The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 27, 1850, Image 1

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rt. mu m j , rI.. Ratan.
TAiirn sur.oroax, Tit= Trion . , It tool. To
De", 1121. 1*..." ... ..." - " . "6 7 . 00 pet .111332.
Wrekly, in advanet)— •—• 2,11
Do. a Cabs, at a ,educed rite,
CH OF Animavisual
One squere,(lolthea of konparellor lass)
thenlem— -. 3 .••••••••• ^e -- •fier 97
• One , qua re, each additional inlectlan• • • 045
• . one ..... 1,73
Do twoWeeka.---_—... 1.00
Do. thive sverka— ..... —• • 4,00
ant Mouth -••••••-.• 3.00
fat twat months.---_..— 7,00
. 1 p three menthe— Vim '
(Mir month. •—••—•••---• 10,00
Do. Cr mon th a•-- It $U
• , Do. twetve ronnthe•••• • • 10,00
Ettindoig Card (0 lines or ten,) per toteni• 10,00
Orthfiquare,chaneeettle at pleasure (per an
nom) etelmive of the paper-- MAO
For each additional 'square, Inserted over one month,
• , Inn for earth additional equate intoned under the year
ly rates, bell price.
Advertivinelthaerreciling a niece., and net over
fifteen knee, to be charged an a *quote end a half.
Publithen not aCcountahle for legal advertthemcnta
tmfond the amount ehuraimi for their pablication.
Announcing candidates for state, to be charged the
' tame as Mier tdventhementa.
Advertisements not marked on the copy for a 'peel
fied number of ince:thine, will be continued till forbid,
an 4he ' pritric ' e ' infis of yerify " atert " imrs confined
rigidly to their regular bunincas, and all other advert.
timmenta.not atoll to their regular haziness, as
agreed for, to be paid nitre.
All ad earth...rants for charitable insotutiena, Ore
rums:tics, ward, township
halt t berpublic
mid loch Eke, to he rtharged price,payable strictly
le atomic,
.Alurringe colitis. to he charged 30 rm..
Dinah notice. Inserted withoutoiterge, unless accent.
r when F O
pruned by
funeral lavioli4 or obituary notices, and
ed liktot, be aid for.
Retular advertt•ewn p
rat, and ell othermending comma
.nicarion?,.or regaining notice. designed to call alien
- lion to kalif, Settees, Concerts, or any public rater-
Mi 11.... where Mathes ate made (or admittance
- all notice, of private associations—every notice de
alt-ma to call Intention to private enterprises caked.-
, lea an tutrniirid to promote Individual !merest, can 0n
..1y be Inserted with m e ndedrstanding that the aame
lath be paid for. If to be tnserted in the lo
cal tolumn, the some will be charged at the tam al
, not lem than 10 tenth per Rae.
d IRANI or Fist Netices to he ehltryed triple price,
Tavern Licence Detidona, Si cacti.
Legal and Medical advertisements to be charged at
tali (+nem.
• • Real' Citases Agenta' and Anctloneera' adverum ,
Melts chl to 'lie clotted under yearly rams, but to be
allowed dthemint of thirty three and on, third percent.
from the amount of bills
- NUM Mt TM-W£1111.5 I.IIT cart..
One Either; three inmetions••--• • .01 .03
' • Do, each additional Imertion... 37
/11111111 . 1111111 11 1111211 11.1 . 11.
011, F...111111.0n0 , ruertion-Zets
Do. eneb addeloxel emotion.
t •AD transient ederetionneott In be retain adoene•
• MIMI; k CO. Geneve.
ROCT M. R IDDLE, Journal.
/ABET. P. DARR CO.,C , kroniol
' sTC
iR TIROTHE.R,Diepetch.
• JOB. SNOWDRItI, Mercury.
ANITS W. DIDDLI, American.
MB . KAINE, Evening Tribune.
Prmrirmar„ rwe. 1, INS,.
ALDERMAN. riflh Ward, Penn atm.; betty.
o , llnra and \Velma...All bunnes. promptly •
Unkind to., mavil
A 3:3 , o . lmL i v on Fcairthrf.•
A 2ron:in.7. AT LAW,, and aponsabontr LIT
Xl.. renn.;yllrdnia, t•- . .t.1..0un., Mo.
"da earrolainliantiolol p/cduptly answered. ;
ocit,lY . .
A TTOrtIvEr j4 AT"LA s K
F. e l e n .h. P b o u u r nb t Cie et,
between 3mnltLeld and G ram, P
3011 N - 1 -1. itiIrFECIN,
A . TTORNFS Coon.wilor at Law, a nd Commis
, miner for thO Store of Petrottyltrania, St. Latta
(late of Pitt.dorr,rl,l
Referenert Potshorkh, HMI. W. Forward, Ramo
rank Mllilkr, Nl'Candloar h kleclure, John E. Parke
31,rwhe k rarrohle, hinCord 3 lino. • augl4-ly
P. , OP.)
lhorium perwanealy located at chic place, any
and substantial Wharf Mat, we am prepared to re
calve and forward promplle to all points Oa the rive
• and Sandy and acad.". Ohio Canals. II &Ca•
, anc, 10. IL Me 14, ,
1 2 .41L11.
BtINNErt, BBBBF & CO,Nanolnetirrertirr 6 f? -
-, AA, Bleaching Powders, bluristie ano Solpharie
Lad, Wareholse No —, Water meet., below erry.
n0v57.1y •
Fredrtick Itnatm. tiearee Reiter.
BRAUN & RRITF.R, Whalointle and Retail Drug
girt. comer afLibeny street( SL Clatr Pit{
wet, P. apt
A. bIeAutULTV h Cst.Fortoratddagand Coro
t-/, taitston Ilerchardt, Caned Basn, Pittsburgh
Andras. Fleunni fL K. ' , riming
~t NEIWIIANTS—For eat tale of Do
mnsun,Wnolen, and Conon Goods; 111.1, dealer. in
all tints of Tailors , Trimmings, No IN Wood it, 41.1,
door from Fifth, Ptitsburgh.
.linforanco—filmsts. Wm. A. 3lill it Co,Bankers.
I- 111•111,1 Wit. a. 1.11
Nal44 Sernpd nut:ol7o.
RM. a. iNglialf J AMU, I. liawarrr.
ENGLI3II IiF i NNIF.TT, (Tina tbxlu6 r Gallarbor
Co4.l4llotosalo Grocers, Commission mid For
warning Merobania, and dealt, a Prodpee abd Pitts
bunch Manitimoirni, N 0.37 Wnoilittbetarcetind and
ld Urania. anti
••NI:ItAr, 04./SINIISOION Arol Fororsoriog..Xer. to Floor Dealervi No TX Morin surer,
• 023
No: 41 North t er Sheet & No. 14 Noah Wharves.
Enveo H RAO. t
- • H.D.AlcepAi&oat.
J. 4. %%rot... ;Itor'
'Erg & Leg) SVa) Deal
II or and Aletebany , for the .ala 01
A.Reiitarl Wooten, Lil.rrtl.oPDoxDA 46.41- !LAW
• war. soon..
HARDY, JONES & Co..(atioeassota to /Wooed,
...1101. Jones h, Co.) Commlama arid Porarordind Met
ctotrits, dealeraja Pittsburgh: alarrafat toted' Goats,
. rinatounrh. l'a. • . • • • roehtr,
• gerectenox no %OVAL e. 1111.1,)
E p PORTER: te Deafer in frnne init.AngnAgeorg
• ifenogne, and porinrs,'Window 56 ode. Fire
d FHB% Az. Alpo—Writing. Priming - And %Nig-
Mpg Paper, No. 57 Wood garret, between Fotne street
and Diamond sling, WCI.I tide, Vitttbargb, Pa.,
f MALI i -
, ....,,,pvrTsportun oi.uis wolur.s. •
1 ,;,
OHN -AG. SiW, late of th e ram of Chanabkts,Ag•
, ' , Laer& Co oronld respectfully infanta th e OK ests.
.'lesnera and lh pu a bltc generally , that he will *anions.-
tune totes rry tae Oreell (AM boslnena,l , all It•
- 71Fietiii,iiludi prepared to fill all orders for pothe
oarles'•Varultata' 4kldserals,.Proters, Viola, 4c.. Itc.,
partalsong to bin basin., Nis warehonfe. , ia No al
Adarket *erect, between Fast .t. Etecon3 sta. ,r24,d30.
ViillTDMltiliCiir:WEiaWritlipfirii , iiiS i iiii•
• 0 el. hinie S.ers, PCMIII, Oft.. Varinshes, tr, No,
13 ' , Wood Meet, one door South of Diamond Alley .
-Plttioargh.' • ' ' , aP4
, OpitilliDWEVEWholerAtettonume i;ok"
' Metellara, end dsaler In , Ptoduee and Plosbargh,
im...,004,,,,,e. j .0 0; 101rtnr ot.,Piltsbursrh. I ana
• 1.11111 LICENIT, n,
F.Y et
co.,.Wkelerfale Omni:Cern:
bents, and dealer, In Produce, N 01.50
I rent meet'', Pletharelt. ; noe9.,
..--......---.11,111 D N• 11•
RTH & CO., Wholesale Geezers, and
'lewd Powder Co., N 0.27.1100.1 ft,
liety . ,
- si , lig - Eftir,lttniggist and — Xio - theintry
et at.. three doers above Third 4t. PiUa
! constantly on band n well talented as;
tot and Crockett Trledreintwtdell be
' must reformable terms. Pkyrielana
will be prewoutly attended Would =Pe
they ins, rely noun at genuine. •
s PreAceintiona will be accurately and,
lame the beat ecarertata, at mirk...sof
'.t11141. nirasr
iC caution Mer
Water, and 107
.• •
Agents fog
• lrinalbwrgA •
453 '
',III 'ell 'on th
1t .11r93.
7 ottarh .1
AAla tor mae,l
a law nook 01 fra!ti and reaxi Pert'
Richard Loyd. •
Vi'bolesitlei 0 roeerio, .Coeiniffrian
And Denier, in gisottd
froating ori Liberty, Wc4Kl and
Ituaberth. *PS_
' J 4412 YIO6
CherT d 74
eh Olki in
eisch stnet•A•
NO. A. CAM HEN, At7ent lot tho hate 'Ede and Jll4bletto Ulm to Itcoverettet the Lakee..-artee
.et the earner or W.IlAr and Polithlobt O. • mni
d.sill-Agatt* of the Pt. Loots . '
-at& 45mnisat Ltd 02 treat Ere
r 7 sClloorqd&C.l , :li &o,
J. No VI Wood atto!_y Potsb
111 'M
11:1 . u%
RR rsn e Treßaro onrt
or ',Ron in trile.
T cAIiFJELD, list/ of Warren, tano,lConta7ll7
alon and forwarding alerehant. sad whatesak
detilet tn"Weverti Rote ran , Chide, itattrr, Pot and
NO Oh, and Weatorn Produce generally,. Water
street, between BOahaold and Waal, Pim bye..
jTT'F.RL JONE* 'tor+. rtlat_g Itetanaitstart Ater
atm, Ittealtat in Pradore tad Pittsburgh .
itttettreti ankles, °anal ItAtstn, tear 1112 1 sal
t 1
W i CHILDS & CO., Manoratint er
44perior 44 SmOng,CuPet Chain, -atom
. . It.; C. STOCKTON, . •
ATE'Jlelinsino & Rfnekbe. : . sTA
. TioNEA, FR , mnia am. EIINUER„ go per o
• ag pit GUI Tliitt Mg pg. • agrt
Plttnburgh City Gluon Worts..
In No tla Alarkot onset, between Rot and Scoot&
V . Pardenter attention paid toodd men Also,
cunnlnattalat, 10. DDI.Can,
1T t( - D. Crantnalta%., .10161tatn.
itlir.Philatl. C. W. Rieketaoh, Pittsburgh.
%/TILLER tr. RICKF:PSON, Wholesale Meets., and
LPL Impontra of Itrandies. Wine: and 6trgr., Nos.
Unl and 111; corner of Liberty and Irwin streets, Pitts
burg.. Pa. Iron, Nails, Cotton tarns, to. 21. e., eon
stattly on hand. .pal
John M`Gill. James D. ItglitlL Waltar C. Roe.
MOGILL9 A. ROE, Wholesale Grocers and Coated.-
Wort Merchants, No 191. Liberty Si, Pituilturgh
rrivri.ultautt STEEL WO - 1110 , - A - ND aeaiNt:
MA. MIME, Mini P. gnna.
