The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 31, 1850, Image 2

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The.Caord Coca. of Ltda:halt , have,)
at loop - ndo a wile policy of rod
tolla on.,citidn aud merchs2dj,te,cirrietk toe
Worka,lmtwczn Pitlebhrgh and POlndch.
pb‘a. Than {moo:tact' mcamite hee long. Lech
ON lied for, 2.15 car, dietkied by,tho phropidett
.oulationa from date fotpded aa. caporoacc,. cad
leo have. co doubt it will be produrlmo ofprrat
br.tefim alike to the pllhlie treasury and the paa'
. . .
We any look'for a gleat increase in the Lusk
nets of !rant port rion throat& the Stade, alnrint , the
coming ocaron, as we lave no doubt nor Vnorr
porting hsustal will adopt a polio." as liberal or
&lit or the Gcninain..rioncre.
The Colicralott is a rtsternent of rho row 'war
of toils on articles of acrobat/6st tronepnrlefl or
the ..tete v.-ortr, between Philede'phiad ,P,itq
• "burgh, idoptc4 hi tie Cd 1221 , Tck !.tt
ticmtrcecen most of she enieles on which IC:l4itlions
tire' been made: •
, .
neselard, That upon all Wick's transported or.
the Improvements of the esnarnentoe.ilta, upon
whitt a max.:num rawer teats paid, o..x.eept cost)
. thorn shall I.e charged in addition to toe said ma.
tanr ladle per one thonaand pounds per
tnile co the:Ph:lode:phi. and Colombia Rail Head,
and ten tit fee one thousand pourida per.rnle
snn'tho Ad , gimp rortage Rail Read, sahich :ads-
Ilona! tolls shell he raid et the [lke tesuirgtlx
' rail ,}l,l cleassicr.
Ito:Salved, Tat esalshipped ntaxictnzn rtOes
than he•eittils'fla,fintilonts ball of the teguisr
car and satectitoli on. the Allothenprortss.e, nod
Fhdedelplott and Onlutntsis tto td Road!, cr.d_an
to:t of cam and a hilt ode
damned petto.ds ea said.ntil road. '
• lila sired. `llot en lit cost shipoed st less than
maximum talcs, set draw heck etuttl'ho allosadd
of throe. fourths 41 one per tort of van li,VT •
sand pounds o:r rroolded that this Arnt ,
hack shell trot ha ail 'wed on the .11elaware
riot,unie,a I.e.htgh .Navigation .Cornpsos
sonk , o'n carosssoadtag redaction lio n thesT sates
of toll for
ICU. CS 1111.11.1 1,11.1:41.A
The to•I ott ettr% ettliglALl ettrserger c
freight toes...ger the <total Kn.! railroad.,ri
sneett - ttoi:rt• lit )•••. at fo'lrter4 t•
VO•org Yloltrdelphitt
FY4trt Cioturottto to l'itttletottin .... •
net orLoto ten. to b Paid at l'ltgintlelphir
tun %hellehttrlted ll^ cat:
snottrhater.tters vette the taltrna:t.
Tnit per mite per Pan be- in
:•,a . •
Oil raga. grimed and ongroand , 3
' •• -•
S r
timothy, and n'l.ctilet, •
.'.. ition!a: all4o dried romes and pane/6cl , 4
. . Tobacco not'mcaufactured
. ' Dec r. 1...fir,17, and Macon Skint - • • • .... ~ A
• Feadiera ••- d.
'Purr end nal II Len... ,
' Ilid7a, dry- •• •. • ... i
.._-- iotalitt,ciremeed and andrciowd
• Wool al . id cheeps , perts•-•-•••••••• •••
p. and ba ggin••---- •• • i
• Hem.p, hempen yarn and hoard bale- • il
Draggonelannes. grocerica, foreign 11l '
. gone, ridr_n, cordage, rice, and ono.
lo ws •-•--- —. I r
Drown a agardn bormbendagolog'Wmi CI
_Dry amodo mid next fanyinrs ..... -•-• • O
.. EarOccavaro, domeinc•—• ---::.••1 , 41
.liida,capeabcoLNrimen.booncm,iruaks 121
_TC•xrileca re, craleryi and nil circa ... •.. ,C 1
i gazona arc hod c tint wart. 11:. •
• . 1.,,,,im, de pomg7, innnafactireed tot Ifd• /
, I , /to, ./I.tnr . ocitl / ./. -. ..... ••••••••-r - 2
Tinware •-••••-• -,--••• .. .. -.. r_.
n .
Wbiaircy•--•-••••------_-., .... , 4
AuriM, and Ipasist.ornitiing•--c•• •- i 1.
, _c.,.....1, r.......... 4.' Arabrache 17 1
• .,...Rai"road Iron -•••••••—..----- la
, ,
. - '• • 13:fti .
' ;.. . rkincr , ritcc.c. lard tad lard oil— , 3
- _,TITI/Acr and egca•-4.------------• - • d
-.• . Dim n, pork art tiee(4111.11,,,dr7 and . 1
~. •nl o ird c r ~,hero ice; sperm, adammi•
. , lion cartglea and ramp--- •• , ii,
' ' Beef cod per:, called and in pictle• •. .21
• Flour
A 7.7171 meal ,
/ 4
Mit bi, 1.1 tdockai
cnaddi if,'
• ~...,_ ,__, rord.acamornd )4
A ",- .. - .1. , m1 ,4 4-'-rer: - deartglaaalrew oin-. anti.
• condi', t:IMMO/1, hit:l.l.o h eidpaam
Dil oral: 2..nca,nacept anima:Lad L c
oil . G
Straw - paps co rnOring gapes, Madera'
bbardi nc.l r,
a:roan ' n.
' • Peper-rwiiinc chit pnoting-.....-... 7
Ilir • Thob mid rOsin • 2
Iletawni and c•rdieng C
ladipt im. crude nnci °Menai,
• NSW INVETrIT , IN PEl:rm.—The New V
Sun notices•inventiOn for , the meltlftriu
lestal thy:, fu
[ The ons.rennti of im provementA
set of steel punches are made,
strati the elphabct,il lesson, ligtl
11)w is van, wale wren struck on
a raised imptesaiort, instead' of.iats,
—bee.tng ensolly.the reverse of the
Now, tar inntanne, by , tanking, tint
a staunch piece of copses, and tin.
N, the ward SUN - is produced op
plate no relnaif, or re.sui, and imps
printed thereffnai.
A sheet of Pepper ono eighth
thickness, sad as wide, wo [All toy, e 5
*or cOlumas, MIA an long; in prepncii,
--an:trams poefcetly polished and tisn. 11 no
deem! late a mortaine Install:4 a series of Ley,.
entavacring,to the ,alphsliet, arranged sannney.he.:
like a anah Int machinist of the instrumen t
we arrong=l.lbat by ressiog 000 of the ta
a letter :he nilphabet fa prodecel, In re , ef. n,t en
the eoppent platei and, _oh another Letoc ;
sed, anonhee leiter is preidneent-nejanalog the.
lettei,ond on steer lite with it,nannl. to on, t
aline of lead catennling .e-croJs the'llnenne l n . o
the copper ri!nth hen hea it cadet The reacyn.ln
so arranoed, than ea fast es one aL ••n-n
[mania, the copper plane is savedgl
rtes r ,,
another lice fia[loas,streek by the kern. te , t• r
.letter; is before, and , C 5 -on, .tratil WhP'l.,
of knee in praltaed, or until the nonn-t id coop
ii, an it ;Wei'', oanearted Into a stereotype n[[ t en'
' toady Ins rrietio7,.
An l' iti!var.ti , ge if thiS Plea:nein it.
mach of cTaberconte mt.ol7f.r.fy for, print;,
• be d.) , 1011. ,. .a'r kc:th, far meer•pper arms..
btat 119 Ci.,411 , 01 LIDII6 filhedtra,,ort ;ro.,1••
tielltltafmatl;Anftiomet stfy rrrift
A mo:e,:4l; drx^rlr' f
but bilc
i1r.51/1 1 03 marl. public 1 ' 12141.1J, f o rer
patents SIM Ptlcreri. tt Union:eh tort of no.;
the ettel,inetnnnt Ins ulnae a• pix>.
perfncte . . - 1, gnbn r n the prornunent <4ii,rll end Q^cu
era wilt be inn'ln.4 to b! 'present.
FAUTZ . L.7.. -
eau who ,t2oit ilkoi blj rq, toil, who le,".!a
by . tb, T a git,n4 . , lad:errsqlloh tr..
laws et wetwvs-i'SSi is the nE l'o+
excirispro otwlcr - flr Ise.lssd Which ho tills, 1.,
thee. c3nrlltalicis oh 'our e.Aliiet wh
some irlilenc4r, eiolcatily,ithlA el f , o , a any o.e,:r
~ • ,
- aonrce.
strongly thanes:a:her, the character n_wt cite en
.._the lore a{' .ten tartermate world. Of it-i. sn.e ,
and wer,rerfdl faahioned by 1-r
heed vi G.b.l,'and ec'et4ed tax power. a re!: I
leg iflrmGh that-bonnets, a pert
litoceti , !r the.E.try.• ,It is the soiceon whkh
• - the gerterabara hero. him. moved in en regal - at
derle,„eed he facts tarbsell cannenned
'link with thor'.o who letoiv-hrto, nod to whonaa •
is to iranamdta homer'. .Perbelas kin lane bre, con,.
. •-,down to him from ht, fatneta. They heye srar.
to their lent hems; 'act he cari,trane their fn.:lnlay•
over the arjr.e. of his dolly labeen. Te
which rtlar:tern 60.. reared by 0:100 vi whew
owes Some. iotcrata,rtr reecho
ditto, in coaaerfed . , with ,crety htewern. h- ! . Z
favante Sark tree vas plswci tyies
hand". trotted tn . hie huitrat
brook. othickPriill ctEroogn the teeser , “ . ,—
Throe:M/ha field - lies the park to ice viErien
. 'chesl . or.e. ; !Nr do'e. He. still heart iron',
windoar it, vetee of the:3B , l,mM loan, which
Ma ar.tra to the house of Gad; arr. her r:
: hand tha • loot where has percale had daa:ri to
teat, and wLeredeco Mg task an tarree, he 165'1
• Ire lai'd by bit ch ' iiren. rre the f••••fives • :
• the owe, thean:l ' WOrds CAr, not pair::
—EOM OM:V:1:11W thezittiLy dew en t of the a •ep
elt r,,..:.•ta;us or the heart; they are fresh,, healthy,
and cencralta tatter:lel OkilrO.C.lfl.-..i/on. ..Crirror4
. •
. .
l'rriond M.; Turk
. The Low. Morning Chronicle, mpg that 1) , .
