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ma cro'LT/411 4 W4I.ILOIIIIPUED
Smtvrr--In the Senate, Mr. Webster intredimed
a bill, directing the erection,in th e Coimmago o c
burp:ground, or Inonaent to the nunnery et
Geral tu Zactutry.Taylor; lam President of, the i
ted States, whlchwas passed.'
After the ttenotctiott of the morning Marinas, the I
Onlidbas Sigmas taken up.
Mr. Weimer said it had been hi. intention on
Tuesday of last week, tefollow Butler, mat say,
whin he had to my 'opau.dals bill; bet befell" the
Seutuor had coach Mod his remarks, the. Senate ad-1
journed, in coosequenee of the ithaess of' the Priest. I
dent, which had, daforrmitelyi tonitinated fa his death . ,
After a few touching *thatitics' relative .to the
death of the Pendant,- and. the consequencea.
arising ithereZmu, and en elegant onstidest to the
eirconmaancea of his death; In ite coaacionanese
of duty performed, and of ghetto:ow, gratitude,
and lovo otitis conatiy, Mr. Vabater proceeded
to say what he had designed to any betUre the
decamps of the Prealden , . Tho longer the qua.
tioh was postponed,. th e greater math! be the agi
Thetleuse went into Canuagloo or the whole
on the Sate of the train, . and resumed the coos
Werth.= of the resolutlan or the Commines on
Elections, that It la icexpedient lo• admit Hugh
Smith to a lest in the House. as a delegate from
New Mexico.
Mr. Batley remurced aril Mr. Gait* bid told
thirCksaminee that the quesUon wattles'y iitde
consequence io Mr. Smith himself, became New
Maim witrooon bolero with i Constluttloa;slh•
lag leave for admission as a Siam,' ace that a titte
jority of . Compels' he fa faioy",if her admin.
• Won.
M. Howard old Oct tbo adzitritioi Ol a ieie•
me, was not of to much fotportaaqe.widwallot
on the public mind of Teams.
• Pianos:trate, hit
Na..T Oileus
.papent • reechoed by, Mad bring
, • dates from the elly or Mexico folks 25 th orkine•
The cholera ; mat Was atM riming toe frfghtfhl extent.
and 200 were dying &Li% Dating:the alma.
there had betnB,ooo cases, end Mad aealks. •
At Zerhateens, the cholera 102 A equally bid.--
The deaths mete averagiat SCIPet.dlY , . -
On atamtunt of the prevalence ur the choler.,
the Mexican Oangresettee Wahl* to 'oblate a
• .
It wee rumored at Vera Ortiz that the deaths
by cholera averaged 1.000 Pet di/. • -
The Pope'. mune to Rome was celebratell Ls
greed style io the eltir of-Mexico. r - •
• The approachieg Presidential eteethii is eieir
much MUM% Ono. paper - mentexis Settle
• Anna, mho is net being a,risideay.
SENS ITEMs. •-- • • •
. .
• WAsonErrou,,44 ' •
Mr. Bewmi's rpeec6la all the.taltri espeelelli
hit eapose,of bribery to Texas Re hs* bothered
the Compromise considerably. -.. There Itconeld•
enable callosity to hear Idr..Rash's defence. .•
The Rev.ldr. Chitin' and fungi ate sie/e•
The Union dense* that all the compositors on
the potato printing have been - dteeharged. It
says they have • furlough only.'
_ The untiverable accounts of the cholera have
been sainting. Some ofthe atembereolVenet
are talking about returning home, sod ther to a
disposition to wind up, or snapp off the Conant'
tonal thread abruptly.
. .
PEttarmegu, July 17..,
The Grand Lldge. of Odd Fellows, for Poona*
wania, ie.:cabled b re yesterday,, Red proceeded
to ballot for oirt.t.cre-731 voting.. The following
calorre were elected:
W. G. Metter. George Morrie; W. D. O. IL,W.
IL Wane; W. G. Wm. CIMIN W. G. T., F.
Rao: Martin.
For Grand Warden and Grind Eeptewilltelivc,
there was to choice.
• Pumas:um*, Jul, 17.
The Galveston papers, bt the tOtti ultimo, state
that &large • meeting to conaider ttia recent „action
or the people of New Mexico, has been Iteld'oe
the battle ground of Sae Jacinto:—Aihbel - Smith
Resolotlons were mmacgto suppoti the govern
ment of Texas sad loon:ace the *Windom of
the rebeltiont territory.
A letter frout'A.natin - states that the legislature
meets fn Aegnsb--thtuiestly to give the troops the
advantage of the mummer ,mototts for essrehingt
Steps are abo befog taken to,orgairso • com
pany et troltuncers Ear Santa Fe. • •
-! • " •
• • •, ' . Vasztoterros, July 17.
The National letetegeneroflhes 1110Taing- says
that LaGermatiott hub:tells= reedited foam Cobs;
which promisee a meet !nippy told immedtala ter.
1ni" ,1043 of all dif6soldes botisiestiethe asuhortties
of that Laud std - our Goirernmeat e grOW,Of out
of the Lopes expedition. '
Nothing is ;Whitely human about me Catmint
except amen the present member* will go mu.
Ttus City la MI ofittranyers—sndoiag their bald
Y net their (aviation iblO once. • .
The cheer...tutor the Compromire SU, with some
lumeadmetua, ansimproviag. Mr. Clay has receiv
ed numerous letters nom aunt Carolina, implor.
ing him to save that:taloa ' •
The awn Dlr. Gurley, Chaplalaorthe Dense,
is very sick ; and Were yi a Rued denier sickness
in the Rouse. This Um. Itutb nur
cOgata or the - progress or the cholera lathe west,
make it probable slur • ibe members or Coogren
Will mho on a ipeedy adjournment.:
Rawax, 10.
The Vice Roy hu been finally abandoned. The
be mold ea the'2sth, at Yarmouth..
• Wasa6tastur July T7'
Fiatr:—The market is dull ni $5a61212 pet be .
Graia.—Wheat is doll at /Me for Rad, sad 125
for white. Coe/finds ready dale at tl7; Oats at - d 4
Provudores,--The marker is quiet, with sales Of
Mess Path at 511,75 per bbL: Rama is weedy at 8
.101.2 e for hams, ,117-4 far goes, tad de for-shoul
ders. Lard is deans 7 1-4a7 I:2e per lb.
Tobaero is held fundy.
"Weal—Wool comb:tar is tgood demand at full
NEW koitsmeatatr.
Float`-Thetaarkst.ulficans without chugs.
Mae stocicar tOestarst'oo hand irmoonls 7v2500
„ 1 3r/in—The rape, or Cora la moderate. The
Mackie estimated at 250,000 iuthela,mostly wee.
term mixed. Bala ar63Bdde per bushel. -
Proviskaus—Perk_ easy la don, •
Ofls—Tbe market la doll for - Domed, milk aides
at Tie, admit. Their is somethiny dole, is man.
fractured Sperm Oil, but co private tees.
Groceries are in good demand, and held Swap
Sales of Near Or lean a 6c tie geed kda..
lfam Your 421117
Flour—The Martel. is wady, with stun oaks Itt
eC05,25 fo: oniioary to &taught State, 65,31e5,75
far mixed to Litir Miclug”.
Grabi—Wherit is ir. fsir demand, lad is generally
'•• • abeee•Un views' of bloats. Of Crum, isles
• maim on sweats &nee, nr:O2 for tatted, end
• .1131.2 for Wet rentasixed. Western , yellow is
• hILIt- •
• • ~.
The &oven hive tittered into ea arrangement,
• to the dale ea. *Web the 4aerket IN traveller to
held, rtthstlottler Teeteley atd ,Thenday lo•
ead of Monday.
Scores—The :44630 yeliteedey. were 1400
d, COO of which\ .Mrere aod driven so
Men Market. i s t*llnutged fivm $5 tes7,so
r cert., the market OWL
• b *cox -30 91,. Ram %
ID cut/ C5710c1 " • •••
3 east G'a 7
mar Miltou t fors•l9 by DMUS ',DICKEY'. 7*
/77 •
Lconot.-30 brie 7/7/077,
•a: Panto...vr oc
73 • • •. Cor. Pint It Wood -
A p_ D 077,-25 Ceinklla rs NOI An ale by
/73 DA FA ingravona iink
.INBEED In emsksiuNt
by B A. rmomprinxt..
15 cask* mut Dris
3 cuticretuts; ,
soi '
io brit Fire and Wautr:plo4(per
Icaboa PotelocE ,
sStore and for an , n by • J BCANYTELD
• UOTON CUE tut •ai - sad for tato
• id No f 56 Libel ty street. - • -
2 Iles Boston Cold Water Critsker4
b•ls 'do Rorer
2 brio do DM nike4ll.
ii , C4ORI3 a co
*WHEN CREME—Arash lota OoileaCblese
put recalve4 aad for :tda
. ht A2feCLORO & CO
sas , wilaliu.:•:•rug coona:-..son. aaFT,
Ag0111:14in1107 OCi.v britahlices.--Rxrrom Lute .
-471/ Waxing yeibible teble fifth* oadiog of the
British aid North American 'Royal Mail Steamship.,
latiniooo ttooton and poerpagintid between N. York .
wd Liyelypipt, Cello" at Malibu to laid 'add receive ,
-17 , 4oioteil, for the )Sae 1360:- • • 3
1 "3 .1.,V u 0rk, - . 7 1140en_, 10 July,
' 1k010,4 .• 13. 0 - New York, 17 ,
, „" • . •44 •. 3 •
Satan - 0 r: New k, 31
1 7 4 4" . g.
New Yotk, I? • .I.l"Utrk.,
1; o - Bowan, 4 s c p i.
•", BOstok, • 7 . 0021.' . 4 " New York,
Ni. York. 1 24 8 4 "
Nowork,—" OcVr.
1148011 5 Oeg'r. Nem! Yolk,
" Ne*'
• New Yerk, Ti , s ; 1 . 1344; 4 ,
Boston '• • . York, k 141 v.
17 ... Pletr t li,7*;
" Nao Vaal t• 1 " Boman, - SF .
m o,ii ?l t:6l;ork, 11 14ea
•" , ,S!lmr• 23 New Is •
1100.4. , "
: 4,4 ; 4 : t . ; Thunitay: =orator, July le, UNA
The' weather (yesterday as encoding warts, and
bashes, ieneralirdaU, vritit no muted change in
4iotatlons. ' 114:4 1 / 1 4 continues ti *nice slowly, kat
and ;rail tiara unseat:di 64,60 on dia wharf, led WM
4141,75 front Store - arc this nocultai rite. GgALI is
gain, sad hittitlinla doingi prices» aticiensed. - PBO
- VISIOAS sae !nude, with sale of bacipu ken& at
709,4, of side at 64054, wad antraiden tua144144. Laid
say iii aimed nonunally at 44079. Dried gel at 00
.10c. 0 1 144C61411.911 pelmet 10 change-gay,.far N co,
_4,0 11 k: NO llamas =MI; tall, 44C 41. gall is saki in mall low, at 104 Oita io IA—
W4:111111Mf La aalltdi in a resdar way, at 94e # guilt
Pier; eorrectionaboeur market reale
of iestadiLY Goa or two criers were left to oar We
report 114 Lgtowult Is a correct Wt • -
For:ltilogid Comagrn• • awe'
44 .033*
e de. 03•70
11 • Fau
We 00111 mates of 209 b lba, at lb* above prim
. „
• iniAttArk•l6
, • . •• - -Nzw. /insole, July 8, IRS).
Bporal-.We Make a conllioaaeo ht ,the good de
mand,has existed for a few sweeAls pas akd
full prices for the mama. • The vales lillea oor lo t, st to
eliWaparreht of NO ebbs, at Ito+Otlo. and,a_,eorgo of
Saabs, pinta term .— We market elaring teak
good, .
- ii l lude,Coolinoes doll, ..but holders are Star. The
oalkeale "moo oor last /a a parotl of 1630 boo N W
Goutou :
Mikado Bene—We notice sales of ISM° thi Polar at
alkg tkOODdo on private terms. • A sale of 40090 IDs
Pota=aruir WCaan on torma.
. . - •
Ow Atria ..I"he raw Hudson arrived loom Ltri
WY Testate', With about MOO sacks of grain, prin.
elpally,Cone. Her Wheels report 10'4 feet ema il th e
bars us the had of navigation and riderslightly at
Lasalle ed. Harriet. shririlderable rain has tall.
afoot the eiver, benefuting. the Corn crops way much,
and miry ermine* a Water* of rater.
hillitInt1711•115 ai • stand meetly'. with an
abundance Grower in the chansalto.Catro fvail the
perposea of navigation. Homo of tiao tersest class to
now, drawing 14 Limit fall capacity.
