The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 12, 1850, Image 1

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v-.^rv) NALIGIrr.
oosrrte POOR r.
per ...a r
"%reek•-.• tO O
M. 0 Cute, at a reencej rate.:
AGCF:Iai 1.1H:11
Ire P.; no in,(lOliana of Nonpareil Of leek)
one f , sar st, each addition. .:tench- • • fyys i
-0„, one week• ...... 1,75
Cr sun wreks•—• 3 0 *
no three meek,— 4,00
A - . nice TOOTIth•---•—•••••-•,
pt. 7,00
Ds 'there month. ••-• giAct
lx. lenr_months .. • gfiAti
A rig inontbs• •-• lgro
Dr twelve Months•—• -- • • 18,00-
&anther. Card (0 lines es. lestal . per.umuna. l 0
OneSplattecbangenbleatoleasnre (per
MHO s:elusive of the paper-- 23,A0
Fee earl: stdditinnal square, inserted over one =lnk
anti for ear`otddianinal stns. Inserted ender. the 'glue.
ly rates, price.
- Adiretti,:muts trending a *spare, and net ince
fifteen lien. to be clamed stow ignore end a half •
Publishers net •ceintatabic for [reel sideertiternenti
agoras the charged for title
0(.37g eandsdatee for office, tes he charged the
'sum as other adverniseonents.
•Adettlimments not marked en the copy (or a epeci
ledutambef faindetain., will bd cenUnned till forbid,
and payteedteser , rl accord.
• rto prrar , gele, o f yearly .brerit,ers !MIAe reeked
deftly ecitEtfr Tornio, builness, 'and all other edger.
threraenta net permitting to their regular business, as
Weed foe, I , be paid cries.
All advernsements for charitable insUintions, Are
p 4441,,, ward. township and ether ptiblie meant.,
ad etch tn be charred halfprice,payable strictly
&droner. notices to In charged L 0 cents.
s eaDth nat,essinrcrted without charse,unlets octet:.
ankd by funeral tusitsbons or al...try notices, and
When on ttr,Triomftql To be point Cot.
guaolartuirentrera,an4 all others sending comma
'ldeallon., or requiring notices do.igned to call atten
tion SO eon olfres, Concern, n any public enter.
tainments, .0 here charge, ate made for admittlinee—
11l nonce. 4..puvnr. tassocktiora.—every BOlieo de. cd cr•lt ittleruion to profDiu. enterprae• salcala
or ttirend,d topromote indirLd.l jute ten, Can OW
ly be lostri.d-with the trnleratitalding that tse same
is to be plus for. It in.rnird to be inserted in the to.
Olti column, ,no. some. rant! be e Lodged at the tam of
le C 0.., itdeerit. per liar.
Bishop or Notice. to be ebtrued tripla price,
Torrent La.ense Petitions, es earn..
Legal and Medical itiverlisealente to ba charged
fall poets
Real ' an Agenh.' and Auctloneeee odvertiar..
lent. BO: to be slatted under yearly rater, bet tone
allowed discoont of &hilly dote and onetturd per cent
'toxins. amount of bills.
WXLIILI Ul t11.1,12.11LY U DAILI /ATM.
One Sqlh re, three • • ••••••••• • •ei GD
Dn. each 11dt:tactual insertion. •.
One Rican, linckl one 'n , erlina• -30 eu
Da. each additional
All ltaltste nt AdVnrtilelllenel in be paid in advance.
k CA./. llaeatc.
L. HARPER, Po•t:
• Al. WOOLF:, Statinal.•
• IAbIES.P. DARE le CO Chronicle.
JOYS N OWDEN.llletzur y.
.• JAM.KB DlDDL,NAracrican.
111 R &Al KAI N E, Evening Tribune.
ermoolat, .
WI•04110 iney9
A77OLINCY , AT LAW--011See, 01l r6-ortln otteet
above iVoe.l. rule
A. TTORNEY. AT LaW, . and Commiqcontr far
11 Fiteinsyk . askia,St.
AU COTIIMIli.:C•Ii0111 pror4tly anairered.
ATTOItNUT A 7 LAK—Oreze on Fu r ' meet,
between ti.tnithSeldlnd Grunt, rataberge.
TTORNEV end Coonaellor et Law, and Commis-
Aoner for the State of Pennrylterda, St Loot.:
le (late of Pittorroreb3
Jtifeenees—PittAareb.: lion. W. Forward, flame
ose ltiller, APL'arollers & Mee' ire, John K Parke,
3neere Ile & Semple, McCord & King. ' etiol.94r_
Marrow, Pa. (ittould's Perry Port
navies petravenently bested at this place, a new
and sabatard.tedWharf Boat, we ate prepared to re.
mho and (onward prAnpily to all points ea the river,
and Phmd • eta Deaver or Ohio Canals Ba. Co.
.61 • . lave Id
ing.rueczer.. Jouc e,•
W. IL 11,041111./...•—•—•••---ILLNI 140ALIL
Platabnersh AL'kart Works.
BMNETI', BERRY & CO, 31ro.frlurrers of Soda
AO, Bleaching Powders, Mart.* an Sa!Anne
Acids. Werekome lo—,Warerecreet,belotrFerry.
Predenek Bann.
RE Cil - rge Better. ,
BRlZ:ruero . lL:beA‘,"lni:fildter o itects,hitg;
erg. ra.
n. A. riejoita,TY 'rd.g . and CF.m
211141C111-Llertlmata,retnel ilorwa assu t rluglargb,
IL ORO:2, Wimitsale Gra.s.r. Commission and
rotaraietna Merchant. Nos 11 Water ms,
Ira noroay---- more. , nasals, Fleming
9 Ohl:MISSION ISTERCIIANT:I , —Per the sale of Las
estle. Wenlea, and Cause Goods; also, dealers in
.s .. of T.4llela' Trinrof tzs, No IP Wood n,
4110,r (tea Pala: Pluses reb.
Estfereltse--Messrs. We, A:11111LO,, Bankers.
. 011100 0 IRVIN, •
MESS HANTS end Sill Broker.
o: 114 Second area. Puutbn , cl“ ang7
TANGajoil h. }MIN IiTT Gate EnAiLtb., Gallagher
kJ...004 Inelesee Oroe ' ent, Comniission and For
haf. ban% and dealers ,n Prodeee and Pitts
• I.7arisnafabgrrex, Wood at, between Id and
ad wrens. --- Get]
A" Na I.lll3erami sit. Pittsburgh., melt
OGm ?w. tisurtuccri7xl 7-77 (WASTER C. lArrin•reas
elartni sail Floor. Doerr% No *75 Market viect,
BALD. H CH1E081.430
No. 41 North WOW &Ica to No. 14 Non 6 When a.
A.S. Summar. .PHIL&PRLY.IIIS‘..
Eine], Liza.. S`hlll I:
11(1. PaloCooroloss .
J. A. Wozoolt 1 •no
sr (tolootOlor to blarplijit:a7sl eV - WTI
• Cr okro.! 4}313.11511.1 blorchoul, for the olio of
Wrile!ll.l.llb!n7. OpDOstla 6th at. feta?...
A.A. Mini.. WV- t. SUS.
UAIDYs J.Yrar-3 Oa., lacrimal; to Atwood,
ElMtlnon and Fotaraida.a Ma
sk Vas, garters la Pi tteSnrib Manufarto:cd Goods,
Ws JP; anima-um.,
I MCC:MO:, t.) C.CI:CtI C. 111114
UPC RTEII Dealc.ria French and 'Amalie. Pa
per liana; aga and 110tdera, Window , Shades, Fire
Board Pllll4, AA. Priailne and Wrap.
map, Pio.' 87 Wood atraibetraft loath creel
and Dianiaaa .007, war Plashugb, P.
PITT8111)111.011_4GLAIS WORMS.
JOIIN AGNEIV,• late of th e 'ect of Clsmbers,Ap
new! CO respeelfs y 1 , 411 0 ILA 014 Co..
MIMn nod the publl.l generally, that he will
tine to carry on the Green Glass boaluets,lnall its
varieties. and is 0,001...04 It fill all order' for ApOthe
caries' Furniture Moo:rata, Porters, Viola, k...k
slog to Lig 'busier.... Um warehouse Is No r.)
Market sweet, ectsreen tint sc Serond 641 : Jr: 4A3el
11$ . ar in Dye Mots, faints., 'Oils; Varnishes,. At, No..
113 Wood aturet, one door•Sonth of Dismond•Alloy
Mltoustrah. ape
EMMOSIMiOIigErt - WlVtaltsateGruerr , G otr u ntssio u
areautt, and dealer in .Psndoee and Vitisharat,
factare....' No IA Water at. aof
• 20S1. 010.1,
18AIAII DIVERS' ds l Vir' b ole sale (111.04.119. Com
a,rt bants, and dialers In Prodzei,No...” 117 Front streets. PittabarOA nos";
loan a. talwana.-
y B. DILAVOIITII Se CO.. Wbolossls Greener, and
Agents (or Hazard P 0 .0.401 Co., No, 271V00l sL,
rittaberah. • - .deAy
1:0 3 1 1 1 1 1 VAC ' onittft e l y e d
hoods ' s c r : r ele ' e t te i ras u
Isrtawat of the best arid tic o thest Atm/min...l wh'ch ho
lain sat on tltt rum reasonable terms. rhYtsciaeo
mtsrmlr Otters. will be promptly Mended and top
abed with an: ales they may rely 0000. as genuine.
agrhr.tA. Teesstiouon beaccerateir end, tr froatas Lein instmials,at soy Enrol
a . *ay in
AN• Mr salt
en, , • tori• seek at trash ant geed Lal3th
- El.l'. Slcrrtd
Jlc IL LA/ r(Lolet aJ 't:totteta,Conamm , !an
...Pietehe..ta, anti I.lcalere to Plait,. Stopted
tteitatr.?te, (tat&sit au Lilittic,_Wited
&am titpeete, ktattburgit.
dar-onw, Arent fin tha te Ado
m i aow, -t,i,Ne to Hemet and the Lama.lll(seo
OR Th. eon* , or V....V. , au.l Rttotbettl tax. 1.54
- 0 4 Y-4 - 75..11ift
j Lew stain le him , . C., Coa . '
Lae' lucent ' el the St LoVae
vie4l 'tenet (me t et'
. _
17-I.fardii",kiß4ki:li A - L.),
No 24 %P.a....rt. pa.`whi.
0 - UN 11-_,NlCti.. o li , Won r itii
Jln Attain tool blusl,sl InsOato.
_Paptr, nee! Ft as. Citiat, P.
s tstionstrientrxily, No. el Wahl st„ knCsbasbh. -
- irr •aken in 1.,A1a I.IIIIC
Utl : tgslFT4rnr'llrel;fn'MT:2rl3lflt,l and.
