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mita Itlonue Compart7..SPlT their tlinits
with Hoofing and Floating in Meets 3x7fmt,froot
It to 92 MOON per equarothat. Con - gaud ltt
Sx7, 0
T, for fella heldings and-depots.
Ship Sheathing, II x 49 mehes, (too, 24 u 13.3 mama.
Nail., pothecopire, SOM Molds, Perforated Zinc,
roe Palat, to.
' They minus their Waal pore, and fres from wry
admixture of Iron, or any other mibelanee, and re.
commend It for the nammfatture of most ankles in
the ho t the famishing Lae as it does not ran, Lt - not
olioa hr 1114 MOOD of Lae,
VIA MT be Pdliesed,
painted and I.Oattemi.
Samples, models, and
specification., and other
_information may be had of their +mum . --
APCrag & Eilo3o, New York;
ATIOO.II. H 0.... . & Co.. Boston;
Nora. Timms. & Co., Philadelphia: •
W. & 11. Kant, Baltimore::
Suns, Dar & SrsarM, Nrw Orleans:
P. MICLIROUX, Itesidenenifent,
Liege, May I. 9 Ilimater st., New York.
!Award A. Oodfr•yi
16 SoietA Ca/evet u., rum Baltimore so., Baltimore,
(Late lE. Godfrey &Nona, N.
TM PORTER of Shoo Findings,and Dealerlo Leather,
Aof various kinds: English and French Kid Skins,
French Calf Skins, Patent Leather, Morocco, red,
wtate, and pink roans,linings, Lasting a, Franca*
Shoe Knives. Awl Blades, Shoe THREAD, Blued
Tacks, Shoe Nails and Shoe PEGS, of all size..
E. A.A. having established the above beibtom
Ilalnoterc, is enabled to ship goods South or West
with the utmost despatch, sod ot Ike lowo.t prices.
Manufacturers, dealers, and all o
thers, map rely
upon obtaining every article In the. trade, of the best
quality, slod on liberal terms.
Ro of Lasts, Boot Trees, Shoe Teem,
Clamps, Crimps, Sth.. All orders will
promptly execrated. Low prices for cash.
A catakneue mug a complete tin of every
cle In the trade Ille forwarded to those who
mar desire In
EDWARD A. GO DETIEY, le S. Calvert
ma nirtm neat Sal Smote st.,Deltimm
flroadoway, corner of Made* Loa..
HIS extensive HOTEL has been leased by the
subscriber, and has been comPletely refitted in
the most elegant manner. Large adatione are now
beta(made,'then completed, will make It the
most entrance Hotel in New York. It is the determi
nation of the proprietor, to make it equal, in every ro
ved, to any other House in the 'United Surma Its lo
cation is the most desirable and central in the city, be
:mile the fultionabhi part of Broadway, convenient
on all the ro nfin poetess places of amaierment, and
business. Grateful for tholiberal patronage received
from his western friends, .0..1 Ormbr-titthill
and more recently =the Weddell House, Cleveland,
Ohio, be respectfully solicits a renewal of their , puree
age kir his new establishment, 'at New York, and
begs m ...ere them that every effort on hie part Mull
be given to administer to their co A. S. mfort and
BARNUM. pleasure.
Now York, idarch,l6lA—rmr2l3-rm
• IiVELTEIBIM POR .610 or La.
hems, George meet, Plymouth, England. The
managers beg to acquaint their nunteson patrons that
die next Distribution of Portrait, el Race Horses, will
corvine those entered for the forthcoming Greed
National Derby Race: the number of shams to be
limited to 5,000 tactician. Firm class member LIP,
Beeped class ditto EA Early application for the nn•
appropriated skarn Is necessary. A parry autwerib.
leg for more than one share has the chance of gaining
an equal number bonuses. Then members who draw
the venoms Portrait, will be presented with the fol.
,owier mom—
Portrait of Ist class bonuses 2d ditto
Winner, or Mut Ham, LA,cco
" Second liorse•— 10,000 546 0
Third Horse •—• • 13,000 4,000
Divided mange Sta rt ers— - • 6,000 0,000 "
Non-Starters 6,000 3,13.0
There aro 20P bonuses in each class,that being the
smother of horses entered far the rue. The Draining
will be conducted Kan the same legitimate prinemln
as those which characterised the late St. Lodger and
otbxr Proc.eding‘ Full particular. of the remit Ind
be sent to absent member. todnediately after the de
ended, that each may know Ms position.
Subscribers reginered and actin forwarded on re
ceipt of a remitimm. Rills of Fachange,Drafts,Bank
Notes, addressed mid made payable to the
Managing Director.. W. JAMES h. CO.
Five per cent. commission to be reduced on the
present/dim atomise.. mrlitdm
Ratio] REED HOUSE, Rao
KEITH & Proprietors,
Platte Simon, Erie, Pa.
and :Southern Stages, leave this home deny. Gar.
Rages to acd from Swam tual Packet Boats, Gracia
M. W. Berra, late of the &lactic. Ilotel, Erie, Pa
G. W. llamas, ism of the Kinsman Ilatel,Ohlo.
Btr James 11.1.+.7 4 . Fluid Gag...."`.
'DM-WARM under the IMMedia mire of the In
venter, and established for upward& of thirty peon.
Thla elegant pie s ...inn is recommended in all
easel of bile, avian/et, intligemen, gout, and gravel,
as the mist sac, easy. and Macula! form in which
Magnesia may, aI:A indeed the only one in which it
ought to he exhibited. pomemmg all the properties of
tie Magnesia now in general me, without betag Itable
I-ke it, to form dangerous concretiommi the noweivi
it efectually cures heartburn without Gunning the
coats of the stomach, as rods, Ptaa4.4 and their ear.
tweet. are known to do; it prevents the Mod of in
fants taming man In all Ca., II latll as • planing
aperiet. and is peculiarly, adapted to female..
Sir Ilmsphrey Davy tesurnd - that this solatian forms
anluble combinations with uric arid salts In cues of
gout Mid gtavel, thee.) , counteracong their injarious
tendency, whorl other Mkniiesi and emit MM....
had r wed.
From Sir Philtp Clampton, din., Surgeon General
to the Army in
here lreand.
.. Mir SG—T can he an doubt that Magnesia
may tic istereil mare saf sub yel tance. In the
of a rand
iarated ad so ati l n ution than s tku,
many other reasons, I as of opinion ' that the Maid
Magnesia is • very valuable aildninn to our Malaria
Medic. • CRAMPTOII."
010 James Clarke, Sir L. Cooper Dr. Bright. and
Megan Guthrie end Herbert .hlayo,o ' f London.strong-
I y recommend Mortar's Finial Magnesia, as being in.
finitely more sale and convenient than the solid, and
free from the danger attending the eons/ant taw of
soda or poLoar.
Fur es.le by the oar a tear i t r igolOk 3 =ats,
Car. of Wood & F
PI;OT10E is hereby gmen, that on or 01 , 00% the 2E.
of April, the rabsenbers had maned to them. at
ensburg, Va., tOo following Ceder. vim—A note
drawn by 0. A. Martin, p•lo.:+ie la our onicx, dated
April llth, at 4 months, tor gi473 GO; • imie drawn ky
John D. Morgan, same date obi t i me, for Slll t 7 and
• note dream by John tVan .Co., it favor of Jelin S.
'darken, and re...domed by us dated April "
four months, (00:175: The above notes were newer
received t.y as, and is to COULD= all ;mesons
ar LIZ trading for or buying the sane, as paymen
o them ha. been stopped, S. A W IlAirajacs
AVERY largo and choice s rock o f p,,.a string
and Estruner Goods hag joss o p e ned at
&Inlander & Day's, No ES Marko% ' s treet, north west
corner of the Diamond.
In calling the attention of Low customers and the
public, to tan stock, It affor,„ be
able to " 1 it ""'"' " ‘JRaIegtARGAINS in al.
most every ddsdrinncn of pods, as a largo portion of
" was
P" . """" 4 " e nensive
tht [lll.O O
II Cale • hnh fuser
"" e° r" 4. I; very tOppemn . t, and affords to all
cash buyers, wall, a fine op
Aram both tuna ...I mye.
... / 1 4 ,°." .71e Yoalard silks,eery cheer, riettplain gad
A changeable silk. of almost every stile and
super plain and figured black tdlkm Jo. ba•
• em. and names; hassle de lae* - new and d-
.<e style; new chic Engrult, and Scotch
wns, id rear variety, modat very low Pe..; P , .1 .1
5 gated. and satin smpod detains of all Mods atm
posttest been ;mares of all shades and colors; ling"
Soon, ehlr.mos, Pr... * 4
Sneer chameleonult shawls ; plain and fyLarnd
Start do; Pea and embroideredThilet do; Mae east,
mere do; sager stun and embroidered white and
collared crape dot hareem sad net dn. &r.-1
AOOO ailettllbt...t of malls, nansooka, lazonets,
Bingis a Reedy, yeast braid, Sox.* braid and
roper English use. rortnets.
pion and fee stock of rapenor phon and fringed 040 and
is of u. ao.oo and a..tak..
A 111.7 Te tallOVlßent = .a
Begins corps and comae.. of mumA aml
omen, .blel we mooed melte th of ohs
- sumk a! brawn and - bleaeted antenna deniers,
enacts, enseabnap. &lance:kg, Is very Large, and at
tn. very best once ,
aino, a lure lea al table drapers and table <leeks,
k ~ a weactord; itasea and Sued, diapers, auk
linen. agnates, eaten =Lama n feeds for nun end
boys' vreu, Lou., red, vrnne, and yellow
Dela, damn,* pruners, nit and liana Wilde and
g u r m a .11 janenloriery. and bonnet ribbons, are
tonal &er, !Le, to all vreach ere
a ward ra
Inn/. the anenuon of onoluale and retn722
near)) %Market at—tf W eenefthe Diamond.
IPPlai: Titl6/616
/IX maw prepared to faratsb Apple Trees, hem the
beaar. Namely of Jacob N. Broom The
trots veal be &hawed at geo aeh.bef at Put...burgh foe
ell pee hundred. Pen.* biabiag good tangy tree,
Ababa leave facie order. *eon at the Drag, Seed, nod
feefamsrg Warcboase, comet of Wood cad Sixth sr,,
iypit -
- _
-BAILEY, MOWN &CO. ecesared to tm
wale:o,2,loer below au Strateagaloala hoar
- -nstailEß, SLAMS& CO.&twee =loved Weir
Fsebbaso Ores w nonb wen corner of Woo&
and IV
ClltatClL c&tcormilas & co. bare removal to
sy Nyoto, et, between Wood & Aisne; In Ow
k wise ,fonaerly otcapiod by Unsay, ! tows &Ca.
• aS3 4 ss
STA.likil--.23 IGibrisiato es Bunn;
- ben Swabs do;
• bzsliKlact & Teuo pat received
.1 for Ale sr • r - MILLER tr. 11(CICEIVON
Plantation Sanaa and Malang's.
150 Moak COR; fain a Odom PSkkkulok burg
ia oak arts ?Imitation Alolaraoa,
70C Y? r S' t ? r4 do- littelVitTaratl7
172 & 174 tAbetto rt
per' °Rion
40 4;1 116 2r
kAm2' l ‘uk 34 '7 4 :l-,..brircfrscri= 2 . ,
ID tes D. Noe'. .
4 to eurrassed Dap mod.%
'For 636 b7 " • 1021.11.8 NICOLS•
DE.l—a.lo-Itrit mai is - 4
rot sale try Defy Rolingiter, LITTLE k
eo Ltd deo I der;“4 tad ter sala
mi l at h° 114'116
14114 r
.- Til.pus - br Wow men - v,,- i ----..,
t ict Illvid sad foradelr) •• i V •DD al'
• -A—A-1-ft-i-ric:Pririttrilk,*--,..u---,,;,
v ag,
ialarial bait N . C Tar •
- '' ~ _.. , " •la kis Px5_11 . 41.4....i
or egii - • - s , .• - , =•••1.12.5111. - N1COLII ,
. nal lbw islib - 7
. .1111. '.''' , ..:.",%2!.' • — "Ill inNI4C, -
11:M:A A.13:01.114
a. U. 1111CLLOWL.
