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“ FRIDAY, APRIL 8d, 1868.
This issue we publish as an advance sheet,
free to @eg subscribers.
see This copy of the REPORTER we
' ' \ ' T}
issue gratis to our subscribers. lhe
paper will appear in its regular and en-
arged form in a week from this.
We'tk the kind indulgence of our
friends for a few days—until we get
fixed—when we will promise them a
paper welcome at the fireside.
siti -
Political Constellations.
With giant strides we are approach-
ing the period of an incipignt struggle
for the election of a President, in which
may be noticed among some of the
prominent politicians some peculiar
turns, which must be viewed from a
political standpoint. Strange and sur-
prising developements will not he so
rare as in times gone by, when party
was not arrayed against party / with
the same degree of bitterness and ani-
mosity which characterise parties at
the present time. |
The two political parties now main-
ly differ upon the question of recon
structing the southern states. |The
radicals endeavor to effect: this by ex-
ceptional measures, which are to sqrve
them the double purpose of securing
their permanent control of the goverh-
ment. The Democratic party de
mands that the work of re-construation
be perfected according to the require.
trammeled actidbn of the southern peo-
ple themselves. All other great ques-
_tions—the finances, the conversion and
reduction of the public debt, the specie
sPstem—are not, strictly speaking,
party questions, as we find prominent
The principal step.Jeading from the
one into the other party, rests upon a
condemnation of military rule and a
upon the other hand, a defense of the
same. In the approaching presiden-
tial-campaign there will be no lack of
prominent politicians, who will choose
the one or the other of these steps.
"Already are such indications present-
ing themselves. We instance the
Cincinnati Gazette, the recognized or-
gan of Chief-Justice Chase, whith pub-
lishes an article upon the position of
the Judge, which becomes the more
interesting, with the growing impor-
tance of his position as the head & the
Nam a SRN DIR SE sms
the present” moment gs president of
the impéachment court, before whose
bar President Johnson has been sum-g
moned to appear.
Subsequent to last fall's election in
Ohio, the Gazette declared that Mr.
Chase never favored negro suffrage in
Ohi. and would not vote for it, and
that he pronounces himself a conser-
‘vative and nota radical. Consequeut-
ly he disclaimed any responsibility
for the defeat of the radical ticket in
Ohio. And now the same journal an.1
nounces that Mr. Chase does not at all
harmonize with Congress as regards
the military subjugation of the south.
That he is opposed to the re-construc-
tion laws, because they inaugurate a
military despotisn®, and has steadily
favored impartial and not universal
suffrage. The article then goes on
as follows: “Should the Democracy
nominate him upon his ows platform,
he would in all probability accept the
nomination, although he has made no
positive declaration to that effect.”
This article may be viewed as a
very distinct knock at the democratic
door, as if to inquire whether Mr.
Chase cannot, under certain conditions,
receive admission. Such are the
mévements in the political constella-
tion} . And this one will net have sol-
itude as its companion. The growing
inclination on the part of the republi-
can party to disregard the Constitu-
tion and Justice and its leanings to-
wards forcible measures, will yet open
the eyes of many an able statesman
before the presidential election comes
off. ’
It is out of the question, however,
that the Démocracy will nominate any
other than a ripe statesman from its
own ranks as theif candidate for the
next presidency.
»- 4 O09
Democratic victories still keep com-
ing in, as elections are held. The la-
test we chronicle as follows:
On 20th ult.] the democracy carriep
the boro’ of York, Pa., by 396 majori-
ty, which is the largest deniocratic ma-
jority ever cast by that town.
On same day the democracy carrfed
Bedford by 65 mgjority—a gain of 41
over last fall. ; ;
At the election in Middletown, Ca-
meron’s home, the demogracy gained
121 votes since last fall.
The democracy carried the boro’ of
Lebanon last “week, by 30 majority, a
gain of 110 for the d.mocracy.
0 pfativos at Harrisburg,
of the Senate, and Mr.
i House, have our thanks
* *
Our neighbor, John Shannon, esq,
met with an accident on last Saturday
afternoon, which might have proven
fatal to him. While engaged in throw-
ing down hay from his mow, a board
upon which he stood, broke, and Mo,
8. fell down a distance of some nine
feet, striking upon a log with his head
and face, receiving some serious cuts
and bruises.
We notice that the following persons
have made application for taking the
benefits of the bankruptact: Whar-
ton Morris, of Boggs township; Wm.
