and, having a Grower 4k Baker, fc
™lawer* the name ourpoee of all the reet
* It doe* a greater variety of work and It la
to feara than any other.'"—Mra J.
*•€. Oroty (Jenny June.)
" a•e - J bare bad aeverat yean' exwr*-
ence with a Grower A Baker Machine,
": which ha* given me great satiidbetioo. I
think the Grower A Baker Machine b more
* easily managed, and lata liable to get out
r of order. 1 prefer the Grower 4k Baker,
decidedly, —f Mr*. Dr. Watta, New
' f : York.]
f ••• "I bare bad one ia my family for
* | tome two year*; aad (bom what. 1 know at
'• ■ it* working*, and from the teadimuny ol
'' 1 many of my frieada who uae the tame. I
"j can hardly *ee how any th iaa could be more
. complete or give better catiamctioa." —Mn
I*General Grant]
cl believe it to be the beat, all thiaw
'* contidered, of any that I bare known. 1
i* very simple and easily learned ; the sew
ing from the ordinary spools be greet ed.
vantag*; the stitch i* entirely rettabte; it
docs urnamcntel work beautifully ; it b net
•. liable to get out of order "-Mrs. A. M
Spoonee, S6 Bound Street, Brooklyn.
1 The Grower and Baker Hewing Mack in*
i Company manufacture both the Klatok
, r Stitch and Lock Stitch Machines, aad o#s<
,i, tbe public a choice of the best machines el m
, both k lads, at their cotablUhmcnts ia all
! the large cities, and through agendo* ia
~| nearly all town* throughout the country
' , Price Lbt* and uamplas of sewing in bath
■ ktitche* fomiihed on anplicetkm to Grower
[. Jt Baker S. M. Co.. PhiQolpUn, or to
F. P. Greene,
1 next duor to Centre Co. Bank, Belk*
~ foote.
Hair Restorative
Contains no LAC SULPHUR —N*
VER, and is entirely free from the
Poisonous and Health-destroying
Drugs uec<l # in other Hair Prepara
j lions.
] Transparent and cluura* crystal, it will
not toil the finest fabric--perfectly BAt X
CLEAN and KFFK.TENT-denida.a
It restore* and prevents the Hair from
becoming Ofay, imparts a soft. glossy op
peart oce, remove* Dandruff, ia cool aid
refreshing to the heud. checks the Hair
1 from fhlling off and restore* it to a gr at
extent when prematurely lost, prevents
' Headache*, cure* all Humors, cutaneou
srujumns, and unnatural H*t
DR. G. SMITH, Patentee, Greton June
tivn, Ma**. Prepared only by PROCTER
BROTHERS, Gloucester Maw. Th*
Genuine is put up in a panel bottle, ma t
expressly for it, with the nameoftheartich
blown in the riant. Atk your,Drugriat fbr
Nature'a liair Restorative, and taka •
For sale by U'ui. MVlf and J. B. Soh-
Centre Hall 'Mjunly
BABITSSOAP, Wm. Haganand K.a
on*, olive toap, Dobbtiu toap Je 1
Oakley'* soap*, oldcaatile.pure, Palm toi p
Elderfing** soap, and a great variety 11
other toapt, at
Whitman * celebrated oonfections,
Whitman'* celebrated chocolate,
Buker't cbccolate, Smith'* chocolate,
China Ginger, English Picket,
American Fickle*, at
FISHING TACKLES, rodslinaa, hook
dies, sea hair baskets, etc. Rig you
out to catch trout at
other Japanned ware, at the Anvil Store.
Bf for Buggies and Carri&rber.
ir- in use; Fire Bolts, ditto, at
j mental IRWIN* A WlLSOirl