Peet Ash, an.l IVostrrn 'Produce ia net-ann.
• reet. between &tabbed and Womb, Plusberlb.
IBRt JUNP. Porarnrding and •CnotnnftiOnbinr
tbscbr,Pftlert In Product sad Tinaboreins ant
tattd rtial.i., - canal Agin, near 7.b 4 .;
PIAIIII itgLL r PiTTßatbtAlis:PAk
pNEEMA CHILDS it CO, Ai annftsbornrs a
ry ,irtar 14 Sceeling,'qaTost MA1443/114
wroowroN, . •
jr„ALTE . Jeirstost h. Saxtn, o BCOXSELLEiIaTA
TIONEIC. ratty and /*MUER,' -rot/ of
M% vnd TEN smite, ristannirk; Pt. jrandt/
- . .
.. .
I , lt
_ tsb _.
rgh Clty Wats Work..
411,. No 26 Market street, botweon'tliat and Second
P 126621711, Pa.
D.V; , MI-7ATmalvs, , V6,ll;°dWes,3,AL
W. C1M171411.43.1. 5. MM.%
______ n."corartonaat. o tn....
Wm. Milirr, Philad. C. W. Rickets., P1114b 4, 0 4
ILLER& ft (L.,4:OXSON. Wholesale Croce rst.nd
J/. Impellers of Brandies. Wines and Began, Nos
172 and 174, corner of Liberty and fruit: street, Puts-
Lazio, Pa. Iron, Naha, Cotton Varna, kr. tea, eon.
stastly on nand. aP4
JohD.PGIU. James D. TPGII Walter C. 11 °.
A/TWILLS , ROE, Wboleet Ie Crocus and COMPIi4.
sinn Merchants, No 194 Liberty. St, Pittsburgh
rirrsntrt.b — n -- m - n -- wous 4.titi-MoWN-6
01.010000, , /MI Y.
& 41,12haa,
ANRFACTURE.IIS of smug and blister sted,
Intel, susci plough wtoo4.eah in
le hammeired tron axles, end deafens r and
, eabls easungs, fire engine lamps and coach innities,
generally, corner unless tad }{ant eta., Fittska s% rirla
J. ft J. Tarnos, Cum Salstlan tlerighlUlty.
W 0.31 Old Lenee ta4 N Orleans, keep COULO3II.II a
AI hula aia,p, anormacusof Brandies of the follow
ing brautbovhich they offer for sale as agents for d,
Detand & CO, Bordeaux, oh hiatthely,°J.Erand,J
rand & Co, Laroc hello, J JDotrane, Cognac, A de fd tn.
tezan, A L Dlevillr., A de sloadore Jean Louis. Sr.,
Sc; also, Anchor Gin, Borden .% Red and White Wines
in osike and selected with r are by John Durand
&.:CO; besides Champagne Wine and Sweet Burgundy
Pert. - Oren-I,"
J101.511E&I & SON, No 55 Market et. vecond door
1.11 from corner of Foanh, de*cs to Forefoot and
Domestic Bala of Eaeharie, r lest. of Deposit,
Bank Not. and Rattle
E:TColeletions .mode on air tea principal citsea
ilreethout the United States. api
nr WTI. SCUM:IISIANS, Thud st, opposite the
Port-Offico, tanyburg&—htsps, Landscapes,
heads, Showbills, Labels. Architectural and Machine
preemie*. Buoine's and Pledging Cards, Ice.. enrived
or drawn on atone, and printed in rob ot, beid, Bronze
or Bine& in the most approved stale, and at the most
,easnosible orte. oellsly
RODIN ON, LITTLE tr. CO.. • adf.Ltherty street
Pittsburgh Wholesale Grocers, Produce and
Commisrlon Merchants, and demon io Pittsburgh
filanufac urea opt')
orw n L _27[o!.l.crrba. saw. .11111C4.1.
100BLIZT MOORE, NI, hole.. Grocer, Reet•fyinc
IX Distiller, dealer in Produce, Pittsburgh hluinfae
tares, an all kind. of Foreign and Domestic Winer
and Liquors, No. 11 Liberty street . On baud livery
' large stock of moerior old Monnugalseli waiskey,
Whlch well be wild /ow fur tnyl
L. 0. UTNOL.DO 1- L. MM.
PIIINYNOLDS G aligN. Forwardmg and Commis-
Mon Mercants, for too Allegheny Diver Trade,
tenders In Grozerits, Product lettatiargh, Manor.,
tams, and Chloride of Lime .
Thu lathe , t prier, in cub, yard at 411 Woe, for
Co.,nd Irwin ma. anti
aMmirflo A n L lflarchatta, L allis b li7V•r * od e re
Pittsbargh hlantifirwiarea, Libeury stree, Pitiabaren,
Pa. apld
- - -
a. A. GUntilllifealLAlS.
TITHOLESALF. GROCER, Preartice, I'or - warding,
y, andananchation Merchant, and Denier in Pm:
t,rgh Maoist:mutes, No MN Libarty alma. klitsbatah.
. -
0 HAM:LETT h wurrN ‘Vba/esale Dealers In
Forelerrand Domestic Dry Gorda, No. trJ WO O l
street Plusbuzgh. apl7
0 in gnd Produce generally, and Purwanling
and Cornurtaaion rtlerebanu, IIS First cruet end
I Id Second slrn,t. l'araburyn. apl7
sau...auu, muumuu. /One maarnan3.
ELLERS NICOLS, Produce wid (3,neral Cora
0 Inlasiun bleantmnrs, No. a Liberty street, l'ittu
burgh. Sperm, Linseed and Lard oil.. art)
eta, Feew.rlrn~llC ,,,, t al d r O im ; IVIE o z . a r ttr:l ;
Deeters or Pittsburgh hiroutfustures and Western
Prodnee, titer
removed lather, new warehouse, (old
etwolj =, corner at front street and Chancery
Lane. oat:'
_ Elst eta" Dionand,PlA!M_2l4ll. 1,215
am r.
Pradsara end Commiestax blerralerna,
And, dealers In Pineberahlqanntaiquied Articles,
Nos. 130 sad 13% 6teond Atreet,
DemeentVoodk.imithfteld, Pittabora. wag'
/01s 14,17.]
JOlllll WATT tcOy
NvuoLF:s. ALE Grocers, CotormissioO Marctosnts,
and s len In Praince and Pittstorgh Man,
factuces,46o Liherc7„Pmsburgb,
F tx,13R.1070 Fa=lyi
`l.-0 briquperfalo; •
brlefFino, arriving, &sot foi sate ay
septa BIGIAVN Klittat4TßlCl:
- .. •
rfirTOULD inform rho public, tUby hate taken the
lir warehouse lormerly or-copied by. the late Mr
Sologooa treboxer, Pctood .tract. Haring a large
acil commodious ' , caribous:, easy would invite 'Tiro
•iteurrep of petering tinging g rads to consign or more.
Trier will •Ito tire utterivoil to the parchaec and rule
of Note. Drafts. Bowls, Se. • aug-7
L.& Wattnnaz..• Waterctrat• • W B. Watermr.;•
W " :l ° , l ;•2 A s , Ver??..l. C tr t i PrZe co„7 „ ' ; l7r. r . ‘, Lrol
dace Sc l'lv.e•otrgh 113.ectra.o.v.til a:aAgents
kraal., et i I.d Lyt!titb& /.
I .. a....nastrad
Toolasx.e. '
T1. , ..113L111,
ATTOELISWit AT L• 1 4 ,,
countacs,Pa. Later to
FL Fioyd. Liberty 1
VV . W_ Wa ll ace, do
. Jaar-o Manala.!! ' do natabar4a.
Ma Ko, to Co., Wood 1 An:
Canal Duna, Pam sum. PBthbanh. mrf.
blaitra, and 4 . 4 Conzuneree aL, Phlladelphm.
Advances made, by either of the above, on eanal4A.
mauls Lf Produce so utter Ileum inn;
J. D. tlilaras•--• Haft.
.... _
_ _ . .
Forwarding and Commission Merchants, end
dealers id Con try Prudneo and Pittsburgh Harness
terns, canner at Wood and Filth streets, Pittsburgh
atrAl •
wa. Q. Nvu.maaas CO. &
North F•ut owner of Wool sod Third streets,
Joot Prressoost. PA.
NM. 3007111 cosotays,
W. u.,oemesso, 1•12/1
BAGAIZY Wholesala Grocers, 19
uld 20 Wood f Met, Fittsbetsk: •pl 7
laNp I. 'arum. nava. secumus.
yAPCti; & M'entiGLEßß, Waterton to L. fr. J. D.
ylet, I_Wkolcsale Groom,. Forarardloo and
C0.111215,i00 Iderehutut; dealers. in Iron, NILI I / 4 1.1111311,
Cotton Yarns, and Pittsoargh dluctlactures general
ly, touter of Wood and Water streets, Pi ttSberdk.
14 , 17
MITCGELTOEG,WhoIesaIe Grocers,
• V Recurring Ensttllers, and Moe and Llasor
Merchants Also—lmporters of tkola Ashdod Incub
i:4 Powder. No.lOO liberty Sweet, toPPnsitd g'gth
streetd Pltttharirk. • • apl7
W. WlLSWifileiteiiiiiirly — S,
and Milani, Goods, earner of Market and
Vona Streets, Ptusbarch, Pa. N. B.—Wit:ekes and
Clocks carefully repaired. so 17
IVY • IMMO. , /011.11 a. na• se.
VITM. YOUNG a Ca, Desks. in Leather, • .•
gf fre.,NOLiberty street.
k ft- eCIJTCHCON, ilikoloasta
dealt. 10 Yrgdzyco, Iron, Nes, Igo. ~ and
Patsbnrem itannfaelari 1 ine...ml4p Many etter.—
Pitu.teit. 4•717
nAys pato CARE olio parinerahip with
tne le gar hasineas, whit 4 will Irons this ditto La
carried on mulct the nun., of nJohe parker & Co.^
hlareh list,lBso, - JOON r4aKER.
John Car.
JOUN FAUNL!" i 00,
Irt...c.burtle Grow's, Drains in Brock., Fonqgn
Wine, Liquor!, Morumgahtla
end Rec.:4,lfeet Milley.
' No.S;Commetcal ROW, Liberty Watt,
cry. , Plunbureb; P
TC.L137.4.U. razoix. , 705.41 LIAM., VY. lc. MIS
If/anent/one to. Hussey Hanna & Co )
BArIKEILB,EXCLIAriIiEI4I.I.I& - . F.R5, and dealers
in Foreign and Domestic Htenangs, Oertiacatea
of DePOtie, Bank Notes, and Specle--Noriii west
corner of IVattand Third streets. Current money
received on depouite.—Slght Cheers for male, and
Collections rondo on nearly all Os principal pennts
ohs United Mates.