The sour Pride of , he Wen left at Jewell on the rilt
hut; the Ithbett Felton was then on hor wrry Conn.
blade: :Ewer at a nand or burg clearly, oil the
way to the moata—Et Loris &p, July 10.
'rho ' 1, 41 la the 21 Isom . mama last reenter, had
ram 4 inches. Having 41i feet wears the p=uu•—
Lou. Jou Ja ly 13.
- •
T*e We/Mims= —The wool musket for . the Is*
month has ;Manned &mediae. resume. - Walkout my
admire in fabrics, and even on donna wool has been
porchated Own ton foroure In the country, at prices
tangled to,, 3 no 70 er lb over hut year's prim for
the sane gredu and wool has seteally brought higher
- potcs 16Mo md Michigan, then (MU be said
_ lop.
_Yost uOtstent trinket.
Many thitigshavetimarlbuted to this real.- One Is,
the tel that a la et 116Mber of manufacturer, than
sment have , Pent of their peons, heeenee they were
.short of Istook; most have home at any price. This
bets created is eom Mon, and they have thee given
market a • dm her Is the competition among
the laced morellse s. They bought to a conuderable
aztant, and made nary - Mt year- T/.7 kayo hoagie
enuchisugm , ,this r, emit have paid glues. that mast
get the wool. Tit have, In many butanees had to
.111Dete with the analieturer, which' %meld he hie
advantateots the tout melt 111 an advanced nue to
get pregt while th sainefacterer woeldnotXcee men
, We bope:the ferment have generally Old their wool
at them %deemed ta es • OUT but number we advis
ed them to do - se gederallyr If they could net m
vanes of Seas lb over the price. of last year. la
tilicateart Wsogeltement hes been 'lnductive serval
geed Prismein mil now realm the advantage or wool
Crlmit we predict that Gm yiatu (rem now, the
e the wool mop will be a Milton of dollars Imre
thm it would have been. bat for the tepidity with
which the scoot has been bought, and the good prices
every when Wool (hewer.. - •
, •e . "WLIALISSI & CO" , •
S.E.' Corsi, cf Tkir'd an d ltletsid
ats. naNurrtons at YOU' 1.13131.1. um. '
„ -aratiovAt.
"iAIIF3I WILSON i v h! = ',Ori t a a s . bkgrier.ds c ardl?e
Mont from b
findalineld sine!, i
o d ld . e P teir co l lt;
earlier of %Yawl weer and Diamond Alloyi (teemid
swill *M r Porticks & Friend% Exchange Mine. en.
trance book, OS Diamond Alley—where may be fund
a lass and lenbiortable anion:mot of liav ar.d Caro
at terucod prices, eholcsale and nialL
lima snood to cider. ienSeilkardmS
J: Et IIiELLOR, 81 ma sinvtoSaiyeeeiva the
kt, Incite you yee oaths hay iiithe
0 cad te Rae. C Coot
think net laid. love
thee. Blanche A 'pen, I love they 'When othereds
aimed thee, The cot beneath the hilly Wen thou
be; Woe. Annie Laurie-Seeteh ballad. The Robin
.-wertte• by Blies Coot, n.e.c by 81 9 hen Cem.
Thou lam wounded the apletv that loved they • The
Grave et Waatingtoe. • The Irish Upshot's Lament.
Old Basta-Banal. lie • doeth • all thinga•rell-.
Woodbury, Wtdear achrev-RateelL Tat cattalo
army mer-.4leteltinaens. Law backed car-Lover
Elko Waldereamplete. _Thelda_te Bel/. The
Bridal y;Weddier Polka: Jenny Lind's American
•PWAY 7.ely PoLta. Poem American Peat. \Ma
.Tep American Poise: La Belle Baltimorean Polka.
'leery Lind! Polka. The Oiler. Eleetneh Polka
Salatativn Folks. • k lin Polka.. Jeeephine
Polka. Beaten! Polka. Beamegol Polka. The Pee
plot eketadriklei-Lleyetbeer. Jenny,Lind Quadrilles.
The Weralle and Delay Wallace-are Brent. The
Bub, Dunce Boy-va nation. by enemy. hionnseem.
Snag hone Home. • Wreeker4 Daaahter. quickstep.
Loaieville Marsh and Goleta*. 'Wood Bp, Quick.
- - WiliKllll PIALL
Four= STREET parssmu, PA.
I 'l l 11 I S t edis uM gi e d7r!rtt b
p elntt " w "'-
respect/hilly Wick a share oriee 'a pawie•pationsge.
He ulna by giving: die fall: auentina us the both.,
to wake She beim a pleasant and enissfonatite resew
foe the citizens 'el Plarhurgh and for tbs. team 7
flood astendulti will be 10 wildttti. and entry ex
exiles ;We to 'render the •triahUshment worthy the
toustenenee pad nelson of an Intelligent cow inninty.
The TWO etVAL7/OUB HALLS, fitted for - Pant/.
Concerts; teeters., /44, and public meetings, will
he Set by the , crewing pewee*, as ae liberal tersee ••
an other In the oily. . • .
nil BAR sad ISMTAIIIIANT. egnel lo 07/e end
bent" Wen] in the weed, will be kept lernisbed
with Pure Wines, Chalet Liquors, Cornish,. Pane re,
Zise,sed au Ike tarJ.light, resrestusenis otthe season.
Soap, and
ea gq .q b 'a nwrit,
The girm,";!Q /CE CICEABEI3ALOON, Nies co
e gwt door an. ewer of acct.., be enawaut/1
....aeate. and Mimics of the
seem:Miami also, wish such a".."'"0 14 " the "4°4'
• ' -• •
Senn/log bi the day, well; OfD . .on.r!
Strivers for Onfividnal• Of punch f0rni:c... ,40,,
nouce. •
- Gentians:l.l.lth eletaandes. visiting the city cad,
- ha nt , Pn id *ilk zeteal=eats of all kinds a$ any hour
. „ ~.• • -.
Geod. Stabling and an extensive pirery ra:abliah.
mw la connected with she flail.
Dinner an ' , clack... IllteatJaat and Tea at the usual
bonra. -
FSWIII2t II for Die Ina Dresafand Dining
palonn, he 07 SatiOfinid strew:
jesmtr t: : ti. VAN ItElatil
• • H J . bYaa e y s Jr.e -•-
Agin: for titSTeniut. Lift Inraraice ajPkite.
9::::11E, ;the Waffle= Insane. Company No.
Waleratete; ?either/O.
Alms, arida all neeessatty • Mfonaation, and
blank' toms will be famished. • - •
liarbeada eta Leann thew Urea for the benefit of
thalr.miyet and ehtlerrat se:deers the eves of their
Tba- rehire. profits of the Company are arida
ahmehthe holders Of Ufa rendes.
,The &Wands of Memel two years hare been elth.
sheet ueh rear.• lent
"ere and consignees of goods gritting by
ele - "one Portable Boat Line lease
»entre to pay might
.... et h 2,4 „ .. , , :e4ord44 A te at t . hz ir r t e i e L mt, Ty _be_h2re
tia /nods tun rr‘. , . • • .
-papas at Ilalf Palos.
• 121 A INSI
8 A vg, (3 - *1 N 1- . B ,,(l) AR i s
Arm 1:111:198tUa ErLO) Third not rag
bow... Dry Goodr, on wad.
• • Alaikaustene;
day*. oaaairil
nudaydraly 30ind willesonua Li_
.the damurecl rods sold. 'ti iGellt4,lo elate
Wieldy 4„„,,, pd by wayrr,...nd . ma•
Monomers la lass th an Ulf is °or ." gene
Oar tautir.nmi extension end is Pura= arta
will aka. eall loon and aware LwEltins•_;
oa t by rower OA I, , NThij d f r f ° ,4“,:t u
be bawl• Chku to .tor : Noah show% nay men.. Plops r emember
Of Um Blg Bee awe, *bare no ensb eo d
arm aos, *thous being perfeo4
ocr it
tooinewin be *peewit formula tot
• - llPNlllin] .1117 K.
T l 4 6B . l, Zlvl,l:OktlrrtA l 7,,i:arthe sc a j;
mis of wvitnellyr ti.Wiboterale.anwer7 ,
poiwkw, A+ Zin 20 Wood aweet.
WIC WILSON, Jr . ,Plasbanha
• pRANg. wyr.A!ON
62• Jlfarht Pittidu;rlk: • '
A n. MASON it CO, are pow plepereo to o ff er
A. tile public ibeir goods wisaseat by the WO Arc,
moot which way be Iowa:
Celee dolandod die; .
dmatim deg to
et,0 1 ,4 tows. elo, good wylai", rip ito eetroc Mende
Lbws 46,3 blew Qteshmeres Co tom; Betio
coo da 122; 44 Franck prom do 12; .aptr Omuta
,ftai.i;ball vitt+ Ginetooll do: Steamboat. Counter.
pout 014 co ea exult btowning ite,lodoe to lec, -
.• Toyether wlth- vet eenally lute , Meet et New and
Pet Meld ad, a gem redaction fintoforaer plittee
1001' iteciverFriiiiiit74 , lo;--, Dock
41 . 16 gat . by I KIDD I
hrs • lts Woi SUM,
Michigan. Dries, Beaver.
Fashion, Parables, Eliaabeth.
Atlantic, Pariason, Brownsville.
Bahia Jacobs, Brownsville.
Ciondest. Hendrikson. Alettsernent.-
Youghimbeny. Chaffee, Claugow.
Washington hat, Beaver.
Martin. Louisville.
Cashier, McMillan, Bridgeport.
'Navigator, Dem, Loainille.-
Island Packet, Wheeling.
Companion, Cincinnati.
Cinderella, Haslet; Wheeling.
Resnais, Nashville. • , •
Brie!, Beaver.
Camden, Hendrick - Knit, MeXaeapert..
Fashion, Peebles, Elisabeth.
Baltic, Jacobs, Croc•arciße•
'Atlantic, Parkinson. llrsownsvills.
Youghiogheny, Chsehe,Ohmsgow.
Reveille, Rees, Wheeling.
Xenmekv, Maclean, Wheeling.
Lake Erie,Chuk, Beaver.
Lowell, Font!, Cincinnati.
BEAVER—Youthlogbetty, 3P. a. •
ST. LOUlB—Robt linen, 10
CINCINNATI-41°nm, 10
TVBEELLNG—Cirlder . olla, 10 s. a. •
WISEELJNG.LPIR hum Pans-56 bhll4 lob, D
Leech & co; IS do do, Ihnaltanq 4 do do, Clark & now;
50 bbla Poor, MeColly; 11/ ota wool, Clint & Thaw; lb
do do, Robertson & Reopen.
Pa Esinscii-35 eke wool, 11 Ond! & co; 75 bbl.
flow, Cook apo; 4 hhda a eta bacon, Blew haw; ' , Ade,
Ibbl do, Rugg at; 4 Dago potatan, Hoogiey; 14 sots
tub stone., Sol boila -
rag Sulbeta-6 Mao lob. A Roe; io do do, Leech
& eo, 333 bat al man, COlll/101; 109 oaks wool, Wm
Bingham; 16 do do, Clark Thaw. •
w .
Paz Rresust--0/ as pig metal, 011 NI Mc:theme r
la Walt& cea.o [alt , feather.= ball wool. Vic ,
Pei C*llralaint.4 bbls whisker, 4 big codas, I bbd
sugar, bbls, boa de. Masan; 12-I,llds tab, Latch
co; 431 ban glass, ek. do, Clark &Timm.
.211NE13H—Pti E3sgaica-23 *Ads tub, Lanett & eta
23 do do, Gros IL) do dD, num.
LOII2VILI.E.:-PicaTtaastuniroa-23bls whiskey,
11 A Wastes; bblt lard oil, 13 eh. ;wool, W Barker;
.22 Obis whisker, -Imaaort& 23 4 MM 21 do do, W 800
mot la tierce. bug, .13011tto & Moots; 70 bbbi whisker.
