The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 02, 1850, Image 1

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P. P. WAIT, ja. 2.1.0tET
"ar" "" .44710 3. TRIED anal . , grrr WOE TO
Dally pa per emu..
To-Weet t y-1—.......—.
Weekly, lo advarice)--- —• '4'o
Do o Glebe, el • reduced rets4,
le, (1 , .1
OD 'l3
One Searle, ft rtes of Nonpareil or less)
con I •
One Nu re, c h additional utettlien.,
' Do. sw 2.00
Prof th weeks.--
P.,. one month ---•—•••-•-• 5,03
Da. MD 7 ,0 0
"Do. three mown. ---•-• 0,00
Do. Nor menthe •—•••••••-•••• 1017.0
DA. dr month.•.-.
Do. twelve menthe-- • 18,00
Brandi Llt Curdle lines or legal per annum• 10,00
One Si u err,ehandre bla at plearare (per an.
reamexelasive of the paper.-- ....... 21,00
Far cub additional moan, inserted overtone racath,
ton for conk additiouni square Inserted under the year ate., half price.
Advertirementa exceeding a square, and net over
Unto lines, to be <barged ag a square and • half
Publishen not acceuntable forlel a
ecyand lie amount charged for thei gar pub dverase lication. ments
Announcing candidate. for office, to be charged the
same es other advernscructos.
Advert]. macnts not marked on the copy far • %wel
led master of Initerdins, will he continued till forbid,
and paymentcructe 1 acconb. •
The privileges of yearly advertisers wind" confined
rigidly to their regular barite., and all other adver
t...bents not pertaining to their regular business, as
agreed foe. to be paid extra.
All advrtollemeets for charitable toultralorts, firs
emsce, ward, township and macron/kilo memo.,
a such :tire, to he charged Mdlprice, payable auictly
advent c.
Naming,. notices to be charged 50 cent..
panted by &mend Invitations or obituary notices, and
when so recemparued to be paid for.
Iterate, adventure. and all others unding COO:41N
etteillions, or requiring notices - designed to call &nen
, than to Front, Soirees, Concerts, or any pablie cuter.
WaneAbl. when charge. me made for admittance
all nctleen of private associations-every notice dee
Maned to call attention to private ente,rpases taint!.
toa cr attended to promote Individual interest, mat on.
ly he Inserted with the understanding that the tame
14 to he prod for. 'lf intended to be maned In tbe
velure, the SIAM will be charged it the rata of
not leas then 10 Celle. per line.
Mahon or Fist Notices to be charged triple price,
Tavern licence Petition., Ild each.
full p
Legal .iii hledeal advertisements to be charged at
Real };.tale Agent.' god Auctioneers , advertise
ment. not to be classed ender yearly rates, bet be be
allowed discount of thirty three and one thirdpereent.
from the amount of bills.
14 . 21 OLT oa 11.1-9117TALT 111 DOOM nzrn.
One Square, three lesenloca...—,-.....31 50
D. each additiooal losertlen••. 37
Oat Nam OS e, (10 line o s) one Insettion---.50 on.
Do.each addition.] inaerden•-•Z
Alt tretwlent advertisement. lo be paid in advisee.
WRITE & Co, Gazette.
lIDEIT M. DIDDLE, Journal.
JAMIE P. DARR &CD Ct'nalale.
FOSTER & nßoTnr.rt,Dispatet.
artownEN, Mercury.
IA MI'S W. BIDDLE, American.
RIDAhI EALSTE, Evening Tribute.
Prcrantreen, Dee. 1,16(9.
ALDERAIAN, gab Wird, Penn street, between
O'llea a. 4 WaLiut. All business prenePtlY
Palli4qww —l4
A 77 0 RN Eir AT LAW, and Carandsalanar ter
.Pemmylnuga,'lL Lads, Mo.
All eorare endractous protoptly answered.
JA el PG 16`.• Kart,
ATTOR.NEY AT LAW—Othee on Fourth Mee
bet Souttilletd Rod Grunt' Pittsburgh.
• 3n ii. Ii.AIVILLN,
/7.A TTORN/IV and Coanuflo, a Law, and Commis
alone, (Of the Slit, of Pennsylvania, Si. Loofa
Md. slate of Plusbnrgh.r - -
Hod W. Forwdrd.ltansa
ton 6./I,ller, IPElandlew &I.R.S.!tern, John E. Parte
3/sseo• d temple, McCord d King. av/1.41,
Martine, Ps. (.V:rtider Ferry Part °for.)
iilVing permanently limited at Ws plate, a Ile ß, and sebum:mil Wear( Rut, we are prepared to re.
celye and forward promptly to all point.= the tiro,
and Bandy •nd Ilerrer e r Ohlo Canal. D& Co.
wn. BAKALIET..•—• ..... COGOKLO2.
LNO 241 NoTtet et, PhlladelphlL • Of
---- - - - -
Pits.abusigth AMAMI Works:
B A NN t E l l' l 'U td "R P " d e°, ll .''f tr " r; I ' l7 44
Aouls.. l iVatrtkot:; s !tr—,TV ' iter.=4 . l,elo:rt'eni "ne .
[wally _ .
Erodenck Enna. • ' Liman Reiter.
BRAUN REITER, Wholeasle and Reuiß Rea&
gist., tamer of LI•ly and VA Clint ornery
n A. IIIeANULT.T.t. CU, Foorardmir and Cow !.11
V. minion Marianna, Canal 8.111, Pauabargb,
•• - -
. GRANT, Wiroklalc Grocer.Gonumasloo
V. Funny?Lnu Slerebaut, No. 41 Wa,er st.., Pius
burgh. ur4
In Horser..-- Andress Fleoune 12.. K. Fl.mmg
logresov, rz.noLso * co.,
rosenle.Woolon, and Conan also, dealers in
W kinds of Tailors Trisannov, No to Wood st, *lx
door from Mb, Pittsbriseh.
seri Wen. A. 11111 A Co, Banters.
S. /U..] . arat. A- myna
aSiON IitNRCIIANTS and Bill Woke's,
No ILL Bacoad meet, Plusbar h. - au47
OIL a 10141.11, , rum a. WITNIT.
ENULISII I NNFTT, Gate 'English, Gallagher
4. Ca) WW.esale Grocer., Commission and Per
yardage Merchtuns, and dealers in Produce and Plus.
burgh Mtutufacrarcs, N 0.27 Wood sc, harden 2d and
2d streets.
sca. amatalswura
No tit F..d Pittehurak. mai
LUZ= T0[..729) (WALITI C. uvugerras
GENERAL coalaivslos and Forwarding. Mgr- -
hl& wr and Flo. No V 6 Market I
P elp
No. 41 North Water Street & No. 16 North Wham..
LL C. hlcChturoht. Ph""'' •
J. A. %Calms. S hog
Mil" LEY, (sarcom to blarphy & Lor.,) Wool lie - C-
M;Jog Comm a
;I s ; n t
T ' , 1 0711 opposite t o ' 6V.
‘9.1. /0/22.
HARDY, JONES ti Co, (ratcenon to Atwood,
Joao f C. 4.) Commlnum and PorlmMlitg hter.
shams, dea:7i7 m Piusburgh MameketAred I.7nels,
Piltsbamh, YR. meh27
jIZCCX.OO . mumrirs. a Raz,'
IMPORTER Dealer In French and American Pa
per lientrinas and Borders,. Window Shades. Fins
Prints; Fee. Ateo—Writing, Printing and Wrap.
ping A Paper, No. f 7 Wood street, between Fortra street
.3 lmond alley, um.% r,IJe, Yittabergh, Pa.
, 4t•
SOHN AGNEW, late of the firm of Ghambers,Ag
ea new it Ca , would respeetfally inform the old cos-
Garners end the public generally, that be swilled!! eon.
Gass to earn on me Green Clan business, In all its
anxieties, and la prepared to fill all orders for Apothe
carter Fart:there, Minerals, Porters, Viola, lee., A.,
penalising to his MIS ines. Nrs wareboese Is No ill
Waster Street, between First A Snead am. jytiardant
ri GAN, Faririarni Wholesale Druggist, aral — Ta72 - -
et ht Dye Stars, Palen, Ms, Varnishes. iee.,_No.
el Wood , Watt, one door Doan of Diamond Alley
ja — rfairDiaLSE.Lli, Wiwi...Grocer, Com:Mato
Merchant, and deader la Prodive and Pittsbana
Annaketures. No ti Water st, Pittsburgh.
111031111 MIR, IN,
b Co., Wholeulo Groom. Cm
utliskus bletehtults, and &slats In Prodse a,No,na
N ster, and 141 Flora cram, Pithiburtb. • novB
fri,37, — . Dilworth— Dilworth.
J - r et...DU:WORTH k CO., Wholesale O °cent, and
~,,aents tot WWI Powder Co., No. d 7 Wood st.,
fr,. , rt)W".434.11:1, Dragon mad Apothoeul
43 Valk.% three doors above 'Phird rt. Pitts
laugh, will I,lle constaggly on hand n well selected as
,oneness atilt, -Mt atartreshest MedteinsAwhleh he
odd sell on• the quoin reuonable loom. Mgt:lane
sending ord•dt. wilt be mouldy attended to, and nap
plied se 1. thee!lo37 tely upon as genuine.
ttT Playes•ualt Pte.-TIP:loos ' , litho 'tontine') nod
newly ry,red frm 104 LW tutorials, it any boar Of
ti day or
Also for sale, a toga stoolt at huh sad good Porta
goers. 1.13
• Jotn Wily& ttichard Floyd.
& R. FLOYD, Wtalasaltt Groaarg, Commission
• Nlzzobanto, Dealarl• In Froda.o, Round
Chafek Dalidir.en, fronting on Litany, Wood and
Mink enroedo,rincif oral, Ps. apl
jNe. in.MAL14.:1401 , , daunt tar tint Lake Ede an
Michigan Line to !Intact arid the Lalrec—Olhoe
on taa aerateac Water wad Ratiiiiield lie
VMSI7 iltltfn
Lewis Mut:teat , Gnountsalon
aao Mom or, the tit :LoultiStrun Saga, gd..„,
43 waist and 91 tidal gltelli4. MUM , aro.
s 1 SCHCsiI. - 11/Titiolese
Na ad V 1 T i
Pm:earth. ea&
o fnq iaff, - 117 - Wico - Teriale - ind
Neale and /genital Instramenu, School Donee
Paper, Slate% steel Pens, Printer. , Cards. an
Wood at-, Plashargh. -
Trr Raes.etreat or few,. to trade
irrUSTEIELD, (late of Warm., OW") Commie
eltr. s - alas Western Merchan Sane r, hole
401Jef In Reserv e Cheese, Pot and
rpee„-1 Ash, ar,d Western Produce generally. Water
•rwes, between Southheld and Wood, Pirteborgh.
p El & j 0 1 ,169. roma:dm an 4 Cortoramuou Met
charts, Dealers in Prothwe sail PittabLuro mans
le. Vaned arleier, Mule Bag., near 7th st. api
won irtunx, cumns & manaranarm
1 4 1
maperiar 44 Sampling, Carpi Chain, Cotton .
