The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, October 15, 1850, Image 1

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® *. WYITP.} - [«. 4AISUT.
«ASim ttod aTtsrr, kbct ooo* to
Mh. S7,»|wi«nawal
Tri-W*t#>ry **
Weekly, edrenee)—— • tpa “
Do. « Chilli, «t a rtdnotd
Dm S«M«e, e«S tiilUloiiil m«Vrtlmi.. l*o.» •
Ho* . ... rii
®°- tWo weeks —; 3V
•>o- ■ three wteks- jfno
{**• one month'-" , «m
.l)a. two morula*——7xo
Dc. . three months- . 9xo
Wo. . ftnr monthsjefo
fr «lx month*. ... ■ .... 12,00 .
of the paper— 2500
Inserted overone ranrrtK
*»«*■• lU«.Wotta fSS
“««]"» • .iff in net
wC55^5.?'L5iSi toc ? ,nt * bl « (0 * *«t»l advertisements
fo? ,beij PobUcaticn.
candidates for office, to bo chaired the
*m»m other advtnt? erne Mr. ' • » • " “*
a Adranlwementr bm marked on the eop> for o reed
rMAi > advertisers wiil be confined
S**- I **® W*«ar business, and oil other edver- ,
sss , 2r^s?sax^. ,k ' ,r atau **
e s!?Sl? en ** &r okaritable wstinrtltir.s, fire
tiro, to be Charged kalfpriee, payable strictly
ManlapetioileitetobecharjredfiOcenu. 1 : .
' R .?^Jvl. lii^ eci, ?* cn *d whheet charge, *ni*s* accom
panied by funeral Invitation* or obttuarr notices, and
wbenaoaceofiipamedwbepaidftjx. .
_,* e f a *aradvertisers,and aliotbetssendlngeofflos-'
m<atloni, orTecolring notices designed to call atten
pon to Fairs, Sorreco, Concert*,-©r any public enter*
uinaeats, sraere charges are made for adnutinne*—
ail notions of private .associations—every notice do
•lffi" w c,l ‘ auentioa to private enterprises calcela*
Kd or intended to promote lndlvidaai interact, esn on,
•7 be inserted with the andentanding that the same •
Uto bepeid for. If intended to be tr<*eftcd in the lo
cal colama, the same will be charred at the rate of ,
sot leta than 10 cents per line. '
Bishop or Fbtliotiees to be charred triple priee,-
Tarern license Petition* •? each.. •
. Legal and Medical advertisements to bochareed at
fall prices
Beal : Estate Areata* and Aneticneera! jidrenlte
ttnuaiwcto bo classed nndcr yearly rates, but to be
allowed discount of ihlny. three anyone third pereent.
from the amount of bills. .
wxaxrrcx ni-BTtut ta suit harm. -
Onel?<j«sre,ihjw insertion*———.i.atso'
Do. -. each additions! Insertion-., .57
' acvxaijuniars a wnm »^mt■
.OnnSfiaareitlO lines,) one'nsciiion—*—SQeU.
D°-, e*eh additional insertion— 2s ■** .
... —All transient advertisement* lo be paid in advance.
■ r .' .WHITOk co. Qaxeue.
;L. HARPER, Po-t /-• -*TJ r
. ROBT M. RIDDLE, Journal.
. JAMES P* HARR & CO-Chronicle.
JO9. BNOWDRN, Mercery.
_ JAMES W. DIDDLE, American.'
IIIR AM KAINE, Evening Tribune.
PirmcasH, Dec, l, IMP.
- JOHS A. f'AHKIBiOn, k -' J V
uvr - M "''* roiu^;5 cl
DAYU* C. TDTTiiBi ’ -
A WOBNEY AT LAW, and Coaniiiigsu /or
, Pennaylraale, fit. lidia, He*;- 9 {
All coflUßanicftiiotu promptly crurtrerci.
octZMy ■■ ■■ - T rr -:
JAMBS F. iTKpp. ;
A TTORNEY_AT LAW—Oltce, on Fonrtb etrret,
SnUhftM >aA PUul-aryh.
H.itASILla, 1
A ■miElTEy and Coua«eU?rat Law, aid Commie-
St : L °“''
Re/erenee«-Pm«biirrh: Iloa. W, Forward, then.
E® *,?Wler, k McClare', Jobe e! Park«!
Patella A Semple, McCord A Kuig. aml4-ly
' ohipm. Pa. Ferry Pm Office.)
—Bttlat -ptmintnUy loefttod'Ci thU Discs, s ««ri
ud MtaUßlial IVhirt&u,
*«lj f ®*o4fo r wardpxojftp'iTwalipoißt*cii thorivoi
tod tSaadf *nd Bmtct or Ohio f*-T»*T, >Bi Co
: Clssrow, Jons li-jcia ■ - u * c °*
w » • -Ciia «. CWSBA.TX
iD «e«i.Wft3m Mfcitei at, Phjlrtgfgttg. j - •
Plttob»ffh Vijf
' Swi*
J owdc ,7> MorUlic u« Salphnric
o *** W * ter llrw < Wow Ferry.
f7*d*rick Brass. : Oeern Reiirtr
T>RAUN fc REITER, WhoWalci snd St 3 Dreg.
Wiwr o f liberty sad Si CUlr nteeu, Pitt-
' • - <seu i
>yys« p*. ; tpj
CA* MeANULTY.fc CO, Forwarding 'w»d Com*
• Pinion BXerclumti, Canal Dnnn, fitubbrxh.
•***• U i’. • mrJ
—H.'ORAYr, Wbole.aJ o Grocer, CoanE a iJcu and
• Forwarding Merchant, No. 41 Water it., J'iuj.
fw- i uvi
In Andrew K Heroine
'BUtrJc.Wooien, and Cotton Goods; alspicealerain
Wadi ox Tailors’Trinnainsa, No IX7 Wood at. 4th
doer ftom Fifth, PitUbnrah. . * .
Beferctieo-Messie. ffa. A. BUI A Co, Bankers
janSS - ;
a. laiu.} ww. a. tavta.
• *■ Cairo m mvis,
rjo»maon meboHants uJ’biu Broken
\>rio 114 Becoad atreet, I*insbtngh. i tBB 7
Ju ♦ CoJ Wholesale Grocers, Comnuuiaß; and For
wardlna Merchants, and dealers <q Produce and Pin*-
kMfi MaatOetares, No. 37 Wood th between « and'
yd erects. ■ ■ . .. ; qcii
. . wbi. n. JogWAfroM.
XNo us Seeood at, Pittiharyh. .• , ; -
wui* w. waomn] (warm c. unastroa
_ B«w.poutdcxtkeaco^
. /GENERAL COMMISSION and Forwarding Mer-
VT ekentaand Flour Dealers, No S7»Market street,
Philadelphia. , jju
Me. tl North Water Street A No* 1* North Whanr*.
EsWoHaus. ;
D.O.MeCaxxo*.» PW,a^a * •:
J.AWamu. ( ___!*?*
Xfr LE&, (roecetaoT to Morphy A Lee,) Wool Deak
Alt, ct ud Goamlnlo* Merebant, for tie solo of
American Woolen*, Liberty, oppoilt* sth «.: Abl7 ■
i.*. hist. wx. r. rww,
L| ARDY, JONES ft (rtct***or» to Atwood,
JU. Jeaee A Co.) Ootaotsstcn end Forwadine Met.
gMpt dealer*, is PittibtrghManafacttred Good*
fftabarrh, Pm. - - .. taebP-V?
, ~ fsccaaaom to unn c. vu*)’
TXPOkTER A Dell ex in Frenehand American ?«•
JL per Hangings and Border*, Window Shade*. Fite'
Board Print* Ac. Al*o-» Writing, Pristine and Wrap-
Bias Paper, No. 87 Wood street,between Fourth street
ana Diamond alley,-west eWe* Pittabsrgb, F*. • .• .» '
_ f<b» * - .* .. *. * .
JOHN AGNEW, late of lb* dm of Chamber*, Ag-
SB mw A Co, woeld reapertfolly inforaibe oldee**
lesion aad the pablis general It, (bat ha.wUUtill eon*.
usm to earn os the Green imi* hniln’gn, In all it*
■warttUeg-oadio ynBanCLTCII aD'order* for Apotbe*
•agief* Pmlnrv, Mmarals, Porter*, .Viola,
PjrtainlOf to hit hnsloesa..-Hi* warcboaae I*; No. tt,
M*rkotitx*et,b»tweoaPinrASeeonl»u. }yt!4:d3ni
JUiiN i>. AIOUUAN, Wfcolewle Drarjoit,anj deal*
wriftDyo Staffs Faints, Oit», Varnishes, kt% No.
5 Wood street, os* door Booth of Diamond Alley •'
EttntvlL ■ ■- -• • •: •-• •• \.ap4*~--
J AHSBDAL2 ELL, Wholesale Grocer, Coeun-wion
w Merchant, and dealer in Proio*e and Pimbanrh
Marwflietaw. Nom Water irt, Pittubarxlu *&A.
ISSUM wetot, . >L -
TBAIAH.DICkEY A Wholesale Grocers. Corn'*
X arnica Mereheast, and dealer* in Prbdace,
Water, and 107 Front streets, Pittsbareb- cor3
_eo«n B. bliwontt.-, ■ ■■■ .—Joseph Dit worth-
T A DILWORTH A CO., Wholesale Grocer?, and
• Aeeaufot Hstard Powder Co., No. 87 Wood ft,
fiatbartb. ; . v. dcs.*.’