Ile higher t preralurapald for Foreign an:, &Inert,. n
ildriceestrilla9 0re...1:m.71.a of Yraexce. Flt)p
pod East_ on libornl amid
urn. •.sCcLeito.) loam cc noin
-{ADS. A. tvct.vp.a dr. CO.,
. Act aters Wood,
.. .
Have illwit.7n on Irene- n terve e-i.ortniew o f C oin ,
Groceries and-Fine Teo, also. Foreien riai. and
N. 114 Wholesale 110.4 .e . ..a11. Nal., suppli.,l on the
lowest .irox, . .• . marl
ir:A. a 1... r. OtiAlltaiNtan ( lti. '
Irk %lids, Halley, end Fleas. ranee Scotch Ale,
altnersi Water. k'ateet M;Wedicine, W
ane i Wine Bottles
or every description: aka, IN DO PLAS ,
Keep. conrontly rise Una a centrist assortment of
the above =ldes. ALSO STATE, its the other Green
Ulla. Encode* are am. troMrsoseie le S. etlelem In
summer, Tom FACTO DT LS NOW IN Ital• orsaanets, and
Oill confine on operetion both summer and winter.
rders, mere-et:ally solinited. and Trill be Cited en the
shortest none.. --.
Waretainte,Sio Ile. Sceonisitenti between Wood
andleatiglilleid; one. rinsing rg b. 6 // ,, V4 l ) .
6- ~ ' • 0111.1.-k-kerniiirfialilltr. - • •
Vastitt. P. SHRIVE% Mid CHAS BARNES have
a) Ws del associated themselves together. ender this
arm of Herr k' Verne*, for the', transaction of the
Wholesale Grocery Predate ; and'Connaisslon bail.
eeeesite He ine k • Sil Vetoed .tree, between Wood .
slut Smithfield et,
' Plttabers • Aegnat.l6.l.7.—a • 1 ; i --
WOOL I 'wow, t
TBE Me m% market' price IriCash be paid for
cradu Wool by
JDtur.viTaloL—Coo ltit for solo by
ern B A 7101[4=00E a Co
wizacias nerd.,
THIS msyntficent erahlishment beind now cool-
Pined sad reedy for business, the proprietor would
respectfully solicit a share of the public patient.,
ID trusts by giving his fo'l anent,. n In thr
to m u te the houses plessaut and comfettsido wee,
(or the cdas. of Pitneurgh end (or the, eta,otVy
Geedatandunta teal he la wattieg, sad every ee
era. mode to ruder the catahlithmect svatthy
countenance and Rapport of it adage:lt rtminWhltt
The TWO SPACIOUS HALLS, fated for Pane..
Concerts, Lecturer!, irth 9. sad Nada incising , ' will
be let by the canons ar weele,ou as hbewai terms vs
•nyother in the city.
The o BAR and RESTAURANT, equiti in style and
basely to any In the world, will be kept furnished
with Pore Wicea, Goatee Liquors, Cordials, Porters,
Ales, and all the cool, light, refreshment of thercasea
Poultry, (ince, Fist, Soup, Oyatern, and Clnos,
served up in'behest style, The DINING and ICE CREAM SALOON, beta."
the Panther, an& eels of access, will be custantly
supplied with all . the Lunacies and Delicacies of the
mesas.; and also,whis such attennitials ea the manna
nner or
Ser=ralt:allinn patZl=.he r C h t an Ikon
1104.1 et.
Gautleoteo with ibeir taiellies, 'jelling the city
be suepliee with refreshment. or all tied. at uarliour
the de! •
. .
. Go od Stabove and an erienalre Livery Establish
meat is connected with the Hai,
Dialler at Ic:oh:ea. Ilreakfant an 4 7.. st the a•aal
Entrance for Ladies to the Ice Cream and Dining
&Moen, No 67 Smithfield rime,
irt111219.2, aaJ la. mummy.; la
v keep constantly on band or make to order the
beat article in their line, at their old wand, No. lit St.
Cialr street; also, at :io.Sd Market Itit et, second story,
entrance In the Diamond. Venetian Shutters made to
order, and old blinds neatly repaired. oplo
W. id. GLEAN, Brook Blinders.
of timer
'Zirrro li d * Urdch d r% =eat, rg re " t:: when
we are prepared rode any work In our Ito. With des
patch. We be
to our work personally, and sacs.
rabily, faction will be green in regard to to neatness and It.
/Slant Books rural to any pattern and bound nab.
itentintly. Ilooks in nsarbera ortaldtrooks booed care
fully or repaired Navies put on Looks to gilt letters.
Those that Lose work in 1•16, line ate lotted to call.
tore.. low rerrlotf
WlGlMlAN—Alsourfactarei of all Studs or eat
_UM. ton and senollen mark.lnery. Allegheny ell,.
The above works being now in fell and sorcessral Ya
crstion.l prepamd to oder, with dismiss-1i
for .11 kinds of machinery in ay lona, etch se willows,
pickers, spreaders, muds, grinding timelines, nsiminsys,
drawing frames, speeders. throssils,± imams, woolen
cards, double Or sitrfar merchant at country . wink,
Malta jar k ibiked sli and baud Lathes and tools cozen
ers!. All kinds of shifting Made to oars sspians gin.
an far gearing factories of mills at lesdaasible charge.
Row ro—Kennedy,, Childs A Sbs.,'lllserralacii. Bull
en ales . Nult.ebita ri d _Feu d
Slizutimghas.(mear Plttsimargb,lP.
op,. 11.! hertiwn Marie: and
Mad, PuisburgA. •
wIV W. commonly k cep . oe Weed • good assorts
sect at Ware; of oar owrf lusoufactate, ace
eperieronaluy. Wholesale and coactry Met
chants lit respectfully . Iftwiteal to call andel
euxuatt fur tecoutlece, as we axe determined to eoll
camper than haaaa.t teNre bean /Arendt° the pub.
iLrOeders wen by mail,aecualPaelwl by lb. cask. ,
owl nafeteues. t
be Pronertutyatleoace torß
new cosou recTomr,
MnA —WHITE it .
the patine that they hate erected • mi,,p Oa
Lac.. I.etweett Peden.' a ndsandankyetreeto. They
are naw rtatAnr end are prepared to rewelve t flier, for
rancdceertptieu or vetuvles, Conet.cA. Charlare, Its.
hes, Doggie., thsiont, au., no, winch trona their
longe h r s pr . ri . e i
c tlii y e b tiool a
„ u t t h a e c y i s i t , e
l e „ cr n tt.o,v,rt,
they are
enabled to do work on etc moot retesonatle terms with
those wanting article. in their
- Paying particular aucroon moo oeloroon of meow
riale, rod klArtttF eetnpowet stottenon, they
have to nevi:moon in wartanonu ileir wort. We
thetefore eat the attention of the pahlic thie ammo
N. D. Repoirinit Urine in the best manner, and on the
moot rvaeonable terms.
CAL Tarn,
IMINSIir.. WOOD 0?? Mann. Prra.YL,
manutiomro all Limb of COPPER,
-unith Work.
Stean Boats beult4o order.
Spc ial e attention given to steam boat work.
Hain on hands a fine asscranentof Copper and Ursa
Kettles, Tin Ware rte. Steamboat Coating Smuts,
Partake Forges, nsions tares—a a . cry onnventent of.
Sole foe steamtmals, California emigrants, or rail road
{Ye oweld respeetfully ingem steam boat met. and
Others to cell rod ice our articles and mem be
purchasing el soothe., .0.17
rought and Cams Iron
11111 . salmeribers beg leare to Inform the public tbrtt
thoy lilac obtain.] from tan Pan s the..Lic aao
( skaffa , . rat Iron Reding, both for house.
tea edineterina Tirana, anthills to poetize hand-
some patterns. will riesee cell and crerrunm and wide
for Ai-rarest. iiiraing will be furnished at the short
est amine, ends the brit manner, at the [Orate Of
crni e T end - pelmets Streets, .11let u m .. Ib7 ..
KNox. .
anatlnid • .a
1)111.4 lea. to Inform his blew:a pod easter.. the
O ho Is ra,lik - erslog his now sprtors szerrofGopdcr
cos:apricot,. astialont LW:list...l and tam A 1....
able styles of Cloths. C.115111...11. fancy Vesting., cot
ton and linen sartroar stalls, and every article sun.rblo
(or gear.= tr's wear for spring and crammer. It beteg
meet La dezerlhe the Lnnaty,rlaalitYr or rlortnntr
of the stock, the proprietor hopes all who are to *not
or good,ebeart, fashionable sad well made
will Rite him a call, as teem le no await this side of
the Allephentee that can compare with It.
The ready ..< department Is serpent:nava, wlap
led to all tali..
Rail road coaLractora, stoootry racrcitants, and all
who itadr-daaa 1.4.11, arc particularly invited to ex
amine Ito stock before parcoasicg, as particolsr at
tention it paid to the artnidniala basinus to tLit este.-
Every article in the talloriag Eau rinds he erier to
the =est feahhateble and heel tvtazaer, at the shortest
_ -
partnership herelorore ezletlng ender We taw
of A BOADLEY,is diseolrea by the decease
Th. 0 Bradley. Tee will be carried on by
A Wadley, who will stub, the haelown of the law
REMOVAL—ABAAnige hes removed Ids Foundnr
Warr-noose (ran tiolillk.andetteetteeNo 1g Wo od
weal. between First and Sezonet Cien.te, At...-
Louse lately «cooled by G A Berry, oilers be
keep constantly 011. hand • general augqrttasato(Caet
loge, blows, Cooking gloves, e. Iyl3
AL and No. I Auteriesa Blister Bteel. Also—Best
Cut Steel Filch of all rhea; tad Bite Utah!, and Shoe
Rasps, si:a.zy son hand usd for sal e enact at b '`Ea
ale Steel Welt s," &Bora street, I , :fth Ware, or slaw
Oise in tals 800 State of BOLLMANB It GARR!.
SON, No 4,f00t of Wood street, Pittsburgh.
• Mr:N.4lm
We, the andenigned, having wed, 'run entire .1.
Isfacuon, do Cut Steel and des matte by Samuel
Macloy at bd. Eagle Steel Wo rks, Into chy, take
pleaanre In recronmend log them as espial to qtuattly to
nsyy ever d trj"
C kl i
Id anatanta rem of Iron and Nally littsbomh a Pa.
Iron Ponoders and Machinists, Find/arab. Pa.