67111 '
11. Fr&OClLTilir
LvATE". r . & SwEs at' , OWES ELLER, am
sad ath - rona BINDER, emit of
PM Ontto, riDSOßryils,
. •
. s .
_Pitiaburath COT Class 1 Narita.
FA No SS Market Went, between Vast and Second,
Pub‘borgh, Pa.
( 1 0 -.. Partleolar attention paid to odd awes. Also,
W. CC PAX, 0.00100.5,
0..1.0113611taK. 11113,131.•
t Ur ELLER RICACTSON, iNnolasaletroc era, and
Important of Brandies. IVines and Sivas, Nos.
172 and 174, earner of Ltbeny and Irwin 2/111..., PAW'
barn, Pa. Iron, Nails, Cotton Yarns, ae. te , eon
stantly im nand.
JoisTbfkiil Jamesbrtall. altn C. toe.
M cti ILLS A ROE, Wholess/e Grocers and Commis-
Con Merchants, No DA Merry EN Pittsburgh
MN 110010.
;lANDPACTORRIIB of apring and Winer steal,
Plessit steel, steel planet wings, coach and elip
reag m ami io r . e ng / i ro . n i nelg,..r i d . dea l l=ol .
Klinaln COTT= of Bob and Front am, PlttaborßE
& Toeslos. Commission Ilistro hasty.
31 Otd Levee st, N Chicane, beeonstantly on
band tante 'moment or Bran p-C
dies of the follow
brandvzhich they offer. for sale as sirens for J.
Domed & Bordeaux, yin 2.lAglory, J. Erand, Du
raad a. Co, Larne belle I .10nranc, Coanse, A de 111 In
terne, A L A . de 31ondore ' Jean Louis. &n.,
&e; also, Anchor Gin, Bonier= Redand White Wines
in casks and cases, selected with ease bylohn Durand
&:Co; besides Champagne Vilna and Sweet Ehorandy
- •
ElloLdia4 EION, N 063 Market on, e road dour
•from corner of Fonda, dealers to Porel.rn nod
rnie 1:111.1/ of Exchamge, Conlleates of Leposu
Dank Notes end Specie.
-4Q•Cloleirdona made - on Mt We eines
bnanillom the thaltall 5r....t apt_
OP WM. Sent/CHOLA NM: Third sr, opposite the
Poet-Oce, Pittebergh.--FM.P., niu
heads, Shoerbille, Labels. Arc ' hitertural and Machine
Drawings, Brainen and Virltlng Cards, to., cog:raved
or draw a on Mari and printed in Colon, Gold, Mmne
or Black, in the most MAPtneed sad " th e most
remonable Drier. ortl&l7
OBINI".0N, LITTLE & o. Liberty street
itt , fa."2 , mr.lvp..2-...dorzgr%.„—Att.4l
Manase area apt:
20E1, NOBISOM reoa. 1.11712, ILLUL. s. 11011=1011.
• ......
RO/IERT moortr, aholeaaleGroom. . Rectifying
Distiller, dealer so Produce, Pleisbursh Manufse-
Pares, an all kinds of Forestry and Domestic Wines
and Liquors, No. 11 Liberty street. On hand a eery
large stock of superior old Monongahela walskoy,
which will be sold low for rash. m •
o. arTioata
RESialkighlt4,llfEjineFervrtnil4 ana Commie.
t.ealera In GlOCtrits, Produce nusourgh, Manufac
tures,and Chloride, of Lima.
The higher DDrier , in cash, ;bald at all times (or
entry. raga. Cornet Pe. and Ins. eta. .18
Dotitar ta ,
Coe Aterehazza, dialers in PII " rodllt, and
Phlabargh Blantfae:ares, Liberty meet, Pinsbnzen,
• IL, 4•
a 'ONCE/L Produce, Forwarding
ba.rgh atanatactona,PloriLiboit7indrect'tlquathberrgriutt,
a. C. sii•CCISIT ram a. waxed:
SMeV...ETC & Wild= Wholesale Dealer. in
Foreign and Demesne Dry Goods, flo. CC Wood
meet Pittsburgh. apl7
Cs & W Wool Marehants, Dealeei
la in Flour and Prodoce generally, end Forwardion
and Commission Idarehants, 145 Firm street ana
110 Second sine,. Yinsbargh. aol7
asuons, rrrramstirL 2000 moots, 141 TL,
ELLPI4B 3 NlCOLl,Prodoce and General Co,
alsit mission Merchants, No. oTLiberty atrea t,
burgh. Sperm, Linseed .d Lard Ws. aol7
'" ' •
CiON IiONN/10103S to CO, liaolosale
Daicomb Forwarding and Commissiou Morehulta,
lem lo Pittsburgh hisineactures and %Venom
Prod moo. haveJerarrrod to their now warehowe, (old
stand,( No. 3Z, corner of Front socet and Chancery
. .
East el& Diumond, rmsbuto.
. .
SHRIVE/A & 1141.11.11111112, -
Product and Conssiiruna Afore Asa%
And dealers In Pittsburgh hl &slammed Articles,
&cm. 230 and 1311 Besomul
&ape. Wood BcuithEeld, Pittsburgh. anal
ions wart" • flows scum
W ! KV:, t u G Pro. " l " oeef ° :d P . IX: a 3i rg e b " ll b trin ' a!
(aerates, lad Liberty
I. Pittsburgh,PE sapt:r _
brls Soperibis
brls Fine, solving. sad for sale by
BAKAL) & zavxm
WOULD Inform the public, they Lave tat& the
y emulus< formeslT oetapied by tbe late AN.
Solon:ma Rehoyer,ll4 fauna I. Iltving a large•
and oommodio& warehoese, that wouldquultt the
attention °rpm., hatter/ goods ID comasn or sore.
They will also give attentlon to We purchase and sale
orNoies.Drafts. Bonds, .7.e. asst
S. Waterman, H. N. Waternhan • • W. B. SVaie'mao•
Le Se NV ATICSLCIAS dr. 801115 i,
- entrain,. Alerchanta; dealer., In GI km de ot Pro-
A. Pittsburgh blatitfactored Article.; ine. Agast.
for gala of Riche:loud -mad Lynchburg Usaufutured
Tobacco. met
- -
13-4210., Pn
WILE also attend ID wile. inas aDd other Dula.
erorttated to him in Rader and Arm:lrene
aeantirs, Pa Refer to
I.& R. Floyd, Moony at
W. W. Wallet*, do
James Nankai' do Plttabarah.
dly Kay & Co., Wood et ) Jan?
.10118 RIAPADICA & CO..
Canal D. n, Fenn street. Piusburek.
J&11128 D. DAVIS & CO..
No. tv Market, and 54 Commerce Philedelphia.
Advances made, by either of the above, ma consign
menu of Produce to ether House. etre
.1. D. 'WILLIAMS &
ForanusUng sad Commission Merchants, an•
de en to Country Prodnee and Pittsburgh Menefee-
Wee, corner of Wood and TIM streets,Pineburgh.
rot. H. William -• -I fs. McVay.
WU. H. WILLIAM, & Co..
North Eon comer of Wood *ad Third grecs,
Ohl Prrtunnteu.
7.12115 T, 1011111•. CM•11•Ing,
VV.b. 1M0D5•43., Bil•Pb II•O•LIT. •
VM. BeGALEY & CO., Wholesale Grocers; 18
tad 2/ Wood street, Fiest:ugh. apl7
Joatra me
W — ICK &M 'CANDLESS , (suaceuusra to L.. J. D.
Coaval l s V algeldireha i ril i' deller. ' i r n ; lrn%, Na r i a l i g n ,tll7l, 4
Cotton Yarn,, and Pittsburgh Manufactures genera/-
Iy, earnar of Wood and Watar a meet., Pittsburgh.
MITCITELTREE, Wholesale Gribeets,
Racting Distillers, and Wino and Liquor
March... Alto-.lniportars of Soda AAA and Bleach ,
log Powder, No.loo Liberty meet, (oppo.ito Sixth
olreet,) Pittsbargb.
AT Watchey /clingy y, Prer o gre
. and Military Good., corner or Market and
Forint, atreets, Pittsburgh, F. N. D.—Watehea and
ClOeks earefhlly repaired. ao 17
VIM TOLMN. Joao a. it ' e.
%gra'. YOUNG & Co., Deafen in Leather, Has t,
T V &e. ,199 Liberty street. .1. , ..:1Y_
— WIL IeCITICHICON. son.seeurnuss,..
TX 7 & ft. MeCUTCHEON, Wholesale Grocery,
WV ~ dealers in PrOdeee, Iron, Nails, Gltus, and
Pinsbargn Matutractars generally, Ltberty areal.—
•I.P. • 1211111+.
IHAVE taken WM. CARE Into pannenanO
man In ray boatmen, which will from ttas dam be
canted on ander the name of "John Parker &Co) ,
Huth lat,lBsA , JOHN PARKER.
Job. —.William Carr.
Vflsoltim Grocers, Deakra in Rada, Forngn
Ffriw Liguori, Old Manonganda
lutzt Nedfflarl WAigksy.
Nd. 5, Commercial Row, Liberty street,
mr2o Plitsbantb. P
PArailing PIANISM er, CO.,
(Bnicesson to Hussey, ,Hanna Co.)
ANK.1.111.3, EXCHANGE HACKERS, and dealers
In Foreign and Domestic Recharge, Certificatu
of Deposite, Dank Notes, and Specie—North west
corner of Wood and Third streets. Current money
received on depowite.—Sight Cheek• for kale, and
eolketlens made on nearly all the principal points
the Unlied &area.
The highest premium paid for nolo and heumlean
. .
Advance/ made an conatinmsoto of Produce, ship
pod nat , onlihta teems. 0pt..3
Ipso. a. moo..
No 256 Lie arra. rd.« Wood,
Have always on bead • lasso, assosurent of Choirs
car.aie. Elm, Teas; also, EMIR. /hut , . nod
Hats, Wholesale sod need. Deem =molted on the
Intsso wot' - meal
OM Vials., Mules, end Flasks,-Porter, Scotch Al,.
Mineral Water; Patent Medicine, and Winn Bottles
of every descrintbni; *lse, WINDOW OLASS. •
Keeps conrantly on band a genets! assortment of
the above ankles. ALSO STATE, as the other Green
Glut Fee tories an ALL STOMO. N. •N. the °"."l'
animate, no Faetrolle re NOW IN n 01131.ertoN, sod
Will cannel. 111 Operation both summer and winter.
