The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 16, 1850, Image 1

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,ent TM eD sitar, IVIIT DOOl TO
Polly ita r--......•••—••—•—57,00 per urn
Trl-WOr • 6,00
Weekly, le 2, 00
/0. o Clu6s, at a reduced me.:
One :Nor re, (101thes of Nonpareil or leas)
One tkuiv re, each additional ismirtlon- • • 0, ,, a
Do. • into Week•-,...---,...._. 1 . .,
Dn. ' two wee k 5........-.. --.--- 3,1•0
DO. three ' , twil.— ...... -• 4.00 •
Do one Month- l ----•-••---- S.W
1 two tunnthe--,....-.-. 7,W
Dr • 011ie m0th5.....—.,,.- 9.00-
I.on ' lour month...- —.-• 10. W
Dn. ale month ..... --- --- IStal
Da. Metre roorths...• —..• 10,00
Standing. rd (4 linen or le•sd per annum- 10,00
One Soule, changeable at Pleasure (per an.
mint) e elusive of the paper--;
For each dditinnal Irtinare,lnik•rted over one month,
ana for eact additional square inserted ander the year
ly rates, ha liner.
Advent.< lents exceeding,. square, and net over
Publisher not It:lntro
uneoun chargtattle far ea a •flnre and
ve a half.
legala adrtisemeilta
oeyottd the Inuit charred nor •heir pabtication.
...minuet.g gentlidate• for office, to be charged the
tame n• tuIT advcrUltinerrta.
Advertiwt ents not marked on the copy for • sped
led nurturer ( in, on
rds, wait be rominued till forbid,
and payment -scrred tenon! • -
The pnvile ;es of yearly a•l'vertisers wil
el h er ne
rigidly to their regeirtr-Int.ineisa. and all adver.
Usernent• not pertaintng to their regular business, as
agreed Sur. to in paid extra.
All advermerdent• far charitable methadone, fire
rnpantt, ward, township and or her public Ineettngs
Ir advattee. ;
and sorb 'lke, to be charged halfpnce, payable atrielly
, •
Marriage nettle... to be chanced SO mints.
Death totter irwerted withoutebarge, ante. aecont-
I .
panted by ton e ' I torantion• or obituary VOLICCS, and
when en acenni tired bi be paid for. •
Prettier a lee, and ..110thers sending comm..
nievt.on•, or .4 airing notiCes designed an Can alien
tin. n , rnira, . rree. Concerti, or any nubile enter.
tainn.rtt, whet eherres ear made tor admittance.-
istl nonce• of o v ote associartons-evcry notice de.
meted weal; al talon to private ente . rpritha eliellia
ter! or.thiended to promote indbeitlonl interest, can on
ly be tiwercd with ;he . understandtrui that the same
Is to be paid for. if intended to be Ineened in the lo-
cal enlonth, the slime will be charged at the rate of
not less than ID ecru per line.
Hilltopnr liar Notices to be charged triple price,
Tavern Lteensc Petition., S 2 each.
Legal and Medical advertisements to be charged at
fall prices.
Real relate Agents' and Auctioneer,' advert' .
meet. not in he el.,' under yearly nitro, but to 1
allogreJ docount of ihirty three and one third pereen
from the amount of bills.
IrEVALT ea TulArktllLT IN ALILT raven.
One equate, three lowtions!•--...• .31 50
Dn. each additional inontion• •. 37
V.ri1121 , 001 . 131% IN 1411510[11r mama
One Situate, (10 Ilneg,) min •itsenion• -SO eta.
I'...each additimiel Inseruon••-. ••
All transient advertisements io be paid in advance.
WHITE k CO, Oaten,
JAMES P. DARR k CO., Oironieba
• FOSTER di BROTHER, Dispatch.
JOS. SNOIVIIF.N, Morel:ivy.
JAMES W. DIDDLE., American.
lIIRANI KAINE, Evening Tribune.
Pet - roma., Dee. I. ISIS
----- -
JOllll A. PilattlBboll,
A LOPRAIAN, Flfth Werd, Penn street, beteree
tritire end WeltmL ea busmen promptly et
tended to
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Ottide, on Fourth street
stbore Wood
DAVID O. T tyr:riaz,
ATTORNF:Y AT LAW, and Commlwionar for
Penn•ylennin, Lettis,
Al! communications promptly answered.
JAnics I`. Kr:my
A TTORNI.:N AT L A W—tahra on Fourth wen,
betaman Sawa:old and Grant, rittaburgh.
.1011.1.1 11. ILAN
A TTORN and C.nnlrPor nt Law, and Commit.
aloner tor the ".. , tat, of Penn.ylratda, St. Louis,
(late of Potglturgli.l
Reterene , —Pittahurah: !Inn, W. omnrd, Ilamp•
Inn S Miller, M'eandl”.. k Mreldre, John-E. Parke.
Hispella A Semple. Metlor.l.k Nina. angl.l.l)
onaix. Feri-y Post Olin)
flawing pt,llltriClillV I•GCeti al nue place, a new
•nd seihstenttel Wharf Ilea,, we are prepad to re.
calve and terward peon:lode to all poitesou die neer,
and dandy and Veneer er Ohio Canal. B & co.
Olaanner, June I 5 Id
•.10111,111.. COAkii• V..
BtuA r„ LRY, WOODWARD A. CO, Wholesale Oro
_ :Dark,
Pittsburgh /alkali Work,.
BF: NN ET r, DERRY & Co , Mania:hirers of Soda
As& Wearable' Powders, Slo Salta and Sulpha, lo
Acids. Warehouse ho —, Water sheet, below Ferry.
nor2o ly
F rederie k Itratn. . tie o rev Reiter.
B I. , A m tl m N , c u
L:be n it ; t; I . n n i• c
it, V ,.
S R ,
r t; t e k t i , l
a 1
. AIrANI , IXV & r•!r, F0r5...M..1,1.611;n
• Mirdon Alrrchnm•, Vftnal ritishorgb
H. RAS T. t \ ..nd
\J. forwarding M,,linnt, No 41 Wa‘er u.,
Ira Hersey ••• • .1.1•11 Yl. It hleintna
nErtsalv, PbESIISO t CO.,
fIOMMIASION 311: aril ANT:r—For the sale of Do
mestir,Wonlen, rnd Cotten Gnorl, alro, dealers in
aII kind. of Tann,' [`rimming., No all Wood st, Ith
door from F.Rlo. l',lolire h.
R ef , re nee—Mess: Wm. A. Hill it Co, Banker.
CONIMISSION Nunc lIANTS and Bill Broke.,
No 114 5..en.,4 Pin.Mln•rh. surd
M E . s r•01..11/1, /AMR, V. 11,11.7.
NGLISII UENNETT, Gate Enrlish, Ganulver
Co.l Who,c.ce Grocers, COnimiasioll .d For
warthne ' , Jere lido.. and dealer. 14 Produce and Pins
barab Slaw/factures, N 0.27 Wood 4,l , etsween 2d and
114 Greets.or t l
Wn. O
JUNST - Grili.
No 112 eeeou.l Pln.l , urch.mr2l
. .
LOBE.: W. I WSLT.e c. urrnomct
R. W. POINDIZET.I2O. & co.,
ENEGAL \i124,411, and Forwarding Moo.
c. 0.. and Flour Dealers, No VS Market wreet,
Onladclolna. irdd
No 41 North Weer Street k No. IS North Wharves.
1 1 1111..ADEL1'IIIA
D. c. mcc...mox
TT I,IIE, lracceseor t MoTialy /t.Lev.l - Wool Deal.
er Rod Conino o selo• Merchant, for the •Itla
NVonlens, Liberty, onrooeite Sth n, (chi.)
. ;once.
HA RDV, JONE.I h Go., Isacetagors to r
Jones h Co.) Commtsslon and Forwardlna Mer
doa,erl In rittabargb Manalsetared Goode,
ruwlotren, mph,
ISIPORTIift 8. Dealer In French and American Pa
pnr llanainaa iiind Itorders, Windrow Shades. Fire
, nan d pr.., ko oiro—Wriling, Printina and Wrap.
lona Paper, No s'a wood Street, Oolsreen Fourth atreel
sod Diamond alley, 'rout site, Pittsburgh, Po.
(Olin .
I AGNEw, late of the Grin of Chambers. Al
new & Co, would respeeti'ully inform the old en.
lowers and the pa htie generally. that Ire will still eon
tinoe rocarry on the Green tit.. tinniness, in .II It.
*ant:ties. and is pri pared to fill .11 orders fm Apothe
carie '
s' Parnitorr, Al-nerate, Porter*, Viols, gc..
rt . :mining in hi. hotter... Ilia warehoosetts No al
Al tract street, batureen rt. it Netion I Sr AO 1:43m
D MIIIWA N. Wholesale brutitt•t,iiiiinT
rt• ar in Dye Stair*. Point, 0.l.• V•ritisheui he, No
la Wood street, one door South of. Diamond Alley
Pittsnargb. apt
7 ANIESDAi.Zah., WhiTilat*o I e tlror or, Coo3l2l.inTl
IP Merebetnt, at, in Prod,e and Pittsburgh
glanafnetures ..!1 Water •t, Pilliihufgh. a
t•itpol [Act., 11•0•1111 T DICE•T, it,
TS.AO(II DICKE? A Ca., wholeattle Grnean. COM-
Plivrion Merchant., and dealer* In Pradana,Nas.s4l
Water. and 107 Frrtv t street+. Ihtt.h.rceh. anvil
ht.rne,ri._..—...--/oecph Oi wort'
JR. DILWORTH ft CO., Whnienle Drricers, arta
. Agents for Hereof Powder Co., No. al Woo d eh,
Plttnetegh defii
J s47 POWNSlT4l s ,74rriiils , 6 . 4
lid !co. (5 Market or, three doers .bat, Third In. Prue
burn, will have eanstantly on hand a well enacted in'
torte:tem of the hest and freshen Afetrielnes,whteh hi
will sell on the n ressonehle tenni Pkynelen ,
sending orders. will ha prnmntly intended to, nod
plied with anode. they not rely urine as genuine.
nag pr :part rrta " rin - re l' ent"ln. w al let rI he
, " atTn ' y U ll :e a r n e d (
• day or night
ti Moo for halt, s large Moak et (nth and good Perla
let 3
Jaen Nord. Friebard Floyd.
A R. ' , Loy!), ‘Vl.oles•l e Grantee, Commission
id . Mercloratr,and Dealers In Produce Round
Church Itiplihnif.. !reverter on Liberty, Wool and
Meth RIMPI, 1 . 1,1 ,4 1,101, j., apt
INO. A. F, Agent for the , Lake File ilia
Miehigen Line in Deaver and the Laken, -0800
eut the romp, of Woo., and ffoOth6•l4 au. lone
hrEN A. trtrrcrtimlT'vez.: - _,
•r Lewis Hate:neon di Co., Commlialon Merchente,
and Amite of ere - SL Loan Hiram Pager Definety :
No 45 water and 99 front wens Plttenurgh
y — PERTITr's - rif A IC Eirr
el . No 21 Wood otters, Pitta l / 1 0. opt
,- In
Mt In Masse and Mantel lentreenente, flehnol Boon.
raper, Marne, Pteel Peng, Printers' Cords, and
Stationary generellf,No. 41 Wood et.,llPitieburgh.
Rein tannin or ..}en in 'nlo • soot,
1-17C-A-54-14FLO tiring of Warren, fltdod Com
rte:le t r ic i s n Z{f ' e d et l er ' , * n n' ileaee A g: . te c e. h e a e n , '! ;a o tte
r; Pot and
Perz, A.S, and Western Predate generally, Water
etre" between Smithfield and Wood, Fittebanth- =•
lEN . JONF3. Fn e ding.* d • ..1.11. ler
etiec.ts, Dealers it Prixlee° wed Pittsburgh mane
femur./ articles, emit Ilesln, near 7th nl. ape
. .
TrENNEF.DE, CHILDS &CO Alenuraeterere of
EL; very saneraer 14 Sheeting, Carpel Chllin, Cotten
Twine ant Outing.
kATE Jobrston t Sift-Ibn, BOOKSELLER, PTA
Ut sad Third urn% ?WAIL*, Pt. i72o:dtt
.. • '
0 '
ppitt.b.,eh Clay 111••• Works.
In No IC Market ante; between hlnt and Second,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
FlTPardchinr Olentinu paid to odd sues. Also,
W. eurisiononi, S. 0.n.0. ,
Win Miller, Phlihd. C. %V. Rieketson, Pittsburgh.
