The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 26, 1850, Image 4

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..101M.1 1tT1.1021 WPC° ei !ULU,'
. ..E.rynewly fee Soleil* g.
TO avoid fte many Inceorceituc trending the
ee.erdil r nstomery Main. the above'
ione ' runcit , her
Leen morn, siel for along ume wanted, Liam Morays
tern n trAttlet of asimalthment, that whilst:the ccdtmen
voila of Conon, WaSconvealemly spooled rot gene
ral oat—SLY, to mach mom traina ble; should ;Dave
Men ruipif id in fitelos, from 'YMCA eo much trouble,
•ye race.. are 11" in jltil iris..- 1 ..
-.11., Courtly he. flan Limn °serener,. the pntlie
is oil= red n rood article, handsomely pm up In a eon. 1
Yemeni nem for demesne nne. . i •
I his. only obJecren urged against this article ter the •
apparent sent quantity on each spool. This I. quill ,
expinnitd Each Spool is 'lrarrinted to contein 20
nerd. of bilk; 'while the ordinary Skein st the savor
price, tee tut . . antettsin quantity raining from Li
i . Toy ewer Stith ready for ore at 1215 litter Of fl2O,
e104p,414010011+.013 II WS I, 111..COVVIIIr r the root!
.44E+1104 of ita eituorlority in lanality.r., Independent or
. the man nal, c nrculerojecm tii.whicb it it futnithe‘,
'I: f• POI 'Fret:, Ophtitges poar the Skein, as it does
tinily wilb.• l• , tedimt, of winding, the vexation of
tanrintrelmt is lees chime MlRY:oaring at for ire.
Eick tel
by. .1% ~..H. HORSTM te ANN SONS,
dl North Third st;litiltadelplas;
8 Maiden Lena New Tort.
. Sole Aleuts '
..I_, by %C lA' en Meanie, ht. D., one of his oxecuton.
2 vont 1 . 7m0 cloth. ,
Railway, k.cenimity: a treatise on the new art or
tramper,' pa management, prospects, and relations,
commtrelel,lmitician and soelal, with - vm exPowthro
of the piectlent inane of the railway. to ape tattoo in
We .4'lW - V.=• dent,. th e Conune tinned in America
Dv 1.40•711:1 • Lardoec, f% 0 1.. h r. 1 arc I.lfteoe loth
li.c Pam. Perim:in ^:1 Pint:Mem gepablin, tram.
%avid 'trim 4,e rt.., i, of A. Do. Laminate. author of
"Toe'. Gerona, a " -alemous of my youth," • Be .
phitel, , ac. I veil 1.7m0 clot. --
Hint , toward Wetorms Its Leen:iron, Addreroes, sod
otlierlic eit.ints, by Horace Greeley. 1 sot Ilmo Me.
Ter 11;,:nry or the. Coofesnional. By Jobe Usury
Hop 1,,, D. 0., Instep of tee ,Inocese of Vermont.
I wit -Yvon cloth.
Thr (;,,,qae•t'4l Chnad, By We author of ' Hoch , _
int., it;,Worourton, Fag 4 Ivo:. Ithato.
Coma's, r sketch of u abysmal deuription of the
Univeme.• Br Alex Yoe lialabOid 1., translated from
the /:canna Or MC. Ont._ A vol. linuo cloth 1
Gibbon's Decline and EMI of We Morose Empire,
wito [lOlO, by 11. IL Palletise. Ilarper i e cheap edition
lerno, dont, cotopine• to
a volt et 400 per von &vole
received for sale by - It HOPKINS
nog:: .. 70 Matto Buildings, Fount et
_..._. --.
New Illstalo.
T MOURN Mee or oedema. , When otter Sited.
1. around thee. Conscript , . deparare end relent
t h e nnte Are ore almost there. Law batted
cat. diet!, all thanes welt Nell) wee • lady
Slhyr mot. Grave of Washington. Thou ban
m c nnemp . we spilt Druid Spice Boy. Be bed to
loved erlte 11l Mune. Cheer up my own Jeannett
Oh, Lemur!. Spring Flower Walter. Elba Walt.
lilmwelioro Waltz. Saintetion Potts,- Deity Poll a
Fatal Pella. lan} , Lind Polk. Linda Quickstep.
March horn Norm.
The shave set lust received, and for awls by •
not! 131 Wood to
C STOCKTON bee received for sale, vol ath
of Gibbon's Ilictory of the Daeline .a Felt of
the Eon. Empire.
Life ee Letters of 'Thomas Campbell, in 2et to
Edited by Win Beattie, 51
El-meLtary St etc hes of Mural Philosophy. By the
late Kee Si he Sat Os, bi. e.,
Lecture , ea the Anivrtean Peleetie eyatem of Sur.
pry. By Benjamin Bid, M. a
falbot 101 Vienano; a Novel.
7103 Shcaltet Knot, a tale of clia sayecteealla eta.
i ltte Searlia ', Letter, a romance By N...Maine'
■trawtmrry Plants tor Salo at are
wood G
DUIBT'S PA., Hovers Seedlimbs, and Vietoriat
Thvse aro lb. lugast and beet flavored Levi.
amonget all the different varieties now grown.
Order. eddreeredvo the prop.letor, %Vest Matichas
ter, will reecro prompt artmlon. I MeEdili.
aeßlt _
a== =1
HAS It/l.tablished.d almost indispens.
able rooLsies hi even. well Provided
from its rewarkatly wholesome and nand.. newt.
tics food for Ma healthy as well as n diet tot
ds, c d Ilto or the surtenenve otgrowingetuldren
.d in Ltriti - Vartoosatodes of p.king and preparing
It are given on the wrapper.
welt known in the east, it bar never been
Introdoerd to any ementinPittshotgli. The sobstrth.
sea hare, thereto., male arr.gernents to he tor
saintly supplied with it, and now d er It to rata
neetleis Lindlies on more favorable terms than
Las over t at In Ili.bargit.
sonit .056 I Mem at
at tanecrtionis hate.neee • otw
-1,14,1 for the gala filfls' Patent !Monk
Ind Wh;l.• and are trrenstred . earn!, tar
A CPI.I , I:RT4/A: k C1. ,, U512.
pr, !ben'' , Wort
Y 1:1.1't WIT bas jo.t rrerre•d a fins lot of Urals
XL , ' • 1,),(1, of the tr.: tuaoufaelo to,
r • ',eat core, for lois Inertet.•lL•ll as
Vie! .00.oiLes.1 0 00 dot., eaves, eanlets.Taba.,
It, ^ weleenon el Masi< Does, piallos•
two at•turms.; ridonnx, Acenrdeons, ke..ka
Skit • tor c h ntraan and I.llno ,tango, and genw
in< fic.ipo,cci Pt:1111{, lour lengtt.,a lendoi
artier.SlON uFTiir: Quid:lEN IWU ',
•urt, lilt Third ett.o.
A t0,:,15 It ...le tor Ch . V.I. rheumatic affections
foreskne .1 and Inmeacts of meat puts of the body,
seals*: br. onto., of moat kinds. cow. %welling.
1,, ~,,, cores, land felons when best c-,nung.
Alta, If, mat! convenient and sore stinking salt, kg
iarenourilt , 4 pl.ters land drift. on the feet.
Fes , _:; 1 , / h N WICKE6BIIOII%f
Cu.. .Sixth to Wood its
taco; REED HOUSE, limo
iu2.l , rit s neauss.n,
Setarsi Eri4 .Pa.
STAGE OFF/CE—Etuddro, Wand
egg to ud V.. 4,11,111 Stages, leave this town dales. Ca
Doan, Gratis.
111,t.rromore'%',',:trAV Hotel, Es ie, F
O. W hates, sgar. arts , tit atudas Hotel, Ohio.
1i a
or fatkatle.
AtinktV larr , •nd .1:fluor sr For Sating
and tbmartrt Lon!. na• born °loomed at
Alexander & Palo'N Ns eS Market •nert, north- west
Corner of an lba rms-d
In calling dm •ttnntnn of roe customers and the
pablie .bwo,o ndorda us great pleaware - to he
able to ty .t etobrsees CsiIEAT BAntinlNS lnalo
Atost csnt , cription at • large portion of
ft wan cmcb....rnd at she ar retlitVile mftftoo sales
an the r muca. O adoorunent, loth of fancy
and I rergaripetior, and alforda aU
mush r.ther by WPOltaale or rCtel, ap
pends-11y 4/1,411,1,nh laf It mad parse.
totmlard alias, sexy cheap; rich plain and
Iturta rb,..K.bic talk, of almost every cyle. and
quatift - i plain and figured black min; do. bit.
rages ronl bnursi bureve de lams, new and hand.
•. ame • : aLyle k rermh, English, and Seetell
ai4 grtll satiety, and at very low prima, plain,
prod. anzl ratin armed del lain. of all kinds and
Issue. al WI shades and enlorE'glag.
Iftursaiklalmtres. prints, *A ,
Super du.t.o.ltoe shawls•, plain and drifted
black do; plum rind embreileredllit et do; fine cash
mere do; an?cr plain and embroidered whits and
colored Ora;os barter and net de. d.erj
Vatu. GOODS.
A fine as.ortment of mulls, minosoks, jaeonets.
liwtsses,tuoM lawn , ke.
R 2/:
k.R. Floraneo bralkand
.?, 11 4
A fire Mora of superior plain nod fringed silk and
esuia Tare to ocasnla of all colors and nnalltles.
Alarge assortment of super Ftenen,-Anclmh ad
Belgian clot and cafslennvo• of all qualme
prices., to whim , we would invite the attention of the
Oat ste4k of brown and bleached muslin*, tiekings
cheeks, ebarnbrays, drillings, tee, is very large, lAllas
the very lowest priees
Also, a Bilge wt of table dispels and table &orbs,
brown and o:dim/tad; Rama and Scotch diapers-auks,
gr t rrn, naennt•, cotton sad wool -a goods for men and.
boys , wear, Insh Miens red, whirs and yellow gan
nets, douses-1e gin.gbaura, &irk and lanes LAN and
rloves of all zions,
and bonnet nbbons, at-ri
g-nal towered At, to all which we would respectfully
invite the at:cano ALEXANDER. and retail cash
payers. k DAY,
staygn es hilutet W One. of die Diamond.
- -- APPLE. T MALY n.
lAM now prepared to famish Apple Trees, from die
well. knows Nurseky of Jacob N. Brown. The
tees will be detrvered at re wharf at Pttubargh for
SU per hancrel. Verson. ung- good thrifty trees
sheald leave their err.ord oon al the Drug, geed, and
Pedllolo6l. Warehouse, corner of Wood and Bath sta.
-131M.MY. & nave removed to No 00
Wettest, ad doer bet on , tne Monongahela lime
VIALMEIi, HANNA & CO. bore renamed the,
gaxluus.:e °due to north west earner of Wood
and Mont wirt,ll%. *Val
13.4 go ,
itt:Ll,lll(:ll.E;ll.:LDtte,.• rot
plves. A. low Torero Mattes nal ths,
be r'ostdout Only Low. to
"—"'n7;;;""tn' ti n iVi IfA c gAUG/
1141N.:`,".r OIL—..01ls;f: c r
. 7 . le . b s y m l AKEß
Wh it. it , : u:L.Aht , , , -.AO Lit asoorted With Troth
form , ny Li7:ll N& W lIATUTAUGH
(10 bu thinned tau reedfog tale bi --7
D itTice• prune ffetiCillin,
K( ,, Y UTthi & NICOLA.
%‘• I , V 'I . o ilitt.:Cto.4.3 hugs ha i,fpg{l.p.,,,
anE In I ) 3 1 I , AAinLJONW &IA)
. ore hnd for eil_ by
Y]jil'l'l:R IAUcYrIJ big to
Iv .
'-ttAD -73 hugs pure While licaditche for "Ale lig
hugt: _ &W. usnuercli•
'. l{ t ale I -;u:667ljr.Uitbisva—ter-elie,4lim-ri4
tate UY inon-31 A- W. ItAItiMUOIL
E.LS I FL ANN F.C.:-:34.bary.l2y-i-brucTrral. a •
&pg.. fnk nit Laud the atuiTe bought
directly loon to lluponer, and wamulled mm'.
a With , snowy of Welsh liso.te. Flamm'. re
euthad thin morning. _!kug.4
Itr — r - .I Wit . * . l-:•:6:: ,, s - 76r;
.L al bibily oto fur 9910 by
ng9 _ -
-CAI. V1 , 4 , 1;11 ileklK-4t2 pcssupenar forsefeby
I tag,. ~..- - WICK b. IdecnN U L ES S
iftrauy MKT , tua9nfactured by Wm Little, Esq ,
Oland, 9., ~., •al,. Dy
195_ Libertyn_______._
100 UHL.. pea..
141 at ',cured VI order awl for we by
/WIN_ Mc FATO:ri 6CO,
- rnw.l Darin. .
