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    ESTABLISHED, IN 178 b.
published dt
VyHl.Tgi* CO
-A. ». WItTTP.J. (*. tUISDT.
Tttrfis mixr, hut doce to
-» » •
•' Daily pi -t7,P6 per annum.
• TnAVccMy.»too «
Weekly, In advance) 2*oo “
Do. 6 Club*, at a reduced nu^
ktA? eg OP A.bWRTISniO|
tne sqo» ir, (10 line* of Nonpareil or lea)
one i ftenion •-»—-fftfio
ne Sqsr re, each additional insertion-.* <Lt5
-Do. one wwt-»- i t -j
Do. twoweyk* ajfig -
Do. three weeki- ......... 4no
Do. one month ■>- —■ ■ —'om
Do. twti months no
Dr. three nomas- ... gm
Do. fonr montha . repo
Do. air months---. ... ■_ ~.nop
Do. twelve month*---. 18^00
Standing Card (»lice* ctle**,) per annum- 10.00
OoeSaitmre.ehaofeaMettpleaanre (per an
num) exclusive or the paper—*— £3.00
For eaeh additional aqnare, Inserted nv«-rone month,
and for eaeh additional tquhre Inserted underthe year
ly rate*, half prioe. I
Advertisement* exceeding a square, and net over
fifteen tinea, to be charged at a nvtre and a half.
Publisher* not accountable for irgal advertisements
aeyond the amount charg«d,fbr >beir publication.
Announcing candidstes'forbffice, to be charged the
■true a* other advertiremenu. -
Advertisements not marked on the copy for a ipcci
fied number of insertions, will be continued till forbid
and paymenlrxaciei accord-. . .
The privilege* of yearly advenlteri will be eonfined
rigidly to their regular business, and all ether adve r
-ti»eneniii:otpenainii-g to their regular business, aa
agieed (or. to be paid extra.
Alt advertisement* for charitable tnititntiona, fire
mpanies. ward, townihip and otherpahlic meeting*,
and sorb like, to be charged halfprice, pay able strictly
Ir advance. r-
Marriage notices to be charged SO cents.
Death notices inserted withootcharge, unless accom
panied by funeral invitation* or obituary notices, and
when to accompanied te be paid for. ;
Rernlar advertisers, and •liolber* leading commu
nication*, or requiring notice* de*ignedlb> call atten
tion to Fairs, Soirees, Concerts, or any jpubiie enter
tainments, where charge* ate made forladtnilwne'i—
all notices of private associations—every notiee de
signed to call attention to private enterpr tea calcula
ted or intended to promote individual interest, can on
ly be inserted with the undemanding tijat the tame
is to be paid for. If intended to bo inserted in the lo
cal column, the same will he charged a; the me of
not Irs* than 10 cents per line.
Di*hop or Vist Notices to he charred triple price,
Tavern License Petitions, •£ eaeh.
Legal and Medieal advertisements to bb charged at
fall prices.
Real Estate Agents* and Auctioneers’ advertise
ment* not to be classed under yeiriyrmfc*, bat to be
allowed dlreoant of thirty three and one third percent,
from the amount of bills
winir oa rai-wsiXLT hi pan.! rum.
One Square, three insertions-■ ■- •• *-91 80
Do. each additional innertior ••. 37
anvxznscscra 15 wairrr rum.
One Square, (10 lines.) one *nsertion— —SO eta.
Do. eacb additional insertion •••£$ “
All transient advenisrmenu io be paid i a advance.
WHITE fc CO. Gazette.
L. HARPER. Port.
ROBT M- RIDDLE, Joui oal.
JAMES P. BARR A CO.. Chronicle.
JAMES W. BIDDLE, American.
HIRAM KAINE, Evening Tribune.
PremaneH, Dec. 1,1548. |
A LDERM AN, Fifth Ward. Penn street, between
J\ O’Hara and Walnut. All business promptly at
tended to. may?
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Office, on Fourth street
above Wood. tcrlO
A TTORNEY AT LAW, and Commissioner for
■fi Pennsylvania, 81. Louis, Mo.
communications promptly answered.
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Olfiee.oa Foarth street,
between Smuh&eld and Grant, Pittsburgh.
sptix-ly .
ATTORNEY and counsellor at Law, and Commis
sioner lor the State of Pennsylvania, St. Louis;
Mo., (late of Pittsburgh.}
Rewrenees—Pittsburgh: Hon. W. Forward,
cna A Miller, M’Candless A McClure, John E. Parke,
dusells A Semple, McCord A Kmc. aatl4-ly
Glajgote, Pa. {iSwiiih'j Ferry Put OffUc)
Having permanently located at this place, a new
and substantial Wharf-Boat, we are prepared to re
ceive and forward promptly to ail points on the river,
and Bandy and Beaver or Ohio Canals. B A Co.
Glasgow, June 15-?}elS
w*i —roar* s. coses* vu.
w. n. ——aairn bassist.
cer*, No xxl Market si, Philadelphia. aH
* PUisburgb Alkalt Works*
BENNETT, BERRY A CO, Manuferturers of Soda
Ash. Bleaehiug Posrdrre, Muriaric ano Sulphuric
Acids. Warehouse No —, Water street, below Ferry.
Frederick Braun. . * Geenre Reiter.
BRAUN A REITER, Wholesale and Retail Drug
gists, corner of Liberty and Sc Clair streets, Pin*.
urga, Pa- ; *l>4
CA. MeAvULTY A C'», Forwarding and Com
• mission Merchants, Cans' llatm, Pittsburgh,
Pa." nirt'
CH (]RV<T, Wholesale Grocer, ComiDi»sio.> ami
• Forwarding Merchant, No. 41 Waver su, Him
burgh. _____ at> 4
Ira Hereey---~-Andrew Fleming. ••••&. K Fleming
mestic. Woolen, and Cotton Goods; alto, dealers in
all kind* of Tailors’ Trimmings, No 1 17 Wood at, 4th
door from Fifth, Pittsburgh. •*
Reference—Messrs. Wra. A. lull A Co,Bankers.
s. aatas.) ’
BAino * xnvin,
No 11* Second street. Pm*l>n»»h. ao«7
wu. %. u*susa, iAxn i. Bm^ciT.
ENGLISH A DENNETT, (late English, Gallagher
i- Co.) Wholesale Grocer*, Commuiioa and For
warding Merchant*, and dealer* in Produce and Pitta*
hurgh Manufaetnre*, No. 37 Wood *l, between #d and
M «treet*. ocil
Forwarding & commission merchant
No 118 Second «U Pituburgh. mr2t_
bobibt w. raisocxrs*] IwaLtbi e.LiVijiMTo.f
a. w. poikdeXtkraco^
chant* and Floor Doaler*, No SK# Market ••reel,
Philadelphia jy«
No 41 North Water Street A No. 10 North Wharroa
Kdw*p t!a*tx>. j PhiUd’k.
D, C. McC*aaov. I *■
J. A- Waattaa. 1 aag .
T^jr^LEpy'(«ncce'**or toMurphT A Lee.) Wool Deal*
n . er and Coiamlssiou Merchant, for ths tale of
American Woolen*. Liberty, pppo«lte fith at. feb!7
inr.iwT. wm. r. !om
HARDY, JONES A 00., (taecessors to Atwood,
Jones A Co.) CcomiutOQ and Forwarding Mer
chants, dealer* in Pitubargb Manufactured Good*,
Pittsburgh, P*. . mch77
(irrcautox to sAMoat c. mix,)
TSIPORtER A Dealer in Frenehand American Pa-
I per Hanging* and Border*. Window Shads*. Fire
Hoard Prints, Ac. Alto— Writing, Printing and Wrap
ping Paper, No. S 7 Wood mreeiJbetween Fourth street
and Diamond alley, west aide, Pittsburgh, Pa.
febi:l . _
JOHN AGNEW.Iate of the firm of Chamber*, Ag
new A Co , woold respectfully inform the old eu»*
toner* and public generally, that he will .Ulleon
tinoe to carry on tne Green Gla** baitne**, in all iu
▼arietiea. and i* prepared to fill all order* for Apotbr
earie*' Furniture, Mineral*, Porter*, Viol*, Ac- Ae
ptnaitung to hi. ba*ine»». Hu warehouse U N 6 «
Market street, AjßeeonJ jyJLdga
JOHN D. MORGAN, W hole. aic^raggim,and-de«l4,
erttTDye Staff*. Paint*, Oil*. Varnuhe*, Ae, No£
93 Wood street, one door South of Diamond Alley?
Pittsburgh. : * — W-T*
TaUF-SDaUZELL, Whole*** Grocer,
J and dealer in Produce and Pitubargh
Manufacture*. No 31 Water »L Ptitsbargh. ap4
tßAlfc* DtCtKY. IOSfIT
«>ii|i mcKEY h Co-. Wholesale GroeeTt. Com*
PoiiilL, KSiat iZ? J..IT. 1* No..m
Water. and I»7 Front street*, Pittihnrrb. norfl
Joim sTliTtwonh —-iosepbDtl»onh
JB. DtLWORTH A CO., Oro«r»,«nd
. Areuis for llsxard Powder Co., No. 2? Wood *L,
Pittsburgh- dc **
No. <5 Market st, three doors aboreThird «t thus,
bcrfh, will have constantly on hand* well selected s»
sortment of the best end freshest Medicine*. which ns
will sell on the most reasonable terms. Phys'ciane
•ending orders, will be - promptly attended to, and tap
plied with articles they may rely upon as rename.
Physicians Prescriptions will be accurately and
•suy prepared from this best mats rials, at any hear of
• • day or night* v -
hAlso for sale, a lans stock of frith tad rood Perfa
ry. 1 latJ
John'KloyJ^ t>ix ’ wt > ' Richard Floyd. ~
Jft tt.FLOVD, Wboleule Gcoeera, Commiitloa
• Mercbanu, and IV.&Urr In Proda-e, Round
Chufeb Uaildini?*, fronrtmt on Überir, Wood and
BUt> awwa, , ,ap4
TIiO. A-CaC'BHkx.A|cnLlai ibLUke Erie and
*JT Miekijan L*ne.»o Bca*?t and ibo bate*.—Offieo
mIU «u»aer «f a:*»)*nd gmteJyJUMauo l«n«
JJtMRS A: HUTCHESON, It Co.—Bneceiaora o
Hntcn!«OTT *‘.Co 7 Coamiialan Mi*n»ttiwn,
and Afanti of l*o •***» Loa**B»»aia -Sacaj. Aadnery.
fi*/4V«raWra4iJM from itreau, Puiibunh.
larlo--. ' ___
Wikx' ■ir«isi.\PttMb«Tjtb. ■ .
‘TnHfTiirWßLliOß,* U* Keuil de«t-
J i«v Ma«*«.and Muticil InitrupiMvu, Befool Boot §
feirtsKSsSieel ,
■i.tinnitry «ner»lly.No-6l •CiWltehaix^
>,lr * n - —***
,* yjitri Mw.r roMrarJtng Merchant, and wholesale
dealer in Weatem Ke»crr- Cheese. Udtttf, Poland
nS, ai>4 Western Ph>?u<fc Waur
Keiweca StnitfificM and Wood, Pittaoiffß. #
af>* - - .
T^IKK-fcljoN K 3 PwWitdlnf Oftd OOBimlMtea Mct- I
K ehViT» v De»ler« liUPiodgea ««» PuttbMgh «*n«- '
tfbfaAd. "MTTOMjm.BW tu, **
—iiiiifX pa.
VteNNRKTIY, CIIILD3 A CO- MuattiffKrs e*
K *«n wprrinr 4-1 Sotetin* Carpel Chain, Conoo
*nd Uam.i{; T . ‘
t iTEdtlinitoil A Siwkion, BOOKSKLLERjSTA
Tl TIoKiBY I'RINTk R, and JUNMB, eorrer o.
anfl Third wmu, Fim&ir|h, P*». jjfrMlT
» - •» V
Pittsburgh City Glass Works.
lU. NolM Market street, between First and Beecnd,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Particular attention paid to odd size*. Also,
w. cußsiHasaai, s. rnmcsit,
jygfclf p. ccrapwasM, D.’iajqaa.
We. Miller. Philad. C. W. Ricketsoa, Pttubargh.
ILLER A RICKETSON. Wholesale Grocers, and
tVI Imponera of Brandies- Wines and Sugars, No*.