Orders respeet/ally thlieited, and will be tilled on the
Morten notice. •
Wertheim, No 119 Second street, between Wood
andpwlitigeld nth, Pittsburgh. IM/idly
(341 A-W. an
ANL-P- VER and CHAS.. - DARNES have
1.3 this der amended themselves together, ander the
Am of k Dune. for the transac tion of tan
Wholesale Geo 217,:Prodsee and Comotlxidon beet •
rum. at No I=4 Second
and Meat, lateen Wo od
- Pilobt ll lh, Al
rium What market peke to Cub win be paid rot
the &Zuni greduar Woo 4, by
BLUE UlritlOL-4000 lb. fin
a." g 400•
rll. —ton_
W1L5138 1 341 g.,
rr•pectfully mlleit a share of Ite petite patronag.
Ile trews byeiving his full enenuno to the heathen,
to mate the house a pleasaut and comfortable resort
for the citizens of Pittsburgh for the country
Goal at will be in w Ling, and every ex
ertion made t 5 render the era shutent worthy the
caunteronee and ropoortof •n it elligent community. The TWO SPACIOUS HALO', fitted for Parties,
pArgrp, Leetures, Balls, and Wins meetings, will
be lot by the evening or week, nil as liberal terms es
any other in the cite. 1 i
The DAR and BESTAU equal in style and
beauty to any in the world, be kept famished
with Pare Wines, Choice Llano Cordials, Potters,
At s, and all the cool light, refine 1 eats ofthe season.
Poultry, Game, Fish, Soup, Mere, and Clam.,
served up in the best style._.
The DINING and ICE CREW SALOON, being cm
the ant floor, and easy of acceaa,will be constantly
supplied with all the Lugar/es and Delicacies of the
so n;se and alsootrith snob substaritials a. the markets
Boarding by the day, week, et pear. Darren or
Suppers for the
or petite*, Cumphed on short
Gentlemen with their families,:asiting the eityitmet
be supplied with refreshments of 1 kinds at an/ beni
W the day.
Good Linehan' and en eitonstyp Livery E:stablish
rnent is connected with the IlalL
Dinner at I o'elock. Breakfast Lind Tea at the amid
Exdrance for Ladles to the lee:Cream and Dining
Saloon, No 67 Smithfield meet_
le7S:dtf S. 11. VAWRENSSELADI6
mirreamme, (a. sverrramme,
1n..; constantly on band or make to order the
best article In their line, at thole old stand, N 0.13 St.
Char etre.: also, at N 0.66 Marketetreet. attend nary,
entrance is the Diamond. Venitbol Shames made to
order. and old blinds neatly repaired.
W. di J. (MICAH. IT • •
TUE are ettll engaged to the abo buinees, corner
T of Wood and lard meets, 'ho:ouch where
we are prepared to do any work in •- Imo with des.
patch. We attend to our work peroorully, and eau.
raelion will b. given In regard to its neatness and do.
Booki ruled to any pattern and bound mob
. Modally. Books In nuntbers or old booka bound care
fully or repaired. Nantes put on book. In gilt letters.
Those that day, work in our line ara Invited to call.
pri ...low. tor.VAI
.I.lma SS/SS
WlGllTMAN—lllamtracttuer orall Idiots of nor
, ton and woollen machinery, Allegheny city, Pa
shore works being now in fall and suecestral op
-30,1 ant prepared to e /exam mites with dispatch
II kinds of machinery in my Line, such as willows,
trot spreaders, cards, grind.' =ALM., railways,
ivg frames, 'benders, &mulls, looms, woolen
, 44.uble or single, for merchant or country work,
fre.; s lilt and hand lathes and tool. in g en. al. All oc
binds of shafting made to orde., or plans Or•
a for gearing &retries or WU. at wasonable charge.
Rena ro—Xermedy Childs & Co., Blankstrink, Ball
I, .•lfire. P•nnnek P.A...tes. A. GM,
al am Laaghans, [near PI tistrenrigh.l Pa.
I No. 37 Water at,: Setteura Marlys mut
Woad, PstubtagAt.
Z ir‘ nt i gTV 'u' ar4f k o7r P o *" 7lz d e n Ol a" ,;n n e
atpctiorqualtty. Waoltsale wn
and cotmtry ' uter.
shams no respectfully meted to call and ex
amine for theme..., az Ire art deterinined to sell
th e mom than Waver beer. been oSared to th• p•b-
la - Orderooont by total, aueomp.tell by theee.b o
ood rotoro.o, wall bo promptly attoodod to. mot
14 . A. ITHITE & CO., would respeethilly Inform
Alt a the !width that they have erected ashrp on
Lamm!, bezween Federal and Sandusky streets. They
are now mak tug and are prepared to receive orders for
every demrip timt in vehicles, Coaches, Charaub.,
ronnhee, Bugg in Phosons, &e_, &e., which from their
lon experiensw in the manufacture of the above work,
and the facilina they Inv...they feel couldent they ara
enabled hi do won on the latm reamnable lemma Wail
these wnot oy ar Oiler in their line.
raying particut'ar attention to the selection of maw
riots, sad Lasinr stone Let competent workmen, they
Lace too bestrew's., In ...mantilla their work. We
therefore ask the an ration of the Yablie to thin wetter.
N.ll Repairing do ne In the Lest mantes, mad on the
most reaconable term.. I•2ouf
hi tree sneeze. Wean A. ATMIBSON
CONTINUE to manatictare all Mod. of COPPER.
mirth Work.
Steam Batas built to order.
firre l'i on ' hand k 4L l V . ''' clatrlte ' rp e e e r k lad Bras.
Kettle., Tin Ware, toate. Steamboat Coulon granyea,
PortataltForacs, 'snort, sire s
—a very convenient ar
ticle for masaboata, Cab Rani. emigrants, or rail road
urmld I,llpettrafiejit•l4. boat man and
others to tall and see ear articles and priers before
purtharin a el scant fn. 11,17
lArrolajaht and Cast frau Ralllng.
LER sobw rs Mea
ribeß leave to inform the public [bat
y A Mop have ottalaerbarom Mr Rural! the Ito std
lmada dettigia Raritan RailLort.. both for norms
611,1 CtalCktiLl. ?crams wiskaag to r . rUelle, !MM.
as patterns will please tail and clamant, and Judge
Tor thancelyrs. Rat tiny will be faratchod at the shrin
eat notice, and in the twat manner, at Ma earner of
Craig ar.A . Rebtaca stymie, Allegteayaity.
• • aitip.M-dif. A. LAMONT t KNOX.
'DEW leash" to inform his Wendy and customers Os
I) he is jaw receiving his new 'piing meek of Good•
eomprieing, as usual, all tee newest and most fashion
ulas styles of Cloths, Cataisneyes„ (envy Vesttays, not-
Ira and linen summer sleds, and every article suitable
for gentlentenht wear for spring andante., It being
impossible to deteribe the beauty, gentler, er quettuty
of the noels, the proprietor hopes all who in want
at Igoe!, cheep, fashionable, •nd veil male dote,.
win give him a call, as there IS no clock this use 01
the Alleghenies that tent comport with it. -
The resdymade department is very ortansive, adap-
Ratl road co nt r actors,r econtry. olerehaata, and nil
whineh ly, WI invited to ex
a the stock before parenacing, at paular at
tenuon paid to the, wholesale busmen to rho mat,
Eve - ry - articia le g made to order I,
e most faahlonablethe
antailorind best man lthe ner, at the shone.
parfacrship heretofore ezirtlog ander the firm
of A tr. C BRADLETis dirrolved the decease
of Me. C Bradley. The b.iners I.'lll be carried oo by
A Bradley, who will setae the b.ineas of the late
REMOVAL—A Ditataif has removed Ms Poo nary
Wareboase from No 119 Second street,tteNo 19 Wood
street, between hint sad Second streets, to the ware
house lately oemapied by 0 A Berry,. here be will
keep sonstantly on hand a general anemometer Cast
ings, Grates, Staves, Cooking Stoves, Ac. jyl3
LU. and No. d Sllstar Steel. Al.—Beat
Cut Steel Fan, of all Liam, and Illacksmlth and Shoe
Rasps, alanos oo hand .d ferule, caber at Us ',Ea
gle Steel -Work.? CPllara !urea, Fltdi Ward, or at the
olleo in the Iron Mord of BOLLMANS tr. GARRI
SON, No 4, foot of Wood Mee; Pittabarec
. .
We, the undersigned, having used, moth entire set-
Whelan, the Can Steel and Piles made by Samuel
Idellelvy en his Eagle Steel Works, it this city, mire
pleasure In recommending them a equal in qualay to
any ever used by as,of foreign tasseraetrie.
Pittaburgh, klatch 13, ISSa.
hlanataetarers of Iron and Nails, 'lnshore', Pa.
KNAPP & ion a erg,
Iron Founders and Maehlntsts, Pittsbasrb. Pa.
hiansfeetarers of Spangs, Aries, Spring Steel end
Fascia, Pmsbarah, Pa.
F & Wlll FABER,
Engine Dodders and blaehtne Cant Manufaets.
rem Pluaburgb. Pa.
Dr.. Pounder, Pittsburgh, P.
, LDSAY & 00,
Manenen:Tars of Iran and Noll. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lomnotira &Tina andtadp Salida, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Marble blanuracturer, Machine and Engine Build
mai sr, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Dissolution of Partusrstilp.
THE Partnership heretofore existing between the
solecribers,•under the Esse of Chambers, Agnew
SR Ca., Glen blanisfeetuthre,wardesolved by mutual
consent, on the brat day GIGO's, Instant All persons
knowing themselves Indebted to said hen are request
ed to make payment to either of the pestles, without
delay, and all persons having unsettled accosts:la with
raid firm, are tootled la present them for ketrieMelll
IfV,t tOrplta ! b ya
tette 'twice that they ho required to pay treterit
at arehouse, according to the receipt, before
the Dodsß ere removed. 0 A kIvANULTY k.CO
- Washing, Eli•aeltang. and Cleansing
litimcnterv—Put elothea Into told water and let
them soak over tuktit. In tee morning wring mein
cot and pot them tom • kettle of boiling water, to
which add the proportion of one pint of Said to eight
gallon, of water—sue to up and boll the whole twenty
mamma. The clothes may then be wrong oat and
well rinaeil in clear cold water. The pan, of gal.
Vents shat may be Masi snob waistb•nds
acd collar* of vhirm. may b. slightly fobbed before
mooing, and the clothes will be found perlectiy Mean;
whtm and tie.,
Warranted not to
the the fineet fabric and to give
perfect .atisfaction, or e motley will be refunded
Sold wholevalc and fetid by ft 91 SKLI.EttS
07 wood a
Cleveland, Warren and Pittsburgh
Telegraph Company.
