The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 06, 1850, Image 4

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17)11.11 UV b POW. 61.1;1‘.
Erpresstv for keleznlg.
TO ay. , the many illC011VCIllet:Cr, atter_ a f,:
J. us the
eof CV•lo,ll.ry lUketn. 4107 C
been much. and In, along orne wantedJ f
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been n neuter of 11 1.•le11101111,i1. that I nc thr
article Dream!, was rone!mwfoly
. hou ,, hane
hl 1114-5:11i, e.T. mach mote vasuun ,
e se much unable.
Lie Fepp:led in Skni,n, nOn wan'
vriatten. rd loot haa ano,n.
The daroPy has at lam I ,, en rerreome.the Putke
in °tared n Kann usnele, ham!se.nely put up to a mt.-
Ventent Itron for domestic u.a.
The only et,,,,,,t0 n a fainst this arttele is the
•Prureot rm. goonoty tr. r.oh 001. This is easiis
explained Each spool is warranted In rostam .11
yards of Sat while the ordittan nein, sante
plies, tots hut an utt:Lertain Quantity, Vat) mg from It
With yards
The ripe , Silk is re• ity fur use at thenme of rorr
chue. ono t• osly neetis trial, to ettriatnee the roost
steer/oral of it, ssittertortty 401.i5. 01
the neat au I tonveutent form in which it is lortashed.
II lit great adva , lage• over the Stein, nit der:
•aray with the tedium of ',mime, the veahttnn
tangling, arid the less of time in pre partng it for lose
Sold by wm. 11. 1111its1 MANN strNs,
St North Third et, Phtltttle,pittat,
lIORSTM ANN, IlitottS & tit
h Maiden Lane. New York
Sole Agents
NEV 130013.11
r irr.&I,f7ITENS OF TIM CAM ?BELA- FAlfied
2 rolobyl2cha Niti c li2m licalt,e, 21. one of 11/s czecutorc
Railway Economy.. art n ,
traniport, Its Tll•nngeMerll. r,lattot..,,
eatrinte eels!, financial...l,ll an ex porton:,
thee practical Fr , el.ol:l, ra it, em United ii,nadem.on n • , ~. anti ,n America
By Ilintlyplua I ve 1.1:nao cloth
he Pa,. Pro . : ~.,,r. Repalii,o, tree:.
lated tur Fr, . . De Lamar; n, nutlet n,
"The Gerondt.t. ...Nemo. 01 t oink," ••Rs.
phael," at. I eel 1 . 2t00 cloth.
• •. -
Hint. tr. "raid Reform. In Leeteres. AiWee ayes an...
°Cie , by iloreee lire. Icy. I vg, 1.1
The Ilivory of the CoLici,lonrsl lie John l o
Ifopti., 11 p. pump of the Don sr of Vi
1 001 Ilhno cloth.
- .
The etr - ehew of C.aris By the hpihnr HoeLe•
14 bn," (Oben Worlenton, t• rnA
Commoti 111 sketch c 1 s dry,• et`K.n of the
B, Ale* Von Ilumenhh... !nen
the Bertone le tett 3 ro;• fly rne.h
Cthhon's Deehee nee 9•11 ef the Rome: Erneer
with notes by II 51,1m0n. Bather . : rite, edition
Vatio, Haiti comet... in C. vol. 01 Joe pr: vol, 4 voiA
rteeteed lee Sale by It 110PhINS
eug , " Apollo Both-lino, Fourth ,t
IMOIIIN theein oath... When ntler
around thee. Connorsl , l'. eepor.ure nod
Annie Lune. Are we olniolit Low Nai
One. Ile meth nil thing. ell. Ne..y n
?Hoer moon. Ora, or Wa.l,r
vevalifed;the am; t-o,er (toy. Do kind to
loved oleo at buy, cheer u.s my csen
06 1 Lemutl. Spring' Folkver Wnltxt. rfin n,
B rut ebern %Valtz.Sa:utklinn Purls. Bettya. Po:. a.
Hovel 1 1 0. kc J .eny Land l'oll a. Linda Liii.okotap
March from Norm...,
The above ere lu.t received. and for .aIo try
ougfi t•I Wood .$
the hoc. 'lmp°,
Lek .nd • 1.e.,.ef Themas Cantrt,r,., 1r le
EAled by %Vet, 11,ame, M
- E1;;11, , Or, Moral I'Llwephy. B the
late Rev :31dr.e.y S th, N. A.
Le.caz,rl or tl.. Ararnran .clecue Systent of Sur
Kerr. i:y 111.1. M. D.
nl,l an Verunt; Row.
The SLoutler Knot, n tale or t!e se•enteenth een
TheScariet Leorr, a romance. By NaO•an,r .
Haw home. ear)
Straorfacrry Plant• for 'Salo at Grrea
ood Gard Mil.
1R:1.91 - .3 Prize, w
llovey . o Seedling., nod Virtortat
1 tn. Le an, an• largrat and Cent flavored
on.ongat nll thv thagrent vorieLics now grown.
Urdu r . addroaLvd tr. the. prop /errs!, WeLLManclnta.
ter. will recei•c prompt rOltiltina J AIeKAIN.
MIAS benonte an e•ial on
diehed and almt indiaziens ernr• tirrro, tanyir.
front ns rnma q ika! , ly wholcaon, and lp . tro tdnd th,. onion
lan• a• • fuod tor the hea:ity tis writ n d.nt tor an.
••I d.. and also ler th e , n^r ,rnertngrneldrrit
and infanit modes 01 coati., and preps rang
It ere menu on the ' , rapper.
Tnourta well known an the nu, it ha• never been
introduced to any extern to l'ltlttuteli. he
eri liner., therefore, mare arrandndinot• to 1 , con
ntrintly,oprned with it. rind no. ode F o rm. retaal
delatry or 15/11111" on too, in•oratte than it
has ever beet, mold at to
M A M , i - I,Utif: & CO
ed agnutp torl'atent War It
and Whit, nnd are t rrpared , urply
ttcle el./IC[llr Nero,
A C1 , 1, 7 ,41,0S
19 , ~ , n y .trees
N•i• Goode I Itlcsr Goad•l
1 1 ',I ;1 " m r. e n nt h :Oi " in ' e n' t. c r .' 7 t n . :7, ' , ' :t:r n, . r :r1 1 - ' <7::l
by vath arra, rare. for 1..14 mark, -u•n .
Voice 'rmrhi.uhea,Saa•A.. I. fine nn,; Mu-, fluor, raytoe
two and thee rune, Flllll,l, arrordronx. l at e
Alto, • prnor Gannon nod /,'lllO had ,•ru.
IncP• e• Ir• rt. •. a
arac'e. SIGN 1 , 1 , 1151 . .1,,,Aws
I S " T T lZNUA: , F7. ' l,7; :' . c . ' !. ," ,; : ir ' ,: ' .. l ,.;:; . A ' . '
A •Overtlea remcay lot rh.orir th;,•.
vreatarr• and lameur•• of n,o, 1.1• t• 11,
scald., tam, Form of reo•I•.
•pr 00,., bruu•e•. Corr, e 14.1.•••• ar,
Al•o, the mo.,onveneria anal an/r •,.ra +AI, In•
altengthrafrr pha•ter• •nd drast• 0.• .r.t
rot •rtle
Cot six,t, A WPOIt
— limo] REED HOUSE, (1850
KEITH & BARDEU, Propagators,
PuMte Square, Erne, Pa..
ftENFIRAL, STAGE tEFICE-I,etern. Weatern
and 'Snutoetii 5i,,,-,. leave lb. lair Ca ,
Gages to and from h‘toatri nod Par Boa:- ...rat.
