The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 25, 1850, Image 4

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    Sil~Gi~ ~.l:~~~EOL~:.
JOl3lll 11'1"/.11011 SIVEI4 SILK,
' Airy:say for &snag. :
Tito avoid the many tecouvenience• attending the;
uo crthe coolant., Skein, the - above etricle has '
teen much, and for along tints wante, It has alwaYel
bee. n maiterof utottirioneal. that whilsallecommon
article of Cotteno,wai conveniently. Spooled •for gene
' nil ase—Slllr, en meek more valuable, ehould have
been supplied in Skeins, hoot which oo tenet trouble,
vexation. and loss his axiom.
The dieteolty has mien been *wereome, the public
Is offerau good„title handsomely put up in a can
irealcut (on■ ler 11002.41 C We. The ml 7 ,
ediectlenerged against thin article is the
egpareet unit pannUty en each spool. mm is c.o.
explained EMI, Spool Is warrarmed to contain 20
yards of Silk; while the ordinary Skein, Pt the acme
P ik ` ,hasbin " 12 4eriain quantity, varying Gem 16
bola yards.
The Spool Bahia let dy for nee at '. the time Of per
chase and it only needs • non
it', to evinee the most
ekcptiCal of its eunerlorny In eleality. independent of
the neat anti convenient form-in which It is fernished,
If bee great advantages over the Skein, Ce it does
away with the tedium of winding. tho, vexed.e of
tanalta, y andthe
,lektAtof . p r e
H. f t a for ems.
North Third st, Philadelphia;
8 alaidettl,sne. New Toth
fillirair BOOK I
by William Basins, M.D., one of Ws execators.
finals lihso
Railway -EConoverr • meanie on the new amid ,
managemem, proapeeta nod relation&
cealmerelal, financial, and camel, with an expeation
a the practical ren)ls attic railway. lo operation In
go Vaned Km/denims umeontlac ot and lo America
Bgthonyalas Lardrier, Ycl.lemo cloth
Pml,Pre•ent:and Foote/A the Repablle,trtnn
latod from Inn /q.t . !. of A. Lle Lamaniae, %Mho, or
•Ths Gerondletan ,ealemoirs of my Youth," "Ila•
Plmcl," rm. 1 yol lihno
mat. warted Melones is!Rearm, *Mame. and
order Writings, by Gamer Greeley. 1 vol limo Mo.
The History of the Confertionai. By Jahn Hoare
noplibm, D. 0,, Bonny of me Dioccm'of Vermont
lead limo cloth.
The Conneesuff Cicada. By the author of • Hoch. , •
liPm" (Utica Warburton, ,)c vole lrno._
tartoel r October a phymsl deserlynon ta Me
Carona. By Alen; Von Hilittboldi, translated from
the German by K(. tem. y ea, moo cloth
CllbbeWs Decluto and fall of the Roman Enialte,
with motet by If. H. Wilma). 11UP. 100 ..etdith , n
elmh complete to 0 volt at 40e per von 4 cols
received for sale by; It MOONS
• tyll Apollo EtalldbaThyourth at
IkI . SIyRYI thee ladts s eta d Wka . n o.l..e u r a ffgle , /,
4411121/1 lruNe. Alo . loll almost there. Let backed
tar. lln dock .n.d un o we& Nribl wit a lure
Bayer monn. Omit, Washirgto, 'Thou •lialt
1/01.161i114. the epint. , BooPd Soler Boy: -Be kindto
doted onea at llama Cheer up_ me own tennott.
Ok, Lemuel. Mat* Flower Waltic I.2fie
Riattlebero Salauttion Polk. Betty Poll
Ravel Polka. Jenny Lind Polka. I.,lnde. Qttlekstep.
'Maxi from Noma.. •
Tka abOTo ate laefreethed, ani tot Mai Dy..
J II 31. L. 1.011., •
IWO el Woals,
EC STOOL - TON Las rocalrei (Jr .ale, vol
of Gibbon's Ill.rosfy of use Da.:lloa and Fall of
llo,am Empire.'
Lifs'as..l L. 11.6 cf Thocaaa Campbel:,L, 9 0.1.
Edited by IV. Beatiis, M D,
Crost,l/ry St etches of Moral Philosophy. By the
late Roy. :Naar y Satah, Al. a.
Laotocer,o the Am.:lean rolsoirdsttos of Sot.
pry. By rizoiamlnAill M. a •
Taltot an• Verona; aNovel.
Ito Btcul:ar,lizot, a talc of sloarrentserin ttr
P.:.r.r!ct Lehr, a ran... By Nal/lonia]
Barcharoo tag)
StravVlZzy Plante I'm. Sale as Gr••a-
TWIST% 1 P4 , 33., Victollat
4.1 TUre are thelargeet and Veit neaore4,
smorni .!I iLe Maarten rariouts now towa.
Ahern ad•Uttrell to the prop , WOE, W Manchu.
Ur, will l4 raceme putop =canon. J
a ,
Itsciur.aii V 4IIINA
AAS become an established and almost indirpenu
able moony, in even well snooty ,
lla re illaa kably :101010101:0G an d t ;Ma 01111 quasi.
dee as %rock! for Use banish, as well ea a dies for in.
Tel ids, and alto lore, sustenanee of growing children
and Infs.,. Pint/named. of cooking and preparing
it are given en the wrapper.
Thoodh wall known in the east, it has never been
hetrodezed to any anent in Pittsburgh. The subirenbc
an have, ihriefoni,.. made arrangernenb. to be con
sternly oropLee with is, and slow offer It to Trull'
dealers or tau:Plea un more favorable terms ihsn'lt
has ever been sold at In Plltsbaigh
- •
YNI Litt-nr It
• 7 net•et• %ale of Ht-P V
Itel Vail. , Wadding. lied a re prepared to aupply
Ent C , at eern prieen •
A 11:1 5 4, 12T.-lON /I' • 11 , ..b:
Iv l.r!rrtl' •t•• , ‘
ltt tir tloedtt Ktw Good.*
LI:!• Kit Lai 10.1 s a tom ,est of
. - or the sel,ewd
4 1 tin. , oil a ith aims eam for 1.4i5 olostet •Lt^l.
Valve I'sotst i"ane Sax 110 rit, lia:Cco. Cornet', 'Petba..
Sle vette:lon 01 Moue 110 Yes, Isla) inn
tyro and hoes lunar; Fludrao, Atconleona. to. do
sleeoticnor German and Iratr.n dtrinao, and mu
roman .1.: Plllll5, lour lonada. srlendsd
SIGN 01 , Trlli vaIuDEN jump.
Otte...! 101 Thlrrl
11 , TE'S eels b.ated STICIINt7 BALM. OhLI
MA-V - 11in puce kilns*
• saventikoVoniedy,lor eb *Lac rheumatic affections
seeks.. and lameness or mon part. or the body,
mania blunt, sort% of moot kinds. cuts, swellings,
sprains, bruises, corta and felons when first coming.
Alsio.,,tbe most convenient and safe sticking sale 100
strengUiemuit piss*. and draft. oaths tees.
aagt• Con Sin& f r,, Wood its
11501 REED HOUSE, (1550
AEITII & itsunza, Props-16%4M
,Publse s : Squgm, Erie, Pa.
ciErieIi.I.I.ITADE, OPFICE-‘us.c..., Vi.... , ..
• ad Bombers Stages, leave this haste daily. Ou
t ages to and free: Steam and Pants& Deets, O rant.
M. W. Senn, late °Otte Antencan Hotel, kite, P.
G. w.11,...0, I. a oCtha X.ndtttae Hotel, Ohio. .
&Wedeln ''',
_____' .:
4 , L.,
ki.. 4WcTa SIIT4 ME R ci r a illl — ri 3 7.
VE.lll * large and chew,: li 01,X /'I t're at Senn,
and Samaser .ffoots be. test rest, opened
In' it Day's, oES Market street, north OVA
tact of the Diamond. ..
Le, War.; the an/anon of our customers and the
pablle to Itte stock, t affords us gre,l pleasure In be
easla to ay it embreees tlitEat EIAttO•INS in al
IMO every de ar.ripdOe of goody at a latgo porlson of
la arm arehse
to alm p,
easterned at the mark extensive anetion tales
eines.: Oar assenunent, Lou. of fancy
womaple goods, is very anixrior, and sffords to all
ten balers, either by 'wholesale or Mall, a fine op.
penttrarY of sninne both twee and parse.
Naw style Foulard CU, very eheap; rick plea and
Scared changeable sulks. of almost every style and
Quality; saner pialnand armed black silks; do. ba.
veva and' dunes; benne de la nit new .d hand.
Wad elyle: new stria meek, Enilish, and Scotch
i.avrns, gre Oll0 eriest, and given low prices; plain,
ared.andduped de lain* or all kinds and
yo uµ Ist.sUes of all shades and cola.; tiaL.
ilMws etardrea,
pt SHAWLS. &a.
- .
Oar elrataelson shavria;_ plain end finanad
Man den plaid and dalbroldered Mint de• 1441
do; mime plata and bro‘d ,
tea and
sacred crape din batesrnet d, &04
• sas assattmeni of malls, nassaaWJaooneis,
BariumJanata, blall i tltaras, its,
Ra~A •
IL'Es;4. t ., Wilareites blald sad
A fi.oo hinAd e :_tit and
"" ' LOTRS ea/V.487E2W.!
A I . n . ossormeal of ante, French, kb &At an.l
nttut cloths and ter!„neres of ell qs loot
ssaW .wtat= w. leustd - WOrtte the att. ttaas, of the
Oar stock of brosre wtd Maestri oroltha,utetnge,
shocks; chsreb aya, °dialogs, &ode ' , Cif 1111.47., au
Ihn VdrY lover at pricks. •
Also, a irtage tot a tablet &eons ash 'shit e'etts,
Drown and hiceuhettz MYSIUS.4 evitcladlakpers,oroto
Hun. nenletne, tattoo end wool 000ds.for oleo aril
.t.t.'3"hrt Ithh Means. is
ash' it, and }chew tan
do=ufs atorkurt4, auk ad hOOO
ass.. of all hlctas, taster) , and Ponnet tato., ern
mug ow-as, aro, whisk are looste respectfnill
tattle the tnenthm of trzo'..Ertle and etail. cash
br .A.LETsnDER
cr.ey2,3El mut et W r. of the Dimond.
A-PPLE, *Rams..
Aid wee przpared to furnish Appie Treem, from the
1,00,5-r. ri Jenoh N. Ift.".n.
sees Well dtittrefed at the wharf l'ittr burgh for
$ll per Ottr.tre.l.. rersocal wishing gnat *audio d trees
W ,
ebeeld Isere their orders ,00n at thefiee and
rerfarnorl archon...roar of Wood and 81Xth etz.
MLILLY latuttiN r.. CV• taro stratoratl to No it:o
D St. 2 , 1 drier trolow the attstoutt.ttta Howe
PALMER, 'IANIIA CO. nave removed their
jr. Eze•angt Oates to northwest earner of
sn.d Third “rt me. - • apVi
MCRY 'tr. F.IJACIIIIIEL.I) lire selling PERI •nd
illstone folies• of 'bore goal, at refaced
prioes• S4VII loxes Ilaregos guil remaining dm
Intl be taw. .
SCTOA lozl.l-1V auu reeeimi for Sam by
4 0 '
-1 far l :7le - I V y 1
noserind Axes ree
for rate, by ijy3l
itUrrec l aCdaale by
RICE -10 berte, prime fresh Lee,
(once by 11)ibl • SELLESS & NICOLS.
01X TWiST sets he s i tars iana t gi
la and Or sale 71 731 1111.1 . 1r,10141313 &CO
IiEryII.III3AUUS-12 bfi N &Lit ra; ii ale , p,
ed and for sale by
COOARS.-10.70-UCI CiisMoritlyara received and Cor
map by • , (air 33 S.& W.
"Ur ELSUFSANNEITS--Narpby & Barodeld al.
