The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 02, 1850, Image 1

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, D. N. Inert) ) I ,
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Uri lon cams.
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One B. le, ignitors ofNottparell Or less) •
amt itertien—...,,---••••• •
OAS re,ea `addldodelituarnbm• •• , OA: -
• 11,73
Do. tw ; 2,00
Do. one Month 0,00 .•
' Do. two 7,07
Dc.' three Do., fear menthe 100
Do. twelve atenth.......
!handing Cerd (0 line. orles.,) per annum- 10,00
natal=enviable atpleasare (per ea
tostve of the paper—. 00.00 •
• Are each additional equate, hmenedoverone monk
ilita for each additional Roam inserted under the year.
. grates,half alma.
- Advertisement. eicee.ling • 'unite, 'am/ net ore/
Nees lines, to be charged as a - oluare and a halt
• rabllsiere not accountable for legal advertisement.
114 the amount charged for their pablieado. •
mincing candidate. for Mare,' us be charged the
it as ether silvertnerneme. • .
Advertisements not marked on the copy, for a sped
, lied aerator If inm name, will to colltirtlia 101 l forbid,
• and payment... <d aceeni •
. The pnvileires of yearly adventure will be isonfissd
!WM) f 0 %belt meolur business, and all other &deer.
tisemeatenot pertaining to their regular - Iminetts,
agreed for, to lie pad cunt. -
All advertisements for charltaide instinft.ite
mpenlas Want.inownsklp nod other pupils
ad timit tok., to be charged hal fpries.7.loiii
Marriage notices to be ehatted 50 ammo :
' • Death =lees...mai withoetcharm maim emnimr•
pooled by funeral In wanton. or obituary notieu, and
When so acemariamed te be paid for. .
W=lat advertisers, and all others needing Comma.,
_ or Twitting modem dentin:tad to call atten
dee to Felts, !Soiree*, Colleens, or say mann mutts
talareenta, where themes Monied° for admlidanot—
ell notices of prltaio assoelations—every nonce de-
slimed to call aneallon to pollute enterprius taints.
War intended to promote individual Intermit, canon,
' . 1 7 be tmeried with the understanding that, the saran
late be pad for. If (mended to be inserted la the to
tial Colman, the .time will be charged at the rata of
• melee Man 10 rent. per the •
• rgor PIM e. Notic to be elterged triPht Priest
a !demos Pendell/40 each. •
Legal and Medical advertisements to M eltiarge4 at
hll pnees .
Zeal Eau., Amnia , 'and AecdOtreete'i Mrs lible•
Mune not to be classed anderyearly reset,l6ar t o be
allowed disetmet 0/thirty three and ono Mini Mutant.
from the wont of bIIL- -
1•11:13.T out rAminmst.r In - Valb,. mama.
One Square, oes Insenlons• • di
Do. , rook adlildonallexctlion... .27
eisu!re,(D ItADV ono twerion —GO eta.
Do. ease alooal Duenkte.-25
All trartaleot advertlaeseatoe ID be pale DlA4aaaelt.
• . . WRITS k. CO, Gazette.
L. fIARPERipon. • ;
11011"1•111.11LDDLE, Journal.
JAIO ICA Y. DARR A.CO. L eattroolele.
• " roe rErt & BROWER, Dlapeleh.
JOS. SNOWDENt Maxwell.
. • AWSBIDDLIII, Aix& sa. •
• ; - 1111tAel ILe.L:tll4 Ere ming Telbar.e. .
hainranor, Dre. I t ..t ,•. , . _• -
JOIIN 4L PA.11.1111160116
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g:Eithln.Ni IVar4l.ean nreet;' between
O'Hara and Walnut. All bananas.. Promptly aL
.ta.. • _ • ; EasYS_
AClt ' ORDIELfer kin W--01560,
• .`; • DAVIIII. 0..
- IL TTORREI! LAW, and Caairatationar far PanmYlranla.Bt. Panna}lrarda;St., Lean., • '
• - aosamanleattoar prorartlyannrered:
_ JAKIC.II r. jk . TTORNEY "Ulli
2.11 L betweensmauld Faterth
. a 01.1b1.11, ILA& Mins , •
A rrC" ■t+ E n Y llnars " j.trw l ytr w alir i St: Lotus;
111=if Pltub . rshl A
sea & !Weir,APCaudl r ea P. IteClate, J 6 E. Puke;
t Sample, AfeConi & Kinx. anrl44y
rosivrAwi . linsa•Lszsaon&zpr . B:
• Glasgow; Ps: Pmy Pas Olga.)
timing pennan_przli located at thrs plane, • new
tad eabstantlallnaN Dent;rio are prepared i se
edy. and forward promptly to all paws an lbe Hui
add Sandy and Dearer or Ohio Canals; . • :8 &Co. - .
tHaegow, Jou 15.—JelP
—mut r rooms
10110111.614 WOODWAIIO/klDo,.Whaleasla
Ai cur Nent &Imam - aroi
. _
PIM • gb
:ißir E• Rdarg_
d:;, sbee,be e gelds angoeso --, Water tlow
' Frodarlak fitTut,_! (icopre
TTEberry 4 w4=l:il.ltV,VZ:
CA. MANI:WT.& CO, Porrrardtur uld Cow
V. =Won Aletebonu,' CAW Man, Plnablugh,
~' `-~•
Ira Henny...---.Andrear Flentinn•• , •• a. K
gMISSION ICCRCltkras—For the nal° of bo
meakt,WoMen; and Comm Conk tion, dealers in
kinds of Tainne Trim:M:l,l;Np lt7Wood at, 4sh
door treatPM, Pittab aryl,
Isferenee—Alears. Wm. A, 11111 A Co,l3ankm..
14.12 •• - • •
nesao .111,11LVILL--- 7
No Lit Second sueet. axe
gamut a It flrr, (IsVa !WHO. tha
muawa 1.h1.1.
srag in arrohlul Wh°l l:, 41 nle 7:417:11r0da . ea and 1.14::
Larg e i t... npie:cutsi7l* . 7ol . 74s,4 a.; between 2/I.4rd
No 112 Second 21. Plueloutl2 mr2l
Bawl w. routoorrood I WAJZ.Z
g ENERAL CaMNISSION and Forwarding Web alms and Flow Dollen, No V 6 Market mot,
No. 41 Noah Water Street t No. DI North Wharves.
D. o.lleCtoto6Ot.
•maer and Comm:4llc. Mert hany Wlr the gal d
lcan Wd01td.J. 1 5 , r 1 1.091 , 021ta st febl7
• .• • •
■ AIDY, JONES I ilm•siors to Atwood,
a - Jostee Co.t Coaunisson and. Fonverd Mu.
. .
itnnt4— soesvoos To sums& ant q l
ER & Border le French and Anwrles&Ps
pot ilamings awl Border*, Window Shades, Fun.
Pilau. to. Aise—WHLIZIr. inifn end Wrop-
MrPaper, No. tr 7 Wood street, between ourtli sirm
Dlounowl idler, west side, Bittabstmli,
JOHN AGNEW, Into of the armor( lansbers,Ar•
Hawk 00 . , woelksonnialfilly. Worst ne old too,
MIMI and lboa Panda rants. HY, nst be will 'Ullman.
down carry on We went elan, nsalneas, Lar las
varionss, Ltd la prepared us 11l 01l inners tor Apolke..
male& Farnham Shona* Porten, Viola, A. Vs,
=tokn. Canna= 1111 oare/setsca Is No
oat, tanweeo Fast a. Beeman au. Jp2 Wan
Tow" NIONOtiN, Wholesale Droixibm,./TrGU.
otbi Naas, Palate, OiN, Vamtallos, Ate, No'
113 Mood sultry oat hlaot Bomb, of Diamond Allay
_ A"i DailatC,hoiesais Omer, Commission
Illooksat, and dt slot lo Prodivo stod,PiptbattO
' smaltatoreo. Na e( Water at, Pinsborgh. 4.1
paWjunpry, , scorLvicslor, J.
rawtth DICKEY • 00.; Wholesale Granata Com.
Laudon Mernhants, and daatels in Pratte", N. , '"
, and W 7 Front stream, Plnlbirgh• neV3
. . ea il emu —. ----Joseph Dalscords
irlL' DILWORTII A CO, Wholesale Greeere i east
1 is• Arms fin Nostra Powder Co, HAW Woo 4 el,
TWIN IiSSYNSENI), tomato sad APetheeU7
. a 1 NA 45 Market et, Wee emirs above TWA st. Picts!
barely will have eowantly ea Mae a wall Wetted as
aerosol oldie best us! frosheet If eiticluim *kWh la
will mil on the mon reasonable terse, ;PlysleiNte
wading orders, will be, prompt!, este:ldol So, and sop pbed with ankle. tiler esaT tell open al olandat.
in plrfaislass Preecriptions wilt be eitairetoly sad
pirvared Gem as beat atatiziale, es airy beer ol
ke or night.
- Also ler sale, a lane poet el trash► and good Pada
• lel 1
a LOYD,,Wholesale Orators, Commission
garataats, and Dealers Ptedwo, Round
ateir airdiags, frentina co Mem,- Wood and
exa meet; ruse area W. api
3110. A. ()AUG HEY, &gen for u.Lao Erie an
middy. yJne to Omer and Out lates.,4l6e e
AA the owner Wgzer gad nonthiekt eta • laoe
LSWiI antshison k_ conitingdon Alergbant.
ant Agents of the St. bongtZtennt Pang juu,,,,
Me. mater eat la front struts., Pittshargl..
./801:100 1 44 AKR A a CO, M .** aple poems
..-J ' se Weed street. Plosbaret. .1
(gHIN irTaLGOil, Wholesale and.
In Mane and Molest lastrasseats, Selknol Boot s;
Slates, Steel Pens, Qtaills, Casts, aje
generally', Kn. a Woad at., PluabareL •
in- rov, M.% .... .. in. i. t .a.,.. , • ~,,,,,,
r --- N...*Fratt, llan, al ten ••.... ..--- -
if, a ataNaltitt, (rue at Warren, 'Auto Coma.
Vvl.l°.;"gugomell: l :4 l '6ll l 27,r , Ml
eban Waren Faunae talent'', 'Water
alttenreal Baal fiat and Wool, Pittatnrint:
'• /Ea* JUNES. Forwardialltanf
• Kektr to, Dcalara Pradaca ar s =
• • •. alastand =ldea, canal 911.1.1t4 a ear TAN.
. ssent CRILDS & CO, Monorail Wen o
irrlor 44enerating, Carpet ChlliM. Cotton
sump • - Ja.lo-ly
• F1T 1r.uhr.,,,,, Stoektoni pop:ILE& 19 .
vf....~'"~.'=` -+s'„=W. i ~t~(r~ "T :T' '~ i ~ 1,
.. - - ._
rlitsburgh olt7 'Glees Wake.
No 26
to onset, bemoan FITI2 !ad POiettedy
_Cr ealor attention pald te odd u.
Maier* La FLINT °Lass, +(taus, sor K rid, A d
• . •w. onomontax, . . ante 1, ..
5. cumomrswg. etlemn64-
dm: Milo 191 Inn. C. W. itieketeon,
HICIESTSON. Wholualc - Groten, and
ILL funniness of finale& Wines and Seger; Nos.
