Pittsburgh daily gazette and advertiser. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1844-1847, March 31, 1847, Image 2

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i ' • PITTSBURG.I-1 .‘
11 . WEDNESDAY,MOR.tiIIsiO. MAR. at, 1847.
' •____l
'. ..41,-lu. rteraarauu Datairtuarrizunn •thrvai
aunt tstulibflord Daily, 'Fv-Wr,kly. and Weel6y,
pt r a nom. Unray it:alt.:meg
t‘ . •N. - ollet . to •Adverillaers.
' Or p.dvertutemata..., u• beccre Aeltrtign. •bnuld ..,
b. ed in be. five &cloak in the afternoon.. Attention
roads on tie pin of out eurtornera, would be prodoe
• ' trreoelau.tual benafit. '
for cr.Ara• corvrr.l
.1 011/ 1 :PO W. PATTON
' • I. crussiz.a. coca, I
,s V*
or Telegraphic News ere next Page
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•tfOt t .r.'-'7;,,, , C . ' 494 2 41 , -- . • . .
• ......,I:,:kfilow x ios ee ;ti ,. 7 ons of
.plessure and
' 7 : ' .,.`'. - iiia... . fo - Ins our fa rewell cta
-.7/r -,,..,- . 4 .74 5 . „ . ._ . .-.,
...,y o
, respe
-.,..,....' •,' , • • • , cc
fiakotr, over the
. ,‘. • .
...iiitarblab%wie,lanve presidedi - pi the last
''.. ,,,, ..., , .,,..,1." _,..,..",...!,,,• ',
I • cox ye, ta7=Plianie bt the prospect of \ r lief front
• .1 • the physical and mental stalely of '4 n editor's
i i.
..1 , pain in p-ittr.g with re ra e t,l
,whorp we
1 r . have befoul° attached, and from chock we hare
received many acts .of kindness. While we
~.. • :have boob assailed with the reckless and coven.
l: ' : owe d abo?he of detraction, d . 4 l h
our IT, LIE i are ever 1
• . .
.., alood by no, and manifested for us a lively eymps
thy,,!and tee shall ever keep a warm p1.14.f0r them
t in our remembrances of the past.
1 ' 1
1 We 1121.0 not sought relealie from these labors,
1 but When the opportunity has arisen, unsought,
to place .the Gazette in able and r perienced 1
Ihamid, We have felt it our duty to acee t a release
• froth toil under which our health haa conaider.
r . • ably. cred,,:•
IT ,gentleman,telriltom• we have, sold , the
. establishment, is Estsectl;ii Illsooss, ER?. Is e of
... .
i . , the New York Exiirsea with which paper n " 411 b.,.
1 • . : boirt l l o ooeted elope its establishment in'.l 831", op
t ito tract present time. lie is.u.I.KO, well knoWn for his
i• ''..Leitars front Europe," which were extensively
. i •
I copied by the newspaper p-sss, and as the excellent
and isecoinplished Washiigton vurrepondent of
1 .
the 2.1 , .. York Expreis, and ,if the Denman, Ameri
i. •
ban. 1 'His Congr;ssional reports, iu the latter pa.
. per, have been th ere extensively copied ill tba
iWest! than any other of the numerous report.
1 , emanating from the Capital. Mr. Brooks brings
' with tint to the Gazelle, is its editor, *.bk•kesour. 1
1 ces."Of an active and cuttivated eared, 'together
1 with all the experience ti reesaary foe the discharge
, f of his respensiblasdoties, and it giveS us InillP9. -
1 ed sa`tinfaction to hand etch tb 4 a Gazette to ono so
t will
. 4111111fied to sustain aad extend its pinion
and infllence. 1 1
l'_ i.;ndr •thowuperiikende6ce ,of chit+ gentleman,'
,t. ,; the ideal and morel Character of the paper.
t... will reinam enchenked. Mr. Brooke has been a
•wWkii,i from the start." and has hid rem oppor.
litniliel of he , ming tharw.ighly vetoed in all the
I. 1, 11 - " stil t, .s f - t 1 . 11 "hal VoliliCA, and has also a very.
extesavir , e acqult.ntan ce with the prominent states.
men :and political /rtaltrn ltt tho dry. In hie
' t t bards C.ze mt.. pe:ve a vale: Otte organ of
the grant Whig party, attil'a vigilant ecminel on
lit the erttell.triotel t of fteedOnt.
t s., H1r,.!.1. P. kancs, tattoo; volusbie .rvices
hate !,teretofare been x.rrdt.red to the Commercial
department of tho paper, Wry .1611 remain as Coat.
Intrcial edam., nod miii dttbo• to this 6epartlars!
.tF. his otelltknown notating i and tho hems.
flo of very comidemble ' experience.
In UM, fearing the . 0 01t1 Gauttr;''. In good
hande,.vro e,not deny ouri.•11:ho just icht.f look
-tr."-ng bel: and ..tempts:Mg au lat.. in the e.r.,
;•... lattlishment. . , though th.....G zett, .1.1 old ar.d
I ,
'' , _.'eeneruble, and Jetts back t a ,Gxf .anterior to
./. the , " of any other r.etsrpa cr erns: of the ' onn•
.'s tharts;yet it is in porve.i mof youthful c ergies
4 ......5ad_ii1,-.., a ht.sl , th. an Lids fair .no li o and
...'r flourishlhrough many EileCeBs?.e ge itterat ans.—
' . l. , Amidst all theestiousmeisipeper c1.....4es in this
.- eliy,ihe Gazeltdhsal elveo?s krenepered. bui never
milch,S es Ili the present moment: 1 _
* „ Since we hay° had charge of (ha Gazdne, it,
bu4csa' has bcen more than trebled.; and its sub.
... , F op w ,ii, s h.ups r , oply:ipset t tly ins .rased, bet pls.
g 4
kk*iii tooirliiik,4oFief,i,l f . aaiirtz. And it here
t?,;;64.*::01".4.5r ., :ty: thot a morexeliable
' , ':".i ": ie' . ii# l l .l . 4 . i *:atiOs . .,., 'fii.l 4l . l , in i' ,, r'or l iiiiY.
::.I;lAiggarlAsitlii - tintless , exceptior s, have
i' Itr
'eled , to be considengte end promptmin, who
• bare taken a pleasure in remembering their DU.
gations to the pfinier. , liye makezthis statement
with no little intitto_tion, de the to-erre is so gen
erallyi dip case. — ,
HOW much of the present prosperity of the
Gaiatto is Owing to our labors it does not become
us I/ I , say.;—bin those la...liArs hare b ee n most
. .. - Ibundent and indefattgabk , i. w r b . re .pared no
toilrand no mcrificc of tholcommon enjoyments of
life,i-tia do jiutica4pour Pe;rets. And although
. ocir ir., l otivC;tar.an itiapugneit and oar ellitorial
chatai.ter assailed on
points, by (Ire en.
_.„. viral of one' Success, yet I:lace we ever . been 110-
. etre; naternest in whatever we have node taken.
Ti is not in our nature to lie othetwise. T at we
havelbeen mistaken at tilOOO.:4119 do not ' ray,—
We iutve.seen *and acknowledged error 4 But
that We always meant for the best, we hire the
testimony of our conscience. Were we o live
oar editorial life over egain, w r ith i , the lights f past
expiiente,weshould,avoi , l many diffictiltils into
' which our inexperience and zeal for the lamas
.which we srppotted, bare sometimes led tis, but
under any OWtilolidances it 40111,1 be impbesible
• -• to put forth mem anxious deire to &sobers° o '
duty and befAfit our fi , ll4lnert, than we be e
done. I
. ,
' ' Ii +ll have !dcno iirjnetten to any man, as re.
vet it. That we leave done to ;in the
. warmth of poirt.cal ra'biteinint, is very, probable.
Vl'e have Aimed at the truln,larid if in some cues
no. were mist lien, our COLiictinnt, not our will,
. were it Ptah: '
. 'We leave the 'Garrye at a time when most
0 brilliant pro,prtts iihmrinuto its future. Onr city
,isi en the hiah road to pri,Pijity.iloore no than at''
-any . fittner "pral-d. The Whig Orly—firm, uni
i i
ted, oil z•alr,s--ctlei:y await, lho opening of
too C 1 th. 71411,101. wfrn ha the pow er ot„,truth,
• just r,rinci,pies.• and irl,grity. ill will become an
ins iiniel'Aiin the halide or the I , , tineriesti people
of r mosiatt from pricar,ns whii.h they disgraced
and in which they barn tuflierral untold wrongs
upn this veat na , ien those. dow linlditig the reins
or overnment. r. , eleave it, thceroie, not only
It gm ilrajlands, but with prneiects of future rue
' cam and usefoloras,nripeii.cr to those of sto7 for.
' met day. That it Ingit litti'h thousand years, and
that Its tirrltrlneus may tie. Euintnenjuute with its
cuestas, is th•emnsr felsent wish of out heart.—
\V bid our IC:Weill a hearty goodliye.
'' D. N. WHITE.
. . .____
o:./ - As einftave dispoud of the fin ale esteb
litent, it lis a metier of very c;nsiderable impor
ted tel t as t o have a speedy settlmnent of all ac.. .4;anest.vo, Wednest
oat t. This is most Imirable on many accounts, "Febn
"Although premed for time/
to oth ourseliTs and our patrons. We shall . to drop you o line to
m e out - bilk 'against every person with whom essinem on any account.
....,,,, a 1 ia ,,, a0u „„,..„. ~,,,,,,,,wy , pan ibi a , and pro - A
_, "Wi y,a
t c hl: ■
• short time abettle will be fought at
beyond Saltillo. I am ordered to
"tent them in town persrually, for.settlement, and g
reinforce Monterey, and march from here in thirty.
forward them to thou, persons being in ho noun- minutes.
try. We hope all concerned will . obi •Otseby "You most not expect to heir from me again
~ . .. . ~,,,_ and of but for three week", or a month, as all communication
latt4lng at once. I al' .41W ," ''. i . " i ',. .77, 7 y between Moiterey and Ca ' sago will be closed for
littlt consepeneo to t 40," mmiog , thq i tonerm a wh i le ., . .
..., •
'I the ar6.0.....t....m0j amount I.- - "---- , ‘da t joitermat ~ ;4 T .;;i o a,A, o l'.bctte : r . ln my fife —l nm
• ' .:" - 7 .' . H s lifoP i Is *
. . • in the.regimemt are
. ' imetabared to jou:1 .
t \I
. .
. .
Teri Pax sser..vaark Vescarsimag.—We kWh
from die North American that. the coMpames
enlisted under theVen ramifbill in this State,
under the command of Col. Ramsey, have receiv
ed order. to concentrate a n Piitsburgh . with all
desPatch. In a week from this, thirty, corona
Wes from the Keystone Stale, irrespective of the
very numerous recruits who Lissa joined °Mar
companies before the lag requisiil:n, will be ei
ther .actively engaged in, or roo fing towardathe
seat of war. The new companies will proceed
to Pittsburgh in two detechromitin the first an.
der the commend of Capt. Bader, the second au
dit Capt. Biddle. There are dose nine comps.,
nits in our State, and the tenth la perhaps ready.
