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Bosik.i.nas •
rrilE Wile Montague Compile, aceptl theft'
with SaoSerg awl florarina PhOtn2Cat i v i,"
It to =van.' pet means foot. Cc mutated of *brew
3.7, :I' as, for rooSha 'ache lusildieße an d
.‘kP. , c
Ship 13beathing,14 48 inches, from el e ta
27nuecititepe.Wira Sugar Molds, re ontlc3 Zioc
They'vratst their Metal Tura .ed (roc from 007
Ikllllll.lClf* Of OT any elter IrubstUltia, and re
commend it for the mannfaetare of meet arV Elea
the house futuleiting late, as ft doe, Ott real., Is ton
,affected try the &emu of grger,•nd cosy to polished.
palmed, and japanned •
Sampler, model', plant, rimciSecLeec, and ether
taformationmay be had add , . +acct.:—
WM..4e Proecw, Nee. Ver.;
Mariam, ROll.l. & Co •
PicruiyheerSa at Ca, Philadelphia;
Stan, Do EtravMs. Nino, OtlAmr:
F. 3.1111.M0DX, RevideittlAgent,
Liege, May at.; Now ?wk.
=wadi.= •
lidward A. Clearrelt
16 South Calms st near Baltimore a Itattiolore,
(Late E. Oed Ire, te Sons, N. Y.Y.
LAIPORTRIt oflattee Find ings,and Dealer in Leather.
of VILIIOIIII klstela: ,Pitgltsh and French Kid akin..
each Calf Skin., Patent Leather ' Morocco, red.
white, and pink I . o.lll6finincNke. Laatines, Francais,
• Shoe Knives, Awl Blades, Shoe TIIREAD, Meet:.
Tacks, Shoe Nails sod Shoe PEGS, of all Ves.
E. A. U. having moablielled the above busineas
Baltimore, is enabled to slop goods- South or Wein
with tha utmost despatch, and at the lowest price..
Alanafactarers, dealers, and all others; map rely
upon obtaining every article in the trade, of the best
quilt!, and en liberal terms,
ffrlplanufactarcr el Lads, Boot Trees. Shoe Trees.
Clauttee, Crimps, Boot Stretebersoke. All bilk," will
promptly executed LAM tide. for task.
A catalogue containing • comrlete list of every
eleAn the trade will be forwarded to'those who
11111? dash.. It.
m al4lltd3m near Baltimore st., Baltimore.
Broadway, aoraar of rfallOaa Lase.
THIS extensive HOTEL has been cited by th.
sabseriber, and has been completely refined
moat elegant manner. Large additions are cosi
being mode, nada., when completed, will t Me
Moat exteadve Hotel to New York. It Moldears! .
nation of the proprietor, to make it equaN In cam, re.
apect, to anrather House la the United State. Ilakl"
canon la die moat doalrable and central in [heed'', be.
of in the faabionalde Dan of BroadwaY, eenreNrnt
to all the public !diddled., places of arnmacment , and
baldness. Uratefal fin the liberal pattonade reeeived
from his entatern friends, +Lila at Oameariand, hid.,
and more recently at the Weddell Woad. Cleveland,
Ohio, he respeetfally aphelia •rcirawat of their patron.
awe, for hi. new estabbidiatentyala Na
ou ala York, end
hero to aware them that oven , coort
be given to their eonifort an bin d
New Volt, 111srah,14,1e-r.r=647m
°Meer, George street, Plymouth, Englmid. The
rain agera beg to acquaint their numereas oltronii that
Le next Distribution of Portrait. et Dade Homes, will
colorise those entered for the forthdonong Gould
National Derby Rikee: the ruttier of than. In ae
hatted m 5,030 each class. Fin claai member SPA
emceed glare dit t to Fatly application for the an
amiroprialtal shares Is necessary. A patty aubse•tb.
lag Sr more than one share has the chancre( gaining
au owl namber tonere.. Those Ter cairn who draw
the van.. Portraits win be presented with Ma fol
,owing as
af Ist dim !cheeses td ditto-
Winner, or First Horse LA,VOII sto ma
Second llorse• •• • Ithrtoo OC.,
Third Horse rind l i uS)
Divided amongst Steele • • 440
Non Starters 6,ult) 310.0
Thom em SOP bonuses In each clam, that bring the
number of tonal entered (or the ram The /Drawing
wilt be coadneted upon the Sarno leyitimme promotes
as Megawatt!. charantertroo the lois St Ledger end
otheroroceediage. Fall ',artesian Of the result volt
be amt to absent members Immediately alter the de•
clslon, that each Amy know his posttion.
Babserther• reglstmed and .trip forwarded an cc.
tripled. Ircaariulee. Bab qf Pophange, rr+A., Book
Noma, addressed soid made ,payoule to th e
Managing DirettOra. W.:JAILEN & CU.
Pine per cent. commiseirns to lid reduced en the
preseettat.n of bonuses. . : earldaro'
Issoi REED HOUSE, ( 1950
KEITH & DAUBED; Or °plait-or.,
Psalm Span., Erie, Fa.
OF.NERAL STAGE OFFlCS—r.asleen; Waen , n,
and Poonbern Raged, leave !hit non,. Jallr. , Car.
tinge. to and from Steam and Packet lWata, Orates.
M. W. Karen. late of the An:fenced Metal, Erie, P.
G. W. itaaasLinete. elthe leinaadan nen!. OILIo.
rte Jam*. Illsseraytis Plaid !Magma*its•
DIKEDARDI) 1114er the immolin e care of the le
-1 venter, mid established for upwards of thlrty years.
Ties elegant pleparatiou Is recommended in all
eaves or Lily, ecidines, tudige•tlan; gout, mid grovel
a• the meet sere, cosy. awn ellectaal form in 'which
blautimaa may, and indeed the stole one in which it
ought to Le exhibited. possessing MI the properties at
the Magness own general uscoxithent beau' liable
like tx, to forte daegerous coucret one an the bowels,
It citually cares h,. eanbisna
soda, put wit .. '
•lieuant injunng the
COILIII of the stomachd their ;
bottoms ore known to do; it presents the food of in•
fants turning 401111 in all ease• to acts us a plasiing
aperient. and Is peruitarly 'adapted to female..
Sir Humphrey Davy testittiot this 'Outten forms
soluble cromhinatio. arab aWgi acid sults in Cues of
goat and gravel, [herby eattemratitteg Heir muneca
tendency, when other alkalies, and teen &Nguema
heel( bad failed.
Rum Sir liblitp Crampton, Bark, Surgeon General
tklito Army in Deland:—
"Dear Ha—There ean be no dealt that blooms
may be administered more safely in the Arta el a...-
contented solution than in substance; fur Gus, and
many other reasons, I em of opulent that the Paid
Maximus ts a very valuable addition to our Materis
PHILIP civoirroN
Ste James Clarke, tile A. Cooper, Dr Height. and
Messrs Guthrie and Herbert Mayo. of London, strong.
ly =commend Murray'. Fluid Bilthlle6llll, b eing ' in
timely more agile and convenient Mae the cold, and
free from the danger atiouthng the tonsumt eke of
Soda of p 011...
For suds by 01612E90r:cis •n.I prnociet
UAFpm:: KtrrtH 7 l: idt'
C.. of W 0.16. l'eds
OTICF. It hetchy ee , . that too or about ine dJoh
of April, the roubecriber• had to them.
loP l o '. ellsbure. VA,the mho wind yaw, vat —A how
drown by 0. A. Xiang, plaid.. Glir vr.ter. datcd
April 1110 Ai 4 orionihe,lot 301 n Nolo drum y
John Le ram., tome Onto hnd time, tor 31117. hod
o&non by John Wod d: Co, in favor. of John S.
M.rknll, slid le-endeared by no, dated April Lb. 01
four sionino, for 1075. The above oruc• Were hover
received by no, nod thin is to caution all persona
nuainei trading for or louyend the onoln, no PoTrn , n l
oi thorn Lou been Mopped. tS AW II ARIJAUCiII
.tl.l' largo Cools eOird ewe. Of trap ; Sprint
A V au F 4 Summer has win Inca opened at
Alegandcr !lac's, No 15 blarket sweet, north wet
corner of the Diamond
tits m affordoar retlomers and Me
public to tact, it at great plen•me to be
able IL 116 p it embraces tildEftT IIAttGAINS in al.
most every rleveription.f rend.,no a large Iwnwa
it was purchased at Lb< recent tensive auction sale
to the eastern hems (Jar asaortruent, Lath of tune
and staple goal., It very supenor, and agotdo to al
earth haters, either fry vvint/coale or rcual, a hue op
portanity of ceninf truth wwo end Faroe
New style Foulard silks, very cheap; rich plain an.
geared changeable ants. of $.1¢10.1 every voyle all
gar anty; aeper plain and geared WM. silks do. Ina
rag. and tiouct; barece de la mane w and hand style; near elite I mush, Ettglith, :tentel
.awna, en great verity, arid at very low pricer; pie".
A glared. god satin 501111.1 do .Imot or. an lad. W.
Inten latter. of all shads, and sullied ging
lukaa, chlatu.,priut., *r.
Super ekernelcon lilt mom:. 1 plain and loomed
black do; plain and embriiiiintiiiTiot et
mere do: a•pet plain and embroidered white and
colored emit. dal "••••• 414 ,1
A fine 111.1011010 01 11101/A. tionscorkm pinnacle,
f, pearl braid, &Inaction braid_mbl
iw i.nne..
li.atb t Iteadr,
.11p.r Eng4.4i:ray
A firm mock of rupee.; Tel:an-ad
fromfamed ailk and
sain Tare rano... of oil polar. a nd
A large msesutietu of Wiper /tenet., Ilinglish and
Belgian clothe kid 'eamisteres of all goat., and
Dram, m whica We wand Innto the anentltu of the
threatma of brown and nleteened
cheeks, chambeare, sadness, At, 111 very large, and at
the Very teasel grim,
Al., a large tot of table darter. •nd cloth,
brown and Wombed; flame a Ann Scotch deeper., crash
linen. neaten.. eolledo and wool a goods for men sal
Loy.' wear, link linen*. red, verline,Aud yellow tlan•
al gingham. mk and linen WM. and
atom. of al ands, taatyry an! bonnet ribbons, ant
hem' Amami, ae, to all whisk wa would reepectlally
invite the atteatron oflralt
tel.! calk
buyeta ' ' ALEXANDBIt& DAV,
motel ES Market m. .AI eas nf the lat myna
- APPLY. Tridtaiim.
I Ah ll
noir prepired faltvish Apple Tries, from the
kuowe Nome,/ of J.aeol , N. Armen. The
I recs e
wlll 4o delmercd at the wharf it 111tmargh fur
SU per handfed. reterms wumtsm genii Mealy trees
elmild leave Mei, order. ,oen it the Drug. Need, and
Warehouse,: 4 earner of Wood and.ll4.W
A lete r r s il t, !frog te.11%; tnrolZig . e t'
l , Pa. .11
lai &WICK, II
we Oace to norCth t). have mov o f
L klub mea c orn er of Wood
slid Third arert• —P—
iiltiV . 1 / 4 A
C L O .
C l No I7 II WI., n
Id. r t m o
10 Wood
h a i v d e a trtoem t o . ved to
to tho
.41'e4.4' 6 ...' , Y ".itPital LT 11.0', Jonas & Co.
Stia di I if Ch hatatiliritaiAt-a iihr - --
1ST): s Small do;
&J bid 2114 - Itlf6 & TOGIO do; tell ledtired
.od for !tale Lv Milif.lth & IlltitChirta IN -
Plantation tlofar and laolaueo.
IS: hada common, fmr, & prima I'lantalma Cagan;
*Vasa brla Plan auon
cypras WU, do do, in more, Inc :min , or
—1..:10 1...5. for .ckm
iaiiOr..Tho 1 :or woo by
11 leYl C 11 :AUNT
Iff I
11 88.8-10 tn. Padleld's 8 Cams
30 tee Evan. frAirill's do
tea D. blaey'a do,
dies easrused Deer round
Coiaale *tea plain '
b Y—,„ — lB9 l - SELLSRB NICOLS
Xr..VA , 8881811--151 I- etimi, sT
,IA rod !!!,02 , 7_,L linlnj ItualSON. l'I.E:_!:(114_
erraargriiit7 l- .1-tt - i4
WIS. NO I Rosin Soap'
Jan oactio ed and ter
-fq unx. Dr Zogro;' Lart!iogrort 'liar, ee
I Celved and ;J MOD &CO
- 24/10R r. vossemEk bwr oLe
: J R lUD &CI,
ri - WeIfiRELOTEIITERIn,tiff...Mc. 7
a co
Nl-14-if t4t 1 1-
11 ( :11 r n
_k• _
nintiostr•L-2*.iiiu;.i I.y
Jiuw VO
-- - 11MtMMUS'
- J. Ile
O. $ 1 712 VT .,
‘ iZaenc,
- • .
the following:
Molly, do you Love oat, by S. C. Foster.