179 sad 173, corner of Lotiorty and Irwin streen, Pine-
Ps. leon, Nana, Opium Yam, te.: to., eon-
F Awirwavristarof
TT/MIMI PlllkSth
reu - pro • Jame D. MEM Wafter C. Roe;
liksaDius.e. DOE, Wholesale Grodme and Commis-
AM ma Embalms, NAM LlbertT 81,. Pitubar=b
MORRELL Errlpg.„_ - units AND JhUNU
. - .
1 . 1411 .
„ yams Ina "trim
cimaa r •
afANINACTUYEI/B mdeg nal bilin steel,
plonk mei, steal plonk wino, snub ati.t ellp
t ,„, : d rtgina ks,. :4l .de a er
rerantr.sitrsr of itosS, artd %sot its., Plwb b,
J . - 14. Teed**. Owen stnelon
. 3101 d Lane ni t N Orleans, keep contently on
band i{ luta assornnent or Bnadletof the follow
t Weeds; which they ores for tale An agents
Darund t CA Hadman, nu limitary, J. Erand,
Mild t Co,Larootielle,JlDonna, Cognac, A de ki
tem, • L Bluetits, &tendon, Jean Lamle, In.,
In; ale, Anchor Gip, Bordeaux Red and White Winn
in ruts and eases,'Minted with rare by John Durnad.
ken; betides Cha mpagne Drina and Sweet Bargandy
Pore , • (hydra
E; • 110LhIE:3 &SON, Noss Muskat at. vecond door
from earner of Point, dealers to Foreign and
nies' as Balls of Renal:go, Certificates of Swan,
Dank Notes and Spada.
Irradelefloca.a.ado-oxf tha • prin. citing
kiaadimst the United States./ ap4
latesurrapb - lerkatabllalhonsat
OSCIRICIIMANN, Third st, Opposite the
Post-Odle, Pfusborgb..—Maps, Landsea=ll.
heads Showbflis, Labe* Arabi teetotal sad
Drawings, Sulam and Visiting Cards, as..
or drawn on mono, and printed In ealont,Oold.Nreami
or Blank, fa Mt mast approved style. and at 111415051
Blan k
mires. - • act] tar; '
mumom,urrix a 00... to. ZS L th eitisinst
Situbarch. Wholevaler Grocers, PrOdaCe42l4
menksion Merchants, end dealers • in • Pitudiamh
Mu tat. ore,:
! olirf
10117. Wroassa TEM Imo. &LIM. 1. 11010110111.
710108E:IIT-1100IIE, Wholesale Grovor, Reetifylie
111 Dtstiller, dealer la Prodaeo, Pittsbatsh lidanufac
w.V. Wikiadaof F.onitta and Domesti• Wines
and goon, NO II Lawny street. On hand ovary
_"aooei_ of superior old Aiononmthela waiskay,..
R Ie EYNOLDS & SELEE. Foneardm and Corncob
. sten ktereiahla, for the Mammy- &Wet Trade,
ae&lers &weans, ?ulace rttabarih, !Saharan
terek and Chloride of Lime. . •
The highest price, In huh, 'paid tt 411 times "for
COma° rage. C o tner Perin and Irwin ata. aple
s LIALTTELII. Witakinte woes's,
Coausbalaa hissultsasa, dealers la Protium -41.M
Pittsburgh Maightsattss, Liberty saw. Pilatbl:
-1 NAlt
Cottla rc E &Zaztrlielle ,...„• = g ol
barik Aboogoauss, No AN Libartroroc4 • •000
• 21'3
QII/I.CKLETS a WHITS, Wllanak Dealers in
IJ For•lgn Mud Dom" Dry G 1204 80. W.W oul
tweet PiashluirL igpl7
QE7t, W ILiSBATC 11 1K - Wia ,1 4 - 7-Da4Fri
A, in Flour sad Praistee merely, mid Forwanling
awl Comegiulau_Narekszas, KSFirs surevaal.
1111111emql_strest.nasbaqh. ant} r -
81 - 1 - I — re
QELIANIS &NI M. Produce and General Cont.
iniaion Maronsina, No. 17 Merl) airett,'Pnto; .
bunk. Sperm, s.daiweA and Lard MI. apl7 •
r,vON BONNUok sk 00 ,
and Vi7nol77—tsiiGro•
e 111.1todolU r f a ar2l 4 VV '
rrodaoo, nava nomad to Utak osar warobovomold
nuldd.N. oomer of PRIM Aimed and Cliansory
and 7
• • r.. 1 side Dimond. ritub.V.,
r. sawncr.]
, .
0111R111711/1 di BARNES, '•
W . H OL - E - S - kl; E G ROO E RS,
- •Fiviltths and Como:mos Jitemhonsr.,
And de l'ors in Pittsburgh hhinufassisred asUchin
Non 130 and 130 deeand atreet 4
•6onseenWoodah9shhlsoi. intntsmo t . usl
• zimmirstr.l tionsirunoa
JOHN WATT 'CO. 4 W . 4
110LEAALE Grocers, Commission Nerchants,
.1 imalers In Produce end tinaburgh Mane.
facnsros, LibemoniPinsbargli, Pa. soLm . r ..
oroicii - Ptim - 11y;
.1: • .2,oltris Superfine,
.63hr/slant snising, W fm one b
*5.0.11 iitowni a pimp
frrOVLD loftTM' the have fame the
frrebooso. fathom) °et ' by the late Air
SoLithos Scheyer, 114 Second frost. Having a throe
tied ecnothothon• warehouse, they smith Wylie the
anent:en ofpersoos_baring wools to consign or forts
They w.ll also give attention to she piushase and rids
of Notes. Drafts. Bonds, sear
- _
L. B. Waterman R. Pi, Nato MIA. •W. Et. Waltman.
L. 64 WATERMAN & 50211,
WII4 . LESkL i g: tr n arl d tt Con i lme l a n, t and
dtco k. " Pinsbargh Manalattured Trucks,. and Agell;
for tale of Richmond and 4nehldazgidanefacomml
Tobacco. mrt
PutG', Pa
UrILL also ationd to collection. and all Wm bus.
IT Ica entrusted to him in Italia and Armstrong
001111105, Pt. Nate. to
Floyd, Worry st.
W. W. IValaos. do •
dIT 1 12 . 1 ., 0rg0n .,
• CanaalDasla, Penn sum, PlugsNlL. awe
• JAEICS 11, 11,01.11111 di CO.,
tl7 Market, sal St Come/ire* es, Philadelphia
. Advances made, by either of the above, on con
maws of krodaee to either House.
. - D. Wdliasts•---•••-- • -John ilah.
F ,
orwuding Comidutod Umlauts, sad
in Country Prodded and &unbar& &snafu-
Was, roma of Wood sad Fifth gram, PiDabutilt.
/111.11. WWW 1111••••••••••••••••••••• -1. O. McVay.
• Nord. Ea' at comer of Wood old Iltllll
Prrroras lue M. T, ' - - MIN w casilaims,
LB & Wbedesele Omens, 18
' end 20 Wood street, FltOteugh. apt 7
'OBS Wits , c AN - DI. "Om
WICALk eaceesson D.
Conanisoeniderebomq:e WhoWais il i era Q n,Thost I= l ,
Cotton Varna, and ?monarch Illaufactures general
ly, cursor of Wood and Water s menu, Cusbaritt•
%At -7 i m..arcIiELTREE, Wholerntle Grocers,
ht era O e h e n Zar,r a
Gig Powder, Na WO Liberty strut, (opposite Moth
streeal_Pinsbuck_. ! spl7
‘IT Iv:, - liritsoN, Watches, Jewelry &leer Ware
Gnarl Goodo, comer oi Motet and
?GA "d Military
Pa. N. 11.—Watehes and
Mocks oust retre.d. . . .017
nix 0. ii'dez.
VITAI:•Tia - CNO h. Co., 11:11abts la Lea Cur, Bides,
ta..l43L.lberty =set. jaantv
341 - UI L
nturbarga P
gaium.47i 4barty, l
Pituda, • •Jlal7
1 lava labia WK. CARO uoa_pnbfentuy inn
J. no la fay badness, which' *Of MISR this daze ba
aanlab an ander Om nun al fOrobn Part= Co." ,
xarr.k Ise,LHO. JOHN PArtlibilL
ycdp Can,
JOUN & ,0.,
irukta. Gribben, SOW Prodabf, Fangs
:red &alga Tnigiv..
j Na. 6, Coanuabial saw, Libe rt y grew, •
lona - - • Pluabarab. P
WA • • PEI7II. - ' MEM MIMI. • WAIL 1.11
rezasieri,) gamma • co"
- (Summon to Basserc Kilmer m
IV'' pot rti VOWN 90!e 2 -N.
co , er of Wood and Third strum. ,Current mode
roe trod On desalt/O.SO, t Meeks for oak, • •
• ••• made on warty W thsprtnelfol points
toe nitedelatom - I •
blghestpremlointattlfer Boreleanddoteri •
Co+ • ,
anus made on cosigromento, ed Prodoep a dip
can,' on liberal memo
wig CL=lBllll.
Wat. A. woz.vao a oa,
hurl N0'256 Lilirtyss*,..aboof Wind,
always on band a I athertment *retake
01.00:Zial, and Fine Taut_ Foreign Fruits and
Nits, ililudaude and ,R4t.W. Dealang s.PPII.I on the
I au tams. . ' ' . , • mail
1i1144/11 WORKS.
'IO9E - I , H 'b. &JELL, .
Vans, Miles, wog Porter. !Notch Ale,
elnerst Water, rodent' NM end - Wine Bonk;
snap deseripthog also} NV GLASS.
• ee , . ottoman orrland slineral-aesortment of
above unties.' A1,80132%7E; 'as the other Green
Ohne Factories ere mg. 'roma, so hi Nrii. "mo n in
tatotoer,TarePrwrogr ts now in gots orsennosr, and
wen " n4 ms >o etnntlan both' oantener and
reePotthaly WNW., and will MOW on tha
• Wyehoteee No DI Peoria&Almon,' between 194 ml
ste.Pittabanth. ' 1n 1941 /
.V. l 4 s t m eesereted, thersielme together; ender the
bolus 0 rocerit=ot =VII&
=W a lt homed urea, beronen Wood
Pittehenrh. Muria 1 MN
• • •.,
rjel CM!, pald for
• • kV.. ilumition
• .
...., V ---
~ .... .: .. ~
~. . .
. ~ .
-.- • 1
, .
. :
. - - .. ' .' -..- \ k •
. ,
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. . :.
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. . • .. , .
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... . ,
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..... .
_a- - .....
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~ J . 1........... I 1
. ' 1. 2 i i • ~:
i ll. f
. .. . „ •
~ 7- . . -, -.--' -- • ----- ..- ' - ...•
. -:'': 4".4
• '
- -
wuHils HALL,
FOURTH STREET, frnsou ßGii , pA .
THIS erabliahneent beans now eom
placed and ready for beeines,thepreprielor would
'teoeethally solicit h i eere 'OF the public paironage
ff. trim . by giving attention To the bnainena
tombs the hone a pleasaat and eetalbrtable mon
for the citizens of Pittsbargh_antlat eoento
Good anendants will be In Welting, and every ~x .
ernes made to reader the ovtabliehment worthy the
mantensece ate r'menorae,lettelllkent eameromty.
