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• ira the appeal of our correspondent,
.gg g i s v Will 'ja i be without its desired effect. The
greer'en,p,oggyjoinla Hospital is an imeltution
• belongingn g dy . j,;yittsburgh, and depending
wholly open its clilmers for Noon■ of usefulness.
It w,llalweys be a subject of civic pride and •f•
action, and should receive no stinted support.—
Having pat our hands to the ploonh; it were a
diqraiteto look beck, or slack our akmis,intil the
institution is pined ingi situation to met it the eto
condo= of all intelligent perms who visit our
sty, and to call down upon no the rich blessings
of those ready to wish. .(.Soto" appeals to the
Ladies to complete the ,work. This is well.—
They frevently have to finish works of benevo
tette which the lords of mention commence, but
lack the cogursgii or perseverance to complete--
Let the ladles then undertake the task, and the
Irotkrefil be done. Their hearts ever plead for
anemia( humanity, and their ;appeals in • moue
like this will be irresistible. Let it he understood
that it is expected that the ladies of Pittsburgh ars
_ to furnish the magnifonent building meted, end
it will certainly be done it • judicious and coma
amiable manner.
Tats Wzomts Rausoan.—Oar rinse:is will be
MNf gratified to leant from our New York ler•
ter, of to day. that GO. Robinson sod Mr. Rob.
errs have succeeded In negotiating • purchase of
sufficient tiroo,thros thousand tons,
.D 1 Stab our•
Wei en Railroad from this o by to Beaver.. The
terms of thia machete we nod entand ore exceed.
togly fiaborable to the company. The iron for the
remainder of the road under magnet to Masalk.
kit Will be secured in time .to have it laid down.
next iseasoo;as well as Locomotives, Can, cc:.
We understand that the week on the line bee
;wren this city and Beaver is prierretairg very
satisfactorily, The new county road is eapected
to be finished by the first of August, when a
wrong force will be . placed upon the NUP:III7I.-
-By this time next year we confidently expect tbc
ens will arrive aid depart regularly on our wer -
tern road, brumes to 113 the first fruits of the glo
rious hums we may expect to malice when the
road to completed.
to Cincinnati, from the 3d to the 12th of icily,
thb whole number of deaths reported by the buL
Intim, was 506 of all diiessea. The morally
the city was on the increase at lam acconnts." ,
Tae Gazette of Saturday but, remarks:
If 195 persona die here within a peeled
01004.514 matters little that 109 of Mean are re.
ported to have died of • billions dyseateries. see
only 66 of cholera. The imponant fact, sad thr
one which our citizens are Interested In knowing
is; that nearly two handled of their friends our
neighbors have been taken from among them fol.
over, In the space of seventy two boom kid
this is what Itai,been done in Cineinneti, the wee
tett week." •
. The interments at SI. Lend, for the week is,d
fog on blooday, the Bm, were 23.9, of vohleh
were of cholera. This, however, does toot Meted.
three cemeteries, which the New .Elll. thhiloswil
swell the total. mortality to atoll 250, and the
deaths by cholera to about 90, giving-an average
daily mot ilby clover 35, and by cholera, slimily
nearly 13.
The cholera Is also prevailing at Frankfort
Dreidion Springs, and Shelbyville, Ky.
At Nashville, whew it bee been very fatal, A
was aubtldlog at lam accounts.
Horace Glecurr, of the N. Tart Tributte,ore.
trim home at the timeof the President'a death.— I
From a letter to his paper. in which be gives at
terries to his grief, his hopes sad fears, we take
the following extract:
lie boa been taken from as at a fearful crisis in
Our Nation's history—a crisis which be um pre•
eminently fated and seemed providentially derv•
rimed to brave and master.. For months, disunion
has been hatchiug Its plots In the National Metrop
olb, end quietti weaving Its traitorous webs over
Um South and Sue:tweet. There aro sixty men
to day In CongTeloy who mean to live under 20
guerameut not devoted to thy erensiod sad for.
glutton of human slavery; and, despairiag of
shaping our government to teed further rise, their
hearts are set en the dissolutinn of the Untion, and
the formation of s Southern Coufederael 011 iu
mins. The oily man, at the meation'or whose
name they quailed. was Zachary Taylor. Melati
their chief antagonist, no less by instinct hums y
prelim'. A slavehalder himself, be yet eld at
slavery could mot rightfully be. and ought not to
by extended to new realms. A soldier of the tatt
lion through almost his whole active Ilk, knowing
himself honored rod behived by the nation 'no
loved the Ualon i with a fervency and single he arted
devotion, which it fsbnt jut to the alters of Our
Addy and Navy to ray. ta their universal pinkie.
Atsinst any gamy of treason sad aulliksento,' he
would have poured out his blood with joy; and
well the plotters knew it: They dreaded more
Lie octiertml opposition to their contemplated bray
us New Mexico. than all the forces which the
govomment can muster there; they knew that s
simple proclamation bearing his signatore, and de
. unlacing thee. employment of force sgainst New
Bletleo . by Texu, would wales their effortato
nitre troops thrughoot the South, while to the
Nov Mexicans themselves,
tt Ora blut upon that bugle horn >
_ Were worth Arc thousand mew"
• That proclamatioo I was anxiously and hope.
fully captains, and would not lone have crowned
In vain but for, am most unlooked for catastrophe: -
C*2lls acme. all, yet In our human apprehension
It seems that them never - wu a lime since Wash.
logioe's first teem when ihe death of a President
would have been an appalling a calamity. It will
be mercy warmly less than • ustreele if the hors
was of eivilwer shall yet he averted.
. Mr. Fillmore Is • wise and a pure statesman
Collltollll. conserretiTe, end devoted to the poblle
pent His knowledge of publio affairs Ls heroine
extensive end complete than Gen. Talirn's; hie
prineiclea equally wand, National and benethritat.
- Yet the dillferenee in power and positlen between
en elected sod is substittied President In insonnwei
sad the difdcalties of the Presidential elation hen .
been faufally increued end 'complicated by the
change. Mee who duo not:.wag their tongues.
against Gal. Taylor win mull Mr. Fillmore' as a
maw. and Tate his Impesehmest wain six
snooks far doing preolsely swag know Oen: Tay."
for 'paid have done if still living. The new Pier.
ideal deserTee and should receive the heanfelt
sympathy and seoport of every hanks, and espe
cially of every Whig. That be will nobly sustain
his USW respci . tudbilitles and be well stained la
their discherge,must be the fervent hope of every
gousnme bout, es ft is that of
hlr Go inn Nun,"-by E.L. Baker. We ae.
knowledge the roeipt of a. copy of this pupalar
song, which ii for sale by H. Mellor.
GOOEY'' , Lam's Door, for August, is strosontero
-441 with throe eleecilliagly Gas cage:whims/id oth•
cr IbiClllMOll% nd - posseurs atirasiiosa geitersily
irgicil to hug Of the previa.' uuhtbers.
married in 1149. to- Mina! Powers. the yonerrest
child or Sec; Lsennel Powers. She is wilinving
surd it described as a lady °treat worth, modest
sad ttitobtroVsive in her deportment,sed highly es.
tumid for bet meal virtues 'They have but two
chlldrem. The °ldea, a eon, is about twenty one
'woof ore; who hardest catered upon the prac
tice of its thief° Batielo. Ete Is said to be • sea.
thman of gee quintets, and worthy to ho the son
of a Repobileas President. The daughter me.
seats a more tunable awn*. She le about med.
NA years doge.
her.accomnts are Amoy
and varied, end indepeodent, senellant
climates is ezhihited in the ism that she is now„,
- or was very recently, • whew , in 000 Of 12 11 1 ••
pebric schools in Buffalo. She la oos of the Wa r
. men of whom the Iteptiblle has mach mom teIIICX
to be proud then of aptheM, gaudy women
Wilton who oten show u mach soorn btoebool
setteben a they do Ignorance of the nee quatniei
ci • re* tepab tau therocter. Bock a family will
ditshoner loth* White Lima
For Ms 'Pittsburgh Ga.ur.
The %resters renuirtylvarila Haspltal.
•PmeacaCa, Jrtlrlfsh, 1650.
Ilmsas Forrom—Duribg • recent visit to the
extensive and cominodines edifice now in progress;
near the Greensburgh Turnpike, for the use of the
Western Pennsylvania Hesitant, I was Welly graft•
fled at 'witnessing the rapid advance towards its
completion that Ms been snadiOthis season, the neat
and substantial style of its architecture, and the
=Mikan: et the plan adopted - in its construction,
as well m the beauty and variety of the prospect
afforded by the front windows of the building; and
contemplated with great magnetron the advantages
which the community would derive from the coo.
summation of this benevolumenterprise.
I have been; however, both grieved nod sur
mised, at learning that although the original amount
subsenbed won sufficient to warrant the managers
in constructing no large a building, after the lot of
ground had been piranha to the company, yet
diriaculties are apprehended by some of them in
punctually complying with their engegements, as
from the fluMuatioes of holiness and removal of
some of our citizens, it to feared that the whole sub
aiiption cannot be collected for some time.