' Olt may the Red Rove Live Alway, do.
:veil , " wee
Neal a Ludy, do.
Un o , do.
Gwine to Rim all Night, do.
Dollypay, do.
Soldier.. Wed...ting, by Glover. ,
The Robin. do.
Oh, Tone the Cord yet moo wale.
Sweet Memoirs of Thee- •
silver Moon.
1 Lemma of the high Rmigrant.
A New Medley Enna.
'llota hest Wounded the Bpi it that Loved Thee.
The. Cane cripl's Departs te, by Gk..,
lte Rand to the Loud Ones at Home.
Low 11.104 car by Lover
Do you ever think of ton.
Let 0 - entle Lady
llatehelor, Maiden Bella Welts, Concert. Ladke
Sot, -ir, Cony Elvira,l4l9 Abe.
ags. liarty Pilllol2.
VETE cater not Into the fist of miderhwesesthnothing
abbot Hundred. of Chests. Importers, large
Capu Uptight for Ci.b, Est In fact, we will not
hambag an any manner or fano, we •MIPIS invite the
public to compare oar Teas wits that they Ourchase
elthwhere; this ie the best meiturd we know to ascer
tain vane sells the best and theatre.% Tw j o ,
burgh. 'We are now selling
6eml and strong Tea at 40thd 60cents pee lb.
A prime article, do
T o . imported Into th e U. States, St
The bee
acre, OT inferior Tea. we do not
Low pnud, " 111014RIS lc HAWORTH
I keep. proprietors of the Tea Market,
East side of Dramona.
Illeolhaosoal Work.
U. modpolt. CO New York, base In count of pub.
licallon, in put., price twenty five cents each,
.ty Musings, /Urethra.. &stens Work.and En.
etnrennxi destgnth foe Prattocal Urvrluzir
Mtn, and thaw intssarti .fte the Hogs.
steering Prt~ awash
torn NT 0.1.1il erase.
I. WORK. is of large boo. ale, are will contain
two Morrill. roots, and epwarde of MI THOM
sub Itherr.noste. It will vegans worting.draw.
into and desClipliOn• of the most important mach.o
en the United Bates Independent of the maul. 01
American ingenuity, It will contain complete tamed.
oat tread es on Alechaeics, hthelitherli Engine-works
and Ifiglneering; with all that it useful in more than
one thonsand eoliths worth of folio volumes, mega
sines, and other booth
Tlio great object of this publication is, to piths be
fore practical men and students oath an amount of
theoretical and scientific knowledge, in a condensed
form,. shall enable them to work to the best advan.
athßg 'L."! 'i otint ' o; w us h e i u l l I they
Tmlife o o l
des brought wetter is-almost beyond precedent in
tech works. Indeed, there Is hardly any subject
within its range which is not treated with .mot clear.
te e th
and plemsion, that even a mirn of the most nand
nary capthity cannot fed of understanding it, an
*us learning from it each which it t. Important ur
him to know.
Te publuhers are, in short, determined, regardless
of to mate the work rte completes possible; and
W hoped averyarie Jeelroe• to
the work will
orthare It az tweed in thi ¢ ners. and thus erica will
thThe enterprise. '
e work will be:Limed In semi-monthly nambem,
commencmg in twittery, 11150, and will progress with
treat regularity.
The 'whole wort will be published in 40 ti istime.
at sZ coots per number,und completed width the ca r.
rent year, Ira% A Likud discount will he made to
Any one remitting the publishers Ste to arlsthee,
theU MOM. the went through the port °dice free ol
optatoof of 4. Pr. " .
"To our owner°oa filthafuntostre, file-ethnics, Fa
racers, and Artimns, It will he a Minn oiS wcalth."—
Providence, (IL 14 Journal.
"Young melt, arm 901Irmilrell with its knowledge.—
We can with conhdenee recommend our readers to
pongee *solecism+ of its norabet • as fast as they th.
pear."—Arnencth Artisan.
"We thkesimungly commend the wort to those en
gaged in or luteremed in mechanical or thientific pm
sir., as eminently worthy of their etanunation and
etudy."Troy,(N. Y..) Budget.
"It is ualy e peat wort, and the publisherti de•
serre. Inc Omits Of
d ine:mum. machinwie. and mans
lacnirms. sod mike of the public gencrally."—N. V.
sffhis Diellouall and be highly useful to practical
arechthles, and saleable to hig hly
who 'nab to 'mordant
then.elsce with the'protr.. Of invethon in the hie
an.."—New limiters! Daily
"I oung mechanics flight to keep posted op in the
armies! . well e• pact cal knowledire, and thin
cork show theellll. l haw 11.3 , stmnd." — IMMWM
We Alas a to tic but the wort that scones soul hun
dreds of our Intelligent mechanics have desired to (pm
ticss. amipie.Me &Rennin:Ms, and w 1011 mad
minute its 'arceifteationa, aoalll sets .Its aatmp
Mechanic might contetht nor RaneNtic t: d,:acribea, ore
•he • retigth of its cog remote and instruct...all—N.Y.
CommermalAitiverumr. •
All interested to mechanics should avail them
selves of de advantsgeAr—Sehoylkill, Irenn.,) Jour-
n al.
"A wing of opens/ye practical unlit) and great'''.
parlance and valor to the wpidly increasing interests
of lbe country. regent the work as eminent!)
calculated to promote the rum of IL*IICO and the
machuital arts. and to di sseminat e velaable Inform,
hon on Meta eubjecta..—Farcom and Mechanic.
"Practical mon In all the vaned walks of mechani
cal and manufacturing industr7lenalnetnag he- will
find in Oaf work a trcuare which at will be to then
piot to poem co."—Tray Doily Whig.
"We hums carefully perused the numbers. and base
no heaution in saying that it is Mo but stork for me
thank, tradernica, and seienufic rata, eves patilisti.
ed, fee to Obolibm•intuoto Infottnation on every branch
of the amehuneal arts and sciences, capreseed in a
style slid language intelligible many rendbr of ordi
nary capecity."—nloucaster, (Illass.,) News.
-Wo are SUM we an-doing the mechanics of Nor.
with nod other pane of Connecheat a brildeC by
bringing the work to their strenturmll—Norwich,
(Conn I .barter.
"It la rut meta work as every mechamc should
pow W eas "—Freeman's Ment
o consider hone of the Mod useful nod auponau.
imblirations al the age. Nn urcettnnic can afford to be
manna Is —Newists, IN. J.,' Commerc.ul Coun..r.
• i tr all the oaf." publicatimis baring for their ob.
last the Multiunit and IdTlnerr4ral of the muchant
cal nets and s"lences, none that we have wen, is so
(al of (aorta. as lbw "—lts tfale Canl.•Oobr
thr he 4 and Ithe.v•L Wort e •rtOOoTCS to fie
sc eatific mul engineer nod methanol he
t am us benuttmlly e 'l xec ared."--n mhatuton Globe
Great finetranarg is Oar of the most artful
works um published for years, and the low prat at
obit!, a is mild makes a acceptant to ail
we regard it. one of the mast comprehensive and
stainable, as well as churnt works over published."
—l.lslttruore Advertiser
Wright to be takou by every one desiring to keep
ago with the regress of err ...lartniee 'nutty au
nf the )sterrs o dinbred ttfe '—ftondotatitoarter.
t•lt is designed after the pr ,,,, C00 or urc ,, 1 1 .
ry, anti that n re more devueed to the mech.:neat and
rmrtadnrattl &boy nIL .• valuable
tra nenompltehing fdr Anted.a saint lire Into Jane tar
I.ldg - tait, .11 neserildttg Amerman machtnery and
art.rtra a.% ”--Stelentifie Alierican.
paalished In milliner. ..I at s prier so male.
rare, look ire at what is coutdlll/4 Mooch number. that
no one tall° bas the least Itrietest in each matter.,
need 14 Veroled front procuring It; end Merl' noewh
does so, will find that he has in a co:ideated taro
amount of tivitmetion which would be obtained, if Iv
all, only by the purchase ornery many voluntean—N
V. Conner and I.:nut:Orr
cbmprchen.atencel with which the subject
are traced, the admirable manner in which they are
illurirated, compile to mate this one of the room duet
raids vents ' . —loomorrooloot
.1 la.wors should Le it: the hand. of e ery mechanic
art oral, .11.1 manor.. . erperially those who hay •
the least aipirations to excel in their reepecuve bmi
tomes. We I. me c &retell y enema:lod it, with a new o
recommending ti tO Illtealn”. To thrill we wool.
In the strut r, laticoace bie 11.1. mi -It to usual."
traltlmore IWOoliltife Jou
to the NrEsAraperg throughmil
gAn Unded &au and Canmia.
It thefore4otng adventnement la in•erted rtee land.
Gonnathe year, arid the paper cent/leg it sent to ul
• copy °floc Work Will Le rent grans in payment.
Con: airung no AliTettifl i 130, other Mineral.
Tfollowing testimonial was given by the celiW'
j booed In. Wackier Reach. the authorof the great
medical work entitled "The American Practice 0..
Medicine and Family Physicinn."
"Haying been made acquainted with the ingredient.
Which compose. hlcAllister's Al4llenling Ointment
and having prescribed u - d trued It in several Caere Ii
my private praktice, I have .o herniation in saying or
certifying that it ill. Vegetable Iterumly, canto 1111 l
no mineral substance whmorcri that its ingredient.
enmbined as they are, and used as directed by tbq
Propneter, are not only harrialess, but of great oaks
being • truly ecientific Remedy of great power: and
el:mm{l.lly truly
a as • compound which Gm
done much good, and which i• adopted to the cure of
a acorn swum of mires. Though I have never attire
reconateended or engaged mthe auk of secret medi
cines, regard for the univ hone,t, COritt.tratioll, ha
character of the Proprietor of Ibis Ointment,
and the yoke of hi. discovery, oblige me to say thus
much regarding H. W. IIEACII, D. D."
New York, April Ltd,
7tURN9.—It is one of the Lent things to the srer!il
• r Dam.
PILES. —7lonsands are yearly cured by this Oint
ment. It never Mils in giving relief.
roe Toners, Ulcers, and all-kinds of Sores, It has
'" lf Othorn/rmd Nurses knew Its •alne In eases rd
Swollen or lime Mem:, they would always apply d.
In ouch ease., If used areoiding to directions, it gives
relief in a very few hours.
Around the Irnt are direction. for using 51cAllmtcr's
Ointment or Scrofula, Liver Complaint, 111.ipelas,
Teller, Chtblain, Scald Head, Soto Eyes, tianey,
Sore Throat, Oroectuies, Nervous Affections, Pains,
DlSC]ee of the Spine, Bead Ache, Asthma, Deafness,
Ear Ache, Burns, Corns, all I/Ideates of the Skin, Sore
Lips, Maples. he., Ewelllng of the Limbs '
Rheumatism, Files, Cold Feet, Creep, Swelled or 13ro
tau Breast, Tooth Ache, Ague in the Face, the.
From the Reading Eagle.
There wita never, perhaps, Medicine brought
fern the tbo public, that hos In so short • LIMe won such a
reputetion as Me Alltster's Allillealine of World
Saler. Almost every person that bin made trill of it
spunk, warmly' to its praise. Otte lin. been eared by
Ref the most painful thcornotism, another orate
• third oca troublesome polo in the aide, • fourth of •
swelling in the limbo,
ir it doe. not five imme
diate relief. in every cane, it can do no injury, being
applad outwardly.
As another evidence of the wonderful healing pow
er possecsed by Luts mayo. we eittuom the fol/owing
oettificete. from a respectabla citt.n of Maidecerecit
townrhip, in thts county:
Mitedencreck, Rork, co March 30. 1517.
amen. Ritter & Cm-1 moire In inform you tbs. ,
entir eared of a oe item pain in the beet, by tro
ale mo
o( McAllister's Albilealing delve, which I (o r.
chared from you. I 'offered with it for about St years,
and at night was enable to sleep. During that time.
toed various tcroeihts, which were prcrturiburl for
by phymmansend other pertosoi,walhout min
relief, and at Just made trial of Ras Saive,, with a a
favorable beyond nod
enjoy oat now emit,
ty free from the pain, nod enjoy ot night a poaceful
end ',reel sleep. I huge also used the Malse sm. for
moth ache and other complaints, with mauler happy
molts. Your friend,
Sole Proprietor of tbe above medicine.
Principal °Stec, Mn North Third street,Phlladeb
Aottrra la Carstns/L-0 A. Fahnesteek h. no.
corner of Wood and First no Win. Jocks., No.