'Mahn' & Riaketsoo;l2 11.1s,lard all, Ba4ar & bro. V 3
!ma., ano; 3 hi. moot, 3 No, leach &
bbls lard ad. Dingbari, 70 balm hogs' hair, Clark
Prk N.:roma-24 tils salt oaks, Forsyth A am 2
mks wool, Wallinxicird ton; 4 dodo, II boa • last tub,
tea barna, i bbds tab, Grote. co: 71 bags feaibers, D
. Leech & co; 4 bhds sob, Nazar/ma dos aortbm, boa
lodt, 4 by Nathan, Wa t erman; 7 Ibbds lob, Marco.
old; Ido do. Bee WTart; 27bbls whiskey, roar, 113 his boil., 0.0 brig s, Wm Darham.,
32 bbl, ham
Bolton & dab Is pewit. lard, .1 Orlon 42 Ibis
lard oib iyllab odao &e 0.70 lona pig /ran, A Childs &
co; to bbla groan &palm, Amok? A co.
! NASHVILLE—Pas Bamin-1143 blooms.l Blakey
• & co. to bbis lard oil, Ills masa, Bingham. 10 Ibis
P Marin; el do wool. Chu k & Tbaar; ED
'ts bum, WIRE Holmes & brig 3 boa rodeo, D Leech &
;no; 1 hbda rob, Wallingford & co; 10 aka wool, & w
' ilarbaugh; 13 hada lob, .1 BDilwonh: 131 bbls apples,
•Awda. .• •
'CINCINNATI—Pad Cudu..rdattd.4B7 bbl or
Ida;len= & o;6 Oa moat:Omar at em 17 do to, W
(Barker,bzi bquar, P C Marna; W whiakey, J
Orval; SO big hair, Bingham.
now Gonda I I Mow Goods I •
'Rao Spring 'wad Birimis Dry-dealt far' IWO.
Wnozsruus and Retail Dealer-in British,
fl e ,. and American DRY GOODS, Mutat.
Nom, between Thltd and Foerth, eira of the
me Dan Hem, haziest commenced reoeiviag
and opening um of the most rich, splendi,.
:and extensive mocks of Spring and Sanuster 'hi Goods
ever offered for We in the Western country. All of
these imported Goads are fresh opened, and s e ,, g i,,t
per the last mamers from - Franca anti England; as
mho Irish. Linens, imported direct from Belfast, all
gray Olmsted, and ',yearned the pore smiele; them
Linens are all imported by the asbscriber, and ese
pule gas yam, werranted. Also,ltish Liam Damesk
Tohie Cloths, Me:very best mamfactine• and Irish
Lawn Goods of all kinds, imported direct Item Ile/bas
bbran,y Ote subscriber, and wtll be found th e ttaliDbi-r. 7 e.
New styleit lark Satins, all estate, splendid
goods; black r- 'hult Senn', all prices, nett goodm
Week rises alto, &Week:is, late Importation; Freneh
.Kidliatves, all colors, the best impeded; plaid black
Anneres, per last French steamer; new style minted
Bye," splendid goods. Also, a superb and - large
woe* of wide black Jimmie Lace, fee trimming ladies ,
ategey eery stet goods; plain Barents in all colons;
ernentely loar,lmme dna goods; black Silt Fniage, all
Widths and prices, very cheap; Frencit_Lro., new
st ß zte, per last French st=i E ptta , .. t hla Or d o e t
Do alag r itoeA ka lit l ' iViroods; Frenchat English
styles, beantifaitods ; splendid
Seared Swiss goods tor bolt drersem rich embroidered
Swiss Mulls for evening drea-em it.,.. Edging and
I esertmg, Le been imported; Sill Moto in all colors
and quilides, new style, plate ant satin suipq black
Serene+, all viers; primol Lawns, new stylesote.
Steal cents per yard; Berets de Lalns,a new arum
for ladies , drums. Also,. large and aspe.rn stock of.
new style opting Donna Ribbons, the vary best am
ported, all new. •
Caino.nerape Shawl". all calm, Mob from the Gm ,
tens Homy, Truk Bod e 13hawls. splendid goods,. el
colors, per In summer, tmentlfol eta mantle rhea
e;;b Snanels, fresh importation • -white crahmidered
Cation Crape Shawbs, superb disks; green embroider.
ed Canon Crape - Shawls, splendid :goods; Laptei
Fetch cede Ereteridered Tbdiet,Snem temponatiern
parts puma Cashetere
all poem nad
; •Ill.ret Coma and Scarfs brasses *a
rias; Preach worked Capes,Conars. mad Can, it huge
asserunent. - •
• ' A Larry liknek of
50 bales unbleached 151.11., from a to 10 COWS per
ard; 15 caws bleacbed 11ae11az , hose 4 le I/I eaten,
peiyanl II ea...lrish [Anent oriporled direct from
Belfast; II balm Tiekinc, nom •to 0 3 cents pee yard;
• eaves blue Unit, Irons ti tti cents per yard; be-
Odes a fed *swim:tent of Dommee Cloth. Also. Css
anneres, Tweeds, Batman, and Kentneky Jeerer'
5u eases dark Calico, fast =fared from 310 Intents
per yard; 3 emus 11001 it Souleefish lhistui, hem
Impale% 5 balm Rani& end Bea lhapera.e memo.
ly low. Mao, flow ekeeplog Goals of all kintts, , yery
cheap; *hales Ramie Crash, frame , / to Itt cents per
yard; bexides • Duce amok et Cheek and Shinny
Btrlpe. 'Alse,Camon Flatkela;all colors and aun
ties, St lowprieer, ttJ, wade, and yellow Flarode,
eery cheap; bleach,d and unbleached Dri.lloms, ml
a/wenn:mu; 5 ease, blue Memmack Calicoes, en. !
comfy low; black and whited:eel Table
l 4 =
price.; Bird's dye Shapely, all price* and t;5 2 ,
eery <hap; eolorell . .eambries, asaunmeet,
ebaper lam ear, 3 balm Burlaps, from 15k up 55 els
per pied. 'tkisootlarpe stalaiteetten Tads Liapatz; ,
.Idaybers' thypIET .L .". ftul_imsolpittiste.ol7
EareSCIES FP - 1 - 16510134
The and vent splendid stock of ramie&
ever Operred by any one hoe. to Pittabergh, le this
day received, sad are all of the rawest Preach styles,
which, for m received
beauty, carmen be moaned.
As we have a largo lot *Mew Parasols, they will be
sold cheaper than nay other noose In the city can -
ford to sell the same qtailly of goods.
The Ladles are leopecthilly lavited eiernme these
Pamela as th ey will gad soma of the When and
newest styles eye/ leapOrled from Rama. These
.oarasels are all pf the richest and mom fashionable
colors, tad see worthy of the ellsatiue of the tidies.
All of the gem good* will la or prices he
bell. in the eityi bound older 19 Pm
tars -feet, the 'pablie will plume price these
goods, gad mayare them with soy other hoe.. In the
etty,nad he conyineed of the above assertion. ' ,
Tee abeenber weld here say to his enuocrone es.
Comer, and the pshlie geaeral,•thur there are two
other bee hive Wm* to mutat Wee; pre
. co Id
e ' er= MI D I:: T i mee ir d i l ' ir ' y w eo c o h di s eslaTlisit e eZt l i
Pittsbergh. The sabseriber weld tbarelete say to all
paramount of they Hoods, Millet wholeeale or. retail,
'bat the Big Bee Has, ou Maga etrem,betweenTinrd
'and Penna.'s now *peeing the largest, rlebre cod
most spaniel sleek of span and swear Dry Deeds
eves offered for sale In Pineburgh
Now Stints roe DINH-Thu hugest and more &adds.
able stock of Bonnets aver opened in this Wass
leeched at the else of the Eta i.e !nye, us Markel
street, between Third and Ranh Matti, where Dry
Goods of well deseriptloa are selliaa cheaper then
soy other boo. the city. The public wilt ;new s
take notice Obit there are MO other tee hive mores on
Market street, who pretend to compete with the lky
Beehive, between Mini and Fourth streets, where
the pint will fad; at dunes, the ler:Mara newest
styles ofllry Goads, bitsli opentil.
00. Pleats ;asp - notice, that the Store" le bmweeu
Thirtj eni l'earth ei c lits, sign ef the Bpi D E S MYR,
wheal lay Dealt every description. are selling
committee of do b°
spl3dlnt • ysILLIAII LOD
NiASTERN WALL PAPER ulnae,. prices, .I.
quality superior to say manufactured in tid. tut,
b dew dPuditil by W MARSHALL
/Yid OS Wood at
4 90HO41NOS-11 cooks - • quoin'', for oallqty
AffElf, ?Uri!' gViri3 & CO
VEII7 arCTER ' Minim No 3 jut arrived for
jge. bY ii 0 JOHN WATT& CO
• Lae•e *ARA
Avitywr OURCHI , LELDaave recelveilielesga
Lida and Visteria Edgings and lawns;
Loom Wage Visaed c do;
• Bobbing, ' do; _ .
Vaigneiennea dea
Swiss *ad /umet Edgings; • •
. Do Inaeruags:
Fisted and plain Naos Hlgek Pdllzdo,te.—to which
they ask the summon of buyers.
bstreis Earners Wig% emu er,
A" 'ageism( and for said e 7
C, WOKEN HERRING—UO by( No 1, ree , d.and rot
(a softy (1731 5I W BARN/104311
SODA 41811-10 oasko rapertor on o nil. for gale bl
. /1 3 ' 5 kir KAUAI vow
P'prrs t
ottil c n '—
tiNrment.4aT [I)1 8k
1H EYE-3o bin pima Cream Cheese:
W bze prime W. IL do ree'crfor tale I
boahelled , Jul , 72
1 , " 1 " 6 keg"" ) '' `" 54,471/7644:L.
11,00616.q.1.0 &run fat ula 6JOHNSTON
:it:r4TOES—: lticta tvkl har i s c liar ToN
17 1 ~..H.TTER ear" And for lAN by .
4 , 3 . H JOHNSTON
Ls .*
f + 11131 . 1 . ' 7"1 . 7 113A1A: ItOlaY al.,'
Mater non
pp he wti
itetwe j tral s c .miz s 4. 0 71 and in!l
u . nrowy , ItALL .„ O -, , , 10t0 molly =AB ride
DA. AttitaTOCN k CO
noorzas, Or a, to
va by (jot, • 1: A YU:. MO& & CO
1040a99E5 , - 7 artitsrfrblOlis
liML 911 do !or ogle by
ItonisoKinm.y.k co
Slionintotl,se.btot.Abbsbb, , ,
far sale by . • pain J.bDILWOUTti & CO
G uns AKIAtil;-1091norlits.Zzet-eram. too
jea - Oor Flrst au Moto&
Ibm ordered. kralb by
r " : " •• - '
ra Tul. 'jrnrimaiirs t DAit,i
Alto; .Erousu. Wass.--lidt. A A. Borden ;has
Midi Were In Smithfield 'street; Irms ems below
Fourth, an assortment of a new aetiok of CrisehM
ry Ware, which break' the attention' of
our citizens. . . Is noun bteutred et Bennington .
Vermont, end Is compeied,, we understand, o f
feldspar, and granite. Ito advantage over the
common earthen' ware 'Moabite in its being fire
pecio4 and very mon. The colors of the different
amides Which he. ban on hand are likewiie very
pretty, and the glazing bright. Us ben wine a Va.;
linty of Pitchers, rases, wash bowls, coffee pets,
candle seeks, curtain pins, door knobs, dee., fine.,
for tale. Oer readers wilt, perhaps; beistotilthed
to lam, that it Is aloe manullietnred Into very
!minute!. picture frames, door plates, knells fen
algae, &a., for which, from its durability end
chespeem, it is well adapted.
Cisoreas.—We baits beard ctS severe t'easel
cholera which occurred in Pittsburgh and its vi
cinity, yesterday. The utmost eleaulineas should
be absented by our citizens. both In regard to their
pentane, sod dwelling., and . great care triton to
regards their diet.' The tau of all unripe - fru its,
and Indigetdblo vegetables should be avoided.
HanzasCoartni.—Jobeley, mentioned in
yesterday's °smelt°, as hasten' been . breoght be
fore Judge McClure an a writ of Habeas Gmyna,
en Tuesday, wag deadly &charged.
TnECOMlNll.—Notto'of the Coyne were in sea!