IT! and 174, corner of Liberty and Irwin streets, Puis
burga, Pa. Iron, Nails, Couon Yarns, Ae. Ac., eon
ttaatly on hand. ap4
John M’GIU. James D. M’Gill. Walter C. Roe
VffcGILLS A ROE, Wholesale Grocers end Commit
lvl tion Merchants, No 194 Liberty 81, Pittsburgh
FfffittinSGHlfTm WoftEs ANi>~gflHHS
Aiis-rosa, jobs r. stin.
\TANUFACTURERS of spring and blister steel,
jXJL plough steel, steel plough wings, coadi and clip
fie springs,hammered iron axles, and dealers in nil
leable eastings, fire engine lamps, and coach-trimming*
Rurally, comer of Ross and Front -Piasburgh,
AyTATTHEW WILSON, Portrait and Miniature
IVA. Painter. Rooms, corner of Post Office Alley and
Fourth street, entrance oa Foarth sL, near Market.
J. a J. Tmtas, Consmtaalom Merchant*.
NO. 31 Old Levee st, N Orleans, keep eonstantlv on
hand a large ataortmentof Brmndieaof the follow,
lug brands, which they offer for cate as agents for J.
Durand A Co, Bordeaux* vixt Magtory, J.Eraud, J Du
rand A Co, Laroehsllo, J 2 Durand, Cognac, A de M m
texun. A L Blerille, A de Mondore, Jean Louis, Ac.,
Ac; also, Anchor Gin, Bordeaux Red and White Wines
in casks sod eases, selected with cere by John Durand
A’Co; besides Champagne Wine and Sweet Burgundy
Port. feb7-ly*
W 1 IfOLMES A SON, No S 3 Market n-teeond door
JLI . from corner of Foarth, dealers in Foreign and
Domestic Bills of Exchange, Certificates of Deposit,
BankNotesand Specie. ,
QT’Coleletlons made on all the prlnaipal cine*
breughout the United States. ap4
NBIJCKM ASTER, ALOsanan—Office, Fourth iu
« third door above Perithficld. south aide.
Conveyancing of ail kinds done with the great.tsi
cere end lex*l aeeursey.
Tlfcs to Rcei Estate examined, Ae. oct3o-lv
lilthocrsphle EetmDltebmemt
StfIiuCIIMANN. Third st, opposite the
\i Post-Office, Pittsburgh.—Maps, Landscapes, Bill
betas. Bhowbtlls, Labels, Architectural and machine
Drawings, Business smd Visiting Cards, Ac-, engraved
or s™*“ on ,tone i and printed in eolorm, Gold, Bronx*
or Black, in the most approval style, and at the moat
rcaeonablc pneos oetlfcly
ROBINSON, LITTLE A CO.. o. 855 Liberty street
Pittsbunh. Wholesale Grocers, Produce and
Commission Merchants, smd dealers in Pittsburgh
Manufae urea. api7
lour. sosnoß. tbo*. Lrrrtß. ssmu a. aoixmoa.
ROBERT MOORE, Wiolesale Grocer, Rectifying
Distiller, dealer in Produce, Pioibarvh Manufae*
ln re», an t all kinds of Foreign and Domestie Wines
and Liquor*, No. 11 Übemy street. On hand a very
‘*fT® ,loe * ®f euperior ola Monongahels waiakey.
which will be sola low for mh. myl
l» O. KRMIDI. u u ssks.
R“ b b UUi
A SHEE. Forwarding and Commis
sion Merchants, for the AUerteny River Trade,
sealers in Groceries, Produce Pittsburgh, Manufac
tures, and Chloride of. Lime.
The hlgbert price, in cash, paid at all times for
eountryragt. Corner Penn and Irwiu sis. epia
ROBERT DALZELL a Co , Wholesale Grocers.
Commission Merchants, deider* in Producr- ana
Pittsburgh Manufactures, Liberty street, PiusJ.urgn,
£*- mpia
WHOLESALE GROCER, Produce, Forwarding,
and Commission Merchant, and Dealer in Pius
burgh Mannfactuma, No 339 Liberty street. Pittsburgh,
l!» _JTI_
*■ —.- . A. wiuia
QHACKLLi f A WHi Id, Wholesale Dealern is
O Foreign and Dornsstio Dry Goods, No. 99 Wood
street. Plush urgh. *pi7
QA W 11A RfiA UGh , Wool Des.'era
O to Flour and Produce generally, and
and Commission Mqrehants, ID First street and
116 Second street. Pittsburgh, a»l7
c. SXU.KBS, rrmacxau. jottn mcou, jsskTiXiTD.
SELLEBB A NICOLS, Produce and General Lom
miisioß Merchama, No. 17 Liberty street,Pitts
burgh. Sperm, Linseed and Lard Oils. apt*
• cere. Forwarding and Commission Merchants,
Dealers in Putsburgh Manufwetures and Wes*«xa
Prpducc, have removed to their new warehouse, (old
stand,) No. 3S, corner of Front Street and Chancery
Lane. • apH
(Hauscob's Ou> Sraan.)
THE sabseriber having leased tlie above well kuoivn
and excellent rsialmihment, is now prepared to
entertain hlsfriands and the travel ting public ger»;r
a’ly, iu the best manner and on the most reasonable
His TABLE will at all timea be supplied with eve ry
delicacy of the eeasen— and hie Baa with the best of
His Stabling is very extensive;(and every arraage
meu has been made for the aeeommodatiua of Dim
aut3-tf WM. CL.4WBQN.
East side Diamond, Piasburgh. uplS_
WOULD inform the public, they hst'/e taken the
warehouse formerly occupied by the late Mr
Solomon Schoyer, H 4 Feeend street. Having a large
atd commodious warehouse, ihqy would Invite the
attention of pervond having goods to consign or stare.
They w*ll alto give attention to the purchase and sab
of Notes. Drafts Bonds. Ae. acgV
L. 8. \V turmau- • R N. Water* ai • ,V.B Watermao>
WHOLESALE GROCERY, C .tnmiiroo and For
warding Merchants; dealer* in all kinds of Pro
duce A Pittsburgh Manufactured Article*; an* Agents
for sale of Richmond and Lynchburg Manufactured
Tobacco. mrt
BtiUsr, Ptt
WILL also attend to collections and all other bad
sen entrusted to him In Butler and Anutrong
eoanlica, Pt. Refer to
J.kß. Fiord, Liberty at. 1
W. W. Wallace, do -I-
James Marshall do f Pinaharrh.
dtr Ksv A Co., Wood at J jan?
Canal Basin, Penn street, Pltubnrth. mrt
No. ®f7 Market, and £4 Commerce tt_, Philadelphia.
Advance* made, by either of the above, oa eonsig n
menu of Produce to either House. ntrO
j. D.’Willisms--- —— —-John Malt
J, D, WILLl&ni A GO.,
Forwarding and Commission'Merchants, and
dealer* in Country Produce and Piosborxh Naasfse
torc», eorner of Wood and Fifth ■iretti, Pittsburgh,
Wm. H. Wil
North East comer of Wood end Third streets,
janl Pmaatiaaß. Pa.
* WH. »aaai.fT, roan a. cosaaarm,
w. n. wooswaan, utrn usutr.
WM. BAGALEY A CO., Wholesale Grocers; IS
end 30 Wood street, Fittsbnrgh. *p!7
roan n. wtc*, savin «'ca*oL*s*.
WICK A M'CANDLESS, (ncceswr* to L A J. D-
Wiek.t Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and
Commission Merchants; dealer* in Iron, Nails, Glass,.
Cotton Yarns, and Pittsborgh Manufactures general*
lr, comer of Wood and Water •treets^itubnrgh.
WA M. MJTCIIELTRKE, Wholesale Grocers,
• Rectifying Distillers, and Witte and Liquor
Merchants. Also—lmporters of Soda Ash and Bleach*
ing Powder, No. 100 Liberty street, (opposite Sixth
street,) Pittsburgh. ___ _ apl7
WW. WiLSON, Watetaes, Jeweiry.Silver Were
, and Military Goods, corner of Market and
Fotmn street*, Pitubnrgh, Pa. N. B.—Watches and
Clock* carefully repaired. apt 7
wx toons. roan a. x'ccnx.
WM. YOUNG A Co., Dealer* in Leather, Hide*,
Ae., 143 Liberty street. Janfcly _
/ t*r A R. McCUTCHEON, Wholesale Grecer* r
•’ W • dealers in Produce, Iron, ’Nails,'Glass, ind
Pituborga Manufacture generally. Liberty street.—
Pittsbnjgh. . Janl7
WILMARTII A NOBLE are now receiving new
eren wheat,whiehlsefeapertortjaality. They
can now famish families with fresh Flour. All order*
left in the boxes will'be promptly attended to.
irsi.-dif City Mills.
I HAVE taken WM. CARR into partnership with
me In ay business, which will from this da*e bo
carried on ander the nuns of “John Parker A Co."
March Ist, lt>So. JOHN PARKER.
John Parker- William Cart.
Wholesale Grocers, Dealer* in Prodccs % Font pi
Wines, liquors, Old MonongaiuLs
and Reetifisd Whiskey,
No. 3, Commercial Row, Liberty street,
mr3o . Pittsburgh. P
rsLwaa. . ioshpa Raima. wi, x. (xa
.(Successor* to Hossey, Hanna A Co.)
In Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Ccrtifl earn*
of Deposit*. Bank Note*, and Specie—North west
comer of Wood atftt'Third street*. Carreni Biomey
redd*etf*dt»“dfe£o*ite.— Sight- Cheek* for ,*ale, and
collection* made on nearly Ml Ih* principal paint t
lil T^ n Amar itu
medo'en FTod%e#|* hlji
pad East,on liberal t»ratf.. . V , nV ,p ”
Ho »6 Überviandi *
Have always on hand a large eijerunenrof Cnrnoj
Orocerie* and Fine Teas; also. Ttyrign YD" l * *?"
Nats, Wholesale and Retail.' Better* (applied t «the
lowast terns ' ' 1
nORRII *. HAWOUTH, ... .i. .}
mEA AND WJNE MERCHANTS, east sldoef »o
X Diamond. ... n. •
-—Etaslleat-TsM—••••—tC Wper lb. .
’ Superior qualities**— *—s— 079 do. *
• i--Tha best imported- —OO da*
.“®w prised, damagad, or inferior Teas ara not Iffpt
attnu establishment. • • - pg
W.I M?d*WTOCK hts Jmi received st his Cmipel
.ZI.'.JLw No 75 Fourth street,a verr band
'* lMiw
' To th»
*jssvr fc «!!. >C .! Us * ,M •' AU«ftaa»jr city.
■ ft? JSJL h r r t f l , ., r^ ep -- n of-SMcr* for CUr frtiu r;
THIS intgmSeent establishment being now rom
pieted and ready for buslne»s,the proprietor would
respectfully solicit a share of the public patronace
He trusts by giving his full attention to tite bu»ine>a
to tnake the house a pleasant and comfortable resort
'for the ciliiens of Pittsburgh and for the country
Good attendants will be In waiting, and every ex
ertion made to render the establishment worthy the
countenance and supponofan intelligent rommumtT.
The TWO SPACIOUS HALLS, fitted for Parties.
Concert*, Lectures, Balls, and public meeting*, will
be let by the evening or week, on as liberal terms as
any other in thecitv.
Tbo BAR and RESTAURANT, equal in style and
beauty to any in the world, will be kepi furnished
with Pure Wines, Choice Liquors, Cordlsls, Potter*,
Ales, and all the cooh light, retmhmcni* of the *?&sr>n.
Poultry, Game, Ftsh, Soup, Oysters, and Clams,
sertredup In the best style.
The DINING and ICE CREAM SAt/OON, bring on
the first floon and easy of aece**, will be constantly
supplied with all the Luxuries and Delicßciesof the
season; and also, with sacli substantial* as the markets
Boarding bv the day, wetk.or year. Dinners or
Suppers for individuals or parties, furnished on short
Gentlemen with their families, visiting the city can,
be supplied with rcfrtsbmsma of ail kinds at any hour
of the day.
Good Stabling and «n extensive Livery Establish
ment Is connected with the Hall.
utem in vviiucitcu wiui iuc ~1,11.
Dinner at 1 o'clock. Breakfast and Tea at thermal)
Entrance for Ladies to the Ice Cream and Dining
Saloon-No 67 Smilhfield street.
VV, keep constantly ou hand or make to order the
besrianiele in tiieir'line, nt their old s'and, No. 1-1 St.
Clair street; also, at No.FC Market street, srrond story,
entrance in the Diamond. Venitian Shutters made to
order, and old blinds neatly repaired. *pl fl
W. fe J. GLENN, Book Binders.
TK7T3 are still engaged in the above business, corner
fY of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburgh* where
we are prepared todo any work iu our line with 4es-
f istch. We attend to our work personally, and salts
aetion will be given in regard to its neatness and du
rability. .
