The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, October 18, 1850, Image 2

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white:* co.
». W. jWu*T> ]_ 1.-BllflßT.
<imXs cm o?tnsc, iiaks mw* NrtT to °* 70
i mi ro/r omc*.
jWiti.. *?£} ptr^im. ; 5’S „
Weekly, in advance) —T*‘V‘ 7°? '
; r 00. o Clubs, at a icdncea tala-I
agreed ukin
(his le, (10lint* orNonpareU or less)
mt * iienion- —»» —■»«»*— ——- *10,50
re, each additional insertion- »• 0,25
• D,v • oce yttt—--—1,75
pr». twowtck*- •—— •—~ 3,00
In*. three weeks—— 4,00
Do. one month------—. 5,00
Do. twb nomhs ■■ ■—■ -■■■•—•• 7,00
: Dc. three menus*- «4» 9,00
• i>o. fi-ar month* ■ —■■ —— J. 10,05
.Do. tin nonihi— —i» 12,00
.Do. „ tae've months-*———V-16,M>
Standing Card (S line* eric**,) per annum- 10,00
OaeSqucif.ebangraldeaipleasDte (pcrrin
nntn) exclusive of the paper-**-* •'• 25^0
For ewb addition*] sqnuic.lnsenrdovcr pac month,
ana fox each additional aqnais inserted under the year-
price. -
Advertisement* exceeding a iipiiirc, coil not over
fifteen Hoe*, to be charged oa a tenure and a half
Publishers not accountable far irgul advertisement*
•eTOTid the umonnt chanced for ihcirpublicmi&n.
Announcing candidates for office, to be charged the
same aiotbcradvcnsrcuieno.
Adveßucacnti not marked on the copy for a speci
fied number of insertions, will be continued till forbid,
ao4paytcentcrac<eiaccord. . .
The privilege $ of yearly advertisers willbe confined
nfidly to their regular business, and all other adver
tisement# not tj licit regain business, a*
agreed (or, to he paid ertra.
Ail advertisements for charitable uittitutlona, fire
mpanies, ward, township and otherpobllw meetings,
nd sack like, to be charged halfprice, payable smelly
advance. (
{■larriagt notices to be charged SUcents.’.
Death: nstkes inserted without charge, unless accom
panied hf funeral invitation* or obltuaiy cilice*, and
wben *0 aecoTspanicd to be paid for; 1
Regular advertiser?, and all ethers sending comma*
ideations, or rerjoinog notices designed to call atten
tion 10 Fair-, Soiree*, Omeens, nr any puUUc enter
tmrMneitts, wheru charges ate made for admittance
all notice# of piivotc associations—every notice do*
signed to call attention to private enterprise* calcula
ted or intended 10 promote inJiviitsal interest,can on
ly be Inserted with the undemanding that the some
Is to hr juid (hr. If intended to bo inserted in the lo
cal column, the same wilt bo charged at the rate of
not less than 10 cents per lice.
Bishop or Fist Notice* 10 be charged triple pace,
Tavern License Petitions, 82 each.
Legal and Medical advertisements to he charged at
Ileal Estate Agents’ ar.d Auctioneers’ adTcrttse
stents not to be elaest-d under yearly rates, but to he
Allowed 'discount of thirty ilree and one thir Jper tent,
from tt.e ac.oant of hills.
wxsu.s ob Tti*wscu.t ui tau.T ratsas,
Or.e Square, three lai»rtions-,*“—:”-81 50
80. each additional insertion*». -37
AEviSTßEstnro fit wixtvT ran*.
©n«r*uare,.(lo Utter,) one ‘naertion—- so cu.
Dj. each additional insertion*—-25 M
Ail transient advertisements io be paid in advance.
WHITE fc CO, Gazetto.
l„ HARPER. Fo»t
ROB'T M. RIDDLE, doom*!.
P. BARR A CO., Ohroaiot*.
JOS. SNOWDEN, Mercury.
JAMES W. BIDDLE, American.
HIRAM KAINE, Evening Tnbynt.
Deo. 1, IM9.
JOHN A PAilUCl.laOa,
ALDEBHATJ, Fifth WsrJ, l’cr.a *ueti, between
O’lUre &it«l Wrthill. All biuinest prdiQplJy *l- -
l•nJe4ty. :
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Office, on V'oimk street
above Wood. J
ATTORNEY AT law, and Oominiaionar for
Pennsylvania, Si. L«*ul», Mo. ' •
All communications promptly answered ■
oct»-lT ' •
jaqrs v, KKua, :
Attorney at law—office oa roatit street,
between Ssmh&sld and Grant, Tlusbnrjh.
IpILMY . ; !
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, and Commis
sioner for the State of l’cansytvaiila, Sl Lota*;
Wo-, (late of Piiiaboreb.r
References—Piucbsrch: Hon. \V. Forward, Hamp
ton A Miller, M'Rana!e*B A McClcic, John |\- Parke,
3 is* ells A Semple, McCord A King. auglt-ly
Giatgme, Po. (tfsw A’j Perry Port Of.ce.)
Having permanently located at this place, a new
and sabtUßtia) Wharf Boat, we are prepared to re
ceive and forward promptly to all points on the river,
and Send? and lleaver or Ohio Canals. 0 A Co.
Ulajgow, Jane 1J leltl
wn< r»,nt»v.......... —ronjt t-cosonxvß.
w.IX. woonwatm.- •* —■ ■aauit eacaict.
cert. No tgl Market at, Philadelphia. ’ nr>4
; Pltubnrcb Alkali Worlu<
Bennett, berb y &co, Manufasturtrs of sod*
Ask Bleaching Powder*, blutiaiie and Sulphuric
Acids, iwarehoure No —, Wacr street,below Ferry.
Frederick Brian. t;eorcc Reiter.
BEAtIN 4 REITER, Wholesale and Recul Dm?-
ri*W, corner of Libcrr? aad St Clair
rmc&Pa. ;
i'll A. McAMJLTV 4 CO, Forwardmi; and Con'
V/, mi»»loa Merchant*, Canal Uasin, r<u*>-ursa,
Fa. ' ' mr -'
H. GRANT, Wbolt*ult lirocrr,*won *n4
» Forwarding McTCiiani, Iso. 4i Water 11., ritn»
tanth. - •
IrmHemrr- Andrew rieinmc R- K Fiermug
nttttSßY, PLCMIfIfO * CO.,
neitic.'Voolcn. and Codon Good*r »Nt», ocatcrcin
ail kinds of Tailors'Triratnins*. Noli? Weed it, V.h
door from Fifth, Pitubarch. • _ :
Reference —Mcsara. ox. A. lUU A Co, Bankers.
' jantti - ’ sxi _
». BilKsT] L' WM *- IXrIX
No 1M Second nrcfrV Pitlgbrsfgh. i aag?
Tyy. n. IJlHft I ■ »S.TXCTf.
English a bennett, cuts En?iuh, Gaiuepcr
P Co.) Wholesale Grocery Coramu'non and For*
warding Merchant*, and defers La Produce awJPitu
kurgn Manafaetnret, No. 3? Wood «u. bttwedn iti and
glitrten. ; . oe ».
■ Wairil. JnUNhfoN, n
J* No.liu Second it, Fluihargh. . mrgt .
ekants and Flout PuaJcre, No T.C Market *:rcel,
Ftdliddptia. J >'-V
No. 41 North Water Sued* No.
A/J. Bcntsot > 1 mUAOU>WIU
S l-UilaJ’e.
J). C. McCa«*om. 1
J. i. WiKNU {
i ,a *
H' LKtiliflcccsjor 10 M«rpnr ft l.rc,) Wool I>e*i
. '«r and Comim*'io» Metcnant, for tk* lala c
Anietiema Wo;!fn», lAbmr, oppo-'.te 5U> «t ' febl7
• A.'iotwr. :<•:«««»•,
TTAUDV, JONES k Co., {uicecMon to Atwood,
H /onea k Co.} Cciauiiuwa •»«! Forwardlrif’Her-
JhZnii, dealer*.ta Pitubarjh Min«factuie.t flood!,
pnabargN P« • L JPS h r—
W. P. OAliSliALk,
(aVCCSXSOk TO »*XTCLt C. !Uli»> J
TMPORTKR «t Denleriti French and American P*-
X pef-.Uatigwjr* and BorJerr, Window 9hadc», Fire
bontA Frini*. Ac. Al*o— Writing,-Pnntinsmui Wrap*
etar Paper, No. t)7 Woodatrett.betweenJ-ourth ureei
end Diamond alley, wc»L aide, Pitiabilrgb, P*/
‘ pgxTsßi'aari glass worms*
-'•-OIIN AGNKW.lulisof the firm of Chamber*, Ag
jj new A Co, would icepecifullf inform the old <■“'
.Hr p.u» B«"r,.llT, art ta wM .«}-«;
linnets carry o« the Omen t»lni* buu&c**, In all in
vaneiie*,*nd »• prepared iv CU all otitn for Apoil.e-
JKfrt al,»r.rt., V.JIf
Market aircet, l-«lween Full k frccon 1 ««■__i
JOAN P.MOU»A'X, WbolcjalTpf *»?*««, •»?««*■*
etin Bye Staff*, Paints, Bill. Va»ru«l»tf». Av. No-
Wood aueel, one door South ot Diamond Alley
pituDurgh. ; i—-V—
tJ Merchant, arid dealer in Proffu'tf and J
Jilanafacturoa. Nofll Water »t, I uuturgb. ..
r.r.tM t,«cr»i io««i« latUJi, irf,
r«AIAH h Co., Wholenie Groeet* Cora*
«d dealer, ia !■«*«», Wsfl
Water. and 107 Front etrocta. Fituburgh. . nortf
• ■ ■ • '" 1 1 " 1 I tlltiorkrth*
/ a IlitwArtb - - * < »■ 'iJlCph IIuWOTUI*
J. !A*euu(oi lltxfttd Powder Co.,
Fittiborsh- __ _ . «
yTißn^jn‘OWNaENJsTl)ni*l litMd ftMfcMMy
J“ifeuitekcl“£SeWil«T. TUrf «.£«»
i crK |i. W ill base eonilamly cubaod e well •cltcied M
lorSeMorUie bcjietid lir.*irM Medie|oH, vtlch h*
wTU *cll on ih» wo‘‘t teisocible tenui. Konciiu
jlSli onirrf.wUl Ire proudly wended u>, »nd «up*
■Ledwiih *nicle» Uiey m*y relF open u feuwne.
* Prs«npUon» will be accurately tnd
>t yiy prepared fron it»e WitioatonaU, it any hearof
•u" •■•=« »< f'«“ «* ft?
m * f 2‘ K| d ' - r lUcbaid FluyJ.
JJotn»Djaj w? . | fl Gtai . ef Conunnsiai.
*nl Deilua in Fr.».iorc, Kvtm>
LtoiS <■»»“« Bo °li,T
Kirth meet** »*«ml»6rg '* * ** ——
.. r**ni;uHV. Areni fiif itii l.iio 1-Jic »n o
LLM tVurfiver ini ite Lrte.Miicd
and StniihflrM «» I*" 1
»trfclUt'Z)N 4- C*).—Saccc»M)r«
1 AXETfaJi™ A g Co. C*«nm.»‘ieA M«relui.rt»
toirßgffitesst .‘sr^sarfisif.
■-P g g-
T 'H. tSd^Yoletkle
Jj I, Jtl and
dealer to We***™ B i*iAilacc f chcmJlj.;’ Water
w-a. _
if^ o9 end
a. c. BTOcait
IJ ATEJobGil«i*' Sl “*V ,o, '. C £?
Pittsburgh City GlMs Works.
\jTANUFACTTRERS of window glass.
N'o 2S Market street, between First and Second,
Pittsburgh. Pa.
nyParticnUr attention paid ts odd sites. Also,
w. cnairmoKiK, a. trowcm,
n. ctnmsotUM, plnnest*,
Win. Miller, I'liilaJ. ' C. W. KlcWeUoo, Ptuiborgh.
\ FILLERfc ItICKETSON, Wholesale Grocers, and
iVi Importers of Brendie*. Wines and Srg&r*, No*.
174 end 174, comer of Liberty end Irwin street*, FUU*
burin, Fa. Iron, Nails, Cotton Yam*, ite. kc., eon*
stmtty on hand. . *r>4
John M ‘OiU. J amp* U. Mhiill. Walter C. Roe-
McGILLS K ROEt'WholesaleGrocer*and Commis
sion Merchants, No IU4 Liberty St, Pittsburgh
ap4 *
axis Joitu,
Manufacturers of «imn*- md.Mmcr mei,
plough »iiel, *wel plough wing*, coach toil clip
iicsr>nngs r feanuacrcd lion axles, and dEalert in mil
(cable cogino lamp?, and coach trimming*
pnerolly, comer ofßos* and Front *t#^'Piu.«»iurgh t
J. ft J. TMdoi, CommUllon Hcrehuiti.
"VTO. 310!d Leree *l, N Orlenna, keep constantly on
XI hand alargt assortment of Brandies of the follow*
in? brands, which they offer far tale as agents for J.