RV ways seep pa hand the above roods, beadhl
goody Boa the larporurrosed 'marooned gumbo—
sdas a farther supply of Welsh Owe FlaneeLe
yd this eieratag.
tll7-'•dbr Is iiirC l7o3l ":"` e "
.00.. Ault, •; ; WICK & McCANDLESS
rtialTraira t o
.L 31111 solli de, for lam by
&US • i MUG& & fiteCANDLMO
*MS WICK & .4l<p IIAbI3-715des.
IdeCAllPLESerlorforb S
LV ri,lfigt=orta=v;d,i, e
Wm LiApeEZr
*Wadi 0., for sale by
uggo • • :lid liberty st
jar arrived to prime order and for rale by
• .4.,51, goo , it
Ttl 0. ttt3 Libaety al
17 . 441,1 bit II it ItarliaiiGT Limp
' lOUs Winn'
_ •70 obi layers , toand !atop; do
Inside Ond 0r skle ,
ta xa tr. rucrxrtoti
L to for Nolo • a• 7) itonacts
. • ... t : • ..airtitTlbt tole br
Wood treed la.l reecived • new ad ,
sanms t of YNLNO MVbIC, among which .are
' Molly, do yills Love me by S.
Oh may the Red Rose Live Alma). do.
iselly liras a Lady, do.
Uncle Ned, . do.
Geri=w Ran all Night, do.
Dolly Day, do. •
Soldier , Wedging, by Glover.
The Robin, do.
Oh, Touch the Cord yet owe again.
Sweet Memone of Thee.
Silver Moon.
Lament of the Irish EMlgrant.
A New Medley Seng.
Them but Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thee.
The Conscript's Deponent, by Glover.
lie Rind to the Loved Ones at Horne.
lint Homo where e'er the Heart is.
The Yankee Maid.
Law lilaskid Car, by Lowy.
Do Ton ever think of me.
Slumber Gentle LWg•
Jeannie Greg.
Ran, Cc/lama, Wedding, Wreath, and Daily
Batchelor, Maiden, &111 Welt., Boner,
Souvenir, Cally,ltivim LAY, Aace, Bee cen. Tara.
Ad:co. and L. 1113.11 Potful. •
TZAIit_TZAYfI TB:alit?!
'lli - TB:enter run tnmlhe list of
y about lirmdreds of Chews, Importer, Lame
Bayne, Bought for Curb, !Lc. In t•r , -are,rdl
bumben in ant manner or Mini, we •ouplc welt, the
public ionompare our Tealt .cub what the r rare here
e/mwherei Ibis is the ben method win br ow to arm,
lain wnosells the best. sun ditcapest Teas". tint..
burgh. We are now tenon,
Good sod strong Tea at 40 and tincerna tier It,. '
A prime article, --• •• • 75 do inn
• The best To. twitorterd into the State. 91
Low priced, damneed, Ten . Ore' du not
MOBRI4 & 11 etVorgpli
Proitrtore nit', Tett Merkrt,
1.3 Bert rWc of Diamond.
tcna Americas,' illichainteal NV ark.
0. Appleton & Co .New York, here in cent-, of Nib
; licallen, in palm, phice twenty fire cants r
Of lilathines. Afer.han gc.s. Engum Irori,gred
,setneernig; dances. fue Prnetten/ Wooing
Pint, and intred,l for trio Engt Prizfamon
.1939, no outran ',els.
PIGS %CORR is of lar g e coo. •,:c. hua will contain
Iwo suotramm race% and upward,. of its 'moo
ts:To ILLElrraartoes.• It will ptesent worklng•draw
ma. and descriptions tat the most important machines
41 the United tunes,. lndepuNcnt of the results of
American ingenuny, it will contain complete practi
cal Matt en tin Merlins ins, blachinery, Engine-weak,
UM I:nit:meting; *nth all that is useful to more than
. . .
ter.o tuausand dollars n rorth of (oho volumes, mega
dues, and othetbsooks.
, T heT great object of publication is, to places be.
filr practical men suet students such an amount of
taeotetical ands cieruthe knowledge, in • coltde.n9ed
as shall on PO e them to work to the best ad•alp
oga, arid to av oid those mistakes which they mt
therorise commit\ amount of aseful tofortunitou
thus tiougla togetbkr is almost beyond precede, In
'dal weeks. In; tad, there is hardly any subject
within its large blab is not treated .nth sneh clear
ness and preelti,o,diat even a man tithe most ordi
nag capacity knot fail of understnnelng tt. and
:bon to umo% tracemach watch, it a important or
timid knots.
pola . .
'Tito nthere are, In abort, determined, recardlou
JC cost, to ruck, I 0., tool t at complete at possible; and
It Inted eve, Ewe .lcw too* obtoil, the wto la will
Ornate It Oa I ss• non: bent rand too, eneoorwo
be ea .eterpri
'rho work witl be twin an www•tonnthly noraoori,
oatontennoug' to flolte“,. 1.-311, end will prostate wlto
(toot , renutuna' •
Th wt.... •VOIL r,tton,ed 10 40 tounbeeo.
eel .1, I , 000te
tlrn walnut ahr rio
ter. )ou, (1100 A /Coetal ti, ,trot wall Le made to
: Any one torailtn.x. vlll.lll4ere !iota adcnnee,
than rocetio won thookelLthc pont °Mee Nen of
Oplo.le ok• ottb• eeee .
"To OUT Rau... L. NI at e f.: Meet: Renee. Rl
miter*, and Art. I s, It andl be a mine of secctlit.."—
PrOvidete.:,(ll..l.) Journal
. Yudrats West, s aso ova ,Iyess with at• knowledge
We can wills r staWenee reroserrasea our se.n.lcr• to
pongees them aes o. smashes. as fans as they 00.
peat —Aw tat Arusan.
.Wc oche.. ittegly commend the work to thane
gyred Ilt or ion tressed le tor cheese/al re aricntif, For
mut, aLs ratio. ettly worthy of their examen:too anal
nady."—Ttny ,(N. Y.. 1 Dudgsaa
.4 11 as tnsly to cats mate, end the rebltahrte de•
sera the that cit. of ton/rotors. seachtelso.. and 'onto
?actor. erW wolect es the public generally..--N. Y.
.rtat• Meyers •ry will be highly Useful to pnartleal
sectLanict,awt.2 ceitt•tOr tO %who •rt.% to arytmani
tnctrw,lvo• .1:I the pnnerans of invent. on Le the me
shack arts.."—Z! ;cu . lies:ford Unsay Mercury.
"Young U,CX Santa ours, to cep posteti up It Ito
,ressehl as wn (owl cal knoorlede,c, nett Thu.
• .41 wi:l4l, :1,.1 Luca thr.7 *land —Nuilm,
•• .
`•let a IC 1 , - ,et in ern , : thni !TOMS :III! :`l,l,
• I,:t Wry., • its
r•• 0. PIS i••I Jro 11. taio •n inn and
note its D. r,, Lott it 4..onua. n• t,At
tut Rht on t thn mina.. a da•c ewe
eh. rcentL trio. ergota ings arid Lanni:tin
- An tote t ensed in mechanical thanin sand t ben
selves o( r advantages "—Seanyisni, l'enn .5 Jou e
`A work oreiteninne prsedent twiny and great
PM... and value to the co irdie turret., as trite:Tv%
or a. tinter. 'IV. regard the wcrl enltt,lo . l)
Calevlal et
iAI to promote the eau, of Innen.,
eehut. jar Rita, and Ind:sr:mm.le a/ant, hone ni•
llon e Orel. "- Former 1,4M . ten
. :Pr• :tees( Olen in an ILC sun, WM , " of niert.Ar.i
loannula marine; thdelekryl rune Se„ dud es
~. A Una wort a treasnre aciteti it will Le to the,
Pnl , l An possess
Toy Daily %Slag
e hare ctsrefuny parated Ur, onneLety,
no hr xu , ion in any trig that ittie the best wnit I a ine
coat /ca. tra.lenuen, and scientific men, e ire cuLii.
ed,t Can ecedlletsrumule infortnstiern on every Lest.eti
of t t t naucharunal arts and iscii•neen. ct"Pl"."l'n In
wl / - a n d lanralage Intelligible to any render of otdi.
.W11:1 out sure we are dothg the mediae., or Nor
iok and other parts or Conneetleat n on by
rinceing the work to their aUentioo."--Norwirai
OM.Is jset suck& work at eVtry merkame aboald
waa....-Frreim% /annul.
Te n alder it one of the moot .050 ..d im?ortanl
eltheage. rtio rare Oa me elm actorell.lLc
W JaMlll."—Newanr, IN. J .40:master e V-ourno r.
•00 an the vaster. hevocg I,ct ot
-04 t the •in.111,,(111, , , nil, 1-
cs a eau •wi q,lermrt •.t•t .• • •6, •c
1.1 Gr-powle• as "- .11
• eufit - c ad IP/1ce1.,. • t
p.l•a • b Ida " • z • • 0•
••1111. veal
Vat padirL•cd for 3,, d £O.•
• which ais said mat s , aCrertal ato ic tu "-
-Carolinian. •
- We retard teen ono- or Om r•Jve And
”1 1 11/41C,831 1 1 , a1l al etmapebt rc.e. eics.
' . tel be Mahn hy every one destrion tu keep
puce with the program civet and notettee An every one
• of the labor* of myttixest life."—Roisloos Conner.
"Itladealamed etre the pwatire of Ure. lee Inns
ry, only that it in mare devoted la the rueehon ea I ann
ragiatallag prefetaions, and shoat all, .. valimbie
areomplwlnng for Amens, who. Um has done for
Enclaad., emeribing amertean umehmery and
wort. efttetw—Seientifie American.
"Ills published In emollien t sal at • price so mode.
•. Me, looking at whets mutat nod ineach number. that
• or& one who has the Waal Internal in Lana matter..
aced be detened from pridentaig /4 and every... , who
demi so,zrill find that he has In condensed form an
:art aunt di lettUattion which welts he obtained, if at
all. only . by the porehme of very many
Y Courier and Enquirer.
' The eompratearivenua with which the pubic..
•e, treated, dm admirable manner la which they are
ill talented, conspire to make this one of the molt deal.
en his tooraan—Demomatle Review.
This wont thould be to the bend, of every mnehmaei
a tocan, and manufacturer, espermtly them who have
Mast aupiradons toexcel in their respeeuve how.
r asses. We have eamfolly examined It, with a view of
wommeostihn it to lam:tows. To them we ivonid
5 tf ill the inning language: of the Ilibtm "It to gebd..—
•Ilium re o,Mo...literals!.
/ /alas la du "-apron'', J Nempapera throvestra
the Untied &e.t.a:m.l Canada.
If Ito forts:meg advertisement Is inverted five times
during 11. yew, and the paper eonoung It sent to us,
h t spy of the work - will be sent gratis an payment
Cwadintng no Mercury, nee obtze Mineral.
, rrie following tesomonial was raven by inn eels.
hated Or. {Snarler Brach. the author of the great
ro,Lcal semi chimed "The American Practice o.
hledirinc and Parrott , Physician." ,
• Having been mad: a:quaint/id with the Ingredients
Which CoMpcse otntrrer,l
and baring prescribed a e .d tented it intimate" caves.
toy print. anemic, I bare .o hesitation In saving or
ceitilvtug that tt it • Vice:utile Remedy, coulamom
no muscat subitance 'Whatever, thialti ingredirini
neurnMed, as they •r 7 Rod Lived 111.4 directed by the
Propmetor, arc not only horni-as, but of great value
being • mat! scientific. Remedy of 'treat power: and I
eLeetfully terommenit n a• a compound which has
dohe rharh rood, and want is adopted to the core of
AL great varier, of taw. Though I have never either
moommeoderl or !nage"' In the sale of I,eret Mtdi
eines, regard for the trine honest, conicimmous, ho-
Charnel, of the Propnetor of thin "moment,
•nd the collie of Ids diaeovery, oblige to to soy thus
much r.wardishe it.
Nen Tort, April 1.1.1,1i7d.
Is one of the best things to the world
for Barns.
. .
I'lLlC4.—Thousands are yearlyeared by this Oinb
meld. It never huts in giving relief.