Btan). Books ruled to any pattern and bound sub
stantially. Books in number* orold books bound care
fully or repaired. Names put on book* in gilt lelien.
Those iha* have work in our line invited to call,
priev* low _ myJtHf
psaa RMhiutlhop.
HWIGHTMAN— Manufacturer of all kind* of cot
• ten and woollen machinery. Allegheny city. Pa
The above works being now in foil and soecessfal W
uration, I am prepared to exesate ort*r* with disnateh
for all kinds of machinery in ay line, sack a* willow*,
piekers, spreaders, cards, grinding mutine«, railways,
drawing frame*, ipeeder*, thratsils. looms, woolen
•eards, double orsioglc.for merchant or country work,
■nules, jacks, slide and band ladies and tool* in gen
eral. All kind* of shafting made to order, cr niansgiv
at for gearing factories or mills at reasonable charge.
Rxxxa io—Kennedy, Child* A Co-, Blacksioek, Bell
A Co.. Kin(. Psnnnek ACa . Jas A Ht*v _
■lxmln|ham,(asar Pltt*burgh,]Pa.
Office, iVo. .37 Water «,* bettcent Mar Let aiui
Wood, Pituburgk.
WILL constantly keep oijiand a good **««•
BBnf meat Of Ware; of oar own manafariure *nd
Hb saperierquabty. Wholesale and country Mcr-
W I 'Nasu ate retpeetfully invited io call sad ex
amina fa* themaelves, as w* are determined io m'l
shsapar Uran haaavar uafara bssc offered to ths pub
sunt ty mail, accompanied by thaea*h or
ood refer* ace. wiU be promptly attended to. ture
.Lhl.flM I •
\r a. WHITE A CO., woald respectfaUy Intorm
JYL. t>a public tkat they have erected a shop on
Lacoek betweenFedera! and Sandusky svrrcu. they
are now ms kin,? and are prepared to receive order* lor
every description of vehicles, Coache*, Cbartoi a ba
rouche*, Buttles, Fha-tons. Ac., Ac., which from thow
long in the manufacture of the above work,
anti the facilities they hs-ve, they fed confident they are
enabled to do \*prk on tbo most reasonable term* with
these waiiuag ■ triicle* in thc*r line.
Paying panic ular attention to the selection or mate
rials, and hnvii • none bateon*oetent workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work. We
therefore ank the attention of the public to thi* oiiar,
N. B. Rojainngdone in tb« beat manner, and on tbs
most reasonable terms- jaXUru
hi stst~ irmn Wool* aso Makaix, Firnicaan,
rwNTINUE to manufaci Ure all kinds of CO 11 fcR,
amuh Work.
Steam Boats built to order
Special attention given to uteam boat work.
Have on hands a fine astoruaea t of Copper *od Brass
Kettles,Tm Ware, Ac. Ac. Steamboat Cooking St»ves,
Portable Forges, varloa* sixes—a very eonventern ar
ticle for steamboats, Caiitorsia emig tanu, or rail road
companies. .
We would resp-iet/aily invite steam boat men ana
others to call ana see oar articles and pnee* before
purehmains el M-»’here _ J T. *
Fit* Rashtiis Works sad F*a udry.
rrmsußsn, r*.
JOHN WRIGHT A Co., are prepared to beliJ Cotton
and Woolen Machinery of every desenpuo. ’- >ueh
as Carding Machine*, Spinning Frame*. Spctd-rs.
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, Snoo.-ra,
Dressing Frames, Imans, Card Grinders, Ac.
Iron Shafting tarnedt ail sixes of Cast Iron, Pollies an.'
Hangers oflhe latest patterns, slide and hand Lather,
•-sd tools of all kinds Catling* of every description
furnished on short notied Patterns amde loonier for
M ’ll Gearing, Iron Bailini', Ac. Steam Pipe for heat
ms Factories. Cast Iron \\ indow 3n» ! and fvn r •>*-
ting t gensrall/. Orders . *ft »t tL-r A arel »u*e oi J.
Paln’er A Co., Liberty sir* u, will aa >t prompt stiru-
Refer to Blaekstock, Bell A Co.. J. K. Wooretead A
Co- G. B. Warner, John lrwi n A So a*. Pitubargb , G.
C. AJ. 11. Warner,J3leubenvi* ; e ionlV
THE nbaeriber offers for sale a large and splendid
assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac
liou Piawa, with and w them Coleman’* celebrated
Pollan Attachment. The above instruments nre war
ranted te be equal to any manufactured in this coun
try. and will b« sold lower thar any brought from tbs
Eiit F. HLUWE, No ltd wood st,
3d door above Sth
N. 8.-'Gty Senp will b, taken at par far a few of
be aboro assortment. __ oy9 _ .
llt«an Brick \ 7ork> for Salt#
TUB aabacriber offers for sale, lie STRAW BRICK
WORMS, above LawTencevlUe, comprising *
gleam Engine, a Boiler*, C Mould Machine, capable of
msnafecion ng :5M*O Pressed Brick* foot of dry clay,
a* laken fro* the hank,} per day; with three acn-s of
land on the .Allegheny river, on which are 4 kiln* and
•beds, machine and clay sheds, wheelbarrow*, tracks,
•hovels, spades, Ac., every thing requisite to ram-
Bence opermaons at an hour* notice. Price, including
the patent rig bt to use aaid machine, ®7,UUt) —terms ot
eaTment mad* easy. Without the land, >5,100. For
particulars.*'dress HENRY MERRITT,
angyr-dlf _No IW Mouongahela Hou«*._
Wronght and Cut Iron RaUlng.
rrtHE subscribers beg leave to inform the public that
1 they have obtained from the Eaat oil the late and
fashionable designs for Iron Railing, both for boose*
i ana ecmeteri.**- Persons wishing to procure hand
some patterns will please call usd examine, and judge
Cor themselves. Killing will bo famished at the short
est notice, and in the best manner, at the comer oi
■i s. Metiay-
van 1,1. l a M DIOBY
BfiCS leave to Inform hla friends and'etutomers tha
he is last receiving hisi'cw spring stock of Goods
comprising, a* usual, all the uewest and m sat fashion
able styles of Cloth*, Caaslmc res. fancy Vestings, cm
too and linen summer staffs, a id every artielaaaiiabla
for ftniietnen’s wear for spring and summer. U being
impossible to describe the beam 7i quality, or qeatntty
of the stock, the proprietor bop* s *ll who are in want
of good, ebeap, fashionable, sod well made .uotaes.
wifi give him a call, as there 11 no stack this aide or
the Allrghenies that ean compare with iL
The reedy made department is very extensive, adap
ted to all tastes.
Rail road contractors, country merchants, and all
who pare base largely, ere particularly invited to ex
amine the stoek before purchasing, a» particular at
tention is paid to the wholesale busin css *n this estab
lishment. , .
Every artiele In the tailoring line n tade in order in
the most fashionable and bast manner, at the shortest
notice. .
rrHE partnership heretofore existing unt>r the firm
l of AA 0 BRADLEY’,is dissolved by t. ’«> decease
at Mr. C Bradley. The bnsihess will be can >ed on by
A Bradley, who will sattle the basinets ot the late
REMOVAI/—A Bxsslxt has removed his Ft “ I^ r 7
Warehouse from No 1U) Second street, ioNo 111 vood
street, between First and Second streets, to the w
house lately occupied by G A Berry, where he
keep constantly on hand a general aasonmentof Co,
ings, Grates, Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Ac. iyIB
and No. d Amcriein Blister Bteel. Also—Best
Cast Steal Files, of all sizes; and Blacksmith and Shoe
Rasps, always on hand and for sale, either at bis ‘‘Ea
gle Steel Works.” O’Hara street, Fifth Ward, or at (he
office in the Iron Store of BOLLMANB A GARRI
SON, No 4. foot of Wood street, Pittsburgh,
We, the undersigned, having used, with entire sat
isfaction, the Cast Steel and Files made by Samuel
MeKelvy, at his Eagle Steel Work#, in ibis city, take
pleasure in recommending them atCqual in quality to
any ever used by us, of foreign manufacture.
Pittsburgh, March 13.1856.
Manufacturers of Iron and Nails, Puubonrh, Pa.
Irtra Founders and M«eMntota^Riusbotgh r Pa.
Manufaeturtrt ofßpntigi,. Axles, Spring Steel and
RlveTa, Ptttrtmrgh, Pa.
- * - :F A W M FABKH,
Enrlna Bailie Mtfehlne Cart) Matiuracta-
. ... •. rcra, Pmsbuoth. Pa. .
.. v .
Brass rounder, Pittsburgh, Pa.
M""'*"*"” of
LcoanU. Bwlao mad «-
Marble MantriacuireT, Machine and Engine BuUd
, n r£j er. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Ifriasolntton «f
CTHE Partnership heretofore existing between tb«
1 wbaeriber* nnfler the fiim of Gbambera, Agnew-.
due Manafaettfrer*, wa* disaalreu b» mutual
Mi'Mßt* on the .first day of July, jn*un> All person*,
knowing ihem*el*e» indelotd to said firm are request
3 to make paymeiawU.4bv*o.C
ssi«-r and all peraoni nanny unsettled accounts wttn
ntfd nrm, am Invited to
limed >ld ioH«mtTtrarw,' '.*\a/ r
| _P- H CHAMPtute. VS
»l^SASftS*»“'^^ ~,i, “ ,l ““ ,k,k
«»’• - - v. 1
f*-r>V*-vm V( T 1
RANCE COMPANY.—Office North Room Of the
Exchange, Third street. Philadelphia
Puts I Kscaancg.—Building*. Merchandise andother
property, in Town and Counliy, imured against loss
or damage by fire. *t the lowest rate of premium.
Msaixs Insctanca—They alsoiasare Veriels, Car
goe* and Freights, foreign or coastwise, under open or
special policies, aa the assured may desire.
IsLairo TaaK*roßT*Ttoa.—They aJ*o fa-ore merch
•ndue transported by Wagon*, Rail Sped Cars, Canal
Boats and Bteara Boats, oa riter* and lak#s, .on the
most liberal terms. , . „ .
DIRECTORS—Joseph 11 Beal. Edmund A-Bouder,
John C Davit, Robert Barton. John R Penrose, Samu
el Kdwarts, Geo G Leiper, Edward Darlington, Isaac
R Davi*,.Wm Folwall, John Newiin, Dr R M Hatton,
Jas C Hand, TheOphilus Paulding, U Jones Brooks,
Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Semi, Soencer
Mellvain, CtiarlrOueDy, 3 G Johnson, Win Hay, Dr
S Thomas. John Sellers, Wm Eyre, Jr. _..
Hugh Craig, John T Lortn. ’ ,
Rtcnaap 8. Ngwaotio, Sec*y. „
ttT* Office of the CompanT, No. 42 w »*er street,
Pttuburgii. fianSS-tf p. A. MADEIRA, Agt.
Lift tatf n«tUh luvranti< .
Tin? Mutual Life and Hearth Insurance Company
of Philadelphia, Incorporated bribe Legislature
of Pennsylvania, March, 1848. . Charter perpetual.
Capital, *lOO,OOO. Rails lowxi thahaWT Pitt.nTL- CoMrasT, and foil 90 per eeat. lower than the
tuna) rates of Life loaaranoc, as the following com
pariaon will show: Thua, a perton of the agf ofOOin
suring for *lOO for lift, must pay In the flirard
Pennsylvania, *l*3o, Penn Mutual, S?4f>; Equitable,
•iftl; fiew England, *9.30; New York Life, 8945; Al
bion, fiMft Life and Health, Philadelphia, *1,91., ...
Diaacrou.—Samuel D. Orriek, Charles D. IWI, W.
F. Boone, Robert P. Kiue, Charles P. Haves, tM. W.
Baldwin, M. M. Reeve, M. D n Cbos. O. U Campbell,
Lewis Comer, I. Rodman Barker, E. H- Butler, »wjn
R. Cope. President—Samuel D. Ortick; Viee Presi
dent—Robu P. King; Secretary —Francis Blackburne.
