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IN Om arEll Invariably b aaarrataaal adored ant.
v-4. B. Paula is Atom for this paper at his
senznil spades in New Rork, Philadelphia, sad
lostran and is authorized to melee subscriptions
ad eau for us.
Weatta— 'ire
engaged in the raking and paw
ls" el wool I fad an article to interest them en
the grated, dm oni commercLal bead, today.
We hope our leaders will not FM by the or.
eslkat letters of "Jams" because they ammo in
lots of two and three. This is an evil we Dave
been =seedy trying to remedy, and trust yet to
anoceed. The three we give to dal will be [rand
et ma/had Interest. "Jannis" holds ■ free, but a
ovum= pen, and while we do not alwayi coin
oble with the opinions he expresses, either of men
Of messums, yet we allow him the privilege due'
to an Intelligent and honest man, whose heart
boats with the warmest impoloec of patriotism,
, aadartio to &beast wholly tree from tles * ptcjadices
of ollgae or Parts.
Min eelogium, in one MIAs letters to day, of Mr.
Oimos, lspraise, justly bestowed, In language
baszutfullp expressed, and is ea honorable to the
WOW IS to the eminent Statesman, and inoors
roptibliand lure hearted patriot who I■ ire sub•
. • jict. Mt. Clayton, in the high aka he now holds
has had few equals,and has done much to Monate
and strengthen the large meturcre of respect and
oonlldence hitherto entertained for him by the
The two Bosses of Congress have paid the bfgb
esi possible compliment to the able Secretary of
the Ceases Boat d, J. C. G. bstennoy, Eeq , by
making the now Cessna Lms,the work mainly of
his sagacity and indefatigable labors, perpetual,
unless altered or repealed by sobsevient lees!.
FUCILI Itzurrzo.—The Govenior hu remitted
the fines of the women convicted of riot at the
Roiling Mb, and they have been set at Betty.
This act of clemency will meet with universal ap
probatbro, as the denuoda of justice have been
suelleently ;raided, and as it wan absolutely Im•
posadde for them to pay the tines . The great
object of fainting punishment on these misguided
persons was,the moral effect of the example, and
to show the community that women could no
more commit a riot with Impunity than men.—
We hope and bust that the erect of the purdah.
mane of these women will be so salutary, that
our city , wIU never be disgraced with similar
scenes main. Gov. Joultrrou, In all Ids &denies.
nation, with regard to convicts, as far as ll Imo
some under our enervation, has pursued a coarse
of prudence, tempered with mercy. While be
never loses sight of the claims of justice, and the
welfare o 7 the oommusity, he deeply sympathises
with the sufferings, of humanity, even in the re•
palsies form of crime and moral deformity, whirl
, are, indeed, the cases witich stand this most In
need of autstanoe and compassion.
The following circular letter is on a matter of
mend interest, and we therefore take the liberty
of giving it a general circulation. We hope the
petition appended will be signed by the people of
every Ward, Borough, and Township, in ,Weatern
Pennsylvania, and in fact in the whole State, and
by every tariff man in the Union. We would sug
gest the propriety of some of the friends of the Tar
i6 holding a meeting in this city, and taking active
mammas for circulating petitions and obtaining
aim:wares. Soma efficient person should be ap
pointed for every election district, that the work
may be done well, and what is of exceeding ins
ponanas, dime promptly. '
W.aanKrros t /day las, 1650
Drsz fits—ln answer to romierous enquiries, as
to the probibility of the modification of the Tuiff,
during the present. session of Congress, are tate
this occasion to say, that the nation here depends,
in ■ great degree, upon the expression of the senti
ment of the country.
Is it your desire that the Tariff of 1846 should be
amended in such a meaner is to afford a more
pees...aloe to the industrial pursuits of the
people? If so, we would suggest the necessity of
your own action, by milling meetings of the people,
to express their opiniom as to the operation of the
present tuilf,engegiug the aid of the public press in
this came, and drawing up petitions, to be signed by
every man who has an interest, directly or indirect
ly, in the permanent prosperity of the industry of
the country.
Let there be seal, activity, and determination, on
)he part atlas people, and a corresponding spirit
will at ova manifest bawll among the members of
the National Council. No complaint can be made
of the inaction of Congress, rmless convincing evi
dence is presented that the industry of the country
needs protection, and that the people demand it.
If you and your fellow citizens who are suffering
under the paralyzing influence of the present revs-
eons system, will arise and demand the highest le
gitimate action of all 'Governments, legislation for
the gmatest good of the governed, with half the
seal and resolution displayed by one Southern
brethren in defence of their local institutions, this
very Congress will not adjourn without modifying
the laws in such a manner as to restore to us oar
own markets, and with them, the universal pros.
parity of American industry.
We would earnestly recommend prompt and CM.
ergetic action in any way which you may think fit
, usi to aecomplish this great object, but .1.-6.4
an eslemive circul.tion and signing of peti
tope forwarded to your Repreeeutativea or othe
members of the Serrate and House of Rupee=
We have ventured, for the purpose of facilita.
nog action, to offer a form of a petition which may
be modified according to circumstances.
You may be assured of our cordial sympathy and
erroperation, In your efforts to advance those inter
ests whirl constitute the wealth, prosperity, and
happiness of the people.
Your fellow citizens.
J. R. CHANDLER, k of Howe
To the Honorable, the Senate and Home of Repre
sentatives, in Congress assembled—
. YourPetilionas, citizens of the 'United States,
inhabitant.. of State of would res
pectfully represent thathy the mom severe, as well
as mart true of all lemons, that of experience, they
have found the operation of the revenue law pawed
in 1546, most disastrous to their industrial pursuits.
The system of levying rmiform dozy according
to the invoice,or price of an artielein the foraiga
country, has proved (Matto all those pursuits in this
emery, in which labor coemitutes the major east
of the product. Believing that the Congress of the
United States would not retain fora prolonged
period, a system which primates the great produ
cing interests ditto country, we, the tanners, me
denim, manufacturers, laborem,and citizens,with
out datinctioe of party, pray your Honorable body
to alter and emend the revenue law of 18.18, in mob
manna as to enable on to pursue our vocations
with no other Obstacles than the vicissitudes of do
matte trade, halthful competitkin, and the has.
ads of the season. Your petitioners believe that
no injury or injustice an arise Iran the adotion of
apeeific duties, upon all those articles which come
in competition with American products, of seam%
equal at least to the ad valorem duties which would
have been collected under the present low, if fra- ,
eign manatee:am were at the same prices, which
prevailed when that law was poised. We there- .
totems) , your Honorable body so to amend the
revenue law of 1846, that the material prosperity of
the country and the dignity of labor may be pre
served and perpetuated.
camromtu Extosammr! 'De BarSeaton (lows)
Reporter of last week estimates, from the number
of teams that lame passed that place sad from
Information at St Joseph, that the overland emi
gration to Chalfont* this Spring will amount te
,•boat 80,000 men.
Lent Rs.rosia.-..'We hear with pleasure that
DANIEL Viresrsa is preparing to make one of as
graudert eforta in favor of the propositioti rdoEbr
every matte Free Home from the Public Leads.
Gen. Sumas has a bill for that purpose in preys.
ration which, it is hoped. will combine the votes of
all the friends of the principle. Our informant TM
derstatids that, from the imperfect centimes made,
this or some other good bill will pm the Senate by
ten and the Homes by thirty majority. "There's a
good time coming"—even if it should not axue this
year. Friends of land Reform! writs to your
lierresvgirm-IM Tn 4 w w. •
enro of the MUM*
Wanownon, May f i•
Buniere4 lintivemeut cuo-vm.—
Mo=, Abbot Lawresisoi.-Tbe Oaarbtw
Case—nealgaration el tilOwthordlrAo•
A story bin circulation to day, that Mr. City
ton will retire from the Slate Department, SO WOO
al the treaty with Great Britain, BOW before the
&nate, shall be confumed, and that be will setePl
of th e misecni to England, Mr. LaWrenal Mun
i* partly on account of 111 health, and partly from
disgust at the intamous manner in which he has
been treated by his opponents In the Senate. It
wilt be borne le mind that though Mr. Ltwrence
wu appointed In June last, and though his neut.
nation Ina been before the Senate more than Ave
months, It hal not yet been acted upon, and an in-
Mansion bonbon:thrown ont, that it is held in re-
I save as a means of controlling the votes of his
political friends from New England, in the Noose,
an the projetts expected to come up there for
settling the slavery controversy. 1 have no doubt
that such Is the secret of the opposition to him,
and If so, I can only hope that the proof of it will
some day be laid before the public.. It will prove
one drop more in that ern of bitterness which an
insolent and triumphant faction is tiling, and which
trUV, will at some not very distant day,be
returnedlo their own
The counterpart of this statement concerning
Ur. Clayton is, that Mr. Crawford will resign soon
afar the committee on the Galpliin affair shall rut
port. The Senate report from the committee on
that case will be made on Tuesday or Wednesday
next. First, we shall have that of the chairman,
the stately andsatarnizie Bort of S. C, who, with
that affectation of lofty regularity, characteristic
of his State, will present his own view. ut a sepa.
rate paper, though he will arrive at conclusions
newly identical with those of his party anode
airs on the committee. Disney, Job Mann, and I
Featherston, of Min., are expected to report in do. I
tided approbation to the propriety of Mr. Grow- I
Cud's conduct, so well as in condemnation of the
payment at ebbe r principal or Interest of 'Medina.