W. Kirin , late of h.-. h
W It,nern, talc of .1, 1101... ~10.
FItICSIi SPRING & SUM ,f 1611. Gootni
a :d tsar
A:eats:ldes & Das', st.erf. ::onth ,;
cornet of the ['mein:A.
In callus; the altent:os of nun en , .•o•ne, and the
public to tt,i. star 1, it ador.:• h• , -h•ars to he
able to say It embraces I, h EAT SINS RI.
Date ver, devcriptien of goods, a. a la -on port tnn of
It was porebavd at the.reeent es:hawse au
t o
in the ea•terh eines Our a.sortment to, of ranev
and w goods.. veM supenor. and milord., to all
caah bu,era either by whole., nt 1,1111, • fine op.
pox-wally of SWIMS taste and on,.
Near style 1',1a11a, CO!) rtiray., .1 , 11 plain and
Spored changeable silt., of aim.: cv..ry ..yle and
quality, super plain and lleured L act auks; dn
rages and titaneto Oareee dr la na, newund hand•
ate atyitt; new style French, Encl.', and Scotch
.alena, in great n•nety. and at vrm low one, plain.
fi rared. and nun wiped de lams of a t I.,rid• and
goal/tie, linen lustre. of all shades sod colors; ring.
barns, etantzes. .4.r.
Sager chameleon alit shaw/s plain ane (gored
black do; main and rentorni Jared Tot: et dn, tine c a•h.
mare do; super plain and embrowered white
Colored crape do: bares,. and net Aa. Sr. ,
A Ins rtment of mull, .oak., jaennets,
Sansone, nook s, I.tahn , . 1•6,14. Sr. ah _
Ravel k Reidy, pearl or.tfd, Florence braid and
gaper En;liall masa , nn net•
A fine stork of &parlor plain and Ina •ed ~ii and
Satin Tarr par•aola alai; roar. att..
A large asSortmcnt super Ir/ ash,,sh and
Belgian &nobs and ea...hetes
arleea, to white are would nitrite toe at,onnti of Ina
Oar Meek of brown and tan-Ached uclringt,
aback., chambray% drtlttngs, ,ks, is very .arge, and at
She very Lowe , . prices.
Alan, n large lot at table (taper. and table enth•.
brawn and bleached; Rum.,a arid Scotch d,,,,,er5, eta. kins, rotdor. nod wool it goods for men and
hope wear, Irish linens, red. white, and yellow tlat,
nets, dornestte gingham, .k and lin., Lost. and
110004 of allkntdn, hosiery end boar, r,,oons. aro.
banal .1, to, to mill wilier, we rr , p,cau 1p
Invite the attention of wno.e..ale and en.ail cash
buyer, k bAI
may2Al E'3lll.nrket 5t.. , 1 fl en, Mite l.,JAmn”.l
I AM now prepared to (ornira Apple Trees, from the
wen known. Noreen. of Jnrnl, N Wotan. The
treel will t.e dclotered at the wharf at Itattleureh 1.. r
SLY per hundred. rer-on• ws-ttotta goo.: thr.lty tree.
should leate order...non nt the Drue.tseed,lll.l
Perron:tarp %Vtarchoose, corner of Wocat att, tt,ta
.pll S N k ER -II Aft.
TOALNIKII. 116NNA & CO. lotrr reKno•rd thr,r
lirrhar,e, 0,74r0 to north wcn cor.rr of %%ood
and Toonl .orems
Bang. d. Laine•
vrUP.Piir & 11URCIIFIELD ere Frt.', neßt
LYI Itmndfonne rty leg of above r 00,.• at rcdpr•d
prep. A fus Berege* rttli rrolasninno.
will be c'ote, out !!ry low augl.l
QUI I I ASII-10 east. recelvdd inr T. d hr
1...7 au: IS 1.9 9 9 11AR .TAL;(111
T msr.ruOlL—VOArls .T ••I. 1,7
kJ .17 ,9 • K CO
VALTINDOW GLASS-914 ba•amorld •tx•T rdr'd
V Yr Tor .91- Isy 91. 1 1 V & IV 11,91119.91'1:11
anylled ~T 1 rrd9i, ior by "--
1/ , V 99 11A1111A1.:G/1
HICK-17 , irt - • prone Ird•A Mee, 11,1, yr t:
for •nle LT tryrnl 01 1 .1..1.91111 , h :geld,.
Ll T9 l / 1 13 TITUA TTIc
CT3T—ira. 190 I. j0.111•1.1/1,
add for gale by 1110) HARI/1, JONI.a4k. CO
SAUCK—IU Lis in • err and (nr..l.
/VII f:-NT.t.loll E
W, ll , l a r L l.l". , A . LT ,i i. , S y Krig• pure What I.ead,recelv
aug:3 N. & W. ILA-RBAUGII
- Rd.-10 1 00 1 1 rornnion etgarq Terdived •nd for
gale by ftunc-tli S h IV. TlnHilm;Gli
'{WT 1:1. 1 )11 ILANNF:I. E--Slurii7 h
TT coos scot an bin.d tint above Fought
directly loom the Importer, arnl w arrutted ITenurnr -
also a timber supply at Welsh Gauss Flannels r. -
Celled' thoto10100,(._ •ng.9
•• • -
APeLES—ZIL , rIs - ji•l ree'd for ital,:l,y
TAR— . .I brls NC rot,
.111 a uri. to, for scle by
_.‘401 WICK & NIrrANDLEss
CA:NVAS...IED HAMS--112 pcs surrrur for •vlv.
ap t ,, WICK k MeCANI.Lres
rancr_ilmun—Jcpt received, a
, lot of t :upe nor
0,1Z.,,'„Yfr0r...Z.01/17saInctured by NA , ru LI le ; ,
axle() IPS
1 nit MACKELI EL, Coston ineretion,
arnved prune tavt vdd vsdv by
smell Cenral Pam,.
• VI v lat , vrty It
T "ACe°— to d "."'" P.
40 boo Myers' pound tam,
nary and for
a 0414 ,ON
Ito fesuicale b . (.0 U IIOPEINS
orlySidoo, anaTialsuifin sa ty
, ,
scot:- •
.1. li. rl
N ':.:ll',°,° : l' ; •`,7, ; -, ; 0 idi ' ; 0 t:1 t c, ". ... "' <7.7, ' h n ew -
d <
Molly, do you Love me, by S. C. ED..,
Olt, may the Ned Ito, Live Alway,
Ivelly war. n dn.
Unlic Ned. do.
iiveine to Ilan wI Nlr,ht, do.
Dolly MT. du.
Sold, r . . Weddtite, 1;:0000.
The' Robin, Jo.
tbe Cord Vol once again.
have, Sremoiro. a Thee.
Lament of the Irtab Emigrant
A New Medi,: Song.
Tl.ou boot Vl'o'und....l the Spirit that Loved Tire.
Ph,. Co,rlpt. Ile are, by Glover.
hod to Loved tine. et Home.
7s4dome Irt.cre e'er the Heart ia
Tb, Vn.ree n.d.
Loa. lin ‘'nr. I.y Lova,
110 you ever think nme.
tiei,:e Lady.
L:ellai.uJ, Wedding, b-ronth. N..
13ntyl.elor. Mliden. Bella We'll, C,OO.