Manatactorers of Spin's, kyles, Sprtrin Steel and
ft U di Iga/e Nri,
Enisee Hallam and /dada. Card lisanraetn
rers, Pittrbtryb. Pa.
Drum Poandor_ ~Plttsbiltgly Pa.
Man earl. rers of Iron and Nails, Mantel, Pa.
Locum Engine and Ship Builder Pittsbarzb, pa.
Marble Man shammy Machine and Engine Build.
man or, Pittsburgh, Pa.
palf,,Patjosa of Partnership.
rpHE Eaitncialap heretoth;s etlatiste between th e
L attbecribcra, under dat sada or Chat:then, Agnew
le Co . Want Nannfacturerh, Ira dialoteed by PI otaal
somata, on th e brat day of Nay, Instant. AIJ pernroe
Snow:op Heranives indebted to said ban are reetert
ed to enekepayment to caber of the 'parting, wshoat
dolay l end all periods having placated greaten. with
µ:d Mit t vr - P,..i,lcA to present th em for settlement
attenediatety.i tALEXANDENt CHANNEL/14,
iyithdtai D. H. CHAMBERS.
piThEOwnetO nod conaignem of good. arriving by
I. the ~O threns. Formal° Boat Woe,. will pl.c¢
rase notice that they 1..11 be required to pay freight
at oar warehouse, according to the receipt, before
lea goods arc ectuolcd. C A MOAN ULTY CO
•Washalsogrgieseihipr, atm closnelog
Due omens—Pat the clothes Into cold w,,,,er e;,..d
Morn rtoak over Maki. In the morning erring Iheni
Out awl pot thorn
two breve b 01.1114 water, to
which odd proporlion of one ptnt of Paid to ciyht
gallons a . ..racy-Idr py and boil the whole twenty
mneles. The 014.41,e: lAiry then be wrong not and
well Masud theirai Colt •kler. Tee parte of mo
menta that may he
moat tolled, each ae wthabarms
ard collate or shirt, may be 'baldly rubbed bmine
canting; end the clothes will be !cunt peclecry clean,
lehtte end clear.
• .
. \Ve,”nled not 10 injuie ILo 6:m, Hen, Rn 4 to Owe
Pe , feet Rathlactien, ot the motley will be xtfunded.
eto4l whelccula a nd enlvet t* , E
1000 or V.otol
Telegraph Covripsouys
IN puraun,, fo 'septumnn of the Board et Direr •
tom of the C.svpitted, Warren and l'ittshurch
'PrlecrapltCocupt.ny, regretting Cie Secretary to Moan
Out and enema to Im publiebell in the 00 sevapera along
the line, an exhibit of the finutctril and other agars of
molt company. 1 But.. the fallowing Repo rt
:rho line of Tekgraph commences at Cleveland and
terminates at Pitultorgh, passing thmegh Chagrin
Fulls, Franglin, Newton Falls, Warren Vont/Cowls,
and Ismail, In Me SWP oftiblo, and deer Castle and
Rochester, in the Stele of reonsylatmle, at which
points there eta etletee located lot the receipt and
transmission of Latinos..
.The whole length of the 'lee in IV tulles—Capltal
atoch,ll4% pet mile, meting a total capital mock of
tg.W.k" Of Willna mount inooo3 Is held
Co by anions
eleuthe line, and the balance le held by rnell
epecik o ttio•corntactora The above amount of nab.
scan ns by chum, have been paid to Camel!
timed, (or Welch the TIDO!. have Melt recelpa
peltdlf JEFFERSON BALhl,Secratary.
ioo,ono tut MailtOitedDeek ?Lank;
/00,0170 fest Coal Ikna Men. For Inds by
, Molar 14 Lew's...abr.
State Matra! Fire Ifiturano company,
if A It.R.ISBUIIG, PA/ '
T1 1 ..C . ° , t7 'Mend rsiended to this man.
Fool. hairmir Issued pir trio.: theapsnuat a( near
kno d 1 iaff Angina or 'Whim, thlrigie Ihn
Omer months. I. Etriew umi irritating of thn ein•
mation confidence of the rahila lathe Warm of
timnateriont on *blab Its busiboss It conducted •
T"c try or i'oardry nor<l.Blll. mid owners of dwell.
lay, Ind ofthord o. ropo•Ty jr o Or.Yl lr 1".
• oorriny ii"fridi. ads sm. or= m Todd of ohms.
••• f ri: sad' ...eourity, Irwin , to. a lusoranoe
C. .r.rn
thool or 1,1 0.•. th e. cludaVe and greatly Imposed
rystora at u'aiiificanne Cl Risks, excluding a'hiliof
bar rd,, harang only a limiMd Wier= in any ono
locality,t,as•preciadinsibo friumegoy ogenrrence
of lame tiros, al A slim an both the Smelt and Mutual
pat, it not ouir poe:essea the. chw:ism rud arson,.
modal/an sif both methods. but sander; tnsured to
a parg eipatiati In the profits
k is tinder Mineminni. of the failimainrigreetorr—
John P. Riaberfard, A. J. 0111011, John It. Packer,
Pitman: T. Jane" Alonzo A. Carrieh Philo C Foal! .
wick, Robert Klotz. P RUTIVERFOIADinooI
* A A Claueits, Actuary
"Bmnah °Oka for Weinant Pennsylvania, 51, Smith
°el' ' , foot, Potshot Persona &Win Insurance
wilt be tarulabediagh books of the eisaipan, by oaa
ina . the other. red
Asionlat•d Flram.ntolmam Otte. Com.
pony oft be City of Pittstoinik.
c.trzrAL egoo,ocio. I
J. IL MOOREIJEAD. Pron't..W. W. DArt"tene ,
PPM: Pompon -
now • brepizeld; to Will. natl.
fl EPP and MIR TUSK'S °tall kinds
Opt, Monangafah. .11...r.G. 121 ek tr.ur
J 1
gloom head. Rody Porter/no, WM. A. Hill,
IL flonlay, IL 1C Simplon, /maia anode.. Wm.
to. F.dgar, F,dwrerd Gregg. A. P. Anehou....Wist. Cot.
lingwood, D. li. sawyer, Cho, gem, Woo Gasman
/deo and. Wealth isseukaidle.
Mite Mental Life end Health lararence Company
of Philadelphia, Incorporated by die Legislature
of Pennsylvanla, March, ISIS. , (...41410 inostual.
Capital, Illno,Coo. Born mania Tall altT PM:Mat ,
var. C.IIITANT,III4 fell 20 per rent. lovrek than die
anal rates of LIIO leennance, a. thefollowing tom.
patients will shore: Thus, a person of ilte ageot3oln
s using for IWO fee hfe, swat pay in tho.Gisacil 0430
Pensayivutia,ll2,3o, Penn Mattia . l, get Vele,
Rept New England, 02, 20; New 1 ork , Al.
Won, Stet Lire and Health, PhiladelpUts,lll,.
Dtascroas.—Samuel D. Orrick, Charles Ik Bali, W.
F. Boone, Robert P King, Charles P. M. W.
Baldwin, N.M. Reeve, M. 8., Chad 0. it Cimpbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Kalman Barker, N. II: BotlegyEdwin
R.Cope. ft .. .tide:it—Samuel D. Orrick; Nice Petal
dant—Robb P. King; Secretary—FtanMs Blackburn...
apptleations will be received, andesdry infest:laden.
given by SAM.. FAIINESTOCK, Agt,
(Mee, Commercial Rooms, comer of
nem: , dr, , 11'ood and Third als.-Pittiba rob
put INSURANCE CO. of North 'Amaiioa will
A Make permanent and healed Insurance On prO•
pony in this city and vicinity, and an aldpreollts by
Conti, Rivers, Lake', and by Sea. The properties of
Ole Company are well invested, and famish enildratle
Able , fend Awe; smila iadaruiny,or ,U persdua mho
diorite to be protected by Insurance. • re
so 10 WM. P. JONES A. ent,44 Watet at.
• bilis' :Urine baslairsatill44
rpttE ohice, al th./aswaarp CaraPaq* , .. 4l ° .
Afaerica, W. born renaovoid to tio."l4.Pfaat et
mate(, Wood.
atmertber, agent fa. th e above oklalars4P o a•
NA 41ompaz ) , Irul ralielti Ott Italkliaga wad
their ffontents,o4 oft of Alexchs444lo 1.7
SOW Baal. and agalf ra.aala.
ap3 W. P.
Reacts' au Llllllloo' Faraitare.
H, Zinn Sr, Prershasace.
RespectMily worn. the
pubbe thut he has am
, leD•ol his soma cock o
FUBNITURF. the largest and moss vortedessortment
eau oketed fur gale in this city. eonterNily Several
seto of lloseecoos, Sraitodany, and Watley,
carved, ornamental ea maul, oitab l o for Paeans,
Drawing end Red Rooms, all of sehtue tool be mild at
the lowest prices.
Person. dettung Furniture of any dr imipbou, era
spectful/y invited to 7111 undo lemma his seaek, 'dab
etabreoes e,e or descripttort, from the rheapeat and
plainest to the wort etognst unit 00.117, of whieh the computes apart: . t
TeL, a Tote Ilefas; Tote a Tete. Dltrunv, 1
I C se e p e l r asreatt ton Cdao ; F Los t iesh e X th l e Ceu o ta
Emous i a i , ,L) Balm 8 Duvet
What NoIF Tp .v. 11114, ,
Loci, XIV Commodore, 1` , ..1ie or Voti'i r-0...
110 Sofas milk Plash and parr-ctmk mutts,
SO Mrana do do Ito.
<Odor Itlithogany Parlor ClAirr;
10 ' Resemood do du;
111 "/11l Walnut dr Co
40 .a Cone Scat
a '' Mal,mfany Itoelus- u
0 '. id Plour, •S'ion , t,
.10 Mlirtiie Top Czv.rc( , ••• , -,
PO In do Witett tt.ire...
WT.:chorally Itedlamads,
12 du Wordruhes.
' lb DA Walnut do;
8 Char 1,
A very tame wolor; trent of Contuton-Co'hUlt O.ho oth•
or Fermium Loo loam. to cachou°.
IA ? , 17 .,„ : steno Root
. I=t , on the etor i n ot notate.
P. Et -4,,,0t0.1 4,.. a ers comae slum:ire ...t6 011.00(0
or Debo.gssu , Waloat, and Ptecem, at CituStdidy
rediteod armee , feb Lk
, .
IiA.V ROU BeLlir., ,
F. 14.1.141./FACTURER2, I PRICkSr
White Flaustele, all wool. Slut Duds;
Rod dola.. argito., - 4-!
1 acne do e i .....
kseoy Voltottades, all eft
Drown do do °Octet at Factory hates.
SteolUXidftdo tta Home League Shining.