For Tamers, Ulcers, lad all kinds of Sores, It has
no roprol.
It' hiothors; and Nunes knew its value In eases of
-Swath., or Sore Breast, they would always apply it
In each eases, if tried according to directions, ii.give•
'relief In a very few Loam
Around the box are directions farndoghl Allister's
Ointment lot Scrofula. Lleer Complaint, Erysipelas,
Triter. Cbtlnlun, P”ld Peed, Sore. F.yes, Quincy,
Sorallatut, Itragehlies, Nervous Affections, Pains,
Mreato of the Spine, Head Ache, Asthma, Dearness,
Fir Ache, Darns, Corns, all Ditentes of the Skin, Sore
Lips, Pimples, An., Swelling of the Limbs, Sows,
Rheumatism, Piles,Cold Feet, Croup, Swelled or Bar
ton Breast, 'fowl, Ache, Ague In the Face, ho.
From the Reading Eagle.
Thera was never, perhaps, a Medicine Dottrel& be
fore the public, that has in so shorts time won etch a
repatatiOtt La McAllister's All-Ifealtue or World
Salve. Alm°st every person that has made milll of it
speaks warmly In its prate. One bas been cored by
It of the Most painful rheatalstittn, another of the piles,
• third of • troublesoMe pain ill the ride, a fourth of •
.relling In the limb., be. If it doer not give tionle•
die. wive!, In every es., it can do no injury, being
applied outwardly.
As another evidence of the wonderful healing pow
er petseurd by this salve, we rubintn the following
certilicate, from a respectable chino of llaidencreek
hrwnshlp, In this coantr
MaJdenereek, Perks eo., March 30.1647.
hresars—flitter & destre to Intern] you that I
war entirely cued of •se
pinion the back, by the
S. of bleAllister's All-ilettlitmt halve, which Cdr.
It from you. leafleted with it for about YO yeatl,
and night teas linable rkep During that time I
tried ward.a remedfeat which were prenenbed ter toe
by F hytiemna and other persona, wstbaut receiving any
relief, and at let made mat of this Salve, with a in
sult favorable beyond eaf , etattna. las now eon,.
ly free from the pain, old enjoy at niches peaceful
and Sleeetaleep. I bane also 64•e4 the eels, 41/Ire for
tooth aChn and other contplalnla, ttb enlist happy
Malta. War Mend, dine llormwmen
JANIC-4 hlrAl.l.lsTElt,
• • Sole Proprietor (d toe above nte.ltrine.
Priaelpal Omen, No ha Nowt Third strert,Pnitadel
Solent m Prrradatan.—ll A. FaLar•iock L. 110,
earner of Wood and tiro at.; WM. JaCk.M, no..
110 Liberty. street L. Wilcox, Jr., corn rya 51srlirt
strtet and the Diamond, also tomer of Fourth and
Smithfield racers; J.ll. Carael,cornet of Naha and
Pedri streeta. Fifth Ward; and sold at ILa Dcukstore in
Smithfield sCreet, 3d door from Second.
In Allegheny City by H. P. &Imams and J . Doug lux
J. 0: Saab, Draggiat. Birmingham: D. Negley,
Eau Liberty; H. Rowland, hteltanaport; J. A'e rend et
A blonemgatela City; N. 11.1.1ominan & Co., and
J... !igen, Uromoaadle; him Beaver, P.
100 alter. Jr.: Elioabeth; Erwin,
Rochester. - feblltrodly
' , eau LT3-1.0 Wig on band and for salc.tiy
FajY ynCK 4i4CPANDisM
7=l . l.zrf. ,U,ANF,OPS.
owl ez.cusl we %lister Power to
let on favorable terms.,
now prepared to lease the Water Power at Wet
Grand Rapes, to an amount solllcient to propel four
homirrd pans of mill stone. The !ammo TO based
noir a met Mandan., and the power ean nerve.
Moony Implied on both tides or the rivet. The
grain er the White River, e• well as the Wabash, e.
be seedily Airmailed. at Ono point While timber,
iron ore, and coal, to the greatest abundance; and of
enne quolity, can be easily procured Mr.. the
Berne ..atm
hundred deflate per annum for a pow
er solider: to propel a sled,. run of medium sized
mill stones, Mr a period of kitten years. will We
rightr of renews,' on the expire:lnn of the le•se, Si a
smtion .he pew. employed The rite of the
.11 or munulactory tneluded, without further charge
Burette Company.. By older of the Direemrs.
. .
• PresAdern of tte. W. N. C.o.
,y13% . 11M11 . 111, Wlby 9, 1 , 50 1913/:41.3
Er —The tkio 0( tOAtIT per•nn. I. di•Egdred with
•heto , fOPLI^II4I, Ll^ll4l, as pimples. morphrve, , and When
merely t Le 01 the Ant, EO. 111.:Cly
nine C , ISCn DUI of every h•ndiviii. is very evilly re .
moved. Jul.. Hatters Nymph navy i• raiprearly
adapted lo diseases or the hale, a• it am, directly
upon the initiate pores whirh env, ii• rurfiee,
eicatisine ilom from inipurinea. and hy tinonmie• and ern cheating all eraptint, sod
,tiering the tierces: and roughest skin *oft, ram and
ide, ming.
Pereonr who have been in the baba of uving ord,
nary von,. will be antonirbed et the peatitifol egret
produced by toe 4y ph 5.., in , n , r•o.nK • ed , • l .
1,10013. preventine the neck, fere, or bands from chap.
pine, Minting all irritation, end removing all Tane
n. eruption.. It pop aaaa an exqui..ite rerfu e, and
te entirely devoid ~ 1 aline propertiev, ren ering
.1 the only emelt. which t. be proper
with rofcty and
1.001 , 011 the nurgcry.
11.0. e vrhofe facer. or nect• ore di, tented with
pimple., Watcher, tan, menthe, ere, should make
mat of Jule. IlaneVe Nemnli Snap. ar the proofletor
'peviro.riv irt-ure then, shat u.e will render the
I.Toot rif•rniored kln whlfe, the reel/them skin smooth,
the moot oi , eated akin healthy, pure, and bloont-
Jul.. Bane?, Nymph Soup 1. the only arnele
will ea. etnally prnduee tn. , annve et! 'Opel
a lime, and ine o nne T.,. is at the ...tie rime nil
powerial cnd on•lrely bnmie•a. ['report - di chit by
JULLS HAI;F:L. Perfumer •ml Chemist,
For vale wholesale an,/ retell hr B A Fah , earock
& Co. and ft. E. Belles, Pittsburgh,' .cl John 'isr.
tent and .1 51.1,11.01, A ileat,eny lea 4
A GOOD Alannguay ran. Ferte.ll or,nvn.,
scrond tsar., •-- • ...... • • • , 111 . 10
A inunitoult upright Pant", cilh R0n , , , 00d
Fiennure, a nonnvns, and in Load ardorlCll nn
pinin I . lftnn ............ . ...• • ...
A good 1: nonse how, on
A cond with hnud•nme (ton,
....... 75 01
For et'. try
DII•tallc Night Light
UPFACI , DING the Wo...•ett Fl‘ati,. an
combuott , .., t , ete.y erns - Lon/1,, pio•
tus • erf lAnte . ...t.ce.t.l L.. 4:1
, 11,” u,
ternp o: 1 . 414.1 terith
itc rid f, rfd Ito
s•!r: 1
D Alliit4AAN
JEST - EIVFD, oat ikic l'inslintia Viotti,. Ciro
0 re, Anil Ten Wnrehoinse
easel Foipli eon,
5 rirkled do, to qila
5 do eneo, poii
Tliie above Fo-ati Olig,er, arc per rd nr El put up
in It tilt bly eon rale.l Soup -or lo.ed
by rocied can, anit min kerp Irina 1b....
pa. at , ario.
For rce. wlinicootio aol .51
nirni 2s+.l.iiiottv
A l'r Neve Ibay<
. of ce, 'tabor., ip osv• rriee In eouem
nee. I)!C , TIONARI ti l t.-hints. Mee , ,cric•
ert, and F:nekneencr, des.Knerl Inn Pr•-tiral
, Vorkt^: Mc,. yr, thorn tr, Int the Engincerirg
Prnitmen Ch , ‘ ,, il, me
This ytorir t.; of is's , . Fro ;tile, and s.lll eontun two
thoutactl pscra, kn.% orartmt. of Alt Shou.stitllssttra.
It prrvnt ere rit Inc d'atetttss sod de•enit•
~ors of it, Ino.
tot btu, In ;he Untted
Or, Indenoml, or 0.• trrrorn• Arrnme•riln
ar Trui toroon enonrtrre ornotreni trontrn, On
Mortkro•-r. a-rt For 0 , - awl Er.urnocr-
Vto oi so:utur, wu,..r. u!.,r
1-tn)S4 Sot 4.14L0t.cr0 rerrivrol, , or 6,14:1.1
1 , Apollo 1 . 1,11i1.1 a.
~,.....,,,_,......,....„,„.,..3 , _.,„..,,....
_..,,,., - - ~.- -.
.5 .
1 . w. •- ' - '.; 4 :-
!dm U. Nrl SI Wood Wert, Pittsburgh,
Sole A,
Grand ancll ►quare Plana Furtra,
ilicnt .1. One% ro( i• auto •••• nil •t - rtt
:to so,
a- gun( the st.taotr vetil kluttn.l
•toll toittp , , tt,
Re,sf.wend so vvn octa„
the *ll4
Wrtii e lerne yerrel of nil the •eihrins r.f
Forte, very., io pew., 11n4
9lt• rire:ioreil by Mr. COtrieirrie preent
Foren, .* e• rite ..t ‘1,111.• Of Mr ,Ltel
11 kn. pt.,.
144,1 a !11,,f Mi S.•rt.
M (.0, v. 1.• 11, UCtlrlll unt: • .1a•
-_ ••, Wi+•trluot. 1,•1kv...4 op.
2"1,r, I. w. vl.l,
I 11.
or •m 5 11•7 11 rruZer.,
1 , 1 7 e;fl lna
boo,.exp,ron^e r: dote. sate titio c t,
bto.., to :a • Ca , r.usan, 01 '4, eqp,:t r.r,d
p6trrma, >to tor
cllcnorl tn. Om fortroil.4.lort.
A vOllll, 1,50
11011 c• to our P•trons
Mlle Decease of the active partner, In Philahlelpht,
tate late Jatne•
in the nuoine•a—arrnagement• have been made whirh
invot•c• tea swum interests precisely. arta. have
heretofore eitletril The basin!. is continual =Met
the same name and fiem,
Jams. 51 'hen& Co t Phtladriph.;
Jane !JP.... Ca, hushcripl.
The elnitlnuan , te pauonne of o.r yr
vt anli-iirn. If art prraona La•e
elt4:4 R....ain't ent...--mrn,the7 ern rrquo.ted
p,s,nt Int:llan:h. (01 payment
apl: S,ErnvitE partner
B. A. leabasslock a Vo.,
' t a lc . r, anA
CO An A 'una, Adisivicuta.
:.a , O Dye oodn, rau 0.1 Ceede I art,.
di el. , I,...,rldatai SCU
.01 I! I 1 11
V,,1; 7 ,41 50 do 1
8 ( - amrhor; 15. do Ilvd Prtdipitatel
10 4o 5p....n Mown; 150 do latomel Amtr.;
01 , Hrvlr
iI S A+core; 05 , Err,
1‘ , d000; t'. 1 .0 On Jrooll
Et do 11,S11,
0,0 do 1(1110.37.0 Root;
a do C:./am Mover,; .100 f..ra‘p z n;
nem.: 1,0 do Cen o an
do Caar:lr ..trd de >nl finehrom;
15 do ?raft,. :NO do Medlar. Mixture;
12 do Cole. .0 i'..w , s•Rhob•d,
13 do Chrom., n; 610 ao Flip. Um;
do oriltlvr. 100 WY An l'i.Andh.r:
SJo Am Vero.klion; WI do do 1. 4 q.