They will also comment in strong terms upon the
professional opinion of the Attorney Genenl—
bfessra Bing of N. J., Grinnell of Idassachinsetho
Conrad of Louisiana, and perhaps Bre& of Sen.
tricky, will report favorably open the conduct of
all concerned in this tramaction. I may hero
mention, rather by way of a pleasant epixede than
In any other spirit. that Mr. Conrad, who laalaw•
yer of high reputation in his own State, is charged
with having a private, epeclaYand very intemabrig
motive for defending the personal -reputation of
' the Attorney General, is as moth se be, Mr. Con•
rod, is alleged to be paying Ms addle-um to •
.daughter of Mr. Johnson. Never before, I may
venture to soy, alma the days of nettle, did the
stern duty of the lawyer and the inclination of the
lover more cordially cooperate than in the cue
in question. If Mr. Johnson's reputation is not
safe in Mr. Conrad's hands, It would not be scours
in his own.
I have already expressed my opinion In regard
Co the merits of this date, as well as upon Nt'
Crawford's courseln regard to IL None or the
evidence laid beiWe thd committee has been of •
character to change it. Not one cent shonhl have
been paid of principal or interest, and even had
t he claim been a just one, Mr. Crawford should
have declined the cabinet appointment tendered
to him, while it was pending, and above all things
the President should have been folly informed of
Mr. C's. connection with it, before the acceptance
of Mr. C. From the beginning of the investiga
tion I have considered the retirement of the 13scs
rotary of War inevitable, and though that opinion
is not so general now as it was then, lam swim
fled that nothing else can macre that public con.
Mimeo, without which no administration can ex.
pect to succeed. In reference to Mr. Clayton's
[magi - on, no cabinet minister ever has been, or in.
deed *odd be, wronger. He has conducted the
foreign affairs of the government with more mark
ed ability and recce.+ combined, than any Secrete
ry since Jahn Quincy Adams, zoteven excepting
Mr. Clay or Mr. Webster. The- State papers of
the latter, indeed, exceed in brilliancy and power,
those of any suecessor, bet his measures did not
equal in decision and rapidity of movement those
by which Mr. Clap= always manages to gain the
ends he seen io attain. And In this reaped the
boasted ability of Mr. Calhoun was far inferior to
that tif many Ins distinguished predecessorm. For
though his mind worked rapidly, and be followed
op Its teachings with singular promptness and cl
ergy , his kopetonsity defeated his objects, so that
though he could advance for a distance with al
most miraculous speed, he invariably found him
C. 3 N , obbblba by sem , irremovable abater-ta—
rns, though before the country was well aware
of the exist° ice of a negotiation, he had conca.
dud ■ treaty for the annexation of Texts, he did
ea in a manner which outraged the sense of the
Senate, and it was contemptuously sejeetbd, and
he left the State Department with the conscious•
nu of having done nothing to advance the greet
object of his labonathersin. Mr. Clayton ti • dip.
lomant who governs himself by his own genius,
and not by the roles by which the leaned muter,
and releaser, of that great en have laid dawn.—
Like certain successful seldlen, ha fights in dam
ped of all the maxims of the science of warfare,
and therefore, is not aware that he Is beaten, but
continues the battle until he has brought tome the
knowledge of the contrary to the other party.
But I do not consider the rumour of his retirement
impralalie, for be has repeatedly declared his au
iety to do so, when he could take that step without
appearing to shrink from the performance of di a.
call and responable duties, or without jeopordia
ring the interests of the country.
The committee on the pistolling affair between
Benton and Foote have dinoatinned their sitting,
for some days, owing to the 'neon of Mr. Pearce,
be chairman, who is attending his contain Mary.
tad. •Jtmua.
The Closing Grapple—Contingencies--
No Light Yet.-Thaddens Stew exis , Bill
COmparative, Consequence of White
aall Colored igen....llltehle upon the
Nashville Convention.
To morrow the debate begins upon the bills no
ported from the Compromise Committee for the
admission of California, and the other subjects
which have been connected with ♦ it. I hope the
debate will be abort, but there is too much reason
to apprehend that it will be extended to s great
length by the speeches of its Southern opponents.
They will be permitted, as heretofore, to take the
Initiate° In disccoma. Mr. Clay will not need to
mare • long speech, and the other supporters of
the measure have already defated their position et
sufficient length, in all conscience. The Compro
mise improves 121K.111Cyrcnilitatte r e. It will almost
certainly pass the Senate, though the prospect of its
defeat in the Roue, is fleetly as decided.
It may well be considered a misfortune, in this
state of things , that Mae who should give the plan
suggested by the President a cordial and determin
ed support, appear to be but little inclined to edit°.
cats It with that zeal wbiclicould alone =Sere sue•
can. The Republic openly expresses& preference
for it, but, at the same time, intimates mat Mr.
Clay's,must be tried first, upon the plan that it will
commend a more general support. If it fail, then,
it is argued, will be the best lime to commence the
great struggle over the admission of California, as
an independent measure. Time alone am bring
us satisfactory developments. I confess there has
been no period within my recollection, when the
political atmosphere was so murky and dark as
Your readers will have remarked that Hon.
Thaddeus Stevens his given notice of his Inten
tion to introduce a bill for the repeal of the Tarld
of 11146, and the restoration of protective duties on
those articles, the manufacture of which is now in
the greatest state of depreuion. lam informed
that the bill is not pet folly prepared, but that Kr.
Stevens expects to have it ready within a very few
weeks. An long as the Slivery agitation occupies
man's minds, and engrosses the time of Cons
grew, we need entertain no hope that such small
matters as the protection of the free labor of a na
ti,x, of 22,060,000 d people will gain Manx of the
collected wisdoni.
I beanie gentleman, • few days since,:undertake
to demonstrate that one negro in the United States
was of more importance than fifteen white men.
He proved it, as he thought, by showing that el
though the colored population of the country 4 less
than a Mini of the whole, their condition istalked,
argued, and written upon at least three times as
much on that, of all the rest of oar people
'fence be pronounced it ■ came of Q. E. D., that
ono nigger wasof greater consequence than fifteen
White men. And that the negroes are of the same
opinion is shows by the prevalence of a habit
among the slaves of wealthy proprietors at the
South, of speaking of indigent white men who
possess in that melon, neither,—
Lands without rents
Not Tenements
To stmootstres nor Omer heirs forever,"
AA "pow oglitt tra; h." lo finOst am the Fin
ciplesami familisritlitit allowed_ to the subject race
among our Southern breihern.
it is to be settled beyond contmgency *bat a new
Southern organ, set to quite a diffeient tune from
old Father Ritchie's, is about to be sea up. The
person suited to have been selected as crank tur
ner for the proposed hardy gurdy, is, a &men hair
ed young Virginia gentleman, belonging to one
of the first families, author of the "Quenloa
Stated," or SaUtheirt F lee. or something of that
sort, one of those powerful disquicitioas m pram-,
phlet shape, which gain immortality, by the mails
of the Richmond Enquirer. Notwithstanding the
positiveness with which these assertions are made,
I very much doubt whether the intended advocate
of dis union with ever see the light. Nor Is it eery
to perceive what occasion the worst class of South
ern chow have for another exponent of their prin
ciples and purposes et Washington, for I notice
thatßitchie, their quondam mouth piece, has writ- ,
ten a letter to some body, "away dovin South,"
to the effect that he b in favor of the Nashville
Convention. What more they can ask, for the
t life of me, I cannot divine. A. ruse who Is foe the
Nashville Convention, may certainly be set down
"fii for treason" of any sort, and that he is the
man "for stratagems and spits," the ancient Rey
nard of the Uoioo has abundantly shown.
Mr. Webster arrived hare last night. Ile will
take an active and efficient part to favor of Mr.
Clay's Compromise Plan. We cannot but regret
that these two greet stweamen should be thrown
into positions and axeciatlies; which subject them t,
to the praises and commendations of the Washing.
ton Minis. The aingular turn of affairs which hai
placed that print in the .relation of a satellite to
these brightest stars of the .Whig firmament, re
one of Genend lacluon's exclamations, that
the praise of the editor of the 'Richmond Enquirer,
now the senior of the Washington organ, would
lead him to fear that he had committed some act of
moral turpitude. But as the Republic says, in al
luding to this dictum 'of .the Old Hero, Gen. Jack
son wee • man of silvan' prejudices, though 'lt [is
woe that he , taw an lifllrent judge of men's char
acters. Rouen
M. Clara 'Speech on the Compromise—
Growing popularity of the plan-Oeis.
eat-Mr. VhateeNi Amendments-Cahn
Napedttlea-gulttnasa and taahhag.
Mr. Clay opened the debate to day, or. the
Compromise 13111, )r the ail:nisi/on of California,
and other purposes, with all MS accustomed bril
liancy. His bold and energetic ekraienee, his
perreareneas, his pleasantry, his amide winning
manner when appealing to all puttee for a onto•
ration of that Maternal kitbag that once exited,
were the admiration of Amid gained every Mai
but the went of alb Yoe wiU hare his speech us
waste by Miscall, and will receive, to morrow,
throe days in adranct of the mail, a readable
sketch by telegraph, orate mit and succusfoi
effort. The prospects of the Mal adoption of his
plan begin, to brighten: not that I am In favor of
it, 1 beg your readers to understand, not yet, but
I malady desire to give theta the result of others'
observations as to a matter dad.
I ley lam not yet in favor of Kr. Clay's project,
bet in tomb I feel myself fast comics to it. For
one I conk*. myself "perplexed and disappointed,
and I may even say, much mortified by the latest
developetnenin on what is called the President's
plan. It has received a new ocastimetion, which
is certainly utterly subversive dour northern un
demanding. This noesurution is, that while the
proviaional,"eivil,and military government set seer
the new Mexicans, is to preserve • strict nen.
trality in respect to their movements upon shiv
ery, it is to permit the Texan authorities to steal
the whole territory and establish themselves in it,
to the must exclusion of any and all competitors
to jurisdiction to that region. This is nothing
more nor leas than the 610:11 decisive sort of ac.
