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ot Backs Coonty.
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Oi or>>on Ceanty.
*vm srrntfi sraxm.
ot Washington Conwy.
liUnMtnlc Md Whlf BobliuUouftr
Alleghany County*
ro* TBan racDSs ceitoans,
I *»»»*< H. HOWS,
rot tacoxn ancioßTnomr nm cosaatss,
lumiiß PK»»r,
I or riraauMH.
roi ituti,
ros iiiiaiiT,
T. J. UIGHAM, Lower StCiair.
B. C. H’M.Klill, Elizabeth.
JOHN hi'CEUSKEY, Bobinson.
uirraicT smuatr,
lUIF.NKZER BOYLES, North Fayatta.
WM. FUNN, Lower BLlClalr.
cocttt amvrroa,
D. N. COUBrNEY, Ohio.
We fee It frequently stated teat Mr. Hampton
cither voted for the Fugitive Slave Bill, or that he
was absent. He was present and voted against
ths lilt, as did all the Northern Whigs except three.
Araon? the late coohrmatioas by the Senate, is
that of Henry Wood*; Esq.,a* Surveyor of the port
ot Pittsburgh.
Tba October Election—garrayer Oenei
at—J. Pertar Bmsvley.
When the nomination of tbia man for the office
of Surveyor General was announced, there Was a
general expression of astonishment among the
e'tlzecs of Western Pennsylvania. When, bow*
evcr.tfae affidavits of Democratic Delegates were
published, dearly showing tbst extensive briber)
and corruption had been osed, and that jl’wat
that all patriotism, honesty, respec
(sr public oplniao, and common deccrcy, had bees
disregarded and outraged in the 'Williamsport
coovenii.-!?, then (ha people cessed to be sarpris*
cd, a.ij it was generally admitted that the nomine*
lion of J Porter Brawley, was the natural result oi
proceedings mtrked by the grossest corruption
violent?, and contempt of the will of the peo
The opponent of Porter Brswley,. in the Wil
liamsport convention,-was Samnel F. Carpenter,
ci Westmoreland. Mr. Carpenter Is a respectable
men and a good citizen. He is eober and honest,
ui.d uio.'torcr, like Mr. Henderson* the Whig
candidate, was well qualified, both being excel*
L ui practical Surveyors. Mr. Carpenter neglected
to h.tvß at the Convention what is now all to
tKirtani in his party—some agent with money lo
t-’iy delegates. Consequently he was defeated by
ofc of the most fishy politicians, and one of the
m-i-'. iK'fit for the office in tbs Slate of Penosyj*
t < ! rM l.ceump ivoeraSlf v'ouwo dunrj
l.ii .• t-i«:rai.on of liivij 11. Fuller He pcs
t- j.J iU' of Porter,and ibi* give bin
-< j'.' irty. He wan idenutied with the Pou
' t i - • ui'potilioii to the Shuck UcLon. —
tftrr , . c.:u.iDi«.uniiJa wm droouneed by a
liu •-; rnv t ; il,e DciLcciutacl peuosylvani*,
b u" i v . uloL'g w.lh a few coiiop! men, atiil »u»
I'ij-'J li i» »aiO that he torned lor Jobs
Tyie', uam the Porters tamed, and receiver
"Y/oi:* Tiler aonte goverumennt contracts, as his
ah: re cf the spoils. He was the Porter candidate
t . Specie/ol Ike Senate, bat who vu defeated
i’/ P-iit. Best was bitterly dencuaced by his
ptrty,yet L’rawlry was, we are told, willing tr
make il>* same bargain with the Whigs that Bet’
w*a cna>god with having made. Brawley,loo, wia
t ! i<> P ’rler eandidale in the WUliamspoit Conven*
tun in opposition to Carpenter, who was the
hiktiiik, or Simon purecandidate. There is no donbi Brawley belongs to the moit conopt faction
ui l.voio- otbm. Hl* own party friends have re
(mated lv proclaimed him enfit, and strongly d:*
_ bis nomination. *A portion of the Dam*
corals of Crawford conntjf long ago repndinted
h.iu. Since his roTiicaiion, the Democrats of ten
t iwns'iipsof b : »-owo county fcaveroaolved cotta
vote for him, r.o:‘ .Irncceo/d him as a cor*
rapt politicise.' T*.- C<«lon Aries bos Haled that
h? is only Jit jar M’hicitj Ji:*pettar y and he bat
boe n denounced by other Democratic papers cs
an unprincipled rasa, a fishy Democrat, dec.
Mr. Bniwky should never be placed in the office
o! Survey or General. He is noCa practical Bor
••eyor, ami knows nothing about the business of Ibc
office, and is, withal,said to be an ignorant man. Hi*
(tun per and manner* are repulsive and dunhappy; bis
habits are also rery bad. The Democrat* made moral
diameter a test in 1944, and made intemperance a
charge against Got. Johnston, and yet they now
a>fc respectable citizens 1 to vote for a man whose
habits of intemperance are notorious wherever bo
>» known. That this is bis character, we appeal to
the members of the Legislature with whom he sat
Invt Writer, and to the people of Harrisbargh and
In « w;rd, the election of J. Porter Brswley
to the office of Surveyor General, would be a die
g;&:c to ibo people of Pennsylvania, and a great
iejory to the business andweifere of the caamoo
wclib. Wo call upon all true Penntyivanians
of all pariies, to endeavor to prevent no great a
calamity to the State.
Tit* Gzzzt Uatt. Storm.—Tbia storm mint
have been qnite extensive, judging from the fuU
lowing, which we cat from the Baltimore Son ol
Saturday :
Wondrful Storm.—The fallowing letters
are from gentlemen for whose veracity we can
vouch, though the statements they make partake
Bomcwhti of the wonderful:
Wlichestte, Va, Sept. 27,1850.
Messrs. Editors:— We had a great bail storm
bore U»: evening, between fonr and flvoo’cJoek.
Suite ot (be cakes of ice, (or they were nothing
efoo, were (root six to eight inches tong and four
inches >u diameter. Some of the moat iacredu
k-Qa i;i!es are told about them, that none bat those
vbo mw them would believe. I measured one
that alter l&yiug fiueen minnteson the ground was
41 inctc* iu diameter, and 1 (eel satisfied that (J
it had 1-cen weighed iu due timo it would have
weighed one pound and a half Some would
measure 1S inches in circumference.
Point of Rocxs, Sept. 27,1830.
Mvjhm Editors:—Having been caught in the
storm of thta afternoon, and noticing the size of the
bail fell, induced us to forward you an ae*
count of it, as U was larger than we ever saw or
herd of. Indeed, wq (eel some delicacy in staling
ibo aiz»of il. but we are willing to bn qualified
ibat »oiuc ujsi felt near us would not piss through
r 3] mob ring, mod xra would aay with all candor
that u woutd touch a 4 Inch riog, and after carry*
mg it ] ( miles, on foot, it 'measured seven and
ikreo quarter inches in circumference.
D. H.&J. H.
IVnnstlvaxu Towss axu Crrio. The census
returns which we have published from time to
time exhibit the following view of the present po
pulation end progressive increase of some of the
town* and cities of this Stale. It is quite gratify
■og to State pride to observe that all have added to
tneir *ixn aud importance.
Census of ISO 1840 Inc'r.
Heading, 14,000 8,410 3,500
Erie, K.SO3 3,412 9 r '©3
Harrtrinin:, 8.000 5,880 2.0J0
Pottsville, ",i£« 4,3!7 3,159
Komstuwo. 0,030 2*37 3,m
4,340 2,719 1,'g21
:»,1!U 2,138 1’039
3,079 4Co 2,1i14
2,904 l .266 1,5.18
iMuicm i,iT, • - -■— .f- -
Gettysburg, - 2.1*0 1,998 272
SchuylkiU Haven, 2,t»1 1,078
MiUon, ' L6M L4OC 240
1,213 1,107 100
1,150 801 349
70,155 37,858 32,267
I'or the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Mr. Wiiitv—Allow me through the columns of
ymir valuable journal, to call the attention of our
Whig friends to the claims of Robert McKean,
for the nomination for Mayor. I think his
claim* arc paramount, nay superior, to any person
yet proposed for the office. He has long buttled
fearlessly aud manfully, in the Whig ranks, never
once ({inching iu the glorious cause. He has an
huucftt heart und n noble mind, be is in fact just the
limit vre need, and I have not the least doubt U hi*
Ineiid* come to tb« rescue, he shall have the nom-
“Tun Obmiax Oiutjiitxx.a tale of Cruelty and
Oppression.” »• ibo (treat F«*« Tale, by T.
S Arthur. For sale at Miner’*, ou Sailh&eld
The WdSh\
Rfjmßlup of Friday, contains
a long aod important letter from the Secretary of
the Treasury, to ihe President of the Senate, in
reply lo the resolution of that body calling on bun
tJ report open the measures that hnTe been adopt
ed to pravet frtndi npon the revenue since tier
puwge of the act of 1546, and the results of
those measures.
Mr. Corwin enters into an elaborate and detail
ed consideration of tbo whole subject, and de
monstrates that all the authority conferred by G >r>-
(Teas upon the Department-kas been tneffn t-jal'y
exerted to suppress frauds upon the revenue, and
will continue ineffectual, unUts tn<* tar:if of ‘4G
shall receive a different construction iroin thu:
which has hitherto obtained ; or unless Coiifjvs*
shall remedy the ineqaaliiies of the
tem,by the substitution of komt value,
lion of dutiable merchandise.
We cannot find space for the letter ia cur col*
trains, is their present crowded state, and avail
oonelves ofthe aynops's below, for whir.'.: wo are
indebted to tne KryuM<e,n[ul to wbie'.t w» cai! iLc
attention of every voter of reun-ylvauic.
The report of the Secretary of ice Treasury de
monstrates that the-(tomuiiil-e of er.rl
Means acted ucadriMtiliy or iaipr©vidr.r'<v .n »e
porting that it in 'inexpedient u> i.-pi«'R»>- ,-j, ic,
subject cf the tariff. It i, d:riicul[ to h-|.’ v ,j that
they shoold have been awere of tha ft.. t i, al
are so largely practiced upon the revenue -n ■•-vs
of all the efforts ofthe Department, and s ;H . c 'uv*
10 adopt or consider any measures o; rem-.'..*'
legislation It ia nr-t reasonable to supper- ms!
the Locofoeo memhers from Canoee-imr, iVrn
sylvania, Ohio, and other Stare*. ere in-.-Mned to
tolerate and acquiesce In the*- ascertained frauds,
witboat making an effort to arros-: them; asd tti
such ia distinctly the effect cf their voles. They
say tubstantisl v, though >t in so many word*,
that it ts bolter that the f ;reivn importers i ht;ui;
continue to defraud the revenue, than that domes •
tio industry should be incidentally relieved by tbs
requisite legislation.
ft appear* from the report of Mr. Corwin, that
from the first establishment of the new •.\>teni. un
usual apprehension was felt that, under the
from specific duties to duties tuned upon the ft.n-utu !
value of imported merchandise, mere woiiiil bn
great temptation to the commission of fraud* by un
dervaluation in invoices nud, cntn«'«. On tli.*
ground the Treasury circular vf the vSih Nr,vein
her, 1818, was issued, advising the officers <d ’-lie
customs to guard especially agnitiM this dec-rip i..u
of fraud, lest tbo hone»t nictduud mid trader should
be driven from the busiiiesn of importing, lu pre
vious circulars auonuou had been cnlieriio the pro
vision of the 2d see.ion of the Givi! and Uiolomatic
Appropriation act of ihe JOih August, requi
ring that, in all cases where ad valorem vn
substituted for spec.fie diilic*, reference *h u nl<i b;-
had to “invoices aad values ot' Mimfer good*
ported m the ln*t fiscal vear. under Mich ern ml
and uniform regulations for the prevention or
or undervaluation as shall J*? Pre*cril»cd by the Sc
cretary of the Treasui y
These instructions were issued Hindi dime of tuc
operation of the act, which ri«m:uenct <1 on the l»t
of December, 16 Id By the 'ihoijuly, |NJ“. u
had been found necessary to I**llo anotirr nrcclnr.
with rules and regulntiors in recnnl' re opprni**--
meats, it had been ascertained tiut ,n m-'ii>- of
tbo ports ihe merchant appraiser* I :mf trd de
value of the goods at the date of the purcauM;. h->v.--
ev:r remote, and in the -ether pun* at tne earn m
the shipment to the 'J.Stat-*. Tha U»i mode Mr
Walker declared totw in confomtuv with Hie luw.