They' coneist of Copt. Butlers Bassoons; the Yol
tigriera of Capts. Biddle and Etar i ta-ard. and the In•
fermi Companies of C.apta. Sy bilr g turf .W addell t
of Reading.*.Capts. Irvin, of LOWato9/13, Moor. of
Chambereburg. end Carr, of Cariltale. Two other
Companies from the Westem pain of the *ate are
recruitrng- 1
Fiat —T , ikthe Inwer part of
Allegheny longing to...llantes pumas., se
flier, were Larne re the grcitioll yesterday even.
ing between 7 and El Otis of the houses
was occupied by Mr. Durum jnd family, and the
other by a persan whosel nem* did dot learn.
The Railroad spirit i.lbegihaing.to moVe in
Richmond. A public me e ting 'pr.e held there on
Monday, in furtherance of Richmond and
Danville Railroad, chartered at the recent smaion
of the Stake Legislature. The j papers any that a
liberal subscription will be made by the citizens
of Richmond. A letter was 4.ad from a gentle
man in , Net, Yak, pr to 'contract for
the constr;,ction of the e ire line, and to take
from V. 00,000 to f , 160,0 ¢llan of the stock,
irf P".rt payment
The Richmond Whig at+. t some im
portant modifications hare heed made''by the late
Legislature to the charter of t e Richmond and
Ohio Railroad.
The N. Y. ' , Courier des Kill. Unis" is expo
sing the absurdity of the many die rumors afloat,
rel slice to the long.talked of s hems for the re..
establishment of a Monarchy i lilexic'3, and the
corinexion therewith of the Sp Wit Government,
Prince Don Hena'and General lore. This pro-
ject (it will be recollected) ha; long been pro.
pounced a favorite one of.Frahce, England and
i.Spa.in, and .the king to tar hireafter* was the
young prince, Don Henri, Whc; \we. also to be
married to one of Lenin Philippe's daughters
(though, by the by, the French King has no mole"
daughters to many!) SantalAnna was also in
cluded in this 'momentous design,' audit wt. con•
fidentialty asserted that he would open the Mezi•
can port to the new King. Dun Enrique 1.. and
Poe tewarded for his treason with the title of
Prince de to Fiddikel the new King and Prince
afterwards setting out \ogether to prosecute the
tour with the United States! .
All ihese talcs (sai.
many dream, 'which
. o Courier) are like so
n and actual «eunence
Thus, the latest adriees
roaipletely pal to flight
from E . uropr Annourire
marriage and exiie-of
wits to conquer Slexi•
e. and marry a princess the House,M °Heath.;
as' Well as the protrat of ths! Spanish ministry
s o phist Geo. Flores' expeilithin against Ectiadoi,
M which that project is raid 6 have met the demi
deit Jimpyrobation of the Spanish gmernment.
from Its cattiest incepti.m.
chi, same pox. Hem;
The Committee appoi
thumb, to name gentleme.
Mlles./It wards of Pitteburg
select.] the folleseing.'subl
ly request them to act with.
condition of the etarvingpeo.
i MMe diem action. We' icy
tribute to the came of softie
has given. to them, either In
clothing. By ord.r of the
M. A
eat Dr. liftrron 's ll collect°ra for the
art Allegheny, hare
:Mercer, and earnest.
promptimdf On the
'lc of Ireland requires
ei our citizens to can ;
o humanity,. God
money. produce, or
EN. Chairman
Ist \Yard—Jams Dslse! ..raaob Forsyth.
2d. m. %5 ri, Mortis J ones.
James P Tannei., Montooth.
4th Joseph Perinoeltm. R. Drain.
sth Hillary 19runnt4 H. Ralston,
Hobert Wray. 1.. R. Liaingstrin:,
7th %Vm. A rilurs,W". :41 eCutcheon.
Bth -• 'John Lightner, Riehard Hughes:
L1:1 R H Hartley, •Phomas
11 . feBell, Jr, J Schonmaker, Robert Wizen,
John 11Sandemn,Jam ex P ek,Jr. Richard Gray,
Hamilton :iterrast and Majo Bechnn,
N•3(.11.111 . IL •
John 'Sampson, .16111.1 A enon.
NII21.4!“701, Sinew acca —A, slip from the
office of the Yaimontl Regi!ier, reports that
barque Cactus, (of Kenn bunk.)Nason which sail
ed hence on Sunday motining for Code and a mar•
het, went echo,. on TrAre . Beach, east side of
Cape Cod, on Monday,l during the N. E. gale ,
and that all hoods prished. The vessel had
gone . to pieces.
Later accounts /state that on Tuesday morning
the Cactus was on the bar, her foremast and bow.
sprit atanding, but the after part of the vessel all
gone and a port of the ern with the name on it
upon the beach. Only doe barrel and ode bro•
ken barrel ol meal rime on shine, the. remainder
'of tho cargo being broken up. The craw were all
lost, and none of the laidiechad come on shore.
Capt. All;enathan, of brig Baltic, (reported under
the Marine head ashore, near the same place,)
spoke the Cactus on Monday, • .hurt rims before
the ves , el went ashore.
The Cattail was a fine bark of 200 tons, one or
two year. old, and was loaded by Menace., E. D r :
Brigham & Co.. Agents for the Steam Figur Mill
at East Boston. She had a cargo of flour, corn
meal, &r... which is believed to be insured in New
York. , The vessel is insured-for $20,000, 'equally
divided betivren two olfiee• in Boston, and am
other office there; has $9,200 on her freight MOO.
.1 Onto Rc.ttxtvv.
led the public„ multi
I tumors respecting
Ohio •olonteen.—
• Is rr.t.L.1..1.‘" raoa nit
has pert
in cori.e . quence of the trfinf
the fate of the 21 regiment o
A letter from Colonel Morg.
by his parents at Waahingto.
by them fomented to • hie.
permits us to throw it before
light open several paints, en
the belief that Col. Morgan
Monterey in safety. It is e
not rfached the troops at Ce
of tlie knee is calculated to
aiOns which have been hithe
opinions expressed were pro
reltgence received by hiss
.Wash. Union.
haa been recci4d
, Perlosll,linilk and
in thin 'city, who
i he pcddic. It *hada
afford. ground for
command reached
dent the panic had
rllico, end the spirit
Ray the apppreben.
o entertained. The
1261ybe/weapon in-
I / out 'the' interior.—
ay morning, t
ary 24, 1847. S
I I ern still induced
ur feeling any un-
'.Friday Izg; he.
The accotuds which hive reached this country
or this distress prevailing in the Higlalandi and Is
!audior Scotland, from the scarcity orford, have
induced veto bring the subject more particularly
before the public of Pennsylvania.
From the proceedings of a meeting held in Lie.
erpoul, February lit, we learn that out of four
hundred thousand persons inhabiting the High
lands of Scotland, sixty tt. ousand are at thin mo
ment totally .destitute of food, except what is stip
plied by charity; and that before the next stammer
arrives, the Highland. and Islands of Scotland
will contain not less than three hundred thousand,
who moat receive t,elief from other hank or per•
ish. The potato &op, upon which that papule
tionis almost wholly dependent, has failed through.
out Scotland. The loan has come Suddenly and
unforseen; the Highlimdi and Wands never look
ed brighter and greener than during the pest math.
mer; in many Identities the blight camp in a single
-night, and the calamity has fallen upon a popula.
lion without money to 'boy other uod. It may
give, amino correct idea of,the extent which the
distrew has reached, to-state, the ft the parish of
Killmalie alone, according t atter from the
Rev. Archibald Clerk, out eta opulation of near.
ly six thowtand,there are more than 'dime thousand
requiting aid; and in Islay there .are upwards of
'five thousand,' whose impending starvation de.
mends immediate relief. Similar accounts hare
reached us from many other parishes and districts;
and to use thadanguago of the Rev. Mr. Dewar,
of the parish of Kilmachin, '•there is a painful
peculiarity marking their present destitu
tion. In past yeses of scarcity thew could 91eu.
late on'sure prospective relief from the potato crop
at the end of July; but this year there are no pit.
tatoes in store or prospect. Meal must be their
sole stippori. In a word there are trials awaiting
the Highlanders for the next nine months, such a
neither they nor their fathers have ever rexperien
ced. .Never did they require aid or syMpathy as
much as now." -
' It may seem somewhat strange, that while the
dietereo in other parts of, the United Kingdom has
hero urged so strenously upon our sympathies, SO
little has been mid of the sufferings to which the
Highlands and Islands of. Scotland me at present
mbjedt, and Sir Hobert Inglis hen not hairitated,in
his place as a Member of Parliament,: ',ha, rebuke 1
the ministers fur the silence of the Qtfects speech
respecting the destitution in Scotland, whfch he!
declared to be, if possible, oven greater than that
of. Ireland. But thr.ao who are better acquainted
with the character of the people, will readily us ,
derstand the reluctance which tho Scotch have al
says felt inappealing to charity. Thom
.1n the
North have been long familiat with hardships, and'
are prepared to face even famine with the fortitude , '
characteristic of their blood; nor should it be for.'
gotten that for years peat the utmost indoatry and
quiet have prevailed among them; neither their
time nor their means have twee diverted from their
own support. There is certainly much that com
mands deep resliect in this tranquil endurance of
unavoidable calamities.
The Scottish people have been already very tic,
live and -liberal in 'doing what they can do for
themselves. The amount collected up up to Jan.
the nth, by the Free Church alone, was £ 10,500
whiCh was doubtless been greatly increased since.
A meeting,beld in Glasgow on the 12.1.1 C of Jan.
oru worthy of the enure; rank and sect were for.
gotten, end the one great question, the relief of
greasing want, was kept in view.. Similar meet. '
inks have been hyld in other parts of Bccilland.
Large funds - give been raised throtighout the
Kingdom of Great Britain generally far those
suffering from fsmtne in Ireland and Scot/acid,
though comparatively a small proportion ,of the
amount contributed lies been sent to Scoilliod.—
In fact, the diocese. of Kilinore . and Tuids have
received mare from the Association of the Mitional
Club then the Highlands and laleude of,i.:„.a . ffand
altogether. It is estimated that a lnillion of/monde
sterling would not more than suffice to! - ,Iiftet.t.e
present contingency,...i.„ . L.;:: '
With there facts before us: the utueri4iied rip..
peal veldt confidence to the generous arts "of
Penney brazil, belierth: that there, wig ! ha.e
never turned a deaf ear to the cry of the tte4Jittite,
will cheerlutly bestow 'of their sbutulanci : Yor Ow
sasittance in this great extremity of a noblislicople,
who are honorably notorious for never Watomrpg
burdens upon others at borne or abroad* Wig
es God permits them to eat their liretAin the
sweat of their face. To those in whom egttir ten.
the Scottish blood, nothing need be saW Vie
call that comet from the land of the . BrOa.ini
the Heather roust make their spirits Iso4 •
filial piety, and GU their hands with giftrilaWnahy
ei lie rent from the children al . Auld at:Slut .. .lto
thei• brethern et limn:. How sad to tint . * liial
the once cheerful logic side, are now 01045 of
silent miffering, and that the Scottish
ot ltras
.• n even a bannook to break amongAl finher . 1
while we in this Nth] of plenty, are fed to r fhe 1
fincrt of the wheat !t . r if:l - 1
George W. Bethune, David Milne,,,,:c!Pigrert ,I
Bald, William itepotale, C. MocaleaWir,l.4ol:wi 1
Biddle, E. D. Ingraham, N. Chapman. , ',4, ,
..alvs , - !