O. el Wood street, has jest received a neat sa.
weuvent of PIANO MUSIC, among Which an
Mo y, .y. Love me, by B. C. Foster.
d Rad o llose Live Alway, do.
1 :14 11
Unere Ned,
(Wm to Ran all Nlgtd,
Soldyulli: WDoi,
oddlos, by Cfo.m. do-
• -•-
The Reb do.
Oir, Touch id, the Cordyet elm eirain.
elrit4l Memoirs of Thee.
Lamm of the Iriela Emigrant
A New Medley Bug.
Thou but Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thee.
The Conscript'. Departure, by Glover.
Be Kind la the Loved Ono et Home.
*me wham e , er the Heart la
The Yankee Maid.
Slumber Gentle Lady.
Jeannie Grey.
Elfin, Celine., Wedding, Wreath, and Daisy
Batchelor, Malden, Bella Welts, Concert, Ladies ,
Souvenk,Cally, Elvirs,Ltly, Alice, Evergreen, Um:
%a t /idea, an d Lissy yolk.. maylti
TEAS 1 Trail! I TZAR Itt
WE enter not into the Hat of pufers,we say nothing
about Hundreds of Chests, Importers, Large
Coats', Bought far Cash, &a. In feet, we will not
haMtig loony manner or form, we simply Invite the
public to compare oar Tea a ith what they parch..
elsewhere; Pus is the best method we know to wet.
min woo sells the bat and cheapest Tess in Punts
burgh. We are now selling
Good and strong Tea at 41.1 and ISO cents per lb.
A prime artlele,--.-• •-• 7.1 do do
The best Tea *toned lam the 11. States, St
Low pticedolamaged, or infetior Teas we do not
Proprietors of the Tea Market,
Jek East side of Ihamond.
Croat Assortona
D. Appleton & Co., Now York. knve in course of pub
lication, in pasts, pneo twenty. Iva cents cut,
Of Markin, Medianse.., Engin* Ilrorionndßc
geneenng; dangnad far Praetual Wentnng
and Anse intended far the Eng.
nerrtng Prefeeennt
ilninn DT 00110, STTEL
Tlus WORK Ls crimp Om. one, and will coati,
rero enzawee sums, and operetta of oth vuor
SAND 11.1.neT1ATIOrcu 11 will present working-draw
Inge and descriptions of the most important machine
m the United States. Independent of the reeults c
American ingenalty, it will contain complete practi
cal middies on Mechaales, Machinery, Engine-work,
ualkwir...thr, with ill that I. awful In more than
one thematic) dollars worth of folio volume., maga
, does, and other books.
The peat object of this publication Ls, to place b..
fore practical men and stadents melt an amount of
aeon:deal and scientific knowledge, Inn condensed
form, no shall enable them to work to the best adv.-
tam and to avoid those mistakes which they might
hrherwiso commit. The aniamt of usefal Information
the brought together Is almost beyoud precedent in
tack works. Indeed, there is hardly any subject
within or. range which is not treated with meta elege
m= andireemlon, that even • moo of the most ordi
nary capacity cannot fall of mderstanding it,and
thus learrdng from it mock which It is Important for
him to know.
The pnbillhere are, In .hors, determined, meanness
of tool, to make the work as complete as pomiblet. and
ll le hoped every one desire. to obtain the work will
procure It as lamed in numbers, and thee encourage
the enterprise.
The Work will be tamed in semi-monthly Lumbers,
etommeachig in Sammy, IBM, and will progress with
great regularity.
The whole week will be published in 40 numbers,
at 25 elate per ninaher,lnd completed within the ear
rent year, Iffin. A liberal discount will be made to
y muireasitting the publishers RIO to adv..,
ithan receive the work through the post othee free of
°menthes. with. Prem.
"To our nemennts Manufacturers, Mechanic., Ea.
gineers, andmn. Anthem, it will be • mine of imalth."—
rw•ideme,lll. I.) JounieL
"Yocum men, arm yourselves with ha knowledge.—
We can with confidence recommend oar evaders to
pommel themselves of Its cambers as fast no they ap
pear."--American Artisan.
"We unheattattngly commend the work te those en
gaged In or interested Le mechanical or valentine per
sans, as eminently worth
if their examinanon and
stedy."—Troy, (N. Y.,)8
"It le wily a meat w ork er. ,
and the publishers de
serve the emits of Inventors, machinists, and mane
teatimes• and indeed of the public generally."—N. Y.
11 1=ilorntry will be highly useful to practical
mechanics, and valuable to all who with to &commit
• themselves with the progress of invention in the mo-
Manic arts."—New Bedford Dully Mercury.
"Young mechanics ought to keep posted op In the
wortc ite well as priciest knowledge, and this
will show them iota
how they mand"—Ron bury
klase.l Advenner
tote it to below the area that seOres and hun
dred, of our intelligent meet tanks have desired to poe
tess. no ample are Its desetiptlOne, and so lull and
minute its verifications, neat it seems to as Matson
mechanic! might Centime' any machose it devcribes, on
s.rongth of Its engravings and utvuveuoas...—N. Y.
Connaeretal Advernier.
WI interested in tottiehantea should avail them
s of ith advamages..”—Schuylkill, titem.,) JOOO.
on .
"A work of extensive prectiul malty and great im-
Partattee and vette m the timidlreau
sineng Interests
of the country. We mgarld t work as eminently
ealculeted ,toPmen Ste the calm of science and the
mechanicalart.,e , id to disseminate valuable informs.
eon on these sabre ema—rareser and Meehan..
"rractlcal mcn. in all the vaned walks of J
n and sang industry' engineering. hr a will
and in has wort; a treasury which it will be to then -
profit to posaew .."—Taty Daily Whig.
'We have es really perused the numbers, end beer
nn hesitation li I saying that it is the best work for me.
chamea trade men, sadmentifie men, ever publish
ed, for It cslla illuminate information on every branch e
of the meths steal arts and women, eaMmecd is•
style and la: triage intelligible to any reader of or.-
nary eapaeit p..--tilouesster,(ldasa,) New.
We are tore we an doing the sneelmales of Nor
wich and -Other pans of Connecticut a service by
bringing the work to lima atterdion."—Nomich,
(Conn) Javier.
"a al !lust such& work &sever, meehuda should
pumesa"—Frestm en's Journal.
We coasidonsittine of the most 'acrid and la:portant
publications ef thee age. No mechanic can afford to km
Commercial Courier.
"Of all the Tar ...publications having Per their ob-
Fuel the elacidation end advancement Mate mechani
eal ass sad •eif Meet, nose that we have men, to so
.full of promise , . this."—Butlido Com.4A . dv.
"It is the best and cheapest work ever offered to the
mienilfra and p ractical engineer and mechanic. The
pia sure beau excented.”—Washington Globe.
we. great , Ihetioeszy is oae of the most useful
eks ever pablished for yeses, end the low price at
which it is void makes n acceptable to all."—ffornit
We regami it =one of the mon conmreheasive and
• alnable, es well ae cheapest works ever published."
—Dahlman , Advertiser.
"Ought to he taken by every one desiring to keep
pace with the progress Men and attract in every ono
of the leisure of emitted life "—nondout Conner.
It is designed after the p rinciple of Lire's latellana.
ry, only Ma it is More devoted to the mechanical and
enginm.ring professions, and above t .. valuable
o acenatraming for America what Ure has done Dr
Engiud, non: dews rig Amerman machinery a•
worts of stn --Seientifie American
"his pobllebed In cambers, sad at • price so
rate, looking at what iecerdatned Meech numb , ...Z.'
no one who has the least aderest in sock • .e , a el l
need be deterred IS= prOGleingiti and aver. onewha
does so, will find Met he has in e sondem , .
amount of lastmetion which wou‘ of so
all, only by the -Famine. Of mil many • a i7 a , aa Wnd it.,..l
Y. Courier and num.
.The comprekenti .. venesi with wk. ,
are treated, thee
sdndrable manner is •ca =NO.'S
dl bleated, eonrolre w let they are
make leis
fable works."—Dcmocratio Levi/ e Nhe el.. d e. '
"This wort should be in the bap/ .
groan, and
t rier,manefee was
-s of every mechanic
.relally those who have
the !rest aspirates. oteed, - a their respecnve bosh
nesse. We hare earsfelly
recommending it to tar... Jell. .Tomem are weak
set' in ton uttaaff lualiciaff• of ton Bible: "it is good.e—
fialtiMere Instep:nor/ow'
Nceits to ts qf Ntrpspt7 throve/
Sidtssamil Caned.
If the fettgnteg as is inserted eve times
daring lhe yar, it.' d the paper training tt sent le
• eLllalitil c i," o. - mill be sera grins hi payment.
Congai.d'Ag wo Mercury. taw other Minna.
VHS forAmitor testimonial was given by the 0010-
1. tasted Dr. Wooster Death. the author of the great
medical work minded oTbe American Prattle° A
Medicine and Family Physician! ,
..11/113111 boot made .quahned with the bitgrecttents
which crampon McAllister , . All-Healing
end having pnracribed avA tested it in several cases
lily private practice, I have hesitation in say nig or
cernfying that It Is a Vegetable Remedy, con taint.
ort labstance whatever th at Its Remedy, ,
combined ma they are, and seed as direekd by the
Pl.Pileaft an not only harmless, bat of great valet,
being a troy scientific Remedy of great power. and I
ehcerfdly meow:mead It as a comiroand which har
done mach good, tad wkkh la ...pled to the cure of
• Iffent emva Timer. I have never elmer
rrcommeaded or ...Med to ltve sale of secret medi.
eines, regard kr the %rale V e n o m s eonscientious, ha
m."of Prophet. of this
and the value ofW tikavavery. oblige me to say thus
mach rcliarding It. W. kIEeCII, D. D.r ,
Nov 1 °fit, Ailed ym, t 54.6.
DUlN B . — ' am of tko best thing. to the
far Dorm
VlLEP„—Tboannes arc yearly eared by We Chnt•
h neber fags to vying roar!.
or Tamara, liieeta, and all klnda of Sofas, It 1..
00 17Vtiont and Nunes knew Its valve In eases of
Swollen ar ra Donut, they wo•14 always apply lb
attkit If .rd Retarding ea dinctLans, heves
relief In • very few balm.
-- - , -- --.-
, -.7 % iiika ... _...J . U. tra,.. ,, .... ...---, .
Around the hog um dircerhansfisowsingNWlLstet . . 'I •
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Otnueurnt for gerofatu, Laver Cowylarnt, Disip :hh y dd I ds , ed s oo , s , L s ., s s pot up la boot , , wal tfi -
TetteWiktitstsla, bull flessi, Bore Ryes, Qus ncy, 5...
any e. to n 4 direction. for the benefit of the pubhc.
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Afinn ton, unn.' P ss : Tars PETROLEU.SI is procured from o well in this
DU lt in.: Si n e nn T U nts.thr Ph'*(lP ro s ß•oinnhs i "ln"P iles, "'C'''' Col.l B":l'" E 'lil eith rn".; : n rou 'r A:n lgee Lr''''' efiC k'' ' ' S II : t e ". 4 :: . 1 1 1:11:1• 7 :
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Aelneative in this Yore, Le.
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Lae cos nubile, this hug hs so short a woe trot , Kos s s fever. Lo __ sslors .s, , 0p0 ,.. 5 , sh u oght of put cif
repast:use ea IlleAlligLees An-Ilealtag or We dd t.. bogies. „ b ., ~„...„,,, for t. cute of ds•-
V:„... 1 ./ I L' ss: Tito constant isn4 daily tnerencric call e for tt,
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eenliletn elte Inaba, Ike. 1( 11 does not rve lait la- ' '' ' ‘ . V .' Is P „,„, .6.. La ma. • 10. aar•Lle. of carob
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apprted outwarly. 0.., •• Irc .
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er pawned LT thss Italy*, we t susloott .He fol will: J .piattallon in even iltuesse. see •....t•
U""n::"t'klr::th't'l7:::"''Y::'ee.t:;kC:' ::q i .: l-"U k 30:177. ' I 4A::7-iLiCiae:":l4..thA" In
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M - 111 . r - - --'-.
