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spool. su.K.
for Sturigg
TO avoidavoid Ole zyre
Kiang is
uteoneenienee. ,the
no of the customary Bkum, the .1, 0 . • u tlele
been tomb, and for along time wanted. It boa Mtven
been matter of astonisionent that erbi1t011.,.. 2 ..12
ankle of Cotton, muchetrovemntly tgdO °4 _,
hl ase—Sllk, so more valuable,
been s upplied in Skein, from se ws to otuna
vendion.und lon has rum.
The difficulty has at lut been overcome, the public
la offered • good article, handsoncly put up in a con
venient (Om for dememle n
Thu dal, nbieetlon n tg ,,eTgalnst ilds article is the
lapparent (mats quantity on each 'pool. This Is easily
explained: Each Spool kg warranted to contain 20
Yee. ofSilk; while the ordinary Skein, et the same
mien, boo but an aaeertain gaan tl tl, " kr / i" from 15
to IS yards.
The Spool Silk is rem!) for nee at the time of 00 , -
- then, and it only men atrial. to convince th e
akeptieni of its nnerionty in quality. Independent of
the neat sat movement form to which It la fands4cd,
it has greit advantage. ever the Skein. . 0 it "to r
=the tbditusto.f."Wi", the rt ' ot nee
Sold th e
WE. IO u. irc i areilig a SONS,
61 North Third at, Philadelphun
8 hlaiden Lena New York.
Sole Agent'
L i by William Beattie, D, one of his eteeetora
11 vole limo cloth.
Beltway Economy: a tresuse on the new art of, Ito managersam, prospect., and relmiens,
commercial, finutelal, and social, with an expostrion
of the practical resalts of the railways In operation In
the tinned Kteadorn,on the Corninent,and In Ateettell.
Dy-DionysiouLardner, I' e. 1 .oL Itma cloth
The Past, Pter era. and Poore of the Repablle,tranr
fated from the French of A. De Lammtine, author of
"The Gerondlata." "Memel,* of my Youth," .12a•
phael," ie. 1 col ITo cloth.
Riot. toward Eel ms insctures, Addres s
es. and
otl,er Writings, by orace eley. 1 sot Untio elo.
The History of the Confessional. By John Henry
Hopkins, D. 0„ Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont.
1 Tel Itmo cloth.
The Corquest of Canada. the author of ''.Hoeltv
lag.," (Elliott Warburton, Fal4.j vale 12pto.
Cosmita; • sketch of a physical description of the
Universe. By Alex Von Humboldt, translated trn .
the Germ.n by r. L. nil.. a.ols tst.. own ,
Gibbon's Deellna and Fall of the Rowse
with not. by 11.11. Idilamin. Harper's ekes? art
12mo, cloth, complete u volt at 40c. isr , " l •
110 P
received for sale by
sagil Avon. tubuo,l DlZ lo -S
Now Music.
T MOURN Mae le sadner.. 01 _ ,Lr e . .... th t e r j a r et T r a n . .
n"'"" C°""iP" g gere. Low backed
Annie Laurie. Art we was _
eve. docile all dunks!,:ii.Tfl .
Pilver moon. Grave a...! doer DoT• bed..
wou Thou ban
nded; the read: Dam.
loved onev al hom. Wet.
O l3 h rit L jefalco ll eV f ir r .
Revel Po:k. 7.
'The above N )aai flrirdmF L
.b yLoa,
Si Wood m
c ErrocrroN has received for pie, vol oth
R. of Cihbolea lbstory of the Decline aid Fab of
the Roman Connie.
Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell, In 9 vela
Ecbted b 1 Wet Beattie, 11 D,
flemptel7 Became of Moral Philo' soply. By the
late Rev. Sidney, IL A.
Lectures on the a 111. 1 .10. S7.M. a 15 . 0.
pry. By on
Hill, D.
Talbot an Tamen; • Novel.
The Shoulder Knot, • tale of it. seventeenth mob
‘u 7lie 13;arlet Letter, a romance. By Nathaniel
wood arde Planta for Salo at Glinea-
81.1181 , 8 !him, flosayls liteedhngs, and Victodat
Thmte are the largest and beat flavored mei
amongst oil Ma didereat varieties now_groarm
Orders addressed to the prop , toter. West Manche.
ter, will receive prompt 1141.40[1. J 111eKAIN.
Kuala •
fIEC SEWS rams
TgAB become ml established and almost Ind:spear
able terra:silo In even . well provided rawly,
from ma remarkably wholesome an d martian. quali
ties as • food ler the healthy art well as a diet for in.
eel ds, and elan lathe austanance of growing enrldren
and Infants. Varical modes of cooking and arepming
It are given on the wrapper.
Though well known to the rant, It has never been
mtrodneed to any utent in Pittsburgh. The ailment.-
ers have, therefore, dada arrangement.. n be eon
candy supplied with it, and now offer it to retail
dealers or &aniline on tarts favorabte terms than It
has error been sold at In Pittsburgh.
anall van I.inenv at
NIVADDIIC6=the ruorerers hove oeco
11, ed wrents for the ale or Thu , ' Patent Black
and Whlle Wedding. and an prepared to 'apply the
trade at eartera rneeo
augn 193 Lit.eny siren_
iT Kiykaalt bas mat tectived a hoe let of Brass
y Inotunients of the hest manufacture, selected
bicairlf with great car, for Oil market, suer as
Valve Si omba nes, Pax Herat, Haloes, Cornet, Tubas,
also. a fine selection of Mime Boxes, playing
two t oot dote tones; Flutinas, Accordeens, Ake. dte.
Alsei. pertor G•rman and Italian if t ri nes, and gen..
tne Neapaitan K Strlng, lour lengtbs. a splendid 'v. SIGN Of SILK Gi iLDFIN HARP,
au 2 int Third ',el.
IAT WtAsll2X,4l l aT,Tn=tit"
A remedy for onion. sheamtue adeettons,
wee kness and lemeness of most parts of the body,
scalds, burns, sores, of most kinds, ruts, swellings,
sprains, bruises, eon., and felons when first enwing.
Afro, the most consesuent and safe stteltlns salvo for
strengthrnins plasters and drefts on the feet
aoc2/ Coe Sixth A. Wood sts
113501 REED HOUSE, [1 650
KEITH 45. BARBI:H, Proprietors,
Psalm Sqvare, Eri., Pa.
.and Southern Stages, leave this house daily. Car.
'ridges to and from Steam and Packet Boats, Grails.
Al. W. EXITII Wet of the ACtrtean Hetet, Erie, PA
G. W. Bemis lam of the Ell e etethm Hotel, Ghia.
an^3-data . _
intigitritiaiso & 811M111ER GOODS.
A VERY large ud choice su.s of Fresh Some
Ja, and Sommer Goo is has post been opened at
Alexander & Day's, No ES Market street, north west
corner of the Diamond.
In calling Om attention of per customers and the
public to th is Out, it affords us great pleuars to be
ble to say it Unbraces GREAT BARGAINS in al
most every deuription of goods, as • largo portion of
it war purchased at the recent extensive anenon sales
in the camera cities: Our usortmeni, loth of fancy
and ample goods, is very superior, and affords to all
tub Were, either by wholesaJe or retail, a Lao op
portunity of saltine bath lute and prime.
New style Foulard silk., very cheap; rich plain and
!lensed changeable silks, of almost every style and
quality; super plain and figored black silk& do.
cosye and tissues; barege de Inns, new and band
, ma style.; now style French, &neigh, and Scotch
-awns, i o
great variet, and at very tow prices; plain,
6 glued. and satin striped de taboo of all kinds and
poultice. linen Issues of all shades and colors; ging
. huts, cblntscs,prinm ,
Super chameleon ails anus's: plain and figured
black do; plain and embroidered Thlibel
do; fine cash
mere do; super plain and embroidered white and
colored crape do; barese and net fin. /sp.'
: - -
A fine assortment of mobs, nansooks, Awns%
Swiss., nooks, bish BON NE T S,
Re y 2, Fundy, pearl braid, FlaPenco bralid:usd
mper English Omer bonnets.
A Ana r.ek...r superior polo and fringed silk and
Satin Tufo purrisol• 4,1'0 colors and qualities.
A large assortment of super French, English and
Belgian cloths and emitimeres of all qualm. and
Prices, to which we would Mintz the attention of this
Our neck of brOWil mid bleached conalina, tick
checks. chanstitaTh detain" tee, in yet) WT., m
the very lowest fite.
Mao, a WO lot of table diapeer. mid table:emits,
brown and bicachot DM.. and Scotch diapers, crash
linen, mink ins;itotton and wool n goods for men mid
bale wear, hush linens. red, white, and yellow lan
d c ,,=.tie gingham., atlk and linen both and
Rove. Mal kinds, hosiery and bonnet ribbon., arti•
het et dowers, /cc, to all welch we would respectfully
Invite the attenUon of wholeaale and mull, cash
mayr himket et-h W co,. of the Diamond.
T-AM now prepared to famish Apple Tree, tom the
)nowt. Nursery of Jacob N. Brown The
will be delivered at the wharf at Pittsburgh for
st. per inindred. Person a wishing good thrifty trees
should leave their order. orion at the Drug, Seed, and
Perfumery Warehouse, corner of Wood and Sin th inn
spit l 8 N WICKERuIIAM
- - - -
,Water 617. Y
er.BROWN CO. have remove& ta Iso
% doer below the tdooortgabahr Rouse
PALMER, HANNA le CO. have removed their
E.h.40 Or me to north west comer of W a
and Third wed.. aur
:Dare's de Lain*.
ASURTLIV DURCIIIIIELD are selling neat and
V.I. handsorbe styles of above good. at reduced
Prlee.. A few !netts Barer.. Gull rernabling *hal
101 l he cledted oat very low. mWI3
- .
OD A. ea: received for sa , e b 7
&veld fr. IV KAM
011-20 br - G — for sale by
WINDOW 0LA139-903bts monad Ott. ree'd
VT for sale by b,31 St. W lIARBAUGH
• - .
(.7V ---4..5 . 0 be shell - al.. real kiak R,,,,,AuGH
DlCE—Ciahltletc,_ inn received
il. for allo'hy 0 [jyrUl PE . LLEBB t NICOL%
SinlncTliYelfreTb itylr''l'isAitUYlNlZlrd'S
TPTE.-01.F.It'iBit-t-12 big l i t;ti l fg ,
—..L TT
dro: 1 _
W tiatilLA.U.ip.7t Kegs pure White Lead,receie
‘ &47 3
—CIO A113,-105,01i0 Common Cigars received and for
aide by I.o] S. k. W. HAIZBAUGII.
WELSH FLANNEGfiIIirpiLL & Burcufield al.
way', keep on hand Me above good; bough,
directly from the Impanel, arid warranted genuine—
al. a further Wyly of W elan. Gas= Flartela re.
cepred BIM morning.
sag a
— i'A Priftilhl Gili a•TirW'd fele sale by
.C 1 aued________-------
.1q11: 7 -1 1 . bri• N C Tr
br Dflt wia a MeCAN °LESS
C or e - 1T
onlif AliVWSkirli:Unt'S P.
...L& sueCAN PLFSB
FIArUR—/art receive, a let ef repeat°
„V rattily Fklar,seanafactured by Wm Little,Esq
Poland, ta, for We by
A cuLuvirriloN &CLOUSE
193 [Abell at
/00 )nunlig:d'itlaMt?t= Labr
cE....ibuesjsst zsea and fof.a.
121 a 41:1 L.iberlySt
_ +Ss Raven is litabluiasea Vs L a mp
tO 41.4 Cavineas do
bxs . ?ten' pound lamp;
Zgpontde7f, gulsi, .4 Hams for rale Dv
5 LAY mutilation
- 114, ' Tar
H. lIIELLC!ft,
NO. Sig Wood meet, has jut baceived a our as
sonment of PIANO MDSIC, among which an
the followinig—
Molly, do you Lou ma, he B. C.F....
Oh, may the lied Row Liu /away, do.
Nay wu • Lady,do ,
Uncle Ned, do.
Gariao to Ran all Night, do.
Dolly Day, d.
Boletuses Wedding, by Glom.
The Etobin, do.
Ob, Tomah the Cord yet owe again.
Sweet Memoirs of nu.
Silver Moon.
Lament of the !AU Emigrant.
A Nu r Medley Bong.
Thou hut Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thu.
The Conscript's Demumm, by Glover.
Be Knot to the Laud Ones at Home.
' Tat Home when e'er the Bean is.
The Yankee Maid.
Low ttack4l Car, by Lour.
Do y ver ou e think arm.
