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t ear favor, before S r. r. and as early In the day es
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fosi dm* levonably be ohs enulordered on
• • C:PV. R. Pstanra le April to. Ihls paper at Ins
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101 l•
• MOROAN . ROBERTSON, Piusborgh.
T. J. BOMAN, Lower St Clair.
• R. C. WALKER. Mizabeth.
JOHN 14 , CLUSKEY, Badman.
' raoaxerrrao snoarirr,
FRANCIS C. FLANEGIN, rittaborth.
• Coonthenom,
• EDENEZER BOYLES, North Faretio.
• .11.051T02.,
WM. FLYNN, Lower SL Clair.
• roomy smarm,
• D. N. COURTNEY, Ohio.
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=smut) se, s.e. rmttgat burlDeps tubas, and an
obtrusive manners.
;FlLroore m a native of Cayuga co, tie w York,
and was 50 yeasts old in .Tanuary Mit. His What
gas a 'retiree! Vermont, and emigrated to weak
era New York when It was a wilderness, and his
son was brought ap amidst all the hardships Inch;
dent to a new comitry,—not s. bad school is Which'
to educate men for great parposee.. With caw
the limited opportuities for acquiring an edema.
tion then poestemed In ihe frontlez settlements,
yortag Fillmore worked his way apt* the age of
nktetcen. when he left the profession of aimed
caner, sod entered a Sarreyer's cores,. and 'mob
aequently a law offer, supporting himself part
during his- undies by tesobieg school. In 1623
'he was admitted io the Bar—in 1628 be was el -
led to the Legialstare—and, in - 1632,a members
Coogress, and served subsequently for seven
terms, being pan or the time at the head of the
CoMmitme of Ways and Means, where he ezhib
lied his abilities u a leader and statesman; to th -
admiration et the Country. 10,1847 he was elect
ed Comptroller of the State of New Yoi le , the du
ties of which he discharged with t istlnottiged
ability. lie te AL tine looking, bale, hearly,_iitgor
tall surd commanding preterite, and of
Sank and unasaumlog moaners. .
In Politica Mr. - Fillmore a e guanine, unearth:w
ed Wh4, with a thorough knowledge of Whig
Prhicdples sad meascres, and a drug attachment
to the party. lie will never disappoint his Gland
or violate the confidence replied in hire. He
an anknt friend of protection so -home lode tsy
nod devoutly believe" in the propriety of impre
sario our inland licensed hasten. ifis Sondem
opponents call him ill" abolitionist.. That be is
°preen to the institution of Slavery, there can
bs no doubt, but be stands inthe sinte r paned
With regard to it, as has bun occupied 1 the
Whig party for years back. He Is not an obeli.
tioolst in the technical acceptation of tho wail"
Ile will most faithfully observe all the comproad.
us of the °eradiation outhat subject, and Will
labor with yourict - in seal to pro Mote the peace and
hirtaony, and good fellowship of the different sea
, of the omintil• On the Territorial gaud=
be will doubtless be bead occupying atibstalD
!Lilly the ume ground with that so firmly nude•
kained by Ma lamented Predeeenor. The Booth
Will rind him jest and reasoneble,-and the North
tsithfal and prudent—and If he is sustained by
elegem and the people, , la He meaureg
rum:amend. the 'country Will find his admlnisinv
don I biasing to the UIIIOII.
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;ti::::k:;!!;3; 1 .::: . :' :, ,:;• Pi4,.. ,
:::4• , ,L4Niks'.-..1; ';l,i , i,ii`i , ;•;
;A:, '::, , , , ;.1.:•:-.. , ;;1 ,ii:i,...... ,
~..,'•'`:l ' ,-, 13:4; ;I: v 4 ,,:; ~ .v..0.41 ; ,:.
i.i.`i -.4. 5"•i : 1. - ii' :4 :1A]:!
,„:„. „,...,..,.,-, • -..,, r.,
. s .....;.4....i.,,,...4,4,- T i.f,..
.4‘6 ..- *z..t ••• ' 0. - . 4. :..'
Ai ' , N! l '..
„1. ... :. - . -.- 4 - .1:• . %
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'''';'• N* l ? :' .l. ,!' ' ' '. : ; i l' . 7 4 l : . "l ' ,.::
'q4F•i:':*''''!iiy .:r.,.
' 'r . :Vi s s,','Z''t}:"‘..•:'
i?l l Tqrrte.*Mii'
C AV4,I4 t'.1.4-
1 '...';.3 1 4;,0: 1 .;;F•:i'V,14:i
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4 .." , ti,' . f: -.. 4:,, ;',. , ,ttii' . i.!
- ! . , :-.•;: ,: .. 44 ;.; 1
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toy, 0.1 01 . 4- o- -. §WiOdiiliou ,
..51/01816:.41, wwid•
BAUM= Alizaluat.—sabsenptio-sand advenise
meta fir
ad* P.M received sad forwarded tree et
charge Ohm this office,.
' . CMIMNILTI MILT GAZILITI-.Adlrttlifelllitrlll
144 Mier, will
,be tetelvul and
orwarded from Waco. .
-Er l'inunatzmo. Noma Astioracax.—Advertise.
mean and enbseriptiona to the North Amerieen and
United Etudes Gazette. Philadelphia, received and for
'Hided from W. Air.t.
, MrPmatenretiCovometal.Larr -41idneeptkats
lit Mb , N•CCI,Itt T , ! net eteeiVed and
ed from ma r}P.-
DX . .11500112 , ; . 1 ... - 'WHIG STATE TICE(.27
7' C. SIL.1:1•1010 , 111,
'• , 1,, - Of Bucks County.
. - dl i t ra A
f " 0 2110 L
• Of Union Cr.ty. • .
' TOO strinnos Gr BON,
. . Id Wash:ngt-11 my.
Anllmaion le &AA Whig Nominations to
Allegheny Cannily.
vos num NAND coltocriit,
nAttnAn. DEBlalt,
The.neath °cab,. President;
When we doted toe last paper there were ;
- some faint hopes of the President's recovery.—
• The event, however, which we dreaded, tarsi to
• ken Oleo, and it becomes oar palafil I duty to re.
cord the death of our beloved Chief Magietrate.
Oar tekigrapb despatches glee all the lafialla•
ciao we have ot the sad CYCLIC. They miles That
the Elnattiona sufferer dud calmly and pescefolly,
• surrounded by his family and the high official dig
nitwits of the Government ?
Ties calamity fa so andiUn, so unexpected, so
gisat, that it leaves nano disposition at present to
comment oa this character and eirttiestwf the de. -
ceased. Like a biasing comet he loomed up aud
denly before tbe nation—springing at once from
ohie trity to be the cynosure of areyes, brilliant.
ty shone fa a very few; Tema . . wad as suddenly ,
pursed away in the toll zenith of ids atringth,hts
fame, and his usefrilnew.
' •-• We shall perhaps expects the feelings of the
- Mat mum of our readers, when we say, that,
rapect and affection Mr Geo. Taylor hammed
With every day of his Presidency. Our eon&
deuce stens , hated'arith every & - v - elopmeat o.
his sterling . neneny, finsin eta and prodenee,whleb
were exhibited to every ant o f his adinintstmtion„
until our trust fn him was of that soled and dui*.
factory kind, which admitted-of no doubts or to'
giviogs. We belieyed that he ware man cape-
Melly suited to the impending crisis, sod we felt
satire confidence in his ability to brag the .tip
State safe oat of any danger.
:Avriso prolific - ace has, however, seen fit tore
move him, and It become. us to bow in humble
• sibudasion to his will. Let us hope that the char•
toned feelingseanted by this national affliction
• , may lead our people and rulers to adopt • diopo.
eitios more inebned to peens, hanneny, and Galan.
:The Vim President, M mash Flusicets;ol
Ziew . oth, is now, in time:dance with did • •
visions of the Constitotioo, P?eside et of the
led Etaten.:His function,. en President hags'
ceased, ited the mote rergoneibie nerd dignified ,
Mer..trcle of thip great
, •,. • .• to knew,:
n.: E:~~.r~.,.~ ou.:
~... .. f 1.,..
We should suppose that a. newspaper mad
find better use for Its space than in publishing
oedemas adult attempts at w(t, founded on sheei
falsehood', as the Post is defog. The !Ong ant
do la that paper of 'Wednesday, In .eferenee k
311 r. Rowe, bat just enough mutt about It to gist
color to Its wholesale filseturcid. The same rosy
tie Said Of the article in relation to. Kr. Bight=
The 'water and the editor rosy think it very
arattaing andsmiut to concoct and publish VON
untruths areip‘ 7 e4ble alms, bat they rosy rev
&wiled that the public view. their 'efforts with
Sormelgn contempt :, ;_ .
GL7itt' 0u5:135... stsbqity,
!iuidooy, and eseeilence cif mu Insulations seen
most stritizr colons ytt(trOsy
AP eLtud.,l,;:ly y,x,..rtcd
tot iri ht.ont
. .
oolf,; . t1
.SeXPAT IN atIAT EIITAIX.—By • recent order
it.,n o goive. packet 'hip Ashburton, crib, Bridrh General Post-Otfiee, the delivery of
' WitiCh *IAA{ , drNeW York n• the '3d instant, • all letters co Sunday, in England, was to posse e-
pro aparardi d ICO3 lingulgrants, and Utz; ter the23d 'The measure Emu with stroryl
rtOidt vivo, in wide over M. topiwaitiort.
