The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 31, 1850, Image 1

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E'.. - .13T.,1_,511E1) IN 170. -- - . . : III! !! •
• PriILI..3IIIFD 111'
T ,E: & Co.
D. 0. year. Is. worm.
aa.ritra niTra man rraCcr, our UM TO
r4r men.
. • ' I • sarm:
D • I per annliza.
• ......
Weary, 2tf?
' fikt , • rbs, st reduce.' rate.,
~ COP ADveaTisimai
..futErl) 1.1141:4 '
11 r
Ova Fowl
- anis I
Ow S 7 (~additional in sc rtlon• • • 0,..0
Do. wren ' 1,73
..... 4,0 n
— Dr . 7,00
. * rtionihm-•••• 9,00
Do. latanthi ••••,..---• 1000
Dn. I nonth.t.-• 10,00 •
Do. leen:tomtit lop
Blanding Cud lea 0.10.4 per annum. 10,00
One STrare,chalble rablessero (per en
,ears ereianiv the paper•-•••• ....... 23,00
Far each additim.plawkinaerted over one month;
and far each additl equate inserted ander the year
ty rues, half price -
Adverlieementa ceding a. Mater, and net over
apse. Onto, to be rred as a sq and a half
rabllshen not imitable for legal advertisements
beyond the alaconlirreal for :heir pubricadon.
AntrOutteing conics for ogee, to be charged the
lama so other advomeots.
Adrartimments marked on thr ropy for a weal
lad *amber of rnwna, unit be continued tad forbid,
and paymenteranerord.The
pnvilarea of rl y od'Fr miners wink. confined
rigidly to then. regam r,
•inc and all Mbar saver
, thiententa not drrir regular busmen, as
armed Dr, to be part,. •
All advertimmernr el,rtrltalla Invitation., Ore
word. Whip and other puhrie meeting*
- ad each like, lo be trti-r holfpneecuyablestrictly
. • Marriage notices *charred SO emu.
Death notices interveirboutchrs, unless accorc.
panted by funeral Into:mar ohlteary node., and
when so acrompanto he paid far.
likgalor advent...rid others sending comme
nt/Adana, or renairir,oticee designed to call erten.
Lion to Parrs, Sorterroc errs, or any public ewer-
Miasmata, where obis air made for admittance
/SD notices of privateAcialions-every none. de
awed *earl *dentin private emel:tore. entente.
NA or intended loprortodividoll interest, con on
ly tie inserted with tl ndtr..tanding that the same
faro be Nod far. If dant to be snserted In lite
all. ee1..., Me 'met he charged at the rate of
sat ku than 10 cents line.
Rhihop or Fist Malin h.• charged triple price,
Tavern Laren, Perm, !..2 each.
, Leila and Decherd erusements to be charred a 1
Nillpnerm •
Real F.atatc Agentmd ' Auctioneers'
ot te be hownderearl advertise-bt to beawO dimmntc ofSthe y and y ntu , d percent
Dom the amount of big- • .
100 10 1 .0 ou LI DAILY Darns.
thia Square, three miner , 5a
Do. curb (Urinal insertion... Z'
anoverrelnuelo mirnorr rams..
Oat Square, (10 linione , 114,tti011---30 ern.
Do. each aranal inserdon•—.W
Alltraidant adlcrrinny to be paid in advance.
- WILIITICO. Gracile.
L. ItAric .
• -1 RODTFIIDDLE, Journal.
• JAMESIIADIt On CO.. Orrontele.
• . FOSTE.I BiIEVIDMI., Displace.
JOS. SlNolfili, Mercury.
/NE, Evenirig
rellsionsi, Dee. 1, ICre
JOl/31 A. JiLLICINbOi.
AIZIMIMAN, ri ft d, Penn mice% between
O'lltra sad WelnutJl bueineee promptly
YtCW . '
. 7TORNEY AT LA'Ufnce, roarth meet
boo Wow. on
.D 137111 IS IZITTLE,
ATTORNEY to atd Conamisaloncr f•
Pennsylvania, Bt. LA, lila.
£ll eeinzaanleatins poly enveresed.
' octln•ly
Foerth street,
between Snuttifteld aGram, Paul/tart.
A JOUR 11.11N15.15 TTORNEY and Canter atiLaar, ,
uld Commis.
slaver tar the Stain ocnnoylvania, SI Loaia;
Ma, am of Piemburah.).
eferenoes—PEtablughm. NV. romard, Hamp
ton t Maier 111 , Caadless .I•':Clarc, John E. Parke
Maaalla feemple, nlcCortKialT. "g 1447
GidLlgPID. P(
+H..I. PoU Office.) •
• ~ navies permanently laeJ al Lida place, a vela
sad asbatantlal Wharf Ileexo are prepared to re.
Galva and forward prampl.Pall'pointe on the river,
sae Bear mad Deaver. Of 1 . . Car,2l,„ &
• Glut.", :nue:XL—xis) • •
SLISALIZ.„ PIIIX ces..anvys.
„DijaAlt. YiWOODWA.II} leyliatef AID . G 1 .6,1
•.0 ear 6 o .... 4_ll 4arkettt4ladelphla.. Ip4
.I.ll.tototogh AYH. ,lielriuto
IIGENNETr, /THIS' Cldocolo miter. of Soda
rs 0•01.17
Prederlek Unclad. Genr,r
ti r c , LrEt err .
1 , F6 . ,
. tl corne L
I:latr .0
arc CFA. eeIo
fl A, AIeAGULTY emnrd,,, . n d C om .
alhadou hierehontl, Ott 110,a, Pittsburgh,
(7 . 1 I A L
bil=roo,F.• K.m
fl RIMY, Flo,c.
0111d11 , lON MERCIIAN—For the vole of Do
mestic, Voolen, and Cal.:oo4r, oho. d Gaels In
kinds of hdlon'T,tmluln No 1:7 Wood 0, dth
door from/ Oh, l'al.bureh,
RAfortoe • Mtn.. {RM. Plilt A. Co, Tlankers.
10f+ 31E1IC GAL'S dad 17,11 Biotero,
IJ Nolte • eta., Greer, Prcurga. gnarl
wit. a. to J. so...corr.
'MM./1331 Jo DENNEST, In
Zoolm7, Gollacher
, ztOla lesole yroceeoonssion oodrot
-2 !r''dl _
, tar,lo.
r aw A urc
T,lVtiniersictiner,Cannntreion and
ng Mernlinnt i n. 41 Watcr at., Pitts-
COMMISSIONnd Fornn.tag Mn.
' Flour •Deatertio 27 Market erect,
' " Ott.'
P lade!
'. ' lilt LO, nucEcart & CO.
NA, 41 Non!, merEtreei A.: in' Novb Wharsea.
--; ..11...1.1.10ct on. 1 . PHILADELPHIA
. .. Eoven II it. $ .0,,
D. (L hleCa . Es:. I
Harill-liieeein Fi,i .U.OililWeTWOOTDird.
- .
er and Commigaioe 31eharit, inr tau sale ot
American . Woolens I...ibert - T,to,:to 6th 41. (e 417
3 , 1 ,1_
=" -- k ...... *ear . , 1 --- 7 - siii.i7pnrC xs.
RATEDY• NES Ic Co. tcte.sors to Arwood,
• • - Janet A .) Chohnts. pia .I , m - warding Met
to, dealers,. ~ Pittaharr'hlano Is elated Goods
Pittolnanpe, r.t. ~ , .. 1 . . rmla7
• . -. . 1,./V; -K - lIIDVII iiht - LT -- ----
.0 woe TV , salt— e. n 0.1.,)
A. Dealer ill F eh and AFOEfiCan llanglnga mid Dor/Icr!.,Vindovo Shades. tiro
PSIMS,AC. A Iso--Wrgr, Printtne and Wrap
p/nr Paper, No. 6, ‘I4)3.II.IIte..MINVCCII.FOOrIh meet Antlli.---• -,.-- - ' '- an..i . ,argh, l'n. .
.diut of Ch ambe rs, Ad.
,-,, tuform the old ens
., that. he will nal eon.
.i.e, bounces. tn. ill Its
:mil orders far Apo tlo
&-te re, V01..,i Ito- AC.:
!warehouse, is No 21
leroni oi jr.l4al3m
171 M gr, or, ere. — rdelT.
tiosnohea, ,k.c, No.
a cf Domond Alloy
F.CTi 7 i , Tr,atl - iilto
/du - e - Mtd foul
PI:Wm - ch. I ePL-1_
rine ix? DICi - Sl - , tr y
!melt. Groner, Com
. I.l'l%o:tiro, N0e.54
, Pe: P - el. 001 - i
• • ~ - -.R.14:p h VII econh.
'‘ielese.lo Grooote and 4,
C0.,1 No. d 7 %WO, et.,
dos.) ,
A T ,ii v:irT
•inboie Third at. Pats
..I u well aolecled as
`.tedietnes.rhleh b*
... terms. Physicians
1 a tlended to, and trope
' OOOl **rennin*, .
111 to act arately .1
,Iterseg, at any hoar o f
jil7,Ailo brioal., ~ .'stkal,6%,, r od good i'orfa
- lOTA
Yalta bUold.
~, t , Ilialei
4 , R.1.1401cD, wlotesilo' tocell, CMhous[l,ll
.Merchants, and litalere n Praia-, Roiled
h gtottdogs, (runic.: ant... Dotty Wood Lid
allikatretta, Pitt.t, r 0 ,.. I'm. L , . 4 ,
Cir.71..111 r, Aga - rii.)..b.71;.,.. iig'..n -- ",,
11. 14 /ilotiisn Line o.roarer. el tho toeci—Otto 0 I
1 ,
so dm rumor of W ter a n Aoritold Avg ! an t
Ptt7AllO 4, GllOOl - ' .- ;::S .-------- -
Fllltelf , 47 .k C0, ' (111.0.010rnrW.h r ..,,1, I
..,% 4 Afeht4 or the t. lomat Sant ihrgae t1ig,,,, - i
167' 1114asar and 93 rat greet PA:about,
icil --',.11{ 4,7,-ed,l,,befeesti
LReel, P11.14,15t0 .... ,..._ apt
, WiTiilZ , le and itTaTiaeari
eal Instra-cta, School Root ri,
11117 ens, Qolll Printers' Cards, an
0.4W01 At., Pittsburgh.
1.0, in ,rle
~ - .01.1
lizi k vitrs - Afa
OtlN /1.1 alt
la Marin au I
r qber,Siztes, Ste'
illsdamry generally
111 0 Apr.
.1rE751041.51.5,,D of •wrelt, Uh10,)Collual.
t i Vritil am) For* n 111.4 NeCh.l., apa vMlesale
Gra, bet wren Satrit field dna ora, 7',l
rat 1.40 M NF
ef.cts, t/
11814,1am:I j.riieleat
rtrardinn,k l.l7 .n.arntt Min
. rites:ongh mat 2
r}..l ! , ;h.t. alai .
/1,c6- t CL, .1111.01ciarers o
Sbeetinfearpei Chain. Cotton
• jono-ly
aTo uVronr. •
:Inektoilloolo l r l LE ll , l3 TA
DINDEII, comer of
ki 'Mirth. Pa. 090:dtt
v 1111 er, eupttlor
Plata btarah City (71.1aaa
w. cosxzaanem & CO,
No 2n,1..,1,et invent; between Finn and Setond,
Fittsbarah: Pa. -
Deal - attention paid to odd me.. A 1,,,
ettllßll , oll.l.ol, O. DOTICA•no
. cetranninAnt D.
