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- cis poitiriur
, •••• ‘• swerommi l it; ,yiyr•sx„:,,t
Smuts-Alter: the xesdfirgeeo ejetiiitit, Mr.
Davie of Km: presented the crefissrialLof,
Thanes Rein, to take the place of Thomas, Car.
win rerigeed. '" ' 7
Alter We picierdiVon iod
pore••• •
..Mr. Doenribeis offeredit IttiOrl /making , du
previous qleitiou,f - whee demtuded by - a ma
jority of the membreeprese o 4*.r lo Oa* 3**lte ,
' cutting of MI ; distister. antendments,lla. '
• I 1 Mr. ArebeaorrmeveslexpaiMisan 4 6 rtSM 10 / 4002-
Indettaltelyi bat as (ha resoluthin was not under
emoudersiou , the make not he autertains
ed, end it, therefore', lies over ander the rules,' s,
A massage re 4 Wen received from lte"Ronee
titllmuctelne thedmithonime of i te lnem,berV4l4..
Daniel P.Ring. al /Vac
Mr. Devlb,of.Mase 9 - delivend an fileetiuM
giving a succinct statenteMol the public screkiet;
of the detintsed,•kinhoMited tbe'cuwomaty wine
lotions; after 'thick !balk-see teller:ad. •
• , •
Merit docile usual op nine bushissa, Mr.
Rockwell t f Mew. rose tersanotnice thedestked
his colleague, Hoe. Dedel Mot plapi
In Danvers, Moat. After delivering en,impresswe
soften upon sues ebsractemor dhoti:dem:wed, be
offered a series of resobermair„ expressive of the
deep sensibilityisritilwhieh the Intelligence bad
been received bribe lieossielseiti waif the Mu:
al bulge o(off:fuming kerb iffy' days.
Mr. Winthrop *poke of-theintemityol• the dos.
ceased u a private citiier of Iris defaming me
_ public servemt, and of hie es ' orslakdreUgionscsar
Mr. Clutbilkciliti crieiseh intk mr!6h4; sbo:
Aeliveredsamlibctioil4 l akkimPtenixo 1 T * O - 1 1
It the course of 'which be referirti to bap, *
beautiful Witerniktri tlarshy*lsi CCM*, we
Cbriuianganhetpee. --
The resoluticca l sed hdroiltochwellartne tea
' agreed to; and seararther moth to the
mersory.of the deceased. Me Ifease*****.m.'
-•. .
.• Al • ••,Weintliese, Icily '
The Ratline fetelllgreeer orals taming: pub.
Babes thecorkeeptradrew between delete becre•
l itary;:ot Bowe sad std British Meister, relative to
the eetablisionent of, If v .ferv. 2ll ite* o. **fi acaua
toil Codtaaaijcli • The saucer oflki,llntish 'Minister Mateitial
- Mr. Chetgehierasnautthoriled by ids 'overawed
to make soy -rreicy'plaring the Repotilie sat Cos'
. Ri ca antlerlbe,tierieetiori Her Majesty;
end ;hat his goveriesent-ltsi no Intention of the
•, kind, -He situ says, that lbessiold bo , cootrary to
the fixed sadvettbd Pakeyetifilreu Brittle - tomb
tangle hasetfiesinytegegetteet to protect deism
scam s , esererhose policy and conduct It would ha
-• Impost-Woke her to ezerelse effeethreceontieL-,:
Escoon.Jaly 17,
The Ilea.Haalel P. Mag. mamba? of Metres
from that &erred• District or Manacbuseus died
yesterday of dyieotprz contracted et yitirshlapstr t
His Inahral I9lk, pleat this afternoon ist
Alitt.WleVll:o,4 Sr . THOM 4gLbEtig HAL
1 T he barque Foldaway Mitred at Ws pots
everting.,ll2 12 doh:aro& IN. Thomas.
°Come laM
Jere A utopia Pero tivy
El-Prcaident of Vesexaell.haecou &alma MU
paMengeh on the Fatnocuni. :.;The distiamdabed
Socilh American le a Shia otiopparemly 60 keen
or age, or portly figure. rather belOat the middle
hert--,e17 dark earn pleition,straight black hair.
an a mostace slirhtly tinged mob grey. Hie sea
Edr &Para, 4 quite • young' -
The hartrtnis lutist erc,a2i tiieNrashiagtott
litPaez Nea caradiledlipcia this , moraldgbyt
errata/ efosur Maseru; including magi for.
etknerairinitipally Palmist' atid.Fectieb. A goodly
nom* nE holm. were Ow mane the 7risfloray.
Oirt.Tses procecEstrom Oita city to New York
and the time ;of his departure denoOds oolEmobiat
opealtbe atrankementa making ingot ell to Elva
them *public reception. it
1A11,1010.410111E . ,
The uplead' l American .attamsbio,
Cqa. Wes, sailed ta alt./ Lleelpool, Nib 1 . 4,4
',amalgam:l,4W takeaabout five thousand &Lux
ut specie. ' .
AIIIIIVAL FROM nio•Lttikuto -
The bitqlio le ap s unveti Wit posi , th+s
nieg, Ire co 11..0 Jaeci e, .with - Aileccien tl*,l4ele.of
, Jane. She beicgs ee ecavocce
lice mg.:km.l3B;sec W4OOO bags Coifed.; •
..• ,
Hon. Istoes-BatAiith'ii6ived'itth.Cll66lford
SpaUgs Asti evenings.
411rt3 AT 'BALTIMORE: ,
Itattutaits,Juiy 27..
about 1 I d'ilack, aiore Zre 197,1
two ddorsgist st',Tripidaid,o 11 . 4YD101121
Ilaloa Hal ,
The fallowing properties ware desinoyed:
The appher itorieg waccnes, ocenpied by H.
Boreeri,orgas - rostiorectorerj
. 11.1& the annoey rot .
the JabiorJrtilkrlste:
C. 8. GritHth'• the lowei story
of *new( the imitates, was satiety:lama/ed. 7be
property Was Owned by Mr. jams, and was W.
sated. ,
Andtsay Eahrud.riatus rectory was Sato noneb,
Injured . : : r
The boo was considerable, but is nosily coved:
ed by itsarstte: • . •
Juntas pilahreeraireitinguinhea . ,alitddethroke
out in Noah Gap street, : ant aide; two Kearns
from the tine tire....ll..conmenced in the Mine
chair today in 4; dc 8. - Mallect, which wan
wholly' di - arrayed: . Also the large four story brick
esicupled, tithe inks :fine,. on" Gay
The trona iac:nory ofBatairXl Chid; the cabliret
ware eMliblishment of Weide! Tew;wera aloe
dretrcried. There Or Cie She target; eatebliShnienti'
°Nile hind thin nay.,
Mr. Mitebeli'a dwelling, an Friderink 'street;
and Breams's`, emeusive Mahoney. were items,
were fhb homed: 'A Meet imonnt 'of costly far.
aitrire was destroyed, and the entire - Vote te Iraq
heavyz-yariaistly (tam $ 35 . 1 ; 10 0./.
The entire MnOlti from Gayto Frederick aired,
is wholly horded oat.
The Old Palladia'a, Jialland.ionootTemperanco
Tetapleirere grata with marl dhichity. • •
:11e-gre, laded lip to O'clock al! mornizg.
' ' , P.I3II,ApELP.IIIA aieutKEt.'
. - ,PstaAatt.rtuAL,July .27...
- Fkrae—Receiphr=eoutlene light;- and. reduced
stodrabieerpivea firmaeat le the market Sates
. •ot adied Naha% at 55,12 i s;isr, ati4 Of 'Leah'
you iirtat . 2s.o2 per b2l...Thritnipeethear teethe
week etude* •tuk :be 2.5ib. ant 1630 bbla. Wheat
O our; 7S do: dour, 2132.btd*—atd MU do.
, .
Corn rata& • : • '•
sleek is' eixdy'erbaltated, Madre: '
ecipte coatthel '*ea 'thornily. bare an
upward tendency.: Sales of teethe/It art &Beane.
In 'stare, e 1631 Rye I. went.
ed aillthsy . er thither. Penes: - Whew Is in mod ,-
+i b . . 010101. new southe rn red at
1,1701,19: 0.61 ate in demand nail mucliXrael-
Pmelloons—There is moderate demand thr laSif
and peak, sod thelnariet is iafaterpf buyers....
Bacon le In fair declined... Bales fn media LOW:.
rata ' , Wadi.. nano cell at (f au 'Lai. at 01 ..-
Lint is la small demand dad without- dump:vie
priers.' We quate4hll. at 7 eth, and -, breast, .7i
per•!"' ' .
chucatetiCatrce Ida 6,ilay; but with's
modeiate &eters , ' froriethe Saks of Abe.
week complus, alsun 1200 bur. Rlo at ei a 101;
400 bets st.immrgo at et 0 RI, 'mad Is to 1300,
. base Liguori on prune tenor. , !tedium of Se•
gar touttaaa 20bt. The demised, however, isAte.
urea *blett'epabtea bolderalp realise a timber
abgkfulioutO.,The week'. rake' emblaze. - acuue
SOO !bd.. Calla, New Orleans and Patio Rico at
61 060.4.1600 'bare. Cabs at 01!0 7.1., and 250
bupi . w,boo 10s rirnt Nel, co the naval credit.
Woe"Tbielreithe cogent* active; and the
reeelgto;usirliar r note¢ {m20,14'01 been. freely
taken al lad mice. thiles reach some 85,000 the
domeitic ewer, withle the Simplot 33 (th 30 eta.
per Wee the billet Wel „
rits;keet . is isaady. =4 PPor v"-
• in lair
fi rv i sipt,
,I„,,,Ki r , grK d s s ore aoactlso-73,11,
st JA2l'for i•Orno,ou elk strs*fit.34774'llsx3l
for Ittiithiess; Bs7s@ 3,67 for.fitOop. pitio,ftOd
Gtslo-.—wheol I sdross o 4,boessaiOl are lisht,
Coro is Deter, ttnni , v ,„ 4 e i elern *mid. att.
0 tufo ;' all; fo r rptroti 700771.'7774:
re7 1 7 7 '17 7— P 417 1 71;oderiti &qua& aid
sales are dolt, , Kt $10.37 t;,,
prima. arteslA7ll.l7l4,l7:7ttltsl76''_';
Ortirefro7're 4 . .a7 7ll7ll,l ttrooktotai#loll aerie
in priors,
NEW, ORLEAN4Attata, 7. .
o 400 bake.vausg„, an 4.600.
Waco, dijiiibeniiiidll* t'; I; cox/wan ts a t
13c. per lb. F l '"q!,l , te
Einar imil; iinVndkv!## ales of A 4 . 4! 01 a
51.pedb,„.. •
JlTOtt'W.EClLD'ltlftl *smog itAxiri-:
zatis4;:rts.`(grf4 , l's
pinda,44ltlr Isemed placc;l naw
and sploktataiallVtlarf liolit,.** are: prepared Mta.
ezll:l4=l:thinlyto potim .t o : rv i lzir e ll7, , ,
• filotrairaana 16.-.148
• 4"grirl ' a =Z . 777 77, 7 7 .
Zulf i ttlea d e , :kr ,
r.sla:rialrr*is 911 i.
'•• • CuW.T. ,, LVC , r . *. Z l , l nriVaLik ...L .{ •
,171:droully , ,•• Seath Wtrlver•yailattjA tt
,r3fielkrtieisloast ' •
• • pilitti Kahle.;
-:- ~ w drum. Mgr,
• •z, ba*/ Ilemar .•
• Bastatc • -.1 •
Jut teeelre?l,,ard,ftu rile lir -
•:, YA1.61,Mt.13311171'
3 . 1.10nh Muer. rallssialphlit...
wort /S' tbolollalsl-StLeat 'and ehifia:10111114
11. 1 4: rAlpiEerfingcla
: t et •
rrn.ssuuu u aualrif or ;prsADI
itrtionimmerr. liret,
. . . ~.,
oallas.Virandiran Gonne-. 2
1."..'i 4 '.. etpad.oyoryoy,yray 93, thin:, S -
Ilta weather on eaundaY ern reef Inns, boilnik . -
innadinithe fteeMenteleinetn , H of talidatner li'l, dot',
Noting of {mania Iteneefliandpirod la daa market.
