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javatetszu ars earnestly requenee to haral to
qmr ravers before 5 z. al., and as early in LbGdllT as
pratticable. Advertisements not mauled fora s,,eet.
led Was will invariably be charred until ordered oat
117 V. D. rstotai t. Agent for tlitpoper at hl• the mil ,
Imam' meneies in Plew Rork, Philadelphia, and
Doom, and is motorized to receive eabscriptioes
and advertisements for as.
merta for LOU piper received mod forwarded free or
e►arde from r►it van..
11,7 CM:ll.4in DAIL, CIA ZLIT. —Ad Vertlrernersth
and subscriptions, for thir paper, will be renewed and
otwanicd from this other.
IST Partanxnn7
mews and i
IlarteriptiOn• to the Noth American and
United Slates Oaseitn. Philadelphia. nceived and for.
warded tram this orrice.
at this valuable taper, will be received and .forward
d from this office.
Antlma•onto and Whig Nomination
roa TITIITY 11111.". CONOMS.
TM reran, MUM!, 111111 M rim e:mcwas,
OP rrsrrirwa.
Tof 11. , ATT.
T. 1. 81011/o.l.' P Lower Ft ClairPittsburat.
R. C. WALKER. F.lantern
JOHN WeI.OISKET, Robinson.
JAMES FIEFS., Snowden.
ratni, , Tlsa •rroasar,
FRW: I I 9 C. FLANFACNi Plits6arg6.
C 1.111111.0.1,
WAL FLYNN, Lower St. Clair
C.IONTS 110tVtl'ON
Tax UKMM SIATP.I Ann SPAIX.—ThO National 3t
Intelligeneer, in a eeml•onicial article, puts to
sleep the rumors which have lately been so ih
dustrlonsly circulated from Washihatun; and pub-
Ilshed in the New York prestos, of dacger of wit
with Spain. It declares that the Government has
no ittlOWleitAlf Of sty torture or death indicted `
uponthe Centel prisoners, and that, from Merest I
and amicable temperer the Spanish Minister near
this Government, and the prudent advice which
it may be presumed that ho has given turbo G.'s.
enact General of Cubs—a., well as from the an-
equivocal language addressed to Mon by our Sec
retary of State, through our Causal, Gen. Camp•
bell—there Is no reason to anticipate any harm to
the men who embarked from the island of Cooley,
and were captured by the Spanish cruiser, led
married into Ilsvina. These men (though the
Creole marauders ware recruited In part from
among them) vomit:tined no net of hoStility aaainst
Cabs, one either.: any suincient prool that they
designed arty, but the contrary; and, therefore,
though they hai coiled from s tbreign port, nod
not from the United States, when they were cop.
tared, yet, being known to be in part at 'east
American citizen!, it is the duty of our GJeern-
Eleatto extend its protection to them, and avert
or pent itt any harm to life or limb.
The puhhc may root assured that the rights o
American citizens will be strictly guarded by the
AdmhaistMtion, and that there Is no likelihood
that Spain will embroil herself well this country.
Tim New asminv OROAN.-A despatch to the N
• Y. Tribune, announces the tint number of the nee
pro Slavery organ at Washington. It is to be pub
EL.L.WIJOD Furore . , of Ohio, and-Ur. Leon, 0
South Ca'rolina-loth ultra Free Traders and s
called "Deinocrsts"-are the Editors. r The latro
dummy reiterates the doctrines of the Souther
Address , complains of the escape of alarms fro,
their marten, through the aid or connivance of ci
tacos of the Free States--of the proposed earl
Mon of "the South" from the newly acquired Te
ritories-hits at the •TactorY Lords" of Bon
and the "Merchant Princes" of New York-ti
vies thikt Slavery is condemned by the Christin
Religion or &genuine Philanthropy-talks . of Gen
getwaril renouncing the obligations of the Cons!
tution....-Gerrison repudiating the Bible-Greeley
contemning existing Society and battling for So
cialism, &c. It concludes withthe declaration that
the South will consent to no settlement that is ba
sed on her implied inferiority to the North, moral.
Iy, socially, and politically.
-The subscriptiod HA, it is said, has only reach•
ed terenty fire hundred. It will have but a mckly
- and's!. ort existence, and will, liked,' Nashville
Convention: and all kindred efforts to weaken and
overthrow the Union; °Div.'s/a remembered with
abhorrence, as among the dollies and crimes - of
-the past.
. 1 A Sum= ou roe Dean —The Washington
Republic, the organ of the Taylor Cabinet, In the
coarse of a long article defending the Galphin
swindle, bee the uliblushieg assurance to assert
that Geo. Jackson Would have eanctioned the va
lidity it that iniquitous claim, if he had lived. -
inutudetee of .this met-leas assertion is only
equalled by the bold and daring robbedee of the
• treasury, committed by the party in power. The
good old min of the Hermitage never was entity
of t ,dishonest or dithonorable act."—Firwiergi
• The Wiuttirigtin Republic publishes extracts
from lila report of • Select Investigating Commit•
tee of the House of Represenl Mires, In IBA of
vsblett the Hon. H. A. Wise wu Chairman,. and
emits that the extracts show the following to he
•eeThat Mr. Forsyth, while Secretary of Suit
and basing • personal leternat in the Got l phi
claim, applied in pout] to Gen. Cana then Sec
rotary of War, to examine the claim, and for
Malted means of forming, a• he thought, • jog
opinion in regard to t h e n t ,Crea Case
the ..X.rivcrsUnited
with Gen. Jackson, Pmadent of
States, on the subject, who thought the claim a
jut one, bet doibted• whether it rhoold not be
paid by Georgia, and cot by the United States;
that on that ground Gen. Jickson hafe•ed to per
mit an article providing for its payment by the
United Staten to be inserted in the treaty cf New
ll ihme, concluded with the Chenakee Indians, in
1833 i that in that treaty there wee, never th eless
in Ankle Inserted providing for the payment of
the claim oat of the proper funds of the United
States, provided the United Stnten, - or the Slate
of Ge orgia, had derived benefit from the lauds
edginalfy ceded by the Indiana to secure the nay
, ment of the cleim, and with the undermanding
that if the Senate disapproved of tech article, it
might be rejected without impalling,noV other
provision of the treaty, or affecting the Indium in
any manner whetever; and that the treaty, with
that sinkb in it, was submitted by Gen. Jackson
to the Senate for the ratification of that body.. the evidence on which this state*
meat is funded, the Republio closes as follows
•e Gerund Jackson, then,. thought the Gellthie
elaim a jour one, but %Milo( opinion that it ought
not to be paid by the United States, but by Geer._
atia- It. went so far. however, es to seed to the
• Senate a treaty, cOntablini a provision for its pep
meat eat of the proper funds of the United Stater,
provided It should appear that either the Uot ed
Steles Or Georgia larlaierived benefit from the
lands originally assigned to securer its payment:
Can any one doubt, thee, that if Congress had.
daring his adminiatration, nagged inch an act as
that which wu pasted in ISIS, end by which the
United States assumed the liability of Georgia—
Can any one doubt. we way, that, under thou
'--own would have untied the
al and im.rea,ml.s
paid, and Mt. Forsyth, the
evolving Ma portion ern, does
`et e "Mille weed you'd base
as proceeding by the Uazon,
Purepaur, Of Demo.
td proceedings of Mr. Wise'.
Rifted, and the lams laid be.
he editor of the Union, and
maids party, denounce the
rib, in prosecetieg Ude same
e t Secretary of State, or the
:keen, in transmitting to the
icing • movie:mu for Its pay:
States! Not at all. Their
most'.._____ —meet 'lndignation was all niai
sertred until the time claim should be paid ander
,a Whig arbaleistratien• and that. too, after Con -
Irreas had assumed the liability of Georgia, and di
meted its payment."
Haring given the whole statement of the Re.
pabUe; with the execrable of the testimony taken
before the Invastigatteg Comeilitee, on which It is
founded, we leave the reader to judge whether
the Republic has slandered the dead—or rather
whether the Post has pot slandered the Republic.
ACM:Ziff—A eeriest. and fatal accident occur•
red near Clarksville, to this county, on Alooday
last, under tba fallOef leg circumstances: A non of
Mr. -Latimer, of Hickory toweship, called al
the bona' or Rev. S. A. McLean. on Monday
morning, with a two boil. carriage, for the per,
pow of taking abveral Indies zed children to
church It Clarksville. bon. Lifter. her mother,
Mtn. Lyon. and bet danghter,. a little girl
tan leant oW, Mrr. McLean, and several others,
had gal, into the carnage. Soon arter startiog
some of the harness gave way, the bosses berm e
and, in dscending
u a bill at • tom
r the na nsad b the carriage e was aped, killing Mrs.
j.yorts insitatly. Mrs. McLean bad one of bar
legs book., Mr. Latimer's 111110 girl was seriously,
and oto or two oaks* *tightly iojare4.—Xerar
CorruPoodetet of the rittsburet Gan..
t.nunorrox, Joae 17
President's Ines•ago upon New Mexico—
otne• in !citrate and donee on Cailfrarc
Ws—Census of C•lffornlo.
An important message from the President rant
this day received by tie Senate, relative to New .
Mexico, in answer to ifs resolution requesting the
Executive to state Whether he had given orders to
the military officers stationed in New Mexico to re
slat or embarrass the efforts of the State of Texas
to enforce her claim, to jurisdiction, and to take
possession of that province. The. President says,
in brief, that he had not given such orders, hut that
he considered that while the right of ' jurodirtion
and the boundary remained in dispute between
Texas and New Mexico, the right of possession nr.
geared by the General Government by conquest
and occupancy, should be maintained. He refers
to the arrival at Santa Fe of a "certain Robt. Neigh.
bow. styling himself Gemini...loner of the Stale of.