Wm. hillier, Philad. C. W. Ricketson, Putsburh.
gIILLER & RICKETSON, Wholesale Grocers, and
I.L lruportars of Brandies. Wine. and Regan, Noa.
17X and 174, corner of id:tarty and Irwin streets, Plus.
atAntly o han
Wirth, Pt lld. 011, Nails, C.citton Yarn., &e. &e., eau.
John AFGIII. James D. 41'6111. Waltar C. Roo
M cGILLS & ROE, Wholesale Grocemand Commis.
Won hleteltame, No 101 Liberty St, Pittsburgh
p 4
tt r iiiiKa — KiirTlPll2;o
;OM, C. tonna.
JONI:18 a qmaa,
lIIKANUFACTURERS of ipring and bllater steal,
13.1. plough nee!, meal plough wings, coach and clip
annum hammered iron axles, and dealers In mid
cable eisdngs, fire engine l amps. and coach trimminrs
generally, comer of Ross and Front sta., Pittsburgh,
J I :1t. J. Tardos, Comatslaalota lll•rohawas.
N Oga3nodo•ll 4. s" as c so .t h N ittc ° :t i o7Trit e dll; o o o (lll7.l/.. °" .
iii," '
y m e i d s . jog :
road 4 Co, Lagoclielle, J Durand, Cognae, Ade Id to
t 'on. Al. Blevillc, A de. Monitore, lean Louis. Le.,
- .0 a nchor Cin....Annui Krll s.
.toe-, a,.
beside., ettato,goc 4., we and Sweet Burgundy
.110LITF-S7 X SON, No .5.7 hiariet at, second door
w from earner of Fourth, dealers to Foreign and
littlis of Exchange, Certificate, of Deposit,
Bent Noteamilimglp,
IIETCor all the prinsipal clan
hroughou, tan wooed Staten. apt
'Lithographic linablhatm•ut
nr SCHINIITIA MY, Third at, opposite the
V Poit•Olice, Pattobargb.—hfaps, Landscapen, 13111.
heads, Showhills, Label t, Architectural and Machine
Drationgs, llosinets and Vidting Cords, &c., engraved
or drawn on stone, ned prmtml in colon, Gold,
Orniftek, in the mon approsod style, and at the one
teuttnahle prices.
_Dopuv-ON,LITTLEL CO.,' o 2:41.0.0rty street
PitObsoli %Vimlen Groton, Produce nod
Cemoni•sion wain deniers in ruotoor,b
Illuthm urn.
MOM %owls.. 'mos. urn.. env,. n. nonuoon
. • .
IajOBEIPP MOORE., Me holesate Frei dying
J.:11, Distiller, stealer tii Prodece, Potriairh Monolog
tures, an kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wines
and Liguori, No. Li Linens. siren: On hand a cell
largerlock of superior old dilanancalml oinislcry,
~hieiotil be sold loss fors ash. my!
L. L. 81112.
REYNOLDS a SHELL Forwarding soil Commis.
elan Merchants, for me skilrgnsin
Leaders: Grocers., Prodder yrgh !Dyer
turce,and Chloride of Lime.
The highest Price, in cask, paid at all limns for
country rats: Corne• Foot and fr-cti op'.
11. Cenrisrsion Merchants, dealers in Produce end
Pittsburg!' Modular:urea, Liberty !tree:, Flashers:,
TV GROCER, Produce, Forwars.tra,
.d Commission :Cerc.bant, and !sealer n.
burgh Manufattarest,Nc :31.1ILibert9 .tram,Pann.,,:hr
C. lIMACILLITT. Trine. i [Var..
11ACKLETT k WEIITE, Wholesale Dearer. to
/3 Foreign and D.102131ie Dry Goods, No-9YWend
Street Pittsbrugh. nor
-di.vir—AP4llls-61T-A147-01—h1Ciebiaii, Beeler*
1,..1 la Floor. and Produce irecentily, nod Forwarding
and COINIZaiLIIiOI3 Plerchtmte, Ids nest street ard
116 Second street. Ptneburalt• apl7
r111111t72011. SOM. 25100141 i 'CART/Ail-1i
C — F.LI:ERS k rucou., Produce and General Oona•
miss/nn blertimots. No. 17 Liberty creel, Pitts
burgh, Sperm Linseed and Lard Ma.
F VON BONO:HORSTCO.7I 4 / 1 1olesa le Gno.
gile c re o" l ; n=r i g7 ;Int 11?1'sc%';:i*anneh:trrl;
Produce, here removed to their new wamboure, (old
rood,) No. corner et Front etrect and Chotte cry
East inde Diamond, Pinstorgh. arild
snitivral •
ata. Blatt.
saaivica s nenarms.
Produce atta Compare:cm .filerdentr,
And dealers in 'Pittsburgh Manufactured Articles,
• Nos. 130 wad 130 Sacond
De t a recrilVoodS.Smithfirld,Pittabargh. noel
:Oen wan.) Donn tenant.
.701121 WATT CM.
TrpIICIIALE Stoners, Commission Merchants,
gy nod neater, in Produce and Pittsburgh Nana.
factures, 106 Liberty tm r Pittahurgb _ Pa.
F LOURL .ll:7l ' irlti rtv ;Itif''L'inFerul
01 brin Vine arriving, and for sale by
scrld 13,12011 T: lIIRSPATSICK
. .
dni . l / 1 171N
W "L re l b ) Zs t e " t im th e n rl r y " ; ' , ' %it e r
Solomon Sclroyer, 111 Second street. Having It large
and ennamodiont warchcon, they would Invite Me
attention ofpertions hsvingigoods to consign or *rare.
iThe will anti give atteptron to th e purchase and sale
of Notes. Dra ft, Ponds, he.
L. S. r.onse• •IL rnh
N. Weer • • it. Wale:Leah
Avg Cuintnirrion and For.
itY P ittsb u rgh a; dealers In all tied, oitirts.
dare & Planufnctored Articles; atz,4 Al i tenta
for rte or Richmond and Lynchburg Mant - sr:wed
Bale , Pa
WILL also amend to collect:on, and all seer best
‘l' ens entrusted to bun in Ballot a nd Armstrong
soanttets,Pa. Deter to
.1. lc R. Floyd, Liberty it.
• W. W. CS/Midas, do
James Marshall do Patsbarall.
dl. • Kay & CO.,Wood it. I
so 7
aonn 111.21FADIGIV a CO.,
- -
__Canal Basin, Penn alum, Piusburch. met
N 0.227 Market, and hi - CoMmeree s - L, Philadelphia.
Ad_ur,oces made, by either of the above, on eonal o tu•
aunts of Prodace to either Hoare.
J. kr Willies • 111.-
Forwarding an Comiolon ts, and
dealers in Couutry Pr o duce a n d PittsburghMerchan Manufac
ture*, corner of Wood and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh,
Wm. li. Willinma--••-• -I. 11. , r11e Vey.
North Eon corner of Wood end Third rut
arm. T,
301115 a. uneasy&
i-sLtO &t 00...
WBAGAI.F.V & CO., Wholesale Grocers, IS
TV and CO Wood street, Fitoburah. 517
WICK. & PVCANDLESS, (success/0u to L. & J. D.
Wick,l Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and
Commission Merrhents; dealers 111 Iron, N 0.315, Ohm,
Cotton Yarns. and Pittsburgh Mannfactores general.
ly, corner of Wood and Water streets, Piitaborah.
y& M. MIPCIIELTREE, esala uToFeri,
. Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Loper
Merchants. Also—lmporters of Soda Ash and Blench.
log Powder,..No.loo Liberty street, (opposite 5.11(
elreni_pitt.sbargh. apt?
IA7 W ILSON, Watches, JesselrY., B . l . o, W ar.
1 , . and Alilitery Grxids, corner of Market and
Poona strects, - Pittshorgh, Pa. N. 11.—Watehea and Cews. carefully repaired. an 17
WO 1.01710. •
aticurchsice. • soar, netottexon.
t. R. McCUTCI/1:011, 'Wholesale Groom",
Y w ;Relent In Product, Iron, Nails, Glatt, and
Ptneborin Elanlactora gcnerally, Ihberty
Pin , blugh. lent?
HAVE taken AVII. CARR ma penetrant with
.1. eve in my businuts, which will Item this dittc be
carried on under the e ,
name of "John Parker A, Ch. ,
'Match lei, 1(50. JOHN PA El klift.
John Ci:r.
TV7colexile Grocer,. Decarms in Praetor. Furcogn
Li , uors, Old MonangaAnlo
a nd ‘ licciifired Whiskey.
No. 3, Commercial Row, Liberty Meet, •
rar2o Plitabarnh,
, Ttax.•211".1.1.21L11. Jason. na Rna. WM. S. Hit
(Successors to 'Haney, Hanna & Co.) ,
in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Ceriikates
of - Denman, Dunk Notes, and Spetin—Norill •Nest
carpi*. of Wood and 'Third streets. Current money
received on depostte.—Sight Cheek. for sale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal points
the United States. '
'flc hi:hut premiere' paid for Foreign and Amerie au
- ,
Advances 'dude on corroc,nmeuto of PTO - dace,otdp
pa East. on Ilberol dean.. cs-3
No 256 Worry stmt. shoos' Wood,
/lava olowsiya on hand a largo aesonanera of Choica
Groceries and Fine Tear; also. Foselan Rath , and
Nato, Wholesale and Retail. Dealers 'applied on the
loan...ems mall.
IVlttif, A soule 'R e, F a n nd O r,. G ska: Pott GN ?c,_ S i gt7h AT A t ,rel
eve rt Water. eatetll Aled,cine, and Wine Bottles
every description; alto, WINDOW GLASS.
Keeps cortratttly Olt hand a general essonmest Of
the above ankles. ALSO STATA on the .th.r " . "'
Glare rectories are AU. recreant,. la the custom In
summer, THIS FACTOST Is Now I 0 VDU 01.131/1710S, and
fleesntinue in operation both /returner .4 ter.
O rerpectfally ranched, wad will be filled o nthe
&hottest notice.
bllercbeese, No 112 Second s tr ee t , between Wood
eedleahhGaia ee
Nis day associated themselves together, ender the
firm of thrivor A Barnes, for the trabirectlon of the
Wha/elr.l. fillwerri Produce, end Condition.= bed.
neer, at Pro Pia /hi Second street, between Wood
aka Smithfield to.
3 . llsbarrn. A ur121.1:1 2 IS:M.—stet
. - wool. I wOO% I •
Tni: When Io.@ et prier. in Crrh will be pod for
the diinrent gri.ler of Wool, by
JYIS . S i IV 11A2I1rIN0II
arl•I VITRIOL-200Vibe for eii.iroy ---
sep23:. . . . , ft A. FA kINESTOCK it CO
fi1111.9 magnificent establishment being now con,
pitted and ready far business, the proptietor would
respectfully solicit a shire in the public patronage.
He Muth by giving his full internam to the business,
to make the house apleasant and comfottable retort
for the cilium: of Pittsburgh and for the country
Good attendants will be In waiting, and ese, 7 gg .
entall made to repast the •stablishment worthy the
countenance an r geed.. 0f.., intelligent etllleenity.
The TWO SPACIOUS! HALLS, fitted for Parties,
Concerts, Lectures, Balls, and publie meetings, will
be let by the eVelttk week, on Mineral terms as
any otherla the city.
The DAR and REIWAURANT, equal In style and
beauty to any in the world, will be kept famished
with Pere Wines, Choke Liquors, Cordials, Ponces,
Ales, and all the cool, light. re reahments of the season.
