The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 03, 1850, Image 1

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wrens N. sgslarr.
Astir= for. anon, init.D "Tarr, limn Don to
Daltlvpa perar.nnoa.
Trl. ear API
Weekly, Is advance).—.— va, .1
DG. A Claba, at a reduced tang
- Ono Squeie,(lolinka Or Nonpareil or less)
one I leertiort•*-----••-•
Ope Apure, each addidonat ineertlon• • • Om
Do. ; Goa week • 1,73
Do. two vreek•--
Do. three *reeks.— ••• • ..... 4RO
Do. one month •:--• —••-• ADO
Do. -Deb vas
Dr.. tires Months. •• • - lUD
Do. roar Months ••-• • •—• 10,10
Do. six months••• •
Do. • tweet. months•••• 'tips
*aiding Gard (6 lines or lets.) per aneem• 1 0 , 0 0
Use Scrare,ebampraLle atplessare (per an.
nut eulative et Do paper— =.OO
For eseh additional Naare, Inserted over one month,
Wm for cad, additional, ammo inserted soder the YUIS
-11 Mrs, half price.
Adverttsements exceeding a ',pare, and net over
Slleen titer, to he charged as a 0,1,1•10 and a half
Publishers eel eceountahle for legal advertisements
beyond the amount charged for their publication.
Arllolloeitlg candidates for office, to be c harged the
same no other adveroternents.
Advertisements not marked on the copy for • sped
led amber of insertions, will be continued till forbid,
and payment tread accord: •
privileges of yen's' advertisers will be coasted
rigidly tO thew regular business, anal all other &dyer
liStlaCalA not pertaining to their r im e d business, as
.greed for, to be paid motel.
AM advertisements for charitable mutilations, Ire
mpimies, ward. township and other public merungs,
and such :Ike, to be charged hal fp rice, payable strictly
It advance. ;
niantagernanthea to be clamed 30 cents.
Death notices inserted without charge, unless edemas.
peeled by lateral invitations or oblutary notices, and
when so accompanied to be paid for.
Regular advertisers, and ell others sending comma-
Ideation, or requiring notices detirthed to call atten
tion to Fairs, Soirees, Concerts, or any public enter
tainments, where charges ate made for ndaittancre—
all notices of private assoclations—every notice do
signed to call attention to private enterprises talent.
ted or intended to promote Individ eel Interest, can on
ly be Inserted with the understanding that the same
Into be ptid for. If intended to be inserted in the La.
cal column, No same will be charged at the rate of
not leas than 10 tents per line.
Bishop or Fist NO:Alec. to he charged triple pries,
Tante License Perinea., W 2 emu-
Legal aol edverithernents to be charged at
fall peters. '
Real Estate Agents' and Auctioneers' advertise
enema not to ba.clastred ander yearly rater, bat to be
allowed ditheunt of thiny Wen and one third pereomb
from the sienna of bills.
litsll7 OR Til•MttaLY IN DaLLT PANZER.
One Sqoarn. three insertions • • -• • • .411 SO
Pa :out adJitiosal loser 000• •• 31,
11,111.11111.91M1N N MITT Part).
. . _
One Siam, DO lines 3 l ono .nsettioo • —6O eis.
Do. , each additional insen•—•2s
All tranalent advertimensents in be p. 14 in advance..
WIDTE k Ca Oasouo.
HARPER po.i.
• ROST M . RIDDLE, Journal.
JAMES P. DARR & CO., Ci.tordele.
FOSTER k ROTI/ER,Dioplueli.
305. SNOWDEN, Mercury.
JAWS W. BIDDLF, kineriein.
UM AM LUNE, Evoutag Tribune.
Prrentrioe, Dec.
A mo
LiMIGIAN, Fifth Word, Fenn street, between
Oilers end %Valuta. All buoM
eas promptly ut
AIkiiNABIDOCU. a. wevrstillr,
A ITORNRI" AT LAW—olllec, an Fourth street
Jo./A, above
Wood surto
A TIMMY :AT LAW.. and Commissioner for
„Lt. Pennsylvania, St. Innis, Mo.
All communications promptly answered. ,
.. ... ...... -. • • • •w.• C. Friend.
A TTORNEVIS AT LAW, Pounh tutet, near Ortm.
171&lf •
TTOTtiVEY 'AT L&W—Oi on Fourth went,
It between dandled and Grant, Pittabargh.
Benjamin Pau= William Bramwell
ITORNENS AT LAW—Off:ma to Tilghman A
Grant 4,4alur the Court Mum. tabl
JOIIN IL 11/181L111,
ATTORNEY:andtainselltrr at LaW. aoa C.mmis
stoner for tee Mute of renneylvalaa, S. Leine;
Mtn, ileac of Pitlsbarge.) t
Referenes—Fauna r r. iron: WlFererard, /hap-
Wu a Miner 111•CanJleer AfeChsre,' John K Parke,
litualU&Sirasple,llleCord a King.
W. I. WOODX/1111M:.••••••-•—...-1.1411
AUALEY, WOODWARD& eA). Wholesale Cm.
eats, No, Market et,rhiladelphia. ILO
Pidoblirea.Alkidi Woe*.
IDENNETT, BERRY tr. CO, Moan[ eta con of Soda
.JUI Ad, Mooching Ponnictc, faurialin one Salpholic
Warchoose No —.Waior street, below Ferry.
— Pradrtiek Ilrautt. Geom., Reiter.
IataTLAIJNA IL tTLR, Mici/erale and Rawl IBM
aves.eemer at Liberty sad St. Clair meet., Pitt.
bilirOb PL. apt
spr.onon scnorrat,
ncrions§loN NBBCIIANT,BWek end Dill liter
o!, No 110 Second street: •
D.tlnante SPeing, All., Steal, and Irene
.COLEMAN, HAILILLN i CO, Manafactarers of
Ceara Ond Diode amino, Unattnored Axles,
Berle.; and , Yloagh Steel, bon, Wareboue on
Water and Front ammo, l'inibargh.
AI•11, dazing. 'in Comb T11.1.11111p and Malleable
c.o. coati*
John A. eTaig. W. EL Skinner.
lat Forwarding and Cosn,..malon
erebants,'No go Market• •
WANI.IITY & CO, Forwarding and Co.
• Palmtop Merchants, Canal Bum, Pittsburgh,
R. out
b.O. L._ r qtr
Ira Herse Andress Fleming R. L. Floratog
iliritßlCX. PLENUM i CO..
COMMIIISION hl Enc II A NTS—For the sale of Do.
nseck,Woolen, end Cotton Goodr, also, dealers In
kinds of Tailors , Trimmings, No IF7 Wood By
doer from Fathaittsbereh.
Refereneo--Mersts. Wm. A. 11111 & Co, Bankers.
ws. t . pall6n Jan 11.t1.121,
ENG4TBII tr. IJENNBTT, Pin h, Clannther
0.1 Wlifilegnin Grotersi Commove., and For.
Merchants, and Artier. in Prolate and Pins.
buret idnoafactore., No. :7 ; Wood ot,botoreco2d and
la arects. oat
:No Irt Second ot. ransnorgh.. writ
H. i re on ; ( 73 ' & " ortsro n M V.Vnit ' Ter w itu7• l ti
Anno&no woolens:linen!, onfasho ad. an (017-
a. r. uvulas, 11111111112 1111LIO, nam,
1. C. WC/AMON. 11111111. , r1/111111.
KFALD BUCK.' NO rt, Tobsx.c. Con.sissh.
.a6anta, 4t Nort Water 61, kl 6 l'orthrz.rtr,
auto, • um F. JO..
TIARDY, & (suesessurs to Atwood,
AA. /ones &CO) Camentanon and Forwarding Mel.
emote, dealer-I.ln Pittsbargh Manaiactared rnds,
Flitsbanh. Pa. • raekl,
(successes; SO luldeln. C. ttly.4
KFORTER & Dealer in &Weal and American Ps
per Hoagie's and Borders, Window Medea. rite
rd &c. Friatiog and Wrap
ping raper, No. kr7
strew, between Fourth street
nod Diamond alloy, west side, Pittsburgh, Pa.
_ febl3
JO In MORCIANI, IVtiolegato Druggist, and deal.
er Dye Stairs: Palau, Ott% Varnhe. kee l N.
11 , 3 Wood street, oda door South 'or DiaMouil Alley
ti mufti. • .
• railitglDiaileratu t li i r accr
Mrchant, and dealer In Freida. o ad Plug:iamb
Masafactures. Noll Water gt, Pittsburgh. ap4
tints mesas, , 1.011• V DICIST,
TBAIAII DICKEY A Co., Wholesale Crean. Comm
it. simion ISerehents, and d. 1 . 1 .1 to Prodaest P 4 04,61
Water. end lei Vrant meets. Patsberah. • n 0.9
• • Mtwara
11. DILWORTH k CO., Wholesale Groeerromd
doeu for Hu.
!heard Powder C0.,00.. NlllWood st,
iusbersh , til • ' • 4°5.7
-1117TOWNEllifacbr. a-11-LClT•TrkinTlieeary
ILI No. 43 Market et. three doors above Third et Pita
Imreb,..lll have constantly on band di well eillettof
moment et the .best and frenteet Medicines. which he
Intl sell on Ilea roost reasonable terms. P3lnnelle
welting erdete; will be promptly attended to, and esp..
piled delta =tine* they may rely epee es non•lne.
Pllyelrlynerreserintione trill he acesrately end
Searle Tormstred (tom the but stalar4is, at any tynr ot
hr day w nen. .
nee for We, lap stoat of trtall - and toed I
I B. CA - hl Ftr tL. hate of Varna, Ohtebil
I. elanand ,Forwardleg erehanb_aml wholesale
dealer in Western hewers Cheese, Batter, Pet and
Pose Ant, and Western Produce generally. Water
sweet, bowels Ihrauhrield and Wang, Pittsburgh.
'• Joan Mold. . Rienard Floyd.
,T kK. FLOtD,Wboteselo Grocers, Corar..ission
do •, sad 'Dealers In , Prodo - e. Round
Okuroh Mines; ft h a i„
on Liberty, Wood and
Ploth are e IS, rittgb Milt, Pe. ape
7011 N WATV - 0 1- "ebbar
a Wholesale ;Groner end CoinTleainn deletion
dealer la Produce and rintbargh Menareatares, coy
Liberty and Mad streeta, Pilisbargh P.
A.CAtAilik. l % &sent to th - T - e - c
Michigan Line to Ileetree 4.. -ri n " ;id
on the, earner ofy_w r eyTen , l theithteht ete -en.- 11;: t
14Lania , A. iiirrctusom,
to Lewis Hutchison &Co CommiZro.hoora t
Z 4
end &seam of the St hods Stet" s e ,,,, * " h "" ,
4$ vratev en 492 front Watt., Pltiabatik:—"".,
WI a_o4l - 1(Ell ts , oo, WMlcsabs D',Wttsts,
go ood street, pittsboWL
.711710tIn_ES4 Attorney at Law, ogles 3. — ,,,_
0. oppostte Ed. Charles Motel, Pittsburgh will 4
awnd ',moody to Collections, Washington, ' Fayette,
Diatkoure flall b. Ca,
ChurchL Carothars, I.husb.ra.
Unres. • '
r,, pt/SEAAn4 MhoJewels anal Retail dealer
le Made and 711c , ieel Je•intmeats sa.ol Rooaa
aper fill" Steel Pens, QuiUs, PlilllClre Cards, Sad
Siottoosry go oordli,No, dl Wood ot,llllusbuirti.
STRAW 1044 or Pato fa trade. aspa
ixamtnaz, COIN, nwarK NOTtl, kS
N 0.74 Faulk event, next dont to the Bank of L'inr
17IRA 14R.S7konvarding and Commiasion Nec. fa 1 - 0
charts, Dealers in Prostate sad Pittsburgh =Om.
Mama red articles, Canal Ratio, near :dial •14
hENNEEDV, GUILDS ff. co., bl...r.ismo 0
very mpetior 44 Baeeting, Carpet Chaia, Calton
oe and Uniting. jaalaly_
Wm. Miller, Philad. C. W. Rickel:son, Pashas!,
asTILLER a RICKIMON, Wholesale Grocers, and
4.41. Impoiatrs of Brandi.. Wines and Began, mi.
179 and 114, comer of Liberty and Irwin omen, -
harsh, Pa. In, 'Nails, Colon yarns, An. e a.
stamly on hind. ap
John fiCGid. Jain. D. MOM. Wallas. C. It •
MoGILLI A ROE, WholeaDefiroeers and COMMA
aIon Iderobanta, No 144 Liberty Bs, Pittsba rah
Dui swum, zonx QUM.