Tim New Thhati.—We atroio day! ID almal
eery etas lumina hisiywhich hu lately bun
concluded between the Uoited Staten utd
mud Ship
Canal to connect the Matti° with the Poole
Octant, Thearepettanteommerelal and polititol
adualiges iseased, [hill treaty, will - render it
ciatteeof foteieet to all Out evident
NeVri from italif*z status that the crops through
oirtllova Scotia and New Brunswick, am doing
well, and promise large returns. The Newfound-,
land Ledger Mates that a terrible 'onslaught upon
the deer, near the Bay of Explode, has lately been
, made by the Indians, who are mated io have kill.
ed no leis than three hundred of , them in their pas
sage to and Deems a river which they had taken in
pilau:moo of their, migratory habits. Thirty four
deer are raid to lame been shot by one young man,
rnsident at Exploit, within 24 boom.
Scomiox.-=The Baltimore Patriot bea in , its
Washlegton letter the (dimwit:it. plrepaph : •
"I"regretted to see the Southern Democrats leave
the Chamber almost in a body. when Senator Se
ward commenced imeaking,-while the Wilig side of
the ehanther was full Such intolerance, (Or it can
be considered an no other has a bad erect .
upon the Northern mind. kt is a species of die
counmy which Northern men are never guilty of—
and which infirmary:, the Northern more thane
thourandspeeches would be likely to do?'
Somvta.- , 4ui ineurrection has broken ant in the
province of Tarijo, beaded by 'Colonel Jafe, who
was formerly a partizan of
.General Ilelner, the
present President, whoise administration Ismail to
linvenhownnigns of moderation and prognmaiim.
Weenetatos, Ja?y 7.
Nattered& mad the 'Aspic:triennium •IC'et...
t need Delays —Nen A e than In Centre.
—Akirmlng teem Tszas—a speck et
War—the Chivalry Arming.
The . Calibrate caucus last night urn decidedly
onsaccentel, Ter, Ic members idtended, ud
maw thug who did was the !sactie.nearly
equal division of opinion u before observed be
tween the expediency or fire taking up Califon
nia, of the appropriation bids. Seeing that itotlr
leg could be'done,the wonting adjourned alte r s
conversation of • very few inmates. These-ea.',
currences are fall of melancholy Foreboding, and
certainly indrnate that some treat concealed and
Irremovable °boucle exists to the admission o
California, the one greatribject of Oa session.—
IVhigs, Dentoints, and Free Boilers of the mart •
are emdonaly engaged In attempting to fix. th
responsibility upon each other for the present state
of thing', and the provaddeorposalble conniver,
snot them. But the people will have one opiti
ton of the man who,
his vote or absence,
neglect to vote when project, has contributed to
wave the public°, time in drivelling debate, and
Duce or permit early adjournments, and to giv
, other objects the prekriaeo over California. • In
mead of discriminating between the . offenders,
they will sweep them all away as • worthlessp •.'
',of unfaithful and incompetent public servants.
There is a general "apputhernion that nothing' ,
=loot any cansequence will be done but tcr
the apptopropriation Bills. It is mule:rood the
there tit fall understanding upon this point
tureen the Un'Sed South, and.several diatlnguis •
• ed and leading members of both parties of th
' North. Certainly at this time there Is little ground
of hope that Csiliennia will be admitted at thi
.41111011. Itaeeme impowilde to get any vote call
IMOD the autgeel In the Monist; until the Sena
nave voted open the Omitibtut Hill, and Ms. Clay.
'on Saturday, =primly declined to entertain I'm
man &hill& proposition to celiac talking and tote'
on Monday—any time between this and Chris=
, would mance for his scheme; ■od meet his expec
r tails.; Delay therefore la evidently the game
,• • hof the passengers sod driver of the Omnibus,
• d the extreme southern men.
We have a report to night that the Quarter of
exas bu anivened the legialatere of that State,
to provide for asserting her claim's on new Meti
co, the cannon's mooth;" In other words, to
• the men and m eau for levying war smithy
the Gated States, by - attaching the people of one
• f its territories. ft may not be generetly known
that divrettonary ynthority has already been eon-,
grred upon the Governor, at a korner session, to
call oat, arm and (gulp, a suitable number Drina.
1 • maintain what are celled the , fights of Texas
Nothing Dui km mare unfounded than the pretence
. that CoL. Monroe add Ma Military authority cf th
United States, In the territery-hen thdtlued •
piaple to mune theft present position. It
true that Col. Monroe egued the nU tore Con
ration to farm a State Govern men , ' hot wbeiher,
'be had affixed hl. name to mat pater not. no
body who dues sot it;lab to deL.,,Fe
"• • ' ''', :". ''' •" "'''''' 4 W UMW. • , jooseatiou, between the United
c.,h,, . rriry, se red ..... , . ..1 cv, 'rrt 1 :or . b e4Zir.tea O . Atoeri-e nod bee Britettoie Oteirsty, for
~ t 1-,...-,rd ”1 ti. ' . . ' . . ' ' t .. . . tc,factutatlitg and protecting Pie coesteactom of a
• Pli • • • , rt 5 '-, ,' .' , '• ' " Pb- .• ,-,- -041 m l. n.nai between the Atlantic nail P.clfin ocean-,
, ...q-• c , ttql” , • - ~: -- .., ~• ~-1 r • rh 0 ; :t.4.0 I t ether pt.rpoeas, was cvncluded sod two a
3} . ..: - -
.l ~,, rte tee tee . ',. '..‘' , 1"" '," CO lane., ,. 'at Wwsltiellop, on the 19th day of April law,
coi !an os '' tecosed hrsfitst v., is the Sea Wttleh goi r eention is, word for Ford, ep At:lowa:
1 c
'''''' weep, whet,-with arms Kiclh° ' ` 7 " Contentlen &meat the lasso Slaws moth er the.
seaming. brows knit. and in Napoleonic attitude tannic illejmy.
he thundered forth that he, aye en, wee ready to ' The United States 01 Americiand hat Britten.
become the standard bearer at the South. There pie MeJesty,, being desirous of consolidating the
war, by the way,* tone of quiet contempt fort ' ,o ls'is se..
i s b, ..r a b i w..hic r l' i :° . h:lP4 i cr in btt hs:
Isisl Puff' of Tahiti and P s hi h mrsiset in Foote a 'we ar t hem ,
thee t r riaws7,,,i lutenuonswattelmence
[eeply,when he rephad that for oae, be should no! iu arty mean s of communiettion hy ship chiral
fight ender that standard, let who would hear It. which may be constructed between the Miami,.
l and Pacific ooettne, by the way of the river San
am:lour, probably It is a mere =trivet Joke af.
' an de Nutting-us, and meter or both of the
Erma that Mr. Stephens, of Georgia, has avow What ofNicuagua or Managua, to any port et
ed a determination to resign hia root and nuso a nitre on the Pacific oeun 1 the President of the
m g imenir ' rth° gerviea4rT`l'' ' in she approach' tfld!igStollieltstr.rytrZterejtre‘U'ori7e7l9ll°
Jog quarrel - Bat ettough, all this is gasconade, s
. . .. .. . . . _ ~. . - and her Britannia so theitight Houma
material with which sock heroes as Davis, Qum
tiebum, and Lopes' are always well supplied.
, -lemma
rostra Mmowio.—The Citizens of Alleghen
'County' are invited to Resemble In the Diatrici
Court tt.oom, on Friday next, at 4 o'clock, P. M.,
to demonstrate their rasped for Zachary Taylor
late President auto Halted States. •
' Body Amman, J. K. Kennedy,
Thos. Williams, John N. McClowry,
P. C. Shannon, C. Curtis,
Wilson McCandless, Sam'lMoore,
C. Evans, , John Coyle,
.Joseph Pennock,___ Jared M. Brush,
• James R. Craft, Joe. H. tit'Fadden,
Wm Methindlesa, J. S. Moniamt,
Roden Mackey, Wm. C. Friend,' '
Gee. 8. Belden, Hush Campbell,
L. Wilcox, jr. N. Backmastm,
Joseph Knox, Rots. Worn.
H. Nixon, A. C. Mordock,
Willard Leonard, ' Jobe &Large,
IL IL Williams; B. Weaver. •
HM. Twining, TnomasKenuedy, •
-las. Howard, William Woods,
John Walker, A. Washington, •.
A. W, Morris; - W. W. Irwin, _
Thomas Bakewell, Gana Forlorn;
Geo. P. Hamilton, Joshua Rhodes,
Samuel Rceebulg, Ephrata: Jones,
Henry S. Magma • Harmer Denny, .
Leonard S. Johns; R. McKnight,
Win. J. Howard, Charles Knapp,•
Fred. Lorenz, • W. M. Lyon,
John Morrison 'Whim Latimer, jr.
Thomas M. Howe, George Dante,
David Rat*,
In pursuance of the issolution of the Wrno
STATX Courawnos which lately assembled at
Philadelphia, I have appointed the following Srers:
CostairrizTer the ensuing year. The announce
ment him been delayed by, my continued' and no
massy absence.
Late Provident of the Convention.
July 1, I=.
Henry M. Fuller, of Lucerne Chairman.