Grey. •
Elfin, Catarina, Wedding, Wit . nth, .1d
Batchelor, Maiden Bella Mina, Concert, Ladle.'
Soerverdr i Gaily, Eletra L lAlY,Arteei
opt, Adlpa nod LAM r01t... •
WE enter not Ledo the Ilet of pater., we say nothing
about Hundreds of Chant. . Importets, Large
Capital, Bought for Cub, ree. fn feet we w i ll oor
humbug to any manner or tort.
we Wm ply invite the
pubhe to compare our Teas otth what they purchase
eleetehenn Pio is the best method we know to ueerii
rain woo sells the beat and ebetthest Teas in huts
burgh. We are now selling
Good and toong Tea at 40 and Weenie pet lb.
•j h e
article, ..... —. •.. pg do do
The best Tea imported into the U. Stairs, St
Low priced, damaged i or inferior Teas we do not
p.prietors of the Tea Market,
pi! Fast side of &noon&
Steens A sis•iiiiitCra Mu.ialoal Woe u.
D. APpletan It Co , New York;ltnere in muse pub
liestion, in pails, pries meaty Ave c 0.... b,
. . _
Qf Nat Aims, .s.lethantts, Eno*, li'art,and E.
in tteartng; dengtned for Teamed Trerisner
Nen, and chafe intended for h Stags.
Ithretng Petztenn.en.
ef pmeu ST..
sollB WORK Is of large inc. m a c. inn - will epneolt
ow. mom Tl s.and up Oti itiou-
win 11.1.V.ILONS. il will peementward:
tuts vat dose:lowns of the 01011 important machine.
in the United blame Independent of the results of
OAlf,fiCAO ingenaty, It will cumin complete previ
ew toad as an uec h aides, klaeldnery,Engine-work,
and Engmeennc, riff ell that is veal in more than
one thousan d Istirgs if fajtP TfattloP't ..Ka
sinew, and other book. •
The grew object of this peblleiten Is, to pine be
tel. practical men and student. such an amount of
Meet:Meal and enlentlfio knowledge, In a condensed
- form, as shall enable Meet to work to the best &dun
and to avoid them salinakca which they might
~,, c Mink. The mounter useful term:eaten
e g ge b Yo Cher almost beyond precedent In
such go a. la , lima je hterdly any subject
within tin il Waal ts DM thEatpe with soh clear
ness and prevalent, Mat pre. • min ebbe 'p/OP` OP.( -
' nary capacity cannot fidt of undelatieding 11, and
than learning from It mach which it is important for
him to know.
The publishers are. In shut, determined, regardlem
of coned,: puke the work as complete as mumble; and
it isiWyped M ala y ono desire. to obtain the week will
procure It as lumul in nimbus. and than amount.
M. Wm:PM ,
Tbn work tl be booked. A IEL ik!ffil-..,3511 , 04P.. 1 "°,,n ,
coMmentiked i1.... , T , ".M. ,. J. N" ... P'.7f . ' 'n''''
fri Vat . Witt
Th. work k iLgiA a ed In el . members,
as Nuns per Intelber,emi yjlitrl th
Ie enr
reg, ~.., ,le. • liberal ills I will he glade to
:my on. remitting the plibllshers 111. m whence,
shall media the work through the post ofllee free o f
opinions et the'Press.
..To oar nwnerou blitnehrdturtirs, Mechanics, Re
sumers, and Artemis, It will bs p Mtge of wealth. Provideace, (R. 1.) Joarnal. I
"Young men, arm yoarselusmith its knowledge.—
We ran with confidence recomMend our renders to
posseas themselvee of he numbers as feat on they ap
pear.”—Ameriean Artisan.
'We unhesitaugly commend the work to these en
gaged in or interested in mechanical or mlentifie par
la as
slam, eminently wonhy of the,: aratignmlon and
tudy."—Troy, (N. V. 4 Budget.
“It l• trey a great wont, and the publishers " y
the the thanks of inventors, unettlitsts. and mann
eters. and indeed of the palls generally."-.-N. V.
"'Ms Dictionary will be high', useful to practical
mechanics, and valuble to all who wish to acquaint
themselves with the ;megrim of invention in the me
chmtie arts."—Neer Bedford Daily Mercury.
1 Dung mechanic. coed to keep ...MO op I n the
oireueal as well as pract eel knowledge,and th is
wort will show them moth.* they etwa."—RnSbnr7
W. rote it to be join the wortihat scores and hen.
deeds of our lidelligc in mechanic* have deelred to pos.
rms. So merle are its desert dons, and 00 101 l and
innate its spectficeuons, that It ...erns too, Nat any
ineehanic might contrast ant methane iidemnbes
he o 'engin Di its engravings and instractoce."--d.
Commercial Adveruser.
"Ail interested to m.mbuitess•hould swell them
selves of It. advainages."—liebnythtll, (Pose.,) Jour
"A work of extensive practical utility and great im
portance and value to the rapidly increasing interests
of the country. Weregard Os wort as eminently
calculated to promote the causeer eelence and the
mechanical ams, and to disseeronMe valuable Informs.
non on them •übjeers."—Fenuer and Meehan..
"Practical men in all the vane r dyrallis of he and nianufmturing !Magni; engineering. h..e will'
find in Lids wort • treuere which tt will be to their
pro St to peorices."— Tiny Daily Whig.
"We have carefully minima the numbers, and bane
no hesitation to saying that it is the best work for me
chanics, tradeomen, and scienuficmeet, ever P•blthil
ad, for it contains musts
Warmth.. on every branch
tithe mechanical arts and sciences, impmmed in •
style and tangelo intelligible to any evader of ordi
nary eapacity."—eiloticaster,
-We an sure we am doing OW meltable. of Nor
wich and other parts of Conneeticat •service by
bringing th e wort to their eteention."—Norwieb,
L 5,1111,1 snobs wok as every mechanic should
po mesaV— Pre Jeuirtal.
Wo consider Dime of the moottseful and Important
publications of the age. No mechanic can afford to be
ithout 10—New - arc, IN. J..)Corrunerrlal Covet , r.
• Or all the venous pathesuon• their
rot the emeidauen and .Ivencereent ofth e meelianet
cal arts and sciences, none thal,rll have seen, is no
fall of promise az this "—lisdUl• Com.:A • v.
.11 la Me best and cheapen work ma:adored to the
sari:attic and practical engumenand mechanic Ile
plut•s are betionfally mecuted."—WallungtuitGlote.
"Th. great I/tato - nary is one of the most useful
works root published for years, mad the low prier at
which it is sold makes a acceptable to all."—South
"We regard itas one of the most comprehensive and
valuable, as well ea cheapen works ever published."
—Baltimore Advertiser.'
, Ought to be W. by eyeryine desiring to keep
pace with the programs( art and mutate In every one
tithe labors of credited life."—Readout Coiner.
"It Is design after the pnupe of Ure•• Dtedna
, only that n is ed
more devoted ei to l the mechanica l and and
egtokenog professions, and above all, t valuble
us accompbsking for America what Use has done for
Engt.d, viz : describing machinery end
works of art."—Beientifie American.
"Itis published In numbers, and at s price so mode.
rate, looking at what is contained In each number, that
no one who has the least Waren in sunk matters,
need be deterred from procuring It; Bed every one who
does no, will and that he has In .a condensed torm an
amount of Instruction which lambi be obtained, if at
all, only, by the purchase of 'en, many volurnes."—N.
Y. Gruner and Enquimr.
"The comprehensiveness with which the trubject•
are treated, the admirable mamer in which they We
illustrated, conspire to make this one of the most de...t
rade worts."—Democrane Re
. r w eve.
"Ibis work should Dein the h of every mechanic,
ans., and manafectemer,
Mow who hare
the least aspirations toexcel aktheir respective boa-
Ilene. We have carefully examined it, with a new of
meommending it to Imentors. To them we woad
say In the Among language of tlz• Bibm "It is med."—
BaltiMOre Inventors'iournal.
Notice(As Propraccorsqf Newspapers thmagiurtra
• •••• - • - • •-• •
&Z. and Caiuda.
If the foregoing &dentine:eat is inserted bye ttmea
derma the year, and the paper 'corning It net to n,
• copy of the work will be non gratis to payment
Containing atel hAscary, mw other Minors/.
TOM following testimonial was given by the cele- -
bitted Dr. Wooster Beach:the author of the great'
medical work entitled "The American Practice o.
Medicine and Family Physician."
flaying been made angel/nod with the ingredients
which compose McAllister's 411-11ealing Ointment
and having prescribed and maid it In several eases is
my private practice., I have norticsitation in saying or
certifying that I• a Vegetable Remedy, containing
nomineral sabstance whalcior that ii. innvvdietio
combined as they any and Use , as directed by the
Propnetor, are not only harmless, but of great value,
beteg • truly Ni[lll.lBd Remeddhof great power , and'
cheerfully recommend It as V compound which has
done much good, and which is ada p ted to the cure of
• great vartety of ease. Though I have never either
recommended or engaged to the sale of secret medi
cines, regard for the truly holdist, canwientious, hu
mane character of the Proprietor of this Ointment,
and the vane of his discovery, oblige mo to say thus
much rcyarding it. • AV. BEACH, D. D.^
New York, April Std, 1810.
131.4N8.—1t i. ono of the hew things In the world
for Dunn.
PlLEM.—Thormands ase yearly eased by this Oint
ment It never fails in giving' relief.
For Tamers, Wears, and all kinds or Bores, It has
Do Tio ni tionif arid Nurses itZwi im valve In eases of
Swollen or Bose Breast, the ,vrould always 000ly
In such cues If used semi to directions, It gives
relief in a very few hours. f
Around the box are directinosforuting McAllister's
Ointment for Scrofula, Liver Complaint, Erysipelas,
Tenet, Chilblain, Scald Head, Son Eyes, Quincy,
Sore Throat, Brooch:Les, Nervous Affections, Pains,
Disease of the Spine, Head Ache, Mamma, Nene.,
For Ache, tier., Corns, all Diseases of tbe Skin, Sore
IA" PIVIPIGS. to Swelling of the Webs, Sores,
Itheumatimo, Piles, ' Cold Fees, Croup, Swelled or B rn o-
ken Brent, Tooth Ache, Agub in the Face, An.
From the Reading Eagle.
There wits 111310 r, perimps;)a Medicine brought be
fore the public, that has In sodbort a time won tech a
reputation as McAllister's .All..liealini or World
Salve. Almost every person that has made MO of it
speaks warmly io its praise. One has been eared by
It of the most painfutrheuntadsm, another of thepiles,
• third of • troublesome ?Mole the side, a fourth of •
welling in the Ilmbs, de. Mit does not give Immo.
dime relief, In every case, it MO do no inlay, being
applied enalwarelly.
All another evidence ofthe wonderful healing pow•
er pomessed by this salve,we subjoin the fol owing
certifiraue, (rim a reepectallo Omen of Maldencreek
township, in thin county: n
Maldenefeek, Rests ea., March 30,1917.
hinters. Hitter & Coe--I desire to inform yea that
was entirely eared of a seven pain in the back, by the
um of McAllister's Salve, which I par •
chased from ye. fingered with it for about IM year;
and at night was actable to Mete. Daring that time I
tried venom remedies, whiede were prescribed forme
by physician. and other persons witbold receiving any
relief, and at last made triallf 13Mvs, with • re •
salt favorable beyond expels non. I am now entire
ly free from the pal. and oy at night a peaceful
and meat sleep. I have also used the Salvo lance for
tooth mite and other complaints, with similar happy
result. Year friend, Joan HOLOUVIACII.
Sale Proprietor.of toe above medicine.
Principal Office, No MI Nem Third strect,rhiladel•
6..171 m Pirrumitoo.—B. A. Fshnestock t C 0...
corner of Wood add First eta; Wm Jackson, No.
NO Liberty street: L. Wilcox. comer of Market
streetd the Diamond, also earner of Fourth and
Smithfield streets; J. H. Cassel, COMM or Walnut.n d
Peon streets, Fifth Ward; and sold at the Bookmarein
Southfield greet, 3ti door frnm Second.
1 Allegheny Citylly-H. r i ,f3eneranit end J. Douglass
By J. O. Smith, Drusgtel,Dlnulditlisi . Negley,
East Liberty; IL Rowlad, cKeesport; J. Alexander
Voodgabela City; N. B. Bowman Co., and
.1. T. rs, lirownsuille; Kohn Barkley, Beaver, Pa.