110 (.Worry s tr e et. I. Wilcox, Jr, eorner or Market
street and the lutend, also corner of Fossil,
sstorthtold streets; J. IL C.arreheorner of Walnut and
re. streets, Fifth Ward; .d sold at the 1 martt:4e to
douLthrteld street, 34 door from Second.
In Allegheny City by 11. P. Schwartz and/ Doug I us
J. 0. Smith. DraggisL,Lbratingliarte Lt. Nealo7,
_East Laberty; Rrwihntl, meEeesport; J. Alexander
I. Mon. Monongahela City; N. IL, Doertnan Co,.d
I. T. Itoretulirownsville; John Barkley, Peaver, I's;
Jahtf-rWalker, Jr, Elizabeth; Ilooortglit h Erwin,
Ltneheroer feldlleodly
filikt.". 4 PrlA Du mast ii7.7i - 67,41.
V jcitGlS t Wtair#oo , l
• •
Valuable anal estarmive Voter Polies-10
let on fa ...... terms.
Sow pieparedi to lame the tt Mar Power at the
n r y a r g ,t, , ma Gant to propel foto
hundred pairs of stone. Tim location is based
ripen a reek' foundation. and the power eon noose.
'Gently be spelled on both aide* of the river. Th.
Mtn tithe White River, as well he the Wabash, can
be ora lly yroadied at this pont. While timber,
Iron foe, and t oo the Fleetest abundance, and ol
,yperi.r mrality,be easily procured through the
same country
Taans—One hundred dollars per
of !ors pow
er andleient to propel aingle run of medium sit..
111111 stones, for a petted at firmer. year, with Ito
o , y r, o f renewal on the fe e
of th e lesm, •
fur or iaation of the power employe& The km of the
mill manufactory included, without (ante, charge
framer Company. 14 order of the Directors.
Ptesideof of the W. N. Co.
VatcrsTo, la..ITAT 9. 111Y31..d:Int
Li —The skin of many persons is disfigured will
slight eniptlans, as pimples. MOrpbew, he., and when
this la merely x disease of the skin, as it is in ninety
nine eases oat of every b•inlred, It is very easily re.
moved. Ades Nailer, Nymph Soap is expressly
adapted to diseases of the akin, as It acts directly
upon' the tennis po re s which cover its surface
cleansing them from mpurities. and by it, balsamic
properties heating and eradicating sill emotions, and
rendering the darsest and roughest akin ooh s fair, and
bloc ming.
Persons who/lave been in the habit of using ordi
ovy soap, mill be astonished at the beimuful canto
produced by the Nymph Soap, in imparting a &heats
bloom, preventing the neck, face, or hands from chop
ping; allaying all irritation , afifi removing all confine
on. eropuons. It possesses allexpoislte perfume, and
to entionly devoid of all alkaline propeelica, rendenns
it the only article which man be used with safety imd
eomfbn tu the 11111•Kry.
All those whose faces or necks are disfigured with
pimples, blotches, 111Orptle•r, he , should make
trial of Jules Ilauel's Nymph Soap, as the proprietor
ascot. them. then Its use will tender the
ditcolo,Co.l skin. ht , e, the roughest skin smooth.
and the most encased skin healthy, pure, and bloom
Jules IlartePs Nymph Snap Is the only article able
al effectually produce the al,osn elleets in so silo
a dime, and Um o. ly one which is at the same time a
somata] and enilrely harmless. Prepared only by
JULES HAVEL, Perfumer •nd Chemist,
PAi Chestnut mess, Phila.
For sale wholesale end retail by B A. Fohnestoe
.4 CO, and IL E. Sollars, Pittsburgh; and John Ss
gent and J dlttehell, Allegheny fuer, Pa. ies
AGOOD Mahogany Pa CIO Forte, 5 ma'am,
second hand. -- • • ..... -• • • • ..... .0100 00
A handsome laprastat Piano,with Roacmood
F nature, octaves, and in good order ••• • 100 00
A plain 51 octavo Paano•••• ............. 45 tilt,
A goal Co wave Piano -- 00
A shod octave Piano, with bandeau. Nino
•-TS to
.1011b1 II bIELLOR
el Wood at
SUPERCF.D INC; the Wooden Flom., met bete, I
conibustilile, thereby economises the oil, end p •
'rents [ninon, heretnfore ro inuch obiecied to n
Uer (loaLs One spoonini of the i on=
temp oil will lust Nine Hour., or al, (unbar leen
of time, •ccordhic to the oilditioncil iiY•sillti of GA.
ReeeiveJ and (or sale by JOHN
TVA'[' ai the Pillthargh liro•
dCC rj 40,0 Tca Vi • 161.0111 i.
seases Fresh Oysters, tn tot earls,
4 do hekled do, in qt our;
4 do do do, In pint do.
The aticine Fresh Oysters are parboiled, and pal ny
iit a lushly concentratwl coop, enelostsl hrrt.e.tienl.
I) sealed eons. and will kee pmuch lotakee Nan thole
put up to the ordinary way
For sale, wholesale and retail. by
W4l A kIeCLURG h Co,
at :to kSal.ibrity or
GsAnte Am•rlesat al•nhaiatsetl Wank.
11 APPLETON Near Yor, ha t ea te , :: . e
ti , rt ,,
n o p"i' m r,7iß
;.. b '
. Wore. and Eneinrennei
, Vorkonn MIA. and thaw intended for the Engweeong
Profession failed by (Meer Ut me.
This work I/ of large Pea cite. and will contain two
4P:i paged., and upwards of ol thents.nd illootra
unit, In present working di otioingo and dc.citp•
dons of toe moot tmpttt tnt man hineo in the United
Bate. li - dependent of the result. of illPettrlll In
genuity, it mill contain Complete Iditmiddl t , eam. , CO
Mechanics, Machinery Engine Work', and En.incer,l,l,tl,,,,v,too,,nscrol itt more then one: n il:Q . 7 , V ,
bnok... Ed. numbetil Y rc ' e l ro7 , ..l,7rt n r " .l. l e by the
*gent lIMPEINS,
opl4 77 Apollo Hollilingd Fourth 11.
•,,,,21....-Ahliti --- 4 - e?..,'
\ _ ._ .„,•,...,••-•• ....-5„.....;..„
- ; .-- f ;.T.-,,-- , ...--..-------,.:--- -, .---:,.: -.- 1.
~ i..1-„., . .--.., „ ,, . -k-5..7-„, : ..trt.:•,,,,,_ 9, ~,,
:,..V--i.-.., ••-,..zy.:-•-.._ , ..- „:„........•. •
_,-,,,,,..-:-..,..-- , ,*..-•_ , ... , .<-,,..i.;:z2 . .. -
... .
lobo 11. Mellor, 51 At'oo4 Street, Pitlibunb,
3 ' olo Agent i AVestern I'enn.l , 4 ~ . of
Grand and kin.unre Plano V
Bit! ; t n .:L.4l , a
expose for sale, dant, the plesent month, the ret trlin reat
and roost dastraLla stock of Poo Fortes ever clf.tred
for tale tattle aicst—custong We Lumbar will Lc wand
• fall *apply of
Soperoly carved Rosewood Grand Puna Fortes.
with all the 'recent improvements to meshantsot and
style of extonor.
Spleanidly can RartorPGll , l seven arta, Square
Piano Fortes, finished lathe Ellzaboddin and Loon.
XIV. miles
Wtth a [tree stock of al: the vattoas sty le• of Pia.
Fortes. varying in pores. from 8173 in Steil tint
31040, psep•rrd LT Mr. CLickattLa tor UK: present
Pdfrebaters Rae a...lied that the poem of Mt. Chic, -
tags Pon: , a ;ate, In en. nod Ott, continue to t
.snar as at the Manuiretttl , to I: ...or Crab.. t•:tote.
fog irmoyoroti.n. mud sell. 1.- and ttr..
per ice: Order, In nay parr of Warlli.a.wolit rtturgrt
Tunderctoc.l begs ien•c ir.furrst the pohlic
1 th at has declined htenne.• th haver of Las ..y.
P.ll. ove, who wilt C. 11.. 1110 ALICIA°. Mlld Cart,
slll.{lollbusinees at the and eland. cornet 4.i ' , Ruud and
lIRI arente, and for 1.11001 he wrak! IaPikCII a curate
on dich
ustureVifthtic,. e Ithetul padonagc tieto
JUILN D...fore kesDAV lS, tustc,l p.
.41. OP %IMOD /Mb /IV. F.. VI , .
Iv ILL Make +ale., on lit.eral ter., oi Poi la • and
Y 1 Dimes:Le filerChiltuttZe, Heal atate, locks,
,Siai hopes, by experience einJ close attentton
hasincsa, Me. comma mace of the support and
patrentqce an Ii hemNlp extended to the former house.
Notros to our Patrons
IU decease of the active panne, it Phdadelph.a,
1. lthe law /no. M Davo , ,lPoe!atn `tieodcrfuld'hn
nt thelltonneve—ortwoaemeno. have heel. made which
Involve. the nille illle.C.l, preen:my. whir 11 have
beretefore existed The towhee: o• cc:lnwood under
the tame name and Gem. vt.—
•Xlitt M DAVI. 8. Co. Plotadelphia,
Jane hi'Favcs b. Co.. l'otoddrge.
The connonance of Oar .a el ear men,
Irter.da tcapectfully rotted. ! II tap pervert, have
dementia avtlnat the Concern. they are requested
p eacht them forthwith. for payment.
floo,ardh, Arrll In. ':4l. JIIIIN hI'FA DEN,
ap17.0 Selolvotpattncr.
D. A. Valanestock a Co.,
VITIIOI.I.:SALE 1/111:tili1ST0, corner of rirat and
%Vood otreeta, offer fur 4.1,m. losornlde torn..
--11401,1. %V tonne; 0001 In. Oat,. Ammnom,
00 'do Alum; Jul do A...condo,
300 der,- 1/ye Wood., 1111 do Crud. Tailor,
do'Lampl.lock, 501 do lAottorice nom;
211,d0 Von. llo.t; 3ou do In.rt 111 o..;
do Camphor; 13.. do 11.41 Pree.pinne;
10 do Span. Brown; 130 do koMmel Artscri
00 do 1 ellow Oolart; 03 do do 11 . 0 1 ;
10 do Ilrim,tone; 3.40) do Bunter I.r.ores,
do Cloves, 3 , 0 do Illtutotrb Mont;
3 do Chant. Flower., 100 do Soreap. on;
14 rare, Roll Borns; 011 do liontron do;
23 do C.olc Soap; 001 do 501 Ilneherle;
15 do Prornon Ulum 214 do r.ollita 31111ort;
10 An tdoo,nen,a; 3101 do l'orr3l Ilholoarh,
13 do Chrome Grern, 000 do Mt 1 1 11 p 1.1100;
sdo do 114 AnArable
sdo Ant. Verodlton, Ita. do do Lig, Root
50gran.1 , and raper, 114 do .10 /oleo,
c..norea sio,lT 000,10; 07.) do Jo Al t , ayenike,
100 hews !Lytle Cork.; 214 do 0001pe
3300 Halp3ll Itlorproa, 3.4 do 11.1
1210) Cup.: AlOO., kor. do Tum0r...1%
1200 do 11 , •.'hnon Potamle; 114 do gawk Si , •pr,
4.5:0 do Vol do (Mange Vent;
150. de 'lurley Und•er; 75 do ('neuter W,
LIM do Cream Toner. do Ilyd l'ututh.;
500 do Tonkin.. Arid; m. to M. 0 ..,
IMP do Urn Ur.; 05 do litaort3e. lotion
. . ,
Than are dreamy of to plitio,ophy "
VIRTUES of Mit remarkable remedy, and
T ' the constant application Mr it, in the proprietor,
indeced him to hove it put up in tiottle. with la.
hely and directions for the benefit of Me poiir.
