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attetrnwuy reqaesteatohuui in
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Untied States Gazette, Philadelphia, received and for
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Odd Ftllowiam in Elections
eounif, it Seems, does not present the
only insttuice of roe influence of Odd FeUowiwn,
itrtha late ejection*. Indiana connty, in ihi3 Slate,
offers a Tory unking instance of the power of a *e
crrlsocietf to advance the political damn of a
brother. The Whig majority in that county avera
ges some 600, and yet a gentleman named Peelor,
by the combined influence of Locofocoism and Odd
Fellowism, was elecled Register and R.*corder, by
some 400 majority over the regular Whig nominee.
The way itwas done, is told by the Indiana Regis
ter, in a article, on the combinations aud in
fluences hi work to defeat the Whig ticket in that
connty, from which we lake the following ex
“Tbe mmC prominent and powerfo! among there
causes was the course pursued by the “Odd Fel
lows. 1 !’ \Ve mako this assertion,knowing what we
savi and not rearing successful contradiction.—
With tvs or three honorable tstiijOtoru eiery Odd
FeU» cp sn the eottiXu net only voted agcinrtriut
epenlf opposed the IFfor* party Tnere is now no
u«a in,denying the facttlut Odd Fellows will, al
least some times break over all pirty ties loEupport
• brother. There may be exceptions sufficient to
prove.tbe general rule, for no one will pretend to
aav tbjat there is no honorable high minded men
connected with the order. Three years ago, who
would have believed tnal there would be a lodge
established in our midst—in a community where
tbe subject of secret societies had been discimed
in the pulpit, in the press, and on the stamp, for
TtVeaty years, and when almost tbe entire popula
tion regarded such combinations as anti-Republi
can, end dangerous in their character and tenden
cies! ’ Yet tt is even so.”
Wo leave tha facts hero stated, for the consid
eration of evsry right thinking man. If the nid
of secret societies is again, as in former days, to be
brought to defeat tbe uninitiated, and help tbe cause
of a if it is to override political principles
and personal worth; if icea are under the necessity
of wiginga contest with a secret foe, in order to
secure just right*; if they are to find them
selves deserted and injured, where they bad a right
to expect support from a party friond, who permits
ttis-sccret to take the precedence of
bis political pledges, then it utime to consider
the great ddager to which our rights and liberties
are expose)]. If Odd Fellowism is to be used
hereafter for political purposes, and to promote the
political ends of in members, it is time tn« com
munity was made acquainted with the facts
Tut Arctcas Slave Coast. —Tbe Republic
publishes a letter from Portsmouth, England, which
furnishes come iatciesttng intelligence respecting
tbe operations ot the British on the western coast of
! Africa. The brigantine Bounetta, bsd taken seven
pnxcSjSlavura, daring the atay of two years and a
hall bo the station, and the steam sloop Heels, had
taken nine during her stay. The steamer Teazer
also took four prizes’ in a abort lime. The British
Admiralty intend to withdraw all the sailing vessels
from the slat'on, and to replacotbem by thirty two
sie&ni ships, which are Jo be constantly employed
•for the suppression of the slave trade. In future no
. sailing vessel will be employed for that purpose.—
One of tbe steamers is ordered to proceed to tho
coast about the first of every month, with the mails,
and relieve soother from daty there. Several of
. these pteamers were at the date of- the letter fitting
out at Portsmouth, aod the hrat one was ready for
commission on the first of October. Lieutenant
Commander Forbes, who commanded the brigan
tine Bravelta, by wbese arrival ai Portsmouth the
above news has been received, was engaged the
past year in a vain effort to negotiate a treaty with
1 the King of Dahomey, abolishing the slave trade in
his dominions. The King, as a special favor, pre
sented him a young prince** seven years of age,
whotp be'carried to England to be educated. Per
ceiving them offering up thirty human beings at
one of their religious sacrifices, he bought two men
from: among them, aged respectively, 40 and 50
yvart, and t-eanbem to Fernando Po, to be Isbera
ted. ; The steamer Teaser, which bad jo-4 arrived
at Portsmouth from the slave coaM, brought home
from'tbe Gambia a piece of Dutch bra»s ordnance,
which, although two hundred years old, is loaded
to the breach, and tbe charge aud sho;kcpt in their
proper position, inside the gan, by a quoin nearly
similarto the plan of a gun submitted to a select
committee at Woolwich, by Major Cavaili, of the
Sardanian service, end cow tt Shoeburynes*,
haring experiments made with it. It was tried oc
board the Teaz-r and found to work badly.
lUiutoat) Lxrnso.—We learn
(rcai the Elnirartilo paper, that (he remainder ot
the Western Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad
was Jet in th-*t placr, on last Friday, to ihe follow
ing -persons^
Section \€. M’Cabe & Tons*r.
16. Martin it Patton.
17. Wa. Freelaod A: Co.
19. Jones fit Fenton.
20. Col. James Freeland.
21. Keele icHowley.
22. Wynkoop, Lamgan 6: Con.
23. Farrea dt M’Consaghy.
24. Geo. Shaman it Brother.
25. Paxton it Galbraith.
26 Malone & Mastenoo.
23, Boyle it Price. _
29. M. D. Mndtgan.
39. R. J. Jc K. M'Grana.
t Branch. Wa. P. Sterret
The contracts stipolaie tor the completion of the
work by the spring of 1852.
The whole of this great work is now under con
tract, with the exception of tbs Mountain Division,
and; as the Portage Railroad will, for a lime, be
aaapart of the Line, the completion of the.
portions now in the hat,d< of contractor* will es
tablish an unbroken railway connection between
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh./
Fame Hayart*.—Wc are indebted to the
Charleston Conner for slips containing istetlU
geneo from Havana to the 6th of Oct., brought to
that city by the steamer Isabel A letter to tho
Courier, atya;
Quite an excitement prevails in th» city of Ha*
van*, caused by the rumored Intelligence of an tub
er Invasion of the Island. Reports arc in wren*
lation, that there are aomo aix th'onsand men con
gregated at some point In the United States, and
were ready to embark for Cobaoa lbe27.b nil—
So that they are In daily expectation of a landing.
BosiaoH is prostrated by the expected invasion,
and the excited and disturbed position of tho in
habitants, renders trade and commercial opera
lions dull and.languid.
The Nashville Banner stales that veins of an*
p«rbr coal have recently been discovered on the
line of the Nashville and CbtUnooga Railroad,
esar the bank of the Tennessee river, which for
excellence of quality and abundance of supply
cannot probably be excelled in the Doited States*
Tho-quiiity is said to approach nearer the An*
thraette than any heretofore discovered in the
West- It isfound so near the line of railroad that
cars can be load sd directly from the mines with*
oSt any extra-labor.
; Rmuifft or Gxs. Tatlo2>—-The Baltimore Son
Jotifli from R. M. Magraw, Esq.,tb«effioicnt
and Susqnebannt Rail.
rdtd,lbi! the remains of General Ztchary Taylor,
1,10 President of the United Sates, wjll leave
£ VftsfcingtOQ City, in a car furnished by the So*
qaehtona Railroad Company, on lb* morning of
tne 29th of October, at six o'clock, and will reach
Biitlmore at 8 o’clock, where Col.Tyalor and Col.
W.S. Biivs will take possessions f the corpse—
They will then proceed over the Soaqnehann*
Road, by the erpresa train, slopping at York n tew
minniea, and will go thence to WrightsviUe, where
they wdl cross the Colombia bridge, and proceed
by the new river railroadl onjlbo eastern bank of the
Soaqaebanni, to Middletown, and thence to !Itr»
robnrgb, and so over the Central Railroad to
Plttsbnrgb, whero they will take the steamer to
Loolsvifle. TboPortunoutb and Central Railroad
Companies have behaved with liberality and
promptitnde, passing tbe remains and the escort
free ol alt expense.
J <o;d White?’ precedes iho remains of his thus*
' i trios* master, and wQI ufco the railroad from
L Washington, via Baltimore, to York and Colnm*
ttsi where e will go by LeecU’a Oana! Line to
; Pittsborgb, and so on to Kentucky. • -
.. Jessy Lind gtrea two Concerts in Philadelphia
lii, wMk>tl» M lut malt,.
letter FROM major lynch.
As we have published the eerrespodence be
tween Gen. J. K. Moorhead and Ltcky Harper,
in relation to certain rnoora to the intent that
Mr. Moorhead had made some acknowledgment*
io propitiate Harper, It is but proper to give the
reply of Major Lynch, as a continuation of this
very curious chapter of political history:
From the Morning Chronlele, Oot. If •
Pitt Townsittv, Oct. 16th,
Editoxs Datw Chxoiqcix: „ . „
GcmtoM-On lb, Ulb w«. I c*U,J on the
editor or the Morale, Poet, end .eted him if he
woold permit me, through hi. pepor, to reply to a
tor oYOemMOTheed’e, th.t .ppeemd m hta
piper of thet iey. «od io 11 1“'
under the eireß ccttH not. Thereto,
I Mkyoo. «./«*,emiiro editor., to glee the fol
; lowing e Pl.« to T“^*£'; lally>
D. L.
Geutlmen— ln the “Morning Post,® of the 14lh
inst. I rosd a letter signed by I. K. Moorhead,
dited thelSih Inst, in which he alludes to reports
that were put la circulation against him. Inas*
much ai I am one of the persons who circulated
the report that said Moorhead bsd signed a letter
of acknowledgment to Mr Harper, regretting the
political controversy between them on tbe Ten
H ur Law, &?, and having to feiiro to bo placed
in a wrong posaioo by him, or any other qoiblcr,
I now state publicly that I have oo cause to change
my opinion relative to said matter. Oa the contra
ry, 1 re*apKert that mid Moorhead, after four or fin
■unrttccts f*t personal attemptstortconctlsmi Hat
per, relative to d.f3cu!lies growing out of the ps*
litlcal eontroverss on the Tea Hour Liw, dec., e»
t last resort, wrote end signed a letter making ac
ksowiedgreenis to raid Harper, andthst said lett
lor was teeUd and placed With A. Butfce, Esq.,
Inrcae keeping, and thatitisEUil in hiscosaes*
ato-t irnet taken by tho parties since the election,
(t here think proper te state ihst I have not bnd
one word with Mr. Baikc on the subject o! this
Mr. Moorhead’s fl:nri»habootthetariff, per.oa
al euemier, &c.. is all gammon, fffr the purpose of
irving toosK ouention from tho ruin issue, viz:
His letter tf acknowledgment to Harper tor po
Jiticat offence, growing otjt of tbs pobiical < oa
tnrersy between him nad Harper, on the ten
hour law, has about as much to do the (pain
point at iasae, as the fact that J. K. Moorhead re«
quested JohnM-Irwin, Enjoin tho onvet tion, to
s<ate that If said Moorhead was nominated and
fleeted, ho would nor vote for Gen. Cameron for
U. 8. Senator. This pledge was extra end
gratuitous on the part of Moorhead,for the rose,
lotions reported and passed by the convention,
only Instructed our caudidstealntheevent of ibstr
election to go idto Democratic cautufj-and vole
for tbe nominee oftbe party, ikereby.puii'ngGja.
