The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 22, 1850, Image 4

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    Tom'--:: 7.---1 ' 6II"L ------na Br zut e.
-..lllo. 4 lV;:ltr'itooCalri=lsegt; l 3Vie 7,lo ! .
ll Cc 14 eaters per square foot. Oeterentet , td to sheet ' .
AO. 51 es lot mews. • be Wadding. sod depot.
flhip Sheothlnt 4 a Earer. Mot st to 35 entree ,
ri.o . 1 4 05 th Wird, id olds, Perforated Lao
Zinc Peon.
Mel warrant their Natal pure. and Am , from any
admixture of ken. of no! enter otatMormo, on./ rt
creosoted le foe . the iirsetefeeterc of most szt cies .0
the broom faroling I re, as et does not nest, is no
. affected by the eettoo of water, and may te polished
peleted,endiumo , od ' -....
models, plans, itpcsilientions, endear ,
laformatlon may be bed o f t o e , sten ,
Ve 1.41. A Prsonts,ltcw Volk; .
' Assima. Howes A Co. Boston;
•• Noreen Te-Prea h. Co. Philadelphia;'
W a H llteßto.Detti.ore;
. lilega, Dag A itkravern_. , New OTtaatoo • • •
' - F. MIL
11. Resident Arnit
Vega, bray t" ,' t' a 11.oenr sti.„Ncar Yost , . •
- ' . '•. --lr elapsed A. r , saf• i Te'' -
16 Synth .,
Calvert Os., neve Babirsors st.,Boltioscie,
iLats, r.. iodise k A not , . Mt Y.O . •
IMPORT ). ti Ofbr oe eine,. mend Peeler's Lewin. ,
of Irwin. Atodet Fetish s. d French Rid .titio.
roach Calf Skin, relent Lelrrrf • Mrreeee, ry
whtsn. sod pint reara.linine, at o. l e o:dogs, wee. , •
BILE 13.-Lworm A , o ruhoor ,. ., 1 .0... ,h,..
et. Salon. nod model; St.-.. THREAD, Mac,
hoc Nell. Ord Oboe PECS of - all , act. .
.M;klis.en,•lorrilte czahllehed tre . above. - buslce.s I.
R e n s more, le enabled to ch.P. roods South Or Woe
mi It the utmost despatch, ems pt the 'trate et prices.
dituriefectorera-deeterA.atie till othrre, ru rel,
vponvttain d ing errY i attisiole th e! thade,or t hebe.
41 ' n 6C 4T rd . ' '' es, " l:l4,l IV rtr ' s sownimah« , Tree ,
aaisya eni T oeTra Pool Stereeher., en All Orden lei ,
be prompt y card low pines for cosh .
• A evtaloy Ito esonalnieg a' complete 1114 Of even
article in the trado will' be iororotded to those win
=ST dedre U. - •I ! • • • .
• ER WARD A GODFREY, Id a. ceien ..
_iat Tilrgiin beer 1•000 . ,
' - Tar. wilima TEA COMPAIIIY, -
• . 136 Gerscratick area, Ono r.i. •
T,H=.67r41,b7.1%,1,11:d: 0'7417.,°:b>Y..
cooled sod rare selection of Teas mooned by they
and hitherto %Nomura In this country, wench, by toe v
festrance sod delicacy, combined with meted punt ,
and .trergus, peAlece an titration of Surpessieg rich
noes emd Bator, , •
Ttus Tee. edema are the following*
- Thegesdis Irobta,a p 1 . ,. Teat--•fl 00 pee
ri , pbott, ,! da--- 0 •-• 0 75
do '
. ' 0 - do 50
' . ~ theeece, a Orton Tea •—•-• ••- 1 10 do
A ToCrulea, do 075 do
A Ttelebtsial , do ....... ---. 060 do
0 UdAblatere,acompound of the • •
- . . men -.rye' sotchoice Teas •
grown oritho Senile andge.nisl
• ..- 1,011 of /mem 103 do
. . With auisso to encourage the Introdvettoo of thole
matchless Tens, it. Is the Attention of the proprieter
rf d r ' : re rs at 7 1 ni n e " ;:::lll.l " i r e i gg n:l7:l2.
. •
• . EachparChater will reeeregenelosed in the meth ,
: • ins, a numbered
.coltificatc, earring
cents him
• eh .nee In the &milestone, for Pee ry illy
and en the receipts emeeronne to ath,o4so,tho 'seder.
svottooed otreele of Ten to the value of ten_ per cent.
et 112,000 WILI. BE GIVEN AWAY as Hormel.
an , e• mod to the foll twice seals:—
• ' ',rim ofsOlbs of Tee cachet SI , i1,,P30 lb or Stu
•no ,do Inaba do • do do Coo Morel - 03
SO do /Gins do do do • 600 th etellse
103 do . ales - do
_do do •Me Men WV
SSO• •As Ilb ' do •an do Soo 1:3 0 orgo
lea FessitrA 01. - . 200015 .1/AOO O
• These parrots who. prefer lower priced l‘tas can
" receive thel, prises to propottio, of they wllbe re
. ' - porobond for cash'. at a reduction of lo ref tent
- ' • frieCeelltry Arent" 'mewed" Applications to hoed
' ifefeed; post paid, to the Com pa n y Pepot, as above
• • • NEVI YOU,
Sewadvraya corner Leine.
/HlS•extensme HOTEL bat
oleoe ba,
Alabstaiber, mid U, bee. coly refined in
most elegant aware Large addition , . are now
besot made, which, vibe , completd, will male It the
Tema ettetunve flow io New Vert. • it la 0 e digerati.
Medea of the proprietor, tom ake it equal, in every re
*ea, to any mbar Neese intro United Rate.. bale
Moe is the mmt
of 4+4 central to the cty, be
leg In the feattionab!e demon
of Broadway. CI Wreuletn l
to all the Oublie egt. places of amuseme-t. ane
battens. Gratef Men ds, e liberal patzonase received
from his woman +We at Cumberland, hid.
and mote recently -mum Wedded noose, Clevelaud
Ma, he Ire itptelfall aillMlta renewal of dvir plms
ate, the his tee r y
em' liabatent. at New Vora, u
begets amare them that every effort en his put *bat,.
be gives to winuslater to their comfortand oleimu
, B
` VW Vork.rdleta. fiA4Ol
VOELTVBIIi' FflR L I tir.ob LB.
r, Greirse street, Plynonth, England. .The
stenagers beg to orquaint their nurecroas patrons that
is nest Dioldtbatlea of Permits or Hate Horsea iertil
comprise those ce.ertil for the fonheore as Greed
Piereeat Die* Rice: the number of shares to be
halted to Spud etch etas. Post eats olFal4o , VD,
missend els. ditto SS. reels application for the en
appropriated shares ts necessary. .A. party subscrib.
lag for more than one share has the chancre( pelmet
an gloat bonesea Thou messes. sato dress
• ttre vanen,Portraisa wall be presented ...Santa fof
losiessumid• —
Perbrait of tat clue bonases Si dine'
Winner, or First .11.1 Oa Stu HS
• Second
133,0e0 . ace
'lard Rom ..... PAW 4,C03
_plaided a'conseStartera••••• 6,cua ' 3,00 U
bon-Starters 3 ° 4 •
'nem art, or bonuses in cash' class, that being the
Isenver of horse • entdr e
d. fee the race Tea Drearina
will be <maimed awn tto same leritlmitt. principle*
11.• ilostoofillag etzractorift. Se late St lieseroart
other proccedlen parri•elara of ate de
be sem •-• atm* siternhers isesediuely after th e de
simian, tat ue ay-know Am rat tlon •
Sabe-riber, miered and . scrip forwarded on re.
.ceipt of a nosil ante. w 1!
yidls of Praire.. Mei., tiai2
—l!l"ua'' )11 c e amt
''Laig..l=l; 1:0. •
• Plea per cent ernmooasion to he yedeeederr, ttr,
'lpreTeotati on of boon.. twars
./11150) RE E• it -!4clusE, • ( 1. 1130 ,
•itsiTu & IlitHl3l6.frs Proprietor*
" Prate Syeard. Eris;
sad Pomace: , Stases, lease 0.4 house dolts. Cat
to and from Swim sae Flekel Pleata.Gratis.
.Id W rw. lace of seri-nese Hotel, trier?.
' EL Cir, Benet We of the lilittoratte Hotel, obi..
WI ate •
.. . Las/ anti aline tar Sala.- ; 1
' FliPt , " ['Ai MILL, . a
. s foar no. et most.—ea.
as —,,...... fur Deane. at er adli the
a is Tate Bay VIM, en aa sumo nevnglin•five:
see if demo vf Lead. go 41 Ovrel,ing thaseev:lten.
Haase, and mew Introlvveents, aitasted aeVeaae
from the Ohio al 'Mr, hlvvres Caen, Ohio *ls
eau obi above.,• ...Offal ,Nuteovall naproved,tea
=Jag AO saes'. rev lams he , aogoireat • . •
-. 1. • .. WILLIAM It J 1110,810,/, :..
1111" .. '"".1111 , ,
. ,
'lnt Jassie• 11,11.srarSilthad Simigiehiihme
. .
DIIRt•ABED meet , Ma =Media ewe of Met 1.
.1 a l end mottn•lsed for upwards or thirty scars
This: ale,gant p•epandie • is teen to al
uses .r tots aeldit.m,tedignal.m, goat and gravel
tabs Inset ado. may. ass eremite! tone to erhiet
Idagaieitt Met. we luteed the emir ens to whist it.
new to D. e.,atiinoed. possessing all the ptoperd ~ el
tee Meglielda new s ti genets! ste.anthest bett , g liab e
lb. It, re l ot a dangerous concretion• la the .OAtiS
it etreemtily mires beanburn• ar.ilioat `listing she
Casts trt The stomac, as *it
then' ..,
beagles are Imo on I t o do: it prevents th: food el in
rants Wel sour, la ell eases it nets Ss a pleasing
Waited as I . pees la I y adapted to femme.. •
He Kennebec, Lhors testified trot this solution fermi
Ishih:e emobinatkins with one acid salts is eases Of
gem Ind grave, %herby so
inks, th . ei 0 r tulanota
=ad f a r t oche'
'11"li!s' ! Ln6 0 ! • °. r '6.
Firm flit Philip Ctsmplon, Bart, Burgett:l.o..oer..
bile tansy in I.elatt • • !
. "Dear Bir.—There can be an daub' that Magnesia
may•be administered more safelyka theatre el !sea .
etualrated rem •Bien in subnanee,• tbr this. and
clefether -mesons, I ara of opllon thet the Filed
Ida , sis is e very suitable addition to our Materie
Ilk ca. —'• . • - Piaui. CR10114.011." •
fir James Carke,gir It. Cooper, Or. . Bright nod
Meilen (Judaic and Herten M Hamel*, Sng-
VI id as y ip tn.
rdt7sTre'renl:tio";2;.ens!nient ii;au the soi d, aod
tree bow me danger anentlmg the °mutant hse et
nhods ot pews. • -- • . . ,
or We ler the istmenxitt end mi M ntrieto.lC K t's Mate,
33 , 1.
tr Car. et Wood 4 Frontal. —
Bci.v. es • 1.011T ,
.p.o-rice lanced,' gin en, th at on or about see It
of Apelli the Imbed Oben , bad touted to the at
',Labatt, •11a,.11,6 .totlewlayr notes, ,to — er ft e tr a
Abet! 11th. 1 b tk ci-. 4 A ' It.Viorit;b3l`;';',,otr=t,?3,o,,,,, 7
JOH{ r/11,071110,*.tge date and time, for Silt t 7, aid
a tots drawn hi :elm Watt tr. CO , In honor at /abaft
Marken, and re-endorsed by as, dated Apra gin, at
four fMX >MIA for IM. . The above antes were neve:
testaised by tdi and tits is in cannon an pars , "
legalast..tradlej .far. ar ballad the same, Its pa mein
at item ban WaPPcds „,B ds W Besse' ) o u
...“r " .. -,---L:-------"--------------' .
