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    THE aft6iiii .G it GAZETTE.'
------PLIBLLsui:u WHITE Ze za•
THURSDAY 110aNINU, N0V.:14, MO.—
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agenclet Co No. Rook 'Philadelphia, at.d
wawa, and le nathottred receive eabseriptions
and Weenies:menu for es. •
Qjpn¢acav¢u Norm Ammacart—Adverthae
jaunt aht sat. rptions to, tha North American and
trardm i Gccattc, 1 . /n.1'44E144 received and for.
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PdPaaaa.rutat:owat.aa&l Lan —Subscriptions
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for Wm va(aldbia papor, 'anti be reamed and forward
mania tar this paper received and forwarded *lse
I , •isms from this att.!.
r -r CUICIEMAIII DAILY o.unrrx—eavertistracntt
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Cortimon enre of Me Pinabarsh Gazette
Wasnmovent, Nov. 10, IEOO.
The Late eeeee ous..The Disunion •g.
' Hatton a the South-.11tel• of the
' flu it . l ,i:fettles" at the ileverai
State. thereon.. The State t; aaaaa lien.
aid the selavtli• Convention—The
Fugitive -lave Lavr-Personal Meee•
' men.c
: • Aoceriiing • t present appearance. the Whigs
have low Tours .n. Members of . Congress in New
- -York, duce in ew Jersey, anc4one in Wisconsin,
and they have wined two in Michigan, showing ii.
net. loss of size a. We probably hoard little in
raying that Illinois is yet eret*d to. her
idols, and that she mill wad five Democrats to two
. , Whip. He: seven incroben'i', added to those al
ready heard ',tint will give one' hundred and sev
enteen members already elected. These members
are Mu dividerk - Whma 52, Democrats ro, Free
&Alma 5 .Massachusetta'and Delaware elect next
:week. In the fins.Otate there will be a cliolce,it is
probable,in not more than half Ithe Distil - cis, beans
.-experience has proved the utter impracticability of
'thertaid majority system, the legislature will doubt
, .• ' len mate provision lot electing on e subsequent
will by ph:frailties: Tho dispute upon slavery has
divided the Whig party in ilia: staunch old Whig
' • - Sate, nod it is likely that ithe final result the
. • Whigs . und FreeGOilers will d vide tlie delegation
between them. cNo Democrat such,. thank God
min boon for sucker,, titer* These Will cow:Judi:
fall election. he number of members chosen in
them will be 1 , which, assuming mrcaleulation
o ir
at to Mestach us to he correct, sill exhibit •
Whig his of 24 members and a gain of 8, and pre
sent a net loss Ot 18.
These rrisulisiwill probably put It pm el the POW•
er of the .11 , 61:o. recover themselves in the re
mainin electio ,eoas to get control of the House.
Actordingtomy estimate of the result in the States
to edema new Spring and Sumter, the House will
stand, 99, Democrats, nomundly 125, Free
: Soifer' 9, giving the Democraq as appuenimajor
.ity of seventeen:l Unlit-requires liWe formught to
perceive that th4re may be mode than nine men
cong the four five more of Northern Democrats
who will take theblts in their mouths and kick out
of the piny traces, to case so rough a rider as
Howell Cobb 'should undertake to meant them for
the inerery. A more deSpisable eat than OM
presser herd of "regulars" faits the North, never
disgraced their Constituents and the country. Their
enemata, cannot possibly be worse or mote mean•
sly esicanismr they may chow a little better spirit.
Not to do so would be to shoW none at ell.
The war at Me Soutb,over t tr question of Union
sod Dishiimit,weens to be wegied with greataturna.
tion • They have burnt Foote in effigy some where
• in iiiestssippi, and soother accon - fft says they have
complimented AicWillie, an eMpty heeded spout:
neon the other site, in the sontemanner. As I have
before mid, in My judgment wo are chiefly inter
toted in the progeen of this Eight as spectators. Of
course nor sympathies and best wishes ninth.
.with the pony roptending for the Union, but ins.-
• much as we see that a large portion of the people
are earnestly strtiegling for disunion and a separate
government, tt u msnifest that a question has been
raised Mitt an be decided only by themselves. NI u•
'lull interest, respect, and affection, a common
pride inn notions destiny, end a pervading love of
'our magnificent ceuntry, ere tile -hooks of steel"
whirls alone can bind our people together en one
great union. It is not by the Sword, nor yet to it
;by constant compromise and isoncesmon that the
Union mu be preserved. Let its value, and the re
lative rights of he sections be fully discussed It
Miedmippi, andUeorgia, and throughout the whole
South wterever any men of respectability and 000-
, sidernient can be found to mim the question, and
let the decision rest upon the result el that discus
sion there, This coatmt, so Caen soy contest an
be had
. upon subject involving Slavery, has been
gone through with in South Caroline, and they have
, decided against the longer continuance of the con
nection with-the Free States. All the members of
Cosine. elected have preached tbatdoctrine to the
peepte, and all of thorn seem to have been elected
only an egrets oi commissioners to arrange the
' terms upon which their State shall leave the con
federacy. Theleader among, them announced to
his constituents before his reelectionthet the Union
was dissolved. South Carolina is now only wilt
taglo see what other State or • Smuts willgo-with
; bee, iclusing to calla State Convention or a spe•
vial session of the- legislature to 'talk longer over
Mirristippi . seethe I neheed,tojoin her in her
it, but time a popular verdict bas not berg obtains
ed upon the question. The of the State pas
perssys a Majority of forty thonsand . will be given
foe “resimance," that in for iiiiunitin If he to
right the imatroversey will soon mane inthat State,
for all the disuninuim hire do is to exert the
power or the majority.
•—_ In Georgiait is apparent d. the Unionists or
'''Subm,Mainaista" to the laws and constitution of
the-United States, will have thing. their own way,
and the convention aiett was to °Pen a road for
the State to leave the 1311i011 upon will only decide
that the prosperity and safety of Georgia require
her to stay where she is.
Thelitahvillo Convention will be held. It will
begin its adjourned meeting to morrow. A deeper
'nee attemptwill be anticipate the result of
the discussion going on in Georgia, Florichq Ala
bama, and hlisaissippi, upon the 'expediency nod
necessity of seceirsion, and tin organise all the
Siam of the Atlantic and Gulf crests South of North
Oarolinn into a Sotehern Slavaholding . Aristocrati
• cal 'Confederacy. I only regret that this Conven
titer is about to assemble now became it will WM
plicale and to sonic extent forestall the popular de.
..liberatiOns going on in the Staten I have named tips
.on the Union question. It is mportant that the
qtasition should be decided upon its merits, in or
der that it may . be forever AO at rest, or that the
Cotton States who takethe negative side may quiet
ly secede, and leave the Republic In peace.
do not think secestion would occasion war,but
that war would soon take place between the Free
liepubbc of the North, and the Afticantzed Coaled
matey of the South, there can be no doubt at all. It
is a great mistake to suppose that our people would
tolerate any syncrentie or eztensiFe depredation.
upon the S;nre prospe 1.4 Of the BL i tt:Went nation.
We ahould not be wkling to take f the tree re
story or bondmeri they would be linsioui to ditt
charge upon our borders. But commercial restric
tions upon their pert, and those wanton abuses of
local power by which even now, in defiance of the
sacred obbgations Of the constitution, our citizens
are insulted and their property plundered in some
Southern States, under color of legal enactmenta,
would soon bring the two countries into collision,
and no man who Inn read the world'. history toter
Intently can doubt the mull. Foreigh invasion and
domestic insurrection would emit desolate the fair.
.est tleldscf the South. then notice of bipthrrhoOd
PM ?MOO InsoCialloos at NatiorolOy would way
the I ode of yz..r. But I dmirc not, to contemplate
further the picture. - -
TUB r:otao is it'll with an, but With tie South,
mid more espacintly wit's Cho slava holders of the
Slues. It Is is: tiers to stave tie Union or to
deatroy. Testy may, If tits). choose, pull down
the pillars cf cur temple, but let them remember,
'• that In the act they berg perditon upon their own
Leads. No fagitlve slave law can nave the
Union, nor benefit them. Its enforcement may
produce crime evert among those whom so mann
them habitually needs, and en bitterly hale, as
Yankees and Abolitionist., •but !men that resell
would oat reitore oac eleve that rmld not have
been recovered tie der the leas od j tus act Of 1193.
Our people will not rebel, ost ay pretext. bat
~ %sits hiss will teat be exectited, and must bets
Themes Better Eirg la here,. He Wall
Italie foe the South in a few days, and will salt
tom Salsocith 'for Nlifornla on the steamer of
the 20:it Ines. Ho is much engaged In receiving
• and openleg applicatioas for office. I cannot my
le considering theta, for all the appointments that
4 i min be made from this side, are already &Mad
of. 'Guano, Yen& of New York, is also hese,
perhaps to make some =needful! COLleemlig the
Shh Ttessufvto be ineetpeetted in. the Nem.
tarts reran.
Hon. Thaddeus Stevens arrived yes erdity. He
despairs, under the reseal mute of th up, of get
ting any modification or the urifr his winter,
arid he Is eonvitteed that since your Hute election
the Denonenun will go unitedly aysi!ist it.
Pot the Gazette
L I=
• • • -
Venerable pile! How often during my boy^
boat haws 1 wandered Mu! thy chambers to
listen to the eloquence dare displayed. more than
one who fiured there, and touched that weadtom
thing, the human heart, now sleeps low and eilent.