172 and r nnen
74, eorno f Unndies.
er aT4flroq d
in or g. eets, pin
burco, Pn. Iron, Nails, Conon Yarns, de. Se , con
stantly on n a nd. aft
JoinThivt-a. James D. Ntitlt. Walter C. Ron
LT cf.:ILLS A. ROE, Whnle•soe Grocers and Commis..
DLL slon Merchants, No IN Libeny St, Ptitsbu rgb
111.4.•• 10.1111%, /OMR 1.
JONER & 44,0100,
ANUFACTURERS of spring and blister steel,
MR plough steel, steel plough songs. roach and clip
l i ,.eongn, hammered trnn anes, and dealers in mal
,rLOing's. Gee engine lamps. mid enrich Inmmings
lt,...ninY,cOmer of Ross and Front ans., Ptusburch,
NNATT/TEW WlCONTPortrait and hlinimture
IF.L Palmer. Scorns corner o , Pon °Mee Alley and
Faun% street, entrance on Fourth sh, near Market.
XTlTY.Tarillo•, Commission Marc hunt,
NL 31 Old Levee N Orleans, keep
hand a large assortment of Brandies of the follow
lug brands, which they odor for sale as agent. for J.
I Dutiful & Co, Bordeaux, st,s: blustery, J. Erand..l Du
rand & Co, Larva helm, .1 Durana, Cognac, Adesl m
-10500. A 1. illeville, A de Monitore, Jean 1.L114. ko,
tr.e; also, Anchor (tin, Bordeaux Red and White Nines
in casks and eases, ralectett with care by John Durand
/COY; besides Champagne Nl:lna and Sweet Burgundy
Port - tent-/ v•
XT HOLMES & PUN, N 055 Market st, second doo from r
corner of Fourth, dealers in Foreign and
Domestic Bills of Exchange, Certificates of Deposit,
Bank Notes and Sped..
V e Coletenonsmade on all the principal eine,
breachnut the United States. ttp4
I\y BISCRMASTEIL, Auisa•An—trihea, Feviith at. ,
11 a third door above Smithfield, south side.
Cnoveyaneing of all kinds done with the greaten - 1 I
care and leg• I accuracy.
Tit cs to Rea. Estate eXemined, he.
Lithographic gatahllahriorat.
wm. SCIIIICIIMANN, Thirdat, opposite the
Post•Oilice, Pitishunrh.—Mups. Landstapcs,lllll.
hoods Shoorhilla Labels, Architretural and Nlnehme
Drawints, Business end Visiting Cards, to entraved
or iilra.n on stone, and printed in colors, Grd, Bronze
or moatoPProvcd style, and at the most
reasonable nrites otut.s:l•
CO.. • o. Ys Liberty wee
Pjbelese Grocers Pro duce untl
mercha eJ
nu, and dealer in Plueberei.
Menefee ere..
NOM 1.0111.301.1. LITTLE SA. 11013131.,.
rll::fTMr3R':PlZ7l7lrac7:n7".T"'ti,lCl C dealer i s rO,.itlholhsl4l{;. re,da~ all
oLt - , o r, re y ,
, ri n s c u , d . D;;In o nt n lc il X a ti n i
large stock of sut.erior old Monongahela vcdskey,
which ss,.l be sold 1 00 (or , ash. ° . t
o. YZYTtIi
1D RV NOI.LIS Forucarding and rotunda.
Lb Sion Aterchuntt, for the Allrgueny flitter Trade..
scalers in Grocenes, Produce Itttuburgh, Manufae
tures, and Chloride of Lime.
Te highs, price, lo cash, paid at all titneosfor
country rugs. Cornet PM, and !corn it.. coin
R OIICRT DALZELL fs—brs,-.: Wholesale Gtocess,
Commission Merchants, dealers in Produce nud
Piusburgh Manufactures, Liberty street, Pittsturr
11. A. OVIIIIII(011Adt,
uremLFsALE GROCER, Produoe, Forotnhog,
VT and Cottunosion blerrtoont, nag Maio, to Poo.
burgh Manufactures, No :Cm !abort,' atreci., rimhurrh,
SHACKLE:TT & WIMPS Wholesale De.lemt
Foreign and Domestic Dry hoods, Do. LM Wood
prat. PlusoXu A u
S I ;
and 6'l IC e ‘ g V o 4' nern i ' l l y " s c n b :l " r . r tt r ;
and Co Merchants, 143 First street and
Trend street Pittshorgh.
r. stimmes, ro-rtLernan. , oubi dli s t
mi s
I t t L
bur"), S o pe v rm i
S• rer ' ... a - rdths on ' d ttnaL:soo. hnlesslcGfo-
Dittoes in Fhttaboroh 51.ns turcs •.I Wetimitt
Produce, Lase removed to h#Clf new warehohvo. loot
mand.l 313, corner of Front street and ChneetY
in•WC.23I . • CPU+ SUN.)
T HE subscriber ha in !cased the above seell knoa,
and rkeellent staklishment, is on.. prepared enMrtarn his (sends and the travellink pahhe genes
Ciy, it the best manner and on th e most reasonst.le
lite TABLE will at al! tiro, be •upplled with every
delicacy of the season—tin.! his ❑.O with the best of
m i. L i e , 173 , 1"1; :and even , man e 3..
63:41qb1'6,1 e
aecom3934lnuan of Dm
BIORHIS i iiil47-01.1.T11
Enat mde Diammul, Piltrbargh. arid
VITOULD inform the. pabh
or , thry baw.• taken the
arurthonte forrcerly earned by the la, Mr
9 - Inroon Senoyer, 114 ,ceond ctrrr t Itv ring ail!arm
..d comm - kiloas vrere:sover. they Would
ati , n of pence,'
thent ar The will •lon rive attentinn In purcan, and sale
l!rioie, Draft, Ilan& e .0 7
S. W terms n • • R N %il - 1 " 11 7 ;1111l1.. W U. W.ic rrnre.,
1.. S. 'W ATER MAN t SONS.
bog ••er,tlai., //I .gr k,uds Pro
.lare A Pubd.nrgb Manutbcf.nrd Aruelc., •n• Agent.
for sale of Rlebtoond and LyncLourg AbinvfArtur.d
But/ex, Po
WILL elan attend to collection, and ail culler LAM
ne tt entrusted to Lieu to Butler and Armstrong
counties, Pa. Refer to
J. Ic R. Floyd, Liberty st.
W. W. Wallace, do
Junes Marshall ' do Pittsbarich.
dii Ks. A. CO., Wood at. ) lan7
[tarn, Penn street, Pdtzbarsh mre
JA14L6515 M. DAVIS & CO.,
No 2.17 Marko, and 54 Commerce et, Philadelphia.
Advance, made, by either of the above, ot. consly Il•
ments of Produce In calm, House
J. L. Williams John
Fore...ding and Coma...lon Merchants, and
dealer. in COO `itoy Prndeec and Ilittsbargn Menefee
tarns, corner of Wood nod PlOll streets, Pittsburgh.
Wm. H. Willi
North Dan corner of Wood and Third streets,
Ant Prrrserraco. Pa.
war. iusiamra, Jana a. cow.VAL
Wei. lIAGALEV tr. CO, Wholesale Grocers, I
and Ili Wood sire, ' Fanning h. apt:
101111 D. wig,. DaVIL WC/OWL...
IrIFICK R tiI`CANIM.ESS, (serecasors & J. D.
Wog.) Wholesale (ironer.,Forwarding •nd
Cornotiosson Nlerenanig, dealer. in Iron, Na.l., Wars,
0011011 Yarn... 1.1 P.1.1•D Wel Manufactures general
ly, morose of Wood and Water .tenet,, P,ltaburab.
•• • Ilentifyarrr Distillers, sod Wine and [Arran,
Mereit.inir AI . - .—lmporter, of Soda Ash and Dirac a.
log Powder, No.loo Liberty Street, (opposite
rreet,) Pittsburgh. apt:
Wahes, Jewelry, SI !rev Ware
a •nd Military Goods, corner of Market and
Fauna streets. Pittsbutgh, Pa. N. D.—Watches and
Clock• carefully repaired. apt:
WY TOOlll4. /MIN h. 'mu.
w.l. YOUNG k Co., Dealer. in Learner, Olden,
dr.,141 Linen, street. rat , nity
Wt adeotrueds. ION" IectrIVIISON.
X r K. McCUTCHLGIY, Wholesale Grocers,
PP deniers In Ptbdoee, Iron, Ni.,ai •C..., and
Parebtiren Manufacture Centrally, Liberty erect.--
Pinsiugh. • •
IATILSTARTII A NOBLE are now receiving new
cr., wheat, which roof superior quality. Tier
can now famish families with fresh Flour. All orders
left In the Loans will be promptly attended .
Jy34:dtf City Mills.
1 - HAVE taken WM. CARIL into partnership ioS
1 ma in my busineas, which will from this dal be
earned on ender the name of vdohn Park, & Ca'
March hot, IeSO. JOHN PA [WC
J o h n f. —.William Car .
Wicilesids Grater!, Diva,' in Prodara, Form,"
Wines, Liquors, Old Alanongshda
and Rectifia Whisb-v.
No. S, Commercial Row, Liberty street,
mr..11 I • _ltt.l ! Eargh, •
INATZILILLP faLata. sosints nsrers. ma. u o
PAinfEn, !SANDIA d CO.,
(Sueccuure to Hassey, Itnetn• a. Co.)
I) In Foreivi end Domestic Erehorme, 4.-nthesic.
Of Deposita, Bank Notes, and Speer.--Nuttli *Tim
corner of ‘Vood and Tina streets. Current monis
received on deposito.—Sight Checks for sale, and
collections made on snarly all the principal points
the United Suites.
The highest premium paid for Foreign and Americas
Adminceo made on consignments of Product. Olio
ped East. on liberal ten.. oPTir
WK. 4. fecureol puma. oh•
No 25C• liberty street, above
Nay. Owe ye on band a Nitre ii..otuneni of Moira
titneerie• and Fine Tfoe; ninn, ' , wenn, Praise and
Netn, Wholesalturnd Retell. Dextrin . a pp lied on the
la .a,m• meet
11.16 4 OA WOLLT/I. —
Excellent Tess— SO ..",0 per Ih.
- Dopester qualltles•------ 0 73 do.
The best Imported I CO do.
Low priced, tionsged at inferior Tess a
at this estsblislonenL " DlTthript
It][7 tIeCLINTOCIE h. mot received al hi. Cerpn
V . - Waren•abe No 75 Fourth .veto, a very hand
some assortment or Rom to which we laviie the al
dietiLen or eedieiseer au On
To I he citsooms or Anogrbony City
A BOX ler the exception or o th ers for City M ill.
ZS. floor Is left at thee Vora o
f Mercer & Rohinum,
p e d.ral pirstl- Midi Orden! will be poneptly
COURTH STREFP, rrrrsauxott, PA.
Inns inagnsficent morthltshment bane no. con,
1 pitted and ready for business,the proprietor would
respectfully solteit a share of the public patronage
Ile trust. by giving his full atterol., to the harlot-Fa.
m mote the heart a pleasant and comfortable resort
far the mum. of Ihttahurgh and fur the country
Goad Intendant,. will he In waiting. terd ever ra.
.ertion made render the ealahlkh.nent worthy y
and oePPort of an tnielligent ear:D..l°l,lr.
.Tbe th TWO SPACIt lined for Parpe•.
Coneert.t, Leeture•:, ang pul.lie In/41w, will
he let by the evening or week, no u. ',been' ter.. e.
any other in the cite.
Th.. DAR and RESTAURANT, equal in wyle and
beauty toy in the world, will he k •pt turnltlted
with Par e Wine., Choler Ligon, 0,1. 3 14, pw ter.,
Ale., and al: the root, light, ref renhtnentx ihe ..erwon.
Poultry. Unrue, Fp.h, Soup, Oy. Gera, and t7.11.m4,
nerved up In the bent style.
'The DINING and 'Ct.:CREAM being on
the Leal. door, and eary aree,, will ho en 1 etnell
rippled with nll the Lugar., and Dellvhc.e. oi
owaaan, and a 1.., with the marker*
by the day, week, or Dinner+ or
Sooner. for inthvoinalm or pante., fu year
Gentlemen with thepr the ray eln,
be ntirrilieo with Tcfre,hirieuts of nil kind, emy hour
or th., dor.