Darand 4. Co, Bordeaux, vn; Maxtor?, J. Eraud, J Du*
rand ft Co,Lnrocl>eslc,J J Durand, Cognac, A deM w
lezun, A L Bletiilr, A de Mondore, Jean Louie. Ac.,
Ac; also, Anchor Bordeaux Red tind White Wines
io casks and cases, selected with care by John Dotand
&*Co; besides Chanpagne Wine ana Sweet Burgundy
Port. feb7-ly*
N HOLMES ft SON, No U Market at lfcouddoor
* from corner of Fourth, dealers m Foreign and
Domestic BtUa of Exchange, Certificates of Deposit,
Bank Notes and Speda.
QT'OoleleUons made on all the principal cities
broughoat the United Srncs. . api
LlthdgrapKio ICitabUiluntut
OF W3I. SCKUCHMaNN, Third it, opposite tho
Pom-Off,re, Pittslrorgh.—Maps, Landscapes, Mil*
beads, Showbillr, Labels, Archiioctiiral and alachino
-Drawing*, Burincts and Vuuing Cards, ftc.enrTnvcd
or drat* n on stone,and printed in colon, (told, Uroiue
or Black, in the most approved style, and at the moat
rtawmsblc price*. ocit&ly
QlHft'ON. LiTTLi; *. CO.. N o MSLiberty *ireet
j Puuturjh- WholeoJe Groceut Produce un4
Cawmisriou Mcrcksau*, and dealer* in Puuburjrli
frl&unfeu uccs. apl7
»o&t, tno*. irrrLtt. *i3tL. b. eobCTnj*. ,
EUBERT MOORE, WUolciale Grocer, Rectifying
Di<uller. dealerlli Prodene, PiOsbatrh Manufac
ture#, *n l all kind* of Foreign amt Dameitis Wine*
and Li<|uor*,No. 11 Liberty vircei.' On hand a very
largo stock of runerlbr old MoQonguhtlt w&Ukcy,
which .'<*•111 be told low fori'»h- myt
i. o. xcmouis. l. u ante.
EE VNOLDS & SIIEK. Forwarding and Commit'
aion Merchants, for the Allegneny River Trade,
uealcr# in Groeeriet, Produce Pittsburgh, Maaufae
in ret, and Chloride of Lime.
The highest price, in cath, paid at all time* for
country rag*. Come* Pena nnd 1 rwin »t«. tpH
Cotnnuuuon Merchant*, dealert in produce and
Pittsburgh Manufacture*, Liberty street, Piitabßr/h,
Pa. aplfl
WUOLESALE GROCER, Produce. Forwarding,
amt Commission Merchant, and Dealer in Pm*
burgh Manufactures, No Ihit* Liberty street, Puiiharrk,
p* ; iTI
■. c. ktiiciLxrt. tuu*. b. wHivr
SIJACKLETT A WfllTß, Wfcoleimlc Defers la
l-'oreign uid Dotaettk* Dry No. tt# Wood
•treeu Pl;ialuuirh. aptT
Si \V HAKUAUiiH, Wool MenSaM*. Dc*!en
iu Flour ua>t DroUui'ognu rally, «nj Forfcfertliur
tnil CoamiMioa Wertbanu, Hi Fim meet *na
UP Sfg&:td_gltP'»t. rintbar/h. ap!7
r. isllxu. nmscßuk. joji.i n:roL*, maiilh'xT.
SELLHKB A NJOOI.B, Froflucceo J General Com
million Merchants, No. i« Liberty stresi.l’nw-
Sperm, LTfi<et>iJ wJ Lord Oils.
SF VON UOXNUOHUT X CO, Wholesale tiro*
• cert, Forwarding tad Conmitsion .Mercliiau.
Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures and Wetiera
Produce, bare removed to ihetr sawwareboiue, (old
stood.) No. M, corner ol Front street and Ctuneery
Lane. apt;
Diamond, Piililurgh. apis
XL F. IH-JViJt l au
StlttlVEU t BAIUfKfi,
Produce laid Comini-t.nvn A/iTcAtcruU,
An 4 duller* in PitubsTgb MBnctietared Article*,
Kot. 130 and 13ft Second atr««t,
fcetwcca Wood & gmiihfield. Pittsburgh
llOin VTOAiS
WHOLESALE Grocers, Commission Merchants,
and oealersin Produce and Pittsburgh Mann*
facta re*, - .'f6 Libertyjst ,Pin«baTKb, Pa. sepia
FLOUB— Tt» brl» choice Family;
thv brfa SoperSne;
r»3 bri« Pine, arriving, and for sale by
DAISD ftISVI!) ' *
WOULD inform the public, they hare taken the
warehouse formerly occupied by the late Mr
Salomon Schoycr, lid becond t-treeL Having a large
ar.d commodious warehouse, they would iavitc the:
uttrntinn nf nersoas having good* to consign or store.
They will also give attention to the purchase and sate;
of Note*. Draft*. Ponds, he. *«g*
L.B. Waterman- -R. N. Waterman- • W.B- Waterman*
WHOLESALE GROCERY, Commluion and For*
warJiin: "Icrelianls; dealer* in all ti*ii*o< Pin*
ducc & M&nuiuctured Article.* n»4 Aceau
(or tils at Richmond an<l ki»oui*cmrc<i
Tctasso. n-.rt
iiiifir, Fa
rrr-jLI i also attend to cr.ileciioni and all ctber but*
YY c«i entraned to bmia UstTer and Ansurcnj
eouctlca, Pa. Refer to
j.fcH Floyd. Litenr «t* \
W. \V. Wallace, do I
James Marshall Jo jPiusbasgb.
dly Ktv A Co, Wood »L I jan7__
• Costal Basin. Penn street, Pittsburgh. mrC
N 0.227 Market, uid 51 Commerce sL, Philadelphia-
Advance* mode, by either of the above. oa eoiwipn
n»n» of Prodace to ciiln '* “
I>. Wiliams Join
\y Forwarding and OornEii*loo Merchant*, and
dealers in Conntfw Prndnee and Pmaborpb Monnfae
wre«, corner of Wood and Fifth street*, Piiubnrj L.
mr.TJ ..
Wra. 11. Williams— <• **• MeVay-
North East comer of Wood and Third streeia,
j an l Pimacactt. F*.
wa. aioaiaf,' Jo"" •- CWOC4V*.
yr H Wi»OOWxBJJ. a»tPlt BaflabST.
W.M. UaGAGHY A CO.. Wholesale Grocers; 13
andgQ Wood altcci, Fm»hutth. 7 _
WICK A M'CANDLESS, (successor* to L & J. I*.
Wlek,) Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding «Dd
Comraixsioa Merchant*; dealer* in Iron. Nail*, Glass,
Cotton Yarns, and Piu»buigh Manufactured genera,,
ly, comer of Wood and Water streets, Pittsburgh^
WA M.'MITOHELTKEE, W1.01«..1e Uroceß.
• Rectifying Distiller*, and Wine and I.tq«»or
Merchants. Ai«o—lmponere of Soda Ash and uieaet*
injr Powder, No. lUO Liberty street, (opposlto Sixth
street,) Pittsburgh. _*l>P .
\l7~VvrwiLßbN,, Jewelry.SHver Wars
W . and Military Goods, corner of Market anil
FoorJi streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. N. B.—Watches nrul
Clocks carefully repaired. apt/_
wju tours. ~ OJ , n *• »’«?“■
rrrM. YOUNG A Desjers in Leather, Hides,
W Ap.‘, 141) J.iberiT street
'w«. s.'ctTcncow. bust, si'ccrcuson.
W r AR. McCUTCHriON, Wholesale Groccri.
• dealers In Produce, Iron, Nalls, Glass, and
Piusbsrsrn Manufaetars generally, liberty streei. -
pit M-nigh. I*lll
-- pAtCtn t£us hip.
IHAVF. taken WM. CARR into partnership with
tno in my bu-iners, which will from this date bs
canied on under the name of “John Parker * Co. ’
March Ist, IeMI, JOUN PARhtR
John Parker i ....William Carr.
Grocers, Beaters in Prodat** rertign
1 Finer, Liquors, Old Monongahela
and Reetifitd 1 Hurley.
No. 5. Commercial Row, Liberty street,
n rBU - Pluthurgh. P
rAi.nsß. lositcA Haim" wa. c- u*a
(Successors to Hussey, Hanna A Co.)
in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Cdrtificutes
of BcpotUe, Bunk Notes, and Specie—Noxib west
corner of Wood and Third streets. Ourrent money
received oa deposite.—Sight Cheeks tor i*le. and
collections made on nearly all the principal points
for Foreign and Amsrlesn
made oncooslgrunetils of Proddcs, atiip
ped East, on liberal terms. ttt>J j
XVn. A. M'Ctl'BO * co..
jy^2s6 Liberty sttiri, at-orc Wou,i t
ilhVB klwuvi Oft band alarso afaottnicni of Chon-*
Qrier«?Md Fine Tea«i eljo, Foreign *n4
Noli, Wbolctiie md Reu.i. Dealer* «npphW on U»e
lowi*m term* j ~ - •
i is operation bolb «ummer ace winter.
I Order* retpecifiilly loliriied. and Wlli bo on
11= r*:°ni HlMtj bemriWool
and BoHhfcoid *I«. Pmanargb. JypB.niy_
P- SB RIVER awl CHAS. BARN£3 kartv
dii* day **wc**'ed ibemtclte* whether, widertbu
jq of Bbrtrer iA Barnet, for Hie trenSbeudn ftfito
Wholetalo Grocery. Produce, and CoaaUuipn fca*L
nerval No J»:A IM Second »u«t, betnrae* Wood
and fiaitkfield. v i .■' r
Pitabantfr; Amrtttf LIBSO. —aarft •••»-. >
wool-* WOOL!*! ; |
BC^ aßsE =®? I S|SK
tNDtR, c»r/^rof
fb, ft. |J3W^
f|IHIS msgm&cent establishment being now cos*
J. iilcted and ready for business,the proprietor would
respectfully solicit a shsrc-of the public patronage
He uusta by giving his full attention to the baimeis,
to make the house n pleasant and comfortable resort
for the citizens of Pittsburgh and for the country
Good attendants Will be in waiting, and every ex
ertion made to render the establishment worthy the
countenance and sunportof an Intelligent community.
The TWO SPACIOUS HALLS, fitted for Parties.
Concerts, Lectures, Hall*, and public meetings, will
be let by the evening or week, on as liberal lemuas
•ny other In the city
11m BAR and RESTAURANT, equal in atyle and
to any in the world, will be kept tarnished
with Pare Wines, Choice Linuors, Cordiah, Potters,
Alas and all the cool,light, refreahmentsof the seaacxf
. Poultry, Game, Fish, Soup, Oysters, and Clams,
served up In .he best style.
the first floor, and easy of access, will be constantly
supplied with all the Luxuries aijd Delicacies of l “ c
reason; and also, with such substantial* as the market*
a third.
loan t. ««tau.
Boarding by the day, wesk, or year. Pinners or
Buppet* for Individuals or parties, furnished on short
Gentlemen with their families, visiting the city can,
be supplied with refreshment* of all kinds at any boar
of the day. .... v
Good and an extensive LiTery L*tabli»n
raeiil is connected with the Hail
Dinner ut 1 o’clock. Breakfast and Tea at the usual
hours. ...
Entrance for Ladie* to tne Ice Cream and Dining
Saloon, No 67 Sruiihlield «trect.
a. wsrrxavaiT, SB.] Waimvii-T, i»
Vs keen constantly un hand or make to order the
kTj* nrlicle in their fine, at their old stand, No. I I St.
Ctair street; also, ut No.sW Market meet, mcorn! story,
entrance in urn Diamond. Vemtian Shutter* made to
order, and old blind* oeuily repaired. uplO
WiAJ.OLEKNi Book Binders.
WE are Util engaged in ihe above buMori-*, comet
of Wood and Third streets, PiUsburßh, where
we arc prepared to do any work in our line with des
patch. We attend to our work personally, and satis
faction will be giveu inregardtoits neatness and do
tabiluy. 1 , . . . .
