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Wsshuoto*, Oct. 17.
The Republic cftlm. morning contains Attorney
General Crittenden's opinion of the coastitutlon
•liiy of Ujo Fufu-ffe Stave Lav. Ha says that
there la nothing in otv pm o i tbc act that *os>
pendt Lhe privilege of a writ of hcfcen corpus,
•Bd that (be wtsnle act i» cot only constitutional,
bot || neccprorv for the proper enforcement of
that provision of tlie constitution, which declares
that all fugitive* shall he delivered op, claim, &c.
Pajuntuau, Oct. n.
Tha ease of Morse vs. House, in the District
Court of Massachusetts, wo* derided to day at
Boston, In favur of the defendant, Hcoso.
PniiAiiuHi*, Oci. 17.
Wo Jcara that the Union cmndtdale for tjgn
gres?, in CbMl"**™, has TOO over Rhttl
and Holmes, tho D.saoioaints.
_ _ Boston. Oct. 17.
Tbe D-nf-r.i, of Ita Kind Dm,l« h.»o
■omloMed Han. P. L,.ik to, Canjre..
B * m »f '"P® B-’fh'SfV Ci-cu‘.T.l™f ’•■hAnllri.
n.°nd‘°f C Mbo ' h ” b "“ ' oaiwk * l mo" d«.
mind fjrlbo m current .toot, u d nit ol ,
D.Sa.7. h' dt=«i>»ioos 1003,06.
limainof. t i " d = 01 S ' 000 - ' i,h n°»Pon.,
ira a »a9l- I?' » , Y : V%“ vt * , . 3 ® 7,:
liS ,'is. 7 S “" fi '«* 90356; do.
ins 1 1 ’ ll '' 01 15’031670, 1003
106, and Pmosyivnij'* f vc«
Beavcb, Uct 17.
collapvrd her flue*, a
alow Beaver, last oigbi
hn* three others. Sh«
y her steam to the high
;'e uo further particu-
The steamer Compsniot
Georgetown, tweivemilca i;
hilling one parson and «*jlJ
had been aground, aud raise
«M poteh to cct off. We U*
j i
'n.ladeu'Ku, Oct t 7.
iVicert* in this city, nnd
..!■ there on Wednesday
New York, Oct 17
Saranac arrived ibi
Jenov Lmd £■ Vr* itireecn
returua to New York. 10 tmi
The U/iited Slap
Tbe A.mer»c* arrived at
(on l*»i niebL
- Floor—The etport d«*co*t
* few hundred bbU hive be
bbt, lor ttinderd'brenda.
d is ticiiit-d, usd only
•is eoM at Sl,bli f>
Grain—The receipt* of
price* tie gtt-sddy mainta
bushels, prlmo Penos while
& \ lie, and 2000 bnaheli pr
it in aieady demand, with »t
at 61c lor Soiaheru, and <
yellow. Sale oTa largd cti|
33o*> till—eo advance. -Sal
at 41c.
whctl a/e fair, and
. ned. Sales of 100 W
Or shipment, at 110
moved hi 105? Cora
ties bus yellow,
for Peaaa round
t| t) Southern Oats «i
I ra Pencaytvama Oats
Whukcy— Sides ta bbds a
tt 26i;
26<- bbl# are bald
Nrn- Oct 17
Flour—The market is less buoyant, with bui lit
tle doing for shipment. Tne Sotilhcru and home
enquiry continue* good.
Grain— I Tbere are fair supplies u Whim in mar
ket, with sales or White Miehican at 103 1-2, and
damaged Western at ?2c per bus. For Corn
there is a good eastern enquiry, at 64 a 64 1-2 for
mixed, and 65 a.GS I*2 for yellow.
Provision*—Port i.« unchanged from yesterday.
Lard tt firm with a fair request’ Sales of prune at
* 5 6 per lb. \ ...
rvtrntta bonsT.
\ Oct. 17.
Flow—With a modcrjtio demand, iprices are in
f*ror of bovar*' Sales amount to sopie SOOO bbla
hi $1,63 0 $4.63 for Mornon to straight State.
Grain—Sales 15.0CQ bn# Wheat at'jo2c for Ohio
prime red. Corn ;« Leary.
Provisions—Meu Port cnatiiints steady at
$11,121. and Prime at $9,371 ? bbl. Lari b with
out chants.
Groceries— us firm. Coffee ia alack, but
w.thoot change in the prices of either.
Baltimore market.
(October 17.
Four—City Mill* is aellic; at $1 ©1 : Howard
Street at b k >l.
Grain—Saipan f red at 95 Q 100 c, and,of
white at 1C5(2 Hsi.
Provisions—There is a good inqcfry fcr all de»
ccriptioo*. Mew Perk is selling at $1125 and
Prime at£9,B7fcv bb!. Ni 8.-et i» se/tiug at $lO
bbl. Btnoo Suoulders, f* Sides. 6c, 9c. and
101 c.
Uaeeae—Silc* of Western at 7j 011* p D
G-flee The msrkot is dull, w,tn aelea of Rio
LlNi-KliD OIL —l4 tit* p jre. tor »s:e by
PPTTY * PUTTY KNIVES for saie'hy '
TKNfc/TjAN HKW—iO t>*ll t-'ne!.Vi. f<Jr jMe bv
oeg j scmoonmakkh <tco
j—f.frO D:ioi.‘» hc*.rD:ick~L«ed Cro
V/ cib)e», aborted «;sc»- for ts-.t by
-PC* J t»0 H« jONM A KER 4 CO
"ii JSFINIiU buKAX—S (w« jb#j
J v "rt J 9 f ■HOfINMAKrR *CO
(^AarvKuiL— 4b:lt y
J «3 J P K:v»NMaKE« ACO
DtFr' r i!.
/"'IORNTR of TairJ anfl Cartel t'j
> > t-y ne u
l** o. un Ttfonuif io-e.r.f !> f vi
I rrident rtiy rj-rchawi, it wm Li
iouu-j .»>! i_ of innracnna iu !Mbsc*’itiij
*m> yrx*s Hoot K*crt:i* r Costtracn!. Ouarr
TATlojn, CoxK»nc<»t, Laor, «,n0 A.-witr, an
carried to a of perfection never Kpprotrl,e«
t>7 nay other teacher in this pan cf tie ranntTT »'.r
calari of tenni,.A:e., are mulcl to iu<ynait
country. . »*Te'wi7T
HAS jost opened histiprir.* atue*, of e*-
ery description of GOODS atuiakifl for city ue’»
The Cloth*, CBiiiciercs ar.-J Vritm-T b are been eeltc
ted with great earn from the latent importation*, tnd
comprise a p»rt of every thine tlir.t in>cn and hand
•omo for SPRING.and SUMMER WRAfL-Tte *wr -
ment of Veiling* il unusually larro *i.-l varied, loth ui
style and qoality, and cannot be extolled, it equalled,
by any other etubluhatcni m Uiie city, either in qcxL
Abo, a now style of TWKED CAFSIHERE, *iop;
•4 for Bovine** Coai* aud Pant* Sr.mraer Goods o
every df*cription.*wrli •« Tweeds, Cuhmercn*, Hi.
tan Cloihd, Erap d’f-.te*, Ac. Tba cciur etpet will fa
vijtably eotnpnre with any iu;k of goods opecea
beretotnrola Kiiuhuryh.
Mr. 3. C. Wan*’ well known »ici!l and latte a*
Caller,will prove an ample all who o«y
favor this catabluhraeni with Urtr orders, that they
will have as pood and farkicnahlr work a* ean hr
produced by any tonne in the East, and at ranch low
m price*, as have been acknowledged by many who
have tried both, f-would fnuier »taie. that ] will far
oith as pood and fashionable' Goode si can he foond
la the Eastern market, and at much lower prices.
A large and general assortment of ready made cloth
inp is on hand, ranli* in the prerent Spring Faahlai*.
comprising Drers, Frock ana Barine** Cost* oftfce Is
tert style, raadr of French, Engllrii, and Americas
Clmht, of all fashionable colors. PANTALOONS ot
every description Of plain and fancy Catsimenrsof the
latest ityle; Cloths, fnuinct and Summer Good*, Vent*
of the best Satin* scdSilkiiplnin and fancy Marrelllc<
Cloths, Casbaere, Ac; and other articles In the Cloth*
lap line. All Garments made nt 40 a*e warranted to
be cat and made in a pood workmanlike style, and will
be sold low fot rash.
None but the nr or Wotxioci employed, and
fouwagei paid. AJI Garments mad: to order*.* above,
ITT Wholesale porckeeen will find the nock at 40
a most desirable one to a cheap andbeamifal as
sortment from. ImctU-wtfg] !*, DELanS*.
TNpursaance of an order of "he tlipitao'.' Coori c-l
X Allegheny county, will bo exposed to pabbe sale,
at the Coon Iloate, to the city of rttuhaipb, on Satar-
Jay, (he >dth day of October, A ten o’clock
A. AL, all that certain lot cf f round annate in Alle
gheny city, an-idescribed aa follows, to win—Eesin
rinp at the eoroer of Chestnut and North Csnai meet,
theoee running along North Canal street twenty six
feet eleven and one haJfinshca, tbcnce running rack
from North canal street one bund red and thirty four
feet five and one fourth inches, thence thirteen f«et to-
Oiestnnt street, and thenee along Chcruiui street one
haedred and thirty aeyeo Let, to the piece cf begin*
nlng; oe ■which I* erected a large two story Brick
Dwelling House, with baserasnt story.
Terms mode known on day of sale.
oc« iUtrT.? Of Dr Jot. Whltiker, iec’d.
QHfl ACRES in Eliraheib Townrhip, three nflft
above; sJeKeer.p.on, Irontinr on the Yonghlo-
S“*BT* nutty tore* tie dent'd, end ihe balance well
limbered. Llmrjiote and Iron Ote are os it: tJ jo,
acute tract* of Coai, Terra* ea»y.
Apply 10 Jcteph Knox, Fjq.. Attorney at Law,
Pituburgh, or te CALEB EDMONDSON,
_ oeA:dfcwAS i On xbe Lantf .
fot ,6j ® tbft Steam Engine,
.^L* 1 ,r,v ba r & S*«nnjutd lath catting mi-
Cfll F?i r7 Jv ln * e . blU li aR ®°*• «« rideof Crab «t,
inAllejfceny city.: Hewitt al*c, ir d*»irtd, ieif the
bttlldifcK which ia one bindted and twenty feet lose
toy ferl} fecl«»dr. the ermine' 'fa aq excellent one
vttb nfteies' po*er to drite all tVc mcUuit fer
•ewinr and Ijah cattiuf. The whole cJutd
cd imm*. ftp el»ewr.tre, wiUaa ality d»y«, u * n fi .
darateoXpenie.' • 1 ,
Or, he will leaiethe einen en*in* and baildln*. with
fTifficltctground, tor any otherp«rao* e ihaa tawic?
Joreteun of ycara.- NEVILLE U-ratlin 6>
•epOrdliAwtf .| ‘
OITUATE ia .Moon tcwr.»ht;>, Denver Conm*. eem-
Oudnln* about IDO AOHfc^, 73 of-rhich areelVaT.
ed, and ihare*feae well timbered.' There {«•» j, r „
Orchard of Apple. J’each. ••{ 1 ch l ’*2 l iT ,ee & 0f KtK,i
Quality on It; amo, a eomforublo Dwelling Haase and
Bant. The land mlr good ordrr, well watered, aud
bw29mile« below Pt'ttbnrcb; It «•«« «'«« Phillip#,
barah. on the Ohio-riven »nd mily 2 nnfer from ike
depot, at Rod-eater, of the Pcnn»y!ra*ja and Ohio
SiU Bond. Thu title i» inul«put&bie»and toe land will
eold on reaaor.hbie term*. Paranascp if ns*
eaeaary,on the if tof April oext-
TUs tract of land, from tt* convenunee to market,
Ud •lualioa in * part of tbo noontry where reuj tr.«
*atai»rapidlyci*i.i* in value, make* it dr-alrablo for
the intaatmeni of canital. and for caiUcnl m and ngri.