TOtbra inelOw nt thes instance, of tithe,
'cnn goveranketzl,” ex:mulling the Enc,lielt law
Clare flow. is to ie occupied as Woe of
4eftylissient . duringikeexilibilion to Loakkti
Tk ceobrated.sasc, tba gallary of lb . • t •
Our at itor4a, at ppese to I , a Ulu c4Eitinanc
.ashcs of itat +tolls of Otramparq—coma ~gyp r:
AClpagell—rai recantly!hlPTCß fasan
Eby 'rile fa , tiac of a caladaw, driven Jail a film,
Golden hmir acre . cow (4hlocih`,
;Three tni.c:fel nitre, Roman medal! , hnne/vr'e
-fiend 7u errs tiro, at Itintnres, in France. - .icrne
ihem Mn v4ry rem, at leant of tbone meet,• lo a
allvemenith tmtnrlunately gnt linteemnen of belt
; olthn number, And met td theta up., -.;
Tt a Kim of Nap'es' has pr*hiljted 411:v
or .perasal the - wag:a 'el, Schiller: Mcise;
Inwartino The Costae, of Ilusholtli k Tblars, &et-
Tsatasai,Shatspeare,Ltte4n,Lacietiosond Sop.):
getting 10 i#o6das,'Svlll now. duly bus
salght•o2 l
on Paris kr 25 tra ueS*ll4 W:nti rhea;
-the par has bete, 2.4 inrkeh -
Cannot Mtge the cause et the' depreeiziic. - *
. - o f L 4 ,4?nnri, except,' by sOppeSie* 'the 211VI!F
: is mainly tbelrenett staS4arti,'hasth'elt
in, ralac.
biti..'VtOWCitlf,t,..Ttekllo)lll as
, T ett, the pe l vess, easeVered by ,, oee English en
*beget, as .the crewels, itoziziwgive• wziter,f
K 2 that the et,ustry has ever produeel."
, .
_The eeetrie light, as saw engaged' by Mr. All•
mats. is said *a be perfea , 7oll that)" man *mg*
- .
- ' + l , e , c ,.....i .„. , i, teeee „.„l e t ...„,f,...„,,1)„,hier.hi; thei clause ofthe eonEl 'finial r - trjuirtngthot fo• Lved, theft:lli five, in court to ntiontrin. 7Pc ex- {, tp ,it,ta.CollAlry, ill Jitty„lt ,- , wiii,._hrt . , r dived frem, arirmett or labior shbuld not be d! char cifernont is dying ro , .r.y, there being bet few - abe•
to a , h o i„. b „,, b o r - „,d,.. tn , r.ftt, ',. to t•, ; ,-,... emfinni r lurh NORM , " or l nltoriby any law Or reg. Inn:iambs ILA colored ample assembled In ihti If.
i , ,,n,... : 01 ~,,
~, „„e g ~,e , ,,,, b, 1 r . „,.., , ...,,,, i ;Illation ot tbe _Nato la they may have Carla ala!y of the start.
next co, to the offirraor to, 1 . 2.,,,..t . t i, , .....n- i r , i, bni.' l ';.'" ld l ' - ',' l '" . '' t l iP• ci , drain °r the 71 - 4 :' ennt"ndllinuor fieanddslaffsm. , pre.v?lis
.,, .., party la I, aolllsll[ll, ...erlll Or, or labor may be_due, ly „„t m . r t „,,,,,,,,I, ,th e „,„, e
49lm,„„,Y.iLf.:,::',p`.Ci'e7,'„,?,:r'e':;',1•e' .1,„i1!,..'','',,',...,"•:;-. t .‘ 7 , t. r. , ,z one t, rie d, tlaxt ,.w. n ai tt i lin ,u n ch eitt_tra ,,, liil ti jign w t o i, l b t i V e comna_et bey . e . „,... de , b e eb , c . ee r e ',.7l. l2 : t :4, e bf , !,
ri l
in cut fmbicallAo l' ,, n ,• 'nil'''' . ; 7 ''' e '' '''' 1 ,, ' r
how rif t tioltiwittiil ltlllellriaiell'on'and C' ' ' ' ' ''' P'o cent ea coil and ?rime r i p n i" '•
Oropl,1•11rd yoang leap , . t t 'iv, i., , .r.• r. r- -. n' 3 "Y I ppmer;iilitizitfiteatni4ht fihd n are retreat by ere« ".. , , x months. The Runny divlden , ' ,
sciraL,ea was:eve!. i tme - the slate line. Oar =tumid bond, by many o f 1 ra d , ., t., be paid during do aixt vreek,lokien
•. t - ltt i 1. , Ltiften *rayon, to, rorlairr, fa - lla to Sena
the ' , .' iner 'f fi . ts Ito Yarn al fbmins T-Plt
..,• f•-, I
ht- rive la Ma aria,lar: . 1 nallary interest= U. . Stocks SyMphil 5
• ~.,NV ill art nom:suit roarse.ratla le it may FeCore the 1 I ,ll'. "i :o,li no. on Coupons 5Y20,000101 diii 3
I tom. ,c or a terar, will it help Memat h d i i firt 32s sfit. •
ty t
s a , , . I
~, .., ,, ,,I, ~,4 er, „„, „,e e ~,,,,,,, r ,...p.i ~•i: . 1•., ; hots , ? %VW, i! m.rmado to o4r views the South ' - -"n mnlkel is belles ander the is see
is 1, - ,...,,5t 10 f.., L alab..abea•on t.••. 'alt . ', Jl Sir y.a. . tali ary .. rltr .. of . s,ove.t..,
.or bein„ Mtn to better ter . Africa's' . newt tre,ra, h,,,,, b een bee „ b „.
rd t, roo llolve-a. Tor fdtt,, me t ..t,.. r•-rat.di, pr* by 0 , 4 ~ ~,,, or hitter , ep mehes ? Washing. , • t.: t , the merket to day dare. quilt 6110 .0,210
. ,/ . ~ .„„/ a •,.,., a —lc 1101111nd Marlimm.Jav and Elloratorth, Hamilton and •; ' l'ir Upload, Dad 131allfri for Gulf. Tlkro le
AMart, mat nmny of their faltr e
ean, toot, deemed the. , 3 e. , env.. In the sleek la thin rite of 48 . fidgi.bil, a
.. ..
.0 - .4.1:J. cr lh•: Gcratvrn'i, 'IC.
d:-pulydclrdomitt woo imputation. the be, t to he
_ vm„ rumnteManee Mewvolenee that pa ,
= . vive by the tic] triballa • -• 01 1 tun country, esteb •
lll,lted decide all emmatutilmal may, and lord
la, tr . .: the ean•litutam. the 4reat fundamental law
oat I mon. Into Iln own band, and tear 'out
waal •• areaumptuately declare, to be exceptional_
! tralatet 1 eanno• bylleve 'at 1. believe in the .
n. null Providenee of t lavl.almi the ember mind.'
onr,41••• Wale , wlil .nand by the 11m—will
•• ••• iv their word, giver untie eueb inured
•••erm. •at ,• e 're Mermitte ary wburn our forefather ,
le : up•m the rer tehmiitlea of the state , in
wore car a qterattort Ye VAT( a. ... •• •• • ” s•t• '• • • •
.4011 N .I.•liCitzGY•i.
( Wee‘3' Gear, Be.,
I ler,i.en:Che....e, A,. Li. Ildtvt , m, Genrce ' Dougla”
and Mama T: Brady, E-.1311ev., Conteultue,
" T isur 1.1
USX:. issu.
PrA,l:oo;4t. ert.c.m:Lt
zna 214110 , U 2,3 TOM MA:011. Or AU.
~ ,T Ht" Is t , ..
r,,i7 \ (
Why pops's just Itpotol ra Unr. 1, , , - ,.h, .. 1 ~„,,,..,.11, t.; '...., L'itt-I,orr . o{l,lt ,
C r ''' 11 , Itner sla c.... NVe ete g';.: •,, ,7tl-1 11-. 75...ttineye , , De. • ", , y, I St,Cl
: •re P t ,. ttt•teitillty itnik , et: , 1. ,'. -, -... -..',,. ;Mr. C (11,C in.. ficpoti tits 4 flip tristrifysl2l.4l
Vs tty tetrsn bi tile - test of tle . - ts t..-• 3..:. , ,,,..X.,1, : ..elppcs4.loll t.ilttd.thill.PLlCl•Wliteli-bit•ligT• 1
•tlt Cntt I , Y , itte'il:heen neettittt. ' , ' :I." . t • 1,1 Veisiei ”...i. ExiierOttetree—rrhettesti
, '- —...--, L....---..--- - •`- -- 1 -t' .'"t•tt:',SeKtillcilstgt . tt i Free l'ilide.
\!' -i1... ''''''' EST , im--(h ' r - ''''',''''Fi'''''''-'.
~.' -i';'‘..l. -' ::; ; ::T. , ,H , .. . .t „ n. .on of tt , / „etsty Cxeesen
ynst, in spent:leg of, the centitepeee., te,1,1, e t , - r : t t;.il., tty: ,e; e- -, of re - s - e- le ew be - ettleteled , he
the eity - e( .New York, Beetektve, non Wo' letlitt:tti tt. -- e. `i 1: ,, ; ' f ...,',' .. '. i''''iq 41 ". I .4nd ' '.
' . --
blllg 11, ?Ily, '. .., ? , " . .-.,,i".ri+ :,:, :, .: te.ettletiner In the main argnme_nl of
Vol : th em . beett r ef the Ante th . , 0.4....,..1.,,t:::/ - 4 . 1., te , :e4.isi dell, tn.. r• J itrory 14 runlIMC
burgh and s
Allegheny .ettirts, trit . , ..enkr Is tth the' Otl,Y. , lfti;:yetiett'Y it:7e e.vt, ~,,I P-r^.. 1, 2 , nh , 1 Io P.”
I Int:tet.ehs, should Ise im11,:l ,n ol.t i., , ri...41 ^ 1, -. _,..,- . . „,,,,. ..; N . ,t' ~.,.., ~....•.v . r may 1,..
tirn. Their interests ate intisle:y :•!-.1, ,r- !, ' i . .....`r . r^ ' . • ..'' - ' -' .' ' '''. ' ,
qt.i - cr, a ettiteett a ;Ms . : T w t• nt_or I, tt.l
We mete tech herily ot to “ , e,t,tet, ,inlit,
4:,,,. ,, ~„. i. , : e. ,,, i ~, t.,.:, ,t J. • _ _
should he aceedingiy,ghtd to `4.1, ik,' . . le , l 4 T . 1 i-e.i., , • .
