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Val C.l.M.l.cOximilon.l.
Of Backs County.
NRIT W. t‘fi YUEN,
Of Union Cinsay.
snraial aanßflL .
Of iyagattgtOnCounry.
411itImitsanto wad Whig Nominations for
Aliesheny County.
to. rutrn morn, comatus.
TidONIAS M. 1101711 g,
Tollll=lll Banal, WINTT TIZTr
- 11 /LUNAR DE a Nit.
to• •nnarlLt,
T. BIGHAM, Lower S. Clair.
R. C. WALKER. Ombeik.
1.1011W711N0 nrealtllee,
WM. FLYNN, Lower SL Clair
Omnibuo Bill as defeated, and there is •
ou t probtbillly that the Collin:lila bill will pats
la this state ol slake we await with no bale °to
trent the develcpement of • few suectedini
weelm, ot mouths. 11 the Booth are carnets in
their tLreot I, we shall have some demeastrations
scorn; but lf, as is most littey the cow, they only
/mated to bluster, for effect, the whole country
will quietly mule down, and we abolition° leas of
slavery 4itatiiin than for many Team Ple.iettL —
Tbis Is ittaily to be &mired, and we earnestly
trust It will be the case.
Railroad to the Parlac
We an indebted to the pol imam of S. W Rob
ert., Eq., fore copy of a thick and handseme
pg ra pkier,tontartilog the prriceedlogs of the Cot.
~,,002 had in Pkiladelphis, In April law, an favor
of a National Railroad •through the territories o'
thellalted Stales,- to the Pacidc Ocean. Amorg
the important matters neglected by the present
Coopers, through the absorbing nature of the ala
rm contest, title Is not the lent. There is a deep
and anxious delve hilt by the yam majority of the
people of this : Union, for the apeedpconstruction
of this great work, and a confident hope was felt
at the commencement of the cocoon, - that come•
thing would be done to carry out their wishes—
It was thorght that Coogrem would at lout, tt
nothing MOM', auMori so surreys to be made, to
as to ateerudit the hest practical mute. An this
will ton a work of time, probably two or three
pelts, there was the. greater necessity of an earl!
commeneemeot. These hopes have shared the
fate of those entertained by persons who looked
for en improvement in the tariff bill, kg apprepri•
allow for the improvement of our riven and has.
bore, and for Icjinintion on various other sal
ient. of public and private interest.
Tete sta , s, of alt tle shows how important It Is to
the prorverity of the oratory, toot this slavery roe
troverny shotid be rpeeddy aetind in come way,
that the natiOnal tepreseetstives may devote the,
time sod energies to the advancement of the get,
•rat weltsre.
Bte►ser Amerleaoevas►l Live• Lost.
The telegraph, on Thureday, gave us the flni
notice ol lhls diseiter. We glean the fellowins
particulars from the Cleveland paper,.
The diwie: took plate about one o'clock, on
Wedeesday,merning last, about forty miles below
Erie. The steamer Alabama fell in with the
America shortly after, sad towed her into Erie.
The Cleveland Herald ,la no extra, dated Wed.
nesday evening, Dim o'clock,.gives the following
Form the Enguteer of the Alabama, which rime
In at six o'clock tea evening, we learn that the
Alabama fell In wi'h the America about two o'clock
an hour after the teruble accident bad on.
carted. As the boats came together, he rays, the
pampas on board the America rushed to the other
beat Like w fleck of sheep, some arid, baggage on
their shoulderr, nod eetely an in • Write of eaefu-
MOIL and bewilderment. toe board the America
tee torte 0103 an awful rave—acaoral were .1011.1
—cud with their head• and Ira+ torn off from their
b >dies, and many_ Bros drolly scalded Thome who ,
were able ran about begging for relief tram their
wagering& .
He and others poured oil over bereft!, until Ito.
supply was exhaustel, and was aced to
Hosted. Me_laseph SmechT, of Vatham,C inn,
who as named as fatally re tided. suited hi, resi
dence to oars of the passengers on the Aiabama,
and unturned bun to write to his wife that his
last thought was of bee.
The exploaion took place in the starboard boil- !
er, the second from tho ontaide—blowier the for-
ward end of it entirely at, taming the loiter deck
upside down, raising the apper deck some foot
feet, and making the centre of the boat aperfeer
wreck. '
No doubt some of the paesengen jumped aver
b:aed in the confusion, end one we. wen In the
water. It is wonderful that the tom did not Li ten
after the explosion—in fact ehe La reported to Gate
beat en aro after being towed to Erso.
H. B. DV. El , of this city, we, on b wed the
America, but fortunately wan unhurt intre a slight
lajury to one °lbis hand.. When the Alabama
lett Erie, eight of the twilled were dead, and
probably as many mare will not recover.
In this matter there ham been crow carelesanra.
Sorb oedemas cannot rear without it, and lea
lice, and the safety of 11l r tea velil g poSlle, demand
that the cause this expiation be &ace:tattled,
and those 'la fault bold miaow:dile.
We anti indebted to the peritonea. of Mr. Na
than Dzming, of 9,ath Bloornricid, Piekaway
eattoty, 0, for the following
L/ft OP PllllOlll-1 , 101100.
W. H. Brunet, N. 'l.—not badly welded, bands
Jeremiah Conner, with and 5 children—badly
bfoLaughlin;Firecnan—died in an hour.
H. Brace; colored welter—iota to pieces by
the oilman.
Wm. Lleas, head crxik--hadly scalded.
Richard Retake, Whittiy,Oar.ada—lradly scald
Luther Kinney, Washinvon, Macomb county.
Klett badly aceldc3.
lonia Sianeldr. ihrham. Po—mortally.
/awl Clancellor.Ereman—died la an bow.
Patrick Watch, Fireman—mill die.
An a/ french roman, shoo dealer In N. York.
badly. •
Amhlbald3dnsey, stecraga putonyer, Mich.—
J F L,ilor,Clocinoab•—•3oi
- D I;traciona•—face sod bands
Pawlet' Howley, dect patsenker--74ands and
Nee *cabled.:
D E.. Terry, Norwalk, (1.--.ll•ad Injured by •
Win.Terry.-misiiicr— no doubt drowned.
Bridget We;lob, B tdalo—brdlv wedded.
Jacob D odi slightly eronided .
Michael 114[e:qv, Fireman—nor die.
Denali Winen, deck pasiengor--ndly scald
ed. _
James Morphs, Irish dick hood—bridir scalded
Tnoi. Parcel!, Ftremon--hady rorsiArd.
Colored cook, name not knowc--qlshtly soild
. •
Tto depraved wretchni who have been Pill'
c ol Sluiesiaripa properly wrecked in all skip
Eliztbani,ti rim Island, N. Y.. ire in • ( sir way
of ine e nek yin. exemplary punishment. The Col;
lee° , "I'Llis port ofNeW York, by .1 well devised
plan, has a°eesedtdln discoserlog the names 'era
12mbet of lb° "Ms. The Express mys that not
less Mae ad them passing its
rospeetahleahm lreesnaamisad, and against this
number there is P r.C •I4IiCS Whi2b will send
them to the Penitently,. 1.4.. peraon~. reside
at Fire islatd. Ealebodlle, sad ter - ten miles along
the shore.; _ •
Is one toms were (bend lirea lb e . o f wool, in
another 40 bars of soap, in sanest h.° 17 ales.,
le soother quantity of silk. ta me .. •
oit, auothcr flasks of, oil, lashes,. barr e ls of
All this cane from the wreck of the p. 3.
sad some of the goals had been carnal e. 41, :r"
the wrath Some miaow: articles were
the possession of reepectable farmer, and nye. 4
anon of ooe wanes was Mond • draw sopee e m
to base belonged to the Countess Orson, and Owe e
an ressmis to suppose that this &taws not a.
ly takeo from hoe body when drowned, hat tai
Its awok e had been plundered of the jewels which
rt antalaid. Sane of the clothing of the Mar.
ekteadte, - and of tier child, nod some of the cloth•
tag of:Horace Sumner. were found, as also the
Rouble rant of • child—all of vellum are to pose
sessioa alba oiSeem. It is due td the fairer sex
to say, the: sesnaly, they - seemed shocked at
the condubt of their husbands, etas, Whets, booth.
an and friends,: who hod be ,oget home lase
fruits of plunder and mistral:re. In one house
bowrver.- women ureic found braid,o; the rich
straw into hate, and 'these bed half completed
tkaieltrork. la another instance even the ship'.
aninpet &abet% stolen and it was spear.
cat that ' , ted half the teal beak manifested by
Wks food plates to save the life and property as
flora or to commit acts of robbery, that mites
iva fl rrty ROO taro Ws, Intrid,
12 ""*P 5 4 4 * 40 4 ;11 /4 11r8 i 3804 P L
- • "•.^ Pei?"'
While the people and the induitry d.ilopeor4
coo getting ntiouitBiidei the tedetiettiktr.the
aliment would appear io be doing, in a mere mon
ey point of view, well by u. I bare not the - means
of ascertaining with my degree of accuricY the
Precise receipts of macula, from casuals during
the year which has just closed, but I have learned
enough to Indicate that they will amount to,if they
du not rxstsiderably exceed, forty millions of du!'
tars. This is apparently nlarge timount,but is ye•
ally a less than might. have been expected under
the Tariff of 1842, as any just and fair comparison
will demonstrate. to fact 1 have always heed
ready to take that most wisely framed and heneti•
cent act, as the best revenue measure which has
ever been adopted, and far superior even ut this
respect to the TarilioflB4ll. If the political rep.
Cation of President Filleacee depended alone el.n
the share which be hod in preparing and carrying
through the law of 1842, be would be honorably
dminguisited among the greatest statesmen of his
During the first quarter of the past fiscal year the
income was not tar froth $ 11,500, 000 , I e.ticante
that of the accord at 55,000,003, and the two last
are known to have produced about' 620,000,000.
Thew amounts are exclusive of about 52,500,000
which may be fairly estimated as the reeeipm of
the ports in California and Oregon. I showed, last
Decentber,that the receipts at San Francisco, were
at thereto of nearly 5200,000 per month, and its
commerce, as well as that of Oregon, has vastly
It issaid that during the latter hall of the year,
the expenses of collection were so for reduced by
Mr. Meredith, as to be brought far within the rate
of Walker's, a most preceding administrations.