,gild era tilmert4tio =aerial ebasl2 o In n' Kan Wm.
ljui.ill• ' o - - 1" ' 'l' '. -..: : : ...
Ft,oll.llthimatieieintiliaies borir4d,.ia prier•
llineneedio a farina denim With Nati reacipur.oe.
Judith toll ii.roitoni rmg etub".akue1..7 7 .01,44.
indigo/4ton, at {Warm r bta- For eine entail
loth Ottot i mor ./.**4 bitter EP." bate bftnnbNa•
e.t.Veisoto fegelee retail reaf or =lc erop don, at
bug xing, g , rgyy ge mci am with a brick &Maul. ..
• Ont r - We =leo , . th e , .rdilll of reteend low or
pildri' when, aa gadl.rdnYt:tn. the Olt). rago,
.bia„ , .4 :7 p,,,,Ameed *rant P be. , Thar receipt, of
wheat, yet, are 'Vail !. wawa Cam of other
thnitt tan, '4/0 alfldd flan tit loads, bane
* . i. ~,,d wa, IP bit. paw, I:antigen a daelialaa
• teldi irethaod date* ea 33, and Coen ,:ore a.
. 370 i ii, b ma Wee of Harley „_.,
.. -
;„,g,..arga - anal rates by mull it Cliy 3111le,
1 . .,
...- .e. Inc - . We itly'quote by the bbl, from
mom, al .".*”— ''-'' ' "' '" '''
, Irti 'Fs 4 1,6100 4 at 1 3 . 1 3 it . bbl:
1.10 lENNEl,4,,rati general Onellailtile doing
4 ,
ff o gr , at tha anal rate•-osay, far plain haati,7o
wags rim d einvitieibiusti are la 'good 'defend,
all.; dot Song donna; ton Orbs* avian, eldes;
di; and rlera as 40. b. We ants tales of prime
naiad ymarid nen; from ann. tionejat 0 roi
shoddily be for Altai, and le rot hunt. Lard la 4.11,
Mt IMO Ire, aceonllng to guilty and gattnuty, in
rOill. keit. ' •, , , :-,,. ' - - .
H0MR1F...3-tye nothut 'a cotitinned finnan to
Agar azid taotaile4 - witisatalliideior thh fanner by'
jibe hhd,lat a fee rali,'and OLIO for a rime article;
jand ‘ of the latter at 3303 re Toon, to ear trade, and
1 .17 to ill iouotty. ,hlia; ColreO Is nelling la =detain
tot el idltle Ig Va: 13 heriyeanelleaoge .ti . ,4,,,
!Una. llce,
.1 Aell qoI. o(blotpranYtean d •olo.3lC IP b
,212 - odlei *nee iery late is doled, and no min no
ihroge to Oen.
'PIO sll44,lrVya,n once a - eal . e "or '330 thee 'Atli
grit*, id2od lot, at $23, 6 i.of.
WINIRKEY-41Tith ler applies in the =art et, price.
niailet 4ns it Inane. tall; cash and time. '' ' ,
..crixte,-4iro 'nolo titular limited nick Of W Er
Mitt.; it $14161.10 'mimeo to Prime.. -. •• .
Fll3lk—The market is pneas generally
lie tritkcart 0,44 - .. - Mat 'regular • Bathed' sales; we
un the failowouqaoraileruir,Balsnon, 819 fa bbls
5,14 prf for west Shad; - *lt labbl, 'Pio 1. Kentaro!:
Itti r dp •I% No 2,tif 0,50.1111, end piri3 al ipi.S.Pbbl:
MITI t• 606 ; =ActdA.4l.s4,,f cwt.., , ..
‘lj.. - iie;rtifitsitarrett;. • ..`
Tito Wem
arr or rho Gemmel Baugh of tio Blau
Out, Obto, in - a letter to the editor of the Maim.
ays :—. ere are a namher .of Otie and TO deltas
130141.11; weeklies, pariatatirar to hue buterieseed
ant, dated in Sue; WM. ' Aplomb - are count
yeeit, e the Bank kas::*;?*shnted In tiatooeth... •
The Wet the North earl, thatllloconnuttelt notes
apde-llie Bank of Dentillo Pa., ise its eireetatkro. , —
Tarry we the • Ipultie of a • lusted cage, .aol am
matte erfgramtd-by terixi • Peltiori tr. Co . weals the
jeital arelogratedby TOppeo,ria.penter, Guiles:.
.: - The bacon Titteller, f—Coutlertelf,Three!,al,..
Nongeifont's Baolr, at Adams , N. V., tioiitteptsr,fl
in illy. P. D. Ilorgettoni, glitter; doted Oman
Zith, 445, and'-ttotkitiog.lo have been eninived hy;
Don fo th, R. pette er t Hnliy l N.Y. dad Ptah'. - A prOi
Itnititihn of t h e otigioni ploie thltrogh ilabio to di.
eette bta anvrall:7lkeiddlau catiett in the eeotte, Ii
iss).tit part of the 6131; olahoigh thire*tioi 664.
The dad places are bad. ;•,. ;
• Tita.fiaos Amens us Nur hancora-rTo giro I
some idea of Ile anent to which the mostofteutre of
ohoes I emu° m enntoVwnabh Nab .
'oefy niceetemy to ibuitheropeiititoti of
For* learendins the Imo(' April loot, It was
• iiteOst the whole niettta aiiincieetork i°Fery I
tha.utc: ii, s ht..ticedtdeisplAmilatnt at 113110,001. ite
*Um* pail} for.loliejteight.atat uestiog trsonotir
SlLlA'fii..t" The hue*. alcove' coot f 7 sett sett required,
21010 feet. to snake them, There minor otz large
otioniecioties, beilas steee totethei
capable of Int:ling out ?LIAO per unomi Amain the '
trUta of am hide termite, aid
. 11mfretpute wok
Merce r
too —A Corfeepeerieet Utile 4onrual el Com._
uncUrn , ito itoicitYtiolitte Cer
trip:Oat had in tbo prioenpat Atlantis cities' Tor the
lam Aral ears:' Phu MU, 1816 to Wu, 1317, tie re'
e,lpte:or,ro of Ametiesorn44l3,for the eorterpooliii
Pctiori of 1817-11, the receipt. area C 0,312 America
writhe nett Feas t °03,511 Americon,indl4,llsa fineYgst
I§U the Met year, 451,i00 'American, out - 440,famine ,
- . .
.104 137,01)11: (wets The reeeirs Osumi
',holly of VoreirAirid.''' ' ' • '
,Cuzal.iitiiliTwildEtix.4.Thetntitaitteesi nevi:
• TO4I, ikppi,j.llC4 r[Oiile.ll ma recent Lorra!e-ralgisi'
ity . ncar 'has city. give the ovrtus :•ble of actahltats
by Arg;aculciplesitini oaf Late Erie: ' '•
462). Noy. lirse.Teseeek, Lake 5
1 , 33. Coco- hw. Lake Erie .
/315. Aeireet.-Krie, L4te E ri e
1514. :Nue. Gen: VatierMetioifrive,
Wt. May. Loalehmai 4
BSC. biareh. TOT, L { ing' F.rte.. ...... ; 14
O. grni. Adbea} {Sipe; Lake Poie•—•—••• 110
, .
IP3o.lo7.P.7l,Tagbr.Erie' • •'
lON..lage,. Womblotion, Etlc • I( 0
•irmi Scot ler. Great Wutern, Detroit rtact. , '•••." • "
181 g. Aut. Erie, ai...Eric . tso
184 i Nog. Ilaron , '
lgi7..Nera. Prrniz. lellebfgaa•—;—.— , —•—• WO
1140. Jane gg. eperd;Utthera river
149 'Seat, W. Goliath, Lake Rum
10119.4a1y 21, Chicago, HaZalo C
1...,50.jaig, 17, G.P. Wigan', .
Zevetneitts et Ooltrandllarsr.
'Tail Leaden Globe, of,the Mien , elves the - fellow
64 literati iog fats, relative to Um movements et pre.
. . .
.Abeardinir to mums width have been PrePerids
ethitilding theterammt of!pecie inititialtion which hoe
been iteportiokfrom foremen countriu.dartry the sin
mouths eridiss the :Rich ofJunr, by the rations lines of
royal sited summers adrift' at Saathataylotn It an
peat' that tbst Nest India norateships. derinhjhe Gra
half of the protein year, hope lambed at elotratamplon,
gold had sheer in bar.dest and coin s . to the , valne of
sta,ra O( this =Cant the' prtneipat ord.n
wait in anverAba nantity of cola being &mat *1317,.
.730. On greaten part of wbfea of neatly ISOU,IXO wan
Maintained anon - Oa Whom of Penmen, while it
aras_yeesieed dancer or indirectly, from California._
half; a ertills:n eterhyry . thetefotc,- 'atnant the
anthanfof California gold, vaielensy Le estimated to.
bare reached MI. eadotre Paring thereat Mx months,
the remainder Oahe article:Ls mull teaeland at Soon,
=Pion by the West India null Steameo hem, the pro:
deco of Coin:Pert, Boliria,Central eriera-hfrifee,
he Aboitt sl,tittOOMln silrerhave been levered been
the model' /deface, 'lila Panto., titbit the Prat re
'nineties from that part of .the yrolld, (be prcalace of
the Sinei h artily Lantern/Illy eallectedon_th; c iao,
17.11`. , 11711,744: 1 41%.1",gereg1,71.1::::.Y5:
etialsers la in operathm.tbe.whele of the.
of will,
%w Itanonlited englamil, by . witty of Fen..
The *meta brought donor the past 14 months,
as rtseltienceit t ee Oneonta of .the itlax.ete dividends,
As compared 'arifh" the . cerrerpondlig holt Terre 'or
1919, the, importations Of brellon from the western
hendapherea show anther...Of 111.2=0, thtGprov
leg that the flow of specie la unchecked and Incites.
lag.". There ht falling of When elimpited with
the half yew of 1810, when the whom was Sae
G. 0,110. b o'tbere 1. every probability, that daring the.
nests!, months, this amount will be cenviderably ex •
ceded: From other parts of the world, the ,e,ipt.
the precious metals Mow a couriderable forcing off,
when codwared arith.the cormapording period. of for
mer roars The Perrintalar and 'Oriental Company'.
Meentera, from Alex amble, have brought easy 1.54.7T1
aterlal,„ nate. 14116,681, thus giving a decrease of
1141,2. u
yilepnnwpal . cum of thie appears
robe the comitle• of th e large remittance. mode to
England by the East and a Cotopkny, from the Indian
eueasuriee, and which are not likely to be teamed
The Comma Wimple rimmed have brought geld and
elicit salmi to SZO,A.Tl.eteriing. *datum 18180 CD re.
Need horn leap tolone Ineleslee, to 11340; and the
Peninsular Weiuners,fienu the dpanuthrind Portuguese
porh, bake brace ht rpeciel value .tl3o,tk fh,Tne mere
rue ,m 10000( preeiont metal. Lepoeled into sourh•
outran, from all neuters for the 6 month. coding :10th
Jerre, including Saha from the Vaned dtate.,ls 014,
SOSMD, or. .Clll3),lkkhasaingt 51X2,7314 in the entre..
pending period of 1919, showing a (all cO to the total
receipts of 1.1=.1101, calked by the lisiened supplies
rots Aletendrii;ciestanitiple, end the - ileAttereso
lean Tao 'specie Imported lib le /Inhenlinon frinle
ill litallers. d urine the tie month. ending the 3151 De
cember lest, anieunied '011,3)5,914 an cermet whre
towpath wok the hall:yearlast ceded, efrogou
:EXCH.A,.N'GE: '8 K
x'sThird snd Xarkst
riTTAISVPOII Novaniera wrozus,
Cameral Penn sad NI. Clatretreen. .. •..