114 - ANUFACTURER-S of spring and blister ateel,
LYA. plongh steel, sire' plough minga, coach and tip
tie 'plums, hammered iron ankm, mid deniers, in nun
!cable elmtingt,fireengine lamps, and coach tnmmings
rimaßY.eorner attn., and From ata., Pittabureb,
v fIIEW WILSIIIV, Portrait and Miniature
Painter. Rooms, comer of Post Cnriee Alley rind
Fourth motet, entrance on Fourth st., near Market.
'runles s Gomnaloolota DI orelointa.
N U. 31 Old Lee. fit, N Orleans, keep conetently on hard a I arge aase rtmentof H medics of the fo!low-
Int brands, winch they offer for sale aa agent , for J.
'Durand & Co, Bordeaux 141: hlattiory, 1 Brand, l Du
rand & Co, Larothe Ile, J I Durand, Cognac, A de M in
ter., A L. METilir, A de 31ordore,./enn Lentia. &e.,
du; el., Anchor Gin, Uordeavx Rea and White Wines
in cask, and eases, itch-aut with cute by John Durand
A:Go; her-Ides Champagne Wine and Sweet Burgundy
Port feb7.1.1.•
1101.NTEA Sr. SON, No dd ket st. second door
J. l ll • from corner of Fourth, dealers in Foreign and
Domestic Inds of Exchange, Certificates of Depook
Bank Notes and Specie.
ID . Coleletions main on all Me principal Clues
nrougliont lha United Snits, opt
IL 104)01—oll/ce, st•
third door above Srullnkeld, milli aide.
Conveyancing or all kinds darn with nrentest
care and legs! acorracY•
Tires to Real tunic examine& Na. ottNnll
fsilthoitraphic Braltabliativisent
(NP Third sr, opposite the
Post.Otrier, Piitsborgb.—Mtips, Landscapes, MIL
hearts, Shosebills, Labels, Arebilectoral and Machine
rawings, Basinets uld'Ong Cards, &c , engraved
or drawn on sone, and printed in colors. Cold, Bronze
or Blank, in the most approved style, and sit the most
reuonable prices. octlttily
- -
D ODIN , ON, LITTLE a Co..' D. ZS I,bcny street
Potaburta. Wholerate Grocers, Fenders and
C °. o "if flan M.rahants, and dealers in Pittsburgh
Manatee wen
ROD, 1101113.1. =O. LITTLI. IVIDINSp
ROLIERT 11100118, Wholesale Grocer, It eelif) inn
dealerld Produce, Pitt .liateb n". ufne •
lures, an all kind. of Foreign and DORIPAIIe Wines
and Liquor., No.ll Liberry street. On ',add eery
large Gookof suaerior old Monougnbein wai.Ley,
which will be sold low fore ash. tnt t_
o. nernoina. L sac..
REYNOLDS ft. STIES. Forwarding odil floutovla.
XL non Mernhards, for the Allegheny qt., Truie,
Leafs. in Groceries, Produce Pritnborgli, Manufac •
tures, nod Chlorldu of Lime.
The highett price, ln ca.h, raid at all time. for
Canter; rap , Corner P e_ and Inotil apt' ,
DOUEDT DALZELL & Wholesale woe. D.,
CommwMon Merchants, dealer. in Produes sad
Pittsburgh Manatee:2m, Liberty sorra:, Pitoitiurec.,
Pa. sioDi
TATHOLFAALE GROCER, Produce, Forwurdolg,
and Catorntusioo :dercennt, and Dealer to Poet
burgh Alanufaclores, :,`A Liberty Wee; P111.1b21,a,
C. 1511.ACSI.SCI. 111.1. 11.
Q IL/WILLETT 24. MUTT.. Wl:aka:de De., 10 Foreign and Domande Llntr Goods, Po . in Wood
threat . ap47
RTiritrftwarCal, llamta, De:alma
n +loan and P ro duce gene rally, ou tgorwarding
•and • Cotanaltrion Herrthattla 145 Fint three[ and
1111areed4411reer Pnlfnnlgll. 1.511"
T. 1111321111921. 141111
! SlALTs S ht h rr .i ti C egu i llTO.t7.Z d rty U s ' q - ce.. " 4l;rks;
butgtgL Sperry, Linseed and Lard tth1 t a , . ,71.47 1,nt 7 .
gaPgr. C trora ßON rrro l g t° l4n a d r tn 'il. ntiion '' M ' e ' relfronVi - .`
Wider> in Ih:tab:ugh ninth: arourea and
Produce, here removed n :nen now T/21ChtneC, (MEI
Ll:randy do. 30, corner oh Front (Cruet and ) 'donscrry
Illimuntran'm Ocn
ras E „r e t ;r7li b e ' n ' t h e ' s7nt I ' l4l s :et '' , it t i aTir p7r i p i ti k tUrto
enmru m lu. frlends sail toe travelling ymbhc gener
ally. the bent manner an.l on the most reasons: An
ass TABLE will at all timer be supplied ',Rh every
delicary of the season—an:. Dm Liar 'rah the•bevt of
HL Stablinpris veryertenrivelfand every • arrume
mantle. been made for the acrommodanna of Pro.
sum34 WM. CLAW.MON.
110/11118 &
• •
WOULDlrdona the public, they hare - batell - tne'
watchcase formerly occupied by the tate Mr
Solomon S•sboyer,ll4 t•econd Iktreft. 1.0014 a large
sod commodious Warehouse, they would invite the
attention of persons bowing goods to conhien or +tore.
fey will also give actenuon In the yuretilae and sate
of Noma Draft, Donde, &e. sue:
L. S. Wntermx.• • • R. N Waterman. • W Waterman
WIIOI.I:AM.F. (:Rocurt, Clanouft-lon and For
wardine Mere:molt; dealer. so all Pro•
duce k. rumburgh hianufaztored Ante!..; an i kraals
for nit of Richmond and Lyachburg Manufactured
Tobacco. Intl
!haler, Pa
WILL also attend to collections and an ether bari.
nese entrusuni. to kiln in Under and Armstrong
oodutiss, Pa. Refer to
J. tr. R. Floyd, LibCrt, at
• • W. W.Wallare, do
Janes Marshall do Pittsburgh.
di, Aar t C 0.., Woods I
Canaellitein.Peon etreet, Palsbureb. l onG
No. RD Mmket,. and 54 Commerce a, Phitedetphih
Advatmeo mode, by either of the above, ma coati; a.
meets of Problem, to either Hone.. mr6
J. D7Wil tos• •—• • —•-• • --- Hem
• hi , Forwarding and Commission hteretrnts, and
dosters In Cinn,try Produce and Pittsburgh Nunotsc•
tares, eornegof Wood and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh.
n.: wiLLimas & co:
North East corner of W.:ad and Third street.,
Prrrartrana. PA.
W. R. W.:POW/MD.
WM. BAUALEY & CO, Whols.als Grocer; IS
and SO Wood meet, Pitiet.rgll. •pl7
/OEM 2. wiCt, P.rirr Il'eaMlol.ll.
WICK A. b I. D.
PT Wick ' ) Wholesale Sinners, Forwarding end
Coonniamion Merchants; dealara in Iron. Nadu,
Cotton Sara.. •114 . PIttlaoargb klacufactares general
ly, adrnar of Wood and Water a treats, Pittsburgh.
• V V • Rectifying Distillery, and Wine and Liquor
Memel/sots. Aloa.,lmportero of Poda Ash and Blench
ing Powder, Pio:100 Liberty Chet, (opposite B.lth
streryl'ittebargh. apl7
'UT WILSON Watches, Jewelry,thlver Ware
and Goode, corner of Market and
Pounti l'ittsbatgh, Pa. N. o.—Watelm• and
Clocks carefully repaired. 801 l
uric YO)UNG Cn., Dealers in bomber, Ilidea
V an, 113 Libeny , tuned. Jan7l3
Neg. lettrrenunt. sece-tenana.
W t li T i f : Trt e .d El u r eT, N ere ' n V , rall7, l' 6ll 6 s r e " ,
P‘ttretrergn Manufacture generally, [About . smut.—
PlUebtugla. 10017
WILMARTII Or. NOBLE are now re...riving now
crop. wheat. which...of superior quality. They
con now forstlch lamilms with fresh Flour. All orders
left In tOe boxes will be promptly attended to.
•cry 111104.
IT MAW: token W nW
M. CARR uuo penheratop with'
me in mf basinesa, which will from Ws dam be
earthed on under the 111191:1 or"/oho Parker A• Co."
tdareh 10,1610. JOHN PARRA:IL
-johr, barter.--..-.....Wi110nt Can.
Maud" Grocer, Deem Prodare, Poreig - n
L41...g . ,. Old MonongoAdes
• end &HOW Wiri.dry.
No. 5, Commercial Row, Ltherty mrert,•:.
terlo Piton. reh, P
WAIZIOWI t•Lmin. 300000 HAAN, ,47)0. I.Bla
lIA ANA a CO.,
(Seeee.aors to Massey, 11. one o , Co.)
la Foreleo and flonientie Exchange, Unit - mate.
of Deposit,e Dent Note., and Speele—North meet
corner of Wood sod Third creels. Cnrrent morn ,
received on depoeite.—Sight Check. for ale, end
~eollte'c)ialu made o 4 nearly all the principal points
The highest premfem paid oe Foitinand Smile:an
Advinces awl& chicedrelgemente L ef ' Prodeee ship
pad Foal. on liberal tonna.
, :7, jeep.. uwals
A. - sirbaito a. .•
IVO 2564,itectk iereet; 4 aborc Wood, •
hats al w ays
Aon haod :11T "L ' oy ?' P:grri '4.o, ... ,l,'l
Nets, -Wholesale and Retell. Deniers sup tett on the
lownet tenni, law•I
111thillt • s II • WORTIII‘ ..
91F4 ANL) WINN. hIEPAMADITS, veal ,Ida . of the
Idreeileat.SO GO per lb.
Saperlor qealltle, —.— 0 75
The beet !reported t DO do.
Low priced, dasiaitcd t or isterlor Tem are lot kepi
at 4N wesblighreent. "
• Jr
• 110(111 2 MANI I : .
l ir NoCLENTOCK hal tiNtrecolved at Itio carpet
V V o Wareboacc, No 75.Fiirbi moot, a vorpbancl•
lama anoNotent of Hop, u) which ara invite
*tention of puroaaam„ _ __ s
~. .„10
' ------ ir • Cit.'s. • of Albeglassir Cal.#: '
1 .7.4 . 87)% lot tba tocratH " nn of - ra.bir Cly Ablis
Moor, Is lea at.thi•arSte6l47e r rebt & . bitkroa,
• tel isnot. Stoll orders will bf, proFtly-sup
. tiod. -- oulli W/LALUITH I- OPLE
- • • ' - • •
. • - -*. _ . = -
T ine
Le n e e tt y t for t i t, ,t b .l l l : i b . 7 .:ll. l peZ
. nL:I7
w e e tt . l e
respectfully solicit a ahem of the public patronage
lle trusts by gluing hie full =mulct, to the busbies.,
Ui mate the house a plesaant and eomfortable resort
for the citizens of Pittsburgh and for the count/
genteelly. . .
‘ Good attendant. will he in waiting, and every ex
lyti 'mole to render the estahliahment worthy the
ill ,.
antenance an r pnr.of an Intelligent COM rrin nity t
The TWO. SP MOUS. HALLS, fitted for Parties.
Concert.,Leeta ea, Calla, and publie meeting., will
ibe let by the ev ming or week, on ha liberal term. at
env ether in the kr.
The DAR and ESTAURANT. egg.] in style and
;beauty to Any I the world, will be kept furnished
with Pure Wines, Choler. Liquor., Cordml., Porter.,
Ales end all the e the
light. relyealonent.oftlie amann.
Poultry, Come, ish, Seim, Orme., and Game,
/tarred up In the lie t little.
The DINING and. ICE CREAM SALOON, being on
the brat floor, and cur of neccs., will be ualantly
aupplied with nil the Luxuries and Dellimeieo of the
senoten; and ulao,Wth such anhat.ntiol• at tie market.
Dual - dine by the dety, week, or ',sr. Dinners or
'tipprs for indieoluole of portico, (unasked on shun
Gentlemen with their families, visaing the ear cat,he supplied with refreatnents n(all kinds at any bout
bl the dsv.
Good Stabling and nti extensive LlTery Establish.