1,11114111 PUM(' di SIIIIIIBIII. 601.111:,
~ ig VgglY laslta and chola. Jades at Fesolt :Wu.
.0, aid Sommet Cools has tact .sera opened at
Alexander A Das'a,..llio es Basket street, aorta -west
MEW of the. Diamond.
." In calling the attention of out customises c
ad the e
"Olin to Bts at leg, It affords as v., 4 pleas to b
labia tb say It embraces ONI.IA` it 1..8
itian of
In al.
sasst eret, deem. pain of goods, lark, ;T
II 5511pacabaard Male recerrenalgr Ire aartara sal.
A Illa camera Cirri Oar ,auartrara4 I olit_lt ' tin d
and aspic good. is Tea lIIIPe dor, and I{lloia. to 111
CIA ba• <TIN caber by synolevata or snails Ono op.
.. muu mir 0f1,41.• h et Viar5! . 1.4%87 8
. . Babe styleVota sea Ins% scrystneay; detinlain and:l
igared doorplate alba of almost diary alio and:
gaantr, eloper plain and Asssed black silks; do ba ,
yoga" and Outing, basses do lam,now and bled,
• 4 Ael rile; e.e , slre• !Remit, Ell4l, and Scold(
~..n . .,t r. 11,-.?,ll:ArafJ: r-aIDITLVtd
4,g,..... Ilse . lads. 4 , taltd , sdes and Colors; ging,
tams, cunz")'°." 2 , :eAtvis:. • • • ' -...-
. .
gaper enaaialcon oats s aa , t, , , y a lae , i „. : , t i agted
black der, plans and snabros tend
..„4 0 ; „r, plain rd ” :l , bretle " isoi 11.14 m0
00(01:Cd crap. do ^•`-irGoolys^i ,
i gm saadttasciat ti , wow: anitsoogsi,i.,,- ~,,' u ..
Badness boats, Ins 130NsErs. ,
.. ,
Iwo,. A Seidl. peen Wald, Fl . Oraara
. btati. Wad , ,
super English Meals barare,a. . .
A ilaasWak .r i l , %Ira and A I.l.l!fitalils and
liMi*T!l'Ca". if, ZAggI;IF.RES.' . ':
Alarge aeroneme.• et super Hetiati, txollisli' end
Belgian cloths and eatainteres of aft Viaduct
90rea, to vales We 'aga' tante tlirratteallarrar]tka
Ost svolk *norm. ,
okelte, chambray eoll Oats, 20, to lot, terse. ettpo ,
gm 107,1otoott pneo.•_
jehein Mlle lot of tobto diapers ind table chtd ,
hegira sod etoached,.ltato *Do &mob OltecNo:
rritertien'o,oreWaltjto,g*el: iy°C..roet."
ee,ofdoleo'otis ghti,hoois, tttlt atm. loom WOW
loves of all elude oast. y so 4 bonnot tieboolotro
s wore, ao, .11 whmt, IVO ottotlO Tel pOCIIIIO'
tootle the atinution of w
e ho'otatll4l.l
o •
fetail eao
APPGIK Te.r.k.ll.
tvrrffigrigginlit,;tesjh./Ze;IT. Tawitz7l4,l:
trot. delorettdim wbuf at ab.,it,
Viper ciadted."- retstl. tanlng I.od ,
stood lent order: oon to 2 . e Um".
. pacertztomito N. UV:
W a4tv 139)160kt.. Ine gamut * 104, 4 02 1
t• ' - ' . J. 11. • D1E.7../.08, -- . .
Nt,T 9 . 1 „°, 00 .114 - fiallesvc - , - i — a '"."4
among which are
the fallowing:— L .. ' I. C . F o st er.
OY itdyl:.'lll74oe VLBAfia o
elly wee a Lady ..
Cede Red. L..., • ' do.
twine to Rim all yight, do.
lly Day, • , •
Soldiert•Weddlegrl dour;. do.
' Do
Th, Robin . , do.
oh, Tnaeh ,
the Cord yet 'nee again.
Sweet hlemoirs nf Thee.
• Kiser Moon
Lament of the Irish Emigrant.
A New Medley Song.
Thos bast Wounded the Spirit that Loved Thee.
The Conscript's Dr9Vll3ll.,try Glasse.
• Tit 'Elmrto the piwed tenet at Home.
'Tie Hoe:esthete o'er the Heart is
The Trottee Maid. . . .
Low Ba•lnlCar. by Timm.
DS you ever think of me.
lleatiber Hto Indy.
eannie Grey-. L . -
Vfin. Cellarini, Wedding, Wreath, and. Daisy
Values - .-' •-I ' -- • • • .
' Id dehelor, Malden,' %Ile Welts, Concert, Ladles`
h o , e nte, - csily. E otra.Lily,Abee, ErerAmom 5.. -
, 4/... •••••• Lissy Pottle. - mayl2
TIT E enter not Into the list of puffers,we bey nothing
ilf.MaliOrPll• of Mesta, Importett, Large
mpitil, Bought ilor Cash, ha. in foci, we will not
onahotin tint manner or cone, we .imply invite the
abbe '0 compare oar Teen with ward they Purchase,
• sewhire; ors is the best Method we know to rice r
ain wile sells the best and cheapest Teas In Pints
nigh. - We are now selling
' Good and strungTes at 40 and lin cents per lb.
A prime uncle, .... IA do do
The hem TOO imported into the V. Stater, SI
• Low priesd, daintier', or. Inferior Teas ere do not
ono, • - ' -. 110 1 1R1S & HAWORTH
. ' . . Propleam or the Tea Martet. .
1. 3 . .}Sot ride of Diamond.
uses. alißlif MLA Ill•Oban10/ii — Wi ll i k7.
S. Arpleterria; 6 . New t ark: lorm. i...... f p .b•
Ideation, In p ane price twenty nee cents Mi.,
. .
re Illachiassi,2lltchanics Ent iro Wert:4oo Rev
I . vneerrng; ders.rard. for .Pniefteta li'arhang
I• Mai, - 0.05 those, iSuandicf for LW Begs.
.-. . . nerrorg.Pofunm s
intern Ili otters erase .
pins WORK la of large a nd
stro one will contain
.1. ewe THOOUND moss, and upwards of ea sot.
wil most ven worklngdraw.
'o r so s od descripuons oldie important machines
nMe united t it.... Independent of the results or
American Ingeneitl, It will contain complete preen.
em tread es oil Alechlaies, MeeldnerY,Roglno-work ,
and themlng; with all that Is to ef 01 in more than
one thotoomet 'collars atone of folio volumea, mega
tines., and other books.
The' great object of thle publlcanon it, to prime be
fore practical men zoo students such an amount !of
theoretioal and scientific tnearlende, in a condensed
form, as shislinnable them to work to the best advert
tir'' sod to
" t d h"'" they
y mo m a i So h n t
:nos brought together Is a The
lmost beyond precedent in
reek mocha.; indeed, there is hardly any subject
within Its range . which is n. t treated arch each Mou
-1 lts:a and prencon. this even a teen of the mesterei.
lacy capaeity cannot fall of andermant ins It, Ind.
.bus leanung f ro m ti mach which it is important for
. . —_ _ . ,
Admen know
The peddialiem are, in show, determined, rtmrdless
nr con, to make Meteor* as tompletem possible . and
is hoped Ater, one &sirens so °Main stie work' will
nom* It as Lamed ia numbers. and Mos entourage
work - will be Ismail semlmrmddy numbers.
nimmeeting in January, 18.50, sae proaress with
treat repligirr. -
ma whole work will be published in 40 somber*,
us:loans mairabotomd completed Min made
!via year, lOW. a liberal diseenns will be to
• . •
• Any' one ion:Lining tho trobliehere 1310 in ad. •
.thall recoil - 0 the work through the pool °Moo (re.
illplaloser pith* Preis.
wr o a,.. ynmersa, .hisnameturers, hiectianiez,
r.. 0. 3 AMY, 0, it MU Do mkm of wealth."—
rovideit. Ohl l Jeanie.
' "Young Men, armyonrselves with its irnowledge.- •
We can with conliderice tewomenesd our readers to
'possess themselves of Do etanthus on that en they op
seann—Asherican Artisan,
'We atilteltsungly commend the walk to those cri. ,
'gaged mof lefetesud In mechanica l or scientific par
;mks, aaemloknily worthy of their egasomattom and
•ds,ay."—Troy . , y.) unept. is truly ;a great wets, end the publishes, de.
-serve the thll.l3ka of inventors. emsehlrJsts. sad cilia
Motarers One indeed alba pabde generally.” —.N. Y.
"This Dictionary will he highly useful to practical
.merhanici,and valastim to eh who wish to Legume
themselves with thr pregrms of iLLITIIVIth in the me.
•Iltenie arts.”,-New Denord Deily Memory.
"loin! utsettardes.hgtit to keep pate` op In the
areuest es well es reel eel knowledge, and this
Wilk will show theatjeSt bow they stone-,-Dorbot7
Mn.. ALTerttscr.
uWe take it to be just the wort dist scores nr.dtion.
, bed. of oar intelligent =chitties have desired to pen.
sea Ho ample are to deseripdons, one ao fall and
nute It. secriacaltons. that it local, tots that WV
meet nil might contract Lon machlen it
dsßnbra, en
al raZttigsaisdicestractio
h * l interestede
_ro,Vlll4...e:,uslitojilld nail them•
to . 6'
';;;1; -- ' - f •
..A work of exterunie practice] 'nifty tad great:
penance and value bib* r pe.:y inereanna Interet
of the eroury • We
t the wins so el:lineal),
calculated to prent•te. the <save of science end Ohs
mechanical arm , to trac:innate v •le able Infirm.
tJaa on there subjects u-‘Puster and Mechanic.
•••PrectiCal emu in all dammed neala•of metliani
eal and caavalleuriag toduitryi engine. tag ite.,lll
lad in leas Wank a treasure which it will ta to their
pro t to powesan-T oy Daily Whig.
We have caretatly partmea the namhers, wid bay ,
as heels. WI to series that It is the best work fn me
:,.. IthuitT-1vv„c.c..1:.,,,tred.4.,..enne:e..„.....n., a.r .:„ . : d
Ida s t, e isi i , : b n : r th. iG: scat .....: : :.r ev . e : r : p : a ri b o li. N.d., b ,.
n o l ., tor
~ , ..,i t en.he...tsinaoajonsuietste.?..tatriti.“.n on .
~. r me ry, .,l id r ai h n e lt
' eats espachy.- , - aloocester,itdate.,) Nara
:Cob end o th er pens of Conneetic•t a wake lay
, 4i:tails . the work. se' their anentiomr -Macon.,
'Veen] tanner. . __, --, - -
. ^lt hie= such a ••••idt -we Giver eeee.92.6lC cheap
:per.ea• ''.-IPreesiase• leiltnial.
' Woranader it *nee the most earful and lasers. ,
I' ~,,,...4 6
• es,U°. ea the lige. No aechanle eat a lola to 4.
',. WitbOla 10 -M1M1.... (.1. J.,}Corercere al an r.
• °jell the mu.. publicaboos eau , g tro• their obt
test the mertantoo ma adancernent et the emehaut•
cal sits sciences. nom ova we have usit, L. 110
.'all of proclaim at tda”-littrtta Con, Ada
• 'leis the bat sad ate trust work e. mascots
enured to the
se,eahhe. cod practical • agtuml tad IlaacyLait The
L ebo. 4 Of heasaufAlly executer:7,i% ethins'onnloie
-rm. gran- lateltanary I. ono 01
most unfit
rents is pebtlalimi for years, tom the low pr. at
*filch it is sold makes tt. acceptable to ail n-tonte
rt,g 4 y VIZI ilia moo( the lootteotootdmMLyo sod
... stable, sa Well a...mauves', works seer paal abed. •
-Oa:O6MM AIIIartt011•
Ll•llagat a be =see by every one desiring to keep
rata with the progress tf all art 1 aeleara 6 07.7 come
of theta.. of Unload life "-Gsoilout Conner.