45,8 yestetday. Thapretent hot weather teems
to be as unfavorable to the Lvwyeni in a business
point of view nit is to the merchants . , and above
all, to the local editing,
The Hem= FAYIL T.—We understand that the
Heron Family have hem engaged by Mr. Coarles
Poserdato manner of the Pinshorgh Theatre,
and that they Will appeu at the exhibition room,
of tho . Museum, late the 'Apollo Hall, tut Saturday
evening. We hare no doubt that they will sue•
seed in thawing crowded bottles, daring their
,anion of us,,sa they are great favorite. horn
By the bye, the Museum La rapidly becoming rho
most plaunuat,' as well u fashionable, place in
whieh to wile away so idle boor. to town.
CASE OF COCOXITASFILt. Evomact.—We heard
or it illegals? case yesterday, which occurred re.
cent's. in our city, and *hick, we think, rivals in
interest many that have dinned a . cortaiitanNo
degree eifitinfilio attention, With the singlerieep.
tion that it does sot terminate tragically, reed all hi
"that ends Well," For obvious reasons, we
suppress the names of the parties concerned,,at
the same time assuring:our readers that the rd.
Wring tams, as we relate them; as stmity true
anCare within the knowledge of many of our
mast wipeetable
An Eagiiali couple, a mu and WO9llO rather
paid the meridian of life, Ware residing. in Pair
burgh, in'the Imonth of November last. They
werertot obliged to taboo far i livelihood, inns.
much as they, semi annually, received a remit.
mace of considerable amount from Great Britain.
Whore the parties, wha are quite respocrabbihown
limo property. The men, afieriivisg he= fur
sometime; became tined of our city, and rescdvcd
to revive to • smell town to Ohio, not , very tar
from rittaburgb. All the necessary arrangements
srere,madc—• house rented, dec., but one impel
tent thins had been overlooked. He had not oh
mina tie eanseatt . of .Au 1,0 to their 'removal...
elle preferred living Lire, and whariber . husband
told her whet he hid done, ski wee very moth
dbuatisa NI, and expreased her determination. act
lo comply with his urial: WO day in - 'the above
month (Novesubcr,) the hustisnd called •in the
store of a Woad, somewhat Intoxicated, sad ex: ,
prowled his deermleation to. act mat with.hia
wife, for his Allure residenee,ti the same time
exhibiting nearly two. hundred dollars in - bank
notes, which he said would be amply sufficient !or
his support till he resolved hie next reusituutce
from E attend. Ho left the gore far the' purpose
of gulag home, pecking up lit, clothes,and arrang
ing his affairs.. ;
Some time' allerwaitis the frien.l - alleulled to,
called at hie house, and asked his wit,, where. her
tweband war. ..Cia," told one, "you know."—
The gentleman protested his ignorance, and, lt,
mid hint that whoa het husband returned home
from hie store, he had quarreled with her, rod tai
thekrat time in his lite had crack her, enact which
she km:eked him dawn with a smoothing iron,
though without iMaritg him much. On getting
up be asked for Ire valise captaining hie clothe.,
doe , bni she bid it in the coal cellar, and he could
naves returned. It wowed so improboblo thn
the missing wan would go upon a jrrinsey
out a supply al akahlog, and without leaving
any directions with his wife or friends,
that. Me gentleman could not believe ter story,
She acknowlefired htvisy felled him to ilia
earth with an iron, no the very evening hit
friends had last seen tom.
He was then slightly iatoxicated,' and had a
ctensblerable amount of! money about his person,
besides, probably, having some in hie bonze. Her
account of* basbaad's conduct seemed very
suspicions,and his friend could not help entertain.
log doubts that all war not right. Vltck after
week, and month after-moult rolled away, and
mill no tidings of the, missing 'man arrived. W.
wife wig coutanily *awaited as to whether
she bad heard from hint; but still persisted In do
eying all knowledge vita whereabouts. The time
when the semi annual remittance generally came
to baud, bad passed, bat she said she had ant ie.
calved it.. The auspiclosscutinitned that he bad
met wilt foul play, were now very much strength
teed. At last a dead .body„ much cteeoutpcn.!
ed,waa found lasting In the slier. The Coroocr
held an icqbeic upon it, and found no pipers, nor
any thing that could lead to Its Wentnicat.on. A
verdict of "ataidentally drowned. war returned,'
and the body was burled. After the lapse aroma
time, 04 came to the knowledge of the friend of
the missing sun In , question, and he interrogated
the Coroner as to the appearance, 4 . 2. of the body.
All the . partkuhas whfch be could learn, con.
firmed him in the belief that it war the man RI
whom he had been sesiliking.
wee thought tutees a to disinter him, as by
that time the body would be so tar decayed that re.
cognition would be impnwuble. Be vent to the'
wife, and told her that the Coroner bad brid an
inqueat on, thi body, which j udgiag (rum
'the description be had received, most bet_ . that of
her husband, but she at onto mad that It was not;
—that be had not been drowned, though shede.
I clued she 4d never heard from him since be ]
left his hens In November list. dhow two weeks
ago, the awned that she had received a letter
from her husband, whit re in g:lthland, but as
she did net show It, tier story was not credited.
No steps were taken Tails: her, because -the
evidence was merely postomptive, and the . per-,
sons who were aware of the awe of the awe,
'ugh thr
though they suspected that all was not right, did
not wish to tremble thetaselvei with a oriminal
pr coecudon whicbotald certainly be milieus, and
might, perhaps, Involve them in ditlieulties.' By the
hut steamer, however, a letter was received front
the supposed deceased, which removed all auspi,
lima. It was directed to che triennia wham atom ,
be had been oritho day he let Pittsburgh, and was
written in Idverpool. tie had, it seems, remised
some legal information which he thooght wood by
of use to his friend (who le, by the bye, one of the
mein:tants of the great Townley estafa) and to scot
it on with instructions to answer hY re urn of 111411,
as he propctsed retarding to America ot once.
Ito idinded to its!, diglculty Ito had ssitb Ms
ontl deelnell that ho had loft,hi, inns_ In
a pet, without telling' lice where hp was gonin
and without taking any Money with bira ogoept
whit was to bin pocket. Widlo'no ciente earl
be gonad tar his strange conduct, it at the same
time shows the danger of relylng ice timeline
circumstantial evidence. _ Many persons have
been executed on evidence 'less Wrong, than
coal! have been adduced:against the wife of
this gentleman.
Ar - .-.1150wn.,••
AsomarratDltowntniz—The CUrollet, iC114 ' 431 ,
day. hold an inquesson the bialy of a pen, Pause
enmor/to, found' Irving fct.lllo Monongahela tie.
et, near Braddooka Field. Tbp body . _ had eel•
dem* Wen the,waler tor conridershisi lime
uft mu very much decomposed. - A verdict or
""knurd drowned f': wits returned. . .
Coteeteghs lighert.--Caroner Aram" held en
kqueet yeeterdartott the ' body , eta young - woo
stund D.udel Bender, a Biker by , trade,. Who
ins droned *bibs bating jis tho Allegheny
nu the Agn!dP..kt , H. ,was 4_l=4 nseleMlct,
hni was seined wi!ti *ramp. Ile hare a pod
damper, Ind woo much summed by all who
knew varititaf accident,cdrowalutiwas
Reuel Thrusseet—The Aldermee's efilces„ Ow.
twig.. were . berell er wieend Ravi *We
Discs! raa Vterratton ru Occer—The Pore.
Del h eld en Inquest yesterday. on the WY! ar a
pool Wow' w ho hitd died in e bottle Ini,Pike
street,l3synnist4e, toitk no'cio to atteid to bins,
or idleit'slo his : lle hid been, and tinder.'
stand. 'Mucked . by the cholera, and when the i l body
.met disc:tittered, It mu perfectly cold. -Ai Ira.
dictin rdence with the 'sets. woe rendcied.
Mavis Orrtcr At.r.sigat.wr.—A few durnk.
. .
eras and rtgrantsiVo7l7 brought before the htspor
of ittlegbeny; "intently, tukt. there wan , a thin
In their asses which would interest oar readers.
Maros', Oirnad=-Prtridivinde =The moittidg
watel intenfity, ezbibited the tumid
cumber of tragranlei, ace, • •
. ' DECaT .or . FEMALE BEAUTY.... .: •
IT t Yr Z''turily."e temtdeo
nnclated, ilttcneneaafcnplealon, and
of the eye. departed. 'thongh not thirty In lean,
they have lese of youth than they oven to nouns, at
fifty. , Why Is 41osl Ileprection or rpirits, lananor,
: And general debility long coutinned, without aeeklert
i result. In an enervated (4111111 , 1160 P, nod a train or
, ' .: • ' PENA I.F. COS PCAINTS • j
width c
only be , 'removed. and the chattered con.
`stilution reSthred; by some mild and penile medicine,
arbors Sr end alteradve - propertiee.are . peculiarly
annul' to akhder and deliente consiiintilati ,
.. •
" " Cincinnati, May 7.1610 .
Dr. R Rowe—Dear Edr—For nearly rwo Year.
my wife. has been find ally declining witliouv any
direase—the symptoms, however, wera ni gencial . die
nanny laid roe* that there was no hope an thh up.
pranclang Mind weather would ba . unfavorable. I
now persaaded her to try Ur S. D. Howes Shaker
Sonninatifin, (ninon againn hit will) end athenge
was tOOn perceptible, and be the eausteat.ine ,fit
three .....11.1;nsing eta 1.1.11., her health was re
stored; hen•trenrh and flesh regained, and do now
enjoy. sound and Wrist health. No pecuniary con
you ems nee repay the obligation lam alder to
you for restOrhwriPly - wile to herdic, until madams ,
tally recommend )oartrely saJuable kledloine,•
!kith at ,
between Prom Westeni Row
- Breersood rajahs/or Dr.S. D. IIOWES SRAICE . R
SARSAPARILLA. and , take no other. This I. the
only Sancipanlla that se,. en tha.Liver,Kulneystmd ,
Blood, at • two emu Rine, ant benne Pe . ineJelarelli
cloy ends:teem L •• • • • !-
Poe sale by 1. A. Jones, I. Schoemaker it ,Co.,
W. Math, It; TV:Mauna, J. hI. Townsend, J. klahkr,
W. Jackstm, Pitiabingh j D. A. Elliott, Allegheny elin
W. R. hleCtellanJ,Manchrater, Cnmkar, Brooms,
aillevand by' DR. P.D. HOWE Je CO., Propriton,
leittA&wirT I College Hall, Cincinnati. 0.,
SATES OF Dl.7.popp
31. SIOLILti
.Eieltattsro Broken, Na. SI
flank ofthttsburga
.Excbanso Bank Par
-Merck. no, Bank •Par
Mow( Philzialphls,,-pe
8U :; 1 74.. D d i j e5 4 44 w : u : 4k , C 6 0.1.14.„1, n 4 1 1 . ' n 1 P" ::r
. illoontontry , Zo..l,ar
Colnablaßridqc Os,- Par
Doylestown think.r . ,par
Esmers'Bk. Sacks Co. pa
Fanners D'S Lancas';l
LasiOnias Co. Dk:-• • 'par,
tf. "
Washtagon Ilk..••*• • •
,eguitlehluthe Oa. -
bswatosen•- , -,-•
Etldllclown I
CarMle .......... ,
Erta Ltk.•••-,..... • 0 i
Earmses' ana I:trove:re
• But; Vi syaisbari
lima:bray ••••-• 4
Wrosoing.. ....
York HS'
Roller' Notes
Me AI Bk. Pat3.4l/, •
Scalp-PitUb. f. o=l7l
eallgli3r.y, • I
Sum. al. s mi Occny.i
Martens ig
New Lisbon.
a & ADDO, • •
Alatiat,cirect, !war ita
State Irk &Braaehes.; 1
B-atenerip..-•.... ..... ... .• . ..
Virglala. •,'
Exchanelik. of Va:-...1
F6114102111r:tf Va..-• ••
Bk. oftba Vanay, as,
na. of Vi
n g ß iah••..•~. a
I .."tipi c 4.. - w r ,., ,, T21 t
3:11 7 ii". i7117411a7 — ........ • : I
do Parkcaaharg--j• 4
_ __
r F k.arknne &ea.... . 3
3 .r. d: blertiers Bk.••••• , -
ranters 'ilk. •••• - 3
i0n10ii1k......-•-....4 rr
k, - 31.1atourl.
ikriti AU g . = . - i. 1
g k e . t ° eLM., F 3f :;;cern .... t . I
rirotri n e Zit..;:;ii - s 2 I
Camden Lk ..... • .• • ~2
Bk. of Cksrlesion••• • • 2
1 Commeteskl Bk•-,.....: B
at. et Gleerkeurw3..-: g
!OLDS Hamburg ..... •,• ! 2
fklerchanu Ilk••-• --• 9
Diermcnr &31reek`ifik, 2
4 ,...; " 24 4, • " 7=.i. "',, B
...41R ; OIT. Llp ...... ...p.