JOhntirtief s , 111iliniiii eriutrio%4:` ka ‘ ''.' ' 0; 3 :
..- . „..1.:.? , ,,;„
~,:. n ,
Iro poithailce of the above circular, Oiajng
of Seotelimen and their jecenJents warilf.3l to
adaptlnJ;vorva to co.oprrote with the d .... it!titee
appotill.)l in Phi:adelphia in sending iii. : ,:iiv:t.
Ilighlanile and the Isle• of Scolland,,ais!li
in i'V.Or it.-
set:t stall of .Vatitution. An Elecutivrtinut.
mittee, consisting ;of the following gliiielnen,
Rev. A. Campbell, Messrs. Joeeph Coliqte John
McQueen, Thos. Hind, Jam. EaniemiqiißuLeit
Swain and George act in thqremia.
as they may deem .
City papers Gig
The admirable
We letter to the
of aa:orling won
inipreas prafol
country. A corn ..nrWe just Oprecia.
.lien of things in]] .stue\ to. his observation.,
Pointe out the att..,ng resemblance lietvireen iba
meracterisii. of Tarytot'a !Wets to the!Depart
nt and those of Wasittgovoa; s on miatary •f
fairs, during the Revolutionary wan ••There is"
be .remarks, the same wisdom and icleirness of
conveyed in language that leaves no doubt.
Look at the contrast in these respects in the tircre..
tary's part of the correspondence; every , thing in
hypothetical and undecided, while the, manly.
straightforward, Washingtonian simplicity, and
perspicuity of the noble rld General reflect
credit and shame on the indecisive replies of Mr.
H v ow I"
Xi the discrimination! The soldierly
dignity of die ohl hero is a so a notable trait gene
in keeping with the frank timplicity of his nature.
The Secretary his been'plade to appreciate this
by the rebuke, severe in its propriety, with which
Gen. Taylor reprehended the interference of the
Department in the matter 'of giving direct order.
to Gen.- Patterson.
The firot despatches from Gen. Teylar`announc•
ing the event* of May loot on the Rio Grande
wets regarded, loth et come and abroad, as models
of brevity. ciewneosi god modesty. His lettere re
. publiobeil . ohms the military genius of ••
great commander, in the breadth and perspecuity
of his .yews. the osolin solidity of his judgment,
and the concentrated force of hi. language, whew
:the very wnr,laand no other., lest adapted to give
hi. meaning in. the most dew anif impreme
manner, 0.,71 to fail of their own accard into
their proper plicrw.
The publication of the . corretrondence in' the
Union herOratne, omission. which it I. any impor-
tant to have supplied. For example, it is very
desirable to ere Gen. Teylar's answer to the re
quisitiriii which took from him the main body of
his regulars; it I. further deoirable to know precise-
If what irllnkratea were given him of reinforce•
amts when he was so sorely weakened; and it I.
especially desirable t'a booty whether or not the
plan of the campaign, asifixed by the Goyetn
meat, Yet-plied Go. Taylor to, advance upon
San Luis while Gap,. Scot was to move 'upon the
city of Mexico from Vera' Crux.—Rollimorr
American. •
Ws■ awn .Famme..—Tlie New York Express,
in en article on the': famine in Ireland, makes the
following significant and instructive remark
•The ext aorilinary destruction of life, and the
ex penditurn of money, large u it is, will not prove
to be as grill, in proportion to the Whole of ,the
population suffering from famine, as that which
will take Place in the present war, which the
President of the United States got up with Meni.
ico for-his lown aggrandizement. England has
raised fortylmillions of dollen to feed the poor.—
We have already spent double this sum in killing
off our own soldiers, nod murdering the Mexicana.
Swedish.Children.—Mr. M'Donald, in his tear.
ele through Sweden, say= "Young children, from
the age of one, to that of eighteen months, are
*raped up : in bandager, like cylinditcal wicker
baskets, which are contrived so tut to keep their
bodice straight without interfering touch with
their growth. They ore suspended from peg( in
the wall, or laid in any convenient pert of the
room, without much nicety, where that exist in
great 'Silence and good humor. I have not heard
.the ',lea of a child since I came to Sweden."
4 tinouts Rerasre.--The Ecciperor of Rai.
!- tin , t outer to buten the completion of the rail
'. ,1 from Peterehurgh to Moscow, bus authorised
: aienion of two aorta of Truant, notes: eadt
' reit, willtona of effective •rubles, haring hue
teft..tfrous Feb. lst. lie bu also ordmiltbe
itwe other meta of Treuury notes of the
in cue the expeusee,of the wuks
e Cailersys ins queation shall require more
' Since oar attentunihts be i
I, to this branch' of our man'
taken some pains'to examine'
ly. Among the other estail
Mr. Thomas Palmer, Market '
and 4th, is.deserving of natie!.
has ea great • variety of wall
ful pattern. and as rich finis h
seen of American anerfactur.
twined a good many sample.
ny of them aro now arid of e
Those in colors are bright •a
ing. We must say we Mimi'
artist who designed them.
r p ....\li
Of lain papers ! the White
smooth d rich no Satin, and
progress m ing in the inane
the 'MI . ecomniendation to
that prices are 25. to 30 per r
season. The stock on band
great inducements in purs,,hael
The whole arrangement el
tablishment is very convert:Nit
ry is on the. earns lot, where
the eye of the proprietor. \V
notice of the pthilic and Wester I
article. aro every way equal ti
Mr. Palmer has an amply
paper of various qualities 01111
Er A Company of rohig
phis, comp, igirm lOU men, a r
route for Mexico.
na•The liernmtassn a
nnotract• fur transporting th•
lag from the East. to New 01
From "the St. f,..nsie Nan
The following lettei., .idAre
of this city,' foirfhu g h contain! !
tion from Ditiiv M;xico than .!
RAM, yet be iiithoul
Four, Astu.
8ro:—Ily en express from . ]
evil for Fort Lovenwoith, I evil
giving such rumors as we
which from coi r, halting sccol
ten, and from other circUmat
founded, (by "we" weaning
On . the 27th ult, a patty
of Bent, Si Vraiu & CO.. at
(an establishment of the co
mountains, about one day's
"from whence they were drive ,
nn the reeving of the 24th. I
place a steal number of mud i
cattle and working oxen. bd.
Stuca and the mounted ruin
which were &leen off, with 2.
cattle, on the first dash.
A. near as I can learn as t.
January, a general inaurreetio t
Mexico, and all the Americal
bold of were massacred. TO •
ned as to have thei 'revolt rim
Woos points of concentration.
beard, there has been a gener
and property. in T... (Thal
L. Lee, Elliott Lee, and ma t
whose names have not as
moisamed. Charles Towia
Taos on a mulct, and wenieto
above, which place he left of
and has not since been heard
to have been killed or to
mountains: A' Mr. Albert,
ley,. made his escape from the
he got otf ill were killed (8)
an old Frenchman—Crisrles
slain. The Pueblo Indians
the ma•sacre. The Antics
newly been killed and plunder yy
George Long W the only 000
has escaped. Him they rob
•possessed. At fiat I bad he
eased by the. Priest, but yest
in which it war dated that it, war
ml. and I ant fearful that. thi Iva account ii too
true. All the Mexicans wh favored the, Amen.
stany were likewise murdered and robbed:
The express by which I carte hit Santa Fi be. ,
fore this outbreak, therefore lin ignorant of what
took place there. Tk is revol , was to. have (irate
off on Christmas eve, but thr ugh the defection of
one of the.Alesdes, the Anufricanv were put. on
ao long, cOnclaed itsiCiariti - aftzerrird.lyet ,
Priests are at the bottom of all this dist urbanci,
reined no doubt by Armijo, the farmer Governer,
! who run away on the approach of the American
I forces, but who in my opinion has not'hemx'.fifty
miles from Santa Fe since our troops took paws.
sion of it. Hue light-bower, Salazar, hu been to
ken op on susrimon of being concerned-In the
['brume* agitation. and is yet, for aught .1 know
to the contrary, under guard.
15'e apprehend no danger at this place either
; from Mexicans or Indiana. There le one compa
ny (Jackson'a) of. Pricers regiment stationed here
for the protection of , poblie property, betides
about 150 teamsters, who are all armed, and can
, concentrate on this point in a few hour. At the
• Pueblo, wyenty.fire miles above this. there' is a
!domino company.;( Brown's) detached from; the
! Mormon regiment in the service of the United,
Stales, which is compptent for the defence of that;
place. Immediately on recei•inetho.news of the;
ineurrection, Capt., Brown despatated on e.xprere
to this place, reporting to 'the Quartirmssre the
readinras of his centring for-active service sliould
they be required. This promptness apsaks
of thorn as soldiery, whatever may began' of them
as citizens.
boo plcOo copy
acter of (Via: Tay.
talentgive gyidence
vrp cap it
to I min of the
We have had but little snow this winter of this
point—none to' be seen now, though betwerin as
and Santa Fe, and below or and to the west gin
it is reported •cry deep. From the apperran i ce of
the rnountanis at this distance, they must bekov.
ered with an immense body. There has veen
some intensely cold weather. The mercury has
once sunk into the bulb, which is at 7 degre4s be.
low, sera. If our thermOmeter had been kinger
there is no telling hoar . much colder it would:have
been. Yours, du.
The following extract from the writings of
John Neal, may base met the eyes of many. of
onr readers before; but it is worth repeatini and ,
the truth it convejs are worth remembering 4
' , There are people who, haviva begun life by
setting their beat against ' wind nmVtide, are
ways complaining of their bad luck. and alasay's
lam ready to give op, and for that very reason al.
reaps helpless and good for noibing, and yet, if
they would perievere, heed\ as alma) , be to work
up stream all life , long, the l would have their re.
ward at last. Gdod voyages are . : . lnarle both wove.
"A certain amount of opporitian is a great lielp
Ina man. Kite* rise ageinstAit with the wind.
Even a head wind is better thriii nothing. r No
man ever wprked his voyage an where in 41ead
calm. The beet wind for anything in' the:long
run,.is a aridewind. If it blows aft, how is ho to
g et back ! •
"Let-no man Was pale, therefore. Iro.u're of
opposition. 'Oppolition eta whet ,he wants,: and
must have, to be good for anything. Hardship is
the native milt of minhond end self reliance. i He
rust cannot ohide-the storm without flinching or
quailing, strips himself i t the sunshine, end eye
down by the wayside, to be overlooked end for.
gotten. • •
”He who but bream himself tip to' the struggle,
hen the winds blow, gives op when they are done
and falls asleep inihe stilluesalhat follows.
"Did you over know lanybody to stick M. any
'kind of business, no metier bow unpromising, ten
year. at moat, who did not prosper!. No Metter
bow bad it might be at the beginning, it he stuck
to it earnestly and faithfully, and tried nothing
else; no matter how hard he • may have found it
sometimes, to keep hie head above water, slat, if
be persevered, be alway's came out bright in the
long run—didn't he!"