The rr:rnoutum to procured nom a well in this
county, at a depth of four hundred feet,,. a pure
dn article, without any imenipol change. MP
foe as 'lows from Notate'. Grew labmteryl! • That
cos .ains properties machine a neinbcr diseawp, if
no longer a matter of a nenrtmoty There ere many
things in the arcane of ripe re, anvelL tf kruiwo, might
be of vent usefulnewi in •Ileviltine waterlog, and re.
storing the bloom of health and viget to ninny a sub
fere?. loop before We proprietor theuchl of putting
it up to bottles, It hail o rep.. for the cure of dis
ease. Thee
onstant and daily In salt, for it,
and several reinarkslae cures it hip performed, u
fore indication id its home pot,. 'Ay and wide
/Tread aprelleaLlGll ,fro of M., as-
We do urn wish to muse a lone Pet imc nr
care., a. we ore 00.pous that thr.o,lkcine can .oun
p, Its way into the toyer of dope who surfer and
ansh to be healed. Whilst we de nut elmitn for it
universal application in every Meaner, we unhesita
tingly ray, that in a statelier of Chrome ...... is
anrivalled. AllbOnr 140.0 trio/ enumeratml-all
anwolea, ouch as CHRONIC
CONSUMPTItIN tin as cony Pace,'
APhina,ltind r all discare• of the air powages, LIVER
COMPLAINT,- DYSPEPSIA, Inarlora. Inacimea of
lb* Bladder mut Kidneys. Fides in the flack or Side,
Nervous Dlsemea,,Neas algia, Patsy, Rheumatic Patna,
Gout, Erysipelas, Teller, Ringworma, Borna, Scalds,
Ilroteea, gild Sores, AC, Re, in roses of debility re.
oohing from exposure, or.long and on:omen:A eases Of
disease, this Incdimite Will bring toilet It will art a.
a geneMITUNIC spit ALTERATIVE In each mums,
ityperling tone and energy to the whole triune, mons
l4ldg obstructions, opening the igleggMb f unction., whin
Canoe diseipa and a broken constitution, and giving
increased and renewed energy to all Me organs ol
LIR! 'The youngster knows of several cotes of
PILES. that tttt every other. treatment, get well
ander Ine 117 e of the PETROLEUM fur a short tuna.
The proof can he given to any person who desires it.
No: ;10001110 Wllhoui the •ignallite of the proprietor.
Ladd by the urtipneufr.
P. M. tinß. (lanai Resin, near Seventh at.
Ahl It E SELLERS. Ca Wood a g
einner Woad ah and Vitirin alleYi who are hie
stamatr• see - Marty antmintell Ab el
32 Camp Ultotetsi :Moamar eoetsi 12 prs
4-a-pain nen lined Musing Mans; 12 Whom, Vega; 3
Waare Tanks, 6 aod 12 ga11... each; 60 C.Lertt•, I
gallon rade, 1 dos Baratta. alaney Ilelts; Ida oiled
cambric do do. Ile above good. far sale a: the Call.
fools Eetahlddattlls No s w g•
WOO 10341.411
1850 anina 1850
BOATS of this lane will least ragalarly, and de
ilyee Belida. without tranablpment.
J C BIDWELL, Pittslnugh,
JAMES COLLINS, do, }Agents
Nal 1850 MiiMl
Front eitivhrerglA to Calimb's and Clevind,
tlaravk the.els poprilorox rawnies of Volum
84aa,z, Tn.fearrarras, Ceshorton,
Lading, and Frau/din.
The eoutpletton of the Sandy and Deaver Canal
opens up to our city through this greet natant central
mute a direct returnuntenuon to the above at well am
the adjoining ermines of Wayne, Holmes, Knox, and
• From thts section of Ohio, the trade with Potshurak
has been, to a great extent eat oil in consequence of
be high rates of transportation, which are now re.
dosed It n it nod GO per coot.
Boatsf this line will leave daily, and run through
without trunskapinent The Cana l company have
bestowed upon that line on interest In the unprece.
dented advantages of their Charter, and thud secured
. the middle pante.. of Okto In ordering their goods
equal interest to this ailvaniare. Agents:
J. C. BIDWELL, Pittsburgh;
BIDWELL & CO., Glasgow.
R C;moo, Spear's 031 s, lo; II & A Goy,
Wiit....pon,th: George Komble, Elkton, 0: Catlile
4. Huffman, do; Ikons, Iltab•m le Co. New Lot.oi
Aner & Nicholos, Ilentmer, 0.; Ilibbet. & Morn Ali.
norm. O.; Speak., & dA; J.seph Pool & Co,
In l.;
Hull & Oneida Min.,(l.; V Rover,
C &Co, M alvern, ; R K Wornas
,v n, 0.; E Roynoltlo, do; boor 41,,n0u n 0:
E J 11.4,11,11,k Co, blognolla,O., Wto'll ' orkoors, do; J
ll'Entland & Co , Seudyvlllo, 0, I . l' Lod, In; Fool.
- dßogb & Strinl•ou,i4. bol/ ar. 0 Wallard & Shnver,
do; J J Hoffman, Aloo.illon, C.; Cummins t Co, do;
lohn Robinson Coos; Fulton, 0 ; Perug Torre)
Canal Honor, 4; A Medbory, Bosom-, U.: I. K W•r.
nor, Newark, 0' Ftteh & Cele. Colurabus, 0; L 0 Mal
thows,Clovoland, 0.: Rhodes & I:reco, do. m.)O
inAll 185° abig;a
Pe.ansylvanta Canals& Ilan !load.
• ,
WCONNOR, &TWINS t Co., Canal Basin, Liberty
moot, shoot h;
&TISINS, O'CONNOR & Co , 210 & 250 Markel meal,
O'CONNoMi ouset, Baltimore;
E Pt.oeir.ll7.q ore,
E...tatert t. Doane street, Rtietom
Rawl., at. (Our. Maysville, tienucky;
II Ll A Co., Coluoilda
seen,. Lamiaville;
Rases, It Co., SI. Louis
T. Shippers gl 41Tercharalse and Prod_., La mad
from - ha..fripla., rioloreeelj i ihurkr".
Our route Lein, nt,r lit Cue order, are arc prepare. 4
conviljd 00,4 0. above se my !erase pr,.0,. We
r. ati freightfers nt any charge having policies Mr
over #1"41,0001, am% voth trio following ertemdve stock
of roam heel confident or Kern, ctn.,
all business entreated to our care Our home are 111
new, and commanded by replan, of experienee. and
andenure lino rondaetrd on arse, rob/Ault keeping
temperance principles.
Captain.l !Mats ' Cnittains
Iron Coy, Hagan Puinvyla ante I..Jtrion,
Maryoind., filaiehall St. Lowe. itowden
Cincinnati. Sand, llawanl Ridley
Ruth Anna, Panty Delairah Roue
Won Attie., Pentua4 llnterpruin, gayton
Import, /stoma Moven
Elation. Alter ties. Soil Wire
Cella klavaLias Point Min Ito) lON.lnade
America Pet 1 . / Ohio Belle Kearney
blerniaol hl t'olgan Hunter Rinelo
, The Fog hl . quaile Julia Ann J Layton
Sorts Telterenh Nie2ttarta
Laolt Sloop Ile., North queen Wilde
Shipper. [Alta O to their advantage in pre u, a
call. . O'CONNOR, ATCINna Car,
050111 Canal Basin Liberty at,Pot.hurgn.
— Western Transportation Catitoseg.
;g?Efa 1850 . - fint;ila
D. I.Eii:Cll & CO'H LISIL.
By Tr nnyylvals. Cava/ and I eds.! Basd.
T 111: lloat. nod Cur' , of this I.lue ha, lwen put it
I compete ooler, and yeah me adonton of ..eyer
new ones to the Late, comb!. us to cury • tars
quantity or produce and gow,ta
The entire stork of the Line t. ovnrd told c onTro
04 by the Prop,l. tors.
mi., t
-11•11111S 1.1.T.C.11, No 13 Oh u 4,1
Ada iu We lobycro Wurct.ousr,
11,1 tkl.Pot.
No 114 North llow.rd eL lluttmorc, hid ;
1 oF4'ICII. No 7 We.,t et, Ncw York;
D LEECII te. CO, Cant Ilaqn . Venn et.
r,trJlprAt•iaorK h.
aaigEtA 18511 ‘ JELL
CLARK, PARKS A. CO. auchemcr. Pt. rtortf.•
Office ear Smithfield and Water et., ravbarati.
CRAWFORD &CO, fiats,
Cleveland. Ohio.
lIIN vrell_known Unaare prepatl tramport
1 (meat end reeacnitern from -e
CLEVT.I.AN D. in an, point on the Canal and link.
The (acilitici of the Line are unaarpa..ed inov '
quality .nd calmest). of Ilnati.espenenee of caps
and ateionny Are..
Oi. Boat lean, Plitsl.urgh and Cleveland atii•,
Imo, in c roon arab u Line of m float
tarern Pill'NnunGli and HEAVER, a nd n Lir
Fit., Sle,llll Rt tve, Pre?ellerg i.;nd
the Lalit.l
Co.N Ho 14d.
Il•rks A
N ear', a Co.
al 11 Taylor, Warren. 1.,
A & N Clark. Newton Fella. 0,
11001 on & Co. II avenne
Kent, & Co, Franklin,
li A Hiller, Cu) anoge Faits. 0,
Wheeler, Lee A Co, Ak inn, ,
Chemberlen, Cr 0
awlowl & Co. l'.evelaxd, 11,
Itol.bettd A Co, gwodusky, 11,
1 . 01.14 m a ,, Toledo, r,
Willowe. Co, Detre, M.ell;
‘Villisto• k Co. Milwau k le, W..;
Murky & Oution, Knetrc,
I l'i•,
George A Clocuao.
mYFI earner Wooer and Snothheld
MfM 1850..
CLARKE, PARkS :a CO, Roche.ter, Proprietors.
If Prophet , . of this old and well known Lime
j. would inform the pubbe (bat they are now In np
era.ton tat the ptrvent mason: and have commenced
rere.otne Prrieht nod Paatentera, they nee
fully prepared to corn , to MI pole. on the Canal and
LANE- , ERIE AND 1111(1111.. AN.
At the lose.. raw.. One of the floats of the Line
win be roo•Inouy at the landing, Lelolo hlonongahela
Brotge, to rocc,ve Irmght.
001cc,nor Water and Snutithel.l., ratalratik.
R w llunnmeharn. New Castle
hlitchettree A Co. Pulaffilt,
C Malan. Sharon;
44. S lhol,Snarp.borm
Wtrk. Aeore A Co. lirernvtlle;
Wm Henry, Ilartalown:
Wm Power, Cooneaoto‘tio;
John !learn Erie
John I llolli.ter re, Resin. N Int:to
Pittsburgh Portwbls goat Lbws,
&MEM 185 °- int-lia
TOY 7101 177.7.
7077ND701‘1,710117103111 orgioauut
- -
PEETSLIL RGII. r 1111.4 1,11.1.111 A BALTIMORE.
• , .
TH014•1 Itossmitnic /Tssitss A On - A.mos,
Plolsdciphia ( t Pittsburgh.
'VII F. CApal ln•lntt nnw ripen, the pronteriurs of list.
I lot. r.tsbli•litt Line ste . {l.llll thettnld
stand., rcnni•lng and futwardins liderettandtte bald
Prod., al low tsp . , niiil will] the 1•I14111•{1., eta.
%tinny, and stiltny, iwintlotr In Mrs; syytnis and Minh,
transportett. where 11.1Criocc ,
hatrun•blf•OlC.ll 1•
arith run.ttturia drisyS sad pralmuilny
of ...Age
Ale re h sui.l Produce shipped east or west And
1101 •
at Lading lotw start! of eitatge for root..
sd•sneti,y, or nat•go. Having 1,0 1,1.1,41 dl.
C that on the owner.
If sonny con.ulted when shipping their Mid*
All t.ianiunieltllollo {0 110 faIi<MIIIK
ly attended .
••- - •
N. 27 , Sisart Ploolnde
John 111 h. On, L 4 North o,llot, P. U Uatl
h Co.
V 5 Dna, rt, 11....10n, & J T &
tkal. ot, Ncar 1 orh, Jam,. IVbcallrright, einem
Eli= 1850. Mlla
Between l'lttglturgla &IA ..tern li-tles.
T. Vann( b.. 1, g now ..pen, we are reedy to reCCIVe
end forward promptly, p olive end merchandme en.
ennt 'awn.
Freights always st lowest rolca, elinrged by rev.n
ible lines.
Produce and rnorchardae swill be received and for
warded and vv,,t, wiitout intv char, for for
vro. , dar or advnnciog frriald, r noni.sion or mintage
Hilo , of lading torwarded, and ail direction•
fully •tietoled to
A , tdress or apply to. WM 111N(PIAIII,
Canal Damn, Car. Ltherty end Wayne 11 . 111.1.0r0
No lal, Market It, between 4th k Mb,
No 1.1, North Howard st.. llaturoore
/AS. IIIN4:11Ahl,
No tn, ‘Vest trent, Net Yolk
Passenger arms ItemKluane Ogles.
eanunue to tinny persons
from ally pen of Emitted, Ireland. tieolland or
Wales, upon the wont liberal terms, with their
usaal punctuality and uneaten to the wants soul com
fort °immigrants We do not allow on petneeneees to
be robbed by the swiedling scamps that Infest the sow
ports, be we take charge of them the eltiewet they
port themselves, and see to their well being, .a de
spatch them without any detention by the first ships...-.