ALEXANDER s ` UN& leuralatting Under
..takere, wive amen , ankle tor Paved lead
.Idaerning parpova can be got oa reatoaable term,
747 Wis 11:1 AGNkklateOlthe firm of
TA &Co l.owld reipoelddly infordi th e old ea.
c and the lor pahlle generally, that be will 8'81..0.
woe to catty on the Unten,li lass haziness, la *ll ne,
`trarteheil i ztullaprepared to fill ail order* fox Apqthr -
tette at harallate r Ditnerals, Portm, Viol, Ac-.le
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Ims—There 'Wen. 2 red R 1.226221i4 - 22222.11, by
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Enalo g o a Zhollall, Elizabeth,
Etienne, Pattiani,BrowneviGle,
Jacob., Broonniaille.
Omani. fieWsletedn: Etelreeroort:
.I:ereatiegbeny. Ctrafee, Gleason. -
Lake Eno: Clark. Kaye,
Shipper, Conseil. tVikedll4. •
lonian, anon.
' Octets, Wilkins, Erealavnle,
Copt Play, lopaisaille.
Laarelt, Faroe, Clactonall.
illidtoo, Davis, Loofa-dine. •
Miebigao,'ltnee, Beaver.
Emden, I lend nekson, McKeesport.
Fannon, eeblea, Elizaeth.
gene, Jeeet,s, Bradmadttle.,
Adaatie, Pollan:Boa, litoaroseillo.
YOugidosheop, Chaffee, 0 aazioar.
Lake Erre. Clatk. Deaver:
• Aldo, Boyd, Cthelannati.
BEAVER—Yourhiaghany, 3 P.D.
• VillEEMNO—Shlpper; 10 . .01
WHEELING-44011.0 10 A.
.1112POILT9 ar r itzvzn.,
Bingham lb co; IS de do,D.Urels so: lb de de,.21,
efts btton, Clark 2. TimPri 9 99 49. e r - 11 911.11109; I
WINEF2.I.4O—PIea Sintrra- , 50 bills paver, killer
hbls Bear, W lYycret 23 cub', 4 Oh *
.are dart & Masi II As woo4l2in4hzup96bastdb, ,
Leech a'co, 13 !Its wheat, Wllruh,Fth k ea; AO ilsyrOst o
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Piz Cilgiu bbla thur;iblebol yl ino lteki wOot
Robinson a. Reppoin 13 Wit paper. W P.blaroball;
bogs wllost,3,4l.lsosnit,&. liobletlbbleg" It Doksoll
Fes Rassiris—a Obis vinegar, Lambert & 81
el'hgs slims ware, W Rayon; SO taus..., arts OW
sks wool, W Dingnain es; tot essanglo.W D ROWS
CINCINNATI—No L0W111.2+151 bbl. wki 4r
Pine u; Is 66m., llngtata; 00 6616 lard Oil, ~•
Itor.A.,6ndrin 64 bbli PAJ6llutb3;ll - 611.
Wal Baiter, 8 6646 t0b,121.6,k & Mum; 14 dirt '
ham & , Ltech co; 21 p 6 pumps, I) Ttilf . 646166
bg. wheat: Wilmanh & tlebtri II at 6.6660kf
(old it, et 4 60 bbln ratel Orlcq t 666. klull6ter,
, --%;*
amidMigeldi iao, 'Ages:- fay rhaYing. United
I+ltatesreo caw et Pitmeargb, mil attend titer
P iroldia mittetWidown, Canso an Pea.
oPtrialeanneetioneritti Me 'Mimi Piles. Go,
raiment has made me familiar wire the rules mad
forma, as era ea the deeislous, of the Pensioa Depart.
'meta al Washington
- Matta widow* sad hem of Rev* adtonary Soldiers
Inlet alums
may. yet be obtained by proem' •P•
ptleadea... J. D.
• f Mee of tVett. Olt RebLusen. Each opposite the
Altrar'e I gibex,'Firarth &net. Pittsburgh.
PO. 1)350 ..I.4l94ltatlait) -• • -
Agwi;g:for the Penner. Li fa Insurance Co. of Phifa.
(r n iilS of ,tin Weslaco Insurance Coroosny , Pio.
PS Water street, Pittsburgh.
all ascessitry
Ming fcirrawi l lbo tarnished.
ileittands gam Intent thew three thr the bendier
their wive. and children; crednon the heave( their
• -The whale ntedte or too:Cos:piny the divided
anions the holden of Life Policies. •
he dividends of the past two years have been elite.
Vet etre eaah sear. • • • • • jorS6
'New IstprOoed Pladnee.
IL IiNEBBB las!Jast moaned &meg
nilleesit? octavo Poino.whiebeontanit
temeral neWand tifebly t anent le.
• prottrits. The 02.Criat 01 Or the
meet!elegant• and j . ..lesoiripton, and I. madelb
the Roeneo style. , matador contain. two emu.
'ate bridges, calming the Ban cringe to Inn over and
above tie Treble sUirgo—prodemog at ones a ton,
eieh;lttli, tad clear. ,The thing*, pion:lover, an to
Reneged aoto.les to s natianint wind when hoe
breaks, the. reveille. no itwouvenlenee. 'lto that
which attends the old method orstrisurtne.
'.N.13.-111. betas • the OM PIIILO, of ills kind ever
boa to Pittsburgh, thoPronnote and Amateareof
the eltT resnectf•llt invited to ail and examen
It 'tire Ellen arthoWdeis Horn. let Third at. tvld
H ••. noTimm, • • •
frllEovron'ti and consfincos of goods arririni by
the Pattoble goat Line?, win pr
late amigo allot they, veal tcyspired ro piiltelght
at oar warelonne, aneoging to the nee lrelore
.tha moods ago removed: tp.Abiu4 - r.. &co
TCits Partrendap . eretorate.taledag between tha
so bseribera i ander tae Ana HarbridadMileda
d., to.. tits day dissolved by mutual eminent.
The besides, 01 the inn will be seulad by J,
bridle, or Wm, Wilma, Itieithey of whom la sada*
the dame 'or tbe bud lb Iletildadoa.
WK. WILbON:jr.
Pittsburgh, July 1,1830.-114 • ' •
no Night TritirAi..
DVSteam Itnat or
Broniville, Stage by dayliglat
to Cumberland, and day Bain Stages from Pam•
berland to tkdford,Pare to. Ma 0.... Stage imams
oar loMee, Monday., Wedneadays. and Frulays, at ft
o'C lec k. M 4 ma 'Mona Pleasant and Somerset, in
Bedford, arthin g in Sedbard oast day—Para 50.... .
7. MlSaI
dab for Natlanal litotditGood !Meat Stage Co.
es Valanc Dry 4100da tit 1.141'Prlo:
WUL L. RUSSELL, Sign of the As Rai lin* on
Minim anal. tel Third and Fourth: will
edrailliba acting shostilassaiged Dry .ouch, an Wed.
gawky, Jsily and swill continuo fnioidly to di, thin
the damaged goods are sold. These gouda are
iiCly damaged by watch and,wlll he °Emil numb
retainers at less than half the Original eon.
numerous ounnmers and no pablle in general
will aline tall soon and nobra bargains goals
win, damaged by water ands tad many of them will
be fonud algapst prefect. Milts of them We will sell
almost toy Once. Fiesta aemomber the 'more,
beiween T, ird and Fourth sign
- "le, where no cash mummer will be
n being perfectly tatiafied.
Alias opened for snail node en thin
- WIC L. RUSSEtda.
tilledey formed,s co-partner.
ea fine of & e %Villas, for the per.
Sag the Wholerele Ulmer) , end corn :
, et NO te Wood strael,...,
burib.l. 1810-114 FRANIM W1L..40N
:17 RV= 1 „WHIZ. t.t
~. • „
I h 'No 62 . .karir/ atrarc Pittsburgh. 7'
A.TdAt.443N taCU, aro Dow meowed to offer to
the publio tholt gouda damned bitted lat. 614. i
among wide!, say be loan& ,
Colleen stiohtly damned ot Ito; (antilop, ditii to
11 Idwdodo,V 4o 4_ 4 tY 1 44, 4i,to Id cOO% Moos do.
Wee* do, 3 to Ito:tftookutoreo d 5 CO tone; Sada
striped do lei; 4-4 Freoeh pnata dolt, sapor,Cortoto
eldot a, ball pricey 171n1;I0m do; Steamboat Collator.
Ostten -10-4 do to extra; Nottrolog do /Aloes Ito 15a.
Together whit oar 1111111l1IT Fargo stook of Now and
"afoot Goods Lug Om =dad nod from former pitexi
. . • .
Dart:4ldg !,..0551: FLUSIdi BII SIS.S 6 da
. 1 day Ottoxlated loos odder the Atm of Boo
riadflit Ir c ialt4t.o tra . tddte4 Wbaral . e V . :OCCry
by libilbnaga;4l=ll.6lWatai atoty
r ac
ibulbasgb, 3.17 1,'1.941)..,174.
ISPLMADID .111TOOR or It A1100&211T.'
la A W 613 tit. GRAHAM. N.. lattint7B Corms tuna,
Il Nom•Yort, oder !by sale UterollOwingsmen,'"is,
=AO It Clout 'Veneer% from If a to die per ft;
4,SUO ft Boards and Plank, moll anitiosanr
isoco Shaded Vahan= from las to Can par ft;
, 3,730 ft Saperibr Wonted alanalarty; .„ • .
ZOMM ft Itomotraid Vermont,' from to !lei Dar itt • •
may of pa thickness. Ttto adnuaagel
- Ire paktum in importing and aaminceaablo sato at it
kiw u the worm. Older . , ptompty'fillnd and
dr/refill . papier! , • . latirdlin•
poi IN7Apples t ilist reselve4 aft4W
' . • - Joigi vf4ttr sco
... Fon PrA 'll. , icitini.;=Aiti. LlitinolileArßli
Animated last .week, andtaketcberote Alderman
Viitrnamh,Mtvied arth Matting Matta with alittlii
Si!' of ptomain rtamplegr;niuiteAlitin McKenna.
I I ft ' ll , andabe child wen entinited to her ram
.tbe ea'! , iialiiiiiii 4 r 4 1 *1 0 4 0 0tity.roo.o
rttliddi Is order that n mightbe Moonlit on tole
Wants who reside la Tittalmig , And who As
ainl6ti4d fume time -bi Ern. ' Shit eras tundshed
Fah money intleieet to. pinta 4is aamagarnad
'Manure tbo requisite': stoma: When 'oho came
to Pithduirgh she nbildt wasstit wild liar, and On:,
s.iiiii r naked whit bad beenineaflii she sal4 Ilia!'
*Awl Lk, ti ntrtilia 51.0 . pliting . ofi Man
named kohttbdclOnairaMOSiiiond
mreeL 1 ' u , .1 . 0 , ii;.V!," :, ,_.,...,..v,'%i' ; 41,i --.
Onaigtifta It inis teugd tiggilk* sp.Adali.