- Tbe TWO SPACIOUS: HALLS. fitted for Parte ,s
ceneuts, Leetwes, Etas, and
b e l et by Ma eamia L el week, en u Mama term. as
.InArEgirtrtlintkel.. In style ' and
meaty to any in the world, amt. be kept famished
with Pore 'Wines, Choice Limns, Cordials, Portent,
Alio, end nil coot ftinNlFustents of the season.
Poollffi Gem., nen SOO, CirtMrs, and Clams,
ed_ap,ln the best tyle.
"r ite WONG end ICE CREAM SALOON, baler: on
the first door, and easy of attems,will be conneetly
applied with all the Lumina and Delicacies of :the
season; and abuts with each aubstantiale as the markets
by_ thb day, weak, or ye ar. Dimeri or
Sa l grers i g Individuals or pan t ie., les, fitrrushed on Mew
Gentlemen with their fasallinixtslila the city can i
be noodled with refreshment. of all kind. al any hone
of the dey.
Good Stabling and an extortive Livery &Lobito!.
mentioconneeted with the
Dinner at 1 o'clock. Break floiend Tee at tie weal
Entruteo for Ladies to the lea Cream and 1)111i/lff
9.10011 i No V Smithfield sueet.
keep .constantly on band or make to order tie
bast artiolo la their line, at their old stand, No. 13 St.
Olalrstreel; also, at N 0.06 Niuket strew, second
entrance the Diamond. Vanitian Shutters made to
order, and old blinds owly rePthed• aplo
W. dils °LENIN, Book
are said engaged in the above business, terrier
of Wood andlAlrd weeds, Pluaburgh, where
We ate impared 'to do any work In oar line with des
patch. We atteiitt to our work penenally, and snug-
Minion will be men in regard to its neatness end du.
Blaa Bookdrhled to any pattern and booed seb•
stanthdly. Mobile enembeva weld books bound eery.
fally empire& Nantes pat on books to gilt letters.
Thome that hake arid, lu eligible are invited to call.
Mee. loss agrAblf
P•aa Maellol3. /bop.
jj WlGlllTATAN—Atanafastarer of all Mods of car
.LLe ton and woollen maillnery, Allegheny city , Pa
TAa afore works being now In fall asi mecemlal op.
or Wm I araprepased emulate organ dispatch
lbr all kinds of machiner y MAY km, aaeh as vii owe,
Mama, spmadem, earsgrindlng amatines,rauways,
drawing frames, speedara, dimwit, Moms, woolen
eardsolotible or Mule, for morthant tawdry wort,
wailealiads,AwtalMsand hand latheamid tool. In gen.
tut All klods °radiating male to arch,, er
'Laa al°.
112Lfor pairing factories Sc mills at mumble charm
Mai= 50—isioady, Childs la Elsokamek, Ostl
Mrs. gine; Adamant 4. Cia../aa A Alm:
'llriatairtunia, (near Pitts bumbo) PA.
Aga, No„
.37 Wear a,: 7ttor.-4 Motet -
Wad, littidurgh.
WlLLemnstattly tap on hood a ~a 1 Amory
meet Of Warr of our cronmantassuarr,amd
.' Vl
ampsrlorqualaibalsaal• and cowry Alta.
1111R ahants are respeetfally red to mall mad CI.
imlas for themselves, as yrs aredelotsmitollo
simper that has ova, balers aeon alarm, to lb* sma
to • • ors Ittll by mall, acoompomled by Mt moo
tom( rotamme. mill Po promptly attended *a. and
,12 A. WHITE in, wOlij tespeettelly lonnat
. Nagle that Mey
ern.cte a enopect
k, between Podonil and y m ee ts ney
are now making and are prepared m receive unless tar
evei7 doserlmlon of vokuolos, Coaches, Mond% di,.
follabeop I l fgfortr il ltroa., man , J a ko.,.&e, r w a tj , el“"roso theg
- afalttsTsc r flitreo * they bave,tbe e p a ref ' contkorly ur r
enabled to do with on the moot reasonable totem wit!
More al onengarticle* to Moll line.
Paying panrealar onenUon to Ms odeenno of nue
aids, and baying none bit competent workmen ter,
have no boa:moon to warraming their work.' Ile
therefor, ask the attention of the public to Mir rimer .
N. 14 Ripdrittg don. in tie hest manner, and on tit
most reasonable warms. JaMelf
Sm. lama!, /41421.1441
- SFA - IPP. • ATIE11:111 - 1511,
sew enema Woo MCP Mummy, Pmessonem,
to manorarture W A RE.
triCW '''' AlLD SHEET LRON WARE. el., St
sralltt.Wret. -
Steam Moats WI to order.
Special Ittealloo given to steam bora wort.
Savo On heads • Eno assortment of Copper. and Grass
ettletarto Waxed/n.44. Steamboat Cockle, Stoves,
Portable Pram various sues—a very convenient or
nale /Oranio Met n uaboats, Calkernia _emigrant; or rail road
We *co ed rendeandly Inoue atom nom men and
entente cell and me mu ortiodes and prices before
pardwitrat el weber, an
Cast Irani:lalllus.
Dryenbeetibere be Irene tolnemn the mtblla that
here °balsa from the East ell the late and
!Mids. fat Iron Eerheg,' both for he
tee eeraeultea Perrone arithleg to proems ben&
Mine pumas will please call and cumin., and Judge
for thmateleca. Ratline will be fernlabed et the .hott
est notice,' end in the ben roamer, al. the comer of
Craig end &berm. enema, Allegheny cit 7.
ttela-dtf A. WitlON't ft ENO
- -
wu.Lien tuanv
BEGS leave in inform pia friend. and i atannem tha
he blast ftCentag Macaw sprag meek of Goods
eampriaing, as anal, all the awes sod morn fashion.
7:.ll , 7=l. Ctha N''''.,eot.Vyiar‘uc . roftliZt;
for geallerames wear (snoring and summit, It being
impossible Co down. th e beauty, ic nallty, or gaanuty
of the mock, the proprietor hope* MI who are tu want
Of good, cheap, facal,shtert a. able saC well InTd. cloth os,
will gibe hi m a there is no stook ails side nt
the Alleghantes that can compare with it.
• The ready made department is very c rtenalve, adap
ted to all tastes.
Ball road contractor., country merehaats, and all
Who perch.° largely, are particularly invited to ev•
mane the Mork before parenasing, as particular at.
Lennon M paid to the wholesale busman. in Oa. estab.
Every ankle in the tailoring made to eider
the most faationable and ben manna. at Ma Marta
untie. _ 111.1.9
lllEpastasrehlp heretoGerarerisitog nude; the fuss
of A & 1111ADLEY,te dialestred by the decease
ir.Ofhodloy. The business will be eartial on by
A. Bradley, who gall igen* the bratosos of the late
REMOVAL -- A Beaman ha. remandN . Foariery
Wanaborna from No ill Sawa mast, tolto 19 WOW
IllteCt,lbeareen Firm and Second sutaia to Mc Marc
komo lusty oceoplai by 0 A Deny, whore be will
keep ointaantly on hand a general assortment of Cost
ing. Omen, Burros, Cooking Iliteroa, to. lyl9
11&11117M.L IIoICELVT,
ILL and No., dusting& Enna, E.teL Also—Bent
Cart Endal File, of *Anise& and Sloan:dna and elm
Arita VIAVV.t4T,M 4 4.1,k10 calt
=ea in Ms Iron Store of BOLLMA NS & GARB..
BON, fool of Wood street, Pittsburgh.
We,tba atukralgund, baving auk kith unreal. lrfaet ton, Irfaetton, the Cut Steel and File made by Sundt
NeKelry or bla Eagle Steel Works, in this elty, tato
Seamen n feanamending them u equal In nastily t •
ani h e t Tegdadliy r f i orslyn . nutafanlnra.
• nch t 3.
blanakentreta of Iron and Nail
KNAP ks, tub, pa.
• Iron Fonndera and M
Manifaentrera of Spring% Asks, Spring Steel and
r ill a ve# K Pi p ti= Pa.
Emilia Minden and Machine Card Atanufaeta•
v i affs . N r.
Drees Founder Pinsbarge,
lialisfactlirers et Om me
nde Nell. Pitu A barth I.
Loroinative Engine anilEllp Builder Pitatl, ,
blerbls Stansfastirs. Marlines end Engine .1-
' ntre3 : Piudiren, Pe.
Dissolution otPlirtiiership., -
mins Partnership beretoGro calash:4 between the
sabscabets, ands the Ana Or C/teMberer AVM.
cm; Ohms
nsenh on Mannta
rtm y
erw l as dist saoltv. d
A blyl
e nowingitn M ve a sl A ade o t P md Stm anrequ o est s •
MI to make payment to either of the pestles, witheat
ably, and all persons Irmo sou au wIM
said Arm, NV - bidged to plasma them for settlement
lassettiaselY• A , Rae EDER CHAMBERS,
D. U. cumnsis.
MITE °wheat gad consignees ef Pods. arriviii by
/ the "Cairns , Portable Ilea, LW,. will please
use 'setae that they will be required to pay forighs
It ear warehouse, according to the receipt, betas
the goods are sacred. C A WANULTY tDO
7 101raolttag, Bt. la t taLs . aad . Illlstastatas
Dincruda—Pat the clashes Into cold water sod led
thorn sokkoser night In 10s M 101617 wrists than
oat sea pat than into a kends of haft water, to
whieh add the proportion of ono pint of fold to eight
gallon, of water—stir It op sad boil the whole twenty
animas. Tho clothes too Weir b• oat and
wall rinsed La clear cold IdWr. The pans of gar=
moms that MT hit most salad, sash ao wristbands
and collars or sorts: stay be Wieldy robbed before
nosing, and the clothes will pa koala perfectly clean,
white and clear.
Warranted not to intent the dawn fatale arts to live
perfect sonsfeebon, or the aroney will bo refunded.
Potd wholcule and retail by 8 IKI3ELLERS
10 67 Wood at
"neve sad, =even as • Pattabusiii
Telegraph Oortaposays
TN personnel, of a resolution of Beard of Dim
fl"o of the Cleveland,
d Warren end l'ittsberah
O getzfirk Connj,rearting the Sacrum wattle
ihe Sher lo u rellubli
this compturv. 1 saber& the following Report,—
The eiTeRIPIPit osyussetees al Cleveland end
rarreinaus at XruOmrsh raisin* Ore:4Th Charlie
Fas,Finithh l l, Nswton Warren, 1' -
arid Weep, In the Stare of Olio. and Neve Castle an
lionuner, in, the Mate of Tetuterivani4 at whie 4
poinu thus era alien
for Cs Oteelpt
transunisalia of Widnes,
- The whale length of the line /a 149 milie-etieldtal
Stook, ilea Per oat =USW a total cult& Nina of
=bfwidalt antaull saga u aap by_errinmp
Roe, and lb. balmy* Is WP ny Cowl! t
111 the contnaetere. The Owns Medal of nib , :
sell one by einzens,'lttvit been Rid to Nolen&
Speedaor whieh the Trustees have their rine*.
JEFFERSON RAUL S e a l eterv.