~.ii.. _ Waal) 14 '
T08 A,,...,, bit - Eat...11 a Etallmigl'• Ws La inp
.. ...4.1 b 2.4 elvlnet. do
. :No Oxs lllvenepanpd loam
Ann. -
In 1 , 1 , . 1 rot .k bY •
7111.fl:i:g1:iiiiE.8 DAY riianii„,r,
Ita lot J_Lal .. .._bf_ r _ i .lV42 l ,,,F- I RF NR _
8 1 1 - 4 . 4 -414' . a"
ril VriVieLtea
J. 11. PI lELL.OI/..
Wood sue., hag put merbreJ a neve ai
l\ 'aliment of PIANO MUSIC, among which ars
the following , — •
Molly; do 709 Lave me, by S. C. Parini.
Oh, may the Red Rote Lire Alway, do.
Melly a.m.. Ldy, do.
Uncle Ned, do.
Gwir.e to Ran MI Night, do.
Daily Day, do.
Pc.ldter , s'Wetlding, by 'Glover. -
The Rohm, do.
Oh, Touch the Cord yet onto again.
Sweet Memoirs of
Lament alba' Irish Emigrant
A New Modley Song.
Thou h.ol Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thee.
The Onsertprs Departurg, by Glover.
• Do Rtod to Ma tango! One. at Homo. "
Ti. Dome where ear the Ilesht IL "
. Tim•Vanket Maid. •
1.. Balkh! Oar, toy Levan . .
r.•Dalrod ems: thiak of bad.
Plumber Gentle Lady.
Liths,:heUarlas. Wedding, Wreath, Lnil Daisy
WatMell. • "
illatehelor r Maiden, Della Welsh - Concert, Ladies'
P. oueenir, Elvin. LI ty, AGee., Evergreen. Para.
ram Ldles,and LierrKnikas.
T.E.A.53 TEA.PII TEA 6 1i1
iff not iuto the tint of puffer., we .ay nothing
Gnuthundreds of Chests. Importem, Large
n e t tor Cash, tr.e. In rat, we will not
humbug in ant mummer or form, au sanely Invite ibe
pu b,,, tit c ompare our Tr..: wan want thee ri.airlitire
elsewhere; Ibis is the best Intihod we know Steer.
tato woo sells the best emu cheaper. Teas in Punts.
burgh. We are now senor
Good and strong Tea es elliand Mieents ileir
prime article, r 5 dr. dii
The best Tea immured Into the U. Pride, SI
Low priced, dams.. or Inferior Teas we not
keep. MORICIS L. w
Pro ii otter.. of the Teu Ll retie,.
jeff LAILI tide or Manumit.
tie..., Atherocn.s bll eel. antes.? Works
D. Appleton & Co A' York, hove an cr. W..'
!Scottott, to parr. price twenty five coins e4CL.
Of Matitirear e illethaters: Eno,. Word a rid
(sneering; eittegyeet far Pratt:reel ll'oltag
)fen, and than. rettereird far Mr Ea,
ncering .Prol'atin
thorn sr ouvth
WORh sr of large F V .rotßoo will tomato
Two thocsano ?nom, and up want, of SO iron.
VOID 11.1.Csrlat:c.i. It will peasant wrilkingdraw•
tae; and description. of the most, importhisit machines
to the United butte. IndeprAlslett of the results of
American ingenikity, Wlll eontain complete peed
eat 'Mali noon Mechanics,Machinery, Folgtheavork,
and Foigineerlegi with all that is useful in mote than
one thousand °Mims worth of folio column, maga.
dumb and other books.
The great object of this publication as, to piece be
fore 'practicd men aril students such an amount of
theoretical and seletalfin knowledge, in a condensed
form, as shall enable them to 'work to the best adv.,
twee, and to avoid those mirtakes which thcy might
otherwise comati. The amount of useful Informmion
rhos brought together is almost beyond precedent In
much work. Indeed, there is hardly any subject
/rabbit Ito range which is nut treated nth such clear
ness and preview. that even a man of the most onll.
nary capacity cannot fail of thdathtanding at, and
Non Imaging from as much whiehxii: important for
site to kmow.
The publishers are, In short, determined, revardicso
of cos. to make the work as complete thpotthible, and
is hoped every one de sumo' to obtain lie work will
procure it as issued to number., nod thus encourage
the enmrprise.
The work will be Issued. in semi-monthly nuiribers,
sommencing January, letaLath progress wIN
great at
The whale work will be published in On northers,
at 1r... coats pre number, and completed wtnt°the c PI •
real yeth,l6so. A liberal discount loth be Ensile to
Any one remitting the publiahers glO tn advance
'hull receive the workthleolith the post odd. free LP I
OgilmlOwe Of the Pease.
"To our numerous klathlsettirers. Mechanic. En
gineers, sod Altmann, It wall be a mine at wealth."--
Providence,lll.l.) Joethal.
"Yistmg men. tom thoreclees with its knowledge.—
tVe can with confidence recommend or
:coder, to
possess themselves of no notunets as felt as they op
thar."—Amotriean Athirst.
We. achesitathcly commend the work to thore en
gaged in or Warren - fed to tee - ethnic ti/ or limestone par
taiLE, an eminently worthy of their examination and
thsdy."—Troy, (N. Y.J Bodge.
"It is Italy n great woo, and the publishers de.
wrtre the thanks of Inventors, r0w.... and oatna
torturers. and indeed of the pubar goneraliy."—N. Y.
"Teo Dictionary will be highly therel to practthal
mechthies and valeithie to nit who wash to acquthit
Memselves with the pear.. of invention in the am
rhanth IM6r —New Bedford Daily ?fiercely.
"Yeung'ulechanlek aught to keifp potted up to the
',moat 1. Well as poet cal knowledge, and this
sort will show them tent:ear they stand_"—lforbery
tVe use it to/with:A the wort that SC-or, , and ban
-sale of our Intelligent mer hames have desired to pos.
Yb Ramie are to description', and so fun and
minute apretEctionos. that It ethos. in as th•l ant
occhmaie unght contract any machthe it
e "engine( tut cif gramagn and inamexteras.u-eN. Y.
Conareermal Adveruser.
"Ad iidarestea th mechanics thenild nand them
-1( yes of its advantagenr—Schoyttlti, iPean.,) lone.
naL .
".1. worker erverove practical milky and great inr•
portanee and value Tome inctettatne interest.
of the country. IV. erg., atimwora a. cotineiiih
calculated to prom., rho cal..: science and the
mechanical area, to Jtesetuitrate veritable Informs
non on thew rubjent.."—lentmet . and Mecham,.
"Practiced. men in all the retied welt•of tucchani
rid and evanatectaime tudustryi ...emceeing am., will
find In dig. work a to:plate Which it will he to Into
P.0 , l to ponloss.l.—Tioy Dotty WOW.
"We bays earefully paruseudim nnothro., ant Lnlre
nu beedadon in eayea. that. Is the trot work tee me
rikorne.i, and ncienufie me., ever publi.h.
en, tor it cranainstainate ir.htmenon on every branch
of the mecherveat arts and nriencee, erpreowil in a
stele and Imigarige ir.telligilde to •ny reader of etch
nary carom ity."—t. inucesto, (filits..,) Newt.
-We are sure we ere doing the mitchaulos of Nor
wich io4s ember pans of Conuecticat asernice by
wineirg the work to . the i r aheratort."—Norwiel,
(len.)) Coterie, lajust sueha work le every mecheallo ehoeld
postens...—Frewerman's Them a:
We ...Met hone of the moat useful and Important
putilleatlOna of the age. NO mechanic can afford to be
Intrarictli."-l-Nevrare, IN. J.,lDnunnerclal Courier.
etlf all thi. nano. pc:hi-noon* for their ode
Peer tine mactdatrin end oiyotweeri of tee nien,l 111.
cul arm and eileen. none tin have
Nit of procio.•• en tro.
sit o the beet mid elle t seer. e- tr.:end in
wmbir and proette. enzineo r smit toeeemole
plot••nr• tienienflity reerewe e—tl o.hiarnon
'Eh. aria: Diction.... in onc of 11, leers riii.ofoi
werks ever publiehrd far yr-ire, one the low prir
whtch ie make. netepteble to
"We regard it se one ofthe moot romowhercive and
walitable, as well so . chcapent worn. ever pcbliaberl. ^
—Baltimore Advertterr.
"Ought to be mean by terry one dcairling to keep
pate with the prove, of or: and tete:ate in every oh,
of the labor. of civilized lif..."—ltoridoot Coed,:
deshmed after the principle of Thee Die...lona
ry, anti that it 11 more devoted to the iireeherlre nl and
engineering profession', soil ta. e all, t 'plumbic
es aeroMplirhing fix Ametteu what tire bus done fur
England, viz: describing Amerman machinery and
Wert. f art *—Selentifie
wltla rabbet:el to niambers.„ . ted at a price so mode
rate, looking at what ia coutomedip etch number, that
co One who hail do lease itileing is tech Mailers,
coed be deterred from prorating it; sod everyone who
deer to, will find that be ben in a minder:led teem en
mount of Itintlattion Whieh would be obtained, it at
ail, only by the perchase of very many volantet. e. —N.
Y Curler and Enquirer.
comprebeneiveners with which the enbjecto
nre treated, the edmirsble manner iri which !Icy are
illustrated, conspire to make this one of the moat deal•
ratite woresr.—Democradc fleeter
.` Ms wort rhould be in the hand, of every,
att,can, and menoratturee, 1..15,11111y rhos., who
amoratiocs to creel their we husi.
a.m.. We have earefatly emu:nerd It, with a stew of
reeemmetiding it tonnveziorm To then: we world
lay in Berrien,' tannage of the Hilo. "It is good."—
Tinto mere tovnint....lsurn RI
Nuttne to the Prerteters Neteirapera
the rirtuut States 0.1
If the foregoing &deer...tent Is inwrowl five untee
during Me year, and the piper courting It tent to e.,
a ropy of the wort will to, sent gratis in payment.
Costainring we Mercury. eec other :thrum!.
TILE following tatninonial net, peen by the eele
boated Dr. Woosterßeach. the author of the gre•
medical work entitled ' , The Amerman Practice o
dleine and Family,Phyalcian.b
i•flaving been and, acqualincd with the ingredient
Which compose lideAlltstar's All.licaling Obnmcni
and having presertbed d mated it Itineratetw
eea It
ray priaate. practiee, I have so hesitant. to naying o
cerafying that it it a Vegetable ft/wady, contain.,
no mineral an/stager, that tie ingredients
combined an they a and maid an directed by In
Propnetor, are not only re,
harnalc,t, bat of great value
being windy /Meant, Remedy of great rowan and
cheerfully recommend tt as • compound which ha
done mach good, and which in adapted to tin care o
• great variety of etwes. Though I have never tattle
recommended at engaged in the tale of accent midi
einet, regard for the truly honest, conscientiona, ho
moon character of the Proprietor of this Ointmen
end the value of Ka direovery, oblige me to ray thu
manh regarding it. W. BEACH, D. Ibb
New York, April RN, iota.
macse—lt le one or we beet tbinL• In the world
For Boom
FlLM—Thousands am yearly eared by this Oi
merit It never fails in giving relief.
For TIMM. , ulcers, and all kind. of flares, It h
1111;Ibortl, and Narres knew value In caw, m SwoUen or Sore Breast, they wonkl rawer, apply it
Ln ouch caw,. if used according to directions, It giver
relief in a very few boom
Aroand the box ars directions for tiring McAllister'.
o.l.traent for rwrofeda, Liver Complaint, Eryisipelaii
Tette, Chntilitio, Sentil Head. pore liyet, Quincy
Sore Throat. Brouchner, nervous Affections. Cain.
Threw of tat Spine, Bead Ache, A. 1116111, DORtilen3
Eni Ache, Burr., Corea, all Diseares of the Stan, Sore
lip,, Pimple, he. Swelling of the Idiot., Serra
Ithearrintiorth Piles, Cold Feet, Croari Bafelled or Ben .
hen Breast, Tooth Atka, Agar in th e Par e, he.
Fram.lhe Ambling Earle.
There was never, perhaps, a Medtciae brought be
fore the public, that has In ea cheat et time won Lech
reputation a. MeAbistern All-Healing or Worin
Salve. Almon every person that ha. made trial of it
speaks warmly in ire pr. se. One has been cured by
h. of the mostrheum:l6.m, another of toeplice,
• third of a troubleaome pent in the sole, a fourth of •
swelling In the limbs Sr. 'lf it doe. riot rive Imme
diate relief. in every case, it tan do nti imury, Loins
unlined outwardly.
A. smatter evidence of the wouderfut healing pow
er polsesstil by this indite, we submin the following
certificate, from a respectable citizen of Muldeuereek
township,le Ibis GO onu7:
Mat dencreck, 'Retire en., March :In, ISI7.
Messrs. Sitter le dealer , to inform you that I
was entirely eared of • severe pain n the. beck,liy the
u.n of McAllister's Albtlealine Solve which I pm,
hamd from von. I tiered with It roe a 7 lnit Si yearly
and at night was enable to .deep. Dining that time I
tried carloon.l.ll.lict, which were preacribed for me
byphysicians and other hereon., without receivin any
miler, and at last marls trial of this Salve, with '.
