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- 11110111ELI1AN ZINO. •
TllR,Viellir Montagu e Crimpairys•PPlY ail+ saints
mith Roofing and Flooring to ebeetn37.7 feehfrom
ll to flounce. per .square foot. Corrugated in sheet.
..Iz7, 17 az, for routine patine buildings and depot..
&hip abeam°, 14 z 42 Inches, from tit to 33 mine..
fiaila,"apibearlAire, Pager Mold., Perforated Zinc,
Zino Paint, &a.
They warrant their metal pure, and free — from any
aboixtoro of iron., or any other substance, and Tr.
commend it for the manufactare of most articles in.
the bottle famishing line, as it does not rest, is not
affected by the action of water, and may be polished,
painted, and japanned.
damples, models, plans, specification., nod other
Information may he had of their agents:—
k. finnan, Nem yopp ;
armaisort,Rohtins do Co.,11cotoo;
Nolan Marna& Co., Philadelphia;
W.. Magda, Bath ',arc;
BUM, DAY & errs Orleans;
F. bIIi.LIROUX, Re,adent'Agent,
Linta ege, Mayal3.l 1. 2 Hanover at., New York.
Edward A. °energy,
/6 Bortth. Calvert sn, near Baltimore rt., Baltimore,
(Late &Godfrey It Son. d , N.
ThIPORTERoII3Doe Findings, anDealer in Leather,
of wariest. kinds: English and French Kid Skins,
Preneh Calf Skins, Patent Leather Morocco, red,
white, and pink roancl toings,Sc. Laltings, Fronem,,
Shot Knives, Awl Blades, Shoe THREAD, Blued
Tacks, Shoe Naili and !hoe PEGS, of all roses.
E. A. G. kering established the above business In
Baltimore, is enabled to ship goods South or West
with the utmost despatch, and at the lowest prices.
lilmtafactarers, dealer; and all others, may rely
upon obtaining every article In the trade, of the best
gustily, and on liberal terms.
irlfdanafactarer of Lasts, Boat Thee, Shoe Trees,
Clamps, Crimp', Boot Stretchers,&e. All Orders will
promptly executed. Low priers foe each.
A catalogue containing a complete het of every
etc In the trade will be forwarded to those who
may deem
EDWARD A. GODFREY, 16 B. Baleen st
ay29:dllea near Baltimore at, _
Broadway. of ilialAss Lome.
THIS er HOTEL has been leased by the
submetber, and by been eompleteli refined in
mosselegant manner. Lame ed.:itions ere now
being made, which, when completed, will make it the
Most extedulvs lintel in New York. his the determi
nation of the proprietor, to make It equal, in every re
spect, to any other lien. in the Vetted States. Its lo-
cation is the m.tdevirable and central le the city, be.
tog in the fashionatde part of Broadway, convenient
In .11 t h. p ad, e bgibiter, plates c( ...merit, and
business. ()meal fin tire liberal patronage received
from his western friends, oldie at Cumberland, Md.,
and more recently at the Weddell Ron., Cleveland,
Ohio, he respeelfally solicits a renewal of their patron•
' for his hew establishment, at New York, and
begs to assure them that every don on his pan shall
be given to administer to their comfort and
New Verb, Afainit,l.S.W.—iMLlS-3m
A .11TOWDDIIE FOI .f.lO or .t 5.
offices, George street, Plymouth, England. Tit.
managers beg to acquaint their numerous patrons Mal
the nett Distribution of Portrait. of Race Horses, will
eon:rise those entered for the forthcoming Grand
Nattotsal Derby Race; tar number of shares to be
limited to SAGO cutcles,. First class member AIR
second class ditto lA. Fatly application for the off
appropriated shares is necessary. A party saber-it.
log for more than one sham ban me chance of gainnui
an equal number bonuses,—Thate Members who draw
the various Portraits will be presented with Mc fol.
Awing surtisi
Portrait of let class bonuses :id ditto
Winner, or First nom 100,0M1 510,0e0
Second Ilorse• • 10,000 3,000
" Third Horse • •—• P,CCS • 4,01X1
Divided amongst Starters. •-- 6,000 .3,000
" " Nan• Starters G,OOO Wife
Than are SD bonuses in each class, that being the
number of horse. entered for the race. The Drawing
will be conducted upon the same legitimate , prinendes
as those which charecterised the late St. Ledger and
oCher proceedings. Fall particulars of the result will
be MS to absent member, immediately after the de.
Mitten, that each may know hie position.
Sebscribers registered and scrip forwarded on m•
eciplof a remittance. Bills oh Fachange,Dralls,Dank
Notes, &c addressed and made payable. to the
Managing Di ,.
feetern W. JAMES &
Five per cent , commission to be reduced on the
presentation of dictums. • melt
BAHHEII, Proprietor%
.riatte Sinutre, Er*, Pa.
and 'Southern Stages, leave thisstouse Car.
ri•eee to and from Steam and Pack o,,Boatr, Gratin
M. W. Kam, late °ldle American - Hotel, Erie, Pa.
0. W. Baaana, tate alba Elam. lintel, Ohio.
PREPARED miller the immedis e rare of the In.
ventor. and established for upward, of thirty years.
This elegant pnum:to.. is tecathinendro to all
tames of bite,. acidi le ties, indige.oun, gout• and gravel.
A• the most hofe. may, and effectual form in which
lsoonesi• may, and Indeed the onto one triiteh it
ought to be exhibited. pOasessiug all the prOpytUrs of
the Magnesia now in general use, without tieing liable
II ke it, to form dangerous concretion. in tlionowels,
it effectually .cores heartburn Without injuring the
coats of the stomach, as soda, pron., and their at''
Donates are known to do; it prevents the food of-in.
Cants turning soar; tit all cases it acts ths n pleasing
aperient. and is pecultarly •dapted to females.
Sir Humphrey Davy testified that this solution fortes
nobble combinations with one and salts in Cases
goat and grovel, throb! counteracting their Injurious
tendency, when other alkalies, and even Magnesia
Itself, bid failed.
From Sir Philip Ctampton, Rath, Surgeon General
to the Army to
"Dear Sir—There can be no donne that kingnecia
may be administered more safely to the form of aeon
,rated solution than in substance, for slits and
many other reasons, I em of opinion that the Fluid
Mng delta Is a very valuable addition to our Mitten.
Sir Dimes Clarke, Sir A. Cooper ' Dr. Bright, and
Messrs Guthrie and Herbert Mayo, of London, strong.
ly recommend alarm's Fluid Idagnesia, is being in
finitely mono aisle and convenient than the st.hd, and
free from the danger attendlng the constant use of
gala or pot..
For sale by the Importer's and proprieror's agents,
mayffl C.a.s , i l'ront•ts
OTICE tr herehr elven, that on or about du-
of April, the sabrerthere hed maned waled,. at
Wellsburg, Va., tee Pillow/me notes, vie.,‘-A note
drawn by O. A. Mertes, pay Mole to one older, dated
April llth, at 4 months, tor Jain La; a limy drawn i y
John D. Morgan, aame date sod time, for Sill 17, anti
• note drawn by John Wait A Co., in favor et John S.
Martell, tad , re.endorsed by us, dated April Sith, at
four months, for Stab. The above notes were never
received by st, and this 11 to earthen all persona
azimut trading for or buying the came,. Perm , .
oio them has bete stOpped, S W HARBAUGII
PILLIIII SPRING & 191311111Z11. 6001311.
A VERY large and choice sock of Fresh Spring
JILL an/ Sumner Goods Wm just been opened as
AIeSIM & Dart, No 83 Market .trees, conk wet
corner of the Diamond. _
In calling the attention of our eurtorneFs• and the
public! 1.0 this stock, is siren!. us_grent pleasure to Le
ble to say Jim:Owes GREAT BARGAINS in al.
MOW every description of goods, as a large portion of
R was parehased at the recent extensive auction sales
m the eastern Cities. Our ossortment. Loth of fancy
and staple goods, is very superior, and affords to all
cash buyers, either by wholesale or retail, s One op
ponaniry of naltinr both taste and purse. •
New style Foulard silks, very cheap; rich plain and
figured changeable silk., of almost every style and
cleanly; super plain and Ilkored black silksi do. ba
reges and tisanes; .barege de lain., new and hand
tone Style; new style }tench, Engliab, and Scotch
awns, an great variety, and at very low prices; plain,
P gored, and satin striped de Isms of all kinds and
qualities; linen Sneer. al all shades and colors; ging-
Sup!, chameleon Witshiviria; plain and fignred
black do; plisln and embroidered Thin dni fine cash
mere do; super plain and esabroidcred orhne and
colored crapn do; b
W areee and net do. hey
A fine assortment of snails, nanaooke, intones,
Elwin., kook., bish.p. lawn.. te.
nktop:eg.trZ&t•g:Ricb:thl. Florence btalCand
A fine nut of superior plain and fringed .ilk and
Satin Tare parasols of LI colors and otalaina.
- - -
A large assortment of taper French, English and
Belgian clothe And cassimeres or all ottani. and
Orlee% tow clt wo 'meld invite the attention of the
gentlemen. 1
Our stock of brown and bleached Unhinge,
cheek., ehambrnys, k.e, is very large, and el
the Yen , lowest prices.
Alien, • lame lot of table diapers and table eotkin,
brown and bleadied; Russia and Scotch diapers, envois
linen. nank ins, cotton and wool •n good. for men and
hays' wear, Irish linens, red, white, and yellow [lnn.
eel., domestie gingham, silk and- linen bdkfs and
gloves of all kind., hendery and bonnet ribbon', arts•
Goal Cowen, de, to all welch we would reWcetfullY
invite the atten tion of wholesale Lad retail cask
buyers. ALEXANDER k DAY,
marDS 0$ blanket at-N W eon . of the Diamond.
lAM now ppared to furnish Apple Trees, from the
well know re n Nursery of Jacob N. Brown. The
trees will be delivered at the wharf at Pittsburgh for
IN per handfed. Persons wtshing good thrifty trees
should leave their orders . eon Ike Dreg, Reed, and
Perfumery Warehouse, corner of Wood and &nth ate
AILEY, BROWN & CO. here remnired to No IS
D Water et, WI doer below the Mono molten House
ALMER, HANNA ac CO. Ileac removed their
Exchange Office to north Welt canter of Wood
and Third nreata then
CHURCH. CAROTHERS & CO. have removed to
N o 97 Wataa e 4 Palma - en Wood & Marley, 19 the
haat° formerly Decatt.d hY Hardy, moues & Ca.
CVTARCII Rontmgm's Sur
do eh;
IS bk., ?trot,' ; -
VP bx. &Paw.; & Teem; do;jo et rereloed
and for sale by MILLER & RICKE MON o,
- Platatatlosa Sugar mad 210 llama
155 6hda common, fair, prime Mamma Eetsva;
**oak brio Plammioo Molasses;
70 eyptca brla do do, In mom, for Pak by
.. 172 40170 Llberre
RitrepFE:kg—wo bury for iII C L
11 Water st
11, 101=Ms tar sale by C I( GRANT
rnlC L}
H. , ill aT
ts4H - 3-111 bras Plo I sor
- -
& fOILF—IO tee IN Id'. ff Cured flame;
jl 5 les 511110, Drownl ll.k ma do
• ;
. _ 30 tee }Nana & Senn', do,
Ate. D. Noel'. do/
5 lea canvassed Deaf MIMI.;
6 tea plain do
—ls HERRIN—Is 60 In store and
gale by: 0091 ROBISON. LITTLE & C.O
So b. No I do;
. . Imo No l Moan Soap;
Jul ricelied awl for oak bf
DUX. lit 'Napa' Lareneort and ?
- *elide/4
!mot"IrrnIISIEAVENDIat-54116a rec - 4 - ISt - i ae f
. _ r; 1a06110151014 onenierignzent and
.m eelf, ' fell . ISSILLENN -
BE lapLOn.
N o. e t weal .
ha. j• 111 rer..chred a new 11.1•
aottment of PIANO MUSIC, among which arc
the following:—
Nally, do you Love me, by EC C. Faster.
UY may Me Red Rose Lire Altos), do.
Nally woo a Lady, do.
Uncle Ned, do.
GWillo DO Ron all Night, do.
Dolly Day,
Soldier, Wedding, by Glover.
Olt, Touch the Cold yet mum eignio.
Sweet Memoirs of Thee.
Lament of the Irish Emigrant.
A New Medley Bong.
Thou bart Wentntled the Spirit that Loved TheA
The. Gu o
ter:t. Depa.nore, by Glover.
