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    ESTAI3LISHED IN 178 h.
H I '1; . - C O.• ,
. Is. *were. 1 .
Hag - rile Al" .00.0iit, ;TT*MD ETRE/7, Kill, 1000 70
' THE POET 0117C1t.
• '• , TERIEst •
per ee ep,
, Tri-tVeer epp ct
Weekly . •••• -
blEire., tit a reddeed rum;
thie.Sque te, (10 ,inn of Newport l Oriels)
Ortedegar re, each addidonalitoterboa •• • %Pa
• • It t. two wee ks• 4. 0
0 0
. three weeks-- 0
Do. nee month•—••—•—•-• 6,00'
, Do. taro••• 7,EO' '
De • three mooths.•-• --••• oso
Da. Mar monlbs ... •---••'1 0 •CD
• Dr. oil
Do, itee l Ve months•-••
• • • ISPO
Needing Card in lines °Timm,' pgf 10,00 -
Otte H t loote•ohotetetttat at pleamre (per an. • •
rutin' ezeimaxe DI thn paper ;
eS it •411110,1a1 souare, Mullett mean
EAR tor
Etbliitonal square lusertedvader the Tear-
IE rams, half price.
A eveniteme nisceeding 14ZOItte, net over
• fifteen lines, lo b clarged -leave and a halt
Publiqiert 1101 cent:Diablo for legal advartittetnehts
be rend the amount charged for Melrpab4eE o E o
Ancoßocmg eandidatel for office, to be charged the
mane as other adverueementi.
Advetilsemente .t marked ens tbe cop" • "Pen
ned number of ln en rain., will be easetEned 01 forbid,
and Del Otent enroll accord: a
Tlr' privileges of yearly adverileem will be confined
rieidly Id their regales littrinesti,• and all other 'duet.
linimuntit filit pertaining to their regalie business, en
agreed for, to be paid extra. • • .
All wlvertiermente for a.ritable theutations, fire
gummier. ward. toiewhip awl ib.rr encennuo,
and pitch like, labs charged half price, payable strielly
Ir sidesoce.
'tutelage non,. Kt be charged 50 emus.
Ilerob notices .Iwerted without charge, anleis
R01.1,d Ly (000E1 00tudion. or obituary notices, and
ben so accomiliMeti I° for - '
Derain, sdrertisers. tad ottettlreiO raiding einem e•
I . , gic,ng,,sr env:llia, notices designed to call Ott eft
ticn Moro, Potrero, Cone ewe, pr any public enter.
m where rhlteXeritte Made for
all itolteel of belittle REEREiEtiots--EvErr entire de.
sinned to toll attention tn privet, interment calculi.
tell or intnnled Vreirtole oat intr....ll4nm on
if he. learned with the .undersianding.that the SUMO
tOIO be paid Mr. tr to be tanned la the le.
eat roister, the Setae wilt . M'ehuged nt the ram of
Dot Out than le eel. per Ihte. • •• •
Ibrhop m Fist Notices in an charged triple price,
Tama Lien:tie rmitinns. : earn.
, and Medical advertisements to be charged at -
Rrcl l'Atatc Agents' and Audience& adrernar
nientl Dot to be chn.d under yearly netc., but to be
al erred diltount or .hir•.y three and ono thirdpereent.
frown no amount or bilk. . .
warn, OIL TrIAI/2.21 : 1 rn name warm
Otte t , qttare, three toteetions• ••• 81 131
1)ot each ndationial thaertion 37
....terstaarnr.ters jtt 1.11.1. TV rAtaa
One R•7l --- o.llllFure;.liMeirartaitio - n. etc.
Dn. each addttional insertion. ...9
All transient advertisements lo be paid in advance.
hTIIITP. CO. Guano:
1.. HARPER, Port
ROT? AI.•RIDDLE,-.Tonmsd. •
JAME 4 P. BARR CO. Chronicle.
•JOS. Sh.OW D :Mercury.
• ' JAW'S IV. BIDDLE. Ave tie an.
HIRAM RAINT., Evening Tribune.
Pirmnsism, Dec. 1, 1817: t • •
A LDIMINIAN, Flan Ward, Penn street, belmeen
IN O'Hara and WOW. All tautness promptly at
tended to. •
A 17MINEV AT LAW—Office, on Fourth me e t ZlL above IV6:KI' mrle
A TTOIINEIL - AT LAW, and Commissioner for
Pern.yl,nio, ;N. Lout,. Mo.
en cononanionuoce promptly antorerpS.
John R Large Wna.C. Priced.
' LA1111:46 ti FRIEND,
A TTORNEis TaNV:tourth sarchnearGrant.
JAinuiv. Knnit,
ATTORAIST AT I.:AW—Orwe on Fnerat street,
bryseenisagnhfieldeldGtent,Psttttralgh. •
spittly • '
lionjatula Pattco•-‘--- Wiltm ' Battn.<lt
ATTORNIM3 AT LAW—Otrica iaTalshount I{ll.
Grant stolcor
,thejltatyrt M.o. . tent
and Coon.llot ot Law, and Commis.
11rioner for the State of Penusytrania, St Louis,.
i Mo.. !late or Pottbordh.) . -...
1_ Recto:tn.—Patera nth t . ..110n. W. Forward, lhono
'mt. d. Miller. Ml.ttuattesn & TlnClara, John P. Parke,
- ,,pitioells .d..ornpht, McCord & Iflog. ,
'' - :Non( .o . AL.. too ri 1 , . Ltkna &Ot.
4: itL ,T;; ' , ,? , '. i;; : t . Altn c. eit".."‘C:ol:itt'bro::
jur cern, No 2.11 Mart. at, Philadelphia. .4
-- Pittsburgh Altall — Works.
r, lig IC & CO, Mural's:ham of Soda
B Ash. IPraehing Powder., Murialie and Sulphuric.
Acid.. Warehouse No —,lVater over; her... Ferry.
n0.N.1 , 1v
PTe d ;Tient rims Genres Itrzter.
ilnlnle and Detail Drug
giria..rorner of labruly land PI Clair street; Pitt,
tuasih, Po- aril .
tioLonom ,Lziovs;ut
CosiNtifisios MERCILANi • Stork and Bell lima
er. No 110 Second tnay2-ally
Duque - Zee Spring, Axle, Ste•l, and Iron
COLEMAN. lIAILMIN a CO. blannfaelarern of
Coach •nd Oprtng., Hammered Azle,
Spring and Plough IS:eel. Iron. hr. Werehouee on
Winer and From meet, Pitt•hergb.
Afro, dealer. in Cough Trinaminga and Malleable
- oetl2
John A. Crain. W. S. Skin.,
• .
I 1 RAU; & reirerarding and Cocrus sokn
ria.liorsr& apt
C. cni A. .A r trlNl l e : rc Ll ll . tt,' 'L C :. . 4 tts.Traa rd ln n , g r .n itt. d bu c'
pa. ontrl
C_ 11.6 RAVI", Molnar." Groeer, Conottiaaion and
C_Forwardinc Merchant, 20.
41 Waer at., PM.
b rg h. ant
In K FTe 714 -
ra Andre,. Fleming
nOmt, ISSION kffincit ANT: , —For Me site vs( Do
mntor.Wortion, nni Cottnn Goofs also. dealers in
all kinds of Tailors' Trimniings,NolO Wood in, 4th
done from Fifth. Pittshns.M.
Reforonce:—Sfcsms. - Wei. A:11111 A. Co Bankers.
unNNETT, tißle Gatlarhee
Cil r:otnirdirinn and For
anC alert: in Prodarie and Pittii,
beech Minaiii Ne. 37 Worred - M., between id end,
3.1•11CC4. tint
Fft 11W lIDINti k COM IrMrfliN ME RC if ANT
No lid beenal CI. Itiibbareh. ' urea
:If ralr'v Leel Wool On*.
er rtipti Mareartt, for the arrle oh•
kraitricaml‘yrolz,•, rt. fe1.17
wit. 'MAU, n+ltuncr:.
• ••. .
D. f...10,/1,..11 . /. •.
F.ALD R Ir , rf:Skillll, Conro...leon 51en
eta rot, 41 NortkWritar at, 14 North Whkrvet,
Molt. , •
. .
-Ermov, tr. Co., (sorce•wa to PtOrroD3
Jnoom tr. Co.) Conionotion •.nd Forwardint
clooiors in Pitubarch Monakention Goods
V. mobil
>A 11LNiG LL,
TO sArlr..v. e. nu.,)
te Dealer Vrorel2 and ;American Po
T ier Hanging.. nod Borders. Window nailer For
Lira Prin.. At.o—Wriunr, and %Wag.
ping Popre.%Vivid wee, nrterern Fourth meet
and Dieriond.aliep, 'meet ritittintet, Pa.
lihrD hlllitriAN, Wholesale Dronelsr, and den '
or in Dye Sleets. rein's, (1,Is; Varniaboa, ko, No
VT Wood street, one door Sort or Diamond Alloy
Pillshorg amt
ma: tr.l,, ol le (OCT r:Comm %floe
a) hjorrlmm, and d•d.rin Predn•e nod Pillahurgh
Muroran:urea. HO 21 waters PlU.berFh. Boa
,141 t D.:(11, • •
TFAIM I DICKEY h • Cr, Whn!etalp f:rnerrt- in
P pt,ch.te,d.• lets ua Prod.. Nos.Sfi
Watrr.villni Front We.. .A. t. , h. nova
1111.worair sUbolesale Grocer. and
sl • Age. for axasel Powder Co., No. T 7 Work st.;
rim?? fClowNsrzfitifim .
NI. el Market at, threudnora above Third ad. Pine)
Orwell. sell! hese eoesteelly on hand a well elected sal
oortment o'the tpem and freee.t bledicines.wiacb Li
.edl sell en ~non repwinable terms. Pkysieiand
• ....I'll' , be irnrintiv attended to, cad
pLied nee', enletes tl.ey ulsueelf nom , 1 " .00.
Er Pip:46 , es Prese,..ouone cell! be accurately and
uvula or-ewer., Wm ' , eat =Varies, at coy h.* , or
ha day or night.
Ala° for We, allele neck of dual , and good Pork
T it. CAN FlEL,iiirrn,
• ...aion and roman:lnc Morchant. and wholesale
duos , In Wegurn Rese r ., and
Pee" , Ash. sad Ws...TO Proiset generally.' Water
etre, 'wise. Poi ihneld and Wood, Pittsburgh.
.P 4 _
TuNsTos nn
s slicimi; W ii co r lowiterc Pedlars;
sy s and Pepe, Alaadiasturors, No.t3 hlssket alle.h
,Pttlshure.:. _
_ ra
theca's; C00:1111•1171
11 , / :letehants, sod Drillers r e o..„
cher,q. /AMY. - ‘Vood r- ond
Plata meow, apt
iILONN WAIT. iwretiewor to
• wholesale fliroeet tilt rearawassiou Bleeet, a ,,
dealer in Protid , sod Pittsburgh Alanaraeterea,
ries of Libiart , nll ilan4 Erects. l
NO. Ir.'C V, Age ft fUrtha
• Atiehlson Llne rn trenyer and thets, a t. g. _ o 4:
nn the former of Wstar. and Smithfie.l.l ar ItM
ttll Lewis Hutchison & Co.. Poramisonn Mernhaetl
sed Aren,, of the St. Loula Stoma Rear Refinery.
No 45 water acid PS final asreets,Ptlitaborsit.
• - - - -
h. * "' WV'
f — rrzr .
, -- otyt . :t.. .!-
I. Ifeeel,'PimbgO; will
attend pronintly to 0011 redo.. iA Washlacton, Payed,
and Greco counties, Pi.
nr.ent TO ,
.) C 0.,)
Clsorth, Vnisbonelo,
11 T Morra,
i I `11i(, 0 a,, Wan liet
hoiessle d siailsler
el in Mai , o end 111n•ieill riectnotenyi, Rohn' (10.3
Pater, SUVA. Steel. Pear, Qoilis,' Culp , . mid
91 Wend .1.,044.,h tits.
yr nap Nig tit Of 'Attu in trade. ar P l3
. .
yw .
I • •
T • t,„ •
• " _it 3:4*.
‘ wtPa
, _••• • •, i ; ir
Fo.rth oTcc , n mdcwor to tbe Donk of Ilitg
horg6. crall.fte3
T A —F. ri W. 70.4, vs: i.g nnd C/ 1 111111M , 011Aler.
charts Cettletn In Prndare end Plnsburgh mina
unarturrti n'ttirlea,ena!lyanin, rear 7th at. otp4
ip la, PITTEBUdii.