"IS ts designed after the pretty e of Utc , s Um l Val
rhoolyabat als more devoted to the =ekes • at and
i•-agtheanol Faculties, aid sbur al, r •aleahl ,
it wean& bag f a *acne% +vita Lice hes dor ,
• ti, ad., will 'ileteciintut hmenean alae,taer,
Vat. ',fut.-Scientific Mariam
*ht. Pm, naiad irs cambers, sea at • deem p mode
' Olt, 1011a.sui at Vitra til eiedtained le e eh roan:Ebel. te•
. eter i one vas has the Mal ieleteet In each Matter.
'mad °
„a,dwelled team Waal:ulna it, and eachy vet wilt
does will fad that ha hi , in a eandawd Ines an
artionnt of inalnoutiou wtovh would be . obtained, if al
5.14 aalyb3 the paths. of very many lauses.”-N.
Y,Carter and tatluiter h which tae subject.
. tr. anarehar mats" wit
are tree ed the admiralts manner in renab they see
Mutated, notarise to alai , this one of the men dal.
;rah'earors•u-timuocreile Review
•elltis won shoats be in the hataloCevery mechanic,
an,, and suansfacts ter, aguish] , three who We e
I. leant avgi natio. to excel us their reveciuse beat.
nail.. We lite e cranially <seamed
them 'aria nether of
reeoldadeadlit• it to In aeluira. To e Walla
say in Lechery language ells Itibtei “Ltia g00d..--
: taMitsom toreoum, Joutual.
Nettie to OA Prorvior , rf Nnesparers thrzashout
• I the United Stato Mt/ Conetda.
lithe foregoing advertisement is inserted Poe hoed
' dorms the year, Ind
tee paper ;ratty it sent WA.,
cora/11'1V" . '""e
Us a payment.
i IlleAlsl.llPplilliiB OlgiTllg.DIT.
Containing. Met 'Mammy. Mr other Minerai.
THE following testimoniel vs. given by the eel.,
; brated Pr. WOOS lel Rnu
each. the tbarof vie great
medical .roorlt entitledi•Thi Anserican'iqsatlee e.
Medicine and Fatally Physician.. ;
Having been made...metered eraletheinvredtents
vehreils comma° McAllister's Alt.llealing Ointment
'sn't having prescribed •• d toad It Mansa eases b
:my prime rand..., I have besitatim. fo otag or
nerufying th..t It • s a Vegetable Remedy, containing
'CO cement' sab.tanCE Whate,el", Illat its Ingredient.
, coretaned es tbey ma, ham! sed as directed by the
; Proprietor. ve not only ss, bat of great value,
ening a truly antennae Remedy of gy- at power: and!
',cheerfully recommend it as a noictiound which
' dens muettgood, and wider, Is wisp ted_to tins care of
a great vinery of cases. none , I usve never either
ard or engaged In .tee sale of secret medl.
eines, reg for the truly bonen, conscientious, h.
Clll.le character of the Proprietor of Oils Oitment,
and the •slee of . hls discovery. oblige mem c o y thus
W.urzcit, D. D."
611ehmtlomrt'n Ag.ri122e,1840.
--. I
OpigNlC—lt Is one:of th e hest things In the world
. •_.
u.Tiiiini. _ . . .
PlLEl9.—Thihmands are ysoill 0.....
moot. 100leVei (Ailei/d ir , idfi td 4o, _..- .
Tamers; Ulcers, rad all Mods or VC rr, 1,1 Mu
'ravodti.;,-,...:,.. Menet knesr 111 value in care y t o t l
Aurelian or Bona Breatt, they woola abosis eppl•
In tech tows- - If bead according to directions, it gl ees
relief in a very re* hours .
... ... s
__ ..t.,., ,.
Around the box am direction_ f m A1.11,.....'
Ointment or Bootle, - Liam' Liam' tio Pt i_.
e l i irY j t . n l ,7,
Totter, Coal scald ileadi Bare _Ell u. , 44. l .„.,
Soso Three, Itro , dome, Plc.*" i4ll. n_ 1'.... ,...
Disease or the Spine, Head Aebe,.A.v;
Ear Ache, Darns ,
sit rhsai
I !pa,. Pimples.- do., Stairthog ofs
Rheamatirro,Pllcs, Cold Feet, Creep,
~ B
tan Bream, Tooth Ache. h Roo 10 the, die. From
1E I h t e e . I t n ' ; " d I g s o r , e , !I i : i 111 b . ;o ug Itehbe;' There sssl:., hrlas,
refmtl'lbledealsietls Alllleabs or e World
dase..Almest early
person thal has made nisi of it
speaks *artily In Its prat-¢. ' 0 " h" it t . ;74L b l,
It of the most palnfal Mearnatlem, stud e
4. 0
a third of la troublesome polo In the aiteo,tai,ei
m o . r .•
melting in the limb% ac- 1r It-dear , bleep, l.
dim relief, to every cue, if can de no b ef og
"SisPn'an'totrer'erasiliet. i s of the won derfet he e all . ns o perat ..:
sr pomessed
this • .Iso. rye rehlole th ~ i‘ , :g
cerngeste, front a respectable calmo of Maio. is
'''''''''''''hilail:noeo.ren7ll, Berta eo,, Bann *lBl7.
' MUM. Bitter A Cer.-1 desire to Inform yes that I
was entirely cured of • 000000 pain in the batik, by the
of hicalitmer's alliNcaline Balleverbiehl pot
enema tram yes.' I salferedinitb It for about an yeary
a ced a night ann. aortae to sirep. Dicing' th.t ilsa I
tr strums melodies.. which were prescribed tor me
t eed
ether persona antheattedetting any
r her, and at ten made tel of thin '
itomir ari l it a l r. '
tail fa "' at " "Yetateepeetnusm , Emu eohrel,
ty free from tha `mica
and antsy at night a peaceful
and sweet sleep. I have Slut laced Ike 2161•0 since fat
tooth ache and other Etimplainu, with. medlar ham
- result. lrwrr rrktri, Jul.% lioiddne.Cll
• - '
Este Proprt-ter of Me above Medicine.
p r i,,,,10 Wide, NO IS Pions Third rdeet,Pidiadel
I . -
AtillPla M Prrnseitath—ttrissta k Wilcox ..., ot
Liberty and SC I'D& streets; lied L Wilcox, Ir., eor.
ott or trinket street and tee Diamond, si a ,,, ~,,.,,,,.,.,,,
manta Ltd Smithfield Urea
Fifth. 11 Como , ~,,,,,,, ,
• manta and retro turrets- Word: and mid al Me
Bookstore In Banilitiold street, 14 . _ doarporn paaand .
• ,- Is Allsitheny cur 87 N.P. i l a " . "
al,li'. l . i llPial.
.1.1d._ Smith.. IMODImt. itmlhd ttam- dugley
But Uherry; P. Rowland, BleXtellPork 1 4k. zondoi
llkEln, Monontraiels am, ..I.l.l2oll=en_ie Ce,..ena
L T. Bogen, Liroaresmlle; Jahn Ilatkley,Beavar, Pal
•-a. E ll,,,ura - ~fehlleality ,
2 . 21 . 2 woke/
j_____ 7:iiiiisi py
Pri, 1:1 Wand IN ill
- a renew s . i
Valuable and extensive Water Power to
: - - on favorable terms.
Tilt We - ft,AVIGATIO:i COMPANY are
now prepared tojaase the Water Powers r. the
Grand Rapi , s, ID 1111:11dir.A.Sel.13"6 tom
hundred pairs of mill stone. Thilitmallearilth:....d
upoe a rock foundation and the power out vivr'.
alertly be snplled on bo th tint of th e lire,. The '
grain of the V. hie Rirtt,,Z welt as the Wabash....
be readily famished at this pato! While timber.
superior and real to the gt etv est ither.danre, and of
Ilseity, 'lnn be easily procured through the
same country. l
Trasi—einetuktdred dollars per annum for a pew
er sufficiem to pope( atingle an of medium aireo
'mill stones fora period of fifteen years. with the
1 . °10 1,0 f mneWal on the explration of the lease, a , •
fair 'initiation of the power erdSloYed. T.." of the
miller nrantiractery included, without further charge
I I (meth* Company lly order of the Directors.
ABNER T 111.1.19,
• President nf the
Pthemirs, !.vino
T—The min of many persona Is disfigured with
aTight eruptions, as pimples. marphear, he, and when
this Is reeretpirdtaeam of the skin, an It Is In ntram
nine cues au of overt handfed. it la very tartly re.
moved /otos fluters Nraeph Poop is express!,
adapted to diseases of tie rain. as tt sets directly
upon the cloth porn which cover its these.
cleansing them from impurities and by its balsamic
properties healing and eradicating all eruptions, and
rendering the dames; and roughest skin ten, fair. and
lila ming.
Prae. who bone heen in the habit of using ordt.
nary roan grill ratentshed at ti e licautlfel eller%
od d b the Nymph Snap, Impardng deb. ar
IrerX,'provyentlegrite-nvok, face orhanda (rues e i tt . ap ..
ping, allaying all area removing all CU
ode eruptions It possesses an exquisite I MM.., aed
itentirely devoid of ad alkaline properties, rendering
it the col, article which eta he used with safety and
comfort to the marry.
All those whose fates or nee'ss are disfigured with
pimples, blotches. tan: roorpnew, he, snow d make
trial of Jule. Hula's Nytneh BO.p. as the prOnfittel
positively assures them, that Its use will 'under the
most discolored akin • bite, the toughest alter smooto
the most =seared akin healthy, pore, and bloom.
Jule. Flattere Nymph Soap la the only article which
will effectually produce the abase efLeta in no *hen
• time. and the o , lt one trench is at the time time
polecat] and entirely harml Pe rf ume,ard only by
JULES HAVEL, and CheninA
120 Che•tnat crest, Phila.
For sale wholea•le and retail be 11 A Fahneateel
lc, and R.!-Seders, Pittsburgh; and Jobe San
gout and .1 14.teholl. y env Pa. len
A GOnD Mahogany Pt.° Porte, Motes,
second hard— —• • •••• • ••• ........... 0100 00
A handsome uptight Mao, with Noselrood
Fu Idtaro, 0 oeuvres, cad In good order • 100 00
Wain 51 octavo Piton 43 00
A Good tae Moo 75 00
& good 51 octavo P.aoo, with handsome Wm-
- .IOIIN II 31F.Ltoll
et Wood at
. .
Far gala by
may 2.13
Itiotalfe Slight Light.
QUPERCRDING the Wooden Flows and bring le•
cembustinle, theire4y erenomiees the od, and M
a radon, heretofore to much °bleated to la all
tither Zoos One table tpcon oi the eramon
amp Mt till lam Note HOOT/, or any further length
of time, %catmint toll. additional qu‘ntinf of o
Received and for sale by JOHN D MOROItti
may 27 • Dralnfin
11DIST ItErTIVED, at the Pittsburgh Family Oro.'
KET and Tea Warehouse:
5 OM. Oywera, in tin eang •
5 do Pickled. do. pintA a;
sdo do no, in da y
The abase Fecal% Oysters are parboiled, and put up
In • highly concentrated loop, enclosed in bermelieed
ly scaled eons. and veld keep morh longer tharrlhore
put .• in the ordinary ..7
For rule, wholesale and retail, by
W5l A. IIeCLIIIIO to do,
aid Liberty at
Great Aemettealla llicettaellottl Werra.
D "me
. D:crioNeki tuts price
line Work, and Fnelneetlnet dralen:ed for Prooltieol
"trotting Mon. cod tho. intended for thb Salriat.thir
Profession. Failed by Oliver Bono
Thin work is of largo evo aim and eorMain two i
thoutand pagand nprearde drawi ngs hou-and Blm
tits. It will pre item working and de cor dons of the moil Mot lima amehinet in tbmUnited
9 atm Independent m the recoil. of Accorieen le-
Rentilti, It will vomit. complete practical treatise. of
Mechanics, Machinery:trend Work, and Enfineer ,
Mgt WI all that Is trend to more then ono thharand
dollars worth of folio esslnee and other
hooka- Bit umbers received, ard 'or alls b
013 79 Apollo tledir Poonh O.
