The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, October 18, 1850, Image 1

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white:* CO
6. ft Wtirr*] Hl,aRT *
tjbZCfTB nn .dims*, TtfikP rtuttr, next doo* to
rni kwt oTTict.
' D»i] T p,
TrtAVccry-- „
. Weekly,ln»J**nce»— 7- ’r-sy®
oC!obi,*l»»cdoeed rata^
Oss 3qu' («, (10 line* of Nonpareil or leu)
one 1 i#enbn*—•*———t—* ■— -10,50
OrieF-icr te, ciob addiiicnalinjertlon-** o|2S
1 CM one ««k—. 1,74
i Do. twa weeks > •."■■■■" 3,0il
Ijo. three weeks-—• 4,00
;Do. one month -- •. •■» • 6,00
! Do. twn nstuh*——— —— 7,00
: Oc. threa menthi--—s,w>
|l>o. funr tuotnhs 10,04
!Da »ix month* ■ ■ lg,oo
i Do. laeWe month*---*• ls,oo
Standing Card (C linc-t or let?,) per annua- lu,oo
One Bauore,ebfcnjea.lde atplearorc (per aa
nuWj exciaslrc of the paper*-*-** £S,(H>
For (-nek Additional *qnue, inserted over one month,
ud fat eaeh additional s.-}ua;a inserted utider the year*
ly rate*, half price.
Advfcniremente exceeding a fqmtre, and not over
tftecnlmev, 10 be charfed aa q ana are and a half
Publishers not aecaaiilable for irpal advertisements
•eyon4 the amount charged for theirpublication.
Announcing candidates fbf office, to be chargcdlhe
■amc di other advertisement?.
Advertisements not matted on the copy for a speci
fied number of tnseniuns, will be contimied till forbid,
andpaytccMexac'edaeeord-. . »
The privileges of yearly advertisers will be confined
rigidly, to their regular business, and nil other adver*
lirsmenu not pertaining la their regalai busineis, ca
agreed/or, to be paid extra.
All ladvertitcments fer charitable rorti»ntiont, fire
opaaier, ward, township and otherpobliu- meetings,
ad each lite,io be charged halfpnee, payable stncuy
blafnaji notice? to be charged SO cents.
Death notice!?inserted without charge, unless aeeom
pajiicd if funeral invitation* or obituary notice*, and
vrbcu iso aecr>rapaiucd to be paid for.
Reeblaradveruserf, and - all others sending comma* ■ n
mcatiotts.oi requiring-notices desipied to call atter- *
non to Fsurr. Sotrees, Conrerts, nr any pablic enter*
taimr.fnu, svkero charge* ore made for admittance
all n.-|iff« 01 private nwcciarinn*—every notiee de
signed to call attention lo private enterprises calcula
ted or intended to promote individual interest, can on*
ly be inserted min the undemanding that the tame
is to be paid fftt. If Intended to bo inserted in tbc lo*
cad column, the same will be charged at the rate of
not lets than 10 err,is per Hue.
Bishop or Fist Nniires to be eharged triple price,
Tavern Idrense Petitions, S 3 each.
Legal and Medical adTcriisuncnu to be fcharged at
fall prices
Ileal touts Agents' and Auctioneers’ advertise
ments not in be classed under yearly me*,.but to be
allowed Jit count of thirty three aud one third per cent,
from tl,c amount of bills.
Ope Square,three Insertion*-——sl SB
i Ho. each additional insertion-*. 77
arvEHiieniETO IN wxxxtt rorsa
Giie Pguare, (10 liner.) one »nreraon— —-Met*.
■ Do. each additional insertion Si “
All transient advertisernenw in Cc'putd in advance.
WHITE. fcCO.Gazetic.
h. HARPER, Po»l
i nmrr w. riddle, Jourr,*i.
JA’.IKS P. BAKU & CO., i>roniol«.
FOSTER 4 BROTHER, iio-patco.
JCS.SNOWDF.N, Mercury.
JAMES M'. RIDDLfc, American.
HIRAM KAINK, Evening Tribwis.
Prrr«DDBo, l>ec. 1.1549-
ALDERMAN, Fifth Ward, Penn street, between
U'Hnra uid WuliißL Ail bigness promptly at*
landed to. _ __ j la *>^ ll _
AIirOONEY AT LAW—Office, on Fourth street
[' DA.VID C. ’atITTLK,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, rutd Coamisiionar far
Pennsylvania, Si. Loui., Mo.
All couunnnicailans promptly answered. .
oetslHy •
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Office on Foatih street,
between SrsiUi&eld nod Grant. Pituhorgh.
sptHMy :
A TTORNEY and Coenselior at Law, and Cotnmis-
A. tioner for the State of Pennsylvania, St. Loot;
Mo., (late of Piu*boreh.l
References—Pilttbnrch: Hon. SV . Forward, 11 amp
ion 4 Miller, M*Csn.i!f«s A McClure, John F. Pare.-,
3ii«clU 4 Semple, McCord & King. atigll-ly
Glaigov, Pa. {SSmith't Ferry Port Of-a.)
Haying permanently leaned at this place, a new
and sttbstaniial Wharf Boat, we are prepared to re
eelvo and forward promptly to all point* on tbeiiTer,
and Sandy and Bearer or Ohio Canal*. (I A. Co.
~ Glasgow. Jane |i —lelri
wyy a.o'tLKV. —JOB* a. COaiBiVS
vr, k, axirii tanlLtT.
-1 cers,No—l Market st, Philadelphia. ■ apt
Pittsburgh Alkali IVOrtu.
BENNETT, BERRY £t CO, Manufacturers of Soda
Ash, Bleaching Ponder*, Mujiadc ane Sulnijuiic
Acid*. Warehouse No —, WateT street, below Fetry.
' Frederick Draun. Oeonfo Reiter.
BRAUN fc REITER, Wholesale and Retail Dnu
•ins, corner of Liberty and St Clair streets, Tan
nryh, Pa. »P*
CA. McANULTV A CO. Forwardm? wad Cony
, Tnixlnn, Canal Own, P
va. : mr -
C' 'i ILffRAVr, Wholesale (< Crtumi.jiori hiJ
Jm [Forwarding Merchant, N.*. 11 "a* r -r »i-, pl **'’*
banth. u V*-
[r*Hersey~—* Andrew Flemmc R- A Fleming
mestic. Woolen- and Cotton Good*;- *l*l*. dealers in
all kinds of Tailor* 1 Trimmings. N« i P Wood s: p 4:b
door from Fifth. Pittsburgh. _ u
Reference—Messrs. VN os. A- Hm A Co, llinkers,
jknfti ' -■
a. )
i Kn lUto.ld >V:gCt. lY.tfhmgb.
u ji i«>h t fxter r. hwxvti.
ENGLISH fc BENNETT, (l»» English, Oillscner
a. Co ) Wholesale Groceti, Commission and For
warsUnr Merchants, and dealers ia Product: and Pm*-
hurra Manufactures, No. JT V\ ood between 2d and
S 4 streets. J . ?? 1 1.
\Val. 11. JUUNSTUfi, I.
Forwarding a commission merchant
No lit; Seeond st. Piltsbarph. - _ ;ar2l .
xoson w, romDßXTcfi") (w»t.rea c urtn>.ST&:t
/’'l ENKKAL COMMISSION and Focwai.'ing Met
|T ehants and Flour iicslcrt, No f-C Muraet s.rerl,
No. <1 N.rtn W.tcr Sl.cet * N».
A. J. Bcranou. ? I*flI UADLi.r lilA
Kaw’r Hsus. > PhilaJ’a.
D. C. McCasjsom. t
J. A. WaKHKH _ t _ ; •
■S’t LKK.iiiiceMor to Morphy A Lee,) Wool Deal-
H . er umi Coinnji*-io» Meienant, for ah* sola o
American Woolens, Liberty, oppoKte sth st. feh!7
*. A HUriiT. wjt-if.jonw.
XTARDV, JUNES a Co., (tufles*»or3 In Atwood
n Jones A and ForwirdSts* Mer
Slilu, dealer* m i’itubargh Manufactured <»cudi
Ptrjbargb. Pa. ’ ; „ ra < ! j'-Z_
•* (tccccssou to aasccuj,! c. iuia»)
IMPORTER A Dealer tn French und American Pa
per HaJigtiK* and Border*. Window Shados. Fire
tiohrd f’rlcui, &c rnnitneTumt Wrap
ping Paper, No. *7 Wood street, between Fourth ttxeel
ar.4 Diamond alley, west aide, Pittsburgh, Pa,-
fcbia ■ t
JOHN AIINKW, Inle of tho firm ofChUj;l>rfvA*
new ft Co, would inionn lhr uj*l <•«'
laLket »iroet, l-ptureen Fun &• Ser.o»l
JfoTriTPrßiOUiiAN, Wholcsftlr-proßCin, “* J . d V*‘*
| ct in Dye rMdlfc, r«mU, Oil*. ’f 1 -’
VJ Wood tuccl, one door SoufU 01 Di&taoml Alley
l’Utlourgh- . , -*t -
■fjfiEa DALZELL, VVEolwaio Grocer, Coaia.»i...n
»l Merchant, and dealer iu Produ-e and I ituburgh
y, No‘J> Water »», P.ivjlurgh J ;^
....tuT-cTsTI *o»«ut "wcuTt, i »,
rriAlAll DICKEY A Co., Whole**!* Groeet*. Com
l^^Xr.hVnu,MidWrolo *£*
Front mtta, ?m»bawh. . no**
-:l' n nitwiirm -IZTia.epti DU wont
otm S. g|} (WORTJ , & co , Wholcwie tiro«ff,flnd
J . Ajce&u foi liuwd Powder Co., No. W
A No. 45 Mwkcl «u, ihrre door*»e Tkiw «*• rtxx*
torch, will have coiuimUy ou hand * well ‘cltcitd aa
ijnmcnl oUte bell Hud jiK J.JJ
«fll *cll «n ih» »0'» rtMootblc urn*. PHyuci*n*
Icndmff border*, will 1* pmiapUy uteoded 10, Mi nip*
.l.Tdwiih tmeie* they m r rely won n cenouie. ,
' irj“ PhTiiciso* Preemption* vrjli be iccorfctcly tea
***or pfaptwd rtva * l * n * bmlt 0,
“iuSS'.'B*• w*. *■“« •« r -*“ •»> t““ j ;:“j*
vioTd * " Ktctiaid Viuyd.
wImS Suldioi*, ,*»»*« t,a LlU, ‘ > ' w ° c^‘
Kint» ttitci*. pitt»l»crgs, 1«. _
. . ,'*iu;»iKVt Altai tot ifca 5 n u
J nW« f v»:» *
«l Bt
V Qai\|» Printer*’ Cards, «n
F.pcr, BU**, S* e =l Wcoa »■-, n.i.bu,,».
J. tien J»«uei,y«*
dealer to' 'V e ** r fH . _ n generally., Water
; s^S^wSBIm ■& w A
TTIKK* jOft“Xc'jF?a MiSSJsf mwna
'-s'**v“<,-hu w™” n“S.«f.«.-•'
- k e «^-^ u "*' c,,p= ' “ifessr
' : '■ \ . 1 ■ ‘ : ' ■ ■ * ■ 5 : \
I i ■[.•= ■ I- ]. ■;5 rl f ,i| 1
», "~~ ~~~~~~~~ . ~ ■
Pittsburgh City Qlui Workh
IVX No Sd Mattel meet, between Firtt and Bewail,
Fiuabarjb, P«. '
mteniien paid ta odd met. Also,
u. ccmnaama, .plmxn*.
Win. Wilier, PhilaJ. C, W. Rickeuoa, Puitbargb.
\4ILLF.Rft. UICKJ-rrSON, Wholesale Grocers, and
iVx Importers of Brandies. Wines mid Srgars, N'o«.
ITS sad l? 4, corner of Liberty and Irwin atrecit, Pius*
barm, Pa. Iron, Nails, Couoa Yarns, 4c. 4c., con
•oniiy on Jisni. \ »t»4
John MtiSIT. Jmnr* D. ftf'Gill. Walter C. Kne -
McGILLS A. ROE, Wholeule Grocers unlCom'mU
tion Merchants, Nn 1141 Liberty SI, PiUtbmgh
*{4 a> j
Manufacturers of apting and iu«ci neet,
plcragh »tiel,*ieel plough wings, coach and clip
lie springs, hammered inn axles, and dealer* in mal
teable castings, fire engine lamp?,and coach trimming*
rcneraJly, corner of Rom and Front M».,’Pitt?biir*h,
Pa. ' i j fch-JS
J« Jc J* firdoii Cominlaatoa ntrchutf.
NO. 31 Old Lcaeest, N Orlenna, keep eon«tar.lly on
hand a large assortment of Brandies of Ihe follow
in' brand*, which they offer fojir sale as agents /or i.
