The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 21, 1850, Image 1

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    ESTABLISHED - IN .1786.
I. se-urirral LL lASI= ,
aassrts artwas, /11:11D starer, air: Delos 70
Darin T•••••••••• •••••• • ••••••••••••47,00 par LOAM.
Tti-Weer apt
Weakly, 1.,t0
pa Clubs, at a reduced rata.; .
laws es or
OtteSqurredlolinea of Nongereller
- • we 1
Om Nee re, each additional townies... 0.13.
twolies met ka•-•...--
Do. dame weeks— ••••••••—•
Do. cite •
Do. men 7/30
Dr. three months...-. --••••••"• it, roar months Woo
Do. ale months— *-""-.,"-oe
-7.1.. twelve mentha•••• •••
Standing NM 1/1 lbw or lam) per "."°' 10,00
OaO Square.ebarmanble etpleasere 11. 0
od C10...0 of Me month
For each additional weary, Inserted ever ono m
am for each WAttlonal square buena . 04,- "he
17 rates, half price.
oat over
Advertmements ereeedbrr a seno_t. , _Ha_
Effete noes, to be charred as • olem7 an d
Pabtlabers not memorable for lean! aayenmements
' frerettol the LLOOOlgballed for Melt publication.
Announcing emi ' ld gee &reface, to be charged the
UM as other adrerwersanot.
Advernessokra mr marked on the ep7 for a sped.
led numb., o f l a ser:ism mill be motioned dll ferldd,
end taystenters:7l:nl y
jd b l i gla=galar bombes., aces
and all other
llsemeota neteentdolot Ihflf 1' , 0 131 ' bilious, as
k for no paid extra.
— ;•l., t w a " m for charitable madtatbans, Ere
An ad mon
mw. lewd, township and other public meetings,
• ~,,,ar,L A a, to be charged half prim, payable greedy
1r advanca
au n i ar c node. to be charted Si tune.
Death melon evened without charge, unless ammo.
- _ w ow or Antral Imitations OT obituary anises, end
'lens. aceompented be:m ald fon
leasslaradveruacra, and ll ethers sendingcomm.
mammas, or rewiring notices designed to call enco
de, m s, r Seams, Concerts, Of mg public entet
. t ab:mew mhens charges me made for Wallower—
&Mentor risme astlations—avery nonce de.
fused to tall attention to p oc nrete enterprise. calealm.
tad or intended to emus:no indlrldo al Interest, cameo
. • ly be labelled La the understanding that the sauna
UM be paid for. If intended to be maentd In the bo.
eelerm, the same mill be charred at the rate of
set less than 10 cenu per fee.
Illaketrer FM Notices to be chimed ample Wick—
• Tavern Manse Petitions, MI eaeL
and Medical advertimments to be Charged at
fYll poses.
Beal Fends Agents. and Aectlemere advertise.
--• ands sot to be clamed ander realty mum bat to be
• Wowed discount of thirty three ardent Mirdperearit.
from Mc uourant of bills.'
warns CI 1112ToOrSIMT IS DAILY Fauna
.One equate, three Imertlem•.— ee
Do. ' garb Iddltional ilmertlen... 37
. . . • •
On" Stmee, deem. ) one .nsestleo • --Se eta
Da. emit Widens] insenlon••
AL treastesit Atherton:ma lo be pate la 'Avows..
WHITE t CO. Genrue.
HARPER, Not, • •
• • ROST M. RIDDLE. Jotintil. •
/AWES P. BARRa CO,C4ttolige.
& BROTHER, JAysteb.
• • -
JOB. 15NOWDRte i atercatry.
• . JADED! W. RIDDLI4 American.
- • HIRAM BRINE, ETC.III/11 Telt. ens.
Pwriehteet, .
Dee. 1, WO.
A LDEBMAN, PPM Ward, Peen street, bemire .%
tended to. O'Hara =A Walnut. - All besineu promptly s 4
riveNET AT LAN—OSiee t on Fannin meat
oboe Wood. -
ATTORNEY. AT LAW, and Conmisslsm= to
rennsylAranta,, M. /Web Me.
1 couunanication prompUy anawnred.
T. a Baia J. P. Sierra:.
BAUM k 11710.11113ETT,
.TTORNEYB and Cameflora at Law—Fount' at,
fallacy,' Badlikdd rani Grant, Piusbarghaa.
Jots IL Large • -
TTORNEI 8 AT LAW. toinA SIMI, near Grim.
JAMIE/ it.-ssna,
ATTOANEY AT LAW-011Les en }bank greet,
between Smnldeld sad Gnat, Ausbarrk.
bemoan Panto ...- - William Batmen
_ATrimmisre AT LAW=OlIco to Tilghsam Rall,
Gnat et, near Oa Coon Bono. - lobs •
HRNOtaarr b. ca. Theological, Oatmeal,
i, and 2 stades' Bohn& Booksellers kr& dealers
.. . a all klon or Weidati Wind , . szd Wr•PW P o.
cgit,:rat...zulhibel.'"" You th
' ,lot'r
A DSOIMAY aad Sbaiorllor at Leila and Commis.
XI. ahem for A. State of Penns,loalLo, St. LoaL. - •
Mo., Sate of Pinsbarotbd
Seerrneea...Pittzbarak t lion. W. FOllllllll,
t SPCandlota & AleCtore, Join I. Parke,
/IWO& Sempla, McCord & Slog. anrl4ly
AOALEY, WOW/IVACO fr. CO. WhoLased., Gifr.
eta No 291 Markin a, Philadelphia. ut4
Pittsburgh Alkali Works.
ENNWIT,BRIIRY t CO, Marmfgotarera of god.
( Itekatr r--, d' A n Vitte ' r ri°4' tlZVP:l4 k
• • eek t vn. Geotre Rein.
fitALTN k REIM?" Wbolesala and Retail Drug-
Sp Gamer of Lzbereand St. Clair sumo, Pitt.
SOLOMON 111:3110YERs
sr, No 110 &mond meet.
Downtime Spring, Aut. Ottal, .a Irmo
• .
COI.MCAN, & 00, Msunfacturers Of
Coach and Ella* Springs, Hammered Axles,
Poring and Plough Swat, iron, &c. Warehouse on
Water and Front streets, ristsbergh. •
.Also, dealon la Coach Trimmings and fdalleabla
astinges • Darn
Baer . , Pa
also strand u, colloatiems end all ostler bad.
4 tua oat: noted to him In Hatier and AMU,.
c.0.d.:4,Pa. Rel. to
J.i IL Floyd, Liberty at
W. W. Walla., do
. Jana M.sball do Pittabarab.
w. dkinie dly Kay /a Co., Wood at. J 1.7
Cala CrlNNYlLForarare. and Votao.M.l6o, No NI Mutat a, Pittsbarith. ' apt N BlubLid--.--•• -Richard.
-, S./ dace,No NUM isUltet, Plusbsra.
bteJLKILTY A.CO„ Poniardnig and C.
C. ralulatOfereltaxiss, Canal Ihista . Pittabmb
et FL GRANT, WUlonia Grocer._
_Cocdadsaton and
‘Ld Forwarding ?detain', Dia 41 Wotor
mik. • • ; ' ad 4
In Limey— Andrew Floadag Et IL Aiming
- ugassit, snardoilko CO.,
BIERCILANTW-pap, nah,./.
amale.Wooled, d Cotton Goodg Woo, &mien in
olf kinds of Tailors , Trimmings, No In Wood IL
deo,' hem Fidd r Pluabo!ltlL
tt •
Refezlee-4IMCS. W. A. WU Ai Co. Thinkers.
I WK. K . lntirt, tag/ 1. ssemn.
z oem, .Ht(iinb, (whew
helm &Mk le in Prod M llVi i rk .".
barnit i lli.oolLAnrei, No. Sr i laid st, br e am ' ned
• No lit Bernal at, Yitulnargii. - mai
• ROWE COCHRAN. Commission and Forwarding
Morakuuta No. ga Wood street Plotbargh. molg
5. (moonset to 1 ■vpell s e,) Wool
. • .a Sr end Qemmllo• blerokaat, (or the eale of
41),Aella Woolens, MOM. ooposils H. feel?
a. I. =rms. azw.ra fm-Tst-
14 C. ~MM. SOWN L. ••411X112,
IrD 111147101011, Tobsecp Comalssion MAT.
chants, 411 Plonk Wats? kl 6 Not* Whotrrots,
10.aPT . 'MIL T. /NM
. 111/11DY Co
k , (gteoeworo gogo t gl.
Jll.l. doottik. Co.) 0011110i231011 and Forwarding Mot:
' abac k drademin , ritsborglt idanatagrarad
lt Goods,
ratiroualt. Pk mof7
' ___, ( ge
trOATER L DLl " er in u lgen " eh t. antrtotieaa Pa:
~ Per Hangings and &orders, Window Shade& Fire
B.aA Prima. &e. Alm—Writing, Mating and Wrap.
Sing !Vet, No. 87.W00d Meet. between Four& street
and. Dtaleen,t Idler we
aide, Plosbargh, Pa. •• •
fah& • .•
r..... ,0,,...,4, Wholesale Dlogglet, lell del
" la DTI Wads, Palau, Oils, Varnishes, k, No
11.1 Aeod Erse, one door Beath of D Alley
Pitts:rant ~ . spa
. , ..:;:t i. g:d i Ve " *OPPrt:br "'
Masafaetaree. Neal water sl. Pittehorth. •ah
_ nau WRIT. ; aasatr incur. +a.
ISAIAH IttelßY • Ca, Wholesale Groorro. Con.
Ma.knats. and &ohm. In Padua, Nog. Ad
atilt. and 101 Front onoeu. Pittsbarrh, nootil
dem 8. werni.
- B. DILWORTH !CO, Wholesal• DtbeeraF
AVMS Ott Muni Paiplor °Nit 41 W da.
6PNRN )480.444'
WWI, bias coniB:4 antsitts . B= l =
. 1,-;lBBSeit of thi best axe [mien Mktietnes.ellet
.8111 ND AO Um moat iwumaable tout -- 141718,
Mat* 481.81.48/1 be PIM",
yn 4 nva , ko.osalaumnalsOnciftlitve (
' " 3
' • - ""•'• • • 1;84.14 4 .5.
- 5 6, jankseek 1188 PAY."
- r2l , a
1 •:,:, , ` .4 j,T: , /.. - VANPIELD,
,S i U Unmet AVlTlrees t
.ba and
ftr " VerV i t • .A.l
';:e&Westarn 14edves o ilmon , 16 4 1 1 0,1",
'Ai ;1818448.818pen Smithfield lut W .11
• • Vi
E i Z r
b ade 614° Papel l /.ll= l"C ufae ll.C" inzers, 7.1 "4"P1 e..M1 vt, "4
• 13:-;
- 34118024 yd. • Itlehald Slott!. ; •
_LLa FLOTD, Wbolookla
BOIT' orf d rent ie .7ll L ' B4B/
ei r steeeeee. •'• 4-
6104 ' WATT. (pummel. s Ewalt k lab bort
Wholesale Grocer aaCemntiag en M erchant
; 1400.1ar lb Produce and Plttaberch Maaaraerares, cor", leer of Liberty and Rand stoners, Mubarak Pa. Jao,
- - - - - - - ---- - - -
NO. A.C7AUGHEY, Atom few dm ,hke Erat
• W.loattin Lina DClrref guul Lad/AMC—Ma •
la ON war of Wator soif,isaltaLelf ft% Js 4
, ,
ittrrompori, & Cobeemos
y Lewis finalisens & Oa. assisuinin Mara
and Apes aln Louts an= Bans lafizuy.
41 wain and 99 hounsreata.Plasburaa.