«*■“** «
Auiirnica at Law.4th at. j itubargh.
Vatic* afXattara Teatataeniary.
U hereby »i*eit,ihtt l< Iter » Teitamep.
IN taryoo theesine of tfeth MaUbcwi, laic of Al«
l*t**Bj city, deeeaied, ha*e Jii* day been rraatrd
l*Un undersigTHd.ui trnom ail per«on» indebted ti
udd eauie are rrdeetted to mate lmmeeiaie payment*
uaid-lhoae haTmy rimnna will present laws, duly
MifaaaUeiucd.for »tie«enL
ZiS Liberty »t L PUub«uk_:
8 A IS. P. ROSS, •
Qffi&i J?<mrtA tfrMt, near GtstU, !
. Xa Umaniaf BtUdisp, Jtttttbiijij JV ' l
ana lcncasxr's*.
c n. «**« *. COOFIB .
p^? mcKl P T rnßrß6 n GiZrTTK, I
Friday morons*, Oct. ifl, jksq >
, r ,Ur ‘ tajr W " *“ «««». «nl nothing
T .. done indicating any marked ebanp in quotations.
n eBlher dl * M<i cloudy, with some slight
•bowers of rain during the day.
Durm* Wednesday night we had heavy rams, and
d«nng yesterday, the river row several Inehca, with a
fair prospect ofTg.od rise in a lew days
on ,s OU ?~ Th ° rWeipU ° f noar we « and sales
on the wharf were 1M bbl. eitra. .< « S 7 ? bbL The
sales frara More ware tj a moderate extern, si s3£7®
•4 tor common to extra brands
ORMN—Tbe receipt! of Grain are haiely worm
ooucing, mi sales have been to a moderate extent ‘he following rates —Wheat. 7SJy>e; Rye, 50
w«c;Barley, 6SOG9, and Oats at 37a from 6m hands;
Sad 40041 c from store
GROCERIES -W« have no changes to noi.ce in the
Grocery market. We continue our quotat-ons of N O
Molasses m and of S II at «OSOe *•
falloo; sales N O Sugar, in regular small lou by the
hhd, at 7|, ?to7|: 4f 6. Coffae is quiet, with small
•Al*s of Rin si I3*ol3je # IS.
PRUVISIONS—The market it without any percep
nblo change. Bscon is in fair regular demand, at 70
~i: for plain hams, and ICiDtlc for sugar cured; sides
are sailing at 3J:. and Plioaiders si 4Jc fii
GUTTER— We have no large sa'es to notice ; sap-
P'im being light Prime fresh roll u held firmly, at 14
01£c, and leg nt 91010 c
CHEEdE—isl cs 411) bxa, in diderem lou, at 8,(406;
lor roonoo to prime.
WOOL—Sales of 15 sack*, consisting of \ and fo
blond wettsrn, at 37e f- ft.
WniSKEY— We noUce a quiet market, with sales
of rectified at 2.T*o*Ue gaii
ASHE3—We rote lunher lumi-d sales „i Stda Ash
al 3|e; ot Pearl A*h at dg, ot Ssleratas at 5034 c; and
of Potash at 4Jc gr &
Thcr. I. , ,ecer,l d,tough
■oi H. n.rtfl. »,-.h no »M,».| ,h.n.. i, pm ...
' lAlt -' UI t»at;ou.M-conKEi.-jtmnr
a. iiohjitg * sous,
£hoh..„. Iln.lcr., N„: 6 » Mark., t „, „
Ptnniylruaia. Indian.
, Banket Pittsburgh Par Slate 3’k ABraaehas . ?
.tKtaa,.*l»k . |.„ 8-ktoEctip .
Merch * Man. Hank-par Vlrvluu
. Lks.ot Philadelphia- —.p ar Exchange ifk. of Va- J
Girard Bank-.- Par FormersDk.of Va »•
-par Ilk. ouhe Valiev - ..
1 . V. h ? slcrCiUQl y --PAf Bk.of Vtrunj... u
1 u HF lmwM ® -Put Bfc , Wl-edUng *
Montgomery Co. .par do Alorgamow*. I
’ Northumherhuid-.par N. W. Bank Va. I
Uilumbiaßridge Co - par do Wellibur* J
l Ooylesiown Dank par do Furkei.buie »
i Farmers’ Bk. Reading 'par 'i'suu<st«l
Faruers’Bk Ducks Co. par Bs ol 7'enui«»*e*. *• - a
I Farmers H»k Luucas r-parlFar. A Merch’ts lit—~
Lancastet Co. Bt.- ■ -par Plaiiiers’ Uk ... n
UhvaatarUk. pat Unionßk. ».
U.State* Utnk 30 I nieaourt.
Diownsville Bk: parßlate BkofMissoun |
Washington Uk. .j| North Caroluaa.
SeltysbuisrLßk.- » ißk. of Cape fear
Chambcrabiug- •< ;Mcieb , «lik.,Nowva.'a. »
Suiqnehannti Lo. Uk... iMtie Banc o
\£7i t ? l ? wa ‘ B «o*h Carollwsu
Middletown | :Camden Bk
Carlisle ••• •• Uk of Charleston i
Erie Bk.-- . O | Commercial Bk .
rarmers and l'rovers' Bk. of Uconeiuwn— • 2
Bank, Wajnestiurg.. | Di.ol llamtiar* «
Harrisborg—.—.—.Merchants Bk—— —. v
Hone id ale —— • | .Pianten AMechs'sßi- *j
Lebanon par.Bk.of South Csro.iaa u
rotuvilie —• ■ . “ Oarylajod.
Wyoming . .. | Oalumore liks
£? f *gk | Ualim’e 40 RB Scrip -m
Westßranch Bk. I Cumberland Bk.of All*.
Relief Nate* | gbany.
MAMBk. Pm* do- *• ,Far.Bk.of Maryland - “
Scnp—Pittfb. 1: Cuuaiyl Farmers 1 4 Mechanic. >.
1 Allcebeny, l . Bk. Fredetlck
Ohio. .FrederickCo.Bk. - «•
Slate Bk. and Branchas | lilagerstownßk ><
MountPlctuani “ .Mineral Bk—i
SicubenvUle—•••• • “ Patapsco Uk«—- i
dt Clairsviba— •• •»
Marietta— “ Bk.ofWeitmin < ter ••• *•
New Lisbon •* TUlcbi^aw.
Cu.cmnat.Bonks “ jBk.ofSt. Clair-
Columbus do ; M Bk. of River Rataen—
CircUville— • • '• ..Michigan Ins. Co j
Xanesvilt* —•« jFar. A Mech's Bk 5
Puuiata —— - “ Wleeomals Terrli’w.
Wooster - li' Mar.AFirrln.CaMilw’e*
Musiilcn - —.. | ! Canadas.
Sandoik/ 7t>.Alleolventßank*. •
Geauga-- | Bank of England Notes
Norwalk 7u —M7«f£ni.
Cleveland ——| Gold A Spade Value
Xenia—— ■ “ Napclrona —.—. ath
Dayton —-——. u fincuu y \‘j& a 20
Western Reserve -—— *• Eagle, old • . 1® 60
Franklinß’k Coltmhas “ Eagle,new lb no
Chillicothe ——• “ Doubloons, Spanish 18 00
Lake Em “ .Do.l’atriot—— • 1550
Sc:ota- - . —. “ -Sovereigns 4£3
Lanconer 10 Guineas g
Hamilton•—-iD Ftederieked'ors— -S7 ~0
Granville -30 Ten Thalera 7 fO
Farm’ri B7i Canton—-50 ;T«n Guilders 9»0
Wrbar.s (0 ; Loaisd’ors 4 50
Bk of Kentucky * .NewYcrk —*prm
Bk.of LouisT:tle " Philadelphia fpns
NorhcrnHk. Kentn'ky- “ B'.ulmoni ——-fpns
w*a V^yfc— Ranks ,i:*r. Interior B’kt—
Ojuber 17.
Western College of Homffopailili Medicine,
Swsim IWO-&1 Vkarurtd
will eomm-.nce on the Firti Monday of Nosetn
her, and commas four month*
Tbc Chair* of tar I n arc armn ire! t« to'low*
Storm Rr>.», M D. i’iofr.«or of .Midwifery, and
Dueur* of Women nr.l Cvi-lren '
Lutsing Bn-e*. \i. 0. fro'os*.,
Prartier of *ur*rrv
Charlr* D W.ilura* il I) . ol In.tuu
and rraence of 11.-.mcecpeiby
Lewie Poise, M. I*, Professor r.i Materia Medic
and Merttcii Juri»pniOrii-n
Hamilton I. Smfh, a M . Profc**or of Chemistry.
Kdw.o C Withere:, *J. D I'rofetsot of Anatomy
and PjjTMoUiify.
Jeba Brtiaard, Hrolesw of Physical Science
Charlr* W. Ueil, Iteraocmrntor of Anatomy.
7Tie Cnaner of the Western of llr.aiaopatbic
Medicine «<• granted I t the Le-'iKiatnrr or Ohio,
dunnj tu «es*tou ot IBIS-fr'i. it eem/er* ait the right*
and rMTUree* uraaily po**e*»rd by Medieal Colleee*
tn the United ' , t*tri, and, unlike umqy colleges, it
ind-pendenl of any other insulation, barter
in naelf the power u cottier decree*, and pressing
a common real.
The depsse* are conferred by the Faculty and
Trnatert upon the rrcomtntndaUon of the f acuity.
Tlie amoDDi of fee* for the fell courts wnl be sit
Matriculation fee. Ss—to he paid but e.nee. Demon
nraior’* ticket, Sb. Graduation fee, Fetton
Who have attended two ful coarse* of lecture- it
other collrget, are admitted to the full coarse ia thu
InsiitaiioD on the payment cf fro Graduate* of re
•peetabJe medical *chool« are permitted to attend thi
coarae rn the payment of the ontricnlatlcn tee only
Good board, including rcco light, and fuel, can b«
ohiai-eri fiom Si u> 52 SO per week. For farther in
format on addr<t«, CIIAS. D WILLIAMS,
osdidim Dean of ibe Fatuity
casual rroci asi> nrirtn rest,
CUAK T Ell ED 182 ft,
THE nnJErmned h«, beeii ajjjwAuted »*enl toe thu
old and reaponamle company, u> aocceed Mr
tayeaa Brown, anj u ready tolseue pollclea in thi
Mre and Manna department, on aa favorable lenni
&• any other tetponaible company in ihl* city
74 Foaith at, nett u> Dank of fmtbargfa
Annual Premiums, Capital Sled, $Hu rylur Fund,
$ 1,000,000.
aHK ticderrigoed tronM call the attention of mer
chant! and" othera ba*iug property eTpoiod to
nwsoy hire or ibe peril* of Navigation to the auperlor
advantage! offered by ihe
Protection iDiirtßx Codpiot
. „ Ot BABirO»£>,COIUI-»ij;
Office! ° f “? < ' U, ‘ r
2 ‘"t A rt^ ee^y i tnfl * ,t '^ ie “ry adjustment of losses by
lie General Aernt or the Company for the Western
and Southern Stales
3.—Arbitration (of til differences width nay arise)
by referees raatuallycbo^n.
•Awart* proroprlr paid ia Bperie,Bankable Fundi,
_r Exchange os New York, Baltimore. Charleston,
New Organs, Bt Louie, Loulsrt'le, piuibnnth, or
Cincinnati, at roe option of the imnrcd.
(D* Haamhleia, aettfny forth the mode and Brin
riple* of adjusting leases, rates of premitnos, classifi
cation of hazards. Ac., furnuhed to the customer* cl
the office free of chary*.
For further ("formation, apply to the undersigned,
whole fairy authorized to Insure Dwellings, Fiores,
Hotels, Warehouses, Mills, Manufactories, Bams. fte.
itebold Fornitnre, and Good*, Warce, and Mer*
Use. contained or itored therein, axauiit leu or
re by FIRE.