& Mantafactarera.ta
• a npartor haentlng, Carpet Citatn, Canton
• Jano-1
‘ ‘, V 4 m- ITVP r i i. d o4ll 'S g's ‘ . ‘ itt i nt`l. ° l - P""""h.
tVlll;apaticii or a . nd
172 anJ 174, coma , ~ , , Labt•atr and irxitt strtt., Put..
burgh, Fa- . Iratt, haus, Cottun Yanvt, Ake. ,
on pond. • nl4
John rarfaill.
dams D. Yla. %Vc for C. Na..
Mt ll Al .‘r‘ l h l: 'nr :.V ' =4 " ;ocrclT„a„oTliiei7ri„
MAO /01771, 1,111 7. gilled.
iurANUFACIIIILERS of crinK and blister. Intel,
111. niough rand, Meal plough min,. conch and clip
Le gp nng., hammered iron Arles, anal dealer. in rash
able emalnea, fi re roar inn lr olp, nnti cone IN I I intating,
genendri a corocr of Roro and Flan rtel., Ylltelateeli,
Pra. • . frne.
•-- --
1101.41E4 k BUN, Nos: Murk ct el, con final dada N. (mu. earner of Fourth, dealer, an Foreign and
Domestic: Nino of I:llcliapar a ci Certificates of Dermal,
liank,Noron trod tiprein.
' ErColeletioncnrode on all as principal rile.
I:roc/nom:ha Unitnl Sun,np4_
Nlllialal AS MR, Ariainankri-c-uarace, Roman an,
a , tend door shorn nrrianfanid a rouro rid. .
Conveyancing of all kinds done wish tae greatest
ease and leg•I accuracy.
to Rear Estate Zee. oen10•17
it BIM arE7.1.....i A tfo., -
70 0. Market street. PitiOnog it, Pa., town constant
'lT on hand, an mate to order all hunt. of
e. Porter and Mineral `ater Bottles of an
peeler quality.
Pt. uc Mar attention paid to Private ;Stolid..
Lithographic klatalatiohaiout
OF WM. SOUPY:IIMA NN. Thud to ahpoade the
Poo Moe, Pitobargh.—Mops, Lairdscapev, Dill
heads, Shosollta, LiMels, Architectural and Machine
Drawing*, Pustnetv,ad Vititing Curds. 0.e.. cnrcavell
et dray non stone, anti printed in eaten, Gold. Drente
'Or Block, In the mast ordered style, acid at the most
reitannaLlo tomes. • 115:1,
OLIZ: 074,11:171.1.; it CO. • c, Ltheny mreen
1,11, ritoLuril: Wholegalo Gtocen, Praloca nod
Comaimon March:mu, and dea:ers :a Patab.rzt,
111::naine area. . - no:
Dont. • 0r.% 7005. cans • it.;_ 5051..505.'
'DOPE:ET 11100 RE, Ihholeseic Grover,
JUL Dlssiller, denier la Produce, Doubts's.), his.osees
tures, an - dl kir.ils of Poreign and Domestic %Vince
and L`eitiors; Liberty street. bare neery
large stock or so:ocelot old Moncnitdmit Avoiskey,
which serl lx sni . d lose for i ash.
LO. DZINO D.L miss.
'OETNOLDS SHE& Forward,.[ r i ot
ot Commas
Kb sten Merchants, fertile Allignery. liMer Trsdes
sealers Ira Grocefies, Priduce combo mn, Mantifsc
tures, and Chloride of Lime.
The highestmice, In twit, rasa 31 alt time.. for
reentry rants Conte Penn nee Dern it, spin
OUERT PALZELL h. du, Wholcsale Cancer.
, Commission' Merchants, dealers or Drossuce and
Pittsburgh Manufacturu, Liberty ,repi,. kittshunri.,
U. Peeler in Produce an_ Piu.burgh Malintaelerre.
No. 144 !ALCny street. ankh
S u t: `,: tr " :i ß iVolin t ata N fatte L ; u et ' o 6 e h i r' f ' sl "l .
At."lro:rn d g .
and Plough *tech A1r.0.-3pones, Axle, Vieess, Ts e s
vits,dscs (hey Invite the ottsseson of I:CW . Oh.. nod
eoesesuers to tests- stork before tessehoring eime
where. They:Tenant th Es , rarticle:. tot. teas toasty
made tn Ulm country or Mooned. kb,"
s. C TH.II
O,IIACKLETT it WHITS, Wholesale De•tens In
Forenfn and Dsteettle MT Goods, No. 51 Wood
street - Plosboub. opt:
SA W IlhEllialtUfisH, Wool merchants, Itesstera
to Floor and Purslane 'rectally, nod Forcusedssee
and Commission hlcrchento, 150. e 9 Woset oireet,
Plltzburgh. , ant:
r. ...Luta ...m 0.. Joon moor., 111ARTI.J.M5 . .
Srt.LKets & Produces d Ctn.,. Com •
rairsion Merolla. a N 0..; Liberty arreea I los•
burgh. Forma Lurirod nod Laid Oas. sp.
o s Ois , VtGLo .:
Wolof. ..thnsOurgio Idand . ncturcs nod Wei•leflt
Pr0d.,.., Taveremuu ro !heir new WY rehouse. (oil'
Mandl No. ZS, ol Fe o 1 lintel and eboorory
Lone rod:
' 11ORb1S & 119vroamit,
Ea-Asian Diamond suenorell. ants
L. S. N Vstesnen• •R.N Watern4 n - .w. H. %Yates:nen.
3 1., j
WHOLESALE: GROCCIL:. Commts,. •nd For-
RR carehng Merrearne; dealers in el l o,
&men!! PiL.bergl. Meow metered A encle,lllo Agent.
for lain of Leber-and :lei Lynebnusg Menufaelured
Tobacco. nal
Bark,, Pa
WILL also attend to coll.ttotts sod all other Lint
men entraneti tot,. Mater tad Amerong
mottles, ra. Refer to
J. IL. Lloyd, Libe rt y
W. W. Wo'lare, do
hone, Montholl do Pitttlmrgt..
Ka , Co., WoLet .t.
8. B.
N O ,
210 bowayay 11111,
JOllll5 MerADEN
Canal Has n, Penn ,rect. Pntsbut , ll
IIAVIS - 4, •
No. V: Market, and 54 Commerce st, l'hilaslels hi.
Adrucere mule, hy either of the above, oa con+ien•
men. al Produce urr either House. etre
J.D. Williams•••.— ............
TT Forwarding and Comicionon Alidebania a and
dealers in Cod , dry Prodnce and P;ltatinsigh alanufac
lures, corner of IVood and Fifth streets, Pnutinegti.
rld •
North 12A41 tonne? of Wood and Ttord •tr.met.
jant Prrnsrlnno. 44.
VOY. OaCALIT Joii, • fo...“•••,
W. 11 w..aow VI
W M %,A •_:9 • Whal•+C, a.rort,
TT R.:11 w,,02 F,l•l.ltr.qh r.
IX] U.K. h. SVC? • , .c: • te, '. 3 D
VT -.rtd
Commtn•inn Na.ll, a.
CSIOn nad r:l.7•o6Mllont
11, cora.. of Woad and Water ntrett,, nitsbuntn.
Wk M—AUTCHr.LTRZ'.I - 1, Wh0:04.414 Gfnooff,
. Re,,,,.; 13, ItrA %Ville 03. f L qu , c
!lost , .41,‘ A 1.44-1 mporto r• of !-;o14 44 , 1 ig,14,11
tlo Powder, No. 1 , 4 Lien- ore., loppo411‘0 , :b
4 mot.) , 1:44 , 13 go. 407
W. 141 W
itrd .11txry Good., cornet or Shrk.,
Four..!rcrtr, Pt,.thEaKh. P. N. LL—W•.-P. , :d
Clocks earefi.l.7 repaired. r.L.J 17
• .
litit — .l4l ft en., Dealer. In Leather. atntaa,
&e, I.ltrerty street
txr kg: , IlleCtiTefl.':DtC, IVitn , c*lle Grocer*,
P WV :au d 1 ' ,I r :„1:1 " P '''''''.
Psurtnugia. .turc gruertilly, Laserty rime,—
CT Liberal advances 0124 t on connquadewn,
MATTIIF.W Portrnit , Mioiature
ra.nler. Rnanzin, corner 0 , rnet Oifire Anea and
Fourth Street, enitanea on 1 , 0.1.11 it, Mar Market.
- X -- & - J:Tardwas Coen mi•alan glerebarsto.
mOhl Levee st, N Orlesne, keep constishil) o
iNband a large sesortmetaEtraildietof the follow
ing brands, which they offer for raless ogee,. for .I.
Darned & Co. Uordraus. vie: Magid, J.Eiseit,
rand Ir. Ca, Lairs. belie, J 1 Durand, CAgnae, A de AlPfni
began. A Ili filevil le, A do hfoedore. Jean !Anis. he ,
/he; also. Anchor Gin, Borden. Red and White Wines
in easgs rare., selected seep care .y Jells Du r end
&'Co; tinkles Mammon Wino and Sweet Burgundy
T If AVE taken WM. CARR WO Daßccrthtn
roc in my business, winch will from Ole date be
carried on under the nem of "Jot n Parker ar Co "
March let, 1850. JOHN PARKER.
John .William Cart.
Mara., Groans, D•alat-s Prodaar. Vamp,
brpll7ll, 01.1 Illanangahcla
and lirarfied IS I / 4 robw.
Pin. 5, Commercial Row, loocrly meter,
to r.O) l'or-t•orKh. r
19aere ears to Honey, Derma h. Cod
/1111KERS, I.:ROKERS, and dealer*
in Foreign and Domestic rSthIIITP, Certifootet
Deponte, Bk Notes, and Specic—North west
center of Wood an and Third streeta. Curren, money
rear-wed on deponlb..—Eight Cheeks for tale, and
Collections made on ceerly ail the principal poling
the United. States.
The bigirestpremlem paid for Foreign and American
Advances made on contignmenta of Produce, ship
pad East. on liberal terms. sold
•.I'CLGAO.I Ipso. c. lump
11,21.. A. 111 , CLIM6 & CO.,
No Zl3 liberty, and, at., Mud,
Have Always on Land a Itrget rtmeotor Chotto
Greeetiesnd Fine Tenet tine, reacted fruit_ and
Whel e reeti and supplied on the
ietereet term, meet
Pens 61i - Cialn• &imp
SITTGITTIIANL-Mantfulorsr of all Linde of cot
• Nn and woollen martinet?, Allegheny city, Pa
The ithove works bane now la rol
crvtion I a% Prepared to exolv to Otte:, TT.* dilw.tell
fat all Units of machinery in.) , ling, itch as willow.,
pick era apreadon tits to main*, rani:roe,
drawinF frame., tpitetters, Maude, Itamoli
orslogle, for merchant or roomy wink,
ineles,jack., ikedisline and Mind Indies and tools In non.
and. All aind• 9t,,hetim maJa to order,aspPlansoiv.
en far gearing Notaries or mills OA roasonoldn(huge.
Plum, 7 , —KM:wily & 131Actistect, Pau
R Co n King, Pollack
.Co n Ju •
S. tri/tIIIIV - 111, tEI werr..n.r.
A• WESTERVE: . 7.&, SON.
F:l.t. ICNCI7NVIiNITiAN ^ LINO MAKER , Wkeep enn•tns4tlv nn hand er matt to order the
heat 11112eb In thetr fine, •t their old rend. Nn. lin DI,
Clair meet; alga. at No.fslllllroketro.reer,nreond retry,
entrance in the Diamond. Vanilla° Shutters mad, no
order. and old blinds neatly repaired. apia
11l roa in glaam . (sear Plttabtarg•hd Pa.
Office. No. 37 Ilreaer xi, breereen ilrar:et crul
- Mood Pstisburgh.
tryWlLLeoualantly k eep on li•nd a noel •.•ort
• ment or Wart; of our own inVioetore,altd
auperiot quality „Wholeaole an try .lien
• chant, are rcispectfully , invited t call and ex
amine for lliemacl•es, us ore are determined to .11
cheaper than hie over btfore been offered to the pub
ltrUrilera sent by taitil, ace= Din led It• 'heath or
octal reference, nettl be,'ProinlttlY attended to •tirg
M. A
the w r l L l ß that"="l Info rm
Idicork, to:twenty Federal eel Semi est. y street, tel
re: rata malung anti are prepared io receive orders fof
every description of achirirs, thitielics Cbarinthi, Iln
rourties, Magma, l'hwtona, tre , which from liloll
long experience, in the menet:min re of the above watt,
and the feminine they hove. they (eel confident they ate
riintded to do work no the most reasonable tern. with
thomwanting tirticles in their hue.
Paying pa nine . o mica to the tekettun of mate
rials, and havinf nude
ne list competent workmen, they
hoot- no.liesitaboh iti wortanung their work. We
therefore nob the attention of the public to this matter.