1 Thera MT be'no deans -Abet, lehOtrtt trill eet l -;.:;:it . n ,
y lessen' the exit,: wan 01 the , isio 1,, gi., , ,i,.,i 1 ...,_
tinnratinte, it :will greatly. &I d, to Coe trtes - teett . ."4'; ' ''
each, by having their InteettSis pnitett. 'a:c..,:..3'.
o 5 a•a! JI•
`7,71 . 2 , e0 p:All 01 rn ••••,.
Mvel an ergnmenf.
ws mi. grant
I ; r •
• F•••nr1r1 , 11 •••,quilinon may
. I e ift ton lia• rote red ten
••ryami .11 • rai °ply of n Waltar or
nl5 •••., ~tarL. the WM: mloietrallon
• I r, !!••• I•int ndillir,••••-shna
ti ,a - annul In I,s , llftrak .V7O years,
w ,h !11 111,1•1 hale roved. 'nun la,
c - a
f-t pi er,tie Minlatralmn calloo
, - tri.stnift, with e debt of
, • moil an average
.„ ••• ••• •••••• r.mmlr n•• •rtAlmo• and
.• , ,••- infstralion alMaAl
.•• •••• zaa! asmaago ripen
••••; ,•• m•n.o. ea
• ,•.•
1 unj wrfat nu: M .
_ ,•••,• na !An •!••••!! In alma; Itt,[l3l(
r,tv told. sad leas .I.g
mnl I nlnnmia\p , usinn eherg , ••
ted scd u:lfrc del
Fnidions ron-fb. or a
1.1 floo•Irmi and ilk) .
•.a a ..4 ,-, -Lot the
-..n.•nd by Oro ulei.urcani
-• •- •,•n••• nntalsl 4 :•••
•• o Ten, onnog ' d nor,
f, era of the C1P , 1715 of those
Ero-aaoows r. tcx. r st,ess.ors
e!•••• 0 , 11•41 , _!,•.• ela , urnnt• • an,
—1•:-••••••!..M. l'oqg aMin•r
h :nitata OFF!
, 1•7••••• nr•ni,an!inf.
She anith mat in
•!: mOMlnedmmand it,o make
••• I n of It:.
I,.•• • can'4•l In lorert In fr,at nii
f nt And be
' •
at:in the If:lth yrts r: ; iri,l , p„.m7 t. „r
diiet. . I 4.; f t 'ft. , . ee olnn:7 Jh t farm.
N.' • V !noting . °car 'Mr
• rro; - : fp- a - 3 Ls,n m, COI Asa
ad • ses w.. 1 firs larpr.
fac l a rfn I top -••• • - •• • •-• 1 r . ,. ••.•• • •• a \!,l •••••Cly .arro r• lime
• mAI • • fa•!un, ,, ,
Cf s,t..New V
kin -
I' V' ...
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9 1.1
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-1, J. berth:,, ~,,, 10 (ire6.l/:, the ,nitentdoh ore
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..•n• `I, .. /11,101 ., • 0.1 ' 11.. lilt , ' rue re . -Fay It, due re
,••l • I lerelyr. knn •'a, 0,11 dollar. /1/• did
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1".: ) ).10) a.), inninr,Uinil , ;,' loren de:Lintel' at
Havana, liv the non afoulof the - Paco.ticp" from
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the (tenter tea e. •
The "Fab on" ie.:le the placo ill iho ob., )), d ay,
I no,l rall,d ler ilavana Willi ilo ,, nta Ili and trice 4)),
' , der ihe Pacific. • I
The .tent. .hip lsolithanipton is receiving Arne. at
the 14.1.1:15, Nave Yard . , the the trlgtiailroh on rho i
iiitli cud Norte Paciart(levant ) , and will probably
Inn, for her pinto of destination riiitle'lllnn Thin
.'rle: rcle etramer Mal , we, council of the
cfler•cie," cf • Our No, V... and Savutita4 . Lion, thezt Irlrl ir:p .ever dap, with•elhaUt 100
noittd vire , ts err J..,,,'. tli r. N. I. Michell, the
, g,:ll En , thalind, ~,,, : , ,p , ow worked admit.
.h2y, t,14.1rE FeV:htecri hone oil hour: ) wilb • gOcit
1 - tat. )), 'rho Ilitel , au:h iti etil) l earn ieeael, 0(1500
to ~ , bO, ty..try,,, I. nu lalkli;ar..4ght,ll.-Ntrittb.,
it,. , ~,r h.c.ty.,,t,t as 1-.1:1,4t In thti , Nhvely,
„. -,. „ . ."•- '
•d /r. 1 . 3 qty 1111. f,
eSrce 411. tbo. Supietne this rantnifilt,
rlitcll,ll,tiiiri W.:4 ao tavo b rvn isisee by Mr;
firirso.isviOner t Oa a,' Writ of Habeas
irrool on TOosility: lq t lnrri, howo ier,
reirg was ailjr'urniiii over 'all to
rwow. Privioua to the adjountmera, Mt. lay,
coalleCi for the prheoner, to
Mr. Midi with
nit order fmai the Court, ao produoo tho tody ot
i• w./I,o[l, nECOUIPIaredR“,h
FC.,nr and Grain era ucehanged, withlrilcry
1‘01.1..d hos;acta e,,lrg. Pricer. ot, ton fhti fir
export, and the local trade are buying.wary apnr•
P,,)s.ons are alto drill. sod Pork to lower
Tut current trleza are 512,50 for Marc nad 5,75
for Prne. Lard is arilltng at It (5r fair, a aft S.,
ter cat.tre. 13,:er Rama enunztand.sl4.'
Wh.•kcv is ecaree, or held &Mar. Too de.
mewl i• no:to setae, ead .101 - 11 are matuag et 27,
for Ohio end - Prire.,and 25)1 drodt,
1 - 1,” mar ker It blioyealt, nod preasthoce
nr , n pweid ten?nacy, Induca,d inn greet
1-7 On abundance at money.% "Thetc.;.!:ene
In , -,t n emica of Penna. s'a to da.i;• 91. "if:
and 05 ask% d. 0:do and Penni: Don.te are
quoted alga. •sracresutt.
Pzntt Corm., Um., Dm. 23, 19'0.
To Atuirs It l m- Doordson, R. H. Demi', .51.±rn •
/1111 i, Allen l a,, Mad odecws .r )
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• lisartrestn.—Weftave.rctellijonr counli.
n_,irittno actlinlitedtlkAtroor!alaraolithefarera/
'Celan •rdir• or A1.'% . *1., - ..1i5t1,1g . ; C 9 40 044,16 - ,
1 fewelei 053,0, V4lllOl act adveilly to ti ,- rr:ll.Pl''.
Lon 0: ot.erata.nai and nnlyiline, If ltoef.1711: le ,
n,gemton of aTr mcldp. in reply, to ,hit;,', ve
Is, prorxed TO give a few of the leerlmg I ato
mere:lnn woh (hi, mattei, hosed orlon ov . omc
, cop,tlence, and the statonionta tnedo to .. . 'n
non - b2r of tam{ solo, teemed at difietenr. point.
in 1 , 1,w England and oar own State, orbfah.artil
I en,-lie the mannuntly at largo, a. Walt is ye:il
-1 azivro, to 11 , 4 appreciate our true p,aitiorl,
The lead' g local Catl,ra grttleh hero 01,,,,eil
in romps hog ua to cloy, our Works ate ratpf..ll.-
er 0 to, the great dtapropOrtion taalttg be
tw..en one ban,. of Intro, to tad the Rage.
p. a ntal hr.:, of Now Engine!, ftOrn qfh• n
,r , rt, I-111 . chef ecmpc!irion.
Ilst the .iqnl . oll' ttl•lVit`ger li4
•.I leb, in toirty tre.u4 per week Ice,k:e6l .1
tLe CAlnn *lle clan. pleen be failhfey rein
p ltd with Its p . 10911i03., whdo to every other pnrt
~I the . cl i v sett tinder gee;l; inn monoinctor•
ed, namely, Coarse Yarns, aid Heavy Sheet '‘,:
no AttonVon what cent has been paid to tie Is e
ao Int as the Wars of Nixie aro coodetned; tall
the mil. hare roatinucti to run under thy aid st.s.,i
tem. The tulle in rid true Philadelphia, hay,
scone.). ;-„,p tut the linty hoots per week their
rritleipsi hOrdYtlf, la • 1.4 struele
cubto ti there in but little competition.
11.1 Laricite•CY, is this State. aro throe millaj wit! ,
twenty flat thois.nd spindles, which have under the old eystern of roletny t •vn
beer, et, wcet, at in overact of twenty two e ,
rota. .114 labor tato we kIVIS nenn
t - iih an in:reased proact over OCT ono,
e.. In twenty per cent.
The oversee, runpinit tope cr theto owed, evd
whet New England_ Nail
quattor hours per-dal—hero bet lee, or 'Fiat!
pot ueelt—while their ploduct above bbl
ib twenty raven per cent
S'xtr per cent. entering iota the cool of nor
proartt..,ture Int lab3f,frOripicee tedrt, Itt.,
1.1044 g ;le' 17er etnl. for lha Urbtie ;Winn rt.
ilos item, In the enoolll nniO
while ice have been paying lot oboe nintioN
tinteen cent', a rilrerenco .of Inuit Own
pe t wont .; there m Rico n large margin ,game r:•
o, maspug, dreams . , and drawing depart!
bleat. Cardio,; end spurner aro MOM en an
c‘orany. •
fit eta Vie, we pay ruby twenty nee per set
more ler labor than tae average EasiSern fut• the product there ifimoniva to twenty
per cent, alsaire et/rein.
A. matter* now. steed, a bale °grew toiler, co,
be Li-seep:Tried from Pilaberith to Llarel!, toed:.
tem .:10th there, returned asain,ruldsold at utprcli'
zn Thin market; while to make themme hots, Pro
mantesenire• wants! Sustain a lent The chili
ttnt trim Lowell to Pittsburgh Weald
fa inter then lour per rect.
