The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 09, 1850, Image 1

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:104 1-1 I T 15. CO.
N. arum) ti NAIOIDr.
taurts au. ,Di!OS, TIMM . lITZSIT. MIXT thus
polyp, r.....—...•,....11••••VP0 par intim
'h,. Weer.)..._.:. 3,a1
Wee Yin la st o •••cel. , -- ••-• I,b•
1:0•:" • Clabl, n e reduced raw:
AGREVI) ()Hitt
One ens 4,4lnoinen et(Neentrefl m led)
one •—••:••90,93
One Pear eaeh eddittot,a, in5en100...... O Da one were ' 4,73
Do. nee Ireets----..••—,-•••• 9.1 , 0
11.7. three ' ' 41.00 '
Da one 68)._
Do: two emnthi•—•---4. 7. 1 9
D. three 11011 , hV--..... 900
.-i, • IVO)
Mar month,
mhrths•—• ILOG
vw . ennynb••••••-•—• TA.
Standing Car ne
Card le lis ot 100
_ . •
ITeegia . alTiaineeabiiitinGoWselier sit.
nem) melmlen hr tlie•papes"—••..—. 2200 •
For tech additional Nome, Inserted mestere month.
am for earl, additional square Inserted under the TeM
* nom, half price.
Adrestbentents erreeding a 'wpm, and mot offer '
Arleen tines, to be cbarce d as a 'cease end eitolf
Publisheie not seenamable for legal adrertNeese.nta
beyond the amount charred for .belt pubitcatlert.;
Announcing candidates for office, ace ch 24"
Same as other sileenimmems.
Advertisements not marked on the Copy ter •Mnn.•
Bed number of 'mentions, wdl be mistimed WI fortiliL
and payntenteracto I accord: • ; •'
their The pnvilegesogi e'er si demmers Mil he confined
filling to re sr balloon.. and all other ""t"
tlaernests out penairtim -to their- Melo
agreed Ins, to'be paid err. • • • ;
All advertisements -fee eberltable trunitationi, fire
seromies, ward. toonnidp and cotter public meetings,
and sorb like, to be charged todfprice,payeble strictly -
Ir advance. • .;
Mantua w ebarTed SD cwt.
Death bailees insetted withoutoharrc i emdmiselninni
Panted by (men! Inettntieco er oblatory colleen, and
when ow accorapanoed to be paid for. .
all others sendlaccercomm
eie,at ioes , ,i v ieiss notices
an y to call Immo
Lion to Pain, Nome* Concert., or any Public enter.
udmemitia, where lampoon, made foe 110minut:s—
ail notices of pivots anocholona—every motile de •
algeed to tall othention LO private eaten:mem ea.:into -
ted or intended to promote ',dividend interest, es n on
ly be Inserted with the andosstsedied Am the same
late be paid for:. if iniended to be umened le e
Cal cohost", ma name wilt be chargerl at ram Cl
POI kW ditil 10 cents per Pea • ; .
Blame nFist Notice. In be charged triple price,.
TIMM Lleanse Petitions, 22 melt.
Legal god blodical Morenlstatents to be charged a:
don Zea l Estate Agents' and Aastloneers , advertise
menu net to be classed under yearly nom, bat to be
Wowed abnnittil 01 Win); three and one tkinn perm=
Dona the amount of bills.
►.♦+•ißL•l ~i•6 ••ia•.I••i•4I J.••• 4
_ . . . •
Oat !gave, av three Loaarilana.— I
! SO
De. ' each additional Insertion—. .17
iIDIMITIZILXI2I3 to wrzniF rue. ,
• '
Or Ream, (1011.11 a. •aseuien.--30c/e.
eetb addda. al Asse 1an....R3
All transient edTardeektenla io be Ad t. edeknee.
, • WHITE k 00. Gaulle.
poßTßlit 41 BROTH PR, Dispatch.
JOB SkRWREN, Iletosoy. •
.I• MI W. MOWN Alb.rientl..
HIRAM RAlNE,VrsalatTrlbws. •
Prmsrifit, Dm• Oa • •
ALDRIIMAN, Pith iVard, Penn exec...between
O'Hara ind.Viihmt , btrjteu pr , omptly
ve RV
AT LAN—olleo, as !our* meet
abo Wood
lenn•TVtTLtTi I Com:Luaur
tb . r
Pmmuni e.leLi,s,T:.
All ea auous
prompuy answered '
0in53.17 ; . . ,
/dm IL Latira .—Wss. C. Fria&
LA9O IR tr. raimarv, .
TTORII,I El AT LAW, Fauna suaytear Ortat
Mir •
Jit GILA P. IL Katt,
ATTORNEV :AT LA W—efil.e en Fourtik Wee;
1.-tocen excuthfie:d end Ortill4Plltibeagb. ,
A TTORNUS AT I, In U g h...
Itt lbe Coln House h.(
11. Etats a,•
ATrOrtril KY aiet Coun•elor u Um, and Centre,
*once for the, $l4. of reewyereelo, 81 Loot&
go, (Imo of Potehoreb.)
Iteferenees• Pittsheqh: Rno. W; Foretell, lime,
ees & Miller, hth'utelees hleCTore,john I. Yarke,
l4aelle & Setophy McCord & lflne 0544-17
wa .••.{.. SOTS
. • •
BAUALEV. NtNJDWMtIIACrI, Wholeaalos Oro-
C.% No WI Marto. E, PhiladelpUls. ant
Pituobargitt Atka Wwrite.
111rNETr, BERRY ft CO, Manure le rers of - 11 , 41
A, (earhine ['wedge., Mer r imac an. -Fo(phi.lo
&tits. Warr-holm No Water stre et, Inlovr Ferry,
• ne InaM. Vann,' Heuer.
gar , / &ORE:ITER, Wholnule and ReCt rhmv
in', corner of Liberty and St-gar street; Pin•
stnt' •
1.0101101 &CHOY SD.
"st, No NO Seeond tt eel - towt.ily
leiwiess• Iptlng..r., St••t, -ad iron
OOLIMA.N. OfOLIelk• &. CO. Stattafaetver. of
Coach fal &Irk Iliontaarfal Axles;
Owing and 'lush Pat.!. Iron, Aa. Wateboopc
Waist &ad Float Meets. PlU•bywh.
Alec,-.64.15rs /a-Coar.l Trimmitym and Mineable
. .
4 •
Join A' Craig. • W.S. 81thrrter.,
(111A10 F.
10 end eom i Lydon
Plarebarna, No ge Market a. Pinrbargb. gni
MeANUL,TY & en, Foroard4n6 and Om
.. mission Me:stows, Canal Bairn. Pleaboratt,
H °RAVI'. Wholesale Grocer, Coaratirstou — re
Prarlattlal Marah424. NO. Wtaer et, Hut
h. HWP .....rottircat Fleming— • •R. K elemlas
l ie l iser, ;musts° L co.
gBUM! NTA—For Oe 4414 of Do.
gala Calm Goads al.n, dealers In
rinds or Taihrii -Thaattags, No IP Wood at, 4th
dear from Vieth, Plus I rt.' 4 ". • •
Refierene*-4.144ara. 'A r AL A. Mil t C o i Tha.n.
1111. • 1144L3511.•• Mal I. l[Tllll.
iit•tgit OVINV.Tro nes 11.1111 Ganarhir
Wilotetale arna•Th.Coltiml.kai and .er
:447" im m yuy mo ngd Amiewiri PrtNectimatt Plus ,
binth Manfactues, N 0.37 Wt!ed",t.l"" 2 sod
• vv.'
MICIALWARDC.II3 & cohDossi/ku.Escus - r t
to Second &t. riUd•urgb.
&&t,.4&.0f (Ur Marc. for gide 6.
f:141 4:11 , 7171 ., :rq, oppoOse hhl7
93/ 14171
naltaMTIL -
4s.aa rem. pifiai" -
eit`caravrr. ro.vt W.W.11131, •
E:ALTI 111.1eXti Tebime Cletvrtsohnt Ittsti -
cause, 41 No Wu!? a, It 14 tionit Wharves.
17 411 DY• * JONES & Ineeeiners Ar... 43
11:lonts ft 00.1 Coniniumen Pnrwt.thur Me«
akings,. dealer. Ine Pluslrergli Mizarmrtared
amen -0, -
• (micvamea re salmi .e- ett.o -
LPORTEII A Dealer In Plebe! and American Pa
par liamlnys and 130, Jere, Window glad,. Fite
Ake—Writing,' Printint and Wrap-
Perak ' Woodauset. between Few* Mein
pa al~e7, waat Pittersarge.. Pao
:3 'oRN D alhifiANt Witareaale A .w., au den
' ar In Dye Snits, Paints, iillt.'Ve.mishee, An, No,
la Weed n street; . one deer limb of thaMend Allay
./Itteearah. . • ' • '
1 .1114 Fat CIA WI • 0 ItO tAmtp tw.n.
nnaa env -- •
• 11.1Vst " . 114
r/Okli tuniav • 00., rAn ,
Napea Ml•rnharit.. sn4 MO.ta tr. ,onotibe • •
wa.soma Ire irnenl {, Pinsh.v.r •••••••
• S DiLtitoitTll It CO.; ;Vitlintewi le Crowe, and
if &imitator Hassid Powder Co., dlie Wilett st.
to ; - • deS y
J.. '47 , TYroormirTowlinCiT.iNi , .. , .2
ti. 4sMattitit
ihnieTittrA it. Pitts
b ir o, hive emOnswilv wvo.oo'• Welt B•Arli as •
art wr Ole licit h.'
wltl w it an 'llt• 9.T . Pi.e.dervo ,
iendlna ' order. Xll7 tie tirtnriti n Allied tn. tod MO.
pliedloirPnlim Ire iiin -
p *lon. .41 lc^ Irr! t•til
pooh p ism?"' , ritiths beet cvoriels, eel' Ulu' a'
he Asp nli , • • •
Ale, to
*mit. neat of fresh and ceid
25 ' 10 A n. , ...rWurn, cann., 'lna. 7.••
rev and • rosdlddint din tbant and Thoicaale
Nee 1140.sfa. Ch.cas, Iltder, Psi ant
Pert Au, and Woo, 11 Prnier. feneenny; 'Watt!
venni; bp *ea flumhfisi; 4 and, Wusd..
15D4rAll n 4 /a g rocirrNv,
and P44l'. Atansmetare.'l4 Na 44 Mak. t ut
_ In!
lean "Dna O. , • ^ Ifsclars Po,d
y PLOTP, fr , nalasals - dyne's.