100,000 fact SoKinaDeek !hint /
100,000 . fest Opal DOSS ai
OT dthei ti a 111,7
Wald AMMO! Olaw.Tatinb, re.
Slate Mutual Fire • lusunere
ITGLEiery Itbcml patmnage extended to thisetra- .
I aorta•h yl a i" orCor Irolla th , e dTrg,T,V.llll
three months, is sedlelent mattifei r tlaion of the M
utation and confidence of the public in the system et
mansgement on wtdch It. bneines• is conducted:: .•
To•elly or,eottntry merchants, and Owner. OftWAII.
Ilt.,C.On g ' rl l4ls : l 3:t U drlLlt.p . PmP'ni' pL i i o b r
nem, safety, sad ...amity, .Interitl o w. no InatimpO .
, Company ist this coning.
Conducted en the equitable and greatly imProTna
. ..velem of Claaelficatlen of Risk., exeindlna all epeeist
hasards, touring only a limited *moam to any one
locality,thespreelmling thefreqacnorhodosnant.tee
of large fires., and also on both the Stock and Mental
plan - , It not 0111 f pewee., the cheepiteas and accent.
modanon of both method; het widely the inured to
a participation in the profits
It It -ander the control of the following Directors:—
John P Rutherford, A. J. Gillett, 'John B. Packer,
Ramie! T. Jones, Alonzo A. Cartier, Philo C .fiedg.
rick, }When Riot:. 1 P RUTIIF.RFORD,PreaI
A 1 GILLETT, Peep. •
Cllll.lllll, Actuary •
4 Office for Western PennsTlearda, W Smith.
:el, Pittsburgh. Persona desiring talarenee
troished with books of the companY by ran.
office. • 003
. b
',lrk, 1
Geld etr e
wilt be 1
Penn h
Iltal 104
A Vrti
' ra ea a
n 11
I r 111.
i ire aid IleaUß lametrastaiss
,lIIR ritual Life and Health Insurance Cm/Mill.
I. of iladelphia. Intorporated by the Legislature
If Penn lemma, March, 1848. Charter perpetual.
Capital 100,0 DO. Ram Loam man ear Pinriert-
Vents Vra•4l, .41 toll 20 per cent. lower than Me
astral ra es of Life Insurance, as the following cam
panula I Omen Una a person of tile lie Of 321 n.
swing f r $lOO for life, must lay in the Girard 52,3 G
Penney:4lmila WAS, Penn Mutual, 112,34, Fcile,
VIM; DI w England, 5.1,3 M New Volt Lire, • . Al
bion, IP Et; Life and Health, Philadelphla,lll,9 .
texcroza.—Samuel D. Orrick,Challes D. liall,W.
P. Boone, Ruben P. King, Chults P. Hayes M. W.
Baldwin, N. 21. Reeve, M. D., Chas. 0. B. dampbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Darker, E. ILElsnier, Edwin
R. Cope. Prelliderll—Samuel D. Outlet; Vice Presb.
~'va—allrre '141=1:
given b BAML . FAIINES I IT '
Ofact, Commercial Rooms; comer of
oen27- y Wood and Thad ma,
- 1 - 01 - AND BIAIIMIBI issunaarosti
Till SURANCE CO. of North Americsi will
m e . permanent and limited Lusanutee on per.
VIVI Itivert i laku L and vi an e ggilet a iL sk i i r P operle'. at
this m any art well invested, and ftlennh pa atoll.
able r Orilla ameleindenlnitr of an pert on. !LW
IL. to be protected by insane.,
tnyl MIL P. JONES, Agent, 44 Wr-
r Vire ass Marisa Ismaraaaa.
cries, has been removed to No. 141 Etont.i 1
east of Wood.
The tabsertber, agent far the above old emiteipOn•
alb Company, will Wu. Pollutes on Buildings and
their contents, and on shipment. at hrerehenetts*.be
titearactet: end othervessels.
Pa and ABU quele-nreitate.
JAlligel W. WOODWlrlass '
el, Tithe Ss„ Paternal.
as W.W. ...air
Pit:ailliat'Ulhe 5... com
pleted Ws epring stock ofillft
PLUM] the largest and moeivarialasseduluena
ever WI or eels to Ml* city, socapitsing several
gam of 811110•111 - T Mod Matra W4l.lllrr,
eared, ustosenul and plain, salable for Parlors,
and Bed ItoOartn, all et whiall will !As sold at
%Delo. vetoes.
Penmen desiring Fiertiltare of say deeeription, ars
spectfalt hinted to tell and examine his store, %Web
cobras. every deocription, from th e cheapest sod
plainest the moue:cgs= and COW], of *Gish the
followir. seprises a pan:
Tote a ere - Sofas; let a a gate Divan.;
Goose ou Chairs; illizabethian Churn
Reeep n do Lai. XIV do .
443<1hil p - 'do ' thattst 1,111que; ' '
.i .
Wks! tq' , Toilet Table,a , 4
• •Lneht .T YBootheadosa, Lhike ot yak , ' 0,,,,,,h ;
60"Sofes with Plash and Usireloth coters;
00 Divans, do do ' de;
de dos Bledsoe., Parlor Matra.
10- ° Rammed do do.
If " 11.1 , 8 Wainer do do;
40 0 Cans Seat ' do.
4 0 . Mahogany Rooting do,
0 •• do Plan. thoola.
00 Marble Top Contra Tables;
to do do Wash Stands, _
ell Mahogany Pleilteads; •
II do Wardrobes;
I: =aloof
d d.: :
A. very large to -.Matta or Conatcoo Cttalt. and nth.
ta Yortutorat too ta.rottra to n.rn non
.11.qTSteam Boat • tramline] on the fortes; ,Itallaa.
riets prom:nail. &Um:Wed to.
Jr. o.—Cablact els/ters ran be supped with all eg..ria
of 7.lthogsny, Wales', and Veneers, at conelderthly
redeeed unees. *tie
111 SALE,
ndvn pi
Whip Flanr..als, all WooL
/411 do do
lielbrar do do
Drown do do
Stack Sadotta-
Steel sa lad do
Mao do
Drab do
• Diaxt Casaanora.
Fancy do
Fancy Tweed,.
t , oper Dina Broad Clotb._:
Foprz/Imam G.,
MEM% AND AT daft?.
Moe Wing
Woe Dead.;
Face? Conoondea; an arc
glared at Factory pneen:
Do= Leaps iitiining.
Cheeks and Entipeo, vary
heavy gooda
Tailors' Gonda.
Red Padding, super din'
Vv.; Padding.,• Electrum
-TalloadVinalass,tieary do; •
grePoll Linz. ' Snicked
Dint Serie, ldsek dn. a 11
and worstrdi
Clack and W/kils Tape,
Tow, Drab doi
Linen Cheek* and Drillsr
diaan't 6 eon% Sidi Conon;
do Linen Ttroad, a
Sdk Fitored Vedings;
Mack noun do
Syprr Tord':-.! do
Sdper LINEA .10. Skihr
Super Drab Csoluerro.
Super Brow. do
Super Murk do
Colifornta [Hanle,.
Scarlet do
ince do
Drab do
• •
Grain Lt*gqing.
Droltlt Until;
At the Ittlandattztrers'%
Iltoon Holland Belt Ida
Bottous, Cowan, •to.,
azthoose, No 122 Wood •
asai anon.
TBl co-partnership
beietofore orient/1g between the
subseribera, In the name of Constable, Berke
CO, la ttle day dlwabred by mental e °anent. Messrs.
Barka a. Ban*. will settle the basinesapf the tonotrn,
for whirl perpoee they are attain treed to ewe Menet.
of the courant.' . NATHANIEL CONSTABLE:,
The undersigned Ones thladay ossoetated them:dye
In the name of BURKE fr. DA NFL, for the ptttpo •
of to anal...unity Fire Proof e.k., Vault Door, !e.
to., Cl the Mad of the late Ono of Uonmehle, Luke
&Corttehere they will be pleated to roceive the patron.
age of the custom/mot that house and their &mid..
retiring from Um finn of Conmable, Baste to Co.,
I With odneen) platen,* recommand Moors. Mac
Desna to the confidence of m) fncruis .1 the pkblio.
Pet alp.. COMYTABLE.
jun rammed from tlio Eastern Ciues, aid
Al receiving ■ large variety °tient:amble (loess, to
Intact ba respectfully invites Me intention of mirth
ants and pedlars. No 84 Wood at.
P - it - f*.R—IY. P. bleats u, constottlY
g receiving, from the largess manufactorhs in
Naar York and Phllsdelpina, and also from Pane,
if raltlet the lmertst and mots apprised etyles ofPa
per lliments, together with Mordets, 13.ard
Prints, and Tester Trm .t t'or sale at 9.9 Waal at, he
tureen Fourth n aad md allay, (mccessor u d.
C. Hill.)
rayurdMtrg- , 9 bilolust need pc. IstelllieT.
and far eel* by the barrel or eingle pound attlui
Drag Seed, and Perfumery %Yarehoase r romt of
912th mad Wood etreets. 9 N W101.74.9/19.1.
- 011.1111flOSLL STOV
TPhtenix Mana(rouning Company oow sore to
the pablia their Prang= Chemical Stara Polish;
without ctaggeration, er fear of eontradlellott by.
show who has* tested it, pionoanne it far amen* to
arryAther In the market. 'lle connote, need ham.
aronnbanslone of soiling carnets, Ac" as he ...-
position prove= • duet from arising wen being ip•
Ned, whleth mat be done when the Store Is so.IC'
The quantity molted se splints In produce I basn
Oral lustre. A saving of over Any per cent 16416666
to the count:lora A coating applied lo Stores, Pigs,
ks., when laid away far the summer, is a auto
vernathe stains, runt After having trio it oleo,
fir If le accessible) no pets.. AIL Use say biEb.
PIII6IIIZ almacfacurring Compaay's Pfemlson Chen.
cal Sumo Polish. For solo by
mye Corner of Sixth and Wood guests. ',
.01 - 1 .f 1.04
T l2ll : ll == e q s iii i .fr P 4_ l7 mr iz !_";
ii .to °awes per orpare foot. Cotgamsd Itorc ' eo
30; W gra, for roofine baLldthes
ma 40 Inehea, from or ug aces.
Ike re, Bo Molds, Perforatal hint,
They warrant Melt mend pare, and (ma'am any
admllearo of Iron, or any other labsanak and M.
mamma It for Mir arrurafsenare of :nom alleles In
the herons tarnishing late, as It does not rka, La not
&fad teded,and by the aetlan of water, and may be polalmel,
pala Japanned.
MunOes, models, plaza, apeelfoatlons, Md. other
brformatlon may be had offbele
11:Cash&Wraorio, New York;
Annaba, Roans k CO., Boston;
NATHAN it. Co., Made:ph*
W. lb 11. tdolkx,Baltal ,
& Ss brava NeteDrleaux, Dal am;
F. WILLI NY, Iteside.nt
Ilmoosr, sh, New ;York.
Amur Aooas.
.Amoblo t raphyef a rlgh Runt with turtle
/. iseenees el mend. sad ortunnoorafes In volt.
ClItYl6.ll Lollar Day P pOltu—No ' VIII, subject,
History ot RulnittrOrsii. By Jacob Abbos, tntl
. .n tars MA in Yell.