(.0 reams [ - and Paper; 100 no do /Mar,'
25 baf s ,inlyt , urnan; 40 do do Af Cayedn,
4 bal. Hord, Corky; 100 Ao Salph Zinc;
72 Gs Solph. Morphia: 3011 do /tar Tin,
INV for Cop.: A Int, 1,00 do Talunrindci
1100 do IS...'hrnm Pntgoih; ISO do Quick 211vcr,
IMALI do Pint Root; 2,0 do ()tang< Pcd;
1500 do or:. y 11a0..r; 71 da for hinoal;
1200 do CO-Orn Tartar; ti do Ilvd Potash;
SOO do 'Porton,: Acadi, (2/ do Mann;
100 no (Ivo loom ttf. do Granville Lot:an
Pli:T1101.E11M. 011 Rac e OIL.
"lbc:e arc coo, tEongri ill heaven and, cant&
Tit , Ir , i.aart of in phrlomphy."
TI 11117 f• S or thir reirrarkrat•le remedy, and
die non•tant appliestion for it, in the propriefor,
ham iodic-, tont to have it pot up In border witu la
bel. and .7.—d, rmn trii the benefit of the (shire.
pr1 . 1,1., - .um le procured from • well in this
.county, m n il•pru in Mira hundred feet, m a ure us
dolter.ted orue e • without any chemical cha p nge, hut
mat as how • tom] Nature'. (:real trabruniry!! Main
comm.. properties reaching s number of Jimmies,
Inn;er molter of uncertainly. There art nu.,
thing. in um •ranna of nature, which, if known, turgid
be of Tam u.rahhiren to Ile ti rederrint, and tr.
elonng the ho- , health and vigor In many • ea
fern. Lone before the proprietor thou[)., of putting
it up in bottles, it had sierpritimon for the OAR Of
ase. The ennsiant and daily increasing calls for It,
and receipt remarkable cures n ha. performed, la n
rare inchration id as future popularity and wide
rpreed oppbranon to the t um of drone.
We do id, will, to unse . lone Proode Of certif.
rain, ar re: ore ern
Mat the medierne reflation
work its way Imo the favor of them who Suffer and
I wren to by healed. Whilst we do hal elan. fol , tl
universal appheation in every dm:raw, we enhetita.
tingly any, that in a number of Chronic Disegver is
antraralleoL Among these may he enittneratedd-all
ilionoma of the marmot unites, such as e mOr ,)CIIIONI
isizoNenfris, ON
01115IP PJON Its early ,)
Astama, and all dractraes of the sir passages, LIVER
the Bladder and Kidney., Pll.ll. /11„ t he. heDA or bide,
Nervous Inresw., NranderraPoray.iilieurnatie Paine,
Great, firdonlar, 'triter, Ringworm., Born.,
liiuises, Old Slims, Sre. lir earn of debility
mng from exposure, or mug and protracted
dine me r tilll medico.. wilt hone relief. It will act as
• general
t une i n MEd ALTIaI ATI VE in 0000 caeca,
non:tome tune and energy 10 the whole frame,
i ris; ober rsel,oll., opening the billggiih lamellar., which
eau, Manor ands tauten constituton, mid gtvine,
In-regard and removed .nargy to n i ll the organs di
!dim Tim proprietor knows of severe tures a i r .
PIL.E.S, roar mowed every other treatment, getll
Limier dm or Om, e n for • short 7 Aute.
Tie mod,. graen to any person who dom i ern It,
N. ne mime swims. the Signature Of the ptolfrietor.
Sohl hi the mrmr.enn,
Al HOES, Canal Lbssln.rnear Net eritt at.
A., "p II E bIiLLERS.37 Wood ati
arm•-•ii EN Ir.F.R AL WDOWELL, 7
• adroer We HI a, ..,1d Virgin all wire his
'etruttarlY appolnie'd Ageors
fjrltE .. e it•auettd.
SUBScitiitrittt moll sell hturpratni"
rlaaltty aril Men test blaas and wanp - 111 ke " '
SialcAth, warranted racers in any othetiot:nd7l
byi the aseouty of ri tune or unworn& forearrenc
appolvedfiotee,at four reorais, or MI for •lee "
- 'abanystraa.
TR 1
.N.P 4 .l!rist..llol.i LINES
1850. 1850
Du 2.113 to
a-e vv .!, terse regular'', end de.
Lhglr (numb,. Cl , llllolllttnnelturaatal.
C RICOVRLI., hunburgh,
/A:qt.:4 COLLIVS, dr, )
ror Ascots
11113 WELL & ! MOTHER, Rochester,
1 ,4
• Isso ..
ea NE.
FroGpre4 wthect and Clrlard,
through the rz,-,4 ,J,ed jwydouscountti, of Cohen.-
E.-ms, Carroll. Stark, Tupearctronv, Corhotlon,
01 ° 44 " , e 7 . , and Frailkhn.
The nompletton of the Sandy and Beaver Canal
open. up to out city through thts great natural neutral
routen dtreet roan:mm.l3,mq to the *Wye a. well ae
the ed,antint eousthra of Wayne, Holmes., liners, and
. ..
l i.
From tlyn•ectlnn n (Thin. the. trade with Pittaburgh
ha , b•cn. tn a a , c..“ n , rot , ut al. i 3 coorryunt re Di
the 11,0 tau, i. , ~n : •rmrtatlon, which arc now tc.
du.e, It',Vtl and no, r retn.
Ita,t• at tel. Ime wr !I leave dully, and run than ugh
'cahoot tranlb,pment. the Canal company bane
her.towed upon Inn 1-,e an inkercal In the unprece.
dented adventaros nf the,. rhorter, and thus secured
the unddlr porn,. at 1,1,0 in ordering their good.
by 1111 , W1.1.1.'S is .0411 Y Atilt BEA PER UNE, an
equal [mote. In Una a-rawer.. Agent,
J. e• HI LAnF.I.I., eittabargh;
BI DWELL &CO ,I..asugow.
C;me., Speer . . ALIL . ' h • II & A Coy,
Will; ortowort,O.. li eor, 1". 1 k1o4, 0: C 4 thi..
& IluCman, do; )10nn, Gral,rr. 4 to, New 1..ta1.0n, 0;
'A , r Niclio , 44. 1 : /111,1.c1s & Boom hip
norm. ; Fresher & For , ph Cool h. Co,
110 ; 11,11 Bur., ; Ii V tk.„;.; du;
CIS Putzni & Co. 4 11 C, !0, , lc 13,,,y ;
11 , 1. 1 0r 4 , In, , t 1r 101400. n O.:
I: IlArkdoll'et Co. 14Ingoni, rkors, do; .)
Nl•Farle.ral • r C I.+lrtr dn; Pnr L.
1 , 4 , 10 A Ft-intotou i.obv .r I &
; lloffmnn. C., Cumnon. & Co, Co
JOl,ll ',blown Can..; ... , ; rerfle a Torrey,
canal (moor, ; A f/0,„,.., C., 0, ti W•r.
r. Mlce ,11 ; FitrO A Cotwo , n, 1.0 Algt•
tt0.54.7, c•1G•v.1a51,t1:04. , ,,a a 4. rer, On. to 419
PF:NkYI.v.tNI , ANAL, opEN"' —
v.. Perms) , Iv‘anla Cwnalah 13.14 lioa4s.
I.AItiNSOII., API I', A I, I Bad, Liberty
t.I.CioNNoR 21. , 11^ ACO Nlntirct grrect,
Phila. 4clphla
NN... weet, Veurtmrei
..Itala 1 t' • ••(,1 in.11(11,
711 r • r... 1 Traduce to and
Porn Jr ht.lldr/r41.1 11,1:•nr rreK. York, 4r htt,cot.
r • • • iolPel prtrrA. I , a
Itstll.. bust, orriir.ion Car
el re, o•. 111 1 ••• , •1, o.l..:stvrt stork
or 11 , ,• r•cl roarAvar of 0.L.•,00 o.,tkrr tk.tgAl tt ct tott to
•LI W...t,..rtarustrd to oar ear, .ur beau An all
e..trarraa.rer c.rotrk Ir.. a ro.rwaro,ao4
oar in', 1 , 00 lc on soldnA
anA-^r roar.
lino!.. - Captrins
Dorl ), ;t,.! .- once K I :quo,
rtyr ,A,1.1, Dawarrl trorlay
:tJa. Clow .ro , il/Ify D - barab SAO.
Wt7l l'aLtrpn 11a0ron
Import, MYjna.ra Jan..
tio.tan, A't!? ben o.m, (lore
r:r11:011 ie y trgrr.r.bNia I,hrriOn
Ce a lia , Les Nara (1,11 ItAy tanwJa
nrenr erri4pporloErr;
Arro.rtva l'orry c... 1 Ileire loco ,ey
Altrrna , A Nl'CaNnu Dantor ktirrato
l'o Jultx Ann J I.ooton
Aor,r. rrirsr,b M 12011114
Look ,r.Arr, kair.can ‘1,1 , .:a
Shp, 01;1 rind I/ to 41, r star, to rrtva as a
Coot. ATAIN, .1 I U.,
Vana, 0. At, 1 . ..4er,n.
Wee e pai.ortAtlon Company. -
se. i.REcei 'a. co.e., LINE,
lIETV:FnN 1'111% 4 1W/cull. 1.1111.AP11.1.11:".
. •
I . tto I ala Rad
T II t' fo i Car, t.: thi. LA. lover tc..;•-,111.
11 0 , 1"11.. It I.l'l t .1 ,
2544,1.44. l'a
1 , 11 :41_ 4', N.... II a ,Sew 1:4.1..
$ : 1,1741•.4.4.
—vs rabstriaal
nA. e, 1..
J‘ell% A'' kiA.IIEA. As.tA.
et, emot:er
.!11.,1111E1t1-t4. Wroft PA sk",
• (71evehrt.I. Otleo
4 :roll litoevorn LI,. arc prepwed to !tanvort
te , l4 Pre,Preleltr, 1..71 8.4
I. p.un: vn Mr Omni ..pol
rLe EA et, La,- ar, eietarps....l 14 notivieet.
AA I e 5..., re, ,rnect - oit.p.m.,
fl.m1.1:••• 1 . 4t,,,,h or. C:evrswl 4JI/.ran-11, 1.1" :11.11 ", a 1:R, af
I lir, nng
1 , 1 %Inlet, if,
Whe• Igge n, Al - n,. f,
infra+. dm. Oronn, a ~evelacd, 0;
if !ff nrfl A Co ^g gflufg „
I•,l,ata A tg&ctf.
I. \ ti,srtff
Whiffing A NlOnfafilrfg Wf.;
SI Dr ,'A Lnonnn n.., ,, .- ,
/011.. Agrnt,
cforngr gg'•reffnfl -, nnieffeol
fer_." /sn - A
.0. 1111.1 Ml' C.SNAL.
CLAIN/. I•Altn., t, P I . t. , ,,trretrs.
iti. On. knoarn I.,ne
4E, In ..p
-ern,.. Int me harm corr.Menee.l
Prelcat a• i'....nrrrts, we , Moo are
fun,. t • enrty nonna on thoCan•l
LAKE,. 1..1 Atilt nIICIIIt.AN,
Al IL: ..lare, lII,r. ../ linets of' thn 1/nn
1.1 I • enn,arnly thr 1.1 , 11,1,1.1 w Alnnongah.,la,
,11r1.4.• ; ;re frrta , t.
11111 N A rkiNuir:v,Ac,...,
at, .u, htt:btorgh.
It Canntr•Anutm
Mliehrnrne &
tt' ula,
w if
.it cton , &
In Henry,
rower, 4 7onnekunrsile.
John Il
II & En.,
I& Al V inT.lO
Pittsburgh Portraits Boat
1851. X . s,-.? 4
. .
n. 14.ilLantroitrAno, 011,1.111-I.
,U AOll.
Tuna n. ne.l.l(l4 Th.arol (rthrma,.