The grus grows woe the gravesphe dew falls and
glistens oath& Bowers that we above theft lowly
heads! Where is thew widow--and echoanswers.
where? They bare gone from tae light end love
of ti m e end map, we hope, to the light Una love of
Now, Old Court Haase, thy clambers are aban
doned by the ministers of Justice. Thy steeple,
where so atm swung the bell that startled me at
play, and bade me baste to school, looms dark and
ugly, shaken and defamed, Imploring with open
jaws, the righteous to take it dOsin before it fella
Before the threshold of thy door, long worn by feet,
same of which had run into the ductal path of
crime, the blunt, browned, and water cradled, fish
erman displays hi scaly storm. Now are thy
chambers choked with produce from the neighbor
ing farms. The loud laugh of rough men is there
—the laughter of men who path their way_through
the world and thee! What a chute, mighty In its
nature—peculiar in its efrecta! l see it in the old
walla, in the melancholy windows, In the misers
hle apologies for clean &epithet seem to say—'We
regal tie ourselves, and laugh such things as broonis
to scorn.' I seen in the monotonous men and wo
men who linger and crowd in thee, and about thee.
in their gesticulations, in their garments, in thew
boalms, in their looks, which so forcibly express
the dreadful responsibility pj a market day. The
intellecturi gentlemen who once filled the ring,
threw back their hair, rolled their eyes over pack
age; Pf manscript and ponderous volumes of fut
risprudenes, have departed, having thee to the
Vandalic impulse of loopy men and woolen who
dispute lass about, law than things eatable. No pie-
I coal= youths, in braid cloth, stand upon thy stem
now gazing wisely, and now sympatheticalty car
I on the plodding pilgruns puling to and fro That
pastime would be dangerous • It might have done
tor the asps of yore, when men were calm, and
the women cool. Wo betide the tibia-mg garment
that come in contact with pork, butter, and door
bags, whirled in the air with the velocity that star
tles timid men! Alas for ;he sleeve of that beau'
tiftil cm which you desperate and Mossy woman's
basket would catch in its fangs Wo to tho dandy
who would have the presumption, the high banded
audacity, to display his figure on sucibaule ground!
Re weed be knocked over by public opinion in
the shortest possible time. Milt issa.r—tbat mar
ket Muse Hercules who can tarry a winks moo,
would run him down as a locomotive would a
cow. The art of getting out of the read; military
tactics, dodging pauses, side moves — innatherable,
andwarts unnumbered, must be summoned to your
aid, or your daring adventure will end in datum
and defeat.
All this may take place where justice once ant in
pomp and power, her tight hand resting upon hon
or, her left upon the gold of clamorous men—
Where once the fair and have, the generous and
obscure, did came with andel and graceful bows,
and pay that respect to her they knew was well de
served. Where eloquence once charmed the list•
oar's ear—where the phlegmatic opened wide their
sleepy eyes, as the burning, baler, word rung on
their eat,, of crime's victimsoatto cowered ghastly
in the felon's box. Where ten once threw spark.
ling light over quiet faces, latching the care worn
to forget fors moment the burthen of their woes,
and let their hearts beat freely on. Days roue by !
who does not love to call you back from the
shadowy mitt which time hat thrown around you'
Now, the Old Court House is turned into a mart
where bargain and sale, two queer old codgers
come and look, laugh, or growl,, fume, and fret,
waider and loot wise, sharp and knowng as a
claw cheered auctioneer. Thus change follows
quickly behind the car of change. Meanwhile the
non hoofed despot, Time, grinds into dust human
bones; thrones, empires, Into tomtit and bloody
revolt, kindles his fires that torn homes to ashes,
temples to confusion, and hopes into mockery es
biting and bitter as the wind from the frozen pole
J. K. IL
DZl22lllq . C 7 MAsll7Acrous —The Prey--
deuce Journal says that the seventy one milw
which have suspended busineass, and were in .ts
published Ina, arc all cotton mills, and are by au
means all that have suspended. Among them ere
vms of the best mals in New England, eras
.whteh can mate money as long as money Is to be
made in the business. Undoubtedly the cld male
mast stop firs; in any general suspension, bat the
present depression reticles to all, and unless there
.s some substantial improvement, the basica'
munu - it be prosecuted.
A gentleman who travered the overland route
roue Id ii .
issottri to Californli, during the part to •
met, slates that the sufferings of the emigrants, n
crossing_ the great basin east of ' th e great .8 t
horrible. wer horrible. He my, —'"The mad w
toed deep, the sun broiling hot; note tree w •
seen; there was no water, and their prorodc a
were all gone. Fortunately, after passing_w er
about one hundred miles of this hideous deer ,
they came across a man who had Mos body itni
further, found a good spring, and. retooled
two bunts of water. Vile water, be first sold ,
51 per galbti, then $1 per quart, then $lO eer
pint, and an the emigrant, came along, cub
choked almost to death, and completely ehbaut.
ed, nu priers reined, and no stint he could mute
within the power of the emigrant was refused 5o
ha pall. When the water WAS °early all error,
e men came alinti who, for three whole days
and nights, 'had drank but half a pint of acid.—
Ile wu 'Mama dead, and begged for some wa
ter. The answer wee, "I have not enough to
lug_ myself and animals beck to the spring- 1 —
SW, $lOO, 8500, $7OO, was offered In succesi n
blr one little cup toll of water,-eced ike Ante.
fend a. The wretched emigrant throw do n
$7OO, all be bad in the world, and by main Lice
grasped the cap and quenched his thitsw"
E 40113 or as N•7107 , AL. Larrrrara,
Prozprtgton,Aroo. 7, ISO
The Exacters Commituto appointed by the Gen
-tral Authority of the United States on the Loolou
lodmunal Exhibition respectfully present the fol
lowing summary of informal:On on thestoost Impor
tant matters requiring the attention of State Cam.
minces, and of those who intend to become ea
1. Committees appointed by the Governors of the
several State ore recognised as the proper judges
for winning articles suitable to be sent to the Ex
hibition from the United States
2. Articles intessied , :pexhibinon will tie
by the Committee the Stale or Tertitor ir
whierthey are the p acts.
a The Stale Committees will furnish duplicate
certificate of all uncles examined and approved
by them, to the Executive Committee at Washing
inn, whoi will ;ire the sanction required by t e
. 4. Articles approved in the manner above pr
scribed, will be forwarded to London, free
charge, from the port of New York, in a cation
vessel placed py the Navy Department at the dis
port of the Genteel Committee for that parrose;
and, at the close of the Exhibition, they will be
returned in the same conveyance, to the came
place, Wow o th erwise ditposed of.
a. The Treasury Department will &fiord as fdr ea
practicable, through the Revenue Cutter Service,
facilities for forwarding objects from the different
Atlantic ports to New York.
6. Should the vessel designated to convey the
goods to London not be fn mutates. to receive them
on their email at New York, they will be rioted
at the Navy Yard, and afterwards-put oar beard,
tree of expense to the owners.
7. All goods intended to be forwarded to the
Exhibition by the Gormument vessel from New
York, should be deliveld at that place dolt' mar.
ked, and with suitable it voices, ocretaining the cor•
responding marks.. In addition to other merit.,
there should be inscribed on each package, the
words "London F- 4. Mltoiott."
8. No articles will bekeccived at the Navy Yard
after the tomh day of January, 18,51, as the vessel
will sail soon after that period. '
0. All expenses in Lindon, for cartage, unpack
ing,emaging for exhibition, and rareoring of pack
ing cues, most be pail by the owners of the Bomb
or their agents.
10. State Committees are desired to Inform the
Executive Committee on or before the gear of le
cembec what amount of ground and wall space
they eau creditably 60 with the products of their
remective Stan= Sawa from which no informs.
non on thispoint shall as that time be forwarded,
-*Mite Premmee require Imr pan of the space
allotted to the Minted idretes, and it will be dis
tributed to the other Swan, according to emu rev.
end retvaltenunati.
. It. Detailed statements relative tothe Exhibilidn
and to the several chimes of objects appropriate
theatto, have been formatted to the several - Suite
Codunittees, and will be supplied to thous who
may Tire more Particular Information, upon
applicat on to the Executive Committee.
12. All casommicatices should be addressed to
the Ex/motive Cousettes.
L The ezbebition is ;o be opened t Hyde Part,
London, on the 4t . day of May:lBs . netted,
cj 1,48 feet long, 4VlfLor, tan
with machinery room, 938 feet long, and 48 feet
wile, will be nearly tux proof, • .
Goods will be received between the fint of
January end the first or March, 1851. After the
Inter dayUol , 2 l o cen received.
together 3 .
: e nder one ona
generalq 4 enetl e wil l
Article. exhibited will be divided into four see-
(L) Raw Materials and produce.
(3 ) Manufactures.
(4.) Sculpture models and plasm art.
G. Exhibiters will deliver their frauds at their own
charge and rad( at the building Hyde in Park.
6- Articles liable ao peril& during the period of
eight month from the first of January to the first
of September ,are not suitable to be eztubued—
Thts applies more particularly to certain articles
derived from tql animal and vegetable kingdoms.
7. Ezhibiti•rs. will be at the mat of their own
-- •
insurance. Gins canes, when required, man be
furnished by the est:Alter.
8. Any exhibrer may, by permission oCibo Royal
Gommtastoners, employ s servant to keep in order
and explain the &racier which he exhibits, but not
to maim purcbaaers.