Durand A Co, Bordeaux, viz: Mftdory, J. Eraud, J Du
rand A Co, Lorocl'oll?) J J Durand, Cognac, A dcM in
lezun, A 1. Btcvill*, 1 A dfi Monfiore, Jean Louis, Ac.,
Ac; also, Anchor Gin, Bordeaux Red and While Wines
in coals and cases, Selected wlihcare by John Du tand
A'Ca; besides Champagne Wine and Sweel Burgundy
Port. fob7-ly»
N "
HOLMES & SON, No S 5 Market it, second door
* from corner nf Fourth, dealer* in Foreign and
Doinrsuc Dili* of Exchange, Certificates 01 Deposit,
Hank Note* and Sped*.
Es*CoirktioßS made oa all the prinaipal ciuei
hroughoat the United States- ap<
Lithbcripli'lo KiUbitiliuint
OF Wll. SCHUL'IIJiANN. Third it, opposite the
Pon-OEcc, Fitlsl'urjlv.—Mops, Landscapes, fill*
heeds, Showbills, Labels, Architectural nndXiacktuo
Drawings, llosincss and Visiting Cards, Ae .enrravcd
or drat* n on stonr, md printed in colon, UoU. Uronre
tr Ulock, in the most approved style, and at the toon
tasonoHc price*. , octls:ly
R r
Oil Hi' r ON, LITT LP. A CO.. o. Liberty meet
j Pinsbcrpb- Wholeiale Grocer*, Prodccc tuid
Caiu»i?tior. MercLinu, end dealer* in Piusburjtb
Mannjdi: arcs. r.p!7
RUCEJIT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer, Rectifying
■Distiller. deaJctia Pnxloce, Pittsburgh Manoiac
lures, >n I si! kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wine*
and Liquors, No. it. Liberty street. On hand a very
stock of ruptnor old Mono nit ah tit waiskcy,
which will be solu low for cask. ,my 1
L o. iieitvoiDs. ' L u SURE.
REYNOLDS & SUEE. Forwarding and Comv.u
tlon Merchants, for the Allegheny River TroJe,
tealers in Groceries, Produce Mnnufac
lttres,and Chlorido of Lime.
The highest price, in cash, paid at all uraes (or
country rag*. Come' Penn and 1 win tt«. apl "*
ROBERT DALZIiLI. A Co.,'Wholesale
Commission Merchant*, dealer* in Procure aaa
Pittsburgh ManalVcureu, Liberty street, Piu»t»or:'h,
Pa. aplß
WHOLESALE GROCER, Produce, Forwarding,
and Commission Merchant, and Dealer in Pius
burgh Ainaularturcs, No ±:u Liberty street, Pmshurrk,
ii» ; m
SHACKI.ETT A WHITE, Wholesale Dealers Ln
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, No. y# Wood
Street. Pltishuigh. __ apt*
SA WHaRUaUg'H, \Vool Merchant*, Dealers
iu Flour and Prudueogenerally, auj Forwarding
and Commission Merchants, its First street and
HCSecn.’d street Pittsburgh. _ ap!7
rr'scuAßß, riTTuchotL. mutt meow, niStt-Tun.
SELLERS A NlCOl.9,Produce and Grucral Com
mission Merchants, No. i? Liberty street. Pin*,
burgh. Sperm, Linseed and Lard Oils. api;
• ceil, Forwarding and Commission Merehant«,
Dealers In Pittsburgh Munn.’neiiiies and Western
Produce, have removed to their new warehouse, (old
stand.) No M, corner cl Front street aad Chaneery
Lane. apt 7
Fail »t.le Diamoad, Pittsburgh. spit
CL P. <K*IV*A ) CBA.
Produce <i7td ComwitMon XercJiurM,
An 4 dealers is Piasboigh MaPßlkctnreil Articles,
Sob. 130 and 139 Second street,
Between Wood h ScnthScld, Pittsburgh, ts*!
1J303 WILMS'■
john wm & co.,
WHOLESALE Grocer*, Commission Merchant*,
and **ealetslrt Produce and Pittsburgh JJana
faciarr»,!ifC Liberty*} , PlU«bargbj Pa scplt?
It LOUR—7I» hilscboieiT Family;’
2-t»brfi Superfine;
f,i t>ri« Kmc, driving, and for tale tty
WOULD inform Use public, liter hurt taken the
warrioaie formerly occupied by the bur Mr
Solomon Pchojcr, 111 Second street. Having a Imte
and commodious warehouse, they would invite tic
attention of persons having good* to consign or (tore.
They Will also tire attention 10 the purchase and «a:e
of Notes. Draft*. Ponds, Ac- sai?
. S. Waterman • • R. N. 'Vcicnnon • • \V. B. W hitman-
WHOLESALE GROCERY, Commission and For
warJiiu; Mcrettanta; dealers in all kinds of Pro
duce A PtuM.iirgU Manuisctuied Article*. and Acctiu
for sale ot Richmond and Lynchburg Manuiacuired
Tobacco. c.rl
li-uiUr, i\*
WILL also attend to collections and all ether buei
cetri entraued to li.n m Better and Armstrcng
counties, P*. Refer to
LAB. Flovd, Lifceny «*\
W. W. Wallace, do \
James Marshall do f Fittibargb.
dir Kav It Co-, Wood at. I j*n7_
Canal Buiu, iVmn street, Pitisbnrrh. rarf
No. 227 Market, and SI Commerce el, Philadelphia.
Advances made, byeitherof the above.oaconsign
meats of Produce to either Ronae. mr>;_
■jtTWilliams—*— —John flait.
\\ Forwarding and OoratEis'lon Merchant*, arid
d-olfr* »n Country Prodnee and Pittsburgh Mansfac
tnrea, comer of Wood and Fifth street*, Pittsburgh.
Wm. H. williams *- »• McVay
Notdi East corner cf Wood snd Third streets,
lanl PtTtaaoßQß. Pa.
W.M. BaGALKY A CO, Wholesale Grocers; l
and 20 Wood street, Futshutth. n PO_
WICK A M’CANDLKSS, (successors to L A J. I*.
Wick,) Wholesale Gmeeiy, Forwarding *nd
Commutian .Merchants; dealer* in Iron, Nadi, Glass,
Cotton Yarns, and Pittsburgh Manufacture* genera,-
iy, corntr of Wood and Water street*, IMtabutjh^
WA M Grocery,
, Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Liqwor
Mcrcbrtiut. AI"H-lmponcrs of Soda Ashond 11 least*
in* Powder, No. 100 Liberty atreel, (opposite Sixth
street.) Pittsbarith.
\\r W.'WH/VON, Watches, Jewelry.*■»*« Ware
W • and Military Good*, corner of Mdrkel and
Fourth street*. Pittsburgh. Pa. N. U.—Welches ond
Clock* carefully repaired. 1 *
w» roetta. J ~ t,} i n *• "’‘■fi?*-
[I7M. YOUtfG A Co., Dealers in LeaJher, Hides,
IT Ae.. M 3 Liberty street - lan-riy^
Vs. M'coTCiVim. ‘ sPcurcukox
lir A R. MnCUTCIIKON, Wholesale Grocer*.
W . dealers Jin Produce, Iron, Nulls, Glu*s. nnJ
p.tisbsnrn Manlifactura generally, liberty •* Tpei -
IMidmigh. i J*” l7
GO- P A fl T »K as ii IP •
IMAVE Uk«6t WM. CaRR into partnership with
me id my bu.inerr, which will from this date bs
1 carried on undiir the name of “John Parker A Co,'
March Ist, Irfcu. JOHN PARKER.
John ■" ' • , .♦--’William Carr.
I Vkjii&U (*rtxt+>. Dealer* tn Product, Portxga
iVints, Liquor*, Old Atonongahtla
and Rectified Whitley,
No. S, Commercial Row, Liberty street,
mr3» Plitstnrgh. P
pal Mer, isanna * CO.,
(Bacces:are to Hussey, Hanna A Co.)
ill Foreifriand DojtickUc Exchange, Certificates
of Depoailc. Blink Note*, and Specie—N<mb wert
corner of Wood and Third street*. Current money
received on diposite.—Sight Checks lor sale, ahd
collections madfe on nearly all the principal point*
ptciniuurpaid for Foreign and Amerlrart
! < A.d*anrei made on consignments of Prodaca, ship
lied Ea»:. oft litieral terms. n ?~j*
wsi A. N’CLVHO A CO.,
iVi L\l*rtV strut, aloiv H ea.i,
»Iwuv» bn Uid a larce araoxiaent ut Chou**
Grocrrtc* and [Fine Tre»; *J>»i Foreign F*“‘ u fc J ,J
and lUuil. IU
lotrfAi i«*nn»- ... .. . .
Joseph h. abbll, . _
i CANUFICTURFB of green glassw are,
NiM»i w.ict, nuzi "Jt'sAjT
.oSSJcr TuuFactosi U sow is vsu. okostios, sod
sre&£? in WLi"?- SST/tuiT.".'
Order* rcipectfalt? rrrtu b * 6ll * l<,a ,IU
jUoncJinodce L _
wiaSwNo 118 s=--on4 ..reel, b.Wfi. Wood
and Bmilhfiuid «’• ., .ly,-<-j. I JL-
c;b~PA urfiKU.HiP* .
ihi. d«v uiociaicd ibonclra lojcllor. mdorlho
nofShtlTer A Banteto for the rranrtcudJtof thft
WtolenSo Grocery, frodneo, nad Commiaiifra tmi*
ne*f »»No 130 k. 133 Second iucei, betwne# Wood
■B d Smimnddit. *
. Anjraat I.lBSo.—aurl
mnE Prt»i»cui.*iu bcipiaar
T““ «' W ~{j b Jw „ARB»IIQ|
11HI8 magnificent es'ublishment being now com
pleted and ready tor business, theproprieior would
respectfully solicit a shire of (be public patronage
He trust! by giving his full attention to the business,
to make the bouse a pleasant and comfortable resort
for the ciurens of Pittsburgh and for the country
Good attendants will be in waiting, and every ex
ertion made tp render the establishment worthy the
countenance and support of an intelligent community
Thu TWO SPACIOUS HALLS, fitted for Paines.
Concerts, Lecture*, Dalis, anti public meetings, will
be Ur by the evening or week, on as liberal tern* os
any other in the city.
The BAR and RESTAURANT, equal in style and
beauty to any in the world, will be kept furnishes
with Pure Wises, Choice Lienors, Cordials Totten,
Ales, and til the cool, light, refreahmentsof the sesu-otf.
Poultry, Game, Firh, Soup, Oyster*, atid Oatns,
served op in the beht style.
the first floor, and coryof access, will be constantly
supplied with all the Luxuries and Delicnciru of the
rear on; and urio'.wlth such sobslanuoli a* the markets
jotui v. qriaa.
Boarding by the day, weak, or year. Dinner* or
9upp*i* for individuals or pontes, lurni'hed on sbort
Geatleraea with their families, visiting the city «»n>
be supplied with refreshment* of all kinds atany hour
of the dav.
.Good and an ertenrive Livery Estabiisn-,
mem is connected with the Hall.
Danner at I o’clock. Breakfast and Tea at the usual
Entrance for Lndie* to tne Ice Cream and Dining
Saloon, No ft 7 Smithlield «treri.
VV keep constantly ou hand or make to order the
k\4 oniele in their fine, at their old ft'-and, No. 11 Si.
Cfairttren; alro, atNo.Stl Marketnrebl. second nory,
entranco in tho Diamond. Vecitian Shutters made to
order, and old blind* ccatly repaired n M t>
W, 4k J, QLSHN, Book Binders.
WE are Mill engaged in the above burinen*, cornet
of Wood and Thrtvi streets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work is our line with Jcs-
S latch. We attend to our work petsooally, and «atis
aetion will l>q given inregardtotu neatness and du-
Dlanl Books ruled to any pattern and bound- sub
stantially. Dcoksin numbers orold hooka bound care
fully of repaired. Names put on book* in _ gill letters.
Those that have w«rk in our lino are Invited to call,
price, low «r»» _
p,ua Sachlnatbop,
HWIGHTMAN— Mancfaeturer of all kinds of eof
. ton and woollen machinery, Allegheny city. Ps
The above works being now In full acd svccenf*)
e ration, I am prepared to cxeeate oifsrs with ci*r>*tf h
for all kind* of machinery may lm«, saelt,a* willows,
pickers,*preader.s card*.grinding matljne*. railway*,
drawing frames, speedrti, ttiiassil*, loom*, woolen
cards,double orsingle.fnr merchant or
mule*,jacks, Ac.;»!id«* and hamlltthr.aitd moral it gen
eral. All kinds of shafting made to orde» ctpltns giv
en for gearing lactone* ormilts at reasonable ‘‘iiurr.e.