Good Stabling and an f/1.-11..M. !Avery Fvoil,l.i.-
..into. connected with the Ilan
Dinner at I o'clock. Itrcalira.t and Tea at Ilio coal
Fintrimee for Lad., to tne lee Crean and Dining
tialoon, No 117 Smithfield .tioio
togottllf VAN n r.Nss
. au.] W - MSlavni.v, l ¢
kerpeon.tantly on Land or make to on!, rLr
bent article in their • nt the, old ',and, No.
nor ob.. at No,G Marker .stre7t., rand ...or,
rot rattenta the Diamond. Vito titan Slot tiers mad
•llr e to
order and old Wind+ neatly repaired
W. i J. 111.161NN, Book Blotters.
~TF, art wall en}aped In
e( Wrrod thtter..:tit":7ltbt.7l4'l:!..tretrZer
we are prepared redo any work in our line
retell. We attend to our work pr oonally. and colt..
faeUon wilt be given to regard to its neatness and du
Mani Bonita ruled to any pattern and beano+ out , -
sta.ol:y. Book. in numbers or old books bound rare-
C ally or repaired. Names put on book. to gilt letter..
1 bose that bane wart in our line err in•tted In eel ' .
p tow I
Penn Bleetaine-illbon
IfWlGllTMAN—Abinarsteturt r of all kind. of eat'
a Inn and woollen marLinerg,Allgeber, c 17. Pa
TL e abovu work, being now in Cull 2,1 auc:c. , ds I op.
egation. I am prepar,tl to eget eta orlon aval• diraete
for all kind. of machinery in ag sec)
pia ker., apreaskra, earth. grtncirg I •nr•
dr . ..wane frame, naredgrs, loon., warden
ea •C •foelde or .untie, for merrhant or reentry work,
males,jnek ke,,,lnle and band tathes and ton , in gen
eral. All kinds of shafting oinde to ordu. nr Nap+
, or gent tne factor., or mill. at ,aannat.le• re.
I, —Kennelly. child• h • . 0 . !One Ig %toe,. lie/I
. _
61 ratlaichapa, is•nr Pit taburgh,; Pa
.:17 ~• ad
W ILL oenutatffly keep on hand • eon.: seer,
went or 4.'are; of our n‘• n rib n4tacture.• nA
enperlor yortlity • Wholesale and nnen,ry Met
eltann. .t.v.ted to raill end el
ems.: for then:eel. to •re de.rmincd 1. , nil
cheaper then h , efote been offered to the rob.
fU - o.rders sent by mai.4iacconpmnled by ibe ear) or
up% reference. will be pro:OMIT stren.led to. by
UMW cos.cct PACTOItY,
A. WHITE h. CO., would rewnentrnl!• inform
l~l• eye public that the- , !man e
m:a rerwd n ShOr , en
Iscuck, between Perit ny
! •re now trralt Inc and me prep.. wd .e •••••• rdd.dd
Amery rierntrtpurm o/ veramr•,
P.c.,. Borate., Mauer, On.. .ul e , n
are em, erridre tnr MAI ufwm.... , .."1. wt.. 1..
awl the inettumu they herr. ttwe we ,
cunt.4,l to der wort nn ern,. v-rv". n...
the tenrattm amen, to • thesr
n rrytne rrnrt ... rater atterator. In t .e.direirne of ence.
rtx, ells no:.e but rnt
Lave nin warrant., thew wort I'.".-
thererorr Lek the attersurn. of mOtt..l
N Repnwing tlnne In ann Inter manner, and n rim
tr . m.
11.11C•Irt, JAN. rtc:r.....
SCALPER ATKINSON,, Woo n •ND Mo,nx Kr, 1 . 11 - 1,11
c.....vriNuE msnelaelore k,.14 nf ,ors YIR
TiN AND titICKT IRON WA A 1,.,, Mock
moth Work.
Stoup Von. built to order .
SpectuJ nlienttoo ct vett to ocean, hnrc wort .
'love or, !kr:RICA • line n••nrirc• /. nt •'•incc• one I:r•itr
Kcal,. Tic r SR, ac....e.t. 'oo•cti, n
Portublo Forges, varou• cu.—RR vr ry t onv cot,
uele for Rocumbnatx, Calitorm• timer:ant, roil r0..1
com puniev ou .
e wld re•peedully invite steam boot In and
otters la enil and ace our *melee ••nil price. I..cfor•
porch••ine PI vrv•hcrc v. 17
Fitt Ildnaitin• Work. M./1“1 Foundry.
JOHN IVRIG /IT Ps. C.c.. am prrrarr.l la build Conn,.
and Woolen 9l inrrY of rvcr.
as Cindol np.rd,r.
Lirarrmc I rut., Warprn, ..00 Ihravnt 000
Cr:•inc, Card I: r..
non 41:n
I, tunlrd. o: I'o 111 wt.
Ifaltgen 01, 1,0 , 1 pa Iwo ',xq..
and land. of all
furnih,' on abort notry Pets., mat, nr.l, to:
Mill Lica...yr. Iron H.lOlll, non , fur 1... a:
inc Frirtone.. I rc.n W 11l dun y
tinr rue. .1:y lndcro
Ilion Or S
IJ•er to Mack vos't, & J F tlontene•il
C...., 11 %V . :a 'her, w n l',1•1•u re, . .•
& J. V. 4. ner.
aohser:Ler oacra far aale a large and rp:enda.
A.of roreetood anal mntognny ',tap Ae.
loon assortment
nail andthoot Bolen. in'a eelth,
..Eollan Attachment. Tile sikove I 4.orenlew• n,e
ranted tt e,aal to any cnnatiraetu red in this c
cold ..on•
iry, and sad' be so lo:‘, Thor any the
I. ULUM E. No lilt Wood at.
doter nSuve hth
N. 11.—rChly t 4 enp vial be tales nt par fora few. or
above asourtmert. mr.l
' , Rhona Brisk Works for Sale.
Steam Elt4trtrlitrstrrs, Nlouttl Strlttnr, st
Pret...r4 Itsrl• tots ot dry r ,
at Lars tram tts. Lank.) Is, .1s). wd, tt.rett mrs
landss It., Atte(:hes,. rtyrt ns wt.., are 4 tits. Irl./
6.-.1%, starlit... elny wltrott. arrow., In..
4ttoveta, tpat,•. hr . emery Ss, rrys•ottt Is t sts
stetter estration• at as , Itsr. nosre. I .
Ow past st 'tent ts {l4, 1,111,1,1^. 11.-,m.
pa venrst stns.. Withsot land ,”
partten , ars, at:hrs. 111".s.1) I
Wrought and Cast Iron nailing.
HE xobacribers beg leave to inform the pa bhe tEn ,
they have obtained front the b:o.t a , l the late
for Iron 12:.i ling, both for linv•e.
nietcrica Persons wish°, io I.roco,
so ec
me patterns will please eall and exam., and
for themselves. Railing will be furnished atthe s,ort.
est notice, eel in the best renal:, nt the earlier at
Ilrajg and Rebecca street', Allee , ,eng env.
atilFY-4111 A. lANIONT KNOX
ILOS leave to Inform his friends nod rostrum,. it. a
D !in I. font recevlng let. ocw .nr log stock of l:.. la
composing. us usual, all IbeVlf , n,l a,.d roost In•li on
able styloa of Clotas, 1...1 ft', fancy Vest..., , nn•
ton and Intro I ,l6liLltr .130., eol rocr, a rt, Ir ..,,,We
fur genllctoen's %year for -pm .:7 :old PLISOOtOr it or.,
Inaposatbls to dram!, the be at), manly. or goon.",
of the so , ok, abt propronor hope, all who arc 111 Vell , l
of good. rt:op, foolnonnblo, II lid \VC! Ina., en.. n .
anll ging him a call, a• their Is on cock thin col: at
the Alleg,brinca that ea, roni.nrc with .1.
Thr roaLly made , leiirtmenl es very , :ap.
led to all (anon.
. .
. Mull road rentritetor, rorty tnerrhartp, .od .J 1
. 1, P. , h.,. Cutely, are p Ili , 1 , ,...,1 in .t.
amine the .te.rt ',fare per r,meln, e. partactalos n
tcnt.on ti , pad to the whole.4e LuAlnex• to Our e.t[th.
Every strange in the tpiln,V linn Pantie In nnler in
thepang faulnonallie and best onner, al the grogem
MO T 114 F.
. ..
TPurtnerabtP beretorore eriating ender the Arm
at A A C lißADLKY,:a.,ltseolved by the dere.,
or Mr. C Bradley. The lonatneaa av,ll'.e e•rrt,, , au ..y
A Bradley, whe wdl nettle baatneaa of the late
RET , I O VAIs—A 1i11.1.1r1 b removed hi. Enu.,•lty
Warehouse trot" NnlllFee. n.I street to No 19
areet, between First and See and I .IFCCI•. lb- war.-
hoe., lately occupied by 0 Berry, where hr will
keep ao.tavtly uts band a ge ern!!neater C -
inns, Grate., titorea, Cooklue., Inver, ,ke ..Iyl.l
LTI and No. I AroPriclen 111.acr ...rel. -
It `
Strel Files., all al and 111..
Ituap a:Aral sou lenr..lan.l for a,
Works.. Ulla.. str.eL,l%.,:. ard,
offirc in Sr.,, of 1101.1.A1 NS h. I.A1.1(1.
SUN, Nn I, Cool Of Wood Atm.,
We, the anderetenrd, hewn, Dyed, twoth ',-
telecom, the Om t"
Steel brol ,lea meat , by ' , lntl,
Mt Kele) , nt 111 , 1 roele Steel Work, w the•et:y.tete
plreytter in rerontternil,, than ne equal 1.1 40•Irty 10
mey ever wet! by by, or I,prele Et mattufartner.
Psttneuegb, Alarrb
!1./ 11 OLP JEN111111:1.R & CO,
Iliannfocturere of Iron nod N•sil.
Iton Founders and Morloomo, I . lls•,lrgh.
COLF:NIAN, 11A11.,1 /C , l it. 00,
Manulacomecrs of: prolgo, Azlc., Sprror /Or , ' nod
Pa. Plll•t.urgh, Pa.
PAO. Dodders and Machine Curd MannOn•to
rem, Punant,h. Pa.
Era, Founder, Pw•tatr•h, Pl.
11.1".Ourartoters of Iron Ind Nail, Prosbeirrh, Co.
ngine BuilMarble Afiannfantarar, Anaba. andE d
nart or, Pill.tattrrY. Pa.
Dlr.&Janos of Partnership.
liklll3 Barthership heretofore existing between the
L subscribers, under the film or Chambers, Ave , .
& Co" Gk. blanafitelmeth W. dissolved by maws
consent, on Om firm day of July, instant. MI person ,
knowing themselves indebted to sand firm are segue. t
dto make payment to Other of th e pastier, thost
delay, and all persons having unsettled ReMllll.ll a Ith
said firm, aro Invited
ALE to present them for
Pere Wises and 11cm:seise
F our own lothertation s, suitable for medicinal
purposes, constantly on and slid for sale by the
quart or wholesale, et the Tea sod Wine .tom et
MORRIS & e‘VORTII, east side of Medea, Pets.
bl i urb, sad Faders! street, Alleghos7,nsu the Mae.
MANGE CUM YAril" —Office North Room of th-
Ellellaulte, Third CIIIVt.
I n•ull.. NCIG-12u ildiner, Merrhandire and och e
PrlP , nr, in Tow. nod Cr...WY, ulmared against 100
. ee by fire, at the lovrest rate of premium.
Tl rarer I,l4Cll{rir also insure Vessels, Car
and Fresslos. formen or eno.tai‘e anat., open o
rpm policies, or the its•urld dente.
I, 4an Tao , 1111,VISSZONI.—Thoy also io‘ure merrb
•rt,l, transported by ‘Vaernot, Rad Rona rem,
awl i. , truun oo rivers and holes, ou the
E ler DIR roo.
, Trlß , Joleoll II Seal, Edmund A Snader,
John r.: Day!, 11,ert Durum. John II renrose,
el l.',t ward.. to,. I., Edsvard D.rlinaton, Isaac
Joi,rl Newlin. Dr II NI Huston,
Jr. I' !Inuit Theormilu.. Pouldine, II Jones Droass,
Derry :Com,. Dtigh Cram tieorer Serril I, Snenee r
Alcl ivain, ebarle• belly, 1 I; Johnson, Wm nay, Dr
Thomas, John Seller.. Wm Erre. Jr.
DII , CTOIIS AT 11 y rr,111../Illill—D T Morgan,
Hugh Crate, John 'l' Logon.
Rtri.RD Spr'7.
In — 0111,e of Co.pacy, No 42 Wet, stre,
. .