Reed, of Milesburg; Wm. L. Musser,
) . . Y »v
ofePenn township, and Ritzman & Kel:
ler,oCentre Hill. Aprth-16th is the
day fixed for creditors to appear before
the bankrupt commissioner, with their
sworn accounts, at his office in Belle-
The Messrs. Bell, masons, on Mon-
day, 30th ult.,, broke ground for the
erection of the fine brick dwelling
which our friend Jacob Dinges is hav-
ing built this spring, and which, when
completed, will be one of the marked
improvements of Centre Hall. Our
neighbor across the street, Mr. Alex.
Shannon, will also have his new frame
dwelling loom up on Church street this
week, and ready to “flit” into it short-
ly. Weare informed that some half
dozen other gentlemen intend putting
up houses during the summer, in our
beautiful and thriving town, which will
add considerably to the stirr and busi-
ness of it.
By the way, we might as well hint
inthis connection, at the decided im-
provement it would be to haveat least
pavement along its whole length. Let
our citizens talk over this matter and
wesobve to do it.
Our old and never-to-be-forgotten
home, ancient Aaronsburg, we observe,
will not be on the stand-still this sum-
mer. The firm of Myers & Mingle are
about erecting a fine store-house, and
Mr. Wm. Harter is tearing down the
old Clingman property and will put in
its place a new and neat dwelling
A bill has passed the state senate,
prohibiting the catching of fish with
any kind of netts in Penns, Pine and
Elk creeks, in Centre county.
We see by a letter from Mr. Meek,
that an act has passed both Houses,
authorising the Centre Hall Water
Company to increase its capital.
Also, a bill has passed the House,
compelling all rail-ways in Centre co.,
to fence in their roads.
The following hotel stands change
landlords with the 1st of April:
Abs. Harter, at the Narrows House,
(Stitzer’s,) moves about one mile far-
ther east,add opens up a new hotel
Mr. Elias Miller, of Madisonburg,
has purchased the above mentioned
Stitzer stand, and a son of his, Mr.
Harvey Miller, becomes the new land-
lord. .¢
Mri George Miiler, formerly of the
Old Fort Hotel, has purchased the
Condg hotel property, at Woodward,
and ig now “mine host” of that old
Our old friend and prince of land-
lords, Jonny Russel, has left the Great
Western Hotel, near Lewisburg, and
stand at Aaronsburg, formerly so pop-
ulfir under his management.
Mr. Franklin Hosterman takes pos-
session®of the well known Penn Hall
Hotel, formerly kept by M. H. Guise.
Mr. John Spangler, after one year’s
absence, has again moved back into the
Centre Hall Hotel, just vacated by
Messrs. Stumpf & Keller, and greets
his old friends with his accustomed
smile and accommodating manner.
Our friend, Col. Keller, we under-
stand, will take charge of the Hotel at
Yeagertown, and his whole soul will
undoubtedly be found with him, asusu-
+ There may be other changes, which
have not yet come to our knowledge.
We never before saw as much mov-
ing in this county, as was done this year
from beginning of March to first week
in April. The sledding was most fa-
vorable for that kind of work, during
fore part of March, and since has been
pleasant and spring-like, and the roads
«in remarkably fine condition for this
time of the year, and it struck us as
tho’ everybody wished to have a “flit-
ting” of their own.
Quite a number of families have left
our county. John, Jacob, William
and widow Oliver, with their families,
Michael Bower and Michael F. Hess,
with their families, all from Haines tp.,
have gone to Illinois. Jacob Freder-
ick, Samuel B. Stover, and his son Al-
exander, all with families, from same
township, have moved to Union coun-
ty. Martin Dreibelbis, an old farmer
of Penn tp., and Fred. Seltzer, and W.
Kerchner, and other families from Pot-
ter tp., whose names we have forgotten,
| Have gone to the west. We wish them
all success.
Adanz K. Stem and Michael Pauly,
with their families, have also left Pot-
ter tp. for the west.
Rev. Engel, from Ohio, has be-
come pastor of the Ger. Reformed
charge of Rabersburg, lately under the
ministerial care of Rev. Mr. Hofmeier.
The installation ceremonies of Rev.
"Engel took place a few weeks ago at
SINCE the above was in type we learn
that the following citizens of Potter town-
ship, with their families, are ready for the
west. Mr. Israel M. Stover, Mr. Francis
Fleisher and Mr. Jacob Gephart.