John U. Raton . , 81 Wood Fteetl , Pittsburgh,
dote Agent in Weettrn Penntyltrantai. toe the wale of
CHICKEPI •17A CE' GIIR.1.11 . 11)
Orana ......1 Square Plataala Forte la
Btu,. ...a.alam ht. vow. oft unbolt...! oldalle,
hat be b an now invoice s and wilt nettles and
..p0.,. 1 . ,,, ..11, dOri. g the pre.. rednthewe r. Won
no now dolnisle stock of, ont Fortes..rt.
, or me La the rest— name nuredierwill be food
• fob empty of
Boricrols earned Rosewood Grand Plano Fortes,
*nth all the moult Improvements' tom iectuntat an d
n of evertor!"
nI y RALII.II4-RaNti. ------ " trl.,suts
With ole.
• =Yeti of .1' the various styles of Pia
no f ore, WO
tuning In miens • hem II:73 es 11303 and
IMO, revittrit by litir. Chntering for the pfeSeill
roe (Id%)
Porehotersaus assured that the pries* of Id, Gillet
:mos Pio. • basa been; and will emote. , to hr. the
tone as at the rnanstselney in Boston, salient Outage
rd. tratavoludon; and will be delleered and set up le
[orient order, in any paste the city, wationt alum
nar9 .
(Mut underdined bens leave to inform the
i pobl ns li
Myth too dee Mad bumblers Innfnnovr
P Daysorba mli uonouss Wo n
n. wmd an d
silo.. buione.g Ukti .
Filth menu , and (or whom won,o,.dt
h*". .7ON IL DA nn, VIS,
nu A th p 2ouse. n .
P. b. DAVI.9, •
&INTONER& 1ND.00351186103 El MUST,
Marra Or WOOD LIO Mr. MUM..
WWI Mae oa term. iv Foreilso rid
Domestic Heal Emote, oilockis,
t.. and nos., by experience and clime oreatioa
brrltters, 12,01110. .rriririllier th e e rapport md
p.trorisirs oo liberalty extended la forriv hone.
April 9.h, 1639
Boatoo to war Patrons.
Wile decease of the active partner, In Plilladelihle,
A. (the tats James 51 DaviarlPrododu i.ol,omoOloo
to th e busineerarrangements have bee, muds whieb
involver the. dame The
precisely, weleb -have
bextoton esiOed The business ts cordunted ;coder
the same dame and firm, me— .... ......
Sawn 51 Oren & Co, Philidelphll4 -.
Jarte 16Tsan ./.. Co., Pittsburga: ,
The contlnunoe of the immerge of our marry
friends It respectfully aodebod. If aoy persons have
demands nation the tenctro,they are requested to
p aunt them fonlwith; fee pigment, .
rit.; 7 Itr, APO 10,'50.. JLIN,.. 1.
0n...1 ,
. ...
IL r , " ."6"1"30 1 .,
W of First and
Wood streets, offer for tale,on favorable tc troy
.110 Mils Whiting; WO Um Cart. A01n00 ,0 4
G 0 do Ala= - OtO do Aushiuda;
300 do Dye WrOcs-JA Goo do Credo I attar,
115 Jo L ea SOO do Liquorice Keen
SO do Yd. Red; 300 do Iron Bose;
o do c, un ph , 160 do Red Precipitate;
10 do Open. Wows; 150 do I alornol AMelj
zro do Venom Ochre; 05 do do • FAI4
10 00 o,lo,ainde; 300 to Dither Legvesi
8 de clues; 0 o do Rhubarb from;
3 do 43,ent.Flovsers;40o do 0.1.7., do;
li eases Ref 11oreS; R 0 do Gamlen do;
SS do Canute dodo; We do 441 ancheele;
10 do proul. BIC% Wu do Pcullim ells:toe;
to do .1;1o. Beg dais; WO do Polo'd Rhubdtbr
13 do Chrome
1t 0C. 5 do do Blip.E.lmi
sdo do Vellorr,
I to do . do 0. Arabic
6do Aut Venuiliom 00 do do Lid Root
no name 5.6 Paper; 11.0 do do Jalspi
0 bags Rielly Bamati MO do . do ArCayentur ,
rel bated Bottle Conte; BSI do Ralh. Zinc;
75 on Ralph. orphia; WO do fla g Tin;
Heaths Cape Aloes; WO do TaccarindK
litrat do 11.12=Potithh; It:. :I I : ar .n ielt , :ipre .. l 4 ;
WO do Turkey Umber; 76 de o . schinsal;
PAO do Credos 'War, 20 do I.lyd Potuh;
500 do Tartaric Acid; GO. do blue;
100 do U.& Urn; W6O Granville Lotion
UTSCI• VS man 1111.0011 In Ihtenven.ani dazdh
Than araudreampt of In p ilarebl.'m.. d
T'lL‘V,E.:iipopterosilrlt,t*the p:4;ie.t:„
has induced him to save it put up le bottle. with la.
bets and direction.; for..the benefit of the Wino.
,The PETROLEUteIi prooared from • *BUM don
armory, at a depth of four lothdred feet, la a pato ans.
delteno d article, without Indy chemicul etteng.±, hot
10.1. doled front Ylature's rtiAlbrittOty tillst
COPtIIOI properties Machin *ember of diseases, Is
no longer . matter 01 once ding. There am meor
storing 120:,,bloom of haalth and` igor 10 OMIT 40oal.
IfVoloLeoljeZl7ariel iepertaT:o' f'obr°lllMol:o9aor Tl's!.
0050. The donst.oo and daily ,InaTelisola call§ MT It,
and several remarkable 001000 II had perforated, Is d
s ere:
spread 4.lltlntloant I n t' ill e " t.Tr o o o of i P ir * ers :d i
, ti a'4
We do P noc wish to •mate a long pardue of certlfi•
este as we ere coracle!: that WIMP-died. eon soon
*OOO "°:;,',Y Ill.` b v lir of Ir.79:trf',T: d .
enlvesal application In even dlr.., we anbesits ,
tingly ony, Qat In • num b er of Chronic; Diseases it Is
arinvalled. Among these inky be enumerated -all
diseased of the otherms ussnet, each
i iss C IRONIC
ij A i rtkra N e. ° i e l rA
veu;nrLAINT, IWAPEPcIA, Illantred. Diseases of
the.llladde*bd Koine's. Paine In tho Oast or. Elide,
Nentods Diusies,NeatelLp,,Kk....dej+ama,
l''e% Bur
wilting trout cipostuns, or long an rotracted duos oi
disease , this medicine wil; bring rel ic ef. It will act as
II grotentllvroc and ALTERATIVE I
nter. essesi
imparting mile and 0001701dd:1a whole fme, 0.0001 ,
In obstrattlxrap.loloimat:B.l:ll:=llClizr:x,
f:createl and renewed energy 10 all to jeans of
Wel The poetic*? know' of several ems of
-PILES, that
of every oteer.treatotenl, get well
deder the ose ot the PEI ROLEUSI (or • slant time,
Nona "W ifir ;Tear thl ri.PV::f",::;'449Z,;:-.
00 0 . , It
" O. hP.ida:°66ll Ratan, non Seven th at
n,,r,y Ft
CA It etiLLEFS.II7 Wood sr. ,
. A
ad—IYRERB td.DO WELL..„.,
000080 Woad St. sad Virgull in alley; who are au .
-1 reprinted Aunt,
d by this Olct•
flktFID WV 111 U11131,31117:10D8:41set received,
„..--15-11Uoty,111-15tghtsel teivll4
I. ‘ k!llLi4 5 and 12 waives saki 50 el . er
pawn euhi 1 dos 11ackr5a11555e1•55P5 _l2°
cerid w at ssiob ila ig=55 5 01,7411r.." 41-
a k eaumits
jormrs a this Line .will leave regularly, de
ll liner freights selthout transhipment
J C BIDWF.LL, Puttburgb,
• ' COLLI , S. do, lAgents
BIDWELL a: BROTHER , Roehr lam
ca g e
Igo' Ram sae
Criatkort, all
1.4,1 and y
From Ptitslntret to Cottanbuo =I Cleveland, 41,1,y and 2-
rArough the rid/ and popttlotto tottntiet of Color. Litt and Rs&
hiatus, Carroll. Stark, Tuscan:to. t, Coshocton* 34 Panted
kingxr Lioting mot Frounin.
The comptedun of the eaney ant dower Canal 74, 6.4,
opens up to our city through this great natural setanti. Oil Cloth.;
mate a direct communication to the above u• well as 6.4, 64.44, 0
the adjoining counties of Wayne, Helmet, Knor, end 18 40.0 1 0 06 1
kr /1.11.11.
From km section of Ohio, the Dade with Pittsburgh Co•cttl`l
tins been, to a greet 'Vont eat elm tonsole, ce of Glee a.d Dot
she high rotes of transportation, which are now re • Cr moon Plot
dived 10, 00 and .60 pet cent. Couch 00 Cie
50.1 S of this Isndwlll !rave deity, and rev th rove. Commie (Is
without trenthlpmenc - The Canalcomp.): has, Watered Hon
nemowed upon this Ine an [Merest In the tnipteco: .
leitpd euvatiteges of their charier, and thee wcurrd
a the muddle portions of Obin In ordering .thett
equal ll:detest in ties a random. Agents: '
Yenetivn Die
J. C. KIDWELL; Pintbellili denting tor
'DPW ELL &. CO., Glasgow. 7.4 a nd 64 Ti
' genie Crash
WNW. tll4llll. '...4eotch Diane
R C Rolmes, Spear , ' 61111 x, 01110; & A Cur -Omwe Dirt
Willimesport.O. George Konbie, Elkton, 0 Count. tw.nn Od
lr. Heilman. dot Hanna, Grubs= Pm. New Llsb011,1),
Ann' NIChOIIIII. 0 ; Hamel. & Homy,
nen& 0 t brake: dr Porter do.; Jimeph Pool & Co.
In.; Hall 1111,e, 00etila Milk, O.; II V tlerer;do,
C lierxtbal Bean R K Gray, Waynea
oury., 0.; F. Reynold*, do , Teller, biagn - olia t
nJ ttes Adult & Co. Magnolia, Orm Ile tb new, dot 3
It Parland tz.Co , Stindyvllle,ol P P Lining do.; CUD.
sogb & Strinbausts trehver. 0; & Abutter,
do; J J Holimsa, Idestlllon, 0.; Cummins to C., do;
C l,
Robinson, Cans; Fulton, 0; Per to Terre)
llanal Dover, 0; A Hedberg, Raton, 0 L K Ding.
nor. Newark,O; Pitch A Hale. Cohatebes LOMA ,
Piews i Clevelend, Or Rhode. &Omen, do,. gimp
'IMMO 711010011TITIL4
jgallaflB 6 o
Via Pouslaylvana , Z , Calt n alo &pall thioaas.
G`CONNOR, &11411siS. & Co., L l tn.l Basin, Llberl
& Co., 9(D& 2O Market atnet,
J.C0N110.3 & C0.,10 V North street, Baltimore;
B Braes. New Nora;
E11(011 . & et.Al= 11' Doane street, Roston;
Haw mov GEsi:Maysville, Kentucky;
HALL & Co..Colambla street, Cmcintsan; .
F. W.,. Loul.sille; • -
Battu, Meteor & Co., St. Isnals.
To SAtapers qf Nerckaabse moi Aldan to and
from fittiodephea, 80/Moore, N. York,g Boston.
Oar rouie being now In Gnaorder. n. are prepared
to forward • good. above at cry lotros prim. Wa
insure all freight/rat ot nay charge having policies for
over 5630,010, and with we foliowing egtensive stodg
of Boats Iced confident of giving - entire Fad...lion to
all hotness entrusted to our care 1. , r boats are all
~,s , and commanded by e•ptains of erprrienen and
ne entire brie is dondocted on stricruatbadt.tsiping
and someone. principles.