Fou•en.r, Call,.,
vga. und Lizer
W F..7ntrr
ItnuAl.l 1 1 A•h. Ar. 1, • • . vt- A
lee Ilee• mpuin., or • 1,1., - •
keep It A 111'4(111111
Airirrir.... 31.chanlocal
• ••,
lira ,wenty • ,• •., •• re
1 , 11 , g NV”TM t. av
,ontatit p:,
Nlnehinr ry. rom I:••,i•
Ilin: t.U.1,111/1 more 000
one tlwo.nod cleave Worth 01 111110 1010/ - or, Wago
wnr. and 011,r1/001..
Thee—ent ,ot of tips roltheatton ie. to plare toe•
fore ruction. own acto 1,110Vt.1. ' , ark an twee., 01
klentette%t nod verentifie knove:ethre, nos rontlentted
orm, ita xlia,lehattle them to wnrk to the treat att•tto.
tare, and to and theme MiPlkke• whin!, they m.c .
Ithertvt, reonatti The amount of useful
hrotteht tonritter Is atrooln beyond preerdent it
tueh work.. Indeed, there la hardly soy .0 h , eet
tent.. nk ranee which Pt 11.0 treated with each elear•
or. v. 1 3 ,1 pre.. that evert a man of me um. ore,
my rap:telly e•ttunt Intl anderetant tne tt. at..t
.hu• le•amog from it much wkitob ant for
analo know
pul , l,ltere ere, to short, d,erntne,l, rocardtc,..
,t(cott to malt Or work ttt. completr tt, ant:
1,0,1 eye,. ot,r , It..trou,, tit , tent the svi:l
~rocttre it as tutt.ta littett , era endthuo , ,rkge
„tit. cntrrprtot.
Tr, work w1:1 be sued aerril.auk.aruty
commenczne Jiti.utiry. 1,31 h xt.rl Wt;, prug resa
Lerat rrgulrarlty.
The ••!note work will Is- published in lo uumhese,
It US ctn. per liumber.ind complcls.l was,
ecus (Sas, 1,50. A hberal discount will be mode CO
Any one e, !foe pubt, , h,, in 111 adv‘n,r,
limn receive ate wora " 4,, Pn't trtc .
Oplulona of tilt
"Tonur Al. , uourturcr.. Mrrl:4^,
will be a nano of arca
rrnvaracc.l2 1' Journal.
“Voung rarn. art.. ycarrelvrc wlth ”21 cow ••t!gt.
•Va can with col•lniecrc reraLlurliitt war re 4 1 ,1,1,
?um,* ticant , ,vrn nut. c.ta 1•1, trley ap•
;•ar - -Amer.ran A ',an.
- .
4 .1 V , unt,o.r.utmg.y tommen,l the wo-k to t` c•e rn•
r.mge, It. or Extctrmrd ta mcotttinto4l or
•wortitr or the.- exanonutton atal
tt,:ey (NI V.,: I.,ldert.
. .
ill tt. trtity a
yeti the,.., tie
i•eye lite lean It• ~I' 1. eetttot, utietiiit.t.ti.
iartitrera. tow tsideett of the. puittie retterni v i —.T. ..
Thi Dictiorotry Lir uuefu' to practice:
nf[i.•141.,. e noali who vrigh In acquil
hiemsolve a the 'pm of :norm ohn the tor
ohonir arts . —Neor 31orcuf y
otoik triecisonat ought to keep po”ed up in the
' , Pew es IN, P. prn, cal knowiruke. und th..
•••••• rake in be ibr work writ ate,. zr..i hut,
crn. tit nu r iechunic• vr demo-, in pow
e•• rin uenple •in n• dc•nription, •n 1 no lu.l
innute WC it w. , .in• In 01 .4: nny
contra , . ani nrininti• .Ww
,• • iiioirthit• lags awn liwtructio,.. - -N.
inuinercia: A dvertlrser.
• Ai intore,c4l roort•antro obou.d Rom' them
evra of Oo I.dvantage• - -Scbuyltt.l. ,rots 0 Jour
t•A work of ri,n•lve
entoo prkettexl Isitttly nod ,r.telina
rtneett trtd r•lue to tne t•pot'y ttatrea•.:tr .oterc , t
he. re We meat, for wott t 1.11 •.,
out toed to promote the rao•• or
t t.l re - :new "—r - trtner ar,INIe.. - nr we
••t t ractotal tut tt n.I the earn, V 612,111.1 trt-ena•
• tt a. ot wor,r :two, rneurttt• r. A •%,
I.: 111 In, wort a W 1.11,4 Or,
.Wr• 11.1ve etrehrttt torture t the t taott•er• to. • tr•
lor ri.ntam•11111111Ir ttttt tur, ~ , r rvrr, I , rAtle 14
. . .
^.Ct. pall, 01 ttttt •
•r. twu, wnrk , • vrry ...ou
- .
rotrs.d. r oil- or ,t - marl Ild
,0.!..0 of!, No to-rrt,
, r,rl its. on• tior -.I
- 1, I
- Itakimor , Adv•rtl•er
• aura: In liat taavaa ear a ry dyairlray In krt.,
p.a.,' watt, liar prnyrraa• oaf art arai.laca•-rira- war
•la .irlararr rayaiired t'ararra-r
ar al rr tar , lat Irr Ira • art•
loos plOoloalord a rourntorra. and no a pro, •o
r tor tea o ha* olor aonol ortert, too •orto onot,rro,
101, end taro tor ha. on enndronrod dorm an
to of on• roetooto avd.root woo'd tor °Mooned. of at
ao rooltloy inorrlio•e of very roar! —N
I Coo. r nod holooairoor
, VrtVi Of.ji 1 1 1,11 r h• •
%vim n tney •
~ nparto Ennire 111.• w the .
6..04 141 , 1 , 1• cvery
• .n. at, twirtufertgrrr. e•p,r41.,/y vet.
. .
tho Prer, ir,r,ughaut
th n vvr
. '
st..l fs.,l wzda.
111 , W , • ,. .1,111C/1: IS ir•l for,
10 . 01, VIII., NCI, I,tll 1.. pm) Int,t
2 1 1 • ALLI9T/4(l'S 01:1iT311.IN T.
(*onto. m r no :Von, rv, ror or l.r
'1 •1 1Ewn• t.) tre
fll , l tVoo.zrr 14...1, tar a utoot nf :r. •
dpeal work et,ltle•l °T, , A 010 f iro/1 t 0
.; n.ta Fag., v ).Wl,lll •
ro •• n Vre,ll, 11.
rha,cirr L.( Pr „1
it. kl“covrV.
itFACH, b.
Itt'flNS.—lt It 0111 of tit, be, 1 / 1 1,11 the yror
for Burt,
I • I —Th.asaartl4 ara yra,7 ra,tl ta,t
irh - ni It yr:er h
TOM!, I, Cierr, tual ali tinda of Sart,. it ha
{l, l,lloral arid Norara kliew tta value la roar.. n.
Saar y saga .1 alAval.• •p., L
In ci ( . 10 , , uarol nerordalg In d;rrytlaa, tt,vv.
rest ta a ••rs . Irw bourn
AMY.' the I,nl nrr ains far c•inn
hrnnr, Srrnfula. rrrno Cornnlnon, Kry•,
...r (3111141 am, ' , raid Ilraft. Sore I:yr, gumr.
Son 'P.m.. Urn (-nor, Nrrynur Affrru ~,, 4. 1,1 n.,
11., .r of Or Spirr. Ilend Arhe. Arthrta,•,
liar Af he, 1).71 , . OM, a•I of tor .-111 n. Sore
Inp l'antnr•. ttr. Stvrl.trn of tar I.triVot, Snrrl.