!# . dli i l rot!tl*.didillit*t - 1 0P rinnt Ed "' I
twlMM . lniciereei 14411YagdWaditi. And gar I
cm?4s iuidibi v. " . : t iiret: 00 had treated
it . my; entell -: ' ' de .` . 10 . ... , '1hg - It ahonkt .
never she ita*:44414.14:44 , ..4b:ia laW ihe.
and 'vititto:4l: Oiiiii4 Ainitl ythopelawar., but
- did pad imetifeitglatroageaseMas made
patitrutlaingg:pOlgiAtamaintial ' . evieenee, but
ii w /1060flitesiOsitfibit parent, or the
elti Ilittiktitranilkigiient on, In custody of a
polleettilfmgailOnhere th e person resided
Prat! ' ' , *64ls, it wt, w loft, which wan
„_ "-regret, to team that Matthew D.
cenifom , it ' odest and Man respectalle
4litiiiif inven'o'clock list nigh!, 01 the
, ggaign , ' M.. Hamill be buried at 3 o'clock,
r.. 1 ,... Mint Ms roldenne on Waite creae
She wire of &14. i. Watts; a very
MST? ; .. r 1,-
) 1 olec inn Uinta In Second street, cloaca
' tataband on.Satuting, with • pang man.
'...', I JartMa *barna, Shebook away with
..t l ; i tli zt. ul moron bandied dollam belonging to bar
' . 'Plie Amalie,
~ a teretimmedistely pm,
taii,,:mderallerken when KOblsson Wax lactated
Itakmdiumittcd tp jail, charged. tank being aux.
.piti4l4 to the theft of tie 010110 y.
itos m o s r rim Evosz—We mentioned InV4
:.3,olaylaughats totie ad beenblown dime
l ,p isp.;alcM
ott Friday afternoon; in Hayardstowni
ftild !bin • going lad who was in'it, was severely
-liettttt4. The builditig was ilargeonlin'shed three
.Iwoqi, Warrlteitter' belonging to Mr. Bradley, and
Isittritit, lin, it bpned the young lad rahwed la,
P‘itra:Crualle, am 3 his father to the retina. The
tfOrtit — sualanied Wit. MU. Injury, his mondani/ay.
I gr.; had it left and 'MVO broken and woo horribly
Liiiieil. His leg 'was sinpuiated on Saturday
by HohtnrWaltera, tad there is song hopes of hla 1
2troVry though le hr at present Ll:re...very. den.
/ger* condition:' : '
.li . f.aotriog MUn and S4ring Factor" in Loctud at.,
J IfiTaidstown• belonginpero'helievi, to Mr. Colo
r •
law, was likewise blown dow:n, though, faro:mate.
1 IY, Inane was' ishwed by its till. , We hear Hof
Inudiotoun tnding necidentt; ehltrinels prostrated
Ike. Which happened &meg the mint.
' ,'Coritratrier.—Mr. James Robentou laid an lot
gelmition birgare Alderman McMaster*, on Santry
. Alill;Obszling three of his finmet pirttne.w with a
: tintitlitney, entered Imo fat the purpose of Eridoe•
inchilia to istirem . liken hundred dollars kr the
ardy/lit:Brick Company. He alleges bar their..
hiblied a Lthiggidancr, shoot to him, and decluNd
that there we no ineumbritiees on the property;
whet they had given a mortgage of Ave thontand
I4lPnata on it. The parties
.seemed pee ball for
Matt apiaNullice to the teal term of the Court.
. ___ ....
1: ,Naive Aantanuri CaNyzertos...The — Nativ
'Asaeriean ''Culrilfralol2 which LOCI in the COllll
i **ln. on -Sanirday,' was attended: by between
laatesett roily - delegatcs, and about a dozen cut
SalerS beset Cubes was C2rafinnatt of the Con •
itetalos, and J . B. WWI and J. W. Downs acted
las Beeettaries. . John Beightley was noat:Uted for
Davgiese, for the short gum; end lataelpeUen kw
the kbe term. John Davidson wu nontiaated se
nacandidate toe State Se em.
1 . .
Vac a ANTX.—We have seen aunty of there near
ly:untie of tate, wandering stun the uneu very
teisconaolately. Their ''lloll.o of Rrfaso" the Jail,
ID closed against them, and they snow not where to
•Igadn shelter, " ' _ •
;:_Pactt•zal.,slmisa,,—biacy it boats corms down
the Allegheay front s comikkrable distance, up the
• fiver, laden with paving 'wine% Almatt all m the
immediate vicinity of town lave - been pieted up,
and persons contracting for grading:strews, bare
experienced great difficulty in obtaining them at
high prices.
A Rici.-4.10e a:di...lnmate/lb police—a Wan
named Low, bed a &Inoue race on Friday hud, Po
AllealantrAfter a young man whom he attempted to
arrest on a wament for disonierly conduct. The per.
sued headed .towards the canal, With the ollicer
close behind bite . . As on as he reached it, he
phinged hr, and reached 'the opposite bank to e
fety. The
,policeman dreading the told water
gamely walked away, leaving his victim to dry
MS -ghetto on the oppcelte bank, if he liked. -
iictrevo—Mostex.—The Heron 'Family, who
auracwill such crowded homes at the Mweturt
list week,takaa benefit this evening. We have
no doubt, that they will attract a very larte au,
twin which fell dating the worm
Friday', tut:minced to one Web and two teitlra i
The Court of Common Pleas mm on tiaturday
mundog,- Judge McClure on the Benda • After
attending to some motions, and business of dt, gem•
rat importance, the Conn adjourned. •
A Slava Losr —We copy the following Ramrod
of the escape of a colored woman from her master,
from the Despatch, apaper which Isgenerally well
posted op on all mourn appertaining to slavery,
•Quite a cominalon was caused on Thursday,
it the Monongahela Hoagie, by the spiriting awn
throukli mass mysterious agency, of a girl Orionfi.
bed as &mulatto, with part Indian blood, she., aga
fourteen or fifteen, in whom Mr. John Drennan, of
Van Boren, Arkansas, brother of our excellent old
friend, Alderman Drenerie, claimed properly as e
slave. Tho girl had taken withher a trunk belong.
ing to Mr.D. and he °tiered a reward of sion for
the girl, and $l.l for the trunk. The trunk, It ap
pears, had been taken in mistake foi one which the
girl cl lined as, hers, and *faces Hague succeeded
recovering that ankle, hot, owing to a pehiliar
vassal organization, hews* unable to !meaty thing
tithe piece .of human property. The trunk was
delivered at the filimmagehela House, after Mr.
Drennan had left the city, bat will be forwarded to
. A 'nailer in the how, who was saspecied of
having decoyed the girl, Monet shine believed to
be i n nocent of niVing gumption" enough to maw
ego on delicate a buslans, ants discharged by Mr.
Cronin'. Tile girl dtrappeored while the family
were at dinner. She is tare..
' Ammar> —A ciusonof Greensburgb, whose
name we did not aae..erralb, wartarmited on Sat
urday by police once, Datum, °barged wish PM'
caring an abortion, and attempting to extort mon
ey Cioar various citizens of that puss, by threaten
ing tobring crimfrial.prcisecutlitas against them—
He was taken back to Greensburgh.
Mn. Huila v. who lives upiholtionongas
bolsi river,'neit'tbi§ecUnd Dam, wait held to bail
by Alderman Steel on Saturday, charged with
.teeping • duorderly bourn.
rAIIIISTID.—BeejamIn Jenkins, the young . tnin
who killed his mother on Fridny silo:moon, was
spelled ouldaturdai by the citizens a Birmiog•
ham. He was mooed wandering lz the woods, ■
few codes out of town, and Punt ono brought
ao patsbargb and committed to jao.
. Llownono.—A hay shack helonifing to Idr.*Jas.
.Baku, of Rou township, was shuck britahnsing
as Friday lwa and woo poniumed. The barn,
.which was ohne bpwas lived with much ditlieut•
D. 111:71IT.
' and' Decline, -between
. .
114tico . . oats .4tlrin
111:' P. WILLIAALS •byeliclusto• I nit4Vms
.l.l: Achnol, on the fin& Monday gg Sep ! . next.
Room over J.. D.' Willlasml. at jre, comet of Wood
sod Fdth:mioeu. .
- MMOotrok. •• •
it4f. m:D. Ilaintdi IViraPer 11. Lwrie, •
.14,131,4311 om.• ' J. D.lierbri4 Esq.,
tits o. J. 1). Williams, .U+4.^
eaUjiD)ll£3.4lo his titre Cream Cheese; - •
hf brit No 3/21as-hetet; - •
• .. 10 brie do do;
, kegs do do;
10.bts Saletmes• •
: 23 boo Aimed Candler,
20 bb No t Etter :
..03 dos plasm ZoeWashbeerds;
ht OACJIM superior Greta Testo
• " Iltreiddy has do do:
•'losS hr' rl ' ea T6"3 ..T l r it e t . tesld aratalE
ababy . 1D wm
its a • o
Cot wood iVI
r00tr6340 — . - F - ". o id cults *COMM./8, anu east al
J We:re -will please canna (inward, prove
gropeMA take them away, or they will be. Ned
I tCtr/ 1/9/W. n pal . ehugte, C H GRANT'
?f 0 • •••: • Ir. ....• •.• W. 4001 et
'" '• •-•• • - ,
y-oNG banns eitreityrcessre-leasles entaeisseic
1 ind the cleanest - of asap lezinn;and htlenacaa
41' the eye, depute..
.Theigt, 'euct,thiny ]pur r *nit hare leas e inehthan obey alight to poets at
Mi. Why 14 1 ,1t 1 Depresilm
;:eirir d sn a L u g l eelle=glaUtr. s inon
wbfre on way ba cemeved, tad Ibe shartaTed co.
et litleo its:Wired. by, gal! Min !peke** medicine,
wheae altertn. and ative even! are ' pendia:ly
palled to elsnder and Mira* mull non.
mama, May 7 1850. ,
i Dr. B. D. Dowd—Detr Sir—par nearly two years
ray wire.ime been. gradatellrdeilking...WlMOlO
almearo—lhe eimptoals, however, were general de ,
Wan wealmess, occasional severe pains, and jr
regalmilleri .01 the mama.' Oat luntig physician
Antal/ WM me RIM there ires not hope aa Ma rm.
mumbles Warm weather wmeld be laallrOfsble. I
new Permaded her to try Dr S D.'llowess Shaker
Smosparilim (macs aplast!ber Will) and achattge
was soon perceptible. and by the Ceitataat ape alit
three monde, uvula am bottle., het health was re.
stared, her strength and Seth regained, and she now
eaMys weird and robed health. No pecuniary mar
sioaratmo C. ever repay the obligation I am ander to
yew for restoring my wile to health,tand I cant cheer
trlip recommend your truly saleable tdedielne,
Sixth at, between Plum and Western Row
Er annandowninfor Dr.S.D. llggE'S SHARPS
SARSAPARIL. and take ho'o . This is the
only Sarsaparilla that acts on the Ltver,Aldneys,md
Stood, at the acme tome, and keneOlts aiegalar rß
Cam =Wince.,
oy .—&
N. Black, IL W. Moms, J. M. Toinsend; J. Mohler,
W. Jacksan, Pluabor&; D. A. Whitt, Allegheny ally;'
W. R. bleelland, rdnnehrsten.P. Crocker, Brown.
.Tillermad by.DB. S. D..IIOIFF & Proprilon, :_-
NITI.U.wIyT I Colton Hall.,tigelmuul. O.
wriutprs•mtiL, •'
- T.Tet.'rstilzdTfo'rlubalierpc 7:ll!ibtin;llsl:cruonl'ai
rpeetfully n shine of the'pabbe patromme
Ile Ueda by giving his full .attentPm to Me Mawr..
to make the boom a nleariant and Comfortable Mien
for the citizens of , Pittrbistgh - and for the coantry
generally. -
Good attendantswill be he walling, and every eV
.mien made , to render Me eatahlishment worthy the
onte imiee PrOn a an irtelligeni community.
The TWO SPACIOUS HAMA: fitted for refine.
h e nails, end. publit meeting.. will
be lot by the evenlcg or week.none liberal tenets as
any other In Meetly. -
The Ilf.R and RESTAURANT, equal in style end
beauty to any to the world, Will. kept relthed
with Fete Winos, Choice 14.1quotvCordiels„ Potters,
- Ali.; and blithe cool, light.retreebleents of the seven..