I.N yardman. of a remlutiots of the Loud of three-
Sara of the Cleveliand, Warren and Fittirburgh
'elegraplitiompony,regyertirtig the Bee rotary to Mate
oat and cotton to tic published m the newmpapere along
the line, Minim of
exhibit of the finnoclul and other Mini of
cotnpany. I
etibtolt the following Report:—
The line of Telegraph commences .:Clevelond god
tarmintite. Pillaborgh, palming throsgh Chapin
Folio, Franklin, Newton Fall. Warren 1 onngstown,
in the State of Ohio. and Pinar Cootie nod
Rochester, * ln the State of Pemisylvanin, at which
points there art offleca located for the receipt and
tranamimion of business. •
The whole length of the line is 11l mike—Capitel
Steel, Not per tulle, making a total capitol stock of
13 - 4.3rhe, of wbteh amount Vlo,=l it held by citizens
Nona the line, end the balance is held uy Cprziall &
Speed, the eontractors; the above amount of sub
oolong:ad by einlen., have been paid to Cornell
gpeed,ler which the-Trustees have their receipt.
ellhdtf - - • If:FFEBRON BALM. Pecretarr.
.100,000 Get Seasoned Deck Flank;
100,000 feetaloel Boat Slam. For eels by
BMW . ammo et Law, Ftrorsh st.
Male Mutual Fin Inman Company,
rip p E4:l7 l. li i. b4rat im,a pairo po n u ag j i i,s e t te a tn = d 111f o o r eLm a;
(ton and a Half Million of Dollar., daring the lam
tame months, is sufficient manifestatkra of the esti
mation and confidence of the public in the system of
management on Which It. business is condemn:l
To city or connisy merchants. andowners of dwell
ings, and isolamd or country property, it is believed
this company , affords advantages to point of chem.
nem, safety, sad security, Inferior to no Insurance
Company In tlils conntry.
eonductee on the eqaitable and greatly Improved
.7 stern of CIUSISCatIOD of Milks, aselndior ell rtmcici
itaseids, insuring Only • limited amount lat any one
Jocallty,thus precluding the frequency andoccurreuce
of fires, and also an both the Stock tad Mutual
plant not only possesses the cheapness and memo,
modation of both methods, bet entitles the insund to
a Participation in the proSn
It Il ander the control of the following Directors,
John P. Rutherford, A. I. Gillen, John B. Picket,
Samuel T. Jones , Aloe= A. Carrier, Philo 0 Sedgy
wick, Robertiaots. .11 P RIMIRRFORD.Preet
• . • - •
Al aiLLEIT,SeeI.
A A Cairn, Aotasa7
Branch Ogles for Western Pennsylvania, Urnia
!midstreet, Pittsburgh. Pentane desiring Insurance
wilt be tarnished with books of the einityanY by eel
imat the °Zee. a •
Annotator Firemen's imam mace Com.
pony Of the City of Pittsburgh.
CAPI PAL 5900,000.
J. K. MOOREHEAD, Pres 4-117. W.DALLAS-s_,__Seel
rrliK Company le now prepared to Imam against
PURE. and MARINE RIBRII of all kinds
offies, Mintongesheln Baum, 124 4. 12.5 Watdr
1 K hloort head. Pity Panerson, Wm. A. Rill,
R. /lanky, R. 11. Simpson, Joshaa ilhodes;Mm.
N. Yelper, Enron Orem A. P. Ansbam, Wm. Col.
lionwood,ll. C. Sawyer, Chas. Kam, W6l Gorman.
s Ygltdly
Late wad nealth laavuraltee.
11111:6 Mantel Llfe and
rpoHealth Inintranee Cowpon
of Philadelphia, lereonued by the Lealslatare y
of Pfrinsyhranfa, March, 1848. Charterperpernal.
Capttai r slo),ooo. Bares WWII mss in PIZINITL
yam, Comm, and fell 9) per cant lower thou the
venal rates of Idle Insurance, as the following , eons.
perjure will show: Thai, a person of the are 0(90 In
suring for MOO for Ida most pay in the Ginmillt,9l—
Penn Idatasl, 1111,36; Enaltable,
bi : ll l o4 ,4 o 4 . e i tanddri%N i r lark Llf.t W,36; Al-
D c liereenrs.—S=nel e D. Chn i ersiD. l tail, W.
F. Boone, Robert P. !ChM Charles P. Hayes, 11. W.
Baldwin, ht. H. Reeve, M. D., Chas. 0.11. Campbell,
Lewis Deeper, 1. Rodman Barker, E. 11.thater,
R. Cope. President.-Bamsel I). Orrick; Vice Presi
dent—Robe P. Kin_c Secretary—Franeis /Heathersa
applleations wlll be recelved,and every information ,
riven by SAM. PAHNRSTOCX, Art,
Ocoee, Coremerelal llotrms,eonntr of
Wood and Thud sts, Pittsbergh
r e i mi N e S pe U rnmeT and . t o l f eldtl o dlos ' P a o on Pr 'a c j t
rlclnit7 and cA o stilp . ra= .
ik:Company are Zell Invested, and hunt:him arab
able fond for the ample Indemnity of all person* soh*
Castrato be protected by insurance. .
myta WM. JONES, diem, 14 Water at.
Piro am/ Mambas imaaramoo.
TllE OFFICE of th e llama. Company of Honk
America, has been removed to No. 141 Front at
eat of WOOO.
Too rabseriber, agvnt for the above old an t res pon.
Bible Company, aUI lima Yelieles on Building. and
their cements, ad On shipments of Mercbandise by
Steam Boats and other vessels.
403 . W. P. JONES.
, Odefll 1144 dallqtlo Flitllllllte.
-83.T.SUP Sr., krrrasearma
.1. W. W.
Rerpectfolly informal Ma 2:
public that be boa cart-
Meted his gonna-stock of
FIiIINITURF-, the lariert cod coos:varied rtmortsuear
ever roamed for vale la this city. comprising several
mud of Romrwoon, blatiostallr, and &Am WALSCI r ,
cosral, ornamental and 'plain, suitable for Yarlons,
Drawlog and Dell Rooms, all of which will be sold at
the lowest priees.
Persona desiring Furnitura of an/ dasailWohr
opeerfally laViled to call end elamine Isissiock, which
e,nbraete.every dreeriptlett, from the cheapest and
plameatao the most elegant and dually, of whieli Ike
rellowint_comprises a pare
Tema Tete 0000 o; Teta a Tam Divaum
Conyersauon Clews; lidnairethlan Chain;
RseepUton do Loeb XIV do
talearirm do than Moue;
WhaeNntm Toilet Tablas;
Louts XIV Commode.,; Duke of York's Couel;
CU Sofas wok Nerds and Usk-cloth cows;
30 Divans, do do do;
to dor filabageny Parlor Chairs;
ltl " Rosewood do do •
II " IWit Wainer do do ; :
10 " Cane Scat Ora
" hlahogeLy Roekba do;
" do Piano moots;
fa Marble Top Ceram Tables,
fn do do Wash Stand.; • '
ru Malookany ited.tr_erfei
,do Wardrobes;
le FM Walnut do;
breecy do.
A very terra assortment of Comm. Chain and 0110
ar Forums. too tedrous to mention.
(rp Smarm Roam furnished on the shortest
en ordws promptly at tendr dto.
, Ziskers cat bc
et Naha W414/n.,,n4.Pa.acets, 5t,4245ct
tedstst pr;ze.e. fad
••• - - -
11E16E14 FL
White Plannels, all Wool.
Rod do do d
Yellow do o
Drown do do
!Emit Sadnera.
Sod mood do
Blue do
Oise iki:Z.; ' ' '
Fancy Centoreadec. all orb
offered az Factory prices,
Home League Shlrung.
Rimer. and Ftripcs, rmr
teary good.
Tudor,' Goods.
Red Paddiem mperdo;
Yen Padding, Daeßram,
. TailareCanams,beary dui
Drown Lamm, Slltebea
Drab Berms, black do, s i I
and wormed;
Blank and Wilda Tape;
Black Twist, Drab do;
lines Cheek. sad Dr ills;
tsumrVa 6 cord Pon Coma;
do Lin. Thread, a
Sillrgitred “ ' n' ties k Ungs;
lllseildado do
Drama Na/land 804 Saks;
Ballow, Crav-Ms, ke.,&e.
ambona., No 127 Wood •
Drab do
Brace :Canannena
Fancy do
Fancy Tweed.
Super Meta Broad Clotb.
Super Brown do
Super Breen do
Soper Twilled do
Soper Bloat Doe Mos.
Soper Dna Cashontre
Super Drove do
Super Elora do
Calm:orate Blaster,
Scarlet do
Bias do
Drab de
BrOw ° A ' gg "g'ag.
At the Zitanittasturcre
Pittsburgh •
COH6 copartnership heretofore nvisting between the
_wiltswiberv, la the name of Constable, Barka &
CO, Is this day dissolved by mama! consent. Messrs.
Darks Ss Barnes will settle the business of the concern,
for which purpose they ars authorised to use the name
of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The ends/slmed hays this dal associated the melees
lo the name of BURKE' & BARNES, for the purpose
of manufacturing fire Proof Safes, Vault Doors,
&e., u the nand of .he late Inn of Constable, Burke
&Co, whom the? will be pleased to receive the patron
age of the Immune= of that house and ate!, friends.
In rolletns from the firm of Constable, Burke & Co,
with emetic pleas., recommend Means. Barks &
Barnes to the eonfidence ante Mends and the public.
MarAS Jon returned from the Eastern Ciao*, and t°
reeolvirm a largo Variety of sormonatdo C. op* to
stook he zoirmtfolly Invhos the Intention of march
ant. and pedant No 134 Wood rm.
tirm.i. PAPER—W. P. Alanonsta la constantly
Pp receiving, from the largest tnanalacterses to
New York and Phlladelplua, and also from French
agencies, the. =mew and most approved styles of Pa
iber with Borders, Fire Board
rr e her Rs ton ter - Tops. For sale at 83 Wood at, be.
tam Fourth at and Diamond alley, (streamer to R.
C. 8 1114 apt
Nral ' s e al P e
the b 1 41.1ng Pl e :/ at the
L PerfumeryT. u i a oaß MOlf comer of
0111;21110AL POLIIM
THE Phmalx Marinfaeourtng Company now offer to
the pablie their Premium Chemical Stove Polish;
and Without isaggeration, or fear of eontralletien, by
those who have tested it, pronounce it far superior to
any other in the market. The consummated have no
apprehensions of soiling carpels, to., an Its cum
position prevents a dun from arising when being op.
plied, which must be done when the Stove I. eotd
The quantity required as so little to produce • beau.