‘WE regret to learn that Mr. Freas of Co-
lumbia Co., father of Dr. Freas, of Aarons-
burg, was accidently run over by a wagon
one day last week, while assisting in mov-
ing, and was so fatally injured that he ex-
pired in two hours thereafter.
We learn with regret that some evil
disposed persons have spread consier-
nation among our quiet neighbors in
Brushvalley, by burning down prop-
erty and committing robberies, We
furnish the following in brief as rela-
ted tous:
John W. Sholl, in the east end of the
valley, was set on fire and burned to
the ground with all its contents. The
incendiaries, it appears, entered the
upper story by means of a plank which
communicated with Mr. Sholl’s new
dwelling and the store standing in
. . fr \
close proximity. The store was set on
fire in the upper story. Mr. Sholl,
as accustomed, slept in the store-room
below, and had with him a large and
faithful wateh-dog, but the villain or
villains conducted their hellish work
so quietly, that neither Mr. S. nor his
dog were aroused, until by the crack-
ling flames when too late to save any-
thing but their lives. The building
was of brick and new. We have not
yet ascertained Mr. Sholl’s loss, but it
1s partially @Qovered by insurance in
the Farmers’ |Mutual Fire Insurance
Co. of Centre Lo.
AxornER+The dwelling house of
James Wert, in the lower end of the
same valley, was consumed by fire, one
day last wegk. We were unable to
ascertain the origin of the fire. No
insurance. /
More Axcespiarisy—Two inef-
fectual Attempts were made on last
Saturddy night, to set on fire the stab-
ling Aonnected with Mr. Daniel Har-
tep’s Hotel, at Rabersburg. The first
| attempt was made about 9 o'clock, but
a timely discovery frustrated the plan
by an early quenching of the flames.
About midnight the stables were again
found to be on fire, but fortunately
the discovery was timely enough to
put out the fire, and prevent a most
disastrous conflagration. The object,
it is supposed, was to draw away the
attention of the citizens by a fire, and
in the confusion caused thereby, a fa-
vorable opportuniiy would be offered
the Ah to rob other houses.
Certain individuals, we are told, are
suspected of being guilty of these
crimes. Suspicious looking strangers
were seen prowling through that sec-
RosBED.—On Sunday last thieves
entered the house of Mr. S. Condo,
near Rabersburg, whilst the family
were attending church, and robbed it
of $150 in money.
Mr. Wm. Wolf, from near Penn
Hall, is now canvassing the lower
townships to solicit subseriptions for
the following interesting works, viz:
Alex. H. Stevens’ great work, “The
War Between the States”; “Smith’s
Dictionary of the Bible”; “Dr. Chase's
Family Receipt Book,” and other val-
uable works, which are doubly worth
the price and should be found in every
family. Mr. Wolf has engaged in this
business for the benefit of his impaired
health. and we esl for him tho land
encouragement of all upon whom he
may call. *
The work on the railroad between
Lewisburg and Northumberland, has
been commenced, and quite a numbor
of hands are at work a short distante
below Northumberland bridge. We
also learn that an additional subserip-
tion of £100,000 has been obtained in
New York City, and from parties
from whom still further aid may be
During the past winter, up to the
22d inst, according to Mr. G. T. Zahn,
of Lancester, it snowed thirty-five
times, making a depth of sixty-one and
a half inches. When it snowed two
or three times during one day, it was
called but one fall.
The lock on the stable of David
M. Zook, in Menno township, Miffliu
county, was broken open on Tuseday,
night, 17th inst., and two valuable hor-
ses stolen, the one a bay seven years
old this spring, the other a sorrel from
10to 12 years old, both with stars on
their foreheads. $600 have been re-
fused for these horses. One of them
was stolen some years ago and recov-
ered in Perry county. A note was
left on the door, stating that two weary
foot travelers had borrowed the horses
and that the owner could find them at
Milroy next day ; but this ruse did not
take, although the tracks led that way
for a few rods, but then turned and
went up the road. It is strongly suspec-
ted that a party before implicated, and
eported dead, had a finger in the
rtransaction, and if so it 1s hoped the
eward of $200 for the thief and hor-
ses will fetch him,
A planter residing a few miles from
Montgomery, Ala., relates an iucident
which entirely portrays the fitness of
the negro, as a class, for the exercise
of suffrage, and should silence all whe
doupt the propilety of that Congress-
ional legislation bestowing it. While in
the very act of gathering his last cot-
ton crop, whice was in a condition urg-
ing immediate picking, a committee
represending his hands one day inform-
ed him that they mustall go to Mont-
gomery the, day following, and that at
the same time they desired the use of
a mule team and wagon. Alarmed at
the losing a day in the gathering of
his crop, he anxously inquired why
they must be absent, and for wat pur-
pose they needed the wagon, to which
the chairman or speaker of the darkey
delegation replied.