I.l"lat,inht, rittAhursTr.
ree.,n, and lotwardmi Merrhoodnn and
1'n.du...1 at Ina ran,. and With lha premptn:Rs, crt•
..ty and • pert:liar In %brit layatcat land m. , de
.11 Iry
nor ml whom inienn,dtlir tranyhiprnemle
ttanoed, untla con.erinent dclay• and probabilnY
of .Inu.:.
htr r• O. dAnr and Produre ..t.topo6 oh., or west, and
Iliti • of Ledin, lorwhnlrd tree of r 1 . 1-.0 for ro=or,•.
arYstoro.r, oh ' , tong,. !hying no Inter,. di.
rr•rrl.. or imitrortly In rtrambn.tts, that of the owners
t• r ron.tiltrti whr .hipirtnrr their ,orni•
AU c•Jelntutonstionr to the foltowtnir met. prompt.
Iv attended to;
Nn 9.7 . 3 hiarkrt
. I . A AYH'. & CNNOIi,
Corner Nizn Wnvue meets, Phuhurgh
John 02..iN , Ingh A C.g, 1 . , North 1111, Ualtj P. R.
AIW.& J. TTv h•eott r, •
1,11 New Vol L; JanK.l Wheelwright,ihn
.--• •
„tr,77, 185(1.
Ile I treeu 1.1 t t •burgh an n Cal C••
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and tom., prompay, m om ce inmelokadtz‘ 4t
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5 nig g N E Rum;
SOO btla: Whitey; (or sale by
r M 14.70gUlitE4
.1. 11. 'MELLOR, hl it'iod street, Ar. 'mina an
following Nero Murk:
emn yno see t 7 the Goth', holy Ifight;
lle' to Hee. C Cook. Oh, think not less lone
thee blanche Alpert, I 'owe thee. When other Maids
hutthee. The cot bene•th the bill. Wert Mon
hut 1,11. e. AIVIIC Liturie—Scolch ballad. T he Robin
by Elms Cool. rens. by Stephen Glower.
Theo heat -enunded the spies that loved thee. The
Cram. el W./I:von. The Irish Mother's Lament.
Sentott—ltc•tel. Ire cinch all Stings well—
Wttloor Macheer—Rstesell. Them:ace
finsn,—ll ton. Lotryteeked cm—Loner
r t n n M'ttl-err—camplem. The Music Cell. The
!hid , cr Wedilute Polka. Jenny Lind's American
rit!tn i troy Pinks. Fairer Amertenn Polka. Tip
Top .meerienn Pelt.. I. Belle Ilslumereun Polka
L,J Polka. Tim Origm• pods.—
Juhet. Sat mutton Pol.. bbs Pnikn. Jaseploce
Talke Suouoat Polka. lir smttgol Pod.. The Pro.
phel tl.m.lllllo—Meyerbeer Jenny bind quadrilles
The m math and thity WsPree.-11m Ernest. The
lint—es ..Winn. by (Inertly. Monument.
Senn 'r Irvin .
loin-. U. eters Wachter. dmet utrp.
Loud tblie Alsrett and Chat I,tep, Wood Up, Quick.
nee IT.
No 75, Fourth Street.
7, 1 !'" j ' .170; ', 7 " 111117 ' nf1 ' 113 . ,
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Eyrra Super herkl Velvet rile C., In, "
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CdIIIIZOPI all wwu, "
1-4,1 and 1 Tap Van Car.
14,1 1 Twtll'd
1.4. 1,1 al,,1•1-4 plain Car.
ii• Carpets,
Pr,lCollan Carpet,
• • -
Common do
Chenifir Door blat%
,heed Skin "
Oil cloth,
4-1. 11.1 / Mal uita.
18 loth [went (i Cloth's
for omits.
Embogied Pingo
Primed vtooluza
Embus... El Stand
Mae a. 1,1 TOO. rime.;
13tinth Ili Clo.htS
Ilevr”t • lor I,:angs;
Waurra Albrem..
and wn•teld
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'Turkey Red rhrtuek;
1 - 1,11i,h 611 C:od; Tabl
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Gem. , Clod. ' le
Mown Lacer, crumb cloth
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Carpet th rawer;
Jute nod carer; blaze:
Slicant and ,arletnit Matt:
s-1 a. , 1 4-1 Grren UII Cloth
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arum,. from 11 In 11 ,e,
to at rant:, balls, nn4l
aarerte.l dttett Ontit Eng
ap , ,,ty CARPI-IS. 1),,.
TL- I.mder,rl— ,
lend. Lif Vely.t
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will b.- nt prE•rt• •• I
Iketne the. larr e.ll ll.Ortll/Cfa Of the rieheel and
moot laei,inna'.!e 101('5,1:1....e. I AII'LRIAL THREE
itn.t INGRAIN e A Rill sehtch far •pritwee
queur.y m-.EI c pr,r• •GI ar.y a•sortmcnt ever
T. Ileatm telystes ,P.enmtnetal
Alen C1111.6.4..(Urefl lar.e and welt
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lannufar on in Pnilatelpfil, 14 prepared lo tell
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to 11. vl
51•• or Good• I i•a Goodsl
gFr ‘ e '.. 7;l ' l ‘. telTAl , .::..:t t gil ' ' . l..tC/I;. '' Itru ' lle ' i
~ rt., I. I ;we,. Th.rd tu.1,..111. 2: ' Len of 11,
• ':II,. IL:e 0:1,, to ~..Iconinv.r,,tl reeef v.,
an. open., • , , , A of 1./5 ,I;J•t r.rn, .readJol.
a.. 2 e r:•,••••••• .•••-••1 • , !',..ior n”..1,, c.d.., ... .... • .• 21, I(r.e. n e..wory. ,1...,
,oenn 1..q.....1 :i...1., ere !re. oitemeil. owl m:erve.l
on 04. , •. .....e. turd 1..1.2 1..11 , ., Old i1101....1. •
11tn 1, - .0 I.,etr. tri1...,..1 ...Oft l f.cnn ILIA, oil
r.; .... t.,..c1.0. , .11,1 .../...,..., ;1..e bauL..., tLeFe
1.,,1.• it, , , im,...r.2 L, the. r•1 .,, V,,,, .nol *to All
11.4.1 ,i.o. venfluotc,l. Aldo, IrtaL I..,nrn /).I.ll.kat
~ 2',. :•, 11... very 1...4t .t,ll.l . ,tutr nod lii.
1,....1,..1.. n 2 .01 110.11, .0r...1‘.2.r..1 ;tom 1'..111a.A1
~2 . cc 1..•. L.., 5...! Le woo. U...1..e.11,ti.,,,,
L. 02.0 L.
1.11;11.: , I , ft ES! , G 4 WA...
?.:•.n. •”. '• t., I .L• ~.2.2,.. LH 4 ..,,, rrlen td
pr.r•, r2e4 p 0..;
. I. ;.1.... ,11,, V.. 1 k.i .r- taw ii.0.t.t.”.., fro,
K. I t...,... ~..i ...:,.... if, I. ..N....”...1, plaid Wm:
-4 ,• I Inr: soL Fr., r,. a -
M. Lan
10.” - I.gare.l
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I.ortr4 sol.. se
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ecctonn rap. c or., emm lu•
'll.l/11 . 4 1.1 in rp,n4.l c,•!
rnears. i••• Ge•nitrel chittc.r../to- rint•
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a.rr.4l+.-It of
D 0,111,116; Sllo 11 r
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...,:e......,:ccaz., ~ ...
i•-• crre.or dark Catten, f,l coon, , troll 5 to IVi err,.
p•o y•rJ, 5 ear., 'lop 1 tr...,, ir.11.11,5 rnns, lest
rrororur.l; 5 trot, ItoArrin •od t•en rttlo.,,r..esto-ato..
ir, tow .10. Ileu-ok•rirrog U.N.,. og •tr l‘ori, wory
oor.rp. •2 r... 10• 13...ris r.rvstr. in to is..
to I?! errit• tr.,
yrolt, s.or.ter, • rarge Ilnel oi t,to o• ..ord ISlttirrp.
orrnso At., e•olerr I , .ar.r,r Ir. r.II rotor% tn.! •uarr
lre•, 1.1 lose per••. red. shoro. trod 5 ,, 10w n....!.,
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fr , oror, tr... 1,11.ez ...... orrrl•-•vic,i (..trle Ilrap•r•,•1.
r.rr - o• . Itird• e•- rr,,or• ni. prr:•• and rir4alsrre.,
env error err•s owe r .1 r ro a burt• r• Ili 025 ct•
pro y•r-1 m.o. a 'or, rrtro II orl r ott-ra l'sA:ro Cheep.
Marl-ors' .S;11,121 g - A tart •••• on•ot. ver• Cheep.
TO, i r.I splcutlid &Unit of ritragnlft
0p..•,1 by N. L 1.1.1, in Ptti•braith, t• this
0 If ',clue!, la:. arrt:1111 the nrwrot r'ent.ll
%t-. 11, rlctnrc. azd br,cly.c•nnnt Le .urraaea.
A. I. • .... L.,t co . nat:te I'Lrtrnis. Lk,/
0 , r! rftert than any I o.ra, nouvre in the CR) . rmti al
lord la 1.01 the seam quCai of goe4s
Inc Ladies are rcrvccrloiq united rectorate,. these
Parapets, a• they will kerl tome el Inc r.. r,d
01 - le. vrr imported freer tum. t o Thew
art.s• urn all of roe 'rehear and crow faahionuCle
CI .01, sod are worthy ei the atornit,rn el the lwrreo
~ t 1; cl the eheva goals will no told hB at rte-t far
any tante to the city; and in oritaz 10 proVC
ft , t, the reldie plea, call anti hr.,. theta
rotria, and eoui p ee them with any other ho'`.42 in m.
erA be eon•torad at the above ....rhea.
'f he ennui.) Ger, nayto lite nnmerno'
and the pub in general, that Utern are tyro
other te - , bite atone. in Irritant garnet, pr , tending to
c 4‘e
oath the itig lice liter, which as alone the only
an't far famed Dry 1,0.40 estaultehutent hi
rot.hurnt, Th, eatesnrther enoniti therefore say to all
retaart , onr either veno:csaie or ',ten,
toat it,e Dig lice tine. nn et street. between Thien
a1..1 notee,rn g largn•i, rtchcet, and
[roost tp endift suesopr, on and summer Dry Donate
eenr na4rtd for s , de in Pi:taint-no
D0N:41.7 4 31 DONNE:FA:
flew too It*a--The largest end meet fatthion
ill.te c uret of Ilortnets once eretsed in this estYa leer
trIVVI at the Figtt of the b,4 Ike line. on 'darker s : ~
street, 1.11w...en riord ar..l Fourth greet*, where Dry
(:roe. of terry tlctertption aro telling en , arer than
any ether house ta th , nay. The poi. titt wtil Nen,
tat, natter met there ere Isl-o other It-, hire atom* on
Market Orrin, Trilo prrtend I. e.ozocte wait the lilt
Dee iltne. between Th,rd and Fourth atreeta, where
thr puolte weal find, at all titnra,the latge at and newest
Pt) le•tof y Roods, fret.h opened.
1 . 1-ttsc e nuu.-e. that the etnro is Itotween
fled and font! 'tree, non ef mr PI" BET, 111 V 6.
:iy Borne.r, sutt ,ttett are tolling
citaaranitoill at any other 110.100 in 0, Litt,
apt..l WILLIAM 1.. IlIt;r:SEl.l...
_ . _
Dre•• Rood..
i ' r l d A fn?l ri L o l , ) e.r 6 e o n i ' iw t" rt• e r ‘ ervTi c it t n I t lr t e w e e it e s n • .
ilnicge Clotha, an en.
A , ante!, Crape Dr
e rio•, with
• inIfF1 , 1M•Otlf110111o1 LOWIOI and ether Goods.
of Ity:C.l slid Mo. taiintoliehlc eolora.
