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HyiiTitium arecornetuy reqneneatonana in
their favors before sr. a., and u eerly inthedav u
Irsetleable. AdTerJienems colimcncJ for a tpeci
•4 time will invariably be charged until ordered obi.
a Palhxs u Agent tor this paper at his
evertl sgeneiea m New Roik, Philadelphia, and
, Boston, and ia authorised lo'reeelve subscriptions
end advertisements for nn.
CTPniuomiru Woatn A*xaiC4S.—Adveru*e
jeenw end auboeriptions to the N*onh Amonem and
United State* Gazette, Philadelphia, received »nd for*
warded from this office.
luaots Framots.—lt tf aisled, that at the pres*
eat time, there is cot e Ricking institotion In the
•tile oftDlinoU, yet she iaaurrounded by Banking
slates. The consequence is, her currency is rage,
instead of the hard chink. Her farmer* handle
little else in the shape or money, than the promir
es of the banka of othor Slates. For this privilege
they pay annually not less than sis hundred-lion*
taod dollars. Her neighbors, by mesns of bins
issues, treble and quadruple the amount invested
—miking their capitsl pay them IS to 25 per cent,
and Illinois pays them this per centage on every
dollar the handles ef their issue*.
the cnrreacy of this Stinrto be ten millions, she
pays to other States and their capitalist* snootily
ia the shipe of interest, not less then $500,000.
"QaaTirTi-’io"’ Svsotacle all abound. —Tte
Charleston, .Ve., Free Press, noticing the reiurn
of Mr. Tsylor, of that place, from Hsrrisborgh,
with his fugitive slave#, surrendered to him uoder
the new fagitivo slave law, remarks:
* 4 Il was somewhat a novel, though grsiifftxg
rptctaclt, to iceisro fcgiuve slaves, nomewiro
boned, under the chsrge-Ofofficers from a free
The editor-of the Pennsylvania Telegraph, ic
remarking upon the above expression of triumph,
says that he believes that all the officers coacern*
ed from Pennsylvania, were not less gratified with
the business than our neighbors of Virginia. Id
(he first placa, the commitsioner got h:s twenty
do'ia'S—ten dollars In each case, which would
have been reduced in five had the prso! not beet
bo dear as it was; and the other gentlemen were
exceedingly weli pleased wnh the trip and the
hospitality shown tbein, but especially the per
diem and mileage. These reciprocal sols of kind.
voluntarily as our enters-
eays, • I "gratifjneg.”
We are alio gratified to learn tram Colonel
I*oycr, that the negroes were exceedingly grati
fied upon their return to tbetr friends and families;
•ad the delicious climate which they had- incau
tiously left.
How gratified should we all bs for such' 1 grati
fying” results. Still, the benefits of the law, we
fear, do not fall exactly like the dew o( Hermon.
upon all alike, if we were to take our faithful
colored friend and servant, Jeemcs, who is now
employed in rotating our press wheel, on a trip to
Charleston. should we be .gratified by having thi
use of his services there, daring aur sojourn 7
, This Is s matter we should like co have luoke din
to and remedied, so u to have him return to ns
if forcibly taken away, without extra expense tc
our pockets.
The “Wosw? Rioirrs ” CoxvEjmos..— AVe
learn from the Boston Traveller, that thUCooren
tioo,_which has been holding at Worcester, cloeed
its semioni on the evening of th\ 24th instant.—\
In aoQe ot the resolutions and speeches, very sen
sible ideas were advanced in relation to woman’*
true character, and measures tbit few will deem
irrational, were proposed forsecuring to heha prop
•rpoiiUoa in society. But iu the bands U such
persons as took the lead in this affair, who j ai way*
press forward the measures of reform id which
they interest themsclve* far beyond the extreme ol
reason, it was to be supposed that the subjet t would
be run into the ground, and that whatever >f good
there might be in the movement, would te over
shadowed by their fanaticism and folly. The ad
deeea of the lady who presided, setting forth the ob
jevti of the Convention, was on able doc amen Land
. dmnanded some things for woman to which she i>
jutfly entitled. But the lone of the remarks made
, v byMn~Mou, in'Commeutmg upon this address,
indicated pretty decidedly that the spirit by which
'jjV* leaden of the movement were actuated, was
moat unwomanly in its character. This Ihct was
abundantly demonstrated in the course ofjihe ses
sion, and before it closed the whole sabjeci of wo
man’s rights had been made perfectly rididiloos
The proceeding* were conducted chieflJ by the
fanatias in their usual manner, impracticable and
- Utopian ideas were advance; the laws o’! nature
were set at defiance, and an attempt w*« Lade to
unsex woman by placing her on an unnatural
•quality with man, and makiug her a coJperaiur
with him in ail the movement* of society. [
Tin St. Paul, (Mix.) CireoxicLx, cf the Uth
io»t, ny» that John H. Quinby and Ztber h.'Pelem.
chief and council man of ihc 3ujckbridge» T in
•Wkeonaio, hare retained from iheir exploring
trip up the St. Peter's nrer. They were delighted
With the country, and will make preparation lo rt’
more and settle in soma pan of the Atinnwoia ter
ritory. In exchange for their townships ol improv*
in this section, Government has agreed to
• fire them two townships of unimproved Jandisje*
lotted from anyonoccupied U. S lands; to remove
them free of all expense, and to give an acnoitv ot
82000 for ten years. Tho Stockbridges number
abwit 200, are educated, and have adopted tho bib
its and coatnme of the whites. Among maay im
pfOTßoecla now gowing on at Si. Pauls is a new
Presbyterian church, the first tower of which is
raised, and the spire wnsto go tip io a few day*.
The lower ball on the steeple is one hundred fori
from the ground. The structure »of brick and oi
capacity to accommodate 2000 persons. Speokmg
of it, tho editor of the Chronicle says
It is a noble evidence of Eastern -liberality oml
Chrutian spinLandsiiouldany who have mi generous
y contributed to the erection of this temple m the
tar North west,ever in their wanderings ee tempt
ed lo view the seenenr ot the Upper Mi«ts«ippi, a*
they approach »L Paul, the hr*( object tbnl will
gTeet their eyes will be this hraren pointing spire
cf their own erection, which will be vaiWe from
.many miles below us.
Stadi ard CtflA.—The International of Madrid
6 slatement of the Spanish Naval force which
is intended to occupy the Havana Station for tbr
Ptmoctjon of Cuba. It is composed of the Sobers-
M i ; the frigates Eiperanra and Peria, of 41
guns, and the Cortes, of 32 guns , the sloop of war
Colon, of 10guns; ibe brigantine* Habanrro, Patri
cks, Pelayo, Nervion and Villaricencij. counting
together 7G guns; the schooners Habenera, laabe:
H and Soanitta, numbering 14 guns; five tugeera 1
carrying 1 carronade each; five Meiraers, two *»f 6
guns and 300 horn? power; two of fi guns, aud ICO
hone power; one of 2 guns, and 100 horse power
composing a total of 23 wastes and 320 guns. In
addition to these, there ira strong addition to the
. land forces already collected at Cadiz, atd ready to
®**®*am asp Prrrsßuaoa Kail R-jad.— 'The
Cleveland Herald has a long and very interesting
■Hide on the present condition and future pros
poctaof this great read, and the very snperior and
fnomhing country through which it pastes. The
rota will be open for travel to Ravenna, forty
by the first of December, and will be Co-
Med to the Ohio river by the first of July, ISSI
Tto Iran In ntt boo,ln .od p.ld far, .od the rood
It built wilb Tor, ilijlit curre., will, li,bt grade.,
and la the most substantial manner.
The St. Louis Republican says that the Terre
Haute and lllinoiitown mil road project i. exciting
a great deal of inrerest among the people 0 f the
counties through which the road is likely to p* M
Om portion of the State, we understand, u m fVvor
/ of its following the mute ot the National" Hoad
through Vandalia, dec., to this point Another
lion desire that the road shall be constructed dawn
the Wabash, on the Indiana aide, through the town
«f Tork or Darwin, and tbence cross the rirer. At
. these points, they contend the river can be more n
•Uy bridged, and that it will carry out the policy cf
Illinois, in building up a large town in Illinois at the
point cf crossing. If this rout ahonld be adopted, it
would pass through the counties of Clark, Craw
ford, Jasper, Clay, and Marion, to tho town of Sa
lem, where it weald inlersest thsjiroposed railroad
fro® St. Louis tcrCmcinnati via Vincennes. Meet,
kigaar* being held along this route, and Dr. Mitch*
. eland J. B. Richardson, Esq., have traversed it
, io vialxing our city, and giro very flattering ac
counts of kspraeiicabQrty and superiority.
! We do not pretend to know which la the better
'*■ A survey should bamadeand the beat route
M. bo selected. At all events, we trust the io
g will be so made aa to' “secure tho greatest
p the greatest number,” and enlist the hearty
relied of the people of the counties throueb
pass- St. Louis is only anxious
•bad shall be built, but has no feeling as to
. ttar location*
IUrxAL orjins Puomvx B:u-~*Wc talc tr.c 1
Wfodriag^triwßlheiUchmoad,(V*.,) WJ»tg, as a
'■peatmen''of.'the spirit displayed by the -calmest
portion of the Southern paper*. The Whig takes
decided ground in favor of the Union, and against
the aSeders. After slating a determined effort
will be made at the next session to repeal this
Uw, the Whig remarks as follows:
‘'lt is needless, we feir, for Southern pipers now
to remonstrate, with the Northern peoale, and
warn them or the inevitable and fearful coose
oaescen which must result from persevering in
such a course. The time for that may have at*
mart p»s»ed. Oar remonstrances arc unheeded,
onr warnings treated contempt. The people of
the Sooth may have to consider the grave and im
portant question of repeal a* an iasoeabom which,
wheo once fairly made, ihew should be on disa
greement If aanfficient majority can be.found
to repeal the fugitive liw—then, in our humble
opinion, ihe vaJue olthe Uoion will be tpeedily
calculated. If « majority of the people deliberate
ly violate a right seemed to os by the constitution,
it will be impossible to ma'nuin with them peace
ful and fraternal relations.- The repeal of that
law wonld in effect be a declaration on the part
ofthis North that they wcutd no longer observe
that provision of the constitution—and the com
pact of Union would at once be broken by their
own deliberate act The responsibility wonld re
main with them, and the deep and dark stain of
Nullification wonld rest upon an. entire people.”
The Athens Banner, published sundry letters
from counties in Georgia assuring the editor of
the strength of the Union cause. The editor
says: “It is no! longer a mailer of doubt that the
people of ilia op country - of Georgia will sustain
the adjustment by an overworn' l *? msjoriiv.—•
Thecanse of the Union ia literally sweeping eve*
ry thing before it.”
The Syracuse Journal states that a negro named
William Harris, with bis wife pnd infant .child, re
cently made their escape from their master in
South Carolina, and were aided on their way to
Canada by various persons. While on a einal
boat from Albany going west, some of the crew
auncynd jnd alarmed them by telling them their
master was sfur Jh£jp. They carried on this for
some time, simply lor bat gieiily to
the distress of the fugitives. They finally a rated
the negro in the night and told him bis owner was 1
on board and granted him. Ho jumped out ofbits
berth, drew a dirk, sad them all out. Ia
the morning he was told his muter bad left the
boat, bat wonld meot him at Syracuse. in tiio
evening, a* the boat slopped at Lodi, a number of
person* came on board, and Harris was told that
bis object was to seize him. la bis desperation
be seized a ra*or, gad drawing it forcibly across
bis throat jumped tsto lio canal. His wife
with their child in h«r arms jumped after bin.-
Efforts were then made to rescue them. Harris
and his wife were got oat, bat the child was
Tub IteaaaauM Rircnra.— The Albany Even,
ing Journal of the 22 inst, publishes a translation
of a letter written by General to the f{on.