.onoladis ,
al . Mai shlanlar and Dealers In Pro' a. D.,.
cai m a **Sat da_Lconna, on- Übe flit
Weed • ell
jeonfal IT ATT.. Icanativ , e — t - 57T . . - aa' . 4 Th- •Vis.
wisd,sin qmener .1 , 14 literaen
1101.1•11 Pmdasa and Pinahlerl Measfronnsea. en d
we f.Psaild andll and atrarta-olttiloantb Ddi
114/A I.•CifIGDEY, scent 47Th:raki, glin ne: 1
',lads,. Line la Reerel lee Latta-05e:
Mather in.erniv, W/O. am DC1111,44.. tati
se&OM': DITTIZIIIINV,I, Da-Aassessan
t0r4 ,4 0 idaDID O4 k flnnltission Ilfertann,
and menu of the At Loma kes , 4 %Das Itelna4l
Do as Dew FPI ig knalllDlD,pinabana. •
effißrin_ KARA CO, ViDeneaDs Dr/deal'
• . N ett Woad Tessa Pinaintrea. •• -- • •
EffTRR, Muniley , at
.aT 5
i d n iW satse It Maeda Hotel:, Pit shar . ch;ir
pasisnli to Oollectionata Ppasidsogysay.u.
ABPGA ...a anon effluvia, Pa. •
Diaakalk Oa, 't •• , - • .
Marches •retlanly
D T Ilsedan. • •
• •I• o:Coct. we 02_
he Vlrde and Medea_ 1-----°_ *l" " 4 0 11: 111 4 cue ,
n ...•••= l •Ogshenl ioce
iteterslty,NalliPutet , and
V " a a r WO ! l A 4O la ns.4. "41'
Nn. 74 "'Garth areal, at:react to tte R,rt rf Pitt
17,2,0 eli'lNl"Sliorri. Wing MC;
LAL eb•ri 5..71e Met , in Pnidania
a seared mullein., flail Tlna'n, near : ~4
PCBR KILL, PIT t Sntrene
17 ESN tal4 l Y, elltL.o 4 R 0.9.. Nano - newer. to
it ern rue-rior 44 Sueetitl, Carpet Chain. Canon
Dania and • 00n.,,
C. W. Ricketion, Paistkarih.
ei11.1;11 gICKgtSGti. Waoless le roc e
n Worriers of erand.e.; Vetoes and &Tors, of
and tit soracr of Liberty laud Irwin stroco, Pans.
b . t0 0.. , Iron, NaLs, COLtoo Vacs. fee ao No,
q.v.!). oa b•ftd. -
- Jam, D. 141 , 4 ill. Walter C.llloe
No - I M
.Whnss• e Grore ea and Catena.
fe Llbe. y • Sri einsberti.l
1R s — MrSlii
1 9 105 , - ' fuer v. Valhi.
JONES Alp • .•
AritlneTUßElll3 ors - prime and Luger luelv
RI plough steel; suet plough wings, catch and elip
blinmered iron ulna, and dealers in nial
table castingA,4ro emote lamp& and coach trimming..
kneralrForariler °tants and Front sin, Ilanatnal,
NyULli 6S 0.13uN, Pinta Markels%oand door
• ‘tOOL COZoof of Foorth,dea , er• to Forrlga and
.Uarricalle MILS Of 13zennoiya, Catirinatna of DepOolt,
Elank Noma and Spent,.
[l:7Colei•uont - snide. on nit tir, primal:tat olnea
br - a&bnat lialvd-Statra..
N ime-RMANTtal,,initoe, Pawn sty
• •- Third door above trn imatldooath aide.
• Cnolayancing of all kinds done Ida urn greats.*
taro and leg Caocarael. - . •
11. or to Coo Motto napalmed, ko. . eetlO4y .
--- atitistioica, vac:FAG@
IV 0. 07 Market grrott;Pinabovab; korPeenmant
ty unhand, an tunas to oorar alt kind* mf
e.. Porter and Minima Watarßontaa rasa.
•Panlealar attention paLl to l'FlTitel aloalrla
• ' 11:11.1a0graphlo Caarobilalamolat
np WM. OCIIIICIIMA I.:N. !Third oppualte &a'
.P.:nl.ofacr, Pataborsk. ,- -Stg* Lar,Saespra , mt.
bond , ' Bboavblll. Lobel. Architectural' and Machine
Drawings, Madness and Vl.lting Cardsake agraved
or dray a ea atone, and printedin color. Gold, Brouve
or Black. InAhe caai approved atlte, sad at rho ram
easnnabla pfleaa. . oesttly
L. OmN Orr, LITTLE a. CO. • waattlaany Weal
Paltbarla Wboltaate. Grocers, - Produce and
Com•lampo-lanrehants, and aaa era la Pit:Abate o
Sianatan urea: - • - • - • apt:
*an.' OaD,du. Mos .i.rtrix. arat- It. son:m.l
• Lill/BERT MOORS, N hole s.< Green , Rec. ()log
L 1 DiNiller.klonleri.l Produce, Pirtabtriti , -Nlr_Lpoo ,
t ina g o ,c,. !al 0a0 , 71 , 7 TI D. 711 r.,
. I:o r ;
plook or aeoethir hfortootallA Irabikey,
:rhieb I be:Wd kre for a•lt. • _TI
0...130;n. 6010 f.
EV1i061.41 t. SUE& ,Forerard,d sernl4.l.
1% sloe ' , Unbent., fa- the Li gamy Weer Tr Ale,
ewers In Groceries, Produce allt+hurtat, tdaneee
hare", d Chloride of Lion.
The higbe price, In oath, peak!. ell for
elehn7 reg.. ISJorne Poona, a {ion S te vole
DOB ' T DALZEL tilibotealm, tiovers
Commludim Merchants:deAim m PreVIICA and
linabarth Blicmfattn7i.s, auto., •Pittomr
1.) ()BERT CIINAINGirnm, Grrear,
Deal 7 itt.Prwla. is • Paublrgit 4littmfcrares
N 0.144 • r anal
al3Nt.: Mt HA tiTHAPI & CU, n AMA , 10/1 iota
St 0 Worts..-11serdnunters f Am 33. Finley
sad Plough Lttrot.Alto—Fpria ta, fates, Pima
'Tits, &a. Tat, Matta as nano of am , ebante and
Ito Marten t 0 lb tF eto bele a pa. cheo 6 elm
where...The,' merreAt the r atttclea tuba eau to any
mate to the. riot tory a. imported fetdi
1 71 .7,E64TZ;•''5.'7,,v,;.1;
luset '
S4 - 3.V 11221121.1011, Wad . MercbaTarr.. — Dal•nn,
.o Flour..and Produce vow"Ili, and Puma &r 6.
and ':;onuaurou fleschuota, r , o. :2 Waal , ale-ft,
NICO.II . 11111111.1.N6
ft 8 et Pet:team add (Finale' Cele '
iderettatta Nti Llb•117 sure) ' it •
berth Etitettif t itin't-ra and L.rd lhla. seri
r. .co Gra.
'O. Ceti for . ..tilt. anl Cm:enduing: Sl•rebanl%
Hen In I . 4tittarch MIIIBI ants.. and. We titre
re dace, be e , rem •led iis eir aew w,mno.c,(Cl - .1
• and )- 'w. :W_ Cargo ta . Fatal Cleat and Cheat as)
Latte . artl7
11011 b IS & EIALVTOUTU;
ritbbar.h. oirld
Dint ride Pikmnpfl,.
Watcretsi•• it 11 Wisterista• •It Watersturt.
Porracm A N b SONS,
11(Jkilit?Al. K GROCER.", Comatiusqui rtr.d
g sir nolbje sturrnrues; deb ler,. In tdi k ,es of Pro
duce k. Pittsburgh blunuoschirsol Arttelc.: a.. Age..
fur via of 84etusiond end Lynchburg tuannfuncurcd
• r
• -•' . i , AT'SORNKY AT. LAW,
. . .
, I Praltr; Pa ' -
V! ahio =aid to codectiono sad all otherb i
o la nis cdtmsted to Ida in Undo And. Oro:n;
settadesi Pa. ; Hofer to . • • . . .. : _ '.
-Ji& R. Fiord, Llberty 'al .
. . . _ W. W. Wadate, do . .
- ',Tomes hiandtaU. . do PiOdiboroh.
..117. Kay It Co. Woods J - Ise
B.l3.ll3athhcid ...... ..--•••••••Gcorra Richard.
WIIOLtiVIALic and Rcitil lack!cra in Craton.
and Dry Goods, and Ciinniaiscion Den hunt..
No.llll Lobeio.4 Pinaharch nuld
jolltlTi — lier - 11 - 1)61 , 1 CO.,
Fonwartoln' o 1ve0.11311.510X_ (41CLIANTS,
Canal Oat% Penn meet. Pirsbar mil
paciuttcs AM/FLOUR. FACIORS,
tic'' blarT<ef r old 54 .Cotamette st, Platt&Oda.
—Mesa tes iorsea: by <acrid the abova, consfica.
merits of:Produce to eltlmr Home. crue •
liVralless •
- a. CO°
w n r o=t.e avaa,zetille O b ROOMLE"
' , dealers in ON Prtdegts% Ittan i r " l ITArse- ,
Wes; canter of, Wood and Flrth streets, Pitablugh..
WU. Many.
11..W1LL1A.511 441 Co.,
North corner of 'Wood and Thee street.;
jut Pmenirm.,Pa.
w 1 YCtt It, ' • .unt
W.,11. VroSDWAIDID, 1 sumairr.
tA rrd gt,os .ey & iiroeere. 18
‘V sad i 9 Weeti sure ',Fitteltatgli apl7_.
Uotx D. wq“,• ' 'cAsotxt.
WCANDIJFSS. (mends to L J. D
Whatasala trAtrs, For Iran. wnd
Cestonitaienidler •hanisi dralct• io ;r , n, aV. ("Ivo.
CatiOn Yarns. and rat.navih Idarinfacl r • genenal•
ty, Corner or W oa d and Watar.sacets, -Mamma. ,7
• ap
lxT k ta. MITCHRLTRtE, Wholesale . Oroeen,
YY • Reelifyirg Wet !.rs, Wina'And
Mere 'Al•o—lmparters of Pada Ash aad HA itch ,
I,ly Powder, Nn.leo Mery Wert ton:o6M
# rai , l Pitiabarfti.- • • .3(3 •
uu Watehaa,lawnlry, ,, ilirrr Wan
• and Military Eivody, earner of .M.vket.and
?oar. Warta. ?mato:itch, Ts. NAL—Natctirs
amino eantalry . npaired. an 17
tsrm. youvo e Deal= In Losalher. e.,
VF, ke., U 3 Liberty west"- - • - 6 17:
crrymad.erril G~wen y
, Gm.ter•
W. tea!ara
Pin.htu •. • • • • laza?
ocriVaul.commisatoN MERCHANTS,
Ptibend advisees mute ea comply!" etla
- •
‘oll4(Eur WILB I Id, . Portrait and *lnfluent
1 , 1 Painter, Rnoms, earner r Pa:nit/2. Al c 7 add
Poem Oriel. dammed ea Faskidt et, amen Idultst.
' de.A.Air
2. t J. Var.:too. ‘ommis•los tiereismato.
Ivr. %al CIA Lorca st;Pi tutians. bap coadautly
now p lane asalrtmentof Grit the
Inc htanes which titer odor fat sato-as alma• for J.
cs: llardeaaz. • s. Mailort, J etaa4 J laa•
rand t Coil.aranaela-74-1 pa rut*, Cequil de hl ro
te, also tincto4L4, Sinle3 11140
Whanz 4cd ,n 4 ite Wines
to CY kit Ina ca.., se 1ee1.41 anibe•ranyloh.e DUrnod
l'n basUlca Catuapsima audßartat B rgaudy
ran • febo.ll.
