The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 11, 1850, Image 4

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Plaatallali Sugar and Itolames.
US bids coxsmon,fair, & prime riontaßon So Kora
Sit oak brie Plorouboo Nolsamu •
. , :V typrea bat do do 2n store, for liolo by
. : . , 1017 • • • ' ' Itt & 171 I.lbrny ..E
.. • - - ItIO - OOFFEEOTO - gi fariii'Cy
,„; . , : • _ Jolt - . _ -41 Water et
~..,,',,, '-
'• I3IIIC ifieiil'oThi:LTlF --- •
...v:: :,f; ‘ - ' • . .1.11, . . 011 GRANT
'.• , : , .!r: - par il 1 . ,i tt , fa iiiiciiiiif i7i;l - 11131 GO ndo by
: ! .. I:' , '.. - -1 - - 1 _ 1 ! -L___,___ _____
...;',.,...... '.' - ,...T , :
.• ~. : . . . . . - nr.tutig a aaar-i: :::Atir: c o ma R am
SO its Evans &S;rfl'a do, ""
. ' . 44.
- ' ,Ottoplobr • . do
.• •-a :_,...`" '.''. . • . • ..
For solo b ) - . (jell] ' ' SELLERS & NICOLE
' ' ''': '.''''', - ' , 1:. , ' • . ',' . . ',
iothrg - scom. /lERRIN,G,..l4 . b . rlain rr%Ved
.' . I'. ~;..,, i'','': - .• ' 'll k,, , ,a. by 6 er9l ROB I S O N . I ITTLE
. iillilliebillESOA - S-100 Imo brown Gbillieethe;
'''' V': ' ' - ...•
'l'. • I t ' - ~' ' ' ' ::itz"NO'llbadodgo'op"
;41 .1*" 15: — C 1 1 6' T" ff lad oaer k i:Cii n :roi -bv or: N iiia - ltii 7fili.t•
.:- -i. 4 . : ..14. talr6d and rot OW by ' S Imo*. co .
64:b09: b,b: Te.iiiiiiaitiir.l7p.i j iiiii t c 7 Ttfy
:,,A i gkrbtk-iti ORA - - loilii — • reed for s:let by r •
'-' 2. •:,.4 '• ,'- i. ' ( - •y`'' . ''',7 -- " .1' KIDD & CO" 10.
' bal. NTT r, • I ,
- . .'pay..o 4IA
• - 140 bag r 5, ,s-. my tOnliglltlent•Ad !
- -,, for OsIO by i . . (lONES El •LESS & IICOLS . :
Irriliate74l.-141 D.
Auks te!i , dtz r.DVii,t...o'
1 4
fiIHE Tienlc Montage Company neap ly their 'yenta
j dfoaturand Flaming in stoma 2:7 ihet, hoar
to ite ./IC. per square foot.. Cornateud to sheen
307, 27 or, for sooner pane Padding, and•depote.
Ship Sheathing, 14 249 Inches, from rt to W, ounces,
Neils, !Mires, Wire, Sugar . Molds, Perforated Zinc,
Zino Paint, fro.. .
They warrant thcii meld pure, and free from any
ad:admire of Iron, or any other rntadance, and re
commend it far the manufacture mon article, i
the Mum forniehing bee, it dOt. of
MI, It no t
effected by the action of water, and mai be poliehea,
painted. and japanaed .•
Mamplegooodels, plans, apcelfeatione, and inher
information may be had of their madam—
AUCtat. t !motto, New York;.
• AT .111.01. HOLUM & CO-. Boston;
Nantes Tanta fr. Co., Philadelphia;
W.& H. '
Senn, Der dr. Scanner., New Orkanq
F. MILLI ROUX, Sterident'Agent,
Liege, MOT 1. .• . 2 Hanover at, New Tett.
Edward A. •Oektgrey,
lli Sossa Calvert n., near Balthaors st.,Baltintort,
E. Godfrey A. Sens. N. ,)
ThIPO Ett of Shoe Finding; ,one Dealer in Leather,
.R. of v to 'kinds: English and French Xid Skims
Preneir f Skins, Patent Leather, hionteco, mat
white,. rink Twans,linines,Ae. Leanings, Francais,
SILL G LOONS AND RamoNs, Leona. Webb
-Shoe yea Awl Blades, SAne THREAD, Blued
Tacks, Nails and Shoe PEGS, of all 0 sea
E. A. G. having established the above basineis In
Italtintore, is enabled to shin c.a.. Seta or . West l '
acids tha utmost despatch, and at the lowest prices. '
Alansfaciarees, dealers, and all others. near rely
sport obtaining every article In the trade, of the beat
ennhlY, and on liberal terms. - i . •
I/71We irtentrer el Lasts, Boot Tre“, Shoe Their,
Cluny., Crimps, Hoot Strekhers,2o. All owe:* will
hepromptly emended. Low prices for cask.
A ersits containing • tornylete list of every
amniathawed, will be forwa r ded to those who
may de It. ' I
EDWARD A. GODFREY, to S. thriven st.
sitsyNt;d3et • • near Dattlenore at. Baltimore.
.Broadway, of Malden Immo.
eves:vire. HOTEL bee been lensed by the
Ti ntbecriber, and bas been completely refitted In
e most elegant manner, Large rOdltiona ere now
bang made, which, when completed, will mat a It the
moat extenstre hotel in New York. It Is the deters:P
atios of the proprietor, to make it canal, in every re.
asset, to any other Ilion. lathe United States. Its la
c Cron is the monde:Kimble end central In the. city, be.
leg in the fashionable part of ilroadway, convenient
to all the puttee places of amusement, cod
boldness. Grateful foe tite liberal patronage received
from his western friends, "Milo at Comberland, Md.,
and more recently at the Weddell llama, Cleveland,
Ohio, he respettfolly solicits a renewal of their patron.
age, foe hie pew establishment, at New York, and
borolo assure them that every effort on Lis part elealt
be 'given to administer to their comfort and pleamre,
New York, Mareb,l923.—letr26.7m
DD officer, Gnlrge 'tree% Plymouth, r tßl and. The
manager. beg to anquaint their numerous extrema that
den est Dtatnnuion of Fottrans ot Race lie... Intl
...Mt. there , entered for the forthcoming Grand
National Derby Race; the number of 'hares to be
Waited to 5,000 .each etas,. Putt chars ottinber £ti
second 010. s ditto ii Fart, application for the no'
appropriated Aare, is ree PP .. y. A pony aubse-il.
Dig for Meer thou one 11 . 4111 V. has tbe emote of gaining
an equal number bonorta. Thee,' members who drAW
the trammel Portraits will be presented with me fol.
- lowing same,-
Pone,: of , nn 2.ldit
Winner, or Pt; vs. Herne lot
LAbo es
M= iturloo to
Second Horte.-•- ledrat Algal
Third Deese ydtr.• tlAte
Divided autengst Stettero—•. 2,OGe
, • 11 Noo-Starters NAV oto
Tittle are NO bonuses in n eac h class, that Ic ing the
Mntego( horses entered for the race. The Drawing
t L will be cendocted upon the same legitimate proteinlett
as them which charactatioco the late St. Ledger and
other proceedirge. Full yarticalms of the result will
lee seat 1.3 absent 111=11.111 immediately atterthe de.
Melon, that each may know his pronto.
Setweribern registered end acrip , forwarded on re
. eelpt of a remittance. Bills of Prchttege, Matto, Rank
Note., rce., addrested and mode payoble to the
Alanaging Dieeeters. W. JAMES A CO.
fire per cent. commission to be reduced on the
presentation of banish*. mrl6..led
1 11 301 REED HOUSE, 11850
' •
IiEITEII 3 BAR DEB, Proprietors,
Peals., Spare, Erie, Pa.
GENERAL STAGE OtTlCE—Gastem, Wester.
sod:Southern StaitesOcavo this house daily.
Gages to and from Steam mu Packet Boat. Gratis.
111. W. tutu, late girths American Hotel, Erie, P.
G. W. Boomm, tate of the Kinsman Hotel, Ohio.
ap.25.4am •
Stir Jams. Rlharraris Fluid Magnesia.
PEMPAR,ED under the Immedirve care of the
venter, and established for upwards of thirty years.
regard' preparation IA recommended to all
mires of brie, .acidlties, indigestion, gout, and grovel,
as Me mast safe, eery, and effectual farm la which
Magnesia, may, and indeed the only ono in which it
outht to ba exhibited. possessing all the properties of
the Magnesia cowls general use,withont beret liabfis
like It, to fermi dangerous concretions in the boweli,
It efreCtill.ll, Corti heMblllll without injuring the
coats of the stomach, as soda, potess, and their cat
. benign are known to do; It prevents the food of in•
funs tarring um; in all eases it sets us a pleasing
aperient, and Is peen% arly adopted to fenntle4.
Oir Ilampbrey Davy testified shot this solution forms
soluble combination, with trio acid salt. In <ems ot
got and gravel, tberby coucteractieg their Illillatoo.lll
tendency, when other alkellee, and even Magnesia
Itself, bad foiled,
nein Sir Philip Crampton, Bart, Surgeon Genera]
to the Artily in Ireland:—
aDur -bar—There eon be no doubt that Magnesia
m be adminiatered more safely in the form or aeon ,
centrated atllmion th. In anbatance; for this, and
many other reasons, I am of opinion that the Valid
Mageesia la a very valuable addition to our Malaria
Mr Jame. Clarke, Sir A. Cooper, Dr Blight, and
Messrs Guthrie end Herbert Mayo, of London, sweep
ly recommend Money's PlaidMagneala, as being an 4
Stately morn sale and convenient than the sold, and
free from the !Linger anendlng the content lase of
soda or potaaa.
For sale by the imponer's anal proorieter`a events,
•mayfd Cor. of Weal& Front ate
°TICE Is hereby given, that on or about the 43th'
of April, the bsesibers had nulled to them. at .
Pi fobs
llsbury, V. the following Bows, vii—A note:
drawn by O. A. Mania, payable to oar order, dated'
April 11th, at 4 months, for 8173 GP, a note dream t
John D. Morgan, mania dale and time, for illll7, and
note drawn by John Wattle Co., in favor of John 8.
Alaska, and rwendorsed by us, dated April Ildt, at
four months, for 8175, The above notee were never
received by as, and this is to cannon all' persons
against trading for as baying tbo sane, no payesent
of Diem has been stopped. - W
A :VERY large and choice stock of Fresh Spring
.11. and Summer Cools has just been, opened •ar
Alemotder Day% No 6 5 Market WIMP, north west
comer of the Diamond:
In calling. the attention of war enstomers and the
rablla le this week, l
acesor Its great pleasures be be
able to say it embr GREAT BARG AIIIS In al-,
most every description of goods, ea a large portion or
It wu pwan.d at the recent extensive 611011011 sales
In the eastern enica. lhrwaortment. Loth of fiLICY
and alaple - goods, is very`superfor, and affords to all
cash baser., either by wholesale or retell, a fine op
portanity of mirror both lawn and none
Near style Yealard Wilts, very cheap;. rich plain and
figared changeable silts, of almost every style mad
qaalltyi super plain and Oa rod black, silks; do. ba.
r eget and %macs; barge de tans; new and hand;
me style; near s tyle f ranch, F:nish. mat Scotch
to great vatiety, and at very, lo w prices; plain,
11 gated. and satin ottlped de !tins of all kinds and
quafttimn linen lames al all shades and colors; B ing.
lams„chlutscs, prints, ke • •-
I •' '
Saper chameleon an ebisrls; Oen gu , ad
black de; pialn and embroilermlThit et dm Eno cash
mere do; super plain and .'embroidered white and
catered crape de: barrio sae net ,n,',he,j
- . .
A' fineanortment of molls, nansooki, jacooets,
Boriises, hooks, bishop. lowa's. fto,
16. gh k Relay:, pe rt braid, Florenee braid.:and
super stesW bonnets.
A fire cock or "manor plam and fringed .ed
Datin Ture Parstala of all cola. end halities.
A large aasoristient of taper French, Intglist 'and
Belgian cloths arid catfishes. of all qualities and
pricey to which we would invite the iumhtion of the
- -
Out Mock of brawn snit bleached muslin., Makings,
clack& chatilbrayaolrillings,lke,ts very large, and at
the very lowest pp sues.
Also, a !Arun lot of table diapers unit table cloth.,
brown and bleached; Ruas:a Iticetch diapers, truth
lines. nankin, cotton and wool n goods fur mart and
bop,' west, Iratt Darns , red, white, and yellow flan
nels, domestic ginithants, silk and linen hdicfs and
Cleves of all kinds, hoWery and bonnet ribbon., nen-
Leta' line &r In oil which we would rcapactfully.