Out for slavery; because, under ads policy, the
people are first dimmed and rendered perfectly
incapable of self delence by the arms of the U. S.
stationed among them, and then the armed and
of non setiou la precisely Ilke that of a guardian
who should undertake to keep the peace between
two boys, and should first tie the hands of one of
them and throw hlm upon the gosling, and then
stand by in silence and with folded arms, while
the other belabored him with hls fists. This sort
Moon adieu is certainly not that which will suit
us, Miritsi - O'ir have 144i:hiel Ter,}Lad between
the two we should certainly prefer Mr. Clay's.
lam much gratified to bum that the Census
committee in the Senate, have determined to re•
port the Census bill In the shale in which it came
(tom the Moose, which body, it will be readiemed,
adopted the forms, tables, and blanks prepared by
the Indefatigable Secretary of tho Census Board,
Adz. Kennedy, of your place. This bill is • react
nportant one,ilconvidered only with referenre to
the provisions appropriate such • meanie, but
the Home appended two ■mendmeutron Mr. V¢-
tou'• mama, which or,li tro cf toe highest per
manent Intereat,ane excrzum a conuollmg
influence on the publx r fairs and the legislation
of the country, far mug geese,' come. The first
Ames the spportionment of representatives =mg
tu,Statcs, by a simple And equitable rule, and ea.
tabilahes the number of members of the 11211110
for the nest tan years at 233,a number which will
doubt raise the nth) of representation to 100,-
000 inhabitants. Teri 'other amendment stakes
the bill a permanent law, and dispenses with the
necessity of farther legislation for the taking of the
census at each period of tan years, a moat sale
tary and necessary rule.
Both these statesmanlike propoposhions were
incorporated with the MU on Mr. Vinton's motion,
and probably no other member of the House could
have proestredtheir „adoption.
It Is reported that the Ileysdile bu passed iota
the hands of Allen A. Hall,.Esq., at - plant Reg
ister of the Treasury, and that ha morrow he will
relieve Messrs. Bolikt It Sargent in the editorial
' conduct of the paper. It is alleged that the aeries
of late most estracmilltary articles in this paper,
on Friday last, engaged the attention of the Pres
ident and Cabinet; that the President voluntarily
tenured the gentlemen composing that high and
cooldentlal conceit, that he had never given any
sanction fn publications of that character, nod
the Republic was no more his organ than It was
the organ of any body else. The rumor of the day
is, that It was then: resolved, that articles such as
Hume complained of, were lojedicioos and it:juri
st:a to the Administration. The arrakgement
pursuance of which Mr. Hall takes posseulon of
the office, is a consequence ofthla consultation. I
have not Gee to comment at length upon this
Mr. gemens, Senator from Alabama, received
■ talegraphie despatch from home to day, inform.
him that his brother had bees killed la an
It it rumored, this evening, that a despatch has
been received In town, 'that Oov. Quitmen, of
BUM, is at the head of the Cuba expedition;
which is likely enough to be true. Another re•
port, which has been for mate time n circulation.
amigneGlea. Cushing, of Idiunachusettx to the
command of this horde of btmeaxecn, which is de.
cidediy improbable. • Jumus.
Corrspondattes at we Pittsburgh Ossetia •
Malausalas, May 1316, 1650
This has been s day of akaardlory excitement,
though no rank has been arrived •at In either
Home. It was soon apparent that nothing could
to done in the Senate—W. Lawrence not having
yet reunited—and that body almost immediately
In the Mao • Waggle was anticipated on the
question of reconsidering the vote on the adoption
of the Report of the Committee of Conference ap
pointed on the Apportionment Bill. it bad been
said all through the day on Sunday, that a motion
to reconsider would be made, and the probabilities
of the thing, its effect, die., were freely columned,
the ultra Loco Focca !till proclaiming war to the
knife, and threatening the dims consequences to
thaw Who should be boltienough to make the Inn
dom. These threats, however, entirely failed of
their intended effect, and the Grit thing that was
done, was a motion by blessm . Evans and Roberts,
to reconsider. Immediately arose from all parts of
the Hoops, • cry from the Loco ?cross for the orders
of the day, and then succeeded motions to adjourn,
and calls for the you and nays, which occupied
the House till one o'clock, the hour of adjourn
ment. Immediately after the adjournment; a Loco
Foco caucus washald, and it would seem from their
subsequent action; k line of policy agreed upon.—
The Hone met again at three o'clock, when the
question upon impending the rules in order to en
terndit the motion to reconsider, spin come
The yos sad naps were required, and forty eight
mows apposed In the elaratativecliS the thigkeee ,
noon, not a quorum, voting, and of Cddrse no re
sult obtained. The Loco Fora were all in their
owns, but the ultra refuel to vole. This was the
system of tactics avoid upon in the caucus; and
thus, by this shameful and outrageous course, they
ointinited to defies the action of the Rouse until
the hoar of adjoeththeat math ma round. Ban
eral calls ot the HOMO were ordered during the
afternoon, baimry taan was found in his seat, and
ibis wan discovered to be a meless and unireces
sary itniemony, and consequently dropped. Tak
ing them all in all, the prareedings were the meet
shameful that has ocemred during the session—
The excitemest io the lobbies, in the greets, and
in all the public places of the borough is intense.—
It is rumored now that the Speaker being in favor
of the adoption of the Report pf the Committee,
has determined to decide to morrow morning, on
the the me of tha contest, that from the fact of the
members bang In their seats and refining to vote, a
quorum will nab° necessary to carry the question,
as it would be, if there were not a quorum present.
This would bring the factionista up very abort,
and would be equivalent to the adoption of the Re•
port, for that such& result would immediately fol
low, cannot be doubted. _
Nothing else of Interest tins transpired Mother
Home; and Mere seems to be no disposition to set
on any other badness. COBDEN.
With the views and IMOrIiOUS of the following
snide, from the Philadelphia North American, we
most heartily ctoineade. We Hod in this region an
unwavering and ardent keling of devotion to the
administration,—a determination to do fall justice
team cabinet which Whig votes have brought In.
to power, and to extend to it that generous sym
pathy and :support which It richly merits at mu
The Adostntetrartion and the Party.
The letter writers and other worthies of a aim;
tar clan who have lahoreel so hard to convince
the public that there wan a want of harmony bc.,
tweets the President and, his Cabinet, on the one
hand, and, on the other, • hostile feeling culling
intim both President and Cabinet among the
Whit:members of Congress, have done a service,
which they perhsta never intended,in awakening
throughout the entire party • warm feeling in be
half ot , tbe Aemmistrutlen, with avowals of con&
donne sel support which cannot be mistaken. In
all Pula of the country, the Whig papers have ex
pressed. as they daily continue to express, the
same sentiments on these 'objects. The rot
mar of discord in the Cabinet ut scouted, wen
properly as an absurd calumny scarce worthy to
be hearkened to; while the suspicion of addend
linen on the part of the Congressional leaden
has stimulated precisely that sort of spirit with
which • generous piny always rallies to the de•
leaceof its chosen Adminirtration, supposed to
be unjustly assailed or threatened with linen.
yoked defection by its own natural hiendaand
These demonstration ere, In themselne, highly
gratifying; and they are Imp:cunt "'showing that
the Whig puny, instead of being dead or distract.
sites its opponents have somewhat too easily al
lowed themselves to fancy, hat neither lost Its
Identity nor Its principles. From the very nature
of things—from the character of the party steely
and from the known moderate and unobtrusive
scheme of polcy upon which Gen. Taylor came in..
to power, ea Whig, but not an ultra Whig"—the
President of the people, not of a party merely—
anxious, by all the force of a partied* example, to
dlsextrage the excitements and lessen the ranter
of party feeling—lt wit to be expected that his
Inavgaratios should be followed by a lull, a re
turn of tranquilhty such so the quiet and orderly
citizens wno constitute the man of the Whig
strength, are delighted Once more to enjoy. They
have erred who mistake this serenity for indiffer
ence; and doubly have they deceived themselves
who, hearing , this calm, the murmurs of die ,
appanted:mert, indulged without the response of
rebuke, suppose that the party Itself feels or tares
for the dlseppolatztent. Nothing, in reality, bad
eoenned to rouse the Whigs from their repose,
before the rumor was suddenly spread of treason
and conspiracy In the camp. At the dent whisper
of such n stets of things, they spring to their feet
and their annaready to fall into the ranks, ready
to advance to the point of danger, ready for any
struggie—even as intense ore — Nat may be no
cessarrue support a Whig Administratha which
has been Mittel to the country and to nem. and
to save the pasty from tie crime and perils of di.
vision. • • • • • • •
The Administration has derma the support of I
the Whig party, and, acoordingly. the Whig party
stands ready to support it—ready with head,
and voices with courage and with resolution,
ready with all the old energies and virtues, the
arms, the hearts, the toll, the enacts If need be,
with whleh,alter ito many years of wasted strop
gte and repeated defeat, it won at last the viciory
in Is not now lining to see thrown away. None
leg is more certain than that the Whig party ex
ists to all Its former strength sod spirit, and that
stands by, end will continue to stand by, the Ad.
Pursuant to notice given, the Annual Meeting
of the Piusburgh and Allegheny Orphan Asylum,
convened at the Methodist Episcopal Choteb, on
Liberty street, on the 14th hum, at 7 o'clock, P.M.