.14:1brsto nor chef cumptitonhaseome Irma the
East , it aat.a, however, ;hat catlfti pelf.* r
:..x , oitt: tienl,t , t..u4yii .i irfapo..r.iLY:t. ,
to on: rat i can Weatinll &GAL • •-••s- • ' •
A large and elegant toil/ at Con:tette°, Indians
containton . 10,M0 rpfudfee, has jeer, born cent.
plated, and about to Clittaeltneo operettods, end,.
there:pemmican el then. Clan. T. James, che
alt bnildor of Cotten faillasnilsoccewful moo
uficutrer to the country.
Tam point peeresses many advantages ins ma,
01d, tura.g purpotes over this place. the roe. 0 ,
the law Wattle% oust and en.penseit of heir it
beief nr.tly laviir of the afttatri, to eddltud:
to which rho Mat to In be opperalad entirely be
hands imported trom New Znaland, already op the
grotind, and under contract for two years at.
well prices.
With such odds-against the manukteturer of Al
legkony, it ie plainly evident that he is not able to
made' the COllln on market with his products on
enyth,a; ;the an equality with bra competitors, rod
orders a Change P.Ont the Emsont etsr.a of
lutes place, We see GO hope that this tinpir!ant
blench el industry one be proaecutld or meinctout
e nt - . . ,ifs I ,n permanent Noir; srd noretotitso
tl p,,bfa,turer other Moe in Cr ra,
erns'': tlbt machinery to {Cane other place where
he will or Coo from snob ieflUeneee an Surround
him Isere.
To enable ma to rue one mill without lote,rwould
recoure the Intatitution of seventy two boor, of
labor per week. in Mb place denary. 01 Unreatei
reduction Wage, than perhaps would he either
de.oroble or practicable. Of these rwoallematise.
the loiter would, to effect, he the meet deplorable;
&reale, al a would, the better informed portion ad
the help to seek other employmeat—thaie plum,
to he filled by others lower In the wale ekettoml , `
and intelligence.
neolleelen, to a, POinoWemeot of The mcF t
pre:Lineal reCle.trilten nrtirel.6 beiring collar gtrct
non in which every citizen of this oommutitty, In
Venn - tutu with the operative and employer, is derp
le and are entitled to the serums OM
',adman,un of every well Wl:atter of the Itrospertiv
of ,fitt r ay.
Wenril willies to resume operationa. .1
practicable to do re, at seventy two botosper week,
and pay an average rate. for Werte. of two dollars
nail :iota two cents per week to girls, tram drfevA
year. or age and upwards. Thee would moMprlao
threnjoortne of pll the female crpenuivoemployet l
to our a,ll, or hereafter, hijbed waged
erns, rule paid for similar work to Lowell, Mid
ul , l principal menUfastunen towns In New DSC
r an 011 0 ernie, we could hope to atittain our
mei voi without but not With the remotein hop:
01 deriving a proftt of ell common'
tura...vim the outlay of spiral inquired to keep
our worke in motion.
To procure huppl? of quo., and inane the
enxagemente forennung, would regime
Ii.ENDI4DY, GIUI4) - 3 . CO.
Mnses.sotr Arretirsar Fasmet—Tho Dab.
ht. Erring Mail has Its psstioular, to
rt.- Ls the destb, &trials Yostof Simile I
ISisn , a;sisushter std Seltetist4 tha-10a Mr. Tbs.,
Mt.,. M. p., or (hi coot
IT t I Griv,V. TherkSlt P!ogerty 1 - sawa Is
e.tstssitz. which tha taecased 1,33.
raccs,m..l, wit 05/5 among the E.ak bsosshi
ty F:01 ambeTed Eitetcs Courtoind be. been r,,c
Fast xdStsliS* Tit
The vicissitudes of life hare Seldom prodo
end a exudes or mere rapid mettle') than that
which the foramen of Oda_ excellent lody wee.
d ‘el:er and uvcrlhtotwn. Morn et e
iierdloLg;•-ithlgh extended mver ale rtitell hr
•r ealr g the dome ROI many a Mixt:dog Oermeat
name waa known thm.gbc.l the lino
and li. , rgdan as that of the a 414 beirme: Five
year her expectancy was considered lo
over and above silertrahreneee' end
to a yearly n flee 00. 411 .
p,.11,1% 'trollop. Before Van years of Oa ittg
vat had emptied, aho found loused at the head . t.l
her pg mutinied eig&ltel Withciat et shilling obe
could call her own. 'The ,fallare of the paid
map for !Amine nod rottenest Which followed.
the . ..homing laws enacted and enforced by en
i i i hermit ietishidurr i in redress the ellartfily.and
claims of money tandem, swept every itch
pic riiiiit from under bar feet. - : Her hopes toil
prtilpeclt were forever blighted. Her protect.
it, • the improvement of the wild dialect river
_which she bed thigned aye soot calve omen
*reign wore at in end ; and she went forth Irani
the drat' of her fathers a wandsieti without • b°'°"
sad, no it would ahem appeal, without a friend.
Sorel' was hard lee less deorved ; for her lie'
thing arid relive benevolence...hod been devoted.'
limo her childhood to the somfret and relict ot
(ha, cello mattered, and her powerful and oval
WI coca arcs itcatttlitly employed In derrining
torn. of laurel and physical imelloraCon in ilae
rnceliiiiniof the tenauirrouber totem's estate!.
She. govt- up her whole tins to such putsuil l .
not iteg•Uu hseets of fashion and theca 1100UVF
, deem widen might be cotteldered suitable to her
plane, debt ate Might perform the various
ihihnt pliyidiatf i lliatht7, aohoolmistrem and
mgreolionol instructor. Her almost daily bele'.
• wee to visit the poor and Mete in the remote roe
crews of that wild region, w nw erimen on foot;
more Penitently to bee Ilttle boot, well provide' ,
with Modicamenes and food, which she Impelled
.14.M0 vtgai of her Owu Imo throegh the Intres
which tuela' along the foetal tits mom:tutu ,
How solemn It it to, reflect that alto thould vu
moon have been driven annws the ocean la 'comb
ofd ploCe tOlay . ber..beadl The American
to virgin:Oki that the objeat l oof her voyage wee to
- collect materials foe [kitty works. We have na
doubt lint :ouch seat among her projeWlso Au In.
' 0 0 , ./101 ' erri
.11h0hingeilleed • writer. and would by,
0111 Te mettle °Mike hieod ht . plisiners /mdepec dee re;
hot, there is retina to bellame theYEVIIISt a mitre i
her, at nit O .
lrlutdedl-Weriod of ifin year, and he a pecudaill
delms.° mate cf her Ile, whoa ewes peaeaam
Whei Acoli bring Myth an oddly," remain no
shored in sincoules the ten= and perils of • coy.
iii oea,br.g youth We have brae, in fact, from
n quarter which ought to becortectly informed,
that' she was Itiroceedietso the maidens . ° of a
II ever relative of her Lather, with the Inlet:Wood
remaining there till mime favorable °taw might
axres over the ooknorerherW,
. .
- _ (From the N. Y. Taihune.l
- ' Polnes Groat Discovery.
We.,nt morn the Damon Chronotype the follow
-1,,, inicre•ring explanations of the new mode of 1
ean,e,ina water. into Intl light, and motive Poo-
er. eat,: to he discovered Ly Mr. Paine, of We,
eecter. Toe editor of the Chronotype, an we
ecoil, et befare cooing sad onderetanding the
',evoke. thing, carrodered the results professed io
It. c,wee,t . by it es lintle impossible, and pebleih•
cal aa are I , I : ient,fie orgne.ent to the elf,t,tee•
.leg irrt.e,,hi I he ratite a tnllea by Prokateor Henry,
in a bell, a leek tee pub fished to the Tribune.—
Thil gives, ~ ,crospe, a little More force to his pre
rent state ion;. • For the rest, we nave ourselves
cal...crud with a gentlemen of great personal ex
' 'wrier., in the menufarture ..1 gas by the old
made, who hen been to Worcester, andseen every
part Of /Br. Polic e s apparatus. lie assures its IMO
tree no mistake skim the discovery what:ever,.
end ,that the remarks of the Chrouotype do not
e mirain theta shtest exeiseretiou. The invention,
, as I,e btua rteen sod, consist, in the Imitate/nee
..mi 1. - ..yed in the constniction of the helicon end in
th.,. kern n 1 UM electrodes. The helices have teen
. a e.ismed to us, end, remark. bin as is their pint
o ~.le,
big must, so - fat, as we con judge, in
;ekes, hove on astonishing effect in the genera.
of M... electricel golf. The arena from the
I;;,,,notyee, as cc fnitoaaat: t
It may be a true .mechanteal haw drat what is
gained in power it lost to lime, that a Bran cannot I
1 i 0i..1 hitnself by his waist band, make a clock I
which will wind itself. op, or omen a mill stream ,
to rue rutted a hill back into us own poed. And
it may - bun good cheniloal law that the power of
decomposition io not greater Mae that regimed fori
tte..emposittun. In ordinary chemistry, little I or,
we hove not been abloto get much without hoeing
it rout some, bang. We fell a pine tree, nod burn
it in a heeler, mid it carries us to New York much
quicker than a horse would. And, taking into
view the saving of easociationiam in traveling. it
I,a much cheaper. klet we one up alesult of cage.
table Mein one ensMs well at of animal life inthe
,dice. Thin name of vegetable litir we may eon.
chive to be the effect of electricity, operatineaccor.
thug to a cantata law. Well, what if, instead of
uniting forelectricity to decompose the water and
tither elements of Bid soil and air and elevate them
'into a tree,lwe could employ it to decompou wa
ter mid then use the force of the elementer of the
seater in their recomposition to propel or, pile on
we use the cembthtion of the pine tree ? Does
Oleo: seem any need,. when we can command the
Come of electricity', to wan for its slow operation
neeording to the late. of vegetable life' Now it
may be very true, dint it will lake jest as much
terce to .separate the oxygen and hydrogen. in a
drop of water as,they will afterwards Oxen in
commg together again. But if the Force employed
' l to separate them is n pater power of the universe
which mono% Lc employed directly to our perimeter,
• ..nd watch it cost ea force or experre; only c i. com
p'.., with certain condition, to employ, there
may hen great gain. . a certain combinatian oft e Magnet and
;,.. liebx nt iasbleica wire is kno a to be a coe
d 1, m spun which a permanent torrent of roe:
t c:v may be kept 10 flawing. The effect of this
eerrect beg hitherto not been greet, nothing to
lesil coy ore to suppose It could ekeeed the slight, rtteess•ry to give the revolving motion to
i rks La.', But a hen Mr. Paine discovers that the of the marmot depends ePon the mode of
em..erceting the nelix.•nd, that Without lucre...
ins ea motion or on friction one atom, the force
, ..' it' Oectrie cur .ant may he incrossed a hundred,
t 1 ,,
a thou•sa,l, ar, perhaps,•e mlle times, then, of
entree, he discovers the means f demacdpeeing
v..t:tec oiler ut cinch.. if ame hided force A,
.a-efejon a:mar:cured helices, willjnoduce an elec.