.II AVE, :sten WU II •RR into psrtnerstop with
In air hasina - .1. mach wII roses this dine be
nor idd oh ander Ike rvinse of 4 !John Parker re CSI.
March Ist, 1:40.• /01IN PARKER.
John Pi/he T• • • Csrt.
JOIIi.PfatILICI3.44. CO,
Whoto.4. /Wine in 'gym. , Fornro
; Wints, ; (epos:. - Mlloootiss 4 do , •
and ger *4 IF
7 4 4.6, Commercial Zow,LlDan lomat,
ma) Pitt•burth.P •
VAT • • IMIX Ca. rococo nra WM. t. tall
(flaiectrora w Hoooey, llinina 0 C'n.l
81TAZ,E,.',F1T.,"".`1 4 .12.14,”' t,'`,41,.."
-If 1:10.00ltr , Bank Notes. and,' Specie—Nor:Cl wd.d
comer of Wood a..fl 1130 - Err cu. Cortcremattelf
fes•enonfli on deprtm—Rgla checks fer sole, =dr
0:000 made oa ccarip all 1-Ce principal polntl
the Ilainre 31.10 ca. , •
Tito trlgsat paid for Foreico and Aractican
1010. ' I' • .
_ • . _ . • --
Adraooes made on conncazacars of.Eloalloc,t o nP
00 Fan: on Moral wroa. • arna
WIL 0111.CM19.1 . ' CCM. Z. !Mei
;WC' AS 111 , 1:1LOUG i CO.,
NaTub Liberty attelg, oboe* Wood,
flaws always on band a lamalornrtment of Magas
lireeerle. and Ma "Vas: can, Foreign Fralts and
Nana. Whalcsala and Retail.' LlealeA supplied cattle .
.—"----I—/Pass llac • Isa• ghost.
rr 'Arta trmAN—Vantiaatater of alltinda oleos
fht il e .otrsni;V: i =sc ' n ' oor ti gZtiltal sb tr ele=}4.
aratiaa,l sun ars:sated to ascatta with dispatch
car all kinds ofiaachinerf lass line, tweh as willows,
oickers,Spreaders, cards, frialitql =SLM*, lid/714
11¢WIllit (MU t, .peed,,,, lawns, women
card. dtrable slagla,(or caarchanior nosatty watt.
asales,jacki, &a.; V.ide and hand lutbramd snots in gen.
craL 611 kinds of ahaltina mad, wrder, or plasm sq...
at far mating fatunia• as rail's as reasonable ethane
gun act•-•ltenctedy. Childs i Co., BlubfNtr VsU
s at Os. !ART 'mask Goi Jas. A. apt.
.1 , beep enootently oe haf or make to order' the
eest ertlele In Itel,r,line;at th d ir. all n•nnd, eio 13 R..
Malt street she; nt Na MI lelnrketetree , ,..enna. , nrr.
enrrenee le the re Idnee4. , Yrnltlen Shelters envie. , r
4der, and old blinds neatli repaired: - irPrd
errtterhaini, tatter Plitsittatlehrll'a.
0440 r. No. i 1 Wirer ef, I,ttoems
,r.kheret., u
. •
IiFWILL conetently keep inland arrow% %aeon
ment at Wer‘of OW Own nUlliattelutel,artl
taper tortlealay. Wboleule an•l cottony NO
ettants arc respeetlklly invitid to call and en
mine. for. themselves. es .we are determined to eel
Ileaper.dato hat eierbefer• been of:unto tko pak
tmOrders anti if aeeoexpenle.4 by that:tub
• eon reference. will nttn Pree:qt. attended tn. met
A. warrrt,co.,lwouta r6w4tfany !rant
the public • that :they. hare erected aaltsmon
lAcock, between Federal., db'er.clasky stream '(beg
an now making and are prepnrn4 w jeoetoe orders fit
every description of vehicle., Co Nerd's, Chariot's, Ira.
rear.netk, niggles . , Phaetons. Av., key whlck, from theft
b a o =74 l .i ' l',V;Y4ll7lTiten*t_ above
enabled to do work en the frau reasonable term, with
those annum" articles la their lin, , - - •
Paying particular notmthm to th e selenium atmese.
Simi., and bertha none mit competent. workmen, de)
have oe beskatton in warrantin: their tort. We
therefore ask the attention or the nubile - to thin Mauer
• N. EL; Repairing. none in the bull:cancer, and on the
molt reazonahro :erscs. taZetf
Pt wt., arrant,/ Waco .arto Maurer, rams...a
/1./. 4 4ITINVEro alansfaelaro all kia/Ils •Of COPPER
met Work.
Mean, Dams 12alli to eider.
..• . • •
ISITCI4I 10.111i011 01136 talltll.lll born work.
Have on - heads • hoe assertment of Copper and Ems
W are, to. at. Steamboat Cocking Stoves,
Ponstq e FOrittl,'lrlleoll , l.4.l.-• very coareaient ar•
tick foe...Deets, California elalevanu; or rail wad
We - would re rpeetfally me= raga anti
.others to call and sea our articles *ad Orion, before
per ,, lt•sina el erobere • • vv•ILV
, W. aJ. GLENN, Cools Bliattors.
W i Or
we an:apron:eel to . do any ems Li on; ano rg witt
We attend to our work personally, and ma.
faction grabs siesta la etrisla to It. neatne Salad d
Want t Boota laded to any pauern and bound. tads
InstaLs , :y. - Deals In mr.ber. mold booka boand ere
'folly et repaired. , Istranea mon boot. 1,, et lotion
That" 'that butt work to oar Doc uninvited to tall
Prices low. snyllbtf
PM Illachla• Mork' wad Woiscadry,
/MN WRIGHT &Co., are prepared to build Carol
and Woolen Monlactry of enrarfridestYiptlon ova
as Carding bla e chizulx_§Pilp Fr,mooci Npmden
P U', l 4 G rinders,
(ran Stadi; turned; ill aim 'of Costlier', Polices aad
Hamm date latest patterns, elide end kandLathes,
and oxds oral kinds. Casting. of ovary deer:tram
fornlshartio ahort notice. • Fatima /nada to onle! for
MW Goaklroaltalling, to. Bream Pipe for Ma,'
log Factorial, Cast Iron :Window &cob and fancy Car
oar generally. Craters left at the Wareham. of/.
gamier Co., Maw Wnet, will kw. , prompt flume
Haar to Clo., tdsoothectl •
Co.. O. E.; %Varner, John 'mists Sons. ratobarth ; 0
C. & J. 11: Warner, Steubenville. ' man
IIE siinerther orren for aole a large and aplendid
areorintoot of rolearood and maharani rand Ae
boo Pianos, with .uad.. *about Coleman', celebrated
Zeonan internment. The above instramonts are sat.
ranted tc bee-gall to 417 manntactored to Ole eatin.
n 7, and - ortll bo =Wiener tha• any'amaglit from the
emt.. • E. , ULUME, No Cm wood et.•
door close 5121
' N. D —City Svnp will be liken al pat fora few a.
ye above assortment_ ear/ F. B
TIM, is to feed./ stet I !invest ,
penned Livinsaion, Bogen: .t Co
ease deems (or the ealacf.leinilper
Patent: ilteprehnin Finer, for dm cli
tics of Poi...bulb and Allegheny.
Ufllt. l oll, Agent,
we Walter. 111tilbson,349 Uroadaray
iutt , N.Y,
• ' oct,lo, too. .
We bait Peen seine OM ante above ail:lslas at thi
ether of the Novelty Warta Cor three months, or.
and feel perfectly satisfied that Bin • usena invention,
it take pieu•re is recommending them u • use
fat emelt. to all Wu, late um_ lacier Dacia will be
thankiblly received end promptly attested.
nittlg IslVilifiriTS IN. S. ea.
Steam ttriat Works for Salt.
"VHF. sabsoriber odors for aale, the STEAM WIWI
E Later,. acerllle, Coerrtileg a
tfuato 1-:ertne. Sellers, d Noate Mnehine, eapobtr of
tranufsetertng ;woo Pfessell'arleks Cool entry clay,
Stake., nom thabslar4 per day; with three tore, at
land on the Aaegheug river, ataieb &fog atln.. and
sheds. ...eine sad clay shed, hdol b • now, track.,
..bovela tyades; fte.,...every (Itartg resel•tte to ems.
inure oparaOns in hours Imams.. ineladir.e
It. patent naht to toe earl Maeldne,'Sltalomfa , of
Payment made easy. Without ttre game for
particulars, address • • HENRY ItICGAITT,
augt'l-dtf_ No 111 ftle_g_mgabeis mace.
Pro. and out /rola Baal, lat 4.
rri HE eabseribers beg leave
theo the palate that
ther bare obtained from Eau all the 5.1111
fashionable designs for Iron Mahar, both for houses
Qla oemeteries Persons wishing to procure
amen patterns will please call end gamma, and judge
for themselves. fluting will be furnished At the short
est notice, ard la the best manr.ert ai the comer of
Craig and Rebecca streets, Alleshong.„eity.
Ago for Moms and lizootery of Proprts. Sts
England:. . "
iVING spun realty a year In rho asfums Re.
nom Whets, Nattonal Library, he donna hts
Into suit to tingland t invesugaung claim: (at persons ,
In thisountry, and having steered rdietflat st,d
spoombl c o Agents In London and Manchester, be to
prepared to afford an secretary information and ad
tried-to pc ram, who seek to meover tam property to
that country. • -
J. L. trips n list of the Vent of F.egland Dividend
BOOS; tch eh may be eramined foo '4O cents, or ed. for
each letter of the 'Alphabet: '
Reference. In Boston: .. •
C. AD4VES, NedsrY Palm: -
.TAAIO.S WELD, , ltwit ;.:
11F.SR9 IL MAY, Lim
rt , coq,n
r•shlosablikia. •
corner Er Wad and_ AAA Shags.
Darricutaa atu.troi - pnia Retail Trade.
Gentlemen tan rely apart he their Its
Gaps frons our establithonent of the wan rtherrataha and
annudasissnr, of the tan= gressi,and at tie rowan
re=t eeth eants panshastng by wholesale, an
d to call and' examine ear Snac; ns
we can say with confidence that as regards
and emes, It wsli ant macs Ina comparison wan any
(MOP in Philadelphia.
PABlcna to I - he l%leet %T i n? friend %a: deos c rt r e4r d a . t .
contprissni, as asallol the neigstatd moot leshioa,
Ode .ry of 4Cloths,tl'astinteres, fancy Vesting% cot.
tee and lieen anatmer stalle,and every article suitable
for gentlernen`s west for spnng and gammas. It bring
impossible to describe the beauty, ottfailly at nee ctity
of the monk, the proprietor hence all who ate an want
of good, cheap, foshtentable,' red web made clothe.,
anti air. him a call, as glen is me stock Woo*. el
the kilt ohms we that can eompareontb
Tae ready to ado department very ettendie, 'dap•
led as all males.