. salt flivenable beyond eimerreton. I em now entire
ly fire from the palm and enjoy et night • peaceful
and.caret sleep. I have aleo used thri Salve since for
tooth stele and ether eumpitunts, with ...miler happy
results. Year friend,
JOI,N I lt.ntrnmett.
Belt Propetter of the above medicine.
PtillClpll Mee, No 23 Nona Third mrect,Philadel
plum ,
Aomirn rn Prnanottort.—B &
Corner Of Wood and Fins atn t Wm, Jackton, No.
ISO Liberty street L. Wilearac i tomer af Mark,'
street and the Diamond; also earlier of Fourth and
Smithfield ammo: J. Canrel,tatmer of Walnut and
Penn streets. RM. Ward; android at the Bookman, in
B,ontacid street, lid door from Somme.
le Allegheny City by IL P. Schwartz and/. Dooglass
J.U. Smith, Druggist. Birmingham:. D. :fealty,
Mom Liberty; IL Rowland, McKeesport; J. niezmider
& San llonon_pbeht Can.Eloseronn &. Co., and
LT. infant, Bro*uniLle; John Rukley, Bearer, Pm
%altar; Jr., Elisabeth; Boahrllfht & End.,
Roam:stir- . feblloodl .
TB—IS brio on hand and fox ealoslF
''W/Cgr.ii*CarfPlaß .
let via favorable terms.
prepared to lenses the WIWI Power at the
Grand 11.0161, to N amount efficient to Propel Pone
h u ndred units of mill stone. The location Is based
inch foundation. and the power man centre.
niently hegentled on both side. of the river. The
grain of the White River,. well as the Wabash, era
be readily furnished at this point. While timber,
inn ore, and coal, the greatest abundance, and el
superior quality, can be easily procured through the
Treara—One hundred dollars per annum fora pow
er sufficient topropel • abodeof medium sired
mill none., Tor a periled of ga run
me years. with the
nnto of renewal on the expiration of the Immo, at
bur vamittion of the power employed. The sire el the
mill or ninnutactery Included, without funkier charge
from tLa Company. • By order of the Director..
- -
President of the W. IN Co:
Vkicremr; , May 9,1,4 A.
. -
—The akin' of Many persona is dislipmed with
slight ernpliOns, as pimple., morphets, kn., and when
this Is merely s diteate of the skin, an it is in ninety
nice ease! cot of army h•ndred, it Is very eerily re
moved. Jules navel's Nymph Soap is expressly
adapted to diseases of the skin, as it acts directly
upon the minute pores which acre, It. retrace.
Cleans:sr them from impurities. and by Its baieamlo
properues beading and eradicating all en/miens, and
rendennr the decant and roughest Um son, fan, and
Perwws who have been in the habit of using
ry nrdi
ocp. will he ationethed at tie beautiful effect
pratlueed by the Nymph Soap, in - tummies a delicate
blown, preventing the neck, ken, or hands from c hap•
pier, all irnistiou, and removing all octane.
nos e purtn• It poser mes an earalalte nerierne, and
yawed] , devedi of all alkaline propentes, tendering
tin en' y article which can be used with safety and
comfort in the nursery.
All those whom lams or neck. are dmarnred milk
1.1M;51 , , I•:otthr, tan, tnorplin ,he, rheuld make
tea, of JW•-•• {1211r1.8 Nyllinh Sash, . me proprietor
Relieves assuses titre, test Its vote will sender the
twist di-colored .kin white, the roughest akin amontli,
and the mess et.eased skin healthy, pure, and bloom•
jute% MeePs Nymph Soap it the only article which
anll eithems Ily promote the above c Gct, 11 to than
• rif..l ok I r ore which ipt at we 03 MI, llrOC 111
pOKIMOIII d entirely harmless Prepared only by
JULt..S lIAURL, Perfumer and Chemist,
PS/ Chestnut street, Phil..
Foe role wholesale' and retail by R A Pahnmtnek
& Co. and R. R. Sellers, Pittsburgh; and John Sat.
tent and J hldehell, Allerheny eny, Pa.. leS
AGOOD Mahon.) Yuan Forte, oetures,
ereond bold • —• • --•-- *MO 1.0
A bandoorio upright Pinto, with Rosewood
F'u , nnure, 6 ovum., nod in good order • • too to
A (Olin 4 onave hoato 45 ‘,l
A good 6 outkvr Pieno ........ • •••••••.--- :5 00
pod .1 outage thuno, with handsome funo•
01 Wood st
For rase Ly
Ma, -
ffi•tUle ■ light Light.
UPF.RCFDINO, the Wooden Floats. awl being in
er.ntbumoble, thereby economises the otl, stud rite.
rnitien,beecufore to Dutch objected to in all
fiber floats One table epoicomal of the common
lamp ea will lam Nine Hove., or .4 farther hood,
tti time. met °rein, to the additional onontity of 0.1.
Iteeetvto add for sale by JOHN D MORGAN
rarkri: Once.
1 . 1.`31' RECKIVI:II),nt the Patellar:eh Fama Go.
kl eery and Tea Wareham.:
eue• Fresh 07*mm, in tin ea.;
$ do Pickled do, in qt la.,
$ do do do, an pant do.
The shove Fre. O 7 ten arn parholled. and pot It
In • lorbly concentrated map, enclosed in hermene•
ip am can, and will keep mach lamer than th •
pot up In tae na/Inary orey
For rain, u holcsfaa and Feud. I:7
nor . . efin Llbettl
Great Aroma lean IDieteaalcal Work.
AePLEcoN R cLO.. Neer Tort, Lowe n tonne
IJ. of putranton, le van., price twenty her rts
DICITItaNARI Marbines, Meebanlrs Cc
cur Wall, end Enetnrenngt demened for Pro.val
NVorktme Men, and thaw Intended Int the Eogineering
Pro'esetor ,rd hi facer Bern, •
7hte atm k ea large eve rime. .rd will fortune two
theosand pages,•nd upwards of Os ttato. , and Mato.
untle, It will pre.ent ternreing dtaarings and tiesenp
not, of he rnotr. tenrcgivaa machine% in the United
Slot. Independent ni the soeult• ni American in-
Fr tatty. It vt ill . outer, complete ptactlealtreatto•
ettantea. Alschin,y F pmt W.l•.ad
. 114: sent oil itoti a toriel to more tarn one thonvend
.tallara worth ci into volume., magazine.. and oLter
loot, numbele received, andvet eweha the
Tt 110 PEIN9,
epla 79 Apollo Ilultdingv rearth
ff ,14 ,.....
...... , 7 - . V.s. .1. .I`AWNi
5, 3 7 ' s ' — ''
' • .--X4L - L, - ....? „ - - 4 -''lt-' 4 -',=2-• j•W,..l;:t
Al -...„5 t . : 4;::447 , ` "" , •
i t . f. :..7" 72 tt..c -: 7" '': 4 ' : \ C. :! .
''' ' ' ' ' .. f
John A. Mellor, 81 Wood Strcel, Pittsburgh,
Sole AK., to Wt.., 1 - 11 Peen , ylvarns, teethe .ale of
n4:` ,
Grand end Square Plano Porte.,
100.. u, no Itttnirtl 111. too,. nne me mun,:al puhrir.
I) that LeF. m
ineomes, sod rill receive •nd
.xoone for g ive the oteeetut mon., the Inreett
and reo,t desa2e,
•kroble stork of Paine Fort. ever otrered
for sate in the lotet—arelng Me number veil' be mend
eugel...., rented Raneerond Grand 'lamn Fen.,
•Ln the reeent improvements m meehaninnt and
flit of enerior.
hplennidly e &reed lion-wood •enreLn snort tn: , quare
Piaree Portcl, Lrabed in the ELI:Abe - than tau,
XIV. style.
With large at.oek of all the verba styles of Pia
no Poite.. v•rying prices from l. we-Wand
prenurea by Me Chlekering ter on prerent
ru , e' r , •re orte,ed Mot the renn of Mr Ch/elg •
eon, I..Annv ten.r
rentinue be. the
• tltio. o•. at ,to u..,on:act-ry wlln...t el-arre
tOnt - 0..1 t, ;i. 0:1 of tLe e . 1 ,1t. ,thout
etvirT•teled beg, leave to oe,oc
that b dreltnel bu.neea m favor able volt,
M e.e. who evOl cont... the Auction tuyd Com
o:t1 %tend, eortser of Woo.l and
FAN 111(1 , 1 . an 6 tor .ohm be would eolivii • counn
41.11 r lowt at patronage berethiore
the hr.a... JOIIN 11 DANIA,
Apri 1,:4/
(SUCCI7... - S::OR TO 3011:: O. DAVIS,)
maxim 01 WOOD 110 arran arnarnt.
V[Tll.l. atkeenler, on iqretal wars, of Var./Rand
Vlr Domnrun lgarebandrze„ Real I:atate, krna.
kr, and by expnrienee .4 clone akentian
baranngs, LP rrlern cantina.. of W< supnralt
pasr p o r en no liberally eyrended to the fore:ler nrrase.
alk to 'l.
Notice so our Pat Ono.
'rift of the Letter partner, to Ptllladelphtn,
I idle ram J awe , . 31 01,15,1 produces no interranuou
In the bn.rne•c—arrangements have lyeen made which
involves the ate Intermits prer.rselY• tta••
herMofore 511.ted Tne bamnes. n eantrnued model
the acme tame and firm, viz: — II
Darts d. Co., Philadetpluai
Jou" 111 , Paola re Co.. Plllsaarao
of the 'patronage of nur 1.1.57
on i• reme:4:oly suoritel. If any person. hare
lem %re mineern, they are requeated to
• 7,
‘l.l forThwitir, for payment.
I, nett,, April 10, 'SO JOHN hITA DEN,
J . !! /55novirigLotry . L .
A. 'Wan k &
Uftl:fiGldTFl, corner of First and
11 ,al •treeig, oder for *ale, on latordble terms:
100 bide Wh:tlog, SW 141 ()fah. comoura,
GLI Jo Alordi WV do Atearcenda:
do Dye W nod., WU do Crud., Portia,
05 do Lampblack; 000 do Lti'dorOlo 'tool;
du Red, 300 do Irish Mono;
• do Campbor, 150 do Hod PreclplMM.
10 do Span. Broarn• IN do Calomel Amer.:
20 do ) elmyr Ocbre; 03 do do Enz.;
10 do Ilnmatonc; do Ddebet Lea Yes;
• Jo ICO do Rhubarb Sam;
• 110 Flowero; 400 do S l m.P. do.
11 ciuel Rot Borax; 400 du Gentian dm
25 do etella Solo; 200 do Pal llocbmc.
10 do Prow. I.llgmi 10.1 do beidun 111iMure;
10 do Vol..Aladneva.; WU do Poled Illmbar4;
13 do Ctorme firren; 0.10 do do Slip. Illm;
11 do a:, Yellow, 1101 do do 0 *Tabor
.1 do Am Ver.uMmt; 100 do do 100 Root
EO teanlS Sand Paper; 100 do do Jump,
85 bag, Stray Simon; CAI do do AlCayenne:
25 bald. 11nd1e .2.10 do Sulpa Zinc:
73 oz Morph.; NV do Ilar 1',..;
13100 101 Cope Aloes; lam do Tamannd
1 . 101/ do 11.1 01001 l'om/la Ito do Ituldil Ouree;
1 . ...00 do sbot Pont; 2.50 do (Orange Pent;
1504 do Tortop Umber: 10 do Codbmral:
1,00 do Crra. Tannr, 2 0 do liyi me a l:
WO do' Pomade 4001, 40 do Mann,
lOU do lira •Gr do Gralmolla Lotion.
. _
• -
PET 1.01.14 OK, 011 ROCK OIL.
are own:tit/10g. , nbe. von and earth
Th.e. ner dreampt of in pationaphy."
eft II ht VIRTUES of lila remarkable remedy, and
11. Um constant appliuthan for to the propriutr,
hwe endure hm to
it put ti in book, with Inv
beta and dir d
di e tions for the benefi t
of the nobler.
The t•r:rnoLF:um Is procured front a well in this'
county, at a depth of four handted feet, ia
dallOtatcd articte, without UV chemical , but
mat n. dowel from Natures GrealLabrator y!! Tha t
anntinits properties teething a maaber of dirrasea,
no leeejer n rustic? of uncertainly, There are many
Inters et the Stoma of nature, widely! k now n, might
be of vats torfulness 111 alleviating soffenitg, and re ,
the blotnil elf health and vigor to enah n u
ferer. 1.0"1: beffire thel proprietor thought n tputting
it up in loiter, it tail a mputatien for th e cure of dia.
n b e ,n. Tho coren.ntand duly Inure:eying callt for it,
andserre , renal table corn s it hos pe'rformed, to
cure thdernetne, or it. 1u , 111, - )lnpulikrity . and with
opl'end llpplt,l.ort in the one of (thence.