. Fic;ntitsl Field look tbo . lio y oluti — " No d.
The above works received Ild:dity,td for ult. by
Zeirtgd Cot bluket itTblrdst.
A Li tl? !b i ll:l i d rgTrall u , 4 ; : •
Keent's Lonenean Compound;
blelleanl Hine et Oplan; i
MeALteraPs Ginned" I
Pay Dane' Pain Killen
KtindtedVe PlUs,enannei . .. :
Ayeßmlr'. Petiole; .
Nvioteio Ba l l=r7Wrid mem ;
,KopenelAvennen an; Tar;
. pulp. adiTeernae
. i' ' leldlnca , n___
_73 Clfic *d.1113""P" '
TrasK°4ll il=nattn
BeralaW Panacea; .
Allanli Wand IL Panacea;.
A Men Intel Km Above. uncles inn Waned In
° do Kr &W
Tienstake., from thass 1,
van Rego of Hnuaranarted J. Ain inlioneatc
/19nint Una WI be Iliank tally Ain
' 1 ,..
BOOKS 14.0810,
• ' ' . NSW 110011.11.
, i. • Third street, opposite the Post Orkae.
D 4 Landon P Art laTv:iii r ftr N &rober
• Ihttelri Lilting Age, No 3),,
e Thri.Valley Parra; or the Aztabl,grzplo . of Olt Of
plow. EA. d
tlarrsce Teinoleami
The Iron Mott —Dania; 1....,
Lira of Yankee Gill.
Genevieve; or nevem Lova anol Sorrow. fig A.
De Lamnrilne
Boston Pititksoesre , .. No Va. 0,.•23
Brim - music - Nmvir RUBIO?
TENNI' LANE; a beautiful Ethiopian Song; n rung
LY by the New Orleans Set:m.lm;
- Be watchful and beware;
OS! Dinah, take thin baud;
The Maiden'. Tear.
The Rich Mania Bride;
Would I were wing then;
By the Sad tka Wave, or tong 11 Jenny Lind In
New York• •
The Bird and the Itfolden sung by Jenny Lind,
'Coke tins Into,
sung by Jenny Lind;
Tarn not moray; • beautifol doer, by R. C. roster;
Biel/hum Pelt n; by Starkolb,Jenny idndutottation
7ihsveryb at Polka;
e and ax.
of Bettor Prreeptoro or hest Master.
II ELEOPR.IOI Tbud meet.
only Gialtlen Ilain
lola /I coney for Dunham's Planes,
tro illr.inte in annuaorin ri g to the
J... 11,• Po .11 Lis r ii.reeded in ',cung the
ole age Dotharna celebrated Piano Fortes,
for Wnucylvania.
The . •• r Donlan, of the Um of
Emden k ' • susalutd favorably known
In Wlsnel , moire any notoment at this
Mtg. entEce It to ". • at for a long time ao other
plum were known in the Westero country than
these of Stodert k ' , anima end Norma k. Clark.
Mr. Dunham, the practical partner et We above
a n fine, has opens unseen's 01 McMillian In the fac
the hosinese. With in aof sold awe... practical manager and director of
year or two Dr Denham has
boeght out the entire Oratory end ar
it of the
Lem, and eontinues to wanufastore. as before, in ble
own name. Dunham's Planes have attained seek
PoPulerity, that In some of We wern cline, Club.
nal, de „they have sold two too one of any other. I
manufacture. They are dhularnehed by•thelr power
and brillnutcy of tone, and extraordinaryclunbilily.
N. 11—A line Invoice of the above elegant Pientee
now reset vine. SIGN OF THE GOLDFN HARP.
Aar Illuata.
RD ECEIVED this day from LW awl:—
itSoreaade—Sodubwi. •
Sareaade—arwayed as Doti
JIYIDDIU• and itantliN• to/ Dtaut .
Yoke ot by gone days—}otter.
Awndown In Cairo—} over.
Da Warsaw! and Bearare—lllaya.
Stades wady Other papalar Rangy aaii Piedra.
arpl3 8.10 Wthal.i'xidan Harp, Thal
Diane, unl Reined/. BY Dr. Noon:
11 Adalaid* Lindsay, a naval. lk• utycv of
a a Amid,. .Norsoarea ilriderip ta., ne.
LIN *Ad Comdixndano• et Rona Bombay—part:
011bea's ilison—tah and ink vol.—eamplation of the
work. Received and far sale by • • •
Maw. DOOR/.
:MUSH GRA hINLAR—'IIto English Liagsses,ln
Its *lessees sad foriasosith a tastary all, Gilpin
so developers's:: deslgood tor too In colleges sod
schools. W. C; Fowler, Into professor of Ithetarto
Ls Moberg College.
• Attrosmy—Tbe recent proems of Astronomy:
ospeeisdy la So United dudes. By klisiLoossii.
Floe Venn of a Ilsotars 11.04 In the far Interior of
South. AfriOs‘.l4o" bodes* of the suive Who*,wd
sacodauts or tee chose of the Loa, elophschluppbos•
Masi, thltweerns,lko..veith ittostrsLost. Dy
R.O. Carosiss.,:... 'tees/yea .sle by
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• 47 ?darks" st -"
Bevy' 31aelei
JtiSTreetriee4 at IL itLIIBEIGS Mtge [Store, the
following toner
In the En duns ilo• the neett. 11 Lore bailee.
o,llWelcher. The Whits end led Roses. reasey
Ile &teak alt thlngewell Allis over. Where
T. row the hopul eterietted. La PerenaJe. sep 7
rhOtin IT.STEIGeti the Mysteries of the Coen
IR, Loudon, yet 3 of Ctrs intereolng watt has been
reterrol- at Holmes' Lltetarg Depot, Thad Greet,
opposite the You elite; elors.T.tron Terry, or Trish
oribe Oran, by Übe* George Oestriot, surnamed
Sdew/otbell Term a Albion, be Olerneat C Moore,
LL. DI end No TV of Littell`o Limo - Age. steel -
ALARGFIAnd etteneare assarturnt of PATENT
.•:11.1.1 Wit«, mariely-muLtarcLin tanlamrortutus,
iney bohoard the fotioring•—
Dem C rs, Air Cu ourts, Car raClub.ll4r,..Lr PC ,
louhrenr, %Valet ug Dal, Toes.. e . I•cmgara,
tithing 'ileum, Coale, Cents, Mato,' ?unmeant,
Diarem m . Ithrteam, Poaches, Slmpa, Muni*, Para.,
Uwe,' Door Miriam, Math Ina Drading,Sota Weiner.,
Mulatto Anchor, .Catrip Metiltsta, Pepor Holders,
Life Presearere, Travelling. Stag., Intones Berm
Bathing Mite, Doller EWA /AAA 140110, Eaddia
Ran , Air Par, 1 - .0 . 4 Eapr, Lterepa Wama . .Ciorrm,
ilielgitlchezeLY: 4.4T,,,-.=ltcv"PZ.
en ponces liar elammetrtimet ge e to alter
proof seam miu-.insalithilar urger wry demi? of
heat, &Alta 7in Ibt 1 10•01.10014, great derabilltr,
!Ijltneas,pe feet angervinarerms, 0.1 *culprit flue
or, for tale at the Gaarroar Rubber Emporium,
Nu 7 k b Wood uteri..
Fern/ i
i ielazdts, prompt.
ly atotnently creep's& -
ei , sel,lt it the Iceny a lotst,the t. the.; wo
I den do Pal totit and Itleldte :-.3 <tea, lii ..2.y tit:iar
Polotet• to Le city, ao.l Inc Zet, to •., , It
....4"2,—L-___ J . .* Ati 1 . 111,9 p.4_
- 1) vu5. 4 631.8.. , EXTRACIN, SOAPS, At.—Jenny
Sh, Lind Hatract; Wen Cad do; .14.4ktl - Club do;
Spring Plort do; Jenny Lind Itair Glen; itro,nauc
Towson A oath, Pooch:lt Soap, fot whivonos
the filo; and Sh . asios Creace,• Roth do Jo; Ant.
broom; do dh; lloacy Soap; Floatine; do; Aulandine
do; Hazel Nat 481 do; Root. dtr, tdarattnullow do;
lloquet do; ilrown Waninor do; Beat, Grease: be.
- • Poisson!, While/isle and fetal!, by R N ,c,.l.Liins,
- W ood
IL P IZ6 - 711 , 1D DRY PAINTS °rill I it ' d., conn t o L lii.
LV.LIy on band of tba beat quality. also, Vontlehes,
Linseed 01t5,;(1.164 Oils, Paint analtes, Suet Toole,
W.odow Giant, vanoth elm., tee. Sold wholceala
and mall on accounnodanns tense.
N. /I , —.All*athoo. parchasios mired or dry punts
who wish to ilo their own pannius, can use the
accent,* oi Mona pans. Ja II PIIILLJPS 1
“rs . 7A. 0 Wood s t
ON hand d rec's hone th e Pahlipsville Factory,
for the I wades
San yd. 34 Oar O il Cloth; =0 yds 4.4 do; MO yd.
3 4 do; 500 yd. 0-1 do; lan yds 8-4 do; 0000 ado sheet
410, medius ar. henn loom 4to 0 yarda wide, all or
Has newest st ye or patterns, nod rot to any siren size.
MO yards 44 Fanuture LIU Clothe; 45 yds 5 -4 do;
600 yds 0.4 do ,
IS. dozen ne clad sizes ToLie, Stood, and Donna
Coven, synth losocros, nod rpleoditl 4olth.
1000 Td64-4 1 near:tura 011 Cloth; WO yis C 4
do; 1 8 3) Yds 04 cf.
1t.P.,r1-1d th Vic C P: ' :M h g e rl7 '7 l:i7, l ieufl "`
, t!
Mediate Shades, a liege mem:mu just received
MCNIIIIIIIaad other* wishing to paella., ara In
ched to call and ermine our uthrtmeot of gooda,
which will ha sold at the lowest eastern prices.
j_rat 7 ,t 0 Wood to
skp T. 11.1011,8
• • •
liAd• A L.A.,. 14/Imp:
aa ken flarmaperillaßode;
79 bee de do;
20 bole. Leman Syrop,mede Own pare lemon latee;
Jul r•covad and for rale by
bole WILLRO 4 ramtvranm
T HE undersl ~
has on hand, Ka i Is this day re.
.ling fro m O
the manefaciarers, on conognment,
a large lot of Flannels. all colors, plain and barren,
Bed Mankato, /Banta Boating, Beaver Cwiht
BaWneres,:talliwita and Tweed.; which he will sell
by the one Or glue, at mancfseuirers , prices. The
attention of dealers in woollen goods It invited.
Lleerty n.
1O nark.* Street. (altar Liberty,)
LiIS etele /rattails us •
GLo,,qYcli.lllllßOrnal:AC ES,
PEsIDE tn. "Also,
Sat and Past y Vesting*
BANDANNA, and LUSE, IiDICFS, • frcnaral•s•
sorucent of VANS, and every VIII utannings.
h, East side of thelDiamard.
A T p;a:pt. eciLK o.;
reasonable pri us—they halve,
• Election, Tens at k lnl:A per ID'
Vupsuor Iluillities• • ..... ..... to .•
The Uest T • Impound I m
core in
This Is derhledly ice the end he
rusbargh hay Tens. MOIIRIAA.II.II.WOUTII
13 F. WILLst clalstoir•o—T'—Eng.
At. bob :reboot, on the Eau btonday of Fent. nem.