We nay this fetirtr.ty, as we defy one of our parse.
gen to show that they were detilned 49 Imo, by it. in
fesierpool, whilst thousands of other. • ore detained
manila, until they could be rent in annr set tr.ft. at •
chßp irate, which too frequently proveL their coffins.
We in.nd to perform nor contract. nominally, eon
what it m i l , and not act as was the ea. lakt season,
e th er etfieers,—who either performed not ou, or
when ii sailed their eonvenienee.
Drabs drawn .t PtttsbarTb for any sem from El to
£IW% payable at any of We psoeisclal Ilmtle to Ira.
laud, Englazl, tleotiand and %Vales.
/0311111/. ROBINSON,
Earopetto std Gaiters' Arent,
Plftb crest ma Ma. Wooer Weoe
L IIjLUY. 1: 141 es Iltanil --asmtd Ds •
pipt . fll.sllanato;
5 est. N E Item;
lW 1,010 Mosley; for moo by
J. N. MELLOR; 81 Wood attar, Our "wired the
followsog Kew Mo.lie:
gay coo yea nee ey the truth's O holy light; deili
eaM4 to Rec. C Cook. Oh, think not lees I lode
thee. Blanche A Ipen, 1 /ore thee. When other (Snide
trotted thee. The cot beneath the Mlle. Wert Mon
bat Won. Annie Lsetto—Seoteh ommtd. n• Robin
—words by pun Cool. =min 01 Stephen Glover.
Theo haat Wounded the pint that loved thee. The
Onyx of Weabington. The high Mother's Lanseet.
Md Peatoo—Raarel. Ile death all thlnice
WemilboTt Wake, tilachrec—Raccell. The cottage
of my mother—llotrbiirsons. Low backed cat—Lover
Klan Wallac•—complete. The Neale Dell. The
Ilridel or Wediluic Polka. Jenny Lied. Amerman
Polka. Lizry Pella. Soiree American Polka. Tip
Pop Amerman lonia. La Belle Ilehimortan Polka.
Jenny Llnd Polka. The Ongioa Scottish Polka—
/alien. Balounion Polka. Flirt Polka. 'emplane
Polka. Samant Polka. Rini wegol Polka. The Pro•
ehet Quadolles--lileyerhcer. Jenny Lind Quadrilles.
The Wuat6 .„,i p e jo Waltio—kin Ernest The
• .
•bYCaem). Nommen,
keel. Dazcldeo..l.iek
k mop. Wood Up, Quie,
Swim Drover Doy—vsnad
Sounds from Homo. Wrre
Lord•vdte March and Dade
rib Street.
OW constantly reeciVillg hi.
e in pan Um (0110Inp6, vtz
Velvet Pile Caspeo, o
e. Bowels
No IL Fa
&PCI,INTOsi as n•
. gpnng st. A a
himsnings, &c., cm.sprigin
• Emus Sager Royal
F i neUsti and eerie
Extra Superfine In
Extra super patentEltentll
Ruperhne do do Rug.;
Fl,e Tufted Bart
Extra Wilson
Common do
Chenille Door Matt;
Sheep Skin
Supertne Ingrain Carpe +,
Faun Imo
H, I and 1 Tap Ven Car,
1-4, 1 and 1 TwiLl'd Carp.
f, 1 and 2-4 Wain Car.
List and 1142 Carrels,
Pruned Cotten Carpet.-
.4.7-4, 6.4, 6.4, 4.4 and I
011 Cloths;
RUM printed piano cover
1 " table "
Ml 4 5-4, 44, and 1 Matting,'
lblnch paient (d Cloths.
far stair.
. .
Plionowed Piano "
Table "
Prtnterl woolen "
Finboesed Stand "
trinen and wostaid "
Banana Star linen;
Tinley Red Cluttire.;
Chit tee Bordering;
Enfliab Ud Cloth Table
L.V. , 71 .
Brown Linen crumb cloth.
lbws. Stale Hods
Stair Brugge.;
Camet Bindings;
isle •nd Coen MR's;
nlieuo. and Skeleton Mats;
roeI -I Green tin Cloth
roe Blind.. '
Bucket sok Diaper,
Costa TlttueueGa.
Otte sod Drab Cloths;
.m Cal dote.;
for I.latagai,
Watortil Moraine.'
Bee Holland for litShadel",
Trohapareot ^ :
French tramp. "
I .llV6 (o 4 , T ' F, l Nsi.lnen
Russia CPah;
Sonolt biapera;
Brown Linen Napkin e
lineman Oil Cloth Table
Sloan On. Clot . Oa from the meld •pprorred Ere
lb and American atailitfacturers from Id to 21 Ire
width, which win bo eat to fit [nouns, hall, end
esttbljk, of any sue or shape.
The hinder.c.,l havoie Imported direct from
d, bus Velvet Pule and 'Tapestry CA la purs.
•rpets, which are of the In r.t and US1(1.1 eleettot
((Sc. and patterns, end of the moat gorgrom , l,4o,l.
di be sold at priers as love es they ran La parcharral
•1 . in any of the eastern cutlet.
Ila•ing the largest as.lowant of het riches:and
most luahionable
PLY and INCiIIAhN CARITh which tar surtniam.
an quality own cheapness of p rice. an y •tsor tine n t ever
Innate t.soughi Walls caty. lie aloe 111•11 C. Steamboat
Eon and Coach Ma:lntl...lure. to his large and well
so Ism led assortment of ThllldhllNGS,andother articles
neccaoury ticir Inininest.
Tho undersigned t. shoo neeri for the only Stair Hod
lianutainory in Philadelphia, and la prepared to cell
loser: than can be purchanne el.ewitere in tin* city
WE spetasTiß:i:
Nola OOaO.II IM••• tioodell
.. ,
aF re ' n . ' eV: a n j ' A o ' rcrt r n au c TIE ''' tii ' :lll. , W, li l l ' a ' r:r b
larect, I,cte.ccn Third and Count, ..,n ui ilic
tile nilt illy. U.).1 emourneed tercirit,
and openliig Al.. ul Use moo ritli..ioetid”l
and extenarlre Wells of Spring and Summer Ihy liaoda
aver atk , .l far ask to the Weeteru enuntry All ‘ ,l
the. hot:oiled Goods are fresh oned, end vererved
per Um lent steamers from Franc pe a and Eit,land; a.
alas Irish Linear, capered dove, from lirlfaat, al,
pa" bleaenc.l, and warranted the pore article; them.
Line, are all imported Ly the ard , neritrer, and nth all
rare lint y•ra, warranted. Ale,,, bolt later Danra.k
olio Oath, the. 'cry be,t toKattiartute; and Irisi
UM' It Gooth. of .11 M ods, amporsed.lireet from netts.
by the •ob•oriber, and Will be found the roal Finn-go
New style neh Tort Matins, all colon. splendid
gO, 1.; black Turk N5Wu, all Prieesi nal goods,
block glues wi11...a1l calm*, Into importation, French
hid (stoves, ell color, Ike best imported, plod black
Armorer, per lasi l'ictirb ste,r.ocr, iscre -I) le rankled
lisrege, splendid good, Mao, u superb and ;liege
welt of wide black Lone, fur troweling ladies'
ire Ise, very rich roods; plata liurepes colant,
extremely low. beautiful goody, Nock Fringe, all
widths wid price, very cheap, Freurn Lawns, newt
sivles, per laid Prene siemer, plant Watt Gro
Rhineti ri
pe goads; black figured Gro
De Rhinelrrocode, rich goods; Freer b and Eeriest.
llwhmere, new .1l lea, besWifol pwds ; splendid
figured flans. gaols we ball dresses, TIC 4 embroidered
:swiss ?dells fire vening dredlc, Sanaa Edging and
fawning, in e bend imported; Silt Tissues w all color.
and quislings, new st) la, plums and Nalon strip'd bloc •
tiarege, all prints; printed lawns, hew •rfle , from
to 'elven. per yard; Univac ile, Lamm, a new ante.
for ladies' dresses. Also, • losrao and wperb ..,«k or
new style .prang flannel Ribbon, the vary beat ire
pond, 11 new
- SELLERS' EA 01ILY 31EDICINES—g rhey rho
SIIAWI-4, *RAWLS. 1 ruedtc toes a ^
C a ptor, erare Shawls all colortsfiresh from the Cus. Graham Staio, Oh May
torn House; Thlt 'COila Shaw.. splendid goods, to all r throb. at rag hi, tor the Fe Ci e a
coders per lan ela.ll.le, herl/11rhnae•Gle • lee* to stale rage (nein in relation to Vela eieclicut Fa
ult Shawls, fresh Importance white eatt.roelercil .. r
ni &rues.
Canton Crape Shawls gasped.. good., green catabroade„ 1 -
I have used your 'I 0111010 largely in my own
eJ Canton Crape Shawls plea/dial geode, Lupro's ,
viral recurehtly excelling large qua/Unit,
French magic Embroidered Tholes &nevi linpaelanon; )"wy ,un't from lwu b.„
Patt• punted Cashmere Sh aw ' s, an F... sad ' t " - st. used y 1.1., Pills and bleagh Syrup to my
, summer Cravats aclil South great v.- , , ‘,
ha produced
rietli French worked CapesCallars. and Cals. a largo 0 ' "‘" a ' -• • -
a . th• edect. desired.
Ag I hot engaged an mercuandontig, 1 am shin to
• Large Stock of
11061P2XTIC A ND STAPLE IIOODS. attar, that I hove not to liner or the Ural failure where
r 'redwing. here been aged In any nertion of the
Su hale. unbleached Minding, from 5 eon). per • y elu,loit. I •te, teat tar, are the
yard, In caws tileached Mash, from 4to ego,levy Ihr d ay , a° , e demo 0.1 t evettuuy e u gm,
srd II rare Dash Linen. moot teal daregi tom , _
Heim... II bal. Ticking, tram to 23 cotes F aid, sitt ` i f"" P h P h ' stn, tr• M l • ItriNNELL,
taws blue Drill, treat dto 111 cents per yunl, tie- „,_ „„ a , by R. Na:s g
side. • tail, , of Sommer Cloths. Also Ca, a • ••••, •
amerce, Tweeds, Semen, anal keelocky Jeaus d b y Ma ir." tl S ch. " , M the tw "
Se cube. dark Calico, Mid colored, from 3 to 121 cent,'
per yard; b eases Ileyl 1 Some English Prints, hest h a It . ..LER , PAAGIA AlEtrlelPst,- - 'simy are Ms
„mooned, 3 bale. Russia and Scotch Rapers, extreme. a h—• Mt-Remo` of d••."
I) vow. Also, llougekceping Goods of all kinds very flutiast's Searles, Ohio, May r, 1549.
sap; 2 Miles Russia Crash, Conn fit to 121 coats per R Sellers: I dunk it right for the benefit of others
y ar d, b e side. a l a r ge of ch ee k and Sting to state some Me, to relation to year excellent Fend.
Stripe. Also, Cant s ua Flannels, all colors end quart- I 11 , hiedretaiss.
tars, at lOW ptbges. red, white, .41 yellow Flannels 1 Lave es al Y. va , afnimi.lre , 7 In mlrewh ram•
very clacap, Licached cal untdeached full tl V- one 'gun' frs-vdeutlY ...mine for esPellingt .Re
as 5 cures , d oe Merrimack Calicoes, ca• alas.... (nay I . worms from two ehald.a 1
denier) , low: black an untileactied Table lhapers, all have also awd your Liver Pall. and Cough Syrup an
prices , InoPs eye Drapers, all prices and apiglacles .0110, and they havenn every instance produced
very cheap; colored thoulincs, • lull assortment, the civet itssired.
eheafer Wall ever. 3 bales Burlaps, trout IA to 23 Cl, A• I hot begatrd an mrechaadising, I •rn able to
per yard Also,. large suet of Cotton Table Dinpera Gum that I to hear of the first (adage-whore
Manners . Shirting— A full suortment, very cheap. Tear medicines have been used In my obection of the
PARASOLS . PARASOLS, country. in rime lo.ona, I may ramie that they are 14,
The largest and moo splendidstock of Parasols reledielnea el the day. and axe destined to have a very
ever opened b) any uric in I•altslistgla, is this extensive pspularity Yours was .el ttallp u,N
day received, and are all of Me newest French eta les,
which, for richer.. and beauty, Canned ee surpassed. Prepared and sold by R. r lIF RS,No 57 Wood
As we have a loge lot of these Parasols, they will hie rtreet, end sold by Drug,. • generally In the two .-
..aid cheaper then any .dher holm In the city can al i.e. wed eternity. meal
ford to tell the same quality of goods. PGA V CURE LIVER UOMPLAINT, by ha
The Ladles are thaPhghallY ht. , " me...met-hew (3 original, only Me, and rename Liver Pill.