Boats. . Captain.l Boat, Csptsisur .
Ire, Cty, • 11,11 . (411 PG1111.) I% & 4 F.l I spoo,
Maryl•na, Ma•shall At. Louis, •1 Cowden
Cinezhnoti. Bands• Col. Howard Ridlty
Bp& 'Anna, Chinni= Mary Delbril Siren
Wm Atkins, ['errand L]tteronse, , Kartne . '
lotiPotl, • APQnsd• Juniata. , , Diana
Bonde r Alter Oen. Soon,_ Ogre
Garlinda Ittley Telegraphtio (Shields
Celia 1161.01311 NUM 5111 HOIIII'QUILIIO
oliscßranchGosser BaltaCeCdpper Rtley
America • Perry Ohto Bella Kearney •
Mei - timid M'Colgan Ranter :. latnells
' The, Fox INS.Joade Jelin Ann J Layton
Aurora alliorrell Telegraph Nottlasts -
: loot f/halP Be,ry Nona Q60:16 . %Ni s ta° ..
• Shippers will find It to their to gore es a
• call: • O'CONNOR, ATKINS!. CO.,
' mild Cmaal ttarin Liberty st., Pdtsbursn,
. oW —. "EiW. --- atap — iiiiiilirossOricap art y .
I ,
allifiiiMit 1850.'
D. Ewan & co,s..tabg,
Prnsuryivarcza Goad •rrd Rad Ewa. ,
rinig 0044 •nd Car• of this Ltne'have been pot it
, compete order. and with the adoition. of sere.
new one. to the I.ine. enables as to carry a lam
quendis nT prodeee end cowl.
The enOre stock of the Line is owned end cools°
ed the Props-noon.
ItASRIS t LFX.CH, No laBoatliThird et,
And a too Tobacco Warchoote, Dock st.
adeptil, Ps.;
JoRr.PR TM 1,,1t
No 144 North Howard n. Hoomore, tad
tIFTICE No 7 Wept a, Net, York;
D LEECH & CO; Cot. Motto Pero ft,
maim - 1860.
OS WIZ Plait A syNtil 01119 CANALS.
PAIIKB a:CO, iiothes., ti Proper
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Kent, Grinnell & Co Freeland, 0;
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Wheeler, Lee & Co. Akron. 0;
Charnberltn, Crawford & Co, Cleveland, 0;
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Thomas Ilea, Chicago,
1011. v A JAGGITIPX, Agent,
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John Beam to Co, Erie;
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Philstis.phis. s I Pittsburgh.
TllgCrwal being now open, the propretors of Ibis
long etiablisord Linn are its woad
et their Old
rands, reeeistrg and forward:no Merchandise Cud
Praline agile* rates, and with the primptnels, tier.
tolol7. and l egit, peculiar to their system nod mode I
of Ironsponation, where Inowroetliate rnin.hipment is
avorted, w th We consequent delays arid probability
of damage.,
hicrelianYise and Pratte. shipped eastorwewand
014 of boding forwarded free of charge for,eouttols•
Amadeu:clog, to Corers listing ea inltTllll til.
reed , / or Inglre-0/ in sinamhe wa, that of the owners
le solely consulted when shipping their goods '.
All eatumuolcatious to We following spots -
by attended to:
1110%1N; llonfißipag ,
Nol7B Market ware, I.hOade
TA &FEL & o.cormi tit,
Corner Penn and Way no atreau,
John 14 , -Cnnogh & Co, Gb North at, net; P. D. INN
lk Co. iro WWI 401111/[1,.W.1‘ T Tapreott &C •
.41 Mouth st. New York Jame. Wheellifight, Ctneln,
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PlCluaus Intsa and assorts es.
Tno neast being two. • pan, Ku ay. ready to 'creole
and rormard PrantPilY• produce and mew-handle° east
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Fghts always at lowest rates, chatied birespou.'
- sible line.
Produce ant meroterdiro will be teethed and for
warded cut snd arca, vrith.ut any charge for NV
mtes or advancing freight, commission or atorage
011ie of lading forwarded, and *ll direotioas
Mit attended to .
Address or apply to, WM. DINGIIAAI,
Canal Bulls, eor. Liborty and Wayne at.. Pittsburgh ,
01N011A21 K DOCK.
No 162, Markel an t betwee W n tilt le SAgW,t. Phil'.
No 182. 210111 a Nursed
HAM lioltnaore
No 1q Wart suet, Now York.
I . Pas'sls/(ST &nu Re1a155111.51515- 00565
&HAN KDFIN & co. Centinve-to persosl
from 501 part of Fogissid, traland. &attend to
Wales, open the 55055 Überal tones, with their
mast punctuality and attention to the wants and cola
(nrtof enunlgrants We do not allow 011? pildleoll.l to
be tabbed by the sanedllng stamps that infest the sea:
ports, es we take charge of 15551 the 5 105 01 5 1 t 55 **.
pen themreives, and see to their well being, sad dit.-
ouch them without any deeming, by th e Gm ships,
We say this fentiesely, am we defy one of our passe.
4t ea to .how that they were detained ier-m, bye. in
taverpool,.whilst thonsands of others: , ere deted
menthe, until they geoid be sent to sates id waft. ala
6h Prate,which too frequently prove( &tit coSus. W •
We inte nd to porton out vontnietr dhooorabtl, cosi
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spent si..
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T' ,o 7 6 E.l.„ " ira — k "a. pe V .re. ul'rat tr l ; l 23aau,
•Eugliab and A.I3VACIII Davaaels
U Extra Superfine I lure rival 3 ply
Superfine r
Iron Correia, Extra taper patebiChemile
Unperfine do do Raik,
l wool, ^ • . • Tolled &tun
ton F ce
rrap VV, Cir. C.11:1190r1
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!:11 . 17 , VS, C ilb Debt MuOul
sao. .. thee:Sala .
5.4, 4-4 and adelald ,
,o) S Estrartned plan& coven(
1 7 : cloth° E.;%nea rt.." bl°
rob Clothe;
t.h: Übe° od wastatd
Duo k Sulr Linen;
~ 1 - , 0 , b5t , l Turk Red Cblntlee;
Chu t e bletdorien• '
too, Eng!' h • CB Curl Table
!for P7Sbadesi Co err,— • ' •
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'FalOT'Unenf D'lgrAr4
4 • Y:te Iteld&cVD!lata; .' •
alio t and Skeleton Mats;
hooking 54 od /4 (7,0,,0,, 05 Cloth
Clods Table tot litindeL.• •
Ilackebsok Diaper: -
Saw Ort. Cloy= from the met approved Etagr r
• and Ameriean mannfactertrs from It to 44 fret
n width; which win Do ent to 'fiVrooms, halls, and
tadpoles of any Am or shape.
.The randersignal having imported direct from Eng
and, his Velvet Pilo and Tapestry CAREE:II3. Thera
•:arpets, which arwlof the larsst and most , elegem
tyres and pattern. and of the moat Salami? , colors.
will be paid at prices aelow as they tan be peschared
for in any of the eastern dries. r.
Flaring the largest assortment of the richest fad
moat fashionable .I.ItIW3SELS. IMPERIAL. THREE
PLY and ING R AIN CARPETS which Tar iiirrnimet
in qaalityind oheanneas of price, any smart:moat ewer
betas Drought to Mi. city. tle also Invites ntenntroste
Men and Coach ht•nulietaren to his' large - and'arell
mlectedasiortmentof billlNGS,aarloMeratilbles
necesrary In theft Moaners.
. The codemigned Is also agent for therm:dr Sialr Rod
tdrinufaciory in Philadelphia, and is prepared, to
lower Wah'can bnpurch • WM ascil el.erthero city,
win . FIVIANTOCK.' '
Dross Claude.
AA. MASON & CO, co' Market etratt,.bitoeceri
, 1100 and Fodett4 000 now recaliriaE•larte u+
aortraent of Parcae De' Liana; • moralci Clothe, art...
tiro new article; Valletnt% Crape Pe Lalocace; with
a large assortment of Lawns awl elPqr Dress Goods,
of Oa Imam styles Lod most fashionable colors.
. .
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for diesura oftbestemsen cod bowels, . , A. SHINNI!
!i'erbe;in Plaidare:at . astareal,igt
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irc . ,:li ! ,,i _ i _ ar ...___,
COM:WWI:WHO, 118 Oh I 077j1 OU43A
I.— • •. • DIL 'MASTIC'S • - . ' .:
. 1
_." . " Vat *000? Amami TO ; ' '••
Ceintoptico, Cougla, Colds, Asthma
rltry, alto' rliFtgAtimnftitetTelriljAti=.
! sat lieut. knnuente,, Cron% Broken - Coil.
, . . . entalon, Sore Throatgaervou Delon- '
• ty,itod anDleuse ief the Three, .
•-• ,
' •-. L • Won ritend Lunge. Momenta,
• . . og and spetel gull , • .
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c a . ..• • - -11yrup Of NAGA Gleelerit ..- • '
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;1„,,„.tg repn'tt2=alneen4linttointxtenone..
ily.oled than any other permeation.° modietote emu
Pt:minced for,th e robe or satiegog mu. .
: Rua been *reduced very generally Munk the
Cane Burns and Et es pa, Ina Mem aro few towns of
liorgeortanct . but whet coronas . _ nue rem_ In kali ° 10.5V
:dories. of Its goal tate* FP PLool ot UM i. MITA
- and of dui vane and tunny et ime mta,
1"85°L"" ' • elna p piton • - til inert • few of Me limey them.
10116 Cspartnerr lap acretonere tree
between in. , ;, - ,,, - ,,i =Wale which have been punted tot= by
L n. Bastehold Rod nen McGill, ender We Atm ot . 4,,,,, a rth n firm rupetability-Men who hem. higher
a B. Runde Id & Co, to this day dims/men by mutual - 4 . 4 .. ~,,n o' osaa nstbility and MI glean. to Set
sense The busmen of fo
nd, l will be Settled by ~,„ ,„,. et II do another a W end
A. ILI Eherhheldi et the old sta No. at Liberty la en, 1 , , - face, begrZ.e.lten tretineony pone eon-
Ftruhoosb. • .
March 1,1021. • • ' 3011 N AIctULL. 1 4 . „ -{,ii„ - ,4„,„,, menu, and the comarentonalele waherti
, 0: 0. IIUBIIFIRLD anTORG ' ROE RICNARD will 'nom ..,„"a bl rne i4. °Peollan'wg Tinbtrol'en'eTtlill"Tseud'at'roliangtokithre.
nuance the Wiwi/wale a d Reza Dry Goods af.d ;V„ t -- - a n ode:rat a most agreeable
a frame by ne es ,
' Grocery businees,•at thead nue, No
. 000 Lama, vt, ..... d _ 10 . 4 ,,, wth e ted. .. •
under use Rim of. • . •S. B..l.lUntik lELD &CO. I , 0 otkrE3(l3HR!• - ' -.• . '.• . .•
March I. inu-nor ,...evio i. n .ry *Meng nem . contention .11te,,
I .i.A.V a nue esynrocistedawitly mane tke Whole. volutarny benktlntiffiVlleMt=nnn.,. ~,,'
_"l° ("r,_U-t.v.P.MWLLaiftiAnpeerfettrt- i,..iliar.lerty . , 11 ..
rd„ r „.iel&o&e.
7e'rg;o-d :=='...0•1',!1°.:V.... Altt'arltdAti.' • r'i.!!'&11;f:4"13R1103. 1.,,,0,
nee. cce&e...„.
- . l• ' Stn.' "'lora iCerem:ely nog gen been in sunned'
A- l ifi i ti •Ttltrart"tF, etlLf3flL•ll=l7 a . i 1 l b °,ll"p:ii, 471,10 ° jgg . .. i i, 747 i i s t 7,:rg :
w ' la ' t'u*nßlTl4 Itisii.TlVll" . ' . - t .y.: C0m 7 ,, , ~ d •°,,t°dr:,Als`Z`o::::;l4l by 7' , '!'