Texas," but does not attach any particular conse
quence to his mission, and says that he does not
believe that Texas will succeed In acquiring any
possession that will conflict with dint of the United
States. The meaning of this appears to be simply
this. The United States have conquered this ter
ritory and hold it as the common property of the
Union; Texas also claims it, but it is my they In
' 11041 II OS the trustee of the United Slates, until Mat
dispute is settled, and 1 shell do ii. Texas is anal,
tag setae effort to wheedle me out of the pusses
um of it, but they will be trunk., n od while they
its harmless and as high/lent as the sending so
called Commissioners to assert the claim of Texas
within the territory, I shrill not consider them
worthy of special notice.
This message is accompsnierl by important cor
respondence, from which it appears that sonic
doubt has existed as to the location of the line by
which,inmediately after the peace, the law admire
t axation undertook to mark the iraillheril Illnit ol
New Mexico. They assumed for tins lain do
thirty second parallel of latitude, and supposed i
mussed the Rio Grande, south of El Paso. it nrkiii
on fifteen miles north—Colonet Monroe writes the
by the Mexican law of limits, the proVraire of Net
lexica was bounded south by an east and west Ito
sing the Rio Grande three miles north of 1
but, in as moth at there lay to the south.
lion several important towns mil village
.itliiii the prescribed hinds 01 Terns, he direi
the non^.
,ding micer of the (Irmo, to gorem,
I protect. Mene plo.ies wider the sritetti
-...he ••Nmarney code," beaux, d they he.
ng to Tessa she was not discharging anv of chose
new towards them, and the necessity for route
in of government was manifest. The conantand.
g officer sap that Captain lloward and other Tea.
is had taken possession of the salt Latin in the
Minify °I'D Paso, m the name of 'rem, and
'ere selling the right to take the salt away. upon
le pretence of their having been authorised to do
o by the proper ant hhuitties ul Tem,
Nl.relt SW, lISISO, the Secretary writes to Colonel
lunrioe disapproving, of his orders to I 'ammo I'm
Invite to extend his military laredolkon to
mrrost, strip in dispute, and telk hint to tall back
unit the previous orders.
the 15th of April Colonel Monroe lorwarils
be Secretary of War a letter from Nramibure. to
lint. Monroe In the teller Neighbors notice the
Governor that he has seen notices placarded about
tho streets in Spanish and English. recommending
a meeting to be held to late the subject of a Slate
Government into consideration. and to pennon
Colonel Monroe, as military Governor, to isms" a
call torn Convention. Neighbors protest. °salmi
this movement, and hopes the Colonel will lend:
co countenance. Ile argues the clnint of Texas
rind "ning given his !CAW ,, p. ingritnql the
r any other proceeding which shah vecaken the
claint of Texas. (2.101:et Monroe made no reply
but rends the document to Waslungton for thrum
The compromise bill is making . progress in tto
nate, and will certainly pals that body. The
anal question is likely to he taken on Thuentny
next, as upon that day it lm horn agreed that the
Senate will aahourn over to Monday rent. alente's
amendment providing that either of the territories
named In dna bill, shall be admitted a ':ates. when
prepared for admission. whether allow }ac or exclu
ding slavery in As Constinstion, s • adopted
ayes . - .IS, noes 12_ This is an lillilellloll of th
strength of the bill.
In the loose also an important vote was taken
Mr,„ Wentworth mitred a suapeamon of the rules t
nable him to more io tastruct the Committee n
he Whole to report to the 'House iiirtouter, wit.
out further amendment, the bill for the admiral° ,
.f California. Thin would hare been a eery care
mar• proceeding, but it was sanctioned by th,
cotes of 121 members against 77, showing a major
ity for California. unconnected with other que
lions of forty four. lint there not being quit
two thirds, the motion did nut succeed
I leai'n that on Saturday last, the President.
the recommendation of the Secretary of the lin •
rior, appointed Henry C. Johnson, Eaf , cf Sac ,
mento City, to take the Census of California, nod
the act which confers the power upon the Pre
dent to appoint persons for thin purpose in the II
organized territories of the Coiled Staten, with If
power of Marshals. Mr. Johnson is a sheen ,
Whig. Ile is inotroewil to appoint log ausista
from among the residents of. California, acquaint
with the mannew of the people, and the moaner
of the country. luau a
We glean the 6sllowing additional facts in eels
Um to the horrible deStraCtiOn of life on Lake Ene
from the Cleveland Herald, of Tuesday evening.
liactderit• on the a
some of the lost.
Richard Mine, of Sandusky, second wheels
MILD, stood at the wheal until the pilot house wee
so enveloped In names, and was then no badly
burned se to be unable to aeon himself: Such
noble self devotion to rare and the man crpshin of
it Ira hero.
John Chichester. head Waiter, left his
the pantry, to get some clothes ler bar, - lit
he returned she was gone. He 'prang or
and after being tine or ten treoutes in the
secured the yawl which bail burned lon
the host and was on lire. This tire be extinguish.
ed and is the boat raved nix or seven permns.-
His wife who bad been thrown overboard by
Copt. Roby, clang to the wheel and was saved.
Both are at the An:aerie!".
Twenty aloe liodles were brought to this city
on the Diamond, and at three o'clock this after
oinTAfteen were interred with lucent! rites.-
On the Poblic Square, numbere of our citizens as•
sembled, and after remarks by Rev. Mr. Day, sod
a prayer by Rev. Mr. Nevin, the ituruatrts Worn
borne te the cemetery.
A patty of thin, one Erigliati
from C =held! eatore, were p.settgers en
the Otiellth. Most o Ahem were intendiog to set
tle in Medina county, where they have relatiVell
and friends. Ratline° of the party survive, -
Hebert Hall; himself eased, lost his !mother, wife,
two sotts, two daughters, two heathen, and two
silitere,-ten to all. Wm. Water., himielreaVed,
lON his wild and 11101:1 Joseph Morley, a led ma.
raved.,His lather ; mother, and two abiders lost
The folowing entire (Anaes were lost-Thamai
Ithiides, wife, two sous, sod three daughter..-
William Walker, wife, and son. William Tay!
tor, wife, two sons, and two daughters.
Mr. Waters. bls own hair scorched by the re
lentless flames, was parted from hie wife and
child by the suffocating smoke on deck, and sane
them no more. Other families leapt into the lake
together; and found • common grave locked in
each oMeri arum. The Keats is too harrowing
for cerement.
Wil.teetenny, June 17, 1550.
Kildare qf
I herewith enclose all the particuhrs which
have fallen under any ototervation In relation to
the grow and passenger. of the steamer G. P.
Chiffith, which waa horned • phortalistance above
Chsplo river, Monday moral g, about eon-
Some of our citizens early discovered an unu
sual smoke upon the Lake opposite dos village,
and hastened to the spot. The alarm spread rep-
Idly, and in a very abort time almost' the entire
population of our village eras on the gonund, arm
urns to reader every assistance to the living, and
every respect to the dead. Ail the boats within
roach were soon in use, to rescue the dead from
watery sepulchres, and thus restore many to their
friends, and give the rest a tomb in their mother
earth. A committee man appointed for the par
porn of examining the effects of the dead, neer.
taining, as far a. possible, their names,,and giving
burbd to those net claimed by Menus, or other•
wise disposed of. The committee costaisted of the
Gallowing named gentlemen:
.1. Reed, T. Warren, J. Carroll, S. Wilson, N.
Taylor, H. Scranton, J. White, A. lined, A.
Holmes W. A. W. trey, a Miller, I'.
McCauley, O. Hurington,L. M. Lilly, S. Warden.
E. hires, R. Perkins, J. Humphrey, Geo. sniff,
D Albert, Dr. St. John, E. Everett Samuel Wil.
son, Chairman, A. F. Sharpe, Seely.
tusses so VAgarotwolo *OD CCM ton ion MT
to Buffalo on the steamer Troy:
dads** Rath, aged 28 years; Francis Iletb,
aged 8 nen; Helen Beth, dged ti years, I; moat be_
Franklin Beth, the husband and father of the
above named family was saved. Ile was a resi
dent of Nem York City, and on sit:rialto to visit
his whet friends in Indians.
Wm. Tillman, bar keeper.
Maxim Juno, had Engineer, -
Lawrence Dana, Ist Porter. Buffalo.
Christine illoqd
Wm. Tillman had a i Fold watch and chain which
can delivered to the clerk of steamer Troy.
noun or TA.GIG - Int• AM maw
Tokyo on board the scow Sylph of Fairport and I
taken fo Cleveland:
Capt. C. C. Roby, mice and dneghter.
Mrs. Wilkinson. mother of Mrs. Roby.
Mr. Palmer, of the Telegraph, Toledo.
Richardson Mann, wheelstuan,Sattiluaky.
let cook, a negro.
• A negro, name not known.
Charley, deck hand.
Theodore Gilman, deck band, Buffalo.
Dan, waiter, Belisle.
Hugh McLain, Fireman, Entrain.
Frederick Pollee, deck hand, &dale.
A lady and four daughters, going to Cleveland
to join her husband who had preceded her some
two years from England.
A woman nod child, name not known, going
to Stodneky. Husband to Cincinnati.
Pently, deck hand.
Alice Champion.