Parasols, as they will fand some of the richest and Sauer tures, Moo county, Va. t
newest styles e imported from Pampa Thew Match Silt, te4).
""..sins all ver
sold bmt!thPa h ls Mr. R Sellers: Dear Air-1 think it a duty I owe
odors Ana ate worthy of the altealliall of the laLleca an d IL , thepui,neia, th a t, have
All of the above goods will b• sold MI at prices far b e ,.„ aaat i, tie "„ for a i o ng
below trdaY boa.< city; and Di °Me , to Pro.. time. and go badly that all alicess formed and broke,
this the w
the po , . will Piece roll and Pr.. These whorl, left me in • very low Gate. Rasing heard of
good , and comparethem mitt shy °Ow' bah. '" rim your reelirated Liver Pills being for sale 1.• AII
city, and Le consumed °lithe above assertion. Shows an West Liberty, and recommended to me by'
to Ton subscriber would here say to , p 5 ,„„,,, c0 . e ,„,,,i thorn
tint the P.M. m general. that s'h own a Dor triad I purchawd one box. and found them to
ottam bee have mores in n, • aucct, pra tending to . ..prat what they oe recommended, TIIE ursr LI.
e,ndt with the Mg gee Hive, attach Is alone Me only VER PILL EVER USED and alter taking four boxes
`` '" sad tarlames ' M Y Gawd• hstab andlmhmett"" I and tie diseaw entirely lett me, and I am now
ratusbergThe subornber would therefore say to all p „,„, wa n . ib cap „,,f a uy your,
purchase. of Dry thimis either wholesale or retail, I/ II COLIRAIAN.
that the Rig Bee Ingo, on filorket xticgt, l.ateMeri Third West Liberty, ftlarch IsPal.
atid "huh,. now hPeolhl4 the larger, 1 reality that I am personally ...undated yeah Mr
most sincatild *awl. print altd Gam'. Colon • • s and call bear lesumany to the truth ol the
ever odered for sale in PutsburghAß SHARP
alai ve
RONNE:IW !SONNETS! The geom. , Liver Pills are prepared and sold by
New Sanaa sox 1030-11• largest anal Meet lanhion. It LLERS, No 37 Woad stress and by druggist*
able Mock of Renatot* ever opened in this city, is just eaa ,;. •
fedelved at Me wPfh ur the 1.4 Re. hh rill , . PVIILIC.—The true and gen.
lonics between Third and Fourth streets, when, Dry a leVer Pillslt. prepared R E Sellers,. and have
ti0..11. of every description are wiling cheaper titan , aargy „ a snag sport o ne lid at e ach
ally other boos. I. the oity. The yahoo ‘mit P i es' boa s and la. signature on the cutside wrapper—all
Gate notice that there am twit other bee htse atore. „, by „ ary „,„„ Iyg r y , a , Lain i n , a ,anna.
Market, who pretend to compete with no, Hig E SELLERS, Proprietor_
Dec Hive, between Third end Fourth street., whme h
the Piddle win 6., al WI Onacs.the largest.. newest IA7 A'CO.IES I I—CIIKA PER ri IA N I.VEII !
sty les Of Dry Goo., fregla opened. VI Just ree'd,
c o ...lee of full jewelled Seen tie.
ICT Hesse tato :suttee, that the stern is between vrr Welehe, In caret% bile eni•es which I can gerl
Third and Fourth streets, „go hf the 1110 BEE DIVE, low ar thirty .d thirty five dollars, and warrigmed
Where Dry Good. of every description arc wiling ke e p goo d new.
CLIC,. than at any other ho use iti the city. Also—A splendid assortment or JEWELRY, emu
apl3 WILLIAM L. RUSSELL. pr„ing the vat.. urid lawei styles and lest patterns
Drs. Glooda. %V. W. WIt—SON, Watchmaker and Jeweler,
A MASON ACO, be Martel street, between
• Third and Fourth, are now 'creating a large ego
gonna, tot Index eDe Lain.; Persian Cloths, en•
tare Sew article; rallatgts ern.. Ile Leiria Ac; with
- a large assortment of lawn. and other Dre. Goode,
of the Inter styles anal most lashionable color..
CM/EFF.F.--5u L.F. vane ll o und Java: ----
17•KuLaa-40 la. mould. dlppcd, and .perm;
bla ercam and I•lngli.l4 Diary;
ecuus-:50 doi Ilemp and blazullai
41,-40 Mum;
Canvas—ll barrel;
M Coalman and ball Spaniel.;
Fn.-25 lo Imam% hull brl. Mutkeffel.aud Salmon;
GLAna-51, Idta assorted sm.;
Frdne Venison;
IOW Sava Currd;
Innion—lUU Ib. S F and Manilla;
Isx-10 do: Sarrisena Illact and Copying;
MorAll.. I. N Wean.;
" 15 non 1.1111. :dour llousei
Illo , rsan—= dot snorted canisters, the Mahan;
V kaaarmu—all lb. de
N•ou—UOU krue aasorled;
P. [Las-4 dot Jen uttered;
Fascism.- 70 bushels halves;
Varta -51 f r c am. atantted;
rio.acs. IW lbe flordeaut;
Saar —5O ht.. Rusin and Cart Steel;
titnatit In 4144 N Orleans and Clanged;
Taa—unpaelsacs linen and Week,
Toeseco—,o has 12,3, & 1 lb boar;
ito”us—,su dot patent %m it;
FM sale by J I) WII.I,IAMB &
oily Corner of Fifth and Wo—
od ata
FURS FUItS! FUHSI—The subscribers sad! pay
for Coon, Mink, Musk Mal, limy end Had For,
and all kinds of stopptog Furs, the /hear eastern
hleCOltlr & tAI
P"' ZI , 2 O corner Fifth and Wood stn.
Apar glans'Wen:
QlsllNll SF.LIX:IIOI4.-Will be eteived, leg G
0 annul *lumen., a new and choice nanotunenl
%gall l'apet, of (be latest Fteneb and laotein slYlb
in gold, chamow,crag, plum nod bigb Color..
W. P. MAILSIIALL, (late B C. 11111,)
terra e 5 Wood atter*
. . .
between 801
S. U. Womack/ a Co., ts this
ortsaired by 1111111161
The business of the old alit be settled by
8. U Ussitaciti, awe ohl sand, No.YAlLtberty Wee,
linteboests. 8 U
Match 1, 1550. JOHN MetilLL.
continua the Wholoaala abd Retail
Good. atol
limitary tntine., at the old wind, Na WO Whom at,
under rho holt of 0. ttIaiIIFIELD
Match 1, 1a.50-4theto
I IAVE Nud.l amotlawillwink ma, m the Whole.
mla tiuwary, Owonnwion, and Eamaiding bust
m, ony Mu num, IL N. and W. U. Watamm.
Wetness In Solara will I,a condo c ice andel Ike etfle 01
S. Waterman k Sons, at ma uld wand, No 31 Wa
ter and OV Front alreet. S W44EUMAN.
ent•14011, 'WO Usos
Rpm the :/angetoot,
Dr. °swami Vs Extract of Tallow Pool
arid arsoparl3llm.
Cram consumption, scrotal ., .eryspelas, itteuMatitm,
gout, liver complaints, sonsal 111rCeti011ih ulcers, sI
plait., drops). asthma, piles, sturvey, affections in
the bladder sod kidneys, mercurial diresses,
runt humors, rush of blo od to the head, fever ald
ogee, female ern , plainta, genmal debility,
1.. e of appetite, headache, colds, costiveness,
nteht memo., 'eholic, smartie atfectliros.
palpitation of the Lean, toles, psins In the tilde,
eheet back, hc.•
It is infallible to oil divest. * liaising tram an at.
pure state of the blood. or irregular Beane of the By*.
In the Vegetable Kingdom, en Allselso tieing ha
Uopoelted plants nod herbs, congenial coons eorstinv
urine, and *named to he tee, of dime.; and mth.
vegetable kingdom does the reason 01 mazy.. well a
the instinct of en, alt, tarn (or antidotes to pain.
The Syrup II a retentsfie compound of the most val
motile plan. In miter, entirely free from deleterious
and enervative a, neral saliatances:And as it expel
disease from the s rstem,lmparts vigor and strengthil
An ettraordinary robe of Scrofula, Erystpelaa and 1.1
ems, cured: by Ike ante alio of ljer.oo7ootra Corn
pound Brun, Yellow Dock and 13arnapvilla
Ilromilltn, Nov. 7 1915
GoYsirer—Stlr. I tender m •incere thotiko for
the groat benefit I bore y
derived (men the ass 0110. 7
valuable syrup. I hate been troubled very bad wit
a scrofulous sitr, which made its appearance on m
chin. I did not p,y much attention to tt at firm, .op
pons it to be nothing but at, eruption that appear
on perron's far i It finally betan to increase, until
.pren.l tin .bet part of the bead. I app lied ld •
physiman. who attended me nll to no memo'e. I hod
tried every thing that could tw tried. I saw your Syr
up of Yel lo w hack and SlO•apanlia s and concluded
to use it, inr I knew that Yellow Lktek wmt unto or the
moat valuable mottle:. In the world for the blood. 1
bought your Syrup, tool from the ow of one bottle, I
could see a (MU Menge in my system. I commued
to use it until t was th well toun. I now feel like •
new pers.; my blmel is perfectly cleansed and free
nomlmpurittes. There is not a question but tba
your newly discovered compound Is far "perm, I
any sarsaparilla syrup ever sold.
This cePificate ot at your disposal to politest, if you
lie, and any tine you may refer to me 1 shall be hap.
et) to urea them ati the eitfornbatlon eau stout my .
emu., ate. I M.. your obedient servant, '
Watkins G. Jotters.,
113 heart. stresit.
The beet female medicine known. The Enamel o
Yellow Dock .41 blausaparilla as a posause, speedy
MAI ret:IIIIICUL mare for all complaints ineadent
lu niilJ, oropernes reader it peculiarly
applicable to the slender and delicate constitution of
the,temale. It tounrivalled in its elects upon such
de tt. incipient couounitinon i barrenness, Lou
corrhoes, or whites, irregular sucustruanon, inconii.
nenee ...IC, and general pruatratton system.
illlllllledinlely counteract. that ituitzeronsig °cretins
and lasoitude a t common to the female home,
unit import, •n MlCrgy and buoyanoy. as surprising as
not trio fir.tchil. We have evidettee
to recounnend thin mediehie to
reed people who have not been bluted will of
Vito:Ames Uettsb or Falling of the Womb, of ri
yearn' eta nd cured by vot. • Klima,
Yellow Dock t0.,1 Soreapeollit, otter every otlt
hootwn remedy hod been trtetlwoloort
Wananottna, (1100, Feb, INY
This cenificy thud my wile, aged 27 years, has
I•ecit •utlering 111161er the above COMPIII.I gat lay,
years—nearly all of that inure conhried to her led. I
have lot rout years pennvntly employed the bestirred
teed talent tsar eouid proctred in this scent. of for
country, without' any bench' whatever. I have alw
purchased every instrument recommend.' km Ms
e of such disease., ail of wloch proved worthless.
the stoma or 1,4..1 wan induced by my Wends
to try Dr. Cup.utl'o ''show Itook and Sarsaparilla.
which was 11.1 for (our months. Mier she load use,'
II lot al.out lour weeks. it was evident to ill that am
was Implov.r.g, and 11041 rhll time she. improved rap
oily, sod soled tl, nit alt drengih, todsl the Macau
was entirely removed,. od she tit now enjoying mom
execlieno Incahlt
11c I•cmg oet,l.bots ol Juha
now tlo. 1 toe ot.o .c alate.rot,“ to kilo slykota , l.
Mr, Moat,rt, tal,l o. .1e tufo rdretc.l n,
Yrilow 110. Lod Sovolpat.lin.s.l,e`atrlctl,
111.4. JANE EDDY..
Or./ Cato of Consular'low.
IlLomloo n January 1. I , lf.
Mr. llcnne.o.-Dear . TMle areal benefit velaoh I
ha,< de rtved frau) vow. Extract of chow Doc/ 000
tiarapardia,lnducers ma, an on act of justice, to utakl
lbe lalloaranr ata,went :
After wa-uou for tyro years from gene at &halm
fmally turnnated to eno,2lllpllon, wn• wet ,
alp by My kir.. and plo!dctana ar beyond the aka to
A. a last m.ort, I was Induce , ' to try
your Extract, aud banns limed but two bottler, ae.
vordnlK to your dimmoom, lam esuircly well 1
would therefore' amtiv recommend Vol] r unequal.
led Compoand to the aro adlictud who desire powerful
plc.,. and rime remedy. tirdicanly poor friend,
None at tonne ash sr put up in lame mew ho , des,
contamom • quart. and Ow name of Um syrup Mover
01 Me a1a.1.11 11r rlran.e W 1' Item
nett oil lite out• 1 It a tappet rnee eq 01
1111 11(1110. 10,1.