Mal lustre. A saving cravat lily per cent is insured
to the consumers. A coating entitled to Stoves, Pips,
Ac.,when laid assay for the suminer, M • sum pre.
icuative against rut. tiler buying tried it once,
(If It is aneenrible) no perms Will use any bat 110
Menlo Mancfactunng C topesy4 Ptemium
cal Stove Polish. Fut toile by
toys Corner of Sixth and Wood averts.
prTTiUUPOH 111017/tAING
Corner of Penn and 81. Clair streets.
ur AI. ALI:ZANDER & 80N8,1 1 inuishina Under-
VI mime, where every liniclo br Pn nera l and
%/inning puriania<llll be got on [ca./nal/la teems.
t141111•1iLDI AN ZINO.
fIIIIE Vle Montagne Company eupply then agents
L watt Roane and FL/Prima to eheets de fret, from
toII boos ene foul. Convgated In sheets
317, V 7 os, farr paddle buildin. and depot*.
Stilt Sheathing, 14048 inches, from veto IS miners.
NWr spikes, Wily, Sugar Molds, Pert/attired Zion,
Zinc Faint, &e.
wyrest their metal pure, and Nei fromany
admixture clime, or soy other eubstaner, and re.
eanunesid II for the it:unearth. of molt articles to
We Lou., funnsbing lane, It doe.. nut rag Ia not
affeemd by thi *anon pi water, and may be polished,
panned, and japanned.
Sample., inodelv, plane, epeelheatione, end 0,0 1 ,
Information may be had of their agents:
M'Cubt. & Areamo, New Vert;
Mamma, Roman & Co., Boston;
NALTMLA 'Noma & Co., PbliadelphiN
W. & It ideßist, blenimors
Blau, Div & btrxersla, New Orleans; P.
F. MILLIROTIX, ilealdent Agent,
'leftover at., New York.
rpm: Matilda/teeny of Leigh DOORS.
m Dant; with MIII3-
j.. honoree of ends and contemporaries, I.
Carlyle'. Lauer Day Petairblme—Na Villoraidect,
/canals.. -
History of Deans the Grata Dy Jacob Aliboar,enth
en v *stem
Julia Irowarl, • Donsance. By Mrs Mania Dell.
Pictorial field Boot ails Revolation.—Do ti.
The above Work. received Ws day, sad far sale by
bl Noionk • • and or Boa try
Water ud Mao mom
Third street, ennui'. the Post Mane.
I. l endon An JO' for limobgr
Li Ws Living Age, No 337;
Valley rano; or the Antablogriphy of an Or
allonl rated by Mules/. Petersen.
lo psPetticoat Government: a new novel, by adra , Trol.
Hamm, Templeton. By Charles Lever.
'The lron blast—Damns' ben work, complete:
Life of Yankee 11111.
Genevieve. or Pleasant Lore and Borrow. By A,
• Laminar:a
Baton Bhatepeare.Pio 23. n 02.3
-- 111D11110 1 3111 w KUNIO 1.
NY LANE • beautiful Fshiopl. Song; ass.%
nY the New *Means Serestaderm
De b
watchful and eware;
Oa! Dinah, taker Mi. hand;
The MaidenhTear,
'The Inch !dant. Bride;
Woeld e
Sad Sc. Wave,l were wi
Hy th. sung by Jenny Lind hi
New York;
The 11Ird and the Malden. ming by /MY Lind;
'take ten lute, muff by /num Lind;
Turn not away; a bearnifel dart, by ft. S.C. Foster;
niciyhom Polk.; by Starknh,deron Lind
Good Leek; ;envy at the Chum Lesley and Doe-
worthM very best Polka; also, new Wellies and eX•
tallelve *Menton of Guitar Preeepuirs of best masters.!
11 BLEB= 101 Third Wen.
Dela • Golden Gary.
nvainelvs risihos.
Bale agency for Dunham's Disana
HKLF.LIER takes pleasure In announcing to tee
. (tabula that he has neceeded In seconng the
sole - agrees- for Denham% eelebrated Piano Fortes,
for Western Pennoylunia.
The Pianos made by Me Denham, of the fine of
Simian k Unshorn, Ire too well and favorably known
in this neighborhood to require any comment at this
nate, suffice 11 to say, that for a long time at other
Mums were known in the Western country than
thine of Sind an k. Denham and Nunn h. Cork.
Mr. Denimm, thp pretreal partner of the above
fin. has spent tuntratds of perenty years In the fae
tiny of said fine, as practical manager and director of
tie basines. Within • year or two Mr Denham has
bought out die entire i
mams and appurtenances of the
Ant, and continue* to facture, as before, in his
own name: Denham's Manta bane attained each
PoPelartly, that In same of the western cities, Cin
old, he , , ,ther have sold two tit one of um e ther
otanatanUUL They are distingelabed by their power
and brilliancy, of tone. and extraordinary dorabillis.
N. 13.—A lane invoice 6f the above elegant Pianos
now receiving. SIGN OF THE GOLDEN /DAM
oat o.
ECEIVED this da aw y from the cast:—
. L Serenade—Schrober.
L Serenade—Armtuted as Dun.
Jeartortla and Jetumot—For
Voice of by pule days—Foeter.
Away down in Cairo—Fort..
Be Watchful and Beware—Glover.
Elealdoa many other popolor Sawn and Pieces,
mon Sign of Ms G o lden HarY, Third
MIirEhLTR, Disease, Lindsay ,
Rmedy. By Dr. Moore.
AL Adelaide Lindsay, noreL By the anther at
.Legice Arnold,o"Normaell Bridge," to., fte..
. lafe.and Correspondenew of RobL Somitey—part
Gibbon% Rame—.sth and flat vol.—completion of thi
wort. Received and for sale by
MINGI.L9RORAWILAR—The Fag Lisa Language in
ite Wetness and forma, enth a bunny of to origin
and develepanutot; designed tor ore in colleges and
reboot. Wm. 0. Fowler, late professor of Rnetotie
is Amherst College.
Astronomy—The recent progress of Astrononlyi
especially e United Stes. B Dom Loan..
Ave Yeasln M.
of a Ranters ta Lite le y or the far In of
.Alriet. mini notices of the native tribe., and
m e o d s, o e m r s o odre , d mt c m h o a e s o e r o os f ,
tahre l .
with i l l e lal . nd i, i
R. G. 04' owning. ReCelTo4l for sale by
men 47 Market at
New Most.. •
'YOST reeetved at lI.KLEBEB9 Mliffia Atm, the
V folltroting Sanest—
In the Eye them H. the neut. I Lore but Thee.
The %Walther. The White end Red Rom. Nneey
Bell. He dock al: thins ee 1, All le over. Where
tO nos the hones! eheneked. tot elnron min. see
mime Bootcsi rueliv 11002[11 I,
Tian' street, opposite the Peet Office.
_ _ .
. .
41,STORY of Pendnt:la. No G. By Tharkerzy.
Knickerbocker Mag.:toe for September.
Ille reheats , Dlgaiiw for September.
Wlllg Review for September, with ,n ems - wring of
Gen. SOO.,
Button Phaktpeue, NoZ.
Liners laying - Ape. Nu Mkt. '
Dibity Portrait Gallery, ecintaieine 667 two envoy.
luso of dirtingulabed gr.
Monk British Review for Argon.
Dr.aor.ratto Carley for Septefultor.
Erie. tie Review of Foreign Ltieratara for Septet
lii*.Pttertft; or Dm Myatt,. of rao Court ot
Landau, rob 3 of thu interesting work ha. hem
recePria nme Literary , Depot, Mord toren,
ouporrta t he - P on faker; alstr.Elleut Parry, or Thal.
of the 1/00rt, by Darla; Coterie CastrioL ramaated
flouLlart•eg 1:406 of Arrina, Le Clement C. Noon,
L L. D; and No USA of Luck'. Liriaa Axe. koPall
llcia 1t0C.7,144d,
,AliTtliE aid exter.s.iit Roomer.* of PATENT
RUBBKR „FABRICS, among the
allot:du rodtets Varlet?' etribtaced to the asaartaseot,
map be totted the fella/stop:. . • ••••
• Homo Covers, Carnage Cloth, Air Beds, Air Pit.
karthtAis Onblooi, 'Water Po.lll,Tobsece Palmeri,
Flt Matt -Boots, Coats, Capes, 'Cloaks; Tarpasthrl,
Gloves, klieas, Roaches, /daps, ElastlesPuree,
Bose, Boor Spston, Maobtoe Banditti. SootWesters,
Machine Phetitta,Catop Muskets, Paper Boleil
Life Preserved ,Travelling flue, lathania B
Bathing Melt, Mlle' Ikeda, Dt•tts, Lloos Sad le
Bert, Air B.lEs, Foot Bell., ladies' Wash' Glover*
Ladies , Com Sides. Hems , Gum 'lmes, Lessinea, Ac.
Beery \nick "old at this ens [ohm eat le warranted
In go. vat ail tbr charartoristto estendel to stator
pro' ,
.wader aut drives of
t , sat, dedttdott we ..ese.cgt void, great durabil i ty,
lightneaa, Negri imperviou>nrza, eel tree4ora From
odor, forldsla at tie Good Robber Emportroo,
Not 1' O Wood Matt
'MING 61;
El LW/4
Mot Drint;
OUBE & 810 N PAINTING amlGiulag r prompt-
JILL IF &1111 needy executed_
larkh it die nede undeneood. Mu ere ,
eon do Painting and Glei es Int cheep ea any other
Delete , . in she chn and sin determined to do it.
J a
XV Lind Eltracn West End din JockeY CRC , do;
Spoon Flowers do; Jenny laud Hair Olen; A somatic
t V ErsVIT, Purillh i se r lrl ;to ' art L IZ dO r t " 2lll 4 - .
breoual oo do; Howl. Soap; - Floating do; Amaldine
do; Hazel NW 011 do; Lure do• hl arshmallow 'dot
Liewnet &own Windsor do; HeaPs Orem: ace.
vor sale, wholesale and mai!, by R E SELLERS,
eepl9 e 7 Wood w
Superior Scotch wad Irish Whiskey.
10 PUNCHEONS Stewart , . celebrated Malt Whla
key, of very delicate flavor.
le puncheons hlchan's Waterside, extra quality
and hush woof, ender custom house lock.
Also, Brandies of different vintages and brands In
half, quarter, and ootate. Imponaa and far sale by
septl:deodlne sp—SB 3t, Walnut la Philadelphia
MIXED AND DRY PAINTS or all kinds, constant.
ly on Land of the best quality., alws Varnishes,
Linseed Oils, Dolled Otte, Point Brushes, gash Tools,
W,ndow Olau , merlons sues, ha Sold wholesale
and retail on accommodating terms.