Slant. Books ruled toanypaiieni and bound «Üb
stantiallT. Books i:t numbers or old books bound care
fully or repaired. Names put on book* in gill
Tliotc that have w»rk In our lino are invited u» call.
price* low mr»tf
Paisa flachlaeßtaapi
HWJGHTMaN— Mantfecturar of all kinds of eat
• ton and woollen machinery. Allegheny city, r«
The above works being now in lull and saceewfal sy
eration, I am prepared to exeeste orders with “dispatch
for all kinds of utachiuery may line, each ns willow*,
picker*, spreaders, cards, grinding mishine.*, ran way’,
drawing frame*, speeder*, ihtastiW, loom, woolen
curds,double orsingle.for raercftantoi country work,
mules, jacks. and hamllathr»artd tool* In gen
eral. All kinds of snaOiug made I<* orde* rt plans giv*
• n for rearing laelOnes or mills at re*«onrbic rhureie.
Rarxu to— Kennedy, Child* * Co , Rluckstoek, Iren
A (V , Kins. lUnoft-t A i!» ,J»« A «»rav_ '
Birmingham,la*ar Pltt»burcb,l Pa.
Op.ce, No, .37 ll'i tiff ji,* toma Marin and
ll'ocaf, PtUlSurgk,
keep ou band a roo<la>*oft*
g&/n*r>i ol War*; of out owo mmauiaeiOTC.anJ
Kgfll luperiorqualiiy. Wbolc**le amicoaairj Mei
«■»' chani* arc respectfully amisd'io callandcx
imin< for ihcmeelTea. *a w« ara dcicrminrd 10
cheaper :ban hat atar before tecs offered Jo it# pat-
fjj-OrJere ••!« bp mail.accompanied tf Jb« e«ab.o»
ood rafereiire, will be promptly mended to. mi*
MA. WlHTiifc C«*.. wsulii retperUbUy infora
• Ike public that ihry l*u*c erected atUopou
Lacoi-k, between ftUerai ar-J SanJuthy nice;*. I h'-'f
are now rftakiug anil •»«• prepared u> receive otdi-r* int
every descripiiou of velurle*, t’osohe*, Cuanot t. u«-
roucte-*, BuKKiea, PUnnim*. &■<•., Ao . wb.. b frou* tUif
lour rkT’rnriire in tl«r wuraie.aureof live nbose wni«. t
an.rtlin theT »«vlcPufi.!rmUiey «»
enabled to Jo woft d:i U.c *io»j rrarooibtu iciwa n»Lb
inosewnnime article* n> tli*<r line.
l*«Tia* partirolar atieni.uij Jo the ecleeium of m*ie*
imli, utd bavin* none l.m compeirnt woiki&en, ti er
bavp no Keaitiviion in w*n«juns their work '»«
therefore isk the auenliun of the public to this tnatier
N. B. Rrpaau-jj dor.* in ibe be-n nanner, and on the
inc.M tpaenmtfc jennv liiSktf
W*. ». fT*l7*. iAJTO *«aiM. .
Bsnr«s!i Wo»a iw Masxst, f
(■WfiTlNlifc io n>*nofac:ar*oil kind* of COrrr-K,
titl | umb Work.
tfiesci UostJ built U* <»t4cj
Special aiteuuoa kiv4*u (*> ate am Wat wort.
llsvc oa hand. a fine iwronae at of Copper and iirasi
Kellie*, Tin Ware, A«v Ac. Steamboat Cocking Stove*.
Portable Forge*, vanoa* »Uet—a very coovenieni w
ucle for neambo»u, California emigrant*, or rail rraa
companies. .
\ve weald respectfully invite «uun boat men and
other* to; ettti and «ee oar articles and price* beLr*
purchasing el fewhere.
\Vrottßbt uti Cut troa Hailing.
TIIE roh'cribrr* be* leave to Inform th* pabUe th« l
they have ohtaiuru front the fhil ail th« l* ,£ *-*J
fufcionsble design* for Iron Ratling, both for bom-!*
aca cemetcr-ct Perron* wishing uipr.vure har-J
-soroa pain ms will pica-** call and exanir.r. anJ
fotlhrra-eNe* llaiiun: will be furairbr.t at tar ihr-n
-e'M nonet, a;-.J ui the ten manner. at the corner V
Orate and Rebecca iUvco, Allegheny e.ty
I iifiMtl A. L.tliONv & hNOI
BEDS leare to inform hi* friend* and rarioincr* tha
hr i* luit irfff ivUifi hi-* tcw«pnr.« . *to«:J of li«od»
rr>n)[>ri«ic? as untnl, «H ine ne*<?*‘ and tni»*i fashion
aloe kivtr'oi Cto:h r - CmMiecre*. f*nry*. c-i
-ion unit J»r.«rn «uairr*r itiiT* iretf cv;rv acuslc milau*
t«r w< Jt tnr J'l'l *:iJO«ii. ; I, b-i*>y
impo**lbte 10 dr re iite the t-c am,, ijii/iluy or >;■!•!'< iy
01 the stock. the proprietor hopes *ll who arc m warn
of (rood, cheap, faxhtonatiie, end we't made clone*,
wilt five him • call, a* there n no *tock thi* *idc of
the Alleghenies that ran compare with 11
The ready made department l* rerycxteaaive, adap
ted to all tatter
• Ball ro«J contractor*, country merchant*, and Ml
who purchase largely. are portiealarly rented toei
amine the mock before jmrrnachfj. 11 pasuralir m
tenttoa is paid to the wfcok-rale bdnue** in Our e»iao*
il«hmcat. .. . •
Ereiy article to the tailoring l«e made to ors«-r in
the taoiltaihionable and bc»t maaner, at tLa •botim
npIlE partncrfhip heretofore cintmr under the firm
I of A 4 C UfiAULF.Y,Ix di?*olv.*d by the decease
oiMr. C Bradley. The boamhaa will be c*rned*on by
A Bradley, who will ietlle the btutnea* ot the late
ABiaulki hairemrreed hi* Foundry
Warehouse from No US Second erect,ttrNo til Wood
street., between Fl»»t aud Second *ireet*, to th* ware-
Uouie lately occupied by (« A Derry, where he will
keep etmi’.antSy cm hand a general axxoruneiUof CaM
mu*. Urate*, Stores Cookirg Stores, Ac. jy!3
and No. < American fibster Steel. 'Al.o -UcM
Ca*t Fieel File*, of all hw; aud l»lack«suib »nJM<-e
Baipa, alwajaon hand anil for ••!*», niber at his "h*-
ele Steel Work*,” O’Hara -ireet. Fifth Ward, or at lb*
office in Ure iron Store of UiILI<JMN!I 4 (> Altltl-
SON, No 4. fool of Wood atreat, Eituborgh.
We, the uader*ifned, having o*ed, with entire *ni
. w/atuou, llio I'm Steel un i F.ic* made by Samuel
McKelvy. at hi* Eagle Sleet Works ui thi» ntr, lake
m recommending thrrn a» < tfual In iiDthty to
any everuwd by u»,of fureicii a»anuia<Mure.
KUUburgh, March IS, l*r» _ _
Maonfucuirrt* of Irun ami Nails Futrbo'gti. Ha.
Iron Founder* and Machinists Hunhureb. Ha.
Manufacturer* of Spring*, Axles, Spring Strrl and
llivet*, HiuHiurch, Ha.
Engine Builder* and Maehinc Cord Manufnctn
-6 rer«, Pittsburgh. Ha.
a pultun.
Brans Founder. l’.u»hurgh, Ha
Marble Manufarturer, Machine and Famine BuuJ
n(vj «r. Hitubarsh. Ha
Piaaolmtlotk of Partnership.
THE I’arineWhip heretomre existing between the
kub*ciil>era, under the brut of Chamber*, Aifncw
4 Co., tilai-ft Manufaciurrra. w»» di*»olved by mutual
coutent, on the ftr»l day of July, instant. All |»er*on»
knowing tticotwlvcfl indebted to old firm ara ret|ae*t
cd to make payment lo tither of the nerUc*. without
delay, and all perron* Luring unicttlon aecount* Wilh
taid arm. aro inrltcd t<» prerent them for *eUlem&M
i»mcdiatsiy. ACEXaNDEB CHAMUEHS,
jyiadCrn 1». II CHAMBERS.
THE owner* and con>igi*ec* of good. arming by
tha “rn.ieiu 1 I’oUkblc Uoat Line,*’ wtli plecu *
Uio notice lliat they will l* retimed to pay fre-gl
at oar warehouse, oenindiiig to tha receipt, bemi
l]>e Mods arc renioatid. C A BIeANULTt A Ci)
'Willing, ui«.
DiMmon*—Put the clothe* into cold water and Irt
diem *omk oaer night. In lae morning wiinjibcm
ÜBl an 4 r , u t item wo a ketl.e of water, to
wkich tild the proportion of one pint of duid jo eight
R*Uon» of water - »ut n «P and boil the whole twenty
HiU.uicr The clothe* ra*y then be wrung cat and
well tinted In clear cold wnler. The part* of g&i
mentsthat msT be uio*i »ntlcd, *neh a* wtt*tbs«iis
and collar* of abitu. uiuy bo »lißhllv tubbed befote
ringing, and ilie rlolbe* will be tcond pcrlrcuy clean,
white and clem
Warranted not to injure the until fabric and to fi«o
perfect ••UafacUon, or the money will be icfundcrt.
Boid wholciale and rcuil by B E RFJ.lil RS
aenlO W Wood rt
Cleveland, Warron Mil Plttabari
TcUcrapli Company.
TN panoance of a icwlb(u>r of tho Hoard of Dlrec
I iota of the CleTeltnJ, Warren and Pittsburgh
Telegraph Company, reeuctUnff the Secretary tanaae
out and caaae U> be pnbuihedln the newfpopei* along
tbe line, an e tidbit of the financial and other adiuri «.l
Ihl* company. 1 aabmit the following Report:—
The line of Telegrapb coinmcncei at Clordaod an J
terminate* at Pittsburgh, pawing thiowth Chapin
Falla. Franklin, Newton Fall*. Warren, Youngstown,
and bo well, in ibe State of Ohio, and New Cattle and
Hoehetter,* in the fltnuj of Pennsylvania, at »Ucb
poifita thete are o#ee« located fat tl»* reeeipt Bod
ttansuiaalnn of bu*Jne«. • ~ .
Tho whole ienrita of the line ta 140 ntiici—Caplthl
<tiack.WW) per nule, making a total capital »u»cb of
*saiA«fwbieh amount «ltV*3 » betd bvctUecs
•toMlieline,utflke “ k,la uj toraell»
100.000 feet gCMontd .
; . 4affToii.iyM*fF«nh«u.
Auoelsted Fireman's la*ni»*> M
f jny oftbeClty«ifPltUbnr|b.
CAPITAL *300.000. t i
rpHK Company i. now prepared toJWe egaioil
1 FIRK .nd MARINE RISK* of all klpd*.
Offiet, Stnnti Story, H Utini Hall. .
nraiCToa*; i. '
J. K Moonhead, Body Patt*r*oo, Wn. A.IUU,
R H Hartley, R. B. Simpson, Jorhoa thodct.wm.
M. HJear, Edward Gtegp. A. P. Ao»LaU, Wot. Col
litixwcrd, D C. Sawyer, Chaa. Kent, Wit Gorman,
•uirlftdly - *
RANCH COMPANY.—Office North Room of the
Exchange, Third street. Philadelphia. •
Knic Ixstraasca.— Buildings, Merchandise and other
property, in Town and Country, insurudigainst lot*
oi lUtnsgc by fire, at the lowest rate of prenuunv
Alaama larnaa^c*.—They altoinaare Vessel*, l-air
guea and Freights, foreign or coastwise, upder open or
special policies, at the asanred may deura. .
Inbattu TmxmiarsTtim.-—They also tadure merch
anrti*c transported by Wagon*, Rati Road Can, Canal
Bouti and Stettin Boats, on rivers and lahas, on the
nm»t liberal term*. j . _ ,
DlßEtiTOßß—Joseph H. Beal, Edmond A. Fonder,
John 0 Davis, Roberfltunnn, Joan RPenrose,Santo
el Edwards, Geo (i Lciper, Edward Dailupun, i«»e
R Davi*, Win Folwctl, John Newlin, DrßMHtmoc,
Jas C Hand, Tbcaplnlua Paulding, 11 Jonh* Brook*,
Henry Sloan, Ilueli Craig, George SerrJl, Rpenccr
i Mcllvaln, Charles Kelly, JG Johnson, \ttaH«y, Di
8 Thnmaa, John Seller*, Wo Eyt®, Jr. ' ■
Hugh Craig. JohnTlaman., i ~
WILLIAM MARTIN, pyestdont.
Ririuf.p S,Ncw*oLC,B<c , y. _ j
rn-Office of iho Company r ‘No. M Wnier street,
Pittslurgti. , r. A. MADEfIIA, Agl.
Lit* kbil Hftallb lunru«>
mUG Mmaal Life asuftlreithltimranoftCotspani
I of Philadelphia, Incorporated bv the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, March, 1843. Charter perpetual.