Paasenger,name not known,with SIC in money
A young lady, passenger, name not known.
A moo, passenger, name not known.
Tbninen Hooper, wire and child, from (Noce,.
terabit° England, ( 3 children not lound
Edward Tinker and wife.
Lucinda Wheeler.
Edith Wheeler.
Penvilla Wheeler.
Leonard Wheeler, saved.
The above named family of Wheelers were go.
tag to Illinois to reside. The father remained be.
hind, in Mercer County, Penn.
nAain AND 071.1. , 71 . 10,1 07 PIMAINIL.
Buried on the shorn, itt Wrlloughby Township:
A woman—formgocr, bloc calico dreamt.
A woman—German, a stri ped cotton dress, Wood
o her floret. a gold broach.
A woman, striped cotton dreg., corset marked
L r.
An English woman, checked cotton dress, and
a pocket book eontanoint money,
An English woman, black and white calico
An English girl, corset marked M.S., had on a
green calico erase.
An elderly woman, blue cotton dress, a bell
mtaining mousy.
A woman, gold ear singe, turret marked H. H.
A Se.rman girl, 10 year. or age.
An English woman, purple cube° dreas,'ll now
reigns, corset marked \V. H , age GU.
A woman going to Roscoe, Ohio, corset mu kad
:A. had on a plaid wonted drew.
A young women aged 'Jy.
Katharine fleet. oared, tram Armatead ,Gernw
iy. Fa: her end brother lost.
A ( nol, aged lien years.
An Mil lierman woman.
A child dressed in s.Wried purple ealteo,
marked on its clothes 11. 'l.
Tuia :laser huired gals, supposed to be sisters,
ages C. end S peers.
A Cowman woman 25 years of age.
Au English weman :id years of age, had a large
Lon, Cu...ridge-awe. -Englund,- hod a
It,. le
id . :OE with St nham Burnawick,
Od, Median cn . Ohm.
five :roman girls. I I years of age. -
Pte., 11111.. Irishnn.n. st tie nod Add::
An .Anterwan. Intic Jaelan green pantaloons and
fi franc pieces In Inns pocket.
An itogt,ltnnot minsl
A mutton need do
A t ;con. aged .:.,.
A ' n aged dn.
An Eaala.llll.flaged p.
A tn. aged
A young limn aged N nd c!..thes
An dingliston. uged at
An Englishman aged
A negro, .01:
aged 10
Tn.:in—port:et Ins,: enntinntne forty dot
I , lr. Donald, (I.l,nottle, tt.
A rna, nand id
ltdv. tiara
An Enal , shinan io crap age Tcontatn•
Inn fone.'W
A German, aged 'al
A German gtri, age.' In.
A 1;-erroan 2`a
A Enghatiwoman aged :al, mime mappon.r.l to t.
Tayhar, had .me soverenlit, live do , and rtgli
tvo girt, JO year* of age.
troy .1 year.. of
A German wt..; 30 year. nl .g.• _
Nene ell:lama. a,,r , front role to tea year+.
An elderly t remora renmat.—brad ort tl;rr per , .
waiver rate for Mr t; A Wencher. for - 2 peer,er
oat t'.eveloo.l to Sr Lm,. rare for Mr- Saner
tevetarld t.. St loatt, and oar. for Mr .L Wnttreld
tipped from A Allen, to V.ddy & llottrrt V, Craver
A woman, hail on v pinul gtoglant hens nod S
A kr : man boy, sled _ .
A rierotan wernsit, n gre alspeha dress e
to:nz red ,rlites—a Irurse en
of ironies -
Jetts A. Noribly, Englohnian 'forty years
one troy, Tian . lilted,. raved They Were 'ton
Pletat:o.t.lngtond. Mr .1 P. }tarn., ...17M'Inotape
by. has takee the otirmving. troy
There are tome other nanieto -mentioned
Willett I cannot obtain to night; 24 Woollen, 4: omen.
children were boned on the.lake shore. near
where the nod &wetter happened. One hundrek
and forty one have been found of the dead. Of the
livioc I hay,. not been abie to tWeertniu, probably
about :M. It to belteved Mat there are nrany more
boolleo willibelrecoveted. ets ninny no are I watt for
';)., heart ..ektms nt de r .erlptipn th,.. raelan.
cholv evrat. ”Id age. ripe aimml blootmaa.
youul. ftTMI mbiling laaarley, *se I-alai/ker. tlns
!sad CUillftlONlC
Yours Respectfully,
We are indebted to Dr. Wm. Maroneliy.
Washita, Loinsiann. for a copy of • letter 10 a
friend, describing the heart rending events of Mon
day morning. Dr. M. is an intelligent, cool, end
intrepid gentleman, wino owes hut escape from the
midst 01 death, under Providence, to his presence
mind and deltberate movements in the great
We may oloerve that Dr M. had gone down to
Erse Satorder, and tornmately left hie Wire Si
the Weddell llotoo to thi• any
Cbevel.tusn, 0...1nne 17, ISSO.
Draft Ste'—About 7 o'clock. Sunday evening,
got on board the Griffith, at Erie. There were
• n hoard a great number of deck or steerage pas.
ngers, emigrants, said to he 2.50. In the cabin
here were about 40 or 45, of these perhaps
about 12 were ladies. The crew, so the clerk
told me, completed of about 20 person. This morn-
mg the boat toot fire about the chimney., or, az
I was told at the time, "she was on tire In the
pipes. I w. asleep, but was awoke by the
rushitg of the hands overhead, an the hurneane
deck, 1 st.pxne they were endeavoring to twin •
Knish the dames. A gentleman who slept to the
berth under me lumped up and Bald Mere was
somettneg wrong. I told him no, that we must
be near Cleveland, and the noise was owing to
the men preparing to land. My fnend ran out
on the guard nod instantly returned telling me
" the boat was on lire." I got out pretty rapidly,
pulled on my pints, and took a small Adis° 1
had in my Land, with the expectation of getting
into some of the hosts ~indeed at the time we
wereen near land I bad but very little emelt..
.ion df danger. I Joel suppose at was Mee we.
were over a mile from land, perhaps out so mach.
Of course there wee much confusion—men who
had wires and children were hi no awful state.
There was no one ho board I knew, or, indeed,
that I had ever Been be . ore, consequently felt less
embarrassed llama I othermi. might. As I have
said, I did not at first perceive the terrible timer
which was so rapidly !approaching.
I raw the mate on the starboard guard throwing
the lead, and directing the pilot how to hold her.
The mate looted no perfectly cool, I thought we
moat LC pretty sato. The engine was still work.
ing, and we appeared to be nearing the shore rap.
idly. I asked him what wee to be done, he said
noinng. The engine then stopped, but as the
boat bad a good deal of way
ou her, she eons
tinned to approach the shore.. This all occurred
to, I should think, from three to five minute.— I
The dunce wore now ruitig in all the wid•ship
part of the fusel. I saw now the than
wza out; nrwards o I
boats were to be seen, haute[,
I afte
learned, been all burot Up. I looked about me
fur an instnot, and tried to make up my mind What I
was beat to be done. 1 determined to get out on
the bow or stem alongalde of the bowsprit. I did
so. and held on by the irons and chain. about
that put. By this time a good many had, impm.
deutly es I thoUghl,Jullapedoverboud. The boat
was still making conaiderable headway, and of
cent. all who wept over and could not strikeout,
vigorouly, moat have passed under the whee's.—
I held on, hoping eke would atetke in shoal water,
tl then thought she did not draw over six .feel of
waterunderatood •Itewarda she drew abut '7l)
I kept my eye on the ripple all the water broke no
the stew, I raw she w. losing =boo entirely,
and all hope of her striking before the dames swat •
lowed all up, was now gone By Mistime, there'
were any number of peoplooverboard; as fur the
scene on Ward, it would he idle for me to attempt
to convey any idea of it. The danger was an/m
-mioent, go overwhelming, that many, I think,
were fairly atumned with terror. It certainly sp•
pealed to me that the passengers were more quiet,
or at least that there was 1:10I such a horrible up
roar as might have been expected. may be,
however, I was too much occopied with thologhw
for my own;esespe,tetodge well of what was pie'
on so near me; remember. however,' anode scribing
or.rather attempting to describe an ascot, all of
which transpired In • few, a very few mintites.—
In fact, from the time I got out of my bed till I
took the water, I don't think that over '7 or 8 min
utes had elapsed. Well, I now, with the view of
letting mysell into the water as easily as possible,
got down to the lower deck, still keeping on the
outside of the steamer, directly under the bowsprit.
I ecusaioed there for coma tame, perhaps a minute
or more, still vainly hoping she would strike.
The water around-the bows was now • mass
of human befogs, men, WoMeo nod children hope
lessly struggling for life. The boat was miming,
but barely moving toward. land, as I had no hope
of being able to swim more than a few reds, 1 de
termined to let her CUT" me as far ay possible:—
She soon howevevatopped, or •t least the mt.
non was scarcely perceptible. On the for Wald
part or bows of ho lower deck thoraxes of people
Was immense; all crowded clove forward, some
madly plungiu r over, others throwing over thew
-wives and children and rapidly following them to
almost certain death. I still held on, and triad to
form some estimate of the distance to land, and
conjectured it might be about three or (oar hand
red yards. I now felt that my chance of escape
was extremely alight. In the multitude wildly
atroggling in the water all around, I did not see
Low eyes en expert swimmer could ViCaPe. end
rection. I now law tut I could not retain my
position much longer, t he flames were noshing for.
wad at a kartot ram, e • few seconds perhaps
that terrified multitudis now densely crowded on
deck and Inside or the bows, would he driven on.
er me and probably carry we with them to the
bottom. Something omurred on boned, what it
was I did not peueinr,but at any rue for an in
stant the attention or at knot the lulu of these
people were directed backward or towards the
after part of the boat, at the name time I observ
ed the water immediately ender me pretty clear,
those who a few seconds before surugaled there,
having mostly sunk; a few bad swam off. I wiz
ed the favorable moment and dropped over, I
went under but found no bottom; I swam a little
ways Wore rising, probably not more than six or
seven yards, I then made • few strokes as rapidly
as possible a 3 ail to get clear of all others. I was
apprehenalve some one would lay hold of me, in
which ease I knew that with me all sus over.