MG. and Iteal th Inala
rpifE Alotunl Ilemlllk 11,nranec C •
InPorpora,kl by the GerpPlu p inr,
of rehn , yivailk, Alareb, I,IP. ITharier
etpiial, a1i41,1M,11 It 4T ulsvca noun API P.m.,
Con raNV. nod lull 20 per rept lower then th.
plural rnlrg of I.o‘. I,nrAnee the followtog coin
pnr...on will • perxon nte flu In
P. 114/ for lib, mt. Pa, In the
r.0..y1 enure, 8255, Peo,o Mutual, P. 246; F . /1.1112111P
NrW !.:117;11,.1. Ncyr 1 ork Life, 5,111 i Al
tile and I le•ltr., I'hJmle Iphw. $1 ill
Iknketin, —Snolucl D Orripk. Charleg D. Dalt, W
Hoene, Robert 1 . EMI, Churl , . P. Hoye., 51. IV
Itaablxin. II 11. Hew,-, At, IF. Clapp O. II Campbell,
1. , 1 5 1. Coot', I Bro.:to Raker, F.. II Butler, lialwin
Ft Cope 1 . f....1ent--Samuel 11. °me/LI Vier Pre.l
- P. Kip, Prermory—Franept 111,kbarne.
A p,llpstimnii will he r..eelve.l. alp! c.v.., information
riven by P. 5 NI L, FADS:NI/TUCK, Asl,
°Mee, I, :ortinarrelsal Pomp, corner of
n. 127 dlv Wood itud ?lust/are,
rrin; INSFICANCIi of North America will
J, perinx. , :lt and limited In./more on pro
prrly lit thisrill end vieinny, mid I or shimm.nts by
and lop e.ea. Too properties of
th , st'atnrany are welt iovralcd. and farisieh arn:l-
dable loud for the ample macula/1y 01 . all per.. who
deeore to be pro.oe'vd by insurance.
U'PI I . /ONES, Age
f'lra anti Marino Inan •
II t:
. t ' t : t tn '.h r ." n I r ' c " ru " ; t.. " :1 V I4 7-ji of
n 7: t h
east of Woo,.
Thr. r, ogrul for tf, uloore old ond er•
Cortrr.y, nur rouelns nu Butlduu, •rul
nnou• td rwronnar fllrrehnudi...
r.ltc,/d 00.,,.and u 0p.., ves.ol4.
SOdr/LI and .1111i10112
Tmar. Sr., 2":1.
"•C I " .: 7;% ‘' th L f:
weird tt , •40r: ntr
c 1
n h
Vl' It •:ITl'ltr- Ih•lre•••,1.11 gm. rtt o, nt.t.ttottr.lll
ercr tttr :et lt.• C 0111 ,,,1L1T 1.4 ',nal
oj ;Oa r.tmtAst, matt
ratve.l,t.r7:4ll,ent, °DJ tittmble for
Itratt,t, ft-d Storm, .110( rriurtE 041 d at
tht. itt art •1 prurt.
Purastare at, dr.rriptlon. ,
spreuall InV.l[lllo t.t: , ae.4 r/amille v. 1,1,•
.te.rn tram rhea,r,t •ird
Loftloc• and for ortich
Tr. , . aTrt• Tete T., 1.1,,r,
Mite, 1 nth - e'`
nit!, I ., ,sti and Iltin e!,.,. rt.
4.1 e, !of lhornr.jr
10 Oo
i .• Or: SC 1.,. c:u End
A T. r, er.artrip.4l of Comm,. e 1..% awl oth
er 1 , ....taut - I1 0 ,1•A In ,11,
t,r shortest notwe
roel mcippl.ed wtth etil.ortio
St ent,J.lrr+l./y
itSE V, ELEMINti & CO.
MANE 11 , 01 t tiALk.
1 Ant VA. 11;Hf. H. AND AT LAST
ANI A ;II I:1, 111:CES:
Fan:, 11 r1M.Or, all are
odrrrd , FacLory prwee
WI le I 4
r •Igr cfn
;Lon_ 1.
tr Sattnrll,
Slcel tl••
( . I.e , k• alltl , qr.pcs, •cry
Leavy ,o-li,
1 . 4.1.1ing. cy
111,•rk C••+.mere.
4 , 14. untrue, rl . W.roto,o4c No , V 5 . ..444 , 1 •
CI 1, .•j VcJ 11 01:1:11/11 tol ,r Sit .N:ca7r.
lot• Limy vre nutinnntrd In n.• tt,
11.1 U. • u..t.r.u. N 1131 A
1,1,11.1 . 11 , 111. It hr-,
The g dengcnegl, nre gine alaneggord the rn•e!ve%
gn tile • Lae ;Oil: A. :lAlth,ogy•igo
/11A1.11i1 . 111S /NFS.
L, r. , thr firm rtqr‘, s
A , nso rr, rnntl lonn t!, Itern en., and I r r
r-• • rit, •.ornr vro,t, of vononAnln Good., In
n oonrroul invi.-• Inn
t inter mro•l/
land 4, No r••I Wnoo st I
it A:•I. I' SlAyrr•t.t. ron•onolly
tar-ron ••-, trim , nom the lAulernoriri
No, 1or• A .1 1 , oln•Intolos. nnol Ca° nom Frroch
nntl ruct•t nt•psvv.c.l odyi,
s srl.h I- ire 11.,41,1
I , ltr Ft.r. •atr , rt. 1.,
wo.-11 Foorth und Peamon.l Un S
(. 10,11
11 . 1'.11.1./.! PA INIT-3 be • ,ust rr•e'.l prr rreuen,r,
•I Tor • Or by U.r• barrel or •nrAte pound nc
fr•nA, n •••:. I , rfrco,ry Wat.c.tru, c •r•ler or
:••••xt , • crt, lArr.,4 N
c.i Ir
M att. , PAcniat Socha — Ash.
46 I ttt. brl,l
I 111^ 1 1/(11111111,1, 1:1)
. 1.114 the yr., from New. Orlra l n., •11.1,
pin ",...a.l y. wetic , awl .11.1 ert, •I.,trttr :Imre
I Jun0:11.,,,ac,,.....L.,1)...1int•
Alb., ,LlO Ltsarrot.e.,l the
r m
•Irtrl Iro for
N., Pio
Moth,, Ito/op/top nove, offer to
for filth., the, rlenl,nm ittierittrol thilt•.
e , irrethtion or feu of rtotttraillettnn. hp
thitve •al have it, , thee it far vithritni tit
anv trt srlarkct The y ethiettritcil hive
opprehri.eiiiit• 01 enittor t erne., A,' •ai it•
pn•it ttttt previivtv duel from artist, ap
al. Ili ntit•i he don < when the Pito,. ensil
ititaiitthr reituttr, to produce a T'.
11611 lotire A •OVSI, of over lifty ti mei:frit
to thr eniivninero. A co:111, 0111111eil to Stover, Pipe.,
/iv , Alien 1,,1 kW, ter thr P 1 1•11111151•,111 nore ret•
t he l l,lllll,l 4,111,1 1410 Alter livirteg tii,d it nitre,
10 It ti r.. ,Irt will nor •ity thr
a •r Prriniurn Chen,
CAI ,1111 , ^pnn 11 For •me
I•4trttr nl,tri.i Rep, 11,t,t1 tut,.
P1T ,, UU1.1.11 DIUVIENIfiIi
..•r.attll 41 rirttr
lA/ ALIA ,NIti:11 Sr I: n d„.
VT y, t t. ,It..rt. ttv•ty t- tor Fttttrrttl ttrut
11141,1. CA I' L.O ROI 0.1 rra•ortaite tertutt
1! 11.:'1
HIVAT 111 1 11,1/lill4.
100,000 (..•,..•.-m-rd IM..t 1 . :n.1,
1013,000 trci k'..r.aln by
91 , ii I-7 /or lkort ot.r•rer prtre l'utta 1,11 br rtol for
amp J rcu.l:Nr or V. crol,l.v
.A Vt. 110,1111‘14:11
THE nvenert ,um•lcure• or rood, urriyme by
1. he I . ..rtnon 'Lout Lice,. veld rlrte.r
take notice Mut they Le,ll be repured io pay fre:j..,,,
lit our urureheoLe, uccord.og to the rerv.m, before
the etuids removed- UAMc AN min' At rr
11 1
PURE (11.13 FICICNCII 1111A21D1 - , --
diuirolde far Alrthrinal l'rerprmrt.
IN [been eteLly terne, the :wove unirse II rreivectly
re•ontvd The •obecrlber• het, emile on band for
ra!e Otte Dot r per tuntle, vrbiela they know to he
Kenai, .; W4l.olbotig:LL by therneeivee In France, end
It up pare us 'turn war boueht 11.
rit RI& Il&WORTII,
Tr, & %Vine Merchants, en, rule of Ibe Diamond
_ .
Fresh Arrival of Cholc• Teas.
ORRig & HAWORTH, in the Diamond. have
juit receiril trim the anyone's. another larse
•upyOr of r rd
undliievn rens. attach they
are over ratallitig from tha *Minot chests at &De and
75, per 11. They defy any in the trade to beat the
quality et the prier. W. renyeatfully solicit the lotto
lie to compare oar Tana with those purchased else
where al same prier.
TIO, or IllustraUons by Pen and Pencil of the
stney,, N ßeenerY, IhnflenthY, Relies, and ?radio..
ol the War far inderen& nee. By Henson/. Loaning.
with MO Engravings on Wood' hi Loulng & Barrett,
chlay from original sketches :by the author. To be
complete In about 20 NIL at Sec, for gale by
By th• Prelaticnit of the Vatted StOtos.
e TN s t.n urr o s , m rif n l i a , 7 l k e Z i A r. C!I f A A IRZfr
, f4 - t r P24-
dechre and make knoirn. that patine sales still he
.r held at the ...mentioned Land Office. In the Sime
is of MICHIGAN, at the periods hereinafter designated,
to wit:—
, At the Lard Office at SAULT STE. MAIM for
i t . the "Lnke Superior District." commencing on Mon
dry. the sixteenth day of September next, for the die
nuar.' of public lands within the following named
n North °jibe dote line, and west of the principal
Townohip forty five, •nd fractional townships font
six end forty one. of ratten two.
Townships forty five and forty six, and fractional
township tine seven, of range three
Tovn hip forty sit, and fractional lownatilp forty
seven, of range four.
Townshins Cony six and forty seven, and fractional
towiwhips fifty and fiily one, of range Ave.
Frsctional townships forlY se"."• fort y ei g ht, kn. '
nine, fifty. end fifty one, of range six.
Townshins forty eight end forty nine, and traction.]
township fifty of range seven.
' Fractional townshipsthirty nine on "Hog Island,"
and tiny on 'lint island," and township forty fine, of
.Fene l nan eight.
lotinl townships thirty no. sod forty ...flog"
and Garden" Wands, snit forty three on the Maio
t land, and toorrishlps (tiny four and forty five, of range
' Fraction., townships thirty nine end 1.1 0.
' den" end .. .Squaw" G 1.., and townships tom' three,
' forty four. and Am ty five, of ranee ten.
' Fractional la wnships thirty eight on "Little leaver
'sisaoia thirty nine on "Little Braver" and "Prom"
' Wan., add fatty pn "%Viliskey" Island, rind won
n Cony three, foray toisit, add forty m range
Fractional township thirty melt on "Gull Island,
sownship forty two, Ind fractional townships forty
three, forty four end forty five, of range twelve.
Fractional towns!. an
folly, tot the main la n d, of
range oixteen.
Fractional townships thirty nine and forty en the
main land, of range oeventeen.
Flactional townships thirty eight, 'tiny 0100, foray,
and (arty one, on Mc main land of range eighteen.
Frnettonal tow n ships thirty six on '&1 one and
"Innerly" Glands, thine seven linclading stionmer"
Island and as 101041 Owl thirty eight, thirty nine, and forty on the main tend, and tdlossehluo forty 0., fpyty
two, an I forty lbw. of nineteen .
Fractional tow.htpa thirty .ix on .St Martin`."
and "Gull' lolanda, thirty seven on an Islet of" Little
Sum err , Island, thirty eight on the main laud, thirty
nine (Ineludina the Island to ate.. twenty seven
and twenty richt) and forty, and township forty three
on the meat land. of range twenv .
Fractional townships thirty eight, thirty nice, and
4.2;"7:lll7PTAtEl2l,ioftitT'g' one
-commencing on fondest,
the thirtieth day of September nest, tor the dtep mat
orlon publtn lends within the (Mto un inimax named WM*.
slops and fractional townships, i t —
Nonli of the ease line, and teen of the prinetiMi
Frantic.] townships tinny five and thirty ma On
the matn knit, of ranee twenty four.