Fisu.—The Fish whirr, at this place, thejgreat
depot of the Potemsc Fisheries, is beginning to
swarms a very lively and bustling appearance.—
The run of fish has but just commenced, and it is
hardly safe, as yet, to quote prices. In a week or
two, probably, the, regalia run of the season will
commence. Several small cargoes of Shed and
Herring arrived yesterday., Shad were selling at
from $lO to $l2 par hundred and Herring ;stsll
per thourand.—Aks.
Issranscrton fol
lowing is thSlanst intelligences's hero net; nom
Nes, Mexico. It is Mink from the St. Louis R.
publican of Much It.
From; &as Fort.—A letter received in this
city yesterday, from Bent'. Fort, dated the tot of
p e t e ne t y, written by a nom who had chair of
the Goiernosent stock noar, Taos, at the time of
the recent losurreMion, hoittinne the report, here.
'takes published by as, of the Whine of Governor
Charles Bent, Sutphen end -Elliot Lee, nod the
Aces-dean eitkens, and Several Mexicans of that
p i ece . The Writer, In al letter to hi. retattne,states
that after dm mesildre; tAo Mitsiemitt 'otinimenced
ateafinff the stitch be had in dieititi'and" inswing
learned what Outman they hetreammittei rit
os, be fled to Ben t's Fort Tidetter. pub an
and to t h e h o p e entertained heti, that the repents
might have bisen.essmOded no.finfonniled. •
~ _
CO3IIOIIC Ail I lIECORD. ' c "-;`"''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''"'"'"
rietlaao 110 . thoustrids toldie loath, without hav Diu" F/TTSITURGH 110A,Eill OF TRADE. 1 Prnai '' ' ' Sinn in + de'n by
'hn:nindinine. in nnninnni
comoitnis:. FOR mAßcii. . Luse:. ou li t lk:brttluidsy es coloirig; 'oaf ban *Reidy
1. , 3A , 3 5 , 333.3. t t , , 3 , 3.3.3 3 3. ~ ~.„,,,,. Cone. when Mee dreadfut &e
rase can be auccessollr
_ ._ ..i. . _ ..._ - a.
-j_j_3.,__•,:,_____,,_= cncobarted. • 1 / I . , ,,iLs:prcriwaunta of.Laversroa arid
CsStirr. ariu Apt r. riSt.ll Orrlct Thr • ( 101 otily gyre iiii•ef w alb esies of Orid,,rested
• Wednesda AI urn rig March 31. i i Coukhe ile unniediately. but from be tertinini i y it i,,,,
The weather was no nit en sti of yeiterdo, and 1 th "'" Sri to'' 11 .8 sol .81tir t icir..e mtiking riwnwre,
wo bad a Blight tall IA sin, with the prom= a . t,7,,,%,',":,f,,7 °I C ' in. ' in ' in° " In4irb !'” i ' m "'""
good deal tome. We hall nn doubt hare a stet
,„,,,, , , m ,,, i „, --.."""ninw.na ' na ' hift l ii " ...i7 ”'" i ' i
spell. A Telegraphic espnich informs us it rained ,,,.. . 3 ,,,, i ,:, P , rog"'" ngi' i i in
"ink n in ' " " " i "
,n Phindelphin most of yesterilay.
i i
e.t.a° at our crioensre the :Genie
I lll i 01 ' 7 '. ion' 140fewsow M the Cineinnuti Rel.:rue
gj'After writing the bintesithand i er st orm canto C. B r i es, it , k eft'uLe pulu.shTh another coidnui
np and i it rained freely. i -
The Rivers are on a rand with 7 feet tinter in the
1 1 ,
Flour—Receipts, oof, bat rhostly to go forward.
The receipts by wngiin are I, increasing. ('does
stood, as tor severnl•da„ a prer3ius, at 54.14a4.53
j" W. Tbergis an ado° dethand.
Soles 70 kegs No Lard at He fi
Keg ItutteLeoln to esterit i O/ kegs at lie, and 21
(ibis Roll to three lutslit I LW edijc.
Of Limon sale 380 pc country cure Shkulders on
receipt of ttici from paretent,la Int of Sides, Rime
dOilcriplion at 7r. Fri in 'tor e' and smoke . house
15,010 lbs cry ecnoLmfl ti, 7.4.1. nod 7038 c.
The marke t is hart u . prone Cheese
Receipts of Foreign ridt !all,
The steamer Allquifipa hadhooll sold again for
57,01.10—clionp. She 01 up Lida trip to oe.ion. •
• In New York. on Ticanday.t,the best paper was
sold in the street et 8 ' et, There Ind been con
s:der/We wiles made 0! (Liverhuiont Saes (funded
Treoury miter) at 1.171. lil ft el. prem. The seller
allows in i terest from InJan.+.
.1401 to the buyer.
what i ererinay be the il. to of the certificate.
iWo learn from the otritit!Advertiser, that the
bill which had preitiour
ding for llin payment ,
debt, was rejected I a ti
Adtertiser regrets that
pooh one to the repuota•
slotted have born deter
The schooner Ilonie,
drawOlienieuli . r..
facture.,_ we bide
more partientar
.lislaments titat of
' arm!, brAtrern 3id
. This gentlemen
'paps, of es Iscauti.
7, PR we have ever
and we have ex
'rum the east. Ma.
aborate pattern:l.
nd extremely plea.
i e the taste of the
parlor pap e r I. se
is evidence'of the
facture. It its not
this eatablirlament
Ont. lower thim last
heaiy, and offers
Mr. ralmsell es
The menefeette .
' fverythiygia unlit r
commend it to the
II metche.t. The
the eastern.
e r f o
r l d ' a i y lnkl
ki Dominion bate
troops now 'Fri,
Era, _March 10
pico, tirrittglit Sl9.'d , td i
•I'no St Louis Union
clued a scud annual di
The Legi3liduiti
sad to a gentlerhan
lid later ipforma.
have already pUb.
interest ro our rea.
won. in act to eclattitsh
with .1.1 , 1 of SIOW
lu oreatitac the trtatittzt.
• ry, 1647, S
• Santa Fe, en route
.yeelf of writing you,
There ir cuoriderabli
ket, but rate. bare gi
British bOttnito hare b
flour, loot `2411 for grain.
dair, took :lti,l/e0 tio c
Lupo were taken up at
kt,t) bo—for corn: T
took Hour and grain at II i
Rene/ were mode tar r
Liverpool stiipped at lcp
liar, 31,7,Yand .'Xicw
and two ship!! were tak e
Ilavre at Philadelphia.'
c in 1301OWeenOn of,
HIS from other just•
cen, we believe well
ll at the Foal'
f men in the employ
nod from the Peen.
.pony this side the
travel from TcO6o
o by the Mexicans
There win at the
end horses,. beet
ging to the United
cern, the former of
0 heed of the beef
/ s tore hss been a gre 4
Isom the mantitailarers
been mtj; prices 1, to
arrival or the steamer.
the sales ate prtncipal
the opening of natiptit
laved uy the time a?
/ limo, on the 21st
broke out in New
a. that could be got
affair was . plan.'
Itaneous at their va-
ISu far aswe have
I deatrucuon of Me/
lea Bet3i/, -- tittephen '
p other Muerte : llW
et' transpired. were
....e ilia escape from
u ,10 ) . /.. eight /miles
P r giving the alarm. :
f, and is presumed
1 e pert/Med. iti the
ho lived with Tur
e, states that when
except Turley'. and
Ortobus among the
ware concerned in
s have/ itlism'imi•
of their property.
have heard of who
of eierything he
rd that Elliott ,was
rday I sasss fetter
traninon Soda Item Fr
.1 , 76 n ti,7si iyeidern l'ani
'bleat for Immo-date diet]
.ales of Corn hire be!
Flour held oncd, 54.73; 9 ti
and pa• of all i i
tendency. except tar I'll
_Chen., in b" wohl or Cie; 450 Hdr I..irdallOir it i
1 7
eta Pork, it.. ...de iiii riored,p , ierdar Ind. i.dor
ear, old prime and rn wc at ;4 ., •
_O4 $l.l-prime
"word he bought q”,te a low 01 I ).J . ...bairn 11X1)14 , 13
brown and jerniw liavara ana+ at 14418 r ir. lb, I
tno, ahoy, targ n iiery 'Pa llllrkei n oil, a tendency to
a d,,,,, e ago oi 441 lerair, elin , aniing:43o lib&
at '2s:in told. •
f reighta,arr lower. a bine lia}re been engaged for
Liverpo , il no 7d tor floe'. anir 24'450 In, grain on
butt, 10 I !ork nod oma et :n 1 !in bulk Tbe To..
sale oo any went of wi,ll—nnitirnkin: tt, inortay
into conaderition. pawAir'vr iir.• (r II nal:au-it
Tor money market It been Liveried; y i )m-r tir
Hay, liondiiii IN n jail, iari.niiinjii 5 42,1„ . .n.idier•
Elan Jai it.Titi. Ilananain 3411.31.1 Bremen 7 . 7jui
774, 1
A f., ,, ,1.,. p.a. the 6.....t1,, - was
se n,...1, cold
and wtar*-te, now 4ountea. 'he appearo-oec , •1
Spring 't he ricer IF filling at 11011 non gash.-
11.11 e tat. , cee , ..,.l'y 1,. .1icg •- , n , p , ..., ino in,
I.IIVINg •TINT AIb.TIIT IT iNT. c.e. ,- • I IT, ~ -I?Teo: .I:
laat./ .11 W 11 D tyl Two ph, Debalt , „ l',. k
Ittchland. :Solo W.alsei. Magitt,lF'int,ier. aed.
I . l.anet.-4WaleaJi. 1:..0i1ty.. 1
130ATti LL'al, tit{ 4111 S DAT.
•lii:OWNSL ILLE 1 . ‘1 . 14... I'S at r 3 •. Tll. and I
~.u: . ;
• . ..,f
~,,,:.,,,,,.,,..,, ,
.. : ,, :i... .,_,.,.: N b.,.,,
~: , ;: ci, ,,,. ,
r ,.,,,, a ,,,,,, ; ,,,,.....
- 131POI0TS I.lll' 41 VEIT..
1:1:itlin:. , ATI-Per Plow 1:4004:•:So 2-ri bl.'s :
mols”et„.2 hlf do syroN.lrhtes!se..... 1 sck coder ! _ - .
1.,b0n.10,. i 0wn.,, ,,....
1 .„.....n...,
.. ~.„,,,r _ __., ; \I .n. .--J 4/elrn, Lotlinvo , o l l, l, •eire.C. - oleal. the
d0..1 l‘ . 11:st er-1 do. %i'teAltnillottl-; 1e1:....1.cr0p :'';' '``: e '! ° ' "'' ''''' r% th n ," • ,"g.;:"' m ' l ' "."-
se ka, llBrute & l'o-rl l taj;a 1,1,..,,,,', t., , , i,,..4. , "."' ' '"'" ,,, ' ,.= 3 f." .
17 Leech A I ',.- i 1 111 s-te,c,in. F :neocr,-.1 43 , 1 .
~,,. , p „, ~.....g . , , ...,,,,, & .„ L
-1 , .. ; \I A, ..,..1.-z,;...,!:... A . "F. WAll-A ..„.....,. m„,,.