9. Prices are not to be Used to the articles ex
hibited, but may at the option of the milliliter be
stated in the invoice sent to the Royal Cargo:lir
10, No articles of foreign manufacture can be
admitted for exhibition, tune's:they come with the
express eaoctioa of the .Central 'Alutbonty of the
country of which they are the - produce.
11. Goods will be admitted withoot payment of
duty, and sealed with the oticial seal of the !ward
of mato= till their arrival at the building: but
bonds will be required of tho owner or agents for
the paymant of dories in caw they should be wild
in England after the exhibition is over. No goods
can be removed until the exhibition is finally
12. The rules of awarding prizes will conform
to the section or department to winch the goads
belong. •
13. In the department of raw materials and pro.
Mims, prizes will be ttarended pirn a consideration
of the valor and irapor once tithe trade and did
rrr:sra'ntdcfn"Ur of th
rLe‘PP're."=rl specimens
mat e s ex
ty and important:a of the prepared praluct, -
and the superior skill and rogennity the prepra
lion mid be considered.
14. In machinery, pfzes will be given with ref.
ermine to noyelty in the invention, superiority in
the execution, Increased elSeienty or in
economy, in the me of the article exhibited. its
importance in a social view, and the difficulties in
perfecting it, will also be taken into account.
lii. In manufactures, increased usefulness. such
ea permanency of colors, improved firms and pat
term, soperiorgunlity, or higher skill in workman
ship, new materials used, end combinations of row
teriaLs, beaMy of design inform or color, with ref
erence to utility. and citßapriess relatively to ex.
eellenee of prat amino, will be the bases of de.
16. In sculpture, models, and the ;gestic art, re
wards will have ileferene• to the beauty and ori•
guallity of the specimens, so improvements in the
processes of production, to the epplieotioa of art to
manufactures, and, in the case of models, to the
subject they represent.
17. "Mid, to consist partly of Englishmen and
partly of Foreigners, will be composed of M.,13 of
known ability, to form a jodgment—above the sus
picion of either national or individual palliate),
IS. No competitor for a can be placed on a
jury io the particular department io which he is •
p. To exhibitors from the United Suites there
have been droned, of ground space, Sk,ooo goalie
feet, subject w a deduction of one half forpessages,
and of wall or hanging apnea, 40,004 /genre feet,
not subject to deduction. •
Corre4oneenee of tbe 71 V. Ibittoce_
11132 d Docks—The Euteryri:o et the City
Orrice Pacipic
San F,ncc4u,N Tune:J.4,oa. I
Mr Dna Ma Ganutr—The reeirater of the
ULU ult. earned you the aid intelligenee of the
late fire. To day we have re•tasurd oar paper,
and the burnt district is netily all built op—a pert
of it with far better buildings than before. Boob
la the to Sao Francisco
. The great impnvement is the stream sad
wharves of tel. town are hardly mirrored forth by
the dryly press. The whole scheme revolve. a
large outlay of MOOCI, and it. scope has hardly
entered into the minds of men to roocefro—ex.
rapt the city fethers and cootrecton—so busily is
every one employed is attending to heave tater.
ens. You clamber about to day over base piles
of lumber end dirt, and armee yawning abrarte—
the calverto—on a ;link, and to marrow bees over
the agree en a plank tint, unfit a IDCOMflauca so
Not that you can seareely keep your Lea
The why rev, ton, like the mtAiscAllorece,hay..
note encl.:ebbed upon able domini,es of die fakes
en that you rue go out on Got seamy to Mc pout
whe,e the Panama cast her ebetor in August,
lea. They raised, too, from t:,.0 sad of-earl I
otter ' and already nearly fill me rro•ceat loft be.
tweet Rieman and Carr* points.
Epitomic-a I. sell gotta forward rapidly. They
go to the Scathe) lee West end No: al watt..
to the States at the End. Oregon la rapdly ti leg
up in every part bo are the Havral'so
while the aunty land• of the Saute art not beget
C 4 llforata pill Mill he fall in every part.—
Men are eat yotog to effia s trefli. •fasla is idle
crowds la the role, to spend the rainy gout:fa—
Every tract of arable land will hare de erearau•s,
and retried the d'Obtoe7 2 re , .u•snt with ti
tag harvest. At the same trete a ott6" -- re' pnpuls•
lion toll !Tend the rainy arme, le fart Ilia heat
season for work in the .- dirty minis°
Among the ienumerable caeca 7,..3f eudlemance
at sea, very few of which ever come to a know.
ledge of the public through the men, i keened of
one the other day, which is one of a p i ece with
many erhert. Gap!. Wetmore, of toe gip St.
Patrick, owned by Me. Ogden, New York, bad his
steward wrested end pot In frriioti here foe de/ear
boa and breach of contract. On the trial before
Recorder Tllford, it ayp^ared in evidence that the
said Captain has redly abused the *llO StegittJ,
with to adry fickl e blowr,te4ng him by ate hair.
eta etc. iris paCort.sary la lad that the oaninct
was annulled, tad Clipt. W. Was very glen to es
cape a crlatinal preaccunce. My mal tuckers a'
the thonebt'or sontalcb brutality end abuse es i
have heard of and wittieseed here gado* the way
thither. a a. a
By the Genegia we have received complete flies
of aem California exchanges. From San
Francisco, Sipaton t Sonars, and Maysville
paper, we copy tic followleg gems cr
The Spirit if California.
The news of the engrossment of the California
bill le the Senate, produced, on ha receipt In this
eity;the liveliest emotions of joy, and the hopes of
the people are raised high in the expectation of
hearing, by the next steamer. of the admission of
-this Slate Into the Union. Should we fetelve this
joyful intelligence, them la no doubt that buskin,
would forthwith revive, and an Immediate, ims
movement would take Mace in the condition of
the country. At present, • want of confidence
muses every thing to remain In confusion, and the
embarrassment• of oar business men are aurbut•
able in no email degree to the perplexingsurpenne
caused be the delay of Congress to admit the State
into the Union. Oar greatest troiable would vans
isle on our admission, add It In generally hoped
that Coogreas will not adjourn without doing as
justice. It would be a terrible disappointment if
the next news if:mid prove unfavorable.
The coming elections to be held on the seventh
of October, excite much greater intelip than was
anticipated. The candidates kle the various of
fices are almost innumerable. The tickets made
op In this city will be found in •nobler column.—
Indeed the all absorbing question of the admission
of California i• lort_sight of for the alts beteg and
evil.? body S •nx:oos an to the result of the elec.
• The Improvements in thla city are progressing
with much teirtt. and It to hoped that by the cam.
meneernont of the rainy season the attee:s will be
embstannally planked. Snored el the thorough..
fates are already laid with plank, and towers ha re
been constructed, funning from the hills to lb
bap, nt as to carry off the water. The dinrict
Mont down two weeks alb — co Is already more than
half covered with buildings in proem°, Cl erection,
and before the departure of another Rtterner it
will be heady al , rebtoll.—Bost Franatro Herold.
Late N•vra from Klamet, Trlaity, and
From the CaWarm* Coethr, Sapt. 70.
Capt Vanderyr:fi, who for many years bas heed
enraged In steandionting on the klissinippl river
and Its tributaries, and who ha. hoes exieeelvely
engaged far creme lame In mining and exploring
thin nnuntrYieniled oo us • few days ago and gave
tm the following informal., the truth of whiqf we
have no reason to doom. '
Capt. Vandernill le of the ophsloo that there
more gold in the Blamat country he In any other
part of Uppu California. That 20000 men coo
realize on an average $lO per day ih the valley of
that tier,. He says that the bale do not contain
n much clay as thee on the Sacramento, See
Amain and tte4tributules, but that gold la found
more generally distributed throughout the whole
country . that he found it at every point where he
prospected, even lithe tops of the mountains
The earth glen from 2 to 00 rents worth of gold
to the panful. Kismet, Chaste, and Trinity all
sontr Into, and form ace main •rixer before die.
charging their waters Into the Pectic Ocean to
41 deg. 33 sec. N.
The mouth of the river Is about a mho wide and
navigable foe large vessels for about four miles.
Small steamboat. can at any and all seasons of
the year ran ap Shy miles to the halls. The falls
are several feet high when the water is low.—
Above Cut falls thereis sixty miles of good earl.
outrun, unobstructed by any formidable barriers.
Provisions can be transported op the river in small
but■ to the falls, aulfrom above It sequins only
tvo days wave' to the dry digginp. It now re.
quires eight days to reach them from Trinidad,
and twelve pop from Humboldt, by packers.—
The only obstacle to success his heretofore been
the did:lathy ot procuring provns. The dio•
tan of land carriage and the espouse attending
It Is much lessened by landing the goods at the
mouth of the Kiamet. and transporting them by
orates to the fall., and thence by land to the mines.
Capt. Vander/WI has a large partyorglea at work
now on the Kismet. He proposes to build smear
Cr eZprenly for this river In a skirl time and
place her on the trade, having the fullest coat.
dame daces= from mien, operations in that
part of Caftan.
- . .