Ete Nina to the Lewd Ones at Home.
Tin Home where e'er the Ileart is.
The Yankee Mud.
• •
lx•or Merl] C., by Lover.
Do you ever think of me.
Slumber Gentle Lady.
Jeentrie Grey.
Wan Elfin, Cellerins, W.:filing, Wreath, and Daisy
Batchelor, Maiden, Bella %Seim, Concert, Ladies'
Souvenir, estly, Elvira, Lily, Alice, Evergreen, Sara
n. Adieu, and Lissy reams. aY=.l
WE enter not Into the llot of puler., we soy nothing
idLoot Hundreds of Chests, lathe:meth, Large
Capital, Ibiught for Cash, &e. In fact, wo will not
humbug in an mer or form, we e th th o, invite th e
NOIR . to compare our n Teas with what they purchase
elsewhere; this is the best method we know to
loin woo woo the hest and cheapest Teas to Pints.
burgh. We are now selling
Good and noon Tea as Eland 50centa per lb.
A prime ys do do
The brut Ten Imported into the U. States, M
Low priced ; deranged, or inferior Ten s we do not
Proprietors of the Ten Market,
lea East 'Me of Diamond.
Organ AmorirOok ilochoodeal Work.
D. Appleton A Co , New York. have in course of pub
lication, In plots, price twenty Poe cents ear.,
Of Mat Jana., Methantat, Engena Work.and En
rantermg; dengned for Fradtcal ll'arkeng
Men, and thaw intended f the Eng.
nerrlng Fri/ate-um
saran ar OLSON QUM.
rIMIS WORK is of large eon. size, NO will cont.=
1. two TiIoCSAN enc., and upwards of six Not,
Sane tnnerrtuelow. It will present working-draw
ings and description. ante most imperil= machines
in the United Stales. of
of the result. of
American ingenalty, it will contain complete practl
ell WON co on ?dentin. CS, klachlncry.„ Engine-work,
and Engineering; yeah nil that is useful in more than
one thousand dollar. worth of folio volume., maga
zines, and other books.
The great object of atis publicauon le, to place be•
fore practical men and eiudents such an meant of
thee:nonce' and scientific knowledge, Ina condensed
(ono, as shall enable them to work to the beat advan
tage and to avoid those mistakes which they might
otherwise commit. The amount of useful niforraanon
thus brought together is almost beyond precedent in
such works. Indeed, there to hardly any subject
-within its range which Is not treated with such clear.
nese and prectsien, that even a man of the most ordi.
nary capacity cwinot fail of undersioneing it, and
thus learning from ti mach which it is important for
urn to know.
The publishers are, in short, determined, regardless
of cost, to make the work us complete es possible. '
is hoped every one desirous to obtain the work will
procureit as Issued in numbers, and thus encourage
The work will be Issued In semi-monthly numbers,
commencing to January, 11350, and will progress with
great regtilartty.
:The whole work will be published in 40 numbers,
at t 5 cents per number, and completed within the cur
rent yen, 1050. A liberal discount will be made to
Any orummulang tho publishers !lo m Resume,
shall reeeivis the'swork through the post ofaeo free of
Opinions of the Press.
"To our numerous Manufacturers, Mechanics, En
gineers, and Artisans, it an.ll lie •
minus of secants"—
Prosidcace, (11. I,) Journal.
"Yong men, aim yourselves with its knowledge.—
We can with eonfldence recommend our readers to
poems, themselves of its numbers as fast L. they are
pear!'—American Artisan.
nulfesitaungly commend the work to those en
gaged in or Interested in naecharneal or sclentihe par
suns, as eminently worthy of their examinanen and
study."—Troy, (N. V.) Budget
"It tritely n great won, and the publishers de
serve the thanks of inventors, machinists, and mans
facturers, and indeed of the public generally."—N. Y.
"Thu Dictionary will he highly useful to pearliest
mechanics, and valuable to ell who wish to eicqrtuni
themselves with the progress of inventioe to the me
chanic etts."—New Ltediord Dully klercur7.
"Young mechanics ought to keep posted up in the
'rennet us well as prno cal knowledge, and thls
mote will show them lust how they stand."—Rosbury
Klass, Advertiser.
.W e rote It tot e 'vat the work that seores and ban
treds-of our Intellir,ent mechanic* have demired to per
•e•• tan ample. aren. deaenpuona, and to toll and
amain 111 aecedientiona, that aeeteu to ea th at au,
neehante aught contract any inaehive it describe% on
he ren,th of la engraving% and irtstrartiOac , —Pi.
snsted In umeteanoes should mail l the
Relent of advantages (Penn.,) Jour
"A lamb of extensive praetlcal entity and gveat tru
penance and value to tho rapidly increasingcout interests
of the country We regard the work as tently
calculated to prontote the cause of science and the
mechanical arts, and to di...ominous valuable inform.,
non on these subjects "—Farmer and Mechanic.
"Practiced men in all the vaned walks of archon,
cal and manufacturing industry, engineering kr.. will
hod in this wort a treasure whsels 0 will Le to Moir
i•roCt to posse...."—Troy Only Whig.
"We have carefully perused the nsimbers, ant byre
no Arianism sn saying that it Is the hest work for me.
• home+, tradesmen, mud scientific men, ever publish
ed. for st contains minute information on every branch
of the mechanical arts and sciences, expressed in a
style and Imaguacc intelligible to any reader 01 ord.-
nary rapacity."—t;lourener,(hlass.,) News.
"We• sure we arc dense the snechante , of Nor
wich andother pans of l'onnecticot ae by
bringing the work to their attention."—Norwich s
(Conn.) Coarier. ,
"It initial such a work as every mechanic should
possesan—Frermitn's Journal.
Wo consider none of the moth auto! and impanel:it
publications of the are. No mechanic cannier,' to be
wishes. it."—Nnersra,tN J Comm e rein I Courier.
• itr till the Ir.srlou, p...“-anonag I qv r.s for their ots.
sem tla urit: ..,...rean• • m ,, bnnt
rat an. and ..lenre. we Lain tt to
roll of prom.. O. ~
" Itirettin tide. Ada
.-It to We Lea and chear...t wnrk eseroaered to ihr
seenfate aml prartica , engineer and mechanic The
pt.., are Imuanially executed.'•—Waphinctontilo,c
^This cr,at I.teunrmry one ni the 11.0.1 user.:
works evci puLiiAltr,l tor )ears. mut the low pri, et
whtek It is so:d makes it acceptable to alt"—tkipth
"lVe meant it as one of the molt emprebeauve and
,alawlble, as well as rheapew wart. over pal.lwlae.L"
—llaltwore Advertiser.
' , Ottani to be taken by every one cleaning to keep
pore ernh tha progre RA of 111f1 and PC I ence in every one
of the Jabots of eivilued ikfe.”—ltondnot COMM,
. J .
"It n &algae,' after the onnende of Urea ed dna
ry, only that it iv more devoted to the meebarn ell and
engtneering profeandons, and above all, .a ening&
aceoceptt.hing for /troches what Ure he. done for
England, viz: deacritnng Amenean ettnehtnery and
wort* of att"—liniennfie Amencan.
"Itis published in numbers, and at • price so mode
rate, Looking at whet to contained in eseh number, that
no one who has the leant interest In such mallet.,
nencoring o and every one who
does so, will find that he has in • condensed form an
amount of instruction which would be obtamed, If at
all, only . by the purchase of very many valumea."—N.
V. Courier and Er.quirer.
`Thee omprehensiveness with which the subjects
are treated, the admirable manner in which they are
illustrated, conspire to make this one of the most desi
rable works."—Democratic Review. --
.this work should befit the hands of every mechanic,
arbx., and m anufsettarer, especially those who hove
the matt aspirations to excel in their respecuve bast.
!lessee. We have carefully examined it, with a 'neer of
mcomniending it to Ince/lowa To them we would
4.1 in the strong language of the Elibtet 'lit is
thshimore Inveuteral Journal.
If the foregoing advertisement in inserted five time.
forma the year, and the paper contains It sent to us,
• ropy of the wort will be seal raw pnymenh
Committing no Mercury, nor Dither Dlineral.
TIE following testimonial erns given by the ecle
brated Dr. Wooster Beach, the author of the great
medical work entitled ''The Attoertrao Practice o.
Medicine and Family Physician."
-Having been mule acquainted with the ingredtents
which compose McAllister's All-Healing Ointment
and having prescribed end tested it in severe. muses It
my private practice, I have ..o hesitation in saying or
certifying that it Vegetable Remedy, containing
no [amend substance whatever, that its ingredients
combined us they are., and toed as directed by the
Propnetor s are not only harmless, but of rent chine,
being • truly seientiGe Remedy of great power and(
cheerfully recommend it ae a compound which ban
done much ;nod, and which is adopted to the cure of
• greet vanety of onion. Though I have never either
recommended or engaged in the sale of secret me th .
eines, regard for the truly honest, co ,Dos, h.
thane character of the Proprietor of this Ointment,
and the value of his discovery, obilge me to say than
much regarding lb W. BEACH, D. D."
New York, Aped Hid,1640.
111:1019.—It Ls one or the best thing* m the *world
Tor num, . •
PlLES.—Thousande are yearly eared by this Ointi
ment. It never fails In giving relief.
iFor Tamers, Ulcers, and all kinds of Sores, It has
If Mothorsland Nunes knew its value In cues of
Swollen or Sore Breast, they would alsomy. apply
In such rues, if used according to directions, it gives
relict in a very few boors.
Around the box are directions for ming bleAllineSa
OintroSat for Scrofula, Liver complaint, Erysipelas,
Tent,. - Chilhlein, Scald Read, Sore Eyes, Quincy,
Sore Throat, Bronchi., Nervous Affection., Pains,
Disease of the Opine, 11[2 , 1 Aehe, Asthma, Maine.,
Ear Ache, Runts, Corn, all Nissan. of the Skin, Sore
tips, Pimples, /cc" Swelling of the Lirolia, Seer.,
Rheumatism, riles, Cold Foci, Croop, Swelled or 11Pa
ken Breast, Tooth Ache, Ague In the Face, An.
From the Reading Engle.
There was never, perhaps, a Modietne brought be
fore the public, that has In !Mahon a time won verb n
reputauon u hlcAllister's All.llealina or World
Salve. Almost every person that hat made tnal of it
*Peaks warmly in it, prawe. One has been eared by
it of the moat painful rheuninrwm, another attic piles,
• third Cl a troublesome pain in the side, Et fourth of a
swelling in the haul, die. lf 11 dne• not give mime.
dime relief.ta every e raw, at can do on injury, being
applied outwardly.
An another evidence of The *ander - tut heallor pow
er po.wswil by respectable aohloin the follewmg
ceruhrate, from •ittren of Aloidencreek
township, in this con my:
Maidenereek, fleas co., March
Was,. Ritter fr. Co.-1 desire to inform you that I
was elm rely mired of a nevem pant in the back, by the
ore of I,lcAlb.ter's 411.11ealing Salve, which 1 pur
hased from you lon iler,l with., for about 20 yerira,
anti •I night we. unable to sleep Doling that bum 1
tried •arious remedies, which were prescribed for me
hyphyairimis•nd Other r."l . t 11131 ,."1111OUIPeerIVITIK any
reltei, and at lost made tnal of thin Salve, with • re
sult favorable beyond expectation IST now enure
ly tree from the pain, end enioy at flight • peaceful
and sweet aleep. I have also ay.! nth Solve *owe for
meth ache and tuber complaint., with ...Oa, happy
results. Poor friend, dun,. llountr.cti
Sole Proprietor of trie above medicine.
Pnnelpal Olice, No North Third street,Philalel.
Anton" in erretelmon.— LI A. ralmemork h C.n.,
earner of Wood arni rral; Wm. Jaetenn. No.
flu Liberty street L. Wilcox, Jr., corner of Market
street and the Diamond, also corner of Fourth and
Smithfield meets; .1.11. Cassel, earner of Walnut and
Penn .need, Fift h Ward; and sold in the Itooknore In
Smithfield street. :14 Mow from Second.
