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WHOM 1511197 YORE.
Corresoondeneea the Plusburgh Gazette.
Nrw Year, Nov. 9, 1550.
Well, election day has come and gone, and gone
with It the insufferable clanger the politicians of
all classes have been making for the put three
months. Peace, toot victory, has once more
perched upon our banner, and I am sure he who
hvolotodered, or knows any Wog about the es.
Memento incidental to a closely contested elec.
don iii the city of New York, will agree with me
that among all the "results' the newspapers are
tgetrlng up, none more generally gratify.
in to the lovers 'at
tratquilllty and quiet, than
But who hos loai?--who has van?-4 think
heat some of your reader. analog. The answer
doubtless has been already green by telegraph,
and it is guile likely that you will have an the de.
toils, even by the suns agency, long before Uncle
Sad's slow coach convoys this - tenet to Pittsburgh.
I will rare trouble you, therefere, web a repetition
of figurer, but cannot forget the pleasure et record
ing the maguificent victory that has beet woo
over locofocoiem, In this city. Here it is:
I.—,Three members of Conpetr—Brooks,Brigg•
sod Haws.
rt —Pounce o out of seventeen members of A..
111—A Mayor to serve two gem.
IV.—A otojority of the Common 03 ocil, to
servo 011 TM.
V.—A District Attorney. sad ■ city Judge, .
Now, at thin writing suNcient tam hu not
elapsed to 'ford us an accurate ides of bow things
are going in the Interior—bat it must be confessed
the latest reports are not very favorable He the
election of Me Whig ,candidate for Severna,
Washington Hat. HS:pare is elected, he may
thank not the loci/Rao patty, hot the impolitic and
lejudicious came of certain persona, in the late
memorable State Convention, at Sperm. There
are well founded misgivings, too, as respects our
Congressmen, In the State, bat anotherilly or two
will 00 doubt substitute certainties, for doubt, on
this head. Meanwhile comment upon cause and
effect, are uncalled for, if not entirely out of
Soma of the passenger. in the Sterner Empire
City, with whom 1 have conversed, give gloomy
tames commas from Celtlmre. There wide,
a very vide difference between what they say.
and the statements in tee newspapers. In the
back country, and at the mines, there was a pent
deal of rebates, arising not from soy particular
.disease, nor from soy epidemic., bat from individu•
al 'Miming and want. Provisions were plenty
In San Francisco, but in the neighborhood of the
mines, they am not to be bad, milers the mom en.
— truvagant prices aro paid for them. Stories acre
related to me, tn•thb connexion, that make one's
flesh avert.
At San Francisco there was plenty or employ-
meat at good wages, for aupeamrs, haute band
era, and mechanics generally, In =sequence ci
the late destructive fire there. It was thoughtthe
the heavy Mates consequent upon this cslamity.
-would be the meatus °Fame additional failures.
On thus head, hourever. I find there Is no usessi.
nets expensed by the agents and correspondent.
of the losing parties, in this city. It may he Ma
my informants are as prone to paint the unfavore
Me, as the California Editors are, to embellish with
mbar de von—so that, if the order would arrive
at the math, he must get n near the medium a.
poradde. . . •. .
A new restore In the Ludienania, is the giving
of Coot ma in the forenoon. This is to accom
modate those whose physical sutreeptibilities an
opposed to going out of doors these damp en
wholetecze nights, toot it is not expected that Mei
will meat the some degree of enviers, whkh
tau atm ceci the concerts at nighi. It Is fashion,
.1 sampan , . end not filthy leers, however, which
suggested tets novelty to Barnum—or to Jenny
Lind,rat!, c When Mrs. Kemhta was doing the
Shakespeta n Reading bedews, the exclusiver
permit:Ed Its to give hoe CIVOLII4IO3IIIILII in the
fore part of the day, so that the exclusives mule
have a chattels to hear her, separated irons "the
common herd," lo the evening. The change was
not very profitable• for Fanny, however, and it
may mm out the save_ for Jenny.
At this writing the Steam Ship Africa has not
arrived. She wan to leave Liverpool on the 28th
of law month, arid therefore Is now entering her
thistetuth day. Iler consappearanet begins
cresteirome disappointment. for the 'Eeglish pa
pers made no doubt that she would make the par
sine to New York in ten - days, or ten and a, half
■t the farthest. 50 itgl see, Brother Jonathan is
still a good way ahead, so far as feat steamers ere
incerned. The Pamfie Is unapproachable; ar
yet, to John 13011.
Onsinus Claire since my lilt have been with
out much interest, owing in part, to the interne
inn oervieued by thoiElectionond to part to can
. want bad weather. Money le low in valise, ant
rates ate rather on the decline. Foreign Exchange
for transmission by She Steamer Asia, which sail
ed for Liverpool, yesterday, closed firmly at In
010 f. Land Wanants.ate dull to day, atsl2Bo
Flour, Ideal, and Brelditura generally, are
hardly so buoyant; as at An abases. Palen 20..
000 bbls. Flour, m 53 871031 31 for No. 2
(mescal 03 75051063 in some; SI 5604 621 for
eon:mann and siraight Stale, $1 9403 for pure den.
nesse, sad 15 000531.f0r foci Obo,. Canadian
is held .151 69. Wheat is in, demand for dip
anent Bales 30,600 bush. Canadian at 1010166,
f,r mixed to while; Ohio 1 03. Corn is euier,
10,000 bush. mixed, in store, brought 70i. Sales
1200 bbla Mess Pork at $lO 69010 75; primaiili
New Prime Bcei $9 5000 50 for mess—Lard •e.
',we. Salsa 2,000 bbl and tea, at 71071 c; 2,000
kegs so 71c.. Whiskey ii—ensier—Sales 300 bide
Prison at 294 e; drudge 27',.1. Saes 200 bbis. Ash
es, at $5 75 for Pearl, 'and 1.6 121 for Pots.—
Not much doing In Canon; ;oices unchanged--
Holder. prefer waiting for Om Foreign Alen, Coy
hourly expected.'
Ida._ Monaca—ln the Journal of yesterday, Ale.
thes appears again, w his osnal evasive manlier,
and m addition, has solo perverted the quotation
from Horne. It is impossible for me to consider
inch a disputant, who 4 ever flinching from the true
garsaaa, as mamma, es= ibr,' this may be his
title. !have received the epithets of "abolawnist,
"rail Molutomist," 'Tomtit krprodoe," "al..
inmuliary," arid • multitude of others, us•
tended to Mime, and divert from the question at
• isem. They (111 lumina like the javelin M the
feeble hand of Priam. But one thing 1 will my,
and it in this, that had 'climb's been arguing thus,
*sallowish Rabbi, be would have been imme
diately struck from - the roll of the Satibedrinc—
Very probably, be thought that no bcanitcrs
youth would have the audacity to
(Surd) the lion to his den! lie is much mir
taken, and may pethaps have further evidence of
his mistake. lie seems to think that ho Ms, LO tae
his own hit:gunge, "to Garland against odds" In
hauling with me and coadjutors" 11' does
me honor over Much. I have no coadjutors. I
have mid what I said an my own responsibility,
unaided by anyone. My manuscripts were my own:
;I 04IIDOI condescend to reply "rjrrians" . to his per.
serious. He bas shrunk back' from Um question,
and failed to meet the point. My argument far the
muesli:en of our English versionind my authori,
also, be has never met. The public NC this, sot.
, withstanding his earnest solicitude to divert their
'cads by Bibliographical nukes, and thm hide tbe
slum of kb, deceit. At the request of several
friends, 1 leave the public to judge, of this matter,
pledging mrsaif to their "monad" decision. SM•
cr y.-bike abominable thing which 1 hue. Liberty
the law of God.
:Tin tie law of God in the human soul,
'Ti. the law in the word Divine:
It shall live whilethe earth lo ascot:Me Mail roil,
Let the law of the land forgeits bond a wronr;
1 will help when the .elf-freed crave;
Fa the Wog in mg torn, bright b=and strong.
Bids me moor the dying slut !
A No. 11. -
P. s.—Ths PoIll& Jew, to whom I referred for
tecordiog to toe invitation of Almhes, mill
ed upon him and tr.:emitted his book, the decision
on which Alethessubmtned to him. He requests
me to eate-1. That the Hebrew Bible which Ale
the has is not a Polyglott but a Elision, being the' , ,
simple Hebrew with Palpitate Latin translatioa,
edited, by Montanus. 2 notate Lein of the word
to the teal of Dent. in "aencluda" and in the mar
gin 'Wass.' 3. That it was not Minted at Ant
werp, but at Geneva, in the year of the world'
5378, according to our time MO. 4 ! That the la- .
bed Is false. A. That the title page declare+ the
Latin translation io be Mato( Pogremar, edited era
mind by Montanus. He repents me to state that
be condemn the Latin, as given in the text, on the
authority of Onkelok whose Targum give, the tree
sense of the word, as in every other case where the
ward is forma. f state, alio, on his authority, that
my translation is the same an that of Onkelm, that
the pees:iliu force I gave the verb is correct, and
that my doubling of the letters ts also correct -,
I hope this matter is DOW settled, with respect
the athlority of • that Interlinear translation for be ,
graters. The authorities I pre I ton itaponsibla
I have shown these lemsrks to the Polish Jeer
before sending them to press. Ho approves them
ALernes No. IL
lianatsio t 4 Error.—After an exciting discus
sloe, a few dap once,' in Canton, Mississippi,
General Foote, United States Senator, wen hong in
effigy, the effigy being covered with sneering and
disgraceful Inscriptions On the next night, a num
bee of persons of a counter opinion, hung in effigy
Colonel M'Willie. As both sides have had their
shoW in these disgraceful proceedings, it is suppose
ed they will end bore.