ThiscoostrueJion Mri Walker derived from tim
clear and•ajpht.Ue terms ot the proviso rf-i!ic
sectionoflhe not of tha 39th of August, 16-ld. He
said Ibalenorinou* frauds would b£ the o»aM> :cT
if any other conMructinn, practised Lycj"k ,, » of
simulated, fictitious, and ante dated pti.*chi*<v. i u
suit the period of lowest price, Under such n * Vs
(cm, indeed, be said the whoie importing bn-m-**.*
woold be thrown into the baud* of ihed:*bon<-: :i-,j
fraodu'ent, throwing the hopevl end fmr trnd-r en
tirely out of ihe market. Such bed l«cn the opL-r
-tiiou of the sysleut ot its very coiuiuenrr-ne:it —
he importer snipping >n the name cfwnar ie
prior purchaser w!io hod bourhi wren ihe *T"»*d*
were much lower m value, and win. renew-d
profit or price on the delivery here in cumpen*at ;<>r.
Mr. Walker enjoined the utmost viguance ii|r.>n nl i
'he officers cf ihe cu*roin* iu deircimx ai win- a-err :
enmeed ia such fraiidul eni praclirv* srzcmit nud !
confiscating the goods ot the and mil-i- c: j
mg them lo all the penalties pre*.:r:t,uid 1” l «w. j
All these efforts were ineffectual lo prcveiu n««- j
mischief, and fraudulent invoices continned i.imu I
'iply. Mr Walker Usuetl newr circulars,wuii
Mringent mstruotioni, in July and December, I^l*
In the laUer cf these, he instructed the ai> |
praisera and the merchant sppraiours. u-i>ri.<-vi-r *
>hev found it neressnrv ti> cui'd »>u-itn*t fraud
UDOervaluation. to t-arrv into t'h-ct :;, t - pr..\ .
>f the 2nd section of ths act 1.1 ifn: iO-.n .Aurn*'.
1816, as enforced t»v the nrcninr m*trucii.-ii- >■( ihji
year. “The last ff«cn! year.’" he a. .I*. • , cd
<n thi* section, was the laM ji-cal tear pn-cc dun:
-be enactment of tliat Inw,which wu» ihe ti-cm <- v . i ..
ending the 30tU June, 18iG. to which refcrer.t-r i«
required by-the luw to values and iu voices of *uni
ar goods, when necessary to prevent fraud or un
der valuation."
Such wore the instruTtions i**uedliv Mr. Witter,
ill of which rema-n in full force at the pw-eut tune
It happens, however, that the vary d.stiur: chi -
druction by Mr. Walker of the proviso cl iue itna
section of tbo act of iheSOih August, IM2. hasßevn
•verruledby Mr. Justice Woodbury, who tins lai-i
lown, quite unerjmvcvraliy. m ihe <-i«e cf Thomp
son and Eurmen r*. Uree-y. Ci----<-!r.r of I*. »ttcu.
hat the vxlueaf foreirn mer. hinUc- 1. be i.-;
rnaled nt the time of l-s: ar tn .1 u i-t -t
-*h p*ncn . '1 Im* ti.e v»t v curc.n.i 1. n rv- < t.c- ■■
mdscinry e*!*burii«-d wnu-u .Mr \v u u«-r *i ,J
vuiiidtneViiaMv leuil lo "euoriOMU. Irr.n !-r,.iti
he rule of courtesy obutntnc jmuia the utci-i-s of
>he Supreme Court, as kid down by Mr. Ju*iro
itory m the case of Washburn v*. Goti'H, the coti-
Uroelioa of Mr. Justice Woodbnrv will be «d;ip- .•
ed in the other circuit*, and continue tbe lAwof.tti
•and until it is expressly overruled by the Suprtinie
Here we find a jndfcfol construction of this pro
vision which, In the view of Mr. Walker, wcr<’
throw the "whole importing bntineea into ;t
bands of the dishoceat and fratiutc&i I ’—-and t
lonalruetioo man make the lew; and yet vt fi
the Locofoco members cf :S? H'.usc a? R.en:c*<2--
atives co*operaiiflg by pzriuoen'ary make *bi -r
-tad exped.ents to sieve off aay action cc t;i
subject, and declaring it to be ir.expcdirni l.j„-
slat on the tarifl. Yes! In the judgment of la*,
rafocoun it U inexpedient to atva p: any csr;»
ion nf the law which, by Mr. \7.ukkris own r •.
retted asseveration, throws the wao'e impnr l '- v
>oBnetsof the country into the hands ot the d i
toneit and frendulect.
It Is hardly conceivable thtl Marne. New
Hampshire, Concec'icut, Pcna»*;v*ui!i, Niw J'r.
-ey, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, M:chiga% t; d !’• .
sols, faro abed Lo-otoeo reprctentauv<s Wj.> vvu
ured to work tcgrlber w,th the anti tmf ,W
dractionist* and Diauoloni*ta to prevent *>ny .-or
fCdiou cf a syatem whiefl thus c.rpe**e* D>m->*
4c Labor and encourages Foreign Frao.l* •Si'.i,
however, (s tbe ftel, and we desi'- (hot <t
■« particularly noted *l7 the of t) 5 o, J’ •.
sole, Pennsylvania, New York. 2Jew J-m-*, s:,:
Sdicuigan. Perhaps even tbe ciuzeDs ofthcim
represented diztiictn in Mas>trhut*Us may tb<ck
it worth while ro to adjust their ditU'-ultle* a« in
seod memhera here, even at tbe-ncx: *e*6ioi<, von
may deem it not expedient to f-r iho ror
recdon of the great evil which Mr. Walker hur
so emphaticallv described.
The report of Mr. Corwin indudi a o:h>-r top c»
or conalderation, which we hcresf.rr v n
(ice. We apprehend, however, {<,at u e have tr.i I
isougbto direct the attention «.f thn to t*
least one monitrou* evil, ou w*hi~h tln-.f Lrenf
-epreaentativee have deemed it inexpedient to
eglalate. We think, al»i, that w« hive (Lawn r
lecessity for immediate IcgiciaUnp, *trißffPt:
snongh to wive the technic*l obaindm wh.cb
nay embarrass the entclmeni ht the pre-eoi »e**
sfon of the change recommended by Mr. Bccre
ary Corwm.
The following, from the Baltimore Sun, *h<iw3
.hat we are to have a new and more expedition*
nail connection with Baltimore ;
Nbw Rail Hoad and Mail A(ibasc:mcn?
(7c learn that on and after We4iK-d«v n-. xi ihn 2J
ji October, tbe Baltimore and 3u*qu>-lien'M llsil
Road Company will ttarl n daily txprvss irscn
rom this city, leaving Ina Calvert street a!
■H o’clock, a. u., and going through to Co umVj,
P*., In ihreelhoars. This l>oe is 1 n:cr.d 10
>oBneet with the Western travel 01 the
Rail R' ad, and will carry the Western m t i<i
from Pittsburgh, reachicg the city several hour?
looner than by any other routs. Tne> re irau.g
rain wfll go direct through to Columbia, stopping
no where on the rout*; except ntparkion. R-.
luruicg, tie cers wllrrarh Baltimore abmii 10
o’clock at Dight, bnusing the mail frciUiPittabcr*:.
that now arrivet here at 0 o’clock ou
Rhode Island.—The census of Id (owns in Rhode
Island give* an increase of 10,9 M persona, upon
that of JB4O, or nearly 26 per cent. The city of
Providence, which is not included in the above,
will make a larger relative increase.
Fifteenth Congressional Djstuk.t.—'governor
Jcfinston las issued his writ for n *peetat elerlitm
in the Fifteenth Congressional iJiMricl, to»tipply
the vacancy in the present Congress, created by the
death of Dr. Henry Nes, the late estimable repre
sentative of that district. The election is to (*•
held on the same day as the general election. Thu
Whig conferees of thedi«tnrt met at Abbotsluwn
on the 20ih\ and nominated Doctor William Mcll
vaine, of tbe borough of York, os tho Whig cand,-
date to supply tbe vacancy.
The PotUtown Ledger states that the popniatum
of Fheaixviile is 2.067, wluie , n IS-17 lt wa, 3.3.33;
showing a decrease in three yeare tf (»;. There
are at present 116 utunhubiied houses. iWmx
ville is a manutoctunng town .and u> decline *hu w*
plainly the disastroasedects ofthu tar iff of U p.
ou the industrial interest.
CoNXECncrT Tobacco.—The tobacco crop m
Connecticut River Valley baa been gathered m Cue
condition, and more abundant this year than ever
before. The Hartford Time* rays, Connecticut to
bacco finds n ready aa!e now at three times its mar
ket value six years ago. If the price* of last year
are mxinlafticd, it will prove the imxi profitable
crop that can be raised. The yield in Windsor thu
ynr is enormous.
CorreapouOence of the Piosbargh GazeUa.
WAaaiJWToit, Sept. 26
Land aotsberles—Virginia and Coßnce
tlent — valonr and Zilberallty-rHltets
le'a andadona pro*
feedings—Confirmations—nivar and
Jlnrbor Improvements defeated.
Nr great vttuhle progress has been made to day
uwirds any good results in Congress. The Sen
a's have pawed the inramons bouety land bill,
villi smci.dmeat* which render it far worse than
v. bee u came from the House. I call Ibis an in
famous measure, because it deliberately throws
awiy upon these who hive not the slightest claim
to it. fiieea millions of dollars worth of nations!
p overty. Tbc amendments of the Senate ex*
lead the proposed bounties in lands lo the wid
ow*, children, and heirs at law of all persons who
would bivj been entitled under the bill if living,
and eiao lakes into the favored circle, all naval
officcra an.l reircco who may bavseerved in any
war, tiic.r widow*, cht'dren, and heirs at law.—
Upon l te whole, the additions made to this piece
of urrsut dun'.gcguery, in the Senate, nearly dou
ble the ujiL-um of lands that will be squandered
untlrr its provifions. Now the hope and belief,
no dinrjl, of many Senators who voted for there
ndc.'s, were, that by thus over loading the biil a*
tt ernre from the Hjusc, it would be thrown cut
by that bvJy, and some of its original friends vot*
ed tuesa upon that ground. The final
vote on adopting the scries, was 3i to 12. Bat
fid such calculations will be found quite ont cf
uic way. for the House is now ripe for almost any
pr-:po9i.ioo, tendency of which is to etrip the
:u. govrrmnent of the laods which it holds in
ires fur the nation at large, and which cannot
be bonesily disposed of, except for the general !
btntfi'. 1 apprehend, therefore, that we shall find j
t‘i.- ii .a*- leaking haste lo morrow morning, to I
-oncer wish tha Senate. But 1 think the President
w. csnaiuly veto it, should it reach him. He'. sanction such enormous and an
eooecivnsMe robbery, bai must inclode it in the
clsis and io-.mnsidcrate legislation.