Fonds also will be required for pleating and im
proving the gromds j and foc furnishing the Wards
and other depirtments of the Hospital, md it is to be
fared that unless the generosity of our fellow citi
zens ain be speedily directed towards this object,
that several stoma may elapse after the building is
ready for occupation, before even a portion of ii
ma be rendered available for the designed pur-
May we not hope that in this emergency, the
Ladies of Pittsbtugh will come to the rescue, and
extend to this institution some of that active bene•
volence which has been so advantageous to similar
Surely n judicious and charitable community like
ours, will not suffer so desirable an undertaking to
fail for want of a little - of that assisumee which so
Many can give without inconvenience to them.
selves, and. thereby manifest their compassion for
their fellow man, and their gratitude to Him 'from
whom the blessings of Providence and the prompt
Wigs of benevolence alike proceed.
WM11113070:1, July 13th, 1850.
Pousial of the tale President Taylor
The Banally Outrage committed d •
ring his lUsiess—P oo ... or. Texas
Lowering Appearances.
Td day the mortal part of President Taylor was
committed to the tomb, with solemn awe end in,
spirbsg ceremonies, and magnideient pageantry.—
For a description of them I refer you to other ne
.ssunts proceeding from closer observers then my.
esti. The glorkma warrior, the devoted patsies,
sleeps the last sleep, leaving his membry stChis
fame to. the love and care Si bit mantel , . Let his
-alma be forever
"Embalmed to the innermost shrine of bee hem .
It is said that Mrs. Taylor and Mr.. Mrs were
too much coerce:De by anitiish to follow the body
of their husband and father to the tomb. Tbe
surviving members of t h e family which lately ea
copied and 'domed the White Eloise; will, it Is
said repair to )3altimere, and sojourn for a time
with Col. Toler, the brother of the illustrious dt
lit the more particular accounts of the ilium
and death of Gen. Taylor, mention is made of an
incident that must awaken the. indignation of the
countly. These reports repreeent that daring
Friday, the sth instant, Toomba and Stephen.,
, he so called Whig agitators 113 Caceres., from
Georgia, waited upon Gen. Taylor, and aanounced
to him thin they came as deputies from no leas
daan slaty loathe= members of Congress, who
demaarled of him a radical change of his course
upon the slavery ifiaestioa, and in the event of his
relating to adopt a cease more acceptable to the
faction which they unwarrantably doppruisateithe
south," menaced Idea with votes of acme, upon
every occasion where their cooperation with the
Democratic opposition to the administration could
rariy lone. Ot course Gen. Taylor repelled the
Attempted intimidation, and declared hi. purpose
:if adhering to the policy that he heel i>nf?rpavoo
ed. These men went hack to the House, cad did
.one Co: the implied Aterieure which an infuriated
andMalkinant political enemy of the President
Yad moved, in connection with the Gelphin
31theugh in doing so they were compelied to die.
.crate themselves byvoting that to be talon which
linty bad been aremait and loudest in declaring to
ha we, and by declaring Gen. Taylor censurable
be palliating the condect pt Geotic W. Crow ro , d ,
ether, they had been shiest tbroatiag to fight any
oersom who should preirame to quoriov bin me
tiers or impugoe the 4.e.epii any of his actions
[he ehameral incoceigfebey and :cif einnirtd;ction
'arniett was remarked by r!, end emelt every one
earn amaz :meet, is Dow caggfar [ Lind U.
red, the malignity of f.,etion cone, do:reted the:,
.oaree. Let tt be held up before the people, and
let it be visited with iti Jost weed of contempt and
a probation.
A solemn prole at from the Governor of Tema,
las arrived, addressed to the resident of the
United States, and anertlog that Tezu will not
submit to the occupancy of New Mexemo, by the
ellitary forces of the United Smits, unless as
auxiblery • subordinate to the extenaion ited_malt -
canoe ol the jurisdiction of Texas and the mot.
ace. Copies of the paper have been rent to the'
-Texan delegation In Cocgress. The G.IVC/110T
limands the onconditronal sod immediate recall
of the insinactioca under which CoL Monroe act
ed In his brief intercourse with Neghbours,.and
recognsipg the proceedings of the inhabitants of
New Mexico, to form a State organisation. We
Ain see what Mr. Fillmore@ course seal be,
shether he will be as his great predeceseor was,
President of the United States, or a subordinate
to thb Goiernor of Texas or every other State.—
, I haveovery confidence thathe will tate an lode
, pendent position, and 611111? maintain O. He will
I lot answer the Texan manifesto until leisure
oermits him to do It advisedly, aid when he does,
it will be In the brief emphatic and decisive grata
that would have characterlsed Gen. Taylor.
A crisis le impendiag—that is pretty cleer—us
are upon the verge of the most interesting apd the
moat perilous period of our history, since the rev
olutionary Woe. If we have the spirits and the
mils of the men of that era, we shall preaerve the
Republic, if not, the Republic will fall.
VBO4l fa SAN If uttALA
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Gegette.
Ncw You, July 13.
The city wears a gloomy aspect this afternoon,
and u • general thing bonnets is aurpendod,
while the funeral obsequies of the late President
are being oelebrated en the Capitol. the pub.
lie Mikes are closed, and from all the public place,
she tokens of mottroleg ere 'displayed, while from
various parts of the ally minute gems are tired.—
Ere yet the remains of General Taylor are entomb
-oh, politicians have decided upon the course to be
pursued, and eboald New York counsels prevail,
one short month will me the end of Corgressond
the end ditto interminable ehtvery debate. It is
the general opinion, and the most earnest hope
here that Mr. Clay's Compromise, modeled, will
prevail. Those_ who feel that President Palmetto
will adhere to the plan of the late Executive, and
oppose Mr. Clay, reckon upon a smell foundation.
Mr. Fillmosoevadvlsets here are of the old school
conservative easy, end upon some bubo that will
give general Benefaction, the slavery snarl will be
• disentangled.
Oen. Robbiseri has been very busy in Wall at.
foe .Yew days, and the result of his labors is thus
Mkt, set forth by ono of the morning papers.
'Geri.Wm. Robinson, Tan., President, and Solo.
eson W. Roberts, chief Essineer, of the Ohio and
Painlylrlell Railroad Company have, through
Messrs, Winslow, Lsulcr et Co. made a purchase
of 3000 tons of AIIICTiCin railroad iron, to be of
superior quality, on very advantageous hums.—
The rails ass to be delivered by the first of Apnl
nail. This quantity is sufficient to lay the mad
nom Pittsburgh to Beaver, belarthif putt of the
work in the finds of . ketinsylvarda. This section
wilt be In full operation to that point early next
Bummer. The price paid to lower than any for
mat porches of Muerte= lion. A large pettier;
is to be paid for in the bonds of the company.
The same gentlemen have negotiated . with
Winslow, Loafer, as Co. 600,000 of the six per
cent, bonds Stark Coaety, Ohio, issued to their
Company is payment of stock subscriptioe, In so
candance with a special act of the Legislature.—
This county is one of annsordiaary wealth. It
has & population of 40J100 sonlr, Us :arable prop
erty, et law valatUon, is ten millionsaf dollars, and
the current revenue of the County, $Bl,OOO. It
osni no other debt. By law, a epecial ler bar to he
levied Misty the Interest oar theSo bonds, and to
provide a rinkiag fund the their redemption. The
&video& ea the mocks ,of the road also goes i d
this find. The Interest on the Weds Is payable
1a January and let Jaly, at the Beak of AtrlellCA,
in this city, and the principal in 1660 to 1865, bah
the Pnreipal and the Lathed are guaranteed oy
tOs - itaitsood Gawkily.
Tee ea . ° of bonds to,as mien on way kirentble
elms, nod equal to any scalp lately talc!.
The Hibernia'. Mail arrived here this morning,
but as there has been no lzehange held, the tenor
of the advice/I is hardly known•
Hariree Circular gives sumo lieu about iron,
or Interco. . •
A steady demand for wedge bus bu been et
tablisbed. The price in Wales, for good brand.,
151, with a tendency to farther Improvement.
Railiere steady, at in lls 6d0.£5. Scotch ptg,
45,6t503, on the Oik; Sweedish is scarce, and
palls readily on arrivel,at -Ell 15,012
' There In gotta a 'sprinkling of Southern mer
chants in town, and the dry goods trade begins to,
look a little more active. Clothing &Wen are
doing a large Californiairsde, trlm whom a large
profit bas been derived. A good deal of business
is being done for the gold region, and much XS
63010 people have lent there, all has not proved
barren, Weil selected Invoices have paid enor•
mously, and shipments are now being made that
will give hundred. per cent. advance.
Our city authorities have decided to celebrate
the charnel. of Gen. Taylor upon the 13,1
It will be an event in New York, and worthy the
observation of all who can't lee the remained a
public servant honored by all theatre of war and
Eruct the 9t. Loos Republican, of /al).
Very Late News from !Neste.
tec., SO.•
Yesterday evening. we had the pleasure of
greeting Mr. F. X. Anbrv, direct from New Mexi
co. Mr. Aubev left the Paso del Norte on the Let
of Rine, end Santa Fo on the 1U we are in
debted to him for the following items of news:
The American Consul at Cnitteahue, and other
Americans, arrived at the Paso del Norte on the
day petal ms to Mr. A.'s leaving, tai reported
that a very valuable discovery of a gold mine bad
been made about levy miles from Chihuahua
The gold bad been brand in large quantities; front
521:03 to 3150 worth of pore metal were obtained
from each mule lead of earth sad sand, (e mole
load Is estimated at three hundred pounds) The
discovery had created great excitement and indu
ced many adventurers. .