The Hon. Jett Davis is lumping it over a por
tion of the State. He lately spoke in Viclusborgh,
Johnson, Raymond, and other plaUs. The okra.
is of this Slate are trying hard to mime a breeze
against Mimes:sures passed by the late Congress,
and against Mr. Foote in particular. The VICIZI
burgh Whig, says,
"We learn from the Southron that General Foote
was received; with great enthusiasm at Jackson, on
the 19th instant. It amotmtcd, Indeed, to a triumph,
when considered in connection with the object for
which he is now appearing before his conentuats.
In hissueett:Whieh is described as a clear, con
densed, stommulike and very powerful effort, he
defended the compromise bills. Most of them, he
said, were wise In policy, and all constitutional in
principle. Priam; from the defence of them and
I of his own course in their =punt, he came to the
opposition to them in this State. He saw nothing
which the Legislature or a Convention could do,
but prepare remise:colon and a Southern Repub.
lie. - "All this," mays the Socahron, "he denounced
in the moat unmeant:lmi and eloquent terms, as fol
ly and madness, in their most anmingied form, and
nothing but absolute revolution. This part of the
General's speech called forth much and hearty ajo
plume from his audience."
The General wu temperate in language inwards,
his opponents, but his reasoning egamat them was
powerful and impressive . He dragged forth their
disunion peruses, and exposed them with consum
mate tact and ability.
In the evening, Jisige C. P. Sinuti replied to
Senator Foote, in what is described "a long, prosy,
labored," undigested, and mdigestable speech.—
Foos came forward, at In comelmion, and woe re•
ceived with marked enthusiasm. He rejoined in
one of his happiest efforts, at the close of which, a
few feeble voices called for Smith, who could not
be prevailed on to come forward a second time
Thus closed the Sot meeting between Senator
Foote and his constituents; and we area= he has
every's:um to feel proud of the result.
His recep tion was mom e' coring Eh= we ex.
peered; an we have never believed that he would
be met otherwise than as alaithful public servant,
so far as his mune in reference to the, compromise
was concerned.—[Missouri Repub.
A WaNneurt Pezrmo Nl•ounc.—The N
York Tribune hen the following Ilecount of
ly Invented printing machine, which is expected
to work a revolution in the newspaper pre®, and
which certainly will have that egret if in, canner
ty for work be ouch as is described. We how
ever, more be permited to doubt, at limit for the
precut :
Wtmittenos's Ciruantucei. Pamir Paurrnto
PRlM—This machine in every essential point dif
feta from all other,. In tornrivis simple and can.
pact combining the most perfect ease in movement
with the greatest power in action of any pima
hitherto invented. The inventor, leptha \A. Wil
kinson, of the city of Providence, has devoted
Imuch nine in perfecting this emmordinsey combi
nation: wch now promiatm a new era, if he does
not effect o thorough revolution, la the art of print.
All the motions of this piers !ire rotary. The
type are adapted to and brought mto a perfect cir
cular form, and placed on cylinders ; one of which
is made to print the upper and the other the under
side of a continuous sheet of paper, wh ich is made
to pas s . directly through the machine an to come
out, punted on both sides, folded ixto a nvenicat
form; end cut a ready for delivery. r re
ciprocating movements heretofore used are alum
dotted, and Mamie exam motions cobstituted
throughout. Cousequently, the smooth end not.
form action of this press Is almost exempt from the
danger of queargement or getting out of order, and
subject to eery little wear.
The types, moreover, possess m the shape a
great advantage. They are so formed that they
most necemardy all stand the right y, and
. in
their action, upon the japer are not in
log, by helAneted; and they are much less
worn and by use limn type employed Is
' the old way. 'o — whieh may also be added the on.
portent advantage of casting upon the radii of a
circle, and ruing upon the cylinder stereotype platen
exactly conformable to the cylinder, and made to
move like tho type, completely inn circle.
The velocity In the ourvement of this press is
perhaps the most endraordinary feature.. Such is
the astonishing rapidity with which the ilapreseions
may be Multiplied ' that at an ordinary speed, 20,-
000 imperial sheets may with the greenest ease be
printed on both aides, folded and cut {molly from a
continuous sheet, in an &sues Wm.. Thus forty
thousand impressions can ha hails, beside the fed
ing and cutting of the sheet, in *arbour's time,
by a single machine, without ilusedd - UMe human
With these advantages for'guick work, this press
me be stayed to the very hour of issuing the paper
There is no di/Scotty whatever in placing the type
on the cylinders. Indeed, all the details of ccrapor
sing, arranging, taking proofs, and transferniny are
completely practical, andean be accomplished with
the same facilityeta on the old plan.
There is nothing, therefore, to prevent the ex
cess of this mathine, th e abs olute cost of which in
also much les. than -that of the Double Cylicder
Napier Poem, or say other used in the old way.—
It can be worked by Kay ordinary power tae man
or active boy only being requited toattertid a Tees*,
place the roll of paper upon the machine, Mad ear ,
ry away the printed and folded sheets as fast as they
ergo by thousands, thrown from the machine
Thus the expanse of numerous gorge of heath, such :
as are wally employed shoot the old press, either
in printing, folding, or handling the papers, may be
dispensed with; and the work which hitherto has
required from twelve to sixteen hands during the
day and night, may now be performed by this Ma
chine and one hand only in the short space of tee
or three hours. .
From the Altiany iEvenlr a Josinsi, Nov.:.
We are still without andle.ent returns to deter.
mine the mutt en Governor, though we hold Wine
opinion expressed yestentlaY, that Mr. Litmus elect.
ed. Ulltill certain information shall have been
received from Delaware, Otsego sod Steeliwo,
reliable opinion can be formes'. The majority, 01.
ther way, will be swill.
Del if the Election for Governor shall have rei
salted inaospicionaly, there is mach he. occasion
for remise thin of regret- indeed, the only came
for wonder will be that the Whig Party of ow State,
with the prominent and influenti2l OtScers of thy
Whig NationarAdministration against it hire done
so will. .
A DMpanty of the Whig State Conveutioo, led
by i member of Consmss who attended that Cdn
vention, as he slated, to represent the President, se.
ceded and called a hostile Convention. The New
York Express thereupon declared that the Admin.
istratlon would rather have the Whig Party of the
State of New York beaten than that it should have
.uccess upon the Platform of 11349, for on that Plat.
form the Syracuse Convention planted lu Ban•
At a meetlng called by Collector Maxwell, at the
House of Mayor, Itfoplanif t fo the coy of New
York, Mr- Duet stated that It wax of hula www
quifice whether the Wit* State Mete% was Hoot
ed or beatett,wslesa the candidates roped:toed the
embalm adeptol by the cottecatlon which coin.
- The tiatiotfajW tag Convention," bncink yJis
sed a 110101 , 2tiOla to support the Whlg Siam Ticket,
appointed a State Central. Committee, professedly
to promote their election. Hereupon the , Regular
Whig Coalmine° proposed to unite with the " Nov
tional" State Conuaittoo in the discharge of on im
portant duty. Some of the "Nouonale pron.-sod
their readiness to adoptthe suggestion, and different
days were named Cot n joint meeting. The Whig
Slate Conanttee met as was agreed on, bet the
"Natianals"'did not appear. Ni.r, as we arc in
.formed, have the/ taken the t interest in the
SUCCCIS of our Ticket. On the contrary, route
& filmset indiviAlree bare oppacd Whigrandidetes,
and several of them would rejoice as tinnily m
the defeat of the Whig Suite Ticket as they did in
ft:edema!' of General Taylor.
Abneypoi I nil tai won Jailed upon Cusvm
House and other Unitni States Ohre tenders This
Fisodots Collector Mnagrell Informed
pinked Whig, was to be devoted to the clecinin of
Washington Hum Not one dollar of it, however,
has been used for that purpose. What it woo "sal
for e w e ant left to conjecture.'
The Castle Carden tnovernent,ia which the No..
York Collector, Sub Treasury, Surveyor, - Sec.
through betchurn, "Jo }toxic," & Co., were-core
rimmed, cast the Whig candidate for Govensor note
The efforts of the 'Nationals" to defeat :dr.
Sehoolcraft in this city, and Mr. Sage in Rewire.
leer, ours Mr Hunt full LOCO.
The efforts to the FamelNationnts" to defeat
W; Smith, in Onondaga, cost Mr. Runt onoihor
1 UM.
Atid w on through Ida Stale, "Liationsil"
higs *tainting to be the = o d friend. ot the
General Atirairalarahon have, thallLeeders
asettheu Frames, hung as dean wood
. upon the
But with all this spurn no, it is not suns that we
are beaten. It is probable that theglotus . as and de.•
voted Whig Party, by a hearty sod general efort,
hare carried the State, against a united Loco Potty
Party, and against a treacherous faction, led by 01-
Hears of the National Administration, in our own
From the N. Y. Commercial Adveruser.
Lonnart, Oat. 25, 1850
Combination against Primate.