/oho alter, Jr., Elluirolh; Beneright k. Ewin;
Rochester. fcblleodly
-EII'SOfd„SALTS-.11) brinon hand and (or sale bi"
V.lnable and extennivc Water Pow •r to
Ist on favorable terms.
now prepared to lo u r the , Vster Potato at th e
Grand Rapids, to an amount sufficient to propel four
handfeed pai fo u ndati o The loentlon Is hated
upon a rock . and the poartr ran cove
niently be spotted on both sides of the Seer. The
grain of the While River,. Weil as the W s h qs h,,,,, n
Le readily famished at this point While IMOJtv.
iron ore, and coal, of the greatest abundance, rind of
superior quality, ran be easily procured through the
=Me coon.f.
T rsms —un hundred dollen. per annif. for n pow.
r „
sty to propel a tingle ran of mediorn sired
mill stones. for a period of fifteen }var., with the
right of renewal on the espiration of the 1r.., a. a
fair rafoaunn of the power employed Thr ate of the
mill or manufactory included,
oftwthout further charge
from the Company. By order the threcn.n.
AVNER T. Et.,1.19,
President of the W. N CO.
1., May 9, teal myal Alan
—The Mtn of many persons Is dtsfigared with
slight clarions, as pimples, morphear, /Le i and whrn
this is merely • disease of the slum, as it is in marry
nine Cases oat of every hundred, it is very easily re . I
Moved. Jules Ilauel's Nymph Soap Is expressly
adapted to diseases of the skin, as it tame directly
open the minute pores which cover its surface.
cleansing them from impurities, end by its ttattaiutc
properties healing and ersdicating ell crepttens.antl
rendering die daraest and roughest skin soft, fair, and
blo. going.
Persons who have been in the habit of tunny ordi
nary soap. will be astonished
. at the beautiful egret
produced by the Nymph Soap. tn Imparting debente
bloom, prevenancthe neck, (see, or hands from chap.
Ping, allaylng all p o s sesses and removing all manne
ems eraptiOas. It possesses lin e aille eerfurne, and
la the tirely devoid of all alkalin properties, rendering
it only article which can be used via. slimy and
comfan in the nurses).
All those whose feces or necks ere disfigured with
pimples, blotches, ten. menthes, he , attachl make
trial of Jules Ilauel's Nymph Soap, as the proprmtor
positively amerce them, that its use will tender the
moat discolored skin • hi% the roughest skin smooth,
and the moot Mussed skin healthy, Wet end
lules Hauel's Nymph Soap lz the only article which
will effectually produce the above effects in
so short
a time, and the oily one which is at the some time all
powerful and entirely harmless. Prepared only by
JULES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist,
PM Chestnut street, Phlls.
For sale wholesale and retail by II A. Fshnestock
Co., and A. S 9eller., Pittsburrh; and John Sur
. neend I 4410.a1i, Alle hell^ oil". "o.
A. GOOD Mattoon, Plano Fone, 6 oeuves,
MO co
A handsome, upright Piano, with Rooewood
Purl:there, 6 octaves, and in good order .... 00 00
A plain octave Piano 45 no
guod ettetayo Pittop
A good n octave P. with 'handsome Nen.
tare •—........... 75 re
el Wood fa
For sale by
Metnile Night Llgnt.
UPERCEDING the Wooden Flom.. and being 1e
t..3 combinable, thereby acoamedges the oil awl rde •
vents ussiliost, heretofore so m ugh objected 'so in ell
stops oat..- One cable spoonful of the orumnn
*op , Y llJpe Mop ,or soy Miller imam
of time, accordiag to the gsbildonargumailj of Ob.
Rsesleed and for sale by 'JOHN D altlitUfbN
mayst 7 Druggist
RECEIVED, .t the r atsborpt Carndy Cro
tricSel; wed Tea Warehouse:
6 cases Prean
d Oymors, tin cant;
t n TT j
Tjte who've fleet Oysters are pattioilcd, and P.% ttr
In • ItUaly concentrated soup, enclosed ill herlitsue
I; sealed C.l, and will keep moth longer 01. itlot
pfut up in Dle ordinary way
"For als, wkoicaale and retail. 4y
m 30 USA Ltberty •I
Orient American Bleehaniest tc orig.
AermroN re" N e w York,
Li s offiehlteutton, is pr i es went, fire ern,
AO a ICTI9NAR \ if Maelkines. hieellanien
ono* ri,snliinsineuring; da;lgne , for l'
Worktng Itlnn,snd those imende4 lot foe f
rrefesstat. Edited byMiser
This wort is of tars,' NCO enr. and seal contsm two
usand pages, end upwards of IttOU•rild &incl
ines. II will present working drawings •nd desrrip•
noes of the mastlenrcessnt martnneg me B , stes. Independent cot the mann. or gmerlesn to.
senility, it will rontarn ccmpiete prneoes:, , i , ee
arse.. Machin-re Fnetne Work. and Noe Lne•g
griat AA not n urefial ,Ckria 100 e,
dollars worth of (0110 00R1100.
books. BM numbers received, •Afil
nOrIiESS. lot
sale by the
sPIO .7a Apollo Bei'd,ss Fourth m
, 4;;•--"ti,11
>_, , 1 :4,7" --i.
—;- - :"e-- - '0A - 74F - ,•: . 1.m " -, 1 - ,74'
77,•5.,•;.--'.-. , -- 0 •. •
i7,:il 1
~!If:f.- --7 k,,:f•- • -:-', ,,,r------- 7 . ' •• , - -- .4W,,' ~,,,
• 1 ., , , -47,, , f2 'iiik'::•••.— ''•"" ''.
• --' I'sVX e_ , ,..;;.3;:: , 5:7—: .
7 ,-)) 4 , '-'„..,,t , r5...-44 ~,' i-s - - - ,. f 1
*, eg - •,, , *' i' .. ' , , 7 : - :. 7i - q - ' ''
.• .-
Lobo 11. Mellor, 81 Wood Street, 1'11100v...h.
&de/WM In Western renn.yivitnta. I,loc
Clllolii /Cr , it
Oracall satld Square Fiala° Fort/on.
DLO'S to worm ht. a.d toe nat.....
El that be has now mangers. and will rec.." , and
expose for sale. dame the pre.ent month. the ow•te,t
and most desirable stork of Forte• ever ode red
for sale on the 'weat—am ong the nuesucr
a roll supply of
Poperidy caned Rosewood Grand nano
with an the recent Mtprovetnents on Mech.:llam
style of exterOr.
SpLendidly carved Rosewood weer °etas , stutter.
Piano Fortes. firdal.ed in the I.ltrabethan ar..d Louts
XIV . les
With a large stock of all the warleue style. of P...
no Forte., norytn, on priers Gera to 5-1,
8(000, prepared by hlr. Chscherthe for the (Intent
Irat.^e o
es that the p.:10.. of hl• t' oei•
came a: at the mno:N..lot,
for transportattan, and unto h. de, nar,ll- , • ip.
per,ect any pan 01 the eny. .•..,
andersigr.ed begs leave to Inform the pahhe
em sI
that h- has deed baness in fueot al Son.
TM Davis, who will contmes the A ocuem se-1 Cam
msssion basmees at the o,d stand, eer,er •i.. 1
Fifth streets. and for whom he woli!d soncit • enn,n
sawn of the liberal patronage heretofore beet.lred
on Limbos.. JUICY IS DAVIS,
April Sn.b, IBSO.
07 D LOD BT.
WILL make salee, on Lberat terms, f Poro.. and
Domestic alerebandine, Ro
o t F:state, tone.,
ke, .4 hopes, by expenenee an elo, littentton
baslness, to mein a contitioiner of the %option and
patrons. so liberally extended to the former ionise.
April Pat.
Nolte. to our Patrons
Mite deeeese of the & we e partner, in Philadelphia.
(Me late remelt lid Dasta.lprodures no inierrapoon
to the bustness--arrengements here bese Which
imootees• the seem tn.-tests preetscly, which have
heretofore existed The business Is continued st rive
rite tame name, and firm, ety.—
/elm hl Weis adelpha;
lone PrFana." e Pittabergn
The continuance of the patronage al oar rim , 1
(nand, is respectfully soncited. If any persons nice
demands against the concern. they are requested to
preaeni them conhwith, for payment.
Pittsburgh, April SO, 'SO. JOIIN 711TADEN, Sorvisieg oarizer.
B. A. PatbscOatook A Co.,
WOLE3ALE DRUGGISTS, corn, or First an ,
Wead Mrela, offer for sale. on /a.m.,. term.
100 bbl. Wblonr, 500 lbs Car, AromorOM
60 do Alum; MO do Assahmolm
300 do Dye %Voodw WO do Crude Tartar;
ZS do Lamphlaek; 500 do Ltqaortec iloob
20 do Ven. Red; 300 do Dodo hlmm;
do Camphor; VW do Red Pre . e/pnate;
10 de Span. Brown; 150 do talontel ;
20 do 5 allow Mehra; 05 do I n
10 do Unrowooa; MC do Bober L,•ves;
do Cloves;_ 200 do Rhubarb Ilooh
3 do Cham. Flowery, 4141 do Haraap. do;
14 caws Ref. Borax: 200 do Gennan do;
25 do CaMle Soap; 2111 do Ha. Itoehe.,
13 do ProsaMm Blue; 200 do Pv,diety Thy; or.,
10 do Cale. MaKnem 500 do Pow,/ Ft ,0 , .1•0,
13 do Chrome Green; 050 .14 do Siy.i..bu,
sdo do Yellow; 100 do do G. Amble
Bdo Am. Yertnrhom 100 do do 1,1 Root
60 reams Hand Paper; 100 de do olor,
15 bogs Slmly Sumac; :10 do do Af.C.l cunt,
165 Oales Mottle Corks; Iwo do 20176 Tine;
73.0 Hulph. Morph/a; 001 do liar Tv,
1200 lbs Cape Alww; 7 000 do Tanzonodol
12011 do 11.4Throm Potash; 150 do 4001/ Hover,
E6/0 do Pink Root; 250 do 0/005r Prel,
IWO do Turkey Umber; 75 do
0 , 101(00,,
1200 do Cream Tartar, 20 do 117.1 Potam;
600 do Tartaric And; LO do Macm
111/ do Uva Urzt; M do tiraoo/110 Lotion
"There are more things in heaven Auld earth
Than WV dreamm of in philosophy..
Tuit: viRTUES of dim remarkable remedy, and
the constent appllcation tor it, to the proprtetor,
ham induced &moo have it pat up in haute. with la
bels and directions fot the benefit of the palte.
The PETROLEUM is procured front a well in this
eonrity, at depth of four hundred feet, ts pure unit
dulternted •rucie, without eny chemical cheer, lint
Put as tows from Pinture's Great Labrutoryl• That it
commies properties reselling a number of diseases. Is
no longer a matter of uncertainty. There urn many
things in the arcane of nature, which, if known, mictil
be of vat usefulness in kneeled:la suffering, an , rei
storing the bloom of health and vigor to man,- it •uf.
ferer. Lon; before the proprietor thought t.f puttotO
' it op in bottles it had a reputation fur the cure of dig.
CMS. The cotistant and put non
ear,. far It,.
alld several rezoarkable cute. It has petlieined, • • a_
care indication of it future popnlartty and wide
spread application in the care of disease.
We do not wish to mate a tong paretic or eertifi•
eases, as wear, tonselous that the metheam can soon
work its way into the favor of those who suffer and
wish in he heeled- Whilst we do nut claim far it a
universal application In every .I.ACIIPC, we t omes..
e m
y, th at
at in a number of Chronic Diseases it is
artng sa y
these may be enumerated -all
diseases of the' macro, tisanes, earth no CHRONIC
Asthma, and eliding.. of the Or passages, LIVER
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Dlurlusen. Diseases of
the Bladder and 'Kidney., Pains to the Buck or Side,
Nervous Ilaseaartjtientralgia, Palsy, Rheumatic Poles,
Goat, Erysiliclaa, 'eau, Ringworms, Buena, Scolds,
Dramea, Old Siffrelis.a&atie- cants of debility re.
aaltirig from aapospre,O , long and protracted cases Of
disease, this Medkine Will bung relicL II will uses,
igg TOMO eud i aIITERATIOS In inch
imparting ratio allflidocataTus the whole Rome, remov
ing' obstructlonitglp&ung aloggisli fonctiona which
Cause listen aid a arnaiell constitution, and - giving
increased and renewed energy to all the organs of
Life! The proprietor knows of enteral cures of
SILESI, that re s ted every Oltier frentinesil. well
under tne use of the rETROLEUM for a short time.
The mot can be given to any person who desires iL
N.V. genuine whlieul the /dynamo of theproprietm.
bySW.l?Mll,"%nal Dwain, near Seventh st.