Raphael Arm j•s ' on a trip to Chihuahua, was
attacked bp band of the White Mountain. Apa•
dm 'lndians. They stole from him 557 mule.,
and, as an evidence of the effreetery with which
they perpetrated their depredations, and the on.
protected condition of the chance, the next day,
the Indians crone into his camp, and re-sold hies
his owe males, at what in that country ta consid
ered fair prices.
Capt. Bowmen, U. S. A.,
had gone to Chants.
hoe, to obtain money for th e 9.b Military Depart
Lents. Smith and Braga, U.S. A., arrived
Paso del Norte, on the 21th . of May, from Teem
They report that the government train wonid en.
=inter greet difficulty, and mast probably would
not reach their destination.; The vale had to mesa
a Jumada of 140 miles, destitute of every thing,
and it was questionable whether they could ac
complish it. Three officers of the U. S. A , bad
been despatched down the Rio del Norte, to
Major Steen had made a treaty with the Ass.
dies of the Sacramento, and in three days after.
wards they violated U. The Major was prompt
to phastise them for the violation. Os the Sd of
Ririe, with a sufficient detachment,' bn left Dan
Ans to attack and punish thom. It is believed he
will give them a lesson they will remember.
The hoidens and Impunity with which the 10-
discs commit depredations on the people and
property of the Territory, almost surmount belief
The cases cited are too numerous for repetition.—
I They finqueutty come w'th!n one and two mikes
of the U. S. military stations, and kill persons and
drive Off the meet. Great disiatialactiou t. ex.
premed as to Col. Idouree's discharge of the do.
ties of military commaoder. It is freely Mated
that he bee neither the energy of character nor
the dlstealtion neeesi try to secure the protection
of the citizens, nor any of the requisites for so re
, 'Towable • commend. These complaints have
been repeatedly made, and It we are not misio.
firmed, have been communicated to the Departs
Meet at Wy.thintlohi
Cnl. May.lll.l. Hoary, Otpt.flykes, anal), Ea.
Wards, of the U. S. A.. were Co leave Wt the U.
Stores on the 10th of July.
Col. Calhoun had attempted to make tt treaty with
the Utah Indians, but itthad not been ratified, and
probably would not be , . The Indians had promised
to mom the Indian Agent at Albuquerque on the Bth
el . /Me. On the jib. they killed t h ree filexicans,
nod coo off shoot s,ooolilieep, from tile immediate
vicinity of :beware. •
At Sarno Fe. the general - impression was, that •
number of Mexican beaters were concerned with
the lynches in their attack and slaughter of the 10
Americans of the Si aeon Mound. This impression I
Was suon,ythed oth;r• midemoms. and ° Ter to
yell moire. siipposed to be token from dm
this party.
Made by !demeans to the Utah.
By Mr. Aubry, have received copies, to En
glish and Mexican, of the Constitution for a Stare
Government in New Mexico.
• Thu election for State and Federal officers was
fo be 'odd on the ftth 3npg. jto ,ltoictate% were
as follows •
• For Governor—Thomas linens sod Henry Con.
• Fie Lieut. Governor—Manuel A Ivarqban C•
For Congress— Willliarn S. fileeservey -. and
Hugh N. Smith, the prksent pelepte rime the Ter.
di For ry.
the U. S. Senate—On one ticket was Major
It. II Welehtinau end Capt. W. Z. Antes on the
-ober Ca t . A. W. Reynolds and Judge Saab Hough,.
The prevailing impression at Santa Fe was, that
Connelly, Alvarez, and Stealers-el would be elect
ed The reeult. es to the °Mem, wan regarded as
doubtful. The Merman Led entered into the elec.
ton with spun and eitthuniam, and evinced a de•
gree of ma ongement and adroitness that would do
no di'credit to no old politician (the States.
The crop in the vicinity of Santa Fe, and gen
erally throughout New Mexico. present a more
favorable appeamnen than they have for ha years
Some Ilene since we reported, an information
front timeta Fe that the infant daughter of Capt. J.
51. White, who was murdered oo the plains by the
Indians, had also been killed by an Indian at the
time elan snack upon their camp. It in now eon•
fidently stated, that the child is will living, and to In
posseionon of theApachest, who committed the
Lieut. Mason, United States Amy, was drawn
ed in the Rio Del Norte, oppoeite - Eocorro, on the
Infemntion had been received, la which reliance
was placed, that Gov. Bell and Major Neighbors,
of Texan, would be tn New Mexico, with a miliw•
ry force to ansert the Mims of Texan to jai-iodic.
non, by the last of August or first of Septeniber.
The citizens generally were preparing to react the
.claim of Texas, and the modulates ware required
to take strong and distinctive mound against tt.
Mr. Aubry left Santa Ee with ten wagon., two
hundred mules, and forty two men. Mr. Tarty, of
Arrow Rock, was in company with him. At the
Cotton Wood Creek he lett his train, and came in.
to Independence in two days, a distance of 200
miles. He traveled 14 miles of this dirtance In
twenty boom and et wt . , on the semi yellow mare
that did him such service a few yenning% when he
made the whole trip to :eatraordirutry short time.
On that Oecnotion, this anneal travelled 200 miles
in twenty sin hours. Her present performance falls
little short of the former. '
Mr. Autry moves with almost electric speed.
lit will iris few days make his purchoen and re•
turn again, and, without accident. will make the
trip in and out In less time than tt has yet been 1.-
The Presidents of the United nate&
Oeneral Washington closed his administration on
the 2.1 of March, 1797. sod incised that event neatly
three year.. haying died on the 11th of December,
1799 In the 113th year of hig age
John Adams followed General Washington en the
4th of March, 1797. and hit ltdminictrwton ceased on
the 3d of Ittsreb,l9ol. Ile cowered year%
breathed Ms Pin on the same day with Jefferson, vie:
on the 4th of Jolt, PITO.
Thomas /Creme otheeeded on the 4th of March,
1101. and his two terms eethed on the 94 of March,
In diedervie the expiration of hie c, year,
sole on the th of Jaly,l3ol, la th e 04th year of
his so ,,
James Madison theneeded his Magnetos friend on
the 4th of March. PO On the ad of March, 1617. his
administration was brought to a e'oth He thrvieed
ul nth ith of Jeon.l:3o, in the Oat year of hla are.
James Monroe seconded Mr. Madigon, on the 4th
of Mareh,llBl7, and rinsed hla edannstration on the
ad of March. 109.5. Ito died an the lth of 1e1y,1.931,
La the 721 year of his ate.
The rdmtheustion of plc John Q. Adams Oho only
President who wag elected bvthe Milne of Renton.
lances) commenced on the 4th of Much, 1822, end
clowd on the 34 of blerch,len. Ile breathed hie last
on the Ski of Fetimary, 1619.
General Andrew /thrum succeeded Mr. Adages on
the 411, of March, 1 99. and 0100.4 hie adminiitrallon
n the ad of March, He died on the fhb of June,
Pdotin Van Doren theeeeded on the 4th of March,
1'37, and cloyed his attationtratiou on the ad of March,
ten. Ile 10 atllllivirm..
Gen. W. 11. Harrison commenced hie adminntration
on the 4th of March, 1841 rebirth condoned only for
month—having hreethed his lost on the 4th of
April. lilt, in the sixty ninth year of his ego. lie
died at ...tiepin dogleg the recess of Congress.
John Tyler was the lint Vice President who nor
needed to the Presidency upon the death of the Pres
dent. Ile followed General Hafnium in Aprll.lBll,
end elesed hie adrairtimation on the ad of March,
1845 He le still living. When Nl,Tylor became the
Vcellos Proldent, Mr. Bombard heroine the acting
ire president; and upon Os death, Mr. Mange.,
an of the present senators fromnorth Carolina, was
lected, and remained no th e presiding ulcer of th e
Senate until the cod of Me. Tyler's term of ofbeA.
JXMC. 14. Pelt theceeded Mr. Tyler no the 4th of
March, IMS, and tined his adadobaretion on the 3d
of flareb, 1E49. A few months after, he eased his
General TAylor came to the, Prendencp on the 4th
of March, late, and expired ea the night of the 9th of
Jolt, 183 d -wind Congress was in simian
Ile Is theceeded by Milford Fillmore, the Pentad
Vice Resident who lakes the path of the deceased
Flee CITES El ST. Larle—Sitteen persons are
now manned In the jail, 1.2 this city. all of whom
were airertni on charges of murder In the Ara de
gree. 01 these, one is ender sentence of daub,
tea utttleg trials on ladictmente, hut waiting the
action of the grand jory, and one serving out a
sentence—be having Men adjudged guilty of
oalY• 'addition to the above, two are
Indicted for murder, and are awaiting the action
or the grand jury on the same charge, and are out
OR bad, thus making nineteen persona at present
it, the city, who are charged vnth homicides
The drat of these was canmlasd in February,
1519,,aal the lam la June,lloo.—St. LIMY Rm.
The intelligence from Europe, and especially
from England, ie quite interesting. The conflict
of liberty with despotisnwts afresh waged in Eng
land, and our readers will be pleased to watch its
progress. The following letter gives a very- good
synopsis of the news by the Hibernia.
Correspondence of aionsenerelel Adv.
LONDON, Jane 28th, 1850.