In AlLegheng City by 11. P. Sehwartaand 1. Douglass
PI J. G. Smith, Druggist, Rannwighang Neale',
11. Rowland, Aleticeapon; J. Aleminder
k Son Monongahela Cs), N. 11. Bowman A Co., and
J. T. fhlgers. Urownervlllei John Barkley, Dear , / ,
John Walker, - Jk. Ll..ucth; lkob&ght &
Roelteater. febileodly
I 1 1. 010 - s Lro toss ensad p,
/ok l - ti glAltimmi
Pninnitte attlettenalva. Water Power to
let on favorable terms.
now prepared to leave the Wafer Power at the
Grand Rapids, to an •monnt aliffreical to propel four
handred point of mill atone. The Amnion is boxed
upon • rock foundation,and the power can conve
niently. applied on both sides of the river. The
grain of the White River, as well as th e Wabash, can
be readily furnished so ' thla point While timber,
iro n one, pod coal, m the greaten abundance, and of
superior qualm), ean be easily procured through the
same country
Tows—One hundred dollars per anneal for pose
cc "fade'', to Propel single run of medium stsed
mill stones, for • period of fifteen years. with the
right of renewal on the expiration of the lease, at a
fate valuation of the power employed. The site of the
mill or roumfaetory included, without further charge
from tbe Company. By order of the Directors.
SP —The Akin of many persons is dolagered with
slight ettipbons, as pimples. morpliew, /se., and when
this Ls merely • diwase or the skin, •e it o in ninety
nn te cases out of every bemired, it ‘• very <Getty re
adoved. Jules Hatters Nymph Soap reesy
a p ted to diseases of the .Yin , it rots exp directly
upon the Pl/11.1{0 pnre• which rover its motor.
_cleansing them from impU r itime. and by its balsamic
properwes healing and eradicating all emotions, and
rendering the closest and roughest skm fl,fair, and
blot miug.
Peraone who have been In the...habit of using 0ri1t
f42.7,74w;:,1, l
Nymphast tthaepd.
I . th e . b ru e e ., %t
prevenung the neck, face, oJiands from chap.
ping P lea, allaying all antatton, and removing CI cutatm
on.erupborts. a
ll an elgaislto perfume, and
is entirely devoid of nil alkaline properties, rendering
It the only
We which can be used with safety and
comfon ot the nonscey.
All those whose faces or necks are diefigured with
pimples, blotches, tan, morphew, A , should make
an of Jule. Hauer% Nymph Soap, as the protinelor
postuvely assures them, that Ito UPC will reader the
mom discolored skinwhile, the roughest skin smooth,
and the most diseased skin healthy, pure, and bloom
Jules Basel Nymph Soap is the only article which
will effectually produce the Melee Hier. in eo short
a time, and the oily ono which is at the once time all
powertal and entirely harmless. — Prepared only by
JULLN HAVEL, Perfumer ant Chemist,
1119 Chestnut moat, Phila.
For sale wholesale and 'vont by II A. Fahnestock
& Co., and It. E. Sellers, Pittsburgh: and John Sar
gent and J Mohan, Allegheny clip, Pa.
A GOOD MAhogany Paulo Forte, 0 octaves,
LI. second hand • -- --•-- $lOO 00
A handsome upright Piano, with Rosewood
Furniture, 0 octaves, and in good order • • • • 100 on
A plain 54 octave Piano 40 ro
A good 6 00,070 riallo ......... -••• • ---•••—.•••-• 70 00
A good 01 octave Plano, with handsome farm.
•-- - co
el Wood at
For rale by
may 23
StrPERCF.DING the Wooden Floats, and !icing la •
combustible, thereby economises the Ott pro
heretolons so much objected to In all
other Boats. One table apooniul of the ommon
lamp oil mill tut Nine Hours, or any further length
of time, •ccorelae to Pie additional quantity of al.
Received and for sale by JOHN D MORGAN
mar 27 Drasuist
• • •
TUFT RECEIVHD, at thell'ittstiorgh Family Gro
cery and Tea Worrboow:
5 caws Freida Oysicryi tin eel
5 do Pickled do, 'n in
5 do do do, in )irit do.
The above Freak Oyster. are parboiled, and put up
In • highly concentrated soup, enclosed In hermetical
ly scaled cans, and will keep mach longer than those
put up in the ordinary veer.
For aide, wholemdc and relied. by .
rorgi 25dLtberty .
Groot Amorlooda Rinohonleal Work..
DAPPLETON & flO., New York. have in course
• of public...l.ol4h satta, price twrnly keg cent•
each, a DICTIONARI tf Mnehlnes, Mechanics. Pn
gtne Work. and Enetneermig, dennened for Practical
Working Men. and those intended for the Engineering
Profeaston. E.ltted by Oliver Byrne
This work is of largo too slze, and will contain two
thousand pages, end upward i of gin thousand theatre.
nous. It will present work drawing. end desertp
. non. of the most Import no nehine• In the United
States. Independent of the halt. of American In
, cenuay. It old contain com p) t o praelteal treatises, on
-Mechanics, Mach i nery. Engt Work, sod Engineer
ing; with all that is nacre l in mom then one thee...and
dollars worth of folio volumes. magarine• and other
hooka Rio numbers received, and for sale by the
agent, R 110PRINS,
epic 7d Apollo Butildinon, Fourth rt
i.:- - -. 7ifinru;:-,7 _
_.....x...6— , z2z.. - -
-*-• :"<"" . .1-, , -*'i Ft t . ..- - ' T .- - ',. ~i i 4, , • . 7 . ... i,
L • ...'..... - kf1,:' , ...'.' ;416 , ', .I' r t'
". , ,t 11'' t'"' - '''' , ' , -, '•-• '
John U. Mellor, Si Wood Street, rilltbeirgh
Yale U.! in:tyF•, I.l!Lhe sale o
Grand and Square Piano Fortes,
DI--AeS entorot he. it rods and LI, tem ./real public.
1.4 that he hn• nolo I lovnicra and swell receive and
.ipneee for •ale.etureeet the present month, the Imeerert
ener most eleseralrle *tweet of Pease° Pones ever
tor Weill the •reeet—esneateg the number seek re loured
• full supply of
Superbly eser•rel Rotee•rood Granet Piano Fortes.
with aft therecent toaproweruents meettane.m aoJ
style of extemer.
esrved Rouecrontl seven octave.Sqoa
Frmes, fall.ed to IL< rdixabethan an.l lout
XIV. st,lcs
W,th . loom mock of all the •.rioo. •tyle• of 1•m
-o Forte., rarytsm in prim. from 1P,175 to $OOO mold
!IMO, preemrell by Mr Chock( rtng for the prercnt
~ ..i .. i. r.. lino. ~o Le, th
• ame .111.11,.. 1 , 1 . 1 V 1:•••101.. %Lt:kautelaar,
1911.". paderrnetted beg. leave In inform the public
that hr hat aerial...l I...incr. in Invotr of h. Sun,
P M Davis. oho wail continue A urn..., and Coni
...non at the old otnint, corner of Wm.., and
F.fth street., and far whom he would Ville. a ll , llll, rf the liberal patronare heretofore bestowed up
on -
the tontare. JOHN ft DAVIS,
April 9th, 1.40.
COVILIus VfoOD •NDII/ 1111113.1,
WILL. make rale, on Itlx•ral terms, of Fore:aa and
V Doc-ram Merehandma, Rent F.f FtoeY..
fir., and hope, by experience and close att ate,
ention to
buriness, to air. n dnonottore of Its, ...mart and w Itberally extended to the format Louse.
Apttl ISM. 1,50.
I. fl;rT..rl. -
rite decent of the active partner, an Philo& whin,
ithe late James :4 Ihsvaaj producea no interruption
to the bumness--arranirententa have teen made winch
involves the s Me-tests precisely. which have
heretofore existed ame
The busmen is continued under
the same name and Erin, vim—
Jolonti Davis A Co., Philadelphia;
Jona hi`Ps hal a. CO, PIIISOUrgO.
The continuance of the patronage ot our many
friend. as respectfully OlOClted. if any persons bare
demands against the convent. they are requested to
pi swot them forthwith. for payment.
April !MIN hi'FADEZiI,
apl7.if Porvivinetner.
NIIO . I.F.:tALE DILUGGISTA, comer of First anti
IV IT %Nom' streets, odes for rat e, on lavoroble terms:
100 totols Wblttng 51)0 Itn. Cart.. Ammonia;
GO do Alyce; 51.45 do Av.elcettde4
390 do Dye Woad; 600 do Crude TAM.;
25 do Leenpl.thaet, SW do 1.0 nonce nom;
20 do Vep. Red, 90 do Irtsh Noss:
e do Camphor; ISO do Rea Precipitate;
10 do Span. Brown; I:nt do Calomel Amer.;
00 d o yellow oehre; el do do }:nr;
10 do Urimmoise; Mire do Breeder Leaves;
0 do clover 110 do Rhubarb Root,
3 do Cbam.Flowera, 400 do Sarum. do;
14 canes Ref. florae; Wlu do liennan do
05 do Caanie Soap; Mai do Not Rocheelc;
13 do Prusrian Blue; Mei do Neidlite htirtere;
10 do Ca:c.lllaunceil; UV do PoveM Rhubarb;
13 do Chrome ()reed; (00 do do Slip Rho;
5 do do Yellow; 101 l do do Arabic
sdo Am. Verrollioni 100 do do Idq.
00 roams bond Paper; 1.1 do do Jaime;
43 bay Sicily Sumac; Imo do do Af. Cayenne:
05 hale. Bottle Cork.; Mai do Nu:ph. Zinc;
75 or. Nolph. Morphia; 3011 do Bar
12011 Iles Cape Aloes; Ma. do Tamarinde;
IWO do 11,eltrom Potash; 150 do ljurok'stilirer;
TAM do Pink Root; 2511 do Moore Peel,
1500 do Turkey Umber; 75 do Cembineal;
PAO do Cream Tartar, no do Ilyd Potastn .
LOU do Tartaric Acid; CO do Mace;
100 da Uira Urati 5 do Wanville Lotion.
owrooLiaun, OIL ROCK OIL.
"There are more things In heaven and earth
Than are,dleurtipt of In philo , ophy. "
TIIF: VIRTUES of this re mark able remedy, and
the constant application toy it, In the propsetor,
hen Induced him to have at pat up in bottles with
hole and directions (or Inc benefit of the putille.
The YETROLEUhtis pured front 11 well in LITTIS
county, at a depth of four hun roc dred feet, 111 n pore tin,
dalterated article, without tiny chemical chime e• hat
last to flows from NaturoN Orem Lalirmory!! That it
contain. properties reaching oimmbar of diseases,is
no longer a matter of °neer...sty. There are amity
things in the arcane of nature, w i den, it k newt, might
be of vast usefultiesti in alleviating aullering, and re
storing the blown of health and vigor to ninny mut
ferer. Long before the proprietor thought of putting
It op to bottles, it had a MP...111 for the cure of di..
ease. The. constant and Maly incrramiic calls ior n,
nd several remarkable cures n bar performed, it a
sure Indicattion 01 lie future
and wide
spread application in the ~ore of dowere.
We do not wish to Mai, 11 long pur2J, of
we are
0 0110. 11121 the medico.. rll/1 .10011
wk way int die favor of ihn-e who ruler ion;
wish to be herded. %%ltd., me do not etaim for 11
anirernl application in oerry th.ra.r, ir"
tingly ray, that in number of rhrunie Doom,. 1I 14
anovalled. Among these may be enrollee:tied—Ml
dire.... of the macron. ti•sue., such •• CIIRONIO
BRONCHITIS, CliNtillhIPTION On as early stagej
Asthma, and all d • of the au passages, LIVES
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Dunham, tbsenses of
the Illadder and,Kidne; Pan. the Back OT Side,
NervosaNeuralgia, Palsy, Rheumatic Pao,
Goat, Eryritadas, Triter, 11111/VIOIIII4, Moo., boil.,
ttrui,es r otd Soren, he., he. li. eases 01 debility re•
oolong groin expo.ure, or tong and protracted ea.e a or
disease, Ods medicine will Ming relief. It will act as
a geiterad TONIC and ALTERATIVE in such cases,
imparting tone and energy to the whole frame, rem. ,
tog obaourtions, opening the oluggish WI/C.OIIS, which
egp, distal! and • broken con... Moon, and giving
increased and renewed energy to all the organs ot
Life The proprietor knows of oevernl ruses of
PILES, that resisted every other "antrum a get well
under the main of the PETROLEUM for • short tone.
proof eau he riven to airy person who desires
None genuine without the signature of the proprietor.
Sold by,the proprietor,
MKIER. Venal Basin, near Seventh id.
Asia rip It E N il Wood sh
and—KEN . Stilt A APIXOVELL,
corner Woad at. and Virgin alley; who are his
novll4lll reaularly appointed Arent.
CIALIFOiNIA RUH/IER 01)0D9—)oat received,
%.1 33 Camp Want:alai INe omen, coon.: 12 pro Pomo.