Cameron oa a par with all other* In that rerprot.
Mr. Moorhead volunteered Ibis pleJge, well
knowing that Gen. Cawfron was a high tariff
man, differing somewhat from the Democracy on
that subject l merelymentloo this little move IP
show that Mr. Moorhead can make the tariff ques ■
tias operate more than one way.
In conclusion to tbie reply I have oo hesitation
in saying that f bold myself in readiness in ptn
Issue oa the above st|t*ments. snd prove tho»e
facts before any court of U«, and by the parties
themselves, whose etoss fire can fas to
bear on the witnesses, aud also by evidence inde
pendent ofiheirs.
I hope one of the parties will excuse me for
informing him that I never permitted apsnlel-lile
fawning to iafittCflCC mo, agsinst frteads, and *o
favor a sycophant wko slcoas to cocquer, and
thereby try to place friending dishonorable peti
tion, for repealing tbe lidh. Hot if he supposes
that the fear of the press will cause me to succumb
aud be placed in a wrong position, he mistakes,
his man. Truth is tho plsttoro that I adheie to,
and all the bartering politicians in Ike Slate ahall
not drive ovo from if-
Respectfully yours, fc" •
Tbe Destruction of tbe Kate Fleming.
Fdutbeb PAnnex lass —The Louisville Jour
nal has extras of tbe Evansville Journal and
Owensboro American, containing some further
pattlsulsra of tho esplosioa, and turning of ihia
steamer. At least twenty live* ware lost by the
explosion. The accidrotlsattributed to the can*
loisaess of the first engineer, who, coaiclous of
hia guilt, msde Lis escape as sooa as he reached
the shore. It,is stated that the passeugers would
have bung him if they had caught him-
A young man, John H. Adams, who was a pas
seager, from Owcosboto', was standing forward
oa the boiler deck, and was blown aboot aevec*
ty fret from the toil into tbe river, lie 'succeed
ed in swimming ashore, surta uiog oo other ia*
jury than the scalding of his - left check. Seven
eku>ls were fiond ta the bull, and four bodies
were discovered dotting. Both the .cleiks of tic
boat were killed. Tbe boat was not core than
fifty yards from the shore, and by ibe ore of tbe
yawl, the patvengera were saved. Several were
blown overbord, who swam to the shore. It'»
said that as the trunks and boxes were taken on
shore, a band of outlaws seized and brake them
opes, aud then divided thd property. U was
with great diffculty that tome of tbe pars:cger*
were prevented from hanging these ontlswt; (key
were tortonate enough to etcipo With a toon*
j ggmg oa the bate back.
Too ac-lJent hspesed just ct the biathi i
passed Walker's bar. It D believed b 7 msnjr.’.hs
there vii not a drop of water in either toiler
when the boat crossed the bar. Somo assert tie'
the pomp supplying the boilers must have beer,
filled with taad, while on the bar, and the m •
meat the boat went into deep wa'er, and b?r
pomp had free communication with the boiler*,
the sudden cuneat of cold water—in boilers
nearly to a white boat—caused the explosion at d
the misery which followed. That there was to
water in the boilers is evident from the fact, that
of the largo cumber who were blown o7eifco«rd
or afterwards rescued from the wreck, not oae
was found to be badly scalded; in fict, ihe only
person who bad at all the appearance of beior
•caidad, waaoneof tbs colored cooks, and it iv
thought that the blisters discovered on ha fee! atd
legs wero produced by the upsetting of the stove
in tho cock house. All, thereforei killed or In*
jored, sostsined it from the beat and natural forte
of the steam; for It i* clearly established that
boiling water bad but little ahare in the tregecy
The larboard boiler aloue la believed to have
exploded, and the severest lojary-dano to the bolt
previous to barning, was (bond to be on that p 6e
of the boal Thb entire social hall, including bar
room, clerk's office, slate rooms, aod every tbirg
immediately over the boilers, was blovo to nton»,
and io an instant alter the first flash of steam was
aeen, the whole forward part of the boat, inc!ud>
ing several state rooms in the cabtn, were either
thrown down upon ihe boilers, or driven to frag*
meats In the air. Tho boat immediately took fire,
and In lea* thin three boon waa burnt to ibe
.water’sedge, together with the entire cargo, books
and papers, and a large amount ofbaggage, Arc.,
belonging to passengers. The commander, C*pi.
Dnnham, wa« oa the hurricane roof at the time,
and received severe injury. Both the clerks u-*ro
killed, and afterwards burned with the wreck
The first end second engineers and both the pilots
were saved. Bat perhaps itwlil never be known
who were kilted. Bath the clerks missipg, aod
the registers gone, It wsa Impossible to ascertain
the names, o* even the number killed or injured.
The Kate Fleming wae tn entire new steamer,
on her second trip, and bound for the Tennerace
_river, above the Muscle Shoals, for which trade
she was recently boilt byaeompany, in connex-on
with three others, of about tho tame clast, includ
ing the Chattanooga. The four loti* were de
signed as a packet line, to ran between Florence
and points above, with lbs maiL
From the Cumberland AUrghiniaa, Oct. 12
Tits Ohtiapsaks tad Ohio Canal.
- Thi# great work, commenced nenrty a quarter of
a century ago, is at length so far completed, ns to be
in a naviiable condition from Cumberland to tide
water. The opening was celebrated in our city on
Thursday last.
■ Oa Wednesday evening, Ihe Presidentund Direc
tors of the Canal Company, tho State’* Agent*, and
of goests from severe! counties of Mary
land, Virginia, and the District cities, accompanied
by the Independent Bines’ Band of Baltimore, ar
rived in oor city, via the rail road to participate in
the opeotng ceremonies.
On Thursday morning at S o’clock. Colonel Dv
vjdton’s company of Light ArtiUeritU from the
Eckhart mines, arrived, and about one hour after,
s Procession —made up of the militery, the Canal
Board and guests, the corporate authorites and citi
zen*—was formed in Baltimore street, under the
direction of Colonel Picket 1, of Baltimore, and
marched to the bead of the canal. On arriving at
this point, and after the firing of a aalute by the ar
tillerists, William Prices E*q-, on behalf of the
corporate authorities and citusns, in a speech,
welcomed the Canal Board nod their guests, and
congratulated them upoj\ the. occurrence of the
event bo-'lodk looked for—the opening of the
Canal to Cumberland. General James' M‘ Coal,
President of the Canal Company, responded m ap
propriate terms, and embraced the occasion to
briefly review the history of the progress of the
work. •
About II o’clock, the neveral boats fitted up f<
-ihe occasion, pretty well crowded, proceeded don
the Canal to the following order
Ways’ excursion boat, Jenny Lind, having <
board the Canal Board aud their guests from
The C. D. Fisk, with the Baltimore Band and
a large number of citizens.
M*- Clarke’s bout, with the Eckhart Arliller ist*
Mechanics’ Band of Cumberland.
These were followed by Southampton, Dela
ware, and Ohio—of Messrs. McKaig Ac Agnew’s
Merchant a Line—<nd Freeman Uawdon —of the
, Cumberland Line—all bound for Alexandria, laden
with coal; and Mr. Motur’a Elizabeth, with coal,for
Harper's Ferry. ’
The Canal Board aod their guests landed aboot
9 miles below Cumberland, where they partook of
an'abundant collation prepared for the occasion on
board the C. D. Fisk. The cofopany returned to
Cumberland about 6 o’clock in the evening, de
lighted with the excursion.
The proceedings of the day closed with a supper
and ball in the evening, given by citizens, at Hefle*
finger's Hotth
Tbe Orsat>Nall Bthbsrjr, ' -
The Noith American t or Moadayj'gives' the fol
lowing circo mstantiai aeoounl of the gml Mail
Robbery, which took pUce ln Philadeiphis, latri
Saturday faight: 1-
A most daring mail robbery Was perpetrated is
tbe iuburbs of Philtdelphla, on Saturday
About half put ten o’ciocx, as the Baltimore train
was ou Us way from the depot, ccreet oTEievenih
and Market streets, to Gray’s Ferry, the mail car
was entered aad robbed of three pooebesvcontain
ing vaioaWe Southern and Weiteru matter. The
bags were from the New York Post Office, aud
were destined, one to Richmond, another to
Rtleigb, N. C., and the tbird-to Wheeling, Ya.
The miul car was coupled to the exorees err,
which was sbesd, aud tho taro were drawn by
one team. These were followed by teams with
tbe passenger and bsggtge cars. To abow the
boldoeuofthe robbery,at the time U must bIT9
taken place, the foromost pgtsanger ear was
scarcely more than 150 feet iu tbe rear of the mail
The moon wu ihlcing, yd the aky was darken
ed by clouds of dost, created by tbe high wind
that prevailed, and this may have blinded the eyes
of the driver of the foremost passenger car, so as
to have prevented him from seeing what was
; going qq ut the hied part of the mail car directly
ahead of him.
At Gray’s Ferry, tbe drivgr of ibe mail car dia
covered that the btek door was open, and the
brakeinso of the train entered the car with « light
to aeo whether acy one wu la there. Discovering
nothing to excite hia suspicion, he came out under
tho impression that all wu right, aod the door was
locked. D seems these two persoos theQ had not
aaipecled anything wrung, they douUlerf attrib
uting the ciroomvianco of the door being open to
accident or forgetfulness.
The robbery is believed to have beta committed
st or oexr tho carve, corner of Broad and Prime
streets, in the District of Moystannimg. it is sup.
posed that the mail carwas entered from behind
by the door with a false key.
Tbe first Information of the robbery was receivs
ed about breakfast timo yesterday morning,by Mr.
Robert Httddel, Agent of tbe Philadelphia, Wil
minglou and Baltimore Railroad Company. A
persob etme to his house and informed him that
the stolen pouches, rifled of their contents had
been accidentally found, at an early ; hour in the
moroing, in the buebosoa Rementer's farm, abernt
a eqnare west of Brotd street, and two squares
acuth of Prime street.
The groat Southch Mali is now put into can
vest bags, which are sealed aod put into {rather
pouohas, which are locked- The robbers cut tbe
pouches, drew out tho bags, and opened these by
cutting tbe strings that lied them.. The contents
of thebtga were (bon emptied out, and the letters,
packages, ice., broken opco.
All the money in tbe letters was taken, but
promiaor'y notes, checks pryahto to order, sight
drafts, fee., were thrflwp atfny. There yerp
strewed over the ground about two botheis and •
half of letters, dee The letters, oumbericg about
ooc thousand, were gathered up, and Mr. White,
Post Msiter of this dty. yesterday, hid them,
w tb the checks, drafts, dec., returned to the Post
Office st New York, where they arc by ibis time,
and Wh a F° they can bo examined by tho Post
Matter of thsi'djty, at his leisure, cs aglgafirar
taio the names of the losers, ana the amount of
the loss.