Uaraa to- Kennedy, Ohrid- & Co., Blackstoek, Beil
a «’o . King. P.p.0.-iaiUJ.. A Sitav
Oimiaghhß,iasar Pliutmffßh,l P*.
o.f.ct, TVb. 37 1 1'atrfipsl,' bttwtn Mar Lit and
WILL constantly k eep ou hand a good assort*
|K/mom or Ware; or our own manutacture.iuid
KflV superior quality. Wholesale and country Mei-
MW ehauts arc respectfully invited to call and el
amtna fur themselves. as w* are delcraunedzo sell
cheaper thau bat avar before b««a offered to tue p*l>-
(QrOrdegasant by mail,accompanied by Uieeaab or
ood reference, will ta promptly mended to. mta_
MA. WHITE A i’ii. would respectfully inform
• tte public that lh« j have erected ailuipon
Lecock, between Federal ard Sandusky t-uuew. incy
are now making and are prepaid io receive order. u»r
every description velm le*, Coaches, Cuanot.-, Us
roucce*. Budgie*. Phn-um*. *o, Av , wb.rh from their
long U>e ui.trura,-■lufeofthe obnvr wi..k,
uxitbe (aeiliticc they hevc-.ite j irol eoufoient they uie
enabled to do wort on the *io«i re*, .inohio lenue w,th
thavevmntiin; unicle. in ti:* i line
Payia" partieuiar aiie.r..o;i to the vrleptmn of mate
aad hav.og nc:ic i.ui tompr-irui vroikmen, they
have no tic-Jilniiun in w.rtinuu; their work We
Ihercfarewk the aitrntiot! of the public lo this maoer.
N. n Repairing done tn the beu manner, and on the
most rrawinaldc term* jaAktf
wm a.n ai7S law *«mos.
CWNTINUE to inariufacmro oil kinds of,
smuh Work.
Steam Boats built tu orier
Spei'tui atieuin-:i ti.en to i-teuai Wat work.
Have cn hand, a nne assurvncAt of Uoppor and n*a»l
Kettle*. Tin W ore, Ae Ac. Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forges, various site*—a very convenient ar
ticle for steamboat*, California emigrants, or rail read
companies- .
\Vc would respectfully invite steam boat men and
others to coll and *ee oar articles and prices beura
parchasioa el sewbere _ _ .’y!_
Wrought and Cast Iron ilalllag,
TIIE sut-«enb«r. b.?e leave to Infold the polilic Ota*
they have obtained from the E'i't all t»ie ».»J
fashionable designs for Iron Railing, both for hnu*.-.
ana wiihiug u> pr.>ture lir-f-d
-„ik patunis will please eail and exanir.e, and jndpe
for thrm-rUe. Rariinc w.ll be funurhrj si tbr -non
e*t notier, aud in the best manner, at the corner ot
Craig and lUUccastreets, Allegheny i.tT
j sngtW-dn A L.A.\tGNT A KNOX
~ Wli«i*lAlS DionY
BFG3 leave 10 inform his friend* mid eustorovrß tha
hr i» )ust hi* new <pn.-.i sloe* lined*
rnrapn»irsg. a*»l' ih« ne«e*t end Rinat fartiiun
khte »nlt: •ol L'loiti C» fon-y Vesting*, c.-t
-ion unit • umn.'r mil* »rC ct: rv article-uum l«
u, M rfci;.-w«i’«wurfuf|-r.'.!»M'it*» t *
irupo'Siblc to desc tire it,.- iism,. !|Um.iy. or haunt.'/
ol the slock, the proprietor hopes all who arc m »r n
01' rood, cheap, faalMOoabtc, >nd vrr'l made cloini e,
will give tin a call, a* then: is no mock llua side of
the AlUghcntcs that can compare with u.
The ready made deparuoMU is very extensive. adap
ted lo ell taste* •
Roil road contractors, country merchants, and all
who purchase largely, are particularly intiteJ in et
amine the ttodfc More purc-naslnjr, os pasnculnr M
tentimi is paid 10 the whulcialo business in thi» estab
lishment. . . ,
Eveiy article In the tailoring line taane to orj«-r in
the most fashionable and best manner, at it>e •hoiust
TJIE partnenhip heretofore existing under the Dtm
of A 4c C BRADLEY,!* di**oSv-t by tin* decease
of Mr- C Bradley. The business will be csrned-ou t.y
A Bradley, who will settle the bultnca* 01 the Isle
REMOVAL— A BsahhST has removed hi* Foundry
Warehouse from NoIIV rMtcond sired,tcrNo lu Wood
mrett, between Flr«l and Second streets, tu ih- ware
nouse lately occupied by ti A Berry, where hr will
keep constantly on hand n general assortment of Cast
mgs, Urates, Stoves. Cooking Stove*. Ac. jy>3
and No. « Aiucncan Bti-icr Steel. ‘Al.o -Br«t
Cast Steel Files, ol alt firm; and Blacksmith and Mi-c
Rasps, always on band and fnrssle, either ut his “Ks
rle Steel Works,’' O’Hara street. Fifth Ward, nr at the
office in the Iron Store of HOf.I.MANS A U.MUtI
SOS, No 4. fool of Wood street, Pittsburgh,
We, the undersigned, having used, with entire am-
H/srttou. tlio r**l Sli-ei an 1 File* made by Smßiuel
McKelvy. m bi> Eagle Siect Works, in this .My,lake
pka.urc in tcrimiinei.disig them a* • ijual tn .|Uality to
ant ever u*rd by u»,«»f forn-n manufacture.
Pittsburgh, Mure h FI, l--* 1 ....
Manufacturer* ol Iron and Null*, Piu*liuti;h, Pa.
Iron Founders and Macb mists, FiiHburgh, Pa.
Manufacturer! mSpnn<», A ties, spring Steel and
.ll.vett, P.'il'hurgh, Pa.
Engine Builder* and Machine Card Manufactu
rers, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Bras* Founder. IMt»burgh. Pa.
Manufacturers of Iron and Nails, i'lttshurrh, Pa
Locomotive Engine audPlup HutiJer, I l*.ti«burgh, Pa.
Marble Manufacturer, Machine and Famine Build
nr.*u cr. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Dtnolatioß of Ptriairtlilp,
riUIK i’arinenbip bercv-iiifn existing between the
1 subsrnher*. under Ike ittin ot Chambers, Agnew
A Cm., UUm Manufacturers, waa,dissolved l«y luutoni
couseni, on the him day ol July, instunt. All persons
knowing wumsrWes iml'Med in said brm are
cil to make pavineiilto sillier of ihc parUe*. without
delay, and ati person* having unsettled accounts with
said trio, are mvued in present tlicni for settlement
immediately. ALEXANDER CHAMBER!?,
jyindCm H. II CHAMUERt)
TIIF. owners and of good* arriving by
tho ••I’liiiens* Porti-blo Boat Line,” will iilea»e
take notice that thry w.ll be required to pay fre-ght
• ■ our warehouse, aecntdiiif. m the recrioi, Itetore
llic goods aro removed. C A MeANULrV ACO
'Waiblni, Dloactoiug,
UtitbTioiu—t'ui ■ tie clothe* imo cold water and In
them soak over night. in the raornln£_wrinjrtbciii
OQ i mn a them trt'O a hett-e of hotUnr water, to
which add the pioporuoii or one pint of fluid to eight
uallon* of water - -nr it up and boil the wholo twcuiy
minute* The clolhi-e may then be wrong out and
well tinted in clear cold water. Tne paru of gai
menta that maybe wo»t wotlcd, »uch di wristlmi,)*
mid coltat* of »h,tt». muy bo slightly rubbed befoie
tinting, and the rlothe. will ba found perfectly clean,
while and cleat
Warranted not to imure the hnen fume an* to nro
oetfcct aatitfacuou, or the inuuey mil be icfundrd.
So>d wholesale aud retail by R E SF.I.LVR3
aeplO M WooOm
CUveUadt Warren tad Fliliharijh
Teleßraiih Company*
TN nnrtaance of a resolution oi the Uoatd uflUrec-
I iota Of the Cleveland, Warren and Pittsburgh
Telegraph Company, reverting the Secretary tom awe
out tnt> caaevto be published in tho newspaper* tlon;
the line, an exhibit of the financial and other aiTain <.i
thl* company, i anbntit the following Report: -- I
The line of Telegraph commences at Cleveland an.l
lermiuaiea at Pittsburgh, pawing thVongh Chaipin
Falla, Franklin, Newton Fail*. Warrciii Youngstown,
and Lowell, in the State of Ohio, ahrt New Ca«tle and
BoehettßJVio tho State of Pennsylvania, at which
point* thete are cffieaa located for iha receipt and
iranamiastor, of basinesv ,
Tho whole length of the line is UO
<%i(wh #4«Q pef mile, making a total capital »toc* uf
fSMIWh Ofwtoleh amount •ity-lM i» held bvcitiretj
alone the line, and tha balance u held by Cornell 4
SoeS. the contractors. Tho above amount m *a-
RctlpUon* by eltuen*, havo beetvpuid to Cornell *
SErEd/or whteh the Trwteea have their receipt.
100.000 feet Be**oa«d D*# . .
J«*4tr AUJTWT U U*, Fo«nh n.
Aiioelsisd Flrsmsu’* TnasuAnee Com-
of Um City of Pltuh,ur|k'
‘ .CAPITAL *300,000. ’ .
rpHF. Company is now prepared w Ibute ■gainst
X PlRFand MARINPRIBK«o<>Ii kthdi
-1 Ofttv, Stroud Slaty, WiHinsjiall. ■
ornSCTois: > .
J. K Moonhead, Body PttteT*on,.Vn. A. Hi»,
R. 11 Hanley, R. B. Biapson, Joshua Ibode*. «a
M I’Jear, Edward Gregg. A. P. Anrhots, >Vm. Col
lingwrod, B. O. Sawyer, Cbas. Koui, Wy Gorman,
' > • , ■
It&NCF. COMPANY. —Office North Room of tho
Exchange, Third street, Philadelphia. ’
Finclxstraasct—Buildings, MerchandiJe and other
property, in Town and Country, loss
nr ilaniege by fire, at the lowest rate of prsnuuiu,__
Maoris Is.caa^cx.— also insure Vessels, Car
goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise, utueropenor
special policies, as the assured may desirL
I.iLaND TuassroKTaYtot*.—Thoy also inture neMn
anrti‘c Iranspcrted by Wagons, Rail RoaaCara, Ganui
Boats nnd Steam Boats, on rivers anil Inkas, on the
most liberal term*. i .._ ,
DlUF.<rrOßß~Joaepb »!. Seal, EdmatiJ A. S©uder,
John C Davis, Robert Burton, John R Pentose, Samu
el Edward*. Geo U Lei per, Edward Darlington. Isaac
R Davi*, Wm Folwell, John Newlin, Dr RMHawon,
Jas C Hand, Theophilus Paulding, II Jones Rreals,
Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, Georgo Sernll, Ppencct
Mcllvain, Cliarle* seily, Ifl Johnson, Hay, Dr
8 Thom#*, John Boiler*. Win Byre, Jr.
Hugh Craig, JohnTl-ycaii. -• J ....
Rtrfttas 9,Ncwßoid,Bee'y. . i
UJ“«i6co of the Company.-No. 40 Waterktreet,
Pitiiburgb. TiantS-tf .r. A. MADEIRA, Agt.
Lira a»d iHaith Iftiuraasi
ritHE Mutual Life ak#Heaith Insurance. Company
I of Pliiladelphin, licorporated by the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, Mulch, 1949. Charter perpetual.
Capital, fIWMXM. KiTta UAVX» TEAS AM Pts»Vb*
v*hi* Co3ir*ST, and foil SB per eert. lower than the
usual rales of Ufe Instance, as tho following cop
uariton will «howt Thus, a person of the ageofflOja
aurine for Pl«i for life,"bust pay in the Glrafd t;L3C—
Pcnnsylvanu, tiM, Finn Mutual, Equitable,
tddH; New England, *V{W; New York Ufe.RiW; Al
bion, f 5,49; Life and lledtia, Philadelphia,•WL
DicacToa*.—Samncl D\ Orrick, Charles D,:HaU. w-
F. Bonne, Robert P King, CbarleaP. Have* M. W.
Italdwin. M M. Reeve, M.D. C»,aa.O u O.sunßben,
Lewis Cooi*er, 1. RcdmanlD.irker, E. H- Butler, Edwin
R. Cope. I’resident—Samuel U. Grrielij Vi<e Presl
dent--Robt. P. King; Secretary—Fraueli IllACkbarne.