We do rot nith in make n lung parade of certifi
cates, sa we bre men.elaue but the medicine ran wan
work its !way into Ma favor or those who suffer and
with 1 ,„ he healed. Wheelu we do not claim for it a
univerbal applicator° to every disenu, we unhesita
tingly say, that Ina number of Chronic Ihnensea It es
anrtralled. Among theta only be enuaterstrel —all
dismares of the mucous tn...., such as CHRONIC
rtkge., LIVAR
A a ll D d 'S of t A th , e D Ur r fart ues
the Bladder and Kidneys, Pains In the Back or Side,
Nervediel)Loessell,Neitnagia, I . stry, Rheumatic Pains,
Erysipclay. Teller, Reugwonns, Danis, :Weald*,
Bruises, old Seres t ha, ke. In cues of debilny ren
suiting from exposure, or long and protracted ease. 01
diresec, this medicine will bring relief. It will act 00
ri general TONIC and ALTERATIVE In such eases,
imparting teen and energy to the whole frume,reaunet
trig obstruction., nperungtho sleggiih /Unctions, which
curve diweee anita beet en constitution, and giving
Ihr.rensed arid renewed energy to all tlie 011(.11 of
Life! 'the ropitiator knows Of several Cotes of
PPILE. that r ear rted every other treatment, get well
under the are of the PEA FIOLEUII for • short time.
Tne proof c an be giallo to UV P.M. who deutes
Nene ,1111111 c srethoul the signature of the proprietor,
by the •,troprietur, •
V.. ht. KIER, Eatiatflasin, near Seventh a.
Ara by R SELLERS,S7 Wood ay
encl.-KtAPER h 111 . 110 WELL,
corner IN.att anti his
ordra.altr regniuly sUrfutotrd Agent*
THE SUCSCRILILite will sell fdaspratils best
quallty anal Mee tell Glaw, and Soap Makers'
Baia Ash, warranted .opener to any olbe brand P
3) by the quantity ale tensor Opwrinl• fbreorreney or
approved Nola., a four mamba, or 39 for • le e s.
)1:6 Law.4lY ONO,'
iit3PoirrATlON LINES•
18.50.;;.--14M - 1850
81610/It3 of this iaaa aril. leave regalutr, and de ,
lotcr frelchli without trunzhlpmcnt,
BIDJAME?. COLLINS, do, }Ager.ta
• WELL k BROTHER, Amherst..
gaz 1850
From PeettlurEk. to Ca&magi., Cleveland',
ikroqgh the 11.-4 and poindonk kountiek of Ca' lamb.
ar2:, Tatearatmu, Cothauton,
_Blabiangunk..L.mkt,g, and Franklin.
“allpiCll.slt of Ilse Sandy and Beaver Canal
epom up to out etty through this great natural central
_route a dttect COMM.. anon to the abort , as well as
theodjoinins counties of Wayne, Holmes, KIROZ, and
From this rectum of Ohm, the trade with Pirteherph
thebeen, to a great creel rut off, In erinsegOenee Of
the hich rote. of which mw re.
d r ,",, In, v and GO per rent.
l/ au of this line will ;nave dully and TOO throuab
without transhipment- The Omni tomputy have
bemomed upon Ode I ue un Interest In the unprece
dented edvanteves of their charter, and thus secured
to the middle denten,. of Ohio to ordering their goods
equal intattel In Wu et.tantuce. A gen.:
J. C. lIFIOVELI.. Ptusbergkq
VI tiL L. A CO., Glasgow:.
H C Miaow, Speeds Millo, Edda; • H A A Goy,
Willtatntoort.,o, Gootor homl,ln, Elkton, O; Cullle
& Huffman, do; Hanna, Graham k Co, Now Ltak,o, 0;
Ant, Nlrhooks, ll•nnver, 0.; & Boom
nem. 0.; STraker a Kodor. d 0; Joorph Pool & Co,
4104 Hod & Bus, (Icon. :dills, 0.; II V Hever, do;
C iliarthol-& Co. AI a!vern. 0; H H Goty, Wayne,.
E Reynoi.l., do; irt.r TNIor, ht•gnolla 0;
KJ EtzukdollACo. blogoolid. 0.; Wurllorknoss, do; J
ArForiemd &Co , Sundy Ir. 0; P P I.2fler, do; Fut,.
I.aostk & Sarkanarls. bollvar, 0 ; Wdlard & Shrivel,
Ja ; I Malin., AIR volt', 0.; Cummins .& Co, do ;
Call, Robirvou, th..4i Fulton, 0.; Ferug d. Torrey
nal Dover, 0; A NledWiry, Roar«, 0.; L K W.
ncr. tqc .ar IL 0 , Fael, L Mal, Columba.,[; 1.0 1,110.
t4twz, ,'lr . Itt,elet ma)l,.
M*Q* ls7o
G'CONN2III, ATRINS S. Co , Canal Buin, 1.320337
Atm, Yk1 , ol.ori01;
ATKINO., WAXINI:OR .3 Co, Yl9 & 230 Market Went,
frrircroni :Send street, Baltimore;
I: Mom, Net. `sort:
Fusion Germ, II Dom, .acct, Baton;
Mettle., Gal,. g , lll.,ekr
HALL A Co.. Colombia Form, tancinnatti
E. lA ass. Lontroldd
To 5h,r 7 .,.. q f Ms-.-elut,hte and Product to and
fnm.l htbtntol Ern, Fotelmotr, N. York,.l . Boston.
Our route ben, nowt.. St, order. we are prepared
to fader:Led rood. n• ahoy- cryLmeor prices. We
ratio , oil }trial:olio Pin: 9 edarpc havina politico rot
over S.:lo,ohil, and with the led:owing extensive attack
of Ildno lee! coltheert of entire ,111if , 11,10013 t0
e.ll buitneri entre stemnu tor care. Our boat, are all
new, eml commanded by captainior erthdramon and
OW entire bor. ti ronduelid ,trier sulatath lopingand
' Bono Canton. Capththe
Iron Coy, II spa n !den Irani* E Layton,
Al nd, all ta. Louie, Cowden
etnetnnan, Sandi lloward Ridley
Roth Anna, Chatham Mary Iktharab
Wm Atkins, Idihreed Enterpnse, kayton
impart, !anima Ittown
Boston, Alta Gen. Scott, Gore
Onrlldti• Te/earnpthNo IShielde
Celia Haw t,.. rein, Mal lloYM'gnadn
OlivellrenthGoi, r TralmicCappor Riley
Ammo,. Perry 0100 Belle Kearney
Mermaid 1111.ltde.n Hunter Wnela
Tle Fn: dui.. Ann J Lepton
Aaron. Ar Oovreil 'lc.earthh Notlidarth
Lock hlmrp Iteo l'o'old queen Wible
Shipper , wilt Er..l it tn adrAntige toghee 'as a
tell. t/ t'ONNt AThINS A NI.,
mrlA reroG I.therty nt, Pittsburen.
--- W - 441. - ei - 77i Tea semporeattora - Corattaanyi
IS5(). aga'llat
v. LIZE4:4I G. CO'S L/NS,
lial.11)1(niil S eiLIC YORK,
B, and Ra4l Road
ri' fl. Ititkts ant: Cot.. tau Lane holm been put to
jcompete mkt .• ,s4th tddillon of orerd
to ttte rcra:”es as to carry a lure'
qunntm Itt ntot:tt“ttt'd Sao
The •nurt noel n rite Witt Is owned and contro
dd by cm I . to,tru tors
HA LIPP? & LKI Cit. o tl,tuntb Third or
&IA X/ Itie Vo otet.nare. floe%
Yrs adeptlitt. Pa.;
JO-.El`ll é SON.
No 111 Neflt. 1:..,:;,11 Liattinote, Md
onvict: ~. Wert at, No. York;
D Lia,:ft d CO. Cana Burn , Penn •l.
ntrl7 P,trt.ttstch
CLARA. PARRA A CO. S.,hegto.C‘..
.1011 N A CAUGIIKV. ArreM.,
r•sr,..• , V•ter at.. Pittsbetah.
Cleveland. Oho.
• T",' - ",„ - '?.
• CLE VI , I.A na .
ye, en the Cie.! and Takes.
'The Nei:arcs T.l the nr- a,,serpa.v.ed in number,
cuahrr N• 1.1 eau.... 01 ezperiene• of Captain.
and etrwlenry of
Oa, Ibni fen vr• l'tzt , urrl,et..l4...ievr/••11‘
niug , ronr , rtior. ottb n I.l:kr a I , trant b
vee. Vll'l , lll 1,11 erd 111 , • V 1•11. an!, Cole
a 1,1••• • art.l
;he Let •
I V6' •
1100 0011 ,011111 0
lirnl,,l }rent:m.lY,
II A )1 tile,
Ichr•lrr. At-n,, O.
CrAgmln-.1 &47.0. 41evlat.d, 0;
010,0 it Vo. Slrulumir,O;
Pre Seism Sr,it. loirt!o. I).
I..SAtllum• Dmrolt, M:rA,
Ic,lliana4 A Co. %Ale;
Murfry S Puttnn. II arm.,
lirnr,c A , bI,IAo.
:011 • A 4 AlTrair.v, Arra,
mr:TO torLe, Watc r ahtl ScruUrucld all
a 42 I 5.50.
I'l.l l'A I( Vroprortors.
lii I'rr priett,• of ilia old sad well known Line
w, al,l IniUei, the public .Lao they nre Cow In op
,raio,n lot toe pcseot and tia, romm,need
receig Erci,ht Rld Pto,enrer., wlties they •roi
,seyare4 Co tie ro.nt. on the Canal and
At the lon,. I•tt, on. col the. of We Line
111 vi Con,ter.ay at ay. l'Honon,ol.ll/4
()Ice, °or Water an!l sla t : Y r :lllb ' ri A rta'a.'4l
R W enumngham Ckstfl,
lan, Share:,
1 a N11u•1,5hPrp. , ,..,,
Aehrr a On, beetnvffle;
Wnt Henry,
Power GoEthevot,,lie; •
Jahn Ile•rn .t en. Fate.
inhn Pi V. meJn
. _
Pitt,burgh Portable Boat LIAO,
•i 1850.Mila
Throw., ilossatuas, 1 TAIS/C & o•Coarma.
Pldrriderp r j Prturtrtiren.
111111: Caual tr,tne now open, the propnetors of this
long earshllshed /due ore as astral at their old
stands. receiving. and Inretardins hierchandwe and
Product at low nice, And with the promptness, [et
minty, and safety, peculiar to their ardent a,nt , mod e
of It, orporlation, wire, wens:redraw tranatlPMent is
arncrwl, with the conrequeul delays end probability
of dasuf se.
Merchandise and Produce shipped cast or west,rMd
lUD •of tradors forward. ace of rhsrpc lot commis.
ed•anetne,Or ruorsge. /lasing td, ruterest di
rectly or indunctly in steamboats, thor of the owner
rotely conaolted when sniprins their so-As.
All ....saint soon% to ths tohowing asents prompt-
I y attendee! to:
No 27, , Market •tren.
Corner Primo .nd• Wayne rnreets,Plusbiugh
John 11/nen , logh & Co, CJ
& Co IS Donne et,
Het booth at, Nov 1. nth; I,
n•,...e.e.1 P ui.Lnrgh and Joratitena idles.
Tim 01,1.1 Lamm , ono orten, reo are ready to reeetrr
uld formard promptly, prodore and merehundme east
and are•t
Freight, Cyr:. yy at lllarala rat..., charged by respOn
.Ibbr Irur r.
P(111111, nnl .ill be received and fa
vrairled en.‘ Went, urith..ut sav chnnte far fa
wardlna Inlvpne s taq Irei4ln,cutuuneeinn er glare •
of ladmu larstardc,l, xiul All diftellunl fel
fully attended la.
=MZ22 , I
Canal Dad..., tar. I.n.orty and Waynn m., Intohorgh.
No ISI, Martel fl, Innwern 4.11/r. Gth. l'hlka.
No Oa. Nosh Ilnornut aL Ilalumikr•
NntO„'Went met, Naar Vo/k.
Passenger nun Itenslttanse Ogles.;
isILANIC CO. minutiae to Wing persetna
from any pert ofKeelastd, Ireland. Scotland or
%V ale, urea the most !threat term.. with their
usual renewably and attention to th e wants and com
fort of °mum:rants Weds, not Allow our passengers to
be robbed by the swledling memos that infest the eau
ports, to are take charge of them the moment they re
port thernielves, and see to their well being, and de
sp..b them WiihMil ott detention by the gritWe say this fearlessly, asdefy rite of oar passen
gers to show th at they weep we
&tallied tin benei by as in
Liverpool, *lnlet the:mann:ln of others o' ore detained
months, aunt they could be sent In trans , 541 n/
eh; p rate, which Inn trim:only proved Inca coati..
We intend to perform nor contracts oeuerablY. Cott
who it May, and not net as Win action,
wit h' " ter perfooned Oat all, Of
when it soiled their convenience.
Drain &sirs at' Pitnburgh for an,. spin bola /Ito
LIM, payable at any of the ntoviactal Hanka DOM .
ked, Valuta; lacetland It ad Wales. .