Pealtry; Uwe, Fith, -dour; Gyetere. IGO Clams,
...eyed up In the be et ste.
• The INNING eadlGE C GEAft SALOON, between
the fret loon. and. eery of access , will be constantly.
mippliedwith all Me Luxuries and Delleack. of the
season; and also,With arch aubwantials to we mullets
Boarding by the day s week. °rye.r. Duren or
Serpent for individuals or yanks,fanwhed on short
• Lientleinen 'with their families. vii , itlng the
sull ycit earl,
Se sapped with refreshments of all kinds y hour.
Vaal Stabling and an eatertin Livery Establiah
meat eonneeied with the ,
•Dinner at I o'eleek. Ilreaknet and Tea at tha whit'
lintrauei for Ladie• to the lee Cream and Dining
Saloeg h l f tir, 07 Siaiflibbalklr v ,
j„ e6m,,,, .
D .--
r. Gogsottla ICltraell or Dock
anti Airsaparillab.
PUT op In the fawn steed bottle., acetates more
A -oft!. pan Hounts Gatleri,entlit Mau any othm
tgr.vr.,=Ylll l :wb
Oleo?, and the &dem of Pie, that making the Tame.
dy more thoroughly ethereal than any other Pampa.
villa before the public, At the some tame ills perfect.
ly free from all ellueral poisous,oshich cannot be said
of Kay other of the Ssempa,Ula col/Welted. Tha i..
valid should beware of minions! •Idercary, lext,l4rd
Moe,' Numb, lodine, Sulphur, Aneic, and *many
other soineral and metallic poison, enter Into and
fern the .sire basis of most of the Samna el de and
Palettes of the day. Gown'. 'Compound Errant
of Yellow Dods andAtoseasilla don not egmaln a
particle of Giese substance., as any oar can easily
mews. 1.1 applying the memoirs' Wee.
The octanes may ore...illy remove Mune, bat
they go vitiate the blood, artil so Completely mime.
mac It.. whole spite. with their baneful effects:hat
the drat cold, or the lint attack of &reale, promotes
the patient's strength, sad sateen* Item er her to the
punt exeratfaling torture, end renders another cam
almost rade MA hopeless. i Let .all poisonoin
Manapan a prevalent. alone, and use Guysett's
to weed • mei ,o(Yellow Dealt soul Borrapartho,
urpleb is thoroughly ogloorioori perfectly bweples.,
earl :rarely: ceretoble:- All blade of amass yields tO
in gonad mettence. ' • .
CURFS. • . -
&roads, Cane...mut Tamen, Cannons En:noon's,
Furysipelu,lililes, Pa stoles, or Maples onthe Feet.
Chrollie &an Eyes, Tenor, Scald Head, Rheum*.
lino, Enlargement or Psins.)n tee itenen or Joint.,
old and stubborn Inters, Favor Sores, idly Dlaanne,
Bwdtmg 6f the ftlaa rm,
Wrenn', Salt Iltheao, Ageotioneof the Kidneys and
dueler wialet mei ma ieladiCloes ere of Mere,.
ry,lllinisterll son Tama, Weakness of the Cheat,
Pulmonary Affections. and a/Idler disenea teed
lag to wards Cearaluetsen. Liver .Caroplauil, Pamela
lirrepdarttrea and Complautts, Siek and lacrimal.
Headache. (littoral Gehl, Low Spirits, loss of
gra:l l ,l?4, l t h ru t to '4 nre or " l ' Mp . ruleinee l' in a Lift! ' , ,d jhr . o ' n d .
le Geurtionieus I Disorder+, and is • Boring and Felt
!hinder of the /need. and General Tacit too We
System, it lannaralled.
AdweafiNrriatt.i limo, of nviyn year, sta . ;dm'.
The nanto . . innr hoe extract of .lesser dated Marsh
27,1 "SA (rem P. It Perkins, M. D4a hied) respect..
bla phyalelan ordarterna - Ohko
Joan Peac-IRoad Sin / bare ander, nay cue's.
young unman who,for Sixteen yeses, has - been snit'
feririg from Ulewrated Limb. aria whose ease has
been ponoonnetd hopeless by three of no beet phi.
into my family, and bane and
Guyson's Yellow Desk and Earsaperilla freely, and
am conAdent thou the Yellow Dock and Sarniparilla
hnit egeet • peritanst cure. Elba Is better lo general
ealth than she: has veer Leen before, and walks a
salte or tiro withoal (tutor or pan. A rear ago the
amatt , eralcata • I will ?apart the cum in dee time.
Yelp reePertMGY, IL a rEngars.
It has bean remarked, by <advent men, th allu Ma
varied catalogue of &scares to roach owns is little,
there le scarcely one of such teapot tante, end of soon
bnerew ea scrotal., whether we look to the obstanty
'of Ito onion, tin meal out pros rev, the number and
variety of orgaitathat it attecka, or its remarkable in.
curability and extensive fatality.
Scrotal. has ttafiltd the Mitt of the most eminent
ph) violins in this cottony and tea Europe Um there It
..LIVOIe for this Ms.. in DI DnYotes Extant of
Yellow Doe k end Samanmills: Which is proving it
self a polect specille In the most severe cues of
An extraordinary ease of Smarm!, mired by the
sole use of Deets. , Guyott's Compound Syrup. It
will be seen by this cerbfleate that this man has Leese
eOder the treatment of morsel ee'ebrated phy sielons,
for the put eight yeas, without deriving any benefit,
and boatmen effectually cared by the use of a few
bottle of Dr. Dayton's Compound Syrup.
New liost,Juno 7,191 -
Da. GuTtLert:—Dear Etlr --thrtatto you • Ileblw bleb
mi l
money cannot pay. I liduced to make a public me
kramieArinent of the at I have derived from your
invaluable .tilrop. I w sorely atil:eied with a terri
ble Scrandona disease, credilary •in our family,
which commenced on my neck. .d, committing to
unread. soon teethed my cam, running into my heed,
and emending all over m y face, reek, and lower eV
traNilliel. I becalm a disgusting °Neel to look un.
At times my distress was 40 petit that twos unable po to
deeper lie down; oast the disease GI Wilding IWO tny
etn verloesly affected my hosting. My foes was one
centinuous sate, from Which a ditchure of matter
and water kepleontinually oozing not. People avoid.
cal nie, supposing !had the small pun, or tome other
inked° us dims., end I fres conocqeently obliged in
relinquish my businew. Notwithrtandleg I had the
best medical advice. and teed different plane of treat;
menu, the disease ealdlnited to mole Were '•
until I gam
op le &man., Fortunately I fell 1,, with pawner
on the steruntioet, white travelling for ion health, Who
informed me Mel Ids sou was at one time leas bad a
condition as I was, and that by sting your Syrup ho
was speedily <med. I Immediately procured the a
llele commenced using it, and now, after having used
less t han nit bottles. I am well and able to attend to
my business. I send sou this statement as an get of
lustlce,onlf hoping that It Mar Dienes the stiFeted to
man ...oaf Me right medicine, and thereby ease them
much snarler and expense.
I remodel your obedient aerreny
erlN SPits....
Core of ern oggraoaltd Cam of L'yy.y.pda..
The turns pertulmed by bpr. Gamow@ eatrattrof
Yellow Doelt and fletsaparilla are lasung. The pa.
dent's general beulth.eonintuaa to hoprove alter els.
ease Is rensored„, Cares are not ehroolaled until time
Las folly tested that these can be no ;elapse or retort
of the dlioase.
• • • • .
Noway . , (Herkimer Co.) Feb. t 9511•
IL P. Usemtre es. Cu. bent., lawilligneatpleamire
that write you alioathe yery happy effects of year
Yaffe* Dock and thomparalla upon my son, who hes
long been !suffering ender thin &cadre, loethsonse
ease. Eryalpelasorith which he *relaunched in tell,
ander. ton revere) mellthr ottended by some Of Our
but pyairi'ans win tiled their skill perseveringly for
Avemouths vrllhOtit any benth tints etal tints whatever.
He becume ' redoccd ton perfect skeleton Ha Itudil
sera from hia hip to his knee, which were continually
discharging disgustingly offensive minter. Medical
and surgical skill was buWCS. Phymeiane mid that
his ease was hopeleas—there could be nothing done
wettest those terrible gaugrenclng ulcers. My neigh.
bore and myself thought his dissolution nor at hand.
Gale my neighbors, who had cowed a child of HMI ,
via with your unreliable rattheine, wwlied me to,
make trial of it. and more from the restless derins to
do Illorelhing white life lasted, then from pay hope of
getting relief.) procured three boldes of your" Yellow
poet and garsaparllla," and commenced utter it
hstd to my astonishment, he commenced eroving
e bed .Led the third bottle, and before be Lad used a
bet! dozen bottles he could walk out: He need in all
Metre bottle', end by October lot he was perfectly
eee ored, every vestige Of the disease except Menem*
is removed, and he r mules In perfect health up to the
priwent time. Ills recovery, under the hinting of
God, la enure!y owing to the ore of poor Yellow Dock
and Surreparille, end I ounce yet that I feet myself,
I ender grant Olillgellens to you, and It is with giant joy
Nat I Inform you of What your Sarsaparilla has dour,
for my wt. RtgKettlly
ID"None genuine utiles, pet up In largo bottles,
containing a quart, sod the name arum Syrup blown
In the glans, with the written signature of S. F. Den.
nett, on the outside wrapper. Dm. bt pee hmtie—es
ri Mince for 41
It I. sold by 1. D. PARK. North East corner /f
Founts end Walnut streets, entrance on_' elout n,
Cincumml, Ohio, to 'them all order, mmt be addres
Carter it Oro, Eriet.W. P. Johnson lk Co.,' Water;
ford; (Ain Clemons, Cromingvillei Abe t Terrell,
Montrose,. Hiram Mix, Towanda; Robert Roy, Wells
hoer, L. Roderick. Cellenahurm• L. Wilcox, Jr, Raw
berets, corner of Merkel street and the Dimond.
"i[HAVE. Ws day, lOsoilated with me M. H.
Clouse '
in the Wholesale Otorery and _Protlete
ouineso; the etyle of the fine will be A. [Whom.
o-culAliunruH, • 14 OtoesS , ..
vernotEsAtip GROCERS ind Coutudetion
TV chanty Dealers' In Produce, and Mutant,
Mureleotured arucles,l93 Liberty et, pißsherst,Par.
mv i ggb i r w d i a
. tr , c i n h ,G t e . o . ze IL. rg o r
De coodeeta We name of R &C:
142.1.1 AP/. i
C . kW. it„. NOM
. ' 13.. DASD
. .
WII.OI4ISALE and Retail dealers In Bides, Lea;
thee. Morocco, Shoe Findinpt, Taapare and
Caniera',Toola, and Tanners' Od, No IGO Wood street,
Pittabalgh. P . 1 .I..i_____RaL.
I oop 00 keg Sessoned.Deck Plonk;
/9PIO O O test Cool Boat aiding. For sale by
ms 4 mom/ PLOW, Minh ft,
-- ,,.i:.fra~.,u.a:.:i.
_...- .. x',~. ..i ~. ..
_''.' . ;:':'•tt', 7:-. ..•:: ,.. .:,•;i
''! . :: . :,-'_ . :4lP --- • - •''" . -
sviencor. AuxiANoznyANT.-
18 .0
• ouw •AND.wErzsinux • 1.,
Tha einti and Bert a rave& rtenmer youarnoons,
lay; Ilakepee, enat,tet. wlflrenittettely alp' between .