We. H. Seward, dated New Buds, PseaUr
county, lowa. We qaoie iron* it Uie following
I date roy lett-r from my new home, from the
place which 1 have chosen for my fetuily and for
my compatriots who havcioiibvrcd me. We have
found a fertile regia* end a wholesome climoto.—
For the rest, it depends upou our caref"l industry,
which will not fail. If ihe magnanimity of Con
grass would not veurhsafo to us the Ullc of t\ip
land upon which we have settled, wc should be
happy men ; for, alter so much of misfortune,
after having lost a beloved country, found roll*
uves and faithful friends, we indulge no high am
You were the first to concern'yourself with our
iotercsls in regard to our emigration. Gar hearts
will always be gratefully devoted to you. Permit
m i to solicit your further benevolent attention to
the subject.
\ Prof Hood, (a a communication published in
the Bos.onTraveUer.coscornifig'the great meteor
of Sept. 30, says that his attention was called to this
phenomenon by Miss Jenny Lind, who, htppsn
ing at the time ol its first appearance to be looking
at the planet Saturn through the grest equatorial
telescope, nearly io tho direction of the meteor’s
pith, was startled by a sudden filth of Jigb*, no
doubt much concentrated bf the power ot the
tlata; probibly not more than a second of. nmr
intervened before the .meteor exploded. From
observation made upon it, it is ascertained that
tho vertical height of this meteor above the aer.
fate ot the earth via about fifty miles, and its dis
tance from Cambridge one hundred miles in a
northern direction. - . .
Peaches o« Havaha—A letter from Havana,.
dated Oct. 3, says: * The first peaches ever open
ly exposed for sale here, I saw jihis morning.—
They came ifi ice from Boston, and were in tolrr*
nble order. Price 12t cents each. I am mistaken
if this does not bring them oat in atundanee next
season. It would pay for any possible ripest?
of parking.”
Tbe New York Journal of Commerce, alludiru
to the eon-inlercoarEe spirit of the South, tsys •
“A merchant of this city, largely to the sboc trade,
estimates the valno of ahees annually sent Sotrh
from New Y*rk atone, at 53,000,000, Allotrir g
$4O at the average value of each case, the numbe r
ofcmßej sent during the year, at this estimate, is
125,000. Boston and Philadelphia scad, perhap*,
as many more. The trade was never more Asur
ishiog than U has been during tbe current season.
Prom which it may be inferred that ‘non-intcr
coaree’ is not the prevailing policy at the South,
jaet yet.”
Cavino lx —A correspondent of the New Or*
leans Daily Delta, writing from Plaqncmine, Oct.
Istb, says that the caving of the river bank at that
place is still extending up stream. There is 'as
opeo'Dg through the middle of one of tho etreeti,
as tar up as the Planter’s Hotel, and tbe destrro
tioo cf tU the building* on oae square ia expccta-t.
the principal sufferer is a Mr. Binel, who will
loto five new brick stores, including his hotel.
Slavs ExciTAMerr at Drraoir Brora— Shre
Bought.—& correspondent of the BufTtiu Conner,
writing from Detroit, October JStb, stales that the
cegro excitement Las somowhst subsided. The
military was, on Fridsy night, withdrawn frora
’.be jail yard, since which lime, a police baa b» en
on duty. On Saturday a Urge meeting was held,
at which the Mayor presided, end speeches were
made by the Hon. ILS.Bitighim, Messrs. Joy end
Emmons, and others. The meeting was larg
snd enthusiastic. Yesterday, a subscription qf
five hundred dollars was raised for (he purchase
of tbe negro. It was headed by JI. Ledyard,
son ia law of General Class, with fifty doMin.—
The negro was, last night, released from rnsfojy,
sod be wei realty in doubt what course to decide
on. Ho said be hid always been treated in tbe
k ndost oianoer.and tegretted (hat ha had caused
all this excitement. llis owcer, wno isabrotl.
er ol Hod. Mr. Rose, of Geneva, paid ell rxi-ca
sea, to the amouat of about two hundred dollars,
pocketing the three tmndred dollars aa (he value
of the alive, and left far Lome.
So the great insurrcvtida has at last ended.
Pojtc—The steamer Planter arrived last ever •
ing from the Hindis river, with one of the larxn.l
cargoes ever brought out of that river by a regu
lar trader. Betide* a large amount of dry g»de,
-fife., she bad 210 pieces marble; 40,310 i« tof
lumber; 2,000 aacka potatoes; 2,000 tacks wheat,
corn, sad oat*, and 2,499 barrels pork. Tbe pork
we conceive to be tbe last shipment from that
river (hi* season: and, perhaps, a much larger
amount than will be received from any other
quarter until the new article begins to make its
appearance. The lot wa* bought io the early part
of tbe season on speculation, and goes directly
forward to be sold id New Orleans or the Extern
markets. It ia now going eo board the nearner
Atlantic for New Orleans, at the rate of 7f>c per
bbl freight— St. limit Rep., 2lsr.
Ths American Girl's Song.
Oar hearts are with our native land,
Our song is for her gloiy:
Her warrior’s wreath ia m her baud,
Oar lips breathe out her story ;
Her lofty hills and valleys green,
Are shining bright before ua,
And lika a rainbow sign ia teen
Her proud flag waving o'er us.
And there *to smiles opon onr lipa,
p For those who meet with freemeo;
For glory* Mar know* no cclipto.
When Bailed upon by woman:
For those who bravo the m'gbty deep,
And acorn the threat af danger,
w«ve cmlioa to cheer, and tears lo weep
tot overt octet* raeger-
Onr heana arc with our native land,
Our song* are for her freemen.
°«F! aT !^t.* Id L ror ber ffriUut band,
wTfc? ,l ? e . whe « leads them.
Wo lore tbe taintless air we
Trt freedom’s holy bower •
WcM twite for him an ccdlcn wrcaifc
Who ecorna a tyrant* power.
They tell of France’s beauties rare
Of Italy’s proud daughters, ’
.Of Scotland's lassies, Eoglsnd’a tafr.
And nymphs of Shannon’s water*.
We need jol bora, ,hair, cbzrnc,
Though lords around th*»n hover*
Our glory U In freedom’s arm*—
A freeman Car a lover.
Lii’f firm, S isninr Cooper.
—H.-K. Jtifj.
»s«r.i—T:.- \v riofilpciri.
tal ot Fcnnsjlvacla. 'l.Tirtf horn . COO . , ou ,
c.rly fnenO., »od jodrcoomo,
u ite Whu UoucJ F.Ute« Scn.’.o, tom PonMTl
_ionU, oa all suemtonaorpoblic poller,rcanocirally
iovoo yoo lo pailaio ot a poblie diuoerot lho
W.ahm«ton Hooao, in Eamaiotg, « , ach
up-o reurrclmn from Washiogion a, may ao.l
yoor convenience.
With great respect, your obedient rerv is
~ „ SAM. D. KAKNS, and others.
To the Hon. James Cooper.
WAiamoToti, SepL 30, IS3O.
Grnllcmpa—Your favor of toe 27th mat., ex
preuing your approval of my conduct in relation
to the great questions which have agitated tho
country during the session of Congress now obont
to close, and inviting me to partake of a public
dinner at the State capitol,- reached me yesterday.
That auch a testimonial of approval and confi
dence, coming from my parly friends, to. whom \
am Indebted for so many nets of generona kind*
°e«, was received with emotions ot grateful sen.
tibility, 1 need not assure you. In pursuing the
course which baa drawn forth this gratifying ex
pression of your npprobition, I wai vnimtted ay
the desire of promoting the best intsresta of ihu
enuutiy, by conribuiingto (he fjeaeivati&a of the
Uo'.oa, put in peril by a Sectional controversy i
which eonld result in good to nobody, while it
tended to the Injury of aIL My object was lo al
lay strife and quiet a controversy subversive, of
good understanding and kind feelingn betwoentbe
different sec ions of the country ; and to know j
that my motives were understood nn4 spprecist.
pd by my Triads mojo than compensates for any
misconstruction of the few who pretend to *eu in
the courte winch I pursued an abandonment of
the principles which it was mv duty to rotiaUin.
In vindication of my conduct ia supporting the
measures adorned at the present session of Con
gress, it would perhaps be aufiicieal lo state that I
i>al followed the example of Millard Fillmore end
Daniel Webster, well known to the yhole country
for their integrity, wisdom, and elevated patriot*
ism. But na no example, however illustrious,
would have (sharped my course, 1 seek shelter .
from responsibility behind none. My course w*a -rur Minn*,.
dictated by my heart, approved by niy judgment, ! ihl |i,L
and pursued nafalteriujly and Without hesitation. 1 ! " e “* ,hp '’lmmcler, its Conner--
I iuquired not what would ho its ©ll<?h ur ; >a tn «.; "'" h - ,lPadlant, t 01 'he cohm, us> drift, ita
eel'. I looted only to the Hale if tbo r-juniry • ** ri , 1,1 *'b?rnl*on, Ar<- , form a body of prac
snd the threatening aspect oJ the ctmroversy I dl ‘•.nim.-'d only by cltwe
waging between its different abctiODs. 8? lh-‘«e \ f ” w k u,, J'‘’ ! "* a!S ' an<l lJ,e hoatoflit
my course was determined, end If they do not I ‘ >'?,wK» P< *i"' a , * ort °l , k Cl ’
ru,-;l-Ji . iu.lificalioa far it, lon plead no olho. j E,™ Purh m™! I,
they please, of the dangers wnieb menat-crtl iho |, avi . ;naf i,. M ... , h . r ~, . } ? rt^sS’
i'nbn. They, wp. hoWnoo ih. lot „ , !1 KSJ
nor was the duty of patriot* to provide agaiuii panted by a n-t of men knrj-,- -, p.a ‘-ice Masters ”
hera any the leas tiered. and •• looked upon ii
la i u e territory acquired from Mexico, by th«- t-. » »..:»? .-. u ,v \\v have aone.-
treaty of wuadalupo Hmdalgo, a cow twmpsi! of Hiv- ""•«<. «.t ik*. .< f„rn»hrd by the
stnfe hod been added to the subject of a oontro- tioya! ia»prru>r, at I> *.<•«., ,1, n^j.