/teethe besertmemene knowri•t- . , cleans e 1i........7 -- j. ° , °.
to man for Asthma et every eteve., /dux •• • other !' 5 u . - Cover= Co AP , 1 4 ,t t%
Compton:Lt., lironehida leaner*, oughs, Cold % ~ _ _ .;_e____ __ ~„,,,,„ h ,,„,,,i ,
Blealbm of the Longa &answer threath, - i Dr. en 7. Ho.; a-,„.„,;,;-,zi, Ith ,,, 0 ,:, ~,,, o „ th
. "`.". -, •----- --a:twin a severe coal •. that Sidman
"'"', kr,' " aa , ' „. \ l / 4. ,,, V. ' " .; ~,,,,,dTh'",tsinththeer'''444' ' I , r" :" T 4 - 0.1..T5:f ill.nrh severe told, which gratin- woh One
,uRGANR, , ~.. ... :no 0...,__,, n dr ,ny erne exhibited all the srmpor:s of . nordr
bt tae
' ' k .i,.d—1ir1za,tv,.....b,,,,,,.....,0, .1 . ,
?' 49,tr::4'14114:::111f•Nat,r:trclin:—. ,5L I 'ir-4,7,..."7,,,....1..i .;;;;,,,,w,,,tax;,„T,w "O . S. of I
UltiEltdED V e ran:.• .. ; ' . I 1 to bete no, enter, en 0057. ~° . .,,,,H, pie up eV hopes of NINEZ
bleo y proved more :ly. th at friend. ea woo
o l i .. , c, , ,,. ..... i , 4...„ .
to 1° .“,t 0 `V, le 1 :::0;11g eno t i mployed, awl id • ray recovery. At t hi ' '''. I fled so mith the most holy D., ATA
't=rou's'inste nets when peaces bad endued. lost • your tikreaable reetiabt.eb„ath,
„,,, 11 I
so iforip . ; Ir.:MOW encases, watentrcets:!. ~OT 10 ,0 0DA ' ' ' ...7. 6 = re expennetri freer; etel by the Wld, I,
' ton the lose benefit freestone. remeditauto Olhoo i o,__oo(o.,:_„°. ..a.,ban.f..3 was mainly wenotod am L 1:• D..
ecury - has been Innate to ett sea Mc nee 4t Wu • umo r 0. 0 t 0y ,..a„..,„ - aa lever was no . My .life, nal ....„, a
Banana nee rettored the Liver p, a heetttry action-al:4 ions , Rana
be many insmeces- effected Permenent• core
eke u weraid bebop!! le Tro.te;nr.L., ...,.. th . 'IT th l, ,
every well known remedy had fallyn , lo PALMA MAL ieosa b tr , eAr. '......n.L. F a ,. doe tenth. of the above
dewed ergo.
Insides in astoniskin.ielneacy In the disease thou'• ista"tcortirrhagi-Tisa-,!..uit,,Peet&..10.1r,„0-ed,—,,...„-...., thiti.;,...,
mentioned, Ire also 10 . it a very dining reentry in ;Cheep, r y0ur5,ft.n7 .. ..7 . _
_Jen* Wean* .. ,
Asthma, . tosapient m ess, wheat It has been erre-Mihaly ! fierper ~..,
_. ,
~... .; .
and with decide! even In eases of yens , , . , L ,,,. ...,
_ ,... . e 41.1„,e0e
LAreeoon .
.tending Wittiths inerease.of Intelnoteetwiltufir ro r i '. linmasu l, “ . 0 ” fv. feel „ion e rst..a.3. 4. er . ,
up it knowledge.' the elements of health, ago a Ica! ! rn.. 8,,,,..picas Sn.__ ,
o. _ _
fat' ~
god for them, and entamennrawly
of the strotles . ol i d , Ina -end s plan to Roi*,,,,,,r;FCthlpart.,4 gr., 1.::
-fence 0 woe Wo Italian! tile Mane or Presung cow , ban d,ta tu d th e of
years sine. I wad WO
Id evening to tavern P erwahatuellog Me i n r e o f wild Cherry. B . and _. .._. - ...
• we hove wide, etraistici - stow teat even ~,a,,,,,,1..,,,,,na w ide, col
_p!. l
a glen of the wool. populatiOn die annual'? 11„, a ncl.„ , wbich was acTitt,PeateaeoL,T.Te.; =r e l . 4,
. ' L.
. . 4" ad's. °lt" .:pi n e
Va.—ln shwa
ollte mucus front the nay, esp. •
tg.".rtir:o7llO,Pod., ',..T1 1 ... 1., ble me - e - g. ..„....o,Lbovrevor eight. Al
.rnehorgiug Me condition of ihn nee b o
. ..Ana neon e g0.b.0.el
c. 0. ., ele& mo,
erne humnin, to
DR. WISTARtAI BALSAM OP W,ILDUREDIL ."; ;.,,fin.,1..,f'144,9n,1nats wee rep o upati g tll= e ssan p .•
Venter's Denent of Nten che . rry is ;dee Iterbel' .111;Lti.1,,,,g""l.reg"ialbeeT'ak'_t,f4iron.febro.o i v . % a se nkie c. per art , sn o t
'nledimee, composed client of a Liu Chewy Bart ourd !,,, d , the e ••••• _____„_.,.,;.,,,...rin „.
the enema Iceland Eon, (the lane imported eSPWAI yirrie I lied ;nee vapeo,Lo4777`i; d'1.0...„..: J';',,
1 1l lot ed. Jostreito.) ILO fare medicate Tinny, ~,,,, ( L onn a ~,L e e mmi.-g
-s ia end perm:Ade by ad• winds
leder are en combined by a new Chemic rocess, ~,,, y was ens.. - • a r of your Syrop olOWild Cher
with the astragal -Tar, then rendering 1 1. 0 whole !,vrdthinaran n, meketn l had been pea.
compound the most certain and tn./mama ran nterliev%"leiTod I' am gin Wing
°° Y. .e d i• I ret e, nst e t o p n...ess
613e0717tlIgTiON OF.TRE LUNGS. ' • 1-. • .the:ao:o.rierg ire nth* buds oletnned
L ac beduLtder;
4 P ep ..i-dthsio-e‘"°a%,72Erttr:=Vi7,
Mill further gvideneci of the remarkable en
~t ive ,thotiona,,,,,d tanling
of 10. ~..„....,_..
P"'4"ltg.t."=ullZ.:V.P, Zr, r4C. (Litt* • a,,Z,!:!fr‘•;:b'blrtels,mrea't.d"co's'ineencen.ity resLas._rdy'Adis.
Ware ''wend .k. Parke . Lientlensee, - , Almoit ex
~....,,,t,that time ofaki:relon Tor=f,4,:eoz
Irene ago I reedy...intake:my et Wham • 4 1 ° 1 AL senteran' it trigtho an of the Ant four ot fi ve
of Wnd Cherry, but ern slam 'clamor. 0 , . : T :Y4 0 •3! cortsidereibile Tal l : ~bus, opeaket, I focquently at.
'(11=11:14:00 :froin.,..h.,tlTl ,:,',,,g740.4, .tir. I. I' :: l ,l , ,tll ' S tA3 I,AA,6l_l=l' i ""' " ,2 ~, , g ,r, 4 - 3
oc to wonderful, bet whit* turned ma le die ~,bT ni oymt %boon cnattela attg,_ _
__ _ _ _
__dttt ,
.nd to be of DO IleCelnitt Whale Te t, !inept ay Women. ,to o ... i .th thi, ...I, .deutara, olytenf; Fsii,Largry
anturn. But I
, t he admit Mat this 10_ 0 I kA'O, O ,tetarded. lo ev neepente
r t c neap c. HY .10 ...
been dcterved, extraordinary emu elected by ~ botany,. wa ne or•fillee :ray _ before
___, , ,
Kneel , . Osisent Lave convinced me . ttoskYlemil east .t.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ad, 11 nu. et,e.qo7exierrote= on..
come out of IS
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al l Yost agent left me opt dos- ~,,,G6.,..r.bana, would_b___Ob
_‘,___, In, lea.
en bender., whiten are all gene..-harlog berm am Mee= Ithe OM nidisoletiOn,./.... aY_TM..2;7... .Y
Of ening severe obstinate case../ 01,, Coneanspuort- 1., ..m. ~,A .p r g, in disazona to.E.s,u, Pasta. ,
I ~int to tenni Kr what I see and know Ism amend !•,;-0-7,-,z-„ „f ...,
,_.. !_,I . h._ °d LL _
!te,Ait,t.eiknreywe.i...ool:.,o,ereAd•ontre p.a;taiutoutrot y w oon m f i xo o t o le; ~,,materird thethoesuigo.systesosrooro_n;sr;_r_4;ss_sptArrinte,...
1 mi, place, was cured of Consuroptoo when the dos- 0,...,nad‘, g.deked VT,.....1iii47.Tn.21011%
lan lief given him nrt,
at lOISSI ook' do nothing for • . n ,a, and out Yr 1 fed ' FF.... " . I . i,' ° : ° " `w'
, tot, aA it wes Wed ttention of hie Blend. to acuity -.,........ -
L.,1 • •• - . . Ir. • . JOILLIs
,am to 's yrier etty, aud place hureurder Me care cream. Trot. 001ZY. eI•C:.. ' •
• maned* ply eclat there treat friend:told him of- ,
Meath Donna and that he tootle obtain itnt me. : • ••- • Istiontind CAPWW7. I / 4 " ." !IZAt" V
Ile unt for t,
d before the mend Mao WWI gOOO ,
Th is hata. o t =ulna, properauou of too dd Clem,
no wee wand and oull, and suneding teen ovary day. 1
__., . t ri i . I , . smooth the first ever offend to ate
! rlon.. An dicta. aro several inquigto{for tho .05 , i. ,. , °A t.„ th , a a .t d ei, ...,, been said • ler,Ml7 offend
nue, It wottld be well to forward an additionesupply •: N ee / meth. ..4,..a,n,L0r w o rnr; an d a n ha r,
"""i't". W"7l.7EZl'Prita i ttIND . =A;:,..,Carat::„gru'or'eger dds=eprre
The above,
from I.:lnewlenellgt-nlitly respect.
_,_____,,____ L ....d a , ~,,,,,,, I ,,,, a neyu,thei, 'west
able country merabga, comet was ilsel famine to 0.L00_0.r`..`17.,,,,„,,,,,n, n o event % need
, - ,. , 1 , t t .
toe Candid attention 0 ell turn who base doubted or 0_,r_7.,;7 f i a,,Z . E a el - ont, e n e an a .
Me great merit of Wietafe Wild Chem Damn • p.r. d ,a . ~,,,,,„ifga ~,, e „,,,,,e ~,,,,t, toe
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' I ' *n o T P' rantrient Penn Menotti ir Dr. lawayrie 4
Remember the texineland only genuine . A.Tisteee I t g rr:: .„, , f a ,.. t h,,, r ecent'', the 'mind% of He
Mayne el Wild Cherry, Wes Introduced in ate . year 1 • 0 .ol d
t„,a,„tute.e. aa ya dnnimdat,
IVA and has been well Located le all temple:pm for EY , .Y.....,,, • ~,,, a ~,,,,,,. • k en I, it .. n o, le,
wh 6it is recommede: For Il years it
teal e•.,_. PO, . ~...p,....,,,, a nd n n arn , r imogi 01 lee
metre edicaelous u a remedy for Coght,ol o,lnfite mo.."'„„7„ltoonnurtd. Span orma Cherry, prow
Un'"h"lit"m'' "4
Te. 1444" "L.l4'. would not ho ifr‘a a „loth' to give element)! to then
01Pt001!u' ,• . ':'•, ft, tido us orteer,"
,t7.e:;e.11,,ig. i t beo:ettoooef ggt:
1.0 .' ,00 onion. AMT. lg. ODD 1 Tre,ifeVe u e std be net deceived. :
!' Mt G. W. Fovea: Huang seen maaj elgie4t l e i l 0 rde0pe0,...,..,.., ot•Etta,,,,ft R an . , da! ,,,,..,
'hultbelittlg'treol"7l%otoitirtrft !Lig A i tooF l in i'I ' LL'I tS. st ' - reale and* null by 1:10Dall & SNOW•
. dr, i ' sor, W 1 7 !Were men ittlilloMeopa an: • 'A ~1,,, -. A t„ ,„,„„, ~,,,, nA , pAtratEmCg a
tow zonate uncanny *lea lags bet sonnet af• w .o.t1„1, - ,,,, „weed, ..a Pat and Wood sun WM
I :bend With sodden cold ten she tog her vete°, and 9 ,, ca a do ~ jorii.,s, t 9,, ',born, .0,,,,
' suffered severely from penes in tho bream.. Dusty, THOR N ,Lt...,
Nr..,. c d we
by gel JOHN MITCH..
stireaeed lor (geode • macte ORM. . linens heart a ~,....ur, end by all respectable deems a,
' Dentine sUOcaly recommended by ,i r -bp ....._. octl3
A eil WI parented a bottle. tram year age aln this o.'mtott. ', -! L •
___ . __._ ...,e_ , , •
a ' Rho took it according to direetteranomd Byre . _ . . :ree.irre r.°_ yr._ i
_., _ ,_. .