0101 FF-Ft--an ITaii - f4tinin an Ja•re,
Ueanni-en--40 Lx.. mou!d, dipped, and apcm:
C•tanalt I.sobetcr, nal .ti Enelieb Dann
dna I Temp and Manilla,
0.4 en-50 M Common and ho/f SpannOn
brlanml 1144 I,rin Ilackelcl,and eALLonni
1. —1,, to,ortrd
1144) rngnr Cured;
-10 u 11.11 F Rod Maulilok t •
11,-111 , 1. llor.ons 111.0 k end Copyin;
" ball brie Hagar lionasi
a:lsoited canister,
A , I,AVIONI-50 Ib. Itnllani,
k ,VIALU.I.I--no Itc do
r • keg. 101 , 10,1t1%
t. !AA-5 Anz mr• a%s•m.m , ;
- I , mMcIA Lnlvro;
1•,” -.511 rmsm. w•moml,
1••,11, Vordmmc
• ..4, Lan llo,m
N (ltle•ni [ma i:044.4
T. -MI men and !Huck;
TouArco— . .!1, I lit lump,
Warn IMAYL.--SO dn.',amen 7:ink;
For kale by J WILLIAMS &Co
.1,110 Corner 4 I•Vlb 0114 Wood eta.
iILIRS , F111:9. 1-1/17.3!—TheAmtb.erl 0 em emir pay
for Coon, Alink, Musk RAW Gray and Rod For,
aryl all kaids of suipplog Form, ,
t the Inghest eastern
p"4 ; 4 LAL. corner Fifth tine Wood am..
Y~per II an itir.
SPRING r,ceived, by first
'canal shipments, a neer End b nee O.OOOlCIli of
Wall Paper, of the latest French A Ilusiern styles,
in gold, chamois, oak, plain mud Mg colors.
W. P. MARSIIALL., e 13. C. !WU
mrl3 1 Wood gavel
rp Co.partnerthip heretofore comfort between S.
J. B. lluslitield and John Mciiill, under the firm &
S. B, lidchfield d. Co., t, duo day diceolved by mutual
&meet. The Limner. of the old firm will be sewed by
S. 11. ihrohltotil, at the old stand, No Um Liberty street,
Pittsburgh. 'S D 10":±liFIELD,
March I, teLO. )011N Met:ILL.
Geandclur the Wholegyie I..d'actrul Dry Gnods itt.d
n r 1 " 1 Ob " the
11 ST ' S
rk . '
lIGYNKMmdter imeoetatedienlla me, m the Who!.
Yee Grocery, Communion,and For tiding Oust
ne.. mY Imo MY., R. N. and W. R. Weinman. Th.
• aaltearisa taararamll las ebatlaßa ander the aule
S. IValetanart h. Saru, at We old pand zaVa,
tor and Froot 1111.11 L. to W un&
Mileka4STO.l44 al&
James Enrrayra Fluid Pletirstesta.
DREPARED under the namedid a me of the le
-1 ventor, and established for upward. of thin) years.
Tips elegem b , votration 11 recommended in all
ewe of bile,aciditict,iudigestion, gon4 004
Xs the molt safe, easy. and effectual form lh which
the ae is nglll tlie * p i ro o pt,n ld :: o ti f
the Magneel• nown ' eneral use, wittiont being liable
Iko it, Co form da n ge r rOnt concretions in the bowels,
Wye..PcoP ares beartbarn wittiOtit Injuring the
costs of the •toiriteh, .cull,
f ore inn vn in do; it nreirentl fool
s r in
fowl. iuraing . ..uni in nit rare+ ii sets e.* a plesing
aperi, , i. end p ndoptod to female,
11,,mohrr, leatibed Mel this eolmion forms
Oi Utile With or. meld salts m ewe ol
.edro milrovntroscling
eon MPS..."
1,1 full-. 1.
"Dear ntr—Thetr. ran be .a doubt that Maptietia
u. adnth-trred mole solely is the tom of a eon
einrai-tt sola•too that, in substance; tar tbia, ."
ohnoy other ronoms, I am of opinion that the Fluid
Mn"n. tia 1B • vrFy salnotrlo oohloiou to our tinteria
1,1 .fil{rlfll Sir A. Cooper, 111 Bright. and
Slen•ts Guar.- •hd I In f hen o of Landon, stinnK
ly r..eooonontl 5l aria t,.1 itlaguestn. as briar in.
m e
.nute sato hull roovrotent than the sot 4,
Lir e • d
tree fonn the danaer attending dia .11i t altl Lt. Ot
mit or
l'Gr 4412 by the Import,.. and pronriclor's wren.,
B A l'AlltigliroCK al
may 24
Cur. of Wond S 4 ' P/131.,..
GaLyr 121 FORT A ti T DiS COVE KY
From tko Vegera•Qe:Klngdon., to 7.7.-1 Di.reast
Dr. Uursoit , • Extract of Yellow Dock
Cert• moiuntrtt 4 .?, tht,rustitn.,
•Itopy, , pfley
wrurvey, 10..101.5 ot
11.• Oder .1,1 merruml to'•
Lumor.. ru• of blood Ole levcr
e,t. germ. enmplatfiu, DOOM detrinly.
oali Of nrrclitc. henoiudie, .Itl3,
pat l,
, p,taar. of ue heart, ',dee, 1 ,,
ti. ... I. , he .e,
et.. •t, Latt. ,
It i .nfkihhlo La all' di,ro.e. azielng from en ite
rate :.i.e. of the Lined on irregular action of the my.
V,eetal.le lisnedem, an MI M. Peng tt•
Bern .;ed Piety% at.d bathe congen•4l Incur earstoto
e •od •dea n.f to ha cure of uotea.o; and to the
reg at4e Iflocclorn dr, the reason o r ',an,. well •
: kennet of alt, turn for antelmes to pain.
7 t s'i•up eetetatf, compound or the most 0.1
co , c
prone tonore. enurely free: front eeletertooo
•orl encreattne renerel •uhttanc-, an 4 ors tt
, from the I yotset, impart, rigor atilt etzeuglu 1
sent re epondthgaceree.
- ..
An at
n,trdinary 12 AV. of blecoleta, Erysipelas and 11
c r cured: Ity the sole wee of Lb. tiny it's One .
p eldl rtty rap, Vaal, Dock and barannarilla
Blood tart, Nov. 17, 15.1 e
I A l•rvvwrit —Sir: I trod( t my nacre thank. lot
thr. a, .1 ..neat 1 have derived from the use of your
eel .0., .. rep. I bow lacn treaded very bad nit
A wcoto/ouv wire. watch made It, appearance nn m
chin Itt d tovt pnv much ativntlon to It At lam. vup
poty a to be notbme but an
that appear
on awn dy roe b It finally bee to ineuron, until
.pr d.• to th. well part of the bead. 1 appbed en •
wyviri trt, at o attended mc all to no purpose. 1 klAli
tried every dung dm; mold be tried. 1 taw your Sp
u p I 1 runty hock and Sawaptattlla, and concluded
to et 1 . , tor I knew that Yellow Dock woe one of the
mr, 1 v otnable artivlcv in the world :or tie blood. /
nn gin your :imp, and (ram 11.0 tine of cue bottle,l
euttie wear teat chenee in my •ratena. 1 continued
to t , it crud I way a wenwan. I now feel like 6
Le pectn; my Idoo lis punleclip cleanved and rote
frillVl tmpunlirs. Tlivre ts not a antenna tut Liza
poor vewiy tictenvr tee compelled Is Inth auperlor I
.....y •reagtaril ay run ever Cold.
Mt. • vrtlll. a, 13 at your dllpoeml to publish 11 Toe
1a...1:A ALT I'r l may re., to ree 1.101 be bey.
p,• tr. r.•e theal ittrnreneiioe I eau ttlnut
r•r, I ...tin your oertt.ent Errrant,
1.1t0e.-et G. loworce,
113.11arket street.
Thn Lett !rmnle kne•lvu. TLe
•nd ulit
.41d pc11314.•Ill cu,c , o 1 incliezt,
It+ m,nl, a/n , s•uar rro,,etuea reader it pecu:tarly
app:lea.•:, to
lit ,ender .111,1 dancate , con+Utuuon of
fen...t. It 11 val . ,d in
o n ogerta or , an tuati
onnuient Cl. harrtnnels. lOU
carrt, rreaii, roc.t/dalut.
lit unn.•. and n• - nvral pconrat, o:11, •, %WM.
it 1..11 t LJ a
, Ir nei To.
na... an . , la.,tude rotamon ttta Carnal. (male,
and wpm, tilf [PA bUDYWIDY .11111,1•101(11.11
may ata Frat , ,on Ve have raalence cr. ale cvlacli
y ta • recant... t!tim me.lletne to
gauJr,e4 reopl4 h•va not W. - . 164. - .1 WWI 00
1 . 11111-41'.011 toll. or Falanc of the Wornh, of her
r •
•,orod hy Dr COYsbtt • L0u..'.1 at
Teolow Pont .1.1 I , er.sparilla, eller emy ro.b.p
1100..1 remody Lad horn tried reohout tenet.
W.10‘1111.1•6r0,1, Ot..b, Feb. 1519
This o-rofies shot my wife, aged o, rears, has
•to,r - orK obaer the afiove complaiut for hr•
or ail of that time confined to her I
lot kort r ea" rooomO, ern0 , ,,,e4 the hest toe.l
.0,1•011i0 Lo• ace bob
eoubtry, re.:hubt v , h I,•re r I base al,
tn. , ,,lnarat ~ n onen4,l ior the
•or, - .4 , , I WI, 1.1.
tr: !No t bo.l :tAr.spart,ls
14. tot, aFccs t, ergs ro,,,nt to +Jr that Mt
110: tco.rhae
•tretorth, tooll the Q.,,st
rely remorej •0.0 ma Is nt.'s et, ,, ,ort
• e, hechl {V:sl /12T
O e
We ,ne atoarhore or "rt. bort dulls Nlotllan
bt, - ,o,..t•tement, to to ma ...gnats o
t• Al•ot,ot, oto o • to mr, rum brow
1,0 a.: • 1 coot. Do. a gtod barrel...lla. he smell)
tr J E
(lratt Cat• of Caaturattlca.
11.1....)1,4•07 1,
94: lte Are.l , encht wnwli 1
1 . ..
jr,,S;Ullf ksitract of Vtlion Doe , sue
.41.9.11 i, tosuus r • sue, . .13 Kt 01 3.11 Ct, V) 1114 i a
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• an.l ale oolm: of syrup blown
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/1/I.lliZe Of vile..
nrc wr.appr.l. Al vat lords, ut
D PIM( ' rorret of rnunb and %Val
Age,: tnr tit
Writ, whoa. •u0Illtf• 1114.“ be addrcas
C• 0, It Urn, e, IV I' .10,140 n A. Co., W.tter ,
..11n nto. 'f. ell
II:no. NI,. T. tn:do, Hoy, Well..
•or 4, 1. I. Wile.... Jr.. htt.
.0(0, n 1 •ni rucri and the thamond.
Q ELLER e' FAMILY NlF:lllt7lNE'fi—..TheY me me
Ili."1 Cr 11, day-
Graham :Mitten Ohio, May 27, te49.
It I: Se Ilerv—l Moil 11 richt:Mr Ihet,Or filot other'lo ;11Ie fon, ac
m in teladon to your excellent Fa
no.y 1,0,1 cum.
I I,,ve used your Vertn,foge largely In my own
rsanily orcvial aref,ncelly ex eallida few: quantlges
tear lan to ate , from two chtturfm. I have
01.0 used your Liver Pills and Cough .91 rap to my
milli . , .1 , 1 they .aye, to c•cry sostaiee, produced
the eaert. leered.
AC 1 a engaged in merchandielne, I am able to
state, that ro I
hive yet to of the East failure weere
, our tut•dleutet 11.0 t Lein wed tat any section of the
country In corm:a...on, 1 away state that they are Me
medierfes c f the day, and n c detained to nave a Ter/
eXteniive ropularay. Yours, remectfulty.