Dry Good*, Grocenei, Manufactured Goodi.Pro
dace, Household Fnrnltsre, Live bio "It, and every
fiber description ol Merchandize or Personal Pro
pert}', sb-pped or to be shipped per eood steamboat,
or boat* to and from point* on the Western Water*,
or between Eastern due* (via other inland
more) and any town* in the
Shipment* of Good*. Ware*, and Mcrchodiw, per
atod verrel or vestals, between New Orletn* and
Easters port*—between New Orleans and other Gull
pin*—between all American port* and English or
Kornpean port*, oris any other maritime hortwhat*
mtho AUantte water*.against U>ePERILS OP
Fonrtil •«-, nejt to the Dan* of Witsbnrjh;
«rpl>:dtJtPl !
life loaonAicu.
J final)', Jr., ,
inn L*l* humraiiu Co. of Pkila,
u ° m, ‘° 7 N °-
tteif iive*/« (ho henefil of
Uti.ior». <hildreaj creduoro (he U»«* of (heir
* re ,u,ld,4 ■
Wtc.K K MrlU«/m.gcn .
PS"'p“ 4 *» ■>»"“
X—££j - *■ MeOAWDLPJIS
)W CLAfIB-<oo bn azloj "" "
Rirn —There were 3 feeu 03 laches i r. channel, ai
dusk, last evening, an) rising.
Fashion, Peebles, Elizabeth.
Michigan, Bries, Beaver.
Bearer, Gordon, Beaver.
Baltic, Bennett, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville
Youghioghssy,Hanapec, Beaver.
Glebe, Beaver.
Shipper. Dales, Wheeling.
Julia Dean, Gallagher, Zanesville.
Catuden, Hendrickson, bunfith
WeHiville, Yotng, Sunfish.
Lowell Fone, Cincinnati.
Ca;>e May, Snowdon. Cmeinuau
Fort Pin, Miller, Nasnville.
Umpire No 2, Young, L*>uisviil:
Fsjiuon, Peebles, Elizabeth
M ichigan, Bries. Bearer.
Besvcr, Gordon, Beaver.
Baltic, Ben-ten, Brownsville
Aiiunttr, P&rkinsrn. Brcwn»vlllo.
) oughiogheny, Hanupeu. Beaver.
Globe. Beaver.
Bapublie, Woodward, Cincinnati.
Clsra F.sber, Gordon, Cincinnati.
Br.AVEK—Youghiogbeoy, 4 r. m.
ZANKBVILLE—JntIa Dean, 10 a u
SUNFfSH—Wellsville, 10 a. v
8T LOUlst—Vermont. 10 a. jc.
InuxTatß to SrsaMßOaT owjcu-ffc call atten
tion to the notice published in another column o; t.»-
B pAper, calling a meeting of steamboat owners,
merchants, and all other* interested in the tastier, la
take some action on the Isle law of Coagreaa, in refer
eice u» the carriage of pastengers and freight in
steamboats, An. W e hope lo eee a full attendance at
this meeting, as the subject lo be considered and acted
upon, is one of the highest importance to all partiei
concerned; and that facts and arguments maybeelio
tted, which may place this important subjzct in a prop
er light before the public.
The fine itmr Vermont is up for t?L Louis, and wl
lesee to a tew days lor ihn, and all intermedia)
FosSrsruH —The fine steamer Wellsville, Captali
Young, will leave as above this day.
Fob ZtßEtfuu: -The mignilk-ient stmr Julia Dear
wui leave as above, this day si iue usual hour.
ZANFSVILIE P*b Jcua Dssn— lo kgs butter l
bdli leather, 24 seks wool, lUO bbis Hour Leech A X,
UO do do, Graff 4 Co; Mi bx. mdse, HmJhlS 47 bale
soeep skins, J McFaden; 3a sks dried Caches, owne
1 board.
ku N h mNA n ° 4P * U *'-4° bbl* hatu>, 15
:ol a t lr . Uskcri Forsyth
i C^ k| S L d ’ J , M \f n , noe ? 5 4 t,1, • u >«• >1 beef, Graff
A ui°‘ u* Bld * s ' Uoloq Line; 1 hhd bacon, 3 skiffs, 3
cables, a kg», J Algeo. ’ 3
LOUISVILLE- PinLotviu.—?o ik* feathers Car.
son 4 McKnight; 6- do do. fl Lerch 4 Co; si .reVn
hides, Mon Nav Co; 78 sk. ham*. J 11 Gillespie; l pkg,
Chas hbalsr; 19 bags leathers, <j lhm»en; f 3 carboys,
Benneti 4 Berfy;slbbls wniskey. PC Martin.
State Eutnal Fire Iniurance Company,
THE very liberal patronage extended to this com
pany, having issued policies to the amount of near
tsne ard u Hafi Million of Dollara, during the last
three months is wffleient manifestation of the esu
maliou a-d ccnltdeoce or the public in the system at
m *° a K rmenl **° "bich lu business is conducted
lo city or country merchants, and owners ofdwell
ings, and isolated or coan»rypropeny, it is believed
this company affords advantages in point of cheap
ness, safety, aad security, interior w no Insurance
Company in this country
Conducted on the equitable and greatly improved
system ofClatrtfleauop of Risks, exploding* all special
hazards, tutoring only a limned amount In any orte
locality, thus precluding the frequency and occurrence
or larpe brer, and also on both the Stock and Mutual
plan. It not onlv pcstrsses the cheapness and accom
modation of both methods, but entitles tbe insured to
o-parilripoiion in the profit*
It is under the eoctrol of tbe followini Director* -
d ohn n P u t li,erfot<s | A - 1 Gilletl. John B pLc7cr
s “ ue * J- J *w*- Aionro A ranie,. Philo C Scd C
wiek, Robert Klou. J P RUTHERFORD, Prts'i
» . A J GILLETT,3ee*y
A A Ca*b:kK, Actuary
Branch Office for Western Pennsylvania, 5» South
field street, Pmsbnrgh. Pe'sons lnsurance
will be tunushed wii book, of the compear by eas
ing at the office. K ' I 'j *
MORRIS 4 HA WORTH, m the Diamond, are ull
log exeelleni Tea, ot
SO eta pet Ib.-TRy IT ll
Through la PO(?R Days
W E ‘ a ,f. c “* Mitnouncing to the Merchants
of 1 tiuburgn and ibe We.icra busutesa eom
munity, thai on and after, the ICth ofSen
?“ b * r r C -, 7 :IJ ,cd forward goods via the
Central Rail Road, and guarantee them u>be throuth
£.S°i!7. r Os* e*«*»...v« .tuek -frag, aud Bost.
ecables tiui ojer the shove eapidiuecs mat.* 10 the
public. Whilst we »uli crcoLßc our o»u»; f.nrs r>y
Ham.b-.irg and Columh;s
Merchant* witbirn grn#« hmoftit ftosi <>r f>
itii ctmumy mu fUiKfTawa at i»w' r »i«», or p fM j,
ipfsd wc .svu'ci lo
ATIfINS * Ct. . Ptuibßirh
A i • IN*, O . / iK.\on A «*)., I'Manclptu
Pfjjpney,n ni mo 1 m*t'»jxb Tranirvoruuon Lis
Jr La? foJlowinc «nm».
OToaaoi. A Co., ;o Nonh rireet. lU:mn-»r«-
H Dun b Uaiiery p.aec. New YorS ‘
Eluott A fjßAia. n Dobue meet,
;?!?! J»
Comer ut Wood «nd
OFFER i»>r **Je,uf ihei
from Europe,
Borer, refined, in eaaei I Aceue Aaid
Kmery Corn & Powd. kr* I Orange Flo*ct Water
Cert. Am" on, c»k« 4 jara | Bole Armenia
!■;>' M.;;;;:.; ' i r *T'
i Oaft, do do | .j,, ~
l.»<- Dye. ; r . &f u tlalba.-.urti J„ ‘ !u
C»rJ> Iroa in k«g» Fda-nsa do d©
Curie Ac d. in lb l-otilei Cnrair Iron, Cue
rulv.Antiau.jiii>' d<> Free p. Carh lion
A«J. ABlOnfi One. to A.rpno (ial •
Calomel Er*. do Tisinn'f Lmt
OU Aciher Hf-oi do \V>djr*wead Mcnar* and
lodide Pota.h dj P«nlr«
Cretsote Wtutc do Oil l.avandcr, Hu«k<*
do in ui fiala Jo (rtnlro
lodine Kc* in hflt bottle* Oil Origanum
lodide Iron, in ox vial» Oil Rosemary
Con/. Sens*, in lb jar* Oil Bitter A'loond*
Bi-Carb. Poinib, lb bottle* Oil Ctjapnt
Blue Pill Enf. in lb jars Oil Croton
Ref. Lifjuonce Etur. ui hxt Pmk mod Blue Saaceia
>\noJ Naptha in lb botuea Cardamon Seed
Tart Finnic do Sglph Zinc
Prnaijc Acid, in or vial* Heifer*’ Ten*, prepared
Tarune And, in bx* Gentian Root
Citwna Mania, utkeva Rhubarb Boot
KadValerian Eagui bales Pnitihiuf Putty
lndian Bed ®e3
at J*niifipir* and
Extracts of Aconite, DtiiutsDin, coiicthui
Comp . Cieuta, U yoiciamoa, Stramonieem Rh*.
Uny, iuiii:uni, Sariapariila, Qatstia, lJop» ; c«i
cliici Been. and Indian Hemp,
Imported and foriale by
Corner of Market and Third auecta.
THi. comae of iiutrurunn u< ibi* Inatiiulioo, to
biacra Book Keeping. Commercial Computation,
Pcnni«u»aip, Lee Uirra on Oomtaeicial Law, and m
fact every branch pertaining to a fitmbed mercantile
John Fieming. Fjq- nuibur of ibe National Book
Keeping, principal lecturer and teacuer of cook
Ledici and gentlemen wuhmj to improve the!
rentnam lup, can call at the Co>lege at any hour Unr
mg ih; day or evening- *eptl
Sll MOLASSES—tifI hbla 9t Loon S H Syrup Mo
!••*#*> iu« received and for tale by
Agrnl,M( lxai* Steam Sugar Rebnrry
GI.UF f bbH.oq band and lor *nl« in
L ARIF-ill bt/L N'u lon band and for kale by
.. Water and From itreeta
GttKA**E'-b LLI4 ou band and tor *aie bv
BACON HAMH-ivt* catka on hand, will be aoid
low to elpia thd lot, by
HONKS —4 bbi* lo alore mild for «»lr Lr
CUKE-RE— 41* boxei prime <jn«l|iy, let »*je by
Alcohol —u obi* jmn je.-tt»e*j *nd for «>ie i>j"
No fIJJ Wood cuoel
f'l LAZIKU’N UIAMu.NfiS-'l do/ , Q ,t received and
U for »*'c b» _ ons_ J mup x Co
lARO OIL—S bbl« No 1 'jest received and for lali
■J by octs J KIDD A Co
RED LEAD—SOCO pound* juat received end for aalo
by QftS J KIPP A Co
PIG IRON—3SO loci Mahoning Fornscc Pie'lron
for aaie from tbe Allegheny wharf, by
pc* . _ Round Church
BUTTER— Li brla lolid bntter for *ale by
HARPER'S Magazine, No S, for October, 01 tE?*
excellent magujine, and No 16 of Dictionary of
Meebuuca, baa been received at Hoim»*' Literary
Depot, (bird street, eppoai e the Post Office, ai>i> a
new American Novel called Tbe Conipuaior, a tale
of Dfuncrbaaseii’i liland, cn the Ohio River, and
No 9 Pictorial Field Book of tbe American flevola.