Bail fool oontractata,r reentry elerelaente and all
who, purchase largely, are partlealatly (cre e d to ex.
amino the stork before purenevinq, paminular at.
Boa is paid to the wholerale hems. in Alt e..41.b.
Every ;Mel. le the tailoringline made ter order to
the most fashionebte and best manner, at the shortest
nollPs Urn
THE partnership beyetofere esl.ting under the Ann
of, A tr. C BRA OLIKY,Is diseeir.o by the decease
SILO Bradley. The business arab be carried on by
4 Wadley, who will souls tee butte** of the hue
REHrt* s Hu i haii rantond his Paned ry
We beast front No Its tteeend atrect Ns te wood, Oral and Second streets, to the ware
.nuso bed, occupied by 0 A Berry, abet° be win
keep eenstentlyan hand a g.erro assormentefaasb
Ureles, rupees, Coeht Atessa he. la 43
rt. vrx.-....„..,, is
viiiliin - fifany
THE gglikpllnn of the pablie u reenact:airy entire u
the Wowing eortiGeatar. •-
gry„g e..ayno.Hariog. WWI a qsatinty of Gale
aretaboos by your areinneter, Mid dm result prove+
roar loam:sant comicti - notd - renoormeed the are Or I.
to thaw solos to cnifornla. an tho Loot mooted for 0 , -
tabling the real Irene * eld Rio. you,
J. B DUKLEVY, Gold Boyar.
- Pittsburgh" Mooch 0,1510..
trremitin, M. 1 .6 7, two.
Mt Itsenro—Dear 13Irt - Flealoe the"arco.
mete 7,” monefeemred et your coal., g do not.
eoren , nd it to the vim of those ecntiettion who are
about removing to Gallia:7lo In acarol, of Gold.
It rive* • die , . 111"DrnZir114tInn to the SPKARC growl
ty of meth, end Will °erten ly enable the adventcrei
to in when big pillour is yielding Gold.
merit Voors. reste, .1 Ft V.II.INT. W.l(
s, MU6L Dl.Kg.i.vv; - • ,
NE t'lY
all wiser; and Illackannth a,, Shoo
11 n and and for s•l.. ales at hia. - aa ,
x j,,,el W •., ata Weal,Ward, a,
'Cleo In On Iron MM . , 01 801.1..%1 n Na• 8. Ginal.
RUN, No 4 , ord: al Wood arect, rittaboro.
1.1.14'4 .1 ta
. -
Wa,1011.2451040n4. having itred. Mth entins eat
lehetleo. W cola Steal .4 Fd , " assdo by Sanral
hle2lnivy. •at hi. FA& v.teTl as
in uu , ,te , te
plevarc In larosoaradini shim as zqnnl In ri maul ir
any - ever unad by an, of (.reign VMIIIII.II . II.CtuV,.
Piusburgh, March 12, 1229. !
ok. / 51140M4111:22GE2. CO3-
.friameaciaTens of Iron and Md. FLUSh.ret,
KriaP P i Tortes. •
tronFo.den. sod gashild.ts, Pittsburgh. Ps.
COLEMAN Ilinli.ntAN Ctl,
.smastamsoraprings, AXlnn, 971222Pu0 Sisal and
22 boric, Pa.
raglan Milder, and Machine -Card Nansfadta.
•, Pa,...46. Pa.
Hewn. Vonnder, Plusbarsbia.
rf, L.1101,121f le I.
24.111tritatatess of low sad Nail. Pitaboma. a.
JOSEPH T051L.121*(12 4,
Lafromodve Engl.. and Palo radlder. PittaboTatl, Pa.
Itaibl 24..01atarer, Machina and Ellgirre I WI&
o PAIR of Gold tSpeemeic3,eapposed m b o ra
el, dropped 13 %Vol ifeei.Ja from of 132eored
coot WaTICDOille. TIM fUldeT brteillf*l4 On
ow miss the* W$ Owlish No. 11. Wood idOd.
NABOB COMPANY —ol4re ?teeth RGIIO2 of the
Ft:rah:nee, Tbint street. Philactelpti, •
' , ten Ihnersartra.—Balliings, rdereautdlectroil °thee
lrt Town arid Cniatuy, inraradortiinnt lota
.rarnage by Bre. at tLotryitairene
M of .rreinitn._. • •
sane lornaarres,4hey a '. , 0 innate Verona,Gar
iorn and Prefatory, for•len or ea attnrii, hada;
spite' oolt , •lrs ' the assured boy dens: . •
r in/1.111) Trutrsrmarrott—They tdro hrorro smith ,
indleorransported by Wagone, Rod Bond c:nra,Gennl
Boats and Stslllsl. 0214, a,.nrera and Etas. oa the
most liberal term. ,
DIRECTORS—JoseyS Bent, Edmund A. Shades,
tan CI Darla, Robert Barton, bean B ort.Samn•
dl EdreardeyGeo 0 Leiner, Edward Darlington, Inane
BlhivinrWat Folorell,John Bevan: Dr It II Beaton.
tasC Head. TheophVoin Maaidloa: tl'Jam's moon,
Benry. Blinn. Beth Craig, 13eorge ftpenr., -
Vellwarn, Charka J G Johanna, Win Bap. Dr
S Tbontaa;Joba Bellsr4 WmFy re,• , •
liogh Creig,'John uon: " " • •
• • • • • -U141.1/011ht/1411IN, Friable*. '
RlatAira S. Novietan Seby+;• ••' • . • . ..
' . .CEr °dice' of the Cosopuy, 'Na. 42- Water wets,
Puubumn. , 1164.25-tr. , .I'. A. MADEIRA,MI
Ufa and . 114104.1 larnimatinees •
Mantra . Llfe 'and Iltakb Insurance Compaq)
of Thltrodelphit, Ureerponned by the Legislature
ofPesowylvanit, Nur hi ISM Chelsea petpanal.
Caplutl,11100,401.• Earn LOU a salmi art Paresti
ram Cosurtam_trid fitU..2o. pat *eau lower than the
nensfrates of LAM larturtnee, at the following corn•
paristninnll show: Tbai,.l porton of the wand in
string for RICO for lift. mast pay In e Girard $ 2 v"A" ,
PennsylvezlA it M
136, Penn Mewl: RIAU Ego/tut/lei:
IASI; NewPOrgland,S2ps; New York Life,* 'AA
du•IM Witted Sleeßs;Philtdelpitla. Apt. Al. '
Insscrott—Sarosel W
P. Doane, - Robert P Elan Cnati. P. Hayes; 'M.• W.-
Bald svin,'ld. M. Serve, M.D., Chas, 0.11 Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Redman 'Luker, E. OttiersUmi
IL Copt President—Assets! D 'Ordeal Viet Pretri-'
dent—Robt. P. Wog; Settutarp-LPrannis IntekbernAl
appliesujoes will be received. sad every lnkttattien
given by . BASIL. PAHNESTOPII; Atur
_ • Odlee, lknosamelel iiibaiIII{A.MOT of
oeSINIlly Wool and Murders, Pittsburg
smut *Nu 11AILtli111118014ANUES. •
ITIDE INSURANCE CO. oot North 'Arnerles'wlll
1. make permenem' and limited Insuranee on pro
perty is city and and
anti h e
sUpmerts by
Canal, R o a m 7l,, yokes, and b y Pet The properties a
this Company are wed invested, andlanl4/1 as avail.
able feud far the ample indemnity. of all Moons who
desire to be Mitt' col by Inserted.
myle WM. P. JONBO A • 44 Water a,
Oars and 111 arras Istap.rateaos.
THE OFFI.CfIot lb. Immune ilkuipars, of Korth
A. Smeriea,hta* been removed t 0. 2 ,115, ill Front at.
east of Wren:
The eubse rider, agent for the above, Old and raven.
ribla 'Consmoy, *4 I.`op Pou...k , n muldint• and
Sheir, pootents, sad on eldromts of Merchant:4re 1!)
team floats ana other teasels.. ' " ' •
W. r:l4 R
, TWE Boeand lkisalui, this InstWitten. under: the
11. smear Ur. and Idre.-GosnosS, for thel prevent
academic pear, wW comma peel's Idds dUY. Monday,.
Femur, OW, in the same bulldlags,Un. Lei Warty
. Arrangements also been mood br gaga' Gef via
be able to farelsh'young ladles Within squares amp
lathe West, foe elltantlog a Uo
1,.d Omasseutil education, A fall Gone of Hu.
isaphles!. and Chemlea4 'Lectaree sill ha delivered
daring the sinter, Slummed by . apparatua , The dm
mumensel t ral
i ln:j t hi p l ui rar t val,itl , uq b l=e 4
W care oft earupetent Prokreser. ' l;y elte-anendon
tho moral and intellectual imprseemma or their pm
eae elinciee/e beet. to amnia enntionatlons4
patronage they here Whom, enjoyed For
terms, see circular er opply to the Principals.
rebel!-du .
lieders•lad_notigne Furniture.
•• Cm:ft Inla(dal ha
' , patine that tor Ins tom. - •
gartctl Its sproopooot of • .
FURNITURE. thetnistat an/ istOsisnrio I .I.m:um
over ofeltd ititiale in this city, cong• asocial
all, of tiostwoob, hoss and IlLsys iVsaltor,
.0 sod, ornunents.l and plam, ample tor Parlors.
Drawing - and Ueo Round. all Of oltlth will by sod nt
the lyotin
Poise:is Tornltsiro of any'ileseninton, •ru
:roictibily wall.. to c•ll.deiSalitte.las•lact, winch
ectbraoys every description , from tee thisseit eau
(*soma Lka omit aid OiSiiiYi' o l winch 404
rot:wol comprises apart: - •
Trio a fete riefas;• Tete * Tete DlTsnii
ph Chides; Mirsbetslait Clums;
• boo pbort do. Laois XIV do •.
FAutision do . Watt Intligttli
Whit Nuts; Tolley Tobin..
tools It IV COTlMllderir Unke of. York'sroaehi •
• 00 Sofas with Plash hod Ilalr•cloth covers;
. W Divans, do do do;
40 dos Mahogany Parlor Chairs;
10 • Rosewood do dui
It • 11P1 With:al do do;
40 • Unno Tsar_ do;
4 4 14 . 00 Eloili aiintinr d •
* • 'do • Piano oton:s,
Marble Tuy•Centte 'Cabins;
siD do do •STub titits,dsi• • - •
Mahogany Bedsteads;
tlt •do • Warcirobosi., -•-
. •le
6 Chem' • do. .
A fcly Date iVIORMCht Of lakattliikluainr and
or INlMalite to Meal. ' -
Mr Stearn Rasta Punished on tho SltOnait
Ail orders prornotlii so. •
P. —a...binet &twist* eon ha soiti
of Illobosouiy, Woutos,ims Veneeia, gonad. .UT
redaced mites. ,
DAYS FOIL sate, •
Etts ninsu.FACTUßtilit , PRICht
Wbito Flannels, all Wcwi.,B,.. p.a.;
Red do do Moe'Demlor, '
Vedoor do do Fancy Cottoondes; all are
Srovra on do offered at Factor, prices
Mack Satin... Here. Ley'. 13211tIng.