-""'" to ~,,... Pr. th. o I --- -of
CONSUM YTION'IIII n. curly stage.:
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. U.° b."' ' ', 6. 42°:..PMTI dis;sses of the s„ vooshre., LIN Eft
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chased film yens. I sager. .1.'3 , 7 :V 0 7 ,`,, 5 7.7 - ; i '.7 l . COMPLAINT, tr 7 P.T.. -
and at night was unable •• the lawad,r ...I klaeill. Psln ..., i s th Kb e e ll .. .c .k k or p tc . . ,
tried ''''' ''' ' '"" V . w ra lue nk ts n :rer . ortssit ng th m— ltu4 to n nes . it ss k Tt ry " s k Lr ss s ..7:l,.s . sdurofm ' s, 111..nt. 5e...,
blpimici.....a- ' ' ',Photo re eciiirhy uet . ~,,a t k.,„„, /... ii. t. •
ILI cases of deistitty re.
I, 4 l: ssss " ss "6E s . . ^n"Pnrnnn ttlits gates vents a or. ss , ° "" s ' oos l.....
.. 1 731 . 1 „.4 .-- fr.ra::.& . .. . 7 p .1 .7 7 , ....T ""l ' i. . o ' s 7 L ' s . i 5 .7:7 7 1,.... 44 .,..1,.., sfisee.—a-LTsow.ittinrrtliolenoledisinThn,y.l.tx,,_nlng.:rolnivsernEL.'7.ll:w:snhilnuL'l' sun,'
s et.. -mop. I Itsas• also ailed the Salr• Watt for ~,, u ......,„ 1 ,„.,,,,,h,, wbola (...., ,r
p ods t '"rh ths e and octet complaints, wida under be .ppy le .b.,,,„,,,“gni l tge eluggish fonegons, w en
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" IlLs ai'ALLInFi i . increuctl soul renewed ene r gy te air the °Ran. or
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s add! , ' •toter Oro use of Um PETROLLUM foe u boa t ime. ,
The proof can be Con to any person who doom I.
Now genuine 1.1 10 I.le signature of the propsteloo.
r''''' " g W AL7.13,( 1 ,1...1 05.10, ... 05 ., 75.r __ . . a r 7L
/too hi It lg. EIE ... ....r
LLEBS• 5 7 . .4
cornier Wool “. and Virgin alley whom., Ida
nolohdts rwlerie appointed gators
-ASamn Ihreussml3. VaLas.tqc k c o .,
tdotter '(.l Woo I and Pim mai J•elcoa, No.
lig L 22222 itmf it L. Wilma, Jr, COIStr at 21 2 ,1, c ,
steel Ouid e 22 'Nomad, alio tamer of Fc.usil, mak.l
82122112,22% . J. IL Gime!, corner 01 WAlrnat .41.11
Peaty 22222 . 022 Wail; dnd old as ito4.lMorli
B.l , MWIled 222 n, 2 d door Ass &moat
2,12t2001, .22 H. P.Selmuts 22.1 J. Dade..
), leak , 2222221,8ira1ag12/ 2 1 D. Negicy,
1.42 , 21 in a *.e J, Jesawist
1, ;& o d i r i T W 2 I 2 . CUT, N. IL 132.22.22 I. Co., .4
Jets Nato, thaw, IN
Jot g ur:l7l 1.212 Desbrtgla Enda,
LI *beam • ' • 141.1121.412
UINIQIN-11.1222" Mow g 0 1 . 0 .1
had . polttplaNiaii
let on (^vocable term..
now prepared to tense the Water Power b ile
Grand Rapids, to an amount sufficient to propel frier
hundred pairs of mill stone. The location Is bland
s o pon rock foundation, and •
the power ran cones,
clly be applied on. both aides of the river. The
grain of the Wilke mere,.. well as the Wabash, can
be readily furnished at thie point. While timber,
Iron ore, bed coal, In the peaten abtmdtmett, and al
superior finality, can he really procured through the
some conntiv.
Tauts—One hundred dollars per annum for a pow
er sufficient to propel a single tun of medium sized
mill Monet, for • period of fifteenwith the
right of renewal on the expiration of year*.
the t ee. "' ' t
fair valuation of the power employed. The the of the
mill or manufactory Included, without farther charge
'am the Catapult. By order of the Directors.
President of the NV. N Co.
la., May v, EMU roydlidllin
—The skin of many person+ is'disigured web
slight eruptions, a. pimples. morybew, de., and when
this is merely a tenant of the skin, as II is in musty
nine eases oat of every handred, it is very easily re.
moved. Jules Heuer. Nymph Soap is eSpreeslY
adapted to dseases of the akin, as it acts dircedy
upon the minute pores which cover its mariner,
cleansing them from Impurities. and by Its issamic
properties heeling and eradicating all erapuons,and
rendering the d ..... t and roughest skin fair, and
Persons who have been in tbe habit of ueing ordo
nary roap. will ha astonished at the beautiful effect
reduced by tlie',Nyinph Soap, in imparting • delicate
bloom, preventing the neck, face, orliande from chap
ping, allaying all irritation, and removing all cutane
ous eruption. It possesses an exquisite, verfume, and
Is entirely devoid oral] alkaline properties, rendering
it t h e only article which can be steed with safety and
comfon in the 111113<ry.
All those whose faces or necks are disfigured with
pimples, blotches, tiro, morpheer, Se., slrould make
trial of Jules Ilmel's Nymph Sofro, a. the p ro prietor
positively ossuree them, not as use will render the
molt discolored skin si blie, the roughest akin smooth,
end the meal diseased akin healthy, pure, and librom-
Jules Haael's Nymph Soup Ls the only article which
will effeemally produce the above elites In an short
a Hate, and the ouly one which is at the made time all
powerful and entirely harmless. Prepared only by
JULES IIAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist,
ISM Cheetnut street, Phila.
For sale wholesale and retail by A. A. Fahneetock
A Co., and FL Es Sellers, Pitoburgh; and John Sar
gent and J. Mitchell, Allegheny city, Pa. Ice P.
A GOOD Mahogany Flaw Fenn, CI octaves ,
AcIL second hand•-• • OD
A handsome upright Piano, watt Rosewood
Furniture, 6 out.., and in good order . •• • 100 On
A plain 51 ocusse Plano • 93 Du
A gOod octavo Finno -- 75 00
A good octane nano, with handsome farm
tare ..... --.• 73 se
For sale by JOHN II MELLOR
Rosy •M 81 Wood at
=Giallo light Light.
SUPERCEDIN6 Die Woollen Floats, and being in•
combustible, thereby economises the oil, and pre.
•,nts 'imitiOn, betattlfore so much objected to in all
other coats. Ode table spoontul of the common
lamp oil will law Nine lloors,or any further length
of time, according to the additioold quanta's of oft.
Deceived and for sale by JOIIN D MORGAN
may 27 Druggist
TUST RECEIVED, at the Pittsburgh Faintly
kt eery and Tea W•rehouse:
5 eases For Oysters, In tat cans;
5 do Pickled do, in qua:.;
3 do do do, In pint do.
The above Fresh Oysters are parboiled, and put
in a highly concentrated soup, enclosed in berme=
ly sealed ...and arta keep reach longer than th.
pot op in the ordinary war.
For sale, wholesale and M
retail. hy
W A bIeCLIMIG..4. Co,
myna tes6 ',hero
Groat Azoortoom kl•oharateal Work.
DAPPLETON tr. CO. New York. have in coarse
of publication, la vans, price twenty fine cents
each, a DICTIONARI if Machines, Mechanics. En.
gine Work, and bkioneeringi designed (or ProLUCti
%rotting Men, and those intmuled for the Engineering
Profession. Edited by Oliver Byroe.
This work is of large Piro size, and will contain two
thonsand pages, and upwards of six thousand Muer.
mans. It will present working drawings and descrip
tions of the moo Important machines to the United
State.. Independent of the results of Amerlchu ia
gcnaity, It will contain complete practical treatises on
Mechanics, Machinery. Engine Work, and Engineer
within; all that O useful to more than one thousand
dollars worth of' folio volume... magazines and other
books. Six numbers received, and for sale by the
agent. 11 HOPKINS,
.P° 7d Apollo Building. Fourth st.
oho U. Mellor, 81 Wood Strtrt, Pittsburgh,
Sole Agent to Western Pcnnsymanis. i.e the male of
Grand and Square Plano Fort...
BFAIS tntnnti his mends sod the mammal p.1,11e.
that he he. t ot invoices. •nd win remise mol
expose for sale, du toe the psent month, the tarter
and room desirable stork a Piano Fortes eyer oder
(or tale inply the Weil among the number he
F and
• full *a or
Sapero p ly ears Rosersdod Grand Fmno
with all the recent tatpsorements in ameba
slyly of OXICTIOI.
Splendidly ear, Rosewood se een tie
Piano Fortes, Shi esl in the Elites-1Y
XIV. style. t
With • Inge stock of all the raw
no Fortes vary& in prlces fro" ' 67ls to ptq.nd
MOW, prepared y Mr. Chick..
ling for th< preeeat
year, Gnat)
red than
Putehnen •th e
. wheelie
be dettesred and set tool
pmrect order, to p charge.
Xlll C, vvderu
ned bees leave to Inform the pol•ilc
' di lined Lowness In favor oil. S oleo Lr on,
to ' ho '' wlll continoo the daeuon aod
amen at the old wand, comer of Wood ond
.eno and lot whoto be would tolled a cooun
ovtb• r ' th `
peel gI.S,
comas or WOOD ADD Mint muse,
Ur/ILL snake Wes, on hberal terms, of Foreign and
VT Domestic Merctstdise, Real Estate, Stooks,
to,, and tom., by experience and dose attentien to
business, to ment • comics.. of the support and
patromge m liberally extended to th e forme ( houm.
April eth. Par
Motto. to oar Patrons.
decent of the active partner, an Philadelphia,
(the late James PI Dav M ai produces. an...cannon
to the basmess—arrangements have been made winch
involves the same iatert.v precisely, which have
heretofore coasted. The bedlam.* as conunsmd under
the amen.. and firm, ma:—
James PI Dams & Co., Philadelphia;
Jona Pl'Fac. s Co., Pamburgn
The of the patronage or our many
friends la respectfully solicimd. If any persons ha.
demand. against the eon... they are requested to
present theca forthwill, for payment-
Pitubergh, Apra) 10, `So. JOHN PPFADEN,
apl7-tf Surcimailaanomj.,_
Bs A. VahmostOok & Co.,
WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, corner of First and
Wood streets, offer for sale, on lovorsble mons:
IDD tags Whttfn6 500 lb. Cub. Ammocom
60 do Aram; 500 do Awarcer , da;
WO do Dyo Woode, 000 do Crude Tort.:
& do Lamphlaehl 500 do /4.1Y.1be Root
7.0 do Ven. Red; MP do Irish Hemp
8 do Camphor-, 150 do Red Prempitam;
10 do Bps. Drown; 150 do Calomel Amer;
Mr do 1 ellosr Ochre; & do E.F;
10 do Drietwourr; d,r , Roches Leaven;
13 do Cloves; MO do Rhuborb Root,
3 do Chao...Flowers:4oo do Boryop. P
14 eases Ref. Dome; ax) do Gem... do;
25 do Cmittle Soap; MP do Sal Ror
15 do Prussian Mom MP do ScoLS 51,2t0r0;
10 do Cale.
Green; 500 do Pow . Ithabarbc
13 do Chrome Green; 4:4 do 0 o rano. sff
6 do do Yellow; UP da do G.Ardeoo
do Am. Vermedon; I& 44, do ldq. Root.
60 reams Band raper, DP do do lolop;
75 o di do Af.(wYcona;
b Ts ß it ' ,l o Sgt! VZ,
75 ws Sylph. Morplas; 12P & Dot Ton
12M/ lb* Cape Aloe.; AV d o
RIP do Ilnehrtren COMM, s do Quirt Soso , :
P do. Plat Root; 0 .50 do Orange Boni,
(000 do nuke) *ember; 75 do Cochineal.
1 5111 do Crest, Tartar, mt do Ilyrt Potsdor.
do Acta. 10 do Idsco;
1151 do
-o Use. upw; & do Granclle Lonon.
feblll4/ earrY
are mon , thinf
. to be•ven and earth
,on Iwo done mot of in phrlyaophy..