Area riy R F. tIELLFIRS, 57 Wood it;
and—KßY VEIL & Iit'DOWELL,
corner Woad at and Virgin alley; who arc his
nestwill• sg .,,Garly appointed Agents
Priers iitedue•d.
TEE SUBSCRIBE:Rh! will fell Ditspratt's beet
quality and high tett Glue and Poen Maker,
Bode Ash, warranted eapertherto any other brand •t
3f by the gauntry 015 tensor upwards for current)°,
•PProred Notes, at lbw months, or 31 Ste • 1 •••
T, 1:'!!1'(.)TLITION. UNES
1;.-5() 1850
130 A rS of tor, aano oral leave reavlaflyt do
ve. fray:ht. without tratt.topmettl.
J C R 1 DWELL, Poolburgh,
J • rtl Es CtrIA.I . .S, do, }Aims
I:1 WELL tBROTHER, Rochester,
1850 wt
From Artshetreli to Colrma!". and Cleveland,
rhro•,rh rho rieh and pupnLouveountie.• of Calm,.
Caervil. St an , Cosherton,
111,..47n,nni. Lie:Flu, and Franlisn.
The g•on,pletran of ttie Bandy and Beaver Canal
opens op to our city through this great natural central
route a •Itreet commutunauon to th e above as well as
the uct,onling cooones of Wayne, Holmes, Knox, and
From this neetlon of Ohio, the Gads with Pittsburgh
has bee... to a. grr at extent eel off, in conscquence of
due hig hs
rat, of tran.portatton, whirl are now re.
lured •nd SO per cent.
Boats of thi• nue will leave daily, and run through
tranohlprnent The Canal company have
dented hestowi.d upon thia lute an ire-crest In the onpreee•
udvantaces of their charter, and thus secured
to the addle portion• of Ohio to ordering their /thuds
equal thereat this a , :vantage Agents:
J. C. BIDWELL, Pittsburgh;
BIDWELL A. CO., Glasgow.
. .
R C Untrue., Spear's Mills. Moor II & A Co),
R'ilbs m.porL,O.: George Kemble, Kikton, 0; Carlila
& II u If I.ron. do; Hanna, (trahom. , :e. Now Lwbon, 0;
Art, & Ntebotaa. Itannves, O; 11,bbe0 A Rom, jth.
nervn.ll., Speaker & Power. do.; Joseph Pool & Co,
do; 0,11 A Ito, Once, a Mills, 0.; II V (lever, do;
C R llu time. & Co. Al saver., 0 ; R lI Gray, Warm,
burg, 0 Reynolds, do (sane Tel;er, Megnoll• 0;
111 (tar 11 Co. Magnolll,o., Wm . /lark nese, do; J
M'Fr.r:and & Ca, Sandyville, 0: P Ln tfer, dr, Pull
bough & Stembnush. Uollvar, 0.; Willard A
do; J J Hoffman, Maseillon, O.; Commms & Co, do;
John Reloinson Canal Fallon, 0 ; per6g & Torrey,
Canal Cover, 11; A Medbury, Koeen, 0.; LKW• r
or. Pie wark, 0; Flteh & Ilale. Co , umboa, 0, LO Mat
thews, t leveland, O.: Rhode. & Green. do. may 9
MRa. I S S()
VIA Pena.). Manta CAuAlt• L Ran Roads.
O.CON NOR. ATKINS & 00., Cult' Basin, Liberty
ATKI NS, O'CONNOR & CO., _IYk WO Markel street,
o , o4Nore. & Co., 70 North street, Ilehinter.;
E oes.. New ort;
ELL.torr & Mane street. Bost.;
/1,1111.10,1 (tool, Maysetl!e, ko-nt,eky,
V. It. d Co.,Colurobla street, CinctonatLl3
Loa Lonnavillo,
In n a, II tar 44. Co., St. I,out.t.
To Sippers itierchom dime and Predate to and
Jean. 1 htLatitipAtia, Bakintoes, Yori, 4 . Batton.
Our route Seto, now to fine order, we are prepared
to fo7ws ,d good. ns above at eery /view prtees. We
height Ow of nor charge having policiee for
o•er 11,4usgt, and with The folinwing extensove stock
of b o
bunt. lee! confident of etyma entire rattslo,nn to
nil nun wess entrusted to our care. Inky 110 At• one aP
new. 51..1 rornte , ,nded c
ceptna of ..speta.noc. COd
teled on “4f w,natt iwpmg
tr.; n e • prot ou es•
Is ‘ mn.. I 'r.; , 1 W.,' enyt,ns
Ir 0 ,1".1;, nazi., Prnm‘ tv ant, K Layton,
h 4ryt • :..1, M:1,1.11 tat. Loam Condtn
C.aetn ann. Pm, ki. C,, Ilowartl Miry
Ruth /,, , I, ClaMMOn Mary o.lmma Smm
Wm A A mg. Prmmad Eam , P , o, R.Fmn
Impnri, WW ,,, tle Junwa Clionorn
11. , 510n Alu.r Gen. ,!Lentl. Gene lillev T. ir,rarn No I,=`, - ,,,,ei
Crlla 11.1Wklm , '..,,:., Ai, RuyAriipula
.A.,cr,ne.,,,,, 111 . ..t...jci u. 1ppaiRalr , „
unto Ilt Ke r ry
Nrb.,rir 4 - Pr , rY
PlnDur..4l AlTolynn Hamer Rmee
U. 1'../ 1 , 114.:ede ini,i, Ann J f .ay ton
Aura., .11•Paarril 'l'o con e , It NoUhms
L.x.o. S , -kr , I.e.° . N.Lv ., llsmra A .11a
. Li
Call. 0 CON:‘, , II. ATKINS , : yu„
mrl , Cr. r • ~. 1 : ~....4 ~„ entsm....
W 'V taix•kini Cation Company.
urirwFßN PI 1 - 1': , 1:1 11611. PHIL!, 14 , :LP1114 , ,,
11,t , Liit,,y t NEW VO/.‘•,
Ey Ytly,o7Yesat,./ Nati
rr tseely, , ot 11
new on , * to .1, L•oo. 0.001,10, u• onrty n :arxe
o.onotl prry,e. or , t goo
ell 1 , , tl.. Proyet,
jj ARV, I.{
J0 , 111 . 11TA`• 1.1,K I 7 7 01.
No 17:
+1 :IF Ne , l\..'.i.\. gra
I. 1., 1111 .I_, I:EA.o l'eo” 11.
CLA k.l - 00 4 A 00, ILochr•tel, • Prop's.
Joirs A , 11",111:%. Arts.,
enr W
o.e-retard Ohio
Ij7lll , a,ll rossr..„Lizs. are prsps ....IP' transport
l'aFtr,r,r• from rr-nu
.LF I. LA ", s Gt. Or Can't and Lake'
Ti.. (mei:Lt. rAf ea l
r ‘r. kamker,
I:Aa arc
lk co Pclience or Capkaiuss
• " ••• • P t•t•ooth tn.! Cirtelski 11..1v,rag,
it Tan s•.r. tt,ctre&
I 11,1“ & Co 11••,,55. 0,
. FraniC,ii,. 0,
F• .s.
e A. Co. A 1,!.!,. U.
C.,coLool , •t,asJ, 0;
I• , edL.otv, V. u, To.reo,
I/ Co, D•troo, SILO,
IVOILamd 1t,.;
I.vrf v S !Woo, Retro, I% 3d,
..•orde A vwdo I,
1 . 1.010ns H.., Chita,. IL:
comet W•.or add VlctotOtirld at.
LAKE li,P111:. AND MICIIIGAMI L.llllli,
CI A Yk 1. I•Aft Kt- p, Ott. Itnenetter. ProtTrlcterx.
rrclot• ot tIo• optt mot WV:I ,
t.n.,:e .1 , out •re IR Or.
ft. ore,: t ••rtsrot:
and how. romsnenrett
Ft•lttpt Kr II rux,rstera, mrlartt tbee •Tt
fop I t .tr•e: rarrt to ail ;Polon on the Caval ..1
At::c .oar•I 11, the Moat. of the
r • rno• Itlonottgrateta
Itrltt. rt ectr• tre , glpt.
ct W.., anti stn,thEai.t en, riasbatirk.
IT IV Itetott , tflPtteo. Naar Castle, I'.;
Shicl,e.tec Pulastt,
1 Pad. Nottra.bura.
Acta< a. Co, "'canaille;
in 'lanai. P.n.... ,
ra Power. Conneao"nlle;
liaari, A Ca. I:ra
y-# d 1850 . Mita
vo. la. fu..nrmus,
To •so FR'o'st" ""'"
a• Ilt a at: a,
~ 1 r ~ ,
, • •- •
InnornrOnnr Merchandean
e • nrnl the pnlnntne,, r e er•
nnol penunnt tn Melt ~•tem ntit m•nte
• %hr., nnern...l.•te nu•hoh . n.r,“
1 . 011,41.1,,1 I.],d inobainlity
r •oal I' roduco .hopped ra•t or ver.t, and
..f, free of ,Iturnir
raro-0.,, or
rage. lloyrrig totorr.rt
•Iloal , o 0.. that e , oo ro
when rdopporor rhea goo&
.cot 000• w .zre foliorrriorr afoot. prompt-
. nd•d to
N, Nl,ru , letgh lk n. Bomb P B. hurl
Itot IM.tnn, W T Tau•entn A
.6 ~..utn Ncar Yort; Jam, Wheelwright, Ont.ln
mat rn
net" rex. tz•burgh andla•tern Cities.
. .
an 1 mn,nlon w,ll I , n re yeti and In,
warded and unnt, 7.1. h. uny ror
wat , nr advanni , n;
Th neG
in. 01 1441,nt, lorwarded, end 1141 iltenctwne
a...n.1 to.
tn, wal. litNGlll.ll.
Canoe linnto, nor. LO,nrly anti Wayne rta.
No Ira, 16(nrke.1 ea, I , enweem Ith 50,
N. 1,1, North [lnward at.. I.4llitooro.
rOrln No 10. Weal vent, New York
joiIIANRDEN GO. ononnee bong
from any part or F , Ri.d, 'rotund. &algid or
Wales, upon the most liberal terms, with their
anal punctually and attention to the wants and corn
tort of enotarnme We do not allow dur passengers' to
be robbed by the ewledltng scamps that nifeet the a,
porta,. we take charge of them the - moment they
port themselves, and ere to tau well being, and de
spatch them without nay detention by the lint ships.—
We say thie fearlessly, as we defy one of oar passen
gers to show that they were detained 48 loias by a in
Liverpool, whitst thalami& of °liras • ere detained
mouths, anal tbay could be sent In some vol craft, at a
eh; p rate, which too frequently proved am coll..
Wentend to perform our contracts aonorably, cost
what t may, and not act as was the ease lam season,
with ether officers,—who either performed not all, in
when it suited their convenience.
D re gs drawn at Natalia for .7 sans from Id to
tlOO, payable at any altos nroriamal Banks to Ire.
latd, gagland,liatland and Wales.
JOSUE/. nowNsoN,
Enrol:mon tad Coastal Agent,
fskl Phis, tarsal. OM door below. Wood .
7' lUUUBA—t7 h
p f I lm n!iroiiiT,ls73play,lai
and I
a .47N E Run t a ,
firgrj 100 bbls Whiskrilixfoiatialaraq
J. IL MELLOR, SI Wood urea, has rrecioad tAs
rolla.ang Noe Mud,
011, my eau yno see uy the troth's holy light; dedi
cloedd to Rev. C Cook. Ob, think not ins 1 Dore
Wee. Blanche Alpert, I love thee. When other friends
aroand thee. The cot beneath the hill.Wert than
hat some. Ann. Laurie—Scotch ballad. The Robin
—wore, by Cone, music by Stephen Glover.
Thoo Imo wounded the spinl that loved thee. The
Grave 01 Washington. The Insh dtether's Lansaw.
Old Sexton—Motel. He doeib all things well—
Widow Machree—Reasell. The cottage
olmv rnnthar—llCLeititrsotus. Low backed car —Lover
FJfin Woltsee—completc. The Magic Bell. The
Brill, or Weddme Polka. Jens L
an Acteric.
Poise Lissy Polite American Polka. Tip
Top American Polka. La Belle Baltimorean Polka.
Jenny Lind Poll. The Chigiea Scottish Polka—
Julien. Salutation Polka. Flirt Polka. immolate.,
Polka Summit Polka. Romongel Polk. The. Pro
phet Qv adnile•—Aleyerlacer. Jenny Lind Qmedzilles.