Perim:lately I got off clear. I was in hopes
name boat might pick me up, or that I might get
bold of something that would enable me to Out.
Any relict at this kind I soul saw was hopeleu,
and my only chance that of swimming to the laud,
appeared to me to he in reality no chance at all,
but as I could do no better, I wrack out as well
Ile I could. The Lake was alive on all side• with
men swimming—some swam well and strongly,
and were soon safe; many, however, sunk. I
did my beat, but everything failed me; I let my
feet down in hopes I might touch the bottom, bat'
could not. The effort It getting to the surface
and striking out again exhumed me very tench.
I Was panting terribly—legs and come would work
or, longer, all I could do was to paddle • little
with my hands. Every 'minute or oftener I would
go under. I watched as well as I could to see if
any of those around me could touch bottom. I
could see some one trying almost all the time, but
as yet none succeeded. When I was about to
give out—to have kept afloat one minute more
would have been utterly impeasible—ledeed, for
some minutes I had been as much wider water as
above It-'-at this mitlesl moment I saw a man
somewhat in advance of me standing on the ben.
into. I immediately straightened up and ruched'
the sand with head and neck clear. It was with
the grutest difficulty that I reached the beach,
thou bit a few rods distant. However, I got out
and by (or some time on the sand so completely
exhausted that it war with the utmost difficulty
I could breathe. At this time some six or seven
person. ha! reached the beach. I saw nothing I
more until all was over.
Every one I hove since met with, appears stir.'
pr.-cif that so few ore saved. Now, taking all the
eireooodaners into peeolllll, I don't are
how any
thing elle ovoid have been expected. Lel us re
collect that the fire was nmidthips, little or no alarlit
way given until ton law. nor do I believe et all I
don't think that even the bell was rung.
Most of those who punted over below the Gat
stopped, unless expert swimmers, most Lave been
either drowned, or killed by passing under the
Wheel. 'Slimy moot have perished in this way
To every Man who had either a wife or viola with
him, there waa hardly any chatter , of ettepe. All
such were irrevocably doomed. All they could du
Mr to plunge over and drawn together 1 believe
but one man to Mutated escaped. As the steerage
pswieugers were mostly enegrants'and in families,
it is cosy to See how frightful the destruction most
have been. Many penman% who might perhaps
hove escaped, by going Into the water with all
Mew clothes; many were taken out with heavy
Listts and shoes on. Akain, the alto:Owl, of the
co,dinoty blast tl.ow who got to the itll
ward part al the tont --lit a very Mlle space around
the bows, left hue very little chance for auy out to
do any Ming. 'The immense mass of steerage pas
sengers in this povittou, when I went °Vet, mint
have perwhed pretty notch rill together. They look
ed .0 utterly helpless that for theta there was evt
dently no hope Whatever. TL, who Meld &wt..,
unless periedtty cool ,tind es Interoleos of es
cape:. thme who could not. The immense milldam
of people to the water rendered II
ble for any one to get °Mar. 'I at I suceeeded
doing so, was, I soppy*, owing priucipaity to a,
eidetit, and somewhat, pertains, to My going under
at first Oa the whole, alter taking all the principal
facts Into consideration, I eat‘llVlt see .a 't coutd
be ettiserted, that many could have es...quid. •
As I hare said. Mantua all who went over before
the boat stopped. perished by parsing under the
wheel. Alter the boat stopped, the time was a
abort, not more than two Or threerilinatel, that hi
few could get clear of the aeuggling nod droo
' yours,
\V M. mAtioNc
XVIDESCI •'rcaa - me colosea's IVRY.
Samuel fdeCon;Second Mete, 'nye the man at
the wheel informed him that the bunt was on Are
on the 'upper duct. We then examined, and
found it Vibe on Are on the under rde of the
main deck. lie nailed to the Ant mate, and they
examined and tried to put it out. The Are aleress.
ad so fast we had to t oilet.
Mr. E”ne, First blade. 1 was called by the god
Maus, saying the boat was on fire. We found the
tire was between the pipes and water jackets. I
then assisted In trying to put out the fire, but we
50,00 found it hi:410101We to master it. The boat
was then beaded for the shore; it struck the her
shout twemy rods from shore, and the d i re in
steady tiptoed all over the boat. The forpart of
the boat was net on fire before that. Walways
supposed the boat to be well, (or well asy boat
on tne lake) me-cured epee*. fire.
I.). R. Stebbins, First Engineer, tetra 1 was on
duty. U was my watch attend:es to the eaglet..
I had just oiled ti 1 did not diwover the fire en
tit the Second Nave gave the alarm. 1 then dis
envered the tire to hi seder the deck, (made deck.
l suppose.) by looking through the ranger boles. It
then appeared to be one sheet of lire on the coder
wde. We gut the hose in operation in law than
three minute. . it did not seem mare than tee
minutes before the fire drove them away. lam
part owner In the boat, and believe that she
was well Secured from fir-. I can hardly imagine
bow she look fire; but it is my haprosaion that
. the fire caught at or cent the bulk head, near the
freight hold. Suppose that tkere were 250 paysen
gees and 26 hands. The boats were prepared to
launch, but were not let down while the foist was
In motion, because he thoughtthey would be
swamped and made useless; but when the time
had arrived for lowering th boats, the fire had
increased ISO last, that they could not get to
We, the undersigsed, jurors empaneled and
sworn on the 17th day of June, in the year 1550
In the township of Willoughby, in the county of
Lake, by Samuel Brown, Coroner of the afore
said county, to Inquire sod true presentment
make, and 10 what manner s number of persona,
whew bodies were Sound in and on the shore of
Luke Erie In the north west corner of the afore
said township, and on the 17th day of lone, in
the h eard 55, came to their deaths. After hay
log e the evidence, sod exemined ninety see.
en bodies, we do fled that the dereased came to
their death by drowning, by jumping MI from the
meambost G. P. Griffith, when on fire.
Given under our hands at the time and place of
said inquisltion, abovell. mentioned.
Tee•e and New Metiog
Oar correspondent. "-Nutt's." gives a synopei •
of a Message from the President, and •a comes
pondence in relation in the attempt of Texas t.
extend her Jurisdiction aver:blew Mexico. Th •
following is the Message,and the only portion a
the correspondence yet pubblished in the Wash
ton papers:
_ _
Welnantison, June 11, 1550
To the &eater,/ the Unite:laves:
I hree received a emit, of the resolution of the
Senate on the I Ith June Instant, requesting me
"to inlorm the Senate whether'sny ordera have
been leaned to any military officer or officers at
Santa Fe, to hold po•sessioo against the authority
of Texas, or in any way to embarram, or prevent
the exercise of her jorindictiou over that coun
try—and to lurnish the Senate with copies of say
correspondence which may have taken place be
tween the War Department and the military sta
tioned at Santa be since the date of my last tom•
munication to the Senate on that subject."
In reply to that rcwolutioo. I MAW that nu ouch
order. have been given. I herewith present to
the Senate copies of all the correvondence
referred to In the resolution. All other or.
der. relating to the subject matter of the rens
tenon have been hereteked communicated to the
Senate. •
I have already, In a former magmge, referred to
the fact that the boundary between Texas and New
Mexico to diaputed. I have now to Mate that in.
formation has been recently received, that a cer
tain Robert S. Neighbuors, etyling himself commis
aioner of the State of Texas, hen proceeded to
Santa Fe with a view of organising counties in
that dtwrict under the authority of Tex.. While
I have no power to decide the question of bound
ary, nod no desire to interfere with it as n clues.
tion of title, have to °beery° that the poierowlMn
of the territory Into which it impalas that Mr.
Neighbor. hat Inns gone um actually acquired by
the United States from Mexico, and hat Linea
been held by the United States, and in ml opinion
ought so lo remain.until the question of boundary
Mall have been determined by some competent
authority. Meanwhile I think there Is no ream'
for apprehending that Team, will pre
tally Interfere with the nowiession of the t'
Among the letters ikezompanying the menage
wee tho following
Smell. Fa, April 15, 1850.