Steel mixed da • . ..
Bloc do Cheeks and Stripes, ing
Drab do hear) goodi.
Illaek Cataintera Tailors' Goods.
Falter ' do Red Paddiog, roper act;
Pansy Terreds. . .v.a radding.qhmkrag,,
Super Black, Dread Cloth. Tailors'eaavaas,heary do;
Soper Drown .do . Drown Linens, Wades:"
Soper Green do , IDrab 6..rge, black do. •1,
Soper Tariliir . 'db , ' . • and worsted;
1 W
gaper Black Doe Shinsheck and White Tape;
Dodo) Drab Durnt:ea Mach Tatsr, Drab do;
.ouper thaw. do Linea Mesta and Drilla;
Super /Nook .do Stuart's 6 cord Sol COltodi
• • California Blanieri. do - Lin. Thread, •
Scarlet ' • do - suoerior article;
Mats ' do Silk Figaresl Wrongs;
Drab • ' do Stack Sado do
_ Grain Ragging. BCOWtiliol laud Se'g Mika,
Drown Ledutsaunas, Cravats, le, ha
. at the tdagarattarers' Warthogs°, No 1.17 Wood •
Plusbargh • tared
THE co-pains, tip baretufore arisslog betereco the
subscribers, la the muss of Constable, 'Desks
CO, is tau day dissolved by midis! consent. Mesas
Darks a, Dames trillsoule the business bilge consent
for which purpose they an authunted is nett* no=
se cumbers. dili A NIKI. t'ONd ram%
The undersigned have this day assneßoad themselves
In the nape of BUR= Ia BARNES for 'the purpose
of manafactartug Fire Pn•of Bares, Vaal. Donn, Ao
ett , u the stand el .set at firm of Coos:able, Mote
41.10, Whorl they will be ptearol to receive the putt..
sae of the eastomers of therhouisian4 their friends.
• . THOMAS BOaPik.B.
IO rsolrlng from the Ina orConstable, Dart. 4k. Co.,
tWith 6111C•id pleasure reeemenand Messrs. _Sachet
. Barnes to tnaeonfidenee of strfritt;ds rod the
Feb. 0, 1819. NAP/lAMBI. CONSFA [LLB.
O. auncrniser
[TAB Jest retuned from Me bastern Cities, and la
reversing a tarp varlet) , of vasenible floods. to
which-be respectfully Invites the linemen of merge
eats and psdiare.. lin 434: Woad ae. ' • keit
lir ALL, PAPER—w. P. 1510mgat.t. iv•controoti7
receiving, from die largod inmiuntetarie: to
Nero Sort and Poliodoiphio, and om. from rrenoli
agenver, am, newest and m.t.sw••••anyhs..! Ps.
Per lim.ginff 0, Invktur, with, Porderl , /load
Print., and Teats:Pope For .ale or 8$ Wood at,
tort. Vomit, it Mad Untmond alley, (miceeavor to B.
t.. 'AINT-4 by . jut ref.'. per steamer.
11 .and :or sale a, tin:Laurel ey Uncle paand q the
Pm!t erred, and •Perfadtery Warehouse earner cl
and Wood atreeta. 3 N
• alts'- .
werrall ea , Patent, Dads - A.L.
46 t I tst nn ouZ l e t X: Wi rsi !nt l i
eases Dear 011:1 e wan - from New end Cr
: - tied ham title
arm .as tett. ettont_Yaitylee •
ia'ltattlranre pet ship} 1.1 , 110,t, Cheesecake, Defoe*.
Ca •,,CO.I ag211, - -iablon al Ibe sold On arrroel, 111,
lowest menial piles for en.b or .p-rornd
&61 iThltrti.TßET.
InCl - Ni. gal 1,11.0:-,•rt.
• IIE: Thom g Sl. or c
winctanuot:epee. ••nwrt Ter to I
r the pub.•c weir 1...m0m C., tralcarStoval'-dish;
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iir it Is aeholot no .p-snon will sea any hot the
Thre , rt St nas.,,ctatl poty'a lrrnaomiJumr
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WiCgrag , lAlT,
at 76 Corner •••( Sian end ral
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I l L n P ern7o n r; ' ,7y7t n o ,tt " a " 3 -P ail
plea's call eh the Rooms of tie hoard of Trails,
I gecond storl, aornerol Wual end Third •te and Tay
ror leo sa he. ' AASlttlilr rAIINESTUCK
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Q rAnriEsincit Ins lease ro annoanee to the
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Cattalo IS radagnata, to. that the work - It lures
heady ready far Ws press, and will be•pst In the
hands of the prin4r. some wirers belWecti Oho 90th
;ad MIA Instant. ,
The mutes ',Mary, and all lotto feet an Interest
laths ptadnation of a.complete and
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pattlealerty 'Ow have not :been led en, will
Wady abate the, by ascertaining that hash
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noted lot paalleation to the Dlrecharl• _
All cardalo be
teamed: tent blinded tn torn.
witt,,,ot Ms latest, by the date shove mitred: - •
run reeei.ed.a.4 ROW OPI.Ing• .." , ter.nt "O •
tp wood 5 octave&leateork Piste, from theotle.
rated scuanutarto7i of 4rrtO & Mute, Quell:47u.
Thl. is a taparkr, Instniumv7. s r 7. 175,4 ,5.5 v 5 ,7
Ividd 571175 1 ,•5 1 7557 aO. one line 4 *atm Malebo,
as ustinai Male Stara,
Wif , . laTY4isum.
GANI► $/%t;N
•By libel President et the Par ed-litates.
INtnrizszeie of law; L ZACIIART TAYLOR'S. ,
. atdeat or tho - Urited States of Ametica, /to het ..1
drotaro and mslre krown; that public. Italie w.ll be
arl.l at the mode rrtr Witiced teal Offices Irs the a , ..
.1.511. Mb API, It too perlods antiwar,. doslg calm',
At th• Lard Oire et SAULT VT'. m...knie, for
ther•Lte ev,re• Distri ommenet-g on Mon
-0 al tt. *lslet.. day of SootemSor not', 'or rho dia
nos I or yob to hods within the following oared
-111pwair— . •
No of as luso lin6 out , last of the rprinii.pd
Toormahlp forty fiat, tad Croatians] toarea'alyr ferry
six and forty scam of range too.. . . •
T.grohips Garr fivn 'aad far 1.. 11 .. 4
tommohip - Idn • or.n. of Tante ‘hree •
Township forty six, and tractional temainip fang
of range fen,
rogrothog Pony atz nal fang Ile van, and rigtetidral
.etenthips any and G ty one. of range 'Svc
...Fracuopal townsbign fang garde. (arty eigh4 kn I
,Alva, fifty, and ling DO, of tango old.
Tommabita fon, night and tong athe, and fraction'
logrngingy !My ortanao seven.
Fraenenal togrnah'ps 'tarty nine en allog bland.*
and (any on bland," and tavroahly Cony Ilya, of
range eight.
if/tactionalvoralpg thirty ning and`fint".
sad .13aiden. Wanda' and Gamy theta en the main
land, and to analups (any roar sod forty bee, *Congo
—Fractional township, thin! nine and fang on
'den. end .I , qt me , Islands. and township fang three,
fang fan, and fa ty five, arrange ten. ••
Vrattlenal townships thlny wed on.Litde Beaver .
.eand, thing nre on "Livia and .gmatn
Jmodg, and rem an ' , Whitley" Mad, and tome.
.hirog tarty three, bay term, and Cony gee, of range
el ,ren.-
Fractianal thin/ •••,*
Fractions! towasSlp thirrp otiht oq .041
Moneta fans two, and &utmost tornsnlps Cony
dime, forty fon, and Cony dee, of range twrlro,
' - Fractional township Cony, on An sato' land; of
- . •
Fraction.' wonted:is thiny nine sad forty on the
main and errs t° seven-en.
.IPactinnalsowenbips thirty eight, thirty nine, forty,
and hirty nue, on Um main land of mums eighteen.
?mammal twansidpo thirty sis tin 'Plamlinet. and
"Poverty. island., Mtn,' moon lincladiag ~ t heorner"
1.430 and an wan and thlrt7 eight, thirty Moo, and
lolly et the main land, and townstaps forty ime, forty
two, an 1 ant, tale" Or 111101
. Fractional townships thirty alt on "Pt Martinis"
sod' till sods. tinny seven on an lila otoLltde
Penn; pr" bland, thirty eight on the mans land, thirty
nine (lneilannF all' lid sad. in stations twenty seven
and'tire. ty eigh , ) and :arty, and township forty three
on the ma it Ind .of rthen twonn.
Fnacnonal. toirroh‘po '01:p, and
fort, on oho main lane. et rw•ge twenty oar,
AT Tug Abp.: Pl.ACS.ootospenelsag on'hfonday.
the thirtieth day of f3emomber eog , , roe the disp nal
Wino public lands within the toilsome named wore.
ahfoo and Wm, tonal townships. to wt.:, •
f UUony toMmh W tt ny doe lod7tidslt7 oiX oa
jko loom I off, of rat go twerry foe-. "
Pro:o114/0.1 mansbCps air y the., thinv.foar, aqt
tinty fire r and telnutt p Ly ill, of rue tvrenti
fractional townships thirty twe and th'sty three et
,the main iota and townaups tinny intir and WV ,
Scq efo.tetweoty six
rrattionsi tow ships thins' oil% thin/ two. iki tr
three, thir 7 fon and thing fist eat. main land acd
usnnonipi tans . s x, to annals, and font tilt.; of
sense twenty send. •
I , Framonel taten•hlps thirty two, , bitty threey set
Sit ny,seven. and +township% thirty nine, (any rig, Amy
Ml•tn i and Own , eisid,tfranso testate eight. • •
'Y'rettleasl.tewtashh. {laity seenn. thing eight, and .
Itittry nine, gild Worm kip. lefty 0.16 lefty two. Forty
fon. (my Eve. forty eta, Cony SEMI. and
fors elgtd, arrange twenty nine.
Fracnon. , towrope. Furl), mi. , . loanithie
haetioneetown•lio Arty one; toWishos Ion) two,
.forty teree.)PMk.fouriferty err, Carty I_Z, forty wa r e,
and forty cieht..d toe (racoon. of uo. thirty h.
.1 iny six. at the ...10. of Agate bateorief towso
ship filly MOO, cf Mrs, ty..
Fiot%otal townships thirty nine. fony,:ud forty
one, totrsobl. forty tt two (Ott, tour, W
ar, for y font, hy
Oro fatly CO. fo , t) .rat, and If rte eigb; - and tree
Moo, sections semi-m.l"d eistown,on ' , Traverse.