Is owes nett nned Aiming !loom; 13 fathom+ hap; 3
wave Tanks, o and 19 gallons earn; SO canteen.,
gallon eaelli I dos Money Bello; Ido ode
earnbele do do the abope goods for .ale at the Cal,
(oral. Oot6uNg Faial.lblalloni, No 6 Wood ot.
.0 11 1 /*Mal4i6llll
1850 MOM 1850
ID OATS of HID ;Arm will leave regularly, and de
truest frotohtd without transhipment.
C BIDWELL, Pittsburgh , JAMES COLLINS, do, }Agnate
-IN 1850 ailikAEM
From Pittchnre • to Celandnin and Cleyndand,
throvh t/ rult and pot !on mantles of Canal
biana, Carrot/, Jearl , Trwaratnas, Cat/um:ton,
Alashnram, Lminnn, and FranXlin.
The completion of Uio Sandy and Seaver Canal
opens op to our city through dim great natural control
route a direct communication to the above as well am
the adjoining counties of Wayne, Holmes, Koos, mid
From this section of Ohio, the trade with Pittsburgh
ha. been, to a great extent cut off, mconftqaceee of
Me high rates of transportation, which are now re.
dared 10, 90 cod (di per rent.
Boats of this hite will leave dady, and run through
without transhipment. The Canal company ecr u bestowed upon this line an interest in the unprece•
denied edvmrteires of their charter, and thus secured
to the middle portions of Ohio in ordering their good.
equal interest In thie adventure. Agent,:
J. C. BIDWELL. Pittsburgh;
BIDWELL & CO., Glasgow.
C Holmes, Spear's Oldls, Ohio; • II & A Guy,
Williameport,o- ticorge Kenai;le, Elkton, 0; Carlik
& IloQman , do,• Donna, Graham le C. New Lisbon, 0;
Aster & Nichols. Hanover, 0.; IlibbmM
• A Boor', i
nerva. 0 ; t;imaker A Foster. do.; Joseph Pool & Co,
do.; Hull & Boer, Oueida Mills, 0, 11 V Bever, dot
C t Ilurzthal &Co, Molvem, 0 ; R IE Gray, Worries
Burg, 0.; K Reynold. do; Isaac Teller, Magnolia :
J Itarkilull;& Co, Magnolia, 0.; Winglarkneas, do; J
ltllFarland & t.n, Randyrille, 0; 1' 1 , Lager, do: Farb
bough A Sminbsugh. Bolivar 0.; Willard A Shriven,
do.; J J Boffin., Massillon ; b.; Cummins & Co, In;
John Robinson, Canal Fulton, 0; Fertig & Torrey,
Canal Dover, 0 ; A Illedliary, Roscoe, O.; L K
tier, Ne work, 0.; Fitch & Ilsle. Colombo. 0; L 0 Mat.
thevra,Clevelend, O.; Rhodes & Green, do. mst IA
lialtiar lBso IMAM
VI• Psnosy Iv fll2l • Canals &Rail Roads.
Canal Ruin, Liberty
Street, estulalrgh;
ATKINS, O'CONNOR & Co., ND& tZO Market street,
tarns, ti
O'Coursoss Co, 70 North street, Baltimore;
}: theicv. New N . cirk•
fir.Licerr tr. 11.1 a, II Doane street, Boston;
Helium am Glue, Kentuekr;
&W. 1.& Co. Caine:ibis street, Crnolunatti
su ens, Louisville;
lis-viss tr. Co., St. lAialu.
•.• • •
7b Slappers of Atkpichoesekse an d Pram" to arid
from thttodflpitia, Ilablown; N. rock, g Roston.
Our route bring now in fine toner, wo aro prepared
to forward ovals to slave at eery Owen prow. We
inn.. all froghtfrw crony' charge having policies for
over IR:30,00D, and with tho following extensive stock
of Roos feel confident amnia mane sansfacnon to
all basin.. entrusted to out care. Our boats ate all
new, sod commanded by captains of esperienec i nod
our enure bite oi conducted on stoics ostituith keeping
and temp:ranee principica.
Boats., Captam.
Iron City, Hagan
Maryland, Marshall
Cuirinnall, Foods
Ruth Anna.
Wm Atkins, tiro roast
Ration, klitjuail•
Bacon, Alter
Cort., Riley
Calla Hawkins
Lloata - Captains
Pennsylvania F: Layton,
Si. Louts, Coved.
Col. Howard Ridley
Mary Deborah Sans
Flnterpnve, Kama
inntnta Brown
Gen. Scott, Gore
TeleavareNe IPhields
Point Still Iloyrtjltsde
giliveßrartetiGmtserl iialtereClippeOtiley
America Ferry Maio Belle Kcamey
hiennaid hreolgan Hunter Ramie
The Fox AFL /ends I Juba Ann J Layton
Aurora Arbon/ell Telegraph NoiOno.
Look Sloop \tory North Queen Wilde
kthippers wilt finil tt to tbor ' , Armitage to gree us a
mein Canal !loin Liberty .t., Pittottarmt.
Traasportation . Compaay.
!HEIM 1850, A1D.410/
By P ..xy lotrua Caws! end Rad Road.
MBE Boats and Can of thee Line hare boon put t
em pole order. and with the addition of sever
new ones to if, Line, maraca u• to carry a tan
amn ..! of prole, ood
and gs
The an
sleet of the Line I. owned and centre.
ed by the Propnomrs
HARM. , A 1.I.:F.1711, Nn . South Third at,
Ana a, the Toharro Watchouo,r, Met
Pl,l adepht, Pc:
Nn 111 Nor. 'lnward llatmore, 11d:
, IFFICF... tin; Wrlll at,N r.a Fort:
1.1.:1.111 & CO, Cana Ilnun . Penn •I,
rarl3 • Piltaburgh.
atiM 1850,
m aL
CLARK. PA RICItt 1 CO, Roetteater, Pa, Propr's.
JOHN A t7AIAiIIEV. Atter.,
Mee ent Smithfield and Water eta, Pitts
Cleveland, Ohto.
TUN well known Line aze preps-ell to transport
freteht snJ arr. from PI ITSBUROII Rod
eItrVELA MI, to any inn on the Canal and Lakes.
Th. faetltues 0 the I.ine are surpassed in lumber,
qatttitT and rapartty of float, eatanctice of captains,
au.l efficiency n( gent,
Ilse Boatl Pittsburgh end Cleveland ell v. ran
wtil, ae r !Inca ho
-1•' l'lt- orlittll and Ii I I:z I.t of
t •.. ,t• aa, 11.-no, Propene, row
I lartg On., A Co, !tort., Pa.
N 1 . nr1.• A Co, 1,
M II 1'4)1., II •riro, O.
A A N 01,1, Newton FON. 0,
I Ornytor. A Co, Ravenna. 0;
Krto, Grotorit A Co, rranklat, 0,
II A Milt,. Cuyahoga IN°, 0,
Wilreirr, A C., Akron, 0.
t . roorford & l`o, l ' lcvelasol, 0;
Hubbard A Co, Sandusky, 0;
Peckham Scott, ToleJo,
Ii WIlliorn• A Co, brim.. Alich;
%%Nikon-. A Co. Milaraukir, %iris;
Murfey A Dutton, Racine, W.;
Ororge A Alibi,., Chir ago, III;
Thomas Cherago,
1011,11 n °AUGURY, Agent,
cor3o corner Water and Sakithqed ill
111:1 1350. •
CLARKE. PARKS & CO, Rochester, Proprietors.
THE Prepflemrs of this old and well known Line
old inform Me public that they so now In op
eration for rile present onson: sod have commenced
retraving Freight and Passengers, which they are
folly prepared 11 carry to all points on the Canal and
At the lowest rates. One of the Roam of the Line
will 4e constamly at the landmy, Lela* Monongahela
lhil4e, to roratvc frraght.
Odke, eoe Vliater and SmlUdeld Oa, Pittsburgh,
R W Chinninghtim, New Elltde, Pa;
Illitcheltree &. Co. Pulaski,
W C Malan, Shawn;
.1 fr. S Hu 'l, Sher osbarg:
Wick, &ochre & Ca, Greenville;
Wet Henry, flartslown;
Wm Power, Connemtville;
John Hearn & Co, Rne;
John 1 Il.dhster A l'o. Ilulfalo,N Y. mr3o
Pittsburgh PortAblo Deno Lime,
rot 7111111.72711 AND DRUMIOII,III.I3 01 - 11711011 7 1
NEV l'ollK, BOSToN, &c.
Turman Itnaauiu.o , t ) Ts•atei (reonnoa,
j Pittabargn.
Canal nrin., now Open, Mr proprietor. of ibis
In,, r•o4,llilrit Linearc as usual at their old
rtend., terrier, and forwarding Mereliattilim and
Produce at low rates, and with the promptness, cer
tainty, and safety, peculiar to their system and mode
of tran•porthtion, where inionnediate transhipment is
airolrd, with the consequent delays and probability
of damage.
Niereliandise rind rraluce .lapped mut or west, and
1101. of Lading forwarded free of charge for commis
sion, advancing. or storage. hinting no interest di
rectly or maimed, in mhosts, that-or the owners
ts solely ennoultril when shiping their good.
All communicsunns to Lisa f p ollowtng agents prompt
ly attended to:
Ti it,h14113 BORRRIDGR,
No 27' blarlict atre,t, Nitta&lphta.
C../ Penn and Wayne cram, Pataburata
lobo AlcOullo4h k Co, Ge. North st, Bolt: P. B. Burl
Co. e 5 Doane st, Boston, W. k J. P. Tirptroll d C,
tal South et, New York; James Whet,!might, Cusei
iletween &Ma
The Cnnml imer ..pen, we are read). to ;em..
and furvencti promptly, platuee and metelhandme emir
.1 wee,.
Frelglll% 1a..1+ nr towRI mica, charged by rcrpo
.nn merrlinr.ilize will he rrei.,d and
Wardell eme a-
d r nny el.vrer for fn
warding a.l •rt,
HS, of lad,nv tortrarded, and all direction. farth
folly /mended to
Addro.• 41,13.10 . to, WM lIINOII AM,
Canul 11,111, cor.lorrty and Way, a. sio t t,,o,
No IPA, Markel.t, between Ith At sth,
Nrr North !Inward at.. Ilattonr,
tnrltt Nn Iq We.t Now York
••••iiyar pang Rornittiasaie• °M •••
AN It DEN re tIO munoe to bent; yersona
itibtft om any pan of England, Inland. Scotland or
W oleo, elpint the moat libeml tenon, with their
tonal ponria•llly and
to the want, and ewe.
lona eanniersorti ra . do not allow oar paaseugen to
be rohhe i l by th e swiedltne scamp, that Infest the sea.
pot m out are take chores of them the moment they re
port ilieinselves, nod •ee to their well being, end de.
.porch theta wid,out any detention by the Oral ships.—
We nay Olin a• we defy one of oar p.m..
sere to flirter that they were dm:tined ln hntl e e by um in
Liverpool, itionsemill of others • are detained
months, until they could be sent in some 11.4 "ran, el
eh ; p rate, which too frequently proved their coffins.
W e ' ,a ce d to perform our contracts eonorably, coil
whet it may, and not net mi wag the cue last season,
with ether intcere,—who either performed not all, or
when it suited their convenience.
Drafts drawn al PiWanner for anyBIM from it t
410u0, payable at any Willa protraolal hors
in Zr*
land, England, Bentland and Wales.
Throphan but Ochs ial - Aghnl,
Fifth aunt. ono floor Lela,. Woodi
ht liti
L IQU"BS—I ; pipes 11 , 61 and "'
6 o•ks N Y. Ham;
400 404 WOl4 t•y; far nle by
J. EL MELLOR, S 1 Wood etre. I,lhere received eL
jollaterng Nem Mune:
O fi elia to 'n ;l: ' dVooT h Clr,tl h Al b t Y ,
thee. Ella.. Alpert,' kneel.. When Other frls ' ad:
around tbee. The cot beneath the hills. wen thou
bet rd. Annie L aude , Tho Rabin
by ra caws, monde by Stephen Clover.
Thou hat wounded the spirit that loved
Grave of Waslungton. The Irish 111ather's Lament.
Wido w. Ile death all things well—
%rowans's, Widow klachree—Russell. Tao emus,.
of rter mother—llmetunsons. Low barked car—Loner
Ellin Waltzer—complete. The Maple Bell. The
Bridal or Weddine Polka. Jenny Lind'. Amerte.