N. Repairing done an the bent 111.11111[T, and on tee
M.lltememtlablr.ten.. icatitf
s.l.CAtvi - )4146.11NN1A10N.
rat cm. gm:moan Wm. ♦ND Ithantrr, Pomausau,
(NJ:4'IINC Ean manufacture ell elude of COPPER,
et:nth Were.
Steam Ito t. bunt to order.
Special stint:ll, Steam boat riven to enm 11 work.
Hum nii lisnds a fine nistiortment of Copper and BMA
Ettdi, Tin Wrrn, de. &, !Steamboat cooktnOtoves,
Porinkl ' e Forpecl mike... sizes— a very ecrivennint It
nide for smanniunts, Califernia emigrants, or rail mad
tt ivo . ild respectfully invite. twain boat men am'
attic, iv call and see our articles and prices hefom
ist:suns elsewhere ,yl7
. GILT.DN Book Madera.
W i' n ' t " .;%n on a 'n'Ttg i rnd th stree"t b s',';i b ltc';i i tinr' g ri: %%er r e '
r o i e M itTa r t ' te d n ' S I d :L o is:7r fr k po th rso " Lilly " a w nl i P ' s
isconn will he linen rerird to nu neatness and do.
BIWA fronts tided to shy
u r n sra and bound
..rlantialiy. Boort, In numbers
(ally or remitted. Pinnies put on books in gilt Innen.
'Mose that hank work in ter line are Invited to cull.
Priem lens, turjfraf
Pitt Machias Works and Foundry.
JOILN WIIIGIITd. Co., are prepared to build Cotton
anJ Woolen Machinery of every description, such
ua'CnrMachine, Spinning Frames, Speeders,
Irrroring Franck, Railway Ronde, Warpers,Spooleni,
Dimming EIk:MA, Lamm, Card Grinders, he. Wrought
Iron Shafting turned; nil nixes of Cum Iran, Putties and
ILin erre of die latest patterns, elide and hand Lathes,
and tools of all kinds Caning, of every description
'furnished on short note*. • Patterns made to order for
ficautogOronitailing, he. Steam Pipe for beat.
lug Factories, Cast Iron NN indoor Sash topi fancy Cu.-
lines gen-rally. glider. left et tbe Warehouse ord.
Palm. fr. Co. Liberty street, mill litre prompt atm.
It-fer « Iliglekstock,i;ell.2 Cu J K. !Moorehead k
Co., G. SNarner, John Irwin a goo, Yituborah ,G.
C, s J. 11 Darner, Stoohonvdlc. 10010
subteriber odes for sale a huge and spleodtd
assortment of InentiVOill and atattogany grand Ac
ben thabos rtn.and arttbout Coleman's celebrated
Loan AnL ve ament. The above Instruments are War
ranted to be egetl to any manufactured to this con*.
NT, and will be sold lamer thee any brought front the
Fast. F. BLUME, No !Id wood et,
door above
N. ri —Coy Scrip will be Laken at. par for a iv. of
be alinve ...ortinent F LI
Filter, tor Ilydrast Wat.r.
THIS Lit to that 1 hive ath
pante4. lAyingrann Roggen A Co.
time Agents for the vole of !riming ,
rateot ILipralmm Filler, fin the et,
Les of l'illturgh and Allegheny.
11N GIBSON: Agent,
iv*, bar Walter 11l liabLoa,3.l9 t ßroadway,
Oct ID, E4B:
We base btellosint one 01 the' alinve articles at is
naive of the Noveity Works tor three months, trial,
and the I perfectly riaithricd Mal int •
the toy, noon,
tiof see
t oth plcomui in recommending them ai a ithe
tio article o thl veto love pare ureter. Orders Val be
thank 101 l y secetted sod promptly ....zeroed.
netld LI V INGLVION. FOG (th
Stamina Ortek Worts foe Frac.
Trtlft subserther of for sale. lac t. kb! BRICK
WOltlitl. [drove Lossorroorr.te, -.tart ~ ~
Steam Eng/ ne.tditeilefa, hl Mint • CeA. , ',. al
Ma:m.telaarlnr: bn.taai ['seised Itribt• of dry may.
as tatteit from the book,) per days ivvb .vse , act , . of
land °Adis Allegheny river, on whir h not I sitn and
sheds, shaelaue and clay sheds, eviteviovrenwa.
shovels, spades:A.. 4 every: tlung tryout. to corn
ett nee operations at so hours make. ?nee. ',minding
the patent right to use said setnetinia, 67,1bas—tvents of
paVnienl made easy. Wit h out the land, 85AM. For
particulars. address HENRY - 14 EISHITT.
_uagal-dt( Pio /IS Monongahela Ilona,
Wrwaglta ' S and Cast iron Rnlllng.
TE subsertbers bei leave to inform the public that
they have obi/duet from the Flat it the late anti
At•sigits for Iron Hating., born for houses
atm sen,steries Sterson. evittdag piochre hatal
seine pattera tvitiptt use uord exorertuo, and hole ,
;o, Vtemselvra. Itstltne .‘lll be furn•iited at the •Itgor.-
est notie", nit to the best monitor, at the carrots or
liars,Reim., meet, AlLeeheny city.
aaa,,lts A I.nalos - r A. i; Nor.
N". V STATE sTar.ET. WISTI/11.
Agera fol Claw. g f Propert7
lase AKING spent near:) , a >ear to tha various flc•
JLI, cord URweri, National Libras,. eo daring I.
, a E ric Mod, In rest,itsliq Mounts (or peg .01111
In this enuntry, and Landon secured cffirtent and r
tpon•Ole Agents in London and Manchester, Le m
prepared to Mined all • ry infonsmfinn and ed•
vice In persons who welt to weer. their property 11l
that country.
J. L keeps a lon of Me Rat.k . of Ragland Di vtdend
Masks, may, be <2.011.11 for fat canto, or 25 Joe
each letter of the AlphoLet
References to Boman: •
- - - -
I. 6 McVay
(caeeQ•l' CO.,
to NC
ard & Kig)
Va•lotostablet nt.t•it:N. fi E t
Coro., f Wood c Pip 9.
iftifIFLTICTL.I. ft Pn" , • our fo.d-
L oaf:upon
1:.op. from out tan( Z. 7
woust.sfot, - , the L... Cart tr.e.
, • •Cle.e.e. t$
ey•Mai, ••
I, r,gard• qC•LIZI
tt ::•$: :I. • ,C•rrir:eon
•us•ln_ fc:4;
r to iurc,rtn Lie !'nentl•..,,/ a
13 rie..tivtug l.e rew rprluK moot cf Caoos,
colorc F,1,11.2.1, tho newt, szoot furt..o4.
10,1 :t of Cloa, tattawietehlt.,y Ve rung:. ent•
and WIC n sarelLer suorz_ and every an s's •sila , pe
fat grr,cll,•l's Wear for gpriug cad .ocitutr. 1,1 l.g
inmobsa,le to Irlotixthe berwy, onulty. or tlu,nal,
of the cork, the , proprietor hope. al. wl.n are inart
of gond, el.rap. f.htonable., sod vec:l rook., clot:
r..1!1 giro baa a call, as 'here is no 10,,t L 11,2.1,10 01
Allegbenits emt wall
The reedy made department Is very execestve, adep
d ;0 all ta•le,
- -
Rio! road [J11%.1.0". enunity [nett - banns, and •SI
oho pore/Inn, largely, ere partsdatarli sn•lsed In ex.
Comte she stork benne putestating, as partlenlar ut.
tension Is dud to the o s boletale business hr tbv es tat,
Every article tin the 'viler - Inv line mode to order tILI
the most farldOrtable and best manner, et the shortest
entire mrd,
rr FIE partnership heretofore existing under the firm
o( A !I. C is dt•roieed be the decra,
nt Mr. C The businees '.e carried on 1.7
Urad:cy, who wilt Fettle the basiness of the late
firm. --•
11(atOVAI,-A llnutt.. boo removed Ids Foundry
Worehouse from Noll 2 Becood rrrae W Wood
ruler, bow,. First nod gerund menu., to Ow Wort ,
haulm lowly onedapind by A Betty.. how he ottll
constantly ontand *general naPottatente( Cast
-og, Grow', Moves, Conking fttoveo, /Lc. jy 13
frilfE adantinn edit public in respecually ended.
I die law:rind corttLenter:
M. 9. Eacina—llaring mined a quandty of Gold
erriched by your Aceometer. I find the malt p
{our instrantenteorrect; and recommend the nee of roven
to those going tcrealifornie. ad the best method for ole
tahling the reel verde of Gold. Reno. foam,
• .I. U. UUNLEVV, Gold Beater.
rideborgh,Mareh 9, IMO.
hrtraatall, Muds
fila.Fleanto—Dear Sire Having clantlned the nAren.
Mew 7," erlettal•elered et your rooms, I do not 'Militate
to riomotend it to the flee of thaw Fentlemen who are
about rewortna to California in search of Gold.
It rive. a close einoweinession to the specific' an
ty of metric, and will renal:4y ereible the odes:Mir.
to sere ruin when hie plaeer le yieldinir Gold.
'"•er, / la Wtll.l2,lTejt•R
NI OMIT , orTI , Ii LIZ OF Ci 2, srri:u 11
~ ..1 No 1
0 , 1 u.,1 N'. I Asn,rican Iftlater
!‘•t of ail , ae.: and Illark.tnaa and Shoe
or: hand and for ..le, either at hi. `•F:a•
Stre I Work.," O'Hara alreel, Pl , Ol Ward, or at 0,
Ow Iron —.re of 11 , 11J:0,1NA .4 7141411 J
1 4 / I N, No 4, foot rd Wood lane,, Pdtsburglr. ' • •
'We, the ondefingucd, home - heed, wtb r•• -. .e..•
hike-thin, the tieW Steel ond Pike- "idle,' :' • vow'. I
hlcifoly". at Ms Bogle Pied Wo'rkta id till, • t.
hien-mt.- in rest amending Mein ernotil 111,4., t.• . , M 1 '
any ever - lived by us, of foreign
Pill•burgb, throb 13,1Y50.. .. 1
Li d. J II StIOBJUBFifiL'iI• A. CLL.
i...lecturers of Poo col tisilas. tuition ell. P.
Klintl& T(11i F.N.
Iron Founders and Machinist , { Pittsburgh. P.
C1)IA-MAN, ifiLIIMIAN & el.Lt • - •
611noluturers of P.prings, Azle., Hating dice I and
Nis,ol.4vflobonn, lA.
Bee nu Builders and filichine CaLd Mana‘and•-, • -
di PUL10:11,
Brass Founder. Pittidiergli. Pa.
BILAPF.I.trIDSAY-d. 4,,Tr:-.
Monofnetuters of Imo and Nails Plittiliornit' Phi
JOSP.P.II hiLll'iliWil2 •
Locomotive Engine emithlpo f utZ;l , e lt i tZir ( - fp 2 Pj!.
&feeble bianitfolurer, lilselisue ond.lingtneffrold.- -
.- reetv.c.lyinstivreit.Pli. I
---- ILUST, "IT
A pian of Gold Spectnelos,ioppPed to•illtlic g i as
11. drooped'''. Wood street, in Bode of SLIM w *..'
Pearl Warehouse. The finder wllitbe reA11 , 404.61 ,
fetilrning theul to ihe ownor, No. rod stido424l.
!Ara''...)l-0046,14.44-4111'..- •
au. .1.37.
B C. ADAMS. Notary Public;
HENRY K. al AV. Emt;
VIILLIe L[ ma irr
R &NCR Ci/MPANY—i.Ol5ce North RoOnat the :
Esehimgc.Third arrest. Philadelphia
Fiat I shinrana.—liaiMings, Alerehandise and other
Property, in
and C 0.117, imaged against kiss
or Linkage by Ere, al the lowest Tate Or premien.
Malting Inoraurca—They also tuner VeCSOCCllf
goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise, underm.on or
special policies, es the insured may desire. •
Inman Tainarearignols.—They also insure nercli,
outline qansponod o llyiVegotts. Rini Road Can, Cann
Beats and Stem Bolt', On liven and lake., on the
most libelrel
DIRECTORS—Joseph ii . Seal, Edmund A. Sonde.
John O Duns, Roben Burton, John RPtll•l7ll.l{,S..l[l
- KlWlttlet, Geo f. Leiper, Dinned Darlington. :sits,.
R pont Wwlwell, Jahn NCRIiII. Dr R M Reston.