Meas.—tie itkohlof the United States Med
iterranean stpaidnati was assernh'ed in the bay or
spuzi... the 12th ultimo, consisting of the Sag
ship Independence ,frigates Cumberland arid Oon
'siltation, Veinier filmaisslppl,' and - stareship L.
ingtom.. A noun martial had then been in session
for ". nearly two weep on baird tho Independence,
engaged In the trial of a lieutenant and others.—
lizsuLamenLE CASE f t
P:cheerfelly comply Noah - your roe
quevt thit I would give youlan account of the almost
014 &CUOMO fate Of my Little daughte it eye by the me
of your "Petrolemit:,
She was attacked with a very sere eye In February
or Starrh lent, when I immediately applied to Stabs.
medical aid in the city, by whom it w. pronounced
" a very boa eye' and all gone to " no hope of doing
her any good. After which I molt are Into the sMos•
try to an old lady, who had been very racer:Will in
erring eye.. She told 615 that her corn was hopeless,
as she wouid certainly last act fifty that one, htlt
also that the other would fullyom--it Lang a lerotillous
affeetion of the blood. And Ido comfy tout th e
time my father ,1.17. car. Is the cone:sullen
Mu we had Letter try your " Petroleum," SES WAS
Yerittlillt HUM; of One eye. It it now about two
months since she began Its use, end Ms can now ma
with both eyes 61 good as ever alto did ; end, as far
as I eon tell, I bollove the has, with the blessing of
hi Almighty. boon email Ly" PeDalotm"
Volta, respectfully,
^ At. Flumes Vase on Doss..
Pittaborghh, Sept nO,
For sale by Keyser A McDowell, 140 Wood street i
R. E. Pellets, S 7 'Wood street D. id. Corry, D. A. V..
boat. Jo.epb Donsiss , s, not 11 P Sol:mutt; Allegheny,
a l s o by the prop it s, ri hi FIGS.,
notritaitta Canal Blzin. iturent:i vt, Pittsburgh.
bl'Latrahr VlClLlar..—ltena Ire fallowing Car
ib:tate, and Ulna doubt, if you enn, the tmompbant
quairtiet pormszaad by thin great remedy:
Caineuer Tnwan v , VIMIat.
December elet, 1912.
Desouta.7—Dent ialr--I Mac pietwure Inform
leg Yon, the bottle of Dr. Mr Leer,. Vereetldeei
I parthmed Dom To. hoe ()cc, r.,a entire eatiefartion.
loser to a eluld of mina one ida roue., fall of It, and
the passed 117 worms. The rent mnreing I gave her
ama spoon full mote, when ehe pe•wd 113 more. The
nett morning lime her ma s. an queenly, oed
posted 13 more—Your,, at e
trreo, pale L T 1. KIDD Sc. It W&. 1 .trekr
r ev9-41kyr3 •
Nate of sul rem,. 11. .'O,TLI.rd at
Af.gffol 3,1550,
Tat Stockholder. of the :t..1 Pennyytranit
Gall flnsJ Comp.) , arc nstcoy tost4ed to pay the
einhet thstalmeet of firo dollars por .here, at the office
of the Company,. of before rho than day of Au➢uss
The north otarolmouti on or IKk,rc 0,0 loth day of
Lepiem.r. The tenth Instalment or, or before the
Mlth day of October net,
ET The I. matalment sets yelled tor on the 20th o
July last.
augh.dtf RISIT.P.. Jr., Treasurer
STRICT enaction will be elven to all I.llalnen ep.
troste.l to ha tt
care l'lntLarrh tnaotactoretl
Tuck always Pilhan-1 or prorated of etlort nonce.
Notes. Rood.. Monga/es, Leiroriated 00 favor
able terms. Advanere inatle;if reottree ttteer-3rn
1)..a. or. Ei UST,
Mutat cod Ferri acre,
1991 -OrbSYREES,
, Yl:4 • lizzelmo irrah r+i el
stir.u.44 and ilartwatt, to offer
.yerioruuccacuts buyely 110. wishing to
ruretvue Hervey[ tb:a intiresk by blOkinli
un,ugh CUI hulel, ae they tie ..Itteruut.e4 total on
Le moat teasavablo term.
V. 111.
QEYARATE Prop. - ars aril • e anlLc
L. 3 :Mg that. I , v the e ..1; erLea,
k.etthege .rtvvi thr the 101'.1.14 .
4.31:, St the riegte..6.ll,
, rver thr.
eltv,Ferr Newth LB4 r.L.21 V 2 CO:
tattle Tattle it egite cp :oArlizttx , It,
ale. to sceoniveen "nth o r, a.e a till Letrivet,.
lot lams/Wee sea tlvr.veerv. •',II e'th,
70015 Of nEYble 54011.4 ard fo• <r r. - 'lt. Same we,
*beat 40.0 eeite 7540. 01 (re e' 1.
:.. 0 0. 0 er ; h e
of the 040 River—the giavor rake, Gem the
beset at taw Worn
rot the cdeatelitton,nrrt clwoere :or the revolt.: ;
et!. thiein sevear,sedeteacoo: salve..
anti be tbeette4oeular Tatea e f , tak: ea:ave.:eon he
>ewer and side cad ati.oen 41. tat:, y•rds rf
mason,,. 'rn• TAIRC I to be 1.14,1 6ard and
da. •ble an:v.42W ,1. in hthe tense, zee ce:t erout,d
roe earstelatng the to• trials and tete:lee • wooden
knee to enethee the ens. '
ail Insteivria tad work rag to ashler t to the in ,
'ovation and approval of the voperlocenOent_ Ths
vanola wait b Da compl-vral at calla next anas , n av
Ca:An= ant tvc - Ir. onto 'ova unprovel voretwa,
arall TrSN,C4 Minted loonronldn fit Pa T•
liter nein:teat:on et accarntira the .4.. Pla: ,
and epetaf.covons Of the vvor,, canna Iron and soon
er her Inforralonn tan., t.v ro•pa,rovi, can lie
at me case l it. ROtiliNsir4 Vaperainuarlalcc
rittibtagn, Nov. d,
Rv o ßrows. a.... to p•—. • T.
DR. O. ID FITZ.A e: :tee, itrepstree
...facture •., let Pt,zi. T.cs , tt !t•ett. ttrei P. , t l
of set., opt:s coma:. nr A riatets.
14 te t.°.
iSpOlvi c
. . .
raT.'n Fonnt, en .
--1 K it. ,
4, 4 M I CORD eL co, el.
Italetale Rzssul toltnuta.:l3,ts Ical,ll to
Coy Wood & Path aisi,;lttabordlO.
WOOO WY trot a (all and asisapiew Seek of liar,,
Cap , , Va.-inn., advert qnall1)1 sell dl7;ni by Who'n .
sale awl liletall, end sresiin therenllon of theft...
tomes. and ,InireillMlS CU:Mai , 11.1,11.th1f 15E0 that
itio. will WI on niz =et neva detect tarns
R. P.AT T NNER & co.
5 Woodttr botversou %'bred it Potting.,
♦re nay receiving dietr very iiirge end eopatior fell
Also, BONNETS and FLOWERS, 01 a( the latest
styles, and expressly adableJ its we. Rade
It Ma bnen selected ally [reel cake, and m sines
and qua ll] is sat surpx,e4 city stack La Ire
found Whet valor lllsl. Om et...inners and mer.
chants Venially ere tanned in •.yti end Cris Minn,
we era darlllll4nl 'ea an 11.0 )11. renson•hle
term.. Also, kbandynor's Rabe r iehoes a , all
kinds okareedif
Ofßee—No.4i W Bie.f rC la, 1,1 r..nune or C.
11. °RANT.
COMPAIN V c.,t. rept:fed mt
tote ett
1. kind. of nets, on Louse, enmeinetorteo,
merchendme to mare. and in tronetiii .6.114 A c.
An ample guano:7 fur the ahttity and integrity of
the butitattetta, in offouted In the rLun.ter of the Vl
rectOts who arOoil eittrehn of romborgh, writ and
fayorogly known to We conmof tr for their prudence,
,r,relllicalcc, end iotegrity.
thescrogn—C. G. Ilostoy, lb,n Itseihty Wm.
ism!, Jr., Waller Ilt7Wf, Ilearf: /Lout L.‘ , r. ,
John iltutorth. I.l<ter
Ma. Warta—P:eaar. anaoutce thaJtawe at wilatibe
Ilanswxr, of the Foarth Watt, 41 II canJulote tar
Mayor, at the easoine eactiaa, to tad numbs.
atlau of the Whiy Ca:mention. n•J
MANY 0111164 , CroStt tvALID
Me. Wawa—Sir—Toe writ I,tle ate poem. , the
ORS. of Goa C. hhothrri, catoltente for the
RiaToratry,..ahthet to the ratitre soca mthe Whig
Carmenßon. hlt. Moteett's Philter-soli toelrOngl•
urged try a hest of hither, h e Leine b o th capable soli
L 0.41. locebbej ttAAY ChIIZENS
W Ccoe.LLte Hightheartable of Itt.obergh,peol
by liappoll.l It, n earelleate (or lie 00103 of Pteyor
at the hext election, atter ho th e deettocm of the
Whit and Andertheople 'sty Cortreotton, by
hoo.e&wol thl ANY VOTERS
Mg Erarog—lime veal Weasd semcca.eo ttat
Lammems. E.g.. will he euppolled ty fth . ad•d.
I candidate for the office nt:ill . ,Jr,atthdr. , itclocdan,
msMerl lo the doom. of tl.c W,Re pod A11111.11.1C
CoveMion inoVdd&atell :Lill WARD.