No idea could be formed by the Poitmtst-r of
Philade'uhia of tho extent of tbe loss, Tbe suj
potiibuts that the moat valuable matter wts in
ike |l‘.ch(soad pouch. Mr. White examined one
li'icr directed lu Richmond, that had contained
175 U. An empty box, which bed been fiflpd with
jjwelry, was picked from among tho scattered
leuer?. There wu nothing, though, to indicate
how mttch was In it, or to wnnm it Mlcoged.
The train was delayed at Gray’* Ferry from 11
o'clock on Saturday night until 3 o’clock yesterday
pjormne, in consequence of the burning of a «aaU
Uui&i bridge pyera gully, crossing tbe road,about
three fflilesbdiowtiaVplape. Thj* WV bavph*d
something .to do with Utopian of the robbery, bat
the officers of the road think that the bridge was srt
on fire by sparks from the losomotive af a train that
came up about half past uvea o’clock m the even-
fy. Aademoa was the mil agent ou the trow,
iron the rijbfcery .occurred... ‘
No infonnolico uf relation toffeo rothery, b*d
ten repeirrd froratbe Soath-up fos laiehourU-M
ereaing. ItUtaort'prc>beble uwtlh* agent,ooa
doctor*, and other üßcen abd employee* oa th«
tram,, had no iolUßklloQ of the robbery until they
got to Ball ira ore, aod perhaps .oot then.
Mr. White, Post Master, promptly comraonica
<rd yiththe Pus: Master General at Washington,
No trace of the robtwM* <4* 5* We ccqlt} learn,
had beeu obtained op to the boor of o«r goir.g
prewihatniahU •
. The mail otyaatoleo had nitlred by tbs maitpi*
lot tine, aod were pat into ily» mail car, which
mw« down for them oa (be etiy railway, at the Puet
Oflleai. They were thrown through the aide door
&9)kcratdd?eoftbotar.' The robber* must haeo
taowo Uimr.rijet coriiiob. In the ear. They had
: to walk omn number of oiljcr begs in oruerto
■ reach them. The bags fcootarnrd tfiß rirheW trc**-
urn of tte whole mail, and of llii*Jh»~ivbber« wa»i
bare b?*a aware.
Post Master White, fist night, received a trle-
Cmphic despatch troiu tho Po*l Odiee Department
jit lb© Capital, authorizing turn to uder a reward of
ill*}} tof th*. detection of U» robbers. It will be
wen bv an advartaeompt that be lias offered this
Beavsk Cocittt Euxtiax.— 'The official re*
tarsi of the tale election show a Terr flaw poll
in the coonty; and coder all the cireumr.ajiccs,
prpient a rery firorable aipeet. Fur Canal Com*
mftsiaser wo ;re beaten 30 Tote*; fcr Auditor
Ueaeral 33; Tor Sniveypr General »; which may
b-j n yarded at ■ fta that, to far aa lha vote wt»
;r\l:ei'; wht'tf owing to an unfortunate miiandrf
»'»So'f>c, the Congretrlcnat majority rjraiott o» ia
21?. Fjr the Sraa’c, «»«4mve a majorit* r-l 9ft, Correvor II; lor Aftoreev 359'!
OjMiflß aim one of Ite Trustees We tnr ihi>
Coroner hv It vote*; one cemmierpotr by«?, the
other by 7?: whilst the avengeagtiait n» for As
aatnhlf i»O3 Thit la doing well under all the
the canvass, in a county that
rat hstnriaitnedaad eel daws azatnat oi; tad the
fij-crci clearly show that if the Whigs had polled
ni vigorously together at they polled asunder, we
: then Id have carried >he entire coofity ticket by a
bsedsome Qijtriiy, and show a preponderance of
u.t lets than 400 in the district. As it is, we btvc
reason to be aattsfied. as the figures prove the
foe: that Braver is aod will be a Whig county.—
£isv<r Af£vi,
ThS CoixTc-roumr or San Faasctrco.—The
Hue. T Umn Kmo waa yesterdar appointed
to tbs tCcs of Colieetor of Su Francisco. We
are eUd that this important and highly respoaible
pc*-t:nn bea been entrusted to a gentleman to cm-
IneLtly qnlified tn discharge its done* The
premature asnouneemsct of this appointment hat
citled forth from the pohlic press, In all quarters,
the warmest approbation.
it ia not necessary for us to add any thing to
theao gsnerou* encomium*, hin Fraucuco is
rapidly becom'cg ono .nf tbs great commereiel
centre* of the world; and questions of national In
lerest must oetessanly arise there which will de»
mandt&e oxrrctae. of the greatest prudence and
discretion. There ia no place under the Govern*
meet in which the experience end commercial
information of Mr. King could be made more
available to the public service.
It la proper that we should add that, immedi
ately upon the decimation of Hon. Jonn A. Col
Ltxa,lho President determined to tender the office
tu Mr. Kind, and that the delay id issuing hi*
comiutafioa has arisen from the absence of Mr.
Coawts. The clfice waa voluntarily hestnw-d,
without solicitation oa tbu part of Mr. Klmj’*
friends, tod it the more acceptable, doobi'o*, io
ibe recipient from having beea entirely uoeoughL
Ingertsat from Detroit.
.l/arf i\tgro tzoitmsni in Miekigon~~Ttu Milita
ry ut dtr arw at DrtrotV— Bloedthtd, ftc. ft-i
Dbteoit, Oct. Hit.
Tte utmont excitement pro vail* here, to day,
orwing to (he attempt* to recapture one or two fug.-
ttve •laves from the Sooth.
The house of on Iriubmon, who was first to in
form ol the negroe*’ whereabouts has been attack
ed. Fire anus were freely used, on both rides,
and blood has been »hed to wbni extent, in the
hurry oi the moment, 1 have not been able to as
Aboot three hundred ucgroei are encamped at
Sandwich on the Canadian shore, opposite Quebec-
Most of these are runaway* from the United State*.
They do sot hesitate to threaten the white*, that
may attempt to molest them. All runaway negroes
are invitea to come to their encampment.
Tho “friend* of freedom" are including of course,
a great many furious Abolitionm# are now hold
ing n mas* meeting, j His Honor the Mayor, pic
tidiug. Speeches were made by Hon. S. Bing
ham, and Messrs. Jriy and Emmons.
. The most senout of further trouble
are entertained.' The prison* where the fugitive*
are iuearccmted, hoivever, are well guarded and
rewue I* very mi probable.
Prebiijest Kltxstodts’s AMituai'EATtos —Every
friend of Ihe country must admire aod approve tbo
present Administration. Bo far at occasion ha*
oflertd for disclosing his policy, President Fillmore
has frankly and forcibly *el forth hi* views and the
prinmp'es which will guide him in the direction of
governmonc That policy, generellyspcaking. Im*
been well received by the nation at large. With
regard to recent trouhlra, afleetlng the permanency
of our happy republic, the Administration’* course
ha* been especially gratifying to every patriot in
the l*n<L
Mr. Fillmore attained to the Presidency, at the
time when that exalted station was shrouded in
difficulties such as would have appalled any ordi
nary individual. Even (be. liott-barted Taylor
hod tmll nigh quailed before the tempest of seces
sion and anarchy, which seemed about to burst up.
;on the Union. Death, the untimely messenger,
summoned him from ihe arena, ere it was again in
cumbent to prove hi* devotion to duty—the star of
his idolatry. His mantle felt upon a most worthy
successor, who has since encountered and van
quished the hydra-headed machination* that have
so greatly imperilled our notion.
The Cabinet baa doubtless contributed its share
to bring about Ibe noble results of harmony and
conciliation. Of such & body nothing less was an
ticipated. Chosen from various quarters of the
country, and composed of gentlemen eminent for
broad national sentiments, it was deemed certain
that they would cudstitute a band of advisers in
whom both the President and dm whole Republic
m igtt confide.. Such they are. Webster, Corwin,
Conrad, Graham, Broart, Hall, and Crittenden rep
resent the entirecou&iry and reflect its will. With
them to aJvise and counsel, with their found abili
ty and patriotic moderation, we have the token. of
such ao administration as baa not been before since
the days of Washington.— ParJctrtbuTghjy a .) Gas
Wo learn from the Cincinnati papers that Mr.
Senator Benton passed throogh that city a few
&y* Bg9> Ms way to Mj noun.
H~ 11 ■ >■!* | V ~ I |'| ' yi»
- wcctt liberal appropriai ions toWoriaof In
leHtal la»jjfpveni«nLi made by the Qty Council of
®tfctttßil|.hayebeeD fully sustained by the people
at tbe recent efecUon. The earn* voted totheaer*
etal railroad* named, are as follow* -
Ohio and M : BBlMippL ... $600,000
JWpre and Cincinnati, 100.000
, Hamilton and Eaton, ISO,OOO ■
Dexington and Oovirgion, 100,000!
'Total, $1,000,000
Tnn Qoaxtz Rocs Gold.—One of the mis
lortunea.aUending the discovery of gold in Cali*
fornii, ta* that the accounts which we have been
is the habit oi getting tram there, in many cues,
ha?e been intentionally deceptive, it seems to
hare-been the easiest matter in the world id Cod
ite few who have been socceashtl in picking
upixbrtunea4n tbe mines, or acquiring largo pro*
by the * peculators in town lota
But little is said of thoußinds who hare made
notinng— who are there, without tbe meant to get
away—nor the thousands who have gone down to
en unlituely crave. Private leUers, it U tree,tell
something of this discouraging ante of things.—
Bat these seldom Cad their way into tbe newspa
per*, and of course cannot exert much icduenco
upon the judgment of our excitable people. We
aro led to there remarks by the perusal of a letter
from SaeJtmentoCily, dated ia July, sod written
by a gentleman whom we know to possess a dls«
orm'aating mind, iu relation to the Quartz Rock
Gold. We think ho went thrra with a view to
operations In-this rock fgr gold. He bad travel
led, at the dale of hi* wiier, some eight hundred
iqilct, through the mining and mountain regions
of Stockton, Sonora, and Mariposa, and up to that
rime he had been unsuccessful. Be visited Col.