• •
European •td Gem Atul,
41.1 virkb *trout. no. hon. WO..
.1[ 4 10065-17 bt papesatron 0 , - oaid, Du pub a4l
2-pipe. lintland-
Coat N Runt; '
409)016 Whi.key• Ibr nle by
PaTt ,
.i , -41-1.8{;f1 I'4'N-If/M.-II
as,w IGCEI4 -
J. I , : mELLog .., Si Iravd erea,. rsaicied ale
folloreopo Nee , Ni;tuu
11, say can you see by the trtnh's holy Inshi deli.
cited to Rev. C Cnot. Oh, think not lesivl love
thee BlancheAlpert,l love thee. When other friends
and Mee. The cot beneath the hills. Wen thou
bat One. Annie haurie—Scomb by/lad. The Robin
—enirds by Allen Cook, manic by Stephen Glover.
Thou bast —minded the *pint that loved thee: The
Grave of Walley.. The hi. blather% Lameal.
Old Se2lo6—ltwrel. He death an thinks leen—
Woodnury, liVidove hfachref—Res e ,ih
of my mother—llletchinsone. Law backed ear—Layer
Elfin Waltees—completo. The Nape Bell. The
Bridal Cr Wedding Polka. Jenny
Polls. tiny Polka. Soiree American Polk. Tip
Top American Polar. La Belle Bellmore. Polka
Lind Polka. The Orlgin• Scottish Polka—
Julien. Salutation Polka. Flirt Polka. Josephine
Polk% Sum. Polka. liessingol Polka. The Pro
phet quad rilles—fileyerbece Jenny Liod quadrilles
The Wreath sod Daley Waltzes—lire Ernest The
Swiss Droves Roy—v e nations by Cemny. hlanatneat.
Sounds front Home. Wrecker% Bauchi.. quickstep.
Louhirille Mural and Quickstep. Wood Up, Quick
No 75, Fon
. 'Spring. S. :k o(
TrSomingr, kr., to.prisin
Fite: or Koyd
English and Amerle
Extra Superfine ha
Superfine ingrain Carr,
Extra fine
Coldoon, all wool,
and i Tap Pen Car.
1-4,1 and IToriiPil Carp.
1.1, 4, i audl pima Car.
List awl Rag C3rprpt,
ti-(Pruned Comm Carpets
El 4, 74. 64, n.4, 4-4 and
Oil cloth,;
640.1.44, and I Miming;
18 ,6 111 , 4=ent Clo
Blue and Drab Clodas4
COSZis 011 Clo
Damask s for Litangc
Watered Morel..
Ruff IlnGann lar Wt3hadea,
French tramp n
Venetian Blinds;
Diann; (or Flagg;
Ru ssia
Cra 64 Table Linen;
Scotch Mayen;
Brown Linen Notpkinr,
Germ. On Cloh Table
Arum Om Crents from
11th and /murk. manor.
in whits, Which and be
vestibules of any slot or nb
The undersigned baring
I.d, hlt Velvet Pile and T
Carpets, which arc of tb •
style. and patterns. and o
rill be sold at priers ask,
for in an 7 of the eastern cit
Having oho largego a..groment of the rieheit and
moot filablanabl•loCyHAL THREE
MY and INGRAIN CARPI-:Ted tvtach far turpriarea
In quality and cheapneore ai procoe, any ataorune NO trot
berme brought moth'. cloy. He alto ingot,. tooteataboat
Men and Couch Menu, tgroirerr on hi, large and well
aclactrod amordnoutorCHISISIINGH, and other amide,
neeeaoary In their busload.
The unoltrodano.lia alto agent Inn the only nod
Idannfacoory to Phtladrrphla,•nd I. ppared to tell
lower than can he purchaded eborta hero re tui a gay.
111.• Ocioas i I — Now Goof/gilt
/Thr Summa 1);v - GOod, An. IS'O
WM:H.II.I.k and litetsll Dealer in Min.!,
• • Frenelx, and American I/11Y GLitlrl(.:4••re , .. ,
creet, between Ton( ant r • rmrth, men or the
the lire Hies, kaa,nei reremne
and opt rine o of the tpirrid4d.
evrd cylon•lre stocks nle ne
prir.r unkl li,urrner Dry G orrie
enter rActe.l :Or salt k/1 , Vttle. ro.try. All o.
the•e Imperiecl Good• aro fresh opened, end ree , •lve4
per um I•At vermin, trot" Fro a•,l Enelrwl,
elan Irish Linen.. Impanel darer Item Rril(sti al.
acid war ranted it, pa., •ri,:e;.t!..c.r
L.rieve are all imporle.l ht the eul.letilrer, and
pure fill yera,vr•lrsinitti. AI.o, Irish Table Cinch., the very beet manitractore, and hien
lanen Horde of all himie, traporteilnin-et from !tetra.,
by the sul , aeriber, and veal La 1 . 0.11 the reel Eria-g.
- New stile rsch Tort 1-,_••tasta, all esiors, splendid
gonel•; Tint Satins, all artgoB43:
Want el., 5.11., all colors late importation; French
Kai Giese., all co'ors.the hest imparted: plaid y,lacls
Amuse, per last F'retich Water, flew style paints,
Itarrgen, rp!endid goods. Alto, • super!, and ~ I nser
.net or Wide k Lter, s 'sonatina :pates'
drenses, ,rs Den gond, plain Ranges Ilk all ciolors.
extremely low, hemon,ul goods, Matt na relate, all
widths and pure, very etwsp, Irsennh Lawns, now
st) les, per last Ficacit steamer, plain black 1.10 ate
Mlle, high lustre, superb gonde b:act ligure4 tiro
Ito Rhine Limeade, nth Rood, ere. , and I . nita`h
Cashmeres, new It lea. ,ne4r,
(gyred eveisaeorvis for I,s l , die-.e., nr11 en,l , soieered
Swiss Mulls tor evening it•er nssia• I.4eing and
Insert. the tee, mooned, Silk ri•edes in 411 Colas
sod qualsues, new is,a, and • 4 , 2:111 strip',l hist •
nnrnee , Pt , es; pp s hed I..nernft, new styles, Isom
8 t o 0.5 en.. per yard, panne do Lain., • new .7,7 - .le
cur lakes' dre•ses. Also, a Mr, and ...inert* •ar t of
new stele spring Ilona. Flthi , ows, It. vary heat, im
ported. all new.
Canton crape newts, all talons, :testi tons the
n e tern 11.sisel 'rust Satin Shawls, splendid goods, I all
calor, per last cicerone; beautual ehangraide a tar •
trills Shawls, fresh importation whin eghn,. reed
c....erar•Vhavetr,sum•tb, sere., eini.nnsder.
Ca I ,n Craise Sh a wls, tpleudid geode, Lapin',
French in•dc mhsoideted Goest Imre, a: . et,
Parts painted Cashmere Shawls, all pose, And qua.,
ties : la th es' swum." Cr••sts one Scarfs la great vs.
IMO! French went ad earn O,COIIe.T. and Culre,o large
" ' • Large Stork of
Dolll , - , sTic b'l• pot (oor.,
saner,. Tweeds, haus..., and y leans,
.Ic•scs dart Caber, 1.1 catered, (rt. 3 to 1 . 21 tents
per yardi L caws Ilayl & Foolish beat
iniported, I bales 110..11 and Scotch haps., extreme
ly low. Al., lloa rrrrr ping bond. of all Clods, Very
clasp, it b.sles Reost• Crash. from di tislYy ccnti per
yard; besides • large Walt of Cheek a. 0.1 ahvuuf
Stripe. Also, Canton Flannels, all colon and tyls•ll..
bet, •1 low one, rest, wane, .tt yellow Fletuisels,
eery ebesm, blearited and untslearbed Drilltegs ‘ fall
.soruneuti cases t.tuo Merrimack Calicoes, c 3.
tremely Into, blast and anYleacbcd cable papert, till
prices ; Llted's rye limper., till pneep and q slams,
sirs ',rill entered t:ambrors, a Jai ••-sseimpcs.t.
earns., than ear, 111..1.:a Itorlarm e isato IYI 10.41 els
per yard. At., a large stock of Catma 'table Diaper,.
Mariners' Slur - Una A fad assortment, very cheap.
. -
The fargest and mast splendids tool of rattlfois
ever opened by any one house in Pittsburgh, malls
day received, and are all or the newest Freres, styles,
whteln, for rlchnet• and Leanly, cannot be sorp•racd.
An we have • large lot of these Peassnla, they will ne
Fold cheaper than any artier house to the city ears at
tend to sell the same quality of gooda.
The Ladies are 'rapt:minify maned to coat:nee theta
Parasol*, as they wilt hod some of the richest and
newest atylesver imported from Europe. These
Parasol, am all e of toe richest and most fashionable
colors, and am worthy of the aneuttro of Inc ladtet
All of the &lave goods ertll bo sold o 7 at price, tar
Lehrer any house in the any; end In ord., to prove
net, the put,lia will please call and price these
gouda, and compare them ..nth any other he n ce to the
clty, and he convinced of am shove usertmo.
The auhrerther would here say to his numerous tpcs.
other tee
the penile to general, thht (hero are Iwo
other bee lune stores in market street, prt tendlntlt to
Cope - with the Dig Dee Mae, which is alone the only
celebrated and far famed Dry Goods establishment in
Pittenutgh. The subscriber would therefore say tacit
porChlistra of Dry Goode, either wholesale or retail.
that the Cie Dee Glee. on Market street, bmweenThird
and Fourth... now Opening the largest, richest, land
neon tip:collo! stone of spotty nod summer Dry Gouda
ever offend for axle in Pittsburgh
:slaw Smite roe te.Sit—Tba largest and mostinahlon•
'able stool of Dotineta er opened in this coy. 41.11,4
received at the sign of the Big Ike Hire, on Ma tact
meet, between Third end Fourth oars' ens. where Dry
Goodyof every deacripclon are wthny cheaper than
any other house in the coy. The pubic will please
tatenotice that there are two other her bier stored no
el arket street, whopielen4 to compete with the lig
Dee Hive, between Third and Fourth strens, wirer,,
lila poetic will Ind, at alltinies, the largest and nrocesl
etylea of Dry IJoods, trtsh opened.
izr litre rake notlea, that the store is Leta}co
Third tad Fourth amen, sten of the DIU DEE 111 y
whore Dry Goods or every description we selling
...logs than at any other Lou.. in Um city.
aptil Wllstrlftitt L. RUSSI.:I.L.
k A. MASON d CO., MI Market street, licterarti
.Third and Fourth, are now rerclawa a laracia,
iortal, t of Burge Oa Loins, Persian Cloths, ans...
re hew article; Poltava.; Crape Be Laws, Ac; With
a 'urge of Lawn. and other DP', Coed,
of Do latest styli. wad most faahionable colors.
;spa • ;
DFFF - F.3o" ..— fings prin.< Um and Jams; t
Carmus-40 trzs mould, Mprel, and sperm; t
C , rusn.-130 bra Cream and r oll.; Dattli
Cemm-013 don limp and Manilla;
Caseatt—no Mane,
Cboets—k brim!,
en.mas-00 31 Common and half Spanish;
Fran-23 bads and half bd. hlnekmeland dalmddrt
Canss—Sto bre morted eites;
Dams—lON Prime Venison;
INV nugar Cured;
IMProo--100 lb. ti I" and Manilla;
Ira-13 dog napalms Black and Copylor
filotassas—ll brls N ()dea'
" 'l3 half brls H n, agar Boum;
Al erdown-20 der aseorted ...rat
Alnocarromi—ndr Ira Italian;
V rnmnaluiMs do
Nadu—: kegs arsorted;
I'mants--6 dos tare &started; .
Cs 4 e nal— nil Imehels buldrs;
1 . , ern - SO rerun, eon:lrked,
Circus—lN) lbs ninth..., ,
hoor—SO bag Conn 4n.d i,ast Steel;
V6l/I—IU raids N Orleans and Cmnfied;
TUA—rAi o,ckages limen and Innek,
Toucen—do bin Id, 0, Jr. 1 lb nay,
kV ',II Ileums-00 dowyntent 7.1.1;
For talc by J D WILLIAMS& Cllk
rorlB Corner of Filth slid Wood' rt
(J.,; , lortb aq Dir , tl P. B. Bark
W. & J. 'I% Toplow & CI •
awn. Wtsnelwnght, Cincin•
and all kinds of snipping Fars, the highest eselerii
te. CU ,
leD:ronet Fifth nod Wood
Paper Ilan items.
SCHINO N F.LE.O lON.—Will ee received, by Ybr.
canal &spawns, a new and choice nesortnieitt
Wall Paper, of th e latest French and I.lettern
let geld, cheroots,ak, plate and tnall colon.