Well, Boss—de trufis dis: We’s bin
deformed that the suffage isto be is-
sued to-morrow, and dat we must all
be dar to to get our share, and we
want de wagon to foch it over.”
Knowing full well that to object
was unless, the planter resorted toa
ruse to save his crop, and to prevent a
wagon load to “suffage” lying around
of his pocken a e
p was sent him to be
delegation that it
read to them, from the Superintndent
of the railroad, announceing that the
car containing their suffage had broken
down on the route, and would not be
in Montgomery for a week from that
date. By this deception he saved his
crop, as the negroes returned to work,
regretting, however, that they were to
be deprived of their “suffage” for an-
other week. :
ite oie
A movement is on foot to connect
England, Australia, India and China
by a submarine telegraph.
Brigham Young is a widower to the
extent of five wives, fallen a prey to
The Johnstown “Tribune” (radical)
Is strongly opposed to Andrew Gi, Cur
tin for Vice President.
A techy husband told his wife they
could not agree, and must divide the
house. “Very well,” said she, “you
take the outside.” :
A Clearfield co. paper says: “All
lumbermen have been busily engaged
for the past ten days in rafting in their
lumber and getting ready to run the
same to market. The recent high wa-
ter has, however, put a stop tempora-
rily to rafting. As soon as the water
gets low enough a considerable amount
of lumber will be started to market.” ¥
Young, the Norway Savings Bank
robber, was sentenced the other day to
nine years imprisonment.
Three persons bound for Halifax
were arrested yesterday in Portland,
Me., on a charge of robbing Adams
Express Company in Pennsylvania.
The large storage and commission
use of Messenger & Co., Warsaw,
I1l.,, was burned on Tuesday. Loss
$50,000. :
The Metropolitan Mills, a hotel and
some small houses, were burned down
in Springfield, Ill, involving a loss of
An extensive fire occurred in La
Crosse, Wisconsin, the other day. Loss
A large axe-pole manufactory in
Scranton, Pa., was destroyed by fire
last week. I.oss $30,000.
Sumner is very week over the pros-
pect of losing his re-election to the Sen-
On the morning of 22nd ult., a fire,
on Bennehoff Run, destroyed 4,600
bbls. of tanking and 2,100 bbls. of oil.
The Philadelphia, Shendon, Steele,
and Getty wells are the principal lo-
At Russellville, Ky., on Friday, the
banking house of N. Long & Co., was
entered by five men and robbed of
$9,000 in currency and an unknown
amount of private deposits. They
shot Mr. Long and knocked him down.
He subsequently recovered and gave
the alarm. General shooting com-
menced, during which a Mr. Owens
was slightly wounded. The robbers
escaped to Frankfort.
H. J. Johnson has just married his
former wife, Mary o., in Cleveland,
after a year orarviree and sopecation.
Governor Ward. of New Jersy,
unwilling to approve of the Harsimus
Cove bill, allowed it to become law
whithout his signature.
re >
On 20th ult., in Haines tp., of droysy,
Susan Louisa, daughter of Mr. David Kor-
man, aged 7 years, 2 months and 26 days.
On 22nd ult., in Millheim, Miss Harriet,
daughter of Solomon Long.
ing accounts have been examined and pass-
ed by me, and remain filled of record in
this office for the inspection of heirs, lega-
tees, crepitors and al others in any way in-
terested, and will be presented to the Or-
phan’s Court of Centre county, to be held
at Bellefonte, for allowance and confirma-
tion, on Wednesday, the 20th day of April
A. D. 1868.
1st. The account of S. G. Stine and G.
W. Stine administrators of &e., of Samuel
Stine, late of Halfmoon township, deceased.
2nd. The account for Francis Jodon
Guardian of Adam C. Shadel, minor child
of Martha Shadel, late of Centre county de-
8nd. The account of Conrad Singer ad-
ministrator of &e., of Peter Wensel, late of
Snow Shoe township, deceased.