versy bitter enough before. The North undated h ™ c m. .iu|*.*-*.k ,m «r. n- .m.imle of 7:i degree*
IbM ea this territory .was free u-ben It became *‘ nd thereabouts Save I'arrv once by once, no ope
ours, i ought to remain so; the Sooth, that as it Il “* »ucce«9tulty neh.rvud mvjrvm hr, upon a
had been acquired by acommoa effort, tod a joint ’ prynd "'tempt. wa» be>»-[ nn>l taped The wimlmg
expenditure of treasure tod blood, it ought to be w . err * ** y Meiviliv Ha,, i >d ,t (.: a pe Yorke, to
jjfrided by a lin« T on one tide of which the inrtw ,hl ‘ Northern <-d«e *tf i:,#* IV-1., along the vacant
tutioii of slavery ijiyqld le recognised. The 1 r. pac * k I ”T Pn ' ’ d "v J) “Qd 77 deg.,
North required a legislative Jirotoufoi, the Couth TV 1 , ."A he ?\ a ' 4 , , ' l ' r ' rll ’• Fller
« legislative rtrogTiiiton of ibo institution. Hero !,‘f" lhp • necemtly
tie wm «t i..ur, neither w„ ! J mr „ r f nl ‘j h „ r pll*"^
willing to yield soy portion ot it* claim, la tbo .'uauHi You muni n,i u „ ,1 * ,
cinllict men’s minds became iofi*mtd| prejudices ,we have stitiered any iMmi .iur ll h,‘i- ' o
grew daily more iowerite, moderate counsell , ihe contrary we parity our einennee
vrefo St.'orned as the offrpnng ot ccwtrdly tppre- j For a time u wu« tavorabie \W made forty
h/tnrion, and fora whle “dough fores" wa* a ' miles westward m nearly eaen water bol soon
term of creater reorsach than that of • lr»itorsireanw of .«>« louru.', Uom the main barrier
Atlhisalsge of lie vonroveuy, wbcu urtn tar* ‘-Lrie-«t iLci->c'vr. tej ; ,re u, we plunged derpdr
goiitjg men became alarmedii the dangers whicu «fus deeper mi.. ,|.,p,u,i , j oiosied a* \yu
thr»;4iepr{J tbo Union—not with suddro over- -Hilvjtnced, ami the mrly u...rmt,« „t the Sth foiuul
throw or violeut digrtjplion, tut with the gradual f <-t as a flv > ucwl\ varmsbed
unloosening of the banda which hold it tpgulher,
and the waiting away of in strength by the wiii, . MIAR fiF.Vii/s Tu.\i;i: h„
drawal from it of Ifce reaped and affections oi the ‘ n Pn . then wm a h.>n*nn of i e rov
people—lie “compromise Bill,” and ill comply ered wr Tlm'iv. ;,.-, a sirikitt* laod
ptent, the Fugitive Slave Bill and the bil« abolish- mark <>t mdi.i - . tK-f„re us a mon
tog Uw Sjave Trade in the District of Columbia., mm-u: i.i t .ur i a •
were Introduced lJ c committee consulted for Now: nine .m.. pm. ~t . ham and saw. tin*
the purpose. ; »*« and ihr w.txJ.a..,, |,r unv ro|«- Jn d the warping
j Tnere bills provided for the settlement ofali the o4ws».*r r.nuir', wcr.- u.r ii.-kino of ihe rapsuu
iquestioos directly or incidentally at issue between t*a vv '*. “ti«l the spl.ruijr* ~i i:,.- main brace. Bends
the north and.the south. The compromise till, »f;er — la «v*. ,-t wairr • i.. ~p«ii .-unrtnntly.
months of discussion, was defeated by a Strsoge Headiug *tui W.»I. rvcrv .In) l..mui u.» deeper in
Amoiactioa of those yyho regard slavery as an m- ,lirai! ' an “ '*' hr ‘ l w ° Wrrt * to congratulate
stitotian of HeaTco, and those who «*a ccarcclv pun'elvw.inust on our p:. v. <• round to
williog to admit that the constitution can protect ■~ t ' c * ll ' l lo, ‘* riJ '*-■““** a { u» over the
il,e«n in Ihe Slalcj In nrhicn it emit One el " '" ru " lo ' “• *n m-
Ihe mnil remnitnbie. if no. Ihe mo.l of !, ,« o!„ v J ."" ? ’ ' .rarrely raryin,
ths feature* ofthe centroveny, was this combi. 1 . r "
nstioa of men of extreme opposite opinions. ' al Ju.v l 'i : iia m ihc pa>*k »
formed for the purpose of defeating the on’y j---'ic Ju vto i.y uri. tii.rircu light*! .<•< 03 15 W.
prarticablu measure Of adjustment wh .-h had , 1 ' ,J |V ‘ II the pack ■ 1-i .'A 2ti N.
been proposed. It oantfcsied a >a s.!« , h,,v '' - d U’ ■ 'V
vene to reconciliation, and hoatife to tbe Lfiiiun. . <n -n.ia>»o. \i
Bat, happily,in the end wiser and more patfiojir
counocls prevailed; and measures which were cc i am .. r.
fitted when combined, passed when they were »!n r w.> iku' in pack, oar tunc did
aspirated. That patriotism and attachment m ainn.'cirt«.r u ; p i-hme. We arc, on
the tJaiO.n were quickened and Iccreaacil bytte b-iard. u fcnmi.mi.m* ..ti <* i>aod of t>n.lhcr». our
ircroasing dangers, is proved by the ftet that 1 a P la '° ul happy i.'mnrrcmmi, and dupoaed lu
Northern Senators who refused to auptort ibe V 1 , *,‘ >th * r ‘ happv h,?a u her- vanery
u compromiBe'‘ afterward* voted for its eepsraie “L , !° f T '' , y r " *-;* n ?';‘ *w 't"» think
crovisiooa, thongh moditjed adversely to the ir- 'l 1 !;'' 41 ! * ’ 11 , ull ‘ * Qd
icriMJ of the North. These.mea*urr», with tne i r ‘ l ’* lu,,, "'r m num
exception ofthe Fagdive Slave Bui, I supported chaoc. over rwl* n-i-rr’t
with such fcebla abiluy as I possessed, helievinv « n d exru«me«i. Y..m u,»i‘ ,-k n ..- hrr™fle! l.'J
that by so doing, I was promoting ihe welfare of *, m .. „f ta y n rtvc-,i...,-« 5n .l but 1 w-uo >.
me country and the true interests of human free, uv ,□ tai» catrem- .m.,t i; 1B i I ,-aonu get thru.uh
com. That theae interests are bound ap iq toe , with what i mwt *ay. i i ■(,.<„ P n,»ode
I Union, and dependent upon ita preservation, the i twF XPPsTHP<t «-ji a v.'w
; wildest r.otucUm will hardly deny. It* dump- I , , . rUfc W ™T!!E,I UlANufcri.
tioa would belha death-knell of American liberty, . ast t np - clo, l tM *cby continued pathos of the bn
•nd the harbinger of iniermtqable wara. ' r ® n,e,rr - by regular .h crctr.eoti. foretold a
- r . , change in the weather On il,r rvi-nmc of the 2Sih
B'jt vine tbo prMorv.l:on of ibe Ua;oa. rich io ,to Icoj. bogan u, opon. , L.„«h fo.ior b.Si'
g.onous memories and fraught with K»ooon» an.und to trie fo-i d r „vr tt , ihrocch theduea
nope*, claimed the first ard moat anxtons of ins Tnnpiuv wafer u. :,.c N.vriMvjrd to «y nothing
Lumb’e efforte. there was another object accoudiiy <" *>ui ti.rcc wc-k , dt:rc h s, , ainiri ] a change of
in point of importance lo my coattliurnt.n io u..s v.ew« nuii our « .»nfsc w.iij Ui.-m, «Bd by the
greai primary one, in v-hicli all others are invt.iv> mornme m Ui P .cuti. j.-r . u . ir.-u-d tiJi'nevrnhHe-w
: cd. It via the necessity ofaeeanng protection to water »pia«h*-.l ar.air.l .-or
docttiic cosiest tho rampetil'oa of foreign lai»<-r. * «'pn"' , n:r.;;y jn<- n. i, ; u*»Dy pacts with
Bit anch depending upon legislatioo ncin»ivp ob'errs - . lce moreu.eoi*.
could ooly be obtained by tbeco operation ofNortb Myjournal will >••(. * <?iccp:uiti !o
aod South, and inch co.operatlcb was not to Le im iiutivcil rai- 1 * vi:i r« rif i :.i foetn. In one
expected while they were arrayed against eicb ‘■"e, m tt.'i bnnc:i !nv, .. i ir> - r.'pCtoflb- fin;
other In a spirit of bitter nocompromiaiDg hosuiiy. «f Ausue 1 , vl.»a ,v r,r.i in, wash oasierly.
To aoflen sod remove prevailing prejudices, re- • ni * the '-iimni. tu «!• im: n.-j i. v the surface ice)
store harmony, sad bring about tuch legislative co- ■ * 3 accordance wh I'rrcin.-y*. nouth western
operttioo at would insure to American labor pro* drill, I observed 'l.r, t.c-p ~<e a nordiern
teition against rnißoosfore>jn‘coapcmico, const*- . p:ogrcra of ore knot coi « La.f 7>\ hour, while irso
tatad a part of ray motives in supporting the met . **ot oil to tic »out:i " e-ivcrd nt the rate of
•urea to which I have referred. . two hoots TLe anfcu»er«.»ou <*■ tire and ih«
It would afford me great pleasure to accept 1 loc *j[icljoenf«, tide*. .v<*, <5,->rr-4:irg npoo them,
your invitation, and avail myaulfof the ooportu* . * r ® “ * fttmc.cet to t-iplam l*,ct, andft is
nity which :t would afibrd to discuss theae inter. certa, - | y * curious oac.
eating topics more at length, as well an to thank itAEAKINO THE ICE.
yoa fxrancally lor thekindnessmanifested towards While woikmg through ibo nlmusi aupernalmsl
me on lhl» cud so many other ocea«ioo»; but tbr congenei here, one of our ite r.r.rhors attached 10
elate or ray *Rd the condition of roy private a warp.r.* lice, and wrh buried m an
: affairs requiring my *U«U.od, comps) me to dc ire her?, wiic. c r.idtim dtM.-nu>'» : , , i,ft ,b 0 na „
cJuin your so obligingly leudurcd. De« i» ir.m "n* ■ f ur u
fore cJsstag my letter permit me 10 congratulate ; wormy tci’ow named Tt.- d.^ t , hrtPmina
yern and my eoDatnueuts aenerally oy (ho nappy ! would ha*.*: crushed ptirbru- h*,; we beenntnfl#
adjustment of the difflcnkie* which so late.y nc*r-r. Uicl-i'r, ton. >:* fr*. tu,i- we » po elttu
threatened the country with irretrieveatm: m.s- that wh-n it rear, ph-r.O *• Neptune herself fom
fortunes, Oao drop of American blood shed by the deep, :t lifted m> w:-.h ;i f u;r Costa, free'from
American baads )o«aectioß*l quarrel would lisrr all hurt, ttrui-n p r a*4y ■ **.*i.| death*
been a misfortune notey fob© /ctrlavnd. But u.e Vtv hove Gee i ihv*,. h..t t t.reV Bnctom
raoderotion, fifiEOew, and wisdom ol Pruaiostn tt J ec''s;r;’ ntonir.'M -‘m-v.".,:,*., from broakin*
Fillmore and hie pairiclicadriaerisatcd »hc corn*- tfcnr.iaL t>** u-e On- oi owr imirTparty oq board
try from ihe perMi which environed IL laiwan- ; tl** AH»tnrr, !i.rm r.r>. L , lu-d :/Jjcera andr.rn
mg to tiro President tod hla Cabinet this juat meoJ mc'c-dcil that bavc escap:-.! tanr .tuctice Tlia
of pra-se, I would not detract one lota.from me Captain and mreelf have c ,- ;0 a t>«en ,q twee C>t
rred.t rttjo to Metara. Clay, Ctag.Hougton, . one occasion, I had a l.ejvr r |,x„, n t.|' „ 0 -
Foote, Pearse, and oibera tor tbetf patriotic lab.ira ■ pt.«-d pf tua i*irui »L.-iv 11-* i., 1 v ~f UoO B»fr
ui the (treat crista which haa juat been pasted- under the name of ' 1 how-rip «*ier.- ■*, a “ L fa
Tto gratitude of (he country ta conarqaentiy Prc»<*jyer.'' Aly ouly U "that 1 a»»ed tae
due to tnccj, eod will be cheerfully, cordially nturkeu
P Faithfully, your friend and fellow cltijen, 1 nii:
JAMES COOPER- ',J lZ lrryf, 7 l, ‘ l! tn * Our
To Menu. Samuel 0. Kama and other. t? liav - a u> “>«
mm u *r M 1,1 . *l.c Ivr^ci oiw in «»ur
urrkc llfft:. atum, wuh ibe wmd r.wrinv aud
the -liuri* «iwit imduiatinp uruuiid a«, wi* made u
i..umT cl hH.I x-e, wna icrrlfio »u*rgci
J.orin>; mlc'it. wr had lur half kd hour a Mtaie
*l...ii tiiitil: wo.tid rtxiijnre with «jmg of
li-rch.-y * r-pictjul hnir.blra. for a
[••w m.iiitle* licit we wen- ui iho thick ol Ihe thun
der •.term <•! (trinJiiiK ,ee|^ fCKi „„j t . ro ,|, me
H *ei. I .1,01.,-lu II;-tt the i.tti,. I.r.u- Adcanrc and all
u- Ire.phl Would render a trouhle-ome wak the re
i.a'i aril rminmu ol it* tipou the great day
wtifji ji-in.c cm uetffsuy lire, needed and nie.nded.