N.B.—All persons purchasing mined or dry palate
who wish to do their own painting, can receive the
necessary .unctions grans. Jell PRILLIPS
se • IS l et Wood et
ONhand and reel ham th e Phllllpsoille Factory,
or the fall trade:-
600 yds 34 Floor Oil Cloth; DIM ds 44 do; 6DO yds
6 4 do, 600 yds 64 do; 1600 yds 64 do; 0110 yds sheet
medlont and hoary, from 4 too yards wide, all of
the nosiest style or patterns, and cot to utYßiacts 414 .-
710 yards 44 Famlutre Col Cloths; CM yds 64 do;
500 yds 04 do.
144, dose, assorted sloes Table, Stand, nod Damao
Covers, vat - loud pattarns, and splendid Knish
10(0 yds 44 Patent Cantu. Ott Cloth; GM yds 64
do; 180 yds 64 do.
broods Oil Cloth CHIA for
Windsod battens;
ds.l4 Green Oil Cloth Mr ow Blinds; 30u
yanis 34 do.
Window Shaiics, a large steamboat lust received
of newest styles .
Merchants and others sinning to parches*, are 11,
Toed to call and eXIIJILI/10 0111 allgormlma of goods,
which will be sold et be lowest ClAttaprices.
ee.beio 7 & 9 Wood at
liiiraapiurilla Mod& & 1611P40.1113/Irilli. -
20 hairs Sarsaparilla Holy
20 bas do do;
00 bons Lemon Syrop,mada from pure lemon lame,
Jut rsomnd 1.1,1 ler We by
aIIIA.NII a 14111
TlMundenigued ban band, and Is this day re•
celeing front the manufauurcrs, on conrignotent,
lure lot of Fla.ela, all colors, Wahl .d
Also, Bed Blanket., Blanket Coating, Deaver Cello.
Caulmeres, Barium and Tweeds; wkleh he wwi eetl
by the cue or piece, at sonnsfacturerrs' prieek. The
attentiott of dealers in
woollen good. is incised.
fl LES;
•1410 IRO Liweery re
C. YEAGER, ----
101 rlarkat A . (near Llborty.)
OM:OMM MID leentitille
G oovd, Homely, enUICINS. LACKS,
pENDEKS, &a. Also,
Malin and Panay Vaatlngs,
IJANUANNA,•nd LINEN 111.11(171, a 6eurn,l u
vonmrm every 'Viet] Or Inettelang,
East side of the thancond •
A T th:s establishment the public say al gays do.
seasponableend up pflfu—thon being
eyh sappts are ed ands earellralit Tea. at
Eranallent Teas at —• • —SO 50 per lb`
F. opener 41311.114611.—•^•—n...... aTL„ •
Tha Best T• • Imported • tdu n
Thin is decidedly use cheapent and brass Cons io
FOWL tugh to Loy Tow. MORRIS &HAWORTH •
scys Yroprlmes.
tio E. WILLIABLY will open &classical ath — ri - 4.
bob School, on the boot .Iltandal of Sept nee.
Room Room out J. D., W Mims' mom Woodand Fifth WEE.
. .
Rev. Wm. D. Haim* 1 Ilan. Walter 11. Lowrie,
Re.r. Dr. 011.311, J. D. McCord, FA., - --
Rev. Dr. I.lcolll. J. D. Mamas, Esq.
jR ., : ir & huRCIIPIEL r
D inform their euttoM '
end Were lanMalir tat, In consegnanne
at workmen balm/ nngaind In Malting and improv
thg theme s tare Room, they hams removed Weer goods
to th e Bacono inzalag w he re
. eepy
t h e improvements are linhhtd; where the, win be
him m .ea Weir ca•Y , Pftl al anal. safer Ms
IMIDIO 101/12114 up mama tri ll my em , eteheeme
L i. = U .
m nn . , then Cheap Pothla.
• dun Fmrit atm.
•' 110111118 - Ir. WAN '• •
, 7 1 1 11 • A'DEALER8 r eint aide orttinDiantend,
oor Tea ALAOc per 11,--Tss really go ad
!an. atad,,ans.ots - ior
•In the Diamond.
CkILS-.3 cans Overman, 1 an Ante, I cati - CliZa•
U mon., 1 eon Conway, I nn Cedar, I ran Laren
dor, l can Suomi, and lean Rommarr CAI. Warrant
ed pure, received for sale by R E SELLERS
octO O: Wood st
Ig• A01,1,1)-.11tn. arriving/ irend Itenmer
iq nte by
IjtADIAPIO-o-iiktr hast-sir-57311
'lll low to close ths,tot, by
licoNEy--4.bbLi In store and for vale be
1.8A1,1/1 DICER] Co
MMT FIEH-10 brls
v oct wicK & /11eC •NDL FAB
T 3—
00- 2 1.1(acErs—cs dos. Bockats, 10 do
Tabs, for it by
ootO L A WnTRRVAN k cnvd
CORN NRIXSAIN--80 dos tsar son ',Jul e,,uooon
Corm Uranus, (or sale by
°eta - I._B l, WATERMAN A SONS
9 ,.. :l. b tfitly prime Closer
11yANTED /AIMEDTATELV -Au eZijerii . niid
yy Salesmen, farmliar with the Dry Goody and
Hosiery business, to whom a liberal ealary•will be
Nd 50 Fourth rt.
COFFER -190 bags prime Rio for sole by
J .!c H
SL'OAR SS kbds Primo N 0 for ralo by
ootta J jitavoarti kCo
T ATI m -rg bbly N 13 for rale by
antes. -101 l ball chaos Y. O. P7MF. - a - r,,0,
1 . 80 caddy boxes do do do do
or We by oetl2 .1 8 DILWORTH & Co"
trox i s e C b T-19nXixes 34 ) tilts_o_lts, in store and for
powniatz-imo egt
411,30) do Deer [WIN In magazine,
SOO do Ity ao do,
23 bbls 80, ty rase do,
' - octlY J 8 L/LWORTH &Co
LAR'23 keg. No 1 Lard,Jact received and far
vale by omit 5& W IiALLBAUGH
14ACON-1) tba /Ste. tau.,
56,80,CC0 Ha do Moo,
at mom and for onto by
oout 8
'DI-4600 Wo.llria7l for we 6,
0c..12 8 lIMIDAUOII
onllY B — UGAR-4911bds N 0 Etusa , in otomnatjattlitip
4i foot otttilta. For lento, apply to
coil P VO',l ItoNNHORST& CO
se ocll urrealm—no bitra cmds,,,tvznitiflretarr
111 k. German. astivigTNl-e-vitoLBo-I—N
(11017 46ATIlkt y —VIX14 lb. Sizics.b.
b . : 1 0 1 .1, sot eale
R lCZ— n llitel mina, for sale tiy AmEs
C -J!!, rcne Ira D A f
JAAIES DALZELL4,,, NERB , :ntt m ,,,w. eby
Pala ***** d Vona St...vb.
DEFINED tied prepared expressly for Poddinge,
it Conant., Cakes, an.
This pare Ind beautiful article I.
healthy, delicious. andieconontical, and when dented
may be used ait a substitute for, sad In the earns man.
net as Arrow Boot. •
Just received anil for me at SA Liberty at by
onto WhlA ADCLURG & OrY
rr , co, We by
DICE—XO7O-17fteth ?dTaila
AL7 Alpacca
17, Thlbea and Llama Wool -nudely merin o ,
: An assort:
ions rereival at •
XCELLBNT—PORT-WINIta t 9 pit gall n Ta - r
tale by • 'octaIMORRIS & HAW ORTH
KEG s 1 4 0 le t s fresh peeked, e,tiviog
.. 4 for Selo by n DALZEL L a CO,
Libeity st
(.1 Ai:ERA iery iiiitertor
greand anit.groland . , in atone tor nds by
'DALEY:M.* (v.,
f Mitt int bata — re — oT, ---
~~I~P.II FRUIT sacks pew
IA sorb, new Apples, arriving
trout Steamer Caleitonir,,and for • le by
'1511 &&
0 tee prima
quint BOARDS—en bundles assorted, for safe y
Hoye. tllt
ItArORPIIV & BURCHFIESaIIikOLD have received a lot
L 1 of handsome plumy Mired Satinets, for Boys'
Ilear; • &lath Plaid rod Plain Comintern In ',rear
vi.tri b UyMenno Cuumeru, Renames ream, Black
b_y V elvet., at north cut corner of Ft,orth
and market streets.
cc 6
MIIIIPHY DURCIWIRLDIito attention to toe
choice lot of Ametibao otut DdtLi Prim, dark
bad clank& oolont,lutt reeetnA , obit.
• Q AL:SOW:46 twin Eagltalt for bolo by
nail Aer Tint Wood its.
2, 1850:
KNOW llh men Who are id y l:it:4 afllleted with dip
ease of the bladder aodl Mewls: aak rherunade
pain. in back er limb,,atticrata elf soros, funning
aleers,Ac,that they Can' be 'onidire raking the-Pe
troleum! you may talk aboatite beg a catmint ue
much as you plesse, bol Wedges ant snake it at, for
we proclaim In rho foe ogee molest oommunity, that
it has virtues which Pre no, contained or any ether
remedy. The Mau whole reeked with Polo and eat
feting from disease, can Ike My cede. get 'relief from
any aril° ills ennemerator above. Meade(! it cow
very Unto to make atrial.'This. Petroleum is no mix
ture—no complied, put op for: he Purpose of imposing
on the community; bat kis a. remedy elaborated by
the master hand of nature, and babblesup from the be.
aim of our mother earth in jl edilital and
fere to entering humanity. ready remedy,, , a ..r".^
andtheap enrol ' • ' ' '
It has mired Pilo alter ether mediatoa have failed
lavender any relief. :it Mamma Bleurnatiem of long
'Oudot, and .oflllll wont bed Mort Wats' stouter.
It has Cured Cholera M i: Sts•bY one. "
has eared old egos b bet; triwttich every other
remedy hu been of no ay I: As a local remedy In
hero and scalde, it•-thbeller than. any Medical tom.
pound to ointment that we knew ' core chll •
blares to frosted feet, in a few applications; 'redoubt.
Mailmony minim fernielled of the Walk contained
in ths above ststement by calling en Samuel M. Wrer,
Canal Basle, 7tte street; or either of the agents.
Keyser & MeDowell, corner of Wood street and
Virgin Alley' RE &Heft, 57 Wood meet, D. A.
liot & AL Carry, Allegheny city, ate the agents.