4th. The account of Jesse Jordon admin-
istrator of &c., of George Jordon, late of
Potter township, dec’d.
bth. The account of David Gilliland Guar-
dian of Anna E. Stahl minor heir of the es-
tate of David Wasson, late of Potter town-
ship, dec’'d.
[The balance of these notices will appear
in our next weeks issue. ]
NOTICE.—Persons knowing themselves
indebted to the undersigned, and not wish-
ing to pay cost, will please Make immediate
Centre Hall, Mar, 31 1868,
lar Institution is situated in the pleasant
and healthy village of Penn Hall, will com-
mence its summer session in April, under
the management of
of Franklin and Marshall College. Stu-
dents will find this Institution one of the
bes: in this section of the State, to fit them-
selves for college. apstf.
Notice is hereby given, that in pursu-
ance of an act of Assembly passed the 12th
day of June, A. D. 1815, entitled “An Act
to amend an Act directing the mode of sel-
ling unseated lands, in Centre county,” and
the several supplements thereto, there will
be exposed to public sale or outery, ‘the
following tracts of unseated lands in said
county for the taxes due and unpaid there-
on, at the court-house in the borough of
Bellefonte, on the 2nd Tuesday of June,
A. D. 1868. :
Benner Township.
Acres. Per. Warrantee Name.
John M Hale
do do
Burnside Township.
one third of
3068. 02 Walter Stewart
68 Paul Cox.......ovvvinnssinnns 3 87
John Vaughn
Henry Harris......cooon . 21 42
Joseph Wallace 22 08
Jeremiah Parker 5 52
John Donley....cceerinnns 22 08
Sam’l Seott...cuvresviinins 22 08
Joseph Morris 16 32
Alexander Greaves... 22 08
ARIES HALL ovies ieresnses 29 D2
Chas Hall..........c. coisii 66 24
conn David Tewis.....ooreiii0. 2025
viva JOR BRYN cennss iiesnss 21° 15
Jeremiah Wallluosus 19 58
Joseph Walnu.iin 21 10
Jesse Wahi. .viinnrens 21 1s
John Barron... 21
Eli Canby
John Rugg
Molly Morton
Henry Harris. i
Francis Guerney
Michael Obrion.....cu.
Henry Wheeler
Benjamin R Morgan...
David Lewis...
Thomas Greaves.......
Jonathan Hervey
Andrew SoOmers.....cees.. 3
PR Kuhlns......cooearesens
Morgaret Butler...
John Cochran...
Wm Russel......c.. REE
Thomas Russel......cnns
David Carseadon
David Carseadon
Daniel Reese
Jesse Evans... ini
George Aston
Jomes Roland
John Scott
Wm Wistar
Wm Hood
John MeClure...oou inns
Packer Z Lucas. ....... “
James D Harris...coonnn
Ann Deal
Garret Cottinger.........
Thos P Wharton
Joshua Haines...ccoeeeses 2
do 50
do 2 51
Martha Godfrey o4 bo
Petor Smith............sss 10 70
Mary Lane........ Crvirem 11 36
Joseph Kelso.......... ww 31
Paul Custon 4 28
Jno C Hyleman......... hl 20
Alexander Bell 56
Chas Hall 56
Calib Lawns 08
Isaac Longstreth 08
Chat Allen.....coaevesision 99
Joseph Taylor...
Andrew Epple............
Robert Irvin
N L Atwood
Job W Packer
N L Atwood
Job W Packer
do i I
Peter Hahn
Susan Hahn
Joseph Thomas....cceeem
3 Se Waln
Nashaniel Levy...
Thos Humphries.........
Robert Gray
William Gray
Wm Yardley
Samuel Baird
Mathew Leech
Joseph Kelso......covuii,
Sidney Coats.......2 0000. :
Wm Gilbert
Caleb Lewis...............
Isaac Longstreth
James White
Samuel Hall 2
Abijah Davis.....iien 2
Joseph Bighee
Ruth Elliott
Joseph Roberts........... :
Rebecca Kelso............ ‘
Jeremiah Jackson
Esther Eddy
Casper Wistor
Philip Myers......ocrnen 22
Simon Myers......cocouu 11
Valentine Myers......... 1 76
MICE ry Ors 4
Sam’l Scott
Rober Aimsley ‘
Richard Mins......coienen 10 70
Henry Donnell
Alex Hamiltin
John McCauley
Robert Armstrong
J W & L C Packer.....