The Wreath and Daisy Waltzes-111n Ernest. The
Swim Drover Bon e. bye:en:ly. Monument.
SoanilN front Home. Wrecker's Daughter. quickstep.
Louisville March end Quickstep. Wood Up, Quick
e . 171
O ARPET , F o u rth SEtreet.HOHSE,
No 7 5
TIT IiTCLINTCYS: Is now constantly receiving his
V, . Spring St. 1r of CARPET OIL CLOTHS;
Trisuning., &o, en...prising in pan the following, vie:
4 F.stra Soper Royal ;elect Plle Carpet,
C Rnglisit and AmerteanTnels " 0
a Ex tn. Superfine Im F r I', ial 3my
Ex Inn ruporpatexaCnonallo
Roperno do do Rugs;
Superfire lag - rain Ca7ets,
Extra fine
14, I and rot Tap Can Car.
4-4, 4 mail d Carp.
44, 4, 4.4 plain Car.
Li6l and Rag Carpel.,
Pluted Cotton Carpeu.
Co o 'n tr m sr o j ' iiltort
Common do
Chenille Door Mau;
Sheep Skirt
4-4, 7-4. 6-4. 5-4, 4-4 .d
Oil Cloths;
6-4. 5-4, 4-4, sod I Malting;
14 Ineh pawns Oil Cloths
for stairs.
Extra printed 'nano covers
Embossed Plano
Printed wailers
Embossed Sand
Linen and arostmd "
Dame.ak Star Yinen;
Turkey Red Cluntses;
Chaise Elorderinr;
English Oil Cloth Table
Drown Linen crumb cloth.
Brass MAD Rods;
Stair Druggett;
Carpet Ilsodings,•
Jute and Coen Mats;
Allemit and Skeleton Mato;
.4 and 4-4 Green Oil Cloth
for Blinds . '
Huelabank Diaper,
Gut= Thoonana.
Moo and Conn Cloths;
Cntnson Plush;
Coach Clothsi
Damasks for Lltunim
Wood Warw.
Burr llollend for WSliadeail
French Berme.
Venetian Blind.;
Bunting for Page;
7-4 and 4 4 Table Lin.:
Rustle Critelli
Reich Dinpera;
Brown Linen Naplina;
German Oil Cloth Table
` the most approved Eng.
maven Isom 12 to 24 feet
cut to fit rooms, halls, and
Imported direct from Eng
apestry CARPETS. Them
West and most elegant
Idle most gorgeous colors,
sr al they can be yorohmad
Barre OM Cwt . = from
listi }Ad Muerte. tautest
in wicta, arhich will be
vestibules of any else or sht
The undersigned having
land, his Velvet Pilo red Ta,
Carpets, which are of the
style. and patterns, and of
will be sell/ at prices as loot
for in any of the eastern ern
Raving the largeet t 4l. ssoruaaot of the richest and
PL . 'S' and INURAIN CARPETS which far surpasses
in quality and cheapness of price,any assortment ever
before brought lotto. city. Ile also Invites `Steamboat
hien mad Coach M•nufaearrers to his lure and well
neeesrery in their basun...
The andermened Is elso agent for eke early Pule Rod
llanufeevrry a. Philedelphig and ;a prepared to sell
lower Man can be purcbasul eoewherern na• city.
f t
N. Spring am! Summer Dry Goods for 11M
n " ab l4 ti a titD9, Nartet
T"4 .4d "°rth ' .Lgn of Ilse
by.s . i.i/ L :g ... 0 . /tre j f " t ' arrort n' n ' et,ZoVn v l n l,
r .4:orbit of Sprine mod rtuamorr Dry Good.
ever rdlsred for gale In the Western eounmy. All. of
them Iscrorted Good* are fresh opened, and recetaert
:La too
, rtsirmers Iron, Prance and Eng1....1i a.ole
o I rtsit I.eng, Imported direct Deal Milos, all
V 'L s ' s • 1" :1"e c ' itfl j ;m a p “ o d cr w s rrra'''e4 tho
:er ' an *t d tl
all aw
puts dux psgu., rsarraulel Alto, Irish Linen Duaast
lo tus very best manufacture; and Irmh
Lrbsb avow, of ad km., imported direct from Dell.
by tke •abgerlbsr, and Trill ho found the real Erimgo
and Imparts an energy and broymey as en Rai
they are grateful. Ws hare cvtdmico on file snick
induces m atenngly so recommend this medicine to
married fw_oplo who limo not Data blessed With olt
LAM'S' DRF-oi• GOODS.. Paola". Until. or Failing of the Womb, of Pm
A yeatra• tending, cured by Dr. Gluten's Extract of
dew r'r• Tvrt *.••• an enters * Yellow Dock `and Sarstiparilia, alter every other
1,..ce Tart banns, ail price, rich ands,
Mown remedy had been used orithoett relief.
circa CIA!, all colors, lota Freneh
ut all coins, t a r :teat Imported; plaid black This
th. % , Ya m tlitt y vo w to i ll s: O m h , lo d ,
.. his
„•,*•" lerße been tethering meter the Move complain ai t
for five
years—neatly all el ILM time confined to her bed. I
'"""-'' hose tor four year. consitantlY employed the he...treed
ill kcal talent thM could M.
th,...10. ors...
"•-• black -"-. comtry, without any bench: wit•tever. I hare alto
elth• and pilres. eery ef
cheap, rren " era lit ienwreat....
Gro r I p y r o e th e
h Wt g rc °couch Starves, all of which footed salinities.
fimtic. Ss?
etc,l a
ll heapst int of I was induced by toy friend.
to try Dr. Gaylen's Yonow Inset and Sarsaparilla,
Reeds; splendid ' which was used tat toar months. Aber WIC had need
• it.' ft.' , 4 '. e • • • . It tor about fear weeks It was evident to all noel she
NI ...h. hit Gee es, Swiss Editing end 11
was tcipeaving, and from oils time she Improved rap
"." ""•""•• T "'" •• • gamed Beth and event - di, anal the a....
" P'`` . " u " u " ""I" Wmt • whe entirely removed, and abs le now enjoying most
Dares „ • riihted Lawns, new since, frt.,.
hxssuot hhhhh.
F r"• i ' ••• name` de L ' n. ' • .*..* M'e being neighbors of Wm. and Julio Illmfort,
"'""" •''' • '.`" ••• *•••.,..0f • know that trig above statemmt, to the Melronea
•••'. n• ""‘ ***.7 beat Mrs. Monfort, and as to the cum being effected by
ported lab
new I
floyoott's Yellow look and Sanaparilla, to be strictly
CALL...nye >tweet., all rotors, fresh from the Pm-
tote 'f art Satin Shawls, splendid good., in all t BAIL• 111 PO WERe•
rotors, per lasi beautiful changeable alma
siltel-awls. fresh unpurtattau ,
; white embroidered Gleba& Can of Ciaisammptlos.
Ilawithon, Jaen."' R Skit.
ell Bennett—Dear Sir: The great baoara vehmh I
evion Crape Shaw..., smenot.
boom derived from your Ettraat of Yellow Doe, trot
111:"at'licit'L'171.e.nd sh mpwrta Ro h rf th a n P o ne ss ii i i h aif s n ss cnc sh ee s f i f i r i 4 fist. eel ofinoooa to
• tomrer ""'" and • - After seawalls for two yews from g ntl debility
vet, Ferrie. limited Capt.:l:dia.. and Cu s. buss ;
which finally iasannahc ,
op by my friends and physicist. a. bc nod the aid of
♦ Laise Strict of
In olfl.ft GOODS. medicine. At • lain rsort, I dol'ed to try
„.„ your Emmet, and having 'mud but o hottlar. ae•
"" 'loll epic- iortlnig loot diternotia lam en rely well.
auticti itterc.twu.eertm•ite Yteatteni Wear numannl.
• Imi Conwowttl the athmted utho leak, a itureettell,
• 4 ' nice/es/11 and mello remedy. Gralefally your mend,
wc• t. tie Ittul, trout ut dente per yerCl.
° Alan '' C ' n°- gene sesame •nlem np in Imre square bottles,
' ' ‘'n""' i and tenon ' contenting a quart, and th e :ma of the sTrup blown
tats. !net Calico, but co ortd, from 3to VI cent. _ _ _ „___
Pcr Tard• lion
eap& Pomo.
ornFasg ttish
l 0 Prints_ beat gr el y
pc .
co w p
imperreJ. a hales R,,,gla ItraJcakch there, ettheme
;7 . D. Pitrk, *other of Friunit and Wal
_not_ste_ fo
.d Wen, sir whom all order mat. tie rWe
:nitre Also. thiston Flannels, all colors and quail
"". '"-E"es , ,""1. yellow
fP I I, C a Oro , Erie, W. P. Judson fr. co., \vote,.
on , l ford, Olin A Clemons Cromingirtilc; AbOl Terrell
5 cues "'rn"'" blantmee, ll„am owanda; Rolicst Roy, Welke
me') Ittee Wart and unblearactl Table Diapers. all
dint'. eir all pric e. a nd ..,
; bore; L. Roderick. Colleneburt, L. Path
reef recap: NB not . y s u l lo s‘ r w oc i e r. o ir f Gut. areal-Ilia Maroon&
coy bp, than c•er. 3 bales Burlaps, from 101 to ets P
per y d. Anon large stock of Cotton Table Diapers.
Manners' Starting—A fed maonment, very cheap.
The largest and most splendid stack of Parasols
ever opened by any mo Muse in Pothborgh, Is this
day recei•ed, and are all of the newest French aisles,
is: ,
havea, or tichr,css and beauty, tannin be sus pa s sed.
! A A ac hse a larse lot of these Parasols, they will he
awl et.enper than any other noose to the City can al;
ford nu gel the same quality of goods.
'lle Ladies are respectfully Invited to eXalltUle Sham
I Parsee., m they will findsome of the richest and
styles ever imparted from Europe. Tbem
, .. are ell of Inc richest and mint fashionable
enior•.,,d are worthy of the attention of the ladies.
or We above goods will be sold off at prices far
below any house in oho city; and in order to prove
this lad'. the public will pleme call and price these
goods, and compete them with any other house to the
env, and be eon•inerd of the above assertion.
„. .
•onee finer Would hare Wt. luannmernne ea.'
ad tt.e. public in general, drat Here Oro two
hire agorae in market damn, pretending to
. .101 th, IL, Bee !live, which Ls alone the ooly
ate' tar famed Dry Goode esiahltelnocnt
Pitt,• The subserilwr woeld therefore gay to all
nurrh•• , r• of Dry Gorda, either wholesale orretail,
that the Dig Bee Hive, on Nlarket suelt, between Thud
and !norm is now opening the largest, richest, and
.o.t.r. <mita suck of spring and wormer Dry Goods
ever od‘red for ante In Pittsburgh
New Sin Ats rag to..lLL—The largeztand most fashion.
Ode stock of Bonnets ever opened in the city, Is just
rrerived at the lagia of the Mg Bee Hive. on Market
weer, boween Third and Fourth Wee., where Dry
Gooey of every dreeripunaaxe selling, cheaper than
any other howr in the etty. The pubic wilr'please
nth..e that there are two otter bee hive stores on
Mark.l.ollr: street, who pretend to compete with the Ittg
Dec thee, hetoren Third and Fourth streets, where
or pub, sew hiut,•tail times, the largest and newest
.ty'.e. 01 Dry hoods, opened.
l'lrove lair ponce, that the 01000 is between
Third and Four.ll streets, sign of the DIG DEEIIIVF.,
where Dry Loods of tem desenpnett are selli ng
that, at Any other house in the coy.
Draw. Goods.
k A. MASON Or. CU, fA Market street, between
llced and Fourth, are now receiving a large as.
, g
Ilarre I,lo*, Persian Clothe, an cu
re ne lotisle, Crape De Leine, A with
isrro e.sortment of !Arens and other Dress n.,
the tate.t style. and most fashionable colon.
1... prime Rio rind Java;
mould. dipped, andPpermi
C rae--150 b. Cream and English Dairy;
dos Hemp and Manilla,
C.K.11•-.1.0 M. 11.;
t NI Coltman and half Spanish;
I Len —25 1011100 ball brio lilac kereland Salmon;
.1,• 1 .1-50 11.11 0.111110 S
I iSC 4;I
40-12141 P m
rinm Yas.;
lafn tu,r Cured;
INP , O(4—i MI I be S I , and Alanillat
1%, IC dor llormons Black and Copying;
0,111.00.1. — . 20 1111 N Orleana;
" 151a11 brio Sugar House;
ism— 20 dos snorted canisters;
50 :lir Italian;
tralbs do
liertt snorted;
5 dos ,nt t asioried;
re•— buil:els hwy.;
50 ranott-
0 tontortvat
1' t., 10. -1121 01 Iliadrn.;
110,1 and Caal
0t 101110. N 01/Irtuta and t;13,130.d1
Tea-40 package. , itreen and lthick;
Tnnarro--211 0 in 12, 3, & 1 Ib lump;
Wa•ii L1...14—W dorpatent Zink:.