It aii rd* a uhent glimmering of hope, to per
ccltc '.-rat ;hc tuil fur a gtoci cf ten nti’lto&s of
nertv, for to-; r.-liet of the indigent insane, was
until tuc second Monday of next se*-
* ?p., a *rn» file course of proceeding. There wa»
•t' l u.maivd passage si arms to day, br
pa-t-.-n BiUa-in, of Cconecticut, and Ma:on, cl
Virg .mb. in wt,iua the firmer gate ovideoCToi
b.-or, thoroughly atoused, and quite con
clusively demonstrated to hta antagonut the ta*
cspcd.ency ot attacking him. Mr. lialdwiu
to expose some of the scandalous frauds
in old land claims, practised hy people i f Virginia
upon f. • pcnersl govsrnaieni, which M&s*a re.
ranc'l by u remark on Cosaecucut.—
Ntr. nj,!;ytn replied to this with starling cccrgv,
and rau a paraliei bolwecii Virginia C3oC->DDec
t.ctn whirl left Mr. Muon strikingly in tue voca
tive, and c o*cd the ctilkquy.
Th • (1- -!v succeeded in passing the army ap
i.-itlj and spectthe rest ol the da 1 ovrr
i j rn.ciiijuieqtsp |jc ci v.! and dipUJiuii-
ej'v-t. pr a. . 03 ii.,!,
I rt-,-. ved with rrgrer, or may say wtih ia
viikUatun i.i.i - the democratic tn-f >r.iy of tho Com
rr.. r* **l Wm and Mcsnr. rcojoi neuitvd coa
t >ri tne ..via for ivlcasiuy iltuhie ho.t.
in* l.a-. i.,;"n:!y Gitamed cor.trsi-t, an I lor paying Si. I.jd-CKK bonus iu the sWiLtJ eiu respeci
u> ?i-c j ":: r.t. A member vf the speciil renn
-.-■.i v; f.-ran v-a gaung ilo pnniiCK fisud*, her
aiiuicJ i.t.% ihu the best coariderilton the
■•.irj'jHW'-v c.ive been nWs to gtVe tao matter,
h-c cidu-c Ltlipted iu the Senate wui ensh.e
ll c !•* i-iccfier me Uoveromeot ol 8100.Ohu.
! ism i.- Hhum will tut he |.ro.-l sgxiuet ibv
mo i‘n p.- j; l>- brt.usht U beer erma n 11:
u ■; t > - 1:.: pr. cjful cta.iu, but lorty two hours
1 tie CcLsie hare to night bad a long ei« cilivc
■’i* • w.ircft I L«sr 1; gjiii 11-. t-y fcave cot*
iiriued ih - Dimicattou 0/ me coliec'*ir ufhi. Vork,
ii j.i. II ■. Max we I.
I .i- Mo s ircety l have before referred f>, was
r.j :• '. e ii. L.i*t night the Senate me
Din n-wr-a of K.-o. Bradley B. Meeker, la b:
.0 Territorial counit M.nae.iota
c*o:.iiraeJ vrben lirsi notniQatef*, id
rriar-.T, 1 'I?, t»f (Li*, name of B-t>j«qiq U., n d
I'se it: -r.u:d oaljr bj oorrc«:ed by a tc*
I'oa. T. tru were foiae paia't m the
cii-i, w.... j ci.!»>:■! the whole evening Uj be Uk
E.-.'. of ta- »csr.du!?u* partiality of Speaker
Orb, toejy.eciib'v ortdeet doicncinaiioQ to re.
i-o-rt. ai fevcrsble to the b.l!, v« should bavo go
u:> f•! • urn nvrr ar.-l harbor improves
niw_: L.—.u the V/r.;*s and Nr.rlbero
fr n-dc-d :n birr. .'c..ivi.
rt.o.n Washington
C-Jtrtsponustice of uje l*i:t«i-*irs h liuin:
Wasuixgtux, Sept. T,.
The day Jm Seen exceealrej hot, and 1 very
bury o.< brancoc*. In the Senate, Calu
tjraia he:* greater (hare of attention,
ant! c»e.: v.-itp h;r not the moat saiiafactory pro.
gre»>s ha' bet-n made. They are now. at a qaaitir
•re o' iOoir, upon t xreoiive busineja.
T:iv li utc has been sit day rro»t assiduously
the Senate's emcfidmccti to the civil
an-t d-r-tesfft A.l*,. appropriation bill. They arc aboot
t hue bed ' j nuQ:ecr, and some of them atefof a
vr-rv <nip-<runt ebaraetcr. In the coorse ofthe aft
ttri.o .r, 11 Itfcaoiing evident that the five oiaute
•* ttp-*r thne item* would eat up all that
was run of the cession, tho rule permitting them
■*«' replied, a»So everythitg but the provisions
10 rcspe .t to tfio priding, by which Ritchie, rf the
L T ctr»n :s to tv; released frem his fraudulently ob
tain'd contract, and scot away with bta pocketa
«:olf.rf u;th public plunder.
(1 -c cf tb;- firs' pro»'ced'ngs cf the meruiag was
to rcftiA- to suspend tbe rules in order to permit
Mr. W«*r.:v/r rtb to make (he report of the special
eouimmea upon the (rands connected with the
printing. Tb at report, therefore, wa* not receiv
ed. This moy prove a great public misfortene,
for the report contain* evidence which wdj devel
op/; n mo«t infamous system of swindling and
fraud, a craad rchemo cf villiany and scoocdrel
i«n which throws Galphinira far into the shade.
It eaunnt get out before the termination of ibe
| pres/ nt term, Imt out it will come before the next
find I predict tbit its revelations will astound and
the pfiintry In even a greater degree than, 1
for example. Hid Brown’s treachery between ths j
free .«o:ler» nrd pro slavery men on the Speaker- 1
ship, lr*i u ••’ember. The proceedings upon (he |
'* amrcdioeni were long and animated.
Mr. Kvtm* moved to amend by addiug a due
pririti-nr to ibo ! a»t Corgre**, for Qink<ng op tbclr
allocgeil Ingres, aDd rcsdo thereon a most brilliant
■ tpd •i-*rerig exposition of tho Kilchie rperstioß*
in f'.'.ci oi i.) Ibis business.
M». Biyty next obtained tbe flror, and pro*
lerdod in show very ooocluwveJy that he bad
i jib li m! an endue quantity of brandy and water,
nr po-sd-ly cfgeaerons port, or enlivening sTicrry.
llih cor duct was ro absurd and amusing that his
vr.icc snnnst drowned by the laughter cf tbe
Kosi---. tit avowed affectioa aud respect lor
R”c*i i* ‘•cc.-rase he said Ritchie had been a friend
of Ins father.
Mr. Hrowti, of Mlatiasippi, to strike out
t»-e pr'umsvd profit of ten pur'ceoL And upon
this, tb*- true ic-Hirgof ihc House npnn tho matter,
was ol>ci!i*d, for the vole was, ayes 82, nocn <3.
A;u>.her amendment being offered, Mr. Bayly
mn.b.i st,'-th- rit sjilay. Ho was c»orh mere in*
tox-'*»icd than !»cfore. In truih b.s remark* were
nothing better than drunken drivel. Tho House
laughed, but more in pity than in mirth. Mr.
Mcadc,in deep commiseration for his colleague,
made a calm and ecnsible speech, embodying In it,
however, all the incorrect statements which Rit«
chle'it friends have industriously scattered about
tic House, presuming ou tho iropunuy consequent
upon the virtual suppression ol the report of tho
aolcct committee. The debate wont on, and when
published will be found ofthehigbestinterest,and
pcrfe-.iiy convincing on the charge against the
proprietor of the Union.
At half pret eleven o’clock, Mr. Strong brought
tilt! <)••• to a close by procuring tbe tuapen*
siuc of 1 he five minute role even as lo the printing
(ran-is, aid then the Senate’s amendment for the
b.-uefit -,nd advantage of our venerable friend of
the l*n.«.n, wa* rrjccted by a vast majority.
—A n>{tt to-.k plseo in the ante room of (he S«n*
nr, at a'lout ei/i.t o’clock this evening, between
Col Finnoci nnd Foote, the Mississippi mao.—
According to tho bts' accounts I esn get to night.
Foil e njd i-nuin.iiitd a breach of faith by engaging
<0 support one of the bills for the settlement of
affairs m C d/ornio, and then attacking U. Col.
Fremont met F-sote in the area and accosted him
on this pi.ot. Tbe result of the conversation wi*
t at Col. F remont told Foote be was no gentleman
and hsd acted dishonorably. Foote then struck
Col Y., and the Uuex returned the blow. The
ccvr demerit «vc*ierriiOatcd by the icicrvenlioo
persons. I ehouid mention that ibe fracas
occurred while the Scsate vu in secret
aud while the doors Were shot.
from rricw yohk.
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Nkw Yoar, Sept2Q, ISSO.
The Episcopal Convention which cotnenced its
sessions yesterday, i* now tne principal centre of
attraction, bnd the Ocderdonk question baa quite
superseded the Lied <!Ucussiyns. There is great
unanimity on one point, and that is, the necessity,
for freeing the diocese o! Now York from its ua*
natural position in relation to the superseded Bish
op. Wulitho most determined obstinacy Bishop
Onderdouk refuses to resign, unless he cap name
his pucces&ur, a concession which will never be
made. The great bxly of the Episcopalians ore
l»ecoinlng exasperated ut this attitude of the prelate,
and have revolved on a new course, which is this,
a series of resolutions wtll be brought lorward de
claring that it is inexpedient to call upon neighbor*
ing bishops to perform anv net, and directing the
Munding Committee to *c!ram from calling them as
hereto ore. This policy will nt once throw the
church intoconfusun, leaving it without any head,
nod will force the Bench of Bishops to recede
from the stupid position they now occupy. obliging
them to nd this diocese of the disgraced prelate now
A couple of new Meant ships oceompanied the
crack ship, Aria, to sea yesterday, the Pacific nnd
the Franklin. The Pacitie without trouble could
steam around the Ami, and made twenty miles tn
sixty five minutes. Hie Franklin uimle ns good
time as the Asm, a.« far ns could be seen, nud will
make a full report upon her return. John Bull has
quite lost Ins temper ami has had it fairly knocked
inio his obstinate, hoed, tlmi ho aunt pluy second
fiddle in ibe way <T sieiun ships. The average
time of the Yankee ship is ten days and a half, no
an achicvcineni ihat will s >„n tell in our favor.