111 , • •••ITULM of dOll reaJark•Olt remedy, and
i6O Damp 111.6tai ID oak./ team 12 p" Pants;
palm luDDlDing 11DaDD 12 Isaluango • 2
W/1161 zwuh aft 4 N •olloaa ambr 6D lkg :j
161160 ss6l4, 1 46. boa.-
..mbirKl6 "61. Dian goods for sal itt to CAL
FDI•I6 °WADY 8116/4101011/1. DIOS Wo:d 61.
NOW 4011041(.1
1850 MEM 1850
BOATS of tido AJ1213 Oat lea.e regularly, and de-
Niver freight+ without trandtipment.
J C p t uel t urgh,
.I.PatIF.S COLLINS, do. }Mega
BIDWELL & BROTHER, Roettotter,
a L 1850
From Piitshicr , ./4 to Colnlohn. and Clemlaza,
b i n drn,. Me rdrlt and popalo. rorrnries or Gal
i 0., Carron. Storl, TliSfaraltrtl, COshOefoll,
Alinstiorort. Ltailug, and Prondin.
The complcuon of the Sandy and Deaver
opens up to our city through this great natural central
route a direct communicauon to ,be above as well as
the aoil:ins counties of Wayne, Holmes, Rear, and
Prom this section of Ohio, the trade with Pittsburgh
u been, to a great CILCIII cat 09. to conrequence 01
e high rates of tranrportauon, whieb ars now rec
nod s eti, SU an/ 50 per cent.
Boat of this WIC will leave daily, and rim through
without transhipment. The Cann/ comany have
!bestow upon Dos line an iDlereSt in the unprece
dented Ova:sages Of their charter, and thus secured
to the Mae portions of Ohio in ordering their goods
equal interest in Ras advmmse. Agents:
J. C. BIDWELL, Pittsburgh;
BIDWELL tr. CO., Glasgow.
R C lloii o, Spent . . Milla, Ohni i • H & A Goy,
With.. Portia; Georg. Elkton, 0; Caddo
A. Haffirmii, do; Haim& Graham Co, New LW...A
Arter & Nioholaa Hanover, 0.; Hildiela & Booty, Mi
t:term, 04 Speaker & Poster. do.; Joseph Fool & Co,
do.; Hall it Boas, Oneida !Bills, 0.; II V Bever, do.i
C B Hunithal & Co, Molveni, 0.; R K Croy, Worn..
bEoltaidKott.!'a°, l ;;;;,°!:,:li',ll:`:;r,?."74l, Tr.,lo o li
ISPForland & Co , Sandyville, 0; P P Laffer,do,•
banish & 9Jeinbaugo. Oohs., 0.; Willard &
do.; J J 04 Cummins & Co, do ;
John Robinson, Canal Fulton, O.; Pettis & Tont),
Canal Dover, 0; A Medbury, Roscoe, O.; K Woo
nor. Newark, O.; Fitah & Hole, Columbus, 0; L 0 Mtn
thews, Cleveland, 0.; Rhodes & I ireen. do. may 9
Via Peoasylvaaita Canal. & Sall Roads.
O'CONNOR, ATKINS & Co., domal Basin, LJbertT
meat, eittaborg&
ATKINS, O'CONNOR & Co., Mg& MI) Market street,
North street, IOCOMOrt;
E Bract, New York;
Euuorr k Guaa, II Dm
llnstivro3 Onh7, Mary
11.1.1. h. Co., Columbia •
F.. Wum. Lourvillu,
Bun., Hum & Co., 9‘
To Shlypers 00 Arerchara
from Phtladelplteds, Bahr
Our route bung now in In
ane street, Bestan;
n tin,
tree, Clasinnati;
• • •
and Praxes far and
• e, rosi., Barnet. e
order, vre ere prepstred
t eery taw. 'mess. We
barge having polices far
following extensive sit rek
trigCllllll3 EILUTOICtiOII it
oar bunts are all
to forward goods an above
all freight/Sailor any
over 5G20,000. and with the
of Roots feel confident of Kt
Sall buslors• entrusted to on
new, and commanded by Co
our entire line is conducted
and mos...awes prinoples.
Boats. Captain.
Iron City Ilagan
Maryland, hlarshall
Cincinnati, Sands
Ruth Anna, Chatham
Win Atkats,
Rome.' Cllptaini.
Pennsylvania 1.1
Nl. Louis, Cowdtn
Col. Howard Ridley
I awl
Gen. Seat . h Oorce
Pointlllllll . BoyM'Reindt
America Perry Ohio !kilo Kearney
Mermaid hi'Colimm Mawr Ringle
Tlie Fox Nit/ mule Julia Ann J Layton
Aurora 11I'llowell Telegrnh Wen
Look Sharp Derry North Queen Whits
Shippers will End it to thew advmntarz to pve irt a
mrl6 Canal Basin Liberty ..1.„
— Wiairia'aa'Vralaaportation company,
aZ=2 1850, rallak•
D. LI/LUC!' & D'YS 1./e264
• • • •
By Penn..ry/tunur ( anal Rat! ' RASSSis
TTub Hosts und Cr. s ni Ihts Line hour been put i
compete order. nod with t l ,e n.h.huon. of arver •
new one, to
tit, thr Line. roa . ,les us to e arty •
quanta,. Of iIOPO end goo
The enure sleet of thu r Oi ie u ,,,d .o,
ed by the Proprne
/21.1 TO--
HARR° LEFT No 13 I.‘nollt 111.1 ot,
A " .nnero •i,
n,nephin, Pk;
JO-WPII TAYl. ll lc.t.
N° "1' lortli Howard al. Mean:lore, Ald ;
A. No 7 WGI.
tI .. New
en Vollci
Cll, Cent 13an , Pn It,
INAM jga
CL ARC, PA HISS & CO, Rochester, ra., Proptht
Ofnee cor Fonthbeld and Water sts, Pittsburgh.
111 i s well known Line are prepared to transport
freight and Passengers from PITTABUROII and
CLEVELAND. , any point on the Canal and Lakes.
The foetid...* of the Lille are unsurpassed In nerther,
arlay and enpeoty of Boats, experience 11l coot at.,
anti edtclency of Ate..
One 1.1.1 le,rvrs louldarghlol4.lCleve!and daily, nn
ntnx in connection with • 1.1,r of Steven Boat. In
tween I . ITINEIII I IGII and HEAVER, end
Vas LI
First Class Steed, ;tont, Ihnpelters and ss
th• Lakes.
Clerk. Porto & .The Hoch so, l'•
EN Yorl. - A t . .., loam—non
M II 'fey tor, Ivor rn. 0,
A & N Font. re
1 Brayton & Co, Ho. -mon. le
Kent, lironnell & frank Lin. a;
II A &Idler, Cuyahoga lane 0:
Wheeler, Ai•ron.
Chamber/al, Crwrrford.,%. CO, Cleveland., a.
Ilebbard & Co, Sando•iy,
Peckham & Scott, Tolcdo, 0, r_&
Co, Detroit. Minh:
aativgauk W.;
Morley A Datum. Racine,
George A tithes, Chmego.
Thole. Ilsae. Chicago. lIL
.1011. , 1 CAILIGIIEV Agent.
rar3o corn Wow r.d Smithfield MA
niagEg 1850.
CLARKE. PARKS. tr. CO, Rochester, P.P.... ,
lIE Proprietors of thin old end well known Line
would the public that they are now in op
eranon for the present mason: and have commenced
receiving Frei,bt and Passengers, winch Mey
folly prepared tocarry to all points ee the Cethei
Al te lowest mim On of the Boats of tho Line
will the
constantly e.
at the e
landing , below Monongahela
Bridge, to receivo freight.
Ocoee, ear Wee IT and Smithfield ats, Plttsbargh,
R W Cocci , ighany, New Castle, Pr,
Alitcheltreo Ye CO. C6ill/Ikl,
W C Mello .. Sharon,
.1 AV Ru Sharpsbarci
Wink, AO. •r & Co. Greenville,
Win Henry , Ilartstowni
Wei Pols Conneatimille;
John Heel, d Co, Erie;
John J lister & Co, Kochi, N
P Ittstrargh portable float lasi,
N B A 1850.-mai
ro Tai TRA3STOITATION 07 maim
TO AnT , FOOlt
Tan. , Boni Tsayss o , Cortnoo,
hibdelpl tta rtusburatt•
TCanal !. s ung no w open, the proprietors of this
long elm !dished Late are as oanal at their old
sta nJs, t ee., deg and forwarding Merehandipe and
Produce at 10 , e I v., and with the premPtness, net
andy, sal sly, t meoliar to their system and mode
of tradsportnts On, vet ere into transhipment is
••ottle , d, wi th the roi.oequent delays and probability
of damage.
Merchandise and Prod ore shipped castor vrest,and
801 l of !aiding torwardeo free of charge for COMICII ,
or swr., !laving no Interest di
reeilv or Wr
indirectly in was. thews, that of the owner ,
„ I te d w i m p * hoping their goods.
All contmumeati.rna to the .'ollossting agent. prompt
ty attend. d to.
NO 'an Market • 'feet, Ptludelino&
Carne r Penn and Wayne. n:ree., Puut.orgh
Jahn ,Mreurbogh 3 Co, C•c , North at i Then: P.O. Bali
A Co. 2.3 Doan e w. Dutton, t 4. & J. C. Taptcols & Ct •
6 ' 66 t 6 o•• N, 11V ant.; Janlca Wheetrught, Chnein•
nut, na r.D
U•Laween P l tabarigh an antern It es.
Toe Canal t, 1., now open, we are ready 10 recet•e
and forward po o, ty, produce and riletChafidlZL en,
and west.
o lw: ye al :wren% rites, charged by reape
slblr anes.
prodoen:ont Onte will be received ond
onion. any ebsine (or
ward,ng or ode meow, i r ,.. %ht. nonottis•wo or Cor
nil JrrcCllnn♦ a
ot Inthil. log reardr,l,. ."
fully erten...led In.
Address or apply In, V. VI lIINGIIAM.
Canal Outi ertt'
irri /111 PO
. 4111 C K,
rye.ween 1 W., rturn
WILMA, A gt.
Irrl, North 11..... rd
Nn 1(1, W„ IWeet.tievr Yolk
. r
llAttlenEN & Co.. Palnralllcor Ilemalttan 00 " .
Ilia, ADEN & conUnuo to "T'Pr P . ' ""
gibfrom my part of England, !relay Sc
c. otland
tth td or
Wales, un the most liberal ter.
utanal pp ncluonty sad attention to the ars.
fart Me, amiKT2lllll We do not allow oar p.
.'ty f ,
be roam 4 by the sartedlag scamps that ink
port., as she enlrge of Lion. the =Men a tmd AT_
part the. twine. l, aLil ,. Sed t o their well being,
Tet h 4 kg: y ',...``."rf; ,
genie to , th ew that they were defamed th tams
{Ammo 61, whilst thoosmils of omen • am det LL
months, a pal they mold be sent in some is Ama tr
rs to , svhicti too frequenily proyeed aoir cola .
We was ad to perform Um cnotraelt nonaronil•u
who, It at ay, and MIL set as wee the CUM 11111110 61111
With ether otbtemy—srho calor porfonno4 not at
orlon it ant ted 'belt eenvenniernee.
Wails dravro Pittaborp,i, for any •••• from LI to
/1000., Payable Utany of*" pforilend /laths lo
laad, Enlzad, 'tollikod sod Wales.
3051.111/. ROBINSON,
libtropem .rd Gmast Agent,
Fifth street om door heleratlVan.
ii r anity - --(7lthai, 14 a y, At
2 Oyes liollusd Our,
II ens N E Barn; ,
'alai -music
J. IL /11ELLOR, SI Wood street, her repaired eke
fiedortsne New Marie:
O U ALI froftg.C&ult Or, l ' h h' ‘ h 2t il lem 4 llot i e .
Mee.. Menem Alpe., I love Mee. When other friends
around Mee. The cot beneath the hill. Wen Mot
but mine. Annie Laurie—Scotch ballad. The Robin
—words by Ell= Cook, Music by Stephen Glover.