JON= Ar.
M -
ANUFACTURERS or spring and blister meal,
plotter gee!, steel plough_ c coneh .11 clip
Vi ttnn o s,Sam , mor:d u i i r . o . n i I p oz,..a:irl o d n e c te u rL n lo m m tng al .
r na rally. earner of Roos and Front Ma, Pitrlbm.
NHOLMES R SON, No b./ Market at. ace ond door
• from corner of Fonda, dealers in Ford sod
ines-do Ilill• of Eactiangc, Certificates of Deposit,
Rank Notts and Special.
lirColelellons made on all the proilipal eines
binughout the United States. np4
I.IUCINASTER., Amman /.... - Fourth
1.11 a third door above Smithfield, south aide.
Conveyancing of all kinds done with the greatest
can and legal accuracy. to Rea. Estate examined, &e. ocMCvly
7111 — r.
O. k 7 Mark ea street, Piuslongh, Pa., keep constant
ly on hand, an/ make to order all kinds of Via Ls.
Doilies, Sc. Porter and Mineral Water BO des of su
pertOr qaMity.
Particular anention paid m PrOtrate Moulds.
----- Cattlasgraphle . Matabllaktgeramt
OF Will. SCHUCIIMANN, Third or, opposite the
la/ Toss-Office, Pitubut,—Maps, Lunduapee, Bill
heads, Showbllls, Lobel ., Architectural and Macioce
Drawing', flosmeas and Visaing Cards, &e. mu - raved
or drawn on stone, and printed In colon, Gold, Bronze
or Black, In the most approved style, and at the mom
g euonable prices ocirkly
DOOLN , OII,LITTLE & CO.. v o. 101 Liberty anent
1.1 Pittsburgh Wholesale Grocers, Froduce and
'•utadsmon Marehants, and dealers In Pamburch
blanafite sees. upl7
Jolt. 001/000. VIM urns •••.... B. 00111350,..
ROBERT MOORF., Wholesale Grocer, Rectlfylng
Oistßier, dealer in Produce, Pitubunti Manafac
tures, ot 1 all kinds of Forego and Domestic Wines
and LiqUOTF, No. It Liberty anent. fro band ri very
tarp met of auperior old Monongahela smoke). ,
which will be sold low for rub. rhyl
L. 0. IMT:10.01. L. 4 W..
REVNOLUS a. SUET- Forwarding and Commis •
Mon Merchants, tot lit Allegneny ROM,' Trade ,
...okra is Grocenes, Produce httaburcb, hlanufar •
lure, and Chloride of Lan.
Th.; higbe.l price. In rook, pant at all times r
0000157 rags Corn, Peon and Irwoi six. opts
RDOREAT DALZELL & do., whoitaji - Ti;
Commission Merchants, dealers In Prods. mai
Pittsburgh blanafse:ares, Liberty street, Masbate a,
Pa. aplEl
WLEIHOLES vLE GROCER, Proditer , Fommardirv.
and COMiniOn Merchant, and Denier in Dina
burgh hiannfactimmt, No ZS/Linen] , meet, Pitmlongh,
J 7/
OLTUT:II.7IEAT/ThEiiN - 2r. Sheirmid Iron and
Steel Winim—ldannfacterers of am. D. Spring
and Plough SteeL Also.-Springy axles, Vices,
&o. They invite dm attention of morchanta and
common to thstr stock hereto purchasing else
where. They warrant their articles to be coca to any
made in this country or imported. tchl4
a a SIIILCCILZIT •hu,t IL worm
SHACKLE:ET & WHITE, Wholesale Dealers In
Foreign and Diminstie Dry Goods, Ito. Da Wood
street, Pitts/mutt. apt]
Q&riIFIAUGII, Vivi Maraua Deafen
13 an Flour and Froduce amenity, and Frt:arate,
and Ceteralmmo Merchants, No. 53 Water street,
n man et. luun - nnentot, Ti•ETIAND.
SELLIEIIfiI k NICtII4 4 , Produce .nd General elnll
mission blerebants, Na. 17 Liberty street,
burgh., Sperm, Linseed and Lard Oils. spl7
F VON CONN OILSC to CO, Wholesale Gro
• ten, Forwarding and COMMIOiOI. Merchants,
Waters in Pittsburgh Mwiefactures and Western
Predict, knee removed to their new warehouse, (obi
stand,) No. 9d, corner of Frant street and Chancery
Lane. not;
Bast side Li&mond, Pitubtrjgb.
L9-Waterman. • R.N YVatuman••W. B. Walenniex.
L. R. WATkalillAN i /3088.
HOLIII/FIGROCERnI, C.ontraisgion and Fa:-
warthog Merchants; dea lers la all kinds of Pro
duce k Pittsburgh Manufactornd Arnelea; on Agen t .
for sale of Utelnuokd and Lynchburg alanufactureal
• • Bader, Pa
TATILL ale* Mend to collections and all other oat! ,
ela entrasted to him in finder and *nos zoos
twentie st s, ('a. Neter to
J. k 1L Floyd, Liberty at.
W. W. ' , Monate, do
/antes Marshall do Pittsburg:a.
dly Car & Co., Wood at. 1 ion?
'WHOLESALE and Retail Dealers In (inverter
and Dry-Good, and Conn:asslon Merchant,
Nn. WO Liberty el, Pntsbargh.
Canal-Basin, Penn even. Pittebarel, rare
hLarket, and to Commerce Philadelphia.
Advances made, by either of the above, oa conslan
moms of Produce to tither Moose. mr6
J. P. Walla sow ..... • • •-- ••• ----John Haft.
.•.-.. . . . _
FonrardlAd And Cordmis.bdo Merchants, And
dearer* in Cott. try Prodder and rittsbarrlt 11tonere-
Mats, comer of IVood sad Fifth ttreeu, Pittsbdrgh.
tarn ,_
North But coruer of Wood and Third streets,
ILA Prrourstor. Fs.
WK. 111.•,...., 2011 t. IL eo, ow.,
W. a. V.0.101,111S thin RACIALIT.
WBal/ALIKY & CO., Wholesale GrOCM., 19
and 20 Weed street. Fitratinteb. _ opt:
70110 D. WICK, DAVID
w/UN k Ill`CANDLFS,lnecesaors to L J. D.
WiciLl Wholesale (tracer. ' Forwarding sod
Comminion Merchants; dealers in Iron, Nail., bless,
Cotton Yarns. and Pittsburgh Manufactures general
ly, corner of Wood and Water streets, Pittsburg b.
W&. - 111.11111CliCakEE, Wholeasle (Sweets,
. Recapm g Distillere, and Wine and Liquor
Alsw—lmportere of PoJa Rob and thence
tog Powder, No.loo Liberty street, (opposite Plath
sireeta apt?
VIT • % ."„ . .r i m iba,;,`ZIV.,'"L.J;Z:t7,,, ref; e W t
Lart . irt u rte , l i tr y ilLsb p ualt i Ps. N. 13.—%Vatebr v p 7 nii
N. YO II3 UNG & 01/1, Dealers Leather, tildes,
t0.,19.7 Liberty weal ivfb
VV. J d t
R. MaCUTCHIMN, NVholesele . Grocers,
ctsl,oren rds . ralc i ;nrele ' ne l r r alii, N l:tr4 m7 t . rec n r. o.'
!iusthugh. lanl7
i .o s7 • l4beral adislices made on nmsibments.
AITHEW WILVIrgc Ponralt und Miniature
INA Palmer. Rooms, corner or Post 011ee Alley .d
Fourth street, entrance on Fourth It, neat Market
7. &J. Tairdoe, Commie.lola 010 re ham
'pan. 31 Old Levee it, N Orkane, keep constnntly on
LN Laud • !ante lIIIIMMIZIPM of Brandies of the follow
ing Wanda which they offer for ale an agent. for J.
Darned re Co, Borde ant, vat IlLeglory, J Be
rand L Co, Laroo hone, J J Durum, Cognac, A de M m
ien. A L Melilla, A de Mondnre Jean LOW.. kr.,
km &so. ,
Anchor Gin, Bordeaux Redand Wirer Wince
In casks and ewer, selected wobeare by John Durand
sTo; Deildu Champagne Wino and Bereft Burgundy
PPM fe.b.17.•
T RARE tat. WM. CARR into ham:tendon with
me in My business, which will from this data be
tarried on ander the hams of "John Parker A. Co.*
Much le n, IBM. JOHN PARKER.
JohnJOS Con.-
N PRlcKlefl. M. CO,
Wholescris Dross, Dorskys is Praetor, Foreign
D r ina, Liquors, Old Monongahela
and I'vetiflui Whieley,
No. 5, Commercial Rom, Liberty mreet,
arra° Plu.bureb, P
WLIIIItad calms. fames name. K. I. aoh
PALMER, 11/111111.1
(13accesenrs to Hassel. Emma & Co.)
in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Cerhgesi,s
of Deposits,Eank Notes. and Specie—North west
corner of Wood and Third streets. Current money
received on deposite.—Elght Checks for eale,
collections made on nearly oh the principal points ,
the Untied Mates.
The highest premium paid for Foreign and American
- Advances mad* omeonsigomento of Frodard.
pedl East. rto liberal terms. . *Oa
mt. a. leci.csa.l • ' lc,. c. uoiro
WIC . A. ivoLvao a. co"
„ _
rio 256 .LiienT Wee; above Wood,
lirfe SiR67ll Landhuge sssurtuieut °ramie,
Goseeries and Fine Tr..; also, Foreign Fmk. end
Nuts, I . llkelsasle and Roth!. i °calms supplied on Ike
lowest Wm. mar
TSWlGllTALAN—ldansfseturer °fall kinds of ear
ton and woollen mzekinery, Annabel'' , airy , PO.
. above works being now in and sereessfsl op
erasion, I ass prepared to cruets Oretl, With difp/Ith
far all kinds of machinery to el 4., each
pickers, spreaders, cards, pint tag rnattines,raiivergs,
a.'elon frames, speeders, tioarsilv, looms, woolen
cards, doable or sitqle, for merchant or eoantry work,
kc4slido and handlarlossand tools in Ire n
end. All kola of shafUng mirth, to ordse, pines gin.
On for gearing factories or mills at r•lMlllibitt. chug
-Rats to—icamity, Childs . / CO, Blanbfl:Clfs 1 1 1 11
Ju T A. 0 1 17 •
If. HUBER hairiest received a meg
nifiee nt 7 octave Pomo, which contains
several new and highly important be
provemente. The exterior so of the
most elegant and costly description, ard Is mode in
the Horton. style. The interior contain. two s. par
ate bridges, causing the Baits miring. to run over and
aßove the Treble mitt e—producing at once • tone
rich, fail, and clear. The strings, moreover, are to
arranged no to let we • remaleung string When one
breaks, thus causing no irennvenience. like that
which attendethe old method of stringing.
N. H This tieing the first Pinto of the kind ever
brosight to PittsburgEbuto Proferser• and AlZalttlf• Of
the city are reenectfallv Molted to call and carmine
It. at tee Ngn of the Golden Harp, 101 Third at. Jyls,
S. wars. v..; 2.1 VICSSICLVILT,
VY keep conalantly on hand of make to order the
beet article in their line, at their old atond, No. 11 St.
Clair eeeeee ; also, at No . Markel street, toecood nary,
entrant, in the Diamond. Venition Shutters made to
order, not old blinda needy repaired. split
1:1 trealaghant, [-oak Platabutrjkla.lPa.
OfiScr, No. 37 Water rt.! Letterer Merrier and
Waal, Parskargh.
IFWILL constantly keep on hand • good import•
mom of Wan; of our own manufacture. and
auperiorqualny. Wholesale and country Met ,
chants are respectfully mowed to call and no
amine for themselYes, as we are determined to sell
7 .l?aper than ha before been acted to the pub.
fril'llrdery lent by mall, accompanied by the east: or
cod refexoom well be promptly aPended to. tore
lUr A. WHITE & Ca, would reepeethilly Inform
at the onblie that they have erected n shoo on
Laroek, between Eederal and Sendusky streets. 'fury
are now tout and are prepared to receive orders for
every de...notion of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot's, Go.
rearhea, Buggies, Murton, he. he., winch from their
I .7l,l7re.,r, i i`i,n,fee. l aryehmav'en,uth"e;!urerel'gt'lLe b notytehe";Ole
enabled to do neork on the maw reasonable terns with
W wanting articles in their line.