Applications wilt be received, and every information
given by BAML. FAIINEBTOCK, Agl,
Office, Commercial Booms, comer of
octS7-dly Wood and Third its, Pittsburgh
TIIE INSURANCE CO. o( North America will
make permanent and limited Insurance on pro
perty Ih this city and vicinity, and on shipments by
Canal, Rivers, Lakes, and by Sea. The properties ol
ibis Company are well invested, and famish an avail
able fund for the ample indemnity of ail persons who
dssire to be protected by insurance.
myis wti. p. Jones, a,
Fir* tad Marl** imartao«>
THF. OFFICK of thfl Insurance Company of North
America, baa been re moved to No. 141 Front at
ea*t of Wood.
The subscriber, agent for the above old and respon*
•ibte Company, win Issue policies on Oulldingl and
then contents, onii on shipments of Merchandise by
Steam Boata and other vessels.
ap3 \V. P. JONR9.
fflodern and Aniiqac ForniVure,
83, Toias St., Pittssckoh.
Respectfully informs
QfiXDBnQM public that he baa
pitted bl* spring stock ofwHß
FURNITURE, Uio largest and moat varied aiaorunenl
ever odered for tale in Una pity, comprising aevera]
aeiuof Rosrwooo, Mauoeani, and QLafi \V*j,?ht,
carved, ornamental and plant. suitable (at
Drawtag and lied Rooma, all of which wiiib* add at
the lowest pnee».
Person* desiring Furniture of any description, are
speetfully invited to call and examine his swat, which
embraces every description, from ibe ebespaxt Chd i
S lamest to ihe most elegant and costly, of wnieb the
allowing comprises a pan:
Tele a Tcte Sofas; Tete a Tete Divan*;
Conversutiou Chain; Elisabetbian Cftairs;
Brnepuon do Looit XIV do
Extension do itutlet Ctuqne;
What Nots; Toilet Tables;
Loois XIV Oommadore: Duke of Vork's Coach;
Co Sofas with Plash and Hair-cloth co-rera;
60 Divans, do do do;
40 «loz Mahogany Parlor Chain;
It) “ Uu»ev7ood do do;
It “ Blk Walnut du «»£»;
40 “ Cone Seat * On;
4 “ Mahogany Rockir.g do;
9 “ do Piano Stools;
60 Marble Top Centro Tables,
SO do do Wash Steeds;
ffU Mabofsuy Bedsteads,
Id do Wardrobes;
I- Bl’k Walnut do;
d Cherry do.
A very large assortment of Common Chain and oth
er Furniture 100 tedious to mention.
lb- Steam Boats furnished on the ahoncat notic*.
Aliorders promptly attended to.
P. S —Cabinet Maken can be supplied with all anna
nf Mahogany, Watuuuaud Veneers at considerably
reduced prices. i*btfl
While Flannels, all Wool. Blue O.iiia;
Red do du Olur Demina;
yellow do do Fancy Commodes; all gxs
Brown do do offered at Factory prices.
Blue do Checks and Stripes, very
Drab do heavy goods
Blank Catsimere. T ailors’ Goods.
Fancy do Red Padding, super da;
Fancy Tweeds. Vest Peddmjr, Buckram.
i*oper Black Broad Cloth. Taiiors'Canvas*, henry do;
Super Brown do Drown, Silieia’a
Super t*r«-eu do. Drab Serxc, black do, aft i
Super Twilled do &*d *Cr»tfB;
Super Black DoeSkms Clark and Whim Tape;
efuper Drab Cashmeres. Black Twist, Drab dc;
Sups.'Drowa da Uneit Cheek* end Drills}*
Sup. r ’’.tort d.i Smart's t, cord Sp’l CouoB;
i n. Blankets <!<• Inner Thread, a
•••panel >’'* superior BMn-l*,
Blur do • «.‘h Figured Vcruiigr,
J.> jll.ack £ai*n do
(•ram Bagging. I Brown Ho I land £r'g Sitka;
Brown Drib*; JOutlou, CruvaU. fcc.,**
At tt|r Manufacturers’ Warehouse, No l»7 Wood *
Pittsburgh _
[ rpilE co-partner*.ip hetciofore esisvir.g between the
I suhsenber*. in tbe name of llonahable, Ruike A
CO. tin* dav dissolved l>y mutual eonserj. Messrs.
Burke A iUnie* wiilscitle Uie business of tUacnocna,
•for which purpose they are authnnaed io u*e the same
of the coueero. NATHANIEL LONSTAULE,
The undersigned have this day associated the utelvet
tn tbe name of IIURKK A BARNES, for the purpose
of msxutartunng Fire Proof Safe*, Vault Doors, fte
Ac , st th<- Mami.of -he late trio of Constable, Uurka
ACo. wherr they will be pleased to receive the patron
ise of the customers of that house and their friends.
THOMA* Barnes.
In retiring from ike inn of Constable, Burke 4 Co.,
I with unceie pleasure luomscnd Messrs. Burke k
Barnes to tbe confidence of ar fiisf-Cg and the public.
HAS jut rettrned from vbe Eastern Cities, end i n
receiving a large variety of seasonable Goods to
whieb be respectfully lovnesthe auaouonof fferch
anti and pedlar*. No 64 Wood iL febll _
WALL PAPER—W. P. Mausau. U constantly
rrceitinf) from the large* manufactories in
Near York and Philadelphia, and alao from French
agencies, the newest and moat approved styles of Pa*
Fir llatgines, together with Border*, r ire Board
rinta, and Teller Ton*. For tale at S 3 Wood at, be
tween Fourth at and Diamond alley, (successor to 8.
C. Hill.) _ *p3 .
Vi KPXf.Uc PAINT—4 brls joaTreo'd per steamer,
IVI and for sale l>v tbe barrel or single pound at the
Dmr, Heed, and Perfumery Warobooae. corner of
Sixth and Wood.streets. 8 N WICKKRBHAM.
B aspvatt*' Patiat Sod* Aob.
ApA CASKS of the above celebrated brand and
404 high test, direct from tbe manufacturers; lib
cut* now on ine way from New Urleana. and ex
pected here ihiy week; and 314 will ibortly arrive
via Bnluniore per ships Juniata, Chesapeake, Dnran*
cui, and Albui, whieb will be sold on arrival, at the
lowest market prico for caih or approved bill«.
mp!TI No ino Liberty ac
cnenicAb stove polish
THE Phtraii Manufacturing Corapauy now offer to
tbe nablie their Premium Chemical Stove Polish;
and wiinoui exaggeration, or fear of contradiction, by
tboie who have tested it, pronounce it far superior to
any other in the market. The consumer need have no
apprehensions of soiling carpets, Ac , a* it* com
position prevents a dust from arising when being ap
plied, which must be done wberi tbe Stove is cold
Tbe quantity required u so little to produce a beau
Ufa I lustre. A saving of over fifty per cent is insured
id the consumers. A coaling applied to Stoves, Pipe*,
kc., when laud away for the summer, is a sore pre
ventative against ruiL After bsviog tried it ooee,
(if u ia accessible) no person will use any but the
PbiSnix Manefacturing Company's Premium Chemi
cal Stove Polish. For safe by
myg Corner of Sixth end Wood streets. _
Cornrrot Penn and St- Clair itreeu.
TITU ALEXANDER A SUNS, Furnwhinit L’nder
yy where eaery article Inr Funeral and
Woarasar ji/p<*»e* con *>« got on reuonable term*.
190,000 feei*«***wd JJeck Flank;
i 00.000 feel Coal Bon Siding. For ■ &!* by
Attorney *t law, Pnjiith »t
TJIK bivbpsl market price in Cash will be paid for
to s.»l~ ol W.^.£ w „ Ml|iAi; ,,.| r
TllUoianers awl consignee* pf goods ffrrlvlng by
the '.S'itlten* 5 F-nn'iie lsp** lam." PfaMJJ
Uiesvucc Hint U*«r will oe rsquirri] repay »« J M
at Bur -warehouse, uwMnding lo Uic rec<v<(»t, berj> , e
the good* a/e removed. CA-ideANULTY ACO
-• •*»»• - - ,v> . . i —-
■ puub old resiion bbasdy, 1
‘ SiirtXfJs for Jix&tfHti pmrjxH**-
IN these mickty burn, the atiov«*«lbio lfcfiw««W
required 'Hie »ui>ii)rtWMlia«iflrae on hind l<*r
lata at me Dollar per Louie, wprob.tUy h now to be
genuine; it wm boirehtby irkrice, *aA m
it at pare a* when they lt ' f
it aa pare MOKRfS %IU WORTH; •
• ?c» £ Wine Slefrbatnsj Aasteidmaftbo Wesjbod-
: 1 ~ 1 :
" ji. tt h of Cbtfifel With
MORfUB A ii in the .JJiamflrid.tiVl
• : A? by Pen and Pencil of *h?
II Latol7, Scenscy* Biography* Re)!**, and Tr^^ 0 "*
chiefly from original aketehMby xfce-«uihor. J To M
[ C ** attte, tor
fc/TL-RPIIV 4 BURCHFIELD invitethe euenUon of
’VI the ladies to their extensive aisortmAnt of White
Goods for Dresses, consisting of
Seoich and 9«lss Mulls;
Filtered-pwl** do;
Embroidered do;
Victoria Ltvrxj
tx>w Trleed Barred Jacknnet for morning dress**;
line soft finishsd do; and a large assortment of Renas
Muslins. with colored embroidery; printed Jaekonet*:
Lawn, Bareges, 4c., at north east corner of Fount
and Market streets. ' Je*Jl
Chasp Lawns.
MURPHY 4 BURCHFIELDhave received a large
•upply6f Dress lawns, very cheap; *«yl*
brown at Idle; light do. in great variety, tor torn tvje
Al«o,embroidered and printed Muslim andJaakonet,
ol neat snd neweststyles and lowerionce for qaallty,
and north east corner of Poorth and Market eta
At the On. T>l« •»» of
'IftTILL commence on Monday, Jane 9d, IriSO.—
VV Their immense establishment,) with all their
Wholesale Rooms, will, on thrown
open far Retail Trade, and all ot their extensive
stock will be offered to retail purchasers, at adiseoant
of from SO to 30 per cent, lea* than ostial prices.
THEIR STOCK OF SILKS Comprise over fnnr
hundred pieces, and will be sold at an Immense ait*
count 1 „
Their assortment of Shawls, Bare*ea.Ti»*net,Gren»
adines Foalard Silk*. Lawns, Muslins. Jaconets.
Cambr'C*. and Drear Goods generally,! will be closed
•at immediSPely, at about one half the bsual rates.
11 eases Fast Colored Lawns will be offered at Ac.
3 do Bareges, 10®.
4 do hloslin d* Lainea, J 10©-
Saperior English and American Calicoes, 104 lie.
300 cozen Linen Handkrrch'ef*, ; 04 7e.
A large lot of Wrroghi Collars, somie as low as «c.
Together with a complete varletr of Domestic and
White Goods, Ribbons, Hosiery and Gjloves, BonneU,
Ac.. Ac. |
Making In all one of the mosteztsrsiva assortments
In thn country, wrick will be warkedldown to much
urw as prices than at any of their previous Animal
Sales. I_
Store will tie closed upon Thursday and
Fnlay. May 30tb and 3lst, for the purpose of arrang*
irg and marking down stock. No ysk'stton t* Pei*
cis myjl A A MftSON 4CO
ATURPHY 4 BURCHFIELD have received a snp-
IVI ply of 3-4 and 4-4 Freneh Linens for men’s coat*
and sacks, ladies' sacks, boys’ and children's wear,
of the most desirable shades.
.gent. 44 Water »t,
They invito afention to their largo assortment c
Men’s and Boys’ BUMMER WEAR, of different ms
terials, spd alf tff whleh will be ,old low. iel?
MURPHY' k BURCHFIELD Uaae rretlfed another
■appljr of above article, and irr enabled to »up>
Cljr almoilany quality and color wanted, and alUte
>we»t caah price*. l_ jal*
Patiilt SI
WMcCLINTOCK Itu received lh7» dev, at hi*
• Carpet Warelioote, No ?S Fourth »L V Blair Oil
Cloth Covering of very handtome pattcfaa end color*,
to which we invite the attention of parchaaara.
j*l3 __J
UUPHV fc BUciIFIVILD are fwwtfferin* good*
at rmtJy redaccd price* Lawoi from ft cent*
op; 4-4 lijthiCaitux from lOcenu opi BcHtea for l-tle;
Plain Black Btraft* fort3|c; Bonnet Ribbon* forCe
ncr y»|d. *>c and examine oar
ktnck 0/ drr*»' ffog.4* befbrp purcbiiluj
**-—*■ *B»t corurr of Fourth and MarkePm. jol3
fortfi ta»t pon
iiiooßt n»u.