Prepared and soli by IL F. sELLutts, N 073 Wood
01,01 1 Ir
nd ml 4 by Dreggiam (caeca:by in the two
cam. and •letnity. la 7
Q i:iiiirFte F Ahl IL V :ft kitaltllNE.O-- Pne y am ma
53 Medicines et the day ."
Gasitsa's Bison n Ohio, alas DIM
R F. Seller.: I tunik II ',sift Mr the benefit of others
to state 800, ears in relation to ye. excellent Fami
ly Nledi, me,
I hurc on id yf on Verrnifuge [target,' In my oven t sm.
a ly, one via ' fic.„aently answering for expelling - ) Are
tntannuer tea) , ito Me.> norm. (nun ttx, e ms.. I
fosse al. f used your LliCI rIII. and s'f.uatt atyrop to
my Moldy, and they hero in every lunar:cc produced
the eft..r I dr sard
As I en, facetted in forrefieudistnot. I ant able to
state that there 10110 bent 01 the first fide.< Inhere
your meth, are. hove Lein Ufflt in my 51,11011 of the
cove ti. ill cominium I ',ay Ma,. 1i..1 they are as
meat .1,5 6: the duv.tiAl u , • datum:. i .. tome a very
ext. 3100 mulatto , heart. yet et dotty,
• . 0 Itturttl.C. 1
Plltareel and .old I'l 0. • . FRS, No 37 V Wood
fume , tool .1d by Wogs. r ,v.ner etly In Inc two ri •
.e. 111, itlellllll, rn v3l
LI ar: ci. ,u RE ire DV Idle CierQ - PL.INT, fiy - lik
%Jr or feinal, only tme, afol genuine Ltver Pill.
Sunlit ideas, (thto team!, Va. /
March OCW, lett. I
Mr. It F. Seller.: Dear 7110--I think n. duty I owe
to you end to um yobbo genera ly, to elate that I hoar
been attheted Will the Liver Complaint Mr a long
um., anal vo badly that an .Leese formed and broke,
sebum 101 l rue In• very low atom. Hanna beard of
your u..-•.el.ryour Liver Ithil• being for .ale by A It
fiharp, .n We., I aheny, and recommended to me by
It phystetan. Dr I:. :Muth, I concluded to pelt them
a aotr I
hot they Cl.
one I,oa, and found Mein to
e I,lli wo recommended, THE lIIIST LI•
V Ell PILL r.vER USF:D:.and eller takin Mar boar.
I !Ind the dm..., has entirely left a and g I
am now
perfectly well. Respectfully yours, te,
Wee, Liberty, March 90,1010.
I centry that I am pentonally acquainted emu CI.
,1,13 , 1 eon bear testimony to the truth of the
aor rot:cam. A It SHAM'
Tao rename Liver pin. •re prepared and sold by
RE - t 1.1.F1R 0, No 57 Wood meet, end by drugeorta
TO TIIE PUIII.IC —The original, only tree and gem
aloe Liver Pills are prepared by a I.:Sellers, and have
:],111.10. rtutured to black wal upon the Idol each
101, 14101 hl.l eir woo.: on the rutsade wrapper—all
r.tht it, are eounlct felts, or bane Imitations.
eplo 11. F: 7ELLER4, Proprietor
VA . 1./..1k1S 11—C11E41'EN
rte.'', Yu inotatc. u: jewClicd put. Ile-
Ott NS olekur, fur,' Luc.:n.ce, tug, I cult WI or
ltd wni, hoc Jolla", .4 wan - kilted to
keep good Inv,
Alko—k rplendld I.l.ofuncol of JESS - I:LILY, corn.
prierng the variour knd !alert Mier, null herd palter.
IV. WM:A.IN, Wmtchmaker ino Jeweler,
TA116011.5' trOODli, AT COST.
HF.R.SEV, FLEttIING Cr Cy, basing arniord to
give their mane to the mate of dornewe
Wooten and Calton Goods, tarsi oder their large
stock or Tll.OOll . Trimintrod, Vesting. , French and
Litman Cloths, Doeskait, kassimeres s aa. at first cost.
Ict LTWoal at
Ijl , T ree',l
J, an elegant plaid Rosewood a oct. Piano'
from fro, erlato *led manufactory of Nonni &
N 1., of superior tone, and vary moderate prim..
l'or sale I,y'H RLERER,
aria at J. W. Woodweila.
V V for teatioving VeuraY, a'" , aa' , a" all
aulntanerS deattuctlve to the 'teeth. It to dacl a. to
the room, cies/aging the mouth, henhea and wealth..
tha the gums, and puttryttly the Meath.
Vor eate, art ole tale and retail, hy
dr.ta it It 110.1.1.V.1tt1. 9 %Vona at
NOTICE Is hereby maim. Mat on of about tie Sib
of Afoul, the oubecribers had marled to them. at
sr ellsburg, Va., toe following notes, Clot—A vote
drama by 0. A. /gamin. payable to oar aides} dateh
April 11th, at 4 months, lye E 173 44; a note drown y
John 0. Morgan, tame date •nd tune, for 1111-17, and
a note drawn by John Warr A C0.,10 favor of dotal B.
Martell, and re.endorsed by us, dated April Dth, at
four months, for 11175. Tlw above notes orezinever
received by as, and Ws Otto caution all persona
against trading for of buying the isteellakraneat . i
of huboon atoppul. W
rplit Partnership heretofore eglithag between the
stroseribers, under me Jam of lturbidge, NYPeou
& Co., .wee this day &seared bytootaW eonsenb
The beldame* of the firm will be eetned by J. W. Poe.
bridge, us e Wm, Wilma, Jr ,aither or whom is
leed to the name tante enn In lie oidanon
Pittebergh, July 1,1830.—1y4 • ,
TAS W. Durbridge3 Wan!. P. Inohram have this
.?dsy ft..orlated themselves under the firm of Our
bridge is Inoloram, to learisset a Whole.ak Grocery
and !several l'oturnt•non Hummesson d r holm, lately
occur , - • by Ourgiroloe, Wilson O. C 0,116 Water st.
I . ..burgh, July 1, iaLti.—iy
11111 E luhvelibero It vet dos day Rimed •eolokrinar.
j Sbip . 000er the firm of IV a er Cifttool, tor the mut
t.. ot transteting the Who%reale Grocoiylka Com
porf nen ittones., at No L.C.. %Vaal oreet.
r <h. L 18130-111 PRANK. ‘VILSON
DI•lod•on Plasm withtwaTei tt
JUST received et the root of the Golden Ustp,orte
toprrtor 5 oetztve !Melodeon Pima with two .one
of &evils. The latest improvement. Tee Stoma le
peamblf the fine+t totted instalment ever offered for
ehet e, with Inn ttla &owned Old elegant enerior,
ITAWc P.7sPIIII--it. rise fine boot, p * Aper Ini2l;
WI do do to 21.135;
slt do On 00 War:fa;
Inn do new. printing, Yll3-,;11* do do do 12.34
GO do de do nntalin
LW, do de do 1.113
00 do flue Envelope, Wilev4,
'WI do Yellow do of
• no do ?Sandia do
do do do 0101,,
sisi no assorted ortsprone en
pers. in stars, for sale by JOHN i
II 5.11:14.1.1R
•e wood si
Economy in 7.11
nECIDEDLY tee cheapest Teo place in Paw
bur7b to buy 'rea is 'it the Market, east stile
olthe Osmond. They roll
eellent Tea at •- -SO 50 per lb
dop , rior Qualities--•----• • • • • 0 75
Low priced, damaged, or Inferior Teas are not kept
at this eytaulobruent, therefore, whether yout go your.
or tend a ebibl, you are sore to oblate a good
artiele, and af the Mayor of the Tea Is hoLapproved
:hen readily exchange :t or return the money.
1712 MOP Rid A lIAWORTII, Frofiliolnik
10 has do do;
.5 keg. do d 0;
10 has Solvates,
21 has Mould Caidle.;
29 has No 1 ethrehr
10 doe patent Zinc Waslthoord.;
Y. 5 111 euperior Green Thai;
4u enddy Pla do do; •
Ili Lichees superior Black Tim.;
5 Ms Du(Field'. extra Hums
For rale till J D WILLIAMS & CO
lytt , Coo Wool A Filth it..
i:FL - 7S.TE—ral box e• No. I Fresh ChOtoldll,
1,./ lust recetved, and for
Johnson—American Farmer's Fee yelortedia, Svo
Emerson—Trees and Shrub., too
11F0.”—Trees o( America, evo
Thomas—Amer can Fruit Cullarist, Ohio
Ho) —A Guide I. etc Orchard, I truo•
111:1111—Fllady Knehen Cardenas, 12010
:chest-11.0 Am, rie. Dee Keeper, litho
Brown—The American Poultry Yard, lemo
hla.larilt—The Farmer and Ernierant's filuid Book
Alton-14e Amerman From Hoot, lerno
Dowing—Frail sod Fruit Tree..( Amermg, lemo
lionatt—The Morse. evo
Bennet—The Poultry Van!, Ohio
For sale by JA,2ICS D LOCKWOOD
le 7_III Fourth st
m•rican Jane - slat of SOI•no• mod Arts.
fIONDUCTED by Prot. B. Ullman, Prof. EL ailll
gnat, Jr . and James B. Dem., New Boren, Con
cati., 'lran .10.(11•1 la issued every two months,
nominees of 130 pages each, making two °e mu
volume. a year, ear+ Wth many illustrations_ It m
deemed to original triples on .acierce and the Arts ;
Condensed Review. or Abstracts of Memoirs and
lageoverter from For-an P•riodioslr, Notion of dew
Publics; .... le, and • !:canal BYllel3ll of recent Semit
one cots The first rent. unworn. 50 volumes.the
last of which is a general Index to the IV volumes
preceding. Sun.. ritnion, 9.5 • Year. in advance.
J I) LOCK IVOOD, Atli thr Proprietor.,
Jeri! WI Fourth at
Cloud Clocks for 13.444440r1t0ading.
Drown—Tu.. Eventort Ertleri,umUcat, Moo.
Tudor-1:141orredo, 2 yob., 14r10 '
Col mu--F rope. lam ta! Alatinerr, volo,12.•
Drokrior A...wry .11 Yen,: Yak, limo.
Markus rupolar Pr loot ono, 701, limo.
Msrret—Fresh Greantof,
C FI II - •Nuiturru 12roo
O -Eneltsh I.rternlurr, Moo
Prior—lioldArarth, !ft lacollantouo Work•, 4 yolo
710),--Kx.uooti, I 2rnio
Tryl.—Viewm Ai wl,l2nru.
llothr,lor Cosmos, 2 , 1u1 r, lino .
For •Ole I.y ' JAo D 1.0C4 WOOD
tog Fourth 41
Books—(I. 1 tare ,
Ohm, sisnnetr its Use inn Olatatiannase. li6o
tflatto—l.Lticsoptsr of Nona, luso.
Cll3lt. Aphort•sns end Ste aerunns. 12sno.
thaw—Ens Inn. Literature, lsOun
Dojo --Isresat . , Moo. an:—Vhat 1 sass so Cabins/n.l
t. Po - fres —Paul and Vass... s!volt 12.3.
A IColl—Lettere so Vernsg loco. l'Ono.
Isurna,s—Recsausie of Daman Nuns, I=4.
Vet - mina—MN:sr:l French Liter - alas.
tiewnisam—lluman Alarnetseco.
Itiontso:dt—Aspeet3 o , iSasure.
Bredenp—Zensings,l Recreations.
rer nate by JANIF,9 D LOCISIVOOD
Ice 104 Foam o 1 •
rioliiros Nov, Witt 211•Iodles.
WINE tt, Ran .11Ntrci; t Day:
Daley Jona.; Go dot,n to de Cotton FtcLl:
Neity was . Lad,, Lc
He Kind to the Loved Ones at Home;
Row thy boat bgbtly; 'True Love, by T Hood;
t/or way •erms the wa , darn{
A new nteMey .01 g, Covert;
/envy let•y, tons. by SIMI.;
Jove that verb. fin'arainc, Wedding Mgreb:
tie mutha-; v. day;
n•,r t ar=Y C.
Coma Starr. S.rilyrlllf roll.,
Coin Cracker Qua lie, Louis ob.. tbos..lle,
Hammes of tiny; Doetts, Trim, b c.