Rbenman,n. i'not Fr,. Crrup, riled or Ur,
kr. Lircast, Tooth Ache. A,ur in Li. Fac Sw e, At.
The wo• ',vett orthapa t a Motto- tar Itrottaht
in thy re
puttlto, that ha• tnan oho, a o toa • a ,„, too , a
repo tt• hltth•tc
,'. A:1 Iloahaa Worin
Sat', rvrry to. rsott Itatt ha. mat Mr, of it
• p^r.k. al}' to tt• rtrai•e "tot La. tort, coo, lk
mu , uoni 1 4 0 1111011.1/1. swot, rof pl!r•,
• laird ol totahleaotno pon thr •010 !nu , . of a
ar..1., to tho It tiro not Ftec trnme•
rt Itcr. la every cvar, It Call ,lo 110 /tuury, king
apple.. °lota-Jolly
n• moonier evi . dnone of the wonderho herding pow•
et piton-wad hy thin snivo, we •ohniin the noilownitt
ref hfin,r, irtni n rentiertoble of Akkidollerr,k
WWILSilir, in itn•,(lan,y•
Mon.. terk, Brrkt no., titnreh 30, 1-‘l7.
plena. Icit'et dowite in inform yin, that I
won titi noted of n never, goon the honk. hrihr
one of titeAllinieen Solve, wht, h I put.
ehrine.l front you. 1 nuireted with it lot alitio: WV Tent,
nt thght ern• anoint. tn thot tithe i
tried ninin win.l
were tet...ft tor rne
phyinr,oh•aiir tr.,, net...ow. without fccrivine nor
r•heh find fit Ihil t11.•4, $2ll, With .2 Tr
fnwiwfife hernon no [lon entire.
111 , - , .. front the patio. innl rot, ninlit
nod nwent sleep Imre 141.4 Lhr • •r.,
booth oche nnel ether rompisinit. with nt
results. Your fru.tot.
AM Itfir Mt A 1,1,- 'hi:.
rin Zr' of tJI , rinwe .ie
Pcipal oMcc, at. , North Th strett,Philodeli
PRICE 25 CENTS PER 1 4, x.
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In Allegheny City by H. P. Sell trace antt.l. Dnuel • se
[Sy J. Li:Smith. Druzietet, Itirininehnnif I), Nelery.
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J. T. Rozera, Lirownsellle; John Berkley, Heaver, Pa;
John Walker, Jr., Elizabeth; poi/bright k Erwrn,
Urorrbl,SALT - 5-10 brio on hand and for Fah, In
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m'h 0 - n.a. h•.. 1 tory .oeturied. rrolhou, furor, r rtorrne
from the Company. 111 order of the D reeh.or.
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no•xerta; hrJto . r , • Prrp..nrd only by
JUL:, I , rfumer and Chelan'',
• lz.n. In. -smut rtreet,
Fur •n! w.'t , r , rlr Nnel It A Fahnertork
A Co 1: 1. l'Azthurth: otrl,l Joh,
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Platalle Right Light
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Y , IrCLI'Itt. A. Co,
Great awarican Mechanical \Nark.
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Gram'. n nl PI• Forte•
P. Pl. DAVltti,
to )(DIN D DAVIS )
r.,.uce In our Patrons.
w U. A. V•ltnestOck a Co.
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Item - o,oleveolronol. 00 ,0 0 . A „
vi. Prumaylvanta. Canals.: li.•11 Roads.
& I.ll•rrty
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ATKI r N , . OONNort 217.1.
Nor, glreet. Itn'tlmore;
I: r. 1.141,
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Teau•pe'ramo lon Company'.
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D. LEZECII a et.'n LIN .
ID:T , VVEN rn
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O! Tile PENN AND 01110
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Plit•burg Is Port•bl•llLlue,
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Comer 1 . ,t, II;
St..l' t, %or, .5.11 n, 11 Ilur.
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lietwerial'llUburgh and /e.::(;771CIllew.
I•1Id 17,,111/liltZt.
rn W . .). 55 141., rh11,,,,
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CAI, Haw, lor. Latterty „id Way,. •tt. l'ut.lturth
No 43. Marker.,,
No 1-'2, North lloworll •t 1:3111tonte
mrlit No 111, Wt. t o .trrt. New York
• }IA lal l, f..`i & CO'.
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be Robbed by the serikdtine rtenepp. that miff t be ... L I.
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when II coked them convenieri e. ' H. IL BUSIIEMELD ...,
Ghana drawn at Sittaburgll for soy :Wee frOht 4. 1... .. L'.. 'r6.l"“
1100., payable at any or the prmri tetra Utak iur Ire- , Groutry hurinesc, at the •
',roe, Satgland, Scotland and Wale,. ' efffleUthe Erre of.
z_ , , "JOSlftlf. ROBINSON, •• i , ll^Lel , 1.1+:,01 —lnatltl
• -- 2 Elropell.n aLd tioneeArtl iwtrellt, - I iIAvE tht• day maroet.
rah, • Fifth stram.ona tinnel,elet.lareud-
_l_ rani uroeery, Sommtar
s . _
br IQUORS-1:111 repo Brar.Hy—ut e m ij o ~ y f r., ffewrom two lions, R. N.l
~,,, - a piprillellana efe. ' ' ' • name.. In future artll be
'', •'6,. N E niii-' ,_. ''. ,:,... S. Waterman &,Sons, -..
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b4CO bli 1110. 1 ; wale fa
_.• to and 1112 Front street.
';.• nor
.wr a , ' =taro, Attica wilier
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r' 111.1 , “ Art”l
e.r Water
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./. I/. E IVood street, hal rtasived tio
la4otratsg New Muse: -
/ y r
v. an •ce ••y the troth's holy light; deal/.
j I , RYe r nook. Oh, think not less/ love,anche A .pen, hove thee. When other friends
The rot beneath the hull, Wen Mon
butl• •If I..•orte—Scnich ballad. M g R o b,
r • I , y i.oot. bo Stephen Glover.
a ,„„ i the spirit that loved thee. The
• „ W • V•PII. The itch Mother's Lament.
t t t It a ••• Ile doeth all things well low Itarlirer—Rosaell. The cottage
~ y y
,Lowkacked car—Lover
Jrany' TolTaed'alil%eriTchane
n .sr, P t , otree American Potka. Ttp
l'otka Labelle Baltimorean Polka.
, I T. or,. Smtimh P01ka—
„,... Polka. ‘ ,. irt Polka Josephine
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I drilles
r , 11,1,y Wanyer— tire Ernest. The
r elwArk...:,yezerity. Monument.
r•cker . .. Daitchte r . yairi.atep
Wood Up, quirk.
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N.. 75. Fourth susse s
Trim, ,-•. A . part the following,
mo.rfloval Velvet Pile Carrels,
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7! /formal J ply
, t,t•-•rt,...10,r0t0 re rpm... Extra Roper patent Chenille
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xiru Wilton
IConomm do
!Cheat, Door Mot.;
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Ltnen crumb Oath.