Frinnonti lown.hips y three, thirty four. end
a,trty five, and townslup thirty Mi. of range twenty
Fractional havreselos tiaGy Icy and th i rty three ne
,gn land, and townships thirty &lir ens daily
fir of rae twenty s,s
actional townships thirty one, thirty two, 11,1 y
three. Miry four and thirty five on the math land and
townships forty ate, terty seven, and forty eight, of
range twenty seven.
Fractional lovro.thipl thirty Iwo, thirty three, and
!km ir stern, and losatisblps thirty nine, font' sir, forty
seven, sad forst eight, of range twenty eight.
" r " .t net. p7r! , . liartf night, and
thoty titer, and tharnalnint luny one, testy tang, truly
three, Tony foar, for five. forty sin, forty seven, and
y eight, areal,: twenty nine,
Fractions' town
thirty nine. township forty,
froetlip,ol township hrty onr, townstcps forty tern,
forty three, tony fogs. fatty five, forty net, forth seven,
aitd tatty eig h nand the fraction. of ACC tians thirty Gra
sir. at the rapes of Again hat nor, of town.
sine fifty nine, of ranee l,lrtiunat townships thirty tone, forty, and ton;
one, townships tarty two, forty tote,, forty loot, tort)*
five, forty six, forty nevelt, and ferty elght,_and Iran-
Vane: atatntrec and entlanen,on “Traversea
{.land, in township fifty font, of range thirty one.
AT TIM SA M F PLACE, ommencing oti Itlondn•,
the fourteenth day of liensiier near, tor the disposal of
the nubile lands calmed within the ondermenttoned
tow tiatii • and fractional town•hips to wit:—
North of the iwe tau, Ten vf tin principal
Fractional townshipforty one. and towitabion forty
two, forty three, forty four, forty five, mad filly, of
ranee ism,. two
Frarponal townships Lily "I/ fifty two, of tamethirty three
rrnetinoal township. fifty and fifty taro of range.
thirty (oar. of ranee forty one
FraetiooiLl town., and lownithipo
forty noie and ren‘i, fort) i.e
Townithip 14,1,1, frartional townehip forty
to•rne-tp• tort' sow, and fifty, of rantc
folly three.
ToarnOtir. forty 'even, forty eight. forty nine, and
eny. of ranee tory lour
'lnernOie. tor, ~. rot ven. for, and forty nand ine.
L: •• 1 ra 4 ite " t.Y h'e•
r Ipermhii. luny SO. and fifty ot range
fo, A,
fort townships tons •is •nd torts . seven,
to •oeo y eight, and fractional total...hip forty
pine. ef tante forty Ferro.
tractional toartishrps tarry acre., (arty eight, and
forty tiine, of ranee f••rty e,tht.
Frarunnal t.irnshtp forty right, of nage forty nine.
At the land haler at lONIA, rnrtmeneing on Sin ,
ter teenth of Septror,e, 1,, for the disposal
al the pa..lse lands wiles the oaderetteotioned frac
not t , wn•han. •rx--
Nora of 14e Ease Itne, ofd .+r(! the prinnprd
moras .. .:n.
Sectlnnv one end two, .Ist half section of three,
and ..eriinns elev. n, ti.trtren, foe rtnetata , nty
, r twenty Gvr, and y six, in to wituhtp nine, of
lorrormord hy law for vhe row of arbc.l.,
o . ourr, or 0./.o. oielOjed row U,
The eln , lnkk of sl y,nk nookUnn d land* yy.ll
th • unta, In *Om k. do, are ode nyed, *yob non
uyik, the winkle •Anil entre •ern of•
try,' un • the r• • 2,11 '• d uu •ulc 6 , 0%11 Ike
acid nue, , yrr than two eery and uo
wry ut P, W' well hr admitted uuld elet
liir rtl•rr "lnn ok own vrnelka
invest under My h2l tit the ,of Wnehinn,
tn. thirteon•li du, of June ,I, ,
Anon Do en mini one thaamand eto
eight huinned
11l toe Prertlein:
C 001 .1112.10(ler erne General Land tasee.
Evr , Y Per,on entitiett tome right of preietopuso to
any of the latis. vrotisio the toisniiiip• and frac:tenni
toisin•hip.olore entimeirsted, to regutred se estsbitsb
lit seine to the ontiofor. Iron Of Register and Re
reit., of tite proper Lend thrice, end mate paymont
as prizebeittite eft, ermine this rimier,
uf ilic t!ay Dpr;llird for the cornier...cement
paiiite salt of the hinds ruittraring the tract
e;alnied, otherwise sari, Cilkllll 11, I he forfeited.
J. Burr Kit FIELD,
I 6 I & vv9,,i
Ilisainett'a Alma,lean Poultry nook.
MBE Poultry Boon sad Fowl Breeders' Guide—
]. Being a tie.. 2 on the Breeding, Raising, and
General al songement of
Por Fowls, f rom
tiotraits fto
Hy John C. Bennett, aI P . D. u•
TN. wore will ho found to eontain a treater amount
of orient/at nod other information, both practical nod
u.efol, 10 regard to Fowl Breeding, Leant ained
si.!l other merienn works ti•gether It will le
Illusirred with nearly Filly Portraits of the nowt
1/00100 varlet., of Anienran and Foreign Fowl/1,
110100 forty ) nf which are twin life, from drawings
token e.pecially for this work, of the most Important
breeds. rod several of them from fowl, very recently
on The rtpoed.
putiltsher. have apared no egpenst to bring oni
tht• work in the po manner, Itoth In regard to the
engravings, ovrits el the wore, and the general
`•"•°°" of e'er,' port of the hook. And It is better
ed that the work will be found to contain inure pram'.
ea! Information an Breeding and Mamie . ng uornestie
Fowls, than any work issued in this country.
For sale by J AY It LUCK WOOD.
ie. Boolreeller and Importer, ItnFosirth to.
Usi itolO7^3 co....: l mo4—(''.toot ; a Sketeh of •
ny.tral Description ol the Universe. Ily
lb' ilurnholdt Translated by Otue. 2 vols,l2mo.
Jam rceerved for sue by
told e k lin:lnner. Int Fonrth s.
IdN O l.lllll/. FIX.% fllle,TT s
Itr 110I.MALK, GROCERS, No 41, Wood street.
VT od , r tur ,
ILM, pkg. V. 11. Nip. Work
and I .aniawder Teas,
115 ha, 1,1,,,,,n;
100 ea, 1110 Coffee;
:gm 11014 N U Mel
N U Sorsa;
'Z./ •sanrtrtl $lOOOl
Weadow I..nsa;
Val 1,1,
• C
:Woe Ilse Corifial,;
:to bola Tanner, (1/1;
5..0 Its I [ l e d
an Ili, Cord,
all coils Manilla Hope;
XlLuis .SPICCd CilOCW•le,
111 1,.e• rapper,
a' bag. Alque..;
It, tor, Herring;
in brim V/ ',ran'',
Mt bah, Ca Idle mak;
all Lis .00arr
lu 1.01, Chalk;
..00 drum. Figs;
A we': r., vm.(al
e.,ulartu re.l anuelvt.
tna, V.., March
-I u bare disposed of nil iLe
ref Pills you rein run, aro
%IR 11 NF.1.1.111N-1
lyl Cam'lt $2 rap and lay,
dst el um Venn/luxe.
11 , , ye oil Ono, Family hlctheine• in my fondle,
thorn, esye alfof forforllfed thorn In my marine-. I me
ff moo, plo fed wilLf nod hoop (mend nolloog
In oaf unl thong. !food met dol of your Yeti/Immo, and
IU ilos each 02 We Live, Pills and Coogo Syrup.
Iteepeelfully yours,
IEIII.O of I,:ter.) T. T. Janson.
Time< moldy popular medleinea may be bad of the
proprtetor,E SHLLbillci, 67 Wood st, and Drogetats
am/orally to the two rill. and yleinily. apt
y>teSlN—A few bob A 'No 1 extra Whits kostc
aupersor quality, mutable for soap maths/roust
"nonfood and for solo by , JOHN hIcrADIEN & CO
to :ma Canal Ewan: Pena to
AI.K-1 lane mum received for sale by
cass - a pore For i brr
M Ve it . 11 t:YL—
i7I6 Nal
CLlbe- Arts led d
LallET- 3 . I bat ill are74l ' , " a 6 at reed for o nto
lIHENCII - WORN—A - Any astortment ot
',nova Capes, Collars and CON, id" 1 " d d"
/3 ,20 A A MASON! COAX.
itleg gniaud, plaid - Woo
Vicar, jolt teed and for aala by
jytiO IVhl A hIcCLURE & CO, 6511 Liberty st.
vatENITEIi ears et Monie
r us.," I mild Mtwara, flavored with different
herbs, receive 11 and /or only hy
tylNi WM A bIeCLURI/ & CO. 45 , 1 Liberty at
LIN3EgHtI/C-4114TanooId for sale lie
1 1110 KHHE111111411,
Ira COT, Woadsad 94 011 111
- -
M ttitaePlaV„&loplittlelCrUtlcEnitiipacieVari'';lm"corTo%;lol
Good. for Drereeg, crei Sing or
Scotch en dß. Ira MON
Flawed Rodeo
Fintiroiecred do;
Victoria Lints;
Inc Priced Barred Jaclroact for morning heron; i
Roc rot finiehed do; •nd a lorgc annortmert 01 RIXIII.II
Monllnii, with colored crahroiderg;
largo, liorcirca, &a., al Reich east corner of b
imd Moran atrego. -
%NUN PuvF itURCIIFIF:I,I) have teeeivril a tart
.apply of Der, Lavinia, very circa', Drat .iyi
t town al light do. in g mar variety, tor 111. In.
A im,czni , raideretl •nd prlnted)lti.din. hdlack °net
of neat and neutral atylas and amain mire for quality
and north ram corner of Penult amt Morkrt au,
At the O. Pries SOro of
WILL commence nn 3.landay, June ad, Ibthl.
Their tramenra eicablialtmont, with all thel
Wit 3 iSvalo 11 00 f0I• wit!, en this orcusipa, ttraW
open for 'fterAll. Sad fill of lint orieneiv.
rock with Ito oared to dien n o n
r front nd to 30 per rent. It.. Man usual prices.
TIIKIR SILKS Comprise over fro
inmilred pieces, and will be tmlil at an lament& dia
Their asronment Shawls.ildreges.Tisruetylre
online, Foulard Silk., Lawn., hlumlins. /droners
, Cdrobr , es, and Drum floods generally, will he :area pu , hynnetlintrly, qt ahn"t atm knit Me into.l rap,
11 oath Fast Conrad Lawns will he ogered al Pc.
V do Dashes,
do lloolm de Latcas, 11m
&mean, English and American Cancods, 10k lle.
300 dune Linen Ilandkerettlof., 0k 7e.
A I .me Tot of Wm mrld Collars, wime as low as Se.
Together with a somplem varier. of anniratir andka.
White Good., Ribbons, Hosiery and Blares, Bonner*,
Malting In all nne of the most a stet nye ait.onm•nts
m the country, winch will he • wired d•twn to mach
down Pr me. than al any or their prerions Annual
LPII4. Snug wtn I.r. clmed alma Thi.iing and
/kay 110.114qm:4'n; Art Bag.
ii g tind marring doom zinc°. Ala V/1111•11l1,1
CA.II 01931 A A MASON h CO
ITCI.I4IIiCI/1 /4211614hila''
Mitill i ttl . .h.Bllt'tlirlELD have received a sap
ply of 4 and 4.4 rrench Linens for men's coats
and racks, ladies , sacks, hors' and children's wear,
of the moot destrahie shades.
.. • .
They invilo ot . ention to iltelr lage it.t[onrr.ent of
•nd Boys' t+UNIAT WEA. I t ot, f Jar rcut m
w i.. 1 0...2q FPI 91Tiqii..7111 . 7 ' 1 .4 1 117.. 107
PARASOL, I PAU41301.61
11tX URPCV k. OURCMPISLIShave received arotSer
mrpp/y of•larve article, and nee enabled an 'on
F ly almost any qaMtty and Color tamed : mid st rte
oh pricetalr s.
a l•nt B Oil Cloth Coctr. Pl3
"T AICCLINT(iiB has orrved to. day, at ht+
rTn, 01 very hvlld Rod so:mr
43 014.41 lee ally - UM StMo/PiP . orpereiseepl.