Paying particular 1.1.1i00 to the selection of mate,.
dais, and having none but competent workmen, they
have no hesitation in wanaming their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to tins matter.
N. B. Repairing done In the bent manner, and on the
most reasonable terms. lanstf
r. tacarran WOOD LTD Mann, l'irrammon
prONTI an,
NUE to manufacturc all Mods of kN:IPI`EIt
mann Work.
Steam Boom koh l to order.
Special attention given to steam boat work.
Have on hands a fine assortment of Copper nod Brass
Kettles, Tin Ware, &e. &e. Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forges, van°. sat —a very convenient is.
ode for steamboats, California emigrants, or ratn road
Ve mould reapeetfally invite roam boat men and
others to call and see our articles and priers before
purchasing el sevrbere '
W. J. GLENN, Book Bluders.
Uri: are gull engaged In the whore humors, corner
TT of Wood nod Third streets, Pittilburgh„ where
we are prepared to do any work to oar line with Jos
patch. We attend to oar work personally, rind satis
faction Will be given in regard to its neatness end du
Books soled to any pattern arid b
tantially. Tooke in numbers or old books bo nd care
fully or repaired. Names pot oa books to giltletters.
Those that have work in oar hoe are invited to eall.
Prices low. ertyThtf
Pitt ilastama Work. sall Pm:miry
TOKN WRIGHT &Cu., arc prepared to build Cotton
ard Woolen Blaclinery descry detemptmn, elOtt
ns Carding Mee: tines Spinning Friend, Speeders,
Drawing Frdsmt, Rellway Heeds, Werpers,Spoolers,
Dressing rmes, Loord, Card CrinderA, a.c. Wrought
Iron Shafting to
all sixes of Cast Iron, Pallid unit
hangers of the tweet paters's, elide and bend Lathes,
und tools titan kande. Cataings of every description
formsbed on than notice. Patterns made- to order tot
Geannit, iron Railing, in. Steam Pipe for boot.
log FACIOItea, Cast Iron IVindow gash and fancy Cam
time. generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of 1,
Palmer & Co., Liberty street, will hoes prompt mien
fer to Mech met, Bois & Co. I. C. Moorehead k
U.F- AVanler, lotto Irma 'Sono. Flusbargh
. Pi/1,111081
gobstrtbor gram Coe .aid lame and splmolld
I ...talent of togewoml and mahogany graerd-1e•
Lot lmo lhanosontt, andonhoot Coleman'' , relemated
h'nlianAtMehmeng. The above inseramente are war-
..• .
ranted to Le equal to Imp manufactured In WM coon
try, and will ba wild lower Mar any brought from We
FILM. F. LILUMIL, No 112 wood rt.
td door übnve
N. /L—City Sent/will la Wren at par fora few of
ha above amormacni. tay2 F. Cl.
'" -
Relater, far :Hydrant Watti.
THIS le to certify that I have km
• primed Livinaeton, Bourn k
••10 Agents for the sale of Jenninek
• Patent Dieorahipe Miter, fur the elf
ties ot Patoburgh and AJlegbeny.
1.• JOHN GIBSON, Agent,
••••e• - •• -• fey Walter M tribson i .:l2 Broadway.
We have beaskerne one of the above ankle. at the
office of the Novelty Works for three months. on final,
and feel perfect l y coasted that it Iv k eyeful invention,
and we take pleirware in recommending them no it too
fat article to all who love pure rester. Onitno will to
thankfally received and promptly executed.
Stuart Firlnk Works tor Rale.
TVllE . sulacritur offers for sale, me STI-LINI MICR
%Nu %hove IS
Steam Enptne, 2 Lk Rept, 11 Mould hl aching., capable of
manufacturnig ektiOa Pressed Wicks (out of err clay.
es taken from rho bzuh.) per doe; wob fffrfT
land on thc Alieghelic ye,. on welch arc nib,. nod
*been, machine mot .Jay *has,'ot.e. free. ,
shovels, spade., tte., neer) , thing retpiltite to cone
mence.opernisons at an .toura notice. Pace, lodading
the patent right to use ca,4l tunehlna, s2ol4—tternts of
Fonotent outdo cosy. Without the lan& 8500 L For
panic/slats, address REMIT MERRITT,
latigoL.7-dtr No .117 Mooonkahel• Roston.
Wrought and Goa t [rem ILlAMlltedi.
oil its subneribers be leave to infanta the public that
1 they have °Malec trop the East all the tete and
fashionable design. for Iron Railing. bath for houses
and cemeteries. Persons vied's( to pomace bandt
Tome patterns will please call ac d 7 eimmirle, mud judge
for themselves. Ratling strill he inimshed at the short.
eat notice, and in the bestmant es, At the teeter et
Craig and Rebecca streets, AlleadonT clot•
NO. 0 STATE STREET. uorcroN,
Agent foe Clams and Recovery of Property is
E ugh, nd.
HAVING spent nearly a year in the various Re•
mild Officer, Manama Library, Ae., daring hit
lam visit to England, inireelnlanng claim. for Porton ,
in this country, and haying secured efficient and re.
spawn/Ile Agents in London and M•nehcomer, Or cs
prepared to ufforil all neeroacy inlarmaxion and ail •
Vine t oaerial:l who trek to recover their p er
that country.
keep. Chat of the hank of England Dividend
Books, which may be examined for 50 tenni, ar 0S lar
each leiter of We Alphabet.
References In Doman:
C. B. V. AD A.M9, Nottry Panne;
DEN Rlt Ern;
(Successora to bliCord & kings 44 16
Ileas•blanabiss Ilatt•rals
Corner of Wood and Fs ji 1 Strada.
PO/ARTICULAR attention paid to our fl.tail Trade,
Gentlemen can rely upon &ethnic these flats
Caps from our establishment of the mar manual& and
wan awrossr, of the yam nabash and at ski sown:
. Camay Continua, porebuing by whole. sle, are
ralmetrully toasted to call Lod examine our II mei tot
we can say with confidence that Sc resat& oaurr
and Patel, it will not safer Ina comparison wit t any
ono in Philadelphia. reisl7 .
WILLIAIt IMODY lea to Inform his friends and mummers that
D he is rest receiving his n ew e st g sunk of
contpritb,g,na usual, nil the end meat teem..
chin stylotof Cloths, Cassimeres, fancy Vesting., cot.
ton end then tumour stuff., and everyarlicle suitable
for gentlemen's wear for spring told summer. It being
impossible to describe the bounty, quality, or qtuntlty
of the stock, the proprietorhopes all who are in want
of good, cheap, fulttonable, end well made clothes,
will atria him tt call, as them I. no stock this sine
Gm Alleghenies Mat can compare with it.
The ready nude departMent is very extensive, adapt
ted to all tastes.
Rail road contracters, country merchants, and all
whine. Pargely, are particularly invited to es•
ami the stork before percnimlng, as particular ut.
motion is paid to the wholesale busaness lu lWe estab
Every erfielo in the tailoring lion mule to order in
the most fashionable and best manner, at the shortest
notice mrll
. _
THE partnership heretofore existing under the grin
of A & C 111LADLEY,is dissolved by the decease
of kW C Bradley. 'Fhe badness will be carried on by
A Bradley, who will settle the business, of the late
REPJOVAL—A Daunts has removed his Foundry
Warehouse from No lig Second street, toTio 11, Wood
street, between First end Second street), to the&We
boaae lately recopied by G A Berry, where he will
keep constant/7 on hand • general unortmentof Cast
ings, I: rims, :tutees, Cooking Stoves, Re. jy I:1
and N 0.2 Araerie. }Mister Steel. Also—Best
Cast &eel Files, of all slam and Illorkinnith and Shoo
Rasps, missals on hand and Bo's'n either at his "Ea
gle Steel Works," (Mars street, Ward, or atrial
office In the Iron Store of ROLL.hIANS K GARRI
SON. No 4:foot of Wood street, rtushurgtr.
We, Me andensigned, bovuig used, .with entire sat-
Isfacuon,. rho Cast 'Reel and Nies made by Seinuel
AleKelvy, at hts Eagle Sleet Works, in this city, take
&saute in recommending them as canal in qualny to
any eveg used by us, of foreign manufacture.
Pittsburgh, Unfelt 13,1858.
J II 1311011:NIIERGEft tt, Co,
Umnifeeture” of Iron and fgaila Pittsburgh, Pa.
Iran Pounden and Machintsts, Pittsburgh. Pa.
• .cOE.E IAN, lI6ILudAN t CO,
Axles, Spring Steel and
Pith burgh, Pa.
Engineßuilders, and.Mielaa Caid Manufaut' •
re, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Brass Founder Pinsburgb. Pa.
ualar.Lsipsair a co,
Mananeturm et Iron and Nails, Pittsburgh. Pa.
I,, co mr,un. Engtonand Ship Builder. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mcblablatraractartr, Machin and Engine Budd
, et, Pittabor.h. Pe.
APAIR of G01,115..td1i1.,......ed hay. h...
droin , ed In Wood .treet, in front of Bake
Penh, Wescha.... ,Tho 664er .111 be revroared on
WI a to Oa mar, No. 611 - Wool ousel.
I. RANCE s9JIMPANY.—Offic A e North Kam ( the
.E.rehangs, Third street. Philuelelptos.
Figs Iwunrocc—ttaiblinge, Merril nndire and other
property, in Town and Country, insured amorist lon
or damage by Len,at the lowest rate of premium.
Manisa Insuaartn.—They also Inure Vessels,Car
on and Freights, foreign or enntwise, underopto or
anon' politica, in the Insured may dealer.
endive transported by Wagons, Road Curs, (Isnot
Roan end Steam Home, on riven and lakes, An the
mort liberal Grua.
DIRECTOR9—Joseph IL Seal Edmund A. Snider,
John 0 11111162, Robert Batton, John H arlin gton .
t e n Sa •
el Edwards, Geo G helper, Edward st
R Dials, Wen Falwell, John Newlin, Dr R it I lusiml,
Jae C Hand, Theorbilaa Paulding, 11 Jane.
Henry Sloss, Hugh Craig, George Sentil, Spaet
Mellvain, Charles Kelly, I G Johnson, M'm /GI Hr.
9 Thomas, John Sellers, Wm }:Teem. Jr.
Hugh Craig, John T Logan.
WILLIAM MARTIN, Pfedll , oll.
Rents. 9. Mutate.), Seel.
Ecr OM., of the Company. No. 42 Water street,
Pittsburgh. fiant.9-tf P. A. MADEIRA. AZ. •
Lit. and n•alth Itsasaaruano•
THE Mutual Life and Ilesith Ineuranee Company
of Philadelphia, limorporated by the Lrei
of Pennlylvania, Mareh, ISIS. Clierter pecpritail.
Caphal l lsloo,ooo. Ilrans bow. 0001401
7/105.4 Carranv, and fall 20 Pere el.- t^.', 111,0 the
ducal rates of Life Insurance, a. tho following centi
pede. will show: floe, a pciven of lbe age of tr.•
oaring for 5100 for life. omit ray I. lan (Ara.' 42 :J 6
Pa, VIAIA Penn Memel, t2dM:
s2,ol;New Eng land. 12,30 i New York Life, 52,30, Al
bion, 52,49; Life and Ilealtin Philadelphia, St.of.
Discosinit.—•Saratiel (a. Orrick , Charles D. Ball, W.
F. (bone, Robert P. King, CharleY P. 11. or DI. W.
Baldwin, 11.11. Reeve, M. D, Chem 0. II
Lewis Cooper, I Rodmsa . llarker, E.ll.llrdler, Edwin
II Cope. President—Safecl D. Orrick; Vire Pre.,
d o r. -1,0 " F. King; Sceretary—Franeis Illackburne.
Applications will boreeeived,•nd every inforomoon
given by SAM L.. FAIINESTOCK. Act.