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Harlot atek Diaper;
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te +t1.1., IMPERIAL. Tilicht:
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M e • 7—, 1•.• . 1. 1 e,;77,7a 1.1 I'. prepared in 1,11
say floods 11 New Goofier!
fur 15n0
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• : • •• Dry e.nntls
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• •• • • t •ini-n,.l.llreet from 1;c1laa:
. • .. • vet!: be found tee real Erii...go-
M 1 GOODS l'aohaerra nr ra;lng Of the Womb. of Ilya
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‘r•simoutot, Ohio, Fah! 1,40
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,1114,1, eliore Dock o:l.ll , ar.apartl: I m bincrly
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JINE /-.1/Dlf,
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from 111 to c.
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11. 110 Market ntreel, between
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I'l I< to netti J. 1•1•7—
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P. J:Janil4;
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I -II S I nr, r:landlot;
And Copylnk;
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flint. Flat, Gra_y
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Nara, I, LELO:
1514 Jam. llinTriara Plaid alagslaala.
P ,R e E tErtott:l l /:,1,1f.t!!
Th.,elegant preparation Is re p a
wdi commended to all
eases of bile, acid/ties, Indigestion, gout, and gravel,
as the most safe, easy. and effectual form in which
Magnetite mar, and Indeed the malr one in whi c h
might in be e.ehihned. poss.:meg n;1 the properties et
the Altarnesin now general use, without t, etng halo,
I kc It, to faro, ' , an,- rens col/cm:on. in the bowels.
it effreinai, Learl:•Orn w.timut inprlng the
eon!. of the stomach. a. .oda, nom•s,..d their r.r-
Lonste• are known a,lO- it prevents Mc loon 0 .
fen. famine ea,te ni a : enec• LI acne ma a pleuritic
sportful and 14 refill. , is lemn!na.
11111111,1m . y Davy testated Dal this solution forms
soluldt. comoinattous wttli true arid pane In roar, of
rout anti v enentera-noff their innlrintln
tendency, a - Len outer alkailcs, and evert Magnesia
huhp Crompton, Bart., Surgeon General
to the Army ,n
"Dear Sr—Thr.r, can hr no doubt that Nlngnemay ara
hr adm•mrtr r,.,1 mole safely in the form of a con•
em,rat-,1 so: LI • 1011 than n o t übstance for tht.. knd
other rrn.ons. 1 urn orollon thst the Fiold
Mnao..sla Is rery voluab:e ademon to our Sinterie
Sir Jamee Ciarke Str Cooper, Dr Bright, and
!1e.., (holm A ,
Ilrrto.rt Mayo of lAndon, strong
ly r , :eornmmtd Orr, •, flu,,, Ain c•:e+.lo.
firoe:., tom, se,. hod ,morrno•nt man the sot LI, and
free 4
free from the
potaas danger attendiur the constant use of
For male by the imnortrell and pronnemr , tagents,
11 A I , AIINEST.S.7Ii tc
may 22 rot. 01 'Vol, A Front ' , ls.
From thn 1,, ,t, ,,, L6t,:Kingd0m, to rye! Dues,tra
De. .Guystott.'• Ex!,Oct. of Vsllow Dock
Conc. onwoorptr,o,ornfo: Ah
n.orpipoin, rhotnntiorn,
Coot. nvor, ....Id ulorof,
n.ouno, amowry. Ha. cowl+ of
, •loador Opt , Yofor morruoo, uf•ro.r., o
rNpf I .tnor.. ru•ii of /.1,11 :roof ;Lodi
tun, row r,d, !01 , 11.:0. opor.
ria..o.• of oprowo. bro.iorhe. r"..ovette.o,
wgio.or tallooktoo•,
pv .(41.00 Pkic hosart. Lilco, 1.4.11 •...c,
It 1. o.r•ertsone frorn oo
pure et-ttc the bio.nt. or IrTrguler action of the eys.
. In tl.. Ve . .etel le Kingdom, an Ali wire Item, he
depo,ed Plant` ..od herb. conger', to our cou•titu
:tnd nelnp dto be tare of di ; art to the
vceetehle kingdom doe• the reaaren man.. well a
the troonet of ern ale, turn for antidote,. to path.
The rup et re re.esstsbr compound of the mort oat
nu" , Monne in , nature. entirely free front de/cleric..
ettervlting mineral Ruhatanre., anti on it expel,
direove from Ilse ry.tern, it:unarm rigor and strength.'
An extroOrdinery Cate 01 Screfu.a, lirreipelne and C
corr. eared: by tbe sole u•c of Dr. Guy•onle Com
pound Syrup, Yellow Dock and sstreauftrilla
1 1 PuoLLYN, Nov. 17, I.llt
Do. CrSetten . —Sir, I tender my sincere tiefmk • for
the err, '..-terfit I Lure derived from the ore or your
valuable rub,. I hove hero troubled very ht.] wit
pervulnu• re. tootle tot appearance on m
cher , I elld nut y melt :mention to it at far,. lettP
lettettle to be nothing hut on eruption loot appear
ort ar :It eruption
to increase. until
prrew! to lb , .ertlt.port of the head. I appited to •
rosy •ic,.... who attendee! use ad to no Purpo.e. Iha d
tried every tbing that could bet tried. I Saar your syr
up of Veilow Dock . and S•veapanlla, and rot:clured
in ore it, her I knew that Veilow Dock Wu. one of the
most valuable anodes in the world for the blood.. P
I , ourla your Syrup, aft° frtom toe of one bottle, I
rut,' we great my tyttrtn. I eont•nued
to ii, it ant, wax • welt moll. I itner feel like a
new alter,
blood if perirelty ciertn-re at.d free
tre , m ount., There i• not a etacancer. Lel the
tomato xly if...covered compound is tor oupersor t
any •af.apterill ityrup over nod
am certificate ty al your dirpo•al to 11111.11. th it you
I, Olt! any on you yre rue I ohs!! b•p
pr;o them e is; i lite 11 1 , traiLltell 1 oats 11:qul nly
ca, he I reit:min your werelictit eery ant,
Gave°. ti. Jteleteen,
113 Market .creel.
The 1.. t from e me.lic t re Ironton. T., F.etrael of
, nee Dret t nt! oM.mimrtlla p
inta .pectly,
and prentatmnt cure rnr arl compla moulent tO
It. rr,,!, nroper,e. Telmer :1 peoulotrlT
norm.. . a , snler arti ,enrkm , nstentunont of
uto men., It tot um 1,1 m upon each
•ea.e, a• ine.vient ennenp,on, immentlm, •
enrrata a. or VIIOII, :meettlar mottrwat.oo. aem,n•
itrotnr.: the ey•kern.
It Loam M et er'y dr r tee•,
0,6 • •%11.410 0 coloCloll 10 VIE ',Pet, lrame,
rind Inn url. an entfe, .1!0! nonyarmy at& tormnang
;Pry are Frew-fol. We i
item. evidence no Me veblob
mo , noly to recommend :lon me, to
trr cd people. who hale not boort .tenteti ve:th oft
SI :114.
Gr•a Caro of coustuntittlos.
!Or 1 1 ,,,, , - 14 s, crfti
, 41 , • ;.11 • 14., • ..ow Poc•
r•arEE , I., II ~• ^, to 4.. a.•
fur •.......111c11;
ye•:a `rom K•n•-i.
z, 0 , y ; ; e1,101.111W1 p
.rst •)
1.1:1, , t• ill: LIP Ir. I per
It :• fo , l •J. II r:trit, ror,o, Four,ll Wal•
Agr.:l :or 11,
:Nc4t, to Is no, u..t0r.0.r. 11.1111,. adJrce,
I:r •. J.” 14,1 A f& , I Vc • cr•
01 11,0 •Arct sJi,l tl.c
gtl.ll Awl, Jr
A41!,1 1:LICIN ES-
n. lrhio, }lac 25.1,19.
ta )nur Clrel/C/11 Fet
I 1,, yllt, Verto.itt, :eterir rey own
o•ot freolottOlv rlt te :!ted btette titutetes
t t nt 1141 dott vertrutel tram t,tt 01111 4 , 11 hove
eto. tiet .1 to, Lt.., .• .to t ' ordtt 53111,11 illy
Irttoty. :tdo t t.ey lave, td evory, pttotuccd
rd •rt, de•orl.