51s Having seen daring the day notices posted
up, both In Spanish and English inviting the clue
tens of this piece to convene on Saturday next,
'to lake into coosidcration the propriety of inst.
log a State movement, and to petition you as the
head of this Liovernment to call a convention,
etc," 1 deem it my duty, as commluioner of
Texas, sent here to effect ad organisetion under
her laws of Sus petiole of her territory, to cell
your attention to the fact, as well as to the 3d see.
lion, eth Reticle of the Constitution of the United
I deem it the mare necessary them solemnly to
protest sysiont any countenance or aid being giv
en this movement by the present head of this Gov.
eminent, in consegnence of the Published orders
which have emanated from the War Department,
and the result of an interview had between Us •
few days sloes The government which-rhave
the honor to represent hem declared her determh
nation to maintain inviolate all the territory within
her boundaries—anch boondules so were gust.
tied to bar by the compact of union; and I would
Inks able oppostunity I ',Su r= to um lid mown
radobnion fur anneltSl Tsass 1 9 Its
United States," sod preamble of the constitution
of the State of Tease, by which the terms of said
.loint Resolution. axe =wined. And also the
joint Resolution for the admlsslint of the State
of Texu into the Union." approved 25th Decem.
beer, 161 5 . All of which. le my opinion, would
be vtolated by a consummation of the objects of
atilt State movement. And further to state, that!
now most solemnly protest alpine any move•
cents in favor of State cause, until Texas has
extended her juriadicuon over this portion of
her territory, or until the will of the State of
Texas can be known in this matter, as guarantied
to her by the enactments referred to above.
I hove the honor to be, very respectfully, your
obedient servant,
Cortuniertioner State of Texas.
To Col. J. Memos
Commooding SOO letilituy Diviuoa, D. S. A
Santo Fe.
Have just received large additions to their
Imported by lido packets from Europe. and to
which they would especially call the attention
of uuschuera believing their very erten
sive stocks and law prices will give s
a satisfattloo.
Of Pittsburgh.
OfFice--No. 41 Water street, In the 'warehouse oC.
11. GRANT.
films COMPANY Is now picpmed to insure all
kind. of risks,.on hooses man.faelanes, goods
merchandise in store, end In Anoint sews* En
An maple geantruy for the elbllity and Ltdegrity of
the institution, is afforded in the character of the Di.
recto who are MI citizens of Pittsburgh, well and
- _
vo ably known to:rhe eormoolly for tKelsprodence,
telligenee, and intevritv.
DIRECTOIIh—C. U. Messy, Wen. Dagoley, Wm. Lor
r, Jr., Wolter Bryant, Hugh D. King, Edward
roreoy, S. Ilarbaugh, 4. N. Kier.
' apah-lt
Insprov•nimul• In Il.ntl\trT
DL 0. 0. STEARNSyIate of Boston, I.prepared to
manufacture and ma [Mors TSKIII in whole and parte
of sets, upon Suction. Atmospheric Su ctioa Plata.
MOTRACHII COL E.D to InVE Pusan., where the nerve
expo d. Office and residence nest door to the May
rit'a older, Fourth street, Pittsburgh.
Rarnao—J. Id. MlFadde n. F. N. Pius, laltr
Scald of the Fool and Ankle Cared.
Alt Wa :—l am I:cartons of making known to the
public tha groat effieney of your PETRol.Elifil in my
own ase, which was a severe egad of the toot and
ankle; upon removing the stock mg, the skin petted
of with It, eH kit hp:baba but the bate efface. I
empected to be laid up all winter from to elects of
Ms staid; be we applied the Petroleum freely, by
mean. of a flannel cloth saturated with It; at firth the
applicauon wu painful, but in a TOO short limo the
pain abated. I bad no pun in one hone altereriada.
In five day. from the time of the aNdboulont of the
Pet:plum, I was able to go to welt. I tuba elemre
in stating these fact. for the benefit of other entrants,
am dettroas mat they should ba made public.
1.1 miss, stain, that I find Immediate rebel by th
use of the Petroleant, in burns, from which I am
(refit's,. sodcter owning to my kovidess aloe ti•
cow.. I would recommend It utad moat promp
and cattalo remedy for Lama I have ever known.
ISlgned.) J D COE, Engineer,
Shafpsburgth Allegheny Co.
Hot eale by Keyser & Mc Dowell, 110 AVOW Weer,
ft F. Sellers, SY Wood el; D Carry, Allegheny coy;
D A ICU., Allreheny; Jowph Deaglawk, Allegheny .
el•e by the proprir . .or, A. V. HIER,
a Canal allS:O. Seventh et, Ynteloweh
• Deritini.CornerefFourth
.4 Deem., I....reat
uegragwouu 011110E/118.
Tine retreat is now at the height of its beauty—
Welton d: Cots., dying horses will remain a lea
dnys, anordtng tine amusement Strawberries are
pow ripe and served up fresh from the vines. lee
ereUPI% and oilier refreshments in abundance. The
niennier Slope leaven the Pitt street landing at the
beginning of rut+ hour. front ...Vetting A. 11. mail
10 P. M. for 5 vent. 'Ficketn of ndmismoit to lien
bnardetin 15 cents, redeemable for the mina amount
in ItraT..llDl I, ts—f ree ad tn ilsi. to children when
1 tecompanied by their patentralso to select pan
ne. Sol}oll ticket. furnished, by applying to the
proprietor. Closed on Sunday.. J. McKA IN.
Office of P
Oh ITT,io nd Penntr- R.Tlard sh
e err< J oue 'l5
Toe f. tockholdeis of the Ohio and Pennotypoia
Rail Road Company are hereby notified to par the
sloth instairuent of hoe donors per share, at the once
of the Company, as heretofore, on or bctore the ROI
fey of lone neat, and the remainine anstalmnas of
per share, on or before the lath day of each sac
erettive month, until the whole are paid.
teWonf WN LARDIER, J r., Treasurer.
hllLarra's Wears tneorlC.—The following from
an agent, shown the demand , Width this medicine
ercatuil wherever it was intoduced:—
Vayslierzl7rf,. T,
Ines, . ,
1. Kidd It Co —lour traveling areal 101 l will, me, la.
rummer, a quantity of Dr M'lorne's Tins end Won
-"Specific, to sell on ecnrimossion. The Worm Speer;
is also sold, and I should he glad to p coca re wore, a
it sell. very readily, nod has si very salutary effect
expelling worms. If yea can forward me scree, e
send me an order to call on your agent in IlOrfal
(L 9. eepenld.,l I Mini it will meet with a mind sal
V' For sale by I. KIDD & CD, No 60 Wood street.
On TN:emit) evening, Ilth Instant, by Her. J. B
Town.ead, Mr: Tasonome Pormbeembb, formerly o
Betsburgh, I'a, Mire Ave L Wcrammt.t., of tla
Loom licheh6ceo I
Wskrotr, Thurs
to th day
fOJ year morning.
of at
her ag 8 o'cloc e. k, Ain Purer..
The funeral:frill proceed to the Allegheny Cemetery
from her talc residence. on Beaver greet, corner o
Meter Lane. Mir anernoon, at 3 o'clock. The friend
of the family arc respectfully invited to stood with
out further aotice.
uttenv tr. BURCHFIELD invite the mention of
MU the ladies to Mew eltermike assortment at White
Goods torenawee,consiidng of
cotch and Swim Mallet
Figared Swim do;
Embroidered do;
Vionna Lawns; •
Low Priced Barred Jansonet.for morning' rtresee.;
fino soft finished do; and a lama I.OfMlOlllOl $l4lllll
fluell., with catered embroidery; priotedJ ark aorta;
Lawns, Parents, EC., at north 0.1 corner of Fourth
and Market streets.
neai woans
• • •
rzetvtirtstf;; or penr . • higher
nmtou.j3Z. By the
of "The Way Math "
Delf.Caltivalion Itecostuaended, or hints to • youth
leaving salad. Ply hue Taylor, wither al"Nalstral
History of Eathualastni , An.
Tim Se eel Practical Writings of Sohn Koox. Is.
sued by the Coramattec Pr., Church of Scotland.
The Instructed eh, Winn, or the Plain Man's Senses
I.:smelted to Diseem both Good and Evil. By Wm.
blyford, B. A.
Ancient Christianity. and the Doctrines of the Ox
ford 'fine, Contrasted Uy Iran Taylor, altime of
“ Spiritual Despatiou" de
Memorials of the Introduction of bletho.'lmn Into
the E nri n..n fumes, comptLoing bicittdPhicd, notices
of Its early presehers,
Theobald the Fanatic, a we history, from the Gen
rum of &Ming; ususlated by Bev. S and Amman,.
A System at afoot' Philosophy, or Christian Ethics,
designed tor domestic instmotion, !henry institutes,
In Ily . W B Lacey, D. D.
Prit.mples of ItheA0(10, a d the use of
sehoola. fly W D Lacey D. esignad
On h for and, for solo by
70 Wood at.
91RE HORTICULTURIST, and Journal of Rural
1. Art and Rural Tame. Edited by A. J. Downing,
author of "Landscape Gardening " i'Dmlges for Col.
toga Residences," "Fruits and Fruit Trees of Amer.
es," Re An.
To all persons alive to the leuprovemeat of their
garden., orchards, or country seats—to solentifto and
p o ra m c m tica re l
ia cu g lt a m rd a ene s
so, ft h th s e
gniavignelrm and
discoveries and improvements,. experiments, and AO.
qUiOIIiOUS igllortioaltnre,and those branches of know
ledge connected wile it, will be found Invaluable.
Its extended Viand valuable corresponeence presents
the experience of the tinctive and agreeable roost Intel !gent cultivators In
America; and the i n sreeable art cies
from the yen of the editor, make It equally sought
after by even the general reader, iMerest•d or Connie,
bra The "Foreign Notices" present a summary from
ail leaerng Ilorucaltural Journals or Europe ; the
"Domestic Notices," met *hawsers to Correspondents,
furnish copious bin s to the novice to practical collard
son the nuraeroze and beautiful Illuetranonv —Plana
r Cottages, Oreenhouses, the Frames of New Fruits,
Shrubs and Plants. combine to render this one of the
cheapest and most valuable works on either side of
the Allende ,
Ilts Fifth Volume of the Horticulturist wall be com
menced on the In of July, 1050. Ail Of ea.' of the
bank volumes can be supplied.