1 .,
Sicnethe , d - li" "I." I tn .... I ,, r ` l '' & '''..--; ' d " .. 'r ., A,...,,..- 1... , ,..1111 r ..t 110. , :..1 ' 711•2'.9;. P d ' 1 ' l
leathers, W. rl ”,-5.'..7' '', ' .-, 'I I , ''''''. n.r.. ,'. 1- ' '... ' oel ' -e- d co.fccno;.e t rt11,01 , ...,,1. 1,0. Inecre.,..
eau. shauldron , ; - h ,; l. - .. , j: , ;..0 , 10=' , ,, , Sl.e.s.. . o' .11V 14..1:, PI MP c,h Amid Do, o. Mnr,and , I, captur,,
•do hulq ea ba11.....,11, : •• b., i i do cIoNc-tred., 61 ot 510e,...*. c.. eh... elcranneelute ol !eters nexone.l,
bales hemp, 11 tlrad --. obi. 1 ...I 0.1, 1, It Manley. .......u. - A, .. end P:J.k of V.... Cre.. nod C, de or Joon
te. l. c, la, r. ,c,.rod and for. „ ale I, •
Willilll.lNll-Pnr 1,,, , England-1,13 .. , L,,, ear- ' ' - . - )& t•rOCI,ToN \ •
loy,.1:1alo ono, on. nor,- 1 , 1 lAA% t100r..1 &ler:I/len , ~ e-, ~.. 1., irk.: : ned Thud ats
& 17.,-....:60,11. .1 Al t' i( & C..-10 I,hl - n ' - - ' : - - ---.-
who,key. Mtllcr &lit..a-9 Logi lard. lialaley ; FON NESS* 01:.1./. A 1 ,
ao .
....s.o.da-1 pcg, 11 1.4 1.11 & 1 . .-45 pc•st 15.....:, ury4..:. _._.,-.. 76 :1 Th.. •‘..e.., e ..e.l 1...‘ NTT...TeI
641 , c.l .1 cr. 31 do, applci. 4 ..c's and I, e .1 ss opplcs.. ~ ,.."
..,...„,, . T . ,,1,,,,,„ 11 . 1 . , , j , ,, ..7 ,, i 1 0 ,,, N ,,,, ,
10 neks,eorn. II; I.llsier. onliers .
r1Pt".........-"--.. 'I eJ,Jo, cyco eg at 4 o'clock, P.
4 . AVI.I,L , NILL,E-1 ., 1V elindle-4301.h.s floor . 'NI For ire ;:, or pa, go bpply
S Wight...on-ISi. ess, S' & ll' II trhatgli-1 1..1 ' 0- ' oar'. • , n os e .
hotter...! in Hoserscoe. Ii Mal , In. 1. beg huller, I Folio ST 1.1.1:1S-1,1FIT.cr.
A11.:1,,rn k o'o-I s!,. 14 Io,L, d,,, I . k worn. •:.
r., TsKIT ANTI regale,. Packet
do wool Odo ...All,ers, ' his, lillgalt.) & Snoth-ll: ', - " .1.. . '''
wc,,,,..d. C , ::::::.: , ...1 , ,
[Jogai:el meal. 1 LI4III/A 113-.-I A 10,, 4 sot/dries, W &. • Forscil.. marten wool lesse TITI alio,
R An'alchren-ll hills-paper, tliazetee.
Al. Far 1,1011 or passage apply on
BROAVN-VILLE- cr 42..41-1 be, A horde,, l.aartl. I olal3l
-11 do, Forsitli S. Doman-1 , 10. Von th & l'o -ii
dri. Butler .‹ Bro-J..slirg. n:‘ll.,J Dainclt-1 g,
We/ MeDoealcl-3 do) Wallletlord & Co-1 tio.
Tonle & Di ' enor-1 On, Hotslteson & l'„-:'o do,
11 GratT-11 de, Ntonoull Jones & I'o--2 do: Brom.,
, & it co .-.33 do 1 !Irlsol& Tha4-112 I/1.1 glow, A
Vanltirk-:.4 sclo. ntrat. :11 1.1111 Ileac, 'l' A hoops
-9 drr,"l.l Lover-11 on. Itober',.son & Itepp,,--,7,i,
Idols apples. o. nee s'i , arks corn. 93 blds Hoer. 4.1
do apple., lt stks beans, 21 1 /.10: ..:.b , , 91 'Clara:to &
Per Louis NlcLann-i1 pea. ....apt Doelen,-1 do.
•1t0te,.&.. li
.one-I do Shea At I.ennork-1 ,in, W
II ArCITATIPII & T 'nlends, 1 I' ILdwell-i do,
flown & Bros-Lill tin , gloss! Ai Vont:irk-1J seks
oats, I,ll3or:Jus& 1:1-111sckalcorp. 19 eels apples.
b 3 do now, ...ler , ', '.
1.6 - 04SVILCV-I'el'Mt &or/lon-160 ices hauls.
69 hllda bacon. 2.41 h,. .10, 1 WA. do, 6 heat tobacco,
II Graft-Ili de, 2141 hall e
s lien.pi,, 1/ Leech & lie-I
hid tobacco, Poll pen 1. e , Forsyth & Co-6134 Is,
hulk pork. IV 111 , .,97 hal.f.s CITITITIT.OIId/iSITTI
& I'o-h do, .1 Grin•-116 tons. pig iron, holler &
Bro-1 Itlid and I htllsacco.iJ Maxorie-11 bales
fu ski ~ka,,, li,' 13 11. burr & , ,Bro-e6 hhdsbncoo,
s; no 11.nlhan.-13 els camellia & Hors.--u.seas
leather, Car.... & Mc itoghtl-lt, Ins bacon, 3 bbls
lard...! on brans, 3 sckt leach ..4 do tang, roil,
dexter & On I
ZANESVILLE-I'i Camel-INi bbh. dour. 11)
pegs, 22 sc . .. oats, J.. hogs raks, owner..-91 bbla
whigkei. I Intl Irallier.ll33 1,61,,i110ur,44 lob ... h cn,
3 bells do. LI. Lerth & Vo-,31111.11a door S 10 igtit`
larlo-Zr2 bet. pAler, 3 111 Nlellne-30 do. Nlerphy,
Wil s on & 1',,-3 PlSlS . poller, Ilagaley & Stni. h-3
do elaterser .1. 'l' t; Cti.orne-..13 pegs. oats, eggs,.
feathers, Ste, J 17417,1! Inv!, pnek..2 libln be.ten,
4 4 „ lord. loud on & till --.I 10 ilea hocon, M1N.....
I MA lard, I ,e.,,, pea ITTNII: I WTI Neon., 2 do eggs.
It Dalsell,t Co.-21 i s ids bac.n. II Una
lIR11:11TO:Vt . c . , I c over 1 .1 :41In. (1: El)-3.50Lhle
dour, kr nd allingli & Uta-11.100 It. cotton tare,
Friend, int , . & Co. ' . ~ • i
Poll'F Oill'l"i'SliUlttli.
fErFernolle Plod
so, from rehcf,
compinia. The Ven
Dr. Upham, vv II Lr ut
the !peed} earn. it rthn
Thoucnnes have
1 . 21 Felton
Martel nernet, end P.
Pinaburgh,Pn. Prom
$5;00. B
• 140. on SO
int suin•criCter nes. -
he bli commenced l H
FmAion Vara, or g.
fnni ite win nterrent •
tttefierelt for Um
wile mule to nte . „*.t
nented, at the IV, in
CAS!(.ernanrocn u, '
nc tipren:
T pas+ the-House • pron
d the ilnorest on the State
tens!.e, on the Inth. The
tnessitre or such Tut iro
n nue interests of that State
nt Sr:4 Orleans Ifoll/ Tatl/
neunine Company has de
:deed ,t.
Irgln , ased at ,ts I igt ss.
;ban ill ar:in,burg, ( Va e' .)
M. Ekon. are Leong magic
or of iloviay save:—
antivi4 iu the Freight mar
Wt. Engagements in
men made at fa 9th - ilia fur
, The (And Wellington
y e ra at :Ha Two Ainenell
6.1 fol. dour and 2 to 2bd—
e Skidilv and Rainbow also
cm raw, Several enp,f,cr
reland t t 4 litsd. Oat. to
il. He vylmight eoa. For
tea fl4l for flour and,grain,
don to g reline to loaillor
jilt S 2 pi bbl,
t ee Britinidre Patriot
w .
e Voirs. Priday,-P. 111.
t Jeal di Inqu'n for I bum,
to day. rrl :AAA, tuler Isaac
f• Ili caner thr
lour is g. 1 , 4 demand, but
11,1, to arrive, 31
n, and the.pnces ore
w%I. ..
'or r cvo Wejleo
(roar ot u Loriletnannl al SG,
41 . 57117:15. lilkibble. Corn
ilvery. &old at $1,75. Large
011 mod nt Ryr
s 4104 c. I rnnslor.s ore
iscro , trave 4111.1/Vnnar..l
Ire,e L 30000
Michtp.an, 110111;11
Laknßall. I
Hailntn Baird, NI
5W2i41,1, Clarke,
tt iltuington, LW.;
Ltespatc;, Nelsen
tVlsconstn, Grace
Comet. Boyd, .Zati
Ml. Vernon. Park'
Planet, ;Be Dowel
n, Cita.
ion, St t
7 7 0 " , n i4
t ill, Bent.
I n.ieltcr. Ctn.
z hot. city
blichigan. Ileintit.
Loins McLane. le
Lake Erie, Ball,
SA3I3, Clarke,
Hibernia No d.
New England. Eh.
Rhode Gland, Da
Gladiator, Smlthe
ZanervilliP Packe
Nachville, Miller
l• Zll/1 . VII t
forbtd,the gruller
plretigia from preuiiar
rrtnary. pelnitr.llcy
valuable Rciaedy tor
ir?o•t Levere a•e% •.i
an to its very
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V l, WVATT &
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S111:111fiie!ll creet.
znAll lie
F 1.0 k: Al.l. It Y.
arlure of. Vinftporrs
he, heo4.l4ntre" . note
Nrreni them ni r , prt
led to call and exam
Pour::: si nearly opposite the Dank of Pinahurgh.
CUR I:1'N I' hlUNEV'n•eoiaeil on Depoatte—sight
Ch,n.k. fa, niatl roltecoons
.000 o aril' all
pa. pant,a the Pintail Starts. 2
il.ghvitprmium peefor Foreign mtl American
AdVallre3 made nu conuigtauentx of Produee..ll. ppm!
Cl,) -1 1 . 1P011.'1`.1.:VT TO TILE SICIC.- - / have
I . .t4acraLu..l I a: , >oloaa..vrta:
yllo have med it, and they ED.,:
r. Wthl4.o. - .1 I cert,n!r has,: eo Itmtat,e,in et
-0.1.11 .t aas rouble tnedlCl/11110, cough.. cord.
P.l . lloCli
i y tirco, P.ttshurgh
Irani h.vl. Gray. ALe3her.7 esty:
• 1.-aiter , l`anavca I. the bolt nseoll,Cr him
eer I u.s. I , .ta ' Cough or Cold.
exunituon, Allegionly City."
at ..Nutt.l ton City 110.
fir PHoburgh and vcuuty,
by gnu:tally See. ad vvtistmeta. kitg
1) CA NuT ,, —li+mated tar
customer, at the AI asdetd
.1. and Spa, l' ae:or, .17 nab 'treat. .