Invite the attention of wholcasle and retail cash
boyars. ALEXANDER & DAN,
warn 80 Market st_N W rot. of the Diamond. .
T AM now prepared to Cornish Apple Trees, from the
.I. well known Nursery of Jacob Drown. The
trees will be delivered at the wharf et Pittsburgh for
12 per bemired. Persona wishing good thrifty trees
sto/sl4 leave their orders ,00e at the Deng, Seed and
rerfttmery Wiuxboinc, comer or Wood and Sixth sts.
• • .11Z21017AL; —
NO Al LEY Rau WN to Co. ill. tranovea to No 1:0
El Water at, 21 deer below the Monongahela Houle
gfiiehuyre H ANNA
oorrh h re m ovd their 01 :::r orer ; r,w
• itknovAL.
nillniteti. CAROTHERS k bore removed to
lJ No TO Wader stj between Wood & Market, lo the
kook, formerly occupied by Iliudy, J o ". & C o.
SVARdic:25 bee RoalmgbVe ex
IS bxx Strobe do;
• ‘. SI bill Amin , k Teem d0;10.,,,,i,..4
sal far see by LI.RR RIOKETsw.I
' • • J. U. MELLOR.
ill't-"c'34f r4rikCbV7lltfC,rcifda7GitiVrag";
Molly, do you Loa Me by S. C. Foster.
01r, may ta. lied Dose lave Alers7.lo.
melly.ares a Lady, • •
• Uncle Ned, do.
Glaze toay. Dun a ll Night, do.
Poldter's Wedding, by Glover. do
The Robin, -
h, Tomb tbe C
o onyet own MM.
Sweet Memoir@ fl
Silver Moon.
Lament of the Dish Emigrant.
A New Medley Son.
Thou but Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thee.
The Conscript's Departure, by Glover.
De filed to the Loved Ones at Hoeft.
Iris llama wheree , er the Heart is..
The Towhee Maid.
Loa DaskSl Car, by Lova.'
Do you ever think °rm.
' Member Gentle Lady..
Jeannie Grey.
Man, Delittfiett, Wedding. Wreath, and Data'
Italthelor, Maiden Bella Welts, Concert, Ladies ,
Souvenir, Copy. Moire, Lily, Ales, Evergreen. B.n
-el. Adieu. and Lisa , Polkas
Alum enter not Into the lintof parerson, say nothing
IT about Hundreds o lmporters, Large
Capital, Bought for Cub, &e. Ht a t, we will not
humbug In any manner • or font, we amply Invite the
pablie to compere our Tear wltli wha kn ow to
elsewhere; Pus Is the best method we to ascer
tain woo sells the best and cheapest Teas In
hugh. - We are now selling
Good and sutur&Tea at 40 and 50 eenti per lb.
A prime article,- •- •73 do do
The bat Tea Imputed Into the IL State% St
Low priced,dastared, or Inferior Teas we do not
beep. •.' MORRIS lk HAWORTH
Proprietors of the Tee Market,
irS Haw side of thamond.
D. Appleton Co, New'Terk, Lae hinters., of pub.._
Hanlon, In pats, prae twenty fire cents cash,
Enfix• Work, , ma En.
gintertnn olortirnod for 7'racttod Woking
Arm, tpid those intended for the Brtss•
?wring /Wasson
,Itzinto jsr 04ti1 DM&
trims WORE is7flarg7;;;i7arns,arid will contain
L two 'merman° TACIMI, and eywards of six nine
sann iII.rtIILTIONS. it will pies ens working-draw.
lets Sod descriptions ortha most impormust machines
its the United states. independent of the results of
America. immunity, , will conteln complete ramp
cal tread no on Nechutica,Alachineq.Fegine-work,
and Ignmnoctlng; with all that useful In more than
one theemnd dollar, worth of folio volumes, mega
sines,.dother books.
The great object of this pablicatton is, to place be
fern practical men and mindere* each act amount of
theoretical and acientllo knowledge, In a condensed
form, as shall enable them to work to the best adman.
'..ea, and to avoid those mistakes which they might
otherwise commit. The remount of aschal information
Wu brought together la almost beyond precedent in
each works. Indeed. there is hardly any enforce
within ItA range which is nut treated with such clear
ness and precision, that even a man of the most ordi
nary capacity cannot fall C•t - understanding it, and
him to know.
thus learning from n much winch it is important for
. The publishers are, in alien, devirmined, resardless
of eon, to make die work an complete as possible. and
Ii is hoped every one denten, to o tain the work' will
proem. it am Issued in numbers. d dots encourage
the ereerpriee.
The work will be Issued in semi onthly numbers,
commencing in January, ilC.o,aw, progress with
great reselwity.
The whole work will be Pnbliasied in 10 numbers,
at l cents per nomber.and tempt, and within the cur
:grent Year, ltno. A liberal discos willwill be made to
Any one ftmittlim the publish!, re SIO in
{het receive the work through tier post °Mgt, (tee Of
Opilllollll Or the ,PreAs..
no our namerous rilensfsetu to Mechanics, Elm
yincers, and Artisans,ll will be a Mae of wealth"—
(lt./.) Journal.
.Yotatig men. arm yourselves with its knowedge.—
Alle can with confidence zero amend our re l ale to
possess theensel yes of its numb en as fast as they ap
ear.”—Anterican Artisan.
‘lVti unhcaltatingly crammer A the work to those en
gaged in or interetmd in meek&Meal or scientific par
tons, as eminently worthy of their examination and
r: ody.”--Tray, (N. Y..) Budget:
It Is truly a great wore, and the publishers de
terve the thanks of inventor t, machini ma and mane
lecturer, and indeed oldie ablin gene rally.”—N. Y.
In Ati n ti n etonary will be high ly fat to practical
mechanics, and valuable to all Who wt. hto account
themselves with the prayeras of invent , ors in the inc.
chant:. ens ."—Nevy Medford Daily Mere cry.
"Young mrchanica Might LO L.ep pained up in the-
°reveal ns weP so pram. cal 'knowledge, and this
work will allow them Just how they stand.e.—Boxbary
(Maw.) Adverther.
'We take it to be jest the *ask that scores and hun
dreds of oar IntelligentmeehaMe s have desired to pos
sess. Ira are its desen.tions, arra so full nod
rainuteAts speclfiettlons, thettit seems to es that any
mechanic might cont ra ct any a mehine It describes, en
the a.rength °fits engravings at id imuractions.”—N. Y.
Commercial Advenmer.
“All interatted in roechanii should avail then
*lves of Pa advantagee.,-Se (Penn., ) Jar
work ofeotcnaive pi =Mal utility andgreat In.
:raneero and value le the moistly Incressing interests
of the country. We regnrd the work o eminently
m c o eel u at l n a l M I pro I m ldo t h se c m as in te a o e f v a m lu in a i b m l a e
l a n n fo d r m.
non on these retrjecta"-- Fanner and Me chanie.
"Practical men In ad the varied walk. of mechani
cal and manufacturing if hlustry; engineering, he, will
find In this work a tre item which It will be to their
Pratt to posseesn—Svc y Dully Whig.
We hatm.nalvhillY tanned the number., and bare
On nalantian In hying that it Is dm best work for me.
ehtudes, tradesmen, arid scientific men, ever publish
ed, (or it ecutelusruhratis info:minion on every Wrench
of the mechanical arta' and science., expressed in a
stystyle and la.c.s e inT eligible is any reader of oral.
tester, (Mass.,) News.
'‘vo ere sate we e doing the mechanics of Nor.
wiah and elber Pats. of Connecticut a service by
bringing the work , m their attention.*—Norwith r
(Conn) Cowie!.
It such.. v tort as every mechanic should
yomems”—Ficeater Joanna.
tVo consider hoe a of the most useful and Mayan.=
'pablicalions oft l aciage" No mechanic ten rand to be
WontlLn_New arc, 1N..1.4 Commercial Courier.
ell lbe v , ni mite publications having far their ob. /eel the elueid• an .n and advancement of the mechani
cal arts and s cle noes, none that on: have seem la an
fon of print re a t thian—Dairalo Com:Adv.
nit is she b en raid cheapest work es creamed to the
scienfifie usd practical engineer and mechanic. The
plaMs ere 'mead folly executed.u—Washington G lobe
"Thu great Theuo ,o
rtary isne of the most useful
works ever published for years raid the low prim at
which it in sold makes accep table to alLn—Bouth
"We regard It e s one of themoat comprelicative and
sellable es well as cheapest works ever published..
— Daltinnarelitivertiter.
.4Dasht to be Mkoa by every ono 'desiring to beep
I pace with the provresa elan and amerme in every one
of the labels of cis hired life,"—Rendont Conrkr.
"it is designed a !Mr the principle of Use's Dteiona.
ry, way that It is se oredevoted to the meehameal and
engine.. prefer Mona, and 'above t valuable
tiasecompints ;for America what lire has done (or
Rasta., viz: dearrtbior Americas machinery and
worts ofart.,t—tielentilleAmericsn.
" ht numbers, and st a prise so mode. °
. rate, looking St w hat is =omitted bench number, that
ino one who has the least (menu in au. matter',
:hoed be detente/from preenrinsit; end every onewhe
.does so„ will b.tsd that be Luba a condensed form .
...mutt of MK ruction which would be obtains if at
only by Use parches° of very. many volumes. N.
IT.Centric.r an d Enquirer..
; •
The sour ,trehroulvenc so with which the subj.,.
em teleteatO admirabk, manner in which they are
illustrated, t.onspire to enthe this one of the most desb
ethic wear . 7 —Democratic Review.
"this wee should be In the handset
irt.san, not manufactarer, especially who limm
the least a Tire:lees to excel la their respective blab
ems.. ;Vie haes earelally ens/rimed it, with a new or
Occomino mhos L Ls Invennws. To them we would
Say in thm strong language cilia Bible: "It is good."—
Daltintere Inventoreiournal. ,
-•- •
Notici io ehs Proprwrorse 'Nompapa: Lininighou:
thrs Uneted Stab'san d Canada.
Ulna foregoing advertisement la inserted five time
daring. the year, and rho paper °catalog sans to as
copy Old. Work ',Ull, tent g..atio Io payatele
apIS: Wearier
-Coga' Menem nor orker Mineral.
YltrtE :foll.nne! deetimonsal was given by the eele.
brsrted Dr. Wooster Reath. the author of the great
edie• Work entitled "The American Practice O.
e anw Family Pbyelcien."
, Ilav og been Wade acqualme aerial the IneMdtenta
which compose! Mealtimes .A 141fraling Ointment
and havdorpreserlbed rd remit It In wears' rascals
rey privy. practvie, I hatehesitation ht saving or
ccrufTidsg that ibis l Vegetab le Acmedy,- contnitang
no mothralriulnitanee Whatever, that Its ingrediettls
Onnlitned ai they are, and used an directed by the
Proprietor, are not only harming, bat of great value,
being truly scientific Remedy of-grrat power: and/
cbee rfully• recommend It as a eompdand which hap
dime snuck good, and which Is adapted to the cure of
.a'gteat variety of eases. Though I bare never Muter
recommended or engaged in the. sale of secret medi
cines, regard for the truly honer t, emmeientious, hu
mane character of the Proprietor of MU Ointment,
aril the value of his discovery, oblige me to say thus
m garding . it. W.ISEACII, D. D."
! ' :c h n' wYerrk, April 42.d,1916.
111.1111 , 44.—1, Is one of dm Lest. Wogs In the world
for Borne. •
'PlLE.. , —Thminands are yearsy cored by this Cant.
ment. It never fain, io glyj,, C relief.
• For Tamers, Ulcers, and alt kind, of Sores, It ban
no .ifllotand Nurse, know Ile sante in cases of
Swollen or ben Ilreast, they west elways apply It
to " 6 ' co. " , if aced according t direellona, it gfees
relief in a very few &ars.
',Around the box •re directions fe rosins , liAltleterts
Ointment tor B , lofdl to, Litter Coo tontin ayetimles,
Tenor, bald Ilead, tro Eyes, ,moat,,
Sera Throat, Menchaca, Nervous. Arecuons, Rains,
Disease of the Spine, Head Ache, Asthma, Deat'newt,
Ear Ache, Bums, Cents, .n Dimas es of ape Skin, .Sore
taps, Pimples, Ike., Swelling of the Limbs, Sores,
f t llcantaUwa, Piles, Cold Feet, Cran Swelled . or Mot
ben Mealy Tooth Ache, Ape ink e Face, Sc.