Capital. floo,ooa U&Txa lows* tEAJt *HT Pwtsm
v*hu Coitr»NT, and fall 20 per cent. lower than ihr
usoai rate* of ldfo Insurance, ns ihefbllnvruweoo*
iiarison will show- Thus, a person of ibe ageof *»sn*
•urine for PlOO for life, must pay in the llifatd SWRS—
82J0, Penn Mutual, SSWC; Equitable,
fiUt; New England, fr.’.tfi; New York IJfe, •3,35, Al»
bion, Lift and iiealU, Philadelphia, •I,?L
DtntcTos*.—Samuel l). Ornrt, liborU* D.:II"L!*J'*
F. Bomte, Robert P- Kina, Charles P. Hare#, hi- -W
-ilaid win, MM. Reeve, Si. P. Cluu. O.D Ctuupbe L
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Uurker, M H.Dutlfr, eJwiu
It. Cope, President—Samuel D. Otrick; VtM Pteai*
dout-Holi. I*. Kii»n SecreUtry—Franelalilaekburno.
Application* Wlli every information
given by SAML. FAHNESTOCK, Agt,
Office, Commercial Rooms, coper of
7-dlr Wood tud TlurJ »i», Pittsburgh
Fills AlfD*K~IKStJUAr»CE.
fIMITI INSURANCE CO- bf TCtfrtb America wltl
make permanent and limited ln»ur*£ts pu pro
perty m this city and vteiuity.* and on shipment* by
ObuaJ. Rivera, Lake*, and by Sm. The properties of
this Company are well infested, and faruiah an avail*
able fiind for the ample iodcoftiby of all persona who
daiire to be protected by ituirtinfie.
mylB WM. P. JONES, a rent. 41 Water at.
fpH.K OFPICK oi the Inturance Compan? S( North
X Ato«rii-m, baa b«n yecnuTeA to Nik 141 Front at
(Ixl d' Wdml.
The aaberribrr, aarnt Cur tbe above old ana yerpOß'
tibia Company, «riu lisuo Politic* on Building* and
then contents, and on ahipmcma of Merchandise bp
Steam Boat* and mher*«**ats. ■
W. V. 3QSVS.
tdrro and Aoilquc PcroUarf.
bU opting atnc* oftSßHp
■FURNITURIt, tbe ioTge*t and inouTaiiedeewrimeni
ever offered for sale in Uuac-Ay. edmpihiu*«ter*J
*ru«oi' ltusKWcx‘D> Muioa«sr, and lti-*« WaLNtrr,
carved, ornamental and plain, »uiiatrle lor Parlore,
Draw-tug and Bed Uaodu»att d whidn *i.| bo sold at
the lowest prices.
Fervour desiring rarmturc oC any Hocnption, are
apriufullp Invited to e*llandexamioeliis*u»er, which
erobroer* every description, {root the cheapest and
i»uuic»t to ibe DU.-1 cire.-uii and costly, of which the
following cotnpn*ci a part:
TelesTrie iwas; Trte a Tete Il.vfcflv;
€\**'jan Chain; l-'lnabetftian Cusus;
Sceoption Oa l.ouisxrv do
llltrjrion du BaBM UlUnse;
Whet Not*; Tw» ; ej Tania::
Loti* XlVComrot»dor«s Bake of Yoik j r.os;b;
fio 3oiM with Hath aiid Hair cloth c-jtcis;.
WBivarr. do do di.;
4v dot Mihcgany Tartar Chairs;
10 •* RdoswonJ do «j|
14 “ lil’S Walnut Jo da,
4o “ Caue Scat Od,
4 *» hluaw-f*:if R&fting do;
V - da V»fcf.o t#t*vl«; •
• ta Marble Top Centre’faiie*;
SO da do Wash SmtiJt; ,
2* Mabnysnf Fb-dPtcad'i
IV d-> \VarJrobca;
Ifßi’hWahtat do;
6 aher f da.
A very .«a<to assortment of Common Chain and oth
ar Pamirere* too tedious to mention.
(jy Sicao Boat* furnished on tba shortest cotiea.
Ai) irdm promptly attended w. !
I*. S —Cabinet Maters can besapplied with allaPna
o< Mahogany, \Valnut,aad Venter*,.*! cauajdcraliy
reduced rriers. ftll*
NVUiic liaaacU, fcil Wooi.jliiur Uf.iU,
(led i’u do lb'.ue Ucuuui;
Vritow do do Fancy CoiU/Rodcr, *1) tro
browu do do | ctfarcJ *t Fi<tt.rrpncc«
H:ark S.Uatit. Honsn LMauc Shmh*
Sice* uuafc.t aa '
liiue da
ji'-iV'k* and rerj
d. .to u<*.r j..oJ»
EU-k Tillin'fi *sdv
. ,nir u.. KcJ i'fcdtiiutf, ssperdo;
Vk.-\cy frrrrdi \ t«i J'od.iitw, Uarkraro,
•<u;.et liUrk Broad Cloth- TailOrt'f'oj.v a**. Sfary do;
»o[xtUra«ii do Bio»Qida«n*. Cilicia's
Super lirccn do Utah Serge, black do, i i»
Super Twilled do and worsted.
Super BUrk Ikoe Skin* Black acd Whit* Tape;
Super Drab CaiLaerr*. Black Tw>*i, iJrat- Jo:
Super Utowa do loiirn Ckeolm ai.O !>ntl*;‘
tUper Mark do Siuari’a G cord Sn'l CoiUic^
Calitointa Blanket* do lutien Thread, a
Seailct do superior article;
Blue da
PUb do
Grain Btxging.
Drown prill*;
Ai the Manufacturers' U
IMIKeo-pannersmp heretofore existing betwren the
l subscribers, in the nais« of Coftsl»hir, Burke A
O, >• thi* day UuiulveJ l<y mutual i-iiusent Mr«r»
Uaj'ke & Itarfle" will settle the t>vtinni of iberoiicetn,
tor which pucpuvc ’.he7 are aulhotixeil !•> u-te Ihn nkinc
ot ihi t-onecra fil \TIIANIIiI. iHiNsTAULK
The undersigned btve this day a»«octate«l themselves
In ihe name of IIURRK A UAKNE.S. for vbc purpoyo
of manniorturiof' Fire Proof Safe*, Vault Doors, Ar.
4c , at ihe stand of .bo lab* finn of Consislil*, Burke
4t*o, where they will be pleased to re.eelte tb* patron
ace ><f Uic ol ikut bonce and ihHr friends.
In rrtmnir from the Inn nf fom-table, HiKke A Co.,
I mtn iinrete plcuMtre rreommcnJ Durkr A
flame. to the eonlidcnre of 111 V filer.da n»d tiie public. IMP. NATHANIEL. CUNSTArILB
feIiCI.Jtf- ;
HAS juft returned from the Kscteni Citie», and l n
receiving a large sandy of seasonable Cood«,l®
which he respectfully Invites the attention of merch
anu and pcdtar*. No W Wood it, ______
AI".L>AFKR—W.>. ifai*HAL!: tv constantly
receiving, from the latest manufactories in
New York ami Philadelphia, and alto from French
attendee,the newest ami moat approved styles of Pa
per MatcUifv, together with Border*, Fire Board
Print*, and Tester Toni. For Stic at tii Wood at, be
tween Fourth at aud Diamond alley, (successor u> s
O. Hill.) _ •??.
y kTaIUC PAINT—S brla jun rcc’d per sicamer,
IVI and fur vale by tiie barrel or single pound at the
Prne, Seed, and Perfumery Warehoore, corner of
Sixth and Wood.sued*. S N WICKF.IISHAM.
aylf .
c memo Ait stovk roLisn
THE Pbarnix Manufacturing Company now offer 10
the public their Premium Chemical Sloro Polish;
and withoai exaggeration, or font of contradiction, by
those who have tested it, pronounce it far superior to
any o'her in the market. The container need have no
apprAjMsions of soiling carpet}, Ac., ua It-* com
potlliotVpTevenu a dost from uri«ing when t<emff ap
plied, which must be dona when the Stove in cold
The quantity required ts so little to piodnce a beau
tifnl lu*tri*. A saving of over fifty per cent u itnurru
to the consumer*. A coating applied to Stoves, Pipe*,
Ac., when laid away for the iumm«r, it a sure pre
vctiiative against rust. After hiving tried It ouee,
lif K is accculblc) no person will um any hot the
Pb<cn>i Munciactunng Oompany’s Premium Chemi
cal Hibvc Polish. For calc by
tnyO Corner of Sixth and Wood street*.
prrTsucroii mourning stoue,
Comer ot Penn and St. Clair streci*.
WM. AI.KA ANDER A SUNS, Furnishing Under
taker*, where every article tor Faneral and
Mourning purposes con he got on reasonable: terms.
Jjllid3n» ’
imebingt •»*!
TUB Vtri'le Montague Company supply their agents
wuh Hoofing anti Flooring in sheets 3x7 feet, from
11 to Ctf ounces per square foot. Crmoguud in sheets
'll", I*7. ox, for rooline pui-iic buildinra and depot*
Snip Sheathing, Id x inches, from tbt to 30 ounces
Nails, Spikeo, Wire, Sugar Molds, Performed Zinc,
Zinc Paint, Ac. ,
They warrant their octal pore, and frsc Horn any
admixture of Iron, or any other sttbsmiicc, and rc
, commend It for the mamifacrare of most nnlcles in
the honve fumiehing line, as it does rot rust, 1* roi
affected by the action of water, and mity to polidtcd,
pair.tud, and japanned
Bsnipicu, models, plane, rpecihcaiions, and other
tntnrmuiion may be lud of their agfau;—
M'Csll A Sntonn, New York;
Arii.vron," A Co ; Boston;
NsTtus TROTtsa A Co., Pr.iladetpUls;
W. A 11. McKih, U&UirLore;;
Ruu, I)*t A BraUTVXU, New Orleans;
F MILLIItOUX, Resident Agent,
2 Hanover si., New Y'otk.
Llefe, September 2>-«cpo:d3ta ■
THE AoiobiosrapUy of Leigh Hunt; with rents
isrence* oi mendv and eomrmpnrarie!, in 2 vols
«.*sti>le’4 Latter Day Pamphlets—Mo Vili, subjeci*
Hlttory of Daria* the Great By Jacob Abbott, wtib
Julia Howard, a Romance. Dy Mr* Martin Hell.
Pictorial Pit-11l Boos e!'the Revolution.—No 5.
TU above work* received this day.ond for sale by
\ Car. Market ft Third et.
id's Peap*‘
.nthl}> ud Copf uooKh
mUE above book* bavin* been introduced into
’ X public Etal private schools in Pittsburgh and Alio*
gbcny, the author busappointed the subscriber agent
(or their sale in this city.
. Teachers and others will b* supplied at publisher's
prices, as sutsd la circular. j U NBI.LOR,
'•HW SWowlf 1 -
i' >.j '■
m; lUILV Cil*KTFi.
lY 1 MORNING. OCTOBER 18, 1850,
Plra anil Sanaa loagraiaeo.
F3,TtUiu» Sr., Rm«euaaM.
silk F.rurcJ V««un«>;
HuL'SSntin <lu
Hfiiwn Holland tfc'j Silkt;
tiotiflui, Cta»i*t«, 4e,*e.
arckouc, No IT? Wood «
Saw Book*.
HEALTH, Disease, and Remedy. . By Dr. Moore..
: Adelaide Lindsayf a novel. By tha author ol
Arnold,” “Norman 1 * Bridge,” 4e n 4o.
Life and Correspondeneeof Robe Southey—part S.
Gibbon’s Bome—Slh and <hh voL—completion of the
work. Received and for sale by <
ENGLISH GRAMMAR—The English Language in
its element* and forms, with a history of Its Origin
and develooemant; designed lor nee 'ln colleges and
•cfafloU. - wm. C Fowler, late profeisor of Rhetoric
m Amhenl College. 1
Autonomy—The recent progress of Aitronomy;
e'pecinlly la the United States. By Elms Loomis.
Five Years of a Homer’s Lite in the far interior of
Soil'll Africa, witli nmiees of the native tribes, and
anecdotes of the chare of tha lion, elephant, hippuruv
tsittis, giraffe, rhinoceros,Ac«wiih Ulostration«. By
, B. o. CW» 5 . HoeeiveA .or «1»
scp23 47 Market si
■•w Koala.
JUST received m H. KLKRKJF9 Mu»i« Store, the
following Soots:— f
in the Eye there lie* the Heart. I.Lore but Thee.