R. Rundle &nab, Philadelphia city.
Joseph It.. Flanigan, • do,
Samuel MeMenamy, Philadelphia county.
F. Knot Morton',
C. Thompson Jones, do. do.
W. H. riling Mr, Montgomery.
Samuel U. Thomas, Chester.
Sanwel Bell, Berk,.
John& Brown, Bucks.
Nathaniel Ellmaker, Lancaster.
T. Taylor Worth, Lebanon.
Wm. J. Robison, Dauphi.
Alexander X. Brawn, Notyhampton.
Warden M. Preston, Wayne.
Thomas R. Cochran,rk.
Wm. Walls. _Comb:liana.
Henry Johnson , LY6Kalng •
Jnrro Clark. 1/011imgdp n.
CM... a Boisirtan,
Sherman D. Plot"
GeorgeCreoi, Tits
Edwin C. Wilson, Venango.
1) A. Finney, Crawford .
John Allston, Beaver.
C 0 Lanni*, Allegheny.
-Dsotot M'Curdy.. do.
John Batsman, LVarhington.
George Mason, Fayette
Wm Indiana.
Alexander M.McClure,
• Joho C. Neville, Schuylkill.
Franco. Jorden, Bedfoirt
Fi;as tM Maud Issiciligoter
1114 W 211EXIC0..
We understand that a copy at the I:anti/titian
framed by the Convention of the . people of New.
Mexico, for the government of the Stale of New
Mexico, has been recelveha this lily; but n it
rrquiia the Asinal assent aud eenearrencosal the •
People Mae protxried State, 11 is to be comities.
ed se yet in an inchoate condition.. It Ina refer.
. red to the Popalak 'Stange to aetermine, by ■
popular vote for or against it, on the 20th of Tim:,
' its acceptance or rejection . After the sense of
the People has Sins been taken, thimembers of
both branches of the Legislature and the Goren
' of the State being together assembled, the
votes upon the Constitution are to be counted, ice.
• will more putleniuly appear by the follow.
log provisions of the Constitution : '
5 ' The first session of the Legislates* of the State
sf New Mexico shah be held at the city of Santa
P. and shall commence on the fiat day of July,
5' 'SAO.'
y .bull be requested, immediately after the t
natant onto, Convention, to issue writs of !!
leuien to the prefects ofthe several col:m[ln
golfing them vicuna en election to be held on'
• the 20th day or.tune, 1550; the electors to vote
•ur or sgdnat thisGeltstittition, fora Governor and
Lieutenant Governor. ■ Representative in the
Congress of the United &net, Senators and Rep. •
• resentztives to the Leif:Jenne; and the returns of
.uch election shall be mode to the Prefects., vrho,..i
tegetber with the Prefect's clear, shall count the .•
votes given, and certificates of_electionuhall he 'I
elven by them to such persons as shall have theei.
ved the highegt number of vets for members of
he Legislature.
.The Perfects of the seveml mottles shall make
correct retums,under their hands, of all the votes
leen in their respective counties for Governor,
Lieutenant Governor,•and Representatives to •
Coorreas, and the return of votes for or against
his Constitution, to the present Secretary of the ;
Territory at Santa . Fe, who, when the Legiala•
'tore shall convene, shall lay such returns before •
them on the first day of their sessidn, so soon as
nth Houses chill be organized; and the Speaker
• of the House of Representmthea end the Peed
dent prouvirpore of the Senate shall, In the prim.
• once of both Hmibes, examine the returns and
• °clue who are elected to fill those uStoes; the
number of votes (or and against this 00tuttittation,
"The returns of the electors ror or stalest this
constitution shall be cenkfied to by the Governor
loci, or the Lieutenant Governer acting u each,
who shall derpatekthe same to the' Secretary of
' tate of the United States within thirty days •
•the day (Selection, 4:.a.
gt shall be and Is hereby made the ditty of the
Governor, or Lletnecant Governor, actiog as
'such, if it appear'. from thereinto* of votes Ibr
and against this Conesitotion that is has Wen
adopted by the people, be shallimmediately came
a lair copy of the [WIC, twiner with a lair digest
of the votes given for and against the Cionstitn,
Lion, to be forwarded to the President of the
United State., to be laid berate the Conine o
the Val ted Stales." •
To satisfy* very natural curiosity on the part
of the pirblid to know what we the provisiorm o
the Grnatitution in relation to the questions of
Slavery and of Boundary, we are sled to t• able
also to place exact copies of theme provisions be.
,• our readers:
"Ail mon being born equally Gee and indepese
dent, and having certain natural, inherent, and in•
alienable rights. amens which are the enjoying
, and defending life and hbeny, the acquirement,
: possession. and prevention of property, and the
pursuit and attainment of happineas; therefore no
male pereott *ball be held by law to serve any per
son u a renew, slave, or apprentice, after he at.
rives at the age of twenty ono yeaw, nor *male,
m hbe manner, after she snivel; at the age ofeisG•
een years. unleu they bs'bound by their own
• • agent after they arrive et such age, or erebzund
•y law for punishment of crime.
The limits and boundaries of the State are d
; Geed as follows:
l - Beigionovz et the dam in the Rho del Nt P..,
whiob supplies with water the , •asesuia..-or tub
piing renal of the town of El Paso del Norte, and
• nnirg thence doe east to the hundredth pantie
•flongitede, west from Greenwich, thence doe
north on naid parallel to • point where the ssmt
• intersects the river Arkonaso; thence op the mid•
tile of the channel ea raid river to its mune;
• thence io 0 direct line to a point on the Rio Colo
do. of Call6onaln, where the note Is intersected
by the one hundred and tenth parallel of longitude
west from Greenwich; thence doe south oe said
: parallel of longitude to a point at the Rio Gila,
.nterseetei by the tames thence op the middle a
• •
mob channel of said river to the point which
may be destgrieted by the Comm insieters appoiat
ed to establish the hoe between United States era
e Republic sr Mezleo, so the point where said
riven or one or Its branches, shall be inteeseeted
by the western Use of New Mexico; thence south
. rly on sold hoe, as the some shall be ettahlbbed
, p the Commluionen, to the eagle formed by the
State of Chihuahua, Sonord, sod New hinzleo;
hence easterly on the line between the Milne
buoy hoe the republic of Stexicans it shell b•
old Sown by srld Como:voile:ten, to. ■ paint
where the same !rise nueneet the Rio del None;
thence down said riser to the plane of begiereher,
3y the 'President of the United S
ble Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer, a Member of He,
t • Majesty's bloat Honorable Prory Council, Knight
•muntoder of the Most Hocentle Order of the
Bath, and Envoy Extraordinary and Mioistez
Plenipotentiary of Her Braannie idsjesty to th.
Unitedlitates, for the aforesaid purpose : and the
laid Plempvientlarles having exchanged their full
powers, which were found to be in proper form,
have agreed lei the following articles:
artoms J.
The governments of the United Stales and Great
Britain hereby declare, that neither the one nor
the other will ever obtain ormalmak for itself,
ay exclosive control over the sald ship canal.
_agreeing that neither will ever erect or madotato
anylorththations command ins the same, arm the
vicinity thereof, or oceepy, or fortify, or colonize,
r vionme or exercise any dominion Over, bilcann
• • a, Costs Elea, the Mosquito coast, or any par
Central America; nor wilt caber make use of
• afprotection which either alrada or 0217 grad,
• r any ethanol, .which either has, or may or will
have to or with soy Stale or people, tar the or.
nom of crectingor maintaining say inch kirtlfma..
. lens, or of occupying, forging, or colonizing
Nicaragua, Data Hies, the Mosquito coat, or any
• part of Cenral Amorins, or of 11)10mIng or exec.
slog dominion aver the aims I oar will the UM
: ed Mates or Great Britain take advantage of any
Intimacy, or nee any allisnos,connectlon or lolls
. eats that either may passion with any State or
• cornmeal through. whose territory the said can.
mry pass, the the purpose of sequiriog or hold.
leg, &rely or indirectly, for the citizens or mar
'ems of the one, any rights or advantages in re.
gard to commerce or pavigation through the said
• al, which shall not be offered on , the same
at, to the citizens or subjects of the other.
Vessels of the United States or Great Britain
ravening the mid canal shall, in ease of war beo
tweets the nontrapting parties, be exempted from
blockade, detention, of tsapturp by ebbor of the
belligerents; and ibis provisionahall extend to
such a distance fro the two nuts ague mid
canal as may hereafter be found expedient to estab.
, In order to secure the construction of the said
,anal, the contracting parties engage, that af any
each canal shall be uadenaken upon lair and equi
table terms by any pathos having the authority
the local government or governments through
whose territory the same may pass, then the per•
•ns employed in making the said canal, and their
property used, or to be used, for that object, shall
be protected, from the commencement of the said
canal to its completion, by the governments of the
United States and Great Grimm, from unjust de•
tendon, confiscation, seizure, or any violence what.
The oontracting parties will use whatever inflw
ence they respectively exercise with any lutes, or
governments, porscseing, or claiming to posseas,
any jurisdiction or right over the territory which
the mid canal shall traveler, or which 'bane near
the waters applicable thereto, in order to induce
such states or governments to facilitate the con.
auction of the said canal by every means in their
war. And furthermore, the Batted States and
'mat Britain agree to tole their good daces, whet•
ever or however it may be most expedient, In or.