The evert of the present week has been an en
nouncemen•, which appeared in the Times of
yesterday. treat Buena and France had proposed
to Enabled that the three powers should forthwith
compel a nett'ement of the Schleswig Holitieln
question, and that if anv realatancis waa attempted
by the C orot of Berlin, her territory should be le•
vaded, on the North by Russia '
and oh the South
by France. The fact that such a transparent and
impudent plot could have been concocted between
these two demolition, and that they should have
invited England to he their cat'a paw, took every
body by surprise. A. fall of • half per cent in the
Ponds was the consegnence, 601 al tt was known
at the same time that England had declined the
scheme (our Ministers having suggested that in
lieu of It each of the three powers should eerier.
*hely remonstrate with Po:tread it, wee seen that
no immediate danger was impending. The ob
jects of Roans on the one hand, and of Louis Ns
poleon on the other, are, however, too palpable to
admit of disregard. The Czar would liko to com
peneate hironelf for his recent exertions in the
cause of Enropean absolution by a alum of Silesia,
and the President of France, now that the
ties of hie Roman expedition have lost their Iterh.
near, would eagerly gratis tube chance or new
popularity by gratifying the appetite of his coun
trymen for the Shanieh province.
The urgency of the proposal may be accounted
for by the elteurnatance that, with the approach of
Winter, when the Danes will beret off from their
retioareelt, the prospect of success on the part of
I the Holathicers become, exceedingly great Ann
thee reason reminds in the desire to alone Prussia
ifor her own eafety, so as to draw heron - from any
attempted defence if the constitutionalists In Hesse
Cassel. .
The grievauee alleged against Prursis is the
she not only perm her subjects to throng to lb.
Holstein sttuldsnl, but 'hot she ihsolutely rneour
. ..• . •
ages the amlo.r.ent by facilitating hs diachargn of
her troops. to enable them to join A. So large has
been the recent aecearmus of recruits to the Hol
•-• • _ _
stem army, that it is stronger now by alx thousand
men than tt was at the battle of Idstedt. The
number then wait about thirty thousand, and Geo.
Wilteen Atomises that it shall be augmented to
forty sit thousand. It is likewise complained that
whUs Protein, and tier allied Stater, which con.
salve the Erfurt Hokin, rause to join the other
G:rrnan States in enfacicg the ducontinnance of
the war, they also, by a rointsal of their content,
obstruct the King of Denmark from marching
Danish weepy into Holstein, to put an end is it
himself,-All the pleadings and counter pleadings
sal the affair, however, Dom the very first, been so
grossly distorted, that it is imposibte for perilous
at a distance to attempt to epportloe to each tide
Its due shirt of centime. One thing is certain,
namely, thatalthough there con be little doubt titre
hag played.frutt and loose, the charges against
Prutsia at the present moment ate merely eon
atractige, while on the other hind, the combina
tion against her consist. of the powers who have
been dyed with politival infamy for the plat two
years. The fact alto, that throughout the storm
no attempt hoe Ween made by the Xing of Denmark
to allay it by conceding the mat. requirements of
the people of the Duchies, tells surotply ne to the
views of his supporters, and Aunties Protein to a
partial event in withholding herself (torn a league,
whose note object to crying peace she may thirty
is to atilt s contest for political rtghts
towheelt mill point of great interest to otwerve
the effect throughout Germany oldie development
which has been made of the views of France and
. .
Ronsia. Any thing more calculated to awaken
the uatioOd indignation can hardly ba conceived.
The Prune tan Parliament will be convoked on the
12th of November.
The s7mptoma in Hesse Coeur{ contione chro•
cis. Went Col. Bardelehen, who had been an•
anima the mmmand or the city of Cancel, has re•
~x aed, and his place bas bona taken by • General
Helmenachwert. Every thing contintine all dead
an .
I Irk, d the little Strip is late a barrel et itun•
ponder to the midst of the tire helth, by which
she IP surrounded and are all afraid to be the fart
to provoke an explosion. The Ocelot, who is the
cause elan this danger, still beeps up his paste
board royalty at Wilhelmabad, and Mr. Etwers, •
high judicial funcoonary, who had been next for,
all it Is hoped . to form • near cabinet, hurt:tuned
LO Cassel without snares.
to Hsttocer the ministerial ems, mettionel
list week, has been temporarily staved off. Mr.
Sluvey, the Minister, who is a sorts! middle class
•ristocrat, with surries.nt shrewdness to check the
devpoticfolhae of hie master when they threaten
to become absoluitly rampant, has consented to
tremens hr Inc present bat no lIOJILSOIDDLI of the
' point which led ho the idea of his retirement,
namely the disarm al the Bing to aid In crushing
the Hessians, apnvitrs as yet to harshen Arrived
• Anuotria.
From Vi.nna, the hltle that hat transpired mete-
Ir nerves to ahlw the prevailing perturbation on
Germs° altairo. The papers have been prolybi,-
ed from publishing any intelligence reaarding the
111,,V1.13 , 4 of the army, anni, late represemailens
which turned out to be false, et it is alleged, eau*•
ed a pane A coolest between the most reaction
ars and the more moderate party in the Emperor's
Cann, enema o he anticipated, and the announce.
meet that the E7eperer teu ID learn Vienna 141
Warsaw on the 2lth mat, oo a visit Is. his soviser
and protector, the Czar ? may perhaps indicate
which way the Fiance m likely Ao torn. Count
Brandenburg, President of the Palmitin Cabinet,
talesman a visit to that capital with the view, it
la supposed, of banging .boot some common at.
rangement with regard to Hoed Canal,
Emigration from Hungary appears still to be
contemplated on ■ large scale. Jobn_Praitay. who
am formerly General Adjutant to Kossuth, la
❑rout to monad a groat oniony in Texan. Ho his
presented," it is said, "a petition to all Stale,
which 111. bean moll FCCOITCLL” The proposal
made is that oyes) Hungarian, who shill anise
bolero 1662, shall receive • cousin allotment of
'sod, , to some .ppolnted dlstriet, at a low Azad
pace, payable tylthin ton yam. Tho colony tic
• -
a am:Orli after Konuth, oliboa to coao of hie . offh.
11,•-p to ho entitled to foor . ellottocols of land, oo
ifothr conditions.
The relations between Rome and Sardinia are
in no way improved. Sardinia bas intimated that
she don not receipt's° eXiltinentrctinialanCea as
involving a rupture irlih the Ponta. or on neon
sititatiug reprisals ol any kind. She leaves /tame
to bey own yours. It The Sardinian Government."
It has been proclaimed, will persevere In in ad.
dertskisg. It suit continue to honor and protect
religion, sod at Ike same time ancompleth the etvil
retorts required by the ren.litottoni and smell
within the limits co what la practicable yogi elute.
b'e the-tweet iodependeneo of the peittleal and
religions prineiples."
A new del red ot the Pope, who proposes to re.
mai! his Murices bet direct tan do all his subject,
engaged la arta, trades bat:laity, and commerce,
is 4 Ultima expedien t which boa just been an
num:Keil. The scale la to be graduated, but its
amount is not yet stated.
nosoish Bishops In England.
The excitement caused by the news that Pits
his created mu Archbishop of Westminster,
hex been soddenly increased by th e Intelligence
;bat . erdosen bishoprics have also been erected In
Ettiliztd by his Millman. In jmnitloilloy of the
step, hu been said, by Roman Catholics, to be
nothing more than what ts adtd by all secta, 3
the Ism that the English go ver nor ent have ap
pointed a Protestant Bishop at Jesus dem, ad also
e Bishop of o,braliat and Malts, are referred toes
cases is point.
This analogy, however, bas been dented, since
ID lan lint isvemre the Bishop is not styled Bishop
ofieruttdom, but Wahop of the Anglican Clutch
in or at Jerusalem, sod the title moreover was not
created until the consent of the Sultan had aeon
obtained, while to rho second, the Bishop of Gi
braltar. Who eticreisca away also at Malts, was not
styled Bishop of Maus, for the ,very reason that
each a designation might hesetansed offence to
thoßomen Catholics of ;that Island flair soli{.
ling of this kind in raffled on day by day with
'atonally, as if the cause of vital religion wore
interested in it. Meabwhde, it has been iodic.
lonely pointed out that if Protestantism a in any
dittoes of being sold to the Popo, that danger is to
tit attributed eddy to those who arc c onv erts he
:two eapecially to protect it, the only to
Catholicism lo Easland being lotted In the. bosom
of the Established Church.
bliseelletaso us.
TLeta is nothing to tho shape of dolnestie attain
The lithernia, laic of Ito Cunard Roe, utledriorne
drys cur. for Cadiz, whetter, alit is hencieforth to
roe, ye nipped as a war summer, to Cuba. Tim
building fir the Exposition of ISSI is rapidly pro
ves:Joy, and will itself be the greatest wonder of
the whole affair. The electric telegraph between
England and France, is expected to bo ready by
the Npr; and Foe Ez Henderson, the contractors
for tha Expel:dila° building, are reported to have
taken Ito cool/act for Ma .ion rope. Mr. Stephen
son, the engineer of the ,ircat tubular hrirtge enrols
the Menai strait; la 0.1 ha way to Egypt, where It
LB alleged he will survey the Ime of the long pro•
yected canal between the Mediterranean sad Red
Sea. The moveent, In connection with the
Nicaragua questioi m , term. littly to direct public
attention to all suet, enterprise; sod it it highly
probable Mel the results which Will be obtained in
that instance will ultimately ho ouch eat sham,
late vhe world to imitate It by opening every
available channel of communication between elle
tent ClUtaliC.
money ittarket.