Henn over 3. D. Wiill.ll' Care, corner of Wood
and huh meets.
Ray. Vm. Bossard, Ilan. Walls/ 11. Lowrie,
Rev. D. Elboti, 3. D. /dolls rd, Esq. l .bye ,
Ilse. Di. Williams, Lip.
AA' Unititi k bURCHFIELD t
hat ,m their cubtobb
LVJ. or. bad buyer* generally t, in conseqnenee
of wartime" bring engaged in enlarging and bow.-
Lbg their 2 hro Doelto, they Z i a removed Into good.
Ito to the Simon, %roar
w here they oc over, eon ,
improvmsents are In where they will be
hooey to lea.,heir eashomers ise usual, and for the
trouble a . ..minx op maim will try and remenerate
by eellingtfieto Cb the&Entreneerrom Pour=sedt mind
LA.wocovms, to
do GLOV los ,slogle,forLadier,
do do do for Genie.
10 do do double.
• to do do Bdtb.
do 0. Straps for Ladies.
do do do for Gent.
do do o
do Derefdalr d Mush Rash.
ImpOrtod and for we br
eathe • 11 TAWNY:STOCK &Co
Gas a
ICU hr r,
and P.,
• tad Meek Tear,
100 his
a tl4 Lamp Totwdo;eeo;
10 kegwist
2 ta u
10 bile Rsl Ran ;
100 rides isca. er , •
too dm Con Bnrom%.
150 bee Window films, mie'd drag
200 Tl2ll Wrapping Pellet;
baids Betnam.
•1 contemn& P. Wilms;
It% PVisrn,"?'*7d'
- With cnerel atiortmenitsf groceries for onto by.
octSl 50M80N
2, 1850.
K NOW all men who me at t ained afflicted via dia.
can of the bladder and I tdeeys, ~th yhenniale•
pains In bock or limbs, niffjonna, old soma .tuna; en
alcers, dc,thet they can be end by takiny the • Pe
trolenra!" Yon may into abasing • :nostrum a,
mach .. yprolleue, bet this does not make tbso,.dir
hataim tn the ince . of nt sanest community,itial
o vitt es which ate no, c ontai n ed in anY other
remedy. he man who is reeked withpain-nod:run
~,,n, , rem diem., cm for fifty cents. get relief frinn
ury titheills ennumenned above. Reader! to tow'
very little o mate a trial. Thin Petroleum tato mix,
Mre—rto C nipm pa:, up for the purpos6 of innaraints
on the ee pucity;. Mu it ie a remedy cleharited LY
the master hand antente, and bubbles up from the be,
into of our mother earth in Its original purity, and of
den tosultering humanity a ready remedy. 0 Certaid'
and cheap CM,. •• , :. , •
It has cared Pitei after 'other medicines have failed
banding, any relief. It hummed Rheumatism of,fong
mut of the wont and most palatal chetacter,
It has cumd Choler. Mocha, by one or two doses; it
has cored old eases of Diarrhea, In which every other
remedy has beta of no avail. . As a local remedy: in
hams and scalds, it is baiter than an medical eons. 1
pound or 01111Mellt that we k of. !twill cure ebil.'
bides or finned fret, in are applications; andoebt.
ed te_sUntouy nen be farnishe ofshearedh contented
in Me above statement by eel gon Samuel hr. Kier,
Caul Basin, Mitred; or ei rof the agents.. , • •
Kepler d, bleDworoU, cam r of Wood street and
Virir Alleyilt P. Sellers,. Vood street, D. A. P.I.
11°' D. 51 u urqsAlleghenicily, me the agent..
DEAUTY—ii Is iniversatly ciiiceded that beauty le
I more common in Mt country. ikon te Viher,
while at the sate* time it M sok: 'ha tin no o ther torn
14 is it lout at soyang an age Now thl. Ii true
to a cumin exteat, but the loss Co often caused by ne
glect. We say to all v do not neglect your pet Bon.]
elmemee, but read the following, and you need not
lack good Mott These articles ate gelentibo 'pre•
pennon., and have all attained is alth popularity.'
Jrua HAMM'S j'4o ha Vaunt *an Num
Soar for, retooling tea nlattni. pimple., North.,
sad tither eruptions of the so aktn• the todst perfect no,.
strums Obverse every kaolin. .Yarchasa nothing
putportl ish ag to be Nyearh Soap, artless tl but my game
/ma 116 411.11N1L¢It on CI:11M roWlMaatf fin
wfling In WO most blUouUdomplaglon a. radiant
N. In nothing rhould apemen be mow care-
MI than the use of a powder `{or the skna, astray of
thou still are very laturiette, :Sly Chinese Pawdorlo•
compounded bra - scientrae meteor, and context" no
Ingredie Which can powiet mfllct entilletT , '
Judo lfausts Dern.avon gum; (or removing
iitperlluout hair. What ot there uns4htlY thee her ,
upon the face or ante of alsoly. - "Ms artiele
ramose it In a abort time, willminnag sow of slay altars
/Ma Ilea% Viorriage'Lgento Date, Dye will
=g n u v2 a • span to , red,
,maanf, color.. ti;ji
the M a Aortae time, mad more edectultly
than any other Dye, being it the sated time indelible..
/ma (lamb Same, eaux.--1t In really a Neap..
rem to ohava with. this oraing., There is none of the
*mailbag sensation usually experienced la the nu et
mom Soaps. On the tontrary, blesses the akin masth
ead soft 1411 au infueS, and nos liable AD becotue
. Hon 's Yana —Next to the hair,
are Mgt the Teeth were Intended as the greaten erns.
meet to the human Weibel when neglected, nothing
to so disarrange, or go quickly wen. Oly. Rose Tooth
Paste win impart to the teeth a gouty whiteness, at
the Ram time keeping the gum. hem and healthy:
Alan on hand, a complete latortment of Frettoh,
British, anbagnericalt Palmeri. and Fancy tutees.
. JULET3 DAUM, reratmer and Chemist,
IVO Chemin street, Phila.
Tor sale wholesale and retail, by IV A. retneetock
I. Co., and It. E. nellora. Pluaburett; and John Sar
gent and J. klitetrell, Allegheny City, Ye. Jr 47-210
R 0 STOCkTON oth e Le tilt to .rt is :
,t aus 1., ALUL.
illtiCi3 ID health. It is r.L., spetiedi gad 11,.
tniiimant. It acts simultwmancy ape° the stomach,
the cireulatten, and the berth., cod thou three pote
ei hindshich Iwo ordinarily the result of three eider.
era el medicine, LTC rallied on al Me name
time through the pinrunwitislity or this one remedial
agent. There ate merry ways of telicrinc peen for
the time being, but there le only nee way orreetternig
disease. Nu pabistlac, to anadync. tie 'ini&i , 4P
:team:se will remove it It mast he attac
arnerkesd at
cares, to the fields of the hos , which ee
peasants, the laeatties where hinds eloped In indent.
madam, %ade., fro,
as'the ol ere Cite
cur Le. ..., Comes elnedclar
These Mikis must be retched, acted upon, padded
by tame powerful agent. Such an agent I. Sande'
Sareapa• Ma, which gently eamulmes while it dla:e.
feet, and expels from the mama and bowel, all
t hat is irritat mr, and at the Z.. ume restores their .
ricer and tone Its great merit is that I meets and '
t ,
net:trances the active primal° of Muss heel!, and
when that Is gone, the oymptoms riccum rely damp.
pear The rapidity with watch the iedie t recokers
health and etrenot cedar this itipple lade nee li sur
prising, F ah ben:scare In tableauis ;petit fundahes
m the remit a new ceniZeate of Ida excel cc; and
we have only toy oint to the neenatelated,testezons
of malntad” who. base experienced lie cacti, to
convince Ineredelity itself e! Its real value.
ideeL hillier of dmmany him kmdly tent C 3 the
foliesimg letter treat Caitlin - eta:—
eleivrestry Ise. IS, IfUe.
blegua A. B.& D. Sands- eau Leg lent .
to add mylestimotryin raver or year nivel:table me.
did., hoping It map lead 60193 othersisurormnato
t o u hx:o l try t1a b ...0 le . ets, and that Limy may he Len.
r mined hate (tom the United States by the over.
laud miens abort the gal otOolober huh A rev
days alter I was attacked with a icdiaagrecable
eruption of the inn,which my physt . an eculd not
card I happened . tsilnd year Setup ilia tae store
in this place , and teasembering the po litany ef the
medicine at home, I purchased three like, which
hadlhe &ailed effect of removing mY dobenny en.
tirely. ~ . tylth high regal& yhnra, Sc
' J. H. BULL Y:lt, U. S. A.
fictrals another, nearer hem.-- e ..
. .. ,
New lons, Jan. Eh !Fah
?Swazi. thiella—Gentlemen—t have peat pleasure
In acknowledging toToa the great benefit I have re.
colvgd Irma Ide ate of year Danapanna. A tablect
ofßehnonery disease, I made a voyege ta Europe,
Mu-while there eantinued to be adbetee. A fete
weeks after my Cetera, I was acircti with a violent
hemorrhage of the longs, and from they debility and
great proetration of maanpit that renewed, with the
protracted difficulty of reapinstion, l'soc mutely re
lieved by the eta or yea Itanaparilla, whieh / eon.
elder a most Impornort acts May vahiabe . discovery
In the healing art. I feel that I have not for fourteen
years 'enjoyed ad good healthas at preset]
. Very gratefully yours, • . S. E. EIAVAIORE.
Read the following from -
Nave oE2s:eh Novl, 14, 1919.
Mews. Bands—Gentlemen—l take the ' liberty of
sending yea a letter which may be of Ire to
those who, are anterior as I have done. 1 I received
great benefit from year Sarsaparilla, vi a( been
eared of a malady alter mdetingstAyears. 1 hereby
cLeerittlly certify to the good edam of you medicine; 1
and I hope God will reseed 'on recall the good yea
have dorm. A creole canals had tonne. d me day
and olghh and repeated attacks of favor need roe
to behove that I should dl. with manure n. One
day while eateries a violent attack of bensltur fever,
a friend parsoaded me to try your income le me . dieing, but to tell the troth, I bed latiCitatd ' co ha it..
I finally purchased a conic, and by he and Me'
help of God, I was restored tobeuer health an I had'
enjoyed for Ws years. I cannot tan bleu 01311110 r
of thle admirable medicine
With peat respect, I am, gentleman, yens bedleat
servant, MINIM ORO PAZ
Prepared and told, whedtwale and retail. b A.ll. fr
D. SAIVDB, Dreggials and Chemists, 100 Pal a street,
canter of 'William New York. Bold also by Dreg
pats generally talbagalloal the United Mates end Carp
ada. Price SI per nottle,• au bottle. for SA I
e. and EDWARD PENDERICII,Pittabargh. Al.
s, t,. Or R. Retr:ll. Drierearattr . !n0:4.4Am9
weenth Broadcloths
& BURCHFIELD base Jul opened
trash aapply at the vorlanaqualltlea °ldle abov
article,' Llack twiner?, vary dna &Ha
Enloe& Dotaklna and Caraintaraa, black and fano
and /Auk Sada_ Vesting, at sal - y .t.a
. 10w an fa
quality. . nold
In 20 atip 2
1, 11 . 44 • perfo
eatt""4- Way co
...e, ERUIT-30 soak. now Peaches;
..... lb tack. new Apples, fir jell,
.om. reamer Caledonia, and for .ale by
laglld tell a rtook In.. r....-..- --
ftiCE--16 %es p ripe Mee for •hir.l7
ocll4 htmes A nirrcinsoii &
rraUl4K 130.1.UD8-60 bandies awned. (0 an
TARTARIC ACID--37a bWWb~k, jn.t
and orralnbT oeIU. REIIELLE'
• Days• Satinets.