13nt I must not go into a dissertation upon finance,
during this exceedingly warm weather. As the son
declines towards the tropics, I shall take the liberty
to impure upon the patience of your readers amne.
thing in the figurative style, to wit,tables of prices,
of interests, production, wages, sad getiatioislekP.
sitions in general. dram..
q. 31.
Datot of the Compromlao_Sk•teb of
the Psi:weeding. thereon
Ills Ma boort • On of contltot, of triumph to
Noce, tad of moaning to other!. The Compre
miNe Bill, ultra itaTery question, witiott has, Itt
one ihipe or another, been ander coulderafico
fully five mouths, tu beat - maimed and mutilated
and finally defeated. The favorable symptom.
of yesterday have proved entunly Innen and
deceptive, and the wbote project bas been over•
whelmed in hreutediable destruction
1 will give you ■ bnel damn of the manner in
which ties result wu attained, and If it has been
rendered nape:goons, by previons telegraphic
tieu, IL Will al court° be NE , ted•
In the zinminit, Mr. Jefferson Pali. delivered
a (anon. sad mon ialinamaiory apeeeh, Insult
in throughout diannion and revolution. This
apecels was tnimlnated against Norm' motion t
strike out the clause tf the bill prohibiting the ter
ritorial government proposed to be established un-
der the bill, hum legislating upon shivery for o
lUM6II. This motion, to the general surprise o
.those who favored the Omnibus plan of adjust
sand, prevailed by the large vote of 32 to 20—
,Welve mei 'Sty. TOL; WU& meat blow to the
btli, in fact, almost deciaive agates% it. The whole
body of Southern Senators, but Ewing. Walker,
and Whitcomb, voted to the ISrmative, and
Southern Whigs united wth them. lam inclined
to think that we mutt antalder the bill lost from
th a 1400Dellt,11111MI it decided pillte.l l / 1 1 WOOL=
taciugairtet, which v e.e Wore to doubt.
Then Mr. Pearce dealt the prcpm a blow
iwhich cettamly was mortal, if the other bad not
been. Thin was a motioa to rescind, to substance,
Dawson', amendment, carried ye:ate:day, except
lug New Mexico, east of ht.° Grande, from
the operations of the blll, and to insert instead •
clause ponponing the Wbcll subject of terntorial
governments caul Much am, l£sl. Ur. Pester,
made • very decided speech - , to the eXcet thin he
u.t proscribe Me Mar Mexientrs, sod neo7
ti en • suitable got ailment in etillncoin to the
threats of Texas, even though the WI were lost in
conseque nee. Mr. Benton also made aloe', able,
and sarcastic speech, ID favor of the wneudrnete,
which sounded much the requiem of tree
Compromise. To the utter consternation of the
friends of the bid, POMO'. 131011011 to strike cat
prevailed--syes 33, nocs ''a • and It was at once
perceived that Bradbury's proposition for • joint
commission to settle ibis boundary dispute, most
also be revocsidered sod lost, and so the bill hut
R. a cons, goatee. The countenaticu of its •ti.
1 vacates gave rad evidence, of their caosclouri
, tittle, or at least their lean, the, all woo ben.
From this to .he d tall, I shall sia:piy glee a eat.
.love at be maman sad tee v.des.
Mr. litio moved the indefinite postponement tJ
ke bat. ReJeetad—?7to 32.
Mr. Douglass moved to emend, by requiring
the eommissios to report to the President before
the 15th.of Dane:ober next. and to provide that
the right, at the parries abould remain the same
as note Oran the (dither legislation of Cor6reas—
Lost 7-21 to 33
Mr. Torrey again mover) the indefinite pos4
pouemeot of 'Loot by 29 to 30, one ma
jority, the Woggle narrowing down.
Mr. Underwcod moved to strike out eomething
from the remeinder of Pesree'e amendment so as
to Improve it, which was lost—ayes 25,, nays 32.
Yoke Wen made the drat absolutely decisive
motion of the day, which was to strike out the
provision for njoint commission to settle the boons
dory. Bradbury'. nmendment and this prim ailed
by the teat vote of 20 to 29. It has been known
for two weeks, at least, that without this feature
the bill could hot pam, and therefore it was now
iacootertably expiring: —
Mr, Chase moved again the tridentate pow.
ponement of the bill—lost 2910 29.
A motion to adjourn teas oat-14 to 42.
Peerce's motion to Insert the latter pool of tils
amendment, (postponing the termoriel govern
meets until Much 4tb,1451 was loat-25 to 29.
Then the bill coo pined nothing at an relative to
New Mexico. That passenger, therefore, had en
tirely left the emeibes.
Mr. Walker moved to strike out all concerning
Deseret, that Is all remaining but Calieirnia. Doe
via moved to amend the amendment by including
New Mexico with De' emt or Minh, and retaining
the whole. Loot-22 to 31, and then Walker's
amendment fen-21 to 33.
A motion to sOj taco was lost-14 to 32.
Mr. Phelps moved indefinite postponement of
the bill. Lost-29 to 27
111 r.Atchlson moved to styli e out all rtlottag to
Ca/forrois. leaving nothing hut U ah end the 121 m
mons. Lett by the tie vote of 29 to 22
Mr. Sebastian movetito limit California
South by 36 deg. 30 min., Lost-23 to 27,
Mr. Winthrop moved to reconsider the vote on
Mr. Atchison's motion to strike Celifornia out of
the bill. Ile •aid he was ardently to favor of the
admission of Celiforrus, but the imaging it depend.
ant open the manures of the some bill, was to
direct and culpable-violation of the high consiims
tional right of a member of Congress to peon pada.
mein separately upon each distinct gnernion of
1 , legislation brought before him. This motion pre
veiled-33 to 2d—seven majority.
Mr. Clemens moved the Indefinite postpones
mein of the bill. Lett-20 to 3j.
Mr.• Winthrop then renewed the motion CIA,.
chiaon la strike oat ali concerning Caldbrola, and
this time It prevailed-91 to Zr—nine majority.—
The preview' motions' had been directed to the
Miliaria odfrom the trunk the members, its hands,
legs, and arms; thus to strike mit California, we.
the extraction of the heath Nothing was left of
that ceteray reared fabric but the contemptible
corner appropriated to Uteb nod its Mormon sets
I tiers.
Mr. Dawson moved an adjournment, hoping
that they might come together in the morning re.
solved to retrace their steps, and yet tone° bill.
The appeal lean in vain. Beebe said he meant to
show hia magandmity and good natore, by saving
the only remainiag passenger in the lumbering ye-
Mete which had just bean deserted piece meal tir
the Senate. He 'twisted upon sitting here and
Prising this remnant of the affair to night. dd.
internee% was rcrused--tyon 22, clays 33.
33 'eslaaa moved to amend the S miners booed..
47 ' 4 likb by toting latitude 32 deg. , Gl. Davie
°: '''l l ‘etartecid by adopting 20 deg. 30 mi. It
„fated " th eclose vole or 20 to 2'7,—Cow and
Haa n 4 .4 1 4, and Dieltinson and &organ/
""41 " " te r esir Minx: dui Campromien
Toe lino of 31 I^g, then carried.
Me. Ewing navvea,„„ ' apart,. Lost.
The <OWL= thes . sime ap on cogrorsing the
he n s eau""fall only • eeivision for the organize.
1100 61 a 1°61°6 , 1 gonTh4 flat for Utah, without
:the Ptor' ao. to amend
ment that .ore biProbagua from kits.
tuba iggialet abiveq, but d l netiM to guoteet
—•—• •
Rile moved to areem3 PO a. to pole tl pent al
lib y. The.n a.e ems Cuurvadore prevail, to matunand of the *good.
Bask loved to lay the bill ou the Cal*. Lnt ""V ( Afrie*, emit wOhlbs 2Vleail
•••••21%) to P. CoCommanderr Manton Co 'the "(Aerie colonies,
The bill wu then ordered to be Cava, a „3. by- -
.tinder the care of the Penasylvaitht C.oloeisatom
the awe o(22golB,toat I believe the ULU t eadieg Society; to esamine and report on their condition.
and garage were left &31 to morrow. That °Meer did to, and made the following IV
' A Devine indisposition obliges me to leave all ""'"--
comments upon these event to year oditririal pen. The. county ol Grand Sam, et which Rama
3 vatu _ Wm, although not toe most populous, is the
ty town, is principally inhabited by emigrants from
Prom the Republic of August I. Virginia and Marylnod; and a few from South Car
olina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, with a
presentation of mins ..... small number from New York and Connecticut.—
The town of Bar= Core lies on the point formed
The EuswYs EalreOrdinuY end idiaistore Pion. by the junction of the risers Si. Johns and Bensool
.poteutiery of foreign preferments, and other di. and &boost ' unmedistely opposite, at the Union of
plomatie funellonarien accredited to the Govern. Joha red 14 ' 61 ' nee "' " 'lee" the enee of
meat of the United Stales, were presented to the fri.,-/ non (millet up the W. Johns is the town of
. .
President yeaterday,at twelve o'clock, at the Ex. llama Cove contains two hundred and sixtyy . in
°celiac Manion—the President being attended by t"l ia ' na •Z a i rlt," . r:, d g 7 i d ; an . d c n n:tr o i.
than members of his Cabinet who are in Own.— whom, in each town, ate natives, the remainder
Several albs diplconatio.peroznages were absent; are emigrant. from the United States.
some frern india P nagdn t and others Iron baring r Ail these
plum are
r Z i r i eZch int a ' re ' s ''L istl7,
gone on summer — tint:l[2lone Into distant and rills and wane elmuy feet to width; allowing each buitil
k„, p.,,,,, of t h e ca y. ti , She bik, s .th ig F n.,. tog lot to ha suety feet by a depth of on. hundred
! and fay. Ihe buildings are constructed ehitiff of
rations rook piece: I wood, which, to my opinion, is bad policy, as the
constant unerctuinge ol wet and dry seasons cause,
' , them to rot; - and added to this, the myriads of in
l sects which this climate supplies, mate, Mein soon
go to decay. This could he avoided by subsuming
stone or brick; the latter article being now made in
rum. parts of the , Repulhic; bin that which I
ahould recommend to place of caber of the above
articles ts trop.