Th. Englien funds lain week were at 97*, and
mama to tint -position ot the setious European
poSsets on the Schleithrig Holstein question, they
haw moon berm done ad low an '97. To day the
ellsing price was 97i-
The last overlaid mall from India brought the
antiOusly looked tor intelligence of a general IM
prdsement In two snorkels intellig ence
manulactuted goods
at Bombay, Calcutta. and • Chins, rod this corn.
bleed wow the no:anats of the cotton crop from
your ado, he. created an Improved feeling of
In ell other deptutrecnts of business there is con
tinued steadiness sad activity, and a is probable
that there is no record of n Winter in thin coon •
try, the approach of semen has been mashed by
so Itiverable a condition of the working damns,
and, indeed, of the popOlation generally.
Oar last advice. from Nem York are to the 12th
of Ortober, by the Atlantic. tehteh arrived )eater•
day, and rstiotte letters have been delivered in
London this morning. bletih interest will be felt
in the voyage of the present steamer.
In the grain market there has been no altern•
Mon. Cotton has been firm. with prizes a shade
B. Knox arrived et the Tremont House, 'ester
day, with two Ktaps cliildreo, a boy and girl, of
an almost extinct race 01 Central America. They
are the most noire lookieg objects ever brought to
this country; brit they are •'nateral humans." LION
withamoding that their appearance, at lint glance,
is rather strains* them. The Soy It thirty two ii.
ekes in height, and weighs sixteen poundri and,
in the opintoo of Dr. Gilman Walla, of New
York, la shout ten year. of age The girl is
twenty eight inches is height, weighs fourteen
pounds, and ii supposed to be about eight years
of age. Their heads are dot larger than a new
born Infant'a, and the ma be almost Bald to be
destitute of forehead, while their nose* are finely
deseloptal,atmight, and Meg, ens project at a
well defined angle. Their eyes are full, dark, and
lemmam. Their heads are covered with strong
dark hart, which descends forward neatly to the
eye brows. The face is very sharp, the sipper Up
Im-tenting, and the chin receding Ina correspond.
log degree. Notwithstanding the almost eatiro
absence of forehead, there in not In the was
view, the least resemblance to the Simmil
They are cold to belong to the suivivingLrenanutt
of en awient order of priesthood, called Kaunas,.
which, by constant intermeniage within' their
own caste. bay dwindled dean to a few indlvld.
Lytle, diminutive In ammo", and embrolle In tend.
tee'.- Their heeds and faces resemble, exactly,
the drums on the has reliefs on the temple ruins
described in Stevens' Central America. They are
orphans, and at the close of a war betweem two
of the Aztec tribes, fell into the band. of a travels
ler amnia! Hammond. They are lively, playful,
and affectionate, but all attempts to teach them •
word at Engliih have thus far proved mast:cam*
fol; but they oceacronalty 'roles a few gibberish
sounds.—Baton Fast.
A Usx.ret. Luvrocrioft.—Tho, newly invaded
steam diving bell boat, built recently at Paducah,'
Kentucky, is accomplishing wonders on the Weals
cro water. She was built for the express purpose
of rescuing property trout snake. vesselkand soon
after being launched and prepared for business she
proceeded up the Cumberland river to the wreck
of the steamer Charles Carrol,and in about three or
four weeks' time, the entire cargo in the bull,
of some four thousand five hundred barrels
pork and lord, was taken out, and finally the hull
itself was raised nod , emoved from the channel •
the river, to which it had formed a very serious ob•
envenom This extensive job completed, she pro
ceeded to the Ohm, where the machinery and boil
ers of a sunken boat were taken out. Thence she
was directegto the spot, a short distance below
Cane, where the summer Neptune sunk, thirty
years ago, and with a dive of fifty fire feet, a nem.
ber earaches were rescued, which were madder.
ed hopelessly lost. The iron chew of Moberg; con.
taming sundry articles and u pocket book Ailed
with what were once beak notes, were the
contents of the cleat, but they disappeared neva
as brought to contact with the air, and nattehall:Se .
MB Weil but the calfskin In which they were navel
oped. About five huadcred pigs of lead, in n good
state ofpreservation, were also taken front the
deep, a jar of butter, decidedly the olden now
extant. The far is said to be • curiosity in its way
with the Wet:meal saucer on the month to preserve
the coatents from injury, and shows the rote of the
shipper of this necessary article in those peaunve
d tya--INat. Intel •
CELT HAUL or Cottetwrarett Monerl—lnfors
mum having coma to carer Best, that there were
certain pees:math town, whose business was the
manniacture of spurious not., he set lihnseif at
work . on Monday, and in a law hoar. suet:ceded in
obtaining possession Gotta of the ...mtg., them
selves, and 57,7:0}n counterfeit notes: - These
notes were on the following hanks,--45,780 in WO
notes on the Mechanics New Bedford, Mars•
I saehmetts; $1,910 in 310 on the Ferment and Me
chunks' Bank of Michiger; and SBO, in twenties,
altered trout ones, on the Western Bang of While
Creekl l l - 411ington county, New York, the persons
upon whom these notes were found, end who were
subsequently brought before Justice Child sad corn
mllird, gave their name* a. Henry Thompson,
Mary . M, Lirufm, and James Bates. Tb. counter
tens on the Fanners and Mechanics' Bank were
found conceited upon the wow:in.-18nd'. Com.
.rt.l Detour, betweet
leaprov•mexts• sn ttirtemietr7s
DR. 0 0. STEARNS.,tate ot klosion, is prepared t esunfactere and set BLOC Tine In strbois mod pa
Mots, ape, dueller, or illtnntreerie tasetion Plates.
200117Ae11l Cur= us rtes Itleunt,lsliere She nerve I
exposed. OCR= and residence next door te its May
or's Miter., Fourth street, Pittsburgh
Rails B. ItS , Fetlilen.F. 11. Rates tall'
/11 M.CORD & CO,
Retail Manutacturer.t. Dealers is
Oar. WeOd &Flint eta, Pittsburab,
- -
Where they Mier • fail .d conthiste Sucker Hai
Caste, Fuse, de.. of evert qneta7 and cline M Whoi .
sate and Retail, and /ninth the attention of thelr
totem .d gm:chases. genterithly, &slating theta th
they will .ell en the COST llnaarti•lrOGl TAM,
lAr cod at,batween Thi rd aII annh,
era 120 v treeiving lite; *cur large and inperlar F
lilogt of
also, LINNETS a d aptedV/Ib sn tho
moo., ...a eaprtraly to ate arest.ero tradade
lc bas been setreted veldt greet dare, and as to ems
ends la t
orts surpassed by , any stock ID be
uttter co4t t. Vol .pastonter. and Intr.
chants generally an wetted to colt end emit:nine, as
we Ittlerlllli.ed 10 tell on the 0011 ressonstle
terms. 61tro,1;inodseor's PSIOSIt gabber Shoes of ell
bloat eructislo
Of PittaburBll.
Odttee-4to. 44 Warm street, ur the ararthouse ofC
CUMPANV la now prepared to Lamm all
1. kinds al In
on haeradt, anemanscuartra, pads
merettarrame In elOro, Cool so lzonsitis yowls, k.c
en ample shatan:y fat the Malay and lumpily at
the Instaxmon, is ularderl to tho character of the De
("Ann, 101,0 are all cturens or Parshurgh, Well and
favorably abo‘vo to:then:mm.4y for theft prudence,
rhirnmenea, and antagrity.
Drumm—C. Ilumay, Wm. Casale'', Wm. Let
{mar, Jr,, Walter Cryaut, Hugh D. Mae, Edward
Heasetton, Jae Haworth, 9. itarlAogh, 9 Kier.
Are now prepared with a largo awl bee Conk of
Englahi German, .0 Artioaienn Ilurdwaria to offer
superior indeceinents to buyers. Incise a/Want to
pperehare will promote their iutercat by looluori
boarish nab stria. NI they are deo:mooed to sell on
.ha Most reasonable terms. augl3 -
Mn WWllls—P4Oase flone tho mine of WILMA
of the Fenzel. Ward,' o. • candidate ter
Itlayartet the cueing electiCL, .object L. the d." -
idon of the Whig Convention, awl oblige
Ma. Mufti—Po—Too ucul ples/aannounce die
owns of Weans C. Mosusu, as a csnlidete tot the
Mayossly, subject to So. /init.'s.° of ihe Whig
Coosestuon. Mr. /Melva. clasps old be strongly
urged by a host a( (sends, ha brio( boat capable sod
E. W. cum, LAW Illgheonttable of Potsuatab, ant
basapptted at a candidata lot the Deka of Mayor
the tort election, nubjest 1110 OCCi.OI3 the
Whil and •tainotecna Convention, he
O. lA. 7/111LOR. ,
QTater atntion will be elven ro all buena. an.
IrDa trust , d a bra core. Virtalturab roartufactured
articles always on - band ur procured at abort notice.
NW., t e r ror
Mortivel, Or., negotiated on favor
able terror. Advances made, If required. ortitaro-.
bre hi - Was - s ViialliZox.—Dena o,a follOiriaj cat-
Acme, and than doubt, If you can, the triumphant
qualities postman by this oast remedy
Cusicsin. 2ntrtrail/, VaXA.A. Co.,
December 91E,1647.
ilr Ithaa stir—Dear tit T-1 rase plearare in lam-M
-ing you, the bottle of Dr. lintane•stienEltsigC, which
1 purchased from you, has give a mg entire satisfaction.