W. C . telAlisllAlel, Sate S. C. 11111,1
ei Wood tweet
1116 Co-partnershirt heretofore existing between S.
U. Horhtield end John hlettill, under the Coln o
B. 'Bluefield fa C0.,.1e this deg a:wonted by mania
' o B
The bowners hi the old atm will hosettled
Hushfield, at the and steed, No. rat Liberty street
Ihneborgh. ELI),
March /, . JOHN fiIoGILL. -
continue the .Wbole.sle mud ,Retell Da Ceodeand
Gtoeety bostnen, at the la mend, No. WO Liberty et,
Mume fues o--s of
Imrl2 • O. B. & CD.
I. L.
I HAVE Mu day amomate. 'vita me In to Whole..
. sat& Grocery, Cododiadoo.• and. Falwartfing Mad
ness, my two &no, A. N. ;ad W. B. %Yam mum. The
I neonate Miro will 1M toadasted amdey Ma style of
atrirgttir," W alt3,llWiore
Ettatltt4ilfxlhlt4M . •:'. • •
Big Jame• alurresy'a Phil& Illiallwaslas
PREPARED under the tomaedia e earn or the In
ventor, sad established for upwards °Mary Tessa
Tins &event p,ouraton is recommended In all
or amaimes, indigestion, gout, and gravel,
as the meet safe. easy. and eSectual form in which
blaxoeses may, and indeed the onlf one in which It
web• t o pc exhibited. poasessing all the properties of
the Maforela now in general use, without being liable
I to m, to rem dangerous concretion , in the Dowel.,
rt effeetuatry cures heartburn witboht Injuring the
boats of the stomach, or soda, potess and their es,
00..., ore known to do; it prevent; the food of in
tante 'tnritinte mop, in all cater It acts as a pleasing
twee. t. and is pectilasly ndspred to females.
liumphrey Davy tritified that this solution forms
solunie entnhinctions tinttrorric acid maw to eases of
Coot-wed gravel. Herbal counteracting . their InPartous
tendency hen other alkahca, and even Merle." ,
iitself, ,
From Sir Philip Ciatiipton, Bart, Surgeon General
to the Arm 7 in Ireland,
"Dear Sir—There epic be no &reit that Magnesia
may De. administered came safely in the form of a con
centrated , solution than m submance, for this, and
sonny other reasons, I km of opinion that the Fluid
sonny other
is a vet; valuatile addition to our Matteis
girth !treat.
It'vreonstatal receiving his
1g in part the following, Tint
Velvet Pile CarpeU t s -
an Eirmv.ela
'penal 3 ply "
....—.. .....
Sir rim. Mitotic, S r A. Coopeti Dr linghr, Arid
Mc+onthahne and Herbert Mayo.ofLondothstrosit
ly roeentoiend Mn) Fluid Moan.", brims in
hitoo,v roes. stile aod otorentent iti•n the .solid, and
free from the danger attending the centaur Asa of
sod• or ord..
For •Ide by the I mroorter4 nAlproorionenapAbb
Cor. of Wood& Front On.
Erin super pateptChenttle
Ruperfine do do Rue,
Tufted Rude;
From the Yew aele :Kingdom, to repel DilB.ll.
Dr. etyroll'a Extract of ValloW Dock
cod Baraaparellets , conesiropoori, enetifula. eryripelas, theranauten,
gottL nye, complaints, monad affections, dee., 1. -
rink, draper, attlints, piles, searvey, affection. of
the I:lndder and kidoegs, le,erear,a, tan
rapt Limo., loth or blond to the head, fever .14
ogee. locale enn.plam., general debility, dippep
eta, lets of srpettle, heedtiche. colds, sostivenees,
gtogel, night swears, elinne, organic a/lemons,
pa lintntion of the bran, Wks, pouts to the side,
etiest, bank, ese.
It It infallible in all . digesses arising from an Ite.
pate state of Ike I.lood. or tiltrotor action of the rya
„ tem.
Pima %%Own
Common du
1 . ..
Chenille Door Mum
t,teep Skin
Adelaid "
lima oNnlCa Nino Cove
table "
Embirased Memo
['rioted w onlen
Embossed Stand
lanen and woetati
Damoot Purr Linen;
Turkey Red Chintzes;
Clarion Bordering,
Engligh Oil Clora Tabl
Drown Idnen crumb 'cloth,
Ilrara Stall Ruda;
Stair frugal;;
Cirpet Blrainee;
Jute and Coen Mali;'
Alicant aralfikeletortlerstra;
5.4 and 4.1 Green Ott Cloth
for Minds .
the mon approved, Eng.
rerf from In 61 feet
not co fit morns, belle, and
Import-4 direct from Eng.
'apestryCATlPKEs. Thee,
lu est end roOsl rlecum
tithe mart gorgeous dolor,.
.thoy eau be purchased
_ In the Vegetable Klngdem, an Afresh. Being ha
depoill,d plants and rte-rbe to oar eonruto
dons, end adepled to he caps of dlsease; and to lb
vegetattle kingdom does the reason of moo,. Well a
the ,n4+ net of ani ale, torn for antidotes to pain.
The Syrup is • rolentlfie compound of the 61016 cal
saltle plants In nature. entirely free (rent deleterk ,
and enerestmg mineral mhataoeek and as It expel
du race. from the system, Imparts vigor and .612106.1
00ric0p01161.116 . .66if ee.
An emmordionry cane of Scrofula, Erplpelan and U
cured: by tht sole use of Dr. Guysott's Com
pound Syrup, Yellow Doek and Bomar/villa-
Iritoogrtg liov. 17, 1E49
Grattorr—Sln I tender my sincere thanks for
the great tenths I have defaced (mm the net of your
valuable or sup. I bare been troubled very bad wit
e wrofulous tore, which mule Ito appearance On ea
chin. 1 did not pay much attention to It at 01111., sup
postr.g st to be nothing but an creption that appear
on person'. lac t. fins lly heron to increase anul
sprotril to alts isn't part of the . heaslw I applied to •
physicc., who attended me all to no purpose. I had
tried o n.ry thing that could be tried. I saw your Syr
up of Yellow Dock and Samapardle, and concluded
to ose it, 'or I knoll' shut Yellow Pock war One of the
mot: valuable In the world for the blood. I
bought your teairttp, (rum the use of cum bottle,
could we great change in my system. 1 00.""l"
to urn It until I woe n we,l man. I now feel like •
new person; ray Gloat is perfectly cleansed and free
from at: one:antler The t. not a queetton bat tha
your newly disiovered compound is far enperbr
any eat . ..patine syrup ever. sold.
That certiftcntr le al your disposal to publish if you
like, and nip ore you may refer to nun 1 Nall be hat.
Pr to gwo them ail the inforrantion I can taboo my
I your obedient servant
List:mon G. lontrion,
113 blatkat street
The ben female Intdlesnr known. The Extract et
I'el.o heel nod B, , .epanil• is • p,,a,ve, speedy,
•ud .111111,nl cu re oorell COMl..l4lkldlll..dent to
nn eltoisto.e esuperue. render It peculiarly
appttea,O. to the slender mod delicate conelitonon of
the fe.csle It I. untivalled in On dice. upon so.
der...;. 44 Jacopo:nt con.antption, lotrrennesvi tee
corrhoer, or reline., irresuisr inetrornation. Ineonti
nen. 0! d unite, and eerier. prn.trohon of the eyelet,
It loon .00ill row...root. that Otstrenius nervous
and le.stode roma.. to the rentals feu.,
fted Imrsete r. try and bnoyency assulpnelne.
they it, gnarly!. We have evidence on Me vrlttch
...are. a. rir .net 7 to t: end Ole rucdselne
inerriea peopta nib,,hoes .3 Ls. Noised with
ramenere Vet'', or I%lhne . or the V.'oeb, of A
yet, torn.] by Dr. Guyeollbr Elton'Yellow Doe: and hateeparitlet, tter every oat
known 'candy bed been Wed without relict.
Wasatne . SON, ULM, Feb., 1849
This aerates that toy tone, aged V years, has
here rttflertug under the stove complaint for Goll
yeam—neat.y all of that tone confined to tier bed. I
nave fox four 70 are cerotanDy employed the beamed
eel Went Post cou:d Le promrcil in Pus section of E.
country, withoot any de neht whatever. I have aim
p 1
rena.v4 terry tn.:town: reetunmended lotabs
cum of duch diseases,all of which proved 'Tentless.
In the Ipne.g of I Id-, I was induced byway ftiezids
to try if,, I:ord.:Ds Yellow Dock and saparilla.
uro.uli need for rode month,. After she hod reed
0 Mr •'rl; four wert f. it was evident to all that abs
was oup.usting. and from tlnt. nom abe improved rap
10 , add zasend il.vds snreugdu until the does,:
ws. mmo•ed, mot be to now roof tog most
ezt client heal, W.ll. iNFORT.
e bt-Ing oelltill,,rl of Wm, at.d Jolt Moofo
toow Oiat tnn at,o‘r a, ag to the eirk - nerms
Monfart, mil tatmrentcore
uuyaott'g V‘llow Doe k Ln.l Sat . ..ppm - ills. to be strict!
SARAH POtt'l2l.N
on.. Cure of COstalaiartfon.
11.3uvr., January C. I9lf.
Mr. Iwnneti—ilear The ercot benefit which
roar J•Tlvrd (runt you: Eztract of Yellow Docu an•
Sar ap.L.ll•, lrttuue• me, un at t fait:mica, to mat
the linfoiwing .teannt
...u.tang for two year, from Isesend debility
Ai7•G r Lnull7 ten:tin/I,d in- ronAutsiption, I was Ten
up y ( - newts noAl phy.tetans beyead the aid o ,
113.4 , e1ne. A. last r.ltrrt, I wev Indtter IC try
•11.1 fe....l`km
None re...nntn., uoleas pat tip in large agnate bril.
aini nig a quell, and Inc name of bei .plop bid
g, , 54, WWI €OO Trrlll,l eignanrre of S. F. tile
on the outude wrapper. Price Si per botat,
bon Ira for 11.5
It L. soul by J. D. Fort, corner of Fourth and WM
net t
rot., CLreinoall ' Oho,. General Agent (or tt,
South awl Wert, to whom all °retry must be adds try
Cuter & ore, Erie, W P. .In.lson & Co W.
rd. (Om & INcrann, Cruszlng”o - , Abel , Tarr
1,, , r0w; Ittram Nll,,Tcrtn..du, Robot nay, We
ure. L. Bodo - wit, C•riewthurel L. Warps, Jr.. P
t rtl, tor./tr of Mantel ttrect and the Diamond.
meatiynct of we day."
(lentil:it elation, Ohio, May 23,049.
ft E Sal/era—l tint* ticht,for the benefit Mothers,
In .1010 t 0 lOC. In relation to your cream:lt En
rally Sled:cotes.
I Lave toed your VermiNge largely in my own
family one eta) frequently earelling large qttaatitlea
toy IVO I t5:10 aroma) front two children. I have
al.o ,used guar Liner Pais and rough Syrup to ray
ramify, ana they ,a
ye, to every trataoce, produced
the acct. desired.
A. I am erialteril in marehirndiatng,l am able to
stair, that I hoer yet to hoer of the twit failure where
y4llr nwilicinex have been twed on any manna oldie
cnutal y h 1 eoecluaton, I may mate that they are the
medicines of the any, aua eve destined to have. • eery
catenated populartly. Yours, reavectrully,
W ft raortt.L.
Prepared and sold by R. F. SELLERS, N 075 Wood
street, and roll by Druggists generally in the two
rattea . ne4 alesrnly jt7
`via PA.MILY atEIIiCINEn--"Tary .t. tee
01 the day "
Resneet's Orionyr, Ohio, May Pe, MP.
R Seller. I %lank It nen for the benefit of other.
to OMIT some (ee's in telanon to year excellent Fami
ly Me.liclnsa.
I have. ac ad yi al VerTallZlre lIITOCTY is my own hat,
Ily, one via• lfrs.,sentl ene wcrme for expellinil ge
lnnnuiivs lacy I M It0d) worms from two childtet I
IMO. elm need your Liver Pills and Conith 'Syrup to
my end they have in every Matinee produced
the wires desired.
As 1 am Ingham! in unectisedishig, I not able to
cam that I tawps yet to hear of the Ent (slime where
your no:Meuse have hash usrd in mp.. section of the
Ili conclusion, t ar u i t they
turdni•ie. ino day. and des:lint have •vet
extensive yours, ....Li thit.,
.•II V
Ptepered and told hy E. I • 1 PS,Nit 57 Womrl
meet, end cold by Inurtgii cretin!, in the two ci•
ties toot vicinity. moat
(relaT CURE oF LI - Vh:EthJai r LAWlThjcti.
only true, and gertaine Liver Pill.
Pao. , Ocala, Ohio ceunty, Va.
March %tit, 1549. S
Mr. It. E. Sellers: Boar tile-1 think it • duty I Owe
to you end to the penile gsnera ly, to stile that I have
bran attlicmd with the Liver Complaint for a long
nine, end no badly th at an abets. formed and broke,
which ten tor in n very low state. Having helm. 01
your er'eliTriloil liver Pills being for sale by A
inert, in Writ Utterly, and recommended.. me by
si l t
n sten., Pr. I concluded to glee th
em em
fair in. I parent...l one box, and found th to
tint wont they are recnnunended, 'THE OFJT U-
V ER PILL EVER USED; and after taking four boxes
I Lod Mr disease has entirely left me, and I son purr
pertestiy well. Remeetfully yours,
D II couninN.