It gave me much pleasure to learn 'from all with
whom I conversed, that the mural and religious
condition of thus part of the Liberian Itepubne is
ramt cheering, there being but little vice, while a
truly gratifying religious character I. very sipper.
alkAtexandre de BonLilco, Envoy Extraciediniu7
and Minister Plenipotentiary.
M. Edward de Stoechk, First Secretary of the
Legation. 4
Gana' Bytom.
Rt. Hon. Bit H. I. BOFor, Envoy Es.leatodin
try blinlitst,PWolpotentuiry.
M. Bain de Bois is Gamic, Envoy Ettraordioa
ry sod Minister Pee!pates:flay.
M. A. de Bosirbooloo, Bemis's , of Lepton.
M. I. Marie, M. Paiutelgoe, M. Phlllbcal,
Don A. Calderon de la Darcy Eavoy Extract..
diary and Mln.later PlanipmentOuy.
The COMO:M[O4T I. C. de Fisaniete E. Weal
blintuer Resident.
M. !khan., Chuge d'Alrauel, al micrion
U. Henri Bea nit Spencer. Minister Resident.
M. Steen de Bdie, Charge d'ASitzet
The Chevalier Sergio Terrain" do Mated*,
Envoy Extraordinary and Miaiuer Plenipoten
Don Manuel Carvallo, Elvoy Ectraordiniry
end Minister Plenipotentiary.
Don Frei:tette° 9. Aalgburnaga, Secreting of
Dan J. Dl. Tirade., Envoy Extraordinaty and
bliniater Plenipotentiary.
• Nsnca.
Don Angel Fluki, Alla Che
Mr. Bodiscr, Envoy Egirgomtinary and IVlinister
Plenipmentiery of the Emperor of iio3lllll, being
the Senior member of the corps, on being present•
ed to the President, made the following address in
behalf of himself and his.e Illeegues
it bits pleased . Divine Providence to take out of
this world ttin Chief Masiztrate apponned by the
people to preside ore, the destinies of the Annericim
-- • •
Alter bavin,g shared with the whole country die
Jeep bind unanimous regret given to the memoy
of the alustriatut general and eminent statesman
whose long end bralLseit weer A. been w and•
deal). closed, the Diplomatic Corps • belts
you It pre ens their respects to the nes/dent d.•
signaled by the Constitution to complete the teen
al the national election.
- -
I feel happy, Mr. President, to L. able to &lour°
yoh, ha the name of the Monster. and heed • i a
legrowq hen presrpt, that the sovereigns and gov
ernments which WO hare the honor to tepreveut
desire fntehly to aulualaiathe heat retiti.n. With the
American tiovernment.
The happy patineo of the United States gives
them groat facilities for remaining unconnected
with the contests that may agnate the world, acid
to devote all their efforts to the manatertapee of the
Upicao and the growth of the national prorperity.
The tplomatic Carps sincerely hope, Mr Brea.
w .
ident, that We s
eats your Atinitonuranon may
respond to your good ix/tenuous and to your devo
tion to the country.
To whtth the Bresirient thus replied
Mr. Bodisoo, and gentlemen of the Diplomatic
Corps Ihave listened to your address with nonskid
mations sorrow tool rattsfamion, it reminds me
again of the irraparaute la's which my country has
awn/yard in the death of my ittu4ng
hut II in gratifying to receive Irian the repreacuta•
Oven of forego notions the aIataILOCISS of itself
friendly feelings and maimus derive to coluvato
estimable relations with this Government. 1 cue..
gratuity: yoy Mr. Bodtseu, and yoor colleagues,
Upon the Immerse: peace which now prevatts, and
the good soviet, which hang over the future; and
are happy uk assure you that I remprotatue, tool
, caudally, ail the good will which you have espro,
! sect towards this country. and that nothing shill be
wanting, on my part, to maintain those kind reta,
tiers with all foreign wives which naturally spring
from the love of honorable pale with every (or.
ease poorer.
As you have justly remarked, our position n such
as to exempt ya from the agitoting court/venues of
the old w rid; and my Intention is to inalnittin
strict nen - ionic towards all nations, rile into
policy of the United stater, inciting every legiti•
mate amhortty to migrate any aggression upon that
rights of others, and mime the power. at gnarl n•
&pant In proknodh u,r harmony, prosperity, nod ni.i•
on of this growing Repulatu, over the deentoes of
j knee, so unexpectedly, been caned to pre.
I tender to you, and your courtesy e. respectively
Mr. Sadao°, the assurance of my high nigarii,
Ten Lka....1. SPREADING.—Mr. Ithetis bold
. Inset of instant thstztoon seem* to fir,d some
os in South Carolina. •'s4utj Compromi.e," In
the Charleston Memory, denounces the proponson
to accept the extension of the Missouri Compro
mise line to the Pamir,: as a settlement of the sta.
very question, and isrerts that •'the North will con
sent to no compronii.a which the SoUtb ought to cc
erg" lie concludes :
"Let us rival, an asnendostot of Ike Cunonttn•
tson. Ii that cannot be obtetned, let the Southern
States give notice to the Nonbern, that they "re.
tunic the power. granted under the Constitution,
since they pave been perverted to then injury and
oppreasiott . end proceed at neon to elect delegates
to a Convention to frame a Constitution for `Pie,
&whom United Stairs of4Vmth elosorira:"
"Sidney," in the Macon (S. C.) Telegraph, hails
Mr. Khetem speech with delight, and excleirna," Is"
a.r dissolos the Union, and be lone tooth it." Ile
"To the able and fearless statesman, who has
spoken to us lo ma language of patriotic brink, and
has called upon his fellow einem, of his State,and
of the whole South, to join him in enforcing th , oro
ly restart,/ for all our crushing wrongs now within
our reach—a Desaoluzion of the CIMI7I-1 nay Ad.
Vance' my hand is feeble, but whatever of strength
it has in bin !"
Here now is a beautiful trio of madcaps—three
editorsgtorying m their shame, and joss as guilty
of treason as Benedict Arnold was, the only differ
ence being that Arnold went over to the common
enemy, while theme traitors are seeking to get Up
that worst of all strifes,—a civil war—a war be
tween friends, countrymen end brothers,
From the Ctutrievion Mercury.
"Time has not weakened the force of his posi
tions., and the insolent threats end Coarndenmets.
toms of Mr. Clay do not very much tocrease the
chances of 'au honorable and peacnable settlement
of the question. They du not protnia much in the
way of justice to the South. The threat. of "trai
tor's dhotis" and • "invasion" do not savor of the
perpetuity of the but indicate Mat Oren hi
Mr. Clay s view, it'll a rotten and foul cartes dust
is no longer to be held together by its own warm
vitality, but by force, by chains and loot., the safe
cordi of a lawlea nod hated despotism. Mr. Clef
appeals ICI Violence to behalf of the Union, and
threatens South Caroltattns with the gibbet forspeak •
log their coda"
From the •.. , .noh Csaro6nen
Could Mr. Clay's pious wishes be ,•armed out,
every plot tree to the south would be a gallon.,
and old haintoct could not supply rope enOugh
foe a halter for every Sofithtmer whine heart hems
in unison with the seolunews uttered-by Mr
The doom of a traitor ! And this invobed is be
Senate Chamber of the United Slates by a recreant
to the South, upon the head of an ardent and dew
voted friend of her rights under the Constitution.
We may well devair of justice when an rl
prersed determination of rmisiance to agasessom
upon the constituno.l rights of any porlion of
our people is branded as treason to the Senate
Chamber, and draws forth applause time the gal
From the Stet. night Republic-an
"Although England," to me the words recently
uttered by General Cushing, of Mmisschusotts Al
though England sin a price on the beads of John
lia a cork nod Thomas Cushing, as traitors, yet they
well tnigbi and they did retort—that the aggressor
and not the aggrieved, that the violator of the put.-
lie compact, not the victim of the ...- - violation; tbat
the oppressive majority, not the oppressed minon
ty—was responsible for the dissolution of the
Union between the Ltritish Colonies and the British
Metropolis. ° If Mr Mien be a nailer, the 'Mittens
of South Cagan net trotters to a than. Should he
meet with the traitor's doom . , w considerately and
Itititly invoked for him by the pseudo patriot,
Henry Clay, there will be thousands who would
gladly share his tae."
:A severe gale visited Newberne, (N. C.) on Tues
day matt tau, by which much damage was done.
—Some 13,000 bushels of salt were lad, with rot •
set shoes, lumber; do The amount of damage is
estimated at from 520,000 to 523,000.
The brig lours, boon,' for New Orleans with ■
cargo of wines and fruit, consigned to IL F. Nich
ls ft Co , from a non in Spain, weed ashore on
Crab Island, rear St. Thomas, on the 24th of April,
and is supposed to be a total lea. Her rano was
fully insured m that city.
The Nesbit Iron works of South Carolina, have
been purchased by a Seied oh Company: the ism
$112,000 having been given fee the laud., works,
and a part ri the negroes.
The Wayedyr_Home, a very extensive and pop.
War hotel ill Mobile, tras dabroyed by Lire an
Thstrldie of Jut wilt.
Brunt Cove contains two cburches,mic bgiontring
to the Baptists, the other to the Methodists. Ethos
has three churches, Methodist, Baptist, and Presby
terian; end Bexley also has two churches, belong.
ing to the two first . denuitituations. Attached to
ouch of these churches is a flouruhing Sunday
school, attended by Datives as well an American
chi liken; the average attendance to the above three
towns being two hundred and thgthy.five,of whom
one hundred and twenty are native youths. There
are also at Berth, am, day schools, and Bd.. Cove
and Edina each has one.
The condition of the people of Grand Basest can.
pot be considered as highly prmperoas, as they ant
sloWty but steadily increaung to •griculture and
pemmeree. The eUltteatent of entree is receiving
at this place especial aticritioth Judge Bettina alone
having twenty-five acres devoted to that object,
and there are others but little below hum in the
'2'nenttitityti of rdoOtioein the
''' pTon . too the , r" so a t t h e arlTi n a t ifd .
Basso produces more coffee than nil the other parts
of Llberla united, the quality of which is equal to
the best Java. This article eau be cultivated to
any 'Pent, Is todtgefiens In the soil, and Is.
found in great abundance.
The exports from Grand Balsa consist chiefly of
palm oil, camwood, ivory, arrowroot, ginger, emir !
as vet a .mall quantity of coffee. Tee whole , 1
amounted last year, from Basra Cave and Edina
atom, to about twenty-tire thousand uollurs The
imports embrace the usual necessaries of life. with
but few luxuries; the amount of which I wan °noble
to °ingot.