SI. de Cheeks and Stripes, very
Drab, do kiusT;;,et , ds
Wart Cam dosera. Tailors- Coate.
rattily au Red Pediline, super der,
Fancy Tweeds Vest Paddina, Iloclirdm,
Soper Doak Broad Cloth. TalloraTitevon, hewer do;
Soper Brown do Drown Linens, Salmi.,
Super Green do Dreb Strath 'dock do, il I .
Super Twilled do and ormsted,
B uyer Black Doe Skins Stark ono %Vet. Tape,
sem, Drab Caste:nous leach Ton., Drab du;
Super Itromit do Linen Mote,: ar, I Htillsi
Soper Mack do Stout I C. cord *pi Come;
Cohforade Wank.. do kdrien Thread, a
Scarlet do acipcuor article.
them do Salk Figured Footings;
Drab do Ill•ek beta 43
CD*, Sagami WO WTI liolland 501 Silks;
Bremen bras; Buttons, Cravats, A.F.,Ao
Al the Manufaciorere D arshoo,,, No WY IN •
Pittsburgh m All
- -
TITFieo-partnersilp heretofore emstlog tetwoc the
subsenbere, la the name of Constable, Darks it
CO, Is tett day damolvad by mutant consent. Messra.
Bioko to Barney svalloonla the hastens of trio concern,
for vuhlch porpose they toe authenredut use thane:lm
of the concern. lifiroANIEL CONSTABLE,
1111.11UNID DUANE,
• 11101 LAS HAINES
Th. underelyned have Ctrs day asteociatod themselves
its the name of BURKE & VARNER, for the purpose
of atannfenturing Piro Proof Safes, Vault Doors, at,
le, at the etarld of ,he late firm of Constable, Barka
&Es, when, they will be pleaud tortoni , ,e the palm,
age of-the e ostensory of that bodge and their (Mende.
In Odes the Arm el Conga-41N garke co.,
I with since,. pleasure tecommend Nam. Berko tr.
Barnes to the confidence of my Glands enflame public.
Feb. n Able.
Ce AfillUTll4o72
laAa Inn reinmed fro. tx Eastern Clue , dad kn
Meelving a lame 'suety of eessoneibla Hoods, to
which he rerpectfally Menea the atientlan or were h
ante and pedfars. No s4Wood al. —NEI/
t, constantly
rectiyjni, from the larger( inannfaturrics to
AY . Vora aal Phlladelprua. utd rthe from French
Iligtll64ll, Os newest and crest ar t lrored yin. or r 4.
per LjazgUrs, toga*, with Nen, ire lloard
Prints, anti Taster - Topa For aa at Li clod at, be.
f enoarth et and Diamond alloy, tarteetwor to .4.
rarENZGLIC - PANZ:d — WjairienlierTtieanter,
Maud kr sale by the barrel or eagle pyand at the
Drag, Seed. and Perfumer) Warctroues, corner of
1311th and Woodatreau. WICKEMBIILAYI.
TE Plurniz alanufsetating Company now offer to
the public their Premium Mortared Stone Pelle];
And VrilDolll•lfiglrtillaiOD, Of fair DicontradlcLiOD.LT
those who by.. tested it, pronounce it far .upshot to
any other (tribe marker The ellannMelnand Monne
apprehentiona of soiling carpets, be., in in nom.
position prevents n deist -irouratising when being op
plied, which most no done when the Stove is sold
The quatity required n so roller° produce e beau
tifol fuftcn. 4 easing of near if tont insured
to the conwecnrs. A coatipg applied to Stover, Pipes,
kg., when bold awry for the IMOICIOr, Is 11 .1100 pre
rentinvo against rota. After bating mod it once,
Of Et is 31.CDC.Ibi2 I DO person 9,10 use any but tho
rhanix Mailelanyting Company's rflArtiOln Ch<l4ll.
Cat Store Polish. For silo by
8 N wicKEnstinsi,
mid Coerce of Sixth and Wood Oman
iiTTSDUPOII 1110011.211110
Comrt 61 Tenn Kt. Clair sircet..
;A,yunuakuug Under
c,/ wk.', %%lett every artiglo for Fwaeral euld
Wnarning pulp... eau be got 0.11 Tettonable term%
• .
TN r. trplly a:ter/to
+roe lioneng 00.1 - Floonne wel.arts er: feet. from
II to het ohne.. per clot,: loot. CinrluguteJ 0/ 11.14
te7, ut, ieofter Nod.
Snip :the
. 11e 40 loch,. rum
. 21
trike.. Ur, bog. Whig, I erforato,l Zone,
Zlll4 rt. 241,
They watrant their metal pare,an.t (:ea from soy
edmie lute of /suit, or atv other oahalanco, and it.
cote:maze It for the Manufaeture. at m 0,10,41,0 11,
1110 boo.. fat - I:101w; I.nt, to It dote act 14,1 II 4'4
arr./co-al by , h. 0 , 114/01.1 wo/cr, ma,. I•eilate.l,
paleted, japsneed
Aarepleg, inoJele, Vans, meek/1....tutu., end ether
hifortnatiou may ho 1104 or their areatia—
blh.,•l4..t eraosa, Now York;
Antuoa /1.13..?“ Co., Uo.lotli
Neruem TeenVs & Peitedephic
w. & it. ?define - , I.lonlmor,.e.
51.411 Z, Boa & tieeent& Nese Orlama;
Y. MILLUVOUX, &aide. Agee.,
V Hanover at, New Yort.
e Oeptember 2.--ee;s:am
flaw Itootca,
rims Attoblogruphy OlLelgb lignt; with reml.
"..tes of nitt 4 .. ll 4.tepporaries t in
Carlyle's Latter'lhry Pattplatio—No
HMO* atDartus the Grath By Jacob Abbot; antb
ea riMward. a Byßell .
PlatottaJ Field BacVAln v,O1 1
The Om wotb rectivortibbrday, mod for solo by
I C wrocierort
alen ' .Cur. Mate% &Third in.
LA$O,44 Flo lon robot 1.1:
*ea Maar and Front alarm
Third creel, opposite the Per;
11 London Art /1311171111 far October
Latch's Living Age, No 83:,•
The Valley Farm; or the Autohlovapby of au Or
pearl. inlard by Choke]. Petemon.
Pettlenat Government; a new hovel, by Mm. Tool
' , orrice Templeton. ley Chola. Leer.
The Iron Mast —Damn; tort crank, complete;
Life el Var.kee !till.
Gercver, or Pleasant Lave and Borrow. By A
Dr Lamar ine
_110.30 Shakapertre. No 'll. neol
JENNI" LANE a beantit@ Ethiopian Song; as aung
by the New Orleane Serenader.;
Be waiebrel and beware;
Olt ! Dinah, take thle bang;
The Maldon's Tear, .
The Rich blan's Bride;
DY Weald I were withthee;
the Se/tees Wave. rang by Jenny Lind in
New Yost;
The Bird and the Malden, .ref by grimy Lind;
Take Dia lore, satlyi by Irony Lied;
Turn not away; a btainifel diet, by 8. C. Forcer
Weirton( Polka; by tharkosi4JennyiLlodinvi:allon
flood Luck.; fenny at the Call ; Lovin g , end Doo•
comb'. Very beer Polka; also, new Welt., and ex ,
naive seleurnn of Dearer PreseplOre of bet mestere.
giLEBER, Int ?bled street.
. _
Sole 4teßry for Dualism.* Inane&
KLEDER takes pleasure Dr aneytturing to the
I.l s yobbo last he has succeeded is secarong the,
ante agency for Daqbam's celebrated aqua Fortes,.
for AVestern geonsylvanle.
Tim MARIA made by Mr Dunham, dike grto of
• Millort & Denham, are too well and favorably known
lo Nis neighborhocd torequire any comment at th is ,
thaeoltttfiee .1 1,1 ray. alai for a long 11.11111 an other,
piano. wean known on Ilse Weinelll annuity than ;
these of Sonde. & Denham and Nmna & Clerk.
Mr Dunham.. be proetirri partner of 13.13 • bona
nttn, h.. , 1• ,, s or r.rn.l.. cll4.enty year, on the an.
tat,f of aa1..1 arm raeoce.l osaryoger and director of
thew utlues, ,
Moo a year or two Mr DenhSell bes
bought out thy enure factor; o appurtenant. of the
firm, and continues to mal 2 kfoitture, as Inhofe, In his
own name. Derthomir ha. !strained 'sock
popatsrity, that in some of the wester. ohms, Chola.
natl, to ,obey havesalt two to one of any other
manufartare.. They WO twungniahed by Ili., power
and brithancy of teno, eqd estraordmary durability.
N. O.—A large Invoice of the above elegant Pianos '
now receiving. SIGN OF TIIE fit/LA - EN MARY.
Dew Music,
D ECEIVED tine day from the
At La Rerenade—flebrobert.
Eteredede—arranyea'av Lbw..
Jeannene and .11111411". tog Gi
Yoldc of by gone daye.-Footer.
ARMY down ut
Be Wachtel and Beware—Glover.
Deride. many other popular
!E ..._mags and Pieces.
—.!!P 15 Sign pride Gelded /Imp, Tirtol ot
X ale 13001 r..
E•ALTD, Diadem:, end Reined/. Dy Dr. Moore.
Al Adelaide Lindsay, a novel. By the author of
4.etries Arnold," ' , Norman', Bridge," de, Lo.
Life and Correepondenee of Robe. edenibeY — Peri..
Gibbon's Rome-4th and oth vel.—emnpletion of the
Reeelved and for sale by
snow wogs.
ENGLISII ORA IR TueTaiVish Lang in
uage its elemmtegal tonne, midi • blarney or t. origin
mid development; deeigned Ma us racelleges and
eebooln . Wm. C. Fowler, /nth ream. , or itti,LnTio
in Anthers{ College.
Agronomy—U recent protium of Agronomy;
o.ppcanVet{{ atope
i U n it ed ;n{ a B 11 , , u t' L
e V
or ir t ith j anithea ' or the intyc ' trlce, and
anecdotes or the came of Me lion,
um a 4 giraffe, skim:throe, ge.mitla illustrations. 111
11. 0. Caroming. Received for sale by
47 !locket ft
. x. Ell3llll
JllSTrteelve4 11. KLEOER'S Alasle Store, the
followsagti 6:—
In the Eye the e hes the Heart. I Love but Thee.