Terme—Throe Dollars per year; payments to b.
made in advance, and orders robe post paid.
For sale by JAhlEtil DFourt LOCKWO
at OD
• 104 h
NEAVgare Story Dwelling Iloaeo t on Penn at
Asituated in the moat desirable part of the city
Fat p .„i,ajam, annalist at No 11E1 Penn WIWI.
W1.1:4 311
R IO COPP baie salzb i y i
lon 41 Water at
- pp tcE. 7 4 ,.. ter for cola by
ll fall br:o No .ale bZRAN.r
13* j t j t t KiD d , D fo k r &le t
00 Wood
DOZ Dr Rogers' Lowetworl and Tar u Jost II
I.rd and for sale DJ I J KIDD& CO
A DOZ P. Townsend's earesparills, for fe sa by
4 0- * lett J KIDD &
01lit:SLICE LAY ENDEII-110 lb. r5011 “ fo : legg
DIARI,IIII 011,—V glow. genuine for szto by
J 141D0.1. CO
EXTIt it ORANGES—The rthell i lit . r i t o ded i ii: PWh
d.lphli fo r 5 /"'"' ". ‘; ' o, eCLI . III ° O &CO
till Liberty at
YSVPS—Underwood't True Lemon Syrup,
0 City blaaaraetured Sylapi
Strawberry do;
Sattatarttla do;
Q'rrw• do;
do Rot .al• by
Jai" WIA 4 tifctx49!
- On Friday Err, .Teror tn. af!By o'clock .
fiPMZED by Mi. 1. WHITE, His celennned
PBRASS BAND svill acconthvnY the exMhltion.
Adthinance, u; children aecoilepanied by their
P ares heir brier,
Th nte
steamer Hope No I, leaves the Pitt st. landing
si the tieginniniYof each hour. For ps.rtiesisrs. see
hills. lecindur
MBE Annual Meeting of Siockhelders in the At.
lantio awl Ohio Telegraph Company will be held
agreeably to Charter, en Thursday, the 10th of July,
t 11 o'clock, A.: M., at the Company's Office, No tUt
nemtnut of, Philadelphia , for the purpose of electing
nip; IfirtElera to /CITE for the ensuing year, and to
transact sichother business ea may be brought before
the meeting. Bp order of the pi
Inalhdtd BteßEßillenetary,.
Leon:mos on the Binary of FRC , By the Rev.
Henry Blunt, A. M.
A Family eXposidon of the Pentateuch. By Rev.
Bent! Mont, A M.
The Acts of the Apostle*, with no chiefly ex
planatory, designed for Sabbath Reboot Teac P hersd
remit) , Instruntlon. fly He
J Ripley, rofessor
in Newton Themlogical Incnow.
No Crow, No Crown: a Discount , showing the
Nature and Thaelpline of tic Holy Crow of
lip William Penn.
On hand and for wile by
LarKunKe Kei1...9 Economy; a Matteis on the
1... e new MAW transport, ito management; prespeete,
and relationo,certnereial, financiel, and nocinl, with
an egeosition,of the partied' resnitiof the railway.
in rperation in the Untied Kingdam, in the Continent ,
and in Anicrita. By Denys'. Lardner, D. C. I. Ae.
The Illinois' of the ellnfes.i..l. By John lienty
lirphins, D. , Bishop of the lho .es, of Vermont
Bawer'. Neer Ednion of Milman'e Oldie:Ye De
cline and Fall of the Return Empire volo.
1-arnernoe's Law —I he Pitt. Prerent, and Futa re
dthe Republic. By Alnhonee tie Lamartine.
Carlyle'. Latter Day Pamphlets. No VI. Bohlect,
"Parliaments "
No 9 of Lane's new Noveli—The Dalton,
O. P. R. James' new Novell—The Old Oak Clint
,The above works reenlved this da
P. y, and for title by
(Journal. American, Chronicle, cod Post, co py
MACKEREL HERRING-10051W No 2 Me.ekerel
20 Ms No 2 do;
50 brlsNo I lierrinr,
tOn hes do de;
O Cmal 13nsin, Penn et.
For sale by
r)OLIVFit FIRE nnicx—vo,amongio.l Uolv
I) Fir. Brick, for .10 by
1.20 joini
CHEFISEI--70 W M seraeetsserafor ssle by
hI.ERATUS-14 osskt for /1111.1
NIT'INDOW GLASi3--. , :r4 435 . 1317 f,
J bra 901.2
b 3 01, 1011
Rrbotyrd slid for ibble by J.1.31F3 DALZELI
flitrE9F.--34 las per Union Line, for sale
ALERAIUS--73 Lim in stare,
11$ Wand st
FIFTV SHARES or the Capital Stock or We Wea;
ern insumnea Company, for sale by
M2CiAllts D FIND
BTriBl Es-a Ws No 3 Nankeret;
by bids No I !lamina;
MI bon Tanner% Oil;
air te. Rine;
la easkn Baron f , annldera and Sidra;
3 WO No 1 Lard, in atom rat raft. by
. .
DR. J. J. DIVERS oders his professional service.
to the eittrens or Blanches , ' and srleintor
°Mee i.A residers , , for the present. st.Rosedate
in al.oettester, immediately !Ouse the L.Marin.
Howls!. lel9;Jlin
CLranya strict, dun. Seventh rent, P:uimLlyl in.
1o eentral, to the immediate ViciVicinity einy at the mmt
t important public insmutiom, the lest and moot
ra sh
placer of busibma, nod the oar:wave
public miasma of the city. lathe impowa nt rrm4utrims
of light and ventilation, two principal oblong , aimed
at Mil, recent enhigenteet and thorough improve
ment of this House. it la not exceeded, perhaps,
•ny mtablishment in America- To strargem. th ere.erm
fore. tth position Is peculiarly dimmable. The rub
scriber returns Mantic-to his friends and the public
for the 'liberal patronage they have extended to him,
and *simnel them that ha will endeavor to =mit
car-widener of their favors. A F WLASS
'7'initti hrs.:, opposite the Port Office.
oaVEL ll:winger; or, the Frigate in the Oiling, a
Nautical Ta:e.
The Thougand and One Phaeton.. By Animater
Duna., muerte,.
Adventures in .
Africa, during a tour of tato Yehtr
through that et:maul. lly Major W. Corayealleee
Armin. Liv•ng i ge. No 3I
ioJey fort uly, price 12 60 per year.
ah, m Jo
Satinet do -. do.
Antis.lran Journal of Science and Arts.
CONIULTITED by Pm( U.liman, Prof. D. ttilli
man, Jr . and James U. Dana, New Devon, CO,
rectioot. This Journal is issued every tart Months,
nosuhrrs of 152 prget. cants. sensing urge octavo
relic:nos a yesr, each with mane Illanntroo. It Is
devoted to onginal articles on Stienoc and the Art!,
Cam:Sensed Review, or Abstracts of Memoirs and
Discoveries from Foriogn Permdion, Nonce of New
Vubticationsomd a Skeletal Balletin of recent Scion
tifieof orbs. The first biles C 0131.11111 volurnre,lbC
last which is venered Due t
ko the 40 volumes
tuottedusg. otubscriptton, SD year, in advanoe
J D LOCKWOOD. A n for Proprsoms,
119 ; 104 Fourth et
FLY Nets, rosde of Lxilen, - Wetsted. Cotton, and
I..entitcr, all pa d, ttetits and nualtile.. • low
'Lock alyvsy a Otl han and lov +Ale Om lewdest
t.ewrr B rice , , Vbalrwslc and .
fq .
No 3W &1330 MAP. , . Dr/131....
IYlteletale Asoura.-tory nt TRUNIii. Alt ET
B&V,S,Ar. Wore , ooln contuns over U Trunks, o
all quilt., at for prioe..
N.B.—A new style fine Net tot Car , inito HMG,
SUNDRIES—VA vas, WhakLbone. and
our, Anirrlcan
German do;
cases Mein Thrrad. for sale by
1300/311 1300n.1.1.:
Of iliF. Life and Cooespondence of Thom. Arnold.
1 D. I), we Profroiur of Modern Moiury of the
Univoreily or Oxford. By Arthur P. Stanley, N. A.
Fiht Americus edincri.
whirl is :added, • Guide to the Pennant. By Jeremy
Ticy lor. D D.
The Soul; or en inquiry in Senynaral Poleulegy, so
develop:id by the nue of the term., Soul, rinint, Life,
k.. b 7 George Prolessot of !Moen, in Nero
Yolk VOI•GlIllY.
The Record. of • flood Mann Life. By lien Cu
Ifry lot.