• _
I OUR a hISLLOR, Wholesale and Retail dealer
IN fa Mode arid hlasleal lostramerna, School Boom
y r , maim, Steel Rens, galas, Printers' Cards, and
dCattawTl graerrally, No. 81Wood et.,lPinabargh.
b.stht or taken la trod. amt.,
w- - _ la saVEITZSE, Attorney al Law, nee ■ al er,
61,, opposite St. Charles Hotel, Pki■bigh , will also
L ama promptly to Collsotiona, in Wealtinvna, Farina
.401seu.coaalles, Pa.
gje o re t e=oo.., i pittib.h.
U T. Morpon
~ onndly
:r . tg./ . l ; 4 ( V o tAg e ß 4 l.. i tu t;. '4Vtiolesale Druggists,
k ikat h. JONI,* Forwarding and ComwomanTer.
;tette, IDeak Can al e ud
111.1. red article., Bairn. near 7th n. 744 A
r iaiIIrATEL . ,PITYIIII VU/d, es.
EENNEEPY camps & CO, Manalheraren of '
very alletrler 44 Sheeting, Carpet Chian. Canon
nd and wine. • Willy
Irsanvins Iron Works
".115'.DALZELT, t CO, /Sanaa curers of al
saes Bar, Sheet, Boller iron and Nails of the bes
quilt,. Warehocao, 34 Water and 1113 Front atrece
W. Miller, rldlad. C. W. Welton:4n. Putsbumb.
%A MUM iIICKETSON. Wholesale Grocers, and
IYL Imponers of Brandies. Wines and Began, Nos.
129 and 174, corner of Irberly and Irwin •treeks,
bargb, Pa. Iron, Nai.l, Conan Yams, , can
aunty en hood. ap4
Jahn bPCtiIL James D. 2d.Ctli. Walter C. Roe-
AAP:GILLS b. WE, Wholeme Grocers and Commis.
p{ elon Merchants, No 194 Liberty Pt, Pitts bu rah
u • •
OILS !MI% _ rants Ir. gnus.
dis goloo,
IrrANUPACTITREIII3 or spring sad blister steel,
' plough steel, noel plat, viring4 4 , e d oLe t h sr s lt s ~ lip ,
iMines,fire Ito. hummeted sil o.,
tri= a gs
&unarm:gnu or Ross and Front its., Pidsbentl,
ZrHOLMES lb SON, No 03 Market at, wend door
~ -from 'earner of Emily dealers u‘ Fore4rn surd
mestie BLS. of Idrebange, Cetrineates of Deposn,
Bank Notes and Eper.le. .
fErCkdeletions made on all the prinelpal eines
breach= the United States.
Coureyaoring of all kluda does :KA tk e e
esti and legal accuracy.
Tit ea to Ram Mate examined, de. oerialy
aszelsaaa,ViatiLs a Co.,
Eo.l7l.tarket attlret,Pittabargb, Pa., keep constant
ly calmed, mil mate to order all Rind. of Vials.
wier O
ea' e. Porter mulallaaral NVater Boules of de-
Panicalu atrautlon paid la Private 111 WU.
fulthotyraphlo EstalaUkase=
080/111CittlidNN, Third in, opposite the
Peat-Men, Pittabsrgh.—BEshs, Landscapes, Hall
head /Limb!Ds, Labels, Archheaters! and Mullin°
riMess, Bosiness and Thlsin Cards, h., snowed
it drawn on erem, and printed In colors, Gold, Breeds
or Elided, In the most approved style and at the most
=namable pram _ _ ectlOrly
•Chmea Alolll Wm. ft Baum &Boo *
apt? No. :7 Wow •111564
acorn, and will be constantly recessing
se A gimlnt r Ol l e I ."" dan ' hts lo 474 "' Ll .d 1
" rst ' cl a "-
wilt sell for cam ' or apsnoven eredit. o.4
Western Sterehants are invited to examine oar
ROBIN . -CIN, LITTLE tc. CO.. o. IV4 Labeny since
Pitubala h . Wholesale Grocers, Proinea and
oehaton lanzahano, and dealers In Picsbnngh
lianntaa loan apl7
.. ann. bOMMIII. noaeboi
ROBERT MOORS, 'Wholesale Groner, Rectifying
Distiller, dealer L 1 Produce, Dittsbatrit
tares, ant all kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wines
and Liquors, No. It Liberty street. On hand aver,.
large Mick of superior old Monongahela unbar!,
what, will be sold low for rub. ear
• .
-11 E ofo N alter4oUrfor theflllriro e ' k n
it 45 ° 4
Looters Lti Groceries, Produeo htilborth, Manor.-
tores,and CNoride of Lila.
The bkho , * Erioo. in ...1., putt la all time for
oogr , frf fed. LArnot Pa. and Irwin its. sold
ROBISIIT MILIEU., re Ca, Wholesale Grace's,
Conuniedon Mental., dealers in Prodeee an d
Pinabargh idlennfargares, Wen) Creel, Pitisbarta,
Pia . sole
ROBERT A. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Grocer,
Malaria Produce at, Pittsburgh Manufacture..
N 0.144 Liberty street. Apia
MUER. HAILTMAN t CU., Sheffield Iron and
U Suet Works—Mannfeetnveni of Asa B. Sprint
and Mash Steel. Also-591Inas, Axles, Vines, An
ails, tn. - They Invite tho attention of merchants and
consume', to their stork bean pa/chasing else
' wham. They warrant Mar ankle. to he ellen many
made In Ode eeentry er manned. tabu
a n. en,ersesa. 11.
sulm4/n.awurgh.. apa
rt. W HAAB/WWI, Wool blersbanin,
0 in flour and Produce generally, and Forwarding
arid 'Couunissloo Marabouts, No. ng -Water street,
Pittsburgh. a. 1 7
r. ITIMICILO. 101121 21C01.1,111•11ILl.,
QELLEAS a. NICOLA, Prodlace and General Can
t,' nnelea Merchants, N 0.17 Llbeny *nem Ilea.
berth. [!peon, Linseed and Lard Oily. apl7
LIONNIIORSP a CO, Wholesale Oro
°. ten, Forwarding and Commission Merchants,
Dales. in Pittsburgh tilins'aemines mod Western
Pradnee, bare removed to their new warehouse, (old
stand,) No. 36, earner of Front meet. and Chencery
Eut nda Dialoord, rumbler. It.
' • • 11,. B. wesienauks & soars,
WHOLESALE OROCER.3, Corm Juice and For.
warding Mere bants; dealers in *Hinds of P.
dace it Pittsburgh Manufactured Article_ awl Agents
.for sale of iticardond and Lynchburg Manufactured
Tobacco. mrt
'"RIMIOLESApi and Retail Deniers la Oneartos
IT and Dry Goods, and Coguatsolott blershanta,
No. tab Übe et, Plusbatelt. mat
J 01231 1110/ADZIII & co»
roawAiwitta a ctmsratesicr2i inactierrre,
Canal Basin, Penn •treat Pinaborr h. ansa
11. DAVIS & CO,
No. in Market, sad 84 Commerce at, Philadelphia.
Advances made, by ether of th4above, ea eemiert•
manse of Prodace to either Home. arra
. . •
'WOULD respectlally soden the coral tamest or
TT Ilarrlsbargh freight, from Western Merchants,
as they ate prepared to receive any Mott& Use
mut Section Moms rennin night and day, the freight
will not be detained, as they will =load nett beam at
boars. - felnakint
Harrishafgb, Feb.oo, IBM.
L AX Iki 11 , 11=31
dealers is Coo hu Tr t Frame° ao Fsd r
Pittsburgh Manske
taros, rower of Wood sad Fifth streets, Pirtabatib.
W. 11. NVlUlarns-- -----• ... --.1. U. ldaVay.
' ICUs 11. WILLIAMS & 00.
North East corner of Wood and Third streets, •
imil Prrommuns. Pa.
M. I. WOODWAIIt, SLUM 4•Allrf.
'WM BeGALUP t CO., Whsloule Oman; LB
and 20 Wood strew, Pittsburgh. ap t?
10101 D. WM, DAVID
VIVCK & 11,CANDLEB9, neeemors &J. D.
_VI/batmen Dro e
ners, Forwarding and.
Cosandsslon Iderrhanttr, dealars In Iron, Nada. DUO,
Cotton Fame, and ratato raga Idanafsemma general.
ly, scroll of Wood sad Watm streets, ?Alabama.
apt 7
W—lk. " bo ere • Grocer.,
• Y • Rattifylog Tnuten, Stid Wine and Liquor
Iderelainta Also—leeponere of Pods Ash and Bleach
ing Powder, No. ICO Liberty street, (oyyeella
apl BLE th
'Wet.) Pitt,bargh. 7_
J er•iirire
• and MOW) , Goods, corner of Market and
Fonnastreem Pitisbasck Pa. N. B.—Watehea and
Cloaks overall
rota). 108111 a. secons.
OE YOUNG & Co.. Dentate fn Loather, lili es,
o 11 3 t Lq u - k
e ynrilranineon.
E L, srectrucarge, 740;
. in Prodnee,..lron,Nanaruhm, and
horn IdAnafteuito itderallys!Lapolty stßef,...l
• •
W Wood and Filth meets, Viultstrda.
CrLtberal advaneta made on eo - ''' - ••••in
"r .L .
MATHEW Pomslt aneMinintafe
ME Painter. Room, congener-TWOS/ad ASey and
Emma sweet, ennanco on rointVAL,PaaeMai p
Tk J. n. oar oasnualea •i 0
Pl.°l;l°lll47se° VeleZtTirroillre7rlllM.4
ny beads, which they ea for sale ,les adente,for
I S' Co. Boreleanz.vir. Manion', I•Esikrol.J.Do.
•^kd k Co.i Laroohal:e, I] Duna). Capful:BAl in
,iriulalsokA.,..4ApdileaGl:l.l2. A ,
Bo de ldf ld it:i d iredt. ' " d ",, " ne;
felecirdWahter by /Ohlk brandt. '.Co; ChamplErta Moo an 5W.04 4, 7.17512. 17
- • -.06
a lc KOVAL...
4 mon, .t. Co. Wore removql.l
.41 to =o woo "ow
• .
.T HAVE taken WhL CaRll Anto pannerstap with
.1. me In my badness, which will from this date be
eanied on under the name of "John Pirker h Co
!Wells; it:& JOHN PARSER.
JamParker•--•—•--•----•-•William Carr.
MAW. GrFar.! Dealers ix Prodaee, Fern:"
Wimp Lvirtion, Old Mom:mid/As
. Rorofied P7Aitkry.
No. I.,.Commetelal Row, Libern'street, '
tarn° ' Pittsburgh, P
warms, PASSEL arts =MA- war. nun
(Successors to Hustler, Henna & Co.)
in Fore and Domestio Exchange, Certificates
of , Deposite. link Notes, and Specie—North .eat
corner of Wood and Third streets. Current mammy
received on &podia-4M Chocks for sale, and
collectleins made on neuly al the prinespal points
the United SIM..
The highest premium paid for Foreign and American
Advances made an consigmnenta of Produce, ship
ped East on liberal tame: soll3
Int. A. Wetsio.)
W. A. WOLVI2O & CO.,
No 258 Lawry stud, odors Wood,
Hate always on hand a lance assortment or Choleo
Groceries and Mae Teas; also, Forciun Fruits and
Nuts, Wholesale and Retail. Denim supplied on the
lowest terms amyl
WlGLlTMAN—More(turter ofell klndsof cot
. ton and woollen machinery. Allegheny city, Pa
The abate works tieing nowt in fell and suectrostal
nation, ( amprepared to urinate orders with ditipamti
for all kinds of machinery In op Line, each as willow.,
plekers,spreaders, Cards, grindirK rnathince,raintrays,
drawing frames, speeders, thiessils,' looms, woolen
Cards, double or single, for merchant or country work,
lunics,J arks, tee.;
slide and handlathes and tools in gen-
MI. All kiods of shafting made to order, or ptans giv
en for ruing factories or mills at reaaonable charge.