Olen!. connected with the HUH.
=M!!rf IM!ES
Dtnuer at I o'clock
Entrance far WI.. In lan lee Cm= and Puling
!Won, No A 7 Sau;bLald street.
keeo eonmardly on hand o l dake to order the
best anivir their fine. at their wand, No r 13 St:
Clair eirert; also. at Mart et street, at cond story,
ontrauee lilt Diamond. Ven.tian Shutter. made to
order, and old blidd. wady mord red. apto
- • -
WE me oull engoged the above blossom, enruet
et Wood wod Thad urea, Pittsburgh. when
ore ore prepnred todo oily work inow with des
pairh. Vre literol to ow work pereonolly, mud natio,
Pinion be poen in rev-rd to its ...woo end do,
Biala Books ruled to any pattern and boon.' sub
flovks in numbers or eh! honk. Loynd tore
rally or rrpai red. Names mai on Looks in silt leue rt
Itove that have work in onr line •e invited-to cal ,
1 ,,, e•-• low vir...ttrf
7T wtC.
• ton and N . 1.7, A m limf i a ,, e , t r u y reol" . V . k . !;ll; :, o r f , rot; ;
Taoatm, work. brine now to foil and seeneas!..l
oration. I Ran prepared extol. 0T1 P ,9 with , I.9atek
(or all kinds of mat amen,' ink y lice, ereqs se:!lowy
picker, apreadom, curd., erincing ractLinesraziway , ,
drawing. trames, epoceder, login, wool.,
card., double or aingle, for merchant or country work,
muleaoacks, he.; altde end hand whew and tool. in gen
emit. All tool. of alialllng made to orde.• plan•
en for ',mane facture+ or %tolls at reammatdc ,klfee.
RaPan ro—Kennedy, Chad. A. Co, Bell
Iln k !en A. I;:rav
11l r arta gha or. [near PI (tab urg P a.
Orer, No. :11 Wafer sty Artr,r, and
Wa.d, P:tuAurg4.
49 WILL eonatantly keen on hand a good step,'
meet DI Were} of oar own rnannfeertute. and
sopertnenualoy. Wholeaale and nowt.) hi cr
ehunte ar , • reepeetf ally alai:ea to call •rol e
mi. for then:v.ler, as we In. finer :Tuned to tell
eLtotnee :lan has aver Led. been adduct to the ono
Ertlrdere sent by mail,aneconpanied by tie tooth 01
nod 'Ceram,. wall be promptly attended tn. tali
Xr A. WIITTE.t vttn..l troper:ll2 , l,
Ike pnl.l:le that ucy Itleo croo,d Ritap nii
Lareek,l.otvre.en redcr.11e1,12...t0..1 y T 45.1
arc Cow flicking nod are rreVS,I, to 'reel., order,
cry dexripuon os
Parson.!, groin V.,
trinc rOfrit.u, in tiv.olnaiwtnic of tt,e
cod ibe fnrthimet .Sepoto
it.bled 4h do,ornft. op lie morn rcm , ocObl: terniJ with weuuns au Ica in their lint.
Payingyansciler at:NO.2I •elortton of lonic.
.Cl4..ioftitore I,6l , eovoetenC ....A Wen, that
llnve CO 11....itanne nearranlo, vehrt
therefore .1
. the atse.ou of thin.publte tho• matter.
rt.p,,titqc acme iii the be-t manner, raid on the
loom I ta•APti
N• gm. .rvurev• lotto, O.r - nr,
(\ON rtNtlr; to tteattuttottitto alt lira% of Worrl:K.
TIN AND stir:l:T IRON WART Alto, la=ck
stOlth Work.
F.persal attennon else° u•Nto bets , wort •
Hare 011 I,at.dr a Luc r Brat.
Fe Wes. Ti,, are, Al. r'denm oan. rde a':.. re,
Portable Edrges,.venous sires—a rerteonser..ent Ai.
le:e for eteamboats, Calstorrua catigreats, mired clad
We p
woald Tespeedvlly Mena Sewn ha., men and
Others to eel: and see our articles and prise}
pstrehesing el sea bens. .
tmrsulta . •
_7[I7ItIi.WRIG fir* Counn
IhenlaFiritii2n7LoVals, cur, mrsoacin,nnnn-,....,...
Iran SIIISILInC Infile,..; all bid, of Calf /r4n.
!longer. of the Intext pntt , row, ' , tide And 1.111.111t1.c.,
tad tool. of 1.11 ktnal, CaAtinK. of entry 1.1.t5er.1.00
furnished on short nottec. Int:tern. inwin to cn,
Mill Gentridg, Iron Ilnihnr, Mon.
Pipe for I.•nt.
ing Factonc., Cunt Iron Window and fancy on.-
Ir.rt ci the M.rri.ou•r• of J
I.iraet ,k Li boot •trect.. Ilave protapt car,-
Refer to Mart cock, Bell a. Cn, 3. K. Moorehead
Co., It I:. War,.er, Jobn Irwin a Boer,. Ihtlata r ! tt,
M S. .1 11. \ Varner, trtcolmna malt ,
rplIE sal,lenber Caen, for sale a large and aplemin:
ascortment ofTeramtabOrtalnd mahogany grata AC
n Pm svillt and anthoot Colemait'a relebrated
,4i,: as attonoe,
rtmorn. The above nzatruluenle are war
ranted to U.- equal to any manufactured in this roan.
try,aud .111 be mold lovaeralme tortannught from toe
East. F. No 112 avOo b ,l et.
d aoveha
N. EL—City SOAP will be tatca at
at Par t
(Ora fe : w of
he above amartme, mil F. B.
Steam Itriek Work. (Or kale.
Tlll3 eutatenher offerit foitltt, the PTEAY.I DX telt
WORKS, shove Laurrencoville. comentme •
Steam ling me, a /Wien, G Mould NI Ambit, /a .;/
ta alto fee tun n$ MOM Plrgneli Backs to dry r ,
ye latest faun `fiehaat,' per day; with tbre art re, at
and on the .91r emu? nver, on orldeh are 4 Yilbt
abode. umehanc and clay alltda, arbeclbitrolyr. tearty,
shards, spades, Ste., every thine tetjaltite to ram
nee operaturns at an hours notice. Yncestualaymus
the patrta right b ase sold machine 157.00Ge-tetroa et
payment made easy. Witho llF:t.iftir PlEl nt the land, fined. roe
particulars, address
atte27-dtf I , lolr, ManOnbash•lrt Ileum
Wrought wad . Cut iriMttollhag. ,
Illl.lrubsertocia Orr leave to inform the gabble that
they bare obtained from the East all the la and
Moaable m
dcagnq for taro nailing." lac.. S - e heares
car en:tent:rte. Persons lambing to procure Itand
fame pattente will ptease toll and ciandne, Ind outer
for thramelars. Railitia will Ile farnicTed at plc short
est notice, and lathe belt manner, at the Corner or
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
lag2l...itf A. LAMONT .1. KNOX.
BG9 leave to Inform his friends and c women tha
be thrust recri•Log his new spring monk of Goods,
COMpriilng, IMMO, all the newest and most fashion.
uhle styles of Cloths, Cathinteres. fancy Vesting., eat.
ton and burn summer stuffs, and every arrielk valtabto
for gentlemen's wear for spring and SaMninr. It being
Impossible to describe the beauty, quality, or quantity
of the mock, the proprietor hopes all who are in want
of good, cheap, fashionable ' and well moth clothes,
will glee him a mill, so there la noalock this side of
the Alleghenies that can compare with It..
The ready tondo department Is very extensive, &dap•
led so all tastes.
Rail mad enntramors, country merehints, and all
who purchase largely, are particularly itivired to ex
amine the stork before purehathig, as partleular
tennon Is paid to the wholesale business in this mirth.
livery article in the tailoring line made to order in
the most fashionable and best mat.nee, at the shortest
nOline enter
Tnr partnership heretofore exicinK under tae firm
Of A C BRADLEY, Is dissolved by the decease
of kls.o Bradley. The business will be carried on by
A Bradley, who will genie the bastuess °Ma late
Rt.:DOI/AL—A DEMDLIII has removed his Foundry.
Warehouse from No IW. &mond sweet; to•No 11 %Venal
sheel, between First nod :Second stream, to tbs. ware
house lately occapled by CI A Betty, where he will
keep constsnily on hand • general assortment of Com
ings. Grates, Moves, Cooties Stoves, Le: j yiT •
- -
and No.l Muerte. Blister Steel. Alio—Beat
Um. Steel F.1...r.11.1ar.; and Blackamith ind Shoe
•Iwak a on hand and for vale, enher at tila
Steel Work.," (Mara rrrr et, Fifth Ward, or at the
office in the Iron Store of 1101.I.SIANS de CiAlllll.
SON, Nn 4, fool of Wood street, Vinsbargh.
- • - -
We, the andersigued, ltavany used, with. entire m,
istsction, the Cast Steel and Files nods by Sasebol
dlnlielsy, at his Esg!tt Steel Works, in MN eity,
pleuture us ed erindtto them as equal In unshlytste
any ...set us by us, of forrign manufacture.
Pitobtogn, Morel; 1:1,
Mumfmelnros of Iron anti Nails, pintma t gh,
Iron Founders and Machinists, Pittsburgh, ft,
COLh:IIIAN, 111AllsAIAN k ,Xl,
Maimfactorera of Springa,Spring Steel and
!Mem, PitisMogh, Pa. •
Dlgine Bander. and Machine Card Mannfaeto.
• • rcra,;FAViltqZSk.
Bran Fironder t - Plusbargh:h.
Iin.AFF, LINDA', It &co,
. 11 ‘ 1° "" ° '" or . 1r*".,1;'4,141 1, , , 51ti0L' , 4,'" -,
•tdcbmnfigerndlne and Ship Kander Pittsbosett,
rifirt.La ktanllfictards, Machin and En gin., Build
arw or, Pitianorah. P. •.
Di•soluttlon of partnership.
MHZ Pamite . mbly heretofore existing between the'
1. subscriber& under the firm of Chambers, Agne4
A. Co., Glass Matinfseturers, was dissolved by mama!
consent, CM the first day of July, I.IIIIIL All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said firm am request,
d to mote payment to either of the parties, without
delay, Lind all persons hoeing unsettled seenants with
sold firm, are invited to present them roe seuterhent
lminedlately. ALEXANDERCHANUE&Eit.,
lymbrn D.II.CHANUE4s.
- •
Pore %Innen a.s..d tur•mdt••
OF our own IMportaVon, %nimble for Medico.' 1
nurpouroyenr..tnntly on bund and (or gala twee!
,uhreor wEolnillo, at The tea and Winn itores
Slur/Rig a.
It WQR:lll,.catt side oflll.tampd, Pit ••,
battiitadEsOrOlitrtet,lllicefeny, agar di maq!l*
• •
. . _
.. -•-
' ' , ...4.:,,,...;_,,TT._:_,
. .
G: ~...,. : „.4.7,„....,.. 1.' , .. - ...2.:ei . ,' •?i- -:-.:-
, 7 . .. .. . . .
. , Ai g . : _,._,._ .........._-;,... -,,,. TT - .. .--
- - . - -,
: --.. , -., -..- , - • . - -
. • . . -, . . ,
RANCE COMPANY.-0211ce North'Room of tho
Exchange, 'Aid suge4 Philedelpriiis. •
". Pim Inseadma.—Batidings,Merchandise and other
property, in Town and ConntrY, insured against loos
or damage by Ste, at the lerwest rote of premium.
Mamma Inermaaa—They also insure Vessel., Car
ew.. mud Freights, fordo oreoasswise,underepen or
secialpTlicileM m
M e T a
OsNs—eTdh gu y
y ldsosnu
re metch
andise transported by Wagons, Rell Road Cars,Cenal
Boats and Steam Boats, nu filers sod ilk6S, on the
most liberal terra,
DIRECTORS:4Omph If. Seal, Edmund A. Souder,
John C Davis. Roben Barton, John R Penrose. dams
el Edward', Geo G Lelper, Edward Dar!'Noon, Dime
It Davi., IVin Falwell, John NeWllll, Dr R M !tenon,
Jos C Hand, Theaphllual'ealdlng, II Jones Drools.,
Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Berrill, Spencer
Mellveln, Charlra Kelly, J C Johnson, Wm Hay, Dr
S Thorim, John Sellers. Wm Eyre, Jr.
Heigh •Cralg, John T Logan. .