The Watcher. The White and Red Roses. Nancy
(Ml. He Uoeth all things well. AlUsover. Where
ic no w the hnnrsl cheri«h*d. LatWenade acp 7
T>DSE FOSTER; or the Mysteries of the Court ol
IV London, vol 3 of this interesting-work has been
received at Holme** Literary Depot. Third street,
opposite the Fpst Office; alto, Ellen fury, or Trials
of the lieatt,by Olivia; George Casuint, eurnsm.J
Scanderbeg King of Albina, bv Clement C Moore,
L L D; and No tttl of Littell’s living Age, sfplfl
Jut Hecelvad7
A LARGE and extensive assortment of PATENT
almost endless variety embraced in the asiortaieut,
ravy be found the following:—
Horse Covers, Carnage Cloth, Air Bed a Air Pil*
lows,*Air Cushions, Water Pail*. Tobacco Pouches,
P.thing Boot*, Coats, Capes, Cloaks, Tarpaulins,
Gloves, Mitten*, I'ouchei. Maps, Elastics, Purses,
Hose, Machine Banding. Sou* Westers,
Machine Packing, Cmnn Blankets, Paper Holders,
Life Pretriver*. Travelling Bags,: Isthmus Bags,
Bathing Mats, Dolls* Heads, Dcgs.i l.lohs, Paddle
Bags, Air Balts, Foot Bails, Ladies) Wash Gloves,
Ladies* Gum Shoes. Genu’Gum Phocs, Leggings, 4c.
Every article sold attUsasisbUihinentis warranted
to possess all the characteristic* essential to water
proof goods, vir—insolubility under gfly degree o>
bent, flexibility in tfce sereteU cold, great durability,
lightness, perfect Impervioutsess, sn4 freedom fiout
odor, for vale at the Goodyear Ilubber Emporium,
Nos Tat) Wood street,
■ep'.M J 4 H PUTLMPS
House. 4 SION PAINTING and Glazing, prompt*
ly and neatly executed.
N. B.—We dis tncity understood, that we
nude Painting and Glazing as cheap as any other
palmers in the air, and art determined to do it.
Lind Extract; West End do;. Jockey Club po;
Spring Flowers do; Jenny Lind Hair Glass; Aromatic
Vinegar; Amandine; Poucbiu Soap.' for while*lug
<he skin: Almond Shaving Cream; Rose do do; Am*
broiisldodo; Honey Soap; Floating do; Amandine
do; llasel Net OU do; Rose do; Marshmallow do;
Bocuetdo; Brown Windsor do; Beaijs Grease: 4c.
fur ski*, wholesale and retail, by R E SELLERS,
tepl» ___J MfWoudat.
Bnperter Scotch tad lvlohWtxlakoy.
1 n PUNCHEONS Stewart’s celebrated Mall Whio
1U key, <>f very delicate Savor.
13 puncheons Mahan's Waterside, extra quality
and high proof, under custom boose lock.
ALp, Brandieaof different vintages and brands In
half, quarter, and ocfsvcs. Imported and for sale by
aeptCulcodtn. gp— 40 3t> Walnut st. Philadelphia
MIXFDAND DRY PAINTS of all kinds, constant
ly on band of the best quality, also, Varnishes;
Linvecd Qi's, Boiled Utla. Paint Brushes, Sash Tool*.
W.ndow Glass, varu>ua atzes, 4c. Sold wholesale
gnd letail on accommodating terms.
N O.—AU psrveos purchasing mixed or dry paints
who with to do tjieir own painting, can receive the
«irectiopj ntain. Jkil PHILLIPS
aejCd ? 4 « Wood jt
ON hand and cee'g from the PhillipsviUe Facte ry,
■or the Salt trade;—
Mai yd* :i « Floor OU Cloth; i<«) jds 4-4 do; 640 yds
5 I do, 500 yd* d-i do; lf*o yds 8-4 do; WOO yds sheet
do, median and heavy, from 4 to 8 yard* wide, all of
ike cewevt style of patterns .and cui to anyglvcu sit*.
700 yards 4-4 Furniture Gil Cloths; 4UO yds 5-1 do;
500 yd* <-4 do
L*dpzen assorted sizes Table, Stand, and Bureau
Cuftfa, various pjuercs, and splendid finish.
]flu> yds 4*4 Patent carriage Oil Cloth, i*oo yds 5 4
do; seoyd* u 4 do.
3009 yds Oil Clrnh CTS’b for Sutra, assorted patterns;
MO yd* 4-4 Green OU Cloth for Window flliada, 30u
yards 5-4 do.
Window Shades, a large assortment just received
. of newtsi styles.
Merchants and others wishing 10 purchase, are in*
sited 10 call and examine our aivoiimeci of goods,
which wul be sold at the lowest eastern price*.
aep'o T fc 9 Wood at
SUNDRIES— 11 brl* Lard,
15 brl* Grease;
I bag Beeswax: , .
; bars Fetthiri, lo arrive, for sale by
Water 4 From vts
FANCY IIUBBEiI GOODSJunreeeived from New
Yc-is— ? dci largo sire uell Heads;
l doz<*r;ra do
1 doi Dog*;
l dci Lion*, for tale at UlO India Rucbci
7 auJ 9 Wood si. Jtll PHILLIPS
rfUK, MTCH 4 tVoS!N-T=ylirl* Tu;
I tObrisPhch,
lObrisßoiiu; i
To arrive, fot sale by ISAIAH DICKEY ACO
Wii.'i & Front sis.
r t RtEN COi'AL VARNISH--" I.airrli;
\T it ke**,-••OgaHeteb:
10 kve» »5 do,'
td.U<»lo Us.
To, at 'I Tor sale by
_ 2£p al
MADPhR.Ac— 3 hhd* Madder,
3 eeroosa tt F Indigo;
U tirla Logwood; (or sale by
SiMOfc?*, te-20 bsg* Pepper;
lo ban* puaeato;
barrel# Cloves;
I barrel Nutmeg*; for "ale by
lepn J k R FLOYD
GVKANITE WALL PAPER—A perfset imluuei
r of Uumcy Granne, to bo hung in blocks.
For 'ale by W P MARSHALL
wp7 8* Wood »t
the ruuvujenee of the citizens, the proprietor
. of the Pittsburgh City Mill* base placed boxes fo
the reception •( oruers at the following places:—
J A R Floyd, comer of Sixth and W ood surcls.
M llay ward, shoe store, cor. Liberty & Market ata
A Beaten, more. Third street
L Wilcox, jr., druggist.-cor- Fourth k. Pmiltifiold.
John F Smith, store, comer Hifb A Wylie.
Telegraph Office, Fourth street.
II C Kelly, grocer, Fifth it, corner of Maract alley
M lira**, store, I’ean street, Ninth Ward.
Toe Hour waggons will call twice or thrice daily
>r orders, and the door. Ac. del leered promptly, either
i barrel* or sacks—tack dour is preferable for family
*e—without charge (or cunaee. It r» plaiu that no
I'ctiunu ran be allowed, antf that driver* cart have
o pertitKsimt to leave Hoar without payment.
We hope tho public will be pleased with this ar*
anaeineut, as we shall endeavor to do them justice.
SaraaiMrllla Soda A Ltiuon Sjrrup
til kegs SursajißnilaSoda;
•JO bn do do;
uti boxes Pyrtip.raaJe from'pure lemon juic
Ju«t rer«i**.l amt tor sale by
>.ie Mtl.f.Ftl A Rli’h'KTunN
fIIHK undersigned has on hand, and is this day re-
X ceiviog from the manufacturers, on consignment,
a large lot of Flannels, all colors, plain and barren;
Also, Red Ulanketa, Ulantei Coating, (leaver Coths.
Ousmtueres, Saunetts and Tweeds; which be will »>ll
by <he case or piece, at taancfaetniert’ prices. Tho
attention of dealers tn woollen roods is invited.
augto • 139 tnbcT.y st
I Off Rarkit Slriatr (ntar bllirt/i)
mrui i ins Ann a.,
Ratio and Fancy Vsitlagii
BANDANNA, snd LINEN HDKFS, a general an*
comment of FANs, and every variety ol trimmings.
liaughttrlng a packing fcalabYlVbmont
THE well known Pork and Beef Slaughtering and
packing Concern, owned and foruietly occupied
by the late James P. Campbell, is for rent.
Tl.o eiubii'hracnt is located in ChUltcotbe, Rot*
county. 0.,0n the plat of ground dividing the Ohio
Canal from the Scioto baa one thousand
feet uf gmond front on each. The enclosure embraces
air ac'cs of ground, containing large pens, largo and
rmamoJious slaughtering, hanging, catung, packing,
smoking, and lard rendetu g hansel, brie* honse Idt
office and every convenience for handling TWELVE
HUNDRED HOGS PER DAY,and tendering the lard
from the some; as there are adooble Bite steam boiler
and engine lor scalding hors and cuuitg lard, and
two tanks for rendering oflal or steam.
There is also, on the premises, an lee House, large
enough to contain eighittousanrt bushel*,
The Seioto Valley, of which ChilUcotbo i* tuo chuf
nmlct.ii one of tbelargcit Polk and Beef Districts
in the West, ami hogs can always be bought there
at lower prices than at Cincinnati and many other
points, and cooperage is abundant and ebeap.
There « no drayage necessary, as boat* may t«
loaded ai ibe Packing lloUsc. and the laciliucs for
shipping ducat item this via tho Lakes to New tork
or Philadelphia, or Baltimore via Pittsburgh, orm
the MU or fouih via New Orleans, are at all seruons
of the year fully equal to those afforded by Cincinnati
facilities aro abo good, there being ten o
twelve bonk* within forty fivo miles.
lor renting may be made to
Attorney at Law, Cincinnati;
aa*29dtnovl—§l6 Caillicothe, O.
* . IBciotaGaz.
East aide of the Diamond,
At this establishment the puolio may always do*
pond upon beiag tupphed with excellent Teas at
reotonable prires—they have , kt
ExeelleutTeas at— •<> MperlbJ
Superior Qualities-- q 7S
Tho BcitT « Impoited ——— I W "
Tbis is decidedly tne cheapest and best store in
Pitisborrh to buy Teas. MOußi9 A HAWORTH
scpS Proprietors.
R' E- will opea a clAiucal sud Eng*
. ibh School, on the first Monday of Sept. BCXL
Room over J. D. Williams' store, comer of Wood
and Filth streets.
. laiusa. :
Rev. Wo. D. Howard, | Hoa. W*ltar H. Lowric,
Rev, Dr. Eilwit, [ J.R McCord, Km.,
Bev. Dr. Metiill. * J. D. Williams, fcsq.
Jya-tf •
y-iHEE3E-IQO txs best Cbcagp tor sale by
O teplO RTCIABT * $U4*
KNOW all meriwbi»>re*i <; k and afflicted wiihdis
'•asnafthebladder;andt tdneys. \*,tU rheuiuaac
polnsmbftck or limbi, ttiff joints, oHvorra, rurring
ulrermAcithatthey enn be uredbv tukinv the' Pe
troleum!. You may talk abovt Ur be<ng u nojlruin as
much u you plesse, lot this doe.* not make it so', for
we proclaim in the (ace of an uotiest community, that
.ithat virtues contained in any miter
remedy. The man who is racked with pain nnJ.Mjf
(eitng from disease, can for fifty cent*, get relief from
any of the ilhenmuserkted above. Readerit <on«
very iiiiie to ruukc atrial. This Petroleum t* no ii<ix
tore—no eompond, put.ap for tha purpose of miporing
on the community; but it is a remedy elaborated bjr
litc master band of nature, and bubbhuupfrom the bn
sem of our mother earth in its original purity, and ol
fers totafiering bumtnl'.y a ready remedy, u ccruir.
and cheap cure. , :
It haiAured Piles after other mmlicines have failed
to render any relief. It has cured Rheumaiivnj of long
standing, and of the worst and most pamtal character,
(t has cured Clutlers Morbu* by one or two dove*: 11
ha* edred old cases of Diarrhea, in which every olhei
remedy bas hsen of no avail. A* a ioeal remedy in
burnvjund scald*, it is belter than an? medical com-
Eoundor oiutuient that we know uC It will cure chit-
Ixlits or frosted feet, in u few applications; undoubt
ed lestimday can be fornished of site truth rontauica
in the above stuement by calling on Bamutl M- Ktcr,
Citnal Umlu, 7th strrci; or either of the ngcr.ts,
Keyser 4 McDowell, corner at Wood vtrccl and
Virgin Alley: K. E. tjeiieri, 57 Wood street, D. A . El
liot A D. M. Curry. Allegheny city, are the ageats.
T>EAUTY— It is universally conceded that beauty U
| > more common in this country than In any other,
whiis at the same time it is van. -ha tin no other eour.
tiytsil lost it so young art ugF 'Nowthis is true
to a certain extent, but the loss u often caused by ne
glect. r We say to all, do no; negbet your pewnal
appearance, but read tlto folbwing, and ycu need not
lack good looks. These anicW are acientifia;pre
parations. qnd have all attained u high popularitr.