Applivatiouh will boreedtreu. ami every information
given by SAMI /FAHNESTOCK,. Agt,
OCce.Xon mercial Room*, eofticr of
octtC-dly Woe d aud Third sis, Pittsburgh
Flttß AJlb’at AalflfK INSURANCBS.
rilltH INSURANCE CO or*fct : Rh America wIR
X make.permanent find limited IniuriWP on pro
perly in Ua>> city and vicioityJ nnii*’n shJpmsnu by
Canal, Htvcrs, K**l. The properties ol
this Oouipany are well invested, and famish an avail-
SbtAfuiMi hit ibe ample indenttriiy cl all persons who
ctitMo be protested by instnanho.
myl’t W'hL P. jDNfchi, Agent, 41 Water at.
Fir* and narias KoiDrancti
r|*MK OFFICE of the Insuranre Compao? of North
X AtuerU a, has been ree;o?c4 to No. 141 Front tl
The sabtcribcr, arent for the above old and respon
aihle Cotcpauy, mil t**ur I‘oQcies on Builxiing* and
their coutents, au>t on shipments ot Merchandise by
Siesm Boat* and o»Kcr>*iicl*. _
.p.l W. P. JONES.
nodem and Antique Kurnilare.
** ,acted IrU opting Stock ofUMUtp
FURNJTURF n the torge-.t*jid mottrAiirdassorifaeat
ever nffrred for sale Tri Cusiity. eotrprfsi'uv Aiveral
*4-11, of KoaxwotiD, MAiioUaitf, and Ul-scu Wautor,
carve, l, ornunei.ul and plain. *UiUt»:e lor Parlor*,
Drawing au<l Bed Rooms, Ml Of whiju wi>l l.osold ai
the lot*r»f price*.
Persons desiring Furntture of any description, are
•prcifully invited to call oiid examine his »ioct, which
errl.rn.-es crciy from the cheapest and
plaini-'i to ibe tnc-.i elcp.ani aud costly, of which the
* ~” V- - d.»*«
Convenatjeti Chairs; jl-Uirabethian Caatrs;
Ci-eeption flu f|,Poi« XfV <lo
ErtrftMon du (BoBM tllil^uci
What Now; TwilciTvaijj;
Louis XIV Comwadore; Duke of York's Couob;
f.i> Sofas with Piorii tnd HaC clalh c-ren;
IdlDivirt. do do du;
4u doz Mnhcganr Paris: Chain;
IU ,l du 1 dj;
It '• BI K Walnut de d.i;
• 0 •• Cau: St *i da,
\ A Muho2» »r Roekins dc;
•4 •- da P^JIO
eti Marble Top Centre *l*ib:es;
20 do da Wjwt Sir-a.i*,
SB Mahovscr D".wet4e;
12 d-> Wiudinbosi
If-BPk Walnut do;
b i.her r *>• '
A very aiKirimani of Common Cburi and oih
«r Fore:ture too i«<hoa» ta mention.
Picira Oattt farniibcd on lbs thorun none*
AH wfdin promptly aUeitdfd to.
F. 5? --Cabinet Maker* ennta(applied with«U«Am
0 I Matrons, tValuu;, Vtoe-n,. at couwd stably
rnhseed pneri*. ttSl? .
VVliilo Hanr.cli, ill Wool.
Rc4 i'o £ 0*
Yellow do Uo
Browa 4a do
Ulark S*un?:ta.
SICCI U.11R.1 40
liiur oo
Ui»L >l4
F>.or» u..
Knary Twrd.
Lurk Uroad t>ib
r Brown do
jtOncn do
• t Twilled Jo
r Clift |>o* Sk\n«
,>er Drnt> ITaxLuierc*-
afirr Blown do
Super iiltrk di>
t'ulnnrnia Blanket*
Hcartei do
Blue do
*»rab do
Gram Cajtginf.
Drown l/rili*;
At the Manufacturers’ M
IMIK co-pnrtnsnaip lirtetolorr existing between tbe
aab*cnb*r<C tn the name oi Constable, Burke 4.
‘O, .» tb* Jay diviulveJ by mutual consent. Me*ar«
liiikr A 15urne« will settle the business©! ibeemtcern.
or which purpose they urn authorize,! ;© u*e the name
.( me concern. N ATM A NIKI. ‘'ONHTAULK,
The uudenugneJ have ibis day associated the msetvea
m the name oi BURKE A HARNEY. for the purpose
of Fire Proof Bale*. Vault Door*, Ac.
Ac . al the Hand of .be lot* firm ot tloiisinbls, Burke
whet* they will he ptra*p«l toteeeiveUie patron
iff ,>f me custcnicrt o! that bouse ami their friend*.
In retiring front the firm *f Corstp.bte, Burke A 0o. t
l will, aiuorre pleasure reeotuuicnJ Messrs Burke A
flstne* to the conlidtltee of tuv filef-du a.-d the public.
HAS just mumed from the Eastern Cities, anJ i n
receiving a large vonety of seasonable Hoods, t®
wtncli he rrniieelfully invite* the attention of tnerch
anu and pedlars. No W_Wood at. febU
WAi.L>APEH-\V. P. Mxmiuu. is coiuiaoUy
rer.rivmg, from the largest manufactories tu
New York and Philadelphia, and alto from French
agencies, the newest and mini approved sfylea of Pa
per Hangings, together with Bonier*, biro Board
Print*, and Teaser Top*. For attic at ed Wood at, be
tween Fourth at and Omnimiii alley, (successor to S
0. Hill.) . __ *P?
a a KTALUO Pain T—s brlVjusi'rccM per steamer,
IVI and for vale by me barrel or single pound al the
Drug, Seed, and Perfumery Waielioare. corner of
Sixth and iVood.eiretsia. S N WIOKKRMIAM.
apis _ _
THE Pliccntx Mumilactunng Company uow offer to
the public their Premium Chemical Stovo Polish;
and without exaggeration, err fear of contradiction, by
there who bav* tested it, prooounec it far superior to
any c'her in the market. The consumer need have no
appr#E||9Muns of soiling carpet.*, Ac., aa Its coru
poxiUou prevent* a dust from arising when being ap
plied, which mu it be done when the Slave u roiu
The quantity required is r«> little to produce a beau
tiful lustre A rating of otor fifty per cent il insured
u> the consumer*. A coating applied to Staves, Pipes,
Ac, when laid uwnyforthe summer, is a sure pre
ventative againrl rust. Alter hiving turd it once,
(if it is accessible) no perron will use any but the
l'ba n'i Aiuhcfactanng Company’s Premium Chemi
cal Stove Polish. For rale by
myfi Corner of Biath and Wood streeta
"pittbuci'oii asounsaKb stoiiic,
Cnn:rr ot Penn and St. Clair strecti.
WM. Al-EVANOKR 4 t*uNS, Furnishing Under
inkers, where every articlo tor Funernl and
Mourning purposes cut be got on reasonable terms.
jylLdSra _ _ _ _ __
kd CUinilag
ritUE Vtei'le Montaxne Company supply their agents
With Roofing and’Flooring tn sheets 3x7fcctfroin
11 to M ounces per square foot. Cornigntsd in tbecl*
tx7, V 7 oi, for roofinc put.he building'.* and drpnts
Sup Sheathing, Id x 'lb utehes. Item -1 tn 33 ounces
Nails, Spiked, Wire, Sugar Muidi, Perforated Zinc,
Zinc Point, Ac.
'l'bry warrant their metal pare, and free itout any
admixture of iron, or any other, .ind re
eorurueud it tor the manufacture of most urtlclM m
the bouse furnirhing, as it does not rust, 1» not
affected hy the nrtion u( water, and may to poUeliml,
painted, and japanned
SaiupleH, modcln, pinna, rpccificaiions, and Othct
iQlommilcni may be lud of their aveau.—
M'Cxu. A Snnttu, New York;
Aiii.isoNj Rotini* A Co .Boeton;
NsTUxn Thottsi A Cd., Pr.lladelphls;
W. A li. McKin, Daltih.arc:;
Bi.txx, Dsi A HrxuTVxa, New Orleans:
F. MILLIROUX, Resident Agent,
2 IlmnOTcr New Y’ork.
Liege, September * -»«rpS:d3o
TRF. Aatobioxraphy of Hunt j with remlß
i«rcnrc* oi mends and cotumporarie*, in 2 toH-
FsiUlc's Latter Day Pamphlets—No Vlll, subject
Uaad'a PuimtaiMp ud Copjr uoofce*
ItllK abovo book* Kavinif bees introduced Into
, public otul private •chow* in Fliutmrgfa and Alle
gheny, ihaoainrr baa appointed the mbrcrlber agent
lor metr sale In thl* city.
Teacher* end other* wiU b* npplied at nobliiher’*
price*, u nmd in circular. j H MELiLOB,
•*«*# ftWoodft.
p 3, Tuivd PmeMuasH.
OR 81LE|
Turku* 5 i’RJCFjfc
IBlnr Dial*,
IBluo Ufituu*;
lFiarv Coitonodr*; all are
> otfortl at Facioit price*
Homo Learue Shining.
k:r.ccl* and Stripe*, very
Ken i'a.ltl.i.u. ■opci 3»;
\t-.( Fad-mis Uacknio,
Va;lor*'i’u!.% tti. heavy do; 1
Brorru Idnena. t-ilicn’s
Drab Serge, Hark do, « »I
and warned,
mark mjd White Tope;
Ulaek Droti do;
luster. Check* u:iJ Drill*;-
Stu'irt’* C- rord Sn’l founn;
do Imuch Thread, a
superior arurlr.
lMik F.guied Veiling*;
IttiHCk Vatin do
Brown Holland Sc’g Silk*;
Uuttoiio, Cravat*, Ac., Ac.
areluiuto, No I*7 Wood *
Hinory of Daiiiu the Great By Jacob Abbott, wnb
Julia Howard, a Romance. By Mr* Martin Hell.
Pictorial Field BooK oftbe Revolution —No 5.
Tfce above work* received Ibis day.and foraeleby
Cot. Market fc Third at.
[ BOOKS _ M USIC, &o.
■' '[ Bow Booita.
HEALTH, Disease, and Remedy. By Dr. W«*r®-•
Adelaide Lindsay,' a novel. By the aalLor ol
“LemcejAtnold,"“Norman's Bridge," Ac., ke.
Life atd Correspondence of Robu Socihey— pan 5.
. Gilbert’* Bomo—SthandffthtoL—oomplctioaofthe
work. Received and for tale bj r •
asw BOOKS*
ENGIXSH GRAMMAR—The EogUtb Language la
iu elements and farm*, with a history of Us origin
and developetneat; designed lor use In colleges and
school*. - Wm. C Fowler, late profersor of Rhetoric
in Arnhem Collage.
Asuouomy— The recent progress of Astronomy;
especially In the United Butei. By Elias Loomis.
('ise Years of a lighter’* Lila in the far interior of
FotuU Africa, with notice* of the native tribes, and
anecdotes of th« eht*e of tho lion, elephant, hippos
lainui, giraffe, rhinoceros, Ac., with illustration*. By
,R. U . K» e «i«4 for »1 £
sep2J 47 Market at
TU3T received et H. KLEBHR’9 M(l»le Sure, the
(I following So nee:—
. In the Eye there tie* the Heart. I Love but Thee;
The Watcher. I Tho While end Red Rose*. Nancy
It'll. He doeth alt thing* well. AHUover. Whom
ie_no* chemh»d LafWnnade *f[> 7
ROSE POSTER; or the Myatene* of tlie Court of 1
London, vol 3 of tht* intererting work baa been
rer» • * *'• ***hird Mrceij
or Trial*
litf Tbi
■ceived lit Holme* 1
'-'•Ili Ute r«** '
oi>po«li& Ihe Tptt Oflic*; «J«o» Rlen p»iry, or TritU
of ibe Heait, by OlnU; Georpe C«»U»o«, mro«tu:J
ScwnileHie* Km? of Albin*. b* CiesieM C Moore*
L I* P; ind No 3M ot LineJl 1 « Unng Aic. ,
jaif n«cciv«d7
A LARGE and extensive assortment of PATENT
almost endless variety embraced In the assortment,
rauy be found the followidy:--
Horvo Cover.', Osmsye Cloth, Air Bed*, Air Pll.
low*,’Air Cushions, WateT Pal}*, Tobacco Poucbe*,
F.rhiog U<;wt«, Coats, C*pes= Cloaki, Tarpauliaf,
Gloves, Mitten*, Poucbe*. Map*, Elastic*, Pane*,
Hoie, Doorhprit>c*, Marblne Banding. Son* Westers,
Machine Packinr, Camp Blanket*, Paper Holder*,
Llfo Preserver*, Travrlling Bag*, Isthmus Baa*,
Bathing M*U, Holla’ Head*. IWs, Lions, Paddle
Bag*, Air Balls, Foot Ball*, Lames’ Wash Glove*,
Ladirs’Gom Shoe*. UenU’Gamßboes, Leggings, Ac.