Balm et Artr REerl& •19
Ceraberi&nd Ilk.orAlle•
Ikh any - 1
' Far. Bk.of Maryland..' ..,
'Farmers' & Mecimalci .
Lk. Frederick ...... • "'
, ff escr&crrn Dk ..
abz....4/ 1t................. 1
Daum° E Dk I
tireckmgratillk•-•-•••-•- .."
Uk.oftV e:3411w .... c.
.1331.01.1graa. .
Lk. of Sr. Ch i -•-•--;
Bk. orRI car Resen•-•:.-
rVach Igo 3 Inc C.
••' 6 •
r.& kleete2 Dk 3
11333yoaata TorriLy.
Otkr.atirels.(l3.3l2lcrtri 3
tAlletrearttant. I.
1033 k or Lngl.ndri.te•
Cloollmutl ikoka
Columba. do.• •
Putnam • • - 4'
Not,Alk.••• •
Cleteland---•=••-•—••• I
Darer, .
cur Pit Polusity. "
Late Eyls
G(l.lliitE, •••54
Arbana • .....
Mexs..3l9r. ,
Pk of Ktntre4-
Islnnern rec. ro . .rt, , ky•
Styr V 14.1.•/
4 4O .Eetr.
,Quizpmote Value.
r 1•41.,.. .....4 160 , 1 20
mrle,•olil - • ••• - • 10 60
de, new. -..:..• 10 00
113 0
1•L ' 111" .714 ..15
:07ereigns 4 63
tnnee ••••••• 6000
Loreennd !Mehriurldeer-a•'
•• - - • .. ••• 5 7 7
ete -
en oPoras•. 3
• r.xsitanme• ,
.16enr York, • •••• ••••••• ++ pre
jollllev , ,te •• . --. pre
/.o.lomere —•••- i yin
;,• Inttrior fats-. •
TAneoad Meting of Slott - Fadden In the A.
A itntle one ohia Trlegroph Ceratelog yid be held
ajeeeably to Chart", en Thursday, Me pd, of gory,
at II e'elemr. A. at., at the Compaq.* [act, 1%, Iti
Chestnut so, Ilelodelphin, ter fho perm° of eleetleg
one Fermin. 12 tenor for the eozmo Tete, and to
trimmer nett otter !mitters mom) , be Idle/ gilt hereto
th, meedng. By at,,lei of the Y•molten,.
IRANK thla dna, tinted era me Mr. I. 11.
Ocoee, to the Wholmole ()ewer) , and Prodttee
Ihreamo; the atyle of Ma Mot wilt Ito A. Culbertacht
elooso. . (1) - 3] A. CULLIEIITISCIN,,
A. ect2rimell • [r. R. mere.:
A. 13131,111C11.1.1021 & CLOUSE,
147 1•11) . 1g ALC 0 r O l CLlS4:4 , Coziniimajel...
Yklanofeetured artiekii,l33 Liberty at, riusbergb, Pie.
i '3
g!.71.T. - 4°...L..11AYg°
bo coaducted the IMMO of ittard &Co barcahe•
alma= ono]
R. DAUD CO. ll' L
- x*WIT
TITHOLERALF, sad Aenlt tiesioni In Rides. Levi.
TV they. Idorocoo. 'Shois 'Radio; a. noon,' and
Currier.* TooN,saLlTatmereod, Nolo3 Wood stnel,
Pittoborch, Pa. • .Ir*dtto •
- i. .
ITIIIE Direeters of rho Pituhrnsh and Doman hllrtiny
.j. Comany, lurve qua day declared n rill-Wend of
1 roVerl dollars per share, far the IBAmonth, the
site at the often cf tin treasurer. an and after the L it
of lingual. prozma. Clltall.ES AVERY. Pres% ;
July B'lB.2l.—hNdGt
T _ .. .
. _
. .
liC Saaltery Committee of the Mix of Pittsburgh',
have made au arntegemens %elm 140 Rey.
A PB Id iv ,
i tel i . o . f p t i b t i ,o lc . l . lit N l i te is A Tll il t e ! A 2 p h t TI FATS ,
!gimbaled Dr. Com A; th Wisrstar: e l m.
Payaselen, Dy order wed:az Commlitera . 1-,
Joule dlSsres, Clerk. ', , 4., " ." ' .c r b j=2:: ',
D "
J. J. MYERS Oen bit protevvienal scrota,*
J.) - to the citizens of 7tratiebes•cr lane vicinity:
Valine and revidenen, for lbe pre•era.. at Flovedati.
in Blatictievicri tadetedlot:ty above Mall'. N. Marino
Hamm% telikdft
014 co 01 p. l l ,. A t l u le , B B l4 b fn l y sa, Clr i l . ,l ,, g l e m eroplari I
Mill: President smd
„Managers of the Comp.,' lot
„IL erecting a Bridge over the Al!egheity Rsvcr, op
posita Pittsburgh, in the County 01 Allegheny, have
this day declared n dividend of one dollar and seventy
cents on each share of Ice cartel moot, standing in
the name of individual* on the book. of the companyi
oat of the Frog!, of th e" lam sir McCabe, which will
he paid to atochholders or their legal reproreuladeCi
forrtollh. fit 41 '.70111Y HARPER, Treasurer.
•TO 130 AT
100,000 fiet Seecer.ed Deck 1 1 1enk;
100,000 fen Caul Mat roe talc by
• '
Atineney el Law, rectill it
PORWA4III2II2 211411.011ANT8,
Gkarrt.,".• (tl a*4'4 Ferry ran OQks )
- Haying pervionentiv located at this plaee,.a new,
tad ittbotantial Dent, we are prepare d t 9 re.
stirs and forwent p 1. 3 11 1p119 la all paints on the ricer,
and Beady awl Bearer er trOlo Canal... 1f & Co.
[wow, June 13.—JaP4
Dr. 4. Sluriapanil la, or. /Ludlam
PaGiacea lusadl Wood Purigar,
lialrA9 been entenalvily aced for 23 years by
efor •gairo-praice and II con th y e .
'D ceentoen a e A t o the petit w for
the cure at oh
Javat tuts of An bloOd and genteel detaltty, theme
beat, dyspapela, tnlns, broncholg, dropsy,
Curious orbP.M I tithing'', female eemplarnte, Cm ,
alters, Oil., or etuptiens, nod
espietor Ike ski 0, letter, the, liner to:bpi/inn/4 In shot I.
far 411 jimpuriues of the bgal. It le wholly vegetable,
'Opal 10 y'be uthen puller any elrecnnAlltnces PHIL per.
feet .6ftlT • 1 repared ny sztbIUISL:KRAIdER.PaIiI.
OWN DI. • Not oa t wholeaala and reinil, by
je77. . - G 7 Wood et, PlUstion.h.
- ' Itiongum L p.wrietor,
PaLlic Vguaxs,lloilintalaurghi l'a. •
of Sorg= for the& East and Weit also tho Brotortl
Msg . * Jests= his boom. ;
A WL -
M tirls do tor gale by •
CllEb.b.--tOl bra W It Cheese,
.44 bus extra Cream Cheese,for sale by
1,547 WICK & bIert&NEILESB
124 6 „Wniturotf,y .
h oClCLitit
North au
• ' ' LaMar aFR -. 1 - 4iiiriiiite.
ir IntßliY Ill(11C1IFLUD tutu receiver , a eue
in , at new end. beauillul st)le whoa ground Prints
of Lasurtquems. on very fine clothe, VI the low price
of iste,• laeladed to amortmeut eeeyina, blue
be aull ether teflon. Jell,
SoAP—So bxaJt.t xcei yell for gala 7; 7 7 --
1111.110 SON, MIT & CO
PrO27 R —l.°P : ""ti. . f" . ..NVICK fr. Mee AN DLESS
111 • E: 4 4:-76 b.t. Get hani, rat sale
18,111A1/ DICKEY .t.Ci
24 . 7 -
403 an haw Iwo tor We by
- Captain Wittaail. J. Koown.
,aziak: Tb boor ws f in erft Bo
'Omini of th o steamer e Newton.,
and officri f for die Cincinnati end
Fitirinirgh Packet traile,'Atil will
tine Cony ,Wedneftiay, for Cieciritual, jo Via.. of
tho Near .
For freight or piinge antis no bond,Pr. .
G B ttyrittialEnli ER, ...eq._
Only alilem . Ststgltaga
Via Brownville and Cumberland to Dalnman and
Phlladelpida. •
raiz TO nALSIMOIE•-•-••••••••—•010 CO
Do. Put IS CO
TE morning boat leaves the wharf, above -the
bridge, daily, at -8 notch precise:). : 'lime to
Thdtimore, =hoary time to Philadelphia, 40.hoors.
The evertiag , boat t leaves deity, (except Sunday ET.
enings,) at a o clock. l'areengers by leaning on .the.
evening bolt, will cross the mountains in stages nett
day, and thus, avoid night travel.
notate spoor tickets al the Office, Monongahela
House, or St-Charles Hotel.
Detl4-ty ATFARIat wt. Arent
The fast running Cromer
• wELtigvitax,
• Cara. D. Young, will ran as a regular
packet haler.= , Pittnharah. Wheel.
ing,liidgeport, end Bunnab, leaving Pittsbnigh'every
Monday afternoon, for 'Wellsville; f. , "reubenville, and
thidgetiort,andeveryTnnraday afternoon for ;Reuben.
Wheeling, Dridgeport, Cantina, and dpnfish.
Reinraln,., leave. Drldsepert and . 'onfirti ever/ Toes•
day afternoon; and Sunfish every Friday afternoon.
• For freight or passage, apply on board, or to
ap,3o D
r - A - cat7
The splendid last !tanning atearney
r , -LOUIS MeLANE, .W. B. Cowell,
regular ppe hettreen Pit:drargh
and' Wheeling, leasing Ritmo:ago. OtfY
Wednesday and Friday warnings, at 9 o'clock.' • For
freight er passage apply on board, or le
Jani , W. IL WHEELER,Agent.
The splcudil steamer
C. 4 4 t V. fqr nba Tel
del, the !Etta p{ 4 o'c ' tock, P. he P. ' "o Th." -
klrrghl 0/ peony, app i l , o i ll . tv i ani,o, l a
. .
iie;aileadli ncem er
Wilkins, maget, Will leave r
Intermediate perm ,o,!. at :re
led% last, at 4 <Velar k P " n3 '
Far freleht or eau aie . epply board. jei
' • - The splendid aMttraer • •
master, 'MIL OG
leave for. the
above and all Intermediate ports on
this day, the etla Mat ,at 10 o'clock. A. M.
For Beight or passage. apply on board, or te
SUR CINCINNATI fr. HT. 1.01119.
The splendid new summer
J P. Boyd, mestergalll leave for T he
and all tatermidgoto porm, on
this tiay,lsdi Mat, of 10 o'clack A. IL •
For Bright er Passage. apply on board. J 715
i! , , , lrrirs :FERRY, 'OLD CEA 90/011'
The, rtes and liarti draught steasaer VOCCOI7O6IIE.
NYC mill make daily nips berowen Pitlebergh and
Glaramer, (Pundaya ezeepted,) leaving Glasgow at 7
A. M., and Pittsburgh at 31, P. M.
The Yotur),Mgheny is bat 15 Inches , draught,. and
enn he ached on as a regular "packer , littnsgheat the
maven For freight or passage apply an boatd.'or to
JelB BIDIORI.L. Agent.
. BIDWELL Cc CO., Gummy.
§PgEP I NPREASggie . •
niicit2 1850. Maa
1111111.11 ER AllBAllollllpirra
'cr.irraaL ROII ROAD 'firer TO aravptorrorr,E PA.
Two Dully Lion '.Expriss .Packet Boats
#4g cent,
(Exca.u.ivxty rat Pausnarks,)
Via the Coatial Rail Road and Pertn'a Canal.
240 miles Rai/ Rood, and 140 In/lea Caned.,
Time—:Abetas:— Fara-410 throoyl.
The Portage Rail Road it passed in day light.
oafter 11,1, date, Ilolh Junc,)the Canaat Rail
}load will run Two UAW( 44.1.1 x,
front Ileartintrdon to Philadelphia. The the
above, road and rho Allegheny Ponstee Rod: Hoed
are all new _ and of the very hen dereriptom In the
country, and with the Increased ~,ed•on the anion:
wren eh with devpatch.