The Watther. The White and lied Roses. Planed ,
WC. Ile ;Teeth it , 14Inge teeth All Is over. Whefe
re now the hnpes I rhonstmd Le Serenade. sap 7
Rll'Ltrgißi:,',2:, l4 „g.Tr g wac.tntePea.°,7,l
tredve.] at Helme , LlDrary Depot. Therd street,
apposite the fort I dLee; also, Ihdlen'Verry, or Trials
tieof Doan, 01.111; Creme Caettlot, sarnamed
Sea:Oen...A King of Albin., hr Clement C ?tome,
I. D; or.d !fie - reeler lAtteirs'Living Age. 5.0.1
Jr.c. Oticcicahs
A LeRGE OM extensive natortment et PATENT
rAIIE;CS, attune the
inmost erdteed variety andirated LI the ailintnent,
limy he sound the folleinitat—
nom Coder., Carnage Cloth. di: Beth, Air
'nada Air Cushions, Water Itall t, ' , monad,
Fillithe Booty, Goal, Cape; Cleat T
Wore., Mittens, Poaches, trap., etommi, Puns.,
Mort, Moor erring., 117 aeb I rie Bond mg. boot Weider.,
Machine .'wring, Camp Menem * Tart, Golden,
Life Piesotvers, Travelling Bali, Indinted Suns,
!!Muir, Untidy GMla • Meads, Thum' Liam, saddle
Air EMU, Toot 'Balla, radii,' Wade Glare,,
Ladies' Gamy Rheas. Vents' Gate Plot., Legit ee, de.
Every ankle sold at Mid eitaellahment Id ararrsutal
to proses, all the Mannar tetra*. ...aid roomer,
pond geoids, diet—lesnhabtlny ander any dee,e or
dee t hinty at the dermal mad, great ddrelpY.
heti..., perfect Innerviouness, and freedom into
odor, for Aide et the Goodyear Rubber Emporium,
NOS 7 Wood Wert.
• mord t J3 11 PHiI.T.iPS
--- - - VAINWI9.
4OUSE &SION PAINTINU and iile:ing,ptempl•
' ly aud neap y ezeor.ted.
,-we set& tt dm itteily Understood, that ore
Critirta Printing rad Ot•rtor •• err•tt ar any other
oalmet; la ate etly, it.di •-d dcLCISCIIIre to do it.
...tat : J a H PiIII.I.IPS
1tu11z . ...711.Lt — . 7 4 - FA.rtlit.: tsi id, ;.• . - d - i , 7 : - /ettny
Lint pausal; welt tad do; Jorbry Ctutt do;
/Dello...ails; donny Llitd Hair 61,41.; Andante
them': Aman•init, Vrtootti• boc, ..f ...441
hin; Almond Stinting Cream, C.., di, do; Am•
breedd dodo, Honey Soap; Ploatin- dx, Aesttothee
do; Hazel Nat Hil do; Ruse do, Idarshotilltoor do,
Noel do; Drown Windsor do; Utile. Grease: Le
ror sale ; wholesale and raial!, by 'IS El ou.L.r.a.s,
sere 07 Wood st.
ill I.S3ELULND DRY PAINTS of all kunts,cronsient.
AU tsr on band of the best quality, Cs', Voinislies,
Linseed Oils, Boiled Wit, Paint Brash., Sash Tools,
Weidner Riots, adaptsaltins, itic, .Sold aholesalo
and ?e it
?emit On ecommodatlng tellSld.
N. 13.-All pariahs perehasio4 mixed or dry paints
who wish In do Redcoat:l paint:rip, can rendre the
nseestary olreytient rata. J ail PHILLIPS'
eel,' I RJ W. 0 4 tt
(INLand and etc* Dote the Pkuldperdle raetery,
for the fall restelet—
yd • 14 Floor 431 Cloth; SOO ydr4.4 do; =0 yds
6.4 do. 60U yds CA dot lOW yds 6-4 do, 6 yde sheet
do, meal= and heavy, from 4 to G yards wide, all ot
the newest style of patterns, and cm m on) even sin.
70ards 4-4 Fataioste Cloths; 4h4 yds 14 do;
GOO4 O I. 4.4 do.
I done snored skies Table, Stud, and 011102111
Covers, various swum, and splendid finish.
lOW Ids 4-4 Pourat Carriage fell Cloth; WO yde
d'sjOrLi)" .4 do
f,lO ydl4-4 O l eel.n 1311 C sh lor
yards 64 do.
- • • .
Window Shades, a large aororunent Jut waived
of mew styles.
Merchant+ lad others wishing to pare Lase, are In.
Toed ID call and examine OW assortment of good.,
which will he wld al the lowest eastern prices.
— l es° . kb Wood
RO[ 2o kegs Sans mills Sods;
, dv;
r gepali ( PM P4. 16 .A.1* , ;
w -----
calvinglll , ll6 undersigned One en barld, and to thls day n.
from the atertufaeturers COLIII4IPVIS.4
• large lot of Flartneha -all vole . p /LW sad
Also, Bed Blankets, Blanket, Beaver Cott's.
Casiltneres,Bartneus and Tweeds; width he %rid sell
by the ease or piece, at numeratstorers' price. The
aneitlon et dealer, le woollen tooth Is InTito4.
*vele st • •
low Mll•eite• atr•lit, Meer Llb.ityil
etta ac atlVraxaer Veetlam
IIArANNA, and LINEN lIDEF2, • general o s .
sartZll nt of FANR, and every variety of truaratnev.
IT at,
of Diamo•d,
This astabllohntani the punlle may al vays de.
:tpod upon beltnywapplted with excellent Teas at
mawdablo pmea—Rary !moo
14eettant Tens --••• • --•• • • .103 60per lb
loponer 075 "
Tem Lest " Impotted • ---•• ••• 1 00
This . IC dtrldedly totcheapest .d 11.1 Sown is
Ptl 7 ddlrilt in Tea , & u&wonTit
2 aLL_ _
Ity tt.• WILLIAMS N 9 open a ifactinal and itny-
ILah POllOOl, on the hrst blond. a) Sept. neat.
Room ooef J. D. Wllllmns' stnYa, corner or Wwl.l
and Fifth Whet.
Rev.Win.' D. Howard, Hon. NV altar It. Lottlto.
Bev. Dr. Elliott, J. D. McCord, Ero.,
Roo Dr. McGill. J.lnoaas, hey
icr — v - o — ww - AT 1(17 -
1.1 flatrilY d . ..I:IIRCHFIELD Infonin On, mho..
11.1. eti and buyers generally the, in consequence
r Wall. r an ig env/ma ut caltoguts omi law to
tug their :G Room, they hays Ta . ....ved their good,
to the . . , tr ono Snotty of Hier building they croupy, untti
rho improvemehia one itioahedl where they_woll
hOppll to gee their ongtootors as renal, and for the
tumble awaiting up Main, will lry_and realtincralt
Mum by dolling thew Cheap Goode.
try-Entrance Dont Fourth atrium angdtt....
ANY& ENCEI.3 HAIR LOY single, for Lad MN
de dodo do fo(Gtati.
do • do do do double.
, de do do Ileth.
irape for Lune,' .
do d o do Lino do for
dh. Geol.
do Denuder Ilnahev.
Imported and, for We by
GT42I - giiikr-.400 ling. Oren Rao cos.;
25 hh4.• N. O. dame;
• 100 Unbent/I Y. If., Imperial, O. P.,
and Blaillt Teas;
tim ben II Lamp Bob need;
keira Giulia do
25 Me Tanners' OH; ,
90 Ma N.C. fan
20 WM No I Rosin;
100 aides Bole Leather;
100 dos Com Brooms;
150 tom Window Glass, nu'd slam
2uo man Weaning Penal
ta bakia Botanic;
2 capons IL F. Indigo;
kep Nal* taloned;
wpm/. Pot Ash;
With ,
CO o ll oll l lUsailosant of grocer
u ies lOT W 0 by
vII W .II teen was me tl Ir and ad' tettid :nth
, itt;
pains tiaoh of slit '
one, rtinnt4
minerai &c that they can he sired tie taltine the re
!mutton.: Teo may talk abort its beism nortmm as
mark as you please, but this does not make it so, for
we proclaim In rho Mee of an tannest community, th at
it has trlttoea which , re no ontained an any whit
remedy. The man who la ra nked with.ptin kit
ten/4r from ireas, can for fifty rnt get relief Dom
any ofthe Ille cant:maraud above. Reader I it owns,
very little to make atrial. This Petraienal Is nit /nisi
ten ths compond, put op for the pupate of Imprison,
on the momently; bat It is • vernedy elaborated by
the master band of nature, and bubbles up front the bit
ROM aOW mother earth In its Original puritriand M.
fen to anCerlng humanly • ready remedy, • ,menals.
andTheap cure.
It has cored Pile, after other modlcioes have Ultra
to tender any relief. It has eured.Rhenmatism of loot
madman and of that Worms and moot painnif charnetnr .
It has timed Cholera Morbus by onb at two doma;
has cured old cafes of Diarrhea, in which every othei
remedy ha. been of no - avail. As • total rettedy
burns and scalds,
it is better than any - tardiest mim
pound or ointment th at we Moore of. twill cute
blaior or frosted Deli in a few applications; Modoubb
ed testimony tan be furnished of the truth contained
In the above atatemiont by calling on 13soduel M. Kier,
Canal Basin, 7th Crept; or either of the agents.
Keyser A McDowell, toner of Wooditreet and
LE-De/lora, .71 Wood /aced, D. e.
liotAD.Ml.tarty, Allegheny my, are we nun.
• - -
ILEAUTY—It Is ansvens.aliv conceded also beauty
112 Common o7o . si Nan. coantso stay I.
, at the tame time it is ssi...los lin no oil. , coon
try is it lost RI SO young an op Noor thl4 tot
to a certain G=reet,' bindle lead so nnen Canoed by on
giant. We say to all, do AM .08.110. perso n ,,
+Pdtanances but lean the following, mat you need A , Ol
lack goal loots. These artirles are nolentino pm
aerations, and have a 0 attained a Idols ,poonlartsf
Jew IlsraVs-Eno [ham no Vanes ago WoMen
Boa", for removing ton, sunburn. pimples, hunches,
andother eruptions of the thin; an Pint periert crn•
narrator of beattiv.nvery known. Purclue nothing
purporting to be Nymph Soap, unless it asenry rums
• • •••..
inn van; Pumas oi Ca moi pewees, ror
parting to the mow complasibo • a wheat
f w at a Zirte l'o n r P tlf; rige r njli
those sold are very kJ oriees Chine ,, e Powder is
“mpoinded In a scientific, manneroalid-eontalee no
Inoredlent which can possibly tartlet en .
mar. Ilaarde Dattuetone Poweta, remevlog
soperdooos hair. Mat is more ..tehtly than hale
open the fete or &floe of a tidy. Thls article will
roomy! it [n e short time, without M 11.
e 1,4 piney ahem
Jenne lisuaraeLe Latour Rata Ihit wilt
sestantaneour.y impart to red, white, or gray heir, a
beautifully black, brown, or ashore color. It will
color the heir in a shorter lime, and more edam sily
than any other Ilya, being at the *woe time iddellittle.
imam 11an.,.'. tenon. Caust,-It is acuity a plea
sure to shave with thie2enuo. Mier, Is none or dm
smarting volution usually eiperieneed .in the use, of
mom Beams. Oa the contrary,lt /eaves Oh lira strl , Oth
and eoft ae as LolimPs, and not liable t o
le 'llsonVellaszleout Pest...Nem us the tont,
th Teeth wets intended a. die gszawetornar.
went to the human faze; bat when neglected, nothintr .
is so disftrartng, or so quietly seen. My Bose . Tooth,
Paste will Impart to the Mon a pearly whiteness, it
the some time keeping lb. gnu Ennead heilthY.