Every article aold at ltd* establishment I* warranted
to posses* ail the eharaeieriiuat essentia! to water
proof good*, vixr—iusolobility gudar gqy dfffT*P ol
beat, flexibility In tjje sevcieH cold, (treat durability,
iighint*!, perfect impenrioutse**, tn-Y frredon float
odor, far vale at tbe Goodyear Robber Emporium,
No* ? A tf Wood aired
aepfp] JAM pfflLl{P3
R A SION PAINTING and Glazing, prompt
ed neatly executed. j
We wish it dit taetiy understood, that we
can do fainting and Glazing a* eheap as any othsr
painter* in the city, *ud are determined to do It.
Lind Extract; West Ena do; Jockey dab do;
bluing Flower* do; Jenny Lind Hair Glass; Aiomaiici
Vinegar, Amandine; Ponebin Soap, for whlicslng;
the skin; Almond Shaving Cream; Rose do do; Am
btosia) do do; Hoscy Soap; Floating do; Amandine
do; llasel Not Oil do; Rose do; Marshmallow do;
Boxuct do; Brown Windsor do; Bear’s Grease: Ae.
For sal*, wholesale and retail, by R E SELLERS,
. ..pi, . tWril.
Superior Scotch Md ltlah Whiskey,
PUNCHEONS Stewart’s celebrated Malt Whis
key, <>f very delicate flavor.
Pi pnneheona M'-ban’s Waterside, extra quality
and high proof, under custom house lock.
A Up, Brandienof different vintages and brands in
half, quarter, and octaves. Imported and for sale by
r ' Afi MrCALLA,
tep^CuleodlniSp—Sd _fto_Walaat si. Philadelphia
MIXED AND DRY PAINTS of all kinds, constant
ly on band of the best quality, also, Varnirhcs,
Linseed Oils, Boiled Oils, Paint Brushes, Sash Tool*,
W.ttdow (Jln-is, various sixes, 4c. Sold wholesale
und retail on accoauuodaaog terns.
N B.—All pertons psrebaiing mixed or dry paints
who vtsh to do tjielr own pstntitig, can receive tho
necessary «jtefqona rtsur.- J A 1! PHILLIPS
**pUd ? A II Wood ?l
ON hand and tce’g from the PlulUpsville Factory,
tor tbe tali >r*de: —
MM yd* 3-4 Floor Gil Cloth; «M» jdi 4-4 do; SCO yds
54 do. 500 yds 5-4 do; ICOU yd* H-4 do; WOO yds ibeel
do, medium and heavy, from 4 to 6 yards wide, ail of
the nevreet style of patterns, and cut to any Riven six*.
iSOOyards 4-4 Furniture U»! Cloths; 400 yds 54 do;
S©o yds e-4 do
. I£uupxcn assorted sixes Table, Bland, and Bureau
Cuviis, various patterns, and spiendid toUh.
lots) yds 4-4 Patent Carriage UU Cloth, Coil yd* 5 4
do; SW yds « 4 J->.
'TOGO yds Oil cmihCn’b for Biairs, a**oned pattern*;
MOyd»4>4 Gtteu Oil Cloth for Window Blinds, 30u
yard* 5-4 do.
. Window Shades, a large assortment jail toceived
of newest styles.
' Merchant* and others wishing to purchase, are in
tjtcj lo call and exnains oor assortment of good*,
which will bo sold at the lowest eastern prices.
tepio 7 4 9 Wood at
S~ UNDrTeB-U bill Lara,
IS brls Grease;
I beg Beeswax;
7 bars Feather*, to amve,for sale by
; Kjjfu Water A From vts
FANCY HOBBEH GOODS jun received ftoca New
Yc.ik— •dm lares tue Mil Heads;
1 dm Do»r*;
l ilex Lion?, far isle ai iho Inai*. Ralbci
aure.7 aaJ« Wood »u J k H PHILLIPS
rpAK, FITCH * EOSIN—IeO hrl* Tar
I 10 btt» Pitch, ;
10 brl* Rn»io.
Tn arrive, for «al< by ISAIAH DICKEY k CO
(ep'il Wat.-r A; Front «ts.
GKbEN COi'AL VAKNI3U-" 1-nrrU:
14 ke<(«, ••*0 galsrtch:
,10 krr« I- do,
lJ,kC(«10 <io.
To arrive, u <1 for tale by _
. T pui ’ . ISAIAH lUCKEY 4 CO 4e~'J kbds Madden "
3 cerooos 8 P Indigo;
' ii brio Logwood; (or sale by
wj.l3 _ JAR PUiVP
SPICE->, 4c—2o bags Pepper,
lo bag* Pimento;
i.nnrlf Cloves;
I bariel Nutmeg*; for sale by
Cl UANITK WALL PAPER-—A perftcl imttauo
r vt Quincy Granite, to ba hone in blocks.
For f.ale by W P MARSHALL
sep? SS Wood at
1.1 OR ihc rouv«j.ieiiee oi tUe citizens, the proprictoi
; oi the Pittsburgh Oily Mills bare placed boxes ft
the reception of orocia at lha following places:—
J A It Floyd, comer of Sixth and Wood streets.
M Hayward, shoe sure, cor.Liberty 4 Market sts
A lleeieu, store, Third street.
Wiicoi. jr,, druggist, cor. Fourth 4 Frailhfiold.
■tiii F Smith. store, corner flig u A Wylie.
Telegraph Uflicc, Fourth street.
II C Kelly, ifToeer. Fifth it, corner of Miract alley
M tlrass, sirre. Penn street. Ninth Ward.
Tur flour waggon* wilt call twice or tbnee daily
>r ordets, and the dour. Ac. delivered promptly .either
i barrel* or sacks—«ack dour is preferable for family
»<-—without rfliurec for cartage It is plain that m>
ci ount> can tie allowed, and that drivers can have
<i permission to leave flour without payment
We hope ih* public will b« pleased with this ar-
Aiixeiurnt, as we shall endeavor to do them justice.
may-.'xi WII.MARTII 4 NnUl.K_
Sarisiiarllia Soda 4 LsatOß Syrup.
•Jti kegs Sursananlla Soda;
”3 bxs do do;
2U boxes l.enon Pyrup.mad* from'pute lemon juie
Just received and for sale by
..I* MtI.I.RI? A RintfFTOllN
fIUIK unt!er»igned has on hand, and is this day re;
JL ecivtog from the. manufacturers, on consignment,
a Isigc lot of Flannel*, ail color*, plain and barred;
Also, Bed Blanket*, Ulantet Coaling, Beaver C oths,
Casotucres, tUuueil* and Tweeds; which he will sell
by ibe case or piece, at maucCaciurer*’ pnees. The
vocation of dealer* in woollen goods is invited.
130 t.ibcrry it
108 Market Btr«at,fn«ar Liberty,)
PENDERS, Ac. Alto, -.
Satin and Fancy Voting*,
BANDA SNA, and LINEN HUKFS, a general as
coruncut ot FANS, and every variety of trimmings.
SiAngbicrlng ft Picking JKntftbllnhmnai
THE well known Pork and Beef Slaughtering and
Packing Concern, owned end formerty occupied
by ibe late James P. C&mpbcll, i» for rent.
The embltahmem in locste.l in Cbillicothe, Ro««
nnuniy, O , on the plmt of ground dividing U»e tihio
Canal from the Bciolo River, and ha* one thousand
feel ufgtoand (ronton each. Tbeenclosure embrace*
•iz of ground, containing largo pens, Urge and
rommo.iionr slaughtering, hanging, catting, packing,
smoking, and lard romleiii g hauscs, brick boose Ivt
office and every convenience for handling TWELVE
MUNLKKD HOliS PER LAY.and rendering (be lard
frem the taron as there are a double flue steam boiler
and engine lor scalding bogs and cututg lard, and
two lank* for rendering oflal bT steam.
'There is also, on the premise*, an Ice House, large
cnoogb to contain eight thousand bushel*,
Tbe Scioto Valley, ol which CUilllcotbo i« tbo chlrf
market,is one of tbe large a Pork and Beef District*
in the Weil, ami hogs can always be bought there
at lower price* than at Cincinnati and many other
points, and cooperage it abundant and ebeap.
There i* no drayrtge necessary, a* boav* may l«e
loaded *1 tbe Packing House, and the iacillbc# lor
shipping direct tram this via the Lakes to New tork
<<r l liiisdclpriia. or Baltimore via Pittsburgh, or 10
llie East or 'South via New Orleans, arc at all »ert«on«
of the )C»» folly equal tn those afforded by Cincinnati
Money facilities arc nLo good, there being tan o
twelve banks, within forty five miles.
noulic&tioils tor renung may be made to
Attorney at Law, Cincinnati;
Cniliicothc, O.
laciotnGai. _
' Ban Ride of the,
A T lb:* ctUblUbmem the pnnlic m ay al*aya do*
A. pend upon being supplied with excellent Tc*a at
reaxnf>nblepri:ea-tMy bate .
Excellent Tea* at —> go Mper ibj
Papenor Qoallliex o !
Thfl Ue*t T a Imported I€o »
Thi* it decidedly tne cheapen aad best store id
Pittsburgh to nujr Teas. MUUfiJS AIIAWOHXM
>c ps proprietor.
fT K. WILLIAMS will open a elamcal and Kur*
K. ii«b School, on the first Monday of Sept Beit
, uoum over J. D. WUUtns’ store, comer of Wood
| and Filth street*.
Her. Wo. D- Uowtrd, Hon. Walter H. Lowris,
He*, pr. Elliott. | J. D. McCord, K*q,
Her. Dr. MctiilL 1 J. D. William#, fcaq.
jyM -*f •" «i_.
/“I BEE3E—ICOt» bestChewtortaloby •
O atplO 9TUABT ft 91U«
Ir'NOW mil men who areal 6 k mad ufliieted wilt* di»-
k: sasaofthe bladder sodl tdiieya, w.Ui rheumatic
pau»<nb*ckerli&bs,tiiffjowis, oJdvorra, running
ulcers.Ae, that they cnn be -ured l«v taking ihe : Pc
trulcam! Ton rosy talk abovtltrbrng « nostrum »•
much ox you please, but this doe* not make u «o, for
■we proclaim lathe face of an none*! cow tammy .that
.it baa- virtues which »re noieoutained m any teller
remedy. The man who i« tacked with yum nmi suf
fering from disease. earj for fifty cent**. *rt nrlicflroia
any of the ill* ennuoarated above. Re&dctt il. co-tt
very Utile to make a trial. This Petroleum it no mix
ture—no compwid,patap tor the purpose «>f uiipn-in*;
on the community; but ilia a remedy elaborated by
the master hand of nature, and bubble* up from the b:>
mom of our mother earth in its original purity, and of
fer* to lufferinghnmani'y aready remedy, a certain
and cheap cure.
It haaaured File* after other medicines have toiled
to render any relief It haaenred Rheumatism ot long
Handing, and oflhe wont and roost paiulul character.
It ha* cured Cholera Morbus by one or two dares; 11
ha* cured old cate* of Diarrhoa, in which eyery other
remedy has bssu of no avail. A* a local remedy in
burns and scald*, it it bcuer than anv medical coin-
Cound or oinlracntihiti wc know of. It will curecljtl
liiu* or frosted feet, in a few application*; undoubt
ed testimony can be tornislicd of lie truth pontantrd
in the abaca statement by calling on Samuel M. Krcr,
Canal Ba*iu,?ilisireei; or cither of the agents.
Keyscr k McDowell, earner of Wood street mna
Virgin Alley; R. E. Seller*, fi7 Wood street, l>. A El
liot & U. M. Cotry, Allegheny city, *re the agent*.
ianai ;
BEAUTY— lII* ttnivemllyco.treded that beauty l«
more common in Uu* country than in afiy other,
while at the some time lII* sal«. ‘Ha tin no other court
uy tsit lost at so young an age'’ Now this Is.une
to a ceittiu extent, bat the ion !& ofton caused by ne -
gleet.. We aay to all, do not aejttoci your personal
Bpoeirancc. but read the following, and you need not
lack good looks. These article* sue scientific pre
parations, qnd have oil attained a hieb popularity.
JtLgX llivtv's Eatr Ihvtsa t>« Vant* »nu Nturn
Soap, for nmoviui -tan. sunburn, pimples, Mow hr*,
and other crnpUflnroJ the sktn; the most perfect con
•enrator of beauty every known. i'arcbaxe nothing
purporting to be Nymph Soap, unlras it ha* my name
attached. "
Jruoi llapxl’s PxutAft osCstNtsE PowDsi, for im
parting lo tbe too*; .bilious complexion n isdtanl
whiicjtes*. In noiiitr.g should a person he more care
ful than the use ef a powder far lie »cm, a* many of
thoae told are very My Chitteie Powder is
cotnpoqpdpj ta a arteimfie manner, and contain* no
inrredie'nt wbicb can yonwbly inflict an injury.