VHASTY—It la universally eenceded that beauty Is
more common la Mrs country titan in any mher,
ile at the same time Offal.: Om tin no other coon
uy is It' loot
even Y 0.4 au, age Now thls Is true
to a eenaln t bat the less is ofteu caused by
`feet We We tray to all, do not neglect 700, Pet..aal
apneennee, bet read the folknolng, end you need not
leek good loon., These •artieles are scientific pre
parations, and barna **tabled a blab popularity.
JOLlat HAVIVII, FAO Drente Di VIM'S tram Navy
Soar, for removing tart aunhorn, pimn/e l . - bletebect
and other erupUooa of the skint the most perfect eon
senator of beanty every known. Pruchuns nothing
purport* to be Nymph Soap, =dens n has my auge
JeiisittAVlCLV itelUeoithitrita PoWm, for im
paning •to the most billets complexion t radiant
whiumene. In nothing should &person be mote care
ful than the qm, of a.powder for the elan, its many of
those Odd are very Marione.- My Moore Powder le
eompoanded Ina aelentlfie manner, and contains no
uteredient which can pomade millet he W.I.
Jesaa Hantu.'s Damtrm PoNroct for rentonlng
nperehrotte hale. What a mote tutsjghily than hair
open the face of arm* Of • lady. The article will
remove Ilia a short time, without the lase of any sharp
hum Ra sv elte m'. Vietnam Loam liars
instentaneonsty Impan to red, elte, or gra Die y
hai will
r, •
kestulfolly blob, brews, or auburn color. It will
color the hair Ina goner time, and more effectually
than any other Dye, hemp at the same time
Jinn Harrah finanno engem—lt I. really a plea.
ante to ehave with this cream. There is none of the
arnaning sensation mashy experienced in the ere of
cant Po•ps. On the contrary, It leaves Me okin smooth
and soft as an iotanPs, and not table to become
/npees d,
listath ReetToorn Parra—Neve p hair,
we think the Teethwire intended ne ibe greaten Ores
'44' r 41nan face; bat when nogketed, nothing
dk mimic or ea quickly wren. My, aciSo Tooth
Paste will impart to ue teeth a pearly whiteness, at
the mane time keeping the gams tem and:healthy.
Also on band, a 'complete assortment of French,
British, and Americas Perfsmery and Fai,ey enieles.
JULES HAVEL, Performeet,er and Chemist,Chemist,,
120 estnut Phila.
' For sale mitt:delude and Ch retails tr
, by U. A. Fahnenock
A Co., and RE. Mellen , Piusburgh; sod John ..Sar
puttied J. Mitchell. Allegheny City, - Pa• ITO-2P
H YD I E'f . SOAP-50 b a r dawned, ju l st n 7AS ant fo
TMISH Y- WiIiTING-qo bbts to. .ye by
L. 3 oetlß ALDO C.O
UI4-Qew and ptnv, In baskitiolone
‘J and two dozen uolt imported and for rale
0010 • 15 A FA itiiFsrocK &by
Deciceu buTrgri-A. prime article, for sale by
FL°oellll-4° bob.
Plou S7lß ' lTETlT. d llsZ n it n itB l4 '
ALet/Hi/L.-8 biriViWNl and 5 - IRT - 1 i7liiii - rie'Srfor
sale by • 15 SELLERS
oel7 57 Wood at
ISTOSE - PINEL4III - 167Erighihjusireed Tor sile - by
.1.10 oet7 ' • R E SELLERS
OARS AMMO VIA--/ cask just reed for We sy
No '2:4
DB Liberty arras, free the Near Brighton AUfl ,a not
.perior Bzokretteat Flo ‘ i , s4 ty , tt ra up c i i n u irjb et sra:
f iti r IZY Sun"( ti:ter.
ebolee,bnimis Bovot7cte,
on bend and for axle at 250 Liberty smeet, by
steld ' 195
IV I .
lergi Atunre
a, "
actl; . B E SELLERS
RIED BEEP-Div/0 Ciortroudi Sugar Cared,D Bogged, sad Cammissed, for seta by
BAIIIO BORES-Roand end tall round, at whole.
sate 084 retail, by W. IL IN ILVIIAL.I.
05 wood a
OBACCO—I3 tagi Ge de es No r otarro,ltn ree'd
per .reamer Geneva, and fee sale Dy
70 Witter vt.
CASTOR OILLV.I bite ii1411.;%1' foz Bale d 9
R sniEtts,
otic 67 Wood et.
too prune Rice for tale nr
Past Colored Prints.
thrsieuxes OP TES lenruce,
Offlie of Indian Afars. Sept: t 5, 1960.
' Cr Eel LED PROPOSALS will be received alike dace
i of the Commiaeloner of Indian Alfitra, at Wig,
tartan city, mall ten o'cloek on Saturday, the maraud
May of November next, for liftalsidny follotaina
Indian goat., eta,
aws No. I..l.A.nxrra. I
2,100 paint 3 paint white Mackinati blankets, to
measure 60 by 72 Inches, and - eigh eight
1,900 *tall point white Mackinac b ankeni, to
measure 54 and 66 inches, and weigh Ws
1,175 pens 2 point white:Madinat, - blankets, to
measure 42 by 56 inches, and weigh bee and
a quarter pounds.
900 pure 11 point while Mackinac blankets, to
roeuore 36 by 50 inches, and Weigh four and
a quarter pounds,
900 pairs 1 point white Mackinac- blankets, to
measure 32 by 46 inches, and weigh three
and a goatee pomade.
400 pairs 3 point wallet Mackinac - blankets to
measure 60 by 72 Jukes, and weigh e ight
poun 2l ds.
300 pairs point untried Mackinac blankets, to
measure 51 by 66 fulls', and weigh six
100 pairs 31 point green Mackinac blankets, to
measure 66 by 84 inches, and . weigh ten
300 pairs 3 polo' !deckle- '
....Int green —.acid:lt'd blanket, to
leisure &
80 by 72 Inches, and weigh eight
430 pain 2* point green Mukha° blankets. to
'arum 54 by 86 inehea, and: weigh six
100 pales 51 point nominee blue Mackinac Malt.
into, to measure 68 by 84 Inches, and weigh
ten pounds.
400 palm 3 point sentinels blue Mackinao blan
kets, to measure 80 by. 72 =hen, and weigh
eight pounds.
300 pun 21 poittrgentinella blue Mackinac 618111
kens, to measure 54 by 60 inches and weigh
.10 pound,.
Cksss No 2—Day Goon.
A,005 yards scarlet snoods.
600 do blue strands.
1,600 do fancy list cloth, bine.
780 do filmy list cloth, scarlet
330 do fancy list cloth, green. I ,
1,600 do gray list cloth, blew
3,000 do saved list cloth, bine.
1,600 do saved list cloth, scarlet.
800 do saved list cloth, green. - 225 pounds wonted yarn, 3 fold.
100 doz. cotton fin haodkerehlafs.
230 do cotton Madras handkerchiefs.
175 do black silk haodkerohiofz.
90 do 89 cotton shawls.
60 do Cotten shawls. -
65 do 4 4 cotton shawls.
40 do Si woolen allaw/s.
430 pounds linen throat',
SO do Dowling [ilk.
700 pieces alum. Resorted.
150 gross wonted mulcting. ,
31 pieces silk handkerchiefs, bark and bandana.
Na3,—DOMSaTIO Georn.
'XJ,OOI) yards domestic calico
10,000 do ltderimac calico
3.500 do blue drilling
6.000 do Georgia stripes
4 000 do tine denims
1,600 do coon:nth)
4,300 do bed ticking
1,000 do Kentucky jeans
500 do salmons
7,000 do plaid buoy
7.000 do &Imbue sharing, bleached
15,000 do domestic slaningo uubicecbed
10,000 do domestic elocetia4 unbleached
b,OOO Jo damesde chocks, Wipes and
400 dozes woolen socks.
1,500 yards dune's, assorted
1,000 flannel shine
700 calico shirt.
550 pounds cotton thread
400 dozen spool cotton.
Clan No. 4- -iizaawsar
2,0n0 pounds bran held"
276 dozen bmcbcr krovee
29,000 gun dints
7,000 S gross squaw awn
oh hooka
Z dozen IMO. -
25,000 needles
100 dozen combs, assorted •
10 do 'moon, warted
10 groom gun worms
„,tp, ,
1,090 tin kettlee
76 anon japanned kettles. S I/4 acid
Cis.. No. s .—Amtrautrouldlltsdadmres.
21.0 ora wing tones, 12 Anettes,loe4.44 .44 in,
700 el/Sere la Neal proportion}Ell_la,
.1, 4. re
100 pairs b ' artice
750 pair, tract chains- Io •
‘ ,1,200 weeding hoes - re.., .17
170 hand saws
40 emu cut saws, 7 feat in lanol3slin . c
3 arose cut saws, 6 feet In leave r. '”
100 band raw.fries ; •• •
100 Cie 35 eta saw Men _
40 log chain, to welsh Wpm:lnds eiple
600 Ilhatemote elide, No. 10
600quarten socket - tobisehr.
9 9 Pluten. Darn-and ieck • -
CZ= sNo. O..—Aaa,. • •
3 73 dozen saes, to weigh from 41 to 55 pounds
'53 do • half Ince, In weight 31 pottods
41 do hatchets lon weigh 11 pounds
25 broad sirs
Class No. 9.—Nonntwerr Garre.
650 north west aura., two thirds ; of which most
measure 36 iachea to length of barrel, and
one third 42 inches in length of buret, to be
detivered to New York- or. Philadelphia, as
Sa m
be required. .
Samples 0.11 the above articles are deposit*/ in the
elle, of tkiv Oomoditioner of isaltatt Aaron; snd Is
may be proper to remark that those of herddrere, as.
mutterer froptantens, Ind tiolth Went guns, me en-
nretp new i , and of t banes enellty 'than tee ;melee
heretofore furnished ander forme, eptltiwer,
The prorates nay be divided Into seven , pans,
Ti,. :
2d—Dry Goods.
fith--Hardware. •
fob--Agricultrual implereente. •
, titb—Axes.
' - '`lth-;.Northwest guns.