1 aßa ’“' V l ' l ' nmy ;i*k me lor u *tory in detail,
l-t l>ei{in in mink «>(
when innj it; | leiun, , ftJc | JOlltr Anefaor
mg lo the great -.burn „-e. r , larp , h . n (M , hipl
nr,.l workins; nlo!i<bj- a n-gnbrcontesl. hytto KOth
wo had dro CK rd ...rr«elrw well .ntothp ipotdflgfw,
and wrro hi il,.t ..-gnm ot the N ips w h, c „ ar e * ltt h
a umtbrur ut ib«- whaler*.
dunica bay.
A OoNVtrrwa fo& Gooo.—Tnia it ih? epoch
ol Conventions, and we heartily with that incj ell
bad in view purposes as praiseworthy and useful
as the one which ia cow in session 10 lUlimierr,
consisting of tbo Editorial Fraternity oi Msr»l.u,d
met together to consult on (be conditiimi sod im
provement o( Uujt proli’saioDaiaad busme** rule*,
aod the general advantage of their vocation as a
butnu,*, concern. 000 of tbo objects, wbii Ji wc
are glad to perceive they have agreed on. in 10
petition Congress to abolish the poatego on it.u
IransniiMioo of newspapers—an object m which
tuc people of ito couotry are aa much intcresU’d
as edilora and publiahera.
Another subject, one of deep Dational intrteat,
which baa engoicd tbo attention ol tho Convention
is embraced in the annelid preamble and resolu
tions. which were repotted by a committee and
unanimously adopted by the Convention. They
are honorable alike tn the Intelligence and tbo pa
triotiam ol the body; but they are only what mifht
have been expected liom a Convention oi Mary
land editors:
Whereas, at lbs first session of the 31st Congresi
just closed, a series of measures was adopted, a/»
ter lose and earsrst dmcuiaion, intended to allsv
the excitement on the slavery qaeatiou. And
Whereas the said measures have glvou satisfaction
to a very large portion of the citizens of the Union,
•till in different portions of the North and Smith
wa tee tost disaffection on those qaesiions exists,
snd is giving me to language sod proceedings
greatly to bo bv every true lover of tt e
unlou. Therefore, os Conductors of tho Prcrs oi
Maryland, and expressing what ve know to he
tbs feelings of the people of tbe State, as w*l| q B
oar own calm and deliberate jndgmem, It Is here
Resolved, That Maryland ia inflexibly attached
ti the Union, its ooostiluiion, and its laws, and
that wo will advocate and sustain tbem
11-solved. That, is editors of tbe Press of Ma
ryland, we approve of the recent measures passed
by Congress on the slavery quesUoo, deeming
them calculated, if carried out faithfully, to re*
store harmony between the North and the Soath
Resolved. That we disapprove of the opposi
tion to those measures which i« exhibited both in
the North and la the South by a lew misguided
men; and that such opposition *nd reactance shall
not meet oor unceasing rebuke and con*
dcmnatioQ, —iVni. burflifenoir.
How to 3Ltzs a xaisk.— An entertaining cor
respondent mentions a good retort, which he oorc
made upon an acquaintance, wnose wont it vu
to goaroand tho city “sherry-coblcnzing” of a
summer morning, and who, in winter, was often
fora week at a time in a "gute'orwbiatey punch
He was cnco very angry with me 1 aid to him
one morning, ‘•I am going to make a raise soon,
and as you ere to be tbe means, for civility's
"the, I'li tell you about it, though it Is not essen
•*Wc!l.“ growled my friend, °fcow is »U
“Why, I inteod gettlog yonr lifo ioiured lor len
thousand dollar?, aud then making yen a present
of fifiy dollars worth of whiskey.. Ton will
drink yoarsellto ticiih in six weeks."
Yon never sswn “madder" mu.
Th<- Amcrlrnn Airilr Exp,dltl Ka.
u;tikf. rr.oji r s. i.ask.
Corrx/pondcjtctt of r - \ V Tni.-joe. '
U -'“*!S S o ™' C-|»- Cimwfonl I
and Vorke, Wednesday, August 21. j
- Wednesday, August 2U
e North Star." dear , « reported safe
at Leopold Harbor .the InM year*, entering asylum
o. >ir units Li>~« W c are now raakiagall Bail
to meet her, tine) ,t b, a h OT , ( . WIird
cunveynnee f,„ , l,c, rie(i „f Galte[
Hrotm ton mir ! :11 .*• home circle. runic of them
or.ll eomplmn ~t ,„v mUre-etnie to y„„ „h„ i.
meant for ml.
n the h< < In ~ ’.vliii* tanning along between
l i *»renr I -ok ai, ( l :he r-hurv km of I.'ppernav’ick.
we ...eta couple of hl- qm:nat!x B A£
I will my tost koine dispatches. j
On Ifcedny after «hw, we -un- ahead of u* the
three stands ofikufifl, and ran on wui, a finejresb
breeze, tnleudmg to pursue ibe coastward route
successful with other Unfortunately,
however, the Great Pack, perhaps better known to
you at the Middle lea* presented a great indenture
to the westward, whieh invited us to enter. We'
did ho but the result proved unwincly.
The worst feature-m tart the chief drawback
SniWY '* what U called its
Middle Ice \V ben winter, which here exceed*
m intensity any cold withm your conception, fully
sets m, si. the crent bay web its founds, bars, in
lets. and entering bays, become one solid mass of
ice. bxcept the ridge hainim.cks or the entrapped
bergs, there i» no diversity of siirlaoe ; Greenland
and America are cemented tosPthrr. Nor does it
stop fern, exiec d.ns d.wvn nlo.ur ihe western const
.1 chokes up the great bnv ..f Hud-on, travels down
Labrador, enters the S p„. !!r l»! r , and but
for the pill stream would he!. m Newfoundland
Mtmitier.n bnci, ardent.-*.,..,,,, of e .m-mm life, aid
ed by nature s local i-c.m ft.-n-_'ir>u-r intluences,
makes rapid inroads upon Us.. k-y sea, ami at n pe
riod varying with the - ., , ihe season, leave*
the *«!«• monument ol ah mi" a l. ugß central longue
ot ice, known iwcimicallv 10 ivv igera its tie Mid
dle Pack.
. By Ike 2d of August w« had Mill, by romUaat
waipicg, worked ourrclvea well toward Dunica
nay. instead oi iho roow covered prairie, icier
; »; cw ‘> water patches, like obcle
; George ■ b’ackbird toanh m abating time, the ice
was aero firm, thick and resii»u>K. What little
open water wc bad, lieat rgnjn«t an iron-bound
' ictf “” f * There tbe tlocs and hummock ridges,
packed and driven into wit's above tho founds.
Urn, :r 3 Jtsoir, sometime* 12 nod 14 fret thick
i . , ‘ ,ho '*'dd-st commotion were every where
and rnerts of upheaving f>rc«s, only to bo com
pered with the uplifting axes oi great geological
eras. Amidst ibis tierce wreck aid rbin, and
abivc it all, tbetr effect, heightened by our con.
sciousncss of danger near them, n»w tbe Isolated
: :co mountain-; the kingly berg-. Some, though not
, aground, stood ,-s firm a. u,« , on d, then huge
bulk not seeming to v.hrr.t • evm with the drill of
tie Held tee that spin i„ r . KhinM , boir basis;
other-, at if dnyei, by a n tw i Hi wt il. CttlDr drifting
down u>un us, crushing and tearing every tblug
before them , i, thetr way. The i.aigbi (l tome of
] three was 250 feel by measurement
Thai we wsyped end stift-d on, our hopos Jcs-
Mn ‘"s *r c: l <**y with oar precrc-i. On the
eigblh, tho Ji'seuij shot « bear withm two hue?
drod yards-of ottr excited eortr-—wc had no oni
occupied boaj. ;On the Hth, while sailing in mis
ty fog through a brietly opened lead, so less than
fui hesra were in aigbt at tho retne time. U will •
seem strange to yon that I, woo hove held slaycre
o satpc sed murderers of woodcock In auch
small esteem ehoold become nn eDtbnsiMtfc and
brutal hunter. Bat I have outre down to iu Mtny
and niauy a mile with a heavy r-fllc and my fat
r.Urrelh,,rc 1 Minwcd savagely these
wretched bears. Otj l'io occasion jm! mentioned,
three took the vreter together, nnd we mntnally
charged each oih-r, a whsio b- a! full ut hunter*
sxslDM three purpled muzzled Polar bears. We
killed one.
Tho Una Alto, or liltlo GaUetnot, raade ita ap.
pearancu ou the 12th. These turds migrate in the
winter, to Labrador and ottr own-northern coast.
They were not in injl feeding fatnors, jost releas
ed irom the domtttietarn oi mr.r.baticn and non*
log. In two days wc shot four hundred and twen
ty* B weened a sin) in one of oy tomperemenli
to l>e huch a destroyer of'family bappiseas Bat
Ihf* climate, thal crakes wolee# craxy wji hoo
ta, polipjcii tbs bowoii of compos,ion to thorn
mhioh ,ro leu Sgurot.ce. The little GaiUemoli
iro iwccl and game Honored; a, Urge a, a Par-
Irage. and a Tory my a moil deliciou. chiogo in
oor Arctic Dirleilca. My greater! exploit has been
iryenly et,h: in lomeihlng lei, than iwo hoora
Hot mey are ume aa they are fat and itopid *
A Summit Woaxit.— A geoileman lo Boiioo
bought two ticket! for Jeuny LimTi coocen, for
tea dollars, tod presented them (0 his wife. She
like a aetuiblo woman, disposed of them to a neigh
bor, and wifh the proceeds paid ihe bills cf ibe
hmeher and milkman, and had two dollars Jell to
buy shoes for (he children.
Of Pittsburgh*
C. G. HUSSEY, Pan*!. -A. W. MARKS,Sae’r.
Office —No; 41 Water nreet, in the warehouse of C
11. CHANT.
mills COMPANY is now prepared to inanre all
± kinds of mka, on houses, manufactories, pood*
merchandise in store, and in transitu veasela, 4e.
An ample gnaruniy for the ability anil integrity ol
the Institution, is afforded in the character of the Di
rectors, who are all citizen* of Pittsburgh, well and
fhvorably knowtj to the community for their prudence
intelligence, andintegmy. ’
Diusctobs —0.-0. Hassey, Wm. Hagaley, Wm. Lor
imer, Jr., Waltdr Bryant, Jlurb D. King, Edward
Heazeltou, John Haworth, 8. Harbaush, s M Kier
Dn * nCMT,
?)»H sSliSyAw Denilm.OorncrofKourtli
* ■ i J and Decatur, between
Market and Ferry streets
Are now prepared with a larpe and fresh stock of
(ierman, and American Hntdwarc. t-> offer
superior inducement* to buyers. Those wi*hinjr m
purchase will promote their inisresi by lnoiinß
hronj{h our stock, as they are determined to tell on
he most reasonable terms. rdrlS
Cop. Wood A Fifth ata , Plttabnrfih,
Where they offer a foil and complete tttoefc of Hats,
Cape, rur«, Ac., of even* gaalny and style, by Whole
sale and Retail, and invite the attention of theii ens
umtera ant! purchaser* gen* rally, es-annf; them thut
they will *cU oa the most ALVsarAaaoc. tatsu.