Pinetnergh end Ghntnew.lfindays easetae&j,tauahl
Elennove at 7A. , end raubu re. al 3 ig ,
The TO.fhlogtt.ny Is bull inches ttgAt e ant
elm be relied on Ira Tertian panket.thwaSbalTlaa
eeentil.. Fee ftelett on pawn.needy on host* or to
• I a BIDWELL. Aram. : ,
BIDWELL & Ofalgaw. •
.Captattt VILMA I.'Kollar&
Mae splendid bast wu bulJt by the
..ow acts of the steamer lase Newton,
sad othets; Ihr the Cincinnati and
ittsbutsb Parket trade, and wilt
`lease every,,Wsdaesday, fsr.Claelarul, la plus of
W New Ehastand, No. 2.
Far fetish% passege apply on ixtund,otio
aoaosasusaa MXll=l.
Olati la 11•• staging.,
Vu Brownsville and Clumberlime to Bahlmore
. Philadelphia.
Yeas re ELLIIXOIIZ-..•••••• • •--110 co
PletorMom boat .loans the mhart,
'r*ys abe
ea, daily, al'e o'clock preelm:y. Time .to
althuore,T2 hours; time to Philadelphla,4olerare.
The eyeteurcboat leaves daily, (except &mealy or•
ere eipa)' at o cloak. Pareeugem by lumen on the
ilvonuag . boat, Will Groat the =maul. In gages earl
day, and thus ovoid eight travel.' .
SOCIIre your ticket. at, the Once, Monoegahele
itouse, or St. Charles ReteL •
0,11441 t J. ISlUtightleN. Arent
- • • 'Thelon running muter
Capt. D. Voung,will ran as a reveler
unto[ between flustnogh.
Stridgepon, and Sungoli, leaving Pittaburgh every
Monday afternoon, for Vellsvale,iiiteribenville, and
tiridgeoort,andevery Thursday afternoon rot Meehan,
grille, Bridgeport, Cantina, and Sea&
Returning, leaves Bridgeport and Sontish every Tree
dayinlernoon, and Snonsh every Friday afternoon.
ler freight or passage, apple on board. or to •
• I) 'WILKINS, Agent.
." -"rho inidcteld fast mnoing coon
Affigt LOUIS l'aelANE, Coma,
• master,'fhaviv andezione a doer-
Yelntit,)•l tO4 heteallel aa
• - replay packet •betarcen 'heater - oh
and Wheeling, leaving Pittabargh• evely •rdos.dayi
Wednesday andFrlday tuorniniet, at p o'clock. Yoe
.height cc pataage.apply on booed, or to
•• • • • W. IL WHEELIMP„ AeLd.
The fighiartonht inetelei. '• '.
Darn, muter, art Ii intern ler Ow
ne- and idl latermeeine pone on
Teesday. the 30th. inn, at 10 ohtloe /4.11.. BI-
For freight or penmen ARMY no honed, rer 110 .'
...I'M • ARMIFFRONO le CRuZial, Agt•
. The 1121.1tIIi5ttItt IlOtt Arannla goon.:
er CINDERELLA, Captain Ilastett,
will trove for Ike ahove and MI Inter.
Mete porta on Onediy, 101 l M. at
10 °Meek A. M. • . .
For frelght or pauitne R ON, appleG
A Con beard.
I O . • (STROR ER, Alit
The splendid new alltaleat
J. F. Boyd, muter, will leave for the
ve amt all Intermediate pena, ea
'this day, MILL MM. at la o'clock A. M.
Fortrelebt or panarge, apply on board. - - )797
Th e splendid strainer • •
jiaKomi mister, wig (Ave for Me
above: and all imerzsediata ports on
tbla day, the 24tb inst., at t P. AI:
For freM p
bt or wage apply on b.: Art, er to -
_MI ' JOHN PLACA', A et •
The Ina or deka draught rummer
Maclean,. ararter, "rut leave for the
boye and all intern:A:diet& pore on
thle eay, Utet kb tam at JO treleek, A. la ,
1r25 A rtUtfrltONO h. caozsß, Arr..
m a i .. Thitine light - dratted ditame
lONIAN '''
,Will Immo' II '
..V7 , :nelHlt dar " , ' lr iul aving u Plf ri ttiflraT
do), at id etet.L. A.U. Monday, Wednesday and Fri
I F ,. o 2 VrdiltAti . t at p A itaate_ sy ltppynet boud . . ' , tt - :r. ' ..
• ..:
a./ rmOni4.l k CROZElclicts. '
Llllloln, Matter, mill leave fur. Ste
Dove and all hue:mediate pone on
every Tor slay, Taoreday, and Saturday.
Foe (rushy or parraya, atiply on board. bit
Pll'7BEl/801( A W lIP.F.LING PACKET.
The or I maid A lasi running steamer
SHIPPER. • -' • •',
W.S. Conseil, roaster , having audit..
gone a thorough repair, tell/run bate.
arrevat • regular packet bigrean Pir.bargh and
Wheeling,' leaving Ihgabargle every Monday and
TharAdav inorelngs, at 9 o'cloek.
Ear :reigtt or postage apply an lamed, of so ' . ....
- --
185 1 6. Nina/
ciarrlLL RAM TOM> 01T, TO zurxrulcurs,
Two Daily Lines Express Packet BoaU,
yl l:toptUudMaft
Vla iho Central gag Road and Pona'a canal. .
A4O miles gall gob; and 140 mike Canal. •
'Titno—na hours{ rare—SlOthrougli:
The Portage Rail Road is mimed in day light.
ON an ;Kiley ads date, (10th Jane,( the Central Rail,
Road will run two ILT TULL ramrsola cake
fade Ilanangdon to Philadelphia. The elan on the
above toad rod Me Allegheny Poaage Rail Road
are all new, sod Of the very - best deseription in the
counlry, 'Ad with th e Increased speed on the moan.
talos,passcogers go through with despatch.
A Packet Rant will leans every mortoug ran IPt
clock, and every evening at 9 o'clock.
For Safety, Speed, and Comfort, alb Mote to de
cidedly the most preferable new to use to the Fastens
Claes. For passage_ or Informrolon apply to
W ad
0110 11 LEFXIII k CO, Canal awn.
P. 13.—0 n the lan September, the Cenral Rail Reed
will be open to Ho lideyibtug, wherigisseen go re wit
go throegh in 43 boon. • . Mil
Jai. 1850. awn
_ BID E LL 10:111g0T/LICIt,_ -
(Heaves Point 4
Annus for DIDWyg.LL S Prrteaustoß AND
recxarsi toping and shipping between Pittsburgh
and Rochester by steam boats .Michigan, Latta Eric,
and Deaver.
V. Coeds teeeipted and promptly deflected to all
laces on the Canals and Lakes, at the lowest tato,.
MCP... will Please direct rood .Balwell's Line:"
Water et, Pinsteuth.
CAPITAL $106,000.
J. Ewan. Jr., Pool. I R. MmLit, neat
Will Insure against all lands of risks,' •
A LL loasea will be liberally , adjoined and promptly
22. paid. •
• A home ltutitution—roluma by Directors who an
well known in Ma community, and who are Jetermin
ed by prompinesa arid liberality to maintain Me char
acter which they Lane usumad, °donor the beg
postman to those who eosin, to be Insured._
Dikamoint—lt. Miller, Jr., Geo. Dina, J. W. Butler,
.N. Holmes, Ir., Win EL Holmes, C. Mason, Geo. W.
Jackson, Win. U. Lyon, Jan LlPPlimoiti Than. IL
Web, J smog WAolcy, Alea.Nisnict,Tins. MAL.
(WILY, Nu 22 Water street, (waretionse of Sonny
& Co. or and rs,) Pittsbn rah. • nolults
VATTING—IOW lba itt atom and fin ula toy
pip soft
dr.:41 .11- 117,5V8 & CO
H Al:rib:4-100 aril I: r ir it ans j tafzr o setla c la
Saw I bs aides;, ,
1010 lbs tar sea low; to close consign.
sae lat,,by i?e2/1 lilit e e'HEylFl3 Zs CO_
EA q t a l , 4 p Oct ~;nzul
MN now 01,4/11/0 is this
ES Wood's* -
'.. .ENTE b y " Jaglit r g 'o l o g .
mt. ;
NM aLkIatEREL:-1110 hots No 3 inst . nrilved
snits by hjylo] . . JOON WATT. rt. CO
EavitatS-18 sack,' prime libalOb i ty tor sate by
jibO k CO
Me AL-I'.a tan., Imitable liirrWiiic ~UI.
P l4l1 -5u twill new White Fab; •
30 Los Jake That: •
33 boo Lam Shad;
23 brio No I Horrinio .
10 bolo No 2 Mackerel;
18 td . brio No 3 dot just reed and rot We by
jya JOHN W Art , a co
DFZIDEDIA , the cheapest and beaup . lace in Pit i
burgh to buy Tea Is at the Tea Market, east ludo
of the Dtamend.• They sell
Excellent Tea as.—..: SO per lb
Boperlor Qattlitielltt.—••••••••-••••• o 7 .
The very nogg..---.- ItO n •
Low priced, damaged, or InferiesTeas are net kept
at this establishment, therefore, whether you go your
self or mend a child, you are mire to,obtain a good
article, and if the flavor of the Ten Is ootmmroveti,
they readily exchange it or rotten the mousy.
}yin MORRIS k HAWORTH, Ptrietlemrs.
DAtil - VT - 3AL'ILZ3 bans One malt tor dairy ur mate
0,03, reetived for sale by • . •
lylo WMA NeCLUftfi &00
011 - KOR=3 leis on hand andlo N. r sale by
Malodoos Pluto vetthaws setts of Roeda
JUST received at the sign Of the Golden Hop, one
anperlor 6 octave Melodeon Piano swath two sous
or Reeds, the latest . improvement 'The above' la
probably the finest toned Inwslottent ever °Dared for
sale here, with a hie d's - 61200d and elegant exterior,
fat eats by [fetal ' • 11 - ELABER '
pinlitid - MRlL—ltersastne boot paPirTOW:'
01 do do ao 91532;
. .60 do do do 10223;
103 do swan printingil4237; .
120 do do. do. Ma,
CO do -do do 204.%
123 do do do 2000
. . ID do Dloe Envelope, b 9325;
' 20 do Yellow do - Meat
_,. .. . , i
_ ..
10 do Plardlla.. do' . 203324 • -.,.. 113 2 . 3• NM E W a.. ' rn..- . • A l
.. .• . 23 do - 4o ,do 21.234 Mily2,2l2y' Jr, .130 . 1 4 6 stb...a Pe-,
• 60v do mooned , prow, Law= of a Deal style, alike low plies
pes. In ESE% 01 sib by , JOEIN it.• • .n 4 ma also,* EMMY Fiat c 1•12231411110. rma'
pm . -.. . -,., ii %HO, - '•
AI iliptilloo, 4 M • - ••• - .. P 44 =1
- - P. W. GATES'
- 111 , 63 •
' E r ,DlES.inving been iuloPted -u- highly Approved in all, the prineipl shops in !few Nork
and,rbilndelphis, are now offered to triminfacturers, machinists, ship simile, 6:c., with the 'tamale eat:
tidente; as the most perfect aniele is me or cuttmg screws.
Theis superiority over Op . et*. :bensofore nand, coiaims in their matting a startur
-PlaWw,Whelber V beNittilatE by secsputogaver the ken to be cut, which require no suniging
or precants preprositm, as the dies ma the thread out of the solid itoll, viabout ssiung'it in dm less; ,
their ; greater durability, rapidity, and ,PlefectiOn of Work; and in their simplicity and hula Habib!),
to get out of. order. .