Drasflit aid Apothecary
«tt three door* abore Third at. pitta l
•JJPtWUI hate eoaitamly tm hand a well selected a*;.
frt,hMt Medicisn, which ha
JS£r WMSfiaNa lermiTPhTslelanr
IKSnftST^Jfo* attended to, and rap-
opon a* pennia*. -
, JihC Prtwnpuoa* wjlTbe accnratelr and
M ** ***•*•* *1 wy hoar of
sai, eUtgeatoeho* fresh and rood Ttrfm
John wtitim - ... .
ass&ES&ss*.- w«s°ini
m tire comer frf-Wat«r and Hmhss.m *
JlSwuihKM*W ioiil'cJnS.Tim'SSk;.;’’
u4AnU> of Ik. Bu W«SM«m Barir
Mo. dotntar and 9* front atreata, PtnabafK'* * a **'
laal. .. . -- • , .i -
f BfiHboSfiAKER * CO, !)««*««
J - ldaBd Wood atreet, Pitabanth.- ■ : r^Sj l *
MELtuiCWhOlCiale and (UuUdeaTe
' hi taJCaaieoOdMasioal-Ins»?eats, School Boose
. four,Sates, Stool Pcns.Qsm*.Pciiite»'Carda, u
■ScaiarT gene rally,No. al Wood PUaharjh.
lypiftboirtierutMi Intmiia ■ . t«in<
-T— &-OAN WEf.U, (Uta of worren, Ohio,) conou.
Va aloo and porwardlßir Mercbsn,asd wholusio
• daaitt In Weetera Reserre Ch*C»e, Balter, pot and
r Peart Aah. asd Wesurn Prodaee
r o Matt between Bmlthfield end Wood, Pittsburgh.
Ik'h 4 jont'A t'onrardlny and Commission Mcr
.•harts; Dealers ja Predate a*d Pinabarfh ctana*
aired articles, Canal B*tln, acafr?th»t.. i ap*
pxaijiait pimBOOB,pAi-. ;
XTJSNNBEDV, cniLDS A OOu Uanufactorers o>
IV. m mertor <4 Saaettnx. Carpet Chain, Cotton
- . l*3o»ly*
.... -Bu'c. HTOOaTON*. .
T ATE Johns toa & Sloe hum, 800 KB ELLER, STA
XiTtONBB, PRINTER, and BINDER, eoxocrof
jWtaaadltoAstrteaJPimfiirib, Pa. (y3MtF
U i,
MnS 21 te^ mDOW,,OL As a
PtaibilrtS Sl* ™“ 1 ' bMW <*» Km is! Beeoal,
jrtltf w. ccumanm. «. buhcah,
- - a. ccmtnwHiKi o.<numw.
Juae.D.M’uill.WalterC. E*'
IWCGILL3 A ROE, Whole.alAGroeer.aa4 Connate*
UfA ap4° Mer ' tanl *’ No IM LJbcrTr 8t » Hlteburfh
pmatußoti-gffEEi, woree anh a?gitra
i*»»# IQXB» .1 " •*. IQMB 9, tni|.
Joaca * «nrioo, ’
VCANUPAOTUtttita ftf spring tad b 11 star HteL
Ul picaghnetl,«Mjploe*Swiiig*, ceMli indellp
i 'Wjrpnngt. hammered iron axle*, tad detlen la nuj
etr»e cuting*, fire engtae lamps, and eoaeh trimming*
|«BertU7,eoroer cfßou tad FVimc'-tjk, PlartnSp
J» TMdoi,6omralwoß flircHiuitr
XTa). 31 Old Lerae it, N Orleans, keep constantly on
Al Band alarjfe assortment of Bran dleiofthe follow.
brands, which they offer for sale as agents fori
- DwwidjACo»Bordeaux.TinSUglory, J. Band,7Du.
rand A Co, LaroebaUe/J J Dnrano, Cognxc.A de M m
‘««V A X Startle, Ado
«l also, Anehor Gin, Borders* Red and White Yslnes
““ «*«•, Mtoeied with care by JehnDariod
besides Champagne Wine and Sweet Baranndr
"$£ . . ' ' feb7?iy ’
c V* Um \ “ r D 'P«“.
fD”Co!elcUona made on all the prinaioal eina>
trooghoatthe_Palied States. " y *£{“
I - » orT - , rma. mu me, M imS” '
feS®f^aaS2S& ;
s*®.aatffisssf i s?sass*
1 o« Btyaoun- . . ' [ ■ • !
* > Zz® p ~s“ Pricfli is cub, ouj u ,n h-,^-
eottng y W <W Pe OT ,£ a "g l { 9 *
_ - . ■ «plB
a. a. ccssnrsHAn, ~
bpi No a, UtZwSSmStxp,
' *.«. Museum 7" .'' _
• •. Vt inirttiH* • . . • 1 ■ *-
l‘rKf£T.“ d Prwtnek fenenllr-jnd Fanxilaa
IffM***, *£■ *&*»&**&E-ilwafactßrea *ad Western
Produce, kw# remoTfld to IheirnsWarehnt**n r.u
Fbu ™Tt ia
‘ »p!7
tea and -wine merchants,
East tide Diamond, Pimbmrh. aplß
•utuumm.].; aukiuutn.
Produa and Omnuncn iHercJLma,
Afi4 deilerv la Piiuhnxgb Hasnlaetared Articles.
Baa. 130 ftfad 133 Second stroot,
Between WAfc&Bmlth Reid, Ptrabarth. tag)
~ ~ T-wwbSl'
loasw* -
*fl Übertyg^itubtojlitS^^pSS
TJ>COUK—7O 6ii, choiee FuEjlt; *» ' —*
J. SsO brli aoperfßej . • •
I ■ &3 brU Fine, arnvinx, rod foritte br
TTroOLpiafoTO lfaejitbUe, ihey biTt Ulren'ibe
t3 J,\ w*rebo«« ktmetlj occupied bj the tne Hr
Solomon Sehßjer,ll4Second creel. UtvinE alaxre
«tem?<K^,^*£ ,ll l 0a * e ’ 'j* 7 wo,a ”invite de
baTla * S*©<l* » eontiga or ilore. I
U&x atcrman- •E. N. Waterman.. W. B.
t« 8. WATEHMAK * 8088,
GROCERY. Comalstion and For*
,*» wardinff Merehanu; dealers in all kUcSefPro.
rnV«f Pl r l n M >? or S ct,ms<l Articles: and amou
2iutler % Pa
WIU also attend to coUtwlona and ell other but
-ness entrnsted to him in Butler and Armatmn#
so antics, Pa. Refer to N.
J.t B. Fiord, Liberty SUV
W. VY. Wallace, do
Jtaes Marshall do fPiaibarrh.
dly . Kav k Co., Wood it. j \
Canal Basin, Pena street. PUmbnrih. art.
No. 227 Market, and St Commerce et, Philadelphia.
' Advance! made, by either of the mhova. ea contljrn.
menu of Prodeee to either House. on)
• /J> £>"• WlLLl&na* OOm^ 0 UlfL
T V Ferwaidiag ud Committioa Mereboats, and
dealers la Coo»urPM<i*Be sad Pittsburgh Maanfac
tares, comer of wood asd Fifth itreeUj Piiubnrck.
axto .
Win. H. Williams.——-
wni u. williaub *. co„
North EMteointr of Wort tod Third meets,
J»al. : Pnwwrn Pa.
TO. BAfIAI.IT, togs *. cniun, •
i w. h. woodwaxo, aura liiun.
TITM-BaGaIEV & CO.,Wholes*lo Grocer*) 18
■lf' aad SO Wood street t rigrtrgTyh. j itpl?
rosn s. wicx, „ batd H'CAniim.
WICK * M*CANDLESS, (necenera to L. & i. D.
If- wict,)• Wbole—to Grocer*. ForTOrtla* *od
Com million Nerthinu; deeler* la Jtros, N*i lt,ulu»,
Coiion Yarn*, and PiUtborgh Xuafcctares renew!*
if, cow*x of Wood *ad W«er * tract*, nttabanib.
\kT d 6 M. MITCHELTK&E< Whole**!* Grocer*,
** • Reeofrinf DUUUert, and Wlno ud Llqcor
Alereh*at«. A! «>—lmporter* of Sod* Ath ud Bleach*
Powder, Na.IOQ Liberty ttrtct, (oppoeiw Sixth
*tt*ui.Pltt*b*t«h. • • - r l ■ w ■ « P n ,
WW. WiLsaJ<,.Wjjciie*,Jewelr77BifTer Ware
• end- Military Good*,' corner ofhltrkel ud
Foanfa itieiu, Pitufimeß. p*. N. B.—Wctobe* ud
Clock* care folly repaired. . : *pl7
wic tcvh*. . roan a.'*’ccint
XtTW- YO UNO & Co., Deilew ia Let) her, Hide*.
f y* 143 Liberty meet. ' jufclr
' -WM^xVanneoii.—- -aotr. icwicmoa.
\xr , 4fcß. MeCtrrCBCON, Wbo!e**lff Grocm,
lj*>.dorter*_ln_Fiodßce*Juoa,lN*iiarGl*i*, ua
Pituharxa Maaafutar# feaeraliyi Liberty *tr*tt.—
Pitubawfa. _• 1 jaal?
T: HAvE taken.'WAL baitnetanp wttk
X ao in mf buiaecH wbiek will from thU ma bo
i««me4eana4ertienuneof ft JebnParktr4Co.” .
i - Alarcb laij ISM. • : —JOHN-PARKEH..
Join Parker .♦~.WlHlaii CMT.
- , . JOHN FAHKIEII * CO., j
fVAcltptlt Oncer/. IkaUri tfiFroJact,- Fcmgn
' ‘ Z^mar'i, " Old 2fcf«i<mfaA±Ja_
and tU&iJbd Whtsixy. . ‘
No. 6, Commercial Bow, liberty craet, > •
• : fitf>Br«b.P
muua mam, - jocsva oticu.- "
I ' tGoeeetion'to nsiurjv Binni'* Co!) -
■D in FnreirTi ujd pomeitio. Eithatre,' Cenlflciref
of Dcporite, B£nk Notei, end Specie—North .wen
-Conor of'Wood aed Third ttreeu. Current Attncy
tat fit*.