For oak by J U WILLIAMS A. CO
0010 Comer of Firth and Wood sta.
--- 1117 - KAITSEte
F URS! FURS! FURS!—TIA subscribers wrll e .y
r Coon
' Mink, Musk Baßat,Gray andltad - Fa.,
and all kinds of alupping Fars, the highest eutarn
price. McCORD er. CO.,
febTO corner Fifth and Wood sta.
Paper ffillikfiligS•
SPRING BELE° CION.—Will be received, by find.
canal elopms.nts, • new and choice anemone o;
Wall Paper, of the latest French and Eutern style*,
in gold, chamois, oak, plain and high colons.
W. P. MARSUALL, (naafi. C. 11111,)
.rtn ' es Wood meet
• •
rpm; Coparmenhip heretofore existing between B.
• 11.Doshbeld and John McGill, under the Ann of
S. Eh Austifield w this day duaolyed by mutual
B .Toe business of the old firm will be sewed by
S. U. abbfield, at the old stand, N 0.220 Liberty street,
Pittsburgh. 9 D. DUSIIFIELD,
March 1,1550. JOLIN MeGILL
confine the Wholesale aod Retail Dry Goods and
Grocery hosinesi,at the old stand, No. RIO Liberty at,
.der the him of S. OUBLIFIELD L CO.
parch I, leßl.-Imsl2
lUAW; hip day asseciatediuslin m the Whole
tale Grocery, Commissien, and Forwarding buat ,
neas, my two Bons, IL N. end W. B. Waterman. The
esteem he Islam will be conducted ander the myle of
21 EL Waterman a sou, .1 the old stand y _No. 31 Ws.
Mr and IN Front street WATIAMAkir
IMltrits KVA the 744
11. James Illuirt•re Flwid ftlaga•ala.
REPARED under the lenneridire ears of the In-
J. venter, and established forupwarde of thltiy years.
This elegant preparation ia recommended In all
eases of bile, acidiuee, indigestion, gout, arid 'meet,
as the most safe. easy, and effectual form in sebich
o M nWrjo i lie e ayt,47.41 In deed d
e s th a f e n g ' a n ll ' l.lll o p i r ' op w e f l it " ; a h o i t
the Magnesia now in general sac, without bring liable
like it, to farm dangerous coneretio. to the bowels,
it effectually cores Leardittrn witboat iniuting the
coats of the stomach, as sod., pow., and their car
bonates are known dot it prevents the feud of in
fants turning smut in ail eases it acts as a pleasing
aperient. and ir peculiarly adapted to feales.
Sir Humphrey Davy testified Ifs, this solution forms
soluble combinations limn uric acid mita in eases of
gout and gravel, thcrhy counteracting their Injurious
tendency, when other alkalies, and even Mailtbeala
itself, had fatted.
From itlir Philip Crompton, Ban, Surgeon Genera/
to the Army Inhe
r e lnd:—
"Dear drr—The can be to doubt that Magnesia
may be administered more safely In the form of a eon
eentnued solathin than in subetanac; for Ines, and
many other reasons, I ant of opinion that the Fluid
L itif i ri a e . ula . ls a very valuable addition Mir r tf , r , ia
BIT James Clarke, Sir A. Cooper, Dr. Bright, and
Messrs Gothrie and Herbert Mayo, of London,
recommend Murray's Fluid Blagnesin, ae being In
finitely more safe and convenient than the solid, and
Dee fmni the danger attendlng the constant use of
soda or (Mass.
For sale by the Inrgor , te , cu A lit=t i t : iP a etigentS,
tneyte Car. of Wood & Front sass
Prom the V/ getable :Kingdom, to repel Diseases '
Dr. Onysioltte Extraet Of Yellow Doak
and R•e•aparllla..
Celts eaterciption, scrofula, erysipelas, rheumatism,
gout, liter complaints, spinal affections, ulcers, sr
piffle', dropsy. estlimoi, piles, *coney, affeettons of
the bladder and kidneys, mercurial diseases, cor
rupt rupt hem , rush of blood to the bead, fever and
sigee, fen, le complaints, venereal debility, dyspcm
t, lon o appeute, headache, colds, mnitivanem,
gravel, ed ht sweats, cholla, °mune affecuons,
seismal of the heart, toles, Pains In the xnbts
chest, back, &o.
111. infall' la in all diseases arising (tom an La
pses state o the : blood. or irregular action of the ay.-
In the Vegetable Kengdom, an All-wise Deng ha.
deposited plants and herbs congenial to oar constitu
tions, sad adapted to be curs of diseeie; and to the
resemble kingdom does the gasses of manes well •
the instinct nfant ale turn for antidotes to pain.
The Syrup is • rcimetike compound of the moth nal
sable plants in nature, entirely hone from deleterious
and enervating mineral substances, and as it expel.
disease tenni tha system, lexparta rigor amd strenguna
An extraordinary ca. of Se.rafula, Erysipelas and 0
ecru, eared: by the sole use of Dr. Guymon's; Corn
pound Syrup, Yellow. Dock and Sarsaparilla.
DVOOILTIS Nov. 17, 1E45
Dl. Gerson—Sin I tender (my sliCere thanks fot
the great .;..nett 1 have derived from the use of your
valuable ar rap. I have been troubled very bad wit
• scrotal°os sere, which made ill appearance on m
chin. I did not pay much Ruvuma to tt at first, sup
posing It to be noth i ng lbet an erupt. that appear
person's fae Il ball? inati to increase, until
spread to Dr wait pug o the heed. I apphed to a
physician, who attended Ma all to no purpose. I bad
tried even thing that could be tried. I saw your Syr
up of Yellow Dock and Sassapurt., .d concluJed
to use it, tor I knew that Yellow Dock was one of the
moat •aluabla ankles In the world for the blood. I
bought you Syrup, and (mm ate of one bottle,
coul d see • great change In my arm.. I condoned
to use it anal I was a well man. I now. feel like..
new person; my blood is perfectly cleansed nod tree
from all impurities. There di not &question but abs
your newly dtscovered compound is far imperial I
any sarlsparills ryrup ever sold.
This certificate Is at your disposal to pub.'s it you
like, and tidy one you may refer to me. I Mail be hap
py to Ova them all the information I eau about my
now, kr-. 1 remain your obedient servant,- -
Duman Joussott,
113 Market sums.
The hen female medicine known. Thel Extract of
Yellow Dent and klergaparilla is a positive speedy,
and permanent core
FkINIA for all complunts ineldent
Its mild, alterative oroperlies 'render It kowaliarly
appticalhe to the slender and delicate exhistiretion of
the &mate. It is nonvelled in Its elects upon sock
&wagon inciptenceonsamption, narretiness, tl
- or orlon, Irregular nunstrnatton , inconti
nence of orine, and general pro/swum of the system:
It um cdtauly en nuts that &guessing nervous
new and l&mtude so common to the female frame,
la medicines of the day."
Ornate Station Ohio, May 23, UV.
R F. Sellers—l think aright:for the benefit of °niers,
to state •oms facts m relation to your neelsent Fa
mily aledthines.
I In• used your Vermithge largely in my own
vial frequently expelling large quantities
I. it to stio worms) front two children. I One
also us d your Liver Pills and Cough Synth in my
family, and they i aye, in every instance, prodeted
the eden. esired:
As I am engaged, inmerchandising, I ern able to
state, that I have yet to boar of the hnt failure where
your nanthmes have been and to any section of the
country. In .ion, I may state that they are the
madternes of the day, and are destined to have a very
extents. popularity. Yours, renectfully
W li etS6:ELL.
Prepared and sold by R. K SELLERS, No 73 Wood
street, and sold by Druggists general!) . in he two
cans and vicinity. icy
`Li El..l_Eas Ti, lIMEDICINES—"ree• an vas
la hletheincs 01 the slay."
fistaaates itrartoe, Ohio, May 25,1042.
R. F.-Sellers: I think a right for the benefit of othen
to unto some non tu relation to you excellent Fami
I have as ed y. .l Vervain* lumen in my own taria•
Ily, one via. i fro,iently enawenng for expelling) .ge
pontities Oily Ito 2001 worm. from two childnt I
have alas toed your Liner Pllls nil Dough Syrian to
Imy family, an they Kaye in every instance produced
the edeet shared.
As I am regrind in merchandising, I am able to
State that I hese yet to hear of the first fathom where
your medie•stes have been used in my !section of the
muntry. In conclusion. I may ewe that they are lAA
edicines al the day, and INC destined .0 have a very
a/Lepel ye espnlanty Yours, ro. e rn],
st . 11. Vantuat-
Prepared and sold by R. r I 3ES.No 37 Wood
street, and wild by Llreggts s ea/lewdly in the two ci
ties end wolntly, mi . 3l
/ . 51.erfilififf - Oriatti LN:llo.laff(t biT.
kj original, only true, and genuine Liver Pill.
Sistoror elll2l, Ohio nunty, Ye j
March 70th,1810. i
Mr. IL F. Sellers: Dear Slr—l Mink it a duty I nee
to you and to the palate gown ly, to state that I have
and.aggithd with the Liver Codtplalnt for a long I
urn, so budly that an abeess formed and brake,
which loft me in a very low state. Having heard of
year celebrated Liver Pals being for sale by A R
ktharp, al West Liberty, anti recommended to me by
my physician, Dv. E. Smith, I cone:tided to grve them
a fair trial. I purchased one box, and found them to
'lop :ISt what they are recommended, THE HEST LI-
Slag PILI. EVER USED; and after taking four boxes
I find the Incase has entirely left me, and I am now
perfectly well. ReapeettellY Yon, co
West Litortly, Macnb 3 '0. 12.10 .
• I certify that I we personally acquainted nth Sir
Detain it,and can bear testimony to the truth of the
neve nticate. A IL SHARP
Tar I enema Liver Pale are prepared and sold by
REI ',LEES, No 57 Wood street, and by druggist.
in the wo eine
TO THE PUBLIC.—The original, only true and gen
uine Liver Pills are prepared by R ti Sellers, and have
has name stamped in black wax upon the hd of each
and hisstguature on the outside wrapper—all
are countetfen, elb , ka ;Laitit.taige,.c.prietor
W/LT0611491 l I....CIiKAPLIR IVAN vviLip.
J uut reed, an involce of full jewelled II
yes Watches, IS carets foie cases, which I can sail
low as shiny and thirty gte deltas., and warranted
le := s p lendid assortment of JEWELRY, co
and p s
WILSON, 11.11
•••• ••k and
ar 6.11 ..••••
..UCERSEY, JiI,IIIIIING & CC, having arranged to
II glee their cadre attention to the sale of domesde
WooWnand Cotton Goals, now oder their largo
stock of Tailors' Trimming., Vesting', French and
German Cloths, Doeskln,Wasaimeres, ke. at DV Ma.
Ithi,Wood st
ut , r reed,. elegant plain Rosewood 6 oct. Piand
o(ruinthe celebrated mannfactory of Nonna &
(;lark, N. Y., of supenor Me, and very moderate price.
For sale by R. RLEIJEIb
doll) - at J. W. Woodyrella
V for removing Tartar, finny, Canker, and all
substances destructive to the Teeth. It is delicious to
We mate, cleaning the
thealing and suangthen
ing the gums, and purifying breath.
POT sale, wtolesale and retail, by
dew FL SELLERS, 67 Weed at
NOTICE la hereby omen, that on or about um 25th
of April, the subamibers had mailed to them. at
Wallet:art, Va., tee following motes, Tir —A note
drawn b,y 0. A. Martin, payable to oar order, dated
April 11th at 4 months, for 14173 ell; k note drawn ty
John D. imam same date and %treater 9111 t 7 and
a note drawn by John Watt to Co., to favor of John 8.
Martell, and reandorsed by us, dated April 9th, at
four months, far Salt The above notes warn never
received by on, and this is to caution all. persons
against trading for or baying the - samei as permset
et team has boa 'flopped. Id t W HAB.BMWR
TIIE Partnership heretofore existing between the
subsenbere,under um firm Of Barbiidge, Wilson
& CO, was Una day dissehred• by Or consent.