Gen. Wm. Robinson. Jr., In alettair-,—._
H. B. Wilkins ens appointed Secretary. •
Tne children now under the charge of the hill.
lotion were seated in gloat of the pulpit. and •
very large audience filled the body of the chinch.
The meeting Ira' opened with prayer by the
Rev. Mr. Goer, Ifilowed by an appropriate hymn
nice by the Orphans.
The Rev. Mr. liowsrd then delivered an ad
drew, after which, the Anneal Report of the Tres
sorer (1,) acid the Report or the Board of Mann•
ben (B,) were reed and accepted.
The meeting west then 'dressed by the Rev
Mr. Paasavant. [The addresses of the two Rust
wend gentlemen were elcionnt acid appropriate
and were listened to with profound Interest)
The Society then pfoceeded to elect a Board •
Manners tor :the .coming year. ::"..“The fol:owing
ladies wrre ottosen.
Mrs. Bidwell, Mrs. Campbell, Mra. H. Denny ,
Mrs. Edtington, Mrs. Basses, Mts. Grier, blias
Herron. Miss Holmes, Wse Logan, WS. Ropey,
Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Robinson, Kra Sellers,
Mrs. Stockton, Mrs. Liam Wilkins, Mn,. Wade.
Ails, player by tho Rev. Mr. Howard, the meet.
leg adjourned.
The children attracted the admiration and 'yin.
peiby el all present, as Isaiah by their health Cal and
tidy appearance, as by their good behaviour dat
ing the proceedings.
WM. ROBINSON, la., President.
H. B. WILKINS, Secretary.
Restafgarsw Report.
The Secretary of the Board of Manage!' of the
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Orphan Asylum having
been prevented,by unforeseen eireasulanees, from
preparing the yearly report for the friends of the
leuittnion, the Board, aware of their 'mainly to
supply her place,' tattle respect, can only offer to
you a simple statement of beta connected with
the of of your beauty.
At the tut yearly meetins there were lefty two
children In the Asylum. Thirteen have been re•
salved since—nine pot oat to respectable, and, as
was thought to suable pumas; three have been
removed by death, and two taken 'ea boarder,,
cashing the total at present. forty fire.
We regret to say that, of those pot out during
the past year. three have been mused to the
Anions in • bad condition ; Milton/ha* persons
with whom they had been placed Went well re
commended by their respective clamp*.
The three whom the Good Shepherd hat with
in the past year, taken to his fold above, were the
younkeu of our dock; and. while, with moistened
eyes we committed their bodies to the 'earth, It
war in the hope of a joyful resurrection, and with
the comforting assruance that they should never
hunger or thirst any more.
The elm of Allegheny having laid water pipe,
in a street one square distant from the Asylum,
the Managers appointed a committee to cooler
with Com:idle and ascertain the terms on which
they would furnish water far the en of the Insti
tution. Rsvlog received the very liberal odor
of a gratuitous supply, provided the Board would
eatablush the communication from the house to the
pipe. laid
idnotrOrt; in
the water. the a4i iz If flom g7e e e tif . tes - solved to
igen volunteered to raise the requisite eve. $137,
by epeeist contributions. Theater of $103,81. ono
collected in this way, and in a few weeks the
Anima was famished with hot and cold water
r-e bathing and domestics use—two gentlemen 'at
the time giving a large self supplying bailer worth
Daring the past year the Board received from a
lady in Manchester the gift of 27 shares of the
stock of the St. Clair Street Bridge—thns Making
.1 large and valuable addition to the permanent
fund. In presenting this liberal donation, the giv
er espreand the hope that her name might not be
mehtioned—rhea following the command of not
letting the let, hand know what the right daub.
To her we would with grateful hearts repeat, "In
' asmach as yo lave done It to the least of thew
hula once, ye have done It unto me."
la February lasithe'ldonagers received a pack
age of fifty new and made garments the the
children, accompanied by a very touching letter,
front t female relative of three orphan children
under their este, esti og that these garments should
1 be received as a slight thank offering for the kind
aittentrans hemmed upon her orphan kindred.
Such tettroonisla are very grateful—the more so
perhaps, from their unexpectedness_
The capenet sof the insthatien have been great
er dating the put than In any previous year. This
.may be amounted far, not only by the ealarged
'sive dour family and the Inereua In price or all
articles of food, but ales by expenditures lateens..
rt In the erection of an out building and some re
pairs deemedunamindable. • !
The Asylum needing • new roof, a member of
the Board wu appointed to obtain. advice Ind alb 1
mates as to construction, coat, 'Arc. The lad Y I
called in the usistanee of • gentleman, se well
vistaed to' aid with his ovum' et his liberality
! had shown him willing . to satin by his purse, coed
by his advice, a contract hes been entered into
fora stele roof.
We would now bring our dear little ones before
• Jo griw;in yet:monk. about oar and
visits to the houses of poverty, can eriteets how
early training in vice (too 'often reeefred by the
neglected children of the poca,l exhibrts its kilt
in profane i l
in neglect as shelve by their tot.
— ace
j at r ad b lpo tar k
the interest we ore: for the money invested in Ike h
the cdhbill°hetrtheineivain oarad.ubou:krrigoralo.nliy
good cause. Visit the MOON, fromi time a time,
and see the euldren in Stab play 'grcund. the
school ram, and the dialog hay—witness thitor.
der which pervades all parts of the home under.
the judicial' management of the present excel.'
lent Piateco—then we ean more confidently ep.
peal to the triads of ther orphan for ace:alumna
ef the support they "dad to the necientioos ob.
.leets albeit bounty. who, by the dispensations
am, all-wise *arida'« are deprived ot the
blessings of a patent's car e r-this care the Board
of Mumma have endeavored to supply, and all•
they ask ism be the humble instruments in lie.
leg the proper direction to the assistance you *f
In the aid and kindness received from many
friends,r and in various ways, the Board find much
for which to be thankful.
Dr. Dale has continued to give his valuable and
gram:tone service', with the usiataitee of his
younger professional brethren, when necessary.
The religions instruction which, for the hut
year, has been given every Sabbath at ernoon to
the children at the Asylum, has beep
to human
seblthf°tFl.t miles
glorytelss already tf;raer
seed thee sown by the labors of some self.deny.
ins ehristian men.
The managers view the opening year with
brighter hopes. ?duels labor end care have here.
Wore been necessary in going from door to door
rsosgiag subscriptions, and doostiono - Some
generous and active friends proposing a aubsent •
lion among the gentlemen stone cities, to relieve
WI of embarrassments, a i paper was drawn op,
and, being circulated, yea ly pledges torn stomps
exceedins twelve hundre dollars have been se-
cured. This with our annual aubscriptiono, will
be nearly "ancient for the support of the imam.
The managers thus record their grateful thanks
and are reminded that °the liberal hand deaseth
With this opening prospect, the Board will eon.
tines its labors, cheered by the approbation of its
friends, and aistileed by their prayer*.
MO. Mary gibirns, Trasmru,tw dIISOStXt teek
Orphan Arybon.
1849, rah
To balance from former report, 5658 69
To sundry aseu recd to present date, vir.
For ground nay 3217 25 •
boarding children, 103 25
a Donations, Bab% Ace; 251 09
a Charity boa, funs, dux, 11 86 •
Interest from the State, 46 50
Interest on money, 240 90
a 'Water cnapany., 105 50
11 Iron convention, _ 1000
Cbariry concert. 5000
Fourth Ward Claimer, 09 00
0 Bridge stock, 54 00 1661 45
By stndry albumen:mato to presto( time vim
Vishing 00671141477, 61006 67
Marketing, . 124 00
Nursing WWI, 95 00
Salary of toitrour, 120 00
* teachers, 160 00
t • searostrotses, . 46 00
* c00k,72 12
Femoral aspentoor, - ' - '4 . 5 15
Sh blil, SC 37
Bolas to home, 166 62
Introdueitot water to Asylum, 174 50 ,
16totanee, 2250 .
-- 2092 09
Otlanee 10 Treatment bend, - 240 63
Th., are exosing liabilities for, sic
Slating the Asylum, $ 00
Oren sad Ilarasee, 50 00
Paving, 25 00
Failmated saciatlt's eipszt•ei, 00 00
$531 00
From whleh deduct the amount,
as 'have, In the hands of
the Treuurer, 240 05
Lod the amount new to be pmended
for is, PO 33
(Enos excepted.)
Ism WOOD ST, ABOVE 1 4 11711,
flare just reeelred tarp additions to their
Imported by law packet. from F..]ttepa, and to
IMO they weeld eepeelally call the attention
" Ze u e e =a b tl e l v e i a ' r g p ‘ rit Zill tree.
ass I • satisfaction.
uncoviume UMW riTITIUTIONI.
Ot Plet•bargb.
C G. HORSEY, Moen, • • —A. W. MARllB,Bac'r.
0121c•—No. Walt Comet, IA than •rartkowue et C.
TICII6 COMPANY is now mops:a to Imam all
kinds of inks, on lames, mantLscionea, goals
momilmodimMom, sod is tomato vowe As
An maple gummy rat Itge Shalt? ls,
.341 •-• • .
Inatirstion, is afforded is
diorama , ••
motor., who am all clam. of Pittsbargli, , well and
favorably known Mate commosity for tbeirpnakom,
nuelllgenee, and Wavily. •
Dula:ram—C. O. Jimmy, Wm. IMploy, Wm. Low
imm, Jr, Wain! Bryant, Hag* D. Xing, Edward
Hameltan, Z. Lamy, B.llarbangb, S. M. Kim
Dli; D. DUD?.