There has been more political. excitement m
London daring the past week than has been known
for several leant. The 111100011 in favor of Lord
-Palmerston enure on for discussion in the House of
Commons on the evening of the 24th, and has been
continued throughout the week with increasing Ia•
crest. No other subject bas occupied attenuon,
except that we were startled last evening by the
announcement of another...insane-assault u on the
Queen, which, however, was happily unmixed
with any serious personal danger.
This conspiracy, with the growth of which dur
ing the last two years I have familiarised your
adore, has now assumed a form so palpable that
the feelings of the country is fairly roused. In
proposing his motion fora vote of approval of the
general principles upon sena the foreign policy
of Lord Palmerston has been based, Mr. Roebuck
opened up the ramifications of the plot. It hasbeen
farther exposed by every othrr speaker on the same
side, and finally made plain to all the world by a
'peceb from Lord Palmerston himself, which was
delivered the night below tau, and which, although
it occupied between five and six houns,rivetted the
attention of every member of the Rouse and was
tree from even an unnecessary word. Its 'auto.-
quent effect throughout the country has been mar
venous, and while it contain. a review and explana
tion of every step that the Gosmrument have taken
during the past four years, it p.a.... also incres✓
ed force from having been delivered partly in rep'y
to a malignant and treacherous speech from Sir
James Graham, who, it will be remembered ha.
been Whig and Tory by turns, and distinguished
himself a leo , years ago, while he filled the office
of 110030 Secretary, by causing the letters of Mao.
sini, who was then a refugee in London, to he
opened et the general post office, in orde , rao betray
hint to the Austrians and the King of Naples.
It Isle be hoped that Lord Paluteratuu'a speech
will be read on your side of the Atlantic by all
who with to inform themselves of the sated posi
tion In which the politics of Europe appear when
they are stripped of the miarepresentauons which
it ho so long been the object of the absolutist
writer, to throw around them. Any thing more
clear, as a defence of tbeepirlt of reeve s against
the propenaldes of reaction, cannot bo conceleed.
cllden who aspire to- govero mantind, ought to
bring to their task getereas sentiment., cornpa.-
Monate eympadder, and elevated thoughts," wits
its Madam; sentiment, and formed the key note of
whole. In this spirit, the attempt of the Tortes to
narrow down every question to paints of person.
al or Maas telfishoess, was visited both with re
proof wad wanting. '"The fault I fled,* said Lord
Palmerston, with those who_ are ere Lod of at.
tacking tee, either hero or elje w here, in this coon.
try or an others, Is that they • try to bring every
question to a person.' matter. If they want to
oppose the policy of England, they" ray, "let ua
get rid of the man who happens to be the organ of
that policy.' It le like ehooting a policeman. As
long at England is'England, as long a. the Ear
n/di people are animated by the /ethers and
opinions which thee possess, you 'may knock
down twenty tartlet' Minieistersoce after another,
but depend upon it, hone will keep the place who
does not not spun the saute prineiples."
This avowal was welcomed with shouts of ap.
please, and it eray followed by another which, as
It touched the real =era of the present move.
meat, was reamied with • harao of enthusiasm.—
In his Was attempts to attribute every step of
Lord Pete:sermon . . polity to come motive of pen
song animosity, Sir James Graham had declared
that It was his lordship'. individtal dislike to M.
Gnizot that had caused the overthrow of that Min.
Liter, pod with a the t h rone of Preece. " Why,
' ale," exclaimed Lord Palmereten, in reply, ' , whet
will the French nation say when they hear this! I
They are a high minded and spirited nation, felt
of • sense of their dignltyand valor, and what will
they say when they hear that It was the power of
the British nuttier that overthrew their Govern.
I meet? Why, itX It is it ealatony on the .French
tihtioa to suppeaa that tits peacoat hatred of any
erelgner to their Minister could have this effect.
Why, they ale 4 brave, generous, and noble mind
ad people, and If they had thought that stomp
mrprgreir had been farmed against one ol their
Minteters-14" continued hie lordship, eller he had
tamed a few minutes, while hat voice was drown.
ed m the trenteridom cheering which followed
this sentence, *tithe French people Mooed that
a knot of pLipakte coospiralors weto eaballeg
giltst end of drier Melatermund eaball cog for no
ether reason than that he hod upheld as be thought
the dignity and itaemets of his country; and I
they had thought that each a knot of foreign me
at baton had coadjutors in their ownlsind,.—why,
I say , that the French people, brave, noble
and spirited notion, would have ectitr,ed the kcal.
ere ot suck a party. and would game clung the
closer, tr, and protested the mote, the mitt 'salmi
whom the Mot bad been _
What will be the melt of the diviston it am
yet known. It is thought that sc the bluitaters do
eel get a larger mijoritV thin 40 (the majority in
the Heeee of Lords on Lord Stanley'" replies
against them was, it will be recollected, 37,) they
wilt resign and leave the protectionists on the we
hand, or the Peel party on the other, to try their
skit' at forming • goveroment—rt task which it is I
well known will L. wholly impossible . , Lime
limes it hos been rumored, that the maturity will not
be more Than 2d.'antl ammrdine In Aar aaluas ta,..:
it is sated as hkety to rravb or 70. When the
division will tribe piece ts not known. Should it
occur to night, pm will receive the newe by Mee.
Inc telegraph to Liverpool. but there nee some who
consider that the debate will now be protracted un.
tit next week.
1 11xitawhie, it ss gratifying to observe the rapid
growth of public °Maims in favor of the liberal
came. The large majority of theiri o rivincial
pert ere apeakinu out boldly; and the densely
populated manufacturing dietrints Lueashirti
and Yorkshire she feeling is unequivocal. What
ever may be the Immediate result, one thing is ter
min, mmely that the two political psnicain ENS.
land have at length beep aroused from ?heir long
apathy, and that freedom'. Mule, "often lost but
always woo," will now ante ovenmeace. for
this unintentional service we have to that the
Nome of Lords The fire struck out in the prevent
collision will run on to other questions, a mid., vote
test will grow from day to day. It wools be well
for Levis Napoleon to ask himself bow this will
effect France, and to hold himself to =dines' to
trace from coaling event* the mutts of his Homan
conquest and hiflltnrian trarigues.
seITLIWOrr won, 7441,11104 Inn elan craerrme
During this week, the definite annouceemeet
has been made of the eettlement of the dispute
with Preece ma the Greek question. Notwith
standing the veporing of General Lattitte that
France would be cootented with nothing but the,
edentate of the treaty of London,yen enclam.
pl,, he has found It amenity to abandon ha
ground, and Is take the terms Which Lard Pah
merston had been willing to secede to from the
first. These tame are, teat theee parts of the
treaty of Albeis which mid already been actually
carried out. such na the apology Gem the Greek
Minister, oko., should not he net mitte, bet thin
the Manses clans treaty of London should he orb •
dinned fcr such Maus ts ofihe treaty of Athens an
bed not yet been put In force. There lateen,
clause In the treaty of Alberta for which no cot.
reepondiag chum existed In the treaty of Vmdan,
and this has ken the subject of • specific or.
rangement The clime impulsed that Greece
should set sti,go claims for damage for her mer
chant mmiceaintlrg the blockade. Its Insertion
had been deemed necessity by Mr. Wye, In
mnammenee of statement. having reached his
can that Greece leteeded to open up sack 'Mattis
as a material for farther disputes. It fhs hers
!timed that the Manse shall be eritsdrawn, upon
an understanding from France that she Khali mi.
mi., Greece net to make any such atempt.
It Is understood that even these alterations are
not to be adopted, unless Greece should signify 'to
England her-desire to that effect. France, there.
fore, 1. not permitted to dictate in the matter, and
under'no eiretnmance.s ia the bemire' threat, thet
she would inden to nothing but the London trea
ty, " pars and simple," to be complied • with.
Ras altered tone in the matter 1., °rename, very
cast iy to be accounted tor. The ehiert for which
the demand was first net up has beenreccompll.h
-44, the Medan' bill and the measures against the
areas hoeing bete mussed, and the tone of Lord
John Russell's recent speech, and the way in
which Lord Palmerston has been supported by
popular opinion In Eoglaod, have rendered it una
safe for Loa, Nerrolenn to prolong ton'opcply,
with a power like Enghat, the contest of re-au.
Loot evening, as the Queen was leaving
restdanas ;lithe Dueness of Cambridge in ?Medi!.
ly, a man named Hart, (3 years of ago, who four
year. since was ■ lieutenant in the army, adverb.
sad toward the nitwit end with a case switch
cut her majesty over ten bonnet. A red mark on
Ler forehead was the conuquence, bat she did not
kit an Instant lose bar sell posseesioo. She after.
studs went to the opera, where s h e bad previous.
ty notified her intention to be present, and where
bar seeeptlon:ente snob as will useef be forgotten
by thou who saw and heard it.
The poor creature by whom the offence wan
committed was Immediately seised and sostained
a severe blow from one bystander, mho coo dent
renrain himself. He Is understood to be in good
circumstances end the sere 01 a man of luxe prop
erty. Some of the London papers, in their In.
tense Ignorance on such subjects, and In their wild
desire to say something that shall appear flee and
forcible while the public exelAment Is at Its height,
have already dons their beat to make the misera
ble Ind i ana into a rational hero, by loading upon
him every epiteet of high sounding abuse and by
protemlng against a TAO hasty mu:motion of his
insanity. In former cases, when the offender has
been poor, the argument has always bun that he
committed the art to secure the "comfortable pro.
vision at a mad !wow,. as If sane rues had en
irrepreutble desire for perpetual confinement in a
howling bell; bat In the present 'nuance the par
ty appears to have been In the cojoyment of eve,
comOrt, and it to ditilcolt, therefore, to crone
alive by what Ingenious pronto the soundneu of
his mind will be established. Of all things that
aro repugnant to ctiminale, nothing is MOM in
than that of being considered week or Intone; and
at the some time there is nothing willed' our pubilo
veteran:met with More vehemence then the doe
, Übe atllt there La no offence agent* • law* of
society which it consistent with the f• • Miens of a
heed* and well constituted mind.