Rif UREIC( a BURCHFIELD hare mooned a lot
LYL of bondeorno F rt Billed'Hadnott, for Da T o
wear; Woo, poeld and i'laln , Clatilmeres In treat
annoy. Menno Ciminero*, Kemeny Jean, lilaak
T.bby Velum, le., nu north cut corner! cf Foam,
and Market 'Mee. '• I of a
Put Colored Print*. ,
URP HY h BURCHFIELD invils attention to De
/EL ettoloo lot of /at :icon end British Prints, dint'
and of durable colon, jost retorted. dos
S ALT SODit—la --" • -
B • A
gFAUN lablOr.sie 111. • ••
ear Far & Woe 4 oft
" R -40 k 4 ,1 •
_p_sc c•
and I ta+U j or sale by ' Z ALALZE &
- A. - FARM
tv'a 0 te‘
irlnEtt for .4* of the
• Cr=
Hero, reamed, Podes
&very Corn & , - kg.
C .Fl a orabr Gr ee n, rase cave
es A ki lm
24o i f1Elt r ua
- CDldo &oba.
Caddie Ve.73 In h=a '
tale. Maressia do'
emir& zdalq.dat
i:bf i rk: P9 ll 4 kqr I
Clum.A4 ' jlt e Lay m .
P.l.- rimontall. dp
aq:delinien Cone, do
set Ainber ReeL do
iodide Potash . ,
Crettectolgiltited o •
in b l igtiruf hl e.
lodide boa, in al Imes
Conf. Sena. la lb lan
81-Cup. Potash, lb bowed
Woe Pill Eng.
Rd. Liquorice Eng la bra
Wood Napalm to lb Ea,(.
Tan. &natl. do
Prussic Acid, In cecina.'
Tartaric Acid, In be, -
Poems Marti. la kegs
Rid Valerian Engla bale.
• • ' marasann
miXTRACTS' of A eimlti 'Uinta:lo4i; Colocypth
f`.omp, Clouts, /17oielaisms,StrodaostionO; m,ss
taw, Tanaium, SusupoillA goomi,
'ehlensen t sdid Indian Hemp, 7 - •
loaporladand,totstletry • s •
• Catatonic Wood st. .
K Cost to Class Bows as
tdatttiE gook of DKr 000DS0Otasksoo
noco„ .
llt Wood av, Pittabitgo.
0 1 1 1 ,ITtlial e ta v rAe t i , Litalymtarsu d ec o
B t A 4c l a r te tlyrwTaristol.shisertißstrl n- s.
i d k lVls! Ckirttr a AI D O:s ki gtrti
Woolen and 4
Caated lanai* Calmed and Bleached
Aloslina; engines and enrolments Ribbons and
Lades' Bawds id
Cosabs; Threads ;sad Blyalbsaa;
Vmbrillns adt Lbws fracd.-Bea •
Al " .o.444Safattr r ai d eitY. dsdrananta are re
spar thally Lnvitaar trderssdai; it ad Weed dt aelrZ
HANE.;lltts• dip, •asadexated wnly roe Mr. L II.
y FF yq.t./ Ii Ark Wholesale Grocer! : add Predace
c ry.i , the 5yr . 10 . , 11..! find be Ai Colbert..
a. ductirainiy: 1 (1.4. 4over.
I. deLaraiiiibira.
TIIOLEGALE GROCEBB and Caddrdssion Mar.
1 . 1. chants, Asclats .Proddesh. and '.Plu.sbanch
di clattered !Hicks, 195 Liberty at, Pluatorgh
I Pa.
°Air vtominfts soe4DIO,
16000 I nr a w ,rkt i Pl.. ll .rthi 13 0_5.1. 2
for Web y' .P" .944"t/"mi
St earn Power wad nosteas for Items.
R 0031 9 panitionee oft In sleet, to twit Witten, ' with
steam rower, for rent, to • bellows pan of the
City, by EticAurit 4 ATIIINSOris
peel Finn et_ between %Yowl &Ph.te,-
Apparatus far Ohm/WM, hays k Pipe
without taking 4911P3:47
INVEIitED by Frulariet Meizes, astetisA4l4
oat Fast rt. b e t moan Woot Slitirtata
IVIIOLMIALE iita Rival Neer ,
.• i
v y • • Gloirevitestelyand Yana, 7 •'
Orm ßr+ S d 2o3Yet " F
Mire andEmProidenes; ,1 . , I
tvillings.htog Ardrletr
"iepriVoostels,/Venuzl erns,
FlolrerVunials,'Nonnatit t stint'
, .. rpots. CU CnottuaLEW I
WIL I 99 A ea. g
I' 0 M e'ry e large assortneat :'
?' Carpets' ,3 OR
Costa, compriAing In part the following .on nsr—
Aleselnd Rich Stym Velvet Rio Carpet.;
do do Tapestry Brussels do do Entliah e.-Amencan nuttier.
New atylo print , d 'Papaw) 9A, 7-4, 0.4, 54, 4.4, ano
pets • • 2400 Cloth - •
k4tra Car
super 3ply carpets Sheet Oilcloth, 's in At
ouperEme do do say Mee ball 9 room
do' Ingrain do yarrow, styles sod quell
Ided'm sup. do . do doe
Piue do do dbrollo 'l4usa
Common do do lotted do „
AA 3.4; and 3.9 Damask :'henllle Door Abdo
--. Varanasi Carpets Carted , , do dr,
I-1,3-4, and 6,9 Tapestry Thrum do do
newsier, mullets Sheepekln do do •
4 1. r 14 6. 3 , -:,:nd , t4 plain Jenny Land do do
0434.6, attsl i3 2-4 contra Shrt/r," W indow i
Vadtiall carpcts BadiVindow Linea
9.4 coon Drnagtet Drab 119----dO
0.4 woolen ao I , Voninan Minds • '
'' . l . '
'.124 do,. do
Woolen StMe..l9zuszett
AR of Wltleh have been pr
en add ormtufactroars, en
rte Less styles, which wo ad
can tm purchased in any of
the Carpet NVarahouse,9o'
A. 1C D. H. cHAmr3 L $
(Lars allatlaaUt, AGNSIV C 0.,)
Would respectfully inform the eastomen sr, the late
firm, as alro the public genera ll y, that ey
cam:alms the manufacture - of
In all their ruiedts, at the Old Bt. ,
No 13 Wood .t, between Pam& &taw
1917.13 m
Dr. Rose's Celebrated fleisedlei
Dt. , ilgr n :( B ih ß ete 6 t s ios th 'l d polu ' l v ar '" e t n
rdeolcines, and also the inventor of th e cebebrated
Instrument for Inflame the Lungs, In eaecting a ease
of Chronic diseases. we, a laadellt of that 'eminent
al;fiZ; cff '" ?7. r
..:Z y . s .ll I t; rathigrt"ydy=tosfl the
hes been engaged to We in4stigclon of and
the applied,. of remedies thereto. . ,
Threes!, the ass of his Meeting tube, In conneetion
with hes'Prophylectic Syrup and other oth/seemed.%
bas gabs.] an unperoldied eminence Wearing
Mose drendfel and fatal reutadies, Tubercelar Con
sumed., cancers, ticroMlN, Itheumadin Anise.,
Feed and Agee, Fevers of ell Chittplr. Ery
dyed, end all thorn vietinde diseases peculiar to
fatrielcs. lodoed every form ofdle.. Arc vm hides Under
the do of ids remeates, en which Imenanlry Is blne—
compatible see of one componnil only. for Oldie in
wl h Fhydedogicel Law, but by the
of Sus remedies, adapted to and prescribed (preach
pecolicriorm ofdisease •-•
Dr. Rose's Tonle Alterative Fills, when wed are
invariably acknowlrd o end to be euperior to all other,
as * iforgative or liver pull,lnasenteh as Mir leave
the bowels perfectly bee from cosusenewg:ea also
his Golden Pills to admitted by the fatally tojposiess
peculiar properties adapted to female diseases,' but
being tuttisued that abate trial Is suilletenttoeauthllah
what ha. been said In the minds of the toast septirAl,
The atlieud ate invited to cell aeon the egent, and
procure (grand out of the Doctor , * pamphlet!, giving,
medalled aced. of tech remedy and its spittle tt.
Eor sale by the Lamm; emus, a. well as. by
drugglas throughout die country. I •
J tithoopmaker k.Co,2lWood streetil'lttebe h;
Jel Townsend, druggist, le Market al, do; •
Leo A. 'seethe., an near the F.O.Alleghte Ity,
Jos DarkleyoDulboon, Beaver ea., Pe
Joe Elliott, Erman Valley, do dot
,T Adults. Deaver, 40 do;
derstreen ODB.
1," ECEIVED ills day, at W. McClintock , * C rye
11 „ Warettonse, No. tin Fourth street...l:h • nod
street, a very splendid easement of Certain Go •da,
coseprialng In pert the following varieder— • •
Blot and Gold Patin Deletes;
Blue and Crhason dot
Scarlet and Steel. do;
Scarlet and White Union Dement
Bine Crimson anddo White do;
Orange end thee Satin Damask;
Crimson and Purple
d Embossed Turkey Red Chin;
Figured do do;
nein do do;
Be Window Ltochl
Drab do do. Ce.,de.
The above geode being turchaud direct true •
Importer, and Manufacturers, will he sold a, eh'
as they can be in any of the enter, eines. ,Wer
Ante all whittles fine Curtain Goode to call at th e a
pci Warehouse, 6 3 Fourth Meet •
oa I
— Wk. wcur..._ _
rmtonalria - v - ormtnumas
q or
iy .d Emo,brico 17 of /ILL put woTk a
been rtCCITed at liolmeal Literary Depot, Thuds
opposlan Ur. Peat Wane. : : Mord y l
Warranted Pare Willi. and Brandhis
ovrrAaLE for litedielnal Purposes, Mora ys°
ra hand and for sale b 7 the ban* quart, or nitaa
nioltßlS a /IAWORTIV9'r
Ira dr. Wine Slam... .
nNE ease Black Cl o th Shawls;
kJ 1 case Yellow FLannci-s;
2 came Rod do:
1 me Red twilled Mame*
*eases Whim do dot
3 cases mused o
9 ease. Plain and PbneY calleimmeN
1 caw Salmon;
3 bases Clan Alpine;
1 case Jeans;
3 cases Dlae Black Blather Coating!)
2 c”cs Dmbs;
1 one Blue do;
9 ease,. Whito Bed Blankets.;
:SO polo. Steam Coat Montag • ; I
Receives! on consignment, and for !Mitt at nroXstfae.
arees prices by
84012 139 Liberty Meet.