The stock mn. Let luct o; lair been very active,
wiih in upward movement ;ii the whole list. The
chief demand hit* l-otiu i..r rail road bonds and
slock*. Erie, ni umul, keepmg the lead. The in
oonm tiouiis of this ru-id now sell at yi l 2, the «c
-oad mortguge'jit nnd the first mortgage at
iy». Ihe stcr-k ha« % n i„ 7A 1.4 ( Bn j under the
i njir. sMoii that the month'* earnings will reach
sbil) tUJ.nnd near Ail,'>.oo) m October, is held very
linnfv, Ui.lied S ales of lifl", are in demand
at U * 14, tor the Ena i»n market. There is also a
dcmiud for rail ro-J bof.diior the same region with
large *vl«.
A verdict his ju>t been given here against the
editors, printers, nnd Hit* salesmen of the Police
krwztt.o, to tt e treat o.i;ti us ion of newspaper peo
ple, who wiJj intirn j«i-uee exclaim ngu.ust such a
commingling i.t people in u vsidicl, which should
foil oi toe publisher* alone. The Judge stupidly
charged the jury iluc ihe man who sold the px|n*rt
eon am r.(j me .iin-i. ihj wno printed the
paper, ai d the ••.in,*r or publisher vrero ill equally
gin.ty. Tlirtte i* only one degree o< Hnpulily lx*,
ymid this, me .ludan Humid r.a*-e included tbe seller
of liio wh.iL' paper. andad ihe mechanic* who aid
landeuudy in producing n newspaper.
A C.'umttlvC o* c.r'.'ts have Item overhauling
lha American Art l u;or, and do not find a Very
enrou-ng rc mho . t m :<e» \\ ah regard to the
«iate ol it.e Art t n..>,< it— Co a miiiee say that they
are muih.e to ina. r ;i- i..., a report us they wished,
ns Ihe m-iunjers r«.-:i:«*-d permission to the Commit-
tee .> examine ti»e I- -ok* They find, however, os
Hear a- y cm, mat out of SHH "k/j re
ceived ijsi year, oniv ild Ood was paid to artists,
V»'s WW lor arintir.g. rut raving, ice.. »nd 31 l.uiHJ n> for 01-.. i nmg subscribers, jdveriismjj,
45*‘ '1 he* ~| ihe Union extwed iwroty
ore' per en.t ol :h- n ■•eipt«. which tbe Commute*
repaid in • x.-e-» ve Tar t'oinrnillre depre.’aie
the ,i •o,e p: iz- Ik-ng highly lu favor,
m-i. ud tinr uifiiev pi.v.e which has been
so sue e-stid in Eoi.d-.u r.i d Philadelphia. As ibe
An l <.i,i.i wij; U* wro probed before
draw- >*. jvu-pie wm. at.- .Ir rmuucd to take a
rha-oe W-:1. <l,l iyc . lu uni n a fide.
1 1.« iiMis Jt-bn b/vn.-ii, un-.-h arrived <hi* morn
ing H.iv.-mu, 1.r...g- home Si-verai of llie
Crew i-l the la'L ' • i:n rtnd lir<g Ptisan
L-t’j-1. liavuif -i;«. r.iiej !.y ihg t inventor Grn-
j h.- tinpVasan: wraih- r prevailed during
ibe 10.-eii-».>n rr-ii i. usd ;»c: o »:i .n th,o atefkut
A»t.ei afw uci.a.inecd.,m—lu cotton there little or nothing doing,
and the ket i* Hr id.
Flour—The *«:e« oi tlournre 1400 horret* at 3,?5
a 4 t..r No. 2 supernnr. t.V,afdy 1-2 for tavoritc
titatr =ml Western, icd l.y iai.W for pure Uacesc*;
fancy anJ ej’ra hraml« urc nnctmogcd. Rye flour
in um'minted, nud we hive u.* saJrs 1o report.—
Coni meat i> J.l 2 1-2, at wiich price 100 barrels ol
Jersey ua* wvi.
Or. ia — 'A li;-!;' m -toriia?u>d.
ret'" ii I «!.*: , ■ : i- :in *1 |-0 fny
) »U' 41 »
l*r«!<—Tv.-e :« mr.h r* <if uaportanfirdwiag
in p-».-i£ t'r beef and the price* are a* yesterday.
. tu*l:ey isMi-T l .’c. C.
miimur'' rt:o c e * u:x « g.
W*sinMijTD.v, Sept. 28.
tshxsrr.—The Keunlc wus iu mbsioii unlit fivi
o’rliH-k, Sdiilav iiujni’-iz.
11.0 Culiton.u Lmu Ciiirn UJI was lard on the
Tl«* Fortification bill; :S»-bjJ! abolishing tfocsiog
in the Navy ; m»d ;tu- Army bill, were powetT
Hoc >r—l hr Hc-u-c :nrt nt 10 o’clock, *"■! trsns.
ncud wmc tiu«ni«>H ol iitrlo unportance, until 4
o'til<.« k, when »t look u rwe, nod met again at *J
oN’took. IV M
J->vcrj| aitn-ndmctiu to the CW,\ and Diplomatic
Appropriation Bill were mireml t„. The proceed
m2* wvre very noxyaud confc^ed.
*n»e Speaker *:uu«i ii-veml bill*, which were
ibr Navy Appropriation-, Ihe Bounty land, aod the
Fortification bill*.
A message wo* received from the President,
staling tiur ho had siaiuHl bUb, amooir
them iho Army h.ii.
Executive oiMjitnm.canons were received,
which were laid 00 the table, ond ordered to be
A message \va« n-rcivcd from the Senate, stated
tbit ihey had receded ihur printing oroend
nimt* to the Civil ond Diplomatic Appropriation
lae ilouss adjourned at four o'clock t n Sunday
A sOTiica Ham.iso.—Mdion Jones, who, in May
of tH«» year, murdct.-d lovph Miller, his travelling
c.ecjranion, ;u I'liLc.i, ha* been tried, convicted,
and sentenced m bo bunged nt Mt Carmel, 111., on
th: llth of(.Mu'.er.
Maiix Ei.mto.v— in ir. u,«ni ifcovoteon the
prr;«i..!i.. (l m nrii.-»j,i the • onMiiuiioa by auhati
tuMrg wmi-.-r f-T -timiner semiona of thoiegisla*
lure, siood yrss 10,bf 6, unyaCGiS. Xhesereturas
enibrare, probably, tsr largest part ofthe votes on
t*"' ']Oe*iion, an-i .iid-osm Ihn result. In the 7tn
CjUKronsiooul ci»*rict the vo'e, nearly complete.
Hinds—Pike, Wme, \ 'si)3; Fulkr, Loeofoco, 4719,
Foller ia no doub; ch-c’ed by leas than a hundred
msj.irity. In the nmnrtovni at the last Congrea*
aiotuleVeuoii there w u I(6| Loccfoco msjjrity,
w th the same fo-coforo candidate running agalnet
a different Whig. ,M f . dtservea credit for
hi* exertion* j n the Whij cause. Tp (be lower,
huuw. of the LesisKiiirc fll Loccfocoß, fi3 Wblgf,
aud 7 Free 80.i> ri sm rlcettd.
Haynau ha* amveit at Aix-la-Chapqße, auffer
ng from the wivirt d -frit c7te received from the
Lmdon drnyn cn. Jlc u-»* treated,wM!«passing
through H-lcu.m, vrth
roetlml om of Londnu and EcgUod at quick aa
poasi'.lc. He nppcnrn lo have been very severely
bratim, hf» principal irjurie*, however, having
l.ecn reeved after U-avt.-g th.* bn.wary. He was
car.fined t*»hit b-.<l f r the remainder of the day
< Tnursdsy) ol the ssssuu, nml of (he follow*
mg. During Friday ntght, taking tbe advico of
Austrian rcaldents ia Lmdon, he quietly left
England, n mocunrent, wherever be goet, of re*
Uibution for wanton eru-lty. Tho London Timer,
Morning Poet, end Chronicle, find do word o»
exteoaction to; the tmb, and Ueai tbs oaUer aa ir
OencriU Haynnu Lad beuo entitl'd, during his vis t
to tbla country, lo all possible courtesy. The Her*
aid and Daily News go to (he opposite extreme,
and laud the mob for having denlt with the Gen
eral asonewLo was entitled to no forbearance
A Serious Jure.— Tho Meredith <N. H.) Dem •
octal Wales that a veung gentleman aod young la
dy at Centre Harbor, not many days since,request
ed Squire Thompson, of um place, to uuile
them m marriage, with which desire be forthwith
compiled—one of them, it Is tald, agrobfag Jo pay
five dollars for the service, aod thepiber promitiog
,an additional compersatiot: olabaabelo/betn*.—
Tbe parties now any they preferred thsir reqaoal for
marriage merely in ft.u. But the Squire inforina
ihera that they are lied fast, aud ca’at back out—
the marriage having been legally recorded on the
town books os a veritable contract.
Wooaworm Puj.iv. a.on.E.-On tpplica
llos of llirbnl! & Jcotio., Mt. Jo.lico MoLcto,
in the Uni'ed States Cucui Court at Columbus. Ohio,
on 17tb, granted an iujunciiou ngainst Reynolds,
Keie Ic 1 aiem, prohibiting them from rooking, con
structing, selling or using the Woodworth plkning
macbuicioCmcluagu. * v
’ou rut Pittsburgh daily gazette
WitHLxtnw*, Bept 30.
fnuTS—' The Senate act at 9 o'clock this
Mr. Walker said that jn engrossing the bounty
Isrrt till!, an error bad been made, and not dtseov.
ered until the bill was approved by tie President
that 11 allowed warrants ror lands to be aa&ened’
Au amendment bad been made,*and agreed to bv
Iwtb t/jrse*, which prohibited the aaatciunent un-
Ul tlier a patent had been iasned. He produced
a br!l explanatory of acd supplying the error
Mr. Dawson objected. The error, be consitN
ered, wa» a fortunate one.
Mr. Walker said the objection waa outrageous.
Mr. Dawson hoped that the benator from Mis
souri would not get in a rage. He wouftfwith
dra r bis objection a* he understood that both Hon
aes had agreed to what was omitted. The bill was
then passed.
~J t f *">"“'"‘1 ■ rawlMio, authorizing
the l resident to aurornon a military board to exam
tne, and report whether the grade of I i»n.n.M
General should be establisbc«f? D the ortny and
what tstieeewary to prevent military cfficers usurp
ing ai d exerercising civil functions, which was
ogreed to.
Tho Senate then worn in.o Ezecnlivc Scion.
Tho doom wore opened at 11 o’clock, and a
taresosc was received front Iho President, approv
lag tlic Olvil and lliplaraalic, and Ike Indian Aa
propnation Bills. ft ”
Fire before Id o’clock, a Committee
wa. npp'.ailcdio wail aa ,bo President, consisting
of ««». hwiag, Hoc!on, and John Davis
Mr. King reogralulgwa 10c Senate 0 | ,h e
country on lb. evenu of Ibe scion, and pro.
nouaced the Senate adjourned jiw die.
Hcirsg The House met at 11 o'clock a n
Mr. bur lay, Uu Chaplain in tbe conr.i of bis •
prayer,.naked every blosatng wbicb God cao
aesiaw on Ibo mombera now abonl to rclurn
Toe Haase concurred In ,ht Senate resoln.
non la suspend ibe 17,h joint mle, so tb.t the
civil and diplomatic appropriation bill could tie
presented In tbe Pres,deni, for hi. rn
day. Severe! gentlemen, be aaid, wanted In iak
tip oiftoulnr bills.