Ageonlo AlTalla
AU Interest in edam doniewle afrai
lost to thlPPenannt parliamentary a
prospeotofthe harvest. both bete an •'
Is remarkably Rae Daring the p -
anima of the mahatma will be taken
bus propped that at the wake
aboOd be obtained regarding religion, edtwatiee,
property, agricuttural produce, &c. It in doubt
fed, however, It Was - will be sweated to, as ft
would ftanio as exact amount of knowledge
which world oltimatew prove inconvenient lathe
Tory and ash Church parties.
In connexien with the plasmas of steam nut.
gation • new proposal has been made, which par
seems coosideralee letertst. It is for the construe.
ton of a curet to ply between England and Ire
land, firma Holyhead to Subtle) which shah be
12 000 toes eleasurerzent, and 1,200 borers power.
tier cost would not exceed £99 600, and It is reck
oned that if she took 000 pauengers per day. at
2, 62. or 821 cents each, It would produce £39,-
123 yearly, and thus yield enormous milts.' The
' u
gel would he an constructed as to draw only
' 1 feet water; her 'teat cue would prevent sea
1 'knees , and thee Invite all the traffic which is at
p nt prevented by the dread of th aw, and
bleb is much more important in amont Wen
oat people are dispelled to believe. Should the
i ea be carried our, it will do more lot the union
o the tato countries than any thing that has yet
taken place; and I feel cerlaw its 'acute would
bb such u to create a rage for large boat. in eve
ry quarter of tire world, wherever there might be
a sufficient population to 60 them.
It appears that Oarribaldi, the Roman refuges,
is at present, at LiverpooL It la add he is about
to revirit the United States. ePLOTATOIL
[Readers were Inftrmed by the telegraphic sol:13.
marl of the.lllbernia'a news, yesterday, that the
vote spoken of In our correapondent's letter, was
taken on We very night his letter was despatched,
and retailed in • majority of only 44 for the Mtn.
itax7.! ..
Pamzoiarr Faxotz.—The Now York Com
ovoid of 'rhanday_ afternoon myt—
The charaeter and smith:nem' of the New Press
ideal are rufliciently well known in thin locality.
We need say nothing to add to the confidence
universally felt in his patriotism. Millard Filmota
:a • man in whom nalimited confidence may be
reposed. He has long taut in public, 11% in We
congas of this slate, and of the nation. He ha.
always proved himself equal to the discharge of
every duty devolved upon him by the public- His
nbWties are of a high order; his experience in pub.
tic talon has been large; his knowledge cf the
public men of the country is intimate and eaten.
sive. He has &way. been distinguished for open
ness and candor as a public man, sod great direct.
nets of purpose. A distinguished Southern Sena.,
for lately add In private conversation with a nen.
-tiemala who nave tit the Information: 'We,"
meaning the Senate.* of the Sottn,"greatly re.
'pact the Vice Pftlidellii he has no concealments.
Where he differs from us, we know il; he is flank
in the expression of his opinions on pold,cal sob
jest., and he adheres to teem With Calmness, yet
firmly. and we reapeed Was for there qualitfes."—
Mr. Edmore never acted or sympathised with the
intriguing politicians of the atata or country. He
is not only direct in purpose, bat cf • al ar bead.
Moreover, ho I. a national politician; is •o ardent
friend of the Union, acd the fanatics of the North
or the Smith, who would destroy or endanger the
existence of this Union, have no opponent mere
resoluta determined, and uncompromising, than
Millard Fillmore.
He is In the vigor, too, of life, befog only filly
years old, with the arength and energy accumula
ted by I well regulated tie, and habits of industry
Rod perseverance that have raised him, in con
junction with acknowledged al, Ilty, from an ham
tile station to the wooded honor his country could
While indu4lng In these datnlterty remarks, we
may advert to the atrtking i 1 ustration given of the
workitg of American institutions, by Presidmit
Fillmore's position. It is known Id ail, probably,
that be is the son of • farmer, who, at the time of
M. Frllmore'. birth, was living in bat limited cir
cumstances at Summer Hilt, Cayuga county, In
this State. and who now resides open a fsmo at
Aurora, Foie county. • The sire has lived to see •
good son wonhily tutored. Toe circumstances
of Mr. F.llmore Senior, excluded his eon boat
any otter educa tion than that of a common school.
At fifteen year, old, Mr. Fillmore was apprenticed
to a clothier, with whom ha remained four years,
caretolly improving his mind daring that Utoe.—
In 1819, he oommenced the study of Law; in 1615
ho uthrEed; in 1629 arai elected a member of As.
aombiy of this Some; in 1634 he was elected •
member of Coogress, and in subsequent raisins
was Chairman of the Coma tire of Ways sod
Means. In 1E44, be ran Itrr Governor of this
State, untuccesstodly; in 1847, wan elected State
Comptroller. and resigned that post on his Mew ,
non to the Tice President=. Ho was langur*.
ted President of the United State. on the 10th of
July, 1550, it 12 o'clock, DOOM What a volume
of Isms for young MO to study.
PESTI:HAL Le-rrta on rut. DEATH or THE Pant.
ohnv.—A timely letter to the Episcopal clergy of
the diocese of New leSiey has heetiimmed by BM
op Deane, with au appropriate prayer, to be used
io their several churohes cm the corning Sabbath.
It Is the film movement of the kind that we have no
ticed io any of the States as yet. He ways:
Drs; and Reverend Breihern—ltegurding the
death of Prestdent Taylor as a great national ca-
Lonny, sad our whole nation ee one atflieted fami
ly, I do not hesitate to request Mat on Sunday next,
the seventh, Idler Trinity, you wilt me the prayer,
_which follows, before Me two dual prayprs, 01
morning and evening service.
Proyrr—O, merciful Gad and Heavenly Father,
who has taught us, in Thy holy word, that Thou
willingly afflict or grieve the children of
men, look wob pity, we beseech Thee, upon the
sorrows of Thy servants. In Thy wisdom Thou
host seen fit to vlsit us with trouble, and to briny
distress Upon us, Remember us, 0 Lord, in mer
cy ; sanctify Thy fatherly correction to us; endue
Our routs with patience under our affliction, and
with resignation to - Thy blend will; comfort
with awn. of Thy goodness; lift tip thy coute
isnanoe upon us, and give on peace. Through Jo.
sus Christ, our Lord Min.
The stock subscribed for the construction of the
Plank Road Rom Butler to Allegheny City basil?
exceeded our moat nuataut. alPeuteDerie. We
are proud of Ws manifestation of public apirit
Uncap one people. When every body noires In
the =ante, Moo as completion is beyond per
adventure. If the tame liberality to extended to '
the projtct on other parts of the line. it grill insure
a peony construction of the road. The construe.
t on of this road is cot for the asocial beoefit of soy
oce WV, or elan of man, but for the geoersa
good of all. The ocogia to be denved from it ea
ses from the cog. t 4 peel product - sand tiller. of
the adl for shim lag off ma it product,. It will
be trio means of orestog Op a ash market (or
products at borne; bona no man la for poor to
be one or more slare, in the work —Baum Dan
129 WOOD ST., ABOVE Fll , lll,
fine Just received large additions to their
Imported by hue packets Dent Pascoe. and to
. 4 tOt the( would esecolally call the attention
of varehasers, behaving twit very even
.lfe manta and low prices will glee
entire satisfaction.
Office of O. io and Penna. R. R. Co, Third st.
Pm-summon, June 10,16.50.
Ton Saekkolders of the OLIO and Pennsylv
Sail good Company are hereby notified to pay Me
tisth tomaiment of five dollar. per there, at the race
of the Company, as heretofore, on or before the WM
day of Juno out; sad the remaining instalments of
$3 per sham, en or before the 10th day of each zoo
Feeding month, until the whole are paid.
Jen:toff LIELISIER, Jr., Tniasurer.
Mod Restored to Night by the Pe
S. S. Griot—Sir I wish to bear testimony to the
medical +Anne of the thl called Petrel.... 1 eras fot
a long time otleted with' a badly inflamed and vtiej
sere eye, ao much so as to loth sight entirely for about
three months, with very tilde Impute! ever morning
the tight, end bet a slight prospect of having it re
lieved of the throne at; my attending physician was
ensue. cessfal in meting a core, or in giving relic!,
and afforded me but little encouragement. I beard of
the Petroleum about the Ist of April, Ihn, and gave
it a Viet the recall V, the tight is restored and my
eyes well, except a little tender or went when I go
oat In the tan. ANN IRELAND.
Mandela Chnincall,lll.y 94,11350.