A• I otereho , lonne, I nm rt!,:e to
•l air. I az,- yrt In hear ot the bent Influre where
med•etlte• 1... we :won unr,l :55 :any nreonn of the
eonntri vot:c,ion.
v •tAte• that they are ihr
mralc , •••• eat, omf drmlin•Ll I,Vc verV
eittra•i••• Ipur, rr•pertfully.
l'repyry4l end 4.14 J by 11. R' II
SELLER-t. No:, V. and
14444-4.44, 4.44,1 ty Druigl•to getscraby in the two
Cll,ll no I Y 4 •4444 y
S.DI 1.1 - em e
Ai., , Shy
R E. r3¢lti forth,- Lrt/.1” of
o •Iror •.,tre 1.11,3 re.stl.on 10 y, ar rice.lent num
iy Mc 1..
I he rr ri•ad 7.. r Verrnitege orremytti my own ,etrit
117. n. r I.l.,tottaly tin for ritte;hrip: ge
tier. tit • `red
to am, wortnr l'rrn twit VI//,111•11/
////, 1.1.,/o tired your /AVG/ . /1/4 alid ran ot
in, tem. I. Intl :hey have in vcr) test coee Notlueed
the ell. ei tii sited
A I , titt attcnred itt mritritawtlt‘.l, I ral, nttlr tn
•ttttr Vt , mt , ' Yr , tr thr ftW whore
your 111,111 , Itavr !t u•rti ott •etetLott thr
r., 1r tttit nrr tle•tt tr., tt n trrry
r.,trttive pspLuer:;, l'ourr, r. utt:
~ II I•,,ret.t.
Prepared and •C, by R. • • I lIS \n 5: Wood
soul Drozetr •re .lers.'y to the two ca•
~nn , c , “")'• mv.l 1
I rST t'l trF I,IV ty as
of tamal e only true. end (teem., Laver PIH.
du,sar Idle° runty, Va. /
March 2tah. 1 , 10
Mr. R. E. Feller,: Pear Ste—l dunk eta duty I owe
to )ou and to Mc emery ly. state that I have
been atrleird v•ith the. rornpletnt for lone
ten,. und . badly that an nbeess tonna und !quer,
wheel, loft me I/I n very love state. !Ism oer heard 01
your cr'eltrated lAver br.eleg for Ba t e Ly d R
ezell eel In oerly , and recommended to me by
nev plo.octen. Dr. E. South, I cimeluded to else them a rear med. f purrhased one lox. and round them to
•c Hoe: won they ere recommended, THE imsT 1.1.
VEIL PHA. EVER UrIED; nod after takme lour our.
I rand the dieter lee retterely 101 l toe, and I am now
perfectly well. Reepeetfully yours,
West Liberty, March 11,, 1,11,
I centry that I wro pew? , ally acqualnird to u. Mr
Cr)lem ,and can bear tesontony to it, truth or the
atoPv cruficate. A Il SHARI'
The e
ratline Liver YIN are prepared and Aoki by
11. LLERS, No 67 Wood street, and ay dreggi.
In Int aro ewes.
TOr lIE rtiltLll!.—The original, only true and Re
nine Liver Pills ere prepared by II !:Scher., and ha
h his na
and his ai: asiged in black w. r
y alp upon the Ind of ea
og, nniare on the wapper
others are counterfeits, or bane imitations.
aptd E .ELLERS Proprietor
A'r El ki:811—t7111.111 . 1.11 VII AN
V Just rettl, en tnvonw ot tutl tnwci.sti raw.
vet Waiehr.., IN c twos hos cut,. .lurk I can Art,
low ai atm): and ttatrty five tloltuPtornd Watruntcd
keep good time.
Also-41 eplesalid a.sortment of JEWELRY, cooly
entitle the reflood and Intent style., and nest ' , entente:
'W. W. 1.1411.140 N, NVatelunaker and Jeateer, llr .
Ll e 11.8' WitilllB AT COI
Cn, bans
r3n~ra to
11 R lee their enure vtknun~ to lhb sale '
Waolen.,Lo Cotton trieo.le,.aolv otter they - large
Moil( of Tailors , Trtiorpiree, yesdogs, ond
,GetwahClothe, Meath., easstmereve&z..ltilliroet..
e "
"J tbT
tee • an elegant plain Rosewoods ort. Itta;Tol
(yore th •
reiC.diteCetwohietsery of Num. , /e.'
- "Arlll':..bV . R. (2l m7tifillie'd "fir 7,lll;Tid7:',
p 2 Lan .one nen
V' for re'?ooirittie yith, ,f - Vieuroy Canker. Ind all
eubstantlee deetrutitiveleottlie Teed, It &Deco. to,
the taste. dee using the mouth,lteeline and
yth r e r v e iN k and Inc:Tr !he Arendt.
nAretili. by
del° W 04,1 et_
- - 1.1. '' '-_ ..... _
OTICE Is hereby gthen, dim onarobont the 4 .15 th
(April, the sabscribors itaA them. at
Wellsburg, V., the Wry. notes, Mot—A note
drawn by G. A. Marti. tumble to oagordeg, dated
Snotllth, at 4 month s f n stn Ath - 1 ndte drOhn t f
ohn D. Morgan, sante dath and time,Totand'
e drawn by John Wits & Co., in favor of &LIM 8.
Marken, and re-endorsed-by us, dated April PIA, at
roar months, for $173. The above notes weraitevar,
received by es, .4 this Is to caerila u 2enlons j
against trading for or baVlAtthe ritaeoie intent
of them Itu boa Oupptdr , & VY,t Vial r
R •
T ILE Partners`op hereuirore existing between the
subsenbers, under ion firm of Burb , idge, Wilson
& Co.. was thiN rl•y dissolved by mutual consent.
The business or the firm will be settled by J.W. Itoe
bridge. or Win, Wilton, Jr., either or whom author.
iscd to use the name of the firm in liquidation.
W.ll. WIL&ON, Jr.
Picsburrh, July I, 1er,0.--iy4
'FAS. W gurt.r.dge & heal. F. Inahrarn have this
sj day u , swiated themselves under the brio of Bur
ndsc Ir. ingt.rnin,tu transact a 'Wholesale Grocery
and benerol Conuntssion hastens, in the Musa lately
ocrdeu,.. ,burgh, ./ llorJuly t.n l, o.dale, Wilson & Co, 116 Water at.
1111 E suborn hers nave this day formed a copartner
stop under he firm of W a F Wthtont forme Pure
frse ft . ..lacuna the Wholesale Grocery nod Com
pottaton Ituameta, al No Oft Wood ntreet.
Pittsloran. I. 15.10..-Iy4 FRANK. WILSON ,
Melodeon Plano awl tlitivo or Reeds
J UST recolved at the sign of Goldin /tarp, tine
Itova, Melodeon Plano, with fr o Mall
of Reedy, the latest improvement The above.' is
probably the Immo toned Instrument ever peered for
Fair hone , with a hied,. finished and elegant exterior,
Me ...ale be ' itea7i 11 KLEIIK}I •
. c
b .