P.m Limp Polka. Same Amerle. Potka. Tip
Top American Poll. I'. Belle Baltimorean Polka
Jenny Land Polka. The MO. Scottish
Salatation Polka. Flirt Polka. Josephine
---.---- .
Summit Polka. Ille
Oat goadtallee—bleyelbeel
The Wreath and Dalay W
MOM Boy—varlatlo
Sounds from /low, Werel
Lnalawille March and (Niel
y fri
er. Jenn Lind Quadrilles
Values—Mrs Emen. The
^he hYCzerny. Monomens.
-,kettp. 'Weal Up. quiet-
No 75, 5•5111
v E r BrCLINTON: Is no
. Spring SU Ifi of
rriounings, Ae.,
E " ms Soper Boyd
s Li per :e l le
ow town/lily receiving his
Ainpart the
11 a ,
, viz:
Velvet Pile Carnets
an Brumels "
zerial 3ply "
Superfine Ingrain Calre,
Una fine
Extnt elver patentCbcrullo
R01776 ; n0 do do Rags;
Vivo Toiled Rufd;
I-4 I and I Tap Ven Car.
1-41, 4 and I Twill'd Carp.
4.4, 4, 1 and SI Plain Car.
List and Rag Carpets,
Printed Cotton Cur...
Extra Wilton
Common do
Chenille Door M.n.;
64, 7-4. 6-4, 4-4, 4-4 and
Oil Cloths;
64,4.4,44, and I biattlnr,
tO z ..
otpxons Oa Cloths
Comm Thnocroas.
FanarmedEkro eo7ere
Emooned Pine ' "
" Tle o
Printed woo len
&nboseed Stand
Linen and wortatil "
Darawk Star Linen;
Blue and Drab Clca
()mason Plash;
• • •
Coach 00 gloats;
Dames*. for Urania;
Watered Moreau.
Turkey Red ChintseK
Chntee Bordering;
Engheti Oil Cloth Tabla
Mown Linen crumb cloth
Woolen n
Bross Stair Rode;
Katt /Roggen;
Carpet Bindings;
Joie and.Coeo Mort
Bull Flatland for WShadas;
French trimly.
Venetian Blinds;
Mown; for Flngq
74 ana Table Linen;
Route Ceuta
Scotch Dixpers;
Brown Until Napkinr,
German Oil Cloth Table
lAlicant and Skeleton Mau;
and 4-1 Green Gil Cloth'
e for Blinds;
1111 '
I : 6e. mor zinlir9ireeLFTg.
wh and iIiTCTICZA unnulacturers nrom is to 24 fret
in width , which will be at to ha room., halbromit
'' ne '"'k e " r ra' gn i edlle o lrg ."". I m posed direct from Eng
land, ltUlfel " wet rile and Tapestry CARPETS. These
Carpets; which are of the la est and moat elegant;
sty., and .patterne. and of the 111011 t Kollte.ol. Colon.
wtll be sold at prices an low as May tan be purchased
for in any of the eastern citieu
Having the laden assortuient of the richest and
PLY and INGRAIN CARPETS which tar nurbanses
in quality and eheatinenaoreriee, any assortment ever
before Maned tends city. Ile also Invitee Steambom
Men and Coach Manufacturers to his Imp and well
sketed andonmentolYßlMM/NGEL end olhetwAki.•
- •
necessary in theifilastneu.
The undersigned is Cilia agent for tie only Stair Rod
Itanufaelory In Philadelphia, and is prepared to sell
lower than tau be purchased elsewhere an Ibis CilY.
-tiw Oooaitl ~w GooAi2l
Nets and Savanna Dra Good, for 1850
Wilms:nos and Retail Dealer m Britidt,
• • French, and American UHT GOODS, Markel
street., betmeen Third and Foarth, sign of the
Me lige s, bee Just commenced receiving
snit opening one of the most rich, splendid.
and eve cove Stocks of Sp rtng and Sommer Dry Goods
over offered for sale the Western cot:tatty. Ali of
these Imported Gintls arc
freak °petted; end received
per the tot eaten from Ftmtetit`and England; at
also limb Linens, Imported direct from Delimit, all
pass bleached, end rastunted the puro exude; these
Linens are all imponed by the subscriber, and are all
pore Oae yarn, warranted. Also,lrash Loire Damask
Table cloths, the eery beat manufacture; and Mall
Llnen Goode of all kiwis. imperted direct from Belfast
by the subacrtber, and mill be found Um real Erio-g ee
- - .
New style rich Turk Banns, all colors, rpleod4
Rohl.; blank Turk Patina, all prices, rich good%
Wank glace Silks, all colors, late importation: French
Kid (Duces, all colors. the beet imported, plaid black
Armorer, per last Prectelt steamer-, new style punted
Boreges, •ideinno goods. Moo, • superb nod lae
•ioek al wide black licassels Lace, for trinuniate, ladies'
dresses, very nett roods; plain Barrer% in all colors,
extremely law. bramstal goods; black Stilt Fringe. all
wt.ltlts and-prows, very cheap, French bussing, new
ri r ie., per .41 Fienclk ale•trketj plain black Oro De
Rhine, hich-laStre, suerb goal., black hgured fin
De Rhine limeade. nob goods; French and Foglish
Cashmeres, new style*. brauttral go ods , splendid
figured Swiss goods for ball dresses; nob embroidered
Swiss Malls for evening dies .sie: Saks. F.dglote and
liisenmg. the best itaported..Pllk Tissues in till colors
qualitica. new style, plata mid satin strip'd black
Darcitr-s, pnets, printed LaAlii, WWII, style. from
to O) cent. per yard Darege detains, new arnew
tor ladies , dresses yard,
large and superb stank of
pnew style sprit-a Bonnet Ribbon. the vary best im
ported, all new.
Carlton enpe Shawls, all enters, fresh Pram the Cus
tom {louse, Turk Senn Shawls, splendid goods, its all
c,11,11, per law steamer; beautiful changeable Oven
wit Shawls, fresh toponation , white embroidered
Canton Crape Shawls, superb goofs, green embroider
ed Canton Crape Shawls, spletolid gond.; Impui's
French made It labrodered Thlbet, finest importation;
Parts panted Cashmere Shawls, all prices and quail.
nes , summer Cravats and Scarfs In great va
riety; French worked Capes,Collars. and Cuffs, a large
A large 8.8.. t of
• DoNIFSTII' .511 Brnl'hh G(1.18:
50 hale • ido.leach..l 31u•htts, Iron, 5 to 10 cents per
Turd: 15 cit.,. ',leached Stu.lin., from 4 .0 181 cent.
aod I ..e• Linen., imported direct Irom
Itel'ast, II bales ricking, Iron. to 145 fell. per s•cd;
ease. blue Drinmai , ' 8 to Vie cents per yard; he.
a full a.sortment of Summer Ciotti, Alia,
Tweed., Batioen., and Kentucky Jeans;
5,0 cases dark Cal., feat colored from 3 lo 121 cents
per yard; 5 eases 11001 ik Bons! English l'rusts, beat
rasported; 5 hales Rosma and Scotch Drape's, extreme.
ly low. Also, llousekeeping Good. of all tied., very
cheap; 1 lode. 11... Creel, from tid to 12,1 ten. per
Yard; besides a large stock of Cheek and Shirting
lope. Also, Canton Flannels, .11 colors' and quali
ties, at low price., red, whtte, and yellow Flannels,
eery cheap; bleached •nd unbleached Drilling., full
assortment; 5 cases blue Merrimack Calicoe., ex
tremely low, black nod unbleached Table Diapers, all
prices; Bird!. eye Diapers, all priers and 'pralines,
'eery cheep; colored Canibnes, • full usortment,,
cheaper than ever, 3 bale* Burlaps, from to :3 eta
yard. Also,* arse stock of Cotton Table Diapers.
nners' Blurting—A (oil assortment, very cheap.
The largest andrOin . . epleuitide . tock . of Pennon
ever opened by any oar Ott in Panbergh, Is this
Jay 'evened, and are all of the newest French stale%
which, for nehmen and beauty, cannot be surpassed.
As we have a large lon of these Parasols, they will be
sold cheaper than any other noose In the city can af
ield to sell the mar quality of goods.
The Ladies are tespectnilly invited to examine nese
Parasols, Its they ev will find some of the richest and
newest styling er imported from Europe Theta
Parasols tun all of tee richest and most fashionable
colors, and are worthy of the atteettue of the ladies.
All of the above goals will 14 sold off at prices far
below ally bone in the city; and is order to prove
in,. net, tae public will please call and price these
goods, and compare them with any other house to the
city, sod be convinced of the above assenton.
The aubserilier would here sap to Ins numerous ells.
tomen and the public in general, that there are two
other bee hive Morn to menet etreet, pretending to
cope with the lhg Ilea line, what!, is alone the only
ertebrated and far lamed Dry Goode establishment in
Pittsburgh. The subeenber would therefore ear to alt
purchaser. of Or Deeds, either wholesale or rated,
that the Big Bee !five, on Market south between Third
and Fourth. co now opening the largest, Mellen, and
moat splendid stock of spring and summer Dry Goals
over °feted for macho Pittsburgh
NM Seer... soaio largest and most faskon
able stock of Bonnets ever opened In this city is Just
recetved at the sign of the Mg Ike Diva, on Martel
street, between Thud. and Fourth streets., where Dry
Goods or every description are selling than
any other botoe in the city. The public will Moue
take notice that there are two other bee hive stores on
Market street, who pretend to coopers with the Big
Ike Hive, between Third and Fourth streets, where
the public will find, at all times, the target and newest
styles of Dry Verde, fresh opened.
ID-Hese take notice, that the store Is between
Third and take
sign of the DIU DE:F.IIIV K,
where thy Goods of every description are selling
hen at any other house to the oily.
_ _
AA A. IDASON A CO., 60 Market street, between
. and Fourth, are now receiving a large as.
aorunszt of Barnes be Loins; Persian Cloths, an en.
the new article; Pallanioe Crape be Ulna, Re; with
a large assortment of Lawns and other Dress Goode,
of the latest styles Sod most fashionable colors.
COFFEF;-3O . bugs prime Rio and Java;
Csnoine-40 hes mnshi, dipped, and sperm;
Cussas-150bsa Cream and Englieh Dairy;
Coaos—VO do: Hemp and Manilla;
C•1111/—LO Malts;
Oboves—l barrel;
Crisktm—ko Al Common and half Spaniel;
Fond-181 brigand brig blaekeralAnd Salmon;
Obese—CA bre assormd sixes;
liens-11W Prime Venison;
Inetr Silent Hied'
luntoo,likillis 8 F and Manilla;
Ina—lf doe itartisans Black imd Copplac
lilokssin-23 brio N Orleans;
ball bids Sugar bloom;
Moms ri—°u doe assorted canisters;
sceekorO—An lb. Italian,
V lbs do
Natui—kno kiies assorted;
Piezmus—&,l,r i•ra msoned;
P4rll.- till barbel. halves;
Ps erds re Alll.l usiiorteil;
Taunt.-IUI Bin Bordeaux;
eO/IP-50 tag and Carl Steel;
P..11-1U MA, N Orleans and Clarified;
T.--fio packages Omen and Illack;
Trmcco-81 tax IS, 5, & I IL lumP;
%V•rtal llosAns-50 dos patent Zink;
For mac by J 1) WILLIAMS & CO
Corner of Filth WO Wood au.
will F URS! FURS! FURS! T The enbscrlben ray
for Coots, Mink, Alsuk Rod, (tray and Rod box,'
and all kinds of shipping Fars, the highest steam
prier& MetflollD & Cu,
feb29 corner Fifth and Wood at..
' Papr
ON. Hang —Will e ings
ttreceived, by first
Canal shipment a near •nd eholee atatortment of
Wall Payer, of the ' Incest French and Eastern styles,
In gold, ohamote, oak, plain and high eoldrs.
W. P. MARSHALL, (late 8. C. 11111,1.
01013 65 Wood street
y(III IS ttercL4 zttny h weet B.
Huw,lield W. Co., Id Ode d.y titteolved by mutual
eons.. Timbeton... of the old boa will be nettled by
8. U. Iltubbeld, at the old stand, No.INU Liberty morel,
l'utiburgb. 1.1 U. ouslivirLD,
tdeielt 11360. JOHN MetilLl...
continue the Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods and
Grocery bunions, at the old .and, No. Liberty nt,
under the Awn 0( B.U.UUBUFIRLDt CO.
_March I. Intl.—inert?
lIAV Ws day uancomedprith me, in the Whole.