RECEIVED ihii Jay, a lre»6 assortment of Alieant
nr liras* Mats, at the Carpet Ware room of
)fta _ 7} fogrth si
*»/T U Kl'llV A ITUrcI I PI PXti'lia** a large alaefc of
IYI Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, anlilug off at
greatly redcced price*. elit—
Barege do Laines. a large assortmeai of beanlfa!
Moll*, Jaconet and Swits Muslins;
A splendid a>»orunent of Black and Fancy Silks;
Derageii, Lawns aftd Dc Lames, remarkably cheap;
Detail fa) Foulard Silk*, at 371 centa per yard:
UeaaUiul Calicos*, from Cl cenu, and upward*;
A large stock of lliowo and Bleached Muslins, 14c
per yard, and upwards,
Bonnet* *u4 PfcTMol*. si greatly reduced
Cloth*, Cassucercs, and Vest nge.o.'thc best quality,
remarkably low.
Together with a large stock of Tickings, Apron and
Shiruug Check*, all width*; Drown and Bleached
Sheetings and Shirt ng»; Iruh Lminr; together with
all other articles iu our Lns, at north tail corner of
I’nurth ni,d Market >;• >eiO
MV R'niV a" irO'ltu II F| FJ,p bav» •
j'l/R'niV A irCitUlin FJ.p payo jpn received
newatflo Foulard 8tlk», very ctirap; ri«b. plain,
and figured changeable (ilka,.if almoai every eiyle
and quality; auper plain and figured black tilka; do
barege* and n**or»; bare e de lama, new and hand*
anme aiylet; newei>le French, KnglUb, and Scotch
Lawn*, in great variety, and at very low price*;
plain r.gorrd, and aatio mriped dc laina of all kind*
aud qua iue«; Imei; lurtrra of a’l ahadea and colors;
gingham*, cluniif*. print*. S <• , ai n< r.h caat coru*r
of Fourth anil Market nitre - ,*. _ i eij
A FARTHER supply oi Uiack Silks er.4 famy col
ored tlilks. Ja«t received r? «r i< »i itau morn
in;, at north cast corner n' { >a.‘’ J L t- d.vtarkei as.
£-i uuirnir a außcunFLu
MURrtiV A UjJUOjjVfp.l) arc selling iP-regc»
and Berage MU. Laities »t * k ry Jow at
north cut corner of Fourth and Matketsi*. jsd
BLaJK SILK wide medium and
nnmvKtrlmnnn* Laces of beat ifWultty, last rec’d
and for iale at .Northern'! corner ot Fourth end .Mar
tioaaatP and Donntt Uibbona.
MCRPHV A have received an ad
duiooal *upp;j of aliovo goodd, laclijijipg various
styles of China, Pearl, Alton*. and Gimp Boinjeli,
white and Colored Gimp do; and Ribbons of til colors
FLOOR OltTCLoTfl—£t» yd* 4-4 Floor Oil Cloth,
jail received from i>e r#etery *r.d for sale at the
Ware room, Ncv.'. V t» V.,ov m e l
tell j J A »l I'll Ll.ll'S
MUKPIIV a HLKCIIKIKLI) invite the aueniion
of thosel w«Mirtf go->dt lor Moartnug pmpoaea,
their Tory tall as-ortmeni just received, such ha
Black Uomiiazines,
iM*ai>aj>i:r finish Alpaccas,
ff|ai>k 2io,M i/ Ltlp.rf,
Mourning Wash
ido Prtn&d Foulards,
Borages, Tlsfie*. Sicilian Lustres, Aluawnes, Plain
Ulact and Printed Lava*, Black Embiotdered do;
Bonnet Ribbon*. Scarf do, Veils, 4e. mayl7
SUMfltlß tioATINU —TJ pcs C&sbmereu,assorted
covra, a ttoat desirable article for tvmmer eoais,
rce'4, and u*v opening by a A MASON ACO
aaylfl | . , M Market »t
THIBET SHAWLS—Superior Elga coloretfYmbet
Shawls, computing Crimson, Orange, Pink, Blue,
t*reeO| and Corn colored, just receiving per siftTeia,
and this day opening by A A MASON A'pf)
«a»yl7 • i pa Marke/_
QH PIECES'PIain iflve. Pink, Ureieti, aJf fkrn
A/l/Colored Bareges, ree’d per express, ard now
opening by ' mayl? A A MAKINid '
Hack Drtis SUIu.
• 77 inch li
do; 10 pea 771
30 inch do. ,
ON ACO are ibi» day opening 10 pec •
iliack Gto de Rhine Silk; lOpeaSUind.
Inch do; 0 pc> 34 mch do; uuHpiecu
i maylO
ilnan ilandlitrehUfi.
ICO dpi Ladies’ Linen Cambric lldkfs, all prices;
lU> 4op Gcftu' do do do
35 dm do do- do colored border*;
Received ihik day by 4 A MASON ACO
maylO j W Market at.
» Leslies, aijihe extreme low price of 17|e per yard.
Irish and Brown Llnana
SQ> pea 5-4 itid TOO pea LA Urowa Unocal
ISO pea Gray)* Darklay’s, and Alaxandera superior
inah UnJeaa, now opening by
maytO _ J__ A A MASON ACO
Fronfa| Arrival of l>rr Ooo<|»«
WE are now receiving large oddmioui to oor stock
ofyprlni aid Bummer Dry Hoods, and are pre
pared to oder k» excellent aaaoruneot at onr usual
low price* for cub. or approved credit
The attenuoh of western dealers la particalmrly TO*
quisled to Oar roods, as wo (eel confident of being
able to offer oiioiaal inducements to make a bill with
oa. Call and ejaoiue at any rif ,
_ma)'f i IPI Wood street
ion Batjkit Itraati imar Liberty,)
lArorrata aid bULSU in
PENDERS, Ac. Alto,
.gatln mad Pansy Vaactaga,
UANDA.NNA, and UDKFS, a general as
lortment ol PANS, nod every variety ofirimcuags.
mp 34 I
Waiting, Dloapbles, and Claanalag
Diaicnqss-- Pat the eiptbea into cold water and let
them soak over night! in toe morning wring them
out and pat there in o a Xett e o> boiling water, to
wlueh add the proportion of ope p’ut of fluid to olgbt
gallon* i>f water—aur it np and boil ihe whole twenty
minutes. Tha clothe* may then be wrong out and
well rinsed in clear cold water. The part* of gat
mams that may be most sailed, inch aa wristbands
and collars of ahina. may be slightly nibbed before
rinsing, and tbs clothes will be loand perlectiy clean,
white aud clear.
Wnrrffnted not to injure tbs fineii fabric and to give
erfeet avtlifsetion, or the money wJU be refunded.
So d wholesale an 4 retail by B K BKLLERB
seplO S 7 Wood 11
Dr. Brne’i Celebrated gtmtdln.
Dn. JACOB S ROSE, the discoverer and sole pro
prietor of ihcse mott popular and beneficial
medicine*, ami also the mvrritar of ihe cilrbraird
uisirumcjn lor lnQaung the Lungs, in effecting a cure
of Jjronic diseases, waaasinOeal ot that eminent
i<hy»i*ian, Doctor Physic, ami I* a graduate of the
Vmversiiy otl'ciinsylvania.and tnrthirty Year* since
ha* Jietn ergaged in thn invesugaiion of disease, arid
thrlti'plinauon of remallei tlierejo t ,
( Throutb (he uxl oTbis inflating lube, In eofinectlon.
wfch hts Prophylactic Byrup and other jifbi*7Bmedlcv,
he ha*l gained wt uuparaieici! eminence.m curing
those dreadful «r.d fatal maladies, TutevcuvrrCpa
fni[nption,’.CKneeii<-p«ro.sla, BheoipaUsmt Asti mb,
rdvef sn.i Ague, Fevers of all kinds, Chrome Ery«
aiid oil thole otidibate diieatea pp'esliar to
. fotniles, .-I ndeed every Xorre of disc a«e vanishes undev
the use of hla remedies, to whieh humanity is heir*
not bf vhe-mae of *eiw e inn pound only; tor that }• in
compatijilp ,wi h Pfaytiolngical Law, buv by. the dm
of bis adapted to and preaeiloadloreach:
-peauhar form of 64*ea»*v w.--
Dr. Roue's Tonie Alterative Pills, when Died are
invariably acknowledged to be superfdf id'iir othQr,
as a parrattve or liver pllt, inairaucu aa they leave
the bowels perfectly lrta,fr«ni eostivenegai sa alto
bis Gmden rills it admitted by tho fscuity to poeaeaa
peenlihx fitoperttes adapted to female diseases, bdt
1 being u'ufieg (hat a bare trial is snt&e-ent to establish
what has lieensaid in the minds of the moo skeptical.
XThe auueied axo invited to call npon Ute agenu aid •
prooaro {gratis) one of the itoctor’s pamphlets, giving
adelalleff Mconat of eaeh remedy aud Its application.
Eor safety the fallowing agents, aa weD aa iy most
druggists thrtmghoot tho country.
J Sehootunsksr A CJo, a* Wood tuoet, Pioaburghi
JMTownaend, druggist, Market st, do; ■"
- WA* do . ; pe« the P. o. Allegheny city;
e^A® at^n ? l^o r leaver co., Pa.
•■'JnnEttiotLEnnoa Valley, da dor
T Adareai'Oeaver, • do --‘do,’• ''
'/ YUEEBIfr-'W bx> ptimo eiAam jnst-rechl try
L W» 1 ,*WIUaBABpi|
THF eieyemh and twelfth seetionsof th* Act of the
Genet al Assembly of this Commonwealth,-entitled
“A Supplement to an Act entitled an Act to ereate a
Sinking c und and to provide for the gradual and
certain extmgsishment of the debt of the Common
wealth and to aathonre a loan," mpp.eved the 15th
day o' MeV A. D IPSO, provides as follows Tir—
hectic* tl That the Governor la herehrouthorixed
m negotiate a loan for the stm of Three Minions
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars, redeemable in
thirty year* from the date of the subscription thereof,
ata raie of merest not exceeding four per centum
per annum parable in gold and silver, semi-annually,
upon the first days of February and August of each
year, and exempt from every species of taxation.
Notice, that proposals for said loan will be received
shall be published in at least one newspaper In the
Borough of Harrisburg, in the cities of Pittsburgh.
Lancaster, and Philadelphia, and in the eities of New
York, Boston, and Baltimore, for a period not less
than three months before the openingor said proposals,
and by letter elsewnero, if deemed necessary, ana
upon the day assigned for that purposo, in such notice,
(be proposals shall be opened in the pnteace of the
Governor, the Secretary of tbe Commonwealth, and
Auditor General, and the loan shall be awarded to
tbe highest bidder or bidders. If the amount of the
bids shall axeeed the sum of the said loan toe same
shall be distributed pro rata amongst Jbe highest bid
ders, bat ifThe whole of said loan shall not then be
taken the Governor may renew notice, ut.lhe manner
aforesaid, ftom lime to time, till the whole amount of
said loan shall be subscribed. No conditional bids
shall be considered; and upon awarding neh loans,
or any part thereof, certificates with eoapons for the
Interest, shall be issued therefor by the Auditor
Batrnox 19. If tbs said loan shall be subscribed, it
shall be and it Is hereby appropriated for tha payment
and ex inguishment of the funded debt of this Com
monwealth, now due, or to become due, daring tbe
yearoue thousand eight hundred and fifty,end far the
payment of the sun o( eighty five thousand one bun
dred and four dollars and eighty eight cents, duo to
domestic creditors.
In pursuance of the provisions aforesaid, notice is
hereby givon, that proposals will be received at the
offloe or the Secretary .of the Commonwealth until
4 o’clock P. M. of Tuesday, the first dayofOctober
next, stipulating for a loan to the Commonwealth, for
the purposes set forth in tbe said set, of the sum of
three millions three hundred thousand dollars, redeem
able In thirty years item the date of the subscription
thereof, at a rate of ipterssj net exceeding four per
cent per annum, payable in iold and sliver, semi
annually, upon the first days ofrebrusry and August
of each year, and exempt trom every species of tax
Certificates of stock for ibo said loan, wlth-eouposs
for the interest will be Issued in the usual manner and
made transferable by tbe owner, on the books of the
Auditor Geseral’t Department.
The proposals will be required to state explletly
the aaosnl offered wbleh shall not in any case be
less than one thousand dollars, the rate of Interest not
exceeding four per cent, and the premium proposed.
The State reserves the right to seeept the whole or
any part of the cum offered unless ifcc proposal* stipu
late to the pQmr»tr.