The lowest competent reeponoable bidder will re
ceive the whole or my part of the contract, according
to the above ethic, The Department remming to itself
-the right to determine whether the Lb:Maris con/omens
and remormible or not
The whole amount in money to be applied to the
purchase at good. will be about 005,000, but the" De
partment rumens the right to allergen or diminish
he quantity deny etch, artleletnamed, or substittne
ahem In lieu thereof, onto require, on lances,
such.goods cc may be wanted foe. presents oh other
propene, In the administration of the saran of the De.
penmen[ Goods of gthrerieunmsumf.utre, all ether
things bla n ketwill be preferred; bat aniall .the
eampleief and clothe in of Yoteign: menu.
fenththe It will he eeeeennYi saws demesne...whole
Ie bld Mr; Mat a maple of It
decidepy the
Lid, to enable the Department to whether Minor
equal quality with the ea mplea r g h to . Zlnte .r ,ffik •
The piny proppil gto pp
an iernte of all the'lterXesiMmeedin.ll: Sig.! , /LIZ
and affix the prlces,ln dollarasua cents, et which beet
they Wail raffish them underemit climb Sepinatily;de-
Ileerable In New bort, (erg theetnitractoe prefer. It,
about one.half of the quantity may be delivereffilu St
Look, hio.,.free of expense; to the Government* on or
before the tub day of May next, inieumiust Ms immunity
of each ankle as specified In Ws odterusement, and
extendingthe coat,
Thegte of the whole
invoice conatinning the bidgoods will be MM...
led in New York land In St Louis If any portion of
them .koala ,De delmered there) try en agent of the
United States, who will be copolnied by th e Denets•
meet for the purpose. and to asurtain the conformity)
of the ankle. maimed with the **Mines eifilhited,
when the Math.= Mull be mode and with the. terms
of the eontract itself, winch Malecontent a eleme that
if the anieles are not nirniseed within the time Dm -
mrlbed, or if they are of losufhcient quality in the
pinion of the agent efotemid, and if within five day.
after notice of such insalheleney the party shell not
furnish others in lien thereof of the requtred goallty.
me United Stales shell be authorised to purchase them
of others, land to charge any increase of Ogee they
may be compelled to pay therefor to the contractor,
who shall pay the said difference to the Milted enetes .
Donde will be required in the anoint of the hid.,
with two good suede., the ealfiefenek of whom to ben
certified by a IfultedStatee Judge or District Attorney,
for the faithful pertonotthee of the romracts. : Pay
went will Le made after the contract le completed and
the delivery of the good. ae aforesaid to an agent of
the Department, upon • dupliaate Invoice cartaked by
lam • .
Communications to be marked "Proposals for In
' than geode..
The bide wtll be submitted with the followlegXead•
mg, end none will be received Mal an mot tried* in
the form and terms here prescribed for we) propose, to furnish for the service of the
Indian Department the following goods, at the prices
' anted to them reepectively, vim—
( Here town the list of goals )
Deliverable in the city of New York (or Si LtiuM) on
or before tun day of— neng; and In ease of the ace.
jeep... of We propoeals,the quantity being presenb
ed by the Depanment, I (sr we) will execute • con•
Intl according to this egreetnent, and give satisfec •
ton security to the Depts./nem within ten days-Wier
the reception of ails bid; and In ease of failure to
' , enter into such contract, and Kiva sueh trecanty,l for
we) will pay to the United States the difference be.
peen the atone bidden by me, Mr uit,) and the sum
Which the United States mop be obliged to pry for the
a me mticies ,
E.act. and *very bid must ales accompanied with
a gummy Ln the following hirm, to be sighed by one
or more reepontable pieces, whom nolicienci mum
be minified by someone who is know to the Depart.
anent, either peraimally en by hie official poeition,
'I Mr we) hereby gummy that the above
bidder, will comply with the term. of the adrertie.
tent for 'prot °Ws for Ind'c goods,' dated Septets.
bey ra, IS,W, If the contract sheuld be ewerded to Dim,
and enter moi bond for the execution of the same
within the one prescribecLo
f [ L of
The contracts of former years are citzfor the to.
spection of bidders.
sep3o Commissioner of Indian:Affairs.
ir Heys, this day summated arab me Ur. IL
, Menu, In the Wholesale Gwen . and Produce
,the etylr i %ithe Lem be d i Cameroon
a..cuumnsoni (La. =via.
chanu, Seller. 18 hodane, nad Pitubmir
7,3 ntutstsed mcles,lBsLlbeny st, Plusburgb,y.
lE•tra Family /float.
1 FRESH supply or vbe Poland Mille extra FtMill
Peal!, • very eta= article, Net reed for wile by
IN IdlbOrlT OS
seed . ,
Z41410.n .
. . 1830.. til.rChosereersi. UM.
WEIS FIRST wira.r W863810:I , nfthis Institution
beTAL. .11.1112-MG Ott First Monde), of Noma
• L ral o rontinee ter me i tits. • • • •
em N::,llr.D'.7,jef:. rorglidlrite'ryth"'", and .
Mem. of Women and Children,
Lensinglltirote, IL D., Friticeeorni Principles and
Practice of Sergery. •
• !Charles D. Willmar; lit D. Poefessor or Inatlentes
and Prsettnerof Ihomnopatily.
medicalge, D, Professor of hfateria Modica
and J'eriepradearie: • • .
• thwalinea s , smith, A. bf.. Professor of Chemistom
and PhYa try.
C' Wither el, 51. D, Profeiner of Anay
lology.• ' • C •
• John Draloard, ProksserOf Phycel Fe/enee.
Chitties W. - 11111, Detenblim of
uor of Anatomy.
Timelier:era Me Western College of Detrateepathia
Itiedlef ne Wes granted by the Logician. of ChM,
during its *ea.,' 011040.50.. It confers all the rights
rrr i th P e r Tlll%Ve l i: r ent 72:
many colleges, it
culets independent of any other Institution. having
in itself the Never to eonrcr degree,, and possessing
a aerate. seal. •
The Olsen are conferred by the Faculty and
Treaters upon the recommendation of the Face...
The amount Of fees for the full comae will Damon,.
Matzke:atom fee. 83—to be paid bat once..
strator's ticket,. In Gradua ti on fee, !M. Perms
Who have attended two ful• courses of lecture. in
other colleges, an adotitiento the 101 l comae to this
LostiltrOOO on the mace' of 1510. Graduates of en.
apectsble, medical echortis are permitted to attend the
coarse on the payment Or the OntricahltiOtt ire only.
Good bon.rd, lee:Oink room light, and fuel. eau be
obtained from 3.2 to 82 50 per week. For farther in•
form Lion address. CHAS. D. W/LLIAIIB,
oasdlm Dews of the Facatir.
(LAM mammas,. aultaw & c 0.,) ,
Would respectfully
eonumo the m inform a) carman of the late
mys,anu the
facture of public mpnerall), that dm) . 1 8
In all their eerie de s, as the Old gland;
NO 13 Wood at, between Blest d: Water.
Di. Roa6't Celebrated EeMeille&
DR "ROSE, th
'the aeoverer rendre e
R. aßrjimerof 13 these moot popular and beneficial
medicines; and also the inventor of the celebrated
i.omment for Inflating the Longs, in rfjecting a ma
i;ironic downers. was a student of that. eminent
glyafehn, Daatat Phyolc, and la a gratleate of the
University of Pencoylyaniii. and for thirty yeah since
ha. been engaged.dsdbe inveatigetion of disease, and
the appliention orreteedles thereto.
Througli the esti of hia inflating lobe, in connection
with hie Prophylactic Syropand other aide remedice,
he has gained an imparaleded.ernineuee in curing
theme dreadful and fatal nialeidtee, Tubctenler Con
rethiption, ,Cancere, Setininth, Abenruanrm, Asthma,
Fever and'Aged, "Fevers of all .kinds, Chronic Er).
sipetas, and eh inote obstinate dioceses ) , enilior to
females. Indeed eveiy form ofiii,taievanishes under
die urn al bin reincilic, to whieh bomonity heir
not by Me one or-Ond compound only.loo that tll
a wl az Fla Nulogicef, but by the use
of hi, remedies ' adapted , ;int crrieilned for each
peculiar firm ofdrieue,
Dr. Ro...ex Tunic Alit; ince when used to
invariably neknoirleilced irynnor to all dither.
us • purgaute or liver r• that:hi:eh no they learn
the bowel. perfectly tree from erti , lvelteac so also
his (lohlefi Pill. is admit-! I rreutiy to poseraa
peculiar propertiefi . • whip, dithi th e r , in,
being sausfird ihatw bale trt a cot to itstablioh
what him been baul;in the :may: akepocul,
Theathieled are limbed ,o Deem. eel
P.M.. (Mid one of the linnet.•-r.i• Pbei+. giving
&decade necoum of each n.ridv u.. •• r.yndealhan. the bedew', ev; tuj• ' hynewt
4regglats.thronaboot • 1S ho ot,ober t,
it co. 211 , ; VwerOtsite
J VlNJwlt . s4,td ,
.1 ) , I
Lee A. tienthem.',
Jo. Barkley, Derfierion, r.
.JorrElliou, finned Virlry, • •
T Adam,. Beaver,' •• • ! • • '
JkdNAIY Leta D. ~.
EWA UTIPUL at , ri Prim, in aitzqi• - raiz:% liiaa;aati pa
/I tolla.azi azi I.ralad.o,l re,a , aactitiza, deny Lida in
Ihu fickle, inn Lat titiaigAlzizatabaaoiztaailaralivsaitall e tan
ilazaaliiitat'eneezaa hitaalarcaaa rri rived by the azzilkaannZaae:
a*l'llae .4;0 ar urn, bneri Nichcea,
rhe'rueir erc;bint. And OLOOrect
rielzl":;.ad Tlaa
T.attaal'; lireeii. in Anto.iiell Fiat
15611 g, slid the cvJgb a tulaell Enka -
rtfilden F !vy. Thiti 31.
orp rorytmo. at.k Tear Waru
T l. 'ported intiiiho 1.r.-i,JSUttes.,sl,l94l/11ai:::
ea•Perelers, to We Plant end, are felling atod TeX .
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trerr•tel trPAY% 7 TAC , t ', l...,, ' „f ° No" !"a.
' P4tea aZila. • • P ? ! : •r tl tt r''
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Ovid to aary by,
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it r INSEEDIiff.- - - I.; i. --, iiFWeTliii reva c'irs - A - Li e Cy
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N great ••ricir pile- and pattern, jact received
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1 INKEED brl • mare conYKYY O 7a
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W00.115-12J," a C0m ,% p i r, , , ,! ,, ------ , --------- mocAN - D
for !ale iii mss
BUTTER -15 brio solid honor for salotly
oes 5 fr., It FLOYD
AR.PAULINB-45 iierT !roomy large Torpnolloo„Of
e l l thc bear quality at Italia RoOber,oo baralmfor
eby - W O J & H PHIL I
- 1 2 v1V;c1.''ALc`•AKDLEss
11AKPER'S Neutrino, No 0, for sictober, ofhis
excellent mane:doe, and No 18. or Dietionery of
?Scene:limn has been received at Hollocio Literary
Depot, 1 bird street, oppost c th e Post Ogler,- idto'a
new American Incas!' stolent.The Cockpit iter,a Ode
of litannelltaissen!a Island, Co ties Quevltiver, and
No Pictorial Field • Book_ or the Americas Revolt
ciaks for safe
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