• tack II 11110DE.4-ALCURN
.. . . . . ..
‘2_I'ICFS of:. II lonVoubd tat cusioaleta Attila 51L0-
1,1 Intl ltd Spa., f" ry, 27 Firth Atrret
inch3l , ItIIODES A. ALCOR , :
-- -
II ° lt ' in F ed i l '. o b ol ' ; 'll :.fn r J 21'utnI P
141 ' p a ' l " Je ' .fuglaTl
to Since I- JC tory, .27 Yana ntreet.
. -
DICE tench ground-cud con.lanl4 . o
t .4,111411 w: and Far•tor). 07 both
rrrt nsen3l RHODE-SS: .11(.:ORN
Di:PITH S.{ ITE--Ire LoadtOint Lottre`d
1 Ind,a P..pp.ns„on bun] and jar sole by
--` 11.1i0DES & ALCORN
Nod? FOth meet
['AWN I , bbl. and 110 kegs on band
not Int salt. Ily RHODES in ALinikiti
Incll 11 `27 KAI& intent
ltd /1' to krgs and Loons, flub
V ground and constantly on hand lot rat., I.v
li/lODF—S fr. ALCORN
No a 7 Walt Street
I HOUND A 1.1,11rE, Cinnamon and Clovea
$. • boar nd parkvic czantanDy on hand
nal for aae a..aluanard and noire E.ictof 5. V 7 Fifth
menal IDIODF:S 51 A I,COlt N
1)0A ;TED AND GROUND 4705.rEf; Ifre4 every
11'"„4 C'Tn'?l:;" N o
1 . ; " 1 7 : f :;11.1 d S :i..Z j'!"
No 57 awned t
FLA XSEED— 5 bLls Fiax , end_fo . n . Ly
4.2 ,s it s RILLA-1. bale Vera Crux Ann nod
,No 57 wood ottrenl
Rico AND .2S urtcc• Rice, •
,to!. Lonf Sogur: for talc by • ,
No 21 WIWI si
.up , ,fin-l‘la.tani uur own mine..
!co ' Si wM;d7orel.l
rratated •rttat: twat I:1,1.4. tor
ate at lan. n .uuslnd aJt,l lt , tmee Factory.
F. n a
•tr..et. et,cl 31 ItItODY..I. MA,RN
10 1 , FICR-11.).4,4 tool Mound, for ateatniktut...
'l,, etocers• at the MaalartlAnd ,po e
I'dtb . oteh/t NtIULIF-S & ALCORN
•1)&.lD BONFLN-A Loa.. ad,.orostent by the Doz•
,11Jn, •Fte!.. Noa, tor otle coca... at the Wait
,‘" or. vs+ PALAIEkt, 17.Marlet
oreet, I.emeettl.l upd Ith •0., I'd tO.ergh. Nano
01 , 31
. .
j,,•011 B E NT -rue Dry Gone. Note. No 44 !liar.
1 _ket z..a..0e.. than App,
.ineh 7 , 1 Market .:reel
rllll. I.IIT 11301.- tuo: received and 'or
• .1:1 . ins Dreg waerhou..-6(
ut , roe end arn.4l
) .tI,ZAILINE S I S V• !II 41, /1,1 ,
t!tt, eitity ttlart, tirr.oeti, wall
Al' It 'it it
N It cur 4.11 and Market nts
/SG II AWLS-IV. R Al.orrby ha - , now
new and ric .1 my, Ca•htare
c,•.! uralrir Jae onet and Rw,s• In.
! I , lgrne•
I. 0 I'IS VI LL LIM E —l'rt I.vrnr, Lon:so/Ale
trtaratoy, (mut GYe
t. ,, l+nrre.--on the went Ptvorabler :Hari by
:it Syr a:von...arca. Clueinnal/
• KW • Lil.ll.lt LOUIS% tux. I•AcKiir:
rlraant sad nnett Pocket
MT. vicrugoN.
a l ; ' ,Ol k .: " Tn ". l - 1%:;7/7r 2nd. at eave W
oclock. A M. Fur flanabi or paosage
appvan Ivvr A.
fine •tesiner
Nlceormirk, ntsocr, will leave. as
ahoye ou Thursday, April in. at In
drclork, a X poliitintly For freight or passage, hay.
rot fine speomnoilauonk. apply on luriri r melfir
0131: CELEuttATED 11 1 .1/1 AN LIVER
I'ILLS, for the eatre of Liver CoUrplalnr; and
all silaiiatini arising from the Liver. In isck head
ache. and as a purgative and Anti... Bilious fill, ours
piaiere by none...
SYMPTOMS or a DillltaiSZO I.lv en.—Chronic
irdliniat sou of the !Aver. when not the consequence
00 acute attack of ii,, disease, begins generally,
with symptoms 010 Imictional disorder of the diges
t,v, and titulary organs, apt dripepsta frequently
scorns to 1 , .. the only affection present. 'fhe patient
cony' anti,of irrarzol, appetite and i.i paired powers
of digestion. acorn'', flatulence. slight eholic.pains,
oecisional imesea and vomiting, and it alight dull
pain gild weight are 'ell in the right .igia, accompa•
riled in sown, srases wrth aniraggtng path in the right
shoulder. Most commonly, however, go distin9k
pain Iv esperrenctnl in the region of the Liver,
nicept heti lino pressure is made on this part..—'
'Vb.', bowel. ate always very irregular, coativenon
borne eceamon to some instance* with diarrhoea, the
iftectiarges se.ant, dark colored, offensive, slimy,
• greenish or nimbly. tine nl Fie most content and
ph a ,,,cr er w rc s'rnptittos of Chronic Liter !;nuts
pisi t iv a dry, handl, constricted state of the skin,
J!o,ri dry cough, with slight difficulty in breathing,
re a frequent attendant on Ohl, disease. In the
chronic as in the acute form of this disease, the, pas,
tient can senlont rest as ca.' , 00 the left as on the
righ,L,rade, .ka the dttraio advances, stiglisfevers
'come o n towards MVPIIIIIT, attended with a' horning.
heat 10 the palmy of the tin nrii-and solve Al the feet;
the nights are restless. and when the indmirnation
terminates ,nsuppuration:hectic and rapid emama
icon Cl/P.lllOn the nit tl powers.
AI inufactured and sold wholesale •nihrrelatl my
JOHN D. MORGAN, Diuggiat,
Wood street, Pittsburgh:
0 ISt ie.—Semite:l in iii its multiplied Pines,
wricilier in that of Kim'. Evil, enlargements al the
gland. or hones, Guard, White Swellings. Chronic
itheutnatism, Cans,. di.ensn of the Skin or Spine,
or of Pulmonary Consumption, emanate from one
the earnestness., which- is a piesonotis entitle's ,
loam or Icon inherent In the human system There.
fore, unless this principle can beenstroycil, nu met
cal core can be elected, but if the principle upon
winch the. disease depends, is remoyed, a cure
must of necessity tallow. no matter under else loam
the disease should manifest itself. This, therefore,
to tue mason why Jamie, Asseu r treri. in so um.
'silly successful in entering
ti so many malignant
Diseases. pt destroy* the ses or principle front
ilinu three diseases hare their origin, by entering
,rite the CI realation, and swath the blood i, conveyed
.te the minutest fibre, removing every pnpcle of
discuss from the syrem. Prepared and sold at No.
Tlurd l•trcet Phitadolphia.
Said at the robin 'l'ea Store, Nu. 72Tourth .tract
Pittsburgh. mch3l.
S _
ELLEIZS' S111:1k-There
N.la nollung equal to It. -
Vie rsiteaud, March 27,130.
Al, It E . -diets-10 jestice to yeu and: 'our in•
colorteible Cough Syrup,l beg leave instate fur the
benefit of the communtty, that my wile, has been
sever ,1 thou alßleted with a nabaldistrossing cough.
I purclused in January last a bottle or your /Syrup,
whielis.ored a cough of bat/ mOnthastanding. About
one month slice the cough reterned, nod we. SO Se
vere that she could hardly more. rronisweakness ui
the breast; I sent for two bottles of- your cough
Syrup, Mot part orone•bottle cured the cough.
gave the other bottle to a joUrttryman who w ear
merely 'afinCtUtl. Whd to use 'his own word.,
"eaten enough Cougb Giintly to cure all the POlale
an Pittsburgh, at tbo dandy had been as good as rep.
resented. - . IteepecttaUr yentas,
ALI... B. Rgcsic.
rem.0ty.,,,0, no , c.eq boodreid that 'me
this Cough Syrup. cat that it is the boat lough
Medicine in see. Preiweiii and cold nt 25 genii per
bottle, by It E LLEIV,i, 57 Wood et. nicb3l
FL4Fa . 4100101,1- r ey.
mltreti 1:: 1. ,
vac 630
ust , ' 4l isid int sale by
belts -and iroo4 at.
note Anii
L4,12.nd *ow au.
i4thiskely idvtma
.hi J . SLOAN
' , An+
rk..biik et, ht time
.11. 4 1.0 AN
Y wood /as
1.4 tor Irtlt by '
BEILS Ohl AloOongarrel
1%..4ad for-r/rln Ly •
ILA—SO krg~ its MI led
iron for ia!e
artiltod sta,
Tell more .d.
a. J SLOAN "
, Y and wood as ''
4.7.910VEL5-6 dirrert
{„?' F0T..1,C hp
thchSo •
T . 0. SUGAIL—•tbu bhdi prune.
• rivals Lsr.tl tar Sale by I
• DVRI:ittI)GE,
tu rfi%
MOLA sslir : s-4 . l,np e
/1 , 1 1
*ved perlal< ar
ati4re . rt
Ili< arrival., for
' ILSONtt Co
'Wat r
jog's Cincinaalior
sale tiy
LLARD 01E-10 ' I. E. No,' I Could
firat,raw nrCe!e.julit rced•and
mrh No
•I.•mly tweet
by •
gIiFN & Co
*later tt
long awl Yhort Reel Cart.
II ttt t ng, Curet
sale by
loomed Number
and llwin<i Tot
RN Ell& OP
IVO 4:7 .i. , llct .1
r Skins,
rurril& Co'
for solt.by
I bil7 h. Co,
F E...., THE RS, kr-10
For r 14' •
C (311:if 131C00115—...U.
C l 6 ARS-11 - 1.0 Ken.:
for ale by "
ni ouor:Doinioion
ron.troc ar,4 for
ord Oorront Pl/
, It , C;1111,Adlor sole
O n L n
d A r nE n 1,61 1 1 ..
.1 -
LI AMY— te3 bids P:clied I
1.1 by LEW
'll-I , d , AND 14-
50 boa. nry,Avi , i,
/ LW do du ?cache!, ree'
11011 T DA
rr, Win
FLOUR -47 bbl. Faanily'F'aor for
0 . reenact! and feraal.tity •
i M.A, b )
1. belly etre t
I' LP . I.Li & Co
LI erly street
re atilde; jnn
itS6:44 CO
LS LI Rift, DU E.