Poultry, Game, Fob, Soup, Oysters, end Clams,
served op In the best style.
the first floor, and easy of access, will be constantly
eunniled with all the Luxuries and "Mlicacies of the
season; and alm,with molt substantial., sis the markets
sni:' , ' ,, y4fiatnraitohnlnv.T.,;7:ti:ztnzlzohoDd‘:°,7t,..,;
Gentlemen with their families, visiting the city e
be supplied with refreshments of ail kinds ninny
of the day.
Good :Stab Ant and an extensive Livery Eumbill
mead is connected with the Hall.
Dinner at I o'clock. Breakfast and Tee at the on
Entnin. for Ladies to the Ice Crean and Dining
0.. Nn C Smithfield ingem.
A. WTATALVALT, MI [A. wksimorror, ni
• r
ben smelt in their li enninantlq
ne on hand
their o old e r me to orde lll Sh
r the
mnd, No.
Clair street; slap, at No., at
26 Market Week reeond ruin',
entrance in the Diamond. Vealtian Shatters made to
order, and old Win& neatly repaired. aplp
W. ik GLENN, Book Binder..
TUT are sat) vitt - need in the above burincn, corner
eV or Wood and Third streets, Piurtiorgb, whet.
we are prepared to do any work in oar, line with des
patch. We attend to our work personally, and SAIL
, factio it will be riven in regard to lta ncamen and du
Blank Books ruled to any pattern and bound sink.
stantialiy. Books in will
oroldbooksbound Carer
rolly or repaired. Name. pot on books la - silt lancer.
Those that have work In nor line are invited tonal).
prier. inv.
Pena Aaoklakfihop. ,
VirltillTAlAN—hlanal:actarts °fill kinds of ea'
' Ila ton and woollen maclunory, Allegheny airy, Pa
Tint alma, wrats beingnow inlet! and sacemsfal cp.
rretion, I am prcomed to exeunt orfam whit dispatch
for all kinds of machinery In sy lina t meh as 'Mitoses,
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding cantinas, railways,
drawing frazons,spealers, duesails, loom, woolen
earth], &noble or single, for merchant or cooritry mark,
moles, Jacks, he.; slide and hand lathes and tools in gen.
vol. All kinds of shafting matte to order, or pi ans
co for gearing factories or mills at reasonable charge.
Rama so—Rehnedy, Childs Ps Co., Illankstock, Ball
hine.Pannork A. , :rav
ltltmilk alum, tam. Pittsburgh.] Pa.
Offiu,. MC... 37 iVerzer Afaritnt text
Mod, F'xtt.thrirsh.
' WILL eosstently eeP h.od • Po'' -
t r of W..; of our own Insnidsetcre, and
seperiorqualny. IVliolesale and cocoa, Me,
charts ere reepeetrally invited to call mud ex.
MITA for theisselves. as we ere deteranned to Deli
• heaper than has ever bears been oferadto the pat.
rj"Orde to soot by moil, accompanied by the cash o
good reelect:le. mortll he promptly allamled to. tort-
Al. "6 e'vpluillf. taTacw,l.d..-vg.trz inform
Latock, betvreen Federal 11.1.4 Sambasty streets. They
are now mkkieg and are prepared to receive orders for
every dereriptien of vehicle*. Coaches, Chenotis. Da.
roach,. Fuggier . , Phaetons. /se.. to., which (nun their
long en (encore le the mainlinere of timalove work,
and the facilities they have, they fee.leonfident they axe
enabled to do work on the mon reasonable terma with
these wanting smelts in Weir hoe.
Paying particular attentine to the elleTtlan of mite
del., tied having none but competent workmen, they
have no hesitation to warranting Weir wort. We
therefore ark the attention of the public no en. muter.
N. It. Repairing dolt, in the best manner, and on the
tenetreuortable terms. iminof
..10. R. MUT,. ' i•mrs L.VISON
tth mt., grow
tos. Woou LOU filsathes, Po - meson, ,
Gs/NTINUE •manaMeture golds of CoPPER
smith Work.
Stem:fractal, built to order.
althelal attention given toateaut boat work.
Have on hands 'fine unortatent of Copper and Oral.
Kettles, Tot Ware, Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forges, various abort—a verfronrenient ar
ticle for steamboats, Calirornia emigrants, or riot read
We would respectfully /moth mean boat man and
others to call and the our aructes and prices before
purchasing el thirtieth • tv:l7
' wrought mad Cast Iran Balling.
'TIRE thersnibers beg leave to inform th e public that
1. they have edit:sine.] from the East
boothe late and
fashionable designs for IMP Railing, for houses
and cemeteries Persons swishing to procure ban&
soma patterns will please mill and examine, and judge
for themselves. Railing trill be burnished at the short
est notice ' and in the best mariner, at the COM.' 0!
Cr.,, and Rebecca street., AUeehetty city.
ith.!t.-thf A. EA.NIONT
BEGS leave to tutor. his friends and customers th•
he 111 just receiving his new spring stock of Goods
comprising, as nszal, all the newest and roost fashion
title styles. of Cloths, C”inoteres, fancy Vestings,cob.
ton and linen summer stuffs, and every article suitable
for gentlemen's wear fa; spring and summer. it being
tmpowible to describe lito beauty, quality, or quantity
of the Mock, the proprietor hopes all who tee In want
of good, cheap, fashionable, and rug made c10t..,
will give two a call, as there is no stock html. side Cl
the Alleghenies that ran compare with it.
The ready made department IS very extensive, adap.
led to all taste.
Daft road co tractors, country tnerrhants, and al
wt.? I. , Re)y, are panieularly invited to es
amine the stork
he, a• particular at
trntion to paid to the wholeoale humeri in dui tat,
Every article lir the tailoring line made to shorts.
the moat fashionable and best manner, at the
_ . mr22
fr BE partnership heretofore existing ander the Arm
or A a. C BRADLEY, iii dissolved by thevfeeesse
of Mr. C Bradley. The Liminess will be carried on by
A Bradley, who will settle the business of the late
REMOVAL—A Bas.nhas has removed big Foandry
Warehouse from No Second street, to . No ID Woad
street, between First and Second Greets, to the ware•
house lately occupied by G A Berry, where be will
keep constantly on band a general arcortatentrlf Cast
ings, Brutes, Stoves, Cooking Stores, fee. 'Ol3
and No. 2 Antecede Blister Steel. Also—Rest
Co :Reel Files, or all sizes; and tiled...dal %Da Shoe
Rasps, alerals on hand and (or sale, either at Ols
Abe Steel Works," (Fliers. street, Filth Ward, or at the
fare in the bon Storeof BOLLMANS & GARRI
SON, No 4,f00t of Wood street, Pittsburgh.
We, the undersigned, having u.d, with entire ant.
'faction, the Cast Steel and Files made by,Samuel
• blcKelvy, at his Eagle Steel Works, In this city, tatty
• pleasure in recommending them as equal in quality to
any ever used by us, of foreign manufacture.
Pittsburgh, March 13, ISE.
Manufachnsers of Iron and Nails, Pittshurith, Pa.
Iron Foandee. and Machinists, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Manufaeturers of Spnngs, Axles, Spins Steel and
Meets, Pittsburgh, l'a.
Engine I:ladders and Machine Curd Manufactit
" " FA' Pa.
Brass Founder, Pittsburgh, ra.
Manufacturers of Iron and Na il s Pittsburgh. Pa.
JOSEPH iourigN,
Locomotive Engine and Ship Hal P ides. Pi a ttsb A urgh o , Pa..
Marble Mimufacturer, Machine and Engine Buil .
am& et. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Dino°lutlon of Partnership.
lIR Partneriddp heretofore existing between the
sidiscribers, under the firm of Chambers, Agnew
it co., Glare Nansfacturem, as dissolved by mons!
[norm, on the brat dsy ofJuly, instant. All persons
knowing - themselves indebted to surd firm an ropiest
od to muted ayment la rather of the parties, Try lito at
delay, and l yersuns haviiiir unsettled acennnta With
aid firm. arc 11,1.1 no prrscn, them Inc Fettlemenl
mmediatrly. A1.15X AN DER CI IAMUMS,
rpm: owners and Consignees of good. arriving by
J. the "Citizens' Portable boar Line," aril! please
tam, notice that they will be required to pay freight
at our werebonse. ocoording to the receipt, before
the garda are removed. C A I'iIeANULIT ILO
•nd Cloan•lng
P , alenoos—Put the clothe, Into cold water rind iet
them soak over night. In tilt morning wring them
out and pet them irs.o a Settle of boiling water, to
which add the proportion of one pint of fluid tonight
gallons of water—stir it up and boil the whole tweedy
hates. The' clothes may then be wrung tel and
well ringed In clear cold owner. The parts of g ai.
amnia that may be most soiled, each as earleibeinds
and collars of rhino, may be slightly rubbed before
rinsing, and the cloth. will be found perfects,. clean,
•white and clear.
Warranted net to intone the finest fabrin and to give
perfect aatletaetion, or the money will be refunded.
Sold wholesale and retail by R li SFA,LERS
Pepin Wood it
Talogropli Company.
IN pursuance of a reeolution of the Hosed of Dime.
tars of the Cleveland, Warren and Pittsburgh
clegraph Company, leMlitSting the Secretary to meta Oat and cause to be published In the newepapert along
the line, an er.hibet of the financial and other attain of
thin company. 1 submit the following Report:—
The hoe of Tolograph commences at Cleveland sad
tenon gee nt Pittsburgh, p.Oing thrnarh Chagrin
Fells, Franklin, Newton Falls ,Warren, l'oungstrown,
and Lowell, In the State of Ohio. and New Castle and
Rochester, In the Sta. of Pennaylvania, at which
points there era aeries located foe the receipt and
manual:talon of buslnces.
The whole length of the line Is 149 miles—Capital
Stook, SOO mMe, tOtal capital stork of
Mikso, of widen amount 510,203 vi held by citizens
along the line, end the balance ix held up Cornell &
Speed y the contractors. The above amount of sub.
tellptions by eittra, have been paid to Cornell &
Speed, for which the
Trastees have their receipt. -
jelkidtf JKFPERSON llALN.Seerstary._
100,000 fees Seasoned Boob Plant;
100,000 tot. Coal Boat Btdang. For polo by
Attorney al Law, Faulk EL
hlutual Life and Ilezith Insidance Company
I. of Plitadelphla, Intorporated by the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, March, Ind.. Charter perpetual.
Capital,llloo L ooo. Bann sow. THAN VW PttUTbo
cams COMMANT, and full 80 per rent lower than the
usual rates of Life Insurance, es the following eons.
PArisen will show: Than, apeman of the age of 30 in
suring for 11100 for life, must p•pin the Girard 83,20
Pennsylvaniw P 2,30, Penn Mutual, ;IA Equitable,
iti,M; New &Leland, st,ari New York Life, 11,36 t
blot, 51,19; Life and Heal th , Phtladelphia,lll,9l.
inumertua—Raraucl D. Ordek, Cherle• D. 1104 W.
F. Boone, Robert P. King, Charles P. Illayee, hi. W.
Baldwin, hl. D. RetVO, D. Chas, o.l! Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Barker, & Miner, Edwin
R. Cope. President—Samuel 11. (Drink; Vice Penal.
dent—Robs. P. Kim Acermary—Francls &nether..
Applications will tic received, and every Information
given by a AML . FAIINESTOCK, Agt,
Odiee, Commercial Ronnie, corner of
Wood and Third ate, Pittsburgh
FIELD AND Al AUINIA imatinAticia.
rrlll3 INSURANCE. CO. of North Amorlea will
• make permanent and limited intaranee on pm-
E.,e,irjyaliztiseriet,zmaka,d, and a t ! d y
dna. ;It h v b
perare oy,
thiy Company are well inteAted, and Airni.h an avail-
Wei And tot the ample indemnittof nil person, war
datirelo he protemed by intaranee.
reply JObi ES,
Fire and Marta. I ..... ne•.