. collection* mode on nearly «u the principal oaiata
the United State*. ~ - : . r
• The hJf heat premiatn paid tor Portifn and a«w<f4
Gold. r
Adtanee* otido eneon*Jfiim*atiof Prodaee. ihlp
ped Ent. onllhcral torn*. •
W*. A. R’ctno,)
VWtt. A* WCIiVUCk 4 CO M
No 206 ld&crty strut , abort Wood, -
Hare-always on hud a luce esnoTtibentefCholco
Groceries sad Fine Teas; tiro, Foreign Frsiusnd
Vats, Wholesale and Pc tiers upplied on the
owr»t terms. ' • - BtSTI
Vf ANtJPACTURFR of green glassware,
IjX VUte 1 ' Dottles, tad Flukt, Porter. Beoteb Ale,
Mloerel water, Patem Medicine* and-wlne Bottles
•I**ol7 description; alto, WINDOW GLASS.
.. Ke fF> e<mst*flUy ea bud t'mertl assortment of
uncle*. ALSO STATE, as th* other Green
V„y* "«Morles ere six i* Use castonin
**“»*£, Thu Factokt u bow ia ku, orxzxnon, and
wtu cvsunae operation both Sommer and winter.
Jj™*J»mpce«fitU]r ,olleite4 ‘ “ d be tiled on U»*
No 1,8 Sepood sueet, between Wood
ua BmUhW «i«. Pitutmnrb, JT»4ly
n iin t. bO«Pilt i rii'Ewfff|P7 "
S’tb»t«r^2! r ?? tt .15.' 1 CHAB. BABNES ban
1 krai tberawlTestogriber, anderthe
WhoVemaS^.-^? 1 <or transactionorUlo
nesZ«NeiaT27i l udCoaraitsioo but.
and Smuiana «f ' B * Cfln4 «»«. between Wood
PiialSSr.* 1 -
■ L - - WOOI4I "WOOI* 1 ' 1 ’
*■ » •"■ 84 w HAtBADQH
’ ''-Af.iiJ ifi." -T; >
THWmagnifleent eatabUahaent being now cem-
T £* d * tot badness, the proprietor wonld
» ,hlfe ofthepiiblje patrenwe.
J»msw , iK2 r t^ rtflr faU attention to the badness,
m make the hoaae a pleasant and comfortable retort
ettuena of Pittsburgh and for the conn try
Good attendant* will bo In waiting, and ererrei
emensudß to reader the ettthUihmeat wonhy foe
e SS? SS? »npponof u intelligent eommviure.
—The TWO BPACIQUB BALLS, flued for Parties,
“2 pallid meeting*, will
iw " «■*. ™ - libeal Jm. «
*2 a ,RESTAURANT, tqn.l In «,!« .nd
5h??p»? SS? * kepi feralttaed
with Pure Wfnea* Choice liqnore. Cordials, Porter*.
0 eo vt ! i* h a-"^ rt * bmeal,of I JIo * e aMn!
PpeHry, Game. Fiih, Soap, Oyster*, and Claim,
torrod np In the beat «ryle. ’ ’
tW?.?i£P <C V 4 ?HEAM SALOON, being on
«?««. will be eWtomly
•applied with ell the Luanes and Delicacies of the
season, and also,with snah substantial* .os the markets
. b _T„SS or year. Dinner* or
OoSw f X ladirida * la ot P»«K famished on short
h«^ U fi“f n t^ ieir 'unlHe*. »bliia* the dry can,
o* the ? S«T* * rtffe,h,nem * °f oU kind* at any hoar
S i lb^ t ??, in , extennl»e U»ery EnabUsh
s»«l u connected with the Hail.
boar« ner Breakfast and Tea at the asoal
Entrance for Ladle, to lie Ice Onus and Dinia*
No 67 Smithfield street. *
a. WUrUfIU, r» ]
»» keep constant!? on >iand or make, ic order the
besi article in lieu lino, at their old aland, No. 13 St.
No * M Market meet, second story,
entrance Inlhe Diamond. Veaitian Shuten "f u>
order, and old blind* netxiy repaired. aplO
__ W.4J.QUBSH, Bookßinder*.
ITE areatill eng ag«l la the above basinet*, corner
rf ot .Wood end Third tweets, Pitubnrgh. where
** w* prepared to do any work in our line with des.
rmcfa. We attend lo oar work personally, and «atu
lection wfll be (ino in regard to iti »n<t do*
Booke rnied to any pattern end boand tab
nanually. Books in nam ben or old book* bound carc
loliyorrepeired. Nantes patoo book* in gilt letter*.
Those that have werk In oar line are invited to call,
pncce tow. mygfttf
' Penis naehlntlhop,
H. WlGHTMAN—Mantfbetarer of all kind* of eor
etonandwooUen machinery. Allegheny etty. Pa.
ia fall aad •aeenrtil ep-
SJJtfßif wnprepared to extttte orders wiik dispateh
ftr all kinds of machinery in ty Una, steh a* willow*,
Piftkert, *p reader*, card*, grinding maihinea, railway*.
.»pecd«t». thienila, looms, woolen
cuds, double, or single, for merchant or eooniry work,
milmad lathee and toil* in gen*
eni. Ail kinds of shafting made to order, or plana giv
an forgeanig faeloriea or mill* at reasonable charge,
a, *»-;?eanedy. Childs kCo-Blaeiitoek,Bell
* r*. ginr. Vaner>elrA:fia..Jßv ATfarav.
“ B»nhlithtw,{i*ar PitUbargh,] Pa.
No, # 37 "Water xf,* htveou Maria and
Wood, PtXZtbvrgh,
IBAWlLLeoastantly keep on hand a good aaaort*
memos Ware; of oar own mattnitcnire.end
lapenorqnaJny. Wholesale and eoantry Met
ehtots are respectfully invited to call and ex
maun* for themselves, at w* are determined u> sell
cheaper than his ever belbr* been-eferedtothe pab
by mailjaeeompanied by iheeatb 01
ood will bp promptly attended to. mil
A. WBRB A 00- wonld mpectfoliy inform
. patlie that they haTe creeled ashopen
i*acoek,bett»ocn Federal «rd Ssndaeky nrect*. la e y
are asw making and are prepared to receive order* for
eV«Tde*eripiieti of vehicles, Coaches, ChaHot’s, Da
rouebo*, Doggies. Phonons, Ac., Ac., whieh from then
lope experience in the manoActiire ofthe above work,
and the faciUues they have,they feeiconfidenUberara
1 enabled to do work on the man reasonable (arms with
: these wanting articles in their lino.
1 attention to the selection of mate
rials, andhaving none bat competent workmen, ihey
nciiunoa Ut warranting their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the paLUc to this matter
■ N. B. Repairing done in the beet manner, and on the
BtoaueaionaUe , JaSO.t/
mt. I.ICU7E
- .■ IUtUUDUI.
£?55J3J r rE? 7X * a w&0!> * CT nmnui,
f>ONTQUEu) m*naJ'acrani *ll kind* of COPPER,
smith Work. ’
Slesjxi Boats btlit to order.
Special attention given to tttant boat work.
„““ Te «5 hand* a fine assortment of Copper and liras
Kctllca,Ti-n fftn,fcg.fce. SteafctboalCooiiELng Stoves,
Portable Forges, various itzea—a very convenient ar»
Ode for steamboats, California coimau, or rail road
companies. ’
Jve would Teipeetftally incite steam boat men and
oQten too all and ko otr article* and prleaa befon
parch aaing al scwhere. JT jy
Wrought and Out Iroa BaUla(.
rpiffi sabaerfber* beg leave to Inform the pnbUo that
J.. *h®y. obtained from the But all the late and
fashionable designs for Iron Balling, both for houses
ana cemeteries. Person* wishing toproeare band
tome pane nil will plcate eall and examine, and Jsdro
for tbemseivea. Railing will be famished at the shore*
est notfoe, and in the best manner, at the corner oi
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
*°g»-d'>f A. LAWONT t KNOX.
BEGS leave io Inform hi* friends and customers tha
be is just receiving hit new spring stock of Goods
comprising, os usual, all the newest and most fashion
able styles of Cloths, Catilaieres. fancy Vestings, cot
ton end tinea summer staffs, and every ariicle saitubls
for gentlemen's wear for spring and summer. It l»«inr
impossible to deseribe the beauty, quality. or quairity
of the stock, the proprietor hopes ail who ate in want
of nod, cheap, fashionable, snd well made clothes,
win rive him a call, as there is no stock this side or
the Alleghenies that ean compare with It.
The ready made department is very extensive, adap
ted to all tastes.
Rail road contractors, country merchants, and ail
who purchase largely, are particularly invited to ex
amine the stock before purenasing, as particular at
tention is paid to the wholesale badness In this estab
Every article la the tailoring line made to order In
the most fashionable and best manner, at the shortest
notion. ujrfn
fT*HE partnership heretofore existing under the Arm
A ®f AA C BRADLEY,is dissolved by the decease
o*-Mr. C Bradley. The business will be carried on by
A Bradley, ,whe will settle the business of the late
REMOVAL—A Braslxt has removed his Foundry
Warehouse frem’No Ilk Second street, to No IP Wood
street, between First and Second streets, to the ware*
house lately G A Berry, where he will
keep eonsianliy onhundmgeneral assonmealof Cast
tags, Orates, Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Ac. jyta
IxJL and No. X American Blister Steel. Also—Brat
Cast Steal Files, of all sizes; and Blacksmith and Shoe
Rasp*, always on hand and forssle, either at his ‘*Ea
gle Steel Work*," O'Hara street, Ftfth Ward, or at the
office in the Iron Store of BOLLMANS A GARRI
SON, No foot of Wood struct, Pittsburgh.
We, ths undersigned, having used, wuh entire sat-
Istscoon, the Cast Steel and Files made by Samuel
MeKelvy, at bis Eagle Steel Works, in this city, take
pleasure w tceommanding them as eaual in oualttT to
asy overused by us, of foreign manafaetura.