IA sold 1,• J. I/ -Park. comer of rourth and Wal
nut str.rts, 011,,,,tleherut Aprnt Inr tLe
Sood, and West, LI whom all art., meat Le told".
Carter at Itro , roe, W. V. Jodenn A Co., Water
lord, Olin at Cl[lllo4l, Croacrol.lle, Abet Tamil
51tAtiroue; Ittraul Mt., Towanda; Rob., Roy, Wells
h 0,,, i., Roderick, Callel.l•Lirei L
buret, co of o f LLLLL street and the Ihnokend.
Pric P e R TA educe d ENT BUDA ASII
A• 11, warranted *a pe liar to any other bland ; t
31 by the quantity ol Ito, aro. for eurroney or
•00, o we
Notes, at tour moans, or 31 tarn eta quan
tity W 1 M
Liberty site. t.
"/` A 11011Di' - 1.16 - 0 DS, AT C O/T.
ERSEV, I'LLMING ACO, having ortainted to
,ivc thcrr ~/.Itre ultrulton In the No of
V 01 C.lon thuints, now
ti cigar their large
cock Tatiore V ertio' , tenet. and
lierittanClathr, Doeclutir, r.avoneru,h . Gut root.
lICILI k:4', YLk:AII N 1: & CU
Woud at
PUWI/1.111— . ..N cne4. Jo, lb
Sous' brand. a wertor article, for rtule by .
nova %V 111 5111011111 a /WE
pe• , d lo ca.•lt •
' r h alti . p " OzenJbrolgc,
nod now coming . by caner, fur Powder, arrtved
sale by
N. 11—They will reeCive, dart ag th. varnter, lore.
I t , l roe a, eregaat 'won 110,10•500 d is °et harm
hum th e celebrated manufactory or Nun..
C 6.
lark, N Y., of dollen°, twle, end very moderate mine
For sale by 11. KL1•1117:1t,
delti at r Oodwells.
for ten/acme Tartar, SettlVS, Canker ? end ell
sublitsiners destructive to the Teeth. le deltetous to
the luste r cleansing the mouth, healing and strengthen .
to Mourn, and partly lag the hrestb.
For ante, wit Montle and retell, by
01e.61 11 H111,1.1.1R61, 67 World at
FLOUR— I 1 141. • uttable for starch or rtxi na
lor ••••,•• . 1)1•1171 & ROB
. _ .
it-50 earl, r tor sale low, to elose etorlito 7
.1 facet 'by JAMF3 LtaI.ZELL
(1111130 AI3ID :At lbsjusteeretvid for Sitio by
J IttliD It lto
(iItEIiSE L OJ Lie oriole, iiold - pet ttolweil's Idnh
r !or sale by AMES DALZkaa.
Emil]; 1111.11 A-10,041.1 in more and for sale tit
tanj"..R.S-4° ;72 , VVIZI ' IIgUNII
01.0U11-71N , :. a 110,
ti n nirfor t Vy U:A ".
$ ' ; ' 1VII;71:ATI: 71 7 "'
T Alto—sit kegs o t ree'd f0i700, 7 t , i ,
1 • ph. 11AltilAUlt11
V - W_
baaasnuie • d sues just
received and fur sale by
aA W IlAtialty(11!
otriato libti. N an
Sugar, a prime iele,in .
siole anti fur sale I , S .
N. W u lltsallAlltill. ,d
24.31C9 fog .ale by 41 CULlPRiaktgr
.._lYi W.TIT iF
TnIE yerurbrebly b.budoye.zisuag burssran the
subscribers, odder rue firm of Banbridge, Wilson
tr. Co., no AM day thesolved by mutual consent.
The business clinhe firm will be settled by J.W.not•
brainy, or Wm Wilson, Jr. Whet of whom& author
ised to use the ,
name of the ' brM in Unaided°.
Pausburyb, July I, Minn.—Ma
TAti W Ilerbrufge b. Danl. F. Instiram lava das
tJ Osy esseemted themselves antler the Sem of
& Ingham, to transact e Wholesale Grocery
snit General Commission Business, lathe house hasty
°crme , ' by 111.140 g, Wilson & C 0,116 Water at.
Pillsbargh, July I, le:W.—lye
IllE subscribers have lhl. day flamed n capartner
chip under the Lrm of W a V Wilson, for the eta
nine of transacting the Wholorele Grocery and Com.
poission Bennie., at No sti Wood str W eet.
wm. ILSON, Jr.
NuAburgh. 1, 1250—174 FRANK. WILSON
Melodeon Plano wlltitwo of Maeda
UST received at tbe sign of •the Golden Hop i one
eP superior 5 octave Melodeon Piano, with two seas '
of Heeds, the latest improvement. The sleeve Is
probably the finest toned Instrument ever altered far
sale here, with a bight. Pilloried and alegent exterior,
fee .ale by G,dll II KLEMM
rem hoe boot paper 19124
. 20 do. do co Sts.U.
SO do do do 2.225.
Ind do news printing, 211:17,
PV do do do Ols2t,
GO do do do 2214%
11l re do do 2920
Hi do Blue Envelope, ...111Ve
`2O do Yellow do Alia
50 do Manilla do 0r025:
25 do do do 2101,
500 do assorted wrap rag ea
per.. in store, for sale by JOH N
i N II
teas Wat
er.nionenny in Tin*.
CIDEHIN the cheapest and bon place in PRO-
Dbooth to buy Tea is at the Tea Mullet, Cain Sloe
of the lhamond. 'I hey cell
Execilent Ten en • . 53 per lb
The. very beht • —•—• - .......... "
Low priced, damaged, or Inferior Toss ale net kept
nt dim exiabliatime , n, therefore, whetter you go yont
*cif or mend child, you are sum to .oldnits rx good
article, and if the davor of the Tea is not Approved,
they readily exchange It or return the money.
/112 Mr ill 1116 & HAWORTH, Proprietors.
STINI/RIES-40bas extra Cresol Cheese;
I%i hi by%s No :1 Mackerel;
In toll do I.
1, , 6s do do;
la• Mould Cuddles;
bss No 1 Stare.
0, dor patent Zino %Washboards;
25 111 cheats supeytur. Green Tear,
•Iti caddy 11• dot
lu hi a..., superior Bleck Tour;
los Iludold'a arum 11m..
For rile by J U sV na..tenis & co
1715 for %Wood & VOL sic
fIIItIeOLATE—,I GPI.. N. I Fresh Chdoolate ,
Just yeecoyed, and for .010 by
dalimon-Ameman Farmer'. Eneyclup.rdia, Hen
Futeronn-Trem and Staub; eo
Brown-Treat tul America, too
ThOurao-Atnerierni Fruit Culturtat,l2mo
tiny —a Conte no the MeLard, Pano
Iltnot-Family Kit-he,, Gardener, 12mo
Miner-The Anierrean lira Keeper,l2mo
Ihmen- The A mrtkenn Poultry . Yard, 12,r0
Almstsult-- the Forum mid Emig rhnt'a Duna Book
Allan-=the Ammo. Fa.m Donk, 12Mo
Monne Fruit and Fruit Trem of America, Iftio
Younti-The Horse. ova
Bennet-Too Poultry Yard. Wu.
For aale by JAhl Pi D lA/CI:WOOD
Jo 7 lot Four. at
Cif butane, Arts.
lONDUCTED Ly i'rof 11. Silltenan, Prof. IL Sility,, Jr. and Junes II Dam, Near Doren, Com
eolleut. Journal to lamed every two months,
onota,s of Ist ram, etteh. waking taro octavo
Voil.llllo/ a year, ma, milt runny iltuanatior.s. It la
devoted to a,lKtrial .angle. Srienee and the Arte,
~,xtdcrired Hmiewr AtMtuelo hlmundst and
Dif-enir matron] Form,n Penodiesli, Nintre of Near
Puldoormoanharld at. rat 11011oUn of reeent Sete.
tth e .s or , Th. firm reties contemn, volume; the
lam or Which to u eeneral Index to the 19 volumes
veer Moe, Pumerirmon, t 5 al year, in advance .
J D LOCKWOOD, Met for Proprietor;
leIY 111 Fourth at
Good hooka far hummer liesdhofo.
Crown—Turkish Evening Entettanimunta, 12mo.
Taylor-1.31.1100, V1.1.4.10nt •
omae—European Lifa ant. Manners, 2 vols,1•100
!their ens—Deutt.y and rot,. Y voles, 12mo
Mackay —repulse Delusions, vole loot.
Marvel—Fresh Gleatongs, 12910
C. 11 II —Norman Leslie, 12mo.
rho Ist-I , :ns bah Lar rature,l2nto.
riot- Veldstonh's Miscellaneous Wrks, 4 VOiS.
Mayo—go twat, 120t0
'lOl ler—Yuma Afoot, 1201,,
fluitilotldr—Costnes,l vets, 11010.
l'et sold by JAS LOCKWOOD
Ir9l 101 Fourth et
Ilnek•--Ciederal Llterature• .
Mort r— Poi - fame ry it. Use and Mditufactare. 12:10.
01.1!., rbilesorby el Nature. Irmo.
Itlolow—Aphoso ins mid Re aectio,..s. 12mo.
Shaw —lEns Leh Idteralore. 1.11113.
Darn—Loge hare. Thum
guar.—What I saw In California-
Ft. trove—Pawl and Vtroor.m. a vols. 12010.
Alentl-10.tters In Ittuutt.
'tumor —Rectitude of Homan Nature. 12mo.
Venceur—Medern French Literature.
NE1•1111614-1111MIM Magnetism.
IltimOoldt— Aspect* et Notate.
Brodcriv—Zoologica I Beeremone.
jc9 101 Fount. et
- Poster's Blew Utialopt•D !Belo. I
I 1% INE to Han all Meht, Dolly Day;
%I Wiry Jones; Go Soo, to do Cottou Field;
Neely wax a Lad), tee. .
A 1.80:
Re,Enel to the I.oved Ones el llome,•
Row thy too lightly; Tree Love, by T. no*
Our way set OS4 the sea. duett;
A new medley wog, by II Coven;
Jenny Only, tousle by Muller;
Jove shot were eroSetung, Wedding Mareb;
nod bless the bah] ruenne; S.:hes:kW Wells
ta.e.tre tint's Vern:tore. by CV C. wover;
Rohn.. Ir Ilmeur, Wattle, ,tcyonnart.ebe Co;
I.est Row ofdtammer, easy •ertenortslcy Mars:
Chant Sates Polka; Lathes' Sourer:lr Polak;
Corn Cracker Quedolle; I.outsralle tteeirllle;
Demme. of Italy; Duero, 'Rios, &o.
A large estottatent of Now :Rosie on haeLte Wbkh
dettion. are matte weekly. For sale by
fett.Z J. 11. hLELIAIR. el Wood ea
uheap btandardlstory.
h UMI7N FINGL.AND . nog pot. H .
ermor h 1 Roper 1.1ro•r, G vols. cloth and
popet. at Au Oenu per vol. Three toll reeeireO, and
for role ty 8 IIOPICIOItr,
opt] Apollo Itutldlnrs,Foorth st.
EDl:Ullti: P.m Voyage, by 'feta:len Plejtyrjlo
11. author of 'l')Fu . ..!' " 00100 ," •tr--
llotory of fang Alfred of IM.Kland, by Jacob Abbott;
with h. engrvvwcs.
Sidoma the Soreeresm by Wm. Ideinbold.
nov9l carver Third sod Markellareelt
"Ow of the rDzot Remarkable IVooks ol die Art:"
Xt !NEVI:II AND 1115 RENIAINSt with an account
.0 of a root tu the Chundman Christsons of Kurdis
tan, and the Vestals, or Devil-Worshippers• and an
Inquiry into the Manners mod Arts of the Ancient As.
syrianA Ity Austen Henry Layard, Esq., D. C, L.
Walt lutroauctory 1001 c by Prof. F Rohmson, D. D.,
LL. D. Illustrated with la plates and maps, and 90
wood cuts. 11 Valk Sro. cloth, $1,50.
"The book bona rare amount of graphie, TlVid, pie
work of Leyani a the meet prominent contri
bution to die study of mainstay, that has appeased lb:
tu•ny years.".—Clinst.
"Not One excels 111 Interest the account of niineTeh
and as !loins, given by Mr. Loyard."—Wa olinigtoo
"Av ure follow the diccers with bresthless interest
in Men . eveavlllllolo4 and suddenly sorra/vex be.
lint a 11111.7•ilre 41.0 carved with minion acettracy,
now tiling tin peanut head Irma the dust "of :MOO
yearn, we are ready to ery out with the astonished
Aral's, 'Wallah, a is wonderful, but It Is Initel n—fo
For sale by
C - 1 Wood id
T WOII/1N of toe, Old and Neva testament.