Op Tuesday evening, the Irrn , I 7 the nem
Thomas P. Gordon, 111 r Wat. .k, III.; 0! the firm of
Townsend, Carr & Ct.., and Ansi hi. dnagh let
Of John Henn., S•I , it of 3lene hes, r
On Pundap, the tech 1n.,.. 0.! Fr Lee t• :do., Wm.
A. FetaxAn, of tit.. env.
El 031333
TilE FACTORY erected on Inc con.c, of H<hrc:o
and Cariey mace., ctinutnc tO Leent.ll
Street, recently pat la tltotougit repair. enre made ,-
ate, and uncut eany. Apply to
NXTAILS--4Gie — g3 =lama, cll , brand, for
141,Ieby_ (nail I3AIRD k IRVIN
B tusont.l for . 11 e
T AL tA W barrels Tar, for i ;aZZl i
iiicßE.) _.,
& CO
nel4 odWater st
C HE n tilli-09 bZ /0 and i t s. o4l ii , /r I ZIr i , et CI ,
vcriiiii. 11811-49 brts and 9 ld tali far sato by
Lnold : ow", µ IIICKEY & CO
40 brit in store end for .ala ~7
0014 isAinic DICKEY ic LO
COPAL vearosu-73 pt7c, bdr , LI ttli and kepi
carapace Auld caninge, for RIM bi
HONEiI•-.1 LcincaiLl . unicic,pui up la bait. for
tattalyll.oo.o cilvcd fur .ale by
not! 2.;7 L.:berty. al
priE APPLE CEIEFSE.-51 , bores Norton broad,
very hoodooSaJost snow red foratio by
doll . syht A OIeCLUEG k. CO_
br4 O. fgfrit sa l3 l° A b bi r - .r.k . co
COCOA, Ac—Al 413CalietC . Coene,
30 bxe
6061 s do Nolorrorle
byNal4 %V AGALEY .4. CO
MACKEREL 140 No 3.
far mile
,toe tri
10.L.Elf & CO
nol4 I s to Wood .1
unionD - wiTirotrr YEAST.
THIS compound I. warranted to pp:Niue° the within
described effect., na
Direction. far making Bread, Tea Cakes, kgsiri
wheat Cakes, &r, by .. .Ida • met, la effected In
the Floor of about r per cent
To make Bresd—To each pound of lour add two
...poonfols of Coamifirim end tho aerial quantity of
ran mix them tborneighly together while dr v. (dais
o maitre. prepared Sour thet Tog
lelsoreb then add as much cold water as will
make the - dough the usual iluekness; knead it well,
d let stand fifteen inires befre bakig, one or
twohoots d o cohort. to Bieeui o t should n ke mixed
mock, and baked at ones, but will do no bun
to eland fifteen or twenty minutes There is no darn
yer of aiming too mash of Line Compound in the
ereeJ. tt will not turn the !lead yellow as 811107111 1 / 1 1
does when used to exec,
You can put toe above Compound Into Tea Cakes,
Petteintz,JobansCakes, lndiao Cakes, Ginger Cakes,
Corn Meal Cakes, Corn Bread, Drown Dread, Hisenit,
Hatter Cakes, Iltekerhess Cokes, Apple Dumplings,
Pot Pies, and for ad baking purposes.
Sold bp E SELLERS.
role 47 Woods
rpUNDER-7LUO tees blastios and rile, Hazard
menu/U.oe, la makatino sod to &mem
SAFETY FUSE-25 tals aaparior quality an band,
roll J 3 DILWORTH & CO
Viroof.-5 sacks jast reed To sale by
nal 41 116 waters
TAN—N""' N.
C. Tar. for
1/OLASSF-1-29 Ws 9. H. loans, (or ..le by
OAP—tO9 bzr Ros BURN fo ' role by
1,1 nol4 E & INGIIII,OI
nOtTISLI-5 coots but reeciv d for Bale by
‘,/ cool _ _ 4 ItUR9RI NE & INollllAbl_
M 0 h
ACEEREL.-10 , 0 br i tto N 3 o , ;
10 doNo ,for sale by
0014 BU
mateesEs—lD once;
6 Orb Goidcn Syrup, for cute by
ceroon S. P.1;;Igo,
LZ:Stfl ' a P a7
11,11 Clover;
WI Or. ?dastard;
I Lrl G.oger,
Pepper Fermi,. by
uol4 3 D WILLI!, MS & CO
EALED Propoula wal be reCelved at the store of
i W. P Baum, Wo creel,
until litatorday, the
With lost for the erection of a ftridee acres, hotly . .
!follow, in Perbies towneato, where the Potvberalt
and Coal 11111 Per:L.o2e Road crosses the amid ran.
Bids to via e the cost of cone and wood venni ately,
at required by ,the plan drawn 1 y E. AlcGow.
Ewa ; to he teen at the Wore of W. P. Dense. ,
• H D KIND , Provident.
H P Cats, Seminary
11IJOTICE Is hereby given. that to puroaance of an
order of the .. rphans' Court of Allegheny county,
raj will ex. , se to palatm mie, on Stoarday the
14th Deccmtier, 1[ ;0 or l• &clock, A. Al., on the pre
mete., ell the licit, title, interest and cle Mt of Ma ry Monroe, a minor child of John hlanyel, deceased,
of, in, and to a lot of ground ointoted In the City of
Allegheny, and being No Pin Ike plan of less as old
not by 0 b: Warmer, Jacob Painter, and F. Lore o
The raid lot is Tr foot In front on Ohio !street, and
emends hack ahem ISO feet to Virgin alley. Them I.
• tyro Cory 11110 k Beam opon the low Far Met pap
thflliilll will be made known at Me sale.
JOHN llAHLtrats
r.olastlS Ortas ohm of Mary 51•57 m
A DONNAFON teapeottelly Inform bls ltiondt
and patrons to Pittsburgh and Allegheny chin,
shat ereut will ore on Petunia) next, the 16th
at November, at 3 - o'clock, P. Y., 1. - 3 young ladles, at
b for boys, and E (or getattemen, and comm. every
Thanday and Saturday of the week, and tame hours.
Strict refererce. will be reheard from nrallgele
applytrx for aimusion Into the •choot,
For particulars , apply to A. , Ittiaket at, near
Third street. or at the room. nolatd3t
Av zsisla
AMAN well toyhainte.l with arootlng cart p4ilor.
A' ,rst rata workman fine employ
=era a id lalr wars, rmuirLnit all% tax flare.
AA ,
YOUNG MAN wants a alleatien, of mulct
atands driving and the oare of here. perfectly,
and ran do no thing in or about •tleinenn plane,
in regent 10 1.111.14, and to alway oe s toady to oblige.
If matted he can be :a.] at No tThird street,
evrirean Kor_llcmt LabeLri, col3td!
B41R10& IRVIN woold invite attotinon to the tae
opportarAlc• they can nth e l caOltaltata for la
ment:lmi, From try b. one toritcp,d tbooagng
dttinta or the beat real ama ze leer Otte., having to
INDIA air montb• to nix opt& and to rums mean.
rait - BALK',
FEW Shares Clid Mine Brock: alto. North
4tarrirac aml Western Innaranne Stock.
akpll to Baird rt. Irma, 114 Second atreet
Oar Seeead open.
Ilf Ilk PITY le. BURCHFIELD bare non, completed
Y 1 tae opening of a eery largo SECOND sapply of
Good. (or the W 1..., and can 4 . der every Induce
awn, to boyars to male their pm - ammo from mem.
Ladlr• and hood
Emmen Merinos and Ca nut all
3otrablo maws,
kbrimrd French Cuttimerea and del L&llea, all vetx , i;
Gold as
do in great nanny... near
0111(1, at 23.....
Na, tm . Ma :nd so id colon, an low as 111 nig;
taroparda Poplins Sr. V.. v. - i•ki of made.;
Dee. ILA and Swarm of even amlm lard most
ntrablat colon.
Smar', Neck Ribbon, Barnet Er:banns, Gina. and
liosiera, So., and a tug ar.Pail f linnaekanal.t
Geod.. at lowest Finsata. pro es Emental amerolon
is also Invited to Omit enamel make of Shirting dina
nna an.: I.lth Linens—tan Inner warranted pate An-
No•in eon tem. of Foorth and Market ma. nol3
SUOAR-10 bids N for sale by
bell 114 Woo.] ort
ca. received for salt by
ll 14 w a F WILSON
S awl] ALltF no TRE—I bags tor oilf. vh l
JVeTC hoe mad o, Genoa, c.
reeetved •t CO Mrty otthet, ed the moat
emebrated ounnufaetarer,„, ousbertmeot of
heat Chocolat, the dtfleleut twd, mennoned
below, ea:—
Spa-ash, French Double Vanffla, Single do, Per.
Cullom., A to Caaet. , Baket . • No I. do Brows,
do Cocoa,, llomdeepattne, Spited Eagle, do
The Goer timelines of the above are made of the
best Carer ea. Cocoa. Oct ...nulled pate.
Fbr sale, wbolevale and retell, by
cell Whf. 4 Udall/10 Jc CO
D}RI.O.I..VTION OF PART] .4 - 81 - 1114 - ILP. ---
ATM ICE A. heteby given. that the pannerekop
/11 brtetomre extolled between Collo, Black and
Jeorph Roth,,,- 1114 do) Mosolved by annual content.