FitUbuigh, March 13.18 W,
Masafaeturen of Iron and Nalls, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Iron Founders and Machinists, Pltuburgh, Pa.
Manufacturers of Springs, Axles, Spring Steel and
Rivets, Pittsburgh, Pa
... fawmpaber.
Engine Builders and Machine Card Manufactu-
rers, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Brass Foatuler, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Macnfihturers of Iron and Nails, Pittsburgh, Pa
Locomotive Engine and Ship Builder, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Marble Manufacturer, Machine and Engine uSd
~OUW ' «r, Hiitaburch. Pa.
Diaiolmtlom or PartoersHlp,
THE Partnership heretofore existing between the
subscribers, under the firm of Chambers; Agflew
A Cm, Glass Manufacturers, was dissolved by mutusl
consent, cn the first day of July, instant. All persons
knowing themselves Indebted to said firm are request
td 10-make paymentto either of the partles,wtthoDt
delay, and allpetsoas having unsettled accounts with
said firm, are invited to present them for settlement
Jytedfim D. IL CHAMBERS.
fTI I lE, owners and consignees of goods arriving by
J.. ths ‘'Citizens’ Portable Boat Line," will : please
taao notice that they will be required to pay freight
at our warehouse, according to the receipt, before
the aie removed.- C A MoANULTY A CO
and uissuuag
Draterions—Pat the clothes into cold water and let
them soak over night In tec morning wring them
out and 'pat them into a ketiie of boiling water, to
which add the proportion of one pint of Add to eight
gallons of water—stir It op and boll the whole twenty
minutes. The clothes may then be wrung out and
well rinsed in clear cold water. The parts of gai
mvnts that may be most soiled, such si wristband*
andeolitrs of shirts, may be slightly rubbed before
rinsing, and the clothes will be found perfectly clesu,
white and clear.
Warranted art to injure the finerl fabric and to give
perfect satisfaction, or the money will be refunded.
Bo<d wholesale and retail by RE SELLERS
»gplO 67 Wood si
[•W. B» 8019
Clsysland, Warren sad Pittsburgh
Tsligraph Company,
N pursuance of a resolution of tic Board of Dlree
. tpr* of the Cleveland, Wanes and Pittsburgh
Telegraph Company,requesting the Secretary tomato
daaeetq_be published in tbo newspapers along
the line, an exhibit of the financial and otfaeraffaire of
this eoopaaT. I submit the fallowing Report.-
Hie Use orTelegraph commeueea at Cleveland and
Fulls, Firndtlin, lieurimV
andLsJwell, in the State of Ohio, and New Castle and
Tech ester, In the State ef Pennsylvania, at which
xdnts then are offices located Ibr the receipt and
ransausslcm of business.
' The whole length of the line is 149—Capital
Slock, per mile, making a total capital stock of
53348& of which amonnt Slogan t. hold by citizen*
along the line, and the baJanee i* bald oy Cornell a
Speed, the contractors. The above amount of .sub
; scrlpnoni by- cltisens. have been paid to Cornell A
Speed, tor which lha Trustees base their receipt.
JeKtilf JEFFERSON BALM, Secretary.
100*000 feet Seteoned Peek Flank;
fg*4tf Aa*TM7« LtWi froth p.
Auoeuud Rtrmui'i laiuanei Com.
puty of Um City of Pittilrargli,
CAPITAL 0300,000.
THE Company I, now prepArsA to Injure against
OJfrct, Second iStor yyiSSfcjßa Hall.
J. K. Moonhead,' Wo. A. Hill,
R. 11. Hartley, R.B. Simplon, Joihua Rhodes, Wo.
M. Ed car, Edward Great. A. P. Ansbstx, Wm. Coi
linrwood, B. C. Sawyer, Chas. Sant, Win Goman.'
JL RANCE COMPANY.-Offleo North Boom of the
Exchange, Third street, Philadelphia.
Fna litsenAitcx.—Buildings, Merchandise andothdr
property, in Town nod Country, insured against ion
or damage by fire, at the lowest rate of premium.
. Moats* Lucusci^- I They also insure Vessels,Car.
goes and Freight*, foreign or coajiwise,iinderopen or
special policies, as tho assnred m*y desire.
IntAiß) Tauttyoirsno?*.—They also laser* marsh*
andiso transported by Wagons, Bail Road Cars, Canal
uoats and Steam Boats, on rivers and lakes, on the
most liberal terms.
piRECTORS-jowph 11. Se«l, E,m»n4 A. Bonier,
John 0 Davis. Robert Barton, Joan R Penrose,Sami
ol Edwards, Geo G Leiper. Edward Darlington,' Isaac
F w “ FolweU, John ffewlia, Dr R M Hasten.
Jaa C Hand, Theophilus Paalding,' U Jones Drools,
Henry" Sloan, Han Craig, George Berrilt, flpe Ira
a 52*2“* Charles^KellyT? G Johnson, Wm Hay,Dr
8 mSS2d ohn BftHwWm Eyre, Jr?
Hngh Craig, John T Logan.
nieasan 8. Niwbold, Sec’yi
o-WT °C lilo Company.lTo: U Water street,
Pittsburgh. HanSSotf PV A. MADEIRA, Agt
»»4 HiMtb Uivrtatt!
Ufo ud Hesitfa loaonse* CoßnnaT
Rato town tsa* act P»am>
rAWA Coxtact, *nd fall » per toau low tx o»«q the
asoAl mcai of Ufo laaoraace, as the following -coib
pariaon wUI show: Thaa, a persoa of the are of 30 in
•onnj fortlOO for hfcl maat pay la the Girard <3,36
Peanrrlrani*, «2^C,> enn Nataal, <3,00; Eattitasll
P&i New York Life, <±3B: Al?
bwn, Llftmnd Heall, Philadelphia, «#.
Dincron—Samact 0. Omck, Charier D. IUII, W.
fcRW ,? e &«I p - Charles P. Hajea, M. W.
M v *®7eTH. D-, Chaa.o. B. Campbell,
Lewia Cooper, 1. Rodman Barker, E. H. BnllerTEdwin
D - Orta*, Vice Pre*.
d P Secretary—Fraacla Biaekbsrse.
Apphcauoaa Will be rccalgeii.andaTgt-f lafataweilan
« h, “ b T SAUL. FAHNEOTdCK,
_ Once, Commercial Rooms, corner of
Wood and "Hurd |ts, Pittsburgh
vtiub Ain> barisb isnißAiicß,'
TUB INSURANCE CO. of Nerth America - will
and limited Inanrance oa pco-
TlelnUy, and cn sfclpaenu by
guakJUvera > Lakcm udbp<ea. The proper** of
< &“P?° T S r * we ! , V lwted ' A>rsuh an trail*
Si?^Tvf r tie ““Pj® U»l«®alty of all penes* whe
®** ..J 0 ”® protected by intaranee.
_nrylß WM. P. JONES,
*>4 Bferlai Ibiiuuci<
T ,U A,?J PIC . E °1 1118 la*amnce Company of North
•ut ofWcSd “ M h* 60 tea6T#4 to No. HI From at
-,M^ nb,ertbef ’ “S 6 ?* for the above eld and reapoa
«ola Company, wul tssae Policies on Doildinn and
«<> on shipments of Merchandise by
steam Boats and othervessels
- I|d w. p. JOMTS.
Soiem and Antique Knnltnre.
63, Turn 81., Btraatntoß.
Heipectfalljr inform* the
poblic that he hu rom-^JJ^^
FUiiwrrußE. u-?^i b teSgjdss“
cver for tale in this city, comprtainjr several
telta of Rosswoar, MaKowast, and Bua Waurei
catrrd, ornamental and plain. initabU for Parlors,
Drawing and Bed Booms, all of which will bo said at
thrlowest pnees.
Peraons desirin; Farm tan of any deieription, aro .
spectrally invited to cailandexaminehis stock, which
embrace! every description, from tho cheapest and
clatnest to ihe most elegant Wd coiliy, of which the
mlovnareOQpniet apart:'
Tete a Tete Soft*; Teta a Tete Divans:
Conversation Chain; EUxabethiaa Chairs:
Reeepuon do Loan XIV do
Extension do Bafliei t'lUqoe;
HuatWott; Toilet Table*;
l.osii XIV Cowmadore; Bake of York'* Coach-
CO Softs With Plash and Ualr-oloth covers- ’
JO Divans, do. do do:
40 dos hlanof any Parlor Chairs;
10 “ Rosewood do do:
IS “ Dl’k Walnut do do:
40 u Cane Seat do;
4 “ Mahogany RockJnv doi
5 “ do Piano Stools;
50 .Marble Top Centra Tabl-M,
W do do Warb Standi,
I’M hlabotacy t
14 d-» i / ' -
lssßl’kWalnat do:
8 Cherry ‘ do.
Avenr targe assortment of Common Chain and oth«
. rr rnnutnre too tediaas to mention.
Steam Boats fornlshed on the shortest tmtlas.
UMI orders promptly utended to._ . - , > ~ ~
I V"* o **”*? Makersc an be aappllcd with all sorts
! of Mahogany, Walnat, and Veneers, at considerably
redneed onees. '
White-Flannels, all Wool.
Red do do
Yellow do do
Brown do do
Black Satinetu.
Steel mixed do
Blue Jo
Drab d„
Black Ctiumeii
Fun,')' oo
Fancy Tweeds
Super Black Broad Cloth.
Super Brown do
Super Green do
Super Twilled do
Super Biaek Doe Skins
Super Drub Css tune ret.
Super Brow* do
Super Black do
California Blankets.
Scarlet do
Blue do
Drab do
Grain Bagging.
Brown LnOs;
At the Matu/heturefs*
Pitta burgh
'■’lib copartnership heretofore existing between the
X subscriber*. in the name of Constable, Burke A
£°» “ l J u i‘* ajr dissolTCd by mutual consent. Messrs.