Fremont's mines, and spent two days in setrehieg
for other mines. !1« aiy» that 'Fremont’s mine is
largely ; that thu vain is about four bon*
drrd i'.ot lpcv, all told; that many rich specimens
hive been obtained from this mine, io tbe shape of
boulder*, and that they have been hawked about,
to make all the excitement possible. But these
specimens are now entirely exhausted. The vein
is open the entire length, to the depth of from six
to tea feet—thp lodge la above five feet, dipping to
(he south. A vein which U one to ose and a half
inches thick, abo at the middlo of the ledge, con*
taintjthe gold, which may be'secn with the naked
eye. ■ With the present price of labor, It la said,
that ;ne yield win not pay for working the vela—
It ia worked by differed parties, who bavo taken
possession nf it, in oypcsitmn to Fremont’s etalm
lie h»d granted leases on thre vein to Commodore
Stockton, and others—the reprerentalives of
whoa arrived while the writer was there, but
they found iho whole in the possession of other
parties. Wright, Kin?, and others,- who have giv.
en inch chwirg'&rccuats of the rfehne*t,vof tho
quarts rock, are severely centred hy the diaap*
pointed miners, tyho weta led to bellovo that there
was quartz rock enough'in California, yielding
SI f<o to $1 75 the pound, to load all ibe ships in
the world! But the average product oMhe rich
veto belonging to Col. Fremont wilt not yield over
five cents to the pound, ia tho opinion au emi
nent Prolessor. v. ho waa eepaged in the (tike Su
perior copper mine*, sad who has cx&minedFre*
"Tho writer sayMav more long faces in my
trio to the Souilmtn mines, than 1 eves saw in my
life, in the tame length of time. The emigrants
•re arriving every day, across the plains, gener*
ally in gord health, but much disappointed to the
prospect for makirg mcnoy. There la plenty of
gold, bn; ;t requires the hardest kind of work to
S' f it, act) the exptews are heavy. Tho climate
much h-Mter thin 1 expeWe.d to dad. Si.
is weil reprewmpd here; l cannot into a earner
wi'bont toot lag against iom» one 1 have seen be
fore. Generally,'very few Intend to make a per
msneoi'aeUlamenl Iu thia coanlty —.*%. Lcuit Ri*
, ACattaixl-t Liitbo.—-Captain Jieob Foo. of
1 yesterdpy to m* aora annoyance and grievance
As the gt-arewo* cnns-idi-md io iuvolve thedecmloo
of on important point to our police, we give the
facts a*.briefly os po«ih!e.
Deputy ScArgeant, John Bower*, went aboard of
the Tisprora while'9he wa* under way, parelng
ti,owl«if. lo execute an ttUiUcbtuvnl fora iridlng
sum claimed by (> deck hand of tho boat- Captain
Poe refined to eelile the claim and told Bowers to
clear out or he would ti;n>w bmt m the rivre. Tbe
boat pasted up to iuc upper P.Uting Mill, where
the yawl was sent oat tobnog the clerk on board,
Capt. Poe. tbo Mate aud Bower* befcg in it. A*
soon a* the vntri tf>ucb**d shore. Bowers expressed
aA’lcriniuaiioo u QiUu-li it; the Captain resisted
and pushed back U* the boat. Wfteo the returned
to the wbu*f Capam Poe wu arrwted, ukenbe
(ore Il»e Mayor uoJ Hin'eneol lojoya fiae of M
dollars and impmoned 3i> dtys without beil or
tcain preiz, for rcsietimr an officer in the perforin
anc* of his doty An appeal was refused, tud by
a writ of kai*j-t cerpui w oimfl before bis tloa.
Judge Fry. ht» coun-Htt whether bis
sentence wax not i U-trii; firrt. because irregular,
and secondly l«eeto*o it was
in candict with the common IrV iu idpriioa wilt
a trial by jury. ltis 'Uoaor decided that the
proceedings vrrroTVßuiai; sml ikft the oelyp->iab
he sfaou'il lake (-.ija rj')' *-v4 wasiha cottatflutioo
aliiy <tf the ci<v law wlwch impmon one, wjihftul
the Interveation of atrul by Jurv. He wosto'have
deUrrml his yesterday tnomiuf, at ?
n'cloct, and ihe prisoner wa« released until that
time, xivids bond m the sum of s'.*o3 for hugKuf,
and {iOO by hi* suriey for t.ia
In tku tnraamnn hw t-»i teas lying etihe wbuf.
laden -and read? to depart, awaiting the fate of
the Capuio. In tbo nt*ht betook kisdepenure.
The Court. rerowpienUy, net having tom m custo
dy yo«:erdiv uiormcg. and In* bond being forfeit
ed. declined to give nny op'r.iou oq t|re ypnaiiiw-
I'or.ahtv f.r rnii.iii; ufh:n onVmiore, heextise if
it <!e<':ded tho ordinance io be contliHdiooal and
valid, it wuuM h<- unable, frrjtn tu ro
dtjdJ him i<> iin pur-caiirr »f tbr- warrant cf the
Mayor. Uiv-n Lh«* M-piewtauiton. however, of bn
foun-01. hr hid let l i<* (air care •-(' * brge aud
v*luibfo cargo -gid. tv.::, the u.Ujitioa ri tr-
turning and »urrcnlcfu,r !• r ,r.d ;i»r r- . 1 y o»*
tag anaiout-fo its! if c.-v-sitniiutcility of ine or*
dioanee involved ia th** r*«*. th- Court - *gre«d to
continue the mutton (o re*pur In- bail caidUiefld
of November nnt.— tt-
HotriaßnLsnra tn^atia.—A l*ts Pqrfs letter
from a correspondent o> ino N. V. Oocmercial
Advertiser has the following curicus particulars in
relerenee to the operation cf fiou-e tuildlsg to that
This branch of industry it under ibe supervision
cf a special bureau at the preketure. Before a
proprla-or can build, he mn»t h*ad ia a detailed
dan of the forts not only (he re*
•tire pcs;tioa of ibe'*, toi ihclhickoe-a
oftbe wall*, the nainre of mstarisl* to bo used,
rte number of ttarle*, thq slept of the roof, and,
la abort, all iho pari'calora nbsut it When the
pita is approved, bo U ptrmiiicd to eommcnec.—
As tho work progreare* it U Arqocatiy visited by
officers atlsehrd to the beresn, who see ihst tho
plan is strictly adhered to, (h*t (he proprietor dors
noteaeroicb on the (rtrtct or hi* neighbor,and that
tho msterials are good. Tbe iwot;r<at cd jecta of
the police requirements seem to bo to secure the
putting np of sotipjy built and not liable to
take fire. For instance, every, fooedatloa wail
mast bo of sione, and at lent sixty amtmru (had
f»oi sod cieveo lucaet) thick. Thiaihicknenra pre.
•erved la ail tho outer walls, but, ia tame psrlUmn
ours, msv be dtmioished for stones above Ibe
second. Frame booses are unknown. A com*
qoq material for wall* I* cotueni, mixed with
stone* tnd pebbles; the cement, if well made, be
comes hard as rock and is very durable. Bat to :
make aumanco doubly sure, a solid frsmo work
of seasoned timber, tho juime well vecored by
broad iron btsd* is first put up and tbe cement is
built opon this skeleton. Oj<> result of these jui
diciou* precaution* is that the Paris houses-are
reasitibie £>r solidity. 000 hears of so work
men croaDed by ih« (ailing in of a nine loch wail;
oae seoa no bontes with side* bulgl g oat like
thoso of sn over ftefied b*nd brs, or cracked from
top to bottom c&J tho halves ready to foil in eppo*
sit* direct! tt.
Great pslns trs *!so taken to guard against fire.
The joint near the lire plat es mu«l by well sheeted
with iron, and the omites ronied with some fire
proof mstorUl,»flth s* rnfl»l, Cartlicnararo tile*
oraeemposition of arphsluirn. Skinglo roofo,
which one hot summer's day light up at a spark
as easy as so many sulphur matches, are cot in
us among the Paris architect*, who prefer* bum*
dram ptste ol ssfety to tbe romantic uncertainty
of the shingle system. Their precautions are sd
well taken that fires are very, rare in Paris; and
as locoilltgriliona, tbe oldest Inhabitant doe* not
remember such a thing. .The a>reeu are new
Bled with crowds shouting tl fire ” at the top cf
their lung*; zealous Grotuca rushing tike madmen
to the sc-no nf action,to tbe great danger of quiet
eldertv gentlomon; with .furniture tumbled out of
tho windows ofburnlag bonnes; or with families
weeping over the low or their property. The
French seem to be quite satisfied with tho work*
ing of their system, ia rpiie of orrmiontl annoy*
nncesciosed-by the punctiliousness of the police.
They did not thick of modifying it even in the ,
d*v* oftbe revolution, when retormers were In
search of BaVject*. The most ultra multiplier oi
the natural rights of min never thought of patting
into his enumeration the right ol building, In the
midst ota populoas city, a houso with a roof os
ibflsmmsbla as tinder, and with wal s eo thin that
to demolish them ono wonld r-nk no heavier hat*'
terlng ram than a stool pair of jack boon. .
Tb* Copper nines of I,sk* •upertor.
The Lake Superior Journal, of the 2d iotunt,
Perbspi at no time since the onmmcncoment of
mining operations wtthtu the region borderiog on
Like Soperiorjhave the prospects of this section
hsen more promis-og or lu business more actively
prosecuted than at. tho prstnot period. Mining
and explotaiioo* arc now prosecuted upon a basis
far-different from that wnieh generally character
ised the ephemeral operation* of ISIS end 1840:
tod, although the errors, Jirappoiatmtuta, ana
lassos to the multitude consequent upon the total
want or knowledge and experience in those con*
earned might have been safely predicted, these
tended, nevertbclcra, to create in Ihe piinda of
many donbtn as to the real wealth of the ediuriry.
which nothing bat tho atrosgest evidence canid
have removed.
. Late developments, as well in tho copper a* in
tho iron, region, have served to dispel these doubta
'ln all concerned, and uniyeraal confidence now
seems to exist that tho apathy aad murtrtjst which
have prevailed aro past to return no morn. Soon
the waters of oor roble lake will be connected by
a ship canal with her kindred wa! rs. Then will
tbo.exbanstle'u treasures of tho upper ponlniuli,
unrivalled In extern and quality, bo poured out,
until they ahall form use mighty and increasing
stream of wealth,conchlcg alike onr citizens, oor
State, and our common couatry. -
-The following hasty estimato will not vary- for
from the amount of copper Jo tho roogk which
will be ae&t down from Lake Superior during the
prcMM jctr,Ti*;
: t*:*V
Bastatud Pittsburgh Company', tboot..L£6fl I COO
Honhweat.V. . U.*>[ooooo
North Americans 000
Minne50ta................ 200000
sirtwit....... m
Allo^cr*,not ovef.. 100.000
Being a'total 0f...... .3,650,000
Thero.wiUfa employed.this winter, in opera
tions connected with mining, abonl one thousand
BMOtta Divmnoa.—We Inn lh>l ihe divi
dend of ihe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Compa
ny for Ihe yearjonl cloied will be seven per cent
payable lo Block; and that Ihe haU yearly dividend
on Ihe Washington branch road will bd lonr per
ctnf. £a ctih.— Balt. Ar - '
The NewO/leao* Cretect contain* a letter from
lbs Presided of the Centenary CoUcie, convey
toff ibe information of the total destruction by fire
ot tbe building* connected with that inaiiintioo.—
They cost 523,000, and w«t> finely adapted lor
College purposes.
Mb. Krai—Sir, comply with*your re
quest that I would give yoo|an nocount of the almost
miraculous core of ray little daughter's eye by the use
of your "Petroleum.”
Bhe was attacked with a very sore eye in February
or March last, when 1 immediately applied to the best
medical aid in tbe city, by whora it was pronounced
"a very bad eye” and all gave mo no hope of doing
her any good. -Alter which 1 took her into the coan*
try to an old lady, who.had been verj successful in
curing eyes. She told ms that her ease was hopeless,
as sha would certainly loso not only that one, but
also that the other would follow—it being a scrofulous
affection of the blood. Andl do certify that at the
time ray falhtr (J. B. Vathsu) cam# to the eonelaslon
that we had better try your “ Petroleum,” anc wxa
kJrriasiT of one eye. it is now about two
rnanihs since she began its use, and she can now see
with both eye® as good as everkhedid; and, as far
as I can tell, I believe she has, with the blessing of
he Almighty, been cured by “ Petroleum.”