3 0AP—Lo d r, biably----med Brown Winia
Cinnamon hir d B.o4, ° ik " ,
8044 1
011ie ona
Gable ;
P t ' •
sid , botenale and retall b
T;cix• & a w.ip.— . 1114 - —, ... in
Vermicular, Oriental. Palm, ind 011ee Oil Soap,
These taw are kiably celebrated for !mimeos
emoollmess to the skin. I
Portland from the importer. Old an. sale by
genii - ' li F., PF.‘.lO:Pf , 87 Woo. , ~
INDIA' Elllilltat CAtJarm...*touu res arsorteo
.1, Ibletntaaes, from MI to 1 ine thick..; The above
puking Is prepared so that deo degree. Fahrenheit
writ a.. ILe , , t , it, and is Superior t o evert th ing else,
a. aa. • has en mach el city vet Ids .sands so high • degree of hey and, am ho used about ell
Parts where Footles a necessary, vist—......dia
Odds, piston rods, neaps SOLlsts, Ste= chests, ero.
der het ds, the. For sal. wholesale and rauulby • .1
J & 1114111.1.1P1a .
Naiad , 7t V Wood at
- toiftr lk 6 c6 ll TB,
}liar iii,lrlttibitnek,
ai oimliMpotterion, direer
lAee n 2dc . l4l• ' ' I
( a l: r FlOwer IWater
Pill Ron? plaretabos , d
Vial Corky - awnd
tAdltealre "Laster, Eng
Roberana' 'do ~ r . o
Lead: .. : . .. do do
Olibmure , do- , do
timer' am:. "de do
eltratedron,Ent • .
Preelp, Cub Irtn
'Aleppo' Oar' • '
1 1Pmee Lim - !
We e dgerrood tidnars and=
galanandar. Riad
• do i Carden.
Oil Ortgarnmi : -
011 Reaemeur • '
Oil Ma W endt
# llCmit i o n n a /,, - ;
Pink and Blue Saucers .
Cardamon Reed i
RalphTaw - , I
Harem' Tuda,,prepared
Grattan Root ,
Rhubarb Ram , - ,
Polmimg petty '
Indian Red; ' oe2
mrchaad kn. :btu:apart
talpnalng the ne at and
ot' to Calmara at low a
:I' the eunern rail a
ran ttla at and W Wood at.
jaIPS iF
Book Eeepto note -4and Blank Bookk'red'd4..-
• I Ankridem Post P l and Chioniel, v
B DlTkift-12 bdts ratio. 2
lb by], Jo do ..
meta cho dojo? sal eby
ALL,W—Ii brio for able by
‘ ,7„,.,71 , A;8atr0u
G. C woe
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rot .ale by .
,2 7 ,1 311R 4 8A 1
.• JAM 13 B UI y = 7 DALZEILL
, ftehthir ared WA by
sinus_ u.
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N' 8-9Ooid
1 low received ham ketarv, 14 — . 0 4 b., oitz'a`
- • Litz
&A, low, to Ono IroBIfiNGLIBH &hwa call
i - 6 5P1.14 I:71;7U
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to do do
o o No 1 , take P4h
Bald "
a No 1 Cad pleb .. '
Fat sale by, JOODI WATT: CO
~....trau DT ,
V note i . r JOHN WATT it CO
FlitttßWS=ZThrdirs agr—ii—torn DivinauTfr-silerbr
RA note ' WATT ROO
. .13F419 ,. . ~,,.
cm ors an pl, ,l al
GT.NYLE;tv,f—iiikditinid ✓ l-4 . 7 — .
do i Five Man° do;
do warn.
Fine S .Ssiony . don
do , Phil. and Flard Silk Cravats;
kirts,Callars. and Dow.; ~
Silk, Cotton, and Warned Saspetdern
Turkey Red Intaxlng Gowns; . .
Trktred Flannel Rot.;
tr.:ITP uktvt - i', 4
Wool and Ductal. Gares; ,r -
Super Rid and Blik (Rom
Scarfs, Contforta, and kludlers;
Sult Rtealvedand tor Eli tION.
llla Boat Taltamtagt,
BeCLlNTOClFClovitcatle •uarausior steam
hart men 1 0 Ids eXtenalsa astortment•of ,ulm-
E t rll c an 4 4 P ggar. nr i n frtria l irb=r ;
do do; , Calmest do; ,
do Araltrt and elt,tl do,
do Pink and Blue ' •
~__ Cthaton Drovrtrdo; I
Crimson and Wltito Itmon Damask;
Moe dt • ";
Serle:, aG do;
Caissn, Coasmlllee, and tteartrt ibUnask;
Watered Moran , :
Woatard and Linen Tobto Cover.4sm
StriOnd Toilet e. ' d:
Turkey Rod &Waite do do,.
Turkey Hod allioo do •
5 , 4 and G 4 Wenord Tobin C0r0,, ;
74 and 4-4 Table Linea; 5 4 ineoehed Shee neel
eh Diaper' , • , ;do do e;,
semen Nnatin kb 4 os T teil l Table Coven;
detach Craah:
" All The 0 "1 1•61-e 'd th'stret'd'ileo; ttioll4ll.eklaVlboentred9;anj
Impostors, of tbe neernd and riebeet col end t
W... all Or Whigh will be bold ht ebeop as an y dm east= tide.. We Invite wenn boatmen to Ire ' :
ill • tall at oar Camel Warehouse,' F unit,
and TlOW.,nbm MeCLINTOCE
mlt nnipirmorA
tor sne orbokons and rend. br .
rip P didatilltALZ
NO. 165:
• , ' . I . 'iligh Di PODS Days
MITE take pleasure in anneenting Spate Alerehwas
TT of Pittsburgh ued the Wettera bissineu ecta
within . , the' on and "der Des'elp. Um lal• of Hey.
teuttea"we will receive and forward pod' iris the
Central-Rail Road, and gamma tee that" to be through
in Four Day". Our extensive 'tacker Call and BOW
enables at to offer the above cepa/aka" roue as tse
public, wh i t ri sr e stilt Frntinue one nal Hwy Wu
Harrisburg and Columbia • •be 2 2
.wit,*c" er tn ll 7:n r i t:p w el and l 7o o3co nPlittl i a " . o i b i nc acxx_ r . igas t. 7 7 , - , or m p ll foluc e : " hu s .
'hipped Ware, are lashed to call ou
0 1 "41NNOR:aTifiNg is'CO, ilia:ll. '4 k.
proPon of the Pi tuburgiqramportation Una;
Or thafollowtog alma . •: ) . .
. OVemsole &Co., 70 North street, Balrimcirei
j -E. Hums." Hillery Place, New York; -
- ' Dams a Owe, 14 Doane attest, Bonon.
Ellaspr wits , Patent. Nada. Neh.
siburiben are new receiritil.b - tessod, tarp
beat q trey s atu.s liter. g1 1 .111,N . ..4111: ist
.ell ci tee rawest mirrke far-exed orappetned
AI rii/TCH,
. , . , Liberty at
ki R. P.J19121 . 1 . 47,(diT11 of .storflrs . fteso
. eistresaplttsbargts od ' eldelbenri this los has
mired, and iweeds,,widdes olsr elopement=
- esMeneei for the PswPwe LED EVl in,,_" lo4 "
die Mao. pplitattosu f MM. Tates woardlog•
'Wats I 14bettY et, de st It Mew I Nub Stare,•
will owes with prawn ~ ,. noon. ' Geld
Owe -Second Supply—all open.
CdOods fo; ; to ning
be and can odes, cam anduee •
Mau /Obeyers to I make their. purchated Merm
-- Ladies walked! ! ,
French Mennen' and Cokurga of all desirable colossi,
Printed Peened ,Cashoneces and de Lainas, all woOk
' Go/11 Medal I Co ! in great variety, craw
,Dice, at RS cent;! . .
Neat title. and sodd colcied,aa lodeas 741 et.;
adandeaole Poollna. in raid Taeieny of shailac
aukls Saltiwor neweststyles 1414 =it
deticatde colon.
,„ ;‘:
Brat% Nock addoina, Monet Ribbo% Wolin and
M ko, and a mipply of
Goods, at Mama f
prices. Ewe cal attention
Is also baited to Weir Nome. may; of Skthing Nan
dna and Irish Linens-4he lanes warranted pare Raz.
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WAILS—RP keys anonadabtab
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bol4 I - /BA
rarail&a.46ot:y Lb sten, ion awl sby
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. rapi TICYBY &CO
t„patt:ii, WATEJL% httitiift&L. yelper—
.E 4to brio La,simpard for oak. by
C r i t r=l . ll:3ll-73 r i gt.grat bfla and keg.
- ma{ ' II DICKEY & CO
u.01Y.1 Leualurefol
re ril d ife, put uiiibozCO;( .3 J eer
for eale by
1 , =Liberty lit,
jaht: ArYL.F., OfiEEtSt —XO boxes Norton brand,
dolvery bludasmc,just received forxela by
T44;".' -11 b am.EY CO
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21 tasks Cocitiab;
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ma bra:dry llemn S > fur sale by
IY tr. hpIICLIIIILD have gun krefred
fnelampply home :wade BleaketZ
Urea te Fifteen Dollars petpair, the Lattela pre:Warn
ankle; Crib.aml CiactLa
Blank.= Ordiderant urea
timmr..tcrogy erected en the Cotner of Rebecca
and Corny creel', mining through to Lacock
meet, recently pet in thorongb repair. Price moder
ate, and ter nta easy. Apply to
'FALLOW-141.15 N th,s day ccedforH7is - by
A_L,1111!.- S
o yAlltat &jN
8 1.2.;11141 tertarkzeigle
ter. nryt &Wood sls
C 41'1' 1.' ' ;11tiES'Itte CO
' •
TIRO compound i• warranted to produce th e within
described effects, as follows:
wheat --
Directions for making
Dread, Tea Cakes, Buck-
Cab.. &e, by wales • unclog is effected in
the Flour of 0,0.113ot; cent: •• • •
To make Bread—To cacti poured otllour add two'
teaspoonfuls . of Coals:moat and the usual qedmmity of
dal; mit theca MornaghlT Mueller whilo du, (tan
' mates a prepared door !burrs ran set Wde and
' suarittleisnrel, then odd as tootle cold scaler as will
nuke Mc dougla the umal Umeknum knead it wets,
lied let stand fifteen minute. before bakintotfer or
two hours will do tuition. liimuit ghoul mixed
mod, thinner, and baked at oneo, but will 'd . o7die ban
to stood fir.,,, or twenty calomel. There a.. dan
ger of getting ten =orb. of this CompouteL.lplhe •
Broad, It wlll oat tam Me bcrettto
doe, when used to ext.'s.. • read yellow as se, :-..._ ~
You ran put rho ttbGer Compound into Tei tlikabb
Po &lin es, Joann y Ca it el, Indian Cakes, Clinger Cakes;
Corn Meal CUE,. Coin 'Dread, Brown Breml,Blegoit,
Bauer eflilVi • Et:caw/m:1 Cakes, Appla D91:11(1346,
Pot Nes, and for oil bating purposes. -
Sold by' ii E sras.r...e.,'
sold ' ' 07Wood st
re c% 4.0 • • by