The I:mettles. of the fi rm will be settled byJ. w. Etta
bridge, or Wm, WIIIO.I, Jr. either Dreamed is author
ised to use the name of L612'1411110 linaidallem
Plitsburgls, July 1,
TAS. W. Burbridge & Bard. F. highrata have this
SI day associated themselves wider the fats °Mar.
bridge &Int brava, to transact a Molealde Grocery
and General Commission neatness, io the house lately
occultist. by Varbndge, Wilson & Co, US Wuer
Pittsburgh, idly 1 , 1650.--ild
HE ..mibers have this day formed a co-partner
ship under the fine of W P Wilson, for the plip.
mse of trans.ting the Wholesale Grocery sad Com.
pouts'. Basin.", at No 26 Wood street.
Pittsburgh. l,lEtt4-04 PRANK. WILSON
Molodoon Plano Watt two ikon. of
TUS? received at the eign of Abe Holden Harp, ono
0 superior 5 octave Met... Pluto, with two sous
of Reed., the latest improvement The above ill
probably the linen toned lanaament ever colored to
sale bete, with a highly finished and elegant exterior
foe sale by Unit If ICLEBE2
100 nus Ana book paPiv
20 do do oo
00 do do do
100 de news printing,
100 do do do
BO do de do
120 do do do
20 do Blue Envlope,
20 do Yellow do
ynin - Frifir;TAT
.5 , 0 do OULU& do
13 do do do Ni2Er,
600 do snorted wroppint Do
pert, In store, for solo by JOHN II bIb.LLOR
lea Wood et
Economy In Tens.
p,FAIDEDLY the cheapest and best place in Pitts.
burgh to buy Tea Is at the Tea Alaska; east oce
of Ddimond. They sell
Fa.ltem Teo, at -- —so 30 per lb
P.operlor ••• 073
7:he very be sr— —•—• • 100 "
L priced, damaged, or inferior Tura. not kept
at r Its ertablishment, therefore, whether yea go year
or send • child, you are sure to obtain a good
article, and If the flavor of the Tea Is notjapproved,
they readily exchange it or re tarn the money.
0117 NORMS & HAWORTH, Proprietor. •
SUDO:4IIEI3-10 boo extra Cream Chem;
10 hf bets No 3 Mackerel;
10 brie do do;
5 kegs do do;
10 be. Balerams;
boo Mould Candles; .
20 bxs No 1 Starch !
Si dos patent Zine Washboards;
hl ehests semi°, Green,Teak
40 caddy bre do
10 admin. superior Meek Teas;
6 to. Duffield , . extra Hams;
For ode by J D WILLI'AMB 45 CO
irts Car Wood & Fifth mu
if - 1110C01717Frei1CChireolinto
NJ rust received, and for sale k
000 D BOOKS YOB IPAI/1111011EL
Johnson—Amene. Farmer's Encyclopedia, 8.0
Emerson—Trees and Shrubs, bee
Brown—Tree. of Amertea, 8.0
Thomas—Amerte. Pratt Culled., Mao
Boy—A Guide to tie Orchard, lbsto
Butat—Family KAchen Gardener, Mae
Miner—The Amerte. Dee Keeper, ltmo
Drown—The Amerman Poultry Yard,42ano
Marshall—The Farmer and Ewa - rand* Band Book
Allen—The American Farm Book, Phan
Dowing—Fruit and Fruit Trees of America,l2mo
Yonan—The Home, $lO
Bennet—The Poultry Yard Itmo
Jeri 101 Foalth at
Ant•rlcan Journal of Bolossorsi and Arts.
riONDUCTED by Prof. B. Billium; Prof. B. Sall:
m., Jr, and James LI. Dana, Now Garen, Con
necticut. This Journal is Issued every two months,
so bombers of tag pages each, making two octavo
volumes a year, each with molly illustrations. It ll
devoted to original arnica on Voicnce end the Arts,
Condensed Reviews or Abstouts of Mesons and
Disco:erns from Forego Periodicals, Notice of New
Publiestions, and a General Bulletin of recent Scien
ofic .10 ark.. The first series contains 50 volumes, the
. „
last of which la a general Index to pis Wool •
preceding. Subreription,l/5 a year, in ildvanca
D LOCKWOUD, AO for Proprietors,
ran 104 Fourth sr.
Good Gaol. for Mummer Road
Drown—Turkish Evening Entensuutib Ma, artio.
Taylor—Eldorado, 2 vole, 12mo
Colman—Europew Life ant! Manners, 2 vols,l2m.
Dieliew—Domby and San, 2 vole, Itmo.
Mackay—Popular Delusions, 7 vole, Num.
Newel—Fresh Gleanings, moo.
11 —Norman Leslie, o.
_.rior—Uoldsmith'• Miscellaneous Works, 4 vole.
Taylor—View* Afoot Moo.
Ilumlielth—Cmcnos, viols, 12mo.
For sale by lAB D LOCKWOOD
jete 104 Fourth st
Boots—Olen•rwl Lltrairataere•
Mone—reitumery as Use and Manufacture. num:
stallo—Plotosephy ablator, 12mo:
Chitosi—Aphanyeas and Relectince. • limo.
Shaw—Engl.:l Literature. limo.
Deets—Le:rendre. Ideno.
Itry stit—P. hat I saw on California.
St. Pierre—Pas! and Pupate. el vols. limo.
Aleott—Letters to Young men. Mee.
Hureas—Reeurede et Human Nature. limn.
Yencour—Modern French Literature.
Newnharit—llum. Magnetism.
Humboldt—Aspen. o: Nature.
Drodenp — Eootetical LOOOOOOOOl.
101 Foartii et
Naar iGtblopinat • * I. •
GWINE to Dan all Night; Dolly Day;
Dolcy ion.; Go down to da Cotton Flald;
Nolly tr. a Lady, de.
• •
Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Boma'
nAw bnmitlCMlY; True Love a bi T. flood;
Our way across the ma ducat )T.
A new medley meg, by B. Coven;
Jenny Gray. music by Nailer;
Joys that were crowning, Wedding March;
God Mew the hardy marine; Schuylkill WaliV
Colmentola Departure, by W. C. Glover,
'bound. Item Goma; \Vaasa.. Steryennarktsche
Mat Rose nf Summer, easy varnalons by ilerm
Untied States Poles.; Ladles' Soave*Polka;
Corn Cracker Qtradrille; Lon:smile gemistlita
Bewares of Italy; Burn.. Trios, itc.
A large YtOftlaClll of New Mute ea band. to Which
additions arc made weekly. Foe gala by
febZ J. IL MELLOR, 81 Wood et.
llh••p standard History.
Hpeper. at lo cueao
s per vol. Three vole received, and
for ~to by R MOONS,
apl7 78 Apollo Bralt_FlortittLt,.
Books. -
. . .
DEDBURN, His Fon Voyage, by ristmansige.ll•llla
author of 'Tn. , " "Ornoo "
History of Nina Alfred of Enilsad, b 7 Jacob Abbatt
wall fine ongrarings.
Sidanis the SorseresN by Wok. Molnhold.
tsrell earner Tbird and Market moats
`olio of Id. Alms Remarkolde Works of the 11,2;"
NINEVEII AND ITS 11EMAINIVwitti an account
of a visit to thy Shamir., Chrielians of Kurth,.
tan, and the Veda's, or Devil-Womhippers; and an
Inc-airy into the Manner and eau of the Ancient As.
eyrie.. Hy AM.. Henry Laytted, Seq., D. C. Is.
Wl* Introductory Note by Prof . E. Robtxmon, D. at
1..1.. D. Illuttrated with 13 plates and maps, and DO
wood ants. I 061..8w, cloth, 114,30.'
"Tim book has a rare amount of graphic, vivid, plc.
mresque narrativo n—Tribune.
li W most . a work of Ward I. the prominent 00=1.
bull n to the etudy of wadquity, that has appesred for
m yeers.^—Christ. Inc.
" ot one creels to Interest the ace - cunt of Nineveh
mtd its Reins, given by Mr. Layard. , Waelllaron
Mswe follow the diggers with breathless interest
in tlteir ercasations, and suddenly find ourselvee be
forea massive figure earred win. minute accuracy,
novii lifung its
t o head from the dust of ' b
we lot ready us cry out with the utonlshed
Arabs, 'Wallah; it is woaderfal, but It Is tradt^-10.
4( tale by JAM - D. 'LOCKWOOD,
.0,10 ' 43 Wood .1
•OW Wagll. •
fiE WOMEN of toe Old and New Testament.
Edited by E B. Sprague, D. D: 1 voL Imp. Soo.,
aleTntly bound; 18 exquisitely gashed engravings;
wit deseriptiotis by celebrated Ander - ie. Clergymen.
P EMS BY AMELIA, (Mrs. Welby, ofE )anew
and.cnlarged edition; illustrated by engravings from
original designs by Wier. I vol. square elegant
ly bhand and gilt. Also—A variety of splendid Annu
als and Gift Hooke. •
Sewell'. Child'. Float Book of tke History of name.
1 vol. loin.
use of Carpenters, Shipwrights, wheelwrights, Saw
yer* Lumbermen, Students, and 'Artisan. generally;
being a thorough and pracuell Tree.* on Mensal,
uoinand the Sliding Hole. By D. Koper, A.M.
Dome's Treatise on Greek Prose Composition.
011endorTe Momentary FlOiteit Grammar. By Prof
Greene, of Brown University. 1 yol. 18mo.
t itelg . e u r;iae b se m Var I I F , b o r n nsr &MM.., by Conant.
Loomis' Trigonometry and Logarithmic Tables. 1
The Engliehman's Greek Connerdance. I vollmas.
Anthoubs Classical Series.
Webster's Dictionary, revised ed. 1 vol. By,
do do unabridged. I aoL Ott
Barnes Notes and Qithationeon New TelltatiaeOL
=VII': i f g e.Cr:slastioal history. 3 .ots• 1111 d '
MS lah.p.)
Vestiges of Creation. 1 (vol.
Mornings aeons
Jesuits et Roma. I voL (eloth
Se p en. where the Tempter has Triumphed. I val.
cloth and paper.)
Bbetio'sTh.logical Lectures. 1 yob Elva. (cloth.)
Alder's Pronounciag Bible. •
Ilbyer's French Dictionary. •
Smart's nonce. For sale by R HOPKINS,
100013 Apollo Buildings, Fourth st
The Old•xi 41m..
TAMES D. LOCKWOOD, Bookseller and Importer,
a/ No. G 3 Wood street
, has for sale a low copies corn.
piers, (the remainder of the edition,of this 'rideable
work, devoted to the Preecrvation o, and
othir opthootiO infotmanort rethon to the early es•
plotations, sealemeut and improvem at of th e country
.otind the heed of the Ohio. By critic B. Craig,
kit}, of Piusliorgh, in 3 vol.. 810.
movie J. D. LOCKWOOD.
RUXINIIISER7TY. A liatory, lot a mew of th e
' Liberty of other Ancient 'Nan au By Samuel
Elliott, Esq. Illustrated with Melva angranugs, coo.
anted at Rom. Il vol., five., uniform with Francon%
llisteeical Wort.
Jest published and for sale by ,
; JAMES D. LOCKWOOD, *Ntikaoiler ~I
I:—,...WFW kaktam IN rl.lll - itanonaTdi.llti.
r i tft.. m ets. MRS. FANNY WHILE'S YEAR
-th reading . of this book has Leilemed us with a
mural higher onnion of its manor th we had formed ,
from persona her other writiogs. ledisplays • deeper,
took of thought, united lo more pore marry alee , ol ,
feeling than .1 o th er production' of the MEC. mind
with which we see antasinted.v-- e. Mirror. ..
41M a very Agreeable and readab book; wettest. ,
Faany Kemble • best nylo— bold, sp tiled and enter
taining. We recommend it to oa r adore as Me ben
putilination of the ernsoti.n—Risadi G..
Alt centralise,* Journal of erre , th loligkEllTOpa,
--' residence In Italy, and Is pun of the pleasantest
tor. cod
. most
Et Wt.. . •
till4.o "" eCTlZ th t e rin t irs k uitteMt a inres " l " A n' vt
v= i tae u tin Hame r
11! .11 respects tualuantlY
Portals by JAMIiS D LOCTWOODs. •
,Dooksellsr Importar,63.Wood st
W all Pia" • gingham's.
ite.hgßC h
IlFiEti.D a ati exllent
auertmatii anina Chi asii d ae art, of
ca. dot. lnala ataailcoifoni42unnPiloo
Enjairioil laxottiotoz:.
rta on Engiand t Goland, and s.eolland bought
y =OW At tee Current Rates of Roams..