RICHAVI S. Nrmsoin, Seery: •
EU - Office of the Company, No. 45 Water meet,
Finehurgh. figi4it S. 4. AIADEIRA, AM.
kalifs and Tl•alth Llithistranine.
TIIE Mutual LIM and Health Pinnate., Company
of Philadelphia, lncorporated by the Leginititure
of Pennsylvania, March, 1045. Charter perpetual.
Capital, SIMON). Rion LOW. *M. 1 . . 01.,
VAN, COYY.T, and full nl per rent lower than the
conthil rates of Life Laurance, as the following com
rade.= will show: Thor, a person of the age 0130 in.
miring (or SIOU the life. mint pay In the Girard 62,1 r
Penn.ylvania, Penu Momal, 34.31; Equitable,
Sgbili Neve England, SIX; riew York Life, !•4.0, Al
bion, Ithelfb Life and Ileale., Philadelphia, 111.i/I.
Dinacroth.—Sainnel D. Orrick, Cherie. n. 8011, NV.
F-11cone, Robert P. King, Charles P. Hayes, 11. W.
Baldwin, NI. NI. Reeve, NI, D., Chu. 0. D. Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Realm. Luker, E.ll. Butler, Edwin
R. Cape. Preiddent—lthinnel D. Orrick; Vire Pres!.
dent—Rath. P. Mum' Scerelagy—Finnele Ulaekburne.
Applications will he ferreted, atulevcry inthemetion
Office, Commercial Rooms, corner of
ock4l-110 Wood and Thad at,, Pittsburgh
- -
Tial INSURANCE CO. of North America will
rank* permanent and limited Insurance on p rt ro-
Cy le ilia city and vicinity, and on
Canal, Rivers, Lakes, and by Sea. The property., of
Bite Company are well Invomod, and futhlsh an •vull
able fund for the ample Ioe.OLOAIIY of in P.. 0. Who
deatre to be pro by inauranee.
myls WNI. P. lUNKS, Agent, 4I Water st.
Pisa and Maria. Insurance.
r MINCE of tat lorarance Company of North
Atarrica, has been removal to No. 111 Front .t
anal of %Vet,.
The ealt:erthee. agent (or the abort old and rt,pon.
stele Company, ant L ae Poltre.• on Minding, and
tonic Ott. and Oa thipatrtas of Itlerchantnee by
Steam Boats too other •easels.
•141 W. P. JONES.
modern and Autbiaelfiiniturc
Tut. 9r., Yrnr3x.¢.
Rerpeer;lll;nit the
patine that ho has coo, 1
- plated his goring (lac; ' •
ruRNITURK the and moat varied Rstortuir.
ever offered to: tali thLe .Iy. coromialtir
V suer, *cur of ROfNWOOO, hlsuad•nr, and Ili-arc tsrr,
carved, ornamental and plainrutolde for Parlor.,
Drawing and Bed Ramos, all of which will he maid at
the loareat
Persona dratring Furniture of any description, •e
sportfuily turned to call nod examine Maidoek, whic r h
embrace. every deseriocon, from lid cheaper, and
plainest to the moat etrgant and costly, of which the
followtor rotarrrvis apart:
Tete • 'Fete tufts; Tete a Ten 15:VarlT;
Poorer...twn Chain; Eitiabethiao Orton;
Iterept.on do Loma XIV do
Morns.", do HMI. Coigne;
What Noir Toilet Tablas.
Louis XIV fat,.;
Doke of Vat Or Couch;
00 Sulaaawith Plush and Iltor.eluth racers;
50 Divans do do do;
40 dor M.10;0107 P.lO, Chat M
10 " Rai, wood do do
IValrict do du
40 a Carte ,erit do
4. M og
4 1 Ptah Cocaine do
" do Piano ,hools
to Nlart.lo Top
...v. do IVirall tletelv,
00 NI alio, any itedateada;
. to do AVcritrolies;
.1a flllt 11'alscat. der,.
Cher, du.
A very law , asrortnicot Of Common Chair• and co!,
er Furniture too "Cadmus to vieution.
ta. Steaid lloate furalehed 011 U.; shortest n
Aft o ohire.
n:er pranipily encoded to. -
P vi.r. c cartnat alotrant ran he •oridiril aiith all eons
of ono. W-aliott., trio .1.1.111,1
pr o ea. ;41.15
Til F. ;JAN U t,TG ti film, AND AT EAFT.
1..1tN MANI.
While Flanucla, W W0.,l Moo 1./rW•;
'Red du do it.I•C Ddlnidul
Vedoar do do FAS - err-Z(14.11.k.; al, WI.
Itro, yen do otle red al l'at;r i y. prices.
• Wart lin
atetos• ' Uon' Loidot drubs.
Stool mixed Jn
11;u• do eisi - ok• and smpey.; Very
Linda heavy good.
13Ind,k,Casticutre., . Good's.
Fonr.v 116rp•Aa1od ; •pd do;
Savor Ctn., 134e4,,c3
Super Torli•ed do nod . • •
Sup, litact ;Ilto• •nd •pe;
Super Toligz ; I•nd• do;
Sur, Mood• n 11 . 1•Ori • aml 1111:[•;•
Sup., Mark On Sty..., a r nrJ Oio•no;
CANN.... Blankets.Aro 1,5.1 n Theriol, •
.1. so, too art.. I,
Les S.:, l'i•urr4 de,uga;
!hob ' lil4.rt 8.40 tlo
Grain Raggolg. I Itrnoto Holland red Saw;
Pro•on brdo.: • elsvlll.. !tn.. to
Al iho Idanaaroarere t. tio.tionot, Nn 1.1;
Pdtahurgh Tr"J
THE eo-partneciihlr berctorore <chain, between.ipe
subscribe", in the name of Cciltst4hist, Unit , *
CA I, le tuts stay dissolved br kellatsal ralternt. Alesps.
Unite & ;Larne, will settle the busibetrof the con, rn,
lor wh,eh pup.< they •re authorized to use the ital..
St the conterb. NATtlAtilt.L CLINSTAUtskis r.
' -
The anderlugmed have tkisdky asooefetaditSralse!yea
It the neate Lt BUltitt t RA/INF.& Ear the purpoee
ma t. 4 .o. Ferr l'reelt hale.. Veal , D,r•. ar
c the mer,4 .fio late firm of l'afistable, Nurke.
-C., where fin.i will fie iMmired L.', receive the ratrtfif.
Re linreumorner• of Mar troM.e.mart Liam r tnemia.
TI1031.1: 4 DA1.7.111E...4.
In redrinle from the gm of Comae., &mkt. & CO.,
nlticr.e pleawre Yee/Impend Meeus. Ilnrke &
neon& to lilC C401 . 4,1e0ce of cay faamds Owl the penile.
Feb. 0, le4o. NATHANIEL CON.,TA tiLE.
let 13-d:1
HAA itlon tr.:caned (rota the Eaten Clue*, mild In
rec.-owing a letco voticly of seltvonablo ttoodo, to
v•lnteb he ri,poellutly invites din attention of merett
anis mod pectlsra. No MI Work! at. (ebtL.
WALL. PAPER—W. P. Mato... . ennoathly
I reetheing, from the largrol montifuernrieOld
Near Vert and Philadelphia, and Moo f Freneb•
aoneeithotbe hew,.r and moor approved et lea of Pth
per Umtata; together with Floaters, Fire Board
Poo., a.lTeoter Pupa For athe at AS Wood al, loth
tahcelt Fourth Maud Blamond alley, (ounce." to S.
C. 11111.1 apt
CUTAELic PAINT—A brio railrei per OieniniF
ill and for ale by the barrel he
podnd at the
Ore RR. Seed, and 1 1 erfuranry Woodman. corner el
fax. nod Wood : a/revs. 8 N I.VICKERSILAAL
kluspratte Paume Soda Ash.
4 , 64 F,^„,=:',',l ,!m L
‘,..t.,,velebral mano7l brand a i r 4
rolls now on W c ay r f o ro% audex.
peeled hem thin week • and 314 win Marti) arrive
• e., lr per daps Juniata, Chesapeake, WM.-
and &May which will he sahl or arrivaJ, at the
lowest tharkat pima fat est,l, ut aprmoved hilt.
area No 1 , 0 LissrlY n.
miEntiont. STOVE rutafin
TIE Plornix Manufacturing Company now offer to
the public their Ittetnium Chemical Stove PoII/W;
and •vereeradon, or fear of contradiction, by
there who hare tested ft, pronounce it far superbw so
any other la We marten 'lke eonsuwer need have no
ablttehessione of selling carpet.,, ae., 04 torll.
'WNW. prevents a dual (tort utieing wnen twine hp
plied, which must be done when the Stove is toto
Ten quantity required is so little to produce a beau
tiful lustre. A saving of ever fley-pee rent ir Wowed
.to the contemn.. A enednearp tied to Sower, Pike,
be., when laid away for the rummer, is a sure pte-
VellLellVe agonnat two. After baying tried ,tee?,
411' It Is accessible) no Demo will an any but We.
?hernia Ill.efacturing Cunpany's Premium Ch. M
. Stove Polish. For sole by
f turd Cornet of Sixth and Wood eteeett.
Corner at Pula •nd St. Clatt street,.
Unt ALEX A:401:R h. Stgilt, Furnlelinig Under.
70 • talcinr, when. Vier) iltlittle for Vs:angle! and
*looming writ.. can be gat an rearonabledertnn
1711,13 fit . .
ti)0:000 feet Frece.oned Deck Flank;
VO%OOO feet Coal Bunt tildine. For calu Fek
Rfniturf 111CKNItillT,
'mono, at law, Fourth
T i t i4 Deb will he Field for
ileoonrrs emigigneen ',roods errlilng rity
94tizrIns . Por,able Boat •
t< anolire that they enli be required to pay itelAM
.nor'lo 'the ieerlei, belnre
thr roods me removed. • A ItteANULTY &
4Fritgild fpr.ilfrdinnal l'urporro. :
Wideltihey know tti be
rt . :: i p n i f e " s " :: 11 e b 7117; b t uy,tmr.?"••l°
Tea& Wise Merchants, eat sids of the Dimmod.
prima Arrival or Cholati
MORRIS &ijl R ORTIf in the llhet retaithigdr on the ihipanitarennihn, large
nisi:infra a:reliant Snack Radii/teen gintr,orhieh ;hay
am law retailing. from the original chests at 40e and
;an ,ai ,Thpipkfr any, the undo to 'bent the ,
ualnT epee, lonian aolleit gab.
artirinipira cierVese oriel Mode porehtted else
PlCTdfil FIALD trObletiP 1116` RJOICILLU,
TioN, orllttArations by Pen and Penail,ol the
UllOll, SC , re , l.; POVPP bYlfftel MANIA
, ofql‘e.d/nr for Idaependnnde. - MANIA .T.A.osilnig;
,oar.,. #Ol . lO N*InISICS bY
1 • • - • -••
11 NUR} , I ir it BURCHFIELD incite the attention or
LFI the :oilier to their extensive aaeortmentm W
Goccio for Droner, eornroninn or
Scotch and Rotas Mut le; t.
. .
rotted do; •
:[nbroiZ S ered do;
Victoria Lownr;'
Low Friend CarcOd /actor:et rot morning; dreg r;
hot: sok Gnisbrd do; and a late: nettorunent of than • r
1111:411o.. with colored embroidery; printed Inckotte t:
Liens, nonage', k.a., at north cart corner or Foga h
and Market streets.
Cheap Lawns.
M1.1.7;41 N' o j'l . D ll r l , l F: . VII t;: , L v lrl e h r ; . received r z. lar
brawn nt 121 t: light
a n, In great variety, forlato 1 •
Alco , embroidered and printed Marlin. so/Llaak •
Cl n e 2llll,l neweilstylva.nntl lonreat price far lnall
and north tart corner ci( Fourth and Market ill •
At the One P. 1.. Store of
Wll.l. commence on Monday, June adt H 5ll.
Their tramenao estabitah ment, with all the
Nl7boleanie flotomo, will, on thla °emotion, be throw
open for [TAM Trcanit, and an of their eattenal
stork will be offered to retail porehmters. at adreou
of from tO In 30 per rent. les. than anal pneea.
Tli Eta
, STOCK OF SILOS Comprise over fa.
hundred paces, and will be cold at an Intmenao di
Their usftommeut of Shawl., BitmeeATierers, Oren.
•dine. Foulard ! , dlc., Juronet.,
Cambres. nud Dme. OW. pm:crony, will be closed
cut Irotordmtely, ot about oud ban thee...l rale.