;doe to yeoman the establishment of two free ports,
one at each end of the said canal.
The contracting pernes further engage that wien
ho said canal shall nave been completed, they Will
protect n from interruption, Immure, or unjust cam
lineation, and that they Will seemly the neutrality
hereof, so that the said canal may.forever be open
• and fres, and the capital invested therein revere.
Neverthel.a the government. of the United Suites
— nod Great Britain, in according their. protection of
th , said canal, and guarantying its neutrality and
7peen It when completed. always understand that
pee prtnernon and guaranty are grunted conditions
oily, and may he withdrawn by both governmeetsi
or en her government, a both government. or either
gometemtt. should deem that the manna of tweet
Noy undertaking or managing the same, adopt or
• establish such regulation. concerning the traffic
thercasm as art, contrary to the apirit and Ware
- tin cith , t - MTC,III , m, enherhy mairtent naddedie.
thimiestmes irr throe et the commerce of one at Slliadt Easters* to -.1510th thy , tthte
the Contractiag Mullet over. the coalmen* of the .• • • troleatie. ,
other, Or by OOPOSOOT oPProachre •I•mion• or coo- S. S. LINTOEnt: Wilia token 444 , 007 AP
tresonable upon -ytieengere, vensels, goods, f .aka p 'ma's fei
merehendne or other, enjd,,,„ N e ith er omen. , nine • c ettei em.
p.ny, however, stall. withdraw the, arormaid Fro. • lc•ngi•elta•". badly iefi• and Ye
teetthe end guaranty without &it giving six mouths' rrro ere. so I° °°° .OTO /Ore Wen OMOOIi fOrat 4,l
notice to the other. „
• thseentatahs,with very/Ade hopesotever recovering
the tight, and bat a alight pronet of baring it
bayed of the Immo.; .ntio.n.dincphysinen Wee
unaneertal ra ma kirg a CPT; Or in. airier relic;
and afforded me hot Mite encountgertient. I beard et
the Petroleum about the tut of April, lien, aitd gave
it alrloli the result is; the eight in veitored
ea well, except a little tender or weak when I go
out in the VOA. ANN IRELAND.
Mansfield at., Cincinned, bray lid MO,
8.9. Lance—filet I have been Meted-with Klee
for no years, and have tried other remedies, whitest
erinanent relnr, until I heard' of the Petroleani. I
have wed only one botda, and think I am entirely
cured. I memo:cent. it to all who an adlleted Wok
Piles i here ant.wst it to be good for sore eyes.
Cineirmad, May get, IE4O . E. C. Ge.RRETSON
Bur role by Keyser & AteDenrell; Ito Weed *treat;
It E Sellers, 17 Wood 014 D Cony, Allegheny city;
11 A Elliott, Allegheny; Joseph Douglass, Allegheny
atso by the proptiontr, M.,litEß, • '
jy4 Canal Dula. Sere lah at, Pittsburgh
Tea contracting parties ut this cenventkin, ,
gusto invite every :date, with which bath of ei.
they have friendly intercoutae, to enter Into etlpu..
!Minas with them similar:o those which they hair
entered tato with each other,- to the enti.that all"
other States may share in the' boner and 'adean.
tags of havhig conttibuted to a work al each gen.
itarinteitri and Importance, as the canal herein
contemplated. And the contracting patties like '
wise Agree, that each ahall enter intotresty imp*
Mona with such of the Central American Stat
as they may deem advisable, ter the purpose of
mare <Temerity carrying out the great delimit oi l
thia convention; namely, that of coneructiog and
maintaining the said canal, as et ship communion.
rion between the two ocean,, for the benefit of
mankind, an equal terms to all; and of protecting
the same; and they aloe agree that the good offi•.
era or either shall be employed, when ttquested
tithe other,. ID aiding and aid:tits the negate.
boo of such treaty supulatioas ; and should a y
diScrences tame as to, right or property 'over
the territory through which the said canal that
pass, between the States or governments of Con.
teal America, and such diffesences should in any.
way impede or obstruct the execution of the raid
• canal, the governments of the United States sic
Greet Britain will us. , their good offices, to settle
such differences in the manner bud salted to pro.
. mob: the Interests of the said canal, and •
strengthen the bands at friendship and alliance
which exist between the contracting parties.
It bens delfrablii that no time should be none.
cesearily loot in commencing and conatructing the
said Oak, the Gevenunents of the United States
and Great Bolton determine eto give their support :
and eneentigement to such portico or company
aa may first alter to commence the same with No
necessary capitol, the consent of the loc al authori
ties, nod on ouch , principlea as accord with the
spirit and intention of thio convention, and. Bony
newton at company should already have, with coy
Slam through which the proposed ship canal to
pass, a contract for the coot/neon of ouch can
so that specified in this conveution,to the stipule
Congo! which contract neither of the contracting
parties in this convention have any just onto to.
object, and the said.penona or company doll,
moreover, have bade preparatione, and expend.
ed time, mosey, and trouble, on the kith elan • •
• contract, it Is hereby screed that ouch poncho or
• company shall have • pricrily of dent over. eve
• tiler person, persone, or company, to the protect '
• Don of the Governments of the 'United Btnien and
Great Britain, and be allowed a year fro& the • •
of the exchange eine ratifications of this coven.
lion for concluding their arrangements, and pre.'
. • 'hog evidence of semeicut capital subeenlard
F lo amomPlish theoont/lated node:taking; h
being understood that if, the expiration of the
afonsaid period, nett pe na or company be
able to commerce andcutout the proposed e •
weenie, th en the- Gayer ants of_ the United
States and Great Britain shall be free to afford
their proteetlen. Many aher pentins or company
that shall be prepared to commence and proceed
with the eetwunetiou of the canal in question.
The governments of the United States and Great
rututin having not only desired, in entering in •
his convention, to accomplish 111mticuler object,
also to establish a general principle, they here
by Brea to extend their protection, by treaty nip.
elation% to any other practicable communications,
'whether by canal or railwity, acmes the What •
which conpycta North and Somh America,. and
especially to the inter oceanic communicaltoes
shorild the mine prove to be practicable; whether
by ClUllki or rallivay, which ore now proposed to be •
established by the way of Tchuantepes or Panama.
In granting, however, their joint protection to any
mach canals or railway. as are by this artiola spec.
tied, it iselways understood by the linitad Slammed
Great Britain that the rallies corearom ingot. mimic
the same shall impose no ether charges or condition
of Inane IhereufvM than the aforesaid govemmen
shall approve of as just and equitable; and that the
same canals or railway*, being open to the citi
zees and subject* Of the United States end Oren.
pn equal tonna, shall also be open on lik -
tams to the Ciliates nod subjects of every oche
State which is willing to grant thereto such protect
don as the United States and Great Britede engage
to afford.
The ratifications of this convention shall be es
changed at Washington within six months from
idle dei, or sooner, if posstble.
in faith whereof, se, the reweave pleolpoten•
Mines, have signed this convent los, and have here
unto affixed our seals.
. . .
Done at Washington, the nineteenth day of April,
Anne Domini ono tbouund sight hundred and
301 IN M. CLAYTON, Di- .1 .
And, whereas, the amid convention has been del
muded - on both parts, and the respective ratifies
lions of the same were exchanged at Washingtua,
on the fourth instant, by John DI. Claybrai, Secre
tary, of State of the Untied States, and the Right,
Honorable Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer, Dicey Ex
traordinary and Miniver Plenipotentiary of fie
Brinannic Majesty, on the part of their respective
Now, therefore, he it know* that 1, Zachary'
Taylor, President of the United Sates of - Muerte*, ,
have caused the said convents.. to be 'hada pub
lie, to the end that the mime, and every rlaufe, nod
article thereof, may be observed and fulfilled with
goad faith by 11141 United States and the citizen.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto }et my hand y
and caused the feat or the Untied States to
he *Zvi!. Psee at the city of Washington,
L. al thin Ofth day of July, in the yearolour
Lord one thotpand eight hundred nod
and of the independence of the United States
the seventy fifth.
-By the President
(Counter.wood) lon, M. Cuarrox,
Secretary of Slate
New Komi or WARPAZZ—A corretpoedent of ,
the Hama Desnodela Norms gives anemone
of the manner to which the authorities at Signe la
Graade had determined to repel Gan. Lopes and
his army,ltsd they reached that place. It appeirs
that In the town are 1200 beehives. Thine wore
to he placed on the road, and at Me approach o'
tiro !evading hosts, the hives worn to be overturn.
ed,and the twee sallyirg forth would attack the ad.
raneing foe, and by their mercileM wings wood
erfeetually deprive Elko of the power of regatta..
It oat calculated that in this manner f 42,0 Amen
mans could be put to flight ; whir. the cooping
Spaniards woold look on and enjoy the epott.--
rbe correspondent ups am inyheare little knew
'he prenatal/pas Met had been made for them.—
We are decidedly of that opinion ourselves.
The Londoo Tunes of a recent date, bas a lei.
ter, of which the following Is so extract:
•• Oa Wednesday Inq we were eomicg from
Yorkshire to Londoo, by the them Nenliern mad
eastern Comaies Railway. Durbin the time vat
were mopping at the She!ford station, we Meier..