53 Wood »t,b»tw««nThlrd *. Four'll.
Aie now rcoeiring their rcry larre and mpenor Foil
Stock of
A!««>, BO.VNFTS and FLOWKBS, ■'! of tins l»ie*i
•tyleH.miki c*piei»!y adapted to the wctiem trade.
h nt.9 bteu Mierted with great care, and as to met
and qua ny t* not *urpowd by v,y stocu to he
found eitheremtur west. Our cummers and mer
chants generally are invited to nail nnd examine, an
we are determine.! 13 tell on the most reasonable
terniA. Also, Goodyear's Pitem Rahber P'noc* o- ail
*‘ ,r,u ‘ augitoiiif
improvamanta la Uaatlitrr,
DR. O. O. STEARNS, late at Boston, it prepared to
manufacture and »et Bloci Turni ln whole and pant
o! »cii, upon Suction arAtfiOspheri l ' Suction I'tjiea
Tix>ra*L-it»cCH£D in fivx where tic nerrc :s
exposed. Uffijic tnj residence nes; door to me May
or t office. Fourth tt.oet, htuburrh.
Ravaa 10— J. U. M’Fadden.F. 11. Eaton. lalß
Ms. Kits—Sir, l.icheerfnlly comply with your re
quest that I would Rite youfan account of the almost
miraculous cure of inr little daughter’* eye by the 11-c I
of your “Petroleum.”
She was attacked with a rery sore eye m February
or .March last, when I immediately appl.iii m u.e uc»i
mcJu al aid tii ike city, by whom 11 waa pronounced
“a eery bad eye” aad all gavo me no hope of doing
her any good. AUer which I look her into U.e coun
try to an old lady, \kbo had i»een eery successful in
curing ey«a. Kbe told mathat her cate «oi hopclen,
as sb« would, certainly loso But only that one, but
alto that the oilier would follow—it being a scrofulous
infection of the blood. And 1 do certify taai at tLe
time my lather (J- U. Vathon) cam: to the conclusion
that we had better try yoor “ Petrolenm ” tus w**
DrriasLT autre. of one r*e. • now ahooi two
mantht v..,cii «bu Us**n »u Die, and the can row tee
with born eye* at good at ever the did ; and, as Isr
at i can tell, I believe she hat, with the blessing of
ho Almighty, been cured by Petroleum ”
Yours, respectfully,
M. Fexacts Vantna Ooint:,
PltisbnrEhh, Kept. 30, I‘-.VJ
For **'e tj Ce,»st A McDowell, 140 Wood ttrect;
R. F. Sellers, 37 Wood street, D. M. Curry, D. A. Kl
nott. Joseph Douglass, tad 11. P. Schwani, Allegheny,
stso by Uie fropnemr, 6. M. KICK,
or? Canal Basin. Sovantn n\. PiUatargb.
C 7" V»’ot vs' Wo I*l —TU« symptoms of the pre
sence ot norms in children should be carefully watch
ed by paroma, and *0 soon as ibeie It reason to ins
pect their existence, every meant should be turd 10
expel them promptly and Ihorougly. Tbo proprietor*
ot M'Lane’t Worm Vertuiluge are conudent that they
Oder the best means of accomplishing this result that
has cv».r born »übm tied tr> the public ; and they in
vite to it the attention of ali who have the wannj;e.
taeni 01 children. Ihercedu-inc 11 a tale und piessan:
oue, ai d never fails to pioduee the denred efl-r*
E7"For sale byj. KIDD A CO, Noth Wood street,
or Hi, nl4 w!«
Otte'e or Ohio m.i Peon* n It Oo
Prrr*>ra .:i, Aa/k,-; j,
Tus Stockholder* of the Ohio uni l’cnn»fl»ani.i
Biiii R>ad Company are hereby noticed in pay iic
njhih iimalment of fire dollar* per »h*re. at the office
of theCompauy, on or before tbe Sr.h Jay of Auha»i
The ninth mnalmeat} oa or before the Wth day of
September. The tenth intiaJment on or before the
VOth day of October next.
tCT* The 71b instalment wat called for on lio COlh o
July lai;.
Mfcfcdt/ WM LARIMER, Jr, Treasurer
Ms. Witirw—Pleatr annoutcetbenaine ofWiLiiAS*
R;v* u*r. of the Fourth Ward, a* • candidate tor
Mayor, at the ensuing election, subject to the itoirin
auen of tbe Wing Convention, a-d oMtfe
M r - —rV* iU wi * P lta ' n anaoun'T the
nuuo of Gtefeat (.. Muaasa, a» a rv>di'!ate for tbc
Mayoralty, aai jeet to tbe ranficauo'i of ihe. Wlnr
Convention. Mr. Morgan’* claim* will be monrly
urged by a hast of friend*, he beme bptfi ccr.p.ble and
bona,t locvartcj Many citizen*
On tbe Petemurg, Mahon;np com,tv,
Omo, F«w,aa;cE Sxaxtii, E*i.,m id>* ?sj y i ut „f
Dec taied wui appointed Pot; Matter in Petersburg
tn IKfci, and, held the office to the day of fit* death;
consequently, he held the often under the adtmnmra-
Uon or »qven President* of the United Su;c*.
oc >o;w F
AHKaVY well made W'tgon, amiable for four or
att horiei, for tale by
L bsrt)- ii
FISH 40 b;li large No U Ma»*. Mackerel
iMiftrriaSo.ti.ndj do; k-r I ,
.. uc ‘. J tjOHiso.v, mtu.kJj u
PIG I RON— VAI toot Pi* Iron, lot ««le by
0!3!) , ROUISON. l.rrTt.K, * CO
r/iNC wash hoards—a/dii* mce-. j^,, fOT
su suit. by J WILLIAMS a .JO
Cor. Fifth A W oo rf«t«.
CLOTHES PINS—'JJ bx» for tale by
DEKR HaIR-UUU lb* in uore and for »ule b,
°; :w J D NViLLIhMS* CO
GLASf-Slrbx* tuio and itixiv for aalo by
... . _ •> D WILMaMSACQ
WillTK UO.>K\—Ur bx* for *u!o by
MATCHES- :u gron Block and Box, lot *«ie by
SUNDRIES— ,TUx» tuperfine Ripe I-'ioor.
- bx* Rone Water:
i bx* Ex tract* ot Lctnuu and Vutillla;
bx* Sugar,
bx* Vermacelli;
6 bxa Olive Oil;
• bx» A mood Soap,
Alao, D;oma, Cucua, aud Cocoa shell, for *ale bv
„•“*» . . .JL« wil^/amsaco
PIU MKTAI.—4 ton* juil received and for xnle by
UGAR—IU l.iij* N. o. Sugar,ju»i rec'dfor ante by
o °c3»> j b Canfield 1
Stamm llomt Trimming*,
WMcCLI, STOCK invite* tbe attention of Meam
• boat men to bi* rxtmaive aa-ortment of irmi.
minga, compnilng in part the fol owing vanetie*
Rich and elegant Woe and Gold Satin Oelaim '
do Crtmiou do. ’
do Scatlei and Steel do;
du Pink and Bine
do Cnmaon and Brown do,
< rue,(On and While Dntun Datnaek;
Mae do do,
Scarlet do do;
Crimson. Green, Blue; and Scarlet Dama*k*
Watered Moreen , 1
WoMard and Linen Table Coveriur
sinped Toilet do Jo
Tuytcy Red A White do doj
; Trttkey Red A Blue do . do,
v 4 and C-4 Wa*tard Table Covert
. 4 and P-4 Tabic Linen; | 5 4 Blenched Shcetina
scotch Diaper; 5-4 do do-
Seoteh Napkin*; FUabowed Ttfclc Coven
Scotch Cra»b; Plaid Toilet •,«
P-4 Blenched Sheeting; (Mata, Ac. Ac '
All of which arc direct from the nanufiemrrT*-and
importer, of the newest and
torus, all of which will be sold a* cK am an s
the eastern citle*. Wc invite ateam boafmen
«• a call at oar Carpet Warehoute 'No V?tv.i
and TO Wood It ._J[OC3OJ &LU-TO?K L
QUOAIIA MOLASSES—S 3 hhdiN. O. Snear* ‘
° 10 hhd* refined do; ’
Jcit reeeired per iteamer Hibernia N^i^omrbv
Taken in mistake, from the fleam boat Piln.
Seven Kega ofßauor,marked J/Anv imfi 1 , 0 * ,f 2 »
.eapecung them will bo thankfully^ ati ° a
'Vai b jfu.fggT,..,
‘AKNISU—3C ken Furniture Varaiih; '
?b, ‘
. Wilem
ud for udo by
Tn ~ on eonsiEnmcn*. for sale hr
B*sm? A tew casks left, which will be
nr*n ° W ' W clr,f ISAIAH DICKEY ACO
A MEETING or' the Association of Teacher* and
> \ 01 Education m Allegheny County, will
he held in the Bap-jit Church, Sandusky Kreet, Alle
;“-“y "" Frtdsy evening, Ist .November, at
7oclnek. Addre*»-« will be delivered by Professor
rhcmpson and Rev S. William*. Members of other
similar association*, and friend* of education gentr are earnestly inviled to attend.
By "r-l-rof Ex. Com. J. A. WALKER.
oe.n.daitwtiT c O RODGERS.
F GOODS—A large assortment of Cotton and
Linen Edema* «nd Lsres, Cberaizcite* and Col
purchased by the subscriber in England,kad for
"»le at very minced rates, by
RTKEI. PEN'S—a large variety purchased from
kj the mnnufaeturers, »rd for sal* moeh lower than
SLATES— N'n* l. ii, 3. 45, and fl, direet from Oer
many, and tor_*ale by C ARBUTHNOT
C HoE THREAD—&CO lbs bleached and Green, ben
Oranke, lorsale by c ARBUI'HNOT
,? f?» T ?" ,dene * of the subscriber, on or
Wiiftn. in-Jl' « V* mon:h ofTorUe Cwek,
•oma wh .• » h p * ? ,ized Red Cow. with
eTcs7 ' r ) he . b « , s.ond * ‘mail slit in the
eft ear, supposed to be about la year* old The
owner ot the raroe is requested u> come forward and
fbe law r Z Cr 7' ° ltlfrw,,e * he wil > be disposed or as
I „ k «KO M. BfilNlOM
| k,n " »°w*-»‘dp. Ocfnjber •*), KVt.—ocU«:w3t*T
1 will Pifer for sole on Thursdsy
; 1 and Friday, the 7Um.|d Sib of November next at
ten " clock, A. M., on the i>remiie*,eichty eisln build-
f‘ , errnn l ! J * lreet3 ' lOW n Of
'm Jn«l P r H r “l U ' nrc ■ oonle,i near the pub
jn. square, ar.l are l»nl out on a liberal scale; each
lot baring n front ft Ml feet on streei* COfret
. extending back tJO feet to alley* SO feet wide
i •Hunte on-tbe extension of Siar
■ fr 1 ; v ßm ' f ? n . , T ,r on lh " mai " leading to
1 im’i'sn I “^l7°. lemu.each lot containing about
iit !i, T i Thr ,V t C >,f Property u ur.cxcep
! A U ; s «;• " "I* 1 '*« ,o]d oa • Jib. r«! credit; one
: ? „ ?\ th ntenev orlt will be required
, ?“ m * delivery n| the deeds: the balance to be secured
iuL Jf* “ mor, K a *® pn 'r-e property in three equal
| annual payment*, with tnteresL 1
t n ! , M rf!l ’“ cr, ‘ wh " 'T i!! crec, a dwelling house or other
huiMitir wi-mn twelve month, of the day of,ale. will
*' ha,cver PWne ‘h«T may need for their
nS«.J£ > ' /"l •* n ezcc!lent within a
L ? ,<c Pfihi* property, and of easy access,
is owned by t >e undersigned. '
To tLo-e acquainted w.:b the loea-ton and prosperity
of L, verm* o ! ..would he useless to say mom ",I
•f' * cd ,iy . “‘l"’ *«. the most desirable 3I!U .