IA -.ed. to !owner. Ray four, of ;Argo thirty two.
looonto da y
PI &CIA cots:rod. g Upon.
loart-ente day se r f
amoher rail. tor Ito disoosal Of
iht nubile hand. oFuat-oi within the ewe ramittOned
faaml-nel to , -aaiv ro
Nerek of eh* ha lima. and west of go Fir:apt
Fraetle,trownsblp y un. and ownships Con]
wt., forty litres., forty Soar, Nny five, and Arty, of
none witty two
Fran o u t toworblpa lily nod Silly two, of range
Itlny Hat, . .
Fra-der...l todineh,ps My and thy tarl). of nap
dst, (.2 ,
Towaphrpdiy of ratrae forty one.
Frado , sl townshin ford elehr, and {aWA , OlOa
to nine and Efts, of 1 . .40 (any no.
farty seven, frant.onal township ferry
eight, rd tmns.lps forty Ida, dad day, of-Taco
ferry Anr.'
Toartrsh., rely enyou , f,ty night, ferry rtlm, and
illy, of ran*. tor? ft.r.
o*ltthlf for.y /even. fort, debt, and rani *lna.
4rd , rsell , ll.l4larnxhlp ar.y, ofl ,lo /r. ,,,, 7 1 . • •
Pr•othazitovreshipa forty ntrua trod fery, Ot range
Lary r[ • • .
I t on* talanohloa fiery cod fort" seven,
to tralqo forty curl:4. and tractl,nat trrst tip forty
aloe, of ran.;* forty :even.
Vrardonot to•n4leas forty antra. t ferry aright and
arty trine, Or Kt.' (qt.
Fractional to...hip 6rltycf, mnpv forty aloe. •
At the lend 0tc,... at lONIA, entnartnetolr on Mo. -
or, the a runth of &Term nt r.,' for the disposal po , ore. lands wan. toe aadormetallened froe•
North df Oar ban Wm, and lout of tha L p
i *sips: .
.lionflonfront totriii - 3;1176 hiffitetOiritSies.
and notions ele twoir•ol•ineen, fontoOn.tonsaty
war, twonA7 aro, and Nu) AIX, townsigp aloe, of
range 'even
Lao. appropriated. by law far the see er aehoola,
miilaary, or ether yerpow.s., wilt be ale:a - Jed from the
The ofenng of the above mentioned lands will be
commenced oa the days ap•ointed, and proceed In
ilia order to which they are adecritrid, with ear.
',chichi disputa, arall the whole chili nave been of.
re red, one the sake thus eon. d Rat no mile shell bat
k-pt open Wader thee two weak.. and no plow,
cony of any an the lard. will be admitted natal 4, , i4tr
the expiration of two weeks.
Gyms ender my hand. at the city of Watittngton,
thia thirteen day ot.latta, Atom Dhoh4 °nettle...AL
eiltht hundred ahiLtlity.
Br the Pre mica(. Z. T/SLOL.
• • C-061113 LIMY... of the Iler Lust O.
---- •
NOTIrE PRE•EMP el 4 i (MAIM fttiTS:
Every ydeeon entitled to the malt of pte-seeptlen to
.1 of the ilade withlu the township and frastonal
wont hips shoed env nitrated, le required to eurlitels
the tame to tee aansfeetion at the Persist and Re
elver of the proper Land Ogle% and mete oaunent
therefor ae loon es prtte.beable alterseeing this notice,
and heft t t the day appointed for the eenuttettoetn=t
of the yobbe tale of the lauds erobruthe the ,tyeet
shamed, <enemies inch claim ad t be (*cited.
jy&dll. &lONS Cosnotholoner.
litiSts•et's Amurloan Atioltry: book.'
PUB FottILM Boot nod Fowl Breeden , beide—
.n. W a treater on Me Breeding', Raising, all
GVlDtrld og
afillgement of 000215.110 FOlllll, 1111U1
morons oriental deterlptLons and rannuteftroto L 'fo.
B) lobe
will e b u tit 'a mand to cowman ereitsi amount
atone= and other tnfamnation, both palatine. end
awful, in regard to Fowl /knotting, soar IA contained
in mdt other mertean works together !It ttall ao
Maori' rd solth • runty Fifty Portant; of the ravel
cliOite venetian of nommen and Forehm Peens,'
noon. forty of 'stitch ars from lifn from 'drawings
Okon espeetally for tbi• work, of th e most Important
O b nods, and seem al of them from fowls very Mealy
' To publishers been spared "to @opt no" is hring oat
Mi. work Itt asaparior manner bout In regard to the
011$T.Villp, 00 ',trill of the wore, and the SVPOIIIi
enettoken of oTe O7 Part o f the book. • And It ts - b• lies
al Boothe 1•0* will be found 14 contain More peal
'al tnfortsakon on Breeding and ganef og Dontestio
Vow/clime arty work lased In One cosmos:
' sat Sala by_ ,JAS B LUCK WOOD,
ledtd • Bookseller sad Imponer,lo4 Fourth et.
IciHNOTONltalrOJlCTONSavieluslopened for We
t't largestssrortinent of Paper, Mann 13 iota FF.d
etatlonery sect °Mood for sate In Ilea ,n rret b,,,
Ira a law ofaew and va o tblo Worts In
every deptruornt of Literature All pubUriatloni Gr
-moo at enotqui pleas. Coanuir akerchana saoplked
gran every arti,la line; on the inti•kraaronabla
tonne all
fU/11,01,Dr6 Co3i.lo.l.COsnli>.; Ekelob or a
Physical assert:Woo of ime Voivecae% urnies.
ilanabol,ll Translated by Muo.
Jost 110CRlived for nib by
Bookseller b. towls,
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120 otos T ii:lo44l: o .ek
Arno Gonpolrdor Ton;
t 33 Oir.Trbeeco,
ttr Mu Co fro;
WO DO' Otto Mohr.
73 hods Satan
1•0 Loser • townea aloe.
DOlise R.'ens;
tuo bss clutter . do;
l6kas d 0 -• • dot
1.6 ettskg Zm2;
;Attu E. litanotst
IS do Brs• Ants;
16 do Pdhomi
:At do Per Nuts;
. Las abated Almonds;
01/ bo' KOOO Cct , tdy;
AI 11 P•ilieljice&
Ciysn, „
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40 bit rtoesi
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31130 loplae;
bzo liernux;
40 brit Oole.4ori
.in owes Csol!amok;
taboo Ptirch;
• 10 ((CO lilor;
10 halm i;eatit;
:ou drools I o m
' A.. we'l. 31 tenant
•ofactoo 4 attielcs,
141.0C4:81313-104133 . 31N O 3.13,
4.-3 • I= met.nio C o ra
bf eh's y flyzon, various grade.
• 30 do Ganpoloolor Ond Lop
3o do Pouchoog
' , 6 110 - OolooK •
at o.ddy oso v H lorp . A P
at Lis Vo, Vs; and 1341101,.cc,
3.1 caddy Ole BuloWsea tto •la •
b 0.1.44 11.446. t .•
•. 4 , 14 3 3f Wl* 34413134 •
IlladLor, Atom. Magr'', Pepper. ttUrrata,
Neontess ? ,arot Lamp Mock k e g :r e tit )! , z
IVO Di DRY gi , Ditsh;
C. , OlNr,
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ettaalt r pncr tutri,;
to eru TOIIII.IO
fplee. of all k ludc
40 .erren polatleretl tilso
Loaf Sagetti
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1 1/ HAVE itAND MANIA° Da.Ebbust A ailabL.
%/Dv a', BELLE,Bo—I 'haw, Ott AlA rrostd lt at all the
• INA .Coartt Snap tad' Lion Pills yon gent An, and
4$ doi alt tee u
I haws wed all your Fantltylodlolnestd ray fantlth
and Lome alto roseribod thorn la my.ptactlea, I am
Tory wash plekwd with Own, and nano Gard omits,
to equal theca Fend ntod do; or pow Yanallaira, and
10 dos men al tba (dant Als and•Coar4B l .,
fat L tlally l. popa ue lts tat4'cloca . miy . t . re the
novwctetor,A IL ISE4LEILA 57 Woad atol Dr
Wanatally_ta OW two china and Waldo, - ana
itootN.L-atllarlat lat y ll i art 4 t o tot... k aiwatt ic o n i
Ploniolla Ad; A ! HO by JOHN. &to F ialai rain
Lite.rY a BURCHFIELD lnrite tbr aarnlant o'
WI Ile' !luta.* to their .1 tar sire assarvacal of Wafts
Bands for Dr. tars, ro. slating
Batch and B.riss FINN
Firsed P•sl•• dsa, .•
Flnbtt Verna 1:10; , ' -
• Vlososia 'Larrr.s; ' .
Lays Priced Barred !arrant tar rno•airre dideres
Rat soft Snlshsd dr; and a Ism goa,s, vent t
withcoloptl embroiders; r 0,111 /6. tenets
Gran., gateau, he. , at 110t111. nut rofms of Fount.
sad ID srlod •tre:dia :
URPIiYk BURCHEIEIdtare tintelaed a tart.
1.0 supply of flier. Lawns vary , ebalkr, *la mil.
brown at Irk: light do. in K ieft{{ alvioty, for 10to
Al.o.rfahtoldered and pnotrdllfixolloßandlankonet.
of nest and newest style% and kricat r ra for qa
sad no oast error:of Foam and a ant on •
0. 0 .
A. A, MASON • 86'..C0 •
~z ILL SOmmeece Oh
Their mmcare 31 t=n j t, '" wittl i iHil e t;
Wholesale Mama will, on 0130edthasion, be thrown .
open for Harem Tw and all of their extensive .
•rock sell , be odeted to retail a Cocoon,
'or noel 1010 Ml per cent. Ms than p noes . . ,
THEIR MOCK UV dILKEI, Comprise over I•ur
hundred picots, aid will be add .an nnotense di*
count .
Tbeir assonment ofShawls,lburacs.Tissass, Oren
Mires Foulant Silk. T.AW11.4; Muslin.. • Jaeeneta
Camtfea, mad Etress Goods generally, *ill be Glosed
oat imme diately et about cos bait tbe staid vitas. _
It ewes Fast Colored /AIMS will he stated at.., Pe
2 do 'l3aregeh ' : 10e.
t do Muslin do Seines, • ' :tee
Superior Fbigllstvartel Amerleiut Calicoes, 11A Ha.
21X1 dozen Linen Hasolkereblefs,• :••.- 61E 71
A lame lot of Wrr ugbt Collars, same no lowns 60
. I'esrcher with • complete variety or Denerstle and
Wbite Goods, I . tfbbous,llosiery: and Groves, penrsbts,
!f sting In all ens of Ma most alaranta aasortments
In the ton , y, afaiult will be ...asked down to Enna
cants yucca aka at any of tacit priadoos Annual ,
Sales. • •
Slorn4lll Da closed open Titrula* and
Fn May MB and nlal, for ttn. purpon, of ankng ,
g and marking down root. Flo vawatant rl4.
casm73l A. A MASA , : k CO-
NA' URPIIV & DOR , IIPIEUX base re...decd . & sap ,
ply 0131 tad 11 French Linens fortoWitalLt•
and Iniets. Indies` stets, bey.' and cjiildrea's swear,
.of the num &Amble Shades. •
+111e• 1D 11. atemlan 10 th•lr large esaniunent:af
lien'. and ROT.' PUbtbtt ft WEU4, ef dlntent an
imists. red all of vrbleh vii be , .eld letr..• )el? '
.P/1.11.1180L191 PA,BMOI.6t,
MlR:rotsigTeCaereL, 2a•errcrivedi,erbel .