Rion ow—Kennedy, Childs et Co., Blacksmith, Kell
& Co., Kid& Pennock Co, Jas. A. KM.
litinalalebnan, , [wear Pletabwithil Pn.
. .. .
Office, No. ..37 Water rt.! between Marker and
Wood, Pauburgh.
IFW ILL, connantly keep on hand a rood assert.
went at Ware; of our own manufactureoand
.penerqnaute. Wholesale and country Met.
ehanto aro respeettelly invited to call and ex
wins for themschreth as we are determined-to well
eheaper than has aver Wets been offered to rho pub
irrOrders want by mall, aecoMpaaled by al - leash or
ood reference. wall be promntly au ended to. mre
NA. WHITE CO, Would respectfully Inform
. the public that they have erected sabopon
eck, between Federal sad Banduaky streets. 'limy
are now making and are prepared to receive orders for
every description of vehicles; Coaches, Chariot's, Da-
Amehes, Buggies, phmtens, AA., i.e., which from their
l atlM P LlZllfe e .lN ' 4 ° lsTv . :,te c y m fret ' e t r=t7le w y o a r t k i,
enabled to do work on the most reasonable term. with
these wanting articles in their line.
• Paying particular attention to' the selection of mate
flab, and having none but competent workmen, they
bare no hesitation in warranung their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to this matter.
N. B. Repairing do. In the beat maniur,..tud on the
most reasonable terms. jw..Mtf
Tx on., manna WOOD Am Mamm a
/NONTINUE mannfactore all kinds of COPPER,
smith Work.
Steam Boats built to order.
Copper and Dress
Kettles, Tin Ware, Se. he. Steamboat Cocking Stoves,
Portable Forges, various sires—a very convenient ar
ticle for steamboats, California emigrant., or rail road
'We 'repaid reertfolly Wan* ataans but teen and
others to call and see our articles and priers before
purebasiat elsewhere 0117
W. J. CIL ItIIII, Book DI ad aro.
MITE are atulsnpagcd in the above business, earner
ill of Wood acid - Third meets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work in our line with JCS
puck. We amend to ear work personally, and sous
action will be given is regard to ha neatness and du
Blank Books rated to any pattern end board sub
stantially. Books In number. or old hooks boned ears
fully or repaired. Mimes put an books in gilt letters.
Those that have work in our line are invited to
hikes low
Pitt Kwahltass liVotko wad Fecund.% ys
r¢naaaca, ea.
TORN WRIGHT & C., are prepared to build Cotton
and Woolen silvery of every dcwripoon, each
as Carding Machines, Nanning Frames, tipeeders,
Drawing F 111.19.4 Railway Head!, Warpera, dpa °lc ty,
)inlefiertg Pro Looms, Card Grinder.lVreaght
Iron Shafting turned; all sues of Cast Iron, ?allies and
lhowers of the latest pattern., elide tud hand Lathes,
and toots of all kind. Castings of every deseripdon
furnished Co short notice. Patterns sande to order far
DWI Gearing, Iron Ratline, k.c. Stearn Pipe for heat.
log Factories. Cast Iron Window Sash and fancy Cat-
Th lrr: t zg , : L i i b L l . V . n p rehou pr.,%; l :
Rehr le Rlneketoek, Be g& Clo., J. E Moorehead &
Co., 0. E. Werner ; John Irwin it Sons. PLusbursh ; G.
o.ll,..l.l.l. , Warnoo.Steabenvillt. lonia
• - -
DE sabseriber offers Ms sale a large andsplendid
ti l
assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand At
a Playas, with and without , Coleman's eekbrated
Arsollan Anaehmens. The 1b0.16 instruments are war-
. .
ranted to be equal to any manufactured to thb c 0
try, and will be sold lower thee an
_y broeght front the
Frrt.F. BLUME, rio 110 wood .4
thl door above fah
N. IL—Cny Senp will be taken et par for a fete of
he above emanated- tun/ T. IL
rut. - ,-- .wiii.r.' niraii...7. - wi.-.7.
• .THOS is to certify that I have an
Patent Ettsprabget }Vier, for the cif
bes of Pitmbarih end Allegheny.
for Walter hi Gibwu, 249 Broadway,
N. Iti
. Oet. to, Otte.
We have been lising_one stifle shove artielm at the
DM. of the Novelty Welke forshgee months, on trial,
and feel perfectly whaled that It is a awful Invention,
and we take pleasure to recommending them as a use
kiandele to all who low pore water. Orders will be
thankfully received andprotaylly executed.
BP.subseriber offers for saki, the *TEAM BRICK
WORKS, above Imurrentesille, comprising
Steam Eoginc,2 Boilers, 0 &Bild Bubble, coy able of
Manufacturing 20,LC0 Pressed lifiCia WO of dry clay,
as taken from the lmalr.,) per dsy; with three acres of
Bad ott We Allegheny over, on which ore 4 sum and
sheds, machine and clay shedsi wheelbarrows, trucks,
aboincla, spades, to., entry thing requisite to com
mence operations at an hours nonce. Price. Including
the patent right to use said maehlne, 57,0C0— mss 0 1
payment roado easy. Wifltost.Mic land, 5.1.000. Fof
particulars, address hIERBITT,
___ NoII B Alonotirshela lipase.'
Wl . o.llslllssed Cut Irian naming.
tabsenhers beg leave to Worm We palm that
1 they have obtained from the East all the late and
faahlonattle dedgns for Iron Railing, both fent house.
am CeMettliff. Persons swishing to promise hand
some patterns will please call and examine, and Judge
for themselves. Railing mill be famished at the, short.
eat notice, and in the best manner, at the corner or
Craig and Rebecca sweets, Allegheny eip
ang2is-dU A. LAMONT a KNOX.
JOll2ll LYONS,
Agent for Chum geoid Recovery of Property elo
HHAVING .pent nearly a gcar in the verious Re•
cord (Eike., National Library, he, daring its
late truth to England. Investigating claims (or persons
In this country, and_having secured efficient and ic
sponatble Agents In London Ind Manchester, he l•
prepared to *ford all nacos vary information and ad.
vice to person. who seek to r ecover their property to
that country.
J. L keeps a list of the Sauk of England Dividend
Books, which may be examined (or 60 cents, or :I for
trek letter of the Alphabet.
litekrenc. In Boston: . ,
. IL F. ADOII3, Notary Pb!;am
HENRI( K. MAY , kosq;
in • lI , CORD L L CO
(13neemors u. MCord s King) St
01 11 Pikeht•lssble Hatter:a,
Garner of Wood owl Fifth &rods.
ARTICULOR axe:union paid to our Retail Trade
P ,
, Gemilenien can rely open getting their lieu an d
two trout ear establislnnem tithe Mr 1.7131L•1a and
suassaits, of the Lazar scum, and at the Lewin
• rdereitanis„ purchasing by wholealle, are
res C P=ly Invited to call and examine our Buick; as
Ire can say with canfidence that am regards seamy
and rams, it will poi seer in a comparison with any
ease in Philadelphia. (<ll7
BEGS leave to Wane his friendiend easterners that
he Is Jost receiving Wane* spring stock of Goods,
mai:4llllnm se usuakell the newest and most fashion-
Ohio atyles of Cloths. Cashmeres, fancy VEEIII p, not
ton end linen summer stuffe t and every article nimble
for gentlemen's wear for miring and summer. it being
impossible to describe the beast!, quality, or quantity
of the stock, the proprietor holier; all who are in want
( mood cheap, f•heLL~ble, pd well mode clothes
weR pile him a call, no mare to no stock Ws side of
the Alleghenies that cab commixes with IL
The ready made department is very extensive, adap
ted to all times.
Nail toad contractors, country merchants, andall
who portkase largely, ate lasted to ek•-•
unlne thh stocklbefora porettaslW aspartleptosaL.
Motion paid Mead whelentio titspiesst at4e.e.p.r,: .
ES4riArl4leici the.tdg*iik - w o, , deija
and,be nutlet, orthe'snotcal
maim, -
THEDicine.glif 111,00 e :'ling
Ma under tbe i tlem
- . 0 ( A C tix 5.,4 dime ' by dm decease
Crimdlcy, T 'baiting will be eirmieel
Ajbutiey, leluterill genie the bialrieft
. 9T* isto
ipeltsa wawa to. Folad ' •
I.4amhouse frombh/lialsecond iliseatosPhososa ..
meat, between tad. 81. 11y . .i4 6 1:f a Zi•
2.len '4, 4 a2roai
Inge, GM., Cookinr Si s, itc. 413
Tuawhiumosilivrza,22:r7 9l _
MBE attamion publie rispetasny ought*
ji folloving seraculem ; •• • ,
hisioac EitansAliseiene Meta a 411'147. or CON
,7,1=,.'..9 2 .1" - r.ll2,l==gant'
to th olaiogni sa , Caiiientlx. as ths best malhoidla
!i'rt.cEttriM 7 , 4 Mi
•b ETlturitier,Blarth7al3lo. :
lffs-Emei-Elet Bin Hingsiezamliedthe "Ago
mete IV' otamtfamered xi rem tal=ll,l data 1r..41.4
to aincorod hi to the tad qmoso.gtmikiee,O -mho em
about minenrich te Calltenda Ilissexch of Gold.
It aims game szipteximetke te Ipecillo gnat:
qof metats,4nd Mae ertuel i l L ile the advamorat
to aseertale whoa his pIFUT" acer IdiezZ om
6 ' ' l ' •
,S 6•10,1
Trenton Mutual Lile Insurance Compony.
LSO OF nnnrz atom= 25 TO , ceir.
Capital. 8150,000.
/A5lBB DUO Nu a Co., Agents at Pittsburgh, Pa.
110111, OP ViIICTION, At womerf, taw 321. T.
/amp lyly z .lr. f Jo.rykC. yon., Pjelgt.
DonJandu fish,
John Wear',
Jonathan Fisk
?Mr Toll. - . __ _
ComptroHero( Near York: Dom James Campbell
(kora., Wood. David 0. NVidto.
Jolla F. Mlmalv! Alayarder Commie,
David Dudley Field. W. J. P. Whllm P. M.
lasqh Doric.
. .
MS Gov. Raines. P.x.Gov. Vronm.
W. L. Dayton, U. S. Semlsaac Wildrick. M. C.
G. 11. Wall , Ex V. S. Pen. _Wm. A. Newell, M.O.
Ri•Gov. N. Dickerson. .
Hon.& R. ITruallton.
A. /Weep Doane, 111. D.
MI Warren ai.,RI. T. -I W. W. Gerhard, M.D.
MI Walnal st.. Chill:
Wm. er4 mor g .. M. D., 11. R. Rel. N. n. ,
George litcCoolr, hl. D., 1 Allegheny' &TY, Pa,
Pittsburgh. Pa i
The Agents of this Corn.ny, at Pitudiurgh. me
oa rs Rimini to lake every S r i, class risk on Life or
lIIDISCTIO] 01 TWCF17,1 , 114 no C.T. from th. g ong l
rams of premium, as cherged hi other Commudes.
A man MI year. of age. taking a Volley of Instranec
for One Thousand 'dollars.
To ran for one year, pays only 10,814.
doven " " 810,00
do se "
" 1117,90
And In the smile proportion for any stam'ap to
liiNse, which la the extent token onaus 400 hie.