All demo One the 1 1 / 1 21111C 10 IA pant to Eyre, Wank
and en demands scale,; watt firm will be preserted
to Mtn tar set dement, CYRUS BLACK,
oolflohlt JOSEPH ROBB.
restE 7 -lititcrces for ssiiby
Muss st
/SAY imps—to Lt. Ivo t
to bro do Dippe4
lY bx. do p d, for *Ma by
C ili tt2 LATE.-"
11.1/Gt3 BLACK' frill cantwe tbo holefate and
4,,,0 /Guff! Grocery on/ I . lo4cce Gatiow, to ket old
carte, 'treat stale Dfaeit,n% ritubutih. notth42l
C ° "E r-4 7 ,1.1,:a 4 ": 7 : = 6 u° 1 4 ° . :t° , e;en
10 bags Yana Rico;
sags Old Gov. Java tor sale by
Cot. Wood & Fifth all
1 4 , 11E811 PRUIT—,S drama Smyrna Firs;
2.1 Jars Bordeasx;
810:s M. U. flaw.,,;
S' ball iambs Earratibb
3 eases Genoa Cliron, for sale by .
J Li svlLllllldB 18 CO
brls No I Idaaketel;
1' lii ht brts doi
Ia bf brie No a hlacitersi,
iu qr bay No Ido:
ID kits No . do for We by
nol3 D WILLIAhIt3 & CO
um fresh lan landing for sale by
enti la & SO Wood et
Q H. MOI.ASSES-120 brltt St. Lost. & St. Imes
O. brand. tor tala by
sul3 W&I lIAOALEV & CO
'h.! IL RAISINS-300 boxes bunch Idaacalt I, new
cop, arriving and for dale by
noCt BAGAL/111 & CU
EO/1119-47 bcs common. lambing for cola by
:1 cola %Val gnus LEY &CO
This Evening. for Goat'upon only,
ltR. HOLLICK will Lecture on the Phu.leleNT of
the Parental dpitem. lllmitated by .11 hta
oel. and Paintings.
Admlasion,2l .13011. n012:d3,
None, to Comilla Ttaot.fort.
AN axamlnatlon of ithplicmie for the Wootton now
esteauf In the Third Ward Public School, city of
Plittburch, will Le held at said schwl bowman Saw,.
day, loth tut, of 2 o'clock, P. M.
_nol2 IDS. W. LEWIS.
cinciratnizam PILO.
MiIJUST RECEIVED, • new . , stock of
Citickenugle,altuld 7 octave Plano.; alto,
alto,. richly carved Gunn Pismo, the
uto•t beautiful InairamenieVerbrOugbi
to ibis city. These Plutos will be supplied as anal,
at Horton prices, armor. •sv cautoz roil rraau
l•OltrollOtloa an Also received, • floe lot of Rosa
wood plain and carved Plano Btoo:s, with silk plash
and hair eh:a coati. For sale by
Avert for Clack eriatr's Finn foe Western Plan's.
75 BALES Pearl. Flennel. all pad.;
10 Ertlea Scarier tanned Flaunel., all made.
2.5 6.1. Tallow do do;
Its do Whim
_do do
, 0 do Green Bockint do do
Con pm approved aryl. Blankets, do
LO p. 7.4 aup.saek Flannel., oil abides;
to pa French, Germa n, _ %Vent of Eughted, and
• American Black, Dine, Drown, a Invalble
• Green Brood Clot/a;
30 p. Beaver cloth, usorted colon;
13 pa Blue, Drown, Green, and Black /mina;.
last received from manufamorers, and recent Impor t
to .
auon. Merchants are nespectfaUy Invited cal and
examine the mane at A A MASON A COll
milt 62 & 64 Market at
TWEEDS —2 calm. Black, Brown, and Gold mixed,
just received from the (.eery, for ask by
awls H LEE.
13ROWld FLANNELS —1 cute 34 and 6-4. less re
-1) ceiwed for attic at ce.efacturera , prices by
AIAT of genuine Roman Strtnis for Violins and
Guitars have Net been rocelve by the subscriber.
These minks are room the most celebrated factory in
It they are four threads and four lengths, and for
boaaty of tone and darabUlty, aro Unrivalled. the
subscriber's agent baling purchased the above for
boa at the factory, they lee warranted auperior to any
thing alba kind ever otfered an this coantry.
Golden Harp, No 101 Third at,
N. I.l—Nowepedng • splendid new lot of rvmans
Clark's and Denham , . celebrated Macs.
=E-111 Oil pi= 111 store for bea by
. Comer of Zara and.Alarket utrects.
ohlY Chartered. Institution of the Mind in Penn'a.
Jolla Fleming, Principal parunvor in the Science
of Aceounth.
. .
O. X_ Chunberlto, Profesior of PGllollrailip, Mar
eantilo Compowloli.
Alex. M. Wagon, E4q.. Lecturer op Commercial
The course of ineduction includes Book Keeping,
and its apollentien lo every branch of. latsineza, lee•
tall. on Commercial Law and commertlli Science,
Penmanship, Mercantile, Compatation.lo.
Stodenta can enter the College a: any tune, and
when entitled, will .receive a Diploma, signed by the
Faculty and klatorthilng Com:nines.. non
By v.... of . precept under the hands of Wm. D.
McClure, President of the Court of Common Pleas,
la and for the Filth Judicial District of retinal t 0.. .,
and Jostles of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, and
General Jail Delivery in and for said District, and
Wm. Kerr and Samuel Josea,Etqa.,Associats Judges
of Mename county, In and tor the County of AIM.
sicay, dates the 6th day of November, In Ibe ycor of
our Lard one Meowing eight hundred and (My, and
to me directed, for holding a Court of OyevandTer.
miner soil General Jail Delivery, at the Oran Rouse
in the city of Pittsburgh, on the tottnit Monday of De
cember nest, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Public nonce is hereby g iven to all Justices of the
Peace, Coroner, and Constables of the County or Alle
gheny, toot they be thee and there, in their proper
penults, with Reit rolls. records, Inquisitions,. el
=Mallon., and other remembrances, to do Moe°
things, width to their respective racer. m their be
half, appertain to be done—and also those that will
Presecuto Mc ritisoners
o f now we, or may he In
on :ail of said county of Allegheny, to be then and
Meru to prosecute against them as shall be inn.
(liven under my baud at Pittsburgh. this tlth day of
November, In the year of our Lord, one thousand
eight hundred and fifty, and or the Commonwealth the
74th. CAR fEll CLtRTIS, Skold.
Third vireo, opposite the Rom Office
BOSTON Shakapeare, No 1 , 1.
Boors Me rehente Magazine for November.
/Hackett:locker Magazine do
D.MOCIItiC Review do
Harper's New Bloodily Bliskanloe;
lhelsonsry of Meehan'. No 2U; .
Litwes Living stye, No :IM.
Horace Peuplaton, by Charles Lever;
Wow. in Attlefteg, her Wo3k and ner Reward,
by Maria J. Mclntosh—a sew sod cheap edloon.
COD Finn -431d010t large;
2 draws small, now landing; and for
sole by
112 Water at
(lALTI . F..TM-142 bap to art - m.3,10r 0010 by
13 boll ISAIAH piescEv aco
B RIMSTOrik-1.4 brO 10 Mil', fot .1110 by
GREEN APPLE'S—SO brio auponor, for role by • •
roll & W
ITRVNIC .I.loARl3.l , —ltro boodles .6w.! number.
Monoclinic:is Trunk Board,, be quality. for
iirot received for rate by
i t m-k-Ks_.,bis on hand ana t arrive
A C ik ' CLA/USE_
REED OIL-451 1 1 , 7 8 7 j a r a i r , ra l df i o . r g azle c b o y
non Liliory at.
S AL. bODA-7 maks E 661.6, Jul tic , 41 : aVit s bY
_ mit 67 Wood cl
LitPl l LACK—f:sbrls Jan rcedl . lvVeii; JE T
B lr tkitif 8-70 6: en. cJW , . blooms. lot @xi,. by
CAE - -iSTirPKT - ililliiese.. for elle by
.., 6611 WICK a 616CANDLESS
BEL&TS—xt66Ic , 6 fors•le iy - . -.
01/ WICK
tr. 11cCANDLES
if I lIKK ItNTS-13 calls reed , or m e
ti - lralr/ikrb - ii - WI - BZiaitioTc;liii: for
vale by (mill WICK & MeCANDLKL4S
BUCKWHEAT rLourc-170 sacks Hulled Back•
at heat Flour, received for sale by
vr eAreiNti PAI . F.K-2A ;lug rm .
by [bell - WICK McCANDLE94
1)APPII HANGINGS—Ldabt and dark Suits %Vail
Papers, al tbfu per roll. for tale by
W P 11.111/SHM.L,
roll - 133 Wood rt.
IRENE PAPER. for Lining Hanky la. hb - re* '—
T' for sale wholessala reml, by
Hon, an Wan rape:, for wale ny
nell lC r MARSHALL
T EAL/-1000 rigs Galena Just received per steamer
.L 4 itirrem, nut ior oleic by
_ .
EYTILACT 1-OGll'OOll—L4 boxes Sa..lord, for
y ale by J SCHOONMAKER a 11/
0011 . 7t Wood 0
VIiTATEOF.,-1 cork No 1 il? ante by
/1 net? J C1100:111eiliFIL &CO
eILOV D 3-3 Eno for sale of , .