Toe tinea i refured lo inspeml tho rale for
that porpo-c, and much cournaion , nsond
rs. s“f i W, '°, '• K,wl **» tie President
ha, bo tad agntd the civil a„d diplomatic, and
the Indian appropriation hills
Mr. Poiu-r wished Hi- Coinmfltne of tho Whole
on tin- atale of the Uidno dlsokz.god from lb
r-illtcr r-onstr oration ol ibe ohe.p po.iagc bill ,„j
V, !' , ,?* do "'derm, the third
Monday in U leember non, at btlccn minutes be
tor?* l i o clock.
On n-ot.on of Mr. lU,lcy, Cnmmiltrey were sp
pointed to wan t„ . Pr.-cic,, „ t b,m
wlc tsur he had nay further communications to
h i i.s were made to take np n bill anpple
mturary lo the aoldiei’a bnanty land bill, p,..0il
on Sntnraay. it appears thsi the nneremog d. rk
hu. Ids out the wo’cls, ‘ tT the paie, i, -1 and this
made the warrant* which'was not in
Oj a motion to »u«p r i.d the rules lo take up l!ic
.npiitemeclarv hip, the tv, and nays were order
ed, and Ih-clcit wa. orenii.ed tbn. far flee mm
ttte., and w.s lutrrrnp .0 ey Mr.Bttlcv who said
tic (-.inmate- bad waled Uv-n tbn Presided,
aed be bad inlnrmed ih-n tbst he bad no lUrtLer
corr<ir,i:iiirol!ot:i to ruik- io Conere?"
T, "‘ Cl -*k rdi oca the cailirg of tic
Mr Wrntworth rose io a (jueniatt r.f privilege.
He «pid tfterc w< re l< n tunny rptryl«tnr» in bad
«■ 'tr.nil on ihe d -nr «• n hud m Ui-iaiM there,
i Ur do tr fc. cjKir tho i!u enforce iu>. ru.ea.
l'r-e O.erk reram, .t i: lt . f „i] | IIU I * jt e
iir (I «t m ii.p Ki;»n when. >►.« Speaker t*,d
tttdS Mi nr>ur, os Cir.i ihej: i j| retolniion 2a v.
tag arrived, I now dejarc tUi this H-il-bc smads
adji'iirai ii *i/, Jt».”
it ■ a. o> •luonncct, ibfre win «q
«• ui bauds, and other toaiiirektblioiie
\V**iis>«r»ij« f Se,M. 31.
" ifom* •of Cotgre«a arj jarttU st»e d* at
U « . i. ,k to «i-v.
W A -hi»urnti Sept .“0.
T: .. •.,« w Hit |„„ II a „ r a ,, e ,.J
“l 1 ** 1 * »*|« * «>r th- capitol. A plan a' ten
-upryveiucul .» to Iw *t ; nc«* Iht wo»lr , s lo
U \J;“ i “\ ur, * Jc r ,2l ‘ <>< Utc Pff«;drcL
Tn« K*,ic »od F;«o:«::i HtG.-ulty J )R , been air
(otter. Ir.rj .*t;er addretM-d a nti'e lo
tfco Urtt!cf.Kqocvmp*rrlr-r:t.n of ifce Uofttajc
n«.<4 t'V ti’iti in te'iatf, bj be cgticd bj tip j-r>s.
wm«. L .,, ami ■ ciiaticLfcc note waa left
if ho r* ’tiae J lo <j a ro.
Mr. t>aj;c i«iu>fii h sign the paper, but r.d*
t!rer»s-J a uot»t lo Col. Frctuoni, dtte'atimuj ny
lOlcLUott of any personal otTuico id the
OM'd by b:m m debate.
It-e inen.J* ur both parties considered thi* ttU
iDfaoto-y to F rcoioul, bat, at hi* maiaoce, the note
(roa. Mr. Foote « u subsumed to Col. BeoU’n,
who consented to im* afraoyrmeni.
Tbe u! jectn-cable retaarls of Mr. Foote tv .-re,
miLisitniiaity, that tee pise oi the California Nrja*
lur« for the Dcttleru nti of the land titles woi a
great oti'rage upon the j.ablte.
Mr. KiUliic t# to be indemnified, acd the iirtß'.-
tsp cmtiacl is broken up.
A daiictoa address \f l! appear in a Hay «j r two:
it is roirfeady; aod * from ttfr?ea <f* But.
e .
Tt>‘* fi J'iv- iag are l.iah eobiine.alr o«:
*• ?buo Yuuip. of 1’ s}i itM-ahtoc
Di*>» Ham?,' ul Vt., S.-cft-ta.y ut .s.*,. • J, UI „
Bulb-ipoa, l of Utah; E. BroccOua,
•» Al *'s Zjfabibel swnr, of Ohio, A.aomtc
JaatisrMSetb Bti.r, of Utah, U. S. Attorney ;
Jade* L Haywood, U, S. Marshal. *
„ - New Yoax, Sept 30.
By tho accident at the dotfc of tfa e steamer Pa
cifi.-on Satnrday.two rnco onty were killed, vis;
Jobs Wilson and McCormick. JJevcrol oth
ers were woundrd.
Bostcjs, Sept. 30.
JsncyL al rehaaned this morning before an
auil’cncc of 3od. .She was much annoyed by the
numX-r prcteni, and did not sing with power.
WAsmsfjTON.Sept. 30.
Tlw appointment of Mr. Bond, os Surveyor of
Cincinnati, has been confirmed.
CiKcnmsTi, Sept 30.
The river ia receding v*ry slowly. Several
brni'.< are * ground rear Liwrene* turgh.
The Messenger No. 2, from Pittsburgh, ha« ar.
rived at Portsmouth. She will have some dID
duhy in gcitii g down.
Critciroun, Fept. 30.
F our—The market is doll, with small sales at
13 59 (3 $3,60 * l*tL
Wnialley—Halea at 23? gall.
P»nvisif*ps—N nhtng is auing worthy 1 of netn.
Gi» r*ira_Co(|cc in aeltiug at 13c \ sugar at 0]
Q 7; if D)
NOON BfcvoaT.
New Yobk, SepL 30.
Tho market is generally unchanged aince Sit
Flour—The market is heavy.
Gram —Wheat is steady, with sales of Ohio at
105 c. Corn is firm.
roPvisigus—Pork is heavy. Uird is in good de
New Yosx, Sept, 30.
Flour—No new feature to notice in flour j the
drmainl continue* fair, and quotation! are steady,
with aafea of 13000 hl>li.
Grain—SalesufSouthern Wheat at 10O*.and of
Micnigan at ) 123. per bu. Sales of 30,006 bush*
cts corn at Gsc. per bn.
Pork—Sales of M*-«« it $10,62 per bbl.
Lard—Sales *t 7‘o7| per lb.
September 30.
■ Flour—The marku continues inactive, and the
demand for shipment is limited. No further sales
arc repotted. Some holders demand 51.87 J for
standard brand*, but would accept of something
Icm. Sales in lots for city trado at $1,86105 for
common and good brand*, and 55,t2( (3 $S,£O for
seVot and extra
Flour and Corn Meal—Tbe iupp!ica are
reduced, and tbe market ia firm at $3 per
Grain —The amount of Wheat offering fe limit
ed, i"d price* arc steady. Satra 1500 bn. good
r»* I Iftw per bu. Sn>*<l wales of aoutbern Rye at
til" ; Pa, [■ worth 65;. per bu. Corn'f* aiesdy
wih hair* cf 2036 bu southern yellow ol tile
filin' Oit* an-• n»rce, with «afe» ol southern at
37(9 >8 s, anJ of IVnnn. at 3'2(944c per bu.
Wmikcy la hold at 27} for bblx, with limited
New Übleass, Sept. 29.
Cotloo—Sales of 2010 bites to uny at 13] lor
good middling. Tho week's sales amount to 5000
Coffee has advanced, with aslea of Rio at 12]
(3 13i. per lb.
Univehsitt DrrpicvLTita—Moe* Expolsioks—
We regret lo learn that tbe subject of secret societies
in our University has been revived, in consequence
of which, eight more student* were expelled last
week, five trout tbe senior and three from the juni
or class, reducing the former to seven in attend
ance. We understand that some'of tho*e expelled
will probably return, and some will not. Of the
twenty two expelled Inst Fall, several returned,
[while others went to Union College, and were ad
mitted without diiliculty. These last expulsions
were students who isiim jitiMaHril to bo members
of the literary societfßi|MMjfijCeui Theta Pi,
consisting of eight same so
ciety having graduatBdL9oH|Hl9*- This so
ciety was in existence Wftgfi 'TfcPdtputsion from.
jOthef similar societies took place last Fall: but ns>
action was taken against this one untill low.—
IDttroit Adv.'
1 Axotder Ex zcutioh.— Before the Supreme Court
at Lenox, Masa., nn Dish prisoner, Wra. Bellman,
who is a husband and father, has teen convicted ol
rape upou a young Scotch girl, whom he waylaid
and knocked down in the woods. Death is the
penalty tho offence. j
frcm the Baltimore , "AttericM.
foreign news. .
Further decline in Cotton—Breadstuff* Firm—
C -ff'e Advanced—Firmness ttt Sugars end Fro
f sums — 77ie Abney Market.
New Toxic, Sept. 77 P. M.‘
Tlie Royal Mail Steamer Niagara has arrived
here biingm? Liverpool dates to the I4lh and Loo
don 10 the 13itt icah,
Liverpool, Sept. 12.
C--Hon—The Cotton Market has rule! dull thro’
J. h ® w, *Fk,aod ibe official quo&t'oDS to d*y, allow
0 “* c **d° on lair quulities of Orleans and
Mclde and atl other descriptions, except fair Up
, n ‘ l< * w hich remain ihe same as at the close of
last week. The week’s saiea amount' to 21,0-10
oalcv Surnts are dull of sale.
liieadstufls—Wheat wns jo limited demand at
lull prices as previously quoted. liidian Corn on
rtin:.*ed The quotations ure 27a2Ss per quarter.
» e-lern Canal sad sweet (lour are in better de
rnau.l Philadelphia and Baltimore 23s 6da 2-la per
bbl. Corn meal 13s odal4i per bbl.
t. iSeries—The market for Sugars continues
verr urrn, and the rales which cousixled of 030 Ithd*.
r._l..,und 7,000 bugs Bengal, have been at fall
C' lTee Tbe*e has been rather more inquiry fur
Coll.-e. especially ij, e better descriptions, and in
son,-* instances and advance of from 1 to 2s per
cwt Jins been obiaiued.
Ifce-Sales f>{ Carolina at 10s for inferior, to 181
prir-s 4108 ua * l, ‘ cs . Rvagal xvas selling nt foryner
N ivh! Stores—Turpentine was selling at 6s 6d
PT r • _« t. Aaiericjn Rosin 3i Gd to (is tkl per cwt.
rso!;:ing done in common qaaltlius.
Provisions—Liverpool Sept. 13;b. The demand
tor --e«r fat* BDiDcwhat revved, and rales are, to
a la .* *-xient, at prices soroewhet in favor of buy.
ers. Baron has been taken freely at tolerably
*'*“■ V rates, aud thr stock is now very low.—
sho .merij conimuo to brieg exl-eme prices, apd
*cai.elyimy fi Je qualities lef to bi had al low
prices Uatni prgm to move.