Bids for the loan mast be direct and explicit. No
conditional proposals will be received.
Upon the aeceptaneo of the proposals, the money
must be peld into the Plato Treasury, in each manner
as shall be directed by the Governor. ,
Certificates of stock will be issued in suefa amounts
as may bo requested by the lenders.
Too proposals to be directed, under teal,'to this
office, endorsed, “Proposal* for Loan." They .will
not b* opened or disclosed until tbe period for receiv
ing them bes elapsed; after which no alteration in the
terms will bo admitted.'
A L RUB3KLL, Secretary of the Com'ih.
Secretary's Office, Uamsburg, June 6th, 1890.
Jol3:d!t<w3aJ ■ *
BkZ4TTTR TO +P O7 T®* coamrunoa.
T> PSOLV£D by tht (leasts end of Rsprsmts-
A. lirsi eiths CommonwsalUs of F*oo*jlnaiaiAGfaml
Assembly att, That tl}* Ccj}»iitiji*ui of foj? Caanw
uijltfl iu th< mood sißlua w tht Afth article,
to that st stall read at follows: Th« Judges of tho Saprsas
Court, of lbs sevtrel Coarts of rlsts, and of «"**»
oihsr Cram of Record tsars or shall bacstabtishsd by Is*,
shall bt slecttd by lit qualifisd electors of Ih* Common
wraith, is th* stostr following, to wit: Tbs Judgs* <f the
Supreme Court, by tht eustiuad sloe tare of tha-lfotsmoa
wraith al lam; tbs Freiulsat Judgss of th* several Courts
ofCoamae rlaas, aad of such other Courts of Raeord as ars
ur shall bs sstablisbcd by law, aad all other Judgw required
to b* learned in tbe law. by the qualified electors of fh»
mpKtnt districts over wbktt they srv fo or acf as
Judges; aad th* Aumlui Jadgsg urTfit Courts of Coesmea
rtrsi by tht qulifisd slsctor* of lb* eounties respectively.
Tbs Jetlgra of tbe Supreme Coart tbsli bole tbeiroifievs
for tht urea of fifteen ytsn, if Uey shall so 10-gbcbstn
ibemstltcs well, (subjtet to tbe allotant b«r*>uait*r r—-.
vide-t for, rebsequnt to Uis first elsetiou,) tbe t'rwsid*wt
Judees of the severs! Courts of Coa«oa Mess, tsd o> itch
other Courts rf Record as are or shall bossUbluhsd by It*,
sod all ether Judge* required to be letrned (it 1* Isw, shsl
bold tb*sr offices {or tl.y Urn of Up yfart,if
long kshars Uitase'ssi veil, it,s Assrauss Jaf|is uu-
Courts of Common Plr*< *h»fi tiwd thsir eftetalur i.e,
terra of five jes-s, if Ihey iAI< « lovj bebars tbrausbet
wsllj ail of Kboo sbsl l* traoisilosiH by tUe
bet for any revositis saass, whseh shell uot be sutfinrot
gmend* for iHpesahacsl Uovcrnnr shall remo.e *->y
of llisis bs‘. i ssilra'S sf twu thirds of eeeS branch of tbe
Levis'*! ire. The first election shall tabs place' st the
rvarret slstlkj of Ihi. Coaiannwealih a-il afler tht Sitop
ti c of Isis amendment, and th* rt'tnmiaaictis of all ths
Judges vsbo may be then in rftce shall sxpire oa tbe first
Mradsy of December following, when lbs Itras of ibe new
Judges shall ccauience. Tbt persons «ho shall then be
e’eclfd Jodges of the bupren.t thsll buld (heir office*
as f ilo- s: Oue of them for three years, one for sit vesrt,
•as for Dine years, obi (of tvrjlv- y*. rt. and u; (o? (;f
¥tq-s, t|,p | r ru Of eitn 'to U ’Ori.ideJ bV lot BJ Iks uld
Jodies, as soos sflsr the t'setion as coovcuirat, and ths re
sult earlified by iktm lo tha Ooesrnor, tbat tb- eomialatijC*'
may be issu-d ia sccordsoce thereto. Tbs Judge whoe*
eomausioa will first sxp>r* shall be ChUf Justtes during
bis term, sod there after crab Judge whore cenaMton sbaU
first <ap«rs (Hall in turn, be the Chief Justice, and if two or
oore coomirsioß* shall expire on the same day, tha Judges
holding tbea shall dee ids by lot which tba'l bi tbe CbUr
Justie*. Asy eacaneiaa, happening by death, resigaaliou,oir
&tCsrwiafs in tl-e raid asurta, sbaU be oiled be an
poiotmsal by th- itortmur, h cooUnu- till lb# first ttou
day of Deveabcrsurocediog thaoeit general s'eeliaa The
Jsdgc* of foe Sufwsms Court and tha Pre-idanta of 11-*I 1 -*
s vsral r 'ourts of L'tao n P'ea- sbaU, at stated airs
for (hei> Kitirn sa *d>«(>t*t* ceatxn ktii u. to le (itrd by
la«, winch shall uit Be ti'Siui-hsd ui'riog ihtir euotiouoocc
ia office; but (hey shill receive on fetsor p-rqu silesof olfies,
nor bold soy other uffics of nrofil aadirr.isCociaoewceJtb,
or under lbs revaruaeat of th* United Slat#*, or any other
State of this Union. Tb* Ju 4 g-s of th* Soprea* ''eu-t
during their cootiuoanev in office. shtU redd* within this
CommonsrsiUb; and Hit other Judges, during their eonUno
snea.tu office, shall reside within Qte district or cocniy for
whtcb (hay were respectively eltclsl.
Speaker of iha Sasala. - „
him CHtnn, )
Hamsburg, Jtsutn 38, 1850. |
1, Siaitl W. PnrtM, Chief Clerk of (hi Berate of
P'naiylvaaia, do hereby certify (hit IV* foregoing revolution,
(No. |o oo ’bi (**»»!« Cli of lb* present nuniß,) entitled
“Revolution retatir* lo as lanfiiat of l|»e CoosJttotLa,’’
—a baiog (be no* resolution which «u intci to by « no
'urilj of the members eUrtad to each Ileus* of Qio tut
L*|Vl»tore~*iW haring been duly cosa-derad and div
glliacd. iru Ottj day agreed lo hr % qainriij' of the members
eUcteJ to tad eervtgg ia tbi Sestu ol Peaujlraaia, at tu
pr«*ut session, u it will appear by thfir rotes gives 09 the
nasi pamgi of (be resolution, u follows, *k—
Abas* voting ia farorofth* peuageoi the resolution were,
H. Joan Brooke. J. Porter Uiewley, William A. inbb,
Jooalhea j. Cunningham, Thoaiu B Fernon, TbmaiH.
Forsyth, Charles Krai ter, Robert M. irick. Henry Fulton,
John W. Guernsey. William Haakll, Iseaa Ucgcs, Timothy
Ives, Joshua Y. Jones, J'-aeph Kooirmseber, George V.
Lawrence, Msi well MeCaslin, flenjamia Mahma, Beojstn’d
Matthias, Hstry A. Muhlenberg, Willi ,m *. Flicker,
William R. Sadler, Devil Banket,relegß 8 a vary, ponrad
Bbimcr,RabcrtC. nUrrelt, Daniel Stint, Farris B. 8 trailer,
John R. Walker, tad Valentine Beat, Speaker—.yeas 2d.
Tboep rotii j i gains* the p*uag* of thi revel aims were,
George Dgmii Onus, tad Atensdsr Kiag—
Nays 3. (Eitnet from (ha Journal.)
BAM’L W. P£aߣON, Clark.
Ix ts* Rscii or BKrxxanrraTivu, I
Hirrabwg. March Id, lßfiO. i {
1, William Jack, Chief Clerk of lb* Hobs* oFRmw.
tentative* of Ponuytrania, do hereby certify that theme,
go an resolution, (No. 10 oo the Sesate file, and No9ll os
tap Hone* Jouipal of the prvaaal evasion) entitled “Reio
lutioo rtlatna to the amendment of tN« Coasa'u<ioa.’t— it
being lha nme resolution which weiagreed lihtimajority
of tha members alceted tseach Hoaae of the last L*gi*U>
lure—acerbating been dely etmaHtred aad diieufctd, wa*
thiaday agreed t* hr amajority of the members tieetal to
and Miring la tha {loose of Representatives of Pcnnttl
vuss, at it* pmas* eeaaioa aa »iH appear by their votes,
gireaca the final pesage of the teaolutwn, u lolloea, vim—
Tboaa »oti,g in favor oftbacamgt or tha resolution were,
John Acker, Joba AUao*i, Wl.liam Baker, Robert Baldwin,
David J Best, Craig BiJdlt, Jeremiah Black, John S.
Bowes, WlUiara Brindte, Daniel 11, 0 Brower,‘Jane U.
BuMia, John Ccwsa, Henry Church, Joba N. ('oaysgham,
B*Jr**lnr Cridlagd, Beniamin G. Uarid, WIUiaBFJ. Dob
bin*, Jxmea P Down sr* Tbomaa Deacmp, Willijai pans,
Wiil-aw tiipey, fobs G. Eras*, Wil iao eras*, A. Bco*t
Kwiog Al«x»ad«r 8 Feather, Jaaea Flowtrt, Benjaiaia P.
Fortner, Alctander Gibhoney. ThoaaM tt. Oner, Joacpb E.
Grtffin. Joaepb Guffey, Jacob 8. HaUetaaa, George H.
Hart, leffert Hart. Joan Halting*. William J. Hcwphill,
Jobs Hodge, Henry Ucplcl, Lewii Hcrford, Wfithiagtoa J.
Jaekaon, rfKho'u Juoca John W .Rillingar, CharlM E.
Kiohrad, Robert PjLaird, Morris Lceeb,
Jon«taan D. Lett, Anaoa Leonard, Jam raj. LewUrHcan
Liule, Joeuß. bfClirn'ock, Job, F M’Cut]eeh,|UeTaxder
C M*Curdr. John M'Lan him, John M’Letn, Sasoel
Mara, John B M»*k. Michael Merer*, Joba MiDcr, Joecnh
G. Malloy, John P. Morri*, William T. MorUn, k*tkiel
Mowir. RJwgrd NiekV*on, Jacob Hiyily, Charles (VNrflL
Joba 0 Packer, Joseph C rowyll, C. Reid, John Bi
Kbcy, Lewie Robcr'a. Bamo*l Robia*ao, John B. Rutker
torj Glm-i W. Seofitld, Thorns C- Beeuller, WllCaa
Shaffotr, Richard 'Stanaao, EU Blifer, William Smith,
\V Uia« A* Smi’h, Daniel M Smraer WUiiam II Souder,
IbmauC Steel, Darid Steward, Cbarlu Btoekweil, Ed<
wiqC.Trone. Aadrew Wade. Robert C. Waller.Thants
Watson, Stdary B. Walla, If|nia A William* ,-Dabitl
X erbey, and 8, M’CalqtsnU speaker—Tcu 87..-
Timaa rolwg again*! I|(* naaaagaofdhp reaotutiod ware,
Augustus R. Corny i, Dand E*ans, aad Jama* M. Parler—
NayiX (Esbaet frotji tb* journal)
William jack, dark.
BtcßKTAar’* Ogrics.
Filed Marth 16 ti'O. *’
A W. BKNEDICT, Drp. Sec’jr ofCctaraoowraMh
Bpcarrsar’s Owes.
rtwMSTi.Tan-* »»:
I do ecriify ihat tha above aid foregoing is a true an*
correct my of the oiigiaal rejnlulkm .ofXif General Aa*
uinb!y. (ulitled 1 relative to an amanJmrot of
tha the raoa reorams pn file in Una office.
Jn. UMjmcmy wiieiaof 1 hart, l)»r«_uijto »*t n»y
{L.I.! hard, and ernased tijbeaffieedlbe seal «fthe £««*•-•
‘A*r!»tAaf7’»..OCce,;at.Har»isburE, -tbia 2fleari(h day of
Jtma, Anno Domini one thousand eight b.-odrtd and, utiT.
A L. RUB?tLL,tJecTet*ry of thfComrooodtallh.
l .i«lH.'dlaw'jmH:i.. i « '
FOR the rtmrwtJenee oftHe cittjcna. the proprietor*
ofllio Piubnih Cl., Mill. b.m rl.cjull.jl'. for
the redeptlon »f order* at th e fo ’ lo
sJ ft B Fiord, eoroar of «i*tb and Wood aireeu.
M Uaywaro, shoe store, coryUbert/ A Market ata.