TUE OFICE at the Insurance Co of North
Americ F a hat been removed to an
141 y
Front at
San of Wuxi.
• Te subscriber, re for the aboved end respon.
ethic Company, 'yid Issue Policies e nßnildinas and
their contents, and on ship nts et Merchandise by
Steam Doan and other ten ets.
ftlor'ern >lna Antique Yarn Hare.
63, Tann) Sr., Errosension.
ROSFCCellily Informs the
public that he has com
pleted vpnng met of
FURNITURE, the largest and mouraried assortment
ever offered for kale in this city, compnung several
setts of Bouwoon, MAROLIONT, and Dun
a Wexner,
carved, ontamenull and plain, suitable for Parlors,
limning and . Bed Roolina, all of which will ha sold at
the lowest prices.
roman. deeding Furniture of any description, are
spectfully invited to call and examine hie noel, which
cuilnacca erery description, from the cheapest and
fLOILIOIrt LO the most elegant and enstly, of which the
follwennucompnee• a pare
Trio a Tete Sofas; Ten a Tete Dianna
Conversenon Chain; Elnabethien Clams;
Reception do Louis XIV do
Extension do Mallet Etugue;
What Note; Toilet Table.;
Louis XIV Commodore; Duke of York's Couch;
CO Sofas with Muth and Hair-cloth corers;
fin J os a, tin do
40 AllthOftlrl, Parlor Chan r,
10 " Itaxotond do r,o,
111 " Bit Walnut uo do,
10 " Cane Soot do;
1 " "
y Roam, do,
do ano ecoola,
50 Marble Top Centre Table,,,
00 do do IVutt Fistla,
X 0 Mahogany Bedsteads,
12 do Wardrobes;
16 BF/Walnut do;
E Cherry do.
A very large anion:nem of Common CPRtty sad em
u Furniture too tedious to mention
Stem Route fundshwil on the shortest node..
all orders promptly attended to
P.O --Cabinet Matrra can benapplied with all worts
of Mahogany, WilinaL and Vance.... at consi derably
reduced otters. tobla
White Flannels, all Wool. Slue Drills;
Red do do Mao Olntlilll4
Yellow do do Saucy Cortonadew all are
Brave do do offered at Factory pikes
B n lack Saunenu.
Room Lear. Shining.
Stec/ mixed do
lilac do Checks and Stripes, very
i Drab do heavy gduls.
Black Carairaere. Tailors' Goods.
Fancy do Red Padding, caper do;
Fanc y Tweeds. bent Padding, Ruckratii,
Super Black Broad Cloth. Tailora'Cahvasc,;
Soper Brown do Brown Linen., *lithe.
Super Green do Drab Serge, black do, • I
Soper Trrgifli do and wangled;
Soper Black Doe Skins Ehack and White Tape;
Super Nab Cashmeres. Mack Twist, Drat, do;
Soper Brow. do Linen Cheeks and Drills,'
Sope r 81 do Sivarthi 6 cord Sidi Conon;
California Rlanketa I do Linen Thread ; a
superior article;
Silk Figured Veslings,
1 3' ,.... 1` .1t71..,1 g% Sakai
Button', Cragats, ke , Se.
. archouve, No 117 Wood •
nave .
Scarlet do
Blue do
Drab do
Brun Baircwte
Drown thins;
Al the hlanufae wren'
Patsbu rah
TIIF. ea-partners:op hetetotore exitunc between me
subscriber, on the moos of Constable, Burke A
CU, ! s
this da, altnnoirred try tnutunt consent. Itlewra
Burke Berne t - au I settle the business or the concern,
for which purposa they ate antbonnedto me the name
of me conerrn. NATHANIEL coNSyrAIII.E,
The undersiened have this day usociated the umbels
In the name of BURKE & BARNES, for the Pomo
of ionnufeetoting Fire Proof Wes, Vault Boom, de
&.c., at the spool of .he hoe firm of Constable, Bork
&Co, where they will be pleased to receive the patron
age of the customers of that house and their friends.
In rebrin from the Inn of Conetable, urke re Co.,
I wi th etnce g
re pleasure recommend Mem 8 .. Burke tr.
Barnes to the confidence of my Mewls end the poblie.
Feb. 0, IBID.
,febll.l,tf NATIIANIEL coNsrAuLE.
1 11 , r :r e g d (root .
v. h n, t ,y ti of E . Art , ..e. rn nahle Goode, to
lu vittieh he respectfully Invite, the •Iten don of mere h
alit. and pedlars. No e 4 Wood at. (OM
W ALL PAPER—W. P. klunsuern ionstantlY
receiving, from the largest
New York and Philadelphia, end also from French
treacles, the newest and most approved styles of Pa.
per Ilar.gluits, together with 'larders, Piro Board
Prints, and Tester Tops. Far male at 63 Wood at, be
tween Fourth at and Diamond alley, (successor to $.
‘7lErAiao - PAINT—.S hrls}ust rernd per at op 3
Lai and for - sale by the barrel or single pound at th.
Drug, Seed. and Perfumery Warehouse, corner o
Sixth arid Wood rtreets. S N WICKF:RSHAIII.
SPUR Pbeenix Manufacturing Company now offer to
j the public :heir Premium Chemical Sieve Polish;
and without snaggerailon, or fear of contradiction, lip
thous who have meted it, pnounce it far superior to
any other in the market . Thu consumer need have zio
epprebenalnns of soiling cement, kr., as it. corn.
position prevents a dust tenet arising when being ap
plied, which most be done when the Stone Is cold
The quantity required is no little to predate a beau
tiro: ham. A saying of over fifty per rent is insured
to the canton:erg. A coating applied to Stoves, Pipes.
c., when laid away foe the summer, is a sure pee.
'mutative ad et rust. After having tried it once,
(if it is 'renegade) no person will .nne nny tail the
Phinnix Manehmturinig Compaay's Premium Chem..
cal Stove Politit For sale by
my 6 Corner of Sixth and %Vood streets.
put.; Montngne Company rupolg thennoont
with Roofing anti Flooring in ntiong 307 feet, (to
it to per ynnaro. font. Corrtinnt.o thr,
313, 77 on, (or tooth, 0n ,, 1,c lonl,ling, and depoot
eque Sheathing, I I sot h^.. trout ii 35 notices.
Zit o: rtn
ttnice,t, Wire, Sort, Moldn, Perforated Zinc.
l'hey wolf,. their racial Noe, end free from any
&initiator, of ron. or any other substance, and re.
commend it .c the inanaketure Of trios, nrnelen ih
the hour,. Airmail:rig I tie, as it doth not rust, its on,
rteeied t y the action of water and may be polished,
painted, and pitinnned
Samples, rootlets, plans,specifications, and other
information may he had of agents:—
ht'CaLs. a &canna, New Work ;
flottiNs Pe Co . Potion; Co., Philadelphta;
1V tr. It elan.
s.t.ana, Oat it :Yratern, New ( Wean,:
F. MILI.IItOtIX, Restderit Agent,
1 1141101 rel IL, New Work.
Atztoblogyal44y of Lelgh num" 'nth 'emu-
Ixernre, of r11e.1,111 routrinpon aies, In
sal) le' . I.wler Day rampitletq—No
illstory of Darius the Great. Ity Jacob Abbott, arab
Julia Hommel, n Romance. By slra baron Bell.
heteria/ Fer.l.l Boot er the Relnlutlun —an 5
The above works meeived thl• day. and for sale by
Cr Marker a Third at.
11A If EN in mistake. rum the Hewnit P
twat flout,
Seven Kee! of vane, maned J. Any iinformation
respecting them will be thankfully xecieved.
Hnt 11 Jf/lINSTHNI
Losv 1 . 1.111•0 Gann].
13,111)WN Windsor Soap, Renton, Honey, bleak
11 Vernacular, Oriental, Palm, and /line (11l Soaps
Then Swap,. see highly celebrated for =Wang
amootlinew to !buskin.
Forehand from the Importer, end for sale by
seplslt E SELI.P.RS, 57 sw u m er
INDIA Rnintn - VieiirSb-TaMi DI T l anorted
thicknesses, Into 14ln nu mb thick. The ahoy.
p.nyinf In plrrieffd so that 300 depreca Pabrenbell
will not talent I and a superior us every thin else,
OA 110 1:00%1M0e$ ha, $0 Mal elasticity which stands
so high n degree of heat, ”id may ha used aboat nib
pihs where parking aneeesuiry, viz:—manhole
plates, piston rods, steam Pith., tram chest., !inn.
der he:ALF,. For sale unoleiale and rend by
cut.; 7 h a tVioni al
al bas s i ggs A stt i l i gtiya / a kvir
State Mutual . Fin Inanranee Company
I`rE liberal to
r .e'm•
p.7,7.%nv!.d1,,.:T000e( naar aid a Italy Million of Dollar,, during the not
three month., Is ssilleient manifecation of th e em
elt/10n and confider — We of the poblle in the voltam of
management on which its business Is Conducted
Tomty or country merchants', idowner, of dwell
ings, and isolated or country pretperty, It I. believed
thl. company afford. •dvantages in point of Minoa
n.... safety, sad aecority, inferior to no Inamance
Company in this coontry.
Cooducthd on the equitable and greatly improved
.y.tem of Clasitficatinn of Risk . .. excluding all opeelsi
bazar:is, intunng only a limited amoont in any one
locality, thus precluding th e frequency sod occurrence
of large fite., and alio on both the Stook and Mutual
pion, it not Only pp./tenets the cheapnese and Renato.
modatton of both methods, but entitle. the enured to
a pardetpatlon in the profits.
It is under the rontrol of the following Ammon:—
John k'. Rutherford, A. J. Gillett John a Packer,
Samuel T. Jane., Alonzo it. Carri . er, Philo C Soda.
wick, Robert Riots. Jl' RUTHERFORINPtha't
A A Cumin, Actuary J GILLETT, Seel.
Ilrmich Office for %lento . ° Pennsylvania, 54 Smith.
field street, Pinthurgh. Persons desiring insurance
will be furnished with hooks of the company by
facet the office.
Life ►ad [leant. la.a.aa.a
BOOKS itusir
111M.N1/ DOORS.
Third itreet, eipesire the Peat °Mee. •'
bonder, COP PERFIELD, No 18
j_j/ Art Journal for October
LatelPs Living. Age, No 337;
. The Valley Farm; or the Autobiography of en Or
phan. Dotard by Charlea.L Peteisoo.
Petticoat Government; a - neer novel, by Mr.. Trol
Damsels Templeton. By CharMs Lever.
The Iron Magt—Darnas' best vrisrk, complete;
Life or Yankee Hill.
Genevieve; or Pleasant Lore and Donee, Dy A.
Dr Lacoacine.
Bacon Shakspeare. Nd :S. o an
www amino: zezcir mustoi — •
by OWN., o LANE;rleam a beam
Sereing F4h
erspian Sony; as sang
De watchful sod beware: l .
Ohl Dinah, take tide /ninth ,
The Maiden'. Tear; -
The Bleb Man'. Bride;
Would I wren with thee; -
BY the Bad Sea Wave, as stin/ - byjenny Lind In
New York;
The Bird and the Malden, .on by Jenny Lind; •
Take tele late, lung by Jenny Lind:
Tern not away; a beautifel dart' by S. C. Foster;
titelylunt Nike; by Staikorh, Jenny Lind invhation
Good Luck; ten, yel the Gate; bovine, and Doe.
whies very best Polka;else, new Wilts,, laid 01.
lenitive selection of !:alts, Preceptors of best master,.
enetil II KLEBEIt,IOI Third street.