; *ur. respectfully, I
M. Fe&sces VasHon Collsb.
Pittsburgh!!, Sept. 30, IPSO.
For sale by Keyset A McDowell, 140 Wood street;
R. K. Sellers, S? Wood street; D. M. Cany, D. A. El
liott, Joseph DoagUss, and IL P. Schwartz, Allegheny,
also by the proprietor, 8. U. KIF.R.
oc7 Canal Basin. Seventh rt, Piltslurgb.
M'CORD a co,
Wholesale 4 Retail Manufacturer* A Dealers in
Cor. WooAA Finn eta., Pltubnrgb,
''here they oflsr o fail and eomplete stock of Hats,
Caps, Fars, Ac., of every quality and style, by Whole
aals and Retail, and invito the attention of their cus
tnmets and putchasers generally, aituriog them that
they will sell on the stotr aavajrtaaxons zsliu. *
SR Wood itibitwsiaThtrdfcFourth,
Are now reaming their verylarge and cuperlor Fait
Stack of
Also, BONNETS and FLOWERS, all of the Istesi
styles, and expressly adapted to the western uade.
It Iras been selected wild great care, and as to aizci
and qua'uy is not surpassed by any stock to be
found either ea«lor veil Oar customers and mer
V--. Wl »-*M Vttt VUIUUCI, ill*. IttCi*
ebanu generally are iaviied to call and examine, as
WO ar» determined to- sell on tbe most reasonable
terms. Abo, Goodyear* Patent Rubber Shoes ol all
kind* _____ aogtfidtf
iterT. P». o. nop*,
Demist. CornerofPounh
and Dscsuzt, between
Market sad Ferry streets. Mtl-dlrin
Of Pittsburgh
Office—No. 11 Water street, in the warehouse of C.
THIS COMPANY u w« prepared to inxare all
Mods of risks, oa houses, fbaimfectonet, goods
raerchaudise in store, and in uaitsttu vessels, 4c.
An aiupie guaranty lor the ability and integrity of
the Institution, U afforded in the character of me Di
rector*, who are all citizens of PiilvbergH, welt and
favorably kaowo lo'thc cotnnuniry for Uielr prudence,
Intelligence, and integrity.
Dnucratt—U. liutwy, Wo. Btgxley, Wra. Lar
finer, Jr., Walter Bryant, Hush D. Kins;, Edward
Ueazrltoc, John Haworth, 8. Hiubaagu, S. M. K«r.
■Pm ISPOBTATion” 5p hardware.
Are now ptepstfli with a largo and frerh slock rf
KagHib, (.Vina, and American Hardware, tn offer
■ epruur indgremcnu'io baytrx. Those withingto
Mirrhasr will promote their interest by loosing
Btoagh oar *u>ek, as they are dttenmeod to tell on
ha ino«i reasonable utws. augis
% U*oo</ «,oz»nrr of DuT9sndalley,Stc&td ttyry,
OFFERS his customers and the public, an entirely
nsw and freah stork of Hat*. Cape, xvd Meft, in
great variety, Maoufae'urcd and Selected with much
care-in reference to priee, style, and quality, in New
Yotk eiiy, end will be offered at the Inwcti rates of
present low prices, Wholesale sad Retail.
l , itt>bsryh l Ocu 11, l“S0. oclt:d2&A*rlra3
improvetaemo in uemtiaxrr.
OR. 11.0.HTSAKNS,fateot Weston, n prepared m
tcnvuMsture M.J w.t Hurts Tctiu ia whole srd pv..<
n'set*, vpci Sbciipo c< Atmosphere si)rt.*>i’ I‘lntci.
To<rtJ,*CHcrirst:~ :» uvbwjutes, where :,enr« ix
exroved t nfiee eM re*;<ifn»:r iwrt door to the 7>lcy
era ouice, Fourth street, Piu*>;argb.
Birrs to— J. B. M’FaWten.F. H. Eaton. ItlP -
VteMfTrai •—Thi Inventor ef a
satst sntxsi for • Formidable Ukmc baa no right
» keep iu an from tat fellow ere alum 9o 'bought
Or. MeLans when ha vm Induced to offer his great
remedy for worms to the public. A profound physi
cian, enjoying a very largo practice, be did not (ear to
be confeusded with tbs hard of qsaeks who impose
upon lUepaLltc ihtir worthless stuff at patent medi
cines. lie wastkerefoTe induced by Kidd ACo .drug
gists, to dispose of his right a* diacoTerer, and the
Vermifuge la now for aale in nearly erery village and
lows of the country. It 11 the aovereigb remedy for
tala by J. SUDD A CO, No 40 Wood street.
OSca 01 Ohio and Cenua. R. B. Co, Third at
Prmxvson, August B,ltW.
Tax Stockholder* of the Ohio and Pennsylvania
Rail Boad Company are hereby notified to pay the
eighth ioaialaenloffivo dollar* per share, at the office
of the Compeny.on ctbefore the 20th day of AoSual
The ninth instalment] on or before the 50th «fty of
Reptember. The tenth Instalment on or betore the
9Ulh day of October nexL
nr The sth instalment was called for on the 80th o |
July last.
aagfedif VCM LARIMER, Jr., Treasurer.
Yesterday morning, at Pa>aavant's Infirmary, Joan
Dtion, late watchman end meaaesge? of the Exchange
ilanfc of this city, and fbt many year* a member of the
First Presbyterian Chnrch.
His faneral sdill take place to day, 16th 13*1, at half
past ten o'clock, A. M, and proceed from the Infirm
ary lo the Allegheny Cemetery. Carriages will leave
Dr. Herron's Chaich at half past nine o'clock
On Tuesday morning, the 18th tost., by the Rev. Mr
Johnston, Dr- Joan IIM, PiDtn to Mils Fasncxe
Pusses, alt of New Castle, Lawrence county, pa.
a Msmso o> Steam Boat Owners and Engin
eers, Lard and Linseed Oil, Alcohol and Liquor Mer
chants, all those engaged In Selling or forwarding
> Turpentine, Gunpowder, and other combustible mer
'chandtxe, trill be held at Uio Board of Trade Boom*,
oh this eveulng, the lath, instant, at seven o’clock, to
take some action for their interests, that are so in
juriously affected by the late being
a bill entitled “An Act to .providQ’for the better se
curity of the lives of puaengera on board of vessels
propelled in whole or ia pan by steam." All perverts
interested are invited to attend.
TENNY LANE; • beautiful Ethiopian Bong; as tang
tl by the New Orleans Beranadersj
Be watchfai and beware;
Oht Dinah, take this hand;
Tbo Maiden’s Tear,
The Kieh Men’s Bride;
Woald I were with thee;
By ths Sad Sea Wave,' as sung by Jenny Lind in
New York;
Tbo Bird and the Malden, sung by Jenuy Lind;
Take lute, sung by Jenny Lind;
Turn not away; a beautifsl daet, by 9. C. Foster;
Sleighing Poles; by Starkotb, Jenny Lind Invitation
_ Good Luck: lenay at the Gals; latino, and Dod*
worth's very best Polka; alto, new Willie* and ex
teruito seleetionof Uuittr Preceptors of besttnuterr.
H KLEBEB.IOI Third street.
rcIS ’ Golden Harp.
I HAVE this day ansoriated wits me, James Colvin,
lit the Coal, Dry Goods, ana Grocery Business, iu
Tbo basinets hereafter will be conducted under the
style ofsmitley A Colvin, who respectfully solicit the
potiaudge of their friends in geueral.
N. B —All persons knowing themselves indebted
to the lata Aim of Stanley A llay or John smliley,
will please make immediate payment to.
tbun smirtarl (nxxs count.
COAL Ucrohanu, and Dealers in Dry Goods. Gro
ceries, Iron, and Nail*, corner of Walnut street
aud Washington Tnrnpike Road, TemperanccTillo.
oelS:dAwly* .
Onuid linmbiruid Box Boards.
A LARGE tiMnmeot for ulo la loti to nit the
pucbue?*, by JOHN A fILOOMKR,
Allegheny Planing Hull,
Aadcnon rt, AllctflenT city.
Pnhcrind Cora Starch*
REFINED and prepared eipreuly for Pnddia**,
Ctutarda, Cake*, ae.
Thu puo tad bctntirol article ii cieecdinjrlr
heaithjr, defleioaa. tod economical, tnd when dented
map be B»el u a lubiUmtc for, cad la the acme aaa*
oer aa And* Boot.
jut received and (or tale at 33d Liberty at. br
COCOA jut received for aale br
• 0018 WM A McCLURO A CO
JAMAICA GINGER-l»» white Race
1 cave froaad do, for Bale br
Sacking Cauluisrssaßd Flanuils.
A N asvortmantofthe vsTioas colors received by
Fast Colored Prtnis.
RyfURPHY A BURCHFIELD invite attention to the
iVLehoice lot of American and British Prints, dark
and of durable colon, juu received.;. , field
SAL. SODA—IS casks English for sale by
. eolS cor First A Wood am.
ANCY SOAPS—Fine English, imported, for sale,
by cc!B B A FAnNEbTOCK 4 CO
TOOTH BRUSHES—Fine English, assorted sizes
and styles, imported and for sale by
OLIVE OlL—Quart* and pint*, In baskets of one
and two dozen each, imported, end for sale by ,
oets b a Fahnestock 4 co
PACKED BUTTER—A prime article, for sale by
Flour-50 bris tne Flour, in store and for sale by
CAME to the premises of the subscriber, residing >n
Collins township, on Monday, the 7lh day of Oc
tober, 1950, a small Cow, flecked, brindled and white,
about eight vean old, middling short horns The
owner Is desired to coins forward, prove property,
pay charger, and like her away, otherwise sho will
be disposed of according to law.
Third street, opposite tho Post Office.
Graham's Magazino do;
Sana-n’s do ■ do;'
I.mcli’s Living Age, No 335;
Harper’s Monthly Magazine for October,
Caluvator lor October;
Ilortieultarut lor O'tnbcr,
Tbe Iron Matk —Dorns*’ ben work, complete;
The tlrpbsn Children; h Isle, b» T. S. Arthur;
Adelaide Lindsay; a new novel, by Mrs. Marsh-
Old Country Hc.u*e, a new novel, by Mrs Grey; 1
ALCOBoL —9 barrels 70 and C3fresh, just rec’d for
sale by R U PELLBIIS
oe!7 67 Wood «t .