Thou hast wounded the rpitit that loved thee. The 1
0 ,..,.,, ~y wehhinguan. ne Irirh Mother's Lament.
Old Perten—Buesel. Ile doeth all things well—
woods., Widow Maebree—Rnmell The cottage
of rny mother—ilutehinsorts Low hacked eel—Lover
Elfin Waltzes—"complete. The Magic Ball. The
Bridal or Wedding . Polka. Jemmy Land'. American
Poll. LiSzy Polk. Pomo American Potka. Ttp
Trip Aborie. Polk. La Belle Baltimorean Polk.
Jenny Ltnd Polk. The Origina Scottish Polka—
Julien. Salatation Polk. blip Polk. Josephine
Polk. Summit Polka. Romingel Polka. The
pheignadrilleh—kleyerbeer. Jenny Lind annulled.
The Wreath and Delay Waltzer—Mrsest. The
blie ie. Drover—Va Italian aby Crerny. onument
_sound, from Home. Wrecker , . Daughter quickstep
Loolsintle Bluth and Vole/step. Wood p, Gyntek
lb StMLI
No 76, Vow
Sprang Su a 1
Vim ,
lutn Soper Revd
tri CARPET "L'' ,h t j e dit c c Ar r'
following,' ° , , `i' , 4 ,:
Helm Pile Carte, 2
•an Weasels
lEc nal 3 tly : Z
61i•h and Arnericl
KW& 1111pedilla 19
Extra nap. pateniCheni
finperfine Ingrain Cfi , rn,
Fates fine n
Rape:toe do do RIM;
n Tufted Rutsi
E m iZ e ;Mon
Common do
Chenille Darr Natal
Sheep Skin
• Extra printed plant, cO•el
- Embossed Plano
Printed woolen
Embossed Stand
Linen and wostaid "
Damask Star Linen;
Turkey 'Red Chintzes;
Quatro Bordering;
English Oil Cloth Table
ii; Covers;
Brown Linen eremb cloths g
Brass Stair Rods;
Stair Drugg,ett;
Carpet Bindings;
Jute and Coco Maui;
Allewat and Skeleton Mats;
5-4 and 4-1 Green Oil Cloth
le for Blinds;
Suva Ott. Corms from the most approved Eng
l.!, and Americanmanufacturers from 11 to 24 feet
, e width, which will be eat to tit moms. hallo; and
vestibules of any use or shape..
The undersigned baying Imported direct from 'Eng
land, his Velvet Pile and Tapestry CARPETS. There
osrpets, which are of the Weft mid most tic tot
styles and panzer., and attic men gofgeOUS colors,
will be sold et prices as low as they can be purchased
for in any of th e cactiern cities.
1 &Leo,
14, 1 and 1 Tap Ven C.
and I Twilnd Carp.
1.4, 1,1 and 4.4 plain C..
List and Bag Calve.,
4-4 Pruned Onton Caspeu
6-4, 3-4, 4-1134.1
Oil Cloths;
and I Pdaitisic,
15 inch pawns Oil Ckithill
COACH Ts:mayo.
Blue and Drab Cloths;
entuaon Plush;
Coach 011 Cloths;
Damask.. for Liolngy;
Watcred Murcia.
Bar Hparen t obend for WShatla.;
French tramp.
Venal. Blinds., s
7-4 4n Demin d 6-4 Table Linen;
Derail Crash;
Scotch Diaper.;
BrOgra unto N.eklts
German Oil Cloth Tabl
saving the largest assort+ sent of the richest and
aosi feshionable s, IMPERIAL TINIER
PLY and /NOPLAIN CARL which tar surpluses
ill quality and cheapness CA (
price any amortment ever
before broug ht l*this city. Ile \.o invites Steamboat
hien and Coach Menoth starers in his large and
.elected assortment of T RlMMlNUS,andother articles
necearary in their bus mesa
The undersigned's agent for the only Stair Rod
llanufaciory Phs' adelphis, ends prepared to sell
lower than em be I surehmed eliewbere to this city.
• _
ow Ontiod• 1 I NeWiooods 11
Nam Sprmg and Summer Dry Goad: for IEOO.
ILLIAIII L. 11.1.18131C.LL.
r...4v :A L'
re , Y
sin ten, A n
Third an D
d R
Vourth, D
sign alma '
Did !Ant lima, has Just commenced receiving,
and opening . ono of the most rich. splendid,
and extensts e stock of Spring and Summer Dry Urioda
ever offerer fore air in the Western country. All of
there. Imp" tied Chards ore fresh opened, anti received
per the la rt steamers from France and England; as
alto Irish Linens, imported direct horn Delimit, oil
Wet .c Lod, and warranted the pure article; these
Linen. all Imported by Ma subscriber, and are all
'nine fiat yarn, 'a.m.:ed. Also, Insh Linen Damask
Table 'Cloths, the very best manufacture, and Irish
Linen hirods of all kinds. La:darted direct from Belfast
by dee subscriber, and will be found the real ErLD-g0
Sr, •tylerich Tort Sanns, all colors, *plead./
good,,black Turk Sauna, all price., rich
.co.. glees 8,11.. all rotor, lato report.
1 renal
W, all colors, the bear imported; plaid black
A. ,err,ove. per last Flinch steamer, now • tyle peirded
Da tplendid Komi, Alan, a soperb and large
I st , ,eS el wide Mark Ittossel• lot. nin
, for iedug ladie• l
r 4,, each good., plain Usages on all rola",
estferi.ely 1.,w benat.ol good, Meet I,tik Frtnee, all
widths and puce*, very cheep; Irreneh lawns, new
toy per Ina French mearner, plain Lama tiro De
Rhine, loth •upith goods, black 'neared tarn,
De Rhine Brocade, rich goody; breath and English 1
Co•htnere , , n. style. hematite/ goods; splendid
figured So... Foods inr b ' all dresses; rich eedblotdered
Swiss Mulls tor evening, Swiss Edging tout
I aserung, the t... 1 wooled, Silk Tisanes in ell colors
and qualities, now •tyle, plain and satin mrip'd black
Ilareite•, all prieee, printed Lawns, new styles, from
to eetita per y•rd; Biome de Leins, • new ante.
for ladies . Al, • large and superb smelt of
now style senile Bonnet ItibLons, the very best on.
pone. , a new.
Canton crape ' , bawl, an colors, fresh from the Cus
tom Hoare; 'Ewe Satin Shawls, splendid goods, la all
color, per last steamer; beautiful changeable eine.
silk Shawls, fresh Importation relate embroidered
Canton Crape L'ltawls, superb goods; green embroider
ed Canine Crape Shawls, spliendid gaols ; Lapin's
French made Embroidered TtitbeL linear imp nation;
Pali. panned Cashmere Shawls, all pas
ces mind quell
ie. ; 50111MCr Cravats and Se fs In great vs.
•tty ; French worked Capes,CoLtars. and Co 6. • large
' Large u-
A Large Stock of
50 bale. unbleached Muslims, from 5 to if/ cents per
yard; 15 cases bleached hl ailing, from 1 to 121 reins
per ned. it crises lriss Linos, loom rad o 'set Rum
U•:!., It i.sit, Ticking, Irani to 23 rent • per 1 ard:
enses Moe 1)1111, Irate e to 121 Cents pet yard, Le
noir. a fell ••ISOT intent. of Summer ChM , . /site. Ca.-
•interes Twcen, Satinets, and Kentucky Jeans;
u. dark elllco, fast colored, from 1 to 121 001113
per yard; 3 cwt. Inapt A Sons! Engl.& Prin., best
deported; 5 bales Russia end Scotch Diapers extreme
ly low. Also, Iloasekeeptng Geotls of all turd., very
cheap; It b•lcs Desna Cash, fmm 51 to 12.1 eons per !
yard, besides s large stock of Cheek and Shintag
Stripe- Also, Canton Flannels, all colors and quell-
on, at low puscs; red, wino, and yellow FLanoela,'
very cheap, bleached and unblesshed Drilhrgs fell
IMOIIIn<OII 5 Oases blue Mernmack Calicoes, ex-1
"cutely lot; block and unbleached Table Diapers, all
price.,, I.ltol's ye Diapers, all prices and /realities, I
very cheap colored Cambrin, a fall assortment,l than even 3 bales Burlaps, from 121 to 25 etx
per yard. Also, a barge stock of Canon Table Diapers.!
Manners' Shireng —A full assortment, very cheap.
The largest arid awn opleodtd stock of Para. , s
ever opened by any este house in Pituthargh, t. this
day received, and are all of the newest Prenno styles,
which, (or mhos.. and beauty, cermet be surpassed.
As we have a large lot of these Parasols, they will be
nold cheaper than any tuber house in the city can af
ford to sell Site same tintallty of goods
The Lathes are respectfully owned to eSaralne these
Parasols as they will find wane of the richt st and
newest styles ever imported from Europe. These
Parasols see all of the richest and mow fathLonable
Gain, sod see worthy of the attention of the la dies.
All of the above goods will ho sold off at pnees far
below any hone ot the city, sod to order to Prof.
the fact, the public will plane cull end prtoo these
goods and compare them with any other h. ac to the
an LedC be convinced of the above assertion.
The subscriber umuld here say to his numerous
himen and the public in general, that there Ice two
other lice have sterns to market awns prmeoding in
who the his Dee Hive, winch to alone the only
celebrated mid far tamed Dry Goods .I.lbLililtnfol In
Finneran The subscrthar would therefore say to ail
rntellt,ll , of Dry Goals-either wholesale or vomit,
that the lily rice Hive, on Marketutreat, between Th rid Fourth.. now opening the largest; richest, and
roost splendid stock of spring and summer Dry Ocoads
ever offered for sole tn Pittsburgh
Now Ore tas coo le:at—The largest and most fashion
able Gott of MITAeu ever opened In this city, is just
received at the sign of the the Ike Hive. on Market
street, between Third and Fourth Sytetl, where Dry
Goods of every description are selling cheaper than
any other bone in the city. The public will please
take notice that there are two other bee hive stores on
placket street, who pretend to compete with the Ins
Ltoe llive, br,reen Thad and Fourth streets, where
the public will find, at all times the largestand newest
styles of Dry Goods, fresh opened.
Qt . Plet re lust name, that the tore Is between
Thud and Fourth streets, sign of the 810 DEF. RITE,
where Dry. Goods of every deScriptionar selltng
conxs at any other hone in the city.
Dress Peed..
A A. MASON CO., 50 Market street, between
AThad nnd Fourth, are now rent•ing • lenth S. -
tiornuelt of Iborege Do Laths; Penton Cloths, an en
tre new article; Yellen.; Crape De Lain, Joe; with
assortment of lawns and other Drew Goods,
' th ethirst styles 0114 runt fashionable colors
bus mould, dipped, and sperm;
Cu.:so—lSO b. Cream and Kristian Dairy;
Como. 2O
dot Ilemp arid Manilla,
Csomm--SO Matta,
Cioasa--40 M Common and half Spanish;
FISH—Z ., brigand boll boll Mselterel,and Salm°
SiLass—SO Li. assormd .net
Ilares—lSM Crime Venison;
lOU Sue. Cored;
Inoubs—ltm lb. I F and Manilla;
Ina-16 dos rlarnson• Blaek and Coppur,
Mor.a.-23 bola N Orleans;
" IS hal( Mks Sugar House;
MroMan — LV dos trammed. cubism.;
Maccammi—So lb. Itahan;
it., do
Ns it.s—MM key: awned;
Piestas—S duo jars assorted;
P. Cll.l- 30 beshels Salves;
P•rmt—in rem.. assorted;
itel , Borden.;
Sour—tet ml'id ?Wel;
VVOLII.—IU N °flew. and Clardia4,
Tat --od pa pea
Wean and Ulaels;
Tor.tro—t , s• 12,1, & it , to. r;
Stamina-41i dos patent Zing .
Fur sale by J waLu'Ams co
matt Comer of IRBIL and Woad It.
T A IURS! FURS! I,l.llll4l—The autmerlben snit p.!
E lor Coon Musk Rat, Oral and Red Sox,
and all Isuol of slapping Furs, MO Meteor cumin
prices. MeCORD CU,
corner DRS and Wood 111.