.Golden Illya_
via/nit/WS insi.os. -
solo Aeolic) , for Dualtsim , x Plano,. :
Meg KLEUER take.. pleasgre Ilianummeing to the
. In. public. lbw he has auccee ed lo securing the
sole agency for Dunham'. celebrated I l ianoVones,
for Western Penneywarda.
The Pineal. made by 'Mr Denim:to, of the firm of
Stedara & Dunham, Ire too well rind favorably known
In this neighborhood to require anY comment at thin
tune, sullied it to say. Clint for a Inns. time in other
plain. loWre known in tine Western country than
those of stoogn A Dunham and Mania& Clark.
Mr Dunnum, Me prettiest partner of the above
Gnu, h.• spent upward, of twenty., years In the_fac-
wry of raid firm.,. practical manager and directot'llf
the bainnew. Within a year or two Mr Denham be.
bought out the entire factory and appartenances or the
fin., and continuer, to ‘l3 *ma. no re, ea before, in hla
ow. name. Danbom's Piano, Lave attained each
popuianiv, that In some of the western eines, Cinein
iwti, he -lacy have sold two to one of any other
manufacture. • They arc distinguished by their power
and Willie:ley of tone, and extraordinary durabiliiy.
S. ll A large invoice or the above eterant Pianos
now wavilring. SIGN OP TDB GOLDEN HARP.
al•ag ,
E(FIVRD tiny day frontitt watt
the east:—
. La Strenedy—Schtuttert
La . .tetenntle—A Gouged an Med.
Jeannette and Jestnnnt. Joy Guitar.
Votee of oily gone days—+loater.
Away down In Cairo-I•l3Atef.
Ito Watchful and UtIMIr—GIOV(IIr.
Ite , ofen tow abler pomp= Bones and Pinney
1013 Sign or the Golden Barg, Third
. . .
BALTII, Disc.., and Remedy. Ity Dr. bloom.
11. Adelaide Lindenv, a novel. By the author of
11 1mnice Arno/d,"`islorrnmea Bridge," /Fe., gee..
I.ife ant Carreapondrnee of Rob,. combey— parts.
Glbbod's Rome-sth and 11th vol.—completion of the
wort. Received and for sale by
maw nouns.
ENtu,rsn GR ACI R—The Englirh handwtee In
clrive.sasid nnm.„mith a htetnt7 ita origin
and dedeloceinent; dcgigned Ott tolletem and
echoed. C Fowler, late profewor of Rhetoric
in Amherst Collide. • •
Astronomy-'foe recent progress of Aeronomy;
erpec/olly In the Coiled States. Hy Elms Loomis.
. Five Tears of • Hunter's Lute in the far interior of
South Africa. with nieces of the native tribe., and
anecdotes or die chase of the lion, elephani, tuppence
moos, giraffe, rhinos, 1011, te.. with illustration& By
C. Cumming. .;Received for side by
eep= 47 Market ft
• Dove Plusle.
TUSTreeelved et 11. KLCIIER'S hlorie Sture, the
fothiraring Sousse--
In the Fik e there lie, Ike Wort. I Love tut The,.
Tbn Wddle, The 01 tote end Red Roses. Pinney
M •^ Ile doetb ti thine. well. All 13 over. Where
the hooe• f eiteri.thed. Le Serenade. sap P
DOSE POSTER; or the 'Alysterie• of the C.OOll Of
th, London, vol 3of h
ire interesting work has been
leCeived et Holmes' a Depot, Third Greet,
oppoGle the Pon GLEN.; almo, Ellen Parry, or Tn.!.
of the Lionel, by clone; George Costriot, aurniuned
limeof Albinn, be Cleared C. Moore,
L D ; ant Do 31201 LittelPs Living Are. eep3l
LARGE end eater/mac dirortment of • PATENT
almost eudless variety embraced GI the asjortment,
May be :mind the following.—
L• Horse Covers, Carriage Cloth, Air Beds, Alt PR
ars, Ale Cent:lions, Water PAIL, Tobacco Romeisgy,
mg Bents, Coats, Capes, Claata,
- Bore,
deer Primps, Aleehlne Balding. Roo' WRIMM,
Markin Racking, Camp Blstikets, Paper /Abiders,
Lite Preservers, Travelling Beg., Wham, !Bach
ilatbleg Itlnte, Doge. Lions, Saddle
Air Balla, Foot Balls, Ladies,' Wash Gloves,
Lodiesi Gem rshocs. beau` GPM Viliocs, Legg legs, c.
'Every article cold at this establishment is warranted
to possess all the ehansetesieues CISCALiII to water
proof goods, Vies—insolobslitv under any degree of
Witt, gextbinsy so the SC•CfAAI cold, great durability,
`f7ki 71'1g "trt:f 0Ze77f1`.%),,‘.774.4"., from
Not 7 & m Worst! cadet.
.1 A I! rinutps
OUSE &SIGN PAI.NTINGrind Glazing, prompt.
Is' and nest's' clouted N. It —We wish it Ms me tly understood, that we
ten do Rivling and Glaring as 'hoop ~ any other
Dlaorr. ti t he city, end are determined to 11
do it.
ENr . :l; 'Jock4 Clot, du
spring Flowers 1 1 / 1 ; Jenny Lind Hair Gloat; /LAMA.
Vinegar; Amending.; Rood. Soap, for whitening
t shin; Almond Shoal rig Cream, Rote do do; Am-
Liosial do do, lloney.lsosp; Floating do; Amendtne
do; Hazel Not 0,1 do; do; Marshmallow do,
/Helmet nn, Brown Windsor dn; Bear'. Gresissike.
For tale, wholesale rind retail, by R SELLERS,
sePte Y. Wood st.
MUJ IXTWND LIRV PAINTS or Cliti ode. ronsiwnt.
ly en ha!sdpf.
Llntecd tpl.ituded HO 4. Patel Brothee, s*%h Too
Al:JthlOar Vara.. Aa; ho Sold wholc.ala
and moil nn azetwonodatu t ur www.
who rl.h n l Nll,olel,lw pareha•thr mixed or dry paint,
do th, can receive Ola
never/wry tirectionigraiown panninw. • J II
septet g.
10 Wood 0;
rhN hand and reehr (tom the Faathry,
air the fall trade:—
yd. 34 Floor Oil Illottu 2600 yds 44 de; 3440 yds
3 4 40. 50t1 yd. 0.4 do. 1101 ydaS4 do; :NM yds sheet
do, medium sad heavy,'lruni 4 to G yards wide, all or
the newest style of pittferhs. and rut to any given gas.
700 yards 44 Fund tura Od Clotho; 403 yds 3-4 do;
300 yds 04 de •
ISunosen assorted sues Table, Stand, and Marron
Ciosots, elation, putana, and splendid finish.
10M1 yds 44 Paten! Carnage Ud Cloth; 500 yd. 5 4
do; 554/ ydi 04 do.
3300 yd. 011CInth Crash for Stairs, lOOttrd patterns;
540 yds4.4 lateen Uil Cloth for Wluddisr no°
yard,. 54 do. •
. •
Medea. Shade; a large asdostweet Just received
af OW..
ezehants and others wishin in puhase. are in.
ited to call and oxaanne our g
astortm rc ent of goods,
hieh will he sold at the lowest eastern prices.
7 fe 0 Wood st
Daraaperilla Soda h. Cenitpla flyl.llo7
0 keas Setup: ulna Sodas
211 bar- do do;
.4 boot'. Lorton ElwaPt made from pore lemon juice,
Just boot,
Giuliani by
- 5111.1.P0 h ittensb-rutnal
•-r II 13 undersigned .bas on hand, and m this day re.
J. coining tll/111 the manufacture., on commit barred
Alan, Bea Mini:els, I.llmthet Coating, Beaver C.oths
Commerce, Sidmells and Tweeds; which be will cell
by the earl ar piece at mane faciarers. priers. The
attention of dealers in woollen coeds is invited.
tt LEE,
I= Liberty at
to,: Market Street, (slier Liberty')
11.1%.2Xt.,111. Di•Lital
pENDERI3, ere. Also,
Satin and Pana vestin,
BANCANITA, and LI N a Feneral as.
sortmerit al and every variety ol trlmmulga.
- .1.p24 •
E.,1 side of the llhanto,d.
T th•s establishment the puolic may el VII), t's
Itend up Nn balm; l.e•pcbcd with eacellenl s•
ceamnaloc prices... May bare
Idicelleut Teas at -- Br io p
:SUPGriOr f4lallties- • ..... •• - •
rue Lien T Inammd ..... ou
kis is decidedly UM,cbenprm and best stare in
Pil , skl-qh. b../ Te ss. Aloltnlg.t. HAWORTH
I) .....
-,AhIS opeo satcal and
liab School, on the firat hlonday of Sept. neat.
Room owl, J. D. Williams' store, corner of lVood
aud Fifth streets.
J lT t ALte i r d l: F . , l ,l o . 7. 2
R. Dr. McGill. J. D. Wllltams, Esq.
1 I.U—t(
M unrltY bU RCHFIELD inform their anemia
era and buyers generally that, in conseqoence
of workmen Irving engage d m enlarging and Improv
ing their Store Room, they have removed their goods
to the Iduono Stone of the building they occupy. until
the improvements are fintrhed; wheel:LC.7 will he
happy to see their mummers' as usual, and for the
trouble of walking up Gain, will try and remunerate
them by selling them Cheap Goods,
frrEntntnee from Fourth street.
LAWRF.NCEB HAIR BLOVEB, single, for Ladies.
do do do do for Gents.
do to do do doable.
do do do do Bath.
de do tibrapo for Lodi..
do do do
do do do (or Gent..
do Denndatt Brarhet.
tanned and for .111 G by
_ ensc
Frh Broadcloths.—
M URPHY & BBRCIIPIELD have Jost opened a
,Jnsh !topple or the varlons qualities or the ahoy
rticle, inclumng flack twilled, Very fine. Aloe
Prcnch Doeskins and Cannaerce,•bleck and tenet,
and Black Bann Vetting, at very low pnece for
M• Boris flatboats.
URPBV & BUKCIIFIELD have revolved a lot
of huldsorne FUMY Mired 'Satinet. for Bos ,
wear, also, Plaid sod Plata Casatmerea In ar eal
variety,Menno.Casenneres, Kentucky Black
Tabby Velvets, &e.,14 nonh east corner o f Founh
trot Market cream
DU81.13-ITUTM IiKEYINti—A: .pply of
Book Keeping and-Blank Book" maid ha
Ft •/I 1.1,1•1,1
I . n
o s i.. . A.
: A RA I.. N> :.
Corner of Wood and
0 =fi r lfr r or:s' " *.
>;rsi, refined, in euis
. cry Corn &Powd, ltrre ,
rb. Ammon , cab & j my
rits. G . z n n .;, ~ 1 , c
n can.
or Solphol do
stile Boas, In bre :.
Ac. Magnesia do 1
, rb. do do
TOOK ac CO.,
11 : 111 1:10GIST2,
lint it., Fzustairsh, .
Ir Own tizaPortatio., direct
=go:: r
AeOde Add
Pill Boxes, paperembos`d
do willow
Vial Cooks, ssoned
Adhesive Paster, Rog
Ratansna de Co
load do do
Walborn= do do
Elaidirlion do do
Citrate loin, Rog
Prtelp, Cash. Iron
Aleppo Gabs •
Wed.gjes: ii
orlon and
oil Law
b.iri ' in. In lre in gs brL.