S.B. lemon—Slr•. I beets been afflicted with Piles
tor ten years, and have tried other remedies, without
permanent reLef, oath I beard of the Petroleum. I
Lan rued only one bottle, and Mink I am entirely
cored. I recommenn ti to ill who are afflicted watt
Piles. I hare known it io be good for sore eye. •
Chminnati, May h 2(10. E. C. CIARRETBON
Doe sale by Kepler & Mc Dowell, 110 Wood street;
R E Sellers, 07 Wood at; D ht Com. Allegheny city;
D A Elliott, Allegheny; Joseph Dousing, Allegheny;
also by the proprietor, `S. M. BIER,
bawd Basin. Seventh at, Pittsburgh
Of Pltt•barigh
C.O. HU6SEY, Plat Or.• • —A. W. MARICI3,BIx 4 T.
Offieo—No.4 l Water street, In the marabou ° of C.
'CHIC COMPANY La now prepared to insure all
I kinds of rinks. on heave., Aanalactoner., goods
nuereltandira La store, Sod in tranrito vassal., ko.
An moo guaranty for the ability and integrity of
the\ pooh:non, Is afforded in the character. of th e Di.
rec ors, who are all oblong. of Pittsburgh, well and'
favorably known to:the community for theOprudenee,
intelligence, cud integrity.
Ikats..zotiv.—C. G. Homy, Wm. Deploy, Wai. Ler
%vatic, Bryant, Hash D. King, Edward
!lois lition, Z. Kinsey, B.llubaugh, 8. M. Kier.
DII. Da 1117311 T,
Derai. Cemerefrourth
and Decatur, between
lasprovenneuto ra Desatlstsys
DR. O.O.STEARNS, late of Demon, Is prepared to
manufacture and set D.= TIMI In whole and pane
erects, upon docile:tor Atmospheric Suction Platen—
ToetnLCnaeetaa N ms auntrrea, where the nerve as
exposed. Office end restdence next door to the lay
er's office, Fourth street, Sitteteralt.
Reim so—J. D. 61IFadden. IL Tutee. lali
. C:rVgnena I Weems . .—Vations 'emetics have been
maned relative to the alight of Intestinal worts., sod
yet the question lee vexed one linen; medical unbent.
Iles. Of one fact, however, all are Informed, and In
which ell. agree—the fate. ntlsre of the lad4eace they
exert on ehtldrea is this enattort of the year Wow
et which the snacks of won= ere met mensal ea
we u mart g w , ge rova, weie rake great pitman, In
directing the attention of percale to the Ventilfage of
Dr. hi'Lane. It le one of the moat extraordinary
medmine• ever introduced to the paella, end Ma never
Called of serous when tried.
QT For We by/. =Da CO, No ISO Weed street.
J 71344741
II his been
gale. Tim
Io liee
the t no .
and it bas
1 . east=
Swan. i .—Ark er the ',neediest of the moat I
morning hustaceo, the Omnibus bill wu agun Ins
ken up.
Mr. Clay, add retied the Senate is reply to the
remarks made by Mr. Branton, yesterday, relative
to the Northern Rrundary of Text s. He argued
at some length, the tale of Texas, after rebuking
Mr. Benton - oeverely tor an intimaticu made by
him, that the stun to be pad Texas wee aecheme
of auctioneeneg for rote. for the rest of the bill.
Mr. Clay then proceeded with en argument to
show that the true line of New Mexico begins
et El Pau°, running to the head of Red River,
and thence running to the 42d parallel.
Mr. Benton, rejained--eontending that Mr. Cloy
had evaded the only question of boundary.—
He replied also to Mr. Clay's rebuke of the len. '
guage uttered by him yesterday, contending that
' that fang dige was proper, and challenging any one .
I to call him to order now for repeating U.
Mr Clay called Mr. Benton to order for aayie
that the Cllll2O of the bill was that it auctioneered
for votes to pass itself.
• The President ruled that the laaguoge was in
order, designee to impute improper' me.
tines to the Senator, which he understood Mr. B.
to deny.
Atter tame further colloquy between Messrs Ben
ion and Clay, relative iu the boundary of New
Mexico, wane additional remarks on the sane sub
ject ensued.
Mr. Webster rose to address the Senate upon
the general merits of the Bill, but yielded to a
motion to postpone the further consideration of the
subject till to morrow, which INNS agreed to.
Mr. Webster gave notice of the bill for the
erection of a monument to General Zachary Tay
lor in the Congrestiunal burying ground.
The Senate then, after a shun Executive sees
Honor—Mr. Strang rffered a 'r - ersalotion that
the debate, an the report of the Committee on Es
lectiono against the admisnion of Mr. Smith of
New Mexico, shall cease in two hours alter the
Home again goes Into Committee.
After waversl amendment., the motion to end
the debate to morrow was adopted.
Mr. MeWillie from the Committee on printing,
reported in favor of printing 30,000 come, o t all
the proceedings respecting the death of the P
I deer.
Considerable debate took place on the question
hen the resolution Was adopted, with an amend
eat, that the printing or the pamphlet shall be
'seemed in coal ormity with the existing laws and
The House then went into a committee of the
whole on the report of the oommittee on elec
tions, against the admission to a seal in the House
of a delegate from New Mexico.
Mr. Asho opposed the odmission of Mr. Smith,
bemuse it would affect the right of Texan to the
territory of New Mexico.
Mr. Kaufman pr.:coded to advocate the claim
of the Tex. boundary. If Mr. Smith ahould be
admitted, It would in effect be the camblishment
of a territorial government by one Howie of Corn.
great, and the damage thus done to Teem would
he productive of an aueitement in that State,
which true patriots would deeply.regret.
The Committee then 'rose, and the House ad
Bat very &ur members were In their seats to
Vi r M.lll/LORIS July 16
Tea Si:minim'lntr.—lt teem now a settled
fact that Mr. Wabiter will be Secretary of Shurr.
ST. LAMB, Illy I'6.
The City Register reports 212 deaths deride the
last week, 72 of which were of cholera. Of the
whole number.ll2 were children under 2 yaws of
age. Tots statement shows a marked decreaure of
mortalty,from the previous week.
• thecnteaw. Jule 18.
There were 28 deaths from cholera, and 42 Cram
other dinewee, dude( the lest 24 hour,.
Cmcactan, Jaly la.
Flour—There la a good demand for good retell.
bag bmoda, and thennarket to firm 0251,25, tare.
rior le daft at 13,75 per Uhl.
Whlakey—Sat. at 221 a 221 per gallon.
Gan:tater—Sago iv in good demand, and firm
at itti for fair New Orient, Bales of Melamine at
72 id 330 per gaiter. -
Lard—The market it heavy, with mica of 130
bbla. prune at'6ic. iTr lb.
July IG,
1 here are no change in lireadatutla and Prom
alone. Small tales of Lard are made at 61.2e63 4.
- . -
Grooi.tlea—Holders of Coffee have put the met-
Let above the views of buyers. F.ogsr a finu
wub sales of N. Orleans 5 1-23534; of Cuba a ,
5.18 pet lb.
July 16.
Dreadstuffs of all kinda'are in limited reipict.
Holders of Flour ask $5,121.12 per bbl for standard
brands, but sale!, for abiptnent are unimportant.
Pencil:ma of all descriptiotn+ are quite small.
Gna.-eries.—At auction to day 750 hags Rio Cof
ferisold at S 1-4alo 1.4 per lb and 1101.1115 :00 bogs
AlAlll.ll lb° 01 . 0 1.4u1l 142 e per lb, 4 too.
Wbiekeyi—Salea at :211.20 in abila., and 65e in
I t Bearer, , on Yanday,The rem recoils Mu.
Agnes threld. Clarke, relict of the late Wm. Clarke,
Fig, of that paste, to the seventy rand year of her
LCURS ate rtmCnir g txt thi. Game addteseed
.1.03 N, " iYI7
ASMALL ROI SS,' wiStin Ave mints"' ...It of
the Pogl thine. Add•ess 4 .C. G.•,at
kJ. woods Reforms, in Lectures, Add 1...., end
a...ravings, by Upraise timely.
elobenifoutay, Ms life and armirpondoce, edited
by his woo, me Ole.. C. C. bandicy. D. A , part 4 fait
received. Lemes d brat, a now I, uy We ambor of
"This Wilmington,' iibormanis Lodge? Wail=
Ha," to.
A Scala Doak in Greek, containing Syntax, with
reading lama m prom, prosier), ad Me dialerls,
wilt, g"
Deanswilt, m verse, fetereng a arttaby
Utak Reader. will a voetbalseYi by Job. klaCtl.
mot. D D., Lila Professor of Lectern Lallatlg.
Dickinson noilege.
A fow copies of each of the shove works an ty
cetrad ior eels by JOHNS! OA A. Allier/lON,
Iy l7 Corner at Market and 3d ma.
Unkidti TEAM—We are constantly receiving fresh
A: green and black Teas, direct Irons the impellers
au Pridadelpida, anolmvx 1.0 e• no hand, at the rira.
bairn Family tinieery and Tea Wareham*, USG LED
eny stn., an astir haat of every grade top slaver,
Lich as is not to be surpassed in tbuseogh. We lb
vbu etrOpanaon, feeling assured ibis, on Dial, our
Tea will be toad chum, If not superior, to any at the
saw pima in the city.
IY/ 7 • mi. A. AtedLusto & co.
re e t; .. t"l , ll,-ii eaulteleal et igured
le ; alto, plain Wire hew.