I ova too child of coma one ma spoon toll of It, and
she Fused Ili worms. The bait morning I gave her
a tea .peen full MOM whoa she passed 113 more. The
next 'Morning l gnat her the game qattoty, and she
peered ;3 moro.—Yours, Me. '
For sale by!. RIDS. CO ; No Co Wood mem.
lachccriaMy comf.lY t.-
Quest Om I would give youlan account of the almost
mmaculnus curt of my Intlr Llacctacta cyrtky the use
of your "Petroloam,
She was attacked with a vary sore eye in February
or March Ism, when I immethately applied in the best
medical aid in the city, by whom It wee pronounced
a my bed eye and nil gayr t.e no hare of doing
liar any good. Alice Hutch l tout net into the coca
try to an old lady, who Lad been very enceetsfal ht
Miring eyes.. She told me that Lef cats wee hopeless,
03.1. would eenalnly lose rot only that one, bat
also that the What would fellow —it being a werefolons
affection of the blood. And I da certify Alt at the
timo my tuba, I/. it. Yaritorn Tams le the conclattiOn
Mayers had bettor try Tout PrtrOieUClP tau was
of non eye. It 111 now about two
menthe it she began its ore, and she can 11011140
with both eyes as good as ever slit and, an far
leo 194 , tell, I believe sue has, with the blessing of
he Almighty, been eared by " Petroleum"
Years, Terre Wally,
Al Fosses. Vasnoa Cocoa.
Pitieburghlt, Rem. 30, p-uct
For sale by Keyser & McDowell, 140 Wood street;
E. belles, 07 Wood M. GI ; D. M. Carry', D. d.. El.
Hon, Joteph Douglass, Rad H. P SeLwarta,ialegheelY,
.100 by We proprietor, 8. 81. KIER,
novl'olfar Canal Dula. &mewls et, Pitudnurgh.
Mee of Ohio and Canna. R. ft Co., Third 61.
P 111111.1.1, dapat 2,1E50.
Toe Stockholdrra of the Ohio and Penneylvanta
Rid Road Compeday are henebreotiged to pay the
eighth Instannonl of aye dolls. per lbws, at the etce
of the Company,® or before the Saab day of Atalat
The edoth inatalmentl on or before the 20th day of
September. The tenth Instahnern on or before the
00th day of October. next
Cr The 7th inetaledent was called fin op the 9eWl 0
July lam.
Ds Erma—Too will pleas, stiontwoe thin li.
L i oncsottos, Esq., will ba copponed by his friends in
a candidate for the office of Mayorontba next election,
cabiect to the decision or the Inl Anilmasonle
co i scotioo, Inol2d&wieTIS IXTH WARD.
=X :12
On the 221 of October, IE6O, by the Bev. Watson
Hygbas, Mt. A. F. &revenants, Bible agent of &Ile
aberty city, to Miss E. P. Peewee, deogitter of John
C. Planner, Fag, of West Newton, Westmoreland
county, Pa. noltwT
This for Clistimu.. only.
RR. HOLLICth ariltLeeters on the Pbisiolo, ST of
the Patenud System. lib:sorted by sit his
els and Paintinss
Admission, 2$ ems.
- Sotto* to Female Tooottors.
A N :11::V.Tti;Z:1"1!na011tho'stf..1,°.°&°47f
pmebersta, will t held at !mid ech,ol house en Eater
day. 1.61111.9 i t. ~ott M
eal/ ~ 30S W. LkWIS.
ouginuan.imrs , PIANOS.
• PAT 'RECEIVED, a new
iffilfiChlckerhirall,Cllind 7 acts
also, a richly carved Oaann
most beat:tilt' instrnatent ea
to Ills COY. Thou, Piano. wtll be at:polls.
at Boston pric 1011000 SKI Cain.
I.OlreATIo/101 11use Also received, a Inc lo
wood plain and d Plano Eames., with
land hair cloth as ts. For ,ale by
Agent for Chicaning% Plano, for Waste
nolt '
F. BALES Scarlet Flame's, all grades;
isl 10 bal. 8000101 twilled Flannels, al
0$ bales tiellossi do
2$ do Mai do
0 do Green Bodkin! do
Sna. approved ste Blankets,
00 p p s 7.4 imp. sack F lo nnels, all en
05 ps French, Germ. West of £
American Blatt, Sloe, BIOWIi,
Breen Brood
. 24 i . s iwa,;;;;Forc,;. - 4,,tha color:
15 ps Blue, Brown, Green, and lit
attend frommanufacturers, 1 . 111.1 TC
are a esneethdly tnytted
examitne the same at .. A l A 51A,V,,
treld CI tr.G4kla
nols '
DROWN FLANNELS—I time 34 and •
J.JI Ceir[a for tale 111 mrartfacorrere price
Corner of Third and Market meets.
Tho only Chartered Institotiou of the kind In Penn'a
• isentrt.
John Fleming, Principal Instmetor in Ike Science
of Accoutre.
0. E. Chamberlin, Professor of Penmanship, Mel.
tannic Competent/0, &c.
Alex. M. Watson, Eau, Lerturer on Commercie
The coarse of Instruction includes Hook Keeping,
and its application to every branch of business, /ee•
tares on Commercial/4M and Commercial Science,
Penmanship, Mercantile Computation, Sc.
Students can enter the College at any tame, and
wben entitled, will receive iXDiplont a, signed by the
Faculty and Eialllittiln Committee. cold
. ,
BY virtue of a precept ender the hands of Wm, U.
MeClure,Dreslde ta of the Court of Common Pleas,
io and for the Firth !edictal District or PenusYlvittlie.
and Dollee of the Coe“ of Oyer and Terminer, and
General Jall Dellvery In and for said District, and
Win Kett sad SamealJ ones , Darla, Amami. lodges
of the tame county, in end' for the County of Alla.
oeny, dates the Bth day of November, In the loot of
one Lord out thousand eight hundred and Illy, and
to me directed, for hold i n g a Court of Oyer and Ter
miner and General Jell Delivery, at the Conn noun
in toe city of Pittsburgh, on the fourth Monday of De
cember next, at 10 o'clock,
Public nonce is hereby given to all Justice. of the
Puce. Coroner, ) and Constables of the County at Alla.
yh.cY. mat Mbe then and ;here, In melt proper
maaas, with th e i r rolls. records, inquisitions, ,
ammattons, and other remembrances, to do those
taints, wrack to tam =pectin offices, n their be .
halt, appertain to be done—and also those that
prosccum the prisoners that sow an, ac may be to
me rail of geld county of Allegheny, to bs then and
Mac to praaaaata against them as shall be Jon.
Divan under my band at Pittsburgh, this Bth day of
November, In the year of our Lord, one thousand
eight hundred and olityound of the Comonvireallit the
74th • CARTER CUITTIn, Sherilt.
I notlinkandT
frAIIN lap by the subwriber, ley, Ninth Ward of
We nay of Plttabargh, on Fr the nth Mama,
• Art Bay Horse, abont revs oil, 13 hands high,
two whim leet on mint Ode, mad Midi whim eyes
en hie forehead. The owner ie regulated to come tot.
ward, prove property, pay charge* and tea*. tam
away, or he will be daposed at according to law.
Formerly Lafayette Amenably Roena, Wool nisei,
Entrance on Fannie meet. ,
N TUESDAY Event(, Nor. Uti a Grand Cob.
con of Vocal and ladtamental Waste, consisting
of (iterates, Thor, Deena, denim, at., frot the best
cootposers, ba sly. In the apicialtd New Hall
as above, by Miss litaft, ' lllessitt. Utataboni, gibber.
liarboidL and outer, who hare, In the atrideit
blotter, =derail Lima vmlUalle services on Ilkin oe•
oatiou, Nang for the UNNI.FIT OF VT PAUL'd
• • • • •
I•ynyramroes bc lasi.] on Tutulay.
tNirls of adiutralon, CO cants. to he hal at the prin.
cipal MOO and Book More. at W. C. Want LIMP
ary Depot, fourth street, and at rhu door.
Coaran to tornotahco aro quarter heron a o'clock
ROSMAN 111711309.
A LOT of geoulte Etonian Stamp for Vlohoa nod
Nabors niseelast beemecemeed by the nillacriber.
Then moos. ma from the - most celebrated factory In
Italy; they ~re fear threads And Mar ;corns, an.; cot
besot) of WOO and durability, are unrivalled. he
sitbsctilnef agent hating ; it:chased tie above for
b.Ol Inc (scatty, may are warranted Oapartor to any
thing of toe kind ever offered m thin country.
Guidon Harp ; No-Ibl Third at.
N.D.—Noss cycling e splendid now lot of Mums k
Clarl's and Danhages celobrated Man.
2111 CW 110081 I NEW 80021.111
Teled creel, oppoalte the Poet Office.
BOSTON Shakepaare, No b 7.
Mimi Merchants' 2dagastne for November.
amckerboaker amoebic do
DenMenulo Boyle,' • do
Wern: . 7 Ne c7lll l4 e:ra M nieVT4r
LAVIUK Age, No 2 ' 39.
ReneePempleum, by Charles Lever,
• Woman In America, her Work and her Reward,
by MAIM J . bleleteelk—a new and cheap edition.