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.; Patetrrnia
c 47 AleCLlNtvet. bu.,ettived tbio dery at hr 4
C7th . ca. ^ gxr , ; e grateege p i rena b stelt r lat "
to'which we Invite the =weft exparelutteri,
URPft t UUUSlFlt.pequip spsodu
LIZ et streuslu redutud pieuu Uvula , Crum 0 rat..
up: 44 1 4 tlunis from cum_ up. BM," e 9 tut lute .
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For Turd Ips 03 , cl:014:twill pp '4=4.0 our,
noels of dress good. belors purahOlUt aikistiore
North red earner vf Rllllll.ll uhdkut 'lOl3
JOlcatat Mita •• • -•
I Er It VED ibis day, atosn avasunent OrAlleant
bat On Km, soft Carpet ropmmf•
Jet) • 73. Fourth so
ndueed pm.; vir-r -
Dotage do Llaines. !Ouse: a.itertei.eut ofbeasdlial
prurns; • - •
Malta, 'flannel and Swirl Marlin.;
Blenald a.-gornnenta(fltnak and Tone, 911tia
Berates, lawns and De Lean , cheap:
Bramlfal Foulard Sill' at aYi. near. per gall
tleagl Ce(oaa• A hempi anta, and upward
A turn cant a! Wawa and Bleached blatlip, BJc
per yard and awards, - A
Bonnets and Parasols, at arcade rddireed arleea.
Clod, -,Cin/iniemi,646 Veal age, dee belt quell),
remarkably law,'
Togethre with." large nark VTieklaga Aaron and
Shirting etv01t.,..1 014..1 Brown and 1.11ea.1
eheedngs and Shirt nat• I...mmig; glanther
all *Mar arias m.oo r . line,a3. ru,nlt.ea.r of
Fourth and Martel gt. Me ta
I. nner otyhirnalard I:l,lls,gergelyeap, rish, glen
spa 466100 •6 Q 6146060 11111,10 it every yie
nd.qvanty; cep., plain' and legated black Mike; do
barer. and Vaal:via 1.61 6de hang, new end band.
seren styles; nem RI) le Ftnntr , , Engler, and Fewer.
Lawn.. In treat variety, 1.4 et vast I n a, p rice .,
Oen firmed. and man strlrd do lama of a.l kind.
.0 qua hial . liner lames of chide, arid co-Or.;
gi,gtmalr,,mnrres, print, any at one h etwearner
of Kerb and Marko et eat... • • r•••
A FAllri , R Watt and frney not
CI arta tr t.•ncitrOtt.' morn.
Inc, at refit east cont4 , d• Kith and Ltattet a a.
UltOrllPlt.l.o -
I ITritirgr - 14. RUM :II el al.lo too . I.] ac r itetruta.
11(1. and Bain D Laines at werebri Ofi..e.s.
north cart corner of Loan and Alaska •15. • i. 3
RLeith 811 K 10 — &U - S—Eitna arta medium and
narrow ultnnalna Goner quid t 7; 104 reed
and for sale at ICottheart corer of .Fnurth sad Dian
ket 'wee, led 31111,11 , 1 & OURnt.FI3I , D
Dennaatirairta - 31. aratliitt eta
• IMPITY & DURCIIFIEL.D hare rorecred ell ad.
.11 1 1 daiscui repply_oratauedt oo 4 3 . l arikYt33 . •.Tic..
ryips or China, Pearl: Alban,ard Oltnp
Waite and Colored titemp do; and ashen:moral' taint.
ELM once*. 7- ata3l7
uria Ott, t.11,0T11-60J ydr 4:i Floor oil Cloth,
r jaat rreelr , tl from the (unary and for ealo at the
Warirato, Noa 7 & O Wood sue,.
& 10101.1.170
:t It . 'U 100 ~.
MURPHY A BURCHFIELD loons the ...tendon
in of dose Virtllike gouda tor Mourning purposes
to tad: sexy fall assortnran,lost riernred,ract. as •
Riost Bodamlisak
Bornholm.. foist. dame., . •
Blest Moose te Larne', i ..;
Moonator Wash Silk., I, "..
do Printed Foulards, •;',
amass , Tisooes,Sleillon L.:m.5, -Atbalrrat, Main
Blase and earned Lawns, Blast .11mbtolsoned do;
Bonn I Ribbons Reseda, Veils. Am ... m 717.. .
SUM NCR CUATlN(i—rni Fes Cosby:tombs assorted.
eoio colon • coon desirable article. dm summer coots,
reed, and sow Open's/ by. . A AI.ATARON A Cr./
itoylß , : • : .1111 Mutat at '..
TEI BET 1311AWLI—Soperyor 4.0 calved Thibet
344145, eomprising Enamel; Orange, Polk, Erne,
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sad do day opening by . ! - A A MASON 4 CO. •
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Received this day by A A' MASON &tar) •
anio Mullet it.
Lustros. at the exp . ectio bow pads of 121. per yard.
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- Fresh Arrival of v. 7 Gootti
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ajar ng and cod to! naval, f.r the ' redal! en ,
,ter•ln .exilmr,i.lnnent of the debt hi the Gentronn
wealth and to Mantis, a loon," apptored :the 'dd.
Ls 0 , Mop A.l) I.lkpinvides
SLC•L' tilt That Ma Governor it here'y aithorised
to nagoilre. a loan for tne. min of Three Million.
three Hundred Thnosanl Do law, redeemable tr
•lorty years from the date of the sab•eript thereof
it a rave of mere.t.
geld eding four per certurr
per•nnem payablein andlailver,and..enn.lll
Wpm tad pelt' day. er Femur . end 4 4 44 of
year, and exempt.from , every ! specles or utimain
Nonce, tilt prOcosal. fot'ilid loon will,be ,reeetad
due lce,
be, publiabed littricust ba
lder firespepse intle
%rough of Harrialiarg. to the -e PlUthdah •
Lancaster. and Philadelehin; and in the cities of New '
York, ,thsvon. and Usitimore. for a eerloti not le..
Man threOgibatim be [Ore the optg tif PloPemea
ad ;by letter elmerbere, if deemed neemary, one
t he the day antigned for e that purpose, innich node,
the proposal. ehall'be.opned lathe Pt gmle","f tit;
Govetnor, the Panto, ,of,tho l'etumellteetthe.elle
auditor. General, end u loan - shall be awarded" to
tiro highest bidden or bidders. If In mounter Co
hid. shall cloned the pool of. theiaid load tan same
lhdi bediattlbuted pro rata amongst the hLriest bid
derv, bat if- Mershon, of said 10an shall not •Vien be
[sheathe Governor may renew notice, in the manger
of from thne to oroe,till the Whole araoam ol
mid loan diallt be sabscribed. 'No cone Pineal bids
441 1 bePotmide'edi
or any put thereof certificales with coupon the the
Intent shall be 'lamed therefor br rho Audi or
Bcopialit.ff the said load shalt tie ettbseribed,Tl
shrill I. and It is hereby apptoprived for the payment
and ca Insult/lamer of the fended debt of tot. Cent
eteriareel h, now dee, e d g ed .come due; doting the
year one thousand eight ha n d set and lifPftood for the
Parratineof the anna , o r einbt7 th..add tn. boo
dna aed dotter. and eighty cleta centr,doe to.
dornediti coeditor,
Inniusammei of tbn provision ;foreasid, nonce L.
hereby given, that on:meals will be received at rite
amen of Am /Monster?' of the Commonwealth entil
°Went P. M. of Treads,. the Onto day ef October
next, atipelahra for • loan to the Conamonwalth. for
'he Marone net font'in the said actor the sum of
there Mlltions three bonded theasanddisPers.redeam
a tile - iti.riy pests from th e data of the .abaription
Merco4 at a ram of 'Meyer net kneading fattener
coot per anomie, payable
_geld and silver, stmt.
annallr, apon th e Artt dos of febreary and Annum
preach year, and exempt mote every .pccics of Mx.
thn Scares ot 'tett forted mid lean, with carports
m a d e te,intermttelll tuned in themes) manner and
ae usn.fcrable by the owner r on me books of the
Aaditer G. petal's Department.
Thy !proposals will be required' tnstatiresplictly
T e as ahatent. offered whielt'sbalt. sot In any care be
e an one thousand doiars, dm rate efintelest not
exceeding romper real, end the premiere rtroeteted.
Tee Plate
non .t
r d o t e to 'turn the whole er.
=7 Part of the ram offen nlss the ',apostle stipn•
lam to the minute,. '• '
Inds teal at loan malt be direct rind et - elicit. No
tondulenal proposals wattle received, • •
Lipen the eceeptanee of the Mopota'w•the ter el
mart be polo into the Plato Treasetra,lo inch mamma
ar *henna dire. led by tee GreertipT. ,
Certificates ore. oak will he . t e nse t
rah eniatmni
sniney be requested tiy-tha bridal. • '•.
rzow , dmectid, under seal, to thle
orad, "Propose/. for Loans" They will
not bt 'pelted or dialoged eatll tts Pend for ni-etv , ',
unt them has eigradi slier which malteration la MO
.tarorradi headnutted..... •• „,
- • A .1. 81.133PLL‘Pkorelltry of the CeiatA. Atm, Ilartisearff, Jams alb, lben
.JeLlidltoardiale . .
RitallTZ PO, dal AbliaOW gaT OP TOO CdtalaTerhow,
Ite i n t. !fl r at i '"t eth a effe ll".
4. 12 , That the Comottp dia_K g e g spy.
'wealth a sh deur-cod moles . thr Af b
vo that stash red adsl be Judge. edge Plepri
Coent, o( the sw•ral *arta or Comma Ins, md ef tom
odor Coln *Mlle ord ere or dal mastabtahrd kw.
end -bold/n/4 by the gen id•il • sWgen_ef Ormona
eld-it On Om. tolloworlit wig. The taiga n
thdreelln, by thy WisiZgd dolma of lb , timemws.
gredb oar,
Wm tendon Jays of die 'enrol els
Mt:amba Pans, mid o( h ikons of Award Ma •
or ehail le anti litho:I-be taw, told al• ether /Mrs writhed
10 be 1•••....1 le the der, j . the giddied electors the'
repseini lie den one w •wa abet are so 444ri lib or set as
J.4,.-; sod de (rooms Jaig.s of de Keens of goo.
rine ih Otto. of 'alto int as lilptelllll7.