II mm. I'4l/1 Colored Lulsvim will be offered et Pe.
do Ite.
I do 11,,,1m it Lump., 10e.
Suprrtur heghsh ard Amedrun Conroe., Ifht Ile.
doron Linet, I Inudkerrhier., ah 7e..
A lerge lot or Wm Light Culler., tome as lon as fte.
Tn.mhr entl, • complete of Domestlr •nd
White Good., Gibbons, Hosiery and Gloves, lionnede,
Mr.kini in all one of the moat exter atire iteportments
in the country, we ieh will be marked down to meek
bow. prise. than at any of their pteiriona Annual
Sate, •
trj — The Store will elored upon Thursday and
rn Joy, Mity 1 3 / 1 1, and 31st for the
of urrenu
tru and roartate down stock. No 9,IIIATION PILI.
CES terdr A A kirt. SON! dr.
MI.II.PIIV IIettEdIFIELD tilve.reteired • auto
ply of :LI nod 4 4 French Linens for torn, coat.
and rarke, ladtett , tacks, boys' and children's wear,
of the a... 1 denitahle bang,.
1 her toviie attention to dad, large assortment of
Aleld..and Bove ttl2tlfdi.'ll WEA fl, of dtfferent nta
terinl.l.,lA nll of which will be totd low. lap
10111 t), qua:ny stdur wanted. and aS i t s h.
Cloth CO•tnn, of very Landsound pantans and colora,
In tatudi. tank tau at:anus:lot purchasers.
1 guru 1311C111 , 1131.11 are now ofenna good.
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North ca.; ram, rntath and Market its. jel3 4
le - raiarllltaxa.
DECEIVED thit dna, e th haltorunept of Alieant
or Gr.. M., at the Carprt Ware ranee of
75 Fourth st
Nl t:lT o i r l y v er. ,,, 1:1_ , 11 . C , 1 . 1 , 11kL y 1 r i,.. b . o . v d e , al .- . 1:1 4 e sto o e a ll
t o i l
art -01:y reduced 0r.0c., P.a.,-
liturze de lame. t .arse allortoreat of beautiful
11.14., 3 at...m.1 and 3.e. 10104110.1
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r.onorro of Moo. and Foray 91:4,1
Det Lour. nal Dr lokier., rrivarealrle chasm
Berutlittl FoLlard ri.kt. at 311 caws pet yard;
lleduted I Culleb., (min ej o. no, ore tspwirdC
A ;km:awe!: of Oro. n tr. Wracked plOlllll,OO
per yrod end dowarda, , ,_
• Donna. and Paraeal., et greatly redaced Inhari:
Cloth/, I, ' and Vckt ,T, nf fr. helerarddlty,
rerun/4.10Y 10 ' ,
Tot... Orr wins , a large arcs of To.' 1 and
141,0rdt, r erk 4 etl "ounhv ; 4,-
sharnueu 11.0 5a,,,, ..{,.. s r ..r. L, will.
oil Clue a livtd•kn our Imo, at rr of
1:10•00 V410{1.1.01 at. ,I 0
qh.: ite,,l rei\ , oa ,.ti! - Ii 11 .l ~t;,l,?..t:xA, i.n.; , oul., 01.,..,
and adalny, r 4up•r
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I..reres and b........ hareve .1, r hoed:
.01110 style; new • , 4 I- Fre., 0, 0,,,,....,....,...4.acitau
1.,VIll• /4 erred 1 es.olo. geed O yelp low pnarej
pla..n, fratonl, et hd 1.3111 kiript d .I. 110111 Of COI killd/
.1,1 I/. a•••• . , 1111"1. 1; :00,, or 2 , 1 I liaoh. e aril ealoO;
...earn, ehle.,•, Ar o rtl iterh koot cora. r
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. , .. _._----.....,-..--.
i VA/Cr/1011 ol,ruy of Waal /idea •. - fait y cot•
trod role , . la`r received 47 I rust Oa:, brotrr
hat, 111 nook can comer to 1 . rr • e 'forret an.
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pi.;,4,1t - iill./: I.AOI
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I.:Pr; Pr 2rl, Altkabr, end flolP 110o.r10,
• • ../1 Catered ....slop do; mod 4051004 rf •11 eolorm
uld recto may 11
L•1.(0 111 611, 1`1(0 . 11-600 yd. 4-/'fool Od Clorh,
U )0•4 roe•tv... f. ~, . , .•,.. Ike:o/y. et. for tale at use
Oereroeho, N 0..: a .. 11"..., or.oi
.e l , 1 rll 1 . 1111.1 , I'S
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LO invite tuo onennon
4 ' . I '.^ 44 •• e, '0 au , . rordloo.ntel plo poxes,
bo d.ej c orry r...., v.... Torrent roe received, soya
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do .o . .ontr.F..blurde,
111roirl,Fte . .oe•.1.1aikaa 1.1.1 0 4, 0100 rig,. PIO,
*I. lend forded Co.,', Blare kliati trierrll dry .
11..an0 11.1....1.., *rat; do, fill, ,1.0 et±ii._
47 - g1710:11 Co'ATlNikt :l pa+ i . .2. , ••0 , e •..400u , ..
a_ cla,dra., autos, de.trobe artirlo for an, leer entre,
4.4;d e crown,' 10 A A :d AI. pi tr. Ix)
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rlllllUrr rOIAWT..r- - SuFr.A..6l4 7 .7"eleire. tiara
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1..0en, •ad Oar; rofae-d, pro rerearine per cprots,
asdl dok Joy nrenidg .1 0 A A`1.,403 A. oo
to•r4l-0 - 61 Alotaer .
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i.)g I Flf.w , - , hit. Or.o. Pont, Grtati., sr r flora
L. I. , Co.o geed Latcork. trod ro ...W." , ."" '''
opcormr. by moll' A A MASON; it n •
IIII•sk Dee.* bill/j....
A A. 314 , 11 N ICO aro rho d ry
er.eoine T o pe t .
CI o 01 inrl. II•ort tiro dr r lane ;fa; DO ram r/ Intl
Jo; 10'or • 311 incl do, 0 pc, 14 in.!. do; •od 4 pintos
all .ner. dn. m,lO
Liner. Illatedloq : e44l•lk. • - -
4004041..nde... Lel,. Cambria Ildltfe, all ancrei
140 dot 10111120 Elo do 1d
2540 a do do do colordd howlers;
fLmorodtruo day by A. A 41.ASOXA 1:11
maylll . 11 Alarlicett.
/ IAkII.II.ET LlNENLllairlikt. l -.:4i pre I hilt - le - ID - ,
% o r Lordrcs, at OM estrague low mire rd 1110 per (p old.
J ., 414 . 11! ,.... ......______
___ 4......A . 41.1r1 A CO
,/elola and /leoron foln•11•.
.204 pc, 3-4 and 010.5 pro 4-4 Gm nor Linen, I. 0
140 pei Gray'. llorkloyh., and A leronderkt moped*:
..• ••• MAI Linen., now bpeniu o r by " - •
Insyler • • .• A A MASON A. CO
. - - - - 4 444iiii-A — iiii - riii — OViiiii - doitor. ,•
tiErv. ore now;11..e. udentionl k dour elrwk
Vl' of epril.3 a 01 rattaorr'lrry 11 . 0.14, nod ore'rhi
prre4 lo oder a t rte.:llcm derorunaol to Wiz wood
loor' price • far co-11, or ar potted credit.
The onentlon 01 we oar., dentate Is partlOnlirty re.
rested 01 oat goodk, asi we feel conadent of brine
air to offer unrodal ludorrinroto to mare 11 bill with
. Call and exonuna al ony , ra a • - • ' .
slincxLrxr /.11'1/IT4,
-41.1,6 111 1.1.',..l strech
10k1 Mark•t . fr.•ar Lltmtti,)
Ai11F,111CAN,1.4.61,1511, AN 11 UERNIAN TTANOT
000 LliS § 11111fiti4,3, GACK, 1.1;
TENOtilltv. &v. Alto,
-Satin sea Vaasa Vestigial',
13t4Cii 4 NO„,1 , • NOV *LL.Ii CRAVATS, PONGEE,
11ANOANN and LINEN /MU'S. • general Lai
wrlv,enl of TANB, end every variety of untintlaga.'
Wasklng, tHfaohltig, and Cicansism ,
..Dt.trnans—pot the clothe. into cold water and lel
them Soak over nleth In the morning wimp than
out and put thole tom • Sets n or. botilny . twatcr, to
which add the prawnon of one irned. flay &alit
tenter—stir gallons of nter—stir it up and boa A, whir Mental
minutes. The clothes ins). then be Wrill; Otit stud
well towed or elmtr cold water. Toe pet. 'lf eal•
they tney by molt tolled, pleb Re wrialbands
and collars of nide.. nay be .lightly rubbed before
fleeing, sod
lear. lie clothes will by ittund petteery clean,
white and C
Worrented net to Injure tile Inept fabric and to her
perfect mtisfsctinn. or the money will lin receded,
Fold whtlesalo and reinii by— 11 Ft SHULERS
septh ny Woo
Dr. Use's Celebrated Remedies.
DR.JACtiId 8 HOSF., the di. , coverer and tele pm.
priend of them moat popular and beneficial
and nlivi the inventor of the celebrated
Inflryinent hillsong the Lung., in ea !cling ti cute
of Idiotic disease, was a gamma of that eminent
pliy /min, Imetor and is a erodstan or the
Unt•etaityof Denitsyleitilimund torthaty yearn rtnee
hr. been er dated in the l invesimazion dineme, and
appitemtou of raced e. Ineteici,
'Through the use of his Inflating tube, In connection
with hie Prephilectin HOT,. and other of hi. remedies,
he 'ha. gained an unparaie ted eminron 'mooring
1.110110 dreldhil and fatal maladies, l'obeecular Con.
sumption,,Caucers, Seruinitt, /theemabunti
Fever and Ague, Fevers of all kind., Chronic Key.
Opel s, d nil (here obstinete dlteesea Deballer to
femilei. Indeed evety ferm el disease vent.hes abler
the nab of Ids remedies, to which bomandy 1. peter
not bribe , ate of one compound poly. for that I.
compatible vri PbyttioLegical Law, but by Ilie,ose
of Ins remedies, adtmled tei and Prenilned for each
peculiar Inrm T on le
I.W.lloseia n &Iterative PPI., whhn find ,artt
Invariably acknowledged to Do superior to all other,
1176 PTeti.l3 or•liver pill, tneintadt as they Voice
the howent_perfectly line tram epetlYellells; to also
hisiloiden Fills is admitted by the facility to parsons 'aeepted to female diseases
b nansGed that hare trial is sediment to es/abliah
What has been nil in the to/minor the most skeptleul,
The a/Dieted ato halted to call upon Inc agent. as&
procure igfithill One of the DOet6Al pamohlets, giving
4 detailed Account Of each remedy and its ePplfeation.
Vol title by Iltefinfierartng agents,an well no by nowt
druggist. throuehon the
J Delaconsuakar & Co, 111 Wood street, Pittsburg/it
• J l i dXowneend,druggist,43.Market,st e An;
Lee A. denting/a, do hear thit Allegbv9lddiDl
jon fitalltley,filatlinaton, Ilene, co., Pc '
• 1,nt1!...1..110= Valley,
sin .1. 0 1 •
. • .
DICE-41rus pima jut reed for nlia by
11 -, IIO4.: . JAMES A 111771311150:4 it CO
POE eleventh and twelfth sections of thn Atter the
General Assembly of this Commonwealth, entitled
` i .ik Sopplcotoao thot4C4enUtled all Act to ereste a
Sinking Fund and to provide for the to ideal and
terrain Vertinguisboseet of the debt of the Common.
ealth. and to aothorize a loan," aperoved the 15th
day of May A. D ION), provides as
Smilax It That the Governor is hereby authorized
in negotiate • lout for then of of Three Millions
Three Hundred Thousand boilers, redeemable m
thirty years from the date of the subscription thereof,
at a rate of thereet notexceeding four per eehtum
per annum payable in gold and silver, seinbannually,
upon the gest day. of February and &igen of each
year, and exempt from every 'pecks of tization.