Ci • ia Acid, in In bottle,
V. A ntlmonlalis do
Aq 'Ammon Cone. do •
C l°C° th
d r . 14 4 : d t P1 1 % 1 1 ;ff . a " :
n d ddd o :o e
lodine Eng. In lir lb bottles
lodide Iron, In os vials
Coral. Senna, In lb jars
"Ilbriarb. Potasb,lb bottles
Clad Pill Eng. in lb to
iter.Liquonco Ea tr. ta boa
Nav tie do in. la lb bottles
Prussia Acid, In on vials
Tartaric Arid, In no.
Omens Maids. in kegs
Rid Valcd. bales
r •or, Botta
'a !moods
I Blue Saucers
n Seed
t am, prepared
• atty
letlfGll.lBll ICXTHA. S.
• EXTRACTS of Aecoite, Galindo r
Comp., Cteuts, Gyoreinnum, Sue..,
zany, Turoxicuto, Sarsaparilla, Qu i
chici acct., and Indian Hemp, .
Imported and,lor
OH Orly
Oli Rae
Oil Bina.
Oil Capp
Oil Oval
Pink and
Sylph. ZI,
Gentian F
Indian Rea
13 A FAUN,
Hal/log out at Coat to Cloa
ALARUE mock of DRY GOODS, lc
mortgegee, pro/Femme, groped
sure, will be received ip pigment.
115.W00d at, 1
Ls receiving a lar6 .
G. fancy and staple, valletyiand Dry
Mg In pan of Woolen, Thibelhand Can
Silk, Berlin, Tbibet. Kid and Buckskin
en cod Warned Comforts; elp.oas
Woolen and Canton flannebn Colored
Cateinett and Cassia:tams ;
Laces; Buttons and Combs; 7bread.
Umbrellas and Dregs Bone, &o.
All of whieb,country and sayer
spectfully invited to examilm, at bh
tak day, aisoetamd mon
Comte, in the Wholesale Grocery
Cosiness; the elyic of the Con will he
Clouse. I A. CUL
• . counrar•u9l
Maradaclared nriirles, 103 LJbertY P
conic W..0011 1 / 1 0 130A1
/In FEET Worked, Oak Frani
rile h PtabbUY dry, and of A .11.
atiele.ebfy S
Tit i r owar crud Ltooca• fo Rant.
OOM. pant - Oohed nG gl .2E3,10 4. 11. th, With
Lk Steam . Power, for not. to bosom- pan of the
city, by SCAIFE AT/ill.. /N.
oced Fin* at 4-torrott Wood Markel.
Apparatus for Cleaning Slav rips
without taking down.
I NVENTED by Fred t m . Te e i r rt• i z i az i d N i . i s t by
•K•l , 'Fi rst IL betwe en tirood es N ekes
/t,t.rsALE and floral Dealer - In
Gloves, Hosiery. and Faso, •
Pre+, add Bonnet
Lave Bowls end Embroideries,
11.eatlemen's Furnishing Articles;
Zep . .yr,Oslets, Patierat. and Canvas..
Perla tinned, Tissue Paper. an"
Flower hlatenalm, No hi Four
Caret.. 011 Clottti o skti
VIT SI - 51eCLIti p TOC1( Co now ennot on
a very large aeronntent of Cory
Clotho, comptittna tit pan the to:lowing a.
New and Rich Fore Velvet Pile Corpotto;
do Jo Mil:want! Llenooelo do
uo do- - Engluk Ammo.,, Oraseelari
New otyle prinfd To entry OA, 74, Al, 5 4, 4-4, and
Carp,. 3-4 Oilcloth F-xtra toper 3 nip cary,no Shem Oil Cloth, out to 6,
cuperfitte do do soy time hall or room,
do tole .iv do vont., sty leo and qoah.
AlerFrn nap_ do do her
Fine do dorule
Co minion 13 do rolled de,
and 3.0 Damask Chenille Door Mots
Venatan Carpets .• rafted do do
44, 3-4, and AO Tapestry Thrum do do
Venthan carpets Oheepokin do do
4-t3 ,, 1 1. 11-e n ~;, n dr . , . , 1 4 plant loony Lltdo
1 40 na..
4-1, 3-4,a4, and 2-4 Motion eshadez
Venulan carpet. Bud W d
84 cotton thannell Drab
64 woolen du Veal. I
12 4 do Mt
Woolen Stair Droyett
All of winch have g Leenpoe
era and reanufiteture., enmpriA areht ln
richest styles, whire we oder to eu
ean be purcommed is any of the ear
the Carpet IVarehonoe, P 5 Fonnh
A.. /4. D., H. CHA BERS,
MASI 01.11r114, •03111, c0.,1
Weald reepeetfally inform the ec,t err
Orin, am el.e. the pahhe generally.
reatmue the mama/mare of
In all their enricher, al the Old trend,
BID 13 Wood lt, betsvo•n Fir. 1. Water.
EC El V ED ono cav , at nV
lifeCllineek`a Carp,
hWard . ..ea., No. n. 3 Fourth toe., and TO Woo
anent, a very splendid assortment of Curtain Goods
comprising In sari the following varieties:—
Blau and eiold piton Deleon.;
Blue and Crimson do,
Scarlet and Sleet do
Starlet and White Union Dtertakk;
eriomn and White Ord
Mae do do;
titange and Blue Rviin Damask; '
Crimson and Purple do;
E1111.R3.1 Turkey lied l:Tiinto; ,1
Figured do . do;
Plain do do;
Balk Window , Liam 1 .
Drab do do; de, de.
The above goods bring parehared - dirt
Importer. and blanufacturera, will be eat
as Way vest bean any of theta..l . mil/
vile all unshing fine Curtain Goods to call
pet Warehou, 83 Fourtli menet.
_.„ oat Wht. MeCLIP
Warr/mist! Pare Win. and Br 1
Q UITAIO.II for Medicinal Porpowa, al
0 hlinll and for .ale by the br ule, quart or .
MORRIS & iie(vo
sep3 Tea E. Wine FRO
DosnounorWoolllna Goode.
fINF. tun Maga Cloth Shawls,
1 ease Yelow Flannels;
2 eases Red , do;
I rse Red twilled Flannels;
2 PliGll White Jo t do;
3 waste routed do;
agates Plain anJ Fancy Ceesimeres:
I Face Sennett;
3 clue. Clan 11.1 pins;
3 Sawa Blot Magi: . thank., Conun,F,J
o ease.. Gray Blanket%
V. eases Drab Blankets;
1 case Blue do; .
• 2 ease. White BetrUlanketa; .
'ireget Steam troatlßluit tea; •
ReeeiVed on eons:game:a, and for c afe at nt
turn'. pikes by D 1., t'
wpl2 la 9 LitJerlV
• -t-- ^--- ______
1 , 1118 erunpoultal w urante.. e uce di.
dew:Ube:l otter ,, , w in :tit
Direetihrus for Hitti-Me. ~ J •ft, .t 'WI"
wheat Cr, he. by w.. so .. / . . q J. eff
the Flea of about riper set
To su Ire lirraL—To cash rodet; of goer
, tesrpoon uls Of compoutoi 0:el itor ritual qua
sa:t, mi. them thoroughly together ishile d 1
maker a prepared dour awl you, eau eat az
use rt. lewurei, then odd much cold water
male 0.1 &List a
lbs ual pi:anew.; knead
old letgaud 'teen sonatas before baking,
two hoard will do no hum 13.euit should tte I
much thiriner, and R aked at out a, bat Will dd•
to stand r 4,4111104 1.1411114• minutes. There ta 1,
ger of lee (VII 100 much of tbis Compound
Bread itili no: let n the bread yellow a. sal'
doe, l't tut used to ever.,
Yea ea pa: toe auore Compound i du i'ett
l'uddine define. Inclinn Cake t :.
Corn Meal Upk.s, Corn Hood, Brow: t.• ~,
Itatier Cairo, Dock:wheat Cates, A --
Pot Ihek, nod far all baking purpose, .in
Sold lty
~ R , ~.ti,,.,
11014 •
THE FACTORY meted on the corner of Fe
and Corm wee's, serums through to
street, recently Put In thorough repair. Pose to
me, two' terms easy. Apply to
co: • • TIAIRD
11(tEri-4,1 bate. Western N York;
ea bales Eastern... b. , ' no In °MI
F ISH -313 Nl* large No 3 Mort •
SU brit du No 2 ' d . E ' r.. "l.
27 brls do dot do.
30 et firls do.
10 dram Cnd F oh. arravme. for sole
IlfrOWN Kliti:PATIlll
Steam Boatltomtngt.
XlDir MetiILIISTOCIC Invites the aitenuan of •teem
y 7 a boot men to his extensive assonment of trios.
Mine, comprising in part the lot owing tsar:anew—
Bleb and Meg.. Blue and Gold Stun Delains;:,
do ; do Cruntor. Jo,
do Settle, and Steel do.
do Pint and Bloc
do \ Crimson and Brown do ;
Crimson and NVinte Union Damask;
blue do;
Semies a do;
Corneae. Green, Blue, .11 beerier Dame*
Watered Marren.;
Woerard end Ltnen Table Covering;
VilriVy ' R " :, ' , `L. do de;
White do de,
Turkey Red h Woe de der
7-4 and 04 Wasood Table Covers;
7.4 and 0.4 Table Linen; 54 Bleached Sheeting;
scotch Diapeg; 5-4 do do;
Scotch Napkins; Embeesed Table Corers;
Setach Omit, I Plaid Toilet co do;
0.4 Bleached Sheeting; I blau, do. ete.
All of which are direct from tbe otanolitaireet ibit
Importers, of the newest end richest color. and pat
,...., all of which will be sold as cheap in any of
the eastern class. We Invite Moon boat awn to give
anda call at oar Carpet Warehouse,' No. S.7.__
_Fourth 4.
ro Wood or. roan W. NeeLlocalCA
17 W DER
for e wholcoolo pad nasty by
boll NY P MiaLeilALL
111iirptirs 3411r6eallag Alivefilming ri.
N 0.283 Madman' area, New York. I
ryes aubscriber in aliening th e oatronage of an
J . we. onag, ae whichrtthement, reel! 120211
4„Ltb,,Acticin,wiiii new article 11 brought
before the public. The experience or lean has es
tablished their ajicHerity beyond all question and
be confidedtly refers to th e testimony of thosebust
ones men, who have sthedthese en . .. Mores, and to his
rapidly Increasing sales, u proof of their excellence.
The followiog are a law of the reasons (or their pun•
luny. -• •
hiede place occupied by the seal e person may
have me, business, and address, coupleammiy
and beautifully embossed, colored or plain, Um al•
fording perfect acuity against fraud. Pd. The En.
velars cannot be opened without being destroyed.
30. Neither wax nor wafers eye required 100 weal there
at& Upon the miseamage of a letter the seal ionreit
its immediate return to the sender Instead Of ben*
burled Months in the Dead Letter Office. Oh. The
Envelopes are (mulched almost the same price as
Plate one.. 6th. Each letter mailed lea moat effective
advertisement, wire to attract the attention - of all
through whose hands it may pees. The telluride is
• list of onus kir Dies engraved on bran, and which .
will low Mr lean; lind of Euelopeeof the mend sloe,
either white or bud; of torn/ paper, and made as above
with name, address, to. •
Prices of Die. rrices of Enve
20 let lopes made
leas • • • 114 00 as above
20 to 20=---• •-- 00 ..... 114
ro 00
3010 tiO 7
40 to 02 --•—•••• BOe ..... • 10 60
CO to to 10 Mi and& . ... 13 00
eo to WO. 11 00 7,040.--- 15 00
Wheel! Is not cornea eta to forward'amount of
onlerper 12111 or express, a•
reference All
New York /loon will be aufactent. All erects win
meet with Prompt Intention if adrenal.