J nail .l beIIOONMAiER &CO
C• ZillgiCHL-2 Lsocis far rale by
• /roll . J tr.C.Ht uNNAKF.R & CO
TIN MIL-1 en, ben Frrook, for sale by
CREASI TARTAR-5 brig pore toy solo by
RSICA FLOWERS—I bele for ,tdo 47
f'l mli J SCHOON,"I AKER A. CO
Sall Clay, NUM, Loma &Gravels
zu Sfrperuiear: of RoadJ, Chant, of Mills, Farm
cid,.Kaa lima and Coral Commetorr.
TIIE •Übseriber rerpeelfalty criers to in publa
ars gran thoroughly tested, and whine he is now in
orienting. TM. Implement is ample in ire construe
lion, t roop and durniar. yet light, weirairdi alma 73
pont s. It earl to need In all toil. was tae grearest
owe, by any else who can UST a plough. One man
Cobb pair of borne, cr yoke Co' oxen mid easily do
the work of ten tarn. It to highly niefel in meltri.g
roads, levelling , bills, Making daehrs, cellars, and
enale, and in eadavaling tor rail toads or other pur
The :Melt Juipottern zatproremcal In the structure
of the FICKV2I.O( la the intredricilou of eßsuignalile of
moveable teeth On a Weal!. Intrfafe, with att
these teeth being ht number and proportion adapted
to the condition of the well In which the Excavator I.
used. Tht• implenieut is cheap se well us durable,
Leine retal/ the low price or AS.
The Patentee Inetica toe public to the obeire
and asks all who way doubt theta to pee hi. inven
tion a trial. To be teen for the prevent at READY &
Brum klaninon House 'Liberty street, Pittsburgh.
nal Edger: JOSEPH SWEEI.
COD LIVER dozen Huainan, Clark &Co's
pure; also 25 gallon. to recevand by
KIDD taclo
not GO Woo 1 et
SYIEUTSTURPEATINk:-15 btl. Ast receivedby
nog J KIDD & CO
SPANISII WHITINO—ZObIs ree'd for sale by
pARI' Reperio r, (or Yale by
ne9 KIDD& CO
T AMPBLACK-4.0br1.1n anotted papers. rceelve
of sale by [nog) J KIDD &c 0
OPT received.. large and well selected stook of
fag- fresh Tess front the !reporters, compriniou the very
hest gut Ming( Greco and Black Tele, which will he
.0 on tha most favorable tetras, wholesale nod retail
The attention of Wallies is respectfully Invited to the
asiorunent. HENRY C. ItELLY . ,
nelhalw Cor. std. alarketelley.
;Corner of Fourth and Market streets,
11IBRACES a couplets •asorunent otßebool Books
Bebool Apparatus, Globes, Maps, Charts, and
eater edttedttnnat trenehers,Sebool Directors,
and families are invited to call and examine the stock.
ATIUN & CIPS 00 TLINE MAPl3—Mia spter-
L - did pahheativo comprise, Maps , each ab-ut
Bever, feet Naar, Every ecaoal should have meet
For sale at the publishers tha
009 Cor Market& Fourth ate.
ale .„ ho EDvegart oNAL REPOSITORY
IN/ASON'ErBLACKINOLIO gra. ior este I.
I'- • .1 KIDD &CO
A LARGE three einry think liousa in Hand intent,
oppo.ito bt. Andrew's Climb. Apply to
noßldlw 247 Liberty Pt.
Yong Shawl( 5, Lowg Shawls, I
joIUBPHY LIURCIIVIELD are now opening a
W/ fall monument of above rods, a nowest styles
of the celebrated Hay State and Waterloo wanafac.
From to to 30 dollargi and a large sapply of goods
generally, some of which, at fader ed prices: Buyers
will please call at north cast cont. of Fourth and
Marta streets. nod
1T R-Bbrie fresh toll;
10 crocks do, for tansy two, received
thw day and for sale by
MANN'S Patent improvedhioreatie binders fur
In keeping in Wbook Ilse form, ensile, °veinal in
voices, tenet., periodical., newspapers, drawings,
bank Cheeks. or any other papers where method is
desirable. This Invention, It is confidently believed.
Is the best ever presented to the public (or the par.
pose for which it Is desigred. and wfil furnish to
rattly a deuderment long needed by all who may
desire . to perfect the system of preserving papers for
rendy and easy referenee. For sale by
no 9 47 Slerket st.
tt ilWNn.T=lfo bags for anis iow
Rsser-ATFCRS-130 brlZeibleclei—a2ll.ell
low to dam roBl, ENGLISH & DEN'ab.TT
. • .oI nO •eacts Rue er eat
'Mar, a superierainelnersale
. 1. & W. lIA4D.nt:GII.
[SODAASti—W calks Soda A — e - h, received Imd for
a *ale by Inc 67 S.& W. IInitHAUGH.
kantrah riF..O-4eo side{! Spanivb
a Sole Leather, received and for vale by
nee •8. &W. HART:UT:GiI,
BUTTER—w burelt rackefor ede 14
CHEReIE-151 bears Cream Chem pm
rseelved and for rale by.
nod S. i tP. IWIDAIJOH.
SODA ASH—LOlcarka 51..Theller and Johnston's
brand. for rale by J i S FLOYD
eve Round Crumb.
brls No 9 Mackerel;
10 brla Wklio I .N
an= Cod Flab;
, 1000=13101,d H m r i ng,rejl. FLOYDrIrY
nob .
IDI, nos 10E-16 roc Carelles for .ate y i a it
Luuisvi tahlg—r , axle Lot4s•llle LIMO,
In atom and or s y
nog S. & W. lIARBAUOIL
VVINDOW OLASS-1,0110 boxes CI saes, In slot,
usd for sate by
ta - tiblis—no don comapn and fuey far IrThi
lairC y
lAZIN-30 Wax fNax
Allsgaany'Whaif [nal J & B noyu
LOAF M:GAR-7Mt.iit•malll6,4 meld for Wetly
.1&311F. 9n 111, , ,TC11180"; & CO
_ F. 1,, hi. tztlinr ReratelY.
p.1f6.111 l,:ot .1 ng Rilek
DICE—% bT 7
A t 7 " Y°l&- z - _, °(‘
. L . s.d.oult. for rase by
-^ A
SHOT—JI anctled 1101I,LC : 1 7 :14,1 , , a:apy
noel )A 11t1.11 A 14 '7O
AGIRL to rt. , ventral bcore work..wt.:int a per
mantra vlunt-an and Food nay!. n.til be oven.
Ntttn , need ar Vror/ referenvv. as to eha
racier end att.t•ty Arp , r et thit otove. no]
BOAllk of Pitcsbaugh.
THS Preeident n.i.i flt.ofife,f,a tble punk b,„
Ulla day doolamf a thvi.tetu of four per rent on
the capital Mock, for e few 91 morAff, paifiel.le to
stockholder. Or their 1,001 repr,ailutives, (alewife,
J • f ,, N !iiff , VDEft, Cashier.
Diarefeber f,b. ,c -.n07 - 11w
Fifty D ollars liearakd. ,
STOLEN from November r.ta'a !fay
Man venh ¢ i•klic ea.' ¢ livegV vent] a hoar
body, painted green, and
about 55 years of age, re..., Incr. evd thielt t• I wall
ilia Fifty Dol'ars Ilevrer.' fur ;he tart , . of ,h- ,hief,
He that may gel him .11 , UN
ac.7.dtve "Lezalgicn St,
Illatt Pat
re. YON ru?riNti!E t `'f &
GillE FS E-100 brs for rsle
VJ nor 13 F VON uorcNnplis..r & CII
DIIOOM4---1:0Joz for salt, by
PATENT TlikßAD—l74o to,r Moot, dirro
from Me ummufoor.rir , ood for rale *hoop.
no: f AR1!U1IIN0T
Aloe:into Magistrate and Civil OfEcer. Tte
law relative to criminal proareatiobe, in il.rp,r,
to penury and amnion' proceeding , . therein, r
rannees of the peace and other tutelar/viten, tied to
procem. proceeding' , and practice, comparing erre•t.
aail. sad commitment at ru,h Caere In-the several
States, copeclally Itennitylvanla. By Mordecai a'
Kinney, author of the "Fa Jorttetb't
Harper , New Monthly Magazine for November..
The above works Alt received for ealolN
[Journal, arld ropy.)
UERAIAN PINS-211s paets 44e4 (nr 4,1,,e by
1:1001iS k KV V.4-1'14:0 gro4, haled, NO, 3, 4
lied.'., l'+'t receired far ~ : ste- I,y •
.07 C
P ED ri:ANNEI.--33 . pee all wool, received on elan
signinent, and will he road cheap. :
EXECUTORS , nltrrloE.
ALL perm, s Mdelsted to Me mums n! Won. IL Gra.
F.eq., law of Raps totruship, 'Allegheny
county, deceased, are reguemed to cake immediate
payment; and all persons having elmnis against les
estate will present duly anhtwitimated, for let
;lancet. LN.,,,„
nov7 dlatisretel
Dlsratnnassta. asad Nl•sauractaaresllBmtait.
1111118 Bank halt this day dealaren o 4vldend of
four par cent on ik capital sack. ona orthe profit
far the last six months; payable alter the tainh Inst.
. WM. 1L DENNY, Cashier
riushargli, Noe, 5, 1591.—nr6dtar
T OBACCO -fa k4g• Godno's Alsaist for sit' by
noS 144 Ltberty et.