I a c c d a woodreal effect Dere cueing ono ales bohe • fbNE herrn.* 0 0 it corY.r.w ...r.° -.ot..
tlecompletely recovered her ;oleo, the pains retied. NJ .beated Manufacturardat.ike e h.,
g•-zjdnoo, Jell..
' •I'f=trell',l‘ wolrE'Nriflit.l3lagild.AN. i. tlitPrte'±;g;liTe!".
th .ra illgtrallable remedy grriefrnriCons4,- ID'Ul.E.o44l7,&Talat,:r°l"! A• .00Y
1107,tlethma ount Lien Complaint, has by 111 own eta Tii . 5 „ i5c .,,, E „, „, . 0 , m i. p .,,, n ix .,
no, beta rapidly, sore and sorely Or to sett . „ t ato', mod high wet Glue and Pomp Makers ,
through the opmelloo of queen and co7rfentra ~..t. ~,,h..,„,„,,,,ia ...wior to any other laud
anal, nor y otstreer.le=o,l,l3roo e i,, e , 74r e l, :t=
L4l, th. Ci..,11., .1. ktnne o ot Sli3Of ar . re for ntojoopy . o,
t a r/ IftlMite c?inGdencentPerffotellgtnt pied en- 'PP , . 004 04°A.," fo°,,,,,7:riptioltta..
Loirot.,......kTrenron:o4:lall;:attZt UTO_-----;_,-----:--.- ..-,--11:00;r0w'—L.1'..!
lasted and eured try this saleable orneten!will show . 'I - • nr-MLY/Mir3l,,/.11!,!,4t,t, 1 . 1 ,.......d i i,
mutt etude ourrinaledat the bead 00 all -entre:: 111trtn,,Ft..„.„,„,th„,1,,,,,,,,,h..t1.14.0.u,
1 1 e rtl'oCiFlti:l6 41g.ttift*Vidatlit'OrTit!d wooka , '=a 0,,11,0fir, ,Titthattr„.. .a:gh large
C40"15' sow T.W. °I
45 1 .PP*lMdeit"M'i nod ```lXalr Do ' c4t...T.',tm.,., ic I . man 0,4
WI re:fleabite dellegin nte,miet=fts
c:itgritsetl., Ger ,
~,,_,, , L
..aultscy. .. i. . 0100l & co
."Valcilt UP:TF:O4II= tiles for SAIL -•- • ' jet - 10 Wood at L . _
Bbld by J . D. PARR , (moce oat uo Band ford . & Pers,, °LEACHING POWDER-40.count Jas Muroran A
Foarth arid ll* greets, Cincinnati, 011io, C.0..' jor sone brand, eau pen artmieVer wilehy___,
Ailltot On the PioghtmA,WWur t 0 • 0 0 0 13 oll • °A/Ai nova ".- - • , - -I'M 1 ErCIIK""W.,
man to *dtente. .. , • .-, 1 4 ii c i. 0 •.e . , , ,
' L.WileconVl'dames h. Joner, J. Kld ,D.
Fahnestook rk. Co, Pinnate..., lid T-Rentelli Waste
Inept; W. IL Lamberton, Frenklim • L... 1). Bowie
Unitottworm , IL Weer. Oreenebrag4S. enutts,Bomer,
"4 B"'t*G"*.releere . rj!
LIZ,' Blnkl4.olligi..
dont Met 94, Holli gar ti.n r ,.. ,
0 ! ,..t...
deal J: INTulltniE 4
I Q. N. N iuumta, Pteset.ilbq Innen & C0,•
hteretnniblereendtionee, Real& Ct ButitqFLEMlth, ,
80101111 J. D. DesendottAkt wlllugi=l:athissip,l
Onactipota T. creelFilt,,
-0.011170411, -,,,'"-•.'"'- ',,,.''''l, ••-',' -
fIOPFZt.--5 0 brae prime inia; -
liCsard-sO.-40 mead dipped, .J
••.' Coins-LSO bus Cream arni Eng1“11 Dal4l
()MP AO dos lleesp and Manilla; • •
Cassii-GO Maus.
• Croats-WM Common and hill Spanish; '•
• talsand tisebrls Idaekercland Season;
Halta-120 Prim Vemson; • '
IWO a gar Cured;
" lamonloo , lbe 1 , sod Manilla; _ •
froc-10 dos artisans Blank and Corengl'..
• Mouseas-7.0 !Orli 51 ' - •
. • .•' r 15 ball brls Saga" Slowly," 25 do; assorted cadgers; " •
MAISAII.II-40.1ba Italian; , •
Naanatuu4- . -11u Ha _do . • . ;.-,
•kegs etosrled;
dosjare sonorad; •
• Pase,,us. , 3o insebels halves; • '
l'Arrn•obli 'trams !snorted;, • '
.mass-IWlballorderuir ,
pis florin and Cast Steel; • • '
fleaae-10 bad. N Orleans and Clanied;
Tea-60 package. Omen and Clack; .
-To/Wye-0 bra 12, 0, ib kmp;
Want on
Boss-55 Ze '
For Ma , by '•• I) 'WILLIAMS Es•CO
• mat, • Comm or Fibb and Wood ins.
- - -
. . ,
(..ties: FURS: FUltel—The subscribers sull pay
A: for Coon, Jlink, blushßat, Gray and Rod
and all kinds - of gapping Foe, tke bighest easter
paces. aIcCORU a CU, .'
fcb2o ~ ~.. coreerFinh and Weal sta.
mom Partnership heretofore existing between Jansen
1. Tassel and John Rest, in the Ureter), Produce
a , d
cem C ent n , ouni h o nl a b t u h s iinn s es . s,
edlisns oßrre e a d r
t h t y, n t r o y p p u u t r
chased-me entire •inwrest of Jamas •Taisey; in the
aro, the bustnuss mu tat metaled by him.. at their old
mud, Po-$d Wood et. , , JAMES 'I AS.EY,.•
• febtt4 ICRIN VEST. ...
Paper lawns Saga..
SPRING SELtiCstabl.— Wol on received; by' first.
canal shipments, a pew and choice assottomst
Well Paper of the l atest. French and F.astetn
et I
in geld, chains:de, oak, plain and Idea colors. t
W. I. MARSHA-1.4 bate 8. C. 11111 J •
ea Wood street
1 13 , FAMILY MEDICINES—“They are the
mediate.* of the day ,
1 Graham Station, ob1911•I'It. IE4O.
It B 8,11,4 oink wright,ror Ole enefitoroth.t.
to Stllo some facts in "telation to your excellent Fa- •
elllyllledlelnea. . L.
I: have need year Verwirege largely in no own
fondly one vial frequently expelling lame qssooo,.
Isar IW IIS•200 seams) from two children. I have
also nerd, year Liver Pills and Corah Syron in.,'
family, and they .. , re. f..."- r t i l . , I nf ., IV.ieeed
the effect."dealred .• . :•1 - -
M.l lon engaged ill worchand.eiror, I ant able to
state, that!! have yet to boar of the Ord failure Where
your a:melons halo e bettynd in of the
country. ;In coaclualon, I. may elan t ot e
they an the
Itedminesof um and a a loomed to bate a very
t 't day, , ' Yours, respectfully. _
txtensire pone-lIn.T . .W• II PINWELL.
Prepared end sold by R. B. SELLF.R.9, No 7S Weal
'street, told sold by Drolaists gonerally la two
',wade.end vieir""
a,:tx.ii.e 2---------'du.V ettailClta.o—"lttei
5.7 el
ediames oe day? , • . • ,•
i rtatnnmethht &taros, 91tio, May p 5, teo.
IL E. Went t I think It right for the benefit of others
.m state same fu's lo rat talent. yr. or es Collent Fatal.
,ly,Medicine '' •• '
I have need y, a Veretlfage largely fumy own tvet.
• ily, one pia •
y ently ariswertng for expelling' .tre
Ommtitire (sa 1 10 2001 worms. trent two el:althea 1
have else area your Liver Pills and_ tough Syrup as
my MI and they . have in every instance produced
the efiee desired. In •
•A• 1 sagged merchandising, lam able to
Ttate 1111 i .ame et to hear ef the first failure
our mediali nee have beat need In my seetten of'ahem
country, Ihreanslaston, I,may. state that they are the
• medicines of the day, and are destined . have a very
antral ve p spriastry irerurs, me f 5 r 5 d1t i 1...k ......
• • 1 ~ ,
• PrePtced and told by R. r 1118,11057 Wood
• etreet, ind sold by Draggle .. cowslip to the two et.
um fast_ elednit.,.• _ . -____...,..,......e.. -. '':_
(.3ct5r.15.1,1, tOrlE OWLau'l, by he
rigine,only woe, gild gent h e i . o L c iver Pil4
• • 1 ' Bu'll
C - ..
March anth,•l49. • l• ••
MOLE. Selene. Dear Eir,-1 1 ,think it a anti
I t 0
I b7n o QPri Cited we
WI? ti na ry
C Y ,A la it t " rr 1 a Io n hoo t
u e ree, and so badly 'that an *been formed and broke,
which Jell mein a very low state. Raving beard of
Yam. tetebrmal • Liver
being for sale by A 11
6 h a l p'llZ,T2sl;!bre..l,e, r:::llredlwgrrme %el
' m a fair nisi. I purchased one bat, and found them to
i o l ),. h"tl 70.1eartleV,.m.',1`ane,2.kIn, ( D OO E S S IIt .
1 lied the disease has eat% left roe, endl am now
frmidti i i ' 401 4' -' 1141* • .Y10011"4.Y1 COMIAN.
.' a _West. Liberty, March x4,181''. .
• , Ice. L fy. that I ans personally acquainted' with Mt
toteni x ' and ems bear testimony lo the troth' ot t he :
511 , 01$ mama, AII 1
Liver Ellis are prepared and sold by
RE 1 LLERS, NO 57 Wood suety and by druggists
in the wo Mace: .
TCS, PRE P CILILIC.The originel, only tme and gen . ,
nine Laver PUN ire prepared by R E solm, and have
ifs, erds staroped in blaek :seat up
side he bit of each
lox, and his stanatate_on the• out wrapper—en
others are conaterfelts, or base imitations. - .
r) 11lambing Paeda, arde r edper Otenbriosot
a.,,,omei 1 reatoo,derifor oratzl,....grad,
:sounttp" W .," " roe , ro . A h‘t the aye .
lA—earkreirrioadtiLmill be. maul
od tad Ka applied a order, by
~ 6 . 1/ am 7.