Notice, that Requests for said loan will be received,'
shall be published In at least one newspaper in the
Borough of Ilarriaburg, in the aides of Pittsburgh,
Lancaster. and Philadelphia, and in the ride. or New
York, Boston, and Bahintore, for a period not less
than three months before the opening of said proposals
and by letter eleewhere, If deemed necesthry. and
apes the day assigned for that purpe in such notice,
the Plosll.lolthall be opened in the '
Invness of Ste
Governor, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and
Auditor (lenerel, end the loan shall be awarded to
the highest bidder or bidders. If the amount of the
bids shell exceed the sam of the said loan the same
shall be detrlbuted to rata amongst the highest b/.
dots, bat if the whole of laid loan skull not thei e
taken the Governer may renew entice, in the its
aforesaid, from time to time, till the whole amen ol
said lotto *hall be subscribed., No conditional bide
shall be constdetedi and upon awarding such loans,
Or any part titereof,etertifieates with coupons for the
interest, th an be issued therefor by the Auditor
• Bartrost It. If the acid loan shall be subearibed, I
shall he and it is hereby appropriated for the paymen
and eringuichment of the funded debt of this Corn
atensrealth, now dee, or to become due, daring th•
year oar thousand eight haudred and EgfiT, and for th.
payment oldie stun of eighty floe thousand one bun
dred and roar dollar. and eighty eight CCM., duo •
domeitic creditors
• .
lo pursuance of the provisions aforesaid, notice
hereby given, that proposals will he received • at di
office of the Everewry of the Commonwealth non
4 o'clock P. M. of Tuesday. the first day of Oetobe
purpose,ti for loan to the Commonwe•lth, fo
the set forth In the said act, of the non 0
Ibsen millions three hundred thormand dollar*, redeem
able In thltty yeah from the date of the aubsenptio
thereof, at a rate of intent. not exteeding faur pe
cent per annum, payable in geld and silver, aem'
'annually, npon the fest days of February and Auke•
o f
enach year, and exempt trom every speeingpf tax
CerdScates of rtock for the raid loan, with coupons
for the interest will be Issued in the usual manner and
made transferable by the owner, on the books of the
Auditor General's Department. .
The proposals will he
hail ed reqai to state crfilletly
the amount offered. which not in any case be
len than one thousand doll rib the rate of Inteiest net
exceeding four per ems, an the premium proposed.
The State reserves the ri to accept the whole or
anY part of the sum offered alms the propombs stipu
late We contra:Y.
Bldg for the loan most be direct and explicit. No
conditional proposals will b received.
asktm the acceptance of ha proposal.. the money
br pats into the State emery, in such manner
as shall be directed by the 'overnor.
Certificates of stock will I issued In loch amounts
an may be requested by the lenders.
Toe proposals to be dire ted, emir, seal, to this
°Mice, endorsed, .Proposal for Lomb^ They
not ba opened or disclosed tit the period for meets.
Ins them has elapsed; after hick no alteration in the
berms will be admitted.
A I. RUSSELL, Secretary of the Cearthb.
Secretarasdlta y's Office, Harrisburg, June 6th, 156.
XSOLVED by the Scoot, tool Ham of Ilspretanta-
JCL lien of the Commonwealth of Peansylthota lo Gomm!
Assembly met, Tbut the Coottitutton of this Cozumel
wealth be amended to the mood motion of the fifth article,
to Out it than read as follow.: The Judges of the Supreme
Co., of the stoma Courts of Common raw, tool of each
other Coto. d Rtr.4lll YU. 61 .ball be eatatiliellebby
shall La Math by the qualified Maim of the Comma
wealth, in Ito manner following, to wit, The Judge. of Da
Supreme Ooort, by the mmlifizil .teems of the t;mmoo
wealth at large; the Yrrantea Juflgu of tha mad Cothli
Comma Pleas, thd of idit g all a of Record ea ate
shall be establithed ley Ithe other Judgeo r e
to be learned in the Jew, In they.. tet denten the
resinfebin dliti.iite MOH Whic9 thej af toJ,
jaw' 'de Co sells
Yrative: :and dm Amatiate..thdlyes or the edam of Common
.flem by the ambled electora of the conoties rethectinly.
.The laden *of the Saone. Cllll/1 shall hold these °Mau
for -the,Ment .of Elias ram if aney that to 'fors bane
theethelves well, (subject to the allotment hekeinalter. fr.
eider Gr, aubesejnent'to the fiat - election,", the t'odidtht
/Won of the eneral Courts of Conant. rt., sod sla w , ,,
other Coorner Record as an or thll be establtrhyd byla
and other reqUind 14 hel l aned LA le law,
hold their offteres foe the afro of tat 'earth( they MO cs
loaf tether theoteenol/11 Al1:411111 itlign tat he
tonal( kraoibi• no .'A /the Altar taxes for
b.,e toy teamishis mit vile), Wall noo he sothetent
vatode„for la i i ak ' s bean. *hall remote any
dabs,. . •ki renal two thirds of eath lame), of the
Lamaism. Tha.fira elretida shall lake ;Om el the,
pout' elatarn 0( 0 0, 1. Commonwealth tualafter 11,4 &fop
r iir tole erbrodattat, tool the emminions ell the
ledan who may toe Otto in ot7n that not. on the ftnt
al ondey of December tattooing, tab to the term of tha new
Juages 411.11 contra,e,l2du !
110 i elece, o n e ... ne j.tht, --
sollsertiLHed Iltent la the Uoralme, that the conoltheium
may, istatul accordthee thereto. Tb. Jolty*. who
'ideattlition will lint erpre Atli be Chief Judice dating
by. term.* thereafter MAI lodge abate cometruelon that
first torte thall as tato b. thiaLltief Justin, sod if two or'
bmaw lemainions ..pan on the same thy, th e Jedcee
01l tog thm .ball deride by !at which shill b. the ChM
Jairtice. Au, .maxim, happening by death. estimation, ur
odierwr.. t, to any of mod cooties, b ldled ap
i t
nstalmen by th. Governor, to continue till the lint Mo.-
e. 7 of December etureeduta the art geocrel election The
Joffe. of the Supra.. Coon the the Prate... of tea
gni .'oat, arComm. o Pleat aba ll,et dated hoot, recs.,
Gr their %enters an .do tote c.coposation, to be find by
tow, who io.ll mAt b datthislied daring their ethounasee
et., but they shell mein ao fear petomettn of aloe,
nor hold toy other elfin of profit under I , lllCasammelltb,
or coder the geterantaht of the United Stotts, or toy 0/11•I
dare of ILO Uum. The Jodits d the /3apreme Coo,.
during their rontintanct in office, gall redde within this
Commothicalth; and theater .1 odgeti,thormg their contain
thee ta aftee, then node wi th = tho &dna cothly.for.
Wbueft they reeltestirely slotted:
~ n• frieCALNIONT,
Swain of the Howse( Depremtation.,
• - r V . :Mgt: , • •
Speaker of don lima
Sown .
limrsaharg. /1112.12128 =.
f, Simnel iv. Pearson Chief ClArl, the 0 .
jPeaansylem.le, do hereby 1 .
o f tbeerehal reseluunn,
µNo. en lb. t'onate ot prq.:ol tau") entitled
i•ltewtutieu retitle. to au amendment' of the Conatitution,"
•—ta honor the mane rasolotice vhielt`ents greed to by ma.
1 , 49 01 the member, el' Acted to each flour. of the Ltd
Garelatere—alter bin duly guar deresi and die
caned, eras this do shed to ly a outiordy ol the members
.14,1 , awl arming to the Senate of Penumlegtaix, at it.
pitlant Sgt.f., II • ill .ppear by their mg.. gins an the
noel tamer. of th. mulattos, ea Lollosa, vim—
Th.. Toting in rarer attn. p ungent' the meridian time,
It. Joao, bomb.. .I.' Vatter thebtry, William A. trabb,
Jeanthuk J. Cunningham, Thomas S Fersem,Ttuntal H.
Forma, Mark, Frailey, tt.d.ert ht. Erick, Hoary Velum,
John W. the no.y. Wlllotte Hulett, Iwo Hop, Timothy
lot., Juthua Y. Jenne, Joseph Knaignantear: Georg. V.
Statemll SleCoalin, Ektlanam
tPill a., Henry A. Alublenberi, Packer.
Saoltr,,Dneld Sanaa', Pale, Sammy, Canted
811 , mer, ftalvrt St...tett, Daniel Stine, V. t reta IL Streeter,
John H. IValker, and Vekatnee Bert. Speaker— .. ill.
nuke TAU g ap,itlg the &meta of the resonnum mere,
Uriary, Dattle, Auxiastos errant, and Aletanier King—
Nays 3. ( Extract from the Jolted.)
I. TOO lloran iws (lantana...lw,
Ilsrriebarg, March 14,1150. f,..
I, William Jaok, Chief Clerk of the Hen.. of Repr o.
pana/Wu of reantylennie, des 1..1.9b> sudsy Mat Cie f. ve.
C? nr. , ..inSnas INo. 10 on Me tin . ye ra.,lod Noun ..t.
.. lieu. tirtrA O
do of . prearnt M inn.) eatithed "I li ..
Ilion reloqrsi ea the ansaisdnesc . thes Lonstita.Son./ ,
boil/alio ranee resolution whirl, wets agreed 4, by • ormisrily
of the scaler, Coated to each House of the last Legisb.-
turs—all.r having be. iloly ennemated and direnwed, seras
this nay agreed I. by a majority of the Members 'lasted to
and swung la the; lineman( llopresentativea Of Penasli
ia, at Ily...ant muion, as atilt appear by ,Eels votes,
glen on the Intl yavage of the towline" isa In& a., via:—
Risme voting laver of tha range of Owl meantime were,
dqhn Adger, John Alliam y William Baker, Robert Staldarin,
David 1 Bout, Coale Walt, Jeremiah Blade, John B.
Down., William Brindle, Daniell 11.11. Brower, dom. R.
1 .,
lt Mtn, John Cessna, henry Church , John N. 0/elven/a,
8 hoe., tidlaaid, I/Injuries, 0. David, William J. Dah
l. 9,larszt, l' 00'0..4 illatalu Demean, WillulD.o,
% Strata Ilssay, Ishie C. Evans, William Enna, N. aeon
V. Mg. Alecoider B Feeler, Juana Flowers, Benjamin P.
F liner, alece sole, 0,11..7, n 0... 8„ ce ver ,S ona ph F.,.
I - i li a Jooph Glare}, Jeenb 8. Haldeman, lientgall
-1 rt, Lefferu flare, John liestim, WillitmJ. Hemphill;
J b ee fledge . , Fleury 11/plot, Lewiellerforyl, WashingennJ.
Jarketri, 11 whine Jones Alin W Killinger, Charles C.
Kinkead, Itebert Elossillarrissm I' 1.11111. Morris lasteli,
donlitan U. 1,..11,, Anson Leonard, dames J. Lewis, Ilene,
Lilac Jonas R. totClhallielejelte F 81/Colleek,Alsaunler'Uordt, John Sl`Lanahlin, John (ll'Ee., marl
%fare, John 8 %leek, Aliehael Mayen, John Iliilksdowfb
C. Medea, Jelin D. Morrie, Willi./ T. Morisvb,lfeekill
„blowsy. illerard /Sickles., Jacob liinly, Churl& O'Sle ill,
Sohn II Steller, Jowph C Powell, Junes C. Reid, Jubo tl.
Ilney, Lewis.Roherts. Samuel - Itabiwon, John 8. Ruth. ,
ford. ilk tr.i W. rimafield, Thom.. C Beguiler, William
Shaffner, Ilichard Bleep. , Eli llifer„ William /Stealth,
W.lliat A. Bmlth, Duesli II Swim, William 41 Bandar,
Thomas q Steel, David Bliwasd. Marlin Sinckwall,Ed
' win C. Tratir, Andrew Weide. Robert C. Walker, Thant.
%Wabson, , Sidney Et, Walls, (lime • Wil li inne. Daniel
Eat bey, and John S. NlT•lment, Speaker—Yr. F 7.
Thom 'voting agaliol the panne of the reentSion 'inn,
Augaa....K. Cerlifn, Dana Ennecand Janses.ld, Portal—
Nay* 3. (Exteactfrom the Journal )
' " WILL 1,1•1 ./ACA, Clerlt. '
Mita 11Totreh 15 11011.