A Packet Doss willeave every morning at 6
"cleat, ar.d every ,eolng at Dp'clock.
For noel-, Fiverd, and Comfort, tone le de:
eidedly the most preferahle now In use to the Coulon
ea to 11 LEECH /I CO, Conal
P. 2,—On the Int Ireptcsnher,tho Cenral Road.
will be open to 110 tidayslurg, when paSseOgilt vol
itiirithci% 185 0. gam
.11.1enver Panne.) blFirCtE.Z.Zl'rL R.
Kcal}:l ( o4 . llV.P!
PACREISi :awing and abipple& between Final:arab
and Rocbetner by steam beam ZilichisAn, Lake! Erie,
and Bearer.
R3"Gend• heeeipted and prompßy delivered to all
places on ibe Canals and Laker, at the lover rate..
Shoppers will please direct enor?s,a .11141weira
- \V4.ter it, Pittsburgh.
CHAU i:00,G0iI,
J. Euront,, Jr., Seel. I R. limas, Jr., Praet
Will inure agelort all klods et rink%
LL lona will be liberally attlasted and promptly
A home lortitution—manosed bi Directors who era
well known in to community, end who are determm.
ad by promptness erA laheralky m maintala tha char
am: which they hero &turned, a, °aerie, the heat
proteetton to thr wh de,iro to be Insarea. •
o Jr., , Geo. Bla ck, J. W. natl.:,
N. Holmes:Jr., Wm. U. lio.npea, C. Ihmsen, Get, W.
Jaekaon, Wm. PI. Lyon, J.. Lippineon, Zla. S Junr-alAn:l7, Alex. Nirulek, Thos. Scott.
Omen, No: ft-Water street, (wareholue of Sp nog
& Co. no sloirs,).PinaborgS.
• • R. Alk. CONNING'S/kris
• InnoLt s ALE GROCER, Produce, Forwarding,
-IFY• and Commission Merchant, sod Le-Merin Pitts
burgh Manufactures, No MI/Libeny sweet, Ppuiletreb,
!rt or odd
breath may be attributed to a neglent of the meth,
by which tartar is allowed to accumulate upon them,
sod calms finally enter. •When thin le the cone, the
breath °mem otherwisethan.bad, and the persega
them settled not only suffer horn a consciousness of
such bring the feet, hat aro chrolatelr disagreeable to
every one they approach. JULES 11AULJ:S PURI ,
reused) for btif brcrith, but will prevent the teeth and
gums from becoreing dizetmed, and give to the
brilliant swimming. Charge/at is admitted by all tibia persons to be one of the greatest dainreeting
•grata known, and is highly approved by al/ our brat
Dentists as dentifrire. The greatest objection to its li
use heretofore ban beeri the dig/cony of getting it
pure and One from coarse panicles. Thu Pb RIM!)
CHARCOAL TOOTH PASTE entirely obviates/ this
difficulty, as the eon] (rent which oat formed is popl•r.
wood, burnt In an lion cylinder, and reduced to an
Impafpable - powder. The other ingredients of the
Paste art •ana no have received the appronstiou of
'our mon defeat:lSC Dental Sargcons, and are all bare ,
Petal In their effects. Hy the one of Jules lisuePs
PariSed Charcoal 'Leath Prim, the most discolored
tenth will, in a Short time, assume a pearly whiteners,
and spongy gems become Arm and lice/thin .
JULLS HAUEL. Perfumer and Chemist,
- • 110 Chestnut street, '
For tale wholesele and retell, by D. A. Fahnealnek
& CO, 'and It. R. Sctim, Pittsburgh; and Jobu Sap.
geed and J Mitchell. Allochnn COY. P.- 43
Valuable Property:for Bale
AGREEABLY to the lost will and testament ot
the late Watt. Terre, - deceved. sph.
aerirper area for sale s on Very StheoMlooollong . terms,
either the whole er a port or the property barraging
to the eetale of the said Wnt.'Tsese, sitaale on the
west sion of Itend street, nefeliehlg the Allegheny
!fridge, ea neirtitur of .1 three erery banner, two to them
nearly new, pl.astally sawed and io gocderdor. .
and en
tire aorta
or fldiVeleee lotso, a of grated roljltainthe log
p the above—.
t May Jourchaser.
Also, advent' lots In the enmesh or Lawrenceville. -
A 3 the object of the 1100 1110 Infect the preecede
for the benefit of the fa mayor the demeaned, the greater
pprtion of lee pereliese =one; con be rammed foi
artleen peon.
11. is propene , presents it (seeable apportunitY for
any atto wanting a comfortable heac on easy terra.
rpo LILT—One of the iLovii tc.061 to
4. a g . ood Mama al a very law Mu , -
for &filter ttpply to
R. IA RAY. Actin% tirreuto4
or to 14 JONPAt, l/nuar.l,l.ll,,tr at.
f'!}lll3 neicSr fulddirctirt Dectroyer, mud cenato cure
(or Dor ; 1 / 4 •41t1e, vie and lullatned Eye",
Cuts, n'ecodsi .., iinsilatnty IlbeumClortu,
SiNeMingi, t.traine t BGlV Ipp Ica, ltroYera Ilretnt,Na it
Rii6nA, old etl'ittvetcrap. cotes, .4.1
..11141113701 1 1.1{1.e.ta
:CoOntericith of DALLEV'S EXTRACTOR In the otz
‘VILOTII3I. Elockl 1130 mark ct. them ) Ott Wen
p.m.!! . buying toe enidta to the NEII7 PRE TO
you ovoid 1t o danger of Imposed upon by'coun.
terfelto arc Outoot of gettin.; Guntne, nod gam,
ufactover, nCII Irce , ll 0.-I!Ae,,vel..ACe•
Caution to Ileitisrai -
Gress imposition is pructlecd open ihrnen , t by ea.
ecrupttlaus crorntets, Who put up we couwerlen cog(
in tioeunteritit of the aid wrapper, mixed with n fete
;„, x ,„ p me genuine in cacti dozen, and thus ad, it
for Gala at a reduced price: Thin nal; catches ninny
dealer.; but the eentidinn innocent consumer. ache
uses die epode:ls article, pays the penalty: itafferma,
pain, unsightly seers and marka rcsubing from Aerate
burns, wounds or Sores, .a go. of We Inel
era the coinnt.enC..
Cup In Point & ising Particulars
wan. of the oast taverely burnt and injured %utter
er. at die-late and disastrous .I.IAGUIS trITINtIT
PIASSION, In Near Yerlt.wil I shortly he, publohed.
Mind the NEW t.,'NvELorts, the LARGE BOX
ES, and &P AuTnimuznu AG FIN ! I
orpee theilicce Circulars for IMP.
Mark the
, bo o s on the new dress: —lhe Triansle.,
smcni, Lien, kin, Dove, and Basta, and '11.• Deers l
(D - tiveid dallier.. end trend, and buy Dollop's Nu.
tractor exit. in Ito zncn , tan. pad L.Ltf...lnorn. '
• IL liALLkili, 4t3 Broadway, New York,'
' tirniT F' Scuwatru, solegitcap,tiostalia - land, ‘Vholas'
sale Agent • . •
' Wta. Tun* Agent, Pittsburgh. • ' '
Innsft?... atlk Cars who priture
lap Salve inn, from cutler the propriewr
or from his authasizal agents, will be published
sho piftrijos nolo ISthe public tit Elder timbal'
' ; .F ( Nlailitrff34ll4 s
. . ,
THESE DIES haeig been hdopted and highly approhed in all the principal shops in New Yark
end Philadelphia, ore offered to manulheturers nurehinids, Ship trniths,..4., with tire ritstrol CP/.
lidence, tm the most per t article in ureter 'elnling renew,.
Their superiority ov: _any 'other Does. hereh.,gere ,„ e d , ~is y, i n j r. ,nuit,..j a TE,,,,16
Screw, whether Vor sr.tueng ihrend,he 0 . - uPs ,, -/ng.vr 11 , iroo to Io . 111 ,.hrhielt rerpnre n. s.'..ftiri , St
, r0,, , ,...ati0n,- on the (lit" rid the thread pro of Sr wild ela n, wrilikin mini:l,ft in The knot;
to or
fkeir w' g ' rent f
er dornbility,pipiility, rind Nrfect IL. n of work; nod in their sitnplicnty sin] little liability .
. • IC•rtllleateS,, '
FanAbii.ll4, Ang.17,1649.'
This is to certify that we bays purchased (004 P.
W. Gates the right of ks:ng his patent Dies for env
tier bolts In ens opinion, his LTta we inch cape:
•ior to any oilers we aro acquainted rite for tha
Purpose of cutting bolts.,
• ' MORRIS & CD. "
PrmAorumsi. Sorg. 21, INA
Haring had P.W.Gates , Patent,Dles in nee In ens'
eatabliactent ler the last Moe menthe. for cattine
tolls -e Can in every respect teecomneed them In
Ibe .elphrgi tem., as we have laid all others away,.
they beit4 rn fur sokerier—conaidering diem 75 per
cent. cheaper than any ethers new In use.
• Peon Werke; re:.
. .
nig la to certify thst we have pigehmed the nght
to me, and adopted In car bannesa; P tV Gates , Pa
tent Eorew Cone; which we highly orprove of. We
can do moth none work, and we behave Ityn.ll ant
pm. is dnrabiliry an/ precision, as rdneh as economy
of Inbar . , any . dles known to no
!,1011LUB, Tesstt, tr. kIORHIS.
PnaancLrina, 10, month, ?.. 2 3.11 day,1149.
. .
Nese Youl.,:Any. 19,184 y.
Ifavlns seopted P. IV, Gates , "Patent Die , far ct
tins bobs, we take pleasant in saying, that it et ,,
than answers our expectations, and:batty no hero..
Linn In pring it as our opinion, that It far excels any
ether plain present use for coning bolls.
•_.TP 14EC9fl 4 cc.
w. hnvo P. W. 01;ne'Titient rke for. cattir.g
strew:, kad tee economy of taint
_them In so very
considerable, that we look op:dated as indlsperum
lola to every estoblhatment ,kaving tny quantity, of
screws to Pat..
ItreCOIOIICK, OObEN & CO, 61e710, ISO. •
Onrrs..vca Orm, MaktintaTox,; elb Sep-. 19.
1 hire pu re bcted of W. H. Sr..o7Llik. (0, lbe Unl'e
th.•ht W :min tke arsenals and Emu.
A LONG DOOM over n o ir , . Connolly's Dry Good.
a t . h o g to . re lu i r lt .s e ‘ vooLu t lvr c. l on firOvbed,and furnished
iy4 Myren sutel...-
& 0. GASSAM.
Arp liAragi
NEAT' Two titer' , Dwelling Reim, on Penn et,
meth:ogee In tac mort desirable ran of We ef y.
po c r prraeulars, ongalrc at No 119 remanent.
frIVO Brick Dwe Routes, in fkiverah Weird, on
Centre Avenue or Allee:114110 Ron& • Rent low.
Enttniro of JORNMATT fr. CP
• TO Tr LVor
TOE larre eeaurroatena &Welling flu
end Lot,. which are a good Stable and
, Carriage Ilonse,,heing the pro per of,
, and lone the restdenee of Era Jane M
gee, sheeted otrWelmer n, ear Seventh
stmt. For terms, apply to , LOWREE
my2dtf • 109 Wylie st.
Ts Ley
AI BUILDING, GO feet, OM. r.str
l ' i ß gb, Erg . ue, 4;; locutaii itt Dirtitingh
kisamritriy gehra .' llieFrrry. Enquire of . rsorl - ,
Pittsburgh Foundry
;To Lot,
(PRE large three easy Brick Warehdosse, on Water,
below Fein suet; nutting from Water to Fast
stet, au reasonable tenni. Possession given lame.
diately. EtKulta of • •
V FOR 4.;.11,,A.'Liit of- Prawn' situate an Penn
siseet,L4tween Rey and alubery stieets, adJoining
the house and lot now oeeuried by Rieherd Edwards,
having a front o(2 fee; and in depth DO feet, will be
sold en favorableterres.. Title rinezeeplionable.• En.
quire of • C. 0.1.00)111/3,4th et, neap Wood.
Property in allognalay city to= 111.10:
THE stanenben ceer for sale a ambeio Chu,
LotiOfita.. is t i c Vardifromin %on .
ih24111,11, .74 Z.,' c air Ia
• ore fJASIIO}IIIIBONon 11.crectlsvr. • •
• : 1i717:42mt.f7, .