P. under the sispereislon of this Deparustest,
Oun l° paeztLkaetorpuipesmewsen went:obey 7'
Print Lees tried Is two of dub largo anenals, And
Maud to be !Op Shelent and excellent
I A. %LLCMs C° l • o 7dintrbb
Brune as Waal Ash itocir gm
Cosuiderisg Gates , Patented brunoberness Micas.
dug strews OA petal to be a rahlaideone;lbass, by'
wahoriM of, the Ilonosable Se meta/ of the Nary,
Probated Of tbs Attomsys of the; Paimice‘Win, .11
gcostilo, altd Easinel Nowa, hao Me right to esb•
and unsaid improvement Mr this U.S. Um...
-JOSZNI math Chiefof Thum. v.,
111,0./j I.BM
- 761st tO I=lo thla we bays paidfeettitoraiP.
W. Gatos the right ofIIZE byt_pateat Cleo for ott.
Staghold. In our oplaiOn, 14 Din aA moth naPe"
Nor to soy others ors opt sopaintact ;with Om tko
moon of eaten bob&
; .I",P WORKS s CO:
Having hrd P W Galas' Palma the. twain our
ettablishment for the last nine mouths, for caning
kilts, :we can In every wawa meetsweead them in'
the highest terms, as we have laid all when away,
they halag Ithllertnr—vansldenad thus 7 4 P.!
Canc. rlnteper than anywthwLknow to use.
• , , . NANNY, NEAFO: It CO.
' • Peen Works, Pa.',
, .
This Is ti «nay that we hue parelthaid the rthht
10 ore, and adopted in at -habeas, P VirOatele
telthilptew Cate; widely* highly approve of. We .
awl* paeh more wolls,.and we believe It Vidll bar ..
Path In &arability and preeltion, as mach M eantomp
thaw; any dies known to as. • .
..MOSPJA Phairdllt monis.
...P2tHiraunuyeth mentb * 4tbh day, 1618..
Ireie r lW. 19, IMP:
naetitg adopted OVER' 'Paint DimP. for cut
ting bolt% ore bike ',lmmo in saying. that tit:Dote
.than itaintiers our expectation% awl lama niallietita•
lien la indag It AS opinkm, that it jv alecis tut,.
mites ptati . 112 pnasent us for cunipg b&'.
We have •P.,W. Gates' .Patent Die." for eating,
.crews, aril the economy of 'taint tbeli so' very
conelderable, that we loot upon Mein as antis/30ns*.
We to 0"e , 7 eatahlialunent having ling qtnallty, of
strews to elm
ptreaao, May 10, 1819.
. . . .
• .
Manar Orric; WasirsdiSi, Otb 8at4..,40.
I haa p ar ebaved of W. H. Ikairllla. COT the Unltill
Mates, we riga t to was !a all .I.ka araettals.assd arm°.
MOUSES, 1018 FARM& sko.
• ;Valuable Peoperer for Sale.
ORE ABLY to Iho lest well and teriomeit or
'hew.Tette, deceased._ . Too soh ,
bet oriels (or sales on very accommodating turns,
either the whole or a part or the property belonging
to the estate or gut Laid Wm. Tame, situate On the
west sloe of street, adjoining . the Allegheny .
Bridge, 0011WIti211 ors three awry houses, two of them
nearly now, plearmuly Mutated a11d,14 good ardor.
Also, fear olt fire /OLIO( ground adjoining the above—
sold .042. or divoled, as may nod the potchauri
Also„ selserai lots le the bifocals of Lirwieneettilli
As the °Meet of, the sale la t o invest the premeds
forth. hem& of the familiar thedeseased,the greater
nation Of the petchue Raney G2.ll ; tes, ratrintd for
• • This property Presents a favorable . opportaalty rot
'mynas, wanting a comfottable home on easy [MIL
rt4gr—crue of 010 above hermit will be rotated to
% gootftenant at • TCI7 lOW ' ,1
or farther Informatios, apply to
• •R IVIVIN, Acting P.:tenter.,
jetaild or toe /ONES, Rtylitst, Liberty at.
soft usury, -
A LDNO ROOM ,firer Ur Connolly h Dry Good.
The mom is well entitled. and -twinged
with Ea. 6tllnse. Entimaca on !dukes streat.A - ,
JY4 - - a GAZZA.M.
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gaup of , . • JOIIN IVATTA CO
'That Uric connswaivairDirelling Rome
and Lot, on which aro axwat Btablif and
Elll Carriage House, beteg ethe 'property of,
and lour the realaenee °flare Jane Ala.'
gee, theated on Wafter seine. eleventh
ldtf Pot tenth!, apply to' • M eht Wgt LOWHEE
, ' lie et
: • .TO Ltt,
A - BUI4DING., 4S by SO feet, liiri;e navies
biA7ttaegiae, te; located lA. IgnAlagtoua,
w . etav t , 63.,„
;To Lot,
Ills large Wary &let Warehouse, on.Wates,
below rem tweet, =Wag twos Water. to Pun
suety on reasonable Wm. Poseidon *Won lama
._l l ° 4 4 elitu"",f' LVTA/ 3 "d'.l"'n'A.
wee; between, Hay and Nathan , streets, o
• the house and lot now oecapied by Diehard Edwards,
having a front ofts feet, and in depth Ida feet, will
sold an favorable tonna. , Thlerinexeopdonahle.
gobs W • ' O. 0.1.A0111123 • 410 tt,atat Woo&
Proper!? to Allegbeni Olt? far Vale.
X:s . eleersbs act Cr gals number* etre*
Lots, rare 'in tee &road • Wan■. frezeino as 4 .
-W. I VIL ?CAW, etli=,Vtlielz
' or of/A8 ROBINSON.= Oterrosesse
lloestitern lasi% Wisteria ILI oralamnits.
tras.W . ,.' 4 ., F .9l24l:llplatre 2 itZlat
his extemtre.
w i ne Of;Pertaniciy,•. Soaps, snalrin g
Creams, ac., to winch teem 'tinter and ate Gotten
Idettelalare„ within the tom &WT.'', been awarded
• 1.7 the ' Ins/hates of Now York, Boma, _ - an d Phan,.
.delphia, the lane, being the only Golden-nod &leave;
&wanted for perfumery either in garope or In
Rorsaccis Ilsaavairmo 133111Mte Carey' (Almond,
Rose; and Ambros ashanally acknowledged to
be Gaper or to city Shaving Cream in Cu. colour, or
Otiornarrs talk
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t ratit PiataeMtekg= bni, a Lloim,
no ea* Ilitairmnicand—Roso, Jamb,
Hon ea de Caroline, Genmirm, Jew) Lin w atm%
,liieker Club,' • Magnin* Cematim,„
itaaal, and many oilier varieties., in all sizty different
Itinutt Wanis—norrida iftsder, Finn Toilete,
Flower Watch and a greet , variety et Co ,
Lipman& Lavender Water.
.141 THlVlLus—GerOwilpies Oil,
-...'--. erar7delintrEaltlar - trateleiel Cora!
poooil ' l3 ' y th rt i fanom, Flat Urea lambi Ad in powder,
and Yhtlocmo, Ellabalos,and fintnylaott komades.
Odayraund Pamasattom-13alaamla Road
Tomb Pares, - CharcoalDaatrilles, Wombs, !tooth
CoartardattiLVla Camelia Cream, damalimi
dir cltam Cold Cream of Boma Coma do
PenteLlp pberay Creaoarte.
P 1 11.01411:41tVre f ro=1= 6 171gar;
Victoria , Uldr Casaltdadodckretata Halm, reades
a great radar" rt( mbar world, too nammedo War
Tap !tabu:mob kayos 10 Mamma' ea boradada
which pas establladassal kaaasonload, by divoalbg
.ataMbing pat Inb roman:Mk% and 1.01 ba happy In
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wholesale or !seal, on se gusanabla Isms as any es
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- . _ VMS& DIZIN, .
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of • .. • • ELIGENHASOVIStsEL,....
Din Bruin's Porta:miry. ls for. WO by oil do pmaelt
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F,Ekm.r, Kiln Devi Coro Aid, te: ' :A. canal boat q
Iced sod oak.* Wk. : . . .
Also, • Cotton Factory with 1641 ipindlos for iiioning
/113,1 lotof[rahrd awn wrath It metal • buy liad
boutsua wollDnilt Mansion Maw. of Aol000• 1. 1 War
o wawa high, with Ewa [ital., Wadi firm not HO*
1 • • use, Frail Totort; BitrubbetT, - . 45, • . rtry
wary ruircero. Alm, shoot tworay .wtilt bola
• Brick, Freres, tr. <meted • tharoty•E poplar, 1w.4 Yw
.• d wale, oily Whore& . &low, 40 buldiat Jots
. . • ...•
Attora rater bb, nrisoprorod, ad notable tor Mil.,
Itluitifeeterick orittr ttot regrind rater mar kr iso
cherry: The abort Milo. Warr rower, droll lig
.Hottits sod Lots at at upon thastiddit of.Berter
our, r hire faU it trolly feet of Ike wholo valuer
of Or . AM/moire, with • Pill ahoy/ Oar Ol for,
habitat see rile 0m ' 144 Patton awl Wm thight - D.•
Awl distr. Wow Th Ohio and Perm Baitraul (a
etestionatio• alba/tenor Hamad from Pbll ba
borsht pun through r to lb* takes aril the fix Wat t
through the (Oast Nti bar Omer of at U, 'whirl nose I
ramitakt Rorer Falls the fteetatter' for •Ftoaring2dAtti
The mai froto Ohio to the Lahr alto parr in foist of O.
Idea • moot OS Mtn at Land ortelookhrg theirr of
&attn., adjoinfoe the lower rod of Brig hum in vier of Or
Cape to &lam:del mikodouti Omar - the nitrate. _ The
atop Road Irma fiddler& to Ckotlattd puns threw it.—
blots Oro PLO ekartd end coder faro, ray lord, aod so
ot& for Neater and Gardena 8011 limb and or ell.vointo
tit, tad • veto of COlll under. he told in whole trio
qo stifles to stit pardosiers. • Alio, a root of 450 star or
botddkf Oa pool of the orator the art. by 44
=milk en the north, by Ilhtourt dr truth. aad &strait.
ing redactor the Ohio sod Paw. Sail Itottat 100
rtottiL Threats cat tbhlado Page well balite. stay
goat hour, also. • Ihrtnatory rote • dorting 'home. sod
,other Inildlogs, The Luger part of too Wet. it last and
ti, and for manly of totstior,fertility ofsoil i ,ud promite
of Tarty =I great kerma
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the brims path oil Os oral; and banadad by it, *lnat,:
bridc= and lark dabs part Winn and part below
All=prZtalzindifidlp .17.4, in a bialtti .th kcons- 1
= but tare to thre. and a half ini=l7•obla
and D 3 talktiltant Pittibiorga. Tba coral whirl pars
aeon's ronnandentlaa with &Whin rintrant Lake rt.
ant Closlicad; sad tba
. o l dtii &n& /Add, now
bastaniag ecanplatke, and ds puns Wae. me* of
it, will biting It within an bow or lel.. lion of tittatiarib,'
put e and thrones it tba grant gonad paaanagera,pra
dun Ind aterebandize hos rod and Watt. -
• .. , .
Ake *situation br asotaXadarres.serbiaiceiponteren,
for roasit7 reaklestao Octets ot owe Pittebmb; at
Gm profitable isrestenet men, we pia pm ee
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dower, For Puttees putirskiere awn? or Jure 1` , .t . -
ma, proprietor,. lbartimea,ao, or te
P. 1. , (1. ,114MSBNAN.
-Anon.P La. • Ileal Ketste
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TAMES WILSON Ihkapk Meads and Ma piddle
N that ha Lan teamed Ma Vat Cap 411 1. 1 .
lam from 121tehhilefd nand on.
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tram bask: iltDiaasoad .10.1-rw_haya may bo . Coaad
a I:te sod taalLionabis_ tao , Cap.