ROSE pink-450 lbs English, Just rac'd for sale by
CARB. AMMONIA—I cask |u»t ree’ri for sale by *
SWEKT OIL—I pipe just leeetved for s»lo bv
PINK ROOT—I bale just received for • le by
DRY PEACHES-lii sacks ibis day rec’d by
TOBACCO— 745.pkgsS*s,&’f, lVs, and Ift’sTobacco,
ruperior brands, received for rale by
LMONDg—33 sacks 9 9. Almonds fer sale by
CHEE3E— 73 bn Cream Cheese;
IV3 brs W. R. Cheese, for sale by
WADDIdiG— White, Black, and extra Glazed, on
hand and for sale by •
POT AMI—I 4 casks purr, a superior article for to
talling, on hand and for ulr by
MOULD CANDLES—SObm luperior.forsaJ' by
CIGARS— 133 M commbn, for sale by
ori? !W)CK4 McCANDLI3S
BUTrFR— 10 kegs for Ulc by
BKOOMS— 100 do* for sale by
CIHEE9F lObxs for sole by
_ > oe!7 3 V VON BONNHORST 4CO
TAB— 190 brls on hand and for ssie by
ocl7 Water 4 Front *i». •
(MIBSTNLTS-3 bags received tor sale by
J oct7 . WICK * MaCANDf.FSS
JONATHAN KINSEV A J. B. Knox, partners, bav
log mads an assignment to me for the benefit of
their creditors notice it hereby given to tU persons
indebted to said Cm, to rnske uumediste psyment to
’hr uuris «igirtd, to wboqt nlw. tboie hsvtßg olvims
•»*utjt them wilt present lUdm for adjiuunem.
Anfgnee of Kinsey and KouX,
<»r.l7:d-'U &S Fifth street __
Foa BA-LE.
THE VV'arebouM on. the corner of Wood and Front
streets, recently occupied by Wm, McKee, asm
Wholesale tiioeery Ftorv - For terms, apply isU U
Ryan, 31 KiAit street—Ryan’s Buildings, where all
kinds of. turned materiAls are for tale, and steam
power ana ro>>iu< to rent, the machinery being now
ia operation tnclT-.dSw) __ H. RYAN.
IS hereby, vbst the undersigned is tbe legally
conititutr.J Aacuoistratr.x of the estate of David
tVoolslayer,'-.ste of Peebles township, deceased, tad
all person* 'claims against said estate are
hereby rvqa**«t'*-t t./ oresent-ihrm forpsymenr.'hnd
tndebu d il.riotoerereqaired to make immediate
Pecptea eovcihip, UK lC.ltiO —«cl7:w3;"8
7jpHE V'.’tawr Session will eosmenca on Monday,
X. the' <!b ol Noveru'ier. Superior teachers have
fcrthedlflcrcntdepanmenu Boudleg
asd tuition ui any or «U of the Ecglisk branches. BC3
peraesrlon of five'mamhs. l*or further reniaularv,
see cirealaxs, at Meatra John Irwin 4 Sons Water
street, or T. if. Levin ACo ,176 Liberty at. Pituburgh.
oclfi.dt w D. E. NFYIN
TL>B. F. HARBORDT, (p*pll of the &m £
IXL tauten.) tale t orff.reßpeMfalh
the citlseue <ir Pinsbergh anil Allfßhsat. ihi
wired. and h.terie nutln; :hl« ci;T l>i» rp
reudcnrc, for the purpatc of iopartiri> insufc
the Plum. Ai-p!ie&:lpu«!fftBt
fccate, 60Lib-rrtv »t, or at H Kletjx’t Mat
will meettvub prorpt atrcnimn.
DcnnAars pianos. V
Sol* Agency for Dnnham'i Pit
HKLLfcF.R tike* in annruncirj
, pol.ii-i list he b«» in *e«e
vi! Accricy !-j: Paboara** ei’t'beatH Ftsitc
fe- tVcsirrn
"The Piitan* made *iy Mr Dunham, cf thrl 1
Ft-v Kit *•. Da*hain, < re t/»c well and t>.ror*bld
),1 !ai»n<‘ictl>u:hocd to requite any eotamet,l
■Lsir. suffice It to »a>\ that lor a inrj lime ti:
ptaaoa were tnown in ihe Western cranir
tho*e of Stedan L Danhaa and Naan* X Clark
Mr- tanhwco, 'be practical parlntr of thd
fine, her- »pect spwardi cf twenty year* in kl
lory of sale firs, as practical manager and duje
ike btmncir. Within a year or two Mr Banhi
bou ;ia Dot the entire factory and appaneaanetn
firm, and continue* to maiiDfaMarc, as before
own name. Dunham'* Piano* bare attain*
popularity, thalin tome of the western cittea,
nati, 4c.,thc7 have »o!d two to onoof ad
manufacture. They are djttingmfhed by then
and brilliancy of tone, and extraordinary dura
N. D—a Urge invoice of the above elegant
cow receiving, SIGN OF THE GOLDEN
oclti •
JOHN FOHSYTU -wonl* mpecUa’ly rafci
Ctutomeri and lie puMie generally, ihstl
jo»i received a iaigo and well tolectedai ortj
Clo'ift, Casusrrei, ind whirk h
make u> order on ihe *h«r;est notice, and in u
approved »:yle. J
Alio, a general a*roitm*ni ofgoodiin the F
1114 lien, suck at Shirt*, Glnvet, Cravats, Hot
all kirdt, &u*p*nder»', &e. The pnblto are iny
ead and examine the tioek, wfciae writ be fount
to any in iLb city, and at pricet a tail the limi
* 0r14j?3! Nodi Market ttreet.nearde?
Garanina B«»cli«ilar Gingham!
MURPHY A BURCRFIELT> have received
ply of neat atyles of real Mtnchettcr Gin;
alto, Deatitic Giiighsmsin great variety of pa
THE ondertignM having been appointed by the
Cotnmissionm of Allegheny county to superin*
tend and prepare applications for persons claiming
Lands under the “Bounty Land Bill,' 1 pawed the 29u»
of September, teoo,wi!t give the matter his special
attention- ‘Each of the anrviving, or the widow or
minor children of deccasen officers, musicians, or
privates, who performed military ttnteea in the war
af-ISI2, or any of the Indian wars alnee IWo—or in
the late war with Mexleo.”«re entitled to lands under
this art. All uecemry information will he given by
applying at my office. W. O. LESLIE,
pclg-d3i _ H 7 Fiftn at., near smithfiald.
Boys* Smtlnata.
MURPHY A BURCHFIELD have received a lot
of bandnuw® Fancv Mixed flatinou!, fot Boys*
wem; also. Plaid and Plain Cataunrrea in’ great
variety, Merino Coiumern, Kentucky jean»,B!ark
Tabby Velvets, Ac.,al uorth east corner of Fourth
and Martel streets _ oaid
3HHK undersigned bu‘ associated Jt*ej>U Robb
L 'Vii'n him, to carry ou ibe Wholesale and IWuil
reccry and Produce liminest, uoder ibe firm ol
Black and Robb, we«t side of the Diamond, comer of
Diamond Alley. Pittsburgh,
ocl&dif *
street, opposite the Exchange Hotel. Possession
given immediately. Enquire of
19 Market si.
TOBACCO— 16 keg* Gedge's No 1 0 twist, jut rce'd
per fieun«r Geneva, and for sale by
oel6 TU Water at.
CASTOU OIL—2O brU Blow's for tale by
OCie SI Wood EL
Monuis A HAWO&VD,
TEA DEALERS, cast side of the Diamond,
Try our-Tca al COe per lb—Tit really good!
oeiS _ ■
WINE A BRANDY of the pure*; kind, satiable for
Mcdteini! purposes. at <se and $i per quan, for
ociO la the Diamond.
Excellent wine at 82 per gallon for
sale by joclflj. MORRIS A HAWORTH
KEG BUTTER—4O kegs fresh packed, receiving
and for sale by R DALZELL A CO,
ocid : Liberty at
SALERAIibS— 180 tors and £0 eaaka very tape riot
giouad and tutgroaatl, in store,lor aa)» by
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR—Jait received at No wa
Liberty street, from the New Brighton Mills, a lot
oc superior Buckwheat Fiour. put up in CO lb sacks,
for family esc. (octal WM A McCLUIIO ACO
FAMILY llAMS—Erans' A Swift's and other
choice brands ot Boxar Cured Hams constantly
os bard and tor tale at 399 Liberty street, by
odd . WM A McCLURO a CO
DVjEi) BEEF—Davis’ Cincinnati'''Sogar Carei
Bayged, and Contested, for sale by #
oold , WM A McCLURO kCO
BAND BOXES—Round and half roatd, at whet*
■ale and retail, by •
oclO i fe3 Wood st
Tl/ANThD IMMEDIATELY An expenenoed
W BUetman. familiar with the Dry Goods and
Hosiery business, to whoa • be
paid. * ** KATUN,
■ oeUB:jtf No. 82 Fourth ft.
" work cm U>« CD«rU«n S*u Road.
ALL the work renaming unfinished on the Cher,
tier* Coal Rati Roadwfll be ie*let . _
will be received «t the office ef the Char*
tiers Coal Company. until Saturday, the 19th Inst
” Loot wrap w REMINGTON, Manager.
Coal Harbor, Ocx-14 —odS-iffit ' _ __
iHSTnccTiow cm tb* Piisb pob»
n.EO. W. r.RATNABDwwda tweeimUy Intbna
»J the eiuiea* ef Pittsburgh ami Allegheny .city
th*t he iti now prepared to receive pnplUon the Kino
Forto and Organ. ‘
l g fi Penn street, at the residence of
Erh» Richard Edwards
F?S'V. P. Marshall, No. S 3 Wood street, or Jfthn H.
hTrllor, No. H Wood strret. octtf:dlw
it*_ it G raham’* .Mertsine for November art out.