This Company commenced operations on the 'lst
Octobor,l94B, and its monthly businers up to the Ist
October, 1049, shows s progrem sze.nritliaat ti
any other L tfe Company on record.
Ike first dividend of profits sv,ll be declareo the
soured on theist January, 1850.
Pompidou, contalninp the ration. tables of roles,
and all the necessary torortnallon on the importhrit
subject of Life Assurance. will be famished on spot,-
notion to JAIIES DURNO A CO., Ascots,
del7 „Wean Ilatldiugs.
SURANCE COMPANY will issue Poll - ries' of
Insaranee aprabitt Lose r DOL•iit by Fm . spun
Dwellings and Foraitorr, Storer, Goods,:ke
apt i c;abon to .TAlita4 DU RNO A CO, &ger to,
Odeon Moldings.
RANCF: COMPANY.-0111en North Room of the
Esebrmge, Third super, Phiholed p ia.
Four. Inc Amer.—Buildings, erchandise and other
property, in Town and Country, insured against lom
or damage by fire, at the lowest rate of premium.
Nal= lasousea—They also insure Vessels, Car
goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise, under open or
special policies, a. the assured may demo.
Imam. Taartsroirrsnols.-- , They also insure merch
andise transported by Wagons, Rail Read Cars, Canal
Boats and Steam Coats, on risers and lakes, on the
most liberal terra..
DIRECTORS.—Dneph li. Seal,FAmunti A. Sander,
Joh. 0 Davis, Robert Burnt. John II Penrose, Same-
P.dwarda, Gro G Leine:hi:Award Darlington, Inn.
R Davi., Wm Falwell, John Newlin. Dr It hj flumem.
J. C If.d, Theophilus Paulding, 11 Jou. •Brooles,
Henry Sloan. Haab Craig, George Serrill, Spencer
Clwera Kelly, G Johnsen, Wn Ilay, Dr
S Thomas. John Salle., Wm Ey Jr.
lI—D T Morgan,
Hash Craig, John T Logan.
Ittrssaan S. Nyman., See',
It Offiee of the Company, No. 42 Water street,
Pittsburg. Ilan .m( P. A. MADEIRA, Agt.
Life and
TITE hletrd Life and Health Insurance Company
of Philadelphia, lotOrporated by the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, March, 1118. Charier perpetual.
Capital, $lO%OOO. NAT. LOWS Vile List FIX Ml7l,
earns . Carrksi, and full 0.0 per cent lower than the
meal rates of Life Insurance, as the following rola
pathsun will show: Thee, a person of the age of 3.0
suing for $llO for life, must pay in the (heard 1524& - -
Penasylvania,sl3o, Pone Neteal, TEE; Equitable,
!'LM; New England, $1110; New York Life, 02,36; .111.
Won, 52,4?; Lite and Health, Philadelphia,l4.ol.
Dincovozav-Beinuel 0. Orrick, Charles D. Ilall, W.
P. Boone, abed P. Bina, Charles P. !laves, N. W.
Baldwin, N. M. Reeve, M. D., Chan. 0. II Campbell,
Levels Cooper, I. Rodman Ranker, E. R. Railer, Edwin
R. Cope. President—Vameel D. Orrick; l':ae Presi
deni—Robt P. Ring; Bee retary—Frencls
Applications will bo received. end every information
given by NAME. FAIINESTuCK, apt,
Office, Commercial Rooms, comer of
_0007 , 111 Wood and Turd ma, Pittsburgh
rr/113 INSURANCE CO. of North America will
make permanent and limited Insayance on pro
pert in PM city and vicinity, and r n rhirmorta by
Canal, Rivera Lakes, and by Sea. The propertior ni
thin Company are well myratial, and famish an
able fund for the ample indemnity of all persona who
desire to be protected by insurance.
mTltl NA. P. JONES rhaent. 44 Dairy at.
INSV/lANCie. at Pittsburgh.
The Spring Garden health Insurance SO.,
ITINSURES Male. and Percales against a Expense
aml Lose ocemaioned by Sichnes or eeident, by
an immediate allowance of recta VIM 11113 per week,
for one, twn, three, or four years.
The mthod of effecting Cita Inseranle, and the
taa.ler of awarding the kick alloymneix,"With be folly
captained by the Agent.
A person ean Insure against Sirkness or Accident
which will detam him from his ordinary business, as
follows, viz:
For ono year, by paying 51,20, and receive ad *week.
For three " " CA, " " j"
For four " Ings, a "
Or, for period of four years, the tam e f 011,40 paid
welly, wad secure
o r per week whil sick.
Every necessary information will be a/forded on the
*abject of Inaurance arneral ly, bT
JAAIE DeRNO & CO, Agents,
Odeon Buildings
Fire and glarin• Insurance. '
111 , . °FRCP. of the Insur•nee Company of North
America, has been removed to No. 11l Front st
cut of %Vona.
The aulaserlber, agent for the above old snd
aible Company, wee Mame litieetta on !tinkling/. and
their content, and on ahlrinents of Merchandise by
Steam Boat. and other 'easels.
w. I': JONES.
The Pennsylvania Company
Fos INIESANrS or t,, eta ear , Casa - mu ANNUM..
IIIIP: Scot Life Insomnia. Company in the 11. Stair,
Incorporated lilarek to, lel2—elra. tor perpetual.
11 * arrig l =1 L ii i' mle ' rsignea to reeetee
titian, for insurance, nil which policies will be Issued,
according to their proposals and rate.; which will lie
made known to applicants at his cried, No. Xi NVood
street tort GEO COCHRAN.
TSecondl...ession of this Institution. under the
1 nese egat. and Mn. Guano., for the present
academie year, Will Commence en }hi. day. Monday,
Febresry that, in the some headings, No. rot Liberty
Arrangemente have been mode by which they will
be able to furnish young ladies facilities cleat to any
In the IVest, for obtaining a thorough Engiish, Cl en(.
ca Ornamental ednstion. A full of
phil mad Chemical e Lectures will course
be dellverrd
donna the winter, illustrated by apperntaa The de
partments of Vocal and Instrumental Mume, Modern
Languages, Drawing and Punting, will each be under
the care ofa competent Professor. By clam attention
to the moral and Intellect...l Improvement of their pw
pith the Principals hope to merit a continuation of ths
liberal pauonage they have hitherto' emoyn,L Pot
terms, see circular or apply to the Print/pals
feb I Itsixr
. . -
White Flannels, di Woot.
Red do do
Yellow do do
Brown do do
Blast Satthetts.
Steel mixed ,do
Black Cassimera i
Fancy do ,
Fancy Tweeds.
Super Black Bread Cloth
Soper /Down do
Super Green . do
Soper Twilled' do
Super Black Doe Stine .
Sayer Drab Cashmeres.
Soper Drown . do
Soper Meek •• do
CaWorlds Blankets.
Scarlet • do
Blue do
Drab do
Grain Bogging
Brown L 1114;
Al the hlanufsteutrers , t
- • • • •
THE co-partnership heretofore existing between the
subscribers, In the nom* of Constable, Hutt,' &
00, is this day dissolved by mutual convent. Messrs.
Burke A. Barnes will settle the business of the concern,
for which purpose they ate outhofixed io use the name
of the concert. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The ooder4pefili sac this day A...elated the mantes
hi the amine of BURKE & BARNES.. for the curreira
of manotacturiag Fire ?tea Peet, Vaal! P o o r , he.
„fix., at the sawed pf Jot late firm of Cnevtable, Parke
&Co, where they will be cleaned to receive the patron
age Of the auplateers pf that haute and their Aloha,
EOM N1111(11L5F,
tie the firm 'of Canhtafile,garkii IL 4 Cof,
I with, abuser lea'sera recommehe IllovikriL
t 4 the coafidenee anyfdrade aeollhe
-11Z.D4-114°,7,71(m.the hiectem - tie•, and I° invitee the &Unlit oPrecieh
atttaxid.lWlWir.. pro Blypik.i fetal
ALL PAPER — tV. P. h=a m t..l„ 4 la constantly ,
New• tirklitybil6V4aat.ol r rt e rn u Chc a lt
gencies, the newest MI 2100. veil strati or 1 . /.
Vt r d==;op i VeVikagifiSlPZ
tweehiPorth and Dime& killeyfilseterseee to
O. Itillja _ • 50
• r Ea r eIi.dICP:ONT-3 brie J eat sae met,
ILL uld for tale by the buret w slngler mid 1 the
Drig,Nie,2l, Perfeleell V./mimosa nnrik, of
Stsaillifd stmt. ' IW}aKkx..sll4m.
• WB I ,
IffiliprialikPraitekat *rya Asks.
.4g A VAbliS of the Mare diebewc4 . 6 ;4 " and
tr 2 high Leah direoLfrtrel TWatihrers; 1W
tasks now en the way neat , fitilllA, and es
peered hen, this week; _a& Ate It sletiltatrise
efiekkehugare per skirt Ittnierkn. 1'.... -
oes,.d Athos, whleh wall rksehr??.l acme', at the
lowistraszket Flee fur 1 1 . 1 4;med bill..
-1401 . ft, - lIELTREE,
G. A. Penlieeny Y. Y.
tii Manis,Seeretrary.
a ...a,
Blue Drilla;
Bloc Deming
Fancy Cotionades; all are
oLtered at Factory price..
Homo Longue Skirting.
Cheeks and Stripes, very
'Jana& Gonda.
Red Padding, wiper do;
Vest Padding, Ruckrion,
TailarsiCanvan,bravy do;
Brown Llncus, Sibeia's
'Drab Serge, black do, s I
and wonted;
Black end Whirr Tape;
Black TO6lll, Drab dui
Linen Cheeks and Dentin'
Slant'. 6 cord Si'! Cotton;
do Linen Thread, a
. •
superior •stiele;
Silk Fln tired Vcsongt;
Black Satin do
Drown Holland Se's Silks;
Buttons, Cratll}, tcr.,/to.
stehousa, No 117 Wood
rt.; ,
JOIIN II MELLOR, No. SI Wood greet, has
received. And now opens for examination and
We, near sunk of no Pomo, (rem Oat celebrated
mann tory of) t:hirke ring Itomen:
'r aches and amateur, see rempeeNuily limited to
very heautiteltlaaltermireaneeired with
the those mono
11".",lt'?„°%; the
(tun, occupying lh , swings to tho exclesion of More
ptoCtaute VIRiIOTZt. e. To preventsuch from entering,
transient vlritora lit be famished t• Ilk a ticket at
Inc entrance, (or I cent., which will be received in
Me saloons Tott - 15 c nu to refreshments. Family ticks
cis tor the season ill'be tarnished by the proprietor.
The , . entwine will be- furnished with lee Cretans,
Fruit., and all the delicacies col die cocoon.
The gardsit steamer, /lope No I,leaves Me Pitt
an d
landing at the beginning of cook hoot of hot day and
evening. Jul
ONF—On ToeNday evenine, nltk
/I-c the hank of the Canal, In Grant street,or between
thee. sad alcnn mean a small Hunting Cased, Gnld
with silver dial, and • short old chain. The
Fenton finding them wi'l I.n ruttnttly rewarded on
hrinetng theta to his J II McFadden, Multet street,
or to the omen of Tanen & tYCcnnar, corner of l'sdn
and-Wayon atreeta my3o
I now in full operation, and supplied with ail the
iinlicames of the reason. Thn steamer Bore No 2
runs asst let y notes from Om city to the Barden—
lenvingthe foot of Pitt Beret at 9 n'elocis in the morn-
Ina, and at the begirmine areabh hoer, until 10 nt night
—Sundays excepted. No Intoxicating thinks kept on
the picinlimi. tot 20
E•ehange 13sabk Stock.