Jclcs Hadjo.’* Dmuaxosv Fowcta. tor removing
superfluous hair. What i* more unsightly than hntr
upon the face or arms <jf a lady. Tin* article will
remove u in a abort timo, without the use of any sharp
Jcuu Hausl's VaosTAiu Liqcio Itoia Dvs will
tostanUneouaiy impart to-icd, white, or gray bair. a
beautifully black, lirowu, or auburn rotor. I{ will
color the hair in a shorter lime, end more cfiectunlly
than any other Dye, brtnfc at the same time imtelhbte
JcLta llaceiH Sqavtxu CtXAJt.—lt is really a plea
sure to shave with ibis cream. There i* uocr of the
smarting sensation fatally experienced in the u«c ot
mon9o*ps. On the contrary, It leave* tlte skin smooth
and soft ax au iufant’a, and not liable to become
Joixe lUezL'a RosxTooru Pasts.—Next to the bair,
we think tboTe«th wars intended as the greatestprna
meat to the human face; bnl when neglected, nothing
is *0 disfiguring,or ao quickly seen. My Rose,'Tooth
Pu«te will impart to the teeth a pearly whiteness, at
the same lime keeping the gums firm and henltby.
Also, pa hand, a complete u»rotunenl of French,
British; and American Perfumery and Fancy article*
JULES lIAUEL, Fertumcr and Chemist,
ISO Cbestuut street, I’hilu
For sale wholesale and retail, by U. A. Fahnestock
k Co., and R. K. seller*, Fitteburgb; aad JoLnSar
gertu and J. Mitchell, Allegheny City, Fa. jy.C— Sp
oi hjjjt or tux stwu, vr
Barefela or King's Evil, RheajnatUm, ObtttnotcOiiia
neons Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the Pure,
Blotches, Biles, Chnmie Sore Eye*, Ring; Worm
or Tcaer, Scal4 lletul, Enlargement e.ruTPaiu ol
the Bones and Joint*, Stubborn Uioer*, Si;phil:te
Symplon*, Sciatic? or Luailagor-nr.d diiCiuej
tilting from rO injudicious use of Mercury, Aefo
tiie* or Dropsy, Exposure or improdeore to Lt'c,.
Alao—Cbroaio Constitutional Disorders, i j.
Tlii*medicine baa acquired aver) extended ao.l
established rcyotailon srhercTer il n*« been u'-td
bused entirely on It* own merits, which it* superior
flhcacy ha* alone sustained. The unfortunate victim
of hcrcduurvjjitctie, with swollen Blands, rctitrtich il
line*:, and none* half curious, bus been letlurcd t<-
health and vigor. The scrofulous patient, covered
with dicers, loudi.’.ocne to himself and Ins attendants
hu been tcade whole. Hundred* cf persons, who
had groaned li>t»He*«lv for years under < aUnecu*
and glandular disorder*. chronic rheuiuatiam, sml
Eian; other complaint* splinting furni a den»iic?mcrt
i,l tiie secretive or/ai>t and tii«- ,-»rcui;ii»& hern
raised us tt wereiroio the ra.-l of dtsekfe. and now,
with regenerated cor.suiu'.ion. gladly (eiitfy to the
esSeacv of this inestimable nrco^raiiiio.
The atuiiuou ol the reader u called to the ftdluwine
artoeiahing cure, etfeeted by the u»« ot San-lV Sarsa
“This l« to certify that 1 h«.v<s a colored woman who
has mflJictedforihe ln-s five years wS’J. t'jrotcla.
and all tbe remedies I used had ri>» ciirct in a/reauiip
the progress of the complaint; on the « si*
constantly crew worse; and after erpetiduiK l.mwccn
fTO and #sl with physicians, Wvdes
popular remedies witliuul l l the il,<rt‘e had
eaten away tbe cartilage nr her made Its cp'
poaranre on various parts of her lftd?,h>id hatl2ui:ls
commenced its ravaeo* in the root ol her rr.niiUi
"In this dreadful situation, with the jirn.pcet e
death siariec he? in the face, 1 stated her ix*r tu In
Disosway, the orent for Baou«* Sarsaparilla in New
bern, N. C.. by whom I was advised to use that nnirie
aud to uiy surprise and that of toy neighbors, u> whom
her case was known, alter u*in* four aud a hilt t.ei
lie* she was restored to perfect health. anil thul in the
pace of three weeks, and w*a a ble to work in iw„
week* from the lime. «lie commenced taking it
"In willies* of tfco traih of this statement. I have
hereunto adtied ioy name, this IVihday of September,
tbi?. josKi'H p..
“Month of Ncuw River, Craven co. N. C
ThB fnllowinfU *n cxiraei frem a letter received
ftciii Mr*. Uewan.vruohnd been aflllcleJ ncrera! yean
with Scrofulous Ulecn, Dyspepsia. Ac., and recently
au adection ol the throat and ehfcru— '
•'lUu.rrce?tii. Ya., IV e. 13, IMS.
M Me*«r*. A. H. ft H. tUst*— Before 1 commenced
ur.njt your Sarsaparilla, oiy Budonur* woic almost
pasl'exprcMion: my throat was completely ulcerated,
1 bad a dreadful cough, and tbeic were nequcntl)
week* together that! mold not speak uho«a a whu
per, and herlden.the ictiamiuaiinti from lay uiont e*r
tended to my bead, so that my Waring wa* very :nucl»
impaired. After-taking the Mauapanila a elicit
my health was improved, and my throat h now well;
I am at free f-om cough and lightness of the chest ax
ever 1 was, aod can bear quite distinctly. Mr tbn>ot
baa been well about three month 1 *, the cure of v.-hieh
baa been effected entirely by ice we of your SiMi
perilia. Yourfrieiui, LUUJtiA R. BKVAN"
Tlie rollowinjttestimoaisl tn the value oftlm Siiraa
paiilta.l* from the Hev Luther Wright, ayed Tf. years
Congregational Minlater, residing at \Vobura. :
“Woauas, Me**., March rro, tS<B.
“Mecir*. Sands: Gentlemen—From what 1 have ex
peiieneed, and from the information I have recently
received fiorn a nnmbcr of persons of high leaped*-
hilhy who bare used your Sarsaparilla, 1 have no'
the lra»l doubt bat that it is a most valuable tnedL-ine
ainl that the numerous certificate* you have received
of it* efiewey ate Tally santtttned by experience, and
although Its icp 'taiiuii and u’tliiy uio very extensive,
and Bland in no need i»l my’humble ednris lo inciettri
them, 1 want ull who’ar* afflicted by disease to l>«
come acquainted’with the efficacy and,! owtr cl yuai
valuable medicine. 1
“1 uio. ecmlcnu’D, gratefully and very retpentwily
youri. • i LirniLK WHIOIII*. 1 ’
I‘reparpd hud gold, wholesale and retail- by A. U. A
D HANftft, brought* and CbcmitU, IWJ Fulton sttrrl
corner of Willum, New York. Sold aho by Jlru«
guu generally throughout the United Stoics and Han
•da. Price St per bottle; six bottle* for *5.
For wife by L.-WILCOX, Jr- U. A. FAJiNESTuCh
t CO„ and EDWARD FENDtKIOII, Pittsburgh. Ai
ms hY IVy h iiMi rit. liridru w>
No. 41, DIAMOND ALLKt , »
. fow doota ba ow Wood strati, t*
> wards uaraet
UUi BHO WII, having beer
J9jnStSfaS rugularly educated to tlu medical
profc*uion, and been for tome titna
tn general practice, now confines
♦gSSrffiMy \bis attention to tho treatment of
tflcif'Tiiß|n|S thoei private and delicate com
plaints fur which hi* opportuiuiiet
I and experience peculiarly quality
\ him- 14 year* assiduously devotee
to study A treiunefli of those coQp!aini.v,(dounits|q**k‘
lira* be bai had more practice and has rure-.l.innte pa
tents than can ever fall to the lot ol any j.-.itntf prar
ittianer) amply qoalifica him to oner e.Mmjwre* c»
rneedy, permanent, and »atiii«i»ry cure to ai.s.liietec
with dauaaUdiaauet,and all dtseaais arailig tbire
Dt. Drown would Inform those afflicted with pnvau
diseases which have become ebron>c bv ume er at*
• ravuted by the use of any of the corenlon u.Minniii o,
the at their complaint* can be radjja lynn.i -.horj
ooghty cured; he having green hi* f.ara.ol tr
the treatmeut of stsoh cases, and»:cceU t.r
©rluaunces in curing p«r*ona of mllsuuaaiioii of ids
ueek of the Madder, and kindred diseaxts which oftet
mult frem those cases where others have
them to hopeless despair. He particulMlyinvucs.uok
a> base been long andiWKucoeiiftUly tieaied b) otricri
to consult him, wheu every saiisfactlo* will l,c River
them, and their cuse* treated la a earefal, th* rough ani
iaielligeni manner,pointed out by a leoq siiF.fienc*.
study,aod investigaucn,which It i* icutotiiole tor tons
snguted in ieberal ptacties ofaisaicina to givsvo
«no Clara of ulieais.
fTT’Hemia or Rupturu^-Dnßrows Alio lavlti* per
um afflicted with llermito &• hat paid pam«i
alaz attention to this diaeas*.
OANCEBSaIso cured.
Btin disease*:alrJ i) aun«
Oh wye* very low.
N. ll.—i'aiittit* of either tax living at c y
vutifig their diseara tn.wmlnp, giving ailtimymv
tome,eatibhuto raedtemea with directioag for c*e, t»
addresalng T. BRtAVN, hi. l>., poutpaid. sad snap*-
Offics No. It -01 amendalisy,opP'*ul»vha W*rtrlt
BaxotUTUK.—Dr.Btown’anawly diecov»T»d rsma
dyforßheamatismiauspeedy unietriain iencay fh
ihal palnfuUiouble.' lt'never fails. ' j
Oxeemi Prttrsta OuiulUuf Rsoss, No diDi
atetdallay,Ru*h«ifh,Ya. Thu Dpjwrix alwaysi -'
hdsta. ...
.KinCTMPJ.. Hill '■
Dumrwkit of rtnt IsTta't.’.n, J
• Qjßct if Indian Affair**. Sef< 35, .
SEA I.EDX'UOPOSALSwiin« received atthaolace
of the CotnntisManer of Indian Affairs,'-at 'V«*h
ineton city, nutll ten o’clock cn Ssutrdey.ue fcJhi.o
-day of November next, tor furnishing ike, tollowitit'
2100 naira 3 point .white Mnukioxc blgukelx, to
* meaaurq 72 inches,, and weigh eight
1 9CO urinf'Jj point whif** Mactinue.Ugnkelx, io
' measate 51 uCtl W ihnhet, «nd weigh #n
1,17fi puira2 point'Wkito Mackinac blitakels, to
inc&sure 42 by 53 iccbca, and weigh live tad
u quarter'pound*.,
.900 paua U point white Mackinac bUhketv, (o
• measure 3fi hy.f.O tuchca. and weigh tour nnd
n quoiler pounds. # i
900 pairs I point while Mackinac blankola, to
measure 32 by 46 icekee* and weigh Ik***
and e quarter nuuntia.
400 paira 3 p jint-uearlel Mackinac btfittketr, to
measure CO.Ly 72 inches, and wdtgh eight
303 pairs 2l point scarlet Mackinac i>!qnkels, ,lo
measure Gl by GG inches, end Weigh ,eix
pouuda. -
100 pair* 3J point jnecn Mackinac DUnkelf. to
measure CO by 94 iuchr?, and weigh ten
pouud*. j ;
300 paira 3 point preen MJtckiuad blankets, lo
moasuro CO by 72 inches, and wulgh eight
pounds. '
230 pairs2l point green Macklnno blankets, to
measure 64 by tC inches, and weigh six
poonde- i
100 pairs 3j point .gcntineUa blue Mackjn&o L-lan*
ketr, lo j&euure CQ by S 4 inches, and weigh
ten poum's. ’
400 petr* 3 poiot gehtipelln bluo Mackihac (da'i
keta, lo measure 60 by 72.iucb«, and vteigli
eight poUuJa. •
•TOO jiair9*2} point geiitinella blue Mackinac Mac*
kete, to measure M bjr 6G inches and weigh
fix |K.moito.
Cloj>* No 2—Dttr Good*. !;
1,005 yards dcnrlel stroudr.
fcDO do bine atrouda.
1,600 do fancy lilt cloth. bluc. >
7CO do . lancy list cloth, bcarlct.
350 da fancy list cloth, greeli.
da gray list c-loth, blue.