R-100 roo bnoo& a rld 131•
P kiNT"U e' P E 20 do. da sfo P
30 do do do tnatM;
100 do news printing, 24137;
Itel do do do
Oil do do do 29:42;
lon en do do :Merl
20 do Blue Fnvelope, Wad.%
cal dp Yellow do Watag
NJ do Manilla do ter.l3;
25 do do do 941311
300 do assorted wrapping pa.
per.. in sums, for ode by JOHN 11 MELLOR
Ft Wood at
rk EC I n EMI' the cheapen and best ptisee In Pim
-1.7 burgh to boy Tea is at the Tea Market, east woe
of the I/mond. They sell'
I , J, 'lent Tea •t • —so 50 per lb
Sult for Quo Itties• —•• • • 0 75 •Thr veer
Tow priced, damaged, or Inferior Teas are not kept
hit establicitmea thererom, whether you Royour
0. or timid eitthl, you Ste sure to obtain a pod
article, anti if the tarot of, the Tea is not - Approved,
they readily exchangeor it return the money.
tYI , MORRIS k. HAWORTH, Proprietors.
SUNDRIES -40 boil extra Creant Cheese;
10 hI brl. No 3 Mackerel;
10 has do do;
5 kegs do do;
Int Loa Mould Candles;
211 has No I krareli: '
PI don parent Zinc Washboard.;
25 hi elLe•tsnperior Green Tear4o caddy las do do:
10 la' cherns superior Mack 'Frac
Por rote
tea Duffield'. extra {lams..
by 1 I) W ILLIA3IB k CO
Jr lb Cur Wood .1) Filth in.
1110C1 En box es No. 1 Fresh Chocolat
lust received, and fin • , ile by
John.n—Amenren Farmer's Encyclopm•dia,S.
Emer.ll—Tthe and Shrubs, eve
Brown—Tree; or America ' ,o
Thom.—Amtg can Fruit Culturist, 12.m0
Hoy —A Gohle t. thc Orchard, Mao
Ittnat—Ferrtgy Bilehen Gardener, lAce
Hiner-1 AnLenc. Bee Keep r,
Brown—The American Pltry Yard. Ilmo
Mur•hull—The Farmer e n d EiniuranFe hand Book
Allen—The Amen,. F., Book, 12m.
Bovrt.—Frun end Fruit leers.' America, 12mo
Young—The linen, Fv
Begnet—Tha Pollitr Yard, lAvo
in': 104 Fourth et
A me r I can 1 of Selene• aud Arta.
tiONDUCTED by Prof D. Sillirnan, Prof, D. Still;
Mall, Jr. and James D. Dana, New Ilaren, Con
oeenrt. This Journal is tensed every :Ivo months,
its i , umber,, of 1, Leger each, conking two octavo
volumes yen r, oath with ninny iltostrations. It is
devoted to ortemai sit:cies on S,icr co and the Art.,
Condensed Review. or Abstracts of ?deltic:6ra and
Discovrnet (nail Farman Periodicals, Notice of New
Ponnent•ons, nod • I:ciicral I.lolletin of recent Scien
tific work.. The first eerier contain. Su volomem, the
last of which is n ecneral Index to the 49 volume.
preceding. So to, sipoon, SS a year, in advalhee.
J D LOCKWOOD. Air% for Proprietors,
lel9 104 Fourth at.
Good !looks for filatdmorr dooding.
Irrovol—Turatsh Evening hotertrunments, Moo.
Taylor—Eldorado. 2 arils, 12mo
Colman—European Life and Manners, 2 toll, Unto.
/,,,,,,,,,y_Doeirry and Son. 2 vole, 11
Mae ay—Copular Delusions, 2 vol., Umo.
Marvel—Fresh blearungs,l2roo.
C. 1.. II —Norman Leslie, limo.
Shaw—English Literature,ltito,
Prior—Guldenitth . • Mrseellanemis Works, 4 soil.
Maye — linl2mo
To,lor—Viens Af oo l.l2rao.
II inlmldl—Cosems, 2 vola, I2mo.
11.1 Fourth st
Ear, and s lnnufacture. Unit,
ytlo—.l . loo..ormy 0. Nam,. 12mo.
nymw—Aphori•m• and Herrtmns. 12M0.
1 , 14.—L
Sham—Kn. Lalrmure. 12100.
itryont —What I armir Colifornic
St. I'mrre—Enui nod Virett.m.. 2 vols. 12010.
A lert—L , litra to Young Mtn- 12mo.
linroap—lter,aude of Human Nature. 12Mo.
Vrramur—Mr.dorn French Literatura
Smc . :te—ELliroaor
NCVVII,IIII/1--iillllllol Mernelism.
o Smut,
140.0,10 Zoologt,alßecretorons.
f ed 104 FouriL •I •
Polder.• paw ISchlopian
0711 N 0. /40, oil Meta; Doily Day,
0 .rc E v
40 down to de eouon Field;
Nell) am. a Lady, An.
Ile h.' to me Ltore,i - i;;;e; ht Hom
Bow thy boat tlehtly. True Love, by
T. Hood;
lour re iv a. toss the rest duets,
A lICW eon, by H Covert;
Jenny t,rht zoo,- by Muller:
I.Jen 1,, nlc.More't; ,
• t tot., .•. our,, si. , ,,osrkische CO;
1... t !Use' easy vsrie.'.on. Horst
I t :c.' l'o.o 1.12105 , Souvenir Polka:
Corn Crot tr Ouhdrille; Louisville Llnadrllle,
Des ut,es or holy, Cocas, Trio+, Se.'.
A loran a••ortinent of New Music on hemd.lo which
dooto, ore made weekly'. For elate b y
t 01.21.; J. MELLOR, IL Wood at.
it..,ha ato St atridar 11.-ID. eery.
HI:ME'S Ills I',. HY OF ENELAND a now pub
lir.tto.r lithos II nor Bra'., G vole. cloth and
paper. e
at .1u eel.. vol. Three Vo
orl. rer and
•a' by R lit
apt 'IS Apollo ilutldtnas. Fourth n.
New [took..
D EDHURN• F/1.1 Voyage, by Herman Metallic
t.l'ypee." ttOmoo...fte.
Motor, K t op Alfred of England, by Jacob Abbott;
with hue encravntcs.
Solon , . the Sorer
rear; h 7 WM Meinhold. •
onv 2l porno,' Third and Market street!.
Onod/ ele it/.-tr Reanorte/SVlWorka of the Agr:"
XI - INF:VI:II AND IT'S REMAINS; with an Account
1.11 0, n et-ot to the Chanclotan Chrome., of Nordis
ta, 4:1 , 1 the 'l'end's, or Devil. Worshippers; and an
Lotto ry t.lto the Manners and Arts of the Ancient As-
Ity Austin Henry Layard, &sq., R. C. L.
Witi, Introdne.oey Note by Prot. E. Robinnon, I). D.
LI. E:u•trated mob 17 plutes rind maps, and 90
vro•ol Otis.blob -no cloth. 14.5.
boot hoe o oat/tont of graphic, vivid, pin
turesque '•—Trteune.
t' rite wo.'it of Lai aro is the most prominent contri
bution to :be study of antiquity, that has appeared for
many yearo."--Cutt, Int;
••Sri 010 eve,. :ti.ntorest the aceount •of Nineveh
told is Hoot, given by Mr. Layani."—Wuhington
A."A. - wc lo,tow the dieser, with breathless interest
Lri their e tens mow.. sod tuddclily laud ourselves he.
nrsttise brute carved with minute seiuracy,
how Itiung els:tone head from We dust of 3UVU
years, we ape ready acry out with the astenished
Arabs •Walish, is wonderful, but it is true!'"—]
Fort,e by
r 4 Wood st
• ••• • .