.I. sale (tracery, Commission, and Formalities hub
neat, my two riot., R. N. and W. B. Wafter.. The
imams In Mare will be evedneted ender the style o
Si' 9 ' & bon., ni the old mod, No. 31 Wa
ive and 62 Front meet. L. R. WATSRALIA
now,' *ilk Ith IP&
Ennis as Vegeta es mei Diooooeo
Dr. XXtrset of Tallow Doe!
Bad Sarsaparilla.
Caro conaumption, scrofula, cryripclu, theumatarm,
gout, liver complaints, spinal affecions, alccrai
the i bl a d /dViin rlh,T.°Jytt , , no r
ropi humors, rock of blood to the bead, fever and
ague, female complaints, general debtlity, dy•pep.
rut, toss a appetite, headache, colds, fI7SIIVCI[III,
gnival, night own., cholic organic affection ,
pa !poem. of the heart, biks, pains In the aids,
chest, bark,
It is m ell; direases adults from an in:-
pare stain of hoc blood, or Irregalar action of the ay*
In the Vegetable Kingdom, an Albwiso Being ha
deposited plant. rind herb. congenial MOW constitu
tions, and adapted to he cure of disease; and to Me
vegetable kingdom does the reason of man, as well a
the instinct Of am at,, tarn for antidote. to pain. •
The Syrup la • scientific compound of the moat vat
liable plants innature, entirely free from deleterious
and enervating mineral submanees,iand a. it expel
diveme Iron! the system, imparts trigOr add arsenal/1g
An extraordinary cue of Scrofula, Erysipelas and 1.1
poundured; by die sole use of Dr. Cuyson's Com
Sylup, Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla_
BnuOlLTri, Nov. 17, ISIS
1.72. Cursors—Sin I lender my sulcere thanks for
the great . .vnefit I have derived from the use of your
valuable v;rup. 1 have - been troubled very bad veil
• sem/Woes sere, which made Its appearance ou m
chin. !did not guy mud, 'mention In It at Gni, sup
posing II to be netting hut an erupnon that appear
on personbifer • finally begun,. increase, until
spread to di , Ark part of the heed. I applied to a
physician, who attended me all to no Pantos , I b.-14
tried eVery.ilaing that could be lased. I SaW your Syr
up of Yellow Dock end Sainaparills, and concluded
to use it, tor I knew that Yellow D.k was one of the
most valuable articles In the world for the blood. /
bought your Syrup, and nom the use of a. Lat., I
could *convent c hange In my system. 1 continued
to nee it until 1 w well men. 1 now feel Die •
new person; my Idea ee l a
is perfectly cleansed and Deo
from all trope num There in not a question but the
your newly discovered compound is far superior
any .r.parfllu syrup ewer sold.
This celdifieme is at your disposal to publish if you
like, and any one you may refer to ode. 1 atiall be hap
p) to give Ahem all the information 1 eau about my
ease, /ko. 1 remain your obedient tor - ward,
Gummi O. Joimson,
113 Market attest.
Thor best female medicine known. The Extract of
Yellow Dock and Samaparilla re a porltive, speedy,
and permanent • cure roe all eokriplahas Incident t
Its mild, alterative oroperties mnder it peculiarly
applicable to the slender and delicate constitution of
the i f
It is uarisalled in ins elect* upon such
diseases as incipient consumpnon, barrenness, len -
corrhond, or whites. irregular menstmation. Inconti
nence of tinny, and g mural prostration of the system.
It immediately ennmeract• that distressing nervous
Items lm nd a lassitude to common to the female (ro o ts,
and parts an energy and buoyancy se snryinsln as
they are gratefuL We have evidence on file which
induces us strongly to recommend' this meshed= to
married people who have not been bleared with oft
Paocomo Unit, or Falling of the Womb, of fly
"landing, eared by Or. Dupe:des Extract°.
Yellow Dock and Ilureaparilla, after every other
known 'remedy had been tried without relict.
- - • • •••• .
This eellifi. that my wife, aged 27 years, has
been suffering under the above complaint for firs
years—nearly ell of that time confined to hoe bed. I
have for (oar years constantly employed the best teed
cat talent that could be procuced in that seellon of lb.
country, without any benefit whatever. I have also
purchased every instrument recommended for th
cure "roach disease all of which proved worthless.
In the spring of I SO,
O, I was induced by my friend
to try Ilr. Guysott's Yellow Doek and Sarsaparilla
which was sired for that months. After stie had .0. 1
if for about four weeks, it swam, evident to all th at sh
wss improving, and from this time she improved rap
idly, sad gained flesh and strength, until the dme,
was entirely removed, and We now enjoying tees
excellent health. AtoNFORT.
. . .
'We bolos neighbors or Wm. and Jelin Monfort.
know ti t the above statement, as to the eicknene tri
Mts. Monfort, and sate care being elected by
trisysoll'i Yellow Dock and Sampatilla, to be strictly
SARAH rolArraw;
Great Cars of Consumption.
Ila.ncroa, January 2.184 f.
Mr. Bennett—Dear Sir: The great benefit "'bleb I
have derrved from your Extract of Yellow Doerr and
Sarsaparilla,rednees me, so an act °fit:Lance, to make
the following stmentrart
After immune for two year-arrow general debility
which finally terminated in ponsampuon,l was given
op by my fnends and, phys icians as beyond the aid of
medicine. An a last resort, I won Induced to try
cour Extract, and Laming fused but two bottles, ao l
ordnig go your dircetions, I am entirely arclL
would thereto:sml earnestly recommend pour imenna/.
led Computed to the Wined who desire a powerful
picnic. And safe remedy. Gratefully your friend,
Nene hemline onleta put up in large eqoare bottles,
containinglo6ll. and the name or the eiTrup blown
in the glass with the written•itenture 0. ben
nett on dr initiode wrapper. Price SI per bottle, on
•IJ 110.11,1 ler S 3
It is sold by J. D Park, comer of Fourth and Wal
ma sweets, Cominnau, Ohio, General Agent for the
South and Wmt, to whom all orders roast be address
Caner A Bra , Erie, W. P. .Tridson & Co., Water
ford; Olin & Clemons, Crowangrille; Abel Turret'
Montrose; Hiram Mir, Towanda; Robert Roy, NVellw
bore; L.:Roder k. Callensbars; 1.. Wileoz,Jr.. Pitts
bergh, rimier o Market street and the Diamond.
Q. b.I..C.RIIS' VA. I ELY MEDICIPiTney are the
k.., medicines of the day."
Graham Station, Ohio, May US, 1849.
R. E Sellers—l think n right i for the benefitof others,
to state come Ise. Oa relation to your excetrent Fa
mily Medicines.
I Lure used your Vermithge largely in ray own
family, one vial frequently expelling large quenodee
(ray Ital to tAIO worms) from two children. I have
flan used) our Llver rills and Cough tfyrnp in my
amily, 'and they eve, In every [mance, ptoduced
the arch desired.
As I ton engaged In merehandi•me, I am ebb in
mite, that I have yet to boor al the hint !soave
your medietnes have been used in nay uteitnn of the
eituntry. In 9 n, 1 mu) . nalr Mel th ey are the
tinollentes of the day, and ate destmed Mote a Very
eneltuya popularity. Yours, restiertfully,
Prepared and sold by R. F.. SELLERS, N 073 Wood
nivel, and sold by ldruggtsts generally in the two
sides and voeinity. ley
SitiLLLltto FAMILY fotrolliClNEXs- - Tbsy are las
Mechemco in the day..
ii. 11•114 oynnote, Ohio, May Ks, 1849.
R. F.. Sellers: I think it right fordo. benefit of ahem
to stale come facts on relation to yes/ excellent Fll.Bli
ly Nledociriss.
I have usad
y , sr Venallttge largely In lay own I on
ily, one slat fre,3ently •nssoenng for expellongl 4e
glutinous. Nosy Ito Woo) worms from two childtaa I
have alson seed your Liver Pills and though Syrup on
my faonilto, and they have in every instance produced
the elect desired.
As I am Angeged In merohaadlnno, I am able ID
mate Maul tome yet to hear of the first failure where
your madtetnes have been used In my section of the
country. lie eoneluston, I may state that they ore Ms
medminea of the day, and are destined to have ••very
Immature pspulanty Yours, reawertußy,
sa . 11. PIONS=
Prepared and sold by IL • P. I 1413,1V0 :57 Witted
auto, and sold by Drags. • generally in the two ci
ties and vicinity.
C CRCUVCI - COM • LAI - NZ bib - .
LI original, only true, and genelne Liver put.
Sonar darn, Ohio county, Va. /
March 26th, 1E149.
Mr. R. E. Sellers: Dear. Sir—l think it a duty I ow,
to you and to the public r: nen ly, to mate that I have
been afkictell with the Liver Complaint for a long
unto, and no badly that an &bees. formed and broke,
which left we in • very low sta.. Having heard of
your celebrated Liver Pills being for se by A It
Sharp ' tn Went liberty, and recommended to me by
my phygleien, Dr. E. Smith, I concluded to gtve them
a fair mat. - I purchased one bog, and found them to
've just what they are recommended, THE BEST LI
VES PILL EVER USED; and after Inking four boxes
find the disease has entirely left one, and I am now
perfecUy poll. Respemfally yours,
West Liberty, March SS, le4o.
I certify that I mu personally acquainted with M
Coleco O , and can bear testimony to the Math pt th
nurse ectillicme. A II SHARP
. .
Tao 'leonine I..Wer Pfl ant propved and told by
RE 1 LLERS, No 57 Wood street, and by dingests
In too •svo does.
. .
TO TIIE PUBLIC.—The original, only tree and gen
uine Liver Pills are prepared bp ESellers, and.have
hi. name matured in black wax upon the ltd of each
lox, and hi. rignaiare on the outride wrapper—all
Other. are COLlOlerrel., or base incitatione.
KOS R E SELLERS, Proprietor
WitTarg/11113 I ts—GIIEAPER IRAN kIyER
V V Just mold, sll MVO., of fall Jewelled paten
yr, Watches, RI carets tine caws, which I can sell as
low as thirty and stony Bee dolts., and warranted to
her goad tne.
Alto—ti splendid assortment of JEWELRY, cook
prising the carbollll and latest styles, and best patterns
W. W. WILSoId, Watchmaker sod Jeweler,
Price ltaducisol.
FVIIB SUBSCRIBEItto. will sell Maspoott's best
..10 quality Ind high test Glass mid Sewn Platten ,
Zscogil Ash, 'marooned superior to any otter brand to
3 by the quantity of G inns or unworn. for eutreney or
sprit owed Notes, at four months, oral for • less qua.
tots. W & 111 hiITCHELTREIs,
lea Liberty sum.
HERSKY, CLEPOLNG A Cu, having arranged to
give their room attention to the sale of do mestic
Woolen nerd Cotton Goods, now offer their large
stoek of TaLlors"Founirongs, Vesting. Frenah sod
German Clo th s, Doeslunr,MassimereVie. at best emit.
119 Wood to
0.0113' brand, a aupersor article, for sale b y
\YAM 111111111/I TREK
s7SCASIO; hlsispratt's rtoda Ash, and earl.
!Unlashing Paseder,arrored per .hlp Walbridge,
and now coating on by calm], far sale by
N.H.—They will receive, dunng m. winter, Inn
el-1,m1... an. Now ".•••••
, _
lint reel', an eirgaut plot. lioaervood oct. Piano
t/ from the celebrated manufactory of Nun. IL
Clark, N. V., of supertor lane, and very moderato price.
For male by . 11.1CLEDEII, •
detu' ar J. W. Woodwel2l.
for removing Tartar, Scurvy, Canker and all
substances destruerthe to the Teeth. It is delicious to
the taste, cleansing the mouth, beating and strengthen.
tog the gams, and ponfying the breath.
For *slo t rotholesale and retail by
dedo R R BELLY:RS.S7 Wood at
0 OfoUr R s o F o L OnoU D—tO l D ab
a m itable
& r
ROE__ ;
AHII 011ie- YU - 6h rt.IiMTeTC - 4 - , 1 (Of nil" bY
pWA — SiI —SO es.lts (or stle 101•,to 001.1 C 0.11.140.
mem, by by 1I JAMES DALZEI
4 .
Cantle A.Clii-211 jom rtcelved for sale Gj
k , lrl J KIDD& CO
IDEESE—MI Am, .r;iihic, reed .. er Bidarrir.