(Mee, Commercial Room., corner of
Wood and Tbrid ens,
'rim INSURANCE CO. of North America will
1. make per anent and limited litruralir con arei.
perry in this city and vicinny, and rn shire.. by
Canal, Rivers, Lakes, and by Sea. Ti,, ',repeat, of
this Company •re well invested, and ferniit , On 01,11i
able fund for the ample indemnity of all perrons
desire to be protected by insurance.
mob \\ - AI. P. JONES, Ago, SP Ware, at
ears and Starts.. insuran ce.
TOFFICE of the Inv:mince Competny of ~•+rtli
Auleric., has Leen rcozoved to 1 1 70. 111 From .t
out of Wm,
••• . • .
The inotnirriber, agent for the shore eil,l sod ro•inm•
sible Coinouty, ..1 1•omo Volonr• on nniloinn.ond
‘hoir <.fl‘ and on shipment. or hierch• , ... , by
Strain limas nom( otbor•esteis.
• %V. P Jii,i',2l.
THE Second Seggion or this Inahlutlon. ander the
care or Mr. and Mr.. /:.moan. Cr? the {urgent
academic year, will eeennance on tbs. dry, Mond”.
Feltnnattry 13111, in the make tuuktiogr, No. 102
Ansagements have been made by which thay will
betide 10 I.lUsh young ludo r taaliatc- clue; so nby
lathe West, tar obtaining a thoroueli
ealoandllrnetnentel education. A full cantle in Flo
irophital and Chat Lecture, will be dulivaird
during the winter, r,
by &apart:us The
' , truncate pf Vocal end [aorta:cool Modcre
L2lldltnlret, Drawing and Petering. till caell In. tinder
theatre oft wawa-lent Pro/avant fly MG, 1100:0toO
Lo the moral tad Intellectual unproven:rent of lbw pz.
pile, the Prinatpalahopc toMel. sanguine bon of I re
h patronage Itof , have
ernoyed For
Letuat,Bee canals, or apply to the rrincipalt
_ -
linden and Antique Furniture.
s 3, Tan tir , Pmrszo &GIL
W .W.•
Ro4lectfally lateen:la the
pobbe that he has coos
pleted his aprlnp o •
FURNITURE, thallasgeal and mos: vaned;,. sdrOnent
ever odered tor tale an Oda City, empdstng a. veal
peas of Rostawools, Manaus, al, and Mary Wahsev,
carved, 0,1131U011111 and plata, attstah.d for Perrin,
Drawing and Red Rooms, allot virtual, mill he sold at
the lowest piles,
1 . <1.011n o , rlrlllf Farr.= of soy devertoded, fife
SpeCallily melted us tall and. vanstne hie .tech, olden
embrace. every &venetian, from the ehraPost and
platnest to ILI. meat elegant and covtly, vi touch the
col townie co esprit. A pare
Tern a Tete essfas; Tete 2 'Tete Di• an t;
Conversation Chairs; TZisahothlan Galin;
Laois XIV Costartadore, /hits of Vors'accolch
60 Sofas watt Plash sad Ilaa-cloth cuss's..
00 Ihsen., do Jo do.
10 dos Atolloenos
to Ito. ~,,d do do;
12 • llk t 1 aloot do Jo.
4 Mottos toy Norl ao,
0601 arble To Come Tot
ZI do do tea ls, stitts
so Alaltogany Beds
12 du Wardrobe.,
128140 Walnut do;
d Cherry
A ♦ery large mammal/ I or Cadman Chairs and rib
. F2lllllll. oa.. 1.1,00• ro trieltt 101 l
A g u ti c t n en t.Ta ll44 toe attorteet. notlee.
P. e
Idetera tan Le rupplied with •rrer
Mubegaoy, Walnut, .0 Irefierr, C04111 , E hly
reduced prsora.
'Livia icon seix.
FAIN AIANt.FACTI:ILEHr , ' 1 . 111C1.14:
nannets, all Woo:. Mme Malty,
Ilea da do I Woe lwminot;
Yellow , do du l'ener Cotto.mlec ell are
kArown do do c.d..ted atiaelory
11:act Sattort
Home I,agoe :,114.ituryc-
POeel osstcd do
hr.; ^^
Jo 'Checks end I , tripes, ver7
Drab do mart go.).
Black Cautottro. I Taaor,l:oods.
Fancy . do 'Bed Par/doll, I.llper do,
Fancy Tneeds. 1.,.t Patta. uct,..atn,
Paper Pluk Broad ClotL. Tettiors'Ca al u n vas.,l.cavy do;
SEW.' Brown do H•own I.lnens. Stlic'•
Soper Breen do Drab Sclee, Meet do, • 1
Soper Twill.r.l do and w0nt...1,
Soper Blatt Doe Pkn• Ristek II:id WWI* Tape;
...per Drab Ca•ttruces. BI•cl: Twist, Dral, dr;
Super Mow. do Lotto Ci.cot. mod P.n.: .
Paper Black do ru•rt's 0 cord 9011431 ton;
Cattfornia Blanket.. do Ltocn '?'.read, •
Scarlet ' do sapersof arttpe;_ _ _
. •
Mae do .ilk Fluted Vesungq
Drab do 1 ltlllac
roarlL belie do
Gnide Ragging. n Holland Se M
See S.;
Drown (Allis; 'rattans, Crovot, Re
At the ilDusafaelarera , ciarehou., No IV Wood 11
PAlatnerah mr..6
IHE co-partnentitp Screwiest . elisting between the
subscribers, in die nem. of Comsat,le, Haste
,', Lbw day - dissolved by mutual MISCI/l. !deists
Burke tr. Barnes wills:tile the lissom,u of the cone , rii.
fur which purpose they are authorized to Use Ice dame
of the seeress. NATHANIEL i'ONSTAIILE,
tandur4D BURKE,
The arida:Mgfled have this day amine ia ted the &maim.•
in the name of BURKE & BARNES for the puroowi
of manufacturing Fire' Proof Bee, Nand Doors /sc.
Ise., at the mend of .he late firm of Cocoon], dorke
&Co, when , they will Le ples,ed to receive the ratron•
age of tho customers of that home and their friends.
to retiring from the firm of Constable, Berke & Co.,
I orttla aancere plcararc recommend N . IJ rYc h
Barnes to thr confidence of my hired, Rya ,hr y Alit.
rel.. 9. 1449. NA I'IIANIEL. CONSTAIII.O
febl.l.d:l_ _
_ .
TJAS jtltt returned from the liartern Otte, •nd i n
receiving • large variety of ...enable. 000 d., to
VP blot. he reopeetfully invitea the att.:arm of inure I,
aid• and pedlars. No 14 Wood .1. • fetal
WALL PAPER—W. P 51•••uva.t.
receiving, from
delpthe large., 'manufnciortes
New York glut Plniahia, and at. front rrench
agenete., the newett and mom unproved .tyles of an d
to&ether with Ilonters, Board
P riga.% aner 11 d
Tester Topa For alto Wend 11. toe
, Food at sad Diamond alley, (iaccegior to rt.
C. MI.)
SiTIPALLIC PAINT-3 brio! Met read per ;learner.
and for sale by the barrel or eincle round At the
Drag, tteed, and Perfumery Warnbomm. earner of
saxg; rod {rood streets. N WlCKEltrillA3l,
littapratta t Potent Soda A.S.
464 r",o7,7 o thoe"ma l .... irh d mtrr:V,• . lT;
esate now on the way (ram New Orlennm, lOW ex
pected here this week ; and 311 all shortly arrive
via Balti.l.ln pal a/tipx Juniata, Chesapeake, Damllll
- and 'Mtn., Wkre b will he
anld on arricalost aloe
lowest mulct price for earls or approved bill,
W & M 1111T , 111111.TREF.,
•p&1 N. 1010 Lthertv St.
otter m
T'LE„ j! P°Tinmr";`,"l , 7i." o .7
wt ox ' a ' rt ' g r aratlon, or fervor crolltr ‘ a n dac e tin ° ll,ny h
those who have teatori it, pronounce it to ...Win , to
any ether in die marker The consumer need have no
apprehensions of toiling carpet, he. no Its ruin.
position prevents • dna from •riting when being op.
plied, whirl, inner be dose when the Some ro:d
The quantity nu:nitro te little to produce n bean
tifol Itltlfe. A eta Ws of over fifty" per cent ie Mewed
to the consenter,. A coatiacaPPlad to $100.., tapes,
Ike.' when IMd
ru st . orrfor the cusatner, iv • 1. 1 ,1 pie.
vomMtire &sailor -Aber /Instils bird it Dee,
Of it to person will ure nor lon the
Pnrents hinocfm-toring Company's Premium Chemi
cal Stave Polish. Fur sal e
W by
N ICKFAttillAltf,
inyCl Comer of Kalb and Wool +Wet.
A LL persons Inavimr numbem put on their hotaes,
XI. in content.) , to • resolmlon of Coancil•, will
*am tail at the Rooms of the Hosed of Trade;
second emu, corner of Wmt.l and Third Ms, and pay
for the same. SAMUEL PA BINESTOCB •
Pittobory/h. Anrit Ott 1..1 , .0105
Q FAIINESTOCK treks lenye to announee to the
O. patrons of him New Directory of the refits 01
Pittsburgh .d Alleghouri and bnlnnlths of Man
chester, Illtinieghant, fen, that he work to now
nearly read! for the prowl nod bo put In the
hand. of the printer some whore bettor.. the 20th
T3oth Instant
he citizens generally, alit all who feel en Interent
in the protection of a complete and pclifert Directory,
particularly those who have not Ince called on, will
wally oblige the piaillsher,.ry nwertelaing
•61101:11 avocations and vlsces of benisons, &a., are
noted for po
the üblicatlon in the Directory.
All cards to ha tneemed, mtint he kraut. In fordp
with, or at latent, by the date abina named.
_ -
,T U Z l :od r TLlL d ;n:,:7:L °„' n ' tt. On . e,`, . l` . "l`,,R ZL .e-.
Ifalvaltatonfaclory of March if 'Mute, erne[nosh.
Tag If • emporia? inssoment, of fine tone and very:
rapid onandatiord • se, ono finer 4 arum Melodeon,
Mad. 'atom
mayl7 101 TWO MOO
By Oh. ViresWent Oh. Wilted Slat..
11' Npitrooar,e of law, I, ZACHARY TAYLOR, Pre•
side. of Ole Soiled Slate. of ,Awerien, .16 hee-hy
declare and make rwn, that piddle sole. wtll hn
1,14 at she ond4.ment oned Land MEN.* In the
of MICHIGAN. nt the periods hereinafter deatgoated,
to wit.—
Al San 101 l 0111., at SAULT STE. MARIE...for
the "Luke Sonerior District. cononenelna on Moo
day, tha wairenth day of Septarnber neat, tor the doo
posnl of pub , o, lands within the following narneil
Tow.lop forty Lye. and tractional forty
~Z and lune ".fen of ranee two
Towtothip• forty lire and foot/ ste t and ftnanlottal
township hot, raven. of Tana. - three
Townahlp forty via, frachonal township forty
wren. of range four
Towashtna forty eta and forty octet and fractional
tnaritelttps Lay and hitt one. of range and
Frartiottal inwnslat, forty seven, lofty eight, forty
nine, faty,alAl fifty one. of range eta
forty eight and fn. (Pottle, and fractional'
to witAttlp f ftr of rattg fay.°
Fr cannel ioven•h , p• thirty tone on "Hay I. , and."
and forty on fllat !nand," and towo:thip tarty fete, of
ru, eight.
Frarttonal ottelot.totp, thirty tone hod forty on "Ma n
anti • Itatdt." I• 1 not., and forty three no ;ha 1041,1
land• nod toaroshipe tarty four toil forty hart or tattaa
Fractional townehlr• thirty nine and now nn./tar
den' snit I.lanes,eind tovrnoliipa forty three,
Writ , trier. trio! in. ti ye, oftanee tro.
Fractional totertaiii, thirty eight on •`Latle Denver"
Island, thirty t "Little the., , ~ aort
Wand, and lo.tot
ng on l'Whisker" 1.1.114. and town-
Alps forty three, forty lour, and forty live, or range
Prartinn'r I inwr • ile thirty eitht nn "(lull Wand,
1/IWIO , IIIO tort,. in.., and fraeho , oa Lay...nine folly
there, forty foot and .Qtly live. 01 range twelve.
Fractional inteii.lop tom, no the moan land, of
range un..