HOD. 005
(TOD FISH— I 6 ratETior uie by ' —
004 cfl Wood at
S ALMON—S brla Salmon, for aaie by
TANNERS' OIL—IS brl* low priced, for sale by
‘GALLS—3SO Iba jail rec’d and for aaie by
67 Wood at
PATENT SOAP POWDER-tO *.xi ree d for aaie
SAL. eODA— 4 casta received for sale by " r
tjT oci ; R E SELLERS
WHITE SQUILLS—I tank rec*d for aaie by
COLUMBO ROOT— I .bale received for tale by
oc I • ■ ' BE SELLERS
Cll ROME GREEN * YELLOW—I eaaea for ule
oe4 j ; • BB SELLEHS
Chip pill
fiES—3CO papera for aaie by
OILS —Fine Wtendr Sperm OJ, Wba'e OIL No t
Lard OH, lin*aed Oii, Tanners’ Oil, and Near*
Foot Oil, jatft rtcaired and for tala by ike barrel or
(alios, as 4 van*&ied to five catHfaelW ..
w ■ • CoL^cwiMiieaUir*
AsrasTxs rok. the rimstmaa daily gumi
Meetimj op Pittsburgh Sjiod —Pbesbtt*
rian Old School. —Tbe meeting wa* opened
with prayer by the Rev. Marshal, Moder*
The follow og Committees were announced by
the Moderator.
cjsmtrm on sills atu> ortaTcua
Rev. Meters. J. V. Reynold*, We. Jefireyi
D.D , S McFerrac, D.U., T. Martin, K. Ddworth,
D. 0. with the eiders, Wo. 8, Caldwell, Lake
Loomis, Robert Patterson, and James Carotbora.
it DictaL coiotrma.r
Rev. niustra. A.G. Fairchild, D.D., Dsvid El.
iiou, D.D , James Henderson, Robert Walker, and
Jsmca Montgomery, with the Eldon, William
Peddiok, Tboa. Kiddoo, William Hoghet, ahd
Jsmes Lau|hUn.
commits s* op Minora or sexual assembly 1 .
Rev. Metara. A- T. Magil, L. B~ McAbuy,
Ross SteveoKoo, and Elder Joseph Miller.
Rev. Messrs. L. Cross, 8. McMsstera, and Al
lison, with tbe Elders. Moses M. Porter, and
Mslcoui Letch,
committee on aELtsinus ixebcises
Reverend Messrs. E. P. Swili, D. D., A. D.
Campbell, and Elder, Alexander Semple.
Reverend Messrs. W 0. Moore, S. C. Jennings
and M, Parkinson, with the Elders, Jamea M<
Cioy and H. W. Long.
Reverend Messrs. J. R. Wilson, liatc Ccok,
and W. Hughes, with tbe Elders, John Nesbit and
Robert Stevenson. The reception of Pretbyteria*
records was ■onooncej as being next in order.
committer on pßca*rrxaiAL Hic,rds.
F ret—Presbytery cf Redstone—Rev. Messrs.
Win. Annan, J. HI Callan, and Elder Samuel
Second—Presbytery of Ohio—Rev-Mustrs, lai
Davit, R. 9. Moretoa, and Elder, Shipman New
Third—Erie Presbytery—llev. Messrs. A. B
Quay, D. McKsy, and Elder Joseph Cochran.
Fourth— Beaver PreAytory—Rev. Meaarv. 3.
F. Grier, William Herihe, and Elder Jamea Uor*
don. *
Fifth—Allegheny Presbytery—Rev. Messrs.
Nathaniel West, Robert Glenn and Elder, John
Sixth—Blairaville Prcsbelery—Rev. Messrs.
O. H. Miller, J. Monsen and Elder Robert Jack*
Seventh—Clarion Presbytery—Rev. Meatri
W. W. Woodard, S. Caldwell and Elder Jacob
Rev. Messra. N. H. Q.Letlo, N. Bracken, sod
Elder, Ksbt. Hilsnds.
A number of statistical reports were retd shew
ing the Lumbers of the Minutrra, Elders, Commn.
niosata, together with the tmouot of money
raised withiu the last year for Missionary and
other purposes.
Ntrntives on ibo stare of religion in the vtuocs
Pretbyterics were handed in.
T6e TreMurcr of me Stood landed in e re
Pituburgh and Uaiontown were nominated as
places for holding tbe next annus! meet ; ng of ihs
Synod. The names of the members were called
over, ivaca Umoutowa was select-d.
The firs: Wednesday of next September was
fixed ts the dsy f-r boidiag the next Syn:d.
The Rrr. Doctor Chester of Philadelphia was
called on, in behsif of the Board of Education, in
mske a statement cooetralng its a(Ta : rs. Ha
urged on til preseal, the necessity of in* mialslry
lihoring to L*s behait. Whilgt referting to tbesoc*
cess which had titeodcd the ls>» n cf Mirslontrcs'
most of w.ini were rdocsted “by the Bocrd of
Education, he obiervea test more communicant*
oad he-n od.ted to i De Cborch during tbv pa*:
year by nghiy pssiors among tbe Healhen, ibao
In the four tondrrd evangelical congregationi :Q
Mtsvsi-hutriiM. Toe only way to promoic lh
• urcesi of the Board, was t,i elevate it* lone of
p.e:y among the meaner* ©I var.cus churohes.
Thaa.»wt.uit was opuced wnt p f * ft r by iho
Rev. Mr. bosiuell.
STOCK A: ru..
First «ix, Pinsi.arj:!*.
ru own ircponauon, o,ri
Thr following taomorul vw md by clerk
Tho Seiaion and Congregation of Ibc Unity
ProaKytcry of R wnold mrcto-.
:a‘if- the Sytii>d m' I'.uabcrgb i» g,v e an nr.-c.
nf o .imoi, on t'.- Itio . a » r i aQ -
H'v-aa ill* .is,i>,>d W,i; nil ap XOt , r
•-•mm isip.tfu. ,aw w,.,h ro,k-.
who «»« coifirn'iouaiy o;.pj»4?d t: iu
ci sin /ery n it cl alt .n the Sojth, utln
to So coaps ,: rd to b* alar.: catcher* tad virtually
to that one man ha* a riat-t to hold
h>* lelJow inaa av property, under the- p-mally of
one thouatfld dollar*. and »ix month* impritoa
moot. r
Ta«s ab>r« memorial w«a adopt-d
ty, and ordered to be forwarded to Sycod, 19 be
haU ot Unity 3*nsion and C-ongrefation.
Uft,n,o<*t It, IHbO.
The E*v. Nath.Die! Wcat hoped that me Synod
would comply with the repeat of the petn.onera.
Toe fujmea law wt* . „ u iy od lou . oor.
1/ the Congrgaa had declared heavy p«„thi t .
agaioat all aiding and tbrtti*g co rcaeue fugitive
alave*, he would have had no ofy-chona but wa«
it not mooatfoua that he, and all preaeai, wero
to OOfcatrtata a portion of the posee
fconlutua, autl aid the bloodhound* o( slavery
lo their chaao. They wero compelled \ a do ihla
or pay a ti te of one thouaand dollar*, and undergo
t'ir First A Wood it
ta imprisonment of »U months. Never wonld he
md in recapturing a slave, nor asaiat in paring
•hackles oa a Attoan bnng —a man, tor whose
Redemption the bbod of our Savior had been abed.
. Ttua human law waa contrary loathe law of God
• and why ahould they, •■ a Synod, hesitate to proi
; 'he fact aloud to the world. rbe ;lawa of
the United Stalrs-»ere based upon the Commoa
Law ofEogland, which declared that no enact*
. meat contrary to the law of God was binding. He
coaid toll tho Southerner* that if they could not
keep their tvofoaudpropurtf themselves, an fat
aa he waa concerned, he wonld not runaftei
(hem. They ahould proclaim to the Soatb—totho
mintaters and eldera there, nay to the whole land
that if they broke the law of Ood, by obtaining the
pavaiite of inch a law, the people of the North
would not obey it.
Doctor Balaton thought that all they could do in
tho miner waa limply 10 expraxa an opinion, which
after all, would juai be eo much air. Ho waa of
tho opinion that Ibe General Aaaembly had said
all that waa oeccuarv on the subject.
The Reverend John Core, regretted that
slavery existed. but it waa a civil, and not an
ecclcaiafJ'caJ loatitution. He Iboortu they, aa a
body Ib: --not oppose it, and Urns array them*
selves aga.hßt the government.
°- denounced the
Fugitive Slave Law aa n. most mooatrooa and in*
famous measure, but he thought that that was not
iho proper pit™ to dlacoia iu metiu. Tie. .tonic
a» cttiieni, u«o their IdUo.doo ueltiil it and,.,
ceayor to procure lu repeal.
. 3 ' c W»*ter would call their at*
lenUoo to the roond -which tho f/jnod occupied
oo thla oaotloo. In tho yoar 18-10. . Ur«o eom
toltleo hid hero ippo.utcd for Iho porpcio of 10.
reetlgilleg Ihr. lubjccl, and ia 1841 they made eo
•bio "rport, doel.riop Sl.eery, l« bo a (reel mor
al, polllteal udaoeial e.ll, , 0 d that wnctccer it
exUted, there muit be (null aoraewbere. In 1815
milhgreot unanimity they reaffirmed their fotmer
deei.loo. He thoottht that each of tho member,
of the Synod aboold examine the preelalon. of the
leer wtih peel care bafore he expreaaed aoy
opinion on thf subject. .
The Rev. Mr. Mfation bettered the law to be
a mo.t intquttoua 000, and oae calling f,„ .erne
action on their part. They conld net with . „ood
coaaclence obey It, or carry oat iu provimone,
and the community abonld oodeavur to have itre
pealed. How could they .refute lo attend lo the
prayer of tho memortaliau. ao respectfully eubmlu
teel For bu part he would hearttie lona, before
he wonld do any thro* which migoi ihwart their
reaaon.olo reqocrt. The Synod -should decloro
boldly that tho law waa dangerolla w the commu.
nuy, and contrary to ibe taw of God.
Doctor Campbell thoaght that tho preaeot oues.
tion waa not wfaaiber slavery, was right orwrouy
®? ngr f M h “ J «T'P«w to compel
them 10 aid the alive hunteruio capture their
prey. He bad qpver been engago* in affraafet.
ground railroad openitiona, but he would cotbfcJo
a maator to rccapturs a slave. Hia eubadenee
2S; d t b ." <™'d uotalo tS(. foil
•ooth, he waa i kickeaier, and was’iiabJoto a
very severe penary, nay to lupriaonmenL ahouW'
Christian men. thus be coapeJled to viofttwlfieir
oso.r.enoenJ Fot hia pm ho would gento prime
A motion waa undo ihnt the conoderation of
the memorini stouldbo lodefinltolypoalponod.
rne Reverend Al Torrence waa in favor of the
1 . 18 ,hoo « h ‘ inexpedient for
' SSKf.? l ?V 0r other law of the
M-iaronf ,but bethought
.JftJEiS? 1 M MM ecclesiastical btfy,
to mttunthls. Uw. and that u wts
'fot them to conaidel u at present
Tto RcTi NaUuAjcl Vest tbongju that knsts
The minutes of tbe Inst meeting were reed end
roaiTTV* iLavk uw.
0. C. BCEl), C'ltrki
IsS, '“‘ a *“ *“ <*Kr»«l when Ihty conflicu
04 ttuh Ito eommaadmenta of iho Lord. Why
tacotdmy 10 the mono of the Old Domlaioo be.
reammaca to tyraaay vaa a ainile. D.d aol
' 10 D'Hlaronomy, 13d cb.p.or,
10-l’, ihu “thou .baa no. man ibo .or!., at
'■““••"•pottmnibl. manor, ua.o
«. T . h a hw Horow...
dirocl >lwoon .bo law 01 God, and .bo
aw of ibo Uo.u.d Sum. and be wonld no. obey
Uo Inter. Were Umy, a. a Spied, to
' Mc * k “ao, or Iba! ol tbelr Me
i nit dn,y of llle Church vu to let us
l*hi be eoeo—to make its usefulness felt, and
wtienever an iniquitoqa law waa enacted, let
them cam* oat boldly agaiu.t It—let them de
dare that they will obey the law of God rather
than that ot map.