(or . 610
....,by lic26] JA tES DALZELL
J RIRE BCK—MAO hi sod for tole by
13 jail
liiiliart;7t: — FifsTC - rrfotti,
Mr tall extra tio, rro'd on roottllfbsar
awl for malts by De%) PAW 11880811 C H
T.JAHD-5U togs No 1 rejEttit by
and for sale
erroved .I.lB—XXlThia assorted .11.0 • 1
ir2O r P & W lIARDAUGI
-iR Palma article
Mora andfor sale 14
OULDIiIIS—W nuke for role by
12CPAr . : 1 17 , eg 071,* rod Tora i r=d 2, 7 , 4
THE Parthership heretofore exlstlthebetween the
vabseribers, under toe floe of Hartridge, Wilt=
4. Co., was tine day dissolved beatall. Antall. consent.
The busbies* of the firm will be settled by .L W. 0 . , "
bridge, or Wm, Wilson, Jr. ' either of whom Is author
-`d to to a. the oat. of the Erre le lie blab° .
WM. WlLitiON s ir.,
July I, IPso.—iy4
JAS. W. BatbriLige & Boni. F. Inchritm have this
day associated themselves under MI !innor Bar
b ridge & tram, to transact a Wholesale Grocery
—...acConolosuloo 13ussuess,latite house lately
.camel by klusbrolun, Wilson & Co, 116 Water st.
Pittsburgh, July I, 18.91.—iy4
?TIRE subscribe. have th is day formed a co-partner
.l. ship order the firm of W a F Wllsein, for the pot
.w of onnsieting the Wholesale Grocery and Com- ,
pausion noisiness, nt No WI Wood street.
Wfd. WILSuN, Jr.
Pittsbuigh. I, 1830—jya FRANK. WILSON
Moledoon Plano with two stithior Reeds
UST received at the W
an of the Golden &Imp, one
Jmoot - lot 5 octave f,lelodeon Ptano,with two was
pf Weds, the latest improvement. The above is
probably the Knew toned instrument ever odered for
ale here, with a nights blushed and elegant exterior,
for sale hy KI.EBER
FOLlPartifiKtPEL—ioo nos sno tX4Die paper I OVI;
t 4/ do do uo
50 do do , do 2003:
110 do news printing, 21037;
IGO do do do 0.1.124
Go do do , do Leilegt;
12 0 do do do Weld
:0 do Rlue FRlvolope, ROCA
w r Al
do do 2 0 .25:
o do do,
60U o assorted Impping 00-
pont. in Hon, for ule by i JOHN .11 MH14.01/
lett 0I Wood la
Economy in Teas
ECHDEDLY the cheapest and best place In
burgh to buy Tea is at the Ton Market, east mac
01 the Dtamond. They sell
Excellent Tan at -g0 n
50 par lb
Solicitor Qualities.- • • • • v 0 75
'lle very up
Low priced, damaged, or Inferior Tao are not kept
at this establishment, therefore, whether you go youth
sell or send a child, you WO sore to obtain a gams
article, and If the damn of the Tea is nottapproved,
they readily exchange it or return the money.
lyle 010/110/0 & HAWORTH, Proprietor..
SUNDRIES -40 bra extra Cream Cheese;
10 Itf brie No 301aekeeeli
I 5
k bids sP
do egs do ;
10 his Salerains, .
09 has Mould Candles •
20 tins No 1 Starch;
2$ doz patent Zinc Washboards;
25 Id chest. superior Oran Tens
40oaddy hos do j„
1U hf chests superior Black Tedt6
too DalLeldlo extra
For rale by J D WILLIAMS & CO
1015 Cor Wood & Filth als.
Clll./COLATE—lNFrrTsh — ChoTtolita.
tart received, and for sato b A
Johnson—American Farmer's Ennyelopuidla, Beo
Emerson—Trees and littrabs, boo ,
Brown—Trees of America, Inn
Thomas—Americas Fruit Calturist„lgme
11oy—A (hide tor the Orchard, Item
Daist—Family Kitchen Gardener, Mao
Miner—The American Bee Keeper,l2lno
Brown—The Amnia. Poehry Yard, Limo
Marshall—The Farmer rod Emigrant's Band Book
Allen—The American Farm Dook,"l3ne
Doming—Emit atut Frail Trees organelle& limo
Yountt—The Horse, 800
Bennet—Thoyoultry Yard, ltrto
For see by .. JAAIM B -LOCKWOOD
104 Fourth at
AmiiiiCiassTsurstal or Salaams and Arts.
CIONDUCTED by Prot D. Billlzonn, Prof. D. fli
II,„r uto, Jr and James D. Dana, New Doren, Con.
nectieuL 'ills Journal Is lamed every two months,
in numbers of 133 pages each. malting two octave
volumes a year, each with many ilipstratlons. It Is
devoted U. onginal ar ti cle. on Science and the Are,
Condensed Review, or Abstracts or Memoirs and
Discoveries from Foriegn Periodieslit, Notice of New
Publications, sod . General Dulletittof recent Helen.
like W orlis. The first series contains 60 volumes,the
last of which is a general Index to the 19 volumes
preceding. thibscrnition,ll3 arear;irs advance.
D hill for Proprietors,
104 Poona st
Good ne101“ for Smamer'llaullag.
Drown—Tarkish Evening Entenairunenty 111 mo.
Taylor—Eldorado, 2 vole, IMrm
Colman—European Lire mid Manners, 2 rola, Una.
Dieter—Domby and Son, 2 vole, 12220.
Mankay—ropolor Delusions, 9 • Ma, I.2mm
Marvel—Fresh Cleanings, Ithno.
C G. 11 —Norman Leann, 12mo.
thaw—Enalian Literatnro,Mna '
Prior—Coldsonnh's 91/scellameond.Workr, 4 rola.
M.yc—,{shah, 10. mo.
Ta)lor—Vtewa Moot, 12mo.
Ibmanoldt—Connor, 2 roia, rirno.
For rola by iAB D LOCKWOOD
le9a 104 Fourth m
Moo aaaaa 1 LltarattateT —
Mom—Perfumery as Use and klanuracture. lama
stalln— Ph;luanphy of Nature. Wino.
Chitow—Aphoilsme and Bearellivna 12mo.
sbasr—Enalllsh Lactuture. lamo.
Dams—Le Ithno.
Ilryant—What I saw In California.
St. Piette—Paul and Virginia_ 2 ro ts , 12mo.
Aleolt—Letup to Young men. 12m0.:
Bumays—Rectinle of Haman Maur. ; Moo.
Vermont—Modem French Literalist.
Newobam—Human Magnetism.
Humboldt—Aspects co Nature.
fe9 101 Fourth at
restarts Nag ittletoptaa Blallodtee.
WINE to Run all Night; Dolly Day;
Dotcy Jones; Go dotwn to de Calton Field;
Nell) WAS • Lad), An.
A 1430:
De Kind to the Loved (Inca al Horne;
Row tby boat lightly; Love, by T. Hood;
Our way across the ova, duett;
A new medley song, by H. corer.;
Jenny Gray, lanais by Mulls.
Joys that acre crowning, WeddingUtlareh;
God bless the hardy marine; Selllayllkilli Walla;
Conserllpfs Uepartare, by W Giuker:
&mode from floor; Waimea. Stelellimarkische CO;
Last Rose of Summer, easy vat:talons Item '
United States Polk. Indies. Souvenir Polka;
Coro Cracker Quadrille; Loutavtlip Quadrille;
Beauties of Baty; WM. Trios, &v.
A large assortment of New Music 'on bead. to which
additions ate made weekly. For Mi. by
abaft J. 11. hIF.LLUEL St Wood at.:
Cheap Standard Illittory.
tubing 67 Hope, k Dnre, id A vols. cloth and
paper. at 40 cents per vol. Three vols received, and
for sale by It HOPKINS,
•pl 7 78 Apollo Builmayoorth at.
REDBURNI Ilia rust Voyage, by ilerm.diel tail le
author ol , Typee," 4:enc.,. ice.
Illsmry of King Alfred of England,by Jacob Abbott
with fine engraving.
Sidonia the Sarno: mug by Wni.fileinbold.
mrtl comer, Third anti.blarkei cream
"Una ord. Mtn itemstriabls Works oral, Age. °
of a visit to the Chuldiran Christians of rAurdio.
tan, and the 'Verdian, or DevilAVanhippers; cod an
Inquiry into the Manners and Arts of the Ancient As.
Dy Austen Henry Las,ard, Esq., D. C. L.
With Introductory Note by Prof. E. Robinson, D. D.
LL. D, Illustrated with I 3 plates and maps, and 90
wood not,. cloth, 114,5 D .
"The book ban a rare amount of graphic, vivid,pio
ntresque narrative."—Tnbune. •
"The work of Leman is the most prominent contd.
bation to the study of antiquity, that htin appeared for
manears."—Chriw. In
"N y ot y one excels in inte rest the account of Nineveh
and its Roles, given by gr. Layard,n—Wniddngton
"As eve follow the diggers with breathless Duareiti
In their excavations, and soddenly find ourselves net
10113 a massive figure carved with minute %errancy;
row Its gigantic bead from the darn of 3000 i
AnG+,'%VaLLab, it is wonderful, Dot 141. tend' "—InJ
depends :je t by JAMES D.1.0E/MOOD,
novl6 63 Word at
• .1
rilDr. WOMEN of the Old and New Testament
Edited by KB. Spragne, D. D. 1 :vol. Imp. alai.,
elegantly bound; IS exquisitely finished engraving.;
with demnptions by celebrated Arneridan Clergymen.
POEMS BY AhIELTA, (Mrs. Welby,af Ky.,) a new
'and enlarged edition; illustrated by enpravings from
original dealg. by Wier. 1 vol. puart tivu., elegant
ly bound and gilt Also—A variety of Splendid Anna•
Cs and Gift Books.
um of Calpttlerth Stdpwright., AVheellatighw, Saw
yers, Lumbermen, Students : , and Anisanh generally:
being a thorough and practical Twante. on Mensura
tion and the Sliding Rule. By D. N. Roper, A. N.
Boise'. Treattso on Greek Prose Comma:llea
011endontr. Elementary French Grammar. By Prof.
Greene, of Brown Univer.ity. I vol. tabu.
Itombger's Gesentual Hebrew Grammaf, by Commit.
Gewmus' Uebrow Lexicon.
The Enghnhtuan'e Greek; 1 •
Annhon'e Clusaield
Wangler', Dictionary, revised a. 1 vol. 800.
do do unabridged. I VoL 4to.
Bann'. Note. and Queationa on New Tenement.
Whamly's Logic.
hloaheim'a Enolosiaancal History. 7 Vols. and 2
ml.. tabeep.)
Vestige* of Creation. I vol. 12mo.
hiommti , among rho Jaunts at Home. I eel. (cloth
d paper.)
Scenes 'ahem the Templar has Trlamphed. I bI
cloth and paper.)
Bogue'. TbeologielLecturca I coljno.(clotiti
Alder's rronouncio
Boyers French Dictionary.
Satan'. Ilorncc. For ..le by R
nowl3 onh 11
Chideo—rrimw, •
JA/1113V LOCKWOOD, Hook who! lira Importer,
VP N 0.83 Wood garret, ha. fOrf.ale a few copies con,
oleic, trbe remainder of the cdltiono f Was yoltlobw
work. devoted to the Yrr.ervatiou or Docuodenw, find
Other aulhenuc oiforourtion relating to the early ex.
rlorations,settlement and haprovemenf of the country
around the head of the Ohio. Dy Neville D. Cong
Keg.. or l'ittsburgh,l CO vol.. Soo.
novln .1. D. LOCKWOOD
ROMAN OMALDIRRTY: A Mao"), anti , a mnw of the
Liberty of other Ancient Nation. ur Sonnet
kba.ll, Erg. Illostrated nth twelve 'et Smsungs, con
noted or Rome. 2 rots, nen, !oilcan with rreseett's
ilialorteol Wort.
Jun p J blished and for sale by
AZIM D. LOCKWOOD, Bookueller and
novlo kimono. 42 Wood at
• • -
Tp/CE.4I -- L - 1 RqNITItia,Y;
r Irma note. AIRS. FANNY litthitiLVS YEAR
''The reading . of this book has impranted or with
mach higher opunon of its author thathare hat/Conine
from perusing her other turnings. It duiplaya o denini
mne of thonlOth united to more pure sealant) , grace on
toeing than any other production or the female mind
wok which we are acquainted."—E an Mirror. • .
`tilts a very agreeable and readable book, OVAittillth
Fanny Kemble's ken style—bold, spirited and enter.
inning. We recommend it to our resider. no the bee .
publication of the reason "—Rending Ives
-It rennin/. the Journal of a travel through Europe
and randeneg to Italy; and is one of tho pleasant.
sod roost intetesdng books of the seastm.a—Cour.tou
"A very characterittie beet. We hive read it fro
title page to Colophon with. unabated interest. Ain
yid picture of les la Bosun la all rerperta eroinean
readable."—ko' Iskerbookok
novlli .