Frnenonol to,rtellior thirty 11110 e and tong on nc~
1110111 nuirl • of range *eventern
Fractional town‘hip• thirty nine, forty ,
and forty one, nn the main land of range. eighteen.
Fractional towilabtp• thirty ate on 'eli.ostraer" *oat
“roverty" ran, thirty ro•ett tine:aki, '11460001c r"
Island end au wet, awl thirty eight. thin), inn ,
rutty on ,
the main land, and tow/train% Duty One, retry
terth an I forty three. of range nineteen.
. .
Praelinnaltown.hten that y •lx “St M•rtirs"
nod 'tin,rty seven on nn of
Stonier" bland. thlelf etpht on the mato 1at..1,11.11ty
tinclud.lor the Inland m aec4on• .venlY .even
0. , twenty rialto) and tarty, an.l nOwttsb.p. 14rty tttrre
the tat., of range Invent,.
Praelional town•hfpg tb.rty eight. dotty nice, and
tarty Olt toe taatn • jand. of rarge twenty one.
Al"l'llF.,loll,l . l.liCr..eonatnenetnp, on Mond•y,
the thirtteth day of September nell, 11• I the dttp
num.- not,he I end. within the t.‘tne.l town•
ship. and tr t0w....h.p., to yeti.—
Nut th ne.tonni
ki a line, alt.! tn.( proenpa
Prnrtinnel township:. thirty 4, and thirty tit en
the main lend. pi varier twenty (en,
Frneiten•l to nehtry the, y three, thirty fnar, end
i kir" , he, •nd luernelop tinny tit, of r enre t vrenty
•Preellonsi townchip• thivly two st).lo3,ll , llltre
thr n.x.n I.lnd. nod thirty lota Ked thirty
Gom. of rti re twenty PII a
rrecDon..l trwreltiro. olOr:v one, thi rty tyro, tln IT
lo tLfreLir v r.nd auirl Art oil ar w,n l.n f nr.d
wily right, of
un, twenty
Ft Inwi.•kip• linty lint.
done seven. on.l towns hip. !Arty nine, tortY tqa, forty i
ar•rii, and forty riebt, rang , totc.tY < 4 10..
Fractional to.vpahtna Ott ty arven, thin, elyht,•nd
thump yin., and thrit•hito. forty unr, (arty two, forty
'late, forty four, forty Luta, (urn' ail , forty wren, and
bouty etch,. of ranee t reenty nine
!avrii•lties thirty vino. township fore,
frorunttel towut'nip rtte, towirstona two.
forty three, forty foal . tar, Inc, ...folly seven.,
sod tarty rieht,•nd tor frartion• of .ertfun• thirty ay.
tlit It my •..r. at ttte vanes A< ate ha /o ar, of town-
It 11) .1,, rengr dotty.
Frartdal tosmothipt. thirty ntnr, forty, and forty
p1M1.1114/Pll lay two. fatty three., (arty four, forty jJ forty .errs, and forty eight, and trae
...nal e.t.a! ser 04.0. r. mid eialttern, on "Traverse"
Island, In township fat . ) . 'Ow, .11 t0,t7... I.trlT one
AT TIII.I riAlll.leinistriiiit'd On /41.01.4. 0 ,
the 100 nth day of (Petah., neat, for 11., 01111fM.1.1 .1
the paltlic Undo ansatcd within the undermentioned
tncrit•hi - a • ed tractional townships, to wit--
Bor., the hoe, and inert 11' the yrrorgall
Froorionst toror,topro.,i pori, ond to' nslopr forty
forty atm, forty (wit, 'ropy Lt p, end ftfrY, of
more ihirty to
Fro,r.oltO tormsbAra Loy all.l frfty Ito, of form.
thirty fpr.r
Foro.ocor; towroth;or Ely AO flay troo.of rrttrgo
thirty /,u.
Towv^htp fifty. of rim, writ elf la. ax.l town.h.
forty Slate ILIA It of rot
Town,:mp fnety revao, fraefiAnal town..htp fm:y
rteld, and toarot,ips forty tine and 411 y, of rands
fort) ar.,
• •
To.” ,, krN , ~o rry r•-vrrl, forty eirxht, forty tone, and
Pt range filiey tour.
lovra.hir: 10:0) •errn. forty eir hr, an•l fon! r, .e,
arJ it gal tx:l, Oa range NIL)
Frocil.rns: to... Lip. 1..4 .od f.AT, n range
forty a r.•
ract.anal ittonashlps forty tr.l and Amy seven,
asoldp lent, tight. and trxt . t...nal ia“Y
ai (1114<f tarty n.
Freat,na: Inartsship• tatty .for., forty night, and
ierty Inns, of WA:
Frac'tlanal toatton,p forty right_ of :Aare forty nine
Al the land nitro at lONIA, etnenctna en !tor -
e w
day, 'Le newath of Septemr rat, for thn slist•o•al
nt ate pahtte lands vv,lltia thr at (Inman:toned fra,...
!..•nat tnarn , blp. vas.—
Kis of the toss has wt.' wriz of Ms proaap.4l
Sertino• one and two. . Ralf vennn of !Are,
and .vrticor tic Iron. tael ve,thirla,ll foartren. twrati
fent, Iv, my Lye, and 1t..., , In tocrn‘S,to nine, of
Low:. upon-Trot:rat by low for zbe ace of schools.,
ottat..,y, or other iterpose, to. ciflude,ll . rom ritr
The nifertno of the shove menhoned !0n71.1 will he
Comon•orr.l on the air. ap.•oomrd. and proored In
the oc.les ot which they nre nOvern.,,, ....oh non.
vrolent 411%ostro, ooli' she orl.We 0,111 1.4•1. born oi•
0r0.1..u0n thus J But /10 •nie 0.11
kept open looger Limo tarn eck, ol.d no prvaeo
n.ry of nny n. the lord• n odoottcd unfit eter
the roptrotion of Iwo week.,
GI% en unJn- my nand.. the city or Waghtnginn,
Oda thirtn,nth day of Jane, Atm. Domini one Mousuod
richt hundred and fifty.
Ity ihr PI ~lent.
tl.`orottoseioncr of the Drees! Lald em: e.
Every pence enUtted to the right of pr. • Nominn to
any of the Ixtots w Ithho the tna.n.topi •nd frart.mat
mum.htps above enumerated, I equired toestahlt.h
the same to the satt.factmn or Me Itegietar and lie
eery., of the proper Lend • /thee, and male payment
there , or a..00n as practleobto aft, seetner tic. notice,
and before the day appointod for the commencement
of the politic .ale at the lend. embractog the tract
claimed, otherwtae such slam mitt be forfeited.
Boalnett's AnforionksPoultry Book.
rIBI Poult t ry !look Ind Fowl Mordent' ,00do—
.1 Rein, ,1\ MO on r u. aqt
“. Lenient 31antgemr. of Domes., Fowi, won nu•
111r1V113.1 nricittal deseltplinn. and roman.
By J o h n C Brnreit, ii. D.
. .
nut work will he:canal to Contain a atelier amount
of unginai and other information, liuth practical rind
itrefol, in renerd to Fowl than m contanitid
in all Other merman work. , together It will rie
iltustrioril With nearly Fifty Portrait* of the m—st
erotic, varioire ni AM.1.11 and rurelol Fowls,
sum fony of which are from life, from attar...lea
taken especially for that work, of the most import..nt
tireedr, and sc•etal of them from fowls very recently
The patditherr Inure roared no ripen.e to brine oat
his work In a superior manner, I,ot In regard to tin
eneravinge, the moils ol the wore, and the K,ll,
circa don of every part oldie book. And one he lw v•
ca that the work sratie found to contain more pi yr ii•
dal Infontortion on Wending and Minoring Domeicid
Fowls, than any moth tossed in this country.
Pot sale by .1 AS I) LOCK WOOD,
. .
it 2.5 Boolmeller and linpuraer, 101 Fourth B.
HAIDOLDT24 CO22loA—Counoa; a Skeirb of n
PA) Bdal ol 001 VIIITCIK, 11, Mex.
‘ , N *nub°ldt Trambord Ay Utuu. 2 vol,, Mao.
JUlllectived fur sale by
ido Book..ller 3lmoorter. 101 Ponro,
TV oder for rale,
1911 pkee Y.11.101p. Maek
and Gunpowder 're.;
115 his 7'rlmeeoi
,c 0 bag. Rio Colter;
,110 N 0 Nolen•eri
75 Idols N 0 Sugar;
box , : a..oried inres
%cooloov (11•0;
40 lion non*:
. 1i1(1 I,r Con t 00.;
MX/0 lot Canner;
Hi brio Tanner,' (00;
•,,,, , boo Choc;lodni
GO Goa Hod Cords;
go Carle nhanilln Hope,
30 boa !pined Chocolate;
10 nogg I . cppon
0 bags Mar,
'.oU'.oUbos Herri w ng;
42 brio Viurgur,
St/ title, Ca lineWlek;
491 i. SH0,11;
10 iron IOoHF
IG dr ums Ch;
Mg dr Fogs;
As moll no 80 g•n•r•I
11Tenufortutod monk,
1,0 ch.+ V Ilyron, Sarin,. grade.
:Hi do I ionponnter and loop
GO do l'ovelvolg
5 do adong
53 Gaddy ha. VII Imp & r
GI boo I G, and Tnbnceo
05 noddy boo Rumors 5' • do
!HI boot, Starch
GI bits St hf bile Pnlcrntos
Indigo, Madder, Alma, Clinger, Pepper, Allspice,
Nutmeg*, and Lamp Black in keg., las vale by
al %Yams at
moyIS , -
1/1..111.1:, Va., Match m Poo.
%alt. R. E. SELLERS—L. hive dosposed of all the
Cough Syrup and Lover Poll, you sent me, and
LB dos of the Vermlfage.
I have und all your Family Medicines on my family,
and have also isreseribed them on my promote: I am'
very much pleated vrlth them, mod have found nothing
no equal them. Pend one 5 doe of your Vero:Plage, and
Id doe each of the Liver Pills and Cough Syrup.
Relpectfully your.,
[Extract of Letter.] T. T. JArcrom.
Chore highly E popular medicines may In had of the
proprietor It SELLERS, 57 Wood or, and Draggle..
_generally In oho two chin end vicinity . eye
O A SIN— fern bris - ANn I extra Wn Hom
hio of
Rsuperior quality, stotabte ;or coop mating. Joao
reetived and for lila by /MIN McrADEN & Cr)
rile ten chum] Ration, Pion at
NP, cask.very Lae fresh (know, Preece, jußt iM
',mud, far .ale, wholesale or reinil, by
oy W M. A., MeCLI.IRG Liberty M.
1 11.1„71,`YLMIt'' — ..ic°"r:•%!acibr
11 rI
VI 7, I ;l7„ft* u n t .':, n ui c ,'.l7, l : - ‘ l ,;'„'-i'n'"Zrt:',.7,,`,',,TV.`
Gonda fur IIrefFP,COI7I , iIIMIE 0 1
SCOleh :tap MA,
Vienrect Styil..
am n
Vieroria Law dfl .; ;
taw Priced Ilat - rel Jackal. for morning dr"...1
fine Port Frot h ed dn; nnd largoi a.ortment of o ne
vittheolor.d embroide c a rtrLs.te.l J•cknnetr,
Lanrna, Itarrce., he ,at north rt earner nf Pounh
and Mrket otrent,
Ur DURVIIFIELDImvc reretwea
iruplOf c.. ye, Dtvle
own at 12 y
10 o : 1,1. t du. in great •iertety, or 10;n bole
Also, erohltudored and prtntrd M ardor end - Joel onct,
Of neat and are. style, and Inwest Crete kr:quality,
and north ensl Corner of Fourth and Market rt.
At the On• Price Store of
A. A. MASON 81, CO,
IXTII.I, Clllllmenre on !lid:tile', Juno 33,
11 Their iminewe catablieltMent. wile ell lloont, 1111. arra. ion, I, thrown
op,. far Hsi vt. TWA', and nIVI their riermv••
ticelr will be ndered feloliporq divcourd
of from in :di per cen,, Lityji
TIIEIII cIOCK eornorioe over ( - or
hundred pirceP, and will IIC add on or, intmengt dih
T! eir eitlortmenl of Sliewla,M , ohoh.Ti•qaos, Cron
a nd hown, Aludov.. Javor.rla,
Cam!, end nre,11:110.1% grarrnilv.pill r;urral
aat haed, y, al Labout on , lull, the rl.