Jctso lUpai’a Eau Dtvw* j* Vims anu Nyssrn
Soap, Itu remeviug tan. cunhurn, pimples, Motcbr*,
and other eruptions ol the skm; the most pcrlect .-on
servator of beauty every known- Purchase nothing
purporting to be Nymph Soap, unless tt has uiy ilnuic
itm IUtXL’9 PxxjUAtsoa CuingsE Pown»k,for im
porting to the .most bilious complailon a ladiatt!
wiiltencf*. In nothing should a person be wore care
ful than the use of a powder for ike *«m, a* raoily of
those sold are very Injurious My Chineie I’owdet is
eompoqpdpd la a kcirntifio manner, and contains no
inried:ent which ean possibly indict an injury.
Jcus Hacxl’s DtrtusToat F.iwdek, <or removing
auperQuous baJr.. Wbnt unsightly than hnlr
upon the fsce or anu* of a lady- This article wilt
remove it in a abort time, without the use ol uny sharp
Jdlxs Hadkl*s Veoxtaili Liqcm Haiu Dtu will
instantaneously impart to red, while, or gray lair, a
beautifully blaek, brawn, or auburn color, if will
color the hair in a shorter time, and more efirciuuliy
than any other Dye, being at the same tune indcllibln
Jcus Haul's Sbavutq Cbuax.—lt is really a plea
sure to shave with this cream. There »* nour or the
smarting sensation RsuuUy rxperienred in die n*c of
most 80*ps. On the eomrary, it leaves the akin smooth
and voft as au lufism’s, and not Hnblu to become
Jdlss HacxL*s RoskTootu Fasti.—Next to the hair,
we think theTesth were intended as the greatest orna
ment to the human face; but when neglected, nothing
is so disfiguring, or so'quickly seen. Ply Rose Toot!.
Fa<ie will impart to the teeth a pearly whiteness, at
the same time keeping the gums firm and heniiby.
Also on bund, A complete astoncnect of French,
British, and American Fcrfumery and Fancy article*.
JULES HAUEL. Feriumer and Chemist,
120 Chestnut street. Flula.
For sale wholesale and retail, by li. A. Fahnestock
4 Ca, and R: B.Seilers, Pittsburgh; aed
geoLatid J. hlitehelt. Allegheny City, I’a- jiv l ?
rox virx gee oval 4XB ruVMkrr coxx or allmns* ar
Agibuso vgos ax iftrrrx svatk or rut cuoti
9«rtfbla cr King's Evilj RhctuuktUa,Obitinuts Cnta
ttcous Erupuxms, Punplca or Pu*tale*t»n the Pure,
Blotches, Biles, Chrenie Sore Eyes, Ring Worm
or Tcaer, dcttld Head, Fjiiargeuicnt voi Pain of
the Banes and Joint*, Stubborn Uiorrt,' Sypbl’.'.rr
Bymptcna, Bclaticq pf Lumhaggr-and
at Inn g from an Inlujipious fist of Mercury,; Aci
nus or Rnipsy, Exposure or improdeare :0'
Also—Cbronie Constiuiticuaj Disorders, 4c,
This mediate kts acquired a very cjiiuJed an.!
estilli-hcd rcptusulon -whcrJvcr it hi’ been, s>cJ,
l3«cd cimrelv on its ova meritf, which it* vuperiot
efficacy ha>t alone sustained. The tin'onu&nb* victim
of hercditury'Jucase, with swollen glands, eontraen d
sinew.-, and hones half carious, ha* Kecu rotiucJ tr
health and vigor. The rt-mfulou* patient, rovcmJ
with ulcers. to Itiinrclf and Ins attendant*
hu been wade whole. Hundred* tf persont, who
hud groaned' hoprlcMlv rt'r years under < uuneruv
and tjlsndular duorlcr*, rhronic rhesiuatUra. and
many other emapluntA spnnsing from % dcrfci.gcrr.cpl
uf Uie sscrcitvo and thr <-;rruiancn. have t-eer>i
raircJ as it were iruio the rs.-k of disease, and how,!
with rcgcncrnusJ constitution, gladly te*ufy H
efficaev ioftbw tncstiniaMe ntcporkuoo.
The Biisniiou of the leader taoiie! lot be fidltiwing
armeisUiag cure, cdccted l>y the use of Par.'H'Sarsa-.
'ThL is to eeritfflhai 1 have a colored wemaa wbo
ha* been afflicted for the la*t five years wit;-.
and all Uio remedies 1 used had tw edectin ar?e«Ut!p
the progress of the complaint; <m iUq<ontmiy,vi>s
corutanily grew worse; and afu-r etpemUng l.etwceo
§7O and §SJ with physician*, hea.Jes u»m» oOict
popular remedies wilbuul'kuccc.'t. till the di«rs'« bail
eaten away' the eanilaee or her
pearance on various parts of hcrtftrdy,o'i<i tisd'dittlir
cotutoenced it* ravasoa in the root oi iter ir.nuil,
“In tbis dreadful aituation. with Uie (>roi|>r.ot c
death stsrics her in the face. 1 staled her ra»r to irr
Disosway, the arret far Sands' Sargspanlln m New.
bem, N. by wnom I was advLvcd to use that article
and to toy surprise anil that of uiy neighbots. to wiiuiu
Let cave waa known, utter using tour and * hslr t ot
Uri ihr wt.i restored U> perfect health, ami that in (be
puce vf three weeks, and w*a able to work in tw«
wi-ck* fn-in the Llr.te die commenced ukinr it
"to mtnrit of the truth of this statement, I huts
l-eicunio udixed toy n"'ue. thi* Hull day of September,
1047. Jiis-KCH MvCOTTER, J. r.,
“MoaiU qf Nervi ILver, Craven eo. N. C
The (Allowing U an extract from a letter roceivea
frotnMrs. Devon, wuo hud beenofllictedseveral yean
with Scrofulous U’crrs, Dyspepsia, Ac., and recently
an atlectiou ot the Uirout and ehert:— •'
‘•lt*u.sTrt?uu, Vu., Dec. 13,.ib43.
“Messra. A. H. fc D. Sants—Before I Corauicuced
OMtig your Sanaparilla, my sndi-rtnq* vrctc alinust
past expree*ion: my thxoal was coiapletrly n!.;,-rated,
1 had a dreadful cough, and there wete frequently
week* lorether that l could not *pcak uhove a w!«s*
per, and bcridc*,lhe lufiocunation from my ex
tended to my head, so that my hearing vra& very much
impaired. After taking the Sauapaniln a short’
my health wax improved, and my throat is now rrdl;
1 am as free Dora.cough and tightness vf the- chc.u ax
ever l was, and can hear quite distinctly. My tb"*Di
has been well ahost three month*, ths cure nt which
has been effected entirely uy the use of yonrßarxa
paiilla. Yourfriend, LOUISA R. BKVAN"
The followingtfitiraonial to the value ortho Knrse
parilla,t» from tho Rev Luther Wright, aged Id years
Congrecatioual Minuter, residing at Woburn.
“WoDoai*. Mass., March :<a, lb'iC.
“Messra. Funds: Gcntlcruen— Prom wliut I hate ex
perienced, and from the information l have yecently
recerveil from e number of peruona of high respecta
bility who fasve used your Barsaparilla,! buvo no'
the least doubt but thsl It is a most valuable medicine
■ml Dial the numerous certificates rem have rccciv.d
of it* ethevtey aruTully sustained by experience, snd
altlioueh its rep nation and utility ate very extensive,
and stand in no need of my htmife edom to rnciea.*.*
them, I waut all who are uUlictad by ili«c*.'C to be
come acquainted with the efficacy and power 01 yuui
valuable medteino.
“I am, gentlemen, gratefully ami very rcrpeetfully
yoou , LUTlll'R WRIGHT.”
Prepsrcd And told, wholesale and retail. Uy A. D. A
0. BANDS, Druggist* and Chemists, IWI Fulton strm.
corner of William, New Yotk. Sold al.*o by Drug
gut* generally throughout the United States t-d Can
ada. Price §t per bottle; six bottles forSA,
For enle by L. WILCOX, Jr., B. A. FAiINESToCA
m.htOi H.HMTTH.llridrw«tsl» ian‘>l-tw.tA»’l
: No. 41, DIAMOND ALLtn , .
. faw door* bt ow Wood street, to
having beer |
• yagularly educated to the medtesi
fCffßUmSggSn profession,and beenfor some Umt
eh%Braju9pXut general practice, cow eoit&uct
jg?WcpWßy -\hle attention to the ucntpicnt ot
. 'those private and delicate eoa"-
plaints for which his i>pponumttet
I ’ aud experience-peccliatlylqaahty
\ him. 14 year* lu&iduoaslv dcvfitee
to study Atreauneatofthoseeorarlsiuw,{duil«(isiq*a>
time he has had more practice and has cared more pa
tents than can ever fall to the lot of any piivatt piAr
titlontr) amply uualtfica hip to ofier cMurui-re* cf
speedy,pennsneut, and satistautnry e.ure to all itmicwc
with aaiioau disaam, and all disvasss attnnj ttsre
Dr. Brown would Inform those aißlcted wuhipnatu
diseases which hava betr-xne cnro;uc bv ‘ cr eg*
gravated by tho usa of any of the connicn nu.Unnni o.
il.e day, that Ih&ireof&plaisucan be m,l>?a<|y am! thor;
on?Uy cuxed;he having given hv* earc.ul I'.irmi.nit tr
the irvotmeu of such cases, aad suscActf cu lu htui. reds
of inhtaneca in earing persons of iiulsouuaJiow of the
neck of the tjaddcr.andkiftdrtddiscascs which oftet
nsaltfrcm those cases where others have ednsigne*
them to hopelevs dexpair. He parueulatly suck
as have been long and ttniueoets|fttHy tieateff by othrri ;
to consult him, when every lotiafnctloa wttl be giver
them, and their eases treated in a cartful,Uu rough ans
intelligent manner, pointed oat by a Inaz eipenene*.
study,and inveitigaucn,whlchit is inmopiii'etor.itujxs
engaged in general practice of nedtema to gtva u-
Cdo clars of disease. ' _ , ' •
nyHemla or aJsolhTlu* per.
aoaa afflicted with llemiaxo call, a* h* has paid parts*;
clay aucntioß to this disears*. . 1
CANCERS also cured.
Btin disease*;also ii *,Pal*y,«is. t fjeviUy nm
f cither «*x living at a dlstaceerij
stating th«t disease in,writing, giving aUthaaymp
twns,can obtilo medicines w\thdirections for x*«,
uddraunig T. M. D., pout pud, aad
Gffic* No. «*.-Ciatt3n4aliay,oppuMt*ih»
BMnuvau:—Dr.Btown’a,Ti*wtfdi^ C ov*T»j fame
Orfiyrßheamatiwn isaspeedy andeertsin isciedy (i
Rialt.alirfulirottblt.''Tt*tjavcrfall4'.' *
Oxca.&sd PrirataOiuuning Ssoxs, No- ii DL
i&n&dalley*PDuburih,?a. Ths' Ooaurik always- .'
Ihfiß*. . >
\ MMTOWW’ P»t,«
~';l> • i^ l ys i .i »«•* n
. . Dt?.aUTMRfIT OP TBS iKf UtUft* >
• Ofies t/ ludi'av AJu:r»x .
SLAU-DVROrOSALa wilt..! received »itKc dacr
uf (be CoracDjs , to»i , ?T of Indian Affair*, ut '» arli
loeton elry7a«-«‘> “» o’clwfc cn Saturday, (he »ec«Hid
•dapofNfr«:inher i.ex(,for (urnuhinj; the
Indian good*, vi*.:.- ■ * • • ■
. Clist No,\ —Blajupm. ..
° 100 pairs 3 pnjal white Mackinac Mansell, to
' mecsttrcGi) t,y72iochc9, and weigh eight
round*. , <
1 9CO iiairs t?J point wliiCe; Maehinac blaijteti, ip
' measure 61 and 66 ioohes, and Weigh iui
I,l73piira2 point-white Mafitiiian. blantela, to
measure 42 by 03 inches, and weigh ; nrc and
,• a naaitrr pounds.. • ... i ' .
-.OfiO pa>ra li i>oial while blankets* to
measure 33 by 50 mehe's, had weigh lour and
a quarter pounds. ' • ?
900 pairs 1 point while Mackinac blankets, to
measure 32 by 40 inches, and weigh three
and a quarter pounds.
400 pairs 6 point arailet Mactidaa blankets, to
measure CO by 72 inches* and weigh eight
pound*. ■•.:*•■
303 pairs 21 point scarlet Mackinac blankets, to
measure 61 by GG inchrs* end weigh six
pounds. .