.7---per flanging,.
SPRING PEI, FiCrlON.—Will be received, by first
canal shipments, a new and choice assortment of
Wail Paper, of the lateat French and Eastern styles,
In gold, chamois, oat, plain and blab colon.
W. P. bIANSIIALL, Cate 111113
OS Wood street
JIB Corphrmership heretofore estados between S.
undertho firm or
comet. The Weiner. of the ol . d l firM ‘
4. U flitailLeld, ILI the old Mood, No.= Libeny etrett,
rmbargh. S BIiSIIFIELD,
S. U. BIISIIFIELD and 0F.066£ RICHARD will
eoeunne we Wholesale trod Retell Dry Goods and
Grocery business, al the old stand, =0 Liberty a 4
Wes we Um of S. D. UUSIIFLELD tr. CO.
March I,
l'ite V R this day usoctatedpeith 016, m the Whole
sale Grocery, Commiesleet, and Fel*.ling bisi
oe ss, says, R. N. and%Talesman. The
one. le Mali wilt be mauled ander the atYle el
St. Sons, a} t
adtlFmncauhe N ( Am , .
i 7AROPS/IstkPlais iP.
From the Vegetable :Kingdom, re repel Dimse,
Dr. tenyaoaes Itilroet of Yellow Doel
wad Ilareeperille.
COINS cecin:option, ecrofhls, crysirolas, rheumatism,
gout, liver complaints, anaml sffections, Mama, kY.
Phil., dropsy. asthma, piles, settrvey, affections as
the litadder and kidney, mercurial diorama, cor
rapt homers, rmh of b lood io the head, (ever me
egne, female complaints, general debility, drafter"
am, less of appetite headache, colds, COstiveneM,
Valle!, *hi swel:111, cholle, ergs= affections,
palpitation of the heart, bile., paim In the lode,
chest, back, ac.
It Is infallible ,o discuss adapt hew an ha
pare state 0
In the Vegetable Kingdom, an till-vrise Being ha
deposited plums and herbs, congenial to oar oortatltte
nuns, and adapted to ha cute of Beam; and to MI
vegetable kingdom does the reuonol amen, au well a
the instinct of an als, turn for antidotes to pain.
The Syrup I. a scientific compound of the most as
and enervating in substancea,land as it expel
disease from the !Rymer°, Imparts vigor and streapha
An extraordinary case of Scrofula, Erysipelas and 0
ems, cored; by die sole use of Dr. thrywnda Con
pound Syrup, 'Yellow Dock and Sanaparillia
Ibtootrwr, Nov. 17, INS
Do. Glovsorr. —Sin 1 tender my sincere tli.ka
the great t -nefit I have derived from t h e use of yin
•nflitlfiies!roll. I have been troubled very bad wi
scrofulous sore, which made -
Its sppearanee on rn
chin. I did not pay much attention to it at first, sup
posing a to be nothing but an eruption tom appear
on person's Me It finally boson to inereme, until
sDread to thr 'sok primed the head. I applted to •
phynician, who attended me all to no purpose. 1 hod
Cried every thing that could be tried. I new your Syr.
up of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, and concluded
mat se it, lor knew tat Yellow Dock was one of the
mos valuable article h s In the world for the blood. 1
boaglayour Syrup, and from the ere of one bottle, I
could see a greet change in my groom. I continued
to use it toot I wcs well man. I now feel like •
new person; my blood M perfectly cleansed and frm
from all impunties. There in not • question bet the
your newly disconermi compound la far superior t
any rwskiparilla syrup ever sold.
Thu certificate in at your disposal to publudi if yen
like, and any one you may refer to nee. I alkali be hap
p7 to gins them all the mformation I eau about my
cam, ko. I remain your obedient servant,
Clakosse G. Sconsm,
113 Market street:
The best female me ' dicine known. , The Extract et
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparill aa is positive speedy,
and permanent cure for al
FZ.I complaints Inc i dent to
Its mild, alterative empertiee render it peeullarly
applicable to the .loader and delicate COLIBLILUtiOri of
the female. It is unrivalled in Ito effects upon each
dioceses as Incipient consumption, barrenness, lee.
corrhoca, or whites, irregular inenstrnation, inconti
nence of urine, and general prostration of the system:
immediately counteracts that distressing nervous
nose and lassitude so common to the female frame,
and imparts an energy and buoyancy as sarpnaing as
they are ,gratefel. Me have evidence on file which
induce. us strongly to recommend this medicine to
married people who have not been blessed with II
Pirotarns Vent, or Falling of the womb, of 11v.
Year.' standing , cured by Or. Goya:aro Extract of
Yellow Doek end Sarsaparilla, after every other
known ...reedy had been vied without relief.
Wasmorrort, Ohio, Feb., 1840.
'lto. certifies that my wife, aged 07 mom, has
been tutoring order the above complaint for In ,
year•—nearly all of that time confined to her bed. I !
have for too years canst.ntly employed the hotel.?
ical talent mat could be procuved indult section of t.•
country, without nay benefit whatever. I have Ora
purchased every instniatehl recommended for die
ca the
Meioses, ad of which proved worthless.
the spring of 1848,1 was Induced by my frierids
to try Dr. Guyster. Yellow Dock end SassapanlO,
which was need for four months. After she had used
it for about fora weeks. it was evident to all that shit
wets amproOng, and from this time she Improved rap
idly, and glutted [kelt and strength, until the Macao
wet entirely removed, and ehe is now enjoying most
excellent health. Whl. MONFORT.
We being neighbor. of Wm. and Jells hlonfort
, know that the above statement, be the Oche.. 0
Mn. Monfort, and a. tit the ewe being effected by
Groom'. Yellow Dock end Sarsaparilla. to be etrietl)
,Draft Caro of Cenasomptioas
Ilawduredr, January 2.194 Y .
Mr. Bennett—Dear Air: The great benefit which 1
have derived from your Fztract of Yellow Bock and
Barsapaollarinduees me, as an act of Biotic°, to make
the following statement:
Alter wasting (or two yearn from general debility
which finally tem:mated to monsumpoon, I was glace
memends my ends and phystmans as beyond the aid 01
medicine. As hut resort, I was minced to try
your 1-Ixtlael, tuul having lased hut two bottles, an.
cordnig to your dlteetions, I run enure!! well. ;I
would theretaral car early teuouttoeol your al•
led Compound to the utthcled who Jcslte Koranic,'
plcuutnt and safe remedy. Uratefully your friend
tit. mart;
None genuine anion per up in large square bottles
euntnattot • quail, and the name of the ayrop bloom
in the eau, with the wroten anature of S. F. Ban
nett on the outside flapper Prior 91 pat bottle, of
ILI bottles fur en
It la sold by J .D. Park, of Fourth and Wal
nut streets, Cinetrudin, Ohio, lieneral Agent for lb
South and West, to whom all orders must be address
Caner k tiroNV. P. Judson k Co., Watt
ford; Oiln b. Clemons, Crowing•tlic; Abel Torte
blontrose; Hiram kits, Towanda; Robert Roy, Wei
Gores L. Rodenck, CaUensbunC.J. PAI , ou,Jr • ri‘
burgh, curare of Market street and the ho
SELI.ErtS.' FAMILY hIEDICINES— "They are the
medictnes of the day."
Graham station ' Obio, - May 23,3949.
R. E Sellers—{ think it rigto,for the benefit of others,
to mm some facts In relation to your excellent Fa
rutty Nedietnea.
I have sited your Vermilega largely In toy own
family. one vial frequently expelling large quantities
piny DV to 200 worms) from two children. I have
•1110esed oar Liver Ills - end P Coagh Syrup In my
faintly, and they A •ve, In every instance, produced
tba ler
As I r am engaged in meiehandthing, I am able to
vtate,Piat I have yet to hear ol the hret fatlure where
j our , Inedienses have been Rued In any 'tenon of the
country. In conclusion, 1 may state that th ey are um
medieteeri of th" day, and ate destined to have a very
citeuove parpulorAty. Years, ...vermin'', N
Prepared and sold by H. E. SELLERS., No 73 Wood
street, and sold by Druggists generally In the two
, cities nridj e7
- -
. .
rtl..9.ll39ithllLY AISSICIDIFM-- - Tticy are lee
Q Medicines of the day! ,
fininuses :travois, Ohio, May 99,1849.
R. E. Sellers 1 dank it right for the benefit °fathers
leeetate some facts to relation to )car excellent Fatal
ly Medicine.
I have needy sr Verminme larger) In my own low
Ily, one vitit , fry...tend) answering for expellingl go
qUentilles (bey Ito WO) worms from two children I
have also used your Liver Pills and Cough Syrup in
ray family, and they have in every produced
the elect desired.
As I am engaged in merchandising, I am able to
your that I km. yet to hear ef the first failure wiser.
your medicines h a re been used In my section of the
country. In concluma I may state that they_aro
menes of the day, and are dasdned
isstensive populanty Yours,
PrCP•red and sold by IL I 1.1D9,N0 5 1 Wood
meet, and solil by Draggle s generally In the two ei
nes mid vicinity. my3l
/111491ATDURE1/1 1- 1.:PPTIII - DaMPLAINX
original, only tone, and genuine Liver MIL
Snore Cams, Ohte county, Va./
March 26M,1849. $
Mr. R. E. Seller= Deer Sir—l think It a dal I owe
to you and to the public winces ly, u BMW that I base
been alEicted with the Liver Complaint for a long
lame, and so badly that an abeess formed and broke,
winch len me Ina very low state. Haling heard o f
your cele braced Liner Pills being for sale by A
S m lt y
rarii,,l.n,clV.estpLirlitlrtzone r c , :f i r o n e. d d el to tn e z h. b r y .
a fate trial. Tpuichnsed one boo, and foundthem to
lust what they arc recommended, TIIE DENT LI
VER PILL EVER USF.D, and after taking four boxes
I find the as
disee has entirely left me, and I am now
e'd"" liii COLEMAN.
• "
• ,
West Liberty, Earth El, 184 D.
I enmity that I am personally aeguelnied with ntr
Colow% and can bear testimony to the troth of the
&brae :eitibeate• A II SHARP
The genuine Liver PITH are prepared end sold by
II ES (.LEAs, No 17 Wood street, and by druggists
in the aro elites.
TO THE ÜBLIC.The original, only tree and gen
uine Liver Pills are prepared by R ESellers, and have
Ms name stamped in Hoek Imo upon the bd of each
tor, end his signatare on the outside wrapper—all
otbcn are eomiterfeim, or beta imitation.
R E SELLERS, Proprietor_
paten kii-V
Y V Just rec d, an invoice of full jewelled ilk
ver tVaiches,lB carets fine rases, which I can sr it as
low as thirty and thirty five dollars, and warranted to
keep g0a1....
Also—A splendid awortment of , JEWELRIi , coin.
priniii‘g.thnvariaetwnd latest styles, and best y anew.
m alter a
and Jeweler,
Price Reilac
TrrIIR SUBSCRIBERS will ll Muspratt's beet
quality and high teat 614.41 . and Soap Makers'
Coda Ash, warranted riMirrior to any ether brand sr
3I by the quantity ut 5 tons or upiwardu for currency or
approved Notes, at four Vg months.
or 31 ter • lc.
tit Liberty • . b. M
r Liberty crert.
le CU, hewn' arming.' to
JUL give their entire attention to the sale of domestic
Woolen and Cotton Goods, now oder their large
stock of Tailors' Tnrionings, Vestings, French and
German Cloths, Docollns, Gamine rex, .k.e. krest
LEA lIING POWDER-20 cusiefaelliuspratt &
Ben.' brand, • supenor emelt, for sale by
nerd W hl hlITCI1E1:1115:r.
CA=AZ gir o :Soda AL, Teifeis
I 0./ Bleaching POSitf,.ll•Cii per alim Oacubridge i
and now coming un by canal, for. ale by
N. a—They will receive, during Me 'Muter, large
turvnb• sr lam n•
'Derr •
rewil, en eissant 11111-11 i Itenc.NOVAl , Int hie°
1/ from the c01e1... 11 umnulaelery of Nunn. &
Cie.*, N. V., or superior tune, and very moderate price.