The Baum tribe or natives surround this part of
Liberia, and arm represented as being very friendly.
and willing to work for a fair compensatiov, when
not employed on their own lamas. It may be prop.
er for rue to ineution, that within a few days of my
arrival at Basso Cove, a deputation from um of the
far , far Inland tribes came in to bOileit that com
missioners might be appointed oa the peal of Law
ns. to make urrausethents With all the interesting
tribes, for • cleoi passage in the ben snore, lot the
pull:wile that all ought have an opportunity of bring•
tog their produce free front any °boucle; which I
ant told for other tribe. hove been in the habit of
exercuing; Ito coolie's rimier, were scconlinaty
appointed This ea we of the lac. al the time.,
an inthention of the probed.e aerator of the con,
coerce of Liberia.
Bin I hare reserved for the Inner part of n;y re ,
port, that 1 cannot but deem the mut imp,
Tttai town , of Llama (tore atul ti.ttna ere °tail itcse4
by daams bar 6f most tuna"fe,
and at namepetindr entetradtle pasn, Ailed
dumper of tody too nulet to the sunthwetd, In
whit is termed the cove, in a most desirable Siam.
Ilan for a town, welt supplied with water, and evi
cry other requisite tat a settlement, and at which
.41 died , of Innate run land with pertert safety
even on th, woo, infailorr. It w itt laretemptetion
to tam a rsym,ltsitily on this rite, end nip only
Wunder in, list It was Ho! selected (of the sell!,
meat, os . , it tint tiverluoked, why it should have
been so love neglected. There is no spot th.t I
hare visited en •7, tekuir on NlStilch I tbloll to
will etklCUalled lie a commetetal plot: and it I had
env influence with the Cdwtuntioo Itioeletti, I
it.e, Ii nu. siren tioniity recommending that
this point should receive their
I hope the t,iticni-re l'oloncrett. Society will
I take the esrlirct apportmoy 01 supplying the yuinc
ty of Greed lions with intelligent and entorprieing
' amtatatits, wane of whom at lawn shall paa.rea
nanclentle capital.
Ft intl he Ilanateigb T.lrgaph
We cell the attention a those I. faros of the
election of Judges by the perlde, to the fallowins
letter addressed to Samuel Parte. q., Ly two
weathers of the Philadelphia Bar, which &salons
s rem, idri: evicted into for the purpose of defeat.
lag, by a secret but e aten.ive 0413,3,0 t, the
proposed .. c pa t tictit of the CULlttllitlll.oo. giverl!
' the &came of Judges to thu people of the clittp
eta ddit 'mtg.
Mr. Parke. 1...1 to fee , of the amer.dment
and opposed to the Use of say secret or covert
Melo , to defeat the wishes of the people, very
properly had. the Inure published to the Lmoarter
Republican, thaVbe friends of the meneore, being
fore warned, might be fora armed. We trust Lb I
no attempt made to keep from the reach of the
people, the nest and prsvtlege of choosing their
owe Judges, will •vraketithetu to the imponance
of the mcuttra.
Pbiladelphit, J 1 1 ,7 19;b, 13:0.
811141.[L Pns RV, F. V ,
DOW Mir—An opposition Is now being organized
Is swings pans of the State, to the prrposed
Amend:twat of the Consutation, by arnica the
Judges ate wade elective i and it to intended to
hold in the course of next month, at some designs.
ted place, a @Mall prem., Mooting 10 COrolOil ortiOo
indtgrienals only, one Whit sod one Democrat,
from each judietal dlstrictoptietly to consult upon
and arransc a plan of action hor the different coon.
i ties Owing to the circumstacces of tlits move:,
meat beteg entirely unconnected with patty poll•
' tics. and to the natural tudiapdsitinn of most people
to give themselvea trouble about wbd does nut
, immediately or persoraily affect theta, we have In
i some insiloweft, nn eSly Or Certain means Of •S
-oettslairg to whom we ought to address one.
selves, in order to the procuring .0 the neveraldir
pennon to meet at the consultst on to
be held. Among the diatricts, in Which we. are
I thus at • 100, Is yours. Allow us, therefor, to
beg that you will do as the favor to seed, or II you
prefer that course, to put this letter alto the Lauds
of • freed, sortie Moiler that he williend tia the
names of a Whig and Democrat of your district
whoa we can re'y upon to attend st snob • cen•
saltation, and stierwards, to old in giving effect
to the resew. which theta may he devised sod
dott ratted on. GARRICK M A LLEILY,
Lynch law 4n the Rio Grand•
Cott. Intoarcalanoa or lea Victmt—Etinoutaa
Soma—We base trendy briefly mentioned •
couple of Lunch hew execution• upon murder
err, on the Rio °tante, in 'feat, lately. From
the Amen.. Flag, publiabed klutattionte, of
the 17th of July, we take the following puttee.
"An eceorrenCe of the some kind took place on
the II th oft oly. The eight before, at a hinder g
or rather afar having left it, Capt. Jahn Brennan
wan !allowed, nabbed, and killed by a notorious
ruffian, named Bill Hardy. The murderer then
Waliced back to the how, with his knife In
cad, reeking with blood, exclaiming, '• I'm a tart
—and that's tee way serve any man who will
follow me." Some of there who heard him, any
posing be had got into difficulty with • Mexican,
advised bun to leave, which he did. As soon as
It was anertained that he hue trilled Capt. Brea.
tan, men were sent to the Stoners! ferric& to pe
vest his escape Into Mexico, and others started to
pursuit. He was a•rosted next morning abotA
daylight, near ono of the ferries, ironed and ;lien
to jail The only eaum assigned for this brutal
mr,rage, is the refund of Brennan to let Hardy
hive money, while at Brace. Deis Hardy, It lop•
pear., had killed a man at St. land•, one or, the
Adman', and bad attempted to take the lives of
several in o.lyealon. An tin, and Sae Antonio,
and row tout away from Monterey is iwta der
ing the war. 0., learning the rharacter of the
into, and the inneurenew of tee jail, the citizen,
of Brow needle determined, as the prisoner had
antlered his guilt, to cut short hi. murderous aa•
reef at once. A runner; assembled, and it was
need that the culprit should be !meg konllerith."
The Flag describes the rest of the proceedings,
an follows:
The crowd Men proceeded to the Jail end de
manded the culprit. The deputy atheriff remarked
to the etowd this he held the keys of the jail, and
it was his duty to safely keep the prisoner, but he
did not feel disposed to resist the demand of to
tame a portion of the citizens orate county. fie
would, thetefore, deliver up the hem with tue
request that the ptistaer be permitted to make any
&wetness in ezplatistion, or otherwise, he might
wish. The was readily seceded to, when the
prisoner was nofeUeted sod brought knit, and in
that condition permived to walk to the place of tin
execution. It WU proposed to tie him, but on his
assurance that he would Dot attempt to eon, he
was suffered to go free and untrammelled In any
way. Oo coaching the spot selected for this MM.
to wens. he remarked that be knew be had to die,
and Intended to die like a man; but would rather
be shot than hen. The crowd assembled bi
nen this mole= tragedy was quit* large but lira
dotty and quiet, with a few exceptions. No 01111
•olnnteerisg to shoot the guilty, hardened wretch.
It was decided that he =nuke hong. Rev. Mr.
Cravens then came forward and introduced tam
s 16 and Raked Hardy If he desired anv [venue-
Hon, or had may statement to make. He said he
had nothing to say, except at to the disposition of
effects,and request the wilting Ma few letter,
to Mt hien& He then agitated Mr. Of MIS 10
pray for him. Da ins a this tisse, and evert while
the anangements were tasking for tamable him A TiIIITTINThs fl'lr
latgeteauty, Where be a:gamed* Methdiatitt AhIk.V.I.II.VJEIIe,LJL:. I Lo
tribunal than any eitCarth:the Walked the ORO -
perish Matta ince lab table: tat affeHog . ,
Mirka otitis fare or haat* betray the kat ear. raniiiimineiii Pints Seaga ea:liter tins
eke. And even took' theata that Wee to hang thsbehes o .
him, 'mined the bewares knot, to show how it s Rottue—Fal7.]
Wu done, witeout the alight:At Datable. treater Of
the nerves._ Thole mantel* the Mena. fearing AN ACT to to ride for holding the Courts of the
the knot warrior waß tied, untied it for the puns Milted &Wei le rase
of the tab s as or Mkt
pate rectlfying, in which they felled, when he chwhi/Wrof the Ridges of the altsllict co*"
remarked to • gentleman itancting near him that Be unsexed be tie Smite and Boast of Herr
he would have to tie it spin. Thin kind once uotanoss Adis United Patio if Annertes in Con
the individual addressed promised to perform for grow assonid«i, - 'fail in cue of sickness or other
him, di.abWty or any district judge brasy judicial die.
• The doomed moo then got into a cartoneanted ton of tee naiad Statekwafeh chill prevent him
on a plinth we. co matt on the wheels, without from holding icy Meted or, appointed term of the
imp rawaace or assistance, and, while the rope, Maria court of his district,or of the circuit court
which was auspeaded trout a beam used tot heat, therein in the gamma o f the circuit judge, Mid
tog beeves, wars bag equated around his neck, upon the tam of each slaters or other inability
asked to have his headlined behind him. There being certified by the clerk of such diarist court to
he stood, high above the crowd, his heads tied, toe Moon judge of the circuit within which slick
the noose close about his neck, death sluing him district may Ile, It hall be lawthl fur such circuit
In the face, calm, cool, and collected. The cart judge,lf in his judgment the public Interest shad
moved from ender him, and la this condhiou he so require, to ticrignate. and appoint the district
was berried into await,. Stich a spectacle we judge of any other judicial district of the Baited
never witnessed before; may we never agate. It Stain, with a the fame circa', to hold the district
was evidently his intention to leap from the cart, court or circuit court In case of *lames& or ab
bot was prevented from so doing by some one at. woes attic circuit judge, in the place of, lad thee
Deming hit titration as it started, which caused charge all the judicial Milo of the district judge,
his feet to drag from the tail. lie died efter • slight who may he an It .or otherwise disabled as afore.
straggle, and thus terminated that earthly caramel wild, while such sickeess or other disability shall
the notorious Bill Hardy, who had been the terror toritleue ;
which efieciounent shall be tiled to the
of every community in which he lived. He met once of tee clerk of the told district court, and be
death with the same reckless holinerenee that hei entered maths minute* of tte court; and a moiled
bad meted It ono to others. May his fate be a copy thereof, under the seal of the court, be, by
Nonni:mg to a I who have heretofore consicered ouch eierk, tranamitted to the judge as designated
themselves beyond the reach of law and justice." and appointed.