The Hev. Mr. Pafnter thought that as the law
aad been paaaed by a majority of the people, it
hould be obeyed. No mana conscience bad
cea as yet violated by it, and why should they
turn aude Iron the legitimate objects of tho meet
teg to aueud to this law. He hoped iho motion
would l*c cam. d.
The Itev. Dr. Wilson waa sorry that the me
morial bad been Introduced. Ho did not ques
ion the purity of the motives of iboee gentlemen
wbo bad sent it in, but regretted that they had
oodc to. II they paaaed it by, thoae Who were
not familiar with the feeling of the synod on the
subject, might misrepresent their action, and be
lieve that they were in favor of tbe law. If, on
t ho contrary, they would expreaa their opinions,
they would add tot bo political and social agitation
wlucb waa now rooking the land to the centre,
though he admitted that it wss wrong to aid in
recapturing a fugitive alave Ho thought that
the law, inasmuch aa it would compel them to
violate ibeir conscience*, waa unconstitutional
A simple expression of opinion, entered on the-r
mlnutec, might do but little harm at the North;
but would increase the rtoitetpent which was
101 l on tho subject in thn South; besides Iho oiti>
zoos would settle the matter withuol them, and
I there was no need to bid the Government defiance.
I Let the irorld fight 111 own battles—their duty
waa to keep the peace. Let them sty that while
slavery was a great evil, they did not feel called
oo to interfere at preieol iu the matter.
Dr. McPerraa offered the following as an
amendment to ibo report
Resolved, Toat whilst ibo Synod regard ibis as
one of the ques.ians m which t*o icittutloal action
would be highly improper, we are not disposed to
throw any discouragement in ific way oi our mem
bers, and the members of oer churches as oitl
seat, taking such setkm to obtain the repeal ofthis
law as a sense of duty msy dictate, and the civil
cuDaiiluiloo under which we live, may author'
After remarks by tbe Reverend Messrs. McMai
ter, Campbell, Wtlson, Quay, Boahneil, and Mo*
Ilvaine, the motion for indefinite postponement
«\2« p u»4 dvtm, almost unanimously.
On motion, tbe subject vu referred lo a Com*
tnittee, with matrucUooa lo hand in a report.
The following gentlemen were appoloted on
thia committee : the Reverend Messrs. McMas
torn, Qoay, and Wilaon, together with Eiders
Jamea Gordon and Alexander Semple.
Tho member* of the committee are understood
to be almost unanimously opposed to the Fciitivo
Slave Lav.
After receiving a few memorials, and attending
to tome basinets of minor importance, the Synod
Stosm —Our city was visited on Wednesday
night by one of tbe most terrific thondentorms we
hare ever witnessed. Boi little damage was dooe
in Pittsburgh, thoogh the lightning did consider!,
ble Injnry in Allegheny. A tree standing before
Mr. Jamea Dodd’s Jhonse, on tbe North Com.
mon was mock and cleft to tbe roots, the ecntrsl
portion being absolutely ground to powder. The
honses in the neighborhood were ahakca to their
foundations, and all the glass op Messrs. Dodd's,
Lamb’s, McGee’s and Yoong’a premise* was that*
tered to pieces. Tho piaster on tbs walls was
cracked, and large portions fell off.
All the inmates, as a matter of coarse .receive J
a aevere snock, bat none were much injured es.
cept Mr. James Dodd, who I offered severely,
though ho in in no danger.
Doctor Herron, who had been visiting a pitieoi
in the neighborhood, was felted to the esrth, and
lay Insensible for some time, thoogh wo under,
stand that be has quite recovered.
Tho Rev. Doctor Swift’s Church was struck
and saved by the l gbtntng rod was twisted'
by tbe violence of the electric fluid.
A frame house <n lbs Third Ward, occupied by
a colored l unity via much injured, the front being
entirely lorn Off. The inmates fortunately es
caped unhurt.
Atsa»r— llauu* Cuarcs —-Mewr*. Fraiornr,
Dunbar, aud Coiclessu, of the tiget watch, were
commiitt-d to prison yesterJay by ihe Mayor,
lor au alleged interference with pc man 9 whom
Barker «ays are watchmen. They were fined
ten dollars, aodtemtiog to pay ii, were commit
ted to pn*oa
They were afterwards brought before Judge
Hepburn en a writ of habeas corpus, but his
nnaor decided that hn could not mteriere 10 the
ease, and ad vised them to sue out a certiorari.—
W* presume that they will appeal from the May
or’a decision. if, indeed, he will allow them, as be
has refused others. If be should, the Court will
discharge them.
HoKastuu —The Coroner vu on fe§. | mm*,*..
l-.xi.Flo UM *a i.-nie.ton IIM bodr of f t»B1T1 KDI.Nu MKnrl* “l‘°| SJ,
a«ter. «*•. •,,« h,, J..J „ M ., , M i
'**•“ M.«. ; m!
qa.l» ii,:j ,nd b.d l.cnn l,ttd in one ett, HicKpS.*-!'' l * ‘ v **>*p *K« NKW castlk
Sin.p.bnr.n, . po* D o„™ Plfci. « «i «-■
aod Ufortaincd (b«l ibo ileeeaied d:erf from ifc* 1 h, PP c,# “i 5l We*'* direct *o«|.u n.;U,.iw«in |. 4W .
eXMMire u*o of ardret •pint», tbe bu ero ■> 'v«w wi*V*tu«i ( ou
bad tuaujuod noi n*Tinp riuwd bra death. • .
Waotndeoca accouotJnt torihe v.olonco wtu.-b JB
badbaco mfltctedoa him vaa adduced.
I Morr Roman —A Faihtr turptatJ ,f M-,, .
•Urvxg Au &>».— Coroner Arthurs vn callfd 0 ;i
ai ffht, to bold an ioqofil ou Uie ol John
J ‘' ae * who vu lying dead ■< bis father's bouse,
l)A)ardi(own. The deemed via a yoon* uaa
of nineteen roan of age, and was addicted tj id
Several witnesses teatiffed that they had seen
hi» faihar strike him several times with a puker
ju Tuesday, and on Wednesday be died. Tb«
father as well as toe am was intoxicated at the
tuae, while the mother was lying on the door in
the same condition.
Tbo members ol the coroner's jary were divided
in opinion, pari wishing to bring in a verdict to the
effect thai the deceased camo to hia death from
UwCTceniveoao or ardent apirita, and part that
be wanTanrdered by hia father.
A phyaidao was teat tor to make a post mor
tem examination of the body, but we did not loam
what the verdict of the jory was, as they did not
adjonrn Oil a late boar.
Uio-noMAKv or hJxcn-mtc’t—No. 19 of this
ffreitwork infer sale ai Holmes'Literary Depot,
Tatra Street.
DIU l, g>. QOWI'I
c " rln4 ,aJ *,*dl
n .111 .» , CU ,T AN, » U B EHUPTIONS
Affections, and all elUa **« Kin * • tvd, Neuralgic
. , _ ‘ FEMALE WEAKNF<?apo
FaISS"i 0 fl n V!*TO«‘- Whiie“Finer Aibus,
pSn!£®«ir ,e !! ro “’ Uaad Ache;
I lean. Low s B i„?, Palpitation of the
idwc^iSlsTSe? enmriebl * I *»' ©rw*
*V Vas^bee*' o s#Um1 >’ Vegalable.
the Profession In New York arJd N*
the Eastern Btaiea »MaMLliv^- Naw
a genoial porifier o? the b ? 1
sysiom—as a Genains r.mii. Tv a ° f tb«
ami eJßeaey of the . • The parity
known, and iMsmediema **?“«!«"• ■«*well
eertihcaies and cues *}° lon 5 U« of
—m" pul ».ii. «:i*i L ,
nendatlon. * lwem yean Is iu bcstrccom
puilla ihat°£a? oa'uJeLlver Sdn« tt ° “? ly Bnr ”*
the same time, which randan* ,nd u,oo ‘ l **
">& i2g uon to,b
purchase a bottle ofthli vlin>*kil t r > * l P'““Pblei t and
••K“SS«S li " a “
H T vv; A Co„
W. Jackcoti, PiiiAbut mlI Da’ *{' Mohlcr i
W. R McClelland, Afanchrsuiri» any;
viUej James Paatlft Co Wh£n«‘J? f ? < M <sr V. nrown **
and E. G. Morgan, si. cla^aHli^Mm 11, ff 1 ?” 00
Cadix. Also, by ” 1 * “'Dei™ A Knox,
I>H T&t.'ISW ?0.. Proprietors,
T °«!r '"'"Ktar ° •
CAPITA!, 1180,000,
? Wui ■tosb is® ** I ' r "’‘
Will b. Übmu,-ifiSd u< p,o np^
wellktownlnthoeoraji^^f 3 who a-ra
ed by jvomptneta and Übemfirv n m.ilV, 6 d f ler nu->-
acterwhich they have atsumed *?J^Sr U - tla,,,# cb * r *
prutaecnn to those who desire to ba lh ® be,,J
UnmoßA—JLMiller,Jr^,CM.r»if'i u » C w «
N, Wo.B. llolmes rV.Si/' w * B ®tler,
Jacksoi, Wnu M. LyoaT j„ ' v -
Ulek,JuilUiAd.r'ASu.N|flfP% ,n ’ . Tb °‘- K
oiTin, No. m Vluii SSl ftS:fj 0 ! 1 -
aCo.imutr».lPiiubiir.l.. I “"i^^jifbbT
j. a. co run,]
Rmtnnibufk, ft, > - mji-ms,
Packet* arriving at and departing from
Port of Pittsburgh.
Captain Jonn Bikxijfa^sj.
f {£*."" A amntt , P* CI liO*i waa ball! by the
W&Stf&SV SlSt,k° f *t«amer laaar Ncwicn,
for . *« Cincinnati and
»e«*e every tradc > wi!l
tb« New England, No* * Cincinnati, ui place oi
P^LS‘« hl ° r P-, “*5 3 Wfl W 8 board, oi „
ujjjjiLTKNßEb(,-F.R Airi
. /T**— It Th e aplendid * S
« o’clock, p. M.
or apply OT
FOB Cl‘ :
- - -iNCINNATfT ‘
, Th» splendid atauner
v f . 11 ' the ln«t.. *t 10 o’clock, A M *'
- t-Qf freight or niua<e, apply on l>o»rJ ~ 0 „ la
• /***■■• tW The new He nine r
i \gste&& r «, r- DEAN,
Gallagher, will leave tin* jay
"**™«irnr above, at lOo'eloek. A M *
or p,« aee ,.V.p!v Cn board 0 „«
thr* day, ai 4 I* hj ® * "nd all mtriwediaie landing!
Kor Ireimior p.«.s te , ipplp „„ „ la
K The steamer
Jfeidt 1 »•„. T re „ J ™L , a N .S
SSssssttSfra - ss
For freight or p&Moffr. apply on t,o* r j. or
day afternoon, and Sunfish «»ery Krid.iv IV£L%! >ct '
For freight or passage, oof t*
a. The splendid steamer
Lfewtotag „ , t YOUGJIIOGHKNV
U 1 tor above
SSTTISrtSf “p. m! crery
_For freight orpaisagc apply on board. , pp 7
TUa swift passenger steamer ■■S^BBaSaw
Rn( „„ n »t RRVFJUJS,
rSaIP.. JOr S ra,,ler ’ wilJ le «*« Pilt*bor«h every
wa «*’ Fhyraday, and Saturday morning* iur
Utd Jllh lie u...| dr. r „ c |,,
fora "''“-S
bwpoindfxtciia co
ClI AN( i K OF^HOUK^"*
Cantral BatJroad opta^oHollldayiburg
ia*J niUi' Canal to Jonnninm —28U mb* R ai /
tteaii inn Johnttovm to Philadelphia.