Burke A Barnes will settle the basinets of the concern,
for which purpose they arc authorized io use the name
of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have this day associated themselves
In the ntme of BURKE A BA ft NEsTtor the hdow
of manufacturing Fire Proof Safes, Vahlt Doors, Ac.
“C-t *ii be of.rfio Ist© firm of Oo ns table, Burke
ACo, where they will be pleased to receive the patron-'
age of the customers of that house and theirfnenda.
In retiring from the firm of Constable, Bake A Co.,
I with sincere pleasure recommenAJUessrs. Burke A
Barnes to the confidence of my fiieids and the public.
HAS Just returned from the Eastern dues, and l n
receiving a lam variety of seasonable Goods, to
*mehhe respectfully invites the atteniionof mereh
an» and pedlars. No B 4 Wood sL f e bn
WALL PAPEH-Wrr. MaXSEOLL la eon«t*ntty
receiving, from the largest munufuctorle* in
New lork and PhlUdelphta, and alto from French
agencies, the newest sod moat approved style* of Pa
per Hangings, together with Border*, Fire Board
Prints, and Tester Tops '- For aaie at 63 Wood at, be
n Diamond alley, (successor to i
C. Mill.) #p4
* brisjastreo*d per steamer,
and for sals by the barrel or Single pound at the
Dreg, Beed, and Perfumery Warehouse, comet of
Wood.streeu. B N WICKERS HaM.
UE Fbtenlx Msnofactoring Company now offer to
tha pubtio their Premium Chemical Stove Polish;
and without exaggeration,or fearofcontradiction,by
those who hay* tested it, pronounce it far superior to
any other in the market The consumer oend haveoo
apprehensions of soiling carpets, Ao- aa its corn
position preveou a dust from arising when beltig *».
plied, which must be done when the Stove is eolu '
■r ■ ? quantity required u so Hula to produce a beau
urni lustre. A savtog of over fifty per ceni is Insured
to the coosemere. A coating applied to Stoves, pipes,
Ac., when laid away for the summer, ia a lure pre--
yentative against rust After having tried it once,
(if It is accessible) no person will use any hat the
Phanix Manefaetaring Coopany'a Premium Chemi
cal Stove Polish. For sale by
myfi Comer of Blxtb aod Wood urease;
piTTBBUpon nousuixaG stork,
Corner oll’enn and StCitir street*.
ITTM. ALEXANDER A SDNS, Furnishing Undef-
Vf takers, where every article (or Funeral and
Mourning parposat ean be got on reasonable terms.
THE Vieille Montarne Company supply their agents
with Roofing ana Flooring in abeets 3x?fcet,<rea
II to bounces per square foot Ccrrogaud In sheets
3x7, V 7 ox, for roofinr puolie buildings and depot*.
Ship Sheathing, 14 x 40 inches, from tfl to 33 ounces.
Nails, Spikes, Wire, Sugar Molds, Perforated Zinc,
Zinc Faint, Ac.
They warrant tbelr metal pure, and free from any
admixture of iron, or any other substance, audxe
commeud it for the manufacture of moiturUciei in
'he hoase fumlrbing l>ne, a* it does not rest, la not
affeeted by the action of water, and may be polished,
painted, and japanned
Samples, models, plana specifications, and other
Information maybe had of tbelr agents:—
N’CaXL A Brsono, New York;
Atxudsx. Roixtxs A Co.. Boston;
Natbaii TioTrxA A Co., Philadelphia;
W. A 11. MeKoi, Baitiaoret;
SLaxx, Dat A STAurrxa, New Orleans:
F. SILLIROUX, Resident'Agent,
8 Hanover su, New York.
Uege, September fc— sep3:dfim
THE Autobiography of Leigh Ham; with remio-
Uceneem ot mends and eon temporaries, ia R vols.
Carlyle's Latter Dif VUJ,iKbjnt,
History of DariustbeGreaL ByJocobAbbott,with
Julia Howard,» Romance. By Mrs Martin Bell,
Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution.—No fi.
The above works received this day, and Are tale by
augfid Cor. Market A Third st.'
ttsaa'i Psamsashipeidicepy Becks,
fftllE above books having been Introduced into
a public and private schools In Pltuburgh aiad'AUo*
ibeny. the author has appointed ths sabscritsr axtet
tor their sale in this city.
Tcscbm snd others will be gepplied utpnhlisheri*
stated in elrsulsi. J H MRLLO*.
■ i i p
H Haw Books.' • - •
and Remedy. rßy Dr. Moore
.,* d ffcijdWi''mwl- ' BtUio antfagr d
• l fiVi.„^ eld ’ Nonßia '»Brtd«/*Cite. ”
V? m *P®oi«ae*orßobtBo6th*y-»pan&-
ORaMMaR—The Bttlbh latnon In
Ik aUitSS*" 11 *&""»Wto afistory
de,i «»«4 iu in college* anff
reeent pregreu of Aitronomy!
sa ByEUaeLoomit - >
Pcnth 0 Hnntar’a in the far interior of
notleet >f the native tribes, an<T
£2E%Sr 0{ # lion, elephant,hippup*.-
-»f pa _ 47 Marital at
jass,^ d n s“- KLE, ® R ’ 9; “" i »
. Ito»« *>biTh«e.
Ttie Wcusher. Tho White tod EMBous. Nuct
S" 1 * AliUote*. Where
ra_no«rihßjia_Mtlebaruhad- La Serenade. t*p 7
*R?L»,« «f 146 Ky«eri«* of the Coart of
t?°. * of y»** laterestidg work baa been
received at Holmes’ Literary Depot, llurd street
•K 7 EUetFp*TTf, or Trials
OUriai GecrfO Ctauiol, aarnamed
Seanderbef Kmjr of ATMae. or Clement C. Moore,
L- L. D; and No 33« o< LitteU’a Ltring A|
iilt Bioiividr 1
C *l2 , * B Cloih, Ait Bed*, Air Pil
pffift£ I Tt Cß * U^?*' W *“ r Tobacco Ptrachet,
niblßg Boom, Cost*, CapfZciofcks, Tarpaslinl
Qorr*, Mitten*, Pouches, Waw, ElasticaTrnraca.
B P'! n ni MeeWae Banding. Sou*We«er£
r??. £UBlanket*; Piper Holders
—Preserver*, Bus, tiisau But.
BwhiU Matt,T>oU*> Head*, DeX Lioni/S oddie
P*sf» D*h*. Foot B*U*7 Ladle*' Waah Glovev
Gon Sbo es. Gena’ Gam Bhoe*,Lefrin«, A*
"tf ?* Util
jPP®***** all the caaraeteriaue* mw.i«,
*l*:—iMolebtliry under, any degree of
BexiblUry in ike senna coldTireit daSbSitr!
lfehtwo, perfect Impervious* e**, a St freedom from
N-tS". Wri 01 ”""'
HOUSE ASIGN PAISTIITUand Staling, prompt.
If and neatly ereented.
asm'JSrnXS, ™ i* ondymood, that we
M?«£L P SJ B 2?*. tnd ? ,txlfl F M cheap a* any other
&*“**■£* u urn eltjr, and are de tannine a to do it.
ALW Extract; Wen End do; Jockey «hzb do:
flower* do; Jenny Lind Hair Glen; Aromatic
tX-.CVi AS* Poachin ®°*Ci for whitening
the tXin, Almond Shaving Crettni ROie da do; Am.
S*WJ“ i°i «?»? Bo»Pi Floating do; Amandine
*t?V** u A°i Hoao d« hfarakaallow dot
1 B . ro^ n Wlndior do: Bear*. Oreaie; Ac. 4
|, ® T .l tl# ' wfaeleai Je “4 retail, by B E,
J9 1 * 87 WoodTu
41 Wita »t.
laptrler Icotch mad Xrlah WUikay,
H* 1 ' Wtt
» *V* C > Brandies of didareqt vintage* audit rand* ta
half, quarter, and octave*. Imported and for aale by
ttpMrfeodlm 8p—»8 jo Wrii&ffy^rtetohia
MBS? A*? D ?X e AtNTB of all Mnd*j«m*mat
ly M hand -of the ben quality; alaoTvamiahea.
wajeed<W«,Boiled ou«, Paint BnuhtTsaSTooli
wmdow Glass, various alien Ao. Bold wholesale
ana retell on accommodating term*.
whL' Su&.WSH P ®ixcd or djy painti
jno«iAta;do ihelr own painting, can receive the
noeemry itrtcticni gtau*. J a H PHILLIPS
«pw 7 A 6 Wood" at
ON Üb4 uni recTfron the PMUprrilte ir.cti.rT,
for the foil trade:—
600 yd* W Floor Oil Cloth; 5000 rd* 4-4 d« £OO vd*
5 I do. 600 yd* «4 do; 1000 yd* 84 do; fiOCO yd* aheel
®>« reedtam and heavy, from 4 to 6 yard* wide, al! of
"ScJF.TtS I VJV* P," I *™? and cat to any given sis*.
StojltlAd* F * cloli ». «0 yd* M do;
100 dozen asaorted abe* Table, Stand, and Roman
6iiciouu “ jd * m
anSS/al/n a °^P l^ Stain,•••onedpattenu;
«H oreen 011 for Window Blind*. 300
yard* H do.
Window Shade*, a lure
of oewen styles.
Merchants tad other* .wishing to purchase, ere is*
I “ d , oar assortment of goods,
watch «ui be sold et the lowest eastern prices.
7 ft 9 Wood <t
2CKOEIES-14 brfi Lard;
J |lft brli OwiMj
-X 1 bag Bearwax;
—-r**- T btf» Fealbar*, to urire, to talc by
Water & Front m
FANOT ftU&DEE GOODS isslreoelrcdfien New
York— atci luresizo iwILHeuU;
t dot Dorr
■» J«I do* Uooi, for I»ie st th« India Rubber
9 Wood eL J ft H PHILLIPS
Blue Drills;
Blue Demins;
Fancy Cotionades; all ore
offered « Factory prices.