C UD FISU-i t lams 1134
1111 mt
ryLIEESE—_OI bo o non for We by
ALTPETRE-11:1 bag. a muriva, for ..le by
ORIALYTONE,I9 Las jo.rrwe, for Bale by
volt leAIAH DICKEV it CO
nREEN APPLES-50 brls reporter, for sale by
Ur Doll W tiAfrpAucat
„TRUNK 804RD3-100 bum:lles snorted Marmite
dassacitssetts Trial* Boards, beat Tastily. to
e NAO. A CULBERTSON k. 01411.1:ty.:
M01.4138E8 4u barrels S. lilltiolsasia, Brltoial
rebberl, teat received Mises by
RAISINS -00 bxs; fresh on hand and to anira
L INSEED OIL- 25 brlaaikt ca r c iso l Ec br
253 Llbery
SAL. BODA-7 caal. Eatßib, Ju t 1.. 1 / 4 1 for .1. by
col a 7 Wood
LtaiIPULACK-115 brli jast recd for by
Boiis-70 do, extrik onm. b ro om.. An tale by
UM.IIE-135 La* W. IL Cbee•Lfor iale by
Doll • WICK 4_lllc N DL
Sf.LE:RATVB-7icaakt teed for ale by
URRAITTS-13 cuki reed for sato by
M -65 l ) b is N
V o I C EB •
oo h m e C Co N r DokLEtS for
BUCHWHEAT FLOUB-470 saeki Ballad Duck
wheat Flour, received Air rale by
W RAPPING PAPER-70 mu Crown;
rms Medium, for iiale
PAPIM HANSINUS—LIght dad dare Sulu Wall
Papua, at 2e. Pt: con, zor sal. hi_
anti 3 tVoot .t.
ri‘RRISIL, PAPER, for lining trunks and Dozen
_ .4_
tor silo yr holeado and mall, P
'don, on Wall Papal, for lido by
T EAD—UX* OlerA just rceetred mearaer
.Li F.xpress, tad to: sale by •
VITRACT LOGWOOD—iO boxes Sandford's tor
..r.d male try SCHOONMAKEIt Ct.)
DollWl Wood at •
N -
MEO9-1.3.1 No 1, br rale by .
cullta- 3 "r tiValiooNmAKEß. co
toll aunt uri MAKER CO
TIN FOll , -1 oasis best Frendh, for sato by
:poll tiCllooNM•yrg k co
CRAM TARTAR-5 brlypure for tab, by
RNICA FLOWERS-114 10 for roleLky__
T „ETTER'S of Adealtirrnalon have thIO day been
Ls granted to the andatsigned oft the awls ofJoseph
Ideldasten, Jr., law of Patton 'awash*, Allegheny
county Pa. All persons Indebted are called *pan to
mak. ii=eoauk payatent d
, a oly a nd persons having
Wallas resent them, tatwatlewed, for
nagMial.. THOMAS SIeMABTERP, Pwww tp.
H. R RING. elty=.
V. Cloy, Rand. Loam & Gravel.
To Suprroiroro or Roads armors of lirdh, Faro.
ers 4 Ral Rood rod Caul ContratiOrr.
MIRE subscriber respicifully offers to the public
.o been thoroughly tested, and which he la now in
iftducing. This Implement is simple in 111 construc
tion, Wong and datable. yet light, weighing about 75
Pouttelu It eae bossed to all soils with the greaten
case, by any t'sie who can Use • plough. One Mott
wtab a pair of horses or yoke cirtittit can easily do
the work of ten men. lr is highly metal in in leg
rood., levelling lulls, digging ditches, cellars, and
canals, and in excavating for rail road. or other pat
The =oat Important Improvement In the stracture
of the Excevetto Is the introduction of changeable or
teeth on circular surface, with an eliplo'
these teeth •ine In number and proportion adorn.
to the condition of the soil in which the Excavator Is
used. Thit implement Is cheap ns well as durable,
belch retailed at the low price of 83.
The Patentee invites the public to the ahoy° facts
and asks MI who may doubt them to give his inven
tion a trial. To be seen tor the present as HEAGY &
BROE, Mansion House, Liberty Meet, Pittsburgh.
nolltdresr9 . JOSEPH SWEET.
I rerpeciattle young men to so.
a new and popular work.
k. Ellqpire at 406 Second ft
QEPARATE Pro ale will to received until the
CI 20th inst., by th undersigned, at Ws °Sec, No 45
fixebange Building St. Clair strget, for the lollolltaff.
work, at the United elates Mange Hospital. near thL
eltr—For furnishing and delivering about 22,000
cable yards of earth for filling op and , levelling the
else, ln.aceotdance whit a Grade which will be given.
For famishing and deliver/lug about 2,000 cable
yards of rubble atone and for looming the same whit
about a,OT cable yams at gravel to pegs-c: the bank
of the Ohio River—the gravel to be taken from the
beach at low water
stock of
ye Pianos;
'l.lo, the
r brought
as usual,
■ 11,14,
kf Rosa
. •
For the excavation and maronry for the extension
of the main sewer, e Maumee( &haus CO met There
will be about 600 cubic yards of light excavation for
sewer and aide drains. and about 400 cubit yards of
stone masonry. Tue' sewer to be built of 'hard and
durable stone, laid billet* mortar, and wellsrouted.
For furnishing the nowerlals an d erecting a wooden
fence to enclom the rile.
All materials and work must be subject to the in.
.spection and approval of the superintendent. The
whole watt to be completed as early next seam as
Contmiont. and bonds, with two improved samara,
will be.requated to no entered Imo within ten days
after notilmereonAf .cceptanee of the bids. Fleas
and spetlfizatiansef She work can be seen, and such
o bet informations* may bo required, can be obtained
at theoltice. Superintendl, Az.
Pitubuigh. Nor. 8, 1990 .— out did
(Journal, dein, rOll4 /c.Enterptise, c nay till 201)
COD LIED —l2 doiertlitahton, Clark Co&
pure; aIAD 25 g lions in bolk,Aislyogrived by
noO GO Woo I at
TINE-13 Orb ricetted by
1 KIDD k. CO
S Y . I
, T 9 TS TORY'
SPANISH WHITING-SDM, reektfor vile by -
noto J KIDD & Co
ARIg WHITE—tO brit superior, for ..le by
aai 7 SIDDG CO
r 7 1 ,111111.
T UST received, a large and well aeleeted stock of
froth Tema from the tropotterv, comprielna the very
best anallitheonGreen and 13Iaek Teas, which will be
slid 03 the mew tavorable terms, wholesale and retail.
The attention of landhes is respeetraily Invited to the
aseorithera. 1112 i RT C. kELLY,
nonniter Cor. Fifth st. k Martel alley.
• Corner Of Fourth and Market street.,
ima RACES a complete assortment of School Books
14' School Aparattie, Giobes, Mope, (ddis, and
other edardtiona kelps. , Teachera,School Direcuirx,
anti families We Invited to call and examine the Mock
I :slff b : n c i ta .
compti.e.. Napa, etch Iby.c,t-t
teats 'LIt.TI7 .. i,l,iLetr.l.."y h rloc l ess h ao;lg"" nt .
coo : Cor. Alarketk Fourth its.
IVI . A.S m O v N'S HLACRING —I. si.ll4o j rnS l Zl .
ALARGE throe *tory [trick Iloose At Hand street,
opposite Bt. Andrew's Cbutob. Apply to
noP:dlw AO Liberty at.
Loug4 Shawls 1 Long Ilhavvl.l
BURCHFIELD are now opening n
M fail tuuotinent of above geode, of newest styles
of t h e celebrated Bay State and Waterloo manual,
From to 30 dollar.; and a large supply of good.
gcamally, some of which, aludaced prices. Blume
MW please_eall at north caw comer of Fourth and
arket street, at*
— t b rTr l oeqs " do 7 l fije family use, received
Has day and for sale by
ITHE nnequalla4 success which has attended the
UND and BLOOD PURIFIER, la eft-en:any ear•
Onceoll,elect guarantee. and recommendanort to in
all who ors &Meted with this drawl/al dint
to its nrcc. •
Hundreds of cafes, many of them citizens of St.
Levis and others from abroad, have been eared with
in the last few months in the city or St. Locis alone,
while letters from agents abroad stow also that it la
performing the same wherever tried. Many of these
ware Chronic eases of long standing, and all hope of
recovery had been given up. While others were of
mere recent date, of the acute Inflammatory form,
very wire.. AU. however, yield to the wonderful
Mines if this reedielhe, and triourands who have re
althed kJ, benefits, and are now in the enjoyment of
hnstth C. bat esteem the original disaaverer and
proprietor, a benefactor in mankind
It ts well known from the expenwhe of the past,
that co oill11•Ilttl application can posaibly effect per-
Yincitrit cure of that 'treadlet disease. fly the appll•
cativo of stimalonog liniments, partial relief, In some
ease., may be obtained for a short time. Hot all the
while this diocese hazing its grasp more periu.rnely
in the system, shit sinner or later will again develop.
itself toe more dreatifhl term, and oiler a few peri
-1 odical returns, Itsettles ono st citrone form which, if
not soon eoreued, rains the ludnadvat :or life. 'rho
is vaned by the history Cl the pith in ell enemies,
and more fatly demonstrated by the history furnished
of to the proprietor of this compound, es given by
several hundreds of th.e who have parse.' under his
- immediate notice and treatment donne the. last few
BLOOD PBRIFIEId Is an Internet remedy— co.
mulcts 11l operation. where the disease first allot
notes. and, In porifylns the blood, yam. through the
whole system, neutralizes the Impure or caustic seal;
ment wealth** settled upon the membranes, ornsalts
and tendon!-remain it entirely from the system, and
restores the Individual le perfect health.
Le, those who are afflicted net deceive themselves,
and put el' the use of this medicine too long, or until
their limbs are dislocated or contacted to such • de,
pee dint they ars:el/PPles foe life. Thu experience
of hondrods of thontands dating the past, as wall as a
multitude at the omen day, demonstrates the folly
of expecting permanent rebel from external applt.