A Heelen, itore, Third MTtef. -
for ißflo«r,*e.deli«i«dpro»pU yf either
«aok floor ia preferable for famllr
SiSlStai.“JnSfoi.m«, B u lt" »»
■ariaparlUAlodi A La mom Byntp
* no boxes Leouo Prrap,Dtnde from part lemon Juice}
jSS n *” 4 “ 4 .
44 i'v £ - •a • I rf V
RNOW alt taeo who are al c k aad affieud with dis
eaaeof the bladder andl tdaeys. w»th' rbrammnc
pains hi back or limbs, «tlffjainu, old tores, running
ulceila, foe, that they can be wed bv takinv the re
treleum! Yoamay ulk abo*tits a.nostrum u*
ranch as yott please, baubls does not mare it no. for
we proclaim u tho reee of eo honest communiiy, that
it has virtues whieh »re no. contained in aay other
remedy. Themanwhois Tmcked withpaut and suf
fering from diseara, can for fifty cents, get reLef from
any ofthe ills esuttsereted above. Reader! it costs
very Uula to mike a trial. This Petroleum is co mix
ture—no eompond, put up for tho purpose pf imposing
on the community: but It is a remedy elaborated by
the master hand o feature, and bubbleecp from the bo
toa of our mother earth in its original parity, and of
fer* to suffering humanity a ready remedy, a certain
and cheap core.
It has eared Piles after other medleloes have failed
to render any relief. Ithasearedßheamhlismoflerg
suturing, and ofthe worst and most paints! character.
!t has eared Cholera Morbus by one or two doses; it
haa cured eld eases of Diarrhea, In whieh every other
remedy has been of no avail. As B’ local .remedy in
ounreaad scalds, it* Is boiler than anymedica! etna--
pound or ointment that wo know fif. it will cure chil
blaina or frosted feet, in a few application!; undoubt
?“.. te * u ®ony can be fiimished ofthe truth, eontnined
15L i ?r°T® stetement by calling on Samuel 51. ICier,
CMa!Ba»in,7thatxeet: or either of the agents.
NcDoweri, oornsr of Wood street and
n if’).?- E. 57 Wood D. A. E -
U u 5,- “"V. cllf, .r. Ihg :%fau.
Swf* 1 i? l i“ caused by ne
glect. Wo say to all, do not neglect voiir persons!
H l re si ,^B feUowiag, and yeu need not
'“* s°°d looks. These articles are sclentiEe pre-'
pirauons- and have all attained a high popfclaritf
Jtrus ilaukl’s Eau Dmiti ns Vorcsura Nvkth
Boar, for removing tan, sunburn, pimple* blotebee,
end otherereptions ol the skin; tha most perfect eon
•enrator of beauty; every known. Purehsse nothing
purporting to bo Nymph Soap, unless a has my
Juues Hauxl's Piuin oaCstucsa Powbxa,fok im
parting to the most bilious eoaplexieu. : a radiant
whiteness. In nothing should a person bo more eare<
[ul lh*a lie bm of apowder for the skin, as many A
these sold ale very injurious My Chlnetd Powder is
compounded In a selentlfie manner, and contain* no
tnmdieni whieh can possibly inflict an injury. .
Jcus IlauKL** Dsttlatoiv Pownga, for removing
superfluous , hair. What u more onsightJijr thsd hair
upon the face or arms of a lady. This article will
remove it in a short time, without the use of any sharp
Jnks Harare Vxoxrans LiQtno Haa Dvv will
instantaneously impart to red, white, or gray hair, a
beauUftiliy.blaek, brown, or aabant color. liwill
color the hair in a tbostar time, and more eflccoially
than any other Dye, being at the earn* timOlndeßible.
JgLßs iUucxJs Bicavum Caiax.—lt is really a bias
sure to theva with this ereaa. There Is none ef the
smarting senialion usually experienced In tbe use of
most Soap*. Odtheeomrary,lt!esve*thetkin smooth
and soft as an infant's, and not liable to become
Jtnxs Usuai's RosiToont Pasts.—Next to the hair,
we think the Teeth were intended as the greatestorna
tnent to t&e human face; but when neglected, nothing
i* ro disfiguring, or so quickly seen. MyßcseTootn
Paste will impart to the teeth a pearly whitends, a:
the same time keeping the gums firm and healthy.
' Alto on bond, a complete as-orucent of French,
Britiah, and American Perfumery and Faoqy artlslea
. JULES ILAUEL, Pernjm«l ehdAJhemLt,
iao ChMiuui auget, Phiia. 1
For sale whplaaals %uo relit), by □. A- Fehnosiock
SCch and jL Sollecs, Pituburgk; and John Sar
■nranA t Anwhall. AUegbeay Pa. jyf7—3p
ros tax ixkotal axs rsxv*m=ftcnjiorß2&s94uxv
Smhta or Kisf> Evil, Sbstlnste Cutx
£<ws Pft,r»viHa«,Wuiple»Qt paitalcsontbo Poee,
DWftlii*, Blips, Chronic Solo Ey<*,‘ RisF'Wonn
' or Truer, Be-aid 1 Held, Enlargement ana Pain of
the Bone* and Joints, Stubborn Ulcere; Bypljiltio
. flynptops» fleiatiot ar. diseases
arising from aa injudicious tree of hlercsry, Aci
: tires or. Dropsy, .Exposure or Imprudence In Liir,
Constitutional Disorders, Jce. •
• toix mvfhdntrtun acquired'a verY. extendediand
esfvbllsheiT reputation wherevet li-ku been usd*
btoed entirely on its own merits, whicb'.its tunoricu
efficacy bis alone sustained. The onfornanio titim
of bemUtahr'ditegw, with swollen glands; oontrSeted
smew,, and banks ball earioM.has.bee9 restoied to
health and Tiger. The acrefolotts patient, covered
with sleerv, loaibseme to himself and bis attendants
baa been wade whole. - Hundreds ft persons, Who
groaned hopeless)? for years under '-utnrteou*
and giandiilar disorders, elironie rtieußiatlsm,, and ;
many other compiainu springing from a derangement
of the secretive organs sad the circulation, have been
raised as it were irons the rack of disease, and now,
with regenerated constitution, gladly testily to tba
effieiey of tin* Inestimable preparation.
The attention of the reader is called re the foUa-#in«
effected bjtfcp w of Bands* 84rsa
“Thj# i| Ip CPitifr that I huTe a Colored Woman w£o
baa been al&icted for the last fivs years srith Serefnia,'
and all the .remedies I used had no effeoiin arresting
the progress of the complaint;- on thfrontfam the
constantly grew worse; and after expending between
•70 and with physicians, besides -usfcur other
popular remedies without success, till the disoasri bad
eaten away the eanilage or bar nose, made, its up*
pearaoee on various parts of her body, and had fiAta?
commenced its ravage* in the root ot her mouth
“In this dreadful siluxtioa, with tha prospect o
death starinr her ia the face, 1 stated her (<gae U> Dr
Duo sway, ,tiio arent for Banda* Samparillaiß New*
hern, N.C'J by w(t«a I WU advjxed to usd iW article
and to my surprise and that of my neighbor*, to whom
her ease was known, after using four and a half hot ’
lies she was restored to perfect health, and that ia the
pace of three weeks, and wsa able to workin two
weeks from the time she commenced taking It
“la witness of the truth of this statement,l have
here onto affixed my name, this 19th day of September.
184 J. X JOSEPII MeCOTTHt**; - ’
“Mouth of Neuse River, Graven to. K. C
The following is an extract fou aUuer rseeivid
from Mrs Be Tin, wnp had hsan affuemd several yean
with Bcrefulou Uleers, Dyspepsia, Am, and recently
an sfisetioncf the throat ana chetb— 1
i “Bamtobw, Vt,D«.iXlBl3.
"Messrs. A. B.A D. Basso—before 1 commenced)
using your Bamparilia, myaaffisrings wure almost
(ut expression; my lb real was completely ulcerated,
bad a dreadful eot|h, aad lb era wera frtquotUy
weeks together that I could mot speak above a whiw
per, and besides, tbe Irflsnrtnaiion from aiy threat ex*
leaded to my heed, so that my hearing was eery much
impaired. After taking th» Sanapartilaa ebon time,'
my health was improved. and otT throat Is sow
I am %s free pe© cough and tightness of the chest as
eTer! was, and eaa hear quite distinctly. My throat
has been well about three months, the eureof which
has been effected entirely by-the use of your Sana- ,
parilla. Your friend, LOUISA R. BEYaH”
The following testimonial to the value of the StTsa*
partita, l» from the Bee Lather Wright, aged Tfl years,
Congregational Minister; residing at 'Woburn.
"Wonsan, MarehX, 18M. ,
“Messra. Bands: Gentlemen—Prom what 1 have ex.*
perieneed. and from the Information I have recently
received f>om a number of persons of high respects*
bUItT who have used tout SsrsapariDt! | gave ;not
the least doubt but that it is a most valaatjle
and.thst the numerous eenUeatss you have received
of its efficuey are fully sastained by experience, and
although lu rep nation and utility are very extensive,
and stand In no need of my bumble efforts to tnenhLSs
them, 1 want all who are afflicted by. disease to be
come acquainted with the efficacy and power,of ytmi
valuable medicine.
■- “1 am, gentlemen, gratefully and very'respeeifallr
yours. LUTHER WRIGHT.” ;
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. di
D. BANDS, Druggists and Chemists, 100 Fulton street,
corner of William, New York. Sold also by Drag?
gists generally throughout the United Stales and Can
ada. Price Si per boufotslx boules forth. 1
For sale by L. WILCOX, Jr- B. A. KffIINESTOCS
k CO.,and EDWARD FENDKBICII, Piltshuikh. Al
sa. k» I>*. fl. RMITH. Ttrldfwau*. • (astU-^AA-taw)
few door* bt ow Wot d etreet, t»-
varda manat 1
MSOb/sk DH« IBORTI) btcd
-gtB2B*BL rtgaUrlyedaeaied totha medieal
CHMmM. profeuicn, and been for tofflt
general practice, now confine*
WlmjXWaF \hii atlefllion to the ireatmen; of
, those private and detfeaU cczn
• vMBPro® plaint* fo* which hla opponantnaa 1
*vßfc’*£ f and experience peculiarly qualify,
“VYV®? \ h'°>- 14 jean ajaiduotMly devoted..
U nadi A treatment oftho*® complaint*,(dnnavoioaell 1
time be baa had mote practice and baa ourtd morapa«!
tent* than can ever fall t» the lo * of any private Prac
titioner) amply qnail&ea him to offer artaraaeca H|
ipeedr, pan»«n*tUi endaetiateoiory care to alleffllated|
with dalLiaSdiaauaa, and aU dtaaaaaa anjingthere};
f ”ml Brown weald Inform ihoM afflieWd With - private
diaeasea which have beeoraeehronle by »[>
Savated br tbe oaa of any of the eemmcanoemtm* ef
tke treatment of each oaaee, and ttreceeded m hundred*
. re»a tt from thoia caac* where -others have eoottspvt
them to hopelea despair. .Bepanlealexly mviUs aaeh
aa have been lona and Udetteceafully treatedb? otfcere
to eonaolt him, when every *aii*f*etio»Witl be givan
thenti and their caeca treated in a careful,thorongn and
InietUaent manner,pointed Cut by a lon* experience,
nudy, and invert!gation,which it ia impoamblefbr-ihpae
encaged, in geneiei praetlee ef aediolqa to givg to
one elaM ofaltease. j
[£yllcmia or Rupture^Dr. Brown ataetnvnaa par
i aona afflicted with lternia to call, aa ha haa paid pamaj
alar attention to this disease. • '*■. 1
CANCERS alao cored
Skin diseases; alto II a. Pal ay, ata,, ay—dlty a era*
Chama vary low. • i
N. B.—Patients of either sex living at a dlstaneaj hy
mating thalr dlioaao In writing. givlng‘*lfth« ayiip*
torn, can obtain medicines with direction* for aao J by
addreaiUii T. BROWN, M. D., poet paid, aad ancle*
No. U Dtaaond alloy, eppeslta.tha Wavdrly
Hoaao. • l~
—— r«**
Jjrfbt'Bhennstfsin Its speedy tndesrtslft nmedyittr
It sererfslls. • :<
Ones sod Prints Booms. No. U 01
1 mand sUsy, PUtsbMfk, Ps. fks Doctrtla shrift
"S»tnii» . ' , S«*.t :
T 1 ‘' l | i».