Also on hand, • complete assortment of Renal,
British, and American•Perfamery and Poet ' , Ardent.
JULES BABEL, Perfumer and Channel,
110 Chagnon stree .
For sale wholesaht and retell, b t, Phila.
C CI-, 4.4 11. wham Yftlhbitigk Sad John' Bar.
gent. and J. Initehell, Allegheny City, Pe. 11dr.,4P
H _
YOE'S SOAP-0 bd. arsorted,just resed add roe
tale by emit J MOD Aro
Ql .-- illatklntrarTlNG-34 Mastro, sale by
ealle KIDD /ben
("ALIVE OlL—gnarl. and piety, ip Guist.* id Abe
lad dour , eltniOnlpoGeu, and ran note by
oogi u A PA llNkg LOCK A. CO
TbiIICKidiTUTTgR: 7 / I prlote artier. (or Isle by
oelß ROMER dt.
pro ac u i a,==...6l;iiite - kiii.7-in Mire neil for id Gy
mie by R tqIf.LECS
0017 57 Wood :t '
KLLSE TINKLAM 114 - rip rev ' A I tpi'dote by
0 07 " GRLOnitS
TAR H. AM MOVIA—VeIIaT 101 l teed for ride sy
Uocl7 kIaIsLEGIS
- 13 — UlTtilliri — raitlitio - t7s teethed al
• 50
JD Liberty street. irons she New Itysebten Mill, • lm
cis ospenoy Cot issrbou nour, pot up to 50 lb 131401
for fistMly_mits, (oro7l WM A Metll.SifiG Amos
Mostost — in S - Wtise
choice Mantis et fi ('used t,ois rothlJutlf
On hied and ch. sale op n;:: Liberty ettprtt, by
geld WM A ItIevILOSO A Co
Rrt dttests Siast . Guttuai not
ottll E
ij [lugged, .d Cauvarred, ha not., z.y
Acid WM A Writ, ['KG @ ttr)
BI) BOXES—Re dcla and t all ren.d, at sums,
tale and retail, by W P M 1 11 , 11ALts
rein Weecl -
.TIOIIACCU—ce seg• Greer' sNo 1 tom:Lloyd Wed
per steamily Geneva, lid fon nit by
oeln 70 Water at.
C ASTOR GIG-70 bet. I.:USW;for vole Isr
• bold 67 Wood ot.
3§ d IlAW011:7114
EA DEALER.% o(4.1,11:141noca,
.1 Ty.. ?Cc a c MO 11 , -111 realty mod
lA/lIfLfs. , II . RA p NDY orate pOrnat band, anneh r liior
=palms at 7.3 v atnl ,r for
tale by
WOl . r
• • 111
'e,6 In Ile 0.....tnnd
XJ::' A. it. Casl Cais
,tv v, ICu C rt... v. t an Ca-,-- r. I van I arc:.
dvr, I .Inoe co aud vw. Ronca I.! warrartt
od port, manned tar ,nte tty
t•cld Wwdll
ARO- lOU ter, num,.
Lutd r.r wen by
g _PATDIe It'
bACON HlNDl—Wrings 0.1
[II !ow to tint. Ito Int. by
• ore ISAIA !I DICKEY St ew
ifft/NIA.- 7 1Sitl• In stony and kw vale
T UDS AND 011ekETS—L:t dnx ettetot.t; IF Jo Tabs, lat vale by
COIFILIDUUME-41/ otb.lftney gold connuen
On e y, rnitroor...v, for
ncoVERMEW - -ti. bbt. 41.106
.t.T. mu* pGw '"`
Ott9 •
TY Salem.. 'ebb the; '‘ ? •.e "
W d'
Maim? bealress, to whose • liberal slaw will b
paid. F EATON,
oetli iv No, tel Fourth sc
ase prise see
'L.' 01W ld DIe e WORT3I Co
Vlid.ll-45 /dads Prime N I nr i ag n i..
rria: bblo N C for molls c
PIVAS—foU boit000stol.", q. =l.l.olZir,
11 to daddy boxes do do . do do
0 , gee by oatl2 J B biI. I VORT ... 4K CO
54 1114 Wiry v.*
1 310W DE ,1- 4Kikeeibhuditti to OM* .
4.40 do Door Alva, Irt worm.,
COI do
_Ky do do,
bbls Bat ruse .dcy
for sale by ova ty l J DILWORTH . Co
L ARD -9D kegs No 1 Lard,ho , hoolved..l for
la. by . oatLl a At, W: 11 AILBAUG111 _
nuts tlooldoto,
&MOM, do teach ,
to more and for olio by
awl CL11.41_1_141.7911
tmaor ma r l;
le t ig Cs6Cl-aliginat i l i a & W UARBAUGO
QUO/LB—lt klub N 0 Elega• tosum sad for ash by
8/87 •8 s W• ILA/WAUGH
r iBll 4l.iielityBB4Br,
1,7 4/ feel woke. Yor term., apply to
• ocil 8 F VON 1 1 0NNHOILST & CO
mirrimo.-no bap &r
aide, for sate el
ocl I V 7 F WUZUIf e,
FILAF—to eiiki-Giatan,areiv7iTtai
oca w & F WILSON
QULE LEATLIER-90001be dyael.b, arming bar
canal, me sale by JAMES DALZELL
011 lo Water at
D ma prime, fur sale by
_ _ _ _ _
'URBAN'S-3 east. Fie' hoes ree'd for ode by
1.." oast • ' -JAMES DALTELL
kly — •
Palvrarlasd Vara !Unmet'. '
DEFINED and prepared expreesly for Paiblszp,
11. Caste rd., Cakes, do.
Thus pure sad oustifal article 1s eseecolithly
;healthy, dallelorm, and economical, and when deured
oar a
may s
be used sat sobsthato furoted to th e name mea-
/art received and for .ale at add Ltherty so, by
sold WJI A bIoCLI.HO rAI
LtI.I,ARD o 1 ,-10 5171 r,,, silo by -
ja Dell • JAMEY; DAL:O,I4' .
b-IttaTf: Ft 11;
1` ALL HOSIERY, Alsdee.,, hthsiuto.ha'
V father bed Llama Ward tfor:m y do y
meta fg sired
. L'ii r It
V XC EIJANT - T :: 111 .- V;Th . r.
_EI sale by lucid, MORHthi h. hi WI r,I ei
TT El) BUT It K--I0 keis - rresh he'delatoe
azd for gala sty 11 Lod.L.ZLLL Jk GU,
dab Liberty st
Fora ETW.Try — ii — spier t ir
0 roam; and 1 1,grOwatl, Wee, lot We by
0010 k Ott
trfli roil; b+
oer7 DICKP.V &Co
bk11.1./FIRIIT-357;:ks Sew Peuebes7 —
10 sa, ack. Lew pples,
from steamer Caledoni and tor Isle A
01, amities
Ics—tops. prime Rios ferule by
ib o
_ ----- -•
frituNi: BOA • bUndlex fot tale D r •
mul fat gala by eta* RESia.LERS,
Boys , Ilathasta. ,
Ii4URPIIV k.'III.IItCIIFSELD have IttiliViaVi toe
LIKL of !madame Fancy 311ted BaUaen , for Dais ,
wear, also Plaid cal Flab Cul:mares h. , ' peat
variety, Watt. Cassis:Rotas, Vantuaky Joan., 3 , ft w k
'ibby Naivete, am., a nonh tut coma
and Martel Waco
Vets;. Colored Jprta is.
I ,f UR PIIY & BURCII MELD hrrlitivteuilort to tbe
eb o k. e lot trod Britlak Peat% dark
and of durable cotara,laat roared..: • ems r
ova . icor Fun it Wooden,
Westerntolltge fionutopathie
SetXl= ).51--che.v.ti 1840.
filllit FIRST WifiTFR SFARILIN of Ibis 10.1 totem
r ertll cruornence on the Fur Monday 01 Novem
ber. ind'enntintt tuitrunornltt •us
TboChatfa of Ina faculty aye arranged : L e Yedio.e.;
*ma Rose, M. D Professor of Midwifery, and
Dlsenies of Women and Children. '
Lanulsta.Bnigne, reofeamutwf, ieinoiplea and
Praenee.of Surgery.
Charles D. Wlthami, ta Vioferaor of Institutes
and Practice or flometpathy...i •.
I4ttis Dorke, M. I), Frofeusof uiltlateria Medico
- and Medical Jarrieptodenee. - • -
Ilatathowit. Smith, A. Af.t.Profeeiee oir Chem tary,
f tvii, Q. Withurel„ N. D., ! reit:soot or 'Anatomy
and - Physielba7; •
' Jebta Brothel rd. PrafteaDt of Pritiolat;ficienee.
Charlr. W. frell,, Demonnirato of Anatomy,
Tt . 7 Matter of th e Wester Gtel o f
Aledulue , avaa imentetthty, the lii:lature of Ohio,
da'n'di Vi i t t,l l "" . " L ' a r i=tte i et t ttige ll altor4 ' e " u
.lika u:ed.'snteti livroflr'",,"ll,7ol'
.C.113t, independent o any 0nier.1.... Casing
In into the power to dorifUrVerteeui and a common - 1. .
The degaeee equferred by tho i FaeuitY and
Ttuctor a upon the feettotimendailotOof lne rehttit,
.ithe amount offees feriae fill onurae will be Oh%
auieutation fee. /5 -to in paid but <ewe Moon'
111.0 l s ticker, E. Gradut den fee, IDN P 1111...
onto. tint. ratrendMittero lot. comae* pi ketp re+ to
other college., are admitted to tin full pro,. o th e r t oll
on the payment oi *M. Graduate. of re
speidahle tredninDae tinalaareyenulitefl to attend the
eouree ontbeTayteeta of the unuriculmien fee enly•
Goad I.unnt, Ddine to:it lieht, '
and ned i can be
.otnat,ed horn
04 ai 12 Su per week. tor falther
foramOonradderma efIAD D WILLIAM:I.