' ed a number of young women employed 10 elect.
mg the weeds from a Geld on the south aide oil .
station, and a man overlooking them who hold Ili
his ha nd a large stick. Our attention was attract.
ed to the man, from the resemblance which mm •
than one per= remarked he bore to leakier: dal
er ; although the remark was made that,ofeouite
to would never think *fusing the Wick to compel
application rework. lodge what Insane aglow
aliment, when we actually raw the Mau bent one
If the girls for negleos of work; and that casement
If that 'the pour creature fslrly winced under
the loGietkin. We could scarcely believe the ay
idelkee °r an: clei.that mph means of compollinv
women to labor were used in ourown country.
Tho Michl6l4l3 Cementlan to tIiThICI the State
Comattutton have,by a namiimotm rata, decided
ai favor of retaining the seat of governMent at
Laming. It hal elan infused, by• veto en thi
itiettlen of v Election'," to eras ont the word
white" from the Constitution. • A Vrovis'ion to
disfranchise on account of betting at any election,
also prevailed.
Arrnorause—The Washingtou theft bends's'
'cle 'Tools rush in where angels fear to treat"
d ixto on to my, fresh:ea beineinting in du
yif toe did not express our opinions I's/nitat the
precut crisis."
4 !imminent is going the rounds of the paPere
that the niolinumd Whig bas beeo sold. This is a
mistake. The proprietorship of the paper is In the
same hand* that it bas been for two pears, sad the
editorial department remain, Michanged.
Vona I'OLLED IT NEW STATE . I.-00. her ad.
minims as a Susie, Louisiana polled 4,749 voter,
Indiana 0,7 a t, Mississippi 7,475; Illinois 8,073;.Ar
hens's, 3638; Michigan 11,350; Florida 5„301; and
lowa, 13,271..—California polled, lest yaw, 11,213
American votes.
10so WOOD gr., peon FIFTH,
(lava Just received lama additions to their
Imported by late packets from Europe, and to
.wee they would expecte/I' till the •U•n6••
a ge t"' Tn slW.n 7:: IT °V .
• ai.lowpCe Z
GOUTS usatsraction.
irrTO sea A7rl.lcn.-11 o moue afflicted with that
dreadful scourge to demerits, thiLiver Complaint
the proprietors of hPLanets Liner Pills, ere happy to
•ifer this remedy, as at once complete and rule. It
hem been tried entrain all parts of the country; it
been used la the practice of the most eminent p h y
, e is t im, sod alvteya with triumphant access: In
er e rog these Pills to the public, the proprietors arc
seaweed by a to alleviate !Leman maiming, and
vein a remedy for one of the mdst terrible demists
which shall be within the reset of
For wa by J. KIDD a CU,po ao Wood .000.
it IdawS
Mice OfOttio and Nana. R. R. Co, TWA .t.
VISTBM•11S11110 13.12550. S .•
711. Stockholders of the. Ohlo and Penneylvanis
RW fjp.e.Cerepany Imo hereby nodded to pay' the ,
sloth - instalment of bee dollars per dam, at the ogice
of the Comers/, o• heretofore, OA or boom the :otb
, d a y o r icon nem, sad the remaining instalments of
IS per share, on or before the Peth day of emit eao
seeding inenthitattil the whale am paid.
• IM:dr( WM WAIMEA Jr.,Tr. 14 u; nr.
or Pittsburgh..
c. G. HustsEv, Ptn'r.•••--A. IV. lIIARTS,Ose's
Offire—No. 41 Water street, la the wird:Map of
11. GRANT.
•Tviiis COMPANY Is now prepared to Insurs•.al
kinds of risks, on boosts, msoofactones, good
wercßandiee In store, nod tannin. Towels; de.
An •ample• gunnel' for the ability and Integrity of
the lamination, la &forded to the ch 'magic, of the
rectors, who are all citlreny of Plusbargb, Well and
favorably knownterthe commonity . fer their prudence
intelligence, arid integrity., • - • •
Demereas—C. U. Hughey, Wm. Bagaleyi Wm. La
imer, Jr., Walter Bryant, Hugh D. Bing,' Edwar
Ile/molten, Z. Marcy, 8. liarbangb, B. hi': Bier..
• •D. D. LUNT, .
'77\ • Deatist.CornerefFoutth
• and Deeitr between,
• . iftlIpT01.11.11111114t• to 1.M.51L1X1.114,
DR. G. 0. STEARNS, law of Botnon,lsioritiaied to.
nanutarturo sud set Dtoca Two In whole and 'pacts
,f sota, span ducdon orAtmosphcric Sucuon
Daol . llaClla COlin is nos lowan, whore lire nerve is
ripened. ' Orme and =Welton tont door to the .14.1.
les clime, Fourth arta. Pittsburgh. '
R IRO oo—J. IdWadden. F. 11.,.Enton; Ida
. . .
Oa the 4tli cf July, tii.the fteii,W.AlTemeyaht,
. W. KlOOl/4110, to Miss Ilaxuton, both of
Allegheny City, I. • : • , •
On the 4th of July, bT the Rev , tV. A. Passaeatit,
Id.. D. et °oversees, to Miss Leone, Puente, both
of &III; Westmoreland Cowell,
• .
At Wapollo, ialiillll POMMY, loamy on thoiliqh 7. 61 .
LIM. wife, of Dr.ll.T.Cleavot, of the farina plitfio,'
tted dm oghterof Dr. E. Apr Ittton, afAl I eglenyVolt4t.
Pour, Into!. ,
21011.1.1g1thela Navigation Stook.
FEW shuns for sale by '
71 Foca& s,treet-.
Blasi' far 11Jaaatry Etastdosicsa. ,
TIM undersigned oder for isle, a anther of 1..'01s
cadmic from one half acre to four acres cab,
lying ea and near the War of Coal'lllll,lmniediately
aortic the my of Pittsburgh. Teta lots' command
a ha view of the two rides, the three rivers, and the
turrenedisC country, and for. sites for conotry real
lentos cannot be surnamed for treats ad alumni
once, They are only about CO Minutes' wi hfrem the
Monongahela House, with a Plat Wank.a II the amyl
Ito roll is on ll adapted for gardening purposes.
Title mason alt. Tans very accommodating:
- Apply to • • • DIMILLI &LESLIE ,
• ',thaw ' • , 015Fe,PMbst,oduasontdiell.: .
P/TTSIII7IIGEI 81011121111110 STORY.;
Corner of Fran nod Eh Chat SU.' • • k
- -
w .
ALEXANDER SONS, would reepectfelly
VI announce to their friends and the .puldle, that
77 h eve eemneeted with the Undmakina Uerlosda
• MOURNING BTOR R.; where all kinds ortoode ran
be had fa, rowel and Mourning purposes A Rye
esconenent °Valence fo: 'alai, gentlemen, and OW
cer—Ridr, White cod Black Bilk, White and Rhea
Coe In, Colored Bilk, Viler/Ile Hue Lyle 'Thread, Net
lover, Re.
tITOORINGS. ell Ea. Bilk. Colored
?ilk, Blank aril White Coeton,l% Wen ms and Cashmeee,
- .
Always on kind • fine moment of Alenmieg
Bonnets, made of Me boot strait's], and in the newest
elle, told tar manse, • and workmanship, I bey canned
be asspassed. Caps, Moarrdeg Collars, elbemeleut,
Ye ilr, gnaw., Mourning Poeketllaodsoaktof.,Se anq
shawls, alanullas, 8,1, Ikonbasinen, Alain Lustre,
Alpaca Lane, 'Fringe, Utrop, EngEoli and Preach
Crape, Mosnung and Second' teaming Ribbons and
Plower. with • variety et ALlllnert and Dress• Goods
' ad Triniminga.
• o band.
Silk Warp. sad grades of Fano,ls suitat Is C.
tbrooding CI oh, alpaca, Canton I , llllalCll, Comb:*
Ynsln, a.
Coffin Pities, Zinc and Lead °cans, Toe Casts, de.
A HEARSE and safe horse., wnb a Careful dtivral
rd any number of the Guest and, bast Carriages:
Every thing done and stranded to in rite eery best
money, ebb promptness and Tunere.ln7, end On
better term. than can be done anv where tine, as we
411eer oar roods In the eastern clued_ iY11:111
• " , beguile Mattnag.
ALuo. Piet and Mee Neu, for crieenerr * -eiteiwe ',
Item he. he. hit
Ltuy Matt Lawns.
XfURPIII4 litoletitti-L0 Lawn •.
ailing gond
LTA !Wawa Lawn-of l neat Wilt. at Ow low pate
•1 s Ut. dim, a vent 'w• nety of Light Lawns from
ke ennui n • In tweet. ' fail
A N aseortraera of newou tiles Nsiuone Floe,
tk H al t run, ma other color., pl .ad frlngoo,
;crewed of more of MU liPtlY DURCIIY/ ELL/
jell E tor .Voorto AL/Market sts
• •. Corner of PERU and St. Chair streets. ,
+WM ALEXANDER& SUri.Parnivbang trader
* y inkes*, wbwe every article tar Fenced and
Moundve popes:Acne be got 04 rear ovule term*.
WlSadn .
. , .
Toady tor Chaim. ao;
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eS " Iltb1 F 610 " V: l&TaU f fe r ittl d ll ' ej
11 th e bAILAd Elates ELLt Te •t MOMS& HAWORTH'S
nil • Te• k 'Wine More, in Me Diamond.