Jus C Ilund, Theophilus Paulding, II Jon , BrooAA,
Henry Sloop, Hugh Centsr, George Fertill,.Snenerr
Stlrllvaln, Charles Kelly, J 0 Johnson, Wnt Ifop, Dr
S Thomas, John Seßess i Wm End. Jr.
niaucrrotts AT rrrisiluEtita-D T
Hugh Craig, John T
Rte.. 9.6lnnouit,
QT Ogee 01 We CoutrinO, No. Winer crest,
Pittsburgh. tt.1.04f P. A. MADEIRA, Agt.
LlDSlstel HeklthlisioaTriasto••
111ic Mont la Omni
Idle and ' Insatance Company
of Phila.lplJa lunorporated by the ftegedeture
nl ,Pesurs7leama, March, 1.248. Charter perectuni.
CaPiink2- I, OOIM. Das. town TWO. Sot I.s.s.rb
row, eualraylr, and fall 2U percent. lower Ilea the
anal rates or Life losurence, a, the following vOlo
patioat mill abuser Thee, a person of the site onto
ring for $llO fur life. must pay In the Komi 8 - 2.3 f.--
Penney - lea:li% ElYaft, Pool Mutual, 8.2,26; Papthst.le
SUM; New Enyltutd, 82,36; New Turk Lin...32;A Ai
bion, Y2,lr Loci and Deal., PhdadelphiAtal,St.
Ihmtcroan—Botunel D. Orrick, Charles D. Hell. TV
P. Boone, Robert P Bing, Charles P. Ilayeg, 'SI. IV
lialJoin.,-.SI.N. Memo, M. D., Chas. 0. II etooptell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Darker, K It. Butler. Edwin
It. Cole. Prultient—Santuel D. 081147 Vico Ptest.
dent—Kat. P. Ting; Becretary—Bouuniu
Applications will. recelred.ned every ii.O/..firm
0111.,Commertial HMOs. comet of
ocOrt,BY Wood and Third sta,Pitutiorgh
T IDE INSTAL ST/CC CO. el Ninth Americo will
make permanent sod limited Insuranee on pro
.gtet,7l,tofiti'Per's',Tatdr vieisalT and TtoligpnVt47Jrl'n't
this Company are wellit.vestell. and :Unmet
able fond for the amp'. indernulti of all pers.c. se ,
desire tes he protected b 7 ostirauce
Will. P. JONES; agent, 41 'Nut. sr .
Siva 1.11.4
WOE OFFICE of Om i.r,attrance Company of 'North
L America, ho been rtmorrejJ jo No. ill Front at
cart or Wv.o.t.
'tar env., tber, agent for the above.ota attizralon•
rible Company, laid time Schema on Ituddlor t . and
their contents, and on slmonetta vi hlrrebandisto h t
Strata Doom and other vessels.
a}.l W. P. JONES.
rrilF. Second Se niarl of Ibis insuisnion, under the
`care el Mr. awl Mrs. autumns, for the Ince=
endemic year, will commence cm this Oar, Monday,
February 19th, In the same baildings, Cie. LI pbeny
Arrangements have been made by waieh they will
Ith able to funthth young ladies facilities curial tri •ny
In the Weat. foe ebtainingo tliorocgh Englieh, C 16.1
eel, and Orriworriai adoration. 'd full C.a.' of Noe
isophical ante Chemirod Luton, will be delivered
daring the winter, illosirsowl by apperolus. The de.
pat - tint:mu of Vocal and lownintertht hieile, Modern
Language., Drawing and Painting, will each be gre,tm
the care ors competent Plafrintor. By &doe attrition
to the moist and intellectual imprerement of their pue
pile, Cie Principals hope to merit a continuation of the
hheral patronage they hove hitherto enjoyed. Jar
terms, see earcuiar el apply to th e Principals.
Modern had Antique ForellOre.
ea, TIIIRD Br., Prrruouu,
J. W. W.
1 • Respectfully rnlormv Me
srPcs publlc /het be blvo com•
Meted his venue meet of
FURNITURE, the tamest and moo:yew.' assortment
ever ofered for sale in dam city, comprising several
sena of frontwoon, DsflndapP. Pod Uuea WaLPPP,
cleaved, pronominal sad pram, visitable for Parlors,
Drawing end Red Rooms, ail al Which Wiil PP sold at
the lowa. prices.
Person* artisans Farnatade prang dvsm , Fahho, •arc .
sPectiolly invited lo call and rand:PAW bar.torg, which
embrdclee every. deur:MUM, IMO the cheapest and
Nearest to the moat elegant ant costly, pf which We
folloontag comprases apart
Tete a fete Sofas; Tate a Te:e Diva.;
Conrcrszuon Chal.; I:ll.brthi. Ceta;n;
Extes.oaa • do nutlet ba•lpl
I% hal Nab; Toilet Tables;
• -
I,oain XIV Comomdore. Duke 01 fort's Caucb
60 Sofas limb 1.11.0111 and Ifur•eleth co r cr•~
311 DivanA, Jo Go
41 , dot 11 . 1ilawany Porter (Maim:
go lame 2..4
4 Mahogany Rooasna uq
2 " Plano !snob,
SiYalarblo Top Centro Tatdrig
20, , d0 do M1...a Stand;
IT Bri ' . doi .
A very WI, Z..47.131( . 111 o(Cotrunen Chair. enttrth
er Fatriture too tcdtres 4, it...taloa.
. _ .
i r i T d lc c r . aret :ff , rft , h;d t. acf aborteit nobca.
P. S --tlal•LLet hi vac. can Ire supplfcd with •ff forts
. c slnhopfity, %Valuta. and Vcnccts, conaaderntfly
cdue.r4 ptice•
, -
. .
‘tANUFACTiar ,. I . RICI'dk
Whde Flan. o, all Woo:,Sptad Vrol,
lied do :.., '1.1 , t, Verolgo4
Vrtlner do do V.., ColLodpdes, 0 ..-,
Illown do do ode r zcd at Idse.ry pore, .
Ll:set Saudests.
Home Lengde Shintng
Sleetaltzed do
ceeet,ar.ll Stapes, very
Leary Komi.,
Mark CantOcro. Tailors' flood,
Vaney do fled Yaddina, toper do;
Fancy Tweeds Vest Padde, Itortralo,
Super Hiatt Broad Cloth. Tailots . Cauvasnyleavy do,
eloper urn do ii,oven Line n s, sa s, Sille
Soper Groen wn
do Drab Nerge, black do. a ur
Soper Twilled do and worsted;
:iv per Watt Doe Slum Watt and Wbea Tape;
Roper Drab Cashmeres. Mark T
Drab de:
Soper Drown do Linen (Thecae and In
Super Matt do 6toart's 6 cold Coitud;
Contort. Mantels. do Woes Thread, a
Acad. do toperior ;ankle;
Mae do Silk Figorai Vealsnea;
Drab do, Bleck do
(irate %gyn. Drown Ilnlland
Drown 14111, Unuobi. Cram.. ..&e.
NlAnu'acint•rn , I% %rebels., No fT. 4.fnl.
I n.n 11,11
r r
1. r. " t. ' lc ' e
Lcu , C Euu! cons!. :0t.0.r.,
11,,, A .;..a/,c• asttlt. the turners o• thcro”ca.t.
purpo.e ,bey litor7eri o inc
ct .ur. conecm N ATHA NI L. c oNSTArLE,
F7 , IIC;ND III , : E.
,adethhaed have ibis aey 4.atelethd the thte.tves
4 tne of BURK 4 at flaftfiES. tor 04 ratpa.
t , 44.4” , turi:41 rah h.of Safes Vaal, j44.h.h, •;.a.
4•. et :he stnthl -he 11.42 lima ,
''.torat.ab le, Burk.
800, tro• •h• lief will he plea tcd to roe4tae the patron.
,e of WC JAIOGIct• of that house and the.t Cr.e.aa
In tr, rl.p, from HO Gm of motAblo, parts d Co.,
/ Mt! , r,,cete p:ea.ur, rceommend Nlclotzs. Burke A,
Baz lo conlidenee my fstraa pul,lte.
due., nod
I. I. Ar last
ir " m r e r Tie d e f v ' e n' r te ' t b y ' e Piruo ' ru n
' ti n s
astuch he respectful ty invites the attgartioe of mere h
ants and pedlais. No hi Wood at. febll
PAPER—W. P. fdalihr.l.L.
senginnie, from the largest menornriories in
Nom Veil end Philadelphia, end also linen French
kennels, the newt and Most ePhrh , ed . 1 7 101 of Pa .
per Hagglers, to-ether with Borders. Vito Hoard
Prin., r rid Tester Pops. For sale at Wood 111.
twe-en Fourth st and Dianlund alley, l , areeoo. to rt.
C. 11.111 aph
- •
ernkLic PAINT—i hrls lust te,t per an crurr,
Wl .11 lot sale by the barrel or mingle pound (1,
Drur, Seed. and Vcrfutneri torn o/
Ststft .cl Wood .tccts. 3 N WICKERSHAM.
linepratts , Patent Soda Ash.
`as brand sod
6 4 r",.7„ them ce Ib sZTett I
k I now on tbc
way from New Infeeutonel ate
pected h . ere do creek and 314 will *Amity arrive
via Baltimore per libipa Juniata, Chevapeaiteb Damns
eu., •no Alba% which will' be snld on arrival, ut
luvreet ruarket puke for pooh or apnrov,l bill..
& birr..IIII,II.TREE.
spiv Na pill !Ahem .1.
110I1; LTOVId PULltlit
TIIF. Phi' .0 Munufucturtag Company now , oder to
Mc paltile their Premium Chemical Store Polish;
and art Uinta r saggreation, or fear of contradiction. by
those who have tested it, pronounce It far sapertor ut
any other to the market The unusual.' need nava no
apprehensions of selling carpets. he., ea Its co
position proven. a dust from arising when bring imp
idled. winch must be done When the Stove m rod
'Tee quantity requard is en hula to produce n beau
liful lustre.' A Flame of over Goy per relit to int•urr.l
to the ....MCI.. A rontingopplird to Stoves, Pipes
hr., when laid away fur the summe, m a ant, pre
e inesitiot rust. After broil, Pled it °nue,
its it is arrew.blri nu person will nen any ht.ti thr
Phennii Alenclacturing Orherinfty's Premidru
caf V % 1I ' r?"" F I:ill .”! ;c b I T C/CHR.i d t .
t* /eye Corner 111 sine mot iVcld sirset.
Ift. ROM - fi iUiio:ass
ALL perrstp• tt seine rtenthers pet on titer ham...,
its•c.onforocty In ajtellitlmiMn of Co:Skills, will
pleasc call at the Doriniejtf c the Hoard, of Trade.
Aecond • day, corner of WoDPand Third ••10. and any
ra the shine.
011ohnsch. April 20 1,111.
V:iII;tk•"STOC DllLEbtattlt.
5. s l Mo 17^ b e lie .4 I if ' ? cla . I t y o of the
riimusigh and Adle ' tieny mkt boroughs of of
chewer, Birmingham, Art!, tint the work is now
nearly ready far the prise, and will be pat to the
hands cif 'dm printer rotne where between rtba..2oth
and MO inward.
. P . Pnemitth and'sta who feel on Interest
in Om Pr...titan ur complete and perfect DitVetn[T,
POrtithtlnriy, Who have sfot been called cu t ITA I
nhitaa iita Publisher, fig preerinining.thal abed
risotto I hrodaymes and placer of buslnetioilbe, ere
to;Litifor eablihnllon in the Directory.
Ilicards to be tut , be - banded-in remit :
rit Or latligalatart, by Misdate above named. .1
main, •
• 4 1. 21 2 4 . •15t1Vit . E . : it o P I n Ar 11 .
..n " ,
6,, - ..
iir ..cif Alelodoro P niffn: ' fronf ittt. cr,tee
e moot( ty of ?third' & Net t o Cineihrtau:
, rt divinpetiot inttrarnent,of fine tone, and very
fl a unclatioN • so, one Ilse 4
M o t. urMelde
,t ~, •.•. iv, . H ATAMEWS at r 3 tort, •
.sja 1? ,• .
-, • • 1111Ved street. •
• ...
fly the President or nap Vatted Stat•••
IN pursuant, of In, I, ZACIIARY TAYLOR, Pra
sideat of the Itutwd Stows of lonerien. do herby
decimals and , 00kerown,that pohlie sales whil be
hr. nt unde•ntentinand Lend fltrtres hi the hone
of MinIIIOAN, at thin (YriOali hereinafter designated,
to arlts—
At the Dud O.R.e At SAULT STE. MARIE, fer
the NAlre Eqieeier Dottie," connenenevg on Mon
day, the sizteenin tley of Peeteteber nos, ree the die
m poli'in :vole within the following named
North al' I.e.r errq rorrt of the prinripil
• -
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othirty time on "flog IlsiandH
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lend. u..,1 to ivnettys f.t!ty four and lorry five. of range
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deft" and denontv" and lotifttshir. 10(10
forty four. and folly five, of ran, 1.11
Vrac.kol.3lloWl/•hipl thirty etgln on "Little Beaver"
Intend, thirty nine on "Little ftenver" end "firm"
Islands, and forty on "Whiskey' , Ititoti, unit town .
shire forty three, forty lour, and Casty fire, of range
Pi.loolli totvr..hip tinny coda on "Gull Wand,
township forty tsvo and Iroctio, tO.vih , biP. Lofty
tNerr, forty Lynn end ' forty five, of runge !write.