La„.,,6u.A.-150 Loaf
0 bs
N 0.., jest received and 5
for re• by +.
boxec c•Nly o.iunecc -
_do Lernons.r•ot rev'.
jWaitr »treel ' 1
•tui for &•le by
pE.CAN NUTS—G b 1,14 jo•trec
N TOL A . SSE/5-30U yblo rre'
tneq.3o • .1 I '
!• and int see by
11.. N b. Co '
arid !ethic by
:VIER a. Co
Litxrtj .free[
for tale by
L ARD—KO bbla No I leaf Lard
myrns, /I
ro• hlO •
Libeny street
eke Tee . 4 and for
DiTER 3. Ce
,Lrbert street
II dile by AIYERS, II
h 3.1
- • :I;
• I:
B ATTING -1W bal 7 ,1
yt:RN, 111
CIDER , VlNEGANl;!_llb . l i v a l
1,00 le
NAILS—Mu t.lt anitytik
Siam Farlory, for
osat4 by. ,
NTk:ll.l Co
•' I Mort', siren
store for ante
:4 FERE&Zo
Llbert Aare!
, by
Ltberto street
DEEP 1.141.315—L0 hbl4 Just ree d by
31 . 1.i.E.R4 , ,11 LINTER*. Co
reed per cna-c:
111 . TLN
1 WA Semi. toot 0,1 for sal
00-trar • --war and float as
ROCK POWDE4l.7l.o.trintlylon handfar srtle
rortr.o • waralllo•ootati,
VOTTON I'ALLSOi—DC Cily. genufarilzre: ben
-cenuillt Ain
• K
r o le( T 601..0 mos kiwi., pin
, 1110.11:671' .
ruc•l44 I wood nrcei
• LASS-03 boa ealu, reed a d for 'Alf.
torE.Y.. ' 93 wood trect
AILS—le boy. aq•orle .3 0 0 t T , f , n I P..PT•
talc by & W
mob, " . 93 wood Neel
I' , XT FINE ILI GLO d..en
to t.017.pe em.llientlenieo ruck Je Kid.Gloyee--
00011.1 iLe Nor York horn7o Afar kt
roc t.
001.09 . W II GARRARD •
NNAWLS ,No•a• op nal therirrk
IJ Nom Market stroot,7olsplearl asior led spnog
(rocirS9 W GARRARD .
PRINTS, 7411.W'54,Ac—.4 _NH 0.1.
• so. uncut or Spoor Prorts and I, wn.; at:the Now
York Niore, Nark...rock
mch-.01 ' II GARRARD
,F!.. ,6
m k.X.SEED
' Liberiy street
II MED APPLES I So. 4rced rod f o r
J cc, by . 4 & w IARRAUGII
acbv9 • in weal] effect
BURLAPS -5 tnitr• to dmiee, lot
1nrt.7.9 II
aileoetl street
o fz ICE-40 tlerces suit', and ferls'aie
. -241rERS,.11ANTE,Ittc Co
mehlo ! I ._2.1E2 Liberty street
[I , II.IN—NPTITurns Fr
figntneni and for .1
n , 17 '
ficourt.-- - al FinTPour foito f
. •
mcht!:' : 4 Libcriaatreei
7VMM: I I—'3OOIOP Neil. in dfur.6l nbv
111 ' mc6u.1.1 sus] fr,te.t4)
.ch 27 • .
Inn reeerverl and for inn • -
• ./ sciturt. , NAkFtra. Co
... .e1:127 • liiirrry.4 woad prrec2
I , nLonioi ' Ll3l.S.G
Salm in naore and for .1e l •. • 1
J KErt & co
wyttl firte! , _
OIL-:•151.41s brri n Oil 4, nile by
J sJitoq,s IAKF:11 &co • ,
4 I Nu 21 svoiiid weer
J.) ACON-11.ns, In. and 5h4.4, ,
/../ [rum .'Sluolchouse. for .0k by : .1,
!ere hi.; received
- -
()RA N43IES:-.;1.70 LEMOSI
:0 aterni
In,. by P .
”.. tf; rot. •pqhf
I 000 -b•
ih'ef ,111,j recel
. - -
d i 0 crdrt,
' NIA Itf I
Idta! I n 1 me_
IA fi— i
Ed ontor sale by
X 1 k Co
No 4twanorot
L , -
.lIHII.ELLII.II-11 re ti eaic
Ginguuln Umbrell•B ii in c .4zp i fn
j{~~ARAB2ILS urn.
/ l'all.lo , —opeced and for salß fit
\ V ! I AretrßtCin PAPER
In rge narl
IPB du assorted
181 Oco inedaum Tea Papei,
50 do l'os: and Cap do;
<S27 •
I„,P PELTS—SIB he.‘,•q.-1
do , I
aro,/ Co:ton - aka]
Id at
g W1,1171:1 ,
I 9)
1 ' Natal Pak
49 ...Atm.
do Jo,
alr •i •r • /ow by
e 21 wig:4l.l+l
For rale by
V' Kl.L.lll"scrl
• of Norfikas
y rare ll* T. , !f'‘'..
f GMC.:kb ran
J U+T Received, • large invoicei
,and.Syes. For Ils:e at lou;1 .: 7 ) 1 , 4
No t 6 wood itreci, np vtairt.ov..l
CIOTTOS-107 Lulu Tennrilr'
V per eleamer,Ainrr2s3lnnAlN.
:11YET L k..
! !W.l. ' : 7:f
13 A00._0,40. lb. ihog rtwod.l
1:1-1 , -APitIbTING STOClthe—, . letrce dic‘or - trow-ol
boo black 'and /Odt rOoior d fitnolibt pomp
di , turor. and tor Pale by , he monufe orer's Sent, No
dd wood dtrsot, up sty rt, sohokoldn., J r ,
.! . !4/..poracturefl., Atent
XEY 1, Co
tor •n cl,Pront M.
.11in store and forsate by
pip 0 WDEI3-00 kegs lkierd 1
sdactore of the venom, brilifs
and Venittei m,
—la Maw:lW anti. •
• ; 1111t,t1= — g :
•Apply to
rain qjla
r2u, ettllC sni
V6Ll.4 , Agent
‘Vatgr street
1V .'o Nr u p nl ° „l;rflT - 11: 4 14! ' f
(oriole by .JCDID
nal= RItA-' •
ola Derlavls, Alittleater
l ive "Fikrec !ale elf, Prenalturet i •
r4er4e.,y r ' am.. the 4lst twa t a.* '' Lee k
rriat ito u rtion Itrums;ronrer of Weed and .—
ik, au!! litkt
re-• firer quenkay Or new end
' • hoosethold tral 'hoetteir (eremite. AMOUR
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the Coat.
l o th shreei
eonC !'
, .
erdayl cr/rn me. April 1, ,, at 10 o'eawa, l i t h e
•t 1 Atlantan Room.. corner of Wood and Ftfth
16e sole,--a lance wrorttnent of Silk Lawn
4,, ,llrin o nrits ,:ls r o tbiw a. rea_e:pc, lien ann,,,,i o i.;
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dtlbir a di,'Frda, .S' ',. 7' 0.7.1 4 1 = „ ;LT.?.
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met raking • : c.,.211.z .. 3wiiid:
beds, roattracce •
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arare,gacrobwaego sl ,ce - wa.
M: 0:Cl0e/1t.• ..
01.11 of thy Goia • from a Colltaly ni(re. A
cafennentof, fine cutiery, ready nlikde tit
-Is, leoveliy, mancwl,lnrtrutnittts, fancy
alfae d
ve. err
el it_
.• A 15' it Iter;f',EXCl - 0: MBE' BROILERS
el* • Jon ORA Litit• jlt. .
13i ''' 1;14' ?door Er"! ,
i,,, ,, j , ,
, : rg i ln . ‘ ur atr i :: . F . owth,. East rule,
__ ldiwl•
1 . ileir_ll7 - 140/• - stily.
I OSE Islis .I.= - L - : Hale of the finn of Wts•A.
111114 ,an dilVl.l C. CLIRRY,‘Iste of Rle, l`a.)
dee ems 441 tete , Copannetsfoit_under the name of
HU. *.!ql7,itav; for we putissre;of earryibg on the
'Kok ing,..T .. r.rch#l.-,c bo•illess In ail in branohes, at
65 IN' : street. three doers below ' , north, west
1 e-1{1,4f they sbllEd the eurtinn of their friends and
• puldie, enetall •. .j . JOSEPH if HILL
ilachldl . W3l. C CUNIIY --
total.lt ; tilt . ',
i . II LL & 'CLIVIRT #
NO - itS Won street, th ird drat. I aloe Fourth, west side.
P R 07 # and tarreticy rc reil on Deposile and
1 .
co ;I
il- et alarm on 711 i .e principal Clat ain the
Baited Flatell.
- Right Eggliango on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
Vora; Bora K.ta
on and tine innati constantly for sale.
Mi n,' Minn. nelty Virginia , and Penns, ivania
Bank No el, boort and Ids Peln fiiiroralik terms.
End/nage on and, Behind, Barn:my and France
P """ d iA r '..!". .-41.__________"'SLIL
_ i . I
,' : o Triagelleas.
I 14QR ; ArEatija
Fill a Ex, rir . . l ,l.Np nALTi3ionm.„
1E..- r h trd for "avenger.
Milt: r an 4 !and ' Ratiread. being note in fterellent
A orders e:Park sail! liost,rot.eritt 11, 1wc4,11, pas ,
...Inge. - ors olloarro,ever, h. 101111,9 ne oek
racket Chap, I 17*pi.• Crayr, ~ Fr,'Ony,dati t .tim,
do I .... 1 I do; HetavYr , BatarOngt Vih inst.
do I fen. oa elnorspson. Banday,2a,k inst.
do• RI , at aB .1 4 ' 1 r4 . /7 : . Monday, th iris),
do 1./Tt . : iro ir,ra ..e.. . hier,o.lay-ntab toot
drl I .rat ' 14-1 51-•‘..7, - .V..rtmotoy,3ln innt
. ma r
Fa raigl aßtlg si llolCrl -,..traeoe ra , of 13 Borne,
air to 11. i il .; N 11,311;e1 & a - 0
, no i,ga L ! 1 , i ' voon. Mutt.
' ' ' N 0...
1 1 1 ..1 1 1•4.• 1 / 6 . W 1 ',, 6! h.e.e . ..d - st. fa...del to the
nob ertF:ll ' a=l:- P - levl r i' rc r,r " %fi . argaf ' d 'r f U 4
with the n4ersig l 4,4 surees.or..
la t e wa duly :aaihori
sCdrosefile.up Me huhines of the firm. .
_ . I i 1 it 1111.1../6 BRESII NH .
— , PA , L.I._ 4 4 ,:.. ..___s_n_t..A..r2'.2 4 .2Ys.!l_ ,
.0 ECII i VEI/ itti . u?orma at Burma, fr. Tut nees--A
It fine el}cpon o
. Cali fond.. hint.. new owl health..
:11.1 styles, Frond. Gingham, very net. patterns. at ZS
Cents; /11sOchisteh Gingham., warranted, at she. law
price of ttrentr;bEngloph Print.; Brown plaids and
sthpe ni: .od, 14,pilsote.at No 46 filaikes meet,
p .: _ l6 fil/ 1 ' • ': ; lletween3d and 4th streets
Jirll4l adlasplbeis /cep •0
o( Massachusetts and 9
nil lota aa wanted lit Wear_
Wharce4, flailadelphja. I
Inetshlc.as 1 MO M KE:13111DI A Cu
._....- 4.-.-- —,-
T .