II 4, , et haat Coldrpl VII:1 odi ,oJ at 0 ,,
do Ilerrgoa.
I do lilodin do Leinoi, Ito'
Sem:Tier Engliah nod An - R.11..2n Calicoes, Wk.( 10.
3101 dozen Lint,, Unbar rehief, f.k 70.
A large lot .1 lVr, unit pornp s• low as sc.
Tngelher P/1111 a complete 17 . 01100 ..1
White Gonda, Ribliona, Ilooiery .04 Ithaca, llortart,
kr, , he.
, .
Makin, In .II one of Ow mo•terty.n.iva
in the country. w. tell will 1., .•nr Lid dare n to artioh
to , . luxne than any of then. pIEOIOI.IA Annum!
Slum will upon. and
Fri nou, oh.; llst. f../ ruepn.oi n( rr•r.ll
ir out meriting' dokvn •tort. Na ...11.1111.” IN ent
re. rny3l A A MASON h 17, i
BUR' . lIFIELD have re,treui a gao
-I,' pl) 11 and 1 I rtereh oRt twea.• coat.
.1,1..1 it,0.1
pact., ktor chirc:it, Wear,
or the 1.1.1 6•1,111.. Ir
• • • • • ••
bey invoe at tn Inge t of
]lra'. uJ SII.IINI ER IN 1:A ft, of thllir-on
01,11 all of which wll he •..k1 lo‘•
vri .."'"" Lux
'A lcq
ncl;k1F,I,I)1 (""
nt h "
4" color
ran.. itair Clout Cover.
ix' WeI.INTOCK has •.tired duo day, nt ill.
Cafprt ta•areheurr, No 71 Vourtl,
12,ml Covcrmg rI v,ry bamlecoor pattern., cid calor!,
the ottemmn of Pur , h... , .
j• 1.1 -
t. 111.111 RUC111.11,1.0 are tzt7C.F pro..
iTt 'orally redurr.l pr.:ea Lawn+ iron, e•an•
r p 4-i II ito Chin. from In ern. up. It , 'qv , . far VII,
for Pei.. O tc: fr,l4.una
pnr vord 'ne. •ro rrri for ao it Ana ranunnr nar
n,C e.f ac
road% brnne parcharinr elrewhr,
Nonh ca. rnrar rnt Fourth au4 klarkrt on. /713
Allraut Mats..
I. , ...C ;t I r V . F ; D I LI r: m it
nr e . fAlit ant
Jen :5 Fourth el
PO ' I,,l'itfllFTlM havna alyet of
MFlory and Staple Iffy Isooda, selling or( at
grrutly reduced peat.,
Itar de Lanes. • large aro:diluent of beautiful
hlnlls, hearten and SWil.• !Unshod;
A •plentlyl a•roronent of Block and Fancy Silka;
Barocco,Lo and De Lainea, remarkul , ly ebrap;
Itcatinl rennin: Silka lrl; rents per yard;
Ileagort,lC,, , ,,ons, from C; emit mu! nude;
A lorry along of 11.oran arid Bleached rtholins, ejn
per pint. and onwards,
llonnela and Sararoln, at greatly reduced pares
Cloths, Catistineres, and Vert ngs,ot the beat quallty,
Together with • large .lock of Ticking., Apron and
Shirting Cheek., all v.idtba ; Brown and IllearLed
s . ,nlines and• Shat op; frisk Ltnrrts; together ass,
all other ample% in our line, at north arm rurner ot
Founts and Martel at. melt
M 1 . c1,; , eAro . i r i.. , t m r t r ,
l eLv i e n d ,
and hosed ehangeoble rilL• .1i alum.: eve.) . .. d uo
siud guivity, super plain nod ' figured Hag. silk.; do
bard, nod tisane.; barn.° 40 Into, n,w and 1..1,1-
seine .1) lo; new in lo French, English, 11r1Ii t'COletl
I..R•rns, in greet varieTT, sod at very Ins, pnc..i
Onto, ligarra, ttripod 1.11. of all.kind.
•u I qtr. suet, hoot lugres of all shod.. nod ro:orl;
gwoliso,,tiintloa. mint, atnorli east comer
of fourth sod M.ik, . jet.
‘. FARTIOI •tto‘ti,fitl ttad at - ter col.
or.d Silk., ,d4t sore.. dal morn
a; north eaot corner of 1 , , , ,,rtf. ICA Market at•
)r $ id tin k
URFIIV • It ur,
I 1 and Borgne ft Lames at very low inner, at
north tart ecru, of Fourth and Market .t.. 1,5
DLAZIC SILK LACLS—Extra wide medium and
narrow trannora Lacer ro nu:tidy, last rre'd
and for sate at Nonneart corner of Fourth and Mar
ket litre,. ,ell fIUctrIIFIEI.I)
— Dosuotsanglitlem se, Itklaboon.
Ik 4 U Al have reertved an ad ,
danonal .apply of above Foods, tartuding cannot
styles of Mtn, Pearl. Altonr, and gimp Bonnet.;
Whae and Catnred boon do, and Ribbons of all colors
and priers. mall'
morii-so rl. 494 Floor a 1 Cloth,
je.t 'el:my,: from the factor". awl f.'t tittle at the
W &remota, Nos.: lr. n Wool "Iv , I.
M lt 11
or tee.e naming 0.2Eft..,1r$
to tlvAr eery 101 l u..o,tarv,,t rr.cctvcd,..c4 nv
lionv.ezmr Mpoce•3l,
Moose ac Lola ,
Mourntog W•rn
do Pruned Foleord,
Flange, Tiawr., Nvutnn Lome, Ali,awnes, Plaiu
ard rrinted Lawn, Wick Enaiamderrd do,
IMP.. RIM Sear( do, Veil, &r. may 17
( N O . pea Cashmere:l...twitted
color, omit de.iralle tallCie
eed, and now opening by A A M A SONO
cui7l,4 eA Illarket gi
y htb ,
1 It...bawls, cornpong Cnroond, Orange, Pont, Mae
Green, and Corn colored, lust reccivina pc, expm.
and lb, day opening by A A NIASONA , ' , I
may ,
2 !1 I' Fmk; Grern. ]Vor
j r, .ce'd per cipreag, mr e no
•Yl 7 _ A A hI4.)N A O.:
J nu rrcttFIELD,
Comm,' loner .
rloll bO. M. R. Ito sins;
0.1 bra duct, do;
15 Sr. do do;
15 cask. Zanla Currants;
15 bales I , ..lkalions;
15 on Brant hut.;
15 do rilberts;
IW do Pea Note;
1411.. shelled Almonds;
'lO Li. Rock Candy;
Una.. ;
Al Primmer Red•lia
IMO 0111.11 tloanall;
:Ibis Cloves;
2 coon Pi omega;
I rumour Indigo;
RS erne, I..inon Syrup;
Ii cares Pepper ;ranee;
10 caste Tomato Catrup;
Ground *pi reg. of all t /tom.
40 barrels powdered sot
Loaf low;
2 hlme Madder;
Id Into Whiting;
narorment o( Pallsburgh
,% A. MASON ACO arc dax opening 10 p
rv, '27 loch Black tiro do Rhine NH, to pc, Intl
do; 10 re, inch do; 6 pee al trrrh do; anal I puce
30 tor, do. maylo
4'u dal Ladtcle" Ltorn Combrle than, ell of ier,;
100 doi tient? do do
do rolnrrd I.ordOr
R: Market M.
dox du do
Rreriyed ittin day by
IA NIIILL:r LINEN LUSTRE-1-5U pc• cl.inge4l.le
Lumes, at dm exact:le low ',w a*. N
el pet ynnt.
maylo AA MASO f‘ Co
irl•h and Drown Lin•na.
200 (4,14 •tl 39 , 3 pc• 4-4 Drown Lanytkr.;
ISO ,•••• liray'r and Alei.ders .perla
Iri•th Lincw, Darr opening by
amyl° A A MAY•ONT d CO
Frsati - Arrival of Dry Goods
WI: tau now tuatara:tot tocur .tort
of erring o Smuttier Dry liondo.ontl are pro
pared in offer •n racellJtat 21,01UlICtil at our usual
la. price. tor r•th, or approved credo
The raccoon of we.trrn dealer, b cameo:tarty or.
to our ! toot., a• we feel eant..loat el tottag
able to odor Induerin!nr• to mote a 101 l watt
us. Call and eo.trutne of any too.
slincta.nrr WHITE,
tortytt 10l Wood We,
• •
• •
II OODN; Iltl,/1/11t LA C
-I'I:NUE:IM ke.
Saltn .}..anoy Vestltlel,
'JAM/ANNA, and LINEN /11.1iFS. n reperni
BOOM 1.111 c
eul AN:, and evely •At,ely of trounoms.
9 CASES plaln and figure,' Bartle de lAA na, usvrt
ed ovlori,wt rtert•cd, and vviltnr nt very low
runyn A A AI AMIN A. CI.
0 CASV. , twit t.nw. rrreiv , l and now
opcuing,seloor: at tile extrrAlle low rouects
per yuid luar.o A A MAsIIN A. Cif
CAS EA laAtroloted A
reed, nnl
ri) an Ix cent, per yatdn A 11IASON A lU/
E bug, now oil hend, far aflle by
pqr , IVAIAH DICKEY rt C.ll
INbI h1:-4 rack. on hand. fur ode by
l."/ 1.1 luAIAII DICKEY it. CO
t~AS n— l ~6a: iinnu; .—.
lJ :ai e...e nog. hIdCT
5 n•k• h , L,lrs; •
9tu•k.ensoned,nowlondtozJor,elPh ,
JEAN itiAl A 11 1/I:I,EY & •.;O
011.-1400 gala bleartVol SI. tm
1.0 1 . 21 a/ gals assbleach'd do
1.110 gala
roll II IC2eb,l
two gal. N. W. t 0.,,
Whale 011,1 n 111.131 t and fog .ale by
je11172 a. I lA...ay_
TAG Ca ERN. ail 6-vent gain brown to es. 4,
40 lola do;
15 heir common Oil, in fore lot
agile 1.7 Pith MILLER S. 1111.fgErnON
I%...asEin--10 Mon mamma lllllrlit lief 041, 0,
. MILLER A 11101.ETAOld
FM/Gil-lon brie SY, Hoar, tor faie
.. - i y - - I
HUEY. MATMIr.w9 r. co
1 .19 • 77579 itt•rmet st
Chtalsoz Tea;
'DECEIVED at Me Pataborgh hantily Grocery and
XliaTea %Vermiform,-
5 ht cirm genuine Poor. ChnianTerm In 0 oz papery
5 do tAnalan Povrehong Teen In oon papers;
6 do do do do 700 do; .