For rile by ii. KLEDER,
dole at J. W. Wooderells
LLIASI:I . IVORY PEARL TOOTH POWD ER. Wfor removing Tartar, Berm}, Canker, and .11
eubmances destruclive to the Tooth. It in delicious to
the lame, Menial ng the month, beating and lame/them
tog the pies, and purifying the breeth.
Foe wLoleule and retail, by
done SKILKRS. al Wood et
SOUR FLOUR-19 brig soluble for nu. or oiling,
lb, sole by fiel7) braILLB h. RON
I, A
111 R , (Hie—. Orly vectinotiM . O s r by
1)0T eit.k rOr ealo lovr, to sloes yorivivi
1. mem. 1,1 Bill JAblirA DALTF.I.I._
rOTNIC Ns ion received for sale by
iliteiCO b. oriole ree'd per Bidwell'. no,
for yale by UeY6l JAM DALZELII.
731E1E ORICK-10,000
r JeVS
8AJ.21"1-°@"" rtZvfiiirlißbivc,
NI on c0n.18...a1l
and lot mle
lA/ Its troW--tiLikedirss assent,
V received arid for sale DY
je% Bd. w
1,7 mre sdil.for sale Li
24 . 1111.5 . Haw &Au sad i rtu d a gl a cv4
osl - • • • in WSW OM
;110TICIC,. , !
THE Partnership heretofore aiming between the
mbscritiers i ander theDM or Barb. idle, Wilson
& Co., yeas this May dissolved by man comers!.
The busiesss aline arm rib be aettled by J. W. Bur
bridge, or Wm, Wilson, Jr.,
either of whom is author.
Icedd to use the Immo of the firm In liquidation
WM. WllmO e
a , Jr.
eitue. g b i yi I, lEl3o.—jy!
TAB. W. Beibridge & Beni. F. Inishrans Mom this
sp day usociatml Memsedroes under the bro. of litiay.
I bridge &Inshrain, to tremsact • Wholeaale Grocery
and General Commission Ilminess, lathe beam lately
oecumed be Berbridge, Wilson & C 6,116 Wales et.
Pineburgh, July 1, Mplil.--iy4
lA . FIE subscribers havre thls day formed a co-partner.
ship under the firm the NVllole of W o I Wllsoo,for thortr- -
ms s of transacting d
ralo Grocery and Com
potssion Business, at No all Wood greet
1444_44 .wrd. WILSO N 50.
d 6
ri s ijidwis Pliradoriftb — S - WliolittiEraii.z.
Iu sr recetved at the sign og.the Golden Ram one
itp superior 5 Wove Melodeon Piano, 'nth two setts
of Bxeds, the latest improvement. The above 1.
probably the finest Uttlest s o n, ever *dared far
~4 gi . 0,,,,, with a algtdv fi nid elegant exterior,
for sale by Dell_ II &LEBER.
FEIMITFrn.PVIL-10 0 tint — a - no bona paper Ilisil;
. 20 do do do 21.V38;
50 do do do Wel;
100 do news printing, 94.0.37;
100 do do do tarn;
00 do 'do do 20re-,'
1 do do do Wx1:1;
0 do Blue Envelope, tantiiic
20 do Yellow do WWII
50 do ?bailie do POWS;
tS do do
dO Ili*
600 do assorted wrappl . pe
ers. In nom for ule by 5011 N II Nyl Jit
Pt Wood at
---- ,
Nt01.101.11, 111 Tess.
D ECIDEDLY the cheapest and best place in PiMae
burgtoh to boy Teaat the Tea Market, east
of the Diamond. They sell •
Excellent Tea at •-- • • • ---11 A 60 per
Sopertor qualities-- ——•• • 0 7/ "
The very beat---*---• - • • --• • 1 00
Law priced, damaged, or Inferior Teas aro not kept
et this establishment, therefore, whether Tou go Tear ,
self or send • child, you are sere to obtain M s reed
article, and 'if the dawn . or:the Tea Is nogapprsed ,
they readily exchange it or return the money.
Iyer MORMS le"‘TU'N""i*"'".
SUN"EBI: box
10 brio do do;
5 begs do do;
10 b. BOOM:LS;
03 b. blould Coale.; •
irD boo No Sur.;
25 do: pale. Zino Washboards;
25 bf ehesur nowt. Gre. Terug
so caddy bzs do do;
lb le doses superior Blsek To.;
.5 wlbadield's ellra Hams;
For sada by 13 WILLIAMS k CO
/715 - Cor Wood Fit. sta.
Post reo eived, and forsslo by
• Y—
GOOK, u O Ogs 08. WAILFMLfi. •
Johruou—Amterieart Fanner's Eneyelopsedla,Buo•
Aeon—Tp eon and Shrubs, bee
Bro...—Trear of Anienta, bee
Thomas—Annrnrm End% Cultarist, Mao
Hoy—A GPide le the Orchard, lime
Drout—Family 'Kitchen Banterer, Ltom
Mulct—Tim Ai seriern . Bee Keeper, 12A10
Brown—The A 1.110• A Poultry Vara, Moo
Marshall—The ,Tarmer and Emir - men Band Book
Allen—The Ann Oran Farm Bea, Mr°
Dredeg—pruit 11.110 f AlAgritA., 12mo
uatt—The Hors a, eye
Bennet—The Pow tel Pent 13000
For sale by AM.M. D LOCKWOOD
.-" 104 Forth it
Al *doom Joarn 9.1 of 801.9saa and Arta.
nONDUCTEDand b Jou y Pr. st,D Do na, New H Prof- a
mo, Jr.,amm, Con
nectieut. nit Journal is tuned every two montht,
in numbers of lAtt page., a web. making Imo octavo
volumes a, year, each with .' nary Mastodon. It in
devoted to original •atlele• o.v Science and the Arts,
Coodenved Reviews or Abstmcm oft Memoirs and
Discoveries from Forleen. Perle dials, Notice of New
Publittotions, and a Deno:it Bolted. of recent Beim ,-
tMe nO asks. The Cast aeries °Detains : 0 mli o muusthu
last of whirl is a panful M the 40 volumes
ptgemtmg. Oubmriptloo, SS a ',AL In adv.. ,
I ea 104 Fourth at.
Good Maoism for 11...t0r tronadings
Drown—Turkish Evenlnv btotertunments. l2 ro o.
Toylor—Eldorado, *sots . Int.
Colman—European Life t nd Manners, 4 vo1s,11.•
Pletens—Domoy and Not vols, Moo.
Mackay—Poppies Delasit me.
vole, 12mo.
M arrel--Freatt Oleantogs,
G. If —Norman Ltshe, 12rno.
Shaw-130 IMb Literentre,.l2mo.
Prior—Coldern...llll.ella Peons Worts, a vols.
Mays—Ka l osalt,
Tsylor—Views Afoot.l2mo.
llumhol.t—Co.mohY vale,Elmo.
Forests by 3.45 D LOCKWOOD
Prt 104 Fourth st
BOOkls—C+01311.1•1 g. Ut••
MOM—Perfumery la Use snit Masinfaeure.
birdlo—Pbilimenrii of Nature. 12mo.
Cisilow—ispberrisms and Ilelee tons. 12mo.
bbesie—lleglish Literati. UM. 0.
Urynnl—What I in Califon:a I.
90. Pien e--Pani 2. sots 12.210.
Jan.—Lette to YOUDS men. 12 trio.
Burners—Bermuda of Doman NIM tie. 12oso.
teneour--Modern French Liters,. ms.
Humboldt—Aspects of
117041nrip—ZOOlOglel1 Reerestioru.
9 101Fosrslin
% Foster's New liCttdopina Ale Jodie.
GAV LYE to Ran all Night; Dolly Day;
Daley Jones; Go down to de Cott on Field;
Nally was a Ld>, kn.
De Kind bathe Loved Oats at Flom a;
Row thy boat lightly; True Loye, lry T.ilood;
Dar way across the sea, dueth
A new medley song, by 13. Covert:
Jenny Gray, mole by Nollec`
Joys that were crop:Mang, Weddlny blarchi
God bless the hu , l3 , W•hA
Conseript's Departure, op •W. v lover,
Sounds Iron Howe; Wahres, SSW yernaarktsche Co;
Lut blow of Senuner, easy varC wens by Mr.
United States Polk., Ladies' So uvenir Polka;
Corn Cracker (3aadrtller Lounortlie Quadrille;
Beaaties of Italy; Ewen., Trid I, AC.
A large sasotuarat of New Pei dliio on hand. td which
additions are made meekly. Fpr tale b y
feb2S J.ll. IS KLLOR, el Wood at.
Cheap Standard History.
CORY OF LIPOILAND is neer pub-
H by Harper A. Dr eta, Ina cola. cloth and
pper. at 40 echo per vol. Ithree vole received, and
tor ode by
idle Buildings, Pow* et.
79 AL
- Br
nn EDBURNI Ills Flo d Voyage, by Herman Menotti*
.111, whet of ..Typee sthroo," We.
History of tang Alf red of England, by Jacob illbboUi
with fine engravings .
Sidonia the Sweet maw by Wm. Hainhold.
novM corner Third and Mayhew:nein
•Chso of the 11 , 16.11 .Ressarkesdie Work, qf 0* Airs:"
of a visit to the -Mama. Chnstians o f f Kurdis
tan, and the Vesidis, or Devil•Weirshlppenr, and un
Inquiry Into Vac Namara and Arts of the Ancient As.
IVlTTentane A te "i' eg lig . b7P Ln rol. t d itoi E W:r?..k,
andlllustrated with 13 plates and maps, and DO
ems. 9 va;s. Sao, e10th,114,60.
"The book has a rare amount of grephic, vivid, pie•
taresque narrative."—Tribana.
"The work of Layard is the moM prominent COMA
button to the sr ody of andrpdty, that has appeared for
many yeast."- Diarist. Ing.
"Not ono err Ads In interest the tweet:int of Nineveh
and its Rains, ea. by BlkLayard-"—Washington
w ear.lntelli
"Aa folh ow the diggers with breathless Interest
in their cacao anon*, and suddenly hod ourselves be ,
tore a musty a fiKare Oarrea WWlManaa ILGTORCY,
now lifting Its steatitic head from the dust of MOO
Aran, we are ready ta cry out with tetran
Arabs, 'Wallah, It Is wouderfei, but It e.""--In•
dependee L
For se' ie by JAMES D. LO 6 3
nov 63 Weed at
• 4111.1 • •
TM '1 WOMEN of Oa Old and New Testament
Sited by E. B. Spree; D. p.. 1. ...a. tr.p.._
VY .. ° )2 "Zi ry A lig i gl,:l"rgs,TeTA g li
P OM, trY AME4lA,(l!nrs. Welby, Ky) a now
arod enlarged ednlok . lllo.lll o l by . eg i ct o mff m onj .
?y n tr i and " trlao— '". A varie . l 4 l:f splendid An t
I nu-
abSe road Gifl &mks.
well's Child'. Ma Book of rbe Hinory of Boma.
vol. lame.
use of Carpenters, Stnpurrights, Wheelwrights, Saw.
yowl, Lumbermen, Students, and Annum germsany:
twang a thorough and practical Treatise on Nansens•
don and the Sliding Rule- By D. 11. Raper A.
Boise's Treatise on Greek Prose Composition.
Otte ndonTs Elementary French Grammar. By Prof.
Greene, of Brown University. I vol. ISmo.
Roediger's Gesenius , Hebrew Grammar, by Conant.
Gewalt. , Hebrew Lexicon.
Loomis' TrtgonomeGT and Logarithmic. Tables I
9 ka g gilistuasa h Greek Concordatlth. 11 vol. (.•
Avian s Classiest Series.
Webster's %rib:warn revised ed. I vol. Bro.
do do unabridged. I voL
Barnes Notes and Qt./lona on New Testament.
Whaielra Logic.
Matheina's Ecclesiastical History. 3 vols. sod 2
i da. (sheep.)
Vestiges of Creation. I vol. Irmo.
Mornings among the Jesuits at Rome. lir'. (cloth
r It paper.)
Beene. where the Tempter has Triumphed. I vol.
loth and pa;ter.)
llOghtesTheolugteal Ulnae. emo. (cloth.
Alder's Vronsoncisg 2111.1 e.