A r„E.‘&1%.'7.-:ofkl,- . .'.7" '`A‘kt , i b aikNr,TZ d
Mus Wettest marketpnee In cosh, will be pald fo
dm dideient grades of Wool. by
ice 145 Si &111 Second st
nulls,. the gun of Pittsburgh i I
"WILL be opelied about the 2d of May, a Family
titocery nod Tea Slotr,ia the Philadelphia
The aubseribere have buret an a store at No. IthG
Liberia atreel,ln • style Kipejlor to any of the kindin
Pittsbt r tls. where they wilt always have a large u
erun/at of One Groceries,en wad
soperith"leas, to
which they respectfully Invite the attention of the pub
Of every uncle, they will endeavor to .keep the
Lost of it, kind : and confidently recommend their
Tus As Aux ire es scrussin, tv in dm el-
Their assortment will eamprit et—Green •ad Black
Tear oriel kinds, Bent 7► cents to slpi per potted.
Colima of every rode.
Levering's Begsrr, !Ater, Curbed and Pulverised:
Piet. Pyrup,Bugullouse sad N. , o.westehoe:
alatc., P l ereion Prow and Nuts Spier., Elmer.,
Ketchum', Brat-nem Suear Cared name and Beef,
Fuhoriall Lind, Pperitt, Lord and Whale Oils,
hinted, tiperm sad IV. Caulk., together with many
rarities which Could net heretofore he hod in Puts.
torah, sue which tone would fell to ennommte.
D-Good6deliured fru of charge m very put or
the two cities.
Dealers supplied on ton.t rensnnedlln term..
WM. WM. A McCIItO fr. Co.,
myt Liberty meet, above Wood.
o. %vertigoes., so.) to. wroirso ism; ra.
, ores coos:owl., on Livid or make to ardor the
hest artlelo in their Ito. at their old stood, N. 13 PL
eta...trent; also, al No. ea Mar ket street. se rood story,
eutruncc in the mooed Vern= Shutters mods to order, nod old blinds needs. tenni red. opts
11111 E Partnership heretofore existing between James
Marshall, Wen W. Wall tee, and Henry SPfleary,
in the east iron business, and., the name of Marshall,
Wallace l Cei, was ilicsolred by mutual consent, on
the tat UM.. James alantotli and Henry M'Seary,
bovine purchased the entire interest of IVm. W. WM ,
lace in said fora.
The bucine,l in (Circe will be continacd in all ill
nations branches by the vub,r tibets, touter the name
and style of Marshall & 31.ineisry. who will settle the
basal,. of the late firm, and to whom all persons to.
datum! are requested to mote payment.
Warehouse, corner of %%load and Liberty streets.-
JAMES mmte.tta,
lodern and Antique Furniture,
IA tin Sr., Prrromunt.
J. .
Respectfully .
info W rms the
online that he has enm•Z
pitted Iths sprnig stock of
FURNITURE. the largest and mew: vaned a.ortruent
ever offered for sole this city, comprising' several
setts of Hothwoon, hlstroo•nv, and llzseit
carved, ornatiental and plain, suitable for restore,
Drawing and Bed Rooms, all of which will be sold at
the lowest prices.
Pcnons desiring Enrinture of nay description, are
spectrally inviied to coil endoderm'. hie stock, which
embraces every desenetion, from the cheapest and'
plainest to the nicer elegant and costly, of which the
fallowing comprises apart:
Teter Teti Sofas; Tete a Tete Divans;
Conversopou Chairs; Elizabeth'. Chair.;
Reception do
XIV do
Extensiod do Toilet Ruth.;
Lohnt Now; Toilet Tahier
ot. XIV Commodore: Doke of Vest's Coach;
00 troths with Plush and ilair.eloth covers;
50 Divans, do do do,
40 dos Monogany Parlor Chairs;
10 •• Rosewood do dn;
IV u 110 k Writhot do dri;
40 •'Cane neat do;
4 ° Malteignity Rocking do;
2 4 . do Piano moo/e,
CO :Marble Top Centre Tables;
20 do do Wash Pined.;
20 Mahogany Bedsteads" '
12 do Wardrobes;
Iv ill'k Walnut do;
tTherry do.
A eery large assortment of Common Chairs and orbs
er Furniture too [vinous to mention.
WI - Strain Rests famished MI the shortest notice.
All prompliy attended to.
. ..
P. S —Cabinet Matterisentt with all sorts
of bluhrlifith, W smut, and Venters, at considerably
reduced ports. , . febl3 • :
. ......
NNOLISII t iteNrisrr,
w li tr oL r F , 4.ffli GRUCEMLS, No 41 Wood Meets
100 rare V. 11.1 nip. T ar; b. 51. FL Rill.;
ono g room; Tear; 'IOU b. clutter dm
tr o t
bit to I, gs do do;
KW bees 30, Coder; .15
b al es
It Currants;
SW brl i N to Molasses; 15 bales It %Volans;
76 hl ids N 0 Sugar; 13 do it
235 Ithars at sizes 15 do Pelbeviv;
Window Glass; fist do Poo Nuts;
40 hos Pipes; 20 boo shelled Alaioadc
WO las Soap; W bos Roca Candy; ;
IW boo Csndles; 6 must /distance; .
StioU Ihs Codfish; 111 AI
ad s ; it /Legalist
SO bill Tanners' 0d; Cigars;
ith loth Chace/nth; ' 100055 Holt Sawfish;
50 don I.lml Curds; 3 boo Cloves; . I
SO coils Aland:. dope; 2 eons Notate.;
01lias Sideed Chocolate; 2 eeroons lodiga .
0 bags Pepper, . 26 tithes Lemon S ' yrop;
IS bags Alspice; . 4
..... Po
mat Sauce;
2PO boa Haman; 1U ease. Tomato Catsup;
4U Idly V torgion Ciround Spices of MI kinds,
IA bales Caaderwlek; 40 barrels powdered awl
40 his Starch; Los( Sager;
10 tr Klee; II laws Whiting;
30 bet.. Omit; /U brit Whiting;
LOU drums Ftgs;
A. well alt 0
blasmfathared wu g eles,
- --.
East ride of flee D
fltßy our 4.. Tea ogee,.
1 Try our Tenaga inst.
Try our 2:
The very beat Black Tee
at 76 cents par preen.
The very best Gram Tea
alBl per pound.
tt'e are dectileny opposed to puffing, instead Of which
we respeetlully solicit Comport:vet e .. the best method
of Proving who sell. the best Rod Teas.
5101/Itlo a. 1111WORTIII
afity2o Propoetoro of the Tea Alorket
.111110TatICH a Pittehurgli
lon hougoi elecwhere.
tl3e Tea boaghlelsewriere.
CI Tea baaglit elsewhere.
a imported, we tea selling
Imported, we va eellins
. „
150 ryiNs
taayd , . .
thw Liberty at Basin, !Abe). at.
Colors& wad White Wadding: -
1004 ALE S rdPtor qddidY, last rerotyvd frera
Manufacturer, on convigan.citt, and for sala of
eastern ,Irtee, at tho to aidtficturere wartllol.43, •
11116E1', ELEAllthi At CO,
itpls 1x...1 Wurd.l
. .
VAN:IIINa TLIOLD—A complete annormucld Of tan '
best quality of Cam dteel Ora. and Corn Ileythes,
worranical; a:4st Steels, 3,A 4 prong Forks, wanont`J;
Oda wool flay Knives
Id dog do liouaencek Hoes, rolld;
DI lox common dd do, for sale low, at the
Drug and Snod Store of D N WICKERNiA.3I
may Di • 'Con of Stith 0. Wood of,
Gv auuaaits = Jna tines N o
C od ~
J:AI •net. fi o Cod
Y Ilyson, variod. grade.
Ijklip , dtdor add Imp
• 30- Jo Poucbong
a Jo Oolong
5/ caddy bill It II Imp a, 0 l'
GI aim I.l,li's, and In's Tobacco
35 caddy la, Barrow's 6 do
bore. SturclC •
61 tots a. hf [al.% Sole/alas
Nln4:der, Al.l, Ginger, Pfliper, Au gg i gg ,
Notructrs, and lounp Mask on kegs, for 0010 by
01.13 _ • 11.11 eter pt
!Ali: firkarLGLAite
P:ll,., C io4l.'l , Thl,l7,lAtf.dTg' * '"i'll
al 4i nod 6•10.1 T WI cob by Otnalidni far' l •ZWyge•pfrr;
gonad Iss•glsiTna hlnntra•gottgldo nr innrouG,
l'alsbargib or 0 1. 41 0nng105../lolib's';{‘ ao Slone
cedgnl but , c , 01 1 Faktakri. h 41 , 13yd-rola Came
000 0
Ll ' o rSocise tbrodglY Our web. ,
Cuserds Hooded Mt '
itentg for ccoortanon.
71rea v td, aC'dlll.llsllbar
GreenaurlllacqlegiUf -
( -"imam.
ch,1 0 ,,f 1 56,e 7 5
!A 4:1Nt4. 1 .7::,%. ,„„, 0
Inalfaiiiia 12tva n , L z,, ,„ ,
, ! E-Ounaonai,l ry 74, 11l
,G0A5191.4.r. (.1!.#.1
414114:n.41d . ptiTtNe a r g i NT'AFCe fepbak'
'fo stCobilen'vers. ll %em., is rffalrinsb nnachinslals ,
contukk4they'sldl pliasnannb ikonoslnY arra Vi 40, 11 •
,• f* • .4ICLUZI,I4 41441 i
V‘iy.t 4 :
W ild4la' . .j'AXL•II vlAt.
• *a.ll . 4 l aper t:ote.;4" ft 3 "• b ,
-- " --- h - 114svg • •
o'''.,7:Yr,,%.",i'Anos,Volrt'tt,.`olt.+,=° It
ple.e I.n at the' ROollik 01 , tbetileaningallItetel
'second Mary, carnet of 'WOW and Phitd=r i lay , ,
for tea same. S.IIAUSIcAtt4
1 ' ittliburghl 1461 20,,
, : 1.,
a 7 . 4 , 71 04.:31 1t 'a'
' ,1- • `-stil peg a' Li .1
, ' 'l , .• • rort - - ;
m q t r. , jy y t ir tr , 4 c
pv i rw . T D. G h on e .7 .l . a c y gg st oS.. o f t ' .
gleatly :educed unties, .
Ilerege do Llama a large asoorozetnqf beamitui
Malls, Jaconet and Swiss Maarten; - -
A splendid assortment of Black and Fatty Salon
Bemires, Lawny and De talus, remarkably elegy;
Ikautifel Foulard Silks, at 371 ; cams per yard;
Iletuthal Calicoes, from Gf cents, 01111 towards;
A large stock of Brows and BleacJand Marlins, die
per yard, and upwards,
. Bonnets and Parasols, at greatly reduced prier.
Cloths, Can ima res, and Vest stake' Dm best quality;
remarkably lest.
'releaser with ramie stock of Tickings, Apron and
Skirting Cheeks, all widths: Brown and Bleached
allheetinga and Shirtegs; Irish Linens; together' with
other actinic.a la our line, at north east corner of
Fourth and Market et. 'tete
AfrURPHY a BURCHFIELD hare just received
.131 new style Foulard Silka,Yery cheap; flab, plain,
end Gained changeable silks, dl almost crony style
and quality; super plain and figured black silks; do
beteg, end lismesj barese de Dine, tow and hand
some styles; now sty le French, English, and Scotch
Lawns, to great variety, and at very low pnces;
plain, figured, and satin striped de lams of all kind.
and quatlties• ' linen lustre, of all shades and colon;
gingham., chintres, prints,*c., at sank tut corner
of Fourth and Market streets. Ica
AFAIMIIER supply of Black Silks and fancy col•
and Silks, jail noticed cy sussess this morn
•t .101 cast Canter or Swink sod Market stii
MURF/IY & BURCHFIELD aro stßing Ileragea
and Reno M D. Laioes &tam low prlets. at
north elm c.rner or Fourth and Market du. Jod
BLACK SILK 14CE-9—Extra wide medium Gad
narrow tritataine Lacer of best q!latity, jest reed
and for role at Nortbesst career of Formh sod Mee.