Fran:Quid lovenatun ;oily, on the [Olio land, of
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lawn4hira, that y e , aht, thirty lune, forty,
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and .(nfr. ~ OP iOlet
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or the int 'lnd. Of Nei.% .
19ocuonal iownst , p, thing 11t
tun a onthe main land, of twenty unt.
AT ME PLACE , v; on Mor.O.ty.
ton thiru-tb di" of Serewuthcr , OT
orlon pubic waho. ih. fell,,ing norred 10% - n•
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iVortA of 414 lace live, .1.1 Terri, of the principal
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the town land. and towndapc thirty (nor and shiny'
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FratiAtnnaf towreeps thirty rin, thirty . t RD, Ili IF
three. Ihir IrosF arld ., hiriy 11'0. on thy main 1,1
(any c.Vr", unJ (oft i 1 412 1. of
range twenty •raoli.
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riartion n! townthip, thirty tan, , hittY aitJ
that, .ovcst, and town•hto , thirty hint, why ea, forty
seven, and forty 01:h1, rarote twenty .tent
towt.,,,opa null ~d ,'thirt) tight. ttn ,
d woman, forty ono' forty two. forty
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frartior town•hip f,rty one, t o , wnEtr. :ugly Iwo.
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kod wry ro,ht.ttrot the 'rartouto or !now,. thir.y five
an my art. Of the l'ap, Agatn thrt.or, of town
„14•0 hilly range thirty .
0:1,, forty, and forty
tote. townJoni , cwir lire 'foriy three f4r4 tour, forty
f t ,. 'OIIV SI . g..MY 411,/ frrt j eight, and Ira,
strito. ,ebt•lootht,in.on -Troy tree”
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.7dt I . THE SAME I'l.anl;,totoor•tit,int Os. Mood..
the fourtrelith dny t wohrt r eat, tor the dkpo..! of
the ,uhtio lucdr alit:m..4 within the toWcrocntionod
losvo•io ra , ,tooai towo.ho, to wit:—
.r 0,14 4 ltir bo.o. .rn tre, prowl,4ll
par:mm.l truroxioulonntr. forty
twe, !lady low, 3,y
lowcy two,
Vract to•nn!aps nity lon] arty taro, of range
thirty threr
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frecitut.4l tow - melt, tor, ripla, nt:d• tow.,
forty nor ICk r
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11,1 lowty o:, and fifty, or ru,..
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OW/1.!711bIl Int r: tory nin, and
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1.., Or, Awl rtoty rye!,
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fatty nine, of rea iorr,
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Iwo fivt' t tj t ;a • nzfiElt OtOOt of
T, olerthg th..almer 1kt0.v.14 'anal r. , 1
day, ap nie on,e3ed. one peers:A in
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the lisrstkm or ‘wo wrrk.
Illteti under mp haed at the c.0.,' NVathtnglnn.
thigthitteet..l day of June, Anno Lomb° cur thousanJ
r,aht honer,. e.”, 1 •fly.
Ity the Pro ...Jr3st
lirrys•r sa.z,
tar T:SI , NI ANT.
t:very prr‘on entolt to 1:o. roVo po -empoon to
•n)' of the Iviesnoolo toweittip• and ft...Om:el
to . ..tot:lN 'move eth OL promo- estotiltvh
the kettle to the troaxltiroon tho p.voter nod Ile•
rev,' of elye proper 1.4/ urod ma, peyote!,
therefor eoon n.proctte-J. • aote• thteCollee,
mod be., • Ott. appooo,l for L . , c oo oeneement
ihT pul,n• tot, oi laud, •ontoottoo; Ltaet
eittmo , Elro:hrteri, elo:m tat 11, (oroOed.
171' , 11.1. M.
Uc::nel.e a mei lcan ro.ltry
ni r4a..1.1
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crp , m l, r• 2,11 prt,:qa
c dr, 111,. t: is cani. , !:,,/
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t t I.ll.llfiti • . — t t titer it ../11 :43
; • .-t " " Wt. rttlrr.S.l or we
c art
ft, ~- ,r• 11 from 41,7144,11
ext.orial , y I, • Gi 1.16.11;4.0:tan.
r, • as. In, POVCILt tit 1.1, :W..
71 tort.. a,ry rertway
lArkr. C.Spla, I> 1,,, Cy:
Liar t/li.,t,J :I, Duiyril regard Me
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Lac rg , g3t, worajend
ieruenr. /•I r,rn o..:1 ~,,
rrl Vial 111 c ',lre wrV roq. aiorr plat`r•
tuforralrhon on /Irerein, 111.1' rty . flomcrlle
lawn MIT wort U..,,! 1i.,.
Fo; Imo U 5 JAS I.(AIN.WOO!‘.
T wiro , roN
0.• l'lper,H: auk It Jot • . u•ol
,F•te.nonety rert nd3rod (..r tote in IS. , ity;
lorge ilreuon of new n.n.l voloolde Worlo In
every &panatela of Lia,narr, All 'poLlirmiopv rny
of prieea..entinvy melol:was 'applied
will, everl . 4n r in ll' hoe, on ll.e:inott rvownoblo
r i l` ' l!;?L:ni
iluinlod..l Tr 311•1111 rd b, Oat, 2 volt, 12mo.
Ju'l 'eon vc.l (of onle
& lilt reaq.ll,
VlNGlabll *.. 111Cti ei .44 vr,
LA/ 1101.1.. , A EX 61,0t.r. 1'. e, No 0 Wood strcel.
y suer for gate,
IL. pl-. y II Imp. Bleck y:. It', II IL Bo .r..;
mol f•nnt.a wder Tow 11311 , 1, cit.., do.
CO Ix• 1...,0, ; 1:10. •do to;
100 bop !Ito Color; • I I:, ea, k• Znnt, Curran.;
zoo 1.. Nil 7'..1,, , cai 1 13 Gu.•.1.... , Va....,
70 WI- N 0 S. 01:; 1, C, 1401.1 Nut.;
200 Imre, urotn.led !Cr?, : dn Filbett•,
W0 111 °1 , 01.44 tt. an 1... n N u,
IC bog rip:, to 1,,,, 0,111,1 Atwood.;
91.1 , x, , oap; ,1., Ll• 80, Crud,
Ivo 1.1. crm0...... eq.-, I.r.i.nnce;
3tool 15 1 Oodfisl.. lo 1 I • rM , lpc c tr. tirga...n
30 bO . Taor...,•' Oil; Clonti9
Zo ht • 1, 1,nr01.,; 110030 Ball Coo ,10 . I
11l dot Bed Cord. ;1,.• Ohne.;
v 0 roll. Iflor,1:4 11,,,,; I ton. N„,, m ,.,
3. 1.4. ,Ftrodetoc.alatc; :I r.ron 11. I 0 , 11,o;
101,.0* repper, 2.ic.r•ratromo.,l,,op;
.5 I.Rigs Al.ptcci ::: ea nes 1 . .10p.r 50u,..:
2.11,i• Ileremo; 10 crtr, Tomeio est.ko;
11l bri• V:oror; lirontol Spice• of nll
30 I•ptel 1 3.1,t0rk; 411 Imm.f. por....leged mod
10 tl., Ihr.l 11,02* Alo.1•Ier;
10 1,r:z1:1,,i 10 lola I .4bmino, .. ,
,:pittrq(ns,l'i,,r .1 1
4%. M. 0.• u r..lerll n•xo00,021, co" l'ittfburo, .
.1,01,11141 W,/ ',1..1v,. ..,, },,
CI 311.rFatii.?—,4,1,0,1, - .1 Ii ~,,,,,...' -•---,..
1.,7 •'2 •, , , ):13 pock' , Ri , ,, (~J«' ' .
.... I . L: lifriids V Ilyaun, vorlaut erode,.
~-5 „ , ! ~_,,
i, :Id do Puc,. .do Gunphu ow deg. r um! Imp ~ 1
„'„ ",••• en
do i Minim '
t i! • l 5 - deadly to, Vti '1,7, a-."c p ' !
• , ~, ,;ii t ,.. 1 , .. o',. ~, 1 1 0-, ToboreS• '
~ , ay royally titall,Gyolvle Yds do ..
, t .'a ' '‘• riti X tVii ' f ' ; ' ,; - 1 4 ; . .i I' -iutile l •
Indigo, Madder, Alum, Giuger, ,. V ,ipvr,. Allrple!,
51suraegia, addiLdrop Meek iu key.. lir Raid liv
, •.• I GRANT
tliatili .. l • , , . .". ti 4 Willer at '
. ........____,
A.PlVitlf OlAlit.gfilS',llslofslra - '
fl'lliVls FOUND NOTII i NI; trfalt..lo A y, ty 1 ,,,,,, , ,al
'' • ' . ilium ...IM, Ve.ililorelt H liiiiii, •
t -
i N
b .43Et.talie-i.
1 e limpored oi ml the' fl l ' l t i44L'"`"' you •c" , ~, , ftlTioOlekgl,.
I Lave ° ! r o hal your Pumiy 51edMnia
la my Minify,
mild have oleo pr.:seri:44 Atm ir, my 'ftraettre; I um
4 00 , ~,ece plrs4ed ay./tem:Good davit found noihiuu
'to mititil thcm. f evil ve b dna of your Vee.,rum and dol euela 01, clie.Liael,l . llll.und ( . ..,',pgi l by, u p.
tract ArIX;r.V , Y ' u "' i
T. T. Leeson.
V, e aa i taalt armulat toedirinamMay to hod of ate
propr Apr, I/5 t.1.1..1t".Rei, Oa IVood al; cod D ro g g i,l o .
ilitet Ily,pl thextro stin!.• all vinuiiy. of!'
,„ ''
0 IN—A fen bele A,Nn I tiara •White Itosin of
I • • a periougdolity, amlable. lot eosp umiiisio,iura
,mord 0 tad 5W1111414 /MIN Mc I'ADEN A. co,
r ittlf i 050 131.014 Sign, Pour, it
•• • .
Goo' , 'l ,R, l." , ii- A . , ! - Vh ß 6 c , l . l . F nTe„!".V.`',a - „nn't'',„"Zi:
Goods for lharate, aka - mating of
Scotch and Sal. M a li. ;
• Idofed Swigs .1N
datbroidefed do;
VlC , Ofitt
Low Prised !tarred Jackonci for znornind .!rsese , ;
floe volt faufhtd do; and a fame asadruneul of Sdrfrx
Muslin, with colored ernhroidera; priated/ackonst,
at north east earner of Fourth
and ?avast AIL.C.. trot
Cheap Lawn.
eupyly nt Dewis Lawns, very cheap: ii•st
brown er Wye: fight ao, id great variety, for win wi e :
Cill , •!ahlered and unwed blaslinit butlYa4rieel,.
of nest and newest style. - anil !owe. trice Ton no ,
end:nor:b east earner or Fourth and Merton no 4
At Ma One Pltiee Store of
- A. A. MASOfslifigeg, •
IXTll.L.ronisnenee on hinnJoy, June . tI, 195tt
• I ITeir immense iminblatiment, milli oil Their
Wholerlie 'Looms. will, on this °pension, he 11;rown
open fin , Stared. Tumr, and sill of their extensive
stork wilt he offered to retell perehwers, rt ndirenunt
or Irons no to per rent. Ihs, thin usrail pricer.
THEIR STOCK OD SILF:S. Comprije over trio
,bundred pieJeta, nod swill he kohl 11l en immense die.
red Their imiortmint orblhaw reees.Tbni.r,
Foulasd Larenr,
`thimbe eo. awl Drees Good. geeerally, will t,e eluted
rut immediately, ist about one heft the usual roma.
II eases Fast tolured Lawns will be acted at Ver
2 do Ltuegra.
do Martin on Lain.,
Superior English and Amellean Calicoes, We tie.
3UO Boson Linen Handkerchief., 0h 70.
A large lot of Wrrught Cohan, tome to tnv ns 00.
Together with a complete varlets of Darneutie and
Whim floods, Ribbons. Hosiory and Gloves, Bonnets,
dm., he.
Slaking in all one of the most ester Eve assortments
In the country, weigh mill he o arifed dawn to Inherit
Lowis and tatin'ta t Shp di their primous Annual
. .