Ire ettr 13
rent , which will deco pose a - drop of
%ewer C!,•:atill re SUppetall the recomposing Or COM•
lillstire r , tee of the elements of •C, just equal to
the Inver eierted by B, and feet equivalent to the
meal free A, thee', if withdettnrfeasing the
meet - as teal 'rice A, we' can so arrange the helloes
as to lobby the eleoric current. or taste 88, it
treoiooalkO,C two drupe CC, Theo we may use
hed tht• power to keep up the mechanlcal motion
end have the other half clear, That is to say,,
Itho mechani c al throereviler. tot produce elec.
treety be the otencebeed helieen is a caul.;
I neent.ty, while the entreat developed is veritable .
, loiten•fisg upon the atrecistli of the magnetism
a.t me composition of the Wee.- It may be legs
~.a ‘,, ~,o ...lent to I;,e conatial mechanical
e may 1,- more. In the case of Mr.
tees.'. rtaastru,ifon of the beltlAt is in:re, Ids
~-., • e-t - elr mere.
To any one erqUniated with eltruiral runnipula.
t. 4.1,• we in ght illustrate the above principlepeso
itrally by the well known &Harem results of het,.
voile of different aorta of -wit+, or revolved lie
%seism magnets of different degrees of strength. Ile
farce reqaired for the revolution remaining the
. %Vt. have therefore no ItelitntiOn in 'saying that
Mr:Paine, by itniting lii motion Magnetised belie.,
of hia recruiter cousins . ..lion e vince. el e ctric m-,e-
I t* . olt , which mert a titarrtate limbs Mote degthitii . O.
;agm: (4raeltrawitall wlllatt.ta equivalent to beep up.
, the Intieitatti , at r“,.., for anOvinit the helloes. Ile'
can 1b.:W.640001r one put of his resultant. force
to keep'up Ida productive foree,attil have ninchuse
&eel and ninety nine pastel) clear—no nine!, that
kw rant hint nothing.• .
14,, 2 , 2 pvreAttal motMn with a w;int st—per
rcial motion to all intents tel norposel—per.
petit. I nt . ntion beyond the Winer &anal:110e dream,
o• no 0 ralltt , attraurr. Hero the grant elemental
; , I. , rhninc.:, tanned, and nuh;:ented to the do.
am Li roan NI ,00,apiet.rly art tgawindi or water':
ever nion
were. The mortar pet need of ail. ellarogarl,
•;., t noz:gh lo 119 let the amie toles% Intellect. It moat
ionizea tvvolotion in are a, e and-in rtirtely. It
ail, •neellt under new ,••• ititionn, by virtue of
whieS A loihdred thicg, in . v cagily happen which
we now ihiat impeasild. Wealth mar Inge ii.
nolneccon, and tyranny .1. motive. Enesneipm,
le l front ptilitatnl labor in •tt great a awatisie,and
ta un t ed a sg mind] bi,lher di vie ciphyaieul Gem
ni,, 11, roue may advance in Imartl culture and
decchuometit more In One geneittlintj tban It other.
ould in a ticusand yearn. Given halo,
i.e al nail rower, tree as the water, and we are
e ruled sasinft ail other wants, and orilfied again.,
all enemies. ,
The,. Ginasexpeneea are sal:overwhelming that'
it neat.. iinposielole to believ.m there. Yet nary,
ail tenn,c irromotahiv hum faces whiitlt the teillInlo•
pv Si o,lr ~ utilises ea to believe. We saw,
evamined, a n d handled, the secrets of tdr.'Pause's
lo.foe, and the peculiar aearrade net:canary to gle•
WP ,• to no potent • correitt. We paw% as no
ene ermlel help weing, how, ifihn common hellcat
would do any thine, thew, °old do Infiniti. ly
more. 'l . We could now easily Constriont the appa•
Taor.t, , nedi..ons,l, anti 'Magid hart no doubt of
. 1
la,, adit.,. The Sentillsedhic we wlneszed were
too rbinitimi and overwbul ing to leave tte
p!eined doubt that the great d glaucous tetchier
el. I, in fee-within the hoar of truth to ray that
the vie! tunnel ,pnwer that old reacit f rom t h e
uoittu.,ion of the hydrogen Whieh we saw eyed,
eit ir.oin omit, by turning the, helices one minute,
co hi e ,00nor to turn them liM kittut; nay, %then
M e i tome. on welt the ireirsed whom tntstil lave
voiced at the name tile, it wooed have
Iwo , hilt , .until in the antllll4,a al that ectithrated
pr. 1.' , -: .-- o 1;f1 fOrt , lief by 1100 v,:aint hsnd.
ti •eor 1, ..) L ur it. ' I litnerglit in the Doty fuel of
it, .1,14,1 world, we led,sceedingly ItrllOtlel
th,i .iiii vv nhonld se z, the uppOrittraty IttfOre
.e . ., It has tool bold of it, o add thin splendid
no. ei, the rk.ment in our Ceachituate ble••teg.—
Lou the oily at once loch into, the affair, end pay.
Inc the iiitcoverer the ruin which is jitney hie due
r mile, that which will Satinly him—far the
,:,,„, ~,,,..., t ua up r ,v,y, 4 0 gar am Maton le can
.•--•- ' • •
tr-iml. rust,. it t,-prriperiy I al the eit/7,11•, MI
rr.,l. us Pio twat, situf. Ono half at. moth
Mutiny's, to: Lit, onortritteir . q pmcdrina the
inivity of V74let, min Make 111 sysilslilc fur rill . Inn
p.-.r o:',. F. . lig lit soil fool riY the crino'e city-tote ,,
~:i b., it, more roll and sold to intprit I, nod
0 .,• •., ir .it rlitr Oat o..uopisY, which has pmfi.
slily ant fin-k :Is exults! rioters! time. &ready,
will poly bruit tu minis., sloo con or KO fir tll/
11'.r., ^,I etili.i,s. I
P. dd.,rll rri,ilcr a arrow,., us host strange It
mi. , l i.- ills, Mr. P. ii.o luta oh, room, introdu red
Ms il.r..rry sod invention II the w .rid—that h
j,„ n , 1.0,,i op thn Amor intro, or ooh bsed in
Encent -.rt. owe reran the thing done, and erntu
tr. Ti., I fill tvliiith site basil st-en. toirq, dor e,
rill I, reit r,..i.,., t ct ~,c,.... olio as fay I, 's
In: r 1 , 11 r.,—,11111
mg Ia..MOM Ma driven from t c
nr ,,--i r rotti ri • run will:Out aptoke Or spar' e,
. the entire smoks, nuisance, and all loot II d
n., • ..1: ...In 41. In b.ut, Pki..iim horn all r. i ix id
.. ~. 3 and mit. Wit... Eve. , portion at Pie too Id
I 1r0n,!,,' fl&i:1111-0. Physical darkni as is attonsh rd
—...,1 l, are mistaken if Itl4 morel dtlll.llelM du 41
,q,1,70.1.1,tt ..71111 it.
At AI * . V. , " onr Fag 1.1114 will Ite litthtec,t, :a
r.ruti dud; giro tte hii ligLt, 1.:334 . q 11°,3...1 ,
1;:.AI . Iv. lami t e varivi 16r ouirolvea ac
rIIIf A.
trvi+.l n K, Oil Ili) eentinel,
At , harped, the, rohhat of the Itharlaalowit
Bank ~v 1,..., arreel we have heretolJlClllolll,llell, '
in binn.te.oint of the rah, y, nod anittoluent loss
et r.,n I:1,y. niya that ho , , with hie accomplice, or
rived tit (;,,arleatowti about nine o'clock to the
even - no—tit At I:wy ilupledilitelY commenced ape.
I etkol.t., 1104 beam twelve tb' had ideeed the
beat, put 100 ~taboy tutu the wagoit, and lee n
vtilatie. When they ntrive4 at the foot olhe lu g
t II bet .t. , en Itteweville aril hi artiaw,they both eV
rut ci th...tvaknn and wallad, for the purpose , of
one e xii the horse en much el posy:tale. On e el
;limo waltri. tl , tatteh loner thou tha home, mot the
a 1,.., t 10 , t . r, and owing In the darknrna of the
night, itaitht, of thorn happened to beep In night of
Inn. Witt, kith had .17044 at the too (tithe hill,
each were Mron . li tntprh4d that thd brow+ Roe
writun were not to the Carl, of the ether. They
idonattfaott7 rettared their aleps, and made nheale.
Int an nnandertion of the mad as they could ; tut
they , 1-7 n chic to dtt.::tover to 'Tilt,xa or the leg
tatter" i ii,it tante Openttnali LIB ouch time or they
a,,,1 in, they teparated, and sought their perano•
of sickly I y 11.gbt, It appear. there wit II narrow
road, turning at rtght ant.,:ea with the main one,
.wlooli the lit.rne took, and tichieb entirely escaped
their notlea.
Inriird was arrested about 100 mallet west of Al
bony, N. Y., and made a lull confession of the act
eud expeclied is willingness to attend the othcera
to this State, without a regirisnierfoti the tiovernor
of New York. When he had arrived at Chatlea•
tooin, he requested the carers of the bank, to
make out a mill of all the manned expense they bad
incurred by repairing the blink, in advertising and
pureeing the rubbers, and the reward .offered f
the recovery of the money . ) This they did, and e
paid the hill; insisting at the same time that tll .
tree, who found the money, was entitled to the to
reward of S4IOH?, of which only $4OO had.been psi
hue. The reunites and penitence which be had
exhibited throughout,and the anxiety manifested to
snake complete satisfaction for the injuries be had
done, may tuiveprnduemlw flute sympathy in ho fa
vor. He it as It may, he Was finally arraigned be
tote a justice for the caner, mid waived an exam
' ination,—the prcemeutiog allorneretuthag that this
defendant had fully fettled find paid alt expense jos
curled by tbe bank, winds statement wan corfo
, berated by the Prentdent, 3':z Gov: Hubbard. The•Jciittesi misted MO to giTelail la' du) atm
of 52500, with two sureties for his appearancest
It,. neat Court of Common ECM An wan es
acted thus otdcr he complied with by depositing
SI :A) in the hands of a lemons:bk. prraon, who
become bail fo: $1250, sod but brother a man of
property in Itimenchosetts, became bail for the
BON. Th brine don . , he fought a sleigh.,
into which . he harnessed his horse, and then de.
mended of the othoers a the bank, the tools with
which he had forced it. This the President and
Crahier declined complying with; hut bring threat
ened with a suit, they concluded to have no mil
on t•rstanding vri h the gentleman, after so agree
attic an intercourse, and they accordingly:delivers d
them op. Lamed 'Mocked his beaver; and left,
M good spirits, congratulating himself,very hknly
on his fortunate clear, with the means at band of
replenishing, by professional altill, Ids purse,which
had proved to be a friend in need., When he tut
reneera himself for trial, the officers of the bank.
the justice and proseentins attorney, will probably
be called as witnesses.