L t.,—‘ The sales reach about 150 tons at 33s 6J
as c u average.
Marke '- Onaol* aro steady at SG>{3
fGJ Ihe mrney market easy.
P lineal— A very niDi'rkablu document has
hm. pm forth by ihe Austrian Gowermnont. It
proves lobe a circumstantial record of Ml the per-
C V° re pm to death by the Hgt-gariats,
c:lh. r l;y sentence of tbeir comt martinis or o'ter
tnK la.fl m Hungary and Traosylvr.nta, Ttm
of toe Aostrmn government in putting
, 1 ; lbes-i lists ci tbe preset movement, arc ovi-
I rough. The lineg«ri.*u potty n?«erl that
the} were chi* fly and assassins who were
thus put !» dcaiiu
T:,e publication of the dcuct/ment above alln
ded o, juh aficr ihe onslaught nf Messrs. Ear.
r.ay . men In Southwark, upon Msratnl Hayniai,
has i-auscd a live'y itnration; bat it came too ! tte
t-> *n-,e ibe Marshal Irom the indignities which
va ‘ ~‘ iilfered him, ar.d whfch have unnuyed him
to a- co a decree mat, Temaimug iwcti'y f„*j r
boutH 10 bed at Morles 1 , Hotel to »t«o»er h;m ioif
a l.i’ cfrom toe h.-mscs he received, be qr'it td
h.g in ' 'tnm-At i*|t? t-v the Osterd prtket. npd
his r.rnval baefc J-n G raj»ny ,s already anooua*
The HoUtemrr* sre m to be weary of Iv In" mac
live wuimi lhe ,r emrenrhmem**. The pr.llunl Col.
I L" I ann. at the head of two of the ball limits, bus
, i.,ud.**e/erahUfi‘,n rl3U > et-gatte ton Da Ui% in pel
ly s. lriiHshes. wh.di ibe Dau>.h UeneraU as in
* declined, us not likely to lead, to any re*
It npprnm. however, that on the 9*.h ultimo, the
whole In,e or po.|, were engaged with nf.emnte
sucr«*.» io Ik.iu parties of lie cmr bulanni. The
k-ui, ot ihis eiicoimtcr :» not yet known, whilst we
are wriimg, but ihe general impre-.Mon i , ihnt it
wiii prove hs it,definite as the akirm .‘bes of the nre
vion»d.i\*. *
A partial laiificalion of the treaty of poire has
hern exchanged ui lierim. by wbicb it would ap
pear that seventeen Slates have approved of the
jxace. ri
Ca*«e| nod others, who stand out. do not
seem Inclined u> revisu the HoUlemtrs w.lhlhe re
sult o war.
c do not ree bow the war ran be carried on
witf.-iit lucaiu, but the courage of the Holsiamers
seems to eompenaiuo for the want of all other re
Tits Kttx»i» Sqn*TrrA Ltanut.—The Dae tor
Il'H-irjs'm. wt.n is mrniinrci! R-. rav-ng been abut
st, e » a ! -sdrr or me S-juatter party,
w,« a phyvetaa of.P tjM.nrr, Mow., uomsrned,
and -eft Breton in March,
ISI.* with the Congres-s ssd Cmi'orua Tud tg
•i ciijiicy, uiMter L'»iita:n '-Vebt-r, lor en overland
)nur L rv to C4l,f->r ,a if* coinpstnon-i derenbed
c-uu a» s i?eni!sr.*so af good edoemtion, of excel
cct tubus, and -, f ;a;ceefu; «nd quiet iliaposit,on.
, '' ““hag w*|eh h- pat np st Sac/omento Ud
URen puiled-down by ihq aulhontiej, a* it was
*aij, to trench upon tbe a:rcet.
Akt::lit Fretnua&s, Capital Stock-, Fund
$ 1,000,000.
rpirn? n*itMlotted woci3'''e\n’Wi r iff? c iTyh
i . .V* n:,u • J, - hfr * b« vf -*t7 frv.-vrty t*
r*»- »b;. In,; i t iii,- perw ol NuvE-ntu-n iotU-
T-nriU.,. .M-rc: l,y the • :
Protection IniurtHce Company
• r usury©; u.cj.nn.. vu:—
1.-llnips of Premtuid at low»«th»e of ana otter
RUtPONStIBLEiMBre. 7 ? -
A tpeeily and satisfactory adjustment tfftonOa by*
lie l.eucra, .Meat ol lie Company tot the Western
aj.d Southern t-vaie*.
3.-~Arai!ictign (of all difference* which may arise!
by referees mtnialiy chosen, 7 '
4 ‘7A’?l a, I d *J r ® mp, i/ *" Linkable Fono*,
k 0i L > INc 1 w Uahimore. Charleston,
New Orleans, St Lem*. Louistplti, Pju*l;iu*
Cincamaii, ti the option «» tte insured •
.'W“ Futnr-Wet*, lruis,* form the mode and orfe
eip.rtof a«sj S »Ur.g 10MCS xaie* of
e.bou of hasarda, he., furnished to’the customer* of
tbr office /rev orrhsrge.
For fenber Information, apply »the undersigned,
who • fully ißthonzre u) uuire Dweilincs, Stores.
Hotels, WurehoaseSj.Mai*. M*aufoettme*,Bains» He'.
Household Furniture, and Go fid*. Ware*, and Met*
SlSwlr muT 1 " P'
IlfO, . j
Dry Goods, Groceries. Msoafneiared Goods. Pro
decs, Household Furniture, Live Moek, uttrm
otWT arscnptton ol Merchandize or Personal'Pro
psrry, eh pprtl ortobe shipped per coud iaratobo*i.
or hoau to and iruai point- on the -Wtsiein Water
or l.ctwcrn Eastern cities (via or ©the- inland
ron-.r) auilaoy town* lit me VV’ettcni countrr. nsainsi
ths hazards of INLAND TRANSi*OKTATION.
' ai. o.
Shipments of Gocds, Wares, and Merchndit-. ©er
tood vessel or vessels, between New Orlean* *ud
Astern ports-betwoe n New Orleans and other Gull
pirts-betwten ail American pom and English cr
Karo pen n port*. orto any other Runtime port what
?«iy.L.r“Atlantic waters.against the PERILS OF
rilL SSAi*. GW). E ARNOLD, a-’l
sepl»-id wl* 1 ** 1 *’ CClll *° l “ e IJaat 9
Noticing severs] statement* m the newspapers of
oar city, ihe Pennsylvania Canal would be re
paired and made navigable to morrow, the istOe
liber;” that “ths late breaches would not detain
freight over a few hour*," &e.,&c. ( We deem I: ne
cessary to : state a rtw nets, believing that lie
true interests of the rmte will be better served by
such than by thn de!n»ivs statement* meule u«e of by
interested parues
Tito facts are, that a break occurred at Squaw Ron,
some seven miles flora the e.iy, on tl.e night of the
33th September, and that the l ne# did ndt re*hip
freight, as the weather wcuU no: pernt, and a* they
were assured the break would be repaired by the 2»th
The Squaw Run breach bo* been repaired, Unto
culvert at i’liUt’s Bridge, fourteen mile* from Pius
bnrgh, has been suteo swept away, and the canal will
not be navigable for one week from this date
Daring that lime goods will be reslupped at Free
port, at on additional expense Downers.
Proprietors Pittsburgh Transportation Lino.
Solnreber fit th, lt3o.
■ m***Vwi i lsieef Tlnhlm
gEgawgg Ireland, resrecifoliy inforius th» m .
hafaitam* of Pittsburgh ihst »he is now
* ■ * » ■■ prepared to give imtnietion bn the
Pinr.o. Having had long experience In teaching, she
is of giving eotiiu saiisfaclion.
N. D —Ternt# very moderate.
_ asExasncrj.
Mrs. J Doelsn, AUeghrry I Henry Kleber, riUsl-ursh
IUv.J H l-vman.Pnts’gh j Dr. D. 11. Riddle, do.
o«-i:df»e3t* .
New novel, iiy t. sT miti \ v rt^-The o7^^
Children; n tulo of rrneity ami Opere-mpo, i« u, r
mli-of a new enio tale i*y »' s. A<tbur. to
be 'li j anttrorifi btr«i |inHur.iti'n, for na'e at'Unities
Literary l>| hi, Thl-ii sum, opposite the l*o»t tifficc;
also, the Monk KniiliTcfc-l John, by .Major lUelinrJ
»on. oitd Liltr It's l iving A»*r No lii'l. ocl
JKrtT received trrm I'hiilipsvil.e Factory, tiO yard*
Wagou Cover OU, a good arlldn. tor *nle nv
ocl 7AW\Voad st
’ItAKi’AULINS—3 very heavy large Tarpaulin*,ct
JL the best qnaluy of India Rubber, on hand and for
rale by (oclj J A H PHILLIPS
LARD OIL—Id brl» No 1, loading and for sale by
COD FISH— 6 oasks reo'g per emmi, for sale by
David COI»PERFIKLD-No. I? of this imerasting
story, by Ltrk?r.s; and Hlnrkwood for Septem
ber, half been lecrived at Itelraes* Llterarr Irepot,
Totnl * red, opposite the Post Office; a!so,-Hoidca’*
Dollar Mssszine for October, and International Mis
cellany, No 3. ] • • sepffu
WINDOW GLASS—IOOO boxes assorted slzs*, for
•ale by 3F VON UONNUOR3T & Co
tepJt) _ ___
CREAM CHEESE—333 boxes receiving from the
canal boat James J, Dennett, and for sale by
sep.lo tu Water >t
WINDOW GLASS—SUU bis tuorled, for sale b 7
s*p3U JAfllt-aUALZELL^
C*UOAR ft MOX-AfISES—3I bhd« N. O. Sugat;
O kS hbds S. li. Molasses, for
a£e tow, to close consignment, br
FLOUR— 100 fails sopertor Family Floor reeM by
CREAM CHEESE—CO bn HoweN best quality, jast
rtcejred and lor sale by
sep3o 8 ft W lIARDAUGII
cut* in store oad for sole br
SDGar CiTREn Tariota brands,
jo« receiTKj, for rale' - ‘ “
R lr 7t^— 10 ke S* to ttore and feT«a!e by
*- ~:f,M 8A W HARD
SaUata’ ilT** PUia Snparcada all othara
Mr n c* c I. OiarlutOß.'Va^Sept.anrittO
■»r M .'f*,v l “ r,: " Yror W« b.TTbe«mo*o ropg
'TS^-of- A LEWIS
Pin? 11 wi ? !1 . re ? o!! «l »*»t tt. B. Seller*' Llw
t WrrVfn .ti®"**"* 1 on!r Tn>« *nd Genuine
L d ? ! : *T V had at No 67. Wood «„ ami of
»e*C»* s * aertf, y «*U»« two citiea and aieinhy.
THKstiun boat Globs, wilt tease lie
Mract «rcrv aernicir. %t 9 oVlook preeicelr,
eamuiT pt»»c“pper» to and from lie packet while
the break U being repaired. For infbrmati<m,apply to.