4r_rTno !rota will Is. nifty ed opor. Thursday and
Frl , or. May NM and Mot, far rho purpose of tr rrnos
- • markt, down 510 g... No own:nowt IA Poo.
ens royal A A MASON A o,
It!M ()JJ
8pR , 1111 , 11151,1./ have received n saps
44 1 L 01 1'"% 4 ;g"il''‘'1 1
e ,.,11,.1,7„V;%iC1Ng1i,2;,
mast de•ottsle
1 hew itol , o at eraton to tlotlr Inge of
MOW. and 11000 , SUMMER' WEAR. or dilit.tconntiotni
Lena Is. not all of which mi., I.a old Ines. ;el7
DR PIIY A BURCHFIELD have "mined another
I. supple nf elton, article, aril asp fat tnpluti In 69p.
r, tfiunkt any titifility'find fifilt4 Wooled, and 4.r the
ricee. Jel3
Stile ateut 1:111 i - h — Cos
IXT fileCLINTOrla. has +remand this dim., it his
V'Co Carpet Warehouse, No 73 Fourth et.. Stair till
tVoth vering of very handsome Patterns and collo!,
to whien we Invite the ttnentiOn of purchasers.
z" - tric:ltrituo.,
174 snick . re:laded pricey Lawn. from G 9•1114
44 light
Chu. from Inseam up; 8e".,,' for le:p:
Plain Back Linage for tint: Bonnet Ribbons for de
per ynnl 1.29:499 aro Me 4.i to call aril nsamlne our
Hoek of dress goods berm, yurehainin elscribere—
North east corner of Fourth and Market A. 9. .rll
I)FCLIVF:D w. 4. day, .alc,ll of Alitant
11,E or (.rats hlety 4.L the
C"P" 1 :." V Pir„; . l . . ' l ' tig;CK
tcl3 :5 Fourto et
N UR' Y A BURCH n baseE k inige stack N
Nary and Staple Dry liana., sollinc olf a,
greatly reduced prices, vin—
Waage de Lams. e a terips mis t irtinent licoutital
" Ilins " , ' Hiceatit and Slew Marlins;
A eplendid assortment . uf Black and Fancy Hike;
Berages, latvens and De Wines, remarkable cheap:
Lleannfal Foulard Silks. or 37k cent. per yard:
Mantua' Calicner, from Of re and onwards;
A large Mock of {Holm and Bleached Muslins, Ric
per yard, and onWardr,
Bonnete and Parasols, at greatly reduced prices.
Cloths, Gs rimeres, and Vest BA, ol the btst quality,
remarkably low.
TOf Met mph a large stalk or Tit:sings. Apron and
Olottlog Chroks, all a alths ; Bremen and Ittedrl ail
Sl:entities and Skirt no,; Hien lonensi together with
911 Cater 919191.19 our lira, at north tact coiner of
•Foarth and Man.. on. IHO
1, itIIibIICHITTELIi have inn rceateed
IT nays al;ls Poniard Bilks, very elicap; rich, pima,
an [glared changeable Mike, of 0411101: rvc, 9.11 c
and gamily; mapfir plain and figured black OH, Our
1..,,r1 and ti,:4ns; bare ; dc lams, new and tmid
es me aryl, neyr erste French, Fluelitli. vud ' , emelt
Lawns, in great variety, and at Tees
3gur an striped d •ann siped de Hine or all It illda
sail coil WC, cil, linen !mitres or a:I shades end colors: 1
91991.919.1, C9i917.99. prkiltS. ho, at Coe:9 Carl tram . ,
of Fourth and Market Hiner, ten . I
A FA itTils it rapply of Want Silks and col
- 1
need ea... Juan reectepd ay fistula's. dos Mart,
at veins [9.9l coring or Fasrth a•id Minim so,
1 _
fr URVII 1 A 1311403/1,10.1.10 etc selo ne n :sees
/ and Benito 3111, Lantos at vary IHe pri:t at
north not center of Fourth and Man Aet •ts.
DLA 3K SILK LACb.s--sifyiry w r de. •
L) narrow trialmins 1,4999 0rt.991 quality, mi. rec‘l
and for nile at Northeast corner of Fourth and Mar
ket streets. lel, MUReoIY A BURCHFIELD
HYSIYAITA aqiialomok44. Ribbons. •
4 URPI4I - & uuntyro, v.t.i) have reeplued an ad.
VI dnional -apply of abase onde,incluitii,, viiriaos
:Hiles of Chino, er.l. Aismist, trod Gimp Itnnnets,
14 him and Comer cd gimp do; and I. el' all tenni
and pries n IY
7 e Honig' I. ,ta ydi 4-t Fore o i l cl ot h.
,a•• ;1;e tan.; as.d lor pato at tlic
H arcroom, Pins: a. Woad vac. t.
4,11 J le II 1•1111.1.1 PH
[4144(11i.h1N0 U 04.4135.
Mand eons Ins
to air „ eery full awortment, root received, such as
Intuit Bombannes,
lionitanne finish Atom.,
/thick hf Mini Or :.;rtes,
31ournitie Wash
do Printed Foulards,
Rarngas, Tis Sues, Lo•tirs. Alhap^er r ('lair
lilacs and Printed Lawns, Blank leinlimuicired dm
Banat Rinhorm, Scurf do, li'ettifi Ara M. 1 17
Writ cuATitiu—prseLlauteret....rted
eolors, n raon desirable article for, summer colu
.199%1, 4.110 Low onsming by A A MASON & CU
afi Markel at
riMIIBET hign colowm
Shank, comprinne Grunion, Orange. Pink, tlmn,
Breen, and Corn celorcd, just recent/nig per catoeslii
and Pais day opening by A A MASON a. no '
mayl7 _,
L l l L O C it.Tß F a ' rs u. 7e%, th re ' n'il Pi i n it s r , e ' S r ;." ' C ' s ' s ur e 1 ,
Ppre :of; by meyl7 A A •i 4,1, a :7
pluck Ike.. ai
A . eeon'gt •
. ,„.
„, o do; e pea ?Amen do; 81113 a;
Le „et 34.
4. Ootl.oclea.L.m., (Attic //dA.I..
.1. onec,,
1t.1. , do:. 1.,..e . . Jo th,
~ .:.5
r,i n d y Jo c:
tioce do, b , A A Ales .U 1
h r ..o
:.../.• ;0 ~ ,A %. .c . ...
J:1177117... 7 . FL TFCIT:N ,- .71767111.3-7 , 7...7.1:1.3.7- 1 71
1,..,4.4:,er, L ale extre.e Lon a pr., of Iti^ 0.-r ) art!.
..t...ylii A. A LIA:OS S. Ct.
rl•Id wad brown Lind
;.es zudaW.. yes 4.4 Frown 1.1,n5;
15, et Gray'. Outlay's, and Alcicaderrii vapcm,
Huai I.dtcza, now apeuips
- • • •
Arrival of Dry , loollo.'
%11:, , E. r, %o> if<t . ring large aJd.soni Wein Co. g
4 oi,prou a J Sommer Ary and arc prr.
p•liii t , ea, on r.,llout tosioronent at out won.
tow r• ire • h‘fmb,d.r eyed rl,lll
The Western dealers a . paracalatly re.
qussued La oar ',ado. RA we tel Lula:dont of brio!,
tole to offer t:• mon . : I ,math a tall wial
us. call and a xamiao •t nn) In t.
TAO 101 tt, on.l Ltrect
lord Market 5...•. ,(01.
niihnerelle AND DLAt[ne
L , OO Dot g 1103IELLY 1111.1!ILLNs. , Es
Sal Los and Naha) , V•stlngs,
NAN L.A.'s:A L. Illld I.INM.r 11101‘.1 7 .5. Asnerai RR.
s.orirSells or 'A Pas, and every, variety of
al All DIG LA/Nll.
•,) 81ST. , plaid and figured warren de Lams, aa , ur
0 rd enlor.,jami received, nod.wiling ai very In
pri,en. tanyQ .5 A iflAyllN & i=i
CASE:4 Lon enitined Law. terrive3 Ind nn
onschang,..lllng an :he !MIMIC low prrce on h
pn rota noul:r.l A A MASON 3. CO
CAliL'l3 hotcolotecl Liii ?Omni, rerW,ttn 2 otlling
•/ at 11 cent. pvr y A A NI I:U\.l CU
• Markri
11 . PENVIEUSU ba/.11/01• 0 11h•nd,for talc by
II jelrlol
• '
I,ll;',EN$ll-11.u.keois /or s;le
- , • 111.11,
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Chia gentile° For:gran Chula:aces In 0 oz paper.
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G I CV[111;/. •1:13 {94 , 04.1 Ignotiftg of ,h•
Centre' Assembly nf lids Commonly alth, imitated
. A Sunpletnent lo an Ace entitled an Ant to a
einkter; °end Vnd In privvid fir the *midi:m.l end
.eartald ex:lnceithrama arid: debt of the Corrimon
avechh. reel to authorize a loan," approhod Olio. IS:h
4dy or :nee d. n. tvfo, provides es rollognidedat—
Amu:. tall Thad the Governor Is herel 4 V aulhorMed
Id I...gentile a loan for tLe Three
.Three IfundrearTitonsand Doilaratedeentable to
Mins yearsdram.tbe datn of the subscription thereof.
10:0 of merest ran •xecelbox fain Po , eel..m
per,unannt pavahla in gold and silver, seini.annatilly,
upon tStl first eaei, or February nod August of eieb
I ,. .r.'and exempt from every speciett or lexanon.
I,ritniee, that moonset • for mild Idon will the received,
lin published 'in at least ono newspaper In the
I tßatoneli of Harvishtt re, In the rides ef Plusberhh i
l.angsates, and Philidelnala, and In lin eideo of Now
001100, and lialtimory, Creel./ Antler.
than direemondiliberare the eyenineni said PrwPoseal
and be trite, elraveriete, If deemed .neenesary. and
upon the dnv.ussiartell fa that purpose, In ouch none,.
We Proposals shall bo 000000 in the primer, cents
'tiovereor, the rnecretiyy of She Commonwealth, Ind
deintor General,' and me loan shall Le etwfdiled to
the hdzbeit binds, or hiddits.. If the nutrient or the
hide ellen exeetil the 5001' of the sold loan We salon
It shall he distributed pro rota &mondial the 'Oaks' hid.
;dere, Lot if the whole of said loan shall not then be,
Italten thelhaverner zany fc.3llNe.o6l;rt`. in the manner
oforesntd, from hires td erne, till the whole nmeenr of
leen shun be sebeee . .b.d. -Na conditional bids'
teltrai La eonsiderriL nod upon aim-ding tarn loans.
I'or any.pari thcreof,,ecnificaler odd. COttpil. for Mu
lUtertnt, shall be loaned therefor Ly the Wine
Sret rit nin 10. It the said loan abaft Le aubeeribed, it
shell no aril it Is heal,) upprop Tinted for Ow Payment
sad es. Mourne:tent of the noted debt of. tido Com-
Itttotisretilth, now discs or to became doe, during die
mit oar thnitsand atilt hun4ree and Kay, and for the
! p e u c t, o m e en n four
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sandy y
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tdomeitie ermined. •
petulance vl tha,premitions afore”ll.l, ntglecis
Lc h gc ' i l gilf' iv ti:e n' a a c t t, p n r 3 o . s, r7k7. • T,n b L;:f, 'l .:L d th at it,
4 ef Tecadnz. ;he rout dux of (amer
at, mfoulattalgartt keen to PM Coutnianweeith, for
porrunee set fonh in the said pet. of the sum of'
Shote mil:maltase:a Imodred theatned doltars, redeem
,6l,le ileaty years front the date of the eutarriptiou
'erne of at a rate of Weirs, am exceeding four per
'ern' per o6alo, payable' in 'adld and vi err, eemi
a?anntte. opmt Me tire, day.* nf Peterstary and A ograYt
pear, end exempt tram ever/ !peek, Cl
on'the boat of the
qs Lc. st ,rock /by Ott!
1 1111 . 11:tbii ii lytt . itb n o n tc r p . o . n a s
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propma will bo tormtcd to ciao: crolictly
the farmed' which 'not iro.any mire he
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co:cedilla folio ;co cent, arid theirmblern propt!rml.
The mate micro, the rithi to tioecir'the whole or
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Imo Lo tie! ,itatiory.
p fd; 1.4 metei &met and 'explicit 'No
coadinonaljiMosolS So met ivcd
I l i banacceptance or the velem:ale the gn , ney
peat 0.1
into the Smite Tenantry . , tiretich menet{
'[ Mted ttn G
Lc oer:tor
to tatECtleo or moor will it, nett oneb ...M.