Milli WOMEN n: the Old and New Tealamenb
Edited by It Sprague, D. D. I vol. Imp. (sm.,
elegalit:y bobbd; 1 0 exquiontely fini.hed engraving.,
with d , -..emplin, eelebratril American Clergymen.
lI.EMS DV A MELIA, (Mr.. WelbY, 01 KY.4. new
uni en,urged edition; try engraving. from
de.igiba by Wier. I vol. neinare ,vo., elegant
noubd gi't. A i•o---A variety or splend/d Anna
n. and Gift Rook,
Setvell'e Fir. Book of the History of Rome.
I wool, I,nll.
Tilt: MECHANIC'S ASSISTANT. adapted for the
one of Carpenter, Shipwright, Wheelwright, Saw
yer, Lumbermen, Student, and Arid,,,.generally:
being n thorough and practical Trent.< on Mentor,.
non and ;lir Sliding Rule. By 1) M. , Kaper, A. AL
ina ne , Treati4e on Greek I' .e Composition.
odord, Elementary French Granonar, By leaf.
Greene, of Drown t I I.IV,SIM. 1 1 , (11.
It nedig-r's Gerenitie Hebrew Grammar, by Conant.
lie.entn.' I lebrew Lexicon.
Lao1:11, Trigonometry and Loganthmic Table. I
•ed (tnrep.)
The Etigli.binsuia Greek Concordance. I vol.(mos.
Anthnn's Clamcal aerie..
1% chnter's thclomary, reTtmed ed. I vol. Pao.
do unabridged 1 vol lto
Bartle • Notes and bluest... l New Testament.
Whale I).'. Logic
111.11eim • Eceleatastical History. 3 vol.. and a
vela (sheep.)
Nest:cc. of Creation. I vol lemo
:doming. &mole . the Jestom at Rome 1 Aar (cloth
and paper
Occne. the Tempter haA Triumphed. I 001
(cloth and paper.)
lingoes Flmoloutea , lecture.. I vial Sao. (cloth I
.4.. tier a Pronnunrom Bible.
80, c.. J. re orb Di tootar)
Sin in • Hera, e For sale by II HOPKINS,
no , I 3 Apollo Buildings, Fourth Al
Th. 01d.% 'rime.
JA 11F , D Liter s tl 0111),Bookseller and Importer,
No. II %hood ..rect has for sale a tew ropiest/Ho
oleo., Ithc rethamder of the edition., of tills valuable
work. devoted to tic Pre.ctration to I.coracios, and
other authentic. tu m mist ohl relltt ne to the early ex
plorattott., settlement moi improvement of the country
around the head of the Ohio By
loot,it Ncrillc 41 Craig,
.Fay., of rah, in 4 vole *all
novto 4 V I.oe KWOOD .
y t oci - AN unEk I y.ii ,, ,,, 47(ir:Yg ''''H... 11.. , -,dt
i Ltbert) Of other 1e1R44110011
. 0 1.,,, , I
I Elliott Hsu ; , 1)). , ) , oe )0 , t I h , .# ts,.x-
I clued at. Some 2 • els , lirj., i ybarul, th
, f 4 t 0r,,,,,
%l ideal • • —,
~,,,1.,..1), LOpr.H4POri r Boilhwileti
• 2.V . f 4,4--...4 4 .- ~ 1 only. " ‘ l .;l' 1 ,
po Vl6l KEALIIte. uk. I utha.juthoil red et . ho ~
Iltao 75 et4, l ill q..lFitatl4p:m u L et. 1 LAB
11F CON.OLA ON . e ,
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10, Drafts pay•ltte in any pars of It
from -.LI to SRO, at rate of to
without deduction or disc the
ount. by J
SON, European and General Agent,
door west of Wood,
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1.1 in l'oree and Dumont Dais 01
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RecUfied Wht.lter, 14/II D.,,0
French Brandy, liollend Jarau
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PRINTING PA PER—Always order, he •adoo. mem of Frio
Wrappote Paper; Craven, Ntmlium, en
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Agent Mr Cu
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Lotter Day Datophtein, No 1:—T•
Ety Thorns. Carlynie.
C.l.M.R.—ltlenaoirs of Life and ti
Chetlntern, I) D., L. L. D. Preireti
Analogy, Paley's, Dir idence. of
Lecture on Divinity, with two Introit
itnd four Addrevtes delivered in Ili
bilinburgh, by Thomas Chnlitiern,
vol Nino.
Caama—Lifr orJohn Calvin, comp)
Lie enamel, and particularly from bis
My Thorn. II Dyer, with portrait I
For sale by II 110 P
apl7 71i Apollo Budd!
Combs! Combs!
20 ( .:0 8 °.° 8 :".:F,1,1=1,'" d -1 0
w .0 1 01 Eugl.t. Horn Re
o l'oetet Combs,
500 Wur.d •
1000 duo e•••. 1 Firm Ivory;
`• Shell Slat' Coinl.N•
10 super Intee Iluffnlo;
200 gross sued Side C 01•11,1 rec't
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Bair Ilollaud! Duff II •
TAE NOTICEI—That W. :11,71.11t
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A FEW Very fine GUITARS,
eelrbrated nuuuil fun
ertory of (7
=le by ntnS J
Dome Jet Itece/w
TIT COMM.! AVork• of lobo I:on
to I vol t 11.axtrated; mualut gilt an
Nlitchtll's Ittblical nod Sabbath :acts
a new work; I vol, !Stun.
TOW 1 1 . ) , AnalyFts and
!Ate nf lona Q. Adams, by Wm. 11.
rhrmi mdelm
roams by Mr, 'lemons; I vol,htni,
Sermorts—,"ertnon. preoche
on'ca by Robert South. D. D.
volt ( including Pon'humans o,ncoorte
Some-1 ohccp, extra; S.
For sale by
leb2l Apollo Dodoo
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THE undersigned, soot' 090000 to Ar
son, beg leave to inform the eitiae
and public generally, that they have r
OLy, FOUNDRY and am now in Nil
have part of their Patterns randy. (hr
Atoone•t which arc Cooing Stove", r
mth.o splendid air-tight Coal
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Worehottoo, No. 161 1.1:,ny
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Gold t,d :divertV lehca, Gold Jewc
Comb* and Razor.,
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London, Eng:anJ. and introdurni Iwo
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The extraordinary aticeea, of tho. ine.
Care of Pulmonary w"rran,
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colds, coughs, sprtung of blot.d, petit
chost, irrhouon and soreuelo• of tiro
dalioulty of breartng hectic. fever, to:la •
atioll and genernldeloy, asthrug, rehoe
trough and cr ttl
!Sold In large bottles, at el per bottle,
1.10:1) for the roast:a - oho:1ot boahh.
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Pamphlet, coutaming a nitoa of Eng!!
ecrilAt. Stec, and o,.er Evol•nne,
quailed metal of thla great Engll.l l Re
.btamed of Arcola. gratuttou.,y.
For rale by I: A FAIINI, , Ttic}:
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Mr. R. E. Seller.-la m 11in
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a part of one bottle cured tar cough I r. e
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Agoooy, No I Wood otroot, Pittaborgh.
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