A largo umartmeot oh New Sante on band. to wbietz
rddltmos are mode weekly. roe „le
le La:: J. 11. btFI.LOR, Si Wood it.
uncap S tandard Hi•tory.
riumwss row; ENGI ,,, No i s now r ,
11 11,,h,t.t l v H ape? & Oro's, in 010111. cloth and
p.per. at lu cent* per vul. Three vole received, and
lor 're rip It HOPKINS,
slip n1011n_132.1d.2”; P.M It.
i 1 ) EIMURIII If a. Fatst Voyage,)y licrm.ftlell,lll)
yuthor of • - 'ly)re," "Omoo,” ar.
Iltator y of Kt or Alfred of Rag ledd, by Jacob Abbott fine en ~,,, ,
Sidoaa Ws SorrercsK by Wis. Mesta Id.
"t ha of the Illetst EcroariAbiti Work, of the Age."
IN EYED AND ITS REMAINS; with an Recount
of a suit to the Chandwan Christians of Kurd.-
it, and the Yeridls, or Devil-Worelnppers; and 11.11
In n quiry tow th e Manners and Artie( the Ancient As
•yrions. Ily Austria ilenry lAyard, Esq.,
ith Introductory Note hy trot. K Rotanwan, D. D.
LI.. Illustrated with 13 plates and maps, and p d
wood ems. :von Svo. this. , Ste%
"The book has • rare uumual of graphic, viv W, pte•
curesque narrative "--Tribune.
"The work of layard is the mast prominent ennui.
button to the study - of antiquity, that has appeared for
many ycars."—Christ Dug
"Not one excels to interest the account of Nineveh
and its Ruins, Oven by Mr. Loynd."—Washington
°As we follow the digken with breathless intereht
in their rznavallons, and soddenly find °unwires bd•
lon a ILIVIIIITC fir . Ure carved With minute enamel,
lInt• ,dung 113 Masco bead Iron the dint of AM
years, we are read, to cry out with the astonished
Araba 'Wallah, it is wonderful, but It is true!. n—ln
For sale by J AMES D. LOCKWOOD,
ndrle CJ Woad at
Saw Books.
MILE WONITCO of toe Old and New Testament
j Edited by E. B. Sprague, D. D. I val. Imp; Ilya.,
elegantly bound; In exquisitely finished emirdyinga;
with descriptions by culebratee Amerman Clergymen.
rotms BY AIIIELIA, third %Veiny, of Ay,l a new
and enlarged edition; illustruted by erg rooms , fions
original dedigne by . Wier. 1.1 *qualm "vti , elegant
ly bond rind gill. Also—A •gricl.o of splendid Anno•
al. end Gifl Books.
doweled Child's First Book of the fluttory of Rome
I vol. I-mo.
TUE hi ECIIANIC'S AS . SIPTANT, adapted for the
use of carpenters, ehipwrighls, Wheelwrights, Saw.
ye(4, Lumuernirt, Students, and Aruzand geuerullyi
being a Mornagn and pructical Treatise on Alienettra
tiongod the Rule. By D N. Kuper, A.M.
Boise's 'Treatise on Greek Prose Composition.
Oltendorfi's Elementary French Grammar. By Prof.
Greene. of Brown Umversity. I val. 'Moo.
Itucdtger's Gesentue Hebrew Grammar, by Conant.
Gesciiia , Baron - Lexicon.
Loomis' Trigonometry and Loorithuilc Tabled. 1
vol isheepd
'The Englishman's Greek Caticordance. I tel own
lin I
Webetera Doitionary, revised cd. I wit. eve.
do do undhfidged 1 vol. dio
Barbc's Notes and questions on New Testament
Whately's Logic.
Molhelm'dEccieetastical history. 3 vols. and 2
vole (theepd
Vestige% of Creation. 1 vol. Hiroo.
Mornings Among the Jesuits at Roans I yob (cloth
and ann..)
Secure where Ma Tempter has Trinnaphed. I vol
(sloth and paper.)
Bogue'. Theological Lectures. I Oil. 8.0. piluth.)
Pronouncing Bible. •
Royer'sFrench fipitiouary.
binary. Dwane. For saleby It HOPKINS, .
no• 13 Apollo Buildings, Fourth dt
Tits. Oldau Tlmi.
D LOCK WOW), iloolirellit and Importer
el No 63 Wood stirs x has Mr sale Few emned cow-,
Pico, (thy remainder of the edition.) 01 this mood."
work. drvotcd to Inc Pre-ervanon of 14mm:ileum, and;
cdher'autLetitic 'monomial, relit n o t to the cavil Pr,'
plorationS, pritlerochl and iniproarinent of arc croon..
eround the head ol the Ohm: By Noodle B. Craig-
Tag., of. Pittsburgh, n a cols" dvo.
11.)OhlAN — LIBEITEY: riiiddory, wad o view of the
j 1 Liberty of other Aorichl Nations. By •Samuel
Elliott, Esq. Illostrsted with twelve csigravEnc6,ene•
voted at Rome dots, 000., Ouitona with Prescott'.
Ilittorical Worts.
Just published and fat oile by
JAMES D. LOCKWOOD, Brickdeller and
00,1" Importer, 63 Wood O.
'I . 7ANNY KEMBLE IN ITAL - Ti authoriiididißeT
"The reading of this book has impressed in with a
mach higher opinion of Be maker than we had ('owed
ir [KO penning her Olher It dtdplays deeper
tone of thought, muted domain pore wondonly prat's Oi•
frellilg than toy other prOduilltOn of the Lucille mind
with which we are acqualoteiL"—Eee. Mirror.
"It ism very agreeable and readable book, written ni
Vponp deer style—bold, spirited .0 enter
tuning. -We recommend itle.ttarAeader• U are best'
publication of the semoo.......Reading Ga.
'lt tOillgirla the Journal o fa travel through Enter.,
and residence in I
and s Coe of the plexmatossi
end Most intorenting booka.oT the seadon."—Cour. and
Vinquithr. •
"A eery eharaeteristieScik. We have read it from
tale page to Colophon with itunbatril interns. A Pl•
rid Moo.. of U. In Roma ila all respecti eminently
readahle." -- Krdekerboeleet.-
For sale by • JAMES 11 LOCKWOOD,
AriVIS Bookseller & Importer, Cr Wood et
Um I PSlid Ulm Wawa..
M140 . 1).y
o ßy4 riut.D two . 4 q[eeliem
itzne tbreet :11GIVIgts . 1 111”1 . tr z t r zl
1 1"PtirtilVka4 OW CZ:01 alialM , 4 r 444
vousaux xxcniAlkOM:
3, Eugletid, Ireland, .d deollited bouts
On, 0100/101 01 0110 Curer" ROWS Of ESAILSOP.
A so, Drafts payable In any part of the Old Collll[llOll.
from 41 10 .£lOOO, at the rate et SS to the 1 Sterlang.
ahoos dedurnon of dateount, by JOSHUA ROOM ,
SON, Ilurope. and General Agent, office Sth •
dootraeu of lewd. oettf
SLL3S iunsa.
B to
afielana o F'n f Pa an
la...ire, Bina c Zio . tra and Uoin..c.sae df
3.1 and V. add streets, d.rnrl7 0P1 ,0, v. lb C h. ''' . tin.
.1.0, •
/1.. 1 4
can[ tr.tra,
Patti ..pad •1 la• lowan (Car bZ
N. N
. _
FW • ;.1 Masi, StrtAL
Cink()lP itlAllllF•+Ytlti4eela as
Pulta4aipkia, and
co. la., to, sal* bi N. liOL!.11.. 'A/INS
pl 3 :So
1110itille aIAtVOILT.II.
D DISTIL! EILS, and lea and WO.
Xlerettara, 1':A•110110 of the liadthaul, l'insLargh,
arr adrrtn,t at the very Itsv,lprie , for cash,
Keelided en I D. , lar r Ils•adYi alan•
Prenell Ilrstul,,llo,ed Jdath,ra rds, Lon
doh Gan, Ink Sum, Se. Putt.", berry, 111•
delta, l'l,otdringne, !`land Idulaaa, Tenr•
mare and lALLo thine, NVLnlcsale S lLta.l. and
'up KIN rtlvt: rAr PR—Alwt pi on handor [nada lc,
order, the various sizes of Printing Puper, Rag
, V , aPPlat l'are , iCruvro,Alethusnculd Doskoo Crown
#11(3 SI mar Wrappinu Paper; Crows, Meatus., nn]
DoublvOroven past Office esper, P•aletussrd ikot ..a. W
r Al ARSIIA Lt., E 1 55 trod 61,
A1,1:I far (Simon Alills.
aro ricic.
rolll`4 WATT A CO. buss removed their stock
J Groestos to dee opftratte side of Liberty st.
WON •N IY Am:au:A—Mr 'wotk •nd hoz ro
nridd..By Nana J hlelntonh,onthor .Charm.
k 'lO seem and to Lk' . I rdl Mao
- • • • •
Laura Dty Prinitiblo a, No It—Tho present
iy Thoiros Califate
Cittl..),•l.l.—Menaule.of Life and I,Liiitinris erne.
Obtainer., D D, L. (.. I/ Prelreiiinto Cu Dolieris
Aholhgt • Paley4Evideliens of Chriru %tinyond 111114
Lenore on Divinity, wini torn Intro luttory horturoo
and tour delivered LI dr, Na. Coile.r
EAinborgh, by Thomas C/101.<IL, .1) D, L. L. D.
Coloon—Lide of John Calvin,eompiled Cinihurthen.
tic source.. and particularly from N. eorthpThdeneta.
My Thorn. H 1), r, with portrolt. 1 tint Limo.
For eels by R 110P111Nit
spit 78 Apollo Bundler.. Fourth ot.
Combat Combat
.)0 GROUP 001'6s Ponta; 10 do do very fine;
sr So ass'd Fkdding,
super Ette,l6 Com lac
6 " ' Paiket Comb.,
500 Sms!
loba dos ase'd ritai Ivosy;
30 " Oben Side, Combs;
10 " super lark
C o;
Mo gross ass'6 Olds Combs; reed md for tale by
1,05 0 YEAGER.. lee Cartes st
Duff 1/olla6dl Huff 8011.4.11
'MILE NOTICE—That W. McClintock ban thin day
leeched neve.ral Oven of the toinal and beat Lind
Window llotittod, to widen he would mar. trapectlutif
un the cdtchtdon of ids cuatomera and the public ta
_ll:7•Copet Ware V6011;1,7 . 5 Fourth F, 1.031
A M " br:t e e7to fi
ana G e i L i r r y A o d. 1 1‘47:[ 1
1, Lr
ddid . J 0. MELLOII, I. Wood at
91/IE I , nierlere Works or John genrin; . 2 vita, evo,
J. in I tat, illustrated, idn.lin gilt and FIJI td,E.S.
• Web kithhoar end Ssh...arik Echo,, thiograpay;
• new work; 1 vat, Onto.
Town'. I.lilpris alp .r ,
I.lfr of John Q. Adsuri; by %rm. 11. Seward; 1 vol,
Imo; rne.iin
Poet. by Mee lIeson; I Yoh IfInto; shru
South's termcos—Semions preached upon several
ueettslan, hr Schell South, D. II.; • new ethttnn,
wool; oteltulutp. l'octhuccows Di.COLITSCS.
—4 val. In Si 'itheep, slam [lvo.
r aae IP y IL. 110PEINS,
febal Apar, Claddings, Fauna st. •
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Sign of the Grit Genii, 1.0, Market initsburyli, P.
Western Merchant., Pedlars, and other, roan,/
Pntsbargh to purchase Goods, arc respectfully invited
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Lace Goode, Outcry, Gloves; Ribbon.
dalk Cravats, Shea and PatertiThreeds,f3evnaly
Spool Celine, Tapes, Suspenders, Iluktou, Plni, Nee
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cured a conga of Leto Months" elettleg. About one
Lohth since, the cough returned, and tam so severe
that she could hardly More, Imes, weakness lir the
breast; 1 sent for our bottle of your Dough Syrup, and
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hour, ITSpeCtrahl, A.R./ B. Kazan-
Prepared and sold by R. F. tilllut.b.RS, Shoed
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_l2l [III.II . , . • J. A. BROWN.
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