NICITi lip-:-Applleatio /lea been made for the re
J. 711 new I Af, Oestaficale No 176. dated .Jan.ry 13,
1915; for wrisi.e. Share .of We capital stork- of the
company for crecunk-a-tir ege over the Rater Morion—
gahel.o pre de P.:Would which ,aid Certgicate has
bortr-des old by Grepr I rt.
Inc h3O. • : : - GEORGE; COCHRAN
i f i
n-,L, F ps. /01/ Gt_. - . .6T—The genera-41.m' of
..1,/ P N rn sylvan., lion Ole year Illsi la Aped roa n '
In46,:eht nologically arrabged: with noes and refer
ences to II Me decisions ed the SuPretueConn of Penn.
sylvarna4zing conotructi rm. In mid laws, and a very
cop.. a 3. Compiled y Am. Denbo,. 111,1'4.4.
burgh 8.. j Fa t sale y 51. .READ
each:lEl4. I Fourth, near Market at'
i Is
N EWl,B6OKS—lttargaret Dercivat; Ity'tlie arab ,
1 r
tt . Amy]FlerLen." j
- !'etertvidePAc.: ilitetl y !ley W. Se Arvid, 7'
.A iystyrn of Intel:cm 1 l'llat.oophy; by
l re " t k lent t ioritstronitray; t v D. Dirtted '
D'lsm ti'a Amenities of I:Dolton-
Livespr FAtmentltiveh titer; IF
r/ h ot t " p ' els b T . fly?: C !trn% itt ' 7- '
Tlte'fbres 4„ andtittic•af .
11• A Fat.l4e, :to W 6 clog<
W : il t C qT . ' !•;,..11
thaTzoy,m aeture, Qt
For sale by the Aleent,
jrach..lollt _
AEI drri
L/.. ; Lot ri Federal tree
feet allek.t, ,
lenied to•.I
151 per lo be the laity
ty will beTd °Poe,. (non
• CU
Tea,'Groe , ery,Fp.4 and PearsilTorli tore.
PI O! ' PettllPlN4 Bt.'
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13 TI t..,'. Ts m i l, i! BONN.
Ifb ‘ l ' i l c d g " t=ll; " ' '' lh j et ib' he '' l! ' . " .
gain cosh cocoa tam o a ofthe abort drat:hes. hat
door to hi gid .Lind, beta - bt Watt, by burping f?
!apply ofi 0 attiOles, .liing low for each.. pad' pay • .
a- .trice alma:oaf
b a potato., to morn a abate of
P 7* —± .
New =ellen e foe l ' edle finl;. 4l _,
k) at the aprons fief, aie Warehonaa,l:io. A Ga.' dar.at.,
Aire, Tort, Oe whole of Kith is ileac:aid to the eshildlian
and tole Of actin!. 'finial ,) offer for salef by the fibote or
leaaliar,looo CASES of I'IYINTED CALICOES, Ms- /.
prom; 4f1416 !desirable sio .1)10., a . lirgepropanom o f
ala& haring brit cobtrael it Cur her the 'awns.. sq the
Market, ortlibkaold al free Ifin LLLIMICIENISIII . piterot pri
6 "..' l ii t i i . . hands - ' ~.. - 7
Printed. ls'of. pr an tat into the ofboyere. '''.,„
I NE—B q LEL,Late anti 'arta, in the original firm of'',
Ler 41%11.14.1er, (from ebb It be roared i11 . 1340') ha. joined
it,, aria of , re and ikE and sofichatb pattenaga of his
ild , &iced -rm. t. • i. ai.a.k.sd d.. the Mita of
1 Febitatry,a,la.7 . LEE,ItIPSON is.b:. ,
1 , NKw liN LL.Ntosr 1
1, tditej Lire;
platnut, sick: tenderly, bi
14311 Costivrineta, Plitt.; 1.111
of Appetiti,Liyapetstaei
Stortatch.Ltning nor, Pep re
mailer-[ Cc 'aelyonsDiada
e. , , Setif In tiepin - int,
PuAdles,op thelFar
and oil disTatenarlain I
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alitiried bf any,of
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relied toll e , ate.nta f
t lon tram a 1 origindl rye,
eatabiniciT'iteelf IhTi
of-two of t Y very B rn o.
• I The *at Partite:and '
tioduced ice tlic palate a
luring Ibb.perial their
iiidarr dieprpiirtor la
dence. - In tbel-toll belief
tbastne uste.:they brill
marring:Mien itie,dieent
, sold, uunoleoale bad t
A M, general egenti,l2l,
Timex, Market 'street,
inert. Pittaborgh, P i a. •
-.. ..dir illE •LaW:E...• T riisspr7,l:77.tacE.s. ^_
_ •
•,31 *ILL tot S 'ltEr.:l'. Nt'•:%s' ]Offs.
il AW F. Tedkr , 0411 ind, • tbeii - dai nbrdiini tare, a <OM
Ili pled. aa.ll ut of Ldp re,1.ari..4 , , Boy Boob, 1..
amid, Cosh,.grerr • d 13:11 Book., km, of eerie. tiara
d stylts of bashogi frorn which sett of Aronent Books Yea
be uteetedat eery toir pc' es; aiiatunde nimbler, ruled and -
bulled icradp tette
~ sit• ort noterr.— -
Furelgnt i
and ion Wiz S7ationtry.
Quill.. IVater. baling Was, Pens , fil•el, and fk,',1,,i, ,
Writiem.3lunt, L ' iad Pr is, Slate*, 1uk.tand1i,..t,„;1,,,,, ,
Port Ape.; Pocket-bi•iles, ( Id and Sneer Pet r o p,....., Pm .
tibiae., Pea Rube,. Pen' Warn, Oo:. Ticket., Pa
Cards; Radials:ma= . . ,Cheeses, Dice, hors' !oilier',
their ettniiro, I. T - ...,,e, Tame Mehl, Tissue la
...f i l, L l 4, ilert2rine - et . ikatia .echner Erman. tecincers, 5h:,,,,,,
braikierlalt. File., .li:A Moir. L,rlb7,Adebbre Books;
i n ,,,e.f Tables,. traal. . Tariff'', Eechaup,e Tables, 5, , ,M
a *6 7 ° !t k . "' d!g d ''''' .7.. '" ;?! Book& -; • I
A laqt ap•Ct enla ad) on hand, table foe retail trade
aud country mere 6at u cheap rates.';
A. Large. Ate tin of Writing Paperp.
i.,, ,.,,,
Fiawap, plena rat, d'Letter Paper, plain aud rated
Notk P.P. , •.W.PP . f"P'''.. o4 .itd Board., Leg,.Cloo4
tya.tery,F.ayelope , a,Pd al° ting Pap,i, Colored l'apera;Thia
~..,.,,,,y nor; . srltet P t yeti. anted Bank Poo Tluce
„,ip,o pyLoir ape', Marne Paper, Gold, Tt otter, Emboweel„
andtie r , artier deseriptic of paper at rery'L.,. prices.
paid' Peas Diamond; Pidni. - ..
nii.t.I.Her.Y.OHH, ~, niHitri; and k 0 othi. cce- -
Hated taalresa.,!in eittiatt: s to snit pur!baders, atebhe eery
re pylng Proem
Tsbealy-t r iLiterebt an, •tylet.....tt:e Ira. Copia,"
Prowl, with as& ere , thegnod repeditio a ., en 0.,,,,,
no, , and aiipli, aa,de of ki., Aeopy at any hewer .51,
without wripak it Gibe a iu •
I .imgrgrict lila Told L et ter- IVrilers.
By latch the elk{{ ceps ,I 3 written at the game tier..
The lar;rit innruneta or r wilted, and at the Unrest price
', Banta, la =mate COsEipaniem itterchauteaud
othrrs - furohled with to of Actonat ntiolny'euteit and
bound ' iu lay pattern al art notice. Abe, with at. 'dam.,
of the Leal 0.11113.
.1. ', 4id jai presses, 1 • •
Tor the nee eif Van • al .1 Corporation., to afar the beat er
such liana oi l Corporistion to their document.. This tiara
cina ierrydrenid by toy. ' acca at need Wel •
LI i Ain., Premiums
Awarded Hi. by ;he A• . lanitute, al tbp late Fair
- Por the bept Ibute4 • 130eks.=4 :nicer Diplo ma
-FeWtitt.Ha7d.iiiii tier Wrilen—A Diploma
Fur be Be bed pyiug Prenws—.4 Diplom. . t
Phu rill oin - ef Sze for Youmerts ,
ayl7ie.irde wid,Opuntry Aterdanie Supplied.
... . .. , 1.: tHcit it .I,Qi./THEL, '
ipapi;eiers 4.l 4 orlatidrlial t Statio;ery,, • .
and Actubers Armand Book.; , ' -
ld:Wri ea Esbehior,lifiale
I i
and 46, ,f• i,ke, it Wait..
1 . a., .1,,,t, Iv - Y.
I'l7.;l ° l.: t g, 1; --)
,iiii., c.
1... L D
ty street
ono recelvcd
I.y .
. 1 . _
2c Co
✓ 7 lnter el
..' • • .
111: - .; , 41: - .J.,'
auxo, SALAWN, &V.
aeurteut or Pickled Fab
Insocc:ion, foi wale.
arcLou.sc. No 40 North
gurFt rercivai; by 'tie artil.or
3.. j ilev W. SewelNor.. D..
I (Pba..PbY; by .Ma
6•lD.Dinniml, Lt.. D.
rtmr; by Howe -
X•kalrtr.. •
rang db , libgbobed Clam
or the 341.centary; by Rev.
For sale_by
ill, p.m Market it
Ilona .
raelarera, a large in
and. Boorbaziaii
Boannin and Collari ‘ of
Raspenders,An . ,ike. •
Ri Wand stria siairs,
, 2...! by ILO feet, deep; to a 25
above. of the same sine, now
r twelve yea at the rate of '
The Moore h.
valuable proper
able, terms. Apply to
lIHERT: General Agent
I No ntlorneket street .
klarnaparillta labia Mind -
kfor the core of Ilia fellowint;
rgoinplAini, itlrDiliout Coin.
k i
tieatt BUf (1, , I 'dig.ttlion, habit.
Inlidiationt of be Heart, m
,elanuslrrita dens Debilitated
tarionof ttpliit enronle Rhea.
t'Z'Clhe'llr' YPl'll.'id..4len.
[ . l'imples •1311
re:ciliary Iluntort; Cold Noter,
to miadindrus non of Net.
vaiiil public. and of allAgitd
bore 'ditentea, it teapeelnally
nein and inrsiliattira prep.....
on. dmiingnitheil phyaleian,
a e i t eer " i n n ' ilfe " :\rn ' in ' r ' iinfedi " e7.
lo l l Vl 'Dherry . Diner. were In
. twelve 0201.1 h, agit nanl
d.ent* hat been to great an in
fret them unit PIM moreannfi—
ha•by enteritirlitto mo ex.
men a. blaming to at! 'Matte
cal ove . enometamp*
r tail, hi• WYATT .1.1:1.-TC1I
'ullito intact, New Yor/r, Win
nd P.R. rldwratt..druiilGeld,
rine/I—taint, bcinen. . •
_ . •