.A. B. Sp me,U. D. I Vol. Imp. bVO.,
elegantly LO,Ollll, In egg tely linithed migrating.;
with dr*.ertptiolts cele ,l ord Alactieva Clergymen.
PillsaMS of. Weibl, of .Ely.d anew
and anlsageiCeditton; lilustrined I.y mgcnving. from
orig..' des
" igns by Wwr. I vol. mesa. oleo. elegant
ly [wood a gilt. Alan—A variety of ofdmilibi Alt oo.
ale and Gin
licerell'e Viral Gook of the litstory of Rome.
I not. itnno.
aso of Carpe Shipwrioltin, Wheelwrights, Sam.
yrs. leueeberiaan,Studenm, and Artioans generally ,
being a thorough sand plactieal Treauee an Illelneuf a
non and the Slitlllte, Hole Ily fI hl. Raper, AN.
Ilakee'e l'reause on Greek rinea Compe.lion.
Mended', Elementary l'renels By Prof
Greene, of Grown University. 1 vol. loom.
Nord:gees (Seiwnina . Hebrew Gs minium, by Conant.
Gcsemas' Ilehrew Lexicon.
Lessons' Trigonometry and Lognothmic Tahles. 1
rot tslicep.)
Englishman's Greek Concordance. 1 vo1.(Oloni
Ambon's Classical Series.
Webster's Diminiary, revised ed. I vol. 800.
do Jo inialiedged 1 vol. (to.
the 'e Note, and (teeter.. on New Tenement.
Mashenten bleelesiasucal History. II vol. and 9
vs. lidieePJ
Vestige* of erentinn. 1 .1. 18150.
Alortusign among me Je.uite at Rome. 1 (cloth
and paper.!
Scenes where the Tempter ba• Triumphed 1 vol
(cloth and paper.)
Florae's 'Bllealogirul I.eeturea. 1 vol. mo. leloth.)
Attires Pronormeing Ilible.
lloyer's l'enwh lestionary,
Smart's Horace. I'or tutu byR HOPKINS,
novl3 ApolloHullinutet, Fourth al
The oldists.
AME 4 IAKIKW001), Uookreller end Importer,
No. GI Wood evert, has for side few copies corn*
piety, Ithe remainder nt the edition) of thin valuable
work, devoted to the. Preserv•tton of lioeinnene, nod
other anibettue munuation relating to the catty ea
plorntions. settlement and improvement of the country
around the bead of the Ohio. Hy Neville U. Craig
Eim, 01 lAtenurgb, in 2 vole. Bvo.
novlo J. U. LOCKVI2XID.
usimr likfligY. A 111,1 or), Untb u view of the
.AlLi Liberty of other Ancient Nations. Ily • Sanutel
Haien, EA. Illustrated with 'twelve engenvings,exei
outed at Rome. 2.15, Bvo., uutforin with Proseott's
'listened Worts.
Just published and for ale by
JAhltH D. LOCK WOOD, Bookseller and
novel Importer t el Wood al_
- KcichiNV aufhoneed
"The reading of this book has impressed in with •
waeli higher opinion of at author than we bad Gamed
from perOuing het other w o tiego. Itilispisyssidoeper
lone of thodght, united lobo." pare womanly grate of
feeling than any Oahe( production of U. lemale -ohne
with which we aro Iteiiiininted."—Rea. Mirror. -
'di Is a yeti agreeable nod readablehook,vrrlty.sle
Fanny Kernble's had style—bold, spirited moil - titter.
usining• We reel:mown) 11 10 OUF readers meld b.,
publiesoicut of the nemott.”—lteniling •
vlt eolitalostire o( travel through Ritrupe•
end ...hen.. Italy; and In one of the pleamatee
- and most tutereseng books of theneason.”—Coar. abr.
'bri very eharaeteretie book. We hate.reed it Hon
title page to Colophon with unabated interest. A vi
vid tic tit re of life In Rome. In all =spleens eminently
For sale by JAMES D IIIeKWOOH,
rimlf) IlankkelterA Importer, IU Wangle
mad , P/awera.
301 g:lll74,Ps',lftititlld"l"""',l l =
.bie rcoq tun day al "
AA 1,1400Y4 &co,
. .
nos.anes - a ; soil,
. .
Igetwae l /A l pe basti•
.10 roams* in
COLLEGTIONs..—Ihana, Notes and Aecentavee.
payable in any pan of the Untoo.collemeu on me most
favorable terms.
EXe4ANGEbn New VOrlG'Phllidelphla and Bat
nmore; Cistinzwi, Loalsattle, 15aint Loam sad
New Orleans, constantly for sale.
DANK NO cm all advent .banlm la Um
United Pmtee discounted it thelownw tat.n. All Made
of Foreign and American Gold and Silva Coin bowfin
and sold.
Game No. 53 Mattel street, between 3d and 4th
Pittsburgh, . evos
- 111 . 0Y — T1 --'- KID 'Ng 41.10113M1G11i.
/41ILLS on Engtwolg s r' eland, and Scotland bowed '
wty amount tt Osumi Hates *riga - 06.015. '
, Drafts payable. In any port of tbs. Old Centuples,
'from 41 to .1.1000, al - tbo ADS of S 5 to the £ Stetlinf t
deduction of dummy by JOSI/UA RODIN
SON, Dtropean and General :Meth of6es kb .: ono ;
door wen of wood. oetISU
iiiiin slastELL . itoll . fl/DIAM/1 •
IniAlign iii . SLAV
. s i
in ForoDn sod Domestic , Dills of , ExenAnire, Vet , '
t este. of Deposit.% Dank Now and Coln, saner of
SI and Wood otreets, dissotly.opposiut Si. Mules lbw •
unlined at the Mura e
"6122 kszabty,
Bank Noy, %
t raw try
aapyy 3$ Mutat attest
BYLLII ICYCIIE7I4I6--b4littwaka an
Naw YoFk• • '
Pbilwialykla, and
Oanstabily (or ads by .N. HOLUM & SONY.
etyl3 . . . : =..blutwat.
DIOUILILII usaffloarn,.
kleschaiam; Enst Ode *rake DiaMontliPittsburgh,
ara alike 'nay WWII prince lot aumbi
Hee ufied Whiskey, Gin .1 Dement , * ttrandy; alto,
French Omndy, R olland Gin. Jamaica Spints, Lou
don IttOg hiskey, Duna, he. . Yon, Stietty, Mn•
delta, Champagne, Meet, ;Ninestell, Malaga, Teno
teat, and Laaban Wanes' Wholesale & Retail. ms 3
ge on band or owls to
order, the merlon. sites of PrioCmigVaper, nog
Wrapping Pap Ari Crown, aTediancand Double Crown
sate Aire. WranPing Paper; Crown, A:tedium; and
Double Crown Poet Office Paper Paaeliedint, &A.
P tdASSIIALL., 8.1 Wood at,
Agent for ClintottlittllA
- •
TOIIN WAIT & CO. have removed thclr stook of
tirocertell tothe oppotlito able of Liberty st..
yKyohlAN IN YddEßlCA—lien watt and ger re
ify ward. By t !aria t Melnloth, author ordeboart,
Coantarehoralg," "To teem and to be.'" 1 rellewo.
Latter Day Damphleti, No I:—Tbe
Ely 'lloil. earlysle.
CoAlmetty.-111.001(11 °Mil° and WFitingnofthoo.
ebelwera, D D., L. 4D. Prelectiotta on
Analogy, Paler. Evlden tee of Chtirlionity,anAlLlrs
Lecture on Divinity, with two 'lntro,3llCtOry Lebtureo
and four Addle.wa doltvertd in Otto New Dobege,
Feltnlturgh, by Thopas etoolwero, D. D, D.
et:Atop-Life of ruin Colvin, compiled frau duthen.
anurees, and parbeularly (row btucorrerpondone“.
narrow 11. Dyer, wig, portrait. I vol Plobi
For .ale by R HOPKINS.
apt] 70 Apollo Buildingl, No:nth co
Combat Coarbol
20 (2uR0...99 do du very 6noi
10 Endlir aped g
" Corn fleddinc
6 " Poet. Comb.;
nod 4 .
Wm Zoo Reed Fine ivory;
" rlbellonde enornr,
to " super bog< Linclolo;
MO poor osobr Sulet Cambs . reed ond for sole by
Ices C COI Market on
Batt liollassd3 Barr [tones:oll
NOTICE—Thni finest
hue this
Bud* I tore/oil several ea..% of the finest and beet Bud*
Window/ Holland, Invithiett he would roast reapeetlatly
cull the attention of bit eunmmen and the public in
11:7-ttarpet Warn Nome, 75 Fourth el Anil
Ciratiabas * ****
A FEW very Ene CUITARE:InnI reed from Ina
11. relents...l manufactoty of C. F..diartln, and tor
anle 1•y jand 11. nIF.LLOR,BI. Venal -
ging Commie. Work. of John Bagyunf 2 .01.4 em
rot, Illearateilt • mailin gilt mid gilt edges.
Nibtleal antV,Sabbath Bchuol. Geography;
• iscw wet.; 1 not, 1 . 2.0.
Town . . Anal.. and Speller.
Life of John Q..itilainis by Wm. IL 1 Tot,
Som. hy 31.. Centaur 1;.11,12.10; men; ECt.
Souiet, Sermons—Strain. Iptenched upon severed
oc‘m p.o., by Robes, Spuili L dh Dd • new editton,4
tole; including Path... Ili.ourses.
Some-4 note lu IlteePiektfet 00S.
For sole by ;
tcleN Apollo 1111140 p. Foluth st
JOHN M1C1101.6.
• undersigned, ',nonagon to Asthma & Nwhol
• son. bre leave to inform the citizens of Pittsburgh
d public grins-rally, that they have rebuilt the KA
rouri DRY nod are noWCH ra
I opetion and
pan of their patterns re ady for the ,
Amount winch are Cooking Stoves, Coal and Wtonl
Stoves, with a splendal air-ught Coal Stove, Willett
now superceding In other cities the common rouri..l
SlOye. Ai., a cheap root Conking Stove, well &dep..
ted for small families, with a full assortment of com
mon and mantel Orates We would plintridarly ia
site the attention of person. building to Call at war
warchonse before purebasinsi slid examine a splendid
article 01 enaininelled ()rates, finished In film style—
entirely now in this match
Warehouse, No. Ittl Liberty at, Opp° site Wood all
_n6&idtt ' NICHOLSON & PAYNS:
rtsursounan 111 PORTATIO N S
'I YEAGER, Im porter and Whesale Denier In
sw,t, of the Glit Comb, GM Market ri, Pntstiorgb, Pa
Yr enc. Merchants Pedlars, and otLers 01,1t111•
Pitishoreli to poreintielioods, aro respeetfolty Mooed
to cell sod <Tontine the egtiMll.lsssortutent of En( ,
American, ' , tenth and Gorman Fancy Goods.
All Foreign Goods at this establishment me ithpon
od 6,001 by mYself, purchasers may rely
ting goods from first kends. I hub the largestessort
molt of articles, variety hoe, io the city of
vmburgh—all of which mill be sold lour for cm& Or
city acceptances. The trek consists, In pin, of
Lace Goods, Hosier), W.V.., Ifibbohe
Bilk Grovels, Shoe and Patent Threads,Sevriog
Epool Co.p, 'rapes; Suspending, Rations, Pins, Nee
dles and Galen'
Gold and Silver Wistebes,GoldJewelry, all hods of
.iiruslics, Combs and Razor.
Percussion Caps, &evolvers, Pistols, Clocks, Bilk &
001100 Parse., t , peCt•Cleß, Steel MIMIC 00/Cl4
1! Wel LIIIVI and Boatels.
Dinging a }iodine, and Trimmings.
Toys and Fury Good& together sth large vale
* of Fancy and Maple DRY lillol.lD.
C. YEAGER is also agent for the mtlsbrated Len.
easter Combs. ; mart?
tOrosli itangllab Itessmay. •
OGRM b z. e xit)
Colds 4 N e t b i tz la fo c tuAll;p c u a o rn n! .
r T e tt;
a diseases, ii the HUNG
FE, discoyetedt hi , the celebrated Dr. Each. of
ndon, England, Seel Introduced Into the Unit. game
Eder the immediate naperintendence of the inventor.
Tha estmordinart success of MU' medicine, to the
re of Pulmonary diseases, warrants the Ameriean
gent in miteiting fOrtremment the vr•rst peas/hie e••
that can be found In the community—eases that seek
lief in vain from any of the comm. remedies of the
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