?'“ orl | ' I '' 01,10 R l , * r for private residences, and
o which the a.iriitton ot a|eaml>oat officer* is purlieu
ie^.— •'■'•'cral of w.-ifim have already made tt
m t-,e P ivL r° rr^ sdence I' 8 ,a,nhr, *y is not extelied
There are place* o' public worship for
-artnus dcr.ommatlou*. Roman Catholic, Ept«co
arid ’anextert-
T'n . ,* nf lf nn I n ’ he,, ‘? P nt op tor • public school
tton-e. i.iverrnnl contain* about ISbO inhabitant*.
nn_. cigut muna'ao ortes in .uccrssful operation lor
tho manafacture of Uocklnghnm and Unecnswsrc.
givtne rnpiot tncitt to about 40U persons, with every
pro*pect id IncreiMing to on almoft unlimited extent—
C.a) n:ta i osl being ir. abuudanee m the neighborhood
•‘« n »enplattng entering into the manu
lacture of Queen*ware this will be n Rood aprortuauv
7 0f, i r ’ h ’ an extended credit will be
mTf", f f fl Uirrd - tnd itic urg of building stone, per
muted to be i,earned for all the works erected on lae
pmneny, I'raii*.
«.rouaJ Uvirrool i, «„|, a by .
wnal.hy and intelligent pepdiaium, and the land is
tS w, " c ' lfM ,Uu, n,O « f*ni!e in Columbiana
«ou«n Meotn boat* arrive and depart regularly in
l.ic »eii»on The Cleveland aud Rittsburgh Rati Rnad,
wt.ictt, j* it. charier, i. to pass through thi* town, to
ir, n V,’l > * ! “‘f Line,.iwbere U w U intersect
\vvi.?*: ?• a,u, l , ' rnv '* r Gan.ui i* nearly completed to
», only four m.x 11 ow
A map o! the town nud p:ah of the property can be
i.A'!;i , A*.!T'L , o a V 0n ' ln lhl ' at the office
•f.M tcbcl 4 Rainier. Attorney* at l aw. Fourth street,
•hu-Rh. rppo-.ue WiUm. Ilall.or to Jiandford C
Hill, Liq , luvetpool.who w t |, »|,ow the property
„ „ . ~ , JAMES BLAKELY.
* L.m Tr - W * 1 t ‘ a,{ ‘ lo ft G*rdener or Nusery man,for
acre.of laud, adjoining the
L P 77?r7'i IBI ' R!,,e , for « The whole
Will be enclo'ed wub a board !«,.«.*, ami a comfort
able i.weilu.,: ho**e amt out haute, erected on tt
duncß t.'e [>r_r,.e,n ,*i, loct!3:4AwtdTj J. B
IV.gfsrn luiuranes Company.
Meel,,J ? of ,tie Stockboldcrs, and elec.
A uou for ibirtern d rector*, to * e rv e for the en
\Z 7 w.',’.! P " h * w al xilt L olllce n ' ‘he company.
n,v 0rN 0 77,V 7 : u 7' afgb ' on «•« tai.
'> °J Xoveinl , «-r. if.u, between the hours of ele-e*
o clock,.'V M end three o’clock, R Jif
j 3- FINMEY,Jr.,B-.„,.„.
GK'>Ci!HiKs* —IWi I »e» lirec- W«> Collet
'.;«ddsN.O Stt CB r;
Uti hi rl»en» V n , Imperial (; P
ar»d Ulßck Teas;
lifli i*XK A i Lump 1 ohacno*
10 kfK» fl llVllt do;
!• rl« Tanner*’ Oil,
w lirlt N. O. r*r.
«i) tim No I Rtein,
Ku aides Leaiier
lOudos Cora Uroitni,
‘.l! us * ‘*'dow <!!»•*, a*»\l ures,
•*- rm« >V rapping Patier;
- l)«)ui*e,
(ci.'u.ik j*. K Jnd^i,.
■.t”' kr»s Naii*, luoneJ;
... H'tifijPciA/.i;
„V« * S fCrrai kskortrucai bi Rrojcnc for •ale by
:* v HoUIrSON, 1.1 ITLK, A (Hi
W «rv OaNUL&j—oO bt» No t Sour:
S JU l'T» Would lan
d-43S frftn MMmer l.aeHti, tot uiJe by
° c * v _ . _ DALZELL__
C LI.AH X MOLAoHK*—o libel* Su*»r;
. 50 Oris N. u. Wola**o, for
- V . . ''• o- *L JAMES DAL/EI.L
CHIFFr.K— HU kauttfor *alo by
*' C * J USSoconJu.
jo> la Htofe «n-J i,.r «&if r.y
G 1 LAS.S -It) |.j? -Ihi, ior «»1« l>jr
1 oc - v WJI 1J JOHNSTON
BITTEH-in t..!i »ntl keg, for *»'e liy
.°'’ J "‘M H JOItNSTON
ft. *:3i, tr.j fo r **(,. t^y
wh h Johnston
FAUNS l«*OK nAfjlf.
( ? crt *‘ l v.vvM.f'd.
„ ' n 1 l J" P rui, ''.d roiil 10 .lie UUio Rivei, n Eisaing
CrecK «:i 1 sar-Jir rui ICO acres cleared, r.O 0-re»
, . rs:e bouncy j .:vvel:ui.» hoarev barns. a. : d a larje
ur.ha.d Tbi» wool.! rank* n splendid otnck f»;m, nr
it *oslo d'Vice io udv«r,i*(r« into il.rc C (aim* 1. 41
a deniable property, uul will be sold law
,i iu,n aete ,T * o, *. of ‘m* beautifully situate! on
v'i«- Oh o River, nib* boiow Wheeling, improecf
»ad will be sold • bargain. Enquire of '
UJ Second si
f ' ,lsr * for ~ a io EfchtLou in the
1 Rcioukh of £liru.:n»hata, frauting on Water and
li.isDarn meet*, 01 duT.-rent sires, irom twenty in
tweiry fa«r fret ir.-m, and from nineiy five to one
Demited fett deep
One lot id Soul!. PiusbcrKh. extending from the
iiiraii?;Di,L - HtownsTilleturnpike, and Hcntine
.'II e'lr.ti Hi>, )U . i*e.w tour lert. ..
- t>, ‘ I '] .NfrVfLLK n.rßAlt;
KugtJah Gin, Cogntac Draudjr, and Port
W tm.
Tm: above ariicia* we import oursekoe, at.d know
theai io b« pure I-or aa!e wholesale and retail hr
_ oeJ ' In the Diamond
T R , Y .Morris 4 Haworth's Tea, at :0e per pound
J. *i* excellent ' octh?
P i IRoN“jS tout No 1 hot Mast Hanging Rocs
A rig iron, lai.djcc trow steamer Surmair, and for
sale by [,> c y»j JAS a HUTCHISON 4CO
ST. Lotus £>>c*r Hno-e Syrup Mo‘aite«—loo barrel*
pmne gcxliiy, ta handsome order, for sale by
JAS A Hl'ToHlSoiv a CO
_s‘': St l.oou Sugar RetineTr
pACKKR ItITITLH -idbris and 11 ke^iVr saJe'by
*. - *> r VON DoNNtniHST 4 CO
WINWm OLAsS—IOOO Ux» assoried lixes .
/ lillvKSK—7U lx* for side by "
'{_ rr rl _ * v voN_n'»NNMORSTJt no
, t ,„ c »»ye«». on C*och7,'*q7 ‘
V\ * • “ ow constantly recemn*
IT u rer y large a.» ( ,un;«:Hl of Carpet* na-. c,|
Clothe, oompn«)nr In pan lit- following rurictiet
New and Lion S:y:e Velvet Pile Caipets
<*o do T«pe»irj-Ura»«e;« d’„
d-i dt. I-Ktflieii A AincTi.'*n Drutselt
Carpea tM 0.1 Chub
F.iim -tufwr.i f.! r0M ,,,. u Short 0,l oiu;l.. cut to 6«
Jvuper&te a-. „ r r „ 0 “
do rncre Jn ,1.. , v Knout «i\ ic» hj.J i,.
Med*m su.*>. Jo do l U r«
K'n- do do it'l.oulle Rust
t.nmmon do do I Tufted j*
4-4, :M. and 3-a DsmatkjChenule Door Mat.
Venumi. Cnmet. 1 Tufted do j„
4-i, 3-j, and u- Tapestry : Thrum do do
Shecp.k.ndo „„
4-4, 34, J-r, <ind '.M ploJt>;ionuy Lind do do
. '? r ‘} uanca, r r it Transparent Window
1 4-4, J 4, o-a, and 4 routm- Shade*
| Vemnan earpn. ‘HuffWindnw Linen
B-4 cotton Drufjcti ; Dral. dn j 0
84 woolen do iVeniilan UUr.d»,&?
I*4 do do j
Woolen Stair Drunken I
,* l! °( wb: ' j! ‘ bftTP bee n purnhaied from the import*
cheat s.yle*, whir.’ wetfl-rro cuitomers a* lows*
can ho puicha.rd , n n„ v of th „ ea.tern pi , lMi fl „
the Carpel W archoate, t-C. Fourth «t arid ti» Wood at
oc2a , W. McCLINTQCK'
rj3HE be*t Diorif Tea In the United Suitea. price
J. ii cent* u*r tt>, for sale by *
... . , .In the Diamond.
.^ Tc . rr,, ' |ucnlly bp ™ ,oilt h T Pcraons having
paid SI and bt Vo per pound for ihe;r Black Tea/
in ilute in the habit ofpaytnß«i’oh pnooa, w 0 reapect
ful , .o" C " irr feu IJo per 11,.id ir r Uc^3 l 0
nol Ihcn etunojetr.ddr ibemrelvee I,«.in. | lcell L.
gic.lp uupurrd upon, ,vr arc much mliiukcii.u. there
S.“» it""' “‘' Cl ‘ 1 f * im. the l-nimd!
then »hr,t r*e ere .oil,nr .t J3c per 11,.
n,r »r„ |,e.Ml,„rn weuell „£| ||, „ C -M
E\V CODFl.sil—.'.(A) lt.» prime, receM for»»l c 'i,y
a rc M 4UO
AT HOLMES' literary derot
Third street, opposite the Post *
David copperhkld, Ka 19
L-jndon Art Journal for October
J-titcll'• Ul v injr Age, No 337;
ri2T.^S^^/^ 1 w r rKr. ( ..o.
Government; a new novel, by Mrs. Trol-
M CB ? Ic E n - ** Chatle * ke*er.
ffi !?vteBr“‘ i “'
ItoESirSSL" Pi '*'»” tL «" •»'! Berra.,. B; A.