Welds Illusions, ale llobtats, received by
gys.Wdi tilifttniest WEAR—e, vaned assortment et
gsods, adapted tor Boys' donates Rear, of t. m
um, Worsted. and Woolen smaterlsk can be found al
the store of MURPHY 1301tCHFILLD.
Tine. PILISTIEWS OCIMPAM/0111, bring
prastmat Mrectioniefat Val lame .111111+
WM. to a Punting When Embodying • eystem of
ronetaalloa. Capialis animal Cif Callan,/ for Comps.
log (meek and Hebrew. us Edward (Malian.
Vat AidlsTArsT, including tit:cresting details res
pecting the Mechanism of books. For ante by
417 itillnisTilN R drlikas - TON
`Post, chronicle, Jour..el, and Enteric., !Cpl.]
I"..e.'lltb-3) wigs of flow innoinFroni
lacanal, lot able by ISAIAH DICKEY & CO.
1717 Wales and Fmnt els.
WitalNti—Str 0.4 rtmainsug on
1119 • Water and Front sts.
B ACIJA—OU beds astac i darl D ttt l lok wne by
1117 %Valet and Wont sta.
I,IOHNCII LINENB; of varion• qualdie• and widibi,
received and adored, wholesale aro retail, by
ALLSOB.i Coven, a .
I .
N the °mews' Court of sold-County, to the matter
of the seaman of Joseph Vandeprie Executor of
ime hut Will and Teemotent of John Gillman, deed.
No.lo, June Tema, tet.O. ,
And new, to era, June dildt, s on mouton? 0. IL
Geyer, the Court appended Thome Kennedy no Ati..
diter, Us audit the enceinte of the said Lammed, and
the exceptions tnareto. by the Court,
• D. McCURDY, Cert.
Notice—The !indite, above blamed will attend, for
the patrons of hie appointment, on nalatday, the 04th
day o! Almost nest, at s Wel vek, Y. /11., at his office In
tke err Beildings, Vivant street, Veber, and where
all ponies Intereeted are :v.:nested to attend.
jue : l,..r • THOMAS KENNEDY /blunter.
Wants /implaymeni
AYOUNG! man who hos had two year.' experience
to a Comometoo Warehouse, world accept A
email cetopensatts a lot the take of esouloyaleoL
yalra at tolerate. julyiS:dlt
SPANIEId Brom-10 lads tot tale by
/115 VI Wood itt OCLI!IY1-10 b:ls for :ale by
A . ll J SeIIouNATAKER fr 7 Co
C °Ci tr "--I “r".2:ClAT=ritdig-eck
to. Just recelvA for sale by
J S uoormucrit& co
t I criASIL-5 mks pm for sato by
VrACKEkII.--133 brie No 3. Nam lorn.,
for sea by MILLER & RICH grSoN
1110 211. & In Liberty at
- OLAIUaI , --0 has Bordssus,
3$ bz, suspossi just reed for .1. b
r r
00 . 12 . V . 132 , 715: 4„ 137. i.x cee n j , t Vats:
fioAotl VAILNISU-1 btl rbo'd !wallet kTy ----
PRINCIPE CIGARS-IGO Al Nos I, 2, and 3, oral
& Bone, just received far Nee by
1116 AIILLER Ak. nicirrraoN
TA.NNEas OIL-25 brla browN
w7D to low price &just reotive4l ,
H e'd%lie, q
, t
Au do /domm & Co's I . fdllry,qta;
'6 do do de a tan;
1$ ree'd for iddo by MILLER & RICKETY-0N -
GOD LIVER OIL-2 brie Germ. liebt.yellow, of
our own importation, last received tor ills by
STERINE — dINDI Toze• Stable C., - dle••
very seperfmt arucle, for sale by
170 W/0/I h AtoCANDLESS.
P. W. OATES' is
THESE DIES haring been adopted and highly approveid in all the principal shops in New York
and Philadelphia, are now offered to menufacturem, mnehinno, ship ,nuths, Sm., With the utmost con
fidence, as the most perfect article in ate( or ennuis screws., •,
Their su periority one, any other i Dies heretofore used, consists thtir caning a moiler
Scam, whether V orsucitat thread, by owe pawing over.the iron to be au, which ref:pm:to swarm:
ee previews prepartisiou, ea the dies cut the thread out 9 r the solid irenorithout raisins it i n t h e kn . ;
their greeter durability, rapidity, and perfection of work; and in their simplicity end little liability
to get out of order. • ;•
Peurnstrtus, 1849.
This is, to cently .bas we bate puchesed from P.
W. bales the right of resgh!. patent Dirt for eat
tict b olt.. In err cpinicn, Ins In.. lin Satoh rope.
riot to any oche, we art untainted trite tot the
purpose of coOlog boat.
r bionics a co.
PMananne,Apr.ll. MS.
Haring bee P W.Gaieei Patent Diu in nee In ear
estabriehment for the tut nine months , for caning
we can in every respect reeornmard them in
• the inyheat teat,. we have laid all Where ilwaPt
they heit4 fu enyerter—eonsidering than P"
cent. thou. than en, riFees now in nee.
HANEY, NfinFl); es ON
Penn Works, P.
This la to certify that we have purchased the Mb ,
to mu, and adopted. in t or bosteess, P W Gaits , Pa
tent riercw Cutter, whlehwo highlyapprova
can do oath more wort, and wet...dove it will too
pan in dooddlity and precision,. mash as cancan/
of labor, any dies known to no
34011P13, TAMER le DIORIIIB.
POTWIMPIII., 9th trientb,Y.dtb day,iyaz,
,P;srr You, An. 19,1949.
Hairing opted P. W. Goon , "Palentlnean ior cut
tint bons, see take plensn•e In toying, that It more
than acumen onr expectations, awl kayo no !owns
non in prism it as oar opinion, Wel [b oll t eloolo one
other pan in present no for eintior s
We have P. W. OSICe "Patent Diu' , fir 'centime
wows, and the economy of using them Is so very
considerable, that we look upon them as trdispeuss.
bin to every establishment havirg any quantity of
screws to Cul.
Cu:tn.°, May 10, 1840
Ossusetes Ornery Waltz:matots: 6th Sept, WI.
have puschosed of W. IL Scoville. for she United
'tales. tee slant to use to all the meas.]. and arsoo.
"IttlE SEED—I btl !tuff Enpl:sh toed. jint reed
yd Cot. Woad & Sizth sts.
D °SIN SOAP—A few bas on band, which will be
cold cheap, u tryIej%VICKERS RAU S
T EV SEED 01L-10 bile for sale by_
.1 Irla
COPAL VARNISH-8 brls core, for sale by
fr/IC Annual Meetings of the Shareholder. of the
•1 North American rd 111114( Company of Dann; will
be held at the office of Palmer, Saone is Co in the
city of Pittsburgh, Pa, on Monday„ the fifth dv, of
nett, no, between th e boor. o fie A.M. and P.M.
for the Keaton of Director. of the Company, and for
such businbes as may be presented, to aecordadee
with the charter and bye Ines or said ComstarrY.
Ll W$S 110TCLIISON, Freak
Pittsburgh, Jai) , IS, lunts,lyleidtd
Lawn Pattern Prints.
O F aa ' nl ° o7lyral t;',VgliVLLtri;l42,l
Small Pialit Gingham.,
of bow and whir. oxen
OF all the val.. colors,
and white, Woven and white, and various new
handso UD style., of GUM ow h t y, an d very MEI
° Da e'en' at axon
hum Wheat market Mee in Cub will be paid' ,
1. the Iliferent grade. of Wool, by
Now Imprciwad Pianos.
11. KLEI3EIt has jest received •Mage
Witnificent7octave Yeano.whichto:llll.i.
aeveral near and highly Imioreant im
p:oven:ems. The maker is of the
most devoid tnd cooly descripoon, and is made in
the Bocci co style. The interior contains two *volt
am bride( a,_eausing the Boss serinp to no over and
above the, Treble strirgrt-produebeg at once a tone
na full, sod clean The strings, memoverotre to
strongele as• to terve a ramaltung string when one
break., tbc• causing no eircenvenlenent like that
wiete Intends the of i method of stringing.
N. 1 1. This Omni the first haw of the hied ever
brought to Pinshurgh,the Professors and Kmatemis of
the coy ate respectfaLlv invited to call and examine
it, at. the S go of the Golden liarp,lolThird st jalie
ALIEETING of the Little flaw Mill Rim Roil Road
e q uipsEy, will be held on th e l7th uf.letly son:
at a olemek,P. AL, m the basunnt of the Presbyterian
Church, of Teraperancevals. The et.!. 1110 eonli
b y
in:vied to auend, as linsineta of Intromance
be bro ash* before the meeting. This is the' bestdo
mitten for a Coal Rad hoed In the viemiry of Pitts.
batgla. Theners of property have geom.:ly
given the line of ow
told to the company, velment fee or
socod tralion. Aud the coal, which is of a superior
mmuty, can be purchased at a very tow price; and
nature has done much towards gronsg Ma mad.