3“7 contain the fall f.thion plate*, and steel en
aravings. llhey fcwre all been received at Holmes’
if^^k 7 T^? 01 ’°PP«‘lic the Post Office;
also, the Life and Recollections of the latelYabkee
HUI, together with mctdcnti of hia travels. qc!s
C*. R. hi GLASSES—IO bbW St Louis Sorsr House
kJe pmp Molasses, jast ree’d andfor sa'e bv
J. bbls Pitch, 40 do No 1 Rosin, lor sale by ,
EFINED SUGARS—isi} bbU Crewed, \HZ do
> Powdered, 40 do Clarified, ia flora and forfifcla by
et!4 A JCE*» Si Lonlt Siena Sugar RtUaery
RICE —* prims Rie« for «lo by
FEATHERS— i bag! Ky Feather* rcc’d per 9 B
Financier. *cd for ralo by - t-
IACON CABKS-?rCO empty catk« in rood oMer. for
t ,tle py . ocil* . JAMES A HUTCHmOfI ft Co
[ r.c’d .ndfor .aleby
Tart ame acid—«dh>» ▼eir'wixue.ji
undfotMJoby ceil l RE 9R
do do do -do : formal*,
do do do ■'.do dduW*-
do do do do pkW.
do do • Strap* tn Ladle*,
do do do for Gent*. :
do do do Bath. j
do ’ Demidaff Broshes i ■:
‘SB"? 1 «»* for FxmF^oc i t C,_
FIRE PROOF PAINT—On hand all the color* of
Akron Fire Proof Paint, wholesale end tetail «
No*7and 0 Wood street. octlS Jf) PHItUPS
GREEN OIL CLOTH—IOO yards 4-4 Green Oil
Cloth, jail received and for gale nt No* -nrd 9
Wood street. _ ocil3 _ H PHILLIPS
w„.„ a ft, .d. « Kf.7 -■» » •
VELVET PILE CARPETS—Received this day at
W McCliniock’« Carpet Worebeose, «0.,m
Fonr.h street. end 7b Wcofl street. new and super jr
style Velvet Carpets, to which we invite the attention
of those within* somethinc- rich ard rare, ana as
cheep a* can be pore baud in any of theeastarnctfie*.
ootl2 :
ntHItKE PLY CARPETS—Now reeelviur at Me*
J_ Clintock’*, No. S 5 Fonnh wrrtt, and 79 Wood st,
rich and new style Ireperia tThre* Ply Carpets, direct
from the importer* and willbo
•rid at reduced prices. oclW
/~IOFFEE—2SO bars prime Rio for s*le by
SUGAR— 35 lifcds Prime N O (or sa'e by
TAR —CO bbl* N C for sale by
fIIEAS—IOU hall chest* Y..,11.>G.P.,1mp. and Black,
I ,£0 caldy boxes do do do do
for sale by octlS J S DILWORTH &Co '
TOBACCO —ton boxes i's. HP*. 1 lb,tn store and for
saleby rtCt_ J ft DILWORTH A Co
POWDER- 4//0 kegs Martina to arrive^
4,500 do Deer Ride, in magarlne,
5(0 do Ky do du, i
A'» bbls Saf*ty Fnse i)».
For sale by petit! J 3 DILWTQRTH ACo
LARD-110 keg* Not Lard,Jart received knd for
sale by oetW BltW HARRAUGH
BACON- 5000 'b* Bacon Slmal'leriT
S.OOUlbi <Jo Sides,
In store and for rale by
oeit« ' S A- W KARNAUGH
RAG 6— 1-00 lbs Baesinsi laadinr an.t forsate 4»y
octia 9 A W HARBAUGH
SUGAR— ltthhda N O Scgar in st«re and lex «*leby
TXriNDOW U1.A53—390 boxes fixlO, 1$) do 12x12,
VY 50 do 10x14, in more and for sale by
fIIAR, ROSIN AND PITCH—ISO bbls.Tsr. 10 do
X Rosin, 1(1 do Pitch, on consignment-and for sate
TTYDE3 SOAP—SO lx* assorted, just Teo’J and for
n sale by oetW J KIDD A Co;
Spanish whiting—to tourer K »te or • 1
ocilt J KIDD ACo
PILL UOJttS—4W grow for sale by ' ~ •
octlfr ■ . J KIDD A Co
RED PRECIPITATE—SO lbs far sale bv ;
oetld JIfIDDACo
SPONGE— l cose eltfa quality, 1 do fine,2 bales
coamjiuftrcc’dnndtorAnle by , .
octt2 3 gPBpONMAKKft A Co
A BFAUTIFUL Oil Print, {a nevtitnremicn, pa
il, tented in Luadon,) representing Jena; Lind in
the fields, .in a iittentng attitnde, taking lessons frost
'the nightingale, Lai beet received by.tne'anbscriher.
The coloring is count to the finest mlaUttue palatine,
and the likeness too moat tmthfal and correct of an;
retbresehiooL j
Also, Jenny Lind’s Greeting to America the Prise
. Soar, aud.thc celebrated Echo Seng-
<xd ,; ;i ■■ j . GohJen.Harp.mThirds;.
: W,aPLKMOLA33LS—* bri* for sale by
SUP. CARE. SODA— IO Powdered, for tale by [VI od< : WICK & &leCANDLE33
ortta,- i, , JSCnOONMAKFRatOo. •
BOTTLE CORKS —S bale* rood qn&lttr'fnr by
oo.lg J 3CHOONMAKBR fc Co
lbis SirrfftT-it's-best, ffir mIo bv
LAC DYE GBOUffD-d t-b»« for «n!«* by
PARTS GREEN—3S eso» of tb* «-lebrat*d “S’*
brsr<L(ortsio by J SCTIOONMAICER ACo ,
octlg No 9-1 Wood street
MARINE GREEN-S lee« for «»le by :
. .t bs bu
jtftlon oa
i Bearding
ic S’OTt.'
DIVE'S TOBACCO—fO bjt lost wM fV>r sale by
LAUD— SO ken Ho I. icc'O fnr cnle hy • ' *
ogll HARDY, fc CO
STRAW ENGINF. FOB SALE, 10| Inch Cylinder
4ffootsurohs. For lerin*, npply V*
ocll S F DPNNHaB.<T&CO
CJ ALTPETRE—IW bags trade, arriving for ssl* by
Q oell . W&F>VIL>ON
CI*AY— Hi casks German, flTrlrirr for <n!c by ,
S'* OLE LEATHER—SCtro Ppunssh. arrrviac r«e'
c«ccl, tor tuls b 7 JAM KB I>AI,V.Ki.L
ee it '.uWuwt -
RICr' —10 tes priar.tor ssle
ClOuil ANTS—O eases French ittMtre’.t tor sale by
fbe ft'v
(it lm
ef tin*
'ItACNNIUUy oil, 75brisrccM for ««!<• by' *
T ARU OIL—IO Itis landinr. fn- uy '
■Li CsU ; , J\WF3 BAT,ZELL
f\ SCHOOL FOR ROY- ts mile* torn FUtabargli
Rev./o*»nr S. TkinixT, .v. M,
The Winter Session will on hTonday-
Nov. 4, Sett. Term# —*7s per Senior. oC&month*.
Por efreala».'eoqairt! of the Prineipal.‘tflwiekjey
Botiota P. ta, Ft,or or Me«ar« John Irwin A Sen*;
U Water rtroet, or T. H.JJevia Noiatl
Liberty mrwi, l-(tuboiyk> i ■ oelPrdlw
-QODa"AS casta gieel’s best, ■rririoc.tnr »»«e
Qby L foelQ] . BtiOWN A EIKKPaTKIOK 1
OILS— Deans Oriffuiom, 1 eon Anil, 1 can Cinna
mas,! 'can C«rew*v, l can Odar, l eon J.aTrn
der, I can Soceini. and 1 can Koremarr Oil. warrant
ed pare, received for *mie by R K BELLKR3
OCIQ 57 WoOd »l
T' ARD—lOOkepi No l Leal', arriving from.iteaaei
JLI Ohio, and far tale by ,
T\RIED FRUIT—33 tack* new Peaches; j
\J iSaaelct now Apple r,‘arrivlrg
from steamer Caledonia, and for aalebv
TRUNK BOARDS—CO bcodlrm snorted, for sale h
RlCtv— 20 tea fresh beat arr.virif. for aa'e by
BOARDING —A few gcutlctuon may obiiim zooi
boarding on rea«onabie urnu at Mrsi Mc.Mii
tin's, in Colennade Row, near the Old Bridge, Fede
ral street, Allegheny city. ocm.dlw
.TO LET. *
THE dwelling ncme No. f 8 Second airect.betweer
Wood and Market meets no * occapictl by tin
subscriber. Rent S2CO per annum. Posto»*ibn ylver
on the lit of .November next- JOHN II MEIiLOIt
octS:tf No. si \Voo4 meet
FALL HOSIERY, Alpacca,-' Merino, C»‘b.a*rc,
Thibet and- Llama Wool Hosiery. An assort
ment received er' I
Bournlng Good*.
MOttPIHf 4. BURCHFIELD have received a*u/
ply of goods adapted (nrirournlss vretr, suehea
Black tfombaiints,
“ Canton Clots*-, . ] )
“ Cotiurtfn uiirt Farmatte*.
“ French Merinos sudCeahmete*,'
•* Moure do L nines and Mourning
Alpaecaa, Mourning Collars, Black Cravali, VaiU.
UanukcrchiffcAc- ‘ ocii>
Ij'itfc'SM TABLK UU'l v i>.H--lV Legs ami 4 fells, ju
; received end for tale by •:
ElKsF.Hii bbla lu store and tor Vile by
t CLOVER BE£l>—B Sbls in store and ior tale by
REAM CHLESE—?©O boxes Cream Cnees* jan
rccM and for sale by octO J D CANftEU*
Bacon —casks ilacoa Sides, a Jo J“mnc Sugar
Cured Uims.for ralety
OTIuEL—A genera] assortment 01 Cast, S&Tar, tier
O man. E. 8., and Sprinu Steel, for sale by:
NAILS At; PI libs —KS krrs awned. tor sate by
OUQAB—.’iUhhds prime N. O bugar, ju»t te:c.vo
O lortale by BCRURIJHJE A IMilIttAM
ecu lid Water street,
FLOUIt-So lri» S. P.-Fiovr, ,u»t rend for »*ie 6y
,» now laoTiu«. lur siUc »y
Water k. Front lit. .
SALTPETRE —*0 «&cl
LINSEED OlL—is brlt paw, Ju« rec’U forV&Ti* Irr
_or9 JOHN WATT Arp
WINDOW^GLASS— 10W"l»x» ai'oried aixeV, itber
heart'* manufacture, for »ale by
«gpg , IKWwn vireei.
A DMA WHRs—A larjrc a«tcrtmei}fo/i?llk.
Woolen, and Conor, Blur.* acj J>rawtr?. 'or ivlr
lotrbr (iep«] C _^£aGTH
SGsiKRY-A iia«asMrtmem ofiadiea’anilKlld
Ka ? conpritln* every yarlety
m»t record by licpgfl C YFjknrn
wrapping nation., donblo o-.etioi'lSSn 25
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\J >»» for tak by JPCanFIELP
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J|ACKaEU-10> btb Bo,ton No by^
f'tflKijßK—«2PQ bit W t - B- JoK ree’J for mTc by
\J - OC3.•■■••' ;•. 'JQHWVVATr&CO
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04;* 04 KABSKT ST h
WOULDeotlelt the anemlan of Merchants Aron
all section* dr the country, to ’heir Immense
Stock of New'-Fall Ooodt, comprising the largest ana
most complete assAstment in the wo stern country j
consisting of .3 ,
373 eurt*be*t»tylei Prifits;
40 to- Imported and American Gifighsmt;
U do Alpdecas, Paramatta*, and MerlßWi
37 do Cashmeres and De Lain*;
45 do Satinet* sad Jeans,
V 3 dcti Clotbsand Catalmeres;
70 dd Blotched Muslinr;
CO bale* Flannels, all colors;
57 to:' Kelting*, all trades;
&0 .do BroWn Muslins. be»t makes.