Bookseller Irationon w oad or a,
Ribbons malt P10w...
301 BOXES Siiperter llomenlawns, Also Jul
dn. Flowata, of all Ote 1a5...4 faaluoo.
able 07114, rsol Oda day al
AI • • til•PoN &co
Oaak•r•, &t, likose• Ureter
•00- 1 , 511 .VEg
COLLFZZIONS.,-Dtafts, Notes and Acceptances
able any pnrt i of the Union. colleated on the most
favorable terms.
EXv.LANGKon Near York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore., Jan, Cinetrinan, Loaisville, Smut Lams and
Near Orleans, constantly for sale.
BANK NBYPMNotc* on all solvent banks la tha
Cnited Ertatendlacounted at tea Inwert rainy. All Mods
of Foreign sari Anierleari Cold mid Silver Coin boagbt
and cold. •
Office No. 33 Market street, between 3d and 4th
Pittaburab, PA: ocr.A
VORZION in:dirk* u.
BILLS on Ensiwit,lrelmil, wd throuand bought
any mourn at the Carrera Rates or Exchange.
Also, Drafts parable in any part of the Old Coop 1",,
ftotn.ll to ARM, at the rate or Ss to the di Sterling.
without deduction or dsconnt, by JCSAIIVA
SON, ntropew and Gwent lige.% *thee sth,. one
door ens of wood. octleS
131.1111•1111.2 ams
Forsignatod Dociastic Bills of Bitchange, tar.
at. of Deposita, Bank Nowa, and (hint, corner of
3.1 and Wood streets, directly oppouta Bt. Charles Ito-
immrsaras rorDs-, .
vir, Ohio,
• Almond,
Hand Notag
pareliasad at the lout nun, by
sayl3 M. Market alma;
-1%11.141101a, and I
Constantly Sir sale by N. HOLUM & SONS.
anal] =Market at
noun's & new - oUrn,
It v m er ja, ll , 6 El t ri ' s je L lf E th r e l bTaVPlielY tn f,
now offering at the very lowest &lees for earn,
Reclined Whiskey, Gin and Dorrientt, Brandy; sloe,
French Brandy, Holland Gin, Jamaida Sp err Lon.
dors Gin, Truk I.Vatikry, ee. Port, Sherry, fia
dera, ChswOrgoe, Claret, Muer ntell,Nalega, T,•no.
mire and Liston Wines Wboleealeld
nRINTINGPAPER.-Alway. on hand °ramie to
order, tho vadat. tires of Printing Paper Rag
Wrapping Paper; Crown,Medlum, and Maeda Crown
tires Straw Wrapping Paaer, Crown, Medium, and
Double Crol•n rota thgeo raper, Pasteboard, &o. &a
• W P MARSHALL, 113 Wood sr,
marl 7 ARM for Clinton Mill..
'OM WATT & CO. bees rsmove • their stock of
Crotonks to the opposite able or bony st.
yKOMAN IN AMERICA—Her wak m and her ra
ward. By Maria 1 Mclntoahota or oLuCharro,
antercharms,^ "To seem and to I vol Moo.
Lauer Day iYamphleis, No present time.
By Thomas Chrlysle.
Csausaati--Pdemoirs of Late and Writings orThes.
Chalmers, D (D., L. 1. D. Preleettons. Dauer's
Analogy, Paler. Evidnt 21 Christisnity, sod I.llll's
Lecture on Divinity, w i th two Introductory Lotter.
mid four Addresses delivered In the New Cong.,
Edinburgh, by Thospas Chalmers, D. D. L. L. D.
vol Ituo.
Camtax—Life-offoho Calvin, compiled from mutton
its winces, and particidarly from has cormspondences.
By Thomas ll. Dyer, with portrait. I oil 12mo.
For sale by R HOPKINS.
apt'? • 70 Apollitlntildinga, Founb
Gambill Combat
Oa GROSS super Coln; 10 do do very Ana;
.41.. 00" Redding;
12 ", super English flora Rattling;
" " Pocket Combs;
' 000 " Woad "
1000 dol amid Vine Ivory;
30 Shelf Side Comb.;
10.`" simper largo Buffril%
Okrosis imied Side Comb.; ryo'd and for sale by
lebs - • 0 YEAGER, CM blarket
Buff llollandt Duff Holland!
TAKE NOTICE—That W. McClintock has this day
received several ewes of the finest and beat Ind
'Window Holland, to which he woald moat respectfully
call the 111{.11.i00 of his customers and the goblin in
•generaL •
Jp—Carpet Ware Rooms. 75 Fourth at. Janal
AFEW very fine GUITARS, Ina reed from the
celebrated mannfactory or G. F. Martin, and tot
sale by :anS J.ILMELLtIR, el Wood st.
THE Completo Works of Jahn Banyan; 9 Tots, Pro,
In I rot, illcaustedi muslin Kill and Il civil.
Mitchell's Biblical and Sabbath School Geography;
s new work; 1 vol,l2rno.
Town's Analysts and Speller.
lac of John Q. Adont; by Wm. 11. Seward; I col,
Poems by Mrs. Romans; I col, Mao; marlin; Kilt.
Forth's Sernions—Serniens preached upon several
vocasions, by Ruben Rooth, 1). 1.1.; a new edition, 4
le: including Posthronoto Disconme.
Same—A vols. In it, sheep, extra; Bro.
For sale by R. HOPKINS,
' iebM Apollo thilltlingp Foarth st.
IMO Slollooeolll
rah; underaligned,.ccesson to Arthan a Nichol
non, beg leave to inform the nit/tens of Pauslntrich
and public generally, that they have rebuilt the EA
GLE FOUNDRY and nre now In full operation, and
have part of their patterns ready for the noir l,e—
Amongst which an Cooking Plover, Coal and Wood
Stoves, with a splendid air-tight Coal Stone, which m
now sapetteding In other clues the common round
Stove. Also,a chomp coal Cooking Storey well adap
ted for small families, with a full assortment of coin
mon and mantel Grates We would particularly in
vite the attention of persons building to call at our
warehonse berate purchastng, and ex ami ne a spletubd
article of enammelled Grates, firdahed In fine style—
entirely new in this market.
Warehouse, No. let liberty at, oppoaite Wood at,
fl TEASER Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
mgn of the Gilt Comb, UM Market st Pittabarsh, Pa.
Wevtwis Merchant!, Pellars, and others runner
Pittsburgh to purchase Goods, age revectfelly invited
to call and eramme the extensive assortment of king
bolt, American, Prench and German Palley Goode.
All Foreign Goods at this establishment are import
ed direct by myself, and purchasers may rely on get
ting goods from first hands. I have the largestnesort•
mem of articles, in that variety line, in the ,t>: of
Ptitsburgh,sill of which will he sold low for cosh or
Oily acceptances. The:Stock comet,, in part, or
Lace Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Riblrons.
Bilk Cravat., Shoe sad Patent Threads, Sewing Silk,
Spool Cotton , Tapes, Suspenders, Butionr, Pros, Nee
dles and Cutlery.
Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Jewelry, all kinda of
[hushes, eoliths and Bunn
Percussion Caps, Revolvers, Pistols, Clocks, Silk .t
Cotton Pugsektipectaelcs, Fleet Pons, Mu.. Rotes,
Carpet Bags and Baskets.
Bindings, Findings and Trimmings.
ty of F
ituey and F an nc d Stapl od e DENay Gos; [oj-et herGOODS. witb a large varie
. C. YEAGER in also men for the celebrated L..
caster Combs. novl7
Great Essiglists Hammen',
FOR Coughs, Co 'Asthma and Connimptiont The
GRFAT AND ONLY REMEDY for the ceet of this
above • diaeases. is the lIUNUARIAN BALSAM OF
LIFE, discovered hyrile alebratcd Di. Mich., of
London, England . , and introduced into We United States
ander the immediate suPerinler.denee of the ipereutor.
• The extraonlinary_ success of this medicine, in the
an of Pulmonary discues, warrants the American
Agent In soliciting for treatment the warm possible ca.
sea that can be found. the CoMailianity—eases that seek
relief in Vain from any of the common recrtedies or no.
day, and have been giten op by the mai dMonginstied
physicians so confirmed and mcorable. The Bunged
an Balsam has eured,and will puns, the moat deaperam
of case.. •It is no quack nostrum, bat a standard Eng
lish meditlitc, of known and estaidished efficacy.
Every fatally in the United tams should be supplied
with Buchan , s Herigarian Balsam of Life, not only to
eOuntcrael the .rt•nnaptire tendencies of the anima,
be. to be need aria preventive me... Mine to all eases of
nob* coughs spitting blood. Una in the side and
chest, irritation and soreness of We tangs, brachia,
difficulty of breating, hectic. fever, night sweats, emaci
ation and gencial debility, asthma, intlaenza, whooping
sough and croup.
Sold in large lionise, at PI per bolds, with fate atm.-
UOns for the restoration of health.
Pamphlets, ea:Gaining a mass of English and Acted•
can eertifielms, and other evidence, showing the 111.
Squalled merits of thls great Ehtg!itch Remedy, may be
attuned of Um figr....15 - 7mi...!.F•
For sale by It A FAlifiLlifTtfuK & Co., corner o
at and Wood and Wood and 6th sm. tathlftwS
NOTtiLle Lai In
March 27,19.47.
M e . LE. seens--I t i jostice to you and your 111C0111.
parable Cough Synth, I beg leave to slam, for the ben
efit of the community, that my wife has been several
times inteted with a most &amnion rough. I pur
chased, Le /tottery last' a bottle of year Syrup, arbuch
cured a Coon of two months' smutting. About one
month slece, the cough returned, one. was so severe
that the could bonny move from weakness in the
breast; I mot fee.otte battle or your Cough Syrup, and
• part of one bottle cored the cough I gave the other
to a journeyman who was severelyatllmtcd, who hod,
to use his own words, ' Palen enough cough candy to
cone all .the people to Pittsburgh,. of the candy had
bent as good as represented.
Yours, respectfelly, Armed B. Knn'tb.
Prepared and told by FL E. SELLERS, 37 Wont
Street, and sold by Droggisu genrally to the two
Dole &IF
AND eminlrr ivneiatuom.
1 J. A. INIUWN sr eald respert
fullrinform the public, that he
keeps an baud KIM, stand on the
west side of the (haniond, Alle
gheny thy, a complete assort
meat °fit/chit/an Winds; also Ve
nition !Athers are made to or
der in the hem style, warraoted
MIMI In any !tithe United Metes.
Ills Unitas can be removed with
out the aid of a Percar driver . .
'fleeing, purchased the
labia, arid wood of the fabmet e..
"oMtient altar:may ft Arljkl-
IRIld, I MM moored to throb
OMir o:d zunlnaer., as well as
the poblie. 11l taiga with or)) thing to their lon.
Agency, No to Wood a tree 1., [ Plusburgh.
~,,h , *
I i 1,17
Do., to Wore, to ; /VW ..
I.O — RIDE LINE -G casks. ta
1617 1111 DO k CO
URIED OP.EF-1000 lbs .ug.. -
Ganef ablate, for .:* by
•bl anzi.I.V.UP k NICAII S.
1 717C14.4 4, -2 1 . 4 bee
ail •,rey, fai;l;b;
(01 '4 7: . s-
b Jc. ‘V /1/1 RUA Ufe 11.
' Ityl-7/35 doser.e.lEtj7l. e by
/ jell A ktaisT iiseNu & CROZER
1111 l VENIEIJA.II-10 brie sa lame, lar sale by
' - gs.l3Z:irimb. Kesel by Y - i - Int No 2, , Or eel.. n
IC ECEPirD.--fau ket of 9 trial 3ply Ueda
eJ lithe, for File Enyme paryinsesi nkurnnted to Le
tithal to loather in every - tetheet. The Ere deport.
ris ate invited to tilt and examine them at Me
India Rubber ikpol, Mos. 7 k Wood UM..
tell J a II PIIII,LIP6
LARD—Si bits NI lotos• landing, and for sale 47
j e t§ Waier k Front its
OUIMVILLe. Lltdi=7s brig snore fat sale by
ila t 7
U reterred for
ea .2•12 ree'd far ral
!VW 11611BCAUlill
OLp saiV,Olvit %PIM g
0 Nii4
I. we by
.1 MOD& CO