Exclusively for Passengers,
Time through, 45 he«ra^....pai*~SlO
o‘t “ */H, r Mondsy, September Iflth, mo daily
Paetet Boats will leave fir Johnstown Cmm
Phw f“k 4 ,plend,d cew csrs\u<ui miles dUeot°S
Phi.adelphta, passing over the )imw Peunsyivaoia
Road, being ono ©< the very Util in u,e country
hv this route oiafc*v it the most
Issi'siY" 11 “ ,6 * “
A Packet Boat will leave evlery rawniOg at'/ o’-
oi 2£l*^ 4 £ vtn e " e *'n* at ? ocLrV precfih
«<■» ...
0»ljr J ( Mil., git. B i, E .
VU BUtam. ..1
K4M to DiUujcrii—«... j ltt qj
T k*- rn:t*AD«Lnru—i.. ;12 DO
Ufc moriunw boatleavei the >h»rr, tbora the
—“il'l'L J 'SSgKnira.Ai.m_
■fit ISstj -
t?"™. *’ r !* ot ** Bl 15 , ‘i' w receiveJ, *xu
1 ill be introduced on datutiSiyjlUt in»u by
„„„„ WcCftRDJtCU
us,s Cor Fiflb A ,u.
PRINTING VAI'KR -|.*Wv4 X W '-- --
b,«,i.,,h am „ kf ,. 10t .JV; 118 ** 3 * ,u «•*
A » <>N JlAfcl3-;»ea»k..otuuHiut rbdgL. wifj t.r
»0..| low tl , clo»c the lot l.y 8
'Vit»r 4 Front «j\
A TTO R y E V A T I. A W
No HO Pirtta atre«t '
1 OIIN H. WKLLOK, No cl Wood armt vote tiocai
P f flo Kon ** lQ * "'e»tern pLo
toiiowtnjt rS2* £
cfai2SS,T P «.’JL- b i " *■«*'« »»
*> etcgsfit Rouwood, ? do
* *| 0 Jo «» do; -
• UO do 0 do; •
1 do Vnhojenjr, 6 do
} r ~ w *JUBI, 8 do,
I Inn carved tcmigrand., rs.
A CAllD—The auhnrntwr h,,' ,j. e nbature a t
iinnonncinj to the citiseni of Pittsburgh. that hehoi
raaiie arrangement. nub Mr. John II Mellnr for iha
wI'ZZl 0 S* le of ,*• *"”> **«•" " "Stt Si
m.. P » ■ nd those wishing w par*
SfJr.S.’jM IT u “‘' ‘»“«««"in k fiiu..
OkS.fcf d . ,tton *° lbe * bolfe * ,ook of Piano* from Mri
J?» hl » * » new *■ ofiered ireni ibe factories
N.i V?rk*£?fiV n* C 0« * »«««>. •"dWoreSSr*
f* ow York, and ilalletl, Cunmea.A Allen, Boston a!
P iepii * r,,D|l (r °® W 0 t 0 ll,Te * dollars •
9 for October, jon recai red and for tale tv
orf « R HOrKINM
- V.. p 8 Apollo Buildings, «th stYJ
EXo Psoplo from ihi Ola OenitTr; —
A*? n T "“VS? 1 * kl °? ®f ®MJru*f, FI no, »u»n«,
•ml Bough Flavored Dlaek Teas tbat are s.ed ft
Ckn V «ao« p*ib.'.i 4 ’ . lUwo * , h , a.-T«a 8 tore, can aide ofibo
iharnond. ‘and no where el«« In Plnahnreli.”. agp'M
I‘AMSB—-The fast in'mafket can b«
A had at the agency ofCUhton Mill.. M Woodat.
*££*L, wp Marshall
Jm Mnapraat * Bona* Patoni'sodiTAal^
®Q/1 P a SKS of the above celebrated bjfifid, pan
m nore, and the tenalncer m arrive U;i* nnd
wit month,per “Anna Rich,” “Kotopc/' “Borlm, 1 ' aod
4 P *'f Vi ? J?' , * d< * , pMa and Baltimore,•warr.tu
nd superior in both strength and quality to any in iha
market, ior sale at ihe lowest rrlca Tor bk«h and ap
proved bills, by w 4 m MITCHKI.TfIUC
. _J£henr «tre.|
Mutic and Musical JrutTvmeiut,
Sign of the Golden Harp, No 1011 bird meet.
-IL KLEBER fe«pecifnlly informs
hls/.iend* and the public, tbat be ba>
resumed from iho r.sit, with a
■ • * " I*most elegant and extensive assort
memo( Pianos of v&noas sty Ira and -price., adeeied
»Y Jiirafelf, witt greruoaro. at ihe celebrated ftietotw
of Nonas a Clark. N. V.. amt Ddob.m, N. V./iti>n or
f todsKdc Durham, N. V.) • Hosing selected theifbosV
from an immense stock jar. finished by jhe-ahnvr
uiakei*,.thrv are warranted of 'superior quality and
tone, and will m an eases beaoti) «• New York fac
tory prides. Purchasers will rreeite • written guar
•nty with each Piano, entitling them to an exebuge
or roinrn or same if found defective.
Also, a lot of splendid UniKus.-fraoi the factory et
Schmidt h Maul. N V They aso a superb article,
and warranted tuuii, u not .apeiiior, to any made In
the world. . .. . :
Abo, a fine selection of Fiui«4, Clarionet. yiedina, ;
Strings,Braes Insirnraem#, and the newest mod Dost
popular mukie, Including jenny Ltnd-'s celebrated
«ongs. .... _-J «ep*V
VfDHPHY A iIURCMFIKLD, it ootth east corner
hvA pfponnh and Market screou,.aie now supplied
with, a fall tho various qualities of
above desirable goods, and having betn purchased
m«n the Importers can. be warranted renume oc3
Uiilitreni a lole o( Cruelly and Oppiersion, is iho
imo of a new pme nrieiiy T. S. Aithur. It ij skid, to
site at. Holmes
*i« thJ te r™, ,lre ' ,t °PPo»lle the Post Office;
i ?m " f R ‘ Mdjor Richard
•on, Living Age No io. ‘
JwT HEillip.Vui* Factory, ikTyarda
Wagon Cover Oil Cloth, a good .mele.lor sale j,y
_°M ■ 7AM Wood at *
fIIAttPAULINS—6 very heavy luio TtiPWUiii. gj
J, the best quality oflndiAßobber, on hand and for
nut* (ecu Mapmujpa
J?I)I7SB8, LOT.- '-ARMS.
Peun ctiMt, corner of Kvan* Alley Jnomre >or
AFOUK Story Dwelling, tlale’roo', office, bait
room, ga* fixtures, and bake oven, U!) Third il
inquire at f-0 Water HreeL te p3
lasd for bale.
THE Chartier’a Coal Company will sell some ver;
desirable pieces of land, riinatrd on mid near lb
Steubenville Turnpike, and near the southern leruiinu
of their rail roßd.
TJ’fl land will be divided Into qomlilies to tan pur
ejiasera, and tbe lerini ot payment will be vert euty.
Enquire of Z \V RKMINCIV.N.
>■■o*l Harbor, Ifei
ipt t».~<epit:dli
ANDpoifcMionpiven immediitely.ilieThrer Siory
Brick Bwrilififf House. No Cs» Liberty itreei, and
Third »L AI SO,
The Second afidThinl Siorle* erf Warehouse No 3
Msrkei meet. Enquire of
B C STOCKTON. Bookseller*.
4? Market st.
V A j;H, A ? LF " RKAL estate on pennstueet
.J,,, V l ' S>ALE.—A Lot of Groand innate on Penn
tie h..’i.f>V Wc ?V Mtiritiry meets. adjouiiiig
h*n. • «v WJ lm now ccccpfed by Richard Kdwn/tli,
„utl JiV' ?.'» feM, ■n'j L- dfplh ISO feel, will In
nni r . It T,>r# hieiann«- Title unexceptionable. Eft.
ocwj-dtr C ° Lo °MlS,4ih it,near Wood.
P Merchant
ornoe coniianffin uln? u L,, ** rn! \ dvM,c «»
promptly nttenaed ' *€ e,ir y bu.»sre«#
«- * rum., > , .
»T LOBI* I \ 1 W BfiOCiW.t,
niart.’t-ilAxrfimT * WTiaot'»»«
J- B K W iiLL,
Ohio state commipimonfu .l.
"‘““'V Ack h r ot &M. Y*;" 1 IHP
lut " ‘ nmiiwwa,
IIirROVEMCTS OP men tTOfiE toot, cor of Pnurll, t Bllk '
WILL 11E-OPEN, • ’
On Monday morning , 23« f SeytmUr,
Wltli u Large Stock of New Goods.
No 47 Market atreet, corner of Third =t
Hrfir?" h f"i for ■* l '. W-niin,, Lciier,
jkf,;..' i, "5* r . e “* . B " J Paper; Bonnet,
I," I .Trunk Roardu; Dook and Newt
D m PKKK b i ß " tnovei * to Libcny MreeL below
OHAOKLETT a white,
wBOLmu ntiLiu m
Krf. 101 Wood atr««t,
TUrpXhr * n ( B " don ».uyw 10 ibeir line stock
A cl rresh Good* now opening. and which ft,,.- .re
loi! S.S ’ rr ""‘»S frert coo.!, Jut.
i“ockbv »c«« d rr ? Qeft an exiuninaiwn of onr
•lock oy western merchant*, und others vitmne our
Ko. 130 Libert y.Btrect,
r»EGS re»r>rctf«lly t.> inform bis nomrrooi friends
•D and easterners, ihat he is-last recti™* k
INGS.oI the newest styles, adaptec tor the approach
.nj fall ard winter seasons. Ail those !n of
ct.cbj. fashionable, an.l good elothins w% Uo s,
>«*'«• most fashionable, nnJ h£" ? £
" p • tern country, at this establishment «ej-19
Manufacturers of ever? variety of
001, Pitun), acd Plain Klim tiais Ware
ORPEItS (tiled Tviiboui delay at ,i>e. ir»»e»ttnsi
ket, ni tncu faetc-ty, on T.y -ireet. near
second, o,- si hi* Water stieot. IV.tiLurch
teplAjfu . w..Ljr a a.
Opening of tfce PeßisyiTuiu Hall Road
to Fltlabtirgh.
THE Pcnnrylvaaift Kail Road Coerpiny haTinr
c, f. le, ' d whole line at rail toac to Holliday.*
j.vrgh, thus eorr.erunc tLe Pnrtace Rad Road to
Johnstown, and from ihencc bv boats to Pimt.urrb'
"l!t°P.'I Pr ' 1 ”r d ” ror»orJ merain!
d'-'r U « ?0 eCC ’ A< "’’ l3 * ,nT! Pii:,b “ rf 'h »i;d I‘aiia-
?j ,{ ' wH lease the depot of the renutanr for Jnhi.stovn, there cannecMu- *nth
.ra.o of car* for Philadelphia, thuß m* de.
• *crj oi »1> in PelUtielphia within five ,i* 5 s
. . „ , BJ'.LL i MfipUT
AjenU loi I 4 IL 11. c», Canal Basn, l*ttt*-iurvh.i
irt C'RAJG fc BELLAS, Afensa, ;
« L pl».alty • Philadelphia |
B' ProEiamauoa. —'
k tae hands of Wra. Bi
p *«‘<lcni4.ft{icCr:nrt of Common Picas
■ lLe r F ‘3' i i=r««*LJ>i»:rlct rf Pcunsylvanift/
•ra Jetuca of the Court is- Oyer and Term net rird
"i* 1 1,1 ,{, i <n *' l ttmiri; nnd
ili™. rl\ Ir “ ,,J Slrau<:! Awodiate*
jßdpuofU.e same conrty, in and for •at Crump,-o<
AUetfccny dated the ICth day ef Argon. •<. iho tcm'
ut our Lo*d tboarnnd etc lit hiu'd--». ird *7— and
to rae duectcd, W taldioir a Court <sf Oyer iu.tjVer
rctticr sed Crnem Jatl Drlircrr, et the Coon !lob‘e.