3U017 dn raved list rlolb, bitre. j
I,U>o' do aaved lint cioib, tcariet. ;
Sell Jo saved list doth, green. ;;
225 pounds woraiedyarn, 3 Ddd.
. ]OO dor. cotton Bat; handkerchiefs.
2so do cotton Madras handkerchiefs.
175 do. Mack silk haodkerohiefx. j
20 do M e-itlon ahuwJs.
hU Jo <l4 couon shawls.' j
G 5 do 4 4 cotton thawls.
40. do S-t wtootou shawls.
"• 430 pound* liaeu thread. ~ !
&0 do sowing silk. ■
700 pieces ribbon, assorted.
lf>o prof.* worsted porteriDg. '■
31 pieces atik ItaodL’C-rehieta, bark anil bandena.
Cto.'j JVb. 3.—Dowxanc Goowb
35,00 ft yards dctucMic calico j
10 000 du Merimac c alien ;
3.500 do blue drilling . ;
8 ncO do Georgia alripea . 1:
4 000 do blue denims
1.600 do couonado <
4,700 do Wd Itiiking
lj)P0 do Kentucky j*-ina j
530 do anlitciu ’!
7,000 do plaid lin»ey \
7,000 <h> dumt-Mic aflirling, bleached
15,000 du doineatt.* rhirtiog, unblcajihed
15,000 do domoatlc aheoting,.unbleapbed
6,000 do durricatic checks, stripe* ahd platdi
400 dosen wooden socks ’
yards AaaaHs, aeaortsd - j
1,600 iisnnei sbirla !
700 calico shirt* j
550 panpdv cotwn thread |>
400 do2e*o spool cuttini. j
Clays it*-, 4'—HaanwAae. j:
2,050 pounds l>ra»s kettle
-276 Joter hmcher kfljyea J
cun flint* ’ ' .
25 gross rqtiaw awls
7,000 fi:ft hooka
25 Cose a ti#h lioea
25,000 needica
TOO dozen tombs, tfskorted
10 do fclsvani, assarted
10 grcr.B gun wcraia . • >
1j093 t>a kettles i _
'H coM* j*pa&oml Jrcttle*;'s in a mlsi
Cists. JYb. 3.~-. AQUcnLTr^*2,7ArpLC;cc;ir<i.
200 drawmn kulvca,ll2 i&rh’es In ter nth [J In,-
TOOaugera, in equaCproportipa*of la, 1, }, &
150 pairs bames j
750 pairs trace chttC*
weeding boea '. 1 ‘ '
175 band e&wi. • 1 ■ \
40 c»o» cut vaws, 7 tot.t io: length ■
40 cross cul raws, 6 tcet ia length
}OO hast) tuw' files
lfifvcrpss cut aiw filet- M
40 toe ebaina, to Weigh 25:potads t adb
600 Wbitlcrjora cards, No. 10
tiO»> quarters soctui chisels
plaaes, fore »Dd jeet
C!aU ;Yo. C.-r- Air*.
73 t'orea hxuf>, to weigh frotn d| u» ' J pour.da
S 3 do huif axes, n> weigh 3| poaudj
•11 tin br.ifbi.ts to weigh H uoatids
'iO broad men • 1
Ciiu K-j. 7—NoHTnt'CeT Gtas.
CfH) notiii wtmt nuot, two thuds'of Weich mini
tneasore .3f> tucket in lenglb cf .barrel, sod
000 third Vi inches in length of. bafroi. to lw
deliveretl in New York or Phiiouciplna, as
mat In* required., jl
of ulfihb ahorMnielftsitre \\tlb* u*»l inibe
tfli-o of thn of Aiik-r• ; .n)d tt
may'be luuper to reciait ihui irioii- of liiinlwiite, rtr
riculturaiimptemeuU. and north «rc*r fVn*. tire en
tirely new, nnd. fo quality thuu iti.e articles
brtcintore furnbilii'd under former cftiiiraijt-1,
ai*y be divided into siWen pant
via.: ’
} 11—Blankets.
?i fliq* Good.*.
Hd—Damecuc* gbovl*.
■Th—itzcifullmal ituplcotenu,
7 h—Nojihwost puns.
The iovrett cr*opeieitt re'poniiibfo l**« T ler will re
ceive ttis iv-lioli or »-i> puit ol ihc fouiri'l. scc.irdmt
'o tb.* stovfi :, Hie rei-erdn< toilteli
the rikht m rfeirrmii'e whether the l-id.ler n cnnimienv
•ml rvr?onsd>lo or mu.
Jlie who!*-amount *n money to lie'apnlie.l to the
parclnuo of edoJi u-ul bo about Jim the t'c
pattmeni »r.«eives the ught to iucren-d or UilmtuOi
be quantity of any of the wtiidckuatiiedjnr sulMtnuic
oilier* lr* lieu thereof, crv> require, at *1 übar price*,
► uirU Roods a« m«y be tvaotrd tor or other
putprniea, id the adipimstriiUon pi tile atfi r* ot Itie l'e
paiuteni. Uo»d» of >uieriewi munuJur.Oiir, nil other
thtlut bci* r, equal, w<ti be profcrted; l tl us all ibe
♦ample* oMiUukrn aint cl«wh* are cf menu
faetuto, it will br. hei*r*»nTV, when ». domcnii article
is bill for, lhat a uaroplc uf i! nhou'ii nrleet ‘puny the
ijid, to cnaMe the Department to decide t> Siether it Is of
equal quality with the tatuplc* t<> hneib 1-iic.i
The party proi>o*'r.g to •ucply die atli-Mrs w;l! make
an mvnire of alt the iloms emhtne.-d i'l tSc<* above htt.
an>! nflix itio prices, ip dollars amt cent*, 4twb»chheor ,
they wi't fuimi'.t them under each cfa»» »epa»atolj, de
liverable m New »otk, fet if tbe.contr.-u.tor prefettrtl,
about o'cc lialf of thoqaaiiUty may be delivered m St.
Leul». Mo., free nf expense. to the Goveijamrct) on or
heterc the IMh day of May next. nssomiiifi the quantity
•>t each arivolo at specified in thin advertisement. and
extending lh« ro»i, making no BRfireßa’.ei ot tho.wbolc ; couuitunm; ilto bid. The good* will be inepee-' .
ml In New York (nod m St. ly.m-q if any portion of
tlipui *hon!d be delivered there) by utj'Kf.eni of tint
Untied State*, who will be appointed lljr the Popart ~
rr.eni lor ibe p;»rpe«c; nnd to ascertain tie conformity
ot fie articles purchased with the exhibited,
when tbe contract *h*U be made, and vynh the terms
of ihrt contract it-clf, which shall voniaitl a c!au»e thul
if the u-tirle* nre not turnUtied within Ithe timo pro
ietiliftl, or tf ihey - nre of Inmffieieol tonality tn the
opinion of the agent aiore<oi4. and it w|tbin live dej*
alicr.notice of rurli insulTicitney tbo party thall not
furniMt ufjc« m |ieu theteuf of the required quality,
toe lAuied Males shall l>? uulhorit-d to purchase them
.of ctaer*, and u» ciimge aop inorwuvof puce they
' map tin eompe'led to pay therefpr ir, too contractor,
who Mtall pay the situ difference l-> tieiUniied States.
Dcnili will be required in the aaoajfii of tbs bidr,
with tyro cood nttetier, tho snfilrl*i;'cy jjfwboih to bo
ccrtiluld by a United States Judge or District AUornoy,
(i % the fuithiol performance nl the cohtraru. Pay
meat will bn made after the contract In Completed and
the delivery of tho goods as aforesaid to an aeent ot
the Department, upon a dcjilicaie invoice cert fled by
him '
Cumnlunicftliona to la marked ‘TfOposah for In
dian good'.’’
Tbe bids Will bo submitted with the following l end
ing, end nr ne will be received that am not wade in
the fo'iil and terms here prescribed: .
“I (or iurnish f r thn tervlco at the.
fndiiii iJl.Tattmei t tho following poods, *t the prices
altixcd to them respectively, tl*;— ■
( (.Here insitt the lis; of tood4 1
Ueiiverftdc ih iheeitf ofNe*- York (or St Lenis) «n
or buiotU in- day of— next; und In case nl tbe ac*
ccjttunrr. nf hia propo«alr,tU«qnnniliy hhmg prescrib
ed by llae Uip'Jitu.citl, 1 (nr vfe) will otfcute n enu
iraci uCilnrdir.R to this agreement, and'give ratirfac;-
torv security to the Department withlu £n daya after
the rectpUon of this bid, and in ease ef faiiarolo
edter mlo soch contract, and give such Iccnnty. 1 {oy
we) will pay v» ih-* Unticil States thedifferenco bo*
tvrrcn the mm* bidden by m*. (or u*Jarul Uiosdm
whicu ihe United State* icey be obliged to pay for thft
tamo aiiictrj ’ j: 'i
focb hud exery bid tta»l uiw> be accaoipayued with
a iuaraiity m the following forot, to be/Mcried by oi-e
or more rcrnomiblo. peunns, *rho>e tdfficieacy in tut
t.e cextiCol V,y moo one who IVknotvnto the Depart
ment, either p:»t»«rnUjr why hi* officio) potiiloo. •••
•! (orwe) uetrby guaranty tbM——-—, the above
bidder, ,T?i;i comply writh iho terra*of the advertise*
ment lot‘pro; oral* for Indian cood*, 1 Itned ttepieai
br.r ‘ij. it Mi, ifthe contact should t,n awarded to him.
un.l etittr mio bond lor tbs execctifloof the ease
within the utne prescribed.'
’•‘•Tbo contnfcis of former yean mo open for the m*
rpoctxm of bidders. H I.EA,
■cjVM Comoiiwioatr of Liflinii ASUrs.
“T cb’.pbtVreYeip.~^ J tr '
IlfAyß, ihi» iia?,.»‘sotuited witi me Mr. ML
Cloths, id tlir. \Vuok/»lr Grcrert wid. Produce
Ilu»inrj4; iheei;lcaf U.ctjrntTrill fc; A.CcU>r.n*on
*_Clooio. t>y3) CULBERTSON ; -|
, A.ccl*tirf*onl ;,v .li-if. cfyirna. ,
WHOLEiM.L* (iIIOOERH "utid OoronUnMon Mer*
»ll.t*ot(i v l>«'aie»« Produce, 4rd PHutumU
Majinfuctared artt?]es,lW Liberty
jyO 1 . . ? ’~ ; . 1; ' • i .
KxtraFasaUy Flour. - ■ ‘
AFRI'SJI supply of she Poland Mills cnra.Funily
Floor,-a ver£cboieo enicla. last rac'd {.ir sale by
■ «**s - J ■ ■■■, .
I’l’lTSßßlitill. BUSS UrOilES,
li; (u:fß cuttemi, acsw A ro d
Would reapsufulJy ir.toxoj ike cu*!mnei*of the l.tta
6m, u«; wro the ruMic teueraliy, that they v»0I
rotmsuq Ihe icatiutoeturr of
ib all Pteir at the Old
No ia,“w«ii»tl it; be twc*n First A Water;
"!' . ' •
Dr. Bose’s Celrtratfit Kemtdic*-
DR. J;ACO» 8- UOSVhlht* «U<CC-vV:fff BCJ sole pm*
prictor (f tLrw ttuVot a-<J fuicnctsl
medicines, anil alr> thr mvciiu>r ci itc etltbrat.-c
iiKUutt.'iit for tunaur.;? life n, cci -ct*: y a cuts
of oinohic ilifeasc*, v/-y. a oi tk-.t •.nuinjr.t
thyaielan, Doctor Fhj**r, srd 1/ a praUunt.- .k tie
!nivrr*ti7ofl*em»9yl*4;ii«i,u«t:l tor thirty yc*n nr»ie
has beeif,eiu:MeUift theicy**iifi*iUM ot uni
the appliratiuii of rnnledtc* UiPrrUj.