The Flog 'e l ite . t h e e young hi ox i cho , w h o Soc. 2. And be it further rereeted, Thet is cue
there be no circuit judge reireent within ouch elr.
Jihad and killed another Mexican at a moms bank,
coo, of of Ms sheen. therefrom or inability tots•
and attempted to escape by swiwatine the river, moths the provision. of the preceding section, or of
wee captured. brought back. and hung in twenty the nubility or nealeetof the' district judge a de.
gamed by him to bold the courts and unmet the
minutes from the time the murder was commit-
Raines, within the thetrict for which ho or they
may be so dos!quated, the clerk of coati district
court shall certify ace fact or acre to the Chief
leak e of the I/Jited States; and it shall therm:lan
e° lawful for tee chieflosocie of the United State.
to designate sod appeal, in manner aloreasid, any
sterner judge within said circuit, or of any judicial
denim within a circuit next immediately contigu
ono to the one within which such disability cont.%
which appointment shall be useenitued to such
clerk, and by Ohio acted on as directed in the pre.
ceding section.
Sot- 3. And to further enacted, That it shall
be the duty of such district judge as shall be for
that purpose designated and appointed, (as is the
preceding sections provided.' to hold the disitael
court m circuit coon as aforesaid, and discharge
all the judicial ditties of the district judge, who
e Olt be sine or otherwice disabled as alorasild, so
long as such sickness or bitter disability shall con.
tate; and all the acts Sod proceedings in said
Marts, ruby or before the and district judge to
digitated and appotnted, shall have the game ,
farce, cleft, an &validity, ea if done and toil:tact.
col by sod before the darter judge of sod distemt.
Sac. 4. And be it further inroad, That it shall
be lawful for sent circuit judge or the Chief los.
nee of the United Steles, attic rue may be, from
time to time, If in his judgment the public mamma
shall so require, to make a new destgaotioa and
eppoioteeat of nap other district judge crony joe
diced, district Within the same circuits en afore.
sold, with the powers laud for the duties and pur
poses mentiOned in the preceding sections of this
act, sod to revoke and determine any previous de
s (potion and appointment.
ege. 5. And le it further enacted That the dm
tree judge to dningatod and appointed to hold the
mutt and discharge the dunes of the district judge
of souther distritt, and who shall bold such court
or disabuse .00h doily+, d era be'allowed his .en. expenses of tract to nod from sad of
residence In at:cheater district, occessarr ' ly incur.
red by reason of tech designation and appoint.
meat, and his obedience thermal; sad such ciao..
us soon, when certified by the clerk and the din.
tom ariorney of hr judicial district, within which
rock sr-rotor, seal have beta performed, be paid
by the meg bblOt of sacra district, and allowou him
cos accounss wits the tinned Stara.
A ppreved ,July
Spaiier rf the House tf Etpretentatttet.
Preodent of the Senate. pro impure.
CHOISILA to Coax.—ltitiCh anxiety In felt, end
a great eeatee of uncertainty exult in regard to
the progress of the cholera In the interior of the
island, and as tote probable &lbws upon the next
and nbsequent crops. This disease has not yet
become genertybut a continues to spread in Va
rious dlrectiansAind Its ravages., in pony capes,
have been appalkag! On several eiatalea the do.
struction of lifd among the Degrees amounts to
25 and 30 par reel, and in someone, even 40
and Leper cent. Of the whole number, and the
most edlcient are, generally the victims. Should..
the disease diffuse itself throaghout the island, the
toes t f life among the slave opervives would, In
Oda ratio, probable not be short of 100,000 16125;
0)0 Even ream present average rate of mirtaluy
'on the estates, the estimates to the ultimate de.
.struction of Lfa among the negroes, In the event
or tte epidemic, becoming general throughout the
Mu riot, an not less than TV or 60,0003. The pa
r.nod of the year le, enteral:Latch. not favorite°
Ie chocking the malady. nib laborer, carried
at are to irreparable lots, bee -auto there Is to
source Itrailablo as Present from which they can
be replaced. The loss falls heavily on tho pro
duction of sugar, because that breach has already
at awbed the nailabld laborer, previously. empioy.
ed in the culture of coffee, the yield of which an.
ilrla has been htlelndicant Gm toveral yearn. It
a crop
o FEarr . tn w ere n iat w e di t b a e cetta i ls o l us e. ly tha c t u the tutu
tity, from the Want of laborers, and this lamenta
ble (act mut make Itself felt baton bang.
SPECIFIC Wubioslon Cotrospos
deist of tbo Philaulelphis Americas writes :
So attemyt will be made to totroduce se amend.
moat to the Cast aria 1.) yr:emetic Appropruwon
providing for a moditication of the estating
Tariff, by slowing apecal; for ant vaine st duties
end coalmine certain diner.tiorduy powers upon
(he Secretary of the trollatilt, 1111,WOOGrOztICO Wits
the execrates of this provision. 'The friend. of
d new t:0 tndnetr y owe It to the suffering condition
of the manufacturing Stater, to perest In that or
same other movements Which rosy tomes reltec
and net to allow an acjonrament to be carried on.
bl Cavite's Oct. with Itrcierleo to these inter - eats
I have already shown 141.1 the prOiprollve slate of
the Tregeney +imperatively require legirlatten to
rovide scariest revenue. la a recent Inter en
this enticed, 1 treat.d the public lands as•soaierr.
of revenue, not because the proceeds west tato
the general Tremury, but bees's., they were
.pledged for the !security of Interest on the pub.te
Ir, they see appropriated to another °eject,
is todirect violation of good faith, and Me deb.
omocy of mesas most seeessatily supplied
from wore other snorer.
C.a. W 1.,1:101 Nay: Yolna—The Albany
If there were no cataract of Niagara, 00 mighty
lehes. and no objects ot bold macreat to attract VI.,
torsthrough Western Now York, a view jolt now.
of her verdant pastures, her fragrant meadotaa, and
her golden wheat tells, richly compensate the trac
ocher for alt one and rypense. A hurried suit to
ft.-Pester enabled us to enjoy tattoo bnetly.glimp.
ses blear-enthral prosperity the eight of which tills
the heart with toy and thankfulness. Never tias
;he teeming earth viekled her tresouros with a more
bountiful hand. .Never did "seed [decant% harvest"
promiee x mitre abundant reward to the illation&
man Never did prolihe Western New York pee
=it a more lament ul panorama; foe a rail rood pan
tenger, the view is htyhly panoramic..
011ioda;le Cayura, Seneca, Ontario, and Munroe,
VT ton truly high and phitny nondittoo The grow
ing crops of every thocripuon and healthy and yig.
"rocs trait promise to be cycellent and plentiful
liniariti sod Munroe resemble the richest and lest
erthi rated portion:ld England and itelginnt. I
have never wen, in that portion al our State.
many arm promoting a larger y laid of homer win
who laming nelydnvned tbn arcane, -a
al ac., arnee. and Warted Ine grad haremt wan
er , •i me e, op a alrradf tenured
Al b. resalencern Mr. place, on Tuesday novo
mg. alth ult., uf Cholera, MA/Oft JOHN IfloNct,
Moor of the (tenet. of Liberty, ru the .tortr year of
ht au-e.
We would ow. be doing justice to tfre lamented
dead—not following the dletates of our uwo feel
101{% WOO? we pimply kiSIDOITII,C alk melancholy
crreurneterwe. lu all the relation. of life, Mr. Irons
• •
stained an honorable position; he vu a kind tile.
ad, an eilteetlolllllle hither, an ardent friend. and
tent:Wile rtnaen. As an 19dlior, , h1sior Irons
arfulded a puwrrtul influence, not More on neeount
et" his talents Uwe his integrity and Vlaight
character. He was nn honorable opponent, and at
no time during high political excitement did he re.
five narrowed courtesy to those with whom be may
have had the warmest contests. lie governed
hi, minders b r the rules of Christianity—being a
highly respected member of the Cumberland Pres.
byteritin Church. 111• death has produced n chasm
in our coninmnity, and} loss to hr. family which
is truly irreparable.—l - Cniontown Telegraph.
rit'Lawes Wont Vaawiroaa.—The following ord
shows at once Mr eemand for and the excellence
.this great medicine. Certifieatea have W. so mei
plied to (aver al this Venaidage, that we consider
onneemsers to add any more.
"van, July ts:h 1817
"J. KIDD k Co—The Vermirage left us on We PO
Ime ago by 'our elects', I. all coif. It sells eery rap
idly, mud ...peat ...faction. As we am manly
thi artielr, tad hoeing frequent calls for a, yo
will please .und us some immedsalety.
[r 7 - For walk by]. KIDD& CO, No 601Votk1 etre
Have just received large addilions to their
Imported by lam packets from Europe, and to
width they would erpeeially all the attention
of purchasers, beliertog their very eaten.
sore mocks and low prices will give
entire suistaation.
Mind a to Might by the P
d. S. Lance—Sir: I wish to bear testimony to the
medical mune of the Oil called Petroleum. Iwo. for
a lung time allbeted with a badly Indented and very
sine eye, so much so as to lose algid entirely Coral:tout
,lirce months, with very Hide hopes of ever recovering
the tight, and but a 4414 prommat sr haviog-lt ro
betted or the soreness; my attending physician war
unsuccestlal In maul a curt, or In giving relief,
and ellorde , me but hale encouragement. I heard of
the Petroleum about the Ist of April,ll44, and gave
It Km elf the truth is, the sight ii retuned and opt
eye. well, except • little tender or went when I go
not io the sun. ANN IRELAND.
Mansfield in., Cincinnati, May 111,11 M
H. H. L.:mom-Bin 1 hare been armored with Piles
tor ren yearn, and base vied other remedies, without
permanent set et, until 1 heard of the Petroleum. 1
have seed only one bottle, and think 1 - am entirely
cored. 1 terommeni. it to all who are alfileted with
Pica 1 bare known it to be good for sore eyes.