-n the CUT Ct Pittsburgh, nu ttt trouii:. ?.;o.,Jsy
Ovtoter ncas«i 1" o’clock A M •,
Pcl.i.c uonce i* hereby gitrer, io all j’uvuce* of ,y. e
Prye, Coroner, nuu C-mirahic »f the.,
•re) l>e ta“Tt and thete, io their proper per*Oiiv, wi;»
r.r ro ■, ire>■ res, io. t u:SiPot.t, tsstumation’ m o
|-I..rr l'-Q;inihlu:u'e*, to Ov tliusr thlre*. w'.K-ll to
bi I.'thi-e- ur their fehso nppejlßin io ho.
• I 5 -i:J t.l‘o M.BI Wilt J'Iv.'.CSBIC the prt?r,.K»«
.a-t r.uw .re ..I m,r be m u.e ,«d of «md county „t
*H<*Curoy. to hr thco acd there to ptoitcute
them fa» Mlbli be Jtua 3
iir.ler iut hm.! «i Uu» lush dny,
? A«n-u«s. in ( ..r v«*r f I cur i.i* 1 ore ifccbcarrf *saht
huudr,-,* , Jl( « u;,/. «a 4 pf Si.«CV,t mt n*,*hh lf.«
-<U|i:.iA wl.i r OARIJ R CUKTIi*. J»bernl. '
Ir'l KCPTORN* kotick,
NO. It F. i? iii-reliv ;ivrn. fou; Letters Test «rtfrnia:v
l» » e Oi-e.n tn lie mbsrril>«*r». as rx« ~i:ir>ri
oMi,e last will utid e.Ua.. cm oJ Jnutra McHenry, late
*V ‘**'l 0! I>«>luY*t, CcceateJ. All r.e:soj,».
it.-retoTe., having Jun.s or ,1,-mn.„l» vg,;,,.. for
e«t*ir m 8*„1 diierdi-.iit, ire requested to ui«;e suimn
to: ttioa to form witboai Jr.*.,y
Tints sctrrr.
UUV.V del-itw
AuaijuisTnATofvs notice.
NOTICE »* hereby jriven, that Loner* « i Admiul*-
irfttiou have ibi* Oar bren grn«ted 'o ihe under
iwom!, omhß ettair. erjoin VV !*tc 01 the ril
of Pi t,r.ur ? ii. dre’d. All person. mcet.lrd lo ibe
-lit. eettie are K-ijaeMieiJ to Broke immediate pa>mro:,
•j J.| ll) Ml , ivui« C lilniiini ll ,i i i ni || present hen
Jj.Jj noilicnucnird, lor settlement
101 Market «• ’
■ fcTTEHs ot AtimuiKtroiron Usvtnt Urn aram*)
U .be.uuilcriijdicd on the estate ot U>e | U (r Getn-tr
1.. HP!./, uecfimd, til jv rwn» V e »Pua ai“d
o ui»se inittif disi.' ?a» nj.-.tit, and ilu'v rlnm»
l(> |*«cmci ..i* same. projrriy authenticated, io either
o( tk; iuliic,:ice i», i,)r liquidation.
. <;eoruf. c Rf./s,
tnt * WtIUTU Mtwh.w.y
W® *»b*enber respectfully invites public attention 10
«• txtsiMivo nock oi Perfumery, Soaps, Shaving
t.v« M V*Y 4c ‘ ,u> w, ‘» c h «fven Silver and two Goidru
Medals have, within the last six yurs, been awarded
by the Institutes of New York. Boston, and Phil*,
delphva, the latter being the aaty Golden Medals ever
awarded for perfumery either In Europe or in this
country. ' •
Kwusxl's UtwrxLLXD Bjtavusa CbeaM, (Almond,
Ko*e, ami Ambrosial,) universally acknowledged to
be superior u» auy Shaving Cream la tlus country or
UtAonuNi roa gtuvttw— Beautifully traiwparem;
and possesung highly Saponaceous and emollient
properties; Saponaceous Compound; Ambrosial Sbov:
uig Tablet; Military Shaving Soap.
SvrxßrLtaToit,« Soar*—Almond, Rose, Millcfleurs,
Bonijaci, Pistachio, Muifc, Patchouly, Omnibus, Floats
ir.e. Transparent, Olive OH, Windsor, and Circamnri
Exrtucra rca tu* ILiiTDXExct'ixr—Rose, Jasmin,
Bouquet Je Caroline, Geranium, Jenny Lind, Mnoueg
v}* 9 * Club, Magnolia, Cleinatne, Citroncllq
Homl, ana iqany oiljcr varieties, in ail sixty different
perfumes, i
TottW Wxtsbs—Florida Water, Esn da Toilette,'
Orange Flower Water, and a-grcsl Variety of Co
lonies anULa vernier Waters }
VBkpXKstmas ro» to* HU.B—Gtnolae Bear** Oil,
Aniiquo. Oil, Bandoline, Eau Lurtralc, Ofcine, Com*
pound OxMatrbw, Hair Dyes, liquid and In powder,
Mtd Phllbeome. Riciuine, and Jenny Lsnd Pommies.
Ono»f*Ldic raintATtoss— Balsamio Elixir, Rose
Tooth Paste,-Charcoal-Deiuriiire, Odontme, Tooth
Panto, and Tooth Powdar.
Coaarrita—Vegetable Cosmetic Cream, Autandiee
for chadfkd hands. Cold Cream of Hoses, Cieani dt
Perao, Lip Salve, Raspberry CrCvn, 4?.
Depilatory Powders, for rcnioviuff soperflaous hair,
Putrl PO'waer, Viust/jre de-Ilooge, Aromatic Vinegar,-
Victoria Hair Composition, Prtxtuu Belts, besides
a great variety u( other araciet, 100 uunlcieus to be
named in tali advertisement. ’
The submitcr hot-cs ro maintain the reputation
which Una establishment aas acquired, bydupostng
of ncihlng b»j< : £ri( rate article*, aud will be happy to
(nrni.h tr.oie who may wish In .pairouize him, etute-r
wholesale or taiaiJ, on as reasonahte terms os any e»-
tnMishuent ut Lh» Dinted Kittaa.
Successor to and former Director of the Lsboiutory
1U Chesnat streat.-
Mt. JJasia* perfumery Is for sole by oil thoprinei
psl Unjqeins In the country -»pl7;dlyi
„ A.. A. MASON-a CO.'
. n '*' hird . k F V U ct3 ' «wcet», Pittsburgh,
INVIIE tno-aitrntion of merchants viiltinu the cltv
I to their extensive .dock of Pail and Winter Goods’
selected-.with great cure ar.d auentten from recent
jtnpertatioiiis large auction sale*, and from the lead
mg manufacturers, by their rerident partner in New
» ork. Iheir stock this tall will be found to be much
larger aad more railed than auy they have ever berate
broegbl to ibis maiket, bring teplei.itl;e.l by i«;c>-ip<>
of goods almost daily tlirouga the season as they np
pear m the tasteru taatkcUt, tfnJermp u.cir«>ock ot
all times foil ami otrttet, tlforcby enabling them »af •
cestfuily to compete witn r»«tcn? h«tj>c" septf
CKEAfd CUEESE— 210 bxs just wo'd lor »me by
tep? J |}»:*NFIKI.U
Ssltsri’ Liver Pills EUJikvcede *ll osberii
- sittii, Vit , S*epL’JO, l“tf-
Mr. R.K Pelirtiw- Your Pills have betoracw ft-pu
!»r -lit alt thie rviaoii of counwy, a* very much to
*“C2&?' ott *“ " ‘ j^ibaTewis
O'-ttCACt of Letter.)
J’uicliiicn will Ycedlfoct.that p.E>SeUers*Liver
puts art the criainal and only True and Geitulae
Liver Pill, and may be had at No 57 wood and'of
crugx>*u gtncrolly In the two cities and vtonity.
sedtin • * . ~ ~ '
t'tLUVER. fbrls in store and for aalebr i
/ >epx j b canfifXd
WIIITE FISH—IS brl» for sale by
BAY . _ , A W k.
fpHBS£ celebrated and junly aoKnovrledfvd
-A Ptpor cooes. in ilte laic-i coloured an.l remt i
proved style* will t, c flirtmbed bylbeMtSri >L
In any quanuYy.'a. the very lowest £„«« IVefe
fJhH rg i p,eM<, ‘. UoMce lhut ,he *’ CT:olne I&Sttt
SIS* Sr; tefe*
Hoolen Shaw Why theirsm-erinr finish
texture, and bnllianey «, rolursV
Iron, ail geetlonaof the encrm-.niul ibr »aroe»lPta
promptly otiesidad 10. Purchaser* wpi *•*,, fiM
onr eWI a I,t, c or eA”
oilier most approved make- ~r . d nowest t J~«i l,
Afpencan, Freneli, and Seolrit Woolen SS*n»u.“L
breoioff aj-reat variety of plain au.l medium Tivlka
forfnerds. xLSO, 1 "■*“
i ZTJIV P™**™** »?«#f Shawls in
and Cc'nred bilk bhawli—l.«iun»
Colored Thibet tihuo.!', with rllknod wr.olen Prince.
—;Parl« Printed re ant Tcrieru Shswft- and hmbratiirred Crape bhawU-.New «tyl#
Primed Palm S figured Pan. iWu
Shawls— Lupin* .Black ar.l Mod- Colored n.i,*
If/ S/>awl«--Pfain bound Seal Skm Sliiwlr-Pitia
Mode Colored Frtnch Terkerri i*h*w'*. frinsed «t,j
oonnd— quarter Freneh Mode Colored fbihet
Cloth, mea«nrui|rfiiH two vard* wide n>r Shawls
binding ui match-eWmu and Colored Barcelona nr-tf
Oen.esee Shawls, i,-. Wholesale and Retail ‘
■epl9:d*wann4 18
br » Ouyaott'aTExtrnet of Dock
ainjl Sarsaparilla
DUT op 10 the forges! sued bottlas, contain* mt.
* of the pure Ho/tdura* Smapuniin then any oiht
preparhtloii citani which is chointcsliy eombi-7*
' Kxirac: of.VelJflw Dock, the Eiutctof Wii
i R«ii«m ofFtr, tfcy. trakinc ■>••• »cir<
mi.T? ,h0 « 0 F»'«? «*ekirt tltnn ony o v r *s»r. n
! ASibeetocuneiiU^?i«! c ]
I **Uv other*r'O'Wßa.tvhich cannot be sai
1 v»Ha\h£w » r *•* compound*. Tic .n
.SS ’tSSfS&f'JttV” > i r . <i.
parfle'. ' 0!, “ ln!
• «« by »p„i lio , Ita °“ n «*»
1 Ihe poiMQf nifty occu.uonuilv r *
they. .» vtuau- the bloc,-. u£l L tu
U u ftU l lhe wbnl * system with thth " nivr r*
the Am cold, or tltr Am r ft' u etrtc,r ' l * i *
lh= pulem’i >ll.Ptl>.,,„d fc'”'’,I’™'""'-’ 1 ’™'""'-’
m<>»{ exerntfoting torture 6mt«»i 011, r >*' U>a
Sarsaparilla preparation* atone,' «Kd u « <T° n ° BJ
Improved Extractor Yellow Dock , n( i o* V 1 ,
which is thoroughly efiuacioui Snrsapftnlin.
jto* *■«* ’‘Ml i"Si
iu genial inflcenca. Ui£ ‘-**° yields to
Scrofula, Canceroai Tumora, Cutaneous m.».„
u,fa - Enlargement or I‘oJnsln the
olil and etabhorn-lflcen, Fever Saw*, IHn iw-£’
Swetling ortho OJaxids, Ulotele*, Syob file
u>rn«, Lumbiieo, Drop>y,
avenue, Ea.t n./Bnm.Atfrcttonaofthc Kidney* oYd
di«-.-e* arising from an injudicious urc of & r«<
ry, Mint-tern fW Turont, |lVe*kns»a of the o£«
Fttlraonarv Afferitonr. and all other
»** toward* Coemption. Live r
Irreenltnuei and Comrlnimr,
Headache-General DebiJtiy, Lou-Rnml t ,
Appetite, Jjicht Bfreau. °f
Shoulder* l-Jipoaare or Imprudence inLiC-rhi^
ic Cosuttiwrfmvl Disorder^X. “Sruhn-t
AcmofVlarauJM-£j o fsssliai ™r, -m-T,
I7 T M 'AaV n “l? 0( * l«»er d*S?sSt%
teriOff from Oirrmied Limb*, t*, J «T;ojc ewe* nL
becn.pfoooiißce-J hopelea. by W* 7,£ t
weiao*. Itcokhnnmo tiv ‘v t, - lF
Gnyamf. Yellow Dork ar.d Sw»p«j2
am eldest .ha: 0* Yellow l&TCJf£r-*?!rf"?