Am thoy hr ,coot,tv , l by 11,, teadtics.
1 'to tic &homed, pedal' real. to Mi.
bra O. thilaMied i ..Properrl. Ali _Loehr!' They 4.111
not ha °pomace ditelotltd 1111:11 tilt period to, ream,
Inc them tam; allot which no albhatiawin Itit
terms will he admitted.
A li ritiSP.FliG,Feceitrry toolTto Math h.
liccommive ndtcc, Ila.ict c ourg, At, VI, I-Mi.
litliTiVg TO AN /I. , .:UNDOTILIT or neon CONSTITI.TiONt.
ESOLV ED I y the Into end r,ch.i.a af Llepreactita
11,tire. f the Cantroolirteeith Peausyllenea tlentiral
Loth That hie Cambia:oo of this CUIIIIK,I
- in tleti woad seeticidi article,
Yhail 011,0.1 read a follow,: The Judge. of the Supte
Cothit, of the - .oral COL,. of Contemn • lehei . 00 or ern
other Cesar s of flamed as are or shall be ea.ibliebed by late,
eh W 1 4e .solid ley the Inehloil alert:ore of the Grano..
arealtla so lb. oanuer to oh: The hag.' 0(510.
Sam= Cone!, Loy the qualified clectora of the Coalman
' wealth at In gist the Pre.idrot Judge* of the, rcreral Co ;:.
.i 1 Cue :itci and ornali other Court. of Ilcryrd as .c
or shell lc etha , li s,
thed by leer, anti all o;her .rudges required
lu Le !carved LI the Jan 1, the qualified 'Ocelots of the
:070010r dierirts aver wairl. they are to Iwui.le er act..
JuJsert and 0100 As . tociate lee of the Courts of COM..
Niue bv thi qaetitiad elector, of th e norm. respac4tely
TI.- Jultes 41 1 , 1. Booms.. Court .6111 Iliad their ofd-
f. r 11h- tirm fiftre, year., if arysbill ao to Lettere
thrtaailst 3 well, (sok,rt ta, the ellh'oir threatener yym.
ho, toWeq.cht to We Int tlecti.X.the Cre.ideal
lodge, r (the several courts cf Cram. lob. niad &Leach
at Llr raurta efftecerd avent or shall Foe atabir ,
alod by Nur,
'oWall ht r /oda. required to be !..rood
in the low, .hal l
Mill !herr&l6xt Gripe term of ten year., they:hall go
long ban, therthe'ves the huociete:.Jodges of die
Cesar, hf Conanyon Mesa 03.1:1 hold their , er.ree 'for ne
term el' lite yea, if they the!! io batg hehbse thervelice
leer; al of ahem...all tam eacurciasier.ed bytbr. flanerocr,
boo for ear reaa:esle maze,, oats tin ...anent
ground. f hoive:torict,t, the (levet-tam stall rent, e 4,
of the m ou the altre , e of Iwo thires of arae`3, branch of the 7
Liges'ater , The fint electionviol' Cabo riot et thy
rh,ioo uf this Coasoi'erealtit toll oiler the attar ,
two of 11, 0 unamdrurid., hid the 00 1 1[100iIILI Of wit 5 6.
.ledZer who raa, be then ha 0650, skidl 0.00. the Net
aloud:7hr Dicriobcr foramen,, with the feting of Lim nes
Jud„ . iri .111 ea...menet. The yierscrai who: the be
led rth
o the Sop ':e Court &all hohl t6,r3
as I too i • "Ohe of throe Air !lore. yearn, one for et teats
rose lir mac year,.'.. for their, years. uol;curs for fif *en
, the urea rf 1.010 10 b. eireeded by tie . by Ine
.100 ars ,10, 00 afar the ~uairuidid, .4 the At
li:it orliCrolty limn 10 the Gov tutor, Laa,,L lb: cosatahriont
ibee be is to•-stranee ibtrtio.
rharsor.ort 1011 fart teytte• .hdlg chicto.luitiee during
b;.L trim, iberru.l.4 ash Joilgs OTOOIC echnorieston :hall
tint d'irtre ehallno turn be the t.laiefitutice, and' ( tumor
coirteihion. shall . the mate day t he
hold,g tarn. tit ell decide by hit oittrh 443 b, the Chief
Ju.tire. Ao; Auraueles, (appeal. . by death, rerinatinci, rt.
attic erste, '.l the .oJ cetirte, eine lir t.11.d hy opt
0; tioreraer, r0g,1.4, Ito lint Moo
.lat f iteiee riberhveredite the er g erberil The
lodurg of Nu,reo” '.or' Pr f L . ,. Of c
, ourzi of Comm Ilea, etiall,ut lime, reef rve
fa- their ggg . ere en yhte cumpettintionqao be Gard by
tar. which:ant. , . be theaaniihed dcrie, their corttlitu,nee
01,40; het Oh) eh ,n is. ne fa-calor!. rill MO/arca.,
or hold ay. 1: filet 0 0 proG, ondiri ruCclunioolicalth,
or outer the g.initucro of the United State', or sayether
little of *hi. Union. The Jte,g, ,
of the Sep site en•t
:urn, their voritienteei in office, shall
C 1 010 0 r weld eel the whir Judget,duriog their coutaiu.
on, in often, thrill mac ert.hie thr tileiract Or cow, fir
otort they itoie reyeeitirely
, Speaker of the Ilearss of ltelOeuntatin,'
V. lIESC, •
• Speaker Ocala Senate. ,
, SOU, Cuostaxe
lisortibair;. Juttuary
t:rtuttol W. Peon Chief Uerk or the /..tile at
l't woryllania, du hen b 0 oetify that ea horegoicg rerolutun,
(Nu. he ttenoto fate of Oa press:lt toasiam,)ootillod
.titaw.latiou folatire tom amtrolment of Ilte,Commtitutiov,”
—ft twieg the tame retolutit a which v. aaa o .osod to loy a ma.
yottly of the c-tubers flettod %mob Novo. °Mc lost
a....gto!ature—afte. Ita•Lrg be.. werdtrod Cai
rn:fed, woe 1113 agreed by • th,o,O,r.ty the Merohars
elorte,t to asd .00, the 54142. f. ferat,lsaaio, at its-
too 4, 4413'414, rosA
witl ha- their otAtio ;ton the
1.143 of '!tormittO. Nato
fa•uO unit. t o ol t ihertfutotioo war+,
11. Jo., nrool.. tottatet, ". ilhem A t obit,
J.'laus, Voraio. 'fa 'MOO It.
-one, , :atto ltobert }kn., Foltuo.
~ Wt. .1. , 111
V. 1b....
tlt ,r A. 11l 1 , 1,40 r,
t if 3,ve.),,Coltrad
Faro:. It. afoot.",
Joh a:I V. ot!c , oint, en, Sp..-oilr- Yetis .2.1
lone 14t. fro obtftto woo,
t":,tort%. U.. 1 tan, brow, an.! 'I. Pi3g , -
N.)..1 from tho r:.:3
In TII, Hoot! or liarhatntrerthst,l
li hrtibit - g, htatch
I. WO: a a Jerk, i ; Itrk or the Ikons or [levet.
Penni)ltanit, car., errtify that the
rwalueot, (No. Oh to Jhe Stoat*. file, ;sad reoLII I an
Oe !loom JUMUZI of the peemout ticket ) omittlad afteho.
lotion relative to' Rif amendment of Coatti,iton."—il
brie, the root resoluta., which woe !growl to by • majirity
of the ottrobeto etelwal t r obeli Roust of Ike It I..ogiolot,'
they--arttrhaelo.] been &itl cnisattweral sad Aloe:mead, %It
thi• y agreed I • tr) • mejerite of the romnhere 'etteteal to
and e, virg it We House of Ileprowntatiria,of ['onus)].
gm, at us pont. 00.. w as ou nit] appear:lay their role,
u on the foal pa..a,we of the resolu'ioa arlula wt. rh.,—
Thrfa noel. in (AT.. of the tossege of the rOnlotion Were',
John Acker, John All'a ow, %V hliam Bake:, Ri belt Baldwin,
Daeid J rra, 1111,11 e, Jeremiah Black, John B.
Wolin, William Brindle, [huh! 11. LI Brower, Jmehll.'
Bunton, John I.'.aaa.lbevy Christi, John N. Flow:. vehuq
8.100.100 CodlenJ, Beirptillo U. I.hoid, On.
bow. lamer l' Downer, Timers Runes, William Dunn,
Er 2114, while MR, A. Fmoot
, tor n Mei S Feather, Jonte Flowers, Benjavin
Fwilwer, el.sandwr olithoncy, Theta.% G. Otter, Joseph P..
OwaT, Jacob B. Groh, 11.
llort 1.41',.t0 Hot Julia Rotate, William J. Ilani.hdt,
John livd,r, Henry Ropier, !Retie Hes ford. hVoiltinivon./.,
Jack.", i 'chowJoao, John NV Adlmo,r, Ilhartes .
Mimed, Itobtrt ALIt, Ferro. o j. t,aord, , hltros
Jon ithaa D 1.e.% Amen I.eamato4 Jew. ] J. Lewis, Ilene)
1.41 . .. Mott It. altilio'olt, both kthCio'l'eh.A.letauder
1.1 hi 'Coed.. John J:los forLom Namur]
Men, John B /Orr k, Motto,, Joho 9Dilkr, Jewel+
A. hlo Joe. John It Moor, IV Plum T. Wen's., Etat]
Moo', lwahl folleklenaa, Jacob Ni.*ly, CORA,. O'Neill,
John LI l'aekre, Jotrido t; Vowel. Januas
:thew. Rolerh. Fanie] Holiinie* John B. [Luther ,
nod Own •i Oh AonSdJ, '11,0.. C.:gem/Ike, William
hie Rote, Fichte-4 toireram, Ali Alv William Bmith,
W Ih.n A. `pith, Daniel NI hicywir tllillgm II Sookr,
Th,asss .1 Steel. David fitawaiti, Charles Stockwell, Al.
100 I'. Trent, Andrew Wade. tinhert Thou..
hVoitum, BeJnoy D. Mello, Ilitawa A William, D.j.]
:fobs, mat John B. M'Calmaria,
riot.; again t the riaxege of the rte.:holier. were,
Atitiiitios K. Corny, Dana erow.and James RI. Furter—
h ay. 3. ikatool Rum the Journal.)
A W. LlK.siLDlOT,Dep.lireTolCculnacnwealtt.
I 11.. mleife Met I`, nlwee e.e.f
•“I Y th• re . lelnal ...elution of the 0,...,0 ice.
eelut.), tot.tlc.l releeire-eo arnrotllDent of
It.. ttutl,” *the same rune'''. on lileTinitnle
11. •
levivnene whet of I lia”m
'eat.. sot my
L ; 100,1,10 , 1 endeed t o E . .eetrteed the oral of t4a Seer,
1.6% OM, at Iferrltb - Jrr, thi. tifleenlti dee of
Anno Dimino one tlmutuad elah. h-sa r ,itoll 6111.
A L. It LISFEI.L, efeeretarl.of the Ctilentenereall.
IGXTRA FAH ILL IFil(lliff7 ----
1-1, OR the the citirene,llie proprlrtors
r Of the ltdobotitlt City Altlls have plOcCd booco for
fir reception of order+ nt the Itidlorone PlOtool—
" A. if Floyd, corner orttixth and Wood petrel.
Al Hayward, all, atom cor.l.dberly td Alarket
A Renien,otore, Third etrcer. • . •
1. Videos, jr., drug cisl, co. rottrth R Proldthold.'
lotto 2 , Pawl, op, minter IltAti 8c '\Wylie
Tr:ogroph 01hce, rnitret tilery
If C ;roc,. Path st, corner of 2 , 7aroct oficl"
liro.s, more, Penn otter,: Nandi Vdord•
Tho door W.1,4 ,, n0 "via l chtt twice' or tone°chill
fororders, amdtheitlOas;/to, delivered drecoVrY,
ln b:. aria or ltootooidoek flour iv p
15 efefat , l* for font ily
tor-without eltarga for eaf la; e L (min that flo
ricecoutto onroPe ttilooved, as I kol I
drivers ran have
no perm - lotion to le"ove floor without totPOdPL
We hope No poblle will he ples-ol , eath !!,111or
retagetrient,,Od ova ell endeavor to do thorn tu
"'S* 4 " ' ; WILMA 111'U
. b•rsalsarli la - Eid -.-- .0 S.• .i.i.n‘... Ril , ' .4 ,
'2O keg s Saran partlin 5.041.;
21 tuts... , • -di, dtl; . •
n twrc. Lemon Errap,cade from pain lemon Iniees
Jelln rcer,oo gad for pin bf • ~ • .
itia fai'll Pakr•aleSZT3ON•
• 1
tx:;. .