100. pairs 3} point.jnern Mxtkinac to
measarc C 6 by 91. inches, and weigh ten
300 pairs 3 point green MaoUiuae blankets, to
moasnre CO by 72 inches, and weigh eight
pounds. ; "
260 pairs 2} point green Mackinac blankets,'to
measure 51 by CG. inches, and weigh isix
ponruls. > •
100 pairs 3{ point gcntinciia blue Mackinac Man*
ketr, to measure C 6 by SI inches, anil weigh
ten pounds. ’ ! •
400 psirs 3 point gehtinelia bhia Mackinac Man*
. kets, to mcaiitre 61) by 72jiachoa, and weigh
eight poimJ*.
300 pairs*.?} point gentfnella blue Mackinac ltiau»
kiiir, to measure 61 by CG inches and weigh
BIX pOUDt'S. • . .
Clan Tkb 2 —Dur Goods.
1.005 yards scarlet airond?.
hOd do bine tlrouds. . • • .
I,boo do fancy Hit cloth, blue.
760 do fancy list doth, scarlet.
3611 do fancy list cloth, greeu,
1,001) do. gray list c*!olh, blue.
3.1)00 dn paved list cloth* bine.
J,UnY do saved lial cloth, scarlet.
t<u) Jo laved Hat cloth, greet!,
225 pounds worsieAyarn,'3J )ld. !
HiOdaz. cuitou flag handkerchiefs.
250 ’ do cotton Madras haudkeicbiets.
175 do black silk bandkerobirfs.
90 do 8-1 riottoa shawls.
SO do' 64 couon shawls. 1,
C 5 do 4 4 couon shawls.
40 do 84 woolen shawls. 1
"*430 pounds linen thread.
SO do sawicgklik.
700 pieces ribbon, assorted.
160 gross wonted gartering.
31 pieces silk haodkcrchieis, barb and bandana.
C/ojj 7Vf».3.—Donktic Goods. ;
36,000 yards domestic calico
10 000 do Merimac calico
3.600 do bloc Grilling
8 OCO do Georgia slripea ' • i
4 000 do blue denims
1,600 do cottonado ;
4,700 do IcJ ticking
1,000 do Kentucky >-.*85
500 do Tk&titoin
7,000 do plaid iio>cy
7,000 do domestic shirting, bieaclied:
15.000 do domestic shining, unbleached
15,000 do domestic sheeting, uabiearhnd
5,000 do domestic checks, stripe* auJ plaidi
400 dosen woolen tods
1,600 yards fiaaoeK assorted
1,600 lUnnel shirts .
’TOO calico shirts
650 poned* cotton thread
400 doxen spool cotton
(,'ilSi jYa. 4 ; —HaRI.WA3E.
2,090 psomis hrais fceltltt* w ...
276 dozen butcher knives
29,000 cun flints
; 23 gross‘iqiisw awls .
7,000 fi-a hunks '
. 26 cojf.o iish lines. . .
26,000 needles I
100 dozen tombs, assorted
10 do fccfitors; assorted
I 10 groes gna wcitni .. • |
I 1,090 fa kctdta !
j 76'ne.u’sirpsnncd kettle*, 9in a cost-
CUff. Ks. 3.—AbucoLrrKAi. Exra,
200 drawing kniveft, 12 Joeh'e* in fength [* in;
|7CO aogetp, in equal proportions of I}, l, 4, dr
150 pxtrs.bamea ■ ■ i
750'ptira (rccochtin* . .
1,500 weeding hoes
175 b«nd jsw-.i -•
40 cross cut •awa, 7 ;c.u m. length ! '
40 cfos« cut raws, 6 fee) in length
JOO hacd taw files - - .
10ft cut eaw file*'-
40 log cbaißv to weigh 25 pounds each
CfH> Wnisicroore cards, No. 10
600 quarters rocket chisels
90 jiUcr*, snd j^ct
Clau N>>. G.~ Axe>.
71 lOiea axes, to weigh from 4| to 6} pounds
03 do half axe?, u> weign 3j poandj
41 do fantt-heis to weigh 11 uooudv
25 brutid axes • i
C/ju JVj. 7.—.NoHtmi crx Go*.
650 coah west (UM, two (birds of wetek must
1 measarc 56 Sachet in lodgitr or beirei, sod
one third 42 inches in length;©! bsrrfel. to !w
delivered in New York or Philadelphia, as
mat be required..
't&tfpleVof ibe übo ve srticW «V r’oiiird in the
{Si-ieaflhi Coitun'nviondr of ludisii Afls't*; ind ti
uiiiv be I'i.tper to rem s'V that ibu-r t/f Imnlwaie, a:r
riculiarat iiupleretou. «uU tionh wear Run*} «• m r.:i
utT'ly new* ;qtd. vf UsUcr qualuy iftao ;ne &rUrlc»
tinctetore t'arnlshod under furnter rnniracti^
TfeoproposaH m«y bo divided into wvea pans
2:i —Dry Goods-
Hd—lloifleßtir-jbods. ]
•lib—Hardware. y j
.O'.h— implecicath.
tUh—-As**. ’ ■
*7 h—Northwest pun*.
Tb*« Inwrrt icmpeieni Wilder will re
ceive lh-. whole or » iy pud ol the ron trad, ucrunli ni
si she abnvo'scale, ibe IJ.-pniinient rc-ervnt,! to itf'Wl
tbc iUiA in •lelrrmine whether the bidder is (’t nipu'.env
■ nil r-rspimsihli; or nor.
ytie whole amount 'll money lo be applied to the
purchase of goo-lt will be ntK»ut s9onon. Jail the I ►<*-
pimmem ir*eivcs tin- right to increase or Oilnimsh
lie qosr.nty nf any of the uriirlcsuaiued', nr. suh.ctmte
ether* in «i«u thereof, or t-i requite, ni MuiflaT jine*}>,
»ueh gitodi n* m«y be wanted for pr«*.initi or other
pu;ps»c!>,ui the udminittraluin of the fi(T*trsol the l'c
patnxent. Goods cl' American inanuucUir, nil other
thmc* Lob'?, i-qual, will lie preimod; ait'the
•amples dr hlaaki-;* and clodi* are rf foreign tnsi'ii
fnctute, it will be i:c.*f is'nrv, when * doit'CMi? article
ii hid for, that a wamplo of it nt-ou'd nerci ipeny ilie.
•ml, to rnuMc the Department U» lirci'le whether it Hof’
equal quality willi the samples l« ho e.TbiMtrd.
The party proposing lb supply llm'nrtivlri will mxVe
an inv-ii.-c of nil the item* eoiluniW 111 D.qsbove,
mini alHx the dollars and cents, at which be or
they wot furnish them under eaicb cla*» sepfDaiely, de
liverable in New Vork, (or it ihn cor>irneio( prefers H,
about one-half of ibe qilau’iiy may be dcliyi-red in fit.
Mo. free of rtpetue to the fioveTnfflrnl! on or
before Dir iMU rtayofAlhy next, assenting Uiequanniy
nt each article as specified in this idv-cnisftntnl, and
etieaduig the ron, making ao aggregate of the.whole.
iiiro.CC couiiiiuiiii-i iho bid. The good* trill ba in»pec*
trd in New York (and in fit Louie, if ah'/: poniop of
t'lrui rbonU lie theie) by an ak.cQt ot tin-.
Untied Bii»ie», who wdl be appointed by the Depart
ment tor the purpose: and to ascertain tbe.coninrnmy.
ol the nuicie* purchased wuh the. •ample*, exhibited,
when the contract shAll he made, and with the. terms
of ih>: corururt it*elf, whi cli hiiall conintn • clause Unit
if the aMirles are not turnUhrd within the time pro
fcuhod, or if ihey ure nt Innnticicoi quality in the
opinion of the agent nlorn<aid. and it wuh.ia five day*
alter notice of euph invuilictener the party ihall not
furnish otlic-o >u jien thereof nt tho requited qhulity,
inn United bules-shjtll bi oulboiis-d to putehatethem
of cthera, and in cnatge any tfierrr.':i} of‘t'nce they
tnsy bn eompp.'led to pay therefor to ibnl contractor,
who shall pay the enid difference to tue United Stairs.
Bonds wilt be required in the atnOiitit cf the bidi,
with two cowl rcrctirt, the eufßri-ticy fifwbom to be
ccrutWd by a United Slate* Judge or liutrlcl Attorney,
f.-rtltr faithful perforaiancc <>i the cunttacls. Pay*
uirtn will bo jaade after tho contract in completed and
Die delivery of tho goods ot aforesaid to an agemot
ihc Dtpciruncni, opoiiadapliiatc mvincc.ceri oed by
Cdinmeuicatlon* to bo marked 'Ttopncals for In
ihsn goodi.*'
The bids will bo submitied wi(*t the following lead
ing, and nr-nowsill t>e received that are'iuu made in
tho form and terms here prescribed: ft'
“itor ««)piopose.tolurnieh f.r the sarviee af.uo
li<.liin D.-i'anruei t tho loHoninq goods, at the pnccc
albxed to them retpectivciy, vi»:
(Here int-Tt the list of goods ) .
dfelivcrtb'c in the elty of New Yotk (or 8t Leuis) on
or huiniu tri-'— Jay of next| one in C">tf of the ae»
rcjDunrc of bis r-Topo»nlr,tha qnnnilty being presenb-
L-i by the Depnrtment, 1 |«tre) wtll exemie a enn
uact according to tbh sgreunent. acd give patirfxu
tory security U> Dio Dcparuuent within Uu> days alter
the reception of this uid, and in erttd.of feilateto
ttdter into »och pontmet, and gbro such #ccnnly. I (or
wo) wi'l pay tv iha Unitrd'HKtes iha difference bc
tvrrcu the stm* bidder, by rnc, (nr tis.ftuid Die Shtn
which tho Umted fiutes is«y be oliligcd lo pay"for the
kuoc ntticicy J • '-
b'ach tndAvery bid tusl also be kceontpanied with
n the following form, to be sinned by ore
or more Ttsnonvtble. petrns, wtiO'C aufQcieccy B>ts*t
be eernCrd nysetno one vrbo 1» known to the jiepart
i.vcnt, fitherpcrinnoliy or by hrsofbetal pojitioa. •
•! (or wet Bcirby gutnutty ihnl—- --, vhe above
bidder, wi.l comply with the idrtn* of (ht advcru>e
incntfor‘pro;(walsfor indian-goods,’ dated*Septem
ber 21. 1£ irO, if the eontiaci should ccowoidcd to him,
mi J enter tnw) bond tor tbx cxdcctioh of the ease
within the umc prescribed. o
• . u-#-]:
It-u. C..
i** The coatraeu of foitner yean arts open for the lit
fpectam of bidder*. , H-LEA,,..
• st|vU Coiaginutongt of Jindait Anairi.
!" ~ cb- p\ii h 1 '"" r
.jl*- HAVE, this day; wilt ms “Mr. I. H,
l i Cloa»t, in ibr Wbold-AJc GroreTyl and. Produce
ltUSim-««i-the*iylcof Die tiiCtWill bbiAi CoH>etl«cn
Jk Clouse. , , ii7sl , :A. CULBERTSON
. s.ccuwios) j. evtna.
k. CCtiOlClLTfitm tb ccocSe,
finflOLKHami Cotaml«tioQ Mer
tv. obaat*, Dc«T«r* in .Produce, ard IMtnUurgt
Manufacturefi art:v!ds,lOi Liberty nt, pitwbitrgh, Pc
>y3 • ■ . ; ’ i :
. ... . JKxirft Family Flour* :
AFRt'Sn «uv-plr of the Poland MiU* entaPaaily
Flour,»v«y.cborcs oitlelfl. hut recMftr sale by
, A CUWJfcßTfcOlff &, CLOUSE
VOL. xvm. NO. 67.
rjiTSctiium uuss wbss.
a. a‘ d. m. chambers,
;- (L*'ts cuAU&nx;, aqxxw Are.,)
WonlJtdfpeeifuUy tr.torat U.e car.&iaet»o; iha lita
fins, a*-:atso i«be rul-ltc eeuerallj, ibat they wdl
cuitUHue il’.ft manufacture <»f
- Is all their varieties at (hrt Old band,
No 13 ’V> ‘ , od at,’betw**n r Ptr*t A %Vat«r.
Ir37id.i« •' • ; ; _j
; Df, Bose’s Cfltbriiteil Ufmedies.
(Iricfor cif ihrse raoei popular 2- J Icuefieial
ctudieineti’and also ti.f .utvemur t.f the ceUbmtrrt
in»tfuoirittfrtr:ttinuuairttvrt.l.o:i?.-, in cuio
of «ilitoni(?. ctiiearcA, * •-tiulc-ni oi tl. ,t ennrtent
pbyr.iuiaiu Duduir FliT'*if i ai-A It » rmattß'..* or ian
Uiiiversitf of I\M*nsyt Vaui*»unJ tor tinny T. a.ts (.n:a
hiii bren tuESßi’d ui llm »RVeili£aii:iti ot im-mc, ar4
the lu'ieilifdica tiierruj.