_Do»ton Skttkrpcare. No 21. oc2 *
IV/TADAME BONNAFFUN rcipectfuliy announces
XfA. to her customer*. t>»at *ha will tin ie«dy to open
her extensive and splendid assortment of Goods, suit
able for the season, on Monday, SMh inst, consitiut*
OfLlotki, Mantle*, Cap*, ond head dresses tn ever?
vancty. The above ffood* are of the latest import
ation and selection, and of course different from what
uiy.w in this market oc*«
tIAtTJLESU.M’— 20 bisjust rcc’d and for salt by
**c w ST Wood st
0 WB^ I l lr> .^'* ck Mule*, eMhayew'«id, with
M n an<i Hume?* tor sals. Inquire of
Llben> »t
t FITCJ _ _
oc2S 10 Pitch, on comirament
ICO bj» JUxij
■ju bit »x*S:’
loz|, *i on contifntneni.for tala by
1 Jo>; f«i
1 7 ,e « loaf, for tale bf
• 7 fc 0 Wood »t
.. ‘ *_H_fSILUFB
M^iJ; L ! c EI ™ER cloth-2 pitm. i
b , 14 nixie .»11*W. 10, ,arliue pnrpoaei fo, »*Je
v I®**”] TVu PuiLLipa
SEXI> —I» bathe!* for »*ie br
OPIUM—! rt*c prime Turkey received forsale by
QOCXJTINE ALOES— I original keg, a firm' article,
'\’'Li.LO\V DOCK—'J urU rro’d ior sale by’
c<,aft R E SELLERS
ARNOLD’S Writing Field,
Husband's Magnesia,
Keeler’* American Compound;
Alr.Munn’s Elixir of Opium;
McAllister's Ointment,
Prry Davis’ Earn Kil’er;
lirnndrcih’s Pills, genuine;
Ayer’* Cherry Pr. toral,
Smith's Ton c Syrup;
WifUt/’g BxJsnm or Wiki Cherry,
Rosen* Ltvenvouh and Tar;
Pull's and Townsend's Sarsaparilla;
Ludlura'a Specific;
Uigood's Cbologcgtie;
Trask’s .Magnetite Ointment; >■
Swans’* Pauacca:
Alien’s N. and U Liniment:
A fresh lot of the above article! jnst reoeived to
» al « b r J KIDD 4CO
CO Wood at
Gum Klaatle Olothing,
2DOZ. largo Capes, wun sleeve* for riding babita;
0 aoi iaicc Over Coats;
V! dor I’ea do;
, 1 dos Jackets;
1 dor Pants;
V do* i^Sßingi;
V dur Stiirrea do; rac’d for sale by
. 7 4V Wood st
W aatti) to Claarter.
ALIGHT Draft Stern Wheeled Steam Beat.
-- t>c<o Finn »i, between Wood 4 Market.
CIHEEdh— Itsn hi_s common; ——
1 t'Ji bxs Cream Cheese, for sale by
7O Water at.
To Steam Boat Bulidsra
E X f. RA k ' eavy Oakland and Howard Twill* suit
able ior steam boat decking or awning reoeivsd
on consignment, and for flaie low, by
ocaj tsfU Wood at.
Tf EG BUTTER—A prime article, received tor sale
-*Vby___ [ocUij .___S_HfllV_Rßfc BARNES
I^LAXSEED—A faw barrels tec’d.for sale by
EOLL BUTTER—d brla, a prime article, rec’d by
\XT ALL*PAPER—A general assortmentof Eastern
Yf and Preach Wall Papers, Irom fit ecus, to 81
per piece, with border* lo match, for suio by
OC -»_._ H 6 Wood tu
WINDOW PAPER— iciw rollout wholesale and
retail, by joetfj W p MARSHALL
FHKsH BEITER—26 imali kegs family butter;
5 brl« roll,
d bxs do; rec'd lor sale by
j u Canfield^
C'HKl'.3i:— snu bxs prime Oner* e ;
> tut) bxs extra Cream r.o,ree'd for sale bv
J >r - S _ . _ _j ii canfield'
OLD COPPER—SOb lbs, m store, and tor **‘b by”
LINSEED OlL—ii) brls in store, ana ior sate by
COFFEE— ITS bags receive.l?nr snip by"” '
°_, c 25 _ 105 Idbetty s;
MACKEREL —to bits received for sale bv "
T'OBACCO— 15’bxa R 4 R:
*0 bxa W. H. Grant’s;
lot) bxa assorted;
515 case* Barrow 4 Cabiness; received
for tale by ociS A CULBERTSON 4 CLOUBE
FLOUk— 60 btl* extra family, for sale by — ’
Bb OK tv HEAT FLOUR—«t. , ntk , for
ot=2b - a CULBEII a ''LOUPE
C "—100 bx* for sale by
V\,’ ADDING—76 bales Blank, received for sale by*
GiiovSS— 160 bx* assorted, for sale" by
LARD— SJS kegs No l,jn«t received lor tale liy
BUCItKI'S— ?j dozen juat re«*ei»ed for sale liy’
. r-m , «»BAP piano's?
a run, seven octave Rotewooa Piano, entirely
** uew, is offered at a rreat bargain:
One second hand fi octave Piano. f 75
One Jo do 6* do do - 50
One do da It do do «5
For sale by JOHN If MELLDR
v „ , felWnodst,
N.U.-A new stock of ('tuckering** Piano* row
"pemng | pf.ji
BITTER-*! pkg* fretS.jiist receive-i by ~
/IHKKSC-UR bxs received for sale by
V ne^i ._. WICK 4 MhCANDLEFft
POTASH • - A prime ariele on baml'flor aale’t'f'"'
< *'- s _ . wjck s .MeCANDLEBfI
T OAI 81 car—jnn ba'rris small leaf, landirg per
LJ ‘tcnincr ioiiiae, tor «*Je i y
Agrnu St. [jini« Sugar Refinery.
Alpacea iloao*
VTURPH\ A BUItCHFIRLD have received a »uj>-
LTJ p.y of Fall llcsiety, ireltriinx Drao and B!*ek
ca»hccrc*, Alpaecas, Span Sill, Ac. oc2S
R'alsh Flsaasli
\ffURFHY A unRCHFIFLD invite the particular
tJA attention of buyers to their superior nock of
chore Rood., pm or so much satisfaction on account
of their unshrinkable qualities. tr ii
2„ _ I»dla Rubbor Shoe* - ~~
.•a CASES perpetual gloss, Metallic Shoes
Y, «n».sunß of the following klrds: renUemeo's
jnd l«a, si . o,„ She, Ladie.' Bn.IiM.WrSJ
° ,lhe »»'« of Sr-i-6, which w? will
sell at the lowest eastern wholesale prices.
-ST- 8 7A 9 Wood-it *
cases cent’s Ircia Rubber Gloves:
V, . v * cl «* ladies’ do Wash Gloves:
_kcr*aleby ecUs_ JA H PHII LIPS
| HF Military Companies oTpittibarirh and Biroinr-
J ham, win take notice ta hold themselves i» rcadi
nets to receive and esron the remain* of Genera!
Zachary Taylor, late President of the United Stales
from the Canal to the Mcno n ,nhela River. ’
' of BRIG a Dlktt OEN. LARIMER.
J' B- M CutVTOCK, Aid-de- Camp O C2I
RCHIiNSON’S Greek and Engllsa Lexicon of~t£e
hew Testament.
Trollope o** 0 ** Go7crntneot; * ccw novel. By Mrs.
•rhe Count™ Year Book; or the Field, the Forest,
nd the Firr«tde. By William Ilowttt ore,t ’
H.rtory of Xerin the Great. By Jacob Abbott
The above works just received for tale by
.£?* Cor. Fourth A Market streets.
MR- K UARBOROT, (pupti of the firm European
toasters.) hve of New York, respectfully informs
ine nuien. o Pmtburjh and Alleshenr, ihat he heJ
arrived, and Intends matin* this city bis permanent
residence, for the purpose of Impartin' instruction on
the Piano. Applications leftat Mm. AYhiie’. HoahUtu
L ‘ b h erl y •'* or at II Kiebcr’s Music
i meet with proroni 111001100. oclfi
/'ILOVKR SKF.D-h bff.
v ' -• Jjt rANFiKt.n
I UUJ> havai/o ailAViNu'i;iusi»i-WESTS
,V the man who Joes not appreciate iUc iojuiv g/ w
e»>iy shave - If aojr there be, wo Jo uot ajidrc.a oar.
****** to twit. But to mil other? »ay, if »ou wi«h
-to render shavirg a pleasure, parebaao a. bo/of Jutem
Hmoc! * Almond I i«ndiw or Ambrosia] SbaTino
Cream. It it utterly impossible to find words to d/
jenb* tbo leojir*. of a person who bai been u£tl to
to\ m Z*^r h rr *°* P ’ n .P° B raaklny trial of Uti?
n a™ LVi" * c ““ bu “ ura «' ' rate,'.*
>n(lr cniillient; trndnlnt ihc iiifesltoS 2 0 ,}£?„ .on .„j pli.blc, pnducioj «
«od by n. iMHonwly mM i»vu« «ll«yliif »H
»dr*ruai; e . which will be erpeciallv ao
JUufefl lIAITKIa, PerfatoerarJ Ch
p „ , t , ICOt^estnut PhUm V • cRl! «.
PoraaJe, moil retail, by a » , v
* ?V* ?. nd *■ Sellers, Piutbanrh' .*?» u 2 e,!oek
*nJ J Mitchell, Allegheny Cit* John.S«£e«ll
0» *O4 HAUKKT 8T„ *
Wrmin i r*.,
OULU solicit the attention of Merchem. ft™
»5 case* bmuiyle* Priutr
«n do Imponod ,»d African Gicitk™,-
* ° cSSSS.'Jsstsj;*^
<5 do Suincia nn.rt Jefiju
-2 *J° rtoth* wrt Cat,inert,.
S’ Reached Mn«lin«;
®J b! '-<* Flannela, ail colors;
M ,fi 52 :
p&t’ mZ™ ffTSSS^fe*"" l *.. Whiii
Lr l* e '* U<Wery ana Glove*! Ac. Kibbpntj
' *• n^of,
»han Btiyco»icr!Tuou« Beiiw'rn.n r Uj ,owef
for lartje quantities of Dotc]«!i D « n i JCtaref *’
l*Hy solicit the wHfco -1
deliverable in ihia eit*«/.E? Wk * ,1,8 r ? r domestics. I
*oid at in eastern citir« l w^ e price they are
returninirfroo Seeaau cnhrr G o '"* or
of tbelr stock mailed lo an etom*niulon
P * for Bent.
K Steam P*owe? D fr, d ofl to ,izr *’ io BBit wth
city, bT We *» tor rent, in a butme»* part of tie
* First «t. between Wood A Market.
RTrrVF R T* y fine article - Tor family useTjaih
XJ deceived, and for sale by
IOQ A IS! Second it
I AMP OILS—J»« received for tale tt #66 Libert}
J nreeu entt Winter Siraised Spe'tn Oil, *uter Jo
common do, aim No i Winter Blrtined Li"l oil.
, oc . a ? W~M A .McOLUKO AGO
ANCLES—\V axCtndlet, col’d tod white 4V'
-r» • ww t » «iiu ut.
SUr do l 4*», 5 » and ff*; \
Koald do| \
Dipped do: rce'd lor *llO bv '
keg* Blaming, jar. landing
° gyj J 8 DILWORTti
Golden syrup-so bru in *; o w
PIG IRON—SS:* ion* Mieicer Pig iron we.
ocP • J 3 DJLUufiTI
SHOT— 18 kegt No I Shot;
.18 keg* No 8 do;
II keg* No S do;
5 keg* No 4 do;
8 keg* No 3 do;
.1 keg* No 0 do;
1 krg No 7 do;
l keg No 8 do; landing nnr it
Mag Flower, and for *ale by
IkOLL BuTTKK —l brl fresh. this day >«.<
XL tale by (trcgl.i SH RIVKR \ n.«
EGGS —A lot of fresh Eggs, reVd for <a!e :
ocgl _____ BURIVEk AB‘
rs—A few bnaiela in «ore, fn
Canten Cloth for Bontala
THE above article, (now so mncb used for;
dre«*e* io place of Bomb*/ ne») of all ih
qulnies, »a be had ai the more of
dottioiag Alpacoas.
BOMBASINE nniah, of various qu-iiitiesi
'>3__ IoKOJ _jKURPIIY Auiciil
Wou»» «le Lelnti
Murphy a Burchfield hate rec *j
assortment of newest patterns, r.-toe *
»v|n per yard; alio, Nntarece Blue. .trceo
Ar, at low prices.