'ket stream jet. MURPHY le BURCHFIELD
Bonnets wad /10 . 1 . 11111 t. Ribboas.
M U d l gn " U PVl ß oTetWe LD goitl7,7ll7:l7:Xtio . u a .
iloyle. of China, 1'1,11;1, Aibltle, mod Gimp Bannem
V. biro and Colored Goop doi nod Ribbons of all eol.r.
novas - into Room.
MBRIHIY Et BURCHFIELD Invite the A tt e nti on
of the..scantlok goods Coe Itlooting rap...,
to their very full assorunenkinstreeaited, suck Its
Black Bombacines ••
Beath... finish ilpaccas,
Black Moose de Lain.,
Illoctrating Wash Silk.
do Printed Foolud.
Ranges, Timms, 6lcitfan Lasts...a, Albassmea, Plain
- Black and Printed Lama', Ulart Embroidered do;
Bonnet Ribbons, fear! da, .331717
01JMOSEll Ct./A*11240-5W pea Casement., sunned
colon, a most desiralde ankle for summer cools,
reed, and now opening by A A MARIN &CO
maglB • 62 Market at
1 Shaerlx, comprimingCnenson,Orglnge, Pink, Blue,
Green, •nd Corn colored, Jolt receiving per !XVI<IS,
and Ulla day opening by A A 11•807711‘70
101717 f2.llared
(1 PIECES ?Ilan Blue.
.41 Bareges. ree'd per express. are Pots
.2.lT_nil , s_lq mar) A A 2 , IASON & 00
A. aTAFON & are tau day ape ninglo p'et •
17 iaah Mark Grp 24 Mane Silk; 10 pea 32 lark
no; ;1; pre ;V: anti do; opal 04 look di); and 4 pieraa
311 /11<h do. loaylo
Llnen Hasidirosettlits.
400 do: Ladies , UUCP Cambric all prices;
INdot Genie do ' do do
- •
do colored borders;
62 Modet n.
25 dos do do
Received this day by
a 10
ZIBLET LlNkita p. changeable
Lip , one, at the extreme low price n(I2Fe per yard.
inapt° A A MASON er. CO
Irish and Brawn Linens.
290 pc. 3-4 and :14 peal 4.4 Brow. Line_la%
lullpes Graty , a Butlador, wad Alemand.,' Vbn
hith Idinzah bow opening by --
AA /t14,..20t
Fresh Arrival of Dry Goods.
lit are now r ec eiving lugs addintoas Incur cock
f odo r an
Summer Dry Goods, and are pro
paied to °Her an ercellent assortment al oar usual
low priors (or cash, or approved credit.
The mutation of western dealers Is particularly re
quested mous goads, as we Del confident of hpirg
elle to otter unusual inducorautts to mike a bill with
us: Call and ermine at any rate.
mays IP! Wood surer. „.
GINorrA - m - L - A - Avrcs-60 pea
received, and now telling at the very low price
or l 2 CtIll• per yned, hi , A A XLASON & CO
peg farts Prio od
Va L e i g7., ta_ rt ,rp l o W s
UN pee rich l'Anzed gnallticei lOU . piece .
fan colored Montilla al Se per yard, now opening by
innylo A A MASON fr. CO
108 Market Street. (near Llbertla
PENDERS, !cc. Also,
Nattn and Money Yowling's,
BANDANNA, and LLNEN HDKF'S,a general
FANS, and over) , variety of unanangs.
Ltßrnll GOODS—We are now recovering a very
L large cud Sue assortment of, Spring and Summer
Sends, a large ponies of which have been purchased
ai a great reduction from the prices brought by the
same descriptlons of goods hi the early pan of the
reason, so that in ahnorn every kind or goods we will
he enabled to offer (hest Bargains to Cash Buyers,
Inman we would respectfolly invite to Con at De vi
Market it, north nest corner of the Diamond,
atr are nos reteiving
IVA shelf second scpply off:cods for this Springoand
oiler their friends and buyers generally a large and
choice assortment - to select from.
iry- Dealer. are invited to look in at the wholesale
rooms of W *yokluer, p stairs, where a fresh sup
ply has also been eceived, and several kinds of
goods can ha sold sk lower prices than wined. lord
A it76IASON & CO, 62 market st,areno — w — openi
. ingehoiee high Colored Brizeges,Tissoes, Mar
(loess, Delphlnes, aireiroced prices. mild
Fan colored Lawns and Melillo. at the low prior
of Idle, will bo opened by A A MASON A CO
may ta
.7:le per yisid; also, super do. at higher prices. p ri
on Cal plaid, kt reduced pieta; and a largo
sortment of SA/Ia:LS& GRENADINFA end
Dv.. Good* generailY, of =Wen styles, at north eat
corner of Fourth tend Markets.. maylk
Op ourldnea .
UrLITICTIV I}O4CtiFILLD, at north can comer
INA of Fourth and' Market stn, have just received a
suf ply ofextra fine Irish Linen., warranted purel.,
to which they Invite the attention of dealers. Irnasos
Fanny Usazim.r.D..
URPIIVA OliliCIIFIELI) have just opened .an
LV/. assortment of Fancy Cassimeres, adanted for
gentstieit's summer wear. Also, super French Broad.
clothe; Satin nod -F.ey Vestines; Linen, Cambria,
and Silk Pocket Handkerchief,.;_Fancy Cravats
Utarlied and Unbleached Cotton Hosiery; Rid .d
Lisle Gloves; Cotton, Marto, Unacrabtnr,
as low prices foi .007•: 3
O CASES plide and figured Burette de Luna, auort.
ed color., tont teethed, end selling at very low
prices. rtany93 A A MASON .t CO
Le - tkiTt.
CASES fast colored Lawns received and now
Ar opening, gelling .at the extreme low price ot 8 cis
pre yard morn $ A MASON & CO
CASES (uncolored Gime..., reed and selling
ut ld Mall per pad A A MASON & CO
my 22 €.2 Mattel at.
a. Precirely the same kind of very strong said rough
Havered Teas that aro wild in tbe Old Gentry at five
alit nines per petmd can be obtained for 73c per lb of
A PAIR of (iold Spectacles . , .opposed to hatre been
ES dropped in Wood street, in Iront of itateweil A..
Pear's Warehouse. The 'Soder will be rewarded on
returning theca to dot warner, N 0.20 Wood street.
R •
OLL IW - CTEII—YA lobts In mete .a rot lute by
rILIN'tI.O:I CAULK CAULK ILL Sleabeniatuo.—
%.) Agency al S 3 Wood suceL
- HORSE We tale elos , usc. gets,c cml
J DILIA 0113 . 11 tr. CO
31 Won 3 mood
Prone/. Brendle..
n HALF Hoes Larayene, dart and pale;
11.1 s do Placa, Custilbonk.Co's Cogrune, dark&pale
I la pipes extra Rashest, dark:
3 ao hard, Doors) . Sr Co's dark; .
LI do Hoer, dark;
I do rellevatsin, II store, and far sale by
mayil JOHN rAtucEn tco
C 12.1:= T C clant " Ein
by J Krub It CO
TptiA leanly :du kttnnita—unit, Chamule, Pure,
ond Plain Wall Payer, recently iteeived by
• •
THE Phrend Mn a hfuturieg Company now offer to
the public their ['remittal armee Stove Pollehy
and without exaggeration, of fearer
Mote who have tested lii pronounce It far ulterior to.
any other In the market The town...need haven
upprehenalons of willing carpets, the., as its eon,.
position prevents la duet from arising when being ap.
plied, which must be done when the Stove in ro,d
The quantity required is so little to produce h beau
tiful lustre. ..11. saving of over fifty per cent to inured
to the .00,01bers. A contingapplied to Stores,Piper,
sc., when laid away for the summer, Is ft Lute
ventutive against rust. Alter hieing tried it oe,
lit It it acne...tine) no person will uw nny but the
Purnix Muctseturlng Company , . premiu m ch em a.
eel Sown Polish. Foe sale by
tnyo Cotner of Sixth and Wand streets.
~..• 15AALUEL -
IS,TA . Nye,Acyty.F.I. OF CAST
4 1 3 4Tiff..L, end No.l
Col'? 41 t fl e elTife . t, or' i r i77 [lt; 1I a rk e n;n it h od ftoe '
lisep44ibony• on bond and (orate, either sods "Et.
gleesl Work.," 011sta sirsti, Filth Ward,.or at tho
.afttetin.the Iron ntoro of 1.10L1.5144N8 to CARS!.
1301 , 1,1N0 4;foot of Wood meet, Pluobatglt.
IVeitiresodensigned, !wing uvd, vieo, entire rat.,
i li 18i:lrIlrTf V1ri l
p ily made by 3¢mnel
A :4t e4tE A bem
r ”Ncrtign
mulufacture.. ,
444.8444ffft..4350.P r
!ihAidVarqiiivi r it achltilers, littallortt.Paizt
-`• :1 0,, E TALEMAN, , ICU GnIAN a. CO,
Mataltatomitioniprinp,Axisuraipring ordi
, ve?st Pi a llpts - 4,
' ' '33soli
.., en ond Isln4o!etatra oet
W t ic
' 1..” . • i . •il I : la& 11141AUX14
• B Wit Diq iM I ACY I4! ;
Manninetwis of IsonglrA vo ' tiliph, re.
hb S t
ist.d...tire /*""shlPNUMirtd.l2l,
nub's, l'ilitaititctotas Machin and&ernitstruo- •
nal, s . gr i Piantrah, Pa.
- I , IFY. Q.
re Ira ,7
1101)1a MUSIC, ko,
•N El I
A/ 'Mil 81 a . . ST* . E;i
• s4 v .opki ; • •
I lot Third atis'next. door to Woodwriilirs.
T i le% ro t riTl i U . :b r u 'a hrg I ' l=4 ft : l :n l / ( 47 ' 4 ' g Vi d a ' t
he has eipenedhis new and elegent etualish axe t foe
the solo of PIANOS, ft:CODootst. Mum, NIVOCAL
orooitrent, and every ether ankle in his line. .
PIANOS-591e agency li,, Mums gr. Clirkeecele:
heated grand and solar° Pinnos,,_wlth and without
Colemat'a .F.olian Attachment. These Pieneeshave
lately etcetera several inmortam immoveteentr, ten
dering them exceedingly of temetlatid extra
ordinarily durable imd twiny.
Also;T. Gilbe rt to Co's (Borten) celebrated Platte..
These inotrcnuent. have, wide tweed repatatiet, and
aee considered among the very belt Manufactured In
13oaten; where they are decided favorites. •
B. Dunham, N. Y., of the Irma Stodsue A Dun.
ham, tits appointed the subscriber sole agent CO the
sale aids Piano. in Pittsburgh. The Brteof Medan.
esDaniume Is eon of theerdest and best In this country,
and their ananufactare for fulness arid brilllanby of
lane end beauty of workmanship an Nontid tolittne.
The telchnited .Coneert Pianos of ow.dhor, of
' Bremen and Hamburg, will always be kept Threats
by the tutrterater. It will &nther tosay, that they ore
made of , by ell the great Piano playersat thoif
Coats on eta Continent..