Wll, SUTCII, or
D. LEECH. Ca~al Baain.
RICE— CO tea prime, in store and ib* sale by
_ iepM James ft HUTCHISON a cn
CHKICSIi— 100 bxs prime Western e,t>n con*
»ier.Bienl, for talc by MILLER ft RICKETSON
f EH ft *23 Liberty*t__
fIOUFISU —C casks in store am] for sate by
COPAL VftRNISU—« barrels justrrecei7ed and~for
«i»t«by- S KIDD ft CO
SPJ RITB TtHIPENTiNE--i"bris lor sale by
sefnte J KTDD_ft CO
CA3TILE SOAP—IO coses just rec’d for sale b*
scp-S ,'J KIDD ft CO
TNIHGO —SCO lbs jnst on hand and for sale by
*er*» J KiDDftCQ
BRONZR-M lbs anorted. jest rec’d for sain br
*ep2d _J KIDD ft CO
WINDOW GLASS—1000 I>xi assorted sizes, Eber
fccart’s manafacare. for sole by
*epS3 H 8 Water street
MIXED ACT DRV PAINTS of all kinds, constant
■y on bard of the brst qnslityj alto. Varnishes,
Linseed Oils, lloiled Oils. Paint Broshes. Sash Tools,
Window Glass, various sizes, Ac, : Sold wholesale*
and moil on aceotmnodatina terms, i
N. lI.—AH persons psrehastne mixed or dry points
who wiih to do their own palntinr.'esn receive the
neresinry directions gratis. J ft I! PHILLIPS
7 ft 0 Wood st
House & SIGN painting and Glazing, prompt-
Iv and neatly executed. ~
N wifh ii.dii incUr understood, that we
cs !’ “0 r»fniin(* and Gl&xinr a* cbeap n» any other
painters In tho city, and me determined w do it.
SfpV'j ■ -
j t ii pmxjjps
YKNITIAN BLINDS—A complete assortment of
>ri:u!an JJtiod* constantly on hand. for sale low
rnr cath. fsepajj J AH PHILLIPS.
ICO. 80 Fifth Itrttii
mp27:dtf POTTS Ploil, Pi.
l" wjo Art* and to manufactures. Dr. F. Knapp
For sale by R C STOCKTON
Bookseller, Printer, anil Binder,
•fp27 47 Market et
[American. Po«‘» nrd Chrooiele, eopy.l
fAMPBLACK— Jnat received aod for sale at th«
j drug <1 re of S N W|CKE«SIIAM
* f P :?7 ' Cor. Wood A. Sixth »ts
SANDS’ SAKSAFAiULLA—JusI reo'd far vale by
!? T _i s !' 5 _h T _ S N WICKEKSitAM
Wisfaß’s balsam wildchbrry-oq hand
nod for Bale hy H N WICKKRs-HAM .
li e mnn who doer not appreciate the luxury of an
tc*y shave 7 If iny there be, we do not address our
n him. Daj to nil others we lay, If you wi»i
in rejifer shaving a pleasure, purchase a bo* ofJue.«
111 uri’g Almond Hutaeliio or Ambrosial Shaving
Cr« nra». It ,a tillcily impossible to find word* to fie
reribf. ih c f-ei&eß o; a person who ha a been u»rd to
r'h jviii); Triih nfdinarv roij», opon making ir.alofthis
fov the first time. It is a combination of wonder, ad
in.ration, ar.d plea'u.T..
Ugly cir.oll.cnt; renoering the stiffen and most wiry
lie.inl soil and pliable, producing an admirable lather,
Mid by is extremely mild nature allaying all irrita
tion, and preventing that unpleasant and stiff feeling
of ibe *km which »* so often experienced alter shav
ing. Oemlemen using Jnles IlsaelV Shaving Cream
may lace the coldest ami most piercing winds im
mcdia’.e y after in use, wiihont tlio skin becoming
chopped. and tho-e who o«co use it, we can safely
»*Y will never u.-e any other.
Or.e Rreakadvanuge. svbiehwill be etpecislly srv
preersted by Uiose who wear whiskers, is the fa t
that it ail! not discolor tLe beard, which irost soaps
will do, tmne a sandy or rusiy appearance to ibe
edge of the whuker*. Jules tlagePg Creams
arc ddighuql preparations, compounded wiih skill,
to ihe utter exclusion of all articles ea'cQtoied to
render the operation of ehaving'unplessaot; and will
be apprrcuted by all who make trial'of them.
Fif pared ooly by
JULKS HAUKL. Perfumer and Chemist,
t 9« t'hrstnoi st, J'hiia. '
Tor -tl-, wholesale and retail, by B. A Fahnestock
A Co., and R. E-t-cll-.i*, Pittsburgh; and John Sargeni
and J Mitcac.l, A.lrcbeny City. sep‘J7-«p
QL'SPKNDEBS— SbQ doz nuor.ed ,ju*t ree’d 'or sale
kj jow by jaepmi C VEAGKB
PEA^OATB— 2 do* nm eJastic Pe» Cotti, i light
and bc»nira! article, for *aie bv
. J fc If pnaups
J^OSIiTINK— 5 brU superior in* ‘
PINK—3 brU soptiior ior *alc by -
Uni Kitract; Wen End Jo; Joefeey Clnb dot
Sprit< Flower* do; Jenny Lind Jiair CUnr; Atomatic
Vinrran Amandine; Poaehia Soap. for
l he skin; A iraood Sharing Cream; Bow do Jo; Ata
do do; UoFcy Soap; Floating do; Araaadiui
no; Oil do; Rose Jo; Aiarshmallow do
Bcqnetdo; Brown Windsor do; Bear 1 * Grease: Ac.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by H E SELLERS.
5? Wood it
- hf brii N»3&UelettU ■
25brU dn; •: .
tOOtrU Na 3 HiJfex4o:
Jb«! f«M for **ie by JAMF* DALZF.I.L
ecpiO 70>V«arM.
PAISVrKD der •will h* Miji IciTrloclo*
>h- <"> t»»7> : , M*OH.«J» Jk POK
INDIGO A MADDER—jneciboir H K Indigo:
7 hhde Madder, for tale tN
»ep«o - W BAGAEKV fc CO
-Hew Books.
TTE ALT fL Dii raw, «od Remedy. By Dr. Moore.
IJL Adelaide! ldf«r,.a noveL By the author of
“Leuiee Arnold,’ “Nonnsn'i Bridjj*.” Ac.
bet anff Com; pendeaceefßobtfemhey—pant
Otblfon** {ir-me -Ath and Cilltol.—completion of the
work. Received and for aale by
QUGAR ft MOl ASSCS-SS bhdt prune N O Sagar,
O 91 fails - do AZolu
ses, in oak brlt, In store oad for t&le by
aepM Liberty at ■■ ■
rul<P SKINfM eo*es of super French Cttlf sklAa,
V/f'rrreoa’a brand, jaa received and for sale low
for cash,'by C. YEkGER.
ju Marketat
I?ANCV CO.MRB—TS gross FaneyCombsof tie
. iateit pauerns, just reCd for sale by
CHIRTOftDRAWER&—A large a»»artnjer.tofSilk,
Woolen, knd Gotten Shirts and Diawer*. for aale
low hy ■ f*epaC] C YEAGER
HOSIER) —A fin- assortaem of ladies’ and ehlltl-
Tens’ Woolen Hose, comprising everv varisty,
just received by [»ep9lj C YEAGER
WRAI P.NG FAPRR—4OO reane rag and straw
wrapping tnedlnm, doable medium, crown, and
double crown, a very superior Article; on hand and
fnr sale by R C STOCKTON
47 Market st.
PRINTING PAPER—ICO rtna v 4 z 33;
70 rmsttix33; equal to the
oeattn the market, for sale by
BACON HAMS—2O casks sound but rough, will be
sold low to close the lot by
Water ft Front st*.
OUEEPE— 2M bxs superior on hand for sale by
Supsrlwp Scotch mnd IrlaU WhUksy. '
1A PUNCHEONS Siewan'a eelebrated Malt Whls
l\J key, of Very delicate flavor.
is puncheons M*-han’j Waterside, extra Quality
and high proof, under custom hooie look.
Also. Dtandiesof different vintages and brands in
half, quarter, and octaves. Imported and for sole by
tep&Cideodlm 3p—-83 -To Walnat st. Philadelphia •
niTßWßrßrra -pupf’S
nilnlinißuilNO of Third and Market m.
■HMMnMMUdI / establubed i.y the principal In
itilinnHHjl 650 : ° a .referring fo any of our
UHUUUiUyi’esident city merchaiila, R will be
i.-uu- u.k, ire course of Instruction InMntcsimLS
ann Freon Dnar Book Kasme, CasuntaaL Courn-
Tatlßßß, CoMMxacut. Law, and PcJUsariMur, are
cawed to a degree’of perfection never approached
by any other lc ocher in this part of the Connrrr. Cir
colora of terms, ore mailed to any part of iho
country. . scpa&wlyT
**w kTOCX or
No i‘ ' Vood «»««, sole scent
O for Oluckerlug’a i jano-Fones for Weatem Penn
“wUe.l "t""* 1 «*"•
3 XIV, 7 oetaTes.
6 elcganr Rosewood, 7 do;
d» do oi do;
- «-o do u dm
} 5° Mahogany, Q do;:
? , Walnut, c do,
1 roft enrreJ acmigrund.
A CARD.Tbs aubseniisr hss lit* pleasure of
aiir.ouiiring 10 ilia Cil.acus of Ptiuburglt. that he hut
Ul , !'! ,^i ,a, ‘*, ctn V' u wi,b Sir. John II Mcllor, for the
Va i n e *’ ,ano Fortes, In Pittsburgh am)
estern Peim-ylraiiitu and thovs wishing to pur
chase may be assured that their imcrcitawifl he faith
fully attended to. j CUICKERLNU
Doelon, March 43,1E49.
■nJu?* d . uion 10 ,bB Rbove . a«>«k. of Piano# from Mr.
i.rue ,, eTicg. a new supply Is cflered from the faetoriss
of Adaxn atodart Hacon ft Raven, and Worcester;
New > ork, mtd Hallett. Cnmsteu ft Allen, Boston, at
puce* varying feom two to three hundred dollars/
/1 ARDTHNOT is receiving a Urge eakortment of
V/i fancy and staple, variety, and Dry Goods, consist.
h*fJo part of Woolen, ThßieLanil ciubmere Bhawlia
fcUk, Berlin. Thibet, Kid and Buckskin Gloves; Wool:
enand Worsted Comforts; Alpscss and Bemb&nSh
In c C^ toa ’ Colored and BISSSed
Muslins; CassUeu and Cas.imeres: RibbonsMd
lAoe»; Outions.and Critibs; Threads akd tUniiun
Umbrellas and Dress Bone/fte Hutduiga,
been received at Holaes’Lilnrarv
oppoHie theJ» oit 0 it offlee »Pot, Third at,
Cggg* v-’TTgaaff'
u 'TS'J a W/'
fFEAS-ix Teas:
X “ 0- P. Teas;
•alebv M POttchong ree*g peresna!, foi
w rowmHM
marvin ahawley’s
G6ld Blau, Ciotitfei lbs l>ttaat,le,
fro« OTiflnsl •ketches takes or 'h • rpol
by Paul Eomersi, Etq, under >he p*iw,«l«h.
serration cm J. lA.Varvtn.oae of ike proprietors, who
ha« tpent *ye*r in CaUAmris, and will «jplaia the
digfcrrut views. ,Thl» .work of art, em
bracing splendid views ofChagrcs, Gortons. Panama,
Acapulco, Ban FrMiseo, B*ctsbi*m« Cuy, SAiten
Fort, the raining districts* covering 1* OOOiret of Can
vas*. and giving a correct minor of ibo whole cr-tm
try pa*«ed ihroogb, and now occupied by oar friends
and fellow co entry men,; w*t visited in NiwYcrk
J!bu. T ;.nd TlO7, p.rK.«s ,al in
Bonalrt by SO,OW, eojnpmlng the elite of ihc*e duet.