Mary Tallman :
Fishburn Whorton 23
JW & LC Packer..... 6
Thomas McEwen........ 24
Robert M'Cartney
James Laurimore
John Mercer
Robert Askin
Job Packer
James Packer............
David Johnson
Wm Hopburn
John Cowder
Andrew Carson
Bernard Hubley
Henry AntiS....ueiein
James Tower
Jacob Anderson
John Burgh
J & D Pyles
Josiah Lamburn
Andrew Kuhns.......a.
Adam Ruhns.......c...
John Price
John Wheeland
John Rolington
James Baxter
Adam ‘Buhns............
Isaac Green.....cveeesses
Samuel Custen.......ou.
John W Godfrey
J W Godfrey
Joseph Green
Jasse BVAans.....cv.uu.
Roland Custin
Paul Custon
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Kelso
Wm Packer
Jacob Packer
John Brady
C B- Welch .civnsescnnsine 2
W C Welch
A D Harris.......ooivienne
do 40......, athe
AO. QOuieserssisrresass
Alexander Hunter
John Buyers.............. 1
Sam’l Young
Benjamin Young
Thomas Hamilton......
Jacob Weidner...
Sarah Benham...........s
Samuel Pancoast.........
dD Furst... icniininen
White & Nestlerode...
Wm Ramsey
Joseph Greysburg
Green, Hale & Curtin.
Joseph Harris
John Bolinder............
Henry Bolinder
Frederick Bolinder.....
Adam Bolinder
Albright Swineford.....
James Row
Mary Jenks.....iccon .
Thomas Barr... ccs
Sam’l Wilson...
John Mitchell
John Reynolds
S Henr,
Thomas Sankey
John Steel........ faves iens
Tobe Sampl x
wid Wilson.........us.
Bessa s senna ane sess
David Work..............
Nathan Simpson...
Wm Wilson...cusees snes
J =I ~J
Allen Heekiionetf
. J ames Btoelu..onnsinsnns :
J C F Bh sisisnss sirsarvis ]
’ Poter Wilson.....ioeeesia A .
. Elenor McCormick.....
Peter Willson......ueeeas
Kearne, i
William Hoffman........
Dan’l Love..... FE
Dan’l Smith
Samuel Young
. John Irwin...
, Wm Brown.
James Redd......coinir
Absolem Andre...... se
Michael Gratz.cocenss aii
Simon Gratz. vs
, John Simpson
Henry Antis....ooueiin
Hepburn Harris...
John Mackey......cosenen
Benjamin Young........
Peter Cramer.....ooeeees
Wm Mackey.....coornsen
Peter Swineford
John Kidd
Mary Barr
Wm Harrison
d 0
Sarah Custon.....cceeeern
Job 'W Packer......cus.ns
Stephen Stevenson
John Danwoody
Ebenezer Benham
Dan’l Pletcher
Peter Leitzel
Christian Smith.......c...
Robert Irwin....oeenien
John Potter
Jeremiah Jackson
John Jackson
Dan'l Krause....ooreeense
Wm Hays......... chaaveen
James McGhee...........
John Quay ...cevessessenns
Simon Lingle...
Hugh Shaw...... aisageen
Christian Neslerode...
James Parsons
Alex Hamilton........ —
Miles Township.
Hengy Toland. ..cosssics
Sam'l Norton
Dan’l Williams...........
‘Wm Brady
Wm Harner
Richard Parker
Jeremiah Parker
Dan’l Singford 5
Strochecker & Reynold
Thomas Grant 3
Hannah Brady
Robert Gray
Thomas @rant...... eats
Robert Brady
Wm. P. Brady,
Thomas Grant........ a
Alex Hunter
Jeremiah Jackson
Wm. Stedman
Robert Toggard
Thomas Smith
Aaron Levy
JORN REeSe....coscsssssesns
Peter Housel
James Crothers..cae.
Dan’l Singford.....ceee...
Strohecker & Reynold
John Housel...... io
Simon Gratz
Marion Township.
Robert Young
J M Mchinney
Wm Thomas. c..ceensessans
Potter Township.
Andrew Duff....... aii
John McClelland
Thos Gray
Joseph Blair
Thomas Gordon
John C Reed.......... dee
G JAeOD...coossn seins ait
Thomas Falls
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