To Efoutherst arid - Western llierohastlii,
e Et, a anaibor respectfully invites putilis'airlantion to
his extensive iteet of Perfumery, a whirl. :having
Crsams, he.whirl.Seimn . Silver and two Uolden
Medals later, within the fart six years, been awarded
by the Institut. of New York, Mama, nod 'Philo
' dolphin, the latter being the only Gold.. Medals ever
awarded for perfumery cither in Easiope-or in Md. i
country. .
Rosman, VNILIYALL2II Snaralo C5a.01: fiilmond,
Role, Ind Ambrosial,' universally - acknowledged to
he - vane - Sot to any Shaving Creamy in Ibis counary or
o ,fta , f.suv. nun S,oxvtiea•—•Deastlif , aliy trtuwparenb
ego nos:Terme high Saponeeeous and emollient
• ettinertler; Swoonascons Compound; Mahn:lntl Shalt
leg Tubas; Slattery Shaving Soap. l
Su r rar is t aToluarSoartmend,Reise,lllillelleurs,
Iknlum,Pinachlo, ItlbsY.Patehouly,Umailms, Float
ir.t. Ttmsparent, Olive Oil,Mhadnor, lad Circarsian.
Idantarrs too Toe Usamanacnars— , Rose, Jasmin,
tionient deConolias., tleranions,Jenny•Lind, Mousse
toe, doelrey Clot., Aloemolia, Clernalite, Citronelle
Some, and many other varieties, in all istaty diforont
perfume,. '
Ton-az Warans--Florida Water, Etat de Toilets,
Orange ' , Jeerer Water, and. Vein Variety of Co.
lotuts cad Lavender Waters • ' l
Pp....5l Landoll MIK JUM--tlenattno Ilexes Qii,
Annemc 011;ne, Eau borate) Clone, Gorn
to:Lei On ilitzrovo, !lair Dye', lipstick and . in powder,
and Tbilorome, "lien:inc e and Jenny lend Pommes,.
• Unoaraute Purratartons—llalsentio Elixir, Ross
Troll, fusee, Charcoal Dentrifide, Udontios, Tooth
Patio and Tooth Powder.
Ces l attenes—Vrgetable Cosmetic Cream, Amtmtliaa
far chopped !mode, Cold Cream of lioies, Cream de
Perm. Lip Stitt, tiotpberly Croml, too
penile:my Powders, fez removing ettncrilvous hair,
Pearl Powier, Viamgre de Rouge, .armbmie Vinegar,
Victoria Uric Lot:once/ton, Priwton Saba, betide,
terror variety or other ankles, too numereus to be
namolldn Itisadvertisersent.
The aabscriher bar vs to maintain — the reputation t
winch fats estardithmeat has acquired, by daspomes
at nethiag bat fan - rate or deka, and will be happy to .!
furnish those w,t,C. may with to patronize him. ether
whoicealo or lota, on era reasonable term as map es- i
tablisliment in the tinted Butes. • f 0 j
--- ~ / . XAVIEI4II6ZIN, g
of Eiteecer.ot4o sad funnel. Dineen. of the Le bet awry 1
, • . 114 Chesent.suset.
Alt. Parlitia Parfet:acre to for see by 4tll theDdeei- 1
pot Drurßi4te In the emus. • 5tp17:4171
1i1114.5, We... Poorer, Dwelling- nouns ut . d Lots, and %lL cotalflootatnatlog:oto of Enghton, Dear
rot- m , ,na throca grout& nod.lamo adjoilia. ° aid tow,
rot: •
Our Ism three story llocoing bill, with Lour per nf Gee
feet huts, and nil the atschirsty hr nisoolltetwing Extra
b.:F.l , l=r, Silts Drina Corn Blest, fe. A ma boat nay
kdd and auk.= at the trill.
' Alen, a Cotton Factory with 16W Spindles, fir Spinning
colturi It
Moo. w•lut aground upou which is erected • large and
solislannil It talk M..= Hold, of coma and hikke
ttotiis id: Brink Sitchen, Wash Hooseand Bake
House, Frets- Ttees, Shru b bery, 4.e., a tray' desietible
convey restdcoce. Also, about twenty Intl : with Hove].
'of:Ariel, Fru.. ke ,tretted thereon o f griller end less
sloe a I value, beautifully situated. 'Also,:ho building 104
:of various sires.
Also LCD wry, unhopeored,. and entillile tor E L,
Muddle:ark; etc, with the regund water:mete Agua-,
=kin, The oh.* Mills, Water Power, Lo dwellat
Houses cod Lots are idol= upon tbs. oildillatidls or Boner
me*, where the GS is twentyereet Lf thd who's =lmo
lhoriver. Ad.nrnik, With a fall alb of about tiu feet,
G about one mile above, and Velem and Him bright, o
=dot diem= below The Ohio and Stang Itahrond (o
legitimation of the reana. Railroad from Phila. to nu,:
buss hl pus al through it to the him and, the fsr West;'
th.lagh the Vest lb brat Garner of the U. whith toot
coon laSk< Beaver Falls the Itooliestar for Flouring Mille,
The emit firm ONO to t h e Lakes also pas of io frail df et.
Also a teotot 735 Acres or Lend overlooking thereto of
Cover, adjoining the lower rod of Drisheeniist view or lb*
dual to Cr, and Clielsodosti aloof the rairroad. The
liatelLood too, Pi tibargh to Cleeelintd passes Hiroo: it,;.
Mure then rucks d wad under foneserergleveL and en,
table for ;Meadows sod Gardena. foil rorliand well Otter.
ed,ind avein tf coal under. Wilt to sold ;in whole oria
dt porchasets. Alio,. trite o{ 4511 tern of
Lid, bounded by the pool of the tonal 0111 042, east. by Ad.
atereillo on the with. hy Bright.= the extort ,
In vaguer.. u,e Ohio and Lou,,. Hail /laid, about 3.10
cleared. Their ate= Leis loads law well built two story.
moue Lowe, alb a three story 010.1 dwelling . Ileum sot
other building:. The lorgeit gory of the tract is level and
rich, and for inioty of location, fertility of 'soil, and promlii.
of tpeedy 1010 gloat inerrant It, value. ts tattlarPassed is
tern Po. osylean la, his well topplied with timber, unlsod
never failinpriusts of pun walerood ;small adapted to
fanning, rinlining.or tor private reddcor.4 and wilt he
=ld whole or in yesatitict to Ault parchware. ,
With the =quelled water power jest add= and below it,
avFit. WriStlird geographical pails. it =lin it=eass. in
value more
vat Hly perbajd than any alb= theta of land to . •
A 1.3,62141 ef ground_ facade in New atighton,ewt o
the totem; path oohs e.nal; sod bounded by 6,lsetwern th
bridge. dam and lock of the, part anew •Wd part bolo
the Altana, • •
All this property sit brattlifullr situated, in Orrdthy to .
tI7,‘LbOXIII.IIII 'with coal, limbo., building widerials,Ac.
Slut but three to lira and • haifoults !ma the thin Wror
and Rik. from I'dtsbncgod 'the carnal xbielsparw, i
aLGlrdsrerwatinicatttaz troth the Ohio a:want Luc tri• a
twin sad Tire twid; and the Calla and Penna. It.. Hood, no
haattelnd 6 completion. and which plow through mach o
it, will bring it within as how cr less time el ratsburgh,
and paw sit and through it 11, great flood or rossangent, pr..
doeennacrchandina fin u the bait and WU..
As as t un far tcaw fscturw a mechanics. glirdeners, or
rOr "11l risottos,' for wen of bus 1./ in hltSbar:th or
for pore le itanstment If watch no place now WI.. so
.. 1 .,
inlay intl.-Wm... •
Tams at ule w 4111.9 reacrombir mt advaramm.u. to por
chosen P., fu:th.r pulicualy coquize of Jame. ratter.
rit I.'.:Jhv7 Auarogaat Lan irtd" Real ra.? Ag.ntr,
N 0.1117 Yount, ...see., eittabory.h..'
EARIS&DROCKIVAy, enmene,lon:nlyydu,,,ty,
erwementO Cltyi'CLlffetten. 1411.31 advancce
lemlo en conslgeM.l4, .4 agency busmcss
promptly Ixtlewleo
5 a.. wZniccuwAT,
4 • ..Nrsnayzort
J. 1-lAIi:3.I'I3OPS sic w Etta.,
ntqo TATE c0:01ISSIONER for µMN/ Deli..
k t S anion S s, Acknowledgments of Deeds, Ac,
Odlne—kottetlt meet, above Entithfiekl. '
ususre.taao, wet.= sad7l.lttalactrii-ti.
Telegraph Conapalsy
IN parr:mance of n ...dation of the Dordd ofDirce
lrna Of the Cleveland; Warren and. PnuWrsn
Ta raPil Y, requesting the See retary to
out and ransom be published in the newspapcm
the bee, an exhibit of the fmancial and outer ad'airs
this company. 1 sabtalt RepOrt—
: The line or Telegraph commence,. at ,:leached and
ternunatra Pitablagh, pawing throwth ChoPin
Tolls. Franklin, NeSstoWra, Vhooe•wwn,
and Lowell, in the State Of Ohio. and PieroCastle and
Rochester, Si the state- of pemt.ylvanuyst which.
Points dm , '" ate &aces-located for the rhecipt and
lrilll / 1 11104 olionniblacce.
• 'run whale tench of the Doe is 143 mihith . —Capitel
&6 /t - Z/Z 0 Per latM, making - 11. tail capital same ut I
aajo: , o, of Win en name& $ 1021213' I, held by cid:arm,
alone she line, and the balance In held ur Cornet.,
Speed, the cyan/mum. The above amount of
sellinuana by have been paid to' Cornell*. I
Speed, for which the Trustees have Sack rencipt.
• ltlkthr • JEIPERSON LIALBi, &tertiary
it t e7XlNli7/1.3.01!)5ys stm aalgra
. ..
ties under thy syperylsinn is! dn. Depsnmelst, P.W.
Gates'.Patent ',lean-ter euitier.eresvi,ot, %scat, they
having been , tried in vivant the: large arsenals, •nd
found to be very ebeiert and vane gent-
A. TALCUTT, Col. Ordinance. •
Maass. or Yana Onn oen; \. I
Wartime - ma. Sept. CS, IE4:
Considerinp Gatos' Patented Improvement for eat-
Stra Screws on metal to he valiant* one,
authority of the POnorahler Se eretaty of the Nary,
purchased of the Attorney. onto" Patentee, Wm. H.
Statile, and Samuel Plower, 1.34 thexight to map.
and use caldinaprocement for the U . S. N.Y.
..10.3EP11 SMITH. Cidef of Llama..
ass also by . '
Benin Woks, Bodsio;
Res., R Al/110Y, Bochetter;
Roston lc Co, Gloucester:N. 'V;
, Slay wood & Snyder, liebnylkill Ccatrir;
Birbeek; New Yknk; • • .
Moan: Delaratinr,oPbcraix."Nr, Y
H. K. Dunbaun &'Co, hew York;
Demand & Co, Ifiontmext Wart, anti;
Van Corea, Bothester: •
Alm & Ayres, how York;
Aliaor Works, do;
Pe.tac d hlarpy, do;
IVest Point Foundry; o. ,
Norris & Dro, rkiladolobia;
A Jenks, Breedesborab I's; t, • -.
I '` 4 7?Fatrne%tpn°,l.r.::ir ; c l New Ye'k;
Anresskesn Co, Alar.e4ester, Ist
Lyman eon ber, Fond, Boston,
•' •
No 1 11itchuic,10 refs ' dies . tope RI •
to 2 fn. mi. 1:1111
Not do 8
No 3 .do. CI do 4o Ito I , Nit'r ice: .
, . Ito p
All otters atalreect,l to MAW. (idles, Chlces°, G.
E. Usitcoo; New Volk, IL D; lit:intuit) In en, Phits•
do:4Vn, and IL It Scoville & Eons. Cstetteo, lee Dies
cod Tv:, nrnh of 'radiant msehincs:for using act%
will meet with, prompt attention. ,
'Wean°, Slcy 2, ten.. .-. '
coirizaTionr '
•_ . .
Fmn visacti.:A=44.=, e.serwl Di.ictsaar
Dr, Guyana's Nxtraot or Yellow Dealt
wad haraptparins.