Roma League Shining.
Checks and Stripes, very
Heavy good*.
Tailor** Goods
Usd Padding, stperdo;
Vest Padding, Buckram,
. Tai!on’C«.»ass,beavydo;
Brown Linens, Sllieta’s
Drab Serge, black do, • J]
and worsted;
Black and Wutt Tape;
Bitek Twist, Drab do;
Linen Cheeks and Drills;*.
Stuart’s (I cordSpJl Cotton;
do Linen Thread, a
superior article;
Silk Tlgared Vestings;
Blaekfiadn -do
Brown Hollasd B*’g Silks:
Buttons, Cravats, Ac., Ac.
arehouse, No 137 Wood s
ijuSTFitCH 4 ftoi
IB brla Pttth;
, 10 brl* Rosin:
To irnre, for (tie by IBAIAH DICKEY *CO
Water A Front *is.
To trnve, fox i&Jc by
Madder, &c—3 hhdt Madden
3 ceroona 8 P lodifo;
„ SSbrU Lorwood; foraale by
Q PICES, fco—lS btga Pepper;
O lPbM»Pim»to{ ,
i barrel* Clove*;
t baml Nntinejr; foraala Lt
WALL PAPEB—A pirfcei kaltilUa
•J ©( Qolooy Granite, to be hang in bloeta.
**P‘ it
.me rewpaoo ef orders at ihelbUowlßf place*—
{.* R Floyd, center of Sixth tad Wood streets.
* aho « , !?l*i wr. Liberty* Merteins.
j-h« » o*'to dT *** tat ’ *or. Fcntrtb * Sttlthfield.
tvuL!l.i?7& ■“”?« earw * Wylie,
wefrert Office, Foerth street.
m Sir I ’, Fifth M»cornerofMertetalley.
MOfau, store, Seen street, Ninth Ward. r
ttoSJSTIJSWV 1 * twice or ihnee dally
raaycmeot, as w* shall endeavor to do then laatlce.
* ar **P*MU»~«<x!» t Liman Iriup
g!ss‘ B "”r uu, ?o* :
fr “" p “" ' mo " jak '’
T"s*« kuo ° Hxod, ehd tethladkyro*
rifii 1 *? **■ Baantscitnn, on cenriraaent,
Ai£*«if •“ ****** plain andbamd;
Blanket CoaluitL Beaver
1 8,,1 . 0eu » “d Tveedn which he will tell
._Sifii a&flS e
_ c - YEAQER,
,0 * Bwfcit limii, [hit i.nurtr.i
4 Soo°Dfi?Sis s3 »““« PABCY
OlnviS V l ra?. < RI?HXI.JHP BO N§l > A C E 9,
CdUB8 ' BOA)N9, BUS-
lle*|htuU| A PeeKlDf BltahlUhaiiai
T Pm ‘ *» 4 B«< ««B|hUtim 111
&siof2S^SL Be . i ® teai l ir »J u,4 - hu one tbonsand
■asrSsS 3 ®# I *^
i**®?’ M there are adeableflee aieuc boiler
l) Bwm C SS *}»***• b * bocffbi ahem
“ Cincinnati end many other
li . n d If* 1 neceuery.M boats may be
•h!mfn# diS?. P ii in ! l Ho,u< * and *• keiilhet tor to New Vork
tha kii«nr S«Jh. f ® y 1« r*l{Utmr*h, or ro
efihe vi*.Jr!in» T ‘*.^« w OTlc*n», ere et etl eea»oae
S{“2* ftf-f?, 1 1, / e< l«el ip those afforded by Clnctnnaa
Applications torrential to
Attorney el Lew. Cincinnati:
-KU-Mi o'* 0 '* r^.‘^g'' BELI '
— • fSclctaOar.
j**A BARKS*,
A ™.. «sasSs,? f rsr^,A l «T. d..
™SSbi!W£2!ISSSf **“ ■>
Excellent Teas et-■ ■■ , L .. m sabertbi
. fopenor Qnuitiea. .j ~.98*5^
The Beat f . * tapohed ,Li m »
K. lUiSiLo? ’"U.opa A cU«fi»l «ad Ear
Emb OTer//D 1 ““"I**«B«pt. n«L
?rtßftbetrte<£;’ WCUtia, .*b3r«> career of Wood
§U: Ea'yf" I *'
Waw flam.
at just received
1 doz extra do
COPAL VARNIfIU—7 barrel*;
U keg*, *0 gmlieach;
10 keg* IS do; >0 Jo,
W*™ PBOC3fcAaA*iOB.
IK£?sS»l£lMu® *™?.* k Mi ftfftcud with dim
SSSI*^ ,ll f Jo oUvores, running
lurere, ftc. thsi they cao bo aredhr tskln* the p».
baithisdoe*not makeitso, for
h * of "* tto “n community*that
****•, D6 * JMlaiaed to any* other
• ;The ms# whoia racked with pain and sof
£2?fr2i? a «i bea ff’ caa fo r aft y cent*, jet reliaf ton
any-ofthe ills efittmorated above. Reader! it costs
,vpry iiulo to make atrial. This .5“
tare—no eompond, put op for the panose ofunooainc
«a the community: bat it Ist remedy elaborated tv
, the master hand oinaiure, and bubblesnpfromthcbn
.eWUofdurmotherearthinlui original parity, and of.
Jcretowacringhumanl-.y a ready remedy, a certain
and cheap car*. , !
' It has cured Piles after ether medicines have failed
readdr any relief L has cared Kheaaaiiimoflone
. standing, and of the wont and most painful character,
lulu eared Cholera Morbns by one or two doses: it
tas cored old cases of Diarrhea, In which every other
remedy bas been of no avail. Asa local remedy in
borsi afid scolds, il it better than any medical com-:
poondcf dintnjenlthatweknowof. ft will car* chil
blains orfrosted ie?t,ln a few applications; undoubt
ed testimony can be furnished of the troth contained
in the above statement by callingoa Samuel M. Kier,
Canalßasio, 7th street; or either of the agents.
Kerscr ft McDowell, eorner of Wood street and
Viryfa AHeyrß. e. Selim, 57 Wood street, D. A. El*
llot ft D-M. Carry, Allegheny city, are the agents.
TJKAUTY—It Is universally conceded that beauty U
IJ more common lu tbitcountry than in any other,
while at the same timeitis »tlu 'ha tin no other eoan
uyuu lost at so young ;uu ag« Now this is true
to a certain extent,but tah loss u often caused by ne
glect Wo soy to ail, do'noi neglect your personal
apoearance, but read the'followlng, and y*n need ooi
lack good looks. These irtlcles are scientific pre
paration?, and have all attained * Dish popularity.
aJ nK I ”* p M ! s Eau Dm:t« d* VatnrsaKS Nl*TB
Hoar, for removing tan, sunburn, pimples, blotches,
ana other creptiont ot the skis; "the most perfect con
servetor ofbeautr every known. Purchase nothing
purponittg to be Nymph Soap, unless it has my name
Psp*** oaCnunui Povniu,for im-
P*™og to the most bilious complexion a radiant
. la nothing shouldja person be more care
•P. than the use pf a powder for thn skin, as many of
ttoae told are very injurious." | My Chinew Powder Is
ooapouadcfl in a scientific manner, and contains no
■nrredient whieh can possibly inflict an injury.
Jttxi llaokL’s Dotlatobt’Powbs*, for removing
wperflaoas hair. What is more unsightly .than haft
upon the face or arms of a lady. This article will
instrument * lllOll wlltollt lhe use of any thorp
Liquid Hat* Dt* will
“ wd, white, or gray hair,a
V^ Wll ’ ®* auburn eolor. it will
J SJ? •honer time, and more effectually
than any other Dye, being at the same time indeliible
«*»**•*» Saavow CnmuL—lt is really a plea
•are to shave whh this cream. There is none of the
smarting actuation usaally experienced in the me of
most Soaps. On the contrary, it leaves the skin smooth
M *° m* l Do ‘ liable to become
mi ®“* T «rb PXsxt-Next to the hair,
*■!.*«. Teelh were uuended as the greatest orna’
SWM 0 ®” bat when neglected, nothing
or “ «I ttiek| r wen. My Rosa Tooth
the teeth a pearly whiteness, at
the tamo tunc keeping the gums firm and healthy.
n£!lk f?, , complete assortment of Freneh,
British,andAmeriean PerftimeTy aod Fancy articles.
JULES IIAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist,
p . . . ISO Cbestnat street, PhiJa.
For sale wholesale and retail, by li. a. Fahnestock
45 * B. fcSeUera, Pittsiurghj and John Bar
genuand j. MltrbnU. AJlegheny City, Pa. jyg7_^p
... —o vis 01 Mercury.Ae.
tttei or Prowy, Expoaure or Iraprudenie m C&*
Afro—Chronic Qonititutioual IXsorderaTfre.
Tin medicine fata acquired a very extended and
established repaiaiion wherever it has b&n used,
b ** ed entirely oa iu own menu, which Sroertor
Srs?-^L?]? ne The nn/onajiiie victim.
77 Uh i wMn * ,and *> 4»*nteu!d 1
£“,!»?»“? *P BM h L' f eariouL hn been r£iwred to I
£s!w r Tbe icrofuloui patient! covered
with ulcer*, loathsome to hlmielf and hlsaiwdtnu :
w . holc * , Ilnnd « d * cf pc non a, who i
R?S?, d h “r« J «»'T for rear* ond-, c Ul , neoai
ana glandular disorders, chronic rheumatism. and
many other complainu ipriutin* ftoia h derenrcmern
of theaccretive oinai and the eirculni.on. have been
r«ui-J>» a were from the rook of di«-« 3 , and now
5K 1 .™ , -r , .tP¥ d sl*Jlr te.tio .0 Uf
emeter of Una inettimaMo prrpimion
Tie attention of the reader ia called tothc following
aMnlilunj eare, effected by the ate of BanJi’ Sana!