Cincinnati, Niel Stu, i KA. E. C. OAERETSON
Bet sale geyser S. McDowell, 140 Wood meet;
C Sellers, Wood std D M Carry, Allegheny city;
Elliott,lt A Allegheny; Joseph Douglaas, Allegheoli
also by Me proprietor, 8. M. BIER,
I 4 Civil Raid, neventh st, Pittsburgh
Improranaaaa a YeUtl/trr.
DR. U. O.ISTEARNS, Imo of Domon, le prepared to
manufacture and set [Rom Tarns WllOlO end puts
&sem, open duetion or Atmospheric Beetle/It Plates:—
Tooter... stain Ul /In amnia, where the nerve is
'expelled. Office and ectoderm° next door to the Map
or's otter, Fourth street, Ptitsbutwk.
ibIZZ To—J. R. hltFedden. P. 11. Raton. lel*
Ono Do
... DejlitCa cu rofrolt
C. G. lIU3SEY, Paiasr.••--A. W. MAB4B,Sneh.
Oettec—No. 41 Waist 0000 f, in its warehouse of C.
11. RANT.
r 1111 S COMPANY Is now prepared to Insure all
IMuds of risks, ma bosses, Mantsfactorma, armada
merchandise in store, sod In ulnae vane% de •
An' ample guaranty for the ability and Integrity 6I
lectors,n, ls &forded
character of the DC:
who are nit enlaces Pittaburgh, web and
favorably known to.thecommualay for their prudence,
lotelligeoco, and low.grity.
Daaserrum-41. G. HIISOOY, Wm. Bagaley, Wm. L.
Later, Jr., Walter Pineal, .Hugh it, Yang, F.dwwd
lleasenon, Z. Kinsey. B. flartwagb,ls.ll. kier.
ap3o,-11 . .
io Johnitou &Stockton, SELLED,
NER, NitINTKA, and B IND ER, cur ,r• or
ALArtct cc 6 TAlrd 54101, rimby is*, Pa. 0 p!au
AN ACT. to ni.inats too terms of the circuit aed
distort mod attic United s:ates, for tho
, •• . .
Resolved, by the Sift oe• and limes, J Repedn.
deem of the flnurd Stain if Aoserdes ea Con.
Gress nestled:4d. Tb.t mere ibod beheld at the
city of Ca:umbu• to the Stale of Oato,two rcsular
is me of the circuit and dsosict courts of the Oni.
tad Sister, (cc lbc district cf Ohio, in each year,
which shall COMILICIII, resimot racily on the third
Tuesday to Octotior, iu C 6,11 year, and no much
cf •ity lam a^ requires tie terms of Itlld moats to
I a hold to loly sod November, respectively, as
a elm repealed.
Sec.. 3, Angle is forh.e ersimteris That al issues
now per.d . og is either of said cowls shall be tried
at the terms herein pioliMea for, and to precem
mooed Of protmediegs jmodiog is cuter of said
coons, shall be avoided or impeded by this chime°
f the time of Mosso:le , bin all piocess,
ail booth', moil*, relorosble at Ibis
est term et either of said coatis, shall be returt,
•• • •
hie end requited tole cowl arm hcid undo thil
et, to the 111111 h manner SO made tettitaabla
alto Tac o thereof, and heall bate fir I area an.
Lace Of Onto and Penal.. B. It. Co, 7111 rd at,
Pvt . ', Anglyt P., 1i.50.
la Stu, \ holds., oi :Oa 0100 and Pcoasylvaroa I
Roll cod Cobtpany are hereby noOftrd is pay ,he ,
etal t i asta anent of nye .1 aim. per slsoro. at Is adt. e
~ . ,autpatti oa a to fare the . .. 1 / 4 n.t, dot 0 , Atnts .
tIo 1 na, .r.calmsat on or lo fare the . .a, a dry tt
np .c tr. The truth rnSU.lorcht Oil ur Lclurc 5-e
tu.h d y of Ortohor eel,
Ur on 7 . ./s Instalment 4.. railed for on the arth at
July et
no - .ad 14'51 I.ARIMF:II. Jr. Treasurer.
111 Irate
On r t last. ' , Woo. Infint dated.. of Mai.
hee Koine, of the Talmo
Ah,!.".11' the M
a. Altegoi c en;. ./1 ezratiestton will take p nee
at Me School House an mad Ward on Tbsislay the
luk Inst
Appiten tons, an lie mein time,mit be Landed In
to any. al be directors. None but expelleused teach.:
erssamd apply.
Alla I heny, A.lgußt :11143 , 1
A. LiksioNr,
't • rTtibune oleaft
PV OLIC NOTICE , is hereby pre, to tee Stockhol
dent of the Late dew Mill Iluniftail readttoto
pang teat au election will be held eta the 20th instant,
between the bean of U A. AL and 3 iree cock, en elee-
Una will be Leld at the house of Mr. John MeAlasteest
Liberty street, to the cur of Pittsburgh, to elect a
President stasis D-ICCLOPS of said Cowpsny.
Moll rosti
.2 E hundred f the most 'veinal& mid ensemble
Buil ling lots in tee city diittlet s ett prices which
Mhos linndnotneprefitt to them who porelease to
soli ageene•nd in I...slims which It l• he loved will
g re lull sitittactum to those who boy to Improve and
Tad Lou are Moot one mite from the Now
Court Boom:adjoining the 7th and tth Wood., send
front Co reinalLennin Anise. HILADO‘CIL num,
Contiturx, •nd C• 11111. Streets. Thome on
I enosintnertin Avenue, eligible for pave& dwelliote
mid are the only Lou lel mle on that street that have
g ge ese g e the nee scenery of the Monongahela river.
Tt 0.5 me the haddock sweat t link mad and Mesa on
Commerce steers which extend to the liver are well
located foomminUctialind and other be loom suit,
kabinet& being much revolt r the centee• of city Lennie
nets then ratio& propernet on the Al esheny and
over the Nlonungallein tam hare been soid eat higher
paces rians exhibited and terms made tonwn by
a WILLIAfiIg k reitiNtile
Lamar, at Lavr e elth street. or
..tedito E U•ZZAhL
Nit Dully'. please Copy.l
Rabid:Sir Coat Pn'pnty at Aaaiun..
j'AN TUESDAY 610.111 W September ftrd, at II o'
%.Jclock, the Commercial Sales room, Comer of
Wood and Fifth street., will be sold
A tract of Land rammed on the East side of Ind
Monongahela River, 10001. four VW. above Monoo4
.00010 City, tormaly owned by o.lmore and M.{
Containing about tel Ace 1, alle half of wilieb is under
Coloradan. with • farm nobs. and •1 w sts CO nilllo
aloes frame dweltrag• to connectionwith th• Coal
Work. be Lot opened is favorably located for
draining and ventilation. Vein of Coal four feet In
depth. and quality Very superior.
We Indisputable. sod a tong credit will be given
on part of the purchase Marcy.
suR5 10 4 , •: , 1. E. DAVIS, Auctioneer.
GEriunin pure woo-nal by =yearend warranted
t 3 be the boot ever told in ibis market. of Me
ventage. of le:11, Ibid, and :cid by the dorrn
Mose for each.
Orders Inn et tbe Drogatore of Messes. Omer and
Rettet. or si the 110,k store No. It, Sloth street wi I
be promptly atteadril nut
VIC;OR SCRUM, Pitwborgh.
Ile takes the I burly to refer to the following gentle
men, m revere to the pureness of the wine.
. /Ira um & Vetter Druffileta.
Da.ftuira tic liar era hike. Da Eteutevisear.
10 ;In ran MT,. imurrt,l lathe Court a C0030:10 - 11
by her neat oirod, Flaw Irleas of Allege eny Cann
el* 11.1,,CCOStl Natty Match Term
es , Libel tae bleary..
James McFadden.
o f Ma r co, Sabi mon to 4th Moeday
teng Renamed
)14. &J. Allas•Subi mom to
3rd Monday of June, le&i.
Roomed N. E. J I
71rJdatet AlreFadiaa, rAe napnoina aiere warned.
Yoe toe hereby notified end remtiniti to be and
pear before the Coon or amnion Pleas far the coon
ID or Ai ic,rtmoy, 10 be held al Fitishargb,mt the fourth
Mypdar o r (Iclotier nest, to answer the libel and
Complaint of tie Libellsmal•ty Art hiePeeden,
the above ease, •114 Mow carrier if any you have,
lllwary gip tam Lrbe:lant Owned net be eleereed en Me
hoods df Mattiman• sureeetily to Ike Aft of General
Amen` ly In surh ease Made and provided: '
Witneet my harm end Seal tins nth day of August,
Ihmo. C. CURTIS. ISmc-1
Sheri qf Aliresarty Colour.
To Joao McFadden, the foramina titan manai.
Telly notice that In parsuarice of a role of said
COUTI In the above ease—the deposidoos of witnesses
In b.hetf of the Lira ban* will be taken at the Gibe. of
Themes Sleety I re, ea 4th street. in the city of Pius
bemb, on Friday tee WA day of September, Igo, he.
tweed the hour. of A. 24 , era F. AL, alli from day
_today till all the acemssry testimony abah he taken;
ago at the negro of James hiethelland, Hew, In the
Ilaroegh of Csainabergb, in the county of Wastilni•
ton, cut. Friday the 13th day of ScTifthbe ,, between
ilos bouts Cl sr A AL and 0 Y. N., when and when
yam reeljqta‘d Y.° V'ePetrbeirAl.RATTriN L, ern. tY
BPEOWA —leohhd.foalr .. t W. tt ed an
IteRPAV47/I.d for toe by
a n; r%
:elPled She aldiy anion thilmighenzt Ibis body, Steatites
the appeute.eddelte the elecaleelirc s give Sea and
energy to the syrtem, end create s_pelrxr of
Lace to disease In oil t 4 forna.Tately_to beep:hided.
They will perform a speedy and penaaaent core of
Deapepsts, Indigestion ElatulenaY.Oenerat Debility,
Liver Complaint, end all the train of system. Wens
mon ly called nelsons s Ile c dons.
Will be iminedtately rci.eved by the nse of thie Inval
uable compound, which purely vegetable. and It
adapted to all rage, and condition.