• Dentia.Cemerefl•oanb
sad Dwaine, between
naprovesseass IA V elatillet f • -
DR. G. 0. STEARNS, late of Barton, Is prepared to
otantifentare and set Broca Taira In whole and pane
*lsms, upon &taloa or Atmospheric Suction Plates.—
Tarraecancrsana in lico 11111 , 17 M, where the nerre to
erpose4. Office and residence nest door to the Idep
or 's office, Foanh street, Pittsbergh.
Rarraeo—J.l3.llPFedden.F. H. Eaton. tale
Oble mad Paussysvatalat Ball Road.
Orris& Os= & Pins's R. R. Co.,Thlrd et.
Puessesoo, April 15,18. D.
miss Stockholders of the Obto and Penneytoasts
I Batt Hand Company am heresy nottned to pay the
fifth instohnent of Five Donets per share, at Me office
of the Company, as heretofore on or beim tee 40th
day of May ear; and Lee reloalolog Instalments of
nee Dollen per sham each,on or before the MO day
of each maces:dim month, until the thole are paid.
117 eider of the Board of Direerms.
otyn.did • W. L &RUUD& Jr., Treasurer.
Pp Da. McLane onto nte Pais in his practiee
several year. before be could be Induced to qffer It to
Me public in such a manner sate make it known all
over the country, the quack reinedieo so frequently
advertised and forced ripen the public hy means of
forged cenlitcates and a system of puffing, preventing
frequently regular and learned physicians, seek as
Dr bl'lwne undoubtedly la, from entering the lists
against each sompetiters. Convinced, however, of
the reel value of his medicine, and inleeneed by the
plain dictate. of dory, which would not permit him to
keep from Ms chow eleatele• 10 powerful • mune,
preserving them from suffering, be finally offered it
for sale. Sines that time . it has I comic° known all
over the U. Sums; and wherever II has been tried,
has proved ire empanel - Hy over all other remedies
ever offered Warsaw. of the liver. In feel, the pre.
seription of phyamlane ate as lonics regaled in
caeca of liver complaint 1,11 that Is necessary le for
else patient to purchase and one Df. 11PLane's Liver
Pills, to melee a temoratten b !malt.. Read %lull:
Eidd it Co.—Please Ice me have two bases more
MPLana's Liver Pills. My wife has sued two
bores of the Doctor's Pills, and I ware you they
have done her men good than my family phylielan
has for two years, daring which lime ho was in rego•
Jar attendance. Those two bones I think will effect
Wilkins Township, Allegheny co. Pa.
March 10th, 1107..
Err For ale by J. KIDD& CO,NO 60 Woad mme6
Scald Of the Poo and Ankle Oared
Ida em desirous of making known to the
patina the greet efficacy of your PETROLEUhI in my
Own ease, widish was Csevera scald of the foot and
ankle; apse removing the awaking, the skin, peeled
of with it, and left nothing bet the bare earfuls. I
expected to be laid sip all winter from the elects of
this scald, bat we applied the Petroleum freely, by
means of a ethanol cloth saturated with in at first, the
application was pairing, bat in a very short thee the
pain abated. I had as pain inane hoar afterwards.
In five days from the thee of the application of the
Petroleum, I woe able to four work. I rote pleasure
in stating these feats for the benefit of other relaters,
and am desirous that they should be made pablio. I
would also state, that I find Immediate relief by the
use of the Petroleum, in hums, from which I am •
frequent' selfeter owning to my Onalnese-about the
engine. I would recommend It as the most prompt
and emtain remedy for bum I have aver known
ifilgued.) I II WE, Engineer,
•Bharpebargb, Allegheny Co.
Der sale by Mont t McDowell, Ha Wood street;
R E Sellers, ay Wood et; OM Curry, Allegheny ally;
D A FJllott, Allegheny; Joseph Douglass, Allegheny;
also by the proprietor, E. M KIER,
*phi Canal Raslet,Sevendt st, Pltishalla
To nth Alen Masoste atm Wet. Yarns or Atx.
meth Coolest—Robes King, of the Seventh Ward
or ?lathe rib, Is hereby recommended to the Conven
tion, galled to mots on the 6th of Jane next, as a ean•
eidatelor the cafes, of Coats) , Commissioner.
ap3o4lfrasteonT • MANY VOISES
Tax MlSUMT.—Hianat Ilovi , Esq, of 311fIla
township, will be seprted for nomination, as • ran.
dldate for the Assembly, before the And hlssoOle end
Whig Convention, by MANY VOTERS
CONORESS—Tioxas 61. Hews will be a eaadi•
data before the •ollonsonie sad Whig Convenlion,
for sioutimulan for Centres.. ma7l4:dtrarteT
Cavan CoropostoW—Enissua Bosuns, of North
Fayette township Ira tw a candidate for County
Commissioner weir to the decision of the Whip
and Anti MawNo o pyip.apap Conventlea.
otayi•wieefl MANY. MENDS.
Tams. Vain.; FA, of Baldwin township, will be
Convend for
by 1140110 NU 1, in
MEROUS MENDS the Anti Masonic! and
N. P. Pumas, of Bliftinnbunt bovenzeh, bo
supported for Canty Commigle. r, at Ike why, .„,d
Anti Masonic , Convention, by MANY VRIEND
CONGRESS—Hos. 'Mama Doer will be urged
by his imam (or a nowassrloa as candidate for
Congress to oho approsebbsy katlnuarie sad Whig
Convention. IssyllsikwicS
Gamma. Mass artn be enorted for lamination
is eas Alnit6=l6lC Slid WW Oonvention t for
ace of cosity CISIMMISMS. mayttedtmcgl
1113 iftuaLT—W. B. ffwinir, EA, of Nobles
will be semitall for embalm u a elm
Meals for Assembly, Delon *arid; and AnWassemie
Conrculaa, by • • MANY VOTERS
. ' , Worzwo Immo of the Niu Ward, P3usborgh,
min be supported mthe Whig sod Aralmssonle e away
r.m.tlon. for Assembly. BOOTH PrITSBUROLL
- o'clatt,SLlAll Ur; daughter
a• George A. and Saab Dern.
The Innen' will take 'place to dab at 3 I'M . 7 b a
friends of the family an invited to attend. ma7l7
Bassets anal Bonnet , 11.1bblusies
la UR P IIY RCEIFIE.LDroc steed au ad.
Lvi &Gone supply of above goods, icludw_verious
Mirky of Chins, Pearl. Albone, and Gluip Goortetsi
White sod Colored Gimp doi and Ribbons °fell colon
stiZ prices. lanyn
110011.111110 GOODS.
& I.IURCHFIELD iontte the attention
MUL of those wonting goods for ?dooming put poses,
to their very foil 'assortossnt,Just received, such as.
Black lkannasines, •
• Bombs:toe finish Alcateas,
Blank MINIM de Lallans,
Mourning Wash Silks, • .
• do Printed Foulards, •
Rsnges,Tusocr,eielllan Looms, Alhawnea, Mb?
Black and glinted Lamm. Black Embmieered doi
Boons* Ribbons, &add*, Veils, to. maYl7
PRINTING PAPER—Always on band or made to
order, lb. redone atm ar
of Prinunt . P, ro ltag
WropStraw plog Paper; Crown, Meer; thons,and Cwn
ts Wrapping Pap Crow., Medium, and
Doable C.own Poet roTtee l'oper;Pasteboard,te. to.
£OOllO for Canton
WALL PAPER al Itriata m a A Vga
main R ood
Wall Paper Store,o
I.l , l=lss N CarallA, ze l fa i rg o sa N co
100 torlifilit,h4,r,rtaiztvy
bd. No 9 Rosin, for We by
1, 6 "rj 'st, g eLZ fromELL C./.
A.S Dme
e t 00
brio No 1, loot reeg, for We low
Li to close cotuitosatut, by JAS DALZELL
IPOBACCO-4C I by. 5 , 3 Rowland .bm:d, receiving
1 Per canal, for Frio by JAB DALZELL
TWIT received, and now opening, One elegent Rose
-11./ wool 6 octave Ideiodeon Plano, from the eels
, mod marinfaciory of March k. White, Cinelewatr.
This in a superior instrument, of fine tone. and very
sold enunciation; a so, coo fine 4 snare Melodeon,
Int Third street.
Despatch, and PeilLn9l.7.l_
TIIIBET SHAWLS—Soper - lov high colored Thibet
dhowls, comprising Gnn; Orange, Pink, Bloc,
Green, sod Corn colored, te a treceiving per °sprees,
and this day opening by A A MASON k CO
_stayiL 6g Iduket st
mMa a7
y I rnal. Cu
- - -
20 PIECES Plain Blue, Pink, Omen, and Com
Colored Barges, Teed per amen, and now
opening by inayl7 A A MASON k. CO
PHINTED MULINS-3 eases choice colored, at
dte extreme low pnee of Itle per yd spa opmards,
ItC`d this da by mayl.7 A A bIAEON &CO
B-40 bads Shooldus, Cifarg i zatd.
:team r sea by-
lIEESb.t7I '"
""I' Ir b JART & SILL
tore, and tor sale by
LTP-303 bush
Rvr,—too bushels in stem and for sale by
QUOAR-19 bbrls N 0 Segel...ids* reed en consign
mew, for sale by J S DILWORTH & Co
"63 Wood st
. .