%m a ijoi e st 6.? 42"L*3•5
.1P nut also .•
Buffalo W0r22,22112,0; , •
Bonita & Co,_l3totr e
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eesteri rf
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, 2;
/311-bee kite* I gNpb6i,,lX," N. •
IL IC Duth.o &C , I;NeW Y .k ; .
. • Dramead a. Co, PIordUptLIVIVO,22, I /AL , !o,
. /lett &Arlo, New Yor/c) :• '
4 2 e jl
Wett t = phi. ;
A JtAh;l!l eedas nrg h, P •
Walaroalt . Nunn, Bacon york
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LoWell Mahlna 2/oP,Loora._
Amtioakeart Co, blanelr.ster, N 11,
LYIALA her 2 12,2 Ma",• •
and taut trove olden • , ,
~Nol 1111et1ne,10 iNo dial& uips I, 111 2 11 4 ,1 Mi.
N c ,o do; P. —do 10-11 .
Nos (do t If. •-;' do Ito 2,pm:to 61 50
..111 order. addreswd V. Gutty MerleNG.
13: Ilartion, New. 'refit, F.. P. Morahtli / Co, 1 . 4,1,a. „
de6111.1 and 11.11. Peat file lons.'Culeugo, for Cies
and Taps, ori.l or without trthebilies' for ltsing them,
will meet wiih prompt attention. • ,
C l u 2 ske, , MaY I.=,
nit: '
Ointeseional services
to Ike
Wane and rcilderce, tot the ytesenk, at Ro•cdatc,
Mandhertef,:seeptedist ty above Ike U.S. marine
- -
rot: !must D/AIITIN respeettuily a ounces to tha
eltizentrof Pittsburgh, that he hen pentoncotir
lactetedi hitnael/ in Ants. city, tor the puiroAn of. urge
tieing Medicine and Huron, to alf its vatiatua bweik•
os; His *diet bca Fourtn Street, No tto, Herr Scott
Noo7 name .
__iii Attr..itann
fledUeat And Star (teal Bolles.
GREEN, At. M.D. former', or Plutodelphlo, sled
tato of Near Ltsbon, - 01.10. taro, P!...ttre / 3 33 -
nococieg that he has located hinvels.pitrmanently In,.
Plathatab, for the purpose of , practisatrt the nations
tt ga
braneel of nnet:to - 4algery. Calls preenotly
attendod to at all hoot. of Andel and.rdght, Otte
sod reOdeneo IYo ISt'Mini woof, between Smithfield'
Itcrianteess—E. Stanton, Fro , Foe _
et CF. Ifoy, ,
Bookoaller and • Stanairer, Wood strce Keeedr:
Apothecary and Drumm, Penn it. ,1 jeZl.-as
KIT hirrenms •21D Sim Dmaatto.-4 OninWr Its
Lea Chemical Boa p Mises a line non, a ad a
the *ante tune mollies, softens, a nd whitens via akin
giving tt the te VITO and beauty of an intanthi.
Becalm easedatlala Mat 80Zaa, i:oon rot only
healed, baby Its cm, an leas lateen Lou.
Mum In New York linow, mho lug' It Inch cans,
and find it antallitut—u also in " ,- •
PaMmas,Bl.onna,Famust,oy any Mbar sk Ma
nse. film mane la manned that MM. rs•roe slam
patina Rostrum, as ono mist. Witt prone, I ecald
ascrinnat lout ED persona cued
Botta itran,Boas Leas ann Bost ay It,
and asa It, and the tester Is again- astuscd i wauld
not creellraell it far the abate artless I Looms. ba
an I mate. Thom mho aro thableto - ,
CuannyClataln,cra Camhnyllutent, ;mill fin MM.
ewe. ;Any one afilbetedwitti.iny ef theabose, t ma.
Ilar disesatet; min find Mir an and &Imamate ty lava-,
ble In its Pn/Pcni.slaiul
Dot, reader, tlia- *tot. ate Sanded Wind anent,
'and be sate yon mt for JOKE , 3 Italian C. anneal
Soap.' !Bold by. W JACKSON; %GU - nem slam,
ntlainUnh . ' al , • ••
'ItC.ATEit Aran Ora vita Itsra not wore *ms
- thane bad, patrid;breallt; pt deriTycilow. dlacee.;
ed teeth. lt pomp hatratheao j, ibcfrourn hog,
theypan t for two ahillinga;bley an' uncle ihtd4r4l „
mat thew breath put! , and sweet u Ida Spiro tdir
Mel diseases oleo Gres, wintry or alc •
and forth, Teeth 14 unequallcd; removing the`tankt.:-
Csatetilog th, teeth in the gunst4' and hie= thitu ••
white u the mow al As/rostra Nana: ' • ' ' '-
Such, reader, are thaproperdea of ones , . Anther
Too, and, without praising it ouneWea, beet
what 0116 of our wog respectable and itelcrUlto '
dots , lam r. e both Id E. Mid use d , Of and anallw M Now York', d says • •
I. beautiful and len • -
palpable article, Vence Amber Torith Paate,) rt
can troomatenii it as puseating all Wenn...Mira claim
ed for Reader, we tan say no mot, to towline in
only that If yea try this once you will be well please 1. •
It Is va top is btaullful English China rota, for A •
max. Sold by the daent, WIII.JARICSQN, 240 Übe ri
ty street, ?M hahwa autuidarT ' ' •
ih a n ALL IDOL
* ; ,,, CT11:1r .. .r q litiForty .
heels o'
Jonetis Coll • Hair Restcmuiva. I( they doubt our
went, ' they cannot theb highly , respeetahle Olga. i
Mr. Gee. Deekatt4l. Elm at, Neer You .
• him Matilda Retne.llynle
ro of D
Wha Tempt.. IC grog at, New , . • .
M.Th.. Jackson, Monteutu Island,near Fatah" s gh
• H. IL Cell., lath harbor S. .
And More than hundred others sole; though • hl ..
sun =Dee, that It will Cores the hair,. grow ea J.
I=l , lr .. taus; atop', It falling of,' ammeters the ra r ste,
mutt and dand.g Crow the , roots, mei sag
or gray halt akin= • lithi'dark look, and
tee dry; herds or wiry heir awed, insit, elute and
best al, a very, very long tones .
s• - Sold by the Agent, WAD JaChEON, PlO!Agit, at
Fanabenet ia . Paeans/I,SO cent. , and Oft dollar.
. fa. LADIES ARE Ml&lN3l' ly
Thai are not a how tnehtfolly balmiest,. It , la 4
W the skint bolt,wane, haw rough, how art}
yellow,! la unhealthy the'milln .•
.pe2 . atte using Frepared elude 80. .
• larirs iaj u ' ntity la&ad
.nlafas a
have pterre% a beautiful yeketablo art tla t
which weeall J NES SPAN'S II LILY WIIITh.
It ia perketij innocent, belngliatified of all del.-eni
Oa. qualluea; and Itimpatta to the stut Umtata,. eat.
thy, Wabash:4'ol4l.r, hiring white; at!ihe inlet tau .
acting...a ea retie on the chin, =Ana it ion And
=tooth. Sold by this AKent, WM, SACIMUN, 210 Lib
arty at, A 4 taburuh4 ~
Pelee 23 cent.. 11.10:41.t.Vr
rraver falllasTaln Destroyer, and term n curls
far Dams, Spade, Filet, Sere lend Inflamed Eye.,
la. Wounds, lOalees, Intlammatart Ithounanun,
Sareldager,Sprainri, tlote Nipplet, Broken Drearl,Sas
Daeara, old and iteeetersta *area, an all cullaneml•
and tallammatoo• !diseases. ' • ' .1
; • ,' • MILAILVED SIZE!! 1.1
wituerea good Oa MadleL Noun theca • yoti would
pcnuote 1_ .13y buying the anioo In the;, EW DRENIS
you avoid the danger oft.king imputed Uponly cuu n- '
[notate. are mats of 'getting .the Geneine, aol gam,
tooreoveri near 50 per cent on the avethge. - • - •
tuloti. So Dealers.
Gnaws linpeatioti is practised epon Dealer's; bi un•
"emulous operators, who pot op the tounterfettaturr
to a eountertelt of the old wrapper, misted with. few'
hos:x.ooU genuine bleach deems, and thus oder it
for sole at a redadett price! This UM' catchesmerip
deilers; bat the confiding, Innocent Consumer who.
uses ties spurious article, pays the pmeehr nonetturt,
pale, sunughtly testi sag marks melting - from sevens
tans, wounds or coree;and often lens of We Itself,
Casio Iw Petal 4, tatiregiug esinrieenutri
Alf east of th e moat seve r ely burnt aodinnoreo auger
ers at tNer beta mid disaittraux ItAreIIEn3TILESIT E.
PhOSION;In New York , an d . shortly be pub tubed.
M, and mr.aUIIIOI.IZED.MieNT:!.
See ate New Circulars for 12.50.11 • . .
Noah the aluabols on,the dreemr—the Triangle,
ElerfunttrYmt, Dclesol. 4 *ha DMISVa
rrivensaguature, •
- tizrempi danger Will fraid,,Axid enty policy's Ex- -
Meter onta, tee Inns Dimes sail Loos *MX,
• 1 R. DALLEiY, 413 Broadway, New Vert.
-Them Samara, AllegbentGeneral and Whole
t iFi rrcerar,Airent,tiltsheighl •
N. Zl..—Ttur names of DeIJETS who mouth the Dat•
ley Salve, pew elm, froze. eitterr the preview-him
self, or from Ids thathorlrod agent., that • be publlrhed
la the more, an - n rade
publlo to steer clear of
frond.. ' • • maritl demeans'
BYei J. Eisassi'a Sarsagiarallai or . Indian
Parise-els sad Blood , •
Hbeen crAertelnely need foe 9.s .. years by the
Dotter to mextend - re primate, and is coati.
dentty recarenunded Ao the public for the ear. of all
Improbilaa of the blood and general debility, doeuett
dleVelmia, lcoagba, told,, brotieluse, dropsy,
nervous or general debility, femalneemptelnts, mer
curial dlerance, Weer, soma, or empitnas, nod dr
ease,of the ekln, az, liver complaints, in abort,
for all imparitica 'of the biood. •Ii wholly Vegetable:
and may be taken ander any elleubstabees with per
feet eatery . Prepared by SAMUEL KR.AMER.,•IiaI
more, Md. -. - Fet mate, wholes:de and retail, by • ,
- • it 1 , SELLER-4,
Jen • t mwooct a,Plusburgh,• • •
• .
iTORNEY IAIV—OZko. oi math gEdo
JCI.2 Fat rth at, betsre . en Merry ale? ".
EARIB k StiOCKNLY. Costialselan Lieichals,'
Pdoweepento Catifields.,•Libend *drawee
made„ consignmeate, sad 41 dddPeT bwiddee •
promptly attended W.
a. - -u•ixtilsolg. l9 . lol VE l 4•;
AF47 °RIMY , AT. LAW,: , ,
Oaio iiirinicommssioNg i uTra4
allions.ACk*MkAgwats of •
• Ottioe-Wivrtheil above exikudei •e •
ptWily-47s tor sate by
_1 • 7
..17CW) OIL—I brio Mutt:dna 150 , 17 ,1, 17 it
byte' ,! • RIIEY.BIATTUEWSIC 00••
Sum"' Vrli"1:""
brlat Flamecil;
7.S sacks Featkorr,
7111 1" ' 1" I 'le
L. InatX4) 1714,1P0U mramm • Ntre, vala
r'ill;l:giVm7o7 4 roi:th;:i q
, ;•....1.5 Libmy 1i.,,, :••
sgtraum '""" 7 b. jus. pr
[ iertß) • 1 8 Dumont -
a lat .1„111 : ABIC7160 It L 7 1.? . ...1. 1i i i ? , i74, 8 , , .
4:6,3. .. , .....
`-', 4 , 3 " , i- :I -- Cot First isol . Wood.i3;
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