Al»o, eases and packages of Silks,Shawl*. Wane
Goods, Millinery to, TatlotV Trimmings, Ribbons,
Laces, Hosiery and Glove*. » c-
Merchants are assared, from tbs great ftcUicea of
this esuhtlslßnent,pr always procuring the latest and
most deslrtble good*, and at price* a* low and lower
than any eastern house- Being manufacturer*’ agents
for large quantities of Domestic Goods, they particu
larly iolloit the orders of merchant* for domestics,
deliverable in this city at the same price they ars
sold at in eastern Cities. Merchants either going or
returning from the east, are invited to an exumlnadon
of their stock. A A MASON k. 00
the man who doc* not appreciate the Ibzui7 of an
easy shave t, ITany there be, see do not addiess our
selves to him. But ta all others we say, if yon wish
to render shaving a pleasure,ptucbnse a box of Juts
Basel's Almond Pistachio or Ambrosial Shaving
Creams. It Is utterly Impossible to find words to de
scribe the refuting* of a person who fin* been used to
Stoner with ordinary soap, upon making trial of this
for the tint rime. •It is a combination or wonder, *d
miration, and pleasure.
ingly emollient; rendering the stiffen and most wiry
beard soft apd pliable,ptoduelngaivadoirablo lather,
and by its'extremely mild nature allaying all Irrita
tion,and preventing thauunpleaseet and stiff feeling
of the skin which is so often experienced tiler shav
ing. Gentlemen using dales Basel's Shaving Cream
may face.the coldest and.most piercing winds lm
mediately alter it* use. without the skin becoming
chopped.; Andlhote who once use it, we can safely
say, will nßyer u>« any-other.
One great advantage, which will be especially ap
preciated by\tho#e who wear whiskers, is the fa t
that it will not discolor tie beard, which most soaps
willdo. giving a’sandy or rusty appearance to ms
edge or the whiskers. Jules Baud’* Shaving Creams
aro delightful preparations, compounded with skill,
to the utter exclusion of all ancles escalated io
render tlib Operation of shaving unpleasant, and will
be epprecisledjby all who make trial of them.
Prepared only by
' JULIES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist,
* | : 130 Chestnut u, PbUa.
For sale. Wholesale and retail, oj 0. A. Fahnestock
A and B-B Sellers, Pittsburgh; and Johi-Sirpeat
and J. Mitchell, Allegheny City. ‘ scp37-3p
mEAS—ICOhJ cbem Y. If. Tcm;
1 . S 3 j do ©. P.Tew, I .
SO: do Pouchon*. reft 5 * pcreuut.for
i i . ' j TO.WfctCIB!
110 bx< 10x1?,
r-'-i' . -SObxs 10 1 14] pan «xua
naT’ ‘“ ,l! **'* “jOUM WAIT > CO
nu>VES r «r(.n«w«.6r B £
•; -,i ! , ; S 7 Wood n
RRo W KOor—B bx» necived for m 1» b?
oeg ;? 1:• • tt E BSLLER9
MAONE^ CAL-P-. bx.
'BEEBHLSO lbs Tory g g 9 g ,^ r L *^|* ;J tl?
,w E a S - s b,u«»^^r
■ticks: 1 care tor sale by
.« Oolong ft Singyong T*a
.6 very beat Black Te*» that are im
ibeUrludStau:*. Morri* ft Haworth,
, In the Diatncnd.are eelilcj taidTeas; ai
die low port of 75c per lb, for cttlu. ..... «cpga
r\IC-iiisSA&y Wn k,
1 / and, EngiJicertnc—No »7 ol lhi» areal work baa
been received at Holmes’ Literary Depot, Third
oppoeite the Poil office. _ _ eeir2o
L" INSEBD bill pure, jast rec'd for sale by
aepty - , : ; _ J B CANfr‘ifcJ*D
Look Shtwlii ,•
IN great "saneiy of prle* tnd pauarn.jmt rccuvod
at the More of UURPtIY & BXECHFIELD
003 -f "• ' ;
LinbTßd OIL—I 9 hrl« pare country oil. iasi rec»
for eole by ROBISON, UTTLK t CO
pel : ■ • - • -ys Liberty at.
BufT Wladtrw Liman.
JUBT received at W. MeCUNTOCJTS Corpet
Waiptf'oai>e,;No6S Foanb «Ueet,and-?5 Wood at,
4-4Baff WUiJgvrLlaea. . . , oca
OBOOMs— Cora Breorat for tale by
aARBUTHNOT ii receiving a large auortnert of
i fascymnd eitple, variety, and Dry Good*, conaln •
'or la part of Woolen, Thibet, and'C&thioere Shawls
dlQr, fccrUfi, Thibet, Kid and Bosl-«kia Glares; Wool;
ea and WCrrted Ccinforu; Alpaca*and3J6mb«incr
■Voolen and Canton flannels; Colored'slid Blenched
Mpstinsi Gatiineu and Castlmerea) Ribbon* and
Laeet; Stiltons and Ccmbt; Threads and Binding*;
Utabrcßu-and Drew Bone, fce-
AU of drhich, cooMry and’ city merchants ore ra
wcifaUy invited to examine, at 118 Wood ft. »cp9S
jLarga Supply of Fall * WlaurOoodi.
of baycn io their largo itockaf goods odaf'icd
lllk afiid Col'd French Merlnotr,
u ' u Coburg* andCososicicj,}
Ctirnfeable pfcplin*, •••-■-
•'TMajHlksirtiii Tnrtf Satins, •"•
UU ai>d Pane? Alpaca*.
; j Sops* J-i.iir 9hawla,Low Price do- SaaJnsg Pier.-
i ctn, Wcisa,English. tcd AmcMin Flannel*, while
Und cclolcd. iVbcir nock of. SOUSKKEEL’JAG
juODi. /such: as -PfceeUngvFfllew’' C**« Mashas,
.•’able Pisper*. Towelling, he.. is large, and at low
•riec* fonjuality. Ucycis will Gad ilia their tdrea*
«rc lorxan ioe their «cdc before ptucboncg—aube
wish eiut-comcr of dih ted Mcrtet tlx. oct ’v
Iruiputu Wlsdow Ghtdti
RECEIVED; this day, atiho Carpet VVojehoase,
No3?Fo9rih.»treetood 7D Wood street, a very
4andfoae»'*omaentof Tnaapare&l Window Shade*
u reduced print*. foe3] . .W.MeCLINTOCK
Vf Sope'iaaeEogllehMajtttrS*
iYI lii L*us l Uapoited l and{orsaleby . .
oetia & ... : o a Fahnestock aCo
TWO well finished officea in Pon Ofica BoiMinjr*.
•TKiT^'dtrecU'' 1 • . j'
A lanjf, United room, 3d aiorr; entxince Mar
ket nrtet»lcjw«ca ltd ana 4tS itrr e u
Also, n;initxJl brick home, In fjit Townibip, near
Pennajlainia Atccus.
OCi7 ”
i! :: NO)BI,S«rOAdtL
I Pont tnd Tnbnae p)<ue copy )
CJTAIJCII—6 boxes ja*t received from the 'tnanufoc-
O tam,nttd for rale by . 8 N WICK£RSUA*I
oet7 - Corner Wood and fljt tm
f EXTRACTS— At toned in bnietofoac
I i Oozed each, imported sad for tale by
oci7 : J .g A PAHNBBVOOK ACo
PILL MACHINES—Superior Englishastoncdu
*e», imported and fcrtaie by
FLOUR —US bb!t Extra Soper Fme Ftourj lu tzore
and tot tolebj
octfl r ' L a WATERMAN A SOWa
WANTED— Two Salesmen in ibe Dry Good* Eu-
eldest.' Apply it Eg Market street oetS
EtU£L— W bbU No S Mackerel, (laree.) fa
by octfl L 8 "WATERMAN A SONS
TUBS AND: BUCKETS—dox. Buekets, 10 do
sale by
oct9 l • L 8 WATERMAN A SONS
CORN ilßOOMfi—COdoz fancy tad good common
Corn ilroomt, for tale by . ,
octfl 1 -L 8 WATERMAN A SONS
/ tLOVt,k sEeA>—v9 bbl* avietiy. prune idover
V_y Sectl,-in Hire aad for tale by -
IUIE LjTEFT STYLE—Received tdif tfay, the la-
A test ctyie Cirrets, direct fromtne manofactamt.
to »bict>-we Invite tbe attention of <ho»« ; wl.hipj
something banibome. octfl WyfIcCUNTOCK
O' 1L CI^UTMS—On band »large tiulwetl,aelec!e3
iioetrof eomsaon Oil Cloth*, which will be sold
.€ 1 ,cr T Iow t ' ' , W McCLINTOCK
i‘i. I oct9 ? No 75 Koarth street
RUOa'ANUAI Affig— IBifopeiiPTl, tianfl*
tome tiyl# Rat* &a<l Doot Mitts, to winch wa
umte Uieaucioiou WporctawT*.
oh? :f **“
rOW PRICIiCARPBW-W MfiClln'ock h*» jutt
j cpenral alary® end-very cheap lotofCaii>cu,.»U
of wh ch are direct iron the meaiftetßTera, mod wi'l
Oo void as low as the aatne quality «*a be purchased
eaitor the Mountains, at 75 Fon'rtn street D --y
ApparfUM for Clianing fitov* Ftp*
f • wtihoat Uklng doirn.
TNYENTED by Frederlek Bleircs, «nd made by
«8 j Fim bfttwwo Wood A M*rfc«x n»-
-lia b«*» priao greea Bio, in twtc tad
Jlo anlve, lor u!e by : . .
' * ' L 3 WaTEBUAN fc SONS
' s ■ ■ - ■ 31 Water 4 0* Frctf »t.
f I 3 KAa—jW, I'trheci* «a 4 caddieiof Y.Hyaos, to?
-ft O- P-, Jin4 Blick Tea*, for sale by
««* 5 •■:• . L 3 >.ATKBatAN*6o:»a
ba«» Pepperj
O ' s.6ig*Ai*pice,tor *»lebT ----.a
. ocd . 1/3 A SONS
SSOLK fcEAtIIEB-200 aide* heavy and xmddia
j weinJniapiaiahSoleLewbtfr.Xorwooy
ocr? ".- j r * WaTKBMaW a SONS
pi LaM*—3Wr br* Window Omi assorted, °t city
Sdllßs oat »* Cast to CI««* BMbmi,
1 LABbEitockoJ’DßY GOODS, tor wfeicft boadt
A; moitttgMr jscycreents, jrftwud rtnu, or real
“»'■ “"='‘" ap 'o“'anoGC, ■
: oe3: ,f : : 1 -Its Wood «t, PlUabtffgh.
t VTtmAow
hECEIVEDiU* day, ttiie Carpet Washout, No
K M Potmfc tortet and »JVeod atmt, Cord and
MdKis»fc-W bu pnm w. fl. Vbeew,toftiie by
WOBtia ChPfi»h
EOAttS—3W.WO coamea Ohio, Cor tab by
t> art ;. 1 ' ' • JfcftPLOVP
] yiNKGAR-»bil«p«»CiaM Vujft^towlaby
1 cato oa consifiUEent, for tala
POWPER-m kejt BlMtlcg Powder, for tala by
**-i : : JfcttgLOYtf
ai EBRIfiG—IOO bit Sealed Herring, for talc br
L oed f _ _ JAttPLnva
»AOfr-7B da Twulfft Tew Don, (or ufo by
O «1 l i <4RliO»