BACON-6 bids prime Leciaville packed choniders
last received, wad Ca ea& by -
far stag
MfrPLE MAN k MOLLBSES—A moll lot jut
reeelVed, and for sole b
W y
2.56 Llnatty
BUTTER—Prime roll Jest ree'4, anti for sale by
mayi? WmA MeCLURID & OD
OAI9-ICO babel, beedloi:a i nfitsillAk by
toeyl7 253 Liberty a
SALEIIATUS in bozos, btltoad cads's, toy silo by
amyl? ,DALZSLL &CO
RYE nOil R-6 Lrls in non'', AO I *Alb bY
EL amyl) DAL ZELL 8. CO
POTASH -5 casks on land aa,l for sale by
!Silly!, & DALZELL & CO
RICE -10 Ics 116.110 g, Cad for wale by_
mall? 179 & 174 Lawny sr
SOAP -150 bu Chlillashe Soap at
reed. for sale
H — - - M
AM' BATURNEWINE-22 casks r received,
arid for sale by , !WILLER h. RICKETSON
WINE -27 !dais Claret,
lu ball St Dan& blrdeil
ari bra Ham Tales,ce stare, for tee by
ma 17 & mextrsou
C " F13" 7 10
on Sand, and foa debt
LT- Was= lk isara
n. I riore, for nle Co °A2-71 I".
M . OL &E;y9-71 brls 21 Mby
•.it t
TAR—Mbrla on bud, end for !We by
typi..lA , ll, • ve,,V!M
I ; I PE& WATER PROOF Jrlg on a
V for gale low, to elatecossmeggentrbe
FrOBACCO —lOO bx. waned Ilsts and guilty, for
sale 67 mgt? DICICEY &CO
ROCK SALT—Stram Hind, tsbl. aft, tor Pale
S K-100 ha Austin%loaul for We by
arayt7 9 d W 111019AIIGH
RE FLOOR—IS brls reo'd...l for Ws by
cosTl7 9t W iIARBAUGH
1:0&11. CURED FIA3/11-10 derece Alien brand,
0 Jest received, and for sale by
B ACON -Z:1,000 lbs Shoulders;
10,00 lbs }lsms:
IMO) Ms &des, sII 64 smoked. for Ws
13111111INGIIIM s ELIZ &HI
NOTICE to hereof given, that Books for Anburin.
non of Sock will be opened onMondq,4/th inot
at the house of Daniel dimwit., In Birmingham, and
at Bah. Blackburn's, %dim, from 10 till 2 o'clock,
or the purposa of extendirg sold Rind by Planking,
logreeshoy to supplement to Act of Incerporall•
passed April 30ch,18.50. One or more members of the
Committee will be in auendatice.
May 15, 1812.—maylIdellS
lvt'esTlCE is hereby given, that the following named
VI persons have filed in the Register% °Mee of Al
legheny County, accounts of their several action, as
Aumielormors, Executors, and Guardians, and this
sold accounts will be pfesented to the Orphans' Court
of the eooottaforeestd, for confirmation and allow.
acme, on Monde,, the 17th day of Joao next, vim—
Jonathan P Ross, Administrator of rho estate of
Hurd Studer, deed.
Chu Anderson, Adler oldie estate of Gogh Ander.
son, decease . • -
Lyman Wi arth, Ada,', of the estate of James tic
FJmy, decease .
Jacob Alter d Jos hlelunklu, Ex's of 100 Cowan,
deed, dual says..htect.
Joseph Cooper and George Morrison, Ex% of Robs
Cooper deed
Sarni Foster, El% of Edward Melsaff, , , deed.
Zabia Henry and Jefferson Henry, AdoPre of Wm
Henry, deceased.
C hite, Ades% of George Duprey, deed.
Joseph Vandergrig, Ex% of John Ullman, deed.
War Robb it Joe Robb, AC Ors of Joseph Robb, ded.
James Liggao, Ad , rof Rmennah Liggett,deed.
Henry &Joseph Holm., Ex% Joseph Holman, del.
Robs McKee; Ad% of Junes McKee. den'.
John J - Wolf, Ad', of pi Him% dee'd.
Philip Stevenson slut Wm ifinkamp, Ad% of Joseph
Vinkamp, deed.
Sena t Joo Puter,Ad% of Alex's Foster, deed.
Humble, Alt% of Phibp Jones, deed.
Woo hillier, Ad'r of Hugh Pienting, deed.
Gown Linton, Ez% of /oho Cameron, deed.
11 anneir Les, Arra of Ralph Lee, deed.
In Jab, Ad% of Ezekiel Job, deed.
:Min Swearer, Ad't at William Cook, dead.
James hiel3ride,Ad% ouch teltanatelainneXa of Ann
Black, dee'd.
John Morrie, /id% of Wm Lantbart,
Tnomu Id Taylor, Ad% of Wen Hudgins.
Reuben MIX rem:, acting Ad% of Nathan M.Forson,
Richard Parker, Ad% of John Wilkomn. deed.
Sand Mach", Adh of Geo Bailey, deed
Wm flreon, 6% of M.:VW Litt le, dol. fin ataet
r o d, BuWavy, Ex% Darby Haulm, ded,loal ace%
Jainet Ta' d, guardian of Minor heir of John .
Lenfeety, deed, final sat user.
• Richard wards, guardian of miner heirs- of Wm
Robb, boil Seen.
Christian Aosiatte,roudian of minor bole of Manus
Sham, death finial anet.
J J.ohn do er, 'coon. of
. minor heirs of Honey
Joseph T McKnight arid John Benton, Ad%of John
Benton, deel. final meet.
Joseph T trod Jane Hunter, Est, of MIAMI
Hooter, deeessed, final ogee.
James Pollak, Ad% of William Mae, deed.
JOHN SCOTT, Register.
negeo,hlso. ossyyLnit tavnitt
PROPOSALS mill be received by ihe nu:scriber,
(or the erection of a School House, to be built in
the tOTIe of Port Parra, (Lock No 3, Alonongothele
Improvement) until the beet day of June next. Plan
ana epeeificationn may be teen tithe aka of Herron,
Mormon &
eeeoElflh nreet,_Patsburib. Propoeels
.4,l, at ee, J MORRISON, on behalf te
School Ditettafe. sairlll43,.
Gadd sad >e.... aa,llCebrasga.
Paid for Amenaan Gold,
- a and Par Fonda, at lb. Ex.
chatia-e."ast"d' B.—nail:l7llam of A WILKINS I CO
------Extsbango Bankltwele.
A FEW oboes of the stock of tide back wattled al
ma 7 Lt
..71. the FAchinge office of A WILEINS & Co
00111 !LIMITS Wasted.
gives, to twenty additional
ri Wears, Coal Works on the Bandy
and Beaver Canal. Apply_inonerliately to
161•710 I C UIDWELL, Water:meet.
m arxe w ho o nso In Philadelphia,
By11:11 . : tt e L IU youngfamiliar with the
b. g teess, and has wi We . acquaintance among
the mereasnis of Ohio and goetutsylvania, whose
trade he could ingnence. To a suitable person a
eral , n 1 .7 - ba paid. Address B. Y. at this
A .C.-61ASON CO, 69 market st , aw — opea ,
.rle Ina choice high Colored Bareget,Tasom, Mar
que....belphines, Ac., all at reduced prices. mild
FAST colored lawns and Moen. at the lotinnee
of 1 210, will be opened by A A MASON A CO
WO:NCH PALETOTS—A A Mason A Co see now
.L receiving 4 cartoons Swiss Embroidered Palen.
of the pine tubb:nabls Si
. .
1 h tui uririii•liara moriallrisli ono
BUiCrIFTELD bats iodotied slot
Mot Printed Fo O old SM., utie lad 'does et
Mao per Told; Woo ',coo do. at Memo Odom Wadi
Edda, moot Waldo. st reduced idiom' of.di • UM. es•
Oren Gc:do gen roll, of numut styles, id Dank east
=mar of Enseth_.
HEW P-01 beer Missouri dew ratted; '
atarld for nle by
10 baler Manilla, L
I - arrctusom 4t. CO
k owe bY
S " rally " " Marri n 1 B. 4 2_ , Lk' P-3
REFINED SLOPR-73"kb daubed
from attune, De Witt Clinton. and far saieby
Laois staff •
may 13 Ars
wos ihtinaY)
MOLASSES—So brls - 14 Roue, T
,„ R e fiwy,-
IVA Bona. do 6 0 edo" I N co
Forme by
TIMED d PPLDi.4 beey for tile by - . •
OUISVIGLM LISIE-100 WI. (rob bemtWhits
14 Lime, fot sale by
aylll 011118 RIDGE, 'WILSON k. CO
GROCERIES -1g hbd:Ar c o:Lr
rt hf
A hf ells 7 Irroon,aseimmgM s c ,
30 do Gunpowder ant Imp
3. do Panchen
5 do Oolong
AS caddy boo 'PH Imp AG P
et boo V. Va and iffy Tobacco
35 caddy bin Blames Vs do
PO boxes March
50 tole & hf bele Saleralaa
Indigo, Bladder, Alum. Gingm, Pepper, Allrpiee,
Nutmegs, and Lamp Stack; In Pep, H
Mr tale PT
mayls 94 Water at
Tun; 49 , bales Batting; Wes Candboriski
130 arAnned Nails; 23 kep. pare Whits Lead;
1 , 1.1. Iron; Shovels, Spade., Ron, .d Fad% (or
via b at. IS C 11 GRANT
nukes serest, betwoom TAUB & Fdrutlb;
Plttabsellll, Pa. •
WOSILD rupemenly ealf the anentlen of eery lad
mambo menthants, to ene of the moat annum
8400.5 In the canary, comptiting emu Beane.
Hundred Cana and Packages of Foreign and Demem
in Dry Goats.rormaring, in pan, of •
see eases ben sore Canton
100• Bleached Muslin, an grader,
SommerMath end Comrades;
no • Mulls de Labs.