The above celebrated Black Teas aro . received
Annelle.= the importers, end veill be *old imi love as
they eon bo patchnned In the neat, With the addluoa of
freight, wholesale or retail, W by
jeIeRSA Idharty FI
VAh..4.-4-1-r-Orntlid on7Ortment7nt"'T,r „„„„ i m i. „7,1-
r " on , c0 ,,,,,,ineg every variety, ter [1.16 by
" lel9o YEAGER
COMItn-:/rmgrmis• Nina, Stylts len - c - a - euntb; --
75 arms. 'no redellng dal
Vivo*. -
do tide do;
join . 11103113Siamnaysocket.nth..(or sale by
1101411: 1 1.D 113 ASPECTS OF NATCEE—T,,,,'
lawd o r Pal Sabine. , 2 volOtmo. Por !ale by
RP. eleventh and twelfth meth:inn of the Act of the
Geneve' Assembly of thin Crimmoliwnalth, entitled
"A Supplement to an Act entitled an Act to create a
finking send lend to provide for the gradual and
eeetaln extingelsttment of the debt of the Coalman.
wealth mid to authorise it loan,"approved rho Mb
day nr hi ay A. P. 050, provides as miles., riM—
Sarno. It That the lievernor i• beret') nutherited
to negotiate • klan for the snm of Three IBIl•
Throe Hundred Thounand Boilers, redeetnablelio n
thirty years from thealate of the subscription thereof,
at a cite of merest not exceeding four per centum
per minute parable in ) t old and silver, wel annually,
epee the firm days of February nod A1n11.4 at tech
yeur...nnd exempt from every species of ta mien
Nonce. that nreportain avid loan will be received,
shall he publiebed nt leant one newnpaner In the
tihrough of Ilarrinherg, In the Me. c( Sitmhurgh,
Lk ne ater, and Philadelphia, and to the citien of New
Vera, Boston, and Baltimore, for it petted not less
Pino three months before the opening of said empanel.,
'ad It? letter cleewhere, If deemed necessary, and
up, the day assigned for tlint peritnae, In such notice,
the proposals ?hall be opened in the yr acne Of the
Governor, the Secretory of the Commonwealth, and
Auditor General, end the loan shall ho awarded to
the highest bidder or bidders. If the amount of the.
bids shall exceed the auto of Ihe sent Into the Aaron
dhoti he de:Whined pro rate anannunt the liteltest b.d
dem, het if the whole of said lean ellen not then be
Islet, the tinvernor may renew notice. in the minner
et eiod, from time to time, till the whale ...mum of
•vid lena nlmll hisiterthad. No eviiiiitio n iat
ehall he emuldetedi and spot awe ding peh loans,
any part theteuf, centheaten with eoupens for the
interest, shall he tweed therefor by the Andiron
Ssr-liani IL If the, said loin shall ho subscribed, it
Yrdl he and it Is hereby spproptteord for the payment
sod ex ingniehinent of the funded debt of this Corn
cuonwraidt now due, or to became due, during tie
yenr rise thousand tight bo ndte , l rind COir,und far the bfino saw Or eighty kee thousand no bun.
theft • sr.d four donors and eighty den emir, due to
domestic creditors
In porsnanee of the provisions nforessid, notke is
berchy riven, that proposal. will hem ceived at the
olfct of the Fccretury 1.1 the Commonwealth until
4 o 4 lark P. M. of Tueidfly. the find day of October
next, stipulating for • loon to tie Commonwealth, for
'he papnoem .el forth in the Bald act of t . !. ‘ e of
thrre million three hundred thourrnii darer:, redeem.
od e qgmy tun tole 'or the sohyrnOlon
Meteor, at s rare hf inwrept not exceedior four per
cent per onnutn. payable in alive< Petal
emu:wily, upon ihe flint days ofFebruary and
ofar6 year, and <retort trot. every specie. 1, , ,f
Genii - wade, or the *eta loa a, wily coupons
four opi *III he ttaueol fu %he ntunl mount awl
etatf; 1101.•0 1 111,1e by the 015110 i. 011 the booker of the
ito.litor tient-rata Department.
The proNnal, win he requited
t h in O einhetly
the amount toSeretl which shall n nny ease be
kon lltn; oat, teotwand dollars, the tate at Itentolt nal
esreedlng four ;wt . rout, and the pretreat propo3rd.
rite Kate ...Tr.., the to If to Treept the whole or
no! Port of the t ow °feted notes, the proporalasilpn..
law to the conttotry.
!Nis for the loan roost be diroet and explicit. No
ooditional proposals will be ',rived
131 , 40 tica acceptance of the proposals. the money
. too be paid info the :state Treosary, In such owner
shrill be dtreeted by the Governor.
Cerbficbtes of mock will be Issued in such amounts
s may be requested by the lenders.
The proposals to he threcteti, cutler soot,to thin
.51e,, endorsed, -I . roposoir Inc,l,osts" They will
nlit 1.11 opened or dt:r 'need 1111111 the period forreectv
, them has elapsed, after wloefi tlo,nl4rf,ti./. in the
ruts Will be adrentr,i.
Eyls-Api,i., Secretory of the Coruhli.
Xr sender's lnTree, ilortwbarg, Jane
E6OLV KU by the Senate and House of Represents
lA. Imre oft.. C..toonseeelth of Pectusylisma is o=erid
Assembly met, That the Consults.= a thi.
wealth he amended m the syeend manse of the fifth articles
ee suet tt shall rend is follows, the Judge. of the thismenes
,Court, of the seem! Courts of Common r kas,=d of such
Otte Courts of klerord as are or shall he establebed by law,
shall be elected by the qualified elector. of Ids Co12119.I•
wealth, in the mauve fallowing, lo wit The Judges of the
Supreme Court, by the qualified electors of lb. Commet
stealth at latget the President Judges of the several Courts
of Comm.. Plus, and 4,4.06 other Courts of Ilswerd bassi,
or shall be established by law, and •,11 other Judges required
, be 14,111,7 ill tr.. law, Sy the qualified electors of the
respemtera duoriets over wlech they are to preside or set=
Judges; end the iasteial. Judge. of the Courts of CrOtOooll
New by the qualtfied electors of the eouttum respectively
The Judaea of the Supreme Collrt shall hula them othm •
he. the .114 of fifteen year., if Itey shall o le 5 debase
then:melee, well, (subjrcl to the alkdoseol hereinafter pro
m!. Cr. eutmequeat to the firth eleetino,) the President
Judges ot the se•eral Courts of Common Pleas, and of such
other Courts of accord as are er shall be mlablehtd by la.,
and all other Judges required by Warned the law,stall
hold these of for the term of tan years, alley sall so
lone behave themse7res well; the Assail!. Judge. of the
of Common Pleas 'hall hold their offiem for Co
. . . .
ter. sf firs years, if they shall so bang befiate themsehes
nal: all of whom shall be commissioned by the Umetna,
bat far any reamnatsk oaw, Which abet' not be sufffmtat
grounds Err impeachment, Me Ofurentor stall remote Ivry
of them on the mldrms of two thirds of sash branch of the
Legislature The first election shall take place al the
general election of Dos Cummenweslilt oral alter the adop
ts. of this amendment, and the ,msni.aons of all the
Jody. who may be then to rated shall rewire on the first
Ximeday of .camber following, when the teems of the new
Judges shall rammence. The rm. why shall then be
els-ted dodges of the Aar . , ses•Ventet bald their tAres
f •Iloes, Ono of Melo r.r yeareone fors.% scan,
our for nine years, mt. for tactic yean, ' and one for ftf cco
yearn, the terse of each es be decided by his by A. cad
Judges, es sum after the eleettoo as coaernientond the re
sult ef milled by them to 111. ljoretoor, that the conuttioffins
may be loured M actordeore them.. Tee Judge whoa
come:moon will Gni shelf Chef J solteedurieg
his Irma, and thereafter each Judge abuse commusiou than
field rliktr< shall fu tarn be the "thief Justice, and if DVu or
stvre commo* shell expiry on the same day, thedadves
hshling them shall decide 1.7 lot which shall' ID the Chief
4tutee.. Any mmeiet, happening hydrae., reelnetion, or
ethernet, avy of the mut tonets,,hall seed by ap
pautment by M. llowervoe, to cemtiou. WI the fint Mote
day of December *mem-ding the Seat general election The
Judges of the Supremo Coal and Ms fsrudents of
nl Poe rts or Cumm tt Newhall, et stated times wane
ffir their remote au ad , quate conpentation, to ke 6ettel by
lave, which shell not be den neltel duffing their couleouvuee
o cffiert but they shall recent. no fen or reca etas of office,
uor holdany other office of profit undertheseomnacterealth,
or under the ',creme. of the Untied States, or Loy other
State of that talon The de i ces of the Stipteate con,
da, their rontituffirffit in office, shell wide within tine
Co=monteffidth; aud the other d edges, daring shear
itutoffice, snail neat vrisbi the itstecror county for
which they were rentectreely el egised
Speaker of the Hausa of llepreetatelives,
Y. nEsr,
s i ,mke,- of the Se...
Sneer. Cue %set, r
- Harrisburg. Jai:teary IES $
I, Simnel reeertou, Chief Clerk of the Bei.ste o
Penetyliehis, do hereby certify that t':, toregoinc retolutieti,
l No. It, oft the eenate file of the preeset ceetnio,l entitled
relattee to an mai ottment of the Coustwattod,"
—it be, the mote retolutiro which mat acreml to bla ma
jority iiithe members , elated to each lloose of Imo
Legttlature— alter bowleg been d , .ly Vll2ll•Jered and do
omed, mat this dad agreed to ay • majordy of the members
elected to Rod *manic nt the Senate of Bcoarylraum, i
t E .
retit snow, as it oh! appear I/ theirotea gotta on the
Goal Falange of the eloalutioo, az folios", ir.—
Thcere voting io faro, Grebe postage ohn.eaoiiattou wire,
11. Joe.. Onroke. J. Porto, ttrawley, 'billow A. Emtbh,
Jonathan J. Curinintham, Thomar It Fero., in. moo
Forsyth, Caarler Vrailcy, Robert ht. Frrek, nerdy Volt',
John 10. 4 ; ~, William Ilastett, Isaac Hogg.. THINI , It.
ver. Jodie.. V. :Lme ' Jrreph Koniemscher, Geom.' V.
Lawrence, Ilatwell ItleLtarltn, Erupt:lwo Malone, Bur, iinin
Itlatthmt, ll•iry . A. Alithloriber, Willi.. rt. Parkrr,
William IL Bullet, Marie Sankey, Beteg B Barmy, Conrad
Shiceer,llabe et LI twereell. Daniel Slice, ramie tL emetic,
John 11. Walker, and Valentino Best, Bleats—Yea. h 9.
Throe witted egaioet Atm limeade of the .matron mere,
Ottoreo Dais, A u tnitus Oruro, and Meet:Ace King—
:lays 3. IVatext mart the Jo•rnal.)
" • '
Pt T. Rorie or Iltrireaarragtaaa,
llonetiuse, Marcia 14.1,50. f
1, William Jack, Chief Clerk of. the lloiDe of Renee.
sentatives , of Penniylrani', do he retry certify that the •
gooß reminUno,lNo. 10 cn the Senate file, and Do 211 en
tLe (lonse Jostral the present session.) entitled s•lte•o-
Intim. relative to the amendment of the ConstPution,"—it
twin; the rune resohino-, Which was agreed Why • mejsrity
of the musters elected Ls each House of the last lofotito
tute—alley hes ina been doly mattered and dieettemd i nes
lhu aay agreed • by • majority of th e members elected to
and sitatug ie the House of llepresentatiete of Penna,S.
V• 1161, a I. peasant seasion. as still spur by [hair rotes,
given on l obe final parage of the remlation, as iollo T.—
Thins voti.g in &tor or the passage of the rtmlutioa were,
John tither. John Alloorm, Baker, Reber( Baldwin,
lieu! 1 0.04 Cmia Jeremiah Black, John P.
Brindle, Daniel 11. B Brower, due. R.
Carden, Jo
Cesena,lleory . Cbuteh, Jahn N . Conyngham,
th..tet Csidland, Benjamin 0. David, William 1, Dah
lia., Jomes Is Votreme, Three. Donean. Witham Mono,
Witham Elpey, John G. Va.!, WWI= PAPUO, A. Stott
AlttAnJer S Vratherdwats Benjann, F.
Foringr, A trustolmr Gibbanry, Thomas C. Ormr, Joseph E.
Pe r t Ituffei, J.. *ls S. Ila I.korge 11.
Hart, Le Pert !lan. Jahn Wi
Jahn Ilodre,llenry L.I.T Ilrford, athingionJ.
oclmo, Niche at Jucts John W Eilhvet, Charlro C.
K cnken llohert Ilarrimn Ltinl, Morrisl.etth
,11,an O. Leal, Anson lonengil, Jarems3.l.4llli.,lltor)
It. M'Clinloth, Juhr Sl'CuSvh, Alta:m.ler
r. 31Cordy. John All.ou John At'Lenn, errand
Alan, Jam It Mark, Alleluia Ale, rte, John Miller, Joierh
C . John D, Mont, W,lh T. Aloris., reakua
Intr.! N ieklmem, Jacob IS inty, Charlry
John D rugger. Joseph C Jam. P. Bald, John S.
Lew,. %Ares. Samna Itnano•ta, John 8 . . Ro th . ,
tont Glena W. Senfiild, Thom.. C. Scantier, William
Shaffner, ll.chard Snaps. i:Ji Binlth,
Wllliata A. Smith, Daniel M Smiler William II /loader.
Ikons. C. Steel, David SPewaral:'CAntle. eloekwell, HA-.m
C. Tram. Andrear Wade. Robert C. Walter, Them
Waturs, Sider, li. Walls, Hiram A William.. Daniel
Zarbey, and John H. AlTailmout, Speaker—Y.lB7.