Drafts par able In any pan of the Old Column,
from- , XI to OM, at the rate ot t 5 to tle Farrlina.,
without deduction or !lasagna:, by JOSHUA HOMY..
SON, European and General Agent, office alb , . 'OM
door welt of yrood. confet •
aidia aomarL__L: Hamm& aauks
KRANZ& & usual,
i. Foroi& and DoatesuO I.lilts of Ezenanar, Oer
. of Hoposite, Bank Note. and Coln, corner of
3d and Wood weeds, direct or , paila Sr Charles Ho
Bank Notor,
Psnthu" •rtba le."' ' l . .' I b iLLYII , IS & SONA.,
s,pl3 as Market garret
B ILIAMI N citPr om o .Cifeliow=.l , BblCtaxbi Oi
rhumept. i3 : . :lll c m .
darultszaty for sale by It 111i1... ‘ 1Y. , 1 9 .1. 50:49.
INA., :0 Ms,ket at.
90.1 - 41;
111.01113111 i 11111;170114Ckl,
Merchant., East tido of the Diamond, Pittsburgh,
are now offering at the TO ry lowest proms for east,
Rectified Whiskey, Gin and Demesne 11.1r.udy; also,
French Brandy, Uolland Gin, Jamaica Spirits, Lon
don Gin, high Whiskey, Rum, &c. Port, Sherry, Ma.
dein, Champagne, Claret, Itltiw melt, hiniaga, Tette
mitre and Iff.bor Wines Wholesale k. Betal. min
PRINTING PAPER—Always on band or made to
order, the yarrow tires of Printing Paper, Rag
Wrapping Paper; Crown, Medium, and Doubm Crown
airea Straw. Wrapping Paper; Crown, Mecham, and
Doable Crown Post Othea rap P , astaboard,A
W P hIA RSl er,
lALL, Pd Woad at,
Arent for Wotan Mill..
TOLIN WATT k CO. base removed their stock or
4.1 Groceries to the opposite sidikof Liberty sL
YOMAN IN AMERICA—Her wort and her re
ward. By Marla J Mclntosh, author of "Charms
r. Y r onnterchalms," "To seem u,d to be." I Vol Iwo.
Lauer Da7 Pamphlets, No I:—The present ma.
By Thomas Gulps!.
CllALX“ll.—Ma.moirs of Life and Writings °Mos.
Chalmers, D 1./., L. L. D. Prelretions on Baur Ps
Analogy, Paley's Evidences of Christianity, •nd HOPI
Lecture ad Disinity, with two Introductory Lactates
and (oar Addresses delivered in the New College,
FAlnhargti, by Thomas Czalmers, D. D., L. L. D.
ofJohn Calvin, compiled from authen
tic sources, and particularly Hata hi. cortelpondencu.
ii Dyer, with pants. I trot Htmo.
For ula by It HOPKINS.
.p 4 7 . 79 Apollo Buildings, Fourth M.
t„ super Polka; 10 do do very Tina;
lotted Redding;
IS " supeyEnglish lions Reddthr
Pocket Combs;
ZOO " " Woad "
1000 dos us'd Fine Ivory;
30 " Shall Side Combs;
10 " anger large Rotolo;
300 trou ase'd Side Combs. Testi] M ark et se by
fettS . 13 YEA ' GER, et
Din' Holland! Bute Ilottemill
TAKE I4OTICE—That W. McClintock has this day
received sekeral eaths of the finest and best Bud
Viindithr Ifollmd, wart:deb he would most respectfully
call the atthrthou of his customers and the public in
Ware Rooms, 75 Fourth et.
AFEW very fine GtITAES, Met reed from the
celebrated - mm=ll..oon of C. F. Mottio. ...I for
sale by • Rog 7. 11. MELLOR, Wood rt.
Books Just liee•ivell
Complete Works of Jahn Bunyan; 2 vole, Sao,
In I Yoh, IlMatraled; muslin gilt mod Fit cildor
Mitchell'. Biblical and Sabbath Gchoot licography;
a ULM urtrit; I 'cal, Mao..
Town's Analysts and SOnilur-
Life of John Q. Adams; by Wm. 11. Seward; 1 col,
Irniso; callus
Poems by Mr*. 'lrma.; 1 col, PA.; muslin; gilL
South's Scroions.—t , crosons preached upon scrotal
once/ulnas, by Robert South, D. D.; now edition, 4
nobs; incloding Posthorn°a ascaurscs.
duar.-4 nob/ in It, sheep, orns'al
Far salo by R. IIOPICINS,
feb2.l Apollo Buildings, Fournk sr.
soma Wicnoritots. a. w. a. PAM.
THE Undersigned, rucceasors to Arthnrs Nichol
/ wit, beg leay.e to inform the
rebuff of Pittsburgh
and public generally, Hurt they have t the A
E FOUNDRY and are now In fall operetmn, and
have - part of their pattern. ready for the market:—
smonget which are C.oliting MO're, Cold and Wood
Slav es,,with splendld aiGiicht Coal elOne. wiliCh
superseding to other cities the common maid
Stove. Also, a cheep coal Cooking Stove, well adap
ted for smell families, with a full assortment of <OM
-30011 and mantel Grates We would pante ulerly in
vite the attention of persona building to call at oor
warattonse before purelirstog, and examine a splendid
article prey:matched Grote., flamed in fine style—
entirely new in this mark,
Warehouse, No. lel Liberty st, oppiosite Wood at:
Ut YEAGER. Importer find holessla Dealer In
Sign of the Gil(Corth, RH Market a, Pl...burgh, Pa.
Western Sleichants, Pedlars, and others vtGung
Pittsburgh to patens. Goods, ere respectfully invited
to call and cgatnine the ertenolve assortment of Eng
lish, Americas, French and German Funcy Goods.
All Foreign Good. at Nn establishment are impo•t
ed direct by myself, and purchasers rely rely on ge,
[lmp gOods from first hands. l have the largest assort
ment Of articles, in the satiety hub, in the etly of
Pitubtirgh—all of 'which will be sold low for cash or
city aneeptancea. The Stock consists, in part, of
Lace Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons.
Silk Cravats, Shot and Patent Thread., Sewing Silk,
Irlt.c=tel4s.Pett,Snaplenders, Duttomi, Pins, New.
Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Jewelry, all tends of
Denehes, Comb. end [Dupre,.
Pereeision Caps, Revolvers, Pistols. elnehst Slit It
Cotton Parses, Specteetel, Steel Pena. Oboe boxes,
Carpet Ita...ts nod . hot..
Ildings, Findings and Trimmings.
Toy, dud Fancy Goods; tugethos
wlth a large earte•
ty of Fancy and Staple DIIV GOODS.
C. YHAGER is also agent for the celebrated Lan
tarter Combs. novr
Grant balkallida
FORCitwitts,Colds,Asthran and Connive:men! The
OREAI A. ONLY REMEDY for the cure of the
alawe diseases, is the HUNGARIAN BALI:Add OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated Dr. Buchan, of
L ga o d ndo t n h ßa imm lan eddia iced
s u i p n e d t u en ce d d e i n n ce o
ot U n it v e n
d or
The extraordinary sneers, of this medicare, in the
cum of Pulmonary diseases, warrants the Amerthan
Agent in soliciting for treatment the worst po-istble ca.
sc. that can be found M. the that wet
relief In vain from any . of the common remedies of the
day, and have been given up by the most disitingutiled
physielans u confirmed and Incurable. The
an Balsam has cued, end will mire, the roost desperate
of canes. his no quack nostrum, but a standard Eng.
lish medicine . , of known end established efficacy.
Every family In the United States should he supplied
With llochonie Ifungerien Balsam of Life, not only to
counteract the consumptive tendencies of the climate,
Ma. to be used as a preventive medicine to all easesof
eclat, coughs, spathbg of blood, pain in the wile and
chest, Irritation and soreness of the lungs, broehths,
dtficulty of berating, hectic fever, Men sweats, comet.
anon and general debility, warns, influenza, whooping
sough and crouP.
Sold in large betties, at S 1 per bottle, with fall diese
-1 dons for the restoration of health.
Pamphlets, comainthg a eitua of English and Ameri
can cern/mate., and other evidence showing the un
equalled merits of this greet English' Remedy, may be
obtained of she Agents, gratuitously.
Frie sale by 11 A FAIINESTOCK lc Co., corner o
et and Wood and Wood and fith Mad& tots
Iltrrsanman, Morels T 7,1947.
Mr. R. Sellers—ln
ben to you and your torso,-
parible Cough Syrnp, I g leave to 10•10, for Mc ten.
efit of the community, that my wife has been se•eral
times aglieted ssith's moat 0101IC•10111t rough. I p•r.
chaffed, in January last, a bottle of your Sy mp, mulch
eared trough of two mouths' smotting. About one
month mince, the tough returned, sod eras so severe
that she could hardly move, from weakness in the
breast; I sent for one bottle a your Cough Syrup, and
a part of one bottle eared the rough .1 gave the otter
to aYounmyrnan who was severely aftheted, who bad,
to use his own words, "eaten
enough cough candy to
earn all the people to Pittsburgh," if the candy hod
been at good sof represented.
You, reapectfully, ALOIIXO B. Kam,
Plepared and sold by K. E. SELLERS, 57 W. nod
atriseg, and sold by DrugginS generally in the s od
eldest dean
/11 J. A. BRDWN would respero
fully inform the public, that he
keeps on band at hi+ stand on the
west ode of the Ihemond. Alle
gheny city, a complete assort
inent of Lehman Made; Klee Ye
nivan Shottern are made to or
der to the best style, warranted
Nos! to any Intl, tinned Steles.
11. Illords can Ite RISIOVed WIlil•
oht the aid of a screw driver .
Having purchased th e stock,
tools, and wood ofthe cabinet es
labhshenent of Ramsay A. hl'etel
land, I aca• prepared to farruttb
their old customers, cc well as
.I.IPS public at lair. ..with e'er) thing in their line.
WA ey No to Wood street, Plttaborth,
coca= , ' J. A..DROWN
• Colored Jlaaaolllu fivaths.
UMW/ & BIIRCHEIELD have received as et
cormient or the vanout color., an..l of nese and
btahurel patierevi alto, White CZahterraa•a n( v.-
riles praeca. y ir24
blir g P4lTrttn g selati:ittli'lslo lertoltV'th!Tr nesnOrtt:e't
nlAttere good.. Great OW, El taken V. teeelleg its
Very best °lra q all us they buy in lar g e quant.cs
6010 the agerme al Wu 1.1.ey eV ,
sod as the Very 1010.1„11 prices sigh
no EAsit-7 task! ,ced and G rsob, by
Imp . ] 9h V IiARDAVGH
7wA L L I^nre,tt—tW. M endstua
ly reeelving, Qom the largest msoomeinries
York and Philinalphla, and thin Frron
Agencies, the event and 1110. l 9irp roved 91, le • of
per Iludgings, together With Horde... Far fl nrJ •
Priori, and Tearer Tops. for sale si :* Wood
Mee. Fourth Weal and Munch./ Andy,
: ivdo
Irish 1., In '
MURPHY:It BURCHFIELD ,Ic2l ..r.ely In aL l' Ave
ALL AIIACIC,ILIKI,SAA,pIop•red IL/ tu,..!y • saperor
.1 110 s, WARRANT/2 ALL /LAS, And ”I IICC
QlalY-EMAIL Rae hazaza /wen. I • I ren `J
• Poteklotio• 1111
:ONE Ilog,uoalkod Burge' G. Wald, ratuhuigh. •
A h , :r .e e. ,. :;it.:O n ytl .l yiz
LLIN„1"0„ CO
Ft Nit' Rcii Flab
• • hum ail' talla o.l,.,urgcor
width for Wool Suck., camel( thoY :".••• out two
• To elty fileitkoni a.
85000 A enpefiornietiiz I r ftiL:in
rtg:il.z.r E u,,ow. ;
x,;g Jo
Ride Powder.
The eSlOnelee ude end wide oprend o.
the itovo the ben Ann.:nice of its E K ,4
" " Ir t :1117 r jVI;Ft .F I7t tt n a P'
,stwo on, by
31 Wool a
Browss . .Lawysa at
. 121 C.S4.
MURlMV ,o ;k il, LUllSlFT . Elaa n t . e a rl . lti:
of ypd; also. as. pat) variety °lst).. ul
ho s s a We ) LSO ) and l eigs Or put. al.' filo,.
090110 ( Eq . WWI aPP•as YOT7 /OW, lii