Me. timu—Sir, I cheerfully comply with your to
quest that I would give you an account:of the almost
miraculous eure:of my lode doughier's eya by the ate
of your "Petroleum."
She was attacked with it very tote eye In February
or March net, when I immediately applied to the beat
medical aid in the city, by whom it wan pronounced
very bad eye" and all gave me no hope of doing
her iwy good. After which I took nee into the Coun
try to an old lady, who:bad been vet) voccearful In
curing eyee. She told rut that her caYe was hopeless,
al the weal.; certainly loYc Cot only that one, but
also that the other wouhl follow—it being a screfulotte
affection of the bloat. And I do certify .that :at the
time my father (J LI. Vachon; came to the conclusion
that are ball better try your Petrolcam," rue was
gamma , A tin , of nine eye. It about two
entity siore she began its Ilse, and rho eau Low See
with both eyes. good at ever the did ; and, Mg tee
nu I can toll, I believe she hap, with the binning of
he Almighty, beerfeured by '• Petroleuia”
your., respectfully, • •
M. Fairer. Valnom Comte.
Pittehorghh, Sept. do, IFSO.
• For Fele by Key'sey S Aleldottrell, 140 IV.Ameet ;
R. E. Sel:ere, 57 Wood meet; D. id: Corry, D. A. El.
Hop, Joseph. 1111130 v., and IL P. Selman; Allegheny,
oleo by Itte proprtetru t S. N. 141 ER,
nem:et/en Coital Clem, Seventh Ft, Pitteborgh
OinCe 0! Ohio and retina. IL IL Co, Third st.
l'invanton, Anoint 5,ltiCA.
Tno Stockholdent of the Ohio and tiennsylvonto
Rai! Road Company am here," notlGed to toot the
eighth invialmcal of five dollars per abort, nt the office
of the Company, on or bcfore the 00th din . of Aunust
The ninth Instalment] oil or benne the :lath del of
September. The tenth inthalsent Po or before the
20th arp of October Oen.
QT The 7th taltalment woe called for 00 the 20t4
/KIT lan.'
107. Worsts i Wont., —A great many horned
treatises have teen 'gotten, explaining the origin et
and slay/Oleg she War,. generated In the human
system. Scam:. any topic of metliseal serene, tsar
elicited more Arnie 0iai1.4.11011 and profound IC'
search, and yet physicians are vet y Much diioled in
opinion on the seances it muss hc! admitted, Low/
eyir, that after all, a ;node cLexhellthg there morals
and purifying the body from their, preirerice, to of more
value than the tritest disquisitions as bo the origin.
The expelling !meet hoe at length been touni—and to
offering to the patine Illbrone's.Verralfrge, the pro
prletors are confident that it will only require to. La
used to prove Orel( superior to any new In use.
(17Tor sale by J. KIDD k. CO, No t*Wocd Mont.
1611W0,11101•11t• In 0•111.11!try•
DR. 0.0. RtEARNR., Into or Dpann , pprspteodm
1,1 ". M.O. Tina to whole p
DI SC., 3Liclintl or AUNOnnt c Unction ri!ttei
Ct,to to /WV M n cie, where the nerve t
Imposed. (ace and residence nest door to the May
orn diee, Feersli nrter,
Ria•sTo—J. U. liPredden Raton: tali
129 W 001.1 ST
Are nos' prepared with• v lame . add Creel idrisk 01
l:ngtiab, German, and Americanlorare,Ao oder
...crier inductive.. to buyers. Thote,a•tralni to
~.101ft, will privemte their Widmer by Mumna
hwegl, mit atm k, ar they are dateemmud to dell tit
marl ac.t.ta ihrma. auels
-14*LItIt OA. C.Oiqrf OrrOCtUl
44.1 Oecatra, betwiaa
. .
fiffli,to. JOHN 11. MELLOR, el Wood .c.
ti v. rrerivol et se end F p lend i 4
a•lorwr.nt of Pianos, w
now opcn.and
reed- ~ .a snle. ' . dell
M R" st 0 F ?II A 5 I
l . 4o.oltrin-ittuttit
lrj A VINO eonelui io mehe Pttsburgh her p
manvnt home, ori a ll ecirv [ ntie ,i to give lasso. er-
Voce] and Instrumental Mame.
RC•III.CC at F. :Ststks, 21 Fifth st. dent:dtlist
Splendid Olft Bonies t to.
rr EA MILTS of Memory. Snow Poen/
Carden of Modern Art. Clean of !noon'.
Frrendnup•a eldenne. Amerenth'. Winter ille;sl-
Prenqterinn Psalm and Hymn llooLel aplendidly
Eiliserpal Prayer 8.A., ipleudidly boand.
nronne Preceniation Lloota. Albomslke.
oclo 61 Market a 4 eor. In Fourth.
1113,5, I% native el Aebtan-ondcf-Lyne4LnneheLith,
Erg , nroh by trade a wesr.; M ter, who ea Tr 4 10 Neer
_York on bah.' the +hi- liveop, t. the 1203 of
Noverubrt I hlt, 4ohinvie ohiiiv a buy° b h, which he
WO or forar_ord to rto , bpfgh. All (1110141.10%1 re•
yfeedni r ,v,H he thkok(011/ r eer red, for the
'CO.V,I. a Ur, box. by WILLIIM 1 MN.
4Aw ! Of the llonod Iloueo, l'otahuretz, Pe.
LAFAYETTE 114ILL', -- - '
A Ching. weer Woolf:Pm: ro at ACleiiron World.
LIVER': individual of the eirolicilee tilight the ITC ro
0 of A fi 7 / 1 1101'01.tie Y. or theddratrie &Score of
lAfe—liow tobar nrue uporatopi in the ...aria, Skop
., or a n y iier,on tedido fiparutora instantly, to thole
great a... h=oot.
1l R out 'YEW tot. plenrure In Announcing that ho
will untold ohi the scents of a sct.. which the
world ha' poonouriced diromprehensible; for i_e, lea
sou it..dor-den in Biology, Psychology, e, Instead
of throwing light on the
solerciJ have tido there
~„_ mid their MICICIICC acenituglY thlieulo s
l'initrsor ltew is the only lecturer on Anthropology
in the world, and gager ear 'meals twee, before at,
te To pmted hy noo. .
r co. 4C wad cow/slot fire lorinroa with saperi
mottle, cownenetnir en Mend, hirear.x. Pee li:Cili,
c o oi di el lig dr.6114 am wars Dole open at 0 o'clock.' eta, locket, to the course TS sty_
See bulls oi L 1 1 .5 day In r particulars. dean
/liver can Wantall,
F OR which th e tughow premium will Se void at We exelmnie triter of A. WILKINS &
1,10 eor of Third Pc Markel ate
To Dlechanlce end Otters.
fj , 111: esteoFere verge of tool4fobe formerly ozen
pie4 by Alevo. Loch h Co.,Obtoe POlob between
Water .beet and Ibileesne IVoyi will ts !cosebl for
fecal 01 yea;.. Tbey e n be Neatly solgea, with
tww bobeer, e teborneble,l6evity bind of montifoe•
Yoiee*ob yiechl imfoedletely
Apply fa VII PO. BOI.ILLY. I t o
j usil Lobies (lam Hoot,
'1 Jo 4o do Over blots
4 d> to de Bustle,
, 14 li,tats' Over Shoes
I do do do Sandals,
for •rile r.nlariale marl :'re ti Wood at, by
.k3tt , n PHIL.LIPS
•- -
lld DIA UURUER 1101,1. 0 .--.1.1 :eve tr. from New
a fer.. ; fun &viva India Robber Ladle, It
heatnital artielogar re:e et the India Rubber Depot,
%co. °T. .
R, U"Un "()"-- gli t i T dfn ' a " a e p °' e k rl:Ve h tt r lreleeset;
Id pair Long Legarnera
IJ pair etihed do
0 Horse avers;
13 pair Gehl.' Slot Gloves;
pair Plittialf Roars, for sate
AVII)! f.l.lftrtiflTO THY. WORLD.— thrOly toe
pullout ryvnard wall be ptld mai ronerrilb wall
prodere x !part 0i pent, goon or dty. that eanuot be
etztidetcd wltle•lled froyiroar4 Chemical Sday.
hare the settafseatir, t t eayinel 10 the people of this
place that Iltts ortirL, by my onto , ituProreturnt on it,
how ottauda unfiredl el in Ma reentry for elleacting
, aa e r , tar, pitch, of , paint, or any other grrasy cub.
fiance, from oil kin. s of gentlemen'. or ladiesleloth
tug, estate., table 'peeled*, manner allow It, ladle.'
bonnets, kr , without fittortog!aity thing that.pure
water will not tow •. More than 000 thousand per
sons in eildrrent pans of the houctry hare told ma
they would not he I thoot O if it coat II a r•te. fe
wpm; this Yolp o 10000 that/ nt!!! ankle.. Of light
fillo, sauna, alpaer s and CRllOllOO.f have truly found
Ultra ',Were 017t10, !aro talpurras, and four 010.11.
en, on which it chinace,i the color; ttrecifitie, before
putteng to on a light 000111, try d mule or the Qtr'
Lest 1 1112/01,0061140 I, eon 1.10 1 ,01100,004 1 . 00 . 1
001010 001 / if ...V clCocer than knotte to bu strictly
ifidersfedosoonntry nierrhantord prdlarsprompl
r if altrudetitet by the subscribe SF.f.LISRS
dellte 47 Wood at
ATENI:3ON IVAMS-9 las (mt Venison Mtn. just
V received nml for tole by W k F
deal , CO Wood el
BALAitittF.A De.Oofitt Ilreh have been on•
changed for three year. anu upward., In the Er
ni...Be Rant of Pittibus
W.,1141M DIVIR, rnridence unknown, Aug It, I odd, can
Npeoctr blanley, Z 'noodle, Oct r 4131 7 .., 45
I certify, that the forrgatng Itatatnces appear to he
doe to theparedne'roinieil, or their legal represents
tt vet, cierfird:ng to the - books of this hank.