. • -
111 ill find In this ddiaals and palatable preparatiOn, a
emnbination el lun.e, Altetative and patient cash
peendarty adapted to %belt
Tao speetbe ae.ton that was article boa on the Lives
.0 Digestive utsss., ;enders it a complete Antidote
got Fggver and Ague. and 13illous and 'Paphy, , Feaera.
C, i. i. daly 171 E L 9.50.
have 'teed the ankh:tot' Planet's Bigler.,
and have derived wet benefit Item them. I have
beeneeli)ect for ) eat" past to toe Fever aml Ague, but
Mare' the tot
of your 1daa...1b. , . enwelY
moral* ray O• 011 Attacks, and fall with confidence
"Commend them r • ova a the beat Tonics la ear..
fiesprqfully goner, '
SPILING.M.D, June 20th,
MT Dims are.
/teem me much pleasure to slam, Met th.
Dye pepsin with which my lilt bas been so long Dosb
led, arising from reaction of the Liver. his been en.
ilcely overcome, and eared by the use efyoor lovafu
able preparation of Bitters, and for your kindnesi I
rteommenihns them, plc.., accept my thank,. •
Your °Udall! servant,.
0. L. LEECH.
Agents, William T. Dicks A. Co., 119 ale 151 true
Slicer, New York. nor tale by•
nog 5'3- ILK /SELLERS.
J. Pinney, Jr..
Agent for the Pum life !neural. Co. of Phila.
FrioE of to, Western inimaitee Catuymy
U in Water street, Pittelogab.
Pamphlets, with an necessary Information, and
blunt tonna will he fornished.
llodawas can insure their lives for the benefit of
the ir wive. and children; creditor. the Urea of Wt.
The whole profits of the Company are divided
mane the holder* 01 Lae Policies.
The divolener al the past two yean have been eieb•
ty per ecut. each Tear. •
- - -
Tills Salmi, under the dlrecuon of & Mt.. N.
W. &latent( 'will be re-opened in .Colcnrusdo
Row ^ Federal Street ohleo Wer t September end. A
pronely department, A.Attumber of •7putmal brunch
es bate been mince, end 7n corps of meebenseeured,
so boo iostrontiona will now be given to *Molar.
of rot ate. and ansinments.
For ponies.. me careen.. which may be bed at
rho book stores—or consult Me Prtneipals at their
dOrr ,, iriK on Federal Street. •
Atl:g4r.ny, aug-3 If. (Tram. & Pool copy
One or Smart - eau, Aug. IshlBso.
Tm Stockholders of th e Um. of Pittsburgh ate
hereby entitled that a general treated of Stock.
h01d..., will be held rat the Clanking Moose, on Tean
day. the hfth any of September neat. at Ma Weldek,
A.M., when the charter and the aches enacted by the
Legislature at Its 11l el seselon,wili be laid be them
for their acceptewee or rejection. By order 01Board
of Directors,
angc.d.tsmdS •
_lona Wm.*, Pres.
No. 41 North Wrxr srteet & N. 11 North Wharre.
Fuw'o uwu p
D. rt
J. $
- -
To City Merchants..
QOM ft euperioi Sifety Fuse for baiting;
1,310 bogs Holub; Blasting roaster,
lo,Mi keg. do du ROD Powder.
The extensive sale and wide 'pre., reputation el
the aoorc powder.. ;be best guarentee ut Ue good
qualify. Leave your orders. limy receive lineups
uileieux, by J S DILWORTH; 0 CO
. 2.1 Wood or
FLOUR- Horrid. belly Mills, extra 1.13. Wit
reed and for euhy by
0.04 S. gr. W. HARBAUGH.
FELI VIER 4 ..—a1a0 pounds blisio Feathers oceseed
and toe tale by
eoe 3 Pi & HA lifiADO IL
Al 7 L 75 Keg• paw Whim Lead, He el•
VT ed and im %ale by
aogdl 1. dr, W. BAB H.
• •
MG It S.--101.0.0. , Common Cleo. lecciYed nod
V sate by Ln 3; S. &W. HARBACGI
LOUISVILLE 1.1 ME—SS Beings Lime received
one tor. islo by
•pir.3 S. .1 W. !LAUDA LIG IL
lOU 1.71-511. FLANNEL Nurp4y & Ltniehfield O
TT trays seep 'on band the gangue gg othg, Wash
directly float the linpuiter. .ad ueertgu.ted tent in
it tut her surpgy ug chit ttenze flauntie to
LOASK BLACK BILKB —LtectiveA thia morauss
tby Elm.] az gale of
ate .3 N. F... 1 Conn. 4th At market sue.,
(m. 3 Stag n 1
rp/il: subsea.. bring leased the .Dove aeu know
add tSCglitnt unulasslmaaat, Ls now prepared
entensin his Irleud• and tbe travelaug public neon.
ear, to ibo best manner and on the moll teasonab
tams. •
- .
W. TABLE will at sit llama be .applied with every
El.-henry of the reason bbv BA a with the best of
stabllne lo very I-vet . ..ire: and ever, &inmat
e...l ha. Latll tar the iieeorainolatioa at Pro.
lIEFAEAS Letters of Admioistratlon on the es
of Il•oldMan, lam Of Ma thy and Conroy
oWdlrAlloy,l.komeoed, have been Grunted to the •Jul,
3071tAro, All herons indebted to aid Estate are se
ssarst,l o usekt Itneueolate payment sod those hav
ing :lama the some trill present them, duly a.. 1,41 lot folllcateul to
goy, J 2.1 SL.OAN. Admitisthatix
SPislgirlillll) NI 0131 vI 81111101.1%A1i
LI A w t.ILA 11 A ITO ,t IT Contr.: rarer
LI New York, fur solo we ADJw tog cock,'
350 rekl Ii Cr.. Veneers Isere lid to alt per ft;
45,01.0 ft lloarde cosi t look, will seuonee;
150,t011r If Seeded Vencere noel lie to 310 per fh
17,010 ft Hopenor Mottled hi Inherently;
130,.011 Rosevorod Vette... r ho - tat to fie per fl;
Also, Wshe Holly of all tbseeness. The ant.tag
we poktess to Importing tad sawing enable us le
as low a the Lowest. Orders promptly filled
carefour peeked . . 111h.11ek•
L INYED 011.-14 Obi. oure .ale oy
co No:/ Wood Street.
HAKIM/kit: rarEst.—. mason.,
Som., !arse beory t wrout,
EFL/ Wart X-5 Cates ,logt received and for sa..e
, •s' mar:. J SCHOON MAKER & CO.
i.„2 .J.JuS-11. trit• amlo
1N Dl6ll-3 Cues for sale lose by
LeliD AND SIUTTAS-0 kegs Laro. I box ova 1
tad Dotter for aisle by W t P WILSON,
alma No :at Wood Street.
ININNISIVS OIL—:0 bhl. Tanner. Oil Int aaloWy
ant W Ir, F WILSON.
SVILLLG 1.15111—Z0 bbl. W Lime for rale
14 GGI by ougil W & F WILSON.
R ED ... 7 .. H . l 7 K e r c ir a .
loss bow to serrates And we moat say that the eon.
beat l• far (mm producing an agreeable effect. hat it
may he Obviated by the are of JULES 111AGELR
which will Instants neousiy produce the most Willie
and adnr•l looking black, brown, or nheslant met.,
wiihoat injonne the hair or awning the skin. Ibex
colom are indell Ile, and are cot elided by the an.
Wan of beat, renpircion or water. Terre are many
kind. of Hair Die on role, het they al have some
material objection to their era 'tome retinira • tong
111112 to produce the e ff ect, others thy nit s the hair and
akin. and tome. when put en, give din hair the lonic
of a newly blithked•tover. JUItES HAVEL'S VEIiE
TABLE LICH/GID HAIR DYE is the ot ly one which
is entirely free Bout the above obirebons,l• awarded
entirely baradess, and will produce a hermit!l sum
natoral looting color na • shower time than any other
dye in ace. tie cautious
in, to take none
which haa not m ti a tached e . Were am many
Imitations of s y
celeb e rated aeons.
•ciffl.29 JULES II AU kile. WO Chestnut et.
No 15 Wood ' Plttabargh.
DWl:chow , wade on all the principal chic. 01 the
United Stales. aall:dly
A N at sassarent of one do lar per share on
JR. tat stock or the Ati•entitic Mining pi n y COof
al clogs's, will be due and payable an the Treesurer's
Other, in the thy of Pittsburgh, of Toesday ‘ latb
umber near.. Hy order of the Board of Dimes:us.
JAhlll.ll M. COOPER. Sec') and 'beau',
Pittsburgh, July 31, 1660 --aariln3ler
IBoston Silas and Detroit AdkartiSer, publish one
week, and rend bill to Ik,. office.)
thls day astaCilated themselens together, under the
lent of Shrive., & Llarnes, for the transannon of the
Wholeeme °vinery, Pro d uce, and COttimiscui [mei.
nem, at No 130 & Second .tree,, bemires Wor.d
and Srettlthelr st.
PlimMthel,AOLUSI 1,1630.—nu1l
urn.-r. onions
Produce ; and Conniuiors Mnaants,
Ani dealer. in Pitlibingb Miwurottured Murk,'
N 9.. 130 rend 132 Ilaeond •lteu lr
Prepobsta for Bonding n Stone Brian
on Penn tercet.
QEALED Propotal• wlll be received by the ender
-0 Si gned mad Ltatuiday,titeltlit of Ana., at 11 Al,
for furniriting materials sma Betiding a Otorm Bridge
over the canal on Pena .oxen. alai or 1100 Had og
for laid bridge Plana and speeincationa will be ti.
&Wed by 11 P. bleatmeen, 11, 11- 8., at bla oleo, on
Ma corner of and Hand
I: streeta
Chairman of Comminee on Aqueduct & Canal.
Pitmeurgb,Jrii 30, /Eso.—aug
Nv,LMARTII k NOBLE are new receiving new
cr o P wheat, which .of superior quolity They
an now (anima Wainer with rime l'n.ur, All order.
left in the hones will be promptly attended -
City Mills.
MILACFS In our too cities, town to enantry around
.1 - for a number or Clerks, Salesmen, YU erebonse
u en, r•elmot Treehers, Labonrg Men •na Parm ;
end a number altos. not Young Men, Cooke, Ch aos
bermslda [loam •Kerpem, Wet sod IWTriursos, and
grrleof *ll Mee, eupPlied for km/4m de..