{late aukkxxs, xonxw A co.j *
Would respectfully inform the customers of the late
firm, is also the -public generally, that they will
esdoaae thb manufacture of .;
In all their varieties, at‘the Old Stand,
50.19 Wood sti bet Ween First A Water.
Jy*7rdim '
IVi Vials, Bottles, and Flasks, Porter, Scotch Ale
Mineral Water. Patent Medicine, and Wine Bouiee
of every description; also, WINDOW GLASS.
JCoeps-eona-omly on hand a general assortment of
the above articles. ALSo6TAT£,astheoiherGreen
Glass Factories are all tTorrxp, as is the casmm in
summer, Tins Facroaris bow in rru. oraunon, and
wllleentiDßC in operation both summer and winter
Orders reipectfhlly toUciicd, and will be filled tin the
shortest notice. ''2 • ;
Warehouse. No lit Fec&nd street, between Wood
and Sstitiifieid st*. Pittsburgh. • - Jyv9:dly
RR WILLIAMS wjli' open a classical and Eng*
• lisb School, on the first Monday of Sept next.
Room over J. D. Williams’ store, corner of Wood
and Fifth streets.
: Bxmctcs.
Rev. Wo. D. Howard,; | Hon. Walter H. Lowrie.
Rev. Dr. Elliott, ; IJ. D.McCord, Eta-
Rev. Dr. MeGilL ; 1 J.Di Williams, Em. '
Jy2J—tf ' _ ’ ■ =• *
c o-Fa ttTflicKei
SAML. P. BiimVßß and GHAB. BARNES have
this day associated theoixclres together,ander the
firm ofSbriver A Barn*»,;for the transaction of the
Wholesoio Grocery, Produce, and Committinn bau>
ness, at No 130 A 133 Second meet, betweeq Wood
and auMthfield st. ' .
Pittsburgh, Ahgust MSSL—oagl , .
T HAVE, this day. assactated wnbttne Mr. I. 11.
ACloasc, in the Wholesale Grocery, and Produce
uatlnCss; the style of the firm will be A.' Calbenson
A Clouts. [jy3J : A. CULBERTSON
vy chants, Dealers -in Produce, and Pittsburgh
Mansficlured articles, Itid Liberty si, Piusbnrgh, Ps.
under»igned hsriog completed their Rolling
euu sre prepared to all promptly all orders for
Ps***f? r wnd other Manufactured Copper of any ie
-8 Cliff Mine,
V ee ? Goroughly tested by eompe
toil scientific men in the service of the Government,
Jj, r s n . otmced - superior in density, strength, and
“1 1,1 u*ci and is mueh prtforreu lor the
lar ? Crdnanue and other purposes.
fcf ? , ®*M ß6dwUT *eeommended os asupe
riorartic e,for all usetj toanyln market And we
mpecUully soUett thd- auemion of purchaser* and
other* to tins new bradeh oi home maiWacture.
At preKitt the Warehouse it No 8 Commercial Row,
Liberty street. augt* C.Q.Hueah.YACO
atussßLaxAix zinc,
THE VieiMe MontagneCompaiiy supply their nganti
wfth Roofing and Flooring to sh«ttss&?SSS
it U> W ounces per.squue foot.. Conogaud In sheets
3x7, 37 oz. for ioofinc'pat>lic buildings and depots.
Ship Sheathing. 14x«9 Inches, fmm ul loUouueea.
Nslls, Spikes, Wire, Sugar Jtiolds, Perfdraied Rlnes
Zinc Psmt, Ac.
They warrant their metal pore, and free from any
admixture of Iron, or any other substance, and re
commend it for the muaafaetare of most articles in
the house furnishing lute, ps it does not rest, is not
affected by the uetun of water, end may bo polished,
pointed, and japsaued.
Sample*, models, plans, specifications, and other
information may bo hadofthoir agents:—
WCiLt, A Breoiie, New York;
Atstooh, RoLuns -2b Co., Boston;
Nxthsji Tanxm Pnlladelphla:
W. A 11. Melius, Baltimore;,
Slaux, Day A Stauvtxx, New Oalsoasi
F. MILLIBQUX, Resident Agent,
. „ ti Hanover st, New York.
Liege, September a.—if pa.d.lm t
Office of Uic Ohio. A Penn. R. R Co., 1
PitiiburEh, Aug. IS, 1350. J ’
T>R°PO9ALS in writing wtlMie received l.y tire
£ undersigned uihil Tuesday, the Ist day oi Oetoler,
fur the delivery of the cro»s tie* reqaired lor laying
the Dace of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Bail Road
from hence to Msssnlorj, a distance of lU7 intiek* The
number of tire required will tio about one ti-ouMuA
nine hurdled per ruile. ;-Thn tics arc to t-e of >nnn-l
rwhiu oak or rock 00k, sublet Id the ii:«peetlbn <-f
tho engineer of the company. Tfc*v mot be col with
a saw, into lengths ol eight met If of Kawed timber,
they are 10 be >evcn by eight inches square; if of
bewed timber, tbry are io ilniW oti the top ami
notion! to \ width of eight InOi.cs. Tnrj-Dnusi be
o(c«t qf huk, delivered aud piled on on tpe tree s«
dtreeted by the engineer, between the first at January
And firitef May next- Bidden are rcqliestriMostam
number of ties they p>opn*e to deliver* Mid or.
what sections of tho tail road they propose to (frliver
ibera. They may propose for t** ofeheimut orWcosi,
it wflocust, they may be sesen inches squ ire. .
Proposals n»e also invited for furi.irtmig miff »,)'<*.
of while pme or white oak, to be four by aiuciacbe*.
square, and from eighteen to twenty f»ar tcei l<«4,
to b« delivered on the tine ofreud as nbove.
.W. ROiIiNSON, Prcsldcnu
Usgghtsrlag.kPMklng Bstabltshmeat
TIIE well known For* aua lteef Sliuishtcricg and
Packing Concern, owned and formerly oecunied
by the laic James P. Csmpbril.i* toi .eut
The estaMi'hmenl It located in Cliiircotki, Ro-s
enunty. 0., on the piatfo* ground d.riding itmObio
Canal from the .“ciotn Jt.vcr, ni.d has ouo ir.uesaml
fe-l of gr.jund front «.u o}re;,. The enrlassre emiintces
six se es ol f roujid coiiuiuirg large pens, larg* and
ooumiosious rlatiglncfU-g; banging, cutung, paekinr,
smoking, aud lu}d rei-dou g nsuse*. bricK house lor
offiee apd every eoavqaiciice for handling TWELVE
HUNDKED DOGS PER DA V, and letuieiing the lard
from the same; as there ore adoubleflae steam boiler
and asgiee tor Soaldutg Ugs and cultirg lard, and
two tanks for retiderugodsl by etcaa.
•TbcfeD a to, fiu the premwes, sn fee Rouse, large
enough to contaip eight Utouiand bushels,
Tbu Scioto Valley, obwhien Clulucothn ia the chirr
tnsrket,is one ofthe luge, l Pork and Beef District*
in tho West, and lugs -cim always .be boegbt there
tu lower prices, than at Cmtinnati ard many other
points, and cooperage U abundant arid ebetp'.
j There is ttodlraysgs necessary;as boat* miry bo
loaded, st the Packing House, and .the facilities fog
shipping direct trod ibisivitihe Lukes toNew Voik
on «r Baltimore vis Plusburgh, or 10
the East or «euih via New Orleans, are st all season*
Of the year folly gqusl to those ntforded by Cinctunau
Money faeilhiga: afo al-o good, there being ten o*
twelve banka within fofty five miles.
fipplicaiioos for renting may be made to
Attorney at Law, Cincinnati;
««e39tdtaßVl—«!• CtUlieothe, O.
_. ; ISciota Gax.__
Wuim ud PHtaborstT
T*l«|npli Company!
LNjrannaneeof areaoiutJOH 01 the Hoard of Direr
tort of the Cleveland, Warren and Pittsburgh
.i'elegraph Company,rewriting tbo Secretary to snaxo
oot and canceto bepublixhed in the nevipepenilon?
Isa line, an exhibit of the financial and other affair* of
Ihit company, i submit |ba following Report:— -
The Use of Telegraph' eoaaenecx at Cleveland and
ud Lowell, in the State of Ohio, ud New Cattle and
Rochester, u the Slate of Peontylvania, at which
peinta them are olloey located for the receipt and
uanamltiion of buxine**.
The whole length of-the line ix H 9 mi!e»—Capital
* lOl4l capital ttoce of
tztXty of vrhica amount SlO/.’Ca u held by ciUxens
along the One, ua the balance is held i>y Cornell It
•Speedy the contractor*; • The above amonnl of xnb-
Ktiptioni by ciuxenx, -have been paid to Coined A
Speed, for which the Troftee* have their receipt.
JeHtdtf JEFFERSON BALM. Secretary.
SAFETY FUSE, by tho barrel or 2d feet:
POWDEIH—KXO beg* Blaming, extra xtrenglh,
trfu&n’t A Hmilh'a manufacture, for tale by
173° Water meet.
A A. MASON CO.j No. 62 Market street, have
« supplied the deficiency io their stock, eanted by
flte, end it U now rendeted complete bv the rcceint
desirable goods; purchased from minsfafmrers, and
large auction safes, at ji gieei reduction from-prices
of last Spring, which will be dfferrd to their numer
oos patrons accordingly, It would be useless to at
tempt fa'enumorate t*eir weU assorted stock, and
, therefore, Invite tho sarly attehtion of their friends
and the pablie, with the assurance of a urw run be-
I ine affised tneaeh aniela. j\ rslß
THE undersigned hat on haiid, and is thfs dir re
ceding Iron the HanufacmVcrs, or. consigmnett,
m. largo lot of Flannels; ail eoldrs, plain and bam-d-
Also, Rod Blankets, Blanket cSttfng. Beaver Sffi
Cassimeiet, Badnetts aadTwee Isj which ho will sell
by ihdease or piece, at manrfs :tarer*» pricss. Tho
attention ordealen in woollen ( ooijs it invited
; UL'KE,
I3D Liberty st
>; CS.
lo rolg
ii aa
i rs
si >u
in F
. SKW B 0(
11I1E ABtcbrogrnnby df Le!
i (nen<l* irylcoi
Cnriifc*. L«urr Uajrpamui
. liiaiory D*riv t the Cru.
sngtaTtuet, - •
JaHttfowanl, a Romance.
..t'tftoiikl FicJdJlgnk eftbe
The above work* tcc«itciJ
. liMia't ftanwotbli,
T’HB Above books having
i. public ami private ichtoi*
cbeuy, the aulhrr baa eppouii
for iheir sale In this oily .
Teachm and others srj'J be koi
price*, as stated in oircoJar, f
m*W. •: j
from I X' 10 l ini 1
'paeting,ia prepared to tfcti riL
will ijeiaffeet 1-. and 1$ lopetioJ
Itnokauttaoeeiiat tiMnavh
to Ugh a degree o? heat, ami mi
pari* where packing is aeeerfi
plalea, piaioa redajttetnl joiniaJ
der beads. Ac. Fur tale whole*}
. Eajtildff of the Di
A T 0> • #>teb!uhnefit the n«
n. |Hurd opun beinp j*ppili<i w
reasonable pn=e*—UieJ have
Kieel.eutTew ■t
frtiperter Qaaliueti......^.
Too UcH y m Imported ...
Tbit i* decidedly the'cheat
Pttiabnrgh to bsyTeoa.: MOl
»epS .. .
B *t»i PtmUy nenr.
A iw? * , f l «' Mill* MB.r«.i r
. * * ,er 7 “Otej yniclc. ioit ree‘d for «tte by
IPS Liberty rt
riBEESE-no bU ben CUew for »«fc t 7
V wpia stuaht * eiL^
tt, n. cionsx.
nr; : '■with Wmin.
)raric»,ifrS aols.
)b AbbcU^wuh
fra Srar‘mTteH.
mon —No ft.
r. and for saJa br
tet ft Third at.
«o* f UO4>K».
introduced into
tburph ami Allc-
ffabecribex agent
pplifd at pablliber'a
si Wood »L
-:u-U>lb* urcrtrd
|h thick. Thu above
l« degrees Kabicnheii
1 ip every ibißgelse,
<*ucKy which Mauds
fY be usea.aboa» alt
fnry, viaoiijbole
Jsienn cben*: tyiu>.
»W« ami retail by
-|. 7A. 9 Wood it
imotf, . -
'Uc may a! rayi Ce
th excellent Teai ai
•••SO 00 per 111
-•••• 076 st '
—... 100 » .
ft and beat atore in