WILLIA klUlt7n
N y,
263 MMadison N ew Vert.
Olden will be attended to promou if left in the
doom of Messrs &bell*. Mott 00 Wall street, or of
Mrsert. It derelon & Co ,131 William mee
N. 13 .-13iniiness cord. embossed in enlac e item'
sum Dm" at Ile par itinerant& • nenbaloe
.onicom 116
lin, lops; Vol.
Wood st.
`rent, or ma
VURNlsll.your flapa'and Patkora.with. Naps,
which are allele and ornamental:
Napa or the World, United States, PMmlypni.
Allegheny County, Pa lento e t ?dooming and Maori,
off Lie . Chemlair7. Also. Aatcontunleal Map;
Utreant Time, Family and School . Monitors, Out
line Naps, Globe.. cliatta, Ae ,at the ;
Celt! • d 5 hlattet
°oda, count.
ere Shawls
loves; Wool.
d Bleached
Ribbons and
ad Balding.,
PLO VI?. 1110DCED.
1 Floury deLLcered , on pod Nil.V.AL.ufutT,
us 11.2 la per 100 tbs, eopeefine, at $2. per 100 tbe. n
Menet discount retallare " • .
WlLbl elan re NOIILE
Lane ate r
ILL sep2s
msr RECEIVED, k . .. , .tank r/
110FiONINChlekering , s6,t4 and Yemen Pianos
. also, a richly carved Garion Piano, the
moi t beautiful Ininrosneni ever brought
in ibis eity.. , rliese Piano, will be nopplind as usual,
,at Berton prices. lintlftrr •VCCII4IIII MI T.A.I.
?lantana, on Ear Alma received, a inn tot of Rose
wood plain and enrsed Piano Stoois, with silk plash
and hair cloth SLIM. Poi sale by •
Agent for Metering's Pianos forW L estern Penn , .
re Mr. 1.1:
. Colbert..
roeitet Vnronoiaeura.
lir e W. WILSON, corner of Muter and
creme, hati received by express, this morning,
em splendid Chronometer Watches, twenty JOlll2lB
and eighteen Karats nese watches ware made et.
pronely to MY Order, and hi euperior workmanship.,
Aloe, midland, the. largest and beet assortment of
Gold nod Silver Watches ever Offered for sale in this
city. Gale Patent Lever Watches, from 830 to SIMS
three dozen on hand, from VP to HO, of best cleanly
gold. and warranted time. , note
znpon.ralvrTo .:,
Pk4ESSREI. FINGER, }TART/di:7 & CO. have
bouebt the flight of an Az 'Agitated by Mr.
8.1:16Gi (Misiager, called Sheffield Meru, it riot beet
mined by oer beet coult builders, • d proneuneed
be the best In eve. An ordinary teach, with a set of
these rtelos rantung daily, will consume • half pint
months The small quantity of gr eat ed
Is one pi the beet evidence. wr have of the rc
dunlon of friction, and commit:emir greet eaving of
power; it will make the coach pi oprieters to lave 25
per cent. on their stock and feed. 'Also, it will give
great safety to travellers, the inn revolving with the
wheel and not having any cow/air. With the amle
will entirely prevent the wheel (mini coming od.
Cy propercare, the pmenteee orll warrant those
axles to last h o rn twelve to fifteen Ye re dm lY naming.
Wareham, lap Water and HOP ns streets, Pin.
n 025
TDE anequ ollad enteral C
which too a:landed et.
POUND and 11L0OD PURIFIER, is t actually,
Jac ihe matron and moat inveterate eases at IN'
Is a sofacited amount. and recomMendation to in.
duce all mho am afflicted with this dreadfal donut
to try 1/11•Itiorit
Hundreds of , ease*, many of them citizen* of EL
Louis and °Mem from abrond,liave been cured With
in the lut few menthe to the city of St Louis alone,
while letters from agents abroad show, oleo that it is
performing the same wherever (tied. Many of these
went Chronic contention,. Mandins, Mid all hopes(
recovery bedtime given op. atm were of
mere recent dale, of the acme MB= tory form,
very severe. AU. however, yield to toe wonderful
virtue. of thin medicine, and summand. who have re.
'aimed is benefits, attd are now in the exdoyeieet of
'health can .bet esteem the origiml dluoverer and
preptleter, a benefactor et mankind..
It Is well known from the experience:of the past,
that eo outward application coo poesitiEP effeeta per.
=anent etre of this dreadfal disease. By the appli.
canon of stimplatter liniments. Dania: relief, an some
ra-evoney lie .I.tained ter a short time: But.all the
labile this di lease Is fixing its grasp mord Pemtutefitiv
in the srimerk and simperer Inter will again develops
itself In a more Meant - tit Milo, mid after a few port
reical re MUM. it nettles into a chronic formwhich, If
nut loon niefshiti, mum me individual ler fife. Thl.
is verified by the himoty et the ram in all commies,
and mete fele den.nems land by the history fitralshed
of late to the Term-tor et IN, eemported,as given Ey
acvetal bondruds thnee who have paescd under his
immediate retire ate °cement datum the last few
BLOOD PURIFIER is an Imernal retrie.•y-. earn-
Menem Mt operate. where :be dircase firstneli•
limes. mud, in purifying the blood. perms littenteh t he
wholem,neatrelmos the impure or ennsue mot.
meet mulch hat muted upon the reemersnea, mercies
and te widens—tee:even it entirely from the system, and
remotes the individual to perfect health.
Le. Move who are afflicted nnt deceive themselves,
and pot °lithe me of this medicine too Iraf, or until
I their hmbs are dtslecated or contracted In sack a dad
' pee Iliac they aro!,etipples for life. The experience
of hundreds of thousands dunes the past, as well as a
multitude at the present day, dentomtramit the folly
of expecting permanent mild from external apph
The proprietor of W. 'nimble medicine knows
from experience, that ne outward application ma
possibly effect o peminnent care where this disuse is
Maly axed in the system. He can and does prepare
and apply an embrocation In very acute ease., whmh
will give relief in one hoer's time, bet this will not
effect • parmacent cam The notate of this disease
as such that it requires longer tune, and an internal
remedy, to produce the desired et/i.e., and Monitnerels
Fthemacie Compound and Bland Pottier Is the only
remedy that hes ever been dimovered,either Inkuteri•
ea or soy other country, that will effectually cans ads
This medicine, eon be had, ahnlesale eir mull. at
7.lTittni alma, next to the Post CIE.; Pitlabargh.
Price, OS per Cottle; 6 bottOs for Wes or $49 pet
dame Pamphlets can be had gruil of the .gent. I
nothd. R. H. WISHART. Agent-
m the traport
e de est add
ers as low as
ed. a, call at
d.O Wood M.
err of the lite
-at they tall'
Throng's la DOVES Days
CITE take pleasure in announcing lathe Merchants
TR of Pittsburgh and the Western business com
munity, that on 'and a ft er Morday, the illth of Sep
tember, are willeceive sad forward goods via the
Central Rail Road , and guarantee them to be through
In Four Day.. Our extensive stock of Carsand Boats
enables as to offer the above expeditious ratite to tee
alate. whilst we mill continue our weal bow via
liartitharg end Colombia.
Merchant. wishing (owls brought from the Feat
with certainty and dizsruch at low rate,, or predate
shipped ttem, are inynel to call on
O'CONNOR. &TRIM? & CO.. Pittsburgh.
Proprietors of to Pittsburgh Transportation Line;
Or the following agent.
O`Connons & Coy 70 North. Street, Baltimore;
F.. Dthcz. a Battery. Place, New lark/ •
. Ewen & Greta, 14 Dowe street, Boston
lIE sobseribers are now reeeiviag, by.elmal, large
Gapplicks.(Jaa I'd wren & eon's high teat, and
best qualm , Glass Makers , &do Ashorhtett they will
reit at the lowest market price, for rash or approved lts. Wea KITCHELTIIMi
omil Liberty at.
i INr
114 11. r. II atiIIORDT. (pupil of tho flint European
mutt re,) / ate br Pi est l ork, reepectruhy Inform,
the einaens or Pittsburgh ondllegbeisT +l.l ha ha.arrived, and intents mak mg', ibis city his permianeut
resider.ce, (or the purpose of tospartlns instruction an
thr Plano. pplic &doom left at slrs. Whites Boarding
house, to Liberty IL or at It. Eltber's Mule Store,
will niers with prompt notation. saki
• •
arikllitl.EMEN'S &letup:nit Vesu and gnawers;
do ' Flnn Memo Iq
do Warta Saxony do;
do • Plain and Fig id Silk Granata,
Skirt., W or ri ed osoms;
Silk: Conan, and Supenderc
Darken Red Dresaing Gowns,
Pinned Flannel Rabe.;
Mona }kits, Umbrellas.
Silk and Linen Pseket Ildkis,
Woo; and Beekskto Wove.;
KT4 and Silk
Scarfs, Galnom,' and :dram,
Jan retained and for tale by
o • see/ es ittnl Itilmaet ries, dine
F yea I.b extol me an or rusting Mince
..t•tee, Cak.s. etc., you mu sae thelu
Good toned Consults;
Valencia., or Hellish Podding Helaine;
Clrithell Deanne red;
Candied Lunen Feet; •
Froth Citron Peel;
Grape Juice;
French Bran4y.
Ali the above article. tee for sale •c
Tea Stare, east elda of the Diamond.
rpc.n.V L. -4u Das on nand
& co
!lIE.ME-1135 bils W. R. Cr. •
m£3 E 3 lay er dd . do; ? o,
mob b
enbacriber Malta the attentlOu of merchant.
and whorl to his large and well amorted mock al
torn Glove., Under Shin% and Drawer, .The
&hove articles in eat, Wool, Merino, and Cotton, or
all she. and prices, corwautly on hand and for sale
y3w, by Inc=l F It EATON
• Bees In mind.
7114'n. of Wines and Brandies, suitablef .o sr . ei m e:
al or other Intrpesea,eartalw,g..r "
‘arhettaale or retail et hICIBRIS & 11 1 • OMP
nn2l Tel & Wine Slone, le the Pirrnsed
ILIUM A IgAISIC—Gbb ibs tb, we by
n 023 • 1 IJDD & CO
KNOW an Men who areal tk and afitteted with dbi-'
It. gamer the bladder and I idaeys. waft rlimaade
pains in back er Ilmbr, addle rots, tad **mei 'fuming
alters, Ac, that they eon be rued by taking the Pe
troleum! Yea may talk abbe t Its being a nostrum as
mach as youplease, but this dm, not make ft so,for
We preelalin Mae thee of an sonost centroanityket
It has virtue, whteb ens no, conutincil in arty mbar
remedy. The man who is milked will, pain and Cu&
tering from disease. can for cents. get relief Rem.
nay of the ills ennmentted above. Reader I ft pots
very little to make atrial. This Petroleum t, no min
tace—no et:mooed, put ap for the purpose oflmpoatag
en the nuomenhyt but It is a remedy , claborated by
the master bard of nature, and bubbles ap from the be.
am elm mother earth In Ile original .parity, and of. •
fen to maiming hantahity - a ready remedy, a certain
and cheap rare.