.11- W. 1 / 2 :515.111 CT, Dep. See'y of Cammoyweallh
• Bet aaaaaaaa Orate.
l'uota••••••• at•
I do errht .Itat the above sled faraTaier la • min gal
enTrliel rot). el the orktaal ovulations of the Oarroal Ar
moady. asooltd Iteralutwo Matter to, au aßeadtaeat
lb. Cuutlitaliu."ar the aims matte. oat lilt th is air.
r•••• I le tertitoott• vhat.r 1 bare hartatto wt
s. band, sad sawed la he affiuld the oral of tha Seat-
Lair% Oflt l / 4 , t at Hartlaburg, Ibis fillainth day of
J s.Aom Domino one Noma! • *hi MIA=
A. L. RUOrq:LL,nseratary Or Ms Ca
'INTRA wpmscv Fiona.
OR the r ons.:Lienea of the clttrens, the proprietor.
of *trills/matt City Mills Bee placed.boma for
• e•receptlon of otder. at the fallowing planes,—
J b. ft Floyd, corner of Math and Wood streets.
lu I layaard, shoe store, cor.liberty L Market no.
A Ileclen, store, Third street.
• &omeet, cor Fourth erwlutueld, .
. John E. atore.corner Migs es . Wylie.
Telegraph (Mice, Fourth street
C Kelly,.grocer, Fifth .t,cernefof Mattel alley.
Grawhetore, Pena street, NinthyanL
The' flour waggons will call twice or dates 'rfaili
for orders, and the doer, Ake. delivered promptly, either
bnreloiq ggess—seck door [ is preferable for (molly
usc.ssithitat ge a llo wed ,, e It plal canat nes
wwwwwe can be end that driveri have
°Z"I`Z`Th 1" 1.7E0 VIIIITTIge Y /Wilk %MS az
twenwat, as we shell endeavor to do the= nic
• tuaytld •AVILMARTI i NOBLE .
la Soda & Lemini Syzup
...gob g a nerilla Sodq • • '
20 • do.
'ID boles Lescoolaynap, Made (ram pun lemon Nice;
Jun cossilid siafor sa3e - trr
i ~
PROCLiI /El a Tzdtr.
K N e O sse W olle blnll i rer . Td d Cl k drey d s 'i t 4 l rh w eu it m h a d !te .
in back or limbs, miirjo tnts, old fore. cunning
nicer, to, that they,enn be awed he {often! the Pe
tmleum! You may talk ahoy tits beam a nimb:on as'
much a. yon please, hat this' does not Make It so, Inc
we proclaim indict facts Of an toner! c.a.:amity, that
it has victors whief nee no.contained on any other
remedy. The moo who Is rooked with polo nod sof
feting from disease, eon for.fifty cents. keg relief from
any of the lila ennomenited above. Reader! it costs
very little to make "tidal. This Pciteleum is no mix
ture—no compond, put up for the putpwe of imposing
en the community; ?mit inn ternedy :elaborated by
the Master hand of nature, and bubbles up from the bo
som of our mother earth in its original purity, and of
to trollering huminl7 a ready remedy , a certain
and °heap cure. • -
It has cured Piles after other medicines have failed
to render any relief. 'lt has cured Itheurnadsm oflona
. ..Ulna. and of the worst andltoOrloSintulebaracter.
It has cored Cholera itlotbus by one Di two doses; It
has cured old eases of Diarrhea, In which every ether
remedy ban been ado avail. As • Want remedy In
burns and scalds, it Is better than any medical rem-.
pound or ointment that we know et core chil
blains orYrosted font, in a tam Replications; undnellt
ed testimony can tivfarulrhed of the truth Contained
y the above statement by calling on Samuel 31. Kier,
Canal Sasinh stree; or either of the events:: • •
yder tt McDowell, comer at Wood street and
Virgin Alley; It. E. Sellers, Of Wood street, D. A. El
liot & D. M. Carry, Allegheny Oily, are ihe . ogonli.
DEA UTV—It Is universally coneetleillhat beauty is
more comm. in Om loftry than in any other,
while at the mine tinto it ilia
no °Meet atm
try is It lent at so young on age Now thin is truer
to a Celtßia extent, out the boss is often !aimed by ne•
p icot. tie nay to all. do not neglect your pinions!
pointrunce, but reed We following, mutyna neat' not
lack good look.. These' articles are selennfie pro
parations, and have iill attained a Malt porantrity.
Jot.lhrum On V.. AND NTIL/11
.Soar, tor removing tan, sunburn, pimples, blotchy.,
and other eruptions
the skin; the most perlyet con•
senator of beauty every known. Pare., nothing
purporting to be Nymph Soap, unless it has toy nous,
Jot. ilimat's Prennol DI Calms PITWVII, for im
parting to Me mi. Lilions complexion a radial,
whiteness. in nothing shottdd a person be more
fat than the use of a powder Mr the skin, as many opf
those wild ore very injurious. My Climate Powder Is
compounded In a scientific MEntier, and enntains no
in • redinnl which can possibly inflict an boury.
Jute, flaoirc's InUnt.A.TOn, Pownan, for removing
suriewlluoite hair. Vbet is inure uneightly than hair
upon ..tne faceor arias' of a .I.Jy. Tills article will
remove n in a short time ; wilbOut the use of any sharp
Johns llano.'s nmsoram Lionin lisle Ore will
Instainonoos.y impan to tied, white, or Bray hur,
!maudlin' block, brown, or Cuban, C dor. It will
color the hair in a shinier third, and mote edectually
than any other Dye, honk at the same time indellible.
Jets. !heath novena Cimoh—lt is really a plea
sure to sh•ve with Oda cream. There is none ofthe
smarting sensation usually experienced in -the tine of
moat Soaps. On the contrary, la le ave s the skin smooth
and soft Ls an infant's, and , not liable to become
'Jot. if•rat's RoakTomm Pairrx--Next In the hair,
wo think the Teeth wore intended as Me greaten onnt:
meet to tee human face; but when neglected, nothing
m to dienoinng, or so quietly Been. lay Rosa Tooth
Pane will Impart to Ole teeth: npenny Whiteness, ai
the same time keeping the gume briehetathy, .
Also on hand, • complete usiortment of French,
Orttnit, and American Perfumery and F•rey ankles.
JULES 11.41.1E6. Perfumer and Chemist,
tin Chertma street, ,
For sale wholesale nod retail, by WA:nametape&
k Co.,and R. R. Sohn., Pittsburgh: end John Sar
gent, and J. Mitchell. Allegheny City. IFl]
; •
110, Mt Intorr.t. roil, enema... cif. or il.r. Dr12.0:1
. Alleirtn . ikolr An dross wrOri or VI 41:moon', "
Symptons, Sciatic% art LarckagoTl....l• is...
isrliung from atiliiiudiciallinuee.of, Ileicay SAM.
tite. or lhopyy, Exportfre at Irepnid e e
lsc UK: 1
riles-Chreinc Cennitirlunal Diechic , 50.., ~
1111. medial. ha. ithiyairnd avery extend., and
established reputation wherever it Gra b ten • irwil; '
Lane! entirely on its own merits, which ita SitUrier .
efficacy has Mane sustained. The .forattriste victim
of kereditarrdiectue, will/ awellen glanitsi militated'
Meows, and /ones half eariounl has bemire...m:l to
health and vigor. The remfolons permit. covered
with slur:, loathsome (o himself and his wood! ots
h. been made wl,ole, Hanoreds if pt,1,0114. who
had groaned hopelesrly for years ander c U1A111,41,
and glandular doordiya, <Goma mein:maim,' and
many other con:pinion aprlnging from . deranges.nt
of the secretive order/6 and the circulation, hand been
raised . it were tram Mho rack of disease and now,
with re...nerved covistitminn. gladly Malty Is Ike
efficacy aline inestimable preps anon. '
The attention of the ren .er is called to the Gnawing
%Vanishing Vire, effeeted 'y theudi in Snidsl Sena.'
*The tv to renal! that( are a coload oeorr.a3 vto
has been afflicted foe the !alit Ste years eon, scrofula,
and all the remediee lea hal no erect 1 A arresting
the.progiess of the compl inl i an the routers, Ore
nonstsittly grow wand and after eapendide between
II:0 'and Deo with, phlnieirs, hewers wag other:.
popular reniGlice without a etc., lii the disease had
eaten away the cartilage, or tier nose, tai de int Op:
Penterme on Canons pails fif her ban', ei an had thrall',
commenced its raymicai this root other Month
*ln ILO, dreadful r oo m,and witli.-the rivnpeerd •
dead; staring her Id the ,I stated her easeao Is .
•Disumny, the aunt far Sand.. Sarseparit en New.
beep, N. C, by whom itras [advised ton. at drtiete •
Land to am surefire, anthil of my neighbors, to whom
her case legs known. alo e acing four and 6 loin but,
nes she was restorento pc feet health, and Vier In tlllr ,
rade of • three weeks, and; wen d ble to tetra, is we' i
tenks from the limo she cotameneed liking a
*ln witness or the Oath; of this atatemcm, I have
hereunto stand lay none, this Dui amen September.
1h47. -10Slt iluourrrEit, -I; P.
*Ricoh or Nettle River, Craven cO. PS Cs
'The following is an err/. from it tenet received
nom Mrs lay., rano had bun alhimod se.kel 'carii
with scrofulous Uleers,DOMenele. fteo and ...tit
. election at the throat
cheat- . , ;
. . upattarancau,Va4llec.lT,ol , ls. -
*Messrs:A. U. (r.• D.'. llsatm—lkfore I eihusieucce
acing your Sariaparilln: my euferingt adm almost
mitt caintendon; my. threat Ras completely adeerbreit,'
I had a dreadful cam., and Mere, were feenneetly.
weeks together:that I could not speak shove a whis
per; and betides, the iggatemation (rpm , my naiad ex
tended to tar bead, en that My bearing*. tare mu..
Impaired. After taking the Sae Caputlia nether 'time,
Sty health was improved. and my shiest is now tats .
( am as line nom cough and tight:lmmo( Mr' cheat..
Par I war s and can bear mom distinillY. 'de Mom
bar been well about three months, the mos tit which ,
has herd ciliated tinnily" bi:libe ant . of piceSersis.
parilla. You friend, ' , OUISA R, 13P.VAN.
The following tesumenial to the slue of (he Suss ,
paran., Is r1:003 the Res...lmthat Wright. aged :liiiisears,
Congregational Mi * nao
t. residing et Woburia -
Weep., Mats., March R, lEifil. s
*Menet Sendai Gentlemen—From what ;have <Xi
peranced. and from tio information I h. nic.lly •
rousted Rom a number al Serums of high respect.
Wily who have and :year Sarsaparilla! :have .nos,
the least doubt but that It is a most valuable troff.i..'
and that the mauler°. ' ..cci ra fie a tee you haeq reverend
of Itanilicncy are fully savained by expermitee, and
although its rep nation a...tiny are very Gantt., '
nod stand to no tend ol My humble alerts lir moreeriet
them,l want all who int ellnad by illmhe to be.
come .scquainted with the chaser and pu ma, of year
Valuable mcdminc..._,
• "I an, gentlemen, Insiefttin , and very re - ape - ctfidly .
soars ••.„ .. r,,, , .. ,/ 4 Dialibill WSPIIIT." • '
Prepared and soid,erholcsale and remit. bt 4. 1(... a
D. SANDS, Druggist. and Clic..., 1. Pal n street,
comer of Willlion, New York. Sold also by. Dregs .
give generally teroughan the United States mid C.,
ads. Panels per boo:max bodice:for SI • •
Foe sale 1,1 L. WILCOX, Jr., IL A. SAI/ti cSTOCR
e. CO., and LDWARD FENDE.RICII, Plash rgh. Jib.
... ne Tor O anirril 1tr , 11,..1•• T• 10- .14.1rvi9
- , Na. 41..DLUIOND MAJOR, eif
.i" few doers :b. air Wood lintel, ta
winds marten
, ...... Dna ilito GM, hatingibetn -
• •O ,„
~ r , .. , . regal radue d .rd 11 . thel;: a ed , ta . l •
if i",' 45.. ,, , '' I",l'LlteTid'apracgot, e u r eoll confiner ,
: k.\ -: :: „ 1 ,, , ,,, , t ., :1 .,:k 1 it p , 1 11.10 1 1 . I... 6 l ,t ha d,a n i ;e c tr:t . 4 . l
olefins for whick err opt eau
'''''.- ' • • andwipeeivica emands! gualinf
i n
''''• him;
i n years aisiduoaal debated'
If/study a. treatment of thine complainte,(du gainfaill
time he hit s had more pr.. , " and liar cured ore pas
team wan t. ever fall to the 10 t of any Ode fe, pnieli
Witmer) amply qualifies him to oder asearanaiwol
speedy, pa retaranhamisutisfactory enio tO atlitißictad.
yr. dile.q giamaim, and idl diseacea anterthell)
Dr.Drenirn world MIDI. thou eflieledi Wt 'yel.eig '
Cusses which have become chronic by lade Or leg:
graftted by the am of any of Me common noll(taatial
the. d i, t t,,,,,th c i r gemphsunstanberridically dthori
...lily mired; he having green his canna ell enact.