Weal Liberty, Match at h
I sanity Met •
I em personally gegustrited wuta Vr
• ..isti, 011.1 can beer testimony to the truth of the
Tito To ..Items. A It 011A1t1 .
Liver Pill. aTO prepared and cold by
RCo LEERS, No 57 Woad anctt, and by druggist.
MO Vii,a
TO THE I'll 10.1 C.—The oriKmal, drily trueand gen
Lover Pills ere prepnrrd by R P.:tellers, and have
his ne m .. pumped in black wee upon the lid of each
or, end btu lianuliirt on the cotelde wrapper—all
otter. ere eounn stens, or hem imitations.
aplo Ft E PELLEES, Propneun
11,7 Al Otr NS I 1--eltllA PER «LON EVER t—
f V Jet, rc•.•d, an mamas tr• .11 leek lied paten in.
von Wnichi.•, Is cants linv tiara, wbion I can roll as
l ow it , thirty nod {LIM Lye dollars, and warranted 10
keep gliall
Also -n splendid asroitment Of JEWELRY, com
prisiur, the vartamf , and has.. style., and best pattern..
Waichmaker and Jeweler,
'LT ER SE , VI.ItIING & Cot, having arranged to
LI give their entire attention to the male of dorntatie
Wooten and Onion (tooth, tow offer their large
atoel of Teller,' Trinnnings,, Vr.tinß French g„d
Carron Clothe, Doeskine.tvnestmerva,&c.nt firm COOL.
jet lun,Woott at
Jft 4 T tte . 4. an eirgant plain Rosewood Oct. PLabo'
'from ht e4.lebrated inanalactary Nun
of . ./c
Cla.a, N. t V., ut WI tube, and very modem. Ptlee
Fut sale by 11. SI.EUEN
at J. W. Woodwila.
A 7 1L.1.11 PEARL TituTll
11T for tmonvoot l'ortzt, (cur -7, Canker, and all
subgenera dmoreetive to the Teeth. It Ls delietou‘ LO
the taste, eleatmlne the mouth, heating and strecgatem
um the gums, and pont:sum the heath.
For este, at oleeale end retail, by_
rlrli NI Ft tiF3.I,ERS, 67 Wood it
ygyo - 110E. Is hereby 'Oren, that oil or about tee YRS
VI of April, the subscribers bed misled to
ollsbarg, Vs., the following notes, vini—A sate
drawn by 0. A. Moran, payable to G. of Sart &trod
April ilth, at months, for St 73 Ot note drsurd
John.o: Dorgan, same date and time, for 5111 17, and
a note drawn by John Watt & Co., In favor of John 13:
Nuke% and re-endorsed by on, dated April OM, at
Cour month., for 11175.-- The above WWI WWI% ocher
received by as, and this le to cannon all patina
against trading lot or buying thigata_RtyMent
or *am bat bun. itiGypod, 0 W ADAVOii
F 4" - • - • .• !!)."
i 1..- .1,............
will 0 n"
Parmentap heretofore existing 5.n the
gnbunibers, under ten fit= of Borbddah, Wilfon
& um thu day dusatred by= Anal C. 4..".
The butineu of the firm Will be utded by.). W. ther-
Midge, or Wm, Wiled% .Ir.,ehbor of whom U odthof-
Iced to too the name of the tele Lunen:Mahal.
Plesbergh,loly 1,1850.--U4
AB. W. Burbridge Beet. V. Inehrata have hi.
Jday ...elated utertetelvea ander the filIP of Our
ridge &Inatirain,lo tianaceia Wholesale Grocery
nd General CommirriOn filostreess,lntlie house lately
eu , i-• Burb&dge, Ward., & Co,llo Water .t.
Pitt, burgh, July 1, 1840..-IY4
1 Mr. subscribers base t 4. day formed • copartner
atop under the fate of W &P Wilmn, for the per
mit of transacting the Wholesale Grocery and Gam
politico Doable., at No 24 Wand street.
Pittsburgh, 1, 11350—i74 • FRANK. W
Melodeon Plano with two of Wilkie
1 UST received et the ewe of -the Golden Harp, one
SUrerlo7 soeilive Melodeon Piano, with two teas
of Reeds, the horst improvement Theabove Is
probably the finest tatted nattnntent ever envied for
sale here, with a highly finished not elegant exterior,
for eat• H KLREIF.R
• •• ,
paixrusai rer;Eitlidnita tine
do Ninaer
2 pap _1 9 1 22 23 5;
29 do oo 55
50 do do do 26225;
IVO do news 21237;
UV do do Jo 22226
et; do do do 232414
120 do do do 29212,
20 do Bloc Envelope, 21=25
20 do Yellow do 20226;
60 do Manilla do 2.02=1
-••- • • -
..A1 do awned mappinc oS
n o wr., f o r sole by JOHN If b1E1.1.011
Hi Wood et
Economy In Toni
EDLY the cheapest and best place in Pitts
burgh to buy Tea Is at e Tea Market, east aide
ot the Dgruond. They sell di
Eteetleut Tea at ---- • • ---*0 60 per lb
Superior Q.Lues---..- ,, ---••• 0 Td
The very ber.1— , ...-.-- 1 .-••-•—•• 100 . "
Lour priced, damaged, Er lukrlor Teas are not kep
at.itils establishment, therefore, whether you go your
self or d • child, Tool are MO obtain • good
vilele, and If the ttavor of lbo Tea is nocapproved,
they readily exchange it or rentro the money.
jyro MOP 1119 & HAWORTH. Pod donne.,
SUNDRIES -40 Les eXtia Cream Cheer.,
lu hf brie No 3 Mackerel;
toed. 'do do;
0 kegs •do do; •
10 an Salerantai
13 bxs Mould Candler,
20 exs Nol Starch;
trldoxyaterat Zinc Wealth', yds;
Y. hi chests ropenor Green Teal;l
40 caddy len do dcc
10 bl chests roperiar Black Tear,
3 ter lludleld's extra Hann;
For .ale by •j I) WILLIAMS 40
111.0 Cor Wood & Finti
COCOLATE-291 boxer No. 1 Fresh Chocolate
tort received, and for sale by
Johnson—Antenem Farmer's Encyclopaedia, &co
li.Moerson—Trees and Shrubs, evo
Erown—Trees of America, Soo
Thomas—Amer.° miL Fain Culturist,ltion
lloy—e. Guido to de Orehard,l2mo
Bunn—Family Kneben Gardener, 12mo
Miner—The Amrrtual Dee Keeper,l2mo
Brown—The Amenena Factory Yard, Wero
Zdarshall—The Fanner and Esalannotss Bond Book
Allen—Tbe American Fs.. Book, 1.2m0
Deasong—Frtio end Frail Tree's( lomerica,l2lno
Younit—rl'he Kane, Sao
Bennet—Too Poaltry Yard, lanio
; 104 Fount et
Amer/earl Journal .of Science wed Arts.
CONDUCTED by Prof B. Edlimen, Prof. B. Edl4
man, Jr • and James D. Dana, New Haven, Cow
recticut. Tide Journal i s. need every two months,
vn number, of In pages each, making two octavo
olumes • yen, each with many Illostratious. It Li
devoted to original articles art Sciencend the Mete,
floodeneed. Sean. or, Abed.. of M emoir; i an d
from Naito Periodicals, Node; or New
Publications, sod • Genoral Bulletin of recent Scion.
1100 dl one. The Bret 'cries condos N. volooles,the
Ittet of Witch is trgeneral Index to the 99 volumes
preceding. 5131..10600,115 • year, to advance.
D LO9IKWOOD, Avi for Propane.,
!stn 104 Four. sr
(good Bogdan I•o2 , l2usansser feasting. •
Drown—Turk nth Eieuing Littertanunents, 12mo.
Taylor—Eldorado, tots, lanto
Colman—ForopeuLife and Manner., 4v015,14m0.
Inekena—Dourn* and Son, 2 vole, Ittrao.
blastay—Popular Delusions, l rots, limo.
Idarse—l reati Elleanunga d Uno.
C_ O. 11 —Norman Leads, Ittmn.
Shaw—Engllsh Liras - Mute, Unto.
Prior—OG(l=Mb% 211acellaneoas Workt, 4 rola.
Tad for—Views
• Ilumholat--Counos, I sot,, 12mo.
For sale by JAS 11 LOCKWOOD
je2G 104 Fourth st
Books—Oanitral lattragstaw. • -
Monr—Fertamery Its Use sad Manufastara
thattln—PhstorOphy °SNOW,. 12mo.
Chilnor—Artoratms and Reductions. 12mo.
Flaw—English I.lterntare. 11.400.
Daris—letge Aare. • ID..
Dryant—W bar I saw an Calltornta •
St. Pierre—Viol and Ihrglnia 2 vols. Ma.
Alcoa—Letters to Youngman. 12mo.
Pumas—Rust:tulle or Hum. Nature. limo.
Venentar—Mcdern Feemal 1-tteraturs.
I:meths—Philosophy. , '•
Neerabam—Haman Allatresetism.
Ilumbuld t—A ste els or Nature.
Brodentr—Zoo °areal Beereations.
104 FowOr et •
Vostailia Nww APthtoplaaa 11165
rt W INE to Hen all Night; Dolly Day;
T Doiey Jones;Go down to do Canon Fteld;
:sally we a Lad). At.
De Itlnd to rho Loved One. al lime;
Row thy boat lightly; True Love, by
Our W 371.00.0 toot., dllttli
A new,medley song, by El Coven;
Jenny Gray, tousle by Mallet;
Joys that were erowaing, Wedding Match;
God blevi ttio hardy marine: DohnYikill Walla;
con y•rii.t's Donn, tore, by W c. Gino, c,
.t ones Srr rt - , e•ercrimatc.b. Co;
of Sunset r”ory v.c,aolon4 by 15 , 5.1
United neaten Lud.r.' Sou rotas PUILII,
80. Craelter Quadrille; Louisville Quadrille;
13ClUtIe3 of Italy; Doe: o, Trio., he.
A lunge asoottinent of New Music on band. to vablek
addition, are made weekly. For sale by
fotolS J. H. 11111.LOR, dl Wood at:
DLaap litandaul
la lithing by Raper & tn a vol.. cloth and
pvvvr. at 40 cent, per vol. Mace volv received, and
tar rate by B HOPKINS,
78 A —lto a. Fonoh at.
DEDBUILN, His FireUroyAgc,l4 Herman &telltale
author of , Ttpec,"Omoo," &c.
lamer,. of King Alfred of Engiand, DI Jima. Abbott
wild See engraving.
&donne the Sorcemael tit Wm. laelthold.
natSl corner Third And Markeleurats
"Una ef the Arms finearkablo 'Valk., of the Ago.°
of a visit to the Charade,. Christie. of Kurth.:
tan, and the Texidis, Or Devil-Worshipperm and tot
Irquiry into the Manners end Aru r of the Allele. As.
Wriana Ito Alamo Henry Laysrd, Esq, D. C. L.
ith Intraleetory Note by Prof: Fl Robinson, D. 11,
LL. D. Illustrated with 11 plates and snaps, aad et)
wood cuts. 3 vela. Eno. cloth, 114,50.
'The book hat a raraantoott of graphic, vivid, pie.
tUttliglie 13111TIWYG. "—Tnbone.
"The work of Layard Is the most prominent ronui
billion to the study of .dqinty, that has appeared for
many years."—Christ.
"Not one excels m Mierest the Aloe.= of Nineveh
.11' Its Rados, peen by 111r.Layan1."--Washinguin
As we follow the diggers with Weal/ilea. interest
In their excavations, and auddenly find outaelyea be•
lota a massive Agate carved with minute accuracy,
now litnng It. gigantic bead from the deaf of 3000
genre, eve ate ready is cry out with the utomahed
Arabs, 'Wallah, it is wandetfal, bat
For wile by
.1t181:E9 D. LOCKWOOD,
al Wood .t
• ow Doak.
TPrIHE WOMEN of too Old .d Nay Testament
Edited by E. B. Sprague, D. D. I voL Imp. gob.,
elegantly -band; 18 empasitely finished enaravingm
with nesenptions by celebrated Jolene. Clergymen.
POEMS BY AMELIA, Welby, of n new
arid efulargedantion; illustrated by engravutga from
ale and Gift Book..
Seduell's Child's Firm Book of the Ilistory of Rome.
vol. taco.
TUE 31EfdlIANIC'11 ASSISTANT, adapted for the
me, of Cerpenters, Shipwrights, ‘Vheelwrights, Saw
ers, Lombermen, Student., nd Artisans generally:
being a thorough mad postur al Treatise on Menton,
non and the Shank Role. By D. N. Kuper, A.M.
Boise'. Trenure on Greek Prime Composition..
011endorra Elementary French Grammar. By Prof.'
Grocer. of Brown Univernity. 1 vol. Ithno.
nedigods (lemmas' Ilebrew Grammar, by Colima.