Superior BUcksilfca
* gTOCHrai-O hawe ,ece:v<
ply Of superior Rluc-c Silks lor drcisess
tiiia?; also Geared, satin striped dc.
rr WILLED FLANNELS eases white
s™ ; »us;
U UA» L3— l rase black cloth, on consign*
h? « fll * by [ocyj]_ B j |
cues assorted colors, rccM
lorasle by . [oc£3j jj
cases fancy. p-i hand
sa’e for accoant ofrownnfectater-. bv iJ
PLAID FI.ANNELi— 3ca*e* ree’e cn eoniii
for sale by : Icctfl] j.i
SATINETTS— 1 case received for isle by
octfl . jj
NO. SUGAR—6S bbd«pTl?je,Jii«t rac’d
% ugcaeni, and for sale by
»“*■* j an a gyi Lfbmy
nuaprhtta* Patent Sou* as h
THEtobscribeq* are now receiving. brean
•applies oTJomes Muspratl A Sou'* high <
bo*t quality Olasi Maker*’ Soda Ash, which i
sell at the lowesl market price, for caslf nr n
oc?l Liberty st.
Comer of Market and Third tueetn.
THE course of instruction in tbii Innitoii/m, rm
braces Bonk Keeping. Commercial ,
Penmanship, I-cclare* on Corcmemul Uw,s-ni •
fact every branch to a finished Rtercart' e
John Fleming, Esq., aaibor of H.e National Bo>l
Keeping, prineipai lecturer and iiacbrr ol Pot.V
Ladies and gentlemen within; io TTnl
Penmanship, can tall at tlic College »i t «\
lug the day,or evening.
I>LEACUING POWDER—2scs*t« .Mo«nrr.u, '",
> quality, fur sale at the lowest m >rlcct t.m-r
CUIEESE— tOUbis Cxeaia.jtm rec’U lor sale by
_£cc2J ; nt W HARUAI t;;;
SODA ASH—3O cu«ks Kurtz brund.
«*leby frc-JlJ_ aftW Hj
I) UTTER—? brla Roll Hunen
} 7 brl* pat teed do, jim land!
..0021 8 i W Hj
Hamilton Canton Funa<
Munpirv 4 mniCHKJKLD hava tee
_ PIT of above »up«tior artfole.
Bard Paltasa Fianaet
OF very handsome patterns end (.right
nt store of MURPHY A BL'Rc
F now style FaiM^u.
of nierrimaetj Ceehero, Sprague'*, pnnwc -•
Aliens, Clyde, mid ether good > m
opening, for sale by SIIACKLETT A WHITE
* r '® __ ______ Ibl Wood it.
FANCY CASSIMERES—eti res faii nyl"J, for » u i,
by [ccUi] SIIAChX.KTT Sc WHLTi:
The tiieai Remedy for Consumption or t e Lurc«
Affections of the Liver, Asthma, Broncl/tis
or Weakness of the Bnui «.r Lungs, and other
affections of the Pulmonary Organs.
WistaQ’S balsam of wild cue iry »« «
fine Herbal Medicine, composed ehiel v ofWiM
Coerry Baric and the genuine Iceland Most tlwlr'-cr
Imported expressly for this purpose, ih o r « s
vtr.uei or which are ft! 1 o combined by anew ehrmieiti
process, wna the extractor tar-tlmi trt
whole compound the most certsin * Be-,?,,?,,
t'u:i*unos. j *”°’"''' c u«snxpnoN of
jrT'lnierettlng Correspondence— Dr. W ra V
of Xema Ohio, a highly respectable Dniasi;
delteatral Arlllage has !• formed «a that \l
v\i-=:nr s Ua'tam of Wild Cherry ,* uar
The demand for It is to eager, that be c«
keep lnnueif supplied with a. He has halt
medicines for luug affections; »p me 0 f ,j,i
esteemed eood, and some gate tnmporar.* rJ
since he has had Wistar’s Balaam of \Vlli
number cl the moil serious cases were pc
cured hy its u. e “M never «,|d a m-dieme ■
h ' "■“'"l'tcc.nM,,
c .i-rry .» introduce.*, it at once ai’auts th»
putstion wh'ch it ro richly c«en>:r*»-s. Wha
rent ils role, when on every hau l can he
tt- wonderful cures? The vom: ea*ca o
recent and dangerous coughs, |ano *l»o thm
0f10..g standing.) Hrcnoaltis or rcrsnmn;
medicine?**’* thi“ P
Cored by Witta?** Balsam of Wild Cheit
,2^ W V nB K,° ofCon
(five of hi* brother* and r,«ers •.Hv.ngdle i
samptioh, t« truiy -wondrr'ul. -jot thi t
ihe afUirted to make me 0 f this h.-ulth civim
wlisn ii |> .ITecua* c«re, l.ko ihr (olmS-i’ iV
Ricanuat Ciigr, Hammo,
yoa of tbo brnroi lint I here derived from t
Dr. WUur’B Balsam cf Wild Cherry, i w
\™f d & le " ,blc "cobtrc, Consumption.
J*«. The snack was irnJv fcorruvinr u> Q J
7 ’ l °i y brother* wd s.ater*,) hr*
Contueptwa. I was aft cad wi h near K-t
worn features of the; direnso. I had ad
coa B a, and expectera-dd a great deal of bloc
fever, severe- rains to the aide and ohe»t co
2we?tl 1,5 W,h flttSh6 ‘ ° f heal ind C "P^
I was under tbo ear* «,f * ,kt!'«d phytj
Jlte urn* l wm taken sick enti; ahont •f»w« t
bcia« then about and my friend. co
my ca»e bopde»s,,<nr at U*st ihe rea
E?\V, C m , pi‘ * kl ’ k »i 1,18 “« of Winar i
S n^ Cl '," Tr ; Villon, ay ;
procared it, wtd commenced admatstennr
and front the first Jay that I commenced to V
uenlth improved, aod iu twow, ,k. from .
commenced uving it. I was able to he out nn
mv bmlnasa and labor, which I .u]i
1 have token four botnet of the med
consider myself perfectly well, t r \
aent to tndaee othen tbatare nSletrgf„ ?
to poke use of UWrfe f/W*’
which remedy bn*. under the ble ;V J
[Cored my he.m. JElljS UIV If"
___ * 'c^ytiun
Hull further evidence of t*a ,««&»►«>>
proporbes of this inestimable pre,*m^?. tle cara,lvo
.. Rit*sr)»il)e. Crown e«. »• f_
1 Mesera Sanford A Part*—<3e-,M-"*>
week- aco I reee.ved the vZ£lut .?£“-•'»*-«« m
of Wild Cherry, bai w.ib *mne ' V r ‘‘l* r " Uat ”'"'
for the reason that I had keen ray f’* n '
pUlt aad other ne.trunw, whl-.1, ~‘5
U *eme thing wondrttm, tut at!? Uo •'
end to be or no account wtate,*. a,l’i' n . . d 'I 01 ,n lf u=
Getarer. But I candidly mlm4V* c ,T Ptto ,ho
been deceived; lor th-iivtT^ii' 01 ‘ l, »e l hr.,*
by Wutar’« Baliam We CDrc «
can comeoutofNaxareih.-*"wiS.! i^* 1
doien botUea, which are all W - m»* on,-
means c.foarin. *«»! obfUnwe cai? V
uan--aiid no mlathkc; for what I sen o 01 Conwnti..
Uttnd to believe.:. One case In ** know l P ‘ ni
gentlemon In Wlneheacj Ad.im7^ ic xlar-A you,
mill* f;nm th,a placel wan n’ir« county. O, {-.-ri
when u» doctor* had given him • d u!
do nothing for him. and it ver or nl lean ccmiJ
frfeau* to convey him io vo- '* we intention of nn
nader the care of tome emir Jr BUy Bnd P 1 " 0 *-* hini
a friend told him of Wj- Phy*ictan there; b- t
could obtain it of me; 1- r * BaJiom, ar.d thm i,„
second bot le wa* rone ,or If, anu before te
attending m hia eve 4 w,u ' ,Q dnd and well, and
several mqm»i« • hu«,ne*s. Aa iltero a*.*
:o forwartlaa a,' raedl <'w-. it w ou id bo
VttY te >B PP | T "ilhout delay.
‘ W'ectfully jnur»,
• Th.a Uhr frrim j .. NEWLANU
able; co smrv , a Ifgbly reaped-
Wild rherry.fiomE H*jms i/ f> ' wl. fo “' »»«** *ii.' ~»t!i.-
hvit?"LZl a,, , e ? n, * r * t;an(S ,f * health, on J is now.,
,oflh » V. lUcof Wisiar-s Balsam of Wild
n /T' H. iIALL. PhyiMcun n"d I'rnreUv
rri..v ft i.i 0n . and l,e cnnvwcrd »>‘ll further of tiis »e
markable Virtue* of \7i*tar’» BaUam oftYild , hrr.w
tiK.? 1 *I*’ 1 *’ * Park—Cents: A»amatter ol.]c«
Ufce to veu, I Would offer the foi.owinr atatcmei>< d r.
enro effected by joer u.cdn tMi, known ar Wtjiar’e
nol«ata of Wild In the spring ofJY4?,iny
wifewna severely attacked with Perintienejoui-i, uC
»' ru, l*J’, whleb r'»uli*d m a deep seated rjiia m the
side. #cc«ttp:mted with a revent congh; wu
tc. ded bv some ol the be*t pb>*'Cians in Ohirego. but
tonopnrpp«e for weeks <he »rflVred, Without relief,
cnpgbmg incn.«*:itly rdrlt anjMfcy Icsme tothn
conr!o>iori'list nil tbe trmedl.s knov/n to the physi
cian* eonid net help Ijer, nrttl tndoccil to try year
Wild CLt rrv. I procured ore battle, and commenced
using it accoiding to direction*; betci» it wat all go, e
the coo«b stopped, the pain 1> ht r side left her nt.d
with the nid or another ulie »ra* rcitotcd to per
fect health In consideration of tVrse eirenmstan-o,
] would recommend: it to the public asav*luaa!o
medieinc. Your*, respectfully. K N GAK&ATT
Grand Rapids, Wlebijait, October 6,1649.
ITT* Price SI per bottle—e x i«mlcsfor si.
Sold by • J |) PARK,
(Scecesror - »f Sanford and Park,)
Fouith and Walrct slreeu, Ci geoeral
Agent for the Sooth, and W. n' n io whom all orders
must be addressed. 1
L Wilcox, jr, James A.. Jones, J. Kidd A Co. R. A.
Fitmes'.rclr A To, Piitsbunfb: L. T Rn'iell. Wash
mgton; W. U Franklin; L. R. Dowic,
Umotiiown; IL Wclty. Gr>ren*bsrgh |,S. Rouctx, So
merset; Scott a Gdmora, IJedford; Reed A Son,Hoc
itigdon ; Mrs. Orr, Hollidaysburg; Hildebrand A (V-.
.n-Jiana: J-;K. Wright, Kiuanntnr; Evans A O.
Wilson fc Son. Wayneabargl; McF*j
land A Co, N. Calender. Wesdvillo; Burton A Co,
Erie. Graham A Fcrker, Merger Jamra Kelly A Co.
Boiler; S. Beaver; J. n Sammrrtaa, Warren
F. L A C S. Jones, C-oadenpon; r Croaker, Jsnior,
Brownsville, ocW;2dw ftald
5 » latfe
* 1 'ow a*
, 'Jo«'>nu,
< iT4 «up-
V Scp>?i
H in dim
ft «»io nt
B h :*^v
so were
'ie r ; bm
'hetev. .1
Jl- • V
says ii-.
co mat I
of Wild
M'iglt re
can pre
Asti® a,
that are
in. (in u*
lli u-sa of
i ter b vn
dted of
11 cf tlio
1, beetle
0 elnllt,
is nig.,i
an, frota
t> '.iu-.-e.
h-jfa- u *
y f vher
,o me,
V. it
c time I