Odes, it V in direct communleation with Pinshorgh
and Allegheny, by swam boat; alueh ply constantly
uetween Mete shim end the mouth of the run. Valw
ottle lots, far donna•in end mannfactanng perpons,
on be patellae. misery adrmlag: on toms, to this
healthy •atler• fdellaTOSll,
#l:l:7lT , f —l3 Ms prima Ohlostlezr=krion
AeroV—N kegs prime lelfeceeived (or eels by
ie,s 8 & W iIARBAII6II
FOR two Band Loo-., containing Doneebt, marked
"Dr Banning, eatraborgh." lett In oar cant by
steam t• ow Comet, lope. 8 G W lIAKBAUGII
I7GAR CUIZEDILVIIS —7 le. reed for •alr by
L AItL. !4i
k• -
bt kJ, do,
Cut. do, now loading kora IllbUtte?
Camber!or.d No:, for ono by
melnu DICKET k. CO
1115 Warer k Eropt
GREASE -1 brie now landirg for . 6y
OBEY--3 !Iris r.a or landing for rate by
I ALLOW for sale by
EFSWAX—I tierce now landing for We by
FE-6--------taliaitira &CO
17 1,
IF I V EEr-31"4 I''I I7AIII I ItI I CICEY e 0
INSENG—Ubsg. vow loodlng fo• iile try
11111 lt../LI/111 DICKEY i CO
CASTOR o{l.-19 bra do I; for We by
13,13 l7 Wood at
Q . PIE ITS OF TURPENTINF-10 bylr for sale by
.11opm , -42 Dales mineral and patte r , i.
i l r os
a stl i trg
/11 5
JY llY r -tebels for sale by :
41011-R_K E
SUNDRIES -40 I . .is extra Crdaro Cheeeo;
lob! bd. No 3 Mackerel;
ID brio do ! do; .
3 keg. do .do;
10 bas &derma,
boo Mould Candles; .
00 4 3. No I .
201101 patent Zinc WaShboarder
25 ht roests sopertor Green Tong
40 caddy dot
lb 13( cbca's sopel/or lurch Teas;
3 tcs DeMeld's extra Ilaras;
Car Wool Z Fifth sta.
Tar rata by
CIRF.F.SE-100 bx. N. R. to, sale bf
7LNEGAE—IQI , ure Clder Vhe~rfoi ule 4j
^ ~ltl' tl F VON EONNIIV E3T&CO
8R?7(2 15— " d q
OCORCBCD SALTB-10 brit for sale by
11t1 9 r.voN BoroolousT fr. co
17(7 lIIDOW GLASS—IOU/be" seed tiara for ea o b
ENISON —V) for sale by
V iil3 S 1 , VON LONNHORST tr, CO
NILLY FLOUR—IS) brls just reel ler tale trr
V A.
10.3 Liberty tweet. •
TOUACCO—sO Lse W. U. Graat'N
,11. bra Rowan tr. Robbason`g
40 bra W. Ltaracrara , tea 41 for We by
UliAll-14 rla Covering's embed gad pulse 11ed
0 Sugars, Just received lobate by •
SUMAC -18,608 Ibtral hood. for onto by
RlO COFFEE—dO net. jut reeermed for tale 4.3 ,
TCOI , I-10 bbds Orbio Sides:
10 hhds do Shoulders, reu'd for solo by
8 & W 11,12.8AUGEI
FOUR -70 brla jam India. from steamer Well.
ir, and for WE by S & HMULAUCiII
CODA ASH-10 eailto mettor, ree'd for ItSl/1 b 1
j%ll 8 b.-W '1A8668011
C F ; F;SE-31 received 11 5 7+4 b
i b alumir,ii
raEATiggige-7 bag. prime Ohio. reed To, wain 41
jy . & w 11.411111.41311
oprEE—iu p i fr o cA,
1715 144 i
TEA -20 chintz roeelved for tale by
~O BACCO—.OO kelp 0 mist received for male by
Q ALTPETIID— ke6 re A fig t d ii r s irle
j 0
rrIANNEVLS' 011.-15 prImIC, (0 , 1;146b,
15 1, BROWN &
F iBi,--30 bets No 3
20 bola Nearing;
le Ueda Bbad, for pale 27
1713 e nabwri a CIRITATIMP..F_
RF-10 W. melved far tale lolori;tr ,
______ IRWIN &EiE".!!VITIRIS
1• ioTiretiy
la OP bal. Western D. 7
'Li" 103 •
VETn""= - '„',l7g4fr l awlgitte
QllOl-43 bags m ar abtAt Z
Isla rlbßnaTniCi
O : l ‘" 5 ,OlnWN tr..KIRKPArIUCII
—tocaa as tfidErmesinama,....ti-Mfim
CASTOR 013,-10 brir)ati received for eele - bi 7
' w Wood er
1 ,Iyr-2tao mpeGor-quahrY, yy
— 5 4 17 1 7,4 iiyyyty by MO) ODD /aCO
"yitlyG-30 bat lust teethed fin Yale by
\V •
41_?,_ KIDD & CO
--..nrs PATENT GLASS PAPER-3W Maas la
S I T 'Ye, for sale by__ Ion) JKTD!!'9?—
naresu — o vata pit* qyaUly for aale by •
- .
. .
rice ander th e ampere/Iton or this Department, P. NV.
Gates , . P Ile tit .1 It s" tort at lir g 1141tRII 0111CCI oj, they
having been nice (Orem of he large motels, and
fond to be eery efficient and excellent
, . ' A. TALCUTT, Col Ordinance.
Br '
W ew, or
eamas Yeargr
P enn DOCIS, t
aon, ert en, tale.
Cenriderriog•Grote,Yorcoted Improvement far cre
tin*. screen on regret ter be an enroll eager, I here, by
authority of tbo ligniergable Potterer,' of Om INegY,
pllfObt.t4 of the Attorstyg of the PatenregOVrn H.
Bemire and nue ettblarrot, bop , th e right ur maks
god no 'said lornrovaingra tor tho U. P. :logy:
.1081IYH EMITH, Chine of Bateau.
in asa also by
Buffalo Worts, BMW& .
'Reese kitshlay,. Roebesteg ... _
• R lett & CO, 0 &aeons r, _
s mit: us7 :: & thhla4. l o.ob cto 67,ll,,h 4, 7 ,
oeuh: ton, l S t 'l B:
Picithiazhmeilo tom dies It taps 4i to 2 In. pi. C.ll
Not do 8 Ytoll prim MI
PM: do 6 . do • 1 to 1, Price WO
All o,,jem.damled to P. W. bates, Clalcano.O.
11. Damon New York, E. D. hlanholl a Co. Phi..
d.lshis, and ii. H. eamlllo 11801 m, Coiettao. dm Dies
t 6 Taps, with or without machines for Wait thou,
It meet •Mh prompt attention.
gat.... Hay 3.1860. ' . 101.166
gi'rENDAILY;from 8 A. N. till 10 P.. M. Mama .auf I...emze Room, 9.3 GM%
Rasenred sests.l2l:eent. Ohm ia
137 ds 139 Wood Stroet, above Fifth.
THAT splendid ,establmbnisni- is nosy oared for
!tens. It admirably anansed Or Concerts,
Lactates, Etbillims ; he. ,C112....PP 1
apid:dif •131Winid st.
• r .
Ma solution of Partorrahlp.
ITHE Partnership bereteAre .mmnir Wm . .= the
sltbseHtiewr, ander the firm Of Chissaben, 3,601610
Manifsenneta. was dissthred Irt mats. I
201162112, on the 51 . 611 dam 01.1nly,Inste.t. All penes.
nowtng theme 'tea led. bled to 62/4 6001600 0062112/2-
00 to make pay mem to either of she parties,
delay, and all pertots enittlled &aortas whit
said 32110, Et 1301220 to robot them for statement
ganntal copy.)
CFIEE-150 bogs — F - myr
jk and i lii ia frem me t z la f e w ern it t&or
le by
Water it. From ais
. • • .
C0';..1'<, 1 1% 1 47. 1 =11. , %1 121 flow b
Jyt9 : Llbeny meet
GMOE : 11 !ROO r-a sack. onbane and for eolirq -
jelt •
Cor Wood if, Kith of
WICKEIMAA3I com• Jut reco 'rani 49i
• I cat., by E 98. N. WICKER:3IIAM
71ELAICA fIINOER of taobe.t Quality a as bnad a •
or gala by s
REAM OPTAR—On hand and far I , llle by
Q YRU P-53 Wig justTecaived far .1512 bV
AMIE AteCittlßEL—rtalnlorl3. s-4 iF , ..
trill I 8 DIGW , TITTII It CO.
bac iu .tore
S. F /712 OUR , - S &CO
QAFETY FU4)-8 bile Ice b
DILW UR ening, just received hp
jyla , • J 8 T 8 &CO
OUGAIt CURD • HAIIIB- ID caste received Ye.
neater Hail Colembl., an conatcr_l, for !eddy'.
3rli JAM ES A trrcin nu re CO
—— ,
MitAO-IGnake raft Per cum. Boa Col:nda,
JO on consigAtnect. far anlo by
eazat dear rides in ram, for sate by
0 }yin . JADIFS A RUTCHISI/1.11 A. CO
. - _
Elastneaa Tel far C 1 .117 Pneposh lo
TN parrasnee Of .an Ordlnancaptovidins for on In.
1 crease of thei.Reverme of this city, jawed the
Aiwa,: lilt; riniee is berth/ -Omni Ilia Ow Cat!
A sore has left ln'my otieff, far examination
Interested, a Hsi or the persons doing bursaee bite
eity in conformity with said Oceinnare-
Lifra '4. York* examination of said 14; any parents
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ment, they ahld state the some in an affidavit which
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