40 • Lawns *AM
TO • finnan, and 10
10 • • CasslrscreseCtotko;
100 " sad bales ottichlage, Checks, Ike.;
300 • • Elfal•tal011103.
T0.0104 1 4 3. %10 , 20 , MOOS extensive austrst Df
lmpone d ample• facilities lot obit mute
of the," basing...
end one of dm partners being constantly In the canna
markets, that presenting emery advantage enjoyed by
casters lasesea. They bellows that Scan of,,
gicalstliplaceMeSO4 a:merchants gener .M axles,
troalitles, and mmes. than Merchants es NSW
pelts constantly anivueg. intoning per.
akaalng Eut, are particalsrly scdleited to cumin.
than assortment. MAO A • MASON le CO
C a T u ri -2° boo s W F ' 'l, L O C l ,P e giirn e raL co_ I lizoboago Bask of Pistoloorak•
1 NOlOO-4 eaves Manilla, far ale by
rasyts . C II CHANT
nANTON TEA—Slihf ahem, very kw piece, far
kJ sale be Ineyls ' C GRANT
EMS- 6 nita ettra Hater Cared Hato, Jest re.
DIL aired, for s gale by 8b W LIARBALIGiL
VLOU-10 tal. so patine Flonr, nivet, tor
1 isale b y mtvlS 8& W HkRBAUDH
Q UGAW-20 bad N 0 Sow, In store. for sale by
TiHIED P le EACHM-31ebaabela W
more for aale by
may 13
VICITIA RAMIE-70 brie "Malt! Milic," rct
,C 1 ate, just received, end for sale by
DOT ASH-2 bets Pot AA jog roc% to, sato by
atayls lit IV HAR. UG
RO.A.NITPIEV F bo v Is o Irb. W i ts i b u i r
viral% BEAN 9-0 bris small, for role by
msyt3 9 VON BONNEO29T k. CO
vlgg-"lll77..raNtitar & co
G ROCEIIIEB,te-73 dos Broom& Pomerors cirri
96 bin &era* Condos
10 trio Choeolsto, No 1
5 boo Cocos s, Baker%
60 On prime Rr R
60 la bra No 3 s angdah
Manta: Datry
el Choose
2 & I tills Nos 11,42 do.
so cols No 1 Herring
26 bra &hf brls Nolithad •
bra No I Baboon
SO bss Boated Honing
se. solaria Rao
6 bzs soporkis RDA F ear
SO tam Pearl ald No I Murtha
to Id chars eras Oman Teo
j 20 do If H,lorp Mt 3 9
6o caddy bzs do do'
23 dos patent Zino Wastdmards
sto bra polo Cider
For Isa 62 J D KILLIAN& CO • • •
rosob N B roe Wood & Fifth Cs. •
TITEMP SEIMHO has just ree'd, and for sale sidle
JUL Drug, Sent, uul Perfasnery Warehouse, corsair
et Bath and Ward streets.
mayls 8 N WICKERSHAM .
Germ ROOT-3 sr.ks roe'd, for eras by
ACON-10 casks molted, ro arrive, for map b
Front h. WSW, ale
L ARD -83 brio Lard;
O half brls do, la arrive, for ssle by
GRASEE -10 brim to arrive, for sale b
mayti . ISAIAH DIC E
9EY & CO
n kCON-23 Weis Hung -
VI Md.; Sideg
Id hhds Shouldstg
- Is &lids assorted, in store, Ise sale DY
magi I idIAH DICKEY & CO
COFFEE—Ie3 Wigs prime peen Me, for sale by
masa IJAIAH DICKEY b 1.9
91Ek-4U vtp G lIMEI and Blank, for We by
PIR wonics I 9 cateicitaillorc
Prrparat by It lr. Carman, Practical PyraterdsdaG"
(IN THURSDAY evernng, D 34 but, cncing
ki at 8 o'elock, composed of number commam and
beaanfal piecs, comprteing every color of ire known
la Smart. . Pot cotticulars, see
The mentor Hopei lifttleins the foot c
ob PM Erect
at the Devoting of each honrotocil en ose of th e
ellaihnion. A Coalmine. 23 cents.
DaWim, Newlitly Varbesiu.
QTRONG Plants at the Prise Dahlias, Varatenas,as.
al composed of the choicest sorts an CUbifida°, on
now ready for planting. Orden left at ow Maas to
the Dmatond•Markot, where catalogues may be had,
or by the Pittsburgh Po.t Mee, wait be_promptry at.
banded to. , JoldPS WARD OP,
soarts.dtw Mumbester Nature.
e Tom Prase, masks the Poet Office.
LINE 1 . 111211, a 1
coo /711tItle The; by Charles Diet.
Sotto° 811*Itapeare, No U. '
. . • ,
?awning Call, No 7
Iltdorana or adveratarea in the path Dina:pin—A
l V
o;.It to Oltablorals, 3
ong dgc, by Bayard Taylor.
Dictionaty of Mecha Nol3.
nics, No. 9. •
Haas Nereltora , Idagasete, tor hlsf. •
likkerbocker Pot Mioch, Al:diploid May.
ASYSTEM eirAneient and Mediaeval Geography.
For the am of school, and colleges. By Marks
mak., L. L. Profaner of Greek and Lida Lange.
ages In Columbia College, Now York.
The History of E.gleod, foam the invaders offulias
Carer, to the abdication of Duman, By vid
Annie, Eau ; a new edition, with the MG.
author% lesDt a
rection and Impfetrerneralli 10 wbaelk is pickled •
Man neenent of tos life, written by Isbanelf. vole.
A debool Dictionary of Greek end Zeman Anir
tlery abridged from the lamer dictionary. .lity
Sauth,L. L. D.,• with corrections and improvements
by Charles Aetna; L L. D
Memoirs of the Life sod Writings of the Der. nos.
Cesium., 0.04 by his son In law, the Der. William
Banns, L. L. D. In•three volerner.
White Jacket; or Life in a Man of W.
By Her
man Melville, Who, of "Typee Game? oliaraiti and
Thu Work. of Mrs. Sherwood; being the only so'
form edition ever published is the United Sums.
sir 'Monies, .•
lateen v 01....
roil Tslea bona all nation.. By Anthony R, with twenty four It=mations by IL Lloylo.
- Walton Harvey, and tabu tales. By Miss Sedge
wick. •
• The NatiOnal Hyannis Keeping, adapted to
all part s of the Dotted buttes. By John blaming, ao,
/Lisa, • loge armament of American S.& Union
Goo-to, on band, and Mr
II tee'RY
Successors to ELLIOTT& ENGLISH,
mail* • ?9 Wood meet.
JUST opened, si tie Pillsbargh Fetidly Unmet)
end Tea Wareham, the rollowing ussertmeot of
Green mei EllselsTess:—.
assn. ei
Young.llyson; Oolong; .
Firm Vanes do; Fine talons;
Extra fine do no; Elva ane 4 . •
imperial; bontliong; .
liunpowder. • • • Choelso tootheng;
bisogyong do . 'S
It la unnecessary to pia the above Teem, they *cal,
for themselves. All we ebb is a fair ilia ry !, end we are
confident they will please both gsah_and iniee.
WM A ln
m•yti Zit LI • ni
IU IRON-100 tans Hamer co Pig Iron. for data by
may! 51 Witodat
LARD -10 kW No Bard;
-34 kep do tor ..e by
BUTjair J4O tap now far nle by ,
8 DILWOball a CO
NA °LAMER-100 brl. prime phonation, for sale by
m H rl 6 DILWORTH It Cob
'DOTASH-90 corks potash, for sale by
rfIOIIaCCO-2 hleis Ohio I milt saie
roaytf J 8 DILWORTH & CO
13 COPING PAPER—d. constant oapply of 'll.oohog
lb Paper for growl roofs, of asperor ousifY, flu
mayl4 J SCIIOONJUM.R & go
et 16-11 00 gal. pare Spotal Oil;
%.1 1100 gals Whale Oil;
13 Otis Tanner.' akil, for nle by .
.1)14 J SCHOOradaliEll fr. CO
....._. _ ...
Eff - Ti - TURPENTlNlitiilirilrfv7e - aidei. for
17 ,we by mayll J SCHOONMAIER &CO
Clip:OLATES.6c—llnkees Nd I t:tieeolate; 111 , 11-
er • Brom.; Bake.% Como; Preach env:34m;
tlpantsh do; tpierd do; Vanilla do; Eating do W.I.
mail{ WM M'CLURG h. en
ODA Atll,lll casts MlllptlMlOoleut ISoda
0 'kW artiVin by cans.l,_and for sal• by
1.127 wem
ripuartwrinE-4A bob 1.1•1 OT TIAN "'
J. awl for t.le by mylt JO /IN
A Slf-- . 2 cuts very myna' r. 141 1 reee. co ,
P UT tale by entyllti n inolloiN
TV 11111Na...a
4) a b.t..P. Whltin , we 1,4
C°PAl,C4l4liiniti:lb7l; r4eLMil‘ r
POTASH -4 1 cults of the beet quality, natal's far
retailing, tot sale by J SCHOOY . 4ISI4ZER CO
tri. Pt W , pod stnut,
----"RCUURP • TrlJrareThoorrecTeThig
Mtheiriceiond ooppry °Moeda for tido Sprint. au
offer their Ittends and borers Lemony a logo and
choice nosed:mat. to roleetSr, _
J. Dc.ll,er are Jeri cd
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.od oeoeral bled. "
vi,lm k " ' IZ7 Flees
etcllsl:22cl wild of
01L- 8 brio med. .4 for a sol v. ;law
r•I ARREITS tete' lit 'd ferets
ALCOROL-10 tato reed and f R
or 010 by
,S 7 Wood rt
nein GREEN-10C7 lbs re , e'd.isd for ss.d . 7 . Z
soya • RE S
INDIGO -1 cisis - jsul rec'4 and fork
i b y l uzu
I awl, •
A we AClD—idalbaluat feed and krt aalibby
risfsaryLl E SELLERS
Lome as hanger.