Pura Old Peet wins. '
. - 7011).R of th e best lo th e Uultul Sm., price $3 per
71 gallon, for rale by . MORRIS.. HAWORTH
111P1./SNDIU swoon. or niAnou &air.
(]AWES tr. ORAIIA6y, Ne.l7C& 178 Ce ntre strew,
ELL New York, otrar for tale the fell swing stock, rim
zr,Cro f. Crimea Veneers from ft J wab.. per n; •
430a11. Boards and rt auk, welt *awned;
13nnu ft Shaded Venenn from lie to 3 io party •
67.10 ft Sapertor Planted Planemanli
Lptart ft Howette..od Veneers, Santa to Ile per fly
Alan I.s7Lte Nall? &( all 'Nettle.. 3be advantages
we pewees in Importing and sawing enable as to.. II
• lOW MI th e WVIIISt. tirders planar tiled and
careful!, packed.
MACK L EUELL-100 blls Na 3, arrived, fur sate Sr
SUM:RW.I-34 i i4r , 11 , 170 I
e L:r d p ' • •
us:sada ea; : •
0 bsls Grasse;
1 b I Totlew;
3 bets llonen
1 dove War, •
3 brio Flaxseed;
33 • Le ks Feather!{
- ' la bags GICA lap, - . •
-Ta mire, far sale by laei All DICKgr kCO
)7 1 t • . Water • r ron•rle
BY Steam Boat to Drown-swills, Stage by day Unit
.to Cumberland, and day Spa Stages from Can.
mtland to Uldford.-Fato SO. also, a Stage leaver
OUT Lake, Mondays. Weduesdaya and Fridays, at b
rOclota. 41.14 vat Moult Pleasant and Somarsat,to
Bedford, attiring la Redford next day—Faro/a.
,Ann foc National Road b Obod Want Slap Co
A 87051 OIL-21 lel. Eto,Peiopcelnr fee male 14
/9 10 RHEIN FrA rrilkWit*
1N .Vt.1 , 1 1 /MI•lonVIIMNoli ••••V
EAD-224 pigs soft Galen* foisilei by '
' • ,
DIO METAL-17d toos, sultabli for roiling Atlas
('LOUR-143 barrels (or sale by
IDEATIIENB-48sack.iprime Namely for sale by
ASTERN WAI.I. rAPER'ut ktwer pticee, and to
,E 4 gully impeder 1, any 01,altaketate'd ih Wit mat •
101, eqw opening by •'. W P bI4III9IIALL'
'l7lO • " • NI %Veal n
CORCIIINGI3-11 auks but quality, far We by
10 1710 WHEY, illeTtHaVit b. CO
NEW MACKEREL-100 No.jut urine for
aalu b 7 11710) . JOJIN %VATT in CO
etT.D 11YPON TEA—Just rece , !ved at the Pittsburitt
Family Grocery and Tea %archon°, a few ball
ClllO. Of genuine fine aid Wzn ik t p e t a ,. , c Vi n t
, logy
/710 250 Liberty st
_ •
, 1-11. NELLOR, k Wood JlM 4 t;k . drrtatioed the
• - I illorerne Nero Illu.sie: - .•. , -- •
nil, say can yea me sy the trath'e holy llghhdedi
hf eated to Rev . 0 Cook. 06, think not lasi I love
thee. Illenebe Alpur, I love tbee...When other bleed
mould Mee.- The tot beneoth - dio Mlle. Wert 'they
but • mine: ;Annie Laurie-Scotto hilted., The Row e
-wards by:liltra Coot; mos Aby hdeplmn Glom,
Tboe.hait wouuded•lke Joint that tared thee. 'The
Omer of Wrshingma.• 'llia blab blotheeoLatimet
Old' flezton.,tlnuell Ile dove ill Wogs, welt...
Woodbury, Wtdow 'Ruhr. -Rittsell. , Theicourge
lof my mother-11u tehinsons. to ',hoc keditai-l.swel
Ego Welues-Seteplete.. The Moine 'IMIL r • The
Bridal or Wedding Polka: Jenny Lindh, Airentege
Polka.: Limy Polka. Pointe Araericiut . Potkal• Tip
Top Amerieen Polka Le Bello All:11111011e1141 Ptilka
teeny Lind Polka. The Orient Wettish Polka
. _..... -. alien.,, Palmation Polka; ,Flirt Polke. - Jenighlise
.. _.
~6 0, ,,,,,,,,,,, o p . p A app so io , o PO/Itn. Summit Poli- Removed Polka.: - The pro,
• phet Lleidtiller-bleyrbeer. JmntLindQaadttlie
101 R partnershlpshoretofore existing between the The wreath and Raley Waltzer-Ms Eines/. , Th e
J, eabseribers, coder the Son of Verb e. Moeller, Swim Drover 110y-vainatlons by Chemy: - ,Moneinegy
mall thin day dlmoired by mutual unmet. The bail, 'Sounds from Home. Wrecker'. Daerbter. - tialekeleb
nein or the AIM will be settled by /I. P. Mueller, eue. Louisville Earth and Quickstep. . Wood I.lp, geiek.
tenor of Neel; & Mueller, who 1$ authorized to a,. step. - ' - . • •• . "- ' jgf
he name of Me lino in settlement.. . •
. ' WM. NEER, Valuable Property for bale,i.
. .
111,1'. maim. ikGREBADLY to the last - will dad testament o
0 , 10,3.•
DIVIDEND. , seri t er offers for isle, on very as commode/log term.,
i either the whole or a Oct of the, property belonging
°Mee of Pithiburgh Gls Cotepany a . . 7 to the estate of the sold Wm. Teeini,'sitsitesin dm
July hth. Ida , ' - weal sloe of Hand wheel, whoinlng the Allegheny
VIE Truett. of the PillshurghOmCompany have TtrOge;couststles ofd three story lietneee,toro at them
.1. Ude day declared • Otrldend• of flee per cent foe neap now, weaselly elonted wad in good order.
P tent six months, on tore. pital stink paid In-pay. • Aue, row or eve lobe among Loki, mho es.;
niece the steekhotdent or briefer' representater mid' entire or divided, ati . ftey stilt the purthase
at the Oleo of the-woi es, leolitel ' Also, idreral in in the borough of Lawrenceville.
J)9 JANlb$ M. CIIIO3TY Treasurer. .As the °Meet of the sale 1. to twist the pitteeegt
DIVIDEND:. . (or the berate( th , o f b a i fa se lyoyshvge,.4 th . r . e .,„,,
11116 Dine:ore of the Pittsburgh and Roston ?Mull rYeg,';,,,, th . ° "., c money can h0 . r " .4, ! , d Pr
.g. Company, hare Om day. declared a dividead o Tbi, ~,,,,m,,.. r ibt. op i x , th wii,,...
, oven dollar. Pee ohms Mr tim.lut.l/ meta. Per , guy one wanting* eautforteble home on easy MUM.'
able at the Mace of the treasurer. oh and atter the Tht . • r ' Otago . . .
,r August, proXimo. cuARLE3, AVERY , Preen ~. T O LRT- One of the boaMe will be rutted to
'll!!yh1e,21.--4197d0t .
i ear tardier lefithai ‘
t t lietal37 to
to, :
le iltdif or to d lONE3,lP4s ti glt, Liberty It.
p . 2..6. Cimer of 'Third ord N;rrlet an.
DAIRY SALT—V.S bore Reef' • t for
an received for n e b•
1•110 • WM lifeeLl/R0 fr-CO
Ar CIEKE "2 V i b . rl N s;l 3 o l .l, - J ' int rel 7sale by
iilo Witter at
SUNDLUES-1E hada N. 0. Sugar) ~
a it. Rite; '
Ca hf chests Y. 11, imp. & O. P. Te
33 do Diner T..:
40 caddies T. 11. IN) &O. P. Tee;
40 tale and ar Cris thderauts;
11.0 65. Piper •
10 co Stank , • .
0 d 0 N. 3 he Idills,lor at..
. ki. i n ipj - g M9/11.N1
' ,- ;'•'".. i 'isicitr:isocixii• • .
rah street,opeolte the Post Uses, -
11:7101CLICIrerlreetiente‘Dal&e'NeetK triot
_,Engleeetiag. No 13.
ware, No le.
LlellYlATing Age. No 331.
Heat'sblerehante.lll•Kezine for July...
qdetainrCtll.l3f etre: Cllll—pertell
• Waif Review fer,Jely,. •
Demeeralle ItildtVg (SC JOY' '
- Stanger & Tom:min:4 New Weekly briarrollaiy—
rake az cows. '
• 1111113ei . .. New Mool3lolsgsame. ler hay.
' Holden's blast rep Irk for 1111 V...! -. •
: 014 Oak Inert :11. ILJemee. ,•. Jett
.11,111. sale . I..'B&II.I3APAILILL43 A— d IL R. SorseIe ELLERS
n reed
by • . •
MEI s CANIS:A!M2 , ,PARILLAInge s ib , IIt , r
'WARM AN . paorms ! .
riNE cask ye ti fine - few& German Pploiti "jedga
ll ported, for ante, orho.euta or reloqtLY - .....!.. ,
j} 8 WM. A McC IX BO & 2ZD
TIE.ARLe.-1.2 eUtr; Art received, oo.i for male ),y
jytt . NMI( & MoCANDLESS
PTASH—ID ca•ke Pcanh, a fine artial,
by be " WICK /a b!cCitIIDLESe.