Through ti.u *.** r.f 5»l» infinites lube, in connectian
with fciAa’tt-pljVluc tjrety rup nu>l«nhMoi Lis rcn:c-.!tcs,'
ii£ ha* > an aapuiiilr.'lcd euttnettr.s incaruig'
tiiose dceadffa!| an-d total irf.liJies, Tu'-crcuinr Con
suroquorf, tbuivcrt, rterututo, KLctucHtitut, Ast>rtts,
Fever, ami Ague, Frvetr ..f _wli .kind*, Oltnmic b'ry
aipelas, and uil fho«c ototirmc t!t?-r*»ea yccnlm to
fcmatos.vli'dced every tot mofdiH!asi*ve.a;sl:pj
the u«e cf .b:«''»einwlie.«,.to which bustamiy t* heir—
tint by the 'use of «me ecrapntind only, lor ti nt t* in*
compililjlciwi b Fby*io»Oßirnl Law, but by toe ur*
uf hi* rr-mc- uiiontcl to and |tte*ciiueti tor each
peculiar3ornt i>mi<ea*’t-
Dr. Kwe’a-Tonio Alterative Fills-w Len uteJ are
invariably nekii-Owlcdgcil to L-e rttpr.rtor to a 2 other,
M u putystivp liver pill, itm-ttneito u- they to*ea
il-e t'owpto pnri'ccily iico fr.tu conlvcnet*; *s elm
JiiitSiddiiu Filkta mlmiUcd by.tlm laculiy to potaces
EccullarTin*p«trtic< uctpieif t'> female ducasrv, but
emjr »a:Hfletl hhnl a (tore tttol is *od:c'r.!tttut*»ublish
what hailteeslOatd In of!!«»u<r>*{
The sdirted arc invlKd to rati upon tim agent. au;l
'procure teruu*i) one of tbe Jjoeior’upujnphleU, Riving
AiteulleiTaccouaiot each remLly uml its Bvi>'.i':.vnun.
For sale by'f,be fidinwtnj agents, ns well a> by iuo«t
ihrotjcbout tin- Vininiry.
• i tirhoonnta'iier A Co, 91 Wood street, RiUA<uiitt;
J ftt T4wjisebd,<lfu,'gi*!, 45ATurirct tt,"! do;
Itee Ai«eck!t*tii, do ricariheP.O.Alliy;bvnycit7;
Jo* Uirtley, DarUnirtmi. Heaver ca., Far
Jno.EUio.u Itotton Volley, do do;
T Adaits, fkATcr,. do do;
ODNDjUlii—7ttft baj*e prim? tirean Uu» iVtfte,
O ;i " Iftsi packaße* assorted Ten*;
“ 75 i»Tf» »>6nri] TotnV.’f.;
.•> lulajt IVv'i>rr;
•• t> has* AUf tce;
:( mutstCicnjimin; •
•i ftd liio No 1 Cliorolrtir;
- .'I ca»c« t/tjuoricc IUU;
"i • to fir.ici s utali pnms Kic:; •
:! ; Hi cut" hc» Maildrr,
;j . ..; 5 liariiU Alntu; •
3 !h* barrel* 'JumteiV Orl;
;; " 60 dozen patent Bucket);
;1 . : 300 bl« CYitji litorxor*,'
'l SO bnieo Wfcite Pipes;
* ■ 30 tilid* prime NO.^iwen
*• • . do
Hut hrt# Urpo No 3 Maekcrr.';
Sit bxl4 UrgeNodo;
6 do . .No 1 dn,
50 brb fi O Tat;
VP.brb Pitch;
50 l>ri» No y llosio;
attained Vann;
fti tale» No t BaUmpr
UW kega pjicie YVliilr I niJ;
VOO krs* H*^ortcil
Mortncnt of Piiijl'Arptr luaitufHrtnred
ulf. Lil>rii» u
Ahn,» full a<
»rticles,3i>r <tal<
SI'U.VU ii JUi»LArji't'„s --mi
f •' ' POO
0 hf!> N fl Moiai
. y Lr,n while JSnrzii
:!«i hiti Siuhn’s.crashed.
Uii '.»)» LAvt-ntic’t pulv’d;
•iSt.rl. S; I.oum «!r;
H< l*x>; I.p»eriuj; , B !.o*‘;
:U» l»rh St Coiib i*;i,
la sioife &dd Gir »ale l»y
trpjoi. .| I tMU.yn
-VtU list
O 1- 111 Ml Jjtc'uino
- •; •■' -w li*h <J& ••.•!»
:; i riius i»a:ivj}ri, i'iw i,
" ■ *i till Clovrs
5 f I SO li'Ukri* l*<4n«]« 4i)X nr.3 Aim .rr
L'iiv« 0(!j ;n 'i.iire auJ Tor .rs!*; |.v
i -epils iiiu.Kit .Mil*
■ AThW «tftel,«jp|ic.«iu'i‘*'siOirif.-'
HIST?OIiY of G. Ky TWServ,
SoifKe.'bock'or Me£szmo iar l : n:ncin!i-r
Mant'ii Mo fijhaart l
Wlrp'Jleviejrfor %*iili mi a.'
Gen. teliu, . ■
lioatcli Skikjf.sare, Vo JZI. ' ‘
LUtri** Livl,«:«T Ajo*No : »?l* VJ
WWr;Po»tr#ji Gallery* eor.iaiatas filiy jwo ci 1(5,t.t
-irm 01 Whin?.
1 oicii£|JJl’tte«!e*.v for'Aitfru'V‘
• DcaoenFri Review nr t-?i»ieial'sr..
• KcleCfuMljrvlcvr ®l foi t«- jiicui
i*r. • -\ - j'j. ’ - ■ >i-pia
" T 7 'TiID-HP BTAIUS. •
MUHPHV;atbVKCHFHa.O inform the.rtusumi
eiS and buyer* .generally shot, in eomcqr.'nc.?
of worrarri,being engaged In nv.i i>,iprt v
ing their Plow lloom, they ln«v«» rtWaveii t-vir qoods
Co tbe'Skt.uSli pTnavof the bri Yiinc they c.-cttpy.nriir!
mo aro Fati*hed; wheje they will be
happy to etc-, their-cos lomcrs. ua n«u*i, r.mi for the
Ifounlejof waiftinif tip naira,-sfili try und rcmcnr.mts
them hr eclUng iheiA Cljcun n-fotl*.
Ijlf*Eiitrnimr from fourth street. _ hurl** _
W sriautiiii Pnr« tv'iurs'iinu CrmuTii",
for Medicinal Pvipatsa] nlwen,
O hanh ai.U i'ui tair by i!;t b< ti‘c, «;umu, <*r .'<>r et
i t l»AlV‘>iil M >'
(>diU '•
{ vNEjcnre'Tltiick tfloih ".ou^ic.
KJ I:f»tii.*-yc'lcw Kiiir.ncii,
'dlciteßlßaii do;
i'case Rett twntid flauntls i
-leases, U hue uo do,
Mail'd do,
tfeenser'. Pi&ia sud Fancy Ccajitriar;*;
plan Alpinr; .;
; jicJutrirmnsj
Acascri Jiiue itlsck DU:ik:t .
• icn*l;i Cr-tf n.’aukr,d;
lira!) HJankciV; tl.q ;
Ucaseii tVhiie DcJ
pOiii Str,uu tfoji Itluntfi:,
Rrciivrn yn tuniicninr i.t, und for «•»?!• si n aniisc
luitr'o'pncen by ’ tl Lt,j
-<iv*a _ _ *>rc.u.
ftA?!*— LO-\v‘j h'Kbly pcrfanie.l 1/nnvii Wi,;.t«iM,
ti «fo do Ik-ncv 5<* i|'.
■j I'tiiialoiphia Vanvgßti’il
|{ t*nnl>cr.T»i Jo dor.
;j Oa-ino Snap;
!■ Oiivfi So»pi (oe *ale wbo'e» •»»*,} mail by
;; _ \V»V a Au-iti.riu; .1 ru
i niaav Wmmc,
Rr.Ofci VfcD tUi* •);»> ion, tiu- c* \
Liij ScrcvitOr-r Arranged U'* D.u*U.
Jc)jnn*rti» iuM isaiirot—PV Olmk.'
VCm-S oit-y gnnn dayi—f'o-ttor
Aiyav dawa in Cain*—Fo«:«r
Li a WaL.Mifui .1 iH C-syart*—Vloict
lie* Uc» UJiUiy Oltll'.* o?l'<'Js.f
i! r; 11 iri.r.m:*
?*Ti _ ' <.!':?••!CfMwi Ihip. 7p;r.l •:
J Ai^n'ti'KK^-L'o
O ii L-M'.-.U JJ:okk\ re.
- _____ : AVtier >. nr.M „•■•.
Xii)s'«bi)»|i* —VVarrintm (icnuln
B|<u\Vf» Wirijhrr bnnp, I]oi>rv 5 1* * <s
•Vji-niacflLif,'Oriental. 11 mi Phv«- iiu
-Tiieio Soaps- s-.e bijrltly erkbrateil Kir tn-purung
t!:C hJ itJ. |
i*Bitb«eii freor Hie trnptmor. m;d for solo by
, iepiil - U r. MKLLKttA a 7 Woolm
]AjiUAYKA COFFEE-MO b#g» nittmn for siis~
_Jby__ IsrpU] WM AMeULOKt; £• On
■ iLtSiopTcnACKiTirS'-'i'Viia (inner ’ '
AJ !| - 1t1« Bn»n i <»<*
_ 4 . _\y.M a iUcC:M’R(-. Aco
tUll-Alls-- rename i’iincite. —t-tur'?i'Sonn’;
j 1 I’l’.tXKJ Htivtaa,—Hrrcavpi,
• I 41Mj0m , .Key sLsk, viittous beards
! 43.i>00 LcHta*io:i :'iUcu>*-;
! fJfI.tCP PliiladelpbtefttOdn hf. S|;unufc;
In store eru for i-:e by ■ >
ij-ik'nipCt -iiMiudes NV rol4 Letuliti, f.-.r sale by
1 :ker:i •. . j aji floy_b
f I boiea ;<L»«ttfueiare«l T«*b ir’eo, of
X Rn'-sell £ n;.U oilier faTfirtir f.ranns,
Fot*«3iei>v ' • Laopif) rtgrur, \>
lh, w il CW«c 1., wore, m T sa r. | T
_) Xenp L JAR FLOY U
IdL IUR-rSO 'if l'i r'y-lunaSiia •• tnpermo fcmtly tic-or
‘ ' ,lUi» Irii rCiic fnii-.iiy Firttr, jQ..t r.-c d
(ornqicly ) A C-i s ljuKO'l , s*Or'f’A; CLOUSK
■o nt) --1 >O6 tftiioffy at,
Kkf»iTui»L'li —‘.’Jl t.i |UH t!or «Mlo IjV
lfep- A«U!iUeaTSI!K^*.Ot.OBSK
h.< oaPIIAL :pi Vortts, a very ii»>,
IX. brt«!;i, Lw*Jft «p:o?»ly jrarno-e, for »elc
hv : ; • I'eplO J«Y ii HinLL!F»
BAOON;HJH>Ui.OtraS— tO,<ibO}l.vr6*-d lor rr-’e t.v
; • llr.KltAl tiH
SOIrAU— ilr iiida N O bugar.ief'd i'or r«> tio
<rplOt-V' ■ . ft At \V HAItHAUGLI
O(U «u>crsiie, ioc’4 fi«r ra<o by
" frpKT: . - -j A. WIIaR I? A UGH
t/'lifciil ci ebesU Ytmti^lLyiSni
A?' 1 • *5 : do • (Stfni’KVrtlcK
; • . vO ‘lO . JciilijliL
•J “ icae*Mybr»{'*
PefJalcstsrTiTalaatNew Y'ort,roinr.TtLlncvfli;oaa
(itttOLijtt*, fur Site- by . ,WM PACdLi:Y 4 C()
sfjitr • ~ m.a. •/« Wood «
RlCiI--rt>ltss Citoilaa Rioe. fcr sais4>»
- " • ' -Wtl BAG A LEY k C(>
BLACa TliA—;4o hfoha Cician Iv-urlt'a
* ■- ’ • . 510 fl o Oolon<- of lino Rrt jti, tHjt
lluoer. lm:»i and Co»sida,ior tain by -
..aoptd •; •• \VM nsfiALTTY h Cn
tl itivAAii UtlKh IS—' ii uas p<iffin-1 ec'Q-lor s'!c !jy
f leepltl . - . B&'Vl r HAIIHAr<,1 1
teoota, toreaieby- & fc Vr IIARD.\UK|L
HAMH--S cat** *uncfJor.caavii2<c<l HAtoa iuji T >.
ar.d'loi uiTc hyl
L 1 Sfc-W
SUUA AtiH—tbcask* ta r.ore ami ror-m*, to"
\ rt k W.TI AHiIAUCU
\jt :MUU> CAr«DL.E3~Wi l-l* ID RtoVn for iV,V,\r-
Pijq??-:.-.,:. 1 :: •: SfcW HAUUAUGII
<jLas*~cOu t>x* ar»‘*s for nils by
TJ,V trplS | g tc \7 HAJIUAUCII
firl» elUi Hoar terM-foMiluby —
K I ■ _ J - H.fc.W HARHAUU f[
• r'uUA.fc?-: ilA.
‘commonln. ««e. (nr s *? e j»y
'■••Sfc WHAR»AUO»
Jt.ihche»*»,rt«n:t-a> tovlncb thttk. t£
r. A *J •tySfta fit U«ll Vfl>lTenii*ir
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