Money borrower ens lent, and all kinds of ageneies
intendrd to promptly for moderate themes. flout
tall. ISAAC
IY d. Intelligence Ofllee, btpiL
- BauUdi —ZO smote assorted on ataTeWiCSlllif
. 191 ylateriplortketa.
- • -
SALTPWIRE-3 5 hogs erode now In ant e
All—lilt b,ls now landing for s* by
jys . l ,
c omr,,„ bags to ilog A imalth y a
APOLLO 11A14..-601.1,17.T.11
a W. 1 4 . 3,6 ."^ . • • • .. i:.........t Proprietor.
Adapiq.c., 23 team L:1 vt 5
13f a. 139 Wood :Striet. 99099 91119.
ri‘eleir splerollti rootHoloroAt to Oo oferc‘l for
j Holt. 11.1$ odmiiably *tutored for CO3Ctllf,
Leo tures,Extdbitions, Ac. For ono, orqqy to
IV Wood st.
Dissolotion of Partnership
THspartnership beretoforertniminif between the
sabierthers. under the firth of Chambers. Agnew
& Co, Gloss Itlanulactlllntl, was &stetted k mental
konserd, on the fleet ditrofJoly, lost,. MI persons
nowing themselves Indebted to said firm ant meintt
ed to melte mount to chits of the pante*, without .
delay and all persons having onitiolea Recounts with
firm,id •ro Melted to present them for settlement
:Motel). ' AIItkAANT/Itit CHAMLIEHS,
/URN AGPilhhtf.
. ,
lk NUFACTUR ED IRACCO— , 21 Luxes W. U.
I.l3.Grmit's 6's, Russell & Raiz.= h's, and mbar
choice brands for We byv
ACKEREL—ta NO 3, large, Roston Rupee-
Ros.jost arneed and for sale
110 x, • TAA SFR & O'CONNOR_
HLUE.DtIII.I.B-1 beige Suirolk,jett reerl•o4
1,4 tar late by • 8W...1'):1.01T1' & W111Tk:
jy2o ' 101 WOOll meet
B •
.T.l F. bit IRTIN 0 TWEEDF—I ptiose Indigo •
colorß, hue blus.cheeks. Just succi ,, st by
Jam:' '
ficiitrWeDDlNCl-3 bale! Isrfte Me: heavy
part .ereive,l I.T t4ll.tkehLM T & W 11111:
OLIVS:014:-.3 casts for sale try
i 141)
Ly IN FEU 01L—N/Inis for 010 by
j t rec veil bycum [we 4.4 iliawu Frcneb
LEI., usti
171.0 811ACELEly a WHITE
ulLbt: AN la OFIAtiliE PRlNTe—ienies brat blni
Elarid mange, (1.146 blau mints. new .Iyl , .
DROWN DRILL 2-3 bales heavy, illsl Iwo , / hi
ML:ji?l= rdalqultO
CO'F3lBll for "lc by
LAN ALPINE....S--f care , ct •d
faelOrers aud tor We by . ' II LEE
/121 .I.lbenT st
BLANKET COATINGS-3 crises jolt !received ror
al, at ciansfaciurerb prices 114 H LEE
CIASSISLEFLES-1 eau fatty read for mil by
Jr3t . II LEE
ED FLANNEL-lea:6o ne'd on 0= 1 0.. EE 4
• II L
QTEMiti I.IOAT BLABKIII74—V taw* on hood, for
f:7 rile low to close sotlignmera tt H LEE
DUD 11LLNICETS-71 cum just reed for ettle.l4
)01It LIE
ADELIGIITFUL Slimmerlletreat,Sj miles below
the city,. km bank of the Ohio Hoer. A steno!
boat lea , . the foot of PIO street, belo is the Old Alle
gheny Bridge, at the beginning or elich tali' Lour,
loom 1 until 0 olelock k. 1%1., leaving Ofe garden the
800 op tr.p at 10 P. M. Two lint • of Omnibuses tun
DOW the west end oft. Allegheny Brillge to kie
den line ( uniil 10 o'clock
hIcK, P. 01.
- - -
PIMF. W. W. WALTERS, or the Reformed Mr Ms
eel Institista al Locirsille, Ks., wilfiloliver • From
Iseetore on tht Envy, of hledimil Practice, in Canines/
Um I. Adegbeny City, thse evening, et Rslf pets seven
O'clock. _ Iscv
WHI riNc-15 WI atm . P.le yl
.ton•ornmew.,2y 19A1J11 HICHEY
LOST, on Sunday morning, brtwet Second and
Fourth airecw, on Market, or un .Fouith
Letween Market • ud•Scolthfield lureeim a small Toper
Urea. Pin. The MAC( will he liberally rewarded by
leaving it at the More of JOHN H. MELLOR
al Wood et
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STEM ATIC TREATISE . ilistdrie•l.Ellatogi
eat, and ninctictl, an the Yarteipel Direaees of
Vaney of Noteh Amenea, ae they appear II e
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iY3a ' 'di Wood at
' AFFTV FU 4 E, t.y Om tiariel ischl Sets;
..., YOWLER-110J kegs llMatinir, extra .trength,
Lanin's & Smith'. minclusam, for eala hY
On* oitcy sheet
s it; mmit.:_--1 ,. .i., idt , l i s . rge t' , .. , o n n il.l7li ., nreli
WO bags prima GremblLo Connei
• 13 Ws fresh Rice;! 1 .
40 Mid. N 0 Egger, .
SO tags N 0 Molasani in oak hi is;
. Landing and tar aide by
larn 144 lain) . st :'
OTTER —tt ke#a Drab, rnat reeelted nn conrlte
MGM, and far gale ul J u BIDWELL, Agi t ,
30 • Water et
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gielni—,2o bEds pit. tibrni.ders reed ii.. anlr 'fly
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STOOA A.111— . 0 eatk• to e'd rwe
to S k k4l , l!AlLEtite(7ll
QT . 1. , ..A e O .M BOAT COUNI EI:PANES IF - rn T,er , eitt
b 1 . A A MASON e. CO
e Market st
C R : ;. P 3 r-lIIS I colors iu.ntortnligkp
ClGKS—Anotber large invofro of ttrh 1 , 1) , en I).'u
Oat.. lo•I Opened Ay A A mAsnN k CO
HOIISk:Kr.EPINU ausoruccrt of
these goods just received, which purchsii re
are reepectfully luta.* to e'en:lite
1)33 A A NI ARON fr. CO
Moigulto Slatting.
MURPHY 3 BURCILFIELO %twe tut.civrtl a
supply of aboto Rauch', wlllsr, bayed, Breen, and
bide, of we ste t s sslasa; also, Alias Ind pink war nest
tor coveting Chandelles., sod Gus Lista ~ ; Z se•
T ultpg Nl'll , lE 7 lO btli!on ktatir
Brown Lawns atA2Lectata.
MURPHY & BURCHFIELD are, , a /teas
article of Brown Drcas. Lawns at the low price
of 1210 per yard;: also. a great variety ofnylea af
light do at 10e, 122 a; and ISio per yard:al th White
Goods of lends for Lidice drofsesi'very low.,jra
Fulls, Bootee, and Ellen, Popter, ticoteh 'Ft.,
Mineral Weer. Potent Medicine, and Wine Bottles
or every de.eriptlon; also, WINDOW CLASP..
Feep• cans molly on hand ape:mist emortment of
We obttee articles, ALS.. eTterFoes the other Green
Gins Factories are ILL •rorrtn, as'la the custom In
limner, Tlll. Firiollll I. poW MD4I Orintailo , , 'and
will continue 'in operatics Stith ttonisce ned winter
Order. respectful/ .elicited, and tehl he flied on the
shone. :Mice.
Watchcase. Nolt2 Second teeet,'Ditsreen Wood
and ..; PUtiltioTrh. Inva:di y
WHITING -2Q tnls on hand and , int sale by
W 29 ' /414 NUL , IFS,
1_7*17 Wood ot
H ouCK'S PANACEA-0 din ;it o; 4 d fr.s.te ►y
40t. Wozd
CA LT, OB FINSTONE-150 lbw for tole.
jog 81.U.6H3 . ': „
LARET WlNP—Sop;nor quality for falai!) , use
kept constantly on band be
1549 tcs labenist
punt: BRANDY, of %a inanafaknare at Johd
rand & Co, Bofdetax, of ynriop vintages, lve:,
nonmantly on band by
I.3 lloAlitS-2.4 bile Lovering'' , Cvoixed cad Pulver
zed, Just received foul. 6r . '
13 Mr A ell!XVI:
TE/L 4 --2. chelts , V. 111, Black Tay , .
Panted and !ow, fdr rale by •
O PTIII UELPENIINE-22 brl name otter
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1)22 21 Wc.).l it
1 OPAL VeRSISC—iu hunlio , lier isle br
w lIITINGLAO brls line end eery gfry, Inc tale by
8011.60 LINSEED OIL for Inle ly
A. 'di D. H. CHAME(ERs i
ACIIIM d. cO.)
Would rerpretrolly, intone the i cerity
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line, thb hable Ileertellp t that they
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THE bisheet Merkel plea in * Cub will : be paid in
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lAnwa Pattsr,a,Prints.
V • fim , ;lathy and benign) styles. uofne•t Itf•
at wote of lialsl MURPHY : a. BURCHFIELD
to r y 111 p i tE re ., Original Wirer
W 207 1 3011 N M.EADEt.aC°..
amaze pisai
F all tite'vollova anima, at blue and iddio, green
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and white, brown and widget an ..i."°
aud hand 106111 sty lea, of extra qv elity, and very nal&
tulles, redatdaell and offered low al Wore of
'_Old ' . /41111141 y a BURCHFIELD.
._. . _ ._—...
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IHII-2O tees prom leaf reeeived far Mde by
I I j l lb Raw HARBAUGH
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FOR two Eland Iloxea, eoutil Wag BOWDON, marked
Dr Mantes, rattaburgb,ta left Is our ears by
01.1.3 boat Caleb Cope. NIL W HAISAVOII
7].4tig;v.v.n.=rlv4 ree4 lot sale by
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LA Hl.'—:ld brie No I Lord;
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Cumberland Nov, for aoli 1,7 •
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