'toed ,
- , lll34 ' ‘Vifi I. TT 3
." 4:
PL&CL . BOOK—Ctocutirdug the &tittles& of the
Supreme Conn of titeUx VA bunts, and of the
,poems Soto" Courts ha Bills efEsehreda Cheek
to."apPenies,Vl tuvrt!;l":l2Matrleatltia
. efNela opou, parties 11%4,103010 arranged wt order
, mos , icrerencts, and suitable' for lot
Ity Wm. Lou, Counsellor at
..Just reCelltel o lgf s Ogiga a hl rrocKTo ,
ist . Bee k arils n, car. Dfarketl Third
M o n t —.l , ,w.nery he Use use Mausfactsre. I.2ta.
Inane— Vbilcreptoe OrNomrn. Stun. ' •
Csifew—aptiontinattud KeleCtions. =cm •
Rbsw—tsnluh Ltersture..ltme.
Erynnt—What Clltao in !
St. Pierre—pool and 'Anemia I vol,. Mao.
Burnt'—Letters to Vaasa men. 12tco. . _
t...P—Eretitcdo Of Haman Name. 12oic
Vericour—Mcdern - Fteuch Literwaie.• •
Oritetile—Pallosoehp. ••••
Newnham—tiotherptraccetistli. Li , -••
• •
. . ... .... .
Ilumboldt,-A.pect4 Notute.• '
117oderip—ZootogiOl8etirea4ons.' •
Far .g. 1 , 7 , .- 34151.10 CV LOCRIVOOD
. .
ley , ..1 Qt FoorU: l 4; . L
SPE.CIAL Notior. yrovE4konstnS•
IL pared a new arithmetical wort ;a copy of watch
will be presented tneach and every Teacher . In the
United Mates. anthem charge neon their arplleation
to A.. IL Lanlielt CC.° ,YytWood axe, Pittsbary,/h
paid The work it en eIA
oteamfaan. lIMETICIt'
Or, An Analysis oiDie Len. dap et figures and fel.
recce Mowers. • • • -
Th,fol ose ing notice It coni43 from the N e w Yaek
Tribune of Jan •Ed, IsSe•—• •
.Gathossa as AlelleXille,l.T Cam D...1)1131ii.a.
pp 4 tl4'.l—in this work the hingeageo figures.
and ee . *traction It number.. are carefully arayud,
The alphabet,'composed Cl tea Spree—the words de.'
rived iron. the alphal•et, and the law, by whleb tbe.
flares are cent:meted with each mite:out clearly
explained. •
"The analysis Acme that there are - trat four hen
deed and eighty tight elementary - enmhinittletss
Arithmene asoh,eorrespooding to %weld clear corn
most them:lege; and that these combeealieru
tennected Atigether be all
' eft ,by
Sixty three different words . .The system oncosts to
commit . th ese voids to .tueramiseod Men reed the •
Mille tamed of :ceiling them, ea now - prunised. .
• "In another respect the system pro Posts an Imftert:
eel thiege, natty: . to amide:and install (mediate
as entire things, hating entree mist:onto the Wilt one
from which they were dented.
• “We acutely treed say that the little wort' levimee . *
the iogentory and ) klifat for . ..llia Flamm
Davies , writing on this • sealer:, are justly; celebrated
We commend is the tatenuon of practical teachers.
belle:l4 that they will Ind It crowded - with LE.* and
tastable angsestlons o • • • .
Frogs dia Professors at West Anne. •
• , "Miura: Acanstm. as U.S. Wm YOlter.
"The Grammar of Arithmetic, LT Professor Davies,
remits the subject In • new light It so analyzes I
Arithmetic aa tolmpress the, mind of the learner wino
the first principles of mathematical science le Welt •
:ight order and connection, and the new roles far the
wading of dimes are of great prea .
Signed, W. 11. G. Daniels, rrof. of Nat It Ex. PhiL
A. b Church, Prof of Matherasties. -
:D.11; Mahar, Prof.el Engincerina.e
4; — ?vm . lieurr
A.B. 13 ARYOI93 t C;.;;Ordrespectfallj non Ounce
to teachers, and to all Miersstad In madtemancel
'traction, that they will publish, ea or berm. mo les
or, Analywei of
reMe Principles of the beienco—r4
the Natore of the mouilig—andefthe best Methods
of Impaning Insuaation. 'By Calm Davia.:l:.l.l.D.,
Author of A Complete.ystem ot hlatheonstlekr: .
.1 , 1. D. A . 13 Barnes M. Co., are the Dabillbew
Darr'' Spawn of Blathematles.
For sole Itt this city by h. 11. ENGLISH
19 woad street • • ... • feb9l
Poster , . 111•ps , gnsitlopian 4171 — odirirso
%INK to Una allthen, Dolly Day;. '•
t Dotoy Jones; Go doom to do Cotton Field;
Nally_was Omd), do. . •' •
Ile glad sotto Loved
T Ones at a.e; • • •
Row thy twit Itghtly; rue Lava. by.T.lfood;
Our way aeons the tea. damn ,
new medley - noel, by II Corer.; '
Jenny Oragonnea byfiruler, - •
Joys that wen, crowning, Wedding 13firelg -
• God blase the hardy. =rim: Schuylkill W sitg
Conriptla 'Dees - Hared:l - W. C. Glover;
Bounds Po* Horrr, Waimea, Steyermarklaehe Co;
Last Woe of Demmer, 0007 tarhulons by Herr. ,
United Blaine Polka; Ladles , Souvenir Polka; .
'CosaCracker Quadrille; Loulaidle Qesslrllle;
Manila or,lisly; Isoens, Trios;Ptc..•' •-.
A largo assortment of New Maio.. hand. to whlehl
addittons animade vreekly; For solo by.. .. • •
feb2n 3 : • 'J. H. htEI:LOI4I9 Wood at. I
- •
Dir.W 2 108111 • e
NA tvl'CH 41Elic°' by 8.1111" ii
Elements eviitYrlitss• A:uslyil; Of
tho Las. of Evidenas and. ot renussion;
Itichard %Vh►tolT D. D.,. • ••• •
Essay on ghtistlan Bilatiap; by Baydst W.1.10•14t 1
t - Folly frola all Nationg Anibrary Etton
ibn.Yriih 261.14u.strution. by Doyla _ •
hut mold by JoHravrori &swat -, .Is - x.oN., •
do tO ; tower Tama and Market fateev
New' anti Elegant Mtn Uoulksi I,
QACILEU 61.11,NES.dieriiitid.litaCTEUS'; by:3
Uelittey, witheleven origin:ll4=lva by Darr'
POOMI , and.Prcert riungs, try Richard U. Thins;
Uteri ef SedredTcreny, with sit OlustrO
done engraved oo wee), by John Samna
Jut received 6y„ JOHNSTON tc STOCKTON,
de-U eniner Third and Markel sta.
. sv 8"1"..
' AND fATitrsP. !kn.Vier
of gas mutual daties, - reiitiol ' lS —•-•sso ,
Medical I', olden and tho-'CotnntaniLy; by Wo rth=
Japan Mae:, Al. D.' " I ,
• The Wosas of Bl3eheet De Aleteelene; amp - dales
his Essay tosurti By Nut: Maslen: • 1:
Isiateveh and7u itesnaina..',Yll. - AhiSSA,Pn , r
lord, F 441.: 13:L. -
• - JbyFF
JouNlrori &srocrrom .
• , eornsr Market and Third streets,
, rases
i 7
OSIFS T;P,;y2cg.lireVsi4' "
..aII, ; a a
i cents per rat. lq a t rt Fou
apl: •, y ' ; ye Apollo Uuildtaes.
I Ll E . DaLgrii i i . V o ri t y=t l) l . l lerriter r elelOri t io
Illatoiyot King-pc e.
01(104 el 100glead,bylae!ohAblitti
w it, floe enh
Sidolle l L the tioreciewo-hy s. Wm. hleintiold.
• ner2('' - • corner Third and Market Meet W
ofir , •1 1 '. 0 'lO "Wrzor .Wl --- /irs WCJ , A pr."
NOllO - riwit la th e Chandrean Christie/repot Emilie
tan, ntii!.the Yeridlr, or Dyed -Wontdpperi) and on
Inquiry Itim the Menem and Arts o( the .flnelenti
winos .Atmten lien* 'Layaril, ft L.
Wide Inttodoetory Note by Prot
LL.D.. Illistrated with 13 plates was
uMps, 'n S 0
woad cult 2 r oinfiro. cloth, 64,50. ,
r!Ttbs look bee me amount of graptild, rteldorleo
mrewene earratire , , ,!„
- nTtio work of .Ltryini adman prorelnentno r atri.,
trltloo 10 the stady of entlaohy, that has impel/red for
to4artts-ChtistAtin. " .•• . „.
" t one excels In interest the account 'of Nlnerth ;
Alainti given irg LeyanlY—Wnshil)fm n -
Aive follow the diggers dial breathlees..intieres l .
In ihelf erearation latdderay find pongees-be
fore, a Merely, Syne cured srith minute attorney,
how lifting hi gmentle hoed trout the dem of 321.10
Tears, nine reedy to cm ost with the astarestied ,
Atabri,'•Wallalr, It Is wa:Awful, bat* la uneP? L r-lzr.,.
d•Triwite , • •. • 63. W et
4%1 113/F4lll/rOICWOOI
ors roan. - •
by of tae Old and New .Tesennentrl
ul Edited by D. Spragoe, D. D: 1 seL Imp Oro.,
: c iricrpTary - Att , Lgra i =' , ltityggr , .]
PO 11 V' ArdELI A, tfldr,Welby, 0114)m:sr
and ealareed whhoot bloomed by engraving* bons
orldleeldrinrielby Wier. Irol square bv . talogent,-
lik.tiorntuus, variety , el:sple didAtmeo
Bedell!, Chllol.Fint,Boolt of the uleiory of Name.
THE 51.ECIIP-"NC'S ASSISTANT, adspted for the
am of Cementer*, yhiposighls, Wheelwright*, SW.
Nirh,Lombermen,Suideins, and Arrears ,geiterelly.
therough.and twactWal Treatise on Ifensura.
non rul the trltoing.Role. By D
• Holm's Treatise on Greet VromCwuposnloh ,
• Oltendoid'e Elementary French linunmar. lay ProL
Greette. of Brown Uoirersitt.. 1 vol. 11no.
ItoodigePaGesealete, Ilebrow Oraremos, bylCatuint.
6,oeniusrllebros! Lexicon • • •
Lamm' Ttigenomoul and Legurithiale ,Tables.
The tngllsNnaab Greet Coueordanan ert, mu,
Atithou'a amides' „_. , •
Webster's Dictionary, revised ed. 1
do , do eurnmiged. , vol. dur.
Mime* Notes and Qaeatione on Nowluiimoot...
.Whatelre Logic. • ; • t
Moshtim's Eetlealitsdeel filmory.. 3 vols. , ad ,a
voli. ftherep.) . • •
Vestiges of Creation . soL lemo.
Warnings among the Jesuit. at Rome. 110 th
11 lele
end paper.) .
`'.l bol.
Scenes where the Tempter his Trimaidind.
kclosh.ood- Moe.) .
Domm's Theological Leeman.; tivoi, Oise.)
- Alder* PrononneLn " I I r• ,
Doyer's Preach Dtmlonary. "1, • „
Smart Horace: For solo I a. moraNa.
aorta Apollo Crildlnes, PoOnn si
, scf t -- 0 - ' - A - k duet nExsivx.u. Ent worse" 0
1,11 .blonsairte, edited by 11. iliehtt, compriiing hid
' Essay., Lettere, and Journey Oreoirb °Orson, and
Italy, with notes from all tlne Crisonentater4Blogrimh - L
' tact and fribtioneraphical - Notices, fee. • '.! •
• !M.., mid•Pnattlee.of Teaching; or, tine !Melees'
mid Methods of Good School-Keeping, el* David.
Pingo, Al M.; Palnemal Of the Mate -Matadi Behoeli
:Fmk Foresteo nth sad Filiblog of OA Stntes;
and , Dritish•Postrlntes of North- Lanene4 br HOOT
HerberL • • 0311Ns'113N a STOCKTON, •
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