Ureic Cimla andParq
0 01 .7 (for cola rad Denonsl•-• -Z
Doom open at 71; Canada will the in d o'clock
nigtit bott oas oak. OXLEY
Oa Fri4y, bay 17 ill be pirosenial
IiTtIraLLO. f
4 V Y =III 51AOV
and 1 P•r'!."4
To conelado vriUk ' •
Satantay, Mr OXLEY 7rtil appear.
APOLLO EIALL.-31011713 . 113 ATRIUM
°Pal DAILY—Ron3.3o 12 in the otOrning; 2 to b
is the efteraoon; ha A, Goat 7 to 10 o'clock la the
j rAdtaittaace 23 mum; Otillitha ander LT yeah
WM A. WOLVRO a 00.,
• No RSO Libreyarers, &dm Weed,
11. v. .3111711 0. Mad • Jul, warmed of Cbede•
Weenies toll No Teas; alio, ?weir, F m k. .. A
Pim. Whelps& end Retell Melia" 'applied ea the
0.1.1 brine. ....
A. zoo* & co.,
m thle ete " 72'
13111 Bank tee y &clued id .11e1%1 d or
run per tett On the cerdtal week, peyeb_Le. to the
stock holders, or their !stet - representatlresos or
after the 17th =tent. .Eastern stock holders will be
pad at the Western Bank of IPllledelphls. • .
nurkltd THOMAS M HOWB,Ceshier.
'Merchants' and llanaractarete Bean:
Prrnmas s, Mat 1, MO.
T HE Pardus, and Mn'stessema hut bi this
poet,cap WI ' "4
e r T ide s p=l, V l * . t " mt s
IRE PROOF PRINT-10 tons Biske's Patent Fits
Proof falai, or artificial alatalust received. Tie
above natal we have bed in sw.bc (tie ' , sank ...A
we can confidently recommend 0 .to the peblie fee
general see. aa a perfect fire and water proof paint,
and -
s to stand the
by action of the auswayPH lLLlPS bers without
hril l. 'For sale
may L 3 . T & II Wood st
- --•
REM OIL CLOTH—nig ray& 44 Greta Oil
Clcib, on bind, and for sale br
sni 13 . 1 - /k Ii PHILLIPS
HU be bud, imitation Of marble, for N. by
. 2aLl2 J. 411 PHILLIP&
Fr " G d O lts p o W :ZosrsdOnlZ a t i at: g lY:o w'r r
SkoodtTZe pardon of which hese fan yorchasdal
at a great redsedon tram tbe prices Imbed by the
same descends°. of pods to the eney past of lbe
season, se test in almost every Mod et goods Ire MU
be enabled to eller Great Bargain to Cask Buren,
ark= so nod respeettelly webs Is call at 00
Merkel at, north Tess corner eft. Dimond,
LEID-7.10 pip moil G.buts, io slam far oh b
DILY 111DVS-417 dry-Hides landind, far lain
otAIDS—A. A. Jenson ad . " i.
N hiare daily »raiding oasts anCpackages of Om
ala t choice and desirable goad.. anti-'
r "ACC°- 20 1 21
b hi . rte: 4. l4 3:l:llo:pe unm tr p. d Ca o; . "4" , • : L .
19 bra Jobes .6Mame& co Lome
VI boo Rune° 1 Robin
Po Lo
'6 eases 44 dmuf hi, ilyort °robots;
4 do 35 do nom°. NoelorLd;
1. do .6 do do . Gold Leo;
90 kgoll twstore; and fee Ws by
171 k IA Ltbeny n.•
/4liS.ltri-,N Cm%Yowl Prial o iPees, u so
10 do
M Nor , - $
11 II Regalia, Essaereklai__ - •
IS 151 do Cosmopolite; •
Al Harmed, Twig
16 , do Ids; Corky
mayl3 anuma RICKS/901V
FIRE VA • V V 05147-4410 lb% patent Fore kloi
P.iat,iu more, nee ler saleloy
ea. larva & Ineln strecs.
GFLAIINE k. ISINCIL6IB lot - J olliu-4 4 . - oOper;
Sheet Ge`adine; CooperPoiMooddo; Whits French
do, for sal. by WM A bIeCIAIRO A Cl)
mnell 45a Llbooly tL
V4 1 , ,j tr i ttAlta l t „. .SrtM . It GS for tiov i l i rmlottrii4
PTAfae' '"ag" l l l6 l °lgictin e *:C:o
RECKER'S Farina, Whalen Gnu, and Elatat,
whink Amst whaltsoina and apenawa
lea of diet, espaiially foi dyspepttea and anima,
Far sale • IW M A IIeCLURG &CO
10D LIVER 01.10—Dubtan, Olipc it Colo
Jut tecglecd, and tor sale by 3 KIDD tir
r I=lo AC , IIFIC4 the "21 . • sal . . pl c n
0 ma7ll MTRA EY ell. Ell ies sale ay
• -
A. hui.iiii a W On Una day ososic4lo pieces
e V frisk Mack Geo de Rains Bilk; 10 meanie&
do; 10 peo n i.o. 40;1 6 pes 31 Jaen do; and 4 inlets
30 Inca do. ..- -- . • • • amyl°
A LOT on Cherry Alio:hum Sixth aura, soitablo
for a /welting bolo, or two or three small-tram
mots. pply to
maylOrrAtw 'IW It
eal st. FLOYD,
inT7Twrr•r 7 .-j--rmlm,
ZS dad do de
this day by
CAMULF:r LINEN LUSTRE f—aa pd. I•bdaidabl.
Lames, at tbe eztraia• boar rico of Itia
=IVO . • AA. MASON it.. .
.11rhh tad NY•11111111 LONNA • •
SIM pe s 2.41. ad 406 pes 4.4 Maim Litieng
ISIS pen Sissy's Bastin , " and Alszandesis swamis r
• Irish Listens, now opening lit
91100 A A. MAHON& co
LDWiIIdAN, Ptah Ward Pram aufat,:beivram
Wllara arta Walnut. Al l baaioesa pcompur 21.•
AMEEI w euaearoas,or Piltsborgii, — / - 24 !kW
.0 16=2 CAda sof N. Orleans. hare llialmd •
Coon:then/0 io &OHIO{ • central COnathocloo
non to Ow thy of Now Ozloth., under Om trot and
Pyle of llortaulgo fr. Adams, sal* OD Coop &Mot
Yinibtrith, Apnl 9,lE6o—who
FiIiNEIMCZ begg Irani to anoorreie to deo
Os patrons of Ida New Directory of Ms ene* of
Pittsburgh and Allegheny, and Lorrain or' Flea.
to., that the work is now
Dearly ready for. the press, and will ha pat is the
hands of the punter , ma. where between the 10th
andantt 421=1:
117 - itr --
e a teas genenilly, and all vile f 4 ao interest
in the production era coeopleze and Pell.led
particularly th aw trot been cal on. sem
pre W 7 oblige the lace:lo , 4r lint their
emcee avocalleas and Nam if barinafh Se r are' .
noted for publication is the Direetory.
• Ku cue. to he busted, nest be lauded In Corti
with, er at the lima, by Ile datiabove nataed. '
PEA NUTS—Log nets Tecessne, far male by
OrABH-0 auk. for mukluk& for We by
Baax—io rat.2.l tr c lu a ila
mglo a.;
MOM 19M4S-4J e for sale by
CerlDLs'3R ,~
R ozil-10 brts jut reaNh_oubd for rale by
ear, bislb mat Weed St
rit cuity s NARY
ee 8/s d, ea 88-13 W Ds jut ric`d of saw crop
tof ut•
1111110 .8 Pi WICKERSHAM
Clitzl7,,GßE'" — to eu`,':P'‘`vMUtilet'
ratROSE YELLOW-12 cases jut reed for Web . /
WABS-00 hbdsPladoetion; •
20 beta
20 brie do terrefinee Palve
do rlred U 44
10 ewe do. D retinal do;,. •
1011 eeseedo ddi
teed. Powdered C;
12 nth Billed;
JO bap Bruit; laaa real, and Weed by
172 & 170 lobany rt.
BM& & LARD on conuennent, rot sale by
Cr lIINGLES-00 H Freneh Creek Blibiles, an , esti
-1,7 v4soznent, and for .ala bv
matin at FUER & zucimrisom
COI , PER-1.. , baiss•priaso Btu fares now lauding.
t Galt tr? • MILLER it - RICRETSON
SALLE , ti 01i..-2S bsku qu'asThusiles Raga OA
10 I do peou do do;
10, do superior Bard.= blast;
For We by MILLER & iticsErepm
• usiytu
1000NOMY CIDER & DRY AFPrEi-10 b.mii
Ng Crab Clskr, end 4 begs Dried Apple for eels by_
ING HAM LAWNS -40 pee Gt ask.. Lawn jut _
henna, end inn selling lei in very len en:
of If 4 tern Der yard. by A A MAsON CU
M. U 01.12415 A AAAAtir&—lus pos Paris Printed
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