1 1
lkf I. at:
11.1 .I arrattr rrnurrd prior. Im.rn. (rd m
am 4-4 Hero (loots from i 0 rents op ; Iteraeraforlqe;
lain Black Berm: for NO: Bonnet RilMani Mr fie
per yard. Lashes ore lovas.' to nal: and examine our
atoet of dmos moods before purr `moon el.:where
North eam•entter
1) ECEIVISP ILi, d ipahe- j h astomeat of Allrant
It or (Pram Maly at Um Carpet Ware room of
tP ateCLlNTheli
Inl3 73 Fourth a.
.& ,. I , I I 7 s U p I i I , FI L F4. I / 6 11x 4 c .
ing Woo:
really on
minted phec.,
.• 4 . 1.A1.40. muleuoatunent of beltutifto
,1144914 .4. 1
Jae_nnet and Swies
A splendid asaorttantt of Ulna k Juld rare- Silk.;
llerages, Foulardnd De Loma, re:n:loEll4v e:toup:
Ikaaufel Sint. do`rri nenle prr yard;
Iknotnu/ Cattrou., Iron, 61 cent.. and up erne;
A large cook or 11,na nnd Etraehed ll 11,1/113,
per prod andnowa.d.,
Ilonneta tun] l'ornan!r,
or root!). redoced prices
Cloth., Coasinterea,
"Ile.a nd Vest age.the hrnt quulity,
l o7 k llte Y irign {area atook of 'belting.. Aaron nod
Shtrung Cheeks, all .1.010.; Drown aod Idea-t d
rheciings and Shut op, 1.10 Linen, loge:Orr with
all other •rtelea ou line, at north est.t e,.rn-r of
Footle end t elex .1
1!111wa • t r.,.. ;;:5 . e t; l
and bitted rhaneenine 4 . 14,•1 nen.y
somenluantY: •droet rldid cm' fozo o ord Woo , : a 1..; do.
agn• and 11“11"; Lam e dn 11/oa, nod hood
male.; new vt) '1 Fteueh, English:an,/ : root h
Lawns, in great vatir4, and an •er, low poe,
plain. Lgured, and auttn stripcd Jr of A; 1 ifal•
and qa• ILAJ,
linen luslrre of 4.1 shod... Ind etvor,,
„ alnehamr, en ' inErne. &e . h east ,
O of Fourth and .alataet
AFA HT , tl R sapid,. of Illaet 75111.. a• :'.- r eol
aced Sib., £O.O teertreel o. f ; 4,4
Iru at north eual owner 17 I at al aln.tet
/n; *104)71,
..IVf 1311F111 a BLit . :1111ELD are ...lune
11 and Ilersae al D. Lames at very la won hg:
north can 700000 of re n 6 and sta
I )o n 4 a . ri 6
w 8 ' r; l'r ua I na'' urea
n i t I :t n v.!, d , ' trt n
told for. ale RI Novtheall corner el h • er.
het streets in) & 11(121 - 1/srl
itaiiiTaiTi — nitrtrtliei bl - 3 - A7l,''' .
An DR PUY & have remved .11 ed.
oak)supply of above goods,lcludn t ; vartou•
sorles q dn{ f Chine, Pearl. AlOnoe, and
It , •norte. •
Waite And Valeta d tano,, and iLhoona of all enlnne
and prone,.
.at 17 I
Ce1.,01/11 ldf. CUP - NI-Mg ed. 4-1 Flner 11.1 51 , 11,,
loot recereet; from the factory, Old lot sal, at the •
W•te room, Na..) & U Wood cr. , . t
.1 1M?
tier ILACIZI 41
to their very 101 l a•iiortrornr iu. ere, Odell RI
Bleak Brialv.o.oo-s,
Bionliar.rc finich A Ipirec•t,
Black Alvin, de ;Aides,
Mourning Wash ol,lt,
do PritiieJ Erielard.,
Boraxes, Tier trieCion Luitrca, Aria Plrin
Mack and Printed Laorrir It: het Prelim/der.. .10.
Bonn• 1 Ibbhun., Pear l do. ' Veil., de or;
S li c h o l 'ols " a
reed, and nose opening by •A hl AS4SO ACC)
mapltl n 2 Mark..
INT* i Er ‘ t ' r . t i' stri tri p m t. i7o -r n '. :
Grange, Pink, War,
Green. and Corn colored, receiving per eatircts,
And doe day opeares by A • hIASON &
may rt- 61 Maroc r
9i h PIECE! lotit 111 , , Pink, Lime, a c
Co;ored Hareem reed per ethic., st 00e ,
opening by insyl7 A A NI •
Black • IVir - .rai - i
A A. MASON &CO ate thi. Jay pening 10 per
1- . 1 1 7 inch Meek Geo de 111 , 1ne Pill; 10 pen :id
do; 10 posll rod, do; 0 pcs 24; and 4 piece.
311 inch dn.
Linen landk•weltat
400 dos Lathe... Lin i
en Cambric l l
ido f all oiler, loo dnz Gen.' do do dler,o
les doe do do do color^d bortirrAi
Received Ma day by A A MASelb; /t. CM
_mar!! ItY 31aril et et.
(/AMULET LINEN I.4IIITRES-50 go, ehmonmhlr
'/Lustre,, to the extreme low price of lelo per ve nt.
may 10
__ A A M114.N1 a CI, I
Irian and Proton Linen.
2IX/ pet 3-II nig =I
4.1 Inn wn hinenni
ibe pee Genre Ilurthipie, Emil Alexander's ouperlcr
Iriali Linen*, now opening by
Amyl° A A MASON it CO
Proah /L 007.1 of Dry Goods.
W i f le s ril mi no „ w a rezz m in i Llo , eLe ry nd G il=n . 4 . i n u d n a u r r e nl p o r e c k ,
owed in olfer an elecilent as.orlinent at OUr 1.1.401
low prier. Inc mill, or oppreaeil eft %hi
The oder:lion ol erealero denler• Is ne.rieulnrlg re
IplesW In our rooky as we reel er•nlnlent ef ben,
oble to offt unowil lining...lnn:Vele
1 bill AN ith
in. tall nil alumni+ or nny ril 6
nage • 111 l W 4 invel.
. _
I OR Morino t Stroot,inoo ß- 71.1borty,)
tL ne
000 DMI IIOSI B. I C Y, 1111al 1: AS. i . 171:,4,
l'ei/V ES. TORE:Abe, OMlge, 11TTIrAin ell,
eil Sai .ae. A
add Nano) 11•00.0,
/MACE NE FANCY 011,1 i, rr t A v ea N , ~iN GLI. ..,
ANTINN . A, End LIN /eh ling Vel. n general A..
eonment of i'ANS, end every value d 1/4 ininnenne.
/toll ,
I. SI. R. Re sips.
lOC Int elo4ter do;
13 I, dn do;
IS en.lcs Zonte Corront
IS butes F. Wainuis. ?
13 do Brasil Nuts
13 do Filberts;
n 0 1 2 1. ( 1 bb 1;1 ".; . :
3 big Cloves;
2 eons Nunnr/rts;
3 'arouse Indlgo;
elm's Lemon Syrup;
23 c"o. Norte, eaucc;
10 es,* Tonto. Catnip;
liroond N0i..0. of oil kind
40 borrels powdered au,
Loaf Sug•r;
bbd' Madder;
10 brls Wholog;
ItsAlLbroial, DIG
3 cA BI, Lains,
ed cvluntoeßl renewed, end ; very Inw
pricey. innyV3 A A NI n,ON 4. CO
2 CASF....‘ tam colored Learns reeived and no
openitsg, selling at the Ins price nt cis
par yard uray23 A A lIASOIV tr. CO
9 CASES fait colored I.lii.gbarov, reed, and
01 12 cents per yard A A 1!1.311A1 A X2O
m.1y.11 02 Markel Cl
I , hda prime P.lioniderel lel clear
1J Sides, landing and tor ..le
lYla 11114/W N & KIRK PATRICK._
WAR AND brit N. a s far:! do puce
1 Tanner.' Oil, for nal° by
UHI gr. - tifir.r. - - , ThThe - ri.c.. sugared aced
MI reeeived and for axle bp
17 10 SELLERS & NI of
Isll-50 WI. N 0.3 ISlarkrirl; 3 co Ilcrro,, ,n ,
0,1, 1 N 113.1.5.
ET UK/Oi are rumaiiiii, in ilia Alice
liokiltr,.. NKr/T/-4 leige town
Airit, of newest sty Ira ; Plain
Wash !dime., mid Rolm.. trer
/I 1 7 NUR & 11511-1
Ipth;6ll lEik...—We are rim:won
,11: green and block Teni, direct in. the I taper. lit... In Philadelphia, and have new on band, et the Pit...
Laigh Family Grocery and Tea Wereirewe, cad
relyhtMet, an awortinent of every grade and avow,
hark a. is not co he amassed an Pituieka. We In
vite companion, feelieg wound that on Mid. nun wilt be found equal - , if not superiors to any at the
same price in the city.
Iyl7 WM
bUtflAlltft IYEAR -2- -A viir;fltfoortuonot of
goods. adapted for Boys' lioremer %firm . . of Vol
ton, Wonted. Riot Woo , en funierial. coo lie found al
the note Of fjyt7l
~1%111111.115( A IIIIRP.IIPIR1.1).
Lases and Edgings.
g4URPHY & BURCHFIELD bare reorient .large
assortment of
Lisle and Victoria Edgings and Lecem
Loom Work Thread do,
Hobbit.. do;
Valencienaes dot
Owls. and daemon Edging.;
Do neenines:
Smell and plain Netts: E nact Silk do, ko.—to which
they ask the attention of buyers. ' a
YLOUR—So els Fareer a rt'y tiro brand
received and for sale by
I . _ , _!)____lAgi_mv(3ll
_ -
FISN-3 0 bell No 3 Mackerel;
SD WU Herder;
kis Mu* for gait bv
ITU • 71 rnm hVariPANCF
16, 1850
Ch asp Lawns
A. MeCLORO & Ca.
J - PROPOSALS S'Otifi.o .-
111 eleventh end twelfth veti°pr oftbe dot ofthe
"A Supplement to an del entitled a Nct io create it
linking Pond and to provide for the, xrudani and
n rrain extinguishment of the debt of be Common.
...cent: and to authorize a loan," approyed the latt
day of May A. LI P"5O, provide. as fellows, vitt—
FiNfle% That thcGovernor is hereby authorized
ta negotiate a loan for the stun ar Three Million.
Three Hundred Thousand Cedars, redeemtible in
thirty year. from the date of the subreeption thereof.
at a rive of (arrest not rxceedin g fbur per onmm
per non= poyablein kohl and amine sernbanntrally ,
upon the Gat days of February and Isogon of cor; '
year, and exempt from every Ppecie. e r
Nailer, Not prop ale for raid moan will be received.
.ball he published in at kart one eke: pane[ in the
thorough of Harriaborr; in the 'cities of l'itutbargb.
Lancaster. and Philadelphia, and in tke cities et New
York, Devon, and Unlike/arc, for a :period not lee,
than three innutho before the °twin°, of sold proposats,
and by Triter elcewnere, If deemed never f. and
Mn the day asiterned (or that purpose, in such neater,
the proporals shall be opened in No pri.rneh of:the
(inventor, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and
Auditor General, end tee loon shall be awarded to
the Mabee bidder or bidders. If Vie amount or the
bids Nall exceed the sum of No Nol loan the same
ho Lro Nit timongst the highest Inl
dero, bat if thearbole of said loan shall not then he
taken tho Governor ay renew notice, in the manner
afarepaid, hem time r to me., till the whole airmen , of
weld loan shall be eab.eribcd. No conditional bid.
shall be considered; and apest amercing each loon , ,
or any part thetetd, certificates with coupons for the
interest, Nall be i.e.! therefor by the
Sarrioa 19. thut said leto 11 41m he subscribed, it
hs astd ttlchyllppropriat e d for the payme nt
antl' e 4 ittedislnnent of the funded tetrt at this Com., now due or la hseame One, during the
year ONO 10,11PWl1 ny Yt Sundn'A and any, and far the
payment or ilts sum ot etatay f ee thousand one lt•o.
Ltor tut , cinhlT rit:4l cents, doe to
demesne creditors
In parenance of Um provisions nforeseid, ounce is
ncrebY Piano, that proposnlot wilt he received of the
Zee of the Secretary of the. Contrountveslth noul
4 Were, t P. id. of Tuesday. the Brat Any of Oclntn,
!het,nex stip ulating for a loon to the trournronufc.edy. fur
pm set forth in the :th rum of
three rnll!SCll3 11717 g u t5 hi1..04,, ,, 10,u5ts tlotte red re le en t .