Subscriber bega leave tei direct attention Mi the
imPortent fuel of bit having special agents both in
Europe and this country, who earefally eelscrand
examine every Piano sent te him, which enables hint
te give written guarantee with everY.Piano sold by
him, pledging tinnier to retand.the money in gam the
Piano Pui , ett faulty or deacient. • •
A toll supply °fake newest and meet popolai
will constently be kept for sale—furnished by the best
publishing houses of Boston, Philadelphia, and Balti
more: igeney for Messrs Pehmfenberg Luis, New
York, the moat extensive importers of foreign mule
in thie manly.
Sole Agency far Cathardt`s Patent
per fe c t e dMeloenby
Melodeon Pianos, as inounfactruad and tby
March Ye White, Cincinnati, with single and double
setts of reeds—the beet reed I.4m:items yet invented.
Also, Guitar; Flutes, Cisuipets, Violins, Rogtee, Sax
Ilona, Tithes, and every description and variety of
betas instruments from the best inshore Strings for
Violicia,•Guitars, and limps. ,
irrittintaction books for every iaalfillsOont. Pelee.
lions of muslc made, maga books bound, Pianos toned
sod repaired; Violtne, Aceordeons, Guitars, tool re,
paired on the most reasonable terms. e.
THE Warke (Leonani Woods, lb
Van Lady's Friend. Mt. Pular.
' Christian Almmal. Hobart.
The Gavel Its crarn Advocate. G.Grieran.L.L.D
Posthumos Work. of Chalmera
Family Pm; ers and Commentary. Tbomtott.
Sermons. ;
Griffin's Pennons.
Conttinshant's Sermon. for sale bi
Flitath at e
"MST necelved at the sign tribe Golden Harpt.-•; •
II The Itla,gareata Waltz, composed and dedicated
to Mr. David It Pub, by Pmfenorßollback.
Pella Vahan' Polka, composed 'and, dedicated. to
blim nary Jane Park, by Professor Rehbook.
My Boidder Gam. Hariae to Ron all Night. Asko-
Ilms Baker. Stay Summer Breath. Away Dolan
Ruth. Rally Day. Ois,Leainal. Smasher Longinta.
Soiree Patin. Holey Jones.
Also, Asthma Machree, by Watson.
Oh, Think not Less !LW< thee, (Alpine Horn.
Oar Childhood'. Home, as bang by Mi. Klatt
My Mother I Obey, words by C..P.Shlros, Mane oy
H. Sleben A 1.., a grnat vttriely of Neve-Soaks,
Polkas, Waltzes, ke. for gale by 11 YLEBER i
111•71 i ( lal Third at
' "MEW -Irifniatle •
, 5
AN and Critical View of the Speculative
Phibisophy of Europe in the 19th century.. By..T.
D. Morell, A. M.
Letters of the Rev. Samuel Butherford, Prek.asisiof
Divinity in the University of S. Andrews, with a
sketch orhis life by Bre:A.A. Dater, cad: of Me
i:heirs el D. M. hleCheyne.
The Theological Works of the late RE,. Dardel
Boyne, D.:D. Edited by the Rev. Saul Prey. Second
edition. _
assess. Prince of Abyssinia. Dy .pr Johnston
New edition.'
Pansy on Christian Rapine. 818. W. Noel, M. A.
The C , ontribations of Q. Q, By Jona, Taylor. 11-
losirited from original designs. by litnaland.'
The Philosophy of Unbelief in Manila and Religion,
as discoverable in the Faith aad Chanciest or Men.
By Rev. 11. !locker. I
Th. Morning of Joy, being a scone' to Night of
Went- ng.' By the Rev. IL Boner Helso. !
The Golden Psalm; being a Practleal,lEspentash..
411, and Prophetical Expaahlon of Psalm SYL, tly
Reg. T. Date. hl. AL.
• The Lighted V alley; or Clotting Scenes !In the Life
of a Beloved Sinter, by Dolton, witha preface by BAY..
Wm. Joy.
The. Commandment with Pientelle; by the Author if
'the Lunt !Jaya the Wee... Illustrated by
Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Jobe Willlasek,
Minittotary to Polynesia.'
blemoissof the Life mod Writings of D. Chaim:nib
by him non to law, Dr. Hanna, In threo vol. Vol I.
Also, a large aasonmcat of New S. S. trot. Peet
79 wood .1
S.FAIINESTOCK begs leave to altreiranee to the
pintoes of his New Directory of tho: cities of
Pittsburgh and Allegheny, and boroughs of Man
emu., brminghtun, Lee" that thew ork Is . now
cearly ready for the pew, and be poi in, the
tends of the ptiater some ylrhere between the 20Ih
and 30th Instant-
. . ,
The cannot genenilly. and all wholeci an Interest
in the production ors complete and mien Directin7,
particulmlT those who have not beat celled an e w ill
many °bilge the publislicr,by that their
venous arocotioes. and place. et bonnets, ko, aro
All etfro il =V,fet o dr ' tali.
with, or afthe !atom, by the date shove neined:
0007 00 . •
TUST reCeived, and Row opening, one elegant Rosa .
0 wood 3 071070 MeV= . Pia., from the eeles.
rated mannfaetori of . arch & Whoa, Culelnnatt.
This Is a aoperior numment, Of fine tone, and very
rapid enommation; a so, one fine 4 OC11•13 filelodeott,
at . , H KLEUE.AIS Music Store,
01e717 , lel Third street_.., I ,
ASYSTEM of Anciehtland Mediaeval GeographY.
For the use of whoolcand college. . By Charles
Anthoth L. L. D. Professor of Greek and Latin long
ages in Columbia College, New York.
'Pie History of England, from the Invasion of .1=
Calor, the atslicotion of James 11, By
Item., Val.; a new edition, with the mittiont km cop•
tenuous end improvements; to which is relied a
short acconotof his life, written bj himself. 6 vols.
A Selmool Dictionary of Creek and Roman Andosii.
iiey abridged from the ilmitOr dictionary. By Wm.
D.• with corrections; and improvement by Chutes Arnimo, L D •
• hlemalreof the late and Writings of the Doe. Thos..
attimmtvD.D.: by. pis son in law, the Bev. WDIIar
.liannis, L. L. D. to - throe votrones. Vol 9. •
White locket; or Life in a Man of War. By Her.
roan Melville, author.of "Typee Omoo,o•'hardio and
The Works of M 1... Sherwood: befog the only ont.
• rnT million ever poblished In the Smell States. In
swell volumes.
Fairy !rules, flora all nation, By Anthony B.
litontrobt,with twenty four Illuzuntlons by R. Daylt,
Walton Harvey, and other tale, By bliss Sedge.
The National System of Book Keeping, adapted to
all pans of the Vatted States. By John }Wain,
COSIIII.t. • t
. Also, a large &mamma of Americas& S. S. Ennui
Books, on hand, and for sale by
Soccessors to ELLIOTT b ENGLISH,
mayl4 • - 79 Wood Intact.
ILINQUhZT OF CANItt By the author of
lj.Noehelaya," In 2 vole, cloth, for tale by
'FITNE SAC/MDit,tlibiONlST,• neer collection 'of
Cherch Merle. . Edited by (home Kingeloy,
thor of Boatel Choir, Javenile Choir &e, kr.
Babbath SoboolGeren of Maio awl Poetry, dealignid
expresaty for the Sabbath School; by J. k A. Grath.
A new Treatise en Astronomy' and the Use of •he
Globes, in two puss. (;t . mmintag Altr0601:11k4 :11#4
other dennltions; thI1111)n, and pomuonsoittos songstoon
and planetr, }fett e r laws and Theory of Gravitation,
Befrection,Two ht, sold Paneling, Connections, PO.
nods, Distancea, henomena, sad alognitudes of the
Heavenly:Bodies composing tho Solar System, tre.;
• also, an egiensi. collect,. of the more useful Prob
lems on the U. of the G10b,,. 111.trated bye slut.
obi, variety of Examples, &o ; designed for the U.
of High Schools and oeuentdote By Jame. Mclntire,
N. D., Professor of Mathematics-and Astronomy
the Central High School, of Baltimore!. .
Deck toul Port, or Incidents of • Croisein the United
State. Frigate Congress, to Calthinda; with Sketches
of Rio Janeiro, Volcano., Lima, Ilpnolul,. and Salo
Francisco' By Rev. Walter Colton,AL S. N.; =hot
of Ship and Shore, &e. For Bale by 1
• ' &IL ENGLISH & CO, . I.
Successors to ELLIOT ENGLISH,
No. & 97 Wood street!
itir -1 1 - TA - - & - .l9rtkilalMdiPif=
• • Itt.s.clarao, Va., blotch ,1 1 19 4
A'Ft. ILE. SF.LLERB-I have disposed of aMe
Cough Syrup and Liver Pals yon ant roe, and
IS dos of the Von:Mingo. '
1 hare eked all poor Fondly Medicines to my family,
and have also prescribed them to myputetiett: .161
very much pleased with them, sad have Mond nothing
to equal them. Bend me 8 dos of your Vermifoge, and
to dos each of the Liver Fills and Cough Syrup.
' Respectfully yours,
. T. T.
h o d [Palm( of Letter.]
Thou MO!) persist medicines mos , be bad of the
proprietor, Eli SELLERS, 67 Wood st, andDroggists
.generally in the two cities and vicinity. *ph
. .
TOM S , D LOCI his In press, and sepl
publish shortly—Da Murree on the Divine Origin
of (sovernment, Inunieted from the French, by. R. 11.
Salter, D., tiosten. Second edition. I vol. Mao. •
earl . • D LocKWoon. •
Oliarnbee coarse.. •
'TI{IE Sul ENTIFIC SECTION.—The bassos. Mod.
bore bare employed the Bret Professore In 85ot.
lend, in the preparation of Cede works... They An
Dow offered to the School. of Co United Stales, under
the Am.rieen revision of D. BL Reese, L. L'.l),
' late Superintendent of Public Sehosida.ut the Oity and
County of New York. • -
, . .
(Members' Treesery of Knowledge}
11. Clerk's Drawing and. Penwettre;
111. Chambers' Elements of NentralPhilesephyi
IV, Reid & pain's Chemistry eld'Eleetrielty;
V. }remitters's Vegetable and Animal Phydedern
' VI elierebere Element. of Zoology, with plunge .
VII. reg. , . Elementrof flernerbilletnintml• •
.11 kr:well known that the onto,* p . eblishere of then
lsenco,tthe Masts. Chamber., of I.4loboigli) oil, Ott
In complaint . thole% talents in the preparattontlf th en
boolfe,..and that it le their pumice to deal dthfony
*fitithe public. This aeries willsnot disappoint the
flaw:amble expectation. thus excited. 2Tey era cis
"erksyptepared by anther - airs esu Y
hies /Utica to their reppeouve undertekings,
..d'iThO Imo evidently bar...a open ... Do , to'
Vltstirrfintes and labor to adapter.. lbeit.P.Pcoes
We rtthenmend them to itwelosa and parents with
Aillstfiddarn. The first earned yoltme,in the handsel
pdeaftet of the younger clefes.U,2%_„‘!"L9...l' ,o -
nthattsidile fond of sussesense and
'ther, y would actinium erica srearerts in a Pt;
yof inielltevnt children. and Impa rt • thirst. , y
•• Published by A. 8. Deno. & Co New' god
• by LISLt& CO.
tar " 1° • ' • • Ne 79 Wood at • •
-17—ec olkW.- 01- ir4bmv CLOTHS, CA& ,
gryst, received on consignment, OnO 7 serw
rte ntaratteCtenlehig. h 12AT , ;
F/J21013 k
s 3 . idtS),,...ti
TT NOW all Men mbe are alek'llna .
ll ease of the bladder and kldneyii.arith divan.°
pales in backer limbs: stitfjoints,. obtsores,
‘ 1,111, .M..., diet they caa..beetund.lty laking.the Pe
troleum! Yea May talk abeam. being I nostrum as
meek as yea please, bet this does not make It eo, for
roclum Int. Mee elan htocat commenity, that
it has sixteen _which tfre not eartudned to any c.a.
remedy. The-man who is racked With pain end my.
tends. from &seam, can for fifty mum get relief trout
any of the UM ennernerated abeam Baader! it costa
eery little to make atrial. This.Purelemn is. mix ,
tercoo commend, pat up Ihr•
the purpose' of imposiag
on the community; Nell Is • • Mardi clabeated by
the Muter bawl of =tare, 2124 held:desnp from the bo.
sem crow neither creakin its original parity, and of.
fete to raded4g Imunv a readr,reditady, a certain
and the. Core.
it /talented L'Des intik' other niedlelites harm failed
to render any Mlief. Ithas eared litheomatiun of bog
standing rail nt the worst and emu. painntleharacter.