(:amow' Hebrew Lexicon.
Loving,' TagoriontetrY and Lognrithetic Table,. 1
The togitsiunan's Greek Concordance. 1 *PLO.,
Antlion's Clueleal
Wrheten Dlcumiaty, relased ed. / so'. 4 48 .
do ' do . enshadged. 1 vol. Ito.
Bunt/ Note, and Questions on New Testament.
Whately's Logic.
Mantua's Ealeasslical History. 3 vol.. and 4
vols. (sheep.)
Vestiges of Creation. I vol. lane.
blo.mga among the Janos at Rome. 1 voL (cloth
and paper.)
Scenes where tle p Tecipter has Thornlike& 1 sot
(cloth and paper) '
Bo gueo. Theological Lectures. 1 vol. tr.. (cloth.)
Alder's Pronouncing Bible.
Boyer', French Distnnary.
limart'a Horace. 'Por sale by R HIS,
novl3 flaildings, Fourth st
Tim Oittens Tfisio•
JfER D. LOCKWOOD, Bookseller and Boycott,
Do. Oil Wood street, has for mile • mw colas to
Pieter (the remmnder of the edtuon,) of this ',1w0..
wort, devoted to the 'Preservation of 130eninente, and
GUI.. automate anfnanatton detannit to the dotty 00.
piorations, tteltlnntenl and improvement of the country
mound the bead of the Ohio. By Neville B. Craig,
Esq., of Pittsburgh, I vale Pro,
novin 1, D. LOCKWOOD.
Lll3Eltfir:A woh s view of the
1.10 Liberty of other Ancient Nahoo.. fly Sarno.'
Eleq.Wanted with twelve eng . rivinp, exa
cute,' at Rome. II vols., Soo., oviform with krtzeoit'h
Ilisinricol Waits.
Just publrobed and for sea er : •
JAMES D. LOCKWOOD, Droloellerind
norlo Ite . p_rter,63 WaAJ ee
......_ • •• --- -
F - 31CNIRY REDD:ILP. IN ITALIt t authorised edai
' , The reading of t is book has unpleased is with • I
mesh higher op Inion'of its author then we hod f..rmesi
from perusing her other wniinge. It displayte deeper
upe of thought, suited to MOM pule stomata). v,r•ce of
feeling thma any othth production o( tho tamale mind
with which we are acquainted't—Bse.Alirror.•
"It it, a very agreeable and readable book, written to.
Fanny Ramble's best style-rbold, spirited and abler.
awning.. We recommend it to one readers as the belt
publication of the seethatt—Readitif I'lm. -- .-
81 almtmes the •Toarnal Of a Rase tough Europe,
and residence to Le 4; amt is one of e Oinis" . "'
and most intenenbagUalls Of the u.s
al u...Cour , and
•Dthilrer. • ii,
• A . ... 7 eharaelatialothiok.. Vet ve teed It from
title page tO Colophonamth unabated Interest A-. 1.
rd Welzdts of tire Laßosa*. In all respects entineanth
eadabl. e naterbeaker. ' •
.For ta bby: : ,. ~.! alms D LOCKWOOD•
•.. •WW/ 3 , • . .BOOkseller & Imponer, 03 Wood a
Islalll • Maid Gin is bun.
DRFnY t' lithEteliFlSLD h estallsat
snorts= of *bows arab, tea and duc t of
a Wanting am* at le aa.l al.Psnar
lan, ail Facts at paßlo7444lllXX•itail4l3
P/ 1 . 1 4 t ,, lositort, and oeottatat ho prat
Lan) , amount at the enema Rate.
eo, Deeltt parable in any part of the OM COIOILItOO.
km to ttnooo, Ili the nth of Fete the ISterlina,
without deduct.= or Amount, by JOSHUA-ROBOT
SON, Ottoman and Geeentl ent,
,Ag atm. , oe
door tweet of Weal. octi•
allin .11.013d& m '
RA t 1LA.1117 7"'
In FOrturn and DOMeada Dais of Factroke- Or ,-
. of Deposita% Doak Soma snd.Catn, COV.I of
3d end Wood mecca, directly opposno St Mult.. Ito
WlCtierp,UN WVXDS—
C! ,
' Altssourl.
Bami N. 44:
jowl..lst the lowest rats*, by
N. 110L2dE.Ti 6 SONs
'sepl3 • X. Mertes cue.,
1311.44 - tjaklLtdralftia.:— . 7l344i
New York •
Yalladept44 an 4
atkr k et et.
Octrunanuy far ss4
n.toßiusi s lasiiconTp,
Iderehints, East atilt of the Diamoad,rittsburgh,
uo now altering at the ye ry krieut prices for cub,
Rectified Whiskey. flan and Dornesne Brandy, &NO.
French Brandy,lHolland Gin, Jamaica Seining, Lon
don Gin, lush Vini•key, Rum, Sc. Port,Sherry, lata
detra,Cigaropigne, Claret, Maar atoll. Malaga, Tenn
neigh and Lisbon' Wines Wholesale& Retail osv3
nRINIIN PAPER-Morays oti hand or made to
order, ha varloar sizes of Printing Paper, Rag
Wrapping Paper cmoo, hledi a ra, and Ito onto Crown
sizes Straw Wrapping Paper; Crown, fdediato. and
Doublet CrOwn.Post triSoe rapper, Pastaboard,kc rte.
W P fdAUSIIALI.O3.S Wood et,
Arerd for Clinton }WI,
11101 , 10 Es
JTOLIN WATT & CO. have removed their cock
Groceries to the opposae side of Liberty so
TrromAbi IN- AMERICA—Der erect and bee re
ward. By Maria J Mclntosh, anther of,“Charms
Counlereharnas,t',"To event and to bent vol 120,0
Latter Day reinitiate, No I:—The present time.
By Thomas Carlyela.
CeaLxtea•—elerttelts °flea and Writing of Thos.
Chalmers,-'D IS, L: LD. Prelectione o Buller , .
Anelogy, Paters Evidences at Christianity. and Hill'.
Lecture on Divinni with two Introductory Lecture*
and four 'Addresses delivered in the New College,
'Edinburgh, by Thames Chalmere, D. D, L. L. D.
I vol
CsgStin, , -Life of /On Calvin, compiled troy ember.-
de genteel, andliarnmdarlyfrom coilleapOltlencee.
ilyThores,e H• Dyer, with portrait 111tol Mao. '
For &alb by,R HOPKINS,
ne7 . 78 Apollo Buildings, Fourth rt.
Combat Combat
20 GE13 0 38 toper Polka; ID do do "en flag
50.. mid Redding;
. super Koglith Ham Redll4;
Pocket Combg
Goo •" Wood
1640 doz ess`d Fine Ivory;
0 Shell Side Combs;
10 toper large Biddle;
200 grove ast'd Side Combg reo'd end for sale by
febs C YEAGER, log Mertes
U Hollaudi Buff Holland,
r reci N v O d T e CE er — lTut. W.
MthceC t lnto t c k
bet s Du d
to watch he would most respectfully
call the attention of his monomers mid the public m
t Ware Footer, 76 Fourth st. Jun.ll
AA FEW very- hoe GUITARS, Just ree'd from the
eelebneed minufactory of O. F. Alartin, sod for
Bale by jan9 ' 1. Ir. MELLOR, El 'Mod o.
MITE C.Omplete.Wotea of John Banyan . ; 2 vol., blecb
J. In I vol, Illustrated; mauthn via and gth edges.
Mitchell's Biblical and Sabbath School Geography;
a new wait; 1 soli 12mo.
Town's Analysis and Speller.
Las of Yohnalt. Adana; by Wm. 11. Seward; I sal,
imnoi moilin
Pima. by hyn. Ilemans; I 001,1Miun muslin; gill.
South's: Sermoms—Scimons preached upon several
occasions by Ramat Sou th ,. D. 11; imar <Amon, 4
Vol.; inclu ,-
ding Paslliunious Discoorms.
SaMo-4 cola. in ti sheep, Sutra; Etiro.
Far t sale by. ! R. 110PG1N5,
4. Apollo Dollithigs,Foorsh
menMatto:non w. w. J. PAW.
r E ondemlaned,snecessora to Arthara ik Nichol
beg, lento to inform the citizens of Patsbuign
and p son ublic nonentity, that they, have robailt the EA
GLE, FOUNDRY and are awe, to fall operation, and
halo part of Weir patterns ready for the marten—
Amonast.which are Cookie,. Stover, Coal and Wood
Stoves, with a splendid alt-tight Orel Stave, which is
pope eeding-ln other cities the common round
Store. Also, a cheap coal Cootie. Move, well wdatt
led for small families, with a full t. worunent of coot-
on autretentedOratee We ' , wow perrteularly tri
te the attention of !tenon% budding to Cell at our
archon, before pureheiting, end exanucte setilendid
rtiele of enammelled Grate., &worm] in hoe
otireiTiteit . La thin matter: Warehoute, N 0.151 Liberty 01, opponite Wood nt;
aurStdtt L inTICHOLSI.Ed_b, PAVNII
el YEAGER. . Importer and Wholualo Dealer In
Sign of the Gilt Comb, 103 Mulct at, Pinabnrgh, Pa.
Western lilerrchants, Pedlars, and others among_
?lust/ugh to purehaseGoods, are respeetfedly invited
to call and exuelne die extensive assortment of Eng
lish, American, French and German Fancy Goirds.
All Foreign Goods et this cstabhshment see
eddireerby myself, and purchusetv may rely on get
ting goods front Lost hands. I have the largestusert
moot of nuncio!, in the variety lion, In the city of
Pittsburgh—all of which will be sold low for nook or
city accoptauces. The Stock consists, In part, of
LACE Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons.
Slit Cravats, Shoe and Potent Threads, Sewing Silk,
Spool Cotton, Tsp., Suspenders, Samna, Pins, Noo
dles antYCiery.•
Gold and Silver Wuctives,Goldleweiry, all kinds of
Itroshes Combs and Razors.
Perentaion Cape, Revolvers, Pistols, Clocks, Silk 6
Cotton Forces, Spectacles, Steel PCOI, Music Boxes,
Carpet lbws and Hasketh.
Illodt4e.s, Findings and Ttlmmings.
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C. TGAGER. is Kith agent for the ecicbrated Lao.
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FOR Coughs, Colds, Asthma end Cootemptinio The
IiDEAT AND ONLY REMEDY (brat¢ cunt of tha
above musses, la the IIIINGARJAN 13A.LSAhl OF
LIFE, dixovered by the celebrated Dr. Beaton, of
London, Ennband, and Inttodoend into the United Status
ender the named.te aupenntendenee of the inventor.
The extraordinary raceess of this Medicine, In rho
coo. of Pulmonary dirmo.ea, 'macron. the Amer..
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ated. can be band in the contumely —Oll. that seek
relief In vain from any of the common temedl ea of toe
day, WTI have been given op by the most ifating o tined
physicians as confirmed and incurable. The II u apart.
has clued, anstatnll cure, the most desperate
of case.. It Is no quack nostrum, butt mondani ling•
Loh medieine, of known and ettablished eniettey.
Every' fami ly in the United Dilates stoup be suppinol
with Doclintia Diotrurion Dalsom of Life, notonly to
conntaniet the Conaamptive tendencies of We climate,
butte byused as ti preventive medicine in all cases or
tolda, crunchy, spnur.g of blood, pain in the lode and
eimst, arritation and soreness of the lungs, Lyndon.,
ddheulty of braatlng, hectic fever, night meats,
ationand general dchtlirg, asthma, intmenta, whooping
sough and croup.
Sold in larititorttles, st Isl per bottle, with hall dims.
bona for the tbstoratiog of health.'
corfiLLeld. Amass of English and Liman
. ceriificirte., and othet evidence, nhowner the en
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Loaned of rho g. r.4lLitooLly..
For Aare by LI A FAHNI:STIJOK d Co., corner
and Wood and Wood land Lich eh: Ingelte.B
Noitstio Ltatt lei
Prtroulon, March P 7 ,1047
Mr. R. E Sellers—ln lastice to you and goer Incom
parable Cough Syrup, I beg trove to maw, for the yen
eat of the coma:amity, that my wife has been several
braes afflicted lulu, a most fhatressing cough. .1 put
hused,ln January hist,,a bottle of your Syrup, wino h
cured a cough of two months' standing. About one
month 'lnce, the'costgh returned, and was so 'levers
that oho could hardly move, from weakness in the
breastrl sent for one bottle of your Cough Syrup, and
a part of one bottle earrd the cough gave the otter
to ajourney men who WAS severely eillicted,
who had,
to use his own words, ',aw nou
n et cough candy
care all the people In Puisburgt," If the candy had
teen aagirod S. represented.
yours, thapectfully, Adam D. Kama.
Drepayrd and sold by fI..E. SELLERS, 57 Wood
street, and sold by Druggters generally In the two
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..: j.AI, Bitown,
fully Worm the public, that ho
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in Blinds can be removed with
out the aid of • screw "%Diver.
Having pardns., th 0 monk,
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