T 91 110W1., Cathie,
Sworn and adbacribed before 'me, Ode 29th day of
December, 1921 C ERNEST',
dtadoltm Notary P.M , '
. .
POWDER MANGIANE.dE—,ROO flo j t fgat i lLlB6
de:10 GU Wood et
5 El,llllt—lS dor for :o Ly
011 cialli D &CO
Nic b o , A . LUSTER'S taTlilkNT-4 Fos. far eele
ide39 . J iiIDD et CO
LA lID OIL-5 brit. for eels by
' de:11)
•INDIGO—IXICITs klpo 1.11. IFIOZ Illsiirtia and Me.-
.1. Hilln, for imio by
_lde,i7l4 ..I KIDD &CO
SODA ASll—i3 casts Korik'hrond for sale by •
dellb $ & W lIATEHAUGII
ROLL BUTTER—SO bilk rime, rechl for solo by ,
deaf• 8 & W lIMIDAUG4I '
Ati.otv—ao brls prime ,or kat. or ' -„ ~
~,3., o o. W tuatunitat
C. , - 0.....4 . - i bar W. It. Cteeke tar kale. by
"' . ; - ;:i,. ---' •) . 1.; W lIABIMUOR
Lk IickkIVIINAT IFLOUR—.'d Lap rdo'd tor solo by
1' drail • ... . $& W SibilklaUG.ll
L} tifklat.—ao bade for tiokliVicke, fii icoleilcy 7
L___dedo ki klt WIIAIIDAUGH
INSEED 011,,- . 10 bre toe'd for sale by
.L 4 don e 416 W eißeAum
AT nil Olr P. CI ATO. or
A. A. MASON & CO.,
OA aad Blasket atr••t,
IA7II I. ewe mer.c ,, rl Monday, oneember 30,
and rwat• inmate tie month of January ,
On War orestrion. we art ole of their immure eatab
lishuret t vvili he teroven open for Paull Trade, and.
Weir ex tenvwe monk, amounting ta One Modred and.
Thirty ib ou ,, a a will he offered at Retail, at
rally or a fentlh Ices than ardal priers.
Illenollee of Weir Semi-Annual Sale ID any one of
the thesitend• oh, aueneed the .ale of Int year Brill
Le stan,lent gnat...lce for a call this seesaw They
Will. Ito Never mention a kW cf the Goods and Pricer,
for the atnetil ofthese who have never attended Weir
Welt C whatereL
...... -
SOU .. pg Cot'n &Wool Cosh mores :55 37Y
1500 ps do do Doltinve 15.121 do 2:I& 23g
00 pe High c [it'd plaid do• —.45 do '62/
50 pa Stripod and Flg'd Silks 50 do 75
EU pt. Owen do Chino emd Not , 571 do' 115
5U pe Black egiozg educed 25
oor, coot
100 F.eoch Morino. 1 oo do 137 i
and Lyonese Cloths, redaca
iier cent
2t.,0 ps Alpacas, all colors, reduced 30 per cent.
23e3 I,na Sqaare Shawls, which will be sold from 81
to 85 iCR% than usual prices.
:000 yds Bonnet Ribbons at B&10e usual 23
East eored Calicoes at Gle, alma Price 00.
100 Cli•F. English and Ameridart Calicoes at B 310 c,
avail prteelll end 12/c.
Do ci. ie. llicachrd Muslin., reduced 20 per yard.
2113 hales Brown Muslin, ell grades.
Al. laces., Embroideries, Trimmings, tlotiery and
Glove, Linens,Ched ks. Cloths, Camimercs, Caes4net.
and Jr 1111; mei:tier with immense variety of ether
condo, 411 s t -which will be Marked Doom tti
Pticvi. than any of their previous sale.
Then Invite an early collies many of their choicest
coeds Will mOOll be The lowest price named at
first A. A. MASON & CO
ad& fa Market lit
A' or" mid Worie 1-11 aid Times!
gOillr oat of practice No Chriatelas
tr:lts . hi,eJ servants!. Nothing but dttygg
e, eockma, teething dishes, and availing
tahaer:Vony.ortirrrong to night, wherein, they amo
'act the' day for them 'OA pleasure and a bald.=
Ci.,4.'014 Gilt; but non a days Moe is nn gift—
nodose but drudgery. licit the narfilon, thank God,
4 1101tIlti rely exhausted yet, as two ladies and gentle , '
men in Allegheny city, gave their female domestics
as the rote argon dollars each—Mar in number—wed
time man nearly 'a full suii. IVe hope May will be
liberal at New Tear. MANY SERVANTS
Mara Hod for Softness
TATEM ENT ef Deposits and Balances of Deposits
CI in he Banc of Pittsburgh, u t the smooth of len
dollars and exceeding Mar - nem, which, within the.
thorn) cure preceding the date /ATM! statement, have
not miner been Increased ot diminished, with the.
nature Jibe depository, the mite when such deposits
were made, no ,balances accrued, and the amounts
thereat: This etenement exclude, all deposits and
be lettere of dCpOlii whack have heretofore been pub
he4for three eacceiodue years—they having,
elicatelt to the Cemmonwealth.—
feeee Itonglieny •
PV-pheit Gmnt
'amna sltrml,
Wan. Tomlineou
Dater. Amounts.
• -•Inov. $155 00
• • -Nov. 4,154 - :45 00
• • •Ang, Mt, 1845.• • • 150000
—Jan. 5, WV-- MS 00
• • •June 20, 1e47... • 100 00
s . ..• • ,
1 certify thn ,•
the torrent:lg appear to be hula.ea
due the perrone nurnsd. and noying remained to Dank
anennosed for three yea,.
/IWO. n to and subscribed before me, this 2111,h day of
De. mnber, ISLO GED. WATSON,
detlsadtkvr•ltS Alderman of the Chy of rausturgh
liloirola Jo I{ , lllla'. Flame Journal,
Sabi,' hid cooly Saturday in Nna Yuri. City
Al wo Dollars • Tees• nrceilile in nil roles in
Office of U. Homo Joufoal
ltq Fulton Cl. N. York
To all whom It may concern:
This may certify that le. M.. in duly author-I
ed to act as event tr MORRIS R WILLIS'S
HOME JOURNAL, on& that all receipts given by
him in punnet,' for earn paper wtll be duly acknow
ledged by as at the other of pablicancookod It to ei
presely acrred and understood, mat all seffircriptient
ara pr.otltte one year to advance.
TbeNtew annum. will icoonneace on the .first of
I y. Subscriptions keceived by J. U. Holmes,
Third .trees. oppoeite the Soot Office.
det& &laws and Proprietors
BALK-5 new for sale br
OLASSEttt—bi taint' an crop N Holmes land-
M tog per rm nLi
eaer u bele bunt, Indult, by
NMOLASSES-3 Grin nen , crop, inn reentael
3 . 29 et _
syn d TLlAltri—thito ei t k; ,. .A.gvietlii i .
:tom. turr pt-4 'Ms lost ried by
L r • erta
btand, for sale by R A CUNNINGHAM
.la - Ths CUII/1 or Caron. Elea d Alleglinry
Ordia " : " A47l;77 , 4 .'' Alt a r i Cla=l C 2t. P ' T ":
To 11.. i about defend.... Ynat anlitherrApilly
that die - atione plauniLf 2 taken and appropna
Ii) nre. Me fo ll owing onion or your real
he city of Allealtony, benta parzorloZ, Licl it IHHE 17
In Thala:es plan, bonntie,Yhy hat on the ndnh
of the centre Cue at rail T.somd ,ynnlys
thrnott,, tr,,td Inticittninnalfy 211 fart IVIO7, a drallAnd
description of sableth ar g hlea in the abuse ease.
dattdattr Pal. 1.
roit: Annual alerting a the Stockholders, and
J. Meehan or Directors, fsr the Ohiii and Pennell.
genie Hail Hoed e.0.m . , tint be held at the ofri;e•
fis the company, on the jib of January, In t between
the hours of It A. M. Rod t/'
• . . •
. . . .
deS7:cte I. J. FIROOSER, &cream'',
- —CIlt ..
llEtt . .;; illT—Now N. R. ITtutelt Raisins at
121 ea'nts perit.-111 It,' ler St, er ahl9s per hoz.
for t4la by MORRIS & 11A.WOICTII,
de & • In the 1/tarnontl
j a ll'atiEls OIL-5 brie pore New ----- iiiMilai
1,1 Fee eived and•for sale by
. .
('FOLD P :;JO—We have now on hands a large
rirof tge Urn Gold Vens. from tee leatting
trot einem ro to New fora', *Ad made eve...l7M
Alm, eleg nt Gold Pencil Cha_wi and Pon Belden,
filitirr CUP in eve ty vp-,...0 y. PoreulArte Pan/ Hold;
err; Pearl d AA rot. rile wholewati and retail 14
New York -, we, ' Dletl7l W W 'WILSON
_ ( .. _..
SlNt'Alt. 21 blots N
0027 i 141 Liberty at
_.. .
-• • • .
14.AIRINS-1 U bra new,ree'd on consigrtrOent,aa4'
jy for sale IoK by
Q Ipnacnto, reypnr, Clo Yes an&Not
meet; for trY 18.11&11 DICKFS & CO •
drY.: tVntei & Front nit
. AtTi ... -.lXtbrl, No t kit morn and rot *IN by
' ISAIAti 4EY & CO.
CI! 1 1"' '"" & CO
*TO i NTACKVAEC- for f•milY nx
des 7
!, 11 /.7 FISII -73
Lut•ey gcbled, tar sale by
del' I: 4 AIA II DICKEYIt. CA)
Tj/ ex. mesh hence, far vale by
de27 DIONEY B. Ca
Flancy Good°.
IUST received and now idpex a cr large assortment o
iFancy nnialal rytaile fit r hrinmas and No
Tea; Pradixtii,tri which dm attention of purchaser
ishorticalarly invited. Amongst Menssortmerit rail
tm. found
Romorcrod Regency Fiartr .