-XVII. 29%
KN0".1117,317,ent1rir,d, 1 .1`4.11,"1ea.d.i.'.
Painsin back or limbs, stioints, old *ores; - running
ulcers, kr, that they ca ll be- cured by taking th e Pr.
troleund Tearful talk about Ito being nostrum oi
mach ait you Please, bat dna doer not make it so. fon
Proclaim lit the fate of an honest eommunity, that
leer vinues;whieh are - not tOntlincil In nog other
remedyTheSurin who is racked with pain and •o(
fenr.g ham ditenic.. , can for fitly gents. get relief from
any of the illsennarosnited - assn. . Reader! it Crum
Very Hide
Ont. atrial. This Petroleum Is no =ra
ta:MM eiginperid i lrat up for the purpose of imposing
on Dm eomeiY; hut it tali remedy elaborat by
the master haid of timers, end bubbles op (mon redheDe
rennn of
r= " rt e Ct i P n rtm rig 1 ." re t
and cheep awe. . - •
It has eared flies atter ither haw. failed
to render any fellet It Ites cored Rheumatism of long
standing, andbf the Worst end snort painful character.
It has clued Cholera Motbtut - -by one or two,• it
has cared old eases of Diarrhea, In which every other
remedy has been stns avaiL Al It tarot remedy to
burns and scalds, it' is better dim cog medical tow.
pound or Miniskirt that we.know of. .11 will cure chit.
bitting or frosted feet, in a few applications; undoubt
ed testimony Can be (Washed of thstrath .contalnwl
in the nbonb whiement by
tith e r callig Ort gumnel M. Kier;
Canal Basin, 7th sneer or e alba agents.
lieyser I McDowell, contra of Wood street and
Alley,_• r..Sllers,L Wood street, D. A. El
liot k ri• M.,,coilY Allegheny Sill, are the agents.
tract '• • • .1
. P /U.lidlo IliCAl): —. 77
,The ..0.4410150411 MILL An. 018 as.
ear rill.'—lattere 'tamed) for the Piles:
11R. D. P. BROWN'S 'celebrated Elxternil drocri
ll can Remedy for the Piles, leatOready proved
itself to be the only net cure ever presented to the
public. Since:the discovery of Ude Valuable:medicine,
end the large bomber, Af. extreme mows with which
Dr. Brown hwareated,nes one ha. failed to be entirely
cored. Untlke;the many heatinc bahms extant, alter
months and years of crperimentallsieg, has too often
left the polka where they commenced, or worse:
but' after a fcredays will decide the ease by effeetrog
a perfect enre..
natant ernamvs, I shalinot enter into a labored ar.
cement to prove my medicine. I introduce it upon its
own 10Cf11/. by its etrect I Intend It shall stand or fall.
If co prefer Mit loathsome dill caseithis PIL}S, to the
wilco of a fess dollars, I rest the ea, yeltti you.
. •
- •
yd *treat, aafriM
artibleable and r ead . by Rll S EL LERS
aalaCto Taint ATI Laren grant mr -trot moo,
Ogitaar OS Tag 5ear124,12
Sorafula nic Riurs.Evit, Rheuntattanh Olmt:serte Cosa
liermil.eiraptians, Pimples or Yang:ilea tie "ern,
Didtclies, Riles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Rt.. 'Vona
Teller, Scald lies. 3, Enlargement and 7.. m of
tat/Danes and Joints, Stubborn Uleeni, S. yptilim
Syinpiatie, Selatica or lastabligo,—and diseseea
Sandpit *ore as injudici MIN sec of bler“l7,
tires or Dropsy, Exposure or Improdeaco Life;
Alga-;Chrottie Constitadimal Disorders, the.
• Tbisbnedieind has acquired a very extended and
establialted rapnation wherever. it has or,,
hared entirely on. its own merits, whir:, its. . .
adliiacy has alone:sustalned. The - ••••
of hereditary:Abreast:owl/la
inew,, alid bones half carious, his been' .•
health and Vigil,. seranloits patiel.t ,V 01.41
with -deers, loathsome to himself and his altodderns
has been •maird• whole, Hundreds cf, who
had groaned ibepelaailit for years under rulancoue
and glandular iimorders ' chromic , rheumatism, sod
many other complaints opritiglng from a derangement.
of the secretive organs and the mroulation, have been
raised ar It vete i
con the rock of, disease, and now,
with regeherated tiration, gladly manly to the
Mammy of thusteestimable preparation.
The ratenuonof the reader is milled to the following
astonishing cure, elected by the are of - Sanils , Salsa.
'This Is to ceitifs that I have a ealoredwoman who
has been rained for the hut 4ve yeses with /lambi's,
and all Ma remjsries Fused had no , abet In arresting
the pregress ofithe Complaint; lb
r oratory, she .
constlinilypteriveolaciAtad Other eXpondinN betareet, „
1170 dad S-n With physicians, besides using oth e xiiiisijoilogisd.
p o p
remedial without screen, till the disease bad
eaten' away the cartilage or. her. ..tote, made in
pparance On various pans of her body, and had bonne
cbromenced its ravages lathe zealot her mouth
^ln thls dreadful ista... with, the prospect'
death staring 1141 m the faro, I suited her cum to Dr
Dimswayl the ageirt tor. Sande' Sinai/drilla in New
bern,'N. C:, by whom I was advised to use that !snida
andCO myrarprlse• and that of my neighbors, to whom
her eam was known, alter string four and a hair bet. w
she as reilored to perfect begin.. and that In the
t act of Circe arecka, and wail able lc work in two
smlm from the time :lie eammenebd taking it.
wenres of the truth of tine aortae/ens. I have
t aroma Mixedruy name, this 11th day of September,
1817; McCOTTLR, J. P
-1 "Mambo! Noose River, Cravat. co. N. C.
The followingts an extract from a letter received
from him peratt, woo bad been titillated several years ' •
with Scrofulous Clears, Dyspopsia s 4m, and remasly
an anemia./ of the throat end chest.—
- - .- •
-• nflastasetree, Va., De. 1i3,1E45. -
.111estre. AML & Panes—Before commenced
toting your Sart imarilla, toy sulfcringe were almost
east eapretalont• lay threat was cOmplemly accreted,
had a dtcadfdl catkin .4 there We.lo fisequently
weele together that I read net !meek above • whits:
te and 6e:ides:the irflammatian Irani say throat ea
tended my heed, to that my hcanng Weaver( moth
Inipsired. ' Aftet tabieg the S.ntsepartils a short time,
my heath was iMproved, and my throat is now wen;
I anus frets feet cough and rightness of the chest ne
ever i was, andban beer quite distinctly. My threat
hes been well abort three monthly the cure of which
has been effected entirely by the em of your Saran.
pail's... Your friend, LOUISA IF, BEVAN"
The followinetestinionial to the 'awe( the bans:
parities is from the Roe Luther WmghLaged 70 year.
CongtegatiOnal Minister. residing- at Ikeibum. •
,010 m., Mach 30, IMO.
. "Mead. Sander Gentlemen—From whet I have ex
, perianerd, and from the
I hate meanly
received tram of person. of high response
! batty who Ware tiwsl your Sarsaparilla, I love not
the Mart doubt het that Is most vnloabla medicine,
. and thti the main:taus cenifieetes 'mu bate received
ni .ts Aioney Me fully sustained by experienee, and
Ito Ircr,ltiLlen am) •Pet very GI - teethe,
in he frond Of my humble b y 10,111CICe*e
I wat :14 whe are affileted by Montle to he.
cr. • •Cf .,, ..10ra1l the the
and power of your
valuator .0.,•e:
sm, esfleo. X. sn, at end vciy rcepectfully
Ca :al.lSeld, wholesale and remit. by A. D. a
U. SAND 4, G , nujgt% 'sink Cliemitts,looFultou *tree*.
earner or "N 11,14,, New York. Sold at. by Drag
gles: crlkerclly throenhout the Coded Stem. and Cup
adv. Price It per botle.stx bottles for 10,
te CO., and hDWARD EENDLRICII, lqualramit. Al.
se. 1 0 KUM!
- 121( RCA is rfAT - ii rOCieti SCUStATiIiAI.
ANEW rerm , dy lately discovered in the Vegetable
KiCgderri—il *ore and permanent cure Mr al
Rhona-re Ceehlalets, mob us
' • Ingerumatory, Chronic. Acuteand Mercerlel
Menu:aim, Goa, Lerebny,o,
. • Ppinal Affections, .ke,
Thismediciewhes long been sought for. It has been •
said that Itheuanntirm could net he eared; but there is
%. , tneoly designed by nature for the cure o: every die
core that the human cistern it subject In. At la**a re.
istedy has been:,found that cures Rheumatism of the
worst norm—out of the matt valuable vegetable pre-'
a rc a n e e earth—the emetest andmost important
mecosery of theage, and a wonderful blessing to um
hum. Deur n withont sickeniegar
sing and renews strength and vigor to the whole
,em, 1i•eC.111 . 41, nanny the part three mumbo,
500 gm et that were considered incurable.
Cenifieatem of the ennssiveproperfes of Shit rs
eine ran boated by calling on the Agent..
None gendinclunlers pet up with an angrarc.• •
uponthe Oeteidewreppe , r, argued byithe - •
TURNER, Radio, N. I.
PoldbY: l 1 , • • 11. SIISYSf
'corner Third and Market at. Pita .
Sold elm by G. F.1'11031.1,
reibLdkwe •
vo r No 100 Main at, Cincinnati. 0 •
R •
' .
• •• ~., ' ' •'• No. 41t DIAMOND ALL 1 . • .
~ few deals bt ow Wood. 1: ,....
~:rii Vntni. mane , •
i . ' Das SRO
to hr v! , ., -., n
, regularly educated to tl, :.,...eal
'1,7 7 • profession, and been for 5.c.,• ,+ me
,'''d' - q
t h1,... , 1=a0 r trvm . ,7.., ...:?. ,4..., ! . ,
f,;;,., , therie prrsate and deb; . . -, • ;
.. • , WV ,:' plaints for which hie oi, , ;
r: it i.,-,T,1.`tr;!`,..T.M.u.1',,, ....,.
to atudy & onatrltent of those eoreplaints,jalurrvv.• . •
ante le hal haMre
_practice and has cured Tore ..
tants than dab Poet fall to the lot of any prirale f , -., -
Wiener) amply, qualifies hire to oder asauranc...e 01 '
speedy, pertartatent,w‘d satiefactot7 eare te all afflicted
wah daheata disuses, and all disease. art wog there-
Dom.: , .' • E '
Dr.llrownwentidinferat those &Meted with meads
diLeabea which Iran become chronic by. tinte• or es rlk e use dr anY of the eornmon nos tee., of
the day, that Oaf dor:plat°. e. bet . .. Really ma th o y,
00g umi i ;ho o so ioo often MA careful attention to
the tivEIaCIII dime!! taiefoi and 110eVetdert 111 IniUdredX
of bastancear Oaring persons of infioreno?tloo of the
neck of the ledJer, and kindred ilt,e,es which often
result froth there.casu •where Nit,. haNe consigned , •
th, th t,,, hook. , dcapair. De paraculerly terms suck, ,
es have beckie , nr and triraleces.4ll:y trented ty others i
le ereeet.hlin, When every ealefn:tion will he !Liven ,
th , and their Oise, treated in a en refol,itiofeegn and
tho Leant Wiennez, muted ailit.;b7 a !Ong ez perietrev,
~„00indiovesthation,which i; is uneosetble (or e. theta ,
er.rem , l in general practice of medicine to pea to
'CM. 010 Of dlt.p.ll.
agl ' e rn te l t W e' ltt U l re U rra i. cto rh. C•ll .l3r , u '".4 2 fuiti '''W ea l y n alT 'S yarti ll f r i '
n;sr a:tenth:mut thts.listue. '
CANCERS alio cored. •
. • • . •
±4lll diselren U saalsy, sta., sysectßy salad
Charges very loft.
N. 11.—FaUento of either sex living at a disuse*, ley
...Ling their distase to veriungosiving all the sym p
ions*, eau oblain.tnediei nes with. ireetinev r no, by
vddrersing T. BROWN, AL D., Yon raid, and antler.,
ns res. . •
Whoa No. OS ;Diamond allay, opposite the Waverly
Thtnestreoc- 4 11r.Brolrearewl7 decanted rem,
41er 11.',e mail= Is a speedy and ecru= retard l tor
thst . triveble. h peen Nils.
Mace Se.d'•rrie.l. , Ceti Rodent 63
mend cky. Paistrargb, Pc' Ike Axton. thrgys
V i zttit Wino' ;17: Dechloo46
• -