COCOLT7t-T8 box '4. t0...r Freak C110e01,15,
hat rscefred, it.nd fur tale by ' •
• /Y 9 • WICK & bIcCANDL&'.S.;
t,, t . , t . st Cl7 O.. aland Salatati ,
Pey. /lit received, ...Cr inlet
• • ,
G R OUND PP.PPER-00 boxes rem Greund Yep
per, for sale hp ' • A N D • •
TABLE SALT-14 Lou sTable Salt for .ate by
,I)8 - WICK. 81e0ANDL&48
COMM." CI=BE-71a.boxes Cream Cheese, tin
%. , •day renewed and for rain by . • •
Vit.. R. CIIEE39I boxes W. U. Cheese, MO,
• ed sed for sale by •
15'8 • .• - I - WICK Se MeCANDLFSSI-
Q TERI NE CANDIA:I?-30 boxes Stetltte pattatles,',. •
rimtperior 'mole, tor sate by " " ; ,
• WICK fr. IttreANDI,F93.,
(1011.1.1 111200,112-143 dox: for sale by • •
APPLE C11E115.E 7 -.Tait resciredAo ,f4l
wm. &. mamma &_Ec._,&l
THE taiiiiary Coaunitteet of the My of Piitsbargh,
• have made an arrangement wilt tin Rev. Yaw
vans, of dos eityi to place CHOLERA PATIENTS In
hist HaemiaLsitnated in Lacey wille. • Theirlurre >ls°
appointed 1.4.. Corms. of the Fifth Ward, u City
Phylacian. In order of Sanitary Committee.
A: MACK', Chad raieit.
IyEkdßu ,
_ _
Jens Aisao¢. Cgerk
GlAr dm ILE IIZAC• .
fot sage b
APPLES -1 ° b , O, o 74l+Pbb: lust received an d l.
sale by • - • • JOHN - WATT A C 0 . ,.
Liberty at.-
Fisu-tatuarattri ! b; • I ,
• 5 briallo tHervinal •,
, • • 10
Wm 2.ldaekertV • • -1'
10 hr Wm Nog do., ree'd and Anode b
.W 1 - • JOHN WATT & CO
Aollll.4lo.lll'houtewerk. A permUmu ard plea.
uuu eduulen tan be A:ardor by opplyiagAu ddir
,thca. - - _ 17aAir
surlDipt,s-- 2 - I , ll , ;v:tri e zyhitri
t do, Crru • '
" • :0 brA Vineos; in store, Inc 'W. , ' by
jio ' - ' ' J(IIIN WATTI CO
T INSEED 0 11.HDX 1 91.11_ , n , 52 , 2.1 1 inl
1 10 7 5"‘ 11.1 Woti h t 11 ' 4 ' ?
Ws dryad Lan, far sula by •
142--1 can Oil WlntirireeN •
can Oil Dergema . r.' • •
I col Oil liassalrerflust reed for tale by
FLOUR -5.1' brio In store am.l.for *ale by ' •
110 - 121 IVood at
QOM'-.100 bXe for *nib by
MOLAS3ES 756,15 h3 Mk mid Clow.*
to cum eanAigh ST UARTA
}r V ~ ~ ~r ~
elrookx F, in more kina for wilt
'nIL(M)AIS -Mkt Ilni josl.cecem,e4fypaqi,,-1724,'x
BMIER in birtela, bona, and -ercrobA , for iilo b'
srualtru SILL .
. . .
G" f: *'
AYtliger—lTAibillTirointiWfor infir ,
B• bre _
S i fy. } ¢ ll.4Tils F 4 T in frir;u B s . . 2W7
l Waritod ID Beal( , •'''
• A
. 1:146E OVEN, without t slurp. Location net
di; portieniur—rlitebutgh peeferred. '.(tddr , ,to N.
LlysrL..._ht ihi• office. 1 it 1 il=ll
131.ArAKI—U outs just received to doy. •uopefhir
1 oru:id, Pultable for reviling. which will be sild
. W.' for cs*u . ,'l , 7 .., '' 8 N - WICKER:in/Al
. 1
• jr4 - - - i Coi Wood cod Sizth q,
AS. W. Mitbildge & /lest F. - inghrlrlet base lihj•
I day areo-iated ihe.eaelve• ander the him nr Dar
'ridge rcinahraln,lo Haw/net a Mal, mile - Grater)
tad general Comm - Beion lis cnres,i.ftkehotteelntel)
comm. , by Darbmlge, Wasn't& Co, Water at ,
P.hsburah, Jury I, leso.—Jy •
1110 TIC
THE 'Parts arable heretofore calming ; beim:eon the
'subscribers, wider too firm of-llorbratae, WIMon
& Co, was this day &molted by mutual commas
The business of the firm 'sill be settled by J;W. Ma
. brads., or Wm, Wawa, Jr,oltacr of whoa:tie author
ised to uto tho Dame of the Lem M fiaaidatiom
LiNna.rStloBll a. Zo..
•Pittaborgh, Job' ;
A LONG ItiN)hl ovlir Mr .dmilolly.* Dry (laid!,
'I. Imre- The rdOM i.,well finished. ani4 Itraisbed
44 gas fittings. EnUance Alartatin,reet• . •
.171• • • . 'F. U. OAZZA
. • .
OZee el the Alleghen y Bridge Companytl t
Pittsburgh, JOY IsyldßV,
TUE Presid..rAnd; alsoagers Of She Cgt‘PectZs.
A' erecting a - Brldge user the Allegheny /treetop,
• • Putseaugh t to. the Costal of dalellagrYdlavh
Lids day declared a dial/fad of one dollar sad accent,
cents on each shue of Ito espital stock, standing •
the scale of Individuals polite hoo ka or the Company
°Igo( the profile Of the lag six - manila, which will
be paid la stockholders or their legal representatire
forthwith. liyal ' JULIN ItAßPEß,Tresserer.
JAMES WILSON lailartne Ida Mende end the prnka
that he Ina removed Li. Hat sea Cap EAllibtlah.
merit from Smithfield etnet, to bie old stand Cl the
corner et Weed met dad Diamend Alley, (room!
*Mtn oem F. nicks k. F.iendi Exchange Uar-a.e
1111.0011 back, 00 Diamond Alley—where ma be &mad
largo and fashionable amain:mot of 111.1, oral Caps
at reduced edam., whale...W.4 retail.
liam mane to ender. )ems. lanramg
ijaninea.l3ritG,trods nLUipYPrla 1. .
WM. /....SUSSELL, Sign or the Die Ru Orra; co
Malktt sure, between Third end toarth. wit
continue 1011411 ms Damaged' Dry flondkent Wed .
need sty,J gay 3d,and will continue front Pape day lentil
all the damaged goods . are goods are
slighty damaged by 'rater: Alta Wfilbeiclforedto easti
purchasers at less than half the Ofileflal coat.: .
Oar numerous enetcmcni and lee piddle , to genera
will ;I:ate cell moon and secure mode
were damaged by water ante, and, many efOrtit wU
• o found almost perfect. ' Othets of then* we lOU are
Nt atm , st any. price. florae remember the rare
o rte Market stmt, hetWon4V. ifd rourlhf i niP
• f the Big flee Illre, where no cash etteteitnerer I ne
mat away without helot 'perfeetlynedsadit:
All our rooms arid be opened for retail trate' he this
occasion. lioddlm) • WAL . L. RUSSELL
't , •
.HAVE. Ude day, a.etlehlled Arial tie MC L A N.
_..Clooss, In the 'Whokashe Groan' and Ptaddixi
liadeess; the attyle of tko bre' will be A. Ceiba
mete, /113 j . • A. CIII.4I.EmON •
ctrilirrugi 1 - ; eterii.
•41. cuhnsiaTioxsoLouss i -
wIIOI,ESALE GROCERS and Commlubmi liter
elmotß, 'Dealers In PrOdUCC. and rlitsbn •
Maintfactored arucles,l93 Lamm. et; Pl4l)¢!gb, •
. .
ritlirt Gernert of to cute Soorehlitge. sadaloto
4 goiter, Wire will please coma ICIMItd, prove
property, mad take them eireYeat ebey sold
etteording to leer, to ciente 011 GRANT
190. 01 Water et
laW. •11111110
N - j.',lik , ,'::.4*'.t. E.0:1-1
: .. :. .
1 •
• • ;liitrikawarikalial i 11611`" , ''ie' '!
- '
' /14.. kg lifna bnelarbeerradnptid and kiablratarerad inaill Ila principal rstropaiaNew`Yotk
anditta i ddpkt e , are-two o ff ered ha MaaraCtUre ,2 l Wft 1,1,3 . 4 . 1 . 4 ,1 1 , mlabalt ihn•• with the uueose fttl•
/36 .et'lla the trion'petfrat ahlefta In Met or cutting screws: . . ..,, . . ~.
Their - anperiority rat r any Mat Dies beretoforp tried,' amnia •in their Cutting a emnra
l'. 4 riricw,..b r b i , r. v i , s , A en the warn panlingovtr Mir iron to be era whirl regime Co siredginz
I.r P l,loll lprepiration , asrbe 'dies cut lbn tbasnl out it the solid Aro% Wiltinut 1111330§ h in thalami .