Boirr's rieneo Newman'.
Srn.rt'• flortea. Fur Wet} lJ FlOYEaia
nowl3 Apollo BullJtne, Fount; At
• -
Bookseller d Importer.
al No. CS Wood them, has for sale a few copies e
Pte.. ha scummier of Ma edition.) of this saleable
vark, devoted to the Vnrsetv Muni of Document., and
other anthenne inform/auto rehires to the early a
plossium., settlement end icamoveatent of the country
around chea
tt of the Obto. By Neville B. Cray :.
Stag., ol s, in 2 rola Ehm.
norlo 1. D. Lootwooo
ociimAN IdittfielY: A illnoty. nto • flew of
AA, Liberty of other Ancient Nation. By Moat
Etq. Illaussed with twelve ongranags,,exe-,.
used at Kama 2 solo, deo., mamma with relt•COlir•
!ham heal Works. .
Javt padished and for al* by
S6ll{El Lk LOCKWOOD, Bootee/leer led
utZ i l tt y
11...t050. 73 eta. MRS. FANNY ICEM BLOB YFokli
'The madthg of this'book has irepreinsed.os will a
mach Meier opinion °ilia sensor than we had fa toted
from aMy.modee pemstog
ht, her other snitinit. Itwo f
tt , o of oug Imbed tomato pa 4
o ot
ellen M tha
any other predation re
of me cm,1 111 ....114
with which we arm acquointed-o—Eve. Mirror.: • ,
It to • very arrecabiened readable bookonitteetn.
For Kemble'e best trtyle—bold, sphited etita-
Sabin& We reeommend It to our readersas the hem
publication of the waxon.^—Reading Dar. •
It commas the Sara! of *travel through 1 lorofwi
and residence to Italy; and Is one of A. plea anal.
send most inkrestirg boots of the season"—Coat. moot
k:smairer. - . •
"A very ehaturetatmlebook. We have read It Dorn
%DM Peal:Phan with Ilinaboted Interest A et
yid ettusre f Ida In iteete. In .11 respects codttorO 4
modelle, Rome. .
For ale by_ JAMES D LOCKWO OD )
mg Wart ot.
-..- ilia fat
alibbeam and Pumas,.
41.„. 700
301 1 12141t,rati
4►7(►1:., mi t WA C 0.. ..
Basilt•r•, insonalsg• Droi•T
COLLF.CTIONA—Dtafts. Noses' and Acceptances
payable kn any pan of the Union. collected on the roost
favorable terms.
EXCMLANGE on Nem YOTilt, rbllidelphka and Bal
timore., Cincinnan, Louisville, Salm Loom and
New Orleans, constantly for sale.
DANK NOTl.l4.—Notet on all solvent binlg • in tha
United 9/111th discounted lathe lowestrates. All Gods
of Foreign and ArithriCin Gold and Slicer Cote bought
Often No. 55 Masked street, between 24 and 4th
any litt
irlaßlllt MIOII/0110.11.
A:LS On Enatan4lreland, and Scotland taught
any =mow at the Current L EIWS Or lirehartee.
Drafts parable In any part of the! Old Cowart . ..6,
froso,f,l to tiooo, at the rate ot NO Ito I. Sterling,
..Mewl deduction atewantn AVM,OGIRIA ROHM.
BON, European an eral ornoo ger ,• one
dOor west of wood oetint
-------;rrr'"D ulot
iissmiliags . talAnira
a, Rau
tiANGE BROKERS. dealers
r i"EaS rol *N Y Domestlo Bills of Fzehatle, Cor
m r° of =he Bank Now and Coln, comer of
1 3,1 str Wood swats, dimsdf *PP 6 . i.I3L _ Im Ii i r .
aim NentaekYs
. ?thawed,
flrehma " 'h. L 0.." "d g I
' b ItILMES & BONN .
stpl3 . DS Market wee;
New York,
11,114Mphilt h ri .
Constaatly (Or sale by IL flealg& BONS.
eepl3 : . M ?darkest.,
FCTIFYING DISTiLLE&S, artd Teased Wlne
Kesehuit.s, Cast side of the Damped, riusbangh,
ate now offering tithe eery lowest priee• let :use ,
"Rectified Whiskey, Oin ind Demesne Brandi; alto,
French Brandy, Holland Ginansaiea. Lon
don Oin, Isiah Whiskey, Brlmi ite. yen, She •ry_, hle•
dein, Champagne, Clint, hismeatell, , Tene
reire and Lisbon Wmes. Wholesale& e . niy2
ore WaP r g.Whr. P Pi lP P" ' r e'
Dc: a Post 0 o rope ,
Agent far Clinton
TORN WATT & CO. 4vir ntrooved their nook of
t/ Groeeriw toibe opponte side of Liberty
NE By-
O . M.AeI IN AMERICA—Her stork and her re
ward. Maria J blelmeob r autborof "Charms
tershmets," "To seem and to be." t vol Itano.
Lauer. Day Pamphlets, No It—The present .time.
By Thomas Carlyle.
Curmass.—alernoirs of Ltfe and Writings of Thos..
Chalmers, D D., L. L. D. Prelectlons on Builer ,
Palers EVidenees of Christimity, and 11.11Ps
Leen:moon DIV Lolly, with two Introductory Lectures
and (our Addressee delivered in the New Colimm,
Ectlabenit, by Thomas Chalmers, D. D., L. L. D.
I vol bbno.
Cum—Lire of John CalMn, compiled from authen
tic sourees,and particularly from his correspondence.
By Thomas Dyer, with portrait. 1 col Mom.
For sale by IL HOPKINS,
' ' Apollo Buildings, Fourth st.
Combat bambini
‘-‘ GROSS sap.. Polka; 10 do do very firm
2u 50 "R ag a ll ' af i Ilona Iteddinii
19 "
soo a a Wood
don ased Firm Ivory;
" Shell tilde Comba
l d
"b5 -roa n "P""D' r•
coo/ and for sal oby
febs -r "'"' 0 YEAGER, 00 Marker al
One lionandl HOT Holland{
AKE NOTICE —That W. McClintock bas thl• day
Tinerred several cank of the finest and best Buff
indow Holland,o widen he would mon respectfully
call the attennon of 6ls .111t0112Cra and the public in
Carpe[.ll7_.... Ware Roonts,7llFoanh at. )anal
AFEW .on Mlle GUITARS, Jou reed from the
sale by celebraLanated manufaJi H. ctory
F.LLOR. 81 Wood F. blar
at.and far
Looks Just. Iles•lved.
Mitchell's !Shims! and n•Tboara Beboot t Geotranhy;
new 1 , 00; I vol, lanto. •
Town's Analysts and Speller.
Lyre of John Q. 'Aduasi by Wrn. 11. Seward; 1 vot,
?ems by AD,. Denten.; I vol,121=0; nauslln;Allt.
Szath's Sermons—Sermons preached upon several
occasiens, by Robert South, D. D.; a new edition, 4
eels; useluding Postbureens Discourses. •
Same-4 vols. in th sheep, entre; tivo.
For tale by.. R. ROIRINS,
• Apollo I:l7lllup,Fottrth Jt.
nlnn elettetsoll O. W. a. etpraft.
1711 E undersigned, yruccessors to Arthurs Nickel
l. B on, beg [cavern ittlarte the citizens or Patent:le
nodpublic generally, that they have rebuilt the
OLE pa/DO:DRY and tire now in full operation, nlid
have paw of thfiir patterns reedy for them arket:—
Samoan which are Cook in_ Stoves, Coal and Wend Stoves, with aplendld air- g
tight Coal Stove, which is
Sow superemlinty In other cities the common round
ow.. Also, a cheap coal Cooking Stove, well .loin_
for small families, with • fall assortment of coin
ritton and wantellirate• We would particolatly
'vita the attention of persons building to cell at our
- warehouse before phasing, and examine a splendid
, of enarnmelled urc Orates, finished In hue style—
s, /arch , new in ibis market.
. :0 4 t
ase, No. let
-VEAGER"., Importer aoR Wholcaole Disler lo
6 , eu tit the Gilt Cat radiate,
Market sti Pittsburgh, Pa.
iVenteen Mercatr, o, radiate, and others rutting
:Pillsbury/LI to purchase is "'P"' Mdli maned
an assortment of litsf-
Usk, Americ., French and s.‘fic.,” Fut.? ilstnix
All Foreign Cowin alt his esi...b".hmmfi are imPffc
ed direct by myself, and eureka& s^ may Te l l en 69.
d ri fevm utiin ,. the largest Dna:Pri
mers Of articles, In the variety
line Li° rho .ater
T h e will be saline -.
for tats
city acceptances. The Stork coasts., In ' .l t o •
Lace Gaols, Ilosiety,t.loves, Ribbons. Stit t
Silk Cravats, Shots and PatentTbreads, Beath. "vt
Spool Calton, 'tapes, Suspenders, llusons, Pine, " m "
ales and Cutlery.
Gold and Silver Watched, Gold Jewelry, all (sada of
Drualtes., Comb. and altania.
FM9141011 Ceps, Revolvers, Pistols, Cloak., Silk
Cotton Ponca, Spectacles, Steel Pen., Music Boxes,
CUP .% tinge and Umtata.
Ilreitnes,Findudry and Trilemings.
Teri and Pansy Gm* together with !large •aria.
ty of Fussy sad Staple DRY GOODS.
'C. yteura Is also agent for the celebrated Lan.
caster Combo uovil
Great Waggish Railikeitly.
von omhs.Colds, Asthma and Co.empn: The
r , GREAT &rip ONLY Ita , nlYl' Mr the cured fMe
diseases, is the RUNGARLAN RALSANI. of ,
LIFE, &mothered by Use celebrated Do. Buchan, of
London, England, and Introduced into the United States
ender the immediate enperimendenee of the Inventor.
The extraordinary seems of this medicine, in ass
cure' of Pulmonary .diseases, warrants the Anierbmw
Apia In solkitlng for treatment the went possible ca
ste that can be found In the community—casen that seek
relief In vain from may of the common remedies of the
day, and have been given up by the most dimingeished
gorde,nne H.onittried and insurable. The 111.06.
in Balsam has clued, and will cure, the most desperate
of eases. It Is no miack nestrum, but a standard Eng.
Ush roolleine, of known and established efficacy..
Roney family In the United States should be supplied
with Euelotres lialmstien Balsam of Life, not only ge
opitnitylgt the cOranniptiVe tendencies of the climate,
but to bi- used tea preventive medicine in all oases ed
wilds, coughs, spitting of blood, pain in the side and
chest, Irritation and soreness of the lungs, brochitia
difficulty of breating, heaths fever, night sweats, mad
salon and general &Wiry, astma . Inflisensa, whooping
Leonel end droop.
Sold in large bottles, at IL per bottle, with fall diner.
lions for tho restoration of health.
Pamphlets, contsining a mms of English and Anted
elan cenitldates, and other evidence, showing the ett
sanallal =sits of. this great &mash Remedy, may be
obtained of the Agee% gr"....41
For sale , by .
si and-Wood and Wood and OM ma Jeod&wil
rioluiso Lai It!
Paturtmen, March 27,1947.
Mr. R. E. Sellers—ln Jamie° to you and your incom
parable Cough Sim, I beg leave to state, for the bell
e tit of the community, that my wife has been several
ti.mes afflicted with a most distressing comas. I put ,
4b used, is Janatiy last, a bouts of yoar Syup, saltierp
ea red a coup of two 'woad& stasiling. Abu.,
am Oak since, the hough returned, end was so several
that she court harlly , move, from weakness in 'h°
2444 dent for one bottle of Inc Cough Syrup, .4
a part of one bottle cured the cough I anvo the other
journeyman who was severely &Mk tett, who had,
to ONO his own words, 'eaten entitle ti cough candy to
care all the people On Pittsburgh; if the candy hid
been as good as maeliented.
Yours, respectfully, Ate= 11. Kuria....
Prepare- and laid op. IL E. SELLERB,S7 Wool,
andu a. by Druggists generally - 1n the two
nide& delft
, .. J. A. BROWN would reepeck,
rally inform the 'public. Mat for
keeps on hand at hie stand on Me
wet ride of the Diamond, Alla:
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