INF 'lt 41' r. 7 pcnr.? fn.. the 'late of th e &abet:nett.
tdev.of. at tr tare of interest net exreedi,,,(4o yet
cent fur outtarn. pattot.le In Kohl cud silver. reset
onward/T. Linen the Rat. 4.y. or erbtaaiy onoA ugr,t
orench your, AndejeOpl reci every
Pre rtiden..a nr Ploct for the paid loan, with coupon,
the irte rept wit. Le ...ell In the usual ma rner sod
mode trnnpier•ble by the owner, an the book; of the
A t.d.tor rt. :al s Department.
The preposa:c will be required to rate e;p4c;ir
the marmot onerni which .1.211 no{ a any
ni 1.,, tc, th0ti.,,,,.1C,,,cp5, Li., nit- oft teven not
Trt'e r. lTog;e r ti a i n h ' e licTt h ls e
•thy pan t.../ altered uhkiss ptopulahl aura
l... to the coc c iry.
the loan most direct 011.1 Na
comintonni proposals will be n...,[11,1
Upon the acceptance of the 1., opop Its Thr
must be paid into the State Trcantry, 4.4 such apnea..
as 'heii be thr,Pir r e. (igyttilp,
C, "...cflTrY .hh'yxf hy 4.0,1 in each amou eta
1.2.14, De . l.) the lencorp.
'fee prCciorns to hp Ellmeled, incler seal, in thip
name, o , oloY.ed, ..1 . /oporll. for 1.0.0" They wll
001 be opened or , eclosed until the paned the •e•eiv
ing them hap ebthaed, otter which no alteration, th
3.022 will be athniard.
A 1• RV:3BIU, Ser Ihe rortr. h.
P'ereta,.• Joneft/t.
OCLATIVII TO All .5 , 11:11 1 / 1 1.MIT OF TOO C l rnartTlll - 1011.
I di:SOLVED by the Ornateand norm n( Iteremmas
,n. tom of the Cbetuthoonmlth .. I (Tenttlelen,l 0; tieneraJ
nramally met, That We C 1 : 1 01111/10,, of 11104 COllOlOO l ,-
." ,1 k aMended tb the, :.........a.ctior, r Ibe IS h Wale,
the, it •IMma
:t :, no glilleee : the Jedy.r) ef the tt.,,,,
Mmet, of die areeral • - curia or Common , I,a, ~,d et -11,4
other Venom ef limend mum nr 0.41 bee, th, tad I) Mr,
eltMl ht eleeted cant,
the qns.lllled eleetwe or 0, (boorneu
Wealth,. the nano, roflaterd, le hen: The 10 , e, or Om
Summer Coti,
1j1,116:,1 0 / -1-1 0 11 2 1411, tr. 11.1.1,0
1.t.11110 Ak loye: the Preirlcut Judmi of the mmmt •,-tem
0 1 1 :40141311 Flu, cod 01 /1011011. Y (aural of 1:. card .0 re
re .41 hi ~l abial,! be law, arl all ht her .1.. m eit.eed
to be leveed . iu the Umr, ty the gm-Aiel elettem of the
a...retire ItemeM am:. WI,. lne• am th pent', nr am oa
-' 4 h, end the A - . Mt' in l e. . 1 11• nth, c0r,...
1 . 0.,... 111- multfe,l elmeste of wa tuntttre•Teetitety
rta dud., of the. raprete• 1. nem 0..11 %O. ihme nil..
In 'he lem of ( h e. year, if t , 4.01 behr
thettonlve• well, (mtlen mt the •I:mute I here ne, t -, -
tole.. bah betampeut to the fint eleettnna thenart..'
./ ode.. 1 the wterel Coo, of Cnmaao rt, c-, me a •t
.Mce t.rm.f Oen mint are emha:ltamtaba h t- e e) .
...1 41 -tbar ymMe• rmint...l to 1.- lemad t I 1 • .1 n . ri,
h..1.1.11e- Orr, N. hettrtn er mo •....m, ' Oa, rhm, m
ham ..eltam theime res bob the n mamma jai,"
IN., • 4
.• y.-a-s, IC they. :1I 'a n leery re, ma thetmeh•m
'hum sm . : t • nee-,u,l'
b) the lia•emme,
lw. br me mehtt al • mt.", what. .1,11 not lot while .1
...roofs ler h., .11 ahe Mmtnme trail memo.. r y
•1 Ito o .n. • miler. • hf iwo 011,4 ••c I It• • bronn b.: the
t. 1/* • Ti. 6,1 .k 0..,. ..,..1z 1..,.• ~.... ot lb,
. -,6 ....... it e t.i.. 1 . 11001. 0:11,14/....raltn n• et MI, Om trio,
'r , st th , rtrantement ..,2 tse eanmit......ta n, • I the
4 .....,
m he Men to .15 , thell tea, the Ant
lin., of lneeher to:low-be, emtu Oa bra. unf
the new
Judd, Mal eworrhee. The lerant. .h., .',all Wien he
eteetml Jattae• of the rurrene t atom. hall laid their otriee•
. fit.. r On.. 1 Ulm. fee them )etm, nne fer • a •eate,
e 110. ifir.o hears. nue far twat., neon, ant one ra lif cart
, thr lam .0 emb to he ateided tor Ith by the raid
, m tem:
tiler the em lam emocuient, mut the Ju t e. rtzlied by them to the limtrune, that the ereimieshma
ma% be Man- d is a.-curdaum thereto. 1 he.lmloer wlthre
bh t
moon..eem tam will Lent metre thall be 11 hie? Janne
ball , cud then... Ore melt 10, whnee eneunim han 'ball
trot zit, Mall to tort he the hho f Juttier, add tr two or
eat, eomminitms .hell el;are ult the wane Jay, the led e r,
bald;- o Mem atmll dee.. by lot wi t ch Mal ta 'he Clnief
Juilaw. Asty meatele. • be,9•mott d 1 / 3 de-alb, reOdualboo,,,
mbeebe, in any or the ea a euorm Mall to I Ilta h) ay .
pointer,. he th rirseernoe, to common. I:11 the tint 51ho-
Joh eff.h.mbher m mediae the :am ;earn, e er mu
Judge. of the Some., lhatrt Loa the •Pet 1 1 •INI• or
..,.1 ,- ,,,,:• „r, ..., pi. , ..,.:.,,,...,.; ma gbh..., no
••-- - - -
w t r
II tur ,Uns the les
..f srthe I •Ssrst•s. or • •y ether
. eu Suto....
11. elf F14,11 , 1,f, I`. wtshns Ilst,
Cu tau. stsul .11r ',C., Ju r
asce u .un r•rt or tOnk, r
twit they teerrs rsessrace,rly error.
J 8
Speaker or Ilse II suc Ileprelutetsre
Espreker el tea He:car
r. Vra• B relt
larrotruar. looo,
• I, lavmnel W. resra. n, ..10e1 Clerk at of
dolieretth eratlfylhit v • ...gra, re
(Nu. 1.1 'he gene. foe oi the art.ent ...on:11.001e.!
ala•Be io maOtt
1.g...,11.t c...C3 • Lyn rm.-
Jam') of the meetrd io ea. II midf o.e hot
erier o been le to •dm end em.
ra..el, nth 1!.. hy u; jor .7 of ihr membm.
G0.A[4,1 rAmg io th• ol ki 01
nut .0. i, a. it i 1 81.;:aar 11...• • rowair the
l 'long. yid. reaututiain at lolliton. ea.— •
oirog 1.... r olii , ,..mgeof the r m,
11. Jim'. Brooke. J Porter ilkon
Jonathan J. unumaham, Than... 8 Fe- vio n h me. IL
humh, Cheeles Fhath y, IL she... NI. C 0.,,, flew) F on,
Join, 11'. Gilmour), Willinm 11.1.11, lome 11. g Timothr
la., 1 J Beph Boamtuve•ch lhorre V.
Boajthum to
Nlvne, ry
W 0..., Ile ry A. hfuhlenberg, O 1•114-r, IL t:adler, Datil Sitikvy, re , gll a me.), Donna!
Ithounir,lt .heet Merest' , Fertha 11. ier,
Joh.. II Walk., and Vi.lent Be.t, 000.0
Thowc voth g again. the p th airoge of the oar.,
thee. ..
.1".01u• rum and .Vrathder Ktog--
Nay. J. (1 sumo' from the Jo :roll )
SASI'L W. rialcsoN. Clerk.
reishurg, Dinar!. Id,
I, Jaelt, Chief Clerk of the Donn of re.
seer aaa tt • of I'mothilraula, do hreeb• r o moy ih e i th e I
likth 111 In the file. vied No 0.11 oo
00 1101. th Jo null of the imment I cot Ved oltheo
llama reLltme lo the amendmout of the Loto.lhuthin,"—
bon, the same te..01.110, Aro.. a2a.erl in ha a to, airy
of the eheied • aeli Houle of Lot liogiole
Ivrea—after loin, her, Joiy ont.o mred • ot we
tlith it a.m.! I . 1.. a majonty of the toernh•-• •lomed to
and • mit. in hie 'Boo. of Ile. , ionlator.• of Benno
ala, tle present ...coo•
n ill appear 11 these
th•linal v. a, of Ihe to•olo'oin. a.
'neva •thl. g in fro r cif the path.. of theamoluimio wen,
Jelm Acker, John W, liamth i k e e,
Dar] J fool, 0.1.11 e, ler.m,rir Meek, Joh. V.
William Brindle, Daniel 11. u Ww, Jin.- IL
turdin, John ih mita. limy Closreh.lo. l N. . to.yr.ghvio.
I.• te. eirldiatirl, Benjamin O. 1./thid, 14 alio.. J.
Jdoo. thi•uto, Thianh. llot.e.m. AAgum lOIL
tval E•ri Jold. C. Keen., Ve.liam Sot
8 Fother, .11rna.• r.
Ferrmr, lelitholee 'hi honey. Thom. ono., .1.0
epla Ida
le.rlfiuJii.eph I itoT9, J.mob 11.1.1emth, 1..01ge li,
11...1, L. LB,. Ilart John Wthinta II•ra..101I,
John 110.1ge, Ileury II pi e r, lon.. ford. II ad, n0...J.
••o, Jolo, Kithorer, E.
Einkead, Ithhort Blot, 11th I. aird. Leto.,
Jon - lhaeu D. 1.1, Attu. 1..1.0401, Jthrio• .1. Lmoth, theory
Joh. MClodoek. Joh r m 11. awl.
Lin !Whined, John, John IDl.mou, Banana!
Merl, John CI ,le •k, Miehael 5i.,,.,, John Miller, Jo-aph
e r a, U. D Itharer, the 111.00 T. Mori", hthh.ol
hluo a. Idderard iitclo.l.l, Jae.. ft inly, Ch.!.
Jolt., B Vac1e...10.41.11 I: Dowel Jam.. C. lir!). John IL
Hhey, Ilainuel 'thin..., John B. Itoolter
'ord Illin• IW. 8.1111.1. Thom., Beaullee, Ohara
tinalTherf IL.elmed Shier, kk /them licuth,
W Dian, A. ini-h, Scryser iliiam II %mode,
ihoalks C. noel, Llthid Itheavaid. Charles Ed
am. C. Tthin,„kiothon. Ws.. Robert C. Walker. Thum,.
33. thou. SAN.). Li. Well, Ifilant A Witham,
Zethiy. and .1..10. 0. MlL:alum. Sprak.—Yeas LIZ
ooime egad. the 1a...g00f the rex - Alie,
Aogothltm K. Comnyii, Daeol uth, and J AI. Po n
Nays 3. (Fattael from the Jonrual )
March 15 1 , 11
A W. 11EN EDICT, Orp. Seep olCumnoevrralth
P[ Ornca.
f' viol.. ton
Ido certify , that the Ahem. and fort-going it, tilr cot
tot 4cl to y f Mt. of ictnal rrolution or the Orr tom An
totoh.y. ruititott Itttolutoot rrlntiva toHt amendment of
LOtattliAll/11,".1 the tome nn•tna en My in tins offtes.
irtltroony whereof I hay. hereunto tot my
/I- A. hay., and touttd . tte atAtcd the till of the Ste:re
tory tt Olito, at II erti.bnyy. or
Jun., Allral Domiot one thentand eight h - noY.ti and filly.
A, 1,. ItUSE ELL, tlecretury of tho 1.102114131.1(11:11.