Pearl Inlaid Fanny do
Farley Rosewood Toiler Boxer
ininid Patin Wood do do
Black Walnut and Rosewood Toiled Rages
Fancy Rommonri Perfumery Boxes i
Satin and Rosewood nevalntßaxes
Pearl Caskaaa far fine Jewelers
Alen Genslemdn's Morning Eltrelkei
• • du Traveling Cases
do Finley Dressing C 11411.. .
dad, F if PATBN'S.'eat Fourth at'
I.IARRV'S TP.l , l(lelf Efir)Uri for rale by it.E.
9t'LL4Z.4, (+55 et, tole egem for Pareburo.
Price, 25 ceror per 1.12 e de.2.5'
SIIOII,T8-400 D lust received pee 'teenier Jenny
Lind, und for sale I,y
""1 71 1 i12111a 114RNES
N 0. ,, , ,.. 1 5 .1F11) : 1ti brio anlll,ll5*e—k.AART,E,
ISCNIZ.O& OIL-3 bTls Teh'd fin sales by
detl SaiRIVER & BARN&i
&25 . SURLY ER k BAntif3
I\ - r O. ttIOLASSE.4.—nn bl i lit il lohngit t o . t : am lir
. 0 1 . de23
y - Aitirk . REA 4 ,::: :. - tii --- 77-
_I, • • z barrels Orman, now landing
from stear.v.k :fort N. 4 nilit;) , i i itzle i tio ncsu '
den Froninet et ,'
, -- 6 Eta irgilti—Tin efts WOirniFitOok Fort li COP Lan 'ISAIAH' DICKEY & C
batin g lbothyDeel
n, Isle of rho City of Piubtne b,do
geual r this tiny Loon $11.111“1 lb the wader.
adgited, pollee hereby Ricca in all pen.. ludebted
to the told Salute to mite Immediate payment teeilber
.or no, and till: pence,. h,a ;nu Holten opting,. maul
<Mate are tettuniiell to preaent the same, duly authegr
'pled it
art Imam it the warehouse lately "'CM
'pled by nail A. Ureic, ad Thild
ANNA AdMitti ttra;:ti.
11. %TA.. AdminittraMm.
l'ittahutert, Der 03,1F - 0.-11rdta diva
L ti ,ar,bree E and to Dont.
A. LARGE Lumber Yard, enuated cm .ThlqUettle
'Way, near the PAitlt, aufficlent room to told
eighteen hundred thourand feet of lumber, to tent on
a tong lento Enquire of OL
dethiSlm Cot. Penn & Irrain Oa
(Lae from EdinhayldiScoiland,)
w LuL e n p 7 v ,e..t. t . erfor,V ar4aaint the pubiie that be
dere e:ice In the ati eve prottivion,
. r ,o bye,:re:ol atientioo to whatever la curtailed to
him, he hope% to give catinfaction.
In Conneenon with Jame. {wilesla, Ilotte Shod.*
and fithekininhing in general he cattle 4 an, at
carper of Tunnel 'Met and rennallxunia Avetue.
Uoiikes for Sale.
MILY and WORA HORSES—Persona Laiitild
Feither description aro rcquested so call at Chown , *
Stable, Third at. 1de.141 A II BALI,ERS
DRIED FEU - IT—Dried resell.;
do to gored;
I*.A Liberty n
8T13A1117 GOOUS.
GHEENb; St CIL. Itlgoofactetrees of Fog
/A • eigtt and Dentritt4 Parser Goad', all 'be ottext
toot of buyer, to their goods tor indite and utiewea.--t
hey rani offer, inducements to 'treat variety of
style,. etc., to perdue.* slip buy by the maanlae
Aimee package. Sample. exhibited at their atom, No
ne Pearl .1.21 up ethint Ness York. deYeadene
ABLE HALT'-900 met% W. lb. each. Caned
Table salt, in atom and tot sale try
deMdeal W ht GOBBLEY, 111 Ltharty
rowan,'GELERS9.IIV9. -
TS word truirsicted donne anti lidbited at
Philo Hall, over . the Post °Ste, ifeta dal%
comtueneinaldoudatakeetaturtll.. '
Roan oft hibititut, from 9 A. 9t• tip Bi
idtal.slautaSetr, season Octets,so anzpa.ft
6 cants.
• P.' S.—The Statue la 111. propertir. Is• Paw" ,
and is echiblte4 for Ida beutat. 403
Liberty Streeti
Oyen EVERY - EVEIVINCi, fahort mum
ierietof4* -
iisnal price CEO
• . . .;
' Mtn-a:chi moirorteeniiileou of lA,; it. Mato%
llalifax, the:Atlaouq Livezpool,
From tie Timmer, paarirq ondei 11mtges, lad
ending widi a magnlSeent maw O. . .
' TEIAIt In T 1 .
Illatolnatea, and both hoof ihat;eautifid
. unis.•
An Exhibition einyi WednetZand Satitday
afternoon, at 3 o'clock: - • '
Adinn‘ion„2s menu. Ctildren,.xr Il.pesra 01
1-t. 15 meat..
110ar• will open , sa delock - orama. •
ponce moving at o'clock. , • del3:4la,
TALLOW DIL-4 tat tinarot (Fort Pint by
"Dun bT Is Ohio BaUc - rf;
keg* ee'
tarr.9 FLUE_
dozerv,in rt?re and ily,s•t—l'tio
, 013ACCO—C - 0 bxs L's Pocedt' •
veal;' , GILLS ROE
, -
FLARD-5 hge on 6kno•lrn , d for ilhln.
' de24 : : ' • VI 1 Libeny
REESE-1W brs Ceef(•loro fo r nab by
"NT O MOLAkIE 3 -20 brim f,r op foie ealebi
den. mchn-rsom-
OIL Ffi:AL—SA bags In atom' eak by
de2l • ZA. t. HAN IIIGLI.
SODA A9II-40 auks vcc , J PRId bT •
delq DM!
POTASH -10 outs iu !tort FAIc by
deny $V
WN DOW . GLASS-400 o.y..Artcll 01200.'4 far
brands, received and too b9' • •
Ale2l •
UTTER-10 brie fresnEo/4?..!l l, l,bji i iiiio n i . l :,
de.l3 • 1 ." ttA
CUE TSS-440 bx. tc , c'd fo T 1 Air
dtel - - 1W nARItAtIon
CHEES.F.-2401toxeiRir - W. U. retc, •
, LO do Crearmeme;fne rale Irio
lIESTNUrs—s bagi-this 41.'4 rot aZ2 I3 -.
det WM MeCANit
dozwuperi l v r Vin h augiat i eAbi
F E L T / 1 1, ER'hi.'im l. " 41 1 3: ZCANDLESS.
GINSENG -4 pkg. fox .10
de4 'Ph& EWAN DILEI39
FLAX—I 4 !meta an land'. Jar irate b 7
dat' W: & /51cCANDLE£3
10101:$11.1-42 calla pale fate, e 7
dells W:& M'CANDLIMS.
inltn—sa pkgn on nnand for min by
PLA' RL:I- 1 41 casks fi rst a, 'or gale by
den . at McCANDLESS
SALFRAT4F-35 calks 00 brig tar We '
rot* osp. for vile
de2.l „' , . VR h McCANDLEEIS-
. . „
TIVA—aOO brls N C Tar;
of brio do for aby
de24 • : IRK ea 'Mee ANDLES'3'
Q HORTS-10p0 Du Has dtec , .l for *Co by
d Ptaetin 150 '°11'
.1 1° 11Ittli;i7 1'
deal eiWAN, ep e ssi.s-2 pens tirati,
BD by , • WM) '; RIMY& Co_, , r
SH. MULAL , SES-31) ti St Louts augur Hint::
. Syrup ?Soloman, ou eigruzeot. for oalotry
.das • .- R'&F WILWN I. •
IW segued",
C Cif:o4ollo=r
w" I e;,ole• rent
j, pupae. on .Thinid oecna!A •
next. Cireuhtro, omit-m.1,m0 610. 4 , of 0..1.4..1, I
mode al Insirectioirwat alodyi discipandi.;
Won, inaY be ho d ,
to p
stores of - •
White, and Messrs Hay /1.„, or of the frinetind,,nt- ~
the Mononenbeht'llo7o_,Nin to 4 P.M., eteleh •
butanes., day of ttoment ' ' •
'llll If-Toilbaltsfotel
r[urn teniartbe, presezr nee Ir4iiior . do the h*
Alrk i tti:tx " Vo L teh P arPtPlTTl. ` =!%%- .'''
therough end com oa litmnt tuff .u. e:,, end °Sere it ;ortor , :
tf -
. BlNSON,Atilr,st , Lsw •,••
ttet Vbartli street i' • , •1./
! • 6 7 07 A 471 alir6/ et% 00 74
Cornet of Thirdtd Market sueau..'
The °illy Chailered leaden of.the Wad in
Zahn Plera, Prlcclr Inemactos. In thet!!lfitri,,i. , „
0. elaareberhn, Pisaor of Pernianshin;bll% - :
Ale Compateuon, tee . • .'•
Alex. M. Watson, .E, Leclarei on Cottinera.
Thou desiring acorece Irnoteledie ol Doak RoetY . •
mg and Its application 'over,' branch of beilttefli
also an elegant and remestrianship, arc Imitate ~; . ; ; . 1
call and CSURIIIIC the a.ngeraeute. - =a
Lecture on Commerti Law every Monday e'en
of e ' i.e Id . Cl . ' 11'
'Reference to eny cut I) mere an
Psalr6_d 78 ! r iurctiam
( 1 1 4 ',.. , ar w F .113 ` - ". b lot R 11 1 1 1 4iiisciNT!ii:eitt1 7 ,:,1
A d C IN ' EL-111) tv, No Thfited. nr7ale
At k ai ' IS A 1111T , 11120N At.:WP. •
brls byrnya; • •
' ilt.2:cia ,do ilbstlabcsied
for bb by JAlf; - A
drb MN, libui•Pbbybr
. • -
Ntemb•rusg lantiPtttalringll',..
ALL 'germ. ituleillo the sulureribit for Irueb-•
,hertoa hour es or Eriburgh Director, will Orme.
glut M the Deimos ore Dowd of. Trade, ember UO
WoOti und.Tkid streebeween Old beam of .11. sod
2 o'ciock,' she senteleir bltle. Solrecriberi And.
thor,..oh,h4og to noretie . the Pittsburgh Ihterbirlirf
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