Throuvti tiifa us-t pfliU iuO-ifir.i; in co-.-tirclion
with bis ricj’iiriatiiie of hiR rcr-jeiltcr,
he has gilinail hji uiiptuuli.led eiuiinfi.-.e m ccTiSg
thOHO dreßillU* sfed fatal wuJsdiesi. Tat pfcii’nr t.'on
iiutn['li»n,9t,*i'.«ef'-* ithevivauim, Astl-mn,
Ae.ue, Fever- ».f all ,kiiKl», Oi.fcuic Ihy
«ipeia<, afirt all ihoio ohMlpatr Citeavr* recu'tario
female*.. Irdeuoevery ?rtr.tU J d)di>t4*.i' uwlsr
the il*o cf hi« which huniani it« heir—
not Hy toh u« of one compound only, tot *>an«in
coß'patihta; wj b Fhyeiolor.ira) 'Law, t'ut by th«s u»*
of hutirciiie.’itM, a'llnr ted la and ptetciiued lor elurb
I'erutlarffnm dt Oieen*.":. • ■ ' ■
I)r. Rome's. Tonic Alterative Fills, when ttssJ are
to be superior to el! other,
m b dr liver pill, inamturh ili th--y L»vo I'oweW perfectly free from costlvenest; »s t*ao
hi* (•i<(dait!l‘ , UlH li iidmiuad by Um isrultv to poetess
Ecculiar pTopernet a.*Bpied to femab diirtei-ea, but
emg t«u*ned that a bare'trial lv «uu';c rut tn establish
what ha* been nid in JltrjnijidfOt'tlut won rkvpti.'itl,
Tho atfireted arc invited u> rati B]mjo ti,e *,’cni. ivid
procure fffratt*) one of the iiocurt'* pnnii'iilru, .niving
a detailed ttccouul of each remedy and its apylieat.uu.
- I'or naJaby.lUnt fnMovrKig at’fliu,;ti | 've!l m by ruo*i
Otofclits |hrod<iboilt tbi* V'Oiuiiry. •,
;tJ ricbi>onnnlier ft 0,5 M W*o6d nrrct, l'uut>u;(h>
•J 01 Totruiond, <s MarteVal, do;
iLoe A/trcus»m, do u-iir theP.O. AU<*t;h«nyeuy;
iJo* Uotklsy, lJ*riinctnn, Uenv« co,, Va
Un'i.niißa, Er.Twn Valley,. do . do;
T AdaiHi, \ _ do di»,
pjtrfl Sap* prime lirten Itio CWte;
/' ISO parkanen iv*.sc»rtrcl Tea*;
' 75 i>t« osMmrd 'fufcateo;
! lOJ.aj* JVppor;-
5 t'Ufc* .M»fice; -
•, - f>‘< mans tilanainoo;
: . Lx*.No 1 CliocplMr;
. Liquorice JialJ,
i j 10 tieu-wt fresh prime Kicr;
5 Ucaiku heM MaiMrt,
[s ImrtcU Alum;
:< fa*» b'ericfr ’JamierV Oil;
•:i 50 doaen potent Buckets;
S. , IKK* bis tiara Ifronrov
'j' 30 boxed'White Pipes;
'f "30 hhdi primo'N OSuifr;
Subrl* .do Molskrc*:
• Hit) htU l*rpo No "i Marker*!;
bJ till* Urjn No'*. 1 do;
5 do No i . do,
SObrU NCT-tr;
‘ SO brls Pitch;
r hOOrln No•i-Homn; .
j £WOI!.j a«wn«'.J Vaipi;
j! finlmleoNol Buitmp*
i 100 keg* prime While
■ Sfr) krtj" nr-'Oited N>nl«,
Afro, « full avoctnirnt of Put.tLorclf msnufaeinred
»tucl<?, lOf <ale hy : JOiffr WATT Si. CO
»<Pt3 v 'i-do Lllwtny *i
BL'UAIt^.iUC>LA^«-;^— *U hints -N M
if 1 J • • 500f.1l- N fl Mo,s^t«.
Ij Uc» \,r,a white Ur«ru >uj'sr;
"» brk SiLart>.crnihuC.
jo mlii Li'Vimix’j puivJ;
££ OH? S; dc;
H< l-.xc l,oimii|!'t 7-oa';
s' !!tU»rH Si Louis i-j.
In Or tale by
JtfUO i- • J
. _ ...n.i.VH \ iIJiMvI.T.-o.N
2*4 S'<l itnr*-- -
V • Hi !'-I) sfi:u;':iC liif:.a!l';.iv.T'jr,if..
. j ■. :•*'»!*« . <Jf» mi ' Wn;u. .
v . ) aiikt 4\<| l.
; *i orli Clovct,
-! I.tJ 6»«ki*;« U«»J»rfU.T nn-( Mm ■i‘i’.’:»
i.-lire riurc qoJ itr vi!'. 1 i.v
:cp>t. «; • ill! »m> k;:vs.*n
Tiiiri) iirtcl, uppcriic Office
Hl3T(rtt,Y x 4 PcwtcnrJ*, N» 2. Ey Tmc'.-erv,
i-Kcickcrbiiekar .MugaxUia inr saltern! sr
Horn** SJenlhanit’ Magszu.'C-for ?
Wh>g iCbviuw ia r Srpie«l*r, : wiiii itu of
notion N*a f 3. '
Unci'* Llvjnc Jt?e, No :t2H.
Whig tfittf&ii Giiiery,coataioiagJitty »«vc -;ji S .c7-
iriT* fjl JijUncain&cU Whlu*.
ilotili jMiwh Review for AnguiV*
• Deoocri’is, Review nr f. ! «|.iciot>sr. .
• Gclecins R*viow or for r- nitm
btr. ’'£ r . • ;• ;,«'pili
j; ! icr lit* fITAIUS.
Vj URPJn' k uURCUI , IIU.U infarct incir cus»m
-lVx ere .'Ond. boyew igenrruily thot, in cot'sciireier
of workmen' bring <'ngn«cfl In rnri ii.iprtv
ing tbcir-Ctntc liocm, tucy bhvn icntoveu ;'.-.,rir qnods
la vbr. Ssi oxi? of He bniUlw* ibey r-renpy. omn
IJic impr*veuienu ni«T.<tnh>d; «.-fcfJe ibjyvriil be
hsppy «oj«a Heir-caJlaincif at;a«u*l r and for tba
ifouCle oif V.-jiltin; s'p'ruiin.’V.ilMVy to--! rcmecori’a
ibeio by «41m? ilnm CtKiiP
from <*onnn • . ne/M
tr'nrrcnuil i*nr« Wlurs rT«ii Qrnn7i7ia' l
OUITAUI.Ti; for'Mcdianull Tarpcves, aivrtn.. «n
O hftsi-l lai;U ; it>r sale by ibe bjw.runri, .-i -Mvn «;
e hA'VOH J llr,
i>um»*tlu \Vooll«n Cooilt
jj'kNE owe iLccv tJi.Mtj s<taw)fi,
IL» 1 cas.- 'VVlusv Kiiiinclt, .
r Vcar.efc : «3rt do: !
i ftr>l lWi.liJ Flannel'!; j
cit'd W hiis no O.ij
3tA>.et| Maned do]
t: ck«.c?; Pitin end Fancy deß«ieis?M;
1 hshiett, l
.1 C5.-.-.S CL'-u Aijiinr; ’ )
1 j
. -S ca»'*ij il/Rft Black -Coaling,
y ra*c!|.l«raT B'.dukct:*; .'
2 ilrab Wantcu; j
do; .j.
V itCMtlVliiie Bed
«J Horn Clanfiiil:..
liftmen on i miMf .W *Oi* at n artttsr
laicr-:. nyicei i-y - i . >i LEI!
>«plU_V _ ISvLiKrty liter.:.
ti'tfhlv petfaMfiTbi*; mi Wm J*ot; "
CiiluKCtan liiu ...
tMuttalriphu Yati'.-suiitl Soap;
l*iiial‘»i th'i .la I . <li>:'
Oit»i:;r Soup; i
Odve.'£*a*pi /or a»..! rcuil t»p
, NV -V * <‘t»
i S«tr Hut|o,
UrCF-iVEI) t!it_< day i«iin itir ea<!-
J*a >jcT*'ii.wi>-S.'btjr*oti.
l.a Scrcßadc-t-Atriuiscd us Daru.
aril Jri-rn-ai—W'tinurir
' Voitfi* oi Irp ftoDR duy*—
Away OffWii m Cairo—Fo«*i.
lia an.l ilcwart;—tilavcr.
Di'.'lJdi wiu.y oihar i‘ji'..Ts Pi-r.-a
: : it m.n’.crt,
rrpW I’mCal.W/) >la:p. Tlur.l : -i
O AL'tl'VnYH—lU £ri ,lcr rui- s.f
U- l'5A!.lll JUCKI'\ A CO
piv•• IVsVfi.
ljuw Itrriinua binuiu
ij|vOVVN Wjtu’Mit 15ci:ii»iUf Ui*r>i v Mn*lt
A>'ViTnsciit<r,Y'r;eiital. i'aljti. keJ CUvc nii
mo ctltbraKd .liir ituj'MUu*
3JK<rtlii}h#-« u> il;«f *kin. ' •
I'ttTrSjfcscd fioiii Uie importer.-mal tor x'slr by
•Cpw.j . 1( :: S‘KL.LKiM,37 'Vcwdrt
]AUUAyKAt!C»rrIiE— Jbbagsmbcalnr for tain
J by '2 ' ■'■VM 4 Cm
'»tonAti'iir»l Hi* HuttVr Orackirs* ~
Xj { ’J brl* bran .:.Jo
, . W.M A McOt.r Rf: A. CO
.iliJAlUj—JvsijVtiTjpftiMiie i'uncipe.—Oi'ui jj
iH'jOOO IlHvtr.a,—lh-rcAnri;
‘ 41/.Uf< »U Ktjjal.«.>;,'rauoo3 Iriit Ji
{■JaW l Itnus'ion iTikciuv;
; IUO.OCO Fliiiudelf>liV4 &p4n»il,.
In mere.can fot a-;o t«v -y.
‘_ W|> lV* '*WI> USR k^tCKEISON
— SflOMdea N Y relo LViitfin, fjr *a)e by
i »<N . ■ JJt. B FLOVH
T IOttAIJC-LtvlOO. boic-* v-r**!ufttcture«l~rc.bscco, of
. . : Ru’ncll : £]{i'blni - -ou> ? Biji<»iter (overiv br*r.c*
F-n«ai«t>V ' ln?ps) ' ' J.V-RFLQV 1»‘
C'i HKiTi s K( —viutM lb» W UQistu m aorc, far ta r. by
j h n PLQV&
J ils I’ylujul Miibsitptficr fpniily
. . '' H '■ 1W Srri* ts)ir.iSi;c futility I'ictjr, jn*it u e ; d
A CLOligl*
tOO Ltfa»fty ru
1 * V & t'*AJL li-Sit iiut for shlb or
it tie pH A*; U t.llt;KTS< n t OUS?K
| j Ortfc’l L'AU 'lti» —|y; jftjcs, a- vrry fmr.
U. aflulJ, ux*.J«-cip!ii.*»ly fuf'j}.*ttmrro?e,for .«lc
by S' , t~cplO ’ J% If emi.UFn
>ACON fcUJuULUIiKS—IO.tG&JU »«vd tnr tts'.e by
> ■- ;
iiUdfl ft O bug»r.tfC'<3 ferr-Cr J.V- '
wpio: •••• gfcWntt?>HM?fin
bc»s opci&ue, trc’gSw nj
- »*<>m • .___' f» K W tI.IRUAUGH
I / clcriT .Hjrjon;
!•“: ; • .*3 :■ <]t> '•! Ctfpjifttriisri"—
■ • • • •. io d? Jauctial,
.•' JCJtiildy bti • Or, - '-
•• rctiatcstftrrivaUuiNs'ir Yott,r«ni>rBlnc-T^ilan«
(iUtiitlp, icr asl* by .. -.WW CACJaLMY &CO
..»«;pw ' • • i 6& »
RlCty~i&';c» Cai oUsi'JUPt. fcrea.aht
>fptU- ; , -WAX BAOALEY Jfc
iL&CKTtiA—I4Q h( eha MngYejut Cbnftnl'iuclx'i
tt-1 ■*;•';•••!. • , iO-«Jo. Ooion< rYSnejcmdCi.;*!
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