(In lad se tht Puma. C win shall hole their g
he, t eta of Minn parry if t ty shall so lo g keen
domain's well (odjoiLo Pee allow I hen' sager pen
vide fre, •litng ato Oa Vest diddre4 de nabbed
Wand' the want dart. VIC, la• • pi.e., sad
other ennui or ityweil ea •eshall esdh.laled ey
mud oidlr 4ariga norked to 1. 151,0.4 ha the taw, shall
hold her nt..r f, tlo, tom ar.ol, )4.01. 1. they nods ie
load kelorn duo. no sob:. he ,liceill.o lodges of die
voare .41 4 Croons PI a' flat I bold 0.,0 am sa Cur nit
tern abe yew% hey indi to lwg b-haie dumb at
waft a. 4 of • maw .be beetwiedmil ry theornwor,
bat tar an• rliv.• Maw. wl•ist 4411 lit 0. nerent
{A,li•houit,,tlli then., shall dwo • el
of 01.01 oo the nadre • telly.. thirds ..t tee• bra., h of thi
1. gintito. The
decd.. snit bat p gm. de
enlerai diction of thi•Comroneedir is 44 .'I,, th• odc,
, 10-1 at Ova onesolesead and 'the err;'
01 at? the
Jokes - le 4o loas Ili dab to • doll
as the that:
Alocal..) Clegeoder rt, tin tines nf the env
4 isign trolortwei..Tlie permit alio Asti new ha
&e.t.d./4g.. of the • • met ball hold their dims
es fPo a: Coe f thon lir these seam see for. a •nes
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,h et yet-a.m. dor mem '4l ram
b y Om Ise lif ont
von, the term • f exit to be melded by let by the
Jad,a, tio goo , .foe the tai .. movneetion d. the en
watt...Wird hyd , loth: U: tear, that th eowinial
any be hoe ti anordems thereto 4 1 14 .thoge who..
einaniaioi Mit wen , chill Chief krone dgri.g
Ile tow4and li•nalli osh ksige wane - koaMilidalt
Brat axe Malt lo the s hid Jodi*, Lad .f two or
Orli lilialskstts 11411 it, Ili ea the mod My. the
to"Jiddbg Lhog ail me de ley lor Mint do Ibe 'he Chia
retwoeini heypedeg blind eingtratiort,•r
whenthit, ere, of the rod eon% dui ' be Oki by ap
poishorsit ley th Omelice,
to aline • till the ant Mx,-
007 of th ienabtror eeniiigtheadt menu Warne. The
ledges Of de Bermes Conn am the Pre i'eme iY t
• 'mall:meted:Cm= Pirmaboodomod ,Loo,
Lett Crct, lirliess in ad. q•ste e meg mho, to Se bled by
law. • hied deg rat be dmildhad d-ring their mintemem
in. Iry , thory oh•llmmia to or pnye Wine eWle.
tor hold my other dike es•mosl modem babe- asonvold.,, ,
I et miler the r4yernorai of the' United Sitate; or,w4y other
Philo of thi. Vein 1r •at lit Septette an t
.1.•••, 44, .I.linlili , l litullt44lll ida within dile
Conamyreabbi ant gnashes don their Cali..
ewe to elk. Walli doh wait district or mato, for
whirl the) wen. nspennely 440.1.
SpiakM enlflow of Wepoonalatier.
• •
• Spoliator thy &nate.
. Fierrolearg. Jan 11:W.
1, Pealed SV, Pena., older. ti rM P.' ste , or
P•mayidell,doinnbfarlitylledde -otegokg erislaboa,
(:00. Ili as Mr &lit. Aleut de *WM -mina 1 iodide.
~•Karabilice ;Welke ea ix ow addend ot tl.. oweitatla.."
—a Inn Ibe sommaelati - a Abashes-es lagre•d t• by a tan
*it, or the igembera:deeW44ll Mel Hone .of Pb. kW !
4.4.lwlelene-afier r than dale, bide dated di_ fin
000.4. ta n Thai dee mad te by a wrjoely or the minion
Weted l. tad strain h the Ikons. reassgheakyit its"
/KIP. , IT lila 0-Iles . givli ea the
god mine el de inotelign,M , ~.
1 !goal 'Wig la floor Ode roomier the erieltgiot were,
H. Jet.. Brookw. J Pert.- illkaig . rebai
Josonhas J. lantaiaddo. Themes 111 ' F. an, 1b nee
Fatayol,, (rinks IP•s11:1• • Rlbat M. Frieb. Wong r- Poo,
Jobe W. Lindsey. Willow Hewett, Per R. T a. V.RIM
• Ire., Jokout Y. Jour; J r . V.
lAttllift, AltCaslity &, tea
bildtaks, Ile v.? A. 111lilliterg.. VII F I mins,
Wildeo R. Weiler, Dealt Wolin, rel., B £nay, Cowed
ore,4lthan C.Plowett, Kea ill Rim, Far's 9,4 treater,
Join 0. Welter, eaW V•lesom Bat Sprat r—Tras
Those red the pawns of the..* dttal were,
Going Area, Au lilt. ileum ad A notiler .
Ng. " - (margin from the Jo-n 9) • -
• . sotn. - tv.ltsgtozr
le awe Heti" a, granewernerit, -
PI endow, Malt 14 'MK; •
1, Willits Job, Chief eke.. of the Wore or Wm.
seatetiloi:.( 1 cm yhinta l , do bender H. 11 ), dad the fa
latnsokren, IN*. 10 fa the Senate led
.two genial radii) Witted •iana
hike iduire to the ,mattediamt aft' • • mak Wien rinit
bele( de rewititio tirWeb wee treed 'ear rit •
'or u.. 1 mole I ..141 t bed Hone of the test
tweowlft r barb; bored 4e, rent and a • Wm weelir son
die al, apeed t by • ilijority_ of (bworabere ideated to
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washy al at. prom MllO3 Wain ll'agal th bia
0.• the 4.1 pa. No ado, work Wet lo I.loo—
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(kW B. nig Di nand Blab, Blab, lelets, . 4.
Bali. w raid.
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as. C.d. ha If • oven.
Ire lw C•IdIao.1. arejmin 0 4 dold, • Pinta
41, Jarmo , I' Pinner, the',, Dwane. V, Wawa Dm-,
WiPare &peg. J-h. C. Dom Wit late •Clee, tteol
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Oue, Jowl, 11.1denna , too gen
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Litre Joins R. iCI 1,10 , F w*Ca 1.. b. bb soder
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A.L:SUi i.L,arrears of 1.11. Loan/sew= .
• • . . • .
UAL VLOV11:, .
orrlie rd
tae reeopnon td order. et tae fodoeive pleee.
j ft Fend, eer oar of Sixth and Wird street. 4
M Ife7 ward, +hoe more, tor. Llberty ibuket Va.
A Peeler, store, Third Meth
Wirer, Jr., draping, tor Ranh limittleht
John P Petah store, corner 114 Arglie.
Telegraph Wier, Foenit sneer
D Kelly, me.; PAU. sooner sinner , rdiele
prase, nom, creet,iiinth
Tbe doer warrens will tell take Cr dime /Oil
fee order., tat
the &ghat, delivered prompdl, elnxr
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acregger ern be allowed, err that driver. esn rave
or remittal. teleran deer withal' pryoreeh -
WC hope the publis land to
pleased with this se.
mitt:leak IS WI Orithirodeamt go do them larder
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1.111 • • M 11431 1. • 24"13-1."
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T7NOW all won who Ift tint and atniCietr veldt dlits
taseofthe Wane, and oldness:with .ti 0 tmrie
Jain. el beet orttabs, edificants, old terra; ninnies
steer. tee, drat they can , betnred by totem. the:Pet
roleum: Von ratty telkjihmu its; Corm A. =woos, t n e
o orb us reit m
ttleste c h ct this dists not akilf sot
me proclaim in it& fete of an If onesi Cortimitilry, that
I boa virtues Schlott - re , not nonlained to ether
- eciedy, The on fehu Isrselted tsith pale and'aof•
army from diteaite..eMl AST any - cent • get relief from
my of the ills ennuescratsd ahoy,. Reader:: it nests
gay little to maks a trial: .Thla Petro:cam lane Mt es,t
nro—no ecnopend, pet en lb; the ormote of ireredisg
. a.the otatatatif itYr• tanll last remedy tleberatel by '
be master hand of tam* and babblizip horn the CA
ant emu mother earth lofts original parity, and of.
en to .adoring humad y a ready remedy, a certast
MIS attest, CM, •/ ••1 1/ '• • • ' /
Tt 101. eared Filrgalter :other trodleinetaseafalied
0 redder any relief It lila mired Rhsennesm of lot/.
and of the worst walnuts; psintnigbareatga. •
ft ttimemed Cholera idettnu. by ore or too dams ; it
taa. eared old eases dr Diarrhea s n title, every etker. •
-tamely bat been of no .•A A Meal. regietry ; la,
Stara and maids, It is Miner 'then' any atedisat
postattar Manama thaftmdknom bf: ;II pill antreMtts;
Vilna or frosted ext. in a few appllearocon andmiatc•
id testimony no be fanstsbed of the unit eentained
a the above StllteMe.o Lb); Cll//thlf 011 tt/I=3/// /.
'Caner 7% weed or either cram agent..
• Kayser McDowell, homnr•of Wood and
Virgin Alley; o..E.Eteitera,a7.Wattdinneeti
lot tr. D. Id. Carry, Allegheay eily,Ata Ma 'Aetna:
PA Veit AND UM -
The 'west Int pets tent 'Dtacavemie Res ,
cordtAnre Remedy tor terPtiost •
n R. 134 P.' lIIIOWNIS Ceichrstel - Valente Anne,
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to Pe The Pifer. lute already ore Val '
melt to he the rely nor care dreg ho the
Slue the discovery or We arstustee recedes,
md the large osather.oV extreme Dan with whirls
Or Brown hesesatedociose hat tsllc4 taboo's:ire/7 „
coed., Cone the mate healing biome extant, Whet •••'
naamht fled years orosperimenctie•ts, has boons' -
the pitlest where they rommecced, or were.; •••
hat otter Is few days will decide the,cesei by ere etthr '
=‘ , MtUar l e;lihtilinet ar ni rtiiterisi ' e r r. •
current to preremy medlette. I etre:tote It epee
owo meets. be Its erect I limed It•shel salad or fall. '••
: If yen prefer that losthrome dlusse,the ratzsob the •:J.
nine of fee dollen. I Met the car .geth ans.!. ,•
, • • Lloyd sure, littrato:N -
Bold Wholento remil. by , AELLEIIB
' ,cree -!••• ' •
1901911i1l Rarrtlttlatifl4,9bililkilVki P a c o • :
211.111 Erupt:one, Pupates or I.endelcao4 the Paco, ,
Blotches, Dile.. Chronic 001 V. aloe WOr. • • " -
or Tenet, Staid -Heed, Eatiartetemal end Pain .
the Banes and Joits,idtchitarn Ulcota, Syphiltie
• Symptens, Sciatica -ea Lltrubsgo,-KelaV donated - ,
allying from an luhrdittous an Of hlercrefl,
.fites or fiewpry, Exposure , or trepnader.ce tto;
ALtro-Chrnale Coninitudoital •
,Thls tu•deelne bee eceleed n.Yery extended and
est.telithed - rerietation u p
rooter it has - been: ' • -
hated entirely au ia ow maim athlete its arpelltoa . •
sillUary has atone sustained: rinformerda awn,. •
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