H l ffc L w * rra » ntt cure. She i« better tn‘ rrnrrtl
oeatthtban the fcii c»cr b*oa l-florr /-, d v! .
n.tlr or twowTMintit' r,r >..„n. A v^T-.
U<«o C ruir XI. 1 Will report tfvc C -.•■»• iX't <' • • L-' r " >J
\errrejprcT.;;;y t K lilM'rifLv
i, ,■ . I'Hcnomj. •
‘‘A 1 *„«?“ tT men, ibr, j- •"<.
varied eaiaJoijue to whjch ican ia
there is scarcely orajt'fsuch tmpontnee, and
interrtt asiacroioln, Whether woldbfc iuA= of. sue.™
ofitscnmn, tu insidious proreii, tiic ar \
■m«tyoroijwißtta<i!att*rka,oritt mmue-r>Vn
curability »*« ei.-p-lrefatality ln
hcro/aia ha. baaed the *k:llcr the rocrinai.t
phy>4.,tanß in lb:» enaetry oml it. Krtrope. Itpt thrm 1«
anodote to? thU djseaee'w Dr Gut net’s Flu an t»'
•-Ve low Dwl or4»*«r»»partlJi,’' v*iVh is sioE
•crullia* 1^01 ,fl U,u “° n “ WB eases of
An.eiuaotdinary E<*o oi 'i'ou-i'of.v cared b? tha
solo u-»e <H -f.uTou’)* Cya>’2?il SvmD «» weft by ibise*nHl<-«u*that Mtuzna snxUuk
undcr:h«CMtroeottff several ee’shrau-d tihuisiaru
<or tie pmSSt yeaJ », wieion ; u.-rivinß w, l-tS**
»ud bw earr-j by u , O * * fc»
of Ba C Own pound .Vrup.
wor.c)? canwu pay, | wa imloecidu titan nnaUr tT
Intnylctaccnt cf ti« L Cl ,eb! i t,acr.? cn vcdfrrm *OO7
jnvaiiwblc fyrap. Lviu e-.rclr mdloted with a.tsrn
ro*alflS* ‘tif-raae, t.-ujiia/y m oar fairs!7
con:TEcn,-.;4i t ia my r.rrt, r*d ~'
rprrad. s:>rn rrkehed.rav cB r-, rtW't- u.v* r.v f?«d
* r,tl fJtenduin all ovo.f r.;y fa.-, Bt;i t eV
|r*:;i:.!«-fc. 1 U’{- ,iur 4 CLiin i.-.lti’ir ol.ivei I.- -.1-* .
Ai mrdis my .ii,irc»r. *e« jrru-t i’t.; ! •*.*.• m.o, 1 - i,
Birrp nr he down, >lsl} the d-t-ie crVu.Lr.- in--, mv
oar* ‘dru.'iiii liJecirS a-‘mu.-.- A! r*iC j'iu
cr>nur.coc'cor.-, ircin.irf. n a <• c {
ami vvptti ir;<i n:<ni-t,£a!)y oouttc *--i- i'cepx a-ji.l
f u mr.rcr?«Mn< Ib»J the «taa’! pux,cr ‘Oir..**cth<*r
jSCW 1 "ONM-CJ ~
iny b'j-,r.e(x. rvctß-ttfistardiny I hod tho
pr.fcl intdirol t«vire, nnd tried di Jr.rrns plan* of treat
rornt. tor ei«e*sr •’.•intinßcd 10 prow twrr. until I ctvo
op ta despair, I-'miu-iatcy 1 !>ilm wall a pawoiper
Onihep.teaaboat. wh.Ho trarvllinrfnr is* betlih.w:*.
iiiiorcir.l me tint: M> -j,a «a» at ou- une in ?■> Had *
conujiioai.. I wm, iu;.l L*iat by us in? your Symn fc*
warrpredily ettrud 1 lo.mcdiouiv procured moot-
Ue.e. cpmu»encou ium.# it am! nr,a., niter harinj used
ic'j u#n «»x bottles, r.ftui wd! and -.Lie to attend to
n*y *••• jn.ei*. 1 »cr.d Jen this MMejurti! i.» f-nasto:
J uouce,oi.:> t opir,.» that It nav inuv.v the t.iSietcr! t,i
mate are of the rrvhi uirdl -icr, xml thereby tfcent
murb MttTemie an.: , c
I rfuipogi i mr servant.
vj ttn ra of Ergujv/cj.
Flic rorrs ficiinjir.ej by • Dr Cayvtm * Eruaatot
*eiJow Duel and Sid.optrilla arc lasting. The pn
Uem’a general health eotiunoe* ;n itr.proie after
fctnD, *' fl l. I'urtsa are noi chronicled until ttrm
tss rally tened that ibjre can L\- ro relapse o; return
of the
Nasu'ii, (llerkinirr C-r) Feb'/ISiO.
. S. i. lici!fcn& Ctwlienu. it is whu grratpleavtito
Uiat] wills »o U nl.flailh-? vr rv napjn *C< .v:» of >our
* ciinvr Dock and Sanap&ritla uro;i my ton, t/!jo Jiu
long been sctfenu* under that dic:i::*:il. loathsome dts
ea*e, Kjyaipelns, with .which he war attacked la tb4~,
■r.d waj lor several rnitn'ha attended by"some of car
ho3t artjlc.oc'*, w*o trigd ihe.r >Lili f'r
five month*, without any beneficial effect* whatever
He became reduced to H jiencci skeleton. Ilebadci
cer* from his bij* to, which were conrip.uiily
dieeharßiai diagvfuitgiy offcowse dialler. AJcificnl
and marginal skill w*-,baffled. I’hykieian* said that
lu» c*jie. was ho(n*ir*»4-tliere eoald be Eplhing dsno
to arrest those teiriHi'eaiiSJciieaif ufofiCil i«hr neigh
1 bor* and oi> self thoOgat his duioiu'utwj near hi hied
One of tay neighbor*, who had carted a child of scim
ala with your invaltjablo medicine, wished toe. iu,
make trial of it, and more from the restfau denra to
do something while life lasted, Uitn from hnpd of,
getting relief, I procured three bellies of your "Veit**
Dock and Suisaprrilla." am) comnien cd using 1:
and to my astonishment, he commenced ioisrcTißg
he had need the third boule, and oefora ho hod iisotTa
half do re a tioolu Ce eiicld walk out lie seed utsll
twelve battles, and by October last be wm
verege of ibe disease eierptlhc sears
i*> removal, and ho remains in perfect health *>p to.the
present ume. His recovery, ruder tho blessing 'oi
GOd, u entirely owing 10 IJte ccsif your Yellow Doth
and Sarsaparilla, and lotiure yo i that I feel m>+*‘J
under grant obligutioos lo you. and It It with gtcufjoy
that 1 inform yoa of whai your SanspnrilU has dope,
for ray son. * Rctpoctfally,
fryNtino genoiDo unltai put up in large boltlet,
containing a quad, and the name of Ice tjyrcp biova
ia Ui« irUsjq wltStbe written wnalure nr jVF. ;b*n
tieli, on tbctjemde wrapper. Free 91 per bettio***:
0 bailee tor ?S. ; _ .
Jiisfojd by J. I). i?j\ flK, North y.KkX ctreer-W
Faurtii apd walnvt Mteci*. eiiirurce oa
Ohio, ta whom aJt order* muit be aXitt-o*
tetl. c.c
Carter* Bro., EUT, W.T. Jf.’irtsotJ'A Ccl, Wtfcr
ft'Pi; 0!m A Clentnns, :Crmsht£Tiile;- - AbeMfcrTclL
Mucunsof Him* .Mix. Towandn; Robert Rfl*.WeJV
boio: b. ftoderielc. Caliecibmß; KWiJeox .Jr Pm*,
burpb, ooiner of MarkeOtum and the-DimaiotA. •.
JTtVrrifttOtVtlS ? - •••
•Creates übeaUby-ceuoa tiifoiijrbottt lie body, rtzten
ih« eppriuc,enenlxs- ibe circulation, K w© totmaad'
euerxy to iheieTatem.aiW create * power of rrtat
anre to dtaeste irt ad ita ferns* m«fy lo be OMainrt.
They will berfotrh; a »Ht3y and pemaittGi'cute of
D>»pep«a, lndi S ««ion. : Fl&tas*pey, General OebiUty.
L.rer Complaint, -fcjirt *>l ike train of tyaptofas caa
ffionijr ealied ttcrvoiiheCecilaiii...
w , tl . / HEADACHE !
«i» be tmroediaisiy retted by the use of tblslnetl
ttablecprßpOßnd, »uicti it purely Testable, aid la
•tulapied to alLoges ttifd Ccrdiilon*. S •
VVUVCnd Lathis de!icnte:k •J pa’atalile a
combination ol Tome. Alterative and Afcnan' juali :
tleikpcculiarlyadapitd tbthe'j syren*. ■ *
Tbo specific pcllou article h»s oc.teeLiter
utdDigestive (JrgaDa, render* itff complete AwKottt
for Feter acd Ague. andl'ilioas and Ty;lißj l-cverr.
Cjutxmi*, l. i. JOI7 r7>k is®>.
DiaaSis: . ,
I baa* itt*d too aiuelcof riMeu’a
and baao denrod c-jneiii irom Uiejn. I in\7Q
bebn iol'ioal ibr yearajau w tbe t ever and Arqc, 6m
»lawlheifSircdticrfDncf,your umtrs, t Jiovo erjurijly
p?Cni>ed wy uisal and can wiifi rcrGacdc©
r&commend them ■ a one ,t>f tbr. tj»*t Tonic* in 099, •
Reapftff'.Uly. .
y % • i . ,; C-'N.
£rrxscTtn.D, Jcne SJth.isja,
. ..l»#ivi*radJ»«ar>!e*«irau, »ut«,ifc«,tlhft
Dyipeprinwuij which isy lire h*4 been » bnr trsJb,
!#a ; *fi»ntf,Xfep.tn6cOon-«r.uie. Li»er. fceci he*
iirejy brereow, and cn«d by lbc ute efyoacinvcla
■oloprcv»rnurnor rated,. and forvouffciGdntnia
reconntenctng Utccij rjCTlte-neegyt my -..-
"•.^Otar" oititunt Jertsnt, ’. . . ,
.A” a 4 W
fruv«»iN*l^Yotltf •foramlaby •• - '*■ .
If) Flooring Boart*-,
» .SfcbjV f?"'? <*»> «* *
: .- ■• •. { ... .. ' ShyybttniV. :
• »
i T Adiainior«wlo3, on llie'etsaieaf STrs.
- *4a
1 k * f ®? ,e<J *0 ,he im«ersie=c<? r AH Fences irdebtrd-*r», .
; 'jWfcy. notified w mare Uaiaeditie pajmeht. t-nS
; ino»a ntron* difapLapslw; a&i4 ecixajoicfsinj. '•
,lke tut Promptly,for wuleflKnb ; . ';'sr- ~
i MplO-iilm .BOPERT JucKNlCirr,A^rntr.£»
1 .i»EMlfcJ*tHVtiis--iUußja'aonii»«»uh,u‘
Ajl i», , ,'• li dx 4)0 InsSdc:
JorrecSi in mIo by ~ 1 J* h PHttLipaT'
*?P» I j