IXtors open et fl| o’clock, to commence at
Admit l too, IJS cents. Children under tea vnri half
Price. . ; j
Exhibition on Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
tep-ljcdlw - ■’ ;
’Dubafe's grand original Paintings of -
rpHESF. rullioe work* if art; valued a: me hundred
J thousand dollars, have teen cabibitrd in the
principal cities of England, Ireland, Scotland, and
the United States, to ihs onivertal admiration of over
two millions of :
Open from Pitt the jconjingtlll 10 at night.
Admittance SSctt.: CLiidica isj cl*.
• e P>° W, CREIGHTON, Proprietor.
£0 Wood »t
Jut Bictlvid,
ALARGE aad cxroittivo asroitment of PATENT
ndleu wunr erabrcced In tic ucanlcit,
nav t® -foacd the following:— ’
Hotwj Cover*, C®m«*e CJolh, Air Bed*, Air TH
nT^^'nSi ,hio o , ’ !Wa i? r PaJK Tobacco Ponehe*,
?i«.rs m£ 1, » Chpe*, Clonks T&rpamin.,
Mtcbino rtellnir, ,C«m» Blankeu, Paper Holder*!
Ufo Pre«rvef*, Tr*Teilmf Jta**, |«iW* Bi«!
Hathlr-ji M»w, l)ol{i» Head*, De**, l.iem, Peddle
Baj*, Air Bull, Ffot Ball*, Lailir*’W as h Gloves,
LediM* Gom Saoet.lCenii’Cuni Shoe*, tsarina*. Ac
Every article M!d:auW»e«tr.bli»hßienU» warrtWed
to pecs*** all the ®Tmr*aieriiuct ruential to water
proof coeds, vix.—ipßolobiUtr under any decree of
"* at i flexibility in (lie reveiwi cold, *ieat durability
li«htnt*j, perfect irtpervloutrei-t, an' freedom from
TUB Asnsftl Meeting of lire stockholders of iho
Pennsylvania alt 111aanrac rating CoananywiU
be held no the 7ib do? of October U o'clock M
at the • ffieo of Ur. George T. Lewi*. Front su below
Walnut, Philadelphia. ' . w
UfcOftGE THOMPSON, Secretary
sep!3.d*w« _____
ENOLISH GRaMU&R—Tho English Language la
its elemepi* end form*, with e history of in origin
and designed lor ore iu cr lieges end
schools. Wi». C Farrier, lets professor of Uhetorls
ia AmfrerrtCplirgr. ;• ,
Asuonotnyi-Tno feeent progress of Astronomy:
etpee'iily in )rs United Slates. U>* FJn* Loomis.
Five Yeargcf e Hunter’s Lite i& me far interior of
South Africa. wip>. notice*, of thi nfu'.TS uibes, ard
anecdotes o' the chase of lb* lion, elephant, hippos
tsemt, giraffe, rhinoceros,&e..w>tli tHailrations. By
R. G. Otuanaug. ' Received for »«!«■ by
M p 23
To P«op!« from tbi Ola Comurp.
Ez«cn.T the erirae. kind ofBm*Ul caf Fire,y ro>«,
end Itragfi PiaTOirii Black Tens that are Died ict
lUe Old Countrf, ean Jv* bnaght ni We and 74c ri r ib.
at .Vr-rna & W»w«mh’«Tfa Slew*. «a*i nlfio ci ihe
Diagio’wt w anrf no wfrcrw elaa io Pittsburgh.” «p -4
MORRIS A HAWORTIf, in the Diamond,are sell
iajt excellent Tea, at
flO eta par )b-TRr IT * I «, p oj
Extra tiDpeiOaaOoJouff&Kinsyonff T«a
'pUFSttaiß tbovenbett Uleck Tea* that are t m -
L ported irPotiielMied fepuea. A Haworth.
Tea Lcalcrj, in (ha Diamrtul, are selling said Teat at
ihs low price of 73c per lb, for ca-lu tep7<
Rt>nr. Kt'STKR; or the Nyrlenej of the Coart of
•London, vol S.of this interesting work La* been
rreelred at fl.ilme«' Ltirrary Depot. Thud tireei
opposite U.e Po« Office; alto, F.Uen Parry, or Trial*
ofilie Heumby Olivia; (ieorge Catuiot, tarnameit
Scaaderbeg kina of Albina, br Clement C. Mocre.
L L; D ; and No 33a ol LiutH'a Living Age. a*p^l
WHAPPINO PAPER—-A large lot oOstraw and
rag, a*totted tikes, comtamy on band by
e»P23 - u Wood it
WANTED, a tniuol: aged lady 10 take ebarce of
the Pittsburgh and AUrghecy Aaylam lor
urpatnt, at Matron; alto, one at assistant.
Apl 1/ to MR*. KURLNRTOKT.
,e F-3 or, MRS ROBINSON.
SU.Mac— 10 toe* cn band and for »ale by
Jilutie ond SiTmieal Imtnmcvtt,
Sisn of ihs Geldeo Karp, No Iflf Third meet.
- ~**• KLEHKR rrapectfelly Inferno
fcftnjaiUMMMifiiecd* ai,d h - pablte.thtt beiia*
Tf(FP a, «ljo»t retained'from jibe east, with a
■■. ;»■ 1 ®, 0 ‘ l * lf ** nt ■'“l tllenojTe t»«orv
ment of var>on, tiyWanit price*, aelecicd
b /^ ltu,s Hi wnh *Teai«ire at the celebratedfactories
o Noun.* Clark. N. V., and Dunham, N. of
-Stodart A DBrh*m,N. V ) "* ieUcied the ator*
rrom an immetu* vtock juvi tinvhtd by the above
-mahera, tf.«y warranted of mprrior quality aed
toue, and will fa all ea*e» be to’d at New Vo.-k fa*,
tcry puce*. Porehateri "ill receive a written soot
anty with each Pianoi entitling thrm to an ezchacae
or re.urn ofaante if found detective* *
Sehmtdt*, ManfrN.Y They are a.aapcrb aniclc.
so*woril ;,Ilrt 061 mperior, lo any Bade to
n?, oe 7 leoUon of F3qic *> Ciariaaeu Violin*,
SESS i icvtrumrau, and .he »e«e«t aitd noil
pofjidT fnuaie, iocluilicb Jeuuy lacti'a celebrated
,w ” • v • leptzs
I _ W r MA«Biuu
yANfK CD4RANTS—4 n»fc» tor »i»iel*-wh r
M 6 f.ibeny at.
£(r i'£fe con t'rcstn; |
__ 175 bx« common do; hr \
Bit; A at IE SILL
DJKiOMS—B3 doz in flora and f>V 3»| Q by ■
ff j*I P J°„ ,j 6TUAHT *- BILL
R ox< for *»la“by
BACO.V--A M»all lolelta* aide* for rule br
• : M . gtl'AHTt'sin.
b« bm brand* for *aJe by .
>* j : atUAKTfP]
I» wpgl ;
sreet lizes, for <alc by . *
SUUAH & MOUSSES- irlkoi N o s«,an
lCiObrla N O UoluieK
„ 4.’i fcHi » l|.-• • *
iMWFuxTnaifiraiiiij i#r
■; j ; ■ STUARr-fcHLL
I INStiKDuiL—!3 tjfl# for ialo (it
i*ir»T?or r«'o by
lj ttp23__ “■ D.A FAHNESTOCK ACO
'l’ANNlTi—®ouneetfertileb y *
T«mperm» e ,yiij© *NobUktiwTk iu»i
Bo«d C6lOpajly, ' ; ■
i he^by utoat’th** in edafennUy with
*“? ioeoTpo>*tioa of tho shore compihjr,p*wcd tbo
,F .' 2 i b ook*Trnt WoJeneSfaTMjb.
•enpiipn to-tfiB capital *iotk afraid eoapany, ta The
, I f ii ro^ n tn *l Kt»kt*»riek:Liberty nrret In the
cby of Pituborpii, on. Wednesday. the ICiti day 0 f
Oetrbct b«Vat iW fcont cf to o>k>ck, a.
«m*L r l n 8 f ?, r L UIO “P"* Of•*«***»! or Bird the whole
ESfSSS&S* by lh , B “ u •« *“ u
Jonathan P. Rou
J&niet Trunick.
Georye Ledto ■
John Bi?*m
Isaac Walket
K. C. Whitn ■ ’ v
Jacob Doolittle .
Robert bttrreu '
murphy&burch field
baviko cwufcrrp tbs kiusciuent abb otbi»
iMWpvtacm ,97 jhiib >tyss iomi,
Sorth>Kaiteor. «'f Fourth t Bttkit sta
O* ■Monday warning, 23« f Sipttmler,
With a large Slack o( Ren Goadi.
' tfIYH
C O.K,CHUIBEttLIg>ft 1
Corner of MiflWlanU Third ttreetfe. '
TUB coot«o of iw.msilod'w Oil* la*ihr4U«
butet Bonk Jittplxife. ComaeuW
reom.rutup, Leour*.w-<SSS£efafl SS^jJW*
&i2£7' S~»SLSSg2«I;
l ' s * "“"tliforVlli 1,,' V
S s 4^ CLJULU f uS f?-A lol <of Vale Ij
y—”e?_ ; -;- BTPAgTABH.I.
-enai i • »>• WICKKSPiiAM’9
_•; - i «*»■» Wood & Sixth «u
/jANAaV' BEbi>~tCo ibi jui rec’d for ule by “
, fB2I " • * J KIDD* CO
S y^in^iH^B: ? sn ? E,sri^'fcfe^^~
“OMI KQd Lot torSelal
A THREE «toried Dtiiek Hob**, on WjUe ttmt.
I V* »»* .hatin'* btlhkow.
®°^ ern lotpreTeneat#. will
•1?S ! f *P plle<J for. before let October next; If Ce
ased, a lea* ereda will be given.
"Platoon mt Fonnli n
TBAWSO bf ebetta V 11, o P, A Inp^Teaj
70 hf ehctta Ktnpong’and Oolong Block:
, . Uw caddy bx< ,Y. Ur tan * Ganpewder, tor
■ale by _ laepUr JttILLKR * RICKKTBON
DRIED VENISON haw’s “A price article. la
■tore and for Ulo by * KIFR& JONES
•' ■ :Cam! Batin. Swath «t
SUNDKI !££■—l< brU Lard; • :
)&brta Grease;
1 bag Beeswax;
7 bap Featbm, to *rrive,fcr n'e by
Water A Freni m
F Wk- ado* Ixrxeaixe tMII llemdu
1 rfosextr* do <toi
1 do* Doer,'
1 do* Uontjfar udo at th*lndia RoSber
•ure. 7 wd 9 Wood «U 4 it (J HJlLUttj
J & H rillLT-IPS
n C sroCKTON
_ 4? Market st
Reorye Ancbntxjr
M; B. Hrown
1 e*t Orca*
R. A. AteVay
J'Lq Obry
Muff* Then
Bunuel Urabua
P. J. Smith.
Wltliam Potter
Jamca Richardson