(lUD F 1.511-3 drums stair rule
1131:CliET2-15 dos lost aTTived and for isle, by
nce 1111,,WN
131.117P.R—iv bey prime roll, for rim by
TIONEY-1 box of a delarbtfal flavor) frn, vale by
CftE9tli IS--ro bu iua o a and for rule b
BUCKWHEAT PLOT I-40 *arks for riic by
SVUUDdIi BOARDS-34 bundles fee vale by
m A C 2; . '
hl b at 110, for *Fit 101, to CIO!
conaigomeru, by
. 360 Pron. lit
O OnA ASH—A fror costa for .121 r Ow
RnsiN-1 , 0 WI. Nal exult while, for fele io
cash or rood aegoeial,le perm
JOHN Me , S(ll - NI eel
XT 0. S , O R-03 61,1 e. f. 7 Er, Jnir!.l
LMID 01L-10 tecticed ior
ncG JABIEPThk r.Lt.
MIRIALK vsji,t tc,,i fruaobrm
ILA all , A' CO
by •
rcG C INFIEi,b
F RESH ROLL BUTTER-1u G In ci . c[as,
id La. Ar.,
.3.l,teca do; ' •
./2/1. received fur cralG LS JBCJXFIF~D
CLOVER SLE - Ga—G 4rlo is :tare and fai :bb c hy
Ur 6 J It conELI)
Qe.L.riseatih—u. ',as La odic a. ly Inv [a:r •,r
17 dr; . / C r:FIII.S.)
Exchange fl ak or PI ttabarght — ' -
Sr MP Bent bat thil tl•y declared a em, end
Mar t out nt the reins or Ito 1.5 t
months p a yable on demand.
TllO5lO bd HOWE; Cashter.
fittsbnsph, Nov. 5,1550
RANsPAr.F.NT SALA iarge ;as•rtrtrneni
at ma'-rent st, Ica of Window from
the rttannfaetureTii in Now sell
iltlialemlle and retail at the lone=r Nice. •
7 Ir. 0 y7aod
Ucep your Foot. Dry
JUST received from t Off . Ciain Foe
tory, 12 gross cf Mot exceden• snide of Irina
HOhber ra,e. for tendering boot: owl Afore null.
fend imperviode Warmer not to ocrfort me
emitter letiintl the trailr, .14,4 te?, fie ye,te
Flllialtteret la ptatteete all ate 11,000 ttettittle, toe the
money refunded. For ult., vrhofmn:c add remil t y
non 011 I . IIII,LIPS
TA. n ni tiERS' 011.-ICI3 briv for role nv
V5l. it 00.114.1 vi)
R AIAN:4-100 hia new crop, for halo by
WM. tIM: I,IrY ..s tall
nO4 I, A.... 0 Wood.
- -
IlMtn WI. No I PIM, -trnmeJ,Jr•t
finale by " r EltS.
- • •
AN active butine. loun, taeira a e.h eapbal o
all thonband Joll.le, la lake aa vn
very proLuble linaion.a, ioeutea in IVeourn Penn
sieanza. Ile mall eontrol•the whole I.asine-. bi
aeetion. Address O.W. F.., Una ollire. noGallat
Saaled Proposal.
ILL he received until lilt of December next.
for the deUVery at the Pittsburgh ‘Vberf vn the
River,or tow hundred and eighty thousand
feet of Hemlock Plana. to be dime mu hen ILIA,
twelvo inches wide, and sixteen feet long!
a LSO,
. • ,
Proposals for stadang and laying down the Plant
06 the Farmers' and brachial:des' Turnpike Road. The
panics° of the rend to be gataled and laid Wlth
hes between the end at the road now stoned, and ha
Interseelion with one titeensborgh and .Pnteburgb
Tairoptke Road. near Henry INR:et's tavern.
111i1 RICIIRAUM, Fresh's',
nisei:lllw F. k hi. Tatnplke Road CA.
00,000 Copto• Printed of Harper's Now
Moo. hip Naga:Me,
lIE November numbers, published and for lit In 11
Holmes , ' Third strew, appOsite the Pott Office.
Tilmisataiog °Nees at the Rh'e Monthly Mayas:be Is
to present to the public in handsomer style and n
cheaper sate, greater amount of resditlß Wailer
than any other pertopeal in the world. . nob
OIL PEPPERMINT-2M lb, warrantrd puma.
reed far nkla by fouSl K E SELLERS
r t r
Ilea ttl:Ct Libety st
Super for Veatch and Irish Whiskey. j
rt PUNCHEONS Eteconrils eniebreiecl t ilait
111 key, of very delicate (Inver.
12 puncheons alcheuCe Waierside,caßes graffiti.
and high proof, under custom house lock. • •
A 1.,, Brandies of different vintages and brands in
half, quarter, and octave's. latprirte4 end far eat, by
notr.ffdeollya I . Walnut in. Plailadeiphin
luiss nnyvvs FHA VI. 11- CEIFsAM.—WOrre it
Cl the man who does not appreciate: the ingury of on
easy shave? 'finny there bo, wd do got address one.
aelves to biol. But to allothars We My, it you, wish
to render shaving pleanre,paschase a Pox ofJules
Hauer, Almond I . l.lftetiOor hfunbeaslnl Obeying
Creams. it is utterly Impossible - to find words to de.
scribe the feelings of a person who Lae been and to
Shaving Willtordinnry soap, aeon making Sinai of tlOa
for the firs: time. It is d conabinhoon vi wonder, ad
Mindion, and plensure.
trey emollient; rendering the rilgest and Xnast wiry
beard tall and pliable, producing'. odininhle lather,
and by a exttemely mild mound allaying all Ono..
lion, nod envenoms thstpleasant girt aid feedlot
of the skin which is so ofte un n expornoneed Mies shay.
log. Gentlemen using Jules Ilcuelis inhaving Ore=
ma) teens the coldest nod most:plerclng 'winds in
Malately titer it, use, Withollt rho illkldi.[COZlVllc
chopped.: And there wee once use it. wo San safely
say Will never ale any other. • t
One great advantage. Which will he e.pecially
premoted by those who wear whiskers, i• the Fs::
that it will not discolor too bend, whin h lien .0000
Will do t dung a sandy Or sorry eppearnien to the
edge on the sehinkers. Jules Hattie Shoslse enema
ore delightful preparatoms, conveninnded wire skin,
no the atter exclusion of el , arninles oeniutmed
render the operation of sisving unpleasant, and wilt
he opprecinted by all who make tual of Otinna
Po pand only by •
'JULE:3 11/0.710.., Berliners and Cheonlei,
lw etestnet st ,
For sale, wholesale and rota% by B. A Fahnesioek-
Co., and Ft.. E. Fellers, llusburgni and John Sargent
and J Mitchell. AAeghonv City eap27--1
A. A. MASON & CC k"
as a. C4.12141 1 / 1 1.plIT ST.,
Nmausou t 6 . 4 • -
WlTi L l'set°o l . l °":eth'en`cTg:r4ferd , :....,..
Stook of New NU Goods, comp Using tit! /c.egesi".=
me., complete AS/Oftilleill Lt . tke sasone.,to cm.mteT,
consisting of
t. 15 each beet Styles Pfilt*L .
4140 do Imported sod Aniarieycx Ginchsms:
.;4.2 AlPoceaa, r arantjaitas. and Merinos;
no Carbenervl and De Lain.; .
43 do-. Sedates am
'TR do Cloths amMessimer,
70' do BleaCknd Musli;
11° V N E;Itr411',°"'
290 do Drove Nnalins ' lt thates'
Also, came' and pat kages of Silk s.Showlo,
Good., AnAllnery do, Taoors. Trimming,t; Ribbon..
Lacca, Hosiery bad Gloves, e.
Itterekttots are aossred, (sons tits greet tacit litre
. ..,. 41b ,_ 11 .,k,dleut.or always Increasing Ow Mien anl
~ ...111.16 goods, I=4 at prietA 16vIr Uteri to
Ittlyelltteru hone Beln, manufularets.....
Ifor Jorge oriantitiea of fkoneetle Gault, they pert,
aOllOll the °roes. of otorrhanto tore ome, •.
d e II VM.W. 1.11 thrt esty 11 the ,ntile th,i
sold ,t it s eastern clues. Morrheu.t., gota,
Petlintillj tram the east, ate in•itell to to 10.canunal,,u
onkel? stock. A A
TEE untqaahrt 'unrest, Trinket nnt tnn
et, or ntURTIMORF. , ,' ttIinDMADI , `'ON.
POUND nrd pDRIFI R, In t M.; Ina; 3 eon
big Din .ncrett non molt tneverve n n t, t .,
InR innfictont el.naare nod iceonmeuditnon Id /.
doom •Te One:M . li itd4 nretaltu thtn,
ilactiregs of eeres, many of th e .
LOU., er:[. othrtAfront ihroad,Lave been Po:.
in the las: few Morn4S in the VAS Or ss Lox... ar,r,
while tali,- limn agents abroad .1 ore olio the, o
the Lame wherever Molly of heat
were a:Weave c - oleo of fang clouding, cid Lope of
recovery itad been given op. 1% Joie other, were of
co reoient date, cf the acute Inn aternataly fern:,
ore revere. AU however, yield to tee wonderful
vi this mcdicitie, and tuoutando who have re
elired re benefits, end 'art now In trio enjoyment of
health c-oi bat evicem the rimiest discoverer and
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