' t hbtu cared Elea after ether medicines base laded
ither any relict It hankered Rhentnatism of load
slab g, and - ofate wont amilmort es tonal cbateter.
It ha. ewe,/ Choler. Mariam by one or two dews; It •
has eared old eases of Diarrhcain which every other'
remedand been oleo avail. V: focal remedy la
burns eed., it is better than nay atedieal" eam.
pound or
roof intment that we know et II Will CM. chit
mai. homed feet, in a few applications; undoubt
ed testhinony can be furnished of the truth contained
in the above statement by calling. on Samuel Al. flier,
Cacialltasia,rtlesueett or either of the agents
llnytarA McDowell, corner of 'Wood meet and
Virgin Alley; R. E. ?}eller', SI Wood street, D. A. El
liott. D. l
M. CunT, nßegbeny City, are the agents.
1.03 •
j_)P.AUTYI—jt Is aniveralilY son ceded thin beauty Is
Pi more Common In due minutey than hinny other
While at the same time it Is no: nonther coon
toy le It lou'at an 'bung an age Nowl.tith Is true
to a Certain extent, but the lots La often Caused by ne
glect. We say to all, do not neglect your persona
eppearance, bat teed the following, and yen need not
lark gond thole.. Then articles are scientific pre,
paratione, and have all attained a CIO
J mks Oseak's FAO Dina. be Vora arm Mead
Soar, for maiming Um, Imbue. pimple., Wotan.,
sod other cruppons ol the ak)O.Lthp most perleet eon•
smatter of keen' eVerY ehoe Whin&
rthrnonieg tO be Nymph..
attached. toup; _.. has my name
Jo:a EI a ni's Pirastall of Cement PGROZII,fOr 11II•
Parting to the most bile. • complexion a radiant
whitenesa. In nothing should a person i.e more care•
fat than the use of a powder for the kin, an many of
these s o ld are very iniurloue, My Chinese Powder ts
cOnipsanded Ina mit:mirth manner, and eonlaito no
nt n.notet which on possibly inlet no injury.
Jonas Ilitum.'s Dantareux PoWDelt i foe remorlnd
anpe gnome hair. :What te , more un-...char than hoax
upon the face or isms of a lady, This article mil/
remodel it mit Olen time, withoot the use of any gimp
J ul
tast e .
Vsniumna Louts Oth a Don will
beautifncomny Impart In red, white, or gray hit%
ly black, brown, or auburn color. It will
color the hair an a shorter time, and More electron/
than any other Dye, beans at the saitie indellible.
Jima Stamps Samosa CatA.—lt in really•
ma to share arith this mama, There is none of the
martini; mutation morally experienced in the use of
most Soaps. On the contramitlenves the skin emooth
and lion as en infant's, and übt Cable to become
Jose FlannetJeßoesTearen Pins.—Net lathe hair,
I,Mak the Teeth were intendedareatemomae
Meet lo t eh enna fuel but token ['esteems], nodung
to to dasfignxillg, an quickly teen. My hoes Tooth
Paste will impart to the teeth a pearly whilenenn,
the mad time keeping the ram* firm and healthy.
Also on hand, a misiplete &modem= of French,
British, and American Perfumery and Patter articles.
' • r JULES llAlJEL.Periomer and Chemist,
PSI Chestnut eireet, Pinta
/biro:tie wholesale and retail by IL A. Fethnestock
to Cd., and It. E. !tellers, Fltlebargh; need John Pare
gent and J . Miea e ln olleirizeny Cu, Po. - tyl4-24,
&IMPORTANT TOTitit.-7iFi-acv_V.D•
Dr. Rifles Celebrattd
Ii JACOD 13. ROSE, the domorerer and sole pro.
•Lie twitter of these most popular cod beneficial
medicines, mad a s h the Istyrniar of t he celebrated
instrument rot Ind/bung the Lungs , to eliteetrisi elm
of ithonic disease, was a student of that eminent
physician, Doctor Physic, and Is it
graiteme or the
University of Pennolsanla, and for thirty years
O hms been,tormeed in the investigation of diseas
the apPlication of remedies thereto. e, and
Through the use of his inhatlee lobe, In
with his Prophylactic hymp mulottici of h i s remedies,
be has rained unparaleled eminence in ng
those dreadrel and fatal melodies, Tubercular OM.
thraption„Cancera. Scrofula, Riteummtbm, Astamn,
Fever and Agne, - Feven of all kinds, Chionie Erys
r " 117:;, dn
the useof his eon:ether, to which litimmitty beir—
not by the net or one rompondd oely , for that je to
otr/Weate b
ad Phyalologicat nd Law, Inc by We use
Ma remedics, apted to a
peculiar loan Of divease.-
prose tiled for each
Dc Rate's Tome Alteredre Pills, when need nee
Insatiably acknowledged to be sup. , .;:-I other,
as a parr:acre or liver p•ll,lnaerece., ae they lore
th.. bowels perfectly tire fn
hit Golden Fills is admitted Ly fart:lly io poseees
peeullor,propertiee adapted ' thieves, but •
being satisfied that a bete Idan is colic collo
what hat been sold In toe minds or the moot Oconee'.
The acted ore honed in call npon ths agent. •ad
procure s ou .) one of the Doctor's
• detailed account of each remedy twd its acidic erten.
Ear sale by the fidlowing rigenteoe well as b mace
druggists throachout the country. y
Sebotiome her to Co, 2t Wood stoct, Pinshergbi
JJf Townsend, druggist, 45 Markel et, del:
Pan A,'Hectinsin, near olleglianyetty;
Jos Barkley. Darlington, Deaver co., I a.
Jon Elliott, Limon Valley, do nny
T Adams, Boor., do do:
/ 1-4 LUAW2r - VtOZ.Z.LZB.
roa s rusurrnso eras BLOOD, Are Ire Me tree or
Samfbla or King's Evil, librlLlnSti3l7l,obsilusto Cum.
[WM.ErOttIOIIII, PliOpldrOrlntlieSOrl the Pies,
ilea,DlotcheqdChroolo Sore e llyes, King WormWorm Ertl.r ement ocd - Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Smbbort, Ulcers, SyithilUts
Simians, Sciatica or Lumbago,—and diseases
B arking from an injudicious arc of blormary, Ael.
Litho orDlopV, &Name or improdence In Life;
• Also—Chrome Constitutional Disorders, &o.
In Ou t prep/manna we hare all the restorative pro.
ponies of the loot combined and concentrated In
their utmost strength and efficaey. Experiments
were made Wile sontralac tare of this steatite until
It wasteland it could not be Improved. Acterdir
we find it resorted to almOst universally it coat of
Scrofula. Lira 011eases.Salt Rheum, General Pros.
!ration of the Vital Powers, and all those tormenting
diseases oft he skin so trying to the patients, sod to •
Jarious to the health. It Is la hank, aperient and dl..
infeemot. It sets riltillltllleatirly spoil th e oteme o h,
the circulation, and the boWals, and lbws three pro
, ceases, which-are otimarilYthe malt °flint e -differ
! cot binds et medicine, are carted on at the rams
time Wont" the Instrumentality of this one reure... e r
agent. There are many ways of relieving pni I for
the time bang. but there I, Only one Wey of rompuir,
disease. No .pallistivO, t o 'anodyne, no, topical op.
Pllcation will remora It It roust be attacked at us
source, in the fluids of the ben.. which cover the
peasant,' the lostities where itisdevelepod In inflate.
melon, Sorts,ulcers, rumors, abscesses,
sllings he, as th e cue MOT
These Ifolds melt be reached, oiled upon, purified '
byrso some powerful agent. Such an age. t in Sande
which gl tUalan,s
holt e e .
tau and expels front e tint oy
sto tu meth and, wels ls
that is lintel cg, and St the sane lane rertart• their
voter rald tole. Ita grad Malt In t h e, It Writ. sod
neutralism the. Seller: principle of thseas,a j4eli; end
when that!. inns, tie.sYmptomi. heatatrily thesp.
pear The rapidity With winch- the athe he retor t
health and strength alder this 'ripple logo imam .thr.
Olken. Each new ease in which,;,. stop:lttl ft routhes
to the mall a newccrtificate or it. ,s,oof
ence; end
we have eelp to mom the Sweuroulas4 WM:LW:My
of liUlittlUdel who bolt canc.:le:end areas, to
smoothie incredulity Rattans real ante. •
Lieut.. Miller of the arra/. has kindly sent no the
following later from California—.
Notasser, Jan; to, 18,50,
Merin A. D.& D. Sandv-Gentlemcn—P beg leave
io odd my rerOuterly falter Otl your invsluoble me
dicine, Mang it may lead so l e other•otonenste
beluga t
tut here o try til
b l oon e ms and, that they may ,
be ben
I arnadliere from dm Called Sialp, Ly the of u .
land cotta i about the Int of October lust. A few
days after Was attached With a very di , Meroo r om
eruption of the skin, which My physician amid not
CUM I happened • o find poor hotresp.rdle twit store
In this plece,and tememberlng Abe ponelerrry a rh o
medicine at home. I Pateltitsed thire.boldes; winch •
had the d , airce ( Feet or removing my diffonalry en-
firelY. 1 --- Watt high regards, yours, Sr
Dire or soother, ac J.N.J 31 1/ZEE, A . :
ute home,— • • '
Illesers.Rande—Gedeinetf47 h:tte''gjteriat 81:Intro'
in acknowledor to'"ou th gteat bench: ./ hare re
ferred from th e n tree of 'ear n 4ansaritia. J A eublect
of pulmonary, disease, I made voeere Fdredw.
hot while theta • continued to be aff.,et.d. it :re.
weeks after my returu, .ware __you with a shelter
hemorrhage of the lenge, sliefrout the debbity and
great brostradort of strength 'that to:lowed, d•,,h 1 / 1 11
protraCted damblet of top/mho:1, I am enthet.7 re
llevedbY :he Lie of yottr Mery apurthle, welch-t eon
alder a moat iIIIpO/11101 and Irely va:lanble discovery
la the heallogart lifeeldhat J 1 Lave not for fourteen
years enjoyed eo giNia, health •t present. • •
Very gratefully yours. j
Ife.sul um following from'' '
Alerrra Salehi—Gentlemetr—l lA , . rot. oherry of
acuding you Ja letter Which teal be or unporisnea to
those who are aufferlois as leave done. 'received
gem bepefie 1.. your Manmparillu, hauled .been
cured oft oulerly niter augedue years 3 hereby
cheerfully certify to the geed stet of 3 oar medlcody.
Andope God will reward you for all do good 700 •
11.1 e dee. &crook cough god edehe do t
J and men, Lod repeated attacks of fever induced me"
. b e l low s mu' I should die with consamplien.• (lo e .
day, while marriage violent attack W.l:ruing frier,
• friend perauaded me le ter year lecke - Parable toe
doine, but to toll the truth; I had no
f fi nally purchased a bode. and by its to
the ..
01 W. re," r. 4 t ctec hcalth ikon I had
rduled roe era run. I clamor lan blesv the anther
of thm admirable .
"want, ot
, .
- - • -
!Ma 1e.P,C;1")., `1
te.,oen .Tonroordicnt
Ptapared and bold, whblerala and reiall. Di A H. a
D sANDS, Drogyltu and Clmall - th 100 Fahoo +lre.
of wan.; Now York.' Sok! a:to by Drug:
ger=l,47tlZtu:lo:ll...ibe tad
I , Oda br,l;',itTtgilf' .0
and EDWARD VEDialiCil,inithdtdbf-Al '
so, by Dr. H. Bridgewater