The proptsetpr of this valuable medicine know.
from ezperience, that no outward application
possibly elfeeta permanent clue Where M. disease is
direly hued In the system kie can and does prepare
and apply an embrocation In very acute CMS. Watch
ell give relief In one hour's nine, but WI will not
rect ape:nate* cure. The nature of ibis disease
Is such that it requires longer time, and an Internal
iemedy,to prodice the desired effect, and /dominion's
Rheusta•le Compound cod Wood Paid. is the only
remedy that hes ever been thscovered,althsr inAmers
Oa Of any other country, mat wilt CliaCtilallY Cate this
This madiana can ha had. arbaleaala or retail,
112 Second itzett,.Plusboriti.'
Prier, es per bottle;• 0 b Wes for $23, pet
dolma. Pamphlet. cm be had grad. of tho7got 9 t.:
ootd fl. WISHART
lug - AN/VS ratent Improved, Atonable Anode'" for
171. YeePintin a hook like Form, music, original
TOMOS, sestets, periodicals, newspapers, dra•ings,
bent cheeke,lor any other papers where method is
desirable. Tide invention, it le confidently battered.
le the beet ant - resented to the public for the pur
pose for which it is desisted, and will furnish to
many a desideratum long needed by all who may
desire to prifeet the system of precutting papers' (or
ready and easy reference_ For sale by
H. 7 sroccroN,
ens - 17 td•rket et.
nlrtrAt. WWII MID 101111...
11/0 00 1 00 0.
ilAtt TBftED 1825,
llEsndealltnad hu been appointed agent for this
old ..a - responsible company, to ...reed Mr.
Fayene Brown, and is rends to loner at:doles in the
Flee and Marine deparunent, on as favorable terms
as any other ensponsible company In this city.
e rS Fourth ase nut to Bank of Pittsburgh.
Arr...llPrer.unt, Capitzt.S:odi, Surpiu I%cuit
$l,OO (},,000
fig NE under.lgned would cell the [mention donor.
1 chants and others having property eipmed to
lam byVire or the perils of Navigation to the moon or
nametape. acted by the
Protection inilAraixo• Company
or earrsoan,conn.,vls:
I.— R ES P O N S IBLE ORthe. Prenitur l low tho of any WA
5 a• se
the Yen ' e j r r
aiTurtlitlaioU ' y ' f “ or ‘ tfe l l=e l r r u
and Southern stu n t.. •
. .
3.-I.drbitrotion iof all differences which rosy wise)
iilCieterees mouinity chosen.
4 —Awards promptly paid to Specie, Bent able Funds,
or Exchenge on New York, Baltimore, Charleston,
Neva Oricum, Si Louis, Louisville, Pittsburgh, or
Cincinnati,nt the option of the insured.
V' Pamphlet*, setting forth the mode and prig.
elples of admitting losses, rases of premiums,
cation of hazards, te., famished to the customers of
the office fret ofcbarge.
For further information, apply to the undersigned,
who is folly authorised to insure Dwellings, Biome,
lintels, Warehouser, Mille, Manufactories; Earn, to.
lioneehold Furniture, and Goods, Wine., and Mar.
anodize. contained or staved thereto, irainet lou e
damage by FIRE.
My Gadd% Grocones, btu:arse:and
duce, Household Pumintre, Live Steak, andevery
other description of rdercharuilso or Personal Pro-
MIT , slopped or to he shipped per sood steamboat,
or boats to and from points on the Western Waters,
of between Eastern cites (via Lakes, or other :Wand
route) and any tortes lathe Western eountry,
Shipments or Goads W
, ares, end blerehndire, per
itood Wessel or rein's, between New Orleans .4
ESSUIta ports—between New Orleans and ether Gulf
Eons—betar.n all daseuisan pens and English or
=OM. ports, or te
erg other tnatititne_mt
eoever Glee mien. rrawntratillt. the F=M OF
74 Fourth at ., next to the Bank orPtuaburgit,
AMALE macaw, compatont to raperlinond a hay
school, will and a dealrablo onsailon, and to
eeiro a 'Bull Will i by maim nomadiam appli
cation In penom to UmDana or Hdaeatloa,totba
own of Wellsville, Columbiana Gomm; Obio.
By order of As Bald.
nollidawaiwthabl W. 11. IdAMMTOISB, Owl
CHIZISNUTS-19 buts to .
ala lour br
iGLISH a etzeigrr
la MEET APPLEN-160 I; 1. 'which 'we will WI
Etil,i,l9ll a. sEN,F:rr
prCKWlrEtie .acts Ilnekarhear
LP near, a .apenor mliela or rare eq
SODA ABl.l-1D reek. Bed. Are, received and for
We by f nr.e, H. a W. HA lIBAUGH
SANLSII SOLE LEATHER -110 elder Spaniel,
Sale Learner, received innler n~c Iry
_ . 05 W
?rtctlsed and for vtr by
Adli—TJO calk; `Hoiko,
brand• for oak ay J P FLOYD
nal Rottod Chroch
FISH—fO We No 3 Ofitekerel;
10 Liao Wbios Fi•b;
- •
F drams CA Fieb;
100 01•Scbted Hefting, for able by
Irrjlt La barrels and kegs far sT r ae7Fg
OULSVILLE 1. IS . tb.r "
bartelsLoofreale Cool
jij aer by
VITIISTDOW GLASS-1,000 boxes ell :sea, in scoe
TV =l3 for ninny
WOOlllB-200 doe coalmen and fancy for r
ale by
nog it Iu
P'IND IRON-00 SIM Ansealo furnace for tale from
the Atleghany wharf Ina] J& It FLOYD
etLIGAR 15 Man kb= N. 0. recta on consignment
1.7 rot gala by MILLER & RICKETSON
notl . • 421 trit3 Liberty .t
tins. Worcestershire Sauce Jun reed by
iscv usistris—lou be. Lew M. R. for cale
PRi hWAL-1.5 tone No 1 hot blast Flangiog Rink
tor 14tla by JAMES A 111Mt1HISON A CO
SUGAR-10ebrjs mall loaf reed for see by
Asly AL Louts Sugar Refinery.
les Carolino', my handsome, fn.. pale by
HOT-;!37 key assorted number,. for Ignio by
AGIYYL to do general boos* work, to whom. per
takeout sheet= and good wages will be given
N one nakd apply without grad references as to eba
add vbtll , Y. Apply at this ogle.. no?
D•ak of Plitshargb.
TlilE President and Director. of this Bank hove
this day declared a dividend of four per cent on
the capital stock. for Oa last six month,, payable to
atockholders or their legal represennuives, forthwith.
November Rh, 1650.—n07111w
Fifty Dollars Resraid.
STOLEN from Baldmore, Novetriher 51h, a Bay
Dare arbh • long tail, and • Burg , with • ••• 1
body, paildicl'green, and listing drat, 7ho thief Is
about ad years °flue, red face, aed chick ref. l will
glee Fifty Dollars ftevretd for the arrest of the thief,
adobe, f may get hinq JOHN fitcOLINTOCK,
nc7tdDe Lexington sn, Baltimore.
Well Pat
G RINDSTON 64-1 live feet diameter;
40 assorted mires, for sale by
lIIEFSE-100 tat tar itale
BROOMS -LW dos for sale by
PATENT THREAD-3740 lbs best black, direct
from the mastaromory and for sale cheep,
I. E American Magintrate and . Civh Cificer; The
law relative to criminal ponseenuons, m respect
in An... 7 and ...marl Proceedings therein, before
steles of the *cacti end other magistrates, end to
proton, proceedings end potence, etumpriting arrest,
bad, nod connoltmant to sera ems in the severe
Slate, espeelely Pennsylvania. By Marietta M.
Kinney, author of the -Pa. Justicep Sc.
Harper's New Moodily Kineitinn for November.
The above works past received for wee by
Car. Market & Thud eta.
Chronicle, American, and Poe, copyl
I EHMAN YUNS—V.OO packs full
eruct for sale by
jOOK Ba. EVES-1200 g 10.4 platni, No. I, 2, 3, 4
and 5, jest received tot sale by •
RED FLANNEL—Be pee all veoobreeeleed on coM
elinmem, and will be so:d ebesp.
ALL persoe• indebted to the estate of Wee IL Gra.
ham, Esq., late of Koss town, top, Allegheny
colony, deoeseed, are requested to tette I sumealate
payenenn and all person,. having elanms against the
estate will present ilium, duly autheithented, tor ter
dement. Li N. WitITE
" . " 6 "'
ncy7oilltrAveGiS ' •
Merehnints , and ilastufac tut sr. , Bank.
PLUS Bank has this day detlarei a dividend of
lour per cent en its capital coos, est oldie profits
for the last atz mon th s; payable alter the tenth inst.
TOBACCO. -25 kw Gage's II twist for We by
006 1.44 Liberty st.
GOD PRIII-3 drums in more (dr. •alo by
DUCKETB-11 do. gnat noived and for sale DT
UTTER-12 brl. prime roll, for lab u
O:MY—I box of it dell hurl flavor far oat* by
CHESTNUTS .4 obu In mare and tor tale bi I
BUCK WIIEST FLOUR... 63 mks for We try
RUNK ROARDS— 30 bybd les' for sale by
NIACILEREL—W. brio No 3;
hf brio oo,TCI ail, law to dos
JOHN , hi oyADEN ft CO
oso-.Pent at
aaitsircuaent, by
• boa
. CIO DA ASH—A few cuk. tot sada Iry
1:7 itoo JOHNS Ma ADEN fr. CO
D 091 N-110 brls No I extra white, for wale law I.