,in tan Sitars d ur .biiil y' mp iaity,,,,n4 perfection of merle; and ip.their aintplicity and little liability
‘l'? 0 1 ..oar onkr... ' -- - - - '''
• Pan:radfr,o4i
that ard bays Parehasedtinin
CV. b p ta Uss , Irld of sang bit patent Dies rot . too
Inanrepialtn, Met sara
rine to soy others see are mdaaid,St-lrg2 Tae It.
PrPss. of catty ' -
pliumama. dig. 14,149':
erasing hrd.P W Gaits , Patent Oki in USW ear
roll,. esthblisbment for 'the thee nine thentha. fsf 4-01 1,1
Wd d.h , to ~ e rrlrvacti reecenverd than
the Ifitert terms, as we lave hid all when away,
they beteg solar forrerior—corsidering them 75 prs ,
etne. etesper than see. est eis now no. ,
- - @atiEYi Nnapix a. C 0...
• • •• • ' • ; , Petarilterts;Pai
',This is tfeeertify•lbst Ws tam pami.q.4 tho rat
'tome, and adopted in s or banners, P.W Gates' PM
t fatale Cutler, avelchwe highly abbrove of.
can do much wore von t and we believe at v e il( i ev .
pass in durability-and preeisioneas moot es aert~mj
of Itbsf? 110 i
. .
Nair Vona; Xag.lo;iBvc,
ir„,,th ip d opt id p. W. Gs tee Pateht Wes. far that,
• , ok hot., we, take Pieldasts raYhfa, that liver*
than roefs oar eswelationvi and 0 . 10 o eota...
nen Eh f twipt lie. ant opinion, that it I kr uents' an'
other pap in present use fof eon' r 1.
We hanti - T. W. GsterP , Pateitt Dies" for entlini
renews, and the economy of using them is -so. Very
, onslderable, that we look opors.thera as is sliverssa4
le to every ostablislunent having any gloomily of,
AteCOithIICE, OGDEN , k CO, • i
:Crucsoo, May 10, 1940: I
„ Omens= Onto., Wanusxoyo/Sth Sept,' ,
tare purchased of W. Scoring. for dui Unitad:
Stales, tee right to use in all the arsenals and ' sumo,,,
a I.Btortilst4crs re the Al
attr O l httl ' egph Comniuty will beheld
agreeably to Charter, on 'flussehn tha iota
U o'eloelt. A. M., et the .Compus rOltme, No Ipl
Chestnut sr, Philadelphia, for the poliose of electing
mina ItOreetors to serer for the clisSinK Veer, *O4 to
trounce suchoilMr.bashrenosmny f ait brought before
the meeting. By order of thel,leste . e.rn. .
iettO.Old • W bIeLISE, Semler/.
•r J. Flanney.
Agrnt for Jute wa. Lifa CO, of
. .
IFFIc F. of the } Venom . lavorsaea Compano.
eV Rater meet; rlttsborgh. • - . .
Pstophlets, with air neessseri leformailen, ind
bird* forms will be famished.
Ilasbands can 'swim their lives for rho benefit' iv ,
their Wives' and children; creditors the liras of the)
,debtors. t •
Tba whole arose. -
he 'whole mats or the Camphor am
smog the halders of 140{ Policies. •
The dividends of the pest two yeera tornii boon doh•
trees ter h each year. • lee/
.1.1 W
VOURTEI firllKEt 1.1715/P ROIL , PA
Tlll5 Witunifwent snit:dilate:tent ether stow • ens .
pined and teedy rot basiness,thoproptistar'would
spernhily. solicit a shfte. of thoputolle Voronsote
Ile trusts by *living hbehall anetub.h to the banners,
to mote 48 house a plea*snt and eentfenable row
for the .consens of Pittsburgh one, for the condtry
Geed a.tendants will be In 'midis, and eviri ex
ektlon glade to sender the estahllsliteent wanly the
aloreeranee and steppe:set so Latino nt tommoncy
The rtvg SPACWILIS DAUB, hued for Pestles.
Cooterts . Lectures, 01011.; •wl . petille
be-let bithe evening or week, OP 11.. llb e ral tp11121.15
The EAR and anus] In 'siyhi and
twenty to any In the world, will be kept jorniolted
with Wine*, Choice Liquors, Cordial s, Potters
and all the reel, light.retrethotelPoef (*.Meal
Poulry, Game, Etch, Seag, Oysters; and data!,
*cried op In the .ht - . . ;. z
The . DlNltell ...I CUEMittiITA:iON, being lat
e door, and easy of .ac ass*, will be cona.ntly
supplted *nth all the I.lmarins and llelletteles of the
season; and also,with such substantial* 8$ the marten,
.1.10 Log by the day, week; or year. thonento
dory... tor hairridaala or panics, foranhed as don t
Gratletiten with th eir /*mill...wishing the city elm,
Le swelled with refreshments of all triads at SOY haul
o. the On. :
Grod Stabling .and screiter sivel.ives7 Es . .attiS
nits connected with the ROIL • • •
iltoner at 1 o'clock. Brtakrasiand Tea atthena
F.ntraneo tie kerma!, .dDininf '
811.7. ho.P7 - Nahbield Arai. • -. •
X. N. VAN itthcsEr...itit
1101r4rlir - LOWIly; P►epreatWrs -.
'Petite &min, IliTidayileirgh, re/.
G et
t otStezeo for the }UMW Weal alao . the Literati"
Same - leaves his house. : je1.4101 ,
BIDWELL 4 - CO., •
Glasgow, Pa:. (.7soitils PorriFostfist)
• Haring pensanentle located at Mitt tteacnn. a 0
and mbatantial 'Wharf Bob, atq proponti to iti
mitre and (onward promptly to all pot:tuna - the titer.
' ante Sandy •nd Beaver or 'Ohio CaahLin Bt co.
gilmeroar, Jonels —jet@
Dr. .I:Morasses Hararcoarillio. or Duns=
Panacea mud Ulood
been extensively- ased, •for 11.1 your, by tbe
LOttOt In 11111 oven:Ova prao - and ,IS CODS
erne) treats:mended' to the puldra fdrilorrore mead
impurities of !be blear and graerol debdtry: tbannior
usto, ddapepina r lograrhe, eeddnbriancbrua. dropsy.
nervous or ne onto! debility, female •eompbeloto r ner
curio! 'Weems, Wren, scam or °honorer, and dlr
' erran.of , tho oblo, rater, no,lbrer complaints, radii, .• .
for all impurities of the b ood. • Inds wholliropetable.
: cod oar be token WOE/ soy elresmimnees arnb pep:
feet uteri, 'Prrpired lay trablIJUL KRAMER. Baru.
MOM AM, •1 , sale, old:decade and retail, by,
' • R bELLEItS,
• • • • •, Pntelburgtb•
• •
DR J. J, MYERS offers los professional s•rvirep
„LP us the ••eittserre •or 'ltfinreberift and aielotiy
Ciffee and residence, for. die 'present, at Rosedale.
Alertelseater, unnteliteray above;tee U. & Marine
- • , - - • . . instAus
If eases Cup Caret ll,seon • kineaktess
jetff •
5. I W HARD/Melt
cg , 7 4 l):47ortZgr i rgoelt
No 4.1 Wood west.
Uttr!eeeivat:-.6 d ete r Dr, Uvulas Oia'
.Chalagerie, smiler tale by J'IKI t
• meet
F RU . llll,,ter-Gbiti Axe Otaages, pima *Wen •
. , • KW drama FlaN
. Jlltt iieeiteP U rfan fPoralten'ey."_, •
Nu 3 Norsk Marta, Philadelybla.'
14 A. 101IIIIIIN0E111.11,
urn ousexis GROMEltyProdate: Forwarding
•gy waintowanolon Merobaut, and Dealer in
berth Masontown, Ho : .1r Liberty wen, riunanth
• •
Milt inanely wad coluigneri ;geale ..rising
thet..9ltlzezi , Penenla Boat line ,' will please
Wiens:dee au they w,lf 'toe Noised la per lee&
al .oar wesebeew.eteeerdieg a 'tee oreelet.,.beion
Wj an Tr'.°7!d- c 44 ,1 0; 4 u/4'V &CO.
260,000 feet Summed Dealt,
190,000 feet Coal Boat &ding :Far ante bX
JeZtall ' Attorney at Law, Foatas
nOPFEE- 7 .50 b. ga No.l Coitrt In itoriend for .I.
HMtl—lsllCnc. in saga and fa lade by.
111 do !felony,' •
• - 'TO do Shad; In riots and rot ralit by'
•-• • BROWN& KittifP2l.TßlC6.
u cox,
ht • —• - traoirm&KituaterucL:
SPANISILIVIirfING-1604X1.focluill ;i• ,
• • /SAMS DICItitY •it•
.4:1 • • - ,Watur &Trost at,
,u4TWiw ! .
OPftti bales' to eon, 'and toillttoiooll love' to
otoso ecknottioot.
111 • ISAIAH DtviiF.V.tCo.
'TOBACCO -40 bales , !.Poladexteo posnd lamps
will be vary lour Ts close condsoment.
CITA: 11-0 oa • arta,- or sala bT
DACONIIAMS for wle'Dy"' "
o_o lz AI fl Die
alreltrdwis pl►no}vlthtao • pfliesdi
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