For Pole by
I.I6AVVATOLAS,SE....-54 Alldr prim. N Num,
1.7 150 Ithdr do blolmar,s;
For Polo by 11 , 491 11Te1111.1.1‘ & ROE
do "'l'a grsr ".i
tes Num Cared UMcOm, for en by
BROOMS -100 desntsorted descriptions for sale by I
pH a. TANNERS' 011-10 brls Tanners' Oil;
Zbrls N C Tor, cer cansl
sale by ljclffl bier:ML ß A ROE
SOAP—GO b xe No I Clocutnatt In store, for ode by
110 ORIN—A few kis ANo extra Waite Rosin of
IllpellOr nibble tar soap otakiaaJett
received and for sale by JOUR hIePaDEN .t CO
• lap WO Canal again, Perm et
CODA ASII-10 casks Cap makers' Ash; Eli DO'
55 casks superior, for glass nuking, all of whkah
wrll Lc . oldlow
jell JOHN hicFADEN &CO
=OLIVE OlL—Bordeaux Superfine;
• Morelli. do p.nts and Arpin's:
Florence do In flask., for sale by
Jen 25S 1.1 lorry
BACON -373 pas hag
i r c lgtpdAn A g forol . o:y eo
'et9 I.lL•rt7
p ITC li area llo Lls itlaC,bT:r; cone
10 gAle hy (iel9l
Ni A liAti Vginia eurrit, tar
V llama fur sale by lg--1000 per
' ee
M o l he , B n o C&u H d an H ki ew s do
10 les Evens & Swift a do,
ins D. /11. re do;
e tee eanvaseed Beef rounds;
tee plain do
NOVA SCOTIA HERRING—I 6 brb in ruine and
for sate b fjelil ROBISON, LITTLER CO
OPYER&S-4 brls la store far sale by
BACON -10 carte Shoulders In Core, for tale by
CANVASSED lIAMS- 41 rosto in store, for elle by
eiteltP, prime Wilde'. far tole oy '
NV r L ari o d V s o C t Peit C r to ' rZ w b r ‘ o V i:xt 'I 1° ';;;`,,::,
fur role low by CYEAGEK
rl9 tte & I It 3 Martel st.
p , ANS—A'splendid AGonmem, or my ban import-
clots, mimptGing every Variety, lur sale by
kb) 0 e. by
COMBS—'O pro. latest eryles Cane) , combs,
75 smut do r (1414 do;
50 gross do slde do;
to grass Siamese poelketeombs.for sale by
SUB PEN ERS-60 doe 0 £13110t11 . 0.16, No 46;
Ou dox do No 11*;
'JO do, do Novo;
100 du Portend*, annaTLIA ,
Drat • • eths Jade. cf the Courtd Gene
rat Quarter &ma= d iha Yeette, to and for the
County f Alle f ghtenr
'THZpriulaoconnty a fo tiaa A re ' ra rd " , .L ' ul t b ( l ) y h i a o h o 173 - ,
that your petitioner hath provided
materials for theaccommodation of travelers and
s ubsea at her dwelling him. to the township e .
acid, and plays that your honors wilt be pleased to
rant her a license to tee, a Public Hoare of Fatter
moment. And your pctiuoner,as In duty bound, wil
We, the subscribers. eltisens of the township afore.
said, do certify, that the above petitioner is of good
putt tor honesty and temperance, and is well pm
tided with bonne mom and COpireflielltell 101 . the 5e
c0611311411111011 and lodging of strangers and travelers,
end that said tavern is recessary.
loner Hheads,Sainuel Richey, Frederick Merriman,
John hi Creme, James Diwaon, Thomas IVergoner,
John hi. Craig, James Gilliland, Marshall Miele,
.1 . George Millie, John hi Stevens, James Stevens.
Glasgow, Pa (ntith's Ferry Pao Ofte )
Btrinl Permanently /netted at this place , a net
sibitandal Wharf But, ere are prepared to te•
wide Miff...ward pospdy Load innate on ale
Wi ry
and Itsad7dodd Beaver on OW Canal. B &Co.
d ma* itrOdd
THESE DIES haying been adopted and highly approved in all the principal shops in
monist con. New York
end Philadelphta,, are now offered to manufacturers, machiuMki ship *mulls, tee.; writh'lllte
lidenee, as the most peifect 'article in mix( or cutting wren's. .: i
Their , u n e riorite aver iron' oilier Die. her tr4d, enneilits in their Mining • team,
st„.t..„ Wh e ther v - or ~ , ,,,,,,i, t l,, by owe paeliing over ihrt iron to beim; which require no I il:01g
or prerunt. reparaion. si the dies. cm the thread out of the imlid iron, without raising it in the Init;
in their greater durandity, Mpidity, nod perfection of work; end in their aim *coy • and hula letbllity
tu get out of order. .. . • •
. eir purchased fro.
Ibis is re tertifs 'bat ossi Rios fant
6ares lb s right of strut IsPi P. 04 .t
ting bolts. th eur opirtion,lris Liss are run
sips to any • ritheen Ise an stoquelitted. tnto
purpose of euulise bolts.
fining had P W Ise"
embarkment tor the-lot Into mond* for <ran!
•olm. wa ran in every miner.% recommend them in
the highest term., ae we bane laid all others away.
thee Iming eo far roperiorr-considering them 75 per
cont. cheaper than an 7 where now in ore.
• Penn Works. Pa.
R./delete certify that we have pnrehaved We rlghi
to toe, and adopted nue batmen, W Wet& Va.
tent Room Cutter, "Odell** highly approve of. Vie
eau do melt 10016 worse and we lobileve at will sue
plot in dorabiliVt nett preeiltion," mach as econoW7
or labor, nny diet known to us
PuwatiWritta, lith month, 23th da7,1040.
Remo Voltz, Aug. 19,1519.
Caving aZoplrd P. W Gales' "Faunknesn lot out
line bolus, we take pleasure in saysog, that
It Oore
Wan answers our elpecsallAra,tAand.SlSSLSler.
Sian in F lying it our *pawn, y
other P' tt° Prrrettt''' ' r" '''. l .. /FBECOR A. CO.
We heve Y. W. Gateau.Petent Diet" toy ending
;crew., ~d the econooty of using them Is to very
considerable, that we loot upon them as thdivpanni
ble to every establislonent having any quaintly of
SetelVfl 1.0 CUL
hIcCOIISIICK, °airs a. CO,
1:113' io, /849. Orates, W 0.5011024 1 ,,. 6th Sept. , l4.
I have purchased of IV. it. Scoville. for the Untied
States, the right to ose t 0 ait the arsenals and ormoi
Ito BEAT LOWRY, Prorrios ,
P4Mi Square, IfoULisysbur P..
Gt.NRICAL STAGti tATICII—Tro Pails Lines .
Stager for the East and Wadi also . the Itedlotd
Stage aaa his haus.
1:1 41.111.ANOZDIENT.
m ai m
ItH .
. PAC ham,
The new aria light draught ingather VOIIGIIIO6I I E .
NY vial theta daily lop. betweeri•Piusbutgh and
Ole.,,,erv,lPundaye erceptcthl leaving.Olasguur at:
A. 11l , and Plttsbargliet '4 , P.M. i .
The liourbioghenr to but 15 inches draught, and
ten be relied on as a tegatai packet. thingtiout die
season. For height eight Or Pori C '
rs• i ilfiant to a je or nt. , P
. ie ie . __ . .____. ' `,BIDWELL tr. Cli;_2,( 7 ilantgcrw.
rlMlE"hou.c now ,theupied hp MajortY Wade. on
I. Ander... street,' Allegheny CitYrwithth . shor t
distance of the Ilene. Street Midge "It hal eleven
rooms, bre house, wash house, eanianie house. and
Rent. 525 fo
0 per annum. Also, r sale or reit
Pew llb, in tie middle aisle of It. Andrew's Cbareli,
Pittsburgh . • ' DAP:dela
• •
FLOOII—Iso brit. B taliNtEii.2:la.sitsfilryws
72 & 79 Market st •
s ek.lolg7l" -- g arx•
1.201/calsanblcachbl du
_`alt gals all;
• lOW gab , bleacbcd (.11
600 gals PC W. co .
WL•la ia story and for sale
172 & 174 Liberty In.
TANN EIL... oiL-9O' gal* blflß2l:3o, cal s;
; 401.410 do:
15 brio common Oil, in caret.
.010 l.y Jel9 ; !MILLER & RICKETSON
SHir4.3LEI--lo 51 on coniognment lot 0010 111 '
le/1 : MILLER & ItICKETsoiv.
CODF:11311--6 aim. just reed fur sale by
Sarsaparilla Soda a. Lantern figtvapi
tY) apes Saysanatill a :lode;
tv be • do; do; • • ,
Yu boxes Leman Eyrop,nould from potelenlOnlidee
Jest recegved etd for sale by • .
jeteti atILLER b. lUCFEISON
LARIS-eil Ws ho I, now landing,nd for tale ' W
. . Watev tr.
UATIIMEL4-4. bozo now on band, In, nolo by
I? 'pin : Itudep =JUN & CO
GINSENG -2 Winks on bon& foi WC. by •
jan ] 1341 A II DICISKY & Orl.
B ACON -10 oinks Ilams: . , -,
30 Work, e Innald tr.:
a cwt. ,Sidno: t
4 rook[ own ned,noor fon gboo. for ell a by
inin i IBM /LH ; TYCKEV &CO
I-I.lPL'oß.sUct • CPM°. , - 171 e 1r 1"' sk lltt f :
NV tumbalc 7gl.l:oby
Jac rrcetvcil fur sale by
JalB I.l4okrulter tt rrnuoner, 101 Focht Sr
. .
Xi lured by Mrs Sabine. 2 v010,12m0. For odie by
)2121 1) LOCKWOOD
• B •
I,II,I.CHING', PC)WORDS-1 4 0 cooks Alospratts
on , l Toot:ante' (or o•to by
12 Cra l Fitta.b. Wood se
AllisiSTON US. it ,cIiTN Tuve ja St °Pill. , r I
the inevest ;Ligonier. of Baperettlisok B sar, cuit•
• intivaciy ever iitleteit for sale tills city; lip
all a law i•oilertloa of nevrand valuable Warta in
very departinebt of I.lterstare All publications Vol
are at eastern price, Country nterehulta rpepticil
vith every artlale this lbw, on the most reationatilt
Prie. 017
1 EST recelvid at the Tea Market, in the
gy 3 el ems GreCqualtty Molnar - • 40 75 pee lb
3 do superfine Nina Yong u 75 do
5 do old English Pekoe Sou • :
3duA Nb Ganpor derTea chong U 7 5
. t im 'Jo
Ant plenty Inore left of our excellent 111ae11 aryl
Orti , Tess, atkAcerna per 45.