Cam conratiption,racrefaltyeryripelas.rhearcatism,
gout, ham. complaint', setnel allhations,Olcen4
pldit. dr0p5y...4.4 rilF4, 1011,F07, ract.ll.ol
the bhulder.d kiancya, VAClrtUntli Inmates ear.
rapt bunion,
twit of Woad to the bead, react and
Egoe.l , lDßlCeOloptalnis, aetcral ayrpep
eta, lota of aptletits.beadatthe, aelds, taativc.catt,
grovel, night aticata, cholla, organic aretllo.,
pa ID:tattoo 'of the Lean; like, paths lat the Elk,
chest, ' • . ' '
It fa Infallible In diseasin (rota stai
pare state oftke ; blood, theor Irraguleattatiori of the eyo.
. . •
I• In tl , t , " Vget2 l .l. Kth?datai . ita wise Befog ba
.deposited 'pleats and herbs; e4ogortjat; to oor corstito
tijos, ond •daplod to-ho care of disinse; and to tb•
amietas/e/rl4dom does the reason et Man, as oral/ o
the irztinet of aril No tarn fet antislotes tOP4irk
STritP ia a selentiEe compound of tile mart ►et .
stable plants In nature, entirely frii.from deleterious .
and etervaiiirg. mineral eubst4c4l. and as it expel,
disease from 00 51SISM, loop arta proilita stroalthil,
aarrompandinederroo. , : • '
egmaanlinary east o,Elerafiolakyolpelha end (I
cers, cared: by tles sale ore Of Cr. GuyscoPe Con
pound Syrap,Yellaw Dock eel Sarsaparilla. -
DL llsodanstr,
Contrty— ,, Slci tender iny Sancere thanks for
the great benefit I have derived from the Me of yoor
valuable syrdp. I have been :troubled very bad alt.,
Femihlov..s more, 'reed made 'its niece/Imre to •
ehm. I dia.not pay, each CltClololl to It It first, sup
poring nip be nothing Lot so. Ctolololl that upper. ,
°hoarsen's far r." lly beganto inereoac, amtil
spread bOr .acepart of theliend. ' I applied to
physician, who attr_eled me +Will no pupas.. I bed
used every thing that coed be fried.' I atm:your Syr
up. of Yellow Dock and Sorraphrillot, and concluded
to age it, for I lees, that VelliversCock was 03C of the
most valuable melts In the world for the blood. I
betelayonr Syrup, and from tke are of one Louie, I
coed roe a groat change In My, IT . fatern: Icentirittel
to poets wail I - wag a well man. I now fool like a
new ponce my blood is perfeely cleansed and fora
from ail imps rltir a There is not a question ,hot tha
.your newly dircovettl compaand is far - seperhay ft
soy sanapatilla syrup, over sold. •_
Thm.pertificutn is at your de , ,tosal to publish If yea
like, mid any one you May reef tome. I del be hop.
;Too jOlOl them all ea infooretion Lear 10•00 t toy
033 3110. I remain your obedient screarth
ficuhae,G. Jotrmorti
• 113filarket =met
. ,
The hut &nude medicine k,twti. To 'Extract."(
yellow•Doek mid Sarsaparilla Ira porttive r speedy,
and permanent 'cure far all rompleints incident tq
IH • mild, a lterative FE rro/L Ee. s
applicable in slender nod
irend e•
e r n i n t i p•l t e i c a rit t i a n a .
the female. It is earivalledltilie erects upon. SUCI.
climates ra incipient conaamptian, Garrotte en, It,.
fOrrboca, Cr velure', irretolar alcronmanda,
AGC,C , Or trine. and Emit rat itrao net". of Ma system:
/t Item eCiately ccrellt.:(Zetithlit ntllCOu9-
net, and latent:lde w Common tco the female frantic,
I and imparts an merry end lmoytancy arrtarpriainc es
' they am gratecel. '‘Vo hart evidence nn. Which
mn.•• lla stro n gly tn recommend lids medicine to
mar riedmar people ho have cot keen Itlemett widtion
. •
enotazionr Vera,. or Yelling lei the !Womb, of ATa
your,.. eased byl.fle.Gtrfsbtre Extras:of
yellow Dock and Satsaparlia, alter tarty atkar
! known remedy knit lven Die :without reiler.
• I.kb., .
Thi s certifies this my wife, aged 27.yettra,
been sullerings' under Mc. abate ecruplautt for five
earn—near/I yearn
at that tiros chnsned to herbed. I
Gave for four constantly calphsyellthe beatated•
lent talent tact could be proeu•ed in this lacuna arta.
country, letiltonat.any benefit isttatever. ;I have also
purchased every instrument .7/Commended for :Dt•
corn of each di,maser, all' of tvllle4 proicd worthleas.
In: thespring of lets, I woe : lei:need by my tenda .
to trt Gty.c. Yellow 'Dock nod Dorsagarilla,, •
Whie amused for (Sur months:. After vie had used
It for, about:font weeks. it war evident to kit Wet adtli
st".. Miltretring, And from Mid here she isngroged rap'
idly, and gained flush Lad strength, stmil the discorri
was eQarely removed, end' he it now enjoying moat
excellent health. ONFltar. • •
WO being trighbora of Vl:tar:and Julia Idlinrcek t
know that toe above auttesucm,is to the tdeletteen
Alia. Menton, , and at to ow ore being cPected i.
Daysottla Yellow pock and Sarlaparilla. to he strictly
tsar. • ' JANE, lIDDY:
;G4ve.t. Curs 4ik - Zlostaumptiosx.
HANIILTOtt, January:. IST:
Me. Bernet—Dear Si:: The great ',,Conlit Nutria., I
have derived fnom into Ertreal Of Yellow Dock and
Sawararilla,lndneer me, as an act off uatice, to mak.
the followicqwthroept:
After ww 1r (or two
in years'froirr;entral debility
which finally Drminatedconeinuptiot,l %vac:given.
op Icy my friend', and , phyllielablOta l'e)exil the aid of
modlcina 'ti a 16E1 resort, I was InOUCed to try
your Extract, and. !taring Jusal'lhi, two bottles, to.
cordnig yo' your dinictiour, I rim entirely
would therefore: <tune WIT rccontinend your nOiliooil.
led Courpoond to the htilicted Naha (4,51 re a cameral,
pleasant and safe reufady., Gratp . your friend,
None geOnine Indere pul ars e mine re.but
containing et quart end the adult at the wimp bloom
in we gime,. With the Written 'Fret:mute of S. r. Ben
nett on the outside wrapper. Price SI Pct fiord ; o r
nix battles for PS
It is said by d. D. Peek, cnnxr H
of runner and Wel -
nut streets. Cmeinuati, Olun, General Mint for tea
South and West, to Wham all cadent muse be address'
Carter 'Dro W. I'. Jaiton . k GO., Water.
cord; Olin k Clemons, Crossingtire; Turret!,
blontroset Hiram ails, Tosranda;,-Itztotrt Dor, IN'elLs
boror 4 lioderiek, Callensburxt I,lVlleor, Jr . Pitts
burgh, comer of Inket street Loa the Diamond.
icr trartrolia AIM 61... 5”... , v..--atetv.t.,,. fat
ba o,m-feel 'Soap causes u free porsprabOn, r bd. a
the same hues au:tithes, itett,.ns fed "'Whine the skin
Ewing it the textere and Lvolzial an ArfunVo.
Set ere, Eara Hamra aNo SonL,k me seen , nal only
healed, but cured by as ate, MO I exst terert I brats
clans/a New Verb booty, who Note (tin Bush CU..,
and and it unfailing—. also In
liaises, IlLmetrc, Faxectee, or may other at rt die..
ease. Tito reader tat ors.tre.: tirrt Owl or . u clots
pulled ncratruin,o3 ens trail] ,wall 111,,,e. I teal] to..
morale at least Edpersons cared Of -
Lroan 11....501.b I:sesame Pere Dergn ay it,
and aee It, and the reader I. aguliteLssured I 'redid
not erectly sell It for the above .1/oral tbowl to to
aB I state. Tense who ere ;bible to
aluvo,, of Clfari.brb•ran, wall Yrol lb's!.
cum. Any 011 e alb...Al:with ony of ibCf.oolle. A' SILL .
blur ceroots, will and this ell cads rea room( . on.ra- r
Li e i t , it, properties:than ]cute ,
Bt, reader taw .Items are goaded with lini latent,
led' be sure yoe rase for JONI:old It ,Lan C entire!
Cap. Bold by WM. JACILSUN, Ploladerty street,
Pittsburgh ,I . logg Ca XL`
. ...,_
IL/ Toe mane or A vmr. RYPIII.II It r ot Note moat
cite than a bed, puled breath, or data, yellow ater,,,,,,
ed teeth. If person, base then it is they 0 . 1711 hull
they can, furstrso shillings, bey an artrle that will
talk e their breath pure and Sweat ea Ike 4iry a* •
It r tires diseases of the GUMS, opingy or ulcerate e,
and f.n. ilia Teeth ills unequalled, retconcg the tatter.
fastening the., ter-th in the gutne, and elon theft so
winos as the 4,tlily fans/rims curial'
Sorb, hod, rt the properucauf
Tootle ow; without praLsing if boo r
whore:a° of our room rerrrotobto and aLientlfie VW -
dels,lltr. I:. Field, of New Yorg, rays:
.I. have both used and analit.nithoi Looborr , and It,
palpable article, (Jere& .brober Tomb r rto,) o r
eon reroute:vend it es possums lathe nua, , tieseluag;
rd for Il i " Wader, Wacanasy Lo Isere to coma e e
r IF .I T , a l t r ip o rn7 ,. !=ru i rmg.,i ' „ l : l . h
in r a w lt.ll, lo f ." .r .. :i
e.ito. tiold by the Agent, IVPI JA,rhOtvi, CI9 Labe y r
' S2 . u -S ° 'lll u turltits
' clef. d.tvv7.' f
tlie ff ritowon ".s g In Te z tg:4l r qu ' arti o e r a a ri ' i r a I , ';`,',!:4; e a.,
Jells Coral ' time ItelloruiVe. .tr tcey a's., our
avfird, they cannot thew sagely rerpranauia =UNa
who have tned it-
Mr. fire. Itettet, ii nu' v, Nero York.
Mrs Matilda Reeves, Myr: e aril:mos. 7n.
Mr. Vim. Tompkins, Lit hang st.,,iew Yet t•
:his. Thor.. 10010,, , ,,,p1erneu, Ista,hl, near rtstaLa ..
/I.E. Cullen, la, barer: 9l.Cruubd it L.. A , acrirt.
,'.And more thee a bushed elf eructutr, theLgh tat
toast goatee, that it erad force t'vr.) , ..Jr to greet ea a...
s.,d or (...,,, Mop II 1.1,7 tot', rtro , l^....bro the I , Id,
removing scarf 0.1.1 Jai 'lva Ppm te;. roe., enar,illg
Algbt, red, or goy Ltd, assume a ( attlark loot, Na,] dry, harsh of utlry . Is,: roacrt,TOrr, clean cad
teculs:ol. ss. very, fr, ty !,,,, or, . I
, 1 / 4 ,4,1 by the Ay0t.1..V..31..110.70:c, go% Liberty st
pi:cam's!, Price 37f, fe errata, 001,1 coo dollar.
nen il.tvr
1....4.4114444.41.; t0h1.4 . 11.2
They are cotavrore how frigh Aru
trully4itUrtoos It to
to Ore strut how coarse, ho'vr rough, bow eel.
.low, yellow, and unhealthy Lie stta op.
yeays ollerbAingprbparedbiblkl•
ogles It is'lrounoutr, continring
' largeqtrantoy of I.lad
We have prepared 4. berrnOfol 'vegetable rove's',
which we call JONI , At SP4,11114111,14„Y MTh,:
It is rrerfeetiy irraoeent., Cerny, rr,, o f of el: ;It/ et 4
- Obit ritottUllet; and it imparts to thu orralaroh
thy, Ulatootr,. b:C2r, aVIW wrmot. LI the rhotto rirart
=hug us a 001.19000 on the SYra, oruktogit tort nod
gold by lob Agent, Wil..i.A.MStr,N, 210 LA
arty 41, Pithsburalh. Prue errata— ' ihr,47:rht,T
DT r ien l4 kft,:*sN ~ .i4PeOalikian?qnc:cui
1.14 ed 21r1:1( LlVPlili,V3tlkArFa x or '"7 1:
F MANOlMVP T in yeetg4r l r nb ßesr "'- ' : '-
0 97 irkdkalkartfa
, .