"Iteas cued Cholera - Mochas by,one or two doses; It
bas caredold Cats Of Diarrhea, In 11,111 ch every ether
remedy batt tmen .O. 4Y/ 01, 404 rout
bum* sad scalds:it l ibeller than any medical
mnd or ointment that see know of. 11 will mire chit.
blalts or frosted .feet, In a few aPPileatimmi nadeabt ,
est 1 Mithrenty ban be anteed of the truth contained
In this above statement by calling on &andel 111. Kier,
Canal Baain,,Th streoti or either of the agents.
Kerer.a McDowell, canter at Wood ( street and
Timm, Alley; IL; E. Betl;ta,l7 Woods:mei, D. A.. 12..
Bat MA ht. thury,..illegbeny city, are the 'seam:
1.21 -
PACER, AND .1.1.111,1 D
The most Impel taut 'Discovery cm Igoe
cordl—gure Remedy for the Plhasf
R. D. P. BROWN'S celebrated External Arnett- ,
Mena Remedy fot that Piles, hen already peeved
Itself to. be the only sere cure ever presented to the
nubile. Since the discovery of this valuable medicine,
aM dm. Largo number of extreme cases with which
Dr. Brawn lea/ Treated, no ene has failed to be entirely
cued. J Unlike the muy Keeling balms extant, altar
menths.and years of experimentalixicg, has too ones
left the patient where they commenced. or womet
bet: alter a few dayerwilrdecidd the caw by effecting
g r atlv o tY. - nelexi,/ sh.o ant enter into a labored sr
gement to p rose Ley ededletne: I introduce it apse no
own Merits. by Its effect I intend it shall stand or fall.
Ryonprefer.Mat loututonse disease, the PILES, to the of a few,dollers, I rest the ease enth ROWN you.
g , • - DR. D P B,
• . ' Lloyd
Ileffa , N.Y. Sold whalers!. arid retail by gree
It, t
m_7l • .• •SI Wood st.
6. NEW remedy lately dlecovered In the Vegetable
' Kingdom—a are and perienent care 7or all
enatatio complaint...ouch u - •
hdistamalory, Chronic. dente and Mercurial
• , Ihcomatint, Goat, tomboy', •
• Spinal! Affections, de..
Thli medicine has co u ldn sonata for. It has bn
Mid that ithettotenant ane tend; bat Mer e)e
a remedy designed by nature for Mg ewe ol every die-
ease that the human system le subject to. At feat are.
Med) hen been found that turas Eitematism of the
*ant ibrm—one of the most valuable .ve t w o hi,,, pm.
dactiona of the earth—the greatest and mo stimpormet
huof the age, end aworalerflat blessiag to the
man(ml It cares without Richwine or debilita.
tog, end renews strength' and vigor Mine whole wa
wa. It has cured, during' the past dune mouths, over
sfat eases Met were constde red incurable.
Cenineatea of the curative properties of thh medi
cine cart be wen by calling on the Agana
None genuine unless pat up with an engraved label ,
upon the °add° weepper,'aignedbyttie modeler, R •
TURNER, Bahia, N. Y. • _
Sold by' IL ShITSEII.
earner Third and Market it, Pittenersh.
Sold also by P,,TLIO3LSB,
febi-ddydreitt No RD Main it, Cincinnati, 0.
zi - 71 - 1/
tio.• 61i DIAMOND ALLEY, a.
few door. be awWoodstmhta
' wards market
. ,Dll.. RBA. War having been
, ; regeluly educated to the medical
mofenion,and been for sores time
in general p
a ractice, now confine%
his Inentlo to the treatment of
those pnvate and delicate com
plaints for which his oppormities '
, andexperience peculiarly qualify
. , him: 14 year. anideonaly dented
to toady A treatment of these “mplainialdtmasartesti
tithe helms had mompractice end hal cared more pa.
tents than can over fail to the lot of any private prac
titioner) amply guild. him to offer smarances of
epeedy,pennartent, and satisfactory um to all aliened
with delicate disuses, and.aildiscases .thing there
from. •
Dr.llnrwei would Inform theme Dieted with private
&theses which have become chronic by time or ag
gravated. by OM as* of any. of the common nostrum, of
the day, that their complaints c. be radically method
usably eurct, he Wring le l. his <areal attention to
the treatment of such eases, and succeeded In hundreds
of Inathees In erring Perth. of Inflammation of the
meek of the bladder, and kindred diseases which often
result from those cases where others have consigned
them to hopeless despair. Ile particularly tonics each
as have bed long and ansuccessthily treated by other.
to consult him, when every satisfaction will be given
them, and their cases treated In • c arefel,thorough and
Intelligent manner, pointed out by. long expenenes,
soady,thd Investimthart,which It isitmossible for thole
enge ensc led In
5, 01 ceral piaCtied of =Meths to give to
ieE r agi=ttinfern t' llc r ifi l ,t7o.
star mummies:to this diseas
CIANCF.29 also cure.
rase ii 4,Palsyotit., epeutily oared
N. — vei Patients or either sex llving at a dstance, by
Mathis their' distare Irritlog t siring all the map.
toms, ems obtain metUehterwith emeetions Gm me, by
eddresoing „BROWN pomyald, and anra
intt4:Pito :11 . 116annattdarlay,eypottte the Waverly
Bronourthee—Dr.BriewtPit newly discovered ma..
ay for lithe stout= la • speedy and Certain remedy for
thatpainfal trouble. Jr never fails...
Nalco and Private C..nralling RoOros.,No. CS Dia
mood elivy, Pmsburgb, PM , Tba Doctor 4 always at
NT•Nn ean en pair. Dee. M NA.
WOG non sewage stun art nes itutalt
sane ZIT OrTILII onnosonm
Stnnfala or Blare Evilißliounintlem, Obstinate Cute.
nemts Bounden% Pimpleo or Pustules the Fate,
Blotches, Biles. Chrmain Sore Eyes, Rio Worm
or Teter, Staid Bend, Enlargement and - P.ln of
the Bones and Joints, Brabbam•Blcers, 8 yphlitle
aromas, Sciatica at Luinhaga,—and &lenses
•artning (ram an inlndlelons eta a?ercury, Act.
tßei or Monet, Exposure or Imprudence in Lire;
Alas.-Chronic Connie:llml Disorders, de.
' This medicine' hen acquired It:very emended and
established' nonunion wherever it has been Met!,
bowed entirety on its own iplitlits,Uhlett Its ttapctior
efficacy has elan, sustained. The Ihnfammate victim
of hereditarydine:m*ora swollen enrols, contracted
sinews, - and bones half. carious, has bean motored to
health *and vigor. The nerafialoui patient, covered
with limns, loathsome** himself and hi. attendants
has been made whola Ehtudrede ef penning, lobe
had Framed hopelessly for ye:moulder cutaneous
and glandular, dworders..chrenie ,itenunitism, and
many other complaints np Vag from a dorunamoem
'a steroid. organs ste organs and nireeleibms, hove been
raised u . dt were tram the rack of dinease, and new,.
with regenerated conntitetiert,. glady testify to the ,
efficacy of this inestimable preparation. • •
The attention of the res. ern called tot is renaming
utonithine ewe, erected hy . the we Sands , Santa.'
"nil is to certify that Ihare i coloted woman who
has been Maimed for the last Svc years with Se t ofala,
and all the remedies I Imml Woo erect in arreatirog
the prosier of the complaint;, on the contrary, she
constantly. grew . wome; and after expending between
570 and 5.0 w ith phydelam, besldes mote other
papal. rentedles without enema till the disease bad
, Oa. VIMy the eartUege or her nose, made IN op
pears= on aesthete pests of lam body, and had badly
commenced its ravages lathe Toot of her mouth
"In this . dreaded 'Station. with the prospect o
death staring her to the thee, I tuned her mum to Dr
Dimosway, the agent for - Saud& Sarsaparilla In New.
hem, N. C, by whom I was advised to use that uncle;
and to my surp Bee and that of my runglibins, to whom
her case was known, after usine four and a halt bot
tles she was restored to peewit health, end that In the
pace of three weeks, and was able to work In two,
weeks from the tit. she arramermed taking it.
In whamu of the truth of. this etatement. I have
bereuntoldrmed soy name, this lam day of September,
1547. . • • •-• JOSEPH IIfeCOFFI.R. J. P.,
"Month of River, Craven to. N. O. •
The following la an extract Boort letter received
from Itlra, Bev., willehledellawmird=div , efei Tema ,
with Scrofulous tilehtsiSnetsfolat Se-, add McNair -
an aftiodon of the th=o; . -
j ai:,
Meseta A. D.A t thee I commenced.".:",t
ming pier Berme - KW en Fr. .d vwt
~,,,g , ,,,me s i y . gotapmtely ulcerated,
, I had i?dreasfrit m ed thetewere frequently
week together that I not speak name 111Whi.:'.
per ~,,,„g i m motes, th e I Rem my threat eaten .
ter r ..
,61. my head, we 'Mildewing reassert mach. t,
impaired. After tam wassapagilla a ahert
w ee,.
my health sem improv e , throat is now ll;
lam as free from cough and tight:new of the chest. ,
, I was, dad can hear quite distinedy. Itlythroat
tagbeent well about three months, the care of 'mush
ism been effected entirely „by thou. of your Sarsa
parilla. Tour friend, . , • . LOUISA It. BEVAN.
The following testimonial to the value of the Berm.
cantle, is teem the Rev idatherWrigis, aged 76 ye an.
Donereettlonal Minister, residing at Wobam•
"Wolof., Blus.,Afarch DO, Win. t.
Means. Bands Gentlemen—From what I have ex.
periemeed, and Dist the MM.:mit/on I have recently
renewed front ""leather of, Resume of high teepee. •
ditty who have ;used your Santaparille, I have not
the lemfdoubt hirt th ud It Is a of valuable medicine,
and that the autocrats cerdacates you have received
of liSedieney are folly Ins stained by experience, and
altisethisiteregetalenand Witity am very extensive,
and mend in no
my bumble efforts to Werelnas
th.,,,,1,tat .11.0. Ow/Misted ly disease to be. '
come estqualmed with the efficacy nod power of your
~tiant,..t.e. z ukaasn, grateDdly end ,ery respeatfally
yam, ' ~ „ ~, 11.171'11M WRIGHT! , ,
D rnz,t4 r and solsojtr luth ei. ,.. , and rap t ir y it; D, &
menet of. BIM. New 'feik.i 8014 also fr D U' r:g 6 -
gig, generally Uffongbalailottotted &etre so
.4.. nie l is ) per bottle Mx bottferre.S.
For sale, 1.. WILCCWe., D. A:. VAUNT-STOCK
& and WARD V mitten, Pirontrortt A ,
.1 0 07 . 4; 1 20W4440eitUrs' (90631,401..
~A,11,213a aggro *A
" • It