> i>«>» » florid w.oum »bo
tfl^ClC l ifQ r , U,<l fiTe y.*r* with Sfrofnla,
£5,J!1551~ f noiaplnlni; on Iho I nntmry, .hi
* nd nftnr eipnndinn between
phyueiaaa, beside*.using other
J2S""™?" without success, till the disease had
eaten away too cartilage or her nose, made Its up'
££f£f. e -f?i WloB * par J* *V f her boJ Ti«nd had final!?
emunoaced its ravages in the root of her mouth
a..}?.. - d "* dful •ituetion, with ihe pro»peet o
hcT 10 S“ e ce > i statrd her ease to Di
» t r ßnl tor Banda' Sarsaparilla in New
bern, N. C i by whom I waa advised to bis that article
and to my sorerUe and that of my neighbor!, to whom
her case ear known, after using four and a half bot
Itei ahe was restored to perfect health, and that to the
ptee of three weeks. and via a ble to work la two
weeia from the time she commenced taking it.
Inwitaeaa of the truth of thia statement, I hava
iST" ““ 7oSsa’S^^ , #“” 1 «*
“Mouth of Neuce River, Craven co. N C
The following j* an extract from a letter received
iromM**. Bevanjwnohad been atllietedaaveralrein
irtthSerofttiouaineere, Dyspepsia, fro., and recently
an affseiion of tba throat ana chert:—
. _ “BuiLrrsantj.Va-Dec. 13,184 A
Messrs. A. D. B*3sa—Before'l commenced
aaiu you Sarsaparilla, my vu&tlnge wore almoat
(ttl expression: my throat was completely ulcerated.
had a dreadful cough, and there were frecaentlV
weeka together that I could not apeak above a whiv
pery and betides,the inflammation from my throat ex*
tended to my head, eo that mr hearing waiver? much
™paired. After taking the sarsaparilla a short ume!
my health via improved, and tut throat ia now weUs
l am as free from cough and tightness of too ehesl as
ever I waa, and can lieu quite distinctly. My threat
hae been well about three month*, the core of which
5*1.. v® 6 to* use of you Saras*
p^,a *^. Y ® nt friend * LOUISA R.BBVAN”
The following teatimoalal to tho value of the Sarsa
parilla, ia from the Rev Luther Wright, and 70 raara
Coogregational Minister, reiiding at Woburn.
uiT a j “ Woboiii, Mau., March 30, lSIfl.
Alcaare. Sanda: Gentlemen—From what 1 have ax*
penanced, and from the infonuahon I have recently
received from a number of persona of high respect*,
bilitv who have used you Sarsaparilla. I have not
the least doubt but that It Is a moat valuable medicine
and that the numanma certificate* you have received
or iu efficncy are fully sustained by experience, and
although iu repsiaUon and utility are very extensive,
and aland in no need of my humble efforts to tneroasi
them, 1 want all who are afflicted by disease to be*'
come acquainted with the efficacy and power of you
valuable medicine.
ymtV 1 ' * BOtle,ce,, ‘ * rat * fu t 1 3 (rr n HEtt I T * pecl " ,|l ' l,
Prepared and sold, wholesale tad retail, by A. B. A
D. SANDS, Drogyuij and Chemists, 100 Faltoa street,
corner of william, New York. Sold also by Dru«.
gist* generally throughout the United States and Can
ad*. Fnco 91 per bottle; six bottles forts.
A CO., and EDWARD FENDIiIUCH, Pittsburgh. A*
•n. bv r>» «. SMITH. Hridawmt*. fai»s4.rte&iw7
be ow Wood street, la
®B* ■HO Wl, haying been
regulariyedueaied to the medical
profession, and been for some tint
in genera! practice, cow confines
his attention to the treatment o(
those pnTaia and delicate com
plaints for whleh his oppovtaiuties
and experience peculiarly quality
him. 14 years assidnausly devoted
to sway ft treatment of those compl«lmi,(dunaq3iu» 1
time ka has had mora practice and has eared mors pa-
Unts than can tvsr fan to the lot of any private prac
titioner) amply qualifies h»« to offer assurances of
speedr, permanent, and satisfactory care to all afflicted
with daUeata diseases, and all diseases arising there,
from. x
Dr. Brown would inform thoaealllietsd with privets
diseases whlchhave become chronic by time or eg,
EaVated by the tie of any of the eoramon nostrums of
e day, that their eomplainuean be radically ud thcrj
onghlyeuredjhe having given hi* careful aueotion to
,tha treaaaeal of inch eases, and succeeded In hundreds
of instances in coring parsons of inflammation of the
neck of the bladder, end kindred diieases whleh often
rasalt from those eases where others have consigned
them tp hopeless despair. Ife particularly invites tnck
as have been long and unsuccessfully treated by others
to coni alt him, when every saUifaetibnwill be girt*
a and their eases treated In n carefal,thorough and
gent manner, pointed oat by alone experience,
•ltady,and investigation,which it is impossible far those
engaged In general practice of medicine to give to
Sneelif* of disease. x
ffyHemla or Rapier*.—Dr. Drown also Invites par*
teas afilcted with Hernia to call, ash# has psid perns'
ilartnootloniothudlscas*. '
CANCERS also enred.
BHa diseases; also U a, Faley, eta., speedily etr*<
sax living it a dlitanea, by
Stating Hair disease in writing, giving all the srm>
toms, can obtain madlcinei with directions for nea. bt
addressing T. BROWN, M. D., post paid, and eneW
N*. U Diamond efffT,cpposits the Wavarlv
Homs*, i • . ' 1
RxxxKirtsa.—Dr. Brown’s nswlydlscoTerad t*»* ■
y for Rheumatism le a speedy and certain remedy fo
rat painful trouble. It never foils. ' *°
One* and Private CnnauMn*: Rodm*.'Na «* m
■caatuw.ritßiKAH. 4m
k srK*n»*» ■ ■ r : Bm.l ::
_ • Difttiaterr or nx Inrntoa. >
p/fa jrf Tndt- ' ~ ~ I
__ ;«/•** *f *..Jiaa Affaixt, Sift 35,i850.1
C EALJiD PROPOSALS will b* received at the office
P of the Commissioner of Indian Affair*, u Wash,
muon city, an til.tea o’clock os Saturday, the second
next, far. fomUhia* urn following
«.«« , ClejiTto, I—Bickut*.
8,100 pairs 3 point while- Mackinao blankets, to
measure 60 by 72 inches, sad weigh eight
pound*. •
1.900 pairs 2J point whlieMackiaao blankets, to
measure 1 54 and 88 Inches, and weigh six
oounda. . '
l>i 70 pain 3 point white Mackinac blankets, to
measure 13 by 56 inches, and weigh five and
a quarter pounds.
9co pair! 1 { point while Mackinac blankets, to
measure 38 by 50 inches, and weigh (bar and
■a quarter pounds.
900 pairs 1 point: white Mackinac blankets, to
measure 33 by 46 inches, and weigh three
*0.6 * quarter pounds.
400 pairs 3 poiat scarlet blankets, to
to e*«ure €0 by 72 inches, and welsh eiaht
pounds. r
300 pairs 2| point scarlet blankets, to
measure 54 by 68 iochea, and weigh aix :
pound*. ! - ”
jplat gr®tu Mtckinio blankets, to
poukdaT M 84 ; incbes, and weigh ten
300 pairs 3 point green Mackinac blankets, to
%££** 12 “ d «3h
250 pairs 2* point green Mtckintc blankets, to
100 pairs 3* point gentinella blue Mackinac Man.
Vets, to measure 68 by. 8i inches, end weigh
ten pounds. 8
400 pairs 3 point gentlsells blue Mtckinio bltn
kets, to measure 60 by. 73 itcha*. and weigh
eight pounds.
300 pain 2) point gentinella blue MacUsao bl*n>
kett, to measure 54 by 66 inches and weigh
ait ponods.
Clan No. 2.—Dar Good*.
1,005 yard* scarlet tlronda.
bOO do biaeitroada.
1,600 do fancy list doth. Woe.
760 do fancy list cloth, scarlet.
350 do fancy list cloth, green.
1,000 do gray list cloth, bine.
3.000 dn saved list cloth, bloc.
1,600 do aared list'doth,'scarlet.
' bOO do saved list doth, green.
225 posadfl worsted yam, 3 fold.
100 do*.' cditon flag handkerchiefs.
3bo do cottoo Madraajtandkerchlefs.
175 do blaek aiik handkerohiefa.
• 90 do 84 coiton shawls.
60 do 64 cotton shawls.
65 do 44 cotton ahawla.
40 do 84 woolen shawls.
430 pounds linen thread. •
80 do sewing silk.
700 pieces ribbon, assorted.
150 grots wonted gartering.
34 pieces silk handkerchiefs,bark and
_ C**" W». 3,—Doaotrno Goon*.
35,000 yards domestic calico
10,000 do Uerimaccalioo
do bins drilling
3,000. do Georgia ■ tripes
4,000 do bhte denims *
1,600 do cottonade *
4|300._d0 bed ticking
I|ooo .do Keotaeky jeans
500 do ttlinetit
7,000 do plaid limey .
7,000 do domeatie thhiing, bleached
ISXWO do domealic ihlrting, tutbisaohed
15,000 do domeatie aheeting, onbleacbed
e,ooo do domestic checks, striae* and nlaida
400 dozen woolen socks r
1,500 yards flannels, assorted
1,600 flannel shirts
TOO calico shirts
556 pounds chiton thread
400 dozen spool cotton.
. • CUu iya. 1-—Ha«owabe.
2,050 poQDda brafs kettles
270 dozen botchcT knives
Qints \
25 gross iqnaWawta {•
•7,000 fi«b hooks < 1 • *•••{
r 25 dozen fish lines. *t*
23,000 needles -! •••••1
* 100 dozen combd, assorted
10 do scitaon, assorted
10 gross gnu worms •"
1,090 tin keutea [
76 oeMsjiptnne'dkettlei, 3 in a nest
_£ *i* Na - 5- AducTTunnac Itotnaktrts.