.1.16 twits or good aegoolable paaar,' '
DOG JOAN . lila PADEN fr. CO
PUG AS --w 6hd• (.Jr, ',Lading for solej.,
I ARD OIL-10 Otis jun recebred far rale by
PRIME L.1111:1-1U0 LII3 just reel for .al. UT
fiIIEESE-1000 bit prime;
SOO bia erelca, for sale by
ROLL BUTTER—Ia Ig c l i s In alo o tn .
Jan received for rate by
LOVES SHED—Shalt In .to and.for tato by
SALERATU3-00 • en In itore and for im a by
Exchange Beak of Pittsburgh.
11111 IS Batt has this day declared a dividend of
four per cent, out of the profits of lilt, last sir
months, payable on demand.
THOMAS H. HOWE, Cashier.
Pinshorah, No, s;lBsD—oregd2te
IiIANSPARENT . SILIDIiS—rA large assortment
a 'of el &rent ttylcs ofWlodow Shades, reo'd from
the manufacturers in New limb, sablett we wol sell
ihrholmale and retail at the lowest prices
nob ' 71k 4 Wood at
Keep your Woof. Dry
JUST received Hem the Phillipsville Oil Cloth Fac
tory, 111 von cf. the; excellent article of India
Rubber Paste, for rendering boots and shoes soft'
pliable, and impervion• is water, end a perfect pre.
notice against the leather stacking; this paste 1.
guaranteed to possess .11 the above outage. or the
mosey refunded For sale, wholesale and retail 11
VANNERS' OIL—ICO brio for ialo by
1. no, W St. BAOALEY kCO
•RAI9I.:7S—M ''"" ?,SI fo EfAVALIY &
nor 39 & St
lAND OIL-3J kale Not waiter 'teemed Jun reel
for e R EIELLEMEi.
Woe,l la
AN activetatineas tout, Whim/ • cash capital of
throe tttontand , dollars, to lake as Interest la a
profitablo baalnerc, located In %Voltam Penn.
symanla. No wrlll control the whole bastnesa in hla
sectloa A.ddrear 0, W. E-, this °Zee. onSeilat
ST LtiUltL,
Cor. Third k Alaska sta.
Sealed Proposals
Mir ILL he received untll the let of nevimheY nair,
VI , for the delive et the Yittreergb Wharf the
Allegheny ftsver,of ry
Unit/indica and. eighty chang on
feet of 11=1.k Mat, to be three tali *let,
twelve Sidle. wide, and sixteen feet long;
Proporale for grading and la,ing down the Plank
on tho Fanners' and hleolianitar Turnpike' Road. Thz
Pomen of the road to be ended and laid With Plank,
us between Inc end of the road, now atoned, and its
interseedon with the Oreenshargh and; Pinaborgh
Tarnpike Road, near Flenrg Rarkes's tavern. •
Wht I.ICHRAUPS„PreaIdent.
F.l M. Turnpike Road Co.
50,000 Copts& Printed of Thasperra Maw
Monthly litataglitap
MINE Noveimber umber Is grabllshar and ror sille as
llama', Third aunt, opposite rho Yaw Oaks.
The loading object of the Now Monthly Magazine re
to present to the publle In ha:Wm:net 1171. and It 111
obelaper rue, a greater automat, of reading matter
than any other penodleal us the world. nos
OIL PEPPERMINT-400 lb. wananted_perel lam
rced for sale by mod]. RE SEI.LEAp
. •
.aJN•receNed for We by • •
•• • . i.. • 260 'Awn/ It.
sUaelit rdOLOShb hi tt o. ear,
• •
13 bOb S. H. biobissiy;
Jut rebelyed per mentor Ribald. No 3,fot bala by
oe3o • Watty at.
PKEN in sialonto,flom go sumo kw Pilot No t,
t3ootra Lego of Rottior t sculto4 J. Aslitoronattilon
sorpoeUxig Stool mill of tlastrally rocusosti
oallo H HNSTON
Tittudienrab and teal mu Turnpike.
AN Election lot President, Treisurer, Di
rectors for Lia'annurg year, will be I •.1.1 et the
Tell [lease ioo ilie.o Lb of December ilert.beiwi ,- .."
lionrrof 1 %tar oiElock, P. N. By .inter of
. D. KING. rTeoileit.
H„ riAre,keeitkiT.
Did P P LEV— . 103 Du I ~n zfr zT y . t:
ROLL BUTTER-5 belt trethrtort ter 'd tor gait t
tOS Jtritri WAT & Cr.
CORN , E4tOOM9-5•11 de: le.le ci 'iri N elvloa i r , ;.1 c
OSIN—.IO3 brie No 1, in plate pr. , fnt bale by
MACWEHEIr-1 n th . No 2,
bristly 2,
tif loNs N 22;
• 2 d• 1
9 do No 3;
In store and for sale by
Ur RIMING-0 brio No Lin FIJI. ma tor sale by
005 Ltda.? , A HUT , IIISON CO
S UNDRIES -4o tin Cheido224
25 do. Woollen 9022.;
2 brit Dutton
' 2 kegn
pcs Tow Linen, on consir.2.e,
For 2alo b nob J D w 1 a Co
rrOBACCo-2pbxt Emmy De , .,
bis pound do,
Y bzr Nem,:
C tar albs, for .ale by
not . $ D WILLIAMS dCO
- - - _
TEVICKWAEAT FLOUR—Iry rook. (or vol. by
pEt .
. R ., L5-44 cut. ru w a i toz E s
CIIEE.E.-421 bra lad nasived for.Ptle. by
0 bth
ERYCINGB.44.Ibia dry rectividfarnla by
- -
Superior ilooteli &ad Iriels:ilibleices:
rPUNCHEONS Stesoari's calebraild Mail Whin
eljNyof very delicate Amt."
, IS puncheons 'Mohah's Watonlia,. curt quality
uld high proof, ander Oust= hcnso look.
Also,.Bnsndits of different vintsges and brands in
half, quarter, and °Maim Irapone,land for sale by
i . hicVALLA,
.novi:deodlm 2p—ed Mardi st. alladatphla
riIIOCOLATE-200 boa Norfotle, Coe sale by
lJ no/ •: Wit DAGALEY &CO
ADOUSE AND Ll:don Toratmend arra t,adjaintni
the AL E. Üburala ths Sixth W.rd of Ibis city.
.1.4,15 by 1I feet; badsa, brick, with eight mom, and
good “.finr; Tero3l, ealy. and tlart indirpntahle.
For particulars, apply 10 JOI I EPII WOODWELL.
no/:d:[" or, 11,L1 all! D. SCAIFE.
N/I AVMS-10 tes 110 I Dash !tha4der, IoYY.b , by
_, , WAI BAG&I EL' &CO
COD tei grand Dank t for W. bt
nol .Wid BAWL LEY A, CU
ROSIN SO4 P— . VO fin gmler hr.
no 4 . WAI IinGALEY & CO
RTIKII3 , COLOBA In OHS,. 15,11, taunts.. club
Canal:set, Lake. of every demnpii., Cadmium,
1,1101 and Deep FuliOVV, Afars Color„ alt .nder C..
v.” or every d,',o,lPlidd, Suit icculced
nod .
43 Wood .1
RYD PHEW PITAT*:—..S : IDs J“: rcc'd yr We op
no 4 ,
(111INEFE PLITE EPTRA=ZO Ik for sale by
__ml • J KIDD a Co
Q ULF HATE OP QUININE -lOU ass for able by
1.7 not ' .1 KIDD fr. CO
TAW' ""'" t'sJ kIDD k CO
SYRUP lODIDE OR IRON-45 Cor ..h by
not J KIDD & CO
AbOIII.LE LOT/ON-30 lbs (or ule by
nc4- J. -KIDD b. CO
OLASRES-50 brie prime S./1 to arrive, for Ws
I.U. by fno4l . J S DILWORTH & CO
LIRPIIT h BURgifFIELD are now opening ann.
M Bier supply of 'near pot du—emelt atyw at
DUCED PRICER. Ladles , fires. , goods of tsarina.
kinds, and newest designi Breslin, Bay Soo, and
impons.d . LONG SHAWL!, of bandsoute and new
styles. BONNIa BIBS, handsome NMI., and
very.eheop. Broche and Cashmere Scarf., le., he.
ESPECTABLE BIEN o 1 good address and bust
nets habits, maynbta n pfolltshla and perm:incr.,.
etriployment,try.applylng,,:braween the bourse( 8 end
10, A. 01., to J. C. filAßoll,
novitteodlise Ind Ws In et, Pittsburgh
CnEIEARt CHEESEi-3017 to ice .4 sale by
IXTILMARTII & NOBLE 014 sell their Fairs.
TV Floor, delivered, on and after. theletNorember.
at 82%5 per ILO lt,s,; supetBno, at 82 per 100 Ihs A
hturel discount to retailers.
B ROOM 9-07 doz Coca timiunn, Mal for gale Dr
nol ' 11G Watet ct•
IUINDOWS GLASS-41250 his (ibn
td taxer, received aid for tale trr
not ; • BUR1311.1131iE&ING1111A11/41
Y 7 , IE. Oar ride by
IQ OA P—LO bo No lion nle by
(17101D - q2S—Go boo No imam, or O saw by
HONEV,-15 bc. ',time for mile by
DOT ASH-7 omek. ntlmo for axle by
in or ninny
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