Tlon vain, aauo t the rasa,. of the resolution...,
Anent.. K Cornyo, I,ana. and James M. Femme—
pay. 3. tr.ttraei from
WAt Journal )
VIDA March 15 1550.
A. W. BENEDICT, Dep. Bee, of
r[1.4,1 vvvv te• sa:
I do creilf, that the Whore and foregoing is true an.
ca. rot y of the original resolution of tbeGeneralAt
enretied a Ileaolution 'viatica to to untenthatut of
the Constitution," se the sauna rename as We in thre
off ca-
Io testimony ochersof I hors hereunto set of
s. had, and caused to he affateol the tent of the Stele.
tares ()Ince, at Ilscrilbotg, this fifteenth day oi
June, Anon Nadu' ono theuand eight h-ndred andfifty. I
A L. RU3SELL, gacretary of the Cotrannorreaqh.,
FOR the r0114.-Llellee of the ethical, the proprietors
of the Pittsburgh City Milli bava pieced bare, foe
the reception of orders at the following pieces:—
J & It Floyd, earner of thrill and Wood Inmate.
Hayward, shoe stem, nor. Liberty d: Market sta.
A Ileelen, store, Third street
1. Wilcardr., druggist, ear Fourth & Smithfield.
John I , Smtdr. more, corner !Ugh & Wyllie
• Telegraph Office, Fourth street g
• II 0 Kelly, grocer, Fifth st,comer of Martel alley.
ht liras& mom, Penn street, Ninth Ward.,
'rile floor waggons will call twice or Ihneg daily
for order& and thelloar,&e delivered prociptly, tither
in barrel, or nee ts—eue k dour is preferable for family
the—without charge for cartae It le plain that
accounts can bo allowed, an , -that. driver• can bar' I
no pcnnthslonui leave door without ply men -
We hope the public, will be pleaied With 11th'
ran reme nt, WI we shall endeavor to do theta - ju,—eataipaio
merg ii . WILMARTII &
Sod•/al T. ie . "'
Rb kegs Sarsaparilla &dap '
big do dog ,giesg gi '
LiO bogie Dimon Eyrup t madefrom
Jou Staved and for a ble by
r -
r" NOW' all men who aro 'rick and agileted with dls.
it dash of the bladder and kidneys. with Mennulliti
pal. in boat or limbo, stilijOi yds,: old *Oros, running •
ulcer. kr , that they tun be email by taking the P o . 'tralming Von may talk about Ito beinira nostrum as
much as you please. bat Missions nor-make DWI, for
ore proclaim intke face of honest 'ennicaueltniliat
it h. virtues which ore not gontained'An any other
remedy. The man who it racked with: B ain and sot.
len. from disease , can for tin, terns, get relief from.
any of the Ills minumersted Reader I it eons
very hide to make atrial. This Petrolrima is no tails '
tore—no compodd, pot up for the purrppoosae °fit:posing .
ern the corounnuty; bat It Is a remedy:W.o=lml by,
the master hand of Murree, and bobblestin frordthebo. •
401 M of one mother earth in its original purity, and of.
fers ro sudering humangy a ready 'remedy, a ;certain
and cheap cure. •
IL has ctirud Piles tiller o th er Medleings litre faded
to rendernny tenet It bar cured Rheumatism of long
st snding. and of the worst and most unbind charzeter.
It bas cell Cholera Mochas by one of two ddses,• It
huh cured old eases ofDiarrhau, in which every other
remedy hhs been of no avail. As a local • remedy to
Mons and scalds, it Is better than any medical nom
pound or ointment that wa know of. Irwill tura all.
Alain. or frosted feet, In few applicatlonin undoubt
ed testimony can be furnished of the truth contained
in ilia above bodement by coning on Samuel M. Kier,
Canal basin, Tih street; 0, either of the agents.
Kayser & McDowell. corne r of Wood street and
virrtn Alley; R. F. Sellers, 57 Woods:met, D. A.D.
lint & D. M. Corry, Allegheny city, are the a.m.
P WE AHD 11.1ilidiD
The man limpet tape. Discovers on rto.
cord I—dare Remedy ter the Pliant
DR. D. r. ltßOWNitt or/vibrated Erfornil gmeri•
t Remedy die the riles, has already proved
Moir Ks he the onty 4 gore cure ever preheated. on the
curate. Ritmo the discovery of MIS valuabltrumbeine,
Ptad the I ra te number or extreme onset with which
r. Brown hoe dented, no one bat faileille bee:dire!)
cured. Unlike the atoy healine balms extent, after
months end years of expertruentollsing,ltim too ofteri
MR the patient where this eranistenced, or worse:
beg after n few days wall doable the case by effecting
perfect cure.
Flrhtn.Vi 6 , 0."1 obeli not enter into. labored at'
edit merits. by Its offect I intend It challmand ea fall.
If ydu prefer that loathsoe dimem, the PILES, to the
value of (ow dollarr, I re ef the ease with you.
41 Lloyd atonal. Ihilfelo, N. Y.
Soli ',Moira:de end retail by II BULLIIItS
!ktrk . TrWoodh.
Scrofula or MAO Evil, RlMuniMisin, Obstinsto Cuta
neous Eruptions, Pimples or Pi:pilules on the Face,
Mainers, Riles, Chronic Pans Eyed, Ring Worm
or Truer, Scald Read, Enlargement and Pain of
the Bones end Joints, Stubborn MOM, Syphilris
Symptons, Sciatica Di' Lumbago —and diseases
arising from aniiniudicioni use of Mercesi, AoM
tiles or liropsy,i Exposure or Imprudence in Lifo;
Also—Chrome COnsillutiottal Ditardini s &e.
. • .
This medicine hair nequired a very extended and
estaffinthed reputation wherever it bis been used,
based entirely on its own merits, which its roper lot
eflieavy has alone sastained. The unfortunate armlet
of ficredttarildiseasedwith liveliest glands, contracted
sinews, and tones half carious, has been restated to
health nod also,. The scrofulous patient, covered
with Jeers, loathsome to himself and his attendants.
has been made whale. Hundreds ef. persons, who
had groaned hopeloolv for year. under cutaneous
and glandular ',disorders, chronic rticomstivrt, and
many other eomplanits sp ringing from* derangement
of the secretive organr and the circulation, haviabees
mired us it were tram die reek of disease, and now,
wills regenerated constitu la tion, gladlrtestify the
effseany of th ra is ineetiroab preparation:
The attest:an of the reader is called to the following
UPlolll{blafg sure, effected by the am of Sande Barra«
patina. .
"Thls ix inicertifr that I have a colored woman who
has been 'Mord for the Mot five yearsaritio Scrtifula,
and all the remedies I used had no effect in arrestitry
the pmgresi of the :Complaint; on the contrary, she
constantly !grew worse; and after expending, between
ICO and Ilan with ployaicians, besides sin.
aerialist remedies without success, till th e dise ase had
eaten away the cartilage or her nose, made its apl
peamnee on carless panto of her bad noose,
d had thiall V
come:mimed is ravages in th e root of tier month
o "
In this drcadfol sitaithon. with the prospect o
death insulin her m the thee, I elated her cane to Dr
Illsovany, the agent for Eka. , It rsaparilla in New«
barn, N. C., by whom I teas advi.d to oat that article
and to my ststpri&e and thatuf my neighbor., to whom
her ease was known, alter using four 'and a hall tub
tic« sit WC e red to reliant ne althoind shut In the
pace of three wealth. and wan able in work it two
weeks num the time rho commenced taking ls.
"In W. 1.,. Cl the troth of this stAl:lement, I have
osceonno taxed my namr.ti, lath nitro( fleetembar.
"Month of I . , ,i , ent.e . Lt!ler, Craven co. N.C.
The following,. an extract tn. &letter connived
from )Ire Ile en it, wno bud be. &Meted severaryeals
wtui Serofolo. Ulcer., Dgepepain., Ates, land ...wig
an &deedon of the throat and enc.—., •
Va., . 13, 1145.112
'lifter... A. D.& D..b•tent—lieford I commenced
using your banspatilla, my suffering, were almost
past expresluon; my throat was completely ulcerated,
1 bad • dreadful laugh, and there Were frequently
wee. toucthre that t rank! hot epoch a sahlw
per, and beeldes, the inf....noel Cron.y throat ex
tended to my head, an that toy bearing was very much
Impaired. After taking the Sat sapanilit • short time,
my health was irnproved,j.d my throat is how well;
I am . free f-nm cough and tightness of the chest
ever 1 was, and eon heat' ; quite dtetmrtly. Sly lluvat
ha. been welt snout three mouth., the cure of which
hes been effected entirely by the Lea , of year Sar n
p Your friend, LOLIISA.H. BEVAN"
The following testimonial to the valite Of the 'larva
! P.a.. troth the Rev Luther Wright. aged 70 years,
Coogregnuonal hlinister, residing at Woburn
. Wear., Mass., March 30,1841.
"Meseta. Sands: ticidernen—Fthen - wheit I have xi.
perteneed, and from the irJormation 1 have recently
received from a namber of persona of high respect..
buoy who have aced your busaparilia, I have not
the least doubt but that it is n most val.ble medicine,
and that the numerous certificated you have reeeived
of Its effirney are folly sustained by experience, and
althiagh jut rep nation and Lundy aro very extensive,
arid sand in no need of my humble effendi to merease
them, l want ail who are .united by disease to be
come •equitinted with the etheacy and power of Your
•aldahle medicine:"
t•I am, gendentre, gratefully and fiery respectfully
Prepared tmd sold, wkolerale and retail. by A. D. &
D. SANDS, Dragyteta and Chenusts, Fulton etreet,
earner of %Villswe, New York. Sold also by Dreg.
g.s.ta generally throng bout the United - Dunes and Can.
ad.. Price II per buttlel et. thnDca far 23.
For Bale by 1.. WILCOX . ..Ir, FL A. VAIINESTOCK
&CU, mid 1:0WA RD FENl*.fllell, raixbUmh. Al
en. I,y Sr S. AM ITII, 11,1A,rase•
EG IiCTrER fn Once and for sale by t
114.. tr 3 N H JOHNSTON
senna,rit will - fitru—to6 gale by -
lil Water k Frost PL.
I.IIACOg - - . 10 raiMee'd per edeatnor klattifittnaddi
f). ennsionmebb for lodr. by ••• . •
IDES-7 clots clear.idea In morn :for sale by
A LAINI—t 0 btlit for sale by •
ty I _ _ E SELLERS
_ _
PEARL; -12 cobs jo” rerelYnt:ind for wale by
po b r y nsll 73 l: casks PT l t4,¢ . 4s2t ;yip .
DAIRY SALT , -25 bogs fine Soli ' Cot starry or table
ore, Jost reccored for sale by
Tibilik.-1.1 saran brat qualay far nabs by
NEW MACKEREL-100 brls No 3 just arrived for
solo by 11Y IN inIIN.WATT4 CO
F "„Yi O' ER 5---" teH t. rE`AP:I4%7II3I.!g t u g'
DIG METAL-I.a Gim;stittblifai
brit new White Patin .•
2o brls Late Trent; •
brls Late :bad; .
brit Not Herring;' •
JO . brim No 2 Mackerel;
It hlbrli Nog d 0.., just reed and for tale by
178 • . JOHN WATT et CO
F 1.911-50 brig NO 3 blarkesel; •
20 orLs Ilerrinx; . .
15 hf brltthid: for inh by •
3).13 • ElllMlltitt
R _lC i F y — t3 l . o tea roreivedDrtfoorw.taloN
trOiS—{t bales Wesiern No 7, nes sired Or We bl•
LIL .1113 tt ROWN &
in store raid P l, " l°
_ _
ASIOIt OIL-12 en
SE, lor ado by
10111(r-1. ,- •
.15 ror gala "
11 ts; r voN BONNCOTIST & CO.
(j pis„ la ~Clder Vine;ir'lor gale by
drl vain. qualltien for ale b 1
4,ITV_ S VON UUNT0101131'& CO
GLASY-10C0b11111.04 i 1 2 ,1 Nur e b . j
.g . rlV 5 u,
VEATIIERE--3J sacks ila - d --- irtg F n? 4
. J7/4 143..4°41P/904
A Dtt , ,CLURO &CO
11'1141'1r Ickcv
,ry p ~ - y~nfe 6)
_ h TFFr l
I~ l.Roodu
adlu,{knnlnEr __.~
19A1A1[ lI~CKh'Y t Cp