,:I_Clm Deno 0!11.1 Faraity.
ahell^e, & cte,)
1V,•old re:T..lloi latorra Lt.
Om. othe the habil(' geeletalln that they will
e:Otheite the ompufaataro of
!e'en their verietievit the Old 'kind,
No 13 Wood it. liitwoon /Nisi & wag.,
1 /4P o 3.4iTiisT To Tux AP PLIOTCD.
Jr. Rose's Celebrated Remedies.
rail. JACOB H. ROSE. the diectiverer and FOk pen.
.e../ peletor 6f iheee tO01( pOpnlar tnd beneficial
atedieinea,and she the inventor of - the celebrated
1111:11a0C11/ for lodating the eaves, In eft:cling • cute
et !ironic diseases, was to Stud ent at thee eminent
phyrtelen, /lector ,Phyale,, and iv .o. madame of the
Onotersity ofreonsylvaniater'.4 IJv Wily Yee..inv.
ha. teem enraged la Vill'tavesoinuo . n en aigrette, end
the applieano,A of remedies thereto." , •
Throyettifte use et his Intlettneedbe.lin connection
viii Ina Prophylactiaßyrup adotharoif Li. evened:va
he has egad en toparalaa ertonare In cortog
Oman &carat and fault euvradie... Term/tar Coo.
ratption,,Cancers. Befolulehl Mem 'no, Asitque,
Fever nod Agee, Felvers' Of all 'Mode Chronic ;or
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(entitles. bideed every farm Dfdieilec yeateltes andel
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1 brholouno , kekli. Cool I Wood stree4 i i , 'at...loile6;
J 51 Towntend, dtuggist, 41 Merkel. Jo,
Lee A. tieclin•lll, 010 near tett I. Q. _/: eSrlry. C . ' tj.
.1.3 , 1111.i1i ICI'. D1TUr.0, , , , , Bravv't de, 'a.
Jon Cillott [;trios v4fly, • Gat ' V 4
T Adarnc, Beater,- , tdo 401
e 1 4 ,42,111
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Ales, dr an:, Lott cz w A . dlettlea r the Prize
Stine. lettite ertt7hretett dh nttet,
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,_.J ~e'dtiett N. T I T!. Third r;
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net JcllllT TFATT At CO
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it VA:NE-I,i CAL'R.-9 I , 23,lmcefer • lorale , h)
/N. oel • ' R SELLERS
V.." . 5-L."''
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INSEelailrrLZ—E,f;W NYE-4713,7bl
Long Ahura.,
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. i f the bee anality of India Rooker, n hand and for
s• by ' MU " JO. I PHILLIPS
ftP tridagazONl73, -- ich: . lobar, of alit
eteaßent istamlne, and No le f Dictionary of
Meettanies, tea tom received - at Imes' Literary
Dopes, shied street, *mold e
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am Ltseriesableval coiled The Co &photos;
of Dtannarbasoett's Wand, op the Ida River, and
No 8 Piellittal.,Pied Book of ths &reflux Resole
lion. . 003
Con rigrl:-10 casks for sale by I
____ . fa Wood st
4 4 33 . 1..5 brs Pa/mon, for
S ~NUIIIIi3I-300 bags prime 079 Ito Coffee;
160 packages Tea;
bra twined Tob ace;
10 bags Pepper;
5 bags Alsplemi
SI marts Cinnamon;
50 bra Not Prom:dale;
3 cases Liaberice
ICI tierces frea pnmff Bice;
0 casks bell bladder;
S barrels 'Alum;
to barrel. Tumors , 011;
50 desert potent Blew
300 bat Corn Broo m
31/ box. White PI r,
an d. prime 0 par;
SD bra des :stag
too lira large No 3 Mseaerel;
bra bug, No
: 2 do:
GO .
4 - o 1 bra N C TaNn. do,
brl. Men
50 bra Na 2 Hata;
eoollbs assorted Yairp;
53 bales No 11141214;
100 kegs prune Whim Lead;
200 kegs/MOTO/NI lia_ls;
Also, a full amorument of ratably ;h manufactured
articles, lee tale by .10111., WAIT te. CO
repl3 : Yd Llbeny
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S UITABLE tar hickhelnal Piaproes, .tan.on beau aLd fur tale by 160 battle, qaari, or ration at
iIt.II,IFUS & it& iVORTH'S
lens 1 en & 'Vine Mora :
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U 1; en,: 10...... i Cl.7th or.iiidt,
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1 root etude.;
Setters Clio Alm.; . •
.1 calm. ]Otis; ~
3 easeiDlne +dank liumlist aliKuni
2 case. Gray Blankets; . r 1 • ,
3 auto Drab Illankais; , ,
1 rasa thee ' do; l
d oast...White Bed lilanttils;' I
;00 pelts Bitola Boat Blankets; 1 • .
Received sin conalgumeal r and M inr dale at annfac ,
losers prima by
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- DROWN Windsor ' Sup; 0, tioney, Mask
VernarnbarjetionUil, Yellin, an ,Slue Oil.tioips
to Soaps ern. highly celebr d lor imparting I
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, .• 169Woodst
VOL: X - VfW - N6: 88:
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Wood 11.
1 APP•teaters - tiii - . ClemlalngAiltOvo ;V Ilp•
without - a, takeng dawn.
INVENTED by Ferd,,e,r.f.ll,7l7,ApeNsva by
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__ Fir: i: s ieltreen ttfoosi P. Markel..
E. rti. Fetittits - fOUlral co.,
wii°l 'w•sA;Lit numoozgiTs,
Comm of Wood and Eirit str-,Pinaburgbr
CiFFER for lode, if Their cern ammonniion, direct
From Europe,
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Emery Corn 4. Pored, ton Onmm, pm, Ay.
Pert. Amnon, er' , .T. i ,,, Role A , 01.11/ a
1.,,,, G,,,,,, . p 00,5 PM /Mina, ;taperers:l.M
Rotten lane, M esrl,.. Tlo , Ts tik,,,
Floor Haight/ r 1 MT vat ports, assorts,'
cantle ennyits brs , ! Adheeirr , flamer, Ens.
rents/ Illariii:ri rio ' , l: . rtober‘T 1 ~.
Cnrt. do ea / 1/erd MT
Lam Dye,. ponTl 1.1 br/r 1 I:Mb:tow don do d u
C u r io.'! 1 Einienow do do
Citric gond, in lb Mode.. I Comm Iron, Eo g
Poli. Ant/manila , do 1 Preelo; Es'', h ug
Ad. Ammon Cone. MT Aleppo Galls
Colomel Eng. do Trprou'a Irrot
Oil Amber Reel MT - %Emir:swami brortors and
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Tunnrir Acid, in bys Ocarina Root
f:lilttl. Ala rtlr.lo legs It Root
RadValorian Fore/0.1.1es Polisrung Putty
Eldon Red ' ned
Through la Dare
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&nanny, that on nod eller ?Corday, the Wilt or:trip
let:cher, are will reee,rre rile (ornate goods wla tbe
Cteltut Rail Road, and genera( tee there to he through
iu Four Rays.. r tor kinostre stock Mean and Botts
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11 COPlarOlt to CH.. PhalsdeJplns,
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FHICteCI a or the Ittal•rn-gh Transporratiori Line.
wing agebta,
roCororata a. C 0., IV North strebt.r, Bahia, are
E. Ramo. b Wilier) flare, New Yore,
Ertluar s el`lecyll Deane torect., Roston
nn, • 7 • .
Oat/. lio-o*Ort-tor
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city, by riral EC a. Alb , larethN,
peel Fleet lo.trasnen IVerse
II Haprotte l'otout Bodo Rals•
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last queloy blots t•;: ',nein AO. velnek Orey
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b /it 11" abl ITCIr ELI RICE
004 • . 1.15150
GC . R/Ori 4)/1 R /1i; PIA MO.
10 I:. 1 It AltorslLH I, (Patel of the first EitrOpean
ARE erasterv,l One ••! a nor vorli. re , lne
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hi use Olt Ltlrcos rb Of at 11. Either', blame Store,
will moot web p,O 0.110
15 000 rk.ri, Boa 1;41.
1111t.'itt. I .SII/UPSIAlfgb.
Ltlittag out at Cost to Clase'Buslutax,
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h qrsectl timaft rtm. pabits and Dolph ammmemt
Llb . len welt:Anton 1 tar sels, Culosed and lilcuolmed
lusteme; Casslates. ace ammairsetc.; [Ube.. and
Laos., Battens and Um mobs, 1 bleed. mud Module."
Umbrella. KO Die^. Boer, Ar
All of ...telt, eettaley mad city merchants arc re
spectfully ilvited beaamua, at awl et sep2l
C O . P&14.1111AILA1/111 2 .
ILIVI', tOrs day. assocrated onilt mac Mn. 1.11.
tbause, in. Me Wholesale lira cry gird Pro-Nee
the style of the hrm mill be A. ColLerman
&Lions, fly]] 1:11,1.116R1':•t1i
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1 3 i,1.7%
• Otk Davis for sale by
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‘A, bales Week, receivedCoe4llE
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A'YUBPLf d: BUBCIIFIELL have received a sap
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Ealhederee, Alpece., Bpan Edm kr
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„T` of AlPri=swx, flerbet 0. Sprays.'s, Ituntstell's,
Ellen's, Clyde, and our, Fond paannfastones. Just
opening, for ante by • HILACKLEIT & WHITE
DurrEtt-7 tuba, a tine nr
recelyed,and [ornate by
LT) &'12,1 Second st.,
NO. ptlmo, jut rce'd on con
nignment, and coo I.ole by •
'MILLER tc 111 , ;KETSON
v 02 2 yll & rta Labotty et.
BLEACHING POWDER-230sta klurryans' beet
quality, tor sale at the lomat market price by'
orli '' - iv & NI ILLITCUELTREE
,_ _ . _
(1 1 / I :l39E—ioo bk.. Creitu, jeer He'd (or sale by
1.... , Doll te & kV 11.11REst0il
BUTTER -7 brio Roll Buuoq
7 Mb P. 7 boa do.lootlanding for by
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GWITLEIREITS IltavY Silk Vote add Drawer";
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Fine Stint, Cellars, and linsomc
Itilt, , Cettod and V. orered SuspendelPl
Curley Ilea weaving Roane,
Pria ed Flannel Roe.;
Raul. Belts, Llettvellas-
Sdk sad Linea Pveket lidera;
Wool and !Jackie. Cloves,
buys bed 0110 0110 Gloves;
Nears, Colmar., and DlufEars;
Just retalved and Er ule by p g r a r ow ,
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BU ITER-1/ ptes flesh, tbalrecabred by
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