AA CIiPCK ler Fifty Dollar*, drinvtr by ./ M Pen.
nock, on Pnireer,llmnad , Co, payable to beater,
was Oen from the warehouse 01 king. Pennock
tin. The petite art, ••ntitinned against reeetring said
cheek, as paynient thereof has been stopped.
jelE , d3l. •
LEAD—zO Galena Lead In corn and war
• '
nve, tor rale by
No 711 Wood N•
MOLASSES -3U brls St. Jamas sugar boas< Mo .
15,,,., for sale by
R -
EFINED ALIO/am—co brls crashed, powderad.
and small loaf. in store and for ads by
J.lbbir...s A .11UTC111130N Y. CO ..
jelB 2.0 Si LOlllit tSteard duaar RefinaYY.
Burlaps ter Wool Snots.
A 61.1PPLY.tecelved monoreor
'O9 Car Fourth k Macke: ,
'RN CRPIEV& BURCHFIELD hive received a largil
In .apply tif Urea. Lawn., very cheap; n,at style
brown at Itlei Haiti do. in great voliety, for 10 to ltge• j
Also,embroldered amd printed fillizfirta and.lackonti,• I
of neat and nawest styles and 10wa.% °Reefer quaßiy,•
mad north rail cornerof Fourth ind Market sta.
SUNDiIIt..I—MOU dead cord .pool cotton; '. •
f10:10 do z 3 do do;
RtAXldra Peirce...glen Cigar, .
' • Ifal gross CHay Tape.;
UM grim acraian do; • : :
Received per seamen Hibernia and Rar'anak, and,
foi sale by : C VRAGERi
fete • 111 no len Market at
____ —•
IAUTCII:METAL-2ibmdlet rec'd for *ale by
jet? J KIDD & CO.
LINSEED 01L —la htls, to arrive, (r vale ny
jel7 : J KIDD& CO
C"1.0111107, LIAIL:r-z• casks, to or , ive, for itslo
Ly --- RAZ IL ellti&R-1.10 ban run reed, roc valetiii,
1) &ll' , . MILLER & RICK ETBOn .
17,ficll — r - -dirar — rifOrniTifii'Vei. Moretti - ,
13 131‘ Mrobs do, , • - .
CO bar M..Cion & Teen do• jastreceived
and for sale. by MILLER & RICRErsoN j
--- - ------ Chillicothee
ofiffiatifinsE sonr . —lo o b b .l:l l7.7 l do.
.. CO bss No 1 Room M S.,ap;
Soar received and for nle by •
jell . . 'MILLER & RICKEWON!
SALAD (R L-Itbsks ~4 . bazilt;
2b tl l
tb brtiordebz Oil,
blsek bO -.
tle ,
Jon rttbrad and fur tale by
UOAR 110115 R bIOLAt;•.FS=SO 661 battle grourid
0 join real aul for rale by
intOtly k Bu RCIIPIELD have received a
101 ply of 3.4 and 4.4 EtenetcLittena tor mete* 0. 0 1
and saeka, ..ackc, hays' and children'. weer
of the mmt'lle.relOr .haden..
They Intention to their idge accoviznitnt 0'
and 'Wye' b1i11.11511 , 3t WF.AII, at dancer... 40 f
terlala,fad all of wbinh will bo .11
55555 .andillidasuOas:
15:14dOld Common, fur, & prime Plalninuons' n 44441
*0 oak brln Plantation Molanne4;
,4u cypron tots do en, In mete for voln by
D111..1.,1in. ethicsio;
17 . 4 174 Llnnd , T et
ItEFIN BUG RD-1:73+ IreV'm D Ira!,
rii hri. rlos ff 7 *69 LG Syypn4
do . dl
au t,de Le t- f,e 7 rt . n h g V del
te;e e;
ee bee met trashed
lust melieed , ' n ' t to' '
si ll Ea k IIIeRETBON
10K ..",—yavurched Marble Pater ter
1 4 Church... and Pubhe Rooms, a. a.y
n aa ived, COI :or sate. ur . &sARSHLL:
QAFCTY IFIJSE-10 brit superior article Ihr sale by
poop 11001[11 1 SOIL WARM:III,
J .,,,j—Accertrle FareMee ESlCYClDieleila,Thrti
a—rerec O f
• d ei bmb , a e
o T American Fruit Cultori m,llmo T h am ,
Goidem the Or Mao
Dout—Farady Mohan Gardener, 'limo ,‘ •
hflorr—' ll . American Bee Keeper,rano
Mown—the American Poaltry Yard,l2eco
Marshall—The Farmer and Maidnun'a lined Beek
Al:en—The American Fawa Doolr,l2rno
Dowing,—rrnit and Fruit The. c( Al:eeriest, 12=0
Vouatt—The Howe. bye
Dennet,ano ruultry Yaw:, PM.
07 • 104 Mount, et: !'
ris the toper/ikon o , Cleo Deg art moot, P:
Glolcs'"P ale et lies" lot colds g screws On st;eto the?
boeinK been , tiled Piro of the Inge Mlle Y
found to bo,liery officio:A sod eicelkot
A. TALOOTT, Col. Urattiorsio.
7 ,
•no Paella, 4 t
! Wiroturrott. Fein- r 5, 1048.
Cormidei(iiir Gatos , Patentd lortortmeot f,r cut
ting' 0 . 01 . 01•0 00 Meal 10 40 • 411001910 ate,/ have, Ly
10.11.b.Ortly of 'Abe Honorable Secretor? of Om Navy,
purr osal.of the Attoroopiof Ilo.ratonloc.Ww. H.
Seovele, ona ftecoarl Mower, .Z 60 ' IA. TiKAt to ...A.
oad 1010 004 itlaroooooteolfo, the th &Navyy.
alai, -, , Chief Ai B,utooo.
ID a. • so Up
140(1•19 )Yorks, Botlalov
U[lll. AL AllllOl, U.OthOSt! A T"
Boalen'll Co, °lotteries, Ti.Y;
II aywoird & Sa.ydet,ertinytlttll Collo tY;
hew York;
Hogs H.
Dalaraater."Pbcoeik," N. Y;
anti c Throbara Ir,Co, New York.;
ad & Co, hlonstaseut Wo.p, Nall;
Van Caren, Rochester; . •
Mott ,k.aprea New York;
Allaur .%Vorke • do;
Vaasa &.Idarrita, do; '
Watt Petal Paandri; •
Norriq & Rro, Philadelphia;
A leaks, klreederaboreilh .
Walwariti dr. Noon. °mon and NON York
Lode!l blachine shop, Lowel l ,
• Ameoskaag Co, Mar:whetter, N 11;:y
Liman A Sol On?, Bolsi Bowan,
and numeto. otbers•
!IMO. '•:
No IMatbina,l o seta dies &WS fi I°l to. pfi.
No dI do.. to pnoo anti
Non doo ' I
do . Ito , price IMO;
All otdent addmated .to P. W. balsa. Meats. 0.
D. 14.10. n, New Vora . , E. D. Marshall b. Co. Philip
delrhia. and 11.11. Eteoville k Boos. CMOS., for That
and Tap*, ari , hor widlout ralksbiawrioj using theist',
will meet wall prompt attention.. • • •
Cute:too, May 8,1070.
!Awe •nd hialmget•—• .... ... 0.54 PORTER
nttio oir A.:Lwoot
D3ciot Circle Rod Parquatte...• • ••,•,10 cant.
itcednd sari Tiara "
thillery.(rar colared.perseef).—•—r./er
Doorf open at 711 :Cumin will rife at 13 o'clock.
44 , 4 sin' Or 9 LAS:WORD a .1 WINS°
On Viiday, /nue 11, will be presenied,
144 y Agnes.--:-
To be 'followed with
-•—••••••—i....-•••••.••••••:•Idt Olat•rox4
dotel...'--.--..,.+-I—•sllss Dermas
Te tinneludewa
Alt AluAtbiostorm •—•••• • JoAngon
Alnigblotsma • ---Mrs Wining
00.14ttlitr,ratiltit of Mr W e Limon
. • 12. U. 8111 ere Galen°.
Tlvi Empires; AI VOOlOl3l/.. Inktructental Perform
ere, Delineators of E;hierian Character, or Morin e.
Ohre: tvarvr.rox, atm mauanah. TOO worm 43
produee their equal*.
;Change of programme .nteht!j. Cardu of ad-
Meant. 25eerw. . RO klr QUAY, &gem.
'tele:arta • • . • •
---- •
U W MOHHIS--.••••-•—• 4•4••••Ptarivor.
H PHALE• • •htanaget of hf am= atiobeeewo Room.
{t6 PIILILIC are:reipeetrally HArmed that the
Prop, it tar has enraged the poralar and talented
trolsOe—Johation's Ethropeln. Bereaadely—who will
gi.a 4 •CriGs of their ehrnestol 11.1.11kble Vaal% awl
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The life of /old Calvin, with a. Owiran, by
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The Moiler Ind Mite of Waablnisin; by Marv. V
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