Metreatmentafench cue., ends...A.ln undredi ,
serials/Gauen aurinmpersona of inflammati if of the
noel of the bladder, and kindred diseaseste eli•nfl
resents:. thositaases Where other. have cone/gag
ULM, tO boogie...deep.. Its pactieularly Intl/Celine%
a. have been long .daniateccaafully Oersted +Tot..
~, g ogiedt, tam, when every satisfaction will be moil
theiliend their cues Welted'', a cerrlbt,lllortiglii grid'
Intelligent Ininnet,painted ear by • long ea entente,
stedymnd investigation,whith it Is impuaible for
engaged is. gaiweral practice of medicine:id lieets ,
one tlarl Drama.. ,
Itirrllerdia or Rupteill.—Dr. Brown Sliolndlt. pen
sons eillieted with Hernia l° ea 11,14 ha - hates teparter
slat attntioota i lbledice.a. . .
CANCERS aloe Oared: ''' .•
— ''''''.. 4 ~ •• .' . '
' Skin Illetatea; also II a Paley,..., /mete Roane'
Ch .. cry low; .. f i ' •: , ' , .' .....
.NPailimut of living at 111113 ea, ii
Oiling their disc.. ln writing l, iveing Al el
li ell*l.'
l a
leilMh al Ott.lid medleihaa with dartello4.l . o UPP. b. 7, •
eddrealine7. DIS a. D.,' past paid,. kneMe
leg a far-''' . •' L s i f ..._
• Orme No. as, Diu.. all.7.oPPGD*** "1 .4 '71
ItHeetreVaS.—tn-Drown newly discOvredliSsw ,
dy tier Shu.= le ahipeedy and atttait to stear DT
Met palithil nimble, .luneter Rile- '. .1,.:._ .
011 tee
Private Collealling Sum., ,-, 17 . ,
MO. oil, nuovibi Pa: lia Worn! 9 , 7 y
lama.: , ,
Write “re se • .
;SY,' . 0944 -
V 614. i gth- 49:
pale etket 'OHAMBERS,
rac, axerts a co,)
Would reeperettally inform the fuatomora or the late
the puhlia renerall7; that they will
conteue the dew-erectus of
Irriall their varieties, at the 01,1 Smell,
No 13 Wool'l4, hatveuh Bllt a ta Wats r.
Bottles; and Flasks, Porter, Scotch Ale,
Watm• Patent Medicine. and Wine Bonita
or every' deacriptinn: elan, WINDOW GLASS.
Keeps constantly on hand a Irene:al assortment of
the Show articles.. ALSO STATE, as the other Green
Glass Eactaries are ALL font, as is the eastern In
1.1111.1er, TM, PA cronTl, sow IS TOLL on:n.41101,, end
In eration oth summer and winter.
Orden; resp chntinno ectfully op soLitited. b and will be filled an No
shorleSt notice.
weraibuse. No 112 Secend Meet, between Wood
and Sealthfield, ate, Pittsburgh. J
E. WILLWIS. will open a craarical and Eng
tisk , &hoot, the firs: blunda7 of Sept. next
Room. Orrr J. It stne, comer of Wan/
and Flph7rireeln.
Rev. Wet D. Rowan!, • I Ro7.lVallorLo
nov. Dt. IRLoIL , D. .Tier
Rev. Di . . Afton, J.l). Williams,,l:4.
SAMG. P. 81111 IVER and CHAS. lIARNFP have
thin dap associated theta, elven together, ender the
firoboretavyer 4 Ramon. lot the tranwortion ofthe
WhOlerule Grocery, Produce, end Coalmine:on hub.
new, et No MO 4 IV Second street, between Wood
end Smithfield at:
Pillsitturah, 40gunt 1,1414-114 gt
1.q.5.:0.fi1,,r74:1.. • •
- • • •
T HAVE, thin day,
olesale (itnatteetated with gee I.
I Clenee, in the Wh olesale end Produce
liunnvis; the style of the firm win be A. Cultiertenn
d Ciente. •[jy3] A. CULBERTnON
A. cuL9Alirrso:ll It. rt. et oar.
CriLliLUnTsoNt a cLotrsE.
115VIIOLI.A.Liii (1110CEDS' Anil entamtssiun Net
, 9 Om., Dealer. in Produce, arid Pittsburgh
Maai:is:area articles, t 96 Liberty .:, Pittsburgh, Pit.
193 ..
T"E r andersigned having eampleted their RblLinn
Mill are prelared to fill promptly all ofders for
brazier: and other Mtunifsetured Copper any re
qoired tiZtV. Made from the Copper of the 0/111Mine,
Cake SuperiOr.- .•
Tins Metal has. been thoroughly tested by compe
tent attend:le risen in the servtee of the Govenunent,
and pronounced supenew In Outlaw, strength, and
tenactly, to, 'in use, end La 1.3.4 preferreo tor the
minutiae ta re of Ordnance and otter porpows.
It is there*ee confidently recommended as nme
rior article, ter oil user, to any in =mart And we
rerpectraily aolieit the attention of berth nd
other* to this nawbranch of home manufacture.
At yr...ant the 'Warehouse to Noy Commercial Row,
LUsurtyetrnah' , alma C. O. lIIIESPV,t CO
TRE PieUl AfoOtogiletkaapirnysapply their agents
with Roofing anal. I.rtaz In sherzo 147 feet, from
IL to *1 boners per notarre foot. Cotrogstsd in sheets
307, 07• on, for roofing poche braiding. and depots.
Ship Sheathing, 14 z4B Mattel., /ramnoose..
I Roils, 23pikes, Sager Molds, Perforated Zinc,
Zirto Pima, if., . • • .
They ernwont their metal pore, nod free from any
adEnia (nre of (ion. or any other substance, end re
ow:whoop it.for 'the eannufnotara at most marks in
the house forntslajng lino, en R doer not rest, is not
areeied by the Zenon of hod may he pahehed,
PointOtit and Japnancd.
.. 4 11 , 7,,...dr1e,.r.1nnp, tzectiiantionn, and other
ihronactlon'otny he had ad their notate:—
, ,h 18.14 I,L & Szeaho, New Tbrk,
Aromas, Rotztrat & Dorton;
NeruLaTstnittßa CCPldlidelphii;
*ll. MaKur,lialtitooter,
s{."; B "
t Arent,
Liege, N.'".
I oil.
Wipe of tbe Ohio. r Ponu. If. It. ra.,l
• . NlT:burgh A 15, 1-. n. j
ROPOI4. I ILS 'in writing WIA bei rreoilftal bo ha
Ord onW Tart-as,. tha Da day nI Ono! , r,
I tilt. dew., y of 11. r cm, to, t., in Irir Ito 114
the trap thu:Ohlo 1101•1 1 rvouPouuth 11p.1
Wm aeufe to N. l •-anllon, a dmanne or In: mit,. 'Ube
imGiber mi . tier Will bit one
ntni, bunettodketldlle. vria, lira art+ to be or .nand
.Whlr.akk.ut tacit Wok„rutygpt. to tar. :. pepuan ~
the 1 , 111116,er of Mu romy,y, mot: to , out o,:1,
• ativr. Ini,gltts and it fret. '1) of eulurc/1 und/nr,
Wry orr, la bn adv,eu ianbca.sann rn; 11' of
b ta .l,l l j are .o .1, on d,e. top a1,,1
at., bottnr a th . IT 41 ta 03 Ulf wf,j, „ o „,
or Lark, cn-liyczad in.nd AR , an Ih, nnn a . l
Aire-red the upstroi,,LootuPten thr fir,. at' Sanumry
jarsanJ Maruni r l 'tSt4Gurf effetA henry to Pt.,tal
' MOM&
11 91 11 11.1 , 11 .A 4 eiglitard.n.q ...tray lour tort
as be C.CliTered ba tl,r line of road rr above,
t - n -n'• I^W; ItlJMNSON,.re:;l l resalen..
~./au•l6d/loctl n. 1 -- .1,
Tsvnll kOCovtt You:NO Pee/ SlwrghOtrinr and
Peeking , Concern. owned•erty occupied
'47 rho lOto Jairtei Cnotot.olt,it for •ro:
• The CeOp4ll , loithat . cetw to_Chtiltootlre, Core
cooety. Q., Oil the plot grind d.vidote t:te • Otto
Qoual from toe Cootto ktur,r, sod has rare tt.euenod
foe: II V 01.,. troth it, tart. Ind ettetosttre cothreers
elk etc •ea oft rotted, coetoletrg :note pan, large end
gotattoodirieeeirtuAlootong, LtanAing, cutting, packitre r
cotring, ohd lord reAdtto g brick Motto tor
mi ol meand every convenicoce for handling T%VELVE
IIIiNDUE.DIIII66 1 . 1:11. lon Ytond tendering the lord
trout the Carnet as theTa are a enable floe pram boner
and ...1511 for ,eatainf I doe nod . came lord, end
two tantro•fouttodetag oiy ore fret.. ..
There 1; arse. oil the prern.ree, 'tor Hew, luta,
1t.11413g11 to mooth, r iq itt terenniol i•or Trri:
Ihr ul:ey, ot utratcrt Ch0i,,,,c, 0 , I. he oLtrf
suarict r iroore of the lorge, rot I tuoiQcrf o,s
IrtAlre•Wict, sod Leger errtl atoraya Co nought mere,
u at lower, yr.. at elll.loooll are cnorty outer
points, to cooperoce is a , ortrdttto ttnd
• ^Teruo , is•od dropper. otedestaryt. as Loot. tony lee
bonded at lid j'at [try. w. 4 tr, /aril:nee for
ithipptrtedliett nom One via Cre I.oltre to Neo , 10,1
or ltiolOdolptuo r 'Or •Italtritare l'lttett - urah, or TO
llto.l.reekor.,,ordlt trio :dew Or:cotte r aro also 'carrot;
Mohr car t aqua to tlture utTordtd by Coley., tti
410.4 fOOiithes are alto. ((Cod, there ('grog ton
twelve book, within forty eve .
. . .
&peace:loos for May ve made to
•• •i .. Ar.GX 11. NletirCrTCY,
.g 4 -4.1134m..1-44-.1116 4
I,Selote Cer.
NV st.7 . pett tat...burgh
r ptagnatypece7 reatoutant or the Cooed of Direr
tare of - the Cloacotad,
.tynyrco 014 Patthorsli
letiaph:Onnientty,', , quert!ne Set re tory r011,..1
at awl ermarato puidrshod to the newel:miter. n !on a
the Line, an exhibit of the ftaaatpal v 414 oOtyr end." of
'tOi7 coetPanY • adbind the fo!lnrenoy fienorn—
. Tito lion ot Teltges4da donors - neer. ruClevclond and
terll/10/11e1, la Paint/WEIL Cheer.°
Vratrlin, - Nd'ared et erten, trotottatote
44 f .lerpol4n tho Strati of tiff..o.ainl New Ca.ado end
ROC he.l.lEr, to the State of Teitaqtyfutto, at which
yedelfa diatO..ltt - C 7 irfficett 'lneefdd tfoliefe kceint and
tranantotaion of totine...
The *hu, letty . th ol th.r. 1.4 miler—Cop:tot
'Slack; 1;4.1 ta i!{, inatinY a. toter Cantle' sloe: of
ene.C.Tdt, otwniostianaoant 5t0,,t13 to teld•by /CI.
uhdne, the line, 0114 the Latimer le held oy Corned
Itpeerf7lllc eontl - tielans. The above' itnoant of :at.
fediptionalll. ettaene r ,ltitro been paid, to Corned .t.
Speed, lot Wilk the 1 rolteeitheve their reeetpt_
r , •tIEFFEBB(4N SALM, Reeratary
A fY 11 ah f ' 71aVIiY1 k„
.Larlnfale Ennlh'iwanufaetta 7
/7no ..
A ' & CO.; No. t..2ifaitet times, hare
Cl. b . sunned dedacieney In litoirnwsk'
fire, and it it now mattered ennui:tete by Ilia rt eentt
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