'F.cfrithe ennvhutence of the em /rot, the proprietors
rtr the PlUshurgh City Mille have pinged boxes lee
the reception Of order, at the follewnte ptimem
It Floyd, corner of Sixth end Wood etreetn.
in Hayssen!, shoe store, cor. Liberty A Merkel at.
A Peelen, store, Titled street.
I, Witestroir., druggist, ear Pnerth h Smithfield
John P Smith, store, corner II lig a Wylie.
Telegraph (Mice, Fetish tree,
II:C grocer, Fifth PI, en rot r in.filneset alley
ti Grass, stem, Penn Itmet, Pl. nth %%hint.
The near WURKAIIR will rue tee, r,hr , re 'rely
for cirdern, and the flour, e pmenct.s•eiLh.,
in barrels nr urks—sect flour 111 pv leint.:e thr teettlf
are--with Out Mr cane, It I. rtnin 111. 10
accounts can be allowed. vie that Oise, ran hare
"*".`T,o l , 6 "„t","hte";,exii , e''...Tisun'T„T.7.7„,?:nt thin as
rangcruent, Oa we shall endeavor to tin them instMo:
Ba.”aparlll Sada .k Leman Syrup.
20 hu
29itegs Sarsaparilla Seta;
e d 0 dei
40 boy. Lemon fyrop,mode from pore lemon Jul.;
.I.llrocarc4 sad for solo by
KM. 110. 39
TrIVOII , all men who are al `'t and &Meted with Os.
_Aa erne of the bladder ands itineya mutt tbeemerie
ulpmp in back nr
c aniffini, old roma musing
cer. erc, nun they be. ore
by taking the pe..
troinnun You root talk abcrst Its b erg a nentrma Ini
much m You may
but Mrs does not make It no, Or
wer procleim in the loco elan hondat communit. that
it has vine...which Pm Our tontitined enanyother
remedy. The dither
lobo is:Meant' with pain and mt.
fc nng from dither, ten tot Ony corns. get relief frOm
any of the ills ammonite& inborn.. Reader! it COStil
cry little to make a trial. 711 is Neale= iff no mitt
rurcJ-nb dempoird, hutap the the purpose of imposlng
on the crimrconity; Lot iris's *weedy
Mc master hulderf mue, and bubbles toff= the b.
rein of our medic; esrth in.ita-origiusl ,purity,aml of-
Am to sdderint bienantY i. ready termed), a certain
and cheap core. .' - . '
II Lau cured Piles alter other medicines bays haled
to render any relief. It had eared Rhomatiam of long
tau rding, met of,the wonr and romilmintui character.
Sr h. cured Cholera /Jerboa by ono or two doses; It
Lim cured old cases of Diarrhea, in which every other
remedy bas been of no avail.: • At IL local remedy in
barns and scalds, it. is better than say medical tom.
poundp on ointment that we knower— It will cum chit ,
, or froned feet, in a few appllcatianm undeabt
ed testimony can be forniahed tithe truth onmained
in the above maim:teat by calling on Sweatt hl. lam,
Keyser to 'Arcliortroll, terrier of Wood Erect lad
Virgin Alley; R. R. Sellers,'SY Wood inseM, , IL A. El.
riot &D. HI. Curry, Ark-ahem` city, me tbe Mann
L EA oh—lt Is ottani, &lig coneeded that boa y 1
US more common
thu i s reentry than loan) ' lo7her . ,
while at the Mune time it salt: hello no other Coto
tiy,i; it lost on an TOVII its age Now thi• la tit.
to 4 rettrial natant, but the lots to Often coated by no
greet. We any mall, do not neglect your personal
apoosniner. bntgemt tholfrOlowing, nod yea need not
lack sand looks. Ti , s4 •rtfoles are scientific pm
',smiting, and novo all attained a Otell-{mPnlarlll:
Juin liscias Foto DIVINX DB Tress Nagrw
thatr, kir removing tan,, sunliaru. atomics, blotches',
and other T 11441004 61 the skin; the - olost nertect eat,
ernnEnr of beauty every loosen. Purchase nothing
purporting to to Nymph Soap, antra, it has my name
attar hed.
Penatate.oltditnrssu Pounm t fOr Im
porting to the mos: billows eomplehion a radiant
h t l Elan the whiteness. to nothing- elmuld, a person be Moro ogre
ttecof ',powder for the skin, et many of
thew ~std o v e ts "441 , 444 MT Chinero Powder is
t haw
In n Otyeritillo monitor, apt contains no
inot-mint Witch ca;, powibls intim. 1...6,TV
/n um ItsurrAi Itntnataay 'Pawn., Mr renaming
tzlppertluhota lair, Nblail is snore unsightly thanhais
uon tr
ImaratatNer or arms or n lady.' This article will
shoit time. without the use of any sharp
it I F., Ilsattli Via Tr.!. 1.14011 , liar, DTI will
itmlantoneous.y is Itt, in fedi white, or gray half, a
I lee nrfwl, black, loon.; or el - bant_rotor. It will
en'or riot hair la n ',haver nitat. and atom effectually
, than any ocher Dye. al th e tan. time indelible,
Si Lys 11..1:M.% Ent non Ettasta--It is really a IvIa•-
sate to shave with iti% m rep t.. Thcro Is none of dm
'mar lion *molly eppenctired in the use of
mo-ttlaspa on the conttorthit tenors M t skit mood,
smt ro as on motto,and ,pot liable to become
Nitro INTIOr ResleTerttliPArtt tot. hair,
wr {ht IL the lett/ s tatailitentlint a. the arraten tiros
, mom in De human larci ash. nettlettrd, apt It tag
•0 IfTati4g. at 44 tplietly firm, alp gose Tooth
Paste wtll ltppait ,o ,with,apestly whiteness, at
Ibb ypit.e en, Immo Gnu 011 , 1 healthy.
Ahm 1..., a r,,,lltta tunnitamat of French,
Pridah, and A.urrican Perfumery nod Palmy &aisles.
Paillinect and Chemist,
P.M Chestnut Street Phila.
For rale 'wholesale and retail, by It. A. Fahnestoek
Co„ urd R. E. Sollars, Pittsburgh; -- ' •
roll avir wevai. moo rays Plana Celli 0r... MUM
annons same •N in ma. twain or noon
usmr ritamtrtat, erg
.?erofdlo or him-, Ltd. Itto•toon thu. Ithsties le Cam.
neon+ Vimpliont, or Itnt toles on the Face,
Illotetir. ; 1111 m, Chrome Miro Eyes, Ring Worm
or Tenet, Enhlrgtment and rein of
the Bon. and Mutt, Flubboirn Ulcers, ttyphittle
Symptom,. Scititina or Lonnlingo,—and di s
001-111; from nu intudielons one of Mercury, AM.
tdca or Denary, Expmnre or improdenee in Lite;
Ittom-ep (Ogle Conantulinual Disorders, tan.
nit tonnine has ry extended and
reputation wherever . il has been med,
bated nmanly ou iw own multi, Which Its atirefior
:my I.e. Meer tuttolned. rho unfortioule 'Winn
in.m.lithey Mama., with garotte!. pined., contracted
lid hones loaf venous. hss Imen rmlosed
hemth an.l meet. 'lle terrifeloas pailem, covered
wjo; lowoninon i to hiS attend...
het to no Inn,e wiio:e. Hundreds ..f permits, who'
ern tro, ttv re, veers under utommus
tool q`: d,to,tra. rmorstwm. end
t; ia; tm.iming film • derangement
co te-rm m• pt,••• arm the cirnultition, have been
ratted et .1 Imo. the rna direnwe, not now,
eta, re,:arraled rua.trtulloly gladly testify to dot
c Irmo, of it , . o-tilmole prependlon.
Toe ancellon the rimier localtml loam following
tn , 41. asa cure, eiteckil l•y the use of Sands' San..
"T"I. certif ., . tout I have a colored woman who
ha, 1,, , , .I!Yi .. IT,' o,t the !nYt foie years with Set °fate,
end en the rettirdit I. I 11,1: lit' rar effect in arresting
the progilera ot the rommatut, on the •ontritiT, she
eori , awl y crew olar: a:': after expending between
Ey3 anti ea-a with roisletaits, be•ides stamp other
PoPoter remedies w.thoutauccew, till the datase hod
eaten away the cartilage or her :how, mode it. op;
pentane, on v, HO. 11•Ild n( her lady, aid had Gaul •
enatreenem, ,L, revnnee in the root of her mouth
- I, :ht. ti,eadral ...wino. with the pro-peet
det•li •teripe her In the fare, I .thied her ease 10 Ur
la , osway, the scent for :yaw& "-tr•leparilla in Nave
-1 I, a, N I:, I, whoa, I was adroo ti
, 1 to are mat article
la,d,, my rot. end 'hat of my a...eater, to where
I ' nr, tvh. ilyarl, abet 'tutee lour and a hall lot
i.e..1,.. v.-,.. i actor, to bootie, 10 - alth, one t hot to Me
pl.-- a th-t, awebs, nod 'O,l a ble In *erg in two
tv,,..i. trent ate lin, the r4.lll , llvllfed 1.0104 it.
'la Tr1:1, s• 01 the try th of this . stuernetn. I have
heeranm aThred my name, thin Lath day of Neptember,
1047. Jtralitql MetayETER . 4 . io . .
"Moult. 01 Net... River, Craven Co. N.C.
rutRE I'll I-COAT
Th. following :4 OttritGl4,loll letter received
Ir.ou Ott, Devil it, who had bean agar tad .I , C/1111 year.
.etch Y -y. totelou- tr:cert, Ity . ,,, he., and recently
an anat.°. of Ott throat oritl'alregla
“ e
Itattavneyko,, Vo-, De. 13,1[ 1 45.
" D. & D. SCl , —ltefore. I commenced
u•i•lr e you. Sanaparillt, any atigerines were Memel
Ledro .. , toy ,I, toot was corlp,letaly ulcerated,
I 0 d•codha ro,a It, one there mere frequently
w,ek ~ otaAther the, I coold ant vat 'above Is whir.
rr, atm Le•ita,, the lallataniatint, trout hay throat ea
-1.-a,e,...0 my head, Oct that My hearlitg was very reach
operte.l. After taktire the':fataaperile a sheet time,
try h,alth wan narrated; sad tutu throat hi now well;
i air/ .1., I r, e i ,on enuah hl, :fgt./lee-a of the chest at
• t I in.., had evil herd toms diatinelly. My throat
a. I,cll well Lunn linter esonth , t, the core of winch
:tn. 1.0-en etremed charily by the use, of your Ff....
par,. V ro,i friend , LA iVISA If. DEVAN"
't ittinlinv. M. 1, 111110q11.1Y110 111 C Mlle of thii Yana
-ost ~., .-- •rotn thr. Rev Lath, r Wright, aged 7G years,
Conarrratintial 31laister, rmillna at %Voltam.
"W orker:, Mass-,.ldereh :10,1810 .“:,1,.,—r, Sam', 1., alemco—',soot whet I have ex
periene,d, vhd- ham the :arc:rotation I have recently
race:ant I•OM a tan:thee of 'wrap. et' high respecta•
rnisty who have used your .... ,, rrapaitais, I have not
the lenrt cleat., but that 1 i ,r a must valuable Medicine.,
s•ol Mal tic nuoterou , eernfostes vim have received
~i . riNchey urn fully .u•ta.nea by caoertenee, and
•;:ra nun,,. rep Iltlell ft. W 1.% ath very evennve,
, ,u.d atin.l in un ru ed 411 my humble elforta In there...
then. I wr,ol, Joll who c. re ea:.cled ~y itineast to I,e
;ma, ~,,et,ol wan the eth,tcy out! pose. of your
valuable cu.-theme.
yn . j ."”. ''''''''''' 5
"''''' OD. r Vll7itTVl ll7
0. 1 . .;, , 1 . T i c , e , d r i t , l , 5c . , , , ,i t w,01,11th,r.71,.... v...„......„!.utt.A,;,/,Ldr.,
e.Yrz,.; ntA'lll,nV co'Y Vcrle. ' S,ild' Ly Drug:
coo generally three:. Leat'no, ti thes or and Can.
Ada. l'ttee El cc: mat:, f.a butties tor :3.
, , o,te 11.1.. WIL.latX, Or., 11. A. FAIINFSTOCK
S. ~,,, ~,,,t EDP:ADD FEN DEMIU/ I ,rittsboreta, A1.,.,..1t.
.,. , ..It. -0 aNit rLI It,olvw•w,-, laol4-.laolaw?
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