™ ’’l*® l ”*, WTJ*. « Imlw. to lenflli [, b.
?£® W'y,, d£
. tun pairs names I.
.•Sl** 1 " «Mm> 4 i~- • • i ■
I.oW>«MdiDgfaoet ;;:!j ■ ■,,
175 bujd uxi ■; ' ‘ !
WmatWnwJ 7*ef|o t.jfk
a f<W to lsupi, •- .
• 100 hand saw files .\y- <■ •
100 cross ent saw files' —' : *
690 whnte»p tt LCwdf I .NoilO
600qnirters .
9opl*net,'fore and j*ek
Clou 2V». &_Arn.
™ a“° 10 ""S' l rro » »t WSJ pound,
S 3 do h.lf «xa, to weigtt 3, pound,
41 do halchet, to weigh 1, Bound.
25 broad axes
Clan No. 7.—Nobtbwest Onus.
ojo north west gooa, two thirds of which must
length of barrel, and
one third 42 inches tn length of barret, to be
delivered in New York .or Philadelphia, as
may be required. v
, * *«“Jrfk **? ®^° T 0 articles an deposltedio the
r.IH e ofths Conmiiiiecor of Indian Affair*: and It
?Jut«« p i? pe T 10 rtm * rk those of hardware, u
lmPl®™6ots, and'aorth wen aana, are en«
iireijr new, and of better quality than the article*
ke sfJ o,l ?to furnished under former contracts.
proposals day be divided into seven part*
2d—Dry Goods.
3d—Domeailc goods.
4 ih—Hardware.
sth—Agtiooliorsl implement*.
7th—Northwest gone.
will re
wbojfi *®«mt money to be applied to the
pnnihasn of goods will bwabont't9o,oCo,tau the Do
panment rrservci the right to ineream or rfmiinifh
he tinantiiy of any of tbs erdcleanamed, or snbsiltate
«?rh r, * i^!i iea lierco^’orto at similar pncca,
“?7 hp wanted for. presents or other
purposes, in the administration of.tho affaire of tbs Do
&«-«!>• Goods of American menifoeT™a!ftfos
I *^ l ' will he preferred: bat ai all the
sample* 0 i biankett and cloths are of foreign maun*
fa e hM 2h» T^i. 1 * 0 nect, * ar T« wbeh.* domestic arSet*
Im il Aeeeapany the
bid, to enable the. Department to decide wbctheririsof
etresl quality with the samples to bo exhibited
Wsupply the anlelea will make
J2iTssif. e fc oJ i items embraced lathe above hit.
In dollars sod cents, nt whleh haw
n»7rZhu t v m J"” aer *“ w “« aeptrnlaly, de
■h^^L a 7vi?» eW r X® rk » l° r lt lhe contractor prefers It,
xrt h V f b« delivered in 8l
®»penso to tbo Government) on or
of the quantity
fl. ea s- in i c ® M *P«l6ed in this advertisement. era
?7£?.£ n * ti 6 e ” 1 ’ aggregate of the whole
Sd In Ksw vSSK* *?**?• |* e P»ds wiUbe intpeo*
[r‘‘ n Vm* (and m St Ismfi, if any portion of
d there)by nn agent of the
J a ** le *» w ho will be appointed by tte D>part
mem for Ibo purpose; and to ucanaln the conformity
withtha sa»3e* exUtKd.
when the eoairaet shall bo made, and with the terms
J itl . C °l^ Cl lu * lr > whi ch snail Domain a dense that
*!*/*£*• DW within the lima pro
,liey »« «f insufficient quality In the
opinion of the agent aforesaid, and if within five days
ulier notice of sneh miuOdeneylthd party shall not
SeufimdSs*i ll •?iM? T#of v of *W-‘«S«iSd quality,
>h v. bB .«»koH*rd to purchase them
of others, and to-charge any inornate of price thev
SC yt if aß P e, Wre;My therefor to the e»mr*cto7
Wh n o js El iP,Vv th ® "- f /‘».ffcence to the United B<ttea
_Donds 'will be reqntred in the amount of the bids,
ih® seEdency of whom tu be
V“' ,e i Buw * or Attorney,
tor the faithral performance w the contracts. Pay.
be made eltcr tha contract ia completed aad
e _““*s®sy of the goods as aforesaid to an agent of
tne-llepartmeot, upon a duplicate Invoice certified bv
•him r .* . *
Communications to be marked “Proposals for In.
dlaD6ood*“ • - •
The bid* wiU be aubmitted with tfcfc following bead*
«Mt. ud coos will ba~rocelved that are aot mads is
the form end term* harp prnaaribed:
“I (of «e) ptopow to larniah far the terrice of the
Indian Department the Following good* at the price*
affiied to them respectively, vii:—
Delirerabl* in the city of New Yoritior 81 Leniil on
or beiflre the day of «- hart: and In com of tkeae
eeptoncowhil proposal*, the qaantttrbßlflrTO*«rfb»
ed by .the Department, I tar we) will axecaia a con
tract thla ureunent. and give «a*W«n
tort weunty tq the Department within ten day* after
the reception. Of; thl* bid; ud U eaae of failure la
enter into *nehtomraet, nod fire kneh neenttlr. l (or'
we) *U pay tt> the United »tiw» the diffareaea bST'
tween the httsti bidden by me, (eras,) and the can
riSi&Sfi" 4 BUtt * “ , ‘ ib ' o6ii »“ it “p«T(oiS
Each and O' • * -
btr», ten, itu» cratriSSiSSlSSSLftjffi:
and «nur tnio bond lor the
-•iikin ilia Una pittcrataS ’ !*tt« .«««
-^ P3 ° ’ Cain»{^ M^r ?^ |T 1 Vg,;^;;
r nnvp .. .
w *M> l?,? Llhß ww will bo *. Cfc!bert*o«
' ow '■ s ;9' , lbebtsci» -!
»• cnratw,) : ■;'■ '■ ’■ - ;
wnioL^Vv^^** 0 ®^* oiiboß,- ■ -
W^^ 4^gpS¥g[J|rtCD™h«i9«lta.
*» ‘“"aKf^.
!:-- siiVs crs jit- —^ a '
(tit*isuw & C 0.,)
firm in^nn the cpitomer* of tire laU
window glass, vialb, bottles 4kc
m . U, * lf Tarietle5 ’«the Old Stand,
i-IJLriL® 00 * •*» belw »«* Pint * Water.
Jy<7:d3n :
Bf. Bose’j Celebrated Htntdio.
•pjR. JACOB S, RC>SE, ike discoverer and tola nm
ninpuon, jCMMh, SerdimeT jHoS?
g"J* ol'jdl kiiidJSoSKSt
stn,ca[e5 tn,ca[e di'M*C« PccbUbiL
not o«e of one compoond oulr formal hii,
2«&d?mS('dte 4 ““ d
*any,«aUafied that abate trial u ttjtho;ent to r-«ia?>ii«k
W T?. h JSn b t!2 * B H in minds of the mott skeptic*?,
Th* afflicted in invited to call«pan ute areni .S
drfSiltJhk 7 **? kilowwg ajeniijiuweli u
«**ftl*u ihranjthont the connur.
J m k V ? Wood ftreot, PlUibanb:
iifI 0 7 Il ?? d * 4IB PP i: » M Market «u ioT
near the P. O. Allegheny city;
j£Sft fc,eJ kP wUD S ton » Beaver co.. Pa. ' 71
V«licV, 4*. do
, a pnsae Qrten Ufo Coffee-
l s?P ackt # e, ***oned Tea*
7»bss luotted Tflbaoco;
ln-S***' Ball;
S barrcli Alum;
»»b« corn Broom*;
30 boit* \Vhii® ui|Tl«.
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*• ,io No I do!
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SObrl* Pilch;
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*W-keg* usoned Nail*:
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-<0 CLtida N o Sugar"
300 brla N O Malaises:
'22 £*? T hite nr **‘l Sn 4 tr
M lula Btnart'i rrushea:
■Xrr fc®! eri ?«’» paWd;
hrl* St Louis Jo
-10 bis Lovermg's Leaf;
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-552J2 MILLER *RICKKT*rtb»
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> Jo Vermicelli
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■■-“£'•■ _ ■■!■ : JUU.EH i. KICKKrsox
j .N£ W .BOOKS ! " ~
H Third ttrecii; opposite the IVisi OSes. *
No B. : ' Hr Thaekerey
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• from Fonnhjtrm. ~ , P 7 2,
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0 OonSirnr Wborli'n"
NE case Black CJoth Shuwty,
lease Yclott jfraane!*;
9 caeca Rod <f e:
1 case Red twitted FJarmolt
9 cases White do do;
3 rases barred : W ‘
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l care Satinett; vTT "
3 Caaca Clan Alpins; •''' '
leaacicant;- - T .
2.e«tt Bins Black Blanket Csaiiar.
* care* Gray Blankets; “ C “**“**
9 cases Drat> Blankets; ■
lease Qiue ; d e .
* * # ? B O vw * fllanketc
“ d «*•«
frOAP“I ~-jr-cr — • 138 Liberty street.
gOAP-Uor'a hljhlr Mifomeil Uro»n Windii~
SsS»«Bir'£» B .-“ OMT ' BO,ri
eZt'!!!^ v,u> ti' uaa s™
Castile Soap; ° de<
MPM oiive Soapi . f °f«'ewlio'c*aie and retail by
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u . ;■ H JOBBER,
otgn of lha Golden Harp. Third si'
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Butter Cr&ske'rr "“
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tepti • ■; miller & tucket son
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3 k' n FLOYD
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LSatadl A HobltWa**; ltd oibor f«rori:» bnndt,
pIUK^E—-1000 lbs VC" R'Cbeeii Jn note, for are by
~ vJft'B FLOYD *
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