P.M the Reading PS gle.
There Win never, perheps, a Mb ollethe brines be
fore the public, that has /It so shoot • time won reek •
resonation an bleAlllotet'a AP,-t realms or World
Salve. Almost every permit th at has made trial of It
speaks warmly In its mita ( rot has been cured by
It of the most painful rhearnotir aa, another of the piles,
thini of ire oblesome pain • eide,.• fount, of
swelling In the limbs, he. If tt does no; give illiMe•
dime relief,in every ease, II e an do no- injury, being
applied outwardly.
A. another evidence of the wonderful healing row
er posonsed by this solve, we subjoin the folios ring
certificate, front • respeetabl 'citizen of fdajdeneo cob
township, in Miscount),
illessro. ilßitt er isidenereck, Ire the co., Match Zak
it d
Wu entirely mired of • serf poire to Inform Iron t
r.jr. th e bach, by
use of MeAltistero All.lle, dime Salve pu
Eballod Innti you. IMldered aoitiltfrfes ;to yew.)
I and at night was enable to sloes. Du ring the o.°
tried venom 'tamales, was o h weft prescribe:a , . tw tot •
by physic's...lA otber,er , oorcentboutreeeirl nhP
rolmf, cod lost map a - trial. Or Off BMOC, Wit 1 I re
b'T°".4 ext.thmion, lam now entree.
and tweet Veep. ly free from Me pa., ..„,a n i g h t pc =Eng
ihave also tthe ;I the salve sir- me for
tooth ache and ',teat complaiau, will' minder / n4.PY
• , , JA111.73 hicALLISTEiI
Soi. Proprietor of the above medico
Principal Oild,o, No 2:3 Now . Third strect,Phli d
PRY CE, 95 CENTS PER nox'.
damn" rrrntrant—lrrinin re Rater, am Inof
Libe and a Clair sireeria and L. WLI ox, Jr., cor
nannyMi & street and Rn Diamond, :r od , go ro , eof
Emir* and 8 mithfiald sneers; J. H. Camel. eater r of
Walcott tad Pena wears. fifth Ward; aad sold al the
trodst Entithrield rinse, 51 door[ Bacon I.
. In Wisp goy City by H. P. Rebrartrana J. Pars eat.
w • Berl lb, Dragged, Binnlngto mi D. Neg lay;
Ld../ ry; 11. Rowland, Meßeesrion.; J.Aletan der
Jr. Boa, SX , mongolian City; N. D. Boom nn &Co., Ind
7.•Rogi figo gremlin; John tinkle y,Bearer, Ps;
John' Ws Ike. Jr., YJirabsh. rebiloodl y
g e tt i riirllborti-ro
erny, Pow dad ga ,./ 4" 4.4 Green pi!
4 LI titILL/PS!
Valuable and extensive- Witt-1r 1 . 03r,11Z10.
- "
let on - gsmorublo Senna. “1- •
now prepared to lease the Water Power •t the
Grand Rapids, to an amount mtheirrit to propel - loot
hundred palm of mill atom The location is based
upon a rock foundation. and the power can conve
niently be *oohed oo both sides of the river. The
grain of the White Slyer, ea well as the Wabash, coo
be readily famished at this point While tuber,
Imo ore, and coal, to the greatest sbunderme, and of
auperier miality, can be easily procured Ll:trough the
Tanis—On LTY e hundred dollars per annum for a pow
er aid:Belem to propel atingle run of medium steed
mill stones, fora period, of Armen year& with the
right Of renetval on the capitation of the lease, at a
fur naimtion of the poser employed. The site of the
mill or manufactory Inch:Jed, without further charge
from tho Company. lip older of the Director&
19-, May 9, rgit. C"1"2
—The, skin of. many person* is Manned talth
slight emotion., ao pimples, suonthew, &c., and when
this is merely a disease of the akin, me is in ninety
nine eons out of every hondrad, It is very easily re
moved. Jule. lianePs Nymph Soap Is capressly
adapted to diseases of the skin, as it acts directly
moon the minute pores which cover it, terrace,
cleansing them from impurltin. and by its balsamic
properties healing and eradicating all eroptions.and
tendering the danest and roughest akin son,fair, and
bloardmr. •
Persons who hove been to the habit of using ordi
rgusoo,:ilywO,l. astonished th e
Elms, preventing the ncek, race. or Kande from chap.
ping, allaying all irritation, and removing all cutane
ous eruptions. It possesses an awash° perfamaand
M entirely devoid cd• all alkaline properties rendering
the only article which can be used orith'nfety and
comfort in the nanny.
All those whose. faces or necks are ah e al d dgd with
pimples, blotches, tab, morpbew, Ae ha make
trial of Jules IlanePs Nymph Soap, as the
rail er
th e
pooltOrely :Munn them, abet Ile um will reader the
most discolored skin white, the roughest skin smooth,
and the most amazed skin healthy, pore, and bloom
Jules Ilasel's Nymph Soap le thy only article which
will effectually predate the above elLets 111 an short
a tlme, and the oily one which/a at the same time all
powulal and entirely harmless. Prepared only by
JULES DAUM" Perfumer and Chemist,
IN Chestnut street, Phila.
For sale wholesale and retail by It. A. Felincitook
& Co., and R. E. Sellers, Pittsburgh; and John Stn
gent and L Mitchell, Allegheny elle, Pa led 4
AGOOD Mahogany liana Forte, a OelaTtlf
second band•—' ..... •••• ' 4lOO 00
A .handisoate upright Plano, with Rosewood
Furniture, 0 •wowee, and in good order • ••• IGO 00
A plain 51 octave riano• ••• ............. •• • 43 01
A good G octave Plano ........ • • •r 3 on
A good 31 octavo Plano, with handsome fumy•
For sale by JOHN it lIKLGOII
may 2el El Wood 01
distalle Night Light.
ITPERCEDING Rhoden Pleats, and beind M-
U combustible, thereby economise obj ected t w o
vents 'ration, heretofore re much to in all
oCher floats • One Table rpconini of the common
lamp oil will WI Nine Boum, or any further tresth
of time t sceordine to the addition.' quantity 0(0,1.
gemmed and for sale by JOHN D MORGAN
may_" Druenbu
711 ST RF.CEIVED, at the Pliwborgh, Faa ly Grew
cept end Tea Warehouse:
o cue. Fresh 01 , 1110140111 n
5 do Pickled do, in glints;
5 do do ,to, in pint do.
The above Fresh Oyster. are parboiled, aril put op
in a highly concentrated unto, enclosed beruietical
ly sealed cans, and will keep muck longer than those
put up in the ordinary way.
Far sale, wholende and moil, by
Whi A hieCLUIRC: A. Co,
atT' o ll CA Liberty at
Great Amer laima Bleettaratcal Work.
AnPLETON & nO., New York, hare In coon.
J.J of publlcallon, la parts, price twenty five cents
e ach, a
DICTIONAR% if Machines, Mechanics, En-
Work, and ineeri'desined foe Practical
Working Men, and Enr se tho
Intended lot the Engineering
Pretension. Edited by Oliver Ilymo.
Thin work In of large evo she, and will contain two
thousand pages, and upwards of nix tbousaud Werke
uons. It will prevent working drawings and descrip
lions of the Most kermetut machines in the United
Slates- Independent or the results of American In
genuity, It will contain complete practical treatises on
Mechanic.. Machinery. Engine Work, and
en Engineer
id'olrian"veh n a la th ot 4 i n o o r f O ' l ' a i m n erso n' a ea ° o e
rand ' u e s tVg
book.. Six arm:hers received,end for sale. by the
eget°, S HOPKINS, '
apl3 7° Apollo Unildings, Fourth at,
Sole Agent in Western Pennsylvania, foe the salt of
Grand and Square Plano' Porter,
DEGS to into... his onend• and the musical public,
AIII that he has now [motets, and will receive and
expo. for sale, during the present month, the largest
and most desirable Stock of Piano Fortes eve, ofered
for sale In the west—among the number will be found
a toll supply of
Supernly carved Rosewood Grand Plano Fortes,
with all th e recent Improvements is mechanism and
style of exterior.
Splendidly caned Rosewood wren octave Square
Plum Fortes, hashed In the Elizabethan and Louis
XIV. mylea
With a larva Mock of all the various styies of P.a.
no Fortes, varying in prices from $273. to PKet and
SIRS, prepared by dlr. Chlekering for the present
year, final)
Purchasers are assured that they of fdr. Chick
crimp Pianos have been, and will etibllfitlet to be, the
1111.131 e as al the manufactory in Mame, without charge
for trampertaden; and wilt be delivered nod rut up la
, meg
pelfeet order, in any part of tie city,. without cliarg e.
Urr undersign' cd begs leave to Inform the pablie
P l that h. has deelined business In favor of his SON
M. Davis, who will conunus the Anction and Com-
mission business at the old stand, earner or Wald and
Flail streets, and for whom be would solicit senile
oases orthe Oalsonage heretofore bestowed up
on ths beast. JOIIN DAYII3,
April Slth,lBso.
P. N. Dons,
coma or arum urn Una .Ranh,
WILL nuke sale., on liberal terms, of Foreign and
V V Doututio Merchandise, Real Estate, Meeks,
Ike° and boPee, by elperienee and closet anention to
bosom, to merit a continuum° of the support and
patronage to liberally extended to the forma house.
April Pa. 25.71.
Wile decease of the acute partner, in Philadelphia,
(the tate James DI Davisni prod.ce no inmmaptlon
en the basiness—arrangements have bete made which
Involves the soda fillgitt/I precisely, watch have
heretofore calmed- The basins. is continued node,
the some name and firm viz:—
Jams hlbans & Co., Philadelphia;
Jona all'snea & Co., Pittstargn.
The of the patronage of oar many
friends M respectfully aolicited. If any persons bate
demands against the concern, they ate requested to
present them finvlawith, for payment.
Pittsburgh, Apri110,..50. JOIIN APFA DEN,
D. A. Wahnosteek & Co.,
WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, comer of Fine and
Wood Mem* offer for minion favorable tenant
100 Ltd. Whiting; 100 lb. Cab. Ammonia;
Go do Alum; lital do Amalcetida;
MP do Dye Woodo 600 do Crude Tartar,
23 do Lampblnek; 200 do 11.1qaolLee Ro ot
20 do Von. Red; 300 - do Irish Moss;
8 do Camphor; 150 do Rod Free/Mule;
10 do Span. Stowe. 130 do - Calomel Amer.;
20 do Inflow Ochre; 23 do do Eng.;
10 do Il ri mmone; 200 do Bucher Lenses;
8 do Cloves; 1040 do Rhubarb Rook
3 do Chem. Flowers; 400 do Stamp. do;
14 eases Re. Horse; IMO do Geollso do;
OS do Cantde Soap; 200 Jo Sal Rzeheele;
15 do Prussian Blue; 130 do &Qat Mature;
10 do Cale. Alsgeetim Me do Pols'4 Rlrubarb;
13 , do Chrome Green; 050 do do Pllp 111 m;
5' do, do Yellow; 1101 do do G: Arabic
5, do Am. Vermilion; lOD do do. Lig. Root
°Drente. Sand Paper, 100 do do Jaf.pi
23 bag. Simi y Sumac; TA do do ArCayenne;
balm Houle Cork.; 200 do- Roipn. Zinc;
750, dal* Morphia; 300 do Der 'Fin;
19001 b. Cape Aloes/. • tnio do Tnearled.;
1.310 'do UL•Chrom Potash; 150 do Quick Silver;
t.VO 40 Plot Rdot; 050 do Manse Peel; •
1330 do Turkey Umber; 75 do Corkmenk •
IWO do Cream Tatar ; Id do /Iyd Putash4,
500 do Tartaric Acid; GO do Mace;
100 do Urn Urn; Z. do Oraerille Lotion. febl23-ddrw2ter
. . . . _
l•There are more things in heaven and earth
Than are d remelt.; of in philosophy."
THE VIRT tws of dna remarkable remedy, and
the convent application for it, to the proprietor,
has Induced him to have it bet ap in bottles with In.
bets and directions, for the berielt of the politic. '
The PETROLEUM le_procared from a well In thus
county, at • depth of four headrest feet, is a pare ann.
eattramed tinkle, without any chemical change, bet
lost an Rows from Nalore's Great Labile° ryl: Thatit
contraaa properties, reeching a number of &scams, la
no longer a matter of uncertainty. There are teeny
'things to the arcane of n atare,vvideli, if k nown,tnight
be of vain asefoluera to alleviating sulfuring, and re•
storing the bloom of health and rigor to rimy a sub
Terra. ,,
before Lang the mantic r thought of patting
it up in bottle., It had • repel.. a for the care of dia.
vow The constant and daily I creraing call. for it,
and several remarkable cores t b ra performed, Is a
Bare indication of: its future polarity and wide
spread application in the sere o discue.
We do not ad.; to make a long parade of certill•
its aro are conseloas that the medicine can soon
work itelway into the favor of Mora who soder and
wish to ibo healed. Whilst we do not claim for it •
univetval application in every disease, we anhesita•
' tingly say, that in • ',amber of Chronic Diseases it le
enrivellcd. Among these may be enumerated—all
diseased of the =aeona banes, eueh a. CHRONIC
BRONCHITIS, CONSUMPTION lin Its tut, etage,)
Asthma, and all disease. of the air passages, LIVER
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Market Diseases of
the Bladder and Kidneys, Prang In the Back or Side,
Nervoes Dianne, Neuralgia, Paley, neurratte Pains,,
G oa t, &Taipei., Tette; Ringworms, Darns, Scalds,
BM., Old Sorsa, ke., fee. In cue. of debility re•
milting from espostire,or long and protracted bases of
diocese, this, medicine will bring relief. It will act so
a general TONIC and ALTERATIVE in each easra,
...Wag tone and energy to the whole frame, rectos•
inn obstructions, op:Menthe sluggish fanctione,which
eau.e disease and a broken Constitution, and giving
increased and renewed 'energy to ail the Organs of
bye The proprietor knowr of sevenl cares of
pgjA4,,,that resided ream , ether treatment, get well
~,,,,vgge use of the _PeritoiEullt fora abort lime.
The prim( ean be given to any pen,sep who dearest it.
None ge amine without the elgramra of the proprietor,
Bold b r the propricter,,
5, M. HIER, Canal Beeht, near Seventh FL
AS, by II E. SELLERS,S7 Woodsy
em er Woad stand Virgin al • Who ere' le
nes4lS ' recently m4elated Agkents
rI.IILIFORNIA AMMER 000D81—inet received,
1,./ C
Camp BlUketrrnaSeat nuts; 12 pr. Pants:
le pairs nett lined /dodos Boots; II Wham Bats; 2
water Tanta, 6 dad LI gallons encl.; SO canteen.,
esgallon each; 1 dim Ualetaksa Mona, bna; Ido oiled
do do. The above good. for No at dm Call.
Lama Ontatlai astablialgadai, No 5 Wood at.
61064. 01 MUM*
110110 AID of this - Luso :trill lerre regulitiy, and de
l)/ ii3Of [misfits without trsbalapotsos.
.1O BIDWELL, Pittsburgh,
BIDWELL i 11110111EIL llor.hecer,
• „
- From Pi/tab:ries, to COlllraut and endond,
throe git at mei and populous tosnaists of Col ma
dia., Carroll, Stark,' TRYSTMVIZS, Ert.hpapg.
and Frandin. • •
The completion of the ttandy and Beaver Canal.
open. op to WIT City through Mb great natural camel
roam. direct communication to the above to welt as
the adjoining comities of woYpei Knox,
ltetatru re. From this section of Ohio, the trade with Pittsbargh
hat been, to a great extent cut Or, 7n consequenee of
the high noes of transportation, which are
dared la, MI and GO percent. • .
"Boats °Ms line will leave daily, and ran through-
Without transhipmenL The Canal , mintay have
bestowed upon this line an LAW.% I nthe anomie
dented advantages of their charter, and thou secured
to the ad ddle' portions of Ohio In ordering their goods
equal interest In Mil adventure. Agent.
J. C. DIDWELIi, Pittabargh; -
• lIIDWELL & CO., Glargins.
R. C Holmes, SpeetesOlno,• & A Co ',
Gcorpe Enable, Elkton, 0; C. 111,,
& !login., do; M. 0., & Co. New Lobo.,
Atter & Ilanovrs, 0.; Uilibets A Boor., Mi.
norm ppenker k Fodor. do.; Joteph P.I & Co,
do.; 11.11 - b. Russ, Oneida Mills, O.; V Cover, do;
I.llltorthal &Co, Alebron, 0 ; Gr.y, Wayne..
horT. O.; E Reynolds, do viola. ?Fe Iler. Mundt., 04
J Llarkdall* Co. filagnolia,o.; Worilarkness, do; J
Al`Patland & C., 8.4•111., 0; P P Ladd, do,• Pub.
tough I . 9triantagh. ttol mar, 0; Willard A Shriver,
do; J Collat., ideatillon, O.; Cumuli. ik..Co, do;
John R e 11131111, Canal Fallon, 0.; Emig & Toney,
Canal. Dover, 0; A Bledbury; Ro.coe, 0; L E War.
nor. Ne .0404 Pitch A 0 do. Columbus, 0; 1.0 Mn;.
thiorkC , eland, 04 Rhode. & /loco, dO.; Milja
• •
185° IEeLZA
Via Pennsylvania Canals &Ball lloada
GTXINNOR, ATK INS & Co., Conol Buhl, 1.11 , 0ny
oirev, Pittsburgh;
ATKINS, O'cON NO R & Co., MA. 250 Market street,
PlltladoJphla • • •
'o'Gotnentui & Co., YU No a rth street, Baltimore;
' JE Iltocx, New York;
Kutner & state;ll Doane street, Roston;
1 1 / 1 11411103 Gam, hleyeville, Keniteky,
SUL, it CO., C0i0111616 street, (Ancient:,
K tV wen Lomeli's;
' D ata, Hums & Co., St. lambs .
Skt,Ppcm Aterduablive send Tradita to ani
fines .1, Balmnpre.N. YorAt Balton.
Poe reale brier now in fine order, we are prepared
In'fbrwanl geode m above at wry !want pow. We
lhottl , aß ifulgitiP"tif ehonra having polities for
aver 7Ca1004 and with the following extensive sleek
of:Boats focl confident of giving mute sini.oetion to
all benne. entrusted to our cam Oar boats arc all
new, and commanded by captains of experience, and
roe entire has Is conducted on ter:even/bath toping
and temperance principles.
Boma.. Caputo. Mein" Captains
IninCity, Hogan Pennsylvania I: Layton,
Matylead, Marshall tn. LIMAN, Cowden
Cinetnitati, Sands Cot Gowan! Ridley
Rath Anna, Chatham Mary Deborah aims
Woe Atkins, PeProad Ihnerprise,, Kappa
Import, M'Qacda /11111.1 Down
Bdston, Altar Gen. &Ott, Gore Gerlinda Utley TelepaphNo IShielde
Celts Hawkins Point Mall Iloyhilltettile
olivelkanchGosser Boltm'eClipporllttley
America Perry Ohio Sidle happy
Mermaid KlGoigon Hunter Bangle
The Fox MXpade Julia Ann' J Layton
Aaron; Al:Unwell Telegraph No2Oavls
Look Sharp Berry Noah Queen Wilds
Shippers will find it in their silwanteen to pee m a
call. • O'CONNOR, ATKINS& CO.,
narl6 Canal [twin Liberty rt., Pitoberge.
likraiiiiiiiiirt"Wtssaperstonblon Company.
Ml= 1850. jeklia
D. LEGIT ak. to% LIRE,
_..By ParllVlVatti6 CLOW and. Rard Road '
rPISE Mall and Cara of title Lane have been pot in
A. tom pate order, and welt the adaititin or severs
new. ones to the Line enables as to carry a large
tire of prodoee sniped.
:The en stock of the Line Is owned and Conte,
eAby the Propristins.
HARRIS & LF.EC/I, 13 South Third at,
At 4 al rho Tobacco Warehouse, Docket,
orle SON,
No 114 NOrtls Howard C. Thalroorc,l344
OFFICE. No 7 Wert n, Nem York;
D LEECH & CO, Cana Quin , Penn at,moo Pittolastrh.
b at .
CLARK, PARKS & CO, Rochester, Pa., Propthlt
OH. cor Smithfield and Water str, Plushurgh.
Cleveland, Ohio.
LHIS well known Line are prepwed to transport . freight and Passengers from PLITSBURQII. and
ELAND. to nay point on the Canal and Lake..
The futilities althea LineWV ansurparsed In clamber,
quay and centime) of Boat., expellant. or miptains,
andellicieney of Agenda.
. One Boat lenses Pilmburahandeleaeland daily.emt.
ping in connection with a Line of Steam llonnelm
twccee PIITSBUROU and OLIVER, and a Lute DI
Pirat Clara Swazi Beats, Propellers and Yawls, on
tie. Lakes.
CNA, Parte &CO
Co. N:G
Roamer, Pa:
N Parks & Co, Youstaelowit.Ohlnl
St 13 Taylor, Warren. 0;
A & N Clark, Newton 01
• I Brayton & Co, Ravenna, 0;
Kent, Grinnell te Co. Frankhn, 0;
11 A Miller, Cuyahoga ralta, U;
Wheeler, Lee tc Co, Akron, 0;
Chamberlin, Crawford do Co, Cleveland, II;
Ilubbard & Co, Sanduaky,o;
Peckham tr. Scott, Toledp, It,
G Williams
Co, 'Derma, Alioh;
& Co. hlllorankie, Wis;
Marfa, & Duluth Racine, ills;
George A Gibbs, , Chiengo, Ill;
Thomas Hale, Chien,go,lll.
iothv CAUGHEY, Agent,
MOO cornirWsler and Smithfield au
1 111=1 1850. oat
CLARKE. PARKS & CO, Rothester, Proprietors. T llE Proprietor. of this old and well known Line
Would Jac.m the public that they are now in op
crailen for the prevent 'moon; and have rommeneud
nwelving Frelght and Paasengers, which they ars
fatly prepared to carry to allintents on the Cent -&ad
Al the lowert A rain. Oen AN of LI
the MICHIGAN. treat. of the Line
will fit constantly at the landing, below Monongahela
Midge ; to receive freight.
Ilkice, nor Wear and Smithfield eta, Pinsbargh s
R W Cunningham, New Pante, Pa,
• filitcheitree & Co. Pulaski;
IV 0 Malan, Shs p ren;
' Wick. Achre & Co, Greenville;
Wm Henry, Hannown;
.. Wen Power, Connelly irdic;
. John Hearn & Co, Erie;
• John J Hollister & en, Buffalo. NV. trello
Pittsburgh Portabls BoatLias, :
athEn 1850.1910 A
.o. tos Turnrotrialos or Irma=
errrsouncii. lIALTIMORE,
Tooritas Pennies,! _ T i ts rnt O'Conneit,
Philadelphia. I Pittsburgh.
r u ' s ° l , ral r :grTill
s, r
stands, and forwarding Merehendise sad
Produce st low and with tbe prettiness:a, eer-'
lately, and mem, peculiar to their system and rood.
of transportation, where iniemtedlate transhipment to
avoided, with the consequent delays and probability
or damage.
Ell Mem/amen. and Prodoce shipped east or west,end
•of Lading lorwarded free of ebarge for commis
sloe. advancing, or storage. flaying be interest di•
reeds or indirectly In steamboats, that of the asserts
is solely consulted when shipping their goals.
AlLrummuuicallnna agents prompt
ly intended lot
No 275 hforkrt street. Philadelphia.
Corner Penn and Wayne streets, Pitutitirnh
. . .
/oho BleCullogh & Co, CO North It, !lilt, P. D. Du rk
& Co. SS Doane et, Poston, W. & J. T. Tap /colt &
to Pettit] it, NOW York; James Wheelwright, Clnein;
heti, ' rnr4s
H E E 2 2. t
rBcsb to
am ern Olt on.
The linw open, leo are ready to tractor
and forward 'promptly, prodnee and merehandtze earl
and West.
Ights always at lowest rates, charged by respon
Preciace c a st
nocrehaedlre will la received and for.
warded cast and wed, *theta any charge for for
warding or advancing freAllt, ennimlarlon or nonage
BIN of lading forward ed, nod all direelions faith
folly attended to. '
, . . ..
Addrem or apply to, WM. lIINOIMIL
Canal Basin, cor. Liberty ail . LWoyne rlikylliaborait
- N 0463, Markol sr, between 4 iii A. 6111, PMl's.
• No UN, Non 4 flowatrl at.. Ilalthnoro.
mrlll Mn 10, 'Wear woo, Now Vora
11A1100EN & C 0,4
Patinelager ante IlevalitteMee oats..
lIANMDRN & CO. continue to bring permits
from any part of Enaland, Ireland. Scotland or
Wide., upon the most liberal
with their
usualpanctaelny and attention to the wants and cam
fort at Caaolgranut We do not alit:MON passongeis to
be robbed by the swicdling scampi that infest the oca.
ports, as we take charge of them the moment they re
port theiTelvea, and are to their well being, and de
vet e s t ; , b , 7r Itttr . : y . de w t e o n , t i 1: f n y y .. t h a a t G o r . s:
p ah o la — n.
gem to show t,
hin they were detained 49 h4a-e by in in
Liverpool, whilst thousand, of others • WO detained
menthe, until they coald be milt In some 1,41 'raft, at a
OE; p fate, which too frequently prow( their coffins.
.We Intend to perform our contract, conorahly, cost
what It may, and not act as was the ease lest season,
with ober officera,--who either perOrtned not all, or
when It salted their convenience.
Drafts drown at oatmeal for any Ufa from LI to
£lOOO, , payable atany of the provlscial Bank. In Ire
land, l9ttland,Eicotland and Wale.,
European/L.4 Genets: Agent,
461. Fink warm nee door twiny, Wane
ittlfeittt.. - 17 17 l
5 cake N E ti n umi
• . 1100 Obis I,llhlsker for sale lir
nottl W 'la tarrytiwrux
-"C4 I .!tP - er'WA - REHOHE L
r - . 74";"
1115 r 14, , C1.11.119 , E, as now coanotly recervinir his
gging ' ,7 l S . tprl3 l Ing ) t„al: ' , l
0 1 ,161 - LT, " • -s ?
Eva Slier Hozallrer CTeth
Erigliab and Amerteal e dnants
Su pesfina Imgetial a r:, ,
. •
Extra A ne Ingrain Catpets,
Common, all wool, n
4 4; •nd t Tap Van Car.
44,1 and a TarilCd Carp.
44, , i and VI plain Car.
Lin and Rag Carpets,
8.4 Primed Cocoa Carpels.
Extrit sapetpateptChecdie
Rapwfthe de 'do Rom
Fire ' hued I°`Eq
I Common
Retro Wilmo
I Common do
Chenille Door hlalr, "
Sheep Skin
6-454,4 'and I
4404, 44, nail l Matting;
10:Inek parent Oil Cloths,
• Or mars.
Moo and Drab Clothi;
Casson Irlaah•
Coach Ott Clothg
nomads fur Llningx.
Del Holland for WSbades;
French transp.
Venal:. Wind; • ..
Danting for .Flagg
74 and 04 Table Lion;
Russia Crash; • -
Scotch Diaper.;
Drown Linen Napking
Germ. Oil •Clods .T e
Roza Printed i
p ano covers
" table
Emtniated Plano
Printed 'woolen
Emboseed Stand • "'
Linea and woe taut "
Damask Star Linen . ;
Takey Red Chiniror;
Chrome Bordering.
Eria!iitt 011 Gioia Table
Brown tun crumb cloths
Woolen 11
Darn Stair Rods;
Stair Drown;
Carpet Bindings;
/ate and Coco Mann
Alicant told Skeleton Egg
5.4 and 4.1 Green Oil Clolh
tor Blinds;
11nekebank Diaper;
SUM On. Cterns from the most approved En g.
Usk and American numnfacturers from 12 to 21 feet
in Width, which will he .1 to At rooms, halls, and
"celibides of any Biro or shape. .
harry In3pariad direct land, his Velvet Pile and PapeetryCARPETS.T he se
Carpets, which are of the
and mew element
sires and patterns, nod of the most gorgeous color.,
wdl he sold at prices as low as they can be purchated
for lit any of the eastern cities. ,
..• •Lso,
• •
flaying doe largest arsortmarit of the richest and rung fashionable 11RUMSELS. IISIPERIAI; 'PURER
PLY and INGRAIN CARPETS, winch far iwrpesse•
In quality anti cheapness of price, any assortment ever
before brought loud, city. Ile also invites tßearnboal
Men and Coach klen•fleturens to his large •and srtll
relented assortment of TRlMLUMGS;andottoerardeles
!meagrely In their harlot... • '
The dude rsigned Is aim agent for the only Waif Rod
Manufactory to Philadelphia, and is prepared to sell
lower than Can be purchased elsewhere on this city.
meld Whl.
At hIAPON & CU, GO Alarkeirtrect, between
Third'im,l Fourth, are now teeeirine alarms as•
eortsorkt of Ilarege De Laing Persian Cloths, an en
tire new article; Palletnie CrapeDe Idling he; with
a large assortment of Lawn, and ether Dress timnir,
Of the latest styles and most fashionable colors.
a p d
COFFEV-4151.tags Prime filio - nri'd Jo lig - --
ClannuratO tors crowd, dipped, awl sperm;
Colas-150 bra Cream and linehoth
- . Crags-till doe Hemp and Mar-ills;
• Coursta-60 Maus; ^
'CLEIVIrs-4 barrel;
N Common and half Spaniel;
Foot- AG hrlaand ball lots !deck erel,and Salmon;
. grorm-A0 hr. asserted liana;
'llaws‘-lVott Prime Venison;
15.11 Sugar Cared;
• Immon-Ito lbs S F and Manilla.
Ins--to der llarrlmns !Beek and Copying;
- .llokassat -23 torts N °dean.;
.t tg half Lola Sugar blouse;
Alemarto--.XI dor assorted canistert
.'lnaccraohr-solba Italian;
Yee:Emma-00 tion do
Nouts-5m keg. assorted; dealara Knotted; •
•.Pracars-30 bathe!, halveg
• 'Parra -04 reams assorted;
_Parro-lOn lbs Bordeaux;
Idoor-GO bra Rosin and Cast Steel;
resa• LIG otbde N Orleans and, aariled;
Tea-rut pa:: ages Green and Black;
Tohreco--lOltxs 15, 5, Es I lb temp;
{Wan Dosurr-30 Ole:patent Zink;
For sale by J It WILLIAMS ft CO
Corner of Fifth and Wood sue
URS ! FUR!! iLnliacribera wJi pay
for Coon Plink, lank Hat, limy and Rica ion,
awl all kind; of shipping Fare, ika bigheat autern
pnees6 • , , trIcOL/IW &
fob corner Fifth and Ycod ata.
. !apes. Hangings,. _
QPRING sm. ALUM—WiII recelyed, by first
la-canal shipments; a new and choice asaortn lent of
WWII Paper, of the:latest Prenala and &warn idyl.,
is geld, chamois, oak, plain andbigh Colors.
W. P. MARSHALL, gate S. C. /fill.)
. +al Wood street
rikus co -t heretofore existing between S.
.1...11.11a/hheld and Jobe Mq ander the Drat a:
8. D h .l.leanfield h Co, ta 'DID pay di.solved by mutual
Pantra. The beldame, of iho dddld fine will be sewed by
8. LLiltishaeld, at the old atand,NO.22llLtbettyeareet,
Cataboreth 8 13 1111811 FIELD,
. March 1, 1e.50. i /OLIN hIbUILL.
. •
8:11. DUSIIFICLD and 01:0110E
continuo the Wholesale and Retail Dry Coodo and
Grocery bootee,., at the old stand, No. 810 Liberty a;
ender the Arm of 8.11 6111811F1ELD &CO.
blotch 1,50 —Darla
111AVK thu day o.ll4.lltedilirlinlne, in the
man Grocery. Commission, and. Forwarding
nose, my two Eons, IL N. and W.B. Waterman. Tho
twine. in Solaro will be conducted ander the style cf
.L. 13. Waterman & Sons, at the old mud, No. It Wm.
me and is Front urea. L. S. WATERMAN.
Pittsburgh, March Ist; IPSO. .
MILLI) CID OILY > ;he trIVII remedy for
•• • AnA the beet mesbeino known
to re. for Aldana of every acme, Liver
. Complaints, ltronehbir, Inftensa, Coughs, Colds,
Dleeein,e of the Longs, Shortness of Llnseth,.
Paine and Weakness falba Sole
• ilresetplke.., and all other
. .
A very important disease our which tide Calumet.
'ens it very powerful Mfinenee, Is teal of a
In this complaint It has undoubtedly proved more
eilleaclous than any remedy hithutoemplayed, and m
sonorous instance when patients had endured long
and severe suderseg Irani the disease; without reeds.
lug the least benefit (rent 'JAM remedies, and when
Mercury has been resorted min Vain, the ace of this
datum has restored the Liver to n healthy action.,and
In many Instances erected' permattent:eures, after
every well known remedy had faded to Produce thla
desired effect • .•
!Staides its astoulstileg rho disease above
othmloned, we also find It a very edectual,untedy in
A ithma, a complete' in which it bacbeen extensively
used with decided success, even hreues of yea&
standing. With the Increase of intelligence hats grown
up n knowledge of the elements of health, tad a re
gent Luther's, and cominermurately with the etrldes of
science have we acquired the means of meeting die
eue,audeveninglu reneges. Notwithstanding' the
progress we have made, .sodiatie• show that oven
now, ono sloth of the whole population die annually
of consumption
One Me most Important discoveries of the ago, in
famellending the cohdition of .this largo clue or saY
fairish amenity, Is
Miner's Balsam of Al Cherry Is a fine Herbal
Medicine, composed chiefly of Wild Cherry Bark and '
the genuine lee/and Um, 'the latter imported orates.
ly tor this.perposso the rare medicinal sinus of
which are also combined by. a now chemical' process,
will, the cornet of Tar s thin rendering the. whole
compound the most curtain and efficacious remedy
ever discovered for
801 l further evidenees of the remarkable curative
Properties of this inestimable preparation:
Beemmvu.t.a. Brown co., 0., Aug. 21, letti.
Mem, Bandford & Parks Gentlemen, Aboot six
ago I meowed th e agency of Wistaria Balsam
of Wild Cherry, bat with some renlynntee on my part,
for the reason that 1 had been the anent of to many,
pills and other matrums, which Were erected up to
be something Wonderful, but which turned out In the
end to La or no account whatever, eacept to the moo
' nactorer. Bat I camlidly admit Mullis time 1 - bete
been deseived, for the eitrnerditary cures effected by
Wistaria Balsam have convineml ma that "good can
coma out of Nazareth.' - . ?oar meet left me one doz
en bottles, which non allitone,having Leen the cocoas
Of taring several obstinate .cases of Consumption:—
And no minake;
what Isec and know loot bound
tobelleve. One cam In particular: A young gentle
man In Winahester. Adams coanty,O., ; lo oaks fie o
Ildr Mime, was eared of Collie:option when' the doe
tors has given bon op, or at least could do nothing for
him, sod it was the intention of his friend, to convey
hi. , to poor City, sod place him under the care amt.
eminent physician thorn. lint a friend told Idol of
Mantes Balsam, and that he could obtain It of ma.
Ito sent for a, nod before the second Louie was gone
he was sound and well, and enendinnichls everyday
beide ito a As there arc several luquirice for the melt.
core, it would be well to forward an additional supply
without delay. ' Very respec D).tfully,
111:WL yours,
The above. from L. Nowland,ifeq.; it highly respect.
able cotiotry ntmehant, commend. Itself forcibly to
the cendid an . tntinn of all them, who hove doubted
Me Vent merit ni ttilitaris iVild Cherry Balsam.
Remember the original and-only genuine Whiter'.
Balsam of Wild Cherry, inn introduced in the year
and has been well tested in all eon:loam, for
which it is recommended. For I 7 year. it has worm*
more efficaelenis as a remedy for Coughs, Colds, fella.
cola, Prenehltis, Asthma, and Consumption In Ita In.
elpleut stages, than aniodscr iaedielne
gad Datrozo, Aug. 30. 1848..
Mr. S. W. Fowled Haying seed many certificates
published In relation to .Dr. Wisteni Balsam of %Odd
Cherry, !take this opportunity of offering a word in
its favor which you are also et liberty to publish.' A
row month, since my wile'. lunge Imam wrench af
fected with & sodden cold, that she loet her voice, and
auffered severely from pains in the brpaot. 1101'511U.
thin esesed her friends touch alarm. flaying heard
y o oe .nemem strongly recommended by those who
used lt, I purchased a bottle from your agent in this
tthe took tt acconlingle directions, and It pro-
duced a wonderfal edict. gMfore using one bottle she
bed completely recovered bee voice, the pains mtheld•
ed, and her health sou soon fehy roesuiblished.
Tours, teidr, Eh BRIGIIThIAN:
To Dee ce we AND Db ot.ceilN hi setcutz.--Thi eel.
flamed end infallible remedy (or the cure of Consumm
Asthma end Liver Complaint, hes by Its own me
nu, been repidly,aere and safely working Ita way
through the elneWition of quacks and counterfeiters,
mud, b 1 Its true value and outlast° excellence, al has
gained for itself a most enviable popularity , and cut,.
fished itself in the confidence of unintelligent and en.
lis hutted from one end of the onotthent to the
other. The 1.41110ny of theasands ' , behave beano,.
ileveslisod cured by this valuable article, Will thew
that it stands ainlvalled—nt the head ol:all other ate•
&Mee, for the cure of disease. for width II urecent
mended. The genuine Dr. MAW* Balsam of Wild
Cherry Is now for sale by duly appointed Agents, and
all mope Citable dealers in medicine. i in *Marge cilia
and all important towns throughout the United low..
Came peellottie Mg Battles for 15.
b o mb ? J., pAng,ll4ll/C[ll4o, toSandford&Pirtj
Fourth nod 1./falai,' Onsets, Cincinnati, Ohio, General
Agent for the South and Wert, to whom ill Or d en ,
most bo addressed. .
is W deoi JrJames A. /ono; J. Kidd & Co; IL A.
Ca, Initeiorgb. L. T. Horsoll„.Wash
lngiom W. 11, Lambetion,HElN L. U. H o
Unlntiororni 11. Wally, Orecniiborgill
org llooti & GRIMM Iledfordl Berg & Son, lionting.
Coo; Mi. Orr, llollldagibdr; Ifildebroti I & Co, !od e .
ion; J. K. Wright. KOthhhittgl 1 ,14 k CO. Crook , .
'illy; A. Wllron & Pan, Wayoriborgli;•liTTartg,,g
Cr, N. Colleider, hloridwilloi Horton Co, J.
hlngogirk Marini James, Kelly & Co, dull er P.Pmnd,
Mager; J. U. titortmonoo,Worron; gr,j„„&c.s.j on . ,
Condooporg Crookor, Jr, Ilf.tuvip..
kklath art •I,lolr
Justt rec , d, an Invoice or 1.11 Jewelled
leer In ttrets fine cue., winch 1 c WWI a.
tow as thlny and Witty All dollar., and.worruied to
keep gruul tne. .
r11.4.—A splendid assortment of JEWELRY, !OM
1iti.11 . 1 . 5 Vl . l •fialoan and legal tips, and lest
w• wiusoN, ‘Vaiclimatcr and lreeenst.
Mil sem Mos hira mob
4.3 medicines of the day:” '
. GmbemßLetion, 0b10,M4 es, leo..
E th inkitaight, for the bene4t of othen,
to state tome. fACLS to zelazion. yOy. majgo,F..
. •
kayo mad year Nerniiroga burly In:my own family. one, vial tr.:intently eat... Mod Imp quantities
(say Inil to soo,vornim) from two children. halm
also used pour liver' Pills and Coisli Spin in my
dungy, and they s ave, In every /mama, prodamd.
Ana effect. desired -
As lam nuzzled in merCliandisind, am able to
state; that rifave yell° Luny of the tint failure where
your mediums haeo been used in any section oh ne
country. - .ln totelasion, I may mato that May am me
nusdielnes of the day, and ale destined to am -a very
extensive popularity. ~Y onnsitemectrally., . * • •
'Prepared and mild' Li E. K. BFiLl•EliSi No TS Wood
[Met, and sold by Drat:rata generally-in the two
cities and vieutit • .
gi.t Xs
,Idedlemes of the day..
..; fthattalet&ratura;Ohlo. May WM , : •
- ' R. K Mem: I think it right forth* bezefitof others
to Mate some fan - a in relation 40 year e... .'
r icellent Fara
I hare gemt y. Veil:range thtlety in My MD lath
iy, one Mahe(re.oy answering for expelliart
get:nine. (y I to ttoo) lemma from two childtha.,. I
home atm nand ,your Liver Pills and Alenrah.Syrpp to
mr andllter kayo in every jratafice. produced
OmM/eel thinfred. ' ' ' • •
A. lem engaged In merchandising, 'am able to
suite that lame yet to Inter of the hest &Rare where
year medicines have bemused in my Kelton of, the,
country. In conclusion, 1 may state that they are the
medicine. el the tiny; end ate destined to have avety
extrundirepspulanty . • .Vann, res ,, cedully,
oh. IL Prmrst.L!
Prepared and sold hydr... M I 1 , 118,N0 57 Wood
Went., and sold Drugm I P ienerally to the two el
tie., Roil vi c inity • • • • DIT:i
to •r - i.:O tiV
a_A original, only true, and genuine Lives pill. 41.
Snot, Ceara, Ohl count y, V. /
, March th,1849.
I,lr. E. E. Sellers: Dear Sir-1 think II duty I owe
you and to the piddle 'mem ly, tt, mate th I have
been ad:toted with the Liver Complaint fo ra loan
time, and so badly that an theme termed and brolly,
which tell me in a very low state. flaring heard bt
your celebrated Liver Pills being for sale by A 11
Sharp, i to West Liberty, and recommended to Ina ,
playr. mart, Dr. F. Smith, I cpnCluged to give them
a fair trial. !I purchased co d boy, and found them to
mins' what:they areommended, THE DIM' LI
VER PILL EVER USED rec , and after taking foor hosts
1 had the Miens! has entirely- left me, and lam now
perfectly well. "Respectfully yours, • • ,
West Liberty, March c6;ltiVi.r
-, leertlfy Met lam personally acquainted with 11,
Coleco . t, end can bear testimony, to, the truth of the
Wiese riGeate. AR SHARP,'
.71m/ermine Liver Pins are - prepared tunrsold by
It Ed - , LLERS, No 57 Wood street, and by . druggists
Mint wo Claes. ' •
TO tun PUBLIC.—The original, only tree and gen..
nine Liver Pills are prepared by 11 E Sal lent, and heed
bia Larne Attained in black Wax upon the lid Of each
box, and his rotnatere on the outside wrapper—all
others ate CO.terfciu, or bue in:alai - 1011C
5ELLV1.1,11511 . 4 . 11a1
lI L
. 11111 the Bev ABA Snip a. well emery andel
The u n n ' ile i Wn m el ' as ' thn
Leen atilicVlPuring k e 4 p r ifsi
•• • disease eaten stemaehoornetimes pro..
amins great pain in thu d tofor ten or twelve home
without micron 's on,an after biasing tried earione
remedies with :Lees
e as furnished with a bottle
°air .1) Jeynes U
an Salaam: Thli he teed aw
cording ui the direm ors, and found invariably thatthis
medicine caused the pain to abort three Mar miti 7
Ines, and in eaten ortwenty minatesevery enemy'
sensation wasentirelyrinkted. The medicine woe.
term rdsused whenever indierioesoMhe ityproath of
painwer epe reeitul, and the pat n wet here byt prevent.
ed. Its continued to nit the medicine every conning
and aemetimet in the mormne, and is a few week*
health was.,
r e stared , that the *utterer *serene*
<d ream a targe strummer apprewise pain. From ea
potioncejtberetote.o cso edbfitleatlT recommend
U Jaynes Venni n ati•e IlaigtM, 11. caILLISIy mettle in
for . diseuss of the ttomich and bowels. ASIIINNII
. . . . .
• • Allegnent . tily.ipc
For sift In Filial,2rsh tt tpuitiN - Olt
7s -fourth street,' near IVO 'a. ajld Rik, at theDllle
Sonof H eral nick. APeelteny
The OULU illrrnr 102 .
Coasomptioo, Coughs, Cold., Asthma, Bronehltis,Liv.
it Complaint, Spunnglilood, Difficulty of Dread,-
ins, Pain In th e Bid - Cued Preset, Palpitation of ;
• • the Ileart,lnfluctma, Croup, Broken Cob- "!
'ore TlitOlt'llervous Debit!. '
andell Diseases of the Throat, ;
biretta% and Lange; the Inoue!.
• fecrual• .1 speedy erre ' •
ever known /or sny of. • -
the above &seas-
D 11.:" SMAY Flt 9'. . '
ce,,, s poessed ayrwp Of Will Chenryl .
This medlethe le no.longer among those e yg or ,t,,y4
away from the thousand. daily
latmehed upon the tile experiment, end now elands
higher m reputation. and lel...coming more extensive. ,
jy ttaedmen soy other preparation of inedielnel *Via,
produced for tie rehet or coffering Mon. • • , •
• lobes. been retroduced very generally throogh tho
1h11:011Staleil tea I:UMW'S= there an row town. of
itsperuitee but what, coated some .tentorkable
dance of lta good cacao. For proof of the foregoing'
interments, uld of the value end efficacy, of this . Meth
ewe, the proprietor will Insert a few of the many thou
sand matnnoultds whith bare been cremated to him by;
tenor the first resPeOshility- - etten who have higher.
CAMS of moral respot.eibllity and justice; than to err.
thy to facts, beano it will do another a foam., and
:themselves no Wollner.. •Such teolmonyoroves eon,
clusively,that Its sothnslng excellence iias csuthlished
by Its intrinsic merits, awl Me unquestionable authori.. , ,
ty of public • opinion.,, The Instantaneous relief it AV
fools, and the soothing influence didosed through the
whole, frame by its. use, renders lea most stAleaabls
remedy for the entitled. • • „
! •!- REltialllk l / 1 • .
,"Whect. men, acting from C9 1 1. 1 . 1101 0.....PUUCir .
Irelluntarily hear testimony to the., math of a thing. or:,
partiesior tact, such testimony, being contrary to Moir
worldly interims and ptqposea, coorees conviction of
its troth .and commends molt' to a special manner to
universal eredenceP—ollogard• Moal Maxima.
131ILL41110;11Ell CU= 07 PULKOrtaill
There never was a remedy that has been as a acemashil
In despende eases of Connanaption, ..Dr..Bynayne's
Cos:Mound Byres , of Wild Chem', ,It surngthens the
system, end appears to heel .the OIEO/0 on the lunge,
treats.% new and rich blood; Myer Possessed by no
ether. adieine.L.. • . •.
'Cams& Ca, April Walay tPt
Dr. Be sync—lkar Pin I verily believe your
of Wild Cheney ins been the men. 0/,
.savang say life. - Imnight a -revert eoht, which pads.
ally grew worse, attended with a severe Bough, that
resisted all the remedies which I had recourse to, atilt
Ine Miming until pry ease exhibited all the symptoms of
Pelationary Consumption.' Every, thing I tried seemed
to have no effect, and my complaint increased so rapid
cy that friends. well as myself, gave up all hopes of
sly recovery. At this than I was recommended to UT
year invaluebie mediate. I did...with Ma most hap,
py. rendla ' The first Lamle had the effect to loosen'ha
coaKh, ensuing me to espeetomle (mein and by_ the
0200 , 1 had used all bottles,' was entirely wall, end em
now as hearty & man set ever was in my life, and
meld be happy to glee any Lanni:unionraseepteling my
ease, that other sufferers may derive the benefit Inc
whiek lam so enteral: For .the truth of the above
mum,. I refer Toe Peter Rash, Grelear;. Wen
Chester, l's., of whom 1 parehased the madleinst,
Ilespedtfally Teary' JaXes fi10....
.:Wentekrful data of s llfehudiif 11Srtrartir -
Dt.t3wayrio—Dear. Sim I feels debt gratitude dia,
to pia—and a'dirly to the afflicted- generally, to &jar
my hatable testimony- in favor of your Compound By."
lop of Wild Cherry, Homo ; three yeah Moen I. Was
violandy clacked with cold and Intlionteation of the
Len, which
wog accompanied with a dlstrening
the breisit and bead, a very-contridera
.o:slgtlrlicoof offensive minus frorttthelangs, cope.
dolly upon change of weedier, however slight. At
first I felt ao Mane about my condition, bat was
soon convinced that I was rapidly going into censtimp.
than. I grew daily weaker, and at length was scarce.
ly able towalk about, or speak ahem a whisper, conk
watt thecae...ling we atoms of my lungs. L During this
time Iliad tried V6riOpirrarrlititiolll4lld preatriptions,
but found no renef,strowieg all' the time Just
here I eras advs.ed and pewee tided by edema' Mend In
Wilmington to make trial oflodr Syrup of vrad
ty. I mast comma that prerionsly I had' been - pato=
dieedagainst patent medicines, - and IWA still against
these coming out of the hand. of cotheries, but ender;
- standing your elation In the profnsion and practice of
medicine, and having implicit faith in the saying of my
friends, I - forthwith purchased of Dr. Shaw, one of your
agents, a fear battles, and commenced its ma My dig.
ease was at that time 0120 or 25months , standing,con.
aeorteutly it WWI deeply coated, 'L fottnd,:hownso,
considerable rend' from the use of the font four or fiver
bottles. lint being • public speaker; I frequenUr at
, templed to preach with may I/lemming strength,. anti
thereby ruptured those vessels Waled already began'
to heal; In this Trey, doubtless, my' ars was really
retarded. In mmisenacnee Of acting thus imam - de nti
, I had to use move or Gem% bottles before I waspm
reedy rystored I have no gumshoe, a much unall • .
number of.botths would have made me coned, be.
.the above The'Synm allayed the four ,
'rah habit, took ...ray the distressing cough; pat
to the discharge of matter from the lungs, and rev
them and the 6.llre•ylatol good health. , have defer
and offering this (-enemata until .now, rm. the NT.
of being perfee.s satisfied with the permanency 01 th;
me, end now shall feel perked, well !oder it with
• Dar. .1. 4. ..T0ana11. -
Dahlia county, PI a '
• • .
•.finporsetra &maw:en-Read/ Rea&
Theie Is but b. °genuine preparation of Wild Che,
and the* is Or. Rwsroes, the first ever ntrereA to the
publie, which ems been told largely throughout the
United Bunts and some parts ofEurope; and all pre
parations calks by ale name 'of Wild Cherry' have
both put out Muse this, under cover of some deceptive
eliettldll4lle. m order tepee currency to their side,.
lip • obsUnivation, no penioll need mistake the
genuine fram
ed false. Diets bottle or the genuine is
envelo' wit beuutifa l steel miror m i t h e
pof William fella thereldl;
signatire: end .t further security, r ing , tt.
ro „,„ ; , of Dr.
Swami wink:added betealter $l, Sr to distinguish
ids preparatioa 'tom %W ithers.Now, it woo not for
the great curative properties and known virtues of Dr.
.Eisruyne's Cormmond Syrup of Wild Cherry, persons
would not be endeevorlng to give' currency to Vieth
eflentlina nos...inete by stettimg• the name of Wild
Cherry. Remember, rdirays bear lit mind Rio name
of Or. Rwayne ed bo mil deceived.
thincin al t'Atse, Corner of Eighth end Race *Meets,
For in o schisosolo and, retell by OLDEN &SNOW
DEN, tor. dd nal Wood ots; II A PA lINESTOCK
Co. cot Ist an. Wood, nod Oh and Wood sts; , IVAI
N,67 6:1 Market st; S JONES, Ito Llbeny s • JAS
A JONES, co, Oland and Pe;ul sts; JOHN blIgell•
ELL, Alleghen. city, land by all respectable dealers In
Medicine. octla.
- • Pelee Deduced. •
rpiis SULISCRIIIIISN wilt sell hluepritthi beet
quality and high Wet Giglio and Sonolinkers`
bode, .iteh,arartanted , superior to any other brand It
31 by the qumnlity of 6 tens or upwards for cu rrency or
ofiiiiYrell Note., at four month. oral fora lees Mean.
tir j r e . o ,, ,i • W 3 Al
Libeny aUett..
HESSEY, PIA:MIND te.CU, MD114117=40 to
Oro their entire attention to the into of domestic
Woolen and Cotton Goode, now otter Mete largo
etock of Tailors , Tritorninge, timings French' end
Otooon Clothe, Doeek los, Sestlrrierr /le. at Inn cosh
lei thO,•
BLRACllltill I'o WULR—ole emit. dos hlnspratt
Hone brand, a superior article. r for salt by -
noon W.}.11.1 Kt,TCIIII.TRYIE
r 7 al.ti
Nloarllrß rowder,trii•Ed per
b y Ozenbrulgo,
and Glow column on by canal, (or pale_ by „..F:
N. m—They will reOelm, doting dm winter, largo
wew Now Mao ti ' gny,•l
IrliTiee 11, 1 .1 1 3 11 i11 - 13% lain Roommate oet. Piao ,
from tho eolehroteesnormfootory or Nunes h.
(emir, N.Y., of ouporior tizne,nnd very moderate price .
For 0010 by - • . ~i tAcia:HER •
'far Tentovlair Tartar, Scurvy - , Canker,•and 01l
whotaheca destructive to the Teeth. It is delicious to
the baste, elcausing the month, healing sod etre/tem,
trirrtir mune, and portfying the breath.
I: u d ale, vet:does to : a otline
BOOK TltAllg
I : l 7 reArgl: 1=41.‘ 1 ,%1t g=t,. - •
as ezoottition of the_ prae6ear resstra e t nirsiisme
operation Mutt"' Eing4 Cootioen
....and in priories. Ey Dionyslos Lairdner, D. C. L. ae
in n • await of ilia Conressionsl. By John Henry ,
11Optisto Bishop of the D et er ; Vehroort_'r.
lisrer's Nero Edition of dlibitionr, Gibboa's
allot sal Fall date EtorrnoiEmOire 6 vols.
Lootsrurieht Last —"rho Past, Moral; rind ?unlit
Odin Republic. tiff Alrhonso Usruno.
Corlyies LIM, l!araltitreist,',l , l6 VL t;
••- . . • -
No 2or I.eres's sew tiorato—Thri,naltons. ••.' ~
41. P. H. James' now Novelt—ller Old Oat Chem%
-Th e .h, 0 ,,,,,, 0 rts rsosired this day, and tor =lshii
at , , .. • _JOIIN2I . OI2.4.I2TOCKTONr ~
Johnimi— . American Farmer's BatiJubrlPXdiurßY
• ennreeTrcei Lett Shrubi, Elver
— rums—Trees of gmeilet,4lloll , " • • I
•Pne--donerieut Fruit Colleen; limn
f..AGuide no Orchard, ltrno
: Botet—Fandly Irelunt Gardelser;thnii • . •
Miner-The Altlefiellte Gee refteifff
lonerfern Poultry Nerd,•, t , .
" Fernier ani Emigrant's 'Hod Don •
. Alien—The American Faint Ponsi 2 /4 3. .L
bowing—Fpit and Fruit Trees of Anmnea,l2mn.
tionott—Tbo Horse, 6vo,- :
Denney—ilia Pottluyiranl lgruo
:For Salo by ' 'J4310311 LOCKB1001?...1'
J 6.7 • Fourth W'•
A 9111.914.114 Jour:ail. of salaam" YO ^. 2, r ,
nONDIJCTED by Prot B. 1341.lielfiej ProC. Baba
largest, Jr , anti James /1 Dann, New linvenrCP:t
ocean!. This - Journal is issued .every tun> n00n...
it. numbers of leg pages each, muting two. octave
volumes-a .year, each with many illantratior 1. It 11
devoted loannina' unities on &klieg and me Anti
Condensed lieVielel Of Abn" Memoirs .artel
Discoveries from Forlegn Pe riod icals, Notice of NeW
Pablicatione, end General Bulletin of renew &Jeri;
fig, tv arks. The tri.t relies coat/slat 44, volumes:Mb
last of which is remind teden. to the 49 volumei
prer:cdteg. Bntereription,t6 a 70111i11V444.9040;
.ID. Loomoou, Ail or proprietor!, .-.'
- • ; 104 Fourth it. .•
Goad Books for a omit ott , kgoadlng.
Drown—Torlush Evening Enteslautotents,l2oto.
ToylorL•Eldovdo, 2 volt, limo , •
Coonan—Ettroptan Life end Attahrn.,
Pick ensDootoy. and goo, 2,v04i1.2 no,
.Altekty—ttopnlar Delotimts, 2 volt, Irmo,, ,
6al—Fondt ()tinning', !nolo. ; •
(1. —Norman Lane.
flisti-lint nth Lltervitote,l2mo.
I t liorioldstotints Moreettoneotti 'Works, g volt:
.hloye—Ka °flab, 12nto.
Tnylor—Views Afoot. 19 .16: •
Ifeortboldt—,Counos,9 volt,
, Formate by..IAO, LOCKWOOD
ji,=s 1114 Fourth et
:PLACE LIOOK-dlontaining the decision. of the
'Hyprerue Coon of the United.
S talte, and of the-,re.'
specrive State Cearte oa Sills of ligebsage, Checks ,
rod trantiasory.Piatesetlefteimg• their reqthites and
properties, and Investigsung their Irelationa to, and
erects open, parties The wholearnaged in all order
moat convenient (or reference, unassailable for hat
mediate application. Sy Wm. Linn, Counsellor at
Lew. , -Just received and for sale by. • • •
. . JOHNSTON a> rro crroti.
' ' Dietkrelleacer. Market &Third sta.!
7foo; •
blornr- Pb tie Use a at
nd hlanyfeetare. IlmtS
Bislle-Flulosophy of rfatere- Deno. •, ;
Chilow-aphorinni and Re2ecliorts. 'l2mo: ;.
Rhaw-Enslish Literature.. '
vi •, •
•Day-Lecendre. Atm.
:I:hymn-What T saw In Call rn
St. Pierre-Peal and Vagicia,h sob, Item •-"•
Aleent-Letters to Young ,
Tlarnap-Reeetuderef Roman Netere:lLMno.`
Vericour-hrodent French Litman:re' 4• -
• • rgewaharallutrian ' •
• llsroboldt-Aspeels co , Pinions. r
Broderip-Zeologmal Recreations:,
J .
For sale by - ' JAMES a LOCKWOOD
Ja • . . lot roarib ot_ , •
' - l'osteem -dew Mt-Maoism
(TWINE to Ilan all•Night;' Dolly Day; '
4.7 Doicy Jonert - So down to de Calton Field;
Kelly waS a loal), de. • '
De Kind tette Laved Ones at Cocci; • • -E
' . Row thy boat lightly; True LOyt, by T. Itsadi
Our way across the see, &in; ' • i
• A new medley nous, by B. Coverly,', • •
' 'Jenny Grey, mode by Moller; • • ,
Joys that were crowning, Wedding. March;
Gad bless tholtersif ....L.llSchuyiklll Wolin
Couscripda Depaitum by W. C. Clover;
• Sounds from Home' Waltres,--Steyerstrarkisehe Ce
Last Rove of Su Older Clisr variations by Herr
United States Polka; Lodi& Sousenir.Volka;
Com Cracker gumfrillr, - Loolevr.ll2 , ltaadvilicr •
liteaades of Italy; Mena, - , •
'A barge assortment of Nevehlusie on hand. In which,
addition. are made, weekly,' •- For la by
feb2S J.ll. MELLOR, el Wood n.
NSW 131.101L111 , •
iir•Alt'.wrrulanxico, by it 9. Ripley;
Elements Of Ahnutrie; ezzaprlsing ;in Analysis of
the Laws of Arcanl Evidence lend or , Perraulory by,
Richard, Whately, D. -
• ,•,
Eitaay on Chriatnn Dapth*bY Niel's! W . . Noel, M.,
. The Ogilelesi . -
MO Tales, front all Nation% by Anthony N.Ld
10th.; with IA illustrations by - D0y1e.... • • •
4 , dein ' " corner Tiord and Market stree'e
New mad A ND
k7Poertat 1 y 166, 4P4' , V1. ° 4firig,'rgi b eDtall ; 51 .
'nominated Gems of flamed Poet.,„ with aiz 11112.1rit'
tione engraved on stool; by John Sottain. • •,"
Jut reeekrol by ,
". ••" corner Thief and Market ma
F l V aa
I VT A Z: II I I 2 9.pATIENT ; or ll:Practical Vies
lo edic toe al Prrression a ati u nro lv e i =nlVby %earth
hia'rrit.s"'efillite6i I &
e IRstare .ttre,/kr. !• Ely Wst.irtletti CwaP wia
Nineveb nod Its itatoeins. - • Dy iutsten.llesty. Lay ,
Glimpses of ftrain'tir Notei
1 . 11947 . Ur Wuj.. - • ::
tra l lafreggla i t.T! 9 ?- ofi ?"). 99' ! , P lia cc;
sourirrom .tirrocirrori, •
corner Market soil ird streets •
• obeag standard JJlatop
th.MfE.4 11.141ty t INll.i2sDow 'p
vol. 'ri~ree role reetlred~ and.
L4,0.t,:„,.t..r,. cents per uz.L
Naar ;
IliP.DßlifiNr !Ili Fitav Voyage, by Ilonwollfoilrillo
AV author of !-Typeo,”omcv,tta,
History of Kiz n Alfred of Engfood blJooobAbbOir
1311=1in the SoreeresA by NVB3:;
'1 6 •21' • O i ot i r ll Thipi rl atf:Aragf ßT° oloitee ri. lo '
"'Undo/ Sr Most Reeser •.‘ War elks Age.°
VfINEY AND ITS REMAINS; with an account
of • fsit to the Chandra. Christiana of Kariba.
tan and the Yet:lifts, er Beall-Worshippers; an d !notary Into the Mennen, and Atte of the Ancient Ato
yrialt. By Austen lienry Lays rd, Esq.. D. C. L.
Introdacrory Note try Prof. R Robinson, D. a;
L.L.D. Illestnded with 13 bled. arAhlralah.all4
ward cota. E sal. ara. cloth, SIM. • • ”.
..Tho hapthas elate minima of graphic, alrid,ple.:
tanctione narrative "—Tribune.. .
iii" Z e . r igg , fi f g r av i gy 'r t„ P htVp 'it ' C A u t
Ong/ Yeath. n .--Christ. Coq. . '
•saes ono excels in interest the accoard of Nineveh ,
end its Rainsigiren' by Mr. LayarL”,•Warddnaton
- -"AA we follow the diggers with bre:ashlers interest
in their excavations, and soddenly fie d' earselves be•
lore a thusly° figure carved with. =butte accuracy,
now Elluig . iti gigantic head
tliCtleat of 970 4 peny we are ready - la cry out with the astonished
Arabs, 'Wallah, It Is wroulerfal, but it ht
'or l sale by • Was D.LOCKWOOD.
ama - ab w0.a".1
- -
T. :tIEN tee Old and. New: Testament.
Edited by E. , 11. Elprage, D, D. I ,veL by.,
e egnellt bound; le einuieltely flashed 'engravings;
with deo< ntalone by celebrated Amerfeirt Clergymen.
POEMS LW AM ELI A, lAIn. Welby, o(14.,) a near
and.enlarged edition; iihntrated by engmvtaga' from
original dealgas b y. Wier., 11,vol.apirma 150 eligtuat
ly bona and gilt. Klee—A variety of splendid A. 4..
ale and 011 l Hoak. ,
. ,
. •
Benrell's Child's lint Book or the ;Unary of Boma
troL i • ;
TIIE hIECIIANIVS AzaSlSTANT,,adapted forthe
utro of. Caypenten,Shiparights, Wheelartightacrisw•
yers, Lumbermen, Students, and Anizans geuerally;
being a thorough and practical Treatise an Mensitta
non and the Sliding Rule. By D. Al. Espy', A. XL .
Boise's Treatise on GreclrProtoCompolutiort:
011tindord's Elementary French Ommontr.': lit POE
Gredne, Brown University. I vol.
Romligers Cescniue llama Grammar, by Ccinant.
Gtietllll4s Flamm Lexicon. • •
Laotian' Trigonometry and Logarithmie . Tables I
zol. (aeon.) I
- Tiro Miglishman's Creek Concordance. I voLicess•
Aothon'i Classical Series:
lyebster's Dictionary, revised ed. ' I'vol.
• _ dr. do onabodged. I
Dante's Notes and QIICIIIiO. cm Now Testataint.
/ 14 :cicsiostical.Historj. 3 vols. 11;tad
Vestiges of Creation. I v01.16M0. -
• MOrotogs among Cho Jesuits at Routd. I vol. (cloth
Scoot when: rhoM a Temmtar has Trinistplied.. g Vol.
(tleth and paper.)
Dope's Theological Lecterns. 1 vol. Elio. (01414 ,
Alder', l'ronouncing Dade.
lloyer , s French Dictionary.
groorPo Donee. For cola by, Fl. 110PKIND,
0 113 Apollo Doildings,"Foorth
Montaigne, edited by H. Ilastitnto/wg ELM
$.7 , 4 Letters, and /name, throngh Gennaay and
Italy, with notes from all the CoMmeitudors,Diographr
Leal and Ibbligeraphical Notices, kn.
Theory and Practice'orlleaching; or, the Motives
land Methals Good . School-Seeping, . by. ihrid
Plogo,, A. ht., Painelpal orthe IState . Noralof. &Oat,
Albany, N.Y. . .
Prank Forester • Fish and Folios of that/. States
and British Provinces of North Arnenca,_hy lienry
Wm. Ilertml. STOCh,ON,
• The 01 - 4ats. •
LAWKWuuLtilk.kftUeiargi hiparter,
0 No. dd Wood otrca.t, has for Pale kw eindes on.
Ode, (the tomtit:ll.7r of the edition,) of this ralastas
wßc,d6afted to tte l'rtoenralion edition,))))
Doe:meets; and
other eulLeutia iniamation relating to the early er a
plolnders, settlessesq sod improvement of the eodeal
aroma tho head of the Ohio.: By NevWo 11. f.? 4,
Es+, rah, I o vets Bro. . z • !
I) LIMAN LIBERTY: A History, with iew or the
Air Meny of other Ancient Nation, fir 90.0/
ElLlOttam. Illutraiell with torelvo ensiarbirsts 2 r
enttd at Rose. 2 vela, Sao, uniform with Preseau s
Wod:s. •'
est published and forst/a ti
I JAMES D. LOCKWOOD, Bookseller end
' lmam. •3 Wobd
gdthlNl satthuta.E YeAral •Th -7(60. "'" dr17A
i Lthno. 73 ets. m ' , ANN gEBII4.US Ynan
nho ...nog of this book has be•n"... 4 . 1 with •
meat higher opinion of Its metier taorn we hd formed
Root pertheoghat pa, „mi nt . It displays • deeps r'
idnOnf thought, tanned so more grace of
roanthmn may other pre..Nene. oft moth manful
with which too are - equaloted," — kth. Mirth+. •1
le a' eery nerre n abth and resdaldeltook,lirlittmlin
'Fanny Hembree beet style—b.ddl .Pintod and enter
,44l7C... We' recommend ft,. oar rtaden tutid beat '
publiceiion of the sesson.”—flthdth• Gee. • -
• `qt toots-man. Jour.' of e tre'eM thrOdshEorrym
and, residence lo or tne.Plethethem,
antic:lMM fracteniOS !e!loo.rtCoar. and
Roe Other.
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Acacia ODA*;eV 111- *tete ' 2 ' 2 '
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RANCOOTEIL—Notoo alt eel t beaks In the
Veiled !Gals dlectuuded at the lowest rum All Mode
Of Farr and American Gold Old Silver Colo Imo* .
ce dlerfet stood, between a dd ee Idt
ElLLtii .Enitand,Lucland, sad Banana bought
' Any amnia at the RITTIIII Rates of Riebasua
Midis Pasaldis In say pact of thy Old Coasatki;
frara.ft lb tam, at the rate *tints the S Steniut,
andstial deduction or 'ittsconi=oBllllA RODIN.
SOM - Eittopean and Omani, inks Rh I: • ima
done matte moo& 7 - .
BANR:F.R3 AND EXCW4I/11 . 1Ndr i„ t3,desdens
I.lA e sl ' Noirs And Coin, eoliL ' Of
.3d Yd Wood we"; Air - only oppotha (Auks U.
RBT .111191.k7,
JkttkattA Lt uutowillt !Au*
60/ket area;
"DILL-41'0i /IL-011-4&-SO/tii-OgialWin--,-
t 'firm York
for We /lOLA= & SONS.
, J Itarlet rt. 1
ititTill'lNti'DreflLL.l3l23,ll2l Tee and Milne
.161eteitents, Zest tilde or the Dinatioad,Pittsbergh,
ate "law edering at the tea lowest Prison for ease, • i
Reeidled WhlAtey, the muDomenic !trendy; air o.•
Vieeek: Wendy, Holland We; Jamaica Spirits, Len. -
(t inig , W l o.l. Rum, &e. ' Pont,, tkeerri
& tor are; Champegne . Citait, • lifit eratelt, !galas., Tette
leftre nod Lisbon {Vete* .I Vlsetesatea„Retaft. mra .
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RINTING PAVER=khriji tin flittiti or title to
lh. T•tioul vi eit,r6u2sur Paper, Gag
'appal raper; Crovril reo ,
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, t • WP;hIARSII/11.1. gl
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Agent for Clinton Ming. ;joy
ofir,P.WATT & . co. bi”, motored. their"
V VV.1V1!...10 the oPpimite tide of Libdrtts't..
IXCOIEN IN WOrk and herrn.
ward.' By /dub,/ Mammal. author of.Clkarm4
& antereharms," 'To seem and to be.” I vol ratno.
Lauar;Day rasaLbloni,No / •••The. preaeat time.
1:17 C.atlya ' ' • •
ClUllllll2l.—Memoir ofLa(e and Veritiotts'of Thai.
,ChaJwgrs f 1) D. ?imitations on Lititlerbt
4.nalorry, Maria/a/dances of Christianity, and Hill's
Laatarearna Ixsinity„arnh two Imm4amory Lectures
,and•• four to/dresses delivered In Um New College,
, F.dinbstrah,..by_ Them. Chalmers, D. /),.L. L. D.
vat /tom.' • • •
Car.vrs-Life ofintai Calvin; complied from smitten.
tie sou rats. amtlrarbealarly from his earretpoodences.
;44 Thema. II Byer, ta u' h ponral L• . vet Varna.
, Par saki tl • • HOPKINS. • •
'' • -78 , _ ; A•• 110 Bairditat Penult st. •
Comwr Combat
20 GROth super Peaks; 10do di. eq . 6m;.
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TICS Complete Works of /olio Densely 2 vOlvf,Svo;
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Mitchell's Biblical sled Dabbash 844 . ,0
I new work; I col, !Mao: , .
II ,Towrds Ansdysis sad Speller." ' • .
' Life of John Q,Adaml by IVga. ILBewardf 1 iOl,-
Yocum by arrs. 'lemons; I . vol,lftto;
- • fkulth's darmossru preached soon several .
occasions, by, Bosonßoutb, LI.;, a new edition, 4
volt; locloding FostbsmouS Discourses:- ' • • ,
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Amengst whielt are Cooking Sto, Coal and Wood
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' WArelionse, No. Liberty irt,ontiosite WOod at.
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IbliAinerieset, French and Gentian Fancy Goods:
.A I Foreign Goods at this establishment are Import-.
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Lase Goods; llosiery, Glove, Gibbons. -
„Silk Craven!, Shoo and Patent Threada,SeriagStlk;
BPoel Cowley TePeellinspenders,Battensc Plea, b l ed.
die.Wnd Canary. '• : •
Geld and Silver Warchu, Gold-Jewelry, allkindioi
Ibusbes, Combs and flavors. -
• Penumbra Cape Re.ohms,7Kaold , Cloche, Silk
;Coup. Purests,Speetheles, Steel Yens, Untie, boxes,
Carpet Bags and Baskets.
Ihedmgs,Funbnga and Trimmings.. •
Toys and Fancy Goodaf together
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C....YEAUELLia wlso agent fir the celebrated Lin.
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-WM?. Couglati Cold., Asthma and ConAmnsloat Tie
X !GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY NT the mue Of the •
above diseases, is the lIUNDARIAN UALSAjI,
urr, discovered by the eelcbratod Dr. Dethan,, of
"'London, England, and intrOdneed Into the United Bunts
under the immediate enymintendente oldie Inventor. -
The extrsordinary miecess of Mit Medicine, in th.
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11th medicine, of kneel" and established efeency,„
Every family in the United Dunce shoold be sepilie
With Uathan's Hungarian Balsam of yle, not o nly,.
eountemti thecae:ampere tendencies of the titillate,
bait. be tied a*ln preventive medicine in all caw of
eonbo, oPiIiMS of blood, poln in the side and I I•
tmtatipe, mod sorentas of the, langs,,briodilus,_
ty of breating, beetle fever, night rwtataemoci.•
anon end general debility, asthma, inilnetus,rw opm,y •
Sough and eronp. . -
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Piunghlets, containing a mass of Haitian ani Mud-
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yo .. , March 11,15 17 . "
.-_' Mr. it. E. Belem—ln jusUce yoa and par....
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chimed, In January lam, bottle T ong . Sion`, which '
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•that able could 'hardly move, ..eater In the
htcast; I sent for one bottles of yodr Cough SIM*, VW •,.
hipaft of One bottle cared Om cough - Islas the ed..
us e who was severMy aEl.t.d. Who bad, .
to use Ida own words, "eaten corate.onth candy to
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litre as goal as reorewound. •,,--_ ' _ .
!";;'''6;"7. S. E. IIia , LEIrS,TNa . O ,. 1,
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Prepared and sold by
sold - by Dram*. 5...9 , hri0 the ets,,
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,Agency No 0 Wood street, PteahnriPt..-
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swots art ittvital to call a examine them at the
radii. Rubber Depot, Pio. 7 'Wood street. . •
jolt It it nitu.tra
l iAttl.N—C, f , 1 Les No I